St Patricks Academy - Shamrock Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1952

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1952 volume:

M AI IH S llll Il rluim-s HI lllll ll ll Il L. THE SHAMRUCH UF 1952 ,f'f, ST. PAT'S 2? - .. 0, . , :ai 3- ,51- Ez H J sg Y .,. 5 f N -nit Lf edgy, 'X n ,... V s :,Q ag, 1 'J , 5 1 .1 A15 if fffrfas., if ' ' ff: 57? Xfwifff .- 33" '5 " "' Q21 mfr Fi' 'Wy 3 4 ' V. iff' ' " if I X 'f " ltf 3 A . 'L 3121. 1 ' , L , ' ' V -'2, I ,JP 'Q JI: 1 ",.f',wg-ju 3 '4 'V -- 1 1 fy ' n "U 3 2' "3 'Y'f", zf!i.::1:..:...:::f::' 5 T . A '- . ' . "F , A , ss ' f' P L 4' 2l"?'V1f 244 V "f"f"P ,f-rs:-+ 1 'N TS Mg ' f""A ,V -- 1 ,A cw .4,,.:: ' T 'fm E s ,. ,V gi! 1- ' Z,-' f, 1 5, 5 e' - , ,, ,L . 5, I. .,'V I 4 FW? 1 -'E V ' fkfif , 4, 5 i V --3 V ' XM, 9 .' ,if f 2 L l BROTHER HENRY medical fion The Students of St. Patrick Academy dedicate the l952 Shamrock to Brother Henry Edmund Who, this year ob- serves his golden jubilee as a Christian Brother. The business office is a pleasant place with Brother Henry in charge. EDMUNII Brother Henry ut work in the office. All the students ' ' warm sm'1 recognize hls xe and encouraging words. Hlreltor feufd :5 rect0r 0 t Edt U cz-t0tCt D tn htmeel 02 0 frtertdlx under stcmdtrt dev0tedD1reft0r We 10 e that tt e PO 50000 evertuall prosper Lmder tt uldnrtfe BROTHER P UL Denms Bruno huvmg cx chat w1th Brother Paul D1 rector Brcther Learider P331 S040 an nrzther I Mark as Die ef S. .X rxcks this "fear Durm: his brief time at 0ld Ct. Pats, he 'x,'A'x'1Wi"3'H'd . L f ,V x . if X A t ps '1 . i 1 I will 2. 1 . 3 'is I I W aw f , A. ,,.L .,.. ., Q A .1 y " 1 Q + '1 -T fi? Q M, 'iiffwil sam, 4: P, in :slip Firfsffl Q ,W 2 A 1: f i 4 --.-- --'-..,,.,, 1' ti 35' 1. A :K var' I 1 S5 ' f it 'ff :A a 1 fe 1, 3 . 1 Y Y x 1 if . Aa' ,iw M xx? W? 'nw fag!! ,g.x,, : .L3f?'zif2' LW' wan-an .- 5-1 A' .Qi , L .Q-r.:ir5Q'f' my .. , V M -4, . iz vgffa. . Q., vw- f - .pw vw . 'Ji V, h a io, A Zn v V.. FMHILTIY Brother Mark Enghsh I Latm I II ASSISIGDI Pr1nc1pal Brother Iohn C. Attendance Supervisor B kt Brother Gregory OO S me Dean of FacuIty - Brother Anthony Brother Gxlbert Brother Patrick Brother Raymond ReI1g1on IV Re11g1onIV ReI1g1onIV ReI1g1on I Amerlcan HISIOTY Eng11shIV Enghsh III Sparush I II Soc1a1Stud1es Mothers C u Mathemat1csI Erlghsh I II Aux1I1ary Dr1ve Semor Moderator Yearbook Brother Phlhp RGIIQIOH III Algebra II Tnqonametry Chemxstry Bemldu Club Brother Ioel Solomon RGIIQIOH III Sq.iI2?:gd Brother Ioel Paulxan Bookkeeping Rehgxon III A hl t D Commercral t e lc Hector Green and Gold Caieterla Brother Iohn Victorian Reglst ar Llbrary Brother Leo Rehgxon II Bxology General Sc1ence Brother Fabian RQIIQIOH II Busmess Law Soc1al Studxes Bantams and Flys Basketball Team Brother Arthur Brother Peter Brother Clement Brother Conrad Hehglon I ReI1g1on I Rel1g1or1II Relxglon II Algebra I General Scxence World Hxstory Mathemahcs II III Mathemaucs I Camera Club Clvmcs Plane Geometry Chapel Bowlmg Team Mr Rxchard Tnptow Busmess Law Salesmanslup C1v1cs Basketball Coach Mr Al Brennan Engllsh II Football Coach Mr Kovac Gym Instructo Uutstamling Seniors STRAIGHT A'S FIRST SEMESTER First Row: R. Kosenesky, R. Norsworihy, A. Bulek. Second Row: H. Iarosz, H. Westrick, D. Tombolaio. Missing: R. Lemke. Richard Kosenesky Howard Westrick Richard Norsw0rihY S'11'.LfTI'CT1'1I1 fl? fl ook EAI, Vfilefiictorifln Senior Sui -'11-Armg PERFECT ATTENDANCE FOUR YEARS First Row: D. Brunu, P. Smyth, Brother Iohn C. Second Row: R. Kosenesky, T. Scrlvino, E. Chomicki. Q 3.7 N . ti B9 ,.. W., Y 1-inn-'i"' in 'Tc-3 2-W f. Q "K 1,5 C23 Q in 4 C . ' fx QX. ,xi 2 f X I' SENIUIH IUUNI IL Senior Class Uffivers LOW ELL STAHL Presrdent THOMAS FLAHERTY Vrce Pre-szdent PATRICK SMYTH Secretary LEONARD WISZ Treasurer Seated R Norsworthy L Stahl K Shendcm Brother G1lbertfModeraiorJ T Flaherty Standmg R Lubecker M Wmheld T ODonnell H Motu A Balek L W1sz D Bratia R CCSUQIIG I Bohun P Smyth R Lemke ADLESICK RUDOLPH DAVID Buddy St. Pius Entered S. P. A. 948 Green and Gold 4' Shamrock 4' Aux- lliary3 4. ALESIA IOI-IN IAMES ack Resurrection Entered S. P. A. 951 BAIO IOSEPH ANGELO eo St Leo EnteredS P A 48 Basketball l Intramurals I 2 BABIARZ RICHARD STEPHEN Babs St Procoprus Entered S P A 948 Honor Student l 2 3 Perfect Attend ance l 2 Football l 4 Monogram Club 4 BALEK ARTHUR IAMES St Ioseph EnteredS P A 1948 Honor Student l 2 3 4 Perfect Attend ance 3 Basketball l Debate 2 Class Ofttcer 3 4 Auxthary 2 3 Bemldus Club4 St Sylvester EnteredS P A 1948 Perfect Attendance l 2 3 Football l Basketball 2 Class Offtcer 2 Green and Gold 4 Auxtllary l 2 3 Cheer leader 3 4 BANYS RIMAS Ray St George Entered S P A 1950 Honor Student l 2 3 4 BATTISTO IOSEPH MICHAEL oe Holy Guardzan Angel Entered S P A 1948 V i l i l Dear Dtary It has been four years smce I enrolled at St Pats Although I entered the school Wlth trep1dat1on I f1nd m retrospect that I have some of the happiest memorres of my hfe As I glance through my dtary I encounter 1tems that seem If1VlGl and yet they sttr a smtle What freshman rsnt impressed by the btg emors and tumors the masstve lt somewhat battered desks the brothers m assorted SIZES and d1spos1t1ons'9 As a benny I met Brothers Norbert Bu 13 J: 1 I m I I' Z , 1 .1 5 Q , 1 '- s . . ,,19 32 P f ' cn , mt . ' . . .,1 , . ' ' Q . D - -1-1 , as . . . ., an . I I I- I A - BALOG. RAYMOND FRANK George . 