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5 2 N 5 J. . ' Q I PUBLISH-ED BY T-HE SQUIOH CLQSS BQ sT.u1-emweum 4-J I G4-I SCHCDGL I 9 3 6 FORE GR With profound respect to our beloved jubilarian, to the priests and sisters who have taught us and to our parents do we write these lines of the FROSLIN. Hope is in our breast, that it shall contain memories that are golden too. Annals of years which are few, but young and fruitful years. Honors our class have achieved! Lol The record here is set down in pen and picture! Span of years brings only one golden jubilee and only once, graduation from High School. Gates will be opened for us by hands that have been held aloft and that have prepared us for Golden Gates be- yond. Holy the book! Other years may be freighted with honors which may place the chronicle in the shadows of enveloping darkness, but this volume of the Froslin is set by its fellows, dedicated to a humble priest, by a class that loved him. To our parents, our gratitude: to our school- mates, farewell, to our priests and sisters, a wish, God bless theml To St. Wendelin High, on and on to heights ennobled and unconquered. Page Two CONTENTS ufdmzkzzkmztion Clayyef Orgm1z'gqiz'0n5 uY6i'zWvz2'z'e.v uf flzl 617.61 ddzverilkerf Golden J ubilarian Reverend Ambrose A. VVeber DEDICATIO Faiher Weber and Si. Wendelin, Fostoria' Bishops and priests in hundreds honor you dear Faiher, and to the chirnes of conqratula lions that flow irorn the ends of the earih we the class of lQ36, wish to add our young voices To you, io Whom the Holy Father has sent l-lis Special Blessing, to you for Whom rhe Bishop and priests of ihe diocese havea special veneration, to you, from Whose hand and pray er have corne rnosi of ihe sacred sacrarnenis which our class have receivedg to you, Father Weber, who have been a priesi, a half-ceniury to you alone, with a heart full of ernoiion and affection do We ihe class of l936 declicaie This eiqhih volume of the Froslin. Page Five 'Yen Yeats Xn Cne sewice oi Sk, Wendehn s kne skxxdenxs oi -Tne Yxkcfn scnook non ko God and DUN! me Gos- 'sh and 'n devo eachknq pan Yeats ok xxnsews ' nx xonxnq. xn pr d and deed. oi pane 'n wot Kes Yeats Christ x nnckp K Xesus no'oXe p Xe 6 peX o ' d in us You 'Gave You 'nave Xns-XxXXe ol nqhx Xwxnq and nqxnk Vninkknq. me way by your oneskw We, and kauqhk ns ko Kind om peace and kme 'nappmess Rn irequem union. Yxeveven Comm er you d enk How We sxnaXX BXVJGYS xememb Yafnet, as a pnesk oi Pne He-ssecl Sacram encomaqinq us io daiw 'dow Communion. Rev CY 60 GRO bert 'Connox V . O Page Six To you Father Scheiher , we express here our gratitude for your interest in structo ' ' us. As in- r of religion in h I e freshmen more l and sopho- casses, you h ave been in an way, a especial promoter ot' the cause to which have devoted your life. We are remind ed of you as we see shrine of Our Bless d e Mother, and I' an Sch yo U the ind there o ol' the love we have bee and do h n tauehl, ear to our Heav enly Queen. ln years to come Whe , n you shall have found labor in other fields we trust you shall not lorqet SI. Wend l' ein high school, and ,oecially the class of 1936. Re SS- verend Alb seven Paqe c-rt W. Sc heib Faculty REVEREND ROBERT V. O'CONNOR-Principal REVEREND ALBERT SCHEIBER SISTER MARY MADELEINE SISTER MARY EVENTIA SISTER MARY CHARLOTTE SISTER MARY FRANCELLA CYRTL C. SCI-IARF JOSEPH BLASER GENEVIEVE SHAULL MRS. TERESA BANGERT Page Eight Tribute to our Teachers We, the graduating class of 1936, looking back over our school years, which are now a part of the past, can fully realize and ap- preciate the many, many hours of unceasing and patient labor spent by our teachers in our behalf. They have conscientiously taught us religion, discipline and learning. For many of us happy days of learning are no more, and it is with profound regret that we ponder the fact. lt is the privilege and duty of each one of us to prove what our instructors have meant to us by being upright and honest in everything that we may undertake during the new phase of life confronting us. Before departing, we solemnly promise to always reflect honor upon our Alma Mater. We will ever be boosters of the school and in the heart of each student there will be a warm spot for St. Wendelin High School. We will remember that whatever success may come to us, in later life will be due to the splendid teachings and examples of our unselfish teachers. Perhaps some of our classmates will be scattered over dif- ferent parts of the earth, perhaps some will not meet for years, but wherever we are, we will all be united in one great, common bond-our friendship and interest in St. Wendelin's High School, its Principal, the Rev. R. V. OuConnor, and the good Sisters who are our teachers. We are extremely grateful to Father O'Connor for his kindly advice, his solicitude for each and every student in the high school. He has always been an outstanding example of all that is true, noble, and holy, To our kind Sisters we offer our heartfelt thanks, to Sister M. Madeleine, Sister M. Eventia, Sister M. Charlotte, Sister M. Fran- cella, and also to the Rev. A. Scheiber. They have been our most sincere friends and advisers, who have watched over us, and carefully directed us far along our path in the quest for knowledge. Page Nine Lawrence Fink Valedicttorian, 1936 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Among the honors conferred before and at the commencement exercises the most outstanding and greatest are those of valedictorian and salutatorian. Those upon whom the honors are conferred by the faculty and their class- mates, must have maintained a high scholastic rating during the four years of their high school life, and must have shown active and loyal cooperation in all the activities and undertakings of the school, and must be able to speak well. Names of students in the upper third of the class were submitted to the graduating class by the principal, the Reverend R. V. O'Connor. The following eight students were included in the eligibility list: Mary lane Bounds, Loretta Brickner, Eugene Daugherty, Lawrence Fink, Jeanette Huth, lohn Martin, lose- phine Rosinski, and Beatrice Thom. Four from the above list of names were chosen by vote of the faculty and students of the senior class. Honored in the selection were: Lawrence Fink, leanette Huth, lohn Martin, and Iosephine Rosinski. One girl and one boy were to be chosen. leanette Huth and Lawrence Fink emerged as the winners. Both names were placed on the blackboard and the seniors were asked to vote for one nominee. The student receiving the greatest number of votes is valedictorian and the other student is salutatorian. Lawrence Fink received two-thirds of the class votes, which made him valedic- torian, and Ieanette Huth automatically became salutatorian of the class of 1936. Ieanelte Huth Salutatorian. 1936 Page Ten LASSES IOSEPH F. GABRIEL Wendelette Staff l, 2, 3, 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer 2, 3, 47 President 2, 3, 4 Mission Society' l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 4 Holy Name Society 1, 2, 3, 4 Acolythical Society l, 2, 3, 4 Kiwanis Student Member 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Class Play 4 lubilee Book 4 lubilee Pageant 4 Winner of Bishops Prize Diocesan Chronicle Contest 4 affhq, ,fl , .0 Q0 'dxf' fQQ0'4 ,I-L ' iiihfadggiggpnf ix 2 f 32592 1-e'u':?qT:H'1 X J f :gi -giggggi 'EJ LORETTA M. BRICKNER Editor-in-Chief, Froslin 4 Wendelette Staff 2, 3, 4 Mission Society 2, 4 Students' Spiritual Council Z, 3, 4 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 4 Delta Omega 4 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 American Legion Essay Contest Winner 4 School Monogram 3, 4 Iubilee Book 4 Medal for Highest Average l Iubilee Pageant 4 Cheering Squad 3, 4 Commercial Awards 4 Winner in Wendelette Campaign 4 Quill and Scroll Society 4 W'inner in Froslin Campaign 4 Winner in Froslin Ad Campaign 4 Page Twelve l I. IUSTIN NYE Wendelette Staff 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer l, 3, 4 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Holy Name Society l, Z, 3, 4 Commercial Awards 4 Winner in Froslin Campaign 4 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 47 Officer 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 CARL MYERS Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society 2 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Holy Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Awards 4 Acolythical Society l, 2, 3, 4 School Monogram 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 4 Class Play 4 lubilee Book 4 Jubilee Pageant 4 IEANETTE R. HUTH Salutatorian Wendelette Staff l, 2, 3, 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer 1, 2, 4 Mission Society l Student Spiritual Council 2, 3, 45 Officer 3 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 4: Officer 3 President of Bonhi Club 4 Delta Omega 4 Librarian Z, 4 School Monogram 3 Dramatics 3, 4 Class Play 4 Iubilee Book 4 lubilee Pageant 4 Winner in Froslin Campaign 4 Page Thirteen ANNA MARIE GEORGE Wendelette Staff 4 Froslizi Staff 4 Mission Society l, 2, 4 Students' Spiritual Council Z, 3, 4 Bonhi Club 2, 3, 4 Delta Omega 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Commercial Awards 4 School Monogram 4 Class Play 4 lubilee Book 4 Jubilee Pageant 4 PAUL EUGENE DAUGHERTY Wendelette Staff 4 Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 l-loly Name Society l, 2, 3, Commercial Awards 4 4 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 47 Officer 4 Quill and Scroll Prize Winner 4 School Monogram 4 Froslin Campaign Winner 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Football 3 Dramatics 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 lubilee Pageant 4 Baseball 2 Class Play 4 Glee Club 3, 4 IOISEPHINE A. Froslin Staff 4 Students' Spiritual Council Entrant in Sectional Comm Delia Omega 4, Otticer Mission Society 4 Commercial Awards 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 lubilee Book 45 Co-editor Page Fourteen ROSINSKI 2, 3, 4 ercial Contest 3 KENNETH M. HOLMAN Wendelette Staff 2 Class Officer l, Treasurer Mission Society l, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Holy Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Awards 4 School Monogram 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 41 Captain 4 Basketball l, 2, 3 Baseball 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 , IOHN N. MARTIN Vifendelette Staff l, Z, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4 Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society l, 2, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 47 President 4 Kiwanis Student Member 4 Holy Name Society 2, 3, 4 Commercial Awards 3, 4 Entrant in Sectional Commercial Contest 3 American Legion Essay Winner 4 Quill and Scroll Prize Winrer 4 Winner in Wendelette Carngaign 4 Winner in Froslin Campaign 3, 4 Medal for Highest Average 3 School Monogram 4 Quill and Scroll Society' 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Chairman of lurtior Picnic 3 Class Play 4 Iubilee Book 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 BEATRICE L. THOM Wenclelette Stall 2, 3, 4 Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society l, 2, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Bonhi Club 3, 4 Delta Omega 4: President Commercial Awards 3 Entrant in Sectional Commercial Contest 3 School Monogram 3, 4 Dramatics 3 Iubilee Book 4: Co-editor , Iubilee Pageant 4 , Page Fifteen RUTH G. FRANKART Wendeletie Staff 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer 3 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Delta