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. ALLEN COUNTY PyBLIC LIBFjARy 3 1833 01805 5159 GENEALOGY 97 ' . 701 R ISTJ, 1969 _ " It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness " . . . i d n SiejiliJ the 1969 Hilltopper St. Joseph Hill Academy 850 Hylan Boulevard Staten Island, New York 10305 y X y k ' M " • " i-.--. " ' i i : ■M - ' b --i L fe 4 -X i v i, At the Hill we are presented with a unique opportunity. Dur- ing our four vital years here, we have a chance to learn about ourselves, through the warmth of the friends we make. The spirit we possess gives us incentive to pursue our studies. Enthusiastic involvement in extra-curricular activities gives true meaning and purpose to our lives. The combination of all aspects of school life fully illustrates the importance of our interdependence upon each other. It is our own responsibility, and our joy, to make these years a time of happiness and fulfillment. Faculty 8 School Life 22 Activities 50 Events of The Year 74 Seniors 94 Dedication . . We, the Senior Class of 1969, are proud to dedicate this year ' s HILLTOPPER to a woman who has devoted herself to the cultivation of young minds in truth, justice and knowledge. Her perseverence in this endeavor has made her an unfailing figure among students and faculty. Sister William has been the moderator of the HILLTOPPER for the past six years, in addition to her other duties here at the Hill. Her inspiration and guidance have helped to create publications which exemplify the spirit of our school. Throughout our years at the Hill, we have been able to confide in her with complete trust. In this way, we have become more aware of ourselves and of others. We wish to express our gratitude to her with this edition of the 1969 HILLTOPPER. .4..a.q »a ajiikmi.-i . -v-...t. - . .v-.K-i ' . .i.W.iJlIW..i c They radiate an inner peace . Our trusted chaplain, Father Reiss, has as his main goal the spiritual development of all Hilltoppers. Besides being our school confessor, he officiates at the traditional Junior ring ceremony with a brief explanation of its symbolic value. Because of his patient understanding and constant concern he will be remembered with a feeling of warmth and admiration for years to come. A helpful addition to the Seniors ' course in religion each year is the lecture series given by Father Robert I. Cannon each week. Father instructs the girls in the many teachings of the Church concerning marriage and other related issues. In these infor- mative sessions, the girls receive a practical knowledge which they will retain and put to use throughout their lives. •. iM» jM|-M »iiy M ■■ ' ' ■ y •5v4; ■■-a I 1 5 7 tjytn 4-,«- ' , Faculty ...their spirit illuminates and guides We commemorate Entertainment was provided at the sisters ' centennial anniversary by Mr. Frank McCabe. Listening to the medley of songs before the festivities began are the seniors who served as hostesses. We are pleased to welcome Mother M. Dolores. F.D.C. to Staten Island and extend our sincere congratulations on the centennial of the order ' s founda- tion. Mother resides here at St. Joseph Hill as Provincial of the North American Province and a scholarship has been initiated in Mother ' s name. 1 10 100 years of service This year the Daughters of Divine Charity celebrated, with an elabo- rate dinner, the Centennial of the foundation of the order. Seated in their places of distinction at the main table are the priests who presided over the affair: Monsig- nor J. Riordan, Superintendent of Staten Island schools, who ad- dressed the assembly, Monsignor R. Rigney, Superintendent of the Archdiocesan schools, Monsignor A. Quinn, Dean of the Staten Island clergy and His Eminence Terence J. Cooke, Archbishop of New York, the guest of Honor. t: %7%i chosen by Sister Raimonde as hostesses for the Centennial Dinner are Denise DiRienzo, Donna Kaiser, Lucia Rocco, Donna Ignozza, Susan Hemmes, Mary Jane Kehoe, Patricia McCabe, Alice Ittner, |anet Nichols, Marcella Maher, Denise James, Janice Nagengast, Christine Ahearn, Kathleen Rodihan, Catherine Gillespie, Jeanne Savarese, Pamela Trainor and Laura Wilcken. ■«w««a» fn«f - -s-M e :|p. ;e nrfr!5 ori f - •f v t)0% " ■ yi ■• ., I I. 11 mJ SISTER M. CHARLOTTE, F.D.C. We reflect their glow Throughout our years at the Hill, Sister Charlotte has been our inexhaustable principal and teacher but most of all our friend. Sister has gained the trust and admiration of all those who have really come to know her through her unfailing judgment and percep- tive understanding. Our initial feelings of deep respect and high esteem have grown into those of confidence and friendship. Her sense of humor adds much to her warm personality, evident to both faculty and students. She has been an essential part of each girls spiritual, academic and social development during their years at the Hill. She will always be remembered for her thoughtfulness and spirit at all school activities. When looking back at our high school days, Sister Charlotte will be a cherished remembrance. 12 SISTER M. ALBERT, F.D.C. Junior Homeroom; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Yearbook Advisor. SISTER M. ALBINA, F.D.C. Steno I, II; Typing I. SISTER M. ANTONIA, F.D.C. Sohpomore F omeroom; English I, II; " Summit " Advisor; Press Club Mod- erator. SISTER M. CHRISTOPHER, F.D C. Senior Homeroom; Mathematics I, II, III, IV: Basketball Coach. Linda Kelly, president of the National Honor Society, and Sister Scholastica, Moderator, discuss the details for the " It ' s Academic " program. The club prepared all questions and sponsored the show for the March assembly with Sister ' s guidance and advice. 13 SISTER M. CLARISSA, F.D.C. Sophomore Homeroom; General Sci- ence; Biology; Science Club Modera- tor; Cheerleading Moderator. SISTER M. DOLORA, F.D.C. Freshman F omeroom; Social Studies; World History; Religion II; Future Teachers Club Moderator. MISS CAROLE EDWARDS English III m T ' ft- in January, two new members were added to the faculty. Mrs. Suzanne Gianvito waits for Sister Josita to finish her conversation, so they may discuss their task of adjusting to school life. Sister Jo- sita is a welcome addition to the French department, while Mrs. Gianvito presents a new and in- teresting course in art. Students aren ' t the only Hilltoppers guilty of clock-watching. Sister Albert and Miss Leone count off the seconds until the dismissal bell. Tired after a long day, they can hardly wait to relax and discuss the events of the past eight periods. Their beaming smiles evoke response SISTER M. EMMANUEL, F.D.C. Freshman Homeroom; Mathematics I, II, III. SISTER M. GENEVIEVE, F.D.C. Librarian; Library Science; Library Club Moderator. MRS. SUZANNE GIANVITO Art Appreciation; Art Club Moderator. HbI 5 ■ 1 KK i0 ' 1 ■ Bel .- ? 1 K r« y«« 1 K. " fc M W mr - ' jr Vr V . ' ' ■■- A p 15 ' fe.;- PA ..5 ' MISS AMELIA HAMOVICH World History; Economics; English IV; Plebes of Democracy Moderator. SISTER M. JOSITA, F.D.C. Freshman Homeroom; French I, II. SISTER M. IMELDA, F.D.C. Music Appreciation; Glee Club Moder- ator. example Sister Charlotte sits at her new typewriter, which was given to her by the student body for her feastday. She practices the skills she has learned with a Junior class during first period. Sister, one of Sister Albina ' s best stu- dents, is making rapid progress. y One representative of our multi-talented faculty is Miss Carole Edwards, English teacher here at the Hill. In the 1968 Spring Concert, Miss Edwards displayed her skill with her excellent per- formance on the piano. shines forth with radiance from within. MISS MARION LEONE Sophomore Homeroom; Physical Edu- cation; Student Council Advisor; Phys- ical Education Club Moderator. SISTER M. PATRICE, F.D.C. Junior Homeroom; Spanish II, III, IV; Religion III; Spanish Club Moderator; Spanish Honor Society Moderator. SISTER M. RAIMONDE, F.D.C. Senior ' Homeroom; World History; American History; Advanced Place- ment History; Religion IV; Speech and Drama Society Moderator. 17 MRS. LAIMA J. SAVAITIS French I, II, III, IV; French Club Moder- ator; French Honor Society Moderator. SISTER M. SCHOLASTICA. F.D.C. Junior Homeroom; Steno I; Typing II; Religion II; Guidance Counselor; Na- tional Honor Society Moderator. SISTER M. SYLVIA, F.D.C. Confraternity of Christian Doctrine . . . a gift which grows with the giving. Mrs. Villaverde and Mrs. Savaitis discuss upcoming events of the language clubs. One of their topics is the Pan American Day Program, in which both French and Spanish students participate. Both teachers are actively interested in the cultural development of the language pupils. MRS. LOUIS VILLAVERDE Spanish I, II, IV. SISTER M. WILLIAM, F.D.C. Senior Homeroom; English II, IV Guidance Director; Alumnae Associa- tion Moderator; Student Council Ad- visor. SISTER M. XAVIER, F.D.C. Freshman Homeroom; Religion I. II, III, IV; Y.C.S. Moderator; Yearbook Business Advisor. Sister Albina cheerfully illustrates to her first year students the fun- damentals of typing. Her gentle hints and patient understanding help to make model secretaries. Sister has great hopes for her fu- ture typists and all her students try to fulfill these expectations. 19 Cheerful faces Mrs. Donna Gallagher, the school secretary, prepares to type copies of the mecJical forms which our school nurse, Mrs. Joan Roitzsch cheerfully de- livers to the office. These women are trusted friends of both faculty and students at the Hill. Mrs. Angle Mandrachio and Mrs. Mary Dieli begin to prepare sandwiches, soups, cakes and a variety of other dishes early in the morning. Each day they serve all students who wish to bu y their lunch in the cafeteria. Through their efficient planning the students are provided with the nourishment needed to continue through the day. 20 . . . to brighten our day. Always ready to offer a hand, Mr. Stanley Moskwa plays an im- portant role in helping the school run smoothly. Stanley is rarely seen without a smile on his face and a screwdriver in his hand. He spends most of his time here in his workshop, where he can usually be found by those who require his services. Happiness is our cheerful handymen at the Hill. Mr. Henry Seaman, Mr. Ralph Maviglia, and his son Pat, pause from the days work to discuss the problems involved in the upkeep of the school. As a result of their scrupulous care we can be proud of neat, clean classrooms and hallways. 21 I School Life ...the light of knowledge leads the way psk; " «•« ' Winners of Regents College Scholarship Grants include Bottom row: Denise Ayoub, Marylu Koster, Christine Ahearn, Rita Leg- giadro, Linda Kelly, Marcella Maher, Patrice Murphy. Second row: Eileen Raffaniello, Renee Schmidt, Janet Nichols, Patricia Mc- Andrew, Catherine Gillespie, Josephine DiVernieri, Carolyn Gian- cola, Anne Robinson, Denise DiRienzo, Carol Resch, Denise James, Linda DiGiacomo, Adriana Farella. Top row: Mary Dougherty, Michele D ' Ermilio, Caryl Hayes and Jane Dunne. Each year four full scholarships and two partial scholarships are awarded to the freshmen who have proven themselves worthy. At the end of the first semester, these scholarships were presented to the six freshmen who had achieved high scores on the Cooperative Entrance Exam, SRA Placement test and their mid-term averages. This year, partial scholarships were awarded to Emiyn Bodnar and Catherine Blake, standing, and full scholarships to Rosemary Noo- nan, Gail Greendale, Marion Fitzsimmons, and Robin Schoentube. Our brightest stars 24 % For their outstanding achievement in the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, these eleven seniors were awarded Letters of Commendation. The exam, which was administered in their Junior year, tested the girls in a variety of subjects. They are 7st Row: Patricia Columbus, Marylu Koster, Carolyn Giancola, Marcella Maher, and Janet Nichols. 