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'Me 7754 FUSLIII Wafume 26 ST. LUEUUELIU HIBH SBHUUL ?o4z'azfJa, 046 Ei it 2 ii 5 s 5 5 S I I 6 III THE REVEREND DONALD S. HUNTER, PRINCIPAL To our Principal, the Reverend Donald S. Hunter, we, the senior class, wish to dedicate this 'I954 FOSLIN with the prayer that his stay at St. Wendelin may be as profitable to him as it has been to us, his students. THE REVEREND ROBERT H. RUFFING, PASTOR E REV. G. P. PELLETIER, C.P Curate Religion, American Hisfory, French THE REV. CLEO S. SCHMENK Curate Religion, Lafin St. Wendelin Fostoria Ohio July, I 950 St. Mary Parish Edgerton Ohio November, I953 THE REVEREND JOSEPH I. SCHILL IN APPRECIATION To our former Principal, the Reverend Joseph I. Schill, in behalf of the entire student body, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for his selfless dedication to the fur- thering of our best interests during his years among us. THE SISTERS OF NOTRE SISTER MARY JOAN .............. .............. S enior SISTER MARY MATTHIAS ..,..... ........ J unior Boys' SISTER MARY IMELDINE ....... ....... S ophomore Girls' SISTER MARY ANNELLE ........ ........ S ophomore Boys' SISTER MARY VALEDA ....... ...... F reshman Girls' SISTER MARY THERESE ......... ......... F reshman Boys' DAME Homeroom Adviser Homeroom Adviser Homeroom Adviser Homeroom Adviser Homeroom Adviser Homeroom Adviser Seated: Mrs. C. C. Crawfordg standing, left to right: Mr. Ralph Luipidi, Mr. James Anken- brandt, Mrs. Austin Weber, Mr. James Ulman, ancl Mr. Kenneth Herman. Mrs. C. C. Crawford School Secretary Mrs. Austin Weber English l, ll, and lll Study Hall Supervisor Girls' Gym Instructor Mr. Ralph Lupidi Music Director Marching Band Mixed Chorus Girls' Glee Club Boys' Glee Club Mr. James Ulman Assistant Coach General Business Advanced Arithmetic Mr. lames Ankenbrandl' English ll and lV Latin ll American History Study Hall Supervisor Mr. Kenneth Herman Head Coach General Science Civics Business Arithmetic Substitute Instructors: Mrs. John McMeen and Mrs. Floyd Weber. Mr. Dwight Smith School Engineer Mrs. G. P. Blaser Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Bloser Dr. and Mrs. G. H. W. Bruggeman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bugner Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Burns Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Emiel Cool Mr. and Mrs. Donald Coughenour Mr. and Mrs. Glen Emerine Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Foos Mr. and Mrs. James Gray Mrs. Gladys Hall Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Howbert Mr. and Mrs. Charles Karcher 8 FAITHFUL CARETAKERS Mr. Willis Droll Assisianf Caretaker PATRDNS Dr. and Mrs. M. H. Karmasin Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Kiebel Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Kinn Mrs. Lucian E. Kinn Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Kirian Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kruszynski Mr. and Mrs. J. C. LaJune Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Martin Mr. ond Mrs. Bernard Miller Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Park Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Peluso Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Pennell Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Perry Mr. and Mrs. W. Schreiner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schumaker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shaull Dr. H. D. Sheeron Mrs. W. W. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stone Dr. and Mrs. H. P. Ulicny Mr. and Mrs. Austin Weber Mr. John Weber Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weber Mrs. Helen Woessner Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Yarris Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Zeyen Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zirger Barnes Service Station l- X T Q The Foslin literary staff takes time out for the cameraman-Girls: Shirley Holman, Darlene Potreiger, Florence Bulkowski, Marilyn Schreiner, Jean Zeyen, Carol Lyrnan, Rosemary Marks, Boys: Don Ziegman, John Blaser, Don Miller, John Seeyer, Joe Reinbolt, Bill Pork. Typists: Carol Sheibley and Rita Logsdon, F 0 S L I N ST A F F Kb' Co-Editors ..,...,..,,,, ,,,.,.,,....,.......,..... J ohn Blaser, William Park Associate Editors ..... ..... C arol Lyman, Rosemary Marks, Jean Zeyen Business Manager .....,.,......................,..,.,,...,.,,.,..,..,,..,,.,...,...., Richard Waliers Advertising .,..,,,..... Vernon Holman, Loyal Hubbard, Fred Hunf, Beffy LaFoun1'aine, Barbara Kirian, Esaias Malagon, Louis Nye, Joyce Schreiner, Eugene Schumaker, Raymond Torres, James Ufriainen Athletics ...,.......,................................ Donald Miller, John Seever, Daniel Ziegman Cover Designer .,.,.......,.........,,..,.....,..,..........,.,.,,,,,.,,.,.,,,,.,..., Donald Kruszynskl Pictures ........ Florence Bulkowski, Shirley Holman, Joseph Reinbolt, Marilyn Schreiner Typists ,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,, Roberta Brickner, Rifa Logsdon, Darlene Poffeiger, Carol Sheibley Circulation ............ James Coleman, Loreffa DiCesare, Joyce Emerine, Beffy Hammer, Aurice Hoover, Barbara Karcher, Eugene Kimmei, David Kiichen, Dolores Shaull, Jerry Weber, Richard Zirger DATES FOR REMEMBRANCE Sept. 8-SWHS opened the book of knowledge for a new year with a record enrollment of 202 happy and not-so- happy students. Sept. 'I'I-Preview game at Fostoria Memorial Stadium proved the ability of the Mohawks. This game was high- lighted by the first public appearance of the SWS Marching Band. Sept. 13-After two years of observing the progress of the Fostoria Underpass System from SWHS's front porch, the grade-elimination project was opened with formal ceremon- ies. Rosemary Marks, senior, was privileged to dine with Governor Frank Lausche of Ohio. Sept. 'I6-How convenient! SWHS students stepped out their front door to view cars of yesteryear as the Glidden Tour of Antique Automobiles passed by. Sept. 25-Bon Voyage was expressed in many ways in honor of Father Robert H. Ruffing, pastor, at a farewell program prior to his leaving for a three-week trip to Europe. Sept. 28--A disc jockey show highlighted the year's first CYO meeting with Johnny Seever as M. C. Sept. 30-Seniors launched Wendelette-Foslin Campaign with an assembly. Oct. 'I-Student Council elected Donald Miller, president, and Rosemary Marks, secretary. Oct. 6-Freshmen met their Waterloo as seniors scored a victory in the annual Initiation Ordeal. Oct. 13-Five seniors: Rosemary Marks, Don Miller, Bill Park, Jean Zeyen, and Dan Ziegman participated in a Journalism Workshop held at Bowling Green University. Oct. 'I6-Where did they go? Our first six weeks are over! Oct. 'I9-Wendelette-Foslin Campaign ended as Magazine Drive opened. Oct. 20-Assembly on Youth featured Bill Park and Bar- bara Karcher in speeches on "Operation Youth" and "Girls' State" respectively. Oct. 22-On his return from Rome, Father Ruffing spoke at our first-night rally. Oct. 23-Feast of St. Wendelin commemorated by a free day. Oct. 26-Ghosts, cowboys, clowns, and many other weird characters filled the grade-school gym with the happy spirit of the Hallowe'en Party sponsored by the CYO. Oct. 29-Indeed, it was a huge success! The first issue of the Wendelette came through with flying colors. Oct. 30-Our Pastor Father Ruffing presented the students with rosaries blessed by the Holy Father. Nov. 9-End of Magazine Drive. Over l,0O0 subscriptions were netted. ll SoC.. - Nov. 'I0-Open house provided opportunity for parents to meet the faculty and to observe the progress of the students. Nov. 13-Friday, the l3, proved to be a lucky day for the senior-sophomore Mission Party. Nov. 20--Six weeks' tests completed two-sixths of the year's work. Nov. 23-25-Father Kelly, O.M.l., a one-time missionary in Africa, directed the annual retreat for the high school students. Nov. 26-27-Thanksgiving Vacation. Nov. 27-Principal Father Joseph Schill received promo- tion to Edgerton, St. Mary Parish. Father Donald Hunter, from St. Peter and Paul Parish, Sandusky, was named new principal. Nov. 29-Mystery, comedy, and the Christmas spirit pre- vailed as the CYO sponsored three one-act plays. Nov. 30-Father Robert Ruffing introduced Father Donald Hunter to the students in an informal assembly. Dec. 3-Every Pupil Tests were administered Dec. 6-Mothers sponsored Annual Football Banquet. Fol- lowing the banquet, Father Joseph Schill was feted at a Farewell Party held in the high-school auditorium. Dec. 8--Feast of the immaculate Conception initiated the opening of the Marian Year. Dec. 'I7--CYO Skating Party at Tiffin Skateland. Dec. 22-Students sang carols and an invisible Santa Claus presented a treat at the annual Christmas assembly. Dec. 23-Jan 4--Christmas Vacation. Dec. 31--The Rev. C. S. Schmenk, CYO moderator, was transferred to St. Anthony Parish, Columbus Grove. Jan. 'I-Students initiated the New Year with a Holiday Formal, Candy Cane Capers. Jan. 6-Mr. Ralph Lupidi's combo provided music for CYO semi-formal dance. Jan. 20--21-Third six-weeks' period was brought to a close with semester tests. Jan. 22--A well-earned free day was enjoyed by the students. Jan. 25--CYO held their monthly meeting with novel wes- tern scenes. Feb. 'I-CYO Skating Party was held at Tiffin Skateland. Feb. 4-Students received opportunity to spread Catholic Action as a Catholic Chronicle Campaign began. Feb. 9-Two hundred smiling faces greeted the cameraman as representative from Marchion Studio snapped picture for the yearbook. SE N I 0 R C lass Officers John Blaser ............. ................ P resident Rosemary Marks ...................... Vice President Jean Zeyen ......... ,........... S ecretary William Park .......... ........... T reasurer John R. Blaser Mr. President-that's Johnny . . . president of the senior class and the CYO . . . an honor student . . . lucky enough to have had an audience with the Holy Father while in Europe . . . famous for his stag parties. . . usually seen in the evenings with Aurice heading toward Jackson Street . . . spends his summers relaxing at the lake and playing golf with Johnny . . . a real great guy and a true friend . . . celebrates every October 24. Roberta A. Brickner "Bertie" to all . . . brightened the world on November 3, l936 . . . pos- sesses a winning smile, beautiful au- burn hair and big brown eyes . . , an 'A' student . . . winner of an award in typing and home arts . . . life of the party when she gets near a piano . . . faithful member of the Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, and school or- ganist . . . favorite pastime is square dancing . . , wants to be a medical secretary, , . friend to all. Florence M. Bulkowski A popular young miss with a win- ning personality . . . has dancing dark eyes that can hardly be seen when she laughs . . . with a prayer to the Little Flower, "Tootsie" usually gets what she asks for . . . uses her public-speak- ing course to best advantage while presiding as vice president at CYO meetings . . . avid music lover . . . sings in the Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus . . . sings extra well on October l9. James E. Coleman Jim or "Little Mo" greets everybody with a friendly, "Hi" agrees with a million other men that women are the worst drivers . . . skating is at the top of his list for sports , . . likes to listen to the Hilltoppers . . . will read or listen to anything about l-lot Rods . . . two-year member of Boys' Glee Club . . . never forgets to celebrate April 8 . . . a handsome smile is one of his assets. Joyce A. Emerine Joyce was born on the feast of the Immaculate Concep- tion in l936. . .considers herself a special child of the Blessed Virgin . . . often seen with "Larry" . , . enjoys popular music . . . full time member of CYO . . . always seen at the football games . . . will probably work in an office after graduation . . . wants to learn to drive someday. . . blond hair and a big smile . . . always in the center ofa group of girls. Vernon J. Holman lt's a bird, it's a streak of lightning! No, just Vern in his very own two-tone green Pontiac . . . spends all his spare time fishing and rebuilding Hot Rods at the only garage in town-l-lolman's . . . a Catholic Chronicle leader and a necessity to the CYO basketball team . . . Vern lights another candle on De- cember lO . . . attends Fostoria High Vocational School . . . likes to spend summers at Gem Beach. Loyal D Hubbard Class Clown and always good for a laugh that s Loyal . . . he and his '47 Plymouth are inseparable . . . usually seen giving his buddies a lift . . . will go fishing on a moment's notice . . . tackled for first string in his junior and senior years . . . a school without demerits would suit him fine . . . is thinking seriously about college . . . usually seen at Texaco Gas Station . . . catches an extra big fish every Jan- uary 3. Loretta C. DiCesa re Short and sweet, that's "Poppie" . . . loves to dance . . . possesses a huge memory book . . . never seen without her buddies . . . practically runs the Morris Store . . . wait till you've heard her sing "Tim-tay-shun" ljust like Red lnglel . . . avid Mohawk fan . . . sings in Glee Club . . . Russells' Point holds fond memories . . . thinks Chryslers are the only cars on the road . . . reserves back booth in the B. 6' J. . . . gets one year older every March 24. Shirley A. Holman Known to many as "Sach" . . . has a contagious laugh . . . often heard saying, "Don't know, do you?" . . . loves to dance to anything by Jackie Gleason . . . fulltime member of CYO . . . boasts a large collection of snapshots . . . has unforgettable slumber parties . . . belongs to Glee Club . . . would like to spend another summer vacation at Russells' Point with the girls . . . main ambition is to acquire a driver's license . . , smiles prettiest on December 27. Frederick D. Hunt Fred, the personality kid . . . always has something to say, but usually seen telling it to Johnny . . . reports SWHS basketball games for Review Times . . . earned three letters for football . . . will probably play football for Toledo University after graduation . . . without hesitation will tell all about his trip to Chicago. . . sophomore class treasurer and CYO member , . . one of the original crew-cut boys . . . has an extra word for everyone on December l3. Elizabeth R. Hammer Betty first saw the rays of light on October l7, i936 . . . has a very special talent for art and is usually seen doodling . . . crazy over hillbilly music . . . the pins go flying once she gets behind a bowling ball . . . is one of the original members of the Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus . . . has been an attentive member of the CYO . . . usually hotrodding around town with Mick and her buddies. Aurice J. Hoover Bud's day is April 4 . . . is jokingly known as "Legs" . . . a real friend with personality to spare . . . sophomore class president . . , sings bass in Boys' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus . . . earned three football letters and two basketball letters . . . happiest when driving the family car . . . saved the day for the Mohawks by making three touchdowns and throwing a touchdown pass in the Norwalk game . . . neat at all times. Eugene R. Kimmet Gene's been at St. Wendelin's since the fourth grade . . . lucky enough to get his driver's license when he was a freshman . . . has been driving to school ever since . . . likes hillbilly music . . . recently acquired a blue Ford . . . never misses the square dances at Meadowbrook Park on Sun- day nights . . . is known for his fabu- lous junior hallowe'en party. . . played CYO basketball for two years . . . obeys all traffic laws on February l2. Barbara L. Karcher July 8 is the day of days . . . always smiling and always has a wise comment . . . loves to play the piano . . . seldom seen without Betty . . . a must to the Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus . . . spent the happiest week of her life at Columbus, Ohio, as delegate to Buckeye Girls' State . , . gets a real charge out of watching wrestling . . . Want a free pass to the State Theater? See Barb. David K. Kitchen Dave and his trusty little '36 Ford go together like bread and butter . . . a Kroger Store . . . important on the Mohawks' football squad . , . in on every play . . . all this and he plays the guitar too-both Spanish and Hawaiian . . . came close to drowning once and all because of driving on thin ice . . . his summer is livened up August l9 . . , member of CYO . . . usually seen on Lytle Street. Barbara J. Kirian lf you see a white Buick buzz by, it's probably Barb and the gang , . . plans to go to the "Point" again to enjoy her favorite-swimming . . . can dance to Ray Anthony's music anytime, anywhere . . . sang all four years in Glee Club . . . regular mem- ber of CYO . . . pet peeve-shorthand homework . . . usually talking . . . likes to celebrate on October 25 . . . boasts of never having an accident yet . . . favorite expression--"Wanna race?" Donald R. Kruszynski ache, go see Crow, in Donald P. Miller "Don" . . . the Casanova of the senior class . . . dark flashing eyes and coal black hair . . . has an easy and personable smile . . . often seen driving around town in his '50 Ford or beating a path to Fremont . . . busy as a beaver in all activities . . . hopes for an Electrical Engineer's degree as life's goal . . , a faithful and good CYO basketball player . . . day of days, July 25 . . . president of the Student Council. Rita R. Logsdon Quiet and soft-spoken, that's our Rita , . . usually seen with Carol and "Bertie" . . . walked off with the American Legion essay prize in the freshman year . . . paints figurines in her spare time . . . "Tenderly" is her song . . . November l9 puts an extra glow in those hazel eyes . . . claims football to be her favorite sport . . . can usually be found at the head of the honor roll . . . works part-time in the Morris Store. 'I6 Tall and blonde-that's Crow . . . class prankster . . . he and his little '37 Plymouth are slowly wearing a path to Find- lay . . . pet peeve-State Patrol . . . if you've got a tooth- about ten years, that is . . . a friend to all ...pulls his biggest joke on March 24 . . , always will- ing to lend a hand . . . Hub's wouldn't be the same without him . . . going somewhere in the field of art. Elizabeth J. LaFounl'aine Betty first saw the light of day March 27, l936 . . . always up to something, especially in American History . . . makes sure to be out of the way of men drivers . . . a smile as broad as day . . . likes popular music . . . Eddy Fisher is her favorite . . . inseparable with Barb . . . showed ab- ility to write in l953 American Legion Essay Contest . . . four-year member of CYO . . . is usually seen in a '36 Ford. Rosemary L. Marks "How 'bout that?", that's "Rosie" . . . the jitterbug kid . . . the Four Freshmen's "Baltimore Oriole" is the only song. , , . always laughing- but usually with her buddies , . . member of CYO Choristers, Girls' Glee Club, and Mixed Chorus , . . hates anyone who chews ice . , . secretary of the Student Council and CYO . . . vice president of senior class . . . eats extra piece of chocolate cake June l6 . . . always trying to bum a ride , . . hopes to become a nurse. Louis H. Nye Louie is one of the fortunate fellas in the class with his very own car . . . usually heard saying, "Wanna race?" . , . always out of the parking lot first . . . has a secret ambition to become a famous bookkeeper . . . is seen most of all with Dick . . . gets a pretty good income from trapping . . . one of the top five on the Mohawks' Basketball team . . , flashes his coal black eyes on July l8. Esaias S. Malagon Carol S. Lyman Answers to "Lucky" . . . arrived in this world May l2, i936 and has been moving ever since . . . has been seen these past four years roaming through the halls with best pal, Dolly , . . practically fainted when she received the sophomore scholarship medal . . . never misses a square dance at Mea- dowbrook . . . pet peeve, Coach's car . . , just loves that fender. . . her name tops the honor roll every time . . . never without a wise remark, Senior's number-one Hot Rod . . . "Sal" . . . always listen- ing to the muffler's roar . . . or discussing cars with Louie or Gene . . . a faithful fan of Louie Armstrong and Billy Eckstine . . . FHS shop student for two years of high school . . . his green Ford is never empty . . . usually picks up every- one going to school . . . thinks December 3l is the only day of the year . . . a wrestling fan and does a bit himself. I7 Darlene A. Potteiger Trim and tall with dark flashy eyes that match her brown wavy hair . . . Dolly to all . , . a necessity to Gallaher's . . . fun to be with . . . an 'A' student all through high school . . . secretary of the sophomore class and captain of the senior class . . . CYO member for three years . . . Girls' Glee Club, two years . . . always borrowing pencils from Carol . . . faith- ful rooter for