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For Reference Not to be taken from this roomTHE CHINOOK 1951 Our Theme: Western Horizons Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montana VOLUME FORTY-THREE in ■ i mi the WESTERN HORIZONS of an earlier centuAy, we, the Chinook staff of 1951, derive our thenle. 'Looking backward, we see that western horizons have been an inspiration to generations of strep g spirited Americans who have had the courage and the strength to break with the past and push ahead into unexplored regions. Hazarding the protests of nature and the vicissitudes of social isolation. they pushed incessantly forward, for the unscanned West held promise of new hope, new freedom, and a new lease on life. $3 ££05 .1hi the 1890’s, American civilization, with its institutions and stratification, found its last boundary, and the spirit of the Western Horizon seemed to pass out of American life. Those were the days when the cry "Go West, young man, go West” was drowned in the holloiv echo "The West is dead!" 13)But the West is not dead. For the West is only a symbol of man s primordial search for something greater. The Western Horizons of 1951 overhang the unexplored regions in science, art, and speculative thought. They lead to broader plains of human understanding and greater heights in social amenity. They, too, hold promise of new hope, new freedom, and a new lease on life. a rich year —Herbert 'A snow year(6)WILLIAM POPE Dedication With deep appreciation of his sincerity and ability, we dedicate the 1951 Chinook to one who has given not only of his time and efforts, but also of himself, to the advancement of mankind along the frontiers of science and education, our friend and instructor, Mr. William Pope, assistant professor of science. (7)Again we are at war. For most of us the future is uncertain. It may be that we will not be able to do the things we want to do but will be required to do the things that must be done. In either case this injunction holds: "Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might." Perhaps in doing the hard and unpleasant thing some compensation may be found. Modem youth seems much concerned with rights and privileges. It might be well to consider also duties and obligations. (9)I . CHINOOK is a breeze we like. It brings the thaw sign on the mountains, and the radical robins on the campus. More chinooks, and there will be dandelions not unloved, and campus pairs not unloving. THE CHINOOK is a book we love and enjoy. It carries the warm breath and pictures of College life now to wherever then may be. An old CHINOOK is young as soon as it is opened — today and in a hundred tomorrows. On our way, CHINOOK, cordial messenger of success and faith in what is to be! SHELDON E. DAVIS President Emeritus State Board of Education Left to right: Miss Dorothy Green, Executive Secretary, the Univorsity of Montana; Mrs. F. H. Potro; Mr. Charles S. Baldwin; Mr. Clarence Popham; Monstgnor Emmet J. Riley; Attorney General Arnold H. Olson; Governor John W. Bonner (President of the Board); Mr. G. A. Bosley; Mr. George N. Lund; Mrs. C. F. Ullman; Mr. Horace Dwyor; Miss Peggy McLaughlin, Ciork of the Board; Miss Mary M. Condon (Secretary of the Board). ( 10)The Chinook Staff at Work TABLE OF CONTENTS BOOK ONE: Classes BOOK TWO: Activities BOOK THREE: Athletics PRESENTED BY Howard Hansen, Editor Kermit Cole, Assistant Editor Miles Winship, Assistant Editor Rose Mudd, Picture Editor Marjorie Pettit, Business Manager Dan Connors, Business Manager Ruth Faller, Organizations Ed Monger, Men's Athletics Stan Smith, Men's Athletics John McMahon, Junior Class President Genevieve Albertson, Sponsor (inElk Horn Springs, famous summer and winter resort located near Dillon, offers stimulating outdoor recreation to students at Western. Fishing, hiking, camping, and swimming are enjoyed by teachers from throughout the state who attend the summer session. ( 13) Skiing, a favorite sport at Western, highlights winter activities.-V, - £,, Mrs. Stella Biorrum M. A. Instructor in Fin® Arts Geneviovo Albertson M. A. Professor of English Carl Davis L. L. B. Assistant Coach Mrs. Claribol Boqut R. N. Col logo Nurse Mrs. Zella Floros M. A. Assistant Professor of Education ( 17)Bertram Gable M. A. Assistant Professor of Music Selma Guttman Ph. D. Assistant Professor of English Ruth Greenfield B. A. Instructor in Physical Education Ralph Kneeland M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Education Margaret King B. A. Instructor in Training Dorothy Golhaus B. S. in L. S. Registrar Brinton Jackson B. M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Music (Absent on Leave 1950-51) Elinor Larson B. A. Instructor in Home Economics ( 18)Howard V. Loslic M. S. Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studios Ralph McFaddon M. M. Professor of Piano and Music Mrs. Holon D. Lucbbon A. B. Instructor in Foreign Languages and English Walter McGuire B. S. Librarian Georgia Mathews Business Manager and Acting Doan of Women Evelyn Mikkolsen B. Ed. Instructor in Businoss Education Mrs. Martha Nolson B. A. Instructor in Training O. K. Moo M. A. Professor of Industrial Arts and Social Studies ( 19)William Pop® M. A. Assistant Professor of Science Virginia O'Reilly M. A. Instructor in Training Elizabeth Satter M. A Instructor in Training William T. Straugh M. Ed. Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Mathematics Lawrence Walker M. A. Director of Training James Womack B. Ed. Instructor in Training (20) Arthur B. Ward S. T. B. Instructor in Social StudiesBOOK ONE (21 ) ClassesClass of 1951 Seniors Wanda Bayers Twin Bridges Major: Fino Art Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: B.S. Montana State College, Art Club Lyle Berg Coour d'Alono. Idaho Majors: English, Social Studies Minor: Scionco Imogono Colo. Missoula Major: Social Studios Minors: Foroign Languages, English Chostor Conley, Philipsburg Major: Science Minors: English, Social Studios John X. Dunno, Dillon Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Fine Art Marva Eccleston Anaconda Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Science Activities: Chanticleer President, Assistant Editor oi Wescolite, Football, 19S0 Chinook Staff Don Ellsworth Deer Lodge Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Music Activities: 1949-50 Student Body President, Who's Whc 1949-50, Student Activity Committoo 1948-49, Wescolite Editor 1948 Richard Everhard Philipsburg Major: Fino Art Minors: Gorman, Industrial Arts Activities: Kappa Pi Charles K. Fox Dillon Major: English Minors: Mathematics, Science (22)Ben Harrison Deer Lodge Major: General Science Minors: English, Mathematics, Physical Education Walfrod Koski Butte Major: General Scionco Minors: Social Studies, Mathematics John McGee Major: Science Minors: English. Social Studies Gene McCabe Anaconda Major: General Science Minors: English. Music Richard McGuire. Ennis Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Physical Education Betty McGillivray, Dillon Major: Fine Art Minors: English, Social Studies Activities: Kappa Pi John Malee, Anaconda Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Physical Education Activities: Senior Class President, Football 3 Years. All-Conforonco 1950, Secretary-Treasurer M Club, Newman Club Ed Mattix Missoula Major: Scionce Minors: Mathematics, Physical Education Activities: MEA, M Club. Football, Basketball Carl Nagel Butte Major: General Science Minors: Social Studies. English (23)John R. Osborne Dillon Major: Science Minors: Forolgn Languages, Mathematics, Physical Education Dallas Owens, Dillon Major: English Minors: German, Social Studies Sammy Solberg, Big Timber Major: English Minors: Scionco, Gorman Activities: Art Club, Gargoylos. MEA Catherine Ralferty, Butte Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Physical Education Activities: Sonior Class Secretary. Student Council Secretary, IRC, Nowman Club John E. Tietema, Havre Major: Social Studies Minors: English, Science t ) Ruth C. Schoonen, Anaconda Major: English Minors: French, Social Studios Activities: IRC, MEA, WAA, Gargoyles, Newman Club Donald Waldron, Hamilton Major: General Science Minors: English. Physical Educatior Social Studios Allen R. Weeks Hamilton Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Physical Education John ). Wenger Dillon Major: Social Studios Minors: English, Science (24)Alico Cooper Mount Vernon, Wash. Activitios: Music Club, Chorus William Bonnet! Deer Lodge Activities: M Club. Track Janal Carlson Choteau Class of 1952 Juniors Kermit C. Cole Missoula Activities: MEA, Chanticleers, Wescolite Staff. Chinook Stalf Edward F. Durkin Anaconda Activitios: Music Club, Football, Nowman Club, Chorus Ruth Faller Dillon Activities: Gargoyles, Chinook Staff, Newman Club Howard Hansen Arlee Activities: Gargoyles, International Relations. Chinook Editor Fred W. Holdorf Butte Activities: Art Club President (25)John McMahon Door Lodge Activities: M Club, Junior Class President, Student Council, Student Activity Committee, Newman Club, Track Capt. Roso Ellon Mudd Missoula Activities: Junior Class Sec.