St Marys High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Stockton, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1957 volume:

5 L I V 1 i E E f Q :I-' M - --' ,4kA, Q- Q 4' - 4 ill -- -W - :f-Af-N H T Rgfgjwfiiiwff W - S ua' WN NSW L WZZT f X f i 'bwijyfwn' W r E f ff ,wwf I VW LAT' f . , if My 'ds in Q '! qw FKQWB 5 V '9 '5'3 b ,4,.,.W,j:iZi7Z ' i +'5g?5?5gx WW' 1 wwf? 5 .f'NQf?Jj3'? wi X?-IVJA E giiY3fr, W4 5 D 5 'Pf2g , 2 1i i i i g, gi . VE .,..- Z h J ' . ' x Mx fpefd 1 13f 7A2w mga A Q52 fy! M i2L5jff7fZ?Zffg?2A 'J' fwfwwl 522750 WW id 'wjyfik' W ff !'7f:l0 4M'jZf,faa Q Wfjfigligijy 5 K , wfjw N M' KN Q L jwwwfixfkx itll if ffw M , 1 f ' N1 M7 ' m . ,Mft 7 , fuffff , QV MJ5fTf,J '1 A?2Mf ?i1fTlfff F' if wvffjlffw f 'WMM My 7, X Mfg ,wiffvifj ' Wbfaw ff ff f A.,A Uv'!jg2j,!n Q I t ual!! 2Y',!,M,bq1 gfiiig 0 ' ' 92 9-X fw-1 f L0 . gg .wiwjwfxfw-JJ Z 160437694 f0M'Gfi'?5m'W'C'1, 'fQEif?1,:QM 54' A gd ?w,m!a,f1T-S 3215350 Kofax X S . 43 W fkfwwi WW QJWW 'JJQWK fiqwf ,fy Mk 955, MW f?fwWJ X xg 4Q4f'i 0lbyiViy7!5y ??fEfi ki W wma ,553 EN ,.fWgh,223, S3 fsihi AVUN' W iid Sui Q' f' W' Qiisfi MEX wigoyffgfgf Q., wifi? if o MV! ,Who Senior Hloss ,off VN of 1957 presenfs Uzo ofouldrooz 1 , , ,om X X 3 C MVWL yftilwicidk 0 . . . Q X Q NS I ifffoigcfj Sofia K 3 E wx is an .Z'3,,,f3f0f 1 odllll 3 Illlf X 3 Sv , J 5 90, 1-,ny 1... I 'ff' ' VV . ' ,fi ff, In 'H f5'fZ3jj'ffU','1',o,fQ,,'ijf'4 I ,, 1 U ,'l . ' 1.1 A I ' ,A . , lf' - 1 V affpll ,VU If 1' fi, I ,., L f L , 4 Y eo 1 'L I fu' - - 'V nf' A,,,f,, r...f,' . IQ, jf LA, t Ll X , ' 1 rf Jax' I Iiyflrrf Jiffy yi - 3- I 'I x P- gypr 1, Q.: ,V ',0 ', if j --- a sfor in words and 1 fgo 0 Y 4, p + f H1 f + y Th ic ures o e irs ear in e new Soim' Jlfloryis' HW1 School STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Page 2 7 Wrewvrd THE CAULDRON OF l957 is a record of fhe firsf year in our new high school, where faculfy, undergraduafes and seniors have all worlced 'ro- gefher for fhe firsf fime in modern buildings which are fhe pride of fhose Sfoclcfonians who have sacrificed fo build fhem, and of fhe faculfy and sfuclenfs who have been privileged fo use fheir spacious facilifies. This year has seen new experimenfs, new scenes, new faces and new friend- ships ---nof fhe leasf of which has been fhe renewal of fhe cenfuries old friendship befween Sf. Francis and Sf.Dominic.---fhrough The members of fhe faculfy. This yearbook aims fo picfure, in as complefe a manner as possible. fhe pioneer year af fhe new school --- fhose who were fhere, whaf fhey achieved, and how fhey parficipafed in school acfivifies and sporfs. Faculfy ------ The Graduafes of l957 The Classes ---- The Academic Picfure - School Organizafions - , School Acfivifies - - - gy The Sporfs Picfure - The Year in Review - - Cable' of 6rfnfmfs - jggwmq - 1-u 3 fcax UV'-BY Nano is Ox.-ma-Nz. teas!-15 vw 4s n,Q fxgwyggfyg 6.5545 CONC' SQG -xoq 'gk 'DVSIYBN NCI? 'P41',od. quad Musk Nei? v-'car doll. wot C061 ANWN AQ10308 Q-OWCNQ' - Swann MQYQN' LQQNXQY' We dedicafe Hwis Cauldron +0 our feaclwers... Che Qraucismu Zzfhcrs a n d E715 Dvminimn Sisters Page 4 X J-i 0 wwe ,Ui-li-. li if WN if Reverend Xavier J. Harris, O.F.M. P ri n c i p a l U16 Prilfcgwzlls Message QE NCT THE FIRST by whom fhe new is fried, nor yef fhe lasf fhe old fo lay aside. This sage advice of fhe poef, Alexander Pope, could nof be followed af Sf.Mary's fhis year, af leasf nof all of if. Ours was fhe pleasanf dufy of being fhe firsf fo fry fhe new school. lf was our privilege fo break in fhe magnificenf new school for which we had been waifing so long. Every privilege implies a corresponding obligafion. As fhe firsf occupanfs of fhe new school we had fo be careful fo preserve and profecf fhis invesfmenf in our fufure. We were fhe cusfodians of fhe sacrifices of counfless Sfoclcfon Cafholics who made fhis school possible. There is a saying, worn almosf fhreadbare wifh repefifion, fhaf we should sfrive fo malce fhe world a beffer place fo live in. We have applied fhis same idea fo our sfay af S'r.lv1ary's. We have leff Sf.lvlary's beffer fhan we found if and fhus made if a beffer place fo learn in. The ofher half of fhe poef's advice we were able fo follow. We had no infenfions of laying aside fhe worfhwhile fradifions and fhe fime-fesfed ideals of fhe old Sf. lvlary's, passed on fhrough succeeding generafions of sfudenfs since I876. Some slighf changes in school rules were made necessary by fhe new building. Progress always means some change. Buf, lilce Our Lord. we were able fo say of ourselves fhaf we came nof 'ro de- sfroy buf fo fulfill---fhe fradifions and ideals of Sf. lvlary's. We feel we have succeeded. Fafher Venard Criifenden, O.F.M. Religion Mechanical Drawing Librarian SL Mary? HMI School Qrzculfy Al ' -wi? Fa+her John Forresi' McDonald, O.F.M. Religion Lalin Glee Club Fafher Leonard Herzberg, O.F.M. Sluclenf Counselor 11 e Page 5 T 1 Sisler Sisier Sisfer Sisier Saint Mary? Zzculiy Colelle. O.P. lsabel, O.P. - Grace. O.P. - Esiher, 0.P. - Sisier Rosemary, O.P. - Sisfer Sis+er Sis'rer Sisler Sisfer Pelronilla. O.P. Monica, O.P. - Ma+'rhias. O.P. Kevin, O.P. - M. Joanne. O.P. - Sisfer Marcus Marie Vice-Principal Hisfory Religion Homemalcing English Mafhemafics Physics Mafhemalics Religion Chemisfry English Re igion En l' h Reigion Laiin Religion English Lalin Hisfory En lish Reigion Hisfory Religion English Ari' Religion Confrafernify of Chrisfian Docfrine Mrs. Lesfer Whilson Typing, Sewing Page 6 Mrs. Mason Lagorio Shorihancl, Bookkeeping, Business Training Mrs. R. Giles General Science Mafhemafics Mr. Joaquin Acosia Hisfor Spanish A+hle+ic Direcfor Miss Marcia Lou Brown Speech Mrs. Gisele Yonelcura Girls' P. E. Siudy Hall Mrs. J. George Sanguineili Secrefary Mr. John Dinubilo Siudy Hall Coach 5 if 'E i Page 7 A Q , 4 i W 'xg-Qqry,-.-,Q .Q . ,z V Alf? ? 1, YEA 'ffl HW' ufxsl : fip l LZ. ' 4 Senior Class Officers: Richard Payne. +reasurer Irene Bernadicou, vice presidenf Maurice Michaels, sgf.-a+-arms Pefer Youdall, presidenf Maria David-Malig, secre+ary U15 Graduates of 1957 Hannah Marie Armanino Sfudenf Body Secrefary . . . KeHle Edilor . . . G.A.A. Presidenl' . . . Sophomore Class Secrefary . . . Mission Commiiiee . . . lnirarnural Sporis . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Honor Sociefy Philip Joseph Asborno Procior . . . Chrisiian Life Commiiiee . . . Mission Commiilee . . . lnirarnural Sporls . . . Baslceiball . . . Kellie Slaff Donald Richard Afler Chrisiian Liie Cornmifiee . . . Parish Aciivifies Commiiiee . . . Fooiball . . . Baseball . . . Boxing . . . Block S.M. Henry John BarlceH' Siudeni Body Sql.-ai-Arms . . . Freshman Class Treasurer . . . Mission Commilfee . . . Liieralure Commiiiee . . . Honor Socieiy . . . Baslceiball . . . lniramural Sporis William Joseph Bafchelor C.C.D .... Mission Commiiiee . . . Puloliciiy Commiifee Carl Barbieri Transferred from Waisonville . . . Procior . . . Mission Commifiee . . . lniramural Sporis BL. 1'1- Page 9 Page I0 Mary Anne Baucom Glee Clulo . . . Baslcerloall . . . G.A.A. . .. Junior Class Cheerleader . . . lnrramural Sporls . . . Publici+y CommiHee . . . Parish Acrivifies Commilree . . . Mission Com-' miHee . . . Chrisrian Life Commiflee David Becerra Transferred from Chrisrian Brofhers . . . Glee Club Presidenf . . . KeH'le Slaff . . . Liferalure Commiilee . . . lnframural Sporis . . . Boxing Irene Bernadicou Senior Class Vice-Presideni. . . Freshman Class Secrerary . . . Parish Acfivifies Commiifee . . . Mission Commiiree . . . Kellie Sraii . . . C.S.F .... lnframural Sporis . . . Essay and Lafin Awards Andrea Lee Bisagno KeHle Slafi . . . Chrisimas Play and Show ol: Shows . . . Chrisfian Life Commiffee . . . Mission Commiifee . . . Baslcelball . , . lnframural Sporis Brian Joseph Bowyer Transferred from Tracy High . . . Procfor . . . Liierafure Commirlee . . . Baslcefball . . . Bloclc SM ...ln'rramuralSpor1's Eliza befh Ann Bryanr G.A.A. Secrerary . . . Publicify Commir- fee Secrelary . . . Chrisfian Life Com- miHee . . . Mission Commiliee . . . Bas- kefball . . . lnframural Sporfs . . . Kerrie Sfahc . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . C.C.D. Joseph A. Busalacchi Transferred from Sloclcfon l-ligh . . . Procfor . . . Lileralure Commillee . . Infrarnural Sporls Bonnie Jean Bufardo G.A.A. Sql.