St Patricks Academy - Shamrock Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1950

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St Patricks Academy - Shamrock Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1950 volume:

VVCRD I R 0 Rev Father Rlchard F Wolfe PR Pastor of St Putnck s Church CUR PASTOR To the Brothers ln the name ot our Cardtnal Arch blshop and the prlests ot the Archdtocese ot Chtcago I w1sh to express apprectauon for work well done Yours ts a great vo catton The educatton of the youth ts a most tmportant work ln the Church May the DIVING Master the source of all knowledge enltghten your mrnds and strengthen your bodtes tn order that you may contmue tor many years the great Nork that you are dorna at St Patrrck To the Parents or Guardzcms lov ttlls your hearts today tor you nave falthtully tulttlled me oblvaatlon en trusted to you by Alrm ht God You nave atven your chtld tlne Cathohc 1m Olernents wttn Nhlch ne a work out hrs eternal salvatron May these graduates he to you a source ot 1oy and consolauon 1n thts hte and may they be your reward tn the hte to come To the Graduates Congratulatlonsl You have success fullv attamed your goal Fultrll 1n your ltfe the prmclpals that have been tauaht to you rn the classrooms of St Patrlcks Netther do nor say anythlna that Wlll hrma shame and drsgrace to yourself say those thmgs only that wtll alv ays make us proud that you are a graduate ot St Patrtck Academy May health keep you success attend you and God love you always Rev Rrchafdlj Wolfe pastor X , A . . . I Academy. your teachers, or your school. Do and 1 4 - -l I 4. , wr ' l . Sharm ark W P ,522 Q 0 ,fr -4- im X xx N- -:lJg!!Q- ,jg x Fw' ff X QM N' XNKAW 0 6 fcxkf rxjf wif WJ X nf' lx Y 1 K - iw?'m'i5f35 a? Q Q -vp .w Vi! "vm-P lf ? c 1 X, H if Q 'W i U, x ,qksg 4- Q32 i A X W, . Q 5 3 i 3 2 Q , Q 2 1 f si 5 . ,sf gx i . 2 E 1 9 3 I , ,,- A 2 2 . 3 , In I K. 4 Y ,.r'-lmrifiliwf I I - gi i A A 5 t x f,'d,W,-,nf-' 'ITE nf - 4 ' X if lf fy E 5 f Q X , 1 T N 0 1 1 Z3 U Q2 ' . Q' f sf 3 7 f O .N-' 3 B A V-'V 3 4 !6'j."Q ,N xg ' M, L ff i551 :gi Rxxfz EU L f Y 1 I , F J pfffllmk. wf i if ik 1 'L Q s -,f N 3 : -1' , 3 l , V S f 4 ,Xl , ,ia .gk ,Q 4 :ga R ' 1 ' . ' ,,f!, 1 , ,lm ip? CURRICULUM I3i?1iC.i:Si1i' 1 'lQf'1,T. 'xi ci r'T"r "ft naw: fQUCCl..'j'6dTfQf1. ,'.ii'I1ILIf tgcicrfi, lf I.: ries fn- iz'-Afy:.t1T., ""JII'1f'nLf"1',Il 'xiii 1, .A i'C',lfSi":Y flff dirrgfiilit S1.ff'f"'f if ei grae Len 1 tgp FT'lCi'..' cfCf3ff'.C1Qfir'-L1 1151. VI vrmfx: cmd f5c,:r1:nf,-r':1f1Q Course: yvrwsf-r':I sm T5 that rrfvvld-'I the Stucieizt x-51111 '1 rf: "O11'S.,1r'- .viirt Tyr' 1-feral"Cr17:+T'irfff:r1- eral L ITCT 'mlm ' Kfffiif i" "H 3' iz '1rI: Ili ige . ' T1 , ali-s1rff, A' K ii-tis, f' 3 .rg f' , " Tge 4,1 . iz, Fgaerris fc: "Gil,-,f 'I HST' iglf'f'f,,Q rr'r1Q frrsfgasisl r ,f-fi ,vririfsirv Arid ':1v1r."wCi 1r.'1If1e,-:tw'1I.'3:f 'I :C-if T4Y'3.,. 'A 1 !3f'.QdF'Y,f?3 ffff- ' r tgieit, 'C iig F f' '.-:Ctr Y ,.1'1"':, ' 'iff 12. affix, I,,fC','1l'2' 7' rgtk ACOL' f .iff 1 wwf-1 , nfl. r f .v .-4 K-V ,LVN The "pause" that refreshes Shrine of the Sacred Heart "Pueri hom" at work Eyes right, mister ...LIFE AT 122. L 1.3 1 Benediction in the Student Chapel Marriage talk Our teacher is a Saint . . Who is buried in Grants tomb??? Genius at lay . . . Unusual response The Hlnside story" . . P 4 gk? ffm , A Q, f sf fr? FS , N N wif' 13, , ,M -I 'x f I ' 1 1 , 1 iii? ' M 9, 4 .4 M A4 ,Q , vgisi P DEDICATIDN The Faculty, the Shamrock Staff and the Students of St. Patrick take great pleasure in dedicating the l95U Shamrock to the kind, gracious, and easy-mannered Brother Norbert. Brother Norbert began his religious studies at Glencoe, Missouri, where he received the religious habit of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Upon the completion of his novitiate, Brother furthered his education at St. Mary's College, Winona, Minnesota, where he received a Bachelor of Social Science degree. He later received his Masters degree from De Paul University, Chicago. He came to St. Patricks in September, l939 and immedi- ately his kindness, joviality, and generosity, won for him a host of friends among the student body and alumni. In spite of the many arduous duties he encounters as assistant principal of the school and sub-director of the faculty, Brother Norbert serves as moderator of a very active Mothers' Club, and vocational director for the student body. Brother also finds enough time to be athletic director of our successful basketball team. Under his watchful eye the Shamrocks of l949 Won the Catholic and City Championship of Chicago. We hope that Brother Norbert Will remain at St. Pat's to continue his generous Work for many years to come. Our Wish seems to be well founded - it is not a customary practice among the Brothers to send three or four Brothers to replace one. FACULTY The araduat1ng class of 1950 wrll be b1d d1ng farewell to St Patrrck s on graduatlon day After four prof1table and en1oyable years we wrll be go1ng out lnto the world ready to meet all problems that wlll confront us We are all branded wlth the tltle Brothers Boys a trtle of wh1ch we can be lustly proud lt was a great pr1v1lege and 1oy to have had such outstandmg men for teachers as the Brothers They have grven us an educatton surpassed by none Besrdes a well balanced educatton whrch wlll enable us to take our places 1n the World they have glven us the Wlll and the Ways to reach our most lmportant atm on earth Eternal Lrfe Out of class too they have been a constant source of lnformatlon and compantonshrp They Went out of the1r Way to pract1ce Chns tlan charlty a v1rtue whtch governs the1r l1ves We found them to be the spark plugs rn all extra currlcular act1v1t1es Most tlmes the ln terest of the Brothers alone kept an act1v1ty aoma Through the four short years that we have been at St Patnck s the members of the faculty have made lnnumerable sacnflces to rmprove us sacr1f1ces whrch Were very seldom acknowl edged at the tlme but Whlch w1ll be apprec1ated more fully 1n years to come As We leave St Pats we would hke to say Thanks to each and every one of the Brothers who so gener ously a1ded us 1n the last four years We know that Whatever vocatron We choose to follow the1r prayers for our success and salvat1on W1ll follow us Senlor Class of l95U Brother L Gregory FS C Sophomore Relrgron Iumor Englxsh Golden Iubxlarlan Brother Iohn Chrysostom F S C Attendance Supervzsor P I Club Employment Counselor Brother Iohn v1CfOl'lC!Xl F S C Regrstrar Lxbranan Golden Iubllcxncrn Brother H Theodore F S C Semor Relzgxon Shorthand Tvpms Plame Geometry Mxssxon Moderator Sacnstun Brother H Anthony, FS C Sophomore Moderator Sophomore Relrglon Amencan History Mathematxcs Ill Bookstore Brother L Patrrck. FS C Iumor Relxgron English IV Mathematrcs II Busxness Engltsh Debate Moderator .1 - f ' . .1 - tt V.. 1 1 -f A 1 ' V A tt 1. 1 1 1 , . . . 1... ' 1... 1 1... . 1... 1 .. othe I Iohn FSC Semor Rellglon Bxolog Mechamcal Draw1ng Elect 1c1ty Alumm Moderator Brother K Gxlbert FS C Iumor Rel1g1on World Hzstory English III Green and Gold Cheerleaders Brother I. Phlllp FS C lumor Moderator umor Rellgxon Chemrstry Tngonometry Solrd Geometry Drrector of Athletxcs Brother K Basxl F S C Iumor Relxglon Engllsh III Economxcs Socxology Brother I. Fabxan FS C Freshman Rellgxon Busmess Law Economrcs Socxolo gY Grammar School Tournament Bantams and Flys Basketball Brother I Edmund FS C Freshman Rellgzon Mathematics I and II Algebra I Camera Club Boxmg rother L Ioseph FS C Sophomore Relxglon Spanxsh I and II Caletena Brother K Aloysxus FS C Semor Rellgxon Bookkeepmg Typmg I Cxvlcs Semor Moderator 1950 Shamrock Auxllrary Dnve Brother L Roland FS C Brother Leo B Sophomore Rehgxon Freshman Rellgxon Englxsh I General Sclence Clvxcs Englxsh I 4107 Mr Iames Weaver Cxvxcs Busxness Trcunmg Phys1cal Educatxon Basketball Coach Mrs. Mabel Weishaupt Business Office Mr Al Brennan Englxsh Il Football Coach fm -:ax-'f Q " Q :' Off 4100 Lg UNDERCLASSMEN Hymn K- L I, L L M X x ,I L N ' L F E y, ix s 1 4 -5 XX x CA 2f Q J NN 1 4 lr "' ' QQ it P I Ita 0 . Q f 02 I-X . ....Ol .x,,: 1 'sn- ' I Sl x. , 1 .Tl-N. .4191 'L'.'