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I CHINOOK Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS Volume Western Montana College of Education Forty-Six Dillon, Montana (i)Foreword WE DEVOTE our yearbook to the State of Montana. In her lie treasures of mineral and agricultural wealth, scenic beauty, and a history, colorful and full of brave and daring deeds. As potential educators of Montana, it is our obligation to develop to the utmost all that Montana offers. This is a great trust, for it puts in our hands the greatest treasure of any state, the children. Our college represents Montana, for the student body comes from all over the state to share and diffuse knowledge and friendship. We are proud to continue in our state the education which began first in Montana schools. We have striven to make this book a part of that education. We hope it to be not a passive remembrance, but a constant reminder of the years shared at Western. We hope, moreover, that it will bring about a greater appreciation of God's blessings upon our State, in which there are constant reminders of His handiwork. (2)THE COLLEGE SONG Music by Ralph McFadden Words by Vivian Robe "WESTERN COLLEGE, HERE'S TO YOU" Thy towers stretching upward Guide us on our way: Thy green lawns rolling outward Hold us throughout the day. Each memory brings a thrill Of golden days upon the hill, Of Montana's fairest valley, Where our hearts must always rally. Western College, here's to you, For to you we'll all be true. Though we're far away at work or play We shall keep our colors flying still for you So onward through the years we go, And no one dares to tell us no. For we're bringing to fame, that dear old name— Western College, here's to you. (3)(4) Towers of Learning'"Winter Has Icy Fingers" •S ?'•Hallway to Fantasy Hallway to KnowledgeResidence Hall in Summer and Winter r- ' UesTeRW Wqntam LL£G£ QP £ducat»qmDEDICATION MRS. HELEN LUEBBEN We are proud to dedicate the Chinook this year to a fine teacher and most gracious lady, Mrs. Helen Luebben. Mrs. Lueb-ben has always shown an understanding of students and has developed in her students an appreciation of the power of language whether it be English, French, Spanish or German. Through her sponsorship, members of Kappa Zeta Nu have been directed in social responsibilities. Her students respect her as a teacher and a friend. (9) THE CLASS IN GERMANPRESIDENT RUSH JORDAN President's Message Now that peace has come, we may plan more certainly for the future. The school is growing and the need for trained people is increasing. We are planning for new buildings and new courses to make life on this campus more fruitful and more pleasant. In addition to an attractive campus a school is known by the attitude of its students and the success of its graduates. In these respects Western is fortunate. It is my hope that we may continue to send out in increasing numbers loyal people of good will who will serve our good state of Montana and share in the great task of defending and preserving the American way of life. (10) RUSH JORDANMONTANA STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Mr. Clarence Popham, Mrs. F. H. Petro, Mr. Merritt Warden, Dr. Emmet J. Riley, Miss Mary Condon - Secretary, Governor J. Hugo Aronson -Chairman, Mr. Arnold Olsen - Attorney General, Mr. George Lund, Mr. G. A. Bosley, Mrs. George Chambers, and Mr. Horace Dwyer. ii'JWHliJr mlv ■ Art j jl' m wm ONE OF THE LOVELY SCENES NEAR DILLON (inThe Sheldon E. Davis Chapter of the Future Teachers of America DR. DAVIS V V ESTERN'S chapter of Future Teachers of America is named for and dedicated to Dr. Sheldon E. Davis, President Emeritus of Western Montana College of Education. The dedication ceremony took place in the spring of 1953 in the college auditorium. Dr. Davis was chosen for this honor because of his service to the college and to the field of education. Dr. Davis was president of the college from 1919 to 1946. He is a life member of the MEA and a member of the NEA and has been active in both organizations. He is the author of several books on government and education, and for many years has been a frequent contributor to periodicals. The state publication for the Montana Education Association, the MEA Journal, February, 1954, comments as follows: "Dr. Davis has not only been an author, teacher, educator, and public spirited citizen, but has proved to be a great friend to thousands of high school and college students." (12)Serenity and Majesty — Montana has both Silence and WisdomT Torrey in summer and winter offers beauty and relaxation'Cjl suf, x l ihe W ti MONTANA— MONTANA (15)ktixv tanta YtoKvVqaxv YAWot We ct eqtei ksaodate tdV o: Kquos Tenneson Setitoi Kdvisot Hilda GuldselYt t . ?ic ute £dUot M, QnQ( Ron Leo Men's Athletics Tom Hlllier Men's Athletics Dave Collins Hugh Ehlert Organizations Staff Member oe iBook I FACULTY CLASSES “Mankind has bung the wilderness FACULTY Gert Daniels M. A. Assistant Professor of Biological Science Mrs. Clarabol Bogut R. N. College Nurse Mrs. Zella Flores M. A. Assistant Professor of Education Mrs. Ruth Dillavou M. A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Teacher Placement Gladys A. Forester M. A. Instructor in Training Gonevieve Albertson M. A. Professor of English Mrs. Mary B. Emerick M. A. Associate Professor of Fine ArtRuth Greenfield B. A. Instructor in Physical Education Dorothy Golhaus B. S. in L. S. Registrar John C. Garry M. A. Instructor in Business Education Mrs. W. Greenwood M. A. Instructor in Homo Economics Ralph Kneeland M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Education Brinton Jackson B. M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Music Mrs. Holen Grilley M. E. Instructor in Training Mrs. Isaboll Lasich B. S. in Elem. Ed. Instructor in Training (20)Mrs. Holen D. Luebbcn B. A. Instructor in Foreign Languages and English Howard V. Leslie M. S. Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studies Ralph McFadden M. M. Professor of Piano and Music Mrs. Martha Nelson B. A. Instructor in Training O. K. Moe M. A. Professor of Industrial Arts and Social Studies Virginia O'Reilly M. A. Instructor in Training Georgia Mathews Business Manager and Acting Dean of Women Walter McGuire B. S. Librarian (21)Elizabeth Satter M. A. Instructor in Training loe C. Rybum B. E. Instructor in English, Dramatics Mrs. Ruth Packer B. S. Instructor in Training Howard Smith M. S. Instructor in Physical Science Lawrence Walker M. A. Associate Professor of Education, Director of Training Dalo fash M. A. Instructor in Social Studies William T. Straugh M. E. Associate Professor of Physical Education and Mathematics Jamos Womack B. E. Instructor in Training (22) Leon H. Greene, Glen Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Math., Social Studios Activitios: Dobate, FTA Prosi-Ar! Club Vice President, Who s V ho ft - - ... Hilda Guldseth, Malta Major: English Minors: Fine Art, Home Ec. Activitios: Gargoyles, Chinook Staff, "Green Valley" C aSS V?54 S t H tP' " Jr Annlee Krisk, Butto Majors: Social Studios, English Activities: KZN President, Chinook Staff, V escolite, WAA DvU°n APPW® U4'A95A S £ Janie© Munkora, Butt© Majors: English, Social Studies Minor: Homo Economics Activitios: Who's Who, KZN, Gargoyle Pres., Soc.-Troas. ol Sr. Class, Sec.-Treas. ol Chanticleers, Sec.-Troas. of FTA, Chinook Staff Helen J. Vegter. Manhattan Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Music Ed. Activitios: Assistant Editor of Chinook, Music Club Troas., Sec.-Treas. IRC, Chanticleers, Chorus, FTA Daniel F. Sweeney, Butte Majors: English, Social Studies Minor: General Science Activitios: Local and State Pros, and National Troas. of FTA, IRC, Who's Who, Chanticleers, Matrix, Wescolite Staff, Chinook Staff SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President. Claude Ankeny Vice Ptesidoni Charles Russell Secretary-Treasurer lanice Uunkors Library Committee Aqnes Tenneson Sponsors: Mr. Leslie Ur. Daniels Cass cA i2$lc L A S S John Comba, Butte Activities: Chinook Business Manager, Chanticleers, Wosco-lite Staff, Newman Club, Student Activity Committee VatteV Gre®n $8 Ch°“ 0 F 1 9 5 5 Juniors Margory Goblo, Victor Activities: "Green Valloy,' FT A Hollis E. Coon, Butte Activities: Junior Class Pres., Vice Pros. FTA, Student Activity Committoo, Student Council, Chinook Staff Winifred Cronor, Fairfield Activities: Newman Club, FTA, Dramatic Club from Nobraska State Teachers College Hugh Ehlort, Dillon Activities: Newman Club, IRC, FTA, Chinook Staff, Baseball 26)lames R. Hobne . Wilsall Activities: Baseball, Basket- ball, Track. Football, "M" Club Charles Merrifield, Butfe Activities; Football, Track, "M" Club Thomas R. Hillier, Twin Bridges Activities: Chanticleers, Chinook Stall, Football, “M" Club, Woscolite Ted R. Kato, Havre Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball, "M" Club President, Vico President ot Sophomore Class Ronald P. Lee, Hamilton Activities: Gargoyle President, Chinook Stall. Elks Scholarship, Tennis Doubles Champion, "M" Club Dwayne Roe, Havre Roger I- Shaw. Spokane, Wash. Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Track, Student Body President, Intorvarsify, Student Council, "Down in the Valley" JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Hollis Coon Vic© President Hilda Guldseth Secretary-Treasurer John Comba Library Committee Ed Spiegle Sponsors: Mr. McFadden Miss Albertson Edward Spiegle, Anaconda Activities: Football, "M" Club Secretary-Troasurer, IRC. Now-man Club 27 )Arlie W. Albeck, Dillon Keith Allrod, Activities: Student Council. Music Club. Freshman Class President Ruth Anderson, Helena Activities: FTA, KZN, Junior Prom Queen Cleo Bagley. Missoula Activities: "Green Valley." Ail Club. FTA Sophomores Thomas C. Behan. Butte Activities: "Green Valley" Klzzie R. Brown, Armstead Activities: Chorus 1956 Janice J. Burton, Ronan Activities: Transfer from MSU, "Green Valley," Music Club. Newman Club Peggy J- Callan. Anaconda Activities: KZN, Nowman Club Treasurer Robert J. Cardinale, Dillon Activities: Music Club, Chorus, IRC, "Silvor Whistle," Vodvil Master of Ceremonies Marian M. Conley, Phillpsburg Activities: Student Activity Committee, WAA President, KZN, Homecoming Quoon Suzanne O. Connors, Dillon Activities: "Death Takes a Holiday," Chinook Staff, IRC, KZN, Choorloador (28)Betty B. Copenhavor, Ovando Activities: Music Club, "Down in the Valley," KZN, WAA, Chorus, House Council Margaret H. Cummings St. Ignatius Activities: KZN, Music Club Point Recorder. Chorus, Library Committee, Studont Wives, Intervarsity Benjamin R. Davis, Dillon Sophomores Darrell Ehlert, Dillon Activities: Newman Club Wll“avfJa Dixon. Miles City Activities: Intervarsity 1956 Alma L. Garlepy, Missoula Activities: KZN, Art Club, Secretary-Treasurer ol FTA, "Green Valloy," Usher Marie L. Graham. Valier Activities: Vice President Intervarsity, KZN, WAA Archie L. Green, Dillon Activities: Art Club Treasurer, FTA Louise M. Green, Dillon (29) f y France E. Grubb, St. Ignatius Activities: WAA Secretary, Intervarsity, KZN, Chorus Sophomores 1956 Dorothy J. Haggett, Virginia City Activities: Vice President KZN, WAA Sportsboard, Intervarsity Betty M. Haulman, Butto Activities: Intervarsity Presi- dent, Gargoyles, Music Club Mary Eleanor Hearst, Plains Activities: House Council, KZN Fey Ellen Hicks, Lewistown Phyllis Hungeriord, Ennis Activities: Art Club, Chorus, Wescolite Staff M. Jean Ivie, Anaconda Activities: Homecoming Quoon, House Council, WAA, Elks Scholarship, KZN Audrey R. lernberg, Tacoma, Wn. Activities: Secretary-Treasurer Intervarsity, KZN Donna J. Johnson, Anaconda Activities: WAA Vice President, Music Club, Chorus, Library Committee Carolyn C. Jones, Anaconda Activities: Music Club, IRC, Nowman Club Betty Ann Kibbee. Ronan Activities: WAA, Studont Wives (30)Sophomores 1956 Maxine R. Kimmol, Anaconda Activities: Music Club. Chorus, Intorvarsity, KZN, House Council Nancy Kneeland, Dillon Dorothy J. Kneeland, Dillon Activities: Music Club, Gar- ?|oyles. Art Club, "Green Val-ey," Chorus Ernest Kneeland, Dillon Activities: Gargoyles, "Green Valley" Ruth A. Lagergren, Anaconda Activities: Music Club Secretary, WAA Treasurer, Chanticleers, Chorus Delbert Lowman, Hamilton John B. MacDonald, Dillon Neva I. MacDonald. Porma Activities: Chorus, Music Club, KZN Frank E. Klbbee, Valier Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, "M" Club, Sophomoro Class President, Student Council, Froshman Vice President Ronald Kimmel, Ronan Activities: "M" Club, Football James R. Konen, Butte Activities: "M" Club, Football, Newman Club (31)Sophomores 1956 Carolyn W. McCurdy. Charlo idont SS00 °f Mln°’ U'rSa? Carolyn McCrea, Manhattan Activities: Art Club James J. McGrath, Butte Activities: Music Club, Chorus, Nowman Club Mavis McHugh, Anaconda Activities: KZN, Nowman Club, Chorus Mary Jo Maxwell. Great Falls Activities: WAA. KZN, Gargoyles, Music Club, Intervarsity, Chorus Ellen Miller. Miles City livities: Trans or trom es City Jr. College, WAA Kathryn M. Miller. Butte Activitios: Chorus, Music Club, FT A, Nowman Club. House Council, KZN, Band Nina Miller, Alder Activitios: KZN Troasuror, Chorus, Music Club SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President Frank Kibboe Vice President Carolyn McFadden Secretary-Treasurer Betty Kibbee Library Committee Donna Johnson Sponsors: Mr. Kneeland Mr. Tash (32)Betty A. Morgan, Butte Dorothy Morgan, Anaconda Activities: Newman Club, Activities: Newman Club, Music Club Chorus Patricia Morrison, Lozcau Activities: House Council. FT A, Art Club Secretary Elsie Musselman, Swan Lako Activities: Band, Chorus, WAA. Music Club !5£2 Sophomores 1956 Shirley Reynolds, Melrose Bertha L. Olsen, Ronan Marie Olsen. Ronan Dorothy Ann Peterson, Lima Activities: WAA, Intorvar- Activities: Transfer from sity Bozeman, Intervarsity Betty Ann Phillips St. Ignatius Activities: Usher Esther E. Polette, Florence Joe A. Renfro. Armstead Activities: Art Club President, Kappa Pi Secretary, WAA, Gargoyles Secretary, House Council, Intervarsity. Band (33)William Schmitt. Dillon Clarlee Schuohlo, Whitefish Activities: FTA, Transfer from MSU Larry J. Shimmin, Butte Carol J. Stanton, Mullan, Idaho Activities: Gargoyles, Newman Club Sophomores Patricia Walker, Dillon Activities: Music Club Wallace Wagoner, Dubois, Idaho 1956 Gary Williams. Dillon Richard L. Willis. Missoula Activities: Gargoylos, Music Club, Chorus Lorraine Wood, Plains Activities: Transfer from Bozo-man, Band, Intorvarsity Donna J. Wudel, Butte Activities: Chorus, Art Club, KZN (34)Beverly Arcnsmcyer Anaconda Shirley A. Bieber Missoula 3 [ P? Anita C. Blood Avon Barbara O. Bowles Milos City Freshmen Class of 1957 Joan H. Burns Joanno B. Capp Butt© Whitehall Carmen R. Bullshoe Browning Joan Ann Carlson Avon James C. Carroll Manhattan Joan M. Carpino Butte 1 Shirley Crossor Lowi8town Dorothy A. Curtis Cut Bank Darlono M. Dalrympl© Helena Diane F. Didier Malta (35)Roger D. Dirks Deer Lodge Dwain D. Doble Rexford Helen Dresen Cut Bank Moris Eccleston Anaconda Elaine Flannigan Butte Rao P. Floury Alberton Botty L. Frank Landor, Wyoming Marlene Franks Lima Ronald W. Eliason Dillon Robort Hall Butte (36)Robert Hallauer Denby Doris L. Hanson Helena John H. Hash Butte F R E Marilyn Iverson Belgrade Claudia A. Hoy Butte Max M. Johnson St. Ignatius Joe Lano Dillon Russell Lano Throe Forks Royce L. Juneau Browning Margarot Iverson Milltown Donald F. Keltz Belgrade (37) Carol J. Larson Anaconda Dorothy Ann Larson Stovensville Torry N. Lindquist Elliston F Darlene Lovell Lorotta G. Loveridge Deer Lodge Dillon E S H Beryl R. Mann Victor Claire Marchesseault Bannack E N Virginia Matson Missoula Helen M. Meeds Armstead Class of 1 9 5 7 James H. Monger Belgrade (38) Patricia M. Moran Butte « Marilyn Morn ButteCarol Jean Nankcrvis Butte Loo E. Orr Dillon Loa Pierce St. Ignatius F R E S H M E N Mary D. Sampson Butte Marleno Savich Butte Mildred J. Schmitt Dillon Catherino A. Skelly Eureka 1 9 5 7 Marilyn Slauson Butte Marion R. Soulis Butto Herbert Sprout McAllister (39)Adele Stahl Missoula F R FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Ronald Eliason Vice President Robert Romcrs Secrotary-Treasurer Margaret Iverson Library Committee Meris Eccleston Sponsors: Mrs. Luebben Mr. McGuire Bill Thomas Dillon Roxy Vacura Plains Bernard J. Wenger Dillon Jeanne L. Wood Missoula Laurono M. Walkor Dillon “ 1nr" (40)Book II ACTIVITIES “Lighting my memory back . . . -MARY BRENNAN CLAPPWho's Who This year five seniors won the honor of representing Western in "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities" by proving themselves outstanding in leadership in campus activities, scholastic achievement, citizenship, service to the school, and in promise of future usefulness to society. Two members of the student body were selected last year when they were Juniors to be included on the roll of Who's Who— Agnes Tenneson and Dan Sweeney. Dan Sweeney Floyd Brown has boon active in Chanticloers. Chorus, and Matrix. Ho has boon a member ot the Chinook staff and editor of tho Wescolito. has boon aefivo Newman 9ft KZN' 1 1. Chanticleers. !tn ?„,?Slub Znd Chorus. Sho is on e y? co]ito and fhe editor iSlLi! 