-Treas., IRC, Chinook Staff, Newman Club. MEA Edward Monger Belgrade Activities: Chinook Staff, Chanticleers, Music Club, MEA, Band. Chorus Dorothy Newnes Dillon Activities: Music Club Carolyn Payton Rexford Activities: Music Club, Kappa Zeta Nu, Chorus and Girls' Chorus Lynn Owens McAllister Marjorie Pettit DiUon Activities: Chinook Staff, KZN, WAA, Newman Club, Gargoyles (26)Mary E. Riggins Butte Rose Armour Missoula Activities: Pres. MEA Local, Music Club, IRC, Chorus Donald Shaw Jefferson Island Hugh Simmons Dillon Stanloy Smith Fort Benton Alfred Taylor Anaconda Joan Wonger Dillon Miles Winship Victor Activities: IRC, Chinook Staff Jacquolino R. Armour Missoula Activities: Music Club Sec., Gorgoylos, Director of "The Trysting Place" Robert C. Wolf Dillon (27) Diploma Graduates, August 1950 Bernice Deqlow Cord'vor Columbia Tail Iren All n Eran. Mile City Ir n M. N Uon Geraldine Special Students Genevieve Col Clyde Park 1950 Dogroo Graduate SDecial Student in Music Western's Foreign Students Gertrud Berqer Ulm, Germany (Paodagogical Institution, Nurf) Helma Landmann Frankfurt, Germany (Toachors College, Bayreuth) Barbara G. Thompson Hobson Gisela Rudolph Berlin, Germany (Univoreity of Berlin) (28)Class of 1933 Sophomores Botty Bray Missoula Activities: WAA, Chants-clccrs Belly Christensen Great Fall Activities: Music Club. Sec.-Treas. Chanticleers Bob Aleksich Philipsburg Activitios: Basketball, Track, M Club Dolores Anderson Hungry Horse Jack Burke Dillon Betty Lou Austreng Butte Activities: Music Club, KZN, Chorus Dora DeBorde Townsend Activities: KZN Socrotary Doris Chamberlin Ennis Activities: WAA. MEA. Music Club. Band Shirley Challin Corvallis Activities: Chanticleers, Gargoyles Sec. Margarette Dempsey Butte Donna Billington Arloe (23)Class of 1953 Bruce Domer P J y Dubbe Townsend Anaconda Tom Durkin Anaconda Mitzi Dwyer Victor Eldena Grant Hot Springs Activities: MEA. Music I Florence Gray Bozeman Activities: Art Ciub. Chanticleers, Music Club, WAA Lois Elwood Butte Activities: WAA, Kappa Zeta Nu, Music Club, Chanticleers, Band Jacqueline H. Erickson Butte Mrs. Doris Grimes Dillon Hilda Guldseth Malta Activities: KZN, Art Club. Music Club, Gargoyles, MEA, IRC Keith Hamilton Robert Erickson Corvallis Activities: President of Gargoyles, Music Club, MEA, Chorus Jean Ann Fisher Butte Activities: President of KZN, Cheer Leader, House Council, WAA MEA, Gargoyles Beverly Grant Butte Activities: Music Club, Gargoyles. KZN, WAASophomores Norman Jacobson Bon Jarrell Whitelish Butte Activities: Vice Pres, o! Sophomore Class. M Club. Football, Track Marvin Hershey Edward F. Xahoe Hanover. Pa. Philipsburg Activities: Chorus Marian Hauck Philipsburg Activities: Music Club Helen L. Karlock Anaconda Activities: KZN. Music Club, WAA, Newman Club Treas., Gargoylos Jim Hansen Wolf Point Activities: Garaoyles, IRC, Band Richard Xnapton Dale H. Kusumoto Max J. LaMar© Whlteiish Whitelish Dillon Activities: Music Club Troas.. IRC (31 )MatgateV L. Lane Three Pork Doris Mayberry Lima Betty Monger Belgrade Lois Paulson StevensTllle loverly R. Peterson Lima ivihes: Chanticleers. ZN. Basketball, Bowl-ig, Music Harold L. LaRoche Lower Brule. S. D. c L A S s 0 F 1 9 5 3 loan McMichael Paradise Activities: Cheer Leader. WAA, House Council Dorothy Marich Dillon Rose Marie Norton Anaconda Activities: KZN, Music Club Wayne D. Pierce Prairie City. Oregon Valdean Osteros Anaconda Activities: KZN, Music Club, Pros. V AA. Sec. Sophomor© Class, Activity Committee I Beulah Pospisil Bozeman Activities: Music Club, Intervarsity (32)Betty Lou Sago Dillon Darlene Rush Lima Bonita C. Rolflor Anaconda lamos F. Scofield Dillon Activities: Art Club Margaret Sanderson Toston Activities: KZN, Music Club Carolyn Best Kalispell Max H. Blodgett Hamilton Bette Boyd Missoula Elizabeth Brown Dillon Mildred Carlson Missoula Mary Burgess Walkerville John F. Carriger Butte Betty Ann Brasch Three Forks (34) Roberta Cherry Lima Allen Clark Dillon Peqqy Clark Arlee Genevieve Claypool Laurin Carolyn Combs Ennis Bert W. Corcoran Box Eldor Lorraino Davenport Ronan Virginia C. Clino Anaconda M. Doylo litohall Eileen Doucett Butte Ann Flannigan Butto Maureen Geary Butte Delbert Greenfiold Bette Hagarty Yvonnie Han Ida Henderson Hamilton Stevensville Virginia City Malta (35)Mary L. Jackson Whitehall Louis Johnson Galata Roger Knapton Whitelish Annie Krisk Butt Marjorie Lane Dillon Belly Lorenson Drummond Carleen McCarthy Bonnie McCollum Lima SI. Ignatius Class of 1954 Persia McDowall Poison Keith McLeod Joanne McMillan Philipsburg Sidney Louise Meeds Armstead Merwin Megee McAllister Thomas Miller Corvallis Belly Morgan Leroy Douglas Morigeau Poison (36)Barbara Morin Arlt Rosemary Mors Missoula Anita J. Mosby Butt Janie Munkers Butte Laura Neidt Missoula Robert Olson Victor Peggy O'Neill Butte Beverly Prather Box Elder Howard Randall Whitefish Ann Reardon Anaconda Freshmen Shirley Rehberg Stevensville Wilma Richards Clinton Aldene Robinson Butt Preston L Rose Pamela Rubel Charles Russell Donna Sainsbury Jane Screnar Humphrey. Idaho Poison Boulder St. Ignatius East Helena (37)loan Sheeley Batty Spencer Honan Lemhi, Idaho Agnes Tannason Cast Halana C «ss Elroy Waited Dillon Lolatta Tie thus Billie Zimmerman Hot Springs Townsend Mary J0 Walkup Butte D '”« Wayman Challit, Idaho °- ▼(39)Student Council The Chinook staff has given .u, is "Thanks.'' me ,n‘s opportunity to say a word, and the word I want to say Thanks to ©very student Thanks to the people who did such ,°u anyr co nmi,,eo ,h® 1950-1951 school year and executed the snack k™ j ucn a goo 1 i°b on Freshman week. Thanks to those who organized :,lir«rm r Lt od Mrks usho,s and ,ickei, Th,ants ,o s , , u ine faculty members who gave so generously of theu time so that 2 ?mod on- Thank, to the stall in the business office lot helping with os. . r m . an s ° 1 ® vodvil committee especially. Thanks to the other members of the Student Council and its secretary for a lot of fine cooperation. My experience at Western has been unusual. No person refused to serve on a committoe. or o assis in any other way. I have never had a refusal. I like to think that no other student body presidents in the nation hav© had that kind of cooperation. Certainly no other president could have So—again I say, "Thanks for everything.' DAN SWEENEY Student Body President From left to right. Jack Carriger. £'l!i cMahon. ell President; John Mo lee. and John ti Catherino Rafforty, President Rush Jordan; Dan Sweeney. Student Coun- (40)Who’s Who . . . These students were elected to Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges. Don Waldron (4i)IRC Leit to : Simpson Mrs. Ro. }h , silting: Rulh Schoonen, Rose Mudd. Jean Lay, Joan Shoeley, Pamela Rubol, Mary Jo Walkup. Siandinq: atherine Ra.forty, Howard Hansen. Bon Jarrell, James Hansen, Mr. Leslie, Hilda Guldscth, Dan Sweeney M r Armour. Mrs. Leslie, Cliff lies Winship, ar.d ML A Fit- lei! to