-al-Arms . . . Chrislian Life Commilfee . . . Mission Comrnillee . . . Publicify Commilfee . . . Parish Aclivilies Commillee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Baslcelball . . . lnlramural Sporls James Dennis Cannon Cauldron Slail . . . Proclor . . . Federa- lion . . . Sancluary Sociely . . . Mission Commillee . . . Liferalure Commillee . .. Boxing . . . Block SM ...Infrarnural Spor+s Pairicia Ann Cardinal Parish Adivifies Commillee . . . Mission Cornmilfee . . . G.A.A. Lorraine An+oineH'e Carruesco Cheerleader . . . Cauldron Slarl . . . Chrisfian Life Commiifee . . . Mission Commillee . . . C.S.F .... Baskelball . .. Inframural Sporls . . . G.A.A .... Larin Award Eliza be+h Jane Conrady Cheerleader. . .Junior Class Vice-Presi- dem' . . . Mission Commillee Secrelary . . . Parish Aclivilies Comrnillee . . . Kellie Slafl. . . Honor Sociely . . . Poelry and Lalin Awards gl 'Uk E- .I 1 X ,ba 7 wif 'F ji l hd' up C? ix. -va T A ' ION 'PEP NJ Page I I Geraldine Ann Converse Transferred from M+.S+.Mary's Academ . . . Glee Clulo Vice-Presidenl . . . Parish Acfivifies Commifiee . . . Chrisfian Life Commiiree . . . Baslcelball . . . G.A.A. Joseph Lawrence Corfez Transferred from Slocldon High . . . Parish Acrivilies Commifiee . . . Fooirball . . . Baseball . . . lnlramural Sporrs . . . Block SM Lilia Amalia Cor'I'opassi Parish Aciiviries Commiiree . . . Chrislian Life Commirfee . . . Mission Commillee . . . Kellie Typisi' . . . lniramural Volley- ball . . . G.A.A. Gayle Cos'l'a Junior Class Secrelary . . . Freshman Class Secrefary . . . Co-ediior Sopho- more Keille . . . Pulolicily CommiH'ee . . . Mission Commillee . C.S.F .... Lalin Award Jeanne Pafricia Cunningham Lireralure Commiiiee . . . Mission Com- millee . . . C.C.D .... Kellie Sfaff . . . lnlramural Volleyball Gary F. Darrigo Alfar Sociely Presidenl . . . Cauldron Slaii . . . Kerrie Slaff . . . Publiciiy Com- mifiee . . . Lileralure Commiliee . . . Mission Commiilee . . . Baslcelball . . . Boxing . . . lniramural Sporfs . . . Block SM Maria Theresa David-Malig Publicify Commilree Chairman . . . Sen- ior Class Secrerary . . . C.S.F. Vice-Presi- denf . . . Mission Commilfee . . . Caul- dron Sfawcl . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Poerry Award Jo-Ann Barbara Deyaeri' Liferafure Commilree Secrelary . . . Pub- licify Commillee . . . Mission Commillee . . .Junior Class Cheerleader... Librar- ian . . . Baslcelball Roberf C. M. Dohoney Transferred from S+. Josephs College... C.C.D .... Sanciuary Sociely Jerry William Espinosa Sancluary Sociefy Vice-Presiden'r...Glee Club. . . Mission Commillee . . . Lilera- lure Commilree . . . Foorball . . . Base- ball . . . lnlramural Sporls . . . Block SM Teresa Emily Esposi+o Parish Aclivilies Commillee . . . Kellle Slafl . . . Baslcelball Jon FeH'ers Rally Chairman . . . Publicily Commillee Sgr.-al-Arms . . . Liferafure Commiffee . . . Proclor . . . Sancruary Sociely . . . Kellrle Slalf . . . Boxing . . . lnframural Sporls . . . Bloclc SM x -...J Page I4 Frank Pefer Francois, Jr. Ediior Sophomore Keiile . . . Procior . . . Liieraiure Commiiiee . . . Baslceiball . . . lnrramural Sporis . . . Block SM Sharon Eliza be+h Gaines Glee Club . . . Publicify Cornmiiiee . . Mission Commiiiee . . . Kelile Siaii . . . Honor Socieiy . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnlramural Sporis . . . Lafin Award James Leroy Genereux Mission Commiiiee . . . Publiciiy Com- miiiee . . . Liieraiure Commiiiee . . . C.C.D. Amerigo Joseph Giovannoni, Jr. Sancfuary Socieiy . . . Procior . . . Mis- sion Commifiee . . . Chrisiian Life Com- mifiee . . . Liierafure Commiiiee . . . Publiciiy Commifiee . . . lnlramural Sporis . . . Baseball Louise Cecilia Good Aposiolic Commiiiee Chairman... Fresh- man Class Vice-Presideni . . . G.A.A. Treasurer . . . Cheerleader . . . Mission Commiiiee . . . Publiciiy Commifiee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Keiile Siaff Carol Lee Granl' Parish Aciiviiies Commiifee Secrefary . . . Kellie Sporis Ediior . . . Cauldron Siaiii . . . Librarian . . . Honor Sociefy . . . lniramural Sporis . . . Junior Red Cross... G.A.A. Susan Green Chrisfian Life Cornmiffee . . . Mission CommiHee . . . Kellie Slaff . . . C.C.D. Richard Welch Grubbs Sancfuary Sociefy . . . Proclor . . . C.C.D. . . . Mission Commiliee . . . Safely Coun- cil . . . Boxing Daniel Charles Ha ppoldi' Block SM Sgr.-af-Arms . . . Procfor . . . Sancfuary Sociely . . . Publicify . . . Lif- erafure Commirfee . . . Boxing . . . Fool- ball , . . lnframural Sporrs Sanclra Lee Haynes Kellie Slaff . . . Parish Acfiviiies Com- millee . . . Chrisfian Life CornmiH'ee . . . Lirerafure Commiffee . . . Publicify Com- miffee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnframural Sporls Deanna Kay Hogan Liferafure Commiifee . . . Chrisfian Life Commiilee . . . lnframural Sporfs . . . Poem and Essay Awards Pa+ricia Anne Jacobs Chrislian Life Treasurer, . . Parish Acfivi- lies Commilfee . . . KeHle Sfaff -JF? 'ggi' I - Z as is 5, Q E' 'T .N CIN ,nun Page I5 LaVerne Theresa JacopeHi Transferred from Siocldon l-ligh . . . Glee Club Secreiary . . . Publicify Commifiee . . . Liferafure Commilfee . . . Cauldron Sraff . . . Keifle Typisi' . . . Librarian . . . lnframural Sporfs Jane+ Jones Sludeni Body Vice-Presidenf . . . Sopho- more Class Vice-Presidenl' . . . KeHle Feafure Ediior . . . Mission Commirfee . . . Parish Aciivifies Commiriee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnframural Sporrs . . . Honor Sociefy Sheila Kerichem Aposiolic: Commiiiee Treasurer . . . Par- ish Acliviiies Commiilee . . . Chrisfian Life Commirfee . . . Mission Commilfee . . . Kellie Slaff . . . Cauldron Fashion Show Ru+h Marie Laufenberg Transferred from Oalcland . . .Recording Secrefary Norfh Bay Federaiion . . . Fed- erafion Vice-Presideni . . . Cauldron Edi- ior . . . Parish Aclrivifies Chairman . . . C.S.F .... KeHle Sfaff . . . Cauldron Fashion Show Chairman Carol Ann Licciardi Glee Clulo . . . Mission Commilfee . . . Keiile Siaiii . . . Cauldron Fashion Show ...lniramural Sporis Rosalie Joan Loring Chrisiian Life Commifree . . . Mission Commiiiee . . . KeHle Sfaff . . . Basker- ball . . . lnrramural Sporis . . .Cauldron Fashion Show Anna Lucaccini Chrislian Lile Cornmillee . . . Mission Commillee . . . Publicily Comrnillee . .. Kellle Slall . . . Baslcelloall . . . lnlrarnural Sporls . . .Cauldron Fashion Show Mary Jo Marchesolli Chrislian Lile Commillee . . . Mission Comrnillee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Kellle Slall . . . lnlramural Sporls . . . Uniled Nalions Conlesl Ronald Allred Marchelli Chrislian Lile Cornmillee . . . Lileralure Commillee . . . Inlramural Sporls James Edward McCarlhy Lileralure Commillee . . . Baslcelball . . . lnlramural Sporls . . . Block SM Jane Marie McHugh G.A.A. Vice-Presidenl . . . Aposlolic: Cornrnillee Secrelary . . . Parish Aclivi- lies Cornmillee . . . Mission Commillee . . . Chrislian Lile Commillee . . .Cheer- leader . . . Kellie Slall . . . lnlramural Sporls . . . C.C.D. Palricia Ann Meier Parish Aclivilies Commillee . . . Kellie Slall . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnlramural Volleyball . . . Lalin Award o H. fii L :Sf f J Nd Page I7 Page I8 I !h gg Maurice Thomas Michaels Bloclc SM Vice-Presidenl' . . . Senior Class Sgt-a+-Arms . . . Sophomore Class Presi- denl' . . . Proclor . . . Mission Commillee . . . Lireralure Commillee . . . Boxing . .. Foolball . . . Baseball . . . Inlramural Sporls Velma Elvy Miller Parish Aclivilies Commillee . . . Caul- dron Fashion Show . . . Kellle Slaff . . . lnlrramural Sporfs . . . Baslcefloall . . Gfxfx. Norma Lee Moun+ Transferred from Salinas . . . Parish Ac- livilies Commiffee . . . Cauldron Sfaff . . . Kellle Sfall . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . , Honor Sociely . . . lnlramural Sporls. Eugene William Neri Foofball Manager. . . Baseloall . . . Block SM . . . Chrisfian Life Commiflee . . . Mission Commillee . . . l-lonor Sociely Veronica Ann Nichols Liferalure Commillee Chairman ...Chris- Han Life Commillee . . . Cheerleader... Glee Club Sgr.-af-Arms . . . Cauldron Fashion Show Teresifa Ocampo Transferred from Hawaii . . . Publicily Commillee . . . Varsiry Baslcelball . . . G.A.A. Kafhleen A. O'Neil Cauldron Slall . . . l.i+era+ure Commillee . . . Parish Aclivifies Commillee . . . Mission Commillee . . .Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnlramural Volleyball Frank John Orello Transferred from Edison . . . Foolball . . . Baslcelball . . . Block SM . . . Boxing . . . lnlramural Sporls Michael John O'Toole Foolball . . . lnframural Sporls . . . Box- ing . . . Mission Commiflee . . . Keflle Sfalf Leo Pe+er Pasco Sancluary Sociely . . . Publicily Commif- 'ree . . . Liferalure Commillee . . . Mis- sion Commillee . . . Boxing . . . Foolball . . . lnframural Sporfs . . . Block SM Rose Julia Pasco Chrisfian Life Comrnilfee . . . Publicily Commillee . . . Varsify Baskelball . . . lnlramural Sporls . . . G.A.A. Dale Howard Pa+e Transferred from Brel l-larfe . . . Mission Cornmillee Sql.-al-Arms . . . Boxing . . . Foolball . . . lnlramural Sporls . . . Block SM Qs Page 20 Richard Ronald Payne Senior Class Treasurer . . . Mission Com- miHee Treasurer . . . Keifle Assisianr Edilor . . . Glee Club Sgr.-af-Arms . . . C.C.D .... Cauldron Siaff . . . Lifera- fure Commifree Marlene Marie Pellegri Clnrisiian Life Commilfee . . . Mission Cornmiflee Dennis Bernard Percy Junior Kefile Ediior . . . Federafion . . . Liferaiure Commiiree . . . Publicify Com- mifiee . . . Inlramural Sporis Russell Alan Pezzi Transferred from Siocldon High . . . Procior . . . Clirisfian Life Cornmilfee . . . Foolball . . . Baslcefball . . . Baseball . . . Block SM William Neill Rabon Sancluary Sociely . . . Lileralure Com- mirfee . . . MissionxCommi++ee Rober+ Nicholas Raspo Siudenf Body Presidenf . . . Sophomore Class Treasurer . . . Proclor . . . Sandu- ary Sociefy . . . Pulolicify Commifiee . . . Lirerafure Commiilee . . . Boxing . . . lnframural Sporls . . . Block SM Frank JarreH' Rossi Federaiion Presidenf . . . Junior Class Presidenl . . . Proclor . . . Publiciiy Com- mil ree . . . Lileralure Cornmifiee . , . Aposrolic Commiffee . . . lnrrarnural Sporis . . . Baseball . . . Block SM . . . Kellie Sfafi . . . Honor Sociefy Barbara Jean Rosso Glee Club . . . Mission Commillee . . . Chrislian Life Commillee . . . Parish Ac- iivifies Commiliee . . .Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnlramural Sporls Dianne Ruby SalveH'i Glee Club . . . Chrisiian Life Commifiee . . . Mission Commiilee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnlramural Volleyball Herberi' Pefer Sanguineffi Srudenf Body Treasurer . . .Junior Class Treasurer . . . Sophomore Class Sgr.-at Arms . . . Chrislian Life Commiliee Sgr.- af-Arms . . . Procfor . . . lnlramural Sporis . . . Honor Sociefy Lucia Helena Schwedhelm Chrisfian Life Commiilee Chairman . . . C.S.F. Presidenl . . . Cauldron Slalli . . . Kellie Sfaff . . . Glee Club Accompanisf . . . Organisf . . . Band . . . lniramural Sporfs . . . Lalin Awards Jucli+h Karen Scofield Glee Club . . . Mission Cornmillee . . . Parish Acfivilies Commiiiee . . . Lifera- Ture Commiiree . . . C.C.D .... Kellie Sfafi . . . lnframural Volleyball 'Tv Page 2l Page 22 Celia A. Sepulveda Mission Commiflee . . . Parish Acrivilies Commiilee BeH'y Ann Shellard Mission Commiilee Chairman. . .Junior Class Cheerleader . . . Baslceiloall . . . lniramural Sporis . . . GAA .... Kellie Sfaff . . . Show of Shows . . . Safely Council . . . l-lighesf Candy Salesman Francesca Louise Silva Mission Comrniifee . . . Keille Siaii . . . Honor Sociel . . . lnlramural Sporis . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . C.C.D. Mary Elizabe+h Silvani Chrisiian Life Commiliee . . . Mission Commillee . . . Cauldron Fashion Show Kalhleen Ann Smifh Transferred from Srocldon High . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Liferaiure Commiiiee . . . Publicily Commiliee Geraldine Ann Sfagi Chrislian Life CommiH'ee . . . Mission Commifiee Roberi A. Traverso Proc+or . . . Publicify Commirlee . . . Liferafure Commiflee . . . Mission Com- miHee . . . Kefile Sfaff . . . lnframural Sporrs Barbara Ann Tuso Chrislian Life Commilfee Secrefary . . . Keffle Slaff . . . Honor Sociely . . . C.C.D .... Berry Crocker Homemaker Award Emil Joseph Vaccarezza Block SM Presidenf. . .Junior Class Sql.- al'-Arms . . . Proc+or . . . Lileralure Com- mi++ee . . . Baseball . . . Baskefball . . . lnfrarnural Sporfs Marilyn Valpey Cauldron Slaff . . . Ke'r'rle News Edilor . . . Parish Acfivifies Commillee . . . Mission Commiffee Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Inframural Sporfs . . . Honor Sociefy . . . Poelry Award Jerene Mary Vix Cauldron Co-ediror . . . Mission Com- mi++ee . . . Publicify Commiflee . . . Keffle Slaff . . . C.S.F .... Cauldron Fashion Show . . . lnframural Sporrs . . . Lafin Award ' 3-5411 s rtyls, J! fi: an gy' 03 M 'FS' Page 23 Page 24 Wilhelmina Maria Verdegaal Puloliciiy Commilfee . . . Kellie Typisf . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . Infra- mural Sporls Hannah While Chrislian Life Commilfee . . . Publicily Commillee . . . Mission CommiHee Jucliih Ann Wilcoxon Publicify Commillee . . . Baslcelball . . . GAA .... ln+ramural Sporis Lorraine Anne Woodworfh Glee Club . . . Chrislian Life CommiHee . . . Mission Commilree . . . Cauldron Fashion Show . . . KeHle Typisl' . . . C.S.F. Pefer Woodward Youdall Transferred from Sfocldon High . . . Sen- ior Class Presidenr . . . Procfor Secre- +ary . . . KeHle Sfaff . . . Mission Com- miflee . . . Pulolicify CommiHee . . . Safely Council i i r Class Officers: Joanne Nornellini Richard Derivi Dennis Green Edwin Laufenberg Grace Cecias Penny Youciali U16 Klasse af I9 8, 59, '60 g ,ge Fron+ Row: D. Kellogg, P. Thorns, L. Leonardini, M. Rislwwain, P. Moore, L. Olivieri, F. Sanguinefli, J. Nomellini Back Row: K. Moebius, R. Mazza, M. Mazzera, M. Morones, J. Noli No+ piciuredz M. Moore, J. Campbell, D. Forlney Fronf Row: J. DeVorss, J. Germino, A. Bolognini, L. DaMassa Middle Row: C. Azevedo, S. Bender, J. Carler, C. Bolfo Back Row: J. Chamberlain, V. Ferraro, M. Fideldy, C. Caslles, J. Good, C.Bosworfl1 sign as' QM' fha- UIQ, ap If J 'il From' Row: J. McDonnell, M. Leonard, B. Pedro, J. Moran, S. March, J. Wiqley, Y. Olcemendy, R. Zumslein, L. Marraccini, V. Luclweffi, P. Mingram Back Row: A. Magana, P. Jacques, C. Molina, K. Gareis, P. Simmons, M. Bahem, J. Slefane-Hi, S. Sullivan Froni' Row: L. Dezzani, N. Bolognini, M. Alwearn, G. Angerina, G. Burlce, C. Abdallah Middle Row: M. Barqiachi, M. Baysinger, P. Garcia, D. Azevedo Back Row: P. Bosworllm, B. Armanino, C. Anlonqiovanni, M. Avila, P. Campion, D. Cvadbuf .i . .1 . ... 9 ,-,.: :z -. CL: 2' ' Q iff?- 1.-E. ' 'JC 4 H wr' .Lil 0 sf iv .. D v D 5 gil, 5u3,.-VN' ST MARYS l Fronf Row: E. l-lolberl, D. Green, S. Miclwael, J. Plwar, T. Gueloara, J. McCrory, J. Maguire, J. Quinn, L. l-lunl, T. l-larl Back Row: J. l-lannigan, R. Serbo, R. Sie-vens, J. Barlcell, W. Maclden, P. Carlson, J. Jacobs. Noi' picfuredz R. Edgar, P. Rallo Fronl' Row: B. Lovalo, R. Fellows, R. Micliael, M. Barrows Middle Row: L. Pennini, L. Vignoli, P. Wilkiemeyer, D. Howard, P. Craig, R. Foreman, S. Penlon, D. Foss Back Row: R. Reghillo, E. Jacobs, R. Cesena, L. Caslles, R. Giarnbruno, B. Filippini, L. Rallo, V. Augello, M. DeLury, B, Brogan 7, sig' A Hr? n l 2 Fron+ Row: B. Jacobs, J. lolaslings, D. Rienlwarl, J. Galli, G. Grenlell, J. Correa, T. Calaldo Middle Row: W. Herr, D. Pedro, L. Solari, R. Delucclwi, M. Badway, J. Heffernan, G. Simpson Back Row: R. Morgan, D. Marlin, R. Srnillw, V. Trucco, J. Chavez, S. Slarlcey, B. Davlner Fronf Row: Garcia, J. Arlesi, W. Edwards, R. Genereux, R. Rrucllmonnme, Middle Row: M. Sheehan, J. Walker, R. Foreman, G. Podesro, L. DeGroof, D. Solina, D. Hanlwarn Back Row: M. Carney, M. Henderslwolr, L. Canevari, L. Mazza, E. Laufenberg, D. Carey 4 iii fmkg G4-E P ,r, X u N if 1 5 I mf 3 fi 9 -'V 'H 'n 'Q ! E is iii if Ga, So is x H. Q! ag .a ,'.' MF 1,4 ,,,.- ,f.. W . 3 .., Q 'fly . 1 . t...., Q.,- P I L ., 1.9, .Q , - s. 'P . Q W U 1 . ' 5 v. 1,1 ' M. A, ,, ., .J . v f -..,, ,, 1, - , -.fx . .N , .,,, .. . MAN - - -1 - -fu, T, . r fix 1 4 J- T 1 ! ,A Q 1610 . . .fl .., If .J 1 . E' 'i k'. 5'-ri: I .'Q 1.1 ' 3 eve j l:1g is- 5. :Vg Wg' nl .1 if nfl lv-V' J ,nz 'I 5 gr -i1Q:'f?b'v. 5 . i..3'fk 1:-Sit' A. .af Min, '. ia' L...- 'i'i4.ii an ' '55 fi .1 'I .. .. ' X. e -5.,,- n-- .il 1411: n 3 -su .., its . ., ., fi J ,A MV . N. 'vw 'l wg. f i Fr' , .., U , .. - 4 - Y 1. V 'v . . ..,- ff N 'Q kg N .U ' . X X -+- ..f.. 4-gig-. in Viz' 3 J X X' 'g?f1.EE fmfliyl +5g5,g,,E11l' .. : f:f'i'i ' 1 ' ev r- 9 ' 'J A 1119! , - 1 g.. 9 n --T.-- S . I -1---.- - Q23 isbn-an 'isa K: 4-.FQ . 1 i jf af'fe5Q :f' 7h Wah?-4sf4, Ii 52 'x .f' it x .a , 'Cvlx F5 X. , 1 :7'?'- 55115. Q-T- N' iiuwin T? asf-4-eu 'E NF' ia..-Q-fg W'- , S-.MN ' -+R., N... 11 4 ,NX ' +,,i?.'-':9L:.7fggh, , . .gsfmv . up k K x ' 'Ni 2 Ja Q V6 V 1 my Vs x ' ' Giga ' , - Q ia Sr RRBUJ 9 1 H791 ssrs . if W Fronl' Row: B. Wolfe, M. Riley, K. Quinn, D. Mororri, B. Rislwwain, D. Nomellini Middle Row: S. Sleplwens, M. Scism, P. Joyce, J. Soucie, D. l-laslouer, R. Jacques, D. Leary Back Row: R. l-larrison, E. Sanguinelli, S. Johnson, A. Menconi, M. McGuire, P .Cordova No+ pic'l'ured: M. Phillips, M. Norling Fronl' Row: J. Wells, M. l-laller, J. Croslin, C. Giovannoni, Y. Riqgio, M. Pereira Middle Row: C. Trindacle, M. Mazzera, A. Marlinelli, M. Gonzalez, B. Rubino, B. Silvas, J. Briscoe Back Row: M. Marruio, E. Garli, V. Granaro, D. Ruiz ag..- Hia 5 .. f . ll' . . J L- ' Q' M- ' .IR Fronl' Row: A. Sanquinelli, B. Urbani, B. Smillx, R. Sclwenone, M. George, M. Guinan Middle Row: A.Corlopassi, M. Harlford, J.Cl1arqm, C.Godlrey, D.Cl1u, K.AbdalIah Baclc Row: J. Pelramo, S. Garvmeder, B. l-laclcelf, S. Moy, D. Cima Noi' pic+ured: S. Craig Fronl' Row: S. Garcia, L. Pelugo, J. Lovalo, S. Mariani, R. Salvelli, L. Garcia Middle Row: J, Garza, A. Nielson, J. Wells, M. Tirapelle, M. Calosso, J. Dossey, R. Avila Back Row: T. Paine, M. Bodin, D. Podesfa, J. Brassesco, T. Baclwle, J. Sbraqia, M.Avila Nof pic+ured: F. Flor-eg., M. Spooner . . .,. 4--.......1...--..-.....-.fn - .ax an s C? Fronl' Row: M. O'Toole, R. Lavagnino, J. Tuso Middle Row: L. l-lunl, M. Auqello, S. Reynolds, S. Rabb, A. Clark, J. Salmon, M. Slrange, L. Ogburn, J. Pellegri, C. Mangili, A. Marchand, M. Fraser, R. Cuneo Back Row: R. Ruse, M. l-lerrera, B. Marlini, J. Shipman, D. McDonnell, J. Declusin, K. Mcl-luqli Froni' Row: T. Qslerdoclc, J. Douglnerly, D. Slevens, E. Leonard, J. Dillon Middle Row: D. Berluccelli, D. Filippi, J. Berlrand, C. Vaccarezza, J. Slollz, P. Baraflino, D. Foss, l-l. Devlin, V. Daly, B. Casleline, K. Carel Back Row: M. Duncan, J. Campbell, Y. Conli, M. Carruesco, J. Kaeslin, B. Mayer, C. Valpey . gi C5 Qgg e ST MARYS ST MARYS Q- x.. 9' -3 .Q 5 X I filxsvl v.. ' ' S+uden+ Body Officers Henry Barkeff Herbed Sanguineffi Janef Jones Roberf Raspo Hannah Armanino U16 Academic Picfurv PeTer Youdall demonsTraTing The power panel To A chemisTry experimenT in acTion: FronT: -R. Serbo, P. Simmons. Page 38 L. Good, N. Rabon, and L. Carruesco. Seimas Department IT any one oT The Tive hundred sTudenTs who made his way Through The halls oT ST. Mary's on enrollmenT day had any Talse noTions abouT The imporTance oT science in modern eclucaTion, These noTions musT soon have been dispelled by The vision ThaT conTronTed Them in our science wing. Four large laboraTories, wiTh lecTure rooms nearby, oTTered The laTesT equipmenT Tor Training eager land noT so eagerl novices in physics, chemisTry, biology and general science. The physics sTudenTs. if They missed The leaky sinks and broken pulleys oT The old school, managed