8 Chinook. Ann Marie has honorroll °n on iho artorly Club°andrpros J ?ic? President ot At ol FT A. 1 ' ‘dont oi local chapfei noy Larson Dobate Tean! w.a a member of ti dent of lnternSt has served as prei two years. a‘ionQl Relations Club • KZnStV i8 ac,iv in Gc the'rSlh Galhi ChGMMwn- Sho hi asa Pwdent; or SL ffiftory3nJp ors and Senior clot 953 was on tho •tali Agnos TennesonArt Club Seated, left to right: P. Morrison, E. Pol-ette, A. Green, L. Greene. Standing, left to right: H. DresGn, V. Schultz, A. Walker. T. Ikeda, D. Kneeland, E. Hearst, C. Bagley. B. Frank, L. Orr, A. Gariepy, E. Jursnich, B. Gander, G. Buck, J. Puyear, P. Hungorford, S. Anderson, D. Wudel, Mrs. Emorick • sponsor. Kappa Pi Standing: J. Corr, T. Ikeda. Sitting: E. Polette, H. Dreson, C. McFadden, V. Shultz. (44)ART CLUB Interest and talent in art are stimulated by the ambitious Art Club under the sponsorship of Mrs. Emerick. Officers during the past year were: Esther Polette, president; Leon Greene, vice president; Patti Morrison, secretary; and Archie Green, treasurer. Dorothy Kneeland was shop treasurer. Twenty-two were initiated during the year. Each quarter the initiates present a program in keeping with an art theme. To keep membership in the club one must work 100 hours per quarter; the purpose is to supply the gift shop with articles to sell to students. The gift shop is the basic means of support for the club, promoting the sale of art projects during various seasons of the year . . . Christmas candles, decorated with red and green holly, candle holders, mantle pieces . . . the traditional bulldog pins during basketball season . . . copper etchings for graduation gifts . . . Western stationery and Charles Russell stationery. One project in which the entire community was interested was the exhibit of Julio Ravella's paintings and sculpturing. Club meetings were conducted not only in the club room, but also in the homes of art enthusiasts. Mrs. Helen Dresen, a club member, served a delicious shrimp dinner ... a color slide was shown preceding an evening at Mrs. Emerick's home. A visit to Mrs. John Orr's home ... a lunch in the home of Mrs. Leon Greene ... a talk on Mexican art by Vera Schulz ... a picnic ... a banquet at the Diamond Bar Inn in the spring . . . these rounded out the activities for the year. Guests during the year were Mrs. Bierrum, Mrs. Margaret Orr, Mrs. W. Greenwood, Mr. Ryburn, Miss Mathews, Leila Zaru, Mrs. L. Greene, Mrs. Archie Green, and Mrs. A. Patton. Esther Polette and Jim Corr received the two brush emblems for outstanding art work during the year. KAPPA PI In 1911 a national honorary art fraternity was formed to promote art, to weld a strong band between art students of various colleges, and to produce a "Sketch Book" which gives members of this group a chance to see their work in print. Chapters of Kappa Pi are installed only in recognized colleges, universities, and art schools which meet national standards. Western boasts of the only chapter in the state. Jim Corr, president of Western's Chapter, sent his water color, ''Behind the White Cafe," to the National Exhibit of Kappa Pi held in San Antonio, Texas. Jim Corr, Esther Polette - secretary-treasurer, and recent initiates - Carolyn McFadden, Vera Schulz, Helen Dresen, and Tsugio Ikeda are the members on Western's campus. All were recommended by their sponsor, Mrs. Emerick. (45)CHANTICLEERS The Chanticleer Club is the journalism organization on the Western campus. The Wescolite is the main project of this club. Also the Chanticleers publish the scandal sheet for each year's Vodvil. Journalism letters are awarded to members according to certain standards which are established by the Chanticleers and the Awards Committee. Agnes Tenneson, Dan Sweeney, and Charles Russell were awarded letters this year. Officers for 1953-54 are: Agnes Tenneson, president; Charles Russell, vice president; and Janice Munkers, secretary-treasurer. Miss Genevieve Albertson is sponsor. MATRIX Matrix is an honorary society within the Chanticleers for members who are outstanding in the field of Journalism. The publications on which these students work to gain this honor are the Wescolite, the Vodvil Scandal Sheet, and the Chinook. WESCOLITE Announcement of coming events, publication of items of interest to students, and a promotion of an awareness of world affairs are the tasks of the Wescolite, Western's weekly newspaper. The staff of the Wescolite is composed of Chanticleer members and the journalism class under the sponsorship of Miss Albertson. It is the aim of the Wescolite to serve as an unbiased and accurate organ of Western's thoughts and events. MO .CHANTICLEERS—Loft to right, seated: Miss Albertson - sponsor, E. Flannigan, J. Munkers, C. Russell, A. Tenneson, C. Hoy, D. Sweeney. Standing: T. Hillier, C. Ankeny, L. Holioran, A. Flannigan. H. Vogtor, J. Burns, R. Lagergren.. Claude Ankeny Floyd Brown Ann Marie Flannigan Agnes Tenneson Annlee Krisk Charles Russell Dan Sweonoy Tom Hillier Holon Vogtor Vo!wot XXX!: No » THE WESCOLITE ntUM bj um MlVIUiM cm « Montana rouxoe or education mar. April ». ISM •ripUH Rale — UN Tmi . -____Dm Stnihj Ch PTralder.; A tve Tmr.eaon ■dllcrlaj Cammltw Ann Marie fUnolon. Ruth LAf r Trn Krlce Vtgtor- Buunrm Monactr Chart Ruateil ■Ono Kill Nr Earhaute _ Ann) Krt k MOOT Athletic Id Jonnkb Reporter Joan Bum . Claudia Hoy, Marilyn Mom. jrxn N.r.ler-YV hah rujtu Volume XXXII No 1 THE WESCOLITE PuKlUiM by Ihr JOURNAI 1AM Cl I B WrSTERN MONTANA COUIOt or education WMnmday Norembee I . IPM Kubmrlptiea Kale — IIM » Tear (Mltor _ Dm Kaeeney Aaaoclat Bailor and Jsurrnlrfm CTob Piraidmt A«n TVnnnon nuUuu Uvuim Chart . Riaeetl CMud Ankanr Kxrhantr Annie Krui Mm- AtNeUia Tom Itllller Jack Yoon Reporter : Boyd Boom. John Comb . Jin; Oxr. Roby Bern, AIM Mart rVnnlcan. I »ul I lei-toran. Ruth tatretrai. Janie Marten. Helen Vetter : wDCOcnx Volume XXXII Ns It THE WESCOLITE Pubhthed br the JOI R.VAI l M CXPN WESTERN MONTANA C DUXOt or EDUCATION Wrdn ed r. INhmary lb. 1» Ht.rrttll.n Rale — 114 Tea Bouor -------------- Dan Aaaortale- Mils i,d Jomullin Club PreaMenl - Acne Tmneasn Binlram Manatee Chart BimmII Clauds Ankeny Exchange _ Annie Krtik Men Athletic Ed Jurmtch Reporter : Joan Bum . Ann Marla rtanUtan. Elaine flantUtan, PhyUla Kumcerlord. CUudla Hot. Ruth lacercrm. Marl McHu«h. Janet Puyear mr tracctirt aoes TWose n (47)HOUSE COUNCIL Left to right: B. Copenhaver, A. Tenneson, D. Hanson, Miss Mathews, P. Morrison, A. Skelly, J. Ivio, E. Hearst, M. D. Sampson, D. Lovell, P. Toohey, E. Polette, J. Capp. KZN Row 1, left to right: F. Grubb, M. McHugh. N. O'Donnell, P. Gallon, D. Johnson, R. Anderson. Row 2: E. Hearst, A. Gariopy, M. Kimmel. D. Haggett, A. Krisk, Mrs. Luobben - sponsor, R. Colvin, J. Munkers, C. McCurdy. Row 3: M. Maxwell. J. Ivie, D. Wudol, N. Miller, M. Cummings, A. Jemberg, N. MacDonald, M. Graham, D. Kneeland, M. Conley. K. Dykstra. (48)Women's House Council The members of the House Council with Miss Georgia Mathews, Dean of Women, discuss the social activities of the Residence Hall. New members are chosen in the fall to work with the members returning from the previous year with a representation from each of the four classes. This year has been an active one for the group. They have had pajama parties, a buffet dinner, an after-dinner dance, and the Sweetheart's Ball, one of the most outstanding dances of the year. Members of the House Council are Pat Morrison, Eleanor Hearst, Esther Polette, Betty Copenhaver, lean Ivie, Agnes Tenneson, Darlene Lovell, Mary Dawn Sampson, Doris Hanson, Joanne Capp, Maxine Kimmel, Pat Toohey, and Ann Skelly. K Z N Kappa Zeta Nu is the only sorority on Western's campus. It is honorary and its members must have above average grades. K Z N is the oldest organization on the campus. The selling of Christmas cards and stationery and a turkey raffle were the fall projects. Alternate meetings have been set aside for a social time and sewing. A faculty tea and a banquet were spring quarter events. Officers for 1953-54 are: Annlee Krisk, president; Dorothy Jean Haggett, vice president; Maxine Kimmel, secretary; Nina Miller, treasurer; and Carolyn McCurdy, parliamentarian. Mrs. Helen Luebben is sponsor. (49)The Gargoyle Club The Gargoyle Club is Western's dramatic organization. It is sponsored by Mr. Joe C. Ryburn. The honor of the Jeweled Masque, an honorary society, was awarded this year to Delbert Greenfield, who has participated in student productions since his freshman year. "Jenny Kissed Me," a three-act play, was presented in the spring of 1953. The play, written by Jean Kerr, included in the cast, Ray Simon, Del Greenfield, Virginia Parks, Carolyn McFadden, Frances Grubb, Marie Graham, Shirley Wilson, Mary Jo Maxwell, Janice Munkers, Dwayne Roe, Irene Hitchens, and David Haulman. "Sparkin'," a one-act play, was given as a curtain-raiser with the spring operetta of 1953, "Down in the Valley." Its cast consisted of Cleo Bagley, Lorraine Bozlee, Esther Polette, and A1 Jacobson. The Gargoyle major production for this year was "Green Valley." by Frank