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 - Class of 1921

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KEN5 - ,wb 70096, .l 3s3Qf O S 933' 0 0.0. , O 22024 Q x Q e QIQJ PAW P334 5'0 'o'of 23209 ,A'!'E 5 I .I ,J M, xgm K1 , 1,5 ,.' 'jg k,N Sw-Q vw, 7 f T di' ry v A . II," QQ!! 9 o fi cmzg 9400 v 'i 'O WN W 5 0 Warn-1 nrt' 'La 1 THE V TERRILLIAN 1921 EE 3 VOLUME Xflll li offer you this, U Reader, with the humble hope that its pages may afford you pleasant memories of the Terrill School in the year of l920-21. May our work recall to you, in after time, only the full fruits of this year, when the magic of Time has shrouded and enveloped the ashes. -The Staff. E112 Staff TOM GARRIKRD ----------- Editor PORTER A. BYWATERS - - - Businvss Managm- - - - - - - Assistant Editor ALJXN WARRINEII K Art Editor CHARLES JAMES KINSOLX'ING, III. ----- Book I JAMES THOMAS ------- - Book II ROBERT WEICIISEL ---- - - Book III J. W. LINDSLEY - - - Book IV ARTHUR HLINT 2 - - - I I - Bank V EVERETT K NOTT S IVIART REEVES ------- Photographic Editor JERRELL BENNETT - - Assfstant Photographic Editor URVAL SLATER . . w S Z - - Assistant Busmess Managers EUGENE GIITIIRIE Q S. M. Dgxvls En Samuel iiirilienhive Baum this Gerrillian in hehiraiehg the slams nf '21 rvinire-sa that it ram heilirate its gem'-hunk tu mxrh ar man 1 ,4 4 z EOTBDQTQWEUUSGIZIQQU., 'EL Fefmso QSQEQQQUELGQEVEQEHQSQ Wo G So YZ, TE-m'ar'iIll1 3., -I I 'HfGGTE- ll, BGOK I -dM,,,.,-1 The Terri!! Salma! N ,...,. . ....... N Q -f .MQ f.fW.,Qw:--Xt ,-, ,Ti .... . --N-f -f :, . W., .Y Q V ,.J.v.x .x .1 ., K ..-- - h 5 A -4 --'5 :eggs-x ' - ' -2 X a. '1-QP-W 12+-'rw-. X W.-l:,fS.,, 3- . J,-1 , -3 .A , , -x: f"f MQ Xmfff,-5 u -2 -x, fx sf N ww. fi' 3 i.wm.' X Mm Mg, .,xAwKxNsi'zxim..ix3xixiQLas1.f4b X 'lil kmmzfm-.-N.v. -,ff Q, ,mf V' ,ffffjzy w,-V 1752 ff' , , f f 1 ,Q Zffyw, . " fi I ,, X s ,'f 4 K 'Z W If F!! f Q .1 " " f ' frffg . 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K- 'fl' f""X-::gj':"wAi':ix :xv . :Pre-'wx so M X, e f .t , f Ex-:y--g'i:':. .1 5, up-ww fx f"1Yiif'sfY2QS wg ff: F- F1-'-N--fs? SQLQQN Sf- li 5, 'E Xvlf STS? M-UA N X HAY. XS ' NY i Xlfxxi oX5cr'3-HSN X g-IW ATX' gf Q1 91 gm -N-yy:-wk:X as Xsfkmsl :fix SX 'is Q-,ww ,mkkt exons,-X - 15-1-vwof X ,Q H sag- Q-my-X . to wb QQ, an Qs: ,hw A :gk you . at Rw1,.,,+gi:-gg N ,Nui -,Q A 3 ,gs N 1 exists S Lk . X x K ss. w f .sz-pw: -154.3 . :xx M .5 .yakxgsilx so sa-,rs at ,E G t - xmas-11-.'fsxY.1w'. sSXXf,ssqYssgyy: ' si I'-X'5ss-Emwf f1o4il:x:fRf'k:'ff3a'- -nzteewmx 3 HRX Q, agxfsx F f Uri? N Ssfqlzfix Ng xbrvwr- -sw - ',NQsN.x...Ax.:s:--,swaxw,...,:,.:..w'iQ L?N5-.:.,-fiSsf-':i-1- ' X X 3 - ..!'ksmr:g,,,, ,tfqw-.QXWY aN251f,x.f9:.n.A5SSv3XfTfL-,-435 SAX-'4irr:-,21-Qs ??j,gL'1,f,1gJ'fl,5: Z, Q Wdlfsaf 2 1 4,1 iff? fff y fe yan ,Jeff f 'Q ifwfff 31 fi 51,34 ,Wigs "'W,,f',11' tv.- Wziwwff Ami Q WW, fm' 5553" ,Z '1.,,7F,f M4272 A 1 Q 'zz 555 'iff iv ella 1Yi,1?Wf,f4r44Tf fi? , " 'bf ', M ew ww gfygf f-mo W, MVN, ' ni wye,11'Qg:gww I-,,,,V'?'?2, 77, 4116111121 1'ff!fiM5f9 M3 45 MR. AND lVlRS.rl1ERRII.,L I he Zlinunherz HE founders of the Terrill School can not be too highly praised for her lofty standing. The majority of the pres- ent students of the school can not realize thisg to them Mr. Terrill is, regrettably, only a little man who comes to the games and yells mightily, and otherwise demonstrates an infinite depth of feeling for the schoolg and Mrs. 'lierrill is only a quiet lady who appears once or twice the year about school and raises great excitement and great joy in the breasts of the few who knew her. These few know and understand how the Terrills planned and built this school so well that hands other than their own have carried it o11 just as effectively as theirs did. And of the students who came directly under their infiuence, most leave this yearg but the work of the Terrills, this school, is a lasting monument to them. M7250 fzz?f,gg ff '1 411490 2' 'Aw fwf-J ' ,,,0"c5 fb Kifjfhffh 4-w WM ,iq Qfifvff tL1Z,,,LI::i?Ki?W 45"":'w 43, 1. 1' f 1 1' fn f AA fi My, 5 1 ' P 1, 'fe ,iaf 4 34, L ., A f,, :ff L, fe " fw M2324 2 'jx ' 2 Mx? f ,ffffxcfqfgfy 7,xwfq1'fz:vW,g-4: P144 we 1 'X ' 1 ,f 4 5,1 sf .jf-1' fm 'ilfanifly ,, ,,,, s ,, dw- Q21 1, 1242: if ff? V 0- '17 Qmasizigmv. W W' ye Qi 'W' s' Zvfifff-Wg asia, mwgzfffynf 'ff - ,M mf ' mi 711 MQ gf f1h,f7'fZH f f Pg 96,44 4 iw '47 1 ,f X QM 5 175 df fe '2 'ff W' g M. 45i4f,Mt, "Zh ,lf ,,, Xf' www, rf? -:W hgh! 2' QW? 1 Eg Jjfywg-,fig fi! .yritsggxwsy Q -' we "wav ty .Q '- 'r ies.-wwf K- if ' S K. ,. f- PK, CWM- pez 1 77112711 3. Que- A, -.ff MESSRS. M. B. AND R. H. BOGARTE Ehiz Eferrill Svrhnnl nf Gbursa Thc olil poem that says, "Great onlfs from Iitrlf- acorns grow." may certainly he well applied to thc 'l'crrill School, for it is our priile that this institution was founileil hut liftccn short years ago in a harn. Vile like to recall those flays of olel anil their accompanying struggles: we know that the first year especially was a struggle between life ancl rleath, anil life won! Since then we have proycil ever-victorious, until our reputation has spreafl over Texas anal we are aeknowleflgeil leail- ers ill all lines ol' preparatory school enilcavor. 'l'crrill stanxls for all that is manly anil sportsinanlike. We have always stoorl for llllS,l.1'OlIl the time thc school was founflefl, anil never have we allowcil our ideals to be lowcrenl. Nor shall we ever allow such a thing as long as we maintain our school spirit. Terrill is notcrl for this "inelelinahle S0l11Etl1ll1f,I,M known arounrl school as the Wllerrill spirit." Hur representatives, hoth in athlcties anfl in every other school activity, arc full to the hrim of this spirit. It pervafles the atmosphere aml gets into the hloocl of all that stay arounwl the school for any length of time. It is this that contrihutcs no mean share of the power that carries us from victory to victory, not only in inter-school eon- tests, hut in that other and greater fluty of a school: to make strong- hlooflecl American men of American boys. Vlfhen Mr. Terrill solrl the school to Messrs. M. B. anfl R. Il. Bogartc, there were pessimists who prerlictcfl that it was the emi for Tcrrill, or, at hesl, the school would have to take a seconml place. But these prophets ol' woe provefl to he false. They haul not learnecl what men thc liogartes are. Mr. Terrill hail, however, anfl since then his juclgmcnt has hcen vinmlicaterl time anil again. 'l'crrill has gone march- ing along, scncling out just as fine men as ever into the worlfl. May her future he even greater than her past. ?1'7Mr"s .X at-NY af, 54, ,six f32t1z??SQ1Si--it R is-A gtfiff. M . asa sf. as ff X Nast ss Xxx 1, , Xxx 3 X 1 XR rs Q5 4.-as 3 M 'C sir f . M .srs2sMSrsssiiM tsfeersarl sf. 5 - Q- , wg .L , ,. - mx- N - , . , .V . , MQ- -:-'f'.f'.1k N. , ' , - T ,. - ,fi xc , .Q , "A ' i w N. swf. , f. -e f- K .?QisZffb"-iw 9 "H X .1 -- W QP-4: 'fvriiv-f Af? W" N 's:aQs"HffSf -1' - . 5, ey 5- ,an Y ,x mf -I N jf .mfwfg 5, s. X139 2, ' ,ws a as -M ' . a sis. -, "'71.:J', 'mi' . ,z , f' . ' "-s, x r 15 , gl, 'Y 73,1 4 ff uw' , f J f ' - F4 Q ,-'. . N ' U 4, sg. , ac N 6 V , 4 Haig' . 4 ,-. 2, at 5 1,5-ggi fi e .fr a s if at ' 5 ' " 2 1. 9 1 ' as Z'-41 ? . : f i Q i 1 xfx '5 M25 ua Ka F fa if T it 16,215 ..- , 31143. ' 4.9"' li Li My mg Y '. xp ., X sim .WW aft' 1 N ,, If ffwu ii f G 4,1 ' A. f wh? 4" af fi' u' S' . g Ge , f f' it X75 . . 'N' tag' sea vi f f V 'Q .. 'G just a mnrh -To Our Dear Teachers: Not often have we called them dear. But now that it is finished for the Seniors, and the others will have a rest, it is otherwise. Or it will be so when the joys of summer have covered up the memory of the final examinations. -Before long the prejudices caused by our own mistakes and their inevitable outcome will have disappeared, and calm judg- ment of ourselves and clearer understanding of the ways of teachers will take its place. Then no longer will it be, MHe flunked me," but HI flunkedf, -But to consider things more joyful, we of the students already hold dear the memory of our fun and jollilication with the fac- ulty, both in and out of school. We shall never forget the steady good humor and companionship of Messrs. Hull, Davis, Lind and Sanders, nor the bright smile of Miss Trice. The amusing thought of Mr. Farrar's sarcasm, which he controls as if by a rheostat of unlimited capacity, will remain eternally with us. Mr. Turneris solemn insistence that we uquote it" stands out as a bright spot in the dark labyrinth of mathematics. Mr. Crowe's devotion to Chicago, Shakespeare, Milton and the value of time is a sacred thought. The conviviality of Senor de Molina has for us nicely offset l1is fiery temperament. We have appreciated extremely Mr. Matheneyis sincere helpfulness, which he extended to us all. Everyone will preserve the memory of Mr. Phelps' personal greatness. -The tale is done. Now think on 't. They are dear to us. V- an . Wg.,fw 2f!"?'Z? 12.50 ,ff , , ,., .,,, fr .,y,'j' 65, .?I,f.,4,, - 'Qi II.. T., , j f wffeffu, .1 X ' ,.1i7,. 2 H125 'sl 'L " If V 1 M 2 ?l,a.v2,, ,,,. + Eg 'ZZ Qfg f' 3:1 itin f N Q X' 'rxkx W ssrwsi wi? , , l fl f v s M a -g' -Q 1 - ggsy-TPS!- K Q, f q '- , -X55 NT e Asa L Rafi? - ta-'f 't t l' 'i V -s--., -sw ,Q 'gs - ,M , Q. cs e . . A , ffeffs- ss. s Wh- it eissfs ass ss' t' , -I-"K gs., 5 , .1 f',,:s3r3'e.- . x -- s'-f 1 YW 251- ,mam 14.1 f1's.'Qg5ssx,, f ' Q.. . ff fone: , f . fa 5:3 4 Q , c If M- - ...J .fav-1 i. 7,7 44,3 -1:51 ..,, if ' V .,', fi gf? , , L..ff.ss3WPii5Pfiffffffi-g.i,ifff.Pi..-skifPM ' isis, RK, sf MR. S. M. DAVIS MR. PHELPS MR. CROWE " V ' ' A. B., Ceniral A. B., obe,-lin A. B., A. M., Hanover I ' A- M-v Mlfhigan A. M., Princeton ENGLISH ' " ' LATIN LATIN QQ , e', if f 1 : H I 5'4- . ' A x ff ar Wx I Q, 6 I Y I - I 4 .4 f .,lg.?Xi I .- nz.. W -f 1 y s W 3' ,Q 16 sv 2 -57' 3 1- Us ,531 ' M, M, 1, 1 wi .1 1 1" 'Q ' 1 - ' . , 4 'Q 'L -' f ., ' J , Y l 5 , .WW ' ' .62 .W- ' ,M VA 11 Us V .. I fs? . if 7 .es . sf' V5 .ml .Q 8 . are ,, -f ' , .,,, as ., ,gifie 'if WM I.. has f f f' I .4 if 14,5 .- if . f 5 M . i?"f' - 1 ' fi t ' - V , 1 a ' Q 21.2 2' 6 . , , If Av ' f 4 ' 2 f if in . . 171 'Y , Kgs? "Fm from Missourig you'll have to show me" Mr. S. M. Davis is a man who in some way finds a place in every boy's heart. He is a friend to all. By a friend I mean a man to whom you may go and think aloud. He is a man with whom you may be sincere and is always willing and anxious to help the boys that want his assist- ance. Ever since 1914 the smile of "Pop" Davis has put life into the school and the boys under him, and so, as a result, he always has good classes. On the basket ball court aPop', is a wonder, as is part- ly shown by the fact that the team of this year is the seventh championship team that he has coached. His heart and soul is given to the game every day during the season and his earnestness and sin- cerity make it a pleasure for the men on the team to work with him. We might say something about what Terrill would be like without 'LPop," but it would be unnecessary, as everyone knows that the school would be a dreary place without HPop,s', cheery smile. On his arrival at a new school., the first thing a boy notices about the faculty of that school is whether they disregard him, try to teach him his place, or honestly help him. Among the front ranks of those who are will- ing to give their time toward helping one along in Terrill stands Mr. William C. Phelps. Mr. Phelps is, without a doubt, one of the most capa- ble men who ever taught in any school. He is earnest in his desire to help and to teach. He knows his business, and there is not one boy in a hundred who, upon coming out of Mr. Phelp's class, does not feel that he has received something more than mere Latin from his teachings. Be- sides his ability as a teacher, Mr. Phelps is a real man and an A-1 fellow. He is one of the most truly religious men it is possible to meet, and it is his earnest desire to impart to his pupils some of the teachings of the great Mas- ter. Of course his favorite sport must be teaching Latin, especially Cicero and Virgil, to aspiring Terrillians and his favorite literature the old dust-covered volumes of an- cient Rome, but he has other pastimes. He is always pres- ent at our games and yells with the youngest. He is thoroughly true and patriotic to the school and, above all, a true Southern gentleman. T. L. W. Mr. John Maxwell Crowe, teacher of English, is a man of sterling qualities and so is well worth knowing. He has been here three years, com- ing from Chicago University High School in the fall of 1918. Immediately after his arrival he jumped right in and began to make an al- ready efficient English De- partment even more efficient, and he has succeeded. This increase of efficiency was made possible by his thorough knowledge of the English language, as he knows it from A to Z. He knows both the grammar and the literature much better than the usual preparatory school teacher and is superior in these lines to a great many college professors. A period in one of his classes is very, very amusing, as well as most interesting and instructive. In his class one enjoys lathe world's best humor" as well asuthe world's best literaturef' This year, however, his health has been very poor, but we all hope that after the summer vaca- tion "Buster,,' as he is affec- tionately known, will return perfectly healthy and ready to carry on the work of the new year with his old-time Vim and vigor. ,f fr-va, .1 'L ' 1Qief?1.?f?c , 557 ici,- 7-15i'1"i5 .Q 7 '-fl ' i,.Ei4a"..f -v ' Q ,Z -.. 'ff' ff'-J' 4. avr 1 'sit QV!! K 415' 'tif .--YZ 2,.r'f.f 1. i 55? gs .470 ,. sz' If 54 W iff- fi f 'tj P is .',, 'Q 'iii' is ,i ss , X ti... hgigy r"lx4EsZ::,RM'-'X .wg ws---gg ,gg iq . 'N jsf 1 . A X . ,' -' Q ' .fx ' . ws-9 X . .....,..... .... ---l W- -----f X f - Z.,74Q.vZh.f K. A ---X s -x-x Q .--. Q.--is -.s-s o s - we -- -- -af sf A - , --', . . ww- + - s x'X' o 'ef' - Qxkcssrssscs . rx 'am ee ' .- ' 'vig bt... Sxslt skis? 5.,ts9..,. 5.. 59 5. 5,i'xs'a'.,..1,,,,5L, Lacy :g , .gsgssss QQ- X E . , . V 1 ' ff wg:-Af. ff Way' an iff wwf ffze-.duff I A., ff ,f fn .salty 44, , ffff 4 ffgyfafggzzifgvgfggs ,,f,ff -1. 4, X . V7 ' fffffff 224411. f 'Q' W,f.z,'aWmQ? MW 5,11 yw 45.5 .,n, f ,ff ees:---I, fs' aff-4. '4 .......,x.......,s...V.....e................-. tw, ,.....X...., ...... ...,.., .....,,,, . ....V....V...... . . 5f.e,f,'wfQ,7 ,gy ,ya 3 M444 ,5,c.ifWf7,. .lf-,Wi It M1 fi 4, f ' ,f 4' nf fi 2 'aw W 2' x HMCQ m.ff,fe5,,,y--r., wt aiwmiggffiyj f ,03 fm' 4212? ima, '25 4 Laws' ' I Q42 M mf 'zmLW'.fff"V ag ig' dxiffhia Lf7fZ' ix 'hwff v 4 fair'-v ? hr . W wr 5!9v.f'zQff45l 1, .I .., 5. . :,zfff,.1-. . J, ef 47,9 ff? -fn 4 i,.f,f,fMtg,,s?y UQ i , is MR. M. A. De MOLINA A. B., Valencia Institute and University A. M., Texas Christian I'nivt-rsity ll. D., Tcxas Christian University GRADUATE WORK Ifniversity of Texas Univcrsity of Missouri University of Chicago FRENCH AND SPANISH "N ow there arcn't anything to a French verlf' A great believer in the twelve signs of the Zodiac is Mr. DeMolina. This is shown by the fact that he decided upon a career as a concert pianist, but when one of those disciples of the ancient sci- ence of astrology told him that he was destined to be a great language teacher, he at once changed his vocation. And here he is at Terrill. In the year that he has been here we have all learned that there is one astrologer at least who can read the stars aright. On his arrival he found the Modern Language Depart- ment in rather an upset stale, and so he at once plunged in with that vim which is so characteristic of him and soon brought order out of chaos. In his classes one learns more than French and Spanish, as he gives very interesting little talks when they seem needed. Teaching and music are not his 0 n l y accomplishments, however, as he was a mission- ary in Mexico for seven years and he now preaches in the M e x i can churches in and around IJ a I I a s a n d Fort Worth. Terrill could ill do without such a talented man as Mr. DeMolina. . . e -www, X S E X Y E Q? s S E s S S X X MR. FARRAR A. M., Columbia A. B., Yalcs st:1ENf:t-3 '6Get your notebooks herei' Mr. Farrar, who teaches us Physics and Chemistry in a wonderful way, is noted for two things especially: his sar- casm and his absolute fair- ness. There is not a boy in any one of his classes who has never felt the biting sting of his tongue. Such com- plaints as, L'Mr. Farrar, this chemistry is running me crazyf, are answered with, "Well, what's your hurry? You haven't far to gof' In his thirteen years at Terrill no one has ever been found who could best him in an ar- gument. As long .as he has been here no one has ever had any cause to complain of unfair treatment at the hands of Mr. Farrar. This is a truly remarkable record for a truly remarkable man. Every fel- low at Terrill loves him and those of us who are leaving this year will always remem- ber him as the best of teach- ers and the truest of friends. 3 www fog, ff! zffjfi-,yi f .142 rot' ,, Z-fp ff L fi' 214' ,. :Ly 2 2 M f i 3, ,209 wg ,IQ ly 5,4 12 - iff ! fr. 3' ' ff-ffifwa MR. JAMES F. TURNER A. B., University of Indiana NIATHEMATICS "Work out and hand in the next three pages of problemsu Mr. James Franklin Turner is the man who instills the mysteries of mathematics into our innocent young minds. He has been with us three years now. In this time we have learned to think highly of him because of his fair- ness and uprightness of char- acter. We have learned by experience that he is one of the finest teachers of mathe- matics in the State and that he is ready at all times to explain any point in the les- son if that point causes trou- ble to the youthful Hseeker after the truth." Every one of his pupils will avow that Mr. Turner's classes are the best conducted recitations that he has ever attended. Because of his gentlemanly and quiet manner there is many a new boy who thinks that Mr. Tur- ner is neasyf' but once he has tried to put something over he becomes undeceived, and thereafter all is peace again. He never gives talks at the pep rallies, but he is one of the staunchest sup- porters that the football team has and it is very rare that he is not seen on the side- lines. This loyalty added to his teaching abilities greatly endears him to the student body. gl ,V 57. 4' , ,-. nys.. W ffwn-1 Qfsar- iff.,-ala Mhz 2:55 imp' 4.595 f' "1 f I ., ' f: , I mifwfftf' fi 22' 'fwfr' 'Z 1 fl' ' 0592 jfmwf I if Qfw ,fyg J ' I 1 -f Y! 2- tilffgff' , va 6 fu' 4' ww A ' " 1 I, '- 4' ffg"fffff2Wc.1 .aff V: 2 ,jwff,'Q,j va- A :4Wf'2et"i4f5'f4H .1 f , . , W fslgsll .. pa' Y. 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Wlletl, on account of the ill- ness of Mr. Crowe, he was called upon to take charge of the upper English classes, he acquitted himself with dis- tinction, instilling a mp 1 e knowledge into his pupils. He was ever watchful in his care of the boys who boarded at the school and was loved and respected by all of them. Occasionally he entertained the boys of his dormitory with little parties, and it ltlltri be said that these parties were enjoyed to their fullest extent. He had great ability as a history teacher and those who were fortunate enough to be assigned to one of his classes received his fullest at- tention and all the help pos- sible. He was a true Terril- lian, and in his Mpepw talk before the I' o w e l l School football game he showed his faith in Terrill and his great school spirit. Too much can not be said of Mr. Matheney as a teacher, or a either friend, or a real man. T. L. W. MR. BREWSTER MUSIC "'s go over that one moreu "Who is that man over there with the shell-rimmed glassesfw What a question! Of course it was from a new boy, for who could ever for- get ",lane', after having once seen him? Although this is a dry country, let's say "Here's how, Mr. Brewsterwg for this genial, capable and enthusias- tic gentleman is without a doubt one of the finest men the school has ever known. This is his second year with us. In that time we all have learned that he is the best of music teachers, because, if for no other reason, we heard last year's Clee Club sing and know that he had not much lnaterial with which to make a glee club, but his club was a success. The writer used to think that a man who would sing or teach music for a living must of necessity be rather crazy, but Mr. Brewster has proved, to his satisfaction. that a musician can still be a MAN in every sense of the word. We all give him our most hearty congratulations and wish him the best pos- sible luck in his work in the future. MR. K. C. LIND A. B., Wbittenbcrg HISTORY AND ENGLISH Although Mr. Lind, affec- tionately known as "K, G.," has been associated with the Terrill School for a little less than two years, he has WOII for himself quite a place of distinction. Not only has he found his way into the heart of every boy, but he has won for himself the name of a good fellow, and in many ways he has shown that he is a friend of boys. ln fact, he is never too busy to aid or to advise any boy who may call upon him. Furthermore, MK. G." has one of the most ad- mirable dispositions that the Lord gives even to the best of teachers. He is always ready to hear or to tell a good joke, and can always see the fmmy side of a joke "on himf' Although he gets angry once in a great while, he is never able to stay so. As a teacher, Mr. Lind is probably one of the best in Texas. He has a certain way of lllilliillg! his history stu- dents become interested in their work. He has nlade this work so interesting that his- tory is fast becoming one of the most popular subjects of Terrillis curriculum. He has been the successful faculty adviser of The Terrill News for most of the last two years. In short, whenever anyone is in need of something, HK. Gf, can 'gdeliver the goods." 'dffffm zffffw if 2511 VW'-f if iff? am ff gyfgbffqga. 3 ffgwg is f .f M411 ,MN Wwe.: , fy, cv ..... ,, uw ,V ,WMM ,, .ff f.ya 41-ff? P M6424 'Q " 140,325 41 u a pygggc a I wil m'fL,2wJy,f:f 22:1 'his-T Z ffm , fn, gms 1:2 air 41,15 f ,wt , f,,ff.,, Q .1 Cahir .Mil W. Kqtafgyff, f ' fefwffrvzzzaz-0' ff ,tx ,Q'fg'-fm f fs 117 hw. 1, can 3,,fwvf,f 4 n ,ffl- l fw, 7:!!j 115.2 ,J7 yay! fi Z34v.5L'1'i4,f:A22 ' ' XX r 'sz ' st .2 ss . :.s:.-..-1., ss. ,ss . t W , fees - 1 - ,XX-rs.-if-Nz WM -, --.fs ' ' " ' sas.-ff-s-. - -Q..---wfifs, . .- -3-sg sfyfgls i. sa ffssfwtsj e . N',.IfsP1,fQ., tvs . 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She stands out as the only woman teacher here since the time of Mrs. Terrill and is consequently v e r y popular both among the students and among the faculty, especially since she always has a smile and a pleasant word for all. Miss Trice possesses a full share of that quality known as whiteness. She is always ready to give a boy a second chance in any one of the va- rious subjects that she teaches so well. As a result of her in his fair grading no boy right mind is ever heard to grumble about his grade. Al- though this is only the sec- ond year that she has been here we all think that we have estimated her true worth and hope that she will return next year. S Q ' T gf al, ff: A7922 ' 175' iiff 1,21 i3i"7J', V, 7 3 , lfpf'.':l Rear- X.- MR. H. B. SANDERS A. li., Oklahoma ENGLISH We feel that Mr. Sanders is a new teacher and yet an old friend of us all. He is a man whom one likes at once and whom you will never forget having once met him. We saw immediately that he was un- usually kind, considerate and fair to all in the classroom, and when the first football game was played we found that he did not lack f'Terrill Spiritf' He is always ready to help any boy who has dif- ficulty with his lessons. He had not been here a month b c f o r e he organized the House-boy fo 0 t b a ll team, which, under his coaching, became a mighty good eleven. When the same boys organ- ized a debating club, who was better fitted to become their faculty adviser than Mr. Sand- ers? As a side line he has started a class in p u b l i c speaking. Certainly it is to be expected tllat the boys who are under him will be able to give a very good speech at the end of the year. In short, we would be sorry to lose from the school such a man as Mr. Sanders. So we are glad that there is every rea- son to expect that he will re- turn next year. "f iff? ,, M, ,f I 'azw-fcf'm4g7,,7-.53 "f Wife? WZQZIW fl fl'.:.hV 21" " 9, , - IL-V' c I M44 ff MR. HULL A. B., YYhittcnbcrg MATHEMATICS "Pep it up there" There are certain men whom, once meeting them, it is impossible to forgetg such a man is C. E. Hull, more familiarly known as 'flackf' Mr. Hull is, on the play- ground, a boy among boys. No one can shoot more or better baskets in a basket ball gamer, no one can come out ahead of him in a sprint, no one can so well plan a , , me fffxffff V ff:-W, z ' ,.,J7fdm,,f,1 17 f 7ZMZ'7'f777Z74Wf A fi ' M a' '-72 My!-522 1 I6-f3M'1'ffwfWui' jg . -,iff f-4,41 733' I -4 fsf"'if5'f 'ZX KW .Wim party or so thoroughly get . ' , 252 some grumbling and growl ing house boyis "goat,'i and yet during school hours he is the best of teachers. No one can so well keep order in his room or better conduct his class, one no one is so effi- cient in squelching some petty offender. The instant the school bell rings he is transformed from a jolly, apwf 'if ff Zi . if - My . 'ff f fc, 4 .2- WAY! , w . . iwfw '4' ,vi overgrown boy into a seri- Mfg Y o u s , dignified pedagogue, with the saving grace of hu- mor. Among the things that a boy gets here at Terrill, prob- ably none of them will leave a deeper or more lasting in- fluence for good than will the association with this prince of good fellows, G'.lack" Hull. ln the years to come those who have known him here will say of him that which can be said of not every one: f'He was a manf, ,Q AE gywfn -fb fake? gf, we Q, I i'r'f1M M-W, i ' s ,. WW N 'VKXYN N9 -ss.i''iX'R-saqiitcgixs X X 'GX tx N sv as-ix 'Q-AXXSN-Q K x FS? - ---f x . Q. . .. .. . . ...x X X. X- --A W 'xvcwx v. MX .xt -'jx-, ROP Miffixl' as -Y xl-. 5 T - we xx XQQSFNE--4XS?i7!iQF .lfvfxxfi N Nab- 9 sk. Wrixfi.. Saws . . V X XX A ., xxx x .. ,A . HN.. 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Gene, "Jack," Cranddad" or Mr. Hull are some of the many fA7v-w.,..,,,, , M, names to which this genius of the modern world will answer. lt certainly must take a good mind to remember all of these names, ff but it is an established fact that be has a mind capable of re- mcmberin these names as well as many other things. Last year I I Gene wasgof the house, but evidently he was unable to stand the lonesome lifc, for this summer he took unto himself a wife. He ff says, at present, that the worst mistake he has made, up to the present date, was to stay single so long. We certainly hope that its Mrs. Hull is a much better cook than the bride is usually depict- ed to be, as we all like "Jack," and would not wish any harm to A ' befall hitn, Since this is his second year here we know him well skigjncffjiy enough to hope he will stay here much longer and not get di- vorced, because we like his wife as well as we do him. MY ' V gasses .V ,, 4,.i.M!j,: -z afffwmzfg ,V ts wi Y f .1 teacher at Terrill. She is of a species thought extinct for some "?.fW'7ff , - f - . - V years, but at last a live and kicking specimen has been found. 9, 59795-1,3 Stcp this way: don't miSs it, Seriously, however, this phenom- enal teacher gives Yancey his "D" at the same time she is work- ing Math. for someone else and reading Caesar for another. This is quite an accomplishment and not to be treated lightly, espe- cially as it is all done on the energy given bv the "House-boy .. . ' . . . 4'-z. W4"w gmb, which has turned out sn many famous Terrillians. Like all other females, she is equipped with the most perfect form of self-starter and is ready at any time of the day or night to give a learned discussion on any subject from splinters to trees. Al- though we hope not to interfere with any plans of her own, we , ,que ' V. 2 1 haf' There are several reasons why Mr. Lind has acquired for him- self the distinction of being a Faculty Peach. lf an unbelievable story is needed to satisfy the desires of a group of open-mnuthcd A urchins, K. G. is equal to the occasion. His unusual tales of how he raised rough house at college are enough to stir the blood of every prep-school boy and instill in him the desire to experience ' -if l4'y.,,7 ' 232552 Besides this accomplishment, Mr. Lind is a real man. Find hIin on the campus and you will enjoy his "Good morning." Meet him in the classroom and you will profit by his lectures. Oppose him in any of the school sports and you will meet your lf,.,iZvf2'f'4 67'f's47!s-311 K. G.'s classes are always full of the same "pep" that he dis- plays on the campus and anyone who sits in his classes through a term at the Terrill School may well count himself fortunate. , -ag MI 21' 5,f"'f7',6 2 ff17'tff'9f f Q, ,..ff,4n? 74366 we W4 The proverbial "Jones and beans" that make up a houseboy's menu seem to have had no effect upon Mr. Sanders. llefore he X had been here a week we all knew that he was a teacher in school, and outside a regular fellow. Before he had ln-en here a month we all knew that old familiar yell of his that seemed to come out of his boots: "First, third and fifth, can't you birds remember that twenty-four hours ?" While he's been here a year, " 07' 9' he hasn'l been severely bitten by the matrimonial bug yet, This is a wonderful recordg for proof see Mr. Lind and Mr. Hull in .WG--ff' we "7 their states of conjugal happiness. The whole school is glad that houseboy life in general agrees with Mr. Sanders, and also hopes "Z, ,412 y 5451, tics., .,,. A www-xffw f I ff, X- - sm"ffiss-stsfgws iisgsg w'riss:sy:s Qiiissssssssssssel ....,,..... . .W ..,, " .. 7 . BOQK II Ev-X 3. ..---"J Pbrms' flv x. xxx k iw 135551.-1 ighqv-155 N55-X -,SM RN . X, --W3 ,wtf K , .,, ., x Tw., ,xi .... T. R ,W MN: .... ,x5x.Lk .X xx X XI-SX mr: Q xx-3 Q1XXfQ"v 5-x EQ IFXH-EX 5 mx? 2' 2 K+ wklfr'-53.1 9? - wb 'X' x- bx '- As TB-si 'MX - N -3... X T' X F' A-'i X-IN .i,.+"Xf vu? ff' k X .X X 'xv 'x lwtvv N '- Q X 'uf 'S A 'xxoxi I -Se' Y . --w NAA Tau .'f f 11 K -Q X X xX-vwx xo f .XXX ny, Ks-g - .. . -XV -X MXN : 1 N , Qxv- in xv- N -.Nmxxf - XX X- ,QNX -Nvxy-X -BNN Q rO ,, X.---+ Nki A x-X Q -Q is Yi -5 N .x 1: -x P ww' sv A x K . P, ff s--www N x :f nik .if Q- K: ' vw, -.N-WX WN X1 " xl Y X . 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Although a'Hawk', hail the same trouble with his Latin tvirgilifj he came through in fine shape. As he possesses no talent for literary work, he dill 11ot participate in any clubs for so forthib. His greatest ZlC0Ol1lpllSlllllClll was to prove that good men live i11 Sll01'Illilll. 'QHawk" has a real eye for tl1e ladies and spends all his spare time with them. One of the fair ilillIl9S of Hockatlay seems to have won his heart, for one can always hear llllll talking about her. L4Hawk" is no doubt one of the most popular boys in school, a true friend of them ull. mm, fi, 61,9-' P. ,ff 4158111 mfr, wr P 45,42 ., V. It ,Wig 11,4 .fag ' .- Zwfxzifu' WM zzwfwififf r 4 1,474 ,. a as.: 5, -'rv' ,rm 7 53, 'Jf4,l" 2 Q6 MWWHQZVQAZZ 33 f1:f:fIo'f'-715 nf 1 ' 'Q - , ' f fi- .f, .WI 44 ,1giL2,pgf Wfwj Mfthj, ff", D0 itfhf :w'fffW7?:f We 5 7'Z"' LE Opium if 4 'milf I 'ff ? wwaw ,Maia 1 'fl it if , ,,,, ,png , 1 -, 4 .pfvflm 3.71-39,1 2 :H "T'fiNffNVD'5Xf' "figs 356552-X' Vi, Xl "K swsewwwxmwwsms TX X X X X , ..LX XX Xa X X X ..- - is X,XsssQgX-XXXsgtye svtxss jXf1gSQ:Ks.s--QXXLQX,X :ssf"XX.sgsQN3ss-Q-Nab-1gb5fX?s5 XX sXXsQ,-'RSQE QC A -N gas NX-Xxx -Q NX Q' Nr-s,g aa' sg fig X i X ax s Ng :iss-XXQ SX ,evx--SW: wifi,-:X -Qgs'-xsw r':-3eXsw,ssex.g:e fXwvv:fe--'s xxss' se., 1' mf? fiisXiXs1s:s'-Xfsr-N :fi Xaxl - -as KXX iss- -si ' m g,gcXiif-'M' 'zys i.sGNmXs-Xgs' Q 1-S . 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J 'ffw,f, 1"i'z I' ffff W , ,, Zn? f f?-1547 iff ,iff ' '?Vfff,ZQ!' ,102 lf"ffff,,ff 9 , V 5 ' 32345 415269 W62f'7ZZ"i' f 07 f 'Q' WW M . , y MW f ' nf,?4fq2,'Z4 f Q f,.w,,3. , ff 'NJZQ f 1, . f '. 2917 Z-9 ZW? ff ' fa? i 2 Q ww -9 ff ,y 4 ,,ffg,f! 2'fz:m:4!y,42f 'YQZCW7 ' 1 4,., , rf Uf MW gl ,ff W 3 Q 7 Q2 745:91 f cfef-qw . 4 5 4 ,Z ,Mf 'Z f ,WM 0 'QL 47141 , , , f " v! 44, LffJ,,,. .V ff fifpif 232 fapiplf :fi YY Y m'f,75g,7ffzgW' ffqf' ff! '5 9 f'11:"2 7 wx ff!! ' Wi, W ,f,fJzf'f,f Mfffffwf pf AMMMZZ I ,r MW, -vm 1 fn' 'Milf M V-A zwJ!,f.,'f'.if:'z W 1 ff , 7,2 M342 ff, I 2, ,L 53521 2 WMM WH , Z ,Q M ,fc , DAN YARBROUGH Age 13 Entered '19 Spanixh Iflulr 'Zlg llellu B1-Ia Sovisfly. Cues lo Stale Dan is just a "darn good kid," and there is a lol to say about him. Hellas her-n here two years, both of which hc has livt-ul in the House. So we have rome to know just what he is really worth. Ono might judge from his pirlure that he is a "ladies' man," Well, every- one will have to decide the truth for himself. But, no! His hair was nut just nslirked down" for the pirture, lieraltsu it is an absolute fart that not even one little hair has ln-eu out of place all year. But it was not on as-count of his looks that Yarbrough het-ante one of thc ln-st known and liest liked members of the Honse. It was on at-count uf his personal magnetism, for, although he was one of the qnietcst fellows in srhuol, he was so good-nalurerl and altogether likahlt' that no one with whom he rains- in vnnlact ruultl help hcing his friend. Su when in the years that are tu rome, after the rlass of '21 is svatti-red, many arc the boys that will rt-nie-nilier Dan Yarbrough as a uprinre of guuml follows." -T. T. THOMAS WOMACK Age 17 Entered '19 fJ7'!'Eff' 5 V" 4 4 , 3 J 14,14 1 Qi!" Zgfkfff Qwmfw Wcifflzfim f yy fy :H ve. ,Q ,yw 1 -M 4776 , i zQ,.yf,,Zvz ,J Una f 240 ,ffvfii jk? nggfff-fc'zwz:f . ,f, f 2 'f 1, ,QI ' 2 Xf I 9 1 , ,gg WM f ' ,fi ffgzifaiy f' "ff M A W7 2,11 Mi: 991 Q5 1, M4 fn New Jw G Second llannr Rall 10: ' News Slug? '20, '21 5 Ifi.-t-.Pftfsifzwn Dt-lm Bam Snr-my '21 g Editor-in-Chief "Gavel" '2I. Coax to Stan' fy,Q,!fZf 1 Hifi . . . Z6 1 I ,fiwf Womack hails from the vtly of Beau- mont, wln-re the girls use vari-colored station:-ry. On milling here his surf-ess 'f77""f"""""YV was almost immediate. He has made good grades from the start, because he is a hard worker. Hn- also attained a posi- tinn on Tim Nmvs the first year he was here: he graduates as the 1-mlilnr-in-rhief of the l'ar-fannnl Gavel, a magazine pub- lisln-tl lay tln- Delta Rota Literary Society. Although Tuul is not an athlete, he supports all the teams. and is brimming over with school spirit. One of his great- est assets is his "jerking," Ile is a past grand master at this sort of thing, as he ran "jerk" even the impervious Mr, Turs nt-r. Although hc is hantlirapped by cripple-ness, rumor says that hu shakt-sa nasty foot. "liven as you and I," he has fallen to the line of some girl, and is a regular Beau Brummel. Watch him, for in college he should make a "regular fellow" with all his good qualities. M41 fr: 1.2 1 . vm! .,j, ,fwyve .f , aff gg 'g Wk' QM fy 5 fW"?fWZ'i ff! i'0'0Mw4 54 f4f,,.,,,f1 iff? 9, aff Z, 1,7114 wif W izf fm? 7311.5 if , W. .z,y,,,,, . gwff, ffwfff. ,aw Iii. ,fe ww!! cud 17, ' 4 if ,. W f, aff ' 2. flafqu i, qf,2wQ4fw, :W ' gb ffm ,ff My f yu. 15 vi My vfwg no 1 .ffm ff f.,,-,cc"4:vgqqq,gf4' ,gi W1 3,1 3 fyjfp ,,. .,,, 5-W, 1270 Z , ,Kfffx wAfp Q ,,,,. .ft . , 4 2 5 M4 I .tfyfzffg "I, 1 . qffmf My f W1 ff 2,7 if 2yf'.2,L,, Wfjw 'Aziz i 'Z'f37 '15iFY'ifiQf5XQwf sss:X.Nt:g,wg f ,ft :s XFX xx isrftsx-as-gi g Y "" i f WK if ff I xi! fM,,,, , X ,,,, My X fff ff WM. inf ff,-fa YWW Q72 12 My WH 5 j.,gj,M ff qw.- f - 4 f- V t . PQQAW 492 ,A,..,f.,',,y3 ti 2 Jw if zzfhfl " , 54- M3 pm, 1 W, ,M , ff 4"'zWVJ" 4 vw, 152, , ,Qbf,,1'- ,,Z'f..,, it sv:.ig.eM4w f 1 f' ,f 44, 'ff : fbi. . 7- X, W, 1 an M r NM "fZ'wfZ CWM 'Of.2Mz?,w! Aff, gf '17-?h'f":' WW, ,HL , f giQ:f2,3fi Lf 'uf ,7 ', 1,9270 22051 4W M142 525,72 1, ff 'Gfiffj-.. 