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St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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g 'll s R -. I r., ,V V, 3 N . 1 Q1 - ,, A . V I. .! 12 Y 1 N 4 ' A I K " M. -.Q .J .+ " .Wins-I ' . s 4 Y 1 , p I --Hg ,,..,.,,,. 'fx . ! fn w A111 '7f 11!i??:I'i' 5 '-1 E , . 5 . 3 v, - x ,Q uv ::g'PV W . 4' ' ' ' 1: ' if . , -' 5 if?lllllllillU, ' 1-A ,f sf 4 4 1 ' A ' -- ,- .ml .,-,h ' iq if . 'fi HRV. v , - V .4 Q A. HQ :,. U 'X so A: K :F :Ju Pix 'AA , il N 1 J- Q' fl!! inf: YJ!! ' 8 if-o 5 3 - 7 ,IPI vi 4 ' 'JT' 'Elf' 1 - f - -,, ' rn : uw?" Q' ,. . I ' 5 Y lifwiifiifl -, X N515 1 Q JU .,2,4i1za .i-I -. ' ' L str .NL AZ X --S 77,1 A U' ,- P l,n -3..k+,- ,fmf.1'g'ff'f'-'HF 2 " ' 1mf4--'-'7' -- u,!3ff f."' ' '.n.f :rW'5a, .L " AVIX 'fx"?Q-iff' 4, 1 ,. . 1 W 'S-C fl . 'I Q . -Lu if: -5- 4151. , 524. v ' . 'iff .9 1 , -'O - , ,ws . , F' r k 6 an , .sf 5 + r. . - - xi' , r , v -gl Ir 'EEIA ' M' H' Ji., ,, 4 ' J . ' ..' A I-'. v v Q.. 1' , ll 4 N si 9, ig 4 ,Q 0 1 gm '.4 Sl 769 2009 fQJ7 A 71,29 ,M C ffl? N a 1 N 11112 Of- 601121 cSCA0Q.9f1Ca 7CClffQlI2y fowkz 0 , LOLIIQYIUHG IW FM 9 O 9 Z W This of life at S holds treasu G70 K' Family Album NAN -'J 4 PF! I ' ll r .S.A. 'i ff red memories that will live in our heart S. Under the protection of our Holy Father Saint Benedict and the loving guidance of Mother and the Sisters, wc, their children learn to work and pray that in all things God m ay be glorir red appreciation of the untiring efforts with which you both have labored to make S S A a truly Benedictine home for us we dedicate our first yearbook THE 1907 DOVE ga to you Mother M Q-1 to you Sister Nl Theresa O V J s Il In . . .. Q , . Walburga, O,S,B,, a d + 5 4 . , ' i . , .S.B. :'fj:NT: Q LWB kv, .. flux' Wnffez' Q WQXAQI' F Zfamufya U CS IJ f f I Y 2 ft? Lf . . 7 . ,, . Kjllf' Dm Cfjla I CSllS'fQl' Fury 716Ql'G.S'Cl, ff. C Z Our 7dllgQl'.S' ,f Rxght Reverend Columban Thuls O S B Abbot Salnt Joseph Abbey Salnt Benedlct Louxslana Abbot Columban IS p1ctured here wmth our g1ft to hxm on the occas1on of h1s Sxlver Jub11ee ofAbbat1a1 Elecuon and Golden Jubxlee of MOHBSIIC Profession both of whxch he cele brated IH 1956 qi .W A 'u . - ' 4 . , A . K'- Q " Y e V ae ee . - 5 6 , . Va fe, i tu o L. a N 4 n 0 "i , A X X , 1 I l I 0 I I ' D ' - . 7 Cjfrz 91' Dear Students of St Scholastrca Academy Your yearbook THE DOVE should prove an rnspxratron to you ten twenty or forty years from now to uve up to the hlgh sprrrtual rdeals attrtudes and apprecla trons wlthout whrch nerther rt nor St, Scholastrca Academy would have come IHIO berng Henry C. Bezou Archdrocesan Superrntendent of Schools a 12 1 I 1 - I 1 r I ep- - - fjur C Lfaphzh If thxs school teaches you anythmg worthwhlle ll must be above all thts Your Cathollc re11g1on lS not somethlng external llke a garment to be used or d1scarded at w11l II must be deep seated IH the soul must permeate every phase of 11fe and must be clung to when all else has fa1led you health pleasure frlendshxp and even the zest for 11fe Raymond Egler O S B Chaplam Monk of St joseph Abbey ,..f- I fs 1 I P n r ' u 1 l a rosa 0 1 'N 'bm QF' sisrme M, THEKLA, o,s,1s, srsrtzrz M, oomixic, o,s,B, SISI ILR M, MARGARET, O,S,Il, SISTER M, VICTORIA, O, S,E, flux' Cg1..YfQlIS' Our Benedictine Sisters young and old work and pray together for us. .. teaching us by word and example how to live that in all things God may he glorified, SISTER M, OTTILIA, O,S.B, SISTER M, GERTRUDEQ O, S,l3, SISTER M, BARBARA, O,S,B, SISTER M, MILDRED, O, S,B, sf' rf' ' in an fo. 1-iq "' ' 'EH J .,,f5g' N . SISTER M, FLORIANA, O, S, B, SISTER M, GENEVIEVE, O, S,B, SISTER M, GREGORY, O,S,B, SISTER M, CATHERINE, O,S, B, SISTER M, IOSEPHINE, O,S,B, SISTER M, IUANITA, O, S,I3, SISTER M, EUGENIA, O, S,B, SISTER M, ELIZABETH, O.5.B. Q1 'C' SISTER M, IOHNETTE, O, S,B, ... 'Q SISTER M, ANTHONY, O, S, B, SISTER LOUIS-MARIE, 0,S,B, SISTER M, MARIS STELLA, o,S,B, 1? SISTER MARY NIVES O S B SISTER MARIA DEL CARMEN, O, S,B M, i C71 MR WALTER LOVEL MISS CORINNA LURIA Our lay teachers who a1d our BSUSCIICIIHC SISICIS 1n educaung us JH!! ,gs-n,,., YK. 4 MISS FRIEDA ANKESHEILN MRS RAY WADENPFUHL E x 1 1 O X ix Q x f 3 I Y A i, gg .5 4,3 jf'-51? ,, 'i '1"3'?' . I N Ocf, ..u. --5' EW' if-.W .4-Y.. 97 fi 'E V 'vw fm? IA? H545 ' 9 4 'rar h as 43' 769 jkazf cy! Our 7621228 fx n A V 1 4 59. , .Eg K I "ik-MJ, i 3 fn V .PST 'x5,Iiw.1u'- 'nf I' -5 .f.'?'F3' 'N ' I' W f' A - l W i fr k ff: gk, f 221' . " '. . gig., ., -' . 5 Q ? f an . Qf,7' S'5'VM5i5gif3f- 5Q 4 I - Q Y A uz. fv 1 ,' ' ' M2951 if 4 , .' ' . W5-Q g4g Qg 2 w' ' Q KK' - Tj .Lt . , , 5 X QM x L ' jx- , V g .R ' :W AZ' V ' iii, V. A Elia 3.3 'fo' 5:1 qi '51, 4 f 2 ,gi .1 3 1-jf nf: ' K ' A A 1 -'Q QV 4' if 1 vfifi 2 ft?fvM. M 'I 'ff 9 43-Af? if' I E Q? 4 '. I H+ if ,' :Q fm, if X ' L. A - 2 1 -' Al I -u 'lhl Q My Y . ' I-. - , F ,ff . ' fs L Qg,v ff 1 "V, Qf: 9 ,1 RTV, Q u x4,!' ' , ,-2 . ' A ,e 5 ., K ,f': myvawyk f' :wif 2' 3 fl" , nys 'ff I-6x93 ks! -' 1 ' 14 7' f' , f -, . ' W W K ,L 4 W . in V'fbg7M.:"E? M .....W....