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 ""'K o? i( i 3 $ I if I!IU . v f For Reference Not to be taken from this room 3 m foiw Hli strmiiazatx '3 Q— nUtitj. ■« » V%.-, Sv A. v IK MM, . r y JSv ft V; Ti -.$ sWfe- '( wc Al w J' "-'SMs v N $ VX J S -s J J y J i t I ijj fl fs J. TZLjkllS rC v W “ ;Tc otepuc on I. X C«« f "rfr. —r =  I ct 5 3, -L  Published by The Junior Class Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montanaor education orewoTi This rustic sign, designed, constructed, and installed by the Art Club, annoupeffS- to cxll Lu i4 42y on highway 91 that this is Western. X fpn« Knowledge is a jeweL a gem of great worth, which may be of value today and which may bring priceless opportunities tomorrow. Once secured, it is yours for life! If learning were all we gained at Western, it would make the years spent here worthwhile, but the getting of knowledge is only one phase of our varied and interesting college life. We also treasure the hours of companionship with friends, many of whom will remain dear to us through the years. Equally precious are the experiences we share in learning to live, plan, and work in harmony with one another in the dorm and in the classrooms; in the various organizations; in opportunities for being dramatic and athletic participants and spectators; in the memories of "Go" days at Torrey Lodge; and in the happy hours of cleaning the campus together on "M" days, followed by the picnics at the campus grill. All of these blended into one picture make for pleasant hours today and for bright memories in all the tomorrows. "Lest We Forget"—we offer this book, that each succeeding tomorrow may be gladdened by today. (2)'e O. KAY MOE Education is most nearly complete when the mind and hand are both trained, when they work together, the hand as the servant of the mind, carrying out what the mind has perceived. We have chosen, therefore, to dedicate this book to one who, as a trainer of both mind and hand, has given practical application to a theory held by educators for centuries. We take pride in presenting this Chinook to Mr. O. Kay Moe, professor of Social Studies and Industrial Arts.I HAVE always believed that the affairs of the world should be managed by intelligent people of good will, who have trained minds and skillful hands. Too long have we placed our faith in mediocrity. College is a place where minds are trained and hands become skillful. It is also a place where people learn the meaning of good will. It is unfortunate that more people do not take advantage of such opportunities. To you who are here my congratulations and best wishes. RUSH JORDAN President M)Left to right: Mr. Clarence Popham, Mrs. F. H. Petro, Mr. Merritt Warden, Dr. Emmet J. Riley, Miss Mary Condon—Secretary, Governor J. Hugo Aronson— Chairman, Mr. Arnold Olsen—Attorney General, Mr. George Lund, Mr. G. A. Bosley, Mrs. George Chambers, and Mr. Horace Dwyer.The Old and The New The New Auditorium—Dedicated in August, 1952On the Way to Torrey At TorreyAnnlee Krisk Jim Corr PRESENTED BY Robert Olson ..................... Editor Virginia Parks..........Associate Editor Agnes Tenneson..................Associate Editor Janice Munkers................... Picture Editor James Corr.... Art Editor Floyd Brown .........Organization Editor Claude Ankeny............ Men's Athletics Annlee Krisk...........Business Manager Dan Sweeney............Business Manager Genevieve Albertson ............ Sponsor TABLE OF CONTENTS Book One Classes Book Two Activities Book Three Athletics (8)Dr. Sheldon E. Davis—President Emeritus Sheldon E. Davis Chapter Dr. Sheldon E. Davis, President Emeritus of Western, gave the campus group of the Future Teachers of America permission to name their chapter the Sheldon E. Davis Chapter of Future Teachers of America. In naming its chapter for Dr. Davis, Western is carrying out the Future Teachers policy of naming the chapters for eminent educators. In securing the name of the distinguished President Emeritus of the school, the Future Teachers were singularly honored. The members are grateful to Dr. Davis for his generous action in allowing his name to be used. The chapter held a re-dedication ceremony during the spring quarter. Several prominent Montana educators were present at the event which was high-lighted by a candle-light ritual. The 1952-1953 officers of the chapter took part in the ceremony. Dr. Davis was president of the college for twenty-seven years. He retired from active duty in 1946, but still takes part in the college life. At the time of his retirement Dr. Davis was among the three teachers college presidents who had been longest in service, according to a study made by President Uel W. Lamkin of Maryville, Missouri. The achievements of Dr. Davis in the field of teacher training are outstanding. In addition to his work as college administrator, he is the author of several textbooks in education, history and government. (9)Western's Favorite WalkAfter Commencement—The Coffee Hour lew Dignified and impressive ceremonies took place on Western's campus at the end of the 1952 summer session, at which time the new auditorium was formally dedicated. On the campus for the ceremony was the Montana State Board of Education which included in their ex-officio capacity the Governor, John W. Bonner and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mary Condon. Miss Condon was the commencement speaker. She chose as her subject "Opportunities for Service." The State Board of Education held its August meeting on the campus, one of the few times that such an event has occurred in Dillon. The dedication ritual was initiated by a solemn procession which marched across the campus to the new building. The procession was led by O. K. Moe, commencement marshal. At the commencement President Rush Jordan awarded degrees to thirty-five students and diplomas to forty-six. This group represented forty Montana cities and eight states. The wives of several members of the board were present and enjoyed a full schedule of social activities, which included a formal dinner at which President and Mrs. Jordan entertained. Mrs. Jordan was also hostess at a tea at her home. In addition there were a luncheon at the Residence Hall and a dinner at Pipe Organ Lodge. The new auditorium, one of the finest in the state, was completed during the summer. This commencement was the first held in the new building. More than a year of time and over two hundred thousand dollars went into the building. Through the efforts of President Rush Jordan, Western came into possession of a fine addition to the campus. Auditorium Lt)eclicateJ ( 12)O. K. Moe leads the Commencement Processional. State Board comes for Dedication of New Auditorium. August Commencement, First To Be Held in New Auditorium. ( 13)Students and Faculty find the Parking Lot a great convenience. ( 14)The Midnight Run (15) The budding twigs spread out their fan To catch the breezy air; And I must think, do all I can, That there was pleasure there! —Wordsworth.GENEVIEVE ALBERTSON M. A. Professor of English MRS. STELLA BIERRUM B. S. Instructor in Fine Art MRS. CLARABEL BOGUT R. N. College Nurse GERT DANIELS M. A. Assistant Professor of Biological Science MRS. RUTH DILLAVOU M. A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Teacher Placement MRS. MARY B. EMERICK M. A. Associate Professor of Fine Art MRS. ZELLA FLORES M. A. Assistant Professor of Education GLADYS A. FORESTER M. A. Instructor in Training ( 17)JOHN C. GARRY M. A. Instructor in Business Education DOROTHY GELHAUS B. S. in L. S. Registrar RUTH GREENFIELD B. A. Instructor in Physical Education MRS. WINIFRED GREENWOOD M. A. Instructor ir. Home Economics BRINTON JACKSON B. M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Music BRUNO J. KATZ Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Social Studies RALPH KNEELAND M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Education MRS. ISABELL LASICH B. S. in Elem. Ed. Instructor in Training ( 18)HOWARD V. LESLIE M. S. Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studies (Absent on Leave 1952-53) MRS. HELEN D. LUEBBEN B. A. Instructor in Foreign Languages and English WALTER McGUIRE B. S. Librarian O. K. MOE MRS. MARTHA NELSON M. A. B. A. Professor of Industrial Arts and Instructor in Training Social Studies RALPH McFADDEN M. M. Professor of Piano and Music GEORGIA MATHEWS Business Manager and Acting Dean of Women VIRGINIA O'REILLY M. A. Instructor in Training ( 19)MRS. RUTH PACKER B. S. Instructor in Training HOWARD SMITH M. S. Instructor in Physical Science MRS. MUSA TELUER B. Ed. Instructor in Training JOE C. RYBURN B. E. Instructor in English, Dramatics ELIZABETH SATTER M. A. Instructor in Training WILLIAM T. STRAUGH M. E. Associate Professor of Physical Education and Mathematics LAV RENCE WALKER. M. A. Associate Professor of Education Director of Training DALE TASH M. A. Instructor in Social Studies JAMES WOMACK B. E. Instructor in Training (20) Joan I. Axe. Dillon Majors: Music Education, Social Studios Minor: English Activities: Gargoyles, Chorus. Music Club Robert R. Harwood, Malta Major: General Science Minors: Social Studies, English Edward F. Durkin, Anaconda Major: Social Studies Miners: English, Music Activities: Football, "M" Club, Chorus, Newman Club, Music Club George Foley. Butte Major: English Minors: Physical Education, Social Studies Activities: Football, "M" Club Noel Hubber, Butte Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Physical Education Activities: ”M" Club, FTACtaS6 of 1953 E. Harley Ivorson. Belgrado Major: General Science Minors: English. Social Studies Activities: FTA. Gargoyles. Student Council President. Who's Who James F. Scofield. Dillon Major: Industrial Arts Minors: Fino Arts. Social Studios Activities: Art Club Norman N. Jacobson. Kalispell Major: General Scionce Minors: Mathematics. English Activities: Football. Track. "M" Club. Who's Who Michael G. McMahon. Doer Lodgo Major: Fino Art Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: 'M" Club. Student Council.Student Activity Committee. Chanticleers. Who's Who. President of Senior Class, Newman Club Charles R. Soha. Seattle, Washington Major: Industrial Arts Minors: English. Social Studies, Physical Education Activities: Chanticleers. "M" Gub, Football. Men's Chorus. FTA. Wescolite StaffClaude Ankeny. Victor Activities: Chanticleers, Chinook Staff, Matrix, "M” Club, Wesco-lito Staff Jim Corr, Missoula Activities: Kappa Pi President, "M" Club. Baseball, Basketball, Track, Chinook Art Editor Class of 1954 Floyd Brown. Gildford Activities: Chinook Staff. Chanticleers, Wescolito Editor, Chorus James Drinvllle. Deer Lodge Activities: Basketball Bette Boyd. Missoula Activities: FTA, Nowman Club Robert Brown. Gildford Activities: Intervarsity President. Music Club President. Chorus, Chinook Staff. Wescolite Staff Delbert Greenfield, Hamilton Activities: FTA. IRC, Gargoyles (25)Annlee Krisk. Butte Activities: KZN, WAA, Chinook Staff lanice Munkers. Butte Activities: KZN, F T A Secretary-Treasurer. Intervarsity. Chinook Staff, Gargoyle President Charles Russell, Boulder Activities: Chanticleers, "M" Club, Wescolite Staff Alice Lamers. Seattle, Washington Activities: IRC Robert Olson, Victor Activities: FTA, Chinook Editor, Chanticleers, Student Council. Junior Class President. Library Committoe, Woscolite Staff Dan Sweeney, Butte Activities: Local and. State President and National Treasurer of FTA, IRC, Chanticleers. Matrix, Who's Who. Wescolito Staff Virginia Parks. Wayzata, Minn. Activities: WAA. President of Intervarsity, Music Club Librarian, Chorus, Chanticleers, Wescolite Staff, Associate Editor of Chinook Agnes Tenneson, East Helena Activities: Intervarsity, Music Club President, FTA, Chorus. Chanticleers, Who’s Who. Wescolite Staff, Associate Editor of Chinook (26)CLss of 1955 o more A John Alonzo, Florence Activities: Chorus, "M" Club, Newman Club, Football Jaime Bailey, Stevonsville Activities: FTA, WAA Treasurer, Chorus Joanne H. Boettcher Square Butte Activities: KZN, Art Club Charles Burns. Doer Lodge Activities: FTA, Gargoyles Mardella Bleber. Townsend Activities: Chanticleers Secretary-Treasurer, WAA President, FTA, House Council. Intervarsity, Woscolite Staff, Student Activity Committee Frances Cate. Miles City Activities: Newman Club, FTA Clara Clover, Helena Activities: Art Club President. WAA Secretary, Intervarsity, Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer Rosemary Colvin, Butte Activities: WAA, Chorus, Newman Club Carolyn Combs. Ennis (27)CLi5 of 1955 Hollis Coon, Butto Activities: Student Activity Committee Winifred Croner Fairfield, Idaho Charlos Davis, Ir. Whitehall Activities: Chanticleers Janice Dirks, Door Lodge Activities: Music Club Treasurer, KZN President, Intervarsity Janet Eccleston Anaconda Activities: House Council, FTA, WAA Darrell Ehlert. Dillon Activities: FTA, Newman Club Hugh Ehlert. Dillon Activities: FTA, Inter-varsity, Chanticleors, Woscolite Staff Joan Eliel, Dillon Mauroen Goary, Butte Activities: KZN, FTA, Newman Club (28)CLa of 1955 Edna Gerdon. Dillon Activities: F T A, IRC. Chanticleers. Wesco-lite Staff Dorothy Gulliford Jerome, Idaho Activities: FTA, Art Club Treasurer, Gargoyles Secretary Thomas Harrington West Glacier Activities: Chorus Jim Hebnes. Wilsall Activities: Football. Basketball. Track. Baseball. "M" Club Thomas Hillier Twin Bridgos Activities: "M" Club, Art Club. FTA, Wes-colite Staff. Chanticleers Irene Hitchens. Butte Activities: FTA. K Z N Secretary-Treasurer OS. Mary L. Jackson Whitehall Activities: KZN. FTA. Wescolite Staff, Music Club Secretary, Chanticleers, Student Council Secretary Tod Kato. Havre Activities: "M” Club President, Sophomore Class Vice President Barbara Lawrence Wise River Activities: FTA, Kappa Pi, Art Club. House Council Ronald Lee. Hamilton Activities: "M" Club. Gargoylos (29)dan of 1955 Christina Long. Clinton Activities: WAA Vice President. Gargoyles, House Council Chairman, IRC Ioseph McDonald. Dixon Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Student Council, Sopho-moro Class President, Student Activity Committee Sharline Martin Stevensville Activities: WAA. FT A, Sports Board, Inter-varsity, Gargoylos Robert Nisson, Custer Activities: Football, 'M" Club, Baseball, Basketball Myrtle Nolle. Silver Star Activities: Art Club, Chorus Annell O'Donnell Helena Activities: Newman Club Anna Oursland, Somers Activities: WAA. Intervarsity Elisa Petorson, Missoula Activities: IRC Dorothy Roso Payette. Idaho Activities: WAA, Intervarsity Roger Shaw, Bozeman Activities: House Council, Intervarsity Officer, Basketball Botty Smith. Helena Activities: Treasurer of Gargoyles. FTA, Assistant D i r e c t o r of ''Male Animal" (30CLa of 1955 Ed Spiegle, Anaconda Activities: Football Mgr. Henry Stone, Kalispell Activities: F T A, Intervarsity George Svetich, Dillon Barbara Tiedje, Poison Activities: WAA, Cheer Leader, Chorus, Newman Club Floyd Vandegriit Dillon Activities: Football, Basketball, Baseball, "M” Club, Track Ruby Westcott. Missoula Activities: Art Club. Chanticleers. Wosco-lite Staff Margaret Wotrsteon Sula Olive Laverne Willows Columbia Falls Activities: IRC Shirley Wilson. Charlo Activities: WAA. Cheer Leader. Music Club. Intervarsity, Chorus Donna Wright Stevensvillo Activities: WAA. Sports Board, FT A Sharon Zoske, Darby Activities: Chanticleers. Wescolite Staff (31)Keith Allred Ruth Anderson Wayno Anderson Johann Androas Cleo Bagloy Ronan Helena Charlo Butte Missoula Lorraine Bozlee Margery Brim Kizzie Brown Stevensville Sheridan Dillon Margaret Callan Robert Cardinale Anaconda Dillon Gary Carson Dillon Marian Conley Philipsburg Betty Copenhaver Ovando John Crossman Mrs. Pearl Deardorff Catherine Dykstra Arlene Fordyce Alma Gariepy Butte Brady Thompson Falls Bozeman Missoula (32)Mario L. Graham Valier Archie Green Dillon Francis Grubb St. Ignatius Dorothy Haggett Virginia City David Haulman Butte Eleanor M. Hearst Margaret Hilton Nancy Hinman Phyllis Hungorford Jean M. Ivie Plains St. Ignatius Victor Ennis Anaconda Allen Jacobson Audrey Jemberg Whitefish Sunburst Donna Johnson Anaconda Carolyn Jonos Bonita Kelly Frank Kibbee Ronald Kimmel Dorothy Kneeland Anaconda Laurin Valier Ronan Dillon (33)Ernest Kneeland Dillon James Konen Butte Ruth Lagergron Anaconda James McCullam Dillon Carolyn McCurdy Charlo John MacDonald Neva MacDonald Carolyn McFadden Mavis McHugh Joan Maier Dillon Perma Dillon Anaconda Plains Mary Jo Maxwell Betty Menard Charles Merrifield Great Falls Butte Butte Nina Miller Alder Bottye Morgan Butte Dorothy Morgan Anaconda Betty Morris Ronan Patricia Morrison Lozeau (34)Suzanne O'Dell Thompson Falls Dan Oehrle Butte Bertha Olson Ronan Marie Olson Ronan David Oursland Somers Marilyn Peterson Drummond Betty Phillips St. Ignatius Esther Polette Florenco Bethel Riemersma Maxine Robison Malta Anaconda LaRoyce Rose Twin Bridges Larry Shimmin Butte Clifton W. Wagoner Gary Williams Richard Willis Donna Wudel Dubois, Idaho Dillon Ronan Butte (35) Student Council Left to right, sitting: Mike McMahon, Keith Allrod, Mary Leila Jackson. Harley Iverson. Bob Olson. Standing: Mr. Jordan. Joe McDonald. Another year is gone and wo stand at the season when men, like Nature, begin anew. A threshold lies before us, inviting and bidding each of us to step forth into our future. Now we leave the year