1 3 9 i i i i AF' ui BAUML IAMES WARREN St PIUS Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l lntramurals 2 BAYER EUGENE BENEDICT Benny St Erancts Xavrer Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l 3 4 Perfect Attend ance l Debate 2 Monogram Club 3 4 Green and Gold l 2 4 Shamrock 4 Camera Club l Dramattcs 2 3 4 BEAHAN WALTER IAMES Wally St Vrncent De Paul Entered S P A 1948 lntramuralsl 2 BELUSKY ROBERT LOUIS Stubs St loseph Entered S P A 1948 Honor Studentl 2 3 4 Perfect Attend Shamrock 4 Auxtltary 4 Dramattcs 4 BELZ IAMES IOSEPH 1m St Gertrude Entered S P A 1948 Basketball l 2 4 Class Ofhcer 3 BOHAN IAMES IOSEPH 1m Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1950 Class Offtcer 3 4 BONVINI LEO MAURICE Our Lady ot Angels Entered S P A 1949 Honor Student 2 Basketball 3 Mono gram Club 3 4 BRATTA DOM IOSEPH Dago St Charles Borromeo Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l Perfect Attendance l 2 3 Class Offtcerl 4 pert Edmund Leo and Hermes All of them were anxtous to help me and make me feel that l belonged to the school The unobtrustve talks about school Splfll were not lost on the eager freshtes After a ttme l glorted tn the tact that our school was the only one among all the Brothers schools that had a cement campus and hanglng gardens lts true that the gardens hung from a ftre escape that sur Vtved the mlshap of Mrs Olsearys cow and the campus couldnt accommodate a large flea ctrcus but they were untque l4 some 3 . I L. f l , L I , . . CD 11 - 1 fs . . ,, , . I , , , 1 - -I ance 2g Debate 2g Green and Gold 4g Z I A 1 A ' I-I-l m I 1' , , J ' . , I' , . . 2 2 - , . , BROGLE, BYRON GODFREY Smiley St. loan of Arc Entered S. P. A., 1952 BRUNA, DENNIS CHARLES Den Epiphany Entered S. P. A., 1948 Honor Student 2, 3, 4g Perfect Attend- ance l, 2, 3, 45 Debate 25 Monogram Club 3, 4, Green and Gold l, 2, 4g Shamrock 45 Dramatics 4. BURGMAN WILLIAM HENRY 1 Resurrectzon EnteredS P A 1948 CASSIN IAMES THOMAS Cass Our Lady of Mercy Entered S P A 1948 Football l Camera Club l 3 4 CASTIGLIA RUSSELL STEPHEN Hot Rod St Charles Borromeo Entered S P A 1948 Perfect Attendance l 2 3 Class Offrcer 4 Auxrhary 2 lntramurals l 2 CATALE LAURENCE ANTHONY Laurie 1-loly Eamlly Entered S P A 1949 lntramurals 2 3 4 CHELES PETER IOHN Pete St Brrdges EnteredS P A 1948 Green and Gold l 4 Camera Club 4 CHOMICKI EDWARD IOHN Chom and Homer St Marys Crcero Perfect Attendance l 2 3 4 Football 4 Manager 3 Basketball Manager 4 Monogram Club 3 4 Auxlltary l 2 3 4 Benlldus Club 4 1? ff' IUN CD FH Z i 9 1 2 f Q ua The hrst year was hrghhghted by the dculy study of Rel1g1on the reflecttons the tlnklmg of the hour and half hour bell for prayers to remlnd us that we were 1n the presence of God Latrn under the tutelage of Brother Norbert wasnt the demon we had antrclpated H made every lesson V1V1d and lnterestrng Solv mg for x had Its dxffrcultxes at tlmes but the malorrty usually came up wrth the same answer ln the Englxsh class we tr1ed to de velop read1ng sktlls 1mprove our vocabulary learn the rules for tr1cky spelhng words and l5 r- P , B'11 U3 ' ' " me U: : . , - Fri 1 ' LD - an , , 1 U I If ' 'Q . . .A X 7 . , 57 Entered S. P. A., 1948 'Fl Lf? i if H- E i I 3 COMELLI. ROBERT IOSEPH Bobby Blessed Sacrament Entered S. P. A., l948 Football 4, Basketball Ig Monogram 45 Class Officer 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. COSTELLO. IAMES IOHN lim St. Peter Canisius Entered S. P. A., l948 Perfect Attendance 3, 45 Football lg Class Officer I, 2. COSTELLO IOHN MATTHEW Blessed Sacrament Entered S P Bemldus Club 4 Cos 1948 CUMMANE DANIEL ANDREW St Eranczs ol Home Entered S P Cum 1948 DUNNE PHILLIP GEORGE St Bernadrne Entered S P A Intramurals 3 Plull 950 ELLIS IAMES THOMAS Maternzty of B V M Entered S P A Camera Club 4 Bowlmg Team 4 l948 ENTWISTLE RICHARD EDWARD St Callrstus EnteredS P A 95 St Anthony De Padua Entered S P A l948 Auxrhary 2 3 Intramurals I 2 3 Wrrte composrtlons Most of us were conv1nced that the verb to be stlll d1dn t take an ob1ect A V1V1d memory of that IITSI year was the celebratron of Brother Gregorys Golden lub 1lee The hohday was most welcome but even the freshmen could appreclate the solemnxty of the occas1on It gave us a vrcarlous thr1ll to attend the FGIIQIOUS ceremomes and to con gratulate the dean of the faculty on h1s half century of devotxon to tra1n1ng boys to be men The soc1al 11fe of a school IS usually lost on a freshman Although I attended the dances 16 CD 'QE u-I 3 . I . .A., E . C , Z . .A., I-I-I CD . ' . . .,l . ' . . .,l I FENDLER. RICHARD IOSEPH Shep FERNANDEZ, DON MICHAEL Don St. Lulces Entered S. P. A., lg-4? Honor Student 2, Green and Gold 4 Benildus Club 4. FISCHER, IOHN IOSEPH Big Fish St. Pius Parish Entered S. P. A., I?-45 Honor Student 2, 3- Basketball lp Monof gram 4g Green and Gold l- Auxiliary l, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4. FISHER RICHARD BYRON Little Fish St. Anthony de Padua Entered S. P. A. IQ48 Perfect Attendance 2, 4, Auxiliary l, 2 FITZGERALD THOMAS IOSEPH Fzz St Peter Canrstus Entered S P A 1949 Honor Roll 2 Perfect Attendance 2 3 Class Olhcer 2 3 lntramurals 2 FLAHERTY THOMAS FRANCIS Flaps St Vlncent Entered S P A l948 Honor Studentl 2 3 4 Basketball l '7 3 4 Monogram Club 2 3 4 Class Oth cerl 3 4 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 FLYNN DONALD IOSEPH Lefty Resurrection Entered S P A IQ48 Basketball l 2 Manaaer Monoaram Club 3 4 Class Othcer 2 GOLMINAS DONALD IOHN Goldy Sacred Heart Entered S P A IQ48 Perfect Attendance 3 4 Class Othcer l lntramuralsl 2 GRAF DONALD FRANCIS Don St Anthony Entered S P A lO49 Aux har l Y JD V'l'l Z i i 1 17 pi in 1 i A wr 6 Y durtna my hrst year l was no excephon l dtdn t know any ot the gtrls my dancmg sklll was open to questton and l dreaded the thought ot tnppma some rnno ent l ttle woman The pros pect of stumbl1na over my own leet Nasn t ver reassurma erther Ho 1-1 l envred the te ff Ca a novas tn the class who had the courage to ask or a dancel ln athlettcs we all basked tn the reflected lorx ot our basketball team ctty champtons The nt ht tn the Chtca o Stadtum was the cdlnfxnatton of per'ect season Pat Dunn sank l7 ' :r . V 2 Q J- I I , 3,4 , t . . 