- ,, V ma 7rig.g4:,1 ,A , 7 f'fH,'1L .MM Y Al ,f .flip + fi f 4"n:zi : : A , 'S' J 9 5, ,A M y ,,,?fvQ3 me V 'V ffyfr., .4 1, X 1 v f2'5-1,1 ,Qi-A4 , , -- 4f5f'54ge,cWw 2' W3""A 157 1:41:55 -if-fa-,,' 24-pf-Eff'i-f"f, 5f'3J0'4N 3 4-H 'fimfv-K, .Af-P' ff St, Edith Hall ,F- :av ap. -3 51+ 411 ki Q' ,g.fl'.'-, Q 'iw' Q ' ' n Our Lady of Wisdom Hall 1-' f X NX 1 HOMEROOM TEACHER Sxster Lours Mane O S B Here we are, the children of our Benedictine family, First are the Seniors, the oldest, who are ready to leave "home," Then, the underclassmen and the grammar school and, lastly, the babres We are a rather large famrly but each and every one has a place ln our hearts for we lrve and learn together to work and pray and play that rn all thrngs God may be glorrfred Q 912101 5 PATRON Our Lady ,av Amer1can Beauty Barbara Bobbre Payne and Ellzabeth Betty Daly As we leave two of our Sen1or Classmates choose to remam at S S A Wrth Joyous hearts they brd us Farewell We go away happy ln the knowledge that thelr prayers will follow us and that therr generoslty wrth God w11l assure the future of our Benedrctme home 1 I 'I l 1, , h . CLASS FLOWER: Cf I Cl Vice Presldent 'S JEANNE LIVAUDAIS Lrverdo Best All Around Mrckey Mouse Fan Loads of Cerces A Dashrng Convert lb e President -f-.51 BERYL BRADY Most Popular Frrend ly Persuasron That Certarn Feelrng Blue Angel CAROL HEBERT Madam Best Dressed Pent house Serenade Sornethrng Cool A Stung of Pearls 1 KN we '?f Treasurer U Secretary f""i9 lo! Egghead Most Sophrsu cated A Nrght ln Venrce Angel Eyes Fun and Fancy .Y A r 'F I .s C 9 ' 1' .S gig, "Jr."... ' - gb A K ,W B. "1 as gm V A .F A vyyst IUDITH BLANCHARD E I i - 6 . fy I ' iv. ith-f ELIZABETH ALLEN Bethie Most Poised Alad din s Lamp Dreaming Eyes Occasional Carnations LOIS CAVALLERO . . . "Peach", . , First to marry, , , Pastels and Frills. . . Enchanting Simplicity. . . Diamond Sparkle in July. "wx 1 'wg-X OLGA CASADABAN "Ollie", , , Most Dramatic. . . Or chids in the Moonlight. . .Her Own Earth Angel. . .Kitty Cars. LUCILLE BOURGEOIS Cile Most School Spirit Bubbling with Life Friendship s First Lady Full of Fun JANE ELLEN CLERC "Pudin". . . Craziest. . . A Small Laugh Riot in Any Crowd. . .Ca- nadian Club. . . "Red lags. " "'-.L"- Qrwf 'C GLORIA DURAN G o Preruest Smlle Prnk Ice Ou Chrqurta Dellght fully Femmme GAYLE GALATAS G G Best Frgure Recxpe for Galety A Symphony ln Motlon Cologne Cool MARY FAIRBURN Burnie Best N atured Breath of Spnng Ageless Charm Vlgor BARBARA GUTIERREZ Butch Pretuest Hau A1 ways Fun and Fancy Free Servlce wlth a Smrle SHEILA FRY Toots Most Leadershlp Rom an Hohday. . . Black Satxn. . Grand to be L1V1l'lg, 621 FK ISABEL HANSBROUGH Ibby Most Beautlful Peter Pan Intngue Candle Llght and Candy Canes JULIA IVANISKY Mxss Muffet A Gardema Wrapped rn Cellophane and Prnk Clouds 10563, 'H' JACQUELINE HEINTZ PIXIC Cutest Frre and Ice Mall Attractlon A Flarr For Fun , ff' 4" ' I 1' LUCIE ANN HEBERT ou Most Understandlng Moonllght and Roses Echoes of Laughter A Dull Moment Is Rare LORRAINE JENKINS Candy One of Three Eyes of Texas 'Qs 'UNE 9 fx " "... ' ... "L "--- A --0 "Dolly", , . Most Sincere. . . Little "N21iH6". . . SWCSICSI. . . COIIOH ssll y A I W E f LEAH LA SSEIGNE wmyw Putsy Most Loyal a tern of I-Iappmess Galety Ad mrrer Sugar and Spree SYLVIA MEDINA Crndy Happiest Cha Cha Cha Curls and Such rn cerldad 'E' MARGARET MARANGE M gg e Best Dancer Plnk Lemonade Unchalned Melody Whlte Lace 1 's ROBIN LOBDELL Loco Most lntellrgent Mardl Gras rn Summer M1SCh1CVOUS Merrymaker Unforgettable MARITA MILLET Pee Wee Most Personal y Brlght Red and Bongos Progresslve Jazz from Papa Joe S Q j 'E' PATRICIA MORRIS C andy Frxendhest Smooth as Srlk MCISOIIC Energy Srmple Elegance SOPHIE ANN QUAVE SO3p16 Wxtuest Or1enta.l Lanterns Aprll rn Portugal Modern ,ff MARY PRIETO Eflamafluf Most Athleuc Llfe of the Party Pmk Elephants Scotch Tape MARTA VILLEDA OSORIO Marty Most Helpful Bxue Tango Spanlsh Charm Dreams for the Future ISABEL SALINAS a Prettlest Eyes Love IS a Many Splendored Thlng Fun s Frlend Perpetual Smxle iii T 'U' -'H MARILYN SHARP Charm Talents Galore Nlce as They Come AURA TRUJILLO ace and A Sllent Summer Ne atest Spamsh L Splendor Breeze Forgrve My Heart l .pr gl' BARBARA VON SCH NEIDAU Babs Best Student Natural d Freshness Happy One La y of Loyalty ff' CAROLYN SAMBOLA Sammy Most Enthusras IIC P6IlI6D611ghI Make 6 GSS C UAF? Wea! anff Yffzfe Ch ss Woffo 719 fmyes! wa IS ma e m Aflk slew I I a 1 S Q I "M".,.Most Artistic...Quiet ..." "... ' ' 0 . . , . . . Believe. . . Gay as Confetti, nan nun J 1 . f 1 973 9' f Q M 1- J view ew PATRON SAINT- Samt Jude Vjc E pre Sid 1 'J .-O' xx I' J- at -520 wuggb fE1gRYE B QXPXSSE RAD? 1112101 S' CLASS COLORS Green an 8 Wh1te V M XPS saga ARIL YN TU Pg?