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MONTANA SCHOOL OF MINES LIBRARY BUTTEPublished by THE JUNIOR CLASS Western Montana College of Education VOLUME Dillon, Montana FORTY-FOUR (3)May THIS BOOK SERVE as a record of the many things we have done here and the many ways in which we have prepared for our chosen profession. May it serve as a commendation to the school—students, faculty and administration—for those things which have been done here in the interest of better teaching. But may it also serve as a severe reprimand to those who stand in the way of progress toward better teaching, and as a stern reminder that teaching, the basic and most important of all professions, must be dynamic; as times change, so must our theories and practices of education. It is our responsibility to the children whom we will be teaching to keep ourselves alert and constantly searching for ways of better teaching.2)edica tion Formal education is acquired by using properly the wealth of many books. Our librarian, who serves us faithfully, is custodian of our treasured wealth. His services as librarian and instructor have been characterized by efficiency, good humor, and friendliness. The Chinook Staff takes pleasure in dedicating this book to Mr. Walter McGuire. This is my world! Within these narrow walls, I own a princely service.,1 -V »• Winter scene on Big Hole River near Ziegler Springs. Winter comes to Western. ThIS has been a year of anxiety, but, regardless of uncertainty, plans must be made and work must be done. We are looking toward the future. Our new auditorium will add much to the facilities now available for students on this campus. Higher standards for teachers are to be required and we must meet the demand. Greater rewards are to be offered and we must be worthy. Educated people will be needed for the reconstruction period ahead, and education is the business of a college. Think not of the good old days that never were, but of the good new days to come. Good luck. RUSH JORDAN, (7) President iAr HAT'S happening to these College weeks? They are going. The distance from Monday to Friday is nothing, and week ends are shorter. Well, I am getting experience and loyal friends and cheerful memories. Once in a while by subtracting dates far apart I can prove that I have learned something. Everyday samples in bright sunlight the CHINOOK records. A little vision of today for tomorrow or whenever. No one takes away what the CHINOOK flashes. May your life be as full and bright as your book! bus °itm TA D"7J (8) President EmeritusTABLE OF CONTENTS PRESENTED BY Book One — Classes Book Two — Activities Book Three — Athletics Beverly Grant, Editor Harley Iverson, Assistant Editor Betty Austreng, Picture Editor Ray Simon, Art Editor Betty Jean Brink, Business Manager Norman Jacobson, Men's Athletics Mike McMahon, Junior Class President Genevieve Albertson, Sponsor (9)You, O Books, are the golden vessels of the temple, . . . burning lamps to be held ever in the hand. (10) Richard de Bury. Books are the treasured wealth of the world, the fit inheritance of generations and nations. Thoreau. (inWestern Montana College of Education has one of the best teachers college libraries in the Northwest. It has about 25,000 volumes, including a large professional library and a good liberal arts collection. Each year there are added approximately 450 volumes of recent books in the various departments. A wide selection of current magazines is available for students at all times to supplement the large number of bound periodicals dating as far back as 1898. ( 12)m ci sues Uoe to him that reads but one hook. —George Herbert. DAR's ■■■We at Western think we have one of the loveliest campuses in the University system, summer or winter. (14) Genevieve Albertson M. A. Professor of English Mrs. Stolla Bierrum B. S. Instructor in Fine Art Gcrt Daniols M. A. Assistant Professor of Biological Scienco Carl Davis L. L. B. Assistant Coach Mr . Ruth Dillavou M. A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Teacher Placement Mrs. Mary B. Emorick M. A. Associate Professor of Fine Art (17)Mrs. Zella Flores M. A. Assistant Professor of Education Gladys A. Forester M. A. Instructor in Training Bertram Gable M. A. Assistant Professor of Music Dorothy Golhaus B. S. in L. S. Registrar Mrs. Ruth Greenfield B. A. Instructor in Physical Education Brinton Jackson B. M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Music Elinor Larson B. A. Instructor in Home Economics Ralph Knceland M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Education ( 18) Howard V. Loslio M. S. Ed. Assistant Professor of Social StudiesMrs. Holon D. Luobbon B. A. Instructor in Foroicjn Languages and English O. K. Moo M. A. Profossor of Industrial Arts and Social Studies Mrs. Martha Nelson B. A. Instructor in Training Ralph McFadden M. M. Profossor of Piano and Music Walter McGuiro B. S. Librarian Georgia Mathews Business Manager and Acting Doan of Womon Evelyn Mikkelsen B. E. Instructor in Business Education Virginia O'Reilly M. A. Instructor in Training loo C. Ryburn B. E. Instructor in English and Dramatics ( 19)Elizabeth Satter M. A. Instructor in Training Elvera Steianic B. S. Bookkeeper William T. Straugh M. E. Associato Professor of Physical Education and Mathomatics Dana Verry M. S. Instructor in Business Education Lawrence Walker M. A. Associate Professor of Education and Director of Training Madge Wilson M. S. Instructor in Training James Womack B. E. Instructor in Training (201Classes Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. Charles W. Eliot.Betty Austreng Butte Major: Music Minors: English and Social Studies Activities: KZN President, MEA, Music Club, Chinook Stall, Junior Class SocrotaryTroas., Chorus, Band, IRC Lyle Borg Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Majors: English and Social Studios Minor: Science Activities: Chanticleers, Matrix, Chinook Stall, Woscolite Editor Jacqueline Armour Missoula Major: Music Minors: English and Social Studies Activities: Music Club President, Gargoyles, MEA Ruth Faller Dillon Major: English Minors: Foreign Languages and Social Studies Activities: Gargoylo President, Chinook Staff, Who's Who Janal Carlson Choteau Major: Fine Arts Minors: Music and Social Studios Activities: Art Club Prosidont, Intervarsity, Senior Class Secretary, Activity Committee, House Council Chairman, Who's Who, Chorus Hal Dale Dillon Major: Social Studies Minors: Mathematics and English Activities: IRC President (23)Bovorly Grant Butt© Majors: English and Social Studios Minor: Fine Arts Activities: KZN, MEA, IRC. Gargoyle Secretary. Chorus, Chinook Editor Ed Mattix Hobson Major: Scionco Minors: Mathematics. Physical Education and Social Studies Activities: Football, Basketball. "M" Club. MEA. Who's Who. Studont Council. Senior Class President Alico Hickey Dillon Major: English Minors: Social Studies and Foreign Languages Activities: Senior Class Treasurer Fred William Holdorl Butto Major: Fine Arts Minors: English and Industrial Arts Activities: Art Club. Kappa Pi John McMahon Deer Lodge Majors: English and Social Studios Minor: Foreign Languages Activities: "M" Club, Newman Club, MEA, Houso Council. Student Activity Council, Who's Who William Moir Mount Vornon, Washington Major: Science Minors: Mathematics and Social Studies Activities: "M‘‘ Club, Nowman Club Edward Monger Belgrade