Omega 4 Librarian l, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 Page WILLIAM M WILSON Froslin Staff 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2 3 4 Holy Name Society l 2 3 Commercial Awards School Monogram 3, 4 Football l, 2, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 4 Class Play 4 IOHN EDWARD WOLPH Wendelette Staff 2, 4 Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society 2, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2 4 Holy Name l, 2, 4 School Monogram 3, 4 Commercial Awards 3 4 Quill and Scroll Prize Winner 4 Scroll Society 4 Quill and Football l, 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3 lndoor 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Class Play 4 Sixteen 4 3,4 ANNABELLE SENDELBACH Wendelette Staff l Froslin Staff 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Entrant in Sectional Commercial Contest 3 Delta Omega 4 Commercial Awards 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 LAWRENCE D. F INK Valedictorian Wendelette Staff 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer l, 4 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 DOROTHY I. ENRIGHT Wenclelette Staff 3 Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Bonbi Club 3, 4: Officer 4 Delta Omega 4 lubilee Pageant 4 Students' Spiritual Council Z, 3, 4, Officer 3 Holy Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Acolythical Society l, 2, 3, 4 Orqanist 4 Kiwanis Student Member 4 Bonhi Club 4 Winner in American Legion Essay Contest 4 Entrant Sectional Commercial Contest 3 Quill and Scroll Prize Winner 4 Winner in Froslin Campaign 4 Winner in Wenclelette Campaign 4 School Monogram 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Football l, 2, 3 Basketball 3 Glee Club 3, 47 President Dramatics 3, 4 lubilee Pageant 4 Page Seventeen VIRGINIA RUTH KLINEPETER , Wendelette Staff 3, 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer Z, 3 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Bonhi Club 2, 3, 4 Delta Omega Sororityy Officer 4 Leader in Radio Enterprise 3 Quill and Scroll National Winner 4 Winner in Wendelette Contest 4 School Monoqram 3, 4 Quill and Scroll 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 lubilee Book 4 Class Play 4 Iubilee Pageant 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Winner in Frosliri Campaign 4 EUGENE R. BOYER Wendelette Staff Z, 3 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Holy Name Society 2, 3, 4 Acolythical Society 3, 4 Kiwanis Student Member 4 School Monogram 2 Current Science National Winner 4 Football 3 Baseball 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 3, 4 lubilee Pageant 4 ELMER EMERINE Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 School Monoqarm 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 4 . Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Page Eighteen MARY IANE BOUNDS Froslin Staff 4 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 4 Delta Omeqa 4 Commercial Awards 4 Quill and Scroll Prize Winner 4 Medal for Highest Average Z Class Play 4 Jubilee Pageant 4 ROBERT L. KRAMB Wendelette Staff 2 Mission Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Holy Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Awards 4 Football 3 Basketball 2, 3 Baseball 2, 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Dramatics 4 l We-ndelette LORETTA A. WANK Staff 3, 4 Froslin Stafi 4 Mission Society 2, 4 Students' Spiritual Council 2, 3, 4 Delta Omega 4 Commercial Dramatics 4 Cla ss Pla y Awards 4 A Iubilee Pageant 4 Page Nineteen i Adele Biqila, Secretary, Grace Weimerskirch, Treasurer. Second Row: lames Rossie, Lillian Good, Robert Welly, Rita Moes, Harold Miller, Betty Wilson, Helen Erbland. Third RowfRol::ert Erickner, Edith Herriq, William Foos, Earl Maqers, Robert Ar- noldi, Marguerite Falewage, loseph Maqers. Fourth Row-Wilbur Pinsel, Raymond I-lark, Wilfred Lonsway, lohn Portz, Rayrncrd Dell. Front Row-Madonna Howard, President, Ieanne Ann Woessner, Vice-President, unior Class . . 1937 Congratulations to the Senior Class of thirty-six Whose twelve years at school were not easy tricks. May each hour of every day God grants to you Be filled with fresh vigor for each problem new. You will find a rough corner throughout your day You must meet it and conquer it in your best way. The luniors do wish, since your days near the end! That these days for your future, a rich promise portend. To our Sophomore class who are now half through We would urge you to be patient, in no way he blue. For loyalty and friendship like true colors remain Together with achievements for St. Wendelin's you attain. And last we'd say to our Freshmen of thirty-nine Three more years of happy school days you may richly design lf you'll but keep to your studies and follow the rule You'll be considered the wisest in St. Wendelin's School. To you our loest Friend, our Helper, our Guide, Our Principal to whom we can always confide, We pledge our fidelity, and hope to keep you Many more years in the school of your dreams come true. -Robert Briclcner '37, Page Twenty Front Row-Robert Waltermeyer, Vice-President, Dorothy Brickner, Treasurer: Mar lean Teeple President: William lacoby, Secretary. Second Row-Gladys Myers, Mary Louise Emison, Paul Downes, Louise Bauer, Ruth Kelbley leanne Firth, Ralph Krupp, Kathryn Smith, Carolyn Wonderly. Third Row-Eugene Huether, Helen Kramb, Iames Eulkowski, losephine Rey, Leon- ard Lehman Mildred Hein, lames Magers, lane Wolph, lohn Crawford. Fourth Row-Melvin Bixler, Catherine Dibling, Lawrence Kromer, Mary Wilson, Richard Emerine, Mary lane Mahus, Alfred Lange, Catherine Emerine. Sophomore Class . . 1938 Quantity plus quality is the singular boast of the sophomore class. ln Sep- tember when the siren call summoned the students to the ever friendly halls of St. Wendelin the class of l938 filed in thirty-two strong. Fourteen sturdy youths were asked to balance a group of eighteen girls, Have they done it? Consult the record of the class and then judge for yourself. With firm and determined step we mounted from the first floor to the third floor. Serious problems now confronted us. With geometrical figures, Latin syn- tax, prosaic classics and belligerent nations of the Middle Ages we resembled a traveling library as we trudged home at night. As periodic reports were dis- tributed, Father O'Connor might have said with Ceasar et pauci de nostris cadunt. Besides other honors our achievements were crowned by the selection of Dorothy Brickner's essay for State Award in the American Legion contest. Last but not least came the Spelling Contest. For the class eliminations there were thirteen students competing, two of whom maintained perfect scores. This year there were four members of this class who survived the class eliminations, but only one, Mar lean Teejple to survive the finals. Page Twenty-One 4 1 1 Front Row-loan Lonsway, Secretary: Adam Bangert, Presidentg Barbara Ann Welly Vice-President: loseph Ulman, Treasurer. Second Row-Charles Rossie, Beatrice Auer, loseph LaFountain, Mary lane Downes Gerald Krorner, Alma Gase, Vernon Elchert, losephine Nye, Lucian Brown Third Rowe-lennie Tinkovicz, Aloys Schnitzler, Charles Cook, Mary Z1eg'nan Lola Frankart, Robert Kleekamp, Paul Lichtle, Beatrice Drcll. Fourth Row-Viola Kramb, Richard Patterson, Robert Ledwedqe, Harold Huth ohn Woessner, Chester Bulkcwski, Barrett Wonderly, Eugene Bott, Rosemarie Erbland Freshman Class . . 1939 Name School Spirit Barbara Ann Welly ,,,,.,. Ioseph LaFountain lohn Woessner ,,,, Mary Ziegman ,,,, loseph Ulman ,1 . Alma Gase ,,,,,.,, Points 721 .,,, 541, ,,,,,,,,,456 ,,,,,,,,418. 417 ,..., Iennie 'Tinkovicz a,,,,a,,a,,a, 393, Adam Bangert YYYY....YYY,.,,, 386 Mary lane Downes .,Y,,, 380, Beatrice Droll ...a,aaaaa,,aa.... 366 Vernon Elchert ,,a,,,a,,,a.,a,, 362 Barrett Wonderly ,,,,,,,,... 278 Viola Kramb ,,,,,, Paul Lichtle ,,,,....,, Beatrice Richard Patterson Auer ,,,,,, Charles Rossie ....,w..,,a,..,, Lucian Brown ..,,. ,,.,,,,,,254, .....,,,,246 45 228 ..,.....l82 .1517 ,.,. W1 Nickname ,B-Ann , .,.. 1 oe ,,,,,,, ,, lohme ,,,,,,,,,,, None ,,,,,,,,, . Ioe ,, , ,, , Elmer .,,,,,,,,v, lunior .None Bea ,,,, Midget ,,,,,,, Bud ,,., ..., , , GU .YYY .WYv,.... Couldn't Be Without Piano ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, English Homework ,,,, ,,,,,, Guitar ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,a,,,, Comb ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Airplane Plans ,,,, Chewing Gum Hair Ribbon . , Pencil ,,,,,,,,, Lipstick , Glasses ,, His ,,,,,,, . Public Speaking ,,,, , , ,, ...,None Algebra Homework Y, W, ,,,None ,,,,,,,.,,,, Floor Talks , ,,,,, nw ,,,Bea ,,,,,a..,,,,,c,. Beautiful Voice Father Bear 21 6 ,..,, Chuck ,,,,... , , Louie .ccY,cc, ,c... . ,Bob ,,,, ,,,,,,,, Gerald Kromer ,.,, ,,,,,, 1 67, ..Y, Gerry Harold Huth Y,,cc ccc,,c l 65, Hootie Eugene Batf ,cYY,ccc,cc . .,.,, 164. v..c Gene Robert Ledwedge aaa,.,...... 154,... loan Lonsway ,,,c,,, ,c..., l 4' ,,YY, Dodo losephine Nye ,,,, ,,,,,,l27 Robert Kleekamp W cc..,, 107. Chester Bulkowski ,,,,,,,,..,, 94 Charles Cook ,,,,,,,, Rose Marie Erbland Lola Frankart ,,,,,,,, ,...Iosie ,,.,Bob ,,,Chet ,,,,,,.,,.,,93 .....Chuck .,,,Rosie ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..79 c,,c Toots .,,,YYYY,,,Y . Specs ,cc,rc,... Wahoo ,,,,,,,,,, Accordian ,,,,,, Curly Hair ,,,,.,, Red Sweater ,, Tin Lizzie ,,,,,, Wisecracks ,,,,,,cc,, Curls a,,,,aa,,,,aa,,a,,,,aa, Public Speaking ,, W YW. Typewriter ,,....,.,,.., A Football ,,,,,,,,,, Guitar ,,,, Silence ,,,,,, Wavy Hair ,,,,,,,,.. Page Twenty-Two Future Music Teacher Scientific Farmer Business Man Air Stewardess Designer of Airplan Nurse ,,,,,,Airplane Pilot President Dancing Teacher Sewing Teacher Business Manager Executive School Teacher Public Speaking ,,,,,,Opera Star lnventor Congressman ,,,,,,Great Musician .. ,Y,,,, Retired Farmer Football Coach , ,,,. Prosperous Farmer ,..,,,Comedian Beauty Operator Secretary Business Man ,Star Athlete Baseball Player Radio Star Orchestra Leader RGANIZATICDNS Students, Spiritual ouncil Front Row-loan Lonsway, loseph Ulman, Mary lane Bounds, Helen Kratnb, Dorothy Brickner, Lawrence Fink, lohn Mariin, Alfred Lange, Ioseph Magers, Ruth Kelloley, Ie-nnie Tinkovicz, leanne Ann Woessner, Adam Bangert. Second Row-Iohn Crawtord, Lillian Good, Barrett Wonderly, Ruth Frankart, Robert Welly, Viola Kramb, Eugene Daugherty, lustin Nye, Mar lean Teeple, Carl Myers, Loretta Brickner, Vernon Elchert, Lola Erankart, loseph Lalfountain, Leonard Lehman. Third RowfRichard Emerine, Paul Lichtle, Betty Vlfilson, leanette Huth, Mary Louise Emison, Charles Cook, Helen Erbland, lohn Woessner, Carolyn Wonderly, lames Magers, Mary lane Mabus, Harold Miller, Richard Patterson, Eugene Huether, Eugene Boff. Fourth Row-losephine Nye, Mary lane Downes, Adele Bigila, Grace Weimerslcirch, Raymond Hark, Wilfred Lonsway, Gladys Myers, loseph Gabriel, Earl Magers, Robert .Ar- noldi, Kenneth Holman, Dorothy Enright, Eugene Huether, Gerald Kremer, Lucian Brown. Fifth Row-Rosemarie Erbland, Marguerite Falewage, Catherine Dibling, Mildren Hein, Mary Ziegman, Mary Wilson, Robert Walterrneyer, Robert Kramb, Paul Downes, Beatrice Auer, Barbara Ann Welly, Lawrence Kromer, Harold Huth. Sixth RowfAnnabelle Sendelbach, Kathryn Smith, Virginia Klinepeter, lane Wolph, losephine Rosinski, Beatrice Thom, Anna Marie George, William Wilson. When the Students' Spiritual Council, or Boys' and Girls' Sodality, was orqanized in our high school nearly three years ago, its chief object was to join the students in a spiritual group. On the first Sunday of every month the girls of the Sodality