right: Jo Arm Stiles, Cliff Simpson. Kcrmit Colo, Roce Armour, Ruth Sc'noonen. Ed Monger, Don Shaw. Mrs. Floros. Sam Sol: • Second row, left to right: Bonita Roffler. Janice Munkers. Dons Chamberlin, Mary Jackson. Mary Lou Burgess, Aqnos Tenne or., Lorr • Davenport, Rosemary Morse, Carolyn Best, Eldena Grant. Rose Mudd, Jean Sudan, Wanda Bayers. Third row. left to nqht: Poquy I s:k. Dan Sweeney. Ramona Goss. Del Greenliold, Jane Scronar, Harley Iverson, A1 Clark, Jackie Armour. Hilda Guldseth. Hole:-. V'-qter. Bernice Winters, lean Ann Fisher. Ed Boyle. (42)International Relations Club The International Relations club has as its purpose the achievement of a better understanding of modem international affairs. This year, most of the club's discussions were led by members who had prepared short lectures on matters of interest. The highlight of the year's activity was Father Lechner's address on the reconstruction of Germany. Officers: Jim Hansen, President; Miles Winship. Vice President; Joan Sheely, Secretary-Treasurer. Student ME A Local The aim of the Student MEA Local is to provide in-school training for future teachers. Each member learns the importance of the MEA, and of its aims and benefits for teachers. Officers of Western's MEA are Mrs. Rose Armour, president; Kermit Cole, vice-president; Ruth Schoonen, secretary-treasurer. The present membership is forty-two. The local MEA maintains a special bulletin board in Western's main hall which keeps the school public informed about pertinent facts in education. MEA also has a column in the Wescolite. A panel discussion, which featured Dr. Brockmann, president of Northern Montana College, was sponsored by Western's MEA November 15. An assembly address by Miss Sadie Erickson, a member of the Butte high school faculty, and an exchange teacher in England last year, was also sponsored by MEA during the winter quarter. Two local delegates and two alternates represented WMCE at the Delegate Assembly held at Helena during the month of December. Every member is active, for he or she must serve on committees which deal with the many problems confronting those interested in public education. (43)The Art Club One of the most active of campus organizations is the Art Club. Its purpose is to foster interest and develop talent in art at WMCE. The club is financed by means of its shop, which is opened once or twice a quarter for the purpose of selling articles designed and made by members. Among the various articles sold at this shop are v et chalk paintings, plaster plaques, originally designed WMCE stationery, yule logs, loom weaving, and many others. In 1934, the Art Club established the Art Club Loan Fund, which is used to assist worthy students. Eight students have already realized benefits from this fund. There is also an Art Club Scholarship Fund. Two students, both of whom are now teaching, have been awarded this scholarship. One of the most active club quarters occurs during the summer. For the past ten years, requests have come in for a summer club. Last summer, under the able leadership of Amy McKenna, this hope was realized. The club numbered twenty-two members. They voted oil paintings as their project for the shop, and at the close of the term paintings by Amy McKenna, Margaret Pfiffner, Charlotte Ebeltoft, Marian Hanson, Kay Sprunger. Ruthlee Kiefert, and Margaret Anderson were sold. At the North Montana Fair, Irene Nelson and Henry Elwood placed in leathercraft; Charlotte Ebeltoft placed in weaving. At the end of every year, the activities of the Art Club are climaxed with the club banquet. Mrs. Mary Emerick is the sponsor. Kappa Pi — Omicron Chapter Kappa Pi is a national fine arts honorary fraternity with seventy chapters in thirty-two states. It is the oldest honorary art fraternity among colleges today, and was introduced on our campus in 1937. During 1950 and 1951, the Kappa Pi members sponsored the art exhibits at the college. Three members sent their work to the Northwest Kappa Pi exhibit in Oregon in 1950, and eight members exhibited work at the North Montana Fair in Great Falls. (44)Art Club Seated at table, loll to right: Joan Lay, Jim Scofiold, Bill Holdorl, Marilyn Warburton. Standing, lelt to right: Bovorly Prathor, Wanda Bayers. Sam Solberg, Florence Gray. Mrs. Emerick. Hilda Guldseth, Jan Carlson. Kappa Pi Hugh Simmons WOOD SCULPTURE by Dick Evorhard Richard Everhard PLASTILINA MODEL by Kay Sprungor (45)Newman Club Seatod. left to right: Gertrude Berger. Helen Karlock, Mike McMahon. Helen Jones. Ruth Faller, John McMahon. Standing, loft to right: Mrs. Dillavou, Rose Mudd, Lawrence Tierney. Marjorie Lano, Bill Milligan, Father Clifford. Thomas Bohan. Catherine Rafferty, Miss Larson, Marjorie Pettit, Ann loan Reardon, Virginia Cline. Intervarsity First row, left to right: Betty Kuipors, Holon Vegter, Mary Leila Jackson. Clarice Christenson, Dolores Galloway, Dolores Anderson, Janal Carlson. Second row: Mildred Carlson. Beulah Pospisil, Nellie Buchanan, Louise Moods, Mrs. Bridenstino, sponsor, Ronald McKinley, Barbara Bateman. House Council Sitting, left to right: Joan McMichael, Mar garet Hork, Boltc Morgan. Suzanne Thompson. Jean Ann Fisher. Janal Carlson, Miss Mathews, sponsor. Standing: Gonovieve Claypool, Rosemary Morse. (46)The Newman Club The Newman Club is a new comer on the campus this year. Its purpose is to foster the intellectual and spiritual needs of the Catholic students. The club has had a successful beginning. The activities sponsored by the club are two monthly meetings for discussions and talks by the students, a regular monthly communion breakfast, and a day of recollection. Father Timothy Clifford is the Chaplain, and Miss Elinor Larson and Mrs. Ruth Dillavou are the sponsors. Inter-Varsity The purpose of Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship is to further Christian principles on the campus. Students of all faiths gather and participate in the devotional and discussion group. The topics for discussion this year have centered around the topic Christianity and Science. For some programs there have been films; for others, off-campus speakers. One of the main projects the group has engaged in this year is that of visiting the Women's Rest Home and the Men's Rest Home on alternating Sunday afternoons. The officers for the year were the following: lanal Carlson, president; Mary Leila Jackson, vice-president; and Dolores Anderson, secretary-treasurer. Women's House Council The governing body of the Residence Hall is the Women's House Council, sponsored by Miss Georgia Mathews. This year the following members were elected to represent the dormitory girls: Jean Ann Fisher, Margie Hork, Janal Carlson, Joan McMichael, Betty Morgan, Rosemary Morse, Genevieve Clay-pool, and Suzanne Thompson. In reality, this organization is a traditional policy committee, with upper classmen holding over as honorary members, to discuss pertinent needs as they arise, and to formulate new rules. Teas, formals, and other social functions at the dormitory are sponsored by the group, who also act as leaders and "big sisters" in observing and respecting the rules and standards of student government as it pertains to the best interests of the Residence Halls. (47)Kappa Zeta Nu With the beginning of fall quarter, Jean Ann Fisher took over the duties as the new president of KZN; Helen Jones as vice-president; Dora DeBorde as secretary-treasurer; and Miss Evelyn Mikkelsen and Mrs. William Straugh as sponsors. New members were needed, and plans had to be made for the coming year. A turkey raffle was planned for November 22; Tom Durkin won the turkey. On November 29, a formal initiation for seven girls was held in the Home Economics Department. The succeeding activities of the sorority for fall quarter were the Halloween party, held in honor of the dormitory girls, the selling of Christmas Seals, and the giving of Christmas gifts to secret pals. Winter quarter activities consisted of a Valentine party, held exclusively for the girls of