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 - Class of 1956

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4 ,.q,r. ' ' - A , li V ,. , , X K 39? Y ,VW-Q. ' " ,4 ,Smal 1 "bf x . - , . .1 H - U. ,hug A, lf , s . . ring :-' 4: ' A A L?3":Q: - ,V . 4 Q Q . f I L- . -1.-'gg , . ,' jg, '. ., - -,,.Lf,gi5.- qv A.: .W 5 A .L t .154 4 ,fik A 'f 1 .. ., R M F .. 1,2 EM., . 1 '.-fx, u . ' '-i'.-- J Q in x -11 -. M- f, -gat' ,N I m ,. ,ip f' .:. 1 ,fl 'V-gg,.,,5,!r N 'L w-Tw. qnmkgw M fy ,Hg " AT- ma . g 'i ff , g.1Q.LQQf ik , up .fi ,n.E2f'f:? R' fa 3 , 5 , -rf , gl ffm., 3, -', -1 -K- 1 ' 7. 2 K3-'NHL Aim- , X, ' . ."'-fgf, .,'.,' 4'-'- .1 - , :gg fy A -fi.: ,N 1 -- . .gfdgwvgwq f I gpg.-fag wggg.':5b 4 ' A , . M., -A Q.-. , f, 4 . 431157. 1: I - ,,iL,1.-51. 5 Av ig., we .h , . .V '.,Av':K, v iFii'Zj,xv5k Ax Q , ' -Viv .-, ., " 1 , ' , we K - .Ag,,1- A Q - ' t : ,In xl 1,iY1.y:-N . . g f, ,. . x V' A- ' .5 Q, -if ,I ' f 5 I 1 " F51-ff - '1'zf'xf. 213, ., 1' 17 vii' ff? xxx- ' . Q, 137.4 .Te :Q-in in ',fgQlr ' ux .fm-.1-' - ,fx ' " yi' .if 'Ngfw I A ' 1 , W af'YmeigQ1fw f- '4g..1- ff A fl f .- - 2, ez M: ' ' Qfqg? fa af' ' uk - my .ut iv- : N, . , 1 .., at . 3: Yi' I ..1 . n. 1. ,Fi ty fm' 'ab-r. an - Q, - ix H' 1 '-25? -' , . h , 115. . A , Im W- X K ' 4 :'.,. 5 .I En .,, . E '. N-'f',f. Tr" if-. .- an Q: "5-A " j N.-,.g Sw' '- MP' " '- 5 'W'-X, . ,Q .I 3 , 5.45, 'Q ' NYE", . , , ' P- XSL I P J 1 'A if-A , D ' .JL .Fil . . , , . - Nt -fr' ,sg i' ', D .V gg- , 'fe ' XT I , 4 2 H ' ' ' ' 1 . . ,,Y.K',x,,e. I .--' J iig 1 I . , 72 ' i . 2: , , I al, - . H- . -fry , .., 7 f , .1 1 "' vi -r' W5 lf ii?" f Qfg 4 .1 ' ,Y 5' "fi:-e:,?j' yn J . s A :Q-11? K . I ., - ': . xy . .1 W -. .. .X A -if - ' .g 4:13. 35 HMM ' .1 ., wm v ffff3vf.1?f'..A' W gg F .,. 5, . ff 113- ff new - B' ',. "xi Q, 6 -V 1 f 4u3,, .. f . , . Q 4 ,. . 4' .. Q" M1. " v 7 'L' f' ffgwgu ..,,-K5. ,,..,l ,. M W .-, 5 ,A , 1. ' z Y! ,, I, N +1 .. ,A 1 ,I W 5+ X 0 . Y v ,gd xx F if ef, P s f vo y A at Q T41 , I : , 1 3.4 xr 'XP ,zl-5 L in f 4. . My 5 5231, xc ' 7' H '3 'Q ' ' D l E V i ,Jw L N 31' xv " ' . gi L - , 4 t , . 1 4. J- ' .ir 1 . x AQ K f f, 1 " f A .I L. y V1 gg. Q4 ' .ao 'Y .. sz . -N f' , , ' 31 f gg fr' ' . -Ek' Q: 1 . ,-. I . " "' -4' , x 7' ,f 1 . Q, Y , , . Lg, V. -rv, W E "' N V- 'X , . ,ev K- 5'-'if X3 v ' . L, 4- V4 h A 4 -v m '. '- Sl. r 'P . J, ,HE - x 'Q .,-as f-.- - A1 J 5' 'TQ 1-il ' .L I . X . , ,-2, -14. v f- f ., . f '---va., ,A ' ' ' , :Q YL . 'W' 6 " ': - - , Y.: 3 . X .1 gif... -,MM H, I ,- 3' V ' , '. 4' . .-. .' "I i adv- N11-:fa 1 ..,.,.f.nfiZ',....- .-nllilf--L, ...M -4 .,..4..A --.M ., M, '- M....xu1u,.-.1,L.M.,,1L.-4...-1.3-' ,-im..-L K A W-'ii' ,. rN!V'A-VCH over our schooL, 0 Lord, as its years inereaseand bless and guide her sons wherever they may be, heeying them ever unspotted from 1he worfdv' Let their hearts be warm with the flame of their boyhood ideais, their faith un' shahen,their principles im1novable.BeThou by their side when the darh hourshall come upon them. Srrengthen them when they stand, comfort 'chem when they are weahhearted, raise them up if they taLL. Let the Cross never grow dim tvtheireyesg but eh hthest Lesandsufte' s that mraylqarnnd steps, Lee ance lead them heavenwanigandin their hearts may 'lhy peace,whieh passerh understanding ,abide all the days of their hfeg through jesus Christ ourLord. DEDICATION H EADMASTER'S MESSAGE SENIORS FACULTY UNDERCLASSMEN ORGANIZATIONS STAFF MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES SPO RTS LOWER SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS dedication for his untiring efforts in making st. mark's an aca- demic institution ot which we are most proud. for his advice in our personal problems and those in- volving our class-from this we never failed to gain a new insight. for these, but most of all tor what he has taught us- not only in the classroom, but also in the simple act ot exposing us to his ideas, ideals, and per- sonality. knowing him has been an education- an inspiration. in truth, st. mark's is a direct reflection ot him and what he stands for. and for this we shall be eter- nally grateful to mr. robert h. iglehart. the class of 1956 I , , ,,,,, ,, l.4 headmasTer's message we know ThaT from facTs and Their inTerrelaTionships we derive absfrac- Tions. we know Too ThaT Ten years from This day you presenT graduafes will carry in your acTive consciousness precious few of The facTs imparTed To you in your secondary schooling. for by ThaT Time we shall expecT you To be well on wiTh The disTillaTion of facfual Teaching inTo Those absTracT TruThs by which all men live and some men lead: ThaT Accuracy is an edged Tool indispensable in This Technological age, ThaT our growing urge To serve This socieTy is The suresT guide of our meThodic hand, ThaT Truly sTrong men are humble and compassionaTe in wielding The Tools of sci- ence, ThaT our maTerial gains from The skilled Trades of men are wiThouT greaf imporT in The slow, inexorable carving of our epifaphs. These Trufhs, decanTed from The raTher muddy mixTure of our Traffic wiTh Things and ideas, may give you, God willing, The moral and social sTandards ThaT do crediT To men of Chrisfian sTaT- ure. Take wiTh you, from us your friends and one-Time menTors, fervenT wishes for your good works. for These will come To pass as The fine skill is gov- erned by high inTenT. R0'Ee,vJl273L,acaMh faculfy JOHN R. CALDOW, M.A. 1949 assistant headmasfer brown university Universite de poitiers middlebury college ROBERT H. IGLEHART, MA. 1949 headmasrer de pauw university Universite de lausanne middlebury college REV. J. M. FRYE, A.M., TH.B l955 chaplain, religion william and mary college harvard universiTy philadelphia episcopal divinity school LEONARD N. NELSON, B. S. 1933 science, mathematics university of illinois university of texas EMMETT L. MAUS, B. M. l9-46 instrumental music iulliard school of music southern methodist university 1-'xi 'N .M J' ROBERT D. BOYLE, PH. D l939 history Wesleyan university southern methodist university University of texas JOHN J. CONNOLLY, B.A. 1949 larin, history, english boston college universite de besancon bosfon universiTy DAVID C. NORRIS, B.A. l946 remedial reading clartmouth college southern methodist university FRANCIS B. MARBURGER, B.A 1951 english ohio Wesleyan university franklin and marshall college J. P. NEVILLE, B.A., M.A. 1952 english st. john's university new york university colorado university M J. B. DAVIS, B.S. 1953 registrar, mathematics southern methodist university HOWARD DUNBAR, B.S. 1953 mathematics, physical education bridgeport engineering institute north texas teachers college southern methoclist university L"""--Q.. EDWARD E. MITCHELL, A. B., LL. B. 1954 spanish, english harvard yale HAL L. CURRY, B. S., M. ED. 1954 director of athletics, mathematics north texas state U. s. naval academy southern methodist university texas christian University NORMAN W. BLAKE, B. MUS., F.R.C.O 1954 organist and choirmaster university of olurham JOHN M. SILKNETTER, A. B. l954 history, social studies franklin and marshall A. DOUGLAS, A.T.D. i955 writing, arf, spanish loradford college of art JIM B. DAVlS, B. 5. l955 mathematics, social studies central michigan ff H. M. KOPMAN, B.A., M.A. DIPLOME D'ETUDES FRANCAISES l955 french tulane university university of paris middlebury college university of poitiers boston university R. S. RICKARD, B.S. 1955 biology, p.e. springfield college REV. FRED W. BOECHER, B.A 1955 religion, basketball concordia seminary st. louis loyola university fordham university thx MRS. JOHN T. KOENIGER, B.A. l954 second grade louisiana state university MRS. HOWARD DUNBAR MRS. J 1954 fourth grade AMES E. TIMS, B.A., 1954 first grade hendrix college peabody college MRS. FRED BOECHER MRS. CHLOE GURSCH l955 l955 librarian fhird grade new york University abilene christian college GEORGE A, PEARCE, B.A. MRS- BEATRICE FULTON 1955 1943 principal of the lower school .house mOflWef boston universily concorclia Theological seminary concorolia Teachers college ,---.-W .1 miss virginia thomas i. alfred thompson piano instruction business manager 1955 1955 NJ mrs. vera wilson george r. wonderlich receptionist catering manager 1954 1954 'Gi mrs, paula lane evans miss hilda hawkinson executive secretary bookkeeper 1955 1956 nil' kitchen staff .,,av4U""""' left to right: charles robinson, vallee dubose, velma lane, Willie iones, anna mae mathews, 'rheresa iackson, violet reed. O maintenance staff fl I elll eeee "' "" W 15' Q l 1 11' A' A Q x ' E E K K' l yll ,N -ll , e i I K ,HY ' I EY Qt- - ioe a, miske emmetf garreft iOl'1I'l TV6ViS S anions ol" G- adams JOHN QUINCY ADAMS Ill entered september of 1950 from preston hollow school marksmen editor 12 president lettermen's club 12 remarker editor 11 remarker features editor 12 remarker staff 10 glee club business manager 11, 12 student council 11 honor rolls 10, 11, 12 class vice president 1 1 class president 10 class secretary 9 representative iunior tratfic safety council 12 lettermen's club 9, 10, 11, 12 glee club 11, 12 french club 11 history club 9, 12 band 7, 8 orchestra 11 dramatics: "wizard of oz" middle school outstanding athlete 8 i.v. tootball 7, 8 football 9, 10, 11, 12 soccer 9 basketball 10, 11, 12 tennis 9,10, 11,12 probable college: svvarthmore, oberlin Qi , Q "q,., x ff ,QM A K I I I I I FRANCIS RODERICK ANDERSON entered january of I955 from abilene high school president history club I2 marksrnen copy editor I2 rernarker staff I I, I2 lettermen's club I2 glee club I2 history club II, I2 football I2 basketball II, I2 baseball II track I2 probable college: university of colorado I ,L,. , f,, 3 ,L 7:.,., E 4 S MARTIN HIRSH BROWN entered september of 1955 from Tyler high scbool marksrrten assistant copy editor l2 golf l2 probable college: university of colorado or university of texas K . ,,. 