attend Holy Communion in a body, at the seven o'clock Mass. The boys attend with the Holy Name Society on the second Sunday of each month. Many of the memlcers were faithful in attending the Sacraments at the time specified. The officers for the past year were: lohn Martin, William laooby, Alfred Lange, loseph Magers. The Sodality is very proud of its officers as they are selected from the members who observe all the rules of the Council. Those who maintained one hundred per cent from September to April in- cluded are: Seniors: Mary lane Bounds, Loretta Briclcner, Ruth Franlcart, Eugene Daugherty, Lawrence Fink, lchn Martin, Carl Myers, lustin Nye. luniors: Helen Erbland, Ioseph Magers, Lillian Good, Harold Miller, Robert Welly, leanne Ann Woessner. Sophomores: Dorothy Ericlcnet, Puff Kelbley, Helen Kramb, Carolyn Won- derly, Mary lane Mabus, Mar lean Teeple, lohn Crawford, Leonard Lehman, lames Magers, Alfred Lange. Freshmen: Lola Franlcart, Viola Kramb, loan Lonsway, lennie Tinlcovicz, lunior Bangert, Charles Cook, Vernon Elchert, loseph Laljountain, Richard Pat- terson, loseph Ulman, lohn Vifoessner, Barrett Wonderly. Peg? Tw: tty-Four Mission Society Front Row-William lacoby, Vice-Presidentg lohn Martin, President: Alfred Lange, Secre- tary. Second Row-Carl Myers, Loretta Wank, Kennth Holman, Dorothy Enright, loseph Gabriel, Beatrice Thom, lustin Nye, Virginia Klinepeter, Eugene Daugherty, losephine Rosinski, Law- rence Fink, Loretta Brickner, leanette Huth, Mary lane Bounds, Barbara Ann Welly, Alma Gase. Third Row-Vernon Elchert, Dorothy Brickner, Louise Bauer, Helen Erbland, Robert Welly, Adele Bigila, Richard Patterson, Raymond Dell, lane Wolph, Marguerite Falewage, Rosemarie Erbland, Robert Arnoldi, Beatrice Auer, leanne Ann Woessner, Robert Waltermeyer, Catherine Diblinq, Viola Kramb, losephine Nye, Gerald Kromer, Adam Banqert, Eugene Huether, Charles Rossie. Lucian Brown, Fourth Row-Richard Emerine, Leonard Lehman, Paul Downes, lohn Crawford, Lawrence Kramer, Raymond l-lark, lohn Woessner, Charles Cook, Barrett Wonderly, Ioseph Ulman. The Mission Society of this year has been increased and the school inter- est aroused to a greater degree. The society itself comes into prominence when the student enters high school, but the spirit of the mission begins in the pri- mary grades. Therefore it is nothing new, but the old, repeating itself. With the blessing of Almighty God, this apostolic work has grown and prospered spiritually more than any other undertaking for the spread of the Catholic church in this country. Through the aid of the students, financial help is sent to the missions and the consecrated workers who make it possible for the heathens to learn the truths of Catholicity. The society has tried to come up to the standards set by former students and through effort and skill have equalled and in some respects even excelled those of former years. Because of their good works and earnest desire to help others, thousands of masses and prayers are offered up yearly for the members throughout the world. The Society sponsored bake sales, gave a Mission play, First Fruits, had mite boxes and other means of raising a Mission fund. ln the beginning of May Mission returns averaged ninety-three cents for each pupil over and above the dollar paid for Mission dues. Page Twenty-Five Acolythical Society Front Row-floseph Magers, Iohn Crawford, Adam Bangert, Robert Walterrneyer, Ioseph Lalfountain, Paul Lichtle, Vernon Elchert, Lucian Brown, Ioseph Ulman, Eugene Huether, lames Rpssie, Leonard Lehman, Barrett Wonderly, Robert Welly. Second Row-Alfred Lange, William lacoby, Ioseph Gabriel, Richard Ernerine, Carl Myers, Robert Arnoldi, Lawrence Fink, William Foos, Eugene Boyer. The Acolythical Society of St. 'Wendelin High School is one of the rnost active societies of which the high school can boast. This society is made up ot all the acolytes of the high school, who are active in assisting Father O'Con- nor at Mass and benediction during the week, in the school chapel. These boys also serve ten o'clock Mass every Sunday at the church, and seven o'clock Mass on the Holy Name Sunday. With the exception of a few, the boys who have knelt at the foot of the altar, and have brought greater honor and glory to God by assisting the priest at the holy sacrifice of the Mass, have served for many years. Graduation will claim four of the acolytes who have been in the servers' ranks for a decade or more years. Two of the four, Carl Myers and loseph Gabriel have been acolytes for ten years. Lawrence Fink has served at St. Wendelin's for nine years, and one year at Ladyglen, Grand Rapids, Ohio. Eugene Boyer held this position for four years at St. Francis de Sales parish, Morgantown, West Virginia. He has been an acolyte here for two years. With these four boys off the servers' list, it will leave nineteen boys to carry on this privileged work. But with the freshmen class of l94U, who will join the student body when the term begins again in September, we hope, not only to fill the gap left by the graduating class, in the servers' ranks but to in- crease the membership. Page Twenty-Six Bonhi Club Front Row-lustin Nye, Vice-President: Dorothy Enright, Treasurer: leanette l-luth, Presi- dent, Eugene Daugherty, Secretary. Second Row-Louise Bauer, Iames Rossie, Marguerite Falewage, Beatrice Thom, Virginia Klinepeter, Lawrence Fink, Loretta Brickner, Anna Marie George, Mary lane Bounds, Lillian Good, leanne Ann Woessner. Third Row-Teanne Firth, Mary lane Downes, Betty Wilson, Adele Biqila, lane Wolph, Barbara Ann Welly, Mar lean Teeple, Dorothy Brickrter, Alma Gase. Fourth RoW4Adam Bangert, Carolyn Wonderly, Leonard Lehman, Mary Wilson, Robert Waltermeyer, Paul Downes, Iennie Tinkovicz, lohn Crawford, Fifth RowfMary lane Mabus, Richard Emerine, lohn Woessner, Gladys Myers. The outstanding club of the school is the Bonhi Club. Bonhi stands for Boost Our New High. At the beginning of the scholastic year, a meeting was held with Father O'Connor in charge. He named Ieanette Huth '36 president of the club. The members proceeded to choose the officers and elected Iustin Nye, vice-presi- dent: Eugene Daugherty, secretary, and Dorothy Enright, treasurer. On February 23, 24, the members of the club, under the direction of Father O'Connor, produced Sally Lou, a comedy in three acts from which the pro- ceeds will be used to purchase a crucifix and candle sticks for the chapel. Black and Gold day was observed on February 22 with the Bonhi Club in charge and the student body Wearing some article of clothing in black and gold. Several talks were given concerning the gala day in an assembly held in the gym. Every second Sunday of the month, the club sponsors a breakfast for the Holy Name Society and the boys of the high school. The Bonhi Club has been listed among the clubs of the school since 1930. Carolyn Vogel was the first president, and since that time this club has been the most active society ever to come into existence in the high school. Page Twenty-Seven uill and Scroll SOCICIY Anna Marie George, Lawrence Fink, Loretta Erickner, Ichn Martin, Eugene augherty Virginia Klinepeter. This year seven seniors were selected by the iaculty for membership in the Quill and Scroll International Society tor High School lournalists. Selection of the members is based on their scholastic ability, cooperation in school activ- ities, character and contributions to the school publications. This is the high school's only literary society and students work hard to gain membership. During the month ot Ianuary tive- members were taken into the society, namely: Eugene Daugherty, lohn Martin, lohn Wolph, Virginia Klinepeter, and Lawrence Fink. During April two additional members were admitted, Loretta Brickner, and Anna George. A number of contests were sponsored throughout the year by Quill and Scroll society. Virginia Klinepeter was ta national 'prize Winner in the editorial division of one of the contests, and received a gold Quill 'and Scroll writing lcey. ln winning this she became the second student in the history of the school to win a major national prize in Quill and Scroll. William Wolph '31 Won in a vocabulary contest. lohn Martin and Eugene Daugherty Won honorable mention in a current events contest. Lawrence Fink received honorable mention in the news. judg- ment section and Mary lane Bounds received honorable mention in the adver- tising section. Each member ot the literary society receives a certificate oi membership signed by the national secretary, a gold pin in the torm ot a scroll with a quill crossing it, and a year's subscription to the official magazine ot the organization. Page Twenty-Eight Senior Boys' Glee Club Front Row-Carl Myers, lohn Martin, Ioseph Gabriel, Lawrence Fink, lustin Nye, Eugene Daugherty, William Wilson. Second Row-Kenneth Holman, Eugene Boyer, Robert Kramb. Organization of the Senior Boys' Glee Club took place during their junior year in high school, and has continued to exist throughout the senior year. At the tirst meeting oi the club, Lawrence Fink was unanimously chosen as president. Lawrence is also the accompanist, with Kenneth Holman some- times assisting. Kenneth imitates and really does sound like a trombone. Darkness on the Delta is the title ot the song chosen to be the theme song. All meetings are begun and adjourned with the singing of this song, 'Each member ot the club takes his turn at entertaining the boys at his home. Each boy's turn is determined .according to the alphabetical order ot his name. These meetings are held weekly. At each meeting after a number of songs have been practiced, a social program follows at the close oi which the host serves a luncheon to the group. The singing practice obtained during their meetings has proved an asset to the boys by aiding them in the practice of the singing of the class song for graduation. The boys are looking forward to a continuation ot the club meetings dur- ing the summer months. Page Twenty-Nine Epsilon Chapter, Delta Omega Front Rowelosephine Rosinski, Treasurer: Beatrice Thom, President: Virginia Klinepeter, Vice-President. Second Row-Ruth Frankart, leaneite Huth, Mary lane Bounds, Annabelle Sendelbach, Anna Marie George, Dorothy Enright, Loretta Briclcner. We turn back the pages to read the niemories of the past, and We may be very proud of them because ever since the Delta Omega has been organized it has done many outstanding things. Since its organization in l93l with Florence Bigham as its first president, the club has brought the friendship of the girls together and they try to main- tain the tradition of foregoing Chapters. Members may come and members may go, but the club will live on for- ever, because each year a new chapter is added. At a meeting held in October election of officers for the year of l936 was held. Those who were chosen for officers were: Beatrice Thorn, President: Virginia Klinepeter, Vice-Presidenty Iosephine Rosinslci, Secretary-Treasurer. ln order to increase the club's treasury, the girls served breakfast to the communicants after the masses held in the high school chapel and during the Froslin Campaign served a dinner. Both proiects proved very successful. To the members of the Zeta Chapter of the Delta Omega we extend our best Wishes for a successful and happy' Year. Page Thirty Zeta Chapter . . Delta Omega Front Row-Adele Biqila, leanne Ann Woessner, Rita Moes, Madonna Howard. Second Rcw-Betty Wilson, Lillian Good, Grace Weimerslcirch, Marquerite Falewaqe, Helen Erbland. The Iunior Girls' Club was organized during their Sophomore year under the name of the Omica Club. The obiect of this club was to