2nd Row: Jane Dunne, Renee Schmidt, Denise DeRienzo, Adriana Farella, Catherine Gillespie, and Eileen Rafaniello. (Not pictured is Linda Kelly.) II il ) M« This year seniors Christine Ahearn and Denise James received well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments as finalists in the National Merit Schol- arship Qualifying Test. This honor was a tribute to the high scholastic stand- ing of the girls as well as that of the school. f V H 26 The folk group, under the guidance of Sister M. Xavier, presents a variety of songs to promote participation at student masses. All students are encouraged to become more aware of the mass by songs relative to our lives. This group devotes its time and effort to making the mass more meaningful to all. A search for On display at the concelebrated Mass during the Day of Recollection were various collages and banners portraying Christian love and unity. This proved to be an enlightening experience for both priests and the student body. This an- nual event left all students with the feeling of true Christian charity. The Mass, the symbol of perfect love, was the culmination of a spiritually rewarding day. The concelebrants of the Day of Recollection Mass, Father Joseph McNamara and Father Andrew McNulty, stand at the altar with the president, moderator and vice-president of the Young Christian Stu- dents. Laurie Wilcken, Sister Xavier and Janice Nagengast organize many activities for the benefit and participation of the entire student body. God ' s light . . Juniors Donna Nagengast, Phyllis Scampas, Maryelisa Graber and Ginger Gregorowicz bring up the water, wine and hosts in the Offertory Procession at the Vocation Day Mass. Vocation Day consisted of a panel and classroom discussions on various religious orders. Through these conferences, the girls were brought up to date on views of religious life. 27 Several conscientious girls fulfill their roles as Christian laywomen in today ' s Church by participating in the CCD program. Here, Seniors Pat McAndrew, Pat Murphy, Di- ana Giordano, and Carol Resch prepare to go to their weekly classes with Sister Mark at St. Michael ' s Parish. His brilliance revealed . FRumg .g. Members of various religion classes gather to discuss which songs should be used at their folk mass. This is a topic which is relevant to all and to which every home- room can contribute. Practic- ing for an upcoming celebra- tion with both music and words are Adele Checchi, Carol Resch, Kathy Foster, Janice Nagengast, Grace Pal- ladino, Rosemary Procopio, and Jeanne Cogliandro. 28 Senior religion classes are often held as informal discussions. Beth Gaites has come up with a debatable point and many of her classmates are ready to challenge her viewpoint. Sister Xavier directs the group, as well as being a spirited participant in the talks. Seniors look for- ward to this casual type of class, where they can express opinions on current religious issues. Freshmen class Presidents, Robin Schoentube, Celeste Sinaly, Shiela Lawless, and Claudia Schmid, get to- gether after school to discuss plans for future religion classes. The col- lages on the bulletin board present the Christian message of Love in a new and important light. Robin has found an interesting point in the planning of their class Mass. Through the message of love, the girls are try- ing to make the Mass a more personal experience. This course will help the girls make practical use of their re- ligion in their daily lives. 29 Oral reports are an essential part of Freshman English. Emiyn Bodnar demonstrates this technique to her classmates. Here she explains the writings of Emily Dickinson, while her near namesake looks on approvingly. Miss Amelia seems pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming re- sponse to her question. Teaching English literature to fourth-year students. Miss Amelia presents both sides in a critical analysis of literary works. The girls greatly appreciate her and gain much from her wealth of knowledge. 30 Arranging a display for their English Apprecia- tion Class are freshmen Sharon Blue Spruce and Debbie Stuart. The present production of Romeo and Juliet has brought about a revival of interest in Shakespearean drama. In correla- tion with their studies these girls prepare their exhibit on this immortal work. English . . . Broadening their study of American Literature, Miss Carole Edward ' s third year English classes performed various skits during the year. Sara Palletto di- rects as Jackie D ' Anna, Lynne McAlis- ter, Phyllis Carullo, Stephanie Zurmuh- len and Meg McNally rehearse a scene from Cone with the Wind. Meg seems amused at her classmates ' dramatic ability, especially Jackie D ' Anna ' s portrayal of Rhett Butler. This drama- tization gives the girls an added interest to their studies. As part of their studies of the Arthurean legend, these Sophomore English students prepare for a Medieval repast. The ideals of King Arthur are depicted on the three banners hanging from the banquet table. Eileen Haley, Barbara Muoio, and Regina Fedele prepare the dais, while Cer- ralyn Leggiadro and Maureen Plancon examine a tapestry. 31 In conjunction with their studies of American History, Sister Raimonde displays posters of famous quotations to Juniors Anne Marie Sheehan, Pat Severino, Ellen Zanfini, Loretta O ' Hara, and Pat Ciarratano. Each year seniors are given the opportunity to lake Ad- vanced Placement American History for college credit. To supplement their classroom study, these students make use of a special history TV program, three times a week, in the school library. Listening to Professor Shenton, the girls gain further insight into the history of America. The officers of Plebes of Democracy, a political science club, prepare for their monthly discussion on current events. Doing research are Pam Trainor and Laurie Wilcken. 32 s Keeping up with current events, Mary Raffaniello points out a trouble spot in the world. The sophomore history class is presented each week with a review of world events. These World History students study the chart in order to link the present with the past. Social Studies proves to be a new and interesting course for the Freshmen. As an introduction to their study of World History, the students pursued a detailed study of " The Dark Continent. " As part of this project the girls discussed the language, customs, and traditions of African culture. In addition to the general format of Social Studies, each girl compiled her own scrap book on this topic. Sister Dolora looks on approvingly as Donna Yamarone points with interest to an illustrative poster, and Mar- garet Henchey and Leslie Langworthy refer to notes. Although too young to vote, many students took an active interest in the campaign for the presidential elec- tion in November. Sister Raimonde encouraged her history students to exhibit any campaign material on the candidate of their choice. The campaign headquarters was situated in Sister Raimonde ' s home room, where all the girls were free to express their opinions. . . . History class L 33 Learning not only the grammatical intricacies of the French language, these students are cultivating the ability to speak it fluently. Meg McNally points out an interesting feature of the picture dialogue to Jackie D ' Anna, Marge Potenza, Alice Conlon, Stephanie Zurmuhlen, Sara Palletto and Phyllis Carullo. Language classes . . . Remembering their long hours of hard work, Rosemary Parisi and Diane Coviello smile in relief as they look through their completed Spanish term paper. Mrs. Masson and an exuberant group of French students anxiously await the results of their " culinary " talents. The " Tomatos au Crillees " which consists of tomatoes, eggs and cheese were the appetizers of the dinner prepared bv third and fourth year French students. 34 Putting their cultural study of language to use, upperclassmen arranged and decorated the cafeteria in a continental style for their soiree. During the meal Mrs. Savaitis explained the tech- niques of French etiquette to the girls. Spanish culture provides a new course of study for fourth year Spanish students. Maryann San- tangelo and Linda Otranto get into the spirit with the dress and artifacts of Spanish civiliza- tion. The entire display was designed and con- structed by the girls themselves. Taking advantage of the facilities available in the language lab, Renee Schmidt listens to a variety of Spanish tapes. Part of the language curriculum includes the study of tapes which accustom the students to the sound of a foreign tongue. 35 ,i vaL Receiving an early introduction to the principles of experimentation, this group of Freshmen carefully carries out their assigned project. Pictured are: Emiyn Bodnar, Debra Spenceri, Karen Schwef- ringhaus, Monica Foge, and Mari- lyn Marr. Science classes . . . Sophomores discover that Biology covers all forms of life beginning with prehistor- ic times. Through the many artifacts available to them in the Bio lab, they can study diversified fields. " I never knew that dinosaurs were so small, " comments Caryl Ittner while examining the bone structure of eaily mam- mals. Ann Marie Brown and Stephanie Woods draw their own conclusions. 36 " Do we get paid for this? " a few seniors wonder as they unpack a new shipment of supplies in the Chemistry lab. These are only some of the hardworking members of the Physics Class, which spends most of its time exploring the realms of electricity, radiation, and wave motion. Hopefully, this equipment will be put to good use by these budding scientists. By applying what they have learned in the classroom to actual demonstra- tions in the lab, this class of juniors find that Chemistry can be under- standable. While Marguerite Mauriello, Jean Leppanen and Stephanie O ' Con- nor weigh out the exact portions of the substances needed, Mary DiGreg- orio and Terry DiLodovico set up the bunsen burner in preparation for the experiment. Each week the entire school anxiously awaits the outcome of the Chem classes latest endeavor. Hopefully the next one will have the sweet smell of success. 37 Most of her 12th year Math students seem amused as Sister Christopher " tries " to explain the intricacies of functions. Each student has the opportunity to understand fully all the principles of Math, since the class consists of only eleven pupils. Here, the group discusses a BT (Booby Trap) as Joan Ramos pays careful attention to the problem at hand. Mathematics . . Four dedicated mathematicians, Jane Ernst, Pat Johnson, Chris Yannello, and Alice Smith find that conic structures can be fun as they set up a demon- stration in the rear of Sister Christo- pher ' s classroom. 38 t- JSMSBm Linda Siconolfi demonstrates her trigonometry homework methods, as the rest of the Eleventh Year Math students compare their results with hers. The reactions of Junior 124 vary, and the usual check is essential. The correctly completed problem will bring a sense of collective accomplishment to the class. Sister Christopher smilingly waits for a response from her Twelfth Year Math students after thoroughly explaining the greatest integer func- tion. Sister Emmanuel smiles, commenting on how well Laura Negron, Eileen Rooney, Marilyn Marr, Stephanie D ' Anna, and Kathryn Swirski com- pleted their assignments. They listen carefully as she explains another method of solving the same type of problem. Alice Ladziak, Pat McCabe, Pat Mullin, Josephine Vece, Linda Morganelli and Betty Calasso are already accom- plished in the fundamental skills of stenography and typing. These typists prepare to transcribe speed dictations in their Gregg Manuals under the direction of Sister M. Scholastica. Commercial classes . . . One of the most enjoyable and relaxing aspects of Typ- ing Class is the welcomed treat of Art Typing. Barbara Malluk, Maureen Mattimore and Linda Otranto review the interesting results and de- tailed work of several enter- prising girls. Novice and ex- perienced typists alike look forward to the routine of the production work 40 Tv- Practi ce makes perfect as all conscientious typists well know. Under the direction of Sister M. Albina, this Typing I class, composed of Juniors and Seniors, is trying to build up a reserve speed without taking any sneaky glances. A look of consternation is shown on several faces as some would-be typists realize that their perfect copies of letters are not quite perfect. Sister Albina looks on in approval as they finish their manuscripts in a final burst of speed. Donna Nagengast uses the teacher demonstration typewriter while she explains how to set the stops for a tabulation. In her Typing I class. Donna is quite willing to help her classmates. She does this by volunteering to take Sister Albina ' s place while reviewing a lesson. Donna is quite adept at the accurate mental figuring to find exact margins. She advocates Sister Albina ' s theme, " Never lose your sense of the extra ordinary value of a minute. ' 41 A group of Seniors from 106 seems to be enjoying the informal atmos- phere of their Music Appreciation class. The girls lean forward in eager anticipation of the next record which Betti Halloran and Phyllis Nunes will play. Activity A group of sophomore girls listens attentively to advice from Sister Scholastica, the freshman and sophomore guidance counselor. Sister Scholastica is always available in her office to counsel any girl in need of help. She is especially valuable in aiding freshmen to feel at home in their new school. This year, gymnastics plays a important part in the physical education department. Denise Ayoub performs a headstand as Joan Ramos works on her cartwheel. Each Monday, after school hours, the gym remains open for all interested students who wish to work on the mats or on the trampoline. 