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ffm, W7 MQW 0n7'0 H111 W W fwfffi fi ff1ffw5s5wWifK9f 'limp 2 X n WWW WQQW ,N A, G fgf' MW MMM ' Wniwfg KWMM ghylf QL O? K ZW ? lf R WW Cauldron 'iifii-5255 f Q , yiiii 3iifi5f S5503 1 P if Qi? if ,, f Dix if QW fax ' X J My A i if iff? ,MMM Mfg! Published by Jrhe Senior Cl Sainfr Mary's High if We dedicale Haig Cauldron lo Sisler Mary Eslher, CIP., our principal, in sincere apprecialion lor The inleresl she has shown, anol for The help she has given us during our high school years. ev' L 1 ff 3 The Faculty Reverend Lesler l.Ehrnnann - Sisler M. Eslher, O.P. - - Sisler M. lsabel. O.P. - Sisler M. Vincenl Ferrer, O.P. - Sisler M.Theophane, O.P. Sisler M. Denis, O.P. - I Sisler M. Rose, O.P7L1W42 - Sisler M.William, O.P. Mrs. Argonli Cirna WMJ Lifvvzlllvad- Mrs. Mason Lagorio ------ Miss Mary Sirnonelli ici: 'Q-f-ifvfq-45-fl Miss Rila Slrangio Mrs. Lesler Whilson - Mr. Glenn Miller - Mr. Wayman Sleed - Mr. Peler Marengo lll - Miss Diane Noble Miss Joyce Taylor Paslor Principal Religion Science Marhsemalics English Religion Lalin Modern Languages Religion l-lislory Religion English Lalin Religion Mafhemafics Religion Science English Religion l-lisiory Clolhing Bookkeeping Shorlhand l-lislory Mechanical Drawing Malhemalics Biology Typing Alhlelics Direclor Assislanl Alhlelics Direclor Assisianl Alhleiics Direcior Girls' Alhlelic Direclor Girls' Afhlelic Direclor 2 'lif is if The Class of '52 On June Thirfeenfh, I952. anoTher senior class will Take iTs place among The many which have been graduaTed from SainT Mary's High School. For us. The seniors. gradu- aTion is more Than a ceremony, because iT marks a poinT in our lives from which we ma review The pasT and look inTo The fufure. Our four years of high school have been prof- iTable. and in reTrospecT, we can see The personaliTies and evenfs which have helped us To face whaT lies ahead. When we enfered SainT Mary's as freshmen. we were unsure of ourselves, and The condescending sfares of upper classmen made us somewhaf apprehensive. We were hopeful, however, for we could see The spiriT of friendliness ThaT prevailed aT Sainf Mary's. The rigors of iniTiaTion were forgoTTen when The seniors honored us wiTh The freshmen recepfion, OuT of The Cradle. Very soon, oTher classes had a greaT regard for our class. for from The beginning we showed our willingness and enfhusiasm To sup- porT whole-hearfedly every school funcTion--whefher aThleTic or social. Even in The firsT year our class boasfed varsify foofball players. as well as TalenTed arTisTs and a repre- senTaTive number of honor sTudenTs. IT was in our firsT year, Too, Thaf we became ac- quainfed wiTh Sisfer lvl. Joan, O.P., who was our class Teacher for Three years, and whose foresighT and guidance were To a greaf exTenT responsible for our success as a class. ln our sophomore year, we noT only supporfed school acTiviTies. buf sponsored a few ourselves. Our firsf dance, Shenanigans, had an lrish Theme, and even The mosf unpronounceable Lafin name had a Gaelic flavor when The decorafing commiTTee added O or a Mac on each nameplafe. ln The Spring we published The sophomore KeTTle. This was a significanT evenT, for iT showed The presence of poTenTial iournalisfs among our classmafes. - ln an unbelievably shorT Time. we were juniors and upperclassmen. We plunged wiTh vigor inTo The hosT of acTiviTies,ThaT were sponsored, for The mosf parT, in honor of The seniors. A rainy Ascension Thursday did noT dampen our spiriTs as we played' The role of hosTs aT The iunior-senior picnic. We chose a regal Theme, Royal FanTasy. for The dance we gave To benefif Fafher l-lofsTee's leper colony aT Tala. The Junior-Senior Prom held aT The Officer's Club was The occasion of iniTiaTing a new cusTom, ThaT of giving each seniora bid To The dance.The romanTic aura of prom nighT passed quickly as we faced The harsh realify of meefing The deadline for The Junior KeTTle. By This Time our poTenTial iournalisfs had become experienced end efficienf, and The publicaTion of Junior KeTTle broughf The year To a close. ln Sepfember l95I we. as seniors assumed The responsible posifions of The school. The cooperaTion which we had culTivaTed as lower classmen proved an asseT To us as leaders of sTudenT governmenf. IT was during our senior year ThaT The auThoriTy of The execufive council was sTrengThened and exercised, especially in The capacify of meTing ouT punishmenTs on The recommendafions of The procTors. To sTudenTs who had violaTed sTudenT body regulafions. Well-planned sTudenT body meefings produced several ac- complishmenfs, noTably The resolufion To honor The memory of Monsignor lvlcGough by erecfing a memorial in The church. and secondly The changing of The name of The year- book Green and WhiTe back To iTs original TiTle of Cauldron. IT was This year also ThaT a long-awaifed proiecf was accomplished, namely. The purchasing of inferclass aTh- leTic Trophies, and The scheduling of inferclass games. We made an especially fervenT reTreaT under The direcfion of Fafher Leach. The culminafion of our enfhusiasm is The publicaTion of The i952 Cauldron. Every eTforT has been made To make This firsT ediTion of The new Cauldron one To remember. The iunior-senior picnic aT The Old l'learsT Ranch. and The Junior-Senior Prom broughf our school