Wattron, a comedy-fantasy of life and love in the California hills. The cast of the play were Tom Behan, Dorothy Kneeland, Vivian W. Thomas, Jr., A1 Clark, Margery Goble, Marie Graham, Jim Backus, Ernest Kneeland, Hilda Guldseth, Fred Hallauer, Del Greenfield, Richard Willis. Jean Nankervis, Cleo Bagley, Alma Gariepy, Jim Konen, Larry Shimmin, Janice Burton, James Casey, Marion Soulis, Jim Fitzpatrick. During this year, members of the Gargoyles gave a series of dramatic readings for college and community audiences. Those participating were A1 Clark, Betty Haulman, Jean Nankervis, Vivian Thomas, Jr., Hilda Guldseth, Fred Hallauer, Dwayne Roe, and Bob Welch. The officers of the club were: Ronald Lee, president; Larry Shimmin, vice president; Esther Polette, secretary; and Betty Haulman, treasurer, who was succeeded by Hilda Guldseth. (50)"JENNY KISSED ME' 51)GARGOYLES Left to right, standing: Mr. Ryburn, D. Greenfield, D. Roe, A. Gariepy, J. Casey, C. Bagley. R. Willis, L. Shimmin, A. Clark, B. Thomas, E. Kneeland. M. Soulis, T. Behan, M. Graham, J. Burton. Seated: J. Nankervis, J. Munkers, H. Guldseth, R. Lee. E. Polette, M. Maxwell, D. Kneeland. THEY GROW THINGS BIG IN "GREEN VALLEY' (52)STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting: F. Kibbee, C. Ankony, R. Shaw. H. Coon, R. Eliason, President Iordan. Standing: John Comba. The student government rests in the hands of the Student Council. The Council is composed of the student body president and the four class presidents. President Jordan is its sponsor. STUDENT ACTIVITY COMMITTEE Sooted, left to right: Mr. Daniels. Mrs. Greenwood. B. Thomas, Miss Mathews, Mr. McFadden, H. Coon, M. Conley. Absent: J. Comba. The student activity committee has the responsibility of providing the students with entertainment and helping organizations with the activity fund. Four student members are elected by the students. Faculty members are appointed. (S3)Western Has Two Active Religious Groups INTERVARSITY NEWMAN CLUB (54) i iJLIntervarsity The Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a religious organization for students of all faiths. The purpose of this group is to bring together the students for Bible study, prayer, and devotional discussions. Activities this year included a fall and spring retreat, swimming and skating parties at Bozeman, Christmas caroling, and participation with the Dillon churches in the World Day of Prayer. Members of this year's executive council were: Betty Haulman, president, who was succeeded by Roger Shaw, song leader; Marie Graham, vice president; and Audrey Jernberg, secretary-treasurer. Mr. John Garry is the club sponsor. Newman Club The Newman Club, an affiliation of the National Council of Newman Clubs, fosters the intellectual and spiritual needs of the Catholic students. The club has had communion breakfasts in conjunction with the CYO of St. Rose's Parish. This year, under the direction of James McGrath, the club initiated a Gregorian choir which sings at the parish church. Rev. Father Clifford and Mrs. Ruth Dillavou are sponsors. The members are J. Bums, J. Comba, E. St. Onge, U. St. Onge, J. McGrath. M. D. Sampson, H. Ehlert, M. Johnson, B. Morgan, J. Nankervis, D. Collins, A. Flannigan, L. Shimmin. C. Jones, E. Jursnich, B. Roberts, B. Hall, M. Mom, R. Colvin, B. Bowles, M. McHugh, J. Casey, E. Lucier, J. A. Capp, C. Merrifield. (55)Music Club Music Club, a long-established organization on the campus, provides opportunity for those interested in music to further their enjoyment and appreciation of it. During the bi-monthly meetings, composers' lives and works are reviewed. The club also sponsors all musical activities on the campus. Members are often called upon to perform at functions in the community. During the last year a Christmas concert consisting of numbers by the chorus and by vocal and piano soloists was given. Vocal solos were presented by Dorothy Kneeland, Jacqueline Armour, Betty Copenhaver, and Helen Vegter. Piano soloists were James McGrath, Agnes Tenneson, Ann Marie Flannigan, and Carolyn McFadden. Accompanists were Donna Johnson and Ann Marie Flannigan. Highlighting musical performances last year was the presentation of "Down in the Valley," a folk operetta of the deep South. Members of the Music Club and the chorus presented a short comic operetta this spring called "Cumberland Fair." The operetta was originally presented to visiting high school seniors during senior week and was later presented for a town audience. Officers for this year were: Carolyn McFadden, president; Neva McDonald, vice president; Ruth Lagergren, secretary; Maxine Kimmel, treasurer; and Agnes Tenneson, point recorder. Mr. McFadden and Mr. Jackson are the sponsors for the club. (56)MUSIC CLUB—Seated, left to right: Mr. McFaddon - sponsor, R. Lagergren, N. MacDonald, N. Miller. C. McFadden, D. Kneeland, A. Tenneson, D. Johnson, K. Allred. Standing: Mr. Jackson • sponsor, B. Bowles, C. Jones, M. Maxwell, B. Haulman, B. Cardinale, M. Cummings, E. Musselman, P. Walker, V. Stephan, J. Burton, J. McGrath, K. Miller, H. Vegter. "Down in the Valley," operetta presented by Music Club (57) Christmas VespersI. R. C.—Standing, left to right: R. Hall, D. Sweeney, E. Flannigan, L. Greene. Sitting: Mr. Leslie -sponsor, H. Vegter, R. Larson. LIBRARY COMMITTEE—Standing, left to right: M. Eccleston, D. Johnson, A. Tenneson, E. Spiegle. Sitting: Mr. Leslie, Miss Gelhaus, Mr. McGuire. STUDENT WIVES—Left to right: Mickey Ikeda, Lorna McCormick, Virginia Straugh • sponsor, Margaret Cummings, Betty Kibbee. Those not prosont when picture was taken: Mary Frances Pitman. Beverly Gilmer, Elsie Johnson, Nan Russell, Jean Axo, Sue Connors, Mrs. Sprout. (58)International Relations Club The International Relations Club is a campus organization for those interested in national and international aflairs. Club members study and discuss world and domestic problems and policies. The club brings speakers to the college to report on current events. This year the club presented the Reverend Arthur Lord, Father F. X. Lechner, Robert Hall, and Miss Ingeborg Klotz of Germany. The club officers for the year were Roy Larson, president and Helen Vegter, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Howard Leslie is sponsor. The library committee, inaugurated during 1952-53, is serving a good purpose on Western's campus, giving students a role in library management. The committee is composed of Mr. McGuire, librarian, two faculty members and four representatives from the classes. Every second Wednesday of the month, under the direction of Betty Kibbee as president, and Loma McCormick as secretary, the student wives meet for a social gathering, to plan for the school year, to discuss the five new babies that have been bom in the past year, and to plan for a spring banquet in honor of their husbands. Committee Wives (59)Training School Western Montana College of Education has as its laboratory school the public elementary schools in Dillon. And every graduate at some time is there for at least a half day for one quarter. There are eight critic teachers, one in each grade from the first through the eighth, who supervise and guide the student teachers. Mr. Lawrence Walker is the superintendent and director of the training school. Gladys Forester, Mrs. Isabell Lasich, Mrs. Martha Nelson. Virginia O'Reilly, Mrs. Ruth Packer, Elizabeth Satter, Mrs. Helen Grilley, and James Womack are the critic teachers now working with Western Montana College. College and training school work together in many ways. College classes often visit the training school for observation. The play presented at assembly Wednesday, March 21. represents one of the cooperative projects of training school and college. The Children's Play class at the college wrote the play, "Fairy Foot," from a story in a second grade reader. Then they went to the training school and directed the play in Mrs. Grilley's fifth grade. Janice Mun-kers, Annie Walker, Neola Hatch, Hilda Guldseth and Nell Rickner were the directors of the play. (60)Training School 1. Sixth grade completes social studies unit. Ann Marie Flan-nigan, student teachor. 2. Ruth Anderson directs sixth grade scionce unit. 3. Leon Greene takes his class in geography on a world tour. 4. Every student at Western looks forward to the training school. Agnes Tenneson is conducting this class. 5. "Fairy Foot," a play by the fifth grade, directed by the college class in Children's Plays.WESTERN AT WORK 1. Esther Polette - queen; Hilda Guldseth - king of Dog Patch. 2. Upstanding citizens of Dog Patch. 3. Honorable mention. 4. Chelsea Bailey, degree graduate, tells of her trip to South America. 5. Sharlene Martin and Shirley Wilson model costumes for Miss Bailey. 