42 Sister Genevieve focuses the projector to show one of her library science classes the correct way to classify books. Her classes listen conscienti- ously as they gain new insight into the efficient running of a library. period . . . Mrs. Cianvito points out variations of color and design to the students in one of her Art Appreciation classes in the Art Room. This room is attractively decorated with the work of some of the more talented hilltoppers. " Love is all around " reads the bulletin board and bright colors and gay style mark this room. Some freshman girls learn that Music Appreciation is more than just sitting and listening as they learn to waltz under the critical eye of their class- mates. They seem a bit uncertain but very willing as they struggle to master the intricacies of this classical dance. Junior 124. Bottom row: Camille DeRose, Denise Dolcimascolo, Linda Siconolfi, Patricia Ciarratano, Joan Tuohy, Mary DiCreg- orio, Eileen Boyd. Second row: Patricia Severino, Regina Castro, Lynn Radonic, Theresa Tufano, Mary Pat Roitzsch, Theresa Cemelli, Barbara Bellafiore, Barbara Coyle, Ava Schoentube, Sister Mary Scholastica, F. D. C. Third row: Elizabeth Angyal, Teresa DiLodovico, Carol DeLillo, Joan Dreyfuss, Ellen Zanfini, Anne Marie Sheehan, Maryelisa Crafeer, Virginia Gregorowicz. Top row: Jane Granite, Patricia Shanahan, Jean Beil, Stephanie O ' Connor. Anticipation inflames their spirits . . Junior Class Presidents Diane Coviello, Pat Severino, and Karen Johnsen, pause outside the chapel after having received their school rings. They look with pride at the symbol which indi- cates that they have reached the status of upperclassmen. 44 N- ■■■ -■■ •4 ' : Juniors 122. Bottom row: Veronica Sarnese, Lorraine Gilroy, Carol Krause, Sara Palletto, Mary McKenna, Barbara Loperfido, Theresa Grande. Second row: Judith Corrente, Karen Johnsen, Barbara Zatorski, Jean Leppanen, Monica Balliro, Carol Logan, Lynne McAlister, Phyllis Carullo, Jacquelyn D ' Anna, Deborah Quinn; Sister M. Albert, F.D.C. Third row: Diane Savino, Susan LaDuca, Marguerite Mauriello, Nancy Frandino, Stephanie Zurmuhlen, Geraldine Hall, Mary Reed, Jeanne Hogan. Last row: Phyllis Scampas, Vanessa Holton, Joanne Abascal, Margaret McNally. Junior 119. Bottom Row: Diane Coviello, Donna Nagengast, Eileen Lawless, Roseann Saccoliti, Janet Merola, Pamela Giarratano. Second Row: Joan Porcaro, Jacqueline Henderson, Susanne Citto, Marguerite DiFaIco, Sandra D ' Angelo, Ruth Logan, Eileen Parkes. Third Row: Leona Peruggia, Roberta March, Patricia Major, Judith Cropp, Regina Pietrunti, Judith Reinertsen, Joanne Flynn, Christine Taylor. Last Row: Margaret Seubert, Patricia Sheehan, Mary Breheny, Rosemary Parisi. 45 ' « » Sophomore 208. Bottom row: Elizabeth Cargjulo, Andrea Leone, Grace Palladino, Mary Raffaniello, Donna D ' Ermilio, Veronica Catanese, Elizabeth Joslyn, Mariella Palermo, Jacquelyn Hughes, Jane Hoshowsky, Anne Henchey. Middle row: Antoinette Pisani, Karen Berryman, Adrienne Roasio, Regina Fedele, Kathleen Ledford, Charlene LaMonto, Eileen Lee, Debra Hol- ton, Maureen Plancon, Christine Yanello, Sister Mary Clarissa; F.D.C. Top row: Marilyn Herrmann, Patricia Johnson, Ceralynn Leggiadro, Jane Foge, Susan Massimillo, Joanne D ' Amico, Eileen Haley, Barbara Muoio, Nina Reeses, Katherine Galluzzi. Sophomore 123. Bottom row: Michele Darragh, Eileen Dela- sandro, Kathleen Logan, Ceraldine Cenci, Lucille Patrone, Christine Rainero, Rosemary Thompson, Mary Ellen Amato, Eileen Sheehan, Joan Wiest, Kathleen Foster. Middle row: Mary Ellen Romano, Lucia Patrone, Lynda Lee Macken, Jane Cian- vito, Nancy Cagliostro, Francine Cagliostro, Bridget McMahon, Mary Ann Corley, Virginia Seuferling, Priscilla McClelland, Sister M. Antonia. Top row: Alexis Swirski, Josephine Scavuzzo, Deborah Sergio, Lucy Buono, Patricia Martin, Rosemary Sus- sillo, Maureen Whyte, Jean McCormack, Stephanie Woods. 46 Sophomores soon discover that a new and challenging schedule can be confusing. Luckily, these sophomore class presidents, Debbie Keenan, Grace Palladino, and Virginia Seuferling find the complete daily schedule on display for the entire student body. Exuberance ignites their days . . Sophomore 120. Bottom row: Mary McCaffrey, Kathryn Collins, Barbara Masefield, Barbara Fugazzi, Teresa Mazziotta, Eileen DeLise, Patricia McKenna, Cathy Ann Brosnahan, Adele Chec- chi, Eileen Ahr, Geraldine O ' Grady. Middle row: Nancy Licata, Marie Corhan, Diane DiSibio, Jeanne Creutz, Elaine Mamary, Brigid Maher, Anne Marie Brown, Caryl Ittner, Mary Krause, Jane Ernst, Linda Gilardi, Deborah Keenan, Miss Marion Leone. Top row: Kathleen McGinn, Gloria Ryan, Christine Mullin, Catherine Petersen, Catherine O ' Hare, Denise Gillott, Wilma Hessner, Donna Ca sazza, Alice Smith, Colleen Roth, Margaret Brannigan. 47 Freshman 222. Bottom row: Joanne Abinanti, Robin Schoen- tube, Alice Conlon, Rosemary Noonan, Marian Dreyfuss, Monica Foge, Anne Marie Gril in, Marian Walsh, Catherine Blake. Middle row: Margaret Anne Brunda, Leslie Langworthy, Angela Tursi, Marion Fitzsimmons, Susan LoCicero, Hope Her- old, Linda Zdanowicz, Madeline Dubrowski, Sister Mary Xavier F.D.C. Top row: Margaret Calluzzi, Gail Greendale, Janet Todd, Jean Marie LaPlante, Jane Herrmann, Joan Salvi, Jeanne Cogliandro, Marie Lammatteo. Freshman 224. Bottom row: Joselle DiNunzio, Elizabeth Durgin, Kathleen O ' Dea, Helene Cogliandro, Joanne Nasta, Donna Yamarone, Donnarae Hajostek, Margaret Lee, Deborah Lynch, Kathleen Nasella, Luisa Visconti. Middle row: Christine Hall, Isabelle Farrell, Barbara Amato, Christal Tallia, Betsy Gonzalez, Virginia Lee, Diane Sweeney, Doreen Geraci, Carolyn Young, Annamarie Pisani, Santine Cuccio, Sister M. Dolora, F.D.C. Top row: Joann Viania, Denise Lormel, Judy Cilroy, Marina Musacchio, Annamarie Sciortino, Celeste Sinaly, Karen Schwef- ringhaus, Barbara Herrmann, Sarahann Vazzana, Ann Masciullo. 48 Freshman 223. Bottom row: Sharon Blue Spruce, Mary Navarra, Michele Parente, Adrienne Ferretti, Ann Cuastella, Christine Russell, Valerie Eirich, Kathleen Zurmuhlen, Marjorie Potenza, Tina Giacalone. Middle row: Janis Hartley, Linda DeCorato, Laurel McAlister, Kathleen Kelly, Mary Kearns, Deborah Stewart, Margaret Henchey, Sheila Lawless, Janet Diker, Emiyn Bodnar, Sister M. Emmanuel, F.D.C. Top row: Patricia Dunne, Mary O ' Connor, Mary Pat Still, Estelle Granite, Nancy Martin, Annette Perillo, Lori Eadicicco, Marian Matthews. Freshman 202. Bottom row: Marianne Portera, Debra Spenceri, Laura Negron, Kathryn Swirski, Kathleen Canepa, Kim Cangro, Barbara Esmilla, Margaret Henry, Margherita Sansone. Middle row: Jeana Veltri, Donna Corrado, Stephanie D ' Anna, Patricia Spinetta, Denise Granelli, Donna Santangelo, Claudia Schmid, Sister Mary Aquila, F.D.C. Top row: M arilyn Marr, Deborah Meyers, Eileen Rooney, Suzanne Dibblee, Patricia Robinson, Ceraldine Moore, Sandra Swensen. 49 " V J Activities . . . spirit heightens personal achievement One of the services of the French Honor Society is tutoring underclassmen in the language. Here, Denise James helps Judy Cilroy with a difficult French assignment. French National Honor Society Juniors and Seniors who have achieved high academic standing in all subjects including French, receive membership in the French National Honor Society. These girls are actively involved in the pursuit of the personal fulfillment that can be found in the study of the French language and culture. The Society offers assistance to students who may require additional instructions in the language. Each member adds to the environment of everyday class with stimulating conversation. Their efforts provide an in- spiration for all Hilltoppers who wish to grow in their apprecia- tion of the French language. To gain admittance to the French National Honor Society, above average grades are necessary. These marks are to be high, not only in French, but in all other subjects as well. Members of the Society are; Linda Kelly, Denise James, Jean Beil, Nancy Richetta, Michelle D ' Ermilio, and Marylu Koster. 52 r- The members of the Spanish National Honor Society assemble in the Social Hall for a picture. They are; Front row: Lillian Urbanski, Renee Schmidt, Mary Anne Santangelo, Carolyn Ciancola, Eileen Raffaniello; Top row: Regina Castro, Mary Graber, Janet Patti, Joan Ramos, Cathy Gillespie, Lynn Radonic, and Ellen Zanfini. A Spanish newspaper is put out bi-monthly by the Spanish National Honor Society. Helping out on the paper are Phyllis Nunes, Joan Ramos, and Janet Patti. Spanish National Honor Society The Spanish National Honor Society exists for the benefit of all Spanish students. It has as its aim the furthering of Spanish appreciation at the Hill. The girls in this Society have obtained commendable positions in their studies of the Spanish language. The Society adds a great deal to stu- dent life through its publication of a bi-monthly newspaper. These girls also encourage participation in the various Span- ish activities held at the Hill and emphasize the fact that the study of a language can be enjoyable. 53 Student Counci Donna Ignozza, captain of the cheerleaders, receives a service pin from Mary Jane Kehoe. This ceremony, which was initiated by the Student Council this year, honors the spirited leaders of school clubs and activities. A senior member of the Student Council, Pat Kelly, re- stocks her supply of Christmas cards. As a representative, she encourages her class to support the Council in its latest endeavor. Sister William and Miss Leone, moderators of the Student Council, check the shipment of Christmas cards and candles which were sold by the Council to raise funds. Cathy Gillespie, Vice-President, and Mary Jane Kehoe, President, assist. The members of the 1968-1969 Student Council are; Patty McCabe, Maryelisa Craber, Marge Potenza, Pat Kelly, Janet Patti, Marguerite Mauriello, )anet Marola, Denise James, Mary Jane Kehoe, Cathy Gillespie, Eileen Sheehan, Denise Dolcimascolo, Camile DeRose, Katherine Calluzzi, Nancy Martin, Diane Sweeney, Brigid Maher, Cerri Moore, Mariann Mallano, Mary Ann Santangelo, Laurie Wilcken, Debbie Lynch, Robin Schoentube, Marian Walsh, and Claudia Schmid. Not present is Cerri Hall. Tine Student Council, created for the benefit of the entire school, launched a variety of projects this year. The officers of the Council, who were elected at the end of their Junior Year, have as their aim boosting school spirit in every phase of study and activity. Besides raising funds for the school by selling such articles as candy, shakers, Christmas cards and scented candles, the Student Council introduced the use of winter hats and service pins. These pins were given to the most valuable mem- bers of each club at a special assembly held for this purpose. Through the efforts of all the representa- tives a total spirit of unity was created at the Hill. Making announcements is just one of the many tasks performed by Mary Jane Kehoe. As President of the Student Council, she never fails to inform the students of events taking place throughout the year. Christmas was a little brighter this year due to the Yuletide candles sold by the Student Council. Representatives Janet Patti and Cathy Gillespie try to arrange an attractive display for the scented candles. 55 Art Club To get ahead in life, one must have an appreciation for the fine arts. Sue LaDuca and Sharon Mandia, President and Vice-President of the Art Club, take time out from their duties to relax and to enjoy a joke together. Senior Art club members Pat Columbus and Jane Dunne rearrange the letters of the art room printing press after preparing posters for the annual drama club production " The Swan " . The Art club members also make stuffed animals for needy children as well as cultivate their artistic talents. 56 Glee Club Directed by Sister Imelda, the Glee Club rehearses for their annual Spring Concert. Known for their perfection, the club provides the opportunity for all the girls to sing to their hearts content. Singing melodies both old and new, the club also gives the girls the chance to compose original arrangements. Each year the selection of songs to be sung at the Annual Spring Concert is the main concern of the members of the Glee Club. Sister M. Imelda, moderator, and Carmela Ferrantino, president, seem to have hit upon an excellent choice. The five seniors have achieved, after four years of membership in the glee club, the ability to harmonize not only their voices but also their personalities. Donna Kaiser, Linda Ambrosino, Carmella Ferrantino, Jo DiVernieri, Joan Hamalainen and Sister Imelda do just that during one of their rehearsals. Michele D ' Ermilio, President of the French Club, seems to be pondering some suggestion of Sister Josita or Mrs. Savaitis as the three sit in the cafeteria after school, discussing plans for the French Mass. Under their leadership, members of the French Club translated hymns and planned the Mass with a totally French format. Michele coordinated the efforts of each class so that the entire program was smooth and efficient. French Club All students who take either French or Spanish obtain membership In their respective clubs. These groups sponsor activities which further the pursuit of study in the French or Spanish language. Besides their separate projects, joint undertakings are plannr. ' d to produce a mutual under- standing of different peoples and cultures. Major events for all members was a Spanish and a French Mass. The trans- lations of the English Mass were done by the girls them- selves. Hymns were also prepared for the participation of all. ThroLigh this endeavor, as well as numerous others, genuine appreciation of a foreign language was fostered. Gra(c Palladmo and Regina Fedele learn that ihere is more to French than A.L.M. French culture comes alive in a vivid re-enactment of customs and traditions. The Christmas season in France, although different in ceremonies, appears to have much the same warmth of spirit as our own. Through the efforts of these girls, the entire class learns while watching the thoroughly enjoyable skit. Spanish Club One of the annual events jointly sponsored by the Spanish and French clubs is Pan American Day. Cos- tumes are the topic of discussion as students from both clubs meet in preparation for this program. In order to further their studies of Spanish culture, eleven Hilltoppers plan to spend six weeks this summer in Spain. The girls, discussing their itinerary with Sister Patrice are Janet Patti, Denise DiRienzo, Lucia Rocco, Eileen Raffaniello, Linda Ciaravino, Phyllis Nunes, Carolyn Giancola, Joan Ramos, Alicia Lincoln, Pat Sheehan, and Denise Dolcimascolo. Their six weeks will be filled with studies at the University ' of Salamanca and tours through Spain. 