'l 4, f ey ,- , ,,,,,, , 1 . N ,""','i'v,,,,2 2 'Ji 2 wffffv, V- M, 1 1 .tw A jfwg ZW f'45?Z22I7:ff:zZ7' Wim J mf,W6,n5,-:- L. 142015 if if9ffQZf at wM'9,f fgf ERNEST TUNNELL Age l8 Entered ,19 Sec-and Honor R011 '18, '10gTrn4-If Squad 'BUQ Delta Hem Society 'ZIQ Ifasehall Svrubs' 21. Goes to Slate Ernest ll. Tuuuell--the Damon o1Ter- rill's "Damon and l'ythias Duo." when he and his tgrannieal crnny ery, "Rever- t-neel Vassalln beware to the hapless Davis Hallite who ilelays his kow-tow. Originator of the phrase, "Me and Mar- cus." The czar of the bathroom and Vioinark and Bennett. Knows Roberta, Johnny and the rest of them. Spt-mls his time getting out of exert-ise, walking around the block and flirting with Lady Nicotine. He ean't help that he is from Memphis, but oilst-Is the cnuui of that village by chasing bank and forth helm-en there and Amarillo. Naturally he takes vnmpany with him. One of the originators of the Delta Beta Club and the out-arguingest spell- binder that ever wielded a sweeping ges- ture. Would be a has:-ball pitcher, but has no shoes and ran't make his pants Slay up. We-'ll bet that when he gets to Austin tht- town hears about it. H. B. S. RICHARD RECTOR Age 18 Entered ,18 Svrvrul Honor R011 '13, '19g Terrillian Club 'Z1:GIee Club '21g Advertising Man- ager News '21g Tennis Tournament, Second Place. '20. Goes to State "Dick" Rt-rtor is tht- tennis shark of the Terrill Srhool and the main promoter of the annual tourney, He c-ntered the srhool three years ago from the famed City of lletroil, and during his stay with us he has von many friends and made quite a reputation for himself. Although he is lint a wonder at Trig. or Physics, he plugs hard and makes his grade. He has been nn the business stall' of The Neuvx lor two years, and has ex- tra:-ted many u shi-kt-l for advertisements from the marts of trade of Dallas. Outside of school he spent most of his time telling of what he had done or what he 1-oulil do. Sinrc he was more or less afraid of girls, he was not often seen with any of them. But a good fellow is lost when "Dirk" receives his diploma. A ,W f" '1 ?iZ WM, f .'2,!-yr? 1 If 'f G5 7 Z3 .42 f ' ".:f . ex :wg ,, Jaya. A , ,M Jil, wwf, I Ff?"!7'? 61 ff, ,,,,0 w- ,. ,JZ f iwgjh 1551 , . ,fwfl mf!! AW-We: ' 1 az.1h'f,vf, Ga7ff:4WYww:. 'X 'Y it j' ,fwfqft f '-UM, fcff'-af 4 t ftyafjtffmf rim.. 1514 rf' 5 .iffy ' -af: Ml'-fZ,4ffv,1 If f. , , A.., ,,,,Z 3 -. -, 1 wg f my fin, f, Q WJ 1 X i Q' 1: 1 - 1 sh..-M 1 Q ks-.Wg-Y -,tx N . Q-szxxssxis sw? is-ax . x Xgs...i.- - sw S56 N x wg S sais :xsx X was-s A -X XXX 1 ,ss sou, 9:31-X Q ss so gel? -as'-1516911 vga: gt sfs'wv1,':sp2s'js ss' -fr? N . vis,-M N -frssi N ts N ,s 2 ,rs 2-1 f :NSN-, g wwf-. 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Hz: is onc of the very lu-st fri:-mls that anynnf' rould want-loyal, sinrerr, an gentleman in every svnsv of thc- word, and all of his many friends lovi- and respc-rt him. Porter is a good studrnt and rank-a with thc hi-st in his rlasscs, hvsides he-ing an honorable, clean-rut, serious, liki-ahh' fvllow, and one who stands for noihingx lrut the lwsl in Pvt-rything. Porter was nnnm-rind with The Trzrrill School Nvrlrs during tho first part nl' thr- srllool year. But he- look over the lvusi- ness managvrship of the Annual the lat- trr part of thi- year and it was mostly his work that mzuln The Turrillirm uf 192l possihlc. He is onv of tha- prinripal soricty rrp- rvsentnliu-s of the srhool and one lien-r goes to a dance hut what hz- st-vs Porter with some pretty me-mber of the fain-r sox-in fart, as a ladies' man he is nu- equaled and has a "line" for rvcry girl. ln short, Porter is a fi-llovs of whom we are all justly proud tn sc-nd to any rollegc as a repri-si-ntativc of our school, and we pri-dict a very surrrssllll college and husinr-s care:-r for him. f -e,2,,fff' I f ', vi 1 f,'ffff-,114 , ff' K-ff My '16, ,175 Trark Squad 'Zflg Baseball ,4,,,,,!,I',hg 7 Scrubs '18, 'wg "T" '20, '21, Cores to farming "Corn" was the' "town rut-up" nl' the srhnol, deriving his origin from ll:-hrolt, Texas. He was working hard whrn his eyes wrnt back on him again and torn-d him to quit srhool. Berausc his previous work was up Io the standard, Mr, llogare ollorm-il tn give him his diploma if he would just bi- present at his classos can-h day. But Joe- ri-fused to take advantage of Mr. Bngarlc's olfvr and said, "I want lo 1-aru il." Although "Corn" hail had eyes, he madv three "TX" in footlrall and two in lyaskvt-hall. Hr' tlrservcs great rrrilit for thc grit llc shnwvd in trying to grailuatr. Aft:-r hc had horn for:-1-d to quit si-hool twin- bo- forv in his Senior your on urrount of eye trouble, he ramv back and tried thi- lh'rd timr, hut could not stand thr strain. Like the rest of us, he was always try- ing tn luring joy into tllt' hm-arts of nlhvrs. joe is of the kind "anew a friend, always a fri:-nil." As hs- nevor took inti-re--I in the girls, he spent his span' timr' with thc rest ol' thi- modest boys, joshing all romrrs. fl 4"Q.Zfj 1 wwf W , 4,1711 af fy gg 1225 , !,,, , , ,,,,, I ,Ms l HW 2 ff! 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Www: mv- ,skis Ar: 514 mem: :wt X- fx as L w Ni1Xfi?'Xwtl ea: si: - ff.: A-Q 5' 2 Ng ,:. - Q :X My-5, -:t,eq,wswg A .',wx:t, ss. Q 3. ,pf Q f Mix i A5 w-gwsgeq: vw -- . 3, gg 5- . 5 t 5 rw 1 it My ,rt bixgs X SXIJQYN-sf lot 55153, xi- gt Q -gf gtg esxii-i55Ygt5-g eye l Xslpiw, xiii, eq Ny -, 55530.31 .5 .wyv wlyttp i.Q5gk:qgj: tt ,L 1.-sy X X fXi5U-wl:.,,- -Q gs 3, x, ig- 3- . r x jx Gag I 5 gww .xg wg: 5 .33ffk-.t:QQQ:ggg.- H.. :Q Q :ER-we -X ewasisfx 3xS,,SmQ1v:gQN::91iQi ?kfQQl2:5::aNf- lcarrixsfh-'Q3 if t A f' ffyyfg 'W t 741 Vi wh ,QV 1: gf ,fx 5 www ', , 3 GH il f,'jga,,,fqv,f'f,fzLi4 7,fh,4ff7 NZM? ly f We M We f 'v 7 2'i..Qf.-,Q I f l- 2,-wwe, 2 ref a ZMQWW 2 5 2 yn.,,'f'f 2 , 1 5 V, M . ?W, ?f!i,2,.f! 1 3.44 45-"if ,Wi he ef ,.,., M ,iwwgkdm l Quzzjffyfgizz ' 4W7?'7fn2 , ff , wg ,ws -z,,f14,,z,g 1, Wgjmflqqr' Q 0- , zwnuyfyy f ,,f,4 1 ,fu wcmx ' ,wwf .aftf?'J'-ffw. 1' W'ff1!'LifcE4!,,f2: fff2fy5,,JZE91::5 ff'6,v' ffu 'Q 'Q ,Mm . 1, W, .,4f!f,', www y Q M121 ff? 1 'MM 44, 1 f- fm L, gf, I-M4 ff f q,m,,, Vfyxz, 01 - V qw 5f5ffZffv'if,' eg-..,,'y ,144 vi nf jfjjm' vgyqcgiuffmfw 17'-fffwf CMH ' ww! ,WMM W .,,,,.4, I af, 'WZ' 'wwf 391425 fine' 4 K y, RICHMOND LETT Age 18 Entered '15 Sf-rand Honor Roll '16. '17g Asxislnnt Businexs ftlmmger "News" '1!0. College urllleriderl "Dirk" is one of the two niemliers of the l.ett S Waggener Candy Conipany, whieh ii faniona all over the aehool for ite 51,000,000 rapilal and its rheap prieei. He is another member of the olil guard and han spent many weary honn in Room A. Thie year I.ett wa: elected lrmines: manager of The Yrirx, hut The 'fvrrillinn needed him for this job. l'nfortnnately after "Dick" look the Annual, he wa- foreeil to give it np heeause he needed the time for his Studies. His ehief amhition is to he a lint-rla-:A merhanir. So for he ii heautifully realiz- ing this ambition, for he and Milli- have already built zi rzlring ear. Sinre "Dirk" has proved hia qualities to ns, we know that we shall in afterlife he proud to say that he was one of our elawmates. JAMES RANDALL Age 17 Entered ,19 FoozbnllSrru.l1s 'lfllg "T" '19g Trark "T" ,205 Baseball Sz-rubs '2I. Goes to Annapolis "Jim" is one ot' the few boys who never have mneh to say or makr mueh show about, but who are always doing their hcst in everything with whieh they are rnnneeted. He wrote very exeellent themes, even though he hardly neecletl to write them heeanse of his personal -tand- ing with his leaeher. He, being very playful, often engaged in wrestling matrheh with opponents of different sizes, from I.:-vis on down. He will probably win the debater'f niellal, as he and Robe had a tistic argninenl unc day, which Randall non. Although Jim was very stnlvhorn, he waa a good fellow, who was aluay will- ing to help one if he ua- able. With a hig heart and u glzul hand. .lim won many friends among the leaelu-rx and atndenia. He could not he rlassed as a 'Koeial lilltterllyf' but he slid have a rare for the loving ways of at little une unknown to ui. ,mm fwyf ff ,z fazwyt W 2' ,NM 'gf I -OM , 124, f Zffv' wwe. if, WM of i-i if-1'+f:f,aA , , 7V'v,,K'f?w, I'f'7'2fp? f', 'Z 'fi-Mwzv 5 fQM.f,,,,f wif, 1 - , Y wi. 647, ifyhf f0ff ,,w, ,,j,,f'ff.7! 5 ,Lk M7771 W VO, 4,f'f1h'7 7' f'U7Zf,4 f f f f v ' zJ',2f"f,,7pQL , Q Q :ffyf YW" 'iz ff 117 1 2 f ,, 2 ef J new f f V' ff yv-,Z 1 pf f ,y,,:5,',a ,yy ZW wf ,Lf ygww wygq mf Qff1f,W'.f,pi win! Z 7' Qfff 7,1657 G ,fgwyai . ,, f f, ffm, Q my ,Zf'7,' f 'Wwff' 2 Lfffff ,ef 'wi Z ' fA7y.,A,f1iIL, y,',m,I' ., 4 ' ,y , M4 ,f , mg, QYZVW! f 'WW . 4, Zw 2 if' Wil. VV! 'f -,wysiffe 14 if ffffw., adm W' ff' f ,wc 1 ?ml7ff,f 1 ff'75fQ4m iff 'fi 7991 we 5255 Z, W 5,43 f.,f N, ,y 1 7M 5 Z " : - gif N .EQx:. xtgtywfgv. Q 193: A13 EPNH i ,..Nwige.WXvi-,NTQQXXas fx. xe .nga-ffkcws 0 , ,.... 0 fl- .:-xtrrcqfsff .I 'xkg -2-sw ---stil ..,. -with "iL'?i' - .N -f.M...'.'4t'rY'A-x1r.' - Q.. S"-X -or M . .. f-u-:wav e N s2sYX"'5iiiQvxmf"TSWPYXNXT-Q"NYY-?E?s?3S5"1'ifi5Yff'fi ' SN? E. .cs-.Ninn .QA sQf1.fQX Zff'.t.s-.Nw .kxrglgcf-l-...Q lvwif. A .x -fmfmqxa .BM NP' -5 'xwxxi Iii -ever .dpi Itwsis-K . .si--wtitiwstxt H Waxes Q eww--X 5.1 smsiwr 2. ,SSA Wolf? .ss-Ona? sw .E . 5. QYC 'X .....1.,' w -P1-N' 's1f555gfg'1- D1-"sg: 'N A. X .REXAFE Q- 1. L ,. 13 s TV--fy xx- 3-:S -s.g:-1fsm.- gui. SEV1' eh. I 1-.css Wigwj 'ff 47" ,y , ,, . ,A Lf ,ff,,,,, M ,f w mf f ff f ff KAW,5,f,,,,. f,,74' fX'u.,f. Ziff as -Wifi f V5 :Wa ffi ,,,,1 . 1 , fWff:ff',1f,0Z1, way nw' - "ff ,MQ 'f "1 A HJMA' :Wh VW 'Wf"'i7"z-a.f"7 fwwfwp :Wax My ww .f.f' Jyiimyljl WW? f ' 1, ff-4 an W1 i M51 fx' ff yy, ., ,.,,,,,, ,,,? ,WM fi! f :vw -Wil . V.,-4 new W. ,...,. , Z Vyf of My ,w.,,,,w,g, Y, 'WW?'vfff7?'-:I M,.,,y.j:'f4'i 4 fy ,ificwfzfff ,Q -,iffy ,fr f, ?f,77M4vg. X 1 fqwz 1 LWZ7, ,y' Mi ' 017 72 1 ', f'W' 4 c tn' f 5:1 fe f 1, 2 045221 ,.,ff.,W,f jf , WQM fzyc H414 ,, ,!i.x,,,, VA .1 ..,,f,f5 s 2. J -, if ,L : 1 . M2 1, 'Af ff,ZfL!.9wfc,ZJ 7, if w' ,if ' 2 Vff':'.:, f, of 41. f,,gf5W- .V WW ,. Z Q 47, f wx' -4: Z' we 4, -4 .nw-.,:' . f ff , , X . . , 1312.124 J- f EVERETT KNOTT Age 19 Entered 519 Svfond Honor Roll '20: Terrillinn Club '2lC Cleft' Club 'Ili Football "T" '19, '20. Goes lo Dnrlmvulh "Tub" br-ramc a Tvrrillian two years ago, coming tn us from Fort-st Avi-nut: High Srhool, and during that time hc has not only mads- a splendid alhlt-tif rernrd for himself, hut has won a warm plau- in the hearts of his fellow-stud:-nts. His football can-rr was one of the ht-st ,hat a Tcrrill athlete over had. For two years he play:-rl on thr line, wln-ro no op- pmwnts passed him. llt- was al-o call:-d back and rarric-d tht- hall. Evvry time "Tutu" tllvkvtl the pigr-kin under his arms ht' gained svvvral yards. This year hr- was 4-lt-vtml president of tht- Trrrilliau Club. llc lillt-d this pod- lion admirably, but unfortunately he had to rt-sign on as-count of his studios ron- flirting with this position, Ontside of srhool "Tub" is soine gash:-r. Ha- and Buddy are sw-n togviln-r evvry- wllvrv. They always have the same oh- jf-rt in vicwwthat of lady-killing. Tln-y art' an inter:-sting example ul' "two mind- with hut a single thought, two hvarts that beat as one," "Tub," wa' are glad to have known you. We wish we might have known you hvttor, and we know that your sttrrcss in life is certain. You have the sc-hool's love and rt-sport behind you. THOMAS KENNEDY Age 18 Entered '18 fltlilctir' Editor 'I9: Football Srrubs '19, '20g lfnsvlmll 'Jlg Second Honor Roll '20. Coos to Stale "What I say, I mean, and what I mt-an, l say." That is Tom all over. H0 imprvsst-s yon at first, because ho is since-rc. When he promisvs to do anything for you, he dm-s it, and he doos it as though il i-A a rral pleasure to servo you. Tom has lu-en at this school for thru- yr-ars aint has managt-d to km-cp hinist-lf prvtly busy the whole timc. Tom did not posse-is tht- statue of at foothzlll man and so was ohligvd to stay on the srvond tram during the two years that he tricd for the tvaln. Wllvllover an 4-nd, tmlttiack, full- lmrk or any other man wa: nvvded Coarh Nw-ly put in a fall for Toni, and Tom rains running to lake the hlows of the lirst team. A hoy who does this for twu yn-are should gr-t dnt- rrvdit, and it' honor- ary letters we-re given at Ti-rrill Tom would rcrtainly wear one. lu hosehall we have ncvvr had a bat hoy like Tom. Every aft:-rnoon Tom lugs ill thc has:-5 aint hats after pravtiring all day, ht-ing so faithful in his work that hc rerviufs a lrasvball lvtter. llut in spite of all his athlm-tic work. he ha- managrd to krvp up passing work, and to take' an interval in other svhool artivities. For one your he was athlvtin vditor of tht- paper. While ill this posi- tion he attended evvry gamt' and always worked tu the best of his ahility. A good man, whom Terrill is sorry to loss-, is Tom. fa N4 . 'Y i w 4 at ,ffffym M02 f f C3797 ff f Zak wgffgl 'MMM Mfff V VW az! fr if . fffhgwfi ww Me, .1 ,fi if 1' W5 1 2, iyfxfgf .fm 'zu Qpmzizifivfwz ,fi ' 2' f 1' f ,ZW fiuf Q, Qyffzfj f, WJ- f,.. ,gf new ,Mfg av-2 - f 4 'W"fw, G M if-14 A , 54 wwf PCTMM ,iff .nf M2794 ' J7G0j 0fWcf2"fT7':119cm", Wu., 1 34, .,... .1 k' ' I Z I, i ,2 arf 221 ,,,,., I., ,1 ya, - , H mf WM" ' W9 X? ffbw' ff, A W 75 ,aaf--X' V' fi ZW wx? ,I 2frbf4fZ,2 2,712 Agvyf Q 747 . hfn v ,L ff 9 .M , W,-f, 2'2W"'ra1aaAi 7 rf f my ff, f':fff::fv'f1f-mm ' f ' 1 f 9 fi ,jgfffzw ,fwf.ff,,fWfQ WI 1 4 I fi, 'ff 1.4 gi,-2, q ,Ll f ln' '-0-I In X, ,434 ,f,f, 1.5, ,yy lm i,6w5ff,y:4 1, 9 Q52 ,, .,, ,f,,,,,,,, fw 60154 QZW 5 1 M N X kkh, X 'Q :Q Q.. s. X waxy ,.. Q.wg'-f',5s.jS5Q:g3x9::::-jprwj... , ,H -it M.. .W MY. .. N. H, A 'Ng Q' fm.-Q1qx:ql.,I.-. --ws rim- 1. ixl---aww .sfwiximl SSW I!14'fXv:N1f" "ff if I " - -W 1 ' - A M 1.YYSSv-IN -MQXQ WN-asv bi-Xff1+4X.lrX Sswxxk- flaw I iff .X ax s-giQ:f:sQ? 1 my ini 'fe f,9,,f,f7 Q! ,ff ff, ,.f , ww ,I ffe' I4 iw! 11,1 . Ifffjffyfqh M H 1? uf ff W 4. .,1 mf, ,QQ ,W V Nga ff ., G Vw' . 0 -H 11,97 X, Maj' ff ,jjj f,, V!! 7,11 +5.55 Q1 G U j ' , 'H I ,Tiff :- jf wi wk' 'I sq-14,4107 in 'J Q' ,. W W f5,'v,'4f.5Z,j gag-f-if' ,.,. av- ff gxyggqyf-xii. " vV3i.1ZZ..Cfi' -J , W1 faxf 'ffgdfifywff' A ge 16 W f' W Crilif-. Helm lfvm sm-my fv, jjwyf My ugh, J! ZMVW- IQW' nf-ff "WV Thi- has been Sullllcn' lirxl yrur uifh ul, xml iw has mm- 1. mm- for inn...-If . ,f,W, WW .map ifwffff, if 62 ya'-fWz4fz,f4y . . , -pmt. 51-ldum in lmy can 0 Mm, 1, bring mp:-rially Ihr Dr-lla l W-fyiywffiwfcn' limi-3 lrnl he did nnrffquil llc nnclvrlonk win Ilnnf' in and in Ihl' very he-NI munn W4 I Allhuugh hi, quzllitlcs af frvquvnl rurrrspunrlvvwu wi fa' I HV WWA ,Wir 'I - . liolnvlmyi for hvinp: .I mu-I n-Pr of i.ngla,i-. ff wif' ?Wja:1'Ziz'w4f" 639' -V 1 ,,,M,zff:i Av www' 4 .H Ag: awwwifi- vafQ?,4Qz?Q , V1 f Maggy, , W. 1 :-4"fvTf.,f'- 0' f-'ge' V ., , ff, MW 'W 'ifwf'-3-J my 11 4,. ,f ' Zi? W' Q Z SNXDERS STROUD 'JIQ .llalllzging Hflilor "fl11l'1'l" 215 Bnslfel-Hull Sr-rubs '21 :luring Ihal Iimr, Hii grullv- hun- lam-u grvally Io hii cr:-clit, zu uvll al- hif frlmnl ulrl Winn iu nm- ,I-ur, lun nhlzlin il within Ihul tilnv. H0 sun xx lmuilvr fur all gnml callin, Although hc win nut an 1lIlll4'Il',ln' wah far from being zu hnukvnrm. Ono miglll well hzlvr lhuughl he Nlluliml all Ihr a -evrvl In must of n-, ln- rnrrivd on xl flumz- of llrneshc-rk. Hi- ulmilily I0 u-1' ai H-ry lnrgzu- worahnlury 4'alh1'rl Ihf- girlx In how lu-fun' him, an do Ihc- inns! of Ihr Euterefl '20 'Sli "Nm-S" lntain Ihr guml Sanders Qlisl among Ilwm in-In Sorivly. 4-. l'ivffryIlimg: lhv rigln uni I-r. an guflu-r vu-rv lh .lyme young :lrvolllpliflivd WILBUR HIGGINBUTHAM Age I6 Entered '19 Tcrrillillrl Club '2IgSprmivl1 Club 'Zig lfrlxvbull 'Ili lfnsker-Hull Srruhx '20, '2l. Goes to Slfltv -.Hi quaint who Ihr' sf new-rl with 1. H4- nliu-v "hrr.' .ev only I :hm il H4- whom gg" is znmlhvr nur- of those qui:-I fellow. who an' wvry hard In lmronin .ln- vd wilh. Yr! he hae many fri:-nd. rnnii-I of Munir nf Ihn- hs-at huye in l '. ' V mol. Hr A. nul 11 hriphl fvllow, hnl In-lm: hr' is al fair sludvnl. 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Dun is also a soeial butter- fly and a member of the famous Tuxedo Club. His winning way among the ladies has got him a place in the hall of fame. He has shown his qualities as an ath- lete by making two "T's" in football. He also would have made a letter in baseball if injuries had not kept him out of the game. As Don has no desire to be a famous scholar, hc spends most of his time tell- ing the boys about the "wild-'n-Wooly" Yvest. His big heart and personality lime gained him many friends who will miss his smiling countenance next year, llon had more hard lurk than anyone in school and was forced to he absent many days during the year. As injuries received in baseball put him out of school for two mouths, he is unable to get h's diploma with the rest of his elassmates, though still a Senior. LAWRENCE MARCUS Age 17 Entered '19 Delta' Bela Soeiely '21: Football Srrulu 'JOQ liasclrall Scrubs '21, Goes to Culijftrnia Yes, "Son" is from W'ii'hita Falls, but do not form your opinion of him too quickly. He came to Terrill three years ago. Before he had been here very long he was a good friend of everybody. There is something about this boy that one can not help liking. He is always willing to help a body and he is a friend who will stick wifh one through thick and thin. Wk could hardly call him a bookworm, since the purpose of this book is to pic- ture ourselves as others see us, and there are not many of us who see "Son" in that light. But the way most nl' us do see him is: He is a hard worker and one of the best all-round fellows in the House. H0 is one of the most prominent mem- bers of the Delta Beta Literary Society. Because he has proved himself to he a good dcbater and has shown his willing- ness to work for the society, do you, after this description of "Son," know who he is? Correct. He is Lawrence Mareus. E. T. N . w f' -11 -. '47?5W4' H2 ffl? ff . 1 l - mime , I 25.5.55 zfmg. iw, "oy . ga 1.224 7 ,f -.. 2.72 M5222 Z WWA .wi ,f fj Zi ,Q J . .ffjfifmfi ' 4 1? 1202691 1 'H V 2' 4 x' I ig: 192. y v, f l f . f' 2' 74j'f tzmwz of :fl X934 '74 'tw ' My w i 3 ' we ' 'iff' J. V-v,...f' .14 ' ' .if f , .Ml 'ff ff, 5214 ph 2251 W5 'f 1 .gfp,vMzZ:,?6f,fw,i 2 zM.,,g.,-'Mui' ff gf.: 'ff ' - . .. ,,,, me., ses- ' sweats.-sesstst-a.,....w .gt ,ws 0 " "i3ges9's3"A' Srwelisf sf' , 5 X91 ss Xbxe-si e.-Ns ss.. N-ssfi seeks X-we-siws.f,i 254 X F, ss. gNs3st,x.w5fQSs,:. R ASX H g.:sw..:.f- K ' gs. Q .. -- Q, " as .- s. - V- sas.. gay -. 1 ' -.I , fi Y- NN--'fx ,Z 5f',f,Njs.--svxsk ra -sms V ifssssiazefNs-ssgsxnqg X . 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During this year he has been perfeetly happy, for he has been the editor of The News. He has silrreed- ed in making this paper one of the he-t srhool newspapers in the enuntry, Be- rause of his fondness for journalism, he studies English harder than any other snhjeet. This slndinusness, added tn the "jerk" that he reeeives heeziuse ul' his real interest in the sulijerl, eomhine to make English his most sueressful eonrse. Sinee he takes a real interest in the artivities of the srhool, lieing editor of The Xeics and president of the Terrillian Club, he is one ot' the most influential hnys in the school. X . LAWRENCE GAHAGAN Age 17 Entered ,17 Tcrrilliam Club 'Z1g "News" Stay '19, 'Mg News Editor 'Zlg Second Honor Roll '17, '13, '20. Goes to S. M. U. Back in 1919 Mr. Bogarle was reading the school roll for the ralalngue, asking anyone who wished to rhange the way his name was enrolled. "Laurence Her- man Cahagann was read, and up went this gentleman's hand. "Whal's the matter?" asked the Head Master. "You may leave out the 'Herninnf " advised the owner ol' the land. "Why?" "l'm tired of it." Then the sehool got a hearty laugh. Herman has heen giving the srlionl hearty laughs ever siuei- he eanu-, until his Senior year when he has rlothed him- self more or less tmore lessl in the elonk of dignity that belits ai member of the sixth form. when he's not doing something funny hc's staging a "eonieh:-wk," flahagan is zi famous singer of "emnehaeks," lle staged one when he left The Nmrx us a reporter in November, and now has come hark and will leave the paper in Hay as news editor. Cahagan has rounded out his Senior year with a "hang," with membership and active part in a numher of stnllent activities, a high srlmlarship average, and with the good will of everyone. N ' ff:-IIJWXWMI . gm Z "fp Pffwaffh ffy, M4 'QW ,f .5 , ny Q2?2aa ff My V ' I Zaaaaaa 6ff'f?5'7 757 2366413 ff 4 awe. 544444 .MZMQWW23 7?f9xif4!0 ,f - -- 1 aj A Qlfia yg Q 1 bfi ? , 4 2 . ,, , , mf .3 if V 1 "Wad pm-.W 4 X f 4 rf ad ,W fz,,,Zq..5 ,,f-4324-my 5 fjgff f diff. 'G' ifvfvvpwh W2 Ziff L2 r . ff. CM,-3 nfn,gMf,W zz. ,, f ,,, 2 WYA ff me XMEQQKKQ mkv 'mfg' fiwrffi, Ewa! 50:'f..'3f3i'Z' 272 iiflfinm 1222322 "Z f. bw ff? We 1,15 fin 21.114 171 42. ZJ7w57ziYf97'6hh 5-ses-,:qS?ssss .gm--W Fi xr, -we -Y' f'C3s'zwXN f'xs.f-:xy-w1:'rse...fsgwMws-sw-as-X Q, ..., Nw X if sive w.'f'5seI,-43. aw. .- N 1, s.-.3-.X x+Nx.:,gsA --Q-xsX,s..s .is Mx. a,..5x,e..xy, s 'VLXG abt- jefijlf gsgslfe ",:,:fTlsX A M5 's ' -i, Yxf.. ,. A 1. X' -f.. i : we fiwffss Mus- X ..e1ssw'Qw-Nlfsffei as s'NNg:1g2ssxxQl1f LM-2-'rs'ggsX-ics' FTW'j'gg'::r:wsi,tL im-. N355-s-grx""ir -,YQXSN ' "' -:er-X1 rw. 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Goes to work Melville came to school in the autumn of l9l8, He entered the gloomy halls of the House, where he speedily Rose in the estimation of the other lmnscboys. For a year he tlwell in a seven-hy-seven room in Phelps Hall: then he became a lownhny. Un Sunday alilernonns he would, for the Houselroys' lncnelit, drive past lhe Main Hon-e with a grin on his face which stretched from ear to ear. And this year when he gave his :lee- lamation will you evcr forget il? "liz fer me, shin-ttll-men, give me lill-cr-lee or give me death!" llonc-tly, tlmngh, that rlerlzunation was one of the best we have ever heard, And sinee Melville llnes everything around here ju-I that well, hc is naturally succe--ful. He practically financed The News this year, which was no soft iob. Rose wa. the one who suggested lllatl The Xetts give u dance honoring the school publica- lions. Melville is not going tu a universily after leaving Terrill, but to a business college. Since we know Rose well, we know that, after he is finished with school, hc will be a howling success, no matter into what line of hnsiness hc enlers. W. D. A. W. KENNEDY SMITH Age 18 Entered '19 Scmnrl Honor Roll, 'Zllg Clec Club 'ZIQ English Shark, '19, '20, 'ZIQ "5'Ven's" Stag '20, '2l. Goes I0 Stale Smith has been trying, for three years. lo get his diploma, hut fale h-as seemed ln he against him. Last year he was forced to leave school in the latter part of the ycar on account of ill health, He rcturncd this year and by hard work placed himself nn the exenlpl list. We shall never forget thc fame of Brains as a "mule-rider." Xllien "Pan-r" vallvd on him to read one ruulrl positive- ly hear the crack of the whip and the heating of hoofs. ln fart, his only rival was the incomparable "T0ntmy" Thomp- son. And his voiecl The Clec Club would not he complete without his mellow tones, To hear him sing "l.a-t Night the Night- ingale Yvoke Me" was in rare treat. Really, though, we liked "Brains" for the fight hc put up against hig odds. Yve also know that no matter where he may he in later years, he will put up the same fight and must win out. A Gm, ,V .1 wg 'g . ,,,, ,w,,.,,4,, f ,fag ,,,, Af! iff .3 ZZ!4A,w'y 4 W f ,Ja-5:1 ,.4,,V497K, X54 ' .11 ' W-Z'W2,f 7 - w 4-if ,M :W 2f?z'.g27i"9K' 'W I fu Vw-A my Wh of N654 f. Q3z,,f,wf. , 4 my 2,44 i 44 fm. wwfwtznzxf' 4:ow"'5:"fwr-'fic M ',e:f,f,5 ., A, .fhf , f..-Inv 1 , fm! MM MW QW ff? lima iii! ffpf, ' Q , f f4'4:?f WZ flfi 2,45 gf W 4f9"'5ZZWf"f5 2, Qfhffflffffki 'ly exyfi, ymfzidq cf-.' lj? ff' ff, V' .Ei off My ff,l"f' ' QM! ff!! in W 'Wi ff few?,2"Qf 4' rf f f, ri- f, aWf Q64 Dil Mgy. 0? ,gag f' -.7 fb , TZ ' I ',z6'.,4z ,MJ ' 075257 V n.,9,g4fg, Aga Ljif aff , 'QW ff. QW V 5-'fflfigz VIZ 4 :Wi 3 yvnff fm: gjzfiizf' '. ff,4..1,:1,fM. ,, -val , W,fvf.f:m64w , .-. 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Z -1 - if 4 Z ,MW M 4,4 juwgz f- , M5 f n f"'jf4.' 2 ,J 49. if MLK" wa? 4, ,f., ' ,W ,, ,,,,,, W M... ?x 'mls- ,fjgfifzff ..,A 5... A ff . if Zfavsiff wwf V V' 'W I ' A :Z-15... ff., fluff- fi' . W . ,I Q jc gfzffm- H4 hal ' nz fexff' I 17 ff 7 if , f .. g W' ,. ,. ,,4'Zjg3fvg47' 54333 .fmt-W .ff .Q , . f jf f 1 me W6 , My-.1 , my 1 U. 1" em' ff: wif.. .7 ,t,'.q.z. ,zm 'MVT ,V elif "4 f we 1 AMW W M WW . fl J SY, ' W.-' ..l?'..f 1 H TOM GARRARD Age 16 Entered '14 Football Srrubs 'ZUQ Truck Squad '20g Tvrrilliurl Club 'llli Editor-in-Chief "Tcrrillillrl" 'Zlg English llfetlul '19g Latin '20: Modern Lan- guages '19, 'rag Lmrer Selzool Selzotlnrship 'l6. Goes ta Bos- ton Tech scholars. He eravcs "A's," and he has won many medals. The year after Tom came tn Terrill he was forced to lay out nn acrnunt of ill health, but by hard work he eamc bark and is able to grad- uate with his class. Being a scholar is not his only distinc- tion. Tom has taken upon himself the job of putting out xi better Annual than Beall's or Stewart's. We hnpe that he has surceeded. Although Tom is not an athlete, he has dnne his share by playing un the scrub teams to help the Varsity. As he is yet young, his nllileiic career awaits him in college. He has fallen, like the rest ofthe boys, for the girls. Although Tom is not easy to get acquainted with, he has made many friends in his quiet way. He is a willing and sincere friend to all. Every- nne should even be glad he knew him, as he hus a great future in front of him. LYNN ESTEP Age18 Entered '19 Terrillian Club 'Zig Spanish Club '21g Baseball Srrubs '21. Goes to Texas A. 81 M. When Lynn entered Terrill he was so quiet and unassuming that it was a lung time before he was very well knnwn. As he came to us from Hardin, he had to he reconstructed, both internally and exter- nally. He has made good and won his way into the hearts of all, especially into that of Mr. Crowe. Esta-p's greatest am- hitinn is to pass une of Mr. Crow:-'s Eug- lish exams, but we fear that his desires run in Inn wide a channel and that he is in this respect a worthy surcessnr tu Jack Pew of last year's class. But he is liked fnr what he is. He's trite as steel. He's the bird who smiles when he's unlucky. and tries harder when he's succeeding. Lynn is a man, and sn it is that his in- structors recognize him as one who never spreads a quart nr more nf blutf all over the board. His rlassmalrs recognize him as at loyal friend and good fellow. 0. A. S. 7 v,,f'f'-aww? V' W 2"'gf,' ' tx 257171 ff 7,2t,.,,g, .AW ., , .ff y ,f .f fn., . , .+f'f-ff,,Y9 'I iv f 71? 1 A 71.17- '-'gif' ,. . ..,.,.. , ffm- 472 1 ,fm ' iw! , . ff , ,.. 25, e .- , 14:0 -,f ..,s,-..,.-wif , if f 20,41 QWZX Z' f 21 'ft 75' MW, f E ,5,f,,.,g H ff-.A for- f Hiya ff, 6.4.0 if . fa M! ,f,'12?'f' Jfw-1 :mg "f'W'4V' ff ,.1s?f'fv'M,-' Cfjziawfzfaihw. fyWf4z,Wf. 4, ,Q fxfyfqcfrgaygag-,QQ ww W in ' I H, ,, . f, 'M A! 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Ziff ' 42 M11 fm 'f F 1512 1422! fam Cy Wyfyy 1 W 1 gfmj 5 V 7 iwivi 4712 f J! -ww ,Fefe .5 4 gf f fy frm X if ffm ff- 1 24, f JA GORDON CL .Hzyfff 65,4 fl Age 17 Entered '14 smmd Honor 1:4111 '15, '1f., '17, '18, '19, '20, Ftwthalt st-rubs '13, '19g Teffil- in limi Club '21, Goes to s. M. U. Yea, verily, Cordon is the little but mighty midget of the Senior class. If size 'f373':' W f W 7 ,qw t, ff- faq f9W37.i11'J'!i1'Vf 94141 W W, IW' 2 ya ' 9 - .J 454 1- 1' X., ':' hi Zi? , we Wvfaxhfcwflzf Q: ff, Z ,ww 74 fog, . ef 'fl jQJfL,Q,cZjf L1 wzf:A.jY,.. qv J 1 ff . - 4-1 ff.. A ,O fffff- ff ' ,, .mp X 'ff' ffl 7,2 " .ff 1 fiyem ti-rf ., JAMES YOUNG Age 18 Entered '20 Delta Bt-zu Society '21 g Associate Editor "IIm'el" '21, Goes Ni State A jolly good fellow, an all-around sport, a friend of whom any boy might well be proud, and a srholar of no mean ability, Yes, this sums up a few of the many likeable qualities of James Young, Jr. Young is the kind of fellow whom all the boys like, and is one of that class, all too few in number, with whom rons slant association inspires a liking antl friendship of such a rharacter that, as times goes on, this friendship beuomes almost love. There is something subtly attractive about this fellow, and that "something" is so strong that any boy who knows him would be willing to do anything for him. But not among boys alone is James Young popular. The fair sex, too, feels and is attracted by his very manner, and wherever he happens tn be he is the renter of the gathering. Although this is his only year in Terrill, he has made a record which one might almost call phenomenal, He it was tu whom anyone in doubt about a passage in Latin always turned: to the members of the Cir:-ro class he was a Codscndg always he was ready to help some fellow out of his trouble with the dead lan- guage which they thought almost alive: always the hardest passage seemed easy to this living pony. Such a fellow, liked, respected, sought after in pleasure and in business, was this boy whose memory will linger long in the hearts of every member of the class of '21, the one and counted for everything, nobody would no- tire Cordong but luckily for him, size eounts not at all. Up until this year Cullum was a regular reporter for prar- tire at the football field every afternoon. ln our mintl's eye we ran still see Cullum trying to stop fellows like Harris, Knott, Newton, Chatham and others of ancient fame. This pivture suggests that he has nerve, and take it from us, he has. On thc school grounds, however, this "nerve" turns into another kind, for Gordon is truly one of the slickest and must accom- plished "warts" ever developed at this institution of learning. Also, a few years ago, Gordon persisted in starving the bar- ber until it was a shame, but at last he has almost become a ladies' man and "jelly bean." Now, if being a "wart" were his only neromplishinent lor failingl, he would certainly bo unpopular. llul it is the other way around, for we all know and like him. While he is interested in a number of srhool artiyities, his main hobby is the 'ferrillian Clubg for this rlub he does more work than any other member. To top all this, he has kept up well in his studies. Wie do not mean to say that he has carried away a number of medals, but we do mean to say that he has kept his name oh' the probation board, which is a full-size job in itself. A man is remembered fur what he docs, not for what he looks. 5' f wf., nh, ,Q 'tix ,ff ,. ,,,, ,, , . isfffl, "rw, mit. 5 A ,Q ff ff! Aff -mmf M rv wt. 4 f 2 'jr W. ,aff ff W Q 202527 sa ',4'f-ah. -1:-f' 4 , , .,, .,.., , . ,.,,.,,. Q A , 16, jj -, ,jg fi Kiffiwi fs ,Zi wf'-2 Z! if-Lijfgy'-at J W.Jl4'vH,f,I22f1m A only James Young, .lr. We mini 5119 f' V 1 to ff 1W,'2""?,7w1 zY,Ly?l tt '.f7h:7fna7 S'EYN:r:g2TO xieiiit Qin:-gf'?5' YT5l555ffs?Tf5i'5'T11s N. sissy as--:"'s'w:e ggggsg - 5 vggx ft ,Fee-t'0 3.1..Ifrff:??t'i523Xl5i5i'f- 125. swf: ,qiyffs ws. -Ps h ex swiss, if--1-:J Nfsiiom - 1 N .'f - -x-- Q ' .e Xx'.x.xx. N: .1xQ 1 so Q'I.,:.s.. it s-so me gta, - X- ,ss Y: xxxq --1-v,,:"I::i-seg: :-'xg .9 .--- : , , vi W7 Wall 'ef .we L.- 1j,lf'J4fy,5'!JY mfgffg. 1 Qhhjfjf 74 73212 WZ 24 yfgw,7,f4,f,.,gwQ2 i 4f,,,.zfhg ff -,,,ff,f.2 9 W' 1221 ffm, 14 sw of ff' ' Z1 , ff, f . 1 L! W' ' z'f"vfs:' E' . '11 ' ,w "ZH .wf , f . ,wg as 'H r ifmft an '41 ' ' my ' Z , , ':- f""a4 tiff? mfg Vw fecyii "M" iff 0, ', L 'M-fwyt' JAMES THOMAS Age18 Entered '16 First llonor R011 'lfg Seronfi Honor Roll 18, '19, '205 Foolbu1lSeruIns '18, '1'lg HT" '2l1: Basket-l1n11Srru1Js '18g "Tn '19, '20: llnselrn11'21g Spanish Club '21 g Vice- Presirlenl Senior Class '21. Goes la Dnnrnoutli Mike, having heen here tive years, is a member of the old guard. He has many good qualities, hut perhaps the must out- standing one is his ability to malta friends. We may even venture to say that every boy in sehool is a friend of our versatile Irishman, As to Miki-'s sehonl work, let it be understood that our impeluous young scholar has the most complete l.alin vocabulary ever heard since Cicero was kirking about the streets of Rome. His How of Spanish verbs and ronstruelion would put Ibanez to shame. It suH'iees to say that he is popular, good looking, happy-go-lurky, and has an satiahle desire to wart all teachers in general, hut Pater in partirular. Although Mike is rather diminutive in size, he has done more than his share to- wards rontributing to Terrill athletics. A football letter man, two years a forward on the basket-ball team and one year out- fielder on the baseball team is a record that anyone might well he proud of. So well ran he play these sports that the editor of the sehool news asked him to write athletirs for the paper. During his sojourn at Terrill Mike has entered into practically every school ar- tivityg so if he keeps up the good he will rertainly he sueeessful. J. W. I.. CANNON B.-XRRON than Terrill. In fact, Terrill claims ll aristorraey. "Cheesy" admits that he of his royal lineage the fart that he truly a Barron, To rharaeterize Cannon would be fully desvribes his appearance. "Chet-s some of the teafhers that extends even a "jerk" tshieh sometimes wills for li exempts, To see him taking his nap his inflnenee among the houseboys is powerful thing. llarron has a host of friends, not ol among the househoys, hut among I leaders of the town boys. He is a nie her of the Delta lin-la Literary Sorie of ftluskol-.os for the last Iwo years, a during the 19110 season won the ear 1 Hall and rloesn'l mind admitting that home is Thornton. No sehool ran boast of more royalty I. "Cheesy" is a dual representative of her a great, great, great nephew of the Hon- orable joe Cannon of lllinnis, the former Speaker of the House, and oH'ers as proof write volumes. His niekname, however. rarries with him a friendship among the privilege of walking out with the the alternoon study hall or to wateh him tilnidly walking to his elasses, one would elussilx him almost as a nonenity, Yet Cannon has been a member of the Lodge tennis ehampiunship, lle resides in l helps I . 6 .,,7ff:, ff fi jzfffyfxf' 5722 Qywff ,wh ,MVK H ff M QW, ,M f, fkffwwffff 7.7, ,nf -51421, I f ,wwf .y.,,, rf 'W 1 cgffff f ""?47iW4 f .72 ?:f2Tl.'i '? Age 16 Entered 319 , ff69,:'2'2 Soeonrl Honor Roll '19, '20g Della 1114111 Sdeiely '21g Spanish Chili '21: Hose- ba1lScru1rs 21. hoes to Vmol.,f1,ili 1442 1 .V f "None but himself ran be his parallel." Z'1'7"" Www . ff we 'ff Miz is Vfywzf g,M',f- 5fw,ff3 . 2-"ft: yi I 4 ff vfffwf WMM 2 Lfffff gg Wang '-wo! 1 "'7,f-fff'7'!--1. V, Hn A y.LfZ?Z to vs fqflle x in- ?5.7,fQf!f:Z2z2 i.7f2f,,,.,, 'f - f' M -Know ie vow zy ,f -,fd as-,..::'.. , 1 v . 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M, ' jf Q , nw- Lyn f:,f.m,,' ' 1:19 'Q g WJ- 41 ff aww Wffm, ' f 2 ' f, 5 4 lf: 0. W-f41'Z 17177 "7" , foufhff , mm ev ' ex vw' W. i'ZQZf?!'l7 f vinyl, guy -awww fafm 43 vit ,f W4 174125- f jf ,Q A Wfff fs ,, M 11' ' A6 , ff, ,i 5:4 M417 5 5 z mg'g,W4,,kz,,, hge' 51, W 'W' yy ZW, 4. 1 f ,H ,, .2 wif W ,fy ,Q ,, s1W4Wfff' Q " ' 1 ff if www Q f , , fwns, 7 ff..-aff ffijjff, 734.12 'fy 1 ww qW',f4yf, Q My Q M1254 f ,. if ' f '71 Wfff' Q2 4,,, ,ff f - W 44.1 1' ,- mug? 1, 1 jg4fyfL.ugg,jqy Wfffi f 5 1- 143 ,,.u,,, .. fs- Y-1171, -Aw il 'W9?m.,9j2 04122 STUART P. Age 18 First Honor Rall '17g Seeunal Honor Roll '213 1"oul1ra11Seru1ix '18, "T" '19, '20: 1111sf-111111 "T" '21: Bas- ket-liull "T" '1 loin '20, Tru:-lr Squad ,185 HTH ,I ld Durtn "Stud" is one of the few remaining WRIGHT Entered '14 , '15, '10, '18, '19, 'IKM Spanish Cluli 9, '21lg Cup- 9. Goes iourh ones who went to school under Mr. Ter- rill. His name has been appearing on the honor rolls ever sinre '14. He has the spirit of the days of old, always willing to do anything which will go to better the school and all its organizations. As he is an athlete made six "T's"-'two basket-hall and one liaseball. ll was he, eaptained the 1920 YY right? slnhhornness, from making at least His best days in athlelies are yet to rome. Although "Stud" has the amhition to he a regular YY:-st Texas rowboy, he eau, at times, he as murh one. He, in fact, is quite fond of the fairer sex, hut a litl held him haek. Dartmouth is very sua-h a fellow as our up for entrance. hy nature, he has eaeh in football and can-h in track and hy the way, who lvosket-hall team. no doubt, kept him two more letters, of a he-au as any- le hashfulness has fortunate to have big blonde lo sign J. W. LINDSLEY, JR. Age 16 Entered '15 Si-rllnrl Honor R011 '16, '17, '18, '19, '20g l"ootbn1lSa-rubs '18g UT" '10, '21I: Basket-11111151-rubs '13: HT" '19, '20:Tru1'1: "T" '18, '19, '2U: Squm1'173 Spanish Ifluh '2I: Annual Stuff '21. Goes lo Dartmouth "Dub" is an old-timer, having hc-en a regular attendant of the school for six years. He is full nf lun and frolie and always has a smile for everyone. His rer- orel for his "pn-pfschool" carer-r is one whieli few Terrillians have heen able lo equal. This reeord is: President of the Senior class, holder of the love, esteem and respect of the entire srhuol, and ath- lete of great ahilily. "Bill" is small and young, hut his nerve and determination have won him plaees on the football, haskelvball and lriiek li-alns. Six "T's" has he made- two each in trurk, basket-luill and fool- lrull. Outside of srlioul, ,l. XV. has an amhi- lion lo be a gasher, a regular super- inork. HP has parted his hair in the lnidille. Sinre then he has won the llearls nf various Horkaday girls. And have you ever seen him on that ri-ml motorcycle? "Oh, boy!" he is a ridin' fool. The girls just van't resist him when they see hix shapely figure rome tearing down lhe street on that fiery steed. No one will ever be alile to forget "Dub," for his loyalty, sincerity and eomracleship always win the admiration and love ol' those among whom he places himself. s , 4ff6 M, 57111 ,W 44-4 -nf-. fe! 4 f f . y, f4'24M 19, 1,5 ,apfffn Cm 54,9 ,ff wwffw ww 733, WZ iz rf gre f 'eff ,, -fp. :Mx ?iiw U47 2 fo Av" Q .,,,, W, for 2. M wjffifyo ,if 5441 Z: "7 'yimgwijfk ,af f , 41.1 ,Mfg 'ff M44 ff Jie Q29 wifi- W , u .,,, 5- ,,',,. ,. lf, f, WCW ff V 'fly 6f:G"'9."'