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74 . Vii' Senior Class I .y St. WVendelin lligh School flZK'Jl'llAY FRU LI 1935 'I' F0lll'I1'0llll TN.VOf11Y'1lV'?' ye-a15 ago, 11911110 wie xvesw 1111111 1119 C111lI'C11 111a11t1oc1 1-11 115. Wv are 1116- 111111 111 111a1 1111'o51q111. A 4111111111 ::o111111y IS 1101 a 1111111 1111.9 1:1 1110 110 if C1111 1,1l111 and 11 IS 1111 a 1011.1 1111.11 111 11111 11111111 111921. Bc11111lf1 111 11115 v11111111G a 1110111111y 61 C7111 'wars 111 h1q11 5C11o:11. T110 1 1ay gg?-5 -111. V176 are 111 1110 GIIC1 111 1119 11151 5151. '1'11Q 1111101 1:15 are 11:11 wr:- 1G11 1'11f they are 111 111D 11101111813 111131 we 111111. 011101 y1x115 w111 11111111110 111Q111. T11115 1119 111115111 111115 and 1:11111 111.1 11111115-. Befnre they 11:1 we a5k 11111111 in 111kQ and to 11911511111 11115 v0111:1'e 131 1119 FROSLIN, 11 15 1119 c11r111111110 x1 a 111111103 year. May 11 119 an 111511111- 111:11 1f 11111 11I1C1E?Ik c711155111Q11g 1111 1111111 13 f1r11.'11111' and 111g11e1 c1111raqec1115 aia C-11111 115111110111 10 e1vQ1yo11e 111 11111 41111555 51 15114911 111 1111111111019 WI111GIl 111 0111 r1w11 11311111 1:11 41111 pGfE'I115f a 1110111159 01 11de111y 511111051 and 5ea1e111, 1c 1119 S1519-15 and 1110 13110515 w1'1 11,1111 15111111 115. CQINTENTS I I L A S S IC S ORGANIZATIONS ACTIYITIICS ATHLETICS ADN'ERTISEMEN'I'5 I THREE DEIIICATIIIN To the spiritual leadership ot a quarter Cerrturyy to the three livihq successors ot the Apostles, who have ruled us by the grace ol God arid the lF1Vf't' vt the Apostolic See: to the rrrost Reverend losegli Schrerrrbs how the zealous Bislwi' ot Clevhlfirmt who was the first Shepherd ot the Diocese of Twlerlw 111 Ohio: tc- the Most Reve-rer1ft Srirrruel A. Stzitfili, the secorro Bishop urrfioz whose o, isrorfal flirertzfrr St. Vtferidelirr lligh Sehool took its place azzrorirz the edt'- Cirtioriqrl lristitutrorre ot the diracesez to the Ill-151 Hex' ererizl Karl I. Alter, rrr this his JL1l11lSO year, the Ilttiil Brsliop ririd the yiresorit Shepherd of our sruuls, .rio Corrsecrntod leader ut Qfatltolzzi Actiorr arid Cntlioliv odueatiorr, the Prfrfegrtor of the poor arid the :1rr'l1:i:1, the spiritual Charripiori of the c'ivQc rights ,rt Catholic parents .mil rrlzilrlreri, to those three Bishops ot To ledu drooese, Qxdidttfl9SP9Ct3liYf21iFVTPSTIY 1 ol -vert Bishop, do we tho Plass ot i935 huriiivly olerl r"r tw this severitli volurzre ot the Froslirr. Y, . rumlll WW! zrfff s1,wP 1 Mos! Reverend Mos! Reverend JOSEPH SCHREMBS. D. D. KARL l. ALTER. D. D. Mos! Reverend SAMUEL B. STRITCH. D. D. FIVE 1 I I. 1 ll' wuE'!',y 7 'Hu' R4'u'1'4-1111 I v 1 . . . 1-lwr 1'zlst11I' 1111fl11 1 11119 1111149 1i1aw:L1.1es 5:1111 1 FQ?51SII.i, 171111111 Vfe1-111 11111: 1.111 111151 1111111111:11y 1lf1i1 11:1Cv11:s111111y 1111 1:11- 1191111151 QiT1l'1 11.1:x'1 .11 1115 111115-11. 11111111 111410 111 17.111 11fk ci.-W11 C11 1111: ww11-i Q1 11.13114 114W 11511112 1111- 1Q:1Oc711111111111 of 1119 1'1111::'11, 1119 1111111111111 111 11111 -11111112 14511-111, S1:219Ti11 c:11vQ111 .md IILWV 11115 111111'1.J1:.1 1111121 11111111111 1191117 cated 11' i110 C1111s19 O1 161135111112 111111 19-1111:J11. 11113 8111115 111' 111s O11111111' rQ1:,t1d 01 dCT111QVQI11G111S. 111110111511 1113 111111011111 5111161111113 51311163 day 11:11Y 1311 111 11111115 115 111119 passes, 13111 111w111' Wl11 1111: 511111111111 edlfufes. Pg1111Q1 Wi?1NixT 111111112951 ::11111v c1i11d1e11 111 1110 111151 11111131 ycaus, 1511111111111 111511 '11111111Q1 are 111a11y 111 11119 lJILiL1L1511I1xj dass 01 11115 ye.11, 1111 11Qf11'1i 11111 11I1S1 CTL3Y119S51OIl, gave 115 11111 11151 HQ11y QiOII1II111I11DI1 H1111 11:1 S111-'31 at 61111 QTLT1111f111.111UI1. 111115 11 15 only 1111111 a11:1c111111111 11151 we mssorvo 11125 1111-19111: 31111 w11:1 111151106311 511111 11 1 x1c1, 11110 111151 C1011 1Tii311f1 1111111r'T' 111.111-1 'lllic' H1-u-re-ml R. V. 0'C0nn0r , . . I rinvipul As the great curtain of lite drops and the first act ot our play is lin- ished, we can not help but thinl-1 ot him who has been our silent guide lor the last tour years of school lite. When that curtain rises again we shall not forget our director. His life is a most unselfish one. He has taught us firmly by word and example how we should live. When we have learned the lessons, and with the grace of God may we heed them, may we be a credit to the one who has labored for us and a glory to the monument ot education, he lived and prayed for during the last nine years, he has spent in our midst. On this page, the class of 1935 wishes to extend their true apprecia- tion to their leader and Principal, the Reverend Robert V. O'Connor. SEVEN 'I'h 4- K1-u-1111141 Allwrt '. Svln-ilwr X-F1wla1l11 . A 1'-'1"1 11:1 1 Tr. 1. 1: 1.',' 1111 11 1 11: 1 'L11ll,E1X11I1f 1 ' '1'. '11 ' 'I : ' 7 1,11 '11 111.111, 1 LSL .1 '11 1 sg .111 WI. tg T1 1 1 f!11'f1, 114' 1111 :1.1,1,.:11t1', 1111 111 1 Flf 1 1.1u'11111'f111i11-1511. I11' 21111 1. 111 J 11 1 3111-1111 1 'V11'f1f1.' ' 1f11.i-l11.11!1f11- 1111 11 1 14111111 :z 1 1'11IZ.1 111 T11 -11.1 11 12 11111-1 . .111 11 111 1 ' 1 111 1111 151 1:1.' 1 1 .1 1 311.11 1111 11111 . 1 . . 11- 711'.' 1 CQ1111111 11:1 :11 1 1115 1' 11.11111 11 1' as ' ' 1. .' 11-.'1':1 -11.i1l11lfQ1v1 111 11111 :11.111y 1511111111 ww 11.11121 TPTTXIVPC1 111111111111 11111 14111211 1 .11 111111111 SJ111131111, 111111 'sm 11111 1111f1,' ffxprwsrs .Tllf " 111121: 1:1 111. 1111 1.1 111111: 52111 1-.111 FACULTY REVEREND ROBERT V. O'CONNOR P R I N C I P A L REVEREND ALBERT SCHEIBER SISTER MARY FRANCELLA SISTER MARY GENEROSE SISTER MARY EVENTIA SISTER MARY MADELEINE C Y R I L C. S C H A R F FLORENCE DEGENS NINE TEN TRIBUTE, TO OUR TEACHERS As we the departing class ot i935 stand on the threshold of a new life, we look hack with grateful eyes to the long hours spent in the pursuit of our curricular duties, and as our thoughts drift along the course ol those joyous days we turn our :ninds to the faculty under whose helping guidance and loving tute- lage we have learned the three points tor which this school was instituted, namely, goodness, discipline, and learning. To them although it is lout a futile and inadequate gesture, We extend our appreciation for their kind care always given with a genial word of friendship and now when wo are aluout to oid adieu to them and pass onward through these portals of learning we thank and salute them tor their generosity and hereby prornise, to uphold always, the horicr of our dear "Al- ma Mater," we have come to love, and the teachings of moral- ity and faith that they have labored so patiently to instill with- in our rninds and bodies, First, to Father O'Connor, the helriisrnan of the good ship, St. Wendelin High, who persevered and fought for righteous- ness and justice and always gave the loser more encourage- ment for the next venture, to him do we extend our fullest gratitude. To the Sisters also, those patient watchtul religious, Sister Mary Madeleine, Sister Mary Eve-ntia, Sister Mary Generose, and Sister Mary Prancella, who were our almost constant corn- panions, during our short-lived high school career, do we now give an emblem of remembrance and give it with a kind thought, that we may always recall our happy school days with them. lt is now our time to say farewell and leave on the jour- ney ot lite, some maybe into the far corners of the earth, but no matter where, in what clime or what time, we will always carry with us the loved memory of the days at St. Wendelin High and the faculty who fought with us. . l 5 UIIIEF'-'l'll'llEill'l 'noi-1vm'.' ' u .aamxsfms em uw XX' KX! KW I Ill' ,QQ '5Z2f'2.f75m,,-a I. VJ, ii," xl., --I Q. 40 .' ,, I ' ,' x.. ai . E 6 'f Hi .n 5,9-",.-'gf X35 1-1 3-. 'vmz'-.5 5 A. 1 -'QQQQE 13iT'ipT'fqg, '. E at 4i4324zf'f-'7'.T'5:'N?Q-fsf r .1'.'k5.,.-Q-,ff 45 aqgx -x L. gif' I 9 'L2g?Cf 5127? 154'-. 59 u X W ,,x. I 31 15 rg xxxh V 'f ' E ' f-'.s ,x 2 1- .-7 -.--gag V. Q-,fjx ., X I 'E-Xe' l .,Q 1 ll -l fa' -'E ff' U3 . J. .-J - M5547 555: '. X tflxlf 4 ,lr g fly xl f- ,L - - 5:25. '-17551- '-fl-E, .-5,:g3.' 'l- V fr - ii i? 3225 iff--.f' ' iii 'fl 4 " E1 0 av lx ii i ,-2 1 - X ' V ' f' - 31' ' 3 - , Y Q - " x ' 4K f xxx if ' E '- -""'.f - fr- T'-E if A , -5-E: T J' ff iw l l, :-133 'il 1 ' " N 9' N 9 3 f N N 'f 3 N ' N Q Q , Q x v lf The Rose Window-Our Lady ol lhe Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, Toledo CLASSES ELEVEN Q GEORGE WOLPH 1'w11'+ 15 1:3f 11111911 1.-.'1s:11 111:11 11 .s :fm f'11s':11:1::1,' 1v'Vwr1f1c111 i'1f1'i 1'1f1f,1. C'111f'+: Q' '.1f1s:111:.SfC1fty ' , ' 41 '111c1r1.1:1 S1111111411 1'111:.c1l 4 11 y Nuff f' '1ftv I Q1 -S 1'1111,1 V1 ' 'X - 4 11.1111u- YS 1 RICHARD WOESSNER I' H-11-111 111'-1 We 1'1'lCl c"'f5sl' WPM14-11-11fX S11111 .1, 41 Er111r,Ii1 1'11r' 4 1'14:s1111 S1611 4 11111551011 Society 1, Q1 1411141 4 O11c'f14 Stucie-1115 Spirltual fl 3 3 V1 1-1r1y Nr-um' Szlpty 1, 1, ' 4 Hn 1a1y Gue1s1 12 Hc:11111 C1111 1, 2, 4: O111c'e1 4 Srha-11 Mo:.fma111s 5, 4 Q11111 1-11111 SCH11 S74 r'11 fy 4 Hasks-111f111 '1 '1'11'1 4 1'f1s1v1f1.. 111.11111111L's ., . 4 C 1111412 1 .151 4 sb, ELEANOR SHERMAN . 111' 113' 15: nw! 11.11111 1 ty 1 11 ,-1:11 . bi 11 '1:::1111 111 111.111 11t:1' C111f111.s.1 4 "I-1' 11s Qr11v Stafi -Z 1151111 Sh11f Q' .1 4: 111151: 1-:ss 1.'1.1'f1c 1 fuss LYNCH Q- -Z 115515: S-,C1e1y f', A 4 Ct'.1c1v'1:s .51'11i111f11 .':11:1'11 I 4 P15111 C'11.1 f 4 111.1 'f5:11'L141 4 f'm1f:Lrf11 QQ1.11-51 V1'1:11:1 ' '.'.'1: xc! 11. 1'!gS.1'1 .fa11111.11c:' 1.6-11115-1 1'1 11111111 if:.1f11p:1f11 61.161 M11r1Q111t11 f 4 1 1:11 f-1'ff :WZ111 if v1r1y ' 4 :11111Pm1c-1 .r 4 1111111111165 '4 4 ':11u1z711a: 1 11111111 1111.111 '11n1z111f1:. 1-1 1.1:11'1 1"1c'1.11' 'Refs 111uY 4 .,::111g:1.11. LAWRENCE DAUGHERTY MARGARET ENRIGHT "Victory belongs Wendelette Staff l, 2, 3, 4 Froslin Stall l, 2, Class Qtticer 2, 3, 4 Mission Society l, Students Spiritual Council 3, 4 Holy Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Acolythical Society l, 2, 3, 4 Rotary Guest 2 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 4: Officer 2, 4 Entrant in Sectiona Quill and Scroll Prize Winner 4 Winner in Wende Winner in Froslin Medal for Highest School Monoqram Quill and Scroll S Football 4 Basketball l, 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Dramatics l, 3, 4 Class Play 4 Valcciictorian to the most perseverinqf' "A lovinq heart is the truest wisdom." Wenclelette Staff -1 4 Froslin Stall 4 Missionary Society l, 2, 3, 4 Students Spiritual Council 3, 4 Bonhi Club l, 2, 3, 4: President 4 Delta Qmeqa 4V Officer 4 Winner in Froslin Campaign l, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll Society 4 Basketball l, 2 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4 2,3,4 l Commercial Contest 3, 4 lette Campaign l, 2, 4 Campaiqn l, 2, 4 Avoraqe 2 4 ociety 4 4 IOSEPH MADDEN "l' envy no man who knows more than myself, but pity them who know less Wendelette Stall Z, 4 Froslin Staff 4 Students Spiritua, Coincil 3, 4 Holy Name Society 3, 4 Kiwanis Student Member 4 First Rating Sectional Bookkeeping Contest 4 Enirant Sectional Commercial Contest 4 Quill and Scroll Sooeiy 4 Class Play 4 IRTE HTF .'.I..'l1X . f-I PAUL STEYER 'I ,.,1I',' "ful-' 'UI' 1 .'.'1f, I. , gf I II :.1 .-11 1.155 film' I ' .1 I R'Q.x"I' Q7 ".' I N -My .s. 1 '.