days aT Sainf Mary's To an end. For The mosT parT we can look back proudly over our four years aT Sainf Mary's. We owe a debf of graTiTude To Those who have made our high school days so worTh- while. We appreciafe The help of our Teachers. The Dominican SisTers. The sacrifices of our parenfs, and The lessons which our companions have, perhaps unconsciously, TaughT us. Our four years aT Sainf lvlary's have sTrengThened us in our resolufion To carry Chris- Tian principles inTo all our fuTure underfakings. We leave SainT lvlary's wiTh a deep sense of graTiTude and a promise on our parT To be Truly represenTaTive of our Church and our School- -Josephine Esparza '52 4 1 SENIORS ROBERT FERNANDO ALVAREZ Sancluary Sociefy 49 Block S.M. Sociely 49 52 Treasurer '52 Baseball '49-'52 B Team '49 Varsily '50-'52 Baskelball '49-'52 B Team '49 Varsily '50-'52 Foolball '49-'52 lnlerclass Sporls Proclor '52 MARY DOLORES ALVAREZ Cauldfof' Sfaff 52 Transferred from Edxson Hugh School '49 Lxlerafure Cornmrflee 49 52 Mlsslon Commulfee 50 Block S M Soclely 52 Parish Achvllles 52 Chrlslmag Mlmes Chrnsfmas Choral Group 52 Inferclass Baslcelball 5l 52 I JOAN LORRAINE CRUZ Siudenl Body Vice-Presideni Class Secre-'rary '49 Class Vice-Presideni '5I Execuiive Council '5I-'52 Kellie Sialll '49-'52 Ari Edilor '52 Cauldron Slaiii '52 Parish Aciivilies '5I Publicily Commiliee '5I-'52 Chairman '52 Chrisimas Choral Group GAA. Vice-Presidenl' '5I Baslcefball '49-'52 Varsily Capiain 'SI '52 CHARLES FRANCIS ARTOZQUI Mission Commillee '5I-'5I Block S.M. Sociefy '5I-'52 Baseball '49-'52 B Team '49-'SI Baslcelball '4-9352 B Team '49-'5I Varsiiy '52 Fooiball '50-'52 Inierclass Sporfs '50-'52 ANTOINETTE MARIE BARKETT Cauldron Slaff 52 Mission Commilfee '5I Parish Aciiviiies '52 Publicily Commiilee '52 Chrisfmas Mimes G.A.A. Class Represeniaiive '49 Baslcelball B Team '49-'50 Varsify '52 ALICE LORRAINE ATLER Keflle Siaff '49352 Edifor Sophomore Kellie '50 Assi. Edifor '52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Parish Aciiviiies '50 Publicify Commifiee '5I Mission Commillee '52 Chrisimas Mimes G.A.A. Vice-Presideni '52 Baslceiball B Team '50 Varsily '5I-'52 W RITA FRANCES BARROWS Mission Commifiee '49-'52 Chris+mas Choral Group Choir' '49-'50 Baslcefball B Team '50 Cheerleader 'SI LW JOSEPHINE MARY BURROLA Transferred from Edison High '50 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Parish Adivifies CommiH'ee '52 Chrisfmas Choral Group i THERESA JEAN CADEMARTORI Keffle Slalri '50-'52 Cauldron Slalzl '52 Mission Commilsiee '49 Chrislmas Choral Group lnferclass Baslcefball '49 T. ,Es LARRY RICHARD BU RGESS Transferred from Edison High School Block S.M. Sociefy '5l-'52 Cauldron Slaff '52 Baseball Varsiiy 'SI-'52 Eoolloall '5l-'52 Baslceiball B Team '5l Proclor 5I NO RMA JEAN BE RTOLOTTO Kellle Slaff '50-'52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Mission Commiilee '49 Chrisfmas Choral Group lnierclass Baslceiball '49 IRENE MARIS CARDENA5 Transferred from Edison High School '50 Keflle Slaff '52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Parish Acfivifies '5I-'52 , 'Ly A , ll Q 4' QS Shim LOVELLE FRANCES WONG Sfudenf Body Secrefary '52 Class Secreiary '51 Execuiive Council '52 Honor Sociefy '49-'52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Publicify CommiH'ee '52 Chrisfmas Mimes MARY LOUISE CASENAVE Cauldron Sfalif '52 Mission Commilree '49 Parish Aclivilies '52 Chrislmas Choral Group 'EBF' W . ff? Tiff 1 .,,.' RICHARD ANTHONY BARAKATT Transferred from Edison High '49 Sfudenl' Body Treasurer '52 Execulive Council '52 Honor Sociely 'SI-'52 Chrislmas Mimes Baseball B Team '50 Inlerclass Sporfs '5I-'52 Procfor '52 MARY ELIZABETH CASSI DY Keffle Sfaff '49-'52 Parish Acfivilies '49-'52 Chrislmas Choral Group Baslcefball B Team '49 Inlerclass Sporls '49 HEN RY CHRISTIAN CESENA Cauldron Slaff 52 Mission Commilfee '52 Chrislmas Mimes Block S.M. Sociely '49-'52 Foolball Manager '49 Baseball Manager '49 Inlerclass Sporls '52 Proclor '52 DELFINE CONSUELO CONSTANCIO Transferred from Edison High School '50 Parish Aclivifies '52 Chrislmas Choral,Group FRANCES MARY CAVALLI Honor Sociefy '50 Chrisfmas Mimes W s....,,., It . .I RONALD LOUIS DEIRO Translerred from Sloclclon College '5l Mission Commillee '52 Cauldron Slall '52 BARBARA JOHAN NA DELL'ARINGA Translerred from Slocklon High School '50 Kellie Slall '5l-'52 Parish Aclivilies '52 Chrislmas Mimes ANITA GUILA DELUCCHI Honor Sociely '49-'52 Kellie Slall '5l-'52 Cauldron Slall '52 Chrislmas Mimes 'QQ' 5 5 5 l r as Q9 RICHARD JOHN CORDOVA Sancluary Sociely '49-'50 Kellie Slall '52 Cauldron Slall '52 Mission Commillee Chairman '52 Chrislrnas Mimes Bloclc S.M. Sociely '49-'52 Baseball varsaiy '49-'52 Foolball '49-'52 Baslcelball vafsify '50-'51 lnlerclass Sporls '52 Proclor '52 GEORGE JOHN CHRISLU 9 Class Presidenl '52 Class Treasurer '49 Execulive Council '52 NN Kellie Slalf '49-'50 Mission Commillee '49 DOROTHY CLMRE COOMES Publicily Cammiiiee '50-'52 Translerred from Sloclclon High Chrislmas Mimes School '49 Block S.M. Sociely '50-'52 Mission Comrnillee '49-'52 Rally Chairman '52 Chrislmas Choral Group Baseball '49-'52 Choir '49 Varsily '50-'52 lnlerclass Sporls '52 Proclor '52 1-L The-Br' W W' JOAN MARIE BRICHETTO Transferred from Slocldon High School '50 Class Vice-Presidenl '52 Execulive Council '52 Honor