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V':.D3tho Chinook 1919ooo Zbe Chinook 7 6 81 JUL3 1928 OOOooo Zho Chinook Editors’ Note It is the editors' Wish that this he a true record of our eventful Senior Year. If We have succeeded We are Well repaid. Pape 3 1919 oooCho Chinook 1919ooo To DR. GRANT E. FINCH whose help has ever been invaluable, We dedicate this Volume. Page 5 1919 ooo9Zbe Chinook Chinook Staff NELLIE BURKE....... LUCY SEIDENSTIOKER... MABEL IIUNOATE..... ANN SHIELDS........ MARIE EVANS........ RUBY REYNOLDS...... PERL BROWN......... LORETTO SPELLMAN RUTII WARBURTON.... HELEN MAN I ON..... ..........Editor-in-Chief ........Assistant Editor ......Business Manager ......Assistant Manager .................Literary ............Organizations ...................Artist .............Photograpner ..............!. Athletics .....................Jokes •1919 Page 7ooo Zbe Chinook PRESIDENT MONROE Page 8 1919 oooooo Farewell to President Monroe f OI’R resignation brings grief to the heart of each student, and your place in our memories can never be usurped by another. You were our faithful, ever-ready friend. You were ever fair and sincere in your judgments. You were always willing to help us solve our problems. You set before us high ideals, which we will strive to attain. For all you have done for us, we thank you: and it is with heavy hearts that we bid you farewell. 1919 ooothe Chinook Montana State Board of Education S. V. STEWART, Governor....Ex-Officio, President S. C. FORI), Attorney General......... Ex-Officio MAY TRUMPER, Supt. of Public Instruc. Ex-Officio, Sec. C. II. HALL 1922 J. BRUCE KREMER............................ 1922 LEO. H. FAUST................................1919 W. If. NYE...................................1919 W. S. HARTMAN................................1920 o ( E. K. VIDAL. 1920 JOHN DIETRICH................................1921 A. LOUIS STONE...............................1921 Executive Board E. R. MOSHER...................Chairman-Treasurer R. W. BOONE Secretary GEO. HUGHES Pape 10 : 1919 ooo•LOITIH HOTK40NVII.) the Chinookooo the Chinook R RAY MOSIIER. A. M.. Pros. .T. FORI) Me BA IX. A. B.. A. M.. Professor of Physics and Chemistry GRANT R FINCH. Ph. I) Supt. Normal Training School Professor Grammar Grade Methods LEE R. LIGHT, B. S., M. S. Professor Rural Methods, Director of Rural Training. Director of Norma! Training in absence of I)r. Finch. Page 13 1919 OOOooo Zb Chinook I,rev II. CAliSON, M. A. Ph. B. Professor of English ROBERT CLARK, A. B.. A. M. Professor of Psychology and Biology VELMA PHILLIPS, Doan of Women Assistant Professor of Domestic Science and Art Page 14 FRANK HARMON GARY HR, A. p .. a. M.. Ph. D. Professor of History and Economics 1919 oooooo Zb Chinook MARY A. PROUD FOOT Professor of Primary Methods and Supervisor of Primary Training EDNA W. KETUHi M. B. 1M. B. L., A. M. Assistant Professor of English and Mathem..tics NINA M. NASH, Professor of Intermediate Methods. Supervisor of Intermediate Training MRS. LAURA M. KRESS, H. L., Professor of Latin and German Page 15 1919 OOOooo Zbe Chinook A. SCOTT WISEMAN. K S. Assistant Professor of Manual Training and Art M. GENIE YE TAYLOR Assistant Professor of Public School Music O LUCRETIA SNYDER ssistant Professor of Penmanship Page 16 MARGARET IIENRY Assistant Professor of Physical TrainingOOO the Chinook EDITH HATCH Instructor in Piano. Pipe Organ. Voice and Harmony MRS. LILLIAN R. FREE Librarian MARGARET LVDEN Secretary to the President VIRGINIA A. BCLGER, Stenographer Page 17 1919 OOOthe Chinook 0 O O MRS KVA DI LL Matron of Normal Hall ALICE PARR Director of Normal Hall Page 18 1919 oooOOO the Chinook Critic Teachers CRITIC TEACHERS MISS INNES MIS:; BA1LLIE MISS MERKLIN MRS. CLUIjEY MISS WHY MSS MISS NOEL MISS KING MRS. BECK MISS TATTERSALL MISS SHEPHERD MISS SHORTT MISS NORRIS MISS MACDONALD MISS HAZARD MISS SITE FT MISS RCSSELL MR. BECK MISS DORCHESTER Page 19 1919 : OOOthe Chinook OOO T----------------------------------------- 1919 Zbe Chinookooo the Chinook 1919 oooooo Zb Chinook Dedication to New Dorm T is now my pleasure to announce the completion of the new dormitory, a recent addition to our college home. This addition was deemed necessary on account of the growing prosperity and popularity of the M. X. C. This building is charmingly and cosily furnished. It is to be presided over by our most efficient dean. Miss Phillips. I « _____ Page 23 1919 ooothe Chinook Page 24ooo Che Chinook Class Officers DR. GRANT E. FJNCII.................Class Professor IjITCV SKI I )KNSTICKER...................President MABEL HUNGATE.......................Vice-President MILDRED BUSCH.......................... Secretary DOROTHY JONES.............................Treasurer GEN ROSE McGONIGLE................Sergeant-at-Arms CATHERINE LORETZ.................................. • MOTTO: They can who think they can. • • COLORS: Green and White. • • FLOWER: Shasta Daisy and Fern ♦ CLASS YELL: Nigga, nigga. ho potato Half vsast alagato Ram. ram ramanigga Ch'ck-a-wa-da! Seniors. Seniors. Rah! Rah! Rah! Page 25 1919 oooooo the Chinook LUCY SEIDEXSTICKER, Twin Bridges, Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. President of the Senior Class, Assistant Editor of the Chinook, K. Z. N., Tennis Club, Y. W. C. A., P. I. G. Club. Page 26 1919 MILDRED BUSCII Butte. Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL 17 Secretary of the Senior Class. K. Z. X., Tennis Club. Glee Club, Basketball. MABEL HUNGATE, Dell, Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. Vice-president of Senior Class, Business Manager of the Chinook. President of Glee Club, K. Z. X.. Tennis. P. I. G. Club. OOOooo the Chinook DOROTHY JONES, Roundup, Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL '17 Treasurer of the Senior Class. Captain of the first basketball team, K. Z. N., Glee Club, Tennis Club. OENROSE McGONIGLE, Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL '17 Sergeant-at-arms of the Senior K. Z. N., Tennis Club, Glee Club. CATHERINE LORETZ, Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ’17 Sergeant-at-arms of the Senior Class, K. Z. X., Tennis Club, First baskeball team. Page 27 1919 ooothe Chinook 0 O 0 NELLIE BURKE, Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ’17 Treasurer of K. Z. N., Editor-In-Chief of The Chinook, Glee Club, Tennis Club. ANN SHIELDS. Butte, Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. Assistant Business of the Chinook, K. Z. N., Tennis Club, P. I. G. Club. MARIE EVANS, Anaconda, Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. Literary Editor of the Chinook, K. Z. N., Y. W. C. A.. Second Basketball team. P. I. G. Club. Vice-president of the Tennis Club. Glee Club. Page 28 1919 oooooo the Chinook PERL BROWN, Glendive, Montana DAWSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ’16 President of K. Z. X., Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Chinook Artist. Tennis Club, Glee Club. ROBY REYNOLDS, Logan, Montana GALLATIN COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 16 Librarian ,f the Glee Club, Organizations Editor of the Chinook, K. Z. X.. Tennis Club, Y. W. C. A. LORETTO SPELLMAN Anaconda. Montana ST. PETERS HIGH SCHOOL 17 Vice-president of K. Z. X.. Secretary-Tieasurer of Glee Club, Photographer of the Chinook. Tennis Club. Page 29 1919 “ OOOChe Chinook RUTII WARBl RTON Elliston, Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. Athletic Editor of the Chinook. P. I. G. Club, K. Z. N Tern is Club. First Basketball team. MINNIE NELSON Bridger, Montana BR1DGER HIGH SCHOOL ’17 Secretary of K. Z. N., Secretary of the Tennis Club, Glee Club. HELEN MAN ION Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ’17 Orderly of the Glee Club, Joke Editor of the Chinook. K. Z. N.. Tennis Club, Second Basketball team. Page 30 1919ooo Zbe Chinook MARIK CAREY Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL '17 Historian of K. Z. N.. Tennis Club. Glee Club. VERA PARKER Creston. Montana FLATHEAD COI NTY HIGH SCHOOL ’14 Critic of K. Z. N . Y. W. C. A.. Tennis Club. Glee Club. TERESA MCliPIIY Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ’17 Serges nt-at-Arms of K. Z. N., Tennis Club. __________________________ Page 31 1919 oooooo Zb Chinook VALBORCi HENDRICKSON Billings, Montana BILLINGS HIGH SCHOOL '17 K. Z. N., Tennis Club. First Basketball team. Glee Club. ALVA Ml'ELLER Butte, Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL ’17 Orderly in the Glee Club, K. Z. X.. Tennis Club. Page 32 MAMK ANDERSON Harlowton, Montana HARLOWTON HIGH SCHOOL ’13 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. K. 7. N.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. O 0 0 1919ooo €be Chinook DORA O’BRIEN Butte, Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL ’17 K. Z. N., Glee Club. Tennis Club. VERA KERN Columbus, Montana COLUMBUS HIGH SCHOOL 17 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. K. Z. X.. Tennis Club. Glee Club. BERTIIA MAEMO Butte, Montana EVERETT WASHINGTON HIGH 16 K. Z. N.. Y. W. C. A.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. Page 33 1919 oooooo C ;e Chinook GLADYS GARR Doll. Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. K. Z. X.. Second Basketball team. P. I. G. Club. Tennis Club, Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. LILLIAN DEAN7 Twin Bridges. Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. Captain of the Second Basketball team. K. Z. N , Tennis Club. P. I. G. Club, Y. W. C. A. Glee Club. Page 34 1919 10 DUNLAP Calabar. Montana COEUIi D’ALENE HIGH SCHOOL 17 K. Z. X.. Tennis Club. Glee Club. oooooo the Chinook RUTH DOUGHERTY Butte, Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL ’16 K. Z. X.. Glee Club. Tennis Club HELEN BAKER Dillon, Montana BEAVERHEAD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ’16 K. Z. N.. Tennis Club GRACE GARR Dell, Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. N. C. K. Z. X.. Second Basketball team. Glee Club. P. I. G. Club, Y. W. C. A. Page 35 1919 ooo€l)e Chinook GLADYS GILL Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL ’17 K. Z. N.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. MABKLJACKSOX Butte, Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL f18 K. N., Glee Club. Tennis Club. PITTSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL. (Wis.) 17 Y. W. C. A.. K. Z. N.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. Paso 36 1919 oooooo €be Chinook MAtDR MCNTZEK Butte. Montana I RBP. COURSE AT M. N. C. Y. W. C. A.. K. Z. N., Glee Club, Tennis Club. P. I. G. Club. VICTORIA LARSON Anaconda. Montana ANACONDA HIGH SCHOOL 17 Y. W. C. A., K. Z. N.f Glee Club, Tennis Club. ELLEN CORREGAN Cleveland. Montana PREP. COURSE AT M. X. C. Y. W. C. A., K. Z. N., Glee Club, Tennis Club. P. I. G. Club. Page 37 1919Zb Chinook O o I'ago 3S 1919 M1LDKKI) SHARP Stovensville. Montana STEVENSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL President of Y. V. C. A., K. Z. N., Tennis Club. .JOsKIM 11NK SWANSON Deer Lodge. Montana POWELL COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL EX. ’IS K. Z. X.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. VERA TASK Twin Bridges, Montana Twin Bridges High School. Three Year Course at. M. N. C., K. Z. X., P. I. G. Club. Tennis Club. Glee Club. OOOooo Zbe Chinook ALICE MOSER Harlowton, Montana HARLOWTON HIGH SCHOOL 16 V. W. ('. A., K. . N.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. LYDIA SMITH Poison. Montana FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE Tennis Club, K. Z. N.. Glee Club, P. I. G. Club. VIOLA MILKWICK Anaconda. Montana ANACONDA HIGH SCHOOL 17 Y. W. C. A.. K. Z. N.. Glee Club, Tennis Club. Page 39 1919 OOOooo Che Chinook RUTH SHAFFER Sheridan. Montana SHERIDAN HIGH SCHOOL 17 First Basketball team. K. Z. X., Glee Club, Tennis Club. BESSIE QUINN Butte, Montana CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL 16 K. Z. N., Tennis Club. ETHEL CAMPBELL Helena. Montana BUTTE HIGH SCHOOL 14 Tennis Club. ■Eftg.e_.4P_____________________________________ ___________________________________________ 1919 oooooo tibe Chinook GLADYS RVDDY Butte, Montana Sacred Heart Academy. Butte Central School, Three Year Course at M. N. C.— Tennis Club, Glee Club, P. I. G. Club. MARGARET M-TLLEN Deer Lodge. Montana POWELL COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL ’14 K. Z. X.. Tennis Club. HI Til SMITH Poison, Montana POLSON HIGH SCHOOL 17 Y. W. C. A., K. Z. N., Glee Club, Tennis Club. AGNES BAYNE Livingston, Montana Hubbard High School. Minnesota; St (’loud Normal College; Minnesota; State Agricultural College. St. Paul— Vice-President of Y. W. C. A., K. Z. X.. Glee Club. Tennis Club. ANNA MANN Missoula. Montana MISSOULA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL '15 K. Z. X.. Tennis Club. Page 4 1 1919 OOOCbe Chinook Juniors, Adieu (With apologies to the writers of “Till We Meet Again ’) There’s a song in the heart of the Seniors, Kadi Junior will hear with a sigh; On the campus so green No more we’ll be seen; So each Senior girl whispers good-bye. CHORUS: Juniors, dear, we bid you sad adieu. Senior days are coming fast to you. Then the skies will seem more blue, In our dear M. S. X. C. Then the days will pass more happily, Every hour will he a memory. So wait and work and strive each day, Juniors, dear, adieu. Tlio’ good-bye means farewell to the Normal, To critics, professors, and you, It will help us we know. Wherever we go, To think of dear Normal days. (Chorus) V. L. V. M. 1919 oooooo the Chinook Class Poem- To the valley of tlie Beaver, From the prairies and the uplands, In the Moon of Falling Leaves, Caine tin tribe of 11119— Came a tribe to win all vict'ries; Came the best tribe of tin nation. There the tribe of 1919 Worked and straggled day by day: ljearned to shoot, and hunt, and trap. Held great councils by the camp fire, Conqueied all the hostile foes, Sumptuous feasts held in the village, Danced the mystic Beggar's Dance, I ill il many moons had passed. Then tin great chief (1. E. Finch Called a council in the village, Spake to them in this wise, saying: “It is time we left this valley. Time we left this hunting ground. Many moons have now we spent here, Xew and younger tribes are coming. We must find new hunting grounds. Mingle with new tribes and people, Teach their young to hunt and trap; Teach them new ideas of warfare." Out into the valley went they. Bade farewell to all the sachems, Bade farewell to all the young tribes, Spake out of their wisdom, saying: “We are leaving. O you sachems. We are leaving. O you young tribes. Leaving for far distant regions. There new foes to meet and conquer. There to light the torch of knowledge, There to spread the seeds of wisdom. You who stay here, take our places. Keep the camp fires always burning. Learn the things that we have learned. oooooo the Chinook Page 44 1919 oooooo Class Officers LEE R. LIGHT.......................Class Professor THELMA TOMLINSON President ESTELLE CARPENTER...................Vice-President LEAFY RONN.E Secretary KATHLEEN LYLE Treasurer MOTTO: Our Aim. Success: Our Hope, To Win. Colors: Royal, Blue and Gold. Flower: Golden Glow. Pago 4 r 1919 oooooo Zb( Chinook THELMA TOMLINSON Ambition—To entertain others Hope—To be a future Paderewski. Attainment Paderewski II. ESTELLE CARPENTER Ambition—To be a good student. Hope—To loam without study. Attainment- A walking dictionary. LEAFY BONNE Ambition—To sing. Hope—To live like a nightingale. Attainment Florence Nightingale. KATHLEEN LYLE Ambition—To get mail. Hope—-To get male. Attainment- Mail from male ROSELLA SOMMERVILLE Ambition To be thin. Hope—To be like Ruth Dougherty. A tta i n men t—W illo wy. MARY BAKER Ambition—To draw. Hope—To be the 1920 “Chinook” artist. Attainment—An artis Page 46 1919 oooooo Zbe Chinook AGNES KELLY Ambition—To be popular. Hope- To have a new beau. Attainment A rare Jewell. LILLIAN McGIBBON Ambition—To be sedate. Hope- To find a sensible junior. Attainment—A junior with sense. MARGARET FISLER Ambition -To have a date. Hope—To get a ’phone call. Attainment—A home in Woodside. ROSELLA SCANLON Ambition—To have to study. Hope—To find some subject that makes me study. Attainment—Genius. ESTER NIEBEL Ambition—To stay out aner 10 o’clock. Hope—To have someone to stay with. Attainment—S o m e o n e . somewhere. DOROTHY TAYLOR Ambition—To sleep. Hope—To get enough sleep Attainment—Sufficient sleep Page 47 1919 r OOOooo Zbt Chinook FLORENCE METCALFE Ambition—To get a chance to say something at the table. Hope—To he an orator. Attain ment—Orating. ALETHA ADAMS Ambition—To write poetry. Hope To make a success of her work. Attainment—A worthwhile woman. MINNIE C11R 1ST IA NSEN Ambition— To be a business ,woman. Hope—To be successful. Attainment—Politician. ROSE WINCH ELL Ambition—To go to the movies. Hope- -To see Wally Reed play. Attainment—A spinster. ALICE GORMAN Ambition—To vamp. Hope—To win by vamping. Attainment Vampire. MINNIE KRUSE Ambition—To wear curls. Hope—To be like Mary Pickford. Attainment— Movie Star. Pago 4 S 1919 O o oooo DO ROT H Y POIND EXT E It Ambition—To be a “jazzer.” Hope—To get Walter. Attainment—Mrs. Walter. MARGARET HAGERTY Ambition—To clanee. Hope—To go to the Junior Prom. Attainment—A prominent .1 unior. EDITH DALSTROM Ambition—To teach. Hope— To teach successfully Attainment—A successful teacher. BESSIE DUFFIELD Ambition—To play basketball. Hope—To win the 1920 tourna ment. Attainment—A basketball coach. Page 41’ 1919 theooo Che Chinook C AT HE RIN E M cN IC HOLS Ambition— To be graceful. Hope To be a gym teacher. Attainment—Miss Henry’s successor. THORA SISSON Ambition—To be gracious. Hope—To be nice. Attainment—Lovable per- sonality. ANNA SELWAY Ambition—To exercise. Hope—To walk to school. Attainment—A ride. LUCILLE VENABLE Ambition—To live at the dorm. Hope—To observe study hours. Attainment—A dor mitory matron. FLORENCE NELSON Ambition—To be short. Hope—To be still shorter. Attainment—Short. CIERTRUDE DULLENTY Ambition—To go to school. Hope—To continue at school Attainment— Vassar. Page 50 1919ooo tbo Chinook LOUISE MIHELICK Ambition—To be beautiful Hope—To be a living model. Attainment—Madame Vogue RUBY MARTIN Ambition—To be dramatic Hope—To specialize in elocution. Attainment—Oral Expres- sion teacher. ROSE BLUTH Ambition—To go to dances. Hope—To dance a straight program. Attainment—A society belle. BEATRICE DUGGAN Ambition—To be childish. Hope—To spend time primping. Attainment—A beauty doctor. MILDRED BUTLER Ambition—To be bashful. Hope—To teach at the training school. Attainment—A home in Dillon. OLIVE BUTLER Ambition—To become a Senior Hope—To complete .her course. Attainment—A diploma. VERA NORTON Ambition—To be dignified. Hope—To live on a quiet Senior floor. Attainment—State Superintendent of Schools. Page 51 1919 oooZb Chinook Junior Class Poem Twas tin autumn of the year When we came from far and near To the Normal. This we find The place to educate cur mind To that height which we must reach Before others we can teach. In the springtime of our youth We are seeking for the truth Which shall guide us day by day In cur progress on the way Which is leading to the time When we shall guide the younger mind. Then, since union gives us might. We organized, and then chose Light Professor of the Junior (Mass. That he might guide us thru the mass Of difficulties which arise And shut the sunlight from our eyes. Thus well lighted on our way We make progress day by day, Firm resolving that we will Our high aim in life fulfill. That which brought us here to thee. Our chosen school. M. S. X. 0. A. A. Page 52 1919 oooooo the Chinook 1 n p n —i cr m U r y R ___________________________ Page 53 1919the Chinook 1919Page 55 the Chinook0 o o Che Chinook Kappa Zeta Nu v. OFFICERS: PERL BROWN............... LORETTO SPELLMAN MINNIE NELSON............ NELLIE BURKE............. TERESA Ml’RPli V........ VERA PARKER....... MARIE CARET............. MISS KETCH I'M........... President ......Vice-President ...........Secretary ...........Treasurer .Sergeant-at-Anns ..............Critic ...........Historian .............Advisor Page 56 : 1919 oooooo Zbt Chinookooo Zb Chinook Chapter Roll MA.ME ANDERSON HELEN BAKER AGNES BAYNE PERL BROWN MILDRED BUSCH NELLIE BURKE MARIE CAREY ELLEN CORREGAX LILLIAN DEAN RUTH DOUGHERTY IO DUNLAP MARIE EVANS GLADYS GARR GRACE GARR VALBORG HENDRICKSON MABEL IIUNGATE DOROTHY JONES V ERA KERN VICTORIA LARSON CATHERINE LORETZ HAZEL LUNDAY BERTHA MALMO ANNA MANN ALVA MUELLER MAUDE MUNTZER TERESA MURPHY GENROSE McGONIGLE MINNIE NELSON DORA O BRIEN VERA PARKER BESSIE QUINN RUBY REYNOLDS LUCY SEIDENSTICKER RUTH SHAFFER MILDRED SHARP ANN SHIELDS LYDIA SMITH RUTII SMITH LORETTO SPELLMAN JOSEPHINE SWANSON VERA TASJI RUTII WARBURTON Page 58______________________________ 1919 oooOOO €be Chinook P. I. G.'s PROFESSOR CLARK LILLIAN DEAN MARIK EVANS FLORENCE EYRE GLADYS GARR GRACE GARR DELIA HAGEETY MABEL IIUNGATE MAUDE MIJNTZER VERA NORTON GLADYS RUDDY LUCY SEIDENSTICKER ANNA SHIELDS LYDIA SMITH VERA TASI1 FLORENCE TALCOTT THELMA TOMLINSON RUTII WARBURTON Page 59 1919 OOOooo Zb Chinook Glee Club OFFICERS: MABEL IIUNGATE...................President LORETTO SPELLMAN.......Secretary-Treasurer RUBY REY NOLI)S.................1jibrarian HELEN MANION......................Orderly ALYA MUELLER.......................Orderly MEMBERS: MARIE CAREY ROSELLA SOMMERVILLE RUTH DOUGHERTY MARGARET HAGERTY GLADYS GILL ALICE Moslr FREDA DUDLEY LUCY SEIDENSTICKER M.A M E ANDERSON LORETTO SPELLMAN AGNES KELLEY TIIELMA TOMLINSON BERTHA MALMO NELLIE BURKE MINNIE NELSON LILLIAN DEAN LEAFY RONNE VALBORG HENDRICKSON RUBY REYNOLDS MABEL IIUNGATE RUTH SHAFFER VERA KERN JOSEPHINE SWANSON HELEN MAXIOX DELIA IIAGERTY ALVA MUELLER RUTH SMITH BEATRICE DUGGAN LILLIAN MeGIBBON KATHLEEN LYLE LYDIA SMITH LOUISE MIIIELICK VERA TASII BESSIE DUFFIELD GENROSE McGONIGLE DOROTHY TAYLOR MARGARET FISLER ESTELLE CARPENTER DOROTHY JONES PERL BROWN Page GO 1919 ooothe Chinook Page 6iooo 1919 OFFICERS OF Y. W. C. A. MILDRED SHARP ............................. President AGNES BAYNE .......................... Vice President PERL BROWN .............................. Secretary MAME ANDERSON ............................. Treasurer Page 62 Zb Chinook OOOooo Zbe Chinook Y. W. C. A. ARIjY in the fall our V. W. C. A. was re-organized under the direction and supervision of Miss Brown, traveling secretary of the Y. W. 0. A. Shortly after this we gave a social for the Normal Girls at the Residence Halls. One of the beneficial undertakings of the organization this year has been the Vesper service held each Sunday afternoon. Many helpful talks have been given by members of the college faculty and by townspeople. Several groups of our girls assisted in the War Reconstruction Work Campaign held this spring. The generous results of this undertaking show the confidence people of tin community have in tin activities of the Y. W. 0. A. _______________________________ Page g: 1919 oooooo Zbt Chinook Page 64 1919 oooCbe Chinook Athletics I“—|T was our intention this year to go in strong for I athletics. Tennis afforded our first opportunity gu for such activities. We counted on the biggest and liveliest tournament of our history. Everything pointed towards our success. New tennis courts were built and the faculty and several enthusiastic players started the ball going. Other years the chief difficulty had been in getting players, but this year we had difficulty in finding courts. Tournament time was drawing near. A banquet and “pep” meeting were held and, believe me, we had some pep, too. Then came the “flu”; we flew, and tennis flew. Maine everything on the “flu.” On account of it we were late in starting basketball; and after we had started, half our players were unable to come out; but in spite of these difficulties, we had our teams in good trim by the first of March. The tournament began on March 7. and ended the' following Friday. Once started, the excitement ran high. That week basketball was the only subject talked about. The Seniors won the championship. Their teams won every game they played. The other teams were no less victors, because of the good fight put up and the sportsmanship shown. Page 05ooo the Chinook CHAMPIONS FOR 1919 McBAIN SI IA FFER -JONES WARB VETON LORETZ HENDRICKSON Page 66 1919 ooooo SECOND SENIOR MOSER McBAIN GARR MINTZER DEAN EVANS MAN ION GARR Page 67 1919 the Chinook oooooo €f)e Chinook FIRST JUNIOR TEAM BA£ MXSON LIGHT POINDEXTER DUFFIF-LD NORTON O O o I liS SECOND JUNIOR TEAM ivnvi i.Ai-n-, TAYLOR 1919 " V l.NUHKL. KELLY BUTLER CARPENTER ooo the Chinook t INDEPENDENTS TALCOTT BECK CIIISIIOLM FREE CARNEY K EN N EI) Y FESSEN DEN Page 69 1919 oooooo Zbt Chinook Basketball “Pep” is (lie word for the basketball girls, They show it when playing a game. The spectators cheer and their banners unfurl For the team that is winning its fame. The whistle is blown; and the game is begun. Each team tries to make a big score. They throw; now they miss! Where the cheers that have rung For the team that has just held tin floor? Guards! Forwards! Good teamwork front all! The spectators shout with delight. This rallies the team, and they capture the ball. And again they put up a good fight. Swiftly the ball passed over the floor. A swift scramble ensues. They must win! Good, they have it! They throw ! Now once more A hush ! Their score ! What a din ! Seniors, and .Juniors, and Independents. At the tournament thus played the game. The Seniors retaining a reminiscence Quite pleasing. Thev won a good name. A. A. Page 70 _____; 1919 oooooo the Chinook 1919 Page 71 oooooo the Chinook History of the Class of 1919 i. PRE HISTORIC AGE Various tribes have belonged to the Normal Nation for the last twenty-one years; but we have occupied the hunting grounds at Dillon for only the last five years. It was in the fall of 1914 that the weak but promising Prep. Tribe migrated from the most remote corners of the vast state of Montana. The new routine, however, was marred by serious faults. The government was despotic, and anywhere on the bare, tan walls of the dormitory could be seen codes of laws, such as: Thou shalt not depart from thy room after seven bells. Thou shalt douse the glim at 10:30. Thou shalt not attend tin picture show on Sunday night. Thou shalt not invite guests to thy dances. There was little variety in the day’s routine, the only diversions being breakfast at 7. lunch at 12:30. dinner at C . and occasionally a stiff reception in the parlors or a social at the church. During the first half of this period the tribe numbered about twenty. It was ruled by Chief Ruth and advised by Miss Metcalf. During the last half of the period Chief Ruth, with some of the older and more experienced members, went to form a tribe of their own. a Freshman Tribe, and there was constant warfare between us. The remaining members added a few new Preps, to our tribe, and we chose Chief Edna to rule over us. while Dr. Finch attended to our most important affairs. At the end of the year Chief Edna heard tin call of duty, so she departed from our ranks. H. MIDDLE AGE In the fall of 1916. Chief Bobby came to the throne, but we still retained our Big Medicine Man. Dr. Finch, who has been our ever-ready advisor, friend, and comforter throughout our occupancy of the hunting grounds in the Beaverhead Valley. The ranks were re-enforced by sonic new members and were depleted by the departure of a few of the old members who felt it their duty to follow our former leader. Chief Edna. Although our number was small compared with that of the other tribes, we succeeded in introducing a new won! into the vocabulary of the Normal Nation—“pep.” The many success- Page 72 1919ooo the Chinook Till tribal events of tin year showed the advantages of co-operation. We were all proud when we heard that our only boy had decided to leave us in order that he might help