the Mohawks but cheers loudest on January l4. William H. Park "Bill" . . . calm, cool, and collected . . . always on the honor roll . , . spirit- ual chairman of CYO in his senior year . . . ingenious . . . Mr. Lupidi's right- hand man . . . number one "Sax" player in the Jazz Band, also the ar- ranger . . . likes to collect records . . . one of the original members of the Marching Band . . . ballads go over big with Bill . . .thinking about becom- ing a pharmacist . . . junior class president . . . senior class treasurer . . . birthday, August 3. Joyce T. Schreiner Sunshine and shadow . . . "Joy" is usually happiest on October Zl . . . Eddy Fisher rates with her . . . has a knack for making pop-corn balls . . . enjoys watching football . . . free days are a must . . . beautiful complexion . . . blushes easily. . . blond hair. . . sings with Girls' Glee Club . . . always saying, "Watch it" . . . attends CYO meetings regularly . . . has barely left the car since she rated her driver's li- cense . . . another Morris Store girl . . . likes card games. Joseph C. Reinbolt Even though a newcomer in his junior year, Joe is an old pal . . . lover of any kind of music . . . can't keep tires on his '50 "Chevie" . . . loved every minute of his high-school career . . . a third-year Latin student . . . started using ultra- big words shortly after his first birthday, June l7 . . . watches any sort of sport . . . prays especially to St. Joseph , . . is currently following the pursuits of short-wave radio operations. Eugene A. Shumaker iz tm 'M i,.xi,:..,. Lf., r:,...,. .,,t..'ii -,,+,,.i.i., .Cami Lu :.. rl yUUlc iuurxiiis :UI ucllc, yuu ii yiuuuuiy iiiru ...FYR ui a brown "Olds" . . . set on attending Tiffin Business Univer- sity , . . plans to be an accountant . . . thinks homework is for the other student . . . never seen without Jim . . . earned a football letter playing as guard in his senior year . . . a first- string man for CYO basketball team in the junior and senior year . . . favorite saying, "What do you want to bet?" Marilyn M. Schreiner School wouldn't be complete with- out Mick . . . brightens every party with her smile . . . wears biggest smile on June 4 . . . earned letters by cheer- leading for the Mohawks through vic- tory and defeat for two years . . . be- longs to Glee Club and Mixed Chorus . . . has seen many name bands in per- son . . . and has a well filled autograph book to show for it. . . cultural chair- man of CYO . . . never a dull moment with Mick around. John C. Seever Mr. Seever or just Johnny. . . has a host of friends . . . witty personality and is always good for a laugh . . . but laughs loudest on October l7 . . . a sincere friend to Fred . . . one of the sharpest dressers in school . . . can be counted on in most activities . . . Hi Jinx would close if he didn't appear every day . . . likes good tunes . . . has serious ideas of college . . . spends most ofthe summer playing golf. Carol A. Sheibley Quiet, sweet, and intellectual . . . beautiful chestnut hair and skin like peaches and cream . . . an 'Af student and win- ner ofa typing award in her junior year , . . a class officer as a freshman . . . gets a beautiful tan every summer at the family cottage . . . Carol's favorite sport is swimming . . . pet peeve, "gum crackers" . . . celebrates every December 2 . . . would like to learn all about physical education at Mary Manse next year. Raymond J. Torres James R. Utriainen Soft spoken . . . Might come out with his pet saying, "What do you want, a medal?" . . . will always re- member his First Holy Communion . . . CYO member all four years . . . top- ping his list is bookkeeping . . . spends some of his spare time as an amateur photographer . . . is kept busy telling people how to spell his last name . . . nicknamed "Mule Train". . .wears an extra big smile on April Zl. Richard P. Walters President in his freshman class. . . the last of the Walters . . . Dick is a sport's fiend . . . merited two letters in basket- ball and one in football . . . baseball all-star medal . . . active member of CYO . . . never without a good joke . . , considers his biggest high-school thrill as playing football in the Norwalk-St, Paul game . . . a scarce glance will bring about the reply, "Who, me?" . . . wants to attend business college . . . celebrates March l5. 20 Ray was dubbed with the nickname "Roscoe" . . . just say the word "sports" and Ray's right on the spot . . . received two football and two basketball letters . . . a real fighting Mo- hawk , , , likes to listen to Ralph Flanagan and Eddie Fisher ...gets all decked out, fit to kill, on August l8 , . . can always be spotted at a CYO get-together with "Esaias" . . . plans to attend college and become a successful accountant. Dolores J. Shaull "Lorry" adds five feet of mischief to the senior class . . . sports a bright SWHS uniform and a shiny saxophone . . . faithful rooter for the Mohawks . . . dislikes music lessons. . . faithful member of the CYO . . . can be found dancing with Joyce . . . her soft sweet voice is an asset to the Girls' Glee Club . . . majors in commercial work . . . wants to make someone a good secre- tary . . . looks her best on May 30. Daniel H. Ziegman A reporter in the offing, that's Zeke . . . seldom seen without Fred or Johnny . . . carried two letters in football . . . CYO basketball team couldn't do without this 6'2" center . . . is planning a way to buy out Goodyear Tire Company . . . often seen cruising around in his very own "Chevie" . . . listens for hours to the lilting music of Glenn Miller , . . gets one year older every October 3 . . . is thinking about entering college. Jean E. Zeyen "l dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair" . . . possesses a beautiful voice . . . Glee Club and Mixed Chorus all four years . . . skips school every May 23 . . . helped the team's morale by cheerleading for two years . . . never seen without "Toots" . . . usu- ally on the honor roll . . . neat dresser . . . CYO social chairman . . . junior vice president . . . senior secretary . . . looks forward to wearing the white cap of an RN. from St. Vincent's Hospital. Richard H. Zirger Dick's biggest day came when he got his trusty little Plymouth . . . often heard saying, "You tell me, and we'll both know" . . . practically a pro on the golf course . . . CYO member all through high school . . . everybody's buddy but most of all Louie's . . . loves anything at all about guns . . . an all 'round good kid . . . appears to be quiet but looks are deceiving . . . "Happy Birthday's are in order on March 6. Jerry J. Weber Jerry's happiest when behind the wheel of his own trusty little De Soto . . . boasts of being part owner in his father's business . . . pals around with Jim . . . a real for sure licensed driver . , . another Ray Anthony fan . . . CYO member for three years . . . always has a car full of kids . . . always wins at cards. . . grins from ear to ear on March l l . . . Junior is a Senior ancl mother teaches Juniors. 21 "Good Morning! The Day's Begun" and here's how Father Hunter starts out, thanks to Carolyn and Mary Lou Reinhart. "TelI Me Why physics is so hard," groans Joseph Reinbolt, Daniel Ziegman, Donald Kruszynski, and Fred Hunt. BUDDIES TILL THE END-are the pledges com- ing from Loretta DiCesare, Marilyn Schreiner Jean Zeyen, Donald Kruszynski, as they ex- change senior pix. STUDENT LUUNLII. First row, left to right- Seniors: John Blaser, Bill Park, Darlene Potteiger, Rosemary Marks, Jean Zeyen, Donald Miller. Second row, left to right -Juniors: Eugene Brick- ner, Tom Abowd, Nancy Moran, Rosanne Welly, Patricia Kiebel, Ronnie Blaser. Third row, left to right- Sophomores: Ronald l-luss, David Miller, Ger- aldine Boff, Nancy How- bert, Carolyn Margraf, Gerry Lonsway. Fourth row, left to right -Freshmen: Gerald La- Fontain, Alvin Keckler, Julie Snyder, Sandra Brown, Mary Alice Abowd, Harold Brickner. HATCHET C-HOP Lowell Bugner and Darrell Williams display the poster which invited the student-body to attend the "Hatchet C-Hop" sponsored by the CYO on Washington's Birthday. "Show Me The Way To Go Home" is heard every doy after the last bell from John Nick, Mary Jo Torres, Robert Hagenrna- ier, Julie Weimerskirch, and Carolyn Reinhart. WW, The Rev. Joseph Kelly, 0.M.I. Retreat Master Nov. 23 -25 "Time Waits for No One!" . . . lt's a busy moment for Father Hunter and Mrs. Crawford as students report to the office for "this and that" 24 ws tx "TilI We Meet Again" . . . Mr. John Crawford, parish represent- ative, presents Father Joseph Schill with a token of apprecia- tion on the occasion of the Farewell Program held in his honor on Sunday evening, December 6. f ,, ,gi QA 335739 3553538965 ?'58E6z ' 3' uf. Us? mi 5 , X ,M .gf f:-QW 'fg , 5 i Q Q 'rx Wm 1 c ', -S 'fi M , - l '6"'...,x wif ef v fa' ww E za, Z , "I Want u Fu Time Job" is wlwc Dolores Shauli Barbara Karche Betty LoFountail Rita Logsdon Ba bara Kirian, ar Joyce Emerine so to themselves i office practio class. "Dear John! OI how I love ' write! Sincerely, Dolores Pocs, Joy: McFadden, Rui Ardner, and Mar lyn Finsel. "Trying" to em- plain Income To is Louis Nye whil Richard Walter and Gene Shuma ker ask question: "The Girls of Today" . . . are reflected in Joyce Schreiner, Shirley Holman, Carol Lyman, Darlene Potfeiger, and Carol Slneibley. Our Inspiration "Typewriter Drag" . . . Does your typewriter need repair? Call on Marlene Burns, Marie Guzman, and Rosanne Wellyl 15 CYO ONE-ACT PLAYS "Till Then" . . . Rosemary Marks and John Seever are two of the many seniors who traveled to Tiffin every Thursday to attend the annual Marriage Course. Presenting the CYO Officers: Bill Park, spiritual chairman, John Blaser, presi- dent, Don Miller, treasurer, John Seever, athletic chairman, Florence Bulkowski, vice president, Jean Zeyen, social chair- man, Marilyn Schreiner, cultural chair- man, and Rosemary Marks, secretary. "AII By Myself" . , , Tom Abowd hopes He wouldn't want to blow anyone els: up. "My Merry Oldsmobile' '...' 'lt'S a driver's dream come true," say Dick Zirger, Gene Kimmet, Jerry Weber, and Esaias Malagon. "There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea' '... and Joanne Reiter seems to have found that hole for the Latin II Class. 