-.', I ls Li' + t f.ff':.:'1 F1 IIE,1I'Iu1 ' X -, 1 '41-1:11-24 -I1 uxl .' :1,::,- I In-II .U 1 tf:sI ' :nz I-I 'I-:sz Spf. 11 ffst 1 f::1xx1f-Ifzfal f'-.',xu11'Is .- -I . ,, L. ., ,V . . K, 1 ,..1. .,. .. I 41 'I-Il EffA:.uI.a::1 7 ' I1I.m1f.': IU I , I fy fm-61111 I 35, ..1, v .,,.A.1 I'l.zlx,nI1I':1 I 1.5: 1 . CARI. LAFOUNTAINE I. , ::",' !:1'y, 'I' I Yvf Ii 'f 'f 11'-If ssxz' Srsxfty ', , iftlfiwis Sp1riIv1aE VL ::v"1I '3 'I I1 ly Nmm- S rusty I, f R, 4 my Ylmfat - IMI-. MI-:.cC::.1Z:1 - . .I.Ia. . I,I....1., ,.s5.w ,I1..rI. fl ROSE KINNEY mv, ,.,, . . W ' I k,Ifi' X fz'I::s1 1 Il- 'L -I In 1.x f .- :.I -1-I 1-'14 "w . .. ":.:uI:'1. I I 1 :1L::I4 11.1. ,"v..'Imz is -1 '..I .:.1. ' I H1:?I:1I 1'v.vxn:p- Q.1 .V : .7 .- -4 FIx:'1f'I 1.I f f:.I11.I1Ii.'5 fl ' ig: -I IOHN BARRETT , . . ,MH 1' w1' -' :I II-1" L5'1'f 'Z If. flu :lim -Z .1155 Uff1i'D: I f.f15,'xi", S,-c'Iw'I.' ' , -, -Q SII1:ImzI5 Smxztnml UI mimi 3 4, Pr' I I I HM? ffaxx.-I ll vu-'y ', ' -I firmzy Gun-st T EI1w.er1:a Stnnh-z.I Mvxxnwvr -1 Wrzztzzez-'1.:I .fvwnhis 1 U1n"1i.'ni T: ' Irst YI'1:.v -I Llunl and Scroll fcrxvty -I Sch- cf N'lIz.fma::. -5 U1,m:a71's J -I Q.u:'+: EM11: 4 ELLSWORTH NIBECK "He is an athlete, strong and tall. He, we hope, will never tall. Vtlendelette Stall 4 Froslin Staff 4 Class Officer I Mission Socicty l Students Spiritual Council 4 Holy Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Rotary Guest 2 Kiwanis Student Me-minor 4 Quill and Scroll Society 4 Dramatics B, 4 School Monoorarn l, 2. 3, 4 Football l, 2, 3, 47 Captain 4 Basketball l, 2, Ll 4: Captain 4 Baseball 2, I? Leaqtiffs Al.-Star Footlvfl Halfliack 4 I HAROLD PUCI-ITA "The beauty seen is partly in him who sees it." Mission Society l, 2, 4 Students Spiritual Council 3, 4 lioly Nazne Society i, 7, 3, 4 School Monogram 4 'foctlfall 2, 4 l7.1sl-Lctlnall l, 2, 3 FRANCES SKONECKI 'Gay mirth is lurking all the while, lt. her eyes and in her smile." Weridelette Stall F1 Froslin Stall 4 Mission Scctety Z Students Spiritual Council 4 Bonhi Clul: 3, 4 Delta Onteqa 4 Ergtrant ln Sectional Lorrtieicial Comes. First Honors in Spelling Contest 4 Commercial Awards 3, 4 Quill and Scroll Society 4 School lflonctrrant 4 Basketoail l, 2 Drarnallss fl, 4 Ciass F.:-1: 4 FLORINE COOK "My heart is ever at your service. Wezicielette Stall 4g Business Manager 4 Frosltn Stall 4 Mission Society l, 2 3, 4 Studerts Spiritual Council 3, Eonhi Club 4 Delta Omeoa 4, Fresmierzt 4 School Monoqran. 4 Quill and Scroll Society 4 Basketball l, 2 Dramatics E, 4 Class Flay 4 FIFTEEN I M..l.1,, MARGARET IINKS 'hx 11" '1 l...11 ,, 7,1 , 1 -1' 1 "11'1111 . 11 .1'::11 N 11 11' Um, 111' 1 1.1..,y'1 LUCILLE MILLER '11 ,, . 1 ,W 1 I , 1 L,,.. ,-- .4 1' wif'-' K1'111"111l '31 1, 5 -1 -1 '1"-1'1':1 -1 DELMAR VANDERHOFF ' .' 1: ' " 'SHN' A ll 1.11 51.12 f "s11., bidi: -2 .11,1, 5112121.11 '. 1: V1 3 .J11,..'- L- -51-ty ' ' -2 I1 ' 11.11. 1 ,f , 111 1 1.z1"1'1':: 3 1,11y -1 ANDREW SCHNITZLER 1 113 .1 ..1: z1::17v1.1 .1r.:r1..p:. 1 ' '11 1- ':1.- 1 wr.--11" 1 Ko 1- 1 1.. ' sv., 4 .1 1 n.. v ,w1.1 .N 111y 11 ' 1:1 551113111 .' 11' S1 ' , 1N,1...1 11.11, I ., -11' 1 1 .1 1. .1.1 1 , 1 11111-5 -1 --Q 1 xv 11 IOHN LOGSDON "Ho was a good man, and a rust one." Frcslin Staff 4 Missicrt Scciety l, Z, 3, 4 Students Spiritual Council 3, 4 Hcly Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 Commercial Awards 4 Acolythical Society l, 2, 3, 4 EBER SHOOK 'Studious cf ease and fond oi humble things," Class Officer Z Students Spiritual Council 3, 4 Holy Name Sccicty l, 2, 3, 4 Scltool Monoqram 4 Football 3, 4 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 MARY ANN BECK "Sensibility is the power of wcmanf Fzoslin Stall 4 Mission Society' l, 2, 4 Students Spiritual Ccunci Dramatics 4 Class Play 4 13,4 ROBERT HUTH lt i "Where lngerty, t Vtlendelette Stall 3, 4 Students Spiritual Counci GIG 13,4 Hzly Name Society l, 2, 3, 4 4 Mission Society l, 2, 3. School Monogram 2, 4 Quill and Scroll Society Football 2, 4 Basketball l, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Student Manager l, 2 4 s my courtvv' t SEVENTEEN F EDWARD GEHHING HAROLD FREDERICK 1 fr 1 1 1 .. A.. " ,X . 1 1 1 1,11 ARLENE BOFF 1 1" 1111 GEORGE FALEWAGE 1 :'1I11'.1 111 .,T,. -1 1.,1I..1,. 3 111 -1 ,U 1 Lawrence Daugherty. Valediciorian Eleanor Sherman, Salulatorian VALEDICTORIAN .... SALUTATORIAM One of the final steps, savoring of graduation days among high school students is the selection of commencement speakers who will represent their class in the closing event of their high school career. The conferring of the honors of salutatorian and valedictc-rian rests in the hands of the faculty and the senior class. Students eligible for this distinction must have maintained high scholastic marks during their four years in high school. They must have been consistent and active participants in schcol activities, must give promise for the future, must be able to speak well. The eligibility list was arranged by the Rev. Robert V. O'Connor, prin- cipal, and submitted to the class for nomination. Eleven seniors competed, Mary A. Beck, Arlene Boft, Margaret links, Rose Kinney, Eleanor Sherman, Frances Skonecki, Iohn Barrett, Lawrence Daugherty, Ioseph Madden, Paul Steyer, and George Wolph. Two girls, Margaret iinks and Eleanor Sherman, and two boys, Lawrence Daugherty and Ioseph Madden were nominated. After the votes of the facuity and seniors were cast, Eleanor Sherman emerged, salutatorian and Lawrence Daugherty, valedictorian. In the preliminary selection the votes were pretty evenly divided, every- one of the eleven students received some votes. The final vote, upon which de- pended the conferring of high honors, was a close one, and quite evenly di- vided. Miss Sherman has been an active student during her high school career, and used every effort to keep her name on the honor list. Lawrence Daugherty has been a frequent winner in the subscription cam- paigns for the school publication and a good worker at all times. NINETEEN "1 X0 U' yn- F.,-,,, N 4 , X I WM '. E51 411415 mul V Xlfi Q env., 4'- Atui .nm 1'm11.1l Wlflllj 11" Lwf, 11:11, vm - 'rl'-:slay ' 1 ,x... ,.1,,, H IUNIOR CLASS-1935 . w.:. ' AQ 1.1: ii" -' " ' 21711 ' 3 I 'wif wi: I mi 1' ' 1 , ' 2 :I Nl 1. , , , l , V V! K , V. ..K V. , ' , 1 1. .V.x,1": aw- . w ' . :Hs X x' :fr L 1 1 ' Rx. - fx 1 TWH" A' N '-"tits, Kf'1fElf1 Q'-Wl'1'fTf Q1 .l1f.1f"llW1 1 X1 H1521 xxtzxziul :.x:,.qx1w1, I1 W- xr "Y .xl 1' 1' '1'T1 X " ' E' 'H 1 Pk' V11 WH! ' tlw N wld Y. ix ' Ni 'x'V.'f,-1 X 'uf lfi11I iz? H11 lI'lVi'X-JIX. ax: V19 yewrizvak yum Ig- tlw gms.: N: 1919- lil rlq:u11:1.g fhw x' xvluch mv ser-xiwrs are- wrwsts. Thy- t1:tw mum tim N173 h.x'.'.Q U 1 O19Il'.1I1YYPxiIk, iii Cqxiilfflfllfi. Name Rater? Arnclcli Richard Bae-der Aoete Elqlld -- Rcbert Rrrclaner ,,,,, Raymond Dell Helen Erblattci Marguerite Falewaqe Vfilhur Finsel V --,... V William Foes Lrlliari Gocci VV Raynicnfl Harl-c ., Edith l-lerriq .....,,.,,, lrladonna Hrawarri Alex Howard V .. Marqarer LaFcuntaine SOPHOMORE CLASS-1937 Nickname ,. Rob . ..,,... .. Dio: Dei .- .. Egg .... . Ray VV Nell . ,,,. Marge .. .. .. Fish Sweet William Lille Ray V VV ffrr V VV Susie Donna VV Mike Dutch VV Wilfred Lcrnsway V fill Farl Maqers VV .. Mejor jrscph lxlaqcrs VV fre V Thrarnas Miller V Dmitriy VV iiira Mnes V. VV lvliciqet . fch:. Portz V V l'h:iny fames Rossie V -- -- THU Rerert Welly Fri: Rfzbert Westhoven Rmb Grave Weimerskircli V. Y,Y, Gras VV Retty Wilson ,,,---------,,,--,,- 'Willie V lea: :.e Ami Weesstier- Lucious -VA Hobby Gecznietr y Playing Honky ,-,. VV A.,A Reading Spfncliy Sleeping Stories ,,-- Ccmiriq Late ,--.AY,Y-- Dancitq -V VV Learninq to Drive VV Driving Pontiac lfishinq Not tc lie Absent V l-lelpinq Others Skating .. . Seeing and Belt Eeinq Gecrl . 'Talking . , . .. Studying Latit. Fiqhti'iqV l'litCliVHil-iiriq V lflayirtq Tern is Rearlirq , evinrg Firzriinq De-ati Tuff' Boxrzq V- V Siudyinq V Pitcliiwq E:isf:,taQl furrunq Up Gcirzq tfi Qfficc Lauqhifq V Fuiure Frfffssgr Ericrclaysr First Lacy LLD. at St. Wemleliri Waiter Orchestra Leader Princess Rich Farmer Eossinq 'Oil' ltulfrrgers Cpera Singer To Be a Man Secretary .-3. Gmini l-l:t1sekef.per Coach Hcwarrl Rich Lariy rfxer Prq Lcacue Marr frrt Ctixq Grace l'wfili1Q:,a1:'e Nurszy llmlertafzer Lawyer President f. C. ff. Mar: Actress Dancer Rgfiif Sirqer Seated-William Foos, President: Robert Brickner, Vice-Presidenty Nlaclrfrizia Howard, 'lrsastgrery Grace Weimerskirch, Secretary. Second Row-fRita Mons, Rslxvrt Wcsthovfvn, Helen Erblarrcl, Wilbur Fiirsel, Rrylcvrt Vtfelly, Adele Eiqila, Rayrncrzd Dell, Marguerite Falewaqe, loseph Maqers, Betty Wilson. Third Row-Alex Howard, le-anne Ann Woessner, Margaret Lafountaine, Wilfred Lcrzsway, Earl Mage.-rs, Robert Arnoldi, Edith He-rriq, Lillian Good. TVJENTY-ONE , ..1 1 1 I 1 111 1 1 1"' 41111-' ' . - g1 X111-15 .111 I 1 7 :1t' 1 1 1 1 141111 Pf111:, 11.1111 11111111 1-11:1 1 1 I 11111'ys 1.1',"11:s. 1 ' 1 111- 3- 7 1- 1- , '.1' 141.4111 P11111-, 1.1 1 J 1 1 11' "1 11:2 11 1 '1 - ' 1"1'11- 11 11111-1: ' 'L 1t1.--111 5' ' -:1 1, , .1: 1 211. fx 1 " FRESHMAN CLASS-1938 11V1111'1'JfZIiQ19Y, ,1 111. 11 19.111111 TI11S-J1V1IlYj, 1-.1111 11:1x111t'y 1111:11s111.1,1 11, ,:11r 1111, Uggrer, and U111'Q1t11,v5i 1f1.15f:111,111, we 1?T9S111IIF'11 511111911 .5111 2:1411 1:5115 11 Lfilk-I-NI. W1111 W1:1C1er1 W11g V1.f'JLl1L1I11 wi11r1f1r 1113i any Kliflfi CQ1111 11111111 S11-'11 13791115 111111 11111 111 111V:1112 1, 11, 11, 15, 11, 11? 8.111.175 5117T1 S111195, 1111.1 11111111 1111, ,lf 159 1131411116 115, 1"11S1.JY'y' QI 1.11.15 13351 'WI111 Qverits Y'PlfJ1I'P,1 1111f 111 1 111.111 "t 13' A11 111.5 11111 1157 T119 13i1,11p1i:ry 1011131951 s11::11 S11,1PEI1C1f1115 111111113 111111 :117 1 A-1 1111:1d.1 N111 1N'9CdII19 c11411y. M1110 4115 111115 Xl: H1151 ykr, .111 added 11II,1 ::11x-.13 111, w1111 12111 .1r1151:: MD' 1es11111111.1. Tfufs ,1111111'1.1. 116311111 t111S31'1,'111-15 11:f,1'v11 41111 way 11113 11H1'1'O 11P.1'.1f11111l',' ,as we 11901 111- iwf1e111 11111 CQJVQYS 1:1 11111 wizrzi 111301-is 11131 11,1111 .31 1119111 1 I1 1' 1.11 1"1r111y 115111511-21, 11 11 1.119 1311113161 L1 sluts of 11:111111111g1.111cQ111'-19 words, 13r51veQ1,' We ave-1co::1e QIIIXIQIY 111161 ea11y seek 11111 1111:.311111s. NV1111 1 111 3111131119 31119515 we 55110511 We .119 S3111I1Q1 VV11l1119f 51111 ww? May 11111 II1J11J, "S.111111q 1101 R1'1w111,1," 2111 ever i1Q1111Q us 55.311131 ww Q-ver 11.1 191111111111 17 11Q1x-.111 LJ'1f IIIOOTIYUJS GS 1119 YQGIS LYIDQIQSS. Qfhcersi PI'i?51C1QI11, W111151111 1acq111y: V199-P1e51:ie111, Alfred L3I11j:xf Sorre- 11111'y', Carolyn VVz,111d9r1y' TIRPQSLITQI, D11r.111i',' B11c1c11e1. xf'31,1rs: F11.1yg11 B11119 .uid Gc1:i. . I J M 1 u',-lg' AI, fd! l AV ml TN luv ff? mf l l 41? 015' X U l.J y X J lj' ? Q, ln X 2 Wi W5 f ffl A - ex i fl-E 5 fl Q W lx 2 J 4 . lk xuG'Qx.6l1 Q J M I III A kk llul B X -QI ' 1 10 I j gags. Q ' WW ry gin' f f f mllmy g i n .. , V-, Hi Vg - , jx P X3--Q W, ff , A mm M125 1 IEEi l'!llQl'1f , , My WW mfiml lmmmf- 1 ' W ' M2 f I 'QT' 'Z 1M ll: N "5 ll' H4475 M IM Sail Liga Q ,l g East Approach-Our Lady of the Mos! Holy Rosary Cathedral, Toledo UBGANIZATIGNS TWENTY-THREE 1 11.11 1 1:1t1 11'.-,'1- - f'.11.:E'1111-.1 f.11:.1.111-' 11111111 11.11.1115 .11 1-x1 1.112111-1 1 -1 '11 15 111 1 1 H111-i 11 1.111 1'.1:111- 'sr-111. TJ1111- 1:1 f.11:: 1 : 11 1 -3.12. E111 14111 -.11':1.'- .1,:.1 f1.1.111.11111111 14.1,,1'.v111- .31 14111 1 1,1.'