'r'I I 1 1 1 '1 'O . . . . ., I 1 1 1 1 1141 1 I 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , , . . . . . ., s , Q' .X - - - t - C 1 ' 1 - Q ' -- I ' ' ' v . 'a ' ' a ' J . ' r ' s - 1 t a . . . Tl lj? 2 il H- i i i A1- ? i GRAFER, ALFRED HENRY A1 Resurrection Entered S. P. A, 1948 Football l. GREEN, STEWART WALKUP Rebel St. Patricks Entered S. P. A., 1951 GRIMM ROGER CHRISTOPHER Charley Our Lady ot Angels Entered S. P. A. 1951 GUERIN DONALD PATRICK Don resentatron EnteredS P A 1948 Football l 4 Monogram Club 4 Class Othcer l HALPIN IOHN PATRICK Red St Thomas ot Canterbury EnteredS P A 1948 Honor Studentl 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Monogram 3 4 Green and Go1d4 HANCOCK WILLIAM DENNIS 1 St Peter Canlsrus Entered S P A 1951 Perfect Attendance 4 St Mark Entered S P A 1950 HOFF IAIVIES CHARLES Lefty St Edwards Entered S P A 1948 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 the one Wmmng basket to beat Tllden 54 to 53 In our sophomore year we met new teach ers and more d1tt1cult subgects The adventur ous Brother Gabrtel 1ust back from Mantla made every class a pleasure On rare occa s1ons he would d gress to brma us up to date on Egypt Chma and Afrtca We regarded htm as a combtnatton of Marco Polo and Prester ohn Brology geometry and a host ot other sub Jects kept us really hlttmg the ball Some ot the new Brothers thts year were Brothers An 18 I E I et -1 , P ' . . ., Z L.l.l I , , B'1l l l HICKEY, IOSEPH PATRICK lody i 1 A . A gi I I. HUTCHISON RONALD EDWARD Hutch Resurrection Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l Perfect Attendance 4 Green and Gold 2 Aux1l1ary l 2 IAROSZ HENRY EDWARD Hank St Patnclc EnteredS P A 1949 Honor Student 2 3 4 Perfect Attend ance 3 4 Basketball 4 Monogram Club 4 Bemldus Club 4 IEFFERIES ROBERT DOUGLAS e Mrssron ot Our Lady ot Mercy Entered S P A 1949 Honor Student2 3 4 Football 2 Green and Gold 4 Boxmg 2 Benrldus Club 4 KEOUGHAN ROBERT LAWRENCE St Marys Entered S P A 1951 KILROY TERRENCE IOSEPH St Srmeon Entered S P A 948 Honor Student l lntramurals 2 St Plus EnteredS P A 1948 Honor Student l 2 Intramurals l Elrst place ln the Rattle Drrve 2 KOSENESKY RICHARD CHARLES Koze Holy Tr1n1ty Entered S P A 948 Honor Studentl 2 3 4 Perfect Attend ancel 2 3 4 Eootballl 4 Monogram Club 4 Class Olhcer 3 Intramurals KOSIBA RAYMOND IOSEPH Chops Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l Football 4 Class Oth cer l Auxllrary l 2 3 4 Bemdus Club4 i i 55 l i i i hd Q thony Gllbert Fablan and Patrrck from the TWIN C1l1eS Brother Anthony was the mam factor ID the success of Room 31 The year sped by pleasantly enough for those who werent mv1ted to seek further knowl edge 1n the St Pats summer school After a SGTIGS ot p1cn1cs and tlnal exams we prepared to enjoy a few months of lersure Where the trme went 15 strll a mystery but We had to start our 1un1or year so back to the mlnes We enloyed studymg the hte ot Chr1st 19 U: 1 I'1'1 - . -, Q Z I 1. I I x yy I+ JP . I . lff I 1 '34 I . , ., x I, r H . . . ., fa, V? . 'I . . .,1 'W , . I ' KLEMY. IOHN EDWARD 'K' W' n ' ' . . .,1 3,41 ' ' . I. K Y , I ,7 , 1 " I , , , I: '1 A 9 9 i nl' i i KOTRBA ROBERT HENRY Bobby St. Procopius Entered S. P. A, 1948 Honor Student l' Basketball 4g Debate 2- Monogram Club 3 4- Shamrock 4- Auxiltary 2 4' lntramurals 3 4, KROLL FRED IOSEPH loker the Odds Mcm St Pzus Entered S P A 1948 Perfect Attendance l 2 Basketball 2 Manager Auxtlrary 4 LEAHY IOHN IOSEPH St Co1umb1f:11Ie Entered S P A Perfect Attendance 4 Aux1l1ary l 948 LEMKE RICHARD WILLIAM St Benedrct Entered S P A Dick 1948 Honor Student l 2 3 4 Debate 2 Monogram 3 4 Class Offrcer 4 Green and Gold 4 Shamrock 4 Bo:-ang l 2 Dramat1cs 4 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 LUBECKER ROBERT ARTHUR Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1948 Class Offrcer 4 Intramurals l 2 3 as ketball Manager 4 LUCEY NEIL MICHAEL Red St Peter Canzsrus Entered S P A 1948 Class Offtcer l Boxlng l 2 lnta murals l MELONE ADOLPH D Our Lady of Pompen Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l 2 3 Perfect Attend ance4 Class Off1cer3 MOTA HOWARD FRANCIS oe St Charles Borromeo Entered S P A 1948 Perfect Attendance l Pootball4 Mono gram Club 4 Class Off1cer l 4 provrng that Newton had sornethlng learn1na the flner pomts of buslness transactlons and takmg an actlve part tn the socrals The name Emerald Ballroom was a cepted by all who attended the beautrfully dec orated gym The bands were exceptronally good The cro Nds were orderly 1f somewhat oacked lt seems that nobody wanted to mrss +ne'estlvtt1es graduates students ex students and even a few ne1ghbors The raffle dnve was a runaway for our de cartment Brother Ph1l1ps room ll and Bro 2C . I I 1 Q 1? ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1. 1 , 1 gg 1 if l I . . . ., 1 1 1 ff' ' ' 1 Fr A 1 . . . .,1 Q 1 , 2, A A 1 . . . ., 1 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ui . Lu F JA , , ,I 2 1 1 QB - 1 . . ., 1 1 1 T ' 1 1 . . ., I I I - , . 1 I . . ., I V T 1 1 1 , . . T . 1 U - 1 L A 1 1 T .1 11 .. . 