Major: Music Minors: English and Science Activities: Student Body President, Music Club, MEA, Chanticleers, Matrix, Gargoyles (24)Dorothy Nowncs Dillon Major: English Minors: Business Education, Music and Social Studios Activities: Music Club Douglas Salo Butto Major: Social Studies Minors: English and Physical Education Activities: MEA Ray Simon Dillon Major: Music Minors: Fine Arts and Foreign Languages Activities: Music Club, Chorus, Chinook Staff Dolores Tash Dillon Major: Social Studies Minors: Art and English Activities: WAA, KZN Peggy Lou Sutherland Dillon Major: Music Minors: Foreign Language, Art, English Barbara Mullen Butte Majors: Music and Social Studies Jdinor: English Activities: IRC, Music, MEA, Newman Club Clifford Simpson Butte Major: Social Studies Minors: English and Industrial Arts Activities: MEA, IRC, Gargoyles and Chorus (25) MONTANA SCHOOL OF MINES LIBRAkY BUTTEWilliam Bennett Deer Lodge Activities: Football, Track, "M" Club, J.V. Coach CLu of 1953 union Edward Durkin Anaconda Activities: 'M" Club, Chorus, Newman Club. Football Betty Jean Brink Miles City Activities: Art Club. MEA, Gargoyles, Chinook Staff, Intervarsity. Kappa Pi Howard Hickey Dillon Activities: Baseball, "M" Club Robert Howard Dillon Activities: Basketball Harley Iverson Belgrade Activities: MEA. Gargoyle Vice President. Intervarsity, Chinook Staff Norman Jacobson Kalispcl! Activities: Football, Track, "M” Club, Chinook Staff (26)Lawrence Jany Butto Mario Krobsbach Missoula Activities: Art Club Michael McMahon Deer Lodge Activities: Junior Class President, Student Council, Student Activity Committee, "M" Club, Chinook Staff Louise Schuchman Stevensville Activities: Art Club, MEA, Chorus Charles Soha Seattle, Washington Activities: Chanticleers, Music Club. Chorus Helon Wenger Dillon Bornico Winter Ronan Activities: MEA, Intorvarsity (27)Claude F. Ankeny Victor Activities: Chanticleers, Matrix Barbara Bateman Lima Activities: WAA onto red Carolyn Best Kalispell Activities: V AA Treasurer, KZN, MEA Joyce Boehm Livingston Activities: V AA, Art Club, Newman Club Betty Ann Brasch Three Forks Activities: WAA, MEA Mary Lou Burgess Butte Activities: Music Club, KZN, Chanticleers, MEA Ann Burton Jackson Mildred Carlson Missoula Activities: Art Club, Intor-varsity Jack Carriger Butte Activities: Gargoyle Treasurer, Chorus, Music Club (28) LaVonne Carlson HamiltonSharon Christophorson Miles City Activities: WAA. lntorvarsity. Chorus Peggy Clark Genoviovo Claypool Virginia Cline Arlec Laurin Anaconda Activities: WAA, MEA, House Activities: MEA, WAA Vice Council President, KZN, Newman Club Donna Durslon Poison Harvey Foster Darby Activities: Music Club, Chorus Ann Mario Ftannigan Butte Activities: Newman Club, Music Club, KZN, Chorus, Band Shirley Ferguson Miles City Activities: Intervarsity (29)Dolores Galloway Sunburst Activities: Intorvarslty Betty Gilpin Salmon. Idaho Nadine Graham Manhattan Activities: Gargoyles, "The Male Animal" Delbert Groonfiold Hamilton Activities: Gargoyles Annlco Krlsk Butte Activities: KZN. WAA I |P . P Aquina Kurtz Flaxvillc Activities: Art Club, Music Club, Chorus. Intoxvarsity Marjorie Lane Dillon Activities: Newman Club, KZN Botty Loronson Drummond Activities: KZN. WAA. MEA (30)Bonnie McCollum St. Ignatius Activities: WAA. MEA Louiso Moods Armstead Activities: Intervarsity. Future Business Leaders of America Thomas Millor Corvallis Activities: MEA Nolla Moore Whitefish Activities: MEA Rosemary Morso Missoula Activities: MEA Secretary. Sophomore Class Secretary, Chanticleer Secretary. House Council, KZN. Intervarsity Barbara Morin Arlee Janice Munkors Butte Activities: KZN, MEA. Gargoyles, Intorvarsity Robert Olson Victor Activities: Sophomore Class President. Student Activity Council, Student Council Ann Joan Reardon Anaconda Activities: WAA. Newman Club President. MEA Shirley Rohborg Stevensville Activities: KZN. MEA, Homecoming Quoen (31 )Wilma Richards Clinton Activities: KZN, MEA Betty Spencer Lemhi. Idaho Activities: WAA Shirley Swan Box Elder Dan Swconoy Butte Activities: MEA President, Chanticleer Vice President. IRC Agnes Tenneson East Helena Activities: Music Club, KZN. MEA, Intervarsity, Chorus Suzanno Thompson Wise River Activities: WAA President. House Council. KZN, MEA Helen Vogter Manhattan Activities: KZN, Music Club. Chorus, Intervarsity. MEA Eiloon Holt Warn Deer Lodge Activities: Chorus Loletta Ylerhus Hot Springs Activities: MEA, KZN (32)Jredh men John Alonzo Florence Duane Andorson Hungry Horse Jerome Anderson Hungry Horse Jaime Bailey Stevensvillo Maryan Board Ovando Mardella Biobor Townsend Joanne Boettcher Square Butte 1955 Clara Claver Helena Hollis Coon Butte Janice Dirks Deer Ledge (33)Janet Eccleston Anaconda Hugh Ehlert Victor Walt Featherley Dillon Dorothy Gulliiord Jerome, Idaho Joyce Hariu Butte Janet Henneberry Dillon Thomas Hillier Twin Bridges Thomas Harrington West Glacier Irono Hitchens Butte Frank Hull Deer Lodge Ted Kato Havre Barbara Lawrenco Wise River Ronald Leo Hamilton ( 34 )Louise Lundo Stovensville Norma McAlear Poison Carolyn McCrea Manhattan Joseph McDonald St. Ignatius Janet Mahonoy Salmon. Idaho Sharline Martin Stovensville Kathryn Metully Butte Melvin Miller Savage Agnes Morris Ronan Elsie Musselman Swan Lake Joe Neyman Butte Robert Nisson Custer Myrtle Nolle Silver StarJames O'Keefe Butto Marian Roberts Helena Buddy Runyan Whitefish Charles Russell Boulder Georgia Shorow Helena Betty Smith Helena Dexter Talcott Twin Bridges i Barbara Tledje Poison Patricia Walker Dillon Shirley Wilson Tod Winger Donna Wright Sharon Zoske Charlo Poison Stevensville DarbyThat is a good book which is opened with expectation and closed with profit. Amos B. Alcott.Lef! to right: Robert Olson. Michael McMahon, President Rush Jordan. Ed Monger. Ed Mattix, and Joseph McDonald. Jhe Student (Council The Student Council is comprised of the student body president and the four class presidents. In their hands rests our student government. President Jordan is the sponsor. The Student Body President Says: As the school year draws to a close, we look back at our many enjoyable experiences, wishing they had not vanished so quickly. We also see our many mistakes and improvements, hoping to profit by both. For many of us, our education is being threatened by Selective Service, which makes us realize more seriously how important it is. We hope that this will make us even more determined to continue our quest for formal knowledge, although it will have to be at a later date. It has been said that the purpose of college is not to enable us to earn our daily bread, but to make each mouthful sweeter. And our realization of the need for truth, plus an opinion, no matter how vague, of what it is, will be a big part of our education. I hope that your time spent at Western has been happy and beneficial and has helped you to look upon the world with a broader and more determined attitude. Sincerely, Eddie Monger Student Body President (39)Student Slctivity (Committee Carlson Robert Olson The Student Activity Committee is composed of four students, nominated and elected by the student body, and four faculty members. It is their duty to use the money in the activity fund to its best advantage for the students. John McMahon (40) Mike McMahon Western Montana College of Education Bieber, Iverson Are Winners In Elks r ,, c _ Vodvil a big I.R.C. Hears Alan Spring Alan G y. and m. Spring Quarter Classes Begin March 17 March 17 each cl CHILDREN’S PUY cLisr WESENTSJf "SEL AND GRETEL anc Boettcher. Butte; Agn« Morris. Renan; and Sharon Chmtopher on. Mile City In charge of publicity was Richard . Clinton; lighting. Beat. Kalupell; technical mi Dan Sweeney, Butte; stage Monger. Belgrade. CAMPUS and Mrs Marv r campus Monday. Great Falls Mar -. is the former Betty Chris-attended Western last Jr. Jei national n atu tny regutrati n completed ih to pay fees before f the spring quart.