4 Dan Ziegman, Dennis Kit- chen, Ruth Ardner, Fred Hunt, Don Miller, Sue Ja- coby, Jean Zeyen, Pat Kie- bel presented the "Christ- mas Rose." Julie Weimerskirch, Betty Lalfountain, Julie Snyder, Carolyn Margraf, Mari- lyn Schreiner, Mary Ann McCarty starred in "The Spider." Sandra Brown, Gerard Lons- way, Tom Abowd, Nancy Moran, Jane Lichtle in "Grandma Nick." "With These Hands' '... Janet Kir- ian, Teresa Peluso, Joyce McFadden, Dolores Pocs, Ruth Gillig, Mary Jane Kelbley, and Mary Ellen Rumschlag measure and check a recent sewing project. "No Help Wanted' '... Janet Pahl and Juletta Holman sell a breakfast to Dole Rumschlag, Richard Curry, and William Burns. 30 l s l 5 F l "Don'f Look al' l That Way" . . . In Herman's general S ence class. "Crazy Man Crazy" . , . John Fox, Darrell Williams, Richard Curry are three fresh- man boys who are willing To tackle that demon problem. If I Knew You Were oming l'd have Bak- d a Cakeu . . . ls a cake you're bak- wg, Girls? . . . "Meet Me Tonight in Dream- Iand" . . . comes from a sleepy group of Junior girls who are all set for slumbering, Kath- leen Scharf, Marilyn Finsel, Ruth Gillig, Sue Jacoby, Ruth Ardner, and Helen Rifzler, Clara Podach and Shirley Vance say "Good-Night, Ladies." 225 wi,-bMi g'e-M' --M"fnww- A "It's In The Book' '... Sharon Dyer, Mary Alice Abowd, Joanne Reiter, Martha Finsel, Carol Coleman, and Mrs. Crawford. "Think' '... Lois Reese, Shirley Knowlton, Joanne Miller, and Georgia Iler are trying to, anyhow. "That Old Gang of Mine' '... Ray- mond Flores, Tom Lonsway, Donald Gase, James Blos- er, James Hagen- maier, James Frankhart, Jack Altweis, Kenneth Bulkowski, Ciff Holman, John Mc- Laughlin, William Stewart, William Lee, Gerard Lons- way, William Bae- der, Gerald Shultz, Gary Zimmerman, David Kelbley, Raymond Lee. red, sg 4,19 milf!! "I Believe" . . . in promoting the Sacred Heart League. Left to right: Henrietta Berger, Nancy Shock, Philip Degens, Barbara Kirian, Eugene Brickner, and Susan Jacoby. "Third Degree" . . . seems like the verdict for the members of the Chemistry Club which comprises Ruth Gillig, Pat Kiebel, Nancy Moran, Elizabeth Lee, Marlene Spangler, Shirley Vance, Dolores Weber, Dale Kieffer, Ed Sullivan, Tom Abowd, Don Lonsway, Don Filliater, Gene Brickner, Ronald Blaser, John Miller, and Kathleen Scharf. GIRLS' GYM "Sound OH" . . . starts the girls' gym class consisting of Helen Frankhart, Emily Forristell, Julie Snyder, Erika Cramer, Mary Ann Ballreich, Nancy Shock, Lois Reese, Brenda Boulboulie, Virginia Frias, Norma Lu- cius, Anna Bowser, and Mrs. Austin Weber, instructor. BOYS' GYM "FoIlow the Bouncing Ball" is the theme song of the boys' gym class. First Row, left to right: William Baeder, William Stewart, Alvin Keckler, Dale Rumschlag, Gerald LaFontain, Gerald Schultz, and Ronald Smith. Second Row, left to right: Philip Degens, William Park, John Stoner, and Lawrence Scharf. Third Row, left to righti William Lee, Gordon Hubbard, James Zeyen, John Kirian, James l-lagenmaier, Ronald Huss, and Robert l-lagenmaier. Fourth Row, left to right: William l-luber, Larry Reinhart, Tom Lonsway, Gerard Lonsway, James Park, David Miller, John Miller, and James Blaser. Fifth Row, left ta right: Eugene Brickner, Donald Miller, Jerry Weber, James LaJune, Dan Ziegman, Donald Kruszvnski, and Ronald Blaser. "When the Organ Played at Twilight," is the theme song of Roberta Brickner, senior, and Teresa Peluso, junior, who alternate in providing music for the various chapel services conducted for the high school. Lower picture features the faithful freshman sacristans who keep the chapel in tip-top shape for the King, l-lenrietta Bugner, Anita Malagon, Rose- mary Arend, Nancy Shock, and Ruth Nye. rpm if First row, left to right: Joseph Reinbolt, Gerard Lonsway, Ronald Huss, James Park, Thomas Abowd, Gerald LaFontain, Nancy Witmore, Jane Lichtle, Sandra Reinhart, Nancy Moran, Noreta Weber, Deloris Weber, Mr. Ralph Lupidi. First row, left to right: Clara Podach, Patsy Barry, Janet Kirian, Teresa Peluso, Shirley Vance, Marlene Burns, Delores Weber. Second row, left to right: Betty LaFountaine, Barbara Karcher, Roberta Brickner, Janice Duding, Loretta DiCesare, Noreta Weber. Third row, left to right: Rita Logsdon, Shirley Hol- man, Barbara Kirian, Dolores Shaull, Joyce Schreiner. Fourth row, left to right: Carolyn Margraf, Florence Bulkowski, Marilyn Schreiner, Jean Zeyen, Rosemary Marks. Second row, left to right: James LaJune, John Miller, Donald Lonsway, John Blaser, Bill Park, James Zeyen, Marilyn Finsel, Kathleen Scharf, Delores Pocs, Susan Jacoby, Teresa Peluso, Marilyn Schreiner, Jean Zeyen. Third row, left to right: James Coleman, Donald Kruszynski, Ronald Luman, Donald Miller, Aurice Hoover, James Kitchen, Barbara Kar: cher, Nancy Shock, Roberta Brickner, Florence Bulkowski, Patricia Kiebel, Carolyn Margraf. First row, left to right: Rosanne Welly, Ruth Ardner, Marlene Spangler, Norma Schreiner, Mary Jane Kelb- ley, Geraldine Boff, Delores Pocs. Second row, left to right: Marilyn Finsel, Kathleen Scharf, Elizabeth Lee, Nancy Moran, Joyce McFad- den, Nancy Howbert, Mr, Ralph Lupidi. Third row, left to right: Patricia Kiebel, Norma Lu- cius, Ruth Gillig, Sue Sullivan, Sandra Reinhart, Carol Coleman. Fourth row, left to right: Nancy Shock, Julie Weimer- skirch, Jane Lichtle, Nancy Witmore, Susan Jacoby. wmununuilw ----Nr s--K 'waiter - A - M my-'er A MIXED CHORUS BAND MEMBERS First row, left to right: Edward Sullivan, Mr. Ralph Lupidi, Eleanor Miller, Susan Faber, John Weimerskirch, Jon l-lowbert, John Lonsway, Jack Altweis, John Miller. Second row, left to right: Sue Sullivan, Betty Shock, Christine Wolfelt, Marie Schroth, Joseph Clark, Mary Lonsway, Anne Thomas. Third row, left to right: Tom Abowd, Bill Park, Jean Ann Hein, Kath- leen Haubert, Virginia Frias, Joyce Reiter, David Banks. Fourth row, left to right: Loretta Lang, Jack Baker, Charles Yarris, Dolores Shaull, Jean Podach, Frances Potteiger. Fifth row, left to right: William Huber, Ronald Huss, Michael Huth, Sue Ann l-luss, Judy Woessner, Doris Ann Norris. Sixth row, left to right: Gary Zimmerman, Mary Welly, Mary Ann McCarty, Mary Lou Reinhart, Janet Karcher, Harald Brickner. Seventh row, left to right: Georgia ller, Shirley Williams, Geraldine Boff. Eighth row, left to right: Jane Lichtle, Joyce Elchert, Julie Weimer- skirch, James Peiffer, Suzanne Brickner. Ninth row, left to right: Patricia Kiebel, Shirley Vance, Nancy Wit- more. Tenth row, left to right: Marilyn Blaser, Nancy Howbert, James La- June, Clara Podach, Gerard Lonsway. Eleventh row, left to right: William Faber, William Marley. RALPH LUP PRESENTING SWH MAJORETTES: Dorothy Bugner, Carolyn Morgrof, Marlene Burns, Ruth Gillig, Phyllis Colemon, Karen Weimerslcirch, .lone Bugner. "Are you sure, Mr. Lupidi, that Stan Getz started this way?" Jim l.oJune receives o sox lesson from Mr. Lupidi, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Thomas Abowd .... .......... P resident Nancy Moran .... ....... V ice President Rosanne Welly .... ..... S ecretary Eugene Brickner ,.... . .A..... Treasurer "Don't Ask Me Why" . . . Junior draftsmen include Bob Woodside, Gerry Reiter, Ronald Blaser, Ed Sullivan, James Wolfelt, Dennis Kitchen, and John Heinsman. dis n-..,., Ruth Ardner Rose Babb Patsy Barry Marlene Burns Janice Duding Marilyn Finsel Shirley Frankart Ruth Gillig Marie Guzman Susan Jacoby Mary Jane Kelbley Patricia Kiebel Janet Kirian Elizabeth Lee Joyce McFadden Nancy Moran Teresa Peluso Delores Pocs Clara Podach Helen Reinbolt Helen Ritzler Mary Ellen Kathleen Scharf Marlene Spangler Shirley Vance Deloris Weber Rosanne Welly Rumschlag 41 Thomas Abowd Ronald Blaser Eugene Brickner Robert DeGalen Donald Filliater John Heinsman Dale Kieffer Dennis Kitchen Donald Lonsway John Miller Eugene Reinhart Gerald Reiter Glenn Ritter John Schreiner Henry Smith Donald Stone Edward Sullivan Thomas Warner James Wolfelt Robert Woodside 42 SOPHOMORE CLASS David Miller ..... ........ P resident Geraldine Bott ..... ..... V ice President Carolyn Margraf .... ...... S ecretary Ronald Huss ..... ..... T reasurer "Going My Way!" . . . Shirley Frank- art, Betty Hammer, Sandra Reinhart, Noreta Weber, Sue Sullivan, Helen Frankart, and Dan Ziegrnan. "Three Story Mountain" , . . Donna Hoffbauer, Erika Cramer, and Julia Weimerskirch, library assistants. OFFICERS Geraldine Boff Carol Coleman Erika Cramer Sharon Dyer Helen Frankart Donna Hoffbauer Nancy Howberf Georgia Iler Shirley Knowlton Jane Lichtle Norma Lucius Carolyn Margraf Joanne Miller Frances Potteiger Lois Reese Sandra Reinhart Joanne Reiter Norma Schreiner Nancy Shock Sue Ann Sullivan Norefa Weber Julie Weimerskirch Nancy Witmore fxf James Altweis James Blaser Lowell Bugner Kenneth Bulkowski Raymond Flores James Frankart Donald Gase James l-lagenmaier Clifford Holman Ronald Huss David Kelbley James La June Raymond Lee William Lee Gerard Lonsway Thomas Lonsway Ronald Luman David Miller James Park Gerald Shultz William Stewart Darrell Williams Gary Zimmerman 45 FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Alvin Keckler Julia Snyder Sandra Brown .,.... Gerald LaFontain .....President Vice President .....Secretary Treasurer "WheeIs of Fortune" . . . Eldon Kimmet, John Stoner, Tom Martin, and Philip Degens. "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" . . . Emily Forristell, Mary Ann Ballreich, Marshia Huth, Phyllis Coleman, and Virginia Frias. Mary Alice Abowd Rosemary Arend Mary Ann Ballreich Henrietta Berger Brenda Boulboulle Anna Mae Bowser Sandra Brown Dorothy Bugner Jane Bugner Patricia Bulkowski Phyllis Coleman Carolyn Duding Martha Finsel Ellen Flores Emily Forristell Virginia Frias Kathleen Haubert Barbara Hernandez Juletta Holman Marshia Huth Anita Malagon Mary Ann McCarty Ruth Ann Nye Janet Pahl William Baeder Donald Boff Harold Brickner William Burns Richard Curry Philip Degens James Faber John Fox Robert Frankart Eusel:-io Guzman Robert Hagenmaier Gordon Hubbard William Huber Alvin Keckler Eldon Kimmet John Kirian James Kitchen Gerald LaFantain Thomas Martin John McLaughlin John Nick Joseph Pocs John Potteiger Larry Reinhart Jean Podach Carolyn Reinhart Mary Reinhart Betty Shock Julie Snyder Patricia Tiell Mary Torres Karen Weimerskirch Judy Woessner Alice Ziegman Dale Rumschlag Lawrence Scharf Paul Shaull Ronald Smith John Stoner John Vance James Zeyen Donald Zirger if QWLIU dwflfglfl f5 Of The Ahlenius Company wmv Head Coach Kenneth P. Herman completes eleventh yeor os chief sports mentor ot St, Wendelin High. r vm. W- A V N-cf 1.43-psf'-1 '35 Mm? ?"""M'-11'-W -vu, ,wwe rg., Assistant Coach James Ulman completes first yeor os St. Wendelin's full-time assistant men- tor. ,Wynn ...v f me-0 Y ' PCJRTS Aurice Hoover . . . Co-Captain, a hard and elusive run- ner . . . gave it everything he had every