defend the red. white and blue and us. No one was surprised to hear that every member of the Freshman Tribe was at the depot to bid “Ilonny“ God speed and good luck. As this age came to a close, the tribe began to wonder what the next age held in store for us. 111. DARK AGES With the coming of September, 1917, thirty-om people left other tribes to join the Junior Tribe, and in spite of the warfare between nations, we numbered fifty-nine brave Juniors, and the reign of Chief Lucy was begun. The energy and ability of each warrior was summoned during the 1917-1918 term in order that it might he a success. During this age. it was a common sight to see the Red Cross rooms filled with girls knitting and making bandages. The first event of this season was the gay Hallowe’en stunt, in which the talent of the tribe was displayed. Even the sage Senior Tribe agreed that we were successful in putting on a cabaret. Slowly and surely the new members had accustomed themselves to the restrictions on their liberty, and we now applied ourselves to our new tasks while we counted the days until our Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. As soon as these recesses were over, we returned to cur hunting grounds and began training for the annual contest. After weeks of hard work at practicing. we won the tournament and felt repaid for our labor. As spring drew near, the Senior Tribe inflicted new and grave duties upon us in order that we might be admitted to the order of Kappa Zeta Xu. A little later the Senior Tribe found it to their best interests to leave the Beaverhead Valley for newer grounds: and the Junior Tribe, who grieved at seeing the Seniors depart, were left supreme in the valley. IV. MODERN AGE When the tribes returned to their hunting grounds in the Beaverhead Valley at the beginning of the Modern Age. a few of the old number were absent, but the majority of them had returned to finish their work. This age is the most important of all. for now the Senior Tribe is recognized as the strongest tribe in the valley. The first important event in this age was the reorganization of the band. Then a dreadful plague infested our domain, and many of the members of other nations succumbed to it. It became so bad that the Great Chief of the Normal Nation saw fit to disperse the various tribes to their abodes in the ______________________________________________________________ Page 73 1919 oooooo Cho Chinook different parts of the state. It was six weeks before we read the modern smoke signals bidding us return. When we were once more peacefully reinstated in our hunting "rounds, we found it necessary to work steadily seven days a week, twenty-seven hours per day, in order that we might make up the time lost because of the plague. Shortly after our return, the holiday season arrived and a series of parties and holiday festivities occurred at the camping grounds. The mailman bowed under the loads of “boxes from home.” and everyone made the best of the fact that he could not go to his paternal camping ground for that season. Nearing the close of our scven-day-per-week work a most unheard of. unprecedented thing occurred. The various tribes gathered and collectively decided that it was imperative that they clean up. Hence it was decided that one day out of every three hundred and sixty-five should be preserved for that specific purpose. Shortly after this our tribe received a blow when our great Medicine Man Pinch sailed across the big sea water to France to serve his country in reconstruction work. Thus our tribe became orphans. The tranquility of our valley was soon broken again by tin excitement of the annual contest. The Independent Tribe, the first and second .Junior Tribes, and the first and second Senibr Tribes met and hotly contested for the championship in the modern contest called basketball. The Senior Tribes were successful. so the tribe of 1919 still remained the most important one in the Beaverhead Valley. We again suffered a staggering blow when the Big Chief of the Normal Nation resigned his position. During the year, we have had three social Senior Sundays, one at the end of each quarter, as various tribe members completed their work and undertook greater responsibilities. The first occurred when Margaret Mullen. Agnes Bayne, Ilonora Keany and Anna Mann departed from our ranks; the second when I)r. Finch, Mable Ilungate. Lydia Smith, Ruth Smith, and Ethel Campbell left our valley; and the last when the rest of the tribe completed their work and went out to take up their duties in various parts of Montana. By far the most important things in the age took place the last week of school, our commencement week. The events were Senior Convocation. Baccalaureate Service, Vespers. Bow Wow, Senior Sunday, and Commencement Exercises. Our hearts ached as we realized that our tribe which had co-operated for so long must now be broken up as we left our hunting grounds at Dillon for the duties we should find in wider fields throughout the world. CLASS OF ’19. Page 74 1919 OOOooo Class Will W § E. the Senior Class of the year nineteen nineteen, wishing to leave this life of trials and long-suffering. and unable to take with us our valuable possessions. as our gowns are pocketless, do hereby bequeath tin same possessions to the following: To Dr. Finch we leave those valuable papers received on January ‘27. following that memorable escapade of January 25. We hope, however, that he will not have to use them again. To President Monroe we leave the unexcused absences of the above date. To Miss Carson we will our Bassetts to be used at her discretion on the Juniors. To J. Ford MeBain. our chemistry experiments, trusting that he will safeguard them from use by the Juniors. To Mr. Wiseman our ability ‘‘to feel around for something interesting. ' To Miss Henry our “wishy-washy attitude. To Miss Phillips, all our references in Domestic Science which we spent many hours copying. To Miss Parr, the quiet second floor in the old dormitory. To the Training School faculty, our many red-inked lessen plans. To the rest of the faculty of the Normal College, our A's. hoping that they will multiply as did the loaves and fishes in the Bible story. To the Junior class, our Bolsheviki tendencies. Ethel Campbell leaves her place at the table to Miss Proudfoot. lo Dunlap wills her habitual grin to Delia Ilagcrty. To “Chissy.” Marie Evans bequeaths her even disposition. Vera Kern leaves her Eighth grade beau to Agnes Kelley, for she feels that Agnes will be able to give him sufficient attention. The V. W. bunch leave the bench on the porch to Margaret Fisler, hoping that she will not be too selfish with it. Gladys Garr leaves her wonderful soprano voice to Leafy Bonne. “Spelly" leaves her drag with Professor Clark to M. Butler. To Rose Winchell. Catherine Loretz wills her ability to study. All our other possessions, we bequeath to the Juniors; and we do hereby appoint Professor Light as the executor of this, our last will and testament. In witness whereof, we do hereby set this seal of tin Class cf 1919, this 11th day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred nineteen and in tin twentv-second vear of tin Normal College. (Signed) TIIE SENIORS OF 1919. 1919 Page 75 oooooo t e Chinook Class Prophecy Oh, Retz! Wait till I tell you my dream. When you hear it. you'll think it a scream. No muddle at all. but as clear as can be, And it's just what we want for our prophecy. It seemed that in a trip 'round the world The life of each girl in a vision unfurled. The visions changed, but I watched them all. And will do my best them all to recall. At a theatre one evening in reconstructed France, 1 saw Alice Moser playing in “Her Last Chance.” The villainess appeared, who gave me a thrill. And all of a sudden 1 recognized Gill. On Ireland's green shore, gathering turf. I saw the little girl we used call “Murf.” In the lowlands of Scotland far from renown. Jonsie and Bushie had at last settled dowi . And where they dance the highland fling Was Val. the girl who used to sing. Jackson and Swanson in far away Japan Were chief cooks in the “Ching (Jiang Chan.’’ O'Brien. Shaffer, and our old friend Shields, As movie stars had filled many reels. Do you remember our vamp. Vera Kern? In matrimony she was still waiting her turn. Pat and Ted, the musical two. Were seeking admission to the movies, too. Vera P., with wisdom rich and rare. Was gaining fame in combing hair. Our friend Lucy, so quiet and still. Was happily married to dear friend Bill; Ruby Reynolds, whose voice thrilled the air. Was married to a millionaire. In Hawaii, dancing herself lame. Was “t’kulele” Carey winning her fame. Marie and Maudie of ( 1 Old As teachers had both learned to scold. Helen and Spellie. the belles of Glen, Were watching and waiting for the right men. And I mustn't forget my roommate Nell, Iler’s was the life of a society belle. Page 76 1919 oooooo Zb Chinook Minnie Nelson had at last settled down, And didn’t take her usual jazz downtown. Ruth and Lydia, the two Smith girls, At the clerking profession were having a hurl. Dougherty and Mahno, so quiet and prim, Had learned how beautiful hats to trim, And the girl we knew as Helen Baker Had become the wife of an undertaker. Hazel, our other downtown friend, From the Philippine Islands her greetings did send . Grace and Gladys, tin two friendly Garrs, Had discovered that people live on Mars. Alva Mueller, with her dark hair and eyes, Had become a handsome man's prize. Boh Warburton, our basketball shark. Was running an aeroplane to Central Park. Mabel and Lil, the girls we admire. Were singing daily in a church choir. Bessie Quinn, so quiet and still. Had surprised us all in a musical thrill. Mildred Sharp and tall lo Dunlap, Had lost the men they intended to ‘‘cap.” Ethel Campbell, fulfilling our expectation, As head of a reform school had made a reputation. Perl Brown, with abilities not few. Was enjoying life in a bungalow for two. Maine Andersen, tin last to appear. Away from a man was running with fear. In the little red school house down by the hill. The duties of a teacher some will always fulfill. And now, dear Retz, 1 have mentioned in rhyme The things that happened with the passing of time. As 1 have told you all. 1 must disappear. As here comes Miss Parr, and she fills me with fear. It is just eight-thirty, and as you'll all know. 1 must into my room on the third floor go. Or a little note. 1 shall surely receive. And from the campus, I shall have no leave. So I bid you adieu, and may our whole lot. The class of 1919. be always on the top. GENROSE CATHERINE. Page 77 1919 " oooooo Zb Chinook The “Go” The Normal “Go” comes once a year. We always hear of it with cheer. Because we lay our hooks aside And plan to have a jolly ride. This year we changed our mode of travel, And in a truck went o'er the gravel. lip to Sheep Canyon, we wended our way, And in games and hiking spent the day. We clin ebed to the Rye Patch over the hill And carved our names on the cabin sill. The walk was long and tiresome, too. But we were happy and our troubles were few. As the hands of the clock crept close to six. We began our evening meal to fix. With helping hands, the task was soon finished, And stacks of food very quickly diminished. We ate and then we played some more. And at length piled in on the auto truck floor. And coming home, we made things gay With songs and stories all the way. —N. BURK IS. ooo1919 Page 70 Che Chinookooo HoouHD 12 OOOooo i the Chinook oo ooo the Chinook OOOooo the Chinook _______1919_____________ ' Pago 83 ooo6161 S 9.S I ooo Zbe Chinook Autographs Pago 86 1919 oooooo Zbo Chinook Autographs Page 86 1919 oootibe Chinook Autographs Pago 87 1919 ooothe Chinook Jokes Marie Evans—“Mrs. Gordon is going (o give me a recommendation for Wisdom. ” Vera T.—“Why, you haven't even got your wisdom teeth.” Professor Clark (picking up an empty bottle)—“The body from which the spirit has departed.” O o o In Spelling Class: .Miss Murphy—“What is the name of the vowel sound in her?” Matilda—“e!” “Try the next word. How is the o in obey marked?” “Modified matron.” “You may be seated. Miss Murphy!” Bushie—“ Yal, are vou going to the library?” Yal—“ Yes!” Bushie—“Well, bring Chubb home with you.” ----o---- WHY WORRY? There, little senior, don’t cry. You are going to flunk. I know. In your Oral Ex. and Methods, too. With your class you cannot go: No use for you to try; So there, little senior, don’t cry. There, little senior, don’t cry. Your teaching is hard. I know. And graduating dreams With their future gleams. Will fade as on you go. But secure what money won’t buy, And then, little senior, don’t cry. There, little senior, don’t cry. Someone loves you. T know. And your domestic arts Will win many hearts. Regardless of where you go. Don ’t worry about the “bye-and-bve.” There, little senior, don’t cry. Page S8 1919 oooOOO the Chinook SASSIFIED ADS WANTED TO BFY—R. W.’s gift of gab—V. K. WANTED A new receipt for dorm brown bread. Vera Kern at tin telephone. A rancher who has fresh eggs and milk.—I). 0. B. A “wonderful man.”—Mabel J. Minnie Christiansen in the parlor. A chaperon, by the Howard Music Company joy riders. By Lillian McGibbcn—a Junior with sense. FOR SALE -A ukulele—Marie Carey. The latest popular song, entitled. “Don’t Dare to Study ’Till Exams Come Round." A volume of 5.000 beautifully red-inked lesson plans. Apply to any Senior. A hook of new jokes—Prof. (’. A pair of old “gym” shoes, worn out from standing at attention, cheap at half the sale price—M. S. Maudie’s Bock of Knowledge. Send a 7-ton truck when calling for the above. LOST—Wind out of one tire; occupants delayed till 10:B(); campused for two weeks. A pair of pink bedroom slippers.—M. N. The way to town—Baby Juniors. A good night’s sleep on account of lesson plans—A Senior. The tournament—Juniors. A chaperon—(Jet particulars from student government committee. FOCND—IN the Chinook for 1907. something new- s uffer, stuff, stuffed. By the V. W. bunch—A way to be campused. By A. Kelly A dandy jewel (A Dan D. Jewell). In “Puck,” a man—Bob W. A way to love—Yal. The pathway to symphony—A. O. J.’s. A chance for a joy ride—Rural Clang. PERSONAL: Study or work habit cured or no pay. Remedy sent on trial—The Dean. Clenrose McGonigle. 73 years old, strayed from the dorm at 6:30. Friday evening: tall. lean, and homely; looks sideways out of one eye. Last seen with Hercules. Notify anxious matron. ----o---- J-J-J JAZZ FIRST READER We went out walking. We like to talk. We like to walk in the moonlight . We went to a party. We like to go to parties. We had a good time. We always have a good time. We had some ice cream. We had some cake, too. We go to movies sometimes. We like to go to movies. We play basketball. We like to play basketball. __________________________ Page 89 1919 OOOooo C e Chinook STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! IIE Bulsheviki moovment tuk holt of the dormitory oil January 25, and we pupils decided that it wood lx a jrml joke to stay away from skill and fool all tin fakulty members. We kald this gra e day “Snoek Daw’ One of the pupils was a earlie rizer and went over to tin college and put a sine up. “No skill inday. It is Sneek Day!" When the teachers kam to teach us. they found that we were not there to be tot. We. as pupils, were bizly engaged in uther duties; such as press-in’. wasliin' and utherwize general cleanin'. Instead of this mcovment bein’ looked on as a joke, it was taken veri seriously. When we came to go to skul on Monday morning, the teachers Inked at us with skoul-ing face and told us we cude not kum into the clas uiPil we had received an exkuse from - he effis. Then we new we were in for it. We were all kald into room 13 (unlukie. you see) and got a lekture on our nautie epizede. I can tell you we felt prettie cheep and were indeed sorv for our misbehavior. The next few indicts were spent in giving us permits to enter class. The Juniors got off Inkier than the Senors. After the Senors got thru at tin Colej, the next problem was to get permits to rezum teachin’ at the training’ school. When we went down there, we were given a slip of paper on which were three brane raker questuns. which had to be ansered at mice if not suner. By the time we had thot out the answers, we eerta'nlv wished we had never Knocked skulc. We were at last aloud to rezum our duties and we sied a sie of relef. Now as a word of warnin’, we wish to sav to all nupils that kum after us that even tho the task is diffikult. never try to shirk your skulc duties for a dav on which to do uther household labor. (Jo dirlv first. Take the advis from won that no .. Sined: THE SNEEKS. o---- BE GENEROUS Why Not Give:— Membership to more than six jazzers. Marie Carey’s vamping ways to It. T. The Seniors a few privileges, Maude’s noise to Oliver Butler. The G. A. B. notices »o Zelda and ('hi ., A dance for the High School girls. Helen Manion 100 in spelling. Ruby R. a few hours’ sleep on Sunday evening, Nellie B. her deer (dear) picture back. The A. O. J.’s permission to move down town. Gen’s Sterns-Knight to the chaperon The students a day to wash and iron? Page 90 1919 oooooo the Chinook HOBBY Name—Mabli Jackson. Colors—Purple and Pink. Ocean—Solitude. Books- Lives of Greek philosophers, Britannica Encyclopedia, the Atlantic Monthly. Indoor Games—Studying from 8 to 10 every night; being present at all house meetings. Pastime—Memorizing the names of the hones in the body. Athletic Sports- Practicing the wand drill, playing leap-frog on the campus. Dessert—Coffee and ginger bread. Candy—Hard tack. Flowers—Dandelions. Music—Sacred. Singers—Caruso. Alma Gluck. Hobby—Studying. Dissipation—Going to parties. Folly—Attending lyceum. ----o--- HOBBIES Name—Lillian McGibbon. Colors—Orange and Crimson. Ocean—Joy. Books—Diamond Dick Stories, Literary Digest. Pastime—Finding a dignified Junior. Indoor Games—Acting on the punch committee. Instruments—Jews harp, white ivory comb. Athletic Sports—Wearing ballet slippers, dancing, playing tennis. Dessert—Beans and brown bread. Candy—Jelly beans. Flowers- -Bachelor Buttons. Music—Ticklish jazz. Singers—The Sunday Morning Choir. Hobby—Being dignified. Dissipation—Going to town. Folly—Witnessing a movie. __________________________ Page 91 1919 oooooo the Chinook THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT 1. The Bolsheviki took a “sneak” January 25. 2. The Dean's «roiu r to live at the dorm. 3. The High School closed May 3. 4. Mr. (’lark’s new joke. 5. The door is locked at 19 o’clock. 