-i March H. at Concert at Bozeman (•able, vocal director a represented WMCE in a concert presented at Bo e Thursday evening. February 21 Harvey Foster accompanied Mi Gable, since Mi McFadden. wb was scheduled to supply the acevrtr. and several piano number was too III to appear. . The oortcrr was iponsored by the Norlheii Rocky Mountain Skier association ar.d representative from every of 'be University sy«t«n tool part. Mr Gable said that the eooftert was • big success and that he anc Harvey enjoyed very much taklnj part in 11 presentation. XXX Dillon. Montana. Wednesday. March 5. 1952 Number 9 B'iobo» QMot'e ‘S for f ond Hours fc from 9:M 'J’.tv mornings until wxh -..a from 2 00 to coo o’clock in the afternoons. March 6, 7. 10. and 11. Rcghtration will be alphabetically, o follows: A to C. inclusive. March «t D to H. inclusive. March 7 1 to M. inclusive. March 10 N to Z. inclusive. March II Student should secure registration cards and spring quarter schcd- -uIct at the registrar office at the i,me designated for them. Regutra- th tion should be completed un the day du e the characteristic, hi act for each one. and all cards check- stunts All eluh ed back in with the regutrar. UAL VODVIL DATE SET JACKIE FOR APRIL 18; IS APPOINTED CHAIRMAN I Oil Vodvil la Sponsored By Strident Council By Ed Monger Jackie Armour has been general chairman of th 1 M Y'odv which ha prospects of the best ever Aa in past year . Vodvjl t under the general ship of the Student Council Many clubs have already ling which will j work with Jackie n m S I WANTED SNAPSHOTS!! Are you famous Dora your picture appear from time to lime on the rovers of tuck pub I Ira lions at Ufe.” -Screen Romances." or ”lloy C mie “? Possibly nr have seen your actual photograph in advertising and associate it with the before” personality in actual -before-after- cases. If we haven’t had the opportunity of seeing your shining face billed in the post other then at least give your publie a break and submit your snapshoia of campus life to the ( hi nook stall. The JAM Chinook wants YOU! Ideas Solicited for Vodvil. See your Committee Chairman' IC liunticle eerd left to right: Mardelia Bieber, Mary Lou Burgess, M:ss Albertson (sponsor). Janet Henneberry, Michael McMahon, Charles Soha Dan Sweeney, Claude Ankeny, Rosemary Morse, and Ed Monger. Watri WemU ■ Mardelia BieberThe Chanticleer Club is a journalistic organization which publishes the WESCOLITE, the college newspaper. It is the duty of every member to uphold a high journalistic standing for the improvement of the student publications. Duties other than publishing and distributing the WESCOLITE are the publishing of the scandal sheet and program schedule for Western's annual Vodvil. Members can enter this club upon earning a required number of points through contributing to the WESCOLITE or Chinook. Initiations are held every quarter to admit new members who have proved themselves worthy. The Matrix, an honorary society within the Chanticleer Club, is limited to those who have proved to be outstanding in journalism or who have served the WESCOLITE or Chinook with unusual effort. These organizations are sponsored by Miss Albertson.The purpose of the Student Local of the Montana Education Association is to guide and help future teachers develop desirable professional attitudes. Through this in-school training, members learn the importance of M E A and the benefits teachers may derive from membership in a professional organization. Officers for the year 1951-52 are Dan Sweeney, president; John McMahon, vice president; Rosemary Morse, secretary-treasurer. The membership is fifty-three. Mary Lou Burgess maintained the M E A bulletin board, which is located in Western's main hall. This board keeps the members and students informed of latest findings in education and of the up-to-date activities of their local, state, and national education associations. Activities sponsored by M E A included bringing to Western Jim Nicholson, president of the student local a Eastern Montana of College Education, who spoke before Western's student body. Members also assisted the faculty in setting up and presenting Western's reading conference, held in November. At one of the local meetings President Rush Jordan reported on the National Education Association convention in San Francisco last July. Four student members of the local represented Western at the Southwest District Convention held at Bozeman: Georgia Shorow, Betty Smith, Louise Schuchman, and Rosemary Morse. The local was represented by several members at the Music Educators Association Convention, also in Bozeman. The State Delegates Assembly at Helena was attended by Dan Sweeney and Rosemary Morse, the two delegates. The two alternates were Mardella Bieber and A1 Guay. This year the campus organization incorporated its framework membership in Future Teachers of America, the student organization of the National Education Association. The sponsor is Mrs. Zella Flores. The aim of the International Relations Club is the promotion of better understanding of modern international problems. The club has had several guest speakers, among them Francis Pettit, who talked on conditions in Korea, Alan Spring, who gave his impression of the Far East as he saw it while serving there, and Miss Taft, who told of her trip to Russia. The club is sponsored by Mr. Leslie and has as its officers Hal Dale, president; Cliff Simpson, vice president; and Barbara Mullen, secretary-treasurer. (44)Student W JocJ Seated, left to right: Mrs. Flores. Harley Iverson, Shirley Rehberg, Rosemary Morse. Dan Sweeney, A! Guay, Georgia Shorow. Standing, first row: Beverly Grant, Betty l.orenson. Carolyn Best, Janice Munkers, Virginia Cline. Betty Austreng, Bonnie McCollum, Suzanne Thompson, Genevieve Claypool, A’.deno Robinson. Standing, second row: Ed Monger, Hugh Ehlert, Nella Moore, Wilma Richards, Mary Lou Burgess, Mardella Bieber, Betty Brink, Louise Schuchman. 