.1 11 111 Ill 11 9.1111-.,11. '1.'.1-1-1 .1 1111.-11-1 1l:1'1111, 111.1111 KQ111111v 61111 11.11-1:1 'N' 111111 1 11 51111111 -1 11251 SKI P11-111.111 1 1 'ex : - .1'1. 11111-lvl: 711 11 1'.:'?. 11.-w: 11 V. 4 11.1111 '1'11 1:1.1111'. 'us11:1 111111, ri UW:--11311-11 '.1'111.'f 31.1111 511 1.11 ' :s1.1.. f,'1.111s 1.11:y '.1 1 . . . .11I',' L .1. Bb-111' W1.s-11 121111 f7.1'.v1.11:: 11::1.1s1111.141111s,1.1:1111.1 3511.111 111, 21,111 '1-1 1. 11:11 '1 1- '.'.'.11111:11-5' .3111-cs f,fx'1:s, 5.11 11151 .' '21 -11 H1111 f1.11:. 1"y 1: 1.f','11:.: 15 - 'Y11111 .1:.1 1.1.1111 1.5 . 1.1.1121 13 11 1.f,11.1g .7111--1 1 X'.111.1 fa: U1 111 1 1:1:11.1. 1'-11 '.'.' 1 11.1 1 .. 1 1:51. STUDENTS SPIRITUAL COUNCIL 11 I5 '1'.'1I11 -111.11 S.I.11S1.iQ'1Qfl 1II1,If '1.V'f I'34'v'1r?K'V 11111 5.Ii1.I11IY 1:11 ,-.g:1t1.1 Yaar .11 :is exzstertge 111 St. X1Vet1je11:1'5. S1'.1i1Q:11.1 w11.1 11.11 1 ,:11,1..1'y si11'.'e 11a111:1111:11y 1 1 CHIIY 11111111911 ..1w:1 11e15.1:1.1. s.111Ct1t1:.1 . 1: . x11Il.5f 1111 11.1411 T115 C111f1f141 rf .111.1gQ, 1115 311111.21111 M1111-1:. E-11f'.' fl S0g1111r11:11111 '11-.1 '1I1Lfx'fS wer 11 C11.1:1o1: 11 11:1 .1 .51 U1!1..1KA1 111 111Q'11f'y 11.1, 1.131111 1101941111: 1111:1B.11w1t, 11119.-... 111 . 11,1 1311, .1 111l I. 1 .I,,. .A .11 b111.1.1.1' Q 1 1.1'x"I1'1. " 11111'11'l 1 n F1111 1:..111t1f' 11.11:1'.11fH 1T'lf1l, 1111" 1? 111' 11 1511 1'K1Y1' 13' 1119 11 .11 1 11' ...., .ISXII-V, 111 : -t 11- If i-.11 11111 H311 11123 411111 1 . 111kE1'. 1 bw 1' 111 1111 1:5 11.11111 111211111 T1 .1111 1111.1 X111 '11A .vxfy-ii'.'11111 1' 111.111111111-111:-11v:1:.111111 1 '1111'1 1 E11 .1 11 1 .:.1.'1.: 1111 I1 11:1 11.15 is 1:1 1.1 311111. . .11 51.1. .11 U11 111911 .1 .11 9, 511-1 11111.11 .11 O .1 11111 1111 '11f.1"111P:, t1111,. 10.-11 1 111111 11f'Y .1511 111111. 1111 1111, 1111: 1 111-11' 1 : 12.1 11 111 1.1. Q1 ' 15511111 g'.1 j11 1 -.N.11x'1115 r1l111Z., 131.1 .11 '11 ' 1 11' 1"'1'1 ..1.111.v1111:11.1 1211.1 511111511115 :.1:.11',x 711111 11111 1- U11 t 'If .1 1.131..1 1 1111111111 '1,1 . 1 1: ' V111 1 1"1'1--1' Q 11' I1 .115 ' ' .1' 2111.1 1011-1 xv Aw I 1 1 1 MISSION SOCIETY "Our Missions! We hear them calling from the East Our Missions! We aid the missionary priest To teach them, convert them and guide them up the pathway of light." Ever true to the standard of these words, is the mission society in the high school this year. This society consists of the most active and self-sacrificing students in the school. lt is they particularly, who have made the mission places in many a land ahappier place because of their prayers and sacrifices. They are members of the Propagation of the Faith and Mission Crusade with which this unit is affiliated. During Advent a clever letter on a silhouette of a Chinaman carried a striking appeal, and later in Lent, mite boxes were placed at the disposition of the students. But the biggest success came when the society launched the bake sale. Through it was realized over fifty dollars. This amount was sent to the Home and Foreign Missions office from which it was forwarded to missions in India and Brazil. As the years progress may we find these students and others, who will be willing to follow in their footsteps, keeping up the traditions of this society. May this phrase ever ring in their minds: "Our Missions! When e'er it's time to do our share, Our Missions! Let each one help them trials to bear. We know that it's true--we'll be repaid for all we do. Our Missions! We're loyal to you." Seatedftlzrginia Klirteperer, Lawrence Daugherty, Marguerite Ealewage, Wi,lia m lacoizy. First Row-Robert l-luth, Rita Mces, Helen Erhland, Margaret Enright, Adele Bigila loar':.o I-,r n Wbessrier, Eleazar Sherman, Niary Ann Beck Mary lane Bounds, Lucille Miller, Dorothy Enrigizt. Second RcwfRobert Krarnb, Robert VValterrnoyer, Robert Vlfeily, Hrilen Efrartib, Edward Gehiiwq, Lilltar. Good, Grace Weimerskirch. Third RoweEuqene Daugherty, Paul Dowmes, Leorarzj Lehman, fohn Logsaiorz, Richard Emerine, lohn Crawford, Raymond Dell, Lawrence Kromer. Fourth Rowflcseph Magers, Roliert Awclfii, lclarcli Paciita, Wilfred Lsrrswa Alfred Lange, Ellsworth Nibor-k. Lawrence Eirri, y, Earl Magers, TWENTYFIVE f11r'1--91151 111. 'l11111+1 11111. 'x'1111.1'111 1.11 111141 111111 1.111-.1111 1.1111111113 '-1' 1.1115 111, 1 1111 C34-131111: 91111 H' 1:1-1'11',g1 11 1 ."4.11Z4'f1 L111111- H1111 N'f9s111q 11+ :, 1i1.11111: 1:11-1 1 1"1c:119 1 1 1 '.'f1.11.1111 11' 1 75 111' 3121.11 fm. fly'-:S P11-11 '1.'fa1111ii11','P1. 1 11.2 F1 1" 1 " Q 1' 52911 1' f':11"1f 1' '1 '.1:'1 11f1."1fa' 11 '11 ' s-1111 'x"11f:-1:' V11111111: :Q ACOLYTHICAI. SOCIETY 0119 611 1119 C11IS11111C11T1Cj 111191 y91 9xC111s1':9 1'1r:1s1111:'1111C1115 111 1119 1llQ11 sc111'c11 151110 acz,11y11'119f11 SOCIGIY, Cf1111p11s9c1 01 r91111b19, d9p911:11b19, and 111159111511 119115. fV11111y 111 1119 11191111 FTS 11iVG 119911 19411519-19d 1f1I 511111r11x111111191y 9111111 'y9ars, 11av1r1g 119911 991991961 111 1119 1111Ti1 OT 131111111 ijfddll T11ro11q11 11112 1:11111 w11119r 1110111115 111959 1-cvs VJFI67 C1Jll1'111E?SS 91 1119 11119513 91 1119 91911191119 and 1111111d9d 1111, 119:a11s9 11155 1.15111 f1w11119d 111911 ITTFSQIICG Q1 1119 151911951 5s.1c'1'1119ia1 1191 1119 11r11y Mass. Par9r11S 111111159 F119 91195911 111 11ss:s1 111 111143 Si1I1C1L1GIY 1119 j1JS1l110C'1 111 111911 pr1d9. A1191 1119 1TC1V who IS 111us 111111111951 3111111111 C:1111s1d9r 111s pr1v119119, 5aCr9d. T21 s9rv9 1119 1111113 C11 14111235 a1 1119 11191 01 1119 M11s19r's 111111119 IS 11:11 11111911 tix 91,19-ry 111111. T119 graces shr1w9r9d by ,Ax1II11LI1'11Y Cod 11111111 1119 11011 11314911 1111111 1119 1119111 Crowds 111 1f6Of,l19 111 179 111111911 111 a 511991111 :11a11119r W1111 1119 P11951 111 God 519 a1111r1da111. T119 5112312719 stands 119111 111 1119 511151 W1'11C1"1 1S s91.111ra19c1 1TffI'T1 1119 C'fJI'1Q1l'G'ljd11CI'1 1xY f1'16Cf3II1!Ii1lT11OT1 11111. T119 a9111y1111c'f11 :2:1C191y 111 S1. vVv011f1"11Y1 1111111 :1:"11f':11 1:1595 11111 111199 1116111- 1 DTS 11115 VSNET, Edward G91'1r1111,1, 1111111 14fF1ISC1i5Y1, L:1MVFOI1Cv? Di1L1Ll11OT1Y. T119 911arac19r, 1119 111111113 1119 s911111119111s 111 1111 a1'if11y19 9111111191 119 11111919111 1ILFI11 1119 13111-1 1111611119131 1:oys 11111, HAIR 51114191 119 5991113 w111'1 1115 SL11'p11fTG1 w111Q1s, 'N119 1c11Qws XV1'19I1 God is fm 991119, 111141 111119. 11 11113 119 511 W1111 A wor1d1c:11s dr9ar1, H19 11911111993 1111113 1119 1-19111 Br9aC1." IW11J1'1'S1X BONHI CLUB "Boost Our New High." That is what the Bonhi Club stands for, and ever since its inception in l93U, it has been doing just that-f boosting. At the outset of the school year Father O'Connor named Margaret Enright '35, president of this, the oldest and most active organization in the high school. Other officers elected at a meeting of the club are: Vice-President, Lawrence Daugherty '35p Secretary, Ieanette Huth '36, Treasurer, Richard Woessner '35. Since the club produced its first play early in l932 the custom has been retained of having one each year. Under the able direction of Father O'Connor a very capable cast presented "Cinderella Rose," a musical comedy, February 10-ll, of this year. One of the many activities which the club managed during this school term was a Black and Gold Day. An exceptionally interesting program was given on the afternoon of February 22, at which time the first president of the organization, Miss Carolyn Vogel '30 spoke a few words to the students. Maintaining the custom of the Bonhi Club leaving something as a remem- brance in the high school, the members unanimously suggested that a statue of the Sacred Heart of Christ the King be given for the chapel. This has been done and it now stands in the sanctuary opposite the statue of Our Blessed Mother which was presented last year by the Bonhi Club. The statues and the pedestals bear the name "Bonhi Club" and the year of presentation. Seated-Richard Woessner, leanette l-luth, Margaret Enright, Lawrence Daugherty Second Row-Dorothy Enright, Mary lane Bounds, Loretta Brickner, Frances Skon c-ai Margartt Iinks, Eleanor Sherman, Florine Cook, Rose Kinney, Arlene Boff, Anna George. Third Row-Madonna Howard, lane Wolph, Ieanne Ann Woessner, Beatrice Thom Mary lane Mabus, Adele Bigila, Mary Wilsoii, Ieanne Firth, Dorothy Briclcner, Virginia Klinepeter Fourth Row-fEugene Daugherty, Iohn Crawford, Paul Downes, Richard Emeri ie Leonard Lehman, Robert Waltermeyer, Lillian Good, Marguerite Falewage. Fifth Rowelustin Nye, Paul Steyer, Robert Westhoven, TV ENTYSEVEN 1 611111111 1 4 1 " -1 1-. -1 f.1 2.11: ., -f 11 .111 11:-1 R 1 1 QUILL AND SCROLL SOCIETY 1111110121911 11111131115 th111',1'-11ve 11I1dS the 011111 :uid SC11111, 1111e1:13111111111 11.1- Cffty 131 h111h 5:11001 14v11r11a11sts, 131oW1r1q 1S11X1Cl1'y' 111 TI19I11I1G1S11lP 1:1 St, '1'Ve11- dO11I1'S h1qh sChe111. AdIIl1SS1OT1 to thus sfctety is restricted. 11 18 rmcesssary that the student 1,e etther 51 11111101 111 a senior. 1'1e CT she IIILLS1 be 111 the upper th1rd ot the 611155 ertd EAU active Munster 111 Q11 the e11te1pr1ses Q1 the s::11e1J1. When the CBI1C11?1611G IS accerared 11110 the sczcexy he cr she 15 qwen the 1.111v11e11e 111 wear11115 the sr:- C1GfYlS 111s1:,111111. The 141113w11'1q are the st11de11ts who were e11x111-1e ter II1GIIlbQYS1'l11'1 th1s year th:o11qh their e1t1c1e111 work O11 the Wer1de1ette and 1711151111 51131151 E1e-amor Sher- 111e111, Margaret EI1f1Lj1'11, Margaret 1111143 Ruse K11111ey, Lawrence Daurxherty, Phchard Woessner, F1or111e Cook, Frances S1iL11'1GC141, 1311111 S19YE5'T, 101111 Barrett, E11swo1th Nrkveck, 1OSeph Maddert, and Robert 1-111111. F1eat'1r.r is the 011121 semhr student who has had the 1'111v11e-qe et 11e1111111111q twfv years. She won 1h1s hf1r1o1 1:11 her sp1e11d1c1 wwrk 1111 the Fr:us1111 11151 year. 1r1C1der1ta11y, Miss She1111a11 has sehcited :ver two 1111I1C1I9i1 dn111.11s worth 111 ad- 'xe111s111.1 Sf are U1 the 1935 FT1TS11Il and h1.11i15 the 111111 :111111e 1111151115111 111 fXf111OT- 1Yl'C1'l1G1. Each 111011111 CQ11tes1s are spnhsored rv the Q11111 111111 SC1o11 Secrety. There me three se-ct1g111s 0u111r1ed 111 the Corrtesi, ed11o11a1s CII a11ve11 SL11?1GC1S, FIITIGII1 News test, and Q vQc5111111a1y test, 111 these contests 111.1:1Ce5 S1cC11e1'k1 and Law- rence Dgamqherty received he11O1a111e 11151111011 111 1i1ever ed1t131r1a1s 511151 P11111 Steyer VJCI1 111111orf1b1e 1:1e11t1on 11'1 the 4711110111 News test, Er111'11e:11s 6:1 the s:1:1e1y were rsresented to :he f1IOI111g'OI1-3 .11 .1:1 11es111111 1y 111 the Stixdertt rzfdy 1'y the Rev. Rehert V. GICTTTTIPT, 1V1,1N1f11iH'1 DELTA OMEGA SORORITY-DELTA CHAPTER ln the latter part of lanuary lQ34, the Gamma chapter of the Delta Omega composed of girls in the class of l934 asked the junior class of girls of 1935 to join the sorority, thus forming the fourth chapter, which is called the Delta Chapter. At the first meeting, the officers were elected. Florine Cook, President, Mar- garet Enr1ght, Vice-President: Rose Kinney, Treasurer, Margaret links, Secretary. We, the Delta chapter, have every evidence that the fifth and coming chap- ter composed of the girls of l93v3 shall always uphold the memory and stand- ards of the Delta Omega and always keep the sorority alive in and about the school. The Delta girls, or graduates of l935 are busy making arrangements tor the new chapter- -Epsilon. The club holds its meetings once every month at one of the mernber's homes, where the many important business topics are discussed. lt is the aim of each chapter to leaxe something in the school for a remembrance. The sorority was first established in the old St. Wendelin high school by the class of l93l. lt was the aim of those energetic and loyal girls to establish a particular bond of union with the school, a bond that would prevail after graduation. Thus the Delta Omega sorority was the brain child of that group. The Delta Omega is not only a business club, but socially too, it is active. The Delta Chapter held a party in the high school cafeteria last December for the members and the faculty. Eleanor Sherman, Rose Kinney, Margaret links, Floritie Cook, Margaret Enright l Frances Slconecki. TWENTYNINF Pf f .1 1' ., U zfxiz .. , . K1 Quai. V:-'r'1'w ., . .. .l.1, .fn fx '-if 1.1 1111.1 3'11v'-,vm . 