.Z .,.:x:'l a-, ' . iii , .L A'- 'J f First Row: R. Kelly, I. Russell, H. Hane, I. Brosseau, I.. Pych, I. Considine, N Vitale R Reiter S Garcia Second Row R Tarsxtano R Hxpelmus I Pinto N Kargol P Beneky F Ilmmez R Tuzzolmo V De Iullo B Daxly I Pfexier Thxrd Row A Barajas R Iurevxch l. Zawalskx V Notarxano M Adame W Lahey P Brady G Shepherd F Luporml L D1Venere Fourth Row I Maher D Rottenberk R Warner P Ienmngs C Prchal T Kochanny D Stams I Weber R Burton I McGill I Garcla FRESHMAN 41 HOMEROOM TEACHER Brother Leo CLASS OFFICERS Brother Leo Iohn Consldme Presxdent Iohn CODS1d1HG Presrclerrt Sam Garc1a Vrce Presrdent Paul Berreky Secretary Ierry Pterfer Treasurer Don Rottenberk Sergeant at Arms SCHEDULE lst Relralort 2nd Crvrcs I O EHqlSh Lan tr Gym Stud Sparush l Alaebra I ACCOMPLISHMENTS 4125 Canterders for mtramural rers and mana ers Dew LL 3 d J 4th fi Sth ' C nth ' - if 7th L, A . . ' . Criaripzriship . . ' X . J 3 ' of Illll Lealv: , . brother cf lack Leahy' 47 is '.',' iz star ef Eau' f , FRESHMAN 42 fax QFXQ C39 GTG cpnrgr U S 9 C Ln Ar e 'lr E I D n Lunc Q. l Qge- I1 C V 5 Bro1her Norbert f V1 ACCGMPLISI-IMENTS G m Stud Iohn Carmosmo Presrdent FITST ID fn ss on standlnas n department trst m aIl dr ve n freshman department I CGI1 OIT F1rstRow R COI1.1g11CI M Orseno D Ryan S Gavm R Wlsmewskx F Polak L Cczvallero I Zambxto D Ruszczyk R Benson Second Row P Mercola N FIOIQ R Geracx R Ryan G Scahatme C Nor man D Smlth T Walsh C Vento R Henry S Dragos Third Row R Cavanaugh A Parenh F Vaughn H Frhpello I Flynn C Wxlls R Frgurcx I Ormond I Paylo I Carmosmo Fourth Row D Curtm R Iov1nel11 R Laz P Battaglxa D Wzllxams D Rezek T Senkenk D Waslelewskx T McK1nley I Palazzo D Weslow Mrssmg George Dellorto Iames Iamce M Perez L 1 J Herfire 3.1 TZRCEEF T , , :Nav "Wrap ' CLASS QFFICEFS 'I felii CCYIiC5E.f.C Ffesaeit Z, fain Zambia '.'1CefPre-i 'Vit 'I Dfk Flllllfll Seirefari' w VA f- Y- - '- V A ,an :min .reasgrer ' vi CI r nie fferman Sera art tfkrms f-NWC, LE I 1 R figfn l n d 'Q QcraI U d Litin I 4th na jg " 'I' ' . 21 St., i ie U I 'tl . f ' ' ' ' i ' I . . . L - 1 : Q I 'ara 5 tan all . ., YI IE I it ' ' '-'I ff I I 4 33 P 0 F1rstRow S Cardella E Matza R Hurley I Mendoza M Lukaszewskl Second Row I Consiunzo P Cleary I Glannola K Hunl E Curran F Nowobxlskx I Ford I Maas Third Row I Fischer A PGIUPIIO C Ferenhnos N Caldarulo I Pxetrzyk F Duzey T Kenny I Hogan E Lynch Fourth Row W ONe1ll E Krause R Holleran R Zarala I Garvey W Merek C Clxfford I Hettmger I Path Mxssmg E Wexshaupi E Kcmdas R Gonzeles FRESHMAN 4-3 HOMEROOM TEACHER Brother Edmund Brother Edmund CLASS OFFICERS P P d loe am resl em Ioe Pam Prestdent Mtke Lucas Vtce Prestclent Frank Gulllen Secretary Ierrv Elsher Treasurer Ioe Palese Sergeant at Arms SCHEDULE lst Rel 1 n C1 E rl 3rd Ctvtci General Busmess Lun h Ge eral lvl themattcs G m Study ACCON rLlSHlv'ENTS Chance, Annual Halloween Party l949 laraest class tn freshman departrrert C fl 'l , 4? J' 23 x. H" I ,, ' W' I E- ,, F , Y , 4 X H In 4 '- I - Y' b ,g I JQ ' ' .7 fu l l L Q g , 1 , 4 S- g r. 3 1 I t. F. its l 'wx Q' 52' . ' fri T.6svyald,F.G1.ri11en,I.Elcler.' ' ' ' ' ' cy, ' A A I ' A llQAO Zn l ng .ish 4th ' ' . l Sth C r Sth n a ' 7th . e - 1 ,W W class prestdent made varstty hahtweaht team FRESHMAN 44 xx Qc- QCPEDULE t Ret 1 2rd Stud G Brother Fabxcm I CIW S Roy' Steward Presldent 1 MGT err T lsur l'1 General Busmess Enohsln ACCOMPLISHMENTS l5 days tn October wlthout an absentee FIVG on the treshmort football team two bcmtams one tly three boxers First Row S Cammm W Hellwxg R Bllmskx I Thomas S Lochxrco R Steward W Oswald Second Row I Ryan L Fumagalh R Macek R Hrody V Costanzo I Romano E Koutny S Lombardo R D1 Fxore Thxrd Row I Acevedo I Farmella W Dobramch I DAnna H Wende W Anderson I OBr1en K La Voxe W Wallace Fourth Row P Meegan R Bxemek D ODonnell I Caulheld T Keane R Kurizer R Lmk I Meyers D Cerny A FIOYG Mxssmg Arthur O Connor HCf.fEPCCf.f fFQf'1ff'fFF CLASS CFYCEPS Roy' Stex-.'3r3l fri-s1:if,rt Elf C51-:Qld 'fire-Presi Qi? Rlf'll'1YCl S-Gfrefuri' lizzties D .lirifx Tr:-izsxgrer ls lQg:'on A Y' YTYX , 3 Cl 'C I - 4tl lx no ics l AC Sth ' 7th nd Q .. ' ' - ' I A r : ,I G A , ' G' r' -- ff, V , Q S fff ' - 4 5 P L. First Row W Mueller W Crane L Catale R Ieflerles C Stegmexer I Glannellx R Suerth Second Row R Fendler C Petermcm D Graf I Colcmgelo W Scoheld I Holi I Grimes Third Row C Iohnson I Ellis T Kxlroy F Kllfoy V Lucatorto I Petrozza P Sena Fourth Row L Raetz I Zcmtcx R K1bby L Vwado M Cromn I Gnlhn R Ford T Fuzgerald Mxssmg D Fernandez T ODonnell I Bcxthsto SOPHOMCRE 22 Brother Gregory CLASS oFP1cERs Bmhe' G'eg"'Y Ioseph Grtffm Presldent R1chcrd Ford Vlce Pres1der1t Thomas F1lZQ9I'Gld Secretory Icfmes Hott Treosurer SCHEDULE lst R9l1g1OI'l 2nd Enghsh r I-hstory Mothemoucs Lunch Gym Study SCIGDCS ACCOMPLISHMENTS 4165 Porrt1c1poted m every poss1ble school GCl1V1lY threat m mtrormurcxl games I oseph Gnihn Presxdent SOPHOMORE 31 In IEPOO E C E S OPFCEP e e M KG e Eres cient Rusbel R Se et r o Tne bs re S on TGIN s o Se e tatArms SCHEDULE lst Ret tor 2nd B olo BIOIOCI L h G nrt Lattn I' Lunch Brother Anthony 1 Geonretr ACCOMPLISHMENTS Ep Ilgrl Leonard Wxsz Presxdent Volley hall crmamps hrst tn mtsstons hrst tn annual school rattle drtve more A ond B honor students than any other sopho more Closs First Row R Rxmkus M Wmheld T Hanus B Bayer R Norsworthy K Nxtka T Flaherty R Lemke D Thexssen Second Row H Westnck R Kotrba R Klemy R Ryan P Smyth A Dloguardx I Porter W Alletto R Pnm Third Row I Stexbel I Halpm R Belusky D Bruna I Ondracek R F1sher L Grunow R Hutchmson D Tombolato Fourth Row R Spxess D Prudhomme R Sauer D Cummane L Wlsz A Balek R Rlchards T Tarrant I Fxscher T Salv1no L A ri IOM . lf T A ,V Brother .5.riil1o:i'.' I I CLA S I .S Leonard '.'.'1sz, Pr-s1d nt i' N'.'inf1eld VL: -. i' r icnaras, cr 3 3' D n L in en T 3 urer Ri la ' vor rthg' rg on - - 4 gsxk ic' . r i gg' 3 d ' gy C: e 4th ' Sth Stt .Q 1 . - L Y : . ' , . , . , . , . I I Q 1 - A 1' t cn cf- 0 : ,,,,4 f-lfval Qs .- Fzrsf Row D Flynn R Korkowskx D Guerin R Kosenesky L Stahl I Pzlatx R Babxarz D Platek D Bratta Second Row I Urann I Agulla N Lucey I Ramos R Castzgha I Belz C Walsh W Beahan T Schumacher I Naughton Third Row I Leahy P Wxlson G McMullen G Vlack I Bazo R Plechaty E Chom1ck1 C Ezerslus I Walsh T Grzyb Fourth Row T Burke P Cheles D Anderson I Baumgartner H Mxller R OMalley W Wertzler T Sheppard H Motu I Summlns SOPHCJMORE 33 HOME ROOM TEACHER Brother Ioseph Brother Ioseph Lowell Stahl Presxdent CLASS OFFICERS Lo fell Stahl Presldent R Hard CM Hey V1 e Presldent 11:1 We tz er Tre surer 'nes Walst Ser ecmt at Arms SCHEDULE tHe K Ceo E ls ACCC JUHLISHVEIJIS lr ve if ers or re fo e e her c were o er .rs ss rr EW1 'rust , ' : . . . ', . ', . , . . n I I . l n I u u D I . 1 . D I . 1 . I - . 1 - 1 I I -I n I u 1 n u . . I ' NJ ic. ' G f, AC - ' Vlfi i Y r I , G' IGM 'Il . 1, A C f - .. . Y H+ '.-,: le reren 22d Latin-Spcxish frd Gg'rt1-BiC.Lal5. 4th Egclcgzy Lp. L.,,m,.L, d,., EA.. K.. ith J merry 7tf1 my L :I I P f. W I L 'A ' "A ' fa 'fo Xerib .. . '1vj.".-feight t sr. and ei m XM n iigntx-feignt tecm . . . ,C Q reg .O Cla scheel. MOI tg ROOT TL Cr Ll- CLIXSH OH ,EP KW S a DQ D C D C QT T SCIAEILJLE St d G I Solen e 1A Brother Roland Casey Swleczkowskx Presxdent Lunch l-ltstory Mathemancs ACCOMPLISHMENTS SOPHOMORE 34 Blagest attendance at basketball games of all sophomore departments Fzrst Row W Burgmcm R Regaldo T ODonnell R Pecenka F Kroll Ed Kelly I Gordon I Costello Second Row D Okleshan P Ilmmez I ORe1lly G McGu1nn R Balog C Suerth A Melone D Golmmas Thud Row I Bauml R Creager P Lydon A Murano H Icxrosz N Pal ella R Koslba R Olrvo R Adlesxck Fourth Row E Prusa C Sw1eczkowsk1 B Ford I Iarosz L Bonvxm R Comellx I Cassm K Sheridan A Grafer I Costello 1 Us VV 4197 ,, W , , ., Q, X v4 v. I1 1 1 L Bittner lqllyifld f. WY, Q as J E3:,sQ C"'e', D e fo a ' Ken Eieri an l.'1:refPrQ-fiaent RpsxlCrei1t:f-r mei? taxi: Ray nal sz, Treasurer Ior Q' Latnber SCY.IC'51I'1lxll'!L.TYIlS , ,, 1 lst Reliaian 2nCl Ll 'gni . . . 3 d ' l C ' 4tn Enalish Sth Sth -L . 7th . ' ' 4 ' .- I I I ." ' I '- T 'lf' ' H :. - S Q, I I I - 'Q L, 1. 7' ,Q L ', ' a - I I V 41 J .. '- 3, 'A 4 z f ' to 95, I I 1 at 'W First Row I Bruhu W Cozzx B Mlchulowskx I Bollweg R Drdak I Bllek M Ryan Second Row I Folwarskl I Riley G Mczcur N Gcxlusso W Cerny A Ruff I Gurlner Third Row I Ryan R Kargl I Rejeske V Dukunauskas R McArthur I Carter I Wagener Fourth Row D Slad I Lyon P Glbney I Narko W Mcxties S Sasemck R Wagner I McG1ll P Dawson JUNIOR 11 l-IOMEROOM TEACHER Brother Philip CLASS OFFICERS SCHEDULE ACCOMPLISHMENTS 4251? Iim Gurtner President Al Rutt Vice President Iohn Rejeslce Secretary N ck Galasso Treasurer Pat Gibney Sergeant at Arms lst Religion 2nd Algebra ll 3rd American History 4th Lunch 5th English N 6th Chemistry Lab.