3RC Loft to right: Betty Austreng, Barbara Mullen. Hal Dale. Beverly Grant. Janice Munkors, Mrs. Leslie. Second row: Frank Winkley, Dan McKeel, Dan Sweeney, Cliff Simpson, Harloy Ivorson, Mabel Cooper, Mr. Leslie. (45)CLL Left to right: Aquina Kurtz, Mrs. Emerick (sponsor), Barbara Lawrence, Anita Mosby, William Holdorf, Dorothy Gulliford, Janal Carlson, Jim Scofield, Betty Jean Brink, Mario Krebsbach, Ginny Jones, Joyce Boehm, Harriot Harrington. (46) Left to right: Betty Jean Brink, William Holdorf, Janal Carlson.M CU The Art Club, whose purpose is to further interest and develop talent in art, is one of the most active of campus organizations. This year, in addition to regular shop projects, such as the production and sale of Yule Logs, originally designed W M C E stationery, and other articles, the repair and refinishing of a sewing machine for use in the art department, and the presentation of a Vod-vil skit, the club can point with particular pride to the completion of a very worthwhile project—the erection of two large campus signs at the northern and western comers of the campus. The design was developed from original plans submitted by members of the club. Bill Holdorf was in charge of the planning and construction of the signs, which were produced and financed completely by the Art Club. Another feature of the Art Club is its loan fund, established in 1934, to assist worthy students. Beginning in 1948, the club has also granted scholarships to deserving students. Officers this year are president, Jan Carlson; vice president, Jim Scofield; secretary, Anita Mosby; treasurer, Bill Holdorf. The sponsor is Mrs. Mary Emerick. Kappa Pi, a national fine arts fraternity with seventy chapters in thirty-two states, is the oldest art fraternity among colleges today. Its purpose is to foster interest and maintain high standards in art. The members for 1951-52 are Betty Brink, Jan Carlson, and Bill Holdorf. (47)The Gargoyle Club, Western's dramatic society, strives to seek out and help develop dramatic ability. This organization was formed in 1923 to encourage dramatic activity and to reward members of unusual merit. Those with outstanding ability are eligible for membership in a national honor society, Order of the Jeweled Masque. In the spring of 1951, the Gargoyles produced WINTERSET, a tragedy in three acts by Maxwell Anderson. The play was directed by Dr. Selma Guttman and had the following cast: Mio, Howard Hansen; Miriamne, Loletta Yterhus; Garth, Ben Jarrell; Judge Gaunt, Ed Kahoe; Ezdras, Cliff Simpson; Trock. Robert Everhard; Shadow, Sylvester Meade; Policeman, Allan Clark; Hcbo, William Salo; Organ Grinder, Don Shaw; Piny, Jacqueline Armour; Cass, Jack Carriger; Radical, A1 Gordon; Sergeant, Mickey Estes; Herman, Gene McCabe; First girl, Jean Lay; Second girl, Peggy Graveley; Street Urchin, Helen Jones; Killers, Don Foley and Charles Russell. Sam Solberg was stage manager. In the fall quarter of 1951, Joe Ryburn, who had just joined the staff of Western as dramatics and speech instructor, began the year with a production of a three-act comedy, THE MALE ANIMAL by James Thurber and Thornton Wilder. The cast consisted of professor Tommy Turner, Howard Hansen; Ellen Turner, Nadine Graham; Cleota, Dorothy Gulliford; Joe Ferguson, Stan Smith; Patricia Stanley, Georgia Shorow; Wally Myers, Bill Salo; Dean Damon, Harley Iverson; Mrs. Blanche Damon, Ruth Faller; Michael Barnes, Jack Carriger; Ed Keller, Ben Jarrell; Myrtle Keller, Betty Jean Brink; "Nutsy" Miller, Frank Hull; the newspaper reporter, Joe Neyman. Betty Smith was prompter and the stage manager was Delbert Greenfield. In the spring of 1952, the Gargoyles chose for the commencement play a three-act tragedy, ALL MY SONS by Arthur Miller. Joe Ryburn is sponsor of the club and the officers are Ruth Faller, president; Harley Iverson, vice president; Beverly Grant, secretary; Jack Carriger, treasurer; Janice Munkers, recorder; Jean Axe, scrapbook; and Cliff Simpson and Delbert Greenfield, stage managers. JSanAel an HANSEL AND GRETEL, a playlet written and produced by members of the class in children's plays, was presented to illustrate how an original play may grow out of the reading program in the elementary grades. Joe Ryburn was in charge of the class and Ann Marie Flannigan was the director. Those taking part were Hansel, Barbara Tiedje; Gretel, Betty Smith; the mother, Helen Vegter; the father, Christina Long; the witch, Jackie Armour; the fairy, Irene Hitchens; gingerbread boys and girls, Jaime Bailey, Joanne Boettcher, Agnes Morris, and Sharon Christopherson. (48)Seated, left to right: Dorothy Gulliford, Nadine Graham, Betty Brink, Joan Axo, Janico Munkers, Ed Monger. Standing: Jack Carriger, Beverly Grant, Ruth Faller, Harley Iverson, George Kcontz, Mr. Ryburn. (jarffoifleA Hansel and G ret el presented by the Children’s Plays Class. "When at night 1 go to sleep . . Hansel and G ret el. Lofl to right: Barbara Ticdjo, Betty Smith, and Irene Hitchens.Loft lo right, standing: Jo© Noyman, Dorothy Gulliford, Howard Hansen, Georgia Shorow, Bill Salo, Frank Hull, Harley Iverson. Seated: Nadine Graham. Stanley Smith, Jack Carriger, Betty Jean Brink.Taking pari in "Wintorsot." left to right: Cliff Simpson, Harold Estes, Peggy Grave-loy, Bon Jarrell, Robert Everhard, Loletta Yterhus, Howard Hansen, Jack Carnger. Jean Lay, Gene McCabe, Don Shaw, Charles Russell, Bill Salo, Jackie Armour, Helen Jones, A1 Gordon. Left to right: Garth, Ben Jarrell; Ezdras, Cliff Simpson: Mio. Howard Hansen: and Miriamne, Loletta Yterhus. Final scene: the death of Miriamne and Mio. Gargoyle Stage Managers Cliff Simpson Delbert Greenfield (51 )J ZW Loft to right, first row: Jan© Gable, Wilma Richards, Janice Munkors, Shirley Rehborg, Rosemary Morse, Mary Lou Burgess. Second row: Mrs. Luebben, Helen Vogtor, Betty Austreng. Agnes Tenneson, Ann Mario Flanntgan. Marjorie Lano. Third row: Loletta Yterhus, Beverly Grant, Carolyn Best, Suzanne Thompson, Virginia Cline, Annie© Krisk, and Betty Loronson. Student ( JUi we A Left to right, first row: Vivian Womack. Dorothy Marich, Eetty Scofield, Meg Winkley, Virginia Straugh. Second row: Alice Hickey, Carmen Howard, Nanette Russell, Evelyn Curry, Dorothy Bergeson. Third row: Leslie McGee. Kay Larson, Patty Mattix, Dolores Tash.Stu iveA The Student Wives meet on the first Tuesday of every month. Each month they give a pot-luck dinner for their husbands, and it has become traditional to have group dinners before and after every school formal. Activities for the year included a cookie food sale at Christmas, and a rummage sale at which they sold textile painting they had done. They also planned a dinner-dance for their husbands in the spring. Mrs. Straugh is sponsor of the group. Officers are Betty Scofield, president; Dorothy Marich, vice-president; and Meg Winkley, secretary-treasurer. The only sorority on our campus is Kappa Zeta Nu. It is an honorary sorority requiring above average scholastic standing of its members. A formal initiation at Mrs. Luebben's home occurred early in the fall quarter, and later a Christmas party was given at the home of Mrs. Moe. Mrs. Lueb-ben and Mrs. Moe are the sorority's sponsors. Before the end of the quarter, the girls also helped with the selling of Christmas seals. The winter activities included a musical Variety Show sponsored by the group for the benefit of the March of Dimes, and the selling of stationery and all-occasion cards. With spring came the plans for a weekend at Diamond Bar Inn at Jackson. Officers of the sorority are Betty Austreng, president; Agnes Tenneson, vice president; Helen Vegter, secretary; and Ann Marie Flannigan, treasurer. Spring quarter, the duties of the treasurer were turned over to Helen Vegter. (53)n ewman The Newman Club, fostering the spiritual life of Western's Catholic students, has met the high standards of the many other Newman Clubs which have been established in America's institutions of higher learning. Meetings are held twice a month, at which discussions and talks by the club chaplain and members are given. In addition to this, the Newman Club sponsors a monthly communion breakfast and a day of contemplation. Father Timothy Clifford is the club chaplain and Mrs. Ruth Dillavou is the sponsor. The Men's