2 , ,.,, Z , 'A' ' if , R i 'kqr if 1,- 3 g K S ,, H, fig .z Y 'x i I I I I I I I i i I .I DIXON WALLACE CHRISTIAN entered january of I954 from virginia episcopal school head prefect of dormitory I2 marksrnen art editor I2 rernarker art editor I I, I2 first honor roll IO, I I lettermen's club II, I2 glee club II, I2 history club I2 choir I I, I2 band II dramatics: "arsenic and old lace" "wizard of oz" I2 football Il, I2 basketball IO, II IO soccer I2 tennis IO, II track I2 probable college: iohns hopkins or university of north carolina Wk THOMAS VV. GAY JR. entered september of 1952 from lorigtellovv scltool vice president senior class 12 social chairman senior class 12 soccer captain 12 marksmen social editor 12 lettermen's club 10, 11, 12 glee club 11 history club 9, 10, 12 tootball1O,11,12 soccer 9,1O, 11,12 baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 golf 9 probable college: university of texas or sewanee university M, ,. ml , L4-1:2 Qffalac JOEL M. HEDGE entered september of 1954 from tyler high school marksmen assistant sports editor 12 letternnen's club 11, 12 glee club 11, 12 history club 12 football 11, 12 soccer 1 1, 12 soccer captain 12 track 12 probable college: colorado school of mines 41 'ff 'lawm- v X w,,, 4 7. I ca! x, 1, Q, wi. Q. 4, Q Q i 1 H if f,f qu ak, Q sf? mf A L5 .i-. PATRICK HENRY lll entered september of 1953 from greenhill school senior prefect 12 student council secretary 11 class president 11 marksmen associate editor 12 remarker editor 11 iunior ambassador to south america 10 midyear top citizenship award 10 12 nelson science award 10, 11 prize speaking cup 11 harvard club prize 11 first honor roll 10, 11, 12 lettermen's club 11, 12 glee club 11,12 history club 12 choir 10, 11, 12 orchestra 11, 12 dramatics: "murder in the football 11,12 soccer 10, 11, 12 baseball 10, 11,12 golf 10 probable college: harvard I f"x1 Ne, A I I I CILJL21Q.f 01-44. Ill' FRED l-IONEA Ill entered september of 1955 from hillcrest high school rnarksmen assistant advertising editor I2 re-marker staff I2 lettermen's club I 2 glee club I2 history club I2 football I2 golf I2 probable colleg university ez southern methodist iii , f, :sv-if -xx. sm., bm I X KENNETH KING entered sepfember of 1950 from cathedral school band president 12 marksmen assislant busines second honor roll 7, 8 history club 9, 10, 12 choir 7 band 8, 9,,10,11,12 fooTball 9, 10 baskefball 10, 11, 12 baseball 9, 10 Track 12 riflery 9, 10 probable college: university rnexrco s manager 12 of new slump: H ,.,. Nam 'S nw' ff'--QQ .. mm A fi . fa . .1 153' 2 'Q f ' if' Q , k V... H W ..... L, f1Q:HwgL2s-ii-'fiHf'f'mg H, -ai55f1kq,gggf:i1f.'f.. :' .5-Wfifyfiws Y1,g5'."p.i2ie 1- Jig' " T 72? 7 ff' 'F' W if -5 . i . ' ' - ' . Q v ff,fv1q.:,2Q+':w4g1ff'.w1' - ' ,, L L ' Lfe,..iQ5 - --iw-.11 viz-W f' -, 5,15-1815.805 iilxf ifil -- giifiilfhf' 1 111' -412522222 gifiwzz- 1,'1.1f.w fifgsf' A ' , .sy fgfi1u,.fq5E1i , .pq-155 312592, pgaiikff 9 gafef ffsi- 7 .sffaggiyf,fzzfsifiLi'il.'f:?1f' af --...Li ,. S Hi l ,W . v...a..s 'L A .1 .4 g. :ati f gli V- , im - 7 W--f fwf , ,M VL., ...W ,z L,.v' 9 333'-5 Z-W .. , ,.v,,-SM., 'Y je .czblfgiegisi :-'uf' 'mlilfjlxqi-5 1 ,K 1gP7.fwgfv,w4Qf" 1-:.2:fiiaaf-wfjziifli f,-z-,.sm.m1,qf5,gfg.:g.f - ' 2lfI1--12TA?2EE:ai,'1- 1. . .Q-SX "" fm, E .L . , 1... x3'l3'5:J9i5i ,..-mg H. W -f 553 .S ,M 2, . ff:-.fy Q65 39' 3 T'gfffLisf? .NNXfo-4-tx Quia ROBERT T. MOORE eniered september of 1952 from h. W. longfellow school glee club president 11, 12 rillery team captain 10, 11, 12 prefects' award 12 riflery Trophy 10, 11 second honor roll 10, 11, 12 marksmen advertising editor 12 remarker infer-school ediior 11, 12 hisiory club 9, 10, 12 glee club 11, 12 dramaticsz "wizard of oz" 12 fooiball 11 soccer 10, 11, 12 golf 10 Tennis 12 riflery 9,1O,11, 12 probable college: dartmouih or duke university Mm ,ws d'.?" ,'.n' H :""?'AuH".l. .QCA 7 I NGRMAN PEARCY entered september of 1950 from Walnut hill school senior class treasurer 12 marksmen photography editor 12 marksmen photography assistant 10, 11 representative to hockaday math tournament 1 1, 12 ambrose a. moody math award 1O, 11 first honor roll 11, 12 lettermen's club 11, 12 glee club 11, 12 history club 9, 1O, 12 french club 11 dramatics: "wizard of oz" 12 soccer 9, 10, 11 riflery 9, 10 probable college: cornell university 'il of ,iw sei? y F51S?:E"' ,M Q S f i ' ' . 5 V A ww , , ' fla I A iff- W L 3 -J7,:'fg,:::zQ? L . 5 .M :QW i fb 'gf 1 1 ,Mfg-v , Q wk-f6+g?f f fggyxgsefgg ,ugfygl w-:q'Qi?gS- , Rh A YT -KJ if A , .ggj,. ,f Q A - ,S S- .G .,- . . , . If .-.,. 1' K ,LL,, 1 z z lsi gl fx 3 ' . 1,2253 A J rw ,V , .,,. Q .f-gfiiega, F L . iifQiQfii.'!Q3Fii9:i' .11iif'i1'- rw ff Ein' 4 5 F55 ,tg F1 .s I -. X H5555 :iq V 71 - - in -23-' W 519 , A A NE!" 5-:im M359 Q . ,gy ,, ,,g,.f 2 'wwgy K 3 gi, , if ZW!! STEPHEN G. RANDLE entered september of 1955 from vvaxahachie high school marksmen sports editor 12 remarker sports editor 12 honor roll 12 football manager 12 tennis 12 probable college: undecided L.1. b WZ MW L, -- ,,, ..l MICHAEL E. RUDMAN entered september ot 1952 trom preston hollow school vice president lettermen's club 12 basketball captain 11 marksmen associate editor 12 remarker editor 12 rernarker staff 10 representative to national council of christians and jews 11, 12 second honor roll 12 lettermen's club 10, 11, 12 history club 9, 10, 12 drarnatics: "rising of the moon" "arsenic and old lace" football manager 10 basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 baseball 10, 11 track 9 tennis 11, 12 probable college: undecided 'T 1 i I we - A I 1,5 ky 1 in U Q .S A . .4Qb W ,L., D -fx' lie , V ,ff X gum Qx Q x N x X I I I -xx f a 1 RICHARDSON GANO SCURRY JR. entered september of 1950 from preston hollow school senior class president 12 class Treasurer 9, 1O marksmen business manager 12 remarker staff 1 1 first honor roll 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 representative to hockaday math tournament 11, 12 representative to dallas junior safety council 11 lettermen's club 11, 12 glee club 11, 12 history club 9, 12 french club 11 clramatics: "wizard of oz" 12 basRetball 9, 10, 11, 12 track 9 tennis9,1O,11,12 goIf1O, 11, 12 probable college: undecided "somewhere over The rainbow . . "hi guys-iT's me-mart" "good heavens . . . not again" "These dictionaries always did read "i know i put Thaf chear sheet in here kinda difficult" , someplace" id'-1 -Esau--mm ffw?5fas,: ' - wwyswwwfiwmw e Q Q "it'll never get oft the ground" -1 X. .. " 'N' vf Ylzmc 'A 1 '- N as aw , U' W Lf ,L g sv-H RTFM Q ,, In lili., 'Mm 3 .f , V rm In gy. , Eff 76 :Jfmffum wp ,L - we v4 5, fm'-Q ,,, -f rr, 5, tp, mf-,,,,,,, vt: Exxxmg gg mm :rrrnm Nu...-M ..e.g.f'.f',ljffM iQZlf,,,,m i ., uf Tb PM 'Nl 882 ms EE IM! ww .Srl Iii' A rx we me was We "everyone must have a little loit of everything" look at all these rolrots Wearing pants "have you ever, ever, ever felt a stomach that hard? , +" L. cn .Q o C 3 o 2 fC LJ C .C 9. CD. :N C N- C .C .2 2 :N plerce, robert bo Q8 geor 'lle, lohn USVI marburger, W: francis o B- E o 2: o .Q 3 o X. Ad U FU .Q C FU .Q C D 'O 'U L fU B o .C tn. D YU E 31 on E E GJ bl C ,. D U To .C .5 P fU 'O .Q ormolly, gohn c C. O 12 cv C 'O L- fU C O 2 ai L VU .C 2 .97 ,. C. 0525 955 N O7 Bam o C T .gg 'O C .2 3 ,. . SEE 53. -:Ln QOE ETJQZ Q53 nu .QMS E gE.2 3 . .xqf C25 .Can . .Qi-5 Q33 'O Sig Nm S"'? U, - :Cm gi? SEG 309 -C- we' 'UL EQ? Ci imp ,P cucfv -'5ro'U .2 2.9 5445 353 .mg ECE 5 L 5.fq' Gif we LJ -QE: 21:5 5-92, 6.5 E M275 ELG! eulas paua TS W rn underclassmen juniors mike rudman, senior advisor, knox henderson, secretary, foster yancey, vice president, mr. hal curry, faculty advisor, iohn fleet, president. this year, as before, the class of '57 has shown its ability not only to have its share of honor roll students, but also to be a leader in contributing to the school's various sports. the junior dance, which this year was in the form of a shipwreck party, proved to be one of the more delightful social events of the year. this was the first dance at which costumes were appropriate, and from the results of the occasion, there will be many more of the same type. mr. curry, as faculty advisor, has offered the leadership needed to make the class of '57 one of the best, well-rounded groups at st. mark's. Wilson brown bill burrow roger Crawford leslie denning richard evans rusty eversberg john fleet charles greenhall mike guftersen iim hazlewood knox henderson phil hyole ws, , ' 4 Q if if . N H Z gg ii is 4 K fggszvz f in rick lane iustin mccarty jack oakes ion ousley lim perkins barfon schoeneman nelson spencer howard Tygrett foster ya ncey vernon young fs . NZ'-ve, boiler roomfscene of sfimuiating, dr hyde The mad chemist inteilecfual conversation. we always said could go high Wk? those juniors 9' .rf 1 I 'IK 1 ' ' , .. if - 5 ,. if Qi I - ' -i 4 ' A 1 , , x 1- V 'f , ',,- QQ f - s ,f i I I diy' J ' f ,, ,K V 1 1, ,Y 'f A .. 1, , fem 1 s,M,.,, .1 ,- ,J M 1, 31 ' - ,W -, m e ' fiifggl Q. 9' ge' ,' av ,jf sophomores plack carr, treasurer, iohn foxworth, vice president, mr, john i. connolly, faculty advisor, iimmy childers, president, bob pickens, secretary, richard scurry, senior advisor The class of '58 has already given every indication of excellence in all fields of school endeavor. under the leadership of Their officers, the sophomores have once again enhanced Their prestige in the school community by The following "special" contributions To school life: 1. purchase of an ad in last year's marksmen. 2. operation of p. a. system at s. m's home games. 3. formation of an intra-class dance club, called "club '58", which holds dances monthly or bi-monthly. 4. publication of a class newspaper, "58 varieties" in the vital parts of school life, too, the sophomores again lead The way. they form the nucleus of the schooI's sports teams, place high on the honor roll membership, and are generally regarded as the class with The best class spirit. ricky abbot? plack carr jim childers richard dafhe fred dungan bill egan john foxworth houston higgins larry howell iimy iefer chuck iohnson bob kadane bob lawrence Terry lewis lack rnaxson - " Z E i E' 9 , Qi " i. ,cv i V. -M , Iii ,X cw . An --5,.::-i:.f..- ff it - f:f:::,g,. --ay. f f f ki Q. . . g Y Q S S l K 1 Aff, Q.. 'N-Q-, i M if:::w.d5.'5 if Yefl'-an V - z.Z'?, w f .1 m-Wg W ram W . 6:-yr' g fir 1 3, :n ,N 1 , 8. 