6. Mr. Light's Lord has changed color. 7. Four years isn't long. 8. The primary methods assignment. 9. Miss Farr’s trip. 10. Dora O'Brien’s milk and eggs. 11. X. B. is doing the “Hobo Hop" now. 12. llow to keep the alleys clean in Dillon. 13. The whistle on “Yellow Lights." 14. The Y. Y. Bunch run the dances at the dorm. 15. Mildred Busch's telephone calls. 16. Twenty-five lesson plans in one night. 17. The High School Prom. 18. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights are all study nights. 19. Clean, white middies for physical education. 20. Most Seniors take special training in Art and dim. ----o----- CRITICAL CRANKS Well, why don't you like the cover? It's better than any Annual has had before. Maybe the jokes aren’t laughable, but then:— The ones who think these jokes are bum Would straightway change their minds, If they could do as we have done, And read between the lines. You don’t like the arrangement? We simply couldn't put everything at the first. What’s that? Literary? Weill Why didn't you help just a little bit? We’ve shown you, friends, what we can do— Our each and every prayer, That some day you will wear our shoe, And hold an Annual chair. Page 92 1919 oooooo the Chinook OOOooo Chi Chinook The Thornton Hotel European Plan Strictly Modern Throughout Thoroughly Fireproof and elegantly furnished. Hot and cold water, steam heat, electric lights and telephone in every room. Polished hardwood floors, and rugs throughout. SIXTV-FOrR ROOMS EN SUITE WITH PRIVATE BATII W. E. LOVE, Manager BUTTE. MONTANA Jfirst Rational Hank OF BUTTE CAPITAL AND SURPLUS, $750,000.00 UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY BUTTE, MONTANA Page 94 ________________ 1919 OOOooo Cbo Chinook ACOMA HOTEL M. H. HALL, Manager Make Aeorna Hotel your headquarters while in Butte Newly Furnished and Up-to-Date STKAM HEAT, TELEPHONE. HOT AND COLD WATER IN ALL ROOMS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SHOWER BATHS Rooms Single and En Suite Rates, $1.00 and Up DEPOT CARS TAKE YOU TO ACOMA HOTEL Dillon Oil Company High grade oils from shale. Call at our office and learn of the great possibilities in oil. gas and numerous by-products of the shale. Stock selling for three dollars per share. DILLON OIL COMPANY ANDRUS HOTEL BUILDING Page 95 1919 “ The Shale Company of Montana oooooo Bank of Twin Bridges TWIN BRIDGES, MONTANA Capital Paid in. $50,000.00 Established in 1898 COMPLETE" BANKING SERVICE Officers: A. J. BENNETT, President. AMOS C. HALL, Vice-President. A. J. WILCOMB. Cashier. M. 11. LOTT, Vice-President. MYRON W. MOUNTJOY, Ass t (Cashier. We Are Montana Distributors FOR THE KNIGHT All White Soda Fountains J. HUNGERFORD SMITH Crushed Fruits and Syrups, Sweets and Candies CHOCOLATES AND BON EONS Rainier Products Rainier Bock RAINER'S SPECIAL,” “RAINIER MALT” RYAN FRUIT CO. BUTTE, MONTANA Page 96 1919 OOOooo = the Chinook _— ELIEL BROTHERS Dry Goods Ladies' Suits Coats Dresses WAISTS—SKIRTS WILLIAM CARTER UNION SLITS FOR LADIES RED CROSS SHOES ELIEL BROTHERS Men's Store Hart Schaffner Marx Clothes Stetson Hats MANHATTAN SHIRTS INTERWOVEN HOSE Likely Traveling Rags and Suit Cases Neckwear Night Shirts and Pajamas SUPERIOR UNION SUITS STACY ADAMS SHOES Page 97 _______________ 1919 ooo the Chinook Be Comfortable and You 'Will Be Happy A really comfortable corset-comfortable from morning till night—is a real blessing to any woman. More than half of your time is spent in a corset. You should he particular in its selection. Your health, and consequently your happiness, depends upon it. TlfToD. iR.T Corsets Front Laced embody comfort with style—you may l ave both, but you will not realize the superb design of these corsets until yen actually try one on. Then you will realize. Ye invite you to try on the MO DART at our fitting rooms. The trial fitting costs nothing. Dillon Dry Goods Co. DILLON, MONTANA rage 9S 1919 oooooo J. L. Price’s Office 132 Bannack Street ,Q Sl p V Real Estate, Insurance Land Business, Abstracts Public Stenography Houses for Rent Notary Public The Montana Market Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats, Poultry. Oysters and Fresh Shellfish in Season Livestock Bought and Sold at All Times Phone 10-W 32 East Bannack Street Page 90 1919 oooooo Huber Bros. Opticians Jewelers Everything of the latest makes of merchandise guaranteed hv the manufacturers. You take no risk in buying from us. We carry the latest lines in Jewelry, Diamonds. Watches. Hawkes Libby's Cut Glass, Pickard I land-painted China, Gorham Silver. Waterman and Parker Pens. Masonic Temple Dillon Montana DILLON Furniture C o. Furniture of Every Description (i KNT KltOVS TR K ATM ENT (}. T. PAUL. Proprietor BEAVERHEAD MOTORS CO. | INCORPORATED] FORDSON TRACTORS DILLON Page 100 MONTANA MONTANA Auto Supply Co. CADILLAC BUICK DODGE AUTOMOBILES Acce ssories DILLON Parts MONTANA 1919 oooooo Zb Chinook An Instant Profit If you have a sum in cash that ought to he drawing interest there is no reason for haste in choosing a permanent investment. One of the certificates of deposit, payable on demand or in six or twelve months, means good interest at once and keeps the money ready for instant use. $1.00 opens a savings account—4% interest paid. Beaverhead. State Bank Dillon, Montana Member Federal Reserve Rank W estern Wholesale Grocery Co, WHOLESALERS and IMPORTERS OF STAPLE AND FANCY (JROCERIES Distributors of the Celebrated DIAMOND AUTO TIRES and Accessories A FRIEND OF CHINOOK DR, BEST DENTIST PHONES: Office 64-W Residence 173-W Office Over State Bank Building Page 101 1919• the Chinook | = Dillon Implement Co. TUB OLD RELIABLE IMPLEMENT DEALERS OF SOUTHERN MONTANA 0 o 0 We carry the largest stock of Farm Implements. Fencing. Harness. Saddles. Heavy and Shelf Hardware in Southern Montana, and our stock is always complete with the largest variety in all lines, at prices which defy competition. When in town make our store veur headquarters. Mail orders given prompt and careful attention. Write or telephone your wants to us. For Forsgren Grocery Study Lamps Dealer in Electric Irons Groceries and Chafing Dishes Farm Produce Toaster Stoves or Try Our Fresh Roasted Coffee and Peanuts From Our New Roaster Westinghouse Mazda Lamps Phone 235 134 N. Idaho Street Three Important Elements see in Our Women's Shoes: Rife Electric Co. Style, Ease and Your Money s W rth 10 E. Sebree Street City Shoe Store PHONE 74-4 H. Schoenbom. Prop. Page 102 1919 oooooo the Chinook W. H. Stephan, M. D. Physician Surgeon Grill Cabaret W. H. FALLS, 'PHONE 3 TWIN BRIDGES. Security State Bank THE BANK OF PERSONAL SERVICE Capital, $50,000.00—Surplus, $5,000.00 We invite you to use the service and facilities of this Bank. 1. Checking accounts. 2. Savings accounts Vf interest. 3. Safety Deposit Boxes. 4. Bank Drafts. 5. Customer’s Room for your use. All business conducted with this Bank treated strictly confidential. Come in and See l’s C. C. THORNTON. President NELS NELSON. Vice-Pres. MARSHALL FIELD. Cashier. The Golden Rule Store The Only Cash Store in Town Best Line of Ladies’ Ready-to-Wear Clothing, Dry Goods and Shoes in the City Dillon, Montana Pago 103 —— ’ - oooooo the Chinook Insist on Best's Candies Always the Freshest Made in Dillon by The Best Candy Co. TRIBUNE Book Store Addie R. Baldwin Exclusive Millinery Phone 66 22 S. Montana St. 132 East Bannock Street DILLON. MONTANA Dillon Montana Corner Cigar Store W. F. Me A VO V Dillon, Mont. MAGAZINES NEWSFAFER SERVICE A Full Line of CIGARS AND TOBACCOS SMOKERS’ SPECIALTIES AND CANDIES Have Your Eyes Examined by E. W. JONES OPTOMETRIST At Stamm’s Jewelry Store Broken Lenses Duplicated Page 104 1919 oooooo tbi Chinook Southern Montana Abstract Title Co. BONDED ABSTRACTERS DILLON. MONT. 1 — = ■ 0 We have the most complete up-to-date Abstract plant in Western Montana 1«—■= =g] FRANK HAZELBAKFR, President Sullivan Brothers LIVERY, FEED and SALES STABLES Dealers in HORSES AND MI LKS Coal, Baled Hay and Ground Feed For Sale Satisfaction guaranteed. Give us a ('all 1919 Phones: Office, 154-J ; Res. 250-W. F. Fi. Bimrose D. D. S. Office Hours: to 12—1:30 to 5 Suite 14, Tel. Blk. DILLON. MONTANA Page 105 oooooo Zbe Chinook DILLON BAKERY FOR A GOOD GIRL or a good boy either, there is no better reward than some of our candies. And a promise of such a treat will put the youngsters on their good behavior as nothing else could. I jet years know you have a box of our candy in tin house which they will share if they are good and you'll find that angels could be no better. F. C. McFADDEN Proprietor TRY Japanese - American Tovey Stone FOR STUDIO Stationery, Office and School Supplies Portraits. Commercial Work Kodak Developing and Printing Enlarging Helen A.rdle Chocolates Candy, Post Cards, Magazines "Something Exclusive” Andrus Hotel Dillon, Mont. George Tatara DILLON MONTANA 1919 oooooo the Chinook Greater Grocery Company Retail Grocers GOOD QUALITY AND SERVICE YOUR ORDERS WILL RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION Phone 7-J DILLON. MONTANA IP IT IS R. W. BOONE Building Material Lumber and Coal Beaverhead Real Estate Lumber Co, ancf Better Material Cheaper Fire Insurance Page 107 1919 oooooo Che Chinook THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK DILLON, MONTANA FIRST AND ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BEAVERHEAD