House Council was organized for the first time this year by popular consent of the dormitory men. An assistant proctor and four members were elected to assist the proctor, Joe Rybum, in coping with any problems and needs of the dormitory and its residents. Members of this organization are the assistant proctor—John McMahon, Charles Burns, Edward Durkin, Joe McDonald, Bud Runyan. lAJotnen j JlouAe (Council It is the duty of the Women's House Council to act in conjunction with its sponsor, Miss Georgia Mathews, in governing the Residence Hall. Members of the organization are elected to represent the dormitory girls. Upper classmen of the House Council are held over each year as honorary members. The Women's House Council sponsors many social functions, such as formal dances and various teas. In addition to this, members are required to set an adult example of behavior, which is a "must" in maintaining the democratic standards in a residence hall. Members are Janal Carlson, Genevieve Claypool, Rosemary Morse, Suzanne Thompson, Barbara Lawrence, Christina Long, Kaythryn Metully. (54)omen 5 Wo J4ouie (Council Led to right: Rosomary Morse, Bar-bora Lawrence, Miss Mathews, Christina Long, Janal Carlson, Kathryn Motully, Suzanne Thompson, Genevieve Claypool. Loft to right: Edward Durkin. Buddy Runyan, Joe McDonald, John McMahon, Mr. Ryburn. Seated, loft to right: John McMahon, Virginia Clino, Ann Jean Reardon, Joyce Boehm, Betty Smith, Mike McMahon. Standing: Jim O'Keefe, Joe McDonald, Kathryn Metully, Edward Durkin, Mrs. Dillavou, John Alonzo. Bob Nisson. (55)J ntervarsitty Sea’ed, left to right: Agnes Tonneson, Cla:-tco Christenson, Mardolla Bieber. lane: Carlson, Anita Mosby, Janice Dirks, Shirley Ferguson. Standing: Rosemary Morse. Dolores Galloway, Clara Claver, Joanno Win ter. Helen Vegtor. Mrs. Dorothy Bridonstlne Bob Brown, Floyd Brown, Betty Jean Brink Virginia Parks, Janice Munkers, Sharon Chnstopherson. Intervarsity Picnic Carol group sponsored by Intervarsity Qntervarditif ( Lriltian 5eUlowsh T Intervarsity is the campus Christian Fellowship organization. Students of all faiths may participate in its activities and fellowship. Activities this year have included films, off-campus speakers, and Bible studies. The group has also presented chorus singing at the various churches in Dillon and neighboring towns. One of the outstanding activities this year was the Christmas caroling visit to the Women's Rest Home, the Men's Rest Home, and the hospital. The officers for the year were Janal Carlson, president; Mary Lou Burgess, vice president; Anita Mosby, secretary; and Helen Vegter, treasurer. The sponsor was Mrs. Bridenstine. (57)Wu,lc To further interest and develop an appreciation in the musical activities of the school is the principal objective of the Music Club. In fulfilling this objective, the members of the club were partly responsible for the success of the chorus presentation of selections from Handel's "Messiah" in December. This chorus was composed of both college students and Dillon residents, and was under the direction of Bertram Gable. Harvey Foster was the accompanist, and soloists included Helen Vegter, Betty Austreng, Ray Simon, Robert Erickson, and Dan Hawkins. Spring quarter the chorus presented two additional concerts—Mozart's "Requiem Mass" and "The Elijah" by Mendelssohn. The Music Club also made plans to present an operetta this same quarter. Officers are Jackie Armour, president; Ray Simon, vice president; Anita Mosby, secretary; and Helen Vegter, treasurer. Sponsors are Mr. Ralph McFad-den and Mr. Bertram Gable. (58)WUc cu Seated a? picsno: Harvey Foster. Standing, left to right: Barbara Mullen, Mr. McFaddon, Ann Marie Flanni-gan. Anita Mosby, Johnny Alonzo, Mr. Gable. Jane Gable, Dan Hawkins, Jackie Armour, Bob Erickson, Jack Carriger, Helen Vegter, L’d Durkin. Kathryn Metully, Dan McKoel, Maryan Beard, Janico Dirks, Elsie Mus-selman, Ed Monger, Agnes Tenneson, Ray Simon. Betty Austrcng, Mary Lou Burgess. Christmas Concert a § Vv . "'•t 1 V yif " » V»' 'SX Xss.. VCS %■,. ssV ft secretary mQS correspoM secretary for the Newman Club was the picture editor oi the 1951 nook. She has been very active in Gargoyle Club, and this year sei as president."Here we sit like birds in the wilderness waiting for our food."Today----the Teachers of T Mrs. Zella Flores, who was in charge of Western's Reading Conference. Miss Margaret Palmquist. Mrs. Flores, and Mrs. Lilian Peterson—leaders of Reading Conference. eadin Confle ere neeThe Future Business Leaders of America, a new organization on the campus, is part of a national organization sponsored by the United Business Education Association, a department of the National Education Association. The local chapter received its charter February 28, 1952. The officers are advisor, (1) Dana Verry; president, (2) Louise Meeds; vice president, (3) Tom Miller; secretary, (4) Joan Wenger; treasurer, (5) Bob Nisson; and recorder, (6) Jerome Anderson. Charter members are Barbara Bateman, Hugh Ehlert, Tom Harrington, Bill Salo, and Patricia Walker. 3ljontana future 3Jeach oj? America erd Dan Sweeney, a junior at Western, -was elected as the first president of the newly organized Montana Future Teachers of America. The organization of the Montana chapter took place during a meeting of the Delegate Assembly in Helena. The organization is made up of students from Western, Eastern, Northern, the State University, the State College, and Rocky Mountain College. (66) A strong body makes the mind strong. Thomas Jefferson. (69) BOOK IIIFirs? row, left to right: John McMahon, Jim Corr, Dan Connors, Bob Aleksicb. Kevin Johnson, A! Bond Bill Bennott. Second row: Coach Bill Straugh, Frank Hull, Don Foley, Charles Russell, Bill Moir, Jim Hobnes. Third row: Norman Jacobson, Ted Kato, Mike McMahon. Bob Nisson. DootLftZL earn First row, loft to right: Jack McDonald, Arnold Barnett, Ed Durkin, Bill Bennett. Norman Jacobson, Stanley Smith, Fred Taylor, Ed Mattix, Dan Connors. Bill Moir. Second row: Mascot Tommy Straugh, Joe McDonald. Charles Russell, Jim Hebnes, Delano Wolenetz, Kevin Johnson, Frank Hull. Ted Kato, John Snow. Standing, third row: Coach Bill Straugh, Don Foley, Bill Salo, Wayne Neubauer, Bob Nisson, Manager Mike McMahon, Larry McClung, Floyd Vandcgnfl, Ted Winger, A1 Bond, Assistant Coach Carl Davis. (71)Bill Bennett (72)Joe McDonald (73) Bob NissonTed Winger Wayne Neubauer Del Wolenetz Jim Hebnes Charles Russell 3ck McDonald running to make a touchdown gainst Eastern. Western vs. Carroll Larry McClung (74)1951 oil a H eaion Carroll College Saints downed a hard fighting but inexperienced Western eleven 28-0 October 8, on Vigilante Field in the season opener. Western came back the next week, October 14, and defeated a stubborn Eastern eleven, 13-6 for the Bulldogs' first conference win. The Bulldogs journeyed to Billings October 20, and were defeated 27-6 by a heavier and more experienced Rocky Mountain team for their second loss. Western came out on top November 14, when the Bulldogs traveled to Butte and stopped the Mines 14-0 on a snow swept field to end the gridiron season with a 2-2 record. (75)DAN CONNORS, Butte, played an outstanding game at center and backed up the line on defense. CAPTAIN ED DURKIN, Anaconda, filled the right guard position, and his selection again as an all-conference guard reflected his ability as