behind us. though we shall treasure its momorios. The knowledge we havo gained, the experiences and the accomplishments of this year are a part of us. They are an investment for the future from which we shall draw our strength and confidence regardless of the pathway we take on "stepping forth." Before we set out. each on his own way, I want to tondor my best wishes for the continuance of what you havo begun, namely, preparation for your responsibility to society. Each of you has shown through your enthusiasm, willingness and cooperation, in all phases of college life, that you realize full well the importance of college preparation. I also take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all who havo made the year a successful experience for everyone and a good year for the annals of Western. Thank you. HARLEY IVERSON Student President Student Activity Left to right, sitting: Joe McDonald. Hollis Coon. Mardella Bieber, Mike McMahon. Standing: Mr. Daniels, Mrs. Greenwood. Miss Mathews, Mr. McFadden. (39)WOMEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL Left to right, first row: Pat Morrison, Janet Eccleston, Betty Copenhaver, Maxine Robison, Esther Polette, Jean Ivie. Second row: Barbara Lawrence, Miss Mathews, Mardella Bieber, Eleanor Hearst, Christina Long. I. R. C. Left to right, sitting: Del Groenfield, Christina Long, Sue O'Dell, Edna Gordon, Eliza Peterson, Alice Lamers. Standing: Dan Oehrle, Loon Greene. Bob Everhard, Mrs. Roy Larson, Roy Larson, Laverne Willows, Carolyn Jones, Dr. Katz—sponsor. DEBATE TEAM left to right, sitting: Chris Long. Roy Larson, Ann Burton, Elsie Barnett. Dan Connors, Sue O'Dell, Jean Ivie. Standing: Bob Everhard. Dr. Katz—sponsor, Leon Greene. (40)lUom en j _ JJt ouAe Co unci The members of the Women's House Council work with Miss Georgia Mathews, acting dean of women, in carrying on the business of the Residence Hall. An election is held in the fall of the year and new representatives are chosen to work with those who return from the previous year. Many parties, dances, and teas are sponsored by the Women's House Council throughout the year. This year there have been many activities, such as the Sweethearts' Ball, a buffet dinner, and an informal party. Members of the House Council are Jean Ivie, Betty Copenhaver, Barbara Lawrence, Chris Long, Janet Eccelston, Esther Polette, Eleanor Hearst, Pat Morrison, Mardella Bieber, and Maxine Rcbinson. international C elationA The International Relations Club is the campus organization given to the study of world and domestic political problems. Members study world and national politics and discuss their research findings at regular meetings. In addition the club endeavors to bring to the college a few speakers to report on current events. Dr. Sheldon E. Davis addressed the organization on legislative trends and accomplishments throughout the United States and commented on the types of proposed legislation in various parts of the country. Dr. Bruno Katz talked to the membership on the four top men in the Soviet Politburo at the time of Stalin's death. The club officers are Roy Larson, president; Bob Everhard, vice president; and Sue O'Dell, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Bruno Katz is the club sponsor. The organization is affiliated with the national body of International Relations Clubs. r £)eLate earn Organized during Winter quarter with Dr. Katz as coach. Western's debate team took part in six debates in which they defended both the affirmative and the negative of this year's conference question: "Resolved, that the Congress of the United States should pass a compulsory fair employment practices law." They began the season in a practice contest at Montana School of Mines in Butte and ended it in a state-wide tournament at Montana State College in Bozeman. Members of the team are Roy Larson— captain. Bob Everhard, Ann Burton, Dan Connors, Elsie Barnett, Christina Long, Sue O'Dell, and Leon Greene. Hi)Jk CU The Art club promotes and extends the art program throughout the college. Some of the main projects of the year have been to design and make drapes, to repaint old furniture for the art clubroom, and to assist with the exhibit held in the Veterans' and Pioneer building in Helena in conjunction with the Eastern Montana College of Education art department. The club also held a Christmas sale of articles made by the club members. Included in this sale were yule logs, hand-designed and cut stationery, leather goods and sculpturing. A smaller exhibit was shown during spring quarter at which work done by this year's art department students and club and Kappa Pi members was exhibited. An open house was held, and the redecorated clubroom, with the handsome and artistically painted mural done by Jim Corr, was displayed for the first time. One of the greatest contributions of the club to Western was the designing, making and wood-burning of the beautiful sign, "Western Montana College of Education" that hangs on the highway side of the campus, announcing Western to all passersby. Gold pins, in the shape of a palette with the WMCE emblem, were designed by club members. Officers for this year are Clara Claver, president; Barbara Lawrence, vice president and scrapbook chairman; Myrtle Nolte, secretary and point keeper; Dorothy Gulliford, treasurer; and Cleo Bagley, shop treasurer. Pi-O, micron Kappa Pi is a national fine arts honorary fraternity organized for the purpose of upholding high ideals, furthering artistic inclinations, raising standards. and furnishing the highest reward for conscientious efforts among art students. Officers and members are Jim Corr, president; Clara Claver, vice president; Barbara Lawrence, secretary-treasurer; and Esther Polette, this year's pledge. Mrs. Mary Emerick, herself a life member, is sponsor of both groups. ievemerit "American Education as the guiding step between childhood and adulthood" is the theme of the mural painted by Jim Corr, art major, on the wall of the Art Club studio. This mural is 90 square feet and irregular in shape. Western is very proud of Jim for his fine work. (A picture of the mural may be seen on page 64.) l joteiuortliu Jch (42)Left to right: Esther Poletto, Dorothy Kneelond. Ann Burton. lames Scofield, Dan Oehrle, Myrtle Nolte, Clara Claver, Barbara Lawrence. Mrs. Emerick—sponsor, Tom Hillier, Loon Greene, LaRoyce Rose, Joanne Boottcher, Ruby Westcott. (43)Wu ic Left to right, sitting: Jan Dirks, Mary Jackson, Agnes Tenneson, Carolyn McFadden, Virginia Parks. Standing: Mary Jo Maxwell, Pearl Doardorff, Mr. McFadden—co-sponsor, Maxine Robison, Betty Copenhaver, Dick Willis, Shirley Wilson, Margaret Hilton, Neva MacDonald, Donna Johnson, Ruth Lagorgron. Botty Menard, Carolyn Jones, Bettye Morgan, Mr. Jackson—co-sponsor. Bob Cardinale. The Chorus presents a sacred concert (44)wu The Music Club states as its purpose to further the interest in music and develop an appreciation of it. The past year has been an active one for this department with the production of the Christmas Concert and the operetta— "Down in the Valley." Other activities include the caroling party, piano and voice students' recital, selling pop at the concerts, and recently added, "The Music Hour," which is an hour set aside each week for the playing of records for all of those interested in listening to promote an appreciation and interest in music. The officers of the club are Agnes Tenneson, president; Carolyn McFadden, vice president; Mary Leila Jackson, secretary; Jan Dirks, treasurer; Margaret Hilton, point recorder; and Virginia Parks, librarian. own in the The largest project undertaken by the Music Club during the past year was the production of "Down in the Valley." The cast was chosen during the last week of winter quarter and rehearsals began immediately. Dan Hawkins, Roger Shaw, Betty Copenhaver, and David Oursland were given the singing leads. The cast and Mr. Jackson, the director, working together, put in many long and strenuous hours as the operetta gradually took shape. Finally, late in April, the product of a great deal of hard work was presented before the public. (45)C lanlicle eerA The Chanticleer Club is Western's journalism club. The main project of this organization is the publication of the WESCOLITE, Western's weekly newspaper. The club also publishes a scandal sheet each year for the spring vodvil program. Journalism letters are awarded according to the standard established by the Chanticleers and the Awards committee. ZJL The Matrix is an honorary society whose membership includes only those students who have proved themselves to be outstanding among Western students in the field of