-Study 7th Chemistry Champions ot intramurals tor tirst lunch period . . , lead junior department in rattle drive . . , lead junior department with most students on honor roll. Brother Phxlip Iames Guztner Presldent l ..,. JUNIOR 12 D N K'x9l SCPUUULE le Rel .Ito Zmd Busmess ltr tbrret Ertallsh Lunch Typma Amerlcan l-l storx Ecorlomlcs r ACCOMPUSI-IMENTS X Brother Gllbert Rxchcxrd Nleld Presxdent Very good starmdma ln the mlsslons sev eral members of room on basketball team two members of the boxmg team room athletlcally mclmecl Fus! Row I Hester E ONe1ll G Ncxborowskx D Nxeld I Cozzl A Mor ello I Kecxtmg Second Row B Gustafson F Kuhn I OMcrlley I Steen L Mehalek D Tekxp A Bethne N Zausumewskx Thud Row R Galvm A Okleshan B McN1cho1s R Czccone G Karl E Borden R Luccheth I Cosicmzo Fourth Row E Dabkovxch V Hurt R Grochowskx R Hoey I. Cepek R Boyce G Aguado S DeSzcrme1t I Murphy i HOHERCCYX TERCHEF H 1 U Ev broiler Ganeri CLASS GFFICEPS D1ckl'C1ela Presaeit Yxxoent Hart 'fioe-Presideit Iames Q Malleg' Treasgrer Pulp: Boyce Secretary Iac' I' aiia Sergeaitfat-.llrriz I 1 it lj' x ' ' Q ' gn 3 d I ' 4th Sth ' i - Sth ' i j ' ' , ' 7th ' V' 'W '21 F ' : lf? r 794 mfmm C3 Fust Row I Sampey L Polka A Dolmar R La Flaur R Pufall C Cruz M Mercola W Condos Second Row G Ioyce R Renter I lnfanhno R Healy G Ackerman T McCauley E Hock Third Row I Devereux T Slrauser A Fxore I Lorden E Keatmg I Svec L Cano R Mena R Vasquez Fourth Row M Bauml L Derwm R Frye I Offerman K Lucas R Vxzza I Sxranovrc A Pnola E Donatelh T McGovern Mzssmg Iohn Ryan JUNIOR 13 HOMEROOM TEACHER Brother Bas1l Brother Basll CLASS OFFICERS Louls Polka Presldent Louls Polka Preslde t Ken Lucas Vlce Pres dert Anthony Prlola, Secretary Ioe Offerrnan, Treasurer Leo Cano, Sergeant at Arrrs SCHEDULL lst Eehalon Znd Shorthand 3rd Typma 4th Lunch Sth Amertcan l-hstory oth Enal sh 7th Efonornlcs ACCOMDLISHMENTS lfernhers on each of tle V rstt tears captam of llahtfvemht basketball team contenders for htghest honors n jumor depart went 'x . . A ., ' 7 . fe :SQA I A 7 I, ', ' rrr T ' Y W I If , ,, T , , , ', 19,14 ,4 :fy . I I ,QQ +I t I S W4 ' Q L I , it . Y 1 I x ' ' III' y , aff .4 A by, I w JUNIOR 2.0 FC' E GO an me OFF t,EFw P es a r at e Q re QCMZDULE lst Rell r 2nd T pm r Matlleatatlfs lll W mf' E llsltlll 0 Stud, Amertfan Hlstorx Brother Patnck Wxlllam Hansu President ACCOMPLISHMENTS The roam has Contrlbuted to the success ol the vartous atlfllettc teams especlallv the football and baxma teams Many more boys plarmma to parttctpate m the Sl schedule Fxrsl Row B Blondm D Sztuczko A Fxiterer T La Mantma R D1Ior1o T McTague O Morxarty Second Row R Broderlck S Schena R Marim M Maratto E Smxth R Zxenty G Beahan Third Row I Barrett T Ryan A Arngo R Le Beau A Valentmo W Pnm R Zemko Fourth Row E Rotchford I Okleshcm S Vlvado B Ewert E Severcx I Healey L Martm I Clarke W Hansa Mzssmg F MGIFICIQHO G Soukup I Geary 423i " ' RG H '7"5L'N'I'CP2 Eritlier ?3fflClC CLATC YG .C I.,-YQXLCTTT Haisa r .1 'erit Ier 3' He 'Q' lfise-Pres1d it Iain Geary ee: tary' Tltcnias Ryan, Treasurer 'aio . 3 d . .. V. Q , ' fltl. Lu ,ll ' ' . A Sth RQ nth X' 7th . Q j -I l I ' A - A 'ff' I QD Q How "not" to start the day . . . Competition with 'Brinks' . . . "Organized mayhem" "Yes dear, - Yes Dear. - YES DEAR!! " Money changers . . Five Italians talking . . . Harmony . Father Heisse talks to the boys . . . 'Shades' of former glories . . . 4 24 P ,JL Solid comfort I wg 'Q' W4 P., 5. F 5 ' Fi.: , fri. - Y , 2 L, fi GRADUATES... ...OF 1950 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CONNORS. IOHN MICHAEL SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Blessed Sacrament Entered S.P.A. l946 Nickname, Moose, Honor Boll '47, '48, Green and Gold '49, '50, Football '47, '48, '49, '50, Monogram Club '47, '48, '49, '50, Class Officer '47, '48, '49, '50. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: Success. Brother K. Aloysius Senior Class Moderator FLANAGAN, IOHN MATTHEW SENIOR CLASS VICE-PRESIDENT Sherman Entered S,P.A. l945 Nickname "Flatbush", Football '49, '50, Monogram Club '49, '50, Officer, Brother Beriildus Club '50, Decorating and Dance Committee, Class Officer '47, '48, '49, '50, Senior Officer. Hobby: Music, Ambition: To Be a Success. DUNN, PATRICK LOUIS SENIOR CLASS SECRETARY Blessed Sacrament Entered S.P.A. 1946 Nickname, Burt, Honor Roll '47, Basket- ball Seniors '47, '48, '49, Captain '50, Monogram Club '47, '48, '49, President '50, Class Officer '47, '48, '49, '50, Senior Of- ficer '50. Hobby: Records. Ambition: Professional Basketball Player. O'BRIEN. RAYMOND ANTHONY SENIOR CLASS TREASURER Resurrection Entered S.P.A. l946 Honor Roll '47, Football '49, Boxing '50, Senior Officer, Class Officer '49, '50, Monogram Club '50. Hobby: Sports. Am- bition: Large Family. DEROCHE, IOHN WALTER SENIOR CLASS SERGEANT-AT-ARMS St. Mary Entered SPA. l94B Nickname G. O. P., Honor Boll '47, '48, '49, Auxiliary Club, Bronze, Class Officer '49, Senior Officer '50. Hobby: Sailing, Am- bition: Mechanical Engineering. VALEDICTORIAN Genial level headed friendly thats Don Marion Don has led his department in scholarship standing ever since he has come to St Pat s Through consistent effort he has stayed riflht on top Believe it or not Don has maintained an A averace through all four years at school Don one of the most popular boys in his class has been acknowledged a leader over and over again There isnt a minute of the day that you find Don without a smile I-lis cheerful attitude and engaaing personality have won him many valuable friends Don is a great lover of hunting and fishing Every season you will find him either in the thick wooded lands or on the rippling lakes Don isnt too sure of his career yet but whatever he may choose he is bound to be a success at it SALUTATORIAN Norbert Wisz is the solid citizen type characterized by competency dependability and action His rise to elective and appointive offices both in the classroom and in various organizations was surpassed only by his remarkable feats on the basketball court Norb was a starter in basketball since his sophomore year and since then he has risen to be one of the most valuable players on the team Although Norb s interests outside of school have centered chiefly around sports occasionally you will find him stepping into the social circle ibut not too oftenl With his easy friendliness and winning smile we all feel sure that Norb s popularity will continue wherever he may go CLASS HISTORY We first saw the light of day at St. Pat way back in l946. Comparable to new born babes we were quickly taken under the pro- tecting wing of the upperclassmen. We soon learned that there was no swimming pool on the fifth floor and that the elevator was not just 'temporarily out of service . We quickly accustomed ourselves to the fact that absentee- ism and tardiness brought the wrath of the wavy haired moderator of the P. I. club down upon us. Brother Norbert's board of education left a lasting physical impression upon us. Some cigarette salesmen certainly sought new fields of employment due to Brother Gregorys keen competition in their direction. We were constantly amazed to learn what the Brothers could squeeze into a solitary period, The seem- ingly endless number of school drives were always enthusiastically participated in as they provided for a holiday from our afternoon periods. The Balaban and Katz theaters in the Loop were undoubtedly taken out of the red by the mad stampede of SPA. students into their theaters, We happily contributed our coin to attend during school naturally the variety shows at the other half s school. The Green and Gold published irregularly by the stu- dents was always avidly read. Our school parties and picnics were thoroughly enjoyed as they gave us an insight as to what the Brothers are really like. Our not too frequent dances provided us with enjoyable entertain- ment, The football and basketball teams gave us a great example of fighting spirit and good sportsmanship. Now with our graduation only a few days away, our high school career has reached its culmination. We may only gaze wistfully back on four years of glorious memories-memories never to be forgotten. Now we stand at the doorway of life, ready to embark upon our chosen vocation and to face life as it really is. We are ready to test what we have learned here at SPA. With the Catholic education received from the Christian Brothers, we shall be well fortified against the trials life will pre- sent to our discretion. 