11 rx X, . MUELLER, WALTER IACOB Bulldog Mules Bgessea Sa rarxc-nt Entered S. P, A, 1948 Honor Student lp Football l, 2 3 4f Monoararn Club 3, 4, Class Gfhcer l: Green and Gold l, 2, Dramatics 4' lntramurals 2, 3, 4. NAUGHTON. IOHN PATRICK Mouse Presentation Entered S, P. A, 1948 Perfect Attendance l, 3, Basketball 4: Monoaram Club 3, 4- Green and Gola l, 2, 4, Auxiliary l, 2, 3, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4. NITKA, KENNETH MAURICE Nit Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1948 NOONAN IOHN PATRICK Blaclqcrclc St Pascal Entered S P A 1951 Auxtltary 4 NORSWORTHY RICHARD GEORGE Nose St Bedes Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 Debate 2 Class Othcer 2 3 4 Green and Gold 4 Shamrock 4 Bentldus Club4 ODONNELL THOMAS RAYMOND St Peter Canrsrus EnteredS P A 1948 Football l Class Ofhcer l 4 lntra murals l OLIVER REX PATRICK Ollze St Brrdes EnteredS P A 1948 lntramurals 2 3 OLIVO RICHARD ANTHONY Bud Hesurrectron Entered S P A 1948 Perfect Attendance l 4 Football 2 Class Otncer 2 Shamrock 4 Auxtltarx Club 3 Dramattcs 3 Intramurals l 2 r JZ I'7'l 2 i i 1 1' i if l"" JP Y JJ U' i i L 6 tor ttrst place unttl tne hnal day ot the rattle drtve A mndtall and that ltttle extra effort ov the merrbers of 13 aave them the alorx the, earned The Auytltary Drtve results tncreased the reoutatton tor lo altf to he school and Broth ers The ht hest bo s rn toyed a 'ree r p to St We all sha ed n tne hal The oo ball season sarthn res lts butt the tae nnal tabulattons LOUIS and Glencoe holrda,s dtdnt produce an DCfS plaved every 21 1 . 1 I . I I I - '? . . . ., I .Fl , , , 1 , . ' . ft 1 Q : A , Q - , 3, 4. ther Gilberts room 13 were in a dead heat A ' . y 1 t '- . L ' ' ' . 'Q y ' t ' . A . A . ' 1 . ' en' . at . ' . ' A . . J ' J 1 r i ' ' 'r . N 5 f f' A ' .1 Q ' ' ' '. t ' cj t l. ' 1 'Tl LT 1? 5 I l I-L 1 i I :fl 1 41 if i i O'MALLEY, RICHARD LAWRENCE Dick St. Gertrude Entered S. P. A., 1948 Perfect Attendance l, 2, 3g Football lg Basketball lg Class Officer 2. ONDRACEK, IOHN FRANCIS Iocko St. Procopius Entered S. P. A., 1948 Honor Student 3, Perfect Attendance I, 2, Green and Gold 4, Auxiliary I, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 3, 4. O'REILLY, IAMES IOSEPH St, Brendan Entered S. P. A., 1949 Debate Club lg Green and Gold 2. PALELLA, NICHOLAS ANTHONY Nick Our Lady ot Pompen EnteredS P A 1948 Honor Student I 2 4 Perfect Attend ance I Intramurals I 2 PLATEK DONALD IOHN lze or Plates St Wenceslaus Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l Perfect Attendance 1 Auxtlrary l Intramurals I PLECHATY ROBERT FRANK Bob Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1948 POPERA IOSEPH ALEXANDER oe Mrssron of Our Lady of Mercy Entered S P A 1950 Honor Student 3 Perfect Attendance 3 4 Basketball 4 Intramurals 3 PRIM IOHN THOMAS Mzssron ot Our Lady of Mercy Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l 3 4 Perfect Attend ancel 3 Intramuralsl 2 dame wrth that true St Pat sptrtt and abrltt Mr Tmptow showed rn hrs f1rst year as basketball coach that rn ttme hrs teams would rank favorably wtth the St Pat s champrons o ormer ,fears f e arr ved at e fm le os our htah school career sentorsl Some of the boys who started wrth us as freshmen were no lonaer roamtng the corrrdors but n general the class was Intact New students orouaht rumbe s to IIU t ok a ar e p t r s o 22 - l I I I A J , - - LU ' F . 1 Q Q . , I I Q , z Q . . , , 1 P 1 , our T ' I . LAL l A A . At last IJ I th .Q .al jo t We o f more activ ar ch ol PRUSA. EDWARD IOSEPH Hot Shot St. Procoptus Entered S. P. A., 1948 RIMKUS, RONALD EDWARD Ron Providence of God Entered S. P. A., 1948 l-lonor Student lg Perfect Attendance I, 2: Basketball l. RUCK, PAUL EDWARD St. Francis Xavier Entered S. P. A., 1951 RYAN, IEREMIAH PATRICK Ierry Holy Ghost Entered S. P. A., 1951 Dramatics 4g Benildus Club 45 lntra- murals 4. RYAN RAYMOND I OSEPH Ray Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1948 Perfect Attendance 2 SAIA PHILIP CHARLES Lzttle Plnl St Marra Addolorato Entered S P A 1948 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 SALVINO THOMAS GREGORY cz St Dzonyszus EnteredS P A 1948 Honor Student l Perfect Attendance l 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Monoararn Club 2 3 4 Class Oftrcer 3 Aux1l1ary l 2 3 4 lntrarnuralsl 2 3 4 SCHUMACHER THOMAS IOHN Shoes l4lSS1OI'1 ot Our Lady of Mercy EnteredS P A 1948 Honor Student l 4 Perfect Attendance 4 Class Ot erl lntrarnuralsl 2 3 4 Cf! l'T'1 2 2 i 1 :VU f- if I- JP U2 U' 1 i i 1 has 6 E ex ents because tnat seerns to be the tr d tton tSt Pats Tbe ost act ve aroupr t e s nool ct Brother loel S a ne B ot er tro De a rle a d Lowell Staal be pres de T e cluo decorated tbe a,m lor d nces condd ted ep rreetrn s upoorted 'Pe tearns and a ve ood exarrtpe he unde assrner t tbe el B otner loe P and tne 'nan .lp o a te casse e pec e a d 23 . - 'Pl I I . i It , S 1 1 , . . . . ., 8 5 fic' 7 ' , , , . ' ' r. a i' jo 1. ' a , s A tr .. . a a . . .. t 'n c' a ' . l tot rcl rr .. was the Monogram Club under the guidance The seniors revived the Green and Gold . .3 W r rn L .r tu joof r ' lf . I gl - Sa' ee n ' l,t.r i nt. l1 cial sv joort f ll l s s tally th ' ' . 1. ju a , . 1 c seniors n funiors. 