promote Catholic Action. During the course of their lunior year the club was continued until the junior girls were invited by the departing chapter of the Delta Omega to join that sorority. At this time it was advisable to merge the two organizations and continue under the name of the Delta Omega. The newly formed chapter will be known as the Zeta Chapter. Social and business meetings are held every two weeks and the girls intend to continue these meetings during the summer months. New officers are elected each year. Those who have held offices during the past school year are: President, Ieanne Ann Woessnerg Vice-President, Rita Moes, Secretary, Adele Biqilaz and Treasurer, Madonna Howard. New officers will again be voted upon in November. The Zeta Chapter is the sixth chapter of the Delta Omega Sorority, origin- ated by the girls of 1931. The club was begun in the old school, on Wood street when the girls of the Alpha Chapter were iuniors, Page Thirty-One Girls of,38 Club Front Row-Helen Kramb, Louise Bauer, Mary Louise Emison, Dorothy Brickner Ieanne Firth, Kathryn Smith, Mar lean Teeple, Ruth Kelbley. Second RowfGladys Myers, Mary lane Mabus, Mildred Hein, Carolyn Wonderly ane Wolph, Mary Wilson, Catherine Emerine, losephine Rey. The object of the girls of the class of 1938 in organizing their club, .called The Girls of '38, was to ,be active and cooperative in all school activities. ln order to make it entertaining a.s Well as helpful they drew up the plans on a social basis. The club meets every Wednesday and it holds bi-monthly social meetings in which members of the club preside as hostesses. The hostess plans the en- tertainment and serves the refreshments. ln the first meeting, which was a business meeting, ballots were cast and officers were elected with the following results: President, Dorothy Bricknerp Vice-President, Mar lean Teepley Secretary, Kathryn Smith: Treasurer, Carolyn Wonderly. At the first social meeting of the school year the girls enjoyed a pot- luck supper with the officers acting as hostesses. Despite many other undertakings, the girls have not neglected the mis- sions. They gathered sample medicines, useful drugs, and many other articles which were 'sent to various mission groups. The members have always lived up to their very fitting motto, A live wire never gets stepped on, which was chosen when the club originated. The girls also erected and decorated a May altar where services were held during the month of May. Page Thirty-Two Laetarum Puellarum Societas Front Row-losephine Nye, Alma Gase, loan Lonswany, Iennie Tinkovicz, Lola Frankart, Barbara Ann Welly. Second Row-Mary lane Downes, Viola Kramb, Beatrice Auer, Mary Ziegman, Rosemarie Erbland, Beatrice Droll. if The girls composing the freshman class of 1939 decided to organize a so- cial club known as the L. P. S. Claetarum Puellarum Societas, Happy Girls' Societyl. At the first meeting the officers for the year were elected With results as follows: President, lennie Tinkovicz: Vice-President, Alima Gaseg Secretary, Ioan Lonswayg Treasurer, Lola Frankart. Meetings are held once every two weeks, the first meeting of the month being a business meeting, in which the affairs and activities of the club are dis- cussed. The second meeting is a social one in which games and contests are played. A committee made up of two members, appointed for a month, serve light refreshments. During the school year the club has served breakfast in the clafefteria. In the month of May they erected a May altar and decorated the bulletin boards. ln addition to promoting closer social relations among the girls, it was de- cided that they would take up tatting with a View to making chapel linens. The club is in its infancy at the present time and not a great deal has been accom- plished along thius line, but hopes are high in the organization that some of its work will adorn the altar of the chapel bef-ore another graduating class leiaves the portals of St. Wendelin High. Page Thirty-Three Monogram Club Front Row-Ieanette Huth, Loretta Brickner, Virginia Klinepeter, Anna Marie George Dorothy Rricl-mer. Beatrice 'I hom. Second Row-Raymond Hark, Lawrence Fink, Carl Myers, Kenneth Holman Elmer Emerme Harold Miller, Ralph Krupp. Third Row-Chester Bulkowski, Robert Waltermeyer, Alfred Lange, Earl Magers William Iacoby, Melvin Bixler, Joseph Magers, lames Magers. Fourth Row-Eugene Daugherty, Iohn Martin, Gerald Kromer, Joseph Ulman Vernon Elchert. The club is composed oi active students in literary work, athletics, and cheerleading. The students receiving the awards will always have the divine protection of Our Blessed Mother with them for the reversed is the first letter of Our Lady's name Mary. Those who received the letter tor their achievements in athletics, literary work and other activities have reached the pinnacle oi their ambition because it is the aim oi almost every boy and girl to be a member oi the Monogram Club. There is a great honor connected with the receiving oi a letter, because the wearer publicly represents his school when weaing its insignia. At the annual banquet sponsored by the Mothers oi Athletes club, the following students received an athletic monogram: Kenneth Holman, Ioseph Ulman, Gerald Kromer, Alfred Lange, Carl Myers, Elmer Emerine, William Wil- son, lohn Wolph, Earl Magers, Raymond l-lark, loseph Magers, Harold Miller, Melvin Bixler, Iames Bulkowski, Iames Magers, William lacoby, Ralph Krupp, Robert Waltermeyer, Chester Bulkowski, and Vernon Elchert. The two cheer- leaders, Virginia Klinepeter, and Dorothy Brickner, were presented with their letters on the same occasion. The literary members who received letters ior work on the school publica- tions are: Beatrice Thom, Iohn Martin, Lawrence Fink, Loretta Brickner, Anna George, Eugene Daugherty, leanette Huth. PageThirty4 Four CTIVITIES Froslin Staff Front Row-Anna Marie George, lohn Martin, Virginia Klinepeter, Loretta Brickner, Eugene Daugherty, Lawrence Fink, losephine Rosirzski. Secord Row-Tustin Nye, Ruth Frankart, Raymond Hark, Barbara Ann Welly, William Wilson, Beatrice Thom, Annabelle Sendelbach, Mary lane Bounds, Robert VVelly, Ioseph Gabriel, Carl Myers, leanette Huth, Dorothy Enright. The successful editing of the Eoslin for 1936 is a splendid ending for four successful years of high school life, for truly that is what it represents. When the advertising land subscription campaigns were closed, all the students were held in .suspense until the staff was named with the following results: Editor-in-Chief, Loretta Bricknerg Assistants, Virginia Klinepeter, Eugene Daughertyg Business Managers, lohn Martin, lustin Nye, Anna Georgeg Literary Editors, ,Lawrence Fink, loseph Gabriel, losephine Rosinski, Sports Editors, Iohn Wolph, William Wilson, Carl Myers. Iunior Class Editor, Robert Welly, Sophomore Class Editor, Dorothy En- right: Freshman Class Editor, Barbara Ann Wellyp Circulation Managers, lean- ette Huth, Ruth Frankart, Assistants, Loretta Wank, Mary lane Bounds, Ray- mond Harkg Typists, Beatrice Thom, Annabelle Sendelbach. One of the main requisites for a student to become a member of the Froslin staff is that he be a dependable and Willing worker, and in this regard, let it be said that each and every member of this i936 Froslin always had his nose to the grindstone. So, We have completed the Froslin of l936, and We, its staff, express our best and sincere wishes that all volumes to come will be one continuous suc- cess. May it keep the memory of those who have made it, and may those who have made it recall the hours they spent in the time of its making with a happy and proud heart. It is our hope that all graduates will cherish deep in their hearts the sig- nificance of the Froslin, for it is taken from the Words: Father Robert O'Connor, Saint Wendelin for it is these words that are always connected with whatever project is undertaken by the student body. Page Thirty-Six Wendelette Staff' I li Gabriel Beatrice Thom lohn Martin, Front Row-Melvin Bixler, Loretta Briclcner, csep , Q , . A R ssie. Lawrence Fink, Anna Marie George, Eugene Daugherty, le-anette Huth, larnes o Second Row-Robert Welly, Robert Waltermeyer, leanne Ann Woessner. lustin Nye, Virginia Klinepeter, Lawrence Krorner, Carolyn Wonderly, Betty lane Downes. Third RowgBeatrice Droll, Mary Ziegman, Grace Weimerskirch, Barbaa Leonard Lehman, Mary lane Mabus, loseph LaFountain, loseph Ulman. Fourth Row-lennie Tinkovicz, Paul Downes, Alfred Lange, Richard Woessner, Ruth Franlzart, Vtlilsin, Mary r Ann Welly, Emerine, lohn First class honor rating was awarded to our school paper, The Wendel- ette, by the All-American Critical Service o sociation for the l935-36 scholastic year. i the National Scholastic Press AS- The 'Wendelette has had a membership in the N. S. P. A. since l923. The school paper has received All-American or First Class rating every year. ln an important general assembly Father O'Connor awarded positions on the staff to the following students: Editor-in-Chiet, lohn Marting Assistant Editor, Beatrice Thorng Literary Editors, Eugene Daugherty, leanette l-luth, Ieanne Ann Woessnery Business Manager, Lawrence Finky Assistants, lustin Nye, Grace Weimerslcirch, lames Rossie, Robert Brickner, Paul Downes, loseph LaFountain, Mary lane Downes. 'Circulation Manager, Anna Marie George: Assistants, Loretta Wank, Betty Wilson, Carolyn Wonderly, Richard Emerine, Lawrence Krorner, Leonard Lehman, Robert Waltermeyer, Mary Ziegrnan, Beatrice Droll, Aloys Schnitzler. Alumni Editor, Virginia Klinepetery Sports Editors, John Wolph, Melvin Bixler, lohn Woessner: Exchange Editor, Barbara Ann Wellyg Grade News Editor, Loretta Bricknerq Reporter: Freshmen, loseph Ulman, lennie Tinkoviczg Sophomore: Mary lane Mabus, Alfred Lange: Iunior: Madonna Howard, Robert Wellyg Senior: loseph Gabriel, Ruth Frankart. ln this extra-curricular activity a point system is used, Students who re- ceive the highest number ot points for work on the publication are awarded Wendelette W's for their literary efforts. Page Thirty-Seven Wendelette Makers l John Martin-Edit0r'in'Chief Lawrence Fink-Business Manager lohn Martin '36, editor-in-chief, and Lawrence Pink '36, business manager, were named to the most responsible positions on the Wendelette staff because of their outstanding work and interest in school activities. Both boys have been on the honor roll and have been responsible leaders in various scholastic enterprises. Fink broke all previous records in the sale of advertising when he brought in two hundred and one-half inches, for the l935- 36 Wendelette. Positions on the Wenclelette staff are selected by the faculty, and an- nounced at the close of the subscription contest, early in the school year. Barbara Ann Welly '39 'f l Vlfhen speaking of the Makers of the Wendelette, we may not forget Bar- bara Ann Welly '39 who led the entire student body in the subscription cam- paign. Barbara Ann set a pace which stands out in the history of St. Wendelin freshmen, when she turned in twenty- seven names of Wendelette subscribers. Not only in the Wendelette cam- paiqn did Barbara Ann achieve fame as an ambitious worker, but also in the F ros- lin subscription race. l Page Thirty-Eight Diocesan and National Honors loseph Gabriel Rev. Robert V OConnor When the Most Reverend Bishop announced last September, that a Stu- dents' Catholic Press Crusade would be launched in our Diocese, the students of St. Wendelin high school stepped into line and marched to victory. Enthusiasm ran high in our school and the senior-sophomore neck to neck race was tense. loseph Gabriel '36 and Carolyn Wonderly '38 were the leaders. But