journalism. The publication on which these students have worked to earn this honor are the WESCOLITE, the Vodvil Scandal Sheet, and the Chinook. The WESCOLITE, Western's weekly newspaper, is published through the combined efforts of the Chanticleer club and journalism class and under the supervision of Miss Albertson. WESCOLITE staff members are Chanticleer members who have been elected to their positions by the club. All articles appearing in this publication are written by students, either staff members in their official capacity or outside contributors from the student body. Previously the WESCOLITE was a bi-monthly publication, but this year the Chanticleers pledged themselves to a little more work in order to produce a somewhat smaller but more timely newspaper, a weekly WESCOLITE. (46)W. ..V C lianticfeer C fub Left to right, sitting: Hugh Ehlert, Miss Albertson—sponsor, Charles Davis, Mardella Bieber, Claude Ankeny, Sharon Zoske, Virginia Parks. Mike McMahon. Standing: Floyd Brown, Charles Russell. Charles Soha, Ruby Westcott, Edna Gordon, Tom Hillier, Dan Sweeney, Mary Jackson. Agnes Tenneson. Inset—Bob Olson. Claude Ankeny Mardella Bieber Floyd Brown Tom Hillier Mary Leila Jackson Mike McMahon Virginia Parks Charles Russell Dan Sweeney Agnes Tenneson Ruby Westcott Sharon Zoske (47)WL’s Wko Five students have won the honor this year of representing WMCE in the national publication of "Who's Who among studonts in Amorican Colleges and Univorsitios" by proving themselves to be outstanding in scholastic accomplishment, leadership in campus activities, citizenship and sorvlco to the school, and in promise of future usefulness to society. Harley Iverson, senior, has been active in the Gargoyles, ME A, IRC and FT A, and was assistant editor ol fho 1952 Chinook. He had tho lead in fhe autumn production ot 'Tho Si Ivor Whittle ' and has served as student body president during the past year. Mike McMahon, senior, has been nldent ol the junior class, senior is, and Newman club, and business iager lor tho Wescolite. An active her ol the Chantlclpers and tho "M" -Mike has won letters in journal-xrsketball, and track. Norman Jacobson, sonior, was ono ol Western's outstanding athletes and a member ol tho "M" club. Ho won lour letters and a blanket In lootbaU and two letters in track. He also served as sports editor on tho 19S2 Chinook stall. Dan Sweoney, junior, is active in Chanticleers, IRC and ME A, and served as Montana's ilrst FTA president. Ho has been businoss manaqer and assistant editor ol the Wescolito. He is national treasurer ot the FTA, the only national ctllcor to come trom west ol the Mississippi river. Agnes Tennoson, junior has been an active member ol MEA, FTA, Chanticleers and Intervarsity. She has served as president ol KZN and Music club, and was awarded a letter in music. She has also been (he editor ol the Wescolite during spring quarter.GARGOYLE CLUB—Left to riqht, sitting: Del Greenfield, Betty Smith, Janice Munkors. Dorothy Gulliford, Harley Iverson. Standing: Ernost Kncolcnd, Dorothy Knocland, Dan Oehrle, Dick Willis, Charles Burns, Gary Carson, Esther Polette, Larry Shimmin. Sharline Martin. Ronald Lee, Lorraine Bozlee, Mr. Ryburn—sponsor. Left to right: Charles Bums, Harley Omar Left to right: Del Greenfield, Dick Wil- Iverson, Gary Carson. lis, Esther Polette, Larry Shimmin, Dan Oehrle. Left to right: Betty Menard, Dick Willis. Harley Iverson. Ronald Lee. C 9)Joe Rybum Dramatics Director (50) Scene from "All My Sons'The purpose of the Gargoyle Club, WMCE's dramatics society, is to seek out and utilize dramatic talent among the students. Students showing outstanding ability are eligible for membership in the Order of the Jeweled Masque, a National honor society. In the spring of 1952 the Gargoyles produced ALL MY SONS, a drama in three acts by Arthur Miller. Members of the cast included Joe Keller, Robert Erickson; Kate Keller, Jacqueline Erickson; Chris Keller, Edward Monger; Ann Deever, Beverly Grant; George Deever, Harley Iverson; Dr. Jim Bayliss, Cliff Simpson; Sue Bayliss, Nadine Graham; Frank Lubey, Floyd Brown; Lydia I-ubey, Jacqueline Armor; Bertha, Betty Smith. In the fall of 1952 the production was THE SILVER WHISTLE, a comedy by Robert McEnroe. The cast consisted of Mr. Beebe, Charles Bums; Mrs. Hammer, Christina Long; Miss Hoadley, Dorothy Kneeland; Miss Tripp, Betty Menard; Reverend Watson, Ronald Lee; Mrs. Sampler, Betty Smith; Mrs. Gross, Esther Polette; Mr. Cherry, Gary Carson; Oliver Erwenter, Harley Iverson; Emmett, Richard Willis; Bishop, Dan Oehrle; Father Shay, Larry Shimmin; Mr. Beach, Robert Cardinale; Mr. Reddy, Hollis Coon; and the policeman, Del Greenfield. JENNY KISSED ME, a comedy by Jean Kerr, was chosen for the spring commencement play. Officers of the club are Janice Munkers, president; Jean Axe, vice president; Dorothy Gulliford, secretary; and Betty Smith, treasurer. Mr. Ryburn is the club sponsor. (51 ) nteruardih y Intervarsity is an International Christian Fellowship club for students of all faiths, meeting together for Bible study, prayer, group singing and devotional discussion. Some of this year's highlights have been the fall and spring weekend camps with club members from the Missoula and Bozeman chapters, the supper after the Sadie Hawkins dance, Christmas caroling, a winter play-day at Torrey Lodge, and the participation with the Dillon churches in the World Day of Prayer. The regular attendance this year has been perhaps the largest since the group was organized on this campus. Members of the executive council are Virginia Parks, president; Dave Oursland, vice president; Anna Lou Oursland, secretary-treasurer; Maxine Robison, weekly program chairman; Roger Shaw, missionary chairman; Agnes Tenneson, entertainment chairman; and Henry Stone, camp chairman. Mr. Garry is the club sponsor. IS2)INTERVARSITY Loft to right, sitting, 1st row: Roger Shaw, Maxine Robison, Virginia Parks, Anna Lou Oursland, Agnes Tonneson, David Oursland. Standing, 2nd row: Mr. Garry- -sponsor, LaRoyco Rose, Dorothy Rose, Bethel Riomorsma. Mario Olson, Janice Munkors, Betty Copenhavor, Jean Ivio, Francos Grubb, Esther Polette, Marian Conley, Clara Clever. 3rd row: Carolyn McFaddon, Henry Stono, Arlene Fordyco, Betty Menard, Dave Haulman, Hugh Ehlert, Marie Graham, Audrey Jernberg, Shirley Wilson, Jan Dirks. INTER VARSITY ACTIVITIES C S3 Intervarsity Meeting at Elk Horn Lodge Dance supper for W MCE Students at Mrs. Ben Davis Sponsored by Intervarsity Lt)orm Sc ceneALeft to right, sitting: Mrs. Flores—sponsor, Dan Swoeney, Janice Munkers, Frances Cate, Harley Iverson. Standing, first row: Mary Jackson. Irene Hitchens, Barbara Lawrence. Rosemary Colvin, Bette Boyd, Maureen Geary. Janet Eccleston, Jaime Bailey. Michael Greene. Standing, back row: Dan Oehrle, Hugh Ehlort. Bob tverhard, Dorothy Gulliford, Del Greenfield. Ruth Andorson, Agnes Tennoson, Leon Greeno. LIBRARY COMMITTEE Left to right: Mr. O. K. Moo. Miss Genevieve Albertson, Bob Olson, Mr. Walter McGuire, Margaret Hilton. TKE Left to right Ted Kato, Darrell Ehlort. Richard Willis, Mr. Howard Smith— sponsor. Joe McDonald, Hollis Coon, and Ernest Kneeland. (S6)The Dr. Sheldon E. Davis Chapter of Future Teachers of America is one of the larger organizations on the Western campus. Forty-eight students are members. The members have as their goal higher professional and ethical standards. In order to achieve these goals the members study the problems confronting the parent bodies, the Montana Education Association and the National Education Association. In addition they also study teacher ethical conduct, and how to work more effectively with parents, other teachers, and the general public. The chapter sponsor is Mrs. Zella K. Flores. The officers are Dan Sweeney, president; Harley Iverson, vice president; Janice Munkers, secretary-treasurer; and Mardella Bieber, librarian. The chapter was represented at the Montana Education Delegate Assembly by Bob Everhard and Dan Sweeney, delegates, and by Ruth Anderson and Betty Smith, alternates. Dan Sweeney is also state president of Future Teachers. In that capacity he represented the organization at the Ninth Annual Conference of Classroom Teachers which was held at Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti, Mich., July 6-18. Dan was elected national treasurer at this conference. (Committee The Library Committee is new on Western's campus. It came into being this year through the recommendation of Mr. Walter McGuire, librarian. Its main purpose is to give students a part in library management. The committee is composed of the librarian, two faculty members, and two students. A national social fraternity