9 9 i i i nl' it i 5 i SHEPPARD THOMAS PATRICK Shep St. Dionysius Entered S. P. A. 1948 Perfect Attendance l 2 4- Football l- Monogram Club 3 4- Class Officer l 3- lntramuralsl 2 3 4. SHERIDAN KENNETH FRANK Our Lady of Sorrows Entered S. P. A. 1949 Football 3 4- Monogram Club 2 3 4- Class Officer 2 4- Boxing 2. SMYTH PATRICK WILLIAM Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l Perfect Attendance l 2 3 4 Footballl 2 3 4 Monogram Club 2 3 4 Class Offlcer 3 4 lntra muralsl 2 3 4 STAHL LOWELL I OSEPH Louze Holy Name Cathedral Entered S P A 1948 Honor Student l Football l 3 4 Bas ketballl Monogram Club 2 3 4 Class O 1cer l 2 3 4 STEIBEL IOHN STUART S hbes St Francls Xavler Entered S P A 1948 Honor Studentl 2 3 4 Perfect Attend l 2 Camera Club l 2 4 SUERTH CHARLES THOMAS Chuck Queen of Angels Entered S P A 1948 Green and Gold l SUERTH RICHARD BERNARD Dick St Genevzeve Entered S P A 1948 Class Offlcer l lntramurals l 2 3 4 SUIVIIVIINS IAMES EDWARD Sum St Matthzas EnteredS P A 1948 Basketball l 3 4 Monogram Club 4 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Studles were not nealected for the hghter xtems 1n school hte More semors espec1ally those 1n Senlor 22 made the class honor roll cons1stently Af the semester efahteen semors recewed awards for htah scholastrc rankma Art Balek Henry Iarosz B1clnard Kosenesky Drck Lemke Drck Norsworthy Dmo Tombolato Howard WGSITICK Denms Bruna and Bed Hal pm were on the A honor roll The followmg boys were hsted on the B honor roll Btmas Banys Euaene Bayer Bob Belusxy Tom Flaherty Ntck Palella Iohn Prlm Iohn 24 . . I ' L- , , , V , , , , H- ' ffl CD ' -J . 1 . F ,,,, , ,I , , J , , 1 , : - , : , , 1 - Z 2 , , : W ff , , , . CD , . , , , 5 - ance l, 25 Debate 25 Green and Gold , , , , , 1 1 .1 1 I I - , g . , -J - I 1 I THEISEN, DONALD ANTHONY Don Blessed Sacrament Entered S. P. A., 1948 Class Officer l, 2: lntrarnurals 2 3 TOMBOLATO, DINO ANTHONY Tombo Our lady Help OfCl'lYl'Sl1GRS Entered S. P. A, 1848 Honor Student l, 2 3, 4: Perfect Ate tendance l, 2, 4. URANN, IOSEPH EDWARD St. Isaac Iogues Entered S. P. A., 1948 VIVADO. LOUIS G. Lou Mlsszon of Our Lady ot Mercy EnteredS P A 1949 Football 3 Boxtna 2 lntrarnurals 3 VIVADO STANLEY MICHAEL Stash 1V1ercy1V11ss1on Entered S P A 1948 Perfect Attendance 4 Football 3 4 ln tramuralsl 2 3 4 VLACH GEORGE EDWARD George l-lonor Student l Perfect Attendance 4 Auxtltaryl 2 3 WALSH CHARLES Chuck Resurrectton Entered S P A 1948 WALSH IAMES THOMAS 1m St 1saac1ogues Entered S P A 1 8 ss Q ftcer l Aux lr I FH Z i i i i7 i hi f-' IP V JJ U3 i i 3 6 9 Torn rn L n ee e ea a e er e 2 More rd r s e s dedc ta S JET . . . V? "I I C . . . ., 94 Cla f' 5 1 iary 2, 3, 4, lntra- murals l. Stiebel, Schumacher a td e . Tfisz. Tn Prom wa t ated to O 'r Lady. Most of tae seniors dag d jo into their ln these last tevf day we are '.'.'rajc,oina reserve tands,1aorro'.-feaacar rentedatux and up our Various experiences at St, Pats and att nd tne prom at ine E 'a wat B ack, preparing to find new fields to cena' . May 3 V93 . tnan lui couples danced l.'.7e are arateful to our parents '.-:nc riade to tie music at Roy fffatcn a . orchestra. the fina:c1aQ sacrifice to send as to St. Pats 25 Fx i 1 i i AF' i i WELBY PATRICK IOHN Welbo St Gertrudes EnteredS P A 1950 WERTZLER WILLIAM WALTER Wertz Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A l948 Honor Student l Basketball 2 3 4 Monogram Club 3 4 lntramurals l 2 WESTRICK HOWARD LOUIS St Isaac logues Entered S P A l948 Honor Student 1 2 3 4 Monogram Club 4 Green and Gold l 2 4 Sham roclc4 Auxlraryl 2 3 4 WILSON PHILIP CHARLES Ph1 Our Lady ot Lourdes Entered S P A l948 Aux1l1ary 2 lntramuralsl 2 3 4 Blessed Sacrament Entered S P A l948 Basketball 4 Honor Student 1 Class Oftlcerl 2 3 4 lntramuralsl 2 3 WISZ LEONARD IOHN en St Odllo Entered S P A l948 Honor Student l 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Monogram 2 3 4 Class Offtcer l 2 3 4 Green and Gold4 Shamrock 4 Intramurals l 2 3 4 and to the Brothers who took a genu1ne mterest rn our progress ln all tts aspects We hope to prove our loyalty to the school by l1v1ng as Cathohc gentlemen and practlcrng the lessons the Brothers taught by word and example A hnal wlsh IS that 1n the new St Pats the trad1t1ons estabhshed dunng the 9l years at old St Pats w1l1 be cherrshed and that the trtendhness that ex1sts between the taculty and the students w1ll carry over 26 l .I I Lo ' , W . . . ., A I l l fl, 1 I 3, 4, ' ' ' ' Cn cn . ..a D f f f P D - , '1 Z H-I WINFIELD, MICHAEL 1osEPH Mickey Cn , L .i , , 1 I I I I , Senior Snaps Hmm n1ce techmque Mxxed emotxons Iohn St61b9l breaking a hundred It s later than you thmk' Dxd I step on your feet dear? Refuelmg for the gruelmg second halt We dare them all Z7 .7 - 1 1' V l 1 f Q' :. A 5 ' :va 'A ,, . . I i . R J T .Hb x .V Q: 3 1 ' VA , . .nit g gl k . I . Al. X Qlllfll IldllS .4 -wir- Ho 1 do I ook Mc1"' Nicrrrxczge cm mterest ng problem I' I rrrss thru' hrrty cents doesnt go very far O M II j xt s noi that hnny' Fnd I scnd to Brother I' s the woman who pays 2113 L 1 k k ' .,- di' , Y - t ' :avg N . N sk 'iii ' '- .f,wf.1nn:'v 'L .svn f.,,' . I A , Q M, .img-, . . W, n . Jw Y-.1 al-, 1 ' ' 515' 55:11 H rf-mv! Il lor II First Row I Elder R Cavcmaugh R Hxpellus L Lllly 1. Gutchewsky I Ccxrmosmo I Graves P Mercola R TCYSIICIHO Second Row R Menelle L Fumagalh T Crosson I Stephomc T Campagnu M Perez R Truda A Parenh E Dobrumch W Oswald I Consxdme T A Flore Fourth Row H Hcme T Hett R Bxemek R W1SnleWSk1 M Lukuszewskx M Cronm D Rezek R Fmnerty M Adcrme G Shepherd R Fxgurcx Mlssmg H Fxllpello P Mercolcx seems o lack some of Brother Phxllps corxfxdence J I Third Row: R. Bilinski, D. Curiin. I. Pcylo, D. Weslow, L. DiVenere, R. Steward, L. Pych, l0l - Flrsl Row N Caldarulo E Cray T Popp V Costunzo V DeIul1o and M Arseno Second Row I Fcrmella B Dcnly P Brady F McCarthy D Cray D Cerny F' Walsh A Pcxrhpllo K Reynolds Tlnrd Row R Comgllc F Polak I Weber L Zowulsk1 W Iohnston R Ellison I Russell D Pr1ce D Rotlenberk Fourth Row I Romano R