Sociely '5I-'52 Cauldron Slalf '52 Financial Manager '52 Parish Aclivilies '5l-'52 Chrislmas Mimes Cheerleader '52 JOSEPH LOUIS DENEVI Class Sergeanl al Arms '49 Block S.M. Sociely '49-'52 Baseball varsify '5o.'52 Baslcelball '49, '52 B Team '49 Varsify '52 Foolball '49 lnlerclass Sporls '50-'52 CORALETA MAE FEARY Kellle Slallf '50-'52 Mission Commillee '49 Publicily Commillee '52 t,r-ed 'X Baskelball '5l LOIS ANN FREDIANI Honor Sociely '5l Kelfle Slalf '5l-'52 Cauldron Slafl '52 Mission Commillee '49 Chrislmas Mimes lnlerclass Baseball '50 Cheerleader '52 CAROLYN JEANNE FREY Class Vice-Presidenl '50 Execulive Council '50 Honor Sociely '49-'52 Kellle Slall '52 Cauldron Slalzl '52 Parish Aclivilies '49-'50 Secrelary '50 Chrislian Life Commiflee '50-'52 Chrislmas Choral Group MARY VAN DA FEDI Kellle Sfalll '52 Cauldron Slaff '52 Mission Commillee '49 Publicily Commillee '5 l -'52 Chrisfmas Mimes G,A.A. Sergeanl-al'-Arms '52 Baslcelball B Team '49 .,,l U ' I ,I I ,ff I .1 'Tl mf ? 5 ,Q DUANE GEORGE GIBSON Publicify Comrniffee '52 Chrisfmas Mimes Baseball B Team '49-'50 lnferclass Baseball '5I-'52 J9afw6,4. CONSTANCE MARY GRANOSKI Transferred from Nofre Dame Academy, Marysville, California '49 Honor Sociefy '49-'50 Liferafure Commiffee '49-'52 Chairman '52 Chrisfmas Mimes BENJAMIN CADANA GARDEA Transferred from Srocldon College '5l Block S.M. Sociefy '52 Foofball '52 M 4905 'iw LARRY DEAN GALLAGHER Transferred from Sfoclcfon High School '49 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Chrisfmas Mimes Liferafure Commiffee '50 Block S.M. Sociefy '52 Baseball '50-'52 Varsify '52 Baslcefball Varsify '52 Foofball '52 lnferclass Sporfs '52 Procror '52 GLADYS IRENE GUERRERO Transferred from Sfocldon College '5l Chrisfmas Choral Group '52 ,QI r - ,.- zsgaz:.:... f,,w'1fw, i :- Www W 1 ' 're :f?i' l2Y b' 'EL 511315 W:-HU -, 1 11 vi.: gf xg . , ,.. Y.. M m'N K? BE JEANNE McCONNELL Class Secrefary '52 Honor Sociefy 'Sl Keffle Sfaff '52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Mission Commiffee '49 Chrisfmas Mimes GAA. Seprefary '5l Presidenf '52 Baslcefball B Team '49 Varsify '5I-'52 lnferclass Baseball '50 Qi, MELVIN LOUIS LUCHETTI Class Treasurer '52 Cauldron Slahc '52 Mission Commiflee '49-'50 Publicily Commillee '52 Chrisfmas Mimes Proclor '52 THOMAS JOSEPH GUERRERO Transferred from Edison High School '50 Block S.M. Sociefy '5I-'52 Sergeanf-af-Arms '52 Baseball '5I Foofball '5I-'52 1-4 'Q-.., ,uf GERALD EARL HANSEN Transferred from Edison High School '49 Mission Comrnilfee '52 Block S.M, Sociefy '52 Baskefball Manager '52 BARBARA MARIE JOPP Honor Sociefy '5I Keflle Sfaff '49-'52 Edilor Junior Keffle '5I Cauldron Assf. Edifor '52 Mission' Commilfee '49 Publicify Commiffee '49-'5I Parish Acrivilies '52 Chrisfmas Mimes CAROLE JEAN KINSER Mission Commiffee '49-'SI Lilerafure Commiflee '52 Chris+mas Choral Group '52 Choir '49 Inferclass Sporls '49 JAMES FREDERICK HARRIGAN Cauldron Sfaff '52 Mission Commiflee '49-'52 Publicify Commilfee '52 Chrislmas Mimes ' 5 5 DIANE RAE MARCONI Mission Commiflee '49 Parish Aclivilies Vice-Presidenl '52 Chrislmas Choral Group Baslcelball B Team '49 Keflle Slafl 50- 52 Cauldron Slaill '52 Mission Commillee 49- 50 Parish Aclivifies '50-'52 Chrislmas Choral Group lnlerclass Baslcelball '50 MILDRED MARIE LYONS r ggi, gil ' gi-ci ii-. llw 'V ',, le' I I i l 'HN DONALD JOHN LE BEOUF Transferred from Edison I-ligh School 50 si-fr W 136' 'S Cauldron Sla1Cl'52 Publicily Commillee '52 Proclor '52 NADI NE ELIZABETH LAGORIO I-Ionor Sociefy '49-'5I Kellle Slaltf '50-'52 Cauldron Slaff '52 Mission Commiffee '49 Chrislmas Choral Group lnlerclass Baslcelball '49 LOWELL STEPHEN BRENNAN Class Preside-nl '5l Class Sergeanl-af-Arms '52 Execulive Council '5I Sancfuary Sociely '49-'52 Fecleralion of Calholic I-ligh School Presidenf of Norlh Bay Unil '52 Mission Commillee '50 Rally Comrnilfee '52 Block S.M. Sociely '50-'52 Baslcelball Varsily '50-'52 Baseball B Team '50 Inlerclass Baskelball '52 ' , xg' X .4 'Y W X. ,L mf- S' JOSEPHINE DOROTHY ESPARZA Class Vice-Presidenl '49 Execulive Council '49, '52 Honor Sociely '49-'52 Cauldron Edilor '52 Parish Aclivifies '49-'52 Chairman '52 Chrisfmas Mimes GAA. Treasurer 'Sl Baslcefball B Team '49 Varsily '50 DONALD ANDREW MASSIO Mission Commillee '52 lnlerclass Sporls '52 W ,O 6' WILLIAM JOHN McDONALD Kelfle Slaff 'Sl-'52 Cauldron Slalzl '52 Mission Commilfee '49 Publiciiy Commillee '52 Chrisfmas Mimes Baskelball B Team '5l lnlerclass Sporfs '52 '. i JOSEPH ANTHONY MICHAELS Class Sergeanl-af-Arms '50 Sancluary Sociely '49-'5l Chrislrnas Mimes Block S.M. Sociely '49-'52 Foolball '49-'52 lnierclass Sporis '52 BARBARA JEAN MILLER Class Secrelary '50 Honor Socieiy '49-'5I Kellie Sfalil '5O4'52 Cauldron Slafl: '52 Mission Commiilee '49 Baslcelball B Team '49 lnlerclass Baseball '50 CAROL LOUISE McFEELEY Transfered from Manleca High School '49 Parish Acfivilies 'SI-'52 Chrisfrnas Choral Group '52 BARBARA JEAN NATALI Transferred from SI'ocId'on High School '50 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Chrisfmas Choral Group GLORINE ANN NIELSON Transferred Io S'rocIc'Ion College '49 Relurned Io Sainl' Mary's '5I Mission Cornmiiiee '49-'50 Chrisimas Choral Group Baskeiball B Team '49 'W MARILYN LOUISE MO RAN I Cauldron Slafl '52 K al . Parish Ac'I'iviI'ieS '5I-'52 Chrisfmas Choral Group