-XC' RWE CLASS MOTTO Money 1S our weakness co operauon IS our strength CLASS FLOWER: Shaggy Daisy wi' ANN BEACH LILIA DORTA Homcroom Teacher SISTER M, EUGENIA, O, S,B . X ,. .A . miqgi J 44 as . "CH . i w ,azflfi ""'07'?: f Mk,1fY,,? 'f z YOLANDA GALLEGQS LESBIA GOMEZ LYNN GRAFF BETTY HARMON 499 1? Ova- fs. .Q if ,' ,va , and fwf- A Q 3- A A R PATSY HEALY PATSY HEBERT SYBIL HECTOR FLORENCE LANDRY at 7-Up and Sherber AUDRY LAURENT SARA LEWIS ALLI5 LOVEL RINA MARTIN 'R 19-1 vp 'iii Nr' tv BETTY MATRANGA IO ANN MITCHAM ELLEN OSTENDORF 1 Z Q' ,Qi X ii L 1-mf NA 4 ""1'-xv I I 4' N'--Q...,. ry 4 I if l Va: 'mil One of those gay momentsn , BEVERLY TEWIS HELEN TOYE EVELYN WHELPLEY if 60? wa' 'IJ' ANNA REBER ELLA WILLIE 10 .nav u-I K,-1 1' ' o' if fr? 'tif JQIXX ,.,,.-Q - President K E Vice President CATHERINE GOUDEAU SUZANNE LEIEUNE HOMEROOM TEACHER Slster M Juanrta O S B CLASS FLOWER Blue Carnation MOTTO He who endures conquers C Of? IOIDOPQ Secretary FRANCES CANALE 1 is PATRON SAINT: Saint Maria Goretti CLA SS COLORS: Light blue and White Treasurer JU DY WADE 93' Wax -M' 'Q' S L .Y I W Mary Jane Bennaton P3H'1Cl3 Bermudez Rosallnd Bosworth Llgia Aquiluz Janice Arm and Phyllis Bardwell Gayle Bazin Martha Beach Lynn Ellen Becker Z L L Q' Aline Bull Drane Chalaron Drane Cooper Beverly Cousm Carroll Donovan Jane Ellmgsworth gr l L... Ana Luz Flgueroa Gayle Fitch Ann Form Maria Luquc Meredith Lyon A ntonieta Michelena Rose Clare Frederlck Mana Elena Galmdo Juduh Ann Guldry Zula Hemtz Coylene Kmchen Alhson Lxtolff E34 NJ' E A? Ki" tix Y lf-Qvfx --Q' 'E' wQ 45' Yi 5'1" 9-.X - L 10 Ann Miller Lynda Mxller Kathleen Naqum ROCIO Perez Conme Pellegrm Comme Peters 2 Dolores Pmeda Jo Ann Poncet Ana Glorla Pomllo Ei A N , - 'Hail' ' mg, x , o 'Y Q .4-' e 3 A4 A ,. , M ' f . 1, I. I L. X " t S I Patr1c1a Tuger Patsy West Pamela Wright Linda Pravata Miriam Quintanilla Dlanne Rutter Shlrley Speed Jeannette Taylor Glenda Tewxs 45' I A-ii Nr' fr. Y 1---,. l 4 41 it 'gp .Qt J X I I X 1 S., n 3? ML. 3.5- 4:12 President JACKIE STANGA 6 Vice President HILDA PELLMAN CLASS FLOWER: Sweetheart Rose MOTTO: One for allg all for one, HOMEROOM TEACHER: Sister M, Floriana, O.S,B, fray 1112 Q12 PATRON SAINT: St. Theresa CLASS COLORS: Charcoal and Pink Secretary THERESA MORGAN Q l Treasurer CHRIS COSSE Trancy Avalos Marilyn Beach .ifx Qu--T Barbara Beelman D'Vonne Casadaban ,ww--em, V Q6 W S 4 I Nathahe Clerc Melva Cox 'iam lr, '1 Carol DO1131' Gmconda Dubois '26 4"-v ,v 146' ' 325 V if ' 43, I Wi wg, ' "Stop the Music" we Judith Grabowski Claire Guiclry fer? XX SA 7 sr an Md' Jean Guidry Frances Johnson Anne Merritt Patty McNee1y g,w-'funn :qv r Q1. Elena Ponce J3I1iC6 MOf1'iS E i 3 Big sister caps little sister, fx W? Pu' in,-nan M-and Sonia Quintanilla Alice Reine I""- One snip with the shears, . , WT' Alicia Rey Margarita Santos Sandra Sal-1CiCI Kathleen Sharp 4 .,M lla Wu! Barbara Schroeder Laura Verdiguel QNX 'E' CSX Louise Burman Debby Devine l- 4 'ul lyk '5' A, . fda 'luv .l'Q MQO 7? 4:57 co 09116 Yfaf Peggy Gannon Marta Gonzales Rose Ann Hammack Carmen Klock Pam Ogden Anna St, Amant Karen Smith Terre Stegner Tony Danna Susan Bessette Cherly Fortenbery Sandra Koons 70112120 Linda Angelette Susan Boudreaux Jean LaNasa 0125! Viola Miller Marie Migrothy Marie Elena Minkler L OIIITAJJ' Kay Nehlig Helen Spenser Joey Trepagnier 0017125 Ednese Bailey Veronica deB1anc Margarita Rodriguez CSX A1212 1201712 Pam Angel Olliiley Antin Bernadette Gannon 'al 1'--if 9' SZ ,,.-K Charlotte Bourgeois Charlotte Guidry 46655 vu- if? 3 Na ,W sy. r I Q: gr if , Diane Davis Deborah Diggs Frances Duplantis Linda Langlois Ruth Magee Helen Tedesco ,af t ,K F ' xl M X U Nh . face f l '- 4 5 5 49 ' ,W 915 Sf ifxf ' ' T 'Ni I 4 .4 l' , I' W ff' Xl Janice Commagere Gayle Petit " 'fb lk f' 1 rn if 5 gi' 52? ff Nd , f'--I ,7jQI7JQfl1df cf' Barbara Gaudet JoAnn Tedesco 4' . if l S.-I Lynn Gaudet Judy Thibodeaux 'EF' IJOIYIQ Jan Claye Gloria Langlois Elaine Williams 5 mix Q-J7"" w-unix tzlv' M Y lr' ' :WW Iii ' 'W . f fir . 1. 1 i -9 A 4 571 ,.f, ,, . g-q v . M f - A L aw. mf. A f -4-. 2? .- :fi-YW , 7 1 E25 - L"-Ps' ,bfi ' LH,-a1" " 'f f f .Af f x -...,,..f..w:,, f an-aff. T Q, ,g,1,M, ,QfEfi i' ' fmglk, fr ' in Q f m Q ,f 1, . -Q-Q 2 2 21 If , A , K .. N . - yn W .L...,T... MNA wr, 1 , M4 i . T 5,1 1 l, ML T I ,,1.1'.f1Y E U f nw, , - - 5. a :,,v'fv f"-H6 f f 1 J' 3' , Q ,fqwgw gin.. .I , Xgbwp ,E . . -113, 11' 'U'x,,fyYg ' UN' 1 , ,nr wi ... , f-, ' . A , f . , w K A .Mg ,fa 53' ' 'wo wdJ.vM1 , , A 4 f B011n1e Armstrong ggy Barley Marsha Early Pam Early Margare Fazen Bobble Garnett 4-'I-'J' 'hfx UE 'iv 1 'WHY '10 jfonfe 20141229 0 f 0102 ennlfer Garnett Madelrn Gonzales Shella Hatcher Sandra Jenkins Alrce Mrchxls Arda Peacock Grade Peacock Honey Ward 41, ,ug 19? 