Hrody I Ormond R Bcxitcxghcr F Senkenk F Kochcmny R Wxl hams W Lahey R Lcxz R Iovmellx Mlssmg I Flynn D Wosxllewskx Brother Ioel P explcms a mool poxnt m Relxgxon tc T Senkerxk and R W11 hams 31 O .Y llll ' :. ,. ' '. Iunmr In Fzzst Row R Henry E Kandas F Ixmxnez I DAnna W Marek I Iarosz P Cleary S Mxezala S Cardella Second Row H Wende N Vxiale R Macek F Luponm H Klem I Pxeirzyk I Kelly K Huml E Koutny R Kerr R Iurevxch Fourth Row R Hollezan D Stams R Burlon D Kurlzer R Lmk R Zavala D Coha D ODonnell I Mendoza R Kueber Brother Ioel S shows F Ixmmez and I Kelly one ol the latest prxzes JL ' 7 O Third Row: I. Fischer. V. Nolariano, W. Hellwig, E. Matza, A. Aguado, R. Krause, T. Oswald G. v g , lunior Snaps L W.,-f Have we got ev rybody Casey mcxkmg cx clean sweep A lxttle servxce please' Future ctomrc sclenhsts Brother Phlhp If the coach ould see me now Noon hour gcxlleryxtes 33 l 0 ophomore JI Brother Fabxan and hls class P1651 dent I Smyth seem to have a llttle prlvate loke Fust Row I Wacholder R Stephenson T Callanan R Perona I Potter A Mruskovmch I De Freece I Robledo A Allppo Second Row D Kotrba I Vacco R Me11a M Donato E Dnscoll A Trombetta G Hanaugh an L Pardmx C Boxvm Third Row W Rave R Slmon P LaVoy D Kruep I Moxley W Kennedy G Pecora L Vega D Barron Fourth Row I Smyth T Molyneaux R Sousa I Seve! T Galvm M Fleckenstem N Dx Monte E Stapleton W Casey S ClSZ6WSk1 Soplmmnre 3525 First Row E Novak A P1ecul A Gmnmm T Sullxvan E Wlsz G Wmters I D1Gxovanm Second Row A Reboletu H Schnexder R Horgan D Avent F Sohlle D Borzyck W Dona van R DeSanh Third Row L Cerny R Kmg P Egan E Vasquez E Chupr1nskas C Kam1s R Zlccarellx I Hefferman W Donovan and Brother Clement usmg one of the numerous maps m school an I--.4 'L 35 oplmlnnl Q 14 Brother Leo leis F Sothla and A Pxecul m on the ime pomts of run n1ng a prolecior F1rs!Row R Samdon I Caruso F De Pmio P Naughion M D1G1o1a I McCullough R Sherry Second Row G Buesmg I M1ChQ1OWSkl T Dawson I Forsyth C Drmgenberg I Fzcher N Spata R Raelz Third Row C Stephan R Coietta O Fernandez S Lochzrco T Rank I Dalton W Wagner R Kohlstedt R Kukuk Mzssmg R Nxederkorn 1 , I O ? L . 1 xy' 5. .4 SOIJIIUIIIIII Q ll .vw Frrsl Row R Lesmewsk N Incavo A Bonanno R Mosccxrdmr P Grcxney R Rcxnolu X Mcxrtmez Second Row G Mcxrchese M Vcxn Wcxzer L Parr: W Hurt W Vlttoe M Regalcxdo I Mc Donough I. Suero A Lucentx Third Row V Barrett B McDonough R Cassxdy E Freemon W Washeicxs W Tyrell I Ceyu E Beller I Strocchw Brofher Conrad pomts to the Mxssron Banner which hms class cup u ed through then' generosxty 'ophomore t naps Aiter a rugged schedule sweet vxctory Smgmg IS Cx form of prayer Aliendmg to hrst thmgs hrst Lets get them' Where dld 1t go? Oh no you dont' Cecil B. DeMille beware! Fics lnmn 42 Fzrsl Row I Sokal R Dellesandro R Gala! I Sehl I Ambrosxa V Fragasso R Summers I Amato I Walsh Second Row A Alanzo C Dohoney I Malaha R Calderon S Assenato P Falahee F Valach A Carbo R Alberxco R Farlle Third Row R Hagen T Smlth C Chmlelewskx I Halzel R Pandocchx P Cragm F Maraito I OToole I Cozzo Fourth Row F Sommese S Frxerl M Gresxk F Wxsz R Cutrera L Mahoney R Koemg H Donohoe I Nowdomskx R Lehman Brother Raymond double checks Tom Smmth s report card 1 1 I I . . , . , . , . . . , . , . . . . , . , . , . . . , . . . . - . . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . . . . . . , . , . , . , . . . , . I . , . , . . Fra-shnmn 45 F1rstRow H Ixmmez R Paulette B Logan C Gocopell1 R Iarosz F Kohlmeyer M Con s1dme F Maites I Buttxsta Second Row D Pascua T Bablarz A Icrson W Trcxnt W Russell I Pych M Copcxck F Recchm G Kouiny M Restlvo I Galvm Th1rd Row R Rossml I OConnor I Fontana F P101!'OWSk1 L M1leusn1ch I Alesla W Cos tello G Plcxtek I Leon F Thompson Fourth Row W Gannon D WOIIOWICZ H Felchiner D Cappcxrelh M Green R Gorgcx F Kublcxk T Sulllvcm V Alesla L Larson E M1ChGUd Mlssm g I Medrcmo 40 T Babxcxrz cmd G Kouiny are m cx happy mood cs Brother Peier gets over cz pomt ln Relxglon l:l9SllllIclIl 44 I"1rstRow I Druggcm V Campamle R Oskvarek E Wrxghtson N RICCIO R Rasmussen T Collxns L Fabbrx V Carmosmo Second Row H LeVoy A Coco M Alvarez I Parato I Nelson G Pesca C Ghxlcxrduccx W Kerkslck K Dushek R Clark P Eterno Tblrd Row I Runyon F Manclm R Svec D Kesman W DeGeatano I DAlessandro C Herrera F Bllek I Carlson A Ranuccl Fourth Row R Garay W Gzllette P Rxely W Carmody R Gallager T Sutton T Rezek K Wxaranowskx L Savxo F Powers I Pauley Brother Arthur arousmg mterest 1n the Mxsslons by dzsplaymg some headhuntmg equxpment to P Eterno M Alvarez C Herrera R Gallager and R Rasmussen 1 11 I .. ,. .. ,. .. ,. , . ,. ,. . -. .. .. .. ,. ,. ,. , .. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . -. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. .. .. . . , . ,. ,. , 'I resllnmn Snaps Walt untzl we re semors' Intramural Hotshots Growmg boys Pardon my hlp' Fourteen from twenty f1V97 I saw xt hrst' What, again? Unorthodox, but what a hook! A gf 45 . 5 :W Q ,l 1 A Q f 91.1, N 'r 5 I . -w ia . -my g .1 ' f:.fE!!,-3521" r:::i5!55::::i5SI::hWQf-I-ff'.'-1 , I , 4 z-fg,ffsf:- v :gj::Sg,.4:5. " , rs. " .ji-'21:::3QQ ' gfzfxgggf. . ' lg-T3-zz:--:g-rn. zzqgf rm: ff,-'Z'-5g".!'fg::1-ga' I l f353?f9ff55f5?ff.. 'zz ffxguzmf :Q N f 1-'12::1r:E."Efr:::. 51: 1- .H 1:1112 : ':f.,'::lI:::, .. ' ' z " 1315339-:Iii , , i5::3f::: "'.. '- !-F'::.- I ' : W-111.1 -' gh' ' E95 sf??:s:,g:r?5- 'I ,. .... zqgfgc -.4 ., ' , '.:,':.."'z?',:::' , K 'EEE A' f iii? .1 . 455 'SSEEFF ,? 2isigE:1fQj,ifi, :J jfiff !"32r:f"'f ,I .::"':' f- 55:3-af' 1 Q-ff' '-3: 5.2121- g,??ff,fgf'v -5' ::z::::f ziggz njgyclizf :e.3!!i3::g'f.91:,f,t'.' ggi. :::4:..3a ' :ffs:Pa:is:5:::5 11:29 if: :555f,'g.iiLif:ff5:,'H-jf 52312. . .. - f, J- .'