Where each stood, was a difficult task to learn. There was simply no Way to find out. The seniors were pitched beyond the range of comfort, because the sophomores were so confident of Winning. Then the final day dawned. Subscriptions came pouring in. Points were mounting to the thousands. Everybody about the school was a tingle with ex- citement. A Victory Dinner was served in the cafeteria and a basketball game was staged in the gymnasium immediately after the serving. At one p, m. an assembly was held and the winners in the first Chronicle Crusade in Fostoria were announced. loseph Gabriel, senior class president, Won highest honors. By obtaining 2,490 points, or 44 subscriptions he surpassed all contestants in his class, his school and climaxed all by leading every contestant in the Diocese. As a reward for his hard labor in the campaign, Gabriel received the bishop's prize, a statue of Our Lady of Grace. On the base of the statue is a plaque with an inscription, informing the reader the statue was awarded to lo- seph Gabriel, by our Most Reverend Bishop. Page ThirtyfNine Virginia Klinepeter Eugene Boyer '35 was awarded the fourth national prize in a Current Science contest, in April. The project submitted was The Caesium Photo-electric Cell as Used in the Reproduction of Sound Pic' tures. The explanation was illustrated by diagrams and pictures. Mr. Boyer, himself, took many of the pictures, showing the parts of the machine and the cell in oper- ation. Every state in the Union, several out- lying possessions, and many foreign coun- tries were in the competition. Thousands of manuscripts made for rivalry. There were five monetary prizes, Mr. Boyer, taking the fourth. Dorothy Brickner Page Forty Virginia Ktinepeter '36, won National Honors in an Editorial Contest sponsored by the Quill and Scroll Society, an Tnter- national society ior hign school journalis.s. Virginia was one of ten high school stu- dents in the United States upon whorn was conferred this honor. Thankful For What, was the topic of her Editorial, which was selected as a winner by the sponsors of the contest. Virginia received a gold Quill and Scroll creative writing key for her man- uscript. Members of the Faculty, and the stu- dent body of the high school wish at this time to congratulate Virginia, and thank her for the honor bestowed upon herself and the school. Eugene Boyer Dorothy Brickner '38 won a trip to Washington for an essay on Our Arn- erican Heritage, sponsored by the Arn- erican Legion. Dorothy's essay was chosen one of the six best in Ohio after competing with lUO,UUO students from all parts of the State. Announcement of the honor was made by Mr. P. Deweese, state represen- tative ofthe Child Welfare Department and Mrs. D. l. Grauer, of the local American Legion Auxiliary, on March l9 to the en- tire student body during a special assem- bly. Dorothy's trip included the following points of interest: Washington, Gettys- burg, Philadelphia, Mt. Vernon, and An- napolis. Bonhi Club Play Front Rowglames Rossie, Virginia Klinepeter, Tustin Nye, leanette Huth, Eugene Daugherty. Second Row-Robert Waltermeyer, Adele Bigila, lohn Crawford, lane Wolph, Paul Downes, Loretta Brickner. Sally Lou, a three act comedy by lay Tobias was presented by the Bonhi club under the able direction of the Reverend R. V, O'Connor, February 23 and 24 of this year. The plot of the play deals with Sally Lou, Virginia Klinepeter '36, a non- chalant lass who is visiting in the home ot Mrs. Reynolds and her daughter Dot played by Adele Bigila '37 and leanette I-luth '36, respectively. Sally Lou arrives upon the scene to have the will of her uncle read by the lawyer, Mr. Riggs, taken by Paul Downes '33 The will names four benefic- iaries, Sally Lou, lames Bradley, her uncle who is very much concerned about money, played by lustin Nye '36, Charles Allerton, cleverly impersonated by lames Rossie '37, and lane Comstock, another niece who does not appear. The will provides that the niece who is the first to marry is to receive a hotel and fifty thousand dollars. Mr. Bradley tries to find Sally Lou a husband but to his dismay he can find no one who is willing. l-le tries to inveigle lerry Wilson played by Eugene Daugherty '36, and Percival Weymouth by lohn Crawford '38, to do it, but they both refuse. Charles Allerton volunteers to un- dergo the torture. The wedding plans are made but are postponed when Sally Lou is kid- napped by Lefty Dillon enacted by Robert Waltermeyer '38. Sally Lou is rescued by Percival, and as a result he is greatly admired by Flossie Blaine, taken by lane Wolph '38. Elsie, the maid in the Reynolds home was taken by Loretta Brickner '36. Charles Allerton and Sally Lou carry on the marriage plans although Bradley opposes the marriage very much since lane Comstock had been mar- ried sorne time before the will had been read, and because Bradley dislikes Allerton a great deal. To make the comedy complete Plossie accepts Percival's proposal. Vin Swihart's dance orchestra furnished music between the acts, while Gene Boyer's Buttercup Strutters gave a demonstration of some fancy dancing. Page Forty-One First Amateur Contestants I a I v. I' ,. , W 4 , , K -f.. Front Row-Rita Ulman, Suzanne Vogel, lames Stevens, loyce Bragg, Barbara Cough- enour, Patricia Abowd, Colleen Lytle, Catherine Lonsway, Edward Kinn, lames Kinn, Geraldine Shober. Second Rcw-Rita l.onsway, Eleanora Foos, Ethel Huth, Eileen Emerine, Major james Rossie, Carolyn Cunningham, Catherine Couqhenour, Louise Bauer, Betty Wilson, Margaret Altwies. Third Row-Helen Erhland, Adele Bigila, Carl Myers, Grace Weimerskirch, Law- rence Fink, William Foos, Virginia Klinepeter, William Wilson, Charles Rossie, Robert Waltermeyer, Fourth Row-Lola Frankart, Kenneth Holman, Beatrice Auer, William Iacchy, loan Lonsway, Melvin Bixler, Barhara Ann Welly, lane Wolph, February 23 was Black and Gold day for St. Wendelin students. This day of days in St. Wendelin High School turned out to be the source ot a night of nights! As a part of the program tor Black and Gold Day, students ot the junior class decided tq have an amateur show, just tor members oi the junior class. Soon they had some inter-mural competitionewhich was provided by two senior looys, Kenneth Holman, and Lawrence Fink. james Rossie was chosen by the group to be the Major, and to give the gong it the performance so deserved. The program boasted impersonations of a chicken, ot Zazu Pitts, ot hillloillys, and what not. After the afternoon's program, came excited clamors from the students for a public amateur show. The idea struck a favorite chord all around and as a re- sult a public show became imminent. Two boys ot the junior class, larnes Ptossie, and Robert Briclcner, immed- jately began to work upon the idea. They knew that it would be a great help to the participants, giving them stage-practice. Practices were held after school, and within a short time the show was ready tor presentation to the public. Emblematic ot St. Wendelin's High School, the enterprise turned out to be a huge success. lt was the iirst attempt ever made to produce an amateur show in the high school. Proceeds were used by the junior class to meet the expense for the annual school picnic which is always put on by that class. Page Forty-Two Scmor Class Play Front Row-Mary lane Bounds, Ioseph Gabriel, Ieanette Huth, Eugene Daughertif, Anna Marie George, Carl Myers. Second Row-Virginia Klinepeter, Loretta Wank, lohn Wolph, lustin Nye. lOl'1I1 Martin Ruth Frankart. Home Again Harry, a clever three act comedy by I. C. McMullen was chosen as the class play tor the senior class, and was presented on the eve- nings ot May 24, 25. The play was well attended and proved to be an outstand- ing success. The students chosen to portray the respective characters played their parts exceedingly well. Harry Lennon, was taken by Eugene Daugherty: his aunt, Abigail, Mary lane Bounds: Caroline Stitch, the servant, by Loretta Wankp Dr. Addison, a friend ot Abigail, lustin Nye: Mrs. Rowland, his sister, Ruth Prank- arty Mary and Grace Rowland, his two nieces, by leanette Huth and Anna Marie George, respectively. -.,, Sir Robert Cosgrove, a typical Englishman, Ioseph Gabriely The Honorable Enid Cosgrove, his daughter, who talks baby-talk and lisps, Virginia Klinepeterg Nelson Robey, in love with Mary, lohn Martin: Benjamin, alias Archibald Peavey, Caroline's runaway lover, Carl Myers: and his father, Mark Worthing- ton, lohn Wolph. The play was interesting and held the attention of the audience through- out the entire three acts. Several pre-views ot eight or ten minutes were given tor the students. Page Forty-Three Mission Play CarolYn Wonderly, Mar lean Teeple, Barbara Ann Welly, Dorothy Brickner, le-nnie Tinkovicz loan Lonsway, Mildred Hein, Mary lane Downes. First Fruits, ia mission playlet, under the direction of the Reverend A. Scheiber was ably presented by four sophomore girls and four freshman girls, selected from his public sgeaking classes. The play is composed of two acts and centers about a girls' college. The first act depicts a scene in the room of one of the girls, Mollie, Barbara Ann Welly, where some of her school friends are having a fudge party. tThis was one of those forbidden fudge parties, tool. Some of the girls present are: Sally, Dorothy Bricknerp Peg, loan Lonswayy len, Mary lane Downes: and Rita, lennie Tinlcovicz. ln the midst of the fun, a knock is heard upon the door, and fudge pans, fudge, and all the accessories disappear as if by magic. With considerable mis- givings Mollie .answers the door to find to her surprise and relief, Ann, Mar lean Teeple, instead of a frowning and forbidding prefect. Ann is lcearer of iievts cf the proposed visit of a Miss Griffin, who is try- ing to form a Mission Unit in the school. The girls are somewhat indifferent, and can not easily be induced to listen to what she has to say. After her departure, the fudge reappears, burnt to a crisp, which naturally causes some excitement. After the mess has been removed, preparations are made for Miss Griffin's visit. Much to everyone' surprise, Miss Griffin arrives before time, and is an- nounced by Katie, Carolyn Wonderly, the Irish maid. You can well imagine the amazement on the faces of the girls when it is discovered that their visitor, instead of being Miss Griffin, is a Miss X, Mildred Hein, a young woman very much interested in the Society for the Befriending of Homeless Cats. Af'er considerable explanations, the cat Woman leaves, and while the girls are all discussing the turn of affairs, and wondering what has become of Miss Griffin, a telegram arrives for Ann. lt states that her cousin, Tom, who has been a Missionary in China, has been put to death. After hearing all about his trials and martrydom, the girls gladly pledge to Ann their whole-hearted support to the organizing of a Mis- sion Unit in the college. Ann feels then that her cousin's death has not been in vain. Page i Forty-Four St.Wendelin Champion Spoilers l For a number of years the annual spell- ing contest has been sponsored in the High School by Roscoe Carle, late editor and own- er of the Fostoria Daily Times, and this year it was provided for in his will. Mr. Carle donated fifteen dollars to be awarded at the Marguerite Palewaqe Commencement exercises, the first prize ten Adele Emma Mar lean Teeple dollars, the second, five dollars. ln case of a tie, the division of the money is made ac- cording to the discretion of the faculty. Mrs. R. Carle and family have announced their intention of sponsoring the cotest indefinitely. Each day for ten consecutive days, a hundred words were given to the