.9f W ,tg 2 1 jf 2 f. WZ ,Gy V, .guy :WM 54 7,4 V f',fQf ' Z :lf U 2 gig 1 '41 'ii' 9? X1 ff ,WJ V, i!a,,.y,vf ,f. 7 5 , fg4a, an 1:W'7'-1 fif' :'5ffyf ff f T? W1 ' J' f'f5 Wx? f , ,Z-Vu, fi ffl me jf! fx 2 H" gW7l7jj'1QsAf, if' 'la '4 , "I ff"',11 lff44'445W ff fy ffff-wifi HM! W., affix! ff fljiivgfifcwyflii i -wrmassscv sw- sr-:-is-1 -fs,gfg.y--1-is-ms--3 FRN s...-ss:-xg -A Q- gg: ,si W., .... .W . 1t'fs::5,i3t-:itgwsessqf x -as 5gg-fy-exfeffgsses-xvQs-eggs-s-ww-,zggfs .yrfsesf -,ts-all ,WL .Q -Ns-X, .1 5-s':.,.,----QQ? 4,- 54, gs,-iss51f::'ges5s--1-:gg to sg sg: is seein' ees -eye s-sr ls it ses Q-Xxx . Y mx? s- NMSX-Q S N ss s ss-A-'N iss 1. :XXV f we XPS sei 5-is-I s N55-iwfyegg, vervse,-.iss ,gross Eggs s ,isgs9Qg sgsygs--:QXQ eexkbfw X ex-,PQMYY ,sz-dwg 55 ss 5 msgs -.-s.5q5s,,-egfggs N35 EPWSN- is '..-1S-sislss-Svsefsef?RxK-.v-stsslwssfgal Ri'-sf FN 'st ieixixwif we X NSS i "N 'SSN . ,- fisdf til--esi, -FRN-efsslsxet'X-LNfQ'.-st-fm N swiss--MN' Rave Qs- xt Y. ft!TQ.1s-s-fe-fsbxkf---'Er9w:s.- sSg:-s-saw :F -19--tw N.r.iQ - ss ssshg- sets wee egs M- 3-iss 1. ess A Y.. -s Nkreytisseg - s- .--eXSXsxXxe.Nm1s .,., -me Sff WQNTXYS' "ON, . NQXXYRLN sexi ffixws-fwifwgs Q '- +1-N -ywilrxs ff- Z5 VXQ sissy-se ssiseexw P? se X- -ww. s FJ , . my 1 Q1-,,,f,y , ,y.,,,,.,,,.,.,,, Q " 'Z' H-f gy! ff wM1,,..hQ4, ,fffyff I . V ,I mfg 1122 fi? fm: ff Q 3 ' 793221 f,4gfJf,5:e W4 ?7ff Mfr X227 A M ,ex ac. pw ,,,f,,,7..,Zmf0, WfZf,L.f,,., gf' , ff" 4.5 4 , Qjffff ,L V" egg' 5 Ji'Ahj::r.j: I ,,, lf? A if 1 M, f 7 , we 1-4' .1 g 4' yy- +1 ,,,,, f ,f fbyifff' 445, i Vp X ,,:,A., ,i ,ity if ZW fff 'J 5 + f,Qj",i, i xv gg! .MQ W ,."1377'?'46, A We ff? 'il iffy' ii' 4517! -liz A MQW V 15051525 va f My? 1 aff Zia 55351 12414162 W--,,9'.f'f"-tif' " GOSE WACCONER Age 17 Entered '19 Svrolltl Honor Roll '19, '20g Se-fond Trurlt Team '20g Basket-llnll Srrubs 'IZIQ Della Rem Sm-ivty '31, "Gavel" Stag '2l. Goes to State "Monkey" is the ntidgt-t of the sixth form. He is small in size, but large in hi- nays. He is a hard worker, herause ht- is one of tht- regulars who always get their names on the exempt list. Besides working on The Go-mfl stall, he is u mem- ln-r of the Delta lleta Soviety. Cost- was too small to make any of the alhletie teams, but he tried for them just the same, He is a regular arrohat and ran do various stunts in the gym. llis greatest stunt was to perform as a mon- key and rlimb the flagpole. Cose is the ringlt-adn-r of the ulvirhiia gang." ,lust like tht- rest of his erew from the oil eily, he has a jerk with all of his teaehers. ll' ht- 4-ouldn't jerk tht- "hartl-hoiled" boys ht- would study a lit- tlv. With the departure of "Monkey" 'll-rrill loses one who -hould win a name tulf mm-t-lf at .-.,t1.xg.x. JERRELI. BENNETT Age 19 Entered '19 Della Beta Soviely 'Ili Assistant Phzlmg- rapher "Terrillinn" '21 : Business Man- ager "Gavel" 'Zlg Cirrulutidn Man- ager "Newsl' '2l. Coax lo Baylor Thi-re are some qualities, such as sense of honor, truthfulness and persistenre, whirh everyone admires in a fellow, no matter what his position in life is. Now, all of these qualities are present in Jer- rell Bennett, Although he is rather quiet and doesn't "butt in" very much, yet all of the boys and all of the teachers like him immensely. Whatever he enters into he enters into it with all of his strength, all of his resourres and all uf his energy. Xlhen he took over the Exehange Depart- ment of The News he brought that dt-- partment from the most ohsm-ure and mi- important plaee nn the paper into tht- fort-most rank. He put over two surres-. fnl Carols, an untlt-rlaking which had ht-en declared prartirally impossible hy nn-mhz-rs of the faculty. In his studies he is near the top and vt-ry, very seldom has his name appeared in the list ol' 'All's." He's a "bt-ar" in Physics, absorbs lfnglish easily, and he rides over Latin with the utmost faeility. Seriously, though, .ln-rn-ll is the kind of hoy whom we all admire and respect, and whom we all de-sire to have for a fris-nfl. With his gratluatimi the sehuol will lose a good student, u hard and ron- srit-ntious worker, and a true-blue gentle- man. W', H, S, ' ' 1 ft? 1 fc., 1514 ,ywfff A 7 1 0 Wfw, , ff., A, .,gf4,1.,f,4 X 49, -a,,.ff f, v Lv'-f,2f:226f .ug KWH? www' ' Q4 Q ' f f f vii, W gf. ffm xwiffzzfwfwa 5' Y 5 Y if fwffx QQ.-5-1107! 'CCW Wvy M WQQ4 101,45 Q wi 4. 044 ,f ,f Q, A--Q? 2,5 up 1 M ,ffrf 'wfyyf 41' ,,,,,,, ,,:,, , . :fmt 0,411 .4 ,,,, W ,. ,, . , . ,i5Q,1",J"f Z ftffwciffmf-Q K0 fwfvff' .W , ,, ,,, JZ! wwf f-f yt, ' ,fn f Q1 .Wit 24 1 ,',v,wff,f, "xii '6X off" - Wx ,!Z f 4 Aw, -if 1-V1 wwe V .43 fm M44it2f,z':t1,z W fm! 1 W V,-ffww Www Mm w 1174. f:fQf4c4fv::':::e.g'-A VMMKVK Z f I 1 f f J ffff! ff ff ff . f ' f f 1 , 1 f ' f ff f ff 'fm Y f j f ' if f "wi ff" 7 Z 2 1 X! ,ff ji ff! f I '-'vo1'zf'f 3,19 MUz7fg7f,f.f,4f 1 zffaihff ff 47, Wy? 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The going of this elass takes almost the last of the hoys who attended sr-hool ORVAL SLATER Age IT Entered 515 Sift-wut llunar R011 '10, '17, '13, '10, zog Foo :hall Scrubs '18, '19, ,20g Spanish Club 'Zig Assistant Business Mun- ager "Terrilliun" '21g "News" Staff '20, Goex to State Orval is the rhampion nf all dry clean- ers and dyers. One never sci-s him when he is not telling some one how elothcs are cleaned at Fishlrurn's. "Siu name was a sides, The T ts" was a hard worker, and his was usually on the exempt list. He member nf The News slalfg be- hu worked on the husiness staff nf errillian. lt' Urval was tuld tu do anything he would do his best to accom- plish made nn the the task. Although "Sluts" never a "T," he did his part by playing sei-ond team. Orval is a lion with the ladies. He never misses a Sunday without taking one of his When string out for a ride in his lfordan. the roll is called at the dances, Orval is always there to answer present. Slater hinder s clumsy figure and big feet du not him at the daneing game, as she fR. HJ says he eau wield a fantastir toe. His harem roam- from Reiger Ave- nue tu Highland Park, Oak Lawn in- eluded. under Mr. Terrill, Reeves is one of the few now ut School who have the distinc- tion of starting at Terrill under the founder of the srhnol. Mart Winn has been here Seven years, having started in the low-under farm, If you look the sehooi over and at the same time ron- sider those who have been here before this year you will nut find a more loyal supporter of Terrill arlivilies than Reeves. C0 to fonthnll praeliee and you will see him on the sideline admiring the team. Step into the gym, and you will see Reeves lonking over the basket-ball men. This is what makes him a true Terrillian. His interest in such things was what won for him the honor of photographer on the Annual staff. geifw2?gh,wfj cszwwf in ' ,su "Q '47 ' J we-ff' 5? new W jvys 'Q ' ,Jr '-Q-1551 f 1 0 Q '- M W, ,M we -1:7 ?2W,Wff' wi' E2 f fp 'ff ,ff . 1 af ',",fsa,fg,!,1 .+ 1,?Qf,"', M627 5 5435? 1 gsm wifi Zn , -' 51 yffizfnpe ,J.1,1,:,,7. 1 ffcffg iff? iwkzfifyi "nf we J jf' 9.4 was f 1 1 -,ggam W f .a.,4y71,y"f l17L?ZwAm: ' v M" 4 . 0, 51.5,-17,3 if , ' 'hh VW' ' ffyyfiwgw. 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'Jil 'J' '17 :C ,,, ,NMA , ., ,K Wan "J if f ffl Z 254-gf 1 512 pw ? 'fa f 'my "aye 1 ul w wfa46ll',qf 'f V '41 ,qi--.,,:, ,Cv tgffygf M4 if 's .fwlfdi 7 'f' ' 2' j l 1.2 fy I 3 5 ' qc! f -fr-LEW t "W'0574v,f 2' ,. ZG1fJ',, Wfm ssm ffr 1 ladle! ' is It ,.m,fw2Wi fyflu iw 2,135.4 422 I af7'275lf?0'4' f, 1' Qff t? .9 W M . mfmf Tiff? f 1 . 1 7709 wi Qwylwf- X ' 'W7'Z73Z1' 4 4 43322573 , ,gf 4 ff Q! ff- y sf:-1 X . M. Wvj4.g34f'.f' ww 9 ,jnd f Q-.ifgfg if - 'ff,.,z:.maf4Q: ss s X-N: EMMETT COOPER Age 18 Entered 'li l"ool1mll"T" '18, 'l'l, 'BUJ Terrilliun fflult 'Zig Glee Club '21. Goes to Oklahoma "Sorry I'm late, lint l missed my rar." Thi-se were the words Emmett uttered when he arrived at sehool every morning. "Honey" held the reeord for being late und uhsenl during his four years here. Emmett by his weight and gamr-ness won his laurels on the football field. He won three letters as right guard of our undefeated eleyens. He also played base- lrall, lrnt he never loved the game enough Io niak a "T" in il. ilu-sides heing an athlete, Cooper was at inemher ot' the Terrillian and Clee Clubs. lie took great interest in both organiza- tions, as well as in :ill others school ae- tivilies. Cooper was not a serious-minded fel- low or very studious, hut he managed to have his name on the suered roll of ex- emption at the end ot' eaeh term. Some suy it was just his own personal "line," uhile others say he was a "ji-rker." As "Honey" made friends easily, he should he very popular when-ter he goes. Good lurk and best wishes to him. JAMES KINSOLVING Age 17 Entered '16 Seeonzl Honor Roll '17, 'lllg First Honor Roll '16, '19, '20g Terrilliun Club '21g Track Squad 'Z0g Annual Slay '21g Li1r1eBoys' Ifltorus '16, '1i'g Re- porter "IVea1v" '2lg Science Medal '20, Cues to Bos- ton Tetlt. Kinsolving is a very quiet fellow who never pushes himself forward, but gots there just the same. This makes his sixth and last year at Terrill. In all the years that he has been with us he has never ht-en known to Hunk ont in anything. He is always one of the "lueky few" who are exempt from final examinations, Last year, by steady work and tireless effort. he won the Srienee rnedul: nor should we he surprised it' he took it again this yt-ur. ln study hall he is never seen gazing around thc room with ti hlank expression on his faceq for he always has something to do. lint they say he is some lady-killer outside of School. Frequently he is seen explaining to some good-looking ,lane the renson why H25 dues not smell like attar of ro-es, Seriously, though, Kinsolving is a darn good fellow. WX- know that, no matter what he undertakes in this life, he will make a brilliant suei-ess of it. Here's the best of lurk, Jinx, and give 'em fits. Wk O. A. VV. YW: f-gmzfgf - :fini ' M7 W fl fwyf A ff' ju L 1 'vffggvt r,7,,,,, www, W "bf K wwf W' ":4"f?f':::w A V 2? 1 Zfwwfyiwwn 7 Q. 1 ,fiwvg f Www gif f 17W W' ff! ,1 an rggzff, 7, ',A,fj,f+wfsy I gy ,wi ' 197 V I 'Z-X? K-'ff WWf'42Z9LZ44'45Y 5 yyffif M ' fain! , 'A ' Liang ,ff fi! a fl ff? f5Qvfj!6'I7Z3jfjgZ-,4', W ma way, 551 ,g flfffkk l 'W U 4 k ',,f, f ff'-f V ,Tiff 721 'w?:f!'g,- wmsj. .XM xv Mm X xx X L is j EQ s.:,XRC',7fEX3i,4s, . x sqsg-Qs, ''Qwsscgvswgr---'sYjgg'jN'3mgjjQSxXNQw s tv is 'fn if-S X tvs . WN- X 4 of .XxNNg,i.q. f'EgttQQx,3 if ,X .N fi- x ers Q QNNNM. if xerqseetb t NWN., QQ -ask QQ ,seeing ss s st it sort s e X X ws N Xyks i1?l'Nx'y,, mms -R3 f , f 1 X- , ,f , ,f WW ii' C1 mf, yo" 7 , QE' 729712 f 1QfffZff,j 1-4 3 mm' ., wwf- ?fff?fWl f Wi, If 2 'Wm:gw 6751, ARTHUR HUNT W-I f:,a::"f-V Age 17 Entered ,ll Fuotlnnll Srrubs '13J 'ATU '19, 'ZIUJ Tlcrril- Iiun Club 'Zl Q Sefoml Honor Koll VH, '16, '17: Track Squad '13g "T1'rrtl- ,f,,lff4fff,,, . ., V .. . , . U ,'agfjg,1,:jgjj1,Z,- Ilan SMU .215 M-erelary-'Irenr om senior film '19, 'z1. Goes zu Dartmouth Among the boys of the disappearing "old guard" is one Arthur Charles Hunt, a fair student, regular tellow, and foot' hall play er of nate. When Buddy started to Tr-rrill he eommeneed playing on our smallest football tcani. Then the next year he went higher and the next year still higher, until he made a regular lnerth on the Varsity. which is tht- Aacrne of ev?-ry Ti-rrill athft-tri dhiutih pfratsi is tn-re are tue to tie a wio or wo years has held down so faithfully the position of right end tor old Ternll. Buddy is also one ot' the must distin- guished gashers nf onrtinstitute. Almost any Saturday you can find Buddy gashnig at the Praetorian Pharmacy. Although he elaims various friendships with all the girls, he admits that there is the "one" who is the "keenest in the world." llnddy's hohhy seems to he to handle dances and ln- seeretary to his elass, for he has ht-ld these positions for the last M 'hm' 7"""'i' T1-rrill loses an incomparable rharacter when Buddy leaves, hut as he has been seven years waiting for his precious 53,6 sheepskin, we bid him Godspeed. ,ff 'ffdgqyf W, yfrfm if ff W fmfi :W-.--'refs 'fast-fse-' f .SW ' ' Nfl or -1 .- Q 'Q r.,- - Tffsxisfffkis I5 12i'-13X,f?siSQstw,:xstasEsSj - XY,sekrssss-,R-sifsvsxw: r -'--fffwsx, '- ssiN15',ffe'I? QKLNLN so - :sax Artss-.,,,.t-s:s.sw 9 gym etyfffimzww V' I1 ?,zy:,o'i1 YM- ,wyfmg LESLIE WACGENER Age 18 Entered ,14- First Honor R011 '15, '16, '1T: Second Honor Roll '20: Vivo-I'residpnt Ter- rillirm Club '2l. Goes to Slate "Les" was another vietim of had eyes. and after an operation in Philadelphia he was forced to stay out of school the remainder of the year. He displayed his nerve hy trying to stay in school and de- serves rredit for it. lle was a good student and he became a prominent member ot' all sehool activi- ties. He was a trno and loyal fellow upon whom one rould ever depend, He always did his best and usually made good with whales or hnrden fell upon him. "Les" was very popular among the ltoys. Everyone liked him herailso of his good nature and rarely humorous eharar- tt-r. As he was not an athlete, he made up for that in his other work. He was a member nf the swindle firm of lrett 31 Vtaggener. He admitted he made nothing on his eandy and sold it just to please the boys. We all hops- that he will soon ht- able to -ee perfeetly again and go to eollege with better luek. .., if if , .,,. --fm 52 ,if 7 u,',wmf ,aff 1 1-,fffnzf , ,.,, 1 ff"g4,',.,,mt K, ...fffw ,M-,gg zfZ5:Zf ,jj 2416 ,L .7 at .Ln 0554, uf! Wg? 3.5271 N14 fffffif 177 1' ,,1n-,Aw W ,,,,,,,, , ,M MW ,,,C?Z5? f . tg rzyfffx, rf 1' fl ity. 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M' o,m,,,, ff ,Q ff, -ww a f ffl f rw wfzff U, ,g 7 f 4 ZWM ef nf' -4 'L 7 "' f fi Q .r 'rf'-71 W" ,an ,J4f,..., 'M V75 it X711 a.,.,fm f Q ff yawzzrffzfm 'fir W fgemqizi Y f'4fZ,f6Wf?l 65,52 V, 'f nfffff' 9,t?.,f:"7 tw whww .ffcwwkff-J .. ,rw .,, kMyw6f'2iL:',w5f7V 14 jfffl' ,H-': mwwmf mxiw M67 fffii 5 ,. 5j,f3"Q WfffffW22fV6 , 'Ziff' a ,off LJ' we wana 27 '7VZQ?k,CJ,4fZ'i , . 1 f :fam J af tw, ,few -f fi n inyffaff 'ff f,.f 1 M A-gf' ,f,,,,Wff,, 1 "A ? jqwra ,Q ,awfirm Q7 ,gw.,gMf ,fi L14 ff? 2 - am, fn Q..- fmwif MW? Wewf' .12 4 V ' ' mfr . f .HZ ,,,,,, 1 ZW, 1 f 1 ,X THOMAS THOMPSON ALAN WARRINER Age 19 Entered '18 Svvvml Honor ,Roll '18, 'lflq Spanish Clulz '2l: Terrillilm Club ,215 film! Club Ar'- rumpanixl '13, 'l9g Ulm- Club '20, 'ZIJ Assistant Editor Terrilli1m" 'Eli Ar! E1limr"Terrillian" '2I. Goes ro Sum' "Cnunt" William David -Klan Xvarriner i- a lair-haired youth who has been four years at Terrill. He got hiv name of "Count" in this manner: when he came it was found out that he was an English- nian, and so he was called "Count." "Count" has an artistir temperament, and he is alba quite a mufieian. He was urrolnpaiiiat of the Glu- Club for two years. but last year he was the soloist. In hath ol the-he ditTirult po-itions he hat acquitted himself with great sur-4-ex-. Although he is neither an athlete nor a brilliant student, he has, became ot' hit sunny smile and willingneis to help a fellow in trouble, made himself one ul' the best known and he-t liked huyi in the srhool, une of the boy whnm all con- nerted with Terrill will he Norry to we leave at the end of this year. C. ,I, K. Ill. Age 16 Entered '16 Sm-ond Honor Roll '18, '10, '2tI: House Repdrler ".Yvtvs" '18, '19, '20:Pha- lographir' Editor "Terrilliun" '20g Secretary-Treasurer Della Bela Soriely '2I: Assiszanr Editor "Gavel" '21:Smjf7 lllilitary Drill 'I0: Fou1baIISf-rubs 'l9. Goes to Rite Thonmi part: his hair ill the middle, wears fide-burns and is a regular mark. Ht-re he is, ladies! The onlv real ladies' man in the rlaw! Anyway, Tom wma-how or ntht-r attracts their attention and Htandi are-high with them. B4-aides being a beau with the ladies, Tommy has other good qualities. He makef good grade, and always gets hit name on at. lt-uet the serond honor rull. He it an officer nf the Delta Beta So- riety. and as he take: great interest in everything the Houeuhoys do he is very popular with tht-tn. Toni haw Served two years on The News staff and une on Thu lIrn'f'l. AQ athletics are nut hit line, his Spare moments are denoted to leixurr. Tom iQ a good fellow, true and aquare. Not many felluww at Terrill knew him really intimately and those who had only a mere arquaintanre with him could not help hut like hint, too. 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Goes m Smze CHESTER JARRELL Age18 Entered '18 Second Honor Roll '19, 'ZUQ Vice-President Spanish Club '2I: President Delta Bela Society '21g Assisrunt Editor "Galvin 'Zig naskel-Hall '20, 'ZIJ Baseball "T" '20q Captain '20. Goes to Vanderbilt "Who is the most populnr Househoy?" Yep, you're righlg it's Chester Jarrell. "Willie" came to Terrill in the year of 1918. He made friends from the star! and he has ln-en making them ever since. He is one of the hes! liked and lhe most rc- sperled boys in lhc school. Why? The answer is simple. Chester is one of llle disciples of honesty. He is fair with everyone. He is in all the srhnol activi- lies. He is a star nlhleleg lzlsl year he was enptain of the baseball team, and for llie last two years lcller man in has- kel-hall. He is president of the Della Beta l.iI erary Soriely and vire-presirlenl nf vhc Spanish Club. He has been on Ille honor roll often. We shall certainly miss "Wil- lie," because we have been lislening Io Fay Marehman's name sinrz- Mr. ,Iarrell came In Terrill. We shall also miss lhe wild lnles of Denlon. Bu! we should he salisfied, for we have listened lo them for lhree years. Well, we wish Che-sler good luck and good-bye. We know he will have lhe suere-Q in college which lie "hean" as you. I.. M. Among lhe fellows around Terrill who always seem tu have something to do. Hollis is quill- prominent. Generous and willing lo do his work, he has made friends with lhe sludenls and the fnrully. Maness has shown lfmself during his Iwo years at Terrill lo be a scholar of eonsideralxle ability. Rarely ever is his name found on the "Il" lisl. Like every other boy who is sur:-essful in his studies. he .is also sueeessful in ovher lines. His job as House editor of The Heirs has involved no small amount of work, which was all well done. No heller uladies' num" llian Hollis ran be found in the Houseg some say he even excels Tom Thompson in lhnl liue. Judging from the number of perfumed- :-eenled pink letters whirh Hollis rereives every day from Paris IT:-xas, not Franrel , he must have half the female population ol lhat village oil his slring. Hollis, we ran have no fears ahoul the future sueress of surh an aeeonipli-lied has had here. I.. G. ffm ,ff ,f,x,,f,f ,.,,,4 2, ,Zz .1 2, We lfwfff W. W 'ffW?f'f GOY4c1'f'Qv'11z4,Mpj: MW., Qefffeawz-iff" V? -1? MZ ' 41.444 Wyvwf fr-'W EM Q, Zvi5fzVfZVVfyf34?fzL iff M. W fizmlzgzwflm 'rf W, X1 ,AZ jiffjfmbf 6.'7,?M ,yi ML? Wh ww' Q , Wm ffff L- WW. 2 f fff 'ff zz 1 fffl,f7f:?4gf4 wjfseffyd ? Z 1? 1 67? ZKZWMQ :.v',M: My ' Wifffhz , f .Tbe?'ss.. 5 1ssr.'F'l-,osx QEISI. W , fjfjffig 1 M, ,,,,,?f,, , fl 'i'Qzffi4!gf?59Q' my ., . , x' 17:2 gf ,. I 1 x ffl fl ,WAS . i 2 P' 45? 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' ' '-d1:,,:1' 'L "4 ,S , 'ff -Av' K ,Q " I fl he J tv fifmt Rninr Birertnrg CANNON BARRON ..... JERRELL BENNET ...... PORTER BYWATERS ...,., EMMETT COOPER ..... GORDON CULLUM ..... LYNN ESTEP .,.,.,...,...... LAWRENCE GAHAGAN ,...... TOM GARRARD ................. WILBUR HIGGINBOTHAM ...... ......ThorI1ton, ......................,.,.............Grapevine, ..,...3708 Stratford Avenue, Dallas, ,..........,.....................,...Lancaster, .......3900 Gillon Avenue, Dallas, ,,...l809 Corsicana Street, Dallas, ......5506 Ross Avenue, Dallas, .....l203 North Haskell, Dallas, .......3709 Gillon Avenue, Dallas, ARTHUR HUNT ...,.......,..... ..,.,.......... 5 003 Live Oak Street, Dallas, CHESTER J ARRELL ..,.,., TOM KENNEDY ,,.,...,. JAMES KINSOLVING ,...., . EVERETT KNOTT ...... . RICHMOND LETT ..,.,. J. W. LINDSLEY ,..... HOLLIS MANESS ....V,,., LAWRENCE MARCUS ....... JOE MORGAN ............, EDWARD NENVBLYRY ...... JAMES RANDALL .,... RICHARD RECTOR ........,. MART WINN REEVES ,..,. , OKVAL SLATER ....,....... . SANDERS STROUD ...... JAMES THOMAS ..... TOM THOMPSON .D.,.V ERNEST TUNNELL ...... LESLIE WAKLGONER ....... GOSE WAGGONER ..... ALAN WARRINER ...... DON WEBB ,.,,,,I,...II..... THOMAS WOMACK ...... STUART P. WRIGHT ...... DAN YARBROUGII .... JAMES YOUNG ..... ,...,.7ll West Sycamore Street, Denton, ,.,.............330l Broadway, Galveston, ,.....2l0l Bennett Avenue, Dallas, ......,..203 Colson Street, Dallas, 0.0.4016 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, ......39l6 Junius Street, Dallas, ..,,.,2404 Tenth Street, Wichita Falls, ...A5429 Gaston Avenue, Dallas, ....,..5ll0 Crutcher Street, Dallas, Hotel, Dallas, .,,.,,..,..,,,,,..,...,,..,....lVlcKinney, .....49l5 Swiss Avenue, Dallas, ....N,................,.......Grooshecli, ......36l2 Worth Street, Dallas, .....230l Avenue D, Galveston, ...........,,.....L.......,......,...lVlempl1is, Potomac Street, Dallas, l600 Buchanan Street, Wichita Falls, OVZ, Galveston, .,.,..Crazy Water Hotel, Mineral Wells, ,..,...,,...,..,,,.,,............,.,,,....,.BcauInont, ...W3703 Worth Street, Dallas, Worth, .......IqLll1flllZ1Il, Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas T exas Texas Texas Texas exas T Texas exas T Texas Texas , f19":?'-,Qt E f 1, .,f , 4 1 ,gg ,mhag T ' tgfyfgy ff ' 'Za ffl .,,. 2 AJ' af Q , ,Z af A. 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Its lnclnhcrs have co-opcratccl with the rest of the school, and have always hornc their part of the work to llllllitt all their unelertakings a big success. Of this form, four IlliUlC the football team, two lllilill? the haskct- hall team, onc of whom was chosen captain of the 19222 team, and sev- eral ll1Plllll0I'S were on tl1e hast-hall team. With such athletes as Whor- ton, Vaughn, Wright antl Kylc, thc Fifth Forlncrs were well represent- cel in all hranches of athletics. Besielcs their athletes, thc Fifth PQOTIH has several other things to he proufl of. "While" Searcy won the beauty contest of the school, anfl form in the hall of fanlc in the beauty circles. only authority on selecting girls as 1ll?IIllH'l'S of class." Sain Nlarshall is Nlr. Farraris only rival, as ignorant as his brother userl to he. Stilwell eing the host truck rlriver in Dallas. Guthrie is of the class. "Elmo the Mighty" Watkiiis must l1e is no lloubt the only magician in the school. class has some great future, hut as space is lim- e mentioncfl. therefore placccl his "Sleepy" Neal is the tl1e Nwliippccl cream while Stuart Volk is holfls the honor of b the 'Ssocial hutterHy" not be oyerlookefl, as Fiyery lll61l1l10l' of the itefl only a few can h A great hurflen w year, hecause the elass of l9ZZl expects theln to holtl up the past ree- orfls of all Senior classes. 'fhcrc is no tlouht that the Fifth Form of l92l will hc, in 1922, One of 'l'errill's hcst Senior classes. ill lie upon tl1e shoulders of these 1l1CIl1l'JCl'S next ,, :f :Z 7 4 MM ,f fZ""! yw ,M 4, ,, ,g::f,:ff,,WwA , ,,., Q42 ff ' Q l ffffxf' V72 'iw . ' 2,3 J ' ., Ki, ft,-A' ,WMM ,JM iw, ffffzf- 0ff4fff ,f ,,, fy 'mb iw! 2 ' ? 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W4 M ' V 1 Q , 1 ' ffm, .Ay fu?-V 1 .4 , W ff, V2 V, ,- h . , A 1' HW, ,ff1.iv.n. 521: 52 . V f, ,f f , .43 sf' ' ' f ff' 'f FUURTH FORM Tl1e members of the Fourth Form are experiencing their second year in the upper school and are striving hard to make a record for themselves. As this form is considered the hardest in the school, too much can not be expected of them. This form is noted for the terrible second year algebra that Mr. Turner gives the boys. "Mollie" Crawford and Lewis were the only members to make the coveted WT." 'gMollie" put l1is class on the map in athletics by being chosen captain of the T921 football eleven. Although this form pos- sesses only two letter men now, there are several who will be wearers of the WT" before they leave. V This group is full of various characters, who range from Peavey and Lewis on down to "Little Daddy." The 'Qllashing Teami' is com- posed of Hier, W1'iglit and Fain, but several other members a1'e candi- dates lor the squad. Wl'ubby" Underwood is the biggest HIll0OCllCl'.i in the sehool. The rough riders-Fain, Davis and TempleAean tame any Caesar-mule, but have a hard time fighting that Caesar prose. Carson Rubey has filled the shoes of Gordon Yopp as the best motor-wheel rider in school. Moore seems to be the studious man of his class, but is pressed hard by one or two others who have learned the art of ujcrk- ingf' This form always has more than its share on thc exempt list. It must have a great future as a Senior class. J. P. T. XX .-t..NN...,.w,X .av . ve ,Wea .. .f ,f.12?'2.4w5 ff' fm mg f bug M13 f,W,'? jf s. fffvwln. f7"! Qff gf Zmzf::1TKiwWf ,,.. yfmffz Af, fg.'Jg f, ft. ..,w,ff,fw4 ,..,.ffff,w 4. 4221. , , fl,?3f,'fzf' aff ,f.M4jfjf' f .Wet C, 37,-,, . 44, ',,g fvf . A. . 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They are truly third formers, for many of them have taken those same courses for the third tin1e. Not many forms ean boast of having a Head who is not their president and who is always Wfright. Xot many forms are the proud possessors of Parks presented to them by Germany. Still more unusual is the fact that among the members of this class will be found a representative of several different trades, such as a Slater, a Fisher and a Vlfaggener. Every member of this elass is always ready to help his classmate, for he usually has a Peek of information. This class has organized and decided that Black, Wllittf and Brown are to be their colors. 'llheir motto is "To Bc a Mnnnf, Of course the organization would not he complete without a mascot, illltl after many days of searching they found a 'LCoyote," which they bring to school every day. ln the group organizations of the school this form stands among the first. At chess they hold a l000Q2 record, since they were wise enough not to enter any of the tournaments. Although too young to he members of the literary eluhs, their aspirations are such that when they are eligible they will take those organizations hy storm. Little 'l'e1'rill's football and basket-ball squads were made up ahnost entirely of Third Form pupils who did themselves proud in all the games. The aptitude for leadership in this class is unexcelled hy any other form and their past achievements are proof enough that they will continue to do wonderful things while they remain at Terrill. C. li. H. . ' L 5 ' ?'n6' X X .4 . ' X X X "NT Xi? Eg .isles it . wif-F fV"f'.-wfXfX.'We'7 Y X NNN X 5 X ms f-gags 'yi Wg xv X 5 wg , ivy A is 'ysyx -5 vs six, -i xt ..,,, yy gym FIRST AND SECOND FORMS The First and Second Forms are composed of the infants of the svhool. Although they are young and Slllllll, they make plenty of noise. They are promising young students and athletes. No one will forget the work they did to lllilki' the vanlpaign for the European Relief Fund a success in school. These are the ones you see on the side lilies giving all they have to their idolized athletes. They have the honor ol' having ainong them Lee Slaughter, who is the granddad of all thc urchins. joe HlgglllllOtlllllll and Wzlltoxi Head are the future athletes of the class. Horner 4'Crisvo" Lard shows great possibilities for being John l'eavey's only rival in future years. "Monkey" Dean is the lion tainer and is seeking a job with Ringling Bros.: he will probably get it. Billy Gage the dare-devil and maniac motor-wheel rider of Dallas. Although Switzer is the midget of the school, he has an ambition to he another 'GBabe" Lewis. MFat7' Martin is the thug and terror, and has the good qualities of a sem-ond-story man. Sain Thomas is the roughnevk and thinks he is bouncer of thi- elass. Other notable characters are in the class, but our limited space prohibits their mention. The two forms as a whole show great ambitions to be i11 the future the best Seniors Terrill ever has. All are willing workers, good sports and true 'l'errillians. 'ws-:wwf , W J' mf. C fl, W WH fffwi QWWQM :,,m-,Vf- who , ,WW nw 1 ,E sf 1 if 1 f f ff ' ' 'f f 'wfg Wg, ,514 kwa f- f f 5 1 5 f, ,f tfff ,V A",2'!czl W- 2 ifffwgygdf fr Wh EZ gffffffj , A 4 76, A E1 :E 2,,'ffff'z I I wfyz, jtjrgzffgl J Z, , ,z fri hifi X, -7 s-, Yr . V- . 'S .. .- .,. ...t A. '. .... "F1F t S - X s if ' lefw fxgewk . +1 z s ' obiswsy X f . Q t f N 5 't', -- ','k Niki i Y ' fiisfs-:.2E4?W:N-Y -Ns-fY"f'tfY'N Ngs 5-isis .gcccssswlv fix-,www ' - ,. M Y-'em .,-gx-sf - - ,, pf. Us ts- as ms---,"'::vx ,s1f:--agar., rs-waits ,is J ,t R 5.-.-95 H -,':,gggcA ,N s3'g'qsN,,ssy x Q ,ff :.5gXx,.ss.1x,.s4,.,s X J 455 ,ss srlstq-5 W ,Wy px 5, . X Xp .-si 5, 'B X '- sf :ws s xx as-aw: Km as wx- fs :Aww ws s tw-:xy M-as-1 as Xxfs-w. N-N -ax --pw srfssst :- 5: 3 ga .nsyxis as-. wr, P px-I. li .. fixmllwlfii' '- flfl-'X Nlfffisc-15? Q 1 fi-iw 5 'fs "lilX-YssEi'k1iY,FFf!'Ex, Z, i msktskzrlff-.IiXsN'1s"1'SYsb,s-aisisgisx -.asMa2fsm:.t, isswsabis-fassswissssibsf this nm at'Qws':P!.'tfsf..-hszfe.-LK. .atwgrffv .:,::1...1f..,-ses f zggffafmxf ,z -3,1 f 12 5 'Wi M22 Q. aw TZ .,., V" lf., 'Hiya' 4 ..I 'I ' W1 7 fa""""1em. ': Zmif' '1 ' Ii' Y V -- a M 'Vflfqxhh 152,25 . r 42,1 gs Lg 21" 1 Q ff 4' 9 'X 4 5 ,. .fn 9' '+ , , jf' . ,.f, . T' EW.,-stfq ,ff ' if-?7532f.1,w4Z2 .. ff 4. "' 5 fiygiyga -bg 49 fri ,wi Qi ,fj':'?2"z w 5 5 ? CW' . " f.M?ff Ml.. ' :Krew A ': 1. "YW 41 5 ? .1211 X,fzw.., A' Nz' 1 VH!! f , , W A11 5-Xppreriatiun nf the Stuhentzs Mmfiji 65:5 '7f'h FW 25 , Zwfw When the writer was asked to write 'fan appreciation of the stu- dent from the faculty standpoint" there were no definite instructions. lf this meant uunderstanding," then it cannot be complete. ' , .1 ,,.., ,, lf it meant Msympathyf' then the student lnay think that all this is dicta. What- ever it may have meant, I shall give my best understanding of the term. When this game of school resolves itself into a contest of the stu- dent versus the teacher, it means that there is internal dissension and the manager of the club ought to look for the canker worm. Unless the students and teachers organize together for the purpose of meeting and conquering the cohorts of ignorance the whole gam and nothing is being accomplished. The teacher that thinks the student is a sack to be packed full of knowledge, ill spite of a great deal of waste because of character of the lnaterial, is entirely wrong. The student the teacher is a person, educated along one line, who is to and deceived and 'Gkidded along," is entirely wrong. When a teacher reaches the mental state where he natural characteristics of boys and what to expect from , fu 'ff hx Qflfjkjjg 4' e IS a ree gk Wm "'A was '- 2 f -V, flfztli the porous Q . f ,,,jyf',qf,f that thinks be bluffed PV realizes the N , them along the line of Mrazzingf' when he comes to the conclusion that a student gf 'A with him is worth two against him, he has progressed a l ward handling them. When thc student begins to see that ong way to- V ts... the teacher fam ' ff 'LZ 'v can he a good fellow and will meet llllll half way if the student is ' approachable, both of them will get along fine. From the standpoint of a teacher who knows less about it than an . g, ,,. ,f ., 251 4 . W7 at . , 'lg lt- old-timer we mi ht sa in conclusion: The bo who doesn't like a a Y y f teacher can make pedagogy a nightmare. The boy who can uhurralf' the teacher at the corner drug store and then buckle down to business V fr vf ff, Ikzznfffi, when the class starts shows that he has enough judgment, discretion and common sense to be a Joy to the teacher and a help to his school and himself. I' 'I 2 x ff2'V::'f'f4tg'-A we , I fi fc ft:-, Y la ,M- f fywbyf A we ,JJ we 54 ,mf 'ffyfqfq Z,,,.,,7,7g,,,,,g, . , I w f fjnifft ff!!! ' 11, ,, .. . . .,,,,,4'f0,, , We ,W-541495 if WW lyffxszgi- -4' Wa Q wr ff K2 QQ. 1 W' Vxlfjlff C' Mx A W rms. x K x x X X if SSRN 4 Xksgxsf -.gfejx 'spas is-egg! fffv BQOK III ,Krew-,,,,,..-I S all 001 A 0z'z'w'z'z'e5 ef , 2. ' ,I g,f an P -' 5 4, ,AW 1 .1 f IWZL' ' I 2 ' ' . gh ' ,-1 K -5? . his X '37 A .lf f v " if ' ' C . . rw we X ' ' 'A " " ' ii . 2 N X---W ' f F M - IN y . x -. . 'W N' Qi X 'x ffl' 4 '71 . E. 54 , si 5 igi l lil-lffisiggifi? si A '- Aff. u JN-W -..N-x , R' i fa am lggmpf, 'i Artiuitivzi of 'he I errill Srhnul n nn umm ullnulllnlllulll The Spanish Club The Chess Club The Terrillian Club The Delta Beta Literary Society f, The Terrill School News The Gavel The Terrillian The School Glee Clubs The Lodge of the Muskokas u o 0 oc' o 0 . o 0' o o a s '.u 00' 'Q 'U o in n Q Q P .vi-J., Vg, N-A ' .1 -' :C ? Lf 'L M' ,V Y Q H, , x iff X X fling, 1 'AQ' if + ,fffhi , ' 4 I 1, V, il 54 1 ef 7 M,.,, ,gywywf Z - fe V1 ,Q 32 5 fi' P ' M .,7 94 if f TW! 179.-,f f X ,f 2 T 5 I ' 4 x 1 If 1 , 'f -f" bf! ,4 J' Ziff 'f' f ,V mi,Z,,:!, 52 i, U 'Q - eo., 1 J 1 1' na 3' W Q9 fl' 1 fjff , f f If i bf ,4 Q 1,4 1, f f f a 1 ff 5 YI 74 ff me ' L kimij f V -iv as 'fllgf,QY3'3?'fiif.m U ,VIL K YQ: xi K5 ,3 . NX C i m! f1es,. m,-:gav e vw-' , ffm, XE Y fe: 1 77112712 5, -P K , up THE SPANISH CLUB THE CHESS CLUB Af-.XV i ,l ,A , ' but-' 1 Nas Xxx XX X X Y X x 5 XQ yas, gs QQ sxxqtxwigs X A Y " Nw wx? 'qv-ws 5 wx N-:wg 'Q S1'Q3ks,Sx29Y'QX'i NYQ Xi bog MX Q XXX' X QNX s N Xing X? 5 3- fix xx xi xsaxkxxx 5-K XXNN' N K x Q X XXX xk x X c N X X S N Xsfxwx X as N N5 1 VX x K X 1 X s Q K X R V N X .N-x X 3 XXX NXQX x X i mi X X Q X Xxx My Six X XK5 X eggs? 'llc ,ij QQYQQX xfgxx XV Xxx 'N 5 lx XS :lv X 5 be X GBX be SX X Nxt? -ex X ir sexe 'K xv XWNNXDX 4-2--K ass-Iwi-1 wry-r X ct: is . fbias'-'wie 'SW' mal - ' "pass our-'c,-T -- , . a, fs--N Q "" X. vim. "A sf :WE 'f5Fx.":sE1, 'X ?'Y:"PxeS i I S'F'f3-i:.,,sQ"'.1if.Q. " s 'S ' 1 , 's .Eg ssc U1 X 'yrs fssgtu ' 1 1.,c,?f1'E" , NX Ri-'Q Qi - gffmg N :Emi ., ,A . i - fat- . X fshQs1z2i'X.fws6-sas-:cis .i 'ss' -1 fe- - Q' V3 f A: fs tc ical .s.'2'Xrs2i-f 5---Q-"--Kr. x--wifi: rc- 4531 fflvs M Yviiff-f:1.' . Q- N N . ,g,s ' e 'Zum xiaiwjffxii? Ns L ' ' K' X - 13' 'GN '- sais E, ,.. N ,ass-,va:sas..iQfjissss-Lifts 2. x assists QXX as xX X Nseksil fsxxi X ,WX wax 'X W9X'i3X'N W Re fi' XX? Qigxiksj Kyflgzfggffggga ml 1 'W 1 f, ,,,! ...J , Az W-WW 4 Y 'ff , f .-',f,f.z',a,f in 'V V I' Lf 1? Wf- Q 25 H942 .14 'i f. ",'f,' WV f"C"fj,w,,,,,Z X J W W-.414 f, .15 ' vVZ:16L,,' ' 2 1? 4 , . L,7ff,,f ,,,,g,,, as My Kfwf ,aff-ff! , ' ff--aff: ff' fi? .,.'1ljZ'Zf"4ff' ,off 74"'wZ,.js .f,,,W,,,, vii? if 'D 04117 I W' 'ac5f'Z17'fM12'Z Q , -Jn' - f f jj f w,,j4ffz" Wwffwft ffl' Si' f'9ff1f:24L' aJcf'ff4?.g, 2,75 :iff Y W' A I he Spanish Glluh One of the most interesting and most unusual clubs in the Terrill School is the Spanish Club. The organization and the success of this club must be attributed to one man, and to one man alone. That man is Mr. Mateo Alvarez De Molina. The Spanish Club was the result of the work of him, a native Spaniard and linguist of great ability. When he became the head of the Modern Language Department in this school he saw the great need of a club of this kind. When once formed it reflected the wonderful intellect and personality of the man. Now the Spanish Club is an organization of which this school ought to be proud, ought to cherish, and in which it ought to take a great deal of pride. The Spanish Club was organized shortly before Christmas among the Spanish students of the entire school. There was no requirement for entrance other than some knowledge of Spanish. With but few exceptions the club met every Monday of the school year from the time of its birth until the end of the year. It had a total membership of thirty, a large part of these being present at each meeting. The meetings were a cause of much enjoyment and instruction. They were car- ried on in Spanish only, very little English being employed, and that by Mr. De Molina himself in saying certain things which he wished especially to be under- stood. Parliamentary law was used. At the regular meetings short Spanish plays were given by the boys. There were usually two of these each week. Spanish read- ings, Spanish excerpts from newspapers, Spanish poems and songs by the entire club and by the special quartette of the club completed the usual program. Almost the entire club subscribed to a Spanish newspaper, HEI Eco" by name. All in all, the Spanish Club was a most interesting and successful organization, of which every member rejoiced in his membership. I he Glhczz Glluh For the first time in the history of the Terrill School, a Chess Club was started this year. At first, not very much interest or enthusiasm was shown by the mem- bers, but later on, as more students desired to become members of the Chess Club, enthusiasm increased and the club became one of the best in the school. At the first meeting of the charter members an election of officers was held and Thomas L. Womack of Beaumont was elected president of the club. Eugene B. Guthrie, Jr., was elected secretary-treasurer. The meetings of this club were held every Monday afternoon and games were played between the different members. An Easter chess tournament was held, and Womack and Guthrie were the final players. Only two games were played in the finals, Womack winning the first game and the second game ending in a draw. The third game of the finals was never staged. The game of chess is becoming more and more popular, and the Terrill Chess Club of 1922 is predicted to be one of the leading and most popular organizations in Terrill School. E. B. C., JR. fi if f A 'rf' xi , I , . V, ' f ,ayfsgj fa " 'sawffiiff' '-"ij "Q, Yi ff ' 4' f ,V ,A ff ' fl 'lf -:ff 9 '24 . , EZ? 3' '.. I :J-,, '14 z . ' f" .7 3 I ,, IS fgffosf' Qfi72ff5?f f Q- ,yu ffm v yyrhfp if J? 1-W.. Liz we 4, x,,,, .1 1 .' .fi MWA "f' f vw? 5, gg.. 