To console Them- selves amid The gleaming new equipmenT---Tlasks, scales, baromeTers and a power panel, which gives a low power supply and converTs alTernaTing currenT inTo direcT currenT. The chemisTry sTudenTs discovered ThaT They could noT sTain The lab's soapsTone sinks and counTers wiTh acid. They did manage, however, To Till The halls wiTh odors rem- iniscenT of eggs---noT Too Tresh---and disinTecTanTs, despiTe The hooded Table insTalled especially Tor such smelly experimenTs. WhaT chemisTry sTudenTs would be saTisTied if They didn'T choke The passers-by once in a while? The aquarium in Their room gave The general science class- es a TirsT-hand glance inTo The lives and Times of growing guppies, while lsomeTirnes To Their dismayl The raTher low experimenT-Tables in The biology lab oTTered FaTher Xavier's budding biologisTs a beauTiTul vanTage poinT Tor invesTi- gaTing The inTeriors of Trogs, pigeons and caTs. The labs are no longer so shiny new as when The sTudenTs TirsT viewed Them, some boTTles and oTher glassware have gone The way oT all glassware in unsTeady hands, buT The science sTudenTs are, no doubT, beTTer equipped To under- sTand The scienTiTic aTmosphere of The modern world in which They live. lvl. Rishwain, L. RaTTo Back: E. Jacobs, D. Green, J. McCrory, J. Good. Wm' Arts LeTTering is an arTg reads The capTion on The bulleTin board and surrounding iT are examples oT The work oT The sTudenTs oT ST. Mary's. Beginning wiTh The moTToes dis- played aT Open House on OcTober 28, sTudenT arT-work has played an imporTanT parT in school acTiviTies, from consTrucTion of scenery and posTers Tor The ChrisTmas Bazaar, To The exhibiTion Tor The Spring Fes- Tival of ArTs. EnTries were also senT To The 3OTh Annual ScholasTic ArTs Awards Con- TesT, and To The Teachers' lnsTiTuTe held aT Riordan High School. A delighTTul new arT room, which is Tlooded wiTh lighT, spacious and alTogeTher prac- Tical, provides The background Tor all These eTTorTs, and Tor The TirsT Time aT ST. Mary's, There is ample room Tor The sTorage oT supplies. In The norTh wing oT The building is The room Tor The Mechanical Drawing Class. lT has produced among oTher Things The plans Tor The alTar OT our TuTure chapel. Among The maior achievemenTs in This deparTmenT were The clever exhibiTs oT sTudenT work Tor The OcTober Open l-louse and Tor The FesTival of ArTs in April. 'sg - wr U if vqy, 'eifv . . Q 1. 'lil 4l'X Mechanical Drawing finds N. Rabon, E. Vaccarezza, B. Madden, and G. Darrigo hard aT work. .ae KaTherina Gareis poses Tor M. Balbi, J. GranaTo, E. Severi, K. WaTson, C. MounT. Page 39 Page 40 Malcing good use of The new machines L. WoodworTh, L. CorTopassi, G. STagi, T. EsposiTo, K. SmiTh, V. Nichols. The Typing Il Class 4 in acTion. L Mary? Kommervinl Department Wing A, Rooms I, 3, and 5 now conTain The commercial deparTmenT, and There is a large boolc- keeping room in reserve. Time was in Tormer years when Two small rooms held all our budding TypisTs and oTliice secreTaries, buT now we have ample space, new equipme-nT and The laTesT oTTice machines on which To pracTice. IT is cheering, Too, ThaT in The midsT of all The newness. our Tormer Teachers. Mrs. Lagorio and Mrs. WhiTson, have been here To use and To enjoy The new TaciliTies wiTh us. During The pasT year, ouTsTanding work in The business courses has been done by Lorraine Wood- worTh, KaThleen SmiTh, Hannah Armanino, PaTricia Meier, TeresiTa Ocampo. Velma Miller, and Dennis Foss. Lorraine WoodworTh was also The recipienT of The Bank oT America Award Tor The ouTsTanding business sTudenT. ffomrmakiug Theory is Tine, buT There is absoluTely noThing like pracTice, and The TwenTy-Three senior girls in The Home- making class cerTainly were subiecTed To plenTy oT pracTice This yasT year as They Tried Their skill in The Tive new well-equipped kiTcheneTTes oT Room I3. Here They learned noT only how To cook, buT how To budgeT Their money, To serve, and To seT Tables. OTher essenTials oT homemaking such as Tood values, home nursing, and Tlower arranging were also a parT oT The year's course. The TirsT class proiecl' was Tor The Open House in SepTemloer when The girls provided reTreshmenTs Tor over a Thousand guesTs. They also made cakes and cookies Tor The ChrisTmas Bazaar, prepared and served Two TaculTy luncheons and acTed as hosTesses Tor aTTernoon Tea whenever There were ouT-of-Town guesTs. In April, The l-lomernaking class Took parT in The FesTival oT ArTs by serving reTreshmenTs Tor Those who aTTended. ln The sewing class, under The direcTion oT Mrs. WhiTson, The girls made blouses, skirTs, and dresses. Their Tinished work was oTTen puT in The hall display case during The year, and in March They gave a Tashion show Tor The MoThers' Club. The loesT showing oT Their work was made aT The FesTival oT ArTs in April when The girls modeled Their own creaTions. du-SUM- ' Y :.:T47'f Hgwzuqr ,Qi J g I ig -F? F-n-...Q 3, .. NIJ! if T Terr 4 l W... 6 L , ' L L 11 ., I 1 - q-T - o q.-.--- 1 ,Q I . .,..,. .. ...-, FuTu re Cooks in V is 5 . . PracTice Session: ' bi V Ll N. Mounf, l-l. Armanino J. Wilcoxon, J. Firpo, S. Gaines, D. Morones, J. ScoTield, H. Morones, B. Tuso, L. Schwedhelm J. McHugh, G. STagi, P. Cardinal, J. DeyaerT M rs. L. WhiTson supervises B. Malpasso. Page 4I P11656 Speaking ThaT The sTudenTs who meT every day under Miss Marcia Lou Brown's direcTion To sTudy The why's and whereTore's of good speech making have received valuable Training can be proved by The number oT Them who have parTicipaTed in local speech conTesTs. Sharon March, coached by EaTher Xavier, won second honors aT The American Legion conTesT. Ed LauTenberg represenTed ST. Mary's in The Lions Club compeTiTion and Dennis Percy Took parT in The NaTive Sons' conTesT on March 25. Ed Laufenberg pracTices his Lions Club speech Tor Carol GranT, Sharon March and KaThy SmiTh. Gmfrafcruify nf Zlzrisfirm Doctrine Every Tuesday aTTernoon during The pasT year a special class was held To insTrucT TuTure lay caTechisTs. This program was sponsored by The ConTraTerniTy of ChrisTian DocTrine under The direcTion oT The Marylcnoll SisTers. Upon The compleTion oT ThirTy- six hours oT insTrucTion, under The direcTion ol: SisTer Marcus Marie, a group of seniors received special diplomas during graduaTion exercises in June. SisTer Marcus Marie conducTs The C.C.D. Class: Back: G. Converse. J. DeyaerT, J. Genereux. D. ATler Middle: E. BryanT, S. Green, B. Tuso, B. BaTchelor FronT: J. Cunningham, S. KerTchem, E. Silva, B. Dohoney. Page 42 Furs+ Honors sfudenls included M Philli s C. S. F. officers of l956-1957 are L. Vignoli, L. Schwedhelm. J. O'Meara .-L., dzhfarlfia Sclzalfzrslzgn Qederafiou Scholarship for service is Their lheme, and The C.S. F. members aim lo pul 'rhe moiio info pracfice by making The mosl' of Their scholasiic opporiunilies during Jrheir high school years. The S+. Mary's Chapfer of The C. S. F. was eslablished in l954 and af preseni' if includes among irs members Those sfudenis who have a high grade poinl average. This year, firsl semesler C. S. F. officers were: Luci Schwedhelm, president Louis Vignoli, vice-president and Jean O'Me-ara, secrelary. The members of The C. S. F. enioy a privilege day once a year. On November 28 They joined lhe members of lhe Slocldon College C. S. F. for a four of fhe Siandard Oil Refinery in Richmond and Then wenl' on To San Francisco for dinner and a show. The long range advanfage of membership is Thar Gold Seal Bearers, Those who have been in 'Phe C. S. F. for six semesrers, are eligible for a number of scholarships and are granled a high school diploma +0 which is affixed a gold seal---a langible evidence of Their achievement Life members of C. S. F. are Jerene Vix, Luci Schwedhelm and Gayle Cosia. inning :- S. Gansnedzr, L. Vignoli, S. Moy, J. Berfrand, G. Cosfa, J. O'Meara, M. McGuire, D. Berluccelli. Page 43 5156 glllb ln SepTember, Glee Club was a new Term in ST.Mary's vocabulary, buT by ChrisTmas, Glee was very much wiTh us, and The club's members had already made a name Tor Themselves. As The year progressed, Their programs added much To The enjoymenT oT school assemblies, while Their Tormal appearances, beginning wiTh Open l-louse, were enThusiasTically received by appreciaTive audiences. One of The highlighTs of The year was The ChrisTmas program presenTed under The direcTion OT FaTher ForresT in ST. Mary's AssumpTion AudiTorium. ThaT same weelc, The chorisTers sang ChrisTmas carols Tor The paTienTs of Dameron, ST.Joseph's and The SToclcTon STaTe l-lospiTal. The FesTival of ArTs owed much of iTs success To Their program oT choral numbers, and They rounded ouT Their TirsT year by Taking parT in The commencemenT exercises on June I3. WiTh Luci Schwedhelm as accompanist The club's reperToire included sacred music, selecTions from opereTTas, Three and four-parT choral numbers and popular songs. SoloisTs included Grace Cedas, Rico Serbo, Sharon Gaines, Laverne JacopeTTi, Norma MounT and JaneTTe Busalacchi. Fronf Row: FaTher ForresT, D. Genereux, M. Badway, L. Schwedhelm, V. Nicholas, G. Cedas, D. SalveTTi. Second Row: J. HarT, G. Simpson, J. ArTesi, J. Busalacchi, N. Shea, L. JacopeTTi, J. BieTz, D. AnTonini. Third Row: J. Heffernan, R. Foreman, D. Pedro, B. Rosso, S. Gaines, M. A. O'Neil, M. MonasTerio, E. Toni. FourTh Row: R. SmiTh, R. Serbo, P. Green, M. Baucom, L. WoodworTh, G. Converse, B. BoiTano. Back Row: D. Becerra, R. Payne, M. l-lendershoT, L. Mazza, M. O'KeeTe, S. Bender, C. Licciardi, N. MounT. i EEF? lb I .Q-'U f l .1 is 1 l 1 J' , X . A-'l I I 1 . 