a lineman. BILL MOIR, Mount Vernon, Washington, showed up well at left guard and later played at left tackle due to teammates' injuries. TED KATO, Havre, showed that size had nothing to do with football and his blocking powers at guard were spectacular. FRANK HULL, Deer Lodge, played a good defensive guard position, and his ability to break through always made him a dangerous threat. BOB NISSON, Custer, showed well for the Bulldogs at tackle and will be valuable next year. JIM HEBNES, Wilsall, ran well at left end, and next year should play a lot of football at W M C E. ED MATTIX, Hobson, an outstanding end on any team, and two years all-conference, held down the right end position. His ability at tackling, blocking, and receiving was always spectacular. JOE McDONALD, St. Ignatius, ran well at right half and his three remaining years at W M C E should be outstanding. STAN SMITH, Fort Benton, was always a threat at right half and opposing teams respected his ability at receiving and blocking as well. JACK McDONALD, Butte, played a rough game as line-backer, and was always in the opponent's backfield. DON FOLEY, Butte, played a steady right half position. His spinning and running strategy was always dangerous to the opposition. KEVIN JOHNSON, Kalispell, hit hard at fullback, and Western is looking forward to seeing him in action next year. TED WINGER, Poison, sparked the team as quarterback. His passing arm was one of the best in the conference. AL BOND. Deer Lodge, played well at quarterback and proved he could run as well as set plays. BILL BENNETT, Deer Lodge, played a stellar game as safety man. Opposing runners seldom got to pay dirt when Bill was around. NORMAN JACOBSON, Kalispell, filled right tackle position very capably and stopped line plunges repeatedly. Seniors playing their final season for Western are Captain Ed Durkin, Dan Connors, Ed Mattix, Stan Smith, Jack McDonald, Bill Bennett, and Bill Moir. (76)Left to right: Joyce Hariu, Marian Roberts, Baraba Tiedje, Aldene Robinson. Georgia Shorow. Jl omecomincf yes ueen an Qi cl Ittendantd Lett to right: Marian Roberts, Maryan Beard, Queen Shirley Rehborg. Shirley Wilson, Ginny Jones, Joyce Hariu. (77)Left to right, seated: Holon V eg tor, Kathryn Motully, Janico Dirks, Jack Carriger, Elsie Musselman, Ann Marie Flannigan, Ray Simon. Standing: Betty Austrong, Ed Mongor, Dan McKee!, Mr. McFadden. (78) Joyce Hariu, Barbara Tiedje, Georgia Shorow, and Marian Roberta lead Western in cheering for the Bulldogs.Left to right, seated: Jimmy Corr, Bob Howard, John McMahon, Dan Connors, Kevin Johnson. Standing: Coach Straugh, Jim Hebnes, Bob Nisson, Mike McMahon, Bill Bennett, Molvin Miller, Joe McDonald. junior ZJeum Left to right, seated: Frank Hull, Floyd Brown, A1 Bond, Tod Kato. Standing: Bill Salo, Bob Aleksich, Bill Bennott, Norman Jacobson, Claude Ankeny. (79) ROBERT NISSON Making two points against Rocky Mountain Ronald °9Qlnst Co kevi 1 Mou aln Western defeats Mines. W est©rU (81)teatUUl Western, although not having an impressive season, played some of the closest games in the school's basketball annals. Western tied for fifth in Montana Collegiate play with two wins and eight losses. The Bulldogs played fast and hard, and the season won-loss record was in no way indicative of the ball they played. Whenever hard luck was around, the Bulldogs always seemed to acquire their share. Western opened their conference season with a journey to Havre, January 11, and Carrol College at Helena the following night, January 12. Western dropped both games, 63-58 at Northern and 59-55 at Carroll. Western entertained the School of Mines January 18, and won their first conference game 62-53. Rocky Mountain invaded the Bulldog lair January 25, and defeated the Bulldogs in a heartbreaker, 60-59. The Bulldogs took to the road February 6, this time to Butte where the Mines took the nod over the Bulldogs 64-62. Western entertained the Eastern Yellowjackets February 9, and lost another thriller 85-81. Western then journeyed to Billings for games with Eastern and Rocky Mountain Fedruary 15 and 16. The Bulldogs dropped both games, losing to Eastern 73-63 and to Rocky Mountain 49-41 the following night. Carroll College traveled to W M C E February 21, and downed the Bulldogs 78-76. The Nothem Montana Lights invaded the Western campus February 23 and left the floor, victims of a 76-42 swamping at the hands of the Bulldogs, thus ending their 1951-52 basketball season with a victory. (83)Conference Games Western 58 Western 55 Western _... 62 Western....... 59 Western 62 Western 81 Western 63 Western 41 Western . 76 Western 76 623 Ave. 62.3 N M C 63 Carroll......................... 59 Mines........................... 53 Rocky Mountain 60 Mines -... 64 Eastern ....................... 85 Eastern ........................ 73 Rocky Mountain . 49 Carroll ........................ 78 N M C .42 626 Ave. 62.6 G FG FT TP Ave. Connors 10 25 18 68 6.8 McMahon 10 63 41 167 16.7 Howard 8 51 37 129 16.1 Nisson 10 19 17 54 5.4 Johnson 9 20 10 51 5.7 Hebnes 5 3 2 8 1.6 McDonald 7 16 1 33 4.7 Corr 10 36 20 92 9.2 Miller 8 3 0 6 .8 Non-Conference Games Western 56 Western 76 Western ...................... 45 Western....................... 49 Western ...................... 52 Western 61 Western 53 Western 49 Western ... 65 Western...... 24 Western....................... 52 Western 64 Western 58 Western 62 New Deal 63 Mines _ 67 Carroll........................ 36 Mines........ 56 Carroll ....................... 61 Bobcat Vets ................... 59 Carbon ....................... 58 Carbon ........................ 58 Ricks 79 Ricks _ 62 Collegians 65 Collegians 76 New Deal 65 Bobcat Vets . 68 (84)Western placed two men on the All-Conference squad. John McMahon. Bulldog center, made the first team, with Bob Howard, Bulldog forward, getting a berth on the second team. McMahon is a repeater from last year, as he won All-Conference honors in 1951. John is an outstanding basketball player and made four letters on the Bulldog hoop squad. Bob Howard made the second team as a result of his rebounding ability and accuracy in the field. Bob is also a four year letterman. Western is very proud of these men who have proven themselves students as well as athletes. (85) Jracb 1951 The 1951 Bulldog track team made an impressive showing as the Bulldogs tied for the conference title with Eastern. Both teams scored fifty points each and shared the championship laurels. John McMahon, as usual, ran away with the honors, scoring 25 points for the Bulldog total. His ability in the track and field events was unsurpassed. Bill Bennett, Walt Anderson, and Ray Greenfield also captured firsts with Anderson breaking his own javelin record with a toss of 187 feet, 3 inches. Sylvester Meade, Bob Aleksich, Mike McMahon, Harley Iverson, and Jim Corr also added to the total with points in the various events. Highlight of the meet was the relay in which Aleksich, Iverson, Meade, and John McMahon combined their efforts to win the relay cup for Western's fourth consecutive year. Final standing was Western and Eastern, first; Carroll College, third; Rocky Mountain, fourth; and Montana School of Mines, fifth. Coach Bill Straugh's trackmen should be congratulated on a job well done. Western thinclads hold five of the Montana Collegiate track and field records. Tom Pierce set the 100 yard dash mark in 1941 