--r:- .:f. -- 3:53 . , ' 1,1 1:5 .. 1:5214 : ,...:L" N5 .. .. Y , ' JA" ::::A' jzfg.. I c.'.:!132Z":!1 -V4 "zz:-X-gf zz. 43:3 ::x:3':1f:-gr :F . Lfivfgfgfffl f , 1Q:gflgr:1:.ggg:2 ef: -:gas :'eJ2a:2?se:22122a1vaA ff 5 "wise, Tisafffizggdiaasgz- . .Z . .. ' ,r 4' '::gg5g'1,x:g,1-n:5gg?' . f?' .::!f ':' . , EZ-2f5i:53EiE3E3g.?7 1uw1i'-'-5111 ' 'f5553??52EE'55EE?E4 s. 'Wang fswissazzzw' iz' '?2'5f"'25if: g:z::d:::'.:a:g Q?2r:::u5 1 55:25 :12'fm:- 1. ' 3211" X 2:51211 przntx: 52:-.xzzzgggf ki:x:1tx:.:.g: , ' IIUNIHRIRULL and IEHFEITI ATTENHANIE IUNIOR SENIOR HONOR ROLL F1rstRow T Schumacher I Paylo R D1 Vxnene I Ormond V Notarxano D Weslow I Stephonlc I Stexbel Second Row P Mercola I Carmoslno I Halpxn R Truda A Parentl H Iar osz L L111y I Prxm R Tarsxtano Third Row N Palella H Westrlck E Bay er D Bruna R Comglma R Belusky R Banys D Tombolato Fourth Row T Heli T Wllllams M Adame R Norsworthy L Wxsz A Balek T Senkerxk T Fxgura R Kose nesky T Flaherty IUNIOR SENIOR PERFECT ATTENDANCE Frrst Row R Olivo R Norsworthy T Sal vmo T Kochanny T Senkerxk T Wxl hams R Kelly I Pxetyck Second Row R Tarsxtano B Dcnly F Ilmmez T Schumacher D Bruna E Chomxckx A Parenlx A Partxpxlo Tombolato E Koutny P Brady I Ondracek W Do L V1vado R Krause R Bre L L1lly Third Row bramch Romano R Kosenesky R R Comglxa mc I Balnarz FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE HONOR ROLL Frrst Row I Mruskovlch W Raue R Zxcarrellu F Sottxle F Brlek R Daw son I Mlchalowskl P Cragm Second Row P LeVoy T Babxarz I Nel son F Recchxa L Fabbn F Mattes C Chxlarduccx L Pardxm Third Row L Savxo I Carlson P Rxely T Rezek M Fleckenstem N D1Monle T Galvxn R Gallagher O Fernandez FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE PERFECT ATTENDANCE Frrst Row F Brlek E Chupnnskas T Gal vm W Wagner M Fleckenstexn A Bonnano P Kmg W Hurt R Hagen Second Row I Pych D Kotrba F Satxlle T Collxns R Sherry R Iarosz I Vega G Koutny W Russell A Alanzo Third Row R Svec I Pauley H Schne1d er W Casey I Smyth P Crqgm I Alesxa F Pxotrowskx T Thompson M Restxvo l , l i , 1 , 1 - 1 I . , . , . . gg . ' . 'T hz M 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 4 J . . - I . , . , I I 1 1 1 1 ' I . , 1 . . - rw 1 , , . , . . I . , . , I . 1 - , . - ' k, . , . . I . , . , . Z . 1 . , . ' ' . , 1 1 . , -: 1 1 1 1 1 V . , M Y . . . . ' - . 1 . , . - -I 1 1 1 I 1 I L n H : . , . , . - I I 1 I 1 1 1 ISENILIIUS Illllll First Row: R. Gallagher, T. Rezek, A. Balek, D. Rezek, R. Norsworthy, Pres. Second Row: D. Pascua, B. Mc- Donough, I. King, R. lefiries, T. Collins, I. Costello. Third Row: L. Lilly, R. Henry. R. Rasmussen, R. Calderon. W. Russell, R. Alberico. Fourth Row: I. Graves, T. Molyneaux, W. Raue, R. Kerr, R. Hagen, D. Kruep, C. Dringenberg, P. Cragin. Brother P h111p Brother Peter 195W 0 NIISSIUNS Seated T Senkerxk T Fla herty W Merek Second Row F Wisz L Savlo I Alesia O Fernandez T Callancm Third Row M Lucas R Ba loc P Egan R McDonough T ODonnell wget 1 Q '1 V , Seated: C. LaMonte, B. Brennan. li 9 Q II l 9 fl Q II Standing: I. Fischer. M. Mauro, K. Crowley, R. Balog, M. Cudsik, S. Followers from our sister school are loyal. Mulryan, I. Naughton. --1 , 1 ,Y P F First Row R Kerr R Adlesick R Balog B Brogle I She e R DIFIOIS P Fallahe C Bolvm I Galvm Third Row R Iurevlch I Ellis S Cxszewskx A Bonanno R Pxelryzk R Coletta I Caruso I Waccholder I Walsh Row 4 R Plechaty A Grafer R Kohlsledt R Hrody I Russell G Shep pard I Sever l.. Fumagalh I Hoff R Belusky Missing D Cray W Gannon R Henry R Holleran 1. , . Q in , . I 5 0 ' : . , . ' , . , . , . ' b 1. Ig U I I T th Second .Rows .Costello,' Raul. Dushek. W. Trent, W. Mueller Seated: Mrs. Geary, vice- president: Mrs. Rezek, presi- dent. Standing: Mrs. Shepherd, treasurer: Mrs. Schultz. sec- retary: Mrs. Clyne, custodi- an: Brother Gilbert, modera- tor. Missing: Mrs. Sullivan, pub- licity. NlIlTHEll." Illllll Ready, willing and able to go all out for the betterment of Old St. Pat's. Mrs. Geary making a favor- able iinancial report to the active members. Everybody is pleased. 47 'AMER CLUB MIINIIHIH Nl ULUIS First Row: L. Para, I. Naugh ton, H. Westrick, N. Fiore H. Iarosz, W. Mueller. Second Row: T. Flaherty, P Smyth, I. Smyth, W. Casey. B. Bayer, D. Bruncx, E. Cho- micki. Third Row: F. Iiminez, T Rank. E. Wisz, I. Summins R. Lemke, D. Flynn, R. Kose- nesky, R. Kotrba, R. Babiarz Fourth Row: L. Stahl, R. Ba- log, T. Sheppard, K. Sheri- dan, C. Swieczkowski, I Fischer. M. Lukaszewski, G Winters, Brother Ioel S. Fifth Row: V. Notariano, L. Wisz, I. Iarosz. W. Wertzler, D. Rezek, T, Salvino, M. Cronin, R. Comelli, F. Polak. First Row: R. Tarsitano, D Kesman, I. Pauley, L. Mileus nich, I. Russell fpresidentl. Second Row: D. Barron, R Kerr, I. Walsh. Third Row: I. Siiebel, R Feichtner, I. Ellis, P. Rieley, R. Hrody. Fourth Row: I. Cassin, R. Gal- lagher, P. Cheles. Missing: T. Galvin. Sllclllll ol It STAFF First Row R Ollvo R Ent wlstle Brother Pcltrxck L Wxsz Second Row R Norsworthy K Shendcln I Halpm D Bruna H Motu E Bayer Thud Row R Kotrba R Be lusky R Adlesxck H West rxck JI een and bold EDITORS Seated R Norsworthy News Edltor L Wxsz Co Sports Edltor I Halpm Co Sports Edltor Standmg H Westnck Edxtor 1nCh1el D Bruncx Feature Edxtor E Bayer Staff Ed1tor STAFF I"1rstRow D Brunu A Trom betta P Mercola H West rlck I Graves R Tarsxtano I Walsh Second Row R Bulog I Hal pm R Belusky E Bcxyer R Adleslck I Russell Thxrd Row P Cheles W W1l hams R Ieffenes I Ondra cek R Norsworthy L Wxsz FI-IUUL l'llBI.ICATIU S us- W2 1' . Delores BCISIIS Homecoming Queen WZ HUMEIIUMING ANU IIANUE A.,- e ' 0 lnOlu....