play . . . led Team in offense . . . earned three football letters. Fred Hunt . . . Co-Captain and three year letterman . . . a never-say-die-fighter and a true team player . . . Fred is one man you can always count on. First row, left to right: B. Stewart, R. Smith, D. Stone, Mgr., D. Boff, P. Shaull. Second row, left to right: Coach Herman, G. LaFountain, G. Hubbard, J. Faber, J. Zeyen, J. Kirian, T. Martin, J. Potteiger, E. Guzman, A. Keckler, D. Zirger, D. Stoner, J. Vance, Coach Ulman. Third row, left to right: B. Williams, J. McLaughlin, D. Wil- 52 Iiarns, D. Kelbley, L. Bugner, R. Torres, J. Seever, J. Blaser, T. Lonsway, B. Lee, J. Reiter, J. Coleman, K. Bulkowski, R. Lee. Fourth row, left to right: J. Wolfelt, Co-Captain Hoover, D. Lonsway, L. Hubbard, D. Kitchen, J. Heinsman, D. Walters, D. Ziegman, G. Schumaker, B. Woodside, D. Miller, G. Reinhart, J. Park, Co-Captain Hunt. Dick Walter . . . played football l, 2 and 4 . . . turned into a first- class wingman in senior year , . . never gave up . . . always kept the chatter going. Preview-Here St. Wendelin Mohawks opened their season with a 6-6 draw against Bowling Green. The Gold and Black showed unusual spirit on the field as Aurice Hoover and Fred Hunt sparked the offense. Early in the game on a recovered fumble, Hoover hit the middle of the line for pay dirt. Toward the end ot the game, B, G. broke loose and scored. Neither team made the extra point and the game ended 6-6. Sandusky, St. Mary-Here In the opening game of the regular season the Mohawks dropped a hard-fought game to Sandusky, St. Mary, 20-l 3. The Mohawks scored early on a 36 yd. run by Aurice Hoover. Later when St. Mary tumbled in their own end zone, Dan Ziegman recovered tor St. Wen- delin. Late in the fourth quarter Sandusky put together a rally which the Mohawks were unable to overcome. Dan Ziegman . . . tall, lanky, hard charging end . . . always in the game with spirit and ability . . . a two-year letterman . . . had special art of kicking off. Loyal Hubbard . . . tits description of his position . . . big burly tackle . . . rough and always ready to prove it . . . earned his monogram in 3 and 4. 53 wa-avi www wwe we Ray Torres . . . scrapper from whistle to gun . . . opened the holes up the middle . . . depene dable line-backer . , . never lost his temper . . . Ray won two football awards. 54 John Seever . . . our "Mighty Mite" Speedster . . . steady de- fensive back . . . had the abil- ity to stick with anything to the end . . . had disregard for the big men he ran around. Dave Kitchen . . . "Big Dave" could knock 'em down with the best of them . . . hampered by injuries in senior year . . . al- ways willing . . . played with o firm determination. Fremont, St. Joseph-Here Fremont, St. Joe's l953 foot- ball edition arrived loaded with an all-veteran squad. They took the Saints to the cleaners to the tune of 3l -O. Genoa-There The Mohawks blasted Genoa, l3-2, in a thrilling game. St. Wendelin started the game off with a bang as Hoover rushed 38 yards for the first TD. ln the second quarter Fred Hunt broke through right guard and scored. Hoover booted the extra point and the score stood l3-O. ln the second half both teams tightened and it became a defensive con- test. Late in the third quarter the Gold and Black were thrown for a touch-back, but there was a happy ending with the score standing, l3-2. Gene Schumaker . . . easy-going but dependable . . . opposition had tough time getting through our "big man" . . . you could gang up on him, but he always came back tor more. North Baltimore-Here St. Wendelin dropped a thriller to the North Baltimore Tigers, 7-6. The Mohawks started in style by scoring in the second quarter but tailed to connect with extra points. Time and again the Gold and Black had opportunities to score, but tailed to cash in. Early in the fourth quarter the Tigers scored on a long pass and hit pay dirt with the extra point, The score ended, Tigers 7, Mohawks 6. Tiffin, Calvert-Here Tiffin, Calvert used straight power plays to good advantage as they subdued the stubborn Mohawks, 39-6. Although the Ken-Men were steadily worn down by bigger backs and linemen, it is to the Saints' credit they gave good account ot themselves in the fray. Norwalk, St. Paul-Here The Mohawks came up with their best offen- sive showing of the year when they shelled a hapless Norwalk, St, Paul eleven, 3l-lZ. The Mohawks showed an extremely strong end attack with Aurice Hoover scoring three times and Fred Hunt and Dick Walter each tallying one touch- down. Jim Coleman . . . our spot player always ready and eager , . . usually took a good beating in practice , . . gave a good account ot himself in every game. Elyria-There Mohawks bowed to a strong Elyria eleven, but played a tough game right to the end. Co-Cap- tain Hoover played his usual sparkling game by starting the game off with ci 83-yard dash to pay dirt. The try for the extra point didn't pay off, but the score stood 6-O. From this point on the Green and White substitutions and over-power- ing weight beat the fighting Mohawks' eleven to submission, Zl-6. 55 Top row, left to right: Gene Reinhart, Jerry Reiter, Jim Wolfelt, Don Lonsway. Bottom row, left to right: Dave Kelbley, Bill Lee, Kenny Bulkowski, Darrell Williams. Holland-There On the night of November 6 the Mohawks traveled to Holland to take on the State's highest scoring team, only to come home on the short end of a 52-6 score, ln the first half the Mo- hawk defense was extremely tough, but in the second half the relentless ground attack of Hol- land finally wore down the St. Wendelin Club. The lone bright spot in the evening for the Mo- hawks was a 95 yd. touchdown run by a sopho- more quarterback Bill Lee. Willard-There Last game for the l953 season was ended in defeat against a strong Willard eleven. Co- Captain Hoover scored the lone Mohawk touchdown in the losing battle. Ten seniors who played their lost game for St. Wendelin that night included: Aurice Hoover, Fred Hunt, John Seever, Ray Torres, Don Ziegman, Gene Schu- rnaker, Loyal Hubbard, Dave Kitchen, Jim Cole- man, and Dick Walters. 56 NEW SCORE BOARD PRESENTED BY FOSTORIA BOOSTERS Bottom row, left to right: Jim Blaser, Dove Kelbley, Roy Torres, Jerry Reiter, Aurice Hoover. Top row, left to right: Don Lonswoy, Dick Wolters, Louis Nye, John Heinsmon, Gene Reinhort Coach Herman. Norwalk, St. Paul-There St. Wendelin basketeers kicked off the lid of the 1953- 1954 season with an impressive win over St. Paul, Norwalk, 58-53. The scoring of the Mohawks was evenly divided as Ray Torres netted 15, Dave Kelbley 14, and Aurice Hoover 13. The Gold and Black played a scrappy defensive game and tallied freely on offense. Risingsun-Here The second game of the '53-'54 season was the Mohawks' shooting in tough luck as a mediocre Risingsun team downed them, 50-37. The Saints looked like the classier team, but lack of team height and the inability to hit the hoop proved to be their downfall. Tiffin, Calvert-There The fighting Mohawks took an expected set-back against a powerful Tiffin Calvert team, 87-55. The Countyliners were out-scored every quarter but the fourth, when they netted 21 points. Dick Walters Genoa-Here December ll the Mohawks scalped Genoa in a thrilling game 49-41. Throughout the entire game the Gold and Black played an excellent defensive game. Sandusky, St. Mary-Here Entertaining Sandusky, St. Mary, the Mohawks dropped their fourth game, 89-60, in a decisive set-back. John Heins- man came off the bench in the second stanza to lead the Mohawks with 24 points. Marion, St. Mary-There St, Mary High School of Marion proved too much for the SWHS "Mighty Mites" as they held a comfortable lead throughout the game. The Mohawks remained within conten- tion, but the final score was 43-23. 58 Van Buren-There Van Buren Orange and Black led the St. Wendelin Gold and Black to their second loss, 68-49, at Van Buren. Co- Captain Walters led his team with 16 points to no avail. Ray Torres earned victory. Gold and Black. Aurice Hoover Cygnel'-Here Aurice Hoover sparked the Black and Gold on to victory with a total of 30 points against Cygnet. The Mohawks played one of the best games of the season with a tight defense and an accurate offense. The final score was 7l -58. North Baltimore-There St. Wendelin dropped a one-sided tilt to North Baltimore, 80-67. Because of the opposition's overwhelming height, the Mohawks were unable to control the back boards. Gibsonburg-There Lady Luck just wasn't with the Mohawks as they traveled to Gibsonburg where they played a very fine ball game. They withered, however, under the sensational shooting of the Golden Bears and finally succumbed, 77-60. Norwalk-Here St. Wendelin defeated St. Paul of Norwalk for the second time this season when the Mohawks opened their offense and went on a scoring spree. Captains Walters and Hoover led the offensive attack with Zl points each. Final score Mohawks, 89, Norwalk, 65. 