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x 1, you , f'X -7 1 Li ,I ,-52 ,UI-Ivy N X ' ' . T 7 1, . ' '5 5 Hug G -I I w 4.-3.5 4-,W , A ' ' ll 13 8,35 Qffming ' 1 1515? hw , -11, x lv- " , . . , ,sv-1T"".. , ,WA -L' L7v?llBV'? lt ,NT ' 5 Le-,il VV? 505 4 W - il' -'-f K2 , 3 woman imygf Look out L' 1 V -, belowl , 3 A4 H Q. - 7' ' ' EM ' if .'aFalqcfx V, H . .,c.,, 'L . ' 11 M' ' -- ff: . ' ., A v 4 , A ' Q xg .ff f . f if , N X ,,.,-. X -'Z J V A r A Ly 45' 42? k 'Eve Some for me. . Z . ' ' A V' x , .W-,E , '. Y .1 ir' 5 W I I ',-1" ' v Yi Lv 74 , lo , .Iwi - ,g A an f m '31 1 'X ,ff 'xl AQJ I l ,f hmoicing at jfcvr aye - VJ, ' A xv, my I , 'Y I -- wa.-r.L,'e cruel V -w.: -7 A , ,fx 1 wcrld I V 7' , ' ' Sf I 'Y . if , Y. tx X , M1 ., -V. f..f-s, , -I ualqnnqj A-V VA .K ,-42,4 'H , , ,f ax , XX , 1 .A , 'V 1 .W '- , 4 U - 1 A ' X 1 in tl .0 X YH' ' 'lweuius at wurif' -:EGU an-Y mme l' Ogry I ,lm 3 , . f' -I5 E gj1,:,'5 label iii? fxlWW Zggiaii Rf ,,,0f"ff,f,fMJf X11 E CWD Q fi....+l-fm' 7 I Q WW 'AA R ED Exggsm 7 ii . fgfjvf jaw Wm ,QM - magma Ig cffgggy L1 Xi Q dy g ffi1 X6 Wm . V, X.Q?-1? if gif S M21 ' O 3,5 925 QM + ff W,MPQuN?QQW LQCKPQRT, NEQN YQRK w Q! kai Mn cyfllrs. 'W5. 'wboffworti , Q2 M 52 iiii,i?,7i'fy?izs: J 131 of x A cf' Q,-'gg . ' N . GQ yi, QD? X .ff 53" wwf' QW S KN W ll if t fy exif NN tl Qipj' ,ff FO R Evvo R D N Q55 Shliff 35.tliliilfillfZi'i1I.Z120L1,g1,1i.E1i,E?i?.? i3E2?.bSlI1Y.'ZiE?.?35f2."iiI :raffle shield, education. To the Spartans, the shield was their primary means of protection. This is also true in respect to education today since an educated person is fortified against misunderstanding, false propaganda and ignorance. ' y In our present world, education is becoming increasingly more important. Through knowledge the individual learns that life has mean- ing. Life shows value and purpose to those who have wisdom for they have developed an inquisitive mind. Improved methods of commun- icating ideas enable people to understand and cooperate with people of other cultures. In retrospect, we discover that the Spartans found it necessary to use. So it follows that we, too, must keep our shield, education, in a -similar condition and position. It must be used both offensively and defensively. Carrying through with this analogy, we find the Spartan leaders had to advance themselves through schooling, discipline, and steadfast per- severance. In our present society, one must- also prove that he is ,a man of action by gaining impetus through continued education. At Starpoint, we are in the process ofpobtaining our basic education, or our shield, which will later branch out and become more complete. QW W an wp their shield in a functioning state and ever-ready to be put to In the 19 tarpointer are recordedthe activities and achievements utilized in alalislying this significant foundation. K5 QW., zfavfyaaaew We I yy feffeffffrfff 1.-. 5, y " , . 5502 - o. Pd agus - aff 2 MQ? .gg - x - .P ,Sf f P-9 Qbnaiavqx ' 4s - J Q1 ra O Lf-O 1 U 5' YH.-Az,25'4 J? O1-Vkcyx 0 ' .fi 'WN .CQJQX D J 1.1 cb Q MAX, gg? .?'lQ5'k,f, LUQ7 a JS? Q6 gr EM Buck! ag Qi HALLQY if Mag YD is Q3 ig fl Steven A. Olick Q' fp fi uw ff WM It is with pride that we, lass of 1963, As an expr n oQ?gtEQ1qZppreciation and es- dedicate this "Starpointer" to lick, who gen- teem, we now ay t lm, " ank you for all the erously gave his time and wisdom to each and help you have sepsgy offered du ' our F every one of us. high school years. ' gf up My ' dflip 30 E 'EH 1 M M vip f flpj 314 xi? Hag xkoaloxgv M Q' ' if U in . Jw, 31 ix, ,HH W MT My fb , ,K V WB W W Q AS, fb' J J MSX 4 9 l R!-Xl NJN 'VY-A1'--.fbafu Q,fL,d.,Jf,aAJ-4 WWMAH Gfvffvl Q '--QQ :Jw :gf ff ' kf..u:CJ.Jv .l --'N'-"'1"'-' I I Mr. Frank Lynch, Mr. Donald Confer, Mr. Clark Johns, Mrs. Charlotte Fritzke, Mr. Walter Blackman Jr., QPresidentJ, Mr. Richard Verguson, Mr. Wallace Erck, Mr. Milo Barber, Mr. Harold Berry. BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr' Harold E' Keech Mr. Walter Waterstrat SECONDARY BUSINESS Dr.W.EugeneRoss In SUPERINTENDENT ADMINISTRATION C E Mr. Louis E. Knoble AND TRANSPORTATION Mrs. Rosemary Nelson Mr. Harold B. Smith, Jr. GUIDANCE 6 Wifgizpfifwf WM' WW ,ww Zibfjjfff pjff M QQ !QQ,,. ff? -- -1 Q n , .11 E E -71 . ' VWHWTNQFI O 'Q N 'X 1 ' I X . 1 ' 1 g xr! gx K Y -. X . Q 4 RJ X X u-1-ggi.. I X ST! X f gg I 1 ' T Ni , 5 X 51 S Q 'Q' ' f s' ' . ' 'E 5fg ?'i -2 . 'W 'Xl ix . - 4 1 f :Q ig Q, w5,gq,' E D Xx .1 og' 1 Jig 'N Ui! LE..-L.L.......-s.....hnhn 2 Ka RG E Plz EQEEEQ4 LANGUAGE William Hoebbel, George Kel- ler, Miss Helen Tobin. ' 1 Qlgw N, . ENGLISH Row one: Miss Suzanne Clark, Mrs. Mary Lou Harvey, William Hoebbel, Miss Mary Ellen Murphy. Row two: Jerold Edgar, David Sylves, Craig Carscallen. SOCIAL STUDIES Row one: Gordon Bianchi, Mrs. Ma rie Pietak, Steven Olick CChairmanJ, Mrs. Barbara Biedny. Row two: Roc co Lagona, Ralph Jarzab, Carl Lar- SOII. Gjygjtiffffilgxrox W SCIENCE Richard Derry, Paul Young, Richard Klose, Paul Holway, Thomas Man- iccia, Robert Murray. MATHEMATICS Charles O'Conner, Samuel Richbart, Richard Klose, Paul Holway, Richard Derry. Ross Wakeman. Joseph R. Totaro. . lb RW ,E W TW . 1 NYLJPJIXQJ Um fri. F ff" Q ' NQUVA V 'J 3 glpjv 'JL 1 J f' W' fffvffw AMT0?fpAWgQy , Lmwojflb jb wr JCIKGMMERCIAL xfjggff Fern Goss, Miss Estelle Palmer. if ART AND MUSIC Row one: James Grosskopf, Charles Green lChairman, Music Departmentl, Donald Mc- Clarin. Row two: Mrs. Sharon Karstens, Mrs. Penelope Woytila. f I0 VOCATICJNAL Right: Mrs. Mary Engert, Mrs. Adele Illi. Below: Row one: Richard Baum, Howard Luff QChairmanJ, Charles Brodfuehrer. Row two: Rithard Kolczynski, Jack Karstens. f' . -A' ' I I V r J! Aj' i B nfd,lZ?"j!!, C, Q tijilj I LA. QM jJL4P?LAlt,c"'P'iQc 1-' A V, AW f . 0 f W Q W., .1 Qty If Qfffl J HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Row one: Mrs. Anna Allen, Mrs. Sonia Abra- hams, Mrs. Agnes Flynn, Miss Carol Jones. Row two: Neil Patterson, Laverne Ensminger CChairmanJ. ll ' CAFETERIA STAFF M. Noe, D. Schultz CCafeteria Managerj, M. Klein, A. Danner, B. Weith, E. Smith, V. May, R. Hall, E. Marr, J. Plache, M. Lechner, D. Bowerman, M. May, L. Maliszewski, R. Fron- czak, J. Iulg. HEAD CUSTODI AN Mr. Earl Thompson CHead Custodianl. OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Audria Weller, Mrs. Mildred Barth, Miss Nancy Gross, Mrs. Venita Kriewaldt. , , l BUS DRIVERS Elmer Gust, Charles Laubacher, George Hib schwiler. 12 4 W iz EQQZ7' 22 C f 926 gb , ,,,,, Q QQ z 3.2 D- - Y' L . f ff NZM? ! 0 -1 1 5- 1 "3 j. 4 5 . 4.3 mil' ,ff -ff N 1 A fm S E N IO RS .A ,Sf Ren Q . 5- . . ' ' it ' -'E 2 V 5: 'ELT -' f 1 .' l ' ,fp 4 P '- k ' 55' .5 gf .V ll S 5 ff HA ' 1 N ? .I 5 " V fi. X. . 5 ,. -- pi f aim "EQ N , Q , Qfa . L ' .4 .a -E -'av , , Q, .5 A , A , X . 2 Ar k. 2.1 at 4 1 1 li 1 , 1 , ,-,gf 'El' 1,g? ,y55,2 'Egg j 4 5 95 -k . . -is -T. A , . A X X ' i ' f 5 hx . E , 4 ,' x CLASS AND OFFICERS ADVISORS Row one: Sandra Stegner, Treasurer. Row two: Dianne Gifford, Secretary Maureen O'Malley, President, Mr. Paul Holway, Advisor. Row three: M Gordon Bianchi, Advisor, Christian Day, Vice-President. "Columbus Rumpus" brought the Senior activ- ities into full swing. Committees spent many hours planning decorations, refreshments, tickets and entertainment. On October ll, the Senior class successfully presented their first dance of the year. With the dance over, the class immediately began work on the Senior play. After the players were cast, and the memorization of lines under- taken, the "props" committee began work on the scenery. The publicity committee arranged pub- lic announcements and the make-up committee began experimenting with varied make-up tech- niques. Under the direction of Mr. Sylves, the Senior class presented "Who Dunit?" on Novem- ber 16 and 17. With Christmas approaching, the Senior class began work on a Christmas dance. The title, "Snow Ball," was chosen and a mountain lodge provided the theme. The regular committees were set up. A turkey dinner was served along with light refreshments. The entertainment committee was able to obtain Santa Claus as a special guest. After Christmas vacation, the class busied it- self arranging for caps and gowns, minature di- plomas, and graduation announcements. In April and May, the class worked on the Junior-Senior prom. Long hours of decorating and poster-making preceded a dreamy evening of dancing. In June the Junior class honored the Class of '63 with the traditional Senior Banquet. It proved to be an evening of fun and relaxation. The Banquet reminded the Class graduation was at hand. ' Class day was next on the agenda. Speeches were written, seating arranged and procedure re- hearsed. The memorable event witnessed the ex- cited class dressed in their Sunday Best. The assembly brought the day to a close. 'At the close of this, their concluding high school year, the Seniors buzzed with anticipation of graduation, each looking optimistically into the future. V U JAMES AMES Jim was a quiet Senior. Around the shop he could be found tinkering with machines. He plans to work in the field of public utilities. as 3 Ag 5 . . PHYLLIS BEHUN Phyllis was with us only two years yet she was very much a part of our class. She was a member of Future Nurses. Phyllis plans to study nursing. RICHARD AUGUGLIARO "Rich" was one of the cheerful Seniors. He liked out- door sports, especially pheasant hunting. His good sense of humor made him a valuable asset to the Senior Class. Motel management is his future concern. i 1 X W LOIS BEECHEY Lois participated in many activities including Red Cross, of which she was President, Speech Club and Startimes Staff. She was a great person to have as a friend. After graduation she plans to train show horses. 5 SANDRA BENZINGER Sandy was one of the light-hearted girls of our Senior Class. Her activities during High School included Choir and Red Cross. She could usually be found with Jim. After graduation, she plans to attend college. KATHLEEN BINGA Kathy's ready smile and friendly attitude made her well known to all. She majored in business and belonged to Future Secretaries. She was a working girl in her Senior yearg and her success on that job assures her a bright future. MARGARITA BORS A real asset to the Senior Class. Rita, active on many committees, was always willing to lend a hand. Her activities included Intramurals, Future Secretaries, Lead- er's Club, and Yearbook Staff. Her plans after gradua- tion are undecided. -Mm WANNA BRATEK Anna was known for her willingness to work and ability to get things done. This was proven by her en- thusiasm for class activities, and the line job she did as Secretary of the National Honor Society. She also be- longed to I.eader's Club and helped in the Bookstore. After graduation, she plans to major in medical tech- nology. I6 -MXL K'-S GARY BRAUNSCHEIDEL Gary was the strong, silent boy of our class. As pitcher and fielder on the baseball team he helped win many games for Starpoint. He majored in business and plans on being a carpenter. HOWARD BRUBAKER During his four years of high school, Howie was primarily interested in shop. He was a member of the Shop Club. In the fall, he plans to study engineering. SUSAN BRYANT Sue's friendly personality and participation in a vari- ety of clubs made her well known to everyone. She was President of Future Secretaries in her Junior year, and as a Senior devoted considerable time to the Startimes. CLIFFORD CARVER "Cliff," as he was known to his friends, came to Star- point from Kenmore West High School. There he was Vice-President of the Boating Club and a member of the Calculus Club. His future plans are indefinite. 