students and those who maintained an average of ninety or above competed in the class elimation. The three survivors from each class were entered in the finals. Following are the names of those Students who kept an average of ninety per cent or above throughout the ten days: Seniors: losephine Rosinski, Annabelle Sendelbach, leanette Huth, Eu- gene Daugherty, lohn Martin, lohn Wolph, Beatrice Thom, Loretta Brickner, Anna George. luniors: Grace Weimerskirch, Adele Bigila, Marguerite Falewage, lames Rossie, Betty Wilson, Harold Miller, William Foos, Helen Erbland, Robert Ar- noldi, Wilfred Lonsway. Sophomores: Louise Bauer, losephine Rey, Carolyn Wonderly, Mary Wil- son, lane Wolph, Kathryn Smith, Robert Waltermeyer, Gladys Myers, Helen Kramb, Mar lean Teeple, Mildred Hein. Freshmen: Viola Kramb, loan Lonsway, loseph l.aFouritain, losephine Nye, Iennie Tinkovicz, Barbara Ann Welly, Adam Bangert, loseph Ulman. RClass representatives were: Seniors: leanette Huth, Annabelle Sendelbach, Beatrice Thom. Iuniors: Adele Bigila, Betty Wilson, lames Rossie, Marguerite Falewaqe. Sophomores: Mildred Hein, Gladys Myers, Helen Kramb, Mar lean Teeple. Freshmen: loan Lonsway, lennie Tinkovicz, loseph LaFountain. Final winners for this year were: Marguerite Falewage, Adele Begila, and Mar lean Teeple, all three having kept a perfect Score, without having missed a single word. Page Forty'Five High School Orgamst Lawrence Fink For the past year Lawrence Fink '36, has been the otticial organist for the high school. He has generously given his time practicing and playing with the various classes and the choir. This is the first year we have had an organ. The local branch of the Eagles presented our chapel organ as a gift from the lodge. Several high Masses and Requiems have been sung by the student body. Besides playing the organ in the chapel, Lawrence also played the piano for various programs, rehearsals, and plays during the past tour years. Lawrence is an honor student in the school, and has been selected vale- dictorian of the class of 1936. He is a staff member ot the Wendelette and Froslin. He has been an active worker in school activities, besides having an excellent scholastic rating. Barbara Ann Welly '39 will take over the organ work after graduation. Barbara Ann has played on several occasions and is quite a veteran in the Work. She practiced with the high school choir for the seven o'clock Mass on Christmas, and will be at the piano for graduation. Page Forty-Six ubllee Book Staff Front Row-Iohn Martin, Beatrice Thom, Iosephine Rosinski, joseph Gabriel. Second Row-Lcretta Brickner, Virginia Klinepeter, Carl Myers, jeanette Huth Arna Marie George. ln accordance With the golden jubilee of our most beloved pastor, Rev- erend A. A. Weber it was decided that a book recording the priestly and saintly Works of the jubilarian would be published by the high school students under the management of the faculty members. The following students were named by the Reverend R, V. O'Connor to edit this memory book: Co-editors, Beatrice Thom and Iosephine Rosinskig As- sistants: Anna Marie George, jeanette Huth, Virginia Klinepeter, Loretta Brick- ner, Carl Myers, john Martin, and joseph Gabriel. The staff for the jubilee book was chosen according to the student's interest and efforts put forth in the other activities of the school. The majority of the staff members were baptized by Father Weber. The contents of the book includes the life of Father Weber, the councilmen of the parish, the school children, many imporatnt events in the parish since Father Weber's coming to Fostoria thirty-two years ago, numerous other facts and records which are of much interest to the parishioners of St. Wendelin and the ceremonies of the jubilee days. ln years to come the jubilee publication will prove very valuable and most interesting to those who will be among the fortunate ones to witness and enjoy the jubilee with the honored guest our shepherd, and priestly adviser, Rev- erend A. A. Weber. Page Forty-Seven Jubilee Week PROGRAM Reverend Ambrose A. Weber-Iune 5-12. 1936 TQQSJ FRIDAY-IUNE 5-PAGEANT Speakers ,,,, Cyril C. Schart, Nicholas Altwies, Iuclge Charles Guernsey Soloist ,,,,,,,,,,, Y YKK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Howard Martin Accompanist A .. .. ,,,, Mrs. Lucian Kinn SUNDAY-IUN E 7-PAGEANT Solemn High Mass tor Parish at 10 a. m. Speakers ,,,7,,, 77,,,,7 I ohn Wonderly, Lucian Kinn, Honorable Fred H0Pki1'1S Sgloigt ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA,,,,,,,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R e ynold Baurnstark Acggmpanigt AYAY- W . ,,,, MIS. Lucian Klflfl TUESDAY-IUNE 9-IUBILEE HIGH MASS Celebrant ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... R everend Ambrose A. Weber Deacon ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,. Reverend Iohn Kiebel Sub-deacon ,. ....,...............,.......,. ........,..,........... Reverend lacob Arrloldi Other ministers ot the Mass are sons ot the parish. Preacher .. ,, .. , . Monsignor Ioseph Smith, V. G., LL. D., Cleveland, Ohio Banquet ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... St. Wendelin High School Toastmaster ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R everend Charles Comte Speakers ....,, . .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Most Rev. Karl I. Alter, Bishop ot Toledo, Ohio. The Rt. Rev. Monsignor F. Schreiber, Akron, Ohio. The Rt. Rev. Monsignor R. Kinnane, Maumee, Ohio. FRIDAY-TUNE 12-HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION Salutatorian ..,...... ,...... ,..............,..........,...,..,......,...........,.. , , ,..., I eanette Huth Valedictorian ..,.,....,........ ,.,,., 7 ,. ...........,.,... Lawrence Pink Conferring of Diplomas ,.,,,. ,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,.,,,.,., R ev. Ambrose A. Weber Speaker .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, R ev. Francis Iohns, Cleveland, Ohio Chairman ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,. R ev. Robert V. O'Connor Page Forty-Eight Pageant KTHE SHEPHERD OF THE FLOCKH EPISODE Golden Iubilee oi The Reverend Ambrose A. Weber Iune 5-12. 1936 Mrs. Lucian Kinn ,.. , .,,,,,,,,,,, Pi-H110 Miss Margaret Huss ,,,,, , ,,,,,..,,,,, .,,,,..,,, V iOliH Chorus: Iubilee Bells ,,,,,, ,,,7. H igh School Students l. Prologues ,,,., ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,7,,,,.,,,,, , I oseph Gabriel, Ruth . . . Look how symbolically the paschal moon moves shepherd-like among her flock of stars. Solo Dance of the Moon ,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,.,.,,,,,. Dorothy Brickner Dance of the Stars ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,, ,,,,,..,,,,,,..,,,,,f, G rode 5 Dorothy Cline, Mary DiCesare, Mildred Droll, Betty Emerine, Helen Filliater, Patty Hayes, Alice Lyon, Kathleen Swick, Anna Lou Swint, Michaelene Tinkovicz, Rita Ulman, Su- zanne Vogel. Frankart EPISODE ll: Prologue ,,,, , , ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, V irginia Klinepeter The Spotless Lamb in daily Sacrifice Raised on High. Abel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,, loesph Ulman Protecting Angels-Beatrice Thom, Loretta Briclcner, Dor- othy Enright. Solo Dance ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, Carolyn Cunningham Dance of Sacrifice ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, G rade 8 Catherine Ardner, Camilla Baker, Carolyn Cunningham, Margaret Dibling, Eileen Emerine, Mary Rose Falter, Marie Frisch, Vivian Holman, Ethel Huth, Marguerite Lichtle, Ellen Foos, Ethelreda Schmitz, Margaret Smith, Mary Smith, Mil- dred Thom, Kathleen Teeple. Dance of Purity ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Grade 4 Betty Bentz, Mary Brown, Catherine Bulkowski, Alice Burkart, loanne Emerine, Anna Erloland, Alice Hammer, Doris Huss, loanne Kinn, Patty Ann Kromer, Teresa Padden, Kathryn Schari, Alice Thom, Regina Waltermeyer, lane Ziegman. Page FortyANine Angels ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,..A..,.,,,,,, Grade 3 Patricia Abowd, loyce Bragg, Kathleen Cline, Phyllis Cook, Barbara Coughenour, Patricia Downes, Pauline Erbland, Evelyn Frankart, lacquelyn Gordon, Mary L. Lehman, Marie Lonsway, Colleen Lytle, Ieanne McMeen, Betty Scharf, lane Smith, Iean Valter, Virginia Whitta. Solo Dance ..i,., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, I o yce Bragg EPISODE Ill: Prologue ,,,,, .,,,, M adonna Howard David ,,,i,,, ,,,,,..... D ale Bourie Samuel ,,,,...... .,,,,. I oseph Gabriel Dance of Day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,.,.....,.,.......,.,,,, Grades 1 and 2 Ianet Blaser, Teresa Brickner, Mary E. Collins, Caroline Corcoran, Norma Kerrey, Mary E. King, Lucianne Kirin, Marjorie Swint, lune Valter, Alice Zeyen, Margaret Abowd, Rosemary Brickner, Margaret Hammer, Mary Lou Hammer, Donna Marie lones, Betty Kauffman, Norma Lonsway, Norine Nycum, loanne Scharf, Mary lane Schira, Dorothy Sauber, Lucille Thom, Ioanne Waltermeyer, Iannette Wright, lane Zeyen. Dance of Twilight . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Grade 7 Margaret Altwies, Rita Binkley, Catherine Coughenour, Cath- erine Downes, Agnes Droll, Margaret Frankart, Regina Hepp, Verina Hepp, Ioan Huth, Dorothy Keiffer, Lucille Kelbley, Mary lo Woessner. Dance of Darkness ,,,,,c,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, High School Girls Adele Bigila, Marguerite Palewage, Lillian Good, leanne Firth, Kathryn Smith, Mary Wilson, lane Wolph, Mary lane Downes, Ioan Lonsway, Iennie Tinkovicz, Barbara Ann Welly. The Lord is My Shepherd ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Virginia Klinepeter EPISODE lV: Prologue , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , H , Iames Rossie . . . Shepherds on the Hill stood waiting through' the night. Shepherds: Eugene Boyer, Kenneth Holman, lohn Martin, Dale Bourie. Angels: Herald: Beatrice Thom, Loretta Brickner, Dorothy Enright. Chorus: Ieanette Huth, Virginia Klinepeter, Iosephine Rosin- ski, Annabelle Sendelbach, Adele Bigila, Marguerite Pale- wage, Lillian Good, leanne Ann Woessner, lane Wolph. Page Fifty EPISODE V. Prologue ..... ... ,, . . . E u qene Daugherty Come to Me all ye that labor and are heavily burdened. Christ ,7,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lawrence Fink Group: Mary lane Bounds, Anna George, Ruth Kelbley, lackie Klinepeter, Virginia Klinepeter, Thomas Roberts, limmy Schart, Loretta Wank, Iustin Nye, Robert Welly. EPISODE Vl. Prologue o,i,,o,,,,,, o,o,o,o,o,.o,ooo, oo,o, G r ace Weimerskirch Apostles of Christ, were they. Christ ,,,A, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, L awrence Fink Peter nn... ,,.,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,f,,,,,,i ,,,,,,..V,, l u Stirl NYG Other apostles: lames Rossie, Robert Welly, Leonard Leh- man, lunior Bangert. Dance oi Love ,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,..,,,, Grade 6 Frances Brown, Barbara Ann Firth, Eleanora Foos, Marjorie Kinn, Virginia Lichtle, Mary Navarro, Margaret Patterson, Marjorie Schmitz, Geraldine Shober, Margaret Thorn, Kath- ryn Srntith, Helen Whitta, Mary Whitta, EPlSODE VH. Prologue ,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W i lliam Iacoby Since being near to God is happiness . . . small wonder shepherds danced upon the green. Dance of the Shepherds ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, High School Students Ruth Frankart, Madonna Howard, leanette Huth, Virginia Klinepeter, losephine Rosinski, Annabelle Sendelbach, Eu- gene Boyer, Eugene Daugherty, Lawrence Fink, William Foos, Kenneth Holman, lohn Martin. Praise Ye the