with a time of 10 seconds. Sam Pollard followed Pierce's mark in 1941 with a record time of 4:44 in the mile. Bill Bennett set the high hurdle record in 1949, running it in 15.3 seconds. John McMahon, one of Western's greatest trackmen, with a spectacular jump of 6 feet, two inches, reset the high jump record in 1950. John, the most valuable athlete Western has seen for years, will be entering his last quarter of eligibility this spring. He should be congratulated for his spectacular ability and sportsmanship. Walt Anderson heaved the javelin 187 feet, three inches, in 1951 to establish a new mark, breaking his own record of 173 feet, 11 inches, in 1950. (86)Loft to right, first row: Jim Corr, Ray Groonfiold, John McMahon, Walt Anderson. Bill Bennett, Sylvostor Moado. Second row: Harley Ivorson, Tom Bohan, Clyde Smith, Mike McMahon, Bob Aloksich, Dallas Owens. CONFERENCE RECORD HOLDERS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP RELAY TEAM Left to right: Bill Bennett, Walt Anderson, John McMahon. Loft to right: Sylvester Meade, Harley Iverson, Bob Aleksich, John McMahon. Co-Ck cunpiondhip hip Jrach ZJi ecunLolt to right, (irst row: Charles Russell, A1 Clark, Carl Goble, Jim Corr, Kevin Johnson. Second row: Dan Connors. Howard Hickey, Bert Corcoran, Mickey Estes, Bill Salo. Third row: Walt Anderson. Western's baseball was tops in sportsmanship even if it did not take top honors. Every man proved his ability in grand form throughout the season. Carl Davis was the coach. CONFERENCE DOUBLES CHAMPS boubiei Ch cun pion$ Osborne and Weeks represented Western in staging a strong comeback in the conference tennis race. In addition to the doubles, Allen Weeks also distinguished himself by copping second place in the singles race. These two athletes deserve great credit in being the first to represent Western in tennis for many years. (88) John Osborne. Alien WeeksWJUl Left to right, seated: Carolyn Best, Virginia Cline, Suzanne Thompson, Betty Loronson, Mrs. Greenfield. Standing: Ann Jean Reardon, Sharon Christopherson, Aldene Robinson, Genevieve Claypool, Bonnie McCollum, Mardolla Bieber, Christina Long, Shirley Wilson, Joyce Hariu, Joyce Boehm, Virginia Jones, Annlee Krisk, Betty Ann Brasch, Barbara Bateman. Left to right, seated: Carolyn Best, Virginia Cline, Suzanne Thompson, Betty Lorenson, Mrs. Greenfield. Standing: Ann Jean Reardon, Aldene Robinson, Betty Ann Brasch. (89) cunpion vjujm earn Loft to right: Barbara Bateman, Virginia Clino, Carolyn Best, Captain Botty Loronson, Suzanno Thompson, Aldene Robinson, Betty Brasch. CL i hi ampiondhip (J udhetbadd earn Rare Form Loft to right: Christina Long, captain; Ann Jean Reardon, Betty Loren-son. Mardella Biobor, Suzanno Thompson. Joyce Boehm. (90)lAJomen J Itliietic o ci at ion The Women's Athletic Association is one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus. The purpose of the club is to promote an interest in sports for women and to provide for clean, healthful living. The W A A began the year with a party for all the girls. At this party the new students were taken for a tour of the campus and became acquainted with each other. It was a gala evening of new friends, fun, and food. Again this year the W A A sponsored a SADIE HAWKINS dance. Everyone turned out in full costume and Bill Bennett and Sharline Martin were crowned King and Queen of DOGPATCH. This year W A A had tournaments in volleyball, basketball and softball, ping-pong and badminton. Volleyball was the sport for the first quarter. The competition was keen and the volleyball tournament proved to be very exciting. Basketball, the sport for winter quarter, proved to be as exciting as the volleyball. Because of the late spring, there was a ping-pong and a badminton tournament. When the weather became nice enough, the club held a softball tournament. During these sports, students earned enough points to enter the club and two initiations were held during the year. Some of the girls took a week-end off and spent Saturday and Sunday at Torrey Lodge, their cabin in the mountains. During spring quarter, a group of ten girls attended the annual PLAYDAY. This event is sponsored by the W A A organizations from the units of the greater university. This year the event took place in Billings and Eastern Montana College of Education was the hostess. Officers for the club are Suzanne Thompson, president; Betty Lorenson, secretary; Carolyn Best, treasurer and Mrs. Greenfield, sponsor. The vice president is Virginia Cline. Each sport has a director and these are Ann Jean Reardon, volleyball; Betty Ann Brasch, basketball; Aldene Robinson, softball; Barbara Bateman, badminton; and Genevieve Claypool, ping-pong. (91)Advertising Directory ANACONDA City Drug........................................ 104 Intermountain Transportation Company.................. 114 MacIntyre's Incorporated. 107 Roberts Jewelry ................................. 106 BOZEMAN Frank J. Trunk Son, Inc. 100 BUTTE Anaconda Copper Mining Company__________________________________ 113 Arnold, Walter—Architect...................................... 117 Burr's ...................................................... 106 Butte Brewing Company.......................................... 109 Copper Mart ................................................ 106 Hotel Finlen.................................................... 105 Joe's Custom Loading Shop... 106 Metals Bank and Trust Company................................... 101 Montana Power Company------------------------------------------- 115 O'Connor's Typewriter Exchange ............................... .103 Ward Thompson Paper Company..................................... 104 DILLON Beaverhead Bar Supply......... 114 Beaverhead Lumber ................................................... Ill Ben Redd _ 102 Berger-Cochrane Motors 97 Big Dipper------------------------------------------------------------ 99 Bond Grocery 103 Brewer-Mockel Company................................................ 110 Coast to Coast...... 105 College Snack Bar___ 109 D L Jewelry Company................................................ 107 Dillon Feed and Seed...— 103 Dillon Implement Company............................................. 103 Dillon Portrait Studio ............................................ 119 Electric and Variety Shop.................-...................-....... 97 ElioTs ............................................................ 101 Examiner Printing Company..........-................................. 103 (93)Advertising Directory DILLON First National Bank ............................................. 97 Gambles ...................................................... 104 Gosman's. 118 Hazel's Style and Beauty Shop 106 Joe Smith's Toggery... 104 King's .................................................... 104 Lyon's Den 104 I. C. Penney Company — 110 McCracken Brothers ......................-................... 108 Mitchell's City Drug Store -.. 108 Montana Auto Sales 107 Mountjoy Flowers and Gifts..................................... 110 Oasis ........................................................ 103 Parisian Cleaners 97 Pilgrim's Store................................................ 107 Professional Directory ........................................ 98 Red and White Laundry and Cleaning Company ... ................ 