17 qm SHARON CLENDENING "Clem," a lover of fun and good jokes, will be par- ticularly remembered for her nice smile. She was always ready to help the class in any way she could. A member of Choir and Red Cross, she was a welcome addition to any activity. ANN CONNORS Ann's main interest was art. Her activities in class affairs centered around decorations and publicity. She also was one of the artists for the Starpointer. Besides art she was active in Future Teachers and Choir. Ann plans to attend Buffalo State. KATHRYN CRAVEN Kathy was one of our happy Seniors with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. Her activities included Intramurals, Future Teachers, Leader's Club, Red Cross and make-up crew for the All School Play. All will re- member Kathy as one of our angels in the Senior Play. She plans to become a teacher. CHRISTIAN DAY Chris was as intelligent as he was friendly. He will not be leaving Starpoint this year without leaving behind him a long list of achievements. He was editor of the '63 Yearbook and a member of the National Honor Society. He participated in wrestling, tennis and football. 18 JAMES DIO Jim, although small in size, was big in courage. He was a member of the wrestling team. Jim plans to attend Erie County Technical Institute. CURTIS EDWARDS SALLY DUEGER Sal1y's pleasant personality and willingness to meet people won her many friends. Her major during school was business. She is planning a business career. JOYCE DUNN Sweet and quiet were the words to describe Joyce. She was always there when you needed her help on a class project. Her portrayal as Mama in the skit "The Night Before Christmas" will be long remembered by everyone. No Picture Available Curt who was an enthusiastic car fan, was often found in Transportation Shop. He participated in wrestling during his Junior year. 19 Bob was a sports mmded Senior He was active in basketball and volleyball intramurals. A "hot rod" en- thusiast he could usually be found working on his car. Friendly and talkative was our Fugi." Always willing to help on class activities She participated in Varsity Club Yearbook Leaders Club and Cheerleading. Her Not reserved was John. He was active QW we JAMES FELTHAM Jim, also known as "Smiley," spread cheerfulness and pleasure. Jim was very active in music, being a member of Festival Band, Senior Band and Jazz Club. He served as cross country manager, was active in class activities and took part in the Senior play. Plans for the future include college. 20 . . John's future plans are i 1 Bob participated in many activities such as Wrestling, , Varsity Club Red Cross Intramurals, and Stage Crew. He said he enjoyed coming and going to school-it was ,gt 4 the part in between that he didnt like. Bob hopes to 5 attend Pratt Institute In New York City. Drawing cartoon sketches for the Yearbook and Star- times is how you found Rich spending most of his time. Beside this he participated in football, Senior Conces- sions Senior play and class skits His plan is to attend sal' 43 5 va Q7 il 4 9'Qa 55. mfwff JAMES GATELY Jim was one of our most active competitors in inter- scholastic endeavors. He was a member of the football and baseball teams. Jim was a member of Calculus Club. He plans to further his education after graduation. ANITA GERLACH Fun-loving and carefree would be the best words to describe "Nita." These characteristics made her a wel- come addition to any gathering. Her interest during high school centered around Intramurals and Red Cross. In the Senior play, she gave an outstanding performance as "Vivian." Nita's plans after graduation are indefinite. 21 GWEN GIBBS Gwen was well liked by everyone. Her warm smile and personality won her many friends. She was shy, but once you knew her well, you realized what a fine person she was. Gwen's talents lean strongly toward art. DIANE GIFFORD Diane, though sometimes shy in her own "special" ways, was active in many school functions. She was a member of Student Council, Leader's Club, National Honor Society and Yearbook Staff. After graduation she plans to continue her education. JAMES GROSE Jim liked being in Mr. Olick's class, where he en- joyed causing confusion. He liked swimming and wres- tling. After school he plans to attend college. DAVID GUERDAT Dave, our class "loafer," was well-liked by all. As President of the Spartan Book Club he could often be found in the lobby selling books. After school Dave plans to join a branch of the armed service. 22 JAMES HAMMOND Jim's main interest was his car, but he did partic- ipate in football and wrestling. During his Senior year, Jim worked on the Senior Concessions and did a very good job. Whatever Jim attempts will be successfully accomplished. 4:59 I SHIRLEY HILL Shirley's pleasant smile and cheerful words won her many friends. Her activities in school included Choir and Intramurals. BRIAN HENDRICKS Brian, one of the most handsome boys in the Senior class, carried on the Hendrick's tradition of chasing girls. An active member in athletics, he participated in varsity baseball, basketball, track and Cross Country. He plans either to work or to join the Marines. GARY HEPPNER Gary, who was all but one of the quieter members of our class, enjoyed good humor and sports. He played football four years and participated in wrestling and basketball. Gary was class president during his Soph- omore and Junior years. His interests included electron- ics and cabinet making. 23 JACQUELLA HILLMAN Jackie, one of the newer members of our class, came to Starpoint in her Senior year. Affable is the word that best describes her to her fellow Seniors. Her future plans are undecided. LARRY HUMAN Larry, the outdoors type, devoted considerable time to hunting and fishing. His major in high school was in- dustrial arts. Future plans include joining the Army. BLAINE LEROY HUMBLE One of our quiet Seniors boys was Leroy. A sense of . adventure can be traced in his personality as he plans to hunt "big game" in Alaska. PETER JENKS Pete, who was President of the Student Council in his Senior year, also participated' in many other school activ- ities. He was on the football, baseball, and wrestling teams. After graduation he plans to go to college. 24 CLARK JOHNS Handsome and well-dressed are words to describe Clark. His outstanding ability to entertain was best ex- pressed in his performance as "George" in the Senior play and various musical concerts. He plans to attend college. RICHARD JOHNSON Rich usually managed to remain easy going and calm even while working on problems in Twelfth year math. During his years in high school, he participated in base- ball and Photography Club. Hot rods and girls rate high among his hobbies. DAVID KLINEFELTER Quiet classmen were scarce in the Class of '63, but Dave was considered a member of that group. He has participated in baseball, wrestling and Intramurals. His future plans are incomplete. NANCY KEECH Nancy's friendliness and willingness to help was shown by the many friends she had and the activities in which she participated. Some of these were: Future Teachers, National Honor Society, Leaders Club, Year- book, Dramatics and Music. Nancy was chosen treasurer for the western area of Future Teachers of America. Her plans for the future include college. 25 RICHARD KNEPP "Knepp," as he was called by friends, was one of our more quiet Seniors. His main interest during high school was cars. After graduation he plans to become a me- chanic. DONNA KREUGER Blue eyes and blonde hair that's our Donna. As a business major she excelled. Her outstanding ability in secretarial work made her an asset to the Startimes staff. A pleasure to know, we are sure that she will al- ways be surrounded by many friends. WILLIAM KRULL Bill, one of the louder members of our class, was active in sports. He displayed his ability in baseball, football and intramurals. His future plans are undecided. LEWIS LABIAK "Lewie." Remember him-the reindeer at the Snow- ball Dance? Beside participating in class activities "Lew- ie" was very active in sports. He participated in baseball, track, cross country and wrestling. Post graduate work at Starpoint is his future plans. 26 CHARMAGNE LAJOIE Charmagne, sometimes called "Tiny," never let her height keep her out of activities. She was active in Intra- murals, Future Homemakers, Concert Choir and Senior High Choir. Charmagne's cooperative attitude will cer- tainly assure her of success. LARRY LAUGHLIN Larry will always be remembered as the newcomer from Tonawanda who Ht so well into the Class of '63. Future plans are undecided. RONALD LENHART "Lennie," one of the quieter boys of our class, was a pleasure to know. He was greatly interested in Math. His sincere attitude made him as popular with his class- mates as it will with his future friends. JUDITH LECHNER Judie, a former student at De Sales, came to Starpoint in her Junior year. She always had a cheery smile, even on Monday morning! She was great to have on ones' team in intramurals, and lots of fun to work with. 27 IUDITH LOUNSBURY The Class of '63 will never forget Judi for her willing- ness to work and sharp sense of humor. "Seen, but also heard" were words that fitted her to a "T." She proved to be valuable to the Yearbook, Startimes staff, Speech Club, Red Cross and Dramatics. CHARLES LYON Charlie, one of our "big" boys participated in many activities. He was a member of the Stage Crew, Senior Concessions and Student Council. After working in Uncle Sam's Navy, he plans a career in drafting. JOSEPH MARSHALL This cheerful, happy-go-lucky Senior could usually be found in the vicinity of the gym or athletic field. Ioe played baseball, basketball, and ran cross country and track. In addition to interscholastic athletics, Joe partic- ipated in Intramurals and Varsity Club. MARILYN MAY Marilyn's sunny disposition and reliability earned her many friends. Her interest during high school included Secretarial Club, Leaders Club, Student Council and Yearbook Staff. As she was an outstanding secretarial student, Marilyn will be a welcome addition to any office. 28 EDWIN MARR Eddie's friendly personality won him many friends during his high school days. One of his hobbies was acting. He took part in both the Sophomore and Junior skits and played the leading role in the Senior play. He also participated in football. After graduation, he plans to become a machinist. HSN MARGARET McGEEHAN "Peg" was well-known for her friendliness and willing- ness to serve whenever needed. Her interest centered around dramatics and journalism. She worked on the Yearbook Staff and was editor of the Startimes. After graduation she plans to become a beautician. 121 ROBERT MCKENNA Bob's friendliness made him well-liked in school. One of his- activities was Industrial Arts Club. Bob's future 4 plans include work. MARILYN McKENNA Marilyn was the quiet girl with the shy smile. She was active in Choir and Future Secretaries. She majored in business. Her future plans favor a secretarial career. 4 4 29 ' LINDA MENARD Linda, on the quiet side, had a pleasant smile for everyone. She was an asset to any intramural team and served on various committees throughout high school. The role she played in the Senior play suited her 'to a r.-1-l.. DIANE MILLER A friendly girl with a friendly smile. She participated in Intramurals and was an active member on the Star- times. Future plans are indefinite. ERIC MILLER ' Eric's future plans. V E so WALTER MELLER Walt was one of our more sporty Senior boys He participated in basketball and baseball by holding posi tions on both the Varsity and Junior Varsity squads One of his primary interests was Sandy In the past four years Eric our tall dark and hand some" Senior, was very active in the athletic program r He participated in cross country wrestling track and was basketball manager He was an active member of Varsity Club and Intramurals College is included in KATHERINE MYERS Kathy's warm smile and friendly personality made her popular with everyone. Her interests in high school were Choir and Intramurals. After graduation she plans to work. PAUL NAWOTKA Paul was friendly and full of fun. He will always be remembered for his unpredictable pranks. Future plans are undecided. BARBARA NEEPER "Barb" was active in Future Secretaries, Intramurals, and Library Club. Barb's plans for the future are in- dennite. GARY NEUMAN Small in stature but big in eifort was Gary. He showed that size was no obstacle to his active participation in cross country, tennis and wrestling. Gary's plans are un- decided but he hopes to go on to college and become a teacher. 