KZN, and the selling of stationery and all-occasion cards. With the coming of spring quarter, there was the expectancy of going to Diamond Bar Inn and of the fun it would hold for the girls. There was also the annual spring dance, which helped high-light the activities of the sorority for another school year. Student Wives Club The Student Wives Club held its meetings once each month this year. The members of the club took turns entertaining. Activities for the year included a craft club, made up of interested members of the regular club. Its meetings were held two or three times each month. The club also had a food sale at Christmas time and a rummage sale in the spring. In addition, the members enjoyed several husband and wife parties, and concluded the year with a dinner-dance, given in honor of the husbands. The officers of the club were Leslie McGee, president; Chickie Wenger, vice-president; and Audrey Dunn, secretary-treasurer. (48)K. Z. N o o n First row, left to right: Loia Etlwood, Valdean Ostoroj lToso Nofiftti H4tettsJ stork, Sudan, Helen Jones, Jean Ann Fisher, Dora DoBorddT MrsnstfSugh, sponsor, Jadkto Miss Mikkelsen, sponsor, Margaret Pettit, Hilda Cjeidselh,' Betty Austreng. Standing1 cher, Doris Mayborry. Sage. Beverly Peterson. Second row: Joan Third row: Bovorly Grant, Ramona Goss. . Third row: Bovorly Grant, Ramona Goss, kindorson. Carolyn Payton, Marilyn Boost- Student Wives Sitting, left to right: Delores Blodgett, Audrey Dunne, Loslio McGee, "Chickie" Wenger, Janice Anderson. Standing, left to right: Betty Fey, Nora Jean Simmons, Carol LaMare, Patty Mattix, Mary Haman, Dorothy Marich, Betty Scoiiold. Meg Wink ley, Elvorotta Johnson, Roberta O'Dell, Virginia Straugh, sponsor. ( 49) The Romancers' (51)Defending My Lady's Honor. Give Sammy, Harley, and Merwin time—they will get the flats on the truck. Sammy Solberg, Playwr;: and Director of "CloudbaThe Gargoyles The Gargoyle Club, Western's dramatics society, was founded in 1923 for the purpose of encouraging dramatic activity and rewarding members of unusual merit. Gargoyles who have notably furthered dramatic activity at the college are eligible for membership in the honor society, Order of the Jeweled Masque. In 1950, the Gargoyles produced The Winslow Boy, Terence Rattigan's famous Broadway success. The play, directed by Miss Myrtle Savidge, had the following cast: Ronnie Winslow—Clarence Brammer; Sir Robert Morton Ted Feldman; Grace Winslow--Jean Lay; Catherine Winslow—Wilma Strand; Dickie Winslow -Bud Thomas; Violet—Jackie Haines John Watherstone—Bob Erickson; Desmond Curry—Don Shaw; Miss Barnes—Mary Leuck; Fred—Keith Hamilton. In the fall quarter of 1950, Dr. Selma Guttman joined the faculty at Western and assumed the duties of Gargoyle sponsor. Under her competent guidance, three one-act plays were produced: A Merry Death by Evreinov, directed by Ruth Schoonen; The Trysting Place by Tarkington, directed by Jacqueline Armour; and The Romancers by Rostand, directed by Beverly Grant. This was the first experience for these students as producers, and the success of the performances indicated a great deal of effort and ability. The Trysting Place and The Romancers toured to Whitehall, where they were enjoyed by the high school audience. The Trysting Place was also presented at Anaconda High School. Gwen Ferris's one-act comedy, The Courting of Marie Jenvrin, directed by Pamela Rubel, was presented at a winter quarter assembly along with Cloudburst, Sammy Solberg's original one-act tragedy, which Sam directed himself. Dr. Guttman directed Maxwell Anderson's Wintersot, a tragedy in three acts, in the 1951 spring quarter. Its cast read as follows: Mio—Howard Hansen; Miriamne—Loletta Yterhus; Garth—Ben Jarrell; Judge Gaunt—Ed Kahoe; Ezdras—Cliff Simpson; Trock—Robert Everhard; Shadow—Sylvester Meade; Policeman—Allen T. Clark; Hobo- -D. William Salo; Organ grinder—Don Shaw; Piny—Jacqueline Armour; Carr—Jack Carriger; Radical—A1 Gordon; Sergeant—Micky Estes; Herman—Gene McCabe; 1st Girl—Jean Lav; 2nd Girl-Peggy Gravely; Street Urchin- Helen Jones; Killers—Don Foley and Charles Russell. Sam Solberg was stage manager. (53)The Music Club We introduce now another active gioup on the campus; the Music Club and Chorus. This club has been on the campus for many years. The purpose of this organization is to foster musical activity and appreciation on the campus. We might mention here that the activities sponsored by the club this year have been a job well done. The sponsors of the Music Club are Mr. Bertram Gable and Mr. Ralph McFadden. During the fall quarter the Chorus presented a Christmas concert directed by Mr. Gable. This program consisted of selections, appropriate to the season, sung by the mixed chorus, women's chorus, caroleurs, and soloists. Winter quarter "Campus Call to Arms," a musical play in three acts, was presented by the Chorus. The skit was a "take-off" on Western's campus. It was adapted to the context of 17 hit songs by Rodgers and Hammerstein. The story and dialogue were written by Florence Gray with the assistance of Ann Flannigan and Betty Austreng, Ed Monger and Mr. Gable, the voice instructor. The musical production was under the direction of Bertram Gable with Florence Gray assisting. Harvey Foster and Ann Flannigan were piano accompanists. Stage sets and management were by Robert Erickson, with Beverly Grant, Jack Carriger, and Agnes Tenneson in charge of makeup. (S4) iThe Music Club Loll to riqht, sitting: Ed Kahoo, Alico Cooper, Ed Mongor, Doris Chamberlin, Jack Carrigor, Robert Erickson, Merwin Maaee, Ray Simon, Donald Shaw. Standing, left to right: Hilda Guldseth, Florence Gray, Mr. Gable, Mrs. Armour, Sylvia Hoskinson, Mary Jackson, Anita Mosbv, Helen Jones. Peggy Clark, Lois Ellwoc-d, Betty Austrong, Agnos Tennoson, Max LaMare, Loletta Yter-hus, Carolyn Payton, Jane Screnar, Margaret Sanderson, Ann Flcnntgan, Helen Vegier, Molly Doyle, Beulah Pospisil, Mr. McFaddon. Scene from "A Campus Call to Arms" Dorm life as interpreted by the Music Club (55) The Mixed Chorus The Caroleurs Back row, left to right: Harvey Foster, Ray Simon, Jack Carriger, Ed Kahoo, Ed Durkin, Bob Erickson. Front row, lelt to right: Holon Vogter, Poggy Clark, Beitv Austreng, Jackie Armour, and Valdean Osteros. (56)Spring Concert Spring quarter the club presented a program of sacred music under the direction of Mr. Bertram Gable. Taking part were the mixed chorus, the women's chorus, and a number of soloists. The mixed chorus is composed of townspeople as well as college students. Accompanists for this concert were Ann Flannigan and Betty Austreng for the mixed chorus, and Harvey Foster for the women's chorus. The Caro lews The Caroleurs is a group of students, talented in music, who sang madrigals on several occasions. Assembly Programs Each year at Western the students in the Music department contribute to the entertainment of students and faculty at assembly programs. This year Ed Durkin, Betty Austreng, Jackie Armour, Ann Flannigan, and Harvey Foster have given commendable performances. Genevieve Cole Genevieve Cole, a i 950 graduate of Western, v as back again this year as a special student of piano under Professor Ralph McFadden. Genevieve presented a piano recital in the college auditorium on April 24, which included Bach's French Suite No. 5 in G, Beethoven's Sonata Op. 2 No. 3, Brahms' Rhapsodie in G Minor, de Falla's Serenata Andaluza. and three Chopin Etudes. (57)Chanticleer Club It is the purpose of the Chanticleer Club to publish the Wescolite, the college newspaper, and to encourage interest in journalism. In addition to circulating the paper, the organization publishes the scandal sheet and program schedule for the annual Vodvil. Students interested in journalism can become members of the club after earning the required number of points by contributing to either the Wescolite or the Chinook. Initiations in the autumn and winter quarters increased the membership of the club from four members to fifteen. Lyle Berg, elected to the