4275 AGUADO, SALVADOR FRANCIS Notre Dame Entered SPA., 1946 Nickname, Pancho, Honor Boll '47, '48, Auxiliary Club, Bronze, Dance Cone mittee, BAGNIEWSKI, EDWARD ALLEN St. Iohn Bercltman Entered S,P.A., 1946 Nickname, Bags, Football '49, Glee Club '47, Base- ball '48, Class Officer '49, 50 Hobby Women Am bition Mater Leaguer BORRELLI THOMAS LOUIS St Olido Entered SPA 1946 Nickname The Bartender Honor Roll 47 48 9 Green and Gold 47 4 49 50 Auxiliary Bronze Camera Club 47 Hobby Photography Ambition Doctor BURKARD NICHOLAS FRED St Mel Entered SPA 1945 oral Club 46 Hobby Hunting and Fish ing Ambition A business administrator CAMINITI SYLVESTER DANIEL En c fd SPA 1 45 I vckname Dago Dan Honor Roll 47 49 Arnbt tion Cwt' Engineer Hobby o le ct S amp Dan Corrrnittee 49 4295 SENIOR ARREGUIN, DAVID FERMIN All Saints Entered S.P.A,, 1945 Nickname, Muchacho, Boxing 47, Glee Club '47, Decorating Committee. Hobby' Working on Car. Ambition: Agriculturalist. BISHOP, IOHN CRAIG St. Marys tllesplainesl Entered SPA., 1949 Nickname, Monkeyman, Honor Roll 'SU Hobby: Numerologist, Ambition: Quick Million BOYLE IosEP1-1 LAWRENCE Presentatrort Entered SPA 1945 Hobby Homework Arnbi tion To get into a good trade BURTON DANIEL IOSEPH N ettelhorst Entered SPA 1946 Nickname Burt Hobby 'galking Ambition Trolley 1 ot CAMPION IAMES FRANCIS a f a SPA 946 ltckname Little Moose Honor Roll 48 Football 5 Ba eball 47 tramural Sports 47 48 49 SU Hobby Riding rt ettre a I I H I , I 8, . ' ' . ' ' Ch I A'47. I , 1 I 1 . I .. I . ' 't , I St. Cofumbklffe V SI' PI . I If ZW I wr, . . ., 9 W V . Y I. ' I ' , I- I49, I O: S I I 5 Iri- A C l ing r , I , ' I S Ce ' Arnbitio. : R, ' ,I t 35. I 1950 CANO, IOSEPH GEORGE S2 A Eff-mmf SFA. Nickname, lcltin loe Foot- ball 47 SC Monogram Club 48, 4? Hobby Weight 1.Lft:ng Ambition f-. , , no to Alabama. CLYNE, THOMAS BERNARD Help Of Christians Entered SPA., 1945 Nickname, Tom, Honor Roll '47, Monogram Club '50, Brother Benildus Club SU, Decorating Commit- tee, Siarrirock '50, Ambi- tion: Chemist. CONSIDINE IAMES MICHAEL St Patrick Entered SPA 194 Auxiliary Bronze Club Hobby Collecting t Coins Ambition To be a success CRIVELLO HOWARD IOSEPH Sacred Heart Ente ed S P A 19 uckname Pool Arnbi ti n lewspaper Printe DeCOOK RICHARD PAUL .Ds dSPA CHAMBERS. IAMES ANTHONY .',f':rv:a rsri- Eriff-ff'-'i SPA., Q9-if fficlcnamo, lumco Hobby H11nt:n'1 anpt lfancina A'nr"icn O'-'n or Inu"- -.. cf V. ,. . nm.. ance Co COAN, IOHN MICHAEL Bffssed Sacrament Entered SPA., 1946 Nickname, Mickey, Foot- ball 'SUQ Monogram Club 50, Glee Club '47. Hobbyi Collecting Records. Am- bition: Business Man. CRAWFORD ROBERT ANDREW St Cecilia Entered SPA 194 Nickname One Lung Dance Committee Hobby Bowling Ambition Law yer DALY THOMAS IEROME Blessed Sacrarrent Entered SPA 1946 lyickname T D Honor Roll 47 48 Green and Gold 50 Football 47 48 49 SO Monogram Club 50 Camera Club Cas Officer 47 48 9 Baseball 47 S cmroc 50 Hobby Pnotography Ambition Pliotog apher DOLAN IAMES PATRICK Foo ball sic C B p 4297 , . ' l If 7 ' . . ., 7 ' ' , , , I J 2 4 O - 7 , i 1 " A , 2 r . . ., 47 ' I ' 5 I" , V A ' ' : 'SO' o ' -1 Y. l s ' ' , ' , '4' . ' g E. . lc . I i . . St. Marys, Q- Pfafnes , Enters- o. . . 194' :.,,sunm.y-on flckname, Dick' Honor UN Mflfmmi CPA 194: R211 48 Hobby swiff- --.-,M,!g,"'f,i' ' "3 R ,,. A .ur :A 1 W., F. 'L'A""""' ' - M--F: -Lg-Aw-V43 1'-CA-I U 41, 48. Hobby Mu . 7353 ""'l33""' Rrnbitzon' cart e orter. DOMOVICH CHARLES FRANCIS Holy Trznlty Entered SPA 1940 Ntckname Drm Dom onor Roll 47 48 Hobby Readln, Books Ambttron Success DRAGER EDWARD BURT Hesurrectton Entered SPA 194 Nlckname Sklppy Hob b Mustc Ambrtron Large Fam1ly EHRHARDT DANIEL FRANCIS Our Lady ot Vrctory Entered SPA 1948 Nlckname Bugs Baseball 48 Hobby Bllllards Am bltton Success FEENEY ROBERT FRANCIS St Alexander Entered SPA 1948 Ntcknarne Blackle Honor o 49 50 Auxtltary Club Bronze Hobby Farmtng Ambrtlon Own own farm FINGER DONALD ROBERT Blessed Sacra ent Entered S PA Ntckname Thumbs Hon or Roll 47 Football 47 50 Monogram Club 50 Class Olfrcer 47 48 49 50 Hobby The Accord ran 4305 SENIOR DONLAN PETER TERRENCE Our Lady ot Sorrows Entered SPA 1945 Ntckname Be Bop Foot ball 47 Basketball Ban tams 47 Auxxlrary Cen tury Club Class Otflcer 48 Hobby Swtmrnlng Ambltlon Mortlctan DWYER GERALD EDWARD St Patrrck Entered SPA 1945 Ntckname Btg Red Honor Boll 47 Basketball lunlors 50 Monogram Club 50 Class Oltlcer 49 Cheerleader Drama 47 Hobby Glrls Arnbltron Plumber ENRIGHT FRANCIS IAMES St Mel Entered SPA 1947 N1ckname Bones Honor Boll 47 Auxlllary Club Bronze Class Otftcer 47 Ambltlon Butcher FINAN THOMAS RUSSELL Our Lady of Angels Entered SPA 1945 Ntckname Chlnk Honor o 47 Football Shamrock 50 Class Oth r 47 48 49 Ho Argumg Ambltton D bat1ng FORMICA SEBASTIAN FRANCIS Santa lV'ar1a Addolorata Entered SPA 1945 N1ckname Sam Spade Class Olltcer 47 Hobby Hunttng Arnb1t1on Dent lst l l H ' ' , 1 , 1494, '50, A1 ' f' Yr . I ' ' f ' 1 J ' ' , - 505 '47g , I 'I . .7 - '49 Hobby: Photographyl E' It ' R ll ' 5' ' '48g R 11 1 1 I 1 I A 8 ce ' , ' , I , bbyj of ,E A. I I 2 ' ' 1 ' ' 3 9- , msg I 1950 FRAMPTON. PAUL FRANKLIN Pfrrzclt Entered SPA. 1945 IZICRTIUITIG, Gopher. Hob- by Bowling Ambition' Sucness FRYZA STANLEY STEPHEN St Plus Entered SPA 1947 Nlckname Stas Honor 47 48 Aux1 rar Club Bronze Hobby Model Rallroadtng Ambl tton To be a success GILLESPIE IAMES EDWARD St Edwards Entered SPA 1946 Nlckname Drzzy Honor Roll 47 48 50 Class Of ftcer 50 Hobby Bowlmg Ambmon CIVII Engmeer GOLDSTEIN ROBERT CHARLES S Iarlatns Entered SPA 1946 Roll 47 Glee Club 47 Aux1l1ary Club Bronze GUTIERREZ FRANCISCO N C o Erze ed SPA 1946 oc 50 Ho y oonlno FRANCISCO, MICHAEL DOMINIC ffaurid Heir? Entered SPA.. 5946 flrclcnarne, Blg IJIICRQ Hon- or Holl 47- Auxiliary Club, Gold. Hobby. Col- l9CllI1C' Money. GANNON EDWARD IAMES ot Patrtck Entered SPA 1946 N1ckname Eddle Brother Benlldus Club 50 Hobby Collectmg Co1ns Ambx tlon Foldlng Machlne Operator GILLESPIE THOMAS FRANCIS St Edwards Entered SPA 1946 Nxckname Izzy Honor R 47 48 Ambrtlon Denhst GORE FRANCIS IOSEPH t Ioseprs Entered S PA 1946 Green and Gold 47 48 49 50 Monogram Club Pool Baseball Amb1t1on Baseball HEALY IOHN FRANCIS Entered S PA 1947 lckname Uncle lohn Ge '1a'1dGod 50 Hon Roll 49 Hobby Save Money A'nb1t1on Sur: s 4317 Roll ' g I 'l' y I I I - .3 . ,f ollA',".l '-I ' S.. .1 Nickname, Goldie: .Honor 471 Bggebgu '47, Hobbyg , l Sf. Brgdget St. Li las 1 rj- A I 'A 4' 5 Siazr un 1 U bbga Nr e. f A .I 7 Cart 'l V' ' -- f . ces HEFELE, FRANCIS ANTHONY St, Mary's Entered S.P.A., 1946 Nickname, Ace: Green and Gold '47, '48, '49, '5U: Honor Boll '47, Brother Benilolus Club 'SO Hobby: Hunting. Ambition: Physi- cal Chemist. HOULIHAN, DONALD THOMAS Healy Entered S.P.A,, 1946 Basketball CSeniorsJ 'SU Hobby: Basketball. Ambi- tion. To be a coach. IOHNSTON IEROME EDWARD Goudy Entered SPA 948 Nickname Ierry Honor Roll 48 49 Hobby Danc ing Ambition Salesman lnot a traveling onei KEATING IOHN IOSEPH St Marys Trarng Sclroo Entered SPA 1947 Nickname lohnny Foot b ll 48 49 Monogram Club 48 49 Class Officer 48 49 Hobby Teasing Girls KNAPEK PAUL JOHN Ente ed S PA o all 49 Amb io ck D 432D SENIOR HONIG, ROBERT IAMES St. Oflllo Entered SPA., 1947 Honor Boll '47, Football '47, '48, '49, Monogram Club '47, '48, '49, Sham- rock 50: Auxiliary Club, Bronze. Hobby: Marbles. Ambition: Open a sport- ing goods store. IOHANSEN, IOSEPH RONALD St. Patrick Entered SPA., 1945 Auxiliary Club, Bronze: Baseball '47, '48. Hobby: Baseball-Football. Ambi- tion: C. P. A. IONES LLOYD CHARLES St Charles Entered SPA 1945 Nickname Sorrowlul Honor Roll 46 Hobby Sleeping Ambition T become ambitious KING PATRICK IOSEPH Maternity B V M Entered SPA 1945 Football 50 Auxiliary Bronze Gold Hobby Learning to Spell Ambi ton Go to college KOLAK STEPHEN IOSEPH B ss '1 Sacrament icknam B.ick Boxing G b 1' G and Table Te rt A. b tion uc - I ' ' 1 I ' . . . CI ' , I' J I - , ' . N ' 1 W 'EmQred's.P.A., 1945 S! Procopfus if i i ,E . I - - f W -1 5945 50- ie-9' Cir 47, 48. Fo tb I ' .' it' n: ms' - T73 river n . i A 3 S - OF 1950 KURTZER IAMES FRANCIS O cicnamie Sm r H bbv Chasing G A"lDlIlOl"1 Plioto E LOGAN DONALD PATRICK S Thomas Aquinas Entered S PA O Nickname Skid Football 49 Hobby Sleeping Am brtion To be a success LYNCH IAMES IOSEPH Resurrection Entered SPA 1946 Nickname 11m Shamrock 50 Hobby School Ambi tion President Plumbers Union MARION DONALD LEE Blessed Sacrarren. Entered S,P.A., 1945 Honor Roll '47, '48, '49, '50, Valedictorian, Class Olli- cer 495 Shamrock, Editor- in-Chief SU, Hobby' Hand- ball Ambition Cnemical Engineer MARTINO, CHARLES TERRENCE Efessed Sfzcrzriex' Entered SPA H45 flcknarie Eiacicle Hcnor Rell 47: Football 47. Hobby Guns, Hunxnj. rlmpmf aan- .. i .... .,.,. n shoes.. Q LA SPINA PHILIP ANTHONY a on Q D A icicrame H anal H ro Roll 47 48 49 O ue Cldb 47 Cas Ott Hobo: Spo Ari 1 on To D co .icce ful oculi LUCCHESI ORIANO IOHN St Iarlath Entered SPA 1945 Nickname Orry Honor Roll 47 Benildus Club 50 bby Sports Ambition Happiness MALONEY GERALD DANIEL Resurrection Entered SPA 1945 Nickname Beast Hobby Women Ambition Mil lionaire. MARTINEZ, THOMAS IOSEPH St. Cecilia Entered SPA., 1950 Nickname, Tom, Hobby: Football, Ambition: Suc- cess. MASCIOLA. ROBERT ANTHONY f. orc-rar Ente-'ei SPA. IE-ff ffzckname, Est, Brother 3e:11i1.sCiub if liobby. Heading qArr.r.1::3n Hav- lY1'1 '1 fI"1'l9. 