111 Residence Halls 99 Roberts Food Market.......................................... 105 Skeets Cafe 111 Stamm Jewelers.................................................. 108 Standard Lumber and Coal Company.............................. 118 State Bank and Trust Company............................... 120 Vaughn and Ragsdale............................................. Ill Walters Garage ----------------------------------------------- 110 Warner's Food 108 Western Montana College of Education........................... 96 Westwood—Roberta Theatre 108 Williams Feed and Machinery 110 White Cafe 108 Winn's Inc. 97 GREAT FALLS Tribune Printing and Supply.................................... 112 (94)Advertising Directory DEER LODGE Brown's Cigar Store The Coffee Shop Comer Bar Cotton Club ......... Deer Lodge Drug Company......... Hotel Deer Lodge.......... Kenny's Fountain and Lunch.. Keystone Drug .............. The Shack__________________________________ The Toggery............... ................ 99 106 107 106 99 104 104 110 109 103 HELENA McKinnon-Decker Company Diamond Bar Inn JACKSON 102 LIVINGSTON C. P. Electric, Incorporated —.............. ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Becktold Company New Auditorium Nearing Completion as CHINOOK Goes to Press (95)WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Offers A four-year course leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. A two-year diploma course. A two-year commercial course. Pre-professional courses in secondary education, forestry, journalism, law, social work, agriculture, engineering, nursing education, health and physical education, home economics, pre-medical, pre-dental. Expanded and enlarged departments in Home Economics and Business Education. Additional facilities afforded by new Auditorium and Industrial Arts shop. Free placement service for all graduates at all times. Guidance and Counseling Center. The Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. ★ For Further Information Write to THE REGISTRAR Western Montana College of Education DILLON, MONTANA (96)FIRST NATIONAL BANK We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. Serving This Community Since 1880 Affiliated with the Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Berger-Cochrane Motors Sales FORD Service CONOCO PRODUCTS (24-Hour Service) Phone 6 Parisian Cleaners QUALITY SERVICE Pick Up and Deliver Free Phone 20 Electric and Variety Shop GIFTS School Supplies Phone 100 WINN'S INC. DILLON. MONTANA The Friendly Service Store (97) Professional Directory Dr. W. J. Romers Dr. H. A. Stanchfield Dentist Physician and Surgeon Phone 114 Phone 36-W and 36-J Dr. L. L. Lindley Optometrist Above Vaughn-Ragsdale Dillon, Montana Theo. F. McFadden Attorney at Law Telephone Building Dillon, Montana Dr. R. D. Curry Dentist Office Phone 335 Leonard Schulz Attorney and Counselor White Building Dillon, Montana Dr. W. E. Monger Osteopathic Physician Phone 131-R Carl Davis Attorney at Law White Building Dillon, Montana Dr. W. H. Stephan Physician and Surgeon Dr. A. L. Juergens Telephone Building Phone 125 Phone 680-W Dr. G. L. Houtledge Physician and Surgeon Telephone Block Phone 352-W (98)Western's Residence Halls for Women Congratulations to WMCE Graduates ★ The Big Dipper Malts Sundaes Shakes Deer Lodge Drug Co. Your Friendly Store Phone 10 "Bud's Drug Store" DEER LODGE, MONTANA Compliments of Brown's Cigar Store DEER LODGE, MONTANA (99)C. P. ELECTRIC Incorporated ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Telephone 51-W - P. O. Box 682 223 South Main Street LIVINGSTON, MONTANA Best Wishes FRANK J. TRUNK SON, INC. BOZEMAN, MONTANA ★ Installing the plumbing and heating in your new Auditorium and Shop Building ( 100)Greetings, "Bulldogs" . . . —And best wishes for the future from that friendly bank atop Butte's glittering hill. METALS BANK TRUST COMPANY BUTTE, MONTANA ( 101 )BEN REDD Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cadillac THE DIAMOND BAR INN of the Big Hole Jackson, Montana Invites You to Visit For a Day, a Week, or a Month Open All Year 'Round Indoor Hot Springs Rooms Excellent Meals Swimming Pool Cabins in our Dining Room Riding — Fishing — Hunting — Winter Sports Reasonable Rates — Write For Our Folder ( 102)L. C. SMITH CORONA, ROYAL, REMINGTON AND UNDERWOOD Pay as little as $1.50 a week O'Connors Typewriter Exchange 129 W. Broadway - Phone 4955 BUTTE, MONTANA Bond Grocery Co. ★ Phone 99 FREE DELIVERY Dillon Feed Seed Co. ★ DILLON, MONTANA The Examiner Printing Co., Inc. 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MONTANA Beaverhead ★ Let Us Help You to Look Lumber Company Your Best ★ Better Materials Cheaper Refrigerated Fur Storage Hats Cleaned and Blocked Phone 85 Efficient Laundry Service DILLON, MONTANA Phone 135 (Ill)Complete PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING BINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE ★ Office Supplies, Machines and Equipment ★ By combining the best in materials with careful and expert workmanship, we produce outstanding school annuals. Samples are always available and we invite comparison. GREAT FALLS, MONTANA ( 112)Know Montana . .. Montana's First Public School Historians record that the first public school was opened December 12, 1864, in Virginia City, when the first school district of the Territory of Montana was formed. However, prior to that time in the fall of 1863 a school was established in Bannack by Miss Lucia Darling. The school actually was a back room of her family's home. The enrollment was less than 30 pupils. Records do not reveal the method of financing the school but it is assumed that the school was supported by subscription. More than likely payments were made in gold dust, the most common medium of exchange of the period. Only a few books were available for use in the school. These were the books carried west by the pioneers and treasured throughout their lives. Classes were held during morning hours only and not at all during the colder winter days. In 1864 the school was transferred to a log cabin on the banks of Grasshopper creek. The structure was built by Charles Sackett and Richard Fenn. Later this building became the property of the United States and was used as a Senate committee room for the First Territorial Assembly. Among the early-day teachers of the territory were Miss Darling, Professor T. J. Dimsdale, Mrs. Thomas Watson, William Mitchell, Kate M. Dunlap and Michael Roach. A "Common School System for the Territory of Montana" was established in legislation signed by the territory's first governor, Sidney K. Edgerton, on Feb. 7, 1865. The legislation did not provide for a territorial superintendent of schools or commissioner as the post was titled, but Gov. Edgerton named Dimsdale to that office. Anaconda Copper Mining Company "Work for a Greater and More Prosperous Montana” This is a project that should include all Montanans. ( 113)Going Home Going to School Going on Vacation-or- For business or pleasure—always take the bus and specify INTERMOUNTAIN Consult your local agent for detailed schedules and low cost fares to any station in the United States, Canada or Mexico Intermountain Transportation Company Pioneers in Transportation Serving Montana and the West MONTANA OWNED AND OPERATED VACATION TIME—ANYTIME—EVERY SEASON HAS A REASON Beaverhead Bar Supply Co. 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