1- 21.1 1 I .1:n11:1,w PQ1 vp 1' 1 :Mm '11 V1 DELTA OMEGA SORORITY-EPSILON CHAPTER "TL w1'.'+1 29,115 TNLQFYEII.-X11 Yu 111? STEX- 1 ,a wi iw W.1L'1'lu'Eii 1110 ST.1I1.i.iId:T of 'Fw fvw':r.1:x UT," 1:1 'Tw gfrd If X! C"f'1',' fr:Orz1:wHI 'Z IMO W'Q1a OIIl'XKl.i Srir- , TIl','. 1110 Egrx..-11 iliiag fir has r'?::ezptl',' :evil QfZidI11.'P1i .mzi 1.1 f X!I1IfS'X'i 'f 1.1:n1 I xlfffi, ' I1 tu' I.T!1TI1C iiifh Shag. I 1 iw lfbltfa OIVIKE-I.i Swrfrity. When 'mfs Sgmrriy vxafs Hrs! Qm3,x:11zcf:i m WRU, 11 wa.: mllwfi IMP "Uv-Dm" FILM , emi :ls gang xv- was If wirk for the new 111,111 srhmvwl. Dllflllkj lho zrvlhwwmq 'gmt H141 name- was T1'lE1Y1VIE'L'i In HDQITQ CJII1C'I:3,M lkflta i'OH1-I IMD GVOOK symlufal TCT and Ummm it-r "Of Primm HS fx?-ILTIIUIHJ fx'-fry Sl1CCi'P.,i1IlKl fimaptwr has fihfwrm lwyal Cizznperiarlxblu 10 WEP Schrml, ami lm: mfnplayed 11I11XlMlX1iiEn'i UINENI' f2x.1:1r11 irwr cvvflxy' grcumtt whmh xt strove X0 11r1dvIt.n4o, The ::1C:1.: FTS wf THD uiwly grgga11z11:'fi Qhiiptwr lxvcv 95lIIlG9fEY TF'l1.'l'.'r3I1 Tw 'mary QI. 50116159151 the wilk Egeliyuzl ly lhvir g'!QcieQ'6:1:10rS and wlli 5111225 tw af- fllll'-1fEE.ifx'I:Sl1l'L'PSS in TEFL! 915411215 swim 'fl yum, E 3' I 'U:".v1::f1 ilu' sgxlsmclxci wx- 1:z1pl0 :Gt for thmn, li IS thu huge 111 Hs pzrozsmut mom: ers that me Delis 0:11-9-qu wnl wafer I0- ::141111 actlve in 1110 years Tw CUIXIO in our Alma MATH. The -,lirfss cf 1931 plazmnod L1 kos? .XZIO fiiilapm it tho SfI,WI'1TY 111 high 9f'hfIi'1, rs5trf't1r'1g the 11LQ:11her5higw In se1r11Q-1 qizfs nlfvxw. Towards tho rlwsv oi thaw Qffzmri Smne-star Th? furk who are 51lNfWUfYCIx9'jIdii11BfE3L'i,flu 11 rmxewium of 1ho11::1i.1:r -girls and Qxplam thv rubs and YPxI111dT1A'I1F17i Tho surf'-r1ty and qw xr-.wrl 9: Qstak lah gatxfwthe-r 1,1151 kxoimv fhf '?l1TYIf"if1'I this 1' ms fhe .1l11m11z. OMICA CLUB When the Omica society was organized by the sophomore qirls, the main idea involved was to be active in reference to their reliqion. But in order to instill more enthusiasm in this work, it was decided to make it a sort of social club. At the meetings which are held in the sophomore classroom, first, business is discussed, jokes are told, then qames are played and a luncheon is served. At each qatherinq a different qirl acts as the hostess, and it is her duty to plan the entertainment. Some bad habit which is prevalent amonq the qirls is suqqested, and all try to overcome this difficulty before the next meeting. For this reason the name "Omica" was chosen. lt is made up of the first let'er of each word in the sen- tence, "Our Motto ls Catholic Action." Besides this, the qirls also have school spirit They have put on a break' fast for the hiqh school and from the proceeds of this, toqether with the money out of their treasury, they have purchased two pictures for the sophomore class- room. At the first meetinq votes were cast to elect the officers. The results were as follows: President, Grace Weimerskirchy Vice-President, Helen Erbland: Sec- retary, Madonna Howard: Treasurer, Ieanne Ann Woessner. The qirls wish to continue the club durinq the summer months by gathering each week at the home of one of the members and they will also try to per- petuate the club throughout the rest of their hiqh school years. l Seated-Helen Erbland, Ieanne Ann Woessner, Madonna Howard, Grace Weirnerskirch. Standing-Betty Wilson, Lillian Good, Edith Herriq, Adele Biqila, Marqaret l.aFountai Q Rita Moes. THIRTY-ONI: CLID 11 1 1 1 1:- 1' 111 . 1 ,Q1,,..kx, GIRLS OF 38 CLUB V' 1 . . 1 1 111:w1:1.1 1119 1T1i.Qff1 I.!5'.'1i.-? 11 1 11 '111 11 I X A . . . K ,.' '- vw f-.1 . X. X J ,... g,,A 1 L ,A . 7 .1 1918 III 'ed 111111-w1 111111Q1 1111 110 1111 1w'1V d111w11 1121, 1T',1f xvas, xj,'.'QEI' 11111 111011 Q1 111e C1L11'. 311131 e11Q1 111? 1311115111115 11S 111111 1111i11a1y 22, 11151114951 111 S1s1411 1V1L1!Y P1'111Cfe11a, 11-es 11111 11151 11199111111 e1ei11o1': G 11051519112 13JT.WI1Ty' 311611116 M111 fr-,111 1555111113 111111211101 191111415 huvff 116011 cQ111c111c19 11113, .111i'Yk f3.'11C7f51, W1111 P1111 1-'1 r11 '111i11-111111011111 1.1111111116 11.1.111s.i 111111111111 L11 1119 :fee 11151 111111, 111 '11Q11' 1111119 11311 1 1 111111 1111 1 1. .- 111.1 111, .- .111 11 N1 JI 1 1 , 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I1 .Vx '1'11f1"11'l1 1111:11111.xs 11 111.3 f 1 1 11 1. 111 'N111f'11 wr: 1 g':'2I'1 1 1 111.11121 .1 111fs.a:151 11 111111111-1 111' 111 111 '11 1 111 1 f1111i1G1Q111:1 .1!1E'1 S'1'.'O1'. 11 V1 1 1 1 111 1 11111 11,-111:11 111.1111 :11v1:1.1, "A 11 '1 1 11 1 1 1. '11m,fx, .111 C-I,,..,.xI ,111 'V 1. 11 111i 11111f111'1:1:3, F11 11111 1,'111'11 111 1 1'1f1 L 1 I1 '111 "111Q 1:1119 111 WSH' MONOGRAM CLUB ln recent years those students who have earned a school monogram for achievements in Journalism, by doing exceptional work on the Wendelette or Froslin, or were reliable in athletics, belong to the honorary monogram club. To be listed as a member in this club is the aim of every ambitious slud- ent. Aspirants whose physical makeup is lacking to be a gridiron hero, but who have high intellectual ratings have done superior work on the school pub- lications arfl have merited a "W" resplendent with its significance. Students from St. Wendelin high school have an individual privilege, when they wear the school monogram. The reversed is which should re- mind every boy and girl selected tc wear the emblem that he or she is also wearing our Blessed Mothers initial. Surrounded by this double significance of the school letter, students of the Monogram club should reverence the Those students who have received a monogram for work on the publica- tions are the following: Richard Woessner, Elorine Cook, Erances Skonecki, Ellsworth Nifzeck, lohn Barrett, Lawrence Daugherty, Paul Steyer, Eleanor Sher- man, Beatrice Thom, Ieanette Huth. The athtletes who were awarded a letter in an assembly of the students in March, are Captain Ellsworth Nibeck, George Ealewage, Andrew Schmtzler, Earl lvfagers and Alex Howard: cheer-leaders, Eleanor Sherman, Virginia Kline- peter: student managers, Raymond l-Iark and William Wilson. To those who received rncnograrns was also given a coin which when presented by the bearer at the entrance to any athletic event sponsored by St. Vfendelin high school will enable the alumnus to be admitted free of charge. Seated-Delmar Vanderhoff, Eber Shook, Andrew Schnitzler, Ellsworth Nikeck, George Falevzafliff, Lawrence Daugherty, Richard Woessner, Edward Gehring. Second Row-William Wilson, Carl LaFountaine, Alex Howard, Rayrnomf Hark, Harold Puchta, Paul Steyer, Earl Magers, Lawrence Fink. Third Row-Beatrice Thom, Florine Cook, Frances Skonecki, lohn Barrett, Hebert Huth, Virginia Klinepeter. T Huth, leanette H I B T Y-T H R ll Rev Rev. Rev. Rev Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Bass Dr. E. L.. Belt Book and Gilt Shop Mr. and Mrs. VV. Burns Class ot l935 Class ol l93E Class ol l937 Class ot 1938 A 'I' R 0 N S Arnbrose A. Weber Robert V. O'Connor Albert Scheiher lohn H. Keller F. M. Marley Dr. snii Mrs. P. H. Pezrnell Phoenix Cesl Co., F. Blsser, Prop Mr. and Mrs. larsl: Prets Mr. and Mrs. E. Pushta Misses Hannah and tVfs:.3.rret llvtit john B. Rogers Pr lflLlClllL1 Cv. Sanitary Dry Clesxntng Cu. Mr. and Mrs, A. C. Dumont Miss Dorothy Finsel Mr. and Mrs. l. Ford Dr. and Mrs. T. W. Geoqheqan luclqe and Mrs. C. Guernsey Miss Ettzseeth lacormv Mr, and Mrs. l. H. Kane R. Ksltel lrxsursnee Agent Mr. and Mrs. C. C. MCKA3' Mr. and Mrs. VV. R. McKee Mr. and Mrs. lj. I. Kmnamrr ill Tllll Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Seiple Dr. and Mrs. H. D. She-ersn Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sherman luclqe and Mrs. C. A. Strancn Mr. 111.4 Mrs. E. Stzlltvtan Ltlfille and Karl Villomzrdt L xrulyn Vwrel Carl I. Vogel f Irzseph Vteszhov-H.. 1. and Mrs. Ptgvss Wfessner M . 1 i '61 UN I R, :Q YA T' A J- 11' I ' C I fini vrmf iq ynmx. .W IJ K fy' Jr lit? ' 'fxf7'fQxfk J io,-r-"'W 2 y' AQ. I., s f , x of f T39 at 0 ,lv L6 . ... f 1-. . Yu ' I li' y W P MLW N ., ?f o. ' 1gTlf pl I , f A To a ,Q- if il' 'WL - fx T5 : Q f y pie vi 7 , i . I 'TI Il ..',. L, - I IE 1 IJJI J? I V E -O , 79 1 lggqtjgt ,X 1 5 I ,gy .EL w i I 4 .m mf AW 1 M , I -f V' y' Li? , My M1 lli' qu '1 .gf W1 1 g 37- -' ' ' 4 my o L1 A L L1 -' X Q N f" V ff jx-:img 1.2 . -o , " '- . - ' 'xg' IAVYII I WY' -UQLP 5 X I.lzR':, , F de Pe pective-Our Lady of the Mos! Holy Rosary Caihedral. Toledo ACTIVITIES- THIRTY FIN E Margaret links, Business Manager Eleanor Sherman. Ediior-infChieI FROSLIN PILOTS 1 I 1'-1111 1 11 ' " 1 1xx.11l'1 , 1 1 1 11- 111 1 1'1'1""111'1"1 1111 1 111, 1 , 11 1 YY'VVk1""kx V1 111 1' 1 1111 11"' 11311F1 151111. 1I1if 1,131 11 11 ' 1 1 1 11'1'11'1'1'g1'v1111 11 '1 1 111111 111111 '111'1"1'V" 11 111 '1 11111 11.1.-' 1' 1:1 '- 1 ., ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 t, iff 11:1 .. , ,N111 Q 71111 1: 1 :1'1,41, 11111. 1t1'i 111 1 1 -1: 12 1 1 11 ,, if 1 -1 1'1, '1'- '..' 111 11' 1 ' 1 111 .1. 1. 1 '1Q,. Q11 il '1113' 11,1 , 1. , .1, .. 1, -,f I .,1i11111 JI . 11'-1:1 -1 111' " f1'Tl11'11 .1.f 1 I 1 2' 1:1 111 1 '11 1 1 111' .1-"71111'1t111 11f'f1v1, 1.1.'11t1f2 11x,1EY1j.'1T'F' 15 :111 111- 11 X 111 1 1 1 1,111i1,.1:11111111--111.1111 :X 11. 1' X1 ,111Qsl:1f1:1:1::11t111:e'z 1' " ' ' W' 1 :tt 111 111111.11 11111t'1111.1a1Z1cr1 1Z I111' 521111 1 11 As 11 1111511 ,ws1t11e .1 1 -, ,Q A S11?1I w1111 115 11t11Qrs, 111111 111.1 H3112 .Q -1 111? .'11:11i1x 131 111911 3511111.15125 yaiz, 1' T Y-3 1 X FROSLIN STAFF A successful climax to a successful high school career! That is what the Froslin for 1935 represents. Alter the advertising and subscription campaigns were closed, there was watchiul waiting for the staff to be named, Those chosen to assist the Editor-in-Chief, Eleanor Sherman, are: Assistant Editor, Lawrence Daugherty: Busness Managers, Margaret links, Ellsworth Ni' becky Literary Editors, lohn Barrett, Rose Kinney: Senior Class Editors, Elorine Cook, Lucille Miller. Underclass Editors, Richard Vfoessner, Delmar Vanderhotiy Sports Editors, Edward Cfehring, Andrew Schnitzler, Paul Steyerg Circulation Manager, Mar- garet Enright: Assistants, Mary Ann Beck, lohn Logsdony Typists, loseph Mad' den, and Frances Skonecki. To be a willing worker is one oi the requisites ct a member ot the Eroslin stall and let it ite said that there were none who shirked their duty. Their whole heart was in the work and their ettorts were not in vain. Thus, we have the i935 Eroslin, may it continue to be a success in years to come. May it carry with it the memory ot those who have made the volume possible. May the graduates in years to come fondly recall the hours spent in making the book. May they always remember the significance ot the title EROSUN coined from Father Robert O'Connor, St. WendeLlN. l Seated-lohn Rarret, Margaret Enright, Eleanor Sherman, Rose Kinney, Delmar Vandserhoti. Standirgfhicille Miller, Edward Gehrinq, Florine Cook, loseph Madden, Margaret links, Law' rcnce Daugherty, Andrew Schnitzler, Paul tSeyer, Frances Skonecki, Richard Woessner, Mary Ann Beck, Ellsworth Nibeck, lohn Loqsdon. THIRTY-SEVEN Richard Woessner, Editor Flriza Cook, Business Manager WENDELETTE PILOTS '1'11J1 51133-ass r1,111y 1:11191 519111211615 1111711 the 2211 1, 1112 Vv's:1de112111j1 11111 R1C11f1:'1'i Vu'.m5s:1et 11s 6611.11-121-511191, 11,15 19-11611911 1111w1111l'1 y11111':s 111131. W'.195s:1o:' 1G13O1'1'-H1 11113 120511121 my 1111111'111':11a9:1' 11 1:11 1119 Heveruxagi R. X' Ofi-t111:i1', 'g:ii1:1".11. 