'af X 'M W? , 232546 F, -7 nge, M" ff , ., .,,. , , ,gi . ', 410-v ii Myzlfwf f tfffflq , 'Q .MTE 4127? we f W fi uf X was Qi. s 'K N f YR N655 5 QXANIEEY XX Mi-,gk pa sgg jg., 1 ri Q ' -iii. Q Q' ' -it- S. is 4 i is i .-,sv - ,, .. ..... f ' sa X'X"'N . wma A, HX' I 33, , 'X ' ti f -.,' N gf a. ' 2 3 -N " ... 1 4"" M 42 fs , 6' he errilliam Cilluh The Terrillian Club, although an old organization in the school, was born again this year. It started rather late-in January-at a meeting of all Fourth, Fifth and Sixth formers, which was called by Mr. Crow. At the first meetings a plan was dis- cussed for the formation of the club, and a debate was even held before the club was really organized. The club was run according to the ideas and methods of Mr. ,l. M. Crowe, the faculty critic. The purpose of the club was to give training in debate and in parlia- mentary procedure. The membership was kept small so that each boy would be able to debate once every two weeks, and oftener if he so wished. After the debates were held the club business gave ample training in parliamentary procedure. The officers were: Everett Knott, president, succeeded by Edward Newburyg Leslie Waggener, vice-president, Arthur Hunt, treasurer, James Kinsolving, secre- tary, who became secretary-treasurer on I-Iunt's resignation, Mack Woodrum, ser- geant-at-armsg and Tom Garrard, club critic. The officers elected for next year are: Mack Woodrum, president, and Maurice Purnell, secretary. The other vacancies will be filled when school reopens in the fall. The club, as has been said before, owes its success to Mr. Crowe, the faculty critic. This man helped us over the rough places, encouraged us when things seemed darkest, and, hy far the most important, gave us invaluable suggestions in our work. To decide the winners of the debating medals a debate was held with the Delta Beta Club on the subject g'Reso1ved, That the open shop as interpreted by the em- ployers should be adopted by all the industries of the country." The debate was held on May 20 and the Delta Beta, on the negative, won. Next year the club will he started sooner, it is hoped, and tl1e work will be of a much better character. We have two good officers, and under their able leadership, and Mr. Crowe's, the club should be able to accomplish more than it has this year. C. J. K. III, lr ,Za t ' x .' l 3? 2 W W gf , 37,41 ,ws 2 1, ,EE fn f a f, 22 M 7 il Z 4 A, 4 dew, ,yy Vg Zhfj 1' u G ff V f 7 f f ff 9445 ,. f 4 ffl ,.V, , ' I mfffwft '5'f?2ff, wnf' 1: if J?'17'17f12711 . 'pry-if faxjfwm' 1K. :lr ' 'I' I he 4 vita Meter -Ltiterarg Snrietg Truly, the Delta Beta Society was one of workers. From a small but auspicious start, rapidly it grew into what was probably the most powerful and most active organizations of the Terrill School. Contrary to the usual organization of such societies, this club originated in the brains of a few of the students, who, after pro- curing the consent of Headmaster M. B. Bogarte, formed the Delta Beta Literary Society. Headed by its able president, Chester Jarrell, and with Mr. H. ll. Sanders as the faculty adviser, it immediately became a live, growing member of the Terrill School activities. I say again it was a society of workers. and it was a society synonymous with accomplishment. In its meetings were held debates worthy of any interscholastic contestg in its business sessions prevailed an order and business-like attention to the matters at hand which would have done a college society credit. The society put on several outside entertainments, among them a mock trial for breach of promise. It also gave one or two good debates to which the doors were thrown open to visitors. Last, but by no means least of the accomplishments of the Delta Beta Society, was the publication of The Gavel, the first monthly magazine put out in the Terrill School. This magazine, under the guidance of Thomas Woma1'k, was a publication of which the society was justly proud, largely because of the fact that it was put out after the heads of the other school publications said it could not be done. But Womack, backed by the Delta Beta Society, did it! And now, as the school year of '21 draws to a close, the Senior members of this society leave to the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Form bouseboys of '22 the task and the responsibility of keeping unblemished the reputation, the activities, and the accom- plishments of this club of all clubs. the Delta Beta. S. S. ...x L, x... c .X --f M ,, s . r. XSS f f. -1, Qt -FV 3 f Qiff vs '5 .- . -,.s:s-s1.',-- .Hx ?'?:--.9u:sA..'sfTs'1g skew isp' k 2 eff h M sv fi .. imwspeixit cg -Q :sq XSS Q1 .1 1 of Q: tgps sas-ties fix :s--'-1, P tsl-fkscll espn dk I -:,.:.sN se. WN' ,- F 'tt-cl-1'-E-Liss L--Ti f' J :. Weld X sos- .sit Qt...-L. F-vi Sv- X1 ..--:'dfs4,sss 'N-.-sexi ' M91 t Wiiygfagv'-fif yt 2204-fm77z"f-of-.nw W ,V ,,,,f,q ,L,, . f rf .1 VU! K gy 327' 515 +- me 2 f 51 a W7-M , fyff ff ,, 1, GAVE? YW f"f"""'2'4f M , , ,W -- Fffiifff ' Nw wa va f nm- .. f' 1' N if at YKZW- 7' , Us ,,.:... ' X, ml . .fe-, .A MM, f- f newer T37 , " ,ELM 'VM' zjfh: 112 ,67Q7g' 'I' 532 ,f,, M3351 -V, 1672 f f , , ,,, . -,J W W,,,..W, ffifdfi f 1 K, ffjflw , gy, s v,.. -aj 'fm t gg ,z WWC 1. P34174 f.M4Wf7z? 1' M0 he 'vrrill Svrhnnl Pura Pl.ANS Y my Mfg . asa. 4' THE TERRILL SCHOOL NEWS "Sort of made the world take notice." This is the boast of The Terrill School News for activities during the past year. Consider the following accomplishments of the school's weekly paper and the staff which stands as creator: Enlarged the paper to four columns. Cave a literary medal. Saved a life by contributing to the Near East fund. Conducted a music contest fArchie Bean, winneril. Conducted a beauty contest 1'Clay Searcy, winnert. Published student cartoons KG. By- waters, A. Welbornk. At tremendous cost printed pictures of current student life in each edition. Won literary "Ts,, for the veteran mem- bers of the staH. How good was the paper from a profes- sional standpoint? So woffh its column rules that it was discussed seriously in a class of journalism at a university 4South- ern Methodist Universityl. During the year feature stories on base- ball were written for The News by Tris Speaker, manager of the world's baseball champions, and by Wanaitlaker, catcher for the Cleveland Indians. Various other articles were printed, including instruc- tion in swimming hy Vance Yeith, pre- mier instructor in the Southwestg treat- ises by Mr. Phelps, Mr. Crow and Mr. Sanders. Among the boys who helped the staff at various times were Tom Garrard, Sanders Stroud, Kennedy Smith, Thomas Womack and Eugene Guthrie. EDWARD l.. NEWBURY Courageous to the extent of dominant pugnacily, aggressive, even indomitable, motivated by an active sense of propriety Q X i Y H We fwfyffdff 6, M751 'mm Mm: - , , MV' M4 A "4f 'fI7 Cf ,f f , A , f f'CLvmhH4 Af 424 V ,mfjwff f- fffwfkf wax! -W , 27522, W 1 2, - wwf W.. ff, - v 5 , ,. aff., .A Wy ?1f1ff42-fit 'f tw: C' 'ffcf -Elf ff? pw .f Moz, " wx , ist! ',,2-24621 1-.idfffw mc, f M ' f.-off we-an Q 2 ,MWZ , K MW 4-'fn' W Z-ffff i ' ',:,4if.4f5 TJ, ' 'und 7, 15 Lfn 6 , 1 'of 1 ft, ,miffiwf 1:91 ,f ,H LMZW 1 off 'aff fWcf47'fa-Liz? ,-,gn is '1 ai, W .,,., no saying? X fwzf 10 7,- 'WWA MMM gh 45 75 va: 4 ze ?'5f29fyZWW3a 4. f Meera? f f7Z""I?97WZ51Q-Z'4', ef f gi 741,57 WI' f if , 41 W W 752' '-1f'K,,.'w ,fi -We 55, .- .4 ,mcg ff 4 02450 2, ' 4 Q. iwv! LX., f '---1' 1' 4, NW, 1 X01 ' . I " A 'kfgillf 4451 ,1 35'W3,l':y I V' ,gzsxsg --'- Wx AN" 'W' 'ss ' s-sexy-s,X.s1s-m,c,,-N,.s.,..s.-L.-T -5s5,,r.,.1.Xw as A 'x1.f2iER52f,-si 'Q Egg -,s,3-Sis if ff Q53 " f A 'a:s.s ,gsssswssi -as . wwf: Kiss ss .rs '3kg3,2s.l Q MN- Y - V- . , . .,-- -f--- ,-.. sg. ..N. as --". f-cs -'vase : ga-oyxgm - 4. ---f, -: ,. ' .ssss ,sg we , . ,ff ,- ,,x.1M,- --- :.,.fg:"T. s-:ray Q:-'qs ---- esswjgysf, RI" F"'?'s,.."ssSAT.-Fisk f 'Q-YN--J fs ,-"fi.5ig.xNf'- ,xl 1" S 'X R ' . eff X. We-' -5 , K1QTgfx.Qsw: 2 Es.. Jig?-' ' tis 3-.tissues--.K.1'f -1-E fr st NO-Hs' Ytsfgphs' ef su sxs-wks MX? ali its-f ss aff- SN. -is '- -X qw-s names: s ,.f-b1N.'tfq-Ss xt-ss asc F f N5 E:-ff-f ,.s,.'zgXs, KX 'sg ss xxxvx w 5 ss-f-.-ess? -gsm. 1.-.-af sw, .-ft:-X-mm -.,f,,,sf. 5.--ses - .qs 1 3.153 : xaxgkk-. NQQRQN ?swsFs-s- :.. -wbsct.-fs -R1-.32 asses- gs j.z.:SYNs:s.,,,?e:-vs--ifissw-f my sw- xr -ze x--- ssv..f.s"i- -- .. rf: .--:swim -fe N ss .. as 'XY as f '-'.s1::s+:f-sm ---- s X ' - - ..x5ss..s-QL..- fffef 15, HQ? wi' ff , , ,,,, gg4sf,?jMjj'- f Y wa. f 4, when z A2 M' ,f fb Q..." ' ,vs ' fr., 1 :ff W 5 1' . ' Z, QWWKWW tQevWjff'141. , XVWOQ y iiaycfwxffpaxrez 1""""""'V fff., ,o , .Q ,"2:52vf , 70:1 f ,e ' Q13 e2f?4f4'W'?T'i'2ii ieltzeffzfixzh ' f. ,fig far,- - V,?A f, f -aqaifgg , ,Msg mf, ' 1 'wi 1 f , jwr fgg and duty, buoyant in the faith that he has been carrying on the great traditions of the noble Fourth Estate, sincerely I he- lieve Edward L. Newbury has set an illus- trious example to anyone who may aspire to become editor of The Terrill School News. His duties as editor were to interest pupils in the work of writing news, to have capable writers in each of the varied departments, to keep choice space for stories, and advertisers as wellt, to dismiss from the staff boys who were unfitted, which last duty, more to his credit, he effected with profound distress. Melville Rose, business manager, upon whom was placed the burden of financing the paper, reported week after week, dur- ing the nine long months, with advertise- ment sales which easily paid for the cost of production. This is something none of Rose's predecessors had yet accomplished. Rose 'gwent afterv every available adver- tiser, and in his thorough, genial way sold column space to Dallas men in a manner which evoked their respect and confi- dence. 4 Rose found two capable, alert aides in Richard Rector and Reginald Turner. These three Dallas young men exhibited enough business foresight to be working for the paper and thereby have easy and regular access to the most prominent and successful business men of Dallas. By the activities of these three, elabor- ate and enjoyable banquets were spread. Arnold Wrigley is a new and promising member. With a professional swing to his ac- counts, James P. Thomas has made an ex- cellent sport writer. His reports reflect insight won by actual participation, and The News constantly congratulated itself in having a representative actually in uni- form on field, Hoor and diamond. Persistency and everyday devotion to the paper placed Lawrence Cahagan among the very valuable men. He even acquired skill in writing, and should be much at home in a college daily office. Among the other writers come Hollis Maness, faithful punster on houseboy ac- tivitiesg Maurice Purnell, who has talents for the work to which he so excellently lends his efforts, and Sam Marshall, new but active. Among the youngerling report- ers, Philip Cox was foremost, occasion- ally Searcy Johnson and Collett Munger contributed tid-bits on urchins. Quiet, serious work was ably done by James Kinsolving. When press-time threat- cned, such a man was much appreciated. Jerrell Bennett, circulation manager, has done work for which The News is his debtor. This completes the personnel of the staff, representing a group of sincere, industrious men, who by their affiliation with the paper have enriched themselves, while unselfishly they lent their energies to give the school a weekly paper which printed all the news, dared to form public opinion, and did, at times, entertain. K. G. L. K. G. LINIJ Due mention should he made of the faculty supervisor, Mr. li. G. Lind, who untiringly advised the members of the staff, and in a large measure gave The Terrill School News the success which it attained during the past year. "sg ,f-3fffiffiZf Qfvf f ...W ,, , si, 132, .4 2 A' eyfflwiw .cs I 4, A ,,., 4' ff 411. , zfy -Q .fm . ,mm 317 wvffvi 'QV0 iv-Z?ff2f5ffi ?ffff'2? mf' tin:-ai, ff. Q22 4 fffv f - my MW, ,, 1150.1 176 i, Wag L 77732114 fi :f4ff.?W"45 V Wm x 0 IQ, -5.1, Ii '11 lj ? fd X114-fc Diff. 1 1 . , ff X 5 my " 23 ,Zn mei.. iff i '-W4 'V ai ,vm 26 iZf'.fe7-52W ZZ' .4 1,Jma,,fZ1Zf3W ,if f:fw,4-:v:v'gyi,g-4' 2 in .49--. V' My' 2116 Q' 1.-.--if WQMQ, ' f .fm cyfrfef 1... .. if ,fi ,I ff ,, -mfg, '."2, " f 1 321 1' f VV' , .ggyzzqfihaffyg . c i MM , ' fi 'kX" X. YN - A N' fm., AA-xKX - . ft t as A si it s i saw? .9 S if i X A O", 5 . 4'-'J'lfw f 'S t kms. M212 ' Q W X ,X 'T'f1.M. "'LQ1""-xs'Q,'. 4, ' X mi X are as ,atm 'il .X I wa' ,- 4 , A , ,M , ,W ,N A ? if ' ,. g . fm-' t Q 1 -4'-:..i K 'GY :ta - .inf uf asia t a-'-.11 4 tellin-tr' F. it " v 1' idx Y: W . ,,, 4' Wy 34 , n- ,f at as 4 42' E99 T U" Inga-?.xfx9fe Ss. -' if , . MQCQ5 23' 2 W9 ' . ew. Q. 2 K s r sssa as ww - a a aaaa sse -'.fi.2'- i f """' T """'- W? ' 3. FW43? p ...t sr.. - t p .c ..,.. aat. .aas 5: - aasar s if - .aa a . - 'ALZ i c V :S ,-f,f ,,,, 1 . :,, mf i-i:::i::::: ,w:--ss--- .-Q --::. ,eff ,. , . S-like rs-YY i-Q ,A X - M J., . . .1 , LLLL i,, gm .ee aflfh- .,, k t..zn4q,f2ajfQ ' sirrr - is av. aace tcngg a 3 H w Ii- ,sais , . 1 , my as L , s, - ., c tar .- - - K, , ,i ---k f , Jfifff, , ,-.I "3 x 5-.,:..g-' , i fffifflr i "" N, f W Q t ag.1' f as . r ' I he Gavel alt can't be donef' This was the cheerless prophecy that met the cars of The Gavel staff, no matter where it turned. And, indeed, so it seemed for a While. Advertisements could not be gotteng the magazine would cost money, the staff was at a standstill. And then came the change. By some seemingly superhuman agency, Bennett began to rake in the adsg the editors got to work, the presses began to run, and the March edition of 'l'errill's first literary magazine was a reality instead of a dream. After it came the April issue, the last of the year. Although the staff had planned a large edition for commencement, that number could not be published because of lack of finances. ln this seeming failure the staff offers no apology. lt was unavoidable, and the staff, having laid the foundations of a successful literary magazine, passes on to the editors of next year the responsibility of making the prop- osition a still greater success than it has been in the year of 1921 S Q " 'gfliffi -,if 6 -sffjff .ua 'SQ tsgr' ' gqxvfd-. '- i ll i' 5 ll 5 v .L- ..,c . K X V! ,QAXQ .QQ , G Xtilggxi. 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Suyssrq -.13-Q ,wsx,, . -,f x A A .+ ,X S, is 5 X,,,?..,,,t.ik, K. 4 .,, .K -w.X,,xM N J Q .. YW cr xx- c X is X . ' f Q X X X is J as Q N X Q g v X X . , N Q X A X f X Q 5. I Z ' ,- M . ,- ,. -'32 'L e t ' N-: : Y 'w was fs 'fm mm - Q X1 'K .th - N 1fs.k .wk--, an t x fl p Q . , L gi N 7. :Sega - , f,gffl5Q+l-:xy T - " ':N ii s N . - - '- x X , ' - N X , J ",5-v- - f' 'Xf's,. - ' up is-'s 'K 'vxi-Q k ff gf, ,745 ,QQ .. Q. at : .9 ,-,fy ag :iv :Q Lx . S igggswkf isgvfsgxtgig gaixfgjwguz -1 Max, ' ,k,, 5 .5 sg J , 'X .. A Q N NN ', Q X x Asasxxi X-axxaggsgse Qi MX xg-views fZ7V4'f'Q"f5f'ZWsZ-,fi " .ss . qcrrx - 615 H -L-Q.. .fl-1-1 - PSX ' si -st f -is -'rlsxszw-sfst:,.f. teas-Y 'sw et -bw - mee. , 1 X - Q-ws-s-H A , 1. - za NM- X-is i Nx s uw.-N we-ss.,'f if-E is X-Q: issbkgi FT we sf .gi EY 2 si- 15fsskxmI.:.X -' ae - , sg ws 1- as .,g.:r.-Q fi :sv zzfss--5. 1--f--.--swf. .sq f f ' W- 2 "Ji affix--Wm lfzf ? X774 4' ' Q ,ugfygw-fff 7 ,mf -1:5 6' 1' if, MMA 41 Q,.,,yntfg,,fq W. ,,,,,,,, . ggfz, WW ww fa -,-.-Zfygm, if W. me fm fp M My 9 Hiww- 'f I w??fZ-.zf-fied? :ff sf Wfwffyr if' awe Z ,af 1 ff 2,1-WW f X W f' 1. , ' , 4,5 A fffflflfi 1 4 - Tw! if if -A ' 4,32 af il ., M, , Ns FWS Q., Ps , 1 4 jaw! A fyf Q , ., sf. 2 'f-1 ye ,ff agyf,,cfiK.Z,faf fu"-",'1 ,,,Q f A fffi' ffc. iw if ge-lf! , f ff aff ff pffmwvf ?:1Z..g"' W We - ww za -vqg, f' g Wx .Www Q., 1 Q fam, , ' ,,, ,.., A, 52411 ,G 5511516 . 1,45 I errillizm Staff This year THE TERRILLIAN suffered a very great handicap, because not one member of her staff' had ever had any notable service on any annual, and the general run of work on an annual is rather technical. Had it not been for the willingness to work of several members of her staff, the attempt to publish YTTIIE TERRILLIAN would have been futile. Lett did what he could, and laid the first foundations of the whole. Bywaters took his work up, secured a very advantageous contract, and brought in all the lnoney necessary. He and his staff have completely financed T1lE TERRILLIAN without a bit of outside assistance. Kinsolving was a most steady, sincere and effective worker. Thomas finished his work late, but unavoidably so. Weiclisel stepped into Bywaters' shoes and both carried out the latter's plans and added to them. l.indsley's work on athletics was beautiful, and with just the right anlount of perspec- tive. Hunt and Knott applied industriously their infinite depth of knowl- edge of the llill'llIIl-SC1flI'lllll life of a Terrill student. Wllile the result lacks much of the fullness and quality of the original, it is, on the whole, satisfy- ing. Warriiier and G. Bywaters and Reeves and Bennett fill up the list. Wz1rriner's art work, especially his printing, has been inexcusably erratic. But the sum total of his art work and editorial assistance has been invalu- able. Gerald Bywatersi work was usually better than Warri11er,s, but ex- tremely diffieult to extract from him. Reeves, seconded by Bennett, has turned in more pictures, and more good pictures, than any photographic editor ever has. He willingly ran up a good-sized bill, but we hope you are pleased with the result. EDITOR, 1 " ' 6 Z: if fwff, ynffyf .225 gk: Q14 WZQKWM f. 2 591222-Ji 52,51 K I ,3Z,w,,,35gz,L,- ,ew 5 new CW? ,, 0, f f UW 1.1 Q 7 -ff-cv':g:gg4,,,4'-, af! " f' 'fa' ,, Kyiv .If CQH 0 fax! eff, fa , . . 4. -if fm? x ' MW, ,Kill ,Q LZwmZ'?5:ff' QW ?'51f2f'7 3 21- I ',"',f' "-'13 N '7 ?yiej yi 1 4 7777 yfj,.:gy,l'V1 I X 7 in x Z, LWW: fr iffy! 2 we 7' ' ' 3, ff 532.3 mi-2: 'YKMI' 'wif ZH f, ,.f.,,1 A 0 fgfy. ,A gig -ke M J, inf Wwyyej' fffffy' ,147 'nuff Z:w,l2f.ff7f!'wm Uyff.W2 1 f.vw1.If?2f,Lp HW? f . if-f-., Jywym ,J V. 6-W ,yr fa .fy 7 We 1: New .ffl-A: 4, H411 60.0, U4 ' , rf'-,ss1,..' sts:-xrsiwi .ssgsseqggQisygfrcfssfc Xgxag -t swg ssggn -.s .S Malik s X-se Q sw--f. A -Qs ,- :rss-: -f -, . . . f,sfossfss,y 14 ::.., sa- -1- N- is -' ft. :y -J'N'IfC1'- 's 5, -- -ruse-: -ss f -Q sscfsi-Nts: "Ny ,.: Ss- sei- nf. . , ssmqsx stf-"Q Rv' x-'ENN -,O2M0F1"iiiX -Wx Masses .IFN fl-wf Ears: t sifersei !1TY'w:iji2?AYQw1g IY"R?X"N"7f?'YfE9QiiKiii?Qf:.' Tiff Y in ' SFX-iltgirxrx ff-'YS ' we-M swf' was " "tiQfs:"X:'-N N- gmt j ,J 1 . X QR- y .ws - I 2: 00 'ras' sexi' .5-,J'fr'vExylffef-:Q xgsi Yi- svg ,gi i ire-'Qxgs fa'-js gh 3 -Vg ,gg---s-gr-xggsg ., .,'Zf fi' ,EWU item? Hff"f"i' 4 g gf, 4,3 'lwff 34wYwQ?! fffeififef' J' ' f, ,,.. Z? 'fa' If ,gf .V ,. wkn. Q-J 1 .,.. My E . 5 4 fp f P ?'fZ?2f'?'l VM t A .. ., MW., 5 tfzfwefffzf ,QM - yi! 'lim X M? V W, e fig ff X' I ' 2 W'-Y, do-V1 " ff-'fe"9QJvii , it '- 5 M" W' -' Qfzfghffyflgi 2 K MM ff 91, .,j4+,zfj,q Emnarhzi nf the Eliterarg Through the efforts of The News, there are this year awarded "T's" to the principal members of the staffs of the publications of the school-The News, The Gavel and THE TERRILLIAN. The WFS" are pins- a T with a quill pen shot through it. uAppropriate for the pen-pushers of the school," although a few of the G'T's" were given to the business men of the publications. Certainly they earned these letters as much as anyone else. The News gave a banquet for itself and a dance in honor of all the publications. This double entertain- ment was held at the Cafe de Paris, and of course everyone enjoyed both extremely. J W t ,t,, - fatmlffffr ff" v 'f51v,".v7' 'V" sw-M525 , f'-, , .,.aV A X ,, . , ' ,i' ',,,f 4, ,- ram -:f ,472 fhz it Wi f 'tx f, ,mf ,Mm Im- fw 2. sw, fflfff, an gt, M71 Wy? 2' ,1yfY?,fWf , ,N ,la fmhiimffdwz f "4 Zafwzz n4f'sV'R 'V' 'br ,MW ,ah A 451422 ai W,wgZ5Ie sf .wt ,S T .i - -. .-M N... MW , -V lfsfxl' . XX ?5Xb75:YTQx'n'm5?TiFi'YW. '?.VS'XlM.N"Y5 X 1 AWE-Spks ' 31fQr"efXsi3 53 Q N swam, ska, s5,Essg,.jiSss.a. .... ,as . ..,., , .... .. ...,,.,,..- .,,.. N Za., .,,. . ,zg-,su - av, .. ,. . S, . 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KMA 'W i W1 maya 'weeks M' "Wai f 'vmgn py if mx.. ,ua .. ff J fn 0,4 '4 zz! ,Lrg .4713 ,V Nw., -wwf H: f ,tt a.7'WJ,.1Cg :AIN A f7yWf'QfZ"'fWf7 "iz .Wi faniia '2Wff?W' 7 X f .f-WW I7 f wx-lizifn'-7 HTL 751 gf 044 55147253 5 sg 'ff W7 0'7Q751'fC457Q' Mffhhfqg .pw . f ff' .425 fa- fha ffgw' wait As in former years, so this year the efforts of those in charge of the music have been to create among the students an appreciation of and desire for the better class of songs. Not that there is any song, classed as popular, that is not worth singing, for there are some, and we are glad to say that the list of good popular songs is growing. But the point is that those songs may be sung at any time outside tl1c chapel hours. An effort has been made to find songs worth while and with enough melody and swing to appeal to the students to win their hearty co- operation in the singing of those numbers. Mr. Brewster appreciates -and is glad to take this means of expressing this fact-the willing- ness of the students to take up the choruses and make the most of them, and he feels sure that when the crucial time comes that tl1e Terrill School will add one more successful musical program to her splendid record. A few words concerning the vocal organizations of the school are written Wllll considerable leasure. Mr. Brewster has had a if ffvl y'3,Ws:254Z' '. a f f , Nl!! ff 7' .1 .f.f.,4, ,Inf ,ag 2-Q X 4 ww ww ...f ff' L'jLif1f,Qff .,., -.W 2 a,',.,s!' fig Q.T'1!iH.f h' W4 ?WjW5?2?57Z?167ffKv fffywy-. A ha r .fx ,M 5 7x.,.v,:yg.,, 3614 ,Ar ,f"'f.f,,f ins,-Wjyyra 'Q . , U qu. f , number of years' experience in the direction of college glee clubs, and he has never had any better material in his college clubs than he has this year in Terrill's Glee Club. There is a maturity and solidity in the tones that one hardly expects to find among prep school stu- dents. There is, moreover, some fine material to start a splendid club going right off the reel next year if some of the present members re- turn. fNo reflection on those members who graduate.j The junior chorus is smaller this year than last, but the boys have worked faith- fully and well and are expected to give a good account of the year's work at commencement time. Because of their small number, nothing really pretentious has been attempted, and care has been taken in the rehearsals to keep the tone quality good and the boys from forcing their young voices, a thing which turns out to be very disastrous in later years. So care, indeed, has been shown in the training of the juniors to the end that their voices may be saved. A word of appreciation for the assistance of Mrs. Hull must be given, or this resume would not be complete. She has been of great assistance, both in playing in chapel and in accompanying the clubs, and we feel sure that we express the feeling of the entire school in these few words of appreciation. -f 4 'W ff if wi zzvf ,... ,ff ,very 2 Maj- ,qi fpfr4'pyc-3315.47 af' 34 Q ', JE 5213, f xv' 1 ' K4 ,,..,3 V f, A fi f My ""f923h'-A1 , ,..c , f -'11 ' -rgwffwq f f W- Q ww -'W fiwfw 'Z .'.fZ'w..f 'W' ' M Q 23 1 "1 1 iff' Z? 2612 a- '1 'iw 171'-f W 'J f 'Z fffypvfgfgji 3.4, ff M f-sgwcfz '4:, 'va' "7 'f A Mm, ,, aiffzifiv 2" aww, ..,,f ,f .WA FRG?-T 'f TNF NT? -f .C .X-.ksjsgg ,tv 2 Q ...:.f N' x:".ffn.5,x. -i A fs-assi? 5' sf! 515 meat RX...s5soXX34 ktixgfigifig-N 'ef gl Q YM'f"X-ki, 1 he f EYE ' lggez 7'l7lil1Ilxg in ,E , 1.12 ' ,:' THE GLEE CLUB THE JUNIOR CHORUS :1fNW:.1IL1l'fwSf1f LM--1-f"frfWX " ' " -Gfff-tswwri-wwe---+ . -mrpvfsxws 'N Xa.5.gfiQ..g-s'x N sa f -.ffwMQwxssff'1 Mg Nw . X si 5 :af ng-X 1 1... . as . . s ue c WM- as ska N52 ix-rt 5 -2 :Q M90 is? 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V7 W2,,W'f!7 1 1 W ff wwf',,q ,iff-ry' 2 1 M1 M ff f- IWW: ZA QW ,,,ffi9ff4af'f , , W, ..4,,,,, I W. , H-, 2, ff I .A fl X 4 N-I-f,.:'Z . 'ff 471' fy,-1 V7 j A X 112' Z ' 7" 4., , f if f "ff: JA, ' ' ,z 4 -4.. JM:-Q f J f .. wwzzwi' V' f.4,,,.. f-Jwxzpccdzf I he '-Enhge nf I he Hlluaknkam The Lodge of the Muskokas in 1920 was conducted by three of the most popular teachers in schoolfMr. Davis, Mr. Hull and Mr. Lind. About twenty-six boys made up the personnel of the camp. Two eventful days were spent in St. Louis, days so eventful as to leave almost everyone 'abrokef' The crowd then went by train to Chicago and thence to Canada. At about eight o'clock in tl1e eventing of July 10 camp was sighted, nestling between two large cliffs at the end of a long bay. ,lust as the boat docked the bell for supper rang, and there was a grand rush for the food. Then began a summer full of joys and thrills-the crowning of 6'Goose" Kramer as 6'Prince of Kelly's Isle," and the following chase up the bay, Crowdus Baker's call for Mr. Brown, and Gene Guthrie's experience with Scotty. The best sound heard during the entire trip was the splash we heard when '4Pop.," g',Iack', and MK. G." hit the lake with a slosh. After about three weeks of this enjoyment the start for Noganosh was made. There had been much talk on the part of the old boys concerning the fishing on Noganosh, but most of the new boys did not believe the stories. After one day at that fisherman's paradise they underwent a complete change of mind. They were further convinced when uPop7' came in with a thirty-five-inch pike that had ripped a hole in uDaddy" Hull's trousers and had, by its size, made 4'Red" Wrigllt turn white as a sheet. After two weeks spent on this trip the boys returned to the lodge to get ready for the journey home. The customar re atta was held and furnished some real leasure. . . Y. g . P In the Senior division Pat Buell carried away the honors, he was pre- sented with a handsome silver loving cup. Gose Wzuggoner of Wicliita Falls won i11 the junior division, and likewise received a cup. Those who scored at least seven points received red "Mis" A tennis tournament was also held, in which Cannon Barron won in the senior division by steady playing. John Barnard won the cup for tl1c junior championship. Several baseball games were played with teams of neighboring re- sorts. Trips to Rosseau, the Royal Muskoka Hotel and the town of Bracebridge were made. James Thomas and J. W. Lindsley were the pitchers and MTubby" Underwood was the catcher. The members of the tealn also received "Ms" Finally, in the latter part of August the boys started for home. A private Pullman was obtained at Buffalo and was kept from there to Dallas. Ice water and wet towels were in vogue during the whole trip, illld no one had a berth which was free from them. After a few days of this, the gang arrived in Dallas, tired but happy, and separated for their several homes. ?Z5fff2dr W f , ,V . at 5,12 ff? 'Jif V sf af 3 ,M .G '.1f'y'-,f .Sv 1-afzff' W! :wif f iff! ' Wan f, 1, ffm WM Ma 'W ,gwzfwfz MZ'.fw,m .iifffff ffffm, ,.,, fwffff Wd M1244 2 14 - Vg J' jg? , -fa ma., ff? 'aifffx ,. L M7 .44 2 325' gf, gaawfmw fgoggfyfgn 1' K5 ff. ,ffff'e"'1- ff 1 Q W, f .JH uf? ,Z 4, 7,4 1 ff, .,,. '?Z,.f.?Q,. 3113 W 1 ftfwf 5.1-fr., , 2 QW ff.w,.,- Vyfzgyg , ,s .,f .f ., ,, W 1 , V 4,1 Sfifaffifm 94 ffyg VFW 2 7 30756 wfffwz nam 1.4 :Eb Wi: WA yay, 4,62 -X. Wg: ,nga , f ,Q ,,..,.,,, I f' imwf vtdwfi. Lf!-, ,!,v ' Q 44 A 'QW 444 ff2Z4,7f My 5, ,f Q, ff 1, fpfgff 5, fbi-" is 4 rrwl-I-'-. 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Vw? ,iwjfa 1 f",,Q:Q ' '4,e:fyfe,.,1:fv.Qg 1 xy sf ,,,, , ,,,,,,,, ,iiywyt ..,hl.,,5 Md, 'ff.,0j'f'zjx3t f0",414!I ,7v?7?f7E .Wy f,'ff.,.a' wi V2 "U we fm ,wwf 451 zfwffm f ff ff Vffjw YQ 2023 me Wwe M Y-.E wwf VW 1 ww 5 1, I want Vfyfnff- ww' GENE NEELY We think that perhaps the best thing that ever happened for Terrill athletics was the coming of Gene Neely as football coach. Away back in the days of the old- timers, Gene was starring on a Black and Cold team liimselfg so he comes to us with the same feeling of loyalty and love for Terrill that we have. If Genels foot- ball career had ended he would still have made a good coach. lt did not end here, however, for Gene went to Dartmouth and while he was playing guard with the Creen team was named All-American guard on Walter Camp's mythical eleven. There, Neely learned the game from A to Z. but he would not have been the most loved coach Terrill ever had without his lovable personality. His ability to get on with his men was truly marvelous. lf tiene wanted a certain thing done he had only to let the team know it. While he coached football, he coached football. put- ting his whole heart into his work, as no other coach has ever done. Gene does not hesitate to show his men how to do a thing, but buckles right down to the job as if he were on the team himself. lf the Yarsity is not fighting sometimes, Gene takes the fullbaclis position on the sec- ond team, and then all is made clear why he was all-American guard. We have yet to see one of our men stop Neely. lt usually takes the whole team. And his talks---who will ever forget them? Ear- nest, pleading and inspiring, they hit the fellows so that they would do anything for Cene Neely. Once his friend, always his friend, and one certainly worth hav- ing, for Gene Neely is a real man and gen- tleman. COKE VVIMMICR Visit any of the large football games of Texas, and you will probably see there as one of the officials Coke Wimmer. the as- sistant coach of 'llerrill School. XVimmer's knowledge of the game has made him one of the well known authorities in this dis- trict on any of the line points in football. As an athlete at the University of Texas he held a record that would be difficult to surpass. So thorough is his understand- ing of the game that for some time he was athletic editor on one of the leading Dal- las papers. The atlvisability of having such a man as one of the coaches at any school is en- tirely unquestionable. and Terrill may well count herself lucky in having been able to procure his services for two conse- cutive years. lt has often been said, and justly. that no team is stronger than its second team. Wimmer had charge of the seconds and the vim and scrap that he instilled in them, no doubt, was transferred in a great measure to the first team. With such a man as Coach Neely at the head of ath- letics, supplemented by the services of our assistant, Wllllllltif, no team could ever expect to go down on record as a loser. The melnbers of the entire squad were admirers of Wimmer, not only because he knows football, but because he was a man in every respect. lt is hoped he will be associated with the school in the l92l-22 season. JMLJW, 4 ff Qi .few-,'1'ff . fs ' t-311 722' z:ylQ,,z::1:iMz47Z5 W ":'ff'f122:aa.M12 ,-, nxwy. , 011 iifffxlff' '4 vvy t n ' '1 1 , 3 ' ff r 41 if W fn 1 'tfdvdf' SJW tv A, .ezf ,t f,,,ff,4. WV? Qi? .w .2 fn .3 2, 4' 4771" aff mf, ,Zfif t ijihj We 1 .2 vw wg ., At., W. .1 242354 1 w .,"f,. 14- ' Lx 2? Z! 4 422 ,ZW 13 .94 fs, ,.,, r., , ,yin 7,4 ., 7 JUG ' 'f 4791.5 2 ,Z ,' 'nf ' M W ,ffm-ffff ., gf , wife., 45.4, 1' 72 if 427' M, .Z7f2.::1?g4ff,3,z he ne'm.,g,ff f ff., If V 4,0 , gf 7149 jlfyazl ' ff .zffzf 2 , wa, ',,V,,.yf if Q- ff,-My ,ff wa ,Wan QMWZ656? Wd kr Ty, ff yffgyfx , Z'-, ..,. wf iZK:qy,0ff,M7A , 4 . V, ffof-W 1 f ww may gi 1 fag., ZW, f nf Wa .X 2 s' -113'--Xgg testfifs SXSW -,NM fb fssff also 'f9"'ftsss rs N .- 1 s.,ses1.s-s:1.- ,s .K Ms I ez 1 zllmm , ip 676' . 3 ik. .IJ -'?YlR:.4,1'ls2seS1ix .QM-5 trys we--.-gq:':ssQwfv' ist-1:-NsQ-fs-yqs--esvzsvprwl. X' ' ""' -arf-'gsm t. -rxwtssg. wfstfms f-Q:-we -st--iv sssx-e-ff-sizes -frsw: ---ef,gg--1-e-we-fgsg'ag e-fwssssilis 1 .cs-M xx X.. :ec'Q-N s-,R--'..xTX-sfo FN-:'f:,1-Q. :f: these s as-sbtszste - -- feasss 1:55. .a-est., we L xgusisx -west as Q'- sw pq f'Z,1e:. 3' 'M fwyff t Wa , 127 'iff V721 f X371-n fy kwa: al Zfyfff ft ff Way! V 1,-W 7' vi I ff-fzewfoft ' .rw . V , 4 ' ,V zytfizifftflg uv,- ZZWJ fi u'?'i3I ow' -i ts .Jmisfff ' -41 tr QM:'f.2':7v'fg7, fy, f 64-f yt Q 1-wat. ,,.f '12 tttltfvwifffq' fff"sff4f if f f ,-W iff CUE ff' 53' W a' Q "W "Wi ve 1, f, ,fe 5 732' W ,SQ ff Www Ve, f ful, ff 1 4 . .,:-Avffq vflmff' fff2f"5t" 122 A ez yigwffiyj l l WILLIAM VAUGHN fCaptainj Age, 18 Years on Team, 2 Height, 5' 10" Weight, 165 Pounds TACKLE Bill is not exceptionally big, but when he fights one would think that he were CHQ feet tall and weiglied 225 pounds. At all times he fought his very liest. He was our veritable tower of strength and easily the best man on the line. ln the Powell game, when he could hardly stand, he stayed in there and fought as only a Terrill warrior can. No matter how tight the situation was, Bill always remained calm and used his head to the best advantage. Bill did not play a good game one day and a poor one the next, but played an excellent game consistently. He rould always he depended upon to open a hole on the offense, and on the defense even the State Fish realized that it was impossible to make a gain through Bill. Several times he was called to the hackfield and reeled off quite a few yards before being downed, Bill has certainly endeared himself to all Terrillians hy his hard fighting and grit and to the team by his cheer and encouragement. HENRY CRAWFORD A3519 Weight, 170 Pounds Height, 5' HM" Years on Team, 1 TACKLE Molly is a boy who certainly deserves a world of credit. Coming here practically unknown, he has gained for himself the highest goal of a Terrill ath- lete. To such a marked degree has he shown the qualities of football player that he has been chosen to lead the team of 1921. Next year's team is eer- tainly to be rongratulated on their choice of a leader. Crawford is the most eonsistent player on the team. Although his play never shines, he fights every min- ute of the game. On the offensive he always handles his man, and many times helps the end. At all times he makes a hole for the baekfield. It is useless to try to try a play over him, because he always stops the runner. Molly also possesses another quality of a tacklefthat of breaking up interference. With his fearlessness and fighting spirit, he will surely make a wonderful captain. wt! r-F 3 me g an ,Q i ggi? wit ,iff ittvw-QQ im-iw 1 ee 'tt it 5?""e .. 1 t Eafef ggi MM We J? viffssm My we we mga' tm: Q feta 'ww PERRIIL 9 RUSK 0 1.59, :"u.avf-M 'ami 4"i.yei'i gow 1 thi' SQ wma? ,gud 1... ,W X . s ' ' : K v , ' ,, , , - I ,- , ' ' if . .nigga ' ,af ' -. H 5 .. .-,' '- ' gf'i5ff ,, if , 'f 4 'P .,'f . f- -t ' f H - "'t" 1 . - f . ' i 15' V. 1 , ' if es's I 1. " .xv no 4 ',,f f-- - ,V,, K M ,bw ,", . " i -ii.' i,,,' -1- 'a ' ' f ., ' 'zz--we ,511 f' wtejiltfi .3 '-s H 'aw 2 1 9- P .yay in Eg 713.11-.. fe me My ,,, tywnT'.sH4g1g, ff' ts- W f -- V . . . A , Never before has a Terrill team opened the season with a team of the calibre of Rusk, after having the first two games postponed. After Coach Neely's men had been held scoreless the first half, they came bark and scored eight points while Rusk was unable to register a eounter. Every man on the Blaek and Gold team was a star., the feature of the game being a field goal by Fred Tosch. f -vp , A rye, f may W. W e lvl? fa f M4 2 we Vaal. ,LI 4444 fiyffg ff agua' f gf' 3.2115 23 ff , . 