31 JOSEPH OHOL Joe's quiet, pleasant personality was enjoyed by all. He was active in intramurals. After graduation Joe plans to work on the family farm. MAUREEN O'MALLEY "Moe" was the leader of the Class of '63, Though al- ways willing to help with the class activities, she had time for Startimes Staff, Yearbook, Future Teachers of America and the Presidency of Leaders Club. Her busy schedule included devotion to study, as evidenced by her membership in National Honor Society and attendance at Girl's State. KAREN PACK Karen participated in Choir and Future Teachers of America. She was also an active member of Future Sec- retaries and Red Cross. She plans to attend Bryant and Stratton after graduation. HOWARD PFOHL Howard, one of our quiet and reserved students, was very interested in Math Club and Slide Rule Club. After graduation he plans to go into the military service. ' 32 THOMAS PITTLER "Tom" was one of our most active Seniors. He was not only a member of the baseball, wrestling and tennis teams, but also active in class and school activities which included Student Council and Varsity Club. After graduation Tom plans to further a career in business. Q ELIZABETH POLLOW Betty, one of our more studious Seniors, was active in many school functions. In addition to being in National Honor Society and Senior Band, she participated in Fu- ture Teachers and was on the Yearbook Staff. She plans to become a teacher. KATHLEEN RYAN Kathy's friendly smile and sparkling eyes displayed her Irish humor. Her activities included Secretaries Club and Red Cross. We will never forget her as Muriel, the Angel, in the Senior Play. JUDY RYMAL "Ripple's" cheerful attitude won her many friends. She was a cheerleader, member of Leaders Club, served on the Yearbook and was active in class functions. Her future plans include college. 33 Sharon who came to Starpomt in her Junior year from Attica Central was friendly and always smiling. She was elected to Leaders Club this year, and also was acttve in Future Secretaries and Intramurals. Sharon plans to attend Bryant and Stratton after graduation. Tall attractive and full of fun was our Beth, an active member in the Leaders Club and National Honor Soci- ety She enjoyed music and worked on the Yearbook. SHEILIA SAHR Sheila was one of the oflice girls who had a particular knack for interrupting classes over the public-address system. Her activities included Future Secretaries, Star- times Staff and Red Cross. She plans to work after graduation. l i - V JAMES STACY Jim's participation in Science and Calculus Club showed that he was one of the scientific-minded boys of our class. He joined the tennis team when it tirst started and made a good showing for Starpoint. He was also a member of the National Honor Society. His future plans include college. 34 BONNIE STARKWEATHER Bonnie was one of our athletic girls. Her interest in intramurals proved this. She was a secretarial major and her ability assures her a fine job as a secretary. SANDRA STEGNER Sandy, a cheerleader for three years, did much to boost school spirit. She always had time to be an "A" student and to participate in activities. Her ability as lay-out editor insured the success of the Yearbook. Lead- ers Club, Varsity Club, National Honor Society and bookstore manager were among her other activities. PETER STRICKLAND "Pete" will always be remembered for his shy and reserved manner. During his high school days Pete be- longed to various science clubs. Skiing was one of his primary interests. MARILYN STOPA Marilyn, "Markie" to her friends, was one of our quiet Seniors known for her pleasant manner. She was in Intramurals and active in Future Secretaries. After graduation she plans to work. 35 GARY STROTHMANN Gary, the "brain" of the class of '63 was an active member of Calculus and Slide Rule Clubs. He proved to be an outstanding member of the National Honor Society by faithfully demonstrating the four cardinal principles. His hardworking attitude and pleasant personality will surely bring him great success. MARY SURDOVAL Mary could often be found in Miss Bettino's room typing for ofiice practice. Among her other interests were Choir, Red Cross and Future Nurses. Her future plans include nursing school. MARILYN WALKE During her four years of high school, Marilyn was busy in many activities such as: Leaders Club, An- nouncer's Club, Intramurals, Student Council and Year- book staff. She was also active in class affairs and in charge of several committees. She has been one of our hard working Seniors and a nice one at that. JAMES VOELKER Jim was known to most of his friends as "Volk." He liked sports and was active in Intramurals. His polite manner and winning smile assure him success in what- ever he undertakes. 36 THOMAS WILLIAMS Although Tom tried to act serious, he is best remem- bered for his wit and humor. He was active in Intra- murals. His chief hobby was his car. After graduation he hopes to have a fulltime job. CAROL ZABEL , Shy, but pleasant was our Carol. Friendly but not forward was her trait. Carol's future plans are unde- cided. BEVERLY ZEITZ "Bev," will always be remembered as one of the bus- iness students of our Senior Class. After graduation Bev plans to go to beauty school. 37 Weeks of work and worry were experienced in producing the Senior Play. The play was "Who Dunit?," a comic mystery, written by G. B. Gil- ford and directed by Mr. David Sylves. The theme of the play was the murder of Alexander Arlington. This character, distin- guished looking with a touch of conceit, but easily disturbed, could be played only by one who would be able to emote on stage the same traits. It seemed logical for that talented actor, Ed Marr, to fill the role. As the curtain rose, Alexander, finding him- self in heaven, learned that he had been mur- dered. However, being a mystery writer, he be- came disturbed because no one was able to tell him who his murderer was. Returning to Earth for a day to relive the murder seemed to be the only solution. This he did with the aid of the archangel, Michael. It appeared that Richard Ger- lach looked and sounded like a perfect archangel, We understood that to be the reason he was cast in the role. When Alexander awoke on Earth, he thought the job would be an easy one: just find a suspect. However, he found that Annie, the maid, was his only friend. This was understandable for Ann Connors and Peg McGeehan aptly depicted the part of the maid. Ann, with her accent, which was never defined as Southern or British, and Peg, with the asset of her winning smile, would truly be a friend. His other close acquaintances wanted him dead for some reason. Vivian Odell, Alex's fiancee, wished to inherit his fortune so that she could marry her boyfriend, George Brewster. The play- ers cast for this couple were Nita Gerlach and Clark Johns. In the play, Nita possessed qual- ities needed in the role of Vivian, such as an avid Row one: Linda Menard, Kathy Ryan. James Feltham. Row two: Ann Con- nors, Kathy Craven, Nancy Keech. Row three: James Stacy, Anna Bratek, Margaret McGeehan, Maureen O'Mal- ley, Richard Gerlach. Clark Johns. Anita Gerlach. Director: Mr. David Sylves. SENIOR PLAY interest in money, the ability to string people along, and a knack for becoming iiustered as the occasion demanded. Brewster's egocentric, non- chalant type of character was brought out by Clark Johns' ability for putting across these traits. Andrew, Alexander's horse gambling nephew, learned from Flo Baker that he needed money. Andrew's inclusion in his Uncles' will gave him a motive for murdering Alex. Andrew, a playboy, was well portrayed by happy-go-lucky, Jim Felt- ham. Perhaps the most ironic, was the casting of Maureen O'Malley as the gangster's moll, Flo Baker. Her raccoon coat and red sheath added to the effect. Miss Jenkins, Alexander's secretary, hoped to get her boss out of the picture so that she could write books under his name. The domineering character brought out as the play progressed, was accurately portrayed by Nancy Keech. To add to Alexander's confusion, Harry, his butler and gardener, was afraid that Alexander would inform the cops about his past as a convict. Jim Stacy portrayed Harry by using Brando-ish garbled speech. As the murder approached, the suspects were gathered with Alex. After much discussion, Alex was murdered, amid darkness and screams, by --guess who! Back in heaven, Alexander learned that his murderer had been his fiancee. However, he could not become angry, since he was in the company of such angelic persons as Anna Bratek and Kathy Craven playing Isabelle, and Kathy Ryan and Linda Menard playing Muriel. Like many projects, it is the people behind the scenes that make the project a success. This in- cludes those who worked on props, make-up, scenery and publicity. Q N I'QQ:,g K u,E.55 www? Q 5 xg' ' 1. H' 5 S -xx M' X mx 1 '. 1 xx: 'Q G ig, will 'V ,--M -- Q ,Sw 'N T x V1 X 1 r A , at Rf 5 J". ' ' Q-, . Y ,411 - W- as g . -- my 1 ff .S Ni I bk + X fa 5. . ' '1 - wwM......,. f.,-, N..,' 25fwf xf'ix'X' -.....-Q- simzuy px. . if 5 Q A f, L- iv .X r . X- X. U s 5 1, uw, ' ,.,,..'- Myu .. -1 ' Qu Tico Q .vw ... K +1 N .- 1 ., k N -JK gf 3 1 Q' 3 ..,,.,,., r -fr" . Q K X fi P Nsmvg J V JMYI F we r x Wu- .S?" - . J- Tu?.txi.x , K U x 'X- ,f..,xgQ:5a K K xx , - ",NvZ-kiz I Q ' , y',.'R-.915 Ji ' QQK 'if--' 1' ' - 11 .1 jj k 1 Hwy r PQPULARITY MCDST INTERESTING QEST Dgggggp X, 1 W x M' I aux! LN 1 2 f 6: I MCDST STUDIQUS I WW V XX BEST LQQKING H Q Q SQ MCDST CI-IEERFUL PULLS MOST VERSATLLE rf' MCDST RCDMALXITLC - CLASS N LGAFERS f""" CLASS BRGWIXILES EMG-. .f Ranm- 'l- 'I Kr: 'I 4 x wg X . X lx la- -" ,i . ..'-'-i:rX.i' 1. - ,-'g---,--:: ' ':.2- -+I--E "-:'. H591 'I AH I " ' " f"' "" "' fff Tri' f I . II llllllllllillll -I 6- A- I Ill MI II llIl'I:::-Ei-T'31?'fv'tQ 5 t 2 -5 if Q.-:A -1- - . -Q 6- f:::i:s5Qfigg22' AIlIllI!'Il.l'IIlII"I-IIII1':.w, lip -4 .1 " s A o f 6 t A " " 5 I 'III tiI?"I7ll""d5 l 4 A 'T ll "s r" alllll. li Il-.EEZ . . . " f f Iulll IIN' , ' ' l , , - to ma- 'X I' . 7 :-I--d IIIWICI' IW . ' - . 2 Sim If 'lg ll I3 ' ., I ' - I li-?,": I, "Y 'I 7? ' ' , Pllmli III, kllll . , . I . h f?IIIll'll'II'Il li - A , I A . WIIII-' Wil I I -. f ' - -I l A lm IWI lllf 6 ' If- : , i 5 -' , . ug.-F - 5 X HT.-.l'Il,m1l':i"' ' , -1 1 r ll ' l L, Y 9 ' X1 " lm rlllll lllll I" l I I l I : - 1:-"P l " " : -ii- .- M-'EP We the graduatmg class of 1963 belng of sound mmd and mem ory do bequeath these propertles to our school faculty and under classmen 1 Sllent lawnmowers to the mamtenance men 2 A megaphone for Mr Blanchr so he doesnt have to stram hrs vo1ce yelhng down the hall 3 A huge fan to Mr Holway to be placed at the end of D wlng to dlspel the odors manufactured m the Chennstry room 4 Pad locks for Mr Sylvls wmdows so that next years classes won t freeze iz 5 A mechamcal man ln the dr1ver ed car to keep the car on IIS the road 6 Those rn the Senxor Class who were fortunate enough to attend lecture classes leave thelr seats ln the audxtornum to those who llke history well enough to take lt over 7 The headache of next year s Semor Play to Mr Sylvrs 8 A new mop to the cafeterxa CMaybe theyll take the hmt and , .5 :ai-if I I wipe the water off the floor so people don t fa1l.J Qi! ...,,--, . 