1. A 5 W, :- K 'i - hkkk Qi ef' L W 5 .. , be Eb g kr Lk L I, I K r andy mayfield george miller bob pickens dick rogers iohn roper roberto ruiz steve slay mike smith rhea sfarnes bruce 'raylor bob Thornton tad williams iimmy williams clarence zuvekas 3 , 4, 449' WW ai. W1 'E freshmen office rs reeve jacques, vice president, rod anderson senior advisor, bill moore, secretary, bart brown, PFe5'de"lli mr. iohn r. caldow, faculty advisor. the class of '59, larger this year Than last, has been able to place a better than average number on both the first and second honor rolls, and to show great possibilities of receiving many honors in the aca- demic field. the freshmen were well represented on all iunior varsity sports teams, with a large per cent obtaining letters. this year's traditional freshman dance, the theme of which was a "freshman fair", was a definite success, made possible by the hard- working mothers and members of the class. in the future we expect to take an increasingly important part in all school activities, for this year's class hes many extraordinary abilities. Tom beckett bill boncher barT brown ricky buckner jack burrus varice Campbell john daniel greg bill ,,.,r lf g fngf W iim hovvell P A iack iackson reeve jacques frank lercher "UAS,-,,i L. 'Eh 'Z u'M"e-w- M32 f x in i . 'R 1, -ixaygigifir-w Mug.. ,..L:.m.x.,4.w1m..., charles mcburney bill moore bill paine john price iohn reecler bill roberts bill scurry peter smith hal Sweeney Teol Theverief drilling for Texaco "everyone mUsT do his parf .Q A A .. ' fourth row: burt iordan, iohn ahlschlager, dick hawley, arthur beyers, charles meeker. fifth row: stuart mossman, pete york, mike andrade, curt iohnston. -,,, . se venfh , ' l eighth grade first row, bobby vollmer, don olive harry koch, chas. scurry, tommy wright iohn dunlap, iim troyer, howdi co geshall. second row: mac hamilton, re gi middleton, ala n schoellkopl weatherby carr, alen holloman, davii stevens. third row: iohn alexander graham gibbard, tony holman, grad' vaughn, oliver hammonds, pat rudman grade first row: iohn pickens, ricky rice ciardi, skip hawn, bill castleman, don harris, bobby strauss. second row: art welsch, iim chaney, darrell hamric, steve miller, iimmy ardrey, mart higginbotham, george schoell- kopf. third row: iason kelley, carl sewell, iohn lavezzorio, bill taylor, pal currey, mike' mcdade. sixth grade first rovvg al hill, mike livvis, clay mccord, richard barry, george works. second rovv: daniel roper, david waggoner, iohn mcmurray, tommy griffiths, angus Wynne, david vvest. third row: max gifillan, david smith, frank austin, john bon- cher, star pitzer. advisors: mr. nor- man blake, faculty, robert moore, senior. is fifth grade first row: mike barry, owens castleman, tony vollmer, james galbraith, russell reed. second rovv: bill bailey, frank fitch, doug hand- el, chester donnally, jerry lea, james kemp. third row: iames reichman, brad schoeneman, ioe seale, clinton dean, ioe mills, par- rish kelley, advisors: mr. jack silk- netter, faculty john adams, sefiioi E fourth grade first row: danny dickirison, justin miller, ricky strauss, easley waggoner, alan trye. second row: bard mclendon, iarnes pernell, iolwn iglehait, george bedell, elfon mccurie. third row: vanda davidson, iack woodward, bobby mead, ioe hawn, sidney lee. teacher: mrs. dunbar. .. 4: s . ., 2' .. third 9 ra de or r .1 -V ' L f , ' 43 W V L. . -' ci 'A .- r f' T, T? H V 7 "RIN , ii' If first row: robert pierce, richard hawn, charles clark, , e ,' 5 , .H "1"tfi"jln Xi f AN. ix .xg i peter maxson, martin buehler, second row: henri 5' y , Vik M, , M A bromberg, gerald brown, leslie moch, tommy amis, i V f in ' K .' f if -. ,- W f- ' . ts. if I rri- 'K is W Mit- A fem. ' f' 5 david mcdonough. third row: Clint murchison, edwin f 'A' . ,., L-Wwis. QQ . 3- , il rw ' X I fm ',-' 'S I . V11 - cox, edward galbraith, william rogers. teacher: mrs. 1 ffsfli- .ff K 5. ' - i-4. ,"' " 'S ...I . f . zgi .,., we Y' M H 1 Qufsch. .W f"fffi1' ui L'-H4 V alert. rt. I fi f mg I lv. kk ix: 1 ,ri ,Lv . My 31 Vi .k., is y. 4 r ' W 'i ellsf L.. 4:-Q KT L W -if 'VV A xvekyxwi K .if .-ii -QF , I R if if .L If ' 1 . V -, , 55.2 M . -A m y fi ,Amr 3,7 'gg ' i ' F T:-L second grade first row: hervey priddy, ioe schepps, ben atwell, robert rooth, robert cleeland. second row: andy iack- son, ete smith, bill hastin s, chris cobb. teacher P 9 mrs. koeniger. first grade barton carter, robert black, mrs. tims, burt murchison, bill somerville. 4 l i organizations prefecfs this year marked the advent of a new student governmental system at st. mark's. at last year's final assembly, four boys were named as prefects, beginning in 1955 and extending until they graduate. pat henry was appointed as senior prefect of the school, dixon christian to the senior dormitory prefecture, and mike guttersen and iohn foxvvorth as school prefects. they were chosen by the headmaster, in coniunction with the faculty, the student council, and the out- going senlor class. during the fall term, graham gibbard was named to a limited boarding prefecture. these prefects, working both idividually and together, have been able to make the student government more personal, and thus more effective in school life. they have also gained much in return, for the experience of leadership has been invaluable. O -If i the marksmen staff MR. L, N. NELSON JOHN ADAMS editor-in-chief TGCUITY advisor EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE RICHARD SCURRY BOB MOORE NORMAN PEARCY PAT HENRY MIKE RUDMAN business advertising photography associate associate manager editor editor editor editor KENNETH KINK FRED HONEA DIXON CHRISTIAN IOM GAY art editor social editor ROD ANDERSON STEVE RANDI-E copy Sports editor editor MARTIN BROWN JOEL HEDGE remarker this year the remarker tried something different- organization, several boys were placed in charge of departments and it became their responsibility to draw up the stencils for these for each issue. howard tygrett was news editorg steve randle, sportsg iohn adams, features, bob moore, hocka- day. mike rudman did a remarkable iob as editor- in-chief. the remarker was published every two weeks and during this year became more a part of the Eschool. several new features were added, notably the publishing of the paper in straight right hand columns giving its appearance more of a profes- sional look. we believe that the student body has finally rec- ognized this publication and is actually taking on active part in it. this is indicated by such things as: letters to the editors, an increased interest in working on the paper. it is our sincere hope that next year's editors will carry on some of the prece- dents that have been set and instigate new ideas so that the remarker will become even more a voice of the students. leffermen s club this year's lettermen's club vvas one of the most active in the recent history of the school. at the beginning of the school year iohn adams vvas elected president, mike rudman, vice president, and houston higgins, business manager. on the recommendation of the officers and the faculty the club decided to adopt a plan by which it shares profits with an outside agency which installs candy and drink dispensers. the profit from this concession was ample enough for the club to have several parties, the first being held in the park cities 'y' building. dixon chris- tian and norman pearcy headed a dance com- mittee appointed to arrange for social functions. all in all, this was a very successful year for the organization, and it is hoped that the spirit of vitality which vvas the keynote of this year's club will continue to grovv. U is ' ig, p ,AV1, 1 P Q., e r S C h .fix 0 f- O I back row, left to right: bob kadane, charlie greenhall, richard scurry, pat henry, norman pearcy, howard tygrett, bob thornton. middle row: bill burrow, jimmy williams, john foxworth, clarence zuyekas, ray starnes. front row: frank letcher, reeve jacques, bart brown, charles mcburney. V second V A first A back row, left to right: andy mayfield, jim childers, terry lewis, steve randle, john adams, bob moore, dixon christian, dick rogers, tad williams. middle row: hal sweeney, tom beckett, peter smith, jack jackson, bill boncher, front row: jack bur- rus, ted thevenet, richard dathe, john daniel, ricky abbott. h o n o r FQ I' O I I S A gnc I j, 'eff MMR ww W W i swf' back row, left to right: george schoellkojof, graham gibbard, dick havvley, grady -f L1 .1 m i I I e S C h O 0 I Vaughn, mike andrade. middle row: ricky barry, george vvorks, clay mccord, jimmy arclrey, don harris. front rovv: parry kelley, don donnally, jim kemp, clinton dean, hill bailey, russell reed. A first A V second V 1 h o n o r I' O I I S standing, left to right: john boncher, john lavezzorio, mac hamilton, majors harris, cliver hammonds, john pickens, charles scurry, tommy grittiths. seated: charles hill, david gursch, ricky ricciardi, jason kelley, joe seale. WM. ludf choir the st. mark's choir, made up ot students, faculty, and friends of the school, sings tor daily chapel and, on alternate sundays, sings choral evensong. outside activi- ties this year began with a program on november 21 in northway christian church. on december 16, after a busy week which included the annual carol service in the chapel, a program of christmas music in the gymnasium, and carol recitals for the architects' vvives' club and the dallas vvornen's club, they left on a weekend tour and sang the service of nine lessons and carols in christ church cathedral, houston, trinity church, galveston, and st. alban's church, vvaco. highlights of the second semester were performances of psalm 19 Cmarcellol and rnozart's litanies in b flat on march l3th, and the faure requiem on march 23rd, vvith the choir of st. luke's episcopal church. the annual st. mark's day service was sung on april 29th in the church of the incarnation instrumental music the instrumental music program includes band, string ensemble middle school orchestra, third and fourth grade orchestra, beginning classes, intermediate classes and the first and second grade music classes. individually and combined these groups appeared in concerts and recitals during the year. the sports band sup ported the football team and was available for later sports events the active interest and material support of parents gave the cause a great boost in making possible the expansion of the temporary music building, providing needed rehearsal space, better lighting, and a library area. an important step was the pro vision of two practice rooms, where student ensembles may rehearse and where boys are able to do the technical and solo practice that is essential to progress the band and orchestra parents' and son's banquet, in may, instituted in i954 is a traditional tribute to the boys whose ambition and determination have built an outstanding instrumental music department. BAND OFFICERS kenneth king , , president and ass't director rick lane ,, vice president houston higgins ,,s,,,, , ,, secretary ORCHESTRA OFFICERS frank austin , president rick barry vice president mike lewis secretary , 2 -M ' 42. ,Et fl W, T gf, c?3. ,t.v at , , agtasra3wrt. . ,r , ,.a ig t tm, Q Q Q wt Q at t -1 vt K L iff but at its Wi' its MM, , 5, - ,xg A-:iff E ff? 2+ ii tt? wil M f wed' ' P 'L 1 " ' " K r ' Y fl 'frfi Mew A , 'fxklk' g:5is'i3'212.,f'i-z,,5Qv "Q . 