1N1,Css11fr is 11 11101111-er 01 T119 1211111 11't41 SCY1111 sAr1o1y 11 I F YGf'1Y'.'911 3 "V " fff 1115 1-36111 911 11111 S6116-Q1 1x'11'f11 A1i11'i11,111 !11'1iQ1l Credit 15,02 tw 1119 1f1'1111,11-1r1fC111ei, '112 11151121-ss 11.111111 1111151 11111 1113 1Ou3:11e-11. 111111110 Cfxvk was 1T1YFI1 T110 1111: 1:1 11 1-1212.11 11isi1.1 11111111111 S119 was Yezy 111,-::11f1 111161 9111610111 111 111 115T tasks. 1'1ft'1..o w1'1111 f3i1'1'f.' 111161 111fJ ti 13121 i119 1:31391 1111 115 press 111111 111 I1f31i7 15 111-1 S11-TYPES VV1lIf11 S119 1112.1 is .1 11191111-11: :wi 11111 Q1ii11 51111 SCD11 si 112111 111111111111 515111111 ::1s11.r1:11't1 1:11 wink 1111 1119 VVe11111e1ff1fia, This 1 1 11110 111111111061 1 1111131 11? 111-1 P136 111 1119 Wmide-142119 Cr111Qsf. T119 Q-51111511-111411191 C1811 11'11Si11Gss TTIGIIHXIPT Q2 1112 V1.'e11:11i-,219 111152 ix-:Q 1 11111111921 111111619 qivslzz 9-1511 3:0111 11i L10S9TV1I1Q 51115191115 Nf1f11er 1119 fiivxiity 11 1110 stxiderit 1-wig' has GUST ro.:1Q1111d 1116- 30111511511 Of 1?1'11.1t:1 Vf111ss11Or 11 F1f1ri11e- Cobk. 11115 ya111' :marks the L11i11111 apps-31211159 111 1111111 1111115 1:1 fQSQ'fI1Si1'1G 1 31119115 1v11f 110111 have 1111911 111911 duties and 111035111116 1111 151 Q-xpQC1a1i1111s. Wit11 R1c1111rd and 1111111110 as 111111131115-is 1'Tu391119I w1111 111s qQ11e11z11s 115: 11115, 1119+ Wes-11ds+1ev11e has ended 115 1wei1111 sutcessfiil year 111 111111111'.1111111. r1,n11?.1i1H1' WENDELETTE STAFF Foreiiiost azziong the scaeol extracurricular activities is the wendelatte. lt the connecting link with the public and has attracted taver- 1 wr q is, one might say, able conirnent in the newspaper world. This year our school publication re- ceived a rating ot iirst place in the National Scholastic Press Association and a rating oi second place in the Coluznoia Scholastic Press Association, New Ycrk. Both institutions have rigid requirements. The Wendelette is also a member of the Quill and Scroll society and the Catholic Scholastic Press Association. Those whose names appeared in the Wendelette masthead tor l934-l935 are the following: Richard Woessner, editor-in-chiety Paul Steyer and Margaret Enright, assistant editors: loseph Madden, Eleanor Sherman, Adele Bigila, Law- rence Daugherty, and Marguerite Falewage literary editors. Frances Skonecki, grade news editor, Florine Cook, business rnanagerg Ells- worth Nibeck, Robert Huth, Rose Kinney, Loretta Brickner, Iarnes Rossie, Robert Westhoven, Madonna Howard, Robert Welly, Grace Weimerskirch, Richard Emerine, Carolyn Wonderly, Karl Vilbrandt, assistants in the advertising de- partment. Ieanette Huth, Ioseph Gabriel, Beatrice Thom, Iohn Martin, Lawrence Krcmer, Paul Downes, Leonard Lehman, circulating department. Iohn Barrett, sports editor: Margaret links and Virginia Klinepeter, alumni editors, Ieanne Ann Woessner, mission and exchange editor. Seated-Ellsworth lNl.l1ecl:, Rcso Kidney, Frances Skcriecki, Richard 'No-essiiv'-Z, Paul S'ayf-r, Margaret Fnriglit, Marcarct links. loseph Madden. Second Rcw-Flcrrite Cook, lawrence Daugherty. Rolzert Hutiz, 'ch-i Farr-fit. Third RowfCaroly:i Wonderly, Beatrice Thom, Patil Downes, leaizette l-lutlr, Dtprotfty Eurirlht, Lcoztard Lehman, Loretta Brictcizer, Robert Vtfelly, Richard Emerine. Fourth Row-Madcrizia Howard, le-anne Ami Woessner, larnes Rcssie, Karl Vilirrazidt, Aifriw Riqila, fchri Martin, Grace Weimerslfirch, Robert Westhoven, Lawrence Efrwnicz, l'uta:gu9:'ite Falei.-fafge. THIRTY-NINE CHAMPION SPELLERS I . H.. ,V,11,..1,M ..,1. V. L I , . I I ,, . w X I ' - U ,V 1 bw 1. 1 I .. 1,., 1 -- .1 x 1 W I CLASS PLAY, "SHIRT SLEEVES" "Shirt Sleeves," the senior class play is a domestic corrgedy in which is concealed an abundance of thought. The story is cleverly written and the in- terest of the audience is held from the beginning io zhe egid. The first act takes place in the Rand home where Mr. Rand, played by Lawrence Daugherty, is a little uneasy about his business. Mrs. Rand, taken by Eleanor Sherman, a society-minded woman who is dezermined to keep uo w th the Iones' can not see her husbands need for economy. Diane, played by Frances Skonecki, the pert young daughter has her heart set on Cumberland college, the most exclusive school in the east. Theodore and Esther hand, the twins played by lohn Barrett and Margaret links, furnish most of the comedy. Kitty, the maid, impersonated by Lucille Miller, keeps a constant sntile cn the face of the audience. Norman Aldrige, George Faliwage, his a hard time trying to see why Diane has to go to Cumberland. lrlfidqe Waring, taken cy Florine Cock and Clarissa Scott, Rose Kinney, two friends of Diane are also going away to school. Complications arise in the second act. Mr. Hand loses all his miney, therefore the two baggagemen, Delmar Vanderhoff and Andrew Schnitfler ae sent away because it is suddenly announced Diane is not going to schcol. Din- ald, the wild son, played by Richard Woessner, tells the family he is going to and does marry Margie Scanlon, the daughter of a law-breaking father. Mar- garet Enright took the part of Margie. Mr. Crandall, Paul Steyer, holds a rnori- gage on the Rand home. To avert losing everything, Mr. Hand holds an aucticn, conducted by loseph Madden. Kiity's boy friend, Elmer, Edward Cehring, buys most of the Rand furniture. Delta and Omega, played by Arlene Eoff and Mary Ann Beck, come out of curiosity but are uslicred cut by Theodore. Margie sees to it that Mr. Pond reclxces Crandall in the Comrnissicn held by the latter. Of course, Iulia accepts Margie as her daughter-in-law and Diare finds her happiness in a sinall college nearer home where she can be with Norman. Se-atedfLawre:ice Daugherty, Eleanor Sherriiai., George Falewage Frances Skoiteckl, Ifzln. Barrett, Margaret links, Richard Woessner, Margaret Enright. S6-cord Rowe -Edward Getting, Lucile Mille' Pau. Strayer, Fuse Kinney, Arlene Hoff, Flirt: e Cook Mary Arun Erick, lcseph lvfadtzeii, Defnia: Vaniierhzff, Aiidrevv Scfizzxttl-ar. FORTYONE 1 .111 .1-1 BONHI CLUB 1,f111'.111 11.7111 1 1'x',"?1 :I , 1,!.v .V PLAY 111 ,. D 11, , 1-111 1 1 ' , I ,. 1.11. 11 , .. ..., 1,..1 1 :1 II 1 1.:11'1"-.' ,' 1 7' 1 1 11' 11.111 1 1 1 1 ' Y, ,11 1 ' 1 T l 1 1 , 1 1 v 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' I 1 0 1 1'111'- 1 1 11- 1 , , -1 1 ,,, , . 11 11'.1 JXUE 21 SENIOR RADIO WORKERS An addition of equipment to the high school was made by the senior class when they worked vigorously and won an RCA radio. The contest was spon- sored by the Radio Corporation of America and extended over the entire na- tion. The campaign to get old Victor records was begun about the middle of December and closed at the end of lanuary. None of the seniors had to be called a slacker as each one turned in a number of records. During the weeks of the contest it was no oddity to see a senior lugging a pack of records down the street. Letters and post cards kept the mailman as busy as the students. One afternoon during the examinations a trip was made through several of the neighboring villages by Margaret links, Rose Kinney, and Harold Frederick who were "A" students, and therefore exempted from examinations, These students being free for the afternoon were very successful in their trip as many of the villagers and other people were very generous. After the goal of the seniors had been reached by collecting twenty-five hundred records there was a long wait. One afternoon at 3:15 there appeared in the main corridor three new radios. The students were all enthusiastic about them. Of course the seniors had their first choice as they were the only ones to collect the full number. In a few days the radio was installed and the seniors have been enjoying the many helpful and entertaining programs ever since. Those who gathered in the most records were: Eleanor Sherman, Ellsworth Nibeck, Margaret links, Rose Kinney, Richard Woessner, and Edward Gehring. Seated-Robert Huth, lohn Barrett, Margaret Enright, Richard Wcessner, Clrisetb Eleax ir Sler man, Rose Kinney, Lawrerce Daugherty, George Falewaqe. Second Row!George Wclph, Florine Cook, Harold Puchta, Arlene Boff, Mary Aix Beck Ed ward Gehring, Delmar Vande-rhoff, Harold Frederick. Andrew Schnitzler, Margaret links Pa l Ste-yer, Ellsworth Nibeck, loseph Madden, lohn Loqsdon, Frances Skonecki, Lucille Miller Carl Lalfountaine. FORTYTHREE IUNIOR RADIO WORKERS 17.1 1.11.11 Ix...111 Nw 1111 Liv' MIAC P11114 111 '111 '11 11 H kv 1 E luv' 111 1 vTs.1.x an .1 1. 1 Q-5111211 1-v1.i11t11 1111' 1Tf's111:.1r1 "l.1sr1 151 1216- f'11:1:s ri 11 1 11111 V1 1 f1,1 .111 111111 1'1111F. FRE SHMEN RADIO WORKERS .1 "1 .YI . 1 1 .. . ,, X V. ,wal ' 11-1 1 I 11 1-1'1r. 1-J'-E111 L '-11. P11111 Q111:.1 1. 1 if 1: 5 11 111 1' 1 I 1 1 ' 1 ' "' 1L.1:.c11 111 1 1.1111 :1 1 '.'.'111111ti 1111'1'1y 1.1 rx 1 I1 Q V'11x I 1 ' 1 1 1x1 .. 11- .111 113 1 '.1111y'. '1'111':e1ly L 111::1- F1111 1, 1 ., ., 711-.v..1 1 , 11 .,., A 1:H1'.: 1-1, 11. 1 MEMORIES OF 1934-1935 Memories ot school daysl Probably in tene-tiiieen---niaybe less years than that, this book will have doubled its value tor those whose achievements are written down between its covers, One ot the important events for commercial students is the Sectional Corri- mercial Contest. This year the contestants met at TitiLn, April 27. Representa- tives in the typewriting division were: Seniors: Frances Skonecki, Margaret links, lose-ph Madden, Lawrence Daugherty, Paul Steyer. luniors: Annabelle Sendelbach, losephine Rosinski, lohn Martin, Beatrice Thorn, and Lawrence Fink. loseph Madden and Margaret links were the cnly two shorthand entrants, There were tive students competing in the bockkeeping section: losebh Madden, Margaret links, Paul Steyer, Prose Kinney and Lawrence Daugherty. Black and Gold Day, commemorating the entrance into the new high school, February 23, lQ3l and the anniversary ot Father O'Connor's ordinatii i to the priesthood, was observed February 23. The seniors arranged the orograrn and decorated the corridors and the bulletin boards with the school colors. Every student in the high school wore Black and Gold in some fashion or other. Early in the spring, Father O'Ccnnor and scme ot the high school boys set to work to put the campus in order. For many evenings the boys were seen in the yard with rakes and other eouiprnent necessary to beautify the yard, FORTY-FIVE tif tt hint!! tt il' i1,1Z'r', f,1.37y A ,, E-:gg ,'tr,t'r I-:tt fa , 3' i JZi'. ttf t err, Fatt-watt 311421 U A" Via my f f raft TF 'nat Ya' tt :: " P. 2 fix : J r': N11 eff. t 'rt ' tw I-1...:ht z,y 'ar4:ar- t F- ti'ri't Y t a' fr Si t vt: t" Hu. iz Fi- .1. V at.. 