13 ini A am ' Zamgflff 34 ,"+yqvZ1!'0 Q, J.,,1,, ffivffffffllzf' If ,Nw W Qi --4 of , ,fa 1 as l at - .' 1.2" ,ww-Qu - ,y ew 1221 4 .05 an iz, Wg fi: fgmckri aff -W- ,,,, W'lffA?ZZ2'Wf 2. fj9ffi:eff' ii V 7 Q W 31497 Mt, Qf"'?bV'."V Av! im 1' 2-Zhi! V ', ,H f'-V in ff 97W4J's6', 5,711 -07,01 -ff' 'if Ji? , ,..., ,.., , .6 2: s--sw X.-X ut: Q . eLLYs:-e-1:--'t - a. s. .Xa-we ? tts. .. xxx MM 1 as fi-si-'Q s. gsm:fSg-sw,s:':s:.rsiF-.fx .sf R1 s Y- . rfwisi sf -'fxsix wsu-. x .1 I..-x--1 ,-1. -- wiv, f t x X, use--s, wt .t .. .bfgss-as -. -, 1 ,si i--MAN: Nm ees-sf fy ... :fs nits- tt.. .-xxx. Q :Q 5 s-os-A-at s Q wif- ,.-.vw :Q set-fs :-WNM -0 S'-f.---'Ms-TXQSXPZ-swmx--5 s NsQw fe-'si News O... N: 4 X,-"f1fssOs' N-NNf'Nt'NZ. ,s as 1, Xt S. fvxw-N-' .ss ' .sites-','sts-ffs-is--,ws 1 gg 'wg has- X 8 1 CWI' :R '-1-ws Q-,X - Q Q f ..... X... ..... Wtwfwgtffwaw p ' ' wwffafrfcwf -we ,yfz'3?ff ,5 , .,,, ., , ,xM,f4 v7m 1719 ' 142 f W,-42 fmfn gy fpfsffcf W 114 fffff, 2 1 wa. .Wu ,gf-ye 1, , fe' 1' ny! 71' .W :Wi ?xK'7W1!Z, 'f" L yfg.?M,"'wff fffwffifiqiwi L zgffh Ve, wr ,W ff. , W , -wwf www - , ' ,feyfff ,A ww f . ...My , , , "iff wi. 723 "f .miwyf wwf ,67"f'4', if ew! f ' f"f 19-' 5.1 1: 't .w It . 1 5 zvyifnf '15, ,G s7"Z?'5QiQ,9ffd9 ,W ,f M4 mi ,Eflfy i .Mfw a 'QI fy , ff f 3 W ' wif .f,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Wfff ' W. ffm iftwiif ff ,f QM if.. 'W ti FRED LEWIS EMMETT COOPER Age, 17 Weight, 185 Pounds Age, 19 Weight, 160 Pounds f -V 1. .3 A4 M, 4 M fw 'f 'Vw ,.,,, , , ,, .,,,, ,W WM of fy!! ,z,, HM 1 Zw3,z77,5i 45 f, ml ww. 7 ..',,.m M14 fiffvt :C 2 f X21 if ,A f wwf' adj fwf. Y 545 uf, f Q, by ,V-V4 ,yen 41 z 'kdmdifj' 4' Jmfefff 1 ff W f ff f4lf , V , WW! 1 'OVW-. Z ,f yy, pr Wg? .4,fff5W,Q .3 ,f. W, . gffwwi, gyffff? Height, 6' 4' Years on Team, 1 GUARD When Lewis fir-t reported to Neely for football practice, all arrayed in his old Baptist uniofrm, we saw a tall, strapping lad who appeared to have the making of a good lineman. We were not fooledg he had the making and Gene was the maker. So as the season progressed, "Big Boy" developed into a really dependable guard, although not a finished product. Another year of experience will work wonders in lmwis, and he should tear holes in any prep school line in the State. This year, while inexperienced, Lewis could and did open holes and tear many a line to pieces by main strength. Crit and persistence on FreCl'5 part had to go a long way in making up for his inexperienee. He proved that he was made of this "right kind of stuff" in the Meridian game. in . Height, 5' 10" Years on Team, 3 GUARD Cooper is a veteran guard, having played that posi- tion for three years. He is not a natural football player: what he gets he has to work for. His knowl- edge of the game, along with his grit and pcrsistcnre, has been his greatest asset during his past three years. Coop:-r's biggest disadvantage, perhaps, is his lack of speed. but he makes up for this by his head- work and ability. Cooper is not an exceptionally strong man on the defense, hut on the oifense is an aggressive guard worthy of note, and his hard, ron- sistent playing has won for him the name of a de- pendable gnard. Whenever railed upon to open a hole for the harkfield he made il. He did not stnp there, however, hut went after the secondary defense or ran interferenre. Conper's last year was such a one that we are very sorry that we have to lose him by graduation. 2. TERRILL 7, S. M. S. 7 The second, and one of the hardest games of the season, was the game with South- western Military School. Terrill started the game with a rush and scored in the first if 12 Zyvfjgljf-is wwi wf "' w.'t-'VYQVJ ZW vw 4'-1-...g,1,,' 'Y 5723 " Q? Y 3-.2110 K, Lf!! ' "44w..,f'-5 Q ? : MWWMLZIIWZ, t fmylnf f 'W fbi QW zz fi 434 gffpfiiffa QM ff we ef 4 -7..,i:,iQm ,yy f?'fyf"4 .fn zwffmzlf ' K, 'f .Z . ff,:wc4f'frvx:w.z-4' T' 7 7 ' , 5. , 2 -me 213 We ttwffef 4 A ,M W, ff, ,W ,wi , ,.,, , M .. e4fw4.:f,wg:2 ?Z1fff4mZ2y ,ff pw 'Q fvfwff JW 1 W ,fnfff 'Zyfyw M ,.,,.,,, , ,,,, , ,W ' " ' " ' ts-qw-gg. .Ny -,,,,.s,..,-. at --X -Q., - Q. , ES X T' .Si " 3 -'Q Fshsefsi-isis! .A s ,ss xXx . xx QWAX, , st s 'b?x9SS,:?R.3iS gs:-x,!s:,:snN''isfsf' X-'5XN?.s'ss ..... W , wwmsx-.'sa - X . 3 S-s-XS 5 2:5 :ss-1 ,s-Ss. Q53-Q ex. - -Q N fx. N img f rf-ss . sw.: .5 :M 2:f'1"- -sf: . , .. -v -Y '- " '- Y ' X -3 "vs - --sexes -1 '--as fs-2.---61:6 ss:-s - :wsf.:. Nik'f2'55?s'iRs6'55i75'f3T'1Q X . ....... - . ,X . .. .. . Nx.. . , st - r Q Ng K X Q. QQ xx XX? Qg V X EQ New QA' gg si , x 'Refi XXXO Qfsxtr ss ' xx sly XX X it Qwx X s ii X X NX ss X9 Ni xxx X.. NH sg. Q. V' W" Y "lQ"' T-' 5 . JOSEPH B. MORGAN BLAKE TOUCHSTONE Asc-E0 6, Zfeight- UI? Pounds Age, 20 weight, 163 Pounds Heig t, ears on eam, 3 H , ht 5, 8,, Y l Q T 2 GUARD "Corn" has finished his third year as one ol' the Black and Gold warriors. This year this red-headed Hehron youth held down the position of guard in as tine a style as anyone could hope to. The opposing team never attempted a line buck over Corn more than once, for they found out that such an attempt was useless. He tore all lines open and downed the men before they could get started, On the offense .loe would open up holes big enough to drive a wagon through, and when a gain was needed he always brought about a sure gain. In all the games in which "Corn" took part he displayed his football ability to a degree of which even the country's best guards could be proud. He was in every play, at all times showing that old Terrill fight and grit of which he is made, and always cheering up his teammates. "Corn's" star work brought many cheers from the Terrill sup- porters and even the enemy rooters had to give him credit. We are very sorry that this is Morgan's last ang ears on cam. QUARTERBACK Blake possesses the unusual honor of having played every minute of every game as long as he was at Ter- rill. He ran the team with good generalship and gave every man his chance. He mixed his plays well, so that the opposing team never knew what was coming next. He carried the ball well, and at returning punts was exceptionally good, for while playing under Ter- rillian colors he never dropped one that, touched his hands. Blake was full of fight all the time and was always encouraging his men. He was cool-headed in all places, and the tighter the place the cooler he was. Never was he rattled and his plays were the best possible selections. This boy, who hails from Sherman, but is a Terrill man through and through, possesses all the qualities which go to make up a good quarterback, and the loss of this fighting lad is a blow that will certainly be felt by next year's Var- sity. year at the Terrill School. KS. M. S. Continuedj few minutes of play on line bucks, Smith carrying the oval across for our only touch- down. The ball was kept in S. M. Afs territory most of the time the first half without either team threatening to score except for Terrill's touchdown. In the first half S. M. S. took the jump on our team, completing several passes. It looked like a Black and Gold victory until one of our opponenfs ends leaped into the air and caught the pig- ! skin, racing for a touchdown. The goal was kicked, but in spite of this Neely's grid- sters tried desperately to score without success. They advanced steadily down the field, N mf' li, 1,5 gif' 2 f H4 . z y . ' 17' Q f 1 f Q, 3'-Mznzffw WWW "ff "W, ,,4m::mfMZ 5W'I'7W5Z,"6-Z'-WW ,I yi, ,..,- 55 34214 . 1 . sw ,7H'1':' "MQ , ,.. if ,fs , ' ' eff HZEYMZLJ' Wx ,'7f"7""?w""-Q Q: 7 ,uf ff wi: Eff! I .4747 Y I i 7--,fi W f JY-V-m11l,f?"'. V72 af' fwwffg-0 f . 2 ifwff ml .f ff 54 ef ff, y 4 f fy. wg 41 2,143 "faq rf'-.' 2 ff 0,24 ff ff! a,,,.4 uf. ,, N74 but the whistle blew announcing the end of the game. Wai. 'I ., LN , - : .... :. -e. v- ga ,is . , f 'AP . -, , -Ss W -'S1"""' f s . vs- 5 -. R ,spa .e gs-ss.. -ssssg-ss..--7 s-as-sf TI, . ,riffs ,. v f- -- . . Q RS i sew 1 . t .- is--1 iii! K N Q- . . ii .ui-igtiftx .R - sf ve X N Lf . ' ' - If , . 5 . jj'fef2. ' asf - pgs ' Q - QL- ' . fic. SQ. -- 'Q o-ms so-'sp-Qs: '- X43-1'-fs.-..L2sgf5iH-3,..3:'i QS, s ts ' was .gs .SX i f- - N - . .... ...K .... .. ,,. .ss ....s..- .. ,,,.. .W ' - sms X. .. ,. as . V., . , ,,.,W, ,iss gs. is.::x.,.....x.,,-gig-Q, -fwwgrras ' 'N Q3 .. 2 9 'N 5 ' . 3' ri ,Ms . N ,,,Q,1es XM., so s.. . tus... f -- Xxx sf 4 QW . x. ...WXSN .ss Xe- e...w. z..sms...4 f 4 M- Q -fn 12, we - .2 ' . I ,l1, 1.y4'f4 3 In 'f 7 Lf' WL' 17 f ' we QW ,W ,,,,,,, . 377413 . W '- ff fo' wwf, 4 Wm:-2 w-If . fwfr Q' M . Wifvj Q.. :YW V " ' ' f , . V""'-""'1 :U 1:3 ZRZZZQQMFI FRED TOSCH ARTHUR HUNT ,, ,, ,, V ,w 4f,, f v tyifwfawfgf W V7 .,fv,'ffZ f,.f,.ff',.ff ff. yi :cf-'fg.h.iz4"'wVi iflfwg f' A Wg gf- 11 fd- 1115225550547 ,'V,. 9 we 3 ww M. ,Q ,LM . , ,, 1. Q nd wjfg tf"'aZ,l 554,20 , CL, ,WW 'WM X ff U., Iii' 4 152 fly! f f, ffyfsiff-s'1.,, WY 55544 L2 Age, 20 Yveigllt, 165 Pounds Height, 6' Years on Team, 1 FULLBACK Fred Tosrh came to Terrill with n rather bright football rerord behind him. This was his tirsl year as a Terrillian, hut he showed the necessary punrh and fight all through the season. Fred's line plunging was his specialty, although he was almost equally good at barking up the line and receiving passes. He had the stamina whirh enabled him to play the whnle game at full speed. Fred was a hard tarkler. He demon- strated this many times when he nailed a runner who had broken through our line. He was one of the best men we had to run interferenre, and nearly always got his man. Besides these qualities he was a good punter and goal kicker. His high, spiral punts gave our ends plenty of time to get down under them. W'hile not so good at place kicking, he was always to Age, 18 Weight, 143 Pounds Height, 5' 10lQ" Years on Team, 2 END llurldy Hunt can truly be said to be a Terrill atll- lete, having started tn Terrill in the days of his ex- treme youth. He has played un a Terrill team every year for the last five or six years until he has arisen to a regular place on the first team. This year, his set-ond at end, he played the best game of his foot- ball rareer. On the defensive he was always in the play, and often stopped it hefnre it. was well started. Many a time he broke up the interference ol' an end run and nailed the runner unaided. As a receiver of passes he was second to none, many times leaping high in the air and snagging the ball. One of the very few first downs made in the State Freshman game was a pass rompleled by "Buddy," Quick in going down under punts and fighting always, he will be feared within a respectable distance of the goal. soon he a shining star in his position, 3. TERRILL 56, MERIDIAN 0 Everyone believed that the Meridian game would be a mighty stiff battle. Coach Barnetfs men were clearly not of our calibre, however, and the Black and Gold war- riors swept down the field regularly for eight touchdowns. Six of the possible eight goals were kicked, which totaled up to 56 points. Meridian did not show the much needed punch in any part of the game, for the Terrill defense was impregnable. On the other hand, the Terrill hackfield worked with eloekwork precision, and whether plunging the line or circling the ends gained many yards each down. Every man was a star and did his share in putting the game away to the tune of 56 to 0. 'NN NX WQX X 5 f 1 , V, 1. twgmfiji ...f v2f.:?z,f'f7f "W Of f' W4 rw wi-yy? 'V' AWA, '1 'ZQLWW f 1-vf,m.f 23 me ff' w!"4,5vf, f' iff 5 'fn'-4. 1747K if 2 ff wwf 4, .wa .1-ff! 17 f fm? Ji Lffmy fa' f w,'f'ff. ,V ,f.h,,,,,,f Aga 3 'V " Zvi 2,1 TWQZZKA 5 fag V-if W 65? are M 7',z:,e"- ,Y M 7 -' "1 1 a . ,fvfgffya 4 Jflrfs-pf .4 tg , , , . , aft 1,5:,j'1 Q- Q gmc ?7Z"'iGWi?ZL5ZZ'-5, 24-.1 gf J, iw. .,f'ff,f ,Wig ., .W ffm WM 2.1--W f' fzif V 1.57, :WDM 1 ' 1 mf? Iliff. f , ff f., gm. Z7 WW Zimaziiw NX. X x Xi NX ff Q X is .Qsfnz -Q ary., Q F-,.Y?5'x-'ftks Eli X? sk "Nl LN ts- sz .95 :MXL iNx'1ifsrwkgQGs5xQ-srtw ss- Xrs..,,s-QQQSS 'Yu' iXNF:'fF.sik.i" "Wk N'Q-:-2Q'5YfS'NM -Sig , .ees-.VA-'L sf.. Q.--'Xsg nxxgstqxs A gs.: if .. ss ,Nw .ewes .s.csi'Q.f"?xwc Ness . .5 Rx: 'f sgsst-seo si 5' :fs :- cis 'YT1NYiGNX5.-.V 5:1 img-ses gsm. .:N.,zcsX.-.xx gas QNX iss. ss. --ts-s.-x.s s Nw.. so ss sswcsx: frif is-ss: - -1 1 Ass 1 Nr xt..-M it -1 s-rs-ps 1,1 xtsws- .ssl 11 '-'gi ',r,'4,q'-for , f ., ,ff ff, ww ',ffgfffgwf4.4f, W e Wfafamg vijpfwm- , zffaff 4 ,V f 5' :tw ' fi 'a -2 11 wise-afitiaw-49,21 , ,.,..,W, ,yigftffgjw 1 f-fe. . 5.57 , V,,-. , ,, 1 fwswazi , ,Wi ff J' i .1 ,gf 1 t' ,V C fMyzmg7ZQf:w 1 Q. M-, f 1 24. fiJ't'J7wm' 91 ,Qt -96,3 4114 E r."'tL L5 1711125 Ha .y ss s t sus.-cwS:.1.1.fessf.s.1.1ssiwsotss is ffetfstsf ifssss ss: 1 x-1 New N ' .sf CLIFTON WRIGHT Age, 18 Weigh', 175 Pounds Height, 6' 1" Years on Team, 1 GUARD Clifton was what me might call the find of the sea- son. He was without doubt one of the hardest working men on the squad. and at all times fought with all that he had in him. He could open a hole through any line, and although he did not win a regular place on the eleven until late in the season, hc paved the way for many gains over his position. YVhile on the defensive, many a time he rushed through the line and smeared the play before it was well under way. Fo well did he show up at the last of the season that Coach Neely decided to start, him in the State Fresliv man game, the biggest game of the year. ln this game he more than justified the Coat-h's confidence in him by the fight and spirit which he showed all through the game. "Doe Checkers" is now just start- ing to climb the ladder as concerns his fotball career, and wc arc sure that he possesses unknown ability which will come out as he progresses to the top. He will he here next year, one of the most valuable men to the team of 1921. I 1 J. W. LINDSLEY, JR. Age. 16 Weight, 140 Pounds Height, 5' 9" Years on Team, 2 END Dub served for two years on the Terrill School eleven, and during that time won much fame as an athlete. Dub is a boy of whom all Terrill is proud, as he has learned all his athletics at this school. This goes to show what Terrill training can do. Dub is a fighter and all of the opposing teams will certainly testify that he is the hardest hitting little man they ever saw. Dub is both an end and a halfback, as hc ran play either in a wonderful manner. As an end, Dub is there, always tackling hard and slashing his opponents. Many of his tackles have been behind the line and messing up plays is his favorite sport. At catching passes, Dub is very good. because whenever a pass hits his hand il is uompleted. At halfbark llc is second to none in his ability to earry the hall against opponents bigger than himself. Dub is lost by graduation and Terrill will certainly miss this fiery youngster. ...... . ...,g,-,......,,.......,.........4., .1 1 cc.. . t ,,.. - ,..,. -.,..,.1111..... -1 .fi .y . .1 ias 1 " ,, 'sj-ik' yy gas ,,,, 'N ,, .,, '1'-- tr' ji , 4' Zit it , 1 "" 55i..igi11g5iii111 ,,, 1" -QF? 'tiiii'.. t " D H H I ' cccc p , : ..:iEi,.5 . M :Q gp ., H .E I iii. A ,f 11, If W i s .B 11' ,, I -- M fl tiit ... Y 111 ' 4. TERRILL 8, S. M. U. INELIGIBLES 0 The S. M. U. game, as we all believed, turned out to be one of the hardest fought games of the season. At the end of the first half the score stood 0 to 0, but in the third quarter the old Terrill fight displayed itself, and we scored a safety, and Morgan cov- ered the ball behind S. M. Ufs goal line for a touchdown. The try at goal failed and the game ended 8 to 0 in favor of the Black and Cold. Wright, Morgan, Smith and Vaughn all proved their value to the team in this game. ., 3 ' ss. X .s vas, -S ssxvfq -xc .Q si: Osgctw A -sy 5fscS'g mms Ns -sgxs .1-Qs me si been " ,I?'ffU31.Wi5" 'W wfg fc syn: My ff '-214m44igf'a7'23 MM, .1 GOfC:f'f7iY':t12.z' T: .mylvz wp if,fj,,, X1 yffqghfj ,wy,,.np.f .,. , 1 MWHO. if 3 fiyvyf 7 ,g 1,-.1 f' fy,f,,W4 4 wa M ,ff V371 fi ZZVWV ,vwwiff 'i 'vffz 2,1-r yivw M0 an ff, X2 we 0, , fs ,- iggfigfw of f7wwz,?f, QP 1 1, ' fa- 12. 244 'bf f Wf lfivf on ,Aff wwc 2.1 ,zz Q7 mlb -wha' W Wff1,1i'1'1f:f! f' ffff:,!y4 E241 Z ' it -,Q 2 ,,, , ft wwf 1 M441 ff:y4f,.1zmffAZa . K1 West' -os:-:sf 'S ' Ks fc sis I int -what :fr-Graf Q- si sm- si .t is s ss . 1. 0 W- if-vi"- 7 Milf Q :Q 1 bw- af. ' is-S+ g if 'ef essex: rw , f 5,-, 3. y-3 9, ,Q f 4,553 2 1 , f"'i'?"- ix? ' 22 2m ,, V ,"' 1 lw,L5f,Z3a we U f' J, 1 .wzifffwf ,Q ev j1-4252 ,Q aif?f'W,'fM?! 1' X we I 771, .f " ,L I , M if fgltffi N 5 .,H1. . - uv, if ,M !. ' ,' ff, Y 2 .2-V, L ' sh. I 5-sf "Lahti of-.,f9Qyfi Us ,f VM? , ' kliglgv g,.1"f at ,W ,X-1. 5 , if .455 R252 ,fe WZWM7 ,Q t. 2 22965 ' z ,Zk1w1.',s,wz 4 , w HUGH CROWE Ago, 19 Weight, 170 Pounds Height, S' 6" Years on Team, 1 HALFBACK Crowe has had very bad lurk during his football career, as he received his first football letter this year. While at Terrill two years ago he was in a motoreyele aecident and broke his leg, just when he was a regular in midseason. Last year Crowe was playing regularly at Castle Heights when he hurt his leg again and had to quit. He came bark to Terrill this year and succeeded in making right half on the Varsity. Hugh, better on the offensive than on the defensive, won many gains for Terrill. He was very good at line bucking and his dives over the line netted us many yards. His specialty was long end runs and broken field running, however. He is fast, there is no doubt about it, and many times his speed enabled him to outslrip his slower opponents. In a broken field his sidestep is n big advantage, and if he rould develop an eifeetive stiff arm hc would make a fine baekfield man for any school. DON WEBB Age, 18 Weight, 170 Pounds Height, 6' 1" Years on Team, 2 GUARD Don was handicapped this year by a late start and by had health throughout the season. Don had no very great knowledge of the game, as this was only his second year of real football. However true this may be, Webb eame through with lots of stutf near the end of the season. His strength, grit and weight were loo mueh for his opponents, and he could :tl- ways be depended upon to open a hole for the bark- field, He was a rangy, aggressive fighter. His hard tackling made him a man justly feared by all who were unlucky enough to play against him. Don was fast for his size, and with his headiness and endur- anee made a lineman of really remarkable ability. Should Don he given a ehanre when in good health he would make any team, anywhere, a fighting, con- sistent player. F., .M ,, - f ,-,, , ,, . .,,, ,, , .. i. .. sit., 5. TERRILL 63, POWELL 0 The Powell game of this year reminded the old-timers of the Powell game of 1918, when we heat them 103 to 0. The expert dopesters of the game gave the wearers of the Maroon and White the edge over the Terrillites, but the track meet which followed proved that the fighting spirit of Old Terrill cannot be trampled in the dirt. It would be useless to name individual stars, as every man played a stellar game, and held up the name of old Terrill to the best of his ability. Many a time were the hearts of the Terrill routers gladdened to see the Black and Gold clad warriors tear through the Powell line or circle the ends for a substantial gain. This was the last game in prep school circles and was certainly put away in fine style. ii-itixssx Q. if 'fgffiii ' ,e,?,efifffla ,izzzh V ,G ' " " f 'iff' - mr L nf ga, 16 , , ff A ., ff? be tiff s fy! fra ff , ,Q 3 fy, N5 fv 'I 4- z Legg. f' . rf E244.f35Qf f?5? gyfgmfzyff 4: W! 34 X 7 , e . --w.,,f'f L W,M,, ,,,, ,, Z Vffiafg Z , is if I , , vm," V' ' ..,W,,,W .JW I fe.-vw, , 55? vm yyffww f ' sift 5751, Piss ' 5 4 y r ,K Y A : Eg 'fpg s-. 'j-3.9 '51 X X 3 Q new .impww-wfg-f-gwrxqxgg W N - X M, l-We ,Mfg-.. X -to Qt, pg-3.--is--ax 1 xffl X of-X 'X we ?1fNQfA5OWNfrw Self?-Ali--iX'fY Xs.:sTsk.r-...Pit fi-X'ifYNiixS SSN X X . .to X A .. 5. L kflvg x X - if X -2 Mit .t .Ql....x.f .1 1 X... ' ' , vfwr' .,,.,,.,..,.., U. f. Ur.. .!,. nf Vi .'.' f .7 74 ' ,' f fyf f'g"f.f ..'y77'. yy: Hmf yt. ff f ,ff g,,.,f5f,, my f .759 fgxff . - - - '3cf'.g,y..24 Mg X , t,fy4..2gf5 'Wi ' Zn.,f'.:'f f. .ffffi . ,,,,, X. , 'f 'f" f , ww! . 7 wi, wff.,,.f..,. W! '67 ifffff 7 2 'V ' ,. ,fa W. fy ,Wy y XMHQQ' cf: can .yf , -I ,ref M., www' AWU "" X 152 " . .Wy JVM f. pw, ,I .1 nf. v V- w.,:.,.y ff! ,th .. ., ,,,,,, f ..,,,., f M, me y ,,,, . f MLM ff' fi if fwfhwz . If MHJQ 7 fi! ilk! .WH WW? 39 Q. ffzfmfifv ' ,6,, . W, . , ye A 10147 , , ,., h Maw- 9 I . . . , ,. , ..f'.f..,g f f 52" ,f fy ff '1 W2 HJ'-.fmmcc fZ774f?l?71:'ff'fffZ r 1 JAMES P. THOMAS STUART P. WRIGHT Age, 18 Weight, 145 Pouml, Age, 17 Weight, 162 Pounds Height, 5' 8" Yt-are pn Tgum, 1 H1-ight, 5' 11" Years on Train, 2 END CENTER fwfr.. 1 fm ,,,ffii.f7j ,IV off: np., V22 '-f 1 wt, W5 .aff ,z ,Z .ff uf -Ll 54 JW? eg :'f.ff'f . .. , .,. , ,fm fry. f ' 0 Wm , W ,X glgefvzf. :,.f117:.2 12 fV Q t ,Ke f .ff f f' A, at ,. 2. 022 .f. A -f . wi. "iff 'Mc 4 , , , ,,,., . ff. gf 1 f-.ff 1 ffm 1 . 5' 3- V"f7VW!1 " Q2 My 0732, W 'ai ' e UW. 21,1 M' 5,5 ff? , ,ff.f,,. L ff':.7,Wf iff. Zhi ,.,n mr- ,, .qw ' V f..,ff 'ffm if iw f Wim! 'WWW ff, jf ff ff? fi fwf' ,.,i, 4,9 .1 "Mike" is undoubtedly one of thi- :malli-st, yvt one of Ihr- hardest fighting men who ever rervivvd a Ter- rill football swf-ati-r. Ho- is another product of T4-rrill rnarhing, as he has rem-ived all of hi: training hr-rv. What he lacks in avoirdupoia he makes up in fpirit He has an unranny ahility tn he in the at thi- right time. YYh4'Illvr playing quar- the sc-4-ond or and on the fini team, hc all the time with the old pep and aggres- fivi-na-ss that typifit-S a lllark and Gold warrior. 1Yhile an end, il i- enough to gay that nu In-am and ability. right plarv tcrhark on was then- he was on tried tn run mor him hut onrr, finding that an im' AI quart:-rlrark he wav fast, heady and pmsihility. ran the It-am with a slnootlinvw that was plea-ing to sec. Alway- instilling fight and cunfidoiivs- into thc team, he was a man tshosc vntranrc into the game everyone hailed with dt-light. V . .. ,,.. ,,.. W 1 I, ,sa 1 - I ' . Q PJ?- Q ' 5, 4 A 5 . ' Gif' . .f . K ' A K 5 rv .I ,:i1flrf 1 ' . ... Y . S . A .Q D .e ki ',klV:." f .' . tiwk i i 4 in .:t.. . V f Ji W 4 K. . I 1 Thi, fighting youth has ha-rn at Tvrrill for svvvn yeah and hai had hrvd in him that old T1-rrill tight whieh has iloocl him in such good Mead in so many gamt-Q. Thr:-c ya-ars ago hc was a -:uh nn the hi-at team, hut the laet two pears hae hr-ld a rm-gular lwrlh ol' hi, uwn. He i- primarily a harkne-ld man, aa lv- iw a romistf-nt punt:-r, paws:-r and ground gainer, hut at the iirst of the svaxon he lafkvd a vm-nler and nm- was Shifted to that po-ition. On thu off:-nic his pa:-ing was vr-ry an-uratv, and hr- did not 4-nd hiw work in thi- play when ht- lvl go of tht' ball, lint would flaeh the svrnndary dvfellse and em rr the play. On Ihr dr- femn- he was a ti-rror to the oppming has-kv bm-an-ae of his deadly Iavkling. He was quirk to diagnosv a play and followed tho hall 1-very arrond. Some rol- legc will he glad to gm-t him, hut his graduation eatin-5 an irreparable lon to the tram of 1921. .-.. , X.. ,,,,,f Mi wif, 'Ww- fvw 'W ' ?m?4,.., 'im .ppm .Qfff ff ,mmf 45402 .74-325 ., , I .gf Q .W-'zz'-4 iff W.-2, fn .mf 1,1 1'.4ff,.ll 5 Q14 gf . W, 1 .. .4 fn Zfhyf., f f. iffy. .7 f, ...Q ,V 'ifixfff 7 MW. 54" 4 a .15 Q.. .X . .,t...x .5 'Nt Sf: 6. TERRILL 7, TEXAS FRESHMEN 26 In tl1e hardest game of the season, in which we failed to avenge the defeat of 1915, the Freshman team from Auntin handed ue the little end of a 26 to T at-ore. The Orange warriors from State were too muvh for us with their weighty line and ahifty, plunging bavkiield. Not the leant of their ilCCOIIl1Jli5lll1lClll5 was their adeptness with the aerial attack. Q x. wx . new ASN 5 .-.Xt X. 5.Rsg.:la:fffQlf'?5 'ff 7 'f fn fit Q.-.uf nm www ff-.V ...ZA :fit pfjy 7947, WW gvmgryw fW fjc fjmnf M64 21:"fg,ifm1Zf2 147.46 f w w! M 'if 724 .HW 'f 29f'42.,?f" ij f1.Z"f':w'. 427. Q 1524, 'W ffm JW, ' fm. ' .Q A f .fff f Q, 9 C, fff"":'ff'1 -95714: . ' fa .1 f'ff.if'L 7. .wt eff' 1g.,...,,w 7 my, 4254 Q new :L ,.- ff 4'-' 0 . Q, f ff. fd? fwfc 24? 1 iififdf '45 1 ,ff-M FU W4 gf 44.17 " iii W .4ngwv,f.c,. f.-1. f . , .. .fff ,. fw. 4 .gm , af' Q34 4. f nf , f fr f :f6?'.rfQ".1. Lim.. 4. ' X1 ' fs! fafzzfff H, ' 14 ,' ?y.g .mf fpmj UMM My Q ff . ff M71 'Z . 1 Qwfzwfi if frf' rv! 'V v' 'f '41 :.2g.:',,.7Q5 1 ' .rffrwfw 7m....f"'w4.Z. 1 ,UQ 1 , , V X, 3 'l"f7Q75f5W f" fffff fm? 7. 'Wi duff ...ffl I V fff' X ,fx fi ' ffaigih f . ff X 2 . ,N fy :ff fwzz. zW.0' 4775 .,.., , . 11441174 Z. ,..' .. .,... . ..... ...a . . .. -' i..5ffQit. 3 gate N3 . .ws ex .5 ,Qi .EQ-.ef wwe .. E. .asv-rev vm? .t -Q .. 'IXXQL-iE1.'i:' - f e.1ws..:i:ai-y S r 1, , . .... X. .... ..... . . . . .... t. ...... tt.-.t.t x-t.. ..... . . 1 f'ffe:.4Qvviwf-2 .M--:5"frfX'fs 'J-' esXs-:g:':r1ws1:--'sswfwsiess-'oss : 1 g X J. 5-fo, Fiixlkfsxi.. - -A4 , iss Q-Ri Ng t Swear -' if yr 2 ggi jg ,,,..g31i afwsi- o IS-a1xs...iXEzfffslsxsgg-s ew Sw-sf.-. Rf' Semi- '.,s.es5sseaes1t -X V: .,.. f W ,,5,,f,f, tiff? of mfi, ,7 X ifrfff 'f ay, V we . we JAZZZJWQ WN gy ff ff W ff , MZ ff! AW' gf? Q? 2 ,ff .vi ffijfinff, 1,75 , , ff ,,-my 41 2, 9 ,4.- ,fag 7Wy9fC7f'f""1ff4,f'W ff mf? 59 V'ff'4f" 'ZVZZWY' W" ,WCM M. f A ,f fy '11 .4 07, 17, if mg, ' 1 ff-,MMI iff Z J, 19747 Z I , , 1 f M wvfffiw 4,564 0 in -nj Y' M f z ,, ,5 1 ff ti'-' 1 Z7 gy 7, , 2 ,, , 5, M, , ,,, .7 , m ', Zjiw 9214712427 f f M f K M ff fmfggva Mijft f ,f 2f,.,f, fffezfhf f,.f,,. ,, ff , f 'bf 'vw W' 7 1 52,452 2654 , f V. ,, ff! tt ,.,f,, Mfg., .Vi WZWZZYIZQ' 7 .f 1 WV"4lfi 'Wiz F' FP' 1:4 RUSSELL SMITH EVERETT KNOTT ' I Age, 18 lveight, 182 Pounds Age, 19 Weight, 152 lounds Height, 5' 8" Years on Team, 1 HALFBACK It seems as though Sherman plays almost as impor- tant a part in Terrill athletics as Dallas does, for to that town we are indebted for our left halfhaek on this year's Varsity, as well as for other stars. If he is an example of all the football players at Sher- man, we rertainly want them to keep on coming to Terrill, for he is good. At the beginning of the sea- son he started oil' like a whirlwind and through the entire season kept up his hard work. "Dun-hy" is the kind of man roaehes like to deal with. He is attentive and strives to do his best at all times. He is one of the most versatile men on the team. He ran rarry the hall like a demon with his nire Side- step and speed. He is not only a broken field run- ner, but hits the line like a battering ram on line plunges. His hands seem to have glue on them when nabhing passes, and he is himself a very aeeuratc passer: and at any respertable distance from the goal is a first-rlass goal kirker. "Dull-hy" has he- come very popular for a one-year man. and we are Height, 6' Years on Team, 2 END Everett, or "Tub," as he is affeetionately known by all his friends and admirers, was one of the great- est factors in the sueeess of our football team this year, although handicapped by a mighty had leg all season. Not only was he one of the best ends Tu-rrill has seen in years, but also a eousistent ground gainer when Shifted tu the baekfield to earry the ball. Tub is one of those men, few and far between, who ran be put in the class of "Hub" Newman. Ou the de- fensive, if an end run was started around him, he nailed the runner in his tracks or turned him in on the line. After a few attempts around his side of the line the opposing quarterback usually changed his mode of attaek. When ealled to the barkfleld to take the ball a good gain was always ehalked up to his credit. He hit the line like a battering rain, and in a broken field had an elusive wiggle and sidestep that his opponents always failed to solve. Tub was both a football player and a man. We are sorry that we have to lose him this year. 1 ff rf.,-1 6 , .,,,. M Www, 2 f f 1 U2 ,WWC .ff ,ccffw W1 M, WSJ' 'J 2, ,473 7 71,51-, ' ' QW' :W f 4 ,,ff Q- , EMWW f .fnlml 4 W? 07116651 K' ' 2 I. , 1,2 'wi ff Nj ff' 149, ff. , W ,-we MWA 'Z ' M 2 A WJ, QQ ii 7 mf if 45241445 Way .iwmjdg very sorry that he eauuot be back next year. fState HFish" Continuedj On the other hand, the pigskin gladiators of Terrill gave the Fish team their worst seare of the year. Fight was personified in every Terrill man. At the end of the first half the score was 7 to 6 in favor of the Black and Gold, our lone tally resulting from a 40-yard run by 'lStud', Wright, after picking up a fumble early in the first quarter. Tosch kicked goal. The second half we did not get a chance to score and had to resort largely to the kicking game. But although we lost the game. we gave them the hard, fighting battle of a Terrill team. ' Wa! WW . V, , ,, 'jfffffflgi 72 ,ggfff .MZ M,f,.f,:,.a4, f ,A f f Wm, f , f Zffzzp 7 Q? ..,- f f,-, ,aff 6Z.,,w ffm! 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About the only thing that makes lift- bcarable for the scrub is that he realizes that the first team knows how important his work The seeontl team hafl only one real gllllll' this year, which was with the Bryan Hi second team. The result was an over- whelming victory for our scrubs. On the line this year Searcy, Kyle, Wfillllllllillll, Stater, Clem, Taber, Garrartl, R. Tosch, Bean, Mzlrcus ancl Stillwell gave the Varsity more trouble than in the past. Many times this line would hold the first team for clowns. ln the baelcfieltl Ranmlall, Kennefly, Lawther and Lucian Touchstone stuck it out the whole season. These men hit hard and they macle the first team exert themselves every time to stop them. It is very fortunate for thc team of 1921 that practically all ol' these men, both baekfieltl aml line, will return. Lf fQ' V' ',f7 VWIQ, mf' . 'V fW7 ff aw fIf'WV 17'f" f V7 11? ,fy z :VA ff! me 'ffm W1 MMV! 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Y V K X iw- ,sg 1: - Q , . fgriy ons-155. ,gs -s fig- -x-x X X-ssigss'1NQ:"S5fEssaf's'iSY x " - ' .26 - 5.5. .x 1. - ' "" 7 ' X . . 55 ' -e 1 3" 2: S ...fa 2 .f ff f W. ff, 554 wf" - 7701! ff ff f. .ws ages uf' ,cfm ff 55591 edge 3 fwff gf.,5pZ'g,f,Z:,3 gyda 7 Z6 :ft " .Wi :Y.,,,,W3 g I aah? I, 1 45 M aaaa if 1 zmfiaawfif 2 E332 1 if Qin? f' 174' aaa asia 07 1 We . 1 4 if f j Q47 'Elin' . We . ff SAMUEL M. DAVIS, Coach The mid-winter sport at Terrill, as well as at most other schools, is basket-ball. Terrill has always been very proud of her record in this line of athletics and the success of the team may truly be attribut- ed to the line leadership of Coach Davis. "Pop', is a letter man from Central Col- lege in Missouri, and he pilots his team with the same enthusiasm and Mpepi, that he always put into the game while play- ing himself. This year the Black and Gold went up against many teams that were out of their class, but every time except one they put up the better fight. Davis is a real man, and that is the most that could be said of anyone. His high ideals and his desire for clean athletics offer an inspiration for his team, who always go on the court with a firm determination to perform their duty and uphold the standard their roach has set before them. Mr. Davis played the position of guard while at college, which enables him to give his team a defense that is always hard to break up: yet being a guard did not hinder his ability as a forward. Whenever he wanted a certain shot perfected, his ability at mak- ing the basket made his demonstration complete, This is the seventh year for Mr. Davis at Terrill. and it is hoped he will continue to lead the Terrill quintet through many more successful seasons. "I am from Missouri," says Pop. "Ynu'll have to show me you can defeat us before I'll believe." C. E. H. CLARENCE EUGENE HULL Terrill was most fortunate this year in having Hack" Hull as the assistant basket- ball coach. As he has played on both col- lege and independent teams, he has se- cured an insight into the finer points of the game superior to that of anyone we have known. But his worth lies not in his own knowledge of the game, but in the way in which he imparts it to the team. He has a way of telling one things that impresses them on oneis mind forever. His explanations of the right way to shoot baskets, the reverse whirl., dribbling, hold- ing the ball by centrifugal force, and other things we will carry with us through college. Because he was hindered by other duties he was not able to be on hand during the first part of the season. Near the middle of the season, however, when he commenced coming out every afternoon, the efficiency of the quintet increased in a manner won- derful to behold. The main reason for this is that he can be both a man's man and a boy's man at the same time. If you want a pal to go some place with you, get "Jack"g if you need somebody to be a friend to you, get "Jack." The memory of such a man makes the team very sorry that it will be unable tn derive the benefit uf another year's coaching under Mr. Hull. : fi . 4, ,.,. . .., ahve wi' awww -pq W' "7"-73Li47'W. f" X' " M I 3 fav" 1 ,?fZ,iff'zft r,,ff'1':fff"7f 31, -s..: . 'Ven - Q ' H, ,,f , f . .iw::.'2.f-ax Z at H53 Z 4 4 1 4 f .f f wwf ' A'zM,yz6f4f'Q ' , fl?-V? i l 1 .. 5 f , M1522-ibn' ALMA 721 riff 2, X if .t YTVQ' gs ivy, N wwf? :JW .WX wt' ,254 5 1'7'7'U"f ,Qi jj 1 I'f,f'v3ff Q'- xJf"WWz4w fa .22 1-fm ease .ff "" f"75g 4' HV! ff! ' - ' Ii It if ' Fi 1 .--pike H is'e."" T 'K o ' ig Q 1" .it 5i'f2f.-masks-" Ea33 sf 2 'tis-se? ,Q vii, sv ' -P .HYESJWP-M-" .5 sf1wfsmX it Nigit.-is it 5551.9 says? 5 -Y . t ffvb KN Baia:-is-+ 'Qs Ss- fri. "i safes ' QW Yi 5355 .- :iz-eu . -flefsfwgwit. . +,xt,sp, XQAJY -,Rfk Fx v . bkxy :ies -WSF ,- :Shri - . 'Wt ?'is ' Ss 'ss :tasks has vs-.fsflesissss , -nf .ss ,verse Q f3'Q3"XSf'3t','!Mf?,5E?I as -51 s? Q tw ...-x.fXsi..,..s4.,s -fo , EF..-'ft AWNZ.. T"15?f'sE'E1s--"fi K' Fe? 5Psif5i3i3:s? .W 'sm ss.. N., .t gag J? tp' ,, M W gztfaf- Qzf fi f 'V er 'J 2,25 Zg,a,,gZ .L A': 1- ffzeqzml . 'G f , 17 1 f f G I fi? f' I 101 I ff... . f Z yl ., V ,t j fl, 'A 65 ,GY " H 'S i ' f f M 'wkv A ts, tiff: t 1. ,. if ,1 It K 'L - X' 7 sag t fp. ,2',-747' f.' , M 5 , A l, + ,weft rf? Q' ff' ff 1 The team of 1921 considers itself very fortunate in having "Stud" 'Wright as its captain. The most notable thing about Stuart is that he fought at all times with every ounce of his strength. Stuart started the season at center, but with Kyle's improvement was shifted to forward, where he played the two best games of his basket-ball career. A'Stud" is perhaps the best basket-ball player in Texas in the high school or academy class. When he was right, he had a nice eye for the basket, but proved to be of the greatest value on the floor. He was the fastest man on the floor. He was the fastest man on the team, and this, combined with headwork, ability to handle himself well, a good pass, and a nice dribble, easily made him the premier basket-ball player of the State. J. W. LINDSLEY, JR. "Bill," at forward, was one of the most consistent players on the team. The game never got too rough for him, because he was always full of that old Terrill fighting spirit. In the Texas Freshman game he was floured several times by Cilstrap, but he always came up with a smile and stayed in the game. Although "Bill" was not very accurate in shooting baskets, he would make them in the "pinch" when they were needed most. Time after time you would see thc hundred and forty-three pounds that represents "Bill" dash across the floor and get the ball from some husky. As he barred neither size, age, weight nor anything while in action, he was a big factor in our success. Besides, in his playing ability. he was a great asset to the team in another manner. His spirit kept up good morale in the team. When things were going bad he would cheer his teammates on to victory. In Bill's two years on the teani he has shown us that he can play basket-ball and is a regular "Fools" Sellars. His speed, gameness, and ability to handle himself on the floor promise a great future for him. What Bill lacked in tossing baskets he made up for with all-round playing, and that good stuff called fight and guts. SID KYLE Perhaps the most important thing that won Sid his letter and a regular berth on the basket-ball team was his height, He, coming from a pretty good scrub of last year, has developed into either a center or forward that can rank with the best. Sid was put on the first squad the early part of the season, impressing the spectators as all right in a way, but not weighing much. However true this may he, during the latter part of the season he put on some steam and forged to the fore of our regular loop hurlers. Sid's greatest asset is his height and ability to jump. There was not a man that Sid could not beat to the tip-off. Another thing Sid can do and do well is to cage the short baskets. With his height it seemed as though all he had to do was stand up straight and drop the ball. He was also quite adept at batting the ball in the basket. Sid has Shown that he will be a mighty good man around whom to build the offense for the 1922 team. JAMES P. THOMAS One thing is true for "Mike" in basket-ball as well as in football. He is a fighter, giving his team- mates everything he has. "Mike" handles himself well, is fast, and can pass the hall from any position. He has a shot of his own invention, and, given half a chance, two points are usually chalked up alongside of his name. His middle name is teamwork. Many times "Mike" would take the ball down the floor by himself, then unselfishly give the shot to some other boy. When "Mike" is told to do anything he does that thing to the best of his ability. ln the second Hardin game he was told to guard a certain man. He did this so well that his opponent was glad to get long shots, much less making the basket. "Mike" has certainly endeared himself to all Terrill supporters, and everyone hates to see him go. W A A v. ! Q, , x STUART P. WRIGHT W L. 7 5.37:-75 ' 9 We ' i lf.. e" g,,41.,.V,'v 52, 4.5-..5, 4 .