'L ' ' -7 ' " ' , '7 l 521: ,- , fe: 11 f ' , ,af , . f . . . A ,gf,,,,v,,ff,m.,-f Y , . ' g A' g,, ,sim ,g "H, LZJ' ., f, .,,, - a s ,.L, WAL, , hN,, , , ,LLA, ,,,, ,,,, . ., A ' r gram Sf ',2g,,:pwe4a'qaazwrfg 3.mxifE,x,.5 v, y4,:,1gsya ,, 1 it 1 s r K f- f- +1212Mtwqsfx-owlefsxaiifgmyfi, ' awwytgn,-'1g,.nywX,emi3'1.'glvrxwr , 'fy ,,,,sf1:fQL-iggm as ra r Y history club the first public recognition of the history club appears in the 1946 yearbook of the school Cthen texas country day schoolj, when in col. boyle's absence, mr. boehm, history teacher, was presiding. after that, year by year, the club is noted for growing in popularity and scope. Ciust how far back the history club dates, is a matter of conjecturej meetings, at first held at the school, gradually took the form of informal gatherings at various students' homes and then definitely graduated into formal, well-regulated meetings with prepared programs. as originally stated the purpose of the club was to promote the study of history and especially texas history. there has been no great deviation from that purpose except that topics on all areas have come to receive general recognition. at present, as in former years, the club meets monthly at the home of some student or teacher. studentpapers are read and a faculty member is generally invited to speak also. occasionally a good timely movie is shown dealing with some interesting phase of present or past history. membership is open to all students of history who are passing in all subiects. the history club wishes to extend its thanks and appreciation to all those who have so-kindly afforded it hospitality during this and previous years. ., f I ' ' f , .1 fsffiiieiszt-t1Li,fg: - 1 -, new 12 3' an s 1 K r ? yKV,,6ri5:Mk.Si,5,31- ,wr 3, it i - ,, ,,i1-g,'55, yor- ,f , 'ft' Qi 4,3 s '7b"""'!" yW ,,,,ff1?,, item nf 25516 i V 1 'f ' ' l - tru,Isissw-et'faw3ii:'irewivirqg awmswvwg, YES 5 ,555 Wi? sf, yr , , ,, . - -4 1 N fifflt-i'lri,i ' r-, " f- V f , I : I t lt i .ck 'wiff.L+313'tffvafhkitilttilibsiiti2 f i W at Q1 11 5 li l wt ?wwt,,2,rpef m7fs5'iXsmf Q -wg 5, mg L ft fats arf mr. arthur douglas came to st. mark's this year from england. he is one of the world's foremost handwriting experts, and is head of our art department. handwriting is a required course through the tenth grade, and has helped greatly to improve the standard of written work throughout the school. art courses are elective, and a good percentage of the students have chosen this method of displaying their talent, and enioyed it. mr. douglas helps these boys to develop their ability in the various forms of art. the yearbook staff owes its thanks to mr. douglas for the time and effort he has put into it. without his ingenuity and talent, it is doubted whether our book could be as artistic, or our contemporary theme carried to its fullest realization. ?9'??3?i9':-'?M"' ,x?L57liI-'f7Vf5'7ff5'Vfifffgwfiiafiiifsfftmtf'5,Z52?'57?'d-'f"Y57f:W' '3?5Z"5'Y2'1???2t"i-i'iLJQ5:-1 as ha. , . , ,,,m..,,,5,,gm.,laws-Y,.,,,,,m.w.,,, tgmgg fs, 1,3 4' we-f gym f glee club The st. mark's glee club was founded in the spring of 1955, and has since become one of the most popular of the upper school activities. it provides the opportunity for directed group singing to the boys who don't have the experience of singing in the choir, and the members learn something while having a good time. the club has grown steadily and much of the credit for its vitality goes to mr. norman blake, the director, and bob moore, club president. the other elected officers serving for tvvo years were john adams, business manager, and pat henry, stage manager. in the spring of this year the st. mark's group was featured as the male chorus in the hockaday concert choir's production of "the wizard of oz." a number of the members played leading parts. it is hoped that in the future the glee club will be able to take part in more pres- entations. such an organization has a definite part in a boys' school, and we know that in the years to come it will be popular with the students, and offer an outlet for amusement. the dormitory seated: "doc" nelson, martin brown, dixon christian, rod anderson, ioel hedge, and mr. connolly. standing: bill roberts, johnny price, hal sweeny, frank letcher, mike guttersen, steve slay, phil hyde, chuck iohnson, charlie greenhall, dick evans, ray starnes, roberto ruiz, ricky abbott, iimy ieter, and clarence zuvekus. upper school boarders st. mark's small, but well-equipped, boarding department is filled to capacity, this year with students from as close as fort worth and as far away as california. the middle school boarders were entertained by "middle-school parties",, to movies, ice and roller skating rinks, bowling alleys, riding stables, and special events. the upper school boarders attended several plays and concerts throughout the year. -L seated: mr. rickard, frankie fitch, david west, harry koch, max gifillen, jerry lea, and mrs. fulton standing: mr. pearce, mike mcdade, reggie middleton, graham gibbard, don oliver, and mr. douglas. middle school boarders many day students spent a few days as transient boarders, while their parents were out of town. thanks to the mothers' club, the boarders' commons room was redecorated, re- furnished, and relighted, this fall, so that it affords even more pleasure to those who use it. is H Sv n , ,- Af M. wwf? ir H , -a uf.-'v ,,?'N aww, .Vg - . .. 4 1 'K MN .Q xl x-41 ,gg N . 5:1 4 xi i'i'gf,51w K Qui activities N' mi' 3 4 F dance sophomore - 7 f I' 6 I i S i h rn U fl d CI I1 C 6 y .', KV ffm 5 my 3 V, "4'f"3'Wqg , Q VV 4 5 Q x 3, fa .2 1 ' . 'gg Q ' 9, A. Q Q V is R ,ma x - A ' Q ,kmg , V . K ,V Vs K ',,,,,,," V V 14 xl ,, s , V ,, ,ff . ,Vrgj .yfjif QV fs." V4 H ,,,.-jbiff-fa, 1 . ff. 'iigfkii 1 V' '.4T:'Q3i JN - ' ? ,, H, ,,., i , , ,V i iV i i V fe w , , . i , i ifirif. , V ,, ' . ' x-xA fAi LJ FA A 'v " ,W 'I ,xfj I ' , V M-rsW"" i W- W' X V i i y AW -sw Hg' 1 2' Z K H ww' W 1 f' J 5 ff L ' 5 2 Q , f Hi 7 , M X' 1 H , 25 1 J' ii MW ,,,H,,, Q.,-.www 3 1 42 in 'P is me - sg, v-ffwwm-W W'--"W ir g Q 1' "' -4-A ak B ' y .f K A1 i qw F ""' F' L ' , ' ' Q u v 9 I .: , af Y' 539'--' Qi 1 'H ' ' 'jf V '32 fit, 'x X ' Egg, 1? .V-. ms S 'W XI 3 ai. ig? Hi bs 1 we i mi, n E ,X 5 fr LV + A Q g V1 M. 'K ,K is k 1 V , WV wg M , 2 It 5 ' ""'3 V' R 5. , 3 ,V , " .J .4 ' Fi , 5 2. 5 5 fm, A fm 1 K 3 ,f fa Y Q , SFX fx , Q il i ,, 4 I K . A ,K I If J K L gf K2 , 7 l K In N I E, V .nn :gm . U V A 3 Vw ig .aa , . . V ff ,QV siVs ,Q , V ' is f - Q , 1 ff VJ if f V -vii 2 Avg ,V ' 'ii K HQ 1 q ' ' gi! i ' A V Q, Z i L.. :Q fz. V K -gg M K . A K K 5 . , V A km 'WV K hr , Y 1 E 3 gg S , f 2 gr M'f"WP2KQ X . VL" j .nf Li ...Q ,V VW! 7. ' ,W A W ww .fin f' a, . The choir leaves soufh Texas , . ""w-n-.,,,,,gm M w Vw: K 7 K f 1 V , " V Zmi,i:VQ51.igg,,",-' ,Jw V , W,..AV ,W VK, - , H f- -,V. f , .. g MEM T ,WWW a x M.,-.V JS.. "W -,'QkQ'..,VVV,.a,P,,W,.ggww,.. ' M,-V. , . iff-, N ' , 'A -QW . arg. . . .s A VL'V Q, i for :Ts christmas Tour of ' :"f K- 'M "s. A ,. 4 , ..-ss V. vkgyv "WE 'V+ .. V, Q . . .,,, .,.,. , ,M ' choir activities performance of carols and bach's Cantata "sleepers wake." Q Q. N501 ,- . . " QQ' V 7 ', 'af w y 1 ff A-Y L all-sporfs banquet 2 'QQ' ml' baskeTball riglfn 10 left: zuvekas llwomion, adams, anderson, r u d rn a n, Childers, lox worth, pickens, Cmosr val uable playerl, williams, mr. davis. foofball right 10 left: rulz, perklns, abbott, henry, hedge, an- derson, adams, gay, evers- berg, honea, Childers, dun- gan, Carr, foxvvorllw, mr. Curry, lewis, mayfield, pickens, williams i., wil- liams d., greenhall, ouse- Iy, spencer, ierer. l SOCCGI' right To left: mayfleld ruiz, lwovvell, evans, cravv ford, burrow, hedge, gay Henry, clwristiann, evers be-rg, Tygre1T, iohnson, rv rickard, nevvbury, mid-year top scholars top citizens .S V T Q I, . ann Mfr f""'X ' A o 9 K charles greenhall don harris george schoellkopf DST henry eclwin cox assembly The ouTsTar1ding senior class sports football gg, top rovv, left to right: ion ousley, fred dungan, plack carr, ricky abbott, jim ietter john foxworth, iim childers, charlie greenhall, iohn roper. middle row: bob kadane nelson spencer, tad williams, lim williams, terry lewis, rusty eversburg, knox hen derson, lack maxson. bottom row: steve randle, coach marburger, iohn adams, pat henry, fred honea, ioel hedge, rod anderson, coach curry, houston higgins, manager. st. marK's 20 muenster 26 st. mark's opened the season against muenster in a close and exciting game. in the first half muenster was clearly the winnerg but as the game progressed, the lions came back strong. the lions' second half rally produced three touchdowns and iust barely missed a fourth. our first score came when lim williams passed to bob pickens, who lateralled to jim childers for the touchdown. the play covered 67 yards. the second st. mark's td came on a two yard plunge by iohn foxworth. this capped a long march downfield by the lions. the final score was made by iohn adams on a 73-yard iaunt, after catching a pass from jim williams. the lions tried desperately to score in the waning min- utesg but the clock ran out with them on the muenster 18-yard stripe . ' sm m first downs ,,,,, ,,,,, l 2 14 , y yards ? as 4. rushing .NJ29 198 F ei , Yards . A rrsr U s passing --,,,cl76 153 , . ...:-l' Yards y ll - A -. ' penalized .,c,,, a,.,-..3O 40 s Passes so y kygg M 1- allempleole--D eeeeii 13 M , ' y passes 7 i'l:' i . i f if completed 6 H 1 gfiggg . e e e ' at g passes i l isfs intercepted 1 ysts um + p eve-rage e.-ee M47 39 a fUmb'e 'Os bv- eeee ee-eee- S 1 3 ttisiagifil rod anderson r an - if ricky abbott we ee -fx f f ,... 