was organized at Western during the past year. The local group, consisting of seven members, is known as the Alpha Epsilon colony of the Tau Kappa Epsilon. The seven members are Dwayne Roe, Richard Willis, Ted Kato, Joe McDonald, Darrell Ehlert, Hollis Coon, and Ernest Kneeland. (57)J ZV The only sorority on our campus is Kappa Zeta Nu, an honorary, and the oldest organization on the campus. KZN requires above average grades of all its members. During fall quarter a formal initiation was held at the home of Mrs. Luebben, sponsor of the club. The fall project was the selling of Christmas cards. During winter quarter KZN sponsored a coffee hour for members of the faculty, and they also served at a coffee hour during the Reading Workshop. All occasion cards and stationery were sold during this quarter. For spring quarter, plans include a tea for freshmen, another formal initiation, and an outing. Officers for the year 1952-53 are Jan Dirks, president, and Irene Hitchens, secretary-treasurer. n e ivman The Newman club, organized on our campus in 1950, has for its purpose the promotion of the spiritual needs of Western's Catholic students. It is affiliated with the National Council of Newman clubs. Meeting twice monthly, the club's activities include talks by members and their chaplain, study and discussion groups, and periodic communion followed by a communion breakfast. Club officers are Mike McMahon, president; Ed Spiegle, vice president; Peggy Callan, secretary-treasurer. Rev. Father Clifford is the club chaplain, and Mrs. Ruth Dillavou is the sponsor. lAJii ed Student Wives was originally a club for the wives of men students on Western's campus. Today several of the wives whose husbands are no longer attending college have remained as members of the club. The organization affords an opportunity for student wives to become better acquainted and to have social contact with the college. Activities of the club this year have included a monthly meeting of the girls and a pot-luck dinner and card party with the husbands included one evening a month. The club provides good times for those married couples living off campus and also gives a feeling of belonging to college life for the girls while the fellows study for their diplomas and degrees. This year's president is Mrs. James Scofield. Other members of the club are the Mesdames Charles Russell, Robert Harwood, Roy Larson, John McGee, Dale Tash, Myron Axe, Floyd Brown, Jim Corr, Noel Hubber and Henry Meine. The co-sponsors are Mrs. James Womack and Mrs. William Straugh. (58)KZN—Loft to right: Maureen Geary. Mary Leila Jackson, Janice Dirks, Mrs. Luebben—sponsor, Irono Hitchens, Janice Munkers, Joanne Boettcher. NEWMAN CLUB—Left to right, seated: Barbara Tiedje. Frances Cate. Mavis McHugh. Carolyn Jonos, Rosomary Colvin, Dorothy Morgan. Standing: Larry Shimmin. Bette Boyd. Darroll Ehlort, Margaret Callan. Charles Morrifield, Annell O'Donnell, Michael McMahon, Mrs. Dillavou— sponsor. Bob Nisson, Winifred Cronor, Jim Konen. Alice Lamers. John Alonzo. Ed Spiegle. STUDENT WIVES—Left to right, sitting: Mrs. Straugh, Mrs. Harwood. Mrs. Larson. Mrs. Womack. Standing: Mrs. Scofield, Mrs. Tash, Mrs. Corr. (59)Our Studentsacu1. Chemistry Lab. 2. What's Cooking? 3 .Preparing the salad. 4. Jimmy Corr paints a mural. 5. Preparing for secretarial work. 6. In the Zoology Lab. 7. Wood turning. 8. Learning how to build a house. 9. Woodcraft. 10. Study tonight—peace of mind tomorrow.KZN FIRST PLACE (1) —Left to right: Virginia Cline, Wilma Richards, Mary Lou Burgess, Jane Gable, Shirley Rehberg, Loletta Ytorhus, Rosemary Morse, Beverly Grant, Betty Aus-treng, Betty Lorenson, Mike McMahon, and Barbara Tiedje. SOPHOMORE CLASS—SECOND PLACE (2) —Left to right, row one: Bob Brown, Helen Vegter, Clarice Christenson, Dolores Galloway, Agnes Tenneson. Row two: Dan Sweeney, Charles Davis, Jr., Floyd Brown, Ed Durkin, Bob Olson, Tom Miller. (3) —Frank Hull, 1st Place for In-Betwoon Acts. (4) —Jack Carriger, Ruth Fallor, Winners of 2nd Place for In-Between Acts. (5) —Cliff Simpson. 1st Place Parade Winner. (6) —Dan McKeel, 2nd Place Parade Winner.William Warfield, Baritone Dorothy Warenskjold. Soprano Men of Song Community Concerts One facet of Western Montana college life is the opportunity for cultural and aesthetic satisfaction which is made possible through the community concerts. The student activity ticket admits the holder to all concerts. This year the sorios consisted of four outstanding concerts which included Gyorgy Sandor, pianist; Dorothy Waronskjold, soprano; William Warfield, baritone; and The Mon of Song. "Peter Pan," though not one of the concort series, was one of this year's fine entertainments. ____________________ Peter Pan (66)r DON FOLEY We dedicate this section to the memory of our iriend and fellow student, Don Foley, who was one of Western's leading representatives in the field of sports. Don was a friend of every student and faculty member on the campus; he possessed the unusual combination of an independent spirit and a cooperative and friendly attitude. The halls of Western seem to have lost some of their luster since his untimely passing. An outstanding athlete and an active member of the "M" Club, Don has left an empty space in the hearts of his comrades that can never be quite filled."M" CLUB—First row: Konon, Hubbor. Kimmol. Kibbo©, Spiegle, Soha, Vandegrift. Second row: Me-Clung. Connors, Hillior, Hawkins, Davis, Hebnes. Third row: Drinville, Russoll, McMahon, Lee, Kato, McDonald. DootUt The Bulldogs opened the 1952 season October 4, at Pocatello, Idaho, where they played the Idaho State Reserves but were defeated by the Bengal Kittens 25-0. Western traveled to Billings October 11, and collected a victory over Eastern Montana. The Bulldogs were in their best physical shape of the year as they romped to a 19-7 win. The Bulldogs were hosts to Rocky Mountain College October 17, at Western's annual homecoming. The experienced and heavier Bears from Rocky Mountain scampered over the Bulldogs 35-0. Western went to Helena Saturday, October 25, and was swamped by the Carroll College Saints 40-0. Western bowed to Montana Mines 37-7, November 2, on the local field for the season final. Western ended the season with a 1-4 record and fourth place in the Montana College conference. (70) SQUAD PRACTICINGBill Allen Johnny Alonzo Jerome Anderson Claude Ankeny Bob Davis Roy Davis1' Jim Hebnes Dan Hawkins (72) Norman Jacobson Tom Hillier Frank KibbeeRonald Kimmel Jim Konon Larry McClung Joe McDonald Bob Nisson Charles Soha (73)CHEER LEADERS—Loft to right: Shirley Wilson, Barbara Tiedjo, Suo O'Dell. Johnny Crossman brings tho queon candidates on the football field—Irene Hitchens, Marilyn Peterson, Jean Ivie, Clara Claver, Betty Ann Morris, Marian Conley. I JEAN IVIE (74).5ootla (I Xtt ermen Eighteen Bulldog football players earned letters during the 1952 grid season. Western will lose only three members of the squad due to graduation and should, therefore, field a strong team in 1953. BILL ALLEN, Dillon, halfback, was always a running threat to an opposing team. His weight and speed always spelled trouble for the opposition. JOHN ALONZO, Florence, played guard; his ability to stop line plunges was outstanding. JEROME ANDERSON, Hungry Horse, alternated with the guard and tackle positions. CLAUDE ANKENY, Victor, played a stellar game at defensive end. BOB DAVIS, Dillon, played a fine game at the defensive guard position. His ability at crushing interference was spectacular. ROY DAVIS, Dillon, played an outstanding game at center. His weight disadvantage was overcome by his expert blocking ability. DAN HAWKINS, Dillon, played defensive guard. His ability to plug holes on defense was unsurpassed. JIM HEBNES, Wilsall, played a fine game of offense at the end position. His sharp blocking and catching ability were tops. TOM HILLIER, Twin Bridges, very capably alternated between center and line-backer. NORMAN JACOBSON, Kalispell, was captain and an outstanding halfback. His hard charging and sharp tackling were largely responsible for his position on the All-Conference team. TED KATO, Havre, played well at guard and moved into the quarterback slot where he turned in a good performance. His blocking ability was terrific. FRANK KIBBEE, Valier, showed plenty of spark at the offensive end position. His receiving ability was the best. RONALD KIMMEL, Ronan, played well at tackle and end. His versatility was very valuable. JIM KONEN, Butte, played a spectacular game at the tackle position. Opposing ball carriers didn't go far with Jim around. LARRY McCLUNG, Wilsall, played offensive end and defensive halfback. His ability