59 Freshmen learn from Sister Genevieve hov ' to take ful to them in the school library. advantage of the study aids available Library Club An advantage offered to interested students are tapes on varied subjects as used here by Hope Herold. 60 Freshmen are always eager to explore new and exciting things. Proof of this statement is illustrated by Marian Walsh and Alice Conlon as they examine the newly-installed photostat machine in the library. Sister Genevieve makes it her business to keep the library up to date in information and equipment. Always replenish- ing the supply of study aids in the library, this machine is the latest contribution installed for the students. r The long awaited first edition of the " Summit " is proudly distributed to Barbara Bellafiore, by editor, Lynn Radonic, and assistant editor, Mary Pat Roitzsch. The girls having sacrificed many hours toward the completion of the paper are now rewarded by the enthusiasm of the students. Sports reporter for the " Summit " , Eileen Sheehan, interviews Marcella Maher concerning the outcome of the latest basketball game. The sports column is one of the most popular and avidly read in the paper. Bridget McMahon, feature editor; Vanessa Holton and Veronica Catanese, star reporters; and Donna D ' Ermilio, exchange editor of the " Summit " , proudly view the finished product along with their moderator. Sister Antonia. The girls exhibit their literary talents in the bi-monthly publication. Summit In recognition of the literary talent which is found among underclassmen, this year ' s " Sum- mit " was published under the direction of Juniors and Sophomores. Each member of the staff contributed her best efforts to make the paper enjoyable reading for the entire student body. V riting and editing, the girls spent their time for the betterment of the paper and the interest of the school. Informative articles as well as creative writing helped to make the " Summit " a fitting tribute to its name. i4At rf , ,-. 1 .:£7:: Mm« Betti Halloran smiles with satis- faction as she reviews a list she has just typed for the yearbook. Working after school in the press room Alice Ladziak and Joan Ra- mos members of the Hilltopper stal listen attentively as they re- ceive their work for the day. Business Managers Pat McCabe and lanice Nagengast display the day ' s results of the Ad and Patron Drive. Each class did its share to help finance the Yearbook. Janice and Pat arranged the Ad and Patrons in the " Hilltopper, " which is a vital part of the publication. Each girl is given an opportunity to contribute to the success of the book through the sale of Ad and Patrons. This year ' s HILLTOPPER staff has tried to create a fitting tribute to the wonderful years we have spent at the Hill. Its members possess a singular spirit, which blazes forth from these pages. A wealth of sacrifices and innumerable good times were made all the more valuable by the fact that each and every memory will be shared by true friends who have profited from these experiences. The devotion they have given to the job is representative of the unique qual- ities of the senior class. The staff wishes to express its gratitude to three women who have participated in the responsibility and the delight of compiling our yearbook. We offer heartfelt thanks to Sister Albert, a moderator who gave of her self along with her invaluable advice. Our grateful ac- knowledgment is due to Sister Xavier, whose assistance to the Business staff was truly ap- preciated. We are also indebted to Sister Christopher, who can justifiably be titled " Hon- orary HILLTOPPER Staff Member " . This yearbook is so much more than a chron- icle of events. It is the heartbeat of a living, unified body. 62 Seated at her desk, Chris Ahearn, editor of the 1969 Hilltopper, and her assistant, Lucille Paolillo go over some of the notes in the rough draft of the yearbook. Sister Albert never loses an opportunity to tell some- one of the various trips she ' s made to Arizona. Rose Spagnuolo is wondering if all this is fact or fantasy. Hilltopper ' ' Taking time out from their duties are the members of the literary staff for the 1969 edition of HILL- TOPPER. They are: bottom row: Adriana Farclla, Joan Ramos, Rose Spagnuolo, Linda Cataldo; top row: Josephine DiVernieri, Pat McAndrew, Marylu Koster, Diana Giordano and Pat Murphy. ■ The annual presentation of the Speech and Drama Society, " The Swan, " set a precedent for the Hill. For the first time in the school ' s history, the production included male members. In the title role of Alexandria is Eileen Boyd who plots with Aunt Symphorosa, Linda Kelly. Anxiously listening to the discussion at the table is Beatrice, portrayed by Marcheta Layne. Leading this discussion ar e Dan Richards as Prince Albert and Professor Agi, Paul Seegitz, the male leads. Portraying Georgine is Mary Dougherty and Mary Ann Portera is Alicia. Speech and Drama 64 Karen Johnsen prepares to sew a but- ton to a costume as Marguerite Maur- iello and Donna Kaiser look on. The costume committee was instruments in helping the cast of " The Swan " look their best. Marianne Portera watches how Janice Nagongast, a member of the stage committee, and Janet McLeod, stage manager, take care of a problem which has arisen. Through the efforts of the various committees the play ran smoothly. 65 3IBLE SOME " " • KS ,V| The notorious Raffaniello sisters, Eileen and Mary, bone up on current events for a forensic contest. The girls, dreaded by their opponents, have helped to garnish our trophy case with their extemporaneous talents. The girls not only participate in forensic meets but also offer their services by acquainting new members with the format of the contests. In the library, Nina Reese, Nancy Richetla, and Gale Creendale, prepare for their next forensic contest by drawing slips of paper on which is written the topics for discussion. Each girl must speak extemporaneously on the subject she has drawn. Forensics 66 An activity of the Future Teachers Club is to give the members classroom experience. The girls are in the kindergarten, examining books done by the preschoolers. Seated at the table around their moderator, Sister M. Dolora, are Lori Cilroy, Rita Leggiadro, Jeanne Savarese, Beth Caites, Phyllis Carullo, Sara Palletto, and Lynne McAlister. Standing are Barbara Loperfido, Fran Ciaramello, Roseanne Marraccino, Pam Trainor, Betty Calasso and Ronnie Sarnese. Future Teachers ' Club Sister Dolora, moderator of the Future Teacher ' s Club, stops Beth Caites, president, in order to discuss an upcoming event of the club. The club visits classrooms to observe teaching methods and also visits various college campuses. 67 The interests of freshmen Cerri Moore and Denise Carnelli are captured by the inhabitants of the Science Club ' s terra- rium. The girls feed and care for the frogs, learning as they enjoy the antics of the playful amphibians. " Where have all the gerbils gone? " They ' ve gone to S.J.H.A. and into the hearts and hands of biology students, Karen Berryman and lane Foge. Karen appears quite motherly while Jane looks a bit apprehensive as she handles her first gerbll. Science Club Veronica Catanese seems to be questioning Susan Massimillo as the girls prepare to use the gam- mator that has just been installed in the bio lab. Gamma rays emit- ted from this device affect the eye color of white eyed fruit flies. 68 Referees for the Intramural Volleyball Tournaments, Marion " Doc " Fitzsimmons and Phyllis Carullo seem to have their hands full, as Terry DiLodovico and Eileen Ahr wait for the action to resume. The girls show great enthusiasm for the games which were initiated into the cur- riculum by Miss Leone. Gym Club The new addition to our gym is being heartily enjoyed by bouncy Joanie Ramos as she demonstrates the proper techniques on the trampoline. The girls surrounding the trampoline serve as safety guards for Joan. 69 All eyes are fixed on the ball as these energetic athletes compete to gel the rebound. At this point each player strives as an individual to gain control of the ball. Throughout the main part of the game, however, all the girls strive to work as one unit. Aside from the athletic ability they display on the court, the team has great spirit which they carry into other school activities. " Sock it to them " , says Sister Christopher to the starting six who are Mary Graber, Anne Marie Sheehan, Cathy Gillespie, Alice Ittner, Marcella Maher and Kathy Rodihan. Their eagerness to begin the game is reflected in their confident faces. Varsity Basketball 1968-69 RECORD We They 53 Fontbonne Hall 12 23 St. Joseph-by-the-Sea 32 40 . .Alumnae 25 33 Notre Dame Academy 39 54 St. Louis Academy 33 22 St. Peter ' s 37 30 Countess Moore 32 31 St. Joseph-by-the-Sea 50 38 St. Louis Academy 27 36 O.L.P.H 63 31 St. Peter ' s 38 36 Countess Moore 41 45 Notre Dame 33 35 St. John Villa 41 70 The members of the varsity are, bottom row: Meg McNally, Pam Trainer, Janet Todd, Marcella Maher, captain, Jeanne Hogan, Stephanie Woods, Nancy Mar- tin. Second row: Ellen Zanfini, Marion Fitzsimmons, Maryelisa Craber, Anne Marie Sheehan, Peggy Brunda, Diana Sweeney. Top row: Sister Christopher, coach, Cathy Gillespie, Brigid Maher, Alice Ittner, co-cap- tain, Caryl Ittner, and Kathy Rodihan. Marcella Maher, captain of the varsity, takes a deep breath after she releases the ball. This one free throw can prove vital to the outcome of the game so everyone anxiously awaits the result of the shot. 71 Cheerleaders St. Joseph ' s cheerleaders are not only concerned with their own achieve- ments b ut also with those of the team. All eyes are fixed on one of the players as the faces of the cheerleaders show their interest in the game. Clearly shown here are the genuine smiles which helped to make St. Joe ' s cheerleading squad famous. The squad consists of: Sara Palletto, Ronnie Sarnese, Mary Jane Kehoe, Phyllis Carullo, Barbara Coyle, co- captain, Marguerite DiFaIco, Lillian Urbanski, Donna Ignozza, captain, Linda DIGiacomo, Anne Robinson, Ginger Gregorowicz, Carol Logan, Carol Krause, Jeanne Savarese, and Mar ' Doughert ' - 72 Clasped hands symbolize the unity of purpose shared by our queens of the court. With hope mirrored identically in their faces, they anticipate the deci- sion of the judges. Although the squad placed fifth in the Fordham competi- tion, they never had to compete for our hearts. We all think that practice makes per- fect but these boosters find out that anyone can make a mistake. They are, kneeling: Adele Checchi, Kathy Foster, Gerri O ' Crady, Joan Wiest. Second row: Alice Smith, Jane Ernst, Gerry Cenci, Barbara Masefield, Barbara Fu- gazzi, Gloria Ryan, Eileen Haley. On top; Debbie Holton, Debbie Keenan, Eileen Sheehan, Ava Schoentube, Peg- gy Lee, and Maureen Plancon. The cheerleaders take out a few min- utes after a game to show us one of the intricate formations which make their cheers all the more beautiful. Under their moderator. Sister Clarissa, they have proved more often than once that they ARE number one. 73 • ' ' a. . I ' v, ' .: Si . y •4 s. S? VtJ.:- ; ' ■««v. ' Ka Events of The Year . . . spirit kindles the flame of friendship This year S.J.H.A. underwent thorough inspection when representatives of the Middle Atlantic States Evaluation Committee came to accredit the school. In-between ob- serving classes, the members of the advisory assembled in the library to conduct conferences and to discuss what they viewed. These men and women offered constructive criticism; however, they were, for the most part, pleased with what they saw. Sister M. William confers in the guidance office with members of the Evaluating Committee. Sister explains her job as guidance counselor for upper classmen to the interested representatives. 