4337 MCDEVITT GERALD FRANCIS S la atw E er d SPA 47 Ntckname Bubbles Hon o Boll 47 48 Foot al 47 Basketball lunlors 48 50 Auxtllary Club Bronze Camera Club 47 Baseball 8 Hobby Homework Ambltlon Bxl ltard Champ MORALES SALVADOR St Patrtclc Entered SPA 1945 Nxckname M1ke Green and Gold 47 48 Hobby Mustc Ambttlon Electrt cal Englneer MOTTO I OSEPH Santa Mana Addolorato Entered SPA 1945 Honor Boll 47 Football 47 49 Monogram Club 49 50 Dance Commtttee 50 Hobby Sports Amb1 n C P NESBIT BERNARD FRANCIS St loseph Entered SPA 1946 Ntcknarne Texas Honor Roll 47 48 49 50 Green an Gold 47 48 49 50 Glee Club 47 Camera Club 48 Cass Oftcer 48 Debatmg 48 Hobby Muslc and Pho tography Amb1t1on chestra Leader O BYRNE IOHN PATRICK St Benedrct Entered SPA 1946 Ntckname Irtsh Honor R ll 47 Shamrock 50 Green and Gold 49 50 Football 47 48 49 Mon ogram Club 49 50 Glee Club 47 Camera Club 47 50 Hobby Golf Am brtton Busmess 4347 SENIORS MILLER IOHN LOUIS Bessed Sacra ent En ered SPA 1945 Ntckname Tony Honor Bo 47 48 49 Bent us Club 50 Class Otttcer 47 48 Hobby MGCHGHIC Ambttton Success MOTT SYDNEY FRANCIS Preczous Blood Entered SPA 1945 Ntckname Std Honor Bll 47 Basketball 49 50 lun1ors Hobby Eat mg Watermelons Ambt tton Early Retlrement MUCHOWICZ IAMES WALTER St Plus Entered SPA 1945 Ntckname B1g l1m Honor 47 8 49 50 s Ofhcer 47 Monogram Club 50 Hobby Sleeplng and Dancmg Amb1I1OH Success and Early Rettre ment NORDENGREN ROBERT ALLEN Our Lady ot Grace Entered SPA 1948 N1ckname Nordy Green and Gold 50 Boxmg 49 Sharcroclc 50 Hobby Sports Ambltton Good lob and Secur1ty OCONNOR ROBERT PATRICK Avondale Entered SPA 1945 Nrckname Bones Class O'f1cer 48 49 Hobby Sleepmg Ambltton Mar rlage 3, rl I A ntve ,. ., 19 r , 'W bl 4 1 1 -7 ..l 1 I vw '4, 3 ' , 2 I .. I .P H, ', I, I I .ld . t 2 , V' ,' 2 O ' JI I ', , , 7 ROll','4,',lljBU' , '. U' . ketball, Senior '50g Class tio.: . SA, I 5 I ' - 2 , d ' . ' 5 ll fl 1,1 A I ,471 , I . ,I .t - . 9. " i Or- A' o ' :I I J 1 I 1 5 t V ,.., '.' Vi 1 Q ' .I 7: OF 1950 O'HAGAN. PATRICK IAMES Q. N4,,..,r Entered SPA 1345 fftckname, Hxgnpockets- Sfiarrirock SU Glee Club 47- Honor Boll SU' Intra- mural Basketball 47 48. Hobby Baseball, Swing- ing and Be Bop Ambi- tion' Own a Ranch PADULA. IOHN FRANK Our Lady of Angels X Entered SPA., 434: Nickname, Spikep Benil- dus Club '5Ug Dance Com- mittee '5U: Baseball 48 Hobby' Baseball Souve- nirs Ambition' Baseball PTACH ARTHUR PAUL St Wenceslaus Entered SPA 1946 Nickname Archie Hono o Green and Gold 48 Glee Club 47 Debating 48 Auxiliary Club Centur Baseball 47 50 Tennis 50 Hobby Skating Am bition Mad Psychiatrist RANDELL EDWARD IACOB St Pius En e ed SPA 1 6 Nickname lake Hobby Work Ambition Pinte RICKERT PAUL ALBERT k ani Saul 1 L b it on A wo ker O'HAI.LORAN. RICHARD EUGENE Bfessed Sacrament Entered SPA., 1946 Nickname, Blackieg Foot- ball 475 Basketball '49, 50, Seniorsp Monogram Club '49, '50 Hobby: Sports. Ambition Success. PITVOREC, STEPHEN MICHAEL St. loseph Entered SPA., 1945 Nickname: Spitsg Honor Boll '47. Hobby: Sports. Ambition: To get ahead in lite. PURCELL EDWARD CHARLES Mt Carmel Entered SPA 1947 Nickname Big Ed Bas ketball Bantams 47 Ben ilclus Club 50 Class Oth cer 47 Ambition Crim inology RICE THOMAS IOSEPH Presentation Entered SPA 1946 Nickname Tom Honor Boll 47 Hobby Bowling Ambition To be a mil lionaire ROONEY EDWARD IAMES fr 1945 :abby i 4357 R it '47,l '48, 49, 1504 ,A I . , ., . f I- . . ., ,94 ' , I if ' , Queen o' Anixi.: W A I V 1 Ente-:ea SrA.h.:4i Qu, Lqdy Hejp of .-IC YI .. 9, .. 93' UYEQX LY, Q, rw Eff G35 4? fffgewfw C"H1:P1fQQiasP.A.. - Hb 969 If '71 H' V H ffeiwfit Rd- 4a- Benildus cis Qu. lm O Amb' i 2 ' r - . M7 l ROTHER, ROBERT IAMES St. Patrick Entered SPA., 1946 Nickname, Bob, Honor Roll '47, 48, 50 Camera Club '49, Hobby Basket- ball Ambition' Coach SABA, RICHARD LOUIS St. Procopius Entered S.P.A,, 1945 Football '48, '49, Auxiliary Club, Bronze. Hobby: Air- planes. Ambition: Base- ball. SCHROEDLE ROBERT IOSEPH St Anthony Entered SPA 1945 Nickname Mouse Foot 47 49 50 Mono gram Club 47 49 O Auxiliary Club Bronze Hobby Driving Ambi tion Printer SHEEHAN IOHN PAUL St Augustine Entered SPA 1947 Nickname Iack Basket ball Seniors 49 50 Mon ogram Club 49 50 Hob by Basketball Ambition Basketball Coacn SHERLOCK WILLIAM IOSEPH Hsurctrn Erze S A 47 arri Club 47 B nildut Cluib 59 as ice Ho bf E Anibi n Scli 4365 SENIORS RYAN, PATRICK ANTHONY Sr. Cofuribkilie Ente-red SPA. 1545 Nickname, Killer, Honor Roll '47, Auxiliary Club, Bronze, Class Officer '47, Sbarnrock '59 Hobby: Quail Hunting. Ambition' Accountant. SAMPEY, CHARLES PATRICK Help ot Christians Entered S.P.A,, 1947 Nickname, Irish, Green and Gold '47, Boxing '50, Glee Club '47, Hobby: Boxing. Ambition, C. P, A. SERRITELLA ALPHONSE IOSEPH Andrew Iackson Entered SPA 1946 Nickname Gypsy Honor o 7 Green and Gold 48 Glee Club 47 Hobby Ballet Ambition Lover of Cul ture SHEPPARD IOHN IOSEPH St Dionysius Entered SPA 1945 Nickname Big lohn Foot ball 49 50 Basketball Seniors 47 Monogram Club 50 Class Officer 47 49 Hobby Speed Boat Riding Ambition To live a good Christian life SHORT HUBERT IOHN C kna 9 ball ' , ' , ' , - R ll '4 , '48, '49, 'SOJ ' , ' , '5 , I ' : ' es ir fr 1 o, .r :ed OP. ,1346 W 'J O lfickname, Big Bill, Foot- 5-9557" '9'7Cf'?7"f7 Tn , ball I 491 50' Mano- V' Entered SFA. qivsei gr A- . ' I 49' 50? ..:o . me, '1'lLlD Hobby QA r , ,S . ' I C1 S Pool Ambition Pharma- oti' f 47 48, '49, 50. C1-ff b'j ating r. '- tio 1 .col OF 1950 STRILKA ANTHONY RUDOLPH D I SULLIVAN DENNIS LAWRENCE cr 'J S tclcname Sally Bentl 111.5 Club 50 Glee Club 47 48 49 Hobby Muoc Ambltton Succesx UPMAN ROBERT CHARLES St G rtrudes Entered SPA 1949 Ntcknarne U Honor R 49 50 Basketball Intramurals 5U Shamrock 50 Hobby Football Arn bttton Lawyer WALSH, FRANCIS IOSEPH T. picft .el ffioknarne, Harpo, Hobby' Making Money, Ambition' C P A WINANDY, MARTIN RAYMOND firiajxfatc- Conof-:lor Entered fE4i flokriarie, Winfiy Honor Roll 47, 485 Football 47, 49 Bazeloall 47 ffffzfi- took 52 Canoe Cornrnit- tee .3.r:b1t.or. Earfenig. STRUHART CHARLES SAMUEL O TYRRELL EDWARD WILLIAM esv d S e d S lmckrame Can aolo CK Gee ana Gool 49 O Monoaram Club 59 Box xn 48 49 58 Baie all 47 Ska rock 50 Hobby M421 Arnbtlon Sufce-as WACHOWSKI THOMAS IOHN Blessed Sacrament Entered SPA 1945 onor Roll 48 49 Football 47 Class Otflcer 47 48 49 50 Sharrrocl' Hobby Ftshmg Arn bltton Marry and Settle Down WHALEN STEPHEN ROBERT Resu.rec!.orz I'.,Y C. . ., 9-1 Honor Roll 47, 48: Auxil4 tary Club, Bronze Ska:- rock 58 Hobby' Talking, Ambition' Plxrnloer. WISZ, NORBERT IOSEPH if-iA:.:'-'f S7or'' Ente-red SPA H45 ffioknarne, Blinky Honor Roll 47, 48, 49, 5C Sala- tatorian Easnetomg Sen- , . . , ,. iota 47 48 49, '59 lffonogrirn Club -18, 49, 58, Clair Offloer 47, 48, 58 Hohloy Sport: Arn- 4375 1,4625 "' 5 ? gk L, IR X X! xx xxxrg 'ELI 1' Amex I 1 ' X -IIi.:,'TW, t. f Missing: e ig ':f',e Q ' If 'wvjii 4 -H . If ld I BOLAND, WILLIAM !V'fWt'f5'.??f' lf, I PATRICK ',1g U ' ,"I ltr I' ' A F' It 'I e f5,F,A, 5 ,lt !"' 5,,A ' ' J. l'f1ll1-- H :gl ly, I' X'-X AIX, ' FQ-i-ffg ir.'r. I,f1r':- I I . U1 I f Pirtilly' ,lm I.