1 M Q nm, .t 0 ,As 1' 5 AP- Sf 7DkC1Of71Qyl Marty Scheve Irving Thibodeaux Jarrell Cain Gregory Gonzales T' 7-Q -Qi 'J l Stephen Ingram Billy Angelette Tommy Gannon Stephen Guidry Richard Hatcher Patrick Migrothy Ray Scheve Joe Angelette Walter Antin Michael Danna Tommy Dufrene Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to yo fjlll' L fffk Ricky Ingram Gerald Lovel Ricky Lytle Michael Magee Craig Lee Thomas Michael Ortega Stanley Diggs Jay Dudley Joe Guidry Hugh Lovel Charles Ricks Gorden Ward Z 1'ofAe1'.s' Jimmy Garnett J. M, Gerave Kenneth Glass Brian Huffine ,14 1 Qwp T l'X rid Nana' , Q 1v"9' .4 wifi 'Y XSXELXAGW B360 C Senzors O ata Q xx SGW 63536 13 4, bel Haqsbro ugh MQST BE K A UTIFUL ,?" I MOST INTELLIGENT '34, I -Q C 'TS N... Helen Toye MOST BEAUTIFUL -,f Q 4 gf, if ' 'H 5 Patricia Serio , XUIZIOIU' Jo Ann Mitcham MOST INTELLIGENT uf' 9 4 sa ,1 if Mfpwwve mx aw 1, Q Wvwf' ., TT I-Yfm Becker 7" ' ' ' ' Frances Canale MOST BEAUTIFUL -num N 14115 f f CSOf1flUll2 nfvs' ff--Q, Linda Pravata XSS 1 QXDGES GWR' 60,411 Cbffs C ogse ff as 1111612 Mo ST BEA UTD: 'vo 'CJ' csepfemger :NE X K E Fmaxw . the -Q--at Solemn Moment 'Sqn u X, sw., "It's almost tomorrowg the years have flown by. " Characters from Seniordom cgenzbr KPIVOIQQQJ -.AVL n- eg "Seven UQ Nuns" and a few off-characters perform for Father Abbot's Jubilee. Hugh Lovel, as M.C., pins corsage on Sister Mary Theresa, Principal, at "little school" program, , , ,and Junior Brady comes with a big bouquet from the "big girls." CSIS fer ary Q1' is XXfdlI2Q4ly ,,1.. 27 CS. jlfomecoznzhy QCROUQIIZ 6Ql' Queen Beryl Brady I' A slice of the Pep Rally crowd ' t lf! wk r reigns over home- coming festivities . with escort, R, Weathers, 4 1 X . ,HL 1,-,Q Q 4 1-yr 4: 'R n Q Q Q I K-fy Q Vila- if 4, -KV Wd xx 2 . sf 3 W ,ie , 1 2 S ,ra E' s ,.,7 1 ,ga Q1 z as' 'fy Qui-a 1 956 HOMECOMING COURT Seated, left to right: Jane Ellen Clerc, Dionne Rutter, Queen Beryl Brady, Margaret Marange, and Ann Fonti, Kneeling: Janice Armand, Jeannette Taylor, Connie Peters, Sheila Fry, Suzanne Leleune, and Judy Wade. Froshies Frolic Juniors Giggle fj any , 76112 uary jjany Seni 43? Soph Sophisticates ors Dramatize " LJ Students attend Dialog Mass 7Q6I'l1GFy myaaxs' EWQCI Abbot Columban pontificates .xX f h . u ,KA ', E ,ut v " 35 Y 'ir sw at . -ug .an M .f-rhgiik Ig. V Father Roy Patterson celebrates Dialog Mass St. Gertrude's St, Pau1's St. Peter's St, Scho1astica's Cast of Dramatic Presentation of the Mass Narcf Af 5 6 jun? jesfzbaf Representative Jimmy Morrison Left to right: Maid Beth Allen, Maid Robin Lobdell, crowns Lucie Ann Hebert Queen of Queen Lucie Ann Hebert, Maid Sheila Fr and Mad Isabel Hansbrough, y, 1 the Louisiana Tung Festival, ji . li. , ',..a.,y. J N-v P 5. fill If Af' Z Deogc GflUl2 MODSlgHOI Bezou dellvers address at Dedrcauon Program I- v ji 15 A bbot CO1 X K CYVQX 111725611 an WJSSXOSE d fl 9 tpe Ddants I ll! fdfy X 7jISfAJll2 7101 Mr, Ray Toups, electronic technician, prepares to cut ribbon as Abbot Colum- b an blesses building, 6577 goes gown jfsfozy I GN xdga. I7 ROOU7 g flfff lew of X 60066 B00 zrsf 66C'fI'OI?IC Ci em Q12 fury CSC'600f CSUQI' ZZ!!! gslF9"' Q. ,,-104 if -- Teacher's desk in Electronic Classroom ELECTRONICS AIDS SPEED TEACHTN System of Tape Recordini Shows Excellent Results ii Louisiana Experiment PUPTLS SET OWN PAC Teachers Are Able to Divii Classes into 4 Groups am Give Close Supervision By BPTNJXNIIN ICINE Speitial in The New York 'l zines. COVINGTON, La., I-lay 'JSM Q is probably the first elec- schonl in the cfn1nt.i'y has produced startling results, the end of the first year gains in eflnczitional have been noted for elementary school children' pi STSLSDO one-story? rrcillool building Oper-E by the Benedii,-Line nuns Wha AY. In this expcrinionliil nnii: of SCh0laSUCF4. Al'IU1iTll'IY thft and pupils' desks are. for sound. f The teacher can talk to any? by pulling za lever or prens-E 3. button, Each of the pupils, a. set of earphones and cani to tape recordings of les- e teacher presides at an 0- A I vfocnrvihnflif 3 1-1-If BTU 111125 . -Ti Our Principal and her achievement g, .-Q-....................i... TEST SGHOOLHOUS WIRED FOR SOUN Continued From Page 33 parilomime, acted out the sto The rem if the class monlarff, the fourteen pupils, , . T :nes i while, seemed genuinely grossed with the lesson, A bn of applaufe came from the s 'ati dents the history drain. tion enflvcl. ln addition io' the resrii clnssrooiiis, the school vonia a special one designed for dirifiiial instruction. Lining: this classroom. iliirijv-two vubicles, rcsom 1P70OTlOlli? booths. In cas hi ii , TG J'l 1 5 ll an rzzzynlx cuumfv 4 A Tmovvlzwlgre of tho?-C' foiizzil si rhflir, F1 Shelf for wrili i, who have visited tgisiacaclanijf- and :i set of hearphories. 