'teyfr A: If Sit.: itiftz Fiartftr in z":.'a Gr: zqf '.",':ipY. Flix-.'ar.1 Ll-1,11 tt it :tart -' tr 'ist yf Hat:-tt . faz. Taft in 'fn' t' t: h' T.: cs..iJ:, Marcaztt fines. EDUCATION WEEK Egtucahezi week is tine ot the :nest rnttstandiritt weeks ei the whole year. it watt ire reznerzi ered this year by the prtiqrarits heir: earh day dnrinfr the ac- fgtty period. The serners presented the tirst days rarczgzazn. Margaret iinks and Itwhn Barrett read the history if education, white the tfaiiewin 1 students portrayed var- iitts histzwrgcai Characters: The irnzzzacttiate Censeptien, Patroness et the United States, was n'i.gersonateCt by Margaret Enright: George Wasiittitrtttti, an exe AI'Iit1ftf.i9I et edtteatinn, Lawrence Daugherty, Abraham Lineein, Pant Steyer- the stave, Andrew Sehrmtzier, Indian sqnaws, iwrances Skeneftci and Fixvrnie Ceakg Tnfttatt ffhtet, Sefurqe Twatewaqeg The Spirit et St. Vtferiieiiti, Etetniur Sherinan. Other rnennt-ers wt the eiass teak part in the ehartxses, The next day the ireshrnen gave then rgreqrazn, with Latin as their niain 111.111 Ma: tean Teepie, Robert Vtfaiterrneyer, Patti Dvuvries, Helen Kratnh, Attred Lan-re, and Miictred Hein gave short speeches en Latin. A special teatttre tri the prrzztrraw: was the readthft ity tarnes Vfeieer wt a letter received ity Father Qjifrjftttttfit tfiirzn his cousin, tzuhn S. Ofenhsr, S. I., who .s in the nnssiwn ttetris tit: China. The entire ciass then sang "A:nerifa" in Latni. Vtfetitiesday the saphezrieres expressed their ,wgttrtigni on the "Vaine of Cfathztticr Edneatienf' These who -,rave short taiks we-ze: NViiireci icnsway, Ma- cxerizta i'Ti'tVJdILi, arid Herbert Westhovert. "Our tftznritry and Setrhrzis tjarevrrn was snnq iay the rnerni'-ers Ot the Class. The nnntur class was iff charqe Ot the Citneittciiziq proqrarii. tufseph Gaiiriet af'tin:z as Chairrnarr Caiied on :he teiiowinq speakers: tohn Martin, Loretta Brim- rier, Lawrence Fink, Diwrothy Enright, Hnth Prankart, Kenneth Hcwtrnan, ann Tin- tyene Daugherty. Everyerie YTLT!Ii'?'Ti ity these shirt gretiratns held LittIQI1-I the tt'It't "r" .S i X ALUMNI GRADUATES OF 1935 College representatives from the ranks of St. Wendelin high school grad- uates have always been many. At this time there are about twenty students reg- istered at various colleges. Mary McKee '31 will be graduated from Notre Dame college, South Euclid, Ohio, Iune 4. Mary did exemplary work while in high school and brought many honors to her Alma Mater. At graduation, Mary was awarded a four years scholarship to Notre Dame college. This honor was conferred upon her as the outstanding talent in the class of 1931. At college Mary was elected school president in her senior year. Dorothy Iacoby '31 will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from Mary Manse college, Toledo, early in Iune. At her high school graduation, Dorothy was awarded the gold medal for having the highest scholastic rating for four years. This honor merited for Dorothy the award of a four years' scholarship to Mary Manse. Catherine Schnitzler '31 completed the nurse's training course at Lucas County hospital, Toledo, Ohio, May 8. Catherine has left a commendable record in the institution above mentioned. While in high school, Catherine was business manager of the Wendelette and handled the finances in an unequaled fashion. Carl Smith and Gerald LaFountain are completing their studies at St. lo- seph college, Collegeville, tlndianal. These two young men took up their studies in that institution six years ago. Each year scholarships are awarded to outstanding students, whom the school does not hesitate to recommend. St. Wendelin high school has capable representatives in the field of higher education. Besides the graduates listed above, Margaret Lonsway '32 is at Notre Dame college, South Euclid, Ohio. Evelyn Bigham '32 and Anna Gase '33 are at Mary Manse college, Toledo, Ohio. Harold Marley '33 is at Notre Dame uni- versity, Notre Dame, lndiana. Ioseph Dell '34, at Dayton university: Ioseph West- hoven '34 and Richard Schart '34 at St. Ioseph college, Collegeville, Indiana, Eugenia Lonsway '33 at Mt. St. loseph-on-the-Ohio. Edna l-lettel '31 is registered in an art school in Washington, D. C. Carl Dorothy Gerald Mary Can-.em-te Smith I acoby l.aFountain McKee Schnrlzlgf FORTYSEVEN S. Dorothy Finsel-1933 Elizabeth Iacoby-1929 Eleanor Sherman-1935 loseph Weslhovenfl934 Caro 'N111111 11 :--5x'H1t11 1:11111 :::G1':1s 1,11 1 fry Burk lyn Vogel-1930 Alvin Burns--1932 FROSLIN EDITORS SINCE 1929 112 1935 lVlT1S1lIl 15 111 C11C11ls111o11, lgiflnlfil Yvlll 113111.19 llllil 15 1119 ITG' ::.111y11:q 11111 1142111 1119 1111511113111 A 11111611 1.,1veC15i'1111.'1, 11111 111'111G'.'QA :1 and Qlll1S VEJYTT fill TOCGlVll11j il 1L'7a1111111C Oc111Ca111111. 19129 E11.fta11atl1 1511111111 was 111?11:11111Q11l 111111111-111-P11191 111 11111 1.151 l.'1lLlI11?1 1-19-l' 11z1111111ge1151f G1Tlll1'y' and 1111111 ::c11111las11ci s11111d11113 wdl 11111111 11111 101 the 1f1Sk, T110 S'.l1XSCTllI'llCll 1131 1511211195 11119 111111 l1L111d1e1-3 ::1511k. i,f11Ql'y11 V1u1eLl 'I-111 was c1g1g1iz1111Qd 10 1119 ClllQ1 11115111011 X'Vll1?Il 11111 Stlflffld 111112 :11 11119 11161111111 was 111 112 Qlfllll-'llGCl. li.ilL'lYll 1111111111251 1110 wmli ill 11 1:2 1:11 f'f1:1:11ef11fi111 7' 11511111211 111 11734 l'111nly11 was 11111C111111c1:1 11 11:1 N419 17511111 ffl- lrxxjlkk rl-1115 11111' '.'.l'11111P111i11r'11 1TYlll 1!Lf"l 11111 new 1111111 W111 -111Cl+11 11111 111111 illfffff' 11 '1 1'l.v:f1t1:s1l?11.311111'1 '31 f1l','111 BWITLS '32 x-J11.: 51 -135211 D1G1111y 1111151111111 1115 .1.1'."1111:11:111 4111111111111-1111 .1 1115- lvl1li3Il1l9l91lF WL151 11 1111112-fl Vlllll 1119 11151111 ll C11 11111 11-111-6111111 111 1119 lllkU:1l1ll V1112. !311'1.'1t1 1t4:111z1111e:1 l115 5111111-as Q1 1ffClle1jGv11lO, 1l11:1111'111Hl. lYfl'1!31llV 1lQ1i:1e1l '33 gylgzisd. lllF yPa1'111'-1k 1111111117111 tlv 1119111111 "1 c1w11o11 11v11 g111:1g1111111121s" as lIll!1FL'l'I w:111lC1 Say. T1llI1 35 s111f1:'111l 111v1111111g 1111 111111111 .md -51111211111 191 11111 515111 1'1 15133 was HOT cj1sCQ".1f3.:i2r1. llvlflffl 1119 1934 0111111311111 was l111111r11Q'1, 1165111111 X1Ve1s11141v1v11 111111611 111111111 111 1110 S111-50111111011 11100, and qave- 9111815111151 G'v'1d9T1CG' 11131 he 13Q111d seo 11162 111:5l1:1 111111111511 l2lQa11Q1 117111 VVJ5 l1ldCl-9 1,11 111.11-I 11121 1115111411111 I 111 1 1 lllfin 5111011191 S11CfCTGSS1lll SQQSQ11, rl-11115, 119 wma Il51llZGCl cf1,l11111-1:1-r111111. S11e1111a11 '35 was 51105911 111 91111 1319 Tl'C1SllIl 11115 vvaf. T1119 :splas- ' 1'1PT f111ss1L1:1Cl1r111 wrwrlq 111 93111131 e111111r1111s9s, llPl sf11o111:1111f 111 df lll1Y, ,Hx 54.7 .--f. all , 3 , l 'x ' 0: -Nl x J M I gl ' an u n' -'53- 1 'Jn I F. V . I I 'I 1 xl fl' 7 ' M + ill? aw JR 'I . .,.1. , ff, . - 3 ml XM 0 if ' I if an l W 'V "III XX L Finial and Upper Tower-Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral. Toledo ATHLETICS FORT FOOTBALL SQUAD ,za A'-' 1 -.m :1:.t' P Paar: wzx. 1 1 4 x 1 1 x I FOOTB H451 1: Fzexx, ljfjfili farwlg' Sizudu U: FOI I, , JLSEZ CZESH, X. BASKETBALL l . uwq'U 1 L Q'1".'e1! 'XY v v Amrm, I W Y x.1- X 4 TKT 'Y rv A ALL 1 A 935 i '11 51,1 U,.. L S Wm bxmixl H y,1 xii, D..I U 935-36 L ,U T M...,1. A N' V' 11 .x, A, - N. .1 J. Cvril C. Scharf Rev. Robert V. O'Ccmncr Dr. T. W. Geoqheqan Father O'Connor has always been an inspiration to the merrbers of the football and basketball teams, His very presence urged every player to qiye Lie best he had. Fathers earnest support is always behind the team and it was gen- uinely appreciated. Coach "Cy" Scharf has always been willing to give his time that the boys might be able to take part in the different sports. Words cannot express the ap- preciation of his boys for what Mr. Scharf has done for them. A clear mind, a fiqhtinq spirit, and loyalty to their Alma Mater is what he has always tried to qive them. Doctor Geoqheqan completes the trio rendering physical and moral sup- port. Many bruises and bumps were soon fixed up by the Doctor, and his pet saying, "Hot towels and liniment will soon fix you up." Seateil-Flor Shook, Edward Gehritxq, Earl Maqrrs Cagatai' Ellswtrrtli Nilze-Ck, Att' drew Schpitzler, George Falcwaqe, Second Rrrwflqaculty Matiaqer Rev. R. V. C'Cfir1:.r.r, Vfilliarri 'Wilson Fticliard Elacrler, Lawrctrcr Dauzqlierty, Robert Huth, Alex Howard, Sect.: T. VJ, f5e:ql:eqa:i, ffoarli Cyril Cf. st-mari, FIFTY-ONE CAPTAIN NIBECK-ST. WENDELIN'S GREATEST HALFBACK Ellsworth Nine-Ck was Captain of the loot- l'-all ancl the basketball teanxs, in l934-l935. 'iiizici' is now 3 senior and will be qraduat- ed, ls-avinq iuelfiind a sport cares-r which gained lnni lazne tlimuqliout liis entire- limi: school lite. "Eine" Cani-Q thmiiqli line- with his play- ing and scored nzany points for his Alma Mater. He lield the position of lialliaaclq tr..,z:1 Q l where lie ran nxany yards. lie- was Chosen as :ine ot tlie issst liallbaclcs trwri, the Leaqne- cf-Six-Nations learns. As a laaslcstaball Captain "Elma" 'ss-ritiefl line clnzz. Ct l-elim always iexaziy anti alert. He l"'lQl','Uii at the ffilllfll' positiqz and its-.arfy 1ff,z1:",f tn- K1 lei in the szcwriiatg. ltlzkwrk played in 51" gat ii i,isEQotL all tor frat? ywirs titzrl is 11. aw rliylllliflflx' niar., ii'viqniti1liit1.'r1s "Huw" m mini .til " vs' 'li,:li'z,+1:1'- It i 1. 11? Y-wi i E11-wffxs Nibcfiz CAPTAIN-ELECT KENNETH HOLMAN l i ' iX't i '.'