vice-presidency to succeed Mardel Lane, became president of the group when Marv Eccleston graduated at the conclusion of winter quarter. Betty Christensen served as secretary-treasurer of the club. Miss Albertson sponsors the organization. With Chanticleers serving as staff reporters, Florence Gray carried the work of the editor during the autumn quarter. Shirley Chaffin and Ed Monger were the business managers. During the winter quarter Lyle Berg was editor; Marv Eccleston, assistant editor; and again Shirley and Ed had charge of advertising. During the spring quarter Lyle Berg was again editor, assisted by Shirley Chaffin and Kermit Cole. The business managers were Ed Munger and Imogene Cole. At all times Chanticleers serve as reporters. Matrix The Matrix is an honorary society within the Chanticleer Club. Membership is reserved for those who distinguish themselves in journalism or who serve either of Western's publications faithfully. ()The Chanticleers Standing, left to right: Genevieve Albertson, sponsor, Kermit Cole, Lyle Borg. Sitting, loft to right: Betty Christensen, Marva Eccleston, Imogone Cole, Shirley Chaffin. Botte Morgan, Betty Bray, Jack Carnger. Beverly Peterson, Ed Monger, Florence Gray, Claude Ankeny. Editor Florence Gray interviews the foreign students for the Wes-colite. The Matrix Left to right, sitting: Florence Gray. Marv Eccleston. Betty Christensen, Betty Bray, Shirley Chaffin. Lylo Borg. Standing: Ed Monger, Don Ellsworth, Claude Ankeny. Kermit Cole. (S9)Headlining Western AcA U tUe. Ca+ttf2uA. " Students l cleRaU‘ Pyl’ROFVi of Money fe Taufcht In Home Ec mea A . RTtCl Check V Member a V New Ofbcen CYmsen kencevnetvV » I The Training School Here Western's students gain actual teaching experience.'Ted'' in Clay Model—Eloise Robbins Talc Carving—Hilda Guldseth Clay Model—Beverly Prather Clay Model—Betty McGillivray Gesso Work—Olivia Patton Talc Carving—Kay Sprunger Clay Model—Kay Sprunger (63)No Man's Land Boy Meets Girl Dining Hall (64)John McMahon, Junior Class President, Takes One Lounge Lizards An Evening in the Snack Bar (65)Vodvil, 1951 First Place: Toy Shop, by W.A.A. Second Place: Camp Messkito, by the Junior class Third Place: Theories and Troubles, by the campus M.E.A. (66)lack Carrier costume tor ' band. DSt 0nnell ongj,laI n? boys Screnar and Peggy k, winners of the be-acfs prize. Aldene Robinson, chosen for most original costume among girls. Jackie Melody n Delores Anderson. lean or»ginal group. Jim Corr and Howard Hickey, best comic characters. Ten (mm PH ( ,.pvf Keep This Program for Tonights Show! ANNOUNCING 1951 Vodvil Program SYLVESTER MKADF—MASTER OF CUUSMOMKS Toy Shop ...................... • You and The Night and The Mode' A Day !u Ute Life of Harry Truman keRpenrr Suffer a? Theories and Troubles J..........-... Dear Hearts and Gentle People. Camp Mqifciito. — ................—- Faculty Meeting. .. Agnes Clung ..... .. ............. Modern Mount Olympic or "Ye God " Virtue Rewarded ..,................. We Ain’t What We Used To Be ...... Buttons and Bows” School Date...................... Moonlight and Rose . Green Eyes'.....! Simmons vs. Degas I Jane Screnar Peggy C ...............Junior ......... _Freshman .. Betty Music Ruth K.Z.h Cara Red. Sophomore Cla Ed Durkb Art Clul ru V«» 'Denote in-between art . Regular acts and in-Jbetween acta are h be judged aeparately. Credits and participant will appear in th- kD Vkl I ' WESCOLITE.(69) Men's: Pages 70-87 Women's: Pages 88-93 BOOK THREEM-Club First row, left to right: Fred Taylor, Ed Durkin, Stan Smith. Bon Harrison, John Maloo. Second row, left to right: Norman Jacobson, Ed Mattix, Bob Alokslch, John McMahon, Carl Goble. Allen Weeks. Third row, left to right: Bob McConnell, Bill Bennott, Joe Fey. Don Swennes, Dan Connors. Activities for 1950-51 Two Dances. Smoker, M Day, M-Club Picnic WO Football Front row, left to right: Don Waldron. J. P. Bartley. Norman Jacobson. Allen Weeks, Stan Smith, Bud Malee, Kevin Johnson, Dick Knap-ton. Ed Durkin, Captain Joe Foy, Ed Mattix. Second row, left to right: Tom Durkin, Alfred Taylor, Jim Murray, Rogor Knapton, Bill Moir, Marva Ecclcston, A1 Pierco, Dale Kusomoto, Dan Connors, Bill Ley bold, Doug Morigeau, Elroy Wostad. Top row. left to right: Assistant Coach Carl Davis, Don Foley, Bill Salo, Howard Randall, Joe Doohan, Bill Bennett, Dick McGuire. John McMahon, Bob Kirk, Don Swonnos, Max Blodgett, Bob McConnell. Bob Davis. Coach Bill Straugh. (70)Wednesday, November 15, 1950 Bulldogs Down Westminster 7-0 By HERMIT COLE The Western Bulldogs met and defeated a well-matched Westminster team on their field Saturday, November 11, closing the season with five wins and one loss. In the third period of a see-saw game, Ed Mattix took a short pass from Kevin Johnson and galloped the remaining 46 yards to the goal. John McMahon assisted with timely down field blocking. Joe Fey booted the ball through the up-rights, making the score 7 to 0. Bulldogs vs. Orediggers Bud MaleeW.M.C.E. Wins Second Conference Grid Tussle Bulldogs Whip Bears 39-6 The Bulldog of Western Montans College decisively defeated the Rocky Mountain College Bean 30 to 6 here Friday night at Viligantc stadium. In' the tint quarter after holding the Bears tor oo yardage. The Bulldogs on a good runback marched to the Bear fifteen where fullback Joe Fey went through the line standing up tor the first tally. The conversion attempt failed. After holding the Bears four downs the visitors kicked and three plays later quarterback Dick Knapton went around end for the second 9tore to end 4he first quarter. Bulldogs in the LeadBulldogs Beat Bobkittens, 13-0, On Vigilante Field Western Montana College of Education defeated the Montana State College Bobkittens, 13-0, in an exhibition of rough football Sunday afternoon at Vigilante Field, and closed the season second in the conference Sunday’s climactic victory was the fpurth victory in five games for the powerful Bulldogs whose power proved the difference with a good visiting Junior Varsity from the State College. Western's first tally came in the first quarter and was the result of a steady ground gaining offense. Halfback Stan Smith climaxed the drive with an off-tackle plunge that netted the Bulldogs fifteen yards ar.d Western’s first score of the afternoon. (73)D kin Bill Loybold Howard Randall Elroy Wesiad (74)Joe Fey, captain, congratulates Val after crowning her Homecoming Queen. (75) Football Queen Valdean Osteros and her attendants, left to right, Lois Ellwood, Lavonne Carlson, Pat Davis, Joan Mc-Michael, Aldene Robinson.The Queens leave the field after the coronation. ., ;v Joe Fey, completing an extra point.| Yell leaders—Helen Jones, Jean Sudan, Aldene Robinson, Jean Ann Fisher, Joan McMichael — ready to cheer the Bulldogs.Football 1950 The football squad this year had a very impressive record: five wins to only one loss. The line had power and speed with enough experience to know how to use these qualities. The back-field had speed, drive, and versatility, and the whole team seemed to be "deep" enough to withstand anything that should come. However, injuries plagued the team throughout the season. To begin with, Norman Jacobson, a star tackle on any team, suffered a broken leg. Then Bill Bennett, an occasional punter, sprained his ankle. Kevin Johnson, a man with an accurate passing arm, became absent from the line-up with a badly wrenched knee. And, as if that were not enough, Dick Knapton, the quarterkxxck whom the team had leaned on so heavily, broke his ankle. In spite of all these handicaps, the valiant "3ulldog" team, with its fighting spirit, sportsmanship, and determination of which Western is so proud, ended with an impressive record. They gained all that could be gained from a wholehearted effort in a competitive sport. To Western, these men are champions of the highest kind. Western over Rocky Mountain 39-6 Carroll College Saints over Western 7-0 V estern over School of Mines 28-0 Western over Westminster 7-0 Western over Bobkittens 13-0 (77)Basketball: The Conference Season The Bulldogs entertained a tairly successful and very unusual basketball season this year. Coach Bill Straugh's team finished third in conference play and took part in the N. A. I. B. elimination tournament in Billings. One of the "unusuals" took place in the series of games with the School of Mines. Western opened its conference schedule with an 82 to 33 victory over the Mines. Later on in the season the Bulldogs trounced the Orediggers again 99 to 73 and the next night lost to the same team 54 to 56. This was only the second conference win of the season for the Mines. Western journeyed to Carroll and lost 64 to 61, then went to Havre where the Lights were victors in both games, 48 to 54 and 43 to 47. In the return games with these teams Western was entirely victorious, cleaning Northern 67 to 53 and drubbing Carroll 91 to 65 and 58 to 55 in their last conference game of the season. The Bulldogs were victors in all three games with Eastern, winning 81 to 73, 69 to 67, and 74 to 73. With the conference champions, Rocky Mountain, Coach Straugh's team won one 68 to 65 and dropped two—50 to 59 and 55 to 63. The Bulldogs won 9 conference games and lost 6 for third place. During the season they won from, and lost to, every team in the conference. (78)"A” Squad and Coach Left to right: John McMahon, Coach Straugh, Jim O'Doll. Bon Harrison, Allen Weeks, Walt Anderson. Walt Anderson Captain Ben Harrison All-Conference Second TeamBulldogs Win Three Straight to Cop Tournament Honors By CLAUDE ANKENY Bulldogs Win Conference Tilts McMAHON, HARRISON SPARK VICTORIES John Osborn© Dan Connors (80)Junior Varsity Left to right: Bill Bennett, Don Swonnos, Kevin Johnson, Howard Hickey, Coach Carl Davis. Sitting: Douglas Morigoau, Joe Foy, Jim Murray, Max Blodgett. The "A" squad with John Ma-lee. Manager, and Coach Bill Straugh.Standing, loft to right: Mary Margaret Doylo, Joan Lay. Ralph McFadden (director). Sitting, loft to right: Marion Camp, Helen Vegter, Sylvia Hoskinson, Bob Olson, Mary Leila Jackson, Doris Chamberlin, Bob Davis, Ed Monger. Jack Carrigor, Hewitt Martino!!, Ann Flan-nigan. Ray Simon. Jim Hansen. The Pep Band The Pep Band was an outstanding feature in the Western gymnasium during this year's thrilling basketball season. The band, led by Mr. Ralph McFadden, was very popular with townspeople and students alike for its stirring marches and school songs, which helped to spur the Bulldogs on to victory. Hats off to the pep band, whose efforts have lent considerable distinction to the 1950-51 sports year.Conference Standings Team Won Lost Pet. Rocky Mountain 12 3 .800 Northern .................................. .11 4 .733 Western ................................... 9 6 .600 Eastern 7 8 .466 Carroll 4 11 .266 Mines 2 13 .133 Conference Games Team We They Mines 82 33 Carroll 61 64 Northern 48 54 Northern 43 47 Rocky Mountain 50 59 Rocky Mountain 68 65 Northern 67 53 Eastern 61 73 Rocky Mountain 55 63 Eastern 69 67 Eastern 74 73 Mines ........................................... 69 73 Mines 64 56 Carroll ......................................... 61 65 Carroll 68 65 TOTALS 1.000 600 (83)All-Conference Teams 1950-51 1ST TEAM 2ND TEAM Player McMahon College Western Player Weeks College Western Heins Eastern Harrison Western Kuhr Northern Kelly Fink Rocky Mountain Chapman Rocky Mountain Kroehler Rockv Mountain Toshoff Mines Thomas Eastern Individual Scoring in Conference Games Player FG FT TP Avg. Weeks ... 77 68 222 14.8 McMahon ... 56 41 173 11.5 Anderson ... 52 41 145 9.7 Harrison .. 55 31 141 9.4 Sleeman ... 32 23 87 8.7 Aleksich ... 14 17 45 7.4 Corr ... 27 7 61 6.8 Howard „. 19 15 53 5.9 Conners I,, _■ ... 16 4 36 4.0 Osborne ... 1 0 2 .5 (84)Non-Conference Games Team Anaconda Vets Carroll We 68 93 They 43 82 50 48 Northern 52 Mines 84 Ricks College 54 77 Ricks College 50 52 Idaho State 50 82 Idaho State 52 53 Collegians 58 69 Ricks College 71 66 Ricks College 46 62 Collegians 61 64 Idaho State 62 87 Idaho State 64 65 Northern 69 42 ‘Montana State 56 70 ‘Idaho State 66 56 'N.A.I.B. Tournament at Billings 1,046 1,068 Tribute to Four-Year Men Dale Tash of the 1949-50 squad, along with Walt Anderson, Allen Weeks, and Ben Harrison of this year's squad are the first four-year letter men in basketball since the pre-war season of 1940-41. These five years gave Western two championships, a tie for second and third place twice. These men have more than proved their athletic prowess at Western. 8S)1950 Track Western's track team put a stirring climax on the track season by decisively defeating the other five colleges for the track championship. Each of the spirited Western track men turned in a fine performance on the final day. The entire team seemed determined to excel in this competitive individual sport. John McMahon inspired the whole team with his magnificent performances which collected 23 points for the team. John further distinguished himself by winning four firsts: 100-yard dash. 220-yard low hurdles. 220-yard dash, and the high jump. A new record of 6' 2" was set for the conference. The high hurdle race was a good example of the friendly, but intensely competitive spirit of track. Bill Bennett, another of Western's outstanding track men, retained his championship by taking first place. Walt Anderson again commanded the field in the javelin throw. Dale Kusomoto, Bob Aleksich, Jack Rector, Dick McGuire, and Merrill Mann added frequently to the team's momentum as it rolled over Rocky Mountain, Eastern, Carroll, Northern Montana, and Montana Mines Colleges. The school is justly proud of these men for their outstanding ability. We also congratulate Coach Bill Straugh on his development of such a fine team. (86)Left to riqht, first row: D. Kleinhans, Cliff Simpson. Bob Aleksich, Jack Rector. Second row: Norman Jacobson, Dick McGuire, Ray Greenfield. Bill Bennett, John McMahon, Walt Anderson, Conn Wittwer, Date Kusomoto. Championship Track Team Bill Bennett displays his excellent track form. John McMahon sets a new record. (87)W. A. A Standing, left to right: Ruth Greeniieid. sponsor, Edytho McPhorson, Genevieve Claypool, Carlene McCarthy, Suzanne Thompson, Carolyn Best, Ramona Goss, Betty Bray, Marjorie Pettit, Beverly Prather, loan McMichael, Bonnie McCollum, Aldone Robinson, Ann Joan Reardon. Centor row: Virginia Cline, Holon Karlock, Doris Chamberlin, Donna Billinqton, Jean Ann Fisher, Florence Gray, Betty Ann Brasch. Front: Beverly Grant, Jean Sudan. Valdcan Osteros, Lois Ellwood. Sports Board Standing: Helen Karlock, Doris Chamborlin, Donna Bllllngton. Ramona Goss, Betty Bray. Marjorie Pettit, Joan Ann Fisher. Sitting: Boverly Grant, Jean Sudan, Mrs. Greeniieid. Valdean Osteros, l.ois Ellwood. (88)Women’s Athletic Association Women's Athletics at Western were an important part of the activity schedule for 1950-51, and the W. A. A. was responsible for sponsoring many successful items on the calendar. The group this year was led by Valdean Osteros as president, lean Sudan, vice-president; Lois Ellwood, secretary; and Beverly Grant, treasurer. Mrs. Ruth Greenfield is the organization's sponsor. To start the fall quarter right, the girls sponsored a Freshman mixer in the gymnasium, complete with games and refreshments. Everyone ''got acquainted,” and heard how W. A. A. works. The annual "SADIE HAWKINS” dance, a traditional affair, was a great success. With everyone attending in costume, the judges chose Doris Chamberlin and Norman Jacobson as King and Queen of "Dogpatch,” with Jean Sudan and Cliff Simpson a close second. A sports program for the year was started with a round-robin tournament of four teams in volleyball. This was the first of many opportunities for girls to gain membership points, and soon fifteen new members were initiated. Winter quarter, basketball was the leading game, and again teams were chosen, and games were played until a championship group was named. In the spring, interest turned to softball. This year Western played hostess to the annual "PLAYDAY” groups from all