ELEANOR MONTANEZ Translered from Edison High School '50 Mission Commiffee '52 Chrisfmas Choral Group MARLENE ADELE OBERTELLO Kellie Siail 'SI-'52 Cauldron S'IaFf '52 Liierafure Commillee '49-'50 Parish Acfiviiies '52 Chrisfmas Choral Group '52 ,lf P I fb CARLENE JULIE ORSOLINI Execu+ive Council '52 Honor Sociely '5I-'52 Kellie Sfari '50-'52 ' Edilor '52 Cauldron Slalif '52 Chrislian Life CommiH'ee '50- Parish Acfiviiies '52 Chrisimas Mimes Baskefball B Team '49 Varsiiy '50, '52 GILBERT TAPIA OROSCO Transferred from Edison High School '50 Chrisfmas Mimes Block S.M. Sociely '50-'52 Vice-Presidenf '52 Baseball Varsify '50-'52 Foofball '50-'52 Capfain '52 JOYCE ELAINE PRATT Honor Sociefy '50-'52 Li+era+ure Commiffee '50 Parish Aclivifies '52 Chrisfmas Choral Group Choir '49-'50 Baslcefball B Team '50 QJJ T ANTHONY SAN ULOVAL Cauldron Sfaff '52 Mission Commiffee '52 Chrisrmas Mimes Block S.M. Sociefy '52 Baslcerball Manager '49 Proclor '52 FREDERICK BERNARD ETCHEBERRY Siudeni' Body Sergeanf-ai-Arms '52 Class Treasurer '49 Class Presideni '50 ' Class Sergeani-al-Arms 'SI Execufive Council '50. '52 MARJORIE ANN SCOTT Mission Commiifee '49 Publicify Commiffee '52 Baskefball B Team '49-'50 Varsify '5l lnferclass Baslceiball '49 Eff,'llef,'f SfQ,jf -49,-52 JACQUELYN Louise SKINNER Presidem' '52 Parish Acfivifies '50-'52 Baseball Chrisimas Choral Group Varsiiy '491'52 Choir '49 Baslceiball lnferclass Baslcefball '49 B Team '49-'50 Foofball '50-'-52 lnlerclass Sporis '50-'52 DOLORES ANN VALVERDE Transferred from Edison High School 50 Cauldron Sfafl '52 Publicify Commiffee '50-'52 Chrisfmas Choral Group G.A.A. Treasurer '52 Baskefball Varsify '5l-'52 JESSIE JEANNE SMITH KeHle S'faf'F '5I-'52 Cauldron Sfafl '52 Parish Ac+ivi+ies '49-'52 Chrisfmas Choral Group JANE ANN SMITH Transferred from Richmond High School , California '5 I Parish Acfjvifies '52 Chrislmas Choral Group U ,UM r ,f 53 FLOYD IRVING BROOKS Class Sergeanf-a+-Arms '52 Publicify Commillee '52 Procfor '52 RICHARD JOSEPH VALVERDE Sancfuary Sociely '49-'52 Block S.M. Sociefy '48-'52 Foofball '48-'5I Baslcefball '49-'SI B Team '49 Varsify '50-'5I Baseball '48-'5I Varsily '48-'5I I Q JOAN MAE WAGNER Kellle Sfafl '504'52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Li+era+ure Commilfee '49 Publicify Cornmiffee '52 Chrislmas Choral Group '52 THELMA JEAN WISE Transferred from Sain? Joseph Academy, Yakima. Washingfon, '5I Cauldron Sfaff '52 Chrisfmas Choral Group '52 HAROLD ARTHUR WYATT Liferafure Commiffee '49 Mission Commiflee '49-'50 lnferclass Sporfs '52 Baseball B Team '49-'50 Procfor '52 JEANNINE CAROLYN WILLIAMS Honor Sociefy '52 Keifle Sfaff '5I-'52 Cauldron Sfaff '52 Lileralure Commiflee '50-'52 Chrisrmas Choral Group '52 I I Commiflee chairmen leave for an outof- Town Federafion meeling Seniors Affer 'rhree years of parficipaling in school aclivifies, The Class of '52 was ready fo assume leadership in school affairs. Fresh- men lnilialion and Receplion, Chrislmas Senior Class Officers - - - G. Chrislu, Pres.: J. Bricheffo, V. Pres.: 4 Louis Bernadicou and Sancluary Sociely Presiclenl' Jack Sranley, assisr Falher John Glaslcy a+ High Mass in Action Mimes, Senior Di+ch Day and Hwe Junior- Senior Prom helped +0 make The year worihy of remembrance. ,hflsb xi yi ' Seniors welcome freshmen af recepiion B. McConnell, Sec+y.g M. Lucl'1e++i, Treas.g F. Brooks, L. Brennan, Sgis.-af-Arms. Time ou? a+ Junior-Senior Prom Big momen+ in a senior's life ' i M K, ' vw Hail, miglwiy senior! lvlalce a million wifh The seniors ' Relaxing al fine bazaar xi Seniors add inferclass Trophy +o collecfion. ,ff L :kai all S . uf' 4 Tired affer a day of skiing Senior Difch Day I !X I lhiffel KeH'le S+a?F si+s one our a+ Arabian Nighfs Dance The pause rhai' refreshes Sfudenf body presideni' a'r ease Backs+age Cl'1ris+mas Mimes CLASSES V J 1 1 l r i i 4 i I r Y L g 5, 4 i i Y i 4 a 1 W 1 4 2 T z l. 1 E i ', 4 I l I Q. '. iw J Boys Baci: Row: F. Phelan R. Leary W. Sweigarf R. Mesa P. Wallace Second Row: J. Somers F. Trucco J. Lewis W. Payne J. Rishwain J. Moran Fronf Row: C. Wilson A. Torlai R. Rosaio E. Snedeker D. Sfevens Girls Back Row: S. Parlcison J. Sanguinelfi M. Polsinelli S. Mendonsa J. Trucco D. Sanguineffi A. McCauley E. Schenone J. Scl1mid+ P. McLaughlin F. Rafheiser D . Nalali M. Lucas A, Quinn Second Row: G. Tominaga P. Whipple C. Moran M. Vavrilc S. Wallace Fronf Row: N. Rishwain M. Simmons C. Murrell J. Morenzoni l. Sanfini J. Pina Junior . , x-.QW Y GENE Back Row: C. Armanino E. Haansfra J. Jacques J. Ferrari D, Anlongiovanni S. Diensf C. Brooks C. Ginesfra B. Jacobs V. Gersey M. Evans M. Conway Second Row: P. Duddy C. Chinn M. Barker? L. Lercara C. Krelz Froni' Row: B. Garibaldi E. Frosl A. Frey J. Barlceff J. Lagorio G. Loring A. Benavides Nof Pic+ured: M. Cornaskey G. Sanchez Class Boys Back Row: T. Earley D. Gini P. Casfles M. Garcia R. Galvez Second Row: J. Lalor J. Fedi C. Bloch G. Lawrence M. Clowdsley T. Ford Fronf Row: G. Kulsfad W. l-luiras J. Cordova L. LaRossa J. Caslles Noi Pic+ured: D. Crase P. Good N. Holi Junior gypsy forfells ihe fuiure ai loazaar. Juniors Class Officers Leif To righf-W. Payne, Treas. M.Simmons,Sec+y., P.Cas'rles, Pres. The juniors' enfhusiasm has always g yy proved a fouchsione for success. A wide fi range of class aciivifies, a fresh ap- X 'I We're oil io ihe l-learsi Ranch for lhe Junior-Senior Picnic! Junior English sfudenfs 'fry oui for radio drama. Five junior misses ready 'io sell al Chrisimas bazaar. in Action M. S. Polsineili, V. Pres., C. Wilson, Sgr. ai Arms. ' proach 'I'o rradifion, an imposing array of a'rhle+es and ar1'is+s have marked. This class for superior seniors. . - Prom Nighi' The Loveliesf Nigh+ of The Year ,,.......................M.