6. Betty Kibbeo models her Rainbow formal which she made. 7. Norma O'Donnell appears in the suit she made. 8. Come in for dinner. 9. Class meets in groups to discuss reading problems.AND AT PLAY 1. Mr. Osborne "Ozzie" hurrying to town. 2. Betty Copenhavor, a mountain girl, bids farewell to her lover. 3. Swoethoart's Ball. 4. Summer school students “hit the books." 5. National Guard off-guard. 6. Relaxing at the "Go." 7. Studyf?) Room. 8. and 9. English department on the "Go". 10. A product of the Art Club initiation. 11. WORK? Yes! 12. Christmas at the dorm. 13. Roommates.Community Concerts John Sebastian and Dorothy Jar-nac combined their talents for the first concert of the season. Mr. Sebastian proved that the harmonica was just as valid a solo instrument as the violin or piano. His harmonica music was enjoyed by everyone. Miss Jamac, an interpretive dancer, also charmed the audience with her clever dancing techniques. A rare treat was given concert goers, when Carol Brice, an outstanding contralto, presented a program that included operatic arias, folk songs and Negro spirituals. Conrad Thibault, a baritone who likes to sing, presented the third Community Concert. His charm and artistry were enjoyed to the utmost by all those people present. The Paganini Quartet presented an enjoyable evening of music on string instruments. The opportunity to hear a concert of this type comes very seldom, and it was one of the outstanding concerts of the year. Brought to the college by the American Association of University Women.Campus Clean-up Vodvil 1953 The parade for 1953 Vodvil was one of the most colorful ever seen, thanks to the artistic ability of the Art Club. WINNERS Jim Konen and Ed Spieglo entertain the Vodvil audience.F T A The Sheldon E. Davis Chapter of the Future Teachers of America Seated, left to right: P. Morrison, A. Gariepy, L. Greene, H. Coon, E. Hearst. Standing: L. Green, A. Green, M. Iverson, M. Mom, D. Sweeney, R. Colvin, C. Bagley, M. Goble, H. Dresen, J. Nankervis, C. Russell, A. Skelly, W. Dixon, Mrs. Flores - sponsor. The Sheldon E. Davis Chapter of Future Teachers of America sent two delegates and two alternate delegates to the annual delegate assembly of the Montana Education Association which was held at Helena, March 25-27. The four students were Leon Greene, chapter president; Hollis Coon, vice president, both of whom went as delegates; Alma Gariepy, secretary-treasurer, and Eleanor Hearst, historian. Mrs. Zella Flores, chapter sponsor, accompanied the Western delegation to Helena and also acted in the capacity of delegate for the MEA local. Dan Sweeney, 1953-54 state FTA president, attended the Helena meeting and had charge of the FTA arrangements which included a social meeting, a luncheon, a breakfast, and the FTA delegate assembly. At the FTA business session, Hollis Coon was elected to the office of state vice president for the year 1954-55. (67)Book III PHYSICAL EDUCATION “To us she is ‘our’Montana, and our great hope for her is that she may improve her facilities for education . . . till she stands as a beacon light in the West fulfilling the grand mission it is given her to fulfill. ” -LUCIA DARLING (Miss Darling was teaching in Bannack in 1863.)Western Turns Out For Football "M CLUB 1st row, left to right: C. Ankeny. C. Russell, T. Kato, F. Vandegrift, F. Kibbee, R. Shaw. 2nd row: R. McCormick, J. Pearscn, M. Johnson, B. McLeod, D. Brown, L. Anderson. 3rd row: R. McCormick, J. Meskimen, C. Merrlfield, J. Hebnes, E. Spieglo, J. Monger. Not pictured: T. Hillier, R. Lee. (71)Western Meets Carroll lor Homecoming Game tor Westemi A Lino Plungo The Gridiron Season Western Montana College battled through the 1953 grid season with a team composed of four returning lettermen, two men who had lettered at the School of Mines, and a host of frosh stalwarts. Although the team maintained a grand fighting spirit, their inexperience and a strong array of teams in the conference proved too much for them. The Bulldogs opened the season with a non-conference game at Missoula. They were defeated 25-0 by the Cubs of Montana State University. Carroll College of Helena came to Vigilante Field for the Western Homecoming game and downed the scrappy Bulldog eleven 31-0. Western drove deep into the Saint's territory several times but was unable to score against the bigger, more experienced team. A powerful aggregation of Orediggers from the School of Mines handed the Bulldogs their second conference defeat, 41-13, at Butte. Western's team hit the peak of their season at Laurel when they tangled with the highly touted Rocky Mountain Bears and came within one point of an upset. Both teams scored seven points in the first half. The Bears managed to break away for two touchdowns in the third period, giving them a 20-7 advantage. Western's offense began to click in the final quarter, as the Bulldogs made two touchdowns but failed to convert the extra points needed to win. The final score was Rocky 20, Western 19. In the last game of the season Western Montana played the Yellow Jackets of Eastern at Dillon. The only scoring march of the entire game gave Eastern a 6-0 win over the Bulldogs. Western's Bulldogs had no seniors on the squad this year, but by virtue of their opponents losing much of their scoring punch through graduation of their senior lettermen they should have a more promising grid season in '54. Several men who have not been eligible previously will bolster Western's football team next fall. They are Casey Keltz. Dick Pitman and "Doc" Romers. (73)Football Lettermen Larry Anderson, playing his first year of college football, showed promise as a shifty halfback. Max Blodgett, at quarterback, used passes and end-runs to make yardage for the Bulldogs. Don Brown, a swift, deceptive halfback, was always a scoring threat and will be needed by next year's team. Richard Davenport played a stellar game at tackle spot. Western hopes to see him back next fall for another season. Ron Eliason, a very capable center, was a welcome addition to the Bulldog squad and we hope to see him back next fall. Bill lackson showed a lot of ability at the end position. His pass-catching and defensive strength will bolster our next team. Ted Kato, our all-conference guard, showed by plenty of spirit and drive how he earned that honor. Ted earned his third letter in football at WMCE this year and we will have him for one more season. Howard Keneady was outstanding on the Bulldog squad, running from the halfback slot. We hope to see him back next season. Frank Kibbee maintained a never-say-die spirit that was inspirational to his teammates. He played a stellar game at end on offense and defense. Don Kimmel played well at center and showed up well in the Bulldog line. Jim Konen filled a tackle spot on the Bulldog squad very capably. His vicious blocking and tackling stopped opponents cold. Terry Lindquist played guard for the Bulldogs. A freshman, Terry showed a lot of ability and will be valuable to the squad in the future. Jack Meskimen, another frosh, will be welcomed back to the squad next fall. He ran hard and well as a fullback for the team. Ralph McCormick was another line-cracking fullback who showed plenty of drive and spirit when the going got rough. Rodger McCormick at end position was valuable to the squad for his defensive ability. This was his and his brother's first year of college ball. Bob McLeod starred as a halfback for the Bulldog team. He was outstanding as a ball carrier and passer and was one of the most promising frosh players. Jim Monger gained experience and showed up well as a guard for the Bulldogs this season. John Pearson also played guard and will be back for another season in 1954. Charles Merrifield, who played for Mines previously, bolstered the squad with his line-punching ability as a fullback. Ed Spiegle, another former Mines player, played at the tackle spot and was a stalwart lineman for Western. Jack Smith, also a tackle, stopped line plunges and played well. Jack Young, a letterman, was back for the 1953 season. He played very well at end and was excellent on defense. (74)Ted Kato Don Brown and Max Johnson Howard Keneady Richard Davenport Ron Eliason Larry Anderson Max Blodgett Bill Jackson (75)Frank Kibbee Don Kimmel Jim Konen Terry Lindquist Jack Meskimen McCormick Twins—Ralph and Rodger Jim Monger Bob McLeodEd Spiegle Charles Merrifield John Pearson Jack Smith Jack Young Russell Lane Duane Doble Jim FitzpatrickHomecoming Queen and Attendants J. Carpino, P. Morrison, M. Conley, F. Hicks, N. O'Donnell. Band Left to right, standing: D. Kneeland, D. Dalrymple, O. Wood, Mr. McFad-den, A. M. Flannigan. Seated: E Polette, L. Turville, C. Bullshoo, B. Thomas, Fred Hallauer. Cheerleaders 1953-1954 A. Skolly, M. Eccloston, L. Walker. C. Cline, C. Larson.The