.1I:f lt-' E: y-125. l at 151 i. .Rf E. P. .. .ff l' i i A .1 1 t u .tixz 3 aku R11 it .as mg .. ,t .iQ ins Lllllni . ny tiimr invtliflrs. Cittfnxxtiilatiwns .Hifi Ewwft .asf Captain Kenneth Holman LEADERS OF BLACK AND GOLD CHEERING SQUAD lfloiiiaz Snwriipfir. inqi Vir.1Qi'ia KllIiPIXOlfI Cllikfillixdditlksi lui lllfx past liwrtlzill iinrii l aslieiixill S1 H sors. They wliippod peg' angi spirit zntw tliv sie-r-f turs. anfl Ili? :Sayers Eleaiior luis MQQI1 Cfinerle-aflf-1 sinus lier so'sl1on.'::Q vexn. Els-mini is ti seixtsr mix: I will lf tqmcliiatod tlns ttiviitli. Bvsxlos taking zntoi-as: in tlie spxgrts of the lngli sclicwwl Site giarticipategl ir' niaiiy iff3Yllm3Sll3 anti lifiii ihlps in gilgiys at tliel silt wal. Alain tliis YFBY l':"tli dfils rnselivvd fi lOttQr tfr tluii Jibril wfvrl-2, Xfflllllft is 3 innifr xiii 'es giant 1 rf tinstlxsr Eleanor Shefman and YGKU ag Chparhddori Virginia Klinepeler X t ATHLETIC MANAGERS William was a small junior and Raymond a tall sophomore but they worked together perfectly. Their job was to take care cf the equipment and to keep the locker room and basketball court clean. Well, they did just that. Faithfully every evening these two boys took to their task and did not stop until they had everything in perfect order. Raymond played football last season. f-fe became the ideal player for next year. From his fullback position he gained many yards and scored many points for the Black and Gold. lf every year we have student managers like those two boys everything will be wonderful. CHEERING SQUAD Punctual? Yes and always there. These students ot the cheering squad who hail from all four rooms of the high school did not miss a game at home and many never missed a game abroad. The cheering squad deserves great credit for the interest they took in the football and basketball teams. Their cheering was appreciated by the squads. We hope that St. Wendelin High will continue to have such organized cheering for it keeps the boys on the field and court pepped up. About twice a week this squad would meet in either the gymnasium or the mechanical drawing room. There they would practice their yells under the leadership of Eleanor Sherman and Virginia Klinepeter. Front Rowfbeoriard Lehman, Paul Downes, Iames Magers. Sorfnrid Raw-Virginia Klirzepeter, Dorothy Enright, Rita Moes, lcaiictto Huth, Mar Loretta Buckner, Helen Erblard, Margaret Enright, lane Wolph, Ieaniie Firth, Mary Gladys Myers, Mary Louise Emisori, lose-phine Rosinski, Beatrice Thom, Mary Vtfilsoi loniia Howard. lane Bounds, i, learirie Arm Ulofssrftr, Marguerite Falewage, Margaret links, Mary lane Mabus, Eleanor Sherman. FIFTY-THREE f', bl srl. !Xl'T':1 f' 1112 ' ' ' ' Ulf' fN'y:1' f. 541115 1 1 1 1 S1-: f'..1f1 : ALUMNI TEAM '1:.f,1' 11 "gs cj' 11111 S1. Wwr1:11211r1 A111 1:1sLL-51: 111 511111111 1-119111 111111111111 1111211 Wf111IC'511113511Vv'1Y1111f1-7 ,1T111111:zo1: 211i . .,, '1'11Qy 1-112:11 13 1,011 TC 1g 1'1.1y 11 Tf111111a11:G1'1 1111r1 W111111111 11115 111119 1111131 7f11f11i',"1Q 13 PGT111N9TE'1119 1:1 11111y 111131111 V1'111l'1i 111-fy :1dC1Qi1 1 1 1111111 1 1111111111 11,'11FTN, 1'1111111'.' was 171199011 FS 111111 cf 111" ez-1 1 13yQ1:1. Xxrir' w11.11111l1 111955: 1wn 14z1:111ar11e1115 1110 a111'r1:11 1111v1'11v:1 1: 1. 1,1111s11' .. g9113' 11151 v.7Q114P!1U'N :.i1:11q's11p11. 5ffI1l.Ef1 XV11LT 11.10112 E c111g:.g 11111 11 11119 111267. T11111 1:5 1110 c1111y 13111110 U1 111111011 they x-:irc 1111111 1:sa-wh 111.13111 was T119 1'.g111,pxz.?1 e1 11111 15.1111 1-I1-1 1111 1.15111 d 111111110 1if1'i1111 111: 1111 r11.1a:11' 1111: 11511111 5111. 1121: 111.1y151s If'L"fX1'v'9L1 Q1 t1.wg,11y VJ111C11 15 11 5,1v9-1 S1111111 II1 111111151 111 C111 1 11: T119 91112111211 1611195-9115 11.f11'11i11Ye1fSi11'1g'.'1-1 1 1 .1 1.111 T110 i:'111,:w,11.5 xv?-ii 11111 1111115113 fi' 1110 111111131113 v,11111H1'1 B11111111, 1 wud: 'SaC1111-51" RGs1:1s141, 1111511115 U11a11s9s K111111 1f1KVf!Iff1I 111 111'1'g' Kmws, 17111 1111- i'11111'111s 1'11.11113S, C:?I11iPII V1f1111i"1 1,Ql'1Vx'GdijO A311111 :as s1x1's111111G. A11 6111111-j 1119 11.1:114v'11.111 5'11.1s1'111 11T': Ei1111'111 i.1111G 1f 1115 1111111 i1f'1l.,'L11 -I'y'iI1I11!Sl11f1 H1371 55111111-1.111m'1 XN1111 1116 'u111s11Y 1147115111 11113 11.11.11 11111 1'111r111y F1111 1113 111111111 II.11C1W 111105111 '1 1 11161301 Every s:x11if117 1-1 11111 1111111 11111111.11 was 1111111061 V.V11?'1 11111 111T,lII1flI 1'-fvf 1 1:v:1 11111 11112 ' 'x'.'1S1f 111f'1' -1,4151 1111'i 111151 ::11v.w1:1:f 111 111-1111 1161111 S1511 111 Along The Way SEPTEMBER When the school bell rang again, September 6, after the long summer vaca- tion, many haIDIDY faces smiled about the halls. The faculty found one new member on its list. The Reverend Carl Scheib was transferred to St. Ioseph, Fremont, and his place was taken by the Reverend Albert Scheiber. September 20 marked the opening of the Wendelette campaign, which dash- ed across all record lines, closing October ll. The Students Spiritual Council held election of officers. David Goldstein, nationally known lecturer and convert to the Catholic faith, addressed the students of St. Wendelin High School, September 28. OCTOBER Richard Woessner '35 was named editor-in-chief of l934-35 Wendelette. Margaret Enright '35 was named president of the Bonhi club, one of the old- est and most active organizations in the high school. The honor was conferred by the Reverend Robert V. O'Connor, principal, in the first meeting of the club this year. The seniors entertained the juniors at a Hallowe'en party for having one hundred per cent pledge returns for the Wendelette. Th main feature of the evening was presented by La Verne Huth who showed motion pictures in col- or of the World's Fair. The Catholic Chronicle, the new diocesan newspaper appeared this month. NOVEMBER A Thanksgiving festival opened with a chicken dinner, November 26. Mon- day was "kiddies" day and in the evening, of course, was dad's night., Education week found the students actively interested in the National Move- rnent. Something new in the athletic world! A cheering squad, organized by Eleanor Sherman and Virginia Klinepeter, with the sanction and cooperation of the fac-- ulty. DECEMBER Mother Mary Benedict made her first official visit to St. Wendelirfs. Mr. and Mrs. W. Huber presented fifty volumes of valuable reference works to St. Wendelin High School library. The entire student body of the grades and the high school attended a pro- gram, December 7, honoring the patronal feast of Father Weber. The freshman class was received into the high school sodality, at an irnores- sive ceremony, Friday, December 7. The Reverend A. I. Gallagher, of Tiffin gave the address. Herman Frederick '29 sang a solo, "Mother, Dear, Oh, Pray For Me." FIFTYFIVE Students hustled hither and yon to collect Victor records for an RCA radio. Florine Cook '35 was chosen president of the Delta Chapter of the Delta Omega. Other officers were elected as follows: Margaret Enright, vice-presi dent: Margaret links, secretary: Rose Kinney, treasurer. The mothers of the football boys entertained the players with a banquet and program, Sunday, December 16. William Wilson '36 and Raymond Hark '37 were appointed basketball man- agers. IANUARY The St. Rose Minstrels of Lima, lOhiol presented one of the rnost outstand- ing shows in St. Wendelin's lanuary 27. The cast was brought to Fostoria by the St. Vincent de Paul society. Paul Steyer and Lawrence Daugherty won honorable mention in a Current Events and Editorial contest, sponsored by the Quill and Scroll International Society tor high school iournalists. Happy daysl Semester exams! Happy only for those who could relax from the strain of five months because they maintained an "A" average. FEBRUARY "Cinderella Rose" was staged by the Bonhi cluc, February lO and ll under the direction of Father O'Connor. ln the essay contest sponsored by the American Legion and the Auxiliarys Fidac Workers, Paul Steyer '35 won first place and Margaret links '35, second. Black and Gold Day held under the auspices of the Bonhi club commemorat- ed two anniversaries, the ordination of the Reverend R. V. O'Connor, principal, and the moving of classes into the new building. Radios arrived amid great applause. The seniors collected 2,500 Victor rec- ords and the juniors and the freshmen were so near the goal they were able to pay the deficit and thus enioy a radio. MARCH Senior and iunior students entered a national essay contest tc win a trip to Sequoia National Park. Father Weber observed his eighty-first birthday, March 25. Six students tied for first honors in the annual spelling contest sponsored lay Roscoe Carle, editor of the Fostoria Daily Times. "Shaliespeare's 'Worlcsf' a set of twenty-one volumes X -.'. is rrrosented to the high school library by lohn Wonderly, in memory of the late Mrs. lohn 'Won- derly. Eleanor Sherman '35 was honored with the position of editor-in-chief ot the l935 Froslin. Miss Sherman was liiisiness manager ot the l934 Froslin. FlflYSlX APRIL Father O'Connor was honored by the seniors with a surprise breakfast, on his birthday, April 7. loseph Madden, Margaret links and Paul Steyer received the one hundred word shorthand transcription pins. Richard Woessner '35 was the only member of his class who joined the Knights of Columbus this year. The Bonhi club presented a statue of the Sacred Heart of' Christ the King. MAY Mr. Boling, the world champion stenotypist lectured and demonstrated the stenotype machine to the senior and iunior classes. Ioseph Madden '35 placed first in the Sectional Bookkeeping contest held at Tiffin. "Shirt Sleeves," a snappy, clever three act comedy was staged by the senior class, under the direction of the Reverend Robert V. O'Connor. The sophomore class had two pages in the May issue of the Wendelette where they had an opportunity to proclaim their accomplishments. Late Flashes The senior class will be the guests of Father O'Connor on a trip to Put-in-Bay, Inue 17. The following students may go along for having sold ten tickets for the class play: Virginia Klinepeter, Eugene Boyer, lohn Martin, Ioseph Gabriel, Iustin Nye, Loretta Brickner, Carolyn Wonderly, William lacoby, Robert Wal- terrneyer. Mary McKee 'Sl who was graduated from Notre Dame college, South Euclid, fOhioJ was awarded the Bishop's cross at the commencement, held in the pub- lic auditorium, Cleveland, Iune 4, The presentation was made for the best essay on "The Eucharistic Congress." Dorothy lacoby 'Sl was graduated from Mary Manse college, Toledo, Iune 5, Cum Laude. Dorothy won the gold medal in l93l having maintained the high- est average of her class in high school. Carl Smith, who was graduated from St. loseph college, Collegeville, tlnd- ianal finished his course Magna Cum Laude. The cast of "Shirt Sleeves," as guests of Father O'Connor witnessed "Little Nellie Kelly," at Tiffin. FIFTY-SEVEN Frances Skoneckz '35 f'1G!!IQS 111e 11511161 Q1 a per1eC1 1'1LlY'1C1115111Y record 6111111111 1 11e1 1we1ve years 111 s:'1'1c'1::.. 1111191 pmmary sC1'1oo1 days, Frames 11vec1 a1 sirrrze c1.s1a11Ce 1rorr1 1110 s1g11:1c11. As1S11e 1eaves her J3.111ia 1V1a1er 1l1I11f1111 11e1 reCr1rc1 re- rr1aLr1s 11r1111err1is11eC1, ,1v11I1LIS, 111e 52511111115 11515151 C313 13reSer111r1q a 111111111 Class 11111517 1-111c'1111s1111,1 ,1 1':ir11wcx11a1111 101 1119 1114511 5511011115 re-a11z111q 1119 111051 1111311631 1Yi7111 .1 :sc'11:1111 111:1' 111173 1111v1r1q 11 j11111111 11i1:1:'eg :1:a:1af11:1:1 an 1CeCrea:11 SOC1G1f 115V111LV1 1111e 11l11lC'1Ii'2f1 15: 1:11111 111e:111fv days 111 1110 VJe11C1e1e11e ca11gi1a11311g 11111061111-1 1111- 110?es:1.11y I'11IIl1PT z11Vic:1:1r1af:11c1s 111 1i-xf'11f11111e 161 rac11115 5511151111111 111,170 1111121 211111111 :' 11'1 1111: 1:f'111111c111ss 111 1111111 f'i'f1l1WT 111101111 1V111C1c1011, 1111w1f111f'-fl 1711111111er1y, 11111 1V1ar1.111r-.11 1111143 r111'01'.'w11 1'-'If111 C1155 1.11 :11111s1111'11111'V v'11:t11-1111111 1 11111 1'1ir11c1:f'01fi1111 1f11'1:r:11i 11111111110 1111111 w.11:.11,w1-1:1 1111.-1-111-1f111e11,11 A11e11111e 11151111 -1 11111 '1Vv11.11'11 111, 1111111 N11111111 1v111:111s111s111111r:1i1- 1. Ofier I'19If11Nf'1':1iU1111O 51.111 were: 1.fIO1f11 131:114- 11:1, 11111111 111110 B1T11IIf1F, 1T.1,1a:1e 1U.1111111er1y, A111111 Genrrgw, 1io:z:1ft11 11U1II'11I1,' 111P111I'y' eJ11wrsg 1j11.1e11e 11f1,'Q'r, V171Ql1a111 NV11sa:111, 11ew:: 1011111111111 11LS11I1 Nvw 1111a.111':ss 11111r1a:1111p 1,0re11f1 1Na111q, Kai V111irar1ai, V1r11111111 K11r11111o1111, .1ss1s1.1111:4g 131311111 K11111111, 111.111 ?r11111ca11, 11111111111 e:111crsg 13ea1r1r'e T11 1::1, 1'11z'1111111w11 111.111 1'11,1v1g 1jiTIiJ11'lY EI1113I11f, 1Q'i'ii111 G1111r.e1, 1,15s1st111.'s. 1111111 Martin '315 was :i111Q1I11i1C,1 1191191111 :11a1:111a11 Q1 11111 11111111.11 1111111 111111 111 1jlQI11l'. 11151111 Nye ,illd K1111 V111lIdI1d1 head 1116? 