-V.. The queen cmd her court Emerald Ballroom. ,gig . gf 3 f':a+, ? v Q 4" 1 1 . Q 4 Ui- X A 1 Q3 v 2 sf W 5 1 ' 19- fx Q ' ' ,mkw Q 5 .U "' Q.. E -f -s 'Ns- IEP mwfn QQ.. nQ ,nl f 5 lv avi? 1 if -4Y"g,f' Q , fl l f. 'V 3 ' 'V H V ,V "ia" :'i?l,ggi' " QL, , I -- '91 My ' rf my ' . . . M.. - if ,W r 'iv ,YL V , -if-Us , s 4 fn, rg r.. M rs, ,.q ' -7 bf we N23 if Q ,, , ff if , .t 1 -L Mr. Al Brennan I Maloney and Brother Ioel S M Cromn North Sectlon tackle First Row E C ay Cmanagerl F Ilmmez N Fxore H Mota A Renda R Coletta Second Row P Mercola Cmanagerl H Klem E Chomrckr R Bablarz I Smyth P Smyth W Mueller W Casey L Parra Third Row A Brennan fcoachl Brother Ioel S fcrthletxc dlrectorl A FIOIG K Reynolds R Kosxba F Moscardxm E Matza D Guer1n I Maloney fcoachl T Bamber Ccoachl Fourth Row R Kosenesky M Perez K Sherrdan W Iohnson R Comelh M Lukas M Cromn D Rezek l t . ,. ' . . . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , - . . , . , . . I . X , . , . , . - . , - I . , . 1 - 1 . , . , Y Although Darne Fortune cltdnt snnle or our football team th s year t e bo s rnatntalnea tne trad ttonal 1 nttna spmt whtch has chara ter lzed all prevrous St Pats squads Coach Brennan Wtth the ard ot Brud Maloney Torn Bomber and lack Connors rnstrlled couraae and a wtll to wtn tn every player Lack ol numbers and 1n1ur1es to key players kept the boys trorn brealana 1nto the Wm column How ever the lads tn areen won many adrnlrers by the way they faced every game wtth the same 1ntense destre to do a credttable 1ob and pos slbly to W1n We hope that the sp1r1t of old St Pats teams W1ll flourtsh TH our new St Pats Coach Brennan and Tom Bamber iust be- fore the battle. R. Zavala and Tony Fiore try to stem the tide. Where are you going? The play is over. How about u little help, pleasel Shots from the Weber game. 53 Halsketllalll He-mit-s Brother Ioel S., Athletic Direc- tor, and Coach Dick Tripiow. vw Kneeling: T. Rank, I. Summins, T. Hett, H. Weslow, G. Winters, H. Ellison. C. Swieczkowski. Standing: R. Tripiow, I. Iarosz, L. Wisz, T. Salvino, W. Wertzler, W. Merek. D. Resek, W. Leahy, T. Sheppard, R. Iurvich, Brother Ioel S. Kneeling W Donovan H Iarosz R Cavanaugh I Naughton V Nota rmo I Belz M Wmheld R Lubecker tmanagerl Brother Ioel S Missing I Halpin I L I 2 t Standing: R. Triptow, I. Popera, I. Smyth, F. Polak, T. Flaherty, E. Wisz LIGHTS dhixixfck Q1::if'.'.'c,r:i, ci QM 1' num.. M., a fm-- 'T....,a,,,...,.,.,'1.,a.cQCc1,.-. ,cr ,i ff--re' conf- 'far'-vida crf- c' the GT. ,m,.,..,iQ .,. gy it. N Nami.. AWN -- . "' . A ' -. Y---f-XrA a i as. .1-,Wa "ffY.k1f.f1fl'lff cf ahgf' 'je 'ind c,c.yf-rifncn zef.-:een c:i:'5:. 1:r.a ,Q-arf, ,s 11. llifliffjifif :actor in tzie :ytaf ot this record Che flllfii the rece ard risks :xiii not Ls ine cortis- 1, ,tcp the Sl'.a::.foci4s :Lacie ::.arg',' cf their zfxmes l1YT'.GS the tediri 1-Jotxla be trailing: at tgf- hfitlt only tc soar Lack tor a victory. Typical of this spirit was the first DePaul carrie The Dernons, then ieaclana the North Sec' tion race! held WTI ll pont ledd dt the end of the first quarter and C: 5 point lead at the intermission But the Shame rocks knocked the North side five off their jcinnocle as they carrie back to tzrab a 3267 victory, Four cf the Shornrocks were cited lor ther line play by beina selected on the All-laeoaue quintets, Tom Flaherty was a unanimous choice on all the teorris, while 'Tied' l-lcilpin, Frank Pololrc and Vince Notariano ,rained mention at various positions. HEAVIES The heavies didnt compile a too impressive record, but they had tne dis- tinction of beating De Paul twice in leaaue play. Fenwick was a thorn lor St. Pats. They beat us in both league aomes. ln spite oi keen competition in the North Section, the looys broke even with a .500 record. Tom Salvino Len Vlfisz, lim Summins, Casey' , Dave Rezeif Bill lffertzler, and Tori Rank aave every aame their best. Sornetirnes the odds '.-fere too great but the players never let their fans Mr Trijototn' and his tear: can be proud of the lQ52 SGZISCY1. 4.- Top Row: Eddie Wisz. Frank Polak. Dave Rezek. Center Row: Tom Sulvino CNorth Section forwardl, Tom Flaherty U-X11-Catholic centerb, Bill Wertzler. Bottom Row: Casey. Vince Notaricmo, "Red" Halpin. R 9 , Q il fl " " X u my N lf: 1' ' EE uf' Q ,www-f .L r X fit AJIL l .,." , , , Q ' 1 ...-nun.-.Qld-lil . if i C? ul 5' gskl C22 Fi in. ug," CJ ,iii rl gn we if 4 ml 4 x'4 FLYS Kneeling I Nelson L Parra Sfandmg M Donato W Donovan F Moscardxm I Alesla D Kotrba I Halzel F Wxsz V Alesla T Rezek R Gorga T Sulhvan I Smyth Mlssmg G Wmters BANTAMS MID GETS AND GNATS Kneeling: H. LcxVoy. T. Babiarz. Standing: R. Oshvarek. E. Wrightson, D. Kesman. F. Recchia. C. Dohoney. Tension. Vince lays one up. Is it good? Polak takes off IIHAMA Last ul Ioyous Season Sealed R Lemke A Zmarzly A Bunce B Brennen K Crowley D Casselan C Cashello I Cermxno B Bayer Stcmdmg W Mueller S Mul ryan D Bruna M Cozzl D Wlllxams I. Buker R Belusky I Shxp P Lauraxhs M Mauro L Garasha B Bender M Pocellx M I aymond I Ryan F Schu etll MISS D Donald Dlrec or Everybodys talkmg Future Broadway players 1 'll n Il I1 I ll . . . . I I. I - 4 I . 1. ' R .- .. - , . , - , . I N ,I mffli THE l'P.UM Q' PM The lunar-Senior Prom 1-ids held ct the Edge- 'xxdter Beach Hemel X1 Ike Mdin Bdllroom on Mdy second, Que hundred iffy' Couples spent dpledsf dnl evening dancing to the music el Roy Milton dnd his orchestra. The Grand March ' 4 we my im 'ff .,,i, tb

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