76 Miss M. McLaughlin, assistant Chairman, and Dr. R. Baldwin Chairman, enjoy Sister Charlotte ' s com- pany. This dinner was held so that the faculty and the evaluators could become better acquainted in an informal atmosphere. Evaluation Committee Presidents of clubs and various activities of the school met in the Social Hall to confer with several evaluators. The purpose of this meeting was to afford each dele- gate an opportunity to express the aims and accomplishments of their clubs. 77 Members of the Lampadarii Chapter of the National Honor Society pose in the office with their moderator, Sister M. Scholastica, F.D.C. They are — kneeling: Mary Anne Santangelo, Betty Galasso; sitting: Janet Nichols, Denise James, Linda Kelly, Lillian Urbanski. Standing: Rita Leggiadro, Carolyn Giancola, Eileen Raffaniello, Adriana Farella, Chris Ahearn, Cathy Gillespie. National The Lampadarii Chapter of the National Honor Society has always been a symbol of the high scholastic standing of the school. The purpose of all members is to devote their time and energy toward the improvement of their minds and the promotion of all school activities. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are impor- tant qualities of all those who are inducted into this chapter. Their aim is to further these attributes in other students as well as in them- selves. This year the Society undertook the presentation of " It ' s Academic. " They sought to enlighten those who needed a clearer understanding of academic subjects through after school tutoring. Another aspect of the services they render is their supervision of the daily transactions in the bookstore. The members of the National Honor Society strive in every way, by word and deed, to make the ideals of the Society the ideals of their school and their lives. Honor Society 78 After three years of hard work, twelve girls take the pledge by which they are inducted into the Lampadarii Chapter of the National Honor Society. High grades are not the only qualifi- cation for membership in this organization. Certain standards in character, service, and leader- ship must be exhibited by each of the candidates. Congratulations were in order after twelve seniors were inducted into the Lampadarii Chapter of the National Honor Society. The camera catches the excitement of the afternoon. While Lillian Urbanski discusses the day ' s events with her mother, Rita Leggiadro receives con- gratulations from friends after the National Honor Society Induction. Junior Dance It ' s a dream come true for Karen Johnsen, whose smile reflects the joy she feels at the moment when she Is crowned " Queen of the Junior Dance. " Her efforts, along with those of her at- tendants, Regina Castro and Janet Merola, helped to make " Once Upon A Dream " a mem- orable evening for all the Juniors. The wintry atmosphere combined with the fairy tale theme provided a perfect background for this long awaited event. ' ' ' S ) i 80 ■■.■r ' It was " Once Upon A Dream " lor the juniors as they danced to the melodies of the " Spectrum " . That night, the Social Hall was transformed into their special dreamland. The unique decora- tions created by the Juniors under the direction of Sue La Duca provided the fmishing touch for the theme of the dance. 1 ' I Relaxing during a break between dances, these juniors and their escorts pose for a moment to capture the joys of an evening they will always remember. Father-Daughter Dance Bitsy Savoy happily pins a carnation on her escort, Mr. William McCovern, before entering the Social Hall for the father-daughter dance. As their smiles indicate, they anticipate a very en- joyable and memorable evening. The theme of this annual dance was " The Shadow of His Smile " and the decorations were of a spring flower motif. A live combo provided the music, which was suitable to both ages, and the dads proved to be great " swingers. " 1 82 Various expressions were on the faces of the seniors after finishing their dedication song for the dads. When the rendition was over, the girls were anxious to get back to their fathers. Taking time out from dancing, these sen- iors and their fathers pause for some relax- ation and refreshment. Both dads and daughters look forward to this occasion with eagerness. The seniors and their fathers prove that the generation gap can be bridged as they glide across the social hall. Together in step and in spirit they dance to a lively tune. A spark These freshmen provided the musical background for the songs which were used in the show. By creatmg new words for popular tunes, the girls were able to express their feelings as new arrivals at the school. The result was an enjoyable combination of humor and sentiment. Helmets on and spirits ready, these three new arrivals sock it to the senior class. Preparing to kick-off, the girls set the mood with a lively song for what proved to be an entertaining affnrnnr n Hope Herold recites and illustrates Joyce Kilmer ' s poem " Trees. " Her seri- ous interpretation brought many laughs, especially with the unexpected pie-in-the-face ending. 84 of spirit enkindled At the end of this skit from the Talent Show, four graduates of " Madame Schnitzlebomb ' s " , take a curtsy before the student body. The girls are: Emiyn Bodnar, Valerie Eirich, Janis Hartley, and Doreen Ceraci. At the finale of the annual Freshmen talent show, the entire class assembles on stage to sing a tribute dedicated to the seniors. After the entertainment, the girls gathered under the big tree for refreshments. This provided a chance for the classes to become better acquainted. ii The secret is out and by the sad expressions of the faces of these two girls, Genevieve Cun- ther, and Mary Pat Still, it seems that the freshmen class Is aware of it. 85 while waiting to have their pictures taken for the yearbook, these members of the " never go home " club were caught off guard by the photographer. " Smile — you ' re on Candid Camera! " Anne Robinson, star member of the 4:52 club, takes her bow after learning when to and when not to pull the curtain for the school production of " The Swan. " High-ranking officers in the " wait until dark " club are Marcella Maher, captain of the varsity, Chris Ahearn, editor of the yearbook, and Sue LaDuca, president of the Art Club. Freshmen catch on quickly and these three girls are no exception. Sandra Swenson, Donna Santangelo, and Deborah Myers may be new but they are full-fledged members of the " live-in " group. 86 After School Club The cafeteria is the scene of flurried action as loyal hill- toppers struggle to finish their homework before a bas- ketball game in the gym. In the background, cheerleader Jeannie Savarese, puts down her things before dashing to a last minute practice. Her school spirit and loyalty to the Hill have earned Kathy Brosnahan the treasured title of President of the " After School Club. " Needing nourishment to continue her active day, Kathy talks brightly to the candy man in a successful effort to get a free sample. Besides being an active member of many clubs, Kathy is always willing to spend a little extra time in school. 87 Looking forward to the day when their daughters will graduate, these devoted fathers offered their services as ushers at last year ' s ceremonies. These active members of the Fathers ' Club are: A. Portera, T. Bodnar, J. Kehoe, W. Ambrosino, J. Hemmes, F. McKinnon, A. Coviello, and D. Ignozza. Fathers ' Club Mr. William Corley sells sweepstakes for the Basket of Cheer at the Mothers ' and Fathers ' Clubs Valentine ' s Dance. Mr. Corley does not seem to be having too difficult a time selling his chances. At the dais is Mr. Ellien, Mr. F. Nichols, Mr. V. Frandino, and Mr. V. Provosti, applauding those men who had made the Father-Son Communion Breakfast possible. 88 At the Father-Son Communion Breakfast, Mr. T. Bodnar is at the podium to give the opening remarks. Mr. Victor Prevosti announces the names of two distin- guished members of the Father ' s Club, Mr. A. Caime and Mr. R. Mazzeo. Enjoying a hearty breakfast, these sons and dads are caught almost un- aware by our photographer. The Father-Son Communion Breakfast is an annual event of the Fathers ' Club. Mothers ' Guild Glancing up from their breakfast, a few Hilltoppers and their mothers en- joy each other ' s company while get- ting a pleasant relief from the chore of washing dishes. A highlight of the Mother-Daughter Communion breakfast was a speech iven by their thought-provoking speaker, Father Kenneth Calder. Chair- ladies Mrs. Boyd and Mrs. Raffaniello ok on The mothers of Saint Joseph Hill Academy attended a gratifying Mass with their daughters on an early morn- ing in May. This is an annual spring tradition. The morning Mass was fol- lowed by a communion breakfast. f« ; " i 90 The annual card party is one of the major fund raising affairs of the Mothers ' Club. Mrs. K. O ' Donnell, selling sweepstake tickets beams, as the event seems to be going well. The Mothers ' Guild organizes many such affairs for the benefit of the school. The time and energy given by the mothers always helps to make the annual bazaar a huge success. Their concern is greatly appreciated by all. Mothers and daughters enter the cafeteria after Mass in the auditorium, at the Mother-Daughter Communion Breakfast, sponsored by the Mothers ' Guild. All dressed in spring finery, they anticipate both relaxation and a good breakfast. After presenting the spring fashions at the Mothers ' Club Card Party, Mrs. N. D ' Ermilio introduces the women responsible for the production. Mrs. D. Arselenian, Mrs. A. Coviello, Mrs. A. Portera, and Mrs. C. Minchew re- ceived a hearty round of applause for their untiring devotion to the Club. Fashion Show A member of the Mothers ' Club models a smart pants suit, to the delight of those enjoying the show. Practical casual clothing is the everyday attire of the mothers, whose interests are captured by the outfit. This group of women watch the display of fashions with interest. The show was presented through the efforts of the Mothers ' Club, and the proceeds were added to Club funds. 92 Alumnae Graduates gather at the Hill for the annual alumnae mass and communion breakfast held in the spring. From the smiles on their faces, it ' s easy to see that the former Hilltoppers are reliving the happy memories of their years here. Mrs. Carol Abbruzza Kuf ner and Mrs. Betty Riedy Helm discuss the results of the annual Alumnae Break- fast. Their planning was in a large part responsible for the success of this important event on the Club ' s calendar. One opportunity afforded to the Alumni Association to reunite and reminisce is their Annual Com- munion Breakfast. Always anxious for a chance to get together, Mrs. Dorothy Reidy Conti and Mrs. Mary Bruno Nolan announce the events to come. Another affair sponsored by the association was their luncheon in January. I ' ■ I n i ' ' irX. ' ' 7 " ' i " t i- -;« =• " • « • - • ;-) ' ;. V i Seniors their spirit lights the way, the way to the future CHRISTINE MARGARET AHERN Devoted ... a friend to all . . . picture of innocence . . . green eyes . . . unpretentious . . . puppy love . . . orange girl . . . lobster . . . gives of herself . . . unfailing . . . unforgettable . . . Chris. LINDA LEE AMBROSINO Warm smile . . . " Not another test " ... an under- standing friend . . . great dancer . . . ever ready to offer a hand . . . our would be French scholar . . . sensitive . . . Linda. DENISE ANN AYOUB Optimistic . . . " Frosty " . . . creativity in art jovial and animated . . . colorful personality careful thinking . . . Denise. MARYANN J. AURIEMMA Sparkling green eyes aptly mirror her vivacity . . . wonderful listener . . . " Summer Rain " . . . scooter pies . . . " RIbbit, ribbit " . . . pensive gentleness . . . " Aur. " 96 LINDA MARY BOYLE Devoted friend . . . blue . . . " Daydream Believer " . . . aspires to be in " show biz " . . . unruffled . . . calm outlook on life . . . Linda. " nnareriiscrfTtv ' LINDA SUSAN CATALDO True concern for others ... a future Coco Chanel . . . Boutique tissues . . . very entertaining . . . SMQ ... a kiss on the hand . . . girl behind the scenes . . . Linda. We leave not as graduates " What ' s the scoop, Chief? " inquires May " Lois Lane " Kehoe of Marcheta Lois Layne as they depict a typi- cal scene from " Superman. " May takes time out from her Student Council duties to greet the newest member of the Senior class with a joke. 97 but as one graduate FRANCINE ANNE ClARAMELLO Underslanding ... a party goer prowess ... a loyal friend people . . . warmhearted . . . possesses literary sincere belief in Fran. I Pausing for a rrioment from her hectic schedule, Sister Charlotte glances out her window only to find Marcella Maher trying to catch her attention. However, what seems like an urgent matter is only a friendly hello. LINDA ANNE CIARAVINO Scintillating blue eyes . . . convincing actress fervent . . . Linda. fun loving personality " Let ' s 20 Farrell! " . . . 