the other units of the University of Montana, with ten girls attending from each of the schools in Bozeman, Billings, and Missoula. Every member of the W. A. A. was kept busy at the carnival held in the gym during winter quarter in an effort to raise money for this project. Western congratulates this year's W. A. A. group for its fine record. (89)College Playday This year is was the turn of Western Montana College's Women's Athletic Association to play the part of hostess to the other three university units — Eastern Montana College, Montana State College, and Montana State University, for the annual playday. This playday is a function that is held during the month of May and the four schools are represented by ten members of the various W. A. A. organizations of the respective schools. These girls are accompanied by two sponsors. The object of the playday is to give the girls on one campus a chance to get acquainted with girls from other units, and to have a week-end of fun and play together. The playday commences with a get-togother dinner on Friday night and with some evening get acquainted games. Saturday morning, bright and early, they begin a day of activity by color team distribution so that all girls are represented on each team. They play volleyball, softball, enter into archery, badminton, horseshoes, and other activities that the hostess group has arranged and planned for them. The entire day is devoted to play either on color teams or some are played school against school if the hostess unit desires this. Saturday evening is taken up by square dancing and round dances. The awards to the winning color teams or winning schools are given out. These are some type of souvenir of playday. Sunday morning breakfast concludes the playday with a farewell to each school by the hostess unit. (90)W. A. A. Volleyball Champions Center, Captain Lois Ellwood. Team members, loft to right: Jane Screnar. Valdean Ostoros. Suzanne Thompson, Doris Chamberlin, Edytho McPherson, and Helen Jones. Basketball Champions Standing, loft to right: Valdean Ostoros, Virginia Cline, Alico Cooper. Holon Karlock. Front row: Bovorly Peterson, Marian Hauck, Suzanne Thompson, Darlono Rush. (91)We wish to extend our congratulations and thanks to Mr. Lawrence Osborne, superintendent of buildings and grounds. "Ozzy," as he is commonly called by his many friends on the campus, rounds out his twenty-fifth year of service at Western on May 6, 1951. (94)Before Closing the 1951 Chinook . . . On behalf of the administration, faculty, and student body, we wish to pay special tribute here to those friends and classmates who have left us to join the armed forces of the United States. Thus far, 19 of our members have set aside their books to take up arms in this grave struggle to free the world from oppression. We hope that the Chinook will reach every one of our members — in the training camps, on overseas battlefields, and aboard ships. Perhaps this small token of our appreciation will remind them that we are thinking of them, and looking forward to their return. The courageous sacrifices that our boys are making abroad brings us to a deeper realization of the vital duty that weighs upon those of us who remain. We, too, have a job to perform. As we pass (rom the college of learning into the great college of life, let us remember to keep our goals clearly before us. We must carry with us, into the schoolrooms, the principles of truth, understanding, and love. With the broad mind and the open heart, we must persistently strive to uphold the principles on which our nation was founded. We must teach others to live democracy while our boys are fighting for it. Then, we will have assured them that ours is a country worth living for, worth fighting for, and. if necessary, worth dying for. (97)Advertising Index Anaconda Drug Store, Anaconda 110 Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Butte............. 106 Beaverhead Bar Supply 112 Beaverhead Lumber............ 114 Bechtold Company, St. Louis, Missouri ........ 103 Ben Redd 103 Berger-Cochrane Motors......... 104 Big Dipper 115 Bond Grocery Company 110 Brazill, Jess, Anaconda 110 Busy Bee Market .. .. ..... 107 Butte Brewing Company, Butte 113 Christie's Flower Shop, Anaconda 109 City Drug Store, Anaconda 109 Coast to Coast Stores 109 College Snack Bar ... 104 D 5 L Jewelry 113 Diamond Bar Inn, Jackson 101 Dillon Feed 5 Seed Company 110 Dillon Portrait Studio 119 Electric Variety Shop 110 Eliel's 102 Examiner Printing Company 110 First National Bank of Dillon 105 Gambles 110 Gosman's . 115 Hazel's Style and Beauty Shop 110 Hotel Finlen, Butte........ 111 Intermountain Transportation Company. Anaconda ... Ill Joe Smith's Toggery.......,.. 102 King's 104 J. C. Penney Company 109 Ledo, Anaconda 108 Lou-Esta Alleys 107 McCracken Brothers .......... 104 MacIntyre's Men's Clothing, Anaconda .................. 108 Marchion Hardware Company. Anaconda 108 Mathews Store ... ........... 107 Metals Bank and Trust Company, Butte 107 Mitchell's City Drug Store .. 113 Montana Auto Sales .......... 105 Montana Power Company ....... 116 Mountjoy Flower S Gift Shop 108 Oasis 114 Obie, Bill, Anaconda 108 Paddock and Tyro Garage 113 Parisian Cleaners 108 Professional Directory 100 Red and White l-aundry and Cleaning Company 114 Reno, Anaconda 109 Residence Halls .101 Roach and Smith's, Anaconda 109 Roberts, Allan C.. Jeweler. Anaconda 108 Roberts Food Market.......... 118 Rocky Mountain Brewing Company, Anaconda 109 Roxy-Roberta Theatre ........ 107 Skeets Cafe 102 Snack Shack 102 Stamm Jewelers 115 Standard Lumber and Coal Company 118 State Bank and Trust Company 120 Schwartz's Department Store, Anaconda 109 Tribune Printing and Supply Company, Great Falls 117 Vaughn and Ragsdale _________ 114 Walters Garage............... 115 Warner's Food Store ......... 113 Western Montana College of Education 99 Williams Feed and Machinery 104 Winn's Inc. 108 (98)WESTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Offers A four-year course leading to the degree Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. A two-year diploma course. A two-year commercial course. Pre-professional courses in secondary education, forestry, journalism, law, social work, agriculture, engineering, nursing education, health and physical education, home economics, pre-medical, pre-dental. Expanded and enlarged Departments in Home Economics and Industrial Arts. Free placement service for all graduates at all times. Guidance and Counseling Center. The Western Montana College of Education is fully accredited by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. ★ For Further Information Write to THE REGISTRAR Western Montana College of Education DILLON. MONTANA (99)Professional Directory Dr. A. L. Juergens Dr. W. H. Stephan Telephone Building Physician and Surgeon Phone 680-W Phone 125 Dr. G. L. Routledge Physician and Surgeon Telephone Block Phone 352-W Dr. H. A. Stanchfield Physician and Surgeon Phone 36-W Dr. W. J. Romers Dentist Phone 114 Dr. R. D. Curry Dentist Office Phone 335 Dr. L. L. Lindley Optometrist Above Vaughn-Ragsdale Dillon, Montana Theo. F. McFadden Attorney at Law Telephone Building Dillon, Montana Leonard Schulz Attorney and Counselor White Building Dillon, Montana Dr. W. £. Monger Osteopathic Physician Phone 131-R Carl Davis Attorney at Law White Building Dillon, Montana ( 100)Residence Halls for Men and Women at Western Montana College of Education Dillon, Montana THE DIAMOND BAR INN of the Big Hole Jackson, Montana Invites You to Visit For a Day, a Week, or a Month Open All Year 'Round Indoor Hot Springs Rooms Excellent Meals Swimming Pool Cabins in our Dining Room Riding — Fishing — Hunting — Winter Sports Reasonable Rates — Write For Our Folder ( 101 )BEN REDD CHEVROLET COMPANY Cadillac Chevrolet Oldsmobile Covers for the 1951 CHINOOK by BECKTOLD COMPANY ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI ( 103)MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE FARM EQUIPMENT PURINA CHOWS