-kt--..5,,,f.0 L , H....f,f any fi' 3 ... g .-'Mffrfffvi Q-05 ,J gl ft ?!f4fff,f we fi .1424 '. ff' KW- 'Z'L'v-ff M t QVZZZL7? PS lg "1 :wi swf? .S , ws.. ..,,. , Q aff t W ..-Q we ' fm a ' ' x e f t ' - ,.., ....... . . , .ft-V':-1-nl. . VX. ,, N ' A"Ax"Q 'BRG ,ig . ,. ., ..... , X... .. . . .. .. , , .... .--x . . . Q... -, ...- .,.-s.-. is -W - .. W - w-s---- as ,,.. g...x :M we it 'F 'QTY 1395 as-:ww-1 -'ffXX'Q. af me vfxfssf- Sv: 'sw a. f- 5- WS' fs? .1 asbrfvisfixs E Ns . : Niki- iN i'ix'P?fssfS.NG,-ff Sfzffi 'SRE i x."3ffS?SX5'l9:::s' 'NS I Ni Rx.. -NA-1 ' XXSS'X:"'s1..'Nixi5 EFIIPVRX wif? FKSQXLHS xiii' si- - xy sg..-,xfxw are NN:-+-:sms ft we ask.--S-fast.- .Nas hiya W -P-N N 1-1-sw :R sk-,-.sw-as msgs was -NQYXXQ .sms-Q. Q' :SM ca- 'f"W,fOx-skier-'se :Em SSYQYWN SN.f.g.xr .t X .. :gas .X-fwxfafxi mi iff--7 ,ma .1 33 'V ., " 1 "1 gwfgzqf ffffw 1-1 ' 1' 377 5 :xy vg' A 74,!', If , " ia' if 5 f j s i s V SSQRNXXTKN-, H' a:f1x4f'N-f- ig ,-f: i-as +2-s,ss-QSM, as Sys- aa Sw... -"- TERRILL 30, NEVADA HIGH SCHOOL 11 In a game unusually fast for the first game of the season, Terrill de- feated Nevada High School 30 to ll. This game was more closely con- tested than the score indicates, and only by fighting every minute did the local quintet come out ahead. Captain Wright at center and 'GDutchy" Smith at guard played exceptionally good basket-ball. El TERRILL 46, CITY TEMPLE 5 In a thoroughly university game the Black and Gold quintet de- feated the City Temple team 46 to 5, little or no opposition being put up by the Templars. Terrill's teamwork was improved and her goal shooting was excellent. Wright and ,Iarrell played good ball for Ter- rill. El TERRILL 8, SOUTHWESTERN MILITARY SCHOOL 13 ln one of the hardest fought games of the season, Coach Jones' men from Hardin handed us the little end of a 13 to 8 score. Without a doubt the score at the end of the first half was one of the closest ever made on a Terrill court, being 3 to 2 in Hardin's favor. In the second half Hardin took the jump on our five and scored 10 points before we registered a counter. Near the end of the half we scored three baskets, but could 11ot overcome the lead that Hardin had secured. TERRILL 28, SHERMAN 8 Terrill easily outclassed her rivals from Sherman in an easy Black and Gold victory. Sherman fought all the time, but they could not tear through the superior teamwork and goal throwing of the Terrill cagers. At no time in the game did Sherman threaten to pass us, although they showed well in spots. TERRILL 25, S. M. S. 22 Terrill retaliated illlll sent Hardin down in defeat 25 to 22. As indi- cated by the score, the game was very close and was either team's game until the last whistle. Hardin got the jump on us with two goals before we scored, but soon after we looped three baskets in rapid succession. The first half ended ll to ll. Terrillls greatest trouble was solving Hardin's five-man defense. Wright and Touchstone played stellar games for us, while Smith was S. M. Sfs most valuable man. IZ TERRILL 13, BAYLOR CUBS 30 In this game Terrill certainly l1ad an off day. We were unable to hit baskets the first half, as we got only one point, a free throw by Jarrell. The second half was not quite so bad, but still we were unable to accomplish much, Llllil the game ended 30 to l3 in favor of the Cubs. '7 P ww. 1 I 4 ,,, are gf' mr, l.. 4' wwf? ,ff-S wwf Ig: '.,.,g f .ying 3 ' 1' ',.Z?1f igffff ,gi fmffff ,-, fr 2-ff y6'W'f'rf! 4774 . L . 4fifg-.Lai 4 53 tags 9 AL' ,fa Vg? WZ? '9 1,53 ' fl, Cn 1 V , JM, W ' 4, , "wif . W' 74. ww' MMA.. amz! ffJ'.1'-'YW ,iw f f z riff !'uY1Mv,'ffvf2,f4 Qf'?'4!,f0 f..y"1w.----fa, 2 eC4f'wfK0f7f7f, ,ff,.,z'2,fAW M. ki ...Qs ts, wixtstgssr.. ...Wd X,,.igsXX Xfgxxgiiggk-A.gQ,xgiNi ' reefs-,.g..s:s-515: 'sv --oss M -!?':.wxx. gs--.-N .,.--,A -s,,,.-1:-. -we . J. ' rs.. if : axes -in ss as .ws -ss--xsokw.. . ge.. X-sssx. wgs.f...x,ss as -sv --.sfvssfs wwsl 1-1. ' ., .- .X - fs. ,Q . X, -f-f ws-,. -1 ss- . . its 1,-, oss- - tt " , . sf..., X-. .g .fs :is-.s sy ..g:' ' z,-.sw-ss. ,ss - :rs W- sssxegzws mm.-. . eswsiisssxifiriilxisiflgiissisiioffif W ,, ,,,,, , Mfwfff- . If fwwfzzrkf-mm ,!f.3,,, 5' , fyw-ff gy z9w,'1'f,4 my feffff wdwfza f '3 2fff'7f',a., 1, Auf, . WZQJJ y he me - ,215 ,- 4v', M 1 , 4 . Y, ' wi? -W2 M ff!4,W".." f 3 I f , 1,4 V! ww Vvff ,- w ', ., f I , 1 .ftvffffmw vu iffy? Q - 11QZQiJ,', - ""1i,'? .Q-71 . " . , , ,, I ,, F ,..f.w.1'5Qj 2 Mft' 'limi V57 rw 'fffffffhfffwff - . ,, W,.,4,,,,e,.,,s wc, "Ls 2 "Y ' wffli Mas? ff 1741 fl W? "1I"'4 , ff. 4' '17,'f 734 f of 5 QW 5.25511 Q V92 1 . 'V ff -1 Vf f X aff 1 ,,,,,, W9 f,.if4fa'Qz ,gill 4 ,.,,,,,,. . ,. ' vw fffcwft'-wwf' go , X ,6,, g 'Q 'swf ' W7 4 ,f Means M . fi , f ' 'f 1 'WM--MA yy, fi.. .. gifffyfwwfrfg ' 2 51 ii 9 em ,v,.:4,g!,451 is 4-. ff sw at H '-fy,..,.6,rs -1 .2 ,f fMff7vy we ff. ,,.,f:'-14 i7j G.-. if ,, , ,if 7f5zy7Wnff: M IWWM ,wiv Y '- WN W 11.9 2 fyvyf ,fg .. fl .,f my ,, W, , ef ,f 1,54 lfyfiii 72 in ,a ff 7 M164 s . , , ,.,, Mxff' f ff V , :nw f.,- W . .2 I,v?74jQ5fV. ,X ef . 2 4 ,yifwf 1 M941 fjuaff ,. of ,M ,rf , WZWHZZ 5 2-fc1'f"U 72:3 2,44 6114 , fltyf Z 1 f f BLAKE TOUCHSTONE This makes Blake's second year as one of the mainstays of the basket-hall team and he, with Captain Wright's aid, was responsible for solving Hardin's tive-man defense. Blake is the kind of a man one likes to work with: for one can ever be sure that he is giving his all. There is an enormous amount of energy stored up in his stocky form, enabling him to run at full speed during the entire game. Perhaps Blake's special accomplishment is breaking up dribblesg he certainly can do that. He also has a nice eye for the basket and is a good foul thrower. After all, however, Blake's greatest value to the team lies not in his ability as a player, but in the morale he adds to the whole team. So, long after ci certain play or a fine shot is forgotten, Blake will be remembered for his cheery words of encouragement just when they were needed most. HOMER WHORTON Wharton was certainly the find of the season. He, rising from a second string man last year, devel- oped into a steadily shining light. At the first of the season he was good, but at the last was playing whirlwind basket-ball. He is a fighter. lt was a common sight to see "Colton" bore into a mass of play- ers and come out with the ball. And when he got the ball he knew what to do with it. One of Whorton's greatest assets was his cheery smile. lt never failed to make his opponent mad to have Wharton smile at him after they had both had a tumble. A'Cotton" developed a nice dribble, and this, with his now famous smile and indomitable fighting spirit, has won for him the cziplaincy of the 1922 basket-ball team. He is not a finished player by any means, so when some of his roughness wears oil' he will make any team an ideal guard. JOSEPH P. MORGAN Up until last year Joe had hardly seen a basket-ball. This year "Corn" has put worlds of persever- ance and grit into his practice, becoming one of the best standing guards in the city. Very seldom did he go beyond the middle of the court, but when he did he contributed his points toward making this year a real success. "Corn" is not a smooth player, as he relies most of the time on rough and tumble tactics rather than on the finer points of the game. But, such as this may he, Joe goes after results, and he gets them. One ol' the hardest things to do in basket-ball is to guard, by yourself, two men coming down the court with the ball. When a mon learns to block this play he can guard. "Corn" has effectively spoiled such a play so many times that we know he is a guard of the first rank. CHESTER JARRELL Chester's main asset was his goal shooting. He had a shot that, when he was free, was almost a sure basket. The one that he is famous for, however, is his overhand shot while coming under the basket. Chester is also developing a fine dribble, which he used to good advantage. jarrell is far from a finished player, but makes up for this with his cheer and fight. About the middle ofthe season Chester was given the job of throwing free throws. He was very good at this, many times giving us the fcw necessary points to place us ahead. We surely are sorry to lose "Cites," who goes by graduation. ?f"f' " I 1 60,1 MMA, , ., , ,,,., ,, , , Iffpfw QM 'wi sg mf., WM zyb ww 527-W 1 w WMM! r1m,,n,,,fn ff, . ef! fwlffy 7 -,N if: 2Z4wfz'.K'4 In W' ,,f',,4 ' A , fy! 'iff-,nuff My 1 fn., - ff e ffaf ffl Zia ef 4512 Ziff Q ffffobif iw -Qfvyyu wwf: j ez, .f.g.,,1j'., 1, f L -,-- T3 wi. FN . ..,,. . 1 f C2 7' -5 QQ ' 1 5 4 . ffm 1" 3 ,- L. 41 'NWI'-fj,a1 -' Ev! 5 Qgyf. Aiiavwfi ' ffiliigbgv-MV fi ,.3..,.,.,,mpf . Vw, ef ff -N ,JW MW 4'-1-Zifyazw, 1, 1:4-4 '51 ... ,gif fif .'1.,ii4f'4 Ll M- ...J-. 1, 2... 7' -gy at W as :R 3 ,X X X wx .sa-ww x X RX ,t X ts X tx , XXX? k Qxxxgsviiigxkgl Tim iii Mfg XWEQQQXXQ-sf Qu' X X. x X xx N was gsx"S-A 193,-sxxvx . - at -t:..Xfs.ess'Ys4xm-w.,z ' - -Q www Yi, X-:ff Q. . -+' -sugfssff. .f ,. sw ' eizzxfixt X tvs-jfs f' ilfii " "'Z'Yf- T1 5.35. 5 gs, 'fax 1' gif-A R- . N:-5 W.f.s.rX.L,3. W.. jig? wE.q15.,. X ,El ...4 5.2 ,w,,'i,gi.,. ,z sy? gm i:,.bbF-ifsi-f-' 1 'i ' sw.. . . .' 3 - xr f N. ess .nw X. .w FZ" 'V , 'Es at S . mbmswx K N sis LX- W f TERRILL 31, AUSTIN COLLEGE POUCHERS 9 Terrill staged a comeback and outplayed the Pouchers in every phase of the game. At no time was the victory in doubt. Although the Pouchers fought hard, they were unable to accomplish anything. The goal shooting of .larrell featured the game. EI TERRILL 10, STATE "FISH" 16 ln a really hard fought game the Orange-clad men from Austin took Davisl team into camp to the tune of 16 to 10. The Fish men were so tall that we very seldom got the tip-off on held balls. The first half the Texas Fish ran up a score of 12 to 3, but in the second half Terrill outscored them 7 to 4. The Fish team had everything on Ter- rill except fight, and that is one advantage no one ever will have over a Terrill team. Captain Wright, Wharton and Touchstone starred for Terrill. EI TERRILL 17, STATE "FISH', 34 This game, at the start, seemed to be going in Terri1l's favor. The score went nip and tuck until it stood about 8 to 8, and then the Fish got lucky and threw seemingly impossible goals. During the second half the Freshmen kept up their-goal shooting and the game was never in doubt from then on. Wright was the star of the Terrillites, playing a remarkable floor game and scoring 12 of our 17 points. TERRILL 2, STATE "FISH', 20 The score does not indicate the fight put up against the uFish,' that second game. We were oil' on goals ourselves, and for a long time held the Fish to a low score. But the Orange quintet could not be stopped, and so took away the game. Wright played a commendable floor game and Wharton and Touchstone fought mighty hard at the guard posi- tions. El E1 TERRILL 12, A. 81 M. 'LFISHW 9 The Black and Gold went into this game with the determination to win, and only by hard fighting all the time did they come out ahead. The Fish got the first basket in about ten seconds, and for a while things looked bad for Terrill. At the end of the first half the Fish were one basket ahead. The second half was fought evenly the whole time, the deciding basket was not thrown until the last minute. For Terrill Wharton played the best game, with Wright and Touchstone following closely. TERRILL 17, S. M. S. 12 ln Probably the hardest game of the year the Black and Gold cagers took the long end of a 17 to 12 score. Hardin fought hard, but the Terrill five fought just a little harder. Terrill scored 8 points before Hardin registered a tally, and the first half ended ll to 8 in our favor. ln the next half Hardin strived to win, but could not over- come the lead. This game left Terrill final victor over the Southwest- ern Military School. A cffzf I at In if Z- Y-WQWWWQ V.: -"" rffaffp- f 14" if .- -1 :Mfr-ax . 2 x f, 1' 2 1, A 7? MM Q f WfW'vff7g5Q Ijflf fi 1 '. by if 51" ff' i's .4g,4 if ff , .1 V 2 ef '-,X 1, 7 milf " . V' fr - wifes.-'ffjfw ff "" navy' f . 1 yy, f Z H40 .N ...Q ,,g,,,,gN..,, 5 Rr. fs as 'lx Q' Effie sf- X5 NN' Q 3 'ati-XR ef-m X i -. .- "T -' Q ... E33 : Q X -Q.. 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'l l1ey played several games, winning all of them by large margins. Captain Stroup, by his great strength and basket-tossing, led the scrubs through a fine season. John Knox was really the best man on the team, and at times looked like first team material. Although Fred Tosch was a good man, illness kept him out of the game most of the time. Big MDoc' Checkers" Wfright was a tower of strength to the team and sllould make a valuable man for the Varsity next year. Although ,loe Furneaux was small, he was a dead shot, and should till the shoes of one of the departing forwards. Lucian Touchstone has the same qualities as his brother, Blake, and should be a running-mate to Cap- tain Wl1Oft0ll next year at guard. Mac Woodrum was the old uwar horsew of the team and never missed a practice. Other players like Stillwell, McDonald, Foy, Higginhotham and Searcy showed skill on the court. The players who are leaving the 1921 quintet know these men will till their places and wish them all the luck possible. og, U., 4 ,, Q f :ff-'w-,ff A 5 KWZW ff' "ff U71 Za,4',"lz-zswf .f ff ' f' MMM .fu , f fp gg, M 1' i ff mf ff ,, pax, Zzyztzaiffzzvwm 07g',1C'w,4L'4.g'vQ2 ylfff f? 5 yW,yf"f'Q22, 23513114 wwf 004 a Ld 7:2315 ,j 7 fan? Z '2L'.f:-ffff' f 1, gfWff?f22a 2- W1 -4 2,3 IJZHZA Qvf ' f? 1322! it 'ff 7 24,4 42? ayahgw af Q 'at .V We ,v -ff Zia? 3 ,gf 'iw ff :, Z4 ff, ,Q 34. f CWA! f ff ffff 41, f44:Z':L:::i':f:1WZJ f!Z?"'?f7i7'21iZ'41? ' f J 1 f , , ,,ff,:,,, wg , Q -,f ezzefw-.fwff fi JN f?',2,m,? 'fm y,f'f,f,ff"2w 2 4 few ,AM 1 1Wtf'!,5'ff ff!! fl ,,,,.,, , , Mm, :MW-'A " f f,,f'f1 ., ,. QZ:vC2Q't33?f,gf5 27 i fin? '31 ceffa ,Wag Z' wwf? 5 , eff yejffffb Qw f , f VJ! Z L' f'-ff! ' M2449 f7"T77i ' f' ff, ww, ,f W 'f W je awffzx 4 gc MM , -.fu X ' "Z " 4-fwffie iv ' fi! f Jawa, ' DEW-if gf! ff ,yy ff- . W. .QS -s-f W1 ,Q ' s- as 'lxsfw Q. N " , - M5 bs Ss I-X , . 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Wlilh a schedule hefore him whivh had for its prize the vily avademit' championship and a dearth of material which would have disrour- aged most men. he produred a rluh which. at times. played real hasehall. lfrrors on the field caused several defeats by teams not e0 well roavhed or prepared as Ter- rill. A sineere interest in his joh and an alrility to get the greatest possihle effort out ol' his men marked Neely as a roach far ahove the average. llis alrsenre from the haseball dialnond will make a hole which cannot he filled. Terrill's next t'01lt'll will have an enwiahle reputation to live up to, as well as a great rec-ord to uphold. HARULU BARICFUUT SANDERS .-lssistnnt Baseball Coach The srhool was very fortunate to have such a man as Mr. Sanders on its fat-ulty. He was just the man to he the assistant to Nlr. Neely. Sanders took charge of the Seeonds and whipped them into excellent eondition. ln fart. he developed some of them s0 well that lrefore the season was over they l-ad been transferred to the first squad. where they proved themselves to he valualrle assets to the teanl. Mr. Sanders took a personal interest in eaeh man and at the same time put all his Apep" and enthusiasm into the entire squad. lflveryone expresses a desire to see him bark on the dianlond next year. C. E. 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ZZ 9 if A , fffffsgw, ,xpl 3 rf:,ffrfaf31:5,rf ffm ,aM'3Z?f J, A ,aff ,fr :ww ' WfWwm7w'g ft l' in I .If'4f4QQI,f fzffff ZW! ff, .fizgfh W Ol f IIVM 211,254 41 'ffm ' 44:1 my amz H1 J :wtf VVCKT A 'L 2' Z1 nfyff ,Y-2251715376655 ?"'7l.y C74 W- WW 37755 ,Q--f 3, iff: gm.--f,ff .1 my 'f '-'- ff WL, ,U I, y f i . ,V lgerzunell Name Position GEORGE WILLIAMSON, Pitcher - JOHN KNOX, Pitcher-Right Fivld - JAMES STROUP, Loft Field - - CLIFTON WRIGHT, Right Field STIJART WRIGIIT, Pitcher-Catcher SIDNEY KYLE, First Base - BLAKE TOKCHSTONE, Catcher - CLAY SEARCY, Second Base CHESTER JARRELL, Third Base - - HONIER WHORTON, Shortslop-Lvft Field JAMES THOMAS, Center Fivld - JOE FLTRNEAUX, Utility Infield ALMOND G.ATES, Shortstop-First Basv LUGIAN TOUGHSTONE, Second Basv TOM IQENNEDY, Utility Team Average Batting A vcragc 500 400 -L-L-1 400 406 3 10 3-13 200 151 .375 363 333 090 222 .324- 4 41,1 ' a, ftp 44 29097251 7f'h'fQf?1f ,mx mnfyfff -In 1 f,2r rZ'7h2?ZfLZ2" wi ?ZP"Z47W2i14"wf2 iff -f ,A-Q, if WZ., f .4 Mfwi j ,KTJTQQZ Q15 YZZIWM 1, -WWW! ,tw-0 if fate I WSJ, fi fffff, Qnlftv, f 'fn fA'2r-a...,,,, 4 W, , c':'ai,t2 f ,fffigigfqvil M mfC'4' ifZVjf'Qf4'g:5gf d 57 14!tw"74'. JW ,fa I 'Wfif ,,,. . at-jj WM W-f "" f'I"?fFpxf11'f ,4 MZ? M QC'--gif! UIQ' 'fff 167""fE1 rv 1 mmf fy? " W-jf? ff '92 ' 1, "f1m55fZ5f,L5'v, v f iixi ,,.i if 'Qi ' QR A ES . ' fs! i'fT?,f3'? , - , I . "" - K, yen H, w SE 5 - A A S A-. -A . f -I 1 .- was-G F-. 4+ wg,Lg::S,AA.:QqSfi.:f..',....Aq1fs .,' -K - ' tx Y Yi fo fl I IF!! ljflnlll 1 45, ,ff JOE FURNEAUX Utility Infield Joe is another man who has risen from the second team to the first. He can play either shortstop or third with equal facility. He is the smallest man on the team, but his diminutive stature does not hinder his speed, for he is one of the fastest men on the team. Another year under proper coaching should place him among the best. LUCIAN TOUCHSTONE Second Base Although he started the season on the second team, he soon demonstrated that he was Class A material. Conse- quently Sanders sent him over to Coach Neely, with whom he remained the rest of the year. He is a quick thinker and an accurate fielder, and if he works as hard next year as he has this he will be one of our strongest men. . -'fl f' ' ' f', ,', JAMES P. THOMA S Center Field Mike must he an intimate friend of John McGraw, for he seems to possess some of the craftiness of the old man of baseball. Mike has been raised in a baseball atmosphere and he has learned the game from A to Z. As a fine base- runner, hitter and a sure fielder, Mike can always be depended upon to do his part. He would make a valuable asset to any team. .. ...-- - be as ....,-x N .,...,: ., ,,,. . ., M. 1, tx .NXX M... , x A.,.. ,,x,.,... ... , ..X:x ...W f-8 W WW X X X t ' Y X X X if-T 5453959 5-Y 1 ,ciiswx se rv-f"s-'f ,fs -'TTA 151+ mpgs X . . X X -. 1 -N-fm.-xx-.NN Fw in ff. ,. 'W .W 54, ', ya 77f'ff QQ 4 ' Hg We 74,1 ,wi 'f 'f"'Z"' . A 3. f'1f,A5 ' ', X Us ,,.- J-L,,'f,,,9-1 , . :fini we fjypiv 4 4 2'5fl,, 1 4 311- f at -1 1 4 1 .7 164 ,ogy If 5,4 f,,fZf'YW2J ,X 1 " i 1 4, f',,f'., ff 'H ,137 if gwfl, i T1 t u eff Ulf, 5f'fV26i W4 ff 4L'f3f"Yftf67 I ',, , 1- Q-.,:.,.3 ffcfizw V , yzglzyfyf 1311 6 2 , eff .21 QI' gyygmwgiii f azwyefwgfffi v:,,., f 1 ?1j1 fi CLIFTON WRIGHT CHESTER JARRELL Third Base .Iarrell continued to play the same brand of high-class ball this year that won him so much praise last season. Ever cheerful, he added a lot to the morale of the team. He was good in the field, but better at bat, as his bat drove in a large number of our runs this year. JOHN KNOX xy m,41,'90 w,,ff,Lrfa.4.w,2 weft? l3g7vfW74 ff fz firm 'rf -,T WQQZ' if W ',11 u if 4599 M. ff I 1, ft' 'V , Q ,, as iwifyg, at L Lv -wb' 1- 1 f VIZ ,, ,, fd A 42 .W ,f ff za fzMy"4.j'w 2 mmf. Q3 Q f MMI' ' 1. ' aes ij! ' , 'f 4 - 44 f Kaffe' fl? 44 ' Right Feld "Doc Checkersi, is a good example of steady plugging, for at the begin- ning of the season he was entirely un- known. In spite of this, he arose from the second to the first team on his own merits. In the field uCheckers'7 was a very good judge of fly balls and could be depended upon to snag any that came his way. While not so good at bat, he should improve with another year,s training. Right Field and Pitcher As John was left-handed, he proved to be very effective while in the box, but when Don Webb was forced to re- tire from the game Knox was placed in right field. Here he played the lat- ter part of the season in a way that showed that he is a comer, for he can be relied upon both at bat and in 'fhe field. in my mf px f fair rg? .rf vff i4,,437,m ww! A f 124' zx,,45.f5f W me 1 M2f12,f?44 3 fZfZ?f,?a'?Q? iwff Xp. 4S,qe1,,.:f.:l ejjyo, ,x F' X' ' X X f lcfzv fljfltlll 0 -R. .I TOM KENNEDY Utility Tom was blessed with an athletic frame of mind without an athletic frame of body. His desire and willing- ness to work, however, have made him a man whom coaches like to work with. Although he never won a reg- ular berth, his same hard, persistent effort won for him his letter., and it can truly be said that no athlete de- served a letter more than Tom Ken- nedy. STUART WRIGHT Pitcher and Catcher 'gStud" Wright, the best all-around athlete in school, pitched under a big handicap all season. He received very poor support, although he himself pitched good ball all year. He is the most versatile man on the teamg he can play any position. Besides being our best catcher, he was a wonderful hitter and an excellent base runner. . p ..:, a s d'f'l.i- ' GEORGE WILLIAMSON Pitch er n'Jackrabbit', was another baseball man who was undiscovered before this year. "Rabbit,' had a lot of stuff on the ball, coupled with a world of smoke, which made him justly feared by all opponents. It is generally sup- posed that a pitcher is a weak hitter, but, although '6Rabbit" was only at bat four times, he rapped out three hits for a percentage of .500. ..,. c ..,. , , ..,. ..., , -X-as . .... T1--A r. Q sl . .Ir X ,. .W ., .. ,NNN ,..,,Wr, sl 5 , 2 b I a:k,,,...tE.,, 'ESQ x . s f sf., Fw' M1-fs -: vas .2 A -qs' Ns: qui: fa.. ,sais iliikf .X-stir?--S F12 we QXQ YN .iss , gm 0674 I fg vm if X 4117 '-fM'4fy'QMi 79 2' 7 f, 1 f 'i fi Y". 4 Alia! -'!7ff'!Wf"r" F - I ,, yr, 3 it ff' WWMLQ gf erg Yfea i 4 I ?WQ-p if ' Q? QE 751.53 'I 1 -an 1,423 Q fl-,ff 3, 11 1, I ,954 if H it ,. J' ,., 1 p Z Yffffi2"2fZ 'if' 2."'-3W"Qff,9f,fW' ' enema' Q 4 1-142 9. fawmw ?5Z?WQ rf ' . 1: 1 7' '61 HOMER WHORTON Shortstop and Left Field "Cotton" probably had more light than any other player on the team. He was always full of "pep" and encour- aging the team. He was a hitter. That is the reason he was lead-off man. No one will ever forget his home run in the Hardin game. Besides being a fine hitter, he was a very accurate fielder and fast base-runner. awiwia '-Q . 4 f S 'QWWQ K 1.54 .V ff, , if Egagig , f , AAJJZZZWI, 4:3 fl W., ',"vf ,A " fwwww x ,,, Wi I: l ZLHWWZ Mhwie 'LWM ff" QQ.. 21, . ywimw f 'f fd5eW?i. 13' 'fad 7,1 1 1' 4 ,igfw ' v fx ff il N' hm "6 r 4-ea, ,,,,, 55,14 we ff, ,355 xvAMM if ZTWWJH 5 K ,gf x ALMOND GATES Shortstop and First Base Cates seemed to be the hard luck boy of the diamond. He got all the bad grounders the whole season. While he lacks experience, he was a very conscientious worker. This is his first attempt at Terrill athletics, and if it is any indication of his future record he will be one of our best athletes. JAMES STROUP Left Field Jim probably came through with more stuff than any other scrub. He is primarily a catcher and will probably hold down that position next year. He plays the same earnest game in the field as he does while catching. In the field he is very dependable, but his greatest worth lies in his ability to hit. He got a late start, but at the end was hitting with the best of the team. 41 , V, , rg Y Qfwfgi 3345 xeaify V gfwa ,. f , 1 gr f ffm 2,4 Rial.. "1?4f,"' za: AQ. fZpff.,,+:fA'f'Q , M' ' "ff,WwAm,,f11f . ws f wie. X sa .fa ..".. sf.: 1, .h S -39 any fix eq. zssgi Ns"-fig' if 14'-. i 1 111 51 fglzjil 3 0 .fwl V' Cy 4 '61 ! ' ft iff 1 , .fifa W ' ,fig it .. , 1' yr, ,Af , ,, We ew-it ,. f 4 5 ' A . 55" W't Q - -1 , 4 7 jeux af.: as , ' " .' 7 l ac 5 ' , A Q.. PEW . 'it mx 1 J ,. " 4 an 4 M. , . ,fi gy fn s Aff, , Qi Q 'Eng '1, 95 f 4 .,, I , 2 fi 'iw Jaw 1 Y Wi- 'QW - . ' 1 St X 'Q A M -Y 'Pl . . 1 1 7, t v ' . ' 1 We ii. , L,,. , 6 fe? Qu f ' .Sex J 9 X 4 I ,, 4 , E if ef Z 'Q X4 st, -N. ,. . r " f. - ' 359 SID KYLE First Base Sid was the George Sisler of the lo- cal nine. His greatest asset was his reach, which enabled him to convert into outs what would have otherwise been errors. A typical picture of Sid is to see him stretched out full length on the ground meeting a ball. His sec- ond year has been a commendable one. CLAY SEARCY Second Base Searcy is the man who covered the territory around the keystone cushion. When he first came to Terrill he said he could play baseball, but no one be- lieved him. As the season progressed, however, Searcy showed that he could do things, for he could hit like a demon and handle himself with ease in the field. BLAKE TOUCHSTONE fCaptainl Catcher As Blake was one of the three letter men back, he was the logical man for the captaincy. In every game he was ever encouraging the team to put forth greater effort. From his position as catcher he could more easily see the mistakes of the different men, and so be an aid in rectifying them. He was an excellent catcher and a good hitter. 31 :zvffeifftbti 5, ' 2.141 arg. lg "pgs .-A -' mardi Qi? 3' Q wa? ., j g , u W ' if 57 folk A232 f 4?f4'?Vxg5j . U , , .. 2f..f.i'IsGQ' J, ,N Q M42 .ma .V f wt Jffdiyf-it W, ,f ffm, 2' .V -my a L Q" J 'X 1 1,11 92 . r ffm V gf Z v 5:74 7 ft W 'fffwa Weir? f' ' 0.7 Midi' W" 'ZLL ---e :Jef gi . I , . , - Erik-5.5, 'ss-gmt, - - s ..... 5 , ' - " "' sw X - .. :sage X -vw 'f Qi- -fi si' -si ssy ' , if was ,E ff:Tifs,.f14f.' fx :paris 22, gag:-' 5 K x: . gas .Q-i 'Tie-xg . 'fig-ww-1 .x 52.3 :Ai.1"x, ...,t..:.s ,xg YN if --.- ,W as iss-N .q-.:--.-gQ- 'Q asf :fia -X Ex .:.:5't" ws Figs :ati sO?'r?Xs Ss , iasi- ff? '7'777WM,W fwwwffvw f. Wxgffqfjmw' ZZ W've,.,'z W 7 7' 'Pu 4,52 fr, .2 fy' ,f R53 1 ., .gal A... f,,.. :Wg ,q,y.,:fz2Z1i 727 wiv YWYW 7 fiyf., W!4427?5'ff'Tl'iW'7' gfefxhfgifatfz' f 4 " ".:,Zf' 3 -' 1 af WG fig? bf"uf if ffl w ix H, if ' . f f3iW3wm3-.M , . if, 5 MV- :fv Je 1533512 3" - . We 0... ,ffl f',f'tV'f ia , 43 l ' . x , ,gf ff. W., fflfsylzhvkhf, 1, f"'Wc.? Kwai.:-' mf 0. 0,4-1 iw ' -. ff is '41 j g E112 Eazehall Swann When the season opened Coach Neely had only three letter men to build a team around. Most of his material was very green, but he managed to round out a fair ball club. The weak point of the team was fielding. It seems as if nearly every game was lost on errors. As the errors were made in the infield at critical times, the team won only four out of twelve games. Mr. Neely contributes this disastrous season to the inability of the infield. Terrill opened her season by losing to the City National. The Bankers drove Wright from the mound in the fourth and took a lead Neely's men were not able to overcome. Batteries-Moore and Ezzellg Wright, Knox and Touchstone. By hitting the ball hard, Terrill won the second game of the season from the Postoffice nine. Wright's long home run with two men on bases featured. Knox kept his hits well scattered and held Uncle Sam's boys safe. Terrill won her second consecutive victory from the National Bank of Commerce. Hitting the ball at the right time won this game for Terrill. Wright had the Bankers eating out of his hand and was never in danger. Powell won the first game of the series from Terrill, totaling eight runs to the latter's three. Although Williamson pitched good ball for five innings, he weakened in the sixth and was driven from the mound. Knox, who relieved him, was also hit hard. Stevens hurled a good game and often pulled out of bad holes. Batteries-Terrill, William- son, Knox and Touchstone, Powell, Stevens and Davis. Erratic fielding lost the first game of the three-game series to the S. M. U. uFish." While Whitehead was holding Terrill scoreless, his teammates piled up seven runs and won the game. Knox pitched good ball during the entire game, hut his defense weakened in the fifth and ninth and the '6Fish" piled up seven runs on ten errors. Batteries- S. M. U., Whitehead and Runnelsg Terrill, Knox and Touchstone. Terrill lost the second game to the City National after she had a three-run lead. With Terrill leading 3 to 0, Kyle let three balls fall safe between him and Whorton and allowed the Bankers to score four runs. Knox and Moore both pitched good ball. Whorton obtained two doubles out of three times up. Batteries-City National, Moore and Ezzellg Terrill, Knox and Touchstone. Security National dropped a fast game to Terrill on the Fair Park diamond. After NStud" Wright had held the bank nine scoreless for cz.. 9:1 Q, f "aL f wwfffjfgfs .Cal :iw 271: ,' VZWLW. .14 Z if' 41 'W 5423 "" 1jw'Wiz,, 'ff:fffW M624 yy ? T4 i if Wffalfviq' 1 rw 'f fm? , fzwfeh., , M ... A ..,. -V, if v -2 5 Zi ,Q M., 1, 795.432 wi HW , ff if I 31,1 jafkf 4- . 4 4 , rf 'ff M7 2519414 2-2531 ,, ,, . 77 , ,11Qv2g,J,, ff ffmlffniwfffwf W4 I fx wxi " -,R as A X' wr- 1492.-Qif L--X---'f"Q:'x. --'- "'x X ' --v'-QQ. ..:v- "" ' :xr t. vi,-1 sf .ml .N . Q ,, gs.--W: -w g'1'5"i'-q"1?f sf.--fi '- sta Ss wi- . fe 's 5 fs- s.,....-xg: sagem?-X 'fav px f :- wb' mah. 52 Qs qs- we s ew -Q xi- sex-v :sw s1,sN?XTN!g, .r - X N W -Q w- Rvws: K+ X1 f f.---Aw X 5 E. s-5' - Y .-ssvrxwe X ct .ref Q . x mf sw as uf. f: .sr--v -- .rw S f. sw -. wTS,s-.3f"ix5x.f.X. Q.. wav. :ses Ns, .A xfvxesksx..-5 wx. .MS Q:-is Vx .:TxN.9gXQ'9k-sw "xxx N :fee-5 ,su-.Xa Skkmoi X. -xxx X in, X 5..1w..-xx? -"sw: 5- - -.f 1 -NWS: :sQ.s..x.Ms N'-err H TSW: 5.3.9. is L x. E X Tag .mfg .egg gslwtkfxg-5 fs. 1 we-w .N ...ut--s-:ws-.-sw . as -N --M txf-.-t-N e X Y A NN s A ' ,. wx- N-'BNN 'ww 'X an Ik ,Q N ..x.fN..w-.hes--N ..x...,. .. ss x.. . .x .. vs. x r. esxasw.. ., x t .Sfiwx .X wax X...X..., .. . s 5- 1-xsiaszgq.-ei S2se.z..,... YW f f' L1r5,'f'af4.Q7f Kpffww .. farms, 'ff f .5 M V -nw. ,mf 60674 7' fm ggywfyffff 1112" uf fy wwf: fi Wiz :ff - 5 I I ' A .,?42Zf'4,f4if ' .,.,If,Z 59, fql W, ,,,,,,,. - ,,,, , ,. Wf ,fffj .f y cmfwf, W-.vm f.'-,. . 0 WW, 11. 41 my 1 ,791 MQ. 'A' fel me . 'W W XZ! Mk- ' ...aff Vf,4"'W2h fe- in fwfin- :lf ZW:'Z.f.:,iffffQi Xiv'-ff'f' ,M 143 X ,i V V, , fJ,' f V' 4,f,f ti -ff mmfw. M' 2 +17 'rf f fW 'W7"ff7fIff'Z'5 f-f'4"f'23,.:W ' 2' ' fi 2tQLZ.':::,QZ. ,, six innings he retired in the seventh in favor of Williamson, who let in the only two runs for the bank nine. Hard hitting won for Terrill. Batteries-Security National, Lowe and M. E. Daniels, Terrill, Wright, Williamson and Touchstone. Brilliant pitching and hitting by Morgan won the first game for Southwestern Military School over Terrill. Although Terrill took an early lead when Whorton hit a home run in the first inning, errors by Searcy and Touchstone lost it. With the score tied, Morgan hit a home run with two on, putting the game on ice. Searcy doubled in the ninth, but Terrill failed to score. Batteries-Terrill, Wright and Touchstone, S. M. S., Morgan and Leyhe. After Wright had held the Methodists to one run for six innings, he weakened and four runs were scored before Neely could warm up Knox. Time after time Terrill filled the sacks, but the necessary bin- gle was lacking. Wright hit three doubles and a single out of four trips to the plate. Kyle failed to deliver three times when the cushions were packed. Batteries-Terrill, Wright, Knox and Touchstone. S. M. U., Whitehead and Runnels. Terrill lost the third consecutive game to the City National nine. The game was slow and marred by errors. Knox was wild and the Bankers hit hinl at will. Orr only allowed two hits and received fault- less support. Batteries-Terrill, Knox a11d Touchstone, City National, Orr and Doyle. Terrill lost the second game and the series to Southwestern Mili- tary School on May 10. Errors again lost the game for Terrill. Al- though Terrill outhit S. M. S., she was unable to score. S. M. S. earned only two runs, while Terrill earned all of hers. Morgan hit a ll0lll6 run, with two 011, in the third. Batteries-Terrill, Wright and Touchstone, S. NT. S., Morgan and Leyhe. By hitting Sweeney for thirteen hits, Terrill defeated Dallas U. Knox pitched a wonderful game and only allowed the Catholics three hits. The batting of Ryle featured. His long triple and double brought in four runs. Batteries!-Terrill, Knox and Touchstone, Dallas U., Sweeney and Cummings. Terrill closed her season by dropping the final game and series to Powell. Jackson was too 11111011 for the locals. Wright and Touchstone were both hit hard. Wrightis triple and double featured the contest. The hitting of Irby was also good. Batteries-Terrill, Wright and Touchstone, Powell, Jackson and Sims. 4,:L,.1i,iefW2? Z, ' ' ' f WWW, ,A A 'Agn' if '77:737'iZ4J',f 2'-I .T ,Zfjf 2711 tikwvf 262 1. fi? fm, ,A 'f cf , 5,10 W. za, Y f '.f 9W'47959?7?W4:'-WW f wg? 1 fi-4 Z. 'M f,,WMm 1346 f'!f3W'5J.4-.1 ff' f ff-, 'ze an I fy.. fff ff 1 '23 .-'.,7'f ,f Q ',M4,22'6JT.:2 1 ff f..' 4,e..,"f,f' gf y,m.y,,f Wiz! afjfwifff-M 1 '31w'Z,,wi9 Q7 3 fifgfgpyiq iffi2fM2f'ffa'Qw f W1 , ..,, ft. 1 I -f ts -ff M., H if fi ffl' E 4071 'I ' 2. . M., Vhyvf ff, 44 If 1 f t -- K- Fx -- it N- -fskws. 5. .X X. fs .YXQ N. e M New -sf - ww--s-lsf W .,.. ,, " " ' ' V "rr , -- X is LM.: X V NN misss mm ss . Ns as .saws mx-..xXs-.. ts 1 .ws g, V, 'W Q Y: mfg 24 A, ffyf' 'fwfr mm, I ,,.:,,,g ff' WJ il ' E Lb 5 2' 1 .-'wh '76 ff lfcfifl 5 ' ,- .H f-fcvwf fwyi W2 gfihjykf ' 4,1 f. L. W 4. 1 44. "ni CHEER LEADERS One of the most important factors in the success of any athletic organization in schools is the support given by the student body. It is the task of tl1e cheer leaders to get this support and, although they get very little praise for their work, they can really be said to be the men behind the guns. For some unknown reason Terrill has always had good cheer leaders, and this year was no exception to the rule. BEVERLY NEAL At the beginning of the year when our ballots were cast for the cheer leaders, Sleepy was found to have the most votes. So, whole- heartedly, Sleepy entered upon the task of pumping enthusiasm into the crania of two hundred hard-headed school boys. During football the boys did not need much urging, but when old Father Time rolled round the seasons of basket-ball and baseball interest seemed to sag. It was then that the value of cheer leaders became evident, for before every game Sleepy either held a pep rally or took up a collection for a band, or did both. No one of the students of 1921 will ever forget his 'Tifteen for Terrill, fifteen for the team, fifteen for Neely, fifteen for Vaughan for Wright or Touchstonej, fifteen for Terrill, and that'll be all." PORTER A. BYWATERS Porter was chosen to be Sleepyis assistant, and a more able one could not have been found. Porteris specialty was taking money. If a boy can get money away from Terrillians-which Porter did-he need not have any fear of not being a business success. He proved that his heart was in the right place by being at every game and helping Sleepy to the best of his ability. Many moons will pass before Terrill has two such cheer leaders that co-operate as well as Porter Bywaters and Sleepy Neal. 33, 7727: Mfr- ini ., AJ .wffmff ,iffy I 14 - :J 'K 4,.s.WZ"'f - . .?'ffM 'N ,lf fx Vyazfff ff w! ff , Q7 3 Wal, ,rvl 4 2, 439. .iw .WZ an , + 4 W 1 .cw ' i 'lfhgff' ,ff WZWZQZZZ1 W2 ggwyfyzvzwfu, 6' 'yy ' . f uf ffl." 4 'f of I . fw:"gwg,, 2 - " ew mr' ' 1' ,Iris fm? f . Wag? 4 1 Wy gi r'-950' v , Yf,415,,. ff, V5 ' Q'f'f" - Q av 47 0.6.2 ,W Q X V ., , ww-.,ff.7f-ff' W ' Q fo. f 621 ' l - . yfffs X-Ms Q. .-i2N::3g'::s:ow-r Q:---I"sf:sexX--ststgsiggbfifiirwfi'W'Wit. N::::g': .wg-fzafmez-'Q I , .. ,ax N " S' h. Q .. gym gs-J--vs. ..,-1 gg.,--51. - gsgfssqqzi W-fga,.,5. Q.-554--as N' . A' ' CNE an Q X I. ,, X , I - .. .xg ,MN gf: :isis ,ga X-A Eg . we my 3.-A -.Q ff QQXQ,-Y .ru-tures: -fu: 5 x 1,-Q xg, .-Q: Qagkfgsrqffxx XX, ..: X-Ef9?9vgQxffff'w.s ai.:-ws. -sw-:1sX?X-f X' . QS 59-Q -'btw-X em-s it is 9'-.gaggb-... svrfsw .... A 'vs Ezdrxf' s .. 