98 PATRICIA ANNE COLUMBUS Demure and poised . . . " and the lucky number is " . . . perl Y ... a serene smile . . . knit one, purl one . . . a friend In need . . . unselfish . . . Patly. v.. lir JOANNE PATRICIA CLARK Cheerfulness . . . poems and humorous composi- tions . . . always amiable . . . willingly helpful . . . . . a nurse in the making certain smile . . . Pat. JOANN CONSTANCE DeLUCA Loquacious . . . inflexible . . . " skiing " . . . idealistic at times . . . " I ' m only human " . . . fashionable . . . fluttering eyelashes . . . trying to learn to cook . . . joAnn. MICHELE LOUISE D ' ERMILIO Effervescent personified . understand . . " pink elephants " . . . " frenchy " . . . SMQ " the crowning touch " perseverence . . willing to . . . Shelly. 99 LINDA ANNE DiCIACOMO Talkative . . . animated spirit . . . ever optimistic . zest for living . . . opinionated ... " A cranberry for the teacher " . . . genial . . . Dee jock. DEMISE LAUREN DiRIENZO Wit . . . " disgruntled " . . . resolute in her goals . . . our librarian ... " a pretty girl " . . . frank . . . Hattah . . . enthusiastic about travel . . . easygoing . . . Neece. MARY ACNES DOUGHERTY Good things come in small packages . . . " banana " . . . water skiing . . . sweetie pie . . . lovable . . . top of the pyramid . . . " Congratulations Number One " . . . pint size edition of cheer . . . agile . . . serene . . . Mary. JOSEPHINE MARIE DiVERNIER Melodious . . . ready to take the helm ball and the theater " met " . . . cultured . . . " foot- . serious . . . " baby of the a wonderful friend . . . jo. 100 Getting together with their homeroom teacher, Sister Christopher, after school, Lil- lian Urbanski, Eileen Raffa- nielfo, Anne Robinson, Rose Spagnuolo and Janet McLeod present her with an " I ' m Lovable " button. Their happy faces display the friendly at- mosphere of the Senior class. Looking through a pair of eyes ADRIANA BERNADETTE FARELLA Active . . . ebulliant . . . " Rah, Rah Girl " . . . vibrant . . . " I lost my contacts " . . . connpetent . . . finds it difficult to remain in her seat . . . " A ' s upset! " . . . summa cumma . . . service . . . " A " . JANE CECELIA DUNNE Gentle . . . our " little bookie " ... a sweet smile . . . Derby Day minus 70 . . . happiness is an Irish Setter . . . ready to offer herself at all times . . . ghost stories . . . creative . . . janie. 101 CARMELA FRANCESCA FERRANTINO Reflective . . . " El Exigente " . . . earnest in purpose . . . " spotted mustaches " . . . journalistic tendencies . . . devoted singer . . . contented . . . Carm. ELIZABETH ANNE CAITES Understanding friend . . . owner of the world ' s most intelligent dog . . . peacemaker ... a very hard worker . . . has the special grace of a listener . . . sincere and honest . . . Beth. ELIZABETH MARY GALASSO Magnanamous . . . good . . . cheery . . . electrified . . . Panthers . . . has historical insight standing . . . Betty. under- LIBBY ANNE GALANTE Trusting . . . an amiable personality . . . sure-footed . . . bowling . . . " stuffed animal " . . . winsome . . . discreet . . . Libby. 102 Getting in character for her part in the school play as Symphrosia, Linda Kelly curtsies coquetishly. In the background, Sister Chris- topher |oins the .ifternoon fun crowd in the hallway! CAROLYN ANNE GIANCOLA Inquisitive . . . " skiing " . . . controversial . . . deter- mined . . . " 2001 " . . . politically inclined . . . exacting . . . always anxious to learn . . . Carolyn. CATHERINE HELEN GILLESPIE Mischievous . . . " Peaches " . . . bouncy . . . Thomas Hardy . . . " very interesting " . . . whimsical . . . daisy binder . . . Clark Cable . . . The Fag . . . versatile and congenial . . . Cath. turning back once again 103 DIANA MARY GIORDANO Perceptive . . . Paul Newman . . . knowing . . . Mother of Pearl . . . " DIny Doughnuts " . . . under- standing and warm-hearted . . . loves people and people love her . . . encounter . . . searching . . . a rav in the darkne ' i . Dinev ELIZABETH TERESE HALLORAN Unpretentious . . . " Hot cakes Hal " . . . bundle of joy . . . logs . . . realistic . . . dares to be different . . . light-hearted . . . values her independence . . . questioning . . . blue eyes . . . Betti. JANICE ANN HANSEN Easy-going vibrant spirit . . . autumn . . . litde chil- dren . . . impulsive yet thoughtful . . . " sweet blind- ness " . . . spontaneous . . . Ian. JOAN MARY HAMALAINEN Soft spoken . . . linguistic . . . " H " . . . eludes the forces of gravity . . . " Ya ' ll wanna quatuh? " . . . Letter collecting . . . joanie. 104 CARYL ANNE HAYES Aware . . . always ready for action . . . terrific dancer . . . Campbell ' s soup . . . sunny and smiling . . . easygoing attitude . . . zest for life . . . Caryl. SUSAN MARIE HEMMES Ready to laugh . . . high spirited . . . " House of the Rising Sun " . . . burn rubber . . . candid . . . sum- mer at the seashore . . . reliable . . . lovable . . . Susie. for the last time A frequent sight outside Sis- ter Charlotte ' s office is the FREE sign. Any object found and unclaimed becomes the property of the first taker. Apparently, Sister Charlotte found Kathy Rodihan and wants her to be claimed. Please, Mrs. Rodihan, claim your daughter! 105 Saying farewell with a single voice Seniors come m many shapes and sizes and these eight are no exception. Gym classes have helped to perfect their pyramid as displayed by top senior Maureen Mattimore supported by Diane Suthard, Laura Stober, losephme Vece, Pat Menduni, Stephanie Leonardi, Linda Boyle and Pat Kellv. SUSAN ELLEN HERRMANN Serious . . . helpful . ... a good sport . patience is a virtue . true . . . Cianl football team inclination to business . . . Sue. DONNA RAE ICNOZZA Cheery . . . " groovy " . . . rainy days . . . unfailing dependability . . . peanut butter and jelly sand- wiches . . . thoughtful . . . sunshine on a cloudy day . . . good natured . . . Doe. 106 DENISE ANN JAMES Independent . . . avid Met fan . . . red . . . another diet? . . . bright light . . . budgies . . . plans a career in nursing . . . " thingie " . . . jean Claude Killy . . . sedate . . . DJ. ALICE LOUISE ITTNER Gracious . . . blushing red . . . one of the Bio Lab " butchers " . . . " tee hee " . . . neatness personified . . . " but it ' s my bag, sweetie " . . . Elizabeth Barrett Browning . . . subtle wit . . . Ollie. DONNA CAROL KAISER full of glee . . . secretarial ambitions Sporting . . . . adventuresome yet pensive . . . D.K. thoughtful i i MARY JANE KEHOE Always sincere . , . smiling and understanding . . . our little prez . . . Peace ho! . . . " Strain it " . . . " Are you sailors or good humor men? " . . . always a hi . . . patient and reliable . . . fun loving . . . May. 107 KRISTINE ELIZABETH KELLEHER Spontaneous wit . . . famous words " I thirst " . . . walks in parks . . . sea breezes . . . tlioughful friend . . . anticipates a career in teaching the mentally handicapped . . . confident . . . Kris. LINDA GAIL KELLY Dramatic . . . loves to sing . . . sophisticated . . . avid book reader . . . misty-eye d romantic . . . " Dear me, I am upset! " . . . sentimental . . . walk- ing in the rain . . . witty . . . bright blue eyes . . . dependable . . . Lindakelly. Lively " my Kadette " " beep " . . . chatty ERANCINE MARIE KLELE inquisitive . . . The summer of 1968 enioys sports . . Fran. energetic PATRICIA ANN KELLY Sensitive . . . happy eyes . . . helpful and concerned ... a friend to trust . . . values the gift of life . . . attentive . . . determined . . . sincerity . . . Pat. 108 The mischievous expressions on the faces of seniors Lu- cille Paolillo, Rose Spagnuolo and Linda Cataldo seem to say, " Let ' s try it again, girls. This time without a de- merit! " The girls, having failed at this adventure be- fore, are more careful this time as they alter the sign and remove their saddle shoes. i finiit!;(iirf With many aims yet a single goal AUCE MARIE LADZIAK Piercing eyes . . . " rah-rah-raii " . . . sensitive . . . Macaroni Ma . . an encouraging word . . . " Why " . . . a figure of liappiness . . . an understanding listener . . . logs . . . firm in her convictions . . . snip ... a friend . . . Alice. MARYLU GENEVIEVE KOSTER America ' s favorite weight watcher . . . mysterious ■ . . creative writer . . . one of a kind . . . Clark Kent glasses . . . loves to take road tests . . . witty personality . . . " everybody sing Marylu " . . . opin- ionated . . . Marylu. 109 MARCHETA LOIS LAYNE Poised . . . " chiquita " . . . potential actress . . . laughing and daydreaming ... a vivid imagination . . . new addition . . . sweet . . . Marcheta. MAUREEN GRACE LEDWITH Sentimental . . . Princess and Mickey . . . loves children . . . fashion conscious . . . blue . . . bric-a- brac collector . . . Friday the 13th . . . friendly . . . Moe. STEPHANIE FRANCES LEONARD! Expressive hatids . . . loves to bowl . . . secretarial ambitions . in manner reliable . serene independent . . Steph. casua i RITA MARIE LEGGIADRO blue . . . fresh air fiend . . . loyal Pensive sting rays . . . thrifty . . . disputatious ... a rah, rah girl . . . likes to dance . . . amiable . . . Rita- 110 u. BARBARA JEAN LORMEL Pleasant . . . always there . . . potato chips ... a business career ... a dash at shyness to season a lively heart . . . green eyes . . . Sam. MARCELLA ACNES MAHER Genuine ... a proud Brooklynite . . . easily con- vinced . . . Mother Maher . . . red shoelaces and itchy backs . . . " lump up Marcie " . . . yellow . . . polka-dot binder . . . collegiate ... a companion . . . Encounter . . . Marcie. Knowledge acquired through . . . The beagle pup won the heart of Hilltopper editor Chris Ahearn during the week of the Yearbook Fund Drive. His home was the Press room until the winner of the raffle claimed him. Ill MARIANN JANE MALLANO Punctual . . . reliable . . . " Arbolito " . people . . . sometimes gullible . . . travel a lot . . . helpful . . . Mar. enjoys laughs JANET ANNE MALLOY Barefoot in the streets . . . blushes . . . secretary in the making . . . bubbly . . . Wait ' til the sun shines, Nellie . . . likely to leap tall buildings in a single car . . . happy go lucky . . . Mahjoy. Graceful . number 7 Sharon. SHARON FLORENCE MANDIA . . tranquil ... a happy smile . . . lucky fastidious dresser . . . poised . . . BARBARA ANN MALLUK Considerate and compassionate . . . appreciation lor the arts . . . ready smile . . . wants to work with those less fortunate . . . Barbara. 12 ROSANNE R. MARRACCINO Well organized . tious . . . gold . . . . . helpful . . . Roe enjoys a good laugh . . . ambi- friendly . . . enjoys good music MAUREEN ANN MATTIMORE Conscientious . . . Afghan hounds and Irish Setters ■ . . genuine concern . . . sports minded . . . impec- cable . . . laughing . . . dependable . . . good natured . . . Maureen. unique experience One of the highlights of the year was the French dinner. Preparing for their future as homemakers, Rose Spag- nuolo, Marylu Koster and Anne Robinson seem pleas- antly surprised at the results of their tossed salad. In the background, Fran Ciarmello prepares a tray of food. 1 13 Individual memories yet a common past PATRICIA ANN McANDREW Perceptive . . . brown . . . talkative . . . always right cheerful . . . snowball fights . . . crazy foam . fun loving . . . Pat. Mary Dougherty ' s favorite expression is " It ' s not how long you make it, it ' s how you make it long, " but Susan Herrmann believes that the answer to Mary ' s problem does not lie in books. PATRICIA MADALYN McCABE Warm smile . . . Impish eyes . . . enjoys life itself . . . song in her heart . . . treasures friendship . . . cherishes memories . . . highspirited . . . makes herself known to all . . . a true leader . . . Patty. 114 JANET ANN McLEOD Kneasy . . . deep . . . sometimes mysterious . . . controversial . . . class philosopher . . . sensitive . . . big hearted . . . red . . . involved . . . encounter . . . Clod. PATRICIA ANN MENDUNI Warm . . . dependable . . . " number 24 " . . . white V.W. . . . football Ian . . . infectious sense of humor . . . Manhattan . . . " Homey " . . . enjoyable to be with . . . Pat. LINDA JOY MORGANELLI Reserved . . . soft spoken . . . " kittens " . . . con- cerned . . . " Beach Boys " . . . gentle . . . " lockers " . . . good natured . . . Morg. PATRICIA JEAN MULLIN Affectionate . . . naive . . . " I forp,ol " . . . mustangs . . . pizza . . . her dog, Teddy sweet simplicity . . . Pat. " Bambi " 115 PATRICE ANN MURPHY Joviality personified . . . " travels to the beat of tfie different drum " . . . warm tiearted eagerness . . . a real bell ringer . . . exhilerating optimism . . . sensitive . . . Pat JANICE ANN NAGENGAST Spirited sincerity . . . lean Nate . . . " Jamaica Fare- well " . . . unselfish involvement . . . " stairs " . . . musically Inclined . . . number one secretary . . . " most coordinated " . . . Janice. JANET MARIE NICHOLS Pensive . . . aspires to become a nuclear physicist . . . ice hockey . . . ceramics, music . . . Rod Gilbert . . . red . . . kind and considerate . . . Janet. KATHLEEN JOAN NELSEN Congenial . . . never-failing thoughtfulness . . . " the kids " . . . likes to write letters . . . adept seamstress . . . rah, rah, girl . . . treasured and unforgettable friend . . . Kathy. 