Father .. High School Students Epilogue ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,., . ..,..,..,..., Carl Myers Gift Bearer .. ,... Lucianne Kinn Tableau e.e.e. ,..... E ntire Cast Finale Oo, 7 K-J LX Cav- fvf, Nana: , -.,,.,f X O,!w: 2 ,'E0 xN':o9.9iQ 'bf:5QB55' J '6 ::.v. P' K I V I ' .Z X if R, ' R f 1 Page Fifty-One mfamwzsmwa, P AT R O N S Jawiffaawaswafiwxwsw Rev. A. A. Weber Rev. R. V. O'Connor Rev. A. Scheiber Rev. I. H. Keller C. W. Scheib Dr. E. C. Belt Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blaser The Book and Gift Shop Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Bruggeman Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Collins Mrs. Catherine Cramer Mrs. H. Dumont Edison Cut Rate Drug Store Edwards Dry Cleaning Miss Margaret Enright '35 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Fink Mr. I. V. Ford Fostoria Elks Club Miss Esther Eredericks '30 Class of 1936 Boys ot 1937 Girls of l937 Class oi l939 Mr. l. G. Green ludge C. A. Guernsey Miss Lela Mae Hampshire Harbaugh and Micke-y's Mr. E. M. Hopkins Dr. H. D. Hunter Mr. Richard Huth '34 Robert P. Kabel Insurance Aqency Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Kinn Mason's Tea Room Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McKee Miss Mary McKee '31 Mr. C. C. McKay Onsel Brothers Rotary Club Dr. E. G. Ruble Hannah and Margaret Ryan Rusty and Fancy's Art Studio Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Pennell Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Perry lacob Preis Store Pressed Steel Company Mr. A. Potter Rogers Producing Company Dr. M. E. Seiple Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Welly Mr. and Mrs. Ross Woessner Dr. and Mrs. H. D. Sheeran A Page Fifty-'Two Late Flashes Evelyn Bigham '32 will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mary Manse college, Toledo, Ohio, this month. Evelyn was valedictorian of her class, when she was graduated from high school. The honor was con- ferred upon her by the faculty and the senior class. Miss Bigham was an honor student throughout her four years in high school. She was a member of the Wen- delette and Proslin staffs and won national honors sev- eral times in Quill and Scroll contests. Evelyn was awarded the Mary Manse scholarship on the night of her graduation from St. Wendelin's. Margaret Lonsway '32 will be graduated from No- tre Dame college for women South Euclid, Ohio, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Miss Lonsway was excep- tionally active during her high school career and car- ried off honors several times for her literary efforts. She was on the honor list throughout her high school days and on graduation night was awarded the scholarship to Notre Dame colleqe. Margaret was a member of the Wendelette and Froslin staffs, and Won first place in the spelling con- tests for three consecutive years. Officers for the Students' Spiritual Council were elected at a recent meet- ing. loseph Magers '37 is president: Mar lean Teeple '38, vice-presidentg Kath- ryn Smith '38, secretary-treasurer: William lacoby '38, historian. Cloyce Tippett '30 returned from Honolulu for a visit in the States. Tippet has been beyond the Golden Gate for the past three years. While in Fostoria, Cloyce visited St. Wendelin high school, where he surely was a welcome visitor. Traffic and parking problems, during the jubilee celebration were under the capable management of lohn Martin, William Wilson, Eugene Boyer, Carl Myers, and Robert Kramb. Carolyn Vogel '30, a graduate of Notre Dame college, South Euclid, Ohio, is the assistant private secretary to Dr. Crile, of the Crile Clinic in Cleveland. Florence Bigham '31, will be presented in an organ recital, lune l4, in St. Wendelin church. This is Miss Bigham's first appearance and she has dedicated the recital to the Reverend A. A. Weber in honor of his golden jubilee. Eight high school girls were selected to serve at the jubilee banquet, in honor of Father Weber: Virginia Klinepeter, Ieanette Huth, Dorothy Enright, Ruth Erankart, Rita Moes, Grace Weirnerslcirch, Lillian Good, and Helen Erbland. Ieanette Huth, Virginia Kline-peter, Jeanne Ann Woessner, Grace Weimer- skirch, and Betty Wilson received an award for faithful serving at the Holy Name breakfasts. Page Fifty-Three Zin 11-lilemnriam , 7 N ,' uxdfm mv, . X , , 15' V922 9.g+5f3i:Qif39Zf fviW:-q- ' MARY BARRETT . . ,34 Sepffmlw jofb, 1935 ROBERT HUTH . . ,35 Noifefizfzer 1616, 1935 P FfF A 0.1 X ' I THLETICS .. , . - Football Squad Front Row-loseph Maqers, Harold Miller, Ralph Krupp, loseph Ulman, Kenneth Holman, William Wilson, Charles Cook, Robert Waltermeyer, Chester Bulkowski. Second Row-loseph Elaser, Assistant Coachp Vernon Elchert, Student Manager: lames Bulkowski, Carl Myers, Raymond l-lark, Earl Maqers, William lacoloy, Elmer Ernerine, larnes Maqers, Melvin Bixler, Rev. R. V. O'Connor, Faculty Manaqerp Cyril Scharf, Coach. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE September l9 ,.,,,,, M, Fostoria ,,,,,,,,,,,.,, r, , Here October 2 , ,,.,.. .... O ak Harbor ,,,,.,..,, Here October lO ,,,, ,,,, U pper Sandusky . . , There October l7 ,,,, ,, ,,,, Calvert ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, H ere October 23 ,,,, .... C arey ,,,,,, , H There October 3l ,,..,,,, Norwalk ,,,,, , W There November 6 ,,,. Crestline ,,,, ,, There BASKETBALL SCHEDULE December W, .,,,,,,. . ffffffff CGIGY 1 V ,f,,f Here December 6 ,,,, ,,,. N orwalk ,,,,, W There December 18 ,,,. CI9Slll1'19 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,., . Tl'161'G lanuary 8 A,,,,,, ..,, U pper Sandusky , , Here january 15 ,,,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,..,,..,,,,..,.,,.. C alvert v,,,,,,,,,,,,,, H .,,,,,,,,.,,, ,W Here Ianuary 29 ,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, 'League Night ,r..,,, Upper Sandusky 7:30-Upper Sandusky-St, Wendelin 8:3OeCarey-Crestline. 9:30-St. Paul-Calvert February 5 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,........V.,..,.f. Carey' Y.., February l2 .... ,,,. C restline ,,,, February 19 .,.. ,.,, C alvert ,,,,,,,,,,,,A., Page Fifty-Six There Here WW, There Athletic Directors Cyril C. Scharf Rev. R. V. O'Conncr Dr. T. W. Geoqhegan As faculty manager of our high school athletics, Father O'Connor has en- deared himself to every boy who has worn the Black and Gold. A friendly, encouraging word to a trailing squad frequently put that spark of determina- tion into the boys who wanted to Win but seemed to be slipping. Father O'Connor made the trips regularly with the team and was not only a friend and guide but a spiritual leader above all else. Coach Cy Scharf ccmpleted his thirteenth year as Black and Gold mentor. This year his promoticn at the National Carbon company demanded more time and Mr. Stcharf, who will hold the position of Athletic Director will be assisted by Ioseph Blaser '32. Dr. T. W. Geoghegan has been the team's physician for the past five years. The Doctor accompanies the team Whenever his professional duties Will permit him. Front Row--Ralph Krupp, William Foos, Ioseph Magers, Earl Magers, Elmer Emerine, Carl Myers. lames Maqers. Second ROW-loseph Blaser, Assistant Coach: Gerald Kromer, Student Managerg Chester Bulkowski, William lacoby, Alfred Lange, loseph Ulman, Student Manager, Rev. R. V. O'Con' nor, Faculty Manager, Cyril C. Scharf, Coach. Page Fifty-Seven Assistant Coach V loseph Blaser '32 generously and whole-heartedly offered .V , his services to his Alma Mater when Coach Scharf's duties . , prevented his being with the boys every night. 'i 1 Blaser was a great athlete during his high school days- vvon nine school monograms, and put the greatest enthusiasm into everything he tackled. 'f TWO Years ago he organized an alumni team, that has ' been a credit to Blaser. Wg if Football Captain-Elect . . 1936 Captaineelect Earl Magers '37 was chosen by his next year teammates to lead the Mohawlcs on the gridiron. If' ' Earl will lead a veteran aggregation into battle in the fall. The students are confident that they will bring home many an enemy's scalp. Earl played halfback and was an inspiration to the rest of the team by his great offensive and defensive ability. Foothall Captain . . 1935 Captain Kenneth Holman '36 was placed on the - injured list early in the season, which kept him out of one of the principal games. Playing his old position as guard Kenny led a green squad into the fray and though the Mohawks failed to triumph, they were al- ways in the game to the end. .gg t . Holman won three football letters while he was in fy high school. Cheerleaders Virginia Klinepeter '36 and Dorothy Brickner '38 headed the cheering squad during the past season. Many a lagging spirit soared to a new height as the result of the volume of cheering. Virginia has distinguished herself in many extra-curricular activities. Dorothy, though only a sophomore, has al- ready brought great honor to her Alma Mater. The idea of a cheering squad in the high school was initiated last year by Eleanor Sherman '35 and approved by the Rev. Robert V. O'Connor. Virginia Klinepeter '36 was cheerleader during her junior and senior years. Page Fifty-Eight Cheering Squad Cheerleaders Virginia Klirtepeter, Dorothy Brickner. Beatrice Thom Loretta Brickner, Mary lane Downes, Kathryn Smith, Ieanne Firth, Helen Erbland Rita Moes Beatrice Auer, Mar Iean Teeple, Ruth Kelbley, Louise Bauer, Carolyn Wonderly Gladys Myers, Iennie Tinkovicz, Mary Louise Emison, leanne Ann Woessner, Mar- guerite Falewage Adele Bigila, Mildred Hein, Rosemarie Erbland, Mary lane Mabus. During the football and basketball seasons the girls of the cheering squad faithfully attended the games to support the teams and by their cheering lead them on toward Victory. Under the capable leadership of Virginia Klinepeter '36, and Dorothy Brickner '38, the cheering squad has become quite efficient and indispensable to the football and basketball teams. Besides attending all the home games, some of the members of the cheer- ing squad have been present at many of the out-of-town games. The students belonging to this organization are to be congratulated upon their cooperation and interest. Appreciation is extended to them by the boys who so loyally fought for their Alma Mater, either on the gym floor or on the gridiron. We hope that this wondeful organization will continue to exist in the high school and grow larger and more helpful in years to come. During the past school year practice-meetings were held in the mechan- ical drawing room or in the gym, during which various cheers were practiced. M anagers William Wilson '36 -and Vernon Midget Elchert '39 were chosen as stu- dent managers for football. Both lads fperformed their duties faithfully. lf one were to glance into the locker rooms, either William or Vernon was sure to be seen cleaning up. Ioseph Ulman '39 and Gerald Kromer '39 performed similar duties for the basketball squad. Checking equipment and packing grips became easy tasks for these two reliable managers. Page Fifty-Nine Alumni Team Front Row-S. Rosinski, l. Krepps, W, Baeder, C. Krupp, C. Thomas. Second Row-Cyril C. Schari, Rev. Robert V. O'Connor, loseph Blaser. Playing their third season of semi-pro basketball, the alumni team enjoyed another very successful season on the hardwood court. Playing only the leading semi-pro teams in Ohio they encountered some Very stiff opposition all through the season but managed to win the biggest percentage of their games. Entering the professional tournament at Leipsic they finished third amongst the strongest professional teams in Ohio. Opposing such teams as The Brown Bombers, King Midas Flour from Toledo, Findlay Kanel Clothes, and many other leading teams olt the state, they have made a Very creditable and enviable record. These boys Wish to express their thanks to the Rev. R. V. O'Connor and to Cy Schart for the splendid help and cooperation given to them this past sea- son. They Want to assure him that they will ever strive to bring honor upon St. Wendelin high. 