VarsityNice shot, Kibbee! Dick Pitman shows his prowess and hooks one in! Mtfes e u ouJack Jensen splits the cords. Bill Jackson slips by Carroll to score! You can't stop these Bulldogs! (81)Northern can't stop this one! Two more for Western! lunior Varsity Squad—Sitting, loft to right: T. Kato, R. McCormick, B. Smith, R. Davenport, H. Koneady. Standing: Coach B. Straugh, D. Brown, L. Graham, R. Lane, J. Young, R. Betz. (82)BASKETBALL Western Montana Bulldogs finished the 1953-54 basketball season in a second place tie with Rocky Mountain College in Billings. The Bulldogs, with only two returning lettermen, and the rest of the squad consisting of Freshmen and Sophomores, was one of the youngest teams ever to play in Western's history. The Bulldogs played fast, aggressive ball and proved their great ability as they downed their opponents to place second. The fighting spirit and the will-to-win attitude displayed by the squad was the determining factor in their victories and should promise a bright future for Western basketball in years to come. Western opened its conference play at Helena where the Carroll Saints came out on top with an 81-68 victory. The Bulldogs then journeyed to Havre to dim the Northern Lights by a score of 59-55. The Bulldogs marked up their second conference victory when they traveled to Butte to defeat the Mines 79-67. The first home game was with the Carroll Saints and they proved too much for Western and emerged with a 73-60 victory. The season's best was recorded as the Bulldogs entertained Rocky Mountain Bears and topped them by a score of 80-60. The Bulldogs' recorded conference victories numbered four as they played host to the Montana School of Mines and dumped them 79 to 67. The Bulldogs next entertained Eastern Montana Yellow Jackets and left the floor on the short end of a 68-76 score. Western gathered forces and traveled east to invade Eastern Montana Yellow Jackets at Billings. The Bulldogs avenged themselves by dropping Eastern from the victory column in a 66-55 win. The next night Rocky Mountain of Billings played host and the Bulldogs lost a thriller to the Bears by a 57-59 score. In the final conference game the Bulldogs displayed their strength and routed the Northern Lights 95-55 in the greatest scoring spree of the season. BULLDOGS ON ALL-CONFERENCE SQUAD Casey Keltz and Dick Pitman were selected to the second team of the Montana Collegiate all-conference basketball squad. Bob McLeod and Bill Jackson got honorable mention on the mythical lineup. INDIVIDUAL RECORDS Jackson — Pitman .... Keltz ..... Shaw Kibbee ---- Jensen Anderson ... McLeod ___ Romers..... Brown ...... FG FT TP AVE 123 124 370 11.6 124 92 340 11.0 124 112 360 11.3 47 23 117 3.9 54 37 145 4.7 8 18 34 3.4 39 44 122 4.2 83 84 250 7.8 20 19 59 2.6 10 4 24 3.0 (83) PLAYERS Larry Anderson, a former Frenchtown basketball star, played forward. His uncanny faking ability along with his hustle and shooting ability helped pave the way to victory. Don Brown, Browning, played guard. He is an excellent passer and his playmaking ability is outstanding. Bill Jackson, Deer Lodge, played forward and was top scorer for the squad. Bill has an amazing jump-shot and keen eye for the basket. Casey Keltz, a former Belgrade star, kept his opponents on their toes with his passing and long shots. Casey played guard position and was a leading scorer. Frank Kibbee, Valier, played forward position and his speed and shooting ability made him a great asset to the squad. Bob McLeod, Fairfield, played guard and is rated as one of the best freshman prospects ever at Western. His play making ability rates among the best. Dick Pitman, former Belgrade star, played center; his hook shot was hard to stop. Dick's fighting spirit and hustle were outstanding. Robert Romers, Dillon, played guard. His ability to play control ball was excellent. Doc's defensive ability was among the best on the squad. Roger Shaw, Spokane, played forward and center. His accurate shooting and rebound ability sparked the squad. Roger's hustle was especially colorful. Jack Jensen, Hinsdale, played well at center and was an excellent rebounder. Jack came to Western winter quarter, and so was only able to play the latter half of the season. We They We They 68 56 Ricks Collego 69 54 52 58 Ricks College 86 68 60 62 MSU Cubs 78 95 . 51 37 ‘Carroll 68 81 . 50 45 ’Northern 59 55 52 65 67 49 42 55 ’Carroll 60 73 57 66 80 60 69 64 79 67 59 78 68 76 69 52 66 65 76 90 ’Rocky Mountain 57 59 57 84 ’Northern 95 55 65 78 MSU Cubs 57 76 MSI I Cub 51 70 MSU Cubs 60 67 . 60 77 tRocky Mountain 70 72 fMidland Round Table Tournament 'Conference Games Games Won------- Conference Record (84) WMCE OPP 13 19 6 4Western Wins College Track Title The Bulldogs edged out Rocky Mountain of Billings to win the Montana Collegiate Conference Track Title in the 1953 Spring Sports Carnival at Helena. This made the fourth consecutive year for Western to hold this title and the sixth consecutive year for the college to win the mile relay trophy. Dick McGuire of Western broke both the discus and shot put records to pace the Bulldogs in individual scoring honors. McGuire threw the discus 150 feet in a practice try but only 143 feet 9 inches in actual competition. It was good for a new conference record as he beat his own record of last year by 5 feet 3 inches. McGuire also topped the conference shot put record with a push of 43 feet 1 Va inches. Western smashed another conference record in the mile relay when the team of McClung, Kibbee, Blodgett and Merrifield was timed at 3:41.6. This time was .2 seconds faster than that set by Billings in 1938 but fell short of the record, set by Western's 1952 relay team, not yet recorded. Dick McGuire placed first in both discuss and shot put. Dick also tied for second in the pole vault. Charles Merrifield won first in the 440, second in the 100, and ran on the relay team. Larry McClung placed second in the 440 and 800-yard dashes, and ran anchor man on the relay team. Frank Kibbee placed second in the mile run, fourth in the 880, and ran on the relay team. Max Blodgett placed third in high hurdles, third in low hurdles, and ran on the relay team. Max also placed fourth in the mile run. Roger Shaw placed fourth in the high hurdles, Barclay Schulz third in the discus throw, Ron Kimmel third in the shot put, and Dick Kerr fourth in the 220-yard dash. Bob McGuire placed second in the high jump and fourth in the shot put. Altogether these Bulldogs totaled up 48 Vi points to become the 1953 Montana Collegiate track champions. In early season the Bulldogs won first place in a three-cornered invitational meet staged here at Vigilante Field with Rocky Mountain of Billings and the Mines of Butte, the other participants. They next journeyed to Bozeman and won third in an invitational meet with the Bobcats of Montana State and other top Rocky Mountain and Montana Collegiate entries. This season is regarded as one of the greatest in Western's track history. (85)BASEBALL Western opened the 1953 season with a trip to Rexburg, Idaho, to tangle with the Ricks College nine. The Bulldogs dropped the double-header 8-0 and 4-1, both being 5-inning games. The next test was at Bozeman where the Bobcats outclassed our team to hand us a 25-2 defeat. Conference play opened in Butte with the School of Mines and Western edged by for a 5-4 victory. The last two games with the Mines put Western on the short end of the tally, 8-4 and 18-5. The boys did not lack enthusiasm, but they did lack experience. With three previous lettermen back, they did shape up to a real threat before the close of the season. Men earning letters on the diamond last spring were I. Corr, J. Konen, T. Kato, D. Kerr, F. Kibbee, C. Soha, C. Russell, J. Hebnes, and J. Drinville. Western Wins Tennis Championship Claude Ankeny and Ron Lee defended their tennis doubles crown at the Montana Collegiate Spring Carnival at Helena. They defeated the Carroll College entry 6-0, 6-2 in the final round of play. This makes the second consecutive year Ron and Skip have held the Montana Collegiate doubles crown. In pre-tournament play they defeated the Mines in the Western Division Playoff at Butte. Skip Ankeny defeated the Mines entry 6-3, 7-5 in pre-tournament playoff for tennis singles and then went on to cop the Montana Collegiate tennis singles crown by downing Eastern 6-3, 6-1 at the Spring Sport Carnival at Helena. BOXING The boxing team that was formed at Western this year was an outgrowth of the class. The purpose of the class was to offer to interested men an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of boxing. Ten men turned out for the team that v as coached by a former Navy boxer, Max Blodgett. The boys showed interest