at both positions was outstanding. JOE McDONALD, St. Ignatius, ran well at the halfback position. His broken field running was among the best in the conference. BOB NISSON. Custer, filled the offensive tackle position. His ability to open holes in the opposing line was very spectacular. CHARLES SOHA, Seattle. Washington, used his defensive ability at guard and tackle. Crashing line plays were his specialty. (75)(f adhetla ll Western Montana Bulldogs showed marked improvement during the 1952-53 basketball year to end the season in third place with a 7 won—3 loss record. Last year the Bulldog record was 2—8. The rangy Bulldogs played fast, aggressive basketball and were considered the number one obstacle for trophy-hungry opponents. Western opened its conference schedule January 12 and 13 with a jaunt to Northern Montana and Carroll College, winning the game at Havre 75-56 and dropping their second tilt at Helena 55-43. The Bulldogs, in search of their second conference victory, traveled to Montana Mines January 20 and emerged victorious 63-57. Western entertained the Rocky Mountain Bears January 27 and defeated them 89-66 in the season's best for the Bulldogs. The Montana Mines quint invaded the Bulldog premises February 4 and succumbed to the local hosts 84-65. Eastern Montana journeyed to Dillon February 10 and left the floor victims of a 62-54 score. Carroll College Saints stormed Western in force February 13 and in the hotly contested play walked away with the honors 77-70. The Bulldogs left their lair February 16 and 17 for a trip to Billings to tangle with Rocky Mountain College and Eastern Montana. Western split, losing to Rocky Mountain 53-52 and taking Eastern's measure 70-61. In the season finale February 24, Western routed the Northern Montana Lights 85-73 to end conference play. (76)VARSITY SQUAD—First row: B. Nisson, B. McGuire, D. McGuire, W. Andorson, D. Connors. Second row: Coach Straugh. J. Drinville, R. Shaw, R. Kimmel, F. Kibbee, J. Hobnos, J. McDonald, Assistant Coach Tash. JUNIOR VARSITY—First row: W. Wagoner, L. McClung, F. Vandegrift, M. Blodgett, D. Kerr. Second row: T. Kato, C. Ankeny, B. Boarchild, Coach Russell. (77)Bob Nisson—Should bo a cinch. Bob McGuir, out ol WY -Here s AndelSOnI'd better shoot!Where did the ball go? "The eyes of the world are upon thee." What! No opposition? It's easy when you have four arms. (80)DICK McGUIRE, Ennis, was captain and forward. His rebounding ability was terrific and his timely shot-making was valuable. BOB McGUIRE, Ennis, played forward and shot well from the pivot position. His tip-ins were spectacular. BOB NISSON, Custer, was invaluable on rebounds and point making. Bob's spirit was his greatest asset. DAN CONNORS, Butte, was the best defensive player on any court. His adept play making was colorful. WAYNE ANDERSON, Charlo, was also a threat to opponents. His ability to drive was the best. ROGER SHAW, Spokane, was a great hustler and was a high scoring center at the close of the season. FRANK KIBBEE, Valier, was the most improved man on the squad. His play will be outstanding in years to come. JIM DRINVILLE, Deer Lodge, played well at the guard position and was very effective on rebounds. JOE McDONALD, St. Ignatius, showed fine ability at the guard slot. Accuracy from out was his greatest attribute. JIM HEBNES, Wilsall, played forward and was valuable as reserve strength. RONALD KIMMEL, Ronan, played forward and will be valuable in years to come at Western. (81 )Western P(c aces on Cdon erence J irst Jive At the Montana Collegiate Conference spring meeting, March 27, Captain Dick McGuire of the i 952-53 Bulldogs was voted to the all-conference basketball team. The first five in addition to McGuire is made up of Russell and Jorovich of Rocky Mountain, Heins of Eastern and Romasko of Carroll. Dan Connors, senior, and Wayne Anderson, freshman, rated honorable mention. The conference set up plans for competition in track, baseball, tennis, and golf. The spring sports carnival will be at Helena May 15 and 16. In the election of new officers Coach Bill Straugh becomes president of the Montana Collegiate Conference for the ensuing year. Jndividua i Scores G FG FT TP AVE Anderson 28 111 99 321 11.5 Conf.-.- 10 43 35 121 12.1 Connors 27 50 60 160 5.9 Conf. ... 9 16 24 56 6.2 Drinville 10 6 12 24 2.4 Conf. .. . 10 6 12 24 2.4 Hebnes 5 4 1 9 1.8 Conf. 4 1 1 3 0.8 Kimmel 6 1 0 2 0.3 Conf. ... 5 1 0 2 0.4 Kibbee 27 50 52 152 5.6 Conf. ... 10 23 25 71 7.1 McDonald 14 9 5 23 1.6 Conf. „ 6 5 4 14 2.3 McGuire, B. 24 149 93 391 16.3 Conf. 9 60 35 155 17.2 McGuire, D. 28 106 104 316 11.3 Conf. 10 40 45 125 12.5 Nisson 28 67 63 197 7.0 Conf. ... 10 27 39 93 9.3 Shaw 20 29 22 80 4.0 Conf. 8 17 8 42 5.3 (82)a _jameS We They t Anaconda VFW........110 39 Ricks College........ 56 74 Ricks College........ 57 53 t New Deal 65 62 Idaho State.......... 36 77 Idaho State.......... 48 72 t Carroll College..... 57 61 Montana Mines....... 58 37 Carbon College ...... 54 55 Carbon College ...... 50 36 Ricks College........ 60 62 Eastern Montana ..... 59 73 Montana Mines ....... 56 63 Rocky Mountain....... 63 65 Powell College....... 47 52 t Ricks College....... 95 62 We They Ricks College 76 64 Montana Mines 64 55 Northern Montana . ... 75 56 Carroll 43 55 Montana Mines 63 57 Rocky Mountain ... .. ... 90 66 Montana Mines ... 84 65 Eastern Montana 62 54 Carroll College ... 70 77 Rocky Mountain 52 53 Eastern Montana .... ... 70 61 Northern Montana 85 73 t Home games Conference games WMCE OPP Total Pts.............1808 1680 Ave. Pts. Game....... 64.6 60.0 Conf. Total Pts....... 692 617 Ave. Conf. Pts....... 69.2 61.7 Games Won.............. 15 13 Conf. Games Won......... 7 3 (83) The 1953 Western Montana Bulldogs annexed another track trophy as they romped over their conference rivals with a grand total of forty-two points. Final standings were Western, first; Eastern, second; Carroll, third; Rocky Mountain, fourth; and Montana Mines, fifth. John McMahon, perhaps the greatest athlete ever to draw a suit at Western, paved the way to victory with his 18 points in the various track and field events. Dick McGuire and Larry McClung took valuable firsts in their respective events. McGuire set a new discus record with a heave of 138 feet, 6 inches. Moir, Jacobson, Howard, and Vandegrift also earned points to support the total. The outstanding features of the track meet occurred when Western's relay team, composed of Moir, McClung, Vandegrift, and McMahon set a new record of 3:41.4 in the mile event, and won Western's fifth consecutive relay trophy. Western should be very proud indeed to have such an unsurpassed record in track. The athletes and Coach Straugh are to be congratulated on the 1952 performance. uurnce jeam Western's relay team, Conference record holders, entered in the National Small College Track Meet in Abilene, Texas, June 6-7, 1952, and emerged with fourth place. Relay team members were John McMahon, Larry McClung, Floyd Vandegrift, and Harley Iverson, who substituted for Bill Moir. Dick McGuire, holder of the Montana Collegiate Conference discus record, threw the discus and shot-put. JenniA Claude Ankeny and Ronald Lee represented Western at the Montana Collegiate tennis matches, May 16, at Helena, and emerged with the doubles crown. In the final round of play Western defeated Carroll 6-0, 6-2 in straight sets. Ankeny also got into the single finals, but was defeated 7-5, 7-5 by the Mines representative. (84)TRACK TEAM—Left to riqht, first row: Norman Jacobson. Bob Howard, John McMahon. Dick McGuire, Bob Nisson, Coach Bill Bonnett. Second row: Jim Hebnos, Larry McQung, Bill Moir, Clay Fisher, Mike McMahon, Floyd Vandegrift. RELAY TEAM—Left to right: John McMahon, Larry McQung, Bill Moir. Floyd Vandegrift. TENNIS CHAMPIONS — Left to right: Gaude Ankeny, Ronald Lee. Harley Iverson who replaced Bill Moir at the Texas Meet. (85)BASEBALL—Loft to right: Coach Straugh, Joe McDonald, Melvin Miller, Jim Corr, Howard Hickoy, Frank Hull, Charles Russell, Assistant Coach Carl Davis. The 1952 baseball season was very colorful as Western ended the schedule with a 3-3 record. In the conference playoff they were bested by the Montana Mines nine who later won the conference laurels. Western's outlook for the 1953 diamond season is very bright with most of the 1952 members returning for suits. (86)WAA—Left to right, first row: Shirley Wilson, Donna Wright, Chris Long, Jaime Bailey, Mardella Bieber, Clara Clavor, Dorothy Jean Haggeit. Sharline Martin, Mrs. Greenfield—sponsor. Second row: Barbara Tiedje. Betty Ann Morris, Esther Polette, Marian Conley, Catherine Dykstra, Dorothy Rose. Marie Graham. Third row: Carolyn