59 Jackson Liberty-Here Fostoria Carnival-MorgorettmF.H.S. Fremont, St. Joseph-There The Mohawks racked up their third victory of the season with a 62-54 rout of Jackson Liberty. The locals led by Louie Nye's 20 points were in the lead all the way to gain a well- St. Wendelin lost o thrilling game to Margaretta, 63-48, after a bad fourth quarter. The Mohawks were leading the three first quarters, but a sudden rally in the fourth quarter by the Green and White of Margaretta was too much for the Knowing they were up against a high-scoring machine in St. Joe, the Saints took to stalling tactics. St, Joe counter- attacked also by stalling. The final score stood 38-27. Louis Nye Calvert-Here Tiffin, Calvert who trounced the Mohawks earlier in the season returned to Fostoria and were given the scare of their lives as the Mohawks led by Gene Reinhart l25 pointsl were hotter than a little red wagon for three-fourths of the game. They cooled off in the last period when Calvert got hot and went home with a 94- 68 win. Fremont, St. Joseph-Here February l2 the Crimson Streaks of Fremont visited the local gym, a hard-fought game resulted only in defeat for the Mohawk hardwooders, The boys were going strong the second half but were unable to catch up after a bad first half. Final score, 63-5l. Dave Kelbley Gene Reinhart Clyde Tournament-Ross High February l8 marked the be- ginning of the Protest Tourna- ment. Failing to get underway, the Mohawks trailed at the half 43-22, Coming into the last half the Saints poured on steam but were unable to even the score. Final score: Clyde 68, Mohawks 58. Hopewell-Loudon-Here The Mohawks dropped an- other close one to their old rivals Hopewell-Loudon by a 70-66 score. Since both teams hit with frequent regularity throughout the contest, it was anyone's ball game. When the Mohawks lost two of their reg- ulars in the last minutes, they lost their chance for victory. Clyde Varsity-Here The Black and Gold drop- ped an exciting game to Clyde by but two points. Leading most of the game, the Mo- hawks suffered a bad fourth quarter when their opponents outscored them l9-9 points and defeated them 64-62. Grand Rapids-Here This fray was a nip and tuck affair from the start, but the Mohawks won out, 6l -57. This game proved the scrappiest session for the Saints. Toward the end they "shoveled on the coal" and laid the wood to the visitors. John Heinsman RESERVE TEAM Bottom row, left to right: J. McLaughlin, R. Smith, B. Baeder, D. Bott, J. Zeyen. Top row, left to right: B, Lee, B. Woodside, G. Ritter, B. DeGalen, R. Luman, J. Faber, Assistant Coach Ulman. Donald Stone Team Manager Dr. R. S. Markey Team Physician DATES TD Feb. 22-George Washington supplied students with free day and theme of "Hatchet C-HOP" for February's CYO dance. Feb. 23-Junior boys came from behind to win the Catholic Chronicle Crusade with a I45 per cent lead. Jerry Reiter, junior, tops high sellers with nine sales. Feb. 24-Mixed Chorus participated in Brotherhood Week celebration. "No Man Is an Island," proved to be the theme of their program. March I-CYO Skating Party brought many ups and downs imostly downsll. March 3-All-out student attendance at Mass and Holy Communion initiated the Lenten Season at SWHS. April 6-Faculty took off on an inspection tour of the busi- ness world in connection with B-I-E Day. Students enjoyed a free spring afternoon. April 23-Juniors went into a "Ring Rapsody" when they received their long awaited class rings. A special all-Junior Chapel Service included songs, prayers, the blessing of the rings by Principal Father Donald Hunter, a sermonnette, and class consecration to the Sacred Heart. April 20-Curtains down on the wonderful Easter vacation that also ended the Fifth Six Weeks. Everyone took a deep breath-the last lap remained to be hurdled. EMIIMDIR Rilllllllllli April 27-Career cues were given to the juniors and seniors at the annual vocational clinic held at Fostoria High School. April 29--Students of the grade and high school convened to fete their beloved Pastor, Father Robert Ruffing, with a feastday program in honor of his holy Patron, St. Robert. May 'I-Final District State Scholarship Tests were given at Bowling Green State University. May 3-Under the direction of Mr. Ralph Lupidi, the Music Department at St. Wendelin chalked up another suc- cessful Musical Festival. May 'I6-'I7-Members of the Senior Class under the direc- tion of Mr. James Ankenbrandt, faculty member, sponsored their annual play. This year "Strictly Formal" was the production that brought the local Oscar to the senior thespians. May 23--Baccalaureate Services proved the keynote of the day. Moy 29-St. Wendelin Parish was honored when another of its sons received the dignity of the priesthood in the person of The Reverend Frank Crawford. Father Crawford son of Mrs. C. C. Crawford, school secretary, offered his first solemn Mass here on Sunday, May 30. May 30-It was a dream come true for forty seniors who received their coveted diploma at the traditional graduation ceremonies held in the high-school auditorium. Orchids to the students, their parents, and their teachers. DOCTOR, LAWYER, MERCHANT, CHIEF? STUDENTS R CEIVE CUES AT CLINIC Representing several of the more popular careers are these students who impersonate religious life, the mar- riage state, the business world, the medical and nursing professions as well as the trades. Left to right: Delores Pocs, secretaryg Lowell Bugner, mechanic, Aurice Hoover, priest, Thomas Abowd, physician, Darlene Pot- teiger and Terry Potteiger, mother and child, and Rose- mary Marks, a nurse. First Row, left to right: Barbara Marley, Sharon Fergusen, Karleen Layton, Phyllis Devins, Kathleen Spieldenner, Mary Angela Scharf, Deborah Dell, Sally Coppus, Barbara Droll, Pamela Schetter, Donna Ray, Jane Cook, Gloria Lininger, and Nancy Wybensinger. Second Row, left to right: Bonnie l-lay, Linda Phyllips, Virginia Luman, Patricia Murrin, Christeen Holman, Mary Ann Lowery, Bonnie Tidd, Christine Doos, Irene Kiebel, Mary Ann Holderman, Jennifer Schnitzler, Maureen Mar- key, Dora Ybarra, Jane Yost, Shirley Might, and Linda Weber. CLASS OF First Row, left to right: Peter Norris, William Knowlton, Michael Nye, Joseph Frankart, Carl Myers, Thomas Gillig, Gary Schumaker, and Terrance Miller. Second Row, left to right: Thomas Boff, Terry Coleman, Fred LaFontain, Connie Frisch, Olivia Hernandez, Linda Holman, Nadine Elchert, Jeanne Affholder, Barbara Rum- schlag, Joyce Williams, Holly Jinks, Gerald Woessner, Thomas Evans, and Donald Kinn. Third Row, left to right: Richard Fruth, George Welly, De- Third Row, left to right: James Pigman, David Weimer- skirch, Michael Marchetto, Larry Holman, Norman Peiffer, Gerald Windau, Joseph Frias, David Schreiner, Ronald Wil- liams, Stephen Emerine, Carlyle Montgomery, Dennis Con- nor, Michael Burkart, Carlos Gonzalez. Fourth Row, left to right: Mary Wolph, Nancy Droll, Stephen Winkeljohn, Gregory Martin, Robert Romero, Michael De- vine, Thomas Holman, Michael Etchen, Thomas Walter, James Binkley, Michael Bangert, David Ritzler, Frederick Ziegman, Ronald Duran, and Wade Oberly. 1965 borah Duran, Margaruite Boes, Virginia Rasey, Janet Babb, Ronald Williams, Judy Wenzke, Jane Faeth, Jeannette Hammer, Mary Jo Depinet, Teague Breslin, and Robert l-liser. Fourth Row, left to right: James Rhoad, Paul Kauffman, Rebecca Foos, Susan Hammer, Fred Lammers, Martha Schroeder, Paul Waltermeyer, Jeanne Reinhart, Mary Jo Elchert, Garry Grine, Dan Jurris, and Robert Potteiger. Missing are Christian Foute and Pauletta Ortega. 191 1 Florence lBarrettJ Wonderly Sister Mary Rosella tziegmani 1916 Frances fHelmstetterJ Coughenour 1918 Stella CHammerl Emerine 1919 Catherine Hammer 1922 Lenore iDelll Blaser Helen iBottoJ Boulboulle 1924 Austin Weber 1925 Margaret tWeber7 Crohen 1 926 Philip Degens Catherine CWeberi Vance 1927 Irene Uacobyl Lonsway Rev. Joseph l. Schill 1928 Dr. J. N. Kiebel Francis M. Marley Helen tPodach7 Nye 1929 Mary lThilll Bugner Dorothy iFerwaltl Peluso Catherine iKieferJ Reese John Weber 1930 Carmel Huth Louise Scharf Louella lWeimerskirchl Keck 1931 Helen CFlechtnerJ McCarty Victoria CSteadmanl Stone 1932 Raymond Binkley Joseph L. Blaser Rev. Alvin Burns C.PP.S. Eugene Kirian Helen CShookJ Weimerskirch 1933 Mary iHowardJ Kintz Dorothy iAltwies7 Kirion 1934 Richard Huth Richard Scharf 1935 George R. Wolph 1936 Lawrence D. Fink Kenneth Holman Justin Nye 1937 Joseph Magers Madonna lHowardl Roberts 1938 John Crawford Anna Mae CNyel Koepfer Dr. L. P. Lehmann Marguerite lFalewageJ Nye 1939 Josephine tNyel Fouts Sister Mary Loisann lKrambP Joan tLonswayl Wolf 1940 Rev. Frank Crawford Mildred lThoml Isbell Carolyn CCunninghaml Korg Marguerite tLichtle7 Slesinski Peter J. Tinkovicz Paul Wagner i0YAliAEUM1llIiii 1941 Rita Binkley Charles Bulkowski Rita CArdnerJ Speelman Maraquita CBouillon7 Steinmetz Wilfred Steinmetz 1942 Ann Louise CSwintl Beier Margaret tThoml Ellis Eleanor Foos Dr. Harry R. Stoner Kathryn lSmithl Yost 1943 Eugene Blaser Lena CKuntzJ Denhoff Mary DiCesare Florence Droll Earl Graham Rev. Robert Mahin, O.S.B. Rev. William Shields, C.PP.S. 1944 Richard C. Collins Joanne fEmerinel Holderman Leola Uacobl Tidd Patricia tHowardJ Woltarth 1945 Patricia Abowd Edward D. Collins Richard Bradner Donald Droll Mary Lou lLehmannJ Droll Pauline Erbland Mary lWellyJ Gray Eugene Holman Rev, Edward Lichtle Laura Logsdon Margaret fDrolll Schetter Dr, Donald L. Stoner 1946 Jane lZeyenl Birney William L. Bradner Philomena DiCesare Donna Frankart Donna Uonesi Holodnak Richard Karcher Thomas Lichtle Lawrence Mabus Lucille iThoml Sundermeyer Russell Waltermeyer Daniel Sczesny 1947 Janet Blaser Marilyn lSmithl Bradner Mary Collins Robert Dibling Patricia Karcher Donald Ritzler Marjorie Swint Luciann iKinnJ Thomas Philip Weimerskirch Alice lZeyenJ Stoner 1948 Robert Ardner James Bradner Gerard Brickner Patricia tLehmannl Keating Mary Jo lMarksD Lotte John Pocs Sister Mary Johnann fSczesnyJ Mary Shaull Theresa fKruszynski7 Tinkovicz Carolyn lReinhart7 Wagner 1949 Opal lSchreinerl Brockman Paul Dibling Clarence Droll Margaret Frankart Anna Mae Kelbley Mary Jeannine LaJune lrene Pocs Margaret Shaull Elizabeth Park Richard Zeyen 1950 Thomas Blaser David Bradner Donald Coughenour Rosina DiCesare Patricia Hall John Kruszynski Francis Nye Charleen tMarksl Pohl Mary Jane lParkJ Redding Florian Podach Wayne Reinhart Betty Shultz 1951 Donna Bott Raphael Brickner Julia DiCesare Emma Droll Mary Elchert Socorro Gutierrez Eleanor tShultzJ Householder Jane Jacoby James Holman Gerald Kimmet John Klinepeter Carl Podach Laura Reinhart Lois Reinhart Andrew Shaull Paul Weber Janet Zeyen 1952 Paul Ardner Dorene Boff Franklin Bugner LaDonna fHammerJ Crawford Helen iGilligl Durst Juanita Elchert Lvnn Faber Mary iCoughenourJ Flechtner Martha Kelbley Rita Kramb Alice Lichtle Betty Lvons Robert Reiter Thomas Reiter Louise Shaull Richard Shultz Helen Torres Shirley Wagner 1953 William Bodart Germaine Brickner Norma Jean Burns James Conine Mary Ann Dibling Willis Droll Shirley Emerine Rosemary Frias JoAnn Gillig Janet Goshe Leonard Holman Robert Hunt Russell Kahman Melba Keifter Mary Kinn Mary Ellen Podach Margery Reinhart Catherine Reiter Elaine Miller Mary Kathryn Miller Rose Ann Schalk Dean Sheibley Bernard Vance John Walters THE SENECA WIRE AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY 5333 Congrotulotions ond Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1954 i V Household and lndustrlal Supplies FOSTORIA CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. Fostoria's Quality Building Materials Phone 3655 Office Supply Shop 112 West Center St. Phone 2356 Compliments of The Sportsman's Shop 309 S. Main Ph. 4850 Sunshine Point Cafe IO49 N. Countyline St. Phone 4262 The Preis Store First With Fashions in Fostoria Mann Funeral Home 217 West Center Street Phone 6694 PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. Paint-Glass-Wallpaper Window Shades-Mirrors Picture Framing ll9 N. Main St. Dial 3405 THE COMMERCIAL PRESS Printing Steel Office Furniture 123 East Tiffin Street EDDIE A. SPIELDENNER Floor