1. 3-3 l 2 . - 9 The Yearbook worries to the class of 64 ... -A A- A l' I I 1 A l lOl Our athletlc ability to the class of 65. 'f - V x-1 11. A Regents-free Senior year to the class of 66 f Ae ,tx I 1:52 I I ' ' A "Eg, E ,, Z, , A ' Attorney at Law: Witnesses: :IA E .1 . I .. 'flailllllls Lee Chase John Kohl 'Z-gill' 5.15 Peter Plache I I 'Il I ill lllll' ' I -:- 'I. 'I ' :. - - 'Q 'A ,,- ..., uf - -A .I . A A-- tt. Illv I 'I In ,I-I '4'- - W R f YY -- V , - , -f-.L., A. , V i - 'WW 5 ...- 1 EE? -" 3 -, A 'lfs .. 3' 1-:ig 2 L-sr: . " , , ' ZZTZ 11: I -" -A zfrt.-- E2E::'.".- ' ll I ' - Q....... "': rl'-'I sggr-..-: Y -, , ,E-.:..... .1-S-" 2521-L'-..' ' 2. H1423 - fest.-Q g:::,--1:2 'll---. ' ---'I-' ,... - - f L1 -.-. 4' - A s Q A A 31- ,iA'? - - :I N II4- If l ' , y 'A ,Af -- I Z - 1--.1 .,. A- 1 g::::::1" -25' I - - A .gy Q - , ,,- AY 3 v a-.--Q A..?., ' "-Q .2 .:: :y 'I ' -:::: gg -.-:L I., , H-I, , -w.:-f--:- . ,TE l,....-... .I -..... Lf- I- 1:1-wssarsssl lc A .ae 5 5 x,"Al-:sig-fi is ""-2 A B Y .,g. A , a::::::1.'::.:'2 A -.. -L.. gf' ,,,. ,,-A '-A A - .......,-1-,- - fa- --H - ---I" ".:.:T' --?'--4 ... -11. . --9, --1, .LJ -+- v -L --- "FS-""' ,, 1-..'?."-'..1,,-i..- ' ,.. , ., .. ' 11" 4--' --- : ..::-f' al. , -..--. -V n --A-H Q A - 3 "M ' --4: ,, - -.- - 4 -. , --, b , -- , ,A . -ZA , , , L-. 'M' Q -, A f..i..-H ---- .2 , -. " ' - 'I ., :Q in vf:::---- ... .--..,4 A4-1-9 ,-,VA- m . ,..-- ,- , A ,,-.,4., ,., - ,sw 3 ,gnu - ' ., .. A T - .gg 'i -l' A---W e .. - ----,sr-' p, . "-' M' 'r' . .Q M -3-,I , -333,2-. AAA, --A--- , .-, Y ,,,.,.-,- ,,a., ----- --2 - -?--T: W- ...... , - - -A---.. -- ,...- . p ..5...-. ....,. - , A, A, H - ga, L.- W1- ,.l , 7 Q , - V W,-.....-....:: -1::: zxrsi' 11" " ,,,.-' gli' - -A - ' .A, ' ' ' -' ' 'if H..- .,.-.---- . . . -A -..f ---L- .. - .--,,-4-LL .-- ., : ' V" .,.4jj,- -. ' iT: - ,,,,,,,,-........, L ,Q A --......i- - ,. ::.ZZlSiTIff:l" :lII.. ," - "L- --' - - M V -,-:a.........,..--. .T, , -21.7.-...F 7- .,.,,,, -1 Y -- , ,.,,,, . , . """ 'W ' "- "' " ----v -.u II.. ... .., .,., , . ,,,..- , -,....... .---.,...-.A -,- .,.-,,- fi- A--,-gg.. A M--,, , - ,.,,. .- ,, , ,....-....:- A- A - . A- V .- T "' 42 ' "W I U MW L 43 V e I- 'ir' 'T' the meantime, the wheel chairs are being inspected and repaired by Barb Neeper fthe head mechanicl and her assistants Walt Meller and Tom Williams. Anna Bratek, the ugermetologist' checks for germs in the hub caps. Shirley Hill. the expert is coaching the drivers for the next race. As we are watching the spectacle, the air is then filled with sounds of loud hammering and drilling. In the corner we see Maureen O'Malley, Judy Rymal, and Beth Schultz trying to break a hole through the wall. The haggard head of the Home quiets them and then explains that they were confined because of bad conduct. It seems that they thought that wall was the Berlin Wall and wished to break it down. The proprietor next takes us to the main ball room where we Hnd a party for the mem- bers of the Home's Labor Union. The motto of this union is: "We do everything and any- thing." Their smiling leader is Jimmie Feltham and his assistant Judie Lechner. These two are leaders of a smile campaign. However, Sharon Clendening, a beauty expert, is trying to wreck the campaign because it causes wrinkles in the face. Social workers are represented here by Charmagne LaJoie, Kathy Ryan, Sheila Sahr, Carol Zabel, and "Grouse" Oim Grosej. Every now and then a group of runners pass us on their way around the hall. Some of them are: Sandy Benzinger and Jim Dio ftrainers and riders of horsesl, John "Juan" Estes fthe Jack LaLanne of the 21st centuryl, and finally Bob Gabri, a wrestler who wins by strangling his opponents with the locks of his hair. One of the well-known artists at this convention is Dick Gerlach, who paints portraits Cusually of Jim Hammond, the farmerj. We are also introduced to Joyce Dunn, who is covering the convention for her newspaper, 'The Daily Snoop!" Next the proprietor shows us the infirmary. Here we find nurses Binga, Miller. Pollow, Schmelzle, Starkweather, and Surdoval gathered around a cot on which a pale-looking Gary Heppner is lying. Dr. 'iBen" Stacy explains that Gary burned his fingers on his wife's fludyb vacuum cleaner cord while trying to repair it. Now we are led to an office down the hall. After going through two rooms fone presided over by Sec. Pack and the other by Sec. Bryantj, we find ourselves in Mr. Ed Marr's ofhce, who is a mystery writer. At the moment he is talking to novelist Dave Guerdat about his new book, How to Get Ahead Without Working. Next we enter a large classroom in which many elderly people are diligently working. The teacher's desk plate reads "Miss Craven." The students, we are told, never quite made the grade at Starpoint, and so are still working for their diplomas. Among them are Phyllis Behun who is studying to become a librariang Sally Dueger fjust tryinglg Gary Strothmang Diane Gifford, who hopes to become a biologistg Jackie Hillman: Donna Kruegerg Larry Laughling Linda Menard, who is a reactionary to the beatniksg Sandy Stegner, who wants to become a mathemeticiang Marilyn McKennag and Lewis Labiak. There also seems to be a gentleman who is always jumping about asking questions. We learn his name when the teacher says, "Well, Mr. Neuman-it's very obvious that the earth revolves around the sun and Not vice-versa!" In the other corner there is a fellow who seems to be drawing a sort of poster. On close inspection, the words become visible. It reads: "More rights for students in schools!" and signed Pete Jenks. All of a sudden we hear loud singing in the next room and the proprietor tells us that is the Annual Beauty Convention. The lyrics of their song, written by the great orator Rita Bors, mainly say: "You can't be a success if you look a mess." As we are too tired to walk to the room, the proprietor tells us about the most famous people attending the convention. The most well-known is Marilyn Stopa. operator of Stopa's Beauty Salon. With her are her assistants Marilyn Walke and Bev Zietz, and secretary, Thomas Pittler. Also attending is Marilyn May, who models football uniforms manufactured by the great body builder, Pete Strickland. The only male attendant is Larry Human, the Brylcream salesman. The lecturers are: Gwen Gibbs, a hair dresser for cats and poodle dogsg Judi Lounsbury, a hair rinse manufacturerg and Ann Connors, a fashion artist. As this completes our tour of the Home, we file toward the exit. However, because we have been so good, Mr. Lyon says that we may use the special exit-being carried out in a silk and velvet padded casket ZF -ii' 1 g- -renal a w ASSWIEN UNDHKLL DMNVIM - . CMM fZ1!Lifl5 W W W W2 mf iw fllfffsff M W x 'Tjlff5jfffff-MMMPJX aff HW MMM M70 ,Jw ff W VM " -. We M Ab CWM an Jak ,wk A I I xZiW y .- : "' wwf-Q E' Cf,5,ff A Whig? , KA ,p.'- X I, '!QMK'+mM,,7g 4,198 c appeal? yawv4.f4v-'dau g ,find-11711 04,4412 ,X Q A 'f5,4.,wfb'92f4-Z MM fffhwfwq Q7 04001, AL- a:"""'Q kikfwbw' J ' I 154.54 ,yi Q 1 my wal. it , NE, JUNICDR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISORS The Junior Class elected their oiiicers and ad- visor in June, 1962. Their advisor was Mr. To- taro and their oflicers were: Paul Waild, Pres- identg Shirley Kramer, Vice-President, Donald Grubb, Secretaryg and Joyce Reynolds, Treasurer. On September 28, they had the first dance of the season. Its name, "Icebreaker," accurately described its objective-acquaint new, and re- acquaint old members of the student body. The Christmas project for the Juniors was sending a check of fifty dollars to the Orphan Foundation Funds, Inc. This money was used to buy clothing and other necessities for Korean orphans. The Juniors planned a busy month of May with projects including: making decorations for the P.T.A. Bazaar, preparing a banquet for the Seniors, and helping with the Junior-Senior Prom. The school year 1962-63 proved to be a very successful year for the Junior Class. "Hats-off" to a remarkable class. Joyce Reynolds, Treasurerg Paul Waild, President, Don Grubb, Vice Presidentg Mr. Joseph Totaro, Advisor. Absent: Shirley Kramer, Secretary. 46 l 1 .. l l Row one: Mr. Holway, L. Usher, E. Hickman, S. Barber, N. Raming, D. Fronczak, J. Doehring. Row two: C. Smith, T. Carlisle, T. Waild, J. Wetz ler, J. Hamilton, H. Dean, R. Mc Ewen, C. Schneider, B. Geschwender. Row three: B. Bush, E. Noe, M. A Labuszewski, M. Smith, K. Miller P. Plache, G. Schultz, C. Swanson R. Krull, F. Drabek, J. Thrall. Ab- sent: D. Berry, R. Harpham. Row one: Mr. Richbart, D. Liskoff V. Augugliaro, B. Pittler, D. Ruick, N. Vogt, L. Weller. Row 2: P. Free- man, J. Sweet, P. Hamilton, T. Preus ter, C. Noonan, L. Gill, R. Hards, M Derblick, G. Behe, A. Burcyk, B Nashwinter. Row three: J. Strout, P. Greig, M. Dietz, D. Meisenburg, M Jasinski, J. Thompson, D. Brown, R Miller, G. Peterson, P. Waild, J Surdoval. Row one: Mr. Klose, K. Jones, C. Gallagher, V. Schonebeck, D. Pol- lock, L. Chase, J. Reynolds. Row two: J. Witkop, C. VerHague, B. Beutel, T. Dean, D. Smith, B. Lotz, J. Metzinger, R. Janowsky, L. Miller, T. Cescon, E. Dyer. Row three: P. Noonan, D. Draper, F. Lee, F. Weav- er, D. Starkweather, T. Thrush, G. Bowerman, T. Goerss, J. Helme. Mllll .lf Row one: S. Miller, L. Peterson, Mr. Sylves, B. Kroll, M. Jancetic. Row two: P. Breitenbach, C. Cunningham S. Strothman, O. Alcorn, L. Daig- ler, J. Deuser, B. Rutherford, J. Mon- kelbaan, B. Wegner, M. Erck, L. Sis- ley. Row three: R. Van Every, M Penvose, A. Braunscheidel, K. Sher- wood, R. Preisch, J. Kohl, D. Thomp- son, D. Bayer, J. Ferringer, D. Grubb, L. Miller. Row one: A. Setlock, J. Brady, Mr. Young, K. Grimes, D. Wood. Row two: L. Cioch, J. Meitz, B. Sokolof- sky, C. Wasik, J. Jones, S. Kramer, L. Magyar. Row three: D. Luscher, T. Ross, W. Bowermen, J. Tuepah, K. Zimmer, G. Preisch, B. Webster, W O'Harrow, L. Tetrault. IX I SQPHCDMQRE CLASS ADVISQR AND OFFICERS l Mr. Lagona, G. Altrogge. Treasurerg M. Wagner, Vice-Presidentg J. Mayer, Presidentg D. Mc Namara, Secretary. The Sophomore Class combined with the Freshman Class to sponsor the 'LMoonlight Mist" dance vember 9, 1962. The dance was a success. ments were served and an enjoyable evening vided. In May, the class held their Sophomore which class members and guests were invited. luncheon was followed by dancing. Also, in the spring, the talents of the Sophomore Class were brought to light when the class skit was presented on skit day. At the annual P.T.A. Bazaar, the Sophomore girls acted as hostesses for the dinner. 49 Q X fl 'If n ft Row one: Mr. Carscallen, P. Drink- walter, D. Bird. B. Labuszewski, C. Tetrault, D. McNamara, P. Turney Row two: S. Claycomb, C. Weaver, J. Janke, W. Andrews, K. FitzRan- dolph, J. Pattison, P. Lovell, R. Mil- ler. Row three: M. Koller, F. De- Vantier, M. Quester. K. Hibbard, W. Mason, N. Jarzynski, C. DeWitt, R Burg, R. Larkin, J. Walck. Row one: Mr. Edgar, L. Dietz, R. Mc Kee, D. Miller, L. Stankovich, S. Beane. Row two: D. Behe, J. Kroen- ing, D. Labiak, D. Stein, M. Wagner, D. Rau, K. Mayer, B. Wasik. J. Pynn Row three: K. Demster, C. Clare Hamilton, F. Bratek, S. O'Ma1ley . Farris, H. Humble, K. Hartman G. Altrogge, S. Sovish, J. Fiegel. Row one: Mr. Wakeman, J. Bloom- gren, F. Cole, J. Gates, C. Osborn, M. Vogt, T. Thompson. Row two: T. Pitt, J. Mayer, K. Coons, D. LaPorte, M. McConnell, C. Johnson, L. Forth, J. Bush, P. Meisenburg. Row three: S. Kroll, AfSegarra, D. Johnson, M. Hitzemann, T. Thompson, J. Leaver, F. Weaver, K. Dietz, B. Barraclough. s r 1 Row one: Mrs. Less, A. Metzinger, N. Laloie, S. Beichner, C. Ellis, D. May, L. Keene. Row two: V. Long, A Brick, J. Daniel, J. Schwindler, C Treichler, B. Walek, H. Laughlin, I Lounsbury, T. Kuschel, D. Wojtkow- ski. Row three: T. Ohol, J. Page, R. Puchlerz, S. Cottrell, D. Bish, G. Ketch, M. Hagen, N. Snelgrove, D Humble, L. Jancovich, T. Treutel. , 15, , ph -AV Row one: K. Allen, C. Thomson, Mr. Dell, R. Witkop, C. Mancini. Row two: D. Sabella, R. Lederhouse, P. Meisenberg, R. Gibbs, R. Newman C. Waild, C. Conner, B. Hulshoff, D. Brauer. Row three: J. Scott, D Craven, C. Provorse, R. Williams S. Berry, R. Krull, G. Marshall, L Laubacker, D. Padlo. me Cf .fdiiitl 1 ig ' Gwen 4 1 A .ali .Ri sv-A 5 Q I FREQHMA mss i . ' Of. yf f OFHCE S AND ADWSCR The Freshmen have been busy adjust- ing to the "responsible" role of high school students. The first activity of the class was the fall dance, "Moonlight Mist," sponsored by the joint efforts of the Freshman and Sophomore classes. Early in December, the Freshman class held a party which was attended by mem- bers of the class and their guests. Also the class competed against the other classes of the school in the annual skit day. Row one: J. Cioch, Presidentg S. Reynolds, Secretaryg Mr Edgar. Row Iwo: T. Sherwood, Vice-Presidentg T. Kreppen neck, Treasurer. 