-. lx?" I ? I 'pi ill ., ,,,., it 4.1 SENIOR RELIGION TEACHERS Brother Theodore Brother Aloysius Brother I. Iohn On the way to class: Smile now, there are five hundred students waiting for you just around the corner. O OFFICIAL SENIOR BALLOT les v OlG TOT OHS Most Popular Semor Pat Dunn lack Connors Drck O Hallo a lack Deroche N01S19Sl Bob Uprnan B1ll Sherlock Bob Honra Most Typlcal Semor Don Ftnger llIT1 Muchowr 2 Best Dancer Ed Tyrrell Art Ptach Blggest Drag S d Mott Ed Draa er Best Student Don Mar on Norbert W sz Most Soclable l-lub S mort Dan Carrunlt Favonte Saymg clnta Smallest Feet l k Conro Flashxest Al Ser tell IO rr u des e ll k eptea ul vote lote for o e Favonte College Notre Dame X assar St Mar s Pet Peeve Home or Bepor Carcls Favonte Sport Basketball Canasta Favonte Smoke Alter Lunch School Flre Favonte Orchestra Bov M lto P V S'1 Favorxte Magazme Better Homes and ardens Ladres Home lournal Favonte Racho Program lt oays to be Most L1kely to Succeed cr N Fxrst To Be Marr1ed cl o es Blggest Opt1m1st The Br t ers V ote for one Most Energetlc Paul Brckert Pat Ryan Terr, Donlon Favorlte Comlc Str1p Superman Mary Worth Dlck Tracy Best Lookmg Ed Purcell Tom Daly WIIIIGSI Frank Formlca Bay O Brten Favonte Penod Lunch Stud I-'avonte Soc1al Act Whlte Grrd Dancrna Neatest Semor Bob O Connor Paul Frampton lol n Coan Bxggest Po11t1c1an Ton Frnan Charles Ma tno Favorlte Song .fl S lf Best Athlete Ba' Durn Favorlte Gxrls School S rr tr k l-lr h 4395 St I :trick .flxiaderiijr liorzti l-1 l. SC Getter 511 Hr-i'tLoi . llcri P"rt.s':r1 1. Mark Lrik 2. To Qndicate your choice mark an If in the square at the rxgzht of the zteni or the person for wl r. yo ir to vote. 3. lo ra ures '.'.r'll ,e acc ' as a la:-if . A I 7 A is I I I K ? . Ki Q I - .t 'JI li ir T P. l. I E 5 . I t E F . . Q I Q E ' E . . ' 'c C ' E S 5 ' Q ' ' . C I .i n Q C ' hil .Tal I I Y 4 v S 1 - - l ' , I 1 G ' lf J 1 ii ' T. Y' 1 3 ' ranorant f ' ' ' ' f A 'AA' Q fn Mr. Anthony' C , . - - - '. r i S' It 'iljgsfylf jig' B ' lfcfd lleSbll l l cl: .. 'o lf fg llfi Dolan f 5 ul ' gm get i ' ,,, "' Tn-Y ' - ,CIC l 1 .S C IJV1 l YT E , ' t A, W ri a I l o ff t. Ta ic 'a C BRGTHER JOHN V. MARKS 50th YEAR --Lf., fy ,A son,-.LN ,r . aff., A A, ,..,Y V ,i -,AQ -.sw -. ,.,, aus. i r, .... ...-,, ., -.,, , . c .at . A. ., . .. , . . . fy msg -, M53 Q. sw ,.,.n.,.,,-. F ,. , -.QQ .,--3 V. ,A Afg Y 4, :A -4 . V. ...u ar.. ...-,,,a., . M., ,.... , -..o ... ...o b . . ,, - A. A. . in .4 qv W, ,, T, ,, ,. . ,.A. ,, -,. X. V :N -, ,wan . .P .,.. -. .. ro. ,. Luo. l:':T' ff' fi, ABQ :" A' 3' P -' I 1' off' F' H5-1: " . 'i ,K . W ' Q1-,I . AQ- B. Q. 3... . ...E 45-.. .LC Q. 1 i,.. .. .WA I ,UWA ... M .ch . ,. ,Uv ...ur 4 hi, ,Ms . .. on . -,-. - s Vi... . FN' ' ' . fx-, , Qi. N. T Q. GG! . Ar .LC IT". X.. my L...if. -UC E, j..l" sf -, .. Q 4 . A ll'-V, ,, , .. V . .. . .f . .. X, 4 .,. ,,.. .. .. .4 J.. . ,. hi B mf ,1. B' l ' P .. Y'ff'lQf."i ' View V'- .Y P l' . ,, . . 'J I ,, -ff, 'P f, . TRI- T. F, ...u lx , .-.,a. X, V , fu' A Ifnlff will l, 'fi A 'filJ' ff' ' il." 1216- 'irrxon if-1 , ': co. ' Cf t.:.Q:r1'1r1 tm- lffjvv l Buliivziri rastor ol St fallie Cllllfffll Q9 .ocated on the f xr south sde of Czpgcazc Tne te1-Lt of Paine? Bullivizis serizcri dealt rrrostl-A: hiC,!f'1ffi',.' of Brother fohn s career Brother accozrppaxed Ln tne sanct-.gary Brother liiary FSC., for airc-:tor of St. Patrick s and Brotner Mark, FSC., the present director. Qver tive hundred students ot SPA. ond more thon one hundred priests, brothers and friends attended the Golden lubilee Moss for the school s librarian and reaistrar, The Brothers' Choir under the direction of Brother Rupert, FSC., provided the music tor rrioss. A reception in the school gym tollowed the Moss. Present at the reception were mony priests, brothers, friends ond important business rnen including Mr. lohh Coffee, president of the St Patrick s Alumni Associoton. Banquet for Priests and Religious 1 in rv "Suffer Little Children , lf-fl H if. if 'I l :HAM ' if H 'X J If .::, fill' ' 4 'N Q ' Q Q W I ly R ' Munn fa K J' X Q 1 f ff' fy '-214' " 0 46 Q WET' I 1 iw iii I V Hwy T I E we '1' Q Q65-5 ' ' ' It A ja gf, .fy 9 . 1 .Q U L+ , we Q' Qin. , I Y L -, :- llil I yi 'Ml O I I 4 , I ,W Epi: 'mlmlll lg ff A Jlllll Il 1 : 5 Q 7 I L iiI::::-W 2'-!"""f::r - 1 Pa 9 V, RQ 1 5 I 'Lf x. N ZH 0 F X i .O , so , ' Q V zigiffi 1' , N A X' A J 1 '31 an 1 'iw-af' 5?-Zi E9 25 - x '2-iii W 'IW' ' ' . v ,-2 Il i iigaa 1 ,!flQK,l'?g X Y 2 4 '- .ik f r ' oc F y , I . N Q' :' V ll! ,ffl Qs :ix ' X1 ! I Aw +4 A V mfr-' ,M M' 'L MW- f C 'K 'fl' S A 4,ul4:u K Q fw MOTHERS CLUB DRIVE WINNERS First Row I Naughton I Iohcxnsen R Belusky I Klemy A Partxpxlo R Kotrbu P Mercolu Second Row C Sumpey F Hefele R Kosxbc Brother Norbert I Ondrucek C Ferentmos B Dcnly Third Row I Connors I Flscher D Wllllams P Dunn H Miller B Drdck F Enrxght 17 bf First Row: L. Fumcrgcllli, R. Cavcmuugh, R. Kotrbcx, Brother Theodore, P. La Spina, A. Participlo, L. Di Vinere. Second Row: T. Fitzgerald, I. Otterman, C. Swieczkowski, L. Stahl, W. Sher- lock, F. Kuhn, W. Hanscx, N. Galasso, P. O'Hcxgcm. MISSION GROUP 4437 DEBATE CLUB Fxrst Row A Balek R Norsworthy R Lemke Second Row R Koirba R Belusky B Bayer Bro Patnck D Bruna I Stelbel 1'- 5 of Nl 'C' DRAMA. CLUB Fusf Row D DeSzame1! D DEMIIIO C Kllroy B Warten D Faxrweather I Connors C Cerfa M Stocchero L Napmello R Crawford N Caruso L Polka A Abbeduto A Rubmo Second Row R Pufall K LaPasso P Stokes P FU1fW9U1h9I L Barone E Rogan C Thompson I Sansom B Sokrada E Wanderskl A Morello I Franzone G Carroll Third Row B McN1cho1s R Galvm F Kuhn R Nxeld L Mehalek V Hart G Naborowskl GREEN AND GOLD F1rstRow R Henry Tarsltcxno T Walsh I Naughton Second Row I Connors F Hefele lVl1ss P Toomey B Nesbli T Borrellx B Bayer Thud Row H Westnck R Kotrbcx I OByrne P Cheles Bro Gllberi R Nordengren M Franclsco I Healy E Lynch Fourth Row F Gore I Gurtner R McArthur T Daly D Bruna I Stexbel The Green and Gold now tn 1ts twenty hrst year ts the monthly student publlcatton ot St Patrtck The paper IS a member ot the Nanonal Soc etv ot Scholastlc Pubhcatton The Green and Gold IS under the faculty adwsorshtp ot Brother Gtlbert wtth the hrst page be1n edtted by Benny Bayer and T Borrelll Frank l-le'ele nouv m h1s fourth year on the paper lS the boy who works so vtoorously every lssue to make the second page a success Iohn Moose Connors lS boss of the sports page Iack was also the captatn ot the football team Responstble for the read most part ot the paper lS Bernie Nesbrt Nesbtt lS also a tour year Green and Gold staff member Smce l944 the Green and Gold has Non the All Amertcan Soc1ety Award and several other awards for ment m prev1ous years 445i . . , .,., . , . , . . I . , . I - . . , . , . . I W A I . , 1 . , I N E5 - 4 1 X 1 - A , J , , - 1 , THE 1950 SHAMROCK 4455 Fus! How R Nordengren R Upman M Francisco D Marlon P Dunn I Connors P O Hagan Second Row P Ryan K Sheridan T Fman W Sherlock Bro Aloyslus R Homg M Wmandy T Clyne I Motto D Arregum Tlnrd Row S Whalen I Padula T Daly L Polka T Wachowskx I OByrne rc WSU Sha no lf Tells the Qlo l J S spe-rt St Parr lc e rs ere re Jr o frves p S a a or ore Ll Trre members ol llae stall headed bv orolher Alo srus and Donald Marlon rsh to eftendt e r tha ks to all Ho alded dl n We Sh rnrofl' JSM' V1 l e ave Covered al e ea tlvrlles f e hope that as each one ol you paaes in ouan dell ht ul merror es mll ans rr your mmd and that smrles deiprftma oleasam re m scerrfes mll app-ea rr our faces ' : . . . , . ' , . ' , . , . , . I - I - I 1 - I 1 - , - l 1 . l 1 . : . , . . . , . , . '. . ' . Tl - - r no Q, o ye' r. . at . ic , a. ,, m y, op' ing: ursf' . hy LG ll',', rnoralljx P nd Lriielleolfaalljs fc. the in ll - world of torrporroz-J. , K , , . L l , V P , Q. li i n mu ' 1. he oroduoror. or 1. a rr gl Tr' . li .a ll a 'ff l'1 Q1 the hialtlialiis of th y rs ao ' ' 'J Q ' r ll , 'Q' f . i ' ' ' e 1 , ,, l o ' I A 1 Q ' r A V o.. , . . MODERATOR Brother Aloysius ASST, MODERATOR Brother Edmund EDITOR Donald Marion COPY MEN Iohn O'Byrne, Thomas Clyne, Edward Tyrrell, Daniel Caminiti, Thomas Finan, Patrick Ryan, Martin Winandy, Iohn Padula, David Arreguin, Thomas Wachowski, Robert Upman, Patrick Dunn, Iohn Connors. TYPISTS Donald Finger, Pat O'Hagan, Hubert Short, Norbert Wisz. ARTISTS Michael G. Francisco, Kenneth Sheridan, Frank Gutierrez, BUSINESS STAFF Robert Nordengren, Robert Honig, William Sherlock. PHOTOGRAPHY Brother Edmund, Thomas Daly, SHAMROCK STAFF CAMERA CLUB MOTHERS' CLUB 49 I i 4 First Row: T. Walsh. R. Ford, Brother Edmund. T. Daly, R. Henry. Second Row: S. Caminiti, F. Kroll, R. Figure. I. Cassin. R. Balog, R. Olivo. Pictured are the olticers who repre- sent the members ot the St. Patricks Moth- ers Club. With Brother Norbert, as moderator, the club has an enrollment ot nearly two hundred active mothers and over five hundred alumni members, this group carries on its great work in aiding the Brothers in the advancement ot the work ot Christian education and the utilization ot all possible means to promote the spir- itual, rioral and temporal welfare of the students of St. Patrick Academy. The mothers hold their rrieetinas fclf lcwed a monthly' at the sclcci, thus Keeping Ln c.ose contact 'fxitli tile fif- ulty and the '.