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Accident and Health Bonds Main and Tiffin Sts. Fostoria, Ohio Phone 627 OCTOBER The Fostoria Eagles Lodge presented the school with an organ which is used in the chapel. Wendelette campaign opened in an assembly on Septem- ber 19. Kenneth Holman '36 chosen captain of football squad for 1935. St. Wendelin Graduates Have Made Good 1002 at TIFFIN BUSINESS UNIVERSITY 3700 Graduates at Work Today. One Placed Every 48 Hours During 1935. WRITE FOR CATALOG Compliments of PACKING HOUSE, STOCK YARDS Fostoria, Ohio Columbus Ave. at Paclcinq House Phone 450 Page Sixty-Three CIA DAUGHTERS OF ISABELLA I Of St. WendeIin's f 7 5 5 Has an enviable record of years ot if w Social, Religious and lntellectual '64 fig I to Activity. it QUR Sl-IQES P nn: HE IST , . ' li f 1 :J I A f, LM, IlEBUll'l' IOE BROWN The Sole Saver Heel You 214 South Main St. NOVEMBER The Wendelette Campaign closed successfully this month, with first prize tor subscriptions presented to Barbara Ann Welly '39, who brought in 27 sub- scriptions. Lawrence Fink established a new height in the ad campaign by sell- ing two hundred and one-halt inches ot advertising space. lohn Martin was chosen Editor-in-Chiet, and Lawrence Fink was chosen business manager, Catholic Chronicle opens Diocesan-wide subscription contest to raise cir- culation to lU,UOO readers. Seniors entertain treshmen at spooky Hallowe'en Assembly. Compliments ot QUALITY IS EVERYTHING The name Dicken on your Photo means as much to you as the Word sterling on your silver. Visit our stu- THE CITY LOAN 6. GUARANTY dio, examine our portraiture and COMPANY judge for yourself. THE DICKEN STUDIO Main and Center Sts. Fostoria, O. l2l Perry St. Page Sixty-Four Get Your Car Needs at FIRESTONE AUTO SUPPLY 6: SERVICE STORE 142 East Tiffin St. CHEVROLET For Economical Transportation GLENN SMITH CHEVROLET CO. 150 East South St. TeleDl1O1'l9 54 Fostoria, Ohio Phone 45 G' I' McDonald' Mgr' The Only Complete Low Priced Car Poa THAT FINE DRY CLEANING OLIVER HART PARK FARM fUse- MACHINERY BISHOP'S Examine the Stewart Warner Save-A-Step Refrigerators. Woman's Friend Washing Machines. HARRY R. STROMAN SANITARU Drq Cleaninq Co. llU West North St. Phone 123 125 East Center St. DECEMBER Members of freshmen class received into the sodality at impressive cere- mony, December 8. Senior class victorious in Catholic Chronicle Campaign. Father Weber's name day program held on December 7, in high school auditor- ium. leanette Huth '36 named president of Bonhi club for the year 1935-36. ,Vir- ginia Klinepeter '36 Wins National Honors and a gold key in an Editorial Con- test sponsored by the Quill and Scroll society. Athletic Banquet was given by mothers of the athletes. Letters were award- ed to varsity football men. Sophomore class sponsored Chronicle Victory din- ner on December 10. High school choir made its initial appearance at the seven o'clock Mass on Christmas day. Aloys Schnitzler '39 led the students in sale of turkey chances held in connection with the chicken dinner and fall festival. BEST WISHES Compliments of Extended to the Class of '36 PI-:GGs' WALL PAPER AND From PAINT STORE Peggs' Has lt CROW'S CASH MARKET Fancy Groceries and Choice Meats Corner Elm and Perry Sts. GIBSON Hermetically Sealed HARDING SAYS 5-YEAR Fighting High 'Prices is the Cham- GUARANTEE pionship l m After. See This Gibson Refrigerator at HABDING ODENWELLEHS Square Deal Ieweler Page Sixty-Five WALTER'S BEAUTY SHOP Fostoria's Most Modern Shop of Beauty Culture 216 So. Wood St. Permanent Waves, Finger Waves, Facials, Manicures, Hair Tinting, and Dyeing CUNNINGHI-XM'S CUT RATE DRUG STORE Prices As Low As Any ln Fostoria. SCHOOL SUPPLIES WALL PAPER, PAINT, TRUSSES CLOVER FARM STORES BERT'S RESTAURANT Fostoria's - - kv h d- - Green and Cream Pure Food Stores We take Etude m.OUr uc en an m C A Babb Earl Dray vite your inspection at your conven- 322 South Main. 457 W. Twin ience. You will enjoy the delicious Phone 526 Phone 126 food and splendid service. C. H. GC. O. Coppus F rank Kinker - 117 NO. Main 201 E.Lyt1e We Bake Ou' Own Hes' Phone l30 Phone 993 203 North Main St. Fostoria, Ohio IANUARY loseph Gabriel '36 Won highest honors in the Diocesan-wide Press Cru- sade. The Most Reverend Bishop presented the winner with a statue of Our Blessed Mother. Semester examinations were held in high school. What a pleasure for those who were exempted. Iunior class served dinner to the fac- ulty and the students ot the high school. Mission Society sponsored bake sale, Ianuary l8, at Cunningham's Drug Store. REED INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance and Bond Service ll3 W. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Phones: Res. l8UlWg Office 64. Compliments of THE CIVIC THEATER Compliments of BlLL'S ECONOMY STORE Fostoria, Ohio Gillig Electric Store Page Sixty-Six HARRY I. SEEBON Transier and Storage Phone 315 425 S. Union St. MORRIS 5 AND 10c TO S1 STORE Fostoria's Newest and Largest Sc to Sl Store ALBERT FLECHTNER Dealer in Choice Meats -and- CITY FRUIT MARKET , The Best tor Less H. G. Smith, Prop. We Deliver WALLHIDE - FLOORHIDE PAINTS WATERSPAR ENAMEL One Day Painting Products. PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CU. Phone 644 119 N. Main St. FEBRUARY Rev. R. V. O'Connor observed his thirteenth anniversary in the priesthood. He was ordained February 23, 1923. Bonhi Club members presented their an- nual stage production. This year they chose Sally Lou. lt was Well presented and proved to be a huge success. The leading roles were taken by: James Rossie, Virginia Klinepeter, lustin Nye, leanette Huth, and Eugene Daugherty. COMPLIMENTS OF THE SMOKE HOUSE L. I. Schild CLASS OF '38 Fostor1a's Recreation Center Fostoria, Ohio News Stand Billiards It You Walk- FRED'S RECREATION SEE GEORGE Shine Stand Sports Returns Let Him Repair Your Shoes PhOI'1G 62 East Center St. Page Sixty-S even CORL'S GOLDEN PHEASANT Ice Cream. Candy. Nuts Telephone 438 100 S. Main St. Compliments oi ORWIG'S UNION DRUG STORE Compliments of FOSTORIA SCREW CO. BUICK -OLDSMOBlLE- PONTIAC 1936 Models on Display A Demonstration Will Convince You. THE RUHL MOTOR CO. Robert S. Ruhl, Mgr. General Motor Trucks Buick, Olds, Pontiac Motor Cars. We Service A11 Makes ot Cars. 118-122 E. Titiin St. Phone 255 MARCH The junior class presented the high school's first Amateur Hour. Under the capable managership oi Robert Brickner and Iames Rossie, it scored a tre- mendous hit. The treshmen and sophomore classes, under the direction of Rev. A. Scheiber presented a short mission skit, entit1ed First Fruits. The Froslin ad and subscription campaign opened this month with the usual go-getters securing a strong tootho1d. One week was allotted tor se11ing advertising space, while two weeks were given to secure subscriptions. From North to South, From East to West ENR1GHT'S ROSES Are Always Best. Cut Flowers and Potted PLants T. I. ENRIGHT .,.. FRUTH BASKET MARKETS Quality Groceries and Meats Phone For Food 345 Sandusky 202 S. Main. 231 W. Culbertson. Our Own FREE Delivery DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service BLOSE MOTOR SALES 304 North Main St. Fostoria, Ohio Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD CO. Page Sixty-Eight ALL KINDS OF COAL AND BUILDING MATERIAL Also Chi-Namel Paints I. B. BASEHORE AND CO. 3l2 East Center St. Phone 38 DAYMUDE'S Beauty and Barber Shop Satisfaction Assured. Corner Main and Cente: Sts Phone 1266 THE FOSTORIA PRESSED STEEL CORP. Fostoria, Ohio LAvERY'S Corner Sandusky and Main Phone 523W Everything for your late party We Deliver Till l A. M. APRIL Dorothy Brickner '38 won a trip to Washington in the essay contest, Our American Heritage sponsored by American Legion. Seniors among local win- ners, Lawrence Fink, lohn Martin, Loretta Brickner. Wendelette was awarded first honor rating by Columbia Scholastic Press Association in New York City. Seniors won in Froslin campaign. Loretta Brickner '36 was awarded first place. Delta Omega girls '36 sponsored dinner in school cafeteria. April issue of Wendelette was issued by Sophomore class. Boy Scout movement was launched in St. Wendelin school. Lawrence Fink has been named Senior Pa- trol Leader. SENECA OIL CO. Distributors of Hl-SPEED PRODUCTS Pasrnvm BILLIARD PARLOR And the Pastime Bowling P-Uev Phone 220 Fostoria, Ohio I. R. McElroy, Mgr. ABC EASY WASHERS AND IRONERS On Display Service on All Makes NYE IMPLEMIENT CO.. INC. 149 E. South St. Phone 165 Compliments of NATIONAL CARBON CO., INC. Page Sixty-Nine DISTINCTIVE STYLES COOK ELECTRICALLY In Summer Apparel THE H. O. AHLENIUS CO. OHIO POWER COMPANY THE DRESS SHOP Compliments of FOSTORIA AUTOMOBILE CLUB 1 ' Phone 3ZOW. Hays Hotel Bldg. Women's Wear APRIL iContinuedl Seniors entertained Father O'Connor on his birthday at a pot-luck supper in school cafeteria. Wendelette merits tirst class honor rating by National Scholastic Press Association. I The faculty and members oi the senior class were guests ot Father O'Con- nor when they witnessed Naughty Marietta given by the students oi Central Catholic high school, Toledo. Mary lane Bounds, local Winner ot the current events contest sponsored by the Scholastic was awarded a iountain pen. Seniors sponsored bake sale tor the high school iubilee fund April ll. s. s. KRESGE co. Compliments of lO6 North Main St. Try Kresge's First ll2 East Tiffin St. FEASEL'S MARKET DELL'S LUNCH Fostoria's Food Center 224 South Main St. Best Wishes For Your Future Sandwiches That You Will Like Page Seventy THE Q Most: LAMFROM VVEFHCF CLOTHING COMPANY lfholemle Meats Dress Better and You'll Feel Better MAY Horne Again Harry was presented by the seniors under direction of Father O'Cormor May 24-25. Freshman and sophomore classes sponsored bake sale for jubilee tund May 9. Adele Bigila, Marguerite Falewaqe, and Mar lean Teeple were Winners in the annual spelling contest. The faculty and members ol the senior class Were quests ol Father O'Con- nor at Belle lsle, Detroit, llvlichiqanl on May 21. Sophomore class edited May issue of the Wendelette. WESTINGHOUSE REFRIGERATORS Compliments ot . Mennel Millmg Co. 0 H' Q' 5N Ju? THE FRUTH HARDWARE co. Page Seventy-One WOODWORK, GOOD LUMBER AND FINE MILLWORK -Since 18734 THE SENECA LBR.a MILLWORK Co. 635 w. TIFFIN sr. PHONE 383 THE EPSILON CHAPTER of the DELTA OMEGA SORORITY Welcomes the ZETA CHAPTER Pep and Pluck to do great things is the characteristic trait of every member. PETER CLOTHING STORE EXCLUSIVE CLOTHES FOR EXCLUSIVE MEN Compliments ol THE GRADUATES ...OF... 1936 Page Seventy-Two Buy Your Ford . Chevrolet . Plymouth . . HEATERS from Electric Auto-lite Co FOUNDRY DIVISION .Ze Commercial Press .... OFFICE SUPPLIES 121 EAST TIFFIN STREET FOSTORIA, OHIO THE FOSTORIA LUMBER 6- SQUTH MAIN HOTEL AND SUPPLY COMPANY RESTAURANT Lumber, Millwork. Paints Refreshments H' Rooms and Builders Hardware MEALS AT ALL HOURS 240 west North sf. Phone 197 Tohn Roqiefs and Lee Umm Compliments of The fifzzggfzis Of Cofzzmbzzs FOSTORIA, OHIO A CLUB WITH PEP, SELF-SACRIFICE AND ENERGY The lllllllli Club '-DIIBOOST OUR NEW HIGHIE- Membership of Ilard V orkers And GOOD BOOSTERS 4591 I ,X s 21 St. Wendelin High Club Page Seventy-Six UTOGRAPH UTOGRAPH UTOGRAPH UTAOGRAPH

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