53 L gf' Row one: Mr. Keller, A. Deuser, S Reynolds, A. Dierken, A. Barcer, E Schroeder, L. Barraclough, K. Gabri Row two: J. Bars, D. Westcott, L Mc Clellan, L. Moxham, L. Stanley 1 P. Cecula, G. Winter, J. LaPorte, M. Johns, E. Blackwell, J. Capitumi- no. Row three: R. Schippnick, A Flack, D. Kroll, B. Mangold, W Perry, G. Hildebrandt, L. Peters, E Barney, T. Graham, R. Sherwood, R Miller. Row one: M. Heim, D. Labiak, J. Ellis, G. St. Onge, K. Menard, L. Schmierer, V. Brady. Row two: Miss Tobin, P. Davis, S. Carpenter, S. Fleming, T. Kreppenneck, J. Wendt, C. Barry, D. Scales, B. Benzinger, P. Altemus. Row Ilzree: S. White, K. Stebbins, J. Allen, N. Majchrza, J. Hey, J. Miller, M. Lotterio, K. Mayer, I. Collins, W. Scoville, A. Jasinski. Row one: Mrs. Pietak, M. Koller, M. Santarella, P. Cozad, S. Heaton, J. Jenks, R. Kenyon, S. Wall. Row two: J. Puchlerz, J. Wyant, N. Bennett, K. Faery, A. McNamara, R. Voelker, B. Haylett, D. Rutty, L. Brown. Row three: J. McCloskey, D. Downey, J. Barcer, D. Terrano, P. Cieluszak, L. Bowen, J. Woodin, C. Zess, A. Linde- muth, D. Lembke. Row one: Mr. Maniccia, R. Peterson, L. Rockwood, R. Harmon, J. Boet- tcher, C. Dietz, R. Wisniewski. Row two: V. Ziegler, B. Setlock, S. Ger- wig, M. Barraclough, D. Shirey, E McCollum, K. Lenhart, M. Jones, R. Flack, C. Moyer, J. Cioch, C. Don- ner. Row three: T. Bach, R. Hoffman J. Peterson, P. Frudnowski. D. Wil: ber, D. Manning, B. Bechtel, T. Ku- reczka, L. Neeper, D. Cescon, C. Schroeder. Row one: Mr. Derry, L. Chase, M. Rymal, F. Haugh, S. Murawski, J. Simmons, D. Woods. Row two: J. Doehring, K. Coleman, D. Nellis, K. Kasprzak, A. Hayes, K. Waild, Shivvers, L. Breitenback, P. McEwen., Row three: J. Ellis, F. Sikorski, J. Wilson, W. Bechtel, R. LaPort, J. Powley, W. Vesper, G. Freeman, K. Lotz. "7 Row one: Mr. Jarzab, R. O'Malley, R. Gabrys, D. Schmelzle, D. Beechy, C. Fiegel, N. Kurasiewicz. Row two: K. Fokarchick, S. Damerell, J. Mon- kelbaan, N. Hendley, D. Ollenbittle, B. Meisenburg, W. McClurg, S. Wel- ler, K. MacLeod, C. Smith. Ron' three: S. Bohall, J. Rutherford, T. Hallifox, T. Johnson, G. Seal, R Pollow, W. Haylett, C. Class, T Sherwood, R. Weinheimer, D. Coons Monday morning Wednesday morning swag 5 Q Q? illliigeg N QEQF gAlmost time iSSilllunohf-- Q ' nigfmwfw fr ,X , S+ 3 YG? Don't hit me 'Good ole S C S ' Flxln' the books mOPH1Dg are nuts 5 ik? 5,55 'lg H B ss!! K A Q12 V7 Xxfff :"M.'dWa,,,.a A 1 Q-+"""""" iQharge!. QW-f Sn NA K monSt6r was X N nik- 'X xv ,. N Wal' X an Qibi OI' that ball all X i J. lr I v WM OFFICERS AND ADWSOR The eighth grade was an active class both in athletics and class activities. "Autumn Carnival," the main project of the year, was a great success. This dance was put on in cooperation with the seventh grade. The athletic prowess of the class played an important part in making this year's sports program a success. Repre- senting the class on the ,Junior High Bas- ketball team were: Ronald Brown, Chuck Raming, Mike Keller, Merlin Schultz, Don Sherwood, Bob Spencer, and Charles Stowell. Many girls partici- pated in after school sports. Keep your eye on the Class of ,67! SS Row one: C. Raming, President: P. Milks, Secretaryg Mr Murray. Row two: B. Johnson, Vice-President. Row three D. Sherwood, Treasurer. 57 Row one: J. Zimmer, P. Liddle. L. Weaver, H. Hamilton, L. Raskopf. K. Bish. Row two: S. Simpson, W. Nash- winter, T. Pitt, R. Miller, K. Leaver, A. McCollum, T. Clendening, B. John- son, E. Stockwell, D. Shivvers. Row three: Mrs. Karstens. S. Smith, M Schultz, R. Keidel, T. Wetzler, M. Van Dusen, D. Karyus, J. Carew, J. Domedion, M. Bugenhagen, P. Barry, L. Majchruzak. Row one: L. Smith, C. Moxham, K Wilson, C. Surage, P. Richardson, R Centofanti. Row two: D. Forney, J Burns, G. Davis, T. Wayner, S. Mc- Cormick, D. Kroening, W. Bulka, D Lynch, N. Hewitt. Row three: Mrs Woytila, P. Shaffer, C. Speck, S Allen, R. Hersit, R. Klein, M. Kel- ler, S. Ellis, R. Manning, M. Powe D. Randolph. Row one: G. Duscher, D. Quester, M. McClurg, H. Kons, P. Baker, D. Iulg, D. Wismiewski. Row two: C. Snyder, D. Grimes, R. Hoover, F. Janib, E. Waskik, G. Gailie, E. Pa- gano, D. Rusk, M. Rutherford, R. Trottnow. Row three: Mr. Cough- lin, M. Maedl, C. Klein, D. De- Maison, D. Brittin, C. Stowell, T. Karyus, W. Bush, A. Ammerman, D. Sherwood. D. Claycomb, P. McGee- han. Row one: P. Clare, P. Ruick, R Smith, L. Kondrat, R. Hillman, S Haseley, P. Graham. Row two: A Luick, D. Walck, J. Noe, C. Pattison B. Andrews, L. Mason, B. Greig, P Hurst, M. Swarts. Row three: Mr Brodfuehrer, C. Raming, J. Hollins- head, B. MacKenzie, J. Yarington, J clark, L. stegner, H. Shenk, M. Kit- A cho. G. Davis, J. Briggs, R. DeVantier. y Row one: A. Rafferty, W. Stewart R. Kroll, M. DeWitt, E. Jeffords Row two: P. Gates, R. House, A Strout, R. Sisley, D. Derblick, R Brown, R. Maedl, R. Webster, S. Koller, W. Barraclough, W. Pietry- kowski. Row three: K. Walton, D. Wrazin. W. Kam, P. Milks, J. Miller, C. Smith, S. Edwards, L. Becker, M Schroeder, I. Coleman, J. Calvert, D. Gross, Mr. Karstens. y E XX ating 38313 , Why do they 1 me Daddy? ?? How are you Blrthd .l Y Mommieti 1 ffixed for ades ? brings Abl EEN, fout the animal 'Y in me! wlth' Stoneyn 'gy Mun- w v Plastered I L, 1 SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS AND ADVISOR The seventh grade put in a busy year. During the Student Council Magazine drive, they gave their full support and came out as top sellers. Another project they worked on was Autumn Carnival. This dance was a result of the efforts of the 7th and 8th graders. Their first at- tempt at an activity such as this turned out to be a success. Many of the class members excelled in scholastic and athletic accomplish- ments. Evidence of this was their partici- pation in the junior high athletic program and the percentage of students on the honor roll. Row one: S. Randolph, Treasurerg D. Danielewicz, Vice- President. Row two: M. Mc Dowell, Secretaryg J. Putnam, Presidentg Miss Murphy. 61 Q l l l l Row one: Miss Murphy, C. Cozad, D. Miller, M. Kamm, S. Harpham, C. Puchlerz, L. St. Onge. Row two: M Gabri. M. Wokoske, P. Miller, B Setlock, B. Hallifax, C. Pedersen, R Harmon, K. McCollum, L. Moritz. P. LaRock. Row three: L. Smith, L. Chaffee, B. King, J. Otto, H. West- fall, C. Bechtel, G. Rossi. R. Dunn. L. Bowerman, D. Wagner. Row one: Mr. O'Connor, A. House J. Clark, K. O'Mara, D. Benzinger R. Wailel. P. Berry. Row Iwo: K Gerwitz, E. Janowsky, S. Pittler, C 'Dean, W. Adams, R. Wasik, B. Shull K. Richardson, L. Hess. Row three. D. Danielewicz, B. Peers, I. Sullivan J. LaRock, L. Mains, R. Moje, H Fritzke, D. Schasel, L. Meyers, B Peers, K. Ward. Row one: E. Behe, G. Wik, K. Wall, M. Gahry, D. Farkin, E. Daigler. Row 1wo: Mr. Murray, D. Schaqer, M. Rafferty, C. Peterson, R. Hey, D. Miller, S. Pattison, J. Brontmire, J. McEwen, T. Furris, E. Lenhart. Row three: M. O'Harrow, M. Kenyon, B. Streams, L. DeWitt, L. Bennett, L. Cieluszak, P. Hendley, B. Humble, S. Shubert. v Row one: Mr. Larson, L. Hards, S. Bohall, D. Hanes, D. Rossi, C. Segar ra. Row two: K. Monkelbaan, D. Olds, P. Palmiter, P. Jenks, S. Bartha, G. McCloskey, R. Neubauer, D. Col- lins, D. Dunmeyer. P. Prendergast. Row three: P. Johnson, C. Labus- zewski, C. Miller, L. Verguson, P. Wilber. P. Wiseman, J. Stanley, L. Edwards, S. Howard. M. Mincik. E. Butterwegge. Row one: Mr. Hoebbel, B. Wilkins, W. Fronczak, R. Shamrock, D. Dier- ken, B. Dietz, S. Miess. Row two. S. Randolph, T. Wilson, R. Farris, J. Webster, G. Lute, R. Clouser, S. Hill, I. Spearin, D. Bird, R. Swisher. Row three: S. O'Malley, J. Howe, M. Gust, F. Majchrzak, J. Perry, M. Jar- zynski. A. Kons, L. Romanowski, D. Felton. Row one: Miss Clark, K. Yarwood M. Kriewaldt. R. Coleman, E. Labiak N. Hoover, N. Turney. Row two M. Prendergast. D. Simpson, M. Mcl Dowell, D. Deibel, G. Wallace, R Neilson, K. Laubacker, J. Johnson N. Miller, K. Donner. Row three: S Burngasser, L. Seefeldt, D. Harpham W. Boettcher, J. Hagen. L. Maracle N. Stacy, J. Putnam, M. Pagano, D Wilson, K. Barraclough. SPECIAL CLASS Row one: T. Laubacker, L. Harpham, J. Bootes. Row two: R. Reinhard, G. Woodin. K. Domedion, Mr. Du- guay, D. Sabella. 64 bf if ix Ax FQQI, Q Ty 7 21: - x 1 . .whisk svafms in Row one: J. Fedder. C. Day, S. Stener, Mr. Rupert, M. Penvose, J. Rymal, R. O'Malley. Row two: A. Setlock, L. Chase, D. Labiak, H. Dean, E. Marr. R. Van Every, F. Drabek, D. Grubb, L. Tetrault, L. Dietz, P. Jenks, K. Mayer, R. Gabri, T. Pittler. Row three: P. Waild, K. Dietz, D. Meisenberg, D. Draper, E. Miller. R. Miller. N. Jarzynski, S. Berry, S. O'Malley. T. Thompson, G. Heppner, P. Noonan, G. Peterson P. Greig. v VARSITY clue Amon Last spring the Varsity Club elected: Mike Penvose, Presidentg Sandy Stegner, Vice-Presi- dentg Judy Rymal, Secretaryg and Chris Day, Treasurer. During the fall and winter sport seasons, the members collected tickets at the sports events. The Club held a "Homecoming Dance" in De- cember. It is-expected that this will become a traditional event in the future. All post-basket- ball game dances were given by the Club. The p Y. p Club sponsored a "Reverse Dance" in March. The R i 5 A year was climaxed by the annual spring athletic . ' . 5 S . , g ." T ban uetq A Q ft 'gt ' tw' A - q 3:53. .-gr... ...,. L W? gg - 1,,ff-4,gg?e i?gg'i .Q k W1 4' if S " L 66 VARSITY SPORTS . fm v? if E. Q T M4 fi: 1-gffrf y Lv ' dl go Steven 0'Malley' Captain Row one: J. Ellis, V. Brady, J. Monkelbaan, J. Dio, T. Pittler, D. Labiak T. Pitt, B. O'Malley, G. St. Onge. Row two: Mr. Bianchi, Coachg W. Pietry- kowski, D. Scales, D. Westcott, L. Daigler, D.iKroll, B. Gabri, R. Smith, J Walke, J. Wyant, R. Lotario, Mr. Sylves, Asst. Coach. Row threep T. Treutel G. Altrogge, P. Noonan, J. Hey, S. O'Malley, R. Priesch, G. Priesch, E Miller. C. Provorse, J. Gatley, K. FitzRandolph, L. Labiak. Absent: C. Day WRESTLING 9 Starpoint 51 Sweet Home 5 Starpoint 18 Medina 32 Starpoint 48 Roy Hart 8 Starpoint 18 St. Mary's 27 Starpoint 25 Lockport 17 Starpoint 14 Medina 28 Starpoint 22 St. Mary's 24 Starpoint 48 Roy Hart O Starpoint 40 Sweet Home 8 Starpoint 23 Lockport 17 67 V Ron one G Neuman K Deitz D Schwindler B Penvose P Greig L Chase J Meyer, M Keitz Ron two J Ferrmger L Labxak R Gibbs H Dean B Hendricks S Berry, CROSS Newfane Albion Wilson Roy-Hart Medina Akron ,a'N r 'X' JL' R ' ' i ,- f gi an-vi, H. 1" -',- 1 ' I 3 ' if ' 1' '-1 . 'f M 'sir 2 U i- ' : ti ,' . 2 1 1 it 3 4 . 