Williams Feed Machinery DILLON. MONTANA McCracken Bros. The Men's Store "Timely" Suits — Dobbs Hats Florsheim and Freeman Shoes Day's Tailored Slacks Wilson Bros. Furnishings Dillon's Loading Mon's and Boys' Sloro Berger-Cochrane Motors Sales FORD Service CONOCO PRODUCTS (24-Hour Service) Phone 6 Compliments of M. H. KING CO. Five and Dime Store Best of Luck to All COLLEGE SNACK BAR Betty and Joe Fey ( 104)FIRST NATIONAL BANK We carefully guard the interests of our customers in every possible way. All business transactions in this bank are regarded as strictly confidential. Serving This Community Since 1880 Affiliated with the Northwest Bancorporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DILLON, MONTANA MONTANA AUTO SALES Chrysler-Plymouth PHONE 500 ( 105)Know Montana . . . First School District, State Superintendent Th© first school district in this state was organized March 5, 1886, in Virginia City, Montana historians record. The trustees were Joe Millard, chairman; Samuel Word and Captain Rodgers. Rev. George Smith was clerk of the board. The first superintendent of public instruction for the state of Montana was John Gannon. He left little permanent record. However, later administrations credited him with the State Reading Circle and the beginning of the observance of Arbor day. His successor, E. A. Steere, did better in his report. He prepared a list of all of his predecessors in office and reported the establishment of the various state educational institutions. The University of Montana was located at Missoula and a site of 40 acres was donated by F. G. Higgins and E. L. Bonner. The university was established in 1893 and opened two years later. The Montana State College, established in the spring of 1893 as the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, was opened with a full faculty that fall. The Montana State Normal School and College was located at Dillon, May 23, 1893, Poindexter and Orr of Dillon donating the site of 10 acres. The school opened four years later. The State School of Mines was established in Butte, Feb. 17, 1893, and opened in 1900. Anaconda Copper Mining Company 'Work for ? Greater and Afoi a Prosperous Montana“ THIS IS A PROJECT THAT SHOULD INCLUDE ALL MONTANANS ( 106)Good Luck and Best Wishes to all our friends at "W M C E'' from your friendly Bank located on "The Richest Hill on Earth." METALS BANK TRUST COMPANY BUTTE, MONTANA ”Helpful Hanking Since 1332" MEMBER FDIC Roxy-Roberta Theater Compliments of the Lou-Esta Alleys Bowl for Health DILLON, MONTANA Busy Bee Market Phone 266 Verl and Frank Lasich Meats, Groceries and School Supplies — Frozen Foods — DILLON, MONTANA School Supplies Stationery and Greeting Cards Mathews Store ( 107)MacIntyre's Men's Clothing ANACONDA, MONTANA WINN'S INC. DILLON. MONTANA The Friendly Service Store Parisian Cleaners QUALITY SERVICE Let Us Drax Your Clothes Phone 20 Mountjoy Flowers and Gifts Phone 137-W Compliments of MARCHION HARDWARE CO. 409-411 East Park Phone 725 ANACONDA. MONTANA Compliments of the LEDO ANACONDA, MONTANA Allan C. Roberts JEWELER ANACONDA. MONTANA Eloin, Gruon, Hamilton, Bulova, Lonqinos Wittnauer Watches Columbia and Granat Diamonds Compliments of BILL OBIE The "Gem" in Anaconda ' 108) DILLON, MONTANAThe Store for Every Need SPORTING AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRICAL Save Most at Stores 7 Compliments of Roach and Smith's Wholesale Co. ANACONDA. MONTANA You Hear It Everywhere It Pays to Shop at fZmzxsr Compliments of CHRISTIE'S FLOWER SHOP Phono 85-W ANACONDA. MONTANA Compliments of the RENO ANACONDA, MONTANA Schwartz's Dept. Store Clothing, Shoes, and Furnishings for the Entire Family "Quality Merchandise" "Popular Prices" Phone 92 211 E. Park Avo. ANACONDA. MONTANA CITY DRUG STORE of Anaconda Phone 81 119 Main Street Prescription Druggists Rocky Mountain Beer Brewed and Filled by Anaconda Brewing Co. ANACONDA. MONTANA ( 109)Bond Grocery Co. Phone 99 FREE DELIVERY The Examiner Printing Co., Inc. Opposite Depot Phono 55 For Printing That Pleases Particular People Publishers of THE DILLON EXAMINER Beaverhead County's Leading Newspaper My Best Wishes for Western JESS BRAZILL ANACONDA GarnMed AUTHORIZED DEALER The Friendly Store CLARK D'EVELYN Owner Dillon Feed and Seed Co. ★ Dillon, Montana Hazel's Style and Beauty Shop « Electric and Variety Shop GIFTS School Supplies Phone 100 Anaconda Drug Store A. L. KARGACIN, Prop. Phone 38-W Corner Main and Park Street ANACONDA, MONTANA ( 110)Going Home Going to School Going on Vacation-or- For business or pleasure always take the bus and specify INTERMOUNTAIN Consult your local agent for detailed schedules and low cost fares to any station in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Intermountain Transportation Company Pioneers in Transportation Serving Montana and the West MONTANA OWNED AND OPERATED VACATION TIME — ANYTIME — EVERY SEASON HAS A REASON Compliments Hotel Finlen Butte, Montana ( 111 )Beaverhead Bar Supply Co. REED FEATHERLY ★ Wholesale Dealer Carbonated Beverages, Tobacco Budweiser and Great Falls Beer Confections ★ Phone 108 Dillon, Montana ( 112)Quality Drugs, Stationery Candies. Cosmetics Mitchell's City Drug Store "A Proscription Store" Phone 113 We Extend a Hearty Welcome to All WMCE Students WM. MITCHELL, Proprietor Compliments of Bulle Brewing Co. Butte Special Beer ★ 220 North Wyoming Street BUTTE, MONTANA Quality Groceries ★ Warner's Food Store Phone 246 D and L Jewelry ★ Elgin Hamilton Bulova ★ For Your Graduation Gifts DICK LATER Your Friendly Jeweler Paddock and Tyro Garage Gas — Oil — Grease — Tires — Batteries Greasing — Storage — Washing ★ TELEPHONE 380 113)Successful Journey Welcome to All Graduates College Students Congratulations on the at progress you have just made, and may your fu- The OASIS ture be as successful as your relationship has Home of Richer Ice Cream Fountain Service Lunches ★ ★ VautyltH - (lacy i date DELL LEAH BRADLEY and RIFE Red While If It Is Building Material Laundry and Cleaning Lumber and Coal Company — SEE — DILLON, MONTANA ★ Beaverhead Let Us Help You to Look Lumber Company Your Best Refrigerated Fur Storage Better Materials Cheaper Hats Cleaned and Blocked Efficient Laundry Service Phone 85 ★ Phone 135 DILLON. MONTANA ( 114)another • GREAT GRUEN • VcUuef • Vcti-Thin Edith. Charming, youthful style. Gold-filled case. 15 jewels. w Matching bracelet. £ $39". »« l. Tax I IN'I. Stamm Jewelers J. W. Walters Garage ★ John Deere Tractors and Farm Machinery ★ Dodge and Plymouth Cars and Trucks ★ Texaco Products ★ Modern Apartments Quality First— Service Always ★ Geo. M. Gosman Druggist ★ The Rexall Store Congratulations to W.M.C.E. Graduates ★ THE BIG DIPPER Malts — Sundaes — Shakes i ns jLifelines for Montana The Montana Power Company operates more than 10,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines, bringing electricity to the farms, the homes and the industries in its service area. These are truly lifelines, because electricity has become so much a part of everyday living. These lines carry the power that does a hundred and one jobs in the home, and turns the wheels of industry and agriculture lifeblood of the Treasure State. The Montana Power Company ( 116)Complete PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING RULING BINDING RUBBER STAMP SERVICE ★ Office Supplies, Machines and Equipment ★ By combining the best in materials with careful and expert workmanship. we produce outstanding school annuals. Samples are always available and we invite comparison. ★ GREAT FALLS, MONTANA ( 117)Roberts Food Market Quality Meats and Groceries ★ Sanitation for Your Protection ★ Phone 60 STANDARD LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Fuller Paints Aberdeen and Castlegate Coal Phone 276 DILLON, MONTANA ( 118)For Good Portraits See the Dillon Portrait Studio ★ Phone 196J ( 119)State Bank and Trust Company ESTABLISHED 1899 DILLON, MONTANA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ( 120)

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