-:ell-iceinai of the school The E.a.Q.e.s ,ire grateful tc me llctlp . ,,c.,- V- f ,-. , .. .. ers Club for their 1-fork and hope that God 'mill reward them with Et l nrwfvi Bl6SS1lT'JS Seated: Mrs. M. Smyth. recording secretary: Mrs. Lee Wilson, president: Mrs. I. Naborowski. custodian. Standing: Mrs. A. Butt. corresponding sece retary: Mrs. W. Flanagan, vice- president. 1-N, Missing: Mrs. L. Cozzi. treasurer. 'H MON OGRAM CLUB CHEERLEADERS Clockwzse P Rlckeri, M Byrnes I Manmx M Caruso R Drdcrk V Daly, I Longo A Abbeduto P Toomey Center I Naughton First Row P Dawson L Cano T Daly R OBr1en I Gurtner O Morxarxiy G Dwyer L Polka I Flanagan Second Row I Keahng E Tyrrell R Schroedle I Connors R OHa1loran I Coan N Wxsz R Nxeld T Clyne Th rd Rov Coach Ixm Weaver A Pnola D Houhhan P Rlckert R Homg W Sherlock I Sheehan K Lucas P Dunn I Muchowxcz P Glbney I McDev1tt .1 v- ,..,. L ,Y WY , W W nv' V WY in ,Y .g - .- , -1 Y, ,, , , ,--.-..-V v .7777 - Y WV , .- .. . ...iii '-.:-4 ' Q 4 .. - - - - . . , . . . . . , . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . , . . . , - . . , . , . . I : 1 n 1 n 1 . 1 . . . 1 - , . I . , . , . . . . HOMECOMING ff 9' ,Y f A ' , T555 J -. 2 ykfvk Y 4 -: f ,W A ,.jw?1'A ,f N 1 , W' - 1 , ., F-' b' it .ef ' . t li Xlgfd' HER MAlESTY'S COURT Misses Catherine Smith, Annarose Rubino, Queen Angie Cesario. Nancy Caruso, Peggy Skelton. Y Q54 U Ifnvg, :tk-tr 4x BTX Her Majesty Queen Angie Cesario Cne of the most successful events on the social calendar this year was held in St. Patricks Grand Ballroom, where over six hun- dred people danced to the lilting music of the 'Blue Notes". The occasion was St. Pats First Annual Homecoming Dance. The climax of many weeks of preparation and the highlight of the evening was the crown- ing of Miss Angie Cesario as Queen of the festivities. Doing the honors was Miss Val Lauder, editor of Keen Teens, a daily feature of the Daily News. After the crowning the Queen and her at- tendants led the Grand March, as the "stag line" crowded the walls, and the band played "You're a Grand Old School". The perfect evening came to a close with the fading strains of "Home Sweet Home". DANCES Chnstmas Dance St Pctnck Day Dance Brother how d you get m here? Local 102 4515 "Sings" Chcxperons Ale f e P l on C, 77 flren l If Qewlor Cl VW be f ormol lllelve J red 2 roms o Po lVl1lto'1 ond lrus or 1estror 111 me oe ut ul multr olo ed lvledrrrcxlw Bollroom Honored ueste o le ever rnfmdeci Brotloer M lc Crm Brother Norloerf r pr nfrpol wer oerv C lv frm r d fre Iomes Weaver cmd ll Al Prermom l 1-:r,e"Ii:i1ir.f5 f , , . I U fxk v, 1 mos . r me More V. L A 'F proms the gisfcrt' o l I f V . , me CLl.I..A. gfedrm 1 if nd I l Y ll A I ' f. l v- 1 , 'V , A N - 3 . r or A A Gio 1 X: , .. X, 1' J 4557! S 7 Q! X X f X X X 'SX Qj N p ,Q X ,gdb 'XX XL, ff ' A I fr ' I v ! CN '.' Q , 1 f Q X ,J Q , ,f jm-1-',i "' 0 5 is !I1xlN: X' Eh X t . W E Wave sk Q f 3 Q, M QL "' 3. 2 ..- , 4. . J, f I . K, .. 1' ' , r ' ,. First Row: E. Koutny, E. Borden, B. Ewert, L. Mehalek, E. Tyrrell fCaptainl, Brother Edmund, V. Dukcmcuskcxs, N. LeMuntia, I. Rycm, L. Fumagalli. Second Row: R. Ieiferies, R. Lemke, C. Sampey, K. Sheridan, S. Kolak, I. Pietrick, I. Porter, E. Riley, T. Keane, R. O'Brien, E. Weishcxupt fManagerl, L. Vivado. BOXING At St. Potricks this yeor, the boxing sedson opened with CI bong, ornd Brother Edmund got things under woy os quickly os possilole. He worked hord ot troinino the boys ond entertoined hioh hopes tor them, As the seoson progressed, he sox-J his hopes being lultilled ond when it closed, his tegm hod remgined undetected. They hoid been tied only once, loy St. Mel, dnd hgd highlighted the seoson with CI good showing in the St. Ritg Tourno- ment. The results: St. Mel vs. SPA. SPA. won 6 to 4 Holy Trinity vs. S.PA. SPA. won 8 to 2 Leo High vs, SPA, SPA. won lU to U SPA. Vs. St. Mel SPA. ond St. Mel tied 5 to 5 SPA. vs. Leo High SPA. won Qlg to lfg Then come time lor the long dwoited Pito tourf ney, ond Brother Edmund entered dll the fighters He entered gt least one mon in egch division :Ind in some Cgses two. Three boys went into the tinols, Lou Vivodo, Ken Sheridan dnd Mike Cledry. Vivgdo lost G Close decision Gnd Mike Clegrg' defected his teomf mute, Sllendgn to win the l55fpound title ln the tegm rotzngs St. Portrick placed third gmong such tough competitors ds St. Ritg, De Poul, St. George, and St. Mel, dll of whom had strong tedms entered. St. Portriok s took third place in the tourney gnd received Qts f1rst trophy' for boxing. "Bain - - ng" Brother Edmund shows them how IN ACTION Sampey "sends 'em" . . A square off . . . O'Brien ties him up Lemke scores with a left Taking aim Two le-its score Ugh! Two mighty mites . . . Valuable information l'll smash you St. Rita Tourney victors I dare you to get up . . . Flrst Row T Clyne lManagerI P Dawson I Coan I Connors CCapta1nI R Bollweg I Bruha N Fiore fMancxgerI Second Row P Smyth C Struharl D Fmger R Schroedle D Nleld P King R McArthur L Polka Thxrd Row I Flanagan 'I' Fiore D Logan I Cano V Sarabxa I Colcxngelo L Cano R O Brien Fourth Row I Keating P Knapek M Cronin W Sherlock I Sheehan I Oflerman P Glbney I Sheppard The lack of experienced reserves and the presence of numerous iniuries throughout the past season combined to account for the unsuc cessful campaign of the football team Our line was riddled with mishaps all season long as was our backtield but St Pats although beaten was never outfought St Patrick s 6 St Rita 28 Running out of steam in the second half 1 game Shamrock team lost the opener to th Mustangs 29 6 Although leading 6 2 at the half Pat s lack of depth in reserves helped St Ritas score four times in the second quarter St Patrick s O Marquette 34 A big smooth functioning Marquette team took the measure of the Shamrocks 34 O in a game played in Milwaukee St Patricks 6 De Paul 46 Last years South Section champions showed some of their championship form of last year by scoring seven touchdowns and four extra points against a spirited St. Pat's team which never gave up. Dick Nield scored his second touchdown of the season in an l8-yd. run, l-low rough the game was is shown in that Bill Sherlock who dislocated his elbo ff, and a De Paul player were taken to the hospital in an ambulance. 1555 Weber 32 St Patrick s 7 The lrish of St Patrick lost another one ol those last half games Guard Flanagan scored our only touchdown when he recovered a Weber error in the end zone Moose Connors added the extra point St lgnatius 3l St Patrick s 7 Our small in numbers varsity squad lost its fifth game to the hungry wolves of lggies by the score of 3l to 7 Lou Polka scored St Pats only 6 pointer on a quarterback sneak from G yards out Moose Connors converted St Patricks 7 St Mel l3 For the first time in four years the Knights defeated the Shamrocks l3 7 Pat s was first to score with a touchdown by Ioe Cano and the extra point was kicked by Iack Connors A third quarter sensational catcn by a surprised Knight set up the Mel tally The attempted run for the extra point was no good The Knights did it again in the fourth quarter and the pass was good for the extra point. St. Philip 38 5 St. Patrick l2 lt looked as though we had power to sus- tain the attack of the Gaels when we held them three times in the first quarter within our ofvn 20-yd. line. Our line showed rugged de- termination and a fighting spirit however the Gaels were able to take advantage of their superior strength on man power, and punch through to tally in each of the four quarters. Both of our markers were made through the air in second half, Cano scoring one and Fiore the other. St. George 64 - St. Patricks O The great running of St. Georges star left half back Bob Lauter gave the Shamrocks their 5th defeat of the season. For the first time this season St. Pats was held scoreless even though they had the ball on the Zefoot line of the Dragons only to fumble on 4th down and get nowhere. Polka threw some fine passes, most of them caught by Pat Gibney. The annual banquet was held this year at the Como lnn. Three trophies were given out "Iolting Ioel" Going somewhere? along with jackets to three letter winning sen- iors, they being captain and left tackle lack "Moose" Connors, right tackle Iohn Keating and fullback Ioe Cano, St, Patrick l8 - Holy Trinity