1 fm V 555 , ,i 5, . . Ami iohn adams plack carr iim childers st. mark's 20 ennis "b" 7 in their first home game, the cats offense rocked for 298 yards while containing the ennis "b" to 185 yards. iim childers and iim williams each scored a touchdown from a few yards out while iohn adams raced 55 yards for the third tally. another st. mark's drive was cut short by a fumble on ennis' one yard line. iohn adams had a great day, picking up 157 yards on 14 carries. iim childers col- lected 86 yards on 15 carries, and iohn foxworth got 52 yards on 11 carries. standouts on defensive play were iim childers, tom gay, iim williams, iohn foxworth, rusty evers- burg, and pat henry. sm e first downs .... ,...... 1 2 9 yards rushing .,... ......... 2 85 149 yards passing ...... ....,s., 1 3 35 passes attempted ,...s ..,..... 1 1 10 passes completed s.,,s 5-3 3 passes intercepted ,s.s-, ,,,.,s.., 2 1 fumbles lost by .c.,.. ....... 1 1 punt average .... ...s.,., 3 O 35 yards penalized ..... .,..,.2. 2 5 20 fred dungar sT. mark's 6 hi park "b" 13 a drenching rain doused The entire field ahead of game Time. The lions displayed an unquenchable desire To win. facing one of The strongest hi park "b" Teams in years, The lions ouTdid Themselves. Time and again They sloshed Through The mud, once making iT To hi park's Two yard line before running out of sTeam. a rash of fumbles and an intercepted pass returned for 67 yards and a Touchdown provided hi park with The winning score, hi park also scored on a meThodical drive of 78 yards. joel hedge cracked over from The Two yard line afTer iohn foxworfh, iohn adams, and Two passes by jim williams brought The ball from our 47 To within striking disTance. The lions defense was excep- tional, aT one Time sTaving off hi park on our own one yard line. this was The besT Team efforT of The season and wiTh a couple of breaks The game could easily have gone The oTher way. sm firsT downs cw, 7 yards 1 rushing ., ss.,,, 9 7 195 passes inTercepTed ,...s ,...css, 1 1 fumbles lost by .,..s, scscsss 2 2 punT average ,,,, ,,..,, 4 8 42 yards penalized ..,ss, 10 30 rusty eversburg john foxvyo'rTh ' . charlie greenhall iv - ,- .1 f+.w11-'wigs ' . ioel hedge - Tw 'l ' g 1 g , , , 5 tq . s - 2 7 , 5' - -: . ': . . gn 1 vt., Av 4-.H yt fix 'A 'ky s 's ,. E:Q' 'Q-k,sQgQQii'??3x sg ,LL Xiiuzlwiff ig... w ..:- .ffffq 1, - V 1 ' , swsghgxzg 31 fwfts - 1 ws ,, - M sisffivis . . . . ..,. 23.iW6,, , tsssvm ' W . ,ff I .sz first?-f 1, A .t,:.tvv,assgf3'15Q. 1 gs. L.,. 1, , . .L. . . ,s u sqft fu W 2 l . .5 K is fssiggfy is 1 as s f .S is ' , 1, sf f w jig: a t 'A A knox henderson st. mark's 19 buckner A4 up against a buckner team that had won its last five games, the lions played brilliantly in spots, yet lacked enough de- fensive power to stop the strong hornet attack. iimmy williams, beating buckner at their own game, passed for 214 yards and three touchdowns. two of these went to right end bob pickens, who, because of iniuries suffered in this game, couldn't play in the remaining games. the first touchdown pass was for 72 yards and gave the lions a temporary 7 to O lead. a 28 yard pass play in the second quarter went quarter, iohn yards for the for the second lion score. late in the third adams snared a williams pass and went 73 touchdown. st. mark's remained in the game until buckner took advantage of stray fumbles and passes to score their final two touchdowns. Iinebackers bob pickens, iohn foxworth, and plack carr had to do more than their share of the work, despite the fine work in the line by pat henry, tom gay, and fred honea. f sm bhs irst downs s,,,s 28 12 yards rushing ,ss,, ,,,,,.. 8 9 282 yards passing s,,, ,, ,,,,s 214 146 passes attempted ..,.. 12 9 passes completed ,,,s N6 3 passes intercepted ,1 2 fumbles lost by .,.. 23 1 punt average ,,,... 236 35 yards penalized , ,,,. ,, ..... 30 25 pat henry st. mark's l3 st. stephen's Al a fighting st. mark's team traveled to austin this year only to be Turned back, 41-l3. it was a replica of the hi park game as far as fight goes, but the lions were just outmatched. even against such opposition the lions looked impressive and kept the st. stephen's fans worried until the final whistle. jim childers gave the best individual effort by hawking two st. stephen's fumbles, scoring a td, getting six tackles, and rolling for 36 yards. john adams gained a good H2 yards with a lO yard per carry average. john foxworth scored the other st. mark's tally from the one. defensively, pat henry, rusty eversburg, john foxworth, jim childers, john adams, and tom gay led the way. sm first downs ,. ,,,, .7 r yards j rushing -- lO6 if yards jj passing ,,s, ..,.,.59 ' ff 7 Passes X, V - 'X ef attempted ,,,s l Q we I . passes . completed ., 5 . ,X 2 ft intercepted . . , O ' fi -2 . .1 ' .. 7" - 3 Iwi 1.52 we . 4 fumbles .,,j , x g ku :SQ ,gags lost by .. .l PUNT . .71 mji, ,,'?s.f3,'i'j it ,f,,,,. ,.,.ff!b 'f if mfg 25 ' GVGVGQG -Y .20 Yards - vielgggij penalized , .15 ff f sts l 7 299 76 5 . 5 3 2 O 70 , lk - -f ' r ,, b e Q L V gf ,jg if vi" Wig 2 Q V, Vgvfyvigggrgfyixg, fr xanax it .,.. ... I-lj , K if' vb' it .-f gg sf' . xa 51,2 3 S32 Rf Q .f nil 5 5 is :S KKK R t 3 mi. irwtr 5' " ,jg " a ea 'fc 1 Y M L. S i Vw' C, , t elsif F7 if r. :mama 5? .J 'QE fl Ss 154:31-N as 2 Y' fred honea ,Q . xg tiilggi 1- X3 . f. J - ii: we 335 ' hu..-f ftfgffsiza ' K at r ies .. . ' -' I 1 if2:z: asw.,Q. - r ig ., 1 'A ,.j. ---,, ,V ' f. ti .. 5 u .Ag X gh ,jg - Tw., A L7 , ,jfs K. .gag-Q. f, , by Wag'- 1- www A. is, s ' , Y YUM'-K - P .-me-ati., -' M ff if ii , --fa,-1,--,lr ji :pg 1' -222 wr ,gffi3gQ.f,gf' z wif! j , . ,gg f iff, 'fl gg, .- - terry lewis jim jew,- 'Chuan 5 1 f ' andy mayfield ion ousley , 3 sT. mark's 6 casady 47 iT was a long Trip back from oklahoma ciTy This year for The lions. on The firsT play of The game The casady Team wenT Through The cenTer of our line for 69 yards and a Touch- down. The firsT half saw casady score almosT aT will in racking up a 34-O lead. The second half provided The sur- prise of The season as The reserves held casady To Two Touchdowns while scoring one Themselves. iim childers goT 47 yards, scored our only Td, caused Two fumbles wiTh his vicious Tackling, and covered anoTher. iohn adams got 35 yards and john foxworfh goT 38 yards. iim williams, who passed for 105 yards, passes To andy mayfield were The key drive for The lions. jim childers scored on a 25 yard pass play afTer ion ousley pounced on a casady fumble. key inTercepTions were made by iim williams and lim ieTer while ion ousley goT Two fumbles and paT henry gof one. sm c firsT downs sss.. ....,,,, 7 10 yards rushing .,... ...,.. 4 3 325 yards passing ..... ....,,. 1 O5 36 passes aTTempTed ..... ...... 2 4 8 passes compleTed ..... ....... 1 8 1 passes inTercepTed ..... ..,....., 2 3 fumbles losT by ..... ....,... 0 3 yards penalized ...... ....... 3 O 1 15 punT average ..... ,....,. 2 9 28 bob pickens . MH! W? fd' st. iohn's 33 st. mark's 7 st. iohn's kicked off and recovered a fumble on our 45. they drove to our l where pat henry recovered a st. iohn's fumble. the lions couldn't go and a bad punt set up st. iohn's first score. ioel hedge blocked the extra point. fol- lowing a quick exchange of punts and fumbles st. iohn's scored from their own 42. a series of passes by jim williams made it 13-7, with john adams catching the td pass. the f-we ,s if 'F' 1 it mf :-. .. ,. , - , my Wx . ' 'Miss w. half ended 13-7. in the second half fumbles, pass intercep- K if s'ii,. ,t tions, and fourth down tries falling short stopped our drives, . lg i 2 .V t while st. iohn's scored twice in the third quarter and once V " :" in the fourth. iim childers picked up lO6 yards and john S adams got 67 yards. the defensive leaders were tad wil- liams, rod anderson, iim williams, iim childers, iohn fox- woffh, and norm adams- Q , it intercepted ,... .... . -fl 3 X ,r1r". X t yards penalized ,... ......-30 fumbles l first downs ..... ..... 1 l yards rushing .,,e -181 yards passing ,,,,, ...,.., 9 6 passing attempted ,,,. .,..... 2 l passes completed .... ....... 9 passes lost by ..... ....... 6 punt average .,.....23 jim williams ' sm si nelson spencer tad williams i.v. football 5 this year's I. v. football team, coached by mr. howard dunbar and mr. hayden schilling, had a rather unsuccessful season, as far as their won-lost record is concerned. however, a large number of boys Turned out for the sport and pur- sued it with a great deal of enthusiasm. several boys showed signs of becoming the nucleus for our varsity team of the future. the team showed steady progress throughout the season and by the end of the schedule made a good showing against the casady 1. v.'s. 1 W? M, -,-, 1 -,wg M., ,, Qgijigxf f if X 3 n ,.. SEASON RECORD BV. 50 49 46 58 54 60 Al 53 862 50.7 venus tairtield st. joltn's st. lonn's fairtield st. loltn's buckner casady rnarlds 53 venus 28 ST. m6fl4'S mark's 7 52 buckner 119 St. rnarl4'S marlds 7 53 italy 7 37 ST. m6rl4'S rnark's 7 50 muenster 35 ST. mGfl4'S marlds 7 7 60 grandvievv 46 ST. rT1GVl4'S rnark's 7 44 italy 7 7 32 ST. m6rl41S marlds ,,,, A2 rniltord 7 64 ST. m6Vl4'S rnark's 7 42 rnuenster 39 ST. mBVl4'S n1ark's 77 52 italy 40 Wgn IOS1 72 5 st. mark's lutlteran st. mark's st. mark's sugarlancl 'kitaly tournament second place 46 43 ot ennis 32 ot houston 66 777 of ennis 50 50 61 795 av. 116.7 "'s'Q.. 1 V-'12 , i g ! .A .,. W R 7 6 : is If Q -.- , K Q l Y . , , QM :Lg V . w K1 Es' 45,11 elf 'Q , 7 K my S . f .nf I P fe 'c HA, " w QNQAWV W Z as Q31 , f fs. 5'- M5-4.,.H W4 s GH f ... 4 f ff X f .1 79 N- '23 A, Q , fi A ,. , fr, .3 1arr" W'ff-- gg" Y' , .L,,A. , ,,., , AV,f.,A.Vv fm. f , A A ,V , 1 I,"v:5gjfg:5,Wuii- kg 4' 1g.,vgy,gU4 ,Q 5,-I -zifwf, g5fii1P3QYf52ZQlgW5Q?.4g9'f3 T M , n e , ,gsgfigs xggf m ,z , , sg . ,W-as ' 5 ,zvxffbwizifrfw kiwi,-vwAe?9.51PI ' 1 . W . My fm 5 f V V :E .. , gg, 3122 :WYE 35232 tfiizfifiiill 75 P , o w -, . ny-351W 3 -zu: , fl' Q 1 I 5 K Lf- .. 5 -SEQTIXQSQQ2, K f1:3rgf4f?.giif4 gigs? 5 , 7 QW' .fg,.,. 2 ,M . , J gm-ff 3, 92 5 S H fe new j x 'wuts QM, , left to right: chuck yohnsom, dick evans, bob moore, rusiy eversburg, roger Crawford, iustin mccarty, ioel hedge, Terry ievvls, rick lane, coach rickard, roberto miz, dixon christian, bill burrow, nelson spencer, tony diaz, foster yancey. Coach riqkard captains hedge and gay 7Q3?if35f'?BiI! ,t1m?QLffas? 5711575353 , F 5 A I I 4' Wy fzwi fi H Q fr: fr ,gf v ' gg ' fi ,:,',.,,:,f piiffifff ,W , ' ' Qywqf .H A A,,, V. i V , MQ, A, ., i WW Tift ,J ' ' :iff ,1 M' "f:515?ifxxi gm , . ig.::?? fi ' if J f ' 2 .: "" 'Lf' Y f' ' wfliiifii if nm- A , ,-ff-ff, f we fi 4, 'M.'s, f ,, mgfgjf K - v :Mfffqf , 'vw-?4'g 4. A - f' ::'n-- K H - ' A M r fQl:,W3M ,L Q- H 3 . ygiqil, , f- W f .3 A , ,. -,.