'N -f?ifs:,-,SX :f.'SiNfXsrQs..3'bN-s.t.N.5SEff N35 N ff-L1ff3N?fBff X . ' .Ns News -N -1 1 -1 xx -.g.j.Mg5fQfQ,N,:.g, C Nr, -3 . as -H W6gf,ag9?f5zfv4W is ng .Z-7,3 Q- ,f af , fliiaf-' ffl! I 7 . fig 0 ,hW4y'Qwy ff? ff f L. 3-f 'lf 1. 4 3 1 swf, 2121 "'f M' ffffdf 'AQ 9,72 42' , aw 91? Cm. MQ? ff?2J5',,- ' ,., we ff n iff? M ' rl . jr VQQZA. 'QZ9 5 421 -gggw 2 W., ,,.'Z'EEXW ' fc, mi? rf: ff ff? ff ' "'. Tiff f 4 1 J" ff' lb 'ff iiwwglle ' 'Z Zfiemarhzi After the grind of the season was over and the gridiron deserted, the heroes of tl1e 1920 eleven were given their first rewards for their good work. Sixteen men were presented with gold sweaters, with a black MT" on each. On the same day the loyal scrubs were honored with gold pills in the shape of a "T," On the 22nd of January both the Varsity and the scrubs and their girls were entertained by the Messrs. Bogarte with a delightful party at the Majestic and after the theater performance a din11er at the Oriental Hotel. At the dinner Homer Stillwell was presented with a gold belt-buckle for his faithful services as truck driver by James P. Thomas in behalf of the team. This was the last meeting of the team of 1920. When the basket-ball season came to a close, Captain Wright gave one of the most elaborate banquets ever given to a Terrill team. The letter men, coaches, Mr. Bogarte and Mr. Terrill were the chosen few that were present. After a ten-course dinner, one course of which had a kick wl1icl1 will never be forgotten, Mr. Terrill made a short talk. Coach Davis, Coach Hull a11d Mr. Bogarte responded to Mr. Terrill. ,I oe Morgan acted as toastmaster. After this Coach Davis honored the team with a banquet at his home. They were served a delicious six-course dinner which everyone enjoyed. After a short talk by Captain Wriglit, Homer Whorton was chosen to pilot the team of 1922. The team then had a 'abullfestf' in which Mr. Hull won. About ten o'clock the team was served more refreshments, after which tl1e ubulln contest was resumed. After lin- gering until 12 p. in. the team departed. But tl1e end was 11ot yet, for eight men were presented with gold basket-balls, bearing their names and position played. These balls stood for letters. The final rewards to athletes of 1921 arc given, when, at Coin- mencement, Mr. Bogarte presents fifteen baseball players with "T's" for their work on the diamond. X , - .t gs, :X ,Q X, ITTWCQ Cx IC. .lfti-wx?-'s-'1wvfx'N'-isis.:-"writ.iflivww i5F"-j.S,,my.xaw Xy X. r. .x X X X rx r N" N. rilbsxz ffEsi1X0-W.-b..ssv2-'f-WaitsNw S .S X.-X QN'-.zS:Xk -1:?EffgY w'i:iTx5s"s -KX-Yi 1-N? ' Q QM Q-55 - . Q sg-'x.'.-.kfszs .g.S,f3t ss gn xx N' .K if f .bmw rx gp , 3Ew3..g 'sg .XX S we x B swag .Q X as-1 5 rsresxjr :,-wx, as Q1 :Q sc get . va,g,..s s--if " ,ya F alfa ' ,Z u . ,Z 2-5 iffffwfm Y ' aa 1' . 12. af- ff 9 , ff? g9wfw'fffff:g-,..,6, ff ng, 1 ,. ff ." ttf 4' Na" AW :WK 'ff' 0,4 fgyfl? fy.e.,:, 121 'fl fy:-, 'X 'vw x mf 'Q :fx .Asi a Ne ll Ain . X ,A 1 C ff Q, 1 3 -, I .1 K g:,,g,is fa!-rfisfv ai' 4- KQI. L A - A 'A1 A l l ' fi li A W 3 f ,WLS E + . 1 ,V jg". X Xjlwv. if ix 1 wif e S T A 1 Www, ,1 . '22 ' N ff: 1fj:,g,:,,f A Vx E, n " xx :Wx ,.,f4!,5 L36 Tir' J, iff, 'Q If W' ww ff X, 1 A? , ,,.... , . Q . Nayw -'-- il ff ga.. M ,R -xc? " -'R Hvaifin VN "NY"'70ff5??f -'T' - f-' Yfgf--w2'S-'Q':2t-NSlaysxw fy i 3 ,' Q. Xsfg, : X :g: Y W x :ffl X 'ZNC 25 X- .x,,'1w.v img-f :iv Q", N age A . vff:::,,g3'fffX 11 Hiemnrg To preserve the memory of those letter men who will never again trot manfully on to a Ter- rill held. EMMETT COOPER ARTHUR C. HUNT EVERETT KNOTT J OE MORGAN CHESTER ,IARRELL JAMES RANDALL STUART P. WRIGHT BLAKE TOUCHSTONE TOM KENNEDY J . W. LINDSLEY JAMES THOMAS , , 5-r",.. 6 M , f img? 1 1, 5? 4 A V 9, , f gajlluv' 41 Leh i 1 NU' i f i fai l Q Ag ,J ' . 2 ' 6' 'I ' 4. 5' 5 115, T.., if 1 Q44 ? Q39 'Q l 1 " Af ,RVE fe ' Z' 3-1 'Q , 4 ja: V ,fd 1- 1' . K. A fr V fb 1, ,Ag K' 11-JO A 1 P11527 "1 2? fn "Gif ff. 1 5 'hf,wwM53,,,Qf f vm :R . ww? S , ,w.YT.-xX,SIx...NKS.X'5N wk ASX 56, N' X Qxxv ,ff Xxffix X N n-ifiikxt x' Vx .. - , -L -5-XXTXX Ii'5S"y5S-4 Q .- ' gr I -9 T z- fl Q' N.. gf- " Q, . N -6 1 X R T L L X . Nm 25, : ,f -Qi'-N V BQQK V .4-""'J Terri!! Days 1 ' ug s' ' .- 'ggxkehkwx 1.514 wk . wX:ss.Ng,ig--V X 'l x 3- f N y4xN'SIx.Xvs,,x35,A 'xygv , , ,gb Q. f J' L - - ' f ., 1 . v .:1ss..n,,.s X - ' , 422 we ff,--1.5 ,iffy I 1.4 jz :QV ' ff if 1. ff' if A ff-il. ' " 4,7 fl in if .fs 'V' Z A E hw ,Y .. . , 1 W: M' ,wi-'!,' V'ee,TZk,,..fw4h n i ,, , , , ?"2f , .ff f fl, 1 ,.,, 2.530 5 A1357-nfs' gif? W f.'7"'-M, , !!j?v?l"?-A-,AF ,, f, X2 'Ml f WV' 2 Q. Q., 'f , 2 -A, ' ,Rr 'ffw MV' 'MAA'-v.-gs -X I xy' ' .fzgi C W-1311. H :nm ff .K fx .3 TV' ,,' Iii i 7 i f ' . . mp ,Q 3 iw. s , ij X Q fi N Rig' i ' wt- . -. u-tif? 5 fx' e all ' V 'QU -" lrit w , ,flxitfw ' A 'v 5' fx! ,. my if I. A ' YA fw ffvfv N 4-1 It 5 Q9 SQ X '- , X c, if if ,S f G? I fi 1" Jil X fi -v 5' X ', ,A 4 -, X, 3 7-' 217' 1 Nfnaf ' 13", V5 P' ' 'Rv 1' PN g? IEP RYAN 4 wg, "Q 'it Q Q M 'n W' ' s -W 2' uv h ,i ' ,A, 1, ' be f, , gvvgl X VM A rx i, K w me ' Q ,I j x as .' 'Ti' 1 'fm' I 9 1 .Lf Z Af!! A245135 1,911 5 1 s IM LQ A In .if f if 1 L1 4 ,, X A ,LU Ji :rx x ' WW A X ry? X,': 4 X 'NA 1 ,Q fl vi F ' l g ' ' my lil 7 X, , ii fe 'i u F- . W I Xe- -, fe 1+ 'fi ,Q we fi, f Us Mg . , 3 . ' w 1 . qt --ri Y, X Us " x 5 Q A. f , v W. J 1 A f v 1 r Q A is Q -gg swift ,U fs 4. . ,W 3 13 Qs M ,B ew-1 . Q, N El ,Vg ,r 'XA 1 , 5 4 . I- fffvv fs U u :A , K ' V xr. ff: U ls 56 K fx H 4 71 Mew ZF ' F -1 fs m A wwf Wffiw qs 'Jem 4 A ,, ,.. , ly, K , Vo - ' Q lf 5 l , J WWF .L fs 'X fl Q VP ' EQ 'Q f 'A N V322 Q f, Q76 I f ,F - lv H, X X Q Qt f + A vi- A 1 . X4 N In fx ,, ,Lf fp 1 1 Ax K V f .Vw I A ,J ,rw gift A 3 u x 'N ,wth ,ff G me Q fi fi a gm X I 4 X' ju :PLN H fx fi fm N with 4 el f f A xx hlaglqfk b Y .Xin ffm , ,A lp In l Q. 'tv if, U' Q s M kr 5582 ty' ff: im A U-3 w . " ' Zldsz in f ,t N 4 M , ff' . . were Q Q We at his fl A fl A v 'N A fm. fy 1 , W, Nw wx WW if N al Z 1 if df v u 2 Zigi- PB X lv f t " -4 Nw A gf Q 4: 9 X 1 IM xxxg 'lx ,4 iw M f' G' V pb G 1 A wg .V ,Q ,R ! A E 'F 'T T - 'S' "HY i i r --- f ' -N 'He is ' . Iii f . n "QQ 7 f Av: K TW? .ni ,,,- x 'W Q '. s - ,,-:s- .V . -, , , . '- A fr -1 1 f 5 QQ 'l Li? '4-.-...'3f5T,- ' ' f S J . e T211- 11" Elie Girlz- nf Ballast The next few pages are lovingly dedicated to those charming girls who, when we had studying to do, came to our rescue and saved us from the terrible fates of those who study. as A '--v A llvzatk-i5r,v ae,-. N 43 Q cr? fl W E 0 W 4 l v + H 4- 4 T P o gcc? Q 9' 'Gil "" , 4,'f"-52 Q afzefffyf f? , ' 47 I-I-V' Wi way? , if ' ff, . f"h fy, ,-ny,"f,ff, 1 ,Qi -JA! ZW' 7 1 fm ' .V my-ffm., my ,fggwfwrxfi-2 'ldwv 4 :lim-52411 fm f 51? 9' A P' nff,,,, .swf 'vi , i..,.l, ,,,,n 4 i.,, ,V if , nf' Vx, 1 vZ??'-Z62'2ZZY9AwJ Zy4fc"'cg:fZQ, , I 'Aff tyfiiriwaiwg 5 ,jg 1 '79 .- ,- ' , . 'M 1' ' . XZ, Evan umvw' "' 1 1 ,ze .31 if ', 4 fn? 1 1 y.',' ' 'I 4 2' " 'W 3 222177 . vw' SQ- N . se'qQsyxwg5--v-gsyexggsm1,wyQ.5, 325 M W? Akxwksiixxxg N Pig? X swim QM :Biggs X fx MN .M Q is K K E Q E gwfwwp is- - a-'-fl Mlfgsf , .. 4 -safe X 1 f' -1:f'jw1Q- f. is , C. ff-if t-srl, ' T A it st is , bias.:-'-fra ,,.... A , .h M.,,X.,,x D W an Qh.,M,.:g Nea., ,swap ..x, ff. .-Tlfda-ii-T322-X'Hi'-gs: -3 1 gt jim- gt ' 5 Eli .XY wg- 5 , 9.52, ,-5. gwxmg x 1 Sify z:EX:5ik.,XL.,tx igsstxiixfx-531112. Sas " " A fd 'N Xxx Nix 'X ' ' X X X P s 5m, X A Q X30 X QX t' X Ni E . X ., Q RX? SEQ Stxf: f . CY' 'TSX xx Q- Ylflgsif QQ, :QQ tg? - V- t- I , All Sentiment Azihe Farewell, but not good-bye, are the words spoken by the Terrill Seniors who are leaving their fair ones to go to college next year. We have spent many happy hours with you and many sad dollars on you, but we are not the sadder, but the wiser for it. You have treated us right, most of you. Thereis Frances, and Hammer, and Staten, and Virginia, when she wasn't on Powell's side-line, and Scotti, and Philp, and Margaret, and Marg:-u'et's dog, Angel, and Adelia, and Gretchen, and Mary Edna, who stood beside Terrill on the gridiron and almost screamed their lungs out. But we almost forgot Peggy. She was a hearty supporter of the old school at all the dances. Speaking of terpsichore, it is rumored Hockaday shoved her Senior dance date ahead because it happened at first to fall on the night of Terrillis commencement. But this is not all of the story. You see, the girls needed boys at their dance. But they didnit need us at a girls' stag l1ay-ride. So on commencement night all Hoekaday let Terrill go to the winds and went out on a grand picnic. Of course we don't care, but it does seem that they would have wanted to see us pull down the shecpskins. Right here, however, special mention goes to Staten, Blanky, and a few others who let the hay go and stood by their old pals. Nevertheless, it is the boys' place to take the hard luck. So here goes: Even if you don't give a whoop about us, we like you just the same. g 5 .S,gv.. a9 552- 0 1 B U F 0 , " Sayid 0 4 0 ,." 1 2 'V f . 1 321 "KIM 64 I wiiiidzzffaf gf, .W'11.f,,f,..,f.t ,,z43fWgWn" .. gf Q1 rw.- ,, 1: 512977 6 ' 4,5645 9:5 1 W mx ,. ,,,,,,, . y W iw P5 'fl',?M3 J wa.. if ift 1 141114 A v 2 ff 4-.i 'i MKG 2 4' 4'-few ff ? W .M ,. .H .V 1 X 'fnwfl ' . 4 f ' ,Ma If a.2af2-Wf. nf -H.,,fff -V I f fw-img. "iz :fig Lg wg XC H? ,K N, , ..., ,, ..... . X -T1-1 X 5 ' - ' ' V. ' . . 1 Q.. If " , FV. 'vw arxwe-twmws--www fs-'Q2w'f'QYNXV'1 'it if f ' , v ,, f , ff Q '- -M - a x x-A .Q ,..:-.sX- .-s -x -of .gwwf -we gk Qfx X Q .SNS fx? tk SSN Q X3 wg X ,.X'v'g,f rkmxxg NPN XXX :wx XAAXXQX E. sssfflggr -a-' .K f abs, X 4 . x --b--' -.Q .X :wk - . :rw-N PM QR - 3 X " ' " 1,33 "Xf3ff?i,.-Y ss 3 as 9:-'pkg X' a- its-.:..'eg-Q., Xsif-s-ff.-x.-r swix sSFf0N'- Ns? 'Ss -- ff' N ' . a n ,f-4.4, :N I , gk, g h... . . 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' , ft 5 WM "' EV , .. 1 fe KM 5' .. ll, 1 2 l 6 My .2 "635fm+w7" f :MZ W? f I ' f Q. w ew is J' M71 .Yew M7a7?11-,214 WW fmififfliil b 'fi , .A ff 1 . 21' 1 M2 QV'-tg I, lfffiif' yn. M: ff- 'Q .fl yu vw-fm Q. f ya '6CZ'Zf77iWMW' f ez! nam-,hi fV,,A y M ff , 1 iffy. U we if 2: fllkf 'f 'f fy 1:4 Um Sranh al Sheet Printed by and for the jerkers of the Terrill School Vol. mm JULY 4 NO. XXX IT'S FAIR AND WARMER Sleepy Neal and Scotti are still enwrapped in their sweet romance. Sleepy comes to school every morn- ing and drags some other affected one aside and pours out his woeful tale about l1ow many new rivals he has. He mentions likewise that if he ever sees that boy who skipped the Biltmore without paying his check-well, he is going to tell him to take off his derby and his silk gloves and prepare for battle. . 0i- NARROWLY HE ESCAPED Don Webb and Lee MacDonald are the manful roughnecks. They made a tour to Don's home town, where they say that the jelly beans just wouldnit let ,em alone. Don says they went to a good foot-push- er, with plenty of good music and keen dames, but the jelly beans were so thick that they had to re- cruit a couple of ball players and an ex-motor cop for aid, but had to give up in disgust. They came hack for reinforcements and are go- ing back and make a decent town out of Mineral Wells. Lee said that as one of the incidentals of the trip he liked to have married one of the dames, but finally escaped her clutches. , 0v-.4 Impromultigating your estoric agitations or atticulating your su- perficial cinamontalities, amicable, phisioliphical or psychological ob- servations, beware of platitudinous ponterasity. ...T011 Notwithstanding the fact that the corporosity of the dominecker was not segatiating in perfect harmony, we undertake to explain to you that the manufacture of home brew is still prevalent, and we ask that you do not indulge in any sanclimon- ious prevarications. SACRED NAME OF A NAME Do you think Arnold is Rigleyg that Billy would Peckg that Sleepy would Neale if Archie was a Bean, and that John would be Peavey if Stud were Wright? If Tub was a Knott, would George be Light? If Ernest were a Tunnel, would Tubby be Underwood? Do you think if Morgan were a Wolfe Buddy would Hunt him? If Leslie were a Waggoner., would he Lind K. G. a dime? If Cheesy was a Barron, would Dick Lett Jack Hull him? If John were Brown, would that make Homer Still-well? If Edwin makes Bier, could Homer make Lard? If Ellis was a House, would Bus- ler Stone it? ..l0--...- Now step right up to the next lent, gentlemen, and see little Eve. The day has not been complete un- til you see her. Now, gentlemen, she came from the Phigee Islands, packed in soup and oyster shells. She eats, she sleeps just as anyone, her hair is stiff as a horse's tail. She walks a barbed wire fence bare- footed, carrying a wildcat under each arm and looks for rattlesnakes to jump on. She does not creep as a reptile, gentlemen, but she has the body of a human, face of a hippopotamus and the brains of a giraffe. The only one, I say, gentle- men, that has been captured since the days of old Socrates. Step right up now and buy your tickets while they are hott, admission is only 35 cents today. I am sure you will be pleased, and I assure you that it is the only performance on the grounds that you can't afford to miss. Be not afraid to take the la- dies in, for if there was anything on the inside that should not be seen l would be in looking at it myself. 3 W2?,,j,fw,.. 74 1 V gn, f,f0f.2 ?'1w',Vf'3!f 'ef .afwzwf w W: 23.3211 me ,WW 'f I 'fff fzyf ,- .Qfffi 7 Z7t.,4fjffWffjw1g 2 W My ' in iz f 44 1 ff fo'-v. ,: ' ip, Q ,2- 2 2 H2-:Hia ' W 1 Aff. V W7 AM icfffa' fzf. 1 ' 4222 Wig 1Am.W,.M,,,fAMf f f ,fn ' . 2 Q 'L ' efz7'1! 'E 25? W ,fam 'af M Wzm,.icafZ7ffZm W7 if 1 Q41 ffbyifwii 4. A ny., 0 , QWW M2 ff7'??'f"52 .W gm ,ffnf -.Rza-f 'sy ' f-diff. A ss E .wilt-' tx' -N 'NSN F ew N1 :,'.t--MXN .Q . .cz ..., - -T ---- --., J f NN,. r- -,ss - . mg, evgsg. f:ffN1fs -'J' ,- ,.-:-1 -----x N - ..- -b-fs, - ,, ,gps-, - .,s+.-- ,s s, ,. -,w : My -s- .--l sm..-fgu'-gr: . 1' ' .,-sc'--M 'w 'Wi' .4 . if ,ai-, ffm -s ,sXi:PEfG2:f, if-ss'-T 1q., ,s-QQ' .sg 'Pxtsv ,,.,.s vmif'.Y,s, -'Eg-Ck sys.,-x P: syii .Higgs-'-',.,.,,1 ii LQ,j',.' X, , fl .sw A tx -:ss f- . -sksx. sw:-f-xx ws .,..,,s.s X, ..-2 s MN :sf s A xx X L fm , 1.1-1.1 se ws A ,AW -as-sm.M.s f, - ... .s N XX X N X . xx. , x . .. A YR X , ,Q . .. .- .- .Q .fsNXNX+-,,ss. X . .y- - N .s ..,., . t-A. -, x'X,'3sXx XXQ X ks-w xy . ,N.. 1.- . -.: - vegas- 5- -xx, MNA N as Q. Q.- .X fxew-Qizsfk .Q-., vows ssresewif AN , Xsatrsf' 15.-22.1. xx 5 " . .le s xx ' . 'ive-N .f urs-N vm' -"WiiE5E,i3sSs', 'X 0 V, 55:25 --L ,SNL , , X Q this t..s,,s,,, ,x .N ,..,,. .tswas -.4 ,e,.. V7 'ff W z2,Z:f'f4ZW'tff ' f -2' .wi ff 'ft Mfg' 241 'fa y'f,zW',,2fW4 ,enpy-f-14 EZ My 'FRC' ,fvbff bf ' 31" '77 ,I Wefff-'sf 5. '. tg . , 4 H-.,.ff9:tHyW - g MM! ff' .. .Wy 1 wg' figs' ,f M 'f' 1 1?fffQWfMf?'Z' 'iw wif Ji.. Zffhw, ' if ' ww' .iye . ,,, , ,, we , .:ff,f4,fzk 12 ., ' . tl, , 7 f. . 1 . .Amina .f aff 17 ,fQ..3q r1"C'fiw' 'wr if i,q45,qa.g.g,4gfi5 fl ,-4 . Q! f , f ,W f f . M . 1 vu VXWAOWQ' as waxy NM! jf My ,Wfyj 1' 7" . 174 fy , ,J ff 4' ' f illiliii a'wzg:wiL,gf f' ,W,, ,.,,, , , mf! 54 if-Q 164722 vf. V743 1? Q? "Jw 'J . We .sift 1 PASSITURI GRAVIORA, or 'GPASS THE GRAVY TUREENM Did you ever know a certain pret- ty girl that Orval used to call his lady love? One who used to ride in a Hudson and was seen quite frequently at Terrill dances? Well, nlisten, my children, and you shall hear." Sheis married, and it wasn't to Orval either, but that ainit but half of it. Did you ever know a little girl named Boots, who moved to San Antonio? She made a visit back to Dallas and every day Orval and Boots could be seen in 0rval's Franklin in front of the Praetorian sipping a malted milk or some- thing. She returned to San Antonio, and the next thing we heard she was married, and it wasn't to Orval. either. But never mind, Orval, ev- ery dog has his day. .MOM AIN'T IT SALUBRIOUSA To hear Mr. Bogarte read your name out as exempt and you get to stand up and walk out and see some of your friends looking up jeal- ously at you? When you get to walk down the aisle when everybody is clapping and get one of those big gold sweat- ers witll a MT? on it and when you turn around to walk back you canit keep from smilin' and blushini? To know that today is Thursday and you made 70 in prose and don't have to stay in for Pater? To see an announcement on the bulletin saying that on account of some holiday there will be no school tomorrow? To wake up Saturday morning when you have been making school regularly every Saturday and just lie there in bed and think that you don't have to go to school? When the bell rings the eighth period on Friday afternoon and you got a date with nthe only one" that night? When you have finished your declamation and get to walk back to your seat, knowing the dern thing is over with? When Mr. Farrar tells you you made 70 on your physics exam and it was your last chance to pass? When Mr. Crowe tells you there will be no theme for next Monday? When the last cheer for Terrill has been given Commencement night? S0 IT HAPPENED T is for ten Seniors, mighty and fineg Porter fell in love., and now there are nine. H is for handsome '4Mike,,' who didn't care what he ate. The undertaker got him, and now there are eight. IL is Everett, who lll0llgllI D. P. was heaveng Mrs. D. found out and now there are seven. fD is for Dub, in a mighty bad fixg Stepped in front of a street car, and now there are six.! F is for Fred, who was supposed to arrive, But got lost in his Ford, and now there are five. R is for Randall, who thought study a boreg The faculty had a meeting, and now there are four. E is for Estep, who went out on a spree, But Satchel saw him, and now there are three. A is for Arthur, he went out for to woog She said, "Go and ask father,', and now there are two. K is for Kinsolving, father's bright son, Who went to work in a powder plant, and now there is one. S is for Stuart, who forgot how to rung A Hbabv explosion got him, and now there is none. M..0--1.. LUCKILY RESCUED Les Waggoner seemed to have a hard time for a while and pretty nearly lost his appetite, but finally succeeded in making a stand out in Highland Park. Mr. Phelps said he certainly was glad, because when Leslie went to write his prose on the board he would calmly put up another zero and start writing Bebe Davis. But now Mr. Phelps says that Leslie is improving every day and that on Mondays is the best translator in class and reads like Virgil himself. K N-W4..,f ' ..: X4 5.1 xi ,sg 2 at 5791 , ,v?x2f4M:ffMJ af' rj'7:" Ghrwzyfwffi .,,,, ,, ,,,. fr V-' f-z. ,gf .fam N: 'ff-wfif' 5 'W f f' 1 ' . - if ' f fff,f, f4f1'.uf,ef'1 . 1 W' f"?' Yr .M V, drink: V1 1 ,yi ' HQQW 5. "fe-'ZWCZ ' 2'Wf'f ' V 6712? if 1 V: ' ff' "ta -' 5 ffl ie- Y Z X7 . .,., yjywfa ,A Qaiffgfifiog I 74 AZN Z . A ' sf'ff'f f is 5, ui ' 'f af' H949 my .. ' Eff' zizffqwi 555 2 f zyzb, if 7 Wi Sw ' l 1 ,sf Inf fE1TVi'WN"'f,ETS,Wiwliiisiiiimii WN 2 ff17AfWt'f".SFfx'fi'Y'f"fSff'f,:Xi5i?X2ff95iW3T? ',s .sxcc Tgggjs X.. x ,mggyfg so ggwz. . xg X . ' -. sisr I ----. Q :wx'.iss2f1zS:i:,5Xt-sf-flew,fsY:..'fsf-N, -,--- gras- i ,zxlf-fg,' :. New x.g, X 'NET V2:..N.-.sw X.-' g. ss'-,vw ftf fx --"-- S .seg -,-' .c ..,. 1 6 Qfiygf' ,I Z 'Vf:'55!7' aff -4 ,601-,f ma ,s ,ww f H msgzf 7 ",'1M4'3,lLV:f, W W! 'f ff, 'C '40 , wtf" , wx . ?i"fi,,, '-W f f ,., f., , I f-f' , "' W ff ' iv?:Qf23:' , i W .., Kai? .Z gym., 0 , WM -0 ,,f its wf' gi Iiffvf .sg z niwwfzfgw .17". My a,,1'4,f,dfg'4 4:0 x,, ' ' -,fc ,W J, 31- I w . 1917 f ,gf WQ,f,,.n f .-Q ff W w T404 ff ,,'1-lqzy , Wgwzg ,fy fy ff W f 4 238.44 FW 2 X10 ,E 11 -f 141 W M 412 WELL, look wh0's HERE! HOWDY, Steve, ole KID. Seems like OLD times to have me RAVIN' to you AGAIN. But LISTEN. YOU know and I KNOW you KNOW that THIS JUNK IS AWFUL easy to WRITE, AND it donit take THE genius OF Shakespeare or MILTON TO do it. YOU tell these kids WHAT keep SAYING WHAT a wonderful and TALENTED guy I AM TO BE able to write THIS stuff that I ainit a PARTICULARLY GREAT man, and it don't REQUIRE no special GENIUS to do this- ONLY a mean line, A HAPPY disposition, AND plenty of PAPER. STEPHEN, me lad, now THAT I am an OLD and EXPERIENCED patriarch AND a shining alumnus, I WANT to tell you SOMETHING funny. The other DAY I was sitting in class LISTENING to some dull PROF. tthey ain't teachers no motel LECTURE about some bloke THAT lived a coupla THOUSAND years AGO, and not havin' had NO SLEEP to speak of FOR three days, I SORTA closed my eyes and DOZED OFF. AND an angel came UP TO me and said, '6Come, GIVE me your hand AND I will show YOU the TERRILL SCHOOL TEN years from now. pa GLADLY I followed her. I SAW a group of BEAUTIFUL buildings OUT on the GREENVILLE Pike. TWO were dormitories CAPABLE of housing and FEEDING 100 boys, WITH a washstand IN EACH room AND plenty of bath-tubs. I THEN went into the RECITATION building. I SAW a large assembly HALL, with seats for EVERY boy without A BALCONY. I SAW a locker room, WITH lockers BIG enough for a coat and hat. I SAW rooms with PLENTY of seats and ERASERS. I SAW a study-hall, FULL of boys, WITHOUT a TEACHER in charge, and QUIET as a graveyard. I SAW an HONOR system which WORKED perfectly. I SAW a detention hall! EMPTY! AND a "Dm list with no G4D7S.,7 I SAW a class of MR. PHELPS, in which EVEN "Buddy', HUNT was PREPARED, and one of MR. CROWE'S in WHICH there WAS not a SINGLE ARGUMENT, AND Mr. Turneris Sixth FORM Math. class IN which NOBODY. including "TUBE KNOTT AND Emmett Cooper, FLUNKED. I SAW a chapel at WHICH Mr. BOGARTE didn,t forget ANYTHING, and Mr. Brewster GOT the undivided ATTENTION of EVERY boy. I WAS then led into another WONDERFUL and ROOMY BRICK huilding. w, .'7'l" yi ,D V201 -Wfa! Ml I Avia, zfwmgvj, za? f at .213 aff? L W, 7:25 , jmfg, fg 'r 'f, in ' 'WC '. wff1'ff1v":f-- -4243? if dv II. , ,,,., ,,,,,,, vwafwfmf ai Zim! MQW, 32 4 1111" -af Q 5 ifi I W QVM 7? I -27112357 -ff gy ww' ,4 f, ff,,'1 ' vi? ,If 1,1 Qffcg-51514 1-M45 lv,.,Z45-My ,Mg 51241 W ,Aff-4 Z, ff ',v Q. .,.T:'.'175W4-fd iffy' fmwff "J . 5iW,:g3C'rx W"fZ.'Xf?E1i5iif3, "TN -ewriafswxwNw--is-w Busy We 4 tg ggi.-:f -X , 'ttf-,txsp s-As. 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A t L I '::Z., 1' ff? pc my ' ,QQ ww v, f ya., fygx. 49:1-V Z' zziffjiiif Kfjfigyfiff 35,56-..,.,,4M. 1 I f-.f IT WAS the gym. I SAW an immense BASKET-BALL court, WITH high RAFTERS AND seats for everyone. I SAW a large LOCKER room IN WHICH there was no NEED for locks on THE lockers. I SAW a glistening SWIMMING POOL. I WENT further. I SAW an IMMENSE football FIELD, WITH a perfect CINDER track AROUND it AND with a large GRANDSTAND. ON it the Black and GOLD team had WON for the FOURTH time the Southwestern IIREI' and High School CONFERENCE. AND I saw more than THIS. I SAW a group of BOYS who NEVER warted their TEACHERS, NEVER went to a DANCE, NEVER came to school LATE, never failed TO prepare all THEIR lessons! I SAW Mr. Davis with PLENTY of long, GLOSSY black HAIR on his head, AND I saw an editor of THE TERRILLIAN with A SMILE on his FACE. ALL his SENIOR pictures TAKEN and PRACTICALLY all his COPY in and DUMMY almost COMPLETED. HE HAD a staff who were JUST dying to do some WORK, AND every write-up WOULD come in PROMPTLY on the DAY he CALLED FOR IT!!! - X ? 'il I SIGHED wearily. "THIS is too much," I SAID to the angelg 'stake ME BACK? 'EI CANNOT," she QUOTH. "YOU are in HEAVEN!" .i,0,iA THE DECLAMATION OF DECLAMATIONS Darkness had closed upon the ocean-I mean, darkness had closed upon the land. The approach to the Abbey, through gloomy monas- tic remains, prepared the mind for the fact that hor-ri-bul enough- four score and seven years ago they said it was possible to civilize Al'- rica! WHY? Because my ancestors pitched tea into Boston harbor NO. For if I were an American as I am an Englishman I would give up all for my country while the black horse and his rider went up. and up, and up the clilf. That good old man went to his death while Voltaire and Rousseau sang: "Ez fer me shen-tel-men, give me libertee, for Brutus is an honorable manf, Meanwhile Napoleon sat in his tent. He took four pins and set them, bent, in four chairs, and went back to thinking of his moth- ers-inslaw. Soon Maud Muller came in. She sat down wearily, for she had been making hay while the sun shone. She uttered a shriek of ter- ror. The village blacksmith came in hurriedly. He clinched with her. The muscles on his brawny arms stood out like rubber bands. She wept noiselessly for that great, good man - Benjamin Franklin 4 was dead. The funeral will be held at any time which suits you. Come early and bring plenty of coal oil and kindling. 'a ..,.0,l- Mr. Crowe, explaining meaning of adherence and coherence. Mr. Crow: A'Do you take physics, Porter?,, Porter: 'LYes, Mr. Crowg I am a physicianf' 10..-- Mr. Sanders: "What happens when a man thinks seriously of marriage? Jack Hull: "He remains singlef, as gf 4.424 2 'fb ' ffff ' W ZW ?" fm' wwf ffl Wig 'Q . 15212 2:11152 " WW f,'4f', 0, .' .W 1 -ww., , W 1 'if I fist ff Vfyff' if f,'f7'f' 'AJ . ..,,, W, W..-, f 5 wzgfv, , fa M5742 Z4 File. ' we AJ f' V, ff fy ff! we La 'ef gif 2 L hifi? f4,,.,M..,,,,Am Vw WH ., ice . 1' 1 11,7 1.77, gl. Q 435. W., ,,, V. .. .,.,. ,fy V- 46 ' ,'...flZ"1 'wig I I' 'i' a'3.?,f:14 Q ,wwf W' efff'zf:1fe' it Q wafer! f, ffl W .f W :yay my fn yy' A fm Cm Iwi, fl .W Zigje' ,f iff X AA.: ,, A ffffffm 211 rf ,tfuf ?Z7"T?4fd7,'Zf4fI'-J' .ff ff' ' .fa,1,yg,,, f f,M9p.g'zvz bww +0.44 Q H 1,5 y ,, ., X. f A, A ., ffm 4,,f.,.f,, .1 1 WW QQ S f rss ax Ska XWQNN Xxxe .ga 'Q . wixiii w at eff 5 . K gg M tm. ,Q xg .Qf.,si, as assi? M w. ww- :.f X-FQNN - -- ..s N.. x sw 1.-K:..X-wa-X..-sQ:N::, Wk 5- S f XXX N. -w as NM- X :f w, -ev.-4.-S WAX-f Y N. -.Na .. .ss f. -5 .- X ss:-ai: sm...-ts .5 ,N E- S 'ss 2' Q ff mas-'wr .isis mess- .R .K . 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Mike Thomas had a date one Sunday afternoon with Miss Hulda Mae Cherry. It has been rumored that he intends to take first honors from Fred Tosch. Q? ? 'PJ Did you ever see Sleepy Neal when he did not have to drive his mother? We haven't. E1 Gene Guthrie says he is a wild man. If you donit believe it, ask Sleepy. EJ Did you ever see Sleepy when he hadn't dropped a skillet in his gas tank or pulled a monkey-wrench out of his carburetor? E We will guarantee that Miss Trice is thc most popular woman teacher in the Terrill School. IE El Wllere is Mrs. Hull? We want to hear that Twelfth Street rag. El We will now have a debate between Lawrence Gahagan and Ches- ter ,larrell on the price of shoes. E1 E1 We suv fest that Mr. Crowe be resented with two rett ink on- rwh P P Y P S dolas. E1 If you want to increase your knowledge about the latest fiction, see Count Warriner. As an orator Wilbur Higginbotham is a good mechanic. EI Query: If ,lerrell Bennett goes to State, will he make the Phvi Breta Kapper? E Can you imagine Buddy Hunt not to have a date with Frances Staten? Emmett Cooper came to school on time one day this year. Buddy Hunt reading Virgil: Wllhree times I strove to cast my arms about her neck, and-that's as far as I got, Mr. Phelps." Mr. Phelps: 'gWell, Buddy, I think that was quite far enough." FEI 1 97 Dick Lett sez: '6Use F eischman's east. It raises the don h. Y g si IE .47 .V W ff., ., 4 i,7f.,,,,. , ., wx -"L-W ff 5 f 41,1 If 903 'gl' -"fa-21,5 , .nj7,..:1f A Q72 ,f A KW! my v Mfvfg A , 3 V m,,vpiy,fn , ,,, ,. , Mylzifv , 4 A W- 7. 4 X ffl". if f,,f. ,4 win 1: f .v ' 277 AMWJ' '72 4 gf' I ,' DIN N, 'fox ' f F' -, ,7"fv ,R ev Win 25,9 , f,f,y4 i f ffvw i . 1 Ml. , f ' x ,riff f .:' ' jj! 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Gahagan says he has invented a machine for cou11ti11g the mole- cules of a gas. Can you remember when Dick Rector didn't owe something? Did you know that John Knox has still three teeth left in his mouth and one in his pocket? We guess that Lawrence Marcus gets the sandpaper bath towels whe11 it comes to being best man at weddings. Did you ever hear that Mike is a bull shooter? E1 Arnold Rigley said that her mother took offense and gave him the gate. IE Fawncy Billy Peck and Red Cooper as running mates. Charlie Millis seems to be somewhat of a motorcycle demon. IE My! My! Sanders Stroud failed to answer a question in chemistry one day. Dick Lett seems to be the original profiteer. He and Les Wznggoller have made as much money as Germany owes to the world. ,-Q'-.L,JfgWg,. ue.: we wg A -f ...eff ' .i.,3y7Z2y2f air- . . 1- yr A494 2 I2 1, YW-1 aff .A Af 624 3 Wefff? , Mff'L'2W'm Q MAJ '44 W4 451 L' Wfff 74 Whffifgf . '0.'ff,x,,h.j427 fd? Mfjff.. WWIWZ If-V 2" na. 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Xxk QS:-A -'X-.YN-5 7 N.-wfwr SSRN xii.. his-Q25 .. X. ---- . ,,. .ss K, .... . . . , s Ska... ...fs tx MW4LC2f"fZJ"1'5f.Q ,f-zu nf JE! 'V 1 Z.. ZW4 Q ' 2 ,wt BEHOLD THE INSIDE FACTS When Mr. Bogarte announced that all Fifth and Sixth Formers would have to give declamations there was some howl around school .W 7 . and finally the student body and the declamations committee came 1',"",' 577 il: zaeea ,W ,,,, . W 742574, ny? ff, 430,51 ,fy ., ..,. ,W ,, yzfwfg .m..,f..1,,:,-sf . lfffmt 4 Qwj f,g..3j.,f Yr ,f4.t,Wf,.,.s: ' ! . V Vsfwwff ' . 3 Qoffffgl . 64'J"fiZ'Z'f'-5 Yggmfymw -.4 mmf' as .. fa4e?wLe.! ,' if-.:'. .,.. Q25 f ' , ' M2 ,-.'ZE?::5W'M ?o4,,,na,j1ar' -.fs ,fm at Zifl afyf.f,mf'ffr7i A . - U. me 4. ffff' fl" WW eaaw 4 . .wi . l.. z, ml .. X , ff . 44 ,f ww gimtfwm- if il WGA! ff? to arbitration. It was decided that the committee as well as the stu- dents would give declamations. This was to be an unusual event and a date had to be set. June 19 was agreed upon. Mr. Phelps agreed to give that great speech written by Eugene V. Debs, entitled Pardon Me: The boy stood on the burning deck, His feet were white as snow. Twinkle, twinkle, little star:, Remember the Alamo. Mr. Matheney had some difficulty in choosing his speech, but decided on the following: Let's all go to the movies and look under the seats for gum. The very sticky speech written by Mr. Wrigley: Take me back to Barcelona, 'Neath the skies of old Brazil, Where the morning glories glory And the caterpillars pill. You are the cornbeef in my cab- bage, You are the pork in my beans, You are the apple of mine eye, And the money in my jeans. Mr. Farrar was the last upon the program, and he rendered the un- usually good speech written by a famous street car conductor and en- titled Carmen: There was a pretty miss, So dainty and demure. She lived down by the race track And all the horsemen knew her. .L.01- ARTHUR C. HUNT, A. B., Ph. D., M. D., LL. D., and EVERETT KNOTT, A. B., B. S., B. A., Ph. D. Inc. Special Instructions Given in Theme Writing. By Appointment. Classes Every Wednesday Night 5003 Live Oak Street. See us and you will be able to make exemption in Mr. Crowe's English class. Phones-Auto. X 4120, Bell H. 8436 THERE'S A REASON 1. Always be late to school. This disturbs the monotony of the day and gives you a feeling of importonce when you walk into study hall and everyone looks at you. 2. Always be late to classes. Because this takes time away from your lessons. It is also detri- mental to your health to hurry up and down stairs and there is a pos- sibility of your tripping on the steps, falling on your head and ren- dering it useless for further use. 3. Always argue with your teach- er and wart them constantly. That's what they are here for and, besides, you want to impress upon them that you know more than they do. 4. Never report to Room A. You can always find something else to do, and it helps you to carry out Article 3. 5. Always throw chalk and waste paper upon the floor. Harmon and Fritz have nothing much to do and we want to keep them busy. The teacher in charge of the room will always take time from the lesson to tell you how careless you are, and this is so in- teresting. 6. Never pass an exam. It helps to keep the teachers busy and we have nothing else to do but go to school the rest of our lives. 7. Always carry away all athletic clothing and other articles that be- long to the school. It shows you have an eye for business and shows Mr. Bogarte you have an interest in the school. 8. Always cuss the Annual. It needs it, the editors expect it, and it would be a pity to disappoint them. Besides, you would not want to break a school tradition. .Anol- DEGREES AWARDED Degrees from the School of Fine Hearts have been conferred upon the following: Everett Knott-D. D., M. E. T., F. B., H. H. Blake Touchstone-C. B., B. D. Porter Bywaters-R. McD., M. B. Stud WrightAM. M. Mart Winn Reeves-L. F. James ThomasfM. M. F. Orval Slater-R. H. Arthur Hunt-F. aaaa aeee 3 . afafma uf f v dfwsa MGA ' .l-.1 , "JET .. Q aeee 5?f5l,4ZZ7ZfZ' ,.,, , . ez. 'f jxsxfgaffggzlffzz ,imc W,-. .gag A ..'ffff.f,.. , , we WWW gg 1 Mlfareht 1t'.ff f f A if awww 56' Wyffvl fi 7 h.vkffLc,,Z1mf'l7f 1' Z'7..tzQ-ffgjvfwt 7.-'4,f':':11f7 My ,,,.,,, 1 ttf WH L K sy,-.,,,.5,.,iR sf.-ss .5 Eiwkfviksiwfw "'tts ' 1 " ' N s X fs - g t ...,, -xx-- X -. -. Q, , -N mx.. ,s , .. .. , ..,, . .. ., .,.. . . , ,, . ,. .. , X -- 1,g...xX3 ..f,Ns. ,Xs-my . .XgSi,s...s,M, , wi XX QE Q.-Xsfs, gxgfuwxgigsqssg.-,R , xg mess w st.. . Q .-.o.yw.,.Q,x..A-s -.s.N,.e. +V -...Qs wmsxx-six-. z wmxy 1. . 9 .Q . -f-New - swf.. ,ws tsswwfvms s A 5R,s1,1:, MSN- X'-ska, wx ,s seg. z....x:H e - sw Ngfxoxw. X-NifX..w Ser- mi was + A 'seg ---sTSsXf1sX.iXrs.vw-ss 1.8 ms: -. -SMX -s .--.S.A5sPMs.' WXPmmXs -.5-S-XXSN-we--.xy.:fs wrt E- ' Q5 WN Q 'Fat NA Ks 3. :Wwe :aff -:' .-zfkli ' -N-Nik 'NSSQQ 3 if an rev-xx. AMX.xaxss-vmsxfwv. -X. Q. .... s.,'.ss3X:.g:sN, .Y iw.. N sw., me A mQs..,s,,. smog, X K-f.Ns5W gg3,N,.xe:s ,,.S,,,+Wg,N.. " :sg vga wg-gs - -ssftseg 5 . :ze--e+es54QxrfmNs.':xN 9 swiss- ., xi Q f .rx ,X V X, . ,.,,.,,,., .,. ,. A , W., . .ii ff cf? 511' ' 54292 04..f..f,ff,.,,...f 'ff ' iifvhmif ,:4. Le ...M fa' f U ffyh 3. WZVZQZIW gf -, f i M 'F wif.. 4-,,. f . 226 ' 'iw W' . if .. . , -+ r ig 2 iw w . W. -...J f re 1' yyfgwf, f VX' if 5' f , an "L 5, 57247 ' fq ...egg , , 9.7 - ' ga - fl W "P+, 'J gf giggle., ' . ff W ? 5 VW 7694 EM: , if if I aff K W1 gym--,jj 2,3 V74 awjggzakf' ,g 2922.2 ef 4 'tw-f,11..'iw A FOOTBALL PLAYER'S AFTERNOON fSfene Cl-3:15 p. m. Coming out o rant oor. b Gene: 'LAII right: hurry up, oys.' f Crlowez fl can't. Have to say in or ater.' Gene: 5'There will be a car here to bring you out: all right, git Hugh. You ain't funny." Scene II-Entering the gym. Bill: "Got a match?" Cooper: "Yes, I got one: cigar- ette, too. You want it?" Bill: "Naw, light that stove." Buddy: "Some O X X stole my socks. Cooper, ygmu got 'em?" W Cooper: "X oo - X O Youire a prevaricatorf' fSocks are found in Cooper's locker.J Dub: "If you have lost anything, look in Cooper's lockerf, Gene: MI-Iurry, boys: let's get away from here. You can tie your shoes on the truck." Mad rush for the truck and fight for seats. Scene Ill-Trip to field. Passing a good-looking girl. R. Tosch: "Hello, honeyf' Knott: "Where have you been all my life, Asaphidity?" Lewis: "Oh, you pretty thingli' Cooper: 6'She looks just like a girl who lives in Lancasterf' Truck passes Hockaday. Chorus: "Rah! Rah! Toot ta toot! We're the boys of the insti- tute! We don't smoke and we donit chew, and we donit go with boys who dof' Scene IV-At the field. Gene: "Around the field four times, boys. Hunt, Knott, Crowe and Cooper take the lead." Joy stops and the work begins. Pause. Scene V-5:45 P. M. Another wild rush for Rabbifs car and the truck. Scene VI-Scramble at water fountain, then to the gym. Mike: 'iGoing to take a bath, Cooper?" Cooper: "Naw, I ainit got time." Corn and Webb: 6'Let's throw him under the shower, boys: he hasn't had a bath in three weeksf' 6:30 P. M.-Cooper finally de- cides to take a bath and the boys wend wistfully homeward. HASKEL COOPER and EMMETT COOPER Accomplices in Crime Best of References Known in Rogueis Gallery as Cooper Brothers The Most Wonderful Picture on Exhibition KENNEDY SMITH AT THE PUMP Exhibited by Senor Peck I Will Teach You to Grow a White Mustache. See Me. ELMO WATKINS Alias ELMO THE MIGHTY Learn to Hook Theme Tablets JIM FOY Buy Your Jazz-Bow Ties From Us PETE ARDREY 81 BILLY PECK I Am the Best Teacher of Spanish in the World. Let Me Teach You SENOR MOLINA LOST-One cute, dainty little girl. Please return. SLEEPY NEAL LETT 8K WAGGONER Original Profiteers Open 8:30 Till 9 Fourth and Fifth Periods P. S.-If hungry during school hours, see us personally. WILLIAM PECK Dealer in Perfumes, Hair Tonic, Massage Cream, Ties, Collars, Shirts, Shoes and Patent Leather Pumps MCDONALD SI WEBB "Poultry', LOUIS JOHNSTON Bootlegging and Letter-Carrying a Specialty ED NEWBURY Look at M e! I will show you how to make your paper a failure for the school, but I admit I am a darn good editor. are rc 1 . 