-..,..- ,- .., ..,,.. --...Y........................ Waii' unfil you read 'l'he Junior Kettle Winrersfock Company saves ihe heroine once again! A fime for decision choosing class rings. Boys Back Row: P. McGuire L. Mclnfosh D. Maffei L. Liofard Second Row: R. Pereira R. Owning R. Mesa J. Vrieling W. Mowaff Froni Row: J. Mendiola H. Laior E. Rossi R. McHugh .a,.,....,....u.,., ..., , . ., , , Na., ...f ff,,.,M.... anim... .gn - -V-wigauggg Mgr- -f-f-qw:LqQ,1fH...,z.4-ffa1r',:Wf-- Girls Back Row: P. Scaleffa M. Smirh B. Tuso M. Rodriguez A. Mosher D. Wasser P. Norris P. Wong I. Sanguinerri P. Maguire I. Olague B. Simpson L. Muller Second Row: H. Weys J. Paisre M. Muzio E. Souza D. Muzio From' Row: B. Traynor A. Radovan S . Schenone D. Turcoffe L. Sanchez L. Pizzi Noi' Picfured M. Parenri F. Sanchez Sophomore G5hh Back Row: C. Cabral M. Larkin M. Cardinal R. Boyden S. Donahew B. Alwood S. Cuneo M. Earley C. Caslles M. Dickerson M. Holzapfel Y. Blomquisl L. Cavalli Second Row: C. Garibaldi D. Bernadicou S. Barlcell' C. l-loll A. Barbieri Fronf Row: G. Coffman S. l-lammell M. Hibbard M. Amarillas P. Daniels J. Evans Na+ Picfuredz S. Beally Class Boys Baclr Row: A. Fellers G. Barron J. Didier Second Row E, Doherly G. Cruz R. Bolfini E. Genereux J. Heinsius D. Kinser Froni Row: F. Angelini B. Firpo E. Boscacci J. Firpo W. Dorville Sophomores say iT wiTh Tlowers aT The ChrisTmas bazaar. fy -5 Trimming sails Tor Caribbean Cruise. Sophomores Second year sTudenTs showed proverbial sophomore spiriT as They plunged whole-hearTeclly inTo class acTiviTies. Their proTiTable bazaar booThs, Their dance Tor The Sail wiTh The sophomores and help The missions, Too. Come one, come all To The cou nTry sTore run by The sophomores, oT course. Sophomore Class Officers LeTT To righT - D. Kinser SgT.-aT-Arms, UP. McGuire in Action missions, rheir unique vocaiion ex- hibif have given evidence of ori- ginalify and responsibiliiy which will prove valuable To Them as upper classmen. Pres., D. Bernadicou, Seciy., B. Mowa+'r, Treas., M. Muzio, V. Pres. 6 ' ff ,5- Sombreros and sophomores add up io enieriainmenl for Siucleni' Bocly Meeiing. The presses roll for Jrhe Sophomore Kettle Siep righi' up and win a prize! J s ii . Sophomore Sania lisiens and asks a few quesiions Smiling sophomores promoie inieresl in religious vocaiions. Boys Back Row: W. Larkin J. Craig G. Firpo R. Edwards K. Cas+les Second Row: V. Bava G. Gini R. Baglieifo J. Dowd K. Boi'+o O. Dell Barb W. Dol1er+y Fro11+: Row L. Lucaccini R. Paneila J. Berfrand W. Jacobs H. Arbois N. Granoski 6 K . ..., ,mi Girls Back Row: E. Giannecchini C. Boggio D. Harrison J. Canclini D . Baires J. Keifner T. Bacceili D. Green B. Bibo S. Armanino M. Berfucelii J. Airone A. DeVincenzi D. Dela Riva Second Row: J.Jacobs M. Boofh J. Gefsey N. Cozziiorfi N. Dorville Fronf Row: S. Cassidy P. Asborno D. Cowan C. Feliz D. Goielii J. Barkefi' J. Pra'H J. Granoski Freshman G5hk Back Row: V. Mazzera J. Salmon C. Tarclio R. Jacques J. Pigczzi M. Jones S. Lacey J. Raggio L. Ramirez J. Noli L. Zumwalf T. Yell S. Robinson Second Row: A. Ulleberg M. Snedelcer C. McAdams P. Polsinelli M. MacLeod Fron+ Row: E. Wood S. Leon T. Lucas S. Shepherd J. Orsolini E. Raffo H. Monlano O. Morales Noi Picfured: B. Bachle B. Barsolli P. Cavagnaro Class W, W: - - f- - ln1 as ' Boys Back Row: R. Aguiar C. Noriega G. Rusca D. Vieira F. Nudi V. Sanchez Second Row T. Valpey G. Toso J. Traverso L. Nielson J. Zaragoza F. Suarez Fronf Row: M. McCauley T. Nicolson R. Rishwain J. Jurado AL Pezzi R. l-luiras D. Rodgers Noi' Piciured O. Torlai R. Wise fy fl 1 ff Freshmen go 0 W9 0 X sl X NQXV6 0566 i o .XXQZ Q dxgoxqv Freshman Class Officers OO 605' L. +o R.-T. Valpey, Trees., E. RaHo, Secfy Yxbxoqg o Greaf forfunes af shake! ,Elf .al e' ff ef f fi 'gf' Seniors show Hwe gg 5' N' freshmen how! L V J P. Polsinelli, V. Pres., B. MacLeod, Sgl.-ai-Armsg V. Sanchez, Pres., K. Casiles, Sg'l'.-a+-Arms. in Action f , , , lt, i is P , webs W 0700 1, 600260 ,, of no Av eos, '77 NAV A+ 'rhe end of fheir iirsf year of high school, afier having passed fhe ordeal of initiaiion and grappled wifh Lalin verbs, 'rhe freshmen look for- ward 'ro The nexl slep of fheir high school careers. Grand prize-man's besl' friend. Freshmen show 'rhe seniors howl lllf' a ,r.. W gk. ,g 7' aff lg ,x for fl X Pl A x Buy The besi from ihe besil sa CRGANIZATICNS F, k,., . , -fl-'W ' i 1 1 1 1 l 1, , . 1 I 1 . 1 fb H 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 G 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . . , - 1 4 1 ' ' , ' 1 . ,.fU.J': L.....w...