'I According to ,is er i ary' f?f1!'lWll"lYlf'3 can .0 nlxizmffl zz' S Theresa, through the use any of the four diE!'oiw.:ii1, . Lapecl lessons teachers: can be re- inzs. Each conneclocl with f COVIUSTUU, L3-, JUU9 3 TSP9' lieved of much of the of the recording machines on l ciall-what is probably the of teaching. V ' teachers flask. first electronic school in the Ovgfsifgfzaigflefggg tm'-Serie 2-way Comnmnic-ation Country T135 Produced Start- er mglrgg 3 yglgfgndinbg gf it, an The teavlier can talk with H ling results. linen. was it as londas me emi Sfvdem. by Pulling the HPD O GTR frilahelpliin Bnqm er SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE LS1957 0 . Ollyimgo Zluilg Crilnixa . ...EEOCE1'0llli'S H1 th6WQT21SS1fQO lH Q-vrHenyx'oR1.o's cnsnesr NEWSPAPER Nuns Develop Education S TAPE REGURDE B Electronics School Cnriliiiiiocl from page lil LESSUNS B00 S the Student takes a tape quiz andi auditor ami alirevtor. Sho zifnilciis f'lim'ks his :insm-rs ziuziinst the cor-lraml llircols rcsc'1li'cli. Slice can Inner 2,,fiNglj ig'i5i-gigglingir Nr3wSj5um nl.-. jim 2. 1957 'iitikii Sister Mary Theresa, O.S.B., and Mother M, Walburga, O,S.B. ,.-,-.-.-.- Mmieotoio i......i L .ishhutton fffnznzsfraloz .i bUNDAY, QTUNI1. 2, 1951, VOL. 84, NO. 254 PUSHBUTTON? LEARNING Pupils Switch rom T Texts to Headsets W isdom Nuns Educate By El tr mc blessed April 14. Uppm shows the console for a of classroom in which permit simultaneous, booths 'ine the Dm H1010 Ell1i1'Tl'Kl' .Nur Ttyx"Cf fallow! recitation or dircc- v A A 5, E research- Shown at NH' COl'lXG'I'Ufw - 'lin' Lzzdv of llmioxn hall .. fig. 5 v P . V '. .' ,. .4 wx- 1 ff a."'.5Ne' M' If"-ruff' new ti school fm' teaclnng by elettmnns pint.-,-ti. tt .il jff. M 1, , i principal of the ainnlcxny, H Y Lum: vmq bmw .od MX ni. N hx, lvmn, up lr. t .i ti .1 N t r, and Mother Ill. Wnlburqa, . j AH' "" 'im' ,' I , ' P ' T I , fin 'ln N' fl N it f ' ' " ------ 1.5.3. llc was assihtcdnyFatln.-z's.lx1s7n1 l'f1l"ll. llnfn- lm lt 1 mister M. Anthony, 0,5 twhaol W. Finnegan, with Fzitlm' lilflfllfliiil 1.--fi t i ' . - . , . b - H- , , . 1 f " " ""'5""' """ ' " i nifistt-1' Ot Ctftfftlllitlri ltzix' fx, iftillnb, 4.-lim -ff f- Q 'I ' 1' ,of classroom clvfizm-cl fm' A ' 'fn t..' t it ldualizod instrui-lion. llffre I in- xt i . 1. .:. . .. ,f it ski 1' gg In A i an tin: v..iw .tru ', U t . QI ' it Ill ' 'vllifl 11 wi KHHIA. K0 1 l VM I 'I x I' XV 1 l Mill ll N i vi t or 0 xx X- 1, f S- QQ-z, . . v . 4 i.11l..,wtH.i- S 94 Q K K M ' 'X L' lm-ri :xx 't .Avg QV? X69 N-xx 'ntiihu , .0 K . XAXX Yak -H 'Zin 1. xi' :thin I tlw E1 Ninui .4 . :,.,vL. A. 1 h tl l ni tv tlzs nf :W 66 ni Claw i win in il: si Ut" f' fit Many variations can be util- 19 af ml 5 55 'V' 'zu '. l to bring greater iuterestg fm' the 1'lW31lli".Qg,z! 5x.1xx5xe5 'Wil teaching' Qdeveloilnn-" Shxxvgf :lt slwnlit nut lw tlinnnlit tliztt timer Fm- example, the foul-gpg,-adef ph c' W X151 Q0 Jew Q,-gum, as uw nf taint-s twin:-1-N ilu- it'LiL'ill'l',l" class dramauzed the- ,J .gap Ava dwg A wketn uf 3p..laf. 1-ernfnv funn Hitt. stink-zwt'. un of De Soto and his tiff' Q09 11355 ,rom my ,,g5n.y, in 311-Af tlicf cnmi':.1'3., the lwrzfi gli ?1V4,jil!l rink. Indians m EVVN tit SQM5' who mm. four WMS my tenclivr and ftnfii'-int 14 Fil'PliQiilt'Il'V 9 xcabixoke Cwgiunccl five siiccq.5siw mntlvls' of Wit U1 llilf' U'ixh!fl5ilil'?' winch th-- wl 0 t e 'teacwns ussintnntf an cnc-Q ' XX 51-Y ,mont ' '1 - i - Q. W5 -9 , ronic uni fin: ncct.f..nnf ty 5610 tedfw 'ecard-mg which thej tape iw-wiwiei' lwcmnos ,G 'SV 'QM' ed-'Un mm' the a silent aid nt tht- teacher. A teal lv 0' "V as 5 cam' ture is that it Qiizilxles the teacher H I to communiczitv via tape with zi ' wrazgsscommnl student without being heard by I other members of the class. "WA I' this-4s""0 ,failed the Mr. Kernion also exprt-ssec.l the fnlpilai peeing " p1'i?se appreciation of the nuns to L P. 1' b '00 'U Qmith Gemini contractor 'incl wt' For twenty minutes the twen- stuclents listened tn the H 00 111 f . ' ' i ' , 1. ? S tim Iinin teafflzel. D ljfersiiz ui Liw.'in,f:tnn, who. 2 who nee. g tba can no A""'Uli procfrde-nt ur pili- principles will use t xwalls 0 Z ohh' 'b -R uw a,,I.,m.,l,- machine. , ' 'Oh' - mst .,,',Q .1 "The rest may find the No. 3 nmhsjt iole pp 'fuft 1.1 XL "rm i . . . tht' Ol-Ciflfan , flint fig " nteresting, as it dis- wqmm S 110 3. but scientific facts and prin- N-' ' K'-xgf to fa, " System Rusult of siwafv... wk Bcinrc and after the ccrcmonim-s, nf. lui. .2 igilliill Tlnlj, tlitfi. -ttxlif' illllvl lim it in Tr! ing 1 pztliis wt lv :intl f 51.111- :X ti! Enictltofi which is Eswt snitml tw thug N 1' Num 1 'W in 5 Atgliigt t an, all lil? SQ 'ia'-'fb """'1fv . Mn lc xt Nw 1. S. i t of their teacher mmmgi guests ivbswvi-il slvmmistratifms of K , the l.eL.m.dmgS- :len xcffixiviiiiziiiitbil lit.. fxtjiiiillizi: f . , . . , K 1.2. H I studnnf Occasionally a student, Wfnlld '0 D' m""k"'f' "IX fl U',!1""" ' .W-........--...- 'Uv 4. If a hand and ask a questm-1. zi sfrstmn of tt'-mglxinws ivhnfn xl.