11111151 Q1111111111 1'11:11':11111wg V11- q1111a K1ir1epe1er a11:'1 1.1':rP1'a E11C14Il1?I, 1119 131:11 cg1111t1.111ee: 1.ise1111 13111 11111 111111 R111 er1 K11111111, 111e F1CC'GSE4ixT,13S f:::111111t1ee, The 1'N1C'!f1C was he-161 111 O111111.11111y 151711, fY1C7111ITl17l1S. 1 11111151111 Q y f INK Lffrl HR E H v l H' l ll ? Qi! K" l I I I gllllllx 2 P -,T . ., -1 4 .1 'IE-J -1:2 ll gg' Q39 1 se f x 1 I u -- '. V 'Ml I .ll -I L J Minaret-Our Lady ol the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, Toledo AIDVERTISMENTS Daughters of Isabella One of St.Wendelin's Oldest Units Which Makes a Steady Growth In Membership and Activities Q 1 ' , m i y X -N 14 f S'?llSi Sovially, Religiously, and Generously A'C71lflf,' EVERY MAN can be a Holy Name Man! li 1, noon WILL REQUISITES 2. nom' mzmmimox ifzwim' Mown f za. c:,vl'no1.ic: Amioy Four million inen at Holy Communion on the second Sunday of' every lNOl1lll., must have Strength to fight lor things that are Right! St.Wendelin's Holy Name Society SIXTYONE l i 6 Q The flull -:illimrsl qblll' Nvn Hlgilllfch A membership of Energetic Self-sacrificing . . Generous Students of St.We111leli11 High School Get your F O R D PLYMOUTH D O D G E CHEVROLET HEATERS from us and help employ Fostoria labor Electric Auto- Lite Company Foundry Division AN INVITATION Today, the world talks of Success and always means material success. But it is of the first importance to the Catholic young man that he be a good Catholic. After that, he can be a good mechanic, a good banker, a good farmer he can excel at any of the arts, or sciences, or trades, or professions. But without success in his first and most important business f-that of being a Catholic gentleman in every sense of the term he will be an enormous personal failure. Membership in the Knights of Columbus will bring you a finer appreciation of the great gift of your Faith, it will instill in you a whole- some pride in your Catholicity and will afford you unusual opportun- ities to advance the cause of Catholicity, good citizenship and right living. Since its founding less than fifty years ago, the Knights of Co- lumbus have increased in membership from less than a score to al- most 700,000. Nothing seems as precious to the prospective member as the simple opportunity to take part in its great work. The appeal of Knighthood is an appeal to all that is high-tninded and unselfish in a man. As a practical Catholic, you are invited to membership in the Knights of Columbus, Such membership carries with it numerous ad- vantages. It entails, too, certain obligations which as a practical Cath- olic, you will be happy to assume. Any Knight of Columbus will be pleased to tell you more about the Order what it has done and what it is doing -and to inform you of the requirements for membership. Fostoria Council. Number Eleven Ninety-Seven KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS SIXTYFOUR -v2w:fm,fw2a,f-:1xw'2tm+ffw:7t9'7?b"?'l2Cf'1" 'K' ?fq:ffCff2fvC,f4wswCfffffffifvQnwpf+zw Jahn and 0llier Engraving Company f.,f Ohio, . . . Toledo, 0hi0 O . , D 5 Kf7A.if.if ' fgfofo,fE7f1y?z147c1l:if Makers of fine printing plates for black or colors Q,-'I-fx,-ex,-va, -1. .f-iw-if-Qfiw-if-f 16 N. St. Clair Street llnml l.umln-r and Finn- Nlillxsnrk I8 5-- THE SENECA LBR.a MILLWORK Co 635 w. TIEFIN s'r. PHONE 383 f U0lllllll!l'1'i3lI Pre-ss C 7. . r!7lllfllly ..... UFl"llIli sl'l'l'l.l1-:Q lil l1X.' I' 'l'll'l"lN ."l'lil'l"'l' FOSTURIK Ulllll YQ vhwT I xr? 1 .e!..r:-e-53, . 1.9 lf! T av ESR--1 .QA-"'f' . Lf!" fr HUA '- Q' eff"Zi?-323 'R !:o",..-ml-l.,5 X 5:11.-ef' - J W.- I ROYAL PORTABLES Make An Ideal Gih For Graduation All Makes of Machines Sold . . . Rented . . . Repaired FINDLAY TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 115 Court Place Telephone 478 Findlay, Ohio C. W. Oxley, Manager READ THE REVIEVV Fostoria's Biqqesl and Best Cook Electrically Newspaper ornolete Full Page of Interesting ' Comics Every Day. The l Ohio Power IOB PRINTING, TOO i i Company ...Phonel47... XTYSEYEN J. 0. Warner Wholesale Meats V 1 PACKING HOUSE, STOCK YARDS l' sf In Q: llifflillf fix"-. 1 fzfkirr f P21 ww -lm F 'I' Distinctive Styles In Summer Apparel H. O. AHLENIUS CO .,1:1f-:1t:1 THE FOSTORIA SERUM COMPANY You must see and ride in the New 1935 Ford to find out what center raise really means to you. A demon- stration will convince you. We do all kinds of repair work on all makes of cars and test with a laboratory test set. Come and see it and let us show you what 26 years of service exper- ience means. WILLIS I. HAKES, Inc. Fostoria, Ohio. Cor. South and Poplar Compliments ot MENNEL MILLING COMPANY Compliments of THE SOLOMON IRON G METAL COMPANY THE MOSE LAMFROM CLOTHING COMPANY Dress Better and You'll Feel Better S I X T Y-N l N E Cifilkjfdfllldfirfllti ti' 1219 Class ,V S .WO xml Kumi AK,-t1.,':1 xwmlg f W Unzixliar . . . LQ Sliliv GLENN SMITH CHEVROLET COMPANY mum! Iw1::4.xTa1,', Ser"vzr'u ML1r1,11 I FFSLQIIA, OEM. THE CITY LOAN 6. GUARANTY COMPANY Q. -. . , , J , , , , , IWW ' l-JL Iwi X Y Maw 1 .Hr1twrbl.1. f.'.1IHI.,1 Om: D1-11's Lunvh f. . ,X NtrQ.1:x1.A1:f Dmaxxty . . SfIQ.1::.1i:'1w Efflr' vw x Strmaflilxlpr' C PLUS-- Ffvf Yvmz Iirmtvfix 1 Plan fx Hw1:zw11f'.1ll3' Sralmi UNITY .ITP Mail N Sf-' Hu- News Wesiinghouse fUfw"f"!"' lif9I2.1f:.i'. I Beer Lunch FRUTH HARDWARE COMPANY X 1: ffa1.ix'.iaz. Saw QUALITY IS EVERYTHING The name Diclcen on your Photo means as much to you as the word sterling on your silver. Visit our studio, examine our portraiture and iudqe for yourself. THE DICKEN STUDIO l2l Perry St. OHIO HOTEL Dining Service Business Men's Lunch 25C Dinner , , 45C and 60c Chinese Foods .... Chow Mein ESOC: Chop Suey 3Oc Chinese Foods Prepared to Take Out Cocktail Bar Dancing No Cover Charqe Private Dininq Room Available for Any Occasion at No Extra Charge DAYMUDE'S Beauty and Barber Shop Satisfaction Assured. Corner Main and Center Sts. Phone 1256 l , 115 P IME ET I5 TH x Wi? .", ' "'- h : fin ,J f IW! , A ' i0HAVE H oun snors at nfsum For Expert Shoe Repairing Lei IOE BROWN The Sole Saver Heel You 2l4 South Main St. There is Ony One . . . FRIGIDAIRE l935 Models on Display. ABC and Easy Washers and lroners. NYE 6- GASE Phone l65 l49 East South St. GEORGE R. CAMERON Insurance Agency All Kinds of lnsurance Stock or Mutual Main and Tiffin Sts. Phone 627 SEVENTYONI FOR REASONABLE PRICES on Picture Fraxiiiiiq, Framed Pictures, Statuary, arid other Religious Articles Call 507-VV, or Corrie to 729 'VVest Ceriter Street. We also do catyiiet work, repair arid new work, aiiye tliixii-5 iri tlie wood-worlciriq line. N. ALTWIES PHONE 38 The M E R C E D E S DRESS SHOPPE , 4 'llie Store witli tliv- likes' Quality 3: l,i,-wverft Prints Ql-1 East tlluiitvz St. ii iimiits FOSTORIA ROTARY CLUB HARRY I. SEEBON Transfer and Storage lxliirizi l' 425 Sxiitli Uni : J Coiiipliiiieiits ol EDWARDS Really Good Cleaning lll Perry St. Plifwiie 9 C'0iiiiili"iwii 'l NATIONAL CARBON COMPANY lricisrgi 'ritntl For All Kinds of Coal and Building Materials A. 1 'lil-l-J,-Klwlli.. l'U'xlN'l5 I. B. BASEHORE and SON :Qi Hifi 'crpiti SI. FOSTORIA IRON 6, METAL Lowest Prices Nf'i.'.' mixi llsfifl ft..:'. tliixdil lrigz' ill' Vfliilv Y. iz Vt' tit. l tix lv'ftik1o,' 1'-.ltllii tif: fl V : 't' ti l.::,l1. lfi mt- -151 fvlwii Tllxiit ff: Our Motto is To Satisfy Our Customers FEASEL'S MARKET "Fostoria's Food Center BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE MORRIS 5 and l0c to S1 STORE Postorids New Variety Store Compliments of FOSTORIA SCREW CO. THE FOSTORIA PRESSED STEEL CORP. Fostoria, Ohio ALBERT P. FLECHTNER Dealer In Choice Meats 117 West Center St. Phone 195 1 Compliments of ORWIG'S DRUG STORE PASTIME BILLIARD PARLOR And The Pastime Bowling Alley Con1p1iments ot BILL'S ECONOMY STORE SEVF1i'1'Y'1'HREF Make Our Soda Fountain . . . Luncheonehe Your Retreshrrrefrrt Hswadqpmrters HARBAUGH :S MICKEY The Rfvxall Stow Ptrcrre I4 I CTOIIIQIIIIIQYIIS of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. CORL'S GOLDEN PHEASANT Ice Cream. Candy. Nuts Tetephorre 438 Hit? S, Main St Corrrptirrrerrts oi THE PETER CLOTHING CO. 1. 'Xi'E'r'r SUR IS'S RESTAURANT Trai tes Pwr IJHCIZFF 112 East Trttirr St. IF VOU WALK SEE "GEORGE" LE-t Hirrr Repair Your Sho IU5 East Center St. Cfvrzrptrrrwnts rt COLONIAL THEATER S. S. KRESGE CO. 1045 North Mem St. Try Kresqcfs Frrst .fyienf can Where Style Comes First Telephone 32OW. 112 N. Main St. Gifts Greeting Cards ODENWELLER'S Home Furnishinqs Rugs . . . Carpets Gibson Electric Refrigerators 117 S. Main St. Phone 282 Buick . . . Oldsmobile . . . Pontiac 1935 Models on Display i A Demonstration Will Convince You Individually Tailored 'Clothes THE RUHL MOTOR CO. of Qlliliiif Robert S. Ruhl, Mgr. General Motor Trucks Buick, Olds, Pontiac Motor Cars. A' I' VOGEL Goodrich Silvertown Tires. Tailgr We Service All Makes of Cars. 118-122 E. Tiffin St. Phone 255 4 l A HARDING SAYS .... A. R. WEAKS Groceries. Fruits and Vegetables 1104112 East North St. Our Own Delivery Service. Phone Service Given Strict Attention Fresh and Smoked Meats IARVIS MEAT MARKET 315 South Main St. Phone Z41VV lust lettinq the business qrow 1 -couldnt stop it if 1 wanted 1 to. u HARDING 1 Square Deal Ieweler to on Q H If fn 1 U1 o P ro Q N U1 Q E. '34 Z 53. 5 THE BASKET MARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Free Delivery SEVIZNTY-FIVE Cornphnienls ot TI-IE OHIO FARMERS COOPERATIVE MILK ASSOCIATION Phone 528 726 Buck1ey St. Fostoria, Qhio H. L. PORTER SONS Cleaners. Dyers. Pressers Since 1889 Phone 34 113 Perry St. FOSTORIA ICE 6 COAL CO. Phone 711 Only Ice and a Modern Retriqeratcr Ca'n Give You Three-Way Food Protection GlI.LIG ELECTRIC Norge . . . Kelvinator Refrigerators Maytag Washing Machines RCA Victor Radios SEVENTY-SIX D. E. GEAR Groceries. Fresh and Smoked Meats The horne ci good things to eat. , 647 North Main St. Phone 74 THE MATTINGLY MILLINERY SHOP 1 1 Be1d1nq Cortice11i Hosiery with high' 1 1 est grade si1k, ilextit ieatur-es in wet and toot. Savings With Satisfaction I. C. PENNEY CO. Fostoriers Most Po rniar Department Store I Wallhide Paints Waterspar Enamel 1 ' THE HUNTER WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO. Phone 544 119 North Main St. Pittshurqh Paint Products CHURTZ 6 ROSENBERGER For Better Coal Columbus Ave. at Crocker St. I. H. IONES 6 SON. Inc. Builder's Supplies and ...CO1-XL... Ready Mixed Concrete Phone l83 Office and Yards 443 S. Poplar BUY YOUR Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Brake Linino, Spark Plugs, Auto Supplies, Etc- 'At FIRESTONE AUTO SUPPLY and SERVICE STORE l42 East Tiffin St. Fostwria O':'o Phone 45. G. I. MacDonald, Mor. REED INSURANCE AGENCY General lnsurance and Bond Service ll3 W. Center St. Fostoria, Ohio Phones: Res. l8UlW, Office 64 THE SMOKE HOUSE F L. I. Sohild, Proprietor l Fostoria's Recreation Center Fostoria, Ohio l l From North to South From East to West '- Enriqhts Roses Are Always Best. Cut Flowers and Potted Plants T. I. ENRIGHT DODGE AND PLYMOUTH Sales and Service BLOSE MOTOR SALES t 304 N. Main St. Fostoria, Oho BERT'S RESTAURANT l Good Food . . . Fine Spot to Dine and Dance 203 N. Main St. Fostoria, Ohio l SEVENTY-SEVEN The Siore of Frlendlv Service SWG? 1888 fi II1I'lkHlEkIlTN CUNNINGHAIWS gf Cut Raie Drug Siore THUL DAIHY Tmssos Wallpaper atronize our Advertisers LNYIHI UTOGRAQPQQHS UTOGRAPH

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