-...... .,.. K, ,v .... HA , , ProcTors , When The bell rings Tor change oT class, senior procTors man Their posTs To mainTain order and quieT in The halls. Woe To him who Tries To slip by Them Tor a hasTy Trip To his locker! Student Organizations I Honor SocieTy DiligenT sTuclenTs who have mainTainecl a B average or beT- Ter, are eligible Tor membership in The l-lonor SocieTy. The symbol oT Their achievemenT is The l-lonor Pin, bearing The Dominican shield. ExecuTive Council The nucleus oT sTuclenT governmenT is The execuTive council which meeTs To plan sTudenT acTiviTies, To enforce The rules OT sTuclenT govern- menT, ancl To acT upon The be W SancTuary SocieTy I To The members OT The SancTuary SOcieTy Talls The privilege and duTy OT assisTing aT Masses in The parishes ThrOughouT STOclcTon. From Treshman To senior year The alTar boys Talce pride in The parT They play in solemn TuncTiOns which occur dur- ing The school year. Bloclc S.M. Boys who have earned a varsiTy block by playing or by managing one OT The Three major spOrTs, TOoTball, baslceTball and baseball, are eligible Tor membership in The Block S.M. SocieTy. One OT The chieli accomplishmenTs OT The socieTy This year was The draTTing OT a new consTiTuTiOn and The appOinT- ing OT a board OT direcTors. suggesTiOns OT The sTudenT body. One OT Their accomp- lishmenTs This year has been To honor The memory OT Monsignor W. E. McGough by placing his porTraiT in The school. 3 ,,. iw riiiz V .r 1 www, X 2' Saint Mary's Unit l rtrrr if as LOWELL BRENNAN Lowell Brennan has the honor of being president of the Saint lVlary's Unit of the Catholic Federation, One of the most active organizations in the school, the Federation through its various committees and monthly meetings, offers students the opportunity to perform worthwhile services for others, to become articulate Catholics. and at the same time to accept responsibilities which help to form the Catholic leaders of the future. jfrhramrv Hr, tw muufh ', gr im, Q F Catholic Press. JOSEPH I NE ESPARZA l.ed by Josephine Esparza, the Parish Activities Committee mem- bcis assist the parish priests in clerical work, collect food and clothing for needy families. and volunteer their services at Saint Josephs Hospital. CONSTANCE GRANOSKI Cbnstance Granoski is chairman of the Literature Com mittee, a group which meets to discuss books to develop good reading habits and to encourage interest in the Catholic Federation 1-,,.., X, Nfl' , ,,A.. A ' v RICHARD CORDOVA Richard Cordova is chairman of the Mission Committee which sponsors activities for the beneht of Father Hofstee at Tala as well as for the Society of The Propagation of the Faith. Each year, in addition to giving a dance for the benefit of the Missions. this committee gives a luncheon in the school cafeteria featuring Italian. Spanish and Chinese food. DAYLE ANTONGIOVAN NI Spiritual development, the primary purpose of the Chris- tian Life Committee, is brought to the consciousness of the students through its functions. Dayle Antongiovanni leads the committee members. Under their sponsorship the recitation of the Rosary each day at noon has brought about increased devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. JOAN CRUZ The Publicity Committee. while a part of the Federation, extends its services to all school activities, Chairman Joan Cruz and her assistants as-sume responsibility for providing timely bulletin board displays, as well as designing posters for all school functions. 2 . v The For over TwenTy years SainT Mary's sTudenTs have been working TogeTher To meeT deadlines Tor The Kettle. Members have Trorn year To year handed down a spiriT of enThusiasm and cooperaTion which has made The Kettle one of The school's mosT cherished TradiTions. Page Edi'l'0I'S Much of The burden oT publishing The Kettle is shared by The page ediTors who assign arTicles and assume The responsibiliTy oT ediTing and dummying ma- Terial Tor each page. .4 - TypisTs The backbone oT The Kettle bTaTF is The corps of willing and capable TypisTs w ose Task iT is To decipher The wriTing oT would-be iournalisTs, Type sTencils aT The elev- enTh hour, and sTill meeT The demands OT page ediTors and mimeographer. SporTs WriTe rs Manpower Tor The Kettle is amply supplied by TeaTure and sporTs wriT- ers, who, besides handling The mas- culine poinT OT view in The news and covering The sporTs field, can, in an emergency, Take over The Tasks of mimeographer and sTencilisT. Kettle ay' Carlene Orsoiini, Edifor Perhaps no ofher sfudenf body office involves so much responsibilify and foresighf as 'rhai' of Kettle edifor. Wifhouf a formal iornalism class, if is +he edifor's +ask io use her free Time assigning ariicles, reading proof, and di- recfing sraff acfiviiies. T EAYYO If ' Srles B . M . o- 1 . I ,Aan Pxgsxgka Ch Wehmxf cg S2575 ihiiicuff fo Ocfr. Mimeo a e - me P' we 'ear we Aw' 'R fs eff fhsfgwpfve sf 'wfe 9'6ph Lena YI Sxen kNOuQ work -We Kas due fo hfnuch L-,uf if fhe ffm er 'XR an asgmq M059 'eau 'S Skill O H76 su can bee sbenf 6 Wi vi Y , - Wed kxiewwfiouk gdiikiivi whiick Trzcfions Qvap aseisiani oexaxxs is 0' CO We HO ko ovemen okkenxe 'xmpr rfimu Joan Cruz and Aniia Frey, Arr Edi+ors The original designs on Keffle covers which greef fhe sfudenf readers each monih are ihe work of The arf ediiors. and CCe sei . y Qenerosjiyof fhe 126:35 ' e if T H E S T A F F isa 9' Financial STaTF A. Ulleberg, S. Robinson, M. Clowdsley. R. Jacques, E. DoherTy, R. Rishwain, J. Lagorio. AssisTa nT Ec.liTor Ba rba ra Jopp Financial Manager Joan BricheTTo Cauldron To The senior classqof l952 belongs The honor oT resToring The TiTle oT Cauldron To The SainT Mary's year book, which Tor a decade has