-tw KV Sister Maris Stella 0 5 Anthem- yvguld ans-,-,YQV gg.. thc-se txmclcrii tiwlznlntwgit-nl tim it E ' '- VW it K 1 - Li Class the student would return tel Ut avcfen-milf :t-5: ning. ilztw IX Tu., F3 1 ,WMA , t M, I NH i 3 2 nfvw wurlzf--l -nn .1 rfzflfxfwf f i 'Pin 1' i vr ' f 3 Simultancoui 'IW-sta - W,llf"!g,fl fwfr if " lv' .1 Y mn. 'HM 1:' 1.1141 av A 4 Af the end of Um tri' 'I' .QF Rini! tiiil' vi " 2 .: iz. flziss went, to the f ,.4,,,'. ig W... I' hree tests were iw 1 ' f.-M' 'i.,.,, , Iain based r-ti 91: vi ' - lf. . are nf the friexif-ft' i' N' CII! xvzw 1lQSELfYif"l -1 4 ' 'tt UTEP tm, 'Q' .ixintml 'fy :'i'f":-f' if 1 -zu. ,H infer R wuylfg A g',..X,, zu, . 'i -'.. i ,1.. eachci' 'Czin 1SeQi n l"uui' llizarcs at ruin Milli? l'f'J'l. l..v':i'ifit"F..- .l. .:- fq, :ny I- An g ooths. mn alt'-t the ffttciitifw.-,mi ...Nt N - f thvir tcachc-1' Lf: pnifksing a niuiv fri . Litton. A light goes on at the gmfgn 3330 K eachQr's consnlv, at-i :n:licawQ gtmgp-:S pf , k ha number of the booth want- lt-W-mg, Af,-1 . ng: lwlp. ting., n a rcfglilfir c'lasSz'wuiz. 42:1 flair. 311-gy. .l ?po1't0r was invited tn bn- ufimtif.-fix' in ,L qv: gl a seventh grade stwclent no g C ,N aj X ri,,r ,pe 1, TV 1 '4 sf X 1 X x X 4 R Frrst row left to rrght Margarrta Rodrrguez Io Ann Ewrng Cheryl Fortenbery, Sandra Koons, Veronrca deB1anc Second row S1ster M Anthony O S B Susan Bessette Peggy Gannon, Ednese Baily. C511 Qcfofzsfzca J7 fzmy Cf zyfff QFGOQ 911510610193 CLASS PATRON: Blessed Martin de Porres HOMEROOM TEACHER: Sister M. Anthony, O,S Barbara von Schneidau receives Sedes Sapientiae award from Sister Mary Theresa, O, S,B., Principal. BARBARA VON SCHNEIDAU Valedicrorian my ygrzhys r54fA Cijomlnence Thirty-six graduates form S, S. A.'s , iff, I a' E ,bfi H -,wg .frldd wh .1 fl 1 1 1 filf 1!' f A .fc 5 X45 L , L 35 I K ' w K 4, ,u ff ge J. pus,-f", l , ' km q ,A U I .I J' 'Q' Af n .- ...Vid Lb- ,.f.', 'au V .., f- , ' 31-Sf". e I' '15-ri"-'2f'f,f 37 'ff Q - K' ' ' f .' ' 7 '-.Q-.. ' 3.-P' :'31'. ?.r:""f'p.v ' fu" I ' lv-1 "'- '-. 'I LLF4 ag atwqo 'iomeg Sodahvg Qxeiecx, cxowlgs Oxm Ladq oi?axxv0a ax 'me amwx waxy Cxowm- ' 'dei aueodaxxxs me Q ax xhouis, Secmexavg -, Batbaw X1 on '5c'meX6w, YI xoe Qxesxdeqxv, , Xxeasosex, 511. f . C , W Q 5 0 of wg. X ewj e 52361 S s . .A . and S P . .C - Sod Blists hon Or M ar Y w- nh a Living Rosa TY in Oct ober z, Q4 CIC S CJ, r Q 3 ' In efh bers w,a P 103CA',gges fo 1' If i Mx me K 07ll9S1'o12 I X i ? President JACKIE HEINTZ Vice President ALINE BULL Secretary LUCILLE BOURGEOIS Treasurer JO ANN PONCET C, S,M,C, officers pose with Our Lady of Wisdom whose Son they strive to make the world love, 9 si V' 4 his , v,,, , '1"'Fl Chris Cosse, chairman of the Junior Vocation Club, explains vocational display ro members from S,S,A and St. Peter's, Uocafzbn Senior Vocation Club members offer the sacrifice of doing class work well and making visits, 'NC' in ,fs -44: -. r'fn-7' '11-54-M X V " - - ' V5 . 1 S K V " 1' 4 .f if 3' '- . - -' 'v 'f'J'j-V-3sJ"2x7""-25 CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Danny Shea, Jerrye Brady, Cutch Simoneaux, Margaret Marange, Jane Ellen Clerc, George Behrens, Junior Brady, Wayne Himbert, s,P,C, VS, Denham Springs WE WON! Doo- De- DOO! Doo- De- DA! ZJQ CJAQQPQCIX 0120! 'I COVINGTGN ' VISITDRS IEW Down qumru Ynsroso H 5 E iff pkg , F I rf' I I I P ,- I 4 if S S 1 Y x K eeee TT Q ln ww 1' Ig' mg an Q A F all if W mips , -3, 5 4 ' L6fI,..1CfI...1eft.-Q iy,. ,,5i,JfL ,,, s 'SLIQ ,. ,f . .1 5 ,,- 1-,L h.1g . A Lx mal U? :IT-Mil' P5 '45 554, '5 ' ' su Q:-Q.-Q' ,1'ig-QR?:.t11',7 " uf " ,W 1 . 1' ova?-'wffiejf A ? H, V. 2 14, Tw'-J,,l 4 4 ,si..f,5.f......i j ',,,,gg3Aq N45 i "4 or . - if-fe?'1"f??fTf'--?'+f'1fffsrf+f "P" for St, Paul ONWQJ 51' 6. P CZ DRILLET OFFICERS Pee Wee Millet, Pat Morris, Barbara Gutierrez, Lu cille Bourgeois, S,S,A, Drillets pose with S.P.C. Band, rf, 111A N-M ur 4.4 ahlr f wi f 5 ,ff NVQ 6 ' 4:3 VQQ.. r' Q. 351' 1,,l.Nfi! ,514 E,,,,A 5 Ldlgk if A 14 3 -X., , Q ff ' Q ga Q5 i 1 . 5 w , ' V 3 3 ' 5512.-i't' I I V - - E, V A P ' 31 'ff xiqpi-1? q , ,I-.49 .l ., uf ' 1 1 f, In Q 'Q il ' , T .aafzh S, Speed and C. Goudeau congratulate each other on winning trophy from the National Association for the Promotion of Latin, -Qeczrgoof Cgfqf u-I I xl Wednesday at 12130 JN Sz. x I x4f'Z SCh01aSt Rf-w ,..zv- , .'.. 4- i I Qsifff X "X M521 M .ww 1 1 X .LN 4 ' P, A-iw., M. -LN ,W 5--'TL mmm A Cgfllfkllff I . C ?Ul1I2Cl! OFFICERS Left to right: H. Pellman, Treasurerg P, Serio, Vice Presidentg J. Livaudais, Presi demg S, Leleune, Co-Secre- taryg J, Wade, Co-Secretary Jidln R ICH Stude HI CQUUCI Ifffather me Goud e . au mlss ing! x. ill' 5 47722 ET A 5 F3405 A? 5 E 44 ua- L., 5 N 5' 40 ,ia Q3 15 "7 '3 X A 2 .2 ' 1 . fi' hi? ,f awf- + JL: 1"'i k1 1' jg .5 fig. -. .,g,,,,.. ' If K 7'5ifQT'i 4" 5 ,. . gi iw! rm, 1 cfifiigliggf-jg?-,f ' Q3 fi? Q f A Wi l?if'g"" 53 1, M wg AI! in y ' , ' ' V . .' 