O St. Pat's romped over the Holy Trinity eleven. Scoring in every quarter but the last, the Shamrocks depended on their ground attack for all their points. Dick Nield, halfback, played his best game of the year, carrying the pigskin l9 times for a total of 175 yards. His three touchdown runs were 55, 20, and 15 yards respectively. This game was the first in years that a Pats team has held another team score- less. Captain Connors and Iohn Keating sparked the line and Cano and Nield were the big guns in the backfield. "Thou shalt work in the sweai of Bribery will get you nowhere Mike "Ha, Ha, You can't catch me! thy brow" Down the middle Going downl The end of the line Good to the last inch The eager beavers A. Ruff, C. Swieczowski. R. OIHUIIOYGH, N. Wisz, D. Houlihan, T. Sheppard, L. Wisz, R. Boyce. V. Hart, I. Muchowicz, E. Severcx. S. Sasenick, L. Cepek, P. Dunn, lCaptuinJ, K. Lucas, Coach I. Weaver. BASKETBALL Spotrked by on All-Stote coptoiin, the Shornrocks completed oi successful seoson with ten wins oind tour losses in leogue competition. The stortino lineup corn- posed ot tour seniors ond one junior, led by inirnitoible l'Burt" Dunn ond dided by dependoble substitutes cop- tured second pldce in the North Section. ln the first round the l-ledvies oove up two wins, one to De Foul ond the other to St. Philip. Fdilure to cop- itolize on the oitt shots coused the downtoll ot the lrish. Duplicoting the number of losses in the first round, the second cycle sow the Shomrocks bow in detecit to the Drogons ot St. Georges ond to the Goels lor the second tirne. The imposing orroy ol wins goiined tor the Green ond Gold d berth in the rnuchedesired ployotls. Coming from behind to lldumpw C1 highly tovored Leo tive, the Shdrnrocks next met the lronmen of St. Elizobeths in the serni-linoils, Giving on exhibition ol lighting spirit seldoni surpossed, St. Potts overcome ci twelvefpoint deficit oit the holt ond tied the score before tdlterind in the lost guorter to lose 55 to 48 ond thus end the l949-SU bdslcetbctll seoson. It's going in Bock to the battleground Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Potts Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Pots Potts Pots Potts Pots Pots Pots St. Michoels K. C. All Stars Woller Kelvyn Pork Toit Steinmetz St, Michoel's Wells Trinity Tilden St. lonoitius St. George St. Mel Weber De Poul St, Philip Trinity St. lgnotius St. George St. Mel Weber De Poul St, Philip l-loly Trinity Leo St, Elizoibeth Time out for cz cheer Ai 5' 's 1: PATR1 .1 Pat s Pat s Pat s Pats Pat s Pat s Pats Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s Pat s - at s Pat s Pat s G. Dwyer, I. Halpin. F. Guillen, N. Zausz, T. Hcnus, A. Priolc. R. McArthur, W. Condos. I. Patti, T. Flaherty, I. McDevitt, I. Gurtner, T. Sczlvino, Cocxch I. Weaver. 39 St. Malachy 4l St. Michaels 36 Waller 45 Kelvyn Park 44 Steinrhetz 48 St. Michaels 39 Waller 62 Wells 47 Tilden 4l St. Leo 36 St. lznatius 43 St Georae 36 Sf. Nels 40 Vfecer 43 2' De :Trai 43 St Philip 52 HoQj.'Tr1n1ty 4l St. lariaiius 48 St. Georae 55 St. Nels 39 'ffeloer 43 De Paul 39 St, Philip 42 l-lolj: Trinity The juniors had a successtul practice season, in which they won eiaht and lost two, While beating Wells, Tilden, Kelvyn Park they dropped their only two to Waller. ln the Fenwick Tourney our boys lost to St. Leo by seven points despite the eialiteen points tossed in by Captain Tony Priola. Lookina torward to a successtul season the juniors entered leaaue ffoziipetition and due to sorrie bad breaks and had shoottna they lost fgve s1r:.i-:Eit, before cornina out on top ot St. Plrlip as Ierr '..' McDevitt hit for t'.'.'o in the last seven seconds of pla','iri.,r trtie. With the taste of victor '..' tht' ','.' ent an tc heat rllflfiiliv' to end the fLrsf round '.-.ith a record of and fQ'J'3 , The second round spelled d1saster for the scrappy' juniors, Thouizh f1.:ht1n1 lit rd in all their aanies they rnanaaed to beat only Holy TrLn1i',' to end iz disappoint- ina season three and eleven losses. Graduating only two reaulars the funior squad is loolcna for '.-.' ard to a rnore successful season QU Sl . . . Iump ball . . . Surrounded . . . "Look Ref - " IN ACTION QCP "Fight, tight unto the end "He floats through the air The Wisz kid! Ken the rebound man! Heavy Don? Which way now coach? My what long arms you have Slats! Too late! "Hooks" Sheehan Red makes sure Prof. Iim and the three stooges Hurrah for . . . I Pat Dunn learned the rudgznents of basket pail at Blessed Sacrarnent Grammar School playing on the school teazns in his 7th and 8tl1 grades Entering St. Pat s in 44 as a freshman, Pat made the varsity basketball tearn, and received a rnajor letter, a teat rarely accomplished a freshman. Although not playing every game Pat picked up some much needed experience He also played a great game at end on the treshman football team. ln his sophomore year, Pat made the first string on the varsity, teaming up with four other players, who '.-:ere to go on to the City' Championship in l949. Pat was one of the leading scorers, with 232 points, both on his team, and in the league Honors came forth in droves for both Pat and the team during his junior year. The tearn went on to take three titles. the North Section, Catholic League, and City Championship. Pat was named, All Section, All Catholic, and All Area, just missing the AllfState team, During his senior year, Pat led a tearn rid- dled by graduations to the semiftinals in the Catholic League playotts. He had his greatest season, placing second scoring and reaching his goal, and the goal ot every high school player, that of being named to the AlleState tearn Pat s success can be accredrted to his great love for the garne He plays basketball all the year round, even during the surnrner '.-:hen he s not pitching nag' for his uncle on the farm in Vfrsconsin, Pat is the most sought after player in the Chicago Area having received offers froni every large college in the Mississippi Valley He has rnade no choice as yet but we can be assured that n1s choice will be a 1-rise one. ln a few years, the name of Dunn will be tc sports fans 1-:hat that of Mrkan is today' PAT DUNN MAKES ALL-STATE 1 4 Zi! MISCELLANY KH PF 'W .L 7 H l "l1.Qv Q V A -V ,7 L fs 1 rv 'I -I i t I A "Moose" in a cage . . . Roger at home and or work Mr. Weaver's hero, and Mr. Weaver "Exciting!!!" - - - Qu, cheering Seciion Capturing an cmthropoid . . . "My favorite period "Fillet mignon a la Como Inn" d. d "What is the political situation in Siu wus Crow Mesopotamia?" 4625 . , V1 ,il 2, f - 'Mg' f J ' 'TL T 5fMw9Wmf1 Wi Tm I 3.-S.. Q M '. Q VN , f- 11Il-xp .. ffl f -'S hm V - mv? ' V V - ...iff L x ., 'iw -1-- fi JK K 'gf N f 'af ---4 :E """"+w Mi U .XL , M PRES?g?x:l'lON HI cws M ' 'll ll ' Ira W .....,V ...Q -gm X , Y i L fs J P' .g,:v 1 -. ll gf 7 fx f F 55 1 P5 1 E , ,Q , Q. ii 5 .ah Zi. '.b.jg.,i A gg, W 1' J Q X .L ,iifQ?.yf5':giz5V. W ,1 J 1 Wx 'I was ERA '1 .V ' ' "f .L ' r xx,"5 ' ' 'lx 4? ' b' a W' 4 U Q: . L' ' "J f',?,:5',!6 PATRONS SPECIAL PATRONS Rev Iohrt Ryan Helsse Very Rev Msgr EdwardI Kelly Dr PeterI Mclsennon Senror Room ?4 Root Stud os Westnck Family FAMILY PATRONS Mr and Mrs Frank R Er :ht Mr and Mrs RayG McArthur Mrs G ODonnell Mr and Mrs Iohn Padula and Famlly Mr and Mrs I1m Weaver INDIVIDUAL PATRONS Mr FrankI Breen Iohn O Cable Ioseph F C hlar IosephG Conrglra Grad of 49 Mr Iohn COY1S1dl1'19 Mrs Nora Constdrne George F1scher Russell Galvm Wrlltam A Galvm Sr F P Gaughan Mr and Mrs Sam Goldsteln Iames Haynes Iohn Healy Mary Agnes Healy I andI Food Shop Mr Emmett R Ioyce Lonme Iueraens 'lhaddeus I Kochanry Edward Koutney Mary C Krall Manno s Meat Market Mr RobertL Marttn Walter Mattes Ir Mary Ieanne Moore Mrs Mrchael Morrarty Mr and Mrs B F Nesbtt Mr Frank C By rne Fr n IS Ios Obryne Mr P I OConnor Mrs Sylvta O Connor Catherme O Haaan Iohn F Purcell Frank P Reda Mary Reda Sam M Reda Tony Rodgers Rrchard Saba M1ss Patsy Saba Mrs Harold Schumacher Mr Ioseph Sherlock Mrs M Sherlock Mr T I Sherlock Mary E Smyth Wllltam P Smyth Mr Charles Swan Irm Walsh 46 Ralph P Warner Mrs M Wasrelewskt Mrs S Whalen Room 42 S1gn Here 904420. Gbnbtslfwq' by gfglgf' L' , ff"1fl'7f" 1! D tr!-96 W ff MI We fy' W X RSQQ MAN emu. A7 gyvwg 4 1402 N PAULINA ST W? CHICAGO zz ILL COMPLETE PUB 1 J '1 . -1fl,,, f t L,f ,I 17 fl . f 1 V t"' ' '11 cl 1 1 U - "' " , V ,X I V.. I f ' if' .2 O 1 cf' Y , f A f- f' KXK l 0, J L! Mp t I N ry y I x E 4' I" 'F 0

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