been known as The Green and Whz'te. Conscious OT The high sTandards of Tormer Cauldrons, The members oT The sTaTT have endeavored To make This ediTion a book To be enjoyed in The presenT and reviewed wiTh pleasure in The TuTure. WiTh This aim in mind They -have Tried To capTure a Tew of The ioyTul evenTs and happy as- STaFl Back row--C. Frey, J. SmiTh. L. Bernadicou, L. Gallagher: FronT row-B. Nafali, M. OberTello, M. Fecli, A. Delucchi, H. Cesena. I952 sociaTions oT This pasT year, so ThaT having lived Through Them once, They may noT, on receiving Their diplomas, bury Them Torever and erase Them Trom Their memories. The spiriT oT SainT Mary's is inTangible. lT Transcends The narrow focus oT The camera lens, buT iT is hoped ThaT These pages, re- viewed in laTer momenTs oT TranguilliTy, will recall The happy experiences oT our high school days aT SainT Marys EdiTor Josephine Esparza STaFF STancling: G. Chrislu T. CaclemarTori lvl. LucheTTi J. Harrigan L. Burgess D. LeBoeuT E. Sandoval l. Carclenas SeaTed: J. Burrola N. BerTolloTo R. Cordova J. Wagner Managing Edi'I'ors L. ATler L. Frediani N. Lagorio J. Cruz C. Orsolini M. Moran lnoT picTuredl Shepherds and Cherubs adore Jrhe lnfanf a'r Chrislmas Mimes. Choral From Jrhe l-ligh Mass offered in honor of Jrhe Holy Ghosi' in Seprember, ro gradualion exer- cises in early summer, singing plays an im- porranl' parr in rhe life of each Sr. Mary's srudenr. ln November, rhe siuclenr body sang a Requiem Mass for The 'iirsr Anniversary of Monsignor McGough's clearh. Each year in December 'rhe senior class presenrs lhe Chris?- mas Mimes---'lableaux of 'rhe Nariviry which are accompanied by chanrs and carols. Singing Senior Girls' Choir Back row: M. L. Casenave, M. Lyons, C. Frey, T. Wise, B. Nalali, J. Smirh, R. Bar- rows, J. Williams, D. Coomes. Middle row: T. Cademarlori, D. Alvarez, J. Skinner, C. Kinser, M. Moran, M. Ober- Jrello, M. Lagorio, E. Mon+anez. Froni' row: J. Wagner, D. Valverde, V. An- derson, J. Cruz, N. Berrolorro, J. Burrola. Crowning Our Lady Queen of The May. Activities for Slaiions of Jrhe Cross, High Masses for lhe feasi oi Saini Thomas Aquinas and ihe lieasi of ihe Annucia+ion marks Jrhe special occa- sions oi The spring semesier. The May Crown- ing and Confirmaiion precede graduaiion, which for ihe seniors ai leasi, overshadows all oiher occasions. Afier many weeks of praciice, l'he sludenl' body is ready io close anolher year by singing for graduaiion Mass and Benediclion. iris 11. Angels in Adoralion Chrisimas Mimes Adele Caniele siudenl organisf Acolyies assisi' af Sfalions of lhe Cross ATHLETICS Q 2 1 ,f,,,,,,Mi KA kk wwe fx 5.4 'Mal aw B. G-ardea, guard I , L. Burgess, cenfer l lxfrl J lg Nga L. Gallagher, end Varsity X T K ff P. Caslles, Tackle If iff? 5 ? gl A . llllall .L iii ff QQ X T. Guerrero, guard G. Orosco, guard me. F l fi 1- . , ll'-alii, ' 'filiffail L f Ju L .' Q . ' X REQ 1 F . ,-', F. Trucco, fullback NJ ns 'RMI' From leff fo ugh! Back Row F Efcheberry R Cordova F Phelan Q Mvchaels D Sievens L Gallagher B Gardea T Guerrero Swami Row J Cordova G Orosco C Arfozquu F Trucco P Casrles 1C Wilson G Cruz J Lalor D Klnser Ur rg. Eff 'L 'gf Qs .L me . ASSlSl5Dl Coach J. Dlnubnlo D. Sfevens, lwalfbaclc l C. Arfozqui, guard F. Efcheberry, quarferback I I' -5.7 .M . J af'W M xi Q Q l fs --f. . I my -V, .--,Q 1,54 gm . . .. - 1 A I, 'L'h ? f Q 'K if-.Q Y, V N , wi- ,I-':,2zu,. :1w we - . a '2L JN, E1 .V ,ik M N ,. ,, H H, picfuredz Managers: R. f A f , H-M A H. Lalor. Coach G. Muller W2 -ff-s, J. Cordova, end, J. Casfles, fullback F. Phelan, fackle R. Cordova. halfback Football J. Michaels, fackle M. Valverde, halfback J J Ji B TEAM Back row: V. Sanchez G. Toso J. Rusca J. Vrieling B. Mowa'r+ R. Edwards Froni' row: J. Berfrand R. Rishwain R. Mesa R. Huiras B. Firpo Basketball 'X VARSITY Back row: D. Crase L. Brennan J. Denevi J. Moran R. Alvarez Fronf row: C. Arfozqun J. Rishwain T. Ford T. Kosfelnik TW. --.... fi J E fi ms 23 t' fi 421 A Back row: T. Guerrero, B. Gardea, R. Boffini, G. Chrislu, G. Miller, coach: P. Casfles, L. Burgess, R. Alvarez, J. Denevi Fronf row: R. Cordova, F. Efcheberry, M. Valverde, J. Casfles, D. Sfevens, W. Payne, T. Kosfelnik. Baseball Back row: G. Toso, R. Owning, G. Barron, L. Liofard, J. Traverso, B. MowaH, W. Sfeed, coach. Fronf row: J. Berfrand, K. Casfles, D, Vieira, D. Kinser, G. Cruz. 1 G.A.A. Officers 'Back row: lvl. Fedi lSgi'.-al-Armsl, B. McConnell fPres.l Fronf row: D. Valverde lTreas.l Girls' A'rhle+ic Associafion Every girl ar Saini Mary's is a member of Jrhe Girls' Alhlelic Associaiion which is co-ordinaied wilh The physical educalion classes. Under The sponsorship of Jrhe G.A.A games in baslcelball, volley ball, baseball and ping pong are scheduled be- B TEAM Back row: SA. Barkeil D. Wasser C. l-loli M. l-lozapiel Fronl row: P. Polsinelli H. Weys l. Sanguinelli C. Caslles lS'ec.l L. Aller lVice Pres.l Jrween classes. This year a lennis class has been organized, buf has nol' enfered com- pefifion. ln adclilion 'lo inlramural sporls, The girls' varsify and B 'reams in baske?- ball and baseball play games wilh Cafholic schools in The valley ancl in Jrhe Bay area. a av... di! VARSITY Back row: B-. McConnell A. Barker? C. Caslles B. Simpson Froni row: L. Aller J. Cruz C. Orsolfni afnnuuanwszr ACTIVITIES 4 1 A 4 I 1 1 I I . 