and fine spirit at all times. (86)Track and Coach M. C. C. Track Champions—Left to right, standing: Dick Kerr, Gene Nelson, Bob McGuire, Dick McGuire, Barclay Schulz, Ron Kimmel. Left to right, kneeling: Max Blodgett, Charles Merrifield, Larry McClung, Frank Kibbee. Not pictured: Roger Shaw. Bulldog Record Breaker—Dick McGuire. Coach Bill Straugh—Mentor of Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, and Tennis at Western. (37)Boxing Instructor—Max Blodgett. Western's Ring Hopefuls—Loft to right: Ed Lucier, Darrell Ehlort. Square Off—Max Johnson and Don Shreeve. Fred Hallauor, Floyd Vandogrift, Delbert Lowman. Jim Fitzpatrick, Dwayne Roe. (88)Evolution of a SmokestackW A A Loft to right, back row: J. Wood, L. Walker, D. Dalrymple, C. Dykstra, C. Bullshoe, B. Kibboo, A. Blood, D. Lovell, G. Loveridge. M. Graham, M. Savich, E. Evonson, E. Polette, E. St. Ongo, H. Meeds, Mrs. Greenfield - sponsor. Front row: D. Haggett, C. McCurdy, B. Coponhaver, F. Grubb, M. Conley, D. Johnson, M. Olson, J. Ivie, C. Jones. Insorts: J. Burns, E. Flannigan, C. Hoy, R. Lagorgren. Sports Board (91) Left to right: M. Graham, C. McCurdy, F. Grubb, M. Conley, D. Johnson, M. Olsen, Mrs. Greenfield.WAA Initiation Left to right, front row: G. Loveridge, M. Graham, D. Dalrymple, C. Dykstra, E. Polette, M. Savich, B. Kibbee, E. St. Onge. Back row: Mrs. Greenfield - sponsor, A. Blood, M. Olsen, D. Lovell, C. Bullshoe, H. Meeds, C. McCurdy, B. Coponhaver, F. Grubb, M. Conley, D. Johnson, J. Ivie, L. Walker, J. Wood, D. Haggett, E. Evonson, C. Jones. (92) GIRLS OUT FOR SPORTS NIGHTWinning Volleyball Team w Left to right: M. Olsen, G. Loveridge, M. Conley, E. St. Onge, D. Lovell, L. Walker, C. Dykstra, B. Kibbee, and D. Larson. WAA offers a variety of sports (93)Women's Athletic Association The Women's Athletic Association is one of the most active organizations on Western's campus. It provides activities for all girls who are interested in athletics and encourages good sportsmanship. In November the organization sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance with everyone coming dressed as some colorful character from Dogpatch. Hilda Guldseth as Marryin' Sam and Esther Polette as Mammy Yokum were crowned king and queen of Dog-patch. Impressive candlelight initiations were held twice during the year, at which many new members joined the club. The sale of sweat shirts and caps in Western's colors and stamped with the bulldog and WMCE emblem was another feature of the past year. Every Monday, the WAA sponsored sport night. Tournaments were held in volleyball, basketball, and baseball throughout the year with student directors for each activity. During spring quarter ten girls and Mrs. Ruth Greenfield, sponsor, went to Missoula to participate in the annual College play day. By participating and competing in such sports as basketball, baseball, swimming, bowling, hiking, and others, members may earn points which entitle them to the winged "M" letter. Officers for the club this year were: Marian Conley, president; Donna Johnson, vice president; Frances Grubb, secretary; and Ruth Lagergren, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Greenfield is sponsor. (95)ADVERTISING DIRECTORY BUTTE Al's Photo Shop 99 Anaconda Copper Mining Company 118 Burr's......................................................... 106 Diana Hughes 104 Emil Marans 107 Federal Prudential Savings and Loan Association ............... 103 First National Bank 112 Hotel Finlen 106 Hub Clothing Store _______________________________ .. Ill Gordon's Jewelry 110 Le Sage's, Inc. 100 Metals Bank and Trust Company Ill Montana Power Company 116 O'Connor's Typewriter Exchange 109 Post Office News Stand 107 Shiners . 106 Spillum's ......................................-............. 108 Taylor Shoes 110 Toggery ...................................................... 108 Treasure State Sporting Goods 108 Len Waters.................................................... 109 Weins 112 DEER LODGE The Coffee Shop.....................................-......... 111 Comer Bar 108 Cotton Club.................................................... 110 It Club 109 Lee's Place .................................................. 107 DILLON Andrus Barber Shop 111 Beaverhead Bar Supply 115 Beaverhead Lumber 110 Big Dipper 99 Bond Grocery 107 Coast to Coast 107 College Snack Bar 104 D L Jewelry Company 115 Dillon Automobile Dealers Association......................... 102 Dillon Feed and Seed 107 Dillon Implement Company 106 (96)ADVERTISING DIRECTORY Dillon Portrait Studio............................................... 119 Ditty's Cafe ........................................................ 108 Electric and Variety Shop 105 Eliel's 114 Examiner Printing Company............................................ 109 First National Bank 105 Gambles ............................................................. 115 Giant Hamburger Shop...... 99 Gosman's............................................................. 113 Hazel's Style and Beauty Shop 111 Hazelbaker Insurance.... 110 King's .............................................................. 114 J. C. Penney Company 110 McCracken Brothers 107 Mitchell's City Drug 109 Mountjoy Flowers and Gifts 108 Norm's Cash Market................................................... 104 Parisian Cleaners 105 Pilgrim's Store 115 Professional Directory.... 101 Red d White Laundry and Cleaning Co. 104 Roberts Food Market 113 Skeets Cafe... 112 Sports Shop........................................................ 115 Stamm Jewelers 109 Standard Lumber and Coal Company 103 State Bank and Trust Company 120 Vaughn and Ragsdale..... 106 War Surplus Store—Dillon and Butte 106 Warner's Food ....................................................... 107 Western Montana College of Education ............................... 98 Western Montana College of Education Residence Halls 99 White Cafe 104 Williams Feed and Machinery 105 Winn's Inc. 105 GREAT FALLS Tribune Printing and Supply 117 St. LOUIS. MISSOURI Becktold Company 106 (97)WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Offers A four-year course leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. A two-year diploma course. A two-year commercial course. Pre-professional courses in secondary education, forestry, journalism, law, social work, agriculture, engineering, nursing education, health and physical education, home economics, pre-medical, pre-dental. Departments in Home Economics and Business Education. Free placement service for all graduates at all times. Guidance and Counseling Center. The Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. Montana needs more teachers. Western has the facilities to give the youth of Montana this training. ★ For Further Information Write to THE REGISTRAR Western Montana College of Education DILLON, MONTANA (93)Residence Halls for Both Men and Women at WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Congratulations to WMCE Graduates ★ THE BIG DIPPER ★ First Place Winner State Fair 1953 ★ Soft Ice Cream Al's Photo Shop The Photography Center in Butte Giant Hamburger Shop 29 Montana Street DILLONLe Sage's, Inc. J. J. Gleason, Mgr. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL ★ 204 West Park Street BUTTE, MONTANA Philco Hofmann Wesiinghouse Columbia-CBS Television Specialists in Antenna Installation ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Operating in The Madison Centennial Beaverhead and Big Hole Valleys (100)Professional Directory DR. W. J. ROMERS DENTIST Phone 114 LEONARD SCHULZ ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR Telephone Building Dillon. Montana DR. R. J. ENGLISH A. L. JUERGENS, M.D. OPTOMETRIST Telephone Building Above Vaughn-Ragsdale Phone 680 DR. R. D. CURRY DONALD J. SMITH DENTIST ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW Office Phone 335 Dillon. Montana J. W. HILTBRAND, D.C. DR. W. E. MONGER CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 575 24 South Idaho Street Phone 131-R Dillon, Montana DR. J. C. LINDUSKA W. G. GILBERT, JR. DENTIST ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR Phone 81 -J Hazelbaker Building 28 South Idaho Street Dillon, Montana G. L. ROUTLEDGE, M.D. DR. H. A. STANCHFIELD PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Telephone Block Phone 36-W and 36-J Phone 352-W ( 101)DILLON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Devoted to the Interest of Safe Driving Sales - - Service NEW AND USED CARS ★ Berger Cochrane Motors Ben Redd Chevrolet Co. (Ford) (Cadillac, Olds, Chevrolet) College Motor Co. City Garage (Studebaker) (Kaiser-Frazer) Davis Motor Co. Montana Auto Sales (Willys) (Chrysler-Plymouth) Mockel's Harris Opp Garage (International) (Pontiac) J. W. Walters Garage