Covering Specialists Rugs-Carpets-Linoleum-Paints-Venetian Blinds Window Shades-Draperies-Slip Covers 105 S. Main St. Phone 4334 J. H. JONES 8a SONS Coal, Builders' Supplies, Ready Mixed Concrete General Contractors Phone 2385 PEGGS Wallpaper 81 Paint Store Linoleum-Floor Tile 3l5 South Main St. Phone 2703 PAYNE BROTHERS G R E E N H O U S E S . Funeral Designs Potted Plants Cut Flowers Fostoria, Ohio Tiffin, Ohio 68 FOOS-SULLIVAN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 891 2-42 W. Tiffin St FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AWARDS .IOSTEN'S Since 1897 R p t tve: Bill Lindboe Box 29 Bucyrus, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF BERSTED MANUFACTURING CO RUPP and RIGGS FEED CO. l28 W. North St. Phone 809 Compliments ot HEINIE'S MOTEL FOSTORIA ELECTRIC Best Wishes Headquarters for from GENERAL ,ELECTRIC MORRIS Appliances Your Friendly Service l06 South Main Dial 845 Store NATIONAL CARBON I-lamburgs Frosted Malteds COMPANY HI-JINX A Division of Union Carbide C7 Carbon Corp. Fosforiu's Ice Cream Center SACKETT'S FOSTORIA BEER AND WINE GREENHOUSE STORE "Say it With Flowers" Harold Elchert jacob Manecke ' 800 North Main St, 305 Court Place Dial 5900 70 SENECA Lumber and MILLWORK COMPANY Lumber-M i l lwork-Roofi ng-Paint 635 West Tiffin St. THE COMMERCIAL BANK Gm SAVINGS CO. Member of Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation llglii J. H. DanieI's Company Furniture Whirlpool Washers and Dryers S H gene Livingroom Suites and Mattresses an y Fostoria, Ohio l l4 West Center St. Compliments of HOME WINDOW COMPANY FOSTORIA ICE AND COAL COMPANY 4lO E. NORTI-I ST. PHONE 3686 CEMENT ICE COLD BEER-Carry Out MORTAR SOFT DRINKS PLASTER PICNIC CHESTS LIME CHARCOAL SAND SACKED COAL STONE SALT CALCIUM ICE CREAM FREEZERS ROCK LATH HARD COAL FREE BEER DELIVERY AMPLE PARKING SPACE Compliments of DAUGHTERS OF ISABELLA Madonna Circle No. 383 LAMBERJACK SALES AND SERVICE HUDSON ----- WILLYS Cars, Jeeps, Trucks Complete Automotive Repair "Square Deal Used Cars" IO7 S. Wood St. Phone 3-42l Compliments ot Fostoria Serum Company Compliments of Kirby's Shoe Store 204 South Main St. Art Clothes Shop For Men's and Boys' Clothing 24 S. Main St. Ph. 2654 Mickey Insurance Agency General Insurance-Life First National Bank Bldg. Fostoria Produce 307 South Main St. Phone 2336 Babb's' Gamble Store 1612 N. Countyline St. Phone 3442 Alan's Shoe Store "Shoes for the Entire Family" Hays Bldg. The Lunch Box 248 East Lytle Street Phone 990 Compliments of Montgomery Barber Shop II8 West Center St. Warren's Garage 208 Hayes Street Phone 4163 Val-U Dress Shops "Where Smart Women Practice Thrift" 123 South Main St. Arthur's jewelers Arthur C1 Dorothy lDury1 Klugsberg 134 West Center St. AI's Iewelers Diamonds, Watches, Silverware I20 South Main St. Whitney Drug Store 220 Elm Street Phone 5583 Chalfin's Drug Store CFormerly Glen H. Eaton1 121 North Main St. Chapman's jewelry I03 South Main St. Phone 3864 Yonker's Insurance Agency All Forms of Insurance Phone 2573 Roy's Shoe Repair 120 East Center Phone 2388 Bill's Economy Store II8 South Main St. Phone 2555 RCA VICTOR RADIOS TELEVISION RECORDS MUSIC BOX HUMMEL MOTOR SALES, INC. Pontiac - Cadillac - GMC Trucks Twenty-four Hour Wrecking Service C I M . I S I. Phone 31 16 omp ele uslca upp les Sales Service 135 W. North St. Carl Vogel panel Elsea Body Repair Shop 1230 N. Countyline R U S S E L L , S KARCHER'S GROCERY .I E W E L R Y THE STORE WITH A GLASS DOOR Gifts for Every Occasion 115 N. Main ST. Phone 3559 Groceries - Meats Vegetables 701 S. Poplar Sf. Phohe 6373 G. H. RUSSELL DAIRY Pasfeurized Dairy SEARS ROEBUCK 81 CO. Shop at Sears Products And Save Phone 5556 l22 West Tiffin St. Dial 6696 Compliments 5 of LARRY S S M I T "VS suPER-MARKET r Apparel Shop Fostoria Tiffin Fostoria's Complete Food Market 376 Perry St. at Elm TOWNHOUSE SANDWICH SHOP l22 West Center St. S M O K E H O U S E Fostoria, Ohio Phone 995 TH E SHERLIE ANN BAKERY S T A R G L A S S Has But the Best- U n d ln Cakes and Pastry i FOSTORW OH 'O 132 E. Tiffin sf. Phone 5330 READ YOUR u Compliments of FOSTORIA REVIEW-TIMES , Commercial job Printing Department TONYS BAKERY 'Nc' We want your news of you and "Always Willing To Serve YOU" Your Neighbor U1-he Local Touch,, Congratulatiori 122 Best Wishes Phone 664l l l3-l l5 E, Center St, CLASS OF T954 FRANCIS M. MARLEY Compliments f St. Wendelin High School, i928 o SWIFT 84 COMPANY Soybean Mill Fostoria, Ohio University of Notre Dame, AB., l932 University of Notre Dame, LL.B., l934 Attorney and Counselor at Law 4 Rosendale Bldg. Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of FIRTH MACHINE AND TOOL INC. MYERS 8. LICHTLE, LTD. Plumbing and Heating 3l7 South Main St. Phone 878 J. OLIVER PORE CO. Buick - Oldsmobile Sale and Service l42 E. Tiffin St. Fostoria, Ohio Phone Zl 3l Phone 4532 l l l SPORT CENTER sowuNG l Six High Scoring Alleys Open Bowling Every Saturday all day-Sunday all day Sandwiches G Coffee at our Snack Bar john Smolik, lvlgr. Phone 929 . .,, i - E-'TX P - +- - BAUUKEYE SWG E3 .,, ' ' Bail" .... Y' f2', ' 121 -1f."f 2 f:-:- '-' ' " A""" ""2"'1'-' -"A" '1'11 Q5 ,f ,tg.iiiEEEfEQ:2?EEf5555:l3if2' "112 -gyfffL--.2, - " "1 1 1" Iflfffffii 2f'2 m e :1:e :Q-:152is22iiisiag2gsg:123'a1-:--1, is gf- As Us About '-1',.f,'5ii -' :1' '-2' Ltiz 3, 3 21-X NV' V VI 2 f:f1'11 1 i f 'ieisiifw fi i' 4:':1: if ..1,:: 5251122122 :.f 525212 1:- 2 1:1 1:1:1 :'1 1ii'igf.'1if'e-E-52: :1': Q ill' :" Ch S ' 75'-'fl'-,1l,'1 1,4 mmm? " ' . ' ' Y. ,.,,, ,,, "'A" lil" : ""1' ' ,--.: 'Zzg2gs.a:2g25 :1:1-f.:. 5 :zzzi f"" :i.' .e . i,5 , arte., ervlce .r'-q,. 31.-,ggffu , - -11.-W - .ix If "' i 1rEr ' :1: 2111- ' g ' MEI 67357 UW UW QW QU WU lil f Any Time , 5 - . 2. ,1 : la ::,:.l.,. .' .ue 1. . . -,r-,.- i, Q 4 ,-A-.- w .ll . Ll.ll7'blf W, .. -,, a ,,,.....,.., ,, . . 1 'EI -7- ', 128 E. T if 1. P - , -Q,.l iii' I In S Compliments of CLARK'S SHOES Fostoria's Finest Shoe Store ll7 S. Main Street Phone 2318 CAMERON - WEBER INSURANCE Congratulations to the Graduating Class lt is a Good Policy- Not to have a Bad O N E BALLREICH FURNITURE Qualify and Service "Since 1899" OPEN EVENINC-S FREE PARKING l4-4l North Countyline St. "Edge of Town Where Prices are Down" Phone 4212 L. 8a S. HOBBY SHOP See us for Hobbies whether it be Crafts, Model Railroading, Oil Paintings, Cars, Boats, Airplanes, etc. 641 N. Poplar St. Dial 2154 Compliments of PETE DICESARE SHOE REPAIR Corner North and Main Sts. Compliments of THE EAST NORTH ST. I.UMBER CO. Phone 7759 Compliments ot THE DRESS SHOP Exclusive But not Expensive ll-45 . Main St. l-lay's Bldg. ERNlE'S AUTO SERVICE High Qualify Petroleum Producfs l2O Sandusky St. Phone 3347 Compliments ot DOUG'S TAVERN THE FOSTORIA MONUMENT COMPANY Arnold O. Lundberg 7Ol West Van Buren St. Compliments EDISON CUT RATE DRUGS of Lowest Prices in Ohio I Three All the ' , Registered New COUKS PIE SHOP Pharmacists! Cosmetics! B ' D ' F ' 115 W. jackson sf. Dial 3579 101 Nfsljifn 51f'gStO'e 'n 025336119 THE FOSTORIA UNION DAIRY COMPANY Congratulates ST. WENDELIN HIGH SCHOOL Where Our Milk ls Served Daily LITTLE FOLKS SHOP For over 40 years quality shoe lnfanfs' and Cl'1ilClrel'1'S repairs has been my motto. Don't Specialties throw 'em away! Rebuild 'em to- d . 122 East Tiffin si. Dial 3306 'Y Remember, you'll never reach your goal, with a hole in your sole! C A N D Y I. A N D '-UNCHEONETTE JOE snowws snoi sHoP Corner Main and Sandusky Phone 918 IO9 East Tiffin St. MOES BAKED ENAMEL SHOP Glass Installation Complete Body and Fender Repairing i247 N. Countyline St. Phone 6207 78 HUB SUPERMARKETS Leipsic - Ottawa - McComb Fostoria KINN AND THEOBALD AGENCY IO9 East Center St. Complete Insurance Service and Real Estate Brokers KlNN'S SALES AND SERVICE Automotive Repairing Battery-I gnition Starter C-r Generator Service Parts and Accessories Brakes Relined Ferguson Tractor and Farm Implements Phone 2856 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS A A ig?-ia! Council Number 1197 Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of ATLAS CRANKSHAFT INC. Fostoria, Ohio J. B. BASEHORE G. COMPANY L. B. llesl Basehore Coal, Builders' Supplies, Concrete Products Concrete Septic Tanks 312 E. Center St. Phone 6667 BLOSE GULF SERVICE Batteries General Repairs Tires Union and Perry Sts. Phone 969 HOYT snip yco. y Retail Field, Garden, Flower, Lawn SEEDS Phone 3823 Cor. Wood 6' North ee HOME PASTRY as SHOPPE Qualify Producfs Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gilmore 207 North Main St. Dial 3240 Compliments KESSEUS of Largest Selection of HORNER'S MARKET Coats-Suits-Dresses 125 W. South St. Phone 3lOl 202 South Main ST Compliments W. E. KINNEY of Chrysler Plymouth GORDON LUMBER CO. Sales and Service 1502 N- Union Sf- 125 west North sf. Dial 5562 K I T C H E N ' S KUHN BROTHERS MARKET Home Dressed Meats-Groceries Beer and Wine to Carry Out Phone 5678 HOUSE OF MUSIC Everything Musical lO9 Perry St. Dial7209 81 The First National Bank of Fostoria Ever a C-ood Bank to Deal With Since l882 Fostoria, Ohio SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. ' ,A W Stgle Guide specified products... Q QK4- ll Www iti, .M g..,.m5w .L.. ,Mx W, ww., 5,.W.w iit. ...S ef -wfw w '-ii ..., W-ww it.. ...S I Gyn I X Q- I , on -can 1 'AL 'T2""'D"'T R li iw f s W W it li - as W- 'mf' 'mf' "fa E no , ' I 4- -S, A Y JH., Q. ..,. .......-., U ' HOME DECORATION SERVICE 5 1L"'gji' CENTER I a SHERWIN-WIIIIAMS PAINTS E ADDRESS' PHONE 206 S. Main St. 4495 For a Complete Laundry Service HOLMANTS GARAGE C II a General Auto Repairing FOSTORIA SERVICE Delco Batteries-Goodyear Tires LAUNDRY Fleetwing Oil Phone 2582 425 S. Poplar St. Dial 3548 PETER CLOTHING STORE P v Compliments Fostoria's Finest Men's Store of 201 soufh Main sf. Phone 3627 FOX D A ' RY Compliments of FOUNDRY DIVISION SPARK PLUG DIVISION THE ELECTRIC AUTO - LITE CO. Real Estate , Farm and Health Insurance BOF.: S BAKERY Lite, Fire, Tornado, Auto, Accident Cookies Rolls Donuts vinou. M. GAS: l-lome of Dawn Donuts 224 West Center St. Phone 2lO9 . 