3 Q Jerry Rossi, Fecleralion Jon Fellers, Rally Chairman Rullw Laulenberg, Cauldron Edilor Luci Sclwwedlwelm, C.S.F. Presidenl Belly Ann Slwellard, Mission Commiffee L Mary is' Organ! afim Page 46 Rulh Laufenberg and Jerene Vix co-edilors of lhe l957 Cauldron Cauldron Sfaffz U16 Zauldrrw A yearbook, no maller how small if is, 'fakes elforl, and is pul Jrogelher only aller a greal deal of plan- ning, composing, and revising. To us on lhe srall, lhe finished producl is a ioy--V in parl because if is our own work and even more so, because we realize 'rhal laler on ir will bring back memories 'rhal we will recall wilh pleasure. 'We will nor soon lorgel: lvlaria There-sa's arficles, wrillen, rewrillen, and 'rhen wrillen again: Luci's lisls for lhe senior piclures 'ryped over and over: Gary and Jim Cannon lriumphanlly bringing in spon- sors' checks: l-lannah Armanino working long Sunday allernoons al lhe lypewriler lwilh her side remarks lhal she wasn'l even on The slalzlll: and Marilyn, Richard, Carol, Lorraine and Jerene all pulling in exlra lime on Salurdays so Thar The deadlines mighl be mel. The Cauldron of l957 is a realiry now, and very real, loo, is our knowledge Thar ediling a yearbook is nol so simple as il seemed lasl' Seplernber al: our firsl meeling around lhe arl' 'fables in Room 12. Bul we have al lasl our green-and-while covered book, and we are proud, now, fo presenl' The l957 Cauldron. L. Carruesco, L. Jacopelli, lvl. David-lvlalig, V. Nichols, C. Grant N. Mounr, lvl. Valpey, L Schwedhelm. R. Payne, D. Becerra, J. Cannon, G. Darrigo. 4 VL gf? U16 Ifefflc Perhaps no organizaTion goT more of a Tace-liTTing V? T F! in iTs TransiTion Trom The old ST. Mary's To The new, 0' Than did our school paper, The KeTTle, and iTs sTaTT. LasT year's sTencils, mimeograpn ink and sTaples have given way To layouT, galleys and dummies as The KeTTle assumed The sTaTus of a prinTed paper. Twice a weelc, The iournalism class has meT To learn some of The inTricacies oT puTTing a paper TogeTher, To compare The eTTorTs oT our sTaTT wirh Those oT oTher uignoo! papers, To wriTe arTicles and To rewriTe and rewrire-'and rewriTe. Though someTimes losT in a maze oi problems Do we have enough ads? Who was supposed To wriTe ThaT arTicle? ls The deadline Tomorrow? VNfe haven'T a good shoT Tor The TirsT page. or simply discouraged by The Task of brealcing in on a new Tield, we have learned and sfored away impressions we won'T soon TorgeT. We will remember l-lannah-oT-The-many-jobs. ediT- aSSiS+an+-edHOrI I957 Keme ing The paper wiTh calm, hard-working eTTiciencyg Richard, always To be counTed on Tor a well-wriTTen, lasT minuTe arTicleg JaneT and Marilyn and Carol, our capable page-ediTors scoTch-Taping The dummy: grinning and quipping Dave, mailing The exchange papers --- pracTically before They were OTT The press: Milce working under-pressure To produce a gem of an arTicle aT The lasT minuTeg Norma and PaT huddled TogeTher To produce a TeaTure---or iusT giggles: Sandy, generously oTTering To Type a sTaclc OT arTiclesg BeTTy, driving hiTher and ThiTher around Town To geT ads or conTacT The prinTer: The iuniors and sophomores on The sTaTT, who worked as hard as we To produce our paper: and Tinally, The criTicisms, Tavorable or adverse, which helped us To learn. KeTTle STafT: FronT Row: P. Willciemeyer, N. MounT, P. Meier, C. GranT, E. Shellard, M. Moore, J. l-leTfernan Back Row: D. Kellogg, M. O'Toole, M. Valpey, D. Becerra, P. Green, E. Laufenberg, D. Hanham, D. ForTney. J. Jones, S. Bender, W. Brogan. - i , 1' T -- - - Egg if , l , - ,I , . A s . i :flag 'flu' ,' 1- . . ,., , , . .g- ' Mfg. , ff in 'il , .i If l-lannah Armanino, ediTor, and Richard Payne, Page 47 ExecuTive Council: SiTTing: G. Cedas, J. Rossi, D. Green. H. BarkeTT, R. Raspo, J. Jones, H. SanguineTTi, l. Bernadicou, J. FeTTers, R. Derivi, J. Nomellini Standing: PeTer Youdall. H. Armanino, E. Laufenberg, Penny Youdall. Page 48 Student Galfcrumcuf Life is a complex of righTs and duTies, leaders and Tollowers, rewards and penalTies: and sTudenT life aT ST.Mary's is no excepTion. To guide The members of The sTudenT body To a greaTer parTicipaTion in, and appreciaTion of, Their privileges and obligaTions: To develop leadership and To promoTe good order in The school --- These are The aims of The execuTive council and procTo'r courT. As The school has grown in numbers This year, so has iTs council. To The ranks oT The sTudenT body oflicers, The presidenTs and vice-presidenTs oT each class, The afhlefic direcTor and The rally chairman who formerly composed The council were added elecTed represenTaTives from each homeroom --- TourTeen in all. This broadening oT sTudenT represenTaTion has served as a lesson in democracy and sTrengThened The bond beTween The sTudenT body and iTs leaders. To The selecT group of senior boys who make up The procTor courT has gone The imporTanT, and noT always appreciaTed work oT mainTaining good order in The halls and assemblies. Each week This courT has meT To enforce iTs admoniTions by Trying and penalizing olifenders. Procfor Courfz Fronf Row: D. Happoldf, M. Michaels, P. Francois, J. Busalacciwi, J. Giovannoni, C. Barbieri Second Row: J. FeHers, R. Raspo, P. Youdall, H. Sanguineifi, H. Barkefi, J. Rossi, B. Bowyer Third Row: R. Traverso, R. Pezzi, P. Asborno, E. Vaccarezza, R, Payne, R. Grubbs, J. Cannon. Homeroom Represen1'a+ives: Siandingz B. Silvas, D. Becerra Seafed: D. Nomellini, N. Shea, J. Campbell, J. Noli, G. Cervo, K. McHugh, R. Loring, D. Percy, F.Orello, J. McCrory, L. Solari, C. Wing. . .ls- Page 49 Page 50 FederaTion leaders meeT wiTh PresidenT Jerry Rossi: G. CosTa, E. Laufenberg. 6. Darrigo, H. SanguineTTi, J Mcl-lugh A. Lucaccini, J. Rossi, N. MounT, J. O'Meara, M. A. Ahearn, J. McDonnell, R. Grubbs, J. Hannigan, R. LauTenberg Sfcdcrafion CaTholic high school FederaTion meeTings, which were scaTTered ThroughouT The school year, wiTh one OT The six schools in The NorTh Bay UniT as hosT, presenTed an opporTuniTy Tor our sTudenTs To express Their views on many problems perTinenT To The Teen-ager. AcTing as hosT aT The TirsT FederaTion meeTings oT The year gave us an opporTuniTy To show oTT our new school planT To The visiTing members oT The NorTh Bay UniT. AT The second meeTing, in SanTa Rosa, Jerry Rossi, FederaTion presidenT, represenTed ST.Mary's wiTh a paper on Temperance in Food and Drink. Because Gary Darrigo reached PeTaluma Too laTe To deliver his paper on Prudence and lTs Role in Mary's LiTe. he laTer presenTed iT aT one of The ST.Mary's sTudenT body meeTings. RepresenTing ST.Mary's ThrougouT The year aT The FederaTion meeTings was RuTh Laufenberg, Fed- eraTion vice-presidenT, who acTed as Recording SecreTary oT The NorTh Bay FederaTion. The sincere hard-working eTTorTs oT iTs moderaTor, SisTer M. EsTher, have made The FederaTion an inTegral parT oT school liTe aT ST. Mary's. Comprising The FederaTion are six commiTTees promoTing CaTholic acTion among high school sTudenTs. These and Their chairmen are: AposTolic CommiTTee, Louise Good: ChrisTian LiTe CommiTTee, Luci Schwedhelm: ChrisTian LiTeraTure CommiTTee, Veronica Nichols: Mission CommiTTee, BeTTy Ann Shellard: Parish AcTiviTies CommiTTee, RuTh LauTenbergq and PubliciTy CommiTTee: Maria Theresa David-Malig. up-.. On The way To morning Mass: Fronf: M. O'l-lagan, C. Wilson Back: E. Silva, M. Augello, V. Daly. Daily Mass af 8:l5 in llwe lemporary chapel in Room 53 was aflended especially well during Lenl. Publicily Commilfee members sel' up llne vocalion monllw display: S.Smi+l1, R. Zumslein, P. Moore, A. Guebara, G. Grenlell. S LF 'I x xl! Q -5' 4.5 'Dmudmn clkvilbh l Mm ,f Eafhvhv Action ? 53' fly X ill Hill I ly l 5139. A lrl, . l fl 1 x,5 FJ , 11.400 xv 'M fm- u, ,J - , m ' . . v: ER' X f ,fl 1 X . l , l 1 1 yt? W 1 l f . lm, fl f lll l fl N l If r V' Y v l 1.14.1 lf' K gr-ffl:-qulaj, ,Qu luni,,llli,' lg. 1- V' fl I-'a . . Il.. ll.I.:U in-H :':'im+'!:' lf. rl, g-ff' lm glrgnll I 1 : Mi , lu:,,,, : !!wniugl X A h I. I O R Page SI Red Cross OTficers: M. Mazzera, B. Briscoe, J. Noli, M. La PerTche. Sfufure Nursvs Klub The newesT oT all ST. Mary's organizaTions is The FuTure Nurses Club esTablished This year under The direcTion OT lda BosworTh, R.N. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To recruiT nurses Tor The Training schools and The club is open To any girl inTeresTed in any phase oT The nursing profession: graduaTe, regisTered or vo- caTional. OTTicers elecTed aT The TirsT meeTing were: Velma Miller, presidenT: Joanne DeyaerT, vice-presidenT: and Judy Wilcoxon, secreTary-Treasurer. On May I5, The members visiTed The CounTy l-lospiTal on Their TirsT Tield Trip. Page 52 juniar Kal Kmss ThirTy-Two enThusiasTic and lively mem- bers made up The Junior Red Cross chapTer aT ST.Mary's This year. They worked under The leadership oT presi- denT, Judy Noli3 vice-presidenT, Barbara Brisco: secreTary, Marlene Mazzerag Marlene LaPerTche, Treasurer: and spon- sor, Mrs. l.. WhiTson. Their abiliTy To work well TogeTher was evidenT in all Their acTiviTies buT especially when ST. Mary's played hosT To The counTy chap- Ter oT The organizaTion on February 27. During The pasT year, Susan Bender had The honor oT being vice-presidenT oT The San Joaquin CounTy Junior Red Cross chapTer and oT being norninaTed counTy represenTaTive To Toreign lands. Senior members oT FuTure Nurses' Club include R. LauTenberg, J. DeyaerT J. Wilcoxon, S. Haynes, V. Miller. Ac+ivi+y Leaders: I i in in Laverne Jacopeffi, Marilyn Valpey, David Becerra, Lorraine Woodworin, Michael O'Toole, Sharon Gaines. Selma! Aff Zfifies l-lave you ever seen a calce wallcing'7 Well we have --- for on Freshman l-laT Day Ocfober II Marfha Guinans prize-winning chapeau feaTured a real cake, compleTe wiTh candles and suiTably inscribed, I am a lowly Sircslzmau flat zz X The Freshman Sym hony Orcfiesfra and The Chorus. 