- I i . 1 In W Qygg, L fy V 2' ' ' ' " A 1- 5 V- -52' fm ' A .M "ffm .fn V lfgfxizjeig fm 4 QQ Y ,. M' fyffprlfss - ' ' ,A ,- 4 M 44i'm-ffipw ,V ' 7 -'V -A ' f- f 'A fn if,"'g?'lf71iWAz.hL'F, Xj1Q'Zii4 72" Mvk 'if'5'3 ,, - ' W M M . --,wg roberto ruiz pat henry clixon christian 1 larry hovvell loill Iourrovv Tom gay roger Crawford 'Uififi' L, , K X ,:V,.1 ",- ,,,5,,. -- ,., A 'A ' . f v - -, ,A , as M "' ,. - wi.-.. ...,r4 . ,. Q .. .. ,www ,. ,Ar 'Z' .' fr ,lapisf,,1,gi'.',m,g7'QLaf4 N Q Q, :L-.-L4ig,23.1,w,.,-,.... , vhjgtiikg ,Zi V . K V T, .. AJ. . ,Kim , ly :Lf .un H w4.,, '. A 3. iw., sv I, , Q .A ,:..mT,,.g, :sri ti x A Mfg Q ,. ggj M , miim-,far fs wa :V V ,,.:f-ie--,,., ' if M' 'fn .. , M, 'lim P ,wk V ,., ,Q-'WI' . , . ',""'.?e 1, ' .' vwLf,3g1',5Mg6,'2nir1i,,h,. A . i '- gi- K K W' , 5, ,, V, , .. W fn'-i., . -' ,.34hs ,rafgwm 1 - Q 1 ' ' - f f -XWVK 'WW9 .A 3 x li- ' r Q A V , Q ,W ,. , . L , .L M' A -3 I. ,.f. A rr. M...- A , s V is A L A , , , . , M, 5 V ,., f f-Q7 ' ' . , ' ' f,I'iVs"'f 'f',,I,?l 7- ' . ,, I fgsw-f'frf1wgQ1?'a54ff-Qizfif ' , ' mfr '1 M- V .V rw-'ff l' , J iv A 1w'qQ4f.i,e 'Q j-3,e.,z,A A, ' -f f- - .M .. K MW ar,, af f? fillfi-f', i lliyifsfl-f . 437: :SW ,--'-'V A - wi, Ulf' li' ' Q f Y :f r ' -' -i , rfwgwirii' ,M ,H U f' 9 zip, V. 3 or In wgi3E.lfzU ,. . ,H ffliheglefg X-', j'Z.7, .i,.:ar'f' '2fA,fQ,,Q A ,. iwwwf-,'syr:m-33" :1 - . 5. 'miwwlwv' 'wx 3: ' " , A, , K, gl'3'Qfl?'W ' 'L 4 - in V A' ' 425 7 ,, K K A 1 Nw-ff . f' , 5' M15 1 : 'lffi . :vii i iM 01 k L. ki 7 Q, , H214 4 ' 1" f 'fy N ff ff'fsg'7Vf'.,,fflA,fW, 'W '. 'Q E ggyffgg 4 F me an R an ri 1' ,K M .geiaficifl WW' A film H12 T , ' Y'- ' -5.13-, if A ,, 1. . M ,V yvr ..., ,.m.,,i . was ,M , ,W ,Q VM, , ,Q.,,,,,.: 6 1 irq 5' ,, r' ' if wg r Q, 1, -fu , ,if S, 2 M 3 rw W5 X Q mr 5 r YK Ks lm, lr 1 f is 3 5 E -f K 1 9 e, f? gy 5? Lg N 'Q K. i g , , 1 f , K I-A NM W 2 3 ' Pg S . Q s ,ig K F e 1 f, A me ,H 1 I Wt 'iq gg rf' M' 5 ,wi 'M J- Mg' M, an , gl 11 5 gf 1 9 4 so X 5 yr we M Y, qw' ,fsfr-QM as:-1,4524 ,155 , f I' may Mg azz? Y , v .- ' A X M is Q , X is' wxl IV ' V aj ij- ,sa n i" fr. H we ,r:,. ,.,. ... . . V, 9 .5 ' J Walk- 3 K 1 A, , ww-31 A 2.5-1-fFmLfi,s 'We' ,Z f flfzffz Q, o f , iwfvsiasw fki -4, 4:,.+.4.. ,vm V., M-,,,-.f .-,.14,.. isp, Mm f. . if . , -. rg-.Lf 2.73. .. :gg-2, fy 1, gf- -. ,ami 3.j:aEi,,.- 1 "9 f: -- 4 iv? 1 'T sf. KW jim ieter ioel hedge dick evaris chuck johnson Terry lewis ' a gg-r-v-wav jvf'rrj""w 'r1'wf'wjr:f- -'nf'--. 3 id bremond-l st. mark's-O st. marks' opened the season at bremond. bremond outplayecl us in the first half but failed to score. in the second half charlie greenhall held up the left side with his high kicks and ability to get out of tight spots. the lions, however, could not gen- erate a scoring drive and bremond scored when our goalie caught the ball behind our goal. casady-l st. mark's-O the lions iourneyed to casady, oklahoma for their second game. the first half was a scoreless event. in the second half casady scored on a lobbed kick. our chances looked good when roger crawford held casady at bay and tom gay and dixon chris- tian drove for the casady goal. the clock outran them and we had lost number two. hi park-5 st. mark's-3 in the first half the red raiders with a stiff wind at their backs scored five goals. when the teams changed ends tom gay went to work and scored on a twenty-five yard free kick and two penalty kicks. the raiders held us thereafter. Y 1- -, - V' -- .-.V-gffgir.-N fs-. -v1-'s-- Q Q allen academy-2 st. mark's-l st. mark's played their sixth game of the season against allen academy. during the first half the lions couldn't get organized and allen pushed across two scores. st. mark's came back strongly in the second half. pat henry and chuck johnson bol- stered the defense while tom gay and roger Crawford charged allen's goal for one score and several near-misses. bremond-3 st. mark's-2 st. mark's played its second game with bremond on our home turf. the lions were playing without several of their players. as per usual, the bremond, team scored its three goals in the first half. the lions, who are turning out to be a second half team, outplayed bremond in the second half. bill burrow and terry lewis shone on defensive play. the lions cashed in for two goals with the help of dixon chris- tian and charlie greenhall. Qlsww as casady-O st. ma rk's-l st. mark's took its first win of the season in a "revenge" game against casady. the game was played on the local field immediately following a heavy downpour. it was nip and tuck for both teams all the way. and then, howard tygrett, who is forever after known as "thirty-second tygrett," came into the game and lobbed in a goal after receiving a pass from dixon christian and roger crawford. pat henry, lane newbury, and chuck iohnson kept casady from scoring after that, while tom gay and roger crawford kept harassing the casady goal. allen academy-1 st. ma rk's-O st. mark's bowed to allen in the last game of the season. the lions were really out to win this one and stayed in alIen's end of the field most of the game. pat henry and lane newbury were the standouts on defense. at the beginning of the second half, allen was awarded an indirect free kick. the lions watched unhappily as it sailed over their heads and into the goal. the lions, notably tom gay and ioel hedge, made a fast comeback but could never quite get that all-important point. i I I l E l . back row, left to right: tommy wright, frank letcher, don oliver, bill castlernan, bill scurry, iohn alex- ander, tom beckett, bill boncher, ricky buckner. front row: robert strauss, manager, iimmy ardrey, mart higginbotham, alan schoellkopf, greg hill, stuart mossman, john daniel, curt newbury, coach silknetter. the junior varsity soccer team finished the season with a .500 percentage mark in almost every department. they got oft to a slow start, but really began to click later in the season. they lost their tirst two contests by scores ot l-O to casady and allen academy. the last two games were played on our home tield. the iv's came through by winning both of the "revenge" contests by scores of l-O. the lv's then entered the city tournament, but were eliminated in the first round. I Q A ref. - l k . fm .,,,, ,V K it i faeafim- 'ca 4, K , ,E ..,' Y, V M. an V L,h, ,,..Vx.?Vm if 'fag , 5 I K , wi, - H sa L' " V wk, V , M, aff s V ?..s,., - A V M r s 'r ,t ' - ' N W ,. ge- Vg K ffr, Q A. ,m,. f f,.'1w,: rw".,w7, ' A ,W.m,,,,?, iz M , ,... ry is ...J , ,,..nwQfH" s.l,5 LL,, i, A . -Y , . ,,.,,,.,,wxM' K L" . , ,Aff 1' ' . M... ,.. K . flight Y , t ., -J ' ,, ' , - f K .. Y .4 . A' L 6 W , ' ' ""p-ra-S'g',2k,gf7:.L' 53 A 557 dt 1 -3-wad, ,V g W, ., K WMV' , H, , ,, K , ,it , M I wha' 1. I wg V VR .. f . w.-t,grg:sz,fagf.Ai1 if isv"',1.1.,e::w..f a cf A. i .,.1a,,... . 1- W f f' -, of I M, -H -QW " " - - 'fr 5 K ' . -V " V. .. , ' .... ' -' 2 M...:1.sftgf.firsxfiiefffffhff-pf..,.:,:Ms ml ff- , ,1,,,g.,,-g,gf,,gf4ge 4. ' . K .g:f",'Srq,5 K K K K ,X l ,.,..a,f' ' H upper school physical education middle school W ar. P-sg: ,Q A il JI l fl 4 arf". , .,,A. If back row, left to right: foster yancey, bill roberts, iohn reeder, rick lane, go john fleet, bill paine, dick rogers, mr, rnitclwell. front row: wilson brown, fred l-ionea, rnarfin brown, clarence zuvekas. and back row, Ieff to riglwr: riclward scurry, bob moore, iohn adams, mike rude man mr mifclfiell from row bill burrow roger Crawford bill scurry jon 0 Sow' ' 2 ' ' 4 fennw Mnimwuwi'-. my v JJ' 6255? 13 X 'Yr-Q' YY- W 14 3 1 l 4 f 1 i I 3 J 1 4 1 1 a 1 1 E 4 I 3 3 3 3 I Q 43 3 The Marlcsmen slaff wishes Io exI'end i'I's sincere Ihanlcs +o Ihe following people wi+hou+ whose conlribufions your Marlcsmen would nol have been possible. HODGES PHOTOGRAPHERS TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. "DOC" NELSON MR. A. DOUGLAS PAUL D. SMITH AND SON l525 Republic Bank Building Dallas, Texas N EB was - ,. . ,.4.A. .,4::A1:lZ::L::1: Q , Zzii f .,..,: ,:,:,:A:,:,..A ,.,A,.,.... r ::::i::::::: ...4.,........ 3 .4..,4 Zii :Z:::::,: ..., Q 1 . izz llL: 2 ,... L ..,,, Q '. ffi. . .,.q ' ,I 1, KAHN'S NEW INWOOD VILLAGE STORE Headquariers for Your School Uniforms and for All Your Fun and Daling Clofhes E'M'KAllN 8: C0' COMPLIMENTS OF E. F. HUTTON 81 CO. Magnolia Building For over fhree-quarfers of a cenfury, LINZ Jewelisls have served ihe Souihwesf wilh iniegrify and aufhorily from one slore, +l'1e house of LINZ. Now 'll-were is an addifion 'lo ihis house. a beau+iful. new LINZ suburban sfore in Preslon Cenier for your ljlfl added convenience. aw CQD4. '17 DOWNTOWN PRESTON CENTER I608 Main N.W. Hwy. and Varsify Plaza SINCE 1877 We, +he Marlrsmen sfaff, would like +o Ihanlc 'Ihe following 'Friends of Ihe school for subscribing +o one quarfer page of adveriising. A FRIEND FEDERATED PARKING SYSTEM LOUISE PHINNEY MR. CHARLES V. CAMPBELL DAGWOOD JONES SERVICE STATION STANDIFER HUMBLE SERVICE STATION JIM SMITH'S SUPER SERVICE MR. W. C. SCURRY THE reMARKer VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP LOIS LEVIN HENRY MONSKY AZA MR. AND MRS. HENRY H. HAWLEY. JR. 