McCurdy, Mary Jo Maxwell. Jean Ivie. Janet Eccelston, Ruth Lagerqen, Anna Lou Oursland. Donna Johnson. (87) SPORTS BOARD—Left to right: Shirley Wilson. Donna Wright, Chris Long, Jaime Bailey. Mardella Bieber. Clara Claver, Dorothy Jean Haggett, Sharline Martin, Mrs. Greenfield sponsor.Impressive WAA Candlelight Initiation WAA Girls Singing Initiation Song (88)WINNING VOLLEYBALL TEAM — Left to right: Jaime Bailey. Carolyn McCurdy, Donna Johnson, Mardella Bieber, Catherine Dykstra, Betty Ann Morris. Kneeling: Dorothy Haggett—captain.WESTERN'S GYMNASIUM—One of the best in the State—where WAA carries on its activities. (90) THE SWIMMING POOL'lAJomen S sAtliietic Association The Women's Athletic Association is one of the largest and most active organizations on the campus. Its purpose is to provide natural, healthful living, to stimulate individual and group participation in competitive sports, and to encourage good habits of sportsmanship. Early in the fall of '52 the club sponsored an informal dance following one of the football games. On the night of the Homecoming game between Western and Rocky Mountain College of Billings another dance was held in the Recreation Hall, with lean Ivie reigning as the newly crowned queen. In November the traditional Sadie Hawkins dance was held with everyone coming dressed to represent some character from fictional Dogpatch. Dan Oerhle was crowned king, and Bettye Morgan queen. Another feature of this year's WAA activities was the sale, during winter quarter, of sweat shirts and caps in Western colors and stamped with the bulldog and WMCE emblem. Two initiations were held during the year, climaxed by candlelight ceremonies and the singing of the WAA song. Several pep assemblies were conducted by the club during the past successful basketball season with real enthusiasm being expressed by the students. Tournaments were held in the various sports throughout the year. The directors and the activity of which they took charge were Sharline Martin and Donna Wright, volleyball; Chris Long, basketball; and Dorothy Jean Haggett, softball. A tournament was also held in badminton. In the latter part of May. nine WAA girls journeyed to Bozeman to participate in the annual college Play Day. By competing in the various sports, and by individual activities such as swimming, hiking, bowling and others, the members of the club earn points to entitle them to a winged ''M'' letter. Officers for the club are Mardella Bieber, president; Chris Long, vice president; Clara Claver, secretary; and Jaime Bailey, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Greenfield is the WAA sponsor. (91 jBetween the morning and evening When our spirits are beginning to sour Comes a pause in the day's occupation That is known as the Coffee Hour. (With apologies to Longfellow) (93)Officer, we are not playing hookey— Our history prof to the game has gone Among the rooters you'll find him. Over the river and through the woods To "Ippsy” we will go. (94)Famous Last Words— Mr. McFadden: "Don't miss the last Community Concert of the year featuring the celebrated accordion player, Jim Konen, playing 'Dark Town Strutter's Ball'." (95) ydduertid in 2)irect orp BOZEMAN Frank J. Trunk Son. Inc. ...................................... 116 BUTTE Anaconda Copper Mining Company 113 Butte Bottlers' Supply Co. 109 Burr's 116 Butte Brewing Company 109 Copper Mart 108 Electric and Music Mart 115 Emil Marans ... 101 Floral Park Service ............................................. 101 Hennessy's 109 Hotel Finlen 106 Gordon's Jewelry . 101 Keene's Shoe Company ....... 111 Metals Bank and Trust Company 107 Montana Power Company 114 O'Connor's Typewriter Exchange 100 Shiners 108 Treasure State Sporting Goods . 109 DEER LODGE The Coffee Shop 107 Cotton Club 116 Deer Lodge Drug Company 106 Hotel Deer Lodge_ 112 The Shack 106 The Toggery 109 DILLON Beaverhead Bar Supply..... 115 Beaverhead Lumber.........-...................................... 110 Bond Grocery 103 Busy Bee 100 Coast to Coast 103 College Snack Bar 116 D L Jewelry Company 103 (97) cluertis in £)irector V Dillon Automobile Dealers Association 105 Dillon Feed and Seed.................................................. 103 Dillon Implement Company 103 Dillon Portrait Studio 119 Ditty's Cafe ........................................................ 100 Electric and Variety Shop 111 Eliel's 108 Examiner Printing Company 103 First National Bank 110 Gambles 111 Gosman's 118 Hazel's Style and Beauty Shop . 102 loe Smith's Toggery 106 King's 112 I. C. Penney Company 107 McCracken Brothers 102 Mitchells City Drug 102 Mountjoy Flowers and Gifts 107 Norm's Cash Market 102 Oasis ............................................................... 102 Parisian Cleaners 112 Pilgrim's Store 100 Professional Directory 104 Red S White Laundry and Cleaning Co. ............................. 101 Roberts Food Market................................................... 100 Skeets Cafe . 110 Sport Shop 115 Stamm Jewelers 112 Standard Lumber and Coal Company 118 State Bank and Trust Company 120 Vaughn and Ragsdale 112 War Surplus Store 102 Warner's Food 102 Western Montana College of Education 99 Westwood—Roberta Theatre.............................................. 107 White Cafe.......... 101 Williams Feed and Machinery 116 Winn's Inc. 108 GREAT FALLS Tribune Printing and Supply 117 ST. LOUIS. MISSOURI (98) Becktold Company ... 118WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Offers A four-year course leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. A two-year diploma course. A two-year commercial course. Pre-professional courses in secondary education, forestry, journalism, law, social work, agriculture, engineering, nursing education, health and physical education, home economics, pre-medical, pre-dental. Departments in Home Economics and Business Education. Additional facilities afforded by new Auditorium and Industrial Arts shop. Free placement service for all graduates at all times. Guidance and Counseling Center. The Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. ★ For Further Information Write to THE REGISTRAR Western Montana College of Education DILLON, MONTANA (99)Roberts F ood Market Quality Meats and Groceries Sanitation for Your Protection ★ Phone 60 L. C. SMITH CORONA, ROYAL, REMINGTON AND UNDERWOOD Pay as little as $1.50 a week O'Connor's Typewriter Exchange 129 W. Broadway - Phone 4955 BUTTE, MONTANA BUSY BEE MARKET Meats, Groceries and School Supplies Frozen Foods Phone 266 Investigate Our Plan DITTY'S CAFE For College Students School Supplies Stationery and Greeting Cards PILGRIM'S STORE ( 100)Nationally Advertised Merchandise on Credit Diamonds — Watches and Costume Jewelry Silverware GORDON'S JEWELRY 131 N. Main BUTTE Red White Laundry Cleaning Company DILLON, MONTANA ★ It Pays You to Look Well Groomed ★ Pick Up and Delivery Phone 135 for 35 years The Newest in Smart Fashions emit marans Butte — Anaconda Easy Credit Terms FLORAL PARK SERVICE STATION 24 Hour Complete Service 2700 Harrison Avenue BUTTE, MONTANA Success to the Graduates of 1953 Perseverance to the Class of 1954 ★ The Friendly Eating Place The White Cafe ( 101 )Welcome to All College Students at THE OASIS BREAKFAST — LUNCH — DINNERS Home of Richer Ice Cream Fountain Service TOM McGOVERN and LEAH RIFE It's McCarthy's War Surplus Stores for Shoes, Jackets, Sports Equipment, Etc. BUTTE DILLON HAZEL'S Style Beauty Shop McCracken Bros. THE MEN'S STORE "Timely" Suits — Dobbs Hats Florsheim and Freeman Shoes Day's Tailored Slacks Wilson Bros. Furnishings Dillon's Leading Men's and Boys' Store Quality Groceries Warner's Food Store Phone 246 ★ WE GIVE GOLD BOND STAMPS Norm's Cash Market One-Half Block From Campus Mitchell's City Drug Store Superior Prescription Service Phone 113 WE EXTEND A HEARTY WELCOME TO ALL WMCE STUDENTS Wm. Mitchell. Proprietor ( 102)Congratulations To WMCE Graduates ★ THE BIG DIPPER ★ Soft Ice Cream Bond Grocery Co. ★ Phone 99 FREE DELIVERY Dillon Feed Seed Co. ★ DILLON, MONTANA The Examiner Printing Co., Inc. Opposite Depot Phone 55 For Printing That Pleases Particular People Publishers of THE DILLON EXAMINER Beaverhead County's Leading NewspaPer SAVE MOST AT c0£rTo d«r V TORES Lois — Dick — Bob ( 103) D and L Jewelry Elgin—Hamilton—Bulova America's Finest Watches DICK LATER Your Friendly Jeweler Dillon Implement Co. HARDWARE RANCH SUPPLIES FENCING — PAINTS Phone 68 DILLON, MONTANAProfessional Directory DR. W. J. ROMERS DR. H. A. STANCHFIELD DENTIST PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Phone 114 Phone 36-W and 36-J DR. L. L. LINDLEY OPTOMETRIST THEO. F. McFADDEN ATTORNEY AT LAW Above Vaughn-Ragsdale Telephone