1 Phone 6604 in Fostoria Compliments of D E L L'S 224 South Main St. Fostoria, Ohio J. C. PENNEY COMPANY "Home of Values" COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR ALL THE FAMILY THE OHIO SAVINGS 61 LOAN ASSOCIATION Specialists in Home Financing for Building, Buying, or Repairing Fostoria, Ohio The Fostoria Pressed Steel Corp Manufacturers of INFRA-RED EQUIPMENT and LIGHTING EQUIPMENT Fostoria, Ohio NYE Compliments of IMPLEMENT CO Frigidaire Appliances l-49 East South St. NC FLECHTNEIFS TASTY BRAND MEATS MEATS FLECHTNER BROS. PACKING COMPANY, INC GILLIG THE FOSTORIA LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY West North S I. . R . K R A N Z General Contractor 1516 North Union St. MOSE IAMFROM CLOTHING COMPANY Fostoria, Ohio Phone 5342 'Dress Better and You'lI Feel Better" O. J. BOLLINGER M I L I. E R 'S Building Contractor D R U G S T O R E The REXALL Store Specializing in Residential Construction 161 E. Lytle St. Phone 4226 Fostoria, Ohio The Old Reliable CIVIC NIC-NAC Best in Foods and Refreshments CONlNE'S MARATHON 300-302 N. Main St. Dial916 . Q f A i-ion B. G. J. HAMBURGER SHOP If we haven't got it, You're better off without it MENNEL MILLING C OM PA NY Findlay Road SENIO John Blaser ................... Rosemary Marks ..... Jean Zeyen .......... William Park ...... Blaser, John .......... Brickner, Roberta Bulkowski, Florence Coleman, James .... DiCesare, Loretta ....... Emerine, Joyce ...... Hammer, Betty ...... Holman, Shirley ...... Holman, Vernon .... Hoover, Aurice ...... Hubbard, Loyal ..... Hunt, Fred ............. Karcher, Ba rba ra ....... STUDENT REGISTER CLASS ....................President .........Vice President ...........Secretary .......Treasurer R. No. 4 R. No. 3 .......l2l Lunt .......54l Lynn SO Perry R. No. 4 .......9l3 S. Union .......425 S. Poplar 425 S Poplar ...1.fQff1517 E. North ........354 W. Crocker .......835 W. Center 53 E. Lytle Kimmet, Eugene ...... ........... R . R, No. 3 Kirian, Barbara ...... ................ 5 l7 S, Union Kitchen, David ...... ..................... 8 93 Cory Kruszynski, Donald l44O Countyline Street LaFountaine, Betty .......................... l5O E. Lytle Logsdon, Rita ................ ................... l 29 Perry Lyman, Carol .............. ....... 7 47 Columbus Ave. Malagon, Esaias ..... .......2lO Culbertson Marks, Rosemary ........ ........... 3 53 W. High Miller, Donald ....... ....... 7 O9 W. Center Nye, Louis ............ ........... 3 O7 S. Union Park, William ............ ............... 9 l8 N. Union Potteiger, Darlene ...... ....... 4 86 Columbus Ave. Reinbolt, Joseph .... .......... K ansas, Ohio Schreiner, Joyce ......... ............. 2 43 Rock Schreiner, Marilyn . Schumaker, Eugene Seever, John ............... Shaull, Dolores ........ Sheibley, Carol ..... Torres, Raymond Utriainen, James Walter, Richard ...... Weber, Jerry ........ Zeyen, Jean ............ Ziegman, Daniel Zirger, Richard ....... ......227 Sycamore .......lOl9 Buckley .......8OO W. Tiffin R. No. 3 ........67l Maple .......564 Spruce ......22l N. Grant ........27l W. Fourth .........624 vv. North l4 W. High ......869 Leondard ........734 S. Main IUNIOR Thomas Abowd ................ Nancy Moran ....... Rosanne Welly .... Eugene Brickner ...... Abowd, Thomas ...... Ardner, Ruth ........ Babb, Rose ......... Barry, Patsy .......... Blaser, Ronald ...... Brickner, Eugene ..... Burns, Marlene ....... DeGalen, Robert ..... Duding, Janice ..... Filliater, Donald ....... Flnsel, Marilyn ..... Frankart, Shirley ..... Giang, Ruth .......... Guzman, Marie ...A... Heinsman, John .A.... Jacoby, Susan ............. Kelbley, Mary Jane ....... Kiebel, Patricia ........... Kieffer, Dale .......... Kirian, Janet ........ Kitchen, Dennis ...... CLASS ....................President ........Vice President ..........Secretary .......Treasurer Maple .......507 W. Center 50 Taft Blvd. 33 Taft Blvd. .......323 S. Union .......2l2 E. North R. No. l l49 W. Tiffin R. No. l ....487 Columbus Ave. .........344 E. Fremont R. No. 4 ........83l S. Main l2 Palmer ................Kansas, Ohio l7 N. Countyline .........9lO N. Union ........326 W. Center ........352 W. North ..........5l7 S. Union Cory Lee, Elizabeth ......... .......... 9 O8 N. Countyline Lonsway, Donald .... ...... ...8l3 Columbus Ave. McFadden, Joyce ....... ............... 6 45 Summit Miller, John ............ ............. 2 36 W. Lytle Moran, Nancy ..... ...... 5 50 College Ave. Peluso, Teresa ...... ......... 3 O8 N. Union Pocs, Delores ....... ........ 2 8l E. Sixth Podach, Clara ....... ........ R . R. No, 4 Reinbolt, Helen ......... ....... K ansas, Ohio Reinhart, Eugene ....... ........... 7 S5 Maple Reiter, Gerald ......... ............ R . R. No. 4 Ritter, Glenn .............. ............ A rcadia, Ohio Ritzler, Helen ................ ......... 7 O4 W. Fremont Rumschlag, Mary Ellen ...... ............. 8 90 Seneca Scharf, Kathleen ........ ........ 7 28 S. Main Schreiner, John ............ 243 Rock Smith, Henry ............ ............ 4 lO S. Main Spangler, Marlene ...... ......... 8 O2 W. North Stone, Donald .......... Sullivan, Edward ..... Vance, Shirley ...... Warner, Thomas ...... Weber, Delores ........ Welly, Rosanne ....... Wolfelt, James ................. ........425 E. Jackson .......ll27 N. Union .......457 W. Center Summit ........l24 N. Countyline N. Vine ...........285 W. Fourth Woodside, Robert ................ 632 West Haven Dr. 87 -s SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS David Miller ...., Geraldine Boff ,.... Carolyn Margraf ..... ..............President ........Vice President ..............Secretary Ronald Huss .,,., .,,,,,, T reasurer Altweis, James ,..,,.. ...,,... l O3 S. Adams Blaser, James ...... ..,...,..,....., 3 23 S, Union Bott, Geraldine .,..,.. .,,,.,, 7 25 N. Countyline Bugner, Lowell ............., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l 26 Foll Buwlkowski, Kenneth .....,. l2l Lunt Coleman, Carol ....... ,,,,.,,.,. 5 4l Lynn Cramer, Erika ....... Dyer, Sharon ........ .....,.,...746 Cherry .......,508 W. North Flores, Raymond ,.,.,, ...,,,,,,,, 7 Ol Spruce Frankart, Helen ,.,,.,,,,,,, R, R. No. 4 Frankart, James ..,,,. ........ 6 24 W. Fremont Gase, Donald ...,......, ......,. 5 l5 W. Fremont Hagenmaier, James .........,, 248 E. Lytle Hoffbauer, Donna ..,.. ,,,..,,,, l lO W. Crocker Holman, claffofd ....... .,,,,,,, 1 23 5. Adams Howbert, Nancy ..... .,,,..,, 2 OO W. Tiffin Huss, Ronald ,......, ...,..,. 6 28 W. Fourth ller, Georgia ...... ......... 5 24 S. Main Kelbley, David ..,....,. ......, 6 l5 Van Buren Knowlton, Shirley .,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, 6 O8 S, Main LaJune, James ..... ........,..., 4 35 N. Main Lee, Raymond ...... Lee, William ....,.. Lichtle, Jane ,.......... ....l ll Cadwallader ll Cadwallader ............339 college Lonsway, Gerard ...... ..,,.... 3 Sl W. Fourth Lonsway, Thomas ...... Luman, Ronald ....,.. Lucius, Norma ,.,,. Margraf, Carolyn Miller, David ....,.. Miller, Joanne ...., .........542 College .......337 S. Union .........533 S. Main ....703V2 N. Union .......709 W. Center .......503 W. Center Park, James .,......,.., ,...,..,..,.,,.. 9 l8 N. Union Potteiger, Frances .,.,.. ..,,,.. 4 86 Columbus Ave. Reese, Lois ............. ............... 4 37 Beech Reinhart, Sandra ......, Reiter, Joanne ....,.,, . Schreiner, Norma .,,,,. . Shock, Nancy .,....... . Shultz, Gerald .,.,..... Cory .......252 W. Center ........227 Sycamore ........64l N. Poplar .......l205 N. Union Stewart, William ....... ........ 2 5l W. North Sullivan, Sue ........... ....... l l27 N. Union Weber, Noreta ........... ........ l 24 N. Countyline Weimerskirch, Julia Williams, Darrell ...... Witmore, Nancy ..... Zimmerman, Gary ..... ............357 College ........655 W. North ........44O W. Center .. .... 628 McDougal Alvin Keckler .............,,,,,,,, Julia Snyder .,..,..........,,,,.. Sandra Brown ......... Gerald LaFounl'ain ..... ......,..........President ........Vice President , ............. Secretary .....,....Treasurer Abowd, Mary Alice ,,..,. ........... 5 88 Maple Afend, Rosemary ...,,... ........... 8 lO Leonard Baeder, William ......... .................., l 27 Perry Ballreich, Mary Ann .... 6l2 College Ave. Berger, Henrietta ....... .............. I .22 W. Fourth Bott, Donald ............... ...... Boulboulle, Brenda ..... ...... Bowser, Anna ......,... Brickner, Harold ....., Brown, Sandra ...... Bugner, Dorothy ...,. Bugner, Jane ............. Bulkowski, Patricia .... Burns, William ........ Coleman, Phyllis ...... Curry, Richard .,... Degens, Philip ...... Duding, Carolyn Faber, James .....,. Finsel, Martha ...... Flores, Ellen ...... Fox, John ................ Forristell, Emily ...,... Frankart, Robert ..... ..725 N. Countyline l65O 'N. Countyline R. No, l R. No. 3 ..307 N. Countyline ..........524 Gormley ..,........l26 Fall ....,.....l2l Lunt R. No. l Lynn ........546 N. Poplar ......lOO4 S. Main R. No. l Rock .......344 E. Fremont ..........7Ol Spruce Lynn ...........2l5 Cleveland ........624 W. Fremont Frias, Virginia ........,... ............. 8 47 Spruce Guzman, Eusebio .......... ............ l l2 Palmer Hagenmaier, Robert ...... ..........,.... 2 48 E. Lytle Haubert, Kathleen ..... ....... 3 5l College Ave. Hernandez, Barbara .........,... 909 Spruce Holman, Juletta ......... ........,. 4 25 S. Poplar Hubbard, Gordon .... ......... 3 54 W. Crocker Huber, William ....... ............. R . R. No. l Huth, Marshia ...,. ........ 2 O3 N. Vine Keckler, Alvin ..... .............. 4 36 Elm Kimmet, Eldon ...,.... .,.....,. T iffin, Ohio Kirian, John ,,............. .......... 5 l7 S. Union Kitchen, James ............. ..........,........ 8 93 Cory LaFountain, Gerald ............. 38 Summit Malagon, Anita ...... ..2lO E. Culbertson Martin, Thomas ......... ....... 6 O8 College Ave. McCarty, Mary Ann .,,.,. ............. R . R. No. 4 McLaughlin, John ............. R. R. No. l Nick, John ............ ......... 2 l5 Sycamore Nye, Ruth ,.,...... ........,...... 4 42 W. North Pahl, Janet ....,... ..32O N. Countyline Pocs, Joseph ...... ............ 2 Bl E. Sixth Podach, Jean ........ ............. R . R. No. 4 Potteiger, John ........ 486 Columbus Ave. Reinhart, Carolyn .... ........... l 435 N. Union Reinhart, Larry ........ ............ 9 l5 S. Main Reinhart, Mary Lou ........ 755 Maple Rumschlag, Dale ....,... .......... B 90 Seneca Scharf, Lawrence ....... ........ 7 28 S. Main Shaull, Paul ............. .......... R . R. No. 3 Shock, Betty ......... Smith, Ronald ,..... Snyder, Julia ..... Stoner, John ,.... Tiell, Patricia ,...... Torres, Mary .......... Vance, John ............ Weimerskirch, Karen Woessner, Judy ......,.. Zeyen, James ......... Ziegman, Alice ..,.... Zirger, Donald ..... ....,....64l N. Poplar .......76l Van Buren .........402 N. Union ........44O Colonial Dr. R. No. 4 ..........564 Spruce ........457 W. Center ...,,357 College Ave. ........,.l26 W. Sixth l4 W. High R. No. l .........734 S. Main

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