54 v al T freshman. Two hundred headpieces added inTeresT To The day, and sTyles ranged all The way from original creaTions feaTuring African jungle scenes To a compleTe ravioli dinner balanced on a Table. The boy's prize wenT To Pafrick Carroll who wore a Topper decorafed wiTh a duclc decoy having a ieT-propelled Tail. The freshmen bore The day well in spiTe of The indignify of wearing signs inscribed, I am a lowly freshman. They carried boolcs for ' The seniors: reciTed poeTry upon requesfq and enTerTained The xfx1'inVTf3iQX sTudenT body wiTh a sTirring program emceed by Adolph GoTelli gaif Oiiilna Qum and feaTuring The Freshman Symphony Orchesfra, direcTed nd we wiTh greaT vigor by Joe Brassesco. In The evening The freshmen were guesTs of The seniors aT The firsT dance in The new school. Blue Suede BooTies was The Theme and The cafeforium was decorafed To The raffers wiTh pasfel sTreamers, balloons and blue booTies for name plaTes. The day broughf back memories of anoTher l-laT Day when as freshmen, The Class of l957 were The vicfims, and BeTTy Ann Shellard and Carol Beaulieu wore prize-winning creafions. The dance Theme ThaT year was Too Young To Tango, buf we danced any- way To The music of The Four l.Q's and had a wonderful Time. Kneeling: D. Chu, M. Risso, Y. Riggio, M. Pereiera STancling: S. Gansneder. N. Moccafiche, K. Carel, C. Giovannoni . -.l1L.,.. , 3 Hfzslzivu Shaw A TradiTion oT many years' sTanding aT ST.Mary's is The Cauldron Fashion Show. This year's annual Tund-raising sTyle review Took place November 2 in The audiTorium aT ST.Mary's AssumpTion School. Sponsored by The Cauldron STaTT, The CommiTTee on DecoraTions provided a seTTing of enlarged playing cards, and card game language was used in The commenTary boTh in keeping wiTh . The Theme: Full l-louse oT Fashions. Each Table was decoraTed ii wiTh a miniaTure Jack of Clubs or Queen oT l-learTs. The cenTer oT aTTracTion, however, was The panel on The sTage wiTh Tull- nw sized kings. Www Campus Lane Turnished Tall and winTer Lanz originals and J ..f.,,.,q' The show consisTed oT winTer coTTons. sporTswear, coclcTail Eyliggfr GI-OV and evening dresses. The masculine sTyles Trom John Jr. effv Coa '7of,, included The laTesT in men's ouTTiTs, especially Those Tor nrady izwmik Teen-age boys. The highlighT of The evening was Tour oT a lcind --- Tour red dresses modeled by Carol Licciardi, Anna Lucaccini, Francesca Silva and Sheila KerTchem. Chairman OT The evening was RuTh LauTenberg. JaneT Jones was commenTaTor. Brian Bowyer Velma Miller Posing aT Campus Lane: L. Good, F. Silva, E. Conrady, J. Jones Page 55 . SANTPJS KIT s S' Wzrisflaas l6'azaar The ChrisTmas Bazaar, one oT The oldesT oT The ST.Iv1ary's TradiTions, was carried over inTo The new school wifh only a Tew changes. Even Though The building was new and The acTiviTies lasTed Tor Two days raTher Than one aTTernoon, as previously, The same school spiriT prevailed. Each class spenT weelcs in preparaTion and There was compeTiTion among classes To see which could produce The cleveresT booTh. The seniors had Their TradiTional Tood booTh, SanTa's KiTcheng The juniors had The religious boafh in The Torm oT a STaloleq The sophomores Turned nauTical and TeaTured yarn ocTopi by The dozens in all sizes and colors: and The Treshmen presided over Toyland. The exTras were whaT really made The aTTernoon enjoyable: The parcel posT, grab bag, Tish pond, The ouTdoor merry-go-round, song dedTcaTions, SanTa Claus, and The spools house.-H all drew enThus- iasTic paTronage. AlThough we had newer and beTTer TaciliTies Tor a larger audience, The spiriT OT The bazaar was whaT c:ounTs, and The Tinancial reTurns, ear-marlced Tor ChariTy, were more Than graTiTying. Freshmen preside over Toyland: K. Carroll, D. BerTuccelli, S. STephens, A. Menconi, J. Kennard, M. Scism. Q-2 The seniors sell The cakes They baked Tor The bazaar P. Meier, P. Cardinal, B. Rosso B. Tuso, S. Haynes, E. BryanT, l. Bernadicou, G. STagi L. JacopeTTi in background TF Sandy Haynes giggled and 'rhe audience slood durnbfounded before Dave Becerra's auclioneering abililies. JN 6 Sanfa Claus, Jim Heffernan, preserved af leasl one +hird grader's faifh in ff S+. Nicholas. Q' x,-l xCA Sophs L. Schenone, C. O'Neil, lvl, La Perlche, E. Croselli, I , ... land P. Gallagher made fhe records go 'round and 'round R'0UfST NUNPY ll N X1 ln spile ohcompefilion from Gary Darrigo, sophomore boolhs aH'rac'red a large group of cuslomers. Page 57 Leaving for S1'.Clare's: L. Good, S. Green A. Lucaccini, J. Deyaerf, J. Vix, E. Conrady L. Schwedhelm, L. Codopassi, S. Gaines H. Arrnanino. Happy affer a refreaf well-made wifh refreai' masfer, Farber Bryce Moran, O.F.M. and +l'me Franciscan Sisfers: M. Valpey, J. Md-Iugh, B. Snellard, L. Carruesco, R. Laufenberg, N. Mount E. Bryant J. Vix, S. Gaines. 'l-lello Young Lovers, U15 ksfizfrzl :ff Arts To give parenTs and Triends a close-up oT The work oT ST.Mary's sTudenTs, a FesTival of ArTs was held on Friday, April 5. Besides arT work and hornemaking displays, There was a Science Fair oT proiecTs Trom The biology, chemisTry and physics deparTmenTs. ATTer viewing These displays, The parenTs were TreaTed To Wilder's Happy Journey presenTed by The dramaTics class and To a selecTion oT choral numbers by The Glee Club. FaTher ForresT's Glee Club presenTed a program during The evening. They sang Rogens The DeserT Song, Tea Tor Two, and Bach's Jesu, Joy oT Man's Desiringf' Page 59 1 I . . 4 1 .V ,., ,,. ,xkf T155 iff 1-,- x ,- . ,..... is 5. The arT class Took an acTive parT in The FesTival oT ArTs. Preparing posTers Tor The occasion are: clockwise: J. GranaTo, K. Gareis, M PodesTa, B. BerTolli, and M. Balbi. Posing in The skirTs ThaT They rnade and modeled Tor The evenT are: B. BuTardo, S. KerTchem, J. Cunningham, F. Silva, S. Gaines, J. Firpo, S. Leary, P. Meier, and T. EsposiTo. A, Vi I - -gma il M im fasig1 1 ,-A ,,J5' 'fi Q , Saint Mary? Dances WiTh The launching oT The TradiTional Freshman RecepTion--- Blue Suede BooTies --- The social season began. On OcTober IlTh, The seniors wel- comed The Treshmen in The CaTeTorium, which was gaily decoraTed wiTh blue booTies, Toy blocks, balloons, and sTreamers. SouTh oT The Border, The junior dance, was nexT on The social calendar. A Mexican Theme was carried ouT in The decoraTions, and The evening was high-lighTed by The breaking of The pinaTa, a donkey Tilled wiTh candy. ATTer The mid-Term Tinals everyone needed a liTT. IT was Then ThaT The Mission CommiTTee provided an evening of enTerTainmenT, ln The Alps, To relax overwroughT nerves. Much To The surprise oT all, PeTe Youdall and Marilyn Valpey arrived in lederhosen lwhich TiTTed in wiTh The decor suiT- ik isis? ablyl and did The polka To The Tune oT ln The Alps. X A brighTly colored banner expressed The Teelings oT The S.M. sTudenTs in The words, Welcome, Sacred l-learT, when The members of ST. Mary's and Sacred l-learT High Trom San Francisco arrived aT The school caTeTorium KU' on February I5 Tollowing a baskeTball game beTween The Two schools. This a 9 was a super-dance, Thoroughly enjoyed by all. Happiness STreeT was The Theme oT The sophomores' TirsT invasion inTo The social whirl. The class was so exciTed over Their TirsT TeTe ThaT They made plans Tor iT Tor many weeks in advance. 5 Q - ' To The iuniors and seniors, The Prom is always The mosT exciTing dance OT ca. . . . . - The year. Couples in Tormal aTTlre arrived one by one To Tind a dreamy aTmosphere aT The CounTry Club, decoraTed To TiT The name Blue Flamingo. May 24Th was Truly a nighT To remember! Page 50 There is noThing in The world like The Junior - Senior Prom --- JusT ask M. C. Baysinger, C. ScoTT, S.Gaines, J.O'Neil, J. Vix, F. CanTele, B. MowaTT, S. PraTT, D. Percy, P. Thorns, N. Rabon, P. Campion. if E sviggn S HU- , . La NuifRappeHer wi+l'1 H. Sanquineffi, J. Jones, H. Armanino, M.McDor1ald Time ouf af Hwe Prom: G. Darrigo, G. Cosfa, R. Mesa, V. Nichols. Page bl J. McHugh, R. Laufermberg, H, Armamlno prepare fo welcome Hwe freshmen. 1 5 1-f'f -ls. I N .ef ' .w'wM Q - ' W .A A I QL M A 5 , We VY A7f,S5! lv Xb- k COM ON Q QKQY W X6 - 'UL' ,llmizff fa? 1 ,- 'jff - Y. .-xl 'A Q' fl ,Q w A '. I 4. 1- I 47 '14, ,. w Ewa -. iw, E? , if. . ,,-gr' X., .5 A :,.f:, 'R g 4 ' -iykbqa I A Q W M- .- -4 W, 57 K? gg ...W-2 Q1 3 X KH.. V+ 3 WZ? ., Um,,,.L.: S x iq. ., ,,,. ,Az A 'A' E 5 , . . ' X 1 , M, L xf '. sr , 1 ,J r V it vm ff e ,, . X :Q A 1 W. . .. ,A ,, f' , if 5'Q?f QQQA 'V Lf if .f 'L ' P1 ' ' , , f Q b f f ,J my 5 K , 1,31 . we Q f wf nw gif 1,515 HHK , , ' i xl' .I KX A if Aw! W- ,ME S mf W K. :wh 5 i 545 - 3 M K, ,ff 5' 1 i E., A r V, ,fy 'ff in 'fi his F A Q5 'X '55, ' 6 I ' , 73 Am ,wa 4- X . Xyy' L W fn, , gs 4 , ,g I ,, X K 'J I ,I t if ag 7254 + 651 km X. ff' ' I Q - M' my QQ! if 2 f lax hy , W QA X, , W . if W -. ,Q ST 5 K I I f 5' I 5 V 5 g .drug . W 4 K 3 z.. 1 U i Q 5 , ,Q -V Q ,rw 4 'Qs 4 W - , .. , L fi-,M A 'Q' 'M . Q1 ww? 