1. M X 'fia' mga. 1 W1 If fu mf a .. if sg Q? Y' , 13" gf 3' 311 L: 74 5 'L ,S ' . '93 4 K Z xg , -1 , A Q-3 w " a. 1 any an -'vm N . Q I sw l af " i-1, NA? ,- fl: Ai 0' 5 - fv- . 9, : 'as'-2. -M M e 'L iilivi if-A' XI A K Us ' 132.8 52 ' 1 ga 7-41 A nh ' if .. A kfsb, q I 4 Q 1' Q f ' A .Q ....l.L.. .. Q . ei, I .523 f X.:-, wg: gm .- Vx, 'sf J ' it f' ! "v PT km "NN , 5. ' ipxvi f . 1 ' sd' "7"' X ' ' f .'Z I 1' 1 I f b Q 9 - p Compliments of the Freshmen One for Allg All for One. Thank You to Our Patrons You Made Poss1b1e Our Yearbook THE STAFF , LN ,,,,,,, - L.F3S!VIITI-4 CONTRACTOR X7 f f 'asia S For P1CtuTeS Wlth Personahty MM 5 I LJLJIU 4670 4th Street Marrero, a FI 1 2149 .Aawvi Plants for Fatlma Shrlne wr G1ft of W M?-3 394 glfx . I-L '55 .... .'z1, 16? 'H' -,gg ruin' .97 if tx As ,v"7'.f., 'W 4 A fmzzcfalam NLJHSIIHII-15 WHOLESALE FLORISTS Ab1ta Spr1ngs Lou1s1ana Q05 Huh 7 TAMMANY PARISH LIBRARY Cov1ngton La E:- Natchez, MISSISSIPPI BALDWIN MOTORS Covmgton, La. Congratulatlons to the E1ghth Grade Graduates From RADIO STATION VV M I 5 Natchez M1ss1ss1pp1 FA1TV1eW 7366 7939 fain 572422, :Nc Res1dent1aI Constructxon JOHN J. STRATE, Pres. R..- 7-1 ',',,,., , A fbi- -V, - ' 'Saw I - --, .La . ,fF',,,' . 1 ,QV s' A , ,. '. -,-- Q I N - ' ex ' V - - . iv .. , ., .m fg 4, .Lf - 1 .. 1 - f- A f -1 A.. 'rw ffm -i- -.-Fifa. 1 , "Ii 43: ..4 I . ,Qui -7 ' 37761-XEWX ' -.. . , , Q, . "-- 1, '-. ., I . M -1-nf'-s t ' 3'-'Sr -- . ""v.. . i +- . -1 . , ' -,f , V. ' '- -4 '. j ef -.f -,.i,,k-6 - Q-- l . , , ,,. mr, , ,,,,, ,1. -. - -" .RFQ , . fvipfi- - A A -- 5 . f '41 "'fr. 4"f'i.. . -I -'f V . "',. ' 'A--G 1, ,L 'S , , it , f- N x. " " ,p . A s -L., -JK." , - -. s -'-- ' '- , - . . . . . . X I 3 , A Q ST. -Ei, - fji S61 .331 . 22 Ee .gg - 5455 -5:2 Em' 12' ee! eggs 395' ,1'IeJ5' in ! F. H. SHORTRIDGE Compliments of OIL LEASES E. I. AUTHEMENT Jackson, Mississippi Realtor By 3026 General Auto Repairs CAVALLERO S AUTO REPAIR 8: JOSEPH P TISCHNER SERVICE STATION OIL LEASES 4624 Downman Road Natchez Mississippi New Orleans Z2 La Compliments of the Sophomores var in Compliments of L AND .T ESSO RICHARD NEAL SERVICE STATION Albany La Covington La BUSTER S CAFE AND BAR FERRER COTTAGES Military Road Lacombe, La Covington, La BUQUOI AND DECKER REINE STATIONERY Everything in Real Estate 417 Boston Street Ph 39 Baton Rouge Louisiana 1 s 9 , o sw Q O Q . 0 5 . V 0 . at A Kjj? 2 I 5 ff . 3 , PQ, ,ff W t L 'fps Ts, K I I 'swf' . .VV , , ,I 4 A ,es iw: ll T X , 3, , .ww 1 J' Y . , ' f s o 5 I ' ' 9 Y 9 I ,N L.. 'I 5 Comphments of MRS E S BOURGEOIS MRS R P FREMIN MRS V J DE ANGLES MRS O P BOOTH LUCILLE BOURGEOIS BUNNY'S CLEANERS Albany Lou1s1ana HANDLEMAN'S STORE Hammond, Lou1s1ana ROBER I I. AUBEIQT COMPANY INSURANCE Oldest Insurance Agency IH COV1UgtOU Servmg You Over 50 Years Insurance of All K1nds M "BUSTER" LYON Your Local Insurance Man 50 Boston Phone 1 We Are Pleased and Proud to Serve St Scholastlca Academy w1th C las s R1ngs Invltatlons D1plomas Caps and Gowns L G BALFOUR CO BOB GRANT C1 A MORSE Box 211 Baton Rouge, La Comphments to St. Scholast1ca Academy From MR AND IVHQS. G L JS-3 F5C3U7C'DN HZ 5: .ix Q n Q o A X g W ' ,4I " . . . K I Q I . Q SV .A p V ' 'ff ' ' ' f' X' ' X A K . . . 5' f 1 'J I 9 01 ' Compliments of me x-:AQD K G Q A6 ELJEIVIAN " IXAD Comphrnents DE LTA PINE PRODUCTS CORPORATION 1 IX I Q2 flsw 5' GN 0 :' W1 C0 TUX LA 55 C ov1ngton Lou1s1ana US HELP X X 0,94 5,459 gtg! Zan 779469 COIVHVIEIQCIAIL BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY Head Off1c e Covxngton Branches Mandev111e Mad1sonv111e A Pleasure to Serve You Member Federal D6pOS1t Insurance Corporatlon REDDY. HELPS YOU Lxve Better Electmcally w1th CLECO ELECTRIC POWER o C ourte ous D ependable Servlce X uve mm -Z, Q W ,,,m,,s ricemnm uunsmnn rucrmc cnmvmw ju , 0 X f Y D ll, ' ' 5? 'S , f LET N Q Z , , - ' :Qs f If -' ci 'QS M rf 2 kj? A fl xx if'-2x . . If g ' f k ,471 Isixex ' - ' ' ff arf.-55:1 5'-'tk' . 5 0 3 'gf S Q' , I Z ,,,, ,INC-. WARREN BERNADAS AUTO PAINTING 4018 Magazine Street New Orleans, La. LIBERTY WELDING 8: IRON WORKS V. A. LEAVEAU 3001 Airline Hy, Metairie, La, sele mm er QNIPIWY Compliments of H. J. SMITH 8: SON Compliments of GENERAL CONTRACTORS SAIK'S 31U'4WEG7Z will 3. pl e ts Loulslana Power 81 Light Company HELPING BUILD LOUISIANA RIVERSIDE INN Restaurant and Lounge C ovington, La I-lOLDEN'S for Service We Never Close Ambulance Air Conditioned Oxygen Wrecker Taxi RoadServ1ce Phone 486 Covington La MRS VAL. HOLDEN Mgr L L 1 - NN Xl KTQZA l I- - I , L Com im n of H f- - rt' - , . . ig I J ' ' Nl' ' A . - - - - L' 5, 4 -6.443 4 WHEN INTHEW MOOD FDR REVERE'S CAFE 2 319 New Hampshire Covington, La, RICHEY'S TRAILER PARK Baton Rouge, La, "A Better Place to Live" Best Wishes HEBERT CLEANERS 510 Gibson St Covington L C ompliments of the AMELINGS Esso DEALER STEVENS ESSO SERVICE Hammond L H'i'-fm ill f X 5 Sf' KELLY'S l:OOD STORE Hammond, La THOMAS WHOLESALE CAND Mandeville, La Y CAMP ST PAUL For Boys 8 to 13 June 16 JulyZ8 1957 ST PAUL'S COLLEGE Covington, La CLAIBORNE INN Covington L and COTTON CLUB Mandeville, La ,WEIXQME BER W . , ai I . 