1 , EM, Q4 linmq COUNTRY The Spartan harriers have done it again! Coached by Mr. "Hal" Ruppert, they won their second straight Niagara Orleans League title. This was the third title in our school's short history. While retaining the championship, they were undefeated in league competition and won the Niagara Orleans League Title Race. The scores of the league race were as follows: Star- point, twenty-nine, Wilson, fifty-eight, Medina, sixth-seven, Newfane, sixty-nine, Akron, one hundred and sixty-four, and Albion, two hun- dred and four. The team went on to place second in the Section Six, Class A sectionals and third in the Buffalo State Teachers meet. The squad was led by Paul Greig, Lee Chase, Mike Pen- vose, and Ken Mayer. Paul Greig led the Spartan harriers to such honors as the Niagara Orleans League Champi- onship. His other honors included being a mem- ber of the Niagara Orleans All-League Team, running in the Buffalo State Teachers Invitational Race, winning division C and the New York State Section Six Class A championship, and set- ting the school record of ten minutes and forty- nine seconds for our two mile course. Paul, run- ning cross country for his second year, was also Co-captain of the squad. Lee Chase, a Junior, running cross country Sectional Winners: Paul Greig, Lee Chase, and Benjamin Penvose, for the first time, finished third in the Niagara Orleans League Race and seventh in the New York State Section Six Class A sectionals. He also made the Niagara Orleans All-League Tearn. Mike Penvose, a Junior running cross country for his third season, was our Co-captain and a member of the Niagara Orleans All-League Team. Mike finished fifth in the Niagara Orleans League Race and ninth in the New York State Section Six Class A sectionals. Ken Mayer, a Freshman, running cross coun- try for the first time, placed ninth in the Niagara Orleans League Race and tenth in the New York State Section Six Class A sectionals. Our B squad was also undefeated in league competition. They won the Niagara Orleans League B Race and placed fourth in the New York State Section Six B Race. This race con- sisted of schools of all classifications. Those Seniors who ran their last race for Star- point were Eric Miller, Brian Hendricks, Gary Neuman, Mike Penvose, and Lewis Labiak. Coach Ruppert said the situation looks good for next season and has hopes for a large turn- out of boys. Congratulations Coach Ruppert and the squad of 1962-63 for making such a fine showing and for retaining your 1961-62 Niagara Orleans League title. Row one: D. Berry, F. Drabek, L. Tetrault, E. Noe, J. Gately, R. Van Every, T. Treutel, C. Day, T. Waild. Row two: H. Shenk, Mr. Richard Baum, J. Leaver, Wm. O'Harrow, G. Heppner, S. 0'Malley, N. Jarzynski, J. Kohl, R. Gerlach, D. Meisenburg, A. Braunscheidel, R. Harpham, Mr. .lack Karstens, M. Keller. VARSITY FOGTBALL Although our football team failed to bring a victory to Starpoint, valuable experience was gained throughout the entire season by the de- voted Spartans. Under the direction of the coaches, Mr. Richard Baum and Mr. Jack Kar- stens, the squad changed from a split-T to a wing-T with an unbalanced line. This action was taken primarily to get more blocking when going to the right. The change would have been very successful had there not been numerous injuries, particularly to the ends. Edwin Marr Senior Co-Captain 70 Outstanding players on the squad included: Lionel Tetrault, who was Starpoint's total offen- sive leader and All-League second team half- backg Art Braunscheidel, who performed well as a quarterback, and Chris Day, who excelled at center. Those players who played their last game were: Richard Gerlach, Chris Day, James Gate- ly, Gary Heppner, and Eddie Marr. .V bla-Q ,glide N Y vzli F fs -WIA - M, I FJ y ml l is . ie-. 'Q X' .fx . Nr U V. X. gg-D4 Ch Day QFFENSIVE LINE G I TEAM DEFENSIVE -INI E IN ACTIGIXI rlach 1 Gary H 71 YW? my R WHWQARSITY BASKETBALL I ,f H wif' ff HQf,.55'j5?giW M! M ,ffffvn VQVKQQ ' W' . JP j+"'QJP"'v,ff . . M .J ff q,.JJW,. . Q." fbgfy' l fc, ,-YQ5 .- 1' W. N W .x X .PYM M X4 Qsgpr, iffy Sf' 1 Q-NV' ,7 K1 F ng: B. Penvose, P. Waild, R. Harpham. Left to right: Mr. Richard Baum, J. Q .X Am ompson, P. Plache, G. Schultz, B. Hendricks, R. Miller, G. Peterson, D. Meisenburg. . A. BraunscheideI.y .- X A M. Y-fy QQ5QfQQ.S - Lk3.7'52fND.,vs. UNK' 'QL' 'R'-' Q y W V B. Penvose, P. wand A . Co-Captains 0 WV O-,.,.c, K X W XO - ON! . P W 1 W Xxx I I 72 1 1 ff! M ff My K 'EJ MMU 73 ,1-.i-1-1 1 Front: R. Dussault, Mr. La Verne Ensminger. Row one: J. Gately, P. Jenks, T. Fronczak, J. Marshall. Row Iwo: D. Rogala, C. Hards, Wm. Pittler, A. Braunscheidel, B. Penvose, P. Waild. BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL Our baseball team had a rather disappointing season although, during the preseason, they were favored to capture the Niagara Orleans League crown. Our squad won only one game, this being over Barker. In this game our infield played par- ticularly well, especially Paul Waild and Mike Penvose at second base and shortstop. Outstanding players on the team were: Dan Rogala, Don Grubb, Charlie Hards, and Paul Waild. Don Grubb pitched well for a starter. The success of the team depended largely on the pitching. Don Grubb was expected to carry the load. He and his supporting teammates were encouraged by the student body. Coach Ensminger is very optimistic about the coming year's team for almost the entire infield is returning. Still in school from last year's squad are: Don Grubb, Mike Penvose, Paul Waild, Joe Marshall, James Gately, and Gary and Art Braun- scheidel. g 3 E lx .f44Pd' ii 4. xg i jrlu " iibg- .X :'.QN,' v F! jx .X qv Ewa W v I N If pf Ll E.: .fi of I X N l Starpoint tarpoint tarpoint tarpoint tarpoint Starpoint Starpoint .fx N Cf if 26M 57 58 68 49Vz 35M 56 f-f '1...x K K fr x is A-1 'S Niagara Wheattield 77W Akron 52 Wilson 51 Albion 41 Medina 8016 Barker 7 Medina 56W Newfane 45 Deveaux 39 Coach Baum, handicapped by the return of only three lettermen, produced a "smashing" won tive and lost four record. Their biggest victory of the season was over Wilson, when they took nine firsts in thirteen events. Wilson was defeated by the score of fifty-eight to fifty-one. Outstanding participants on the squad were: Bill Granish, Tom Andrix, Howie Papke, Mickey Dean, and Paul Greig. Bill Granish, a Senior, high jumped and ran the four-forty yard run thus scoring thirty-six team points. Tom Andrix, a Senior, scored thirty-tive points in the eight-eighty yard run. Senior, Howard Papke, scored thirty-three and three-fourths points while also setting the school record in the shot put, with a toss of forty-one feet and five inches. Mickey Dean, a Sophomore, running the hundred and two-twenty yard dashes, was high point man with fifty points. Paul Greig, a Sophomore, was the first Starpoint miler to break the five minute record in the mile run. He was beaten only once during the season and came in second place in the county meet with a clocking of four minutes, fifty six seconds. This was only eight seconds off the League's record for the mile run. Paul amassed forty points for the team during the season. Those boys who made their letter and will be returning next season are: Paul Greig, Mickey Dean, Peter Plache, David Draper, Pat Noonan and Steve O'Malley. Those Seniors who ran their last race for Starpoint were: Bill Granish, Tom Andrix, Howard Papke, Duane Witkop, John Stuer- mer, John Kerns, James O'Malley, and Jim Smith. Congratulations Coach Baum for giving Starpoint such a wonderful season in track. TRACK Front: Mr. Richard Baum, and Harold Dean. Row one: Lee Chase, Jim Smith. Jim O'Malley, Pat Noonan, Paul Greig, Fred Drabek, Lewis Labiak. Row two: John Kerns, Mark Dietz. Steve O'Malley, Tom Andrix, Pete Plache, John Stuermer. Brian Hendricks. Bob Krull, Duane Witkop. From: Mr. Richard Weigert, and Albert Setlock. Row one: Mike Riniolo, Tom Pittler, Gary Neumann, David Rau, Rich Van Every, Bob Bergthold. Gene Peterson, Rich Harpham, John Ferringer, Jim Stacy, Chris Day, John Healy. i?a"b IN? TENNIS -.ka This was the iirst year Starpoint participated in tennis. Though the boys were inexperienced and some of them had never played tennis be- fore, they finished the season with a won one, lost nine record. Coach Wiegert has big plans for next season and is hoping for more support from the Student body. Mike Wagner, an outstanding Freshman, played first singles and won half of his matches. Mike also made the New York Section Six Class A sectionals at East Aurora. John Healy, a Senior, gave the squad an ex- cellent showing despite his inexperience. The team won one and lost four very close matches by the score of three to two. Their best match was their victory over Roy-Hart. They beat Roy- Hart by the score of three to two. In this match is I I Q i K Q ' 1 QW Jim Stacy reversed an earlier defeat and gave the squad the victory. Returning next season are Mike Wagner, Jim Stacy, Gary Neuman, Richard Harpham, Thom- as Pittler, Albert Setlock and Gene Peterson. Much credit is due Mr. Wiegert and the squad for their sincere efforts. Starpoint 0 Albion 5 Starpoint 1 Wilson 4 Starpoint O Medina 5 Starpoint 2 Akron 3 Starpoint 2 Roy-Hart 3 Starpoint 2 Albion 3 Starpoint 0 Wilson 5 Starpoint 0 Medina 5 Starpoint Akron 3 Starpoint Roy-Hart 2 Row one: J. Reynolds, S. Stegner, Captain. Row two: L. Hickman, C. Cunningham. L. Cioch, Miss Jones, J. Fedder. S. Barber. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row one: L. Schmier, T. Thompson, P. Altemus, P. Lov- ell. V. Long, K. Gabri. Row two: C. Waild, C. Tetrault. Row one: R. Klein, R. Janowsky, K. FitzRandolph, D. Harpham, P. Richard- son, L. Roskopf, C. Pattison, D. Forney, M. Gabrys. Row two: S. Lorish, L. Becker, C. Pollow, S. Allen, N. Hewitt, M. Minick, S. Claycomb, B. Set- lock, K. Richardson. Row three: Miss Jones, J. Sweet, N. Stacy, J. Monkel- baan, S. Kramer, C. Schneider, M. Derblick, R. Hillman, V. Schoneback, C. Peterson, K. Laubacker, P. La Rock, L. Hards, P. Prendergast, M. Prender- gast, I. Sperin. D. Clare. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS IVIAJORETTES QUNIQR VARST K zz' ff" fly FQQTBAL 4 All , 1 101 sfif W . 3.35.9 Ke Row one: R. O'Malley, J. Monkelbaan, R. Voelker, B. Keidel, J. Wyant. Row two: J. Lounsbury, D. Ollenbittle, R. Miller, D. Downey, R. Sherwood, D. Cescon, F. Sikorski, F. Mangold. Row rhree: R. Sisley, Managerg Mr. Ensminger, Coachg J. Hey, B. Vesper, A. Hurst, C. Class, G. Seal, J. Miller, R. Burg, W. Haylett, A. Lindemuth, G. Altrogge, B. Mangold, P. Hurst, Manager. BASKETBALL Row one: G. Davis. Mr. Harold Ruppert, P. Hurst. Row two: M. Wagner, A. Hurst, Wm. Vesper, W. Maison, G. Seal, R. Klein, G. Ketch, N. Jarzynski, J. Leaver, T. Sherwood, J. Rutherford, D. Sabella. Row one: J. Daniels, G. Thrall. Standing: L. Daigler, I. Thrall, F. Bratek W. Mason, A. Cieluszak, R. Miller, Mr. Edgar, Coachg D. Berry. BASEBALL Row one: J. Putnam, C. Raming. Row two: J. Burns, B. Spencer, M. Keller, Mr. Neil Paterson, C. Stowell, D. Sherwood, L. Stegner. Row three: T. Kreppenneck, Wm. Harmon, T. Johnson, C. Class, D. Ferrano, A. Lindemuth, T. Kureczka, R. Weinheimer, B. Shippnick, J. Wilson. 79 x CJ N M Gp WYNQ XO 1 xox ,gf-V XPMW' BU W S5 . NL L X00 A fjxgvggggsmfb l O6 4E'75QfQ?p QQ ' V F Xi? W CNW ' Q 0350 Q 1 A K 4554 W5 ,ACTIW ' 'tg 5,4 lk . 