COUNTY oooOOO €be Chinook Sugar Bowl Cafe Candies Bakery Cabaret 12 Idaho Street Dillon, Montana Dillon Auto Co, NASH, OAKLAND AND MAXWELL CARS Repairing, Supplies and Storage PHONE 39-.J 27 HELENA ST. Deputy Market DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OK FRES1I AND SALTED MEATS FISH, OYSTERS IN SEASON If in doubt give us a chance to prove ours the best SWARTZ, Manager 'Wo THE PLACE TO HCV YOUR Dillon MILLINERY Garment Cleaners NEMO CORSETS In the Lead for High-Class Work PHONE 174-W MRS. ANNA HART 126 S. Montana St. Dillon, Mont. Dillon, Montana Page 109 1919 ooo11 Zb Chinook -----------I ' OLMSTED-STEVENSON COMPANY THE BUSY STORE OF DILLON PHONE 6-W Montana CHILI KING Livestock Commission Co, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT BUYERS AND SELLERS OF ALL KINDS OF LIVESTOCK WAFFLES Standard Lumber Coal Company Offices: Rooms 3 and 4 Telephone Block It. E. FOSTER GEO. M. MELTON Lumber and All Kinds of Building Material, Lime, Cement and Plaster Page 110 1919 oooooo the Chinook THE METLEN MAIN BROTHERS, Proprietors EUROPEAN PLAN POPULAR PRICES DILLON MONTANA “■ The Thomas Book Store PATHEPHONE AGENTS I leadquarters for SCHOOL BOOKS And All Kinds of SCHOOL SUPPLIES CONFECTIONERY Dillon Montana Page in --------- “ 1919 ooo£b? Chinook COME TO THE Hart wig Theater FOR THE BEST Photo Plays ENTIRE CHANGE OP PROGRAM EVERY DAY MATINEE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY O o 0 You can see a complete show starting at £:30 p. m. DILLON STEAM LAUNDRY Prices 20 Per Cent Less than Any Other Laundry in Montana All Work Guaranteed Phone 135-W JACK NOONAN. Prop. Fago 112 1919 oooooo i the Chinook i THE PIANO YOU BUY New Shoe Repairing You expect to take into your home and give you a lifetime of service Shop Montana Street BOUGHT HERE Opposite Depot You are assured of its reliability by a house in which you can place confidence Exclusive Representatives for the First-Class V ork All Work Guaranteed STEINWAY, WEBER, STECK, LUDWIG and other well-known PIANOS — PHONOGRAPHS— Aeolian—Vocations and Columbia Graf- Y akima V egetable Market onolas—Musical Sundries—Sheet Music Fresh Fruit. Vegetables and Fish Howard Music Co. Sebree Street • • 2i:{ X. Main St., Itutte, Mont. JUNE TAKAYA, Prop. I. F. HUNSAKER President R. J. BIDSTRUP Vice-President BEAVERHEAD MILLING and 30™£$ « urer ELEVATOR CO. BEAVERMONT FLOUR A. J. FOSS Manager Breeding Ewes for Sale Two thousand cross-bred, white-faced ewes; 2.000 Hampshire ewes—all 2 to 4 years old. All my own raising—large, heavy-boned, rugged kind. For particulars. call or address J. E. MORSE DILLON, MONTANA Page 113 1919the Chinook IIE CLASS OF 1919 WISHES TO THANK THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED TO MAKE POSSIBLE OUR CHINOOK o o o SUBSCRIBERS OF CHINOOK Show your appreciation to those who have made possible our Chinook. Patronize them.—tell them you saw their ad in Chinook. oooooo the Chinook Consider your feet. Madam— Red Boot Shoes DO I Phillips Battery Station Official Willard Service Station 26 N. Main Street Butte, Montana ELK CAFE MONTANA STREET Best Place in Town to Eat Popular Prices Open Day and Night DILLON MONTANA Butte Optical Co, Manufacturing Opticians 101 W. Park Butte, Montana Phone 5 J N. Idaho o o o Shorty’s Chile Parlor Chile and Hot Lunch Soft Drinks Corner Bannock one! Idaho Streets PALACE FRUIT STORE Our Specialty. Examining Eyes and Fitting Glasses We Duplicate any Broken Lens DR. J. L. HANNIFIN 1919 Lambros Vullas, Prop. Hurtwig Theater Bldg. Page 115Zbe Chinook A MONTANA STORE FOR ALL MONTANA PEOPLE Why All Montanans Should Use Symons First of all. Montana people have in Symons a store upon which they may depend entirely for everything they need in the way of wearing apparel whether it he for a man. woman or child. Through this store's splendid mail-order service. Symons is brought to your very door, regardless of where you live in the state. It is far more advantageous to buy by mail from Symons than it is to buy from an eastern mail-order concern, because, first of all. you are able to get the best merchandise at prices that are no higher, and in some instances even lower, than those quoted in eastern mail-order house catalogues for qualities of an inferior character. AND JUST THINK HOW MUCH QUICKER YOU ARE ABLE TO GET MERCHANDISE FROM SYMONS THAN IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET IT FROM A NEW YORK OR CHICAGO HOUSE Whatever you buy from Symons is the same quality, the same in price, tn© same in everything as that which Butte people get—the same as if you cam© personally to Symons and bought it. We do not have stocks specially for our out-cf-town patrons and other stocks for customers who live in Butte. Noitner do we sell the low-end or inferior qualities of merchandise that so many eastern mail-order houses usually catalogue and send out to the public. You get the kind of merchandise at Symons that is the most dependable and desirable —the kind that is almost wholly responsible for the steady and healthy growth of this vast store—the kind that is going to satisfy you to the fullest—and yet, you are not asked to pay exorbitant prices for it. We go to great length to make new patrons for our store, and once we have made them, we hold them. We can only hope to make and hold customers by selling them merchandise of merit and selling it at a reasonable price—and that is just what we do. Symons Dry Goods Company Butte, Montana PHONE 6000. CONNECTIONS TO ALL DEPARTMENTS. Pago 11 1919 oooooo Cbe Chinook CARS FOR HIRE Vulcanizing and Welding DEPUTY YOELKER AUTO CO. Opposite City Hall Telephone 53-W Automobile Supplies and Tires Garage am DILLON, Service Station MONTANA MATTINGLY’S We will be glad to show you our line of goods for women, combining beauty and serviceability. Udies' Silk Hosiery, Ladies’ Handkerchiefs, I Julies' Sweaters —and if there is anything you want to buy for the men folks, you will surely find it in our large and complete stock of men’s fine furnishings. .Mail Orders Promptly Filled MATTINGLY'S JI7 X. MAIN NTRKKT - Hl’TTK CITY DRUG CO. for CAMERAS and CAMERA SUPPLIES (Make cur store your store.) You’ll Always Find the Newest styles Prices a Little Isss in Ladies' Ready-to-Wear and Furnishings Men's Clothing, Shoes and furnishings gmy'C.H.NIBLACK Price Page 117 1919 oooooo Zb Chinook AT YOUR SERVICE GIFTS— We can suggest just the right gift for each and every occasion. CLASS GOODS— We offer the best of personal service in ordering class goods. We are always ready to quote prices. Prompt attention given to repair work. ALBERT STAMM JEWELER DILLON MONTANA CONFECTIONERY CIGARS AND TOBACCOS RED BUTTE HANNAH BURKE GARAGE 955 North Main St. ( IIAS. W. SEYBOLI), Prop. BUTTE, MONTANA y The ELITE 3 N SHOP GASOLINE, OIL AND SUPPLIES FOR FINE MILLINERY AND MILLINERY Machine Shop in Connection TRIMMING TIRES and TUBES Hotel Andrus Building DELL MONTANA Page 118 1919 ooothe Chinook SEWELL’S The Home of GOOD HARDWARE Mechanics’ Fine Tools, Paints, Glass, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies PHONE 956. 221 E. PARK ST. BUTTE. MONTANA METLEN HOTEL CAFE Private Tables—Home Cooking Meals, 50c ICE WHOLESALE AX!) RETAIL S. S. PATTERSON DILLON BOTTLING WORKS Preferred Soft Drinks DILLON MONTANA FRIEND OF CHINOOK A. J. WEDUM LUMBER CO. Everything in lumber, building materials and builders’ hardware fial Phone 79-J. MAIN OFFICE: DILLON First-Class Prescriptions If you have talked with people who trade here, you know they consider this store to be first class in all that makes a first-class drug store. If you want anything usually sold at big drug stores you can get it here. KODAKS and SUPPLIES YICTROLAS and RECORDS Potts THE DRUGGIST Page 110 1919 _______________ooo the Chinook COLUMBIA GARDEN FLOWERS FRESH EVERY MORNING COLUMBIA FLORAL CO. PHONE 1923 A. C. WILHELM, Mgr. We are members of the Florists’ Telegraph Delivery Association Say It With Flowers 47 WEST BROADWAY BUTTE, MONTANA Northwestern Teachers' Agency Largest in the west. Especially interested in strong experienced ami inexperienced teachers located in our section. WRITE IMMEDIATELY FOR FREE CIRCULAR. BOISE, IDAHO. Western Motor CAMERAS Supply Company Complete Line of the Better Makes MORAN YEAGER in All Sizes and Makes CHEVROLET AUTOMOBILES Auto Supplies FILMS DEVELOPED DILLON Tel. 53-J MONTANA Best results from your outing pic- E. H. BRUNDAGE tures if you leave your films with us for developing and printing UNDERTAKER AND FUNERAL DIRECTOR Prompt Service Moderate Cost fiWS Sewing Machines, Picture Framing B. E. Calkins Co. CABINET WORK 42 N. Main St. Butte Page 120____________________________ 1919 ooothe Chinook AT WEINBERG’S BUTTE, MONTANA Every season the new coats, suits, frocks, blouses, separate skirts, apparel for young women and girls, and all the accompaniments of dress, assembled with that certain knowledge gained through long experience, and with an unerring instinct for the better modes and fabrics, await your choice. MAIL ORDERS Given Painstaking Attention. TWIN BRIDGES GARAGE The Popular Ladies’ Garment Store 63 EAST PARK ST. Ladies and Misses Ready-to-Wear First-Class Merchandise at the Most Reasonable Prices in BETTE MONTANA 1919 The Largest Garage in the Largest Town in Madison County Telephone No. 58 Agents for FORD AND BUICK MOTOR CARS Page 121 oooooo Zbo Chinook (Live AniU'us On-ill THE BEST Is none too good for you. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT WHILE IN DILLON STOP AT The New Andrus IIARRV ANDRUS. Manager. DILLON’S ONLY MODERN HOTEL EUROPEAN PLAN Rales, +1.50 and up. Rooms with bath. +2.00 and up. Cafe and dining room in connection with hotel. Page 122 1919 oooOOO Che Chinook Shoes That Satisfy Slio» s for every member of the family, from tin baby to Grandpa We Solicit Mail Orders Write us when in need of shoes, we carry the most complete lines to be found in the state, and fill any order sent us. GAMER SHOE COMPANY BUTTE, MONTANA OCHSLl (OXLEY) A FURNITURE STORE SINCE ’94 MAIL MAIL ORDERS ORDERS RECEIVED PREPAID 42-44 W. BROADWAY BUTTE MONTANA 1919 The Stark Hotel MRS. H. A. PEASE, Manager THE BEST OF SERVICE RATES REASONABLE TWIN BRIDGES MONTANA Page 123 oooooo the Chinook Daly Bank and Trust Company Of Butte Established 1880 Incorporated 1901 Capital and Surplus. $400,000.00 GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS Interest Paid on Time Deposits Now Located in Their New Banking: Rooms CORNER PARK AND MAIN CHARLES L. KELLY, President R. W. PLACE. Assistant Cashier JOHN D. RYAN. Vice-president C. P. SWINBORNE, Cashier N. C. RAR. Assistant Cashier GREEN’S WHEN IN TWIN BRIDGES TRY BUTTE'S FOREMOST SHOP- THE TWIN BRIDGES ING ('ENTER FOR THE WOMAN OF DISCI! I MATING DRUG STORE TASTES Styles direct from Paris and New York, bought exclusive—that women may For Choice Candies and Cool Drinks rest assured that these will not be duplicated in other local shops. TWIN BRIDGES DRUG CO. WHEN IN BUTTE STOP AT GREEN S Prescription Druggists GREEN’S TWIN BRIDGES - MONTANA 22 West Park Street Fage 124 1919 oooooo the Chinook To Students of tin Normal College. Subscribers and Readers of the “Chinook” Acting as official photographer for the 1910 “Chinook.” I submit to you the quality of my work. With due appreciation of the excellent work of on-graving done, 1 hope that the merits of the photography in this book will warrant the continuance of our most friendly relations. Very truly yours. II. 1). WEEN INK, Proprietor of the Cottage Studio. 1919 Page 125 oooC ;e Chinook Women's Apparel and Millinery Smart street clothes—Dainty negligees and kimonos, exquisite underwear and hosiery, seasonable—Always Moderately Priced. 103 WEST BROADWAY BUTTE. MONTANA o o 0 C. W. H1GHNIGHT “THE TRUNK MAN” COAL AND WOOD OFFICE: CITY SHOE STORE Phone 227-J. Residence Phone, 194-W THE GEORGE ENGINEERING CO. G. V. ELDER. Manager ENGINEERS, DESIGNERS, MAPMAKERS DILLON MONTANA Page 126 “RICHELIEU” BRAND FOODS Not only insures purity in food products, but the highest quality obtainable. It will pay to remember “RICHELIEU” 1919 oooooo DESIGNER I AND RAVEfc BUTTE MONTANA Page 127 1919 ooo the Chinook DR. GEORGE GARRETT BROWNBACK PHILLIPS APARTMENTS Telephone 238-W. Dillon. Montana Land Office Filings Proofs BEAVERHEAD Oldest Set of Abstract Books in County Reliable Service in Land Matters Pearl I. Smith Title Building Dillon, Montana. o o o Fountain Pens Reliable Makes Every well-known and reliable make of Fountain Pen carried in stock here. Try “JONTEEL” Toilet Articles Powders, creams, perfumes—with the $10,000 odor. Paxon Rockefeller BUTTE, MONTANA A. W. CONNOLLY. President GEO. F. DART, Vice-President GEO. W. DART. Sec. and Treas. DART HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY PLUMBERS and HEATERS DEALERS IN HEAVY and SHELF HARDV ARE JOHN DEERE PLOWS DILLON MONTANA BURKE TRANSFER CO. PIIONE ll-W. Page 128 I E. S. BURKE. Manager. DRAYAGE AND FREIGHTING DILLON. MONTANA o o 1919ooo Zbe Chinook Machine Shop With Lathe, Press, Welding Plant Velie and Stearns Agency, 4, 6, 8 Cylinder Cars in Stock LLOYD BLAIR, Owners and Managers, DILLON, MONTANA ft Large S ock of Tires, Motor Accessories, Parts, Repairs and Specialties. Battery Rental—Batteries in Stock—Batteries Charged Corner Idaho and Sebree Street. Phone 314 “SERVICE” IS OUR MOTTO We try. and do our best to give quick service, and personal attention to the wants of each and every patron, during each and every day in the year. Try us on a “Hurry up call” for your car. Step in—pay us a visit, inflate your tires and fill your radiator, or have your battery looked after and tested—both stranger and regular patrons are alike welcome, the service gratis is our pleasure. COME IN AND SEE THE WONDERFUL STEARNS-KNIGHT It matters not whether you contemplate purchasing an automobile, it will do you good to see a real car with a real engine, and you will go away so convinced. that you will spread the information among your friends. A wonderful invention, is the Stearns-Knight Sleeve Valve—Silent—no noisy tappet valves, springs or push rods, cuts the carbon out at each stroke and runs equally as well with a pint of lubricating oil as it would with a gallon. and positive in intake and exhaust. Even the 4-cylinder Knight purs along more smoothly than an Eight of any other make. RED STAR GARAGE __________ Page 129 1919ooo €b ? Chinook When in Dillon STOP AT OUR STORE and hear Edison’s latest accomplishments Double-faced, unbreakable records. You never have to change tin needle, as the reproducer is fitted with a diamond point. A real musical instrument that gives a real musical treat. HUGHES McCALEB EXCLUSIVE AGENTS E H, BIMROSE D, D, S, PIIONES: OFFICE, 154-J; RESIDENCE. 250-W. Office Hours: 9 o'clock to 12—1 :30 to 5. SUITE 14. TEL. RLK. DILLON. MONTANA BOND GROCERY COMPANY Dealers in High-Class Groceries Ground Feed of All Kinds 12 EAST HELENA STREET PIIONE 99 Page 130 1919 7 OOOooo tf)e Chinook STATE BANK of Dillon A FEW YEARS MORE and you. now a student in the College, will have a home of your own. Every woman in addition to her household capabilities should have a certain amount of business knowledge. Having a bank account and paying all expenses by check is. in itself, an education in business methods. It brings one in contact with real business experience, and at tin same time, affords the safest way of having ready money at hand. W. A. (tRAETER. Cashier A. 1,. STONE, President. Paf?e 131 1919 oooooo Zho Chinook Tsffe University of Montana PRESENTS OPPORTUNITIES FOR Collegiate, Professional and Technical Educational AND FOR Special Training for National Service THE STATE UNIVERSITY (MISSOULA) Arts and Sciences Forestry Journalism Law Music Pharmacy Home Economics Business Administrat ion E. 0. SISSION, President THE STATE COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE MECHANIC ARTS (BOZEMAN) Agriculture Applied Science Engineering Mechanic Arts (Architectural, Chemical, Civil. Electrical. Irrigation. Mechanical) Industrial Arts Home Economics J. M. HAMILTON, President THE STATE SCHOOL OF MINES (BUTTE) Mining Engineering CHAS. H. CLAPP, President THE STATE NORMAL COLLEGE (DILLON) Training of Teachers E. R. MOSHER, Ac'ing President MONTANA STATE NORMAL COLLEGE FOURTH QUARTER AND SUMMER SESSION Will begin June 17 and end August 29. 1919—Session 12 weeks in length. A SCHOOL FOR TIIR PREPARATION AND TRAINING OF TEACHERS OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS All courses of instruction will be offered by men and women of experience in the training of teachers. Many of the regular teaching staff of tile State Normal College will give instruction throughout the summer quarter. The Training Sehool will be in session as a Model School during the first six weeks of the quarter and will offer opportunities for observation in Kindergarten. Primary, Intermediate and Grammar grade and ungraded work. Courses for Rural Sehool teachers will be offered throughout the quarter. Advantages offered for the training of teachers for the schools of Montana are unequalled elsewhere. Ample accommodations will be provided and expenses will be as low as the conditions now prevailing will permit. FALL QUARTER SEPTEMBER 9. For bulletins and information write to the president of the institution in which you are interested. If you want advice as to which institution you should attend, write to the Chancellor of the University. State Capitol, Helena. Montana. Page 132 1919 OOOooo the Chinook BUTTE ELECTRIC RAILWAY CO. Visit COLUMBIA GARDENS Wk Butte’s Great FREE Playground W. A. CLARK, President W. A. CLARK, Jr. Vice-president J. H. WHARTON, General Manager _____________________________Page 133 1919 ooo0 o 0 A “Good Anytime” Dessert Such a dish of plain Jell-0 as Bobbie and Jack welcome with clapping of hands and cries of "Oh, Good-e-e-e !” is good enough for anybody. But just now, when “substitutes” are still having their day, Jeil-O, whipped like cream, is one of the most useful and enjoyable of all foods. What particularly interests college girls is the fact that whipped Jell-0—say in the form of a pineapple Bavarian cream—is a treat, and one that any girl can provide. The new Jell-0 Book tells how to make all the whipped Jell-0 dishes and it will be sent to any address. Jell-0 is put up in six pure fruit flavors : Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, Cherry, Chocolate, and is sold by all grocers, 2 packages for 25 cents. Page 134 THE GENESEE PUKE FOOD COMPANY Lc Roy, N. Y., and Bridgcburg, Cnt. 1919 ooo1 «

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