5 NN, I A-dip 'Hi Sf digg! ' ix Q ' "". in n.i..,, Q-IW ? M , Q -,,,..J-" ,!:2,mm,..- ' 1 9 a' 1 1 CO. . ' 1 Compliments of V C" ' ' ' ' A - -Y . XQAVIS-vvogmx, '2:'ff'L - 1- E-674' T261 UDDEE PASSENSER CARS TRIANGLE GARAGE P D PRAVATA, Owner S11de11 La :mcse abd Pam Q JIM'S DINING ROOM AND CAMELLIA LOUNGE Covmgton La DAIRY KING DAIRY FREEZE On the H111 O J HEBERT DRUGS Best W1shes to the Semor Class of 1957 COVINGTON MOTORS INC Cars FORD Trucks Complete Repalr Serv1ce Phone No 5 Cornphrnents of LAURA'S BEAUTY SALON SUTTON'S SERVICE STATION 4100 Magamne St TW 5 9236 0 , J coca!! nnuns Hammond, Louxslana SOUTHERN GARAGE Constance and Pemston St CULLOM J SWORDS REAL ESTATE Phone 1414 Lobdell Bldg TW 5 9454 O a COV1HgtOH, La v""wh DUTz's GARAGE Dgsntu Best Wlshes from Authonzed D eSoto Plymouth ROSE MARY SIEMSSEN Sales and Servlce Mandev111e, La NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY W L DAVID Prop C omphments of 2403 Madlson Street MATTIE JOHNSON'S GROCERY Albany L Phone 3 5 1 Comphments of MRS DRISCOLL LA SHOPPERS DEPT STORE Cornphrnents of 2062 Front Street Shdell La ARMAND'S 1768 Front Street S11de11 Lou1s1sana HASS 5 8: 10 217 Cous1n Street S11de11, La KELLER'S SERVICE ST ATION 9':1'S'. . . , , ' 'V ' UCKS ' ' H I U , I N. . La. ' ' n ' No 9, L I I 1 q 4 - ,f - n ' - I I X A - s o Q I n a- . , . . , . . Comphments of KT IDEAL PHARMACY ll Mad1sonv111e La gl LOBUE'S FOOD STORE Hammond, La L T RAGAN Racho and Electrlcal Supphes Phone 212 503 Columbra St Covrngton, La Congratu1at1ons to The Senrors Best W1shes COMMANDER REAL ESTATE Mandev111e Off1ce MA 6 3662 New Orleans Offrce 9849 Comp11ments of FREDERICK'S PLUMBING 8: HEATING 1641 W Abrta Sprrngs, La Comphments of WILSON'S JEWELERS 307 New Hampsh1re Cov1ngton, La JOE RAUCH, JR Abrta Sprlngs Grocer1es Shoes Feed Not1ons Hardware "The Place to Shop for Low Prrces at A11 Trrnes " A K ROY INC FLOWER ESTATES Acreage S1tes Bayou Property A11 Streets Hard Surfaced Phone 179 Southern Hotel Bldg Covmgton La Comphrnents of ARNOLD STRAIN Fast Competent Reasonable BUB HOOVER TV SERVICE Located 1n Western Auto Store 324 Co1umb1a St Covrngton, La AZELIE'S Clothrng for the Famlly 1 11 Lafrtte St Mandev111e, La MARSOLAN FEED Sr SEED STORE 616 G1bson Street Covlngton, La Best Wrshes C J NICHOLS The Year Round Toy Store Comphments of G C A FREEZER LOCKER Covlngton, La CLEM J BEAUV AIS Plumblng Heatrng A11 the Comforts of Home Phone 231 W Abrta Spr1ngs, La SC HNE1DAN'S Covrngton Lou1s rana Best Wrshes SHADY LANE TRAILER COURT Trmmph La 6X Congratulatrons Semors' 5' , HAZEL OGDEN MCGINNIS REAL ESTATE J L MCGINNIS Broker For A11 Your Wants m Real Estate Lots Squares Acreage Rlver Property Busmess Places for Sale Rent or Lease ' I ! . . , . N! I ' AU - . . 9 o Q o 1 I . ' I Gifts - Notions 41 . . ka! ' ' ' ' f ,si - Q - O BUFF HOTTLE SHOWS Un1t No 2 Cornphments of CITY DRUG STORE The K1ng and Queen of Senxordom NICKS SHOP Covmgton Mandev11le H1ghway PRATS' DAIRY K 'N Ab1ta Sprmgs, La Comphments of JULES P VERGEZ SOUTHERN HOTEL In the Heart of the Ozone Belt Covmgton, La Comphments of DUBLIN FOOD STORE LIBERTY WELDING 8: IRON WORKS 3001 A1rl1ne H1ghway Meta1r1e, La PAUL'S TILE SHOP PAUL A CEDOTAL Owner Ceramlc and Quarry T1le Bathrooms K1tchens and Porches 700 Columbxa St Cov1ngton La Compl1ments of IMPERIAL CAFE Hammond, Lou1s1ana ALEXIUS BROTHERS 8: CO INC Phone 275 COV1ngtOH a Lacombe La Comphments of PAT BERMUDEZ BLOSSMAN HFGv0d""' OIL COMPANY C ov1ngton Lou1s1ana Phone 646 HOUK'S TV Sn RADIO SERVICE 321 Columb1a St Covmgton Lou1s1ana Phone 1540 or 1643 HARMON'S GROCERY 8: MARKET Fresh Vegetables and Frozen Food General Mdse Phone 2041 Lacombe L ROY'S PHARMACY HOUSE OF GIFTS 804 Meta1r1e Road G1ftS Hallmark Cards Records Hammond, La Meta1r1e 20, La Phone VErnon 5 1022 A--'S , , As.: 'Ev . . 'Qs 6' Compliments of DECKER'S GROCERY up a ' , L . 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MYERS MEAT MARKET Co1umb1a Street Cov1ngton, La, . , . - . I , , ' li - . 1 ' For Over 25 Years 5 203 New Hampshire St. ' , L . ' , . ' ' ' , L .

Suggestions in the St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) collection:

St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 81

1957, pg 81

St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 84

1957, pg 84

St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 98

1957, pg 98

St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 38

1957, pg 38

St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 6

1957, pg 6

St Scholastica Academy - Dove Yearbook (Covington, LA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 5

1957, pg 5

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