'fvfff 9M i5,,6y: Wifi 'I 5654.96 eff A .Nw 41 5 V.: , ,Q fZ,'3vm12fZA' W W . 3 , W' 442 ni? 1 'H ' 'MJ .K . Q 21. Qifi, 41 z. figfy, Zi' W if Z57:'QL,?fl25ei fl' V Kg'-ff' :iQjf 5, 24434 'Z , ff zivw ffjfff ft 4 fw?m'a ,. ,W if LM ,..,?f'fj. M6412 , f fri? ' Lfdwmfizlif. was 'WN 'X 'S X X X 5 msg - sf . -,..x.-.igwk uppers. --" e . ., 'M . : . if ---- -f -f-, s 'YYFLI' - X r sg'gs,,t-Q Yup: so-vw .s sax-Q si- jfs--fi: iitfggg, s--gs-.-1. .1 Q- R- ,ji . fs 'Q ga. 'gy ,- .-, Q55 55, st' t -fines ggsxss-'pax , Nsssgir ,zpftcgr :isps-Q X. -1,95-sfssfl -53 LQSXXQ sssgmk We ,.- xs sg:-fs t --,ss4,Qss2s?'Qs-.xfss me 1 swiss Ssskmzfszliisis N- .rkss.c.,.,ts.w.ax4Natb!it'J-is Y "W" , ,,, ., 'M Q ff 2 ci- f -if M 'ff rfwfz- " iff If 1 avg P. My sf- . mf' 51 4,.y4JfQ f ,,,f1lg:4Z-ah 75. gtiwft, . ft, f A, wyv Q4y42fQ5Z?35? my . ' " WVMEJZ . 1 ' v-Wifi? MA l sr . . .I . M., .Wt ffgiymwfwfnyff -A 4y-uf-1:1 A ,...., 1,1 vfs WWW f- Q . y, A ,mi 'wi' mf 'X :wt W,,f,1A ,, 1- 1 :af af '. Z I" 171' I. Affifiifff. ,1- - ' xl .4,,,,,,,,,W 451,15 .gym 1 7 4- J ' A4445 rf 1-12 .2 , 1, 19. 2 li. ZTCZQQJ! , ,1 'ft 1, '1 1 f-7WQh1.21W: NAME IT AND TAKE IT, or THE LAST ADVENTURE OF .IIM THE CYP 'Twas midnight and the moon had long since hidden herself be- hind dark clouds. "A better night could not be found for my pur- posef' thought Jim the Cyp. He reached under the wash-basin and pulled forth his six guns and crow- bar and stepped out of his door into the darkness. He made his way out of the alley in which his house was located, and sauntered on his way toward the blacksmith shop. He circled the little building and, looking around, pulled his col- lar up around his ears and buttoned his coat tightly. It took but one blow of his crowbar to break the lock on the door. After hastily en- tering he cleaned his feet of the mud which he had encountered in the alley. He thought it would be a shame to dirty unnecessarily the recently polished floor and, besides, it would offer a clue to the blood- hound detectives. He looked around the shop and found nothing to his liking, and so he made his way to- ward the door. But, wait! What was this in the corner? Silently oozing toward his new-found quarry, he placed his hands upon it. 'Twas frogis hair, three bales of it. Plac- ing them upon his back. he quick- ly made his exit. He stopped at the railroad track to look at his watch. L'Three o,clock, three more hours before daylight.,', spazed .Iim, as he whispered under his breath. "I might as well make a night of it. He paused and deliberated. Three bales of frog's hair! True, it was a small fortune, but 'twas not enough to satisfy the craving of such a thug as ,Iim the Cyp. mAh! I have it! The barber shop!" 'Twas Saturday night and the safe would be filled with the cahs of a heady dayis business. He quickly shouldered his loot and proceeded stealthily down the street. He stopped in front of the barber shop and, swiftly unlocking the door with his pass-key, he en- tered. Tis the best job of my life," thunk Jim, as he tampered with the combination and opened the door of the safe. .Iim sprang hack in amazement. Three million dollars in nickels and dimes glittered with- ev as e in his reach, but he must hurryg there was time to be lost. He has- tily put the three million dollars in his vest pocket, leaving numerous bonds, thinking that they would be hard to get rid of. He had made the haul of his life and he was satis- fied. He proceeded homewardly, placed his loot under the mattress. undressed and went to bed and never lived happily ever after. ifyil CRAVEYARD IDOLS Here lies the bones of Silas Mc- Coy: He started smoking when only a boy. Look upon the stone of Ike Mc- Crawg His life was cut short by a blow to the jaw. Here lies the body of Archie Van Banng He belonged to the royalty and was undoubtedly a serious man. He had lost his false teeth and his mouth was caved in, But his life was cut short by a roll- ing pin. Here is buried the body of .lack Drinkallg He started a habit of drinking wood alcohol. Here lies the body of ,Iohnston Coardg Wlien last seen alive he was driv- ing a Ford. ilk., PROMINENT STUDENTS IN 1935, THEIR POSITIONS, ETC. Corn MorganAPastor of the uLit- tle Church Around the Cornerf, Dub Lindsley-Mayor of Dallas. Emmett Cooper-Student in Terrill School. Mike ThomasfDistrict ,Iudge fg'Centlemen of the jury,'J. Lee Mat-Donald--Oil magnate. Blake Touchstone-Proprietor of Biltmore Cafe. Buddy Hunt-Prominent clubman. Don Webb-Matinee idol. Stud Wright-Spanish professor in Terrill School. Ed Newberry-Reporter, Dallas Dispatch. Lee Slaughter-I'resident Sixth Form. 1 at 1 V 1- 'GZ-ff, if-7 '71 3 gvyffpfi 77 1111 1!f4f,41'wf. A ' 'f . ff!! MQ, - M6014 1,94 X7 M 1 Y Q. 7 ' H. ffm 1214 M asq My fra 4 Hifi 1Z,vh.1xM1'Ahg Wwff"'f'w .41 gg . 'Z::s.2gj:.,32 ,21'1ZfJ'v72c Zf"f'sfZ?I ,:.f2.11'7e2 . , M1 My Q 4jifZ6yw5W1 ,,,-1 1, 1f1,:f,1.A ,J M.f.:,Q1f. .1 1-1,-M: at ' ,yn W .yfggf 1'.,5ff:W55fQQ"f4? Z' 'f:.f-V, I 'f N2 ws arf aff-2 rail' W I NP' NN I Q 'B "x sXigsxNasxis Q is-sais if , . ,Q-,-Qs t .-5 3, -fwfr-wfff. , .. , 1 of... My.. 5 X. ss,-As.-5---twig - .. ., ' fs' 3 Y W. if, - .1 5-1 h it. W. .M , 'i rg' X' x, A ' TD. :g p .n :Q .- a. . 'J -.,-5"-5EtQ'faf,!.s?l, '! .sf 'I' gxgi - . ff" ti' . -- sf, . f , , fi 'W f 134155 f ' iz .- 5- I f ' N ' 529329 ff., ff,-,J i .M 2' M. L. , V if Q.. ,B M1454 as fi f., 4 Wggnwif f' 2:1 WW aff f my cg.--.fag 3 W 's?'Yi'NNY0Xffi?'w-- .err .: 'Wie 'W 'Wit ,N'ii'X'ibSe' SV! if-'i"Y 2 5f'f'5.9 X3 'E-9 v.YXQ.f5Xk1-fegff rss X . RQXU,-g.' :s-mx. Ev- Wg: bw-sss, --cfs-:...xv - .Q-W :rs ass- s s.g,..+-Q--ggs ---, sc, ,sw .. -so.. 'SN nf-fir' N-,.axf5N.'-VNS 'St -' YXFV Ivfxiiitki' -,FN sf1v3T:"ts P -is-wsx - s.g.N.xf.w-N Saws 'f-. N.: of. 1 THUS IT CAME T0 PASS In the third year of our Lord Bogarte, Crowe, the disciple of English, became the head priest of English in the land of Terrill. And the customs of this land were as a maze to the new priest, and he understood them notg but he bore with those that were apart from his own duties. Yet if any concerned his teaching, these he tore down and broke up, consign- ing them to oblivion everlasting, and set up new ones in their places. Most of all, he seized upon his Seniors and he marshaled and turned them into the paths once trod by the youths of Chicago. 'gDo ye this and do ye thatf' he cried to them. "Learn ye the names of the great writers of old, their works and times. Study diligently the writings of Shakespeare, proph- et of prophets, and those of the prophet Milton, his successor. Like- wise, forget not Burke, he who spoke for your fathers in Parlia- ment, and remember Macaulay, writer of histories. Learn from these, and write much yourselves, and with unity, coherence, and em- phasis. I will take, mark and grade your writings, and return them to ye. Then do ye correct them, and always give them back to mef' Thus it was done by his Seniors. And ever his Seniors have been good in college English and have got good grades for themselves. And those lesser ones, the Juniors, the Sophomores and the Freshmen, followed their elders as best they could. But the next year Crowe, priest of English, turned to them, and the lot of the Seniors was theirs. So the will of Crowe was done. Then he cried out against the system of grading in the land of Terrill. He spoke unto Bogarte, his master, saying, "Verily, this system is not goodf, Then his Lord answered him, "Find a better." And Crowe proposed a system. But this system went not into force, and there was the space of two years, after which Bogarte and Crowe, his priest of English, estab- lished the system in this course. And now, at length, this is now the system of all grading at Terrill, but with this difference: Tests come once a month, and before each va- cation. And it had come to pass that the will of the head priest of English was done in yet another matter. For this priest was firm in his belief in the value of certain studies, even debating and declamation. And he declared this value unto the men of Terrill, who listened to tl1e words of him, and agreed, but moved not, and neither did they act upon the words of their priest. For their minds were slothful, and their bodies were active in the play of football. And therefore Crowe went to Bo- garte, even up to the face of the Most High, and said: "O Lord, wilt thou not lay thy word upon the men of Terrill, that they may bene- fit from certain new studies, even debating and declamation?,' And our Lord Bogarte was of the same mind as Crowe, his priest, but he would not command that the new studies be taken up. But in the fifth year of our Lord, when he had laid upon the men of Terrill an im- proved form of Crowe's manner of grading, he found that he was saved much time thereby. Using this time, he conceived and worked out a plan whereby he might introduce declamation into the land of Ter- rill. He summoned unto himself Phelps, l1is high priest, known to the men of Terrill as "Fathcr." And to the council of these came Farrar, the priest of science, then came Matheney, the new priest of history, and Sanders, called nliare- foot,', newly of the priestly house- hold of Crowe, and Crowe himself, the head priest of English. These counseled together, and they set aside Phelps, Sanders, Farrar and Matheney to hold sway over dec- lamations. And Bogarte, the Lord of the men of Terrill, spake unto them assembled, and gave unto them this his word: '4Each Senior and each Junior shall declaim thrice a year in the chapel of the Terrill School." At this time Crowe had set up, by his priestly influence, a club for debate, and the name of this cluh was nThe Terrillian Clubf, And therefrom the Delta Beta had sprung, fostered by those of the House. And these clubs flourished, and debates were held in them, training the men of Terrill. Y ln this wise was done the will of Crowe, head priest of English. at fi" .-1:9-.Magi 'A f 4. . :JH-'Tiff I ., , ,ima ' . ffllff- 'f WW-M . if if D ga 7 , .5 i' "' z. f'f.? aff 1 si 'F A. f 224 2- f', 2- 2 1?-,iffy gmt? vii -" . i t - N1 5' ' ' I: . ge l .11 - - vw , W . - W., , gffa a fa f ' t 0 ' , -. ,M Zf ye-.,j' af f 1 4, V .1 A J 'giflfffz 527 -"e W :'11fr'7,v-,g ,, -s...f1:' 'fm H 2 F "NS New--g':rgtg L., -.-Q , , -ww.-a, .,..,, ..,:5f5,.,, X, L X-3 ,.., 355, .Y gxgxg XX3 'SM vt Q NM,-2 - N t .fggiiggxgkm is 5es':..X.gQ1, ggjrigf X ,N fmuqt. ,,:: . Tfivfff C,k,x 101 1 77112711 K, JJ Q IEC M7 1 Lx .- -V , Y ul' 3- L 7 Q'nKf" - --:aff -. -aw '- rs N -'f'1'x:.- My ffm" "" - 1:1 ""' . -f1ff'.iif. 'NW -Q 'wr' f- , .,. 11. --1 :mx---fi-"::m ws ww "'k' T W' q - 'if ,Z wg., .ff, ZZ? 2 We fffizfm if , . ' -"'3M,f,.,f'-We ,fn H ,, " "b,.,5f2'w,'f2 42 Results nf rms T!-Innnrxeh 4 lerimn ,HZQWYX ff M-VZM' 9621 it , f-tg qyfgwfiz M1 VNV, -'-', 1. il " fu: ', M, QM: Q1 4 -L,-1 : , .,' lm? - I .gMv.,.M ' is '71 1 'Q' 2' fl ,,-1 7? ,, 2 , 9 'nf'- ff . E519 Nu Y- . div H! fQVf' fQ!' ' If you have any kick, rmnfflnber tllat this is your majority Vote, 0 stu- dents of the Terrill School. And Mr. Bogurte declares your votes are right, if meant seriously ! Most Popular-.l. W. Limlsley. Most Versatile-Carrard. Most CapablekGarrard. Most Aggressive--Peck. Most Serious-Latham. Best Athlete-S. Wrigllt. Most Ignorants-Gahagan. Most Parasitic-E. Cooper. Most Conceited-B. Touchstone. Most Effeminate-Mavlure. f , fm. .2 fvf WWLOW' -f 2, 1 -' M , 'pn wwf! J i f ,ff Most Cheerful--McDonald. Most Bowlegged-Webb. " 1' . ,- , f Mowst Pollte s Marcus. Most Knock-kneed-Jfunnell. . . ' . gpg QE' 7,1 'wg "' Most Matter-of-Fact--'Newbury. Loudest Mouthed-Martln. ,, ,sn , Most Independent-Barron. Grouchiest-Barron. Q- . 1 . . ZZJVJ ff' ?' , I I - ' Q Most Sllzcerevwebb. BIZHESI Baby-Samuels. , " '- . . . f, .1 1-wifi! l Most Bewlllskcred-Webb. Blggest Ltar-Campbell. Most Energetic-Stroud. Btgzgcst Joker-Warrln er. . Most Stubborn-Barron. Biggest I1ullerMTl1omas. 1,494.5 Most Afralrl of Girls-Llmlsley. Worst 1V,00CllfWllllill'llS. Wltttcst-Pet-k. BLQHCSZ Sleeper-B. Neal. M, S . . . , . f 'fhy fgag ' Best Nalur0dfLmdsley. Biggest Later-Martin. PU' ' ' 3':7f2?.f Best LHdl9S, Man-Hunt. Biggest Wart-Stone. ' V, - f 2 1 . f ' ffyaiffif? , Best Dressed-Yarborougll. Best fHe 1 hmksj-Newbury. f ' Best Student-Garrard. Most Selfish-Von Rosenburg. f Zi. 1 t f f -, Pg f '.pif4wz 'M 2 f . z'm:yf?M..T,z ta 5,-4 2 ffimfiffl ' -' um! 11 A ' , m y , .. E' 'I ,..---nc. gjgfzfyfpqyff 7 lf? 'YUQZ ..., ya. ggi v l x cf, F ,iq f 1 , 345' ,. . 2 '53 Z 5 1 JL , -.. 1 . ft f 1 W 6 1 :D 'Lf 3 4 . I I gli - I . i u r - "uf , 3 'V V. A . , , f' ' i2,..m M if .,Z',CwWZz!ff L-5'14f,W.,'? 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'Q 0 5 ,J x 'Q , X l' 1 wg 1 ' V 1 '- ilflgiil 5 Q AXIQWQX f if! 3 x , , NV x N ' 'Q 'NY x ' f x xs Hwy K C ' f R f ri Q ' ' Nqckrly v.' I ,... L' Y , . O 5' , 'NA " ' OF' ! A M g Ex W, X ,ht 2W'7:', - - Wfffw W ' --. 4. .wbywfffjf , ,N Za? W Pak.. rv --www XN-X?-.Xxx ,xr ossw- ,X - N-xxi.:jQw1-'WfXw':,.- :OH ix -- :-:x,x.yNwgS E-Q. N Ev, el-Q . K. wxi'NfIQX-: Q QANR .-.Swxxx NX -- Am .N-.wx 1 www 'S 'X X: ww-H xx x-.abxsv X-Xxx iw .MN -5 Q: XX Qxwykq . :CSYXY-Xzgwtsxxyww. gxvm- X MM -X xx 'Qt X NXNXXQN 1 Mir xxxohs X 5 : 5" 'vis 'INN :fic-Q" SX x:vi-- 5 Nr' .IJ NPN S' . NAS-x TA - ...L - '- sa. e as mass 2 wig -s 1. fi.-was ms- '--i!MSXs:fr".f wif: 5,-firw... boy-.ff 'WC . W Ox FX vi xkwkxfs Ss X X XX X Q X X xx 5 Xxv X QXXSWXX X XXX X RN X X bf Ns N XQ' X W X ,X Xxx XXX: XWXXQQS X, Xxxc Xxx X x xx ., ., . it , ,,.. , 0 .,..,x.. Xxv,..L . ... .,...x .,.-,.k,,.,...: as f... P- -sm we-was Q3 XS? .s 'Qs if - ,ff ywx.. fs .- X: sf- awe- .kgs Sfsi -.iss Mew-sxf.-ss. g-sq fxsfv- - cl,-.f,cv..s-v Q1 .2 it .w-Q sf-3,-ssswsw ,sg-sgfssss gg, r' -isgq1'f.s'.-swf-XQY 5 H N Qty. . " T ,.',QxgY,..k,f isgbi. QV- SSG?-Nag. ss is .S-1gX5...ssys,--ssl fixg-S X: txsxxukxlg :at . X NX .. . XXX I . o.'.XX.v..M . .X.XQx.,.t... . .......X ss. .as t. M ss.. 'N XX x N X . . xxtc.-.. sw. X wqsws -KX -Toss.- ms.-. -. -. X- . ..s-sous. .-xnxx. we--...t-N. ..:::.sf -. pst. f ' Ms-.. X r-S: ' s- sh 1.59m ff .. . - -we .' V - -ss N I L .QQN-..f'.f QL 'wg Y.-Q .gpg N Q A i 'Sim' Is-C LL me .ms t.L.......,...,asss- LL 1 haake ifiternallg To those wl1o have generously helped to put out this yearbook. Thanks to Tom Scott for pictures, to Stroud, Young, H. B. Sanders, Thompson, Gahagan, Newbury, Jarrell, Guthrie, Marcus, P. Bywaters, K. Smith, Womack, Marshall, Kennedy, Hull, Morgan, Tunnell, Kramer and Temple for assistance with write-ups. We are greatly obligated to The News for cuts, and to Miss Jones for drawings, and to Elisabeth Finley for pictures. Lastly, we wish to thank all those unknowns whose ideas we have borrowed and whose work we have used in the publication of the 1921 volume of THE TERRILLIAN. MEDAL Scholarship ........, History ,,,,..,,. English .............. Mathematics ..,.......,, DONOR M. H. Thomas...... H. D. Lindsley .,,,., ..... R. A. Ferris...... J. D. Day .,.,......... Modern Languages ........ R. M. Ralston ....... Science ,.,,,,..,.,,..............,.. A. V. Lane .......... Lifort ,,,,..,.,,...................... Terrill School ...... Best School Citizen ....... W. H. Atwell ..,,,. Latin .......,.,....................... R. H. Stewart ,.... L. School Scholarship... Terrill School...... - 5 First Orator s ................. . C. R. Scruggs .,... Second Orator's ........,..,.. Terrill School ...... First Debater's ...... ...... Linz Bros ...... ...,.. Second Debateris ,...,,.,,.. Terrill School ...... Head of the House ....,.,.. Tcrrill School .......,.... Literary fNew Medal! Terrill School News.. RECEIVER, 1920 Kenneth Hackler Kenneth Hackler Kenneth Hackler Kenneth Hackler Tom Carrard James Kinsolving Sherman Chambers John Mac Brooks Tom Carrard Fred Schoellkopf ..... RECEIVER, 1921 Tom Carrard Lawrence Gahagan Tom Carrard Robert Weichsel Maurice Purnell James Kinsolving Sanders Stroud J. W. Lindsley James Young Walton Head Thomas Won1a1'k Lucian Touchstone Edward Newbury Thomas Wolnack Chester Jarrell Tom Carrard f wf an my 'Off iw. 'V aww M, ,f ,.f, , A ,Q ,121 'Zjcf Q2 .12 .gig .,., f if WK VW 4472 , 231522 ." D1 Wmly i f 151. '12 f 2252 ,. 7.13 ?",,pgf? 2333425 5, ,tn 2-, Ls ,,,Q'.f .ff 2 fZ7?n2ZZf7"' L f ,. f , A ,, ff. was W 22122 , 1 I.-,T 'g M s ,4-Y. .,-. f f. Z .27Z:::,E7.,gf32 f.gfyw-awww-1 22 ' ,pt nh ff. :L fi efgjffwff-Sw wi ..-,amz 'fn'--1.-:fam M41 fgxxf Wm fur' ' .WCW Q . Q an :fd fy -. .mee-"'.,:.f 'V E7 TT ' 9 I, Z Nvfgfgn J cf. ' , , A QE 3-93 2' tiff? , ,I gg ' E .,,4- ate yjffifif ll :lie sis! . 152- FLW " if Wt? ' ' f ,www 'f V f .ff-ffm ffzxfxf ' .2 ." ,f ' VW X ...X New .... ,. sg.. . '-- gs, 1 ,fra Y ,:?.,,,,,Y. .I -F was ...N ..... ...t if H59 ' . ,U .1 N Ax Sm, 4. ,WERKKMZQ ,S,x.TXN,.,..E .,XQT'W.xX,. ,A hw ' 'Q .. - N Fi' ' ' - . '. 43' ' a5N"f? if i i"gQ,,,"fi?-- is oxtexiasi -ffssvlw imfys ig QQLEX-W' 'ss Y sf Mixes? Bw - s ss s . at .. A. . was '73 - . is .s:PE..+.f-so s-.4:.-Sox-is S so sf. we fs Suez?-was-sf: 2.19-ifk.bfs.'Nf'y'N w ow Jae.. -V it Nw- Q M5 ..... I -fir Xkkk' M .... - -"1:svX-:qs-"NN M '1f--:"f1"ffs"wiv QNX---1 "Tlx -ww: w,..:1'5 -wwf-r. .N-ss svn. :M uw --s - . , E - X X M so Nw ,-A wa-RW lk-xv. ., as .-N-is-ss. Q ss- A1 -X 1 X ws--:'fX2 -Nlwsmsggv-.ts 'FH-kt Riva: ff sw 1 -GW ? 1 :rw s sf"--xv' ..1: Q N55 Abi gt 3 - kiwi-Q--Xgfb NN Show our advertisers that We appreci- W. waxpxy .. r. M W WW. N, X x . N :fs-Ks X it yt-to gp, Q - .X--Xfgsbss 2 ,im x -www-M -MX -cgxawwz :fi-so N xt. Now for the Best Part of this Annual HE possibilities of this book lie in the following pages. ate their help. at .,..r... I ffl:-H. ,X,,.l. t -,:.i N .i..i , ,... 5 i A L p:,tl,.., s Nssisw Q .X :Nxsi . :X -,S-gpg .i,,-was ,N T so -Q 2- Q, gx-six Q st sw 5 :sm sw- --E XX .QRS lx..-,s as-km. Nm -3-as is-Wits .- -r 4 Qs-f --3-so -X:-S X5 s xt, . X md Kb tx-, QN X , X - Q- xk f qs5Qv.s1,.e r tm, .fs ww- X is: sskx..,X R X X . , xxx XMNXXMX .Nas , Xlsvw i tt xx . any so Q. - Q Rx -X1-:M-T W.. Avg, rw is is-Q is X il " sw fa xxxsxats -s-YN'-ogftxc -X m ,as .f-3-f,:'xl-gf, Nrxpmx-Q :Qs 1 -Q st naw ss- -,Q - Q--Q. .- "S1??JF5'vY55I5S? FISHB RN'S "Wi3ii5EE?NG 225333 Dyeing and Dr Cleaning Plant souigirvilgli HISTORY FiS1lb7ll'lI,S was estab- lished about eight years ago, and is owned exclus- ively by Dallas people. Since its beginning it has enjoyed a steady increase in volume of business, amounting to an average of 25W yearly. The con- sequence is that today it doing one-third more bus- iness than any other plant occupation in Southwest. A recommenda- the art of its of similar the entire convincing tion as to work and the character of its service. DEPARTMENTS Fis'lzbm'1z's is divided in- to distinct departments, with a highly paid scale expert in charge of each. Every type of machinery necessary to give efficien- cy is provided. Ample floor space, coupled with our provisions for the comfort of our employes- especially the women- permits of every depart- ment moving with ease and dispatch, and accounts for the maintenance of the high type of specialization peculiar to Fishburn's standard. S E R V I C E I'w'iSllbZL7'll,S service in- vites any kind of garment that can be successfully dry-cleaned, dyed or press- ed. Such garments will be delivered to any part of the city by one of our fleet of ten service cars. Or the Parcel Post car- ries our service to any point in the United States, and particularly Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ar- kansas, Arizona and New Mexico. Once in our house the garment is given a thorough inspection, then routed through the depart- ments necessary to give it the most satisfactory fin- ish possible to science and experience. Fishburn's Dyeing and Dr -Cleaning C0 fThe House Tlmt's Won Its Reputationj 3206 3208 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas Telephone Haskel 2101 JSP' 'g . ,1 ' .P E! '1 ,":q?w- xflgllggp laik V vi,-.Z ,,3,'?.ifC3,,g111't-' I .. X 'r+f f 4w,, r .A'-", . Ah. '+t3,7 .. ' .,9':f?'f4 ' f ' 5 ,??'f:Qi 73 ' 'ff' 1 5.5 ?"Egi 'gif 5 Q- a M .AV ' -rltid ?-I Kahn as ' . JYVL-'Q'-'Sf ' 5 W " Bk 'ff QVEVQQZ' 1 t " . , gfjw '-'lil' if " -ff ' it xg. , - Terrzll School Q V f 1' .5 jE.:gn'w-5.3. 4 ,e r of QS W- fa. rf 1 - N. Y , 4X H. ,Lf Headquarters Ht - ' " May ! IJ. use r wrfwfee-f , ' - ' 'H '-'. 5 'ZW ll Ji"'W'fnJV3'V'z3' 7 'wg 5' , N 7 A ' qf:lZ,Qff."',Ll ,V ,uf , : x - 9-... ' W H1 J a " ug 7. tg 3:, '3fff4f rf, 5, t 14,75 J 2 ,X A7623 : Q",1,-aft 4.5, , " 1-wf'f,','l 'Xi ,I 4 X--Qf L y ,v' I ,, ,Nik gl .. .2 ' rf H ,,'. -'pg-5jfw 'I f. 2 The Home Of 'LU' , K'E"Vf:? 3' I '-'1V5'.a 09 Q Qg??,3, N, gpg Hart, Schaffner 89' Marx ' - ' -z ia 5 t "'f-F ,. RIM - X 11, ,:?51 'N, if H aag Soctety Brand 'R ay ' -- ,- fy '1-' wm a Fashion Park . Aft ! 'F' 'fl A, 341 Rig U T73 - be , and other Standard Makes ' ' a ' .vw 'UQ 'rift-1 "fr WV . . Wagga. v' Ulf" This bag .store has been "Terrell Headquar- A 2135! ' za Lfiigtwt ters" for many years because we know if 'QQQQIZ ,Lf what "Young Chaps" like best. 12's .. ,,A,-L.. L5 x . y Young Men 's Clothes- STYLED THE WAY THAT YOUNG MEN LIKE THEM Dreyfuss 81 Son "At the Cewtefr of Dallas' Act1'1fz't1'es!' E desire to express our appreciation of your Val- ued Co-operation which has as- sisted us in our success during the closing term of Terrill ..... .. ---We sincerely hope that the future Will give you its full measure of prosperity. 57-2-fc LQ QD J! I Qu The Home of Hart Schaffner Ei Marx Clothes l2V'l2I9 MAIN ST Friends Draw Closer thru having-H Browne 83 Browne Photographs of Distinction :mnIunmmnmnnmulumInImmnmmmunnnumnunmnnunmu1numInmulmuunununnnnmnInmnmuanmnmmnlnmnu STUDIO de LUXE 12185 ELM STREET PENING Summer of 1921 our new Studio Beautiful-- aboitt fzafhfach eayt Qfoitr prererzt foccztiofi. To occupy two entire floors at Elm and Exchange Place and be larger than any two Dallas studios combined. Made pos- sible by the rapid growth of our business. Larger than any stzzcfzb thzk ride 0f New York City ICSTABLISHED 1890 PENNIMAN cpm. CQMPANY B e r n i e e Anthraeite Genuine lVleAlester THE PENNIMAN COAL COMPANY is a permanently established busi ness oigaiiizatioii. Our orders are carefully and promptly filled. Our po lite and accommoclatiiig' drivers use motorized delivery equipment Our tel epliones are answererl courteously. VVe keep accurate records of all orcler and information tlieref'r0m is always available. Many regular customer use our HIGH GRAIDIC COAL year after year. YVE DO NOT SUBSTI- TUTIG. Haskel 2121 Y 1213 Haskel 2121 S S Blair 8z Hughes Co. Private Teaching Whglegale G1'0Ce1'S During Summer ol' 1921 HOUSES: Wm. G. Phelps Dallas, Wichita Falls, Quauah, Amar- 11933 Victor Street. U. 285i illo, Memphis, Bowie, Altus, Okla., Mc-Kinney. 5 The Star Ca h Store Co. 47 Stores in Dallas We have made a scientific merchandising enterprise from the commonplace grocery business. Through the Channels of Food Distribution we have been able to save our patrons hundreds of thousands of dollars during the last few years. The service of properly assembling foods for a city is no mean one, and we have made a signal success at this work. Because We Merit the Leadership ll We Are Leaders in Our Line C. E. We operate forty-seven clean, bright, attractive sanitary gro- cery stores. We sell the best groceries and fresh meats that the world's markets affords. We have the most competent and courteous sales force that can be secured. Every one of our men is educated in this work. We own and operate our own Bakery Shop, Coffee Roasting Plant, Candy Factory, Peanut Butter Factory and Wholesale Grocery Department. When you think of High-Class Grocers, think of us. The Star Cash Stores Co. i HUNT GEORGE. L. SCHMUCKER Seeing is believing -and when we tell you that our line of young men's wear is second to none in Dallas, it's up to you to see. We want your patronage and know we can please you- just give us the chance, that's all. Ask mother or dad or big sister-they know us. f'Slzoppe'ng Center" S575 E550 EE? Vacation Kodaks 'ullullllllmllllllIIllImlIlllllllllllllllllllulu llllllllnlllllnllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll KODAK PICTURES FINISHED Everything you Need You Are Welcome. E. G. Marlow Co. Succeeding C. Weichsel Co. 1611 Main St. A policy in the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company provides for maximum protection at very low cost. Rosenbaum Bros. GENERAL AGENTS LINZ BIIILDIDIG Tarver-Steele 8: Co. COTTON Dallas, Texas IullIIllIluInlIlllIulIIIllIInIIllIInIllllIllIIllIIllmlInlullIunnlullIInIIlllmnlllllllllnllln The cAlester Fuel Company A DALLAS, TEXAS GENUINE MCALESTER The Highest Grade Domestic Bituminous l Coalproducedin , the United States I BERN ICE ANTHRACITE The Purest Anthracite Coal produced in the United States l HE type for this issue of The Ter- -' rillian was set in the up-to-date Trade Plant of the IUIBall Linotyping Co. J. A. BALL, Mgr. 209 Lane Street Bell Pnone X-2061 Patronize Our Advertisers The Rainbow Pharmacy y Paul T. Kirk, Prop. DRUGS, SUNDRIES, MAGAZINES AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES lnmllnlllllllllllnl Special Attention to Filling of Prescriptions and Delivery A NEW SODA FOUNTAIN INSTALLED S. W. Corner Peak and Bryan Streets Phones: H. 2161 and H. 2162 3 Motor D6ll"l'6l'2j Private Teaching During Summer of 1 921 Q9 C.E.H LL 4207 Live Oak St. H. 0616 We've Served You For 30 Years Whether you desire the smart college man's style or the more conservative shoe, you'll find a Volk's style that Will please. At a price you ought .feud t O pa . T. Th , Z i F snosf ' 1 . lvsfigm nge ? -' -'-1g f.....-- The Finest Bench Made Footwear For College Boys Discriminaling S t Men and ma? Wgmen Hosiery 1208 Em K ' 1-3.1.11 21-0"LELr1 1 E. M. Reardon, Jr. Kgppenheimer 1 l nuull:llunlIllllululInnuIInInalIInIllnlullIullllnlllllllllumu LOCOMOBILE MERCER SIMPLEX MOTOR CARS RIKER TRUCKS lmlllll.Inl1IIIIllllllllHlllllnlllllxllmlul Dallas, Texas Old Majestic Tlieutro Bld -the s t ca 12 cl a 1' cl by 7l'l1l.C'll young ,fellows jmlgv the .sfyle of all QOOII rlrzflws. Gus Roos Co. 1512-14 Main St. Tlw Hmm' of 1X7ZljJjlE'7IllClIIlFV Clollws. reat Southern Life Ins. Co. Assets over ---- 310,000,000.00 Insurance in Force over 3100,000,000.00 E. P. GREENWOOD, Vice Pres. O. S. CARLTON, President, Dallas, Texas Houston, Texas ,iii 2 -if 2 I I I GLIth1'I6I 'iWhf2l'E makes You I I There was a young chemist named thrnk that I cheat 111 poker '?" Dore 1 you W1th a card IH your hand, that Was HZSO4 I had thrown under the table." ' Johnston Printing 8: Advertising Co. Advertising Literature - Art, Copy, Printing Dallas, Texas We are in Harmony With Young Men Mtheir ideas and ideals Here they find bosses and salesmen who are keen to please them. Here they find their fondest style fancies expressed in SPRING CLOTHES HATS, SHIRTS, NECKWEAR, UNDERWEAR, HOSIERY --everything necessary for the proper attire of a well dressed, Well bred College Chap. SANGER BROS. COMPLIMENTS OF W. E. Kingsbury W. T. Henderson Attorney-at-Law American Exchange Bank Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS Phones: Y-5356 X-3 Biltmore Cafe For Ladies and Gentlemen The Piave of Quality GEORGE N. PAPPAS, Mgr. 1517 Main St. Dallas, Te 632 l XRS The T errill School SWISS AVE., DALLAS, TEXAS A PREPARATORY School for Boys. Pre p are s for all Colleges. Attendance Limited to Two Hundred Boys---Accon1o- dations for Forty Boarding Pupils. I I ll gill? Eg:-gi l N . ww FOR CATALOGUE OF INFORMATION ADDRESS THE HEADMASTER. Compliments of HASKELL Plumblng Company PEAK land BRYAN CAPABLE and DEPENDABLE Eagle Pharmacy THE MUNGER PLACE DRUG STORE 315 Collett Ave. Judge Om' Store by Its Service" COMPLIMENTS OF Spence, Haven 81 Smithdeal Attorneys and Counsellor ' Nllllllllllllllll 510-518 LINZ BUILDING DALLAS, TEXAS Franz Brass Cotton Broker THE UNIVERSAL CAP FLIPPEN AUTO CO. lllllllilillllllllllllll Authorized Ford Dealers uumunmununu Repairs :: Parrs :: Service Service Cars Always Ready to Serve You PHONES X 1795, Y 1795 2021-25 Cedar Springs at Harwood DALLAS, TEXAS We Have Always Been Right With You And here we are again, the old reliable Owl Drug Store Northwest Corner of Commerce and Ervay. ALWAYS GLAD TO SERVE THE TERRILL SCHOOL COMPLIMENTS OF Collett H. Munger REAL ESTATE D o d g e t Brothers l Motor COMPLIMENTS OF Cars Louie Rose Trinit Motor Co. l l 2033 Commerce Street REAL SUCCESS l comes to him who is well trained to render et'- fiuient service. THOROUGHNESS has been the l METROPOLITAN motto for thirty-three years. lt' you desire the surest and quickest route to a M . , good position and rapid promotion, get the Matro- e l a e l politan training, It always pays to attend a school of established standing and merit. Write M3111 St1'QQt for full information, stating course desired. l METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE. A. Ragland, President, Dallas, Texas "The School With a Reputation." f ,aff'?i:,,pi5'5"4iiEiEi-1 'S l X 1, ix! 5, 'jk' E: , .siz e -fi .i. S X F I : A 1 ' I ORIENTAL UIL COMPANY DALLASS., "The Shop Where You Are Always Welcome" Exquisite Box Stationery, Imported Art Goods, Photo Albums and Memory Books. Engraved Announcements Drawing, Drafting and Artist's Supplies Dennison's Goods Favors, Programs, Decorations, Crepe i We Are Exclusive Agents - FOR Betty Wales Dresses y Printzess Garments La Camille Corsets Eipfiigs-Nut Cups, Prizes for Dances and i The Red Cross Shoe A COMPLETE BOOK STORE i i i ALL-YEAR TOYLAND 1 Van 'Winkle's W. A. Green UTIIG Depm'tmen,t Gift Shop" C 1603 Elm st. Umpally I-IIIIL E , - EVERYTHING MUSICAL The South's largest, most Modern Music Store Hand- ling Musical Instruments of Every Character. 1213 Elm Street DALLAS A Highland Park -the South's most beautiful residence city. Flippen-Prather Realty Co. Owners and Agents American Exchange Bldg. Compliments of David Warriner HHIIEE EIMS V cmrtmc fl? 5E'P4sQ 9 It would he clilhcult to imagine anything more assuring than a car that runs for months and months Without as much as Z1 single ad- justment--yet Cadillac owners will tell you that, in their case, this is not the exception, hut the unvarying rule. Munger Automobile Company 2211-13 Commerce DALLAS 2204 Maiii L w IMMEDIATE SERVICE QUALITY-STYLE I 9 I 6 nwfnf cmamffva IS .am ur V. J. BRANNON, Prcsiclvnt 4310-12 Elm Street DAr.L.xs, Tnms May 30, 1921. TERRILLIAN READERS, Dallas, Texas. Dear Reader:- The life of your clothes depends upon the Way you treat them. Having them cleaned regularly by experienced workmen means longer life and better appearance. Cleaning clothes requires a thorough knowledge of fabrics, colors and cleaning materials. It also requires skill in the handling of them. Service based on eighteen years of continuous study and practical experience in the cleaning of the very best garments is offered you by this organization, together with reasonable prices. In the recent price reduction we were the pioneers. Brannon's is not a new institution, but one of the largest cleaning and dyeing establishments in Dallas. Formerly known as the Excel-Sure, the name was recently changed to Brannonls, but the change was in name only. We want regular customers. To secure them we must give service and satisfaction-not only at the start, but all the time. This is only good business, and on this basis we solicit a trial. YVe know you'll be pleased with the results, for our corps of skilled workmen take pride in clean- ing and pressing everything from the daintiest lingerie to the every-day business suit. Pick-ups and deliveries will be handled promptly and courteously by our fleet of delivery trucks. Just phone U-2518 or H-2118 and one of our trucks will be at your door without delay. Yours very truly, V. J. BRANNON, President. Mr. V. J. Brannon, President of B1'annon's Dyeing and Dry Cleaning' Company, formerly known as Excel-Sure. CNNCCNNN CCNCCCN "The WORLD'S SAFEST MILK" It Pays to Advertise 3 ---Patronize our Advertisers J. E. Lett 81 Co. Genual Aycuts AUTOMOBILE, PERSONAL, ACCIDENT and ALL CASUALTY LINES S mpt r Bldg. Dall S T VRS. OSBORNE APPRECIATES YOIR PATRONAGE ' 1921 T Compliments of E. B. Guthrie 81 Co. Cotton Merchants and Exporters DALL AS, TEXAS Cafe de Paris DANCING 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. This delightfully Frenchy cafe will instantly Win your approval and patronage. Dine with us today. Dance with us tonight. Terrill Boys Always Welcome 1316 Commerce Street Opposite Adolphus Compliments of P. A. Bywaters This Space Dedicated in all Seriousness to the Ladies RUTH MCDONALD LORENE DAVIS T BERNICE SCO T RUTH DUNCAN MARY HACKEL MARTHA STONE Long May They Live " OT better than the Best But better than the Rest" 1325 Wood Street Dallas, Texas f " HIS ANNUAL was gotten out by us for The Terrill School of Dallas. We specialize in this line of work, also print cata- logues, stationery and can handle all kind of commercial printing. If you are contemplating having any work in our line done, get our figures before you close your contract as we know we can interest you. Yours truly, THE VENNEY COMPANY. Do You Want to Buy Dallas Real Estate? LET US HELP YOU H30 Years in Dallas" J. W. Lindsley 81 Co. Sales, Loans, Rents, Insurance Do You Want to Sell Dallas Real Estate? Let us Help Y ou--We Know Dallas We Want to Know You Qam,l1-Bf0ugh- l STANDARD EIGHT Robinson-Gates l l A Powerful Car Wholesale GYOCBFS n Standard Automotive . . l l Co. of Texas Wlchm' Fans' Texas 2207-2209 commerce street l l l l l l Red River Valley Trust Co. PARIS, TEXAS Capital Fully Paid S500,000.00 Pioneer Acceptance Corporation of Texas TRANSACTS GENERAL TRUST BUSINESS R. S. BYWATERS, President WM. H. ATKINSON, V.P., Mgr. W. F. GILL, Trust Officer JAMES A. SMITH, Sec.-Trerzs. Compliments Philip Lindsley 81 Co. Domestic Export STYLES OF THE TIMES ff fl For the Man Who Cares Florsheim hoe Store Co. 1508 MAIN ST. Plate Glass PATTONiS SUN-PROOF PAINTS PITGAIRN AGED VARNISH EASY SET AND KAWNEER STORE FRONT BARS MIRRORS FRAMED MIRRORS WINDOW GLASS WINDSHIELD PLATE GLASS CAREY ROOFING Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. T. E. JACKSON Southwestern Manager Dallas Fort Worth Houston San Antonio Texas Merry Optical Company Manufacturers Jobbers Importers 20-721-723-724-725 Wilson Dallas, Texas High Class Prescription Work Absolutely Different Is Terrill School Summer Camp and its fame has gone beyond the boundaries of the State +- A' ' Nine Years Old 1911-1921 Held for Two Months Yearly S. M. DAVIS .... H-0425 C. E. HULL .... H-0616 K. G. LIND .... H-2s88 Students Tour Atlantic Seaboard, Visit New York, Niagara and Woodlands of Canada. Compliments of The Schoellkopf Co. l I l I COMPLIMENTS I OF THE PLACE FOR YOUR SWEETHEART, WIFE OR SISTER Cascade Plunge I 1 Ed IllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlIllIlllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIII Harwood and Hzckory Sts. ,2O 1 I l Pool completely emptied, scrubbed and refilled with f 1' e s h water each n i ,Qg h t I. Reinhardt 81 Son GENERAL AGENTS All Kinds of INSURANCE Established 1888 DALLAS George Ashley Brewster Tenor Teacher E Studio, Room 24, Bush Temple Director of Music Terrill School Wall Paper, Paints, Glass E The Apex Company ON HARWOOD, BETWEEN BRYAN AND LIVE OAK STREETS PHONES: Y O GRACIAS! HE reputation for being a hustler is the best introduction to success that any man could have. Confidence and a good purpose are the vital elements of success. Hustling is the essential force of busi- ness. It is the power to marshall your resources. Hustling is energy plus persistence. Therefore I conscientiously believe that the Business Staff of the 1921 Terrillian is defined by the word hustling. The business staff of this, The 1921 Terrillian, is made up of only two men beside the Business Manager. Never before has so expensive a Terrill Annual been financed by only three men. Eugene B. Guthrie, Jr., Assistant Business Manager, was an untiring worker, a persistent ad seller, and in my estimation will make a most com- petent Business Manager of the 1922 Terrillian. Orval A. Slater, the other Assistant Business Manager, was a capable fellow and certainly possessed a "wicked line." Slater was always ready with his Ford, to get copy and to run any twelfth hour errands. In closing, I wish to thank each and everyone who, in any way, assisted us, and to assure the school that we worked persistently and earnestly against discouragements, criticisms and "hard times," to finance what we sincerely hope is the best Annual that a senior class of Terrill has ever of- fered to the school. PORTER A. BYWATERS, Business Manager. 5 Q YOUR YXNNHAL Can be no more arfjsfic Than flxf- engrax7in4 used no more infffrpsfing flxan flxo ideas press-Idvcll no more unique Hxan ills meflxod ofprvsvnfafion. For 100 per cont three Ways 'Xlse the S9l'X7iC9S Kyf SOUTHWESTERN ENGRSWING COMPANY Tori V170 Fill ,f72-yas.

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