116 As the school day draws to a close, Susan Hommes and Patricia McCabo cheerfully perform one of their daily chores. Both the honor and responsibility of caring for the flag is entrusted to these seniors. Leaving behind yet taking JOAN LORRAINE OLSEN Big hearted . . . easygoing . . . lias lucl on her side . . . the best of cooks . . . avid letter writer . . . " Sunny " . PHYLLIS ANNE NUNES Stylish . . . pessimistic . . . straightforward . . . athletic . . . perpetual laughter . . . an honest smile . . . thoughtful and concerned . . . Chocks vitamins ... " A big TE " . . . always a cheerleader . . . Phyll. 117 LINDA MARIE OTRANTO Unselfish . . . every task is a labor of love . . . class drugstore . . . " front " . . . one-way streets . . . the wrong way ... a lunar secretary . . . thoughtful . . . Linda. ANNAGRACE ROSE PANNI Determined . . . level headed . . . doing her own thing . . . mod . . . enjoys dancing . . . Chinese gourmet mod . . . enjoys dancing . . reserved . . . Anna. .■S laM JANET ANN PATTI Understanding ... a real marve . . . Brooklyn . . . " T " ... a born leader . . . always willing to help . . . one in a million . . . encounterite . . . someone who really cares . . . I. P. LUCILLE MARIE PAOLILLO Energetic . . . foot on the gas . . . always a laugh and a kind word . . . politically inclined . . . unique . . . sympathetic . . . Cood night, Che! . . . Good night, David . . . Cood night, Lucille . . . Encounter . . . Lu. 118 Caught in the act, our harried Hilltopper, Dcnise DiRienzo, strikes a familiar pose as she vacuums Sister Charlotte ' s rug. Light house- keeping in the office is the chore of the day for those who are tardy. EILEEN MARY RAFFANIELLO Genuine . . . perceptive . . . confidencien confidence . . . " Radish " . . . expressive . . . " The fact is " . . . conversationalist . . . encounter . . . Eileen. JOAN ANNE RAMOS Bright and Bouncy . . . " Frisbee on the roof " bowling . . . speedy juanita talkative always joking . athletic loan. 119 CAROL MARIE RESCH Potato chips and hershey bars . . . Saint A ' s folk guitar club . work? athletic bus runners . scientific why do home- CaroL ANNUNZIATA A. RICHETTA A pert bundle of energy . . . careful in all she pur- sues ... a real friend . . . loves children . . . keen sense of humor . . . linguistic . . . Nancy. LUCIA ANN ROCCO Chatty . . . new clothes . . . eating . . . telephones . . . dry cleaners . . . the snip . . . " Young girl " . . . kind and thoughtful . . . Lucia. ANNE MADELEINE ROBINSON Everybody ' s friend . . . " What ' s a T. H. White? " . . . The Louis Came . . . enthusiastic ... a sym- pathic listerner . . . giggly . . . hard worker . . . encounter . . . Anne. 120 KATHLEEN MARY RODIHAN A real riot . . . footnecklace . . . Hynettes . . . knitted woolen slippers . . . " Darlin " . . . long walks at Breezy Point . . . goobers . . . mischievous and merry . . . Get that ball . . . impish . . . Rod. MARY ANNE SANTANCELO Patience . . . to he found with two Lindas . . . " Sant " ... a winning smile . . . Spanish and swim- ming . . . sweet . . . 122 and the water cooler . . . sunny . . . Mary Anne. along a unified spirit It is impossible to summa- rize four years of friends and teachers, work and play, joys and fears into an hour ' s ceremony but we attempt just this in our commence- ment exercises, which draws us together for the last time in the sheltering towers of brick and tree. 121 Our light has become one flame . . . The familiarit ' of the scene does not cause the moment to lose its significance. As the campus gate opens onto many roads, so do friends step into the many directions of life. JEANNE MARIE SAVARESE Vivacious . . . generous . . , " posters " ... a future home as a teaclier . . . first to volunteer . . . fun in the hallway ... a great artist . . . uninhibited nicknames . . . Jeanne. ROSEANN YOLANDA SAVOCA Vibrant . . . blue . . . 4th of July . . . Andy Williams . . . chatty . . . future History teacher . . . impulsive . . . animated . . . loves to drive . . . mod . . . lucky 13 . . . Roe. 122 DONNA MARIE SOLDIVERA Artistic . . . fashionable . . . frilly dresses . . . stuffed animals . . . all tiearl . . . fluttery eyelashes . . . Ding Dong- " Avon Calling " . . . Salvo. Meticulous flip side . punctual . Wren. RENEE ANNE SCHMIDT . . very subtle . . . willing to hear the . white socks and dress pants . . . . persistent . . . forever smiling . . . ROSE PEGGY SPACNUOLO Soft hearted . . . devoted to her angel . . . talkative . . . blah, blah, blah . . . " daises " . . . comfortable person . . . cold pizza . . . second hand . . . Encounterite . . . impulsive but determined . . . Rose. LAURA JEAN STOBER Inquisitive . . . giggles . . . attractive . . . sympathetic listener . . . blue eyes . . . bananas . . . jokes . . . outstanding laugh . . . capricious . . . Laura. 123 DIANE CHRISTINE SUTHARD Friendly . . . carefree . . . chrysanthemums . . . twirler and cheerleader . . . cordial . . . ready smile . . . surprise birthday cakes . . . joyful . . . Dl. PAMELA HELEN TRAINOR Uncomplicated . . . Augie ' s plays . . . ski trips outdoors . . . horseback riding . . . basketball lockers . . . friendly . . . Pam. JOSEPHINE VECE Quiet . . . gormet cook . . . determined in her ambition . . . future production assistant . . . clothes-consious . . . obliging . . . felicity . . . joAnn. LILLIAN H. URBANSKI Feminine . . . " Gone With the Wind " . . . sym- pathetic . . . U.S.C.C. . . . serene and poised " Yellow Volkswagens " . . . encounterite standing . . . Lii. under- lie SUSAN MARIE WATT Impetuous . . . homey . . . paints and sews . . . loves children ... a flying career . . . enjoys horse- back riding and ice skating . . . likes to have small things . . . pert . . . Sue. traveling in many directions LAURA ELLEN WILCKEN Ready and willing . . . Campbell soup kid . . . companionable . . . " an unfinished product " . . . always there . . . " Danny Boy " . . . future nurse and wife . . . well-intentioned . . . Laurie. JACQUELINE MONIQUE WEIR Expressive eyes . . . Horse Happy . . . " Cherish " . . . a cute litde pinky . . . " Weir ' s Words of Wisdom " . . . sing out . . . cool and calm . . . an A P Creen Bean . . . soft-spoken . . . lackie. 125 Senior Directory Christine Margaret Ahearn September 27 360-75th St. TE 6-5071 Brooklyn National Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3; Student Council 3; Class Officer 2; Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1, Red Cross Volunteer 1; Hilltopper, Editor; National Merit Finalist; Plebes of Democracy 4; Future Teachers Club 3. February 18 YU 1-6216 Linda Lee Ambrosino 636 Fingerboard Road Staten Island Catholic Action 2,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2, Speech and Drama Society 1,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; C.C.D. 4. November 1 981-1220 Maryann |. Auriemma 239 Sand Lane Staten Island French Honor Society 3,4; Class Officer 4; Catholic Action 2,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Press Club 4; Speech and Drama Society 1,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 1,2. Denise Ann Ayoub May 30 31 -80th Street TE 6-4148 Brooklyn French Club 2,3; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Plebes of Democracy 3. Linda M. Boyle April 18 1033 Van Duzer Street 447-2171 Staten Island French Club 2,3; Spanish Club 4; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 1; Plebes of Democracy 3. Linda Susan Cataldo August 18 374 Chesterton Avenue YU-7-3546 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2, Hilltopper Staff 4; Press Club 3,4; Art Club 4; Library Club 1,2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3; Plebes of Democracy 4. Francine Anne Ciaramello 318 York Avenue Staten Island Catholic Action 2, Club 3; Art Club mocracy 4. July 29 448-5927 French Club 3,4; Drama Society 2,3,4: Glee 2; Future Teachers Club 4; Plebes of De- Linda Ann Ciaravino May 15 377 Oak Avenue EL-1-6248 Staten Island Student Council 2; Catholic Action 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2; Glee Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 4. Patricia Joanne Clark February 14 102 Benedict Avenue 442-5486 Staten Island Class Officer 1,2,3; Catholic Action 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Literary Club 4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Patricia Ann Columbus September 12 17 Pine Tree Road 201 CL-4-4929 Old Bridge, New Jersey Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Art Club 2,3,4; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; CCD 3. JoAnn DeLuca December 27 231 Adelaide Avenue YU-7-2547 Staten Island Class Officer 3,4; Catholic Action 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 4; Library Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4; CCD 3. MIchele Louise D ' Ermilio August 14 17 Pouch Terrace GI-2-4743 Staten Island French Honor Society 3,4; Catholic Action 4; French Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Linda Ann DiCiacomo October 19 238 St. John ' s Avenue GI-8-8306 Staten Island Catholic Action 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3; Cheerleading 3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Denise Lauren DiRienzo ..August 5 102 Catling Place TE-6-7322 Brooklyn Catholic Action 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Art Club 2,4; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Future Teachers Club 4. Josephine Marie DiVernieri September 27 22 Hilltop Terrace 987-1527 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Hilltopper Staff 4; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 4; CCD 4. Mary Agnes Dougherty April 7 186 Utter Avenue YU-1-2532 Staten Island Class Officers 4; Catholic Action 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1; Cheerleading 3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 1; Hilltopper Staff 4. Jane Cecelia Dunne December 29 1039 Forest Avenue YU-1-6548 Staten Island Class Officer 3; Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1. Adriana Bernadette Farella November 3 43 Scranton Street 448-4797 Staten Island NationI Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3; Class Officer 1; Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1,2; Speech and Drama So- ciety 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Hilltopper Staff 4; 5umm;( Staff 3. 126 April 13 987-6531 Carmela Francesca Ferrantino 57 Duncan Street Staten Island Catholic Action 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Club 1,2; Speech and Drama Society 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; CCD 3; Plebes of Democracy 4. January 9 TE-6-1085 Elizabeth Anne Galles 555 Ovington Avenue Brooklyn Class Officer 4; Catholic Action 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Art Club 1,2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Vol- unteer 4; Future Teachers Club 3,4. Libby Anne Galante September 27 204 Reno Avenue EL 1-0497 Staten Island Spanish Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Elizabeth Mary Galasso May 12 97 Piedmont Avenue YU-1-8023 Staten Island National Honor Society 3,4; Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Future Teachers Club 4; CCD 4. Carolyn Anne Giancola January 18 62-73rd Street SH-5-8221 Brooklyn National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Club 1,2; Speech and Drama Society 1. Catherine Helen Gillespie February 24 199 Gelston Avenue TE-6-6894 Brooklyn National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Stu- dent Council 1,2,4; Cat ' iolic Action 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4; Library Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,4; Forensicsl; Varsity 1,2,3,4. Diana Mary Giordano February 10 112 Donley Street GI-8-0399 Staten Island Class Officer 4; Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Latm Club 2; Press Club 3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 2,3; CCD 3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Elizabeth Therese Halloran January 18 30 Shaughnessy Lane 727-0007 Staten Island Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Speech and Drama So- ciety 3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 2,3; Plebes of Democracy 3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4. Janice Ann Hansen December 25 94 Coursen Place AR-3-1361 Staten Island Class Officer 3; Catholic Action 2,4; French Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Vol- unteer 1,2; Plebes of Democracy 3; Hilltopper Staff 4; CCD 4. Caryl Ann Hayes 1ay 21 51 Circle Road 351-5847 Class Officer 1,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Speech and Drama So- ciety 4; Varsity 2; Plebes of Democracy 4. Susan Marie Hemmes September 7 159 Dutchess Avenue EL-1-7292 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,4; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 4; Glee Club 3; Hilltopper Staff 4; Red Cross Volunteer. September 13 BE-8-1949 Susan Ellen Herrmann 556-74th Street Brooklyn Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3 4- Art Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1. Donna Rae Ignozza May ' 8 402 Riga Street EL-1-6785 Staten Island Class Officer 3; Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3; Speech and Drama Society 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Captain 4; Plebes of Democracy 3. August 20 GI-8-7954 Alice Louise Itlner 322 Oakland Avenue Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,4; Varsity 1,2,3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4. Denise Ann James June 13 156-87th Street TE-9-1526 Brooklyn National Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; Stu- dent Council 4; Treasurer of Student Council 4; Class Officer 1,2; Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 3; Red Cross Volunteer 2; CCD 3; Future Teachers Club 3. Donna Carol Kaiser November 7 43 Fingerboard Road SA-7-4035 Staten Island Class Officer 2; Catholic Action 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Speech and Drama Society 1,4; Varsity 1; Glee Club 2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Joan Mary Hamalainen May 12 449 Lynn Street EL-1-7663 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 4. Kristine Elizabeth Kelleher August 16 398 Manor Road GI-8-2066 Staten Island Student Council 2; Hilltopper Staff 4; Science Club 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Speech and Drama Society 4; Varsity 1,2; Catholic Action 2,3,4; CCD 4; Plebes of Democracy 3,4. 