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JOHN WITHERS WORTHINGTON'S Sc - Sl.00 STORE LOU LATTIMORE, INC. MODEL LAUNDRY NICHOLSON SEED STORE 1 X FRANCISCAN LODGE Cafe Lounge GRANTS, New Mexico "NONE FINER ON 66" MRS. EVERETT KING Owner Member Memb AAA "Bes+ W 9 KIRBY PHOTOGRAPHERS 2022 Abrams Rd. TR-3923 O We, 'rhe Marlcsmen sfaff, wish fo fhanlc fhe following friends of fhe school for subscribing fo a quarfer page of com- plimenfary adverfising. JOHNNIE STRANGE SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION WOODY'S BARBER SHOP ROSS COLLIER'S INWOOD SUPER SERVICE STATION COUNTRY CLUB PHARMACY ABRAMS BARBER SHOP FIELDING'S SHOES EVAN'S GIFTS 81 DECORATIVE THINGS DOSSETT'S CLEANING CO. We, fhe Marlcsmen sfaff, wish fo fhanlc fhe following friends of fhe school for subscribing fo a quarfer page of com- plimenfary adverfising. MRS. RICHARD A. DATHE CHAMBERLIN BROS. FINANCE MR. AND MRS. L. W. HIGGINS GABRIEL 81 ENRIOUE HIGHLAND PARK PHARMACY NU-ENAMEL TEXAS CO. MR. B. B. BROWN TRIPLE TOWN OFFICE SUPPLY CO. VOGUE FLORISTS VILLAGE CAMERA SHOP Complimenfs of LOGU E 8. PATTERSON GEOLOGISTS- ou. 628 Meadows Building Dallas, Texas Serving SouI'I1wes'I'ern IncIus'I'ry Since I 896 BRIGGS WEAVER MACHINERY COMPANY DALLAS-HOUSTON FORT WORTH Dis'I'ribu+ors of IncIus+riaI Supplies, Tools and Equipmeni' MYERS 81 ROSSER Prescrip+ion Pharmacy "SERVICE TO THE SICK" I7I I Pacific PRospec'I' 8704 2629 Oak Lawn Ave. LOgan 8383 36l9 Gasion Ave. TEnison 2I I2 FREE DELIVERY SERVICE pdl DRILLINGQCOMPANY We, 'I'I1e Marksmen sfaff, wisI1 Io II1anIc +I1e 'Following friends of I'I1e school for subscribing 'I'o a 'fuII page of compIimen+ary adverfising. LEWIS 8: LAMBERTH MR. AND MRS. W. L. PICKENS MR. J. PAUL PRICE PRESTON DOCTOR'S CENTER BEDFORD WYNNE A FRIEND MRS. CECIL R. YORK MR. WILSON BROWN MR. T. L. WYNN, JR. MR. AND MRS. MORRIS G. SPENCER Compliments of A FRIEND C Personalized Banking Service Since I930 COOPER E. WYATT Member F.D.l.C. 65I7 Hillcresl Telephone Logan 725I , A Complimenls of Complimenfs of HOWELL, HOLLOWAY 84 HOWELL Mr. and Mrs. E' R' I6l0 Life of America Building DALLAS,' TEXAS ,275 H ,,,. : :ss::2 S 555555 r:: 5:a:5 :s:s:sf:s:1s:e f:2::::::ffr :2:s:1 s:f :r:1:f:1::s e :2f::2 2 :z:5: :2re: :a:s:a:s:s:s:s: 2 1: 1:f:2:2f:5f5:9r2ff:s:2:s:1 2255251531:1525212-1:25152 .... ..Loox ro snoox... qzgg i suoou rm: s. Runnin co. 1 Y' 600 N. FIELD PR-8061 5g1gg3L1NG lil Y 0 U I F R I F N P '- Y FF ' 5 FRF 'r'i.9. .. P! A .'r,F.B 'jf Complimenfs of TOWN NORTH MOTORS, INC. Oak Lawn and Wycliff YOUR SUBURBAN BUICK DEALER We, 'Ihe Marksmen sfaff, wish fo 'Ihank fhe following friends of 'Ihe school for subscribing fo one quarfer page of complimenfary adverfising. DAMON SHIPP ROBERT SHELTON TOYS SEYMOUR CARREN FLORIST SEWELL INVESTMENT CO. E. H. SARGENT CO. SADIE O'DELL MAGNOLIA RUSSELL'S SERVICE STATION RONAY-MULLEN FURS ROBERTSON'S CAKE SHOP RIDGLEA TOYLAND RAY'S SHOE STORE A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. W. P. CARR We, 'rhe Marlcsmen sfaff, wish fo fhanlc fhe following friencls of fhe school for subscribing fo one quarfer page of complimenfary aclverfising. ERLE RAWLINS, JR., REALTORS PRESTON STATE BANK C 8: S PRINTING CO. BUDA ENGINE AND EQUIPMENT BILL BROCKLES RESTAURANT A. SIDNEY BRIGGS BOONE'S SHOE STORE BLOSSOM SHOP A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. GODDARD CLINE MUSIC CO. CHAPE CHAPIN CARTER'S JEWELERS Complimenfs of B. F. SCHOENEMAN Compliments of G. H. VAUGHN, JR. . 0 I U 43II Oak Lawn Ave. JNO. P. ROPER Archi+ec+ MILAM 81 ROPER FAirdale 2686 368 Casa Linda Plaza DALLAS I8, TEXAS START NOW- To build an Esfafe fhe fhriffy, easy way - by following in fhe foof- sfeps of successful men. Ask Dad fo look info fhis Y-E-S IYou'l'h Esfafe Sfarferl Policy. If is a wonderful way for you fo work wifh your parenfs - for a subsfanfial re- serve - fo be ready for educafional purposes - or fo sfarf a business - or a permanenf life insurance program. BY SAVING LESS THAN 55.00 PER MONTH You have immediafe life insurance benefifs of S I000.00 - increasing fo 55000.00 af age 2I lor affer I0 years if issued af ages I2, I3, I4, or I5I, WITH NO INCREASE IN PREMIUM or physical exami- nafion. ILLUSTRATION AT AGE 7 Cash Value af 65 55000.00 Premiums Deposifed S2709.I8 Profil' 52290.82 Inifial Amounf of Profecfion SI000.00 Permanenf AduI'I' Policy 55000.00 Cash fo fhe Insured af Age 65 S5000.00 Ulfimafe Profif More Than 8470 D. EASLEY WAGGONER Chairman of fhe Board UNITED FIDELITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY DRILLERS TO Tll-lIlE HNDUSTRY 1 Dnlll, 0 9 lflix EDEEJEINEDZE-A EE Q Q Q EZXZEUEESHENCEED Q Q Q EFFHCHENT Q Q Q FLEET DRRLLHNG COMPANY Adc1,Oklc1homu a Dc1llc1s,Texcrs Ad Prepared by TED WORKMAN ADVERTISING Dallas, Te PAuL's C P' + 1' SHOES RENVWAR OH. IN THE VILLAGE c pI + f J. ALTON OAKES All Lines of Insurance MR. AND MRS. M. B. RUDMAN M RA64 5' dsx 5 A A M W' 1 fi my X Q 'fhflq 1 9"Q"! 'Q 10' '1 V '14 Y, YI-'Q' . 'QQ m .. ., .. ,xL. nfl 'Q NI, 3, SPECIALISTS IN CLOTHING FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN Downtown O Preston Center O Cosa Lindo ... ,..W..f.-,,.-.......... .......a.........n--. . .,,.... .......s ,.... -...-...e--A--..ei , - ENV, ,......-.:e:f.a:,.:f-A--.....-4,e,: E --0.1--:lem We, flue Marlcsmen sfaff, wish 'ro +l1anlc +l1e following friends of 'I'l1e school 'For subscribing 'ro one half page of complimenfary aclverfising. HODGES PHOTOGRAPHERS HAROLD E. SMITH O 8. S HARDWARE STORES HOPEEUL FATHER QNO. T BOYl HOPEEUL FATHER INO. 2 BOY1 HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT LUMBER OO. MR. AND MRS. CURTIS A. JOHNSON LOBELLO'S A FRIEND GEO. WORKS AND OO. THE HOOKADAY SCHOOL MR. w. H. ROBERTS Complimenls of Complimenls of A FRIEND GULF AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CO. DALLAS, CORPUS CHRISTI SHREVEPORT, LA. Complimenfs of CompIimen'I's of HENRY B. THEVENET AGENCY Eizwgggl AII Kinds of Insurance Dallas P,--2529 The Shop for Young Men of AII Ages COMMERCE AND ERVAY We, 'rhe Marksmen sfaff, wish +o +hanIc Ihe following friends of I'he school 'For subscribing +o one half page of compIimen'I'ary adverI'ising. GARVIN OIL COMPANY JOE REICHMAN MR. AND MRS. R. G. SCURRY HAIRSTON PRODUCE CO. LONE STAR CADILLAC CO. McMURRAY METALS CO. MR. AND MRS. CHARLES G. McBURNEY DOTTY WEBBERLY MR. AND MRS. ROBERT I. SEALE MR. AND MRS. HENRI L. BROMBERC-3, JR. RUDOLPH'S MARKET DOROTHY DESMOND BEAUTY 81 HEALTH SALON PRESTON ROYAL GULF SERVICE "I see a BRIGHT FUTURE for you V' , , I "I see more opportunity, more pleasure, more comfort. . . I see modern electric living in your bright future! "Remember . . . I'm your friendly electric servant, on the job wherever Fm needed. You can always count on me to work for youf' f 66-WVZZ' DALLAS PUWER 3: LIGHT CDMPANY GOFF'S Finesi Name in Hamburgers DALLAS FT. WORTH If l'r's Sheef Meial, Higgins Can Handle I+ SHEET METAL A Jump 7 E1 Ahead In I Know How ""'a Dial RAndoIph 4497 METAL ROOFS- GUTTERING LOUVERS -DUCTS SKYLIGHTS STEAM TABLES TANKS MADE TO ORDER Higgins Sheet Metal Works I2I6 Ross Complimenis of A FRI E N D Complimen+s of MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM BURROW "W-nn., gui' shall I bury iT here, sir?" old, reliable "flash" The hO6r'S head iS The One in The middle. "then you take the elevator to "well, i'm hof sure, iack. when The fourth fI0Qr" WGS The War' of l8l2?H .sd K "Take a card . . . any card!" hevvfoh disprove-dl Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of HAYNES B. OWNBY DRILLING CO. n6noel+s++ B Id 9 DALLAS TEXAS Compliments of SKI-HI OIL CO. 1525 Rpbl' B kB'Id'g Y Dedica+ed +o +l1e gridiron Lions of '55, noi' for fheir won and los+ record, bul' because lhey played each game courageously, zesffully and in good sporlsmanship. Be+'rer Prin'l'ing Since l892 THE EGAN COMPANY IOO6 Ross Avenue Telephone PR-632l' Complimenls of COKER ELECTRIC SERVICE 34l2 Rosedale Avenue DALLAS 5, TEXAS I56 Inwood Village 320 Hillside Village Phone DI-9785 Phone VI-3260 MRS. NORTHCUTT'S SHOPS CHILDREN'S SHOP I38 Inwood Village 4228 Oak Lawn Ave. Phone DI-0307 Phone LA-I 747 NORTH - LANE PHARMACY 260 Inwood Village Phone DI-7bI9 Phone DI-4532 We, The Marksmen s'Ia'ff, wish 'Io ex- press our Thanks 'Io The following friends of The school for subscribing To one CompIimen+s of quarfer page of complimenfary acl- verfising. INWOOD VILLAGE BOOKS HIGGINBOTHAM INWOOD-GLIDDEN PAINT AND WALLPAPER J. FRANK HOLT AND CO. A FRIEND LAKEWOOD JEWELERS JOHNSON 8: HOOKER SERVICE JIMMY 81 GRAHAM HAIRDRESSERS MR. AND MRS. R. L. MIDDLETON MIRACLE MILE STATIONERS METROPOLITAN DRAFTING SERVICE MARJ'S We, The Marlcsmen sfaff, wish To ex- press our 'Ihanlcs To fhe following friends o'F The school 'for subscribing +o one quarier page of complimenfary ad- verfising. THE LONGHORN CO. ROBERT L. MOORE NEVILLE'S JEWELERS CompIimenI's of Nuss BOOKBINDER PAXTON REAL ESTATE J- A- BRACKEN JOHN AsTlN PERKINS Independent PLAZA TV AND RADIO SERVICE YOUNG AGES, INC. POTTER ART IRON STUDIOS THE VARSITY SHOP PRESTON ROYAL PHARMACY PRESTON RD. CLEANERS Oil Operator HAMILTON INVESTMENT COMPANY HAMILTON POWELL OIL PRODUCERS HAMILTON REAL ESTATE T-BONE RANCH RAINBOW TROUT LODGES We, The Marlcsmen slaff, wish +o express our Thanks To The following 'Friends of The school 'For subscrib- ing +o a full page of complimenfary aclverlising. MR. AND MRS. J. E. PERKINS PoLLocIc PAPER CORPORATION MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL I-I. REED A FRIEND R. L. THORNTON AMERICAN LIBERTY OIL COMPANY BURRUS MILLS, INCORPORATED R. I.. THORNTON, JR. CABELL'S, INC. C00 Sales and Leases of Business Properly, Exclusively MAJORS 81 MAJORS Realtors ASSOCIATES WESLEY HARRIS ROYCE COLON RALEIGH BLAKELY DICK PARKER FRED SMITHAM HENRY MAHER GEORGE DICKERSON HANK DICKERSON Firsl' Nalional Bank Bldg. Rl-323l DALLAS "Real Esfale ls Your Besf lnves+men+" Complimen+s of AMERICAN HOME REALTY 40l Wynnewood Village Dallas, Texas WH I-O35I Compliments of COMMODORE PERRY HOTEL Aus1'in, Texas CASA DE PALMAS HOTEL AND BUNGALOWS McAllen, Texas MRS MINA H STEVENS P d Telephone Di-4879 I. 81 L. DEVELOPMENT COMPANY I and 2 Bedroom Apar+men+s Furnished and Unfurnished 3400 Inwood Complimenfs of COMPANY CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING AN INDEPENDENT OIL OPERATOR ZI33 Cedar Springs S+-57I I I Compliments of THE BIG D DRIVE-IN THEATRE Jusf Nor+I1 of Inwood on Harry Hines Complimenls of LAN ES AN ENEMY Bowling TOLEDO SCALES Fgod Machines TRUST CO. 9777 Harry Hines Blvd. , l DALLAS, TEXAS Monumenl' Life Insurance Co. PASADENA, TEXAS Sales Service JAMES G. CHILDRESS DIST. CO 30l4 Commerce Dallas Complimenls of DAVE RAMSEY Represenling L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR OUR SENIOR CLASSES QCNLJ r - '-1' . I 531, kim Ifyxlfjil 5: 5 :i IZXHIGHD XX Compliments of A FRIEND We, I'l1e Marlcsmen sI'a'Ff, wish 'Io ex- press our 'I'I1anIcs 'Io I'I1e 'Following 'lriencls of Ihe school for subscribing Io a quar- Ier page of complimenlary adverfising. AMERICAN PRODUCTS CO. A FRIEND MR. AND MRS. FRANK AUSTIN DOC HARRELL ERNSTROM'S RECORD SHOP MR. AND MRS. B. F. DEAN DANIEL'S LAKEWOOD GIFT SHOP GUION GREGG E. B. GERMANY 81 SONS T. S. FREEMAN STATION FOSTER CLEANERS Compliments of CHAPEL HILL GAS SYSTEM M +I B lcB lcl g DALLAS TEXAS A. G. Hill, Owner Compliments of FOXWORTH - GALBRAITH LUMBER COMPANY Ii LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Specializing in AII Kinds of Building MaI'eriaI Refail Yards Serving Texas, New Mexico and Arizona MERCANTILE COMMERCE BUILDING DALLAS, TEXAS We, +l1e Marksmen s+aff, wish +o express our 'I'l1anks +o +l1e 'Following friends of +l1e school for subscribing 'l'o one half page of complimen+ary aclveriising. HIWAY MACHINERY CO. F. B. JACKSON, JR. A FRIEND MRS. R. E. GAYLORD AUBREY BEAUTY SALON MRS. CRANFILL CHESTER J. DONNALLY FLOWER FASHIONS AND INTERIORS Complimeni-5 of Complimenis of SHARP I the HARDWARE 1-ECON ' CORPORATION WM. C. JACKSON, JR. THOMAS BECKETT, JR. WINTON A. JACKSON JAMES F. JACQUES WM. P. SMALLWOOD K5 FIRST COMPANY INVESTMENT BANKERS MERCANTILE BANK BU1LmNc DALLAS "Home ls Where 'l'l1e Furnirure ls" Presron Hollow Drugs 8415 Pres+on Road EM-7II8 FURNITURE J. H. STOVALL, Owner Downrown Oak Cliff 0 Hillside Village J, Xll john q. adams, lll, 6247 deloache, em-1404 roderick f. anderson, abilene, 4-8443 martin h. brown, tyler 4-6883 dixon w. christian, vicksburg, miss 403 thomas w. gay, jr., 5346 wenonan, di-7345 joel m. hedge, tyler, 4-7374 patrick henry, lll, 7327 wentwood, em-0339 fred honea, lll,, 6929 robin road, di-5259 kenneth king, 4901 manette, apt k2, vi-2438 robert t. moore, 5217 shadywood lane, di-1323 norman pearcy, 5962 Iuther lane, em-1790 stephen g. randle, waxahachie, 344 michael e. rudman, 5507 edlen dr., fo8-8808 richardson g. scurry, 5530 winston court, em-1477 ' X I wilson g. brown, 5339 surrey circle, di-5271 william f. burrow, jr., 4656 meadowood rd., di-3680 roger w. crawford, 5417 northbrook dr., em-7812 leslie b. denning, lll, 5606 stonegate, di-2510 richard e. evans, arlington, ar5-3140 jon r. eversberg, albany, 241 john j. fleet, ll, 5522 montrose, el-3501 charles a. greenhall, 3519 dickason, la-4387 michael guttersen, galveston, 2-2555 james g. hazlewood, 9301 meadowbrook, em-1244 philip hyde, corpus Christi, ul2-1929 raymond eddie kraker, tyler, 2-2204 richard j. lane, 5934 park lane, em--4469 justin s. mccarty, lll, 4824 shadywood ln. di-2009 michael alvin mcfarland, 7426 greenbrier, fo8-7533 john a. oakes, jr., 7040 wabash circle, fa-3925 jon s. ousley, box 405, celina, 220 james e. perkins, jr., 1200 n. nursery, bl3-1245 barton t. schoeneman, jr., 5420 swiss ave., te-9860 nelson h. spencer, 5122 deloache, em-2161 howard v, tygrett, jr., 3017 southwestern, em-4037 foster s. yancey, jr., 3830 windsor lane, la-2804 vernon r. young, jr., 4809 drexel, lo-1460 X richard d, abbott, ft. worth, pe-3150 geo. southgate busiek, 4677 livingston, el-4421 henry villard campbell, lll, box 669 lampasas, 499 w. plack carr, jr., 6700 forest lane, fo8-7589 james g. childers, jr., 6919 cornelia lane, tr-4156 richard a. dathe, 8626 inwood rd., di-1882 c. frederick dungan, 5247 willis ave., tr-2993 william h. egan, jr., 7028 meadowlake, fa-0482 john p. foxworth, 5506 deloache, em-2936 houston w. higgins, 2980 primrose lane, ch7-2705 larry howell, 6342 lupton dr., fo8-8272 james r., jeter, jr., ennis, tr5-2104 charles a. johnson, la jolla, calif., gl4-4709 robert a. kadane, 5330 meaders, fo8-5261 terry t. lewis, 7118 williamson rd., tr-2025 john d. maxson, 4434 northwest h'way, di-1232 a. andrew mayfielcl, 9930 rockbrook dr., di-5561 george e. miller, jr., 7227 fisher rd., da7-1483 lane newbury, 3712 maplewood, ju-9694 robert h. pickens, 10001 preston rd., fo8-6436 richard g, rogers, 10621 strait lane, em-1212 john p. roper, jr., 9525 alta mira dr., fa-1303 roberto ruiz, queretaro, qro., mexico, 2-41 stephen h. slay, 1110 park dr., 2-2447 michael a. smith, 11031 pinocchio dr., el-6082 calvin r. starnes, lll, gladewater, 6792 bruce c. taylor, 4321 university, lo-6342 robert I. thornton, lll, 3404 drexel dr., lo-1374 david lee williams, 6114 boca raton, em-4994 james i. williams, 4130 dunhaven, di-9680 clarence zuvekas, jr., joplin, mo., 4442 IX thomas g. beckett, 3868 potomac, Ia-5502 william h, boncher, 9507 meadowbrook, em-0351 bart b. brown, 6215 orchid lane, em-6471 richard a. buckner, 3420 wentwood dr., fo8-5649 jack p. burrus, lll, 6905 vassar dr., em-6040 vance c. campbell, jr., 5300 deloache ave., em-3539 john rn. daniel, farmers -br., ch7-3245 j. gregory hill, 4942 crooked lane, fo8-8733 james t. howell, oakwood lane, tr-0933 francis b. jackson, lll, 9201 meadowbrook dr., em-3215 reeve j. jacques, 7014 meadowlake, fa-1902 frank letcher, miami, okla., ki2-2085 charles g. mcburney, 4426 brookview, di-1400 william f. moore, 5217 shadywood ln., di-1323 william p. paine, 4911 shadywood ln. di-4854 john p. price, tyler, 3-3135 john a. reeder, 6112 glendora, em-2778 william h. roberts, lll, irving, pr-7334 william c. scurry, jr., 5542 winston court, em-1674 peter b. smith, 4425 highland dr. ju-7263 jon spencer stasney, albany, 542 henry n. sweeney, roswell, n. mex., main 2-4197 theodore r. thevenet, 6463 velasco st., ta-9309 MIDDLE scHooL VIII john r. ahlschlager, 6409 norway rd., em-5967 john a. alexander, 4311 rheims place, ju-5362 michael s. andrade, 10132 holloway rd., em-3158 arthur l. beyers, 10008 meadowbrook, fo8-5327 m. weatherby carr, 6700 forest lane, fo8-7589 howard c. coggeshall, jr. 5537 wateka, di-9591 john n. dunlap, 5365 montrose, di-5627 graham s. gibbard 5374 waneta, el-4413 wm. gordon gray, midland, 4-7376 william m. hamilton, 4323 crowley dr., di-3196 oliver e. hammonds, 5411 kelsey rd, fo8-3594 william m. harris, 4121 walnut hill ln. di-7744 j. richard hawley, 4300 beverly dr., ju-6883 v. alen hollomon, jr., 3939 windsor, la-0440 anthony b. holman, irving, bl4-8933 james c. johnston, 4818 san gabriel dr., fo8-3952 edwin b. jordan, jr., 5038 deloache, em-1837 harry koch, ll, quanah, mo3-2043 charles r. meeker, lll, 7827 lovers lane, em-6712 reginald I, middleton, jr., 3500 princeton, ju-5451 stuart l. mossman, 6039 norway rd., em-6568 Curtis robinson newbury, 3712 maplewood, ju-9694 donald c. oliver, midland, 3-3963 eugene w. rudman, 5507 edlen, foB-8008 alan c schoellkopf, 6908 hunters glen, la-1373 charles r. scurry, 5530 winston court, em-1477 david f. stevens, 5107 kelsey rd., em-1864 james r. troyer, 4715 watauga rd., el-3657 grady h. vaughn, lll, 5350 s. dentwood dr., fo8-7111 robert a. vollmer, 4225 belclaire, ju-8656 thomas a. wright, lll, 3617 turtle creek, lo-6558 peter d. york, 4329 windsor pkwy, la-1316 Vll James s. ardrey, 4816 st. john's dr., lo-5826 arthur baron cass, Ill, 6415 deloache, em-1782 william p. castleman, lll, rt. 5, box 755, el-4703 james l. chaney, 6038 woodland dr., em-1507 palmore c. currey, mt. pleasant, 4-4756 r . david e. gursch, 4738 w. stanford, el-0810 darrell h. hamric, jr., 5416 neola dr., el-4530 donald r. harris, 6246 northhaven, em-1818 harry d. hawn, 5832 lupton, fo8-8107 mart higginbotham, lV, 5931 meadowcrest, em-0583 charles h. hill, lll, 5126 brookview dr., em-2827 jason kelly, 3629 princeton ave., lo-7301 john b. lavezzorio, jr., 6473 royalton dr., fo8-5630 michael a, mcdade, electra, 2001 Connell miller, jr., 5373 wenonah dr., di-2930 steven miller, 7227 fisher rd., da7-1483 john t. pickens, 10001 preston rd., fo8-6436 richard b. price, 5711 farquhar, di-7058 robert a. ricciardi, 4242 lomo alto, ju-5637 george e. schoellkopf, 4216 armstrong pkwy., ju-6261 carl, sewell, jr., 4420 lorraine, lo-3389 robert a. strauss, 6223 deloache, em-3867 william rt. taylor, lll, 5319 nakoma, el-5853 arthur w. welsch, 11553 e. ricks circle, em-6004 Vl frank e. austin, lll 4009 armstrong, lo-8307 richard h. barry, 3545 caruth, fo8-5837 john d. boncher, 9507 meadowbrook dr., em-0351 thomas c. griffiths, 4105 windsor pkwy., la-2822 albert g. hill, jr., 6912 vassar dr., em-0352 michael l. lewis, 7118 williamson rd., tr-2025 donald bruce lively, 5130 southbrook, el-4960 clay mccord, jr., 9323 preston rd., em-3127 john d. mcmurray, lll, 1422 bella vista, fa-4464 starr l. pitzer, jr., 4417 colgate, fo8-3540 daniel a. roper, 9525 alta mira dr., fa-1303 wm. wayne rivers, 5523 w. amherst ave., el-3854 p. david smith, 6307 deloache, em-4450 robert b. thompson, 3206 dutton dr., fe-3053 david t. waggoner, 5315 meaders lane, fo8-8235 david b. west, san angelo, 8367 george w, works, lll, 5337 wenonah, di-1194 angus g. wynne, Ill, 4000 miramar, ju-8096 V bill bailey, ll, 8626 lnwod rd. di-1882 michael t. barry, 3545 caruth blvd., fo8-5837 owens b. castleman, rt. 5, box 755, el-4703 clinton w. dean, 4401 versailles, lo-5337 chester j. donnally, jr., 7001 baltimore dr., em-0647 charles wesley doolin, 6723 forest lane, fo8-8838 frank a. fitch, 7311 inwood rd., di-5463 james c. galbraith, lll, 5820 lupton ave., em-3829 parrish kelley, 3629 princeton ave., lo-7301 james e. kemp, jr., 10330 strait lane, em-7788 jerry j. lea, midland, 2-4576 j joseph m. mills, jr., 4600 southern ave., el-1265 russell h. reed, jr., 5400 montrose, di-5978 j. bradford reichman, 9853 lemmon ave., di-8539 james b. schoeneman, 5420 swiss avenue, te-9860 joe b. seale, 8315 inwood rd., el-4305 c. anthony vollmer, 4225 belclaire, ju-8656 IV george r. bedell, 5330 s. dentwood, em-1304 vanda I. davidson, 8214 san fernando way, fa-5340 dan k, dickinson, tatum, n. m., 109'l3 joe v. hawn, jr., 5832 lupton ave., fo8-8107 john h. iglehart, 6007 norway rd., em-7717 sidney p. lee, jr., 5012 brookview dr., em-2102 elton d. mccune, 6834 aberdeen, em-3803 gordon b. mclendon, jr., 9300 douglas, em-1197 robert e. mead, Il, 8626 douglas ave., em-0420 w. justin miller, jr., 3106 cornell, la-0984 james h. pernell, jr., 4954 northwest highway, di-8508 loyd w. powell, jr., 4511 isabella lane, el-1351 richard c. strauss, 6223 deloache, em-3867 easley b. waggoner, 5315 meaders lane, fo8-8235 david e. wynne, 4000 miramar, ju-8096 jackson s. 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Cmrs. gurschj, 4738 w. stanford, el-0810 Robt. h. iglehart, 6007 norway rd., em-1717 john f. koeniger, Cmrs.J 3439 cridelle, di-1350 h. m. kopman, 10600 preston rd., em-2848 f. b. marburger, 614 lockwood dr., richardson, ad5-5188 emmett l. maus, 3207 mockingbird, la-5807 edward e. mitchell, 4018 royal lane, fl7-7437 leonard n. nelson, 10600 preston rd., em-5565 john p. neville, 7807 carlin dr., apt. 205, el-5418 david c. norris, 9402 biscayne, fa-0546 g. a. pearce, 10600 preston rd., em-2848 r. s. rickard, 10600 preston rd., em-2848 j. m. silknetter, 10600 preston rd., fo8-4361 miss virginia thomas, 4322 abbott, fo8-4361 jas. e. tims Cmrs.j, 212 martin hall smu, lo-9201 f r ,..,..-.-.-,...,.,. W..-

Suggestions in the St Marks School of Texas - Marksmen Yearbook (Dallas, TX) collection:

St Marks School of Texas - Marksmen Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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