4h 2-6' WIA 453' 49' - CLUB J Bootes Presidentg Mr. Lowe, L. Laubacker, Treasurerg R. Miller. Standing: K Wall R. Coleman, L. Labiak, B. Shull, D. Sabella, G. McCloskey, I. Sullivan R Flack, C. Fiegel, S. Bartha, P. Graham, C. Cozad. SPARTAN BUCK CLUB Eric Miller Rich Gerlach, John Kohl, Treasurerg Dave Guerdat Presidentg Mr. Steven Olick. CHESS CLUB Standing: J. Mains, R. Larkin D. Westcott, A. Lindemuth, D Humble, J. Helme, S. O'Mal- ley, A. Hurst, J. Ferringer, B 0'Malley, Mr. Carscallen, Ad- visor. Table: D. Westcott, B Lederhouse, R. Flack, K. Fitz- Randolph, B. Keidel, N. Vogt J. Jenks, A. Cieluszak. LIBRARY Chris Day Editor Jiiiiliifbifin YEARBOOK i N Mr. Olick, Mr. Lagona Advisors Sandy Stegner. Editor, Diane Gifford Layout Anna Bratak, Marilyn Walke, Tom Pittler Advertising and Circulation 82 Marilyn May, Rita Bors Business Manager and Typist Beth Schultz, Kathy Craven, Nancy Keech, Editor Eric Miller, Editor, Don Grubb Sports ' 4 STAFF Literary Ann Connors, Rich Gerlach, Editor, Maureen O'Malley Art Judy Lounsbury, Editor, Sharon Clendenning, Judy Rymal, Sue Bryant, Judy Fedder, Peggy Mc Geehan. Senior Section 83 i ! '74 099 J' . G92 'Fix' v- N. lj, Q W A v of c ? STUDENT COUNCIL The activities of the 1962-1963 Student Coun- cil began early in the school year with the annual magazine sale. The profit received this year was 31,386 Functioning in its purpose of benefiting Star- point and the student body, the Student Council planned and carried out projects of interest and importance to all. A contest for the design for our school flag was held. Six of the best designs were chosen and submitted to the Board of Education, which made the final decision. As a service to the students, the group oper- ated the clothing store where gym clothes and other Starpoint clothing could be purchased. A1- so the Student Council sponsored a variety of paid assemblies throughout the year. An improvement was made on the annual Skit Day this year. All the skits centered around one idea or theme. The contest was carried out in two assemblies: one for the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades and another for the 7th, Sth, and 9th grades. One winner was picked from the con- tending classes. Among its other activities, the Student Council bought advertising space in the yearbook. The Student Council will continue to grow in importance as a governing body only through a deeper respect from the student body. STARTIMES STAFF The Startimes, the school newspaper, has been edited for five years. During this time it has provided the school with a monthly ac- count of important events and has added a touch of humor to the everyday hap- penings. The newspaper staff worked very hard on a spe- cial Senior Issue which was published the second week of June. This issue con- tained an exclusive inter- view with each member of the Class of 1963. It gave the Seniors an opportunity to discuss their hopes and plans for the future. One of the main attractions of this issue was the section includ- ing candid photos of Sen- iors. The Startimes has been valuable in acquainting all the students with their school and their fellow stu- dents. The Junior Red Cross has had a busy year. On November 9, the club spon- sored a "waist-line" dance to earn money. Because of the success of the dance many boxes of school sup- plies were sent to needy children overseas. Checker b o a r d s and games were made and sent to the Veteran's Hospital. Later, the Red Cross and the Future Nurses's visited a hospital to observe the work accomplished by the Red Cross. In December the group held a fund drive. The drive was a huge success as the JUNIOR RED CROSS quota exceeded that of pre- vious years. In February, a "Sweet- hearts" dance was held for the 7th and 8th grades. This dance was another attempt to raise funds for the Red Cross. NATIONAL I-IONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society experienced a re- warding year. The group operated the bookstore as a service to the students and also computed averages which aided the teachers. The group, in an attempt to further cultural interests in our school, sponsored a trip to Klein- hans for an evening of George Gershwin's music. For the benefit of those attending the concert, the Honor Society prepared two classes. The pur- pose of the instruction was to acquaint the stu- dents with Gershwin's background and the back- ground of the pieces performed. Under the di- rection of Mr. Sylves, the group plans to initiate other cultural interests. In the spring an impressive induction ceremony was held for new members. Being an active member of the group pro- vided the student with rewarding experiences and improvement in the fields expressed in the car- dinal principles: Character, Leadership, Scholar- ship, and Service. Row one: Anna Bratek, Diane Gifford, Mr. David Sylves, Maureen OMalley Nancy Keech. Row two: Chris Day. Sandra Stegner, Beth Schultz Betty Pollow, Gary Strothmann. James Stacy. I I-75' IEIDII I" viii I UCS I Row one: V. Augugliaro, H. Wiedeman, J. Fedder, M. O'Malley, J. Reynolds, S. Beichner, T. Thompson. Row two: V. Long, D. Gifford, C. Cunningham, S. Barber, C. Ver Hague, A. Bratek, R. Bors, S. Schmelzle, M. May, N. Raming, R. Witcop. Row three: S. Stegner, J. Rymal, M. Labuszewski, P. Meisenburg, C. Waild, B. Schultz. K. Carven, N. Keech, C. Wasik, J. Monkelbaan. J. Lounsbury, M. Walke. LEADERS CLUB The Leaders Club has been in operation since October 19. At that time they held the annual tea for new members. Throughout the year, meetings were on the first and third Friday of every month. In these meetings, plans developed for a bake goods sale and the selling of pencils and pennants. The members of Leaders Club formed a Pep Club, the purpose of which was to increase school spirit and give support to our athletics. The club members attended many athletic events where they contributed to the spirit of the occasion. Row one: L. Peterson. S. Kramer, F. Kramer, E. Marr, J. Fedder. Row two: J. Boettcher, K. Noonan, S. Reynolds, J. Thompson, J. Cioch, L. Stankovich, D. McNa- mara. Row three: C. Tetrault. N. Raming, S. Barber, C. Cunningham, C. Ver Hague, J. Monkelbaan, T. Treutel, R. Voelker, S. Gerwig, K. Jones. PEP CLUB FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row one: K. Allen, R. Wisniewski, V. Augugliaro, D. Fronczak, P. Turney I. Stankovich, L. Keene. Row two: P. Breitenbach, N. Keech, K. Craven B. Dyer, L. Cioch, Miss Clark, Advisorg S. Beichner, C. Conner, J. Boettcher Row three: L. Weller, B. Nashwinter, L. Usher, M. O'Malley, B. Schulty A. Conners, B. Pollow, A. Hamilton, M. Quester, J. Scott, C. Treichler B. Labuszewski. K. Waild, N. Majcnryak, S. Damerall, A. McNamara, L Breitenbach, K. Mayer, S. Gerwig. s The F .T.A. began the year by organizing their work, which varied from correcting papers to teaching classes, in the elementary school. Throughout the year, the group met with teachers and college representatives to learn more about the teaching profession. The annual field trip to a local college was planned in March. This year the F.T.A. participated in the newly organized western area F.T.A. The FuturetNurses Club has received a Na- tional Charter from the National League for Nurs- ing. As -a chartered club, the Future Nurses Club is participating in a national youth program to help the nation meet future nursing needs. The club's activities are designed to enable members to explore career opportunities in nursing and other health fields. Members have visited Dea- coness Hospital and Veterans' Hospital to ob- serve nurses at work. Row one: B. Wasik, L. Laubacker, Mrs. Flynn, D. Bird, D. Brauer. Row two: A. Metzinger, I. Spearin, B. Furan, M. Barraclough, S. Beichner, C. Donner, S. Claycomb, M. Surdoval, L. Peterson. Row three: P. Behun, L. Maxhan, B. Bush, C. Noonan, D. Padlo, N. Majchrzak, G. Winter. J. Janiec, L. McClellan. FUTURE NURSES OE AMERICA 1 AVIATICDN CLUB PL-LQTGGRAPHY CLUB SCIENCE CLUB Standing: R. Lederhouse. Row one. J. Hollinshead, D. Sherey, A. Dierken P. Strickland. Row two: J. Wilson A. Lindemuth, D. Westcott, D. West- cott. Row three: Mr. Maniccia, Mr Klose. CALCULUS CLUB Row one: N. Keech. M. O'Malley. Row two: J. Galely. G. Strothmann, C. Craver, E. Pollow, A. Grubb, Mr. Richbart. SLIDE RULE CLUB B. Webster, Wm. Kiedel, D mann, Mr. R. Klose. Bratek, D. AIXINOUNCERS CLUB Row one: K. Auguliaro, P. B. Setlock, J. C. Gallagher, M. Walke, I. Donner, D. Woods, J. Bottcher, N. Hoover. Row two: P. Altemus, V. Cozad, Mr. Hoebbel, J. Wagner, K. Grimes, D. McNamara. Row three: Doehring, C. Cunningham, C. Moyer, L. Weller, C. Speck, S. Barber, K. Gabri. Row four: L. Fleming. C. Tetrault, T. Hayes, B. Labuszewski, Lounsbury, P. Meisenburg, J. Janke, L. Seefeldt, S. Domerell, P. Cecula. 89 Grubb, A. Cluszak, G. Stroth- SENIOR HIOH CHOIR The 1962-63 Senior High Choir for the first time had its rehearsals scheduled within the regular class time. The first concert of the year was the Pops Concert which was put on jointly with the band. During the Christmas season the Choir went to the Park Hotel in Lockport to present a Christmas program for the Rotary Club which was exception- ally well received. Also, the Choir and band presented a Christmas Assembly for the Senior High students and faculty. The latter part of the year was highlighted by the Spring Concert and participation in one of the New York State Spring Festival Programs. The music department at Starpoint has been benefitted by the efforts of the Choir to present entertaining programs. The Concert Choir of twenty-four members met each week during the Sth period on Friday. This group took part in the November "Pops" Concert, Christmas Assembly program, and the Spring Concert. Several members from this choir participated in the N.C.M.E.A. Spring Concert held at Newfane Central School. The Concert Choir ended the year by providing music for the graduation exercises. CONCERT CHOIR JUNIOR HIOH CHOIR The Senior Band, although small in number this year, has advanced in the degree of sound and quality. A halftime show featuring the marching band and the newly organized majorette group helped pep up the home football games. Under the direction of Mr. McClarin, the band performed for the Senior Play, special assemblies, the P.T.A., the ele- mentary school, several concerts, and Commencement exer- cises. A variety of colorful music was performed for all as- semblies. We sincerely hope that the improvement continues through the devotion of the members and the backing of the student body. Some members of the Junior and Senior bands participated in the Niagara County Music Festival. Being a member of the Festival Band was rewarding and an educational experience for all who attended. This year Festival Band members were chosen by their performance in county solo competition. The group participat- ing returned with honors for themselves and their school. SENIOR I-IIGI-I BAND CQNCERT BAND JUNIOR I-IIGI-I BAND : , w. S. Miller, L. Weller, Mr. Derry, S. Weller, B. Nashwinter, L. Magyar. ERESI-IMAN HCMEMAKING CLUB Row one: M. McKenna, S. Bryant, Miss Palmer, D. Smith, B. Sokolofsky, V. Schonebeck. Row two: S. Sahr, K. Ryan. Row three: K. Binga, N. Sim, K. Pack, B.' Neeper BRIDGE CLUB Mrs. Engert, J. Ellis, K. Coleman, L. Breitenback, B Benzinger, K. MacLeod, P. Davis, R. Wisneiski, L. La- biak FUTURE SECRETARIES OE AMERICA ADV ERTISEME NTS s -E --NT-'Q -A S and Mrs. Van Dusen Mr. Mr. Fern A. Goss Mr. Ralph Jarzab Mr. James Jedele Miss Teresa Bettino Miss Estelle M. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Roland Draper Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith Mr. Carl Goerss Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Richbart Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hart Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kerlin Mr. and Mrs. James H. Loftus Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Pittler Mr. and Mrs. Lagona Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pietak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Totaro Mr. Ricardo Van Every Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Barile Mr. and Mrs. Elden G. Schul Mr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Vater Mr. and Mrs. William Keidel Mr. and Mrs. Van Duesen Mr. and Mrs. Don McClarin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ohol Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Capitumino Mr. James Grosskopf Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Kuzniar Mr. and Mrs. John Waild Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Austin Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fillman Mr. and Mrs. Lester Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Baum Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Kimberley SILVER PATRONS Charles E. Barth John J. Bratek Edward Webster Elmer Schultz Miss Barbara Moje Mr. Alan McClarin Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Donald Walck Christian C. Day Mrs. Lillian Deppa Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Demedion Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Driskel Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Ensminger Anne B. Flynn Miss Nancy Gross David Guerdat Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Harl Mr. and Mrs. Hodgkinson Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jenks Mr. and Mrs. William Keidel Peter Allen Bennett GCDLD PATROIXIS Mr. Paul A. Young Mr. Carl Larson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bryant Mrs. B. Biedny Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Pittler Mr. and Mrs. John Gates Mr. and Mrs. Milford F. Weller Mr. and Mrs. Clark Johns Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bianchi Mr. Paul Holway Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Ross Walter A. Waterstrat and Mrs. Roland Nelson and Mrs. Jimmie Canfield and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. George Keller Louis Knoble Howard Luff James Powley, Sr. Henry Reinhardt Perry Drinkwalter Nicholas Maratta Ethan O. Allen Aldeth Howald Mr. and Mrs. James Lowe Milton Lembke Karen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earl Thompson Mr. Ross Wakemen Mrs. P. Woytila Mr. and Mrs. David Sylves Miss Helen Tobin Mr. Charles F. Green Mr. and Mrs. C. Brodfuehrer Mr. and Mrs. William Beechey Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. John Treichler Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. William Schnittker Mr. and Mrs. James A. O'Malley Jr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maerten Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Erck Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pollow Mr. and Mrs. William Lounsbury Mr. and Mrs. Engert Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Steven Olick George Rymal and Mrs. . Gerald Greenaway Mrs. Louis A. Hamilton Miss Mary Ann Scirto Mr. and Mrs. LaVern Gerlach Mr. and Mrs. Karstens Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. Walke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bors GREEN PATRONS Daddy's Girls Shawnee Home Extension Unit C. Elias and Sons Dr. Harold L. Dinger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Moneklbaan SPECIAL PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Stegner Josten's VERY SPECIAL PATRONS Senior Class of '63 National Honor Society Student Council Startimes 94 COMPLIMENTS OF PARK HOTEL ALBRIGHT .IEWELERS 27 Main St. Lockport, N. Y. Graduate Master Gemologist Watchmaker Best Qualified To Serve You CREEKSIDE LAN ES R.D.1, Tonawanda Creek Rd. Town of Amherst, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF KROENING'S GARAGE Sanborn, N. Y. THIELE'S DAIRY 401 Payne Ave. 7507 Shawnee Rd. Fresh Dairy Products FRANCIS L. DURFY General Store Kendall Products Sanborn, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF LEN'S MOBIL SERVICE Transit 8: Willow St. HF 3-9861 COMPLIMENTS OF BRAUER'S RESTAURANT COMPLIMENTS OF LEN'S MOBIL SERVICE Corner of Transit and Wellan St. HF 3-9861 COMPLIMENTS OF LEADER'S CLUB LICATA BROTHERS, MC. Wholesale Distributors 57-65 Richmond Avenue HF 4-8896 HF 4-S897 Cigars Toys Tobacco Paper Supplies Candy Restaurant Fountain Other seasonable merchandise THE COUNTRY COTTAGE The Old Fashioned Soda Bar Loretta and George Gibson Townline and Beach Ridge Roads North Tonawanda, New York NX 3-0999 Home of the Pig's Dinner COMPLIMENTS OF MORRISON'S .j THE Snfnwffv-W1zu.4Ms Co. RAINTB. VARNISHE8. LACQUERS. LEADS. OILS. ENAMEL8u BRUSH!! AND PAINTERS' SPECIALTIES 828 B. TRANSIT STREET Lockport Plaza HF 3-9450 mulssnsu. SUPPLY, INC. COMPLIMENTS Cambria Station 0F Sanborn, N. Y. Shawnee at Saunders Settlement Road THIELE Conte AND FEED Sanborn: RE 1-3216 Outside Sanborn ENterprise 9 194 7485 Shawnee Road North Tonawanda, New York PEPSI-COLA NIAGARA BOTTLING CORP. 770 Niagara Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda, N. Y. Phone NX 2-7611 ALLEN C. DUSCH ER BUILDING CONTRACTOR Custom Built Homes Show Houses on Mapleton Rd. Subdivision 4363 Meyer Rd. N. Ton., N. Y. Congratulations Compliments of Graduates , Class of '63 PFEIFER s stone GOOD LUCK S1'arpoinI"s Cafeteria Stuff Compliments have quickly vanished for hundreds of people through Of 3 systematic use of the Auburn Pulsator. This proved scicntihc device looscns stiff joints and muscles - improves circulation with which nature docs its Clark Clendening 85 Sons healing. No effort-no exertion. Try the Auburn Pulsator in your own home on the monthly rental plan. Phone today. C. ANSON HF3-9092 Congratulations from your friends and neighbors at WURLITZER TO THE CLASS OF '63 Congratulations on your graduation from the folks who build Wurlitzer Phonographs. As you go through life you'll realize that more people enjoy music by means of coin-operated phonographs than in any other way. Make it a habit to go where you can enjoy the latest tunes on a Wurlitzer. The Wurlitzer Company IO7 YEARS OF MUSICAL EXPERIENCE GE ROAD EXPRESS, INC. Lo Street Lockport, N. Y. Servzng School Systems for Over 30 Years SAFETY ECONOMY-SERVICE For Charter Coaches Call Lockport HF 3-6777 PLEACE BROS. TIRE 81 TREAD CO. 6400 South Transit LOCKPORT, N. Y. Field and Show NX 3-I689 Bred For Quality Uageaclcer Kennela, Reg id. German Shrrrrhaifed Pointers Telephone HF 4-7763 Champion at Stud Boarding Expert Retreading 1259 . Shawnee Road ELMER Ev JANE DAY No, Tcmuwanda, N. Y. ME'-I-5R'5 DAVID W. PYNN SUNOCO SERVICE STATION p ROUTE 3 1 xx AI ER LINES LEAD!-I mans GENERAL TRENCHING Sanborn, N- Y' ESTIMATES GIVEN FREE REpub1ic 1-9018 suse TONAWANDA CREEK ROAD HF 4-4911 Phone Lockport 43 4-4911 6306TrangitRd, SPENCER M. PYNN PLUMSING and HEATING HF 4-2373 CRANE, AMERICAN-STANDARD FIXTURES LEN HART T.V. 6069 Tonawanda Creek Road, Lockport, N. Y. GREAT LAKES BATTERY THE LAUNDER-PORT A Complete Self-Service Laundry and Dry Cleaning Center -- Coin Operated 3 Sizes Washers - Ironrite Ironer Extractors - Dyeing Machine 22 Minute Speed Queen Dry Cleaners 7 Richmond Ave., Lockport Next to Lox-Plaza Hotel Dry Clean Daily-9 to 9 Laundry Sundays--2 to 7 Always Open ,iq I . I I 1 I 1 1 l 1 1 I .QS 2 MW Mr Q ww , GD 4 A UN .O f My gf jf is R ff if J L . 1 H1 QF JW Q 2 je v ,QMS QED? Congratulationsi hl! O if Q R to the fbvf ff WW f W N! WW . Ggggyv ass of '63 Jiffy WW R 3 Q 0 U7 JJ 5 Q Vx fy HARRISON RADIATOR GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION "Temperatures Made to Order" 1 ?,fyf W?y Q M W fzgjw gg! RALPH L. TREICHLER Greenhouses -:- Flower Shop HORAN'S GROCERY STORE Route 429 Sanborn, N. Y. Main Road 8z Beachrndge Road Phone: REpub1ic 1-5050 Phone Lockport HF 3-8513 Powley Construction Co. Open Everything in the Line of Construction Custom Homes-Remodeling 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Commercial-Industrial Free Estimates 4950 Upper Mtn. Road, Lockport, N. Y. Phone HF4-5381 Il r . I R yr I , X . - ny gfjft? MW jtyfpw VARDEN STUDlg,Qf' hwy? W ,wjfglf 101 WENDEI.VILI.E AUTO SERVICE General Auto Repairing 24 hour towing NX 2-9556 BARONE'S MUSIC HOUSE, INC. 7 Locust St., Lockport, N. Y. HF 3-8377 Lockport's Only Complete Music Store Pianos-Organs: chord and regular Stereo Phonographs-Tape Recorders Finest Selection of LP :Sc 45 RPM Finest Band 8L Orchestra Instruments SADLO LUMBER 8. WOOD L PRODUCTS Mapleton and Aiken Road I R.F.D. 2, Lockport ' North Tonawanda NX 2-7222 Lockport HF 4-0214 SCHIMSCHACK'S RESTAURANT Upper Mountain Road Pekin, New York Chicken-Steak Sea Foods Served Every Night Compliments of ANDY MATHIAS Shell Service 417 Old Falls Blvd. North Tonawanda COMPLIMENTS OF HOOVER'S DAIRY CASTLE'S DAIRY "Over 65 years of satisfactory service to the community" Lockport New York Compliments of GRISANTI'S PIZZERIA Kenmore, N. Y. -- n'-"1nnnn llama - -rr' -' -- Lockport HF 3-9776 Repairing - Towing - Service Gas - Oil - Tires JACK POYFAlR'S TOWING SERVICE Day and Night Service Campbell Blvd. and Saunders Settlement Roads Payfair's Corner Lockport, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF PENDLETON HARDWARE 6503 Campbell Boulevard at the Five Corners Pho e HF 4-0958 COMPLIMENTS OF Kl.EIN'S RESTAURANT G rlillitt lit , 2 Lockport nue SCHOLLES LUMBER CO., INC. Building Materials for the Home REpublic 1-41 1 Sanborn, N. Y. GRANDMA'S TREASURES MUSEUM Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miller Best Wishes to the Class of '63 FREDERICK C. POWLEY Bulldozing High Lift Dump Truck Service Free Estimates R.F.D. 2 Lockport, N. Y. Telephone HF 4-4847 JOSEPH DOUGHERTY Builders Supply and Hardware 103 New 9 avg, Wrwgiy My REE: f QEQQQZVS OE w5X,,55jjgeX amp. of ci My PSX? My M xii? ' gif XXV W 4, A ik vEJA5ilfiff!gfS5oclATl0N My D .Q , JZQSJXA xi ijpflfn , if. ffa Of fy I ff JU J lj ,V -l'-9071 HMJV .U'f"A K W ' X W X 5, ' WL k?fjJA SPQIWNG , M? , . Q7 ge 1' Vw' 1 Y V - s op' Q .. El . . l BQ ' A qi Q' , inf . nc . , x . NN 'I 1 omra fx Q '43 4 , , 5 Ex 'w h Uk ' n fry . f 1: gcree b x ' 104 ' gflgiyiigfinifigfegoiy VELVAT IX 'Q 4... is.. Holdmng haHdS,b0Y5? Q P as. the style TV .. 4, then! :Q . 1 , af 'Q 1 ah K X i W 5 - But, a car 15 , W coming 5 Sf I love Run txround Bathing Beauties S u e ..x" A xii xx K is xp Q xi , a. The Line Up i wlnd lt 2,644.2 '17-X5 x-. . R 9 ki. "Little L Louns 'I dance up! X Music Man peanut, butter I See my new pe mgwxent what me I X f Ya don't think that the Yas Wilt infwikiy worfy? Good ole I lonel gd Wa , if if 29552423122 .fav-Jfff ,f f f I ms iwyf ?jVffBfjqy!'QjM ff Qfciiag uf, W I H ifgjf' y v Mui M 9 Qf f 'QM X 4. mfwf fffi Qi? W W 'jf' MW , f -- J ' WJ ' V mf RXQYFW WWF X537 21Zi?f?ff?'?giff,,!i:f"5f0if+w!ff' 51-v'w2z.m bi fi W3 W ghwfbwqfe ff XWNL XSQAZRJQK L4' . Q Q ,21'xl ,i , X vs-Qegfo bv A , Y Q?Q"1NQ' XA ., My ,fl Q5 ' - 5 W W My W H N 1 -f ' A Y KfQi+'iF ff fa fi h' .inf !. 1-V' 1 " LA Ar, gi E ' Oll, JL r I f ,fi j 'j Ip 4' - , 1 ff f Q, 5 F My , ff , g p3"f!? ' ff JW? ,if GWR 'J6PM"ftfU'L5 'fig' ,M wit 1, EM qc? figjjggfmjffw f fffff Q? G We My ,L 'MA OJ, 5 A ' ZLL? jgff ff 1af ?FQml6Q+ if 44,5 YQLQACQJ4 , ' g . Q21 5 51550 if ff' TMYML cw 50 6 C31 Mimlnd W6 U, J My A Eggsvgpfmw of Sgglggecwv , SQZQQE qgfg fwx fggfledwg E S fffvjwi,i'1y,, 52? viii fy if kj gf 'jf' Q f AW ifffglgiik' J Q + is jf Dkyfmw ,M Qifff we gf W if W W QQ Nga, ,AM ,Q if , wfiww 911-in i!, N5 R QQ s 3 'W m,'L x b h flReverse y9v ldlo' , 7- f' X Q' f l K Xi . . iq- ' , in T' x - K a,. Vx, LW , lm x .T....I irv'!1 A 'lk I if S Y K 'Z m Y 5 K al S if , X ,x ,J X 3 , , Typical ' if My group had hOp fewer cavities! s g ?fS? ?5 , 3 ? ,K ,sm You better watch it Arf Wn . N wjfl ,' 5, .-. Hn.-. ,.,. , 9 ' 1 I , l s I A , E ' 51- I , x . X 4 .' ': -. V 44 X r',. . ff' .-., ,.:'- f Xi J K f 2 Rise ana Shine " ' J J ,1 ve z-ww ' r 5 fwxffi ' a -J-.'....1 bet you ' re the Vo kibitzing . 2 , 8 .gf Uon't hlfip, Plw Q ' ' 46.14, '10 . . d va 5 f ff' , , """nv'..Qg? 5 2 " X112 I Q 1 NX--L 4 'H f 1 ., .X 4 V , . 1 ni 4A . ' 71' F' 'jg' , .. l-ff. 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Suggestions in the Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) collection:

Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 23

1963, pg 23

Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 20

1963, pg 20

Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 9

1963, pg 9

Starpoint Central School - Starpointer Yearbook (Lockport, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 43

1963, pg 43

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