7 - , f:'m 1 . ! I 4 1 1 1 4 3 4 111111' 111 1 1 1 1 1' 1 1 41 1 1 , 1 1 11 1 I -1 Q-X 1 1 1 1 1 '1' 1' 111 1 1 1 1 1 up, 1 1 gmgll -1 iii' :rj 11' 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1.1111 1 1 1 U1.Jl H11 '19 1 1 11 '1 1 '111 1 P 1, V5 1 11111 1 11 1 1 1 5 'PQI 1,,! 11 11 X 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 F 11111 11111, 1 11 111 111 141, 1 1 1 ,1 1 .1, 1 1 1 1 11 1W! 1 1 1' 1 1 11 1 3 1 11 1 1 , 1. 1o 1 Yfau ho +11 1 1 1 MW 1, N 1 de Pmrh 1' 111-J11-1 QL, .12 1 1 , x,11N I . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 , 1:1111z3115111s1151 111111115 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 111 1 111115111 1 11 QL ' W1 1x W W ,11 I J-XV' 1 1,1 1 111 1 15,1 N P4n'Iw1qn1H1g1?l1r1+e pa11r1pl'11!e+ 1-1am 1111 '1 1, 'F r1n1l1Br I' 1 1 1 1 1 1 -,ggP11A1'1'1 .N 1 1 1'11'11 1 89I'l 18 d ld , 1 ' 1 1 h 1 11, 1 1 1 1 null ...f 1 1 1 if 1 1 111-' f '11 1: 1 , 1 1 1 N1! 1 11 'K 1' 1 11 11111 1 '11 H1 111 X ,LL, 1 Y 1111! H b' 11 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 ., 11 Ama1l1l1u1a11 1111 I 1 11 11 1 11 1, 11 1111. 1 ' 1 1 1 1,1 ,M 111 V111 1 1 1 11111 1 1-.1 11 1 1 111111,' 11N1'1f 11111 I 1 1,11 1 X 4 1 1 W N 111 11 1 1 W 1 , X1 ' 1 1 , N N' 1 41 ' 1 1 1,1 . 1, 1 Nqry gy? his 11 1 17 W, W1 1 1 , ,. 1 1 111 13,1 11 11 1 1 'jf1y1,1'l111!1 1 1 14 1 1 1 1 '1 ' 1, '1b11 11111: 1 11 1 ,1 it 1 1' 1 ,. . 11 1 1 1 11 H1111 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 x .img . 'f 'iff Qi' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1, 1 1 1 '1 1,1 4 - . 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Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Baralcalr Miss Elma Baralcalrl Mr. John S. Barlceri Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bernadicou Bravo and McKeegan Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brichelro Miss Minnie Brichello The Ken ,Brown Sludio California Floral Company Cassidy's Luggage Shop Mr. Jimmy Caviglia Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Cecchini Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Cecchini M. Corren and Sons Alberr Dell'Aringa Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Dell'Aringa Armando Dell'Aringa . Rocco Dell'Aringa . Roy-F. DeVincenzi Roland C. Doneux El Camino Marker El Dorado Drug Srore Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Esparza Mr. and Mrs. John Firpo Forfy-Nine Drug Company Mr. and Mrs. Guido Frediani M. Friedberger and Company Mr. and Mrs. l-lenry E. Frosi Gaia-Delucchi Grocery Mr. and Mrs. l-'larry L. l-laansira Dr. L. W. Hall Mr. Daniel A. l-lalvorson Mr. Leon l-lappell Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Jacobs Jessie's Place Mr. and Mrs. l-lenry A. Jopp K. R. Nurring Company Knighrs ol Columbus, 3rd Degree Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. William P. J. Mr. Angelo S. Lagorio Mason Lagorio l-larry V. Lalor George Loring Lynch, M. D. The Lyons Family Senior Porlrails Acfion Shols by by l-luberl Miller Mrs. Marian McGuire Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Manfelli Mr. and Mrs. Leo Manielli Bruno and Lena Marraccini Miss Jeanelfe Michaels Mrs. A: M. Minahen Mr. and Mrs. William K. Mowalr O'Conner Gen. Assembly, Fourrh Degree K. of C. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Orsolini 99 E Drive-ln Thearre Pacific 5 and IO Pacific Marker Parisian Laundry and Dry Cleaners Peerless Milling Company Pepsi-Cola Bollling Company Perfeclo Nervalo Mr. and Mrs. Fred Picchi Mr. and Mrs. Kennerh Prall Theodore P. Pulas, M. D. R. l-l. Service Sallah's Marker Mr. and Mrs. F. John S'anguine'Hi Seymour Jewelry Company Shepherd and Green Miss Mary A. Simonelli Mr. Lalayelle J. Smallpage Smirh and Lang Speedomeler Eleclric Srar Thealre Mr. Terrence O. Thomson Mr. and Mrs. Franlc J. Trucco Mr. and Mrs. Peler Trucco Frank J. Vieira, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Vieira William Walsh, D. D. S. Dr. and Mrs. Ernesl' Weys The Wonder 'Xclusive Laundry and Cleaners Yosemire Meal Marker Yoslr Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tardio ln memory of Pfc. l-larold M. Tardio, USMC Korea, May 3. I95I Lilhog ra phed in Slocldon by SVY'lll'l'I Gr1Cl Lang SJFUCJTO Commercial Phoiographer Press N ,..V , f , 5 LA Q 7 J, Q ,ff ' , 5gWRWW df Bai' V121 MMM WW M Eijx ww Wm MM if My M M, ff' V 'ff fJM ff ' WWW t aj s WW ff J W f W w- 4 is 3 EQ pf Em X 1'2?.f?KW'5W'WG X J was ,ga S N3 + ff gy' -Sf V W? i 3 ,, A A4 Lidqgiu f Vf0 M WV fhff ,ff My , uf L.- ku-f .ma 1.2. , .5 ,.f. -. QE .y,g?,2fQg5 f -ii z . , . , ,AT J :Q , Q A , - , , . Y. Q 0 ' g ags My .-Z df' Eis w ggiyl- L1 W 1, ' LH! :wa ll i f P ' I ' i W ff in . V f 1 1 ' ' ' 7'-'1 V 'W : 5w.,Q '7 ' 'f5lf,3i3?4,lL. fcmilgqhifl i1Wi V:??2i1 lfxsiiiifi, , K ' , ' 5 X 'i H ' ' A HW- 'L Q ' T m k - - I-ff. f-1, , - M ' A A 1 A . 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Suggestions in the St Marys High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

St Marys High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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St Marys High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


St Marys High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


St Marys High School - Cauldron Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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