Casperson Buick Co. (Dodge-Plymouth) (Buick-G. M. C.) ( 102)STANDARD LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Fuller Paints Aberdeen and Castlegate Coal Phene 276 Dillon, Montana FEDERAL PRUDENTIAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 49 North Main, Butte 3% Paid on Insured Savings Accounts Insured by an Agency of the Federal Government up to $10,000.00 ( 103)The Best Place to Meet Red White Laundry Cleaning Company Your Campus Friends DILLON, MONTANA Is ★ THE COLLEGE It Pays You to Look Well Groomed SNACK BAR ★ DICK PITMAN, Manager Pick Up and Delivery Phone 135 NORM'S Success to the CASH MARKET Graduates of 1954 One-Half Block From Campus Perseverance to the Class of 1955 DIANA HUGHES 56 W. Park Street Butte The Friendly Eating Place Where You Find the Newest and Smartest Items in Ladies Apparel At the Lowest Prices THE WHITE CAFE ( 104)FIRST NATIONAL BANK We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. Serving This Community Since 1880 Affiliated With Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WINN'S INC. DILLON, MONTANA The Friendly Service Store PARISIAN CLEANERS Approved Sanitone Service Quality Service Free Pickup and Delivery Phone 20 BILL NED 14 North Washington Street Purina Chows Custom Pelleting Farm Equipment WILLIAMS FEED AND MACHINERY CO. DILLON, MONTANA ELECTRIC AND VARIETY SHOP Gifts School Supplies Phone 100 ( 105)BURR'S it's McCarthy's War Surplus Stores ★ for Shoes, Jackets, Sports Equipment, Butte's Friendly Department Store Etc. BUTTE DILLON DILLON IMPLEMENT CO. Compliments HARDWARE RANCH SUPPLIES FENCING PAINTS HOTEL FINLEN Phone 68 BUTTE, MONTANA DILLON. MONTANA Covers for the 1954 CHINOOK Successful Journey Graduates Congratulations on the progress you have just made, and may your future be as successful as your relationship has been with us. Vaughn-Ragsdale by Becktold Company For Furniture Go to ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI SHINER'S BUTTE ( 106)DILLON FEED SEED CO. ★ DILLON, MONTANA Quality Groceries WARNER'S FOOD STORE Phone 246 ROND GROCERY CO. ★ Phone 99 FREE DELIVERY You Can Always Do Better at emil marans First With New Fashions Easy Credit, of Course BUTTE ANACONDA You Always Find Satisfied Patrons at LEE'S PLACE in Deer Lodge Your Most Complete Book Store in Butte P. 0. News Stand 43 N. Park Street BUTTE. MONTANA McCRACKEN BROS. THE MEN'S STORE 'Timely" Suits—Dobbs Hats Florshoim and Freeman Shoes Day's Tailored Slacks Wilson Bros. Furnishings Dillon's Leading Men's and Boys' Store ( 107) It Pays SPILLUM'S To Play RAWLINGS For everything in Athletic Equipment Sporting Goods ★ Candies Tobacco TREASURE STATE BUTTE Sporting Goods 22 East Park Street Butte Compliments of CORNER BAR THE TOGGERY Tony Sneberger 117 N. Main Men's £ Boys' Shop Dan O'Neill Will Tiddy "On The Square" BUTTE, MONTANA DEER LODGE, MONTANA Mounljoy Flowers Investigate and Gifts Our Home Cooked Meals ★ DITTY'S CAFE Phone 137-W Under New Management DILLON, MONTANA For College Students ( 108)Your Best Music and Instrument Service THE LEN WATERS MUSIC CO. Wurliizer-Baldwin Pianos and Organs Radio T.V. Band Instruments Repairing 119 N. Main Street Phone 7344 BUTTE L. C. SMITH CORONA ROYAL REMINGTON AND UNDERWOOD Pay as Little as $1.50 a Week O'CONNOR'S TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 129 W. Broadway Phone 4955 BUTTE, MONTANA The Examiner Printing Co., Inc. Opposite Depot Phono 55 FOR PRINTING THAT PLEASES PARTICULAR PEOPLE Publishers of The Dillon Examiner Beaverhead County's Leading Newspaper REGISTERED—so you can be sure of its quality. INSURED—so you will be protected against possible future loss. May we show you these beautiful, new matched wedding sots? STAMM JEWELERS DILLON. MONTANA MITCHELL'S CITY DRUG STORE Superior Prescription Service Phone 113 WE EXTEND A HEARTY WELCOME TO ALL W M C E STUDENTS William Mitchell, Proprietor Compliments of the IT CLUB Jane, Walt and Bill ROCKER, MONTANA ( 109)If It Is Building Material Lumber and Coal — SEE — BEAVERHEAD LUMBER CO. Better Materials Cheaper Phone 85 DILLON, MONTANA You Hear It Everywhere It Pays to Shop at PENNEY'S J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. Nationally Advertised Merchandise on Credit Diamonds—Watches and Costume Jewelry Silverware GORDON'S JEWELRY 131 North Main BUTTE The Colton Club Deer Lodge, Montana ★ Carl "Swede" Williamson ★ OLD FAITHFUL INN Garrison, Montana Real Estate Insurance TAYLOR'S SHOES Shoes for the Entire Family AIR STEPS for Women ROBLEE'S for Men RED GOOSE for Children 39 West Park (no)Greetings, "Bulldogs" . . . —And best wishes for the future from that friendly bank atop Buttes glittering hill. METALS BANK TRUST COMPANY BUTTE, MONTANA HAZEL'S Style Beauty Shop The Coffee Shop ★ "Good Food by Good Cooks" ★ DEER LODGE, MONTANA The Man of Distinction Gets His Hair Cut at The Andrus Barber Shop Compliments of STEUART WATERS Hub Clothing Store YOUR WESTERN STORE 41 E. Park Butte, Montana Everything for the Man (in)Compliments of The First National Bank BUTTE, MONTANA Established 1877Roberts Food Market Quality Meats and Groceries Sanitation for Your Protection ★ Phone 60 Quality First- Service Always ★ Geo. M. Gosman Druggist ★ The Rexall Store 113)Compliments of M. H. KING CO. Your Five and Dime Siore Headquariers It's a Pleasure to Serve You Welcome to All College Students at THE OASIS Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Home of Richer Ice Cream Fountain Service tom McGovern and LEAH RIFE (114)Beaverhead Bar Supply Co. Gleed Carpita ★ Wholesale Dealers Carbonated Beverages Tobacco Schlitz and Great Falls Beer ★ Phone 108 Dillon, Montana 115) D AND L JEWELRY Elgin Hamilton Bulova America's Finest Watches DICK LATER Your Friendly Jeweler GamlJed AUTHORIZED DEALER The Friendly Store CLARK D'EVELYN, Owner THE SPORT SHOP Everything for the Sportsman We Specialize in Guns Phone 110-W Dillon, Montana School Supplies Stationery and Greeting Cards PILGRIM'S STOREWelcome It's a Lot Easier Than It Was Electricity certainly has done a lot to make the world bright and shiny, and our daily life easier. Just 75 years ago Thomas E. Edison invented the first incandescent electric light bulb. Since then electricity has been pushing back the gloom over a greater and greater area of the world. And we use electricity in hundreds of other ways, too. That's what young people are coming into ... a world of brightness and mechanization. You have the tools to make a fine life. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY 41 Years of Superior Service (116)Complete PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING BINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE ★ Office Furniture aiul Supplies ★ By combining the best in materials with careful and expert workmanship, we produce outstanding school annuals. Samples are always available and we invite comparison. ★ GREAT FALLS, MONTANA ( 117)Know Montana .. . Origin of Some Montana Names (Title) Helena—According to the Helena Historical directory of 1879 the city of Helena was named by John Somerville for his former home of St. Helena, Minn. It was voted by the early citizens to drop the prefix, Saint. Wibaux—The town was named for Pierre Wibaux, son of a wealthy Parisian silk manufacturer who settled in this area in the 80's. Pierre, in his heyday, was the largest cattle operator in the world, owning as many as 65,000 head. Bannack—This pioneer community was named after the Bannock (correct) Indian tribe and became Montana's first city, a boom camp roaring with a population of thousands. Missoula—The Garden City was named for the broad river that flows through the center of town. The river was named by the Indians, "Missoula” meaning sparkling water. Three Forks—This town, steeped in historic lore and legend, gets its name from the convergence of the "three forks," the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson rivers. Wolf Point—How it was named—great numbers of wolf pelts were stacked along the Missouri banks awaiting shipment on early-day steamboats to the St. Louis market. Fort Benton—The name honors an early-day champion of fur interests, Sen. Thomas Benton of Missouri, and was so named in 1846 by the American Fur Company. Anaconda Copper Mining Co. "Work for a Greater and More Prosperous Montana" This Is a Project That Should Include All Montanans ( 118)BETWEEN FRIENDS Nothing Carries Quite so Much Warmth of Feeling—Is Quite so Personal—As the Exchange of Photographs. Wouldn't You Like a New One? ★ Dillon Portrait Studio Phone 196-J DILLON, MONTANA ( 119)State Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED 1899 DILLON, MONTANA ★ Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( 120)tfJJti ft mmm

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