Building Dillon, Montana DR. R. D. CURRY DENTIST LEONARD SCHULZ ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR Office Phone 335 White Building Dillon, Montana DR .W. E. MONGER COLLINS AND BURNS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ATTORNEYS AT LAV Phone 13I-R Above Vaughn-Ragsdale DR. J. C. LINDUSKA DENTIST A. L. JUERGENS, M.D. Telephone Building Phono 81-J 28 S. Idaho St. Phone 680 G. L. ROUTLEDGE, M.D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Telephone Block Phone 352-W ( 104)Best Wishes to the Class of 1953 DILLON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Devoted to the Interest of Safe Driving SALES - SERVICE NEW AND USED CARS Berger Cochrane Motors (Ford) Ren Redd Chevrolet Co. (Cadillac, Olds, Chevrolet) College Motor Co. (Studebaker) City Garage (Kaiser-Frazer) Davis Motor Co. (Willys) Montana Auto Sales (Chrysler-Plymouth) Mockel's (International) Harris Opp Garage (Pontiac) J. W. Walters Garage (Dodge-Plymouth) Casperson Buick Co. (Buick-G.M.C.) ( 105)Compliments Hotel Finlen Butte, Montana ( 106) THE SHACK DEER LODGE, MONTANA Joe Grenier Deer Lodge Drug Co. Your Friendly Store Phone 10 "Bud's Drug Store" DEER LODGE, MONTANA Joe Smith's THE TOGGERYGreetings, "Bulldogs" . . . —And best wishes for the future from that friendly bank atop Butte's glittering hill. METALS BANK TRUST COMPANY BUTTE, MONTANA You Hear It Everywhere It Pays to Shop at Weslwood-Roberia Theater The Coffee Shop ★ "Good Food by Good Cooks" ★ DEER LODGE. MONTANA Mountjoy Flowers and Gifts ★ Phone 137-W DILLON. MONTANA 107)WINN'S INC. DILLON, MONTANA The Friendly Service Store For Lovely Unusual Gifts at Reasonable Prices See the Large Variety at the •OJTA tu '“to MART coPpe£ » 9ROAOWAV BUT T£ MONTANA For Furniture Go To SHINER'S BUTTE COMPLIMENTS OF THE TOGGERY 117 N. Main Men's Boy's Shop Dan O'Neill Will Tiddy BUTTE, MONTANA ( J0 )It Pays To Play ★ RAWLINGS Athletic Equipment TREASURE STATE SPORTING GOODS 22 E. Park St. Butte Dinnerware — Silverware — Glassware Cafe Hotel Supplies Montana's Supply House BUTTE BOTTLERS' SUPPLY CO., INC. 112114 South Main Street BUTTE, MONTANA Phone 3236 William P. Riley — Pres. THE TOGGERY Smith $ Weber "Everything for Men and Boys" DEER LODGE, MONTANA Your Fashion Store BUTTE Livingston COMPLIMENTS OF BUTTE BREWING CO. Butte Special Beer 220 North Wyoming Street BUTTE, MONTANA ( 109)FIRST NATIONAL BANK We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. Serving This Community Since 1880 Affiliated with the Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation If It Is Building Material Lumber and Coal For a —SEE— Good Dinner Beaverhead Lumber Company Come to... Better Materials Cheaper Skeets Cafe Phone 85 BUTTE — DILLON DILLON, MONTANA (no)Compliments of A Friend KEENE'S SHOE CO. "Butte's Friendly Shoe Store" 43 E. Park St. Phone 2-4849 BUTTE, MONTANA Corner Bar Tony Sneberger "On the Square" DEER LODGE. MONTANA Electric and Variety Shop GIFTS School Supplies Phone 100 Ga mWe4 AUTHORIZED DEALER The Friendly Store CLARK D'EVELYN Owner ill 1Successful Journey Graduates Congratulations on the progress you have just made, and may your future be as successful as your relationship has been with us. rUau(fJut - (lctfjA. ale REGISTERED — so you c;in Insure of its quality. INSURED—so you will be protected against possible future loss. May we show you these beautiful, new, matched wedding ? STAMM JEWELERS Compliments of M. H. King Co. ★ Five and Dime Store Hotel Deer Lodge Your Home Away From Home 66 Modem Outside Rooms DEER LODGE, MONTANA Compliments of WEINS PARISIAN CLEANERS Quality Service Pick Up and Delivery Free Phone 20 Bill Ned ( 112)Know Montana ... Education in the early-day mining camps Four years after the first school in the Montana territory was opened at Bannack and three years after the first regular public school was started in Virginia City, pioneer teachers in 1867 were providing their students with an education through what today is the eighth grade. However, any student who completed that training—through the eighth grade—was considered to have a high school education. Pupils starting in school were assigned to the eighth grade and graduated from the first grade—just the reverse of the present system. Upon graduation from the first grade students were required to take examinations to obtain a certificate. Tests were given in the home and the cost of the diploma was set at $6. All problems in the test had to be accurately answered before the applicant qualified for the certificate. Because early-day schools did not have a common textbook of any kind, study in each varied. The commissioners of education —that was the title of the superintendents—however, tried from the first to establish regular courses of study. It was not until 1881 that a uniform text book law was placed on the statute books by the legislature, and not until 1889 that a uniform course of study was made mandatory. A list of those who attended the early-day educational institutions and who later became prominent in public life in Montana were Austin Gromley, Cascade attorney at one time; Dr. LeRoy Southmayd of Great Falls; Judge Lew L. Callaway, State supreme court, and Judge Lee Word, former associate justice of the high state court. Anaconda Copper Mining Co. "Work for a Greater and More Prosperous Montana" This is a project that should include all Montanans ( 113)Toward Service To A Better Montana! For more than forty years. The Montana Power Company has been serving the Treasure State and its people—constantly improving service and supplying electricity at rates as low as good management and efficient operation will permit. During all those years, there always has been ample supplies of electric power . . . customers in Montana know that they have all the power they need, when they need it. And now, we are looking ahead into Montana's great future . . . making plans and building new facilities so that in the years ahead, as in the past, we will be able to provide you the finest service possible. The Montana Power Company ( 114)Beaverhead Bar Supply Co. GLEED CARPITA ★ Wholesale Dealers Carbonated Beverages, Tobacco Schlitz and Great Falls Beer Confections ★ Phone 108 Dillon, Montana THE SPORT SHOP Everything for the Sportsman PIANOS ORGANS STEINWAY HAMMOND ESTEY WURL1TZER STORY CLARK We Specialize in Guns Best Wishes From Phone 110-W Dillon, Montana Electric Music Mart Friendly, Courteous Treatment BUTTE, MONTANA at the Phone 3254 KEYSTONE DRUG APPLIANCES RECORDS FRIGIDAIRE SHEET MUSIC Phone 80 DEER LODGE INSTRUMENTS C. G. CONN ( US)Best of Luck In the Years to Come COLLEGE SNACK BAR Beefburgers - Coffee - Ice Cream - Sandwiches - Pop Noel Jere Joe Millie PURINA CHOWS CUSTOM PELLETING FARM EQUIPMENT Williams Feed and Machinery Company DILLON, MONTANA BURR'S Butte's Friendly Department Store THE COTTON CLUB DEER LODGE, MONTANA ★ Carl "Swede" Williamson ★ OLD FAITHFUL INN GARRISON, MONTANA FRANK J. TRUNK SON, INC. 223 East Main St. Bozeman, Montana Phone 247 Contracting Plumbing—Heating—Sheet Metal ( 116)Complete PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING BINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE ★ Office Supplies, Machines and Equipment ★ By combining the best in materials with careful and expert workmanship. we produce outstanding school annuals. Samples are always available and we invite comparison. ★ GREAT FALLS, MONTANA ( 117)STANDARD LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Fuller Paints Aberdeen and Castlegate Coal Phone 276 DILLON, MONTANA 118) Covers for the 1953 CHINOOK By Becktold Company ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Quality First- Service Always ★ GEO. M. GOSMAN Druggist ★ The Rexall StoreBETWEEN FRIENDS Nothing Carries Quite So Much Warmth of Feeling—Is Quite So Personal — As the Exchange of Photographs. Wouldn't You Like A New One? ★ Dillon Portrait Studio Phone 196-J DILLON, MONTANA ( 119)State Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED 1899 DILLON, MONTANA ★ Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( 120) " » -— i r i bJ y‘.fti:rrrrrzOAT’rrnttiiuiJiCWX Qgggggg i»»rrt7ggaagn -q-cw f?r9' ?%£ : $ • ?1)0' 4 v. £ f" £ I-'- "U v J IN ft ' c Cl Q ,VT? . XjS4 £ iwp C f . % J. 1 r N'jj «d? moN ofEVU iTANA CAW°!i %a£Mm unlit i i; .W • B mwMtyi’fe. Wm' . V- i1" .:vk‘ • «2 ; as . -• •♦ . :. iki il ill ',•• • fW' f Mr Jm h 'I • 7:. '•-•■ y y ■ ' fcpfe ' - V ■' v'' 1 illl Ml y» .' i% life iMliMf ■► mm mmtifi,: ■■ % .. •••; ,. ■ .v. wmm ■', 'a-Pt-x': ' ::x”|a® ifeS':,fe a at-,: ■ : ■jU , ft mKmm0. ■ i I ' j gggp p ■ -. - ." v- : ;. . ggp; - '• •.,;: fj|

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