'v'T ,,v'mii1Qg'?'jS, T - ff V if 3 f 1 . H 2' f -'mr-wifi' ff W1 'if',:f: -+ ' 5' ' if I Q fi .?'2,,.'kr'? ' b- ,lk ,gk Hz.. KA -, I i ,' , . N v 'fb ,-f' n t M3 .-5 ff' f 1 . H-5 f -Mp , . rf -'XAWVQ' ma, ilwfaj A' .P V,A,, yy ,4 ,N Wg A QQ, tm ,Wy My if if 5, 1, sfsiwn ., , L A V, N Y , 4 ,Q HZ if? 8 J, J , I I Vw . i . R , 1' I :E KVA iw? LJ X. kk , .X I 1-1 fr' I, fr k,' 3 . X f 'je ' 5 3z'3W7Zj 5 M4 ' ,gif :wi ,, 0,,.w f,4fgNx .3 - - ff., ,. f:,,,f ,Aa Wk wiv-r, , ,,, il '1 X A ' ' VL J Y f- f A SN' V -' 'nv xi, ,, -Ss., ., K Yell leaders: Veronica Nichols, Mary Carol Baysinger, Elizaloeflw Conracly, Lorraine Carruesco, Louise Good. Block S. M. Presidenf: Emil Vaccarezza. 0 l Kilt' Sparta Picture l6'l0ck SM The familiar green and while bloclc swealers sporfing 'rhe all-irnporlanf sfripes are 'rhe insignia of 'rhe Block S M members. The club includes all 'rhose who have earned a block in foolball, baslcef- ball, or baseball during Jrheir high school afhlefic career. A+ present fhe organi- zafion has an enfhusiaslic membership under president Emil Vaccarezza: vice- presidenr, Maurice Michaels: lreasurer, Dick Allerg secrefary, Eugene Nerig and sergeanf-al-arms, Danny l-lappoldf. The currenf rosfer also includes a group of honorary members who have been awarded blocks because of lheir parli- cipalion in lhe spring Boxing Carnival. The chief acfivify of Jrhe Bloclc SM +he pas? few years has been +0 sponsor The inframural sporfs program wirh emphasis on fhe inferclass baslcefball and volley- ball. ln May, 'rhe club members organ- ized The A+hle+ic Day program which included inferclass games climaxed by an awards assembly and rally. W Block SM Officers: E. Neri, D. Aller, E. Vaccarezza. M. Michaels, D. l-lappoldl' .YW 1 ui ' A.-. W 37 V BLOCK SM Fron+ Row: F. Orello, F. Francois, D. Pale, J. Jacobs, J. Corfez Second Row: M. O'Toole, L. Ralro, J. McCarThy L. Caslles Third Row: R. Cesena B. Bowyer, Page 64 R. Pezzi, E. Jacobs, J. Espinosa. G-.A.A. OTlicers: B. BuTardo, E. BryanT, J. McDonnell, Girls ' Athletic ssvcinfivu An energeTic organizaTion boasTing a membership oT a hundred girls is whaT made SainT Marys G.A.A. cliclc during The pasT year. Worlcing under The lead- ership oT presidenT, Judy McDonnell, They sponsored The girls' inTramural vol- leyball TournamenT during The spring semesTer. Twelve Teams were enTered in The conTesT, among Them, Tweedle- deTTes, Calypsos, EighT Bows and a Peep, Banana BoaT Crew, and Dizzy Flames. Among oTher acTiviTies, The G.A.A. aT The end OT The baslceTball season gave an award dinner Tor The players and pre- senTed blocks and Trophies. AT The end of The year, The girls enjoyed a picnic aT a beauTiTul spoT in The lvloTher Lode region. J. Mal-lugh, C. CasTles. L. Carruesco, M. Baysinger, E, Conrad in acTion aT The Oalcdlale game. Page 65 FronT Row: S. Craig, J. Espinosa, D. lseTTi, J. CorTes, J. Jacobs, A. CosTa, M. RobusTelli, R. Boccoli, P. Burlce, A Guebara Back Row: T. l-larT, M. O'Toole, L. Mazza, V. Trucco, D. Kavanaugh, R. Giambruno, R.Cesena, F. Orello, l-l. PaTe, L CasTles Page 66 F. Garcia, K. Scanavino, G. PodesTo, D. Green. Zfvfball 561151714 When The TooTball season ended on November lO, The baTTered equipmenT was sTored away and The conTusions, bruises, laceraTions, broken bones and sundry oTher injuries were slowly healing. IT was a dismal season on The whole, wiTh eighT losses and a single vicTory---over our neighboring rival, Linden. On The oTher hand, There were some humorous incidenTs which relieved The Tension ol The games. No one will TorgeT ST.Mary's only home game wiTh ST. ElizabeTh's when, during The halT Time, a live ram, represenTing ST.Mary's, proceeded To nibble on The ST. ElizabeTh's mascoT's Tail. NeiTher will The TooTball players TorgeT seeing The San Francisco ciTy limiTs' sign when They were supposed To be heading Tor MounTain View --- Gary Darrigo aT The wheel oT The bus, oT course! The MounTain View game also Tound Lorraine Carruesco leading The cheering secTion oT Two ST.Mary's specTaTors: Mary Anne Baucom and BeTTy Ann Shellard. AT The Linden game, Lorraine WoodworTh, Lilia CorTopassi, Rosalie Loring, Sharon Gaines, PaT Meier, Judy McDonnell, Mary Alice Avila, Don l-lanham, DoroThy AnTonini, Carol Godfrey, Sara Johnson, and The TooTball players goT weT. BuT as iT Turned ouT, The brigh+es+ day of The season was ThaT darlc and rainy aTTernoon aT Linden, when we Tinally won! FOOTBALL SEASON'S SCORES Amador - - - 26 SI'.Mary's - - - O Livermore - - 2I SI'.Mary's - - - 6 IL h K X SI. EIizabe+I1's - - - - I2 S+.Iv1ary's - - - 0 get Q Mounfain View -- - - 72 S'r.Iv1ary's - - - - I2 A 5 ' Bref Harie - - - - - 33 SI.Mary's - - - - I8 I ' Y Escalon - - - - 33 S'r.Mary's - - - - I9 I 9 S+.Vincen+'s - - - - 25 S+.Mary's - - - 6 Linden - - - - 7 S+.Mary's - - - - I3 Calaveras - - 39 S'r.Mary's - - 6 Sf. Mary's B Team Kneeling: A. Avila, F. Flores, J. Shipman, M. Rolousfelli, D. Kavanaugh, I-I. I-Iaansfra, R. Munoz Siandingz D. Leary, R. Derivi, S. Fenfon. J. Quinn. BaskeTball FirsT STring: D. lseTTi, F. Orello, E. Jacobs, L. CasTles, F. Francois, P. RaTTo. Basketball Kcvicw far I9 7 SainT Mary's has long been known as a school which produces one of The TinesT baskeTball Teams in CenTral CaliTornia. However, l957 will go down in hisTory as The year The Rams losT more games Than They won. ATTer a poor sTarT in The season, wiTh losses To Calaveras, AnTioch, and Benicia, The Rams seemed once again To have Their old spark when They deTeaTed Amador and LiberTy by good margins. BuT The vicTories were shorT-lived when Three more rivals: Tracy, Franklin, and Oakdale--- Trimmed The SainT Mary's Tive. ln boTh encour1Ters wiTh Their neighbors To The SouTh, The Rams played well and deTeaTecl ManTeca, 56-44 and 44232. BuT These were The lasT oT The SainT Mary's vicTories, as The Rams losT To The Teams oT Oakdale, Tracy, Sacred HearT, Calaveras, and Sonora. Looking back over The scores, one may see ThaT while SainT Mary's may have losT The games, she never Iosf The enThusiasm ThaT makes her a school wiTh a TighTing baskeTball spiriT. BaskeTball VarsiTy: F. Orello, D. lseTTi, V. Augello, L. CasTles, E. Jacobs, E. Vaccarezza L. Mazza, J. McCarThy, P. RaTTo, F. Francois. Page 68 VARSITY BASKETBALL I957-58 Calaveras - - - 50 Anliocli - - - - - 52 Benecia - - - - - 4I Amador- - - - - 43 Liberly - - - - - 29 Tracy - - - - 39 Franklin - - - - 62 Oakdale - - - - 7l Franklin - - - - - 68 Manfeca - - - - 44 Oakdale - - - - 47 Manleca - - - 32 Tracy ----- - - 60 Sacred Hearl ---- 58 Calaveras - - - - Q 73 Sonora - - - Sl Tolal: 820 Sainr Sainf Sainl Sainl' Sainl Sainl' Saini Sain? Sainl Sainl Sainl Sainl Sain? Sain? Sainl Salnl' Mary's Mary's Mary's Mary's lvlary's lvlary's lv1ary's Mary's Mary's Mary's Mary's lv1ary's Mary's Mary's Mary's Mary's ----44 ----38 ----31 ----55 ----45 ----26 ----38 ----44 ----59 ----se --U33 ----44 ----4: ----48 ----eo ----40 Tolalz 702 Frank Orello receives award as mosl' valuable baskefball player from James Weaver of S+.lv1ary's College. Junior Varsify: J. Gaines, P. Burke, R. Avila, R. Jacques. D. Hanham, E. Laufenberg, J. Brassesco. T. Bachle, Page 69 Caslles scores againsl Oakdale Basketball Activa Shats Caslles splils lwo Oakdale defenders. while Augello and Mazza sland by amazed. Orello alfempls +o block Frank- lin sl1o+g Francois moves in for rebound. 'nw' lselrli lowers over Franklin man for fwo as Orello and Raflo look on. S 5. Q h . -xw,,.,M-.,,,.,-iff.. W ,, Jw .A ,Rm... . .i 41' .f2-, ,J QHf7'1.. 'x 'E. 'v I-X ., ,,. .-., 5.- ,cs , 1, M vf-f V.. .- 545 . -. --,f V. ' A., 'I-.- 4ii..' ' . 1.4 .. .A v 4 .-. O ' 'Jr ..Yi.,,ir IA: dl' 8' I Kneeling: D. Aller, J. Corlez, F. Francois, J. Jacobs, D Iselli, R. Giambruno Sfandmg: J. Brassesco, L. Mazza, G. Podeslo, R. Pezzi, E. Vaccarezza. E. Jacobs, M. Michaels. SAINT MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL March March Marcln March March April April April I5 I9 22 26 30 2 5 9 Manleca Lincoln Oakdale Tracy Lincoln Sonora Oakdale Manleca Manleca Lincoln Oakdale Tracy SI. Mary's Sonora S+. Mary's SI. Mary's Varsity Kusvball BASEBALL SCHEDULE April April April May May May May May II 23 30 6 8 I4 I7 2I Franklin Elk Grove Liberfy Elk Grove Slagq Franklin Slagg S+. Mary's --- I957-58 Franklin Elk Grove Liberly S+. Mary's Slagg Franklin SIGQQ Lodi ,Ez Q33-,,mg,,,, k,,. 5 K ,V A Page 72 G.A.A. VarsiTy Players: R. Pasco, M. A. O'Neil, M. A. Avila, D. ForTney. J. Campbell, B. A. Shellard, J Wilcoxon J. DeVorss, J. McDonnell, T. Ocampo, J. Blackmun. Girls ' Basketball Umm The Girls' BaslceTball Squad played a Tull schedule This year. They had an excellenT record againsT ST.VincenT's, Vallejo: ST.Joseph's, SacramenTo: ST.Rose, San Francisco: ST.Aloysius Teen Club and The Eslcies oT SToclcTon. They losT only Two games, looTh oT Them To Bishop ArmsTrong oT SacramenTo. The players who conTribuTed so much To The successful season were Judy Wilcoxon, Donna ForTney, Rose Pasco, TeresiTa Ocampo, Jerilynn Blackmun, and guards, BeTTy Ann Shellard, Mary Alice Avila, Jean DeVorss, and Mary Ann O'Neil. ATTer each home game, SainT Mary's enTerTained The visiTors in SainT Mary's AssumpTion Cafe- Teria wiTh an inTormal luncheon during which all The players were inTroduced To one anoTher. The friendly aTmosphere Thus creaTed eased any Tensions arising Trom school rivalries and leTT a warm Teeling among all The players. Sannf Mary s Sami' Mary s ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BASK - - ZI S+.AIoysIus - - --3I EsIcies-- -- Salnf Marys - - I3 S+. Vincenfs, VaIIeio - - - Samf Mary s - - 28 SI'.JosepI1's, Sacramenfo- Sain+ Mary's Sainf Mary's Sainf Mary's Sainf Mary's ETBALL SCORES Bishop Armsfrong, Sacramenfo 3I S+. Rose, San Francisco ---- 23 Bishop Armsfrong - - - -- I5 SI'.JosepI'1's - - - - - 5 A B Team: L. Giambruno, S. Leary, E. GaI+i Y. Confi M. Risso J. Ber+rand G. Cervo J. Carpino M. Mazzera B. Ber+oIIi D. Foss Page 73 G.A.A. B Team: L. Carruesco, M. A. Nonemaker, M. PocIesI'a, A. CIarIc, C. Molina, Lf Jacope++i, B. Malpasso, C. Vaccarezza, M. A. Baucom, M. Carruesco, J. Campbell. The 69ers exTerminaTe The ExTerminaTors. Beachcombersf' inTramural baslcefball champions: M. J. Espinosa. J. Busalacchi, Page 74 The Michaels. l-l. BarlceTT, D. l'lappolclT. J. Giovannoni. The Beachcombers play The Trojans for firsT place in inTramural finals. Intramural Sports The Fearful Five faced The Mud- hens, or The Censored Seven. or GladiaTors, or whomever The inTra- mural baskefball schedule Turned up againsf Them, buf The Beachcomb- ers Took on all comers and emerged vicTorious. They played nine games and won all of Them including a close final conTesT againsT The sophomore Troians. The laTTer group losT Two and won seven To finish in second place. lnframural volleyball was a conTesT for boTh boys and girls. The Teams boasf- ed colorful names and defermined, if noT Too skillful, parTicipanTs. The sea- son was climaxed by The annual game befween The Irish and The ITalians. Volleyball managers were Emil Vac- carezza and Jane McHugh. r' I 2 5 Q R I , 7 I 4 1 v The begmnmg of +l'1e end Sepfember I I I956 J Busalacchu, J Cannon, M Snlvam, J Genereux L. Corfopassu, C. Lnccrardl, D. Salveffu. Pracfice for June I3, I957 Commencemenf Night R. Afler, W. Bafchelor, B. Tuso, P. Jacobs, J. McHugh, G. Converse, B. Rosso, S. Kerfchem. Page 75 'f' T53 Che year ,714 165 few 1 . f 555. . X 1 ', x .a Vn , Dwi , rug. . A , ,J U16 New Sain! Mary is There is always a pleasanT anTicipaTion in someThing new. and very oTTen a cerTain amounT oT senTimenTal regreT in casTing aside The old. Such were The Teelings of many of us when we.enTered The new ST.Mary's High School. We arrived in SepTember i956 and Tound a splendidly equipped school: new desks, new books. up-To-daTe equipmenT in science labs. The laTesT Type oT mechanical drawing Tables, modern windows proTecTed by sparkling aluminum louvers and a spacious caTeTorium. We also had The added privilege oT having priesTs. The sons of ST.Francis. as Teachers, along wiTh our Dominican SisTers, To carry on The age-old Triendship oT ST. Francis and ST. Dominic. While we experienced a nosTalgia Tor The happy days'spenT in The old school, The TirsT year in The new school has already seen The developmenT oT a new spiriT and a changed schedule ThaT includes many diverse elemenTs. RegisTraTion in The AdminisTraTion Building, The noon- Time snack bar line-up, The Paddy Wagon. The more saTisTacTory lockers, The spacious, well- lighTed library, morning Mass in Room 53 ---all bear wiTness To The changed order of The day. l-lave we achieved seTTlemenT amid our new surroundings? ThaT aTTachmenT ThaT one oTTen has Toward The old and well-worn? Perhaps noT. BuT our reTlexes and emoTions and senTi- menTs are noT quickly and superTicially changed Trom one environmenT To anoTher. Our new ST.lv1ary's is sTill Too shiny new To evoke The nosTalgia ThaT Page 76 beginning of The TirsT year in The comes when someone sighs, . . . The old ST.Mary's. BuT we have no doubT ThaT in The years To come we will look upon a mellowed new ST. lvlary's and proudly say, Yes. we broke her in. We were The TirsT graduaT- ing class of The new school. RegisTraTion Day and The new school: SepTember I956 Sisfer Rosemary dispenses loclcers and advice Regislralion Day. i 2'- QSX , The P fwhen fiddy W If 9 Ggon oesf unlogofs pas Sengerg regllfg,-f X Y. The Junior Red Cross members welcome llme counfy clnapfers +o llwe Cafelorium. I., in v --, .xi ,. I mil vig, The snack bar line-up af noon: long, vocal and always hungry. Firsf Friday brealcfasl: cl1ocolal'e and douglmuls in exchange lor a l'iclcel'. Page 77 4 m 2 3 My my ,im H44 ,..,, Sn-H. ti Q' -gf 44 N H. we Q 1' Y i 9 v 'if' ef. ' ' f V eb T35 .4 2' if V 1. 5 W' - W V nf S' , 03 Y 5' .lf , , 5 H 2 , fi' 3 11 v- . fa ... . . I 52 9 IW ' 4 al 9 it f fs, ,. L' Vf ' I. Q .V ., M V ,S gg., .V K ,Z 5., , - 1' . - ' 1 , a . ' 4 w -' i ff.. x Q 1' 9 I' -1 2 if 1 . 'L fa :xg if :FZ 3-:IA M ffl? ff..- Q - :Ss 'lf X55 '- A .. igxvf f ish 2 ', s ei.-.lJ'i' , aa 4- gk iii ' fr , rif-5 E Wefyw ,bl A .Q ,.-55553 58? M 19.35 .,,, .- y YQ .. 5 I 'W , if? , , ..,, 5. , 1 .1 QQ, 15' rf 1 A ...X . , 'Q , Wi M X NW ' in Q , W Egg . M' x1 X N , ..,'. f V. f'y'iQ.- K --,Q ' YA mfg 'M wa-fvff-avg, eg ' WV I , .-T 1, gg k I A vw My .K .W , , My , .K 1 ' g fi! f' i ff, . f9?ii3f'3 if . f ff I ., 3' f, New V.. Q . ,ye-5 ef., , I , mil? V H. . Q -Um. 59 .wf..a . y 1', ag VN V 1 w , , . W' , H025 W eg.. Q x.-,U Yi H1-' ,i ,f ,.-, 9,gzg , w - .W V vp . 1 1 . 1' f Q . W2 ., ' f K ,,.. 435 nd 1 -,f '. N' i 13 l M ' 'f 'VVIL L ' ' ' I ITV M V -. ' A4 . f- LL-- W Wu I 5 Hrzulrlron Pafrvus Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cosfa Ernesf Genereux Family Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Good Mr. and Mrs. V. Granf Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Laufenberg John Lynch, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MarchesoHi Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Marraccini Pafrick H. McHugh, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. J. Orello Jack E. O'Mara and Walfer Chris+iansen Mr. and Mrs. J. George Sanguinelrli Ralph H. Sanguineffi Mr. and Mrs. Don Sfewarl' Mr. and Mrs. Hal Vix Zauldrau Sponsors Mr. Acosfa's Hisfory Class Avenue Flower Shop Campora Gas and Appliance Campus Lane Canada Dry 8: Nesbill Boliling Co. Cannon Building Supply Cazale's Flower Shop Class of I957 Class of I958 College Cleaners Collins Eleciric Company Dahl's Valley Shoe Service Delia Rubber and Equipmenl' Co. D. Dinubilo 84 Co., Wholesale Liquors Eddie's Liquor Sfores El Dorado Drug Slore Francis Variefy Sfore Franlc's Plumbing Shop N. A. Gofelli Trucking Company Harris, Upham and Co., Members New York Sioclc Exchange House of E. J. Murphy Junior Guild Club Knobby Shop F. J. Lucaccini, American Trus+ Company Maior Oil Company MarcheHi Brofhers E. F. Milchler Company Parisian Laundry 8: Dry Cleaners Nomellini Consirucrion Company M - P Painl Company Peerless Milling Company Pleb Club Quinn's Office Supplies-Equipmenf-Books Real George's Blue No+e Music Regnae Club Rosemar Television 84 Appliance S+. Lulce's Teen Age Club S+. Mary's Safely Commiffee Save-Way Drugs Sfage Hands' Union. Local 90. l.A.T.S.E. D. Sfagi and Sons E. R. Slarlc. General Confracior Ted's Mea+ Company. Inc. Thornfon Mofor Co. The Toggery Tuxedo Pasfry Shoppe Union Planing Mill Von Dra Di Page 79 Emil f Nea W f ,Aufogra hi A 2 f M-,fLu.23. 4,15 fi3' QLJ ,.L,,,,,f,,,Q4, fi ' cg ' E, it Ei Q XPMJWEQQQQW wgQSL'V',i3ffT3 fwfww wg, Www ' rig? MW! TWM' 5 57fw,55i5 k uW Aw ff noi P g 1 Pg 1 V' ' F XWE:-f 1 Page 80 .rp in 1 ' Ph 1' g phy by H ber+'Miller ' L+h g ph cl by MII Press . 1- 'P-r-dk. , ' . 1 - . f ...- .... .-........-S-...- ..., .-... . , .. .,.. rm-, .-. - ... Y . . ,-. RA' mfjwf -jx MM Q Qfffmfefwiffw , fb VN .WMM , 5 S'7- 1 ' 4 'ffl ffqyfdrjy N XXV' 7-5' ? A xfov aouxr ai- cb r ' X- Q? MQ K 'V , V ,E .1 V A! I A ' it 'fi' I 3 ' ilfrfrj, 'qw-3--fZ , xx fl , '14, ,.,. 1, - ,A .5755 fl Y, Q Ntliylifiv f . ,gfff gig'-al ,Rt WM if 1' 1-'tiwffj 'W k'.ma w f , WVU .5' 'QW' ,fix i ' 5 X ,Q 7? Rua Z,i,,,- - Q L .ay fr- ,...-.-,- 'ffffff 4, ,I 4 XS yu of - , 3, - 5- 1 .x.,,,-ai, . 1' :Q N L gf' , 1,4 fa, i -.--.-f'- ggi: N , Ogwljm X T3 mga 'Q N fwbks L W' CJ My Qkiffiffffu OQ3kWv 1 3'9'i3yUaWgY,fg?,wZkgf 5 Wwuww io-in JM-fyff ' XMWQ 05?-SVW AA wjjgrr agmvc clMA'+ RAW migbw' W MAJ W FM Q35 'vim Yifiafs igyrfsyrigfh Rm gyffi'5i?iY?:fffJ,s'S5?d?3P9 3' v55,MZfi1gwf fPf,ffvM Q Q an-?fj'iP :7JJ.fP, . UQ.. fggyf Zigi '?jg,:Q 51 fix P':2' x gn? 75? Q A fi m f?f'f5f?f:fP5f Mm? ww yy?'d,f Y 'fig W Wmwqwfgfg 19.- nf gf Awww fl all Mgxy I ., .,i, ,g:'f-L gi, ,.,', ,.g,,f,: L if - , , Q . Jgrgg., .- Y -- 1'-311 'I - V llnlfff'-.1z'1i ,. ,gn ,Y y V, 5, ' ' ' ' ' . 'A f' TT mf nw . Agw wawywg i Q9 wwww WW 'iff .9 5500, n,,!fy'fG'fz YQ KM? WWW afgyf My Qpfibfmqfwbgffsfyfjg We ,S Wf,3V'X5'Qf My J J iii? yijfywfffyav wif ii? M W bw 'fy 'Y N ywxf w Y if W1 gfiM?j55fM?kf,f?QmfS9W fiwwwf wwf ff lf' WMWfMQ ,G ., .ff W9 f 'fy QA - 3 ' J W X, QXSULGS L3 7 XP M ,W . is vi 'N f 5 5 MXNPJW riff' f J Q v af . A, ' MMWw wwyw QR ily, MO, ,pyvf ww ,ef f Qkpy MMM? fkvgfksjffffyfffyfiisfiw win w fw-f y1 Vw at M wa! , ,A C5329 'F 'M ' of, 'ff it-,V V K MF, ,, ,, Wg , , , , vp, , YM ,, , , , .A . ,, - . - .. 17. -1 --- -- -Y-V -K1 ' .v--emnrufgz 4,11-'-f 1 .. ' :' 1 V -' . gj:'3'il., 4 4 . - :Eeil,2f'T ' .. Q 9 .A 1.

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