127 Senior Directory Mary Jane Kehoe March 3 221 Reno Avenue 987-2945 Staten Island Student Council 2,3,4; Student Council President 4; Class Officer 1,2; Catholic Action 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3; Speech and Drama Society 1,4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Linda Gail Kelly May 5 249 Rice Avenue SA-7-5381 Staten Island National Honor Society 3,4; French Honor Society 3,4; Class Officer 3; Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 3,4; CCD 3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4. Patricia Ann Kelly April 3 144 Vanderbilt Avenue GI-7-4141 Staten Island Student Council 3,4; Class Officer 2,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Speech and Drama Society 2,3,4; Catholic Action 4; Library Club 1; Plebes of Democracy 3; CCD 4. Francine Marie Klele 183 Cclston Avenue Brooklyn French Club 3,4; Varsity 1,2,3. April 18 BE-8-1902 Stephanie Frances Leonardi May 26 190 Major Avenue GI-2-7513 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 2,3; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,4; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Plebes of Democracy 3. Barbara Jean Lormel October 10 51 Seaver Avenue EL-1-9210 Staten Island French Club 2,3; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3; Plebes of Democracy 3. Marcella Agnes Maher November 4 8025 Colonial Road BE-8-0602 Brooklyn National Honor Society 3; Class Officer 1,3; Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Art Club 1,2; Library Club 1; Speech and Drama Society ; Varsity (Captain) 1,2,3,4; CCD 3; Hilltopper Staff 4. Mariann )ane Mallano November 13 1028 Willowbrook Road 447-5783 Staten Island Student Council 1,4; Class Officer 3; Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 4; Library Club 1; Drama So- ciety 2,3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4. Marylu Genevieve Koster August 16 272-86th Street SH-8-1060 Brooklyn Catholic Action 3; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1,2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,4; Plebes of Democracy 4; Hilltopper Staff 4. Alice Marie Ladziak January 22 28 Legion Place GI-7-3356 Staten Island Press Club 4; Spanish Club 2,3; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3; Catholic Action 4; Hilltopper Staff 4. Marcheta Lois Layne 222A Fort Wadsworth Staten Island Red Cross Volunteer 1; Club 2,3. August 9 GI-7-5100-644 Speech and Drama Society 2,3,4; Glee Maureen Grace Ledwilh September 13 193 St. John ' s Avenue SA-7-7233 Spanish Club 3,4; Speech and Drama Society 3,4; Library Club 1,2. Rita Marie Leggiadro September 11 26 Baker Place SA-7-0823 Staten Island National Honf)r Society 3,4; Catholic Action 2,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Speech and Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Future Teachers Club 3,4. Janet Anne Malloy November 2 687 Hylan Blvd. Gl-7-6979 Staten Island Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Art Club 3; Drama So- ciety 3,4. Barbara Ann Malluk October 9 148-84lh Street TE-6-6028 Brooklyn Catholic Action 2,4; French Club 3,4; Art Club 2,3; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 3; Plebes of Democracy 4; Press Club 4. Sharon Florence Mandia May 25 37 Liberty Avenue EL-1-4613 Staten Island Catholic Action 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Art Club 1,2,4; Cheer- leading 2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 1,2,3. Rosanne R. Marraccino August 15 71 Roderick Avenue SA-7-5275 Staten Island Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4, Art Club 4; Library Club 2; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers Club 3.4. Maureen Ann Matlimore lanuary 3 ()1 I ' rincelon Avenue EL-1-4585 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,4, Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3, Speech antl Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Patricia Ann McAndrew lanuary 16 211 Wolverine Street YU-7-0726 Staten Island French Honor Society 3; Catholic Action 2; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Hilllopper Staff 4; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Drama Society 1,2,4; Cheerleading 2,3; CCD 3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Patricia Madalyn McCabe March 16 115 Manor Road GI-8-6257 Staten Island Student Council 3,4; Secretary 4; Class Officer 2, Catholic Action 2,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Hilltoppet Business Manager 4; Drama Society 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 2,3; Plebes of Democracy 3. Janet Ann McLeod November 27 440-83rd Street TE-3-8567 Brooklyn Catholic Action 4; French Club 3; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Patricia Ann Menduni September 14 128 Penn Avenue YU-7-3376 Staten Island Catholic Action 4; French Club 2,3; Art Club 3; Library Club 1; Drama Society 4; Red Cross Volunteer 2; Plebes of De- mocracy 3. Linda Joy Morganelli September 25 26 Wright Avenue 447-3264 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Drama Society 3,4. Patricia Jean Mullin December 11 40 Hope Avenue SA-7-4539 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Patrice Ann Murphy October 14 817 Fmgerboard Road 448-6382 Staten Island Class Officer 2,4; Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Latm Club 2,3; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Press Club 3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4; Library Club 1; Plebes of Democracy 4; CCD 3,4; Varsity Time Keeper 3,4. Janice Ann Nagengast April 17 121 Jacques Avenue EL-1-2388 Staten Island Student Council 2; Class Officer 1,2,3; Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3,4; Hilltopper Business Manager 4; Drama Society 1,2,3,4. Kathleen Joan Nelsen December 31 95 Browning Avenue 448-2651 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 2,3; Library Club 1; Drama Society 1,2,4; Glee Club 3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Janet Marie Nichols September 8 72 Manor Road 727-6448 Staten Island National Honor Society 3,4; Catholic Action 4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Library Club 1,2,3; Drama Society 3,4; Forensics 3,4; Glee Club 1 ; Red Cioss Volunteer 2. Phyllis Anne Nunes June 8 95 Overlook Terrace YU-1-5062 Staten Island Student Council 1; Class Officer 1,2,4; Catholic Action 2,3,4; Press Club 3,4; Art Club 1,2; Cheerleading 1,2,3; Red Cross Volunteer 1,2; Plebes of Democracy 3,4; Hilltopper Staff 4; French Club 2,3; Spanish Club 3. Joan Lorraine Olsen September 1 251-89th Street 745-6964 Brooklyn Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 1,2,4. Linda Marie Otranto September 23 131 Piatt Street 987-5782 Staten Island Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Class Officer 1: Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Drama Society 1; Cheerleading 3. Annagrace Rose Panni February 25 136 McClean Avenue SA-7-0881 Staten Island Spanish Club 3,4; Drama Society 1,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Lucille Maria Paolillo November 29 629 Bay Ridge Avenue 836-9666 Brooklyn Catholic Action 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Assis- tant Editor of Hilltopper 4; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; CCD 3; Plebes of Democracy 4. Janet Ann Patti July 31 65 Piedmont Avenue GI-7-3068 Staten Island Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Student Council 2,4; Class Officer 2,4; Catholic Action 2,4; French Club 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press 3,4; Library Club 1; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Eileen Mary Raffaniello March 22 344 96th Street TE-6-4607 Brooklyn National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Catholic Action 3; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Club 1; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4; CCD 3; Future Teachers Club 3. Joan Anne Ramos January 2 214 Reno Avenue YU-7-2205 Staten Island Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Hilllopper Staff 4; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2; Plebes of Democracy 4; CCD 3; Red Cross Volunteer 2. 129 Senior Directory Carol Marie Resch January 9 580-84th Street TE-9-1028 Catholic Action 3,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Art Club 2; Library Club 1; CCD 3,4; Plebes of Democrocy 4. Annunziata A. Richetfa August 15 106 Kramer Street 442-7871 French Honor Society 3,4; French Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 3; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 1,2,3,4. Anne Madeleine Robinson February 22 92 Hales Avenue 984-8152 Staten Island French Honor Society 3; Class Officer 3,4; Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 3,4; Latin 2,3; Hilltopper Staff 4; Press Club 4; Library Club 2; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 3,4; Plebes of Democracy 4. Lucia Ann Rocco November 20 70 Second Street YU-7-0164 Staten Island Class Officer 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Library Club 1; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 1,2; Plebes of De- mocracy 3. Kathleen Mary Rodihan November 30 358-96th Street BE-8-1773 Brooklyn Class Officer 4; French Club 2,3; Press Club 3,4; Drama So- ciety 4; Varsity 1,2,3,4. Mary Anne Santangelo February 25 157 Anderson Street YU-1-7525 Staten Island National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Class Officer 2; Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 2; Drama Society 3. Jeanne Marie Savarese February 19 28 Whitehall Street EL-1-3416 Staten Island Class Officer 2,3; Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Press Club 4; Hilltopper Staff 4; Art Club 1,2; Library Club 1; Drama Society 3,4; Cheerleading 3,4. Roseann Yolanda Savoca September 18 806 Wcstwood Avenue 727-8233 Staten Island Class Officer 3; Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Renee Anne Schmidt August 12 139 Sturges Street 273-5157 Staten Island Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Art Club 4; Library Club 2,3; Glee Club 1; Plebes of Democracy 4. Donna Marie Soldivera September 13 245 St. John ' s Avenue GI-7-8168 Staten Island Catholic Action 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Art Club 4; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 1,2,3; Plebes of Democracy 3. Rose Peggy Spagnuolo July 24 66 Second Street EL-1-3104 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Hilltopper Staff 4; Press Club 3,4; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 1,2, 3,4; CCD 3; Plebes of Democracy 4; Red Cross Volunteer 1,2. Laura Jean Stober November 28 425-76th Street SH-8-9043 Brooklyn Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3; Press Club 3; Art Club 2,4; Drama Society 1,2,4; Red Cross Volunteer 1,3,4; Future Teachers Club 3; Plebes of Democracy 3. Diane Christine Suthard April 24 67 Bionia Avenue GI-2-5405 Staten Island Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Pamela Helen Trainor March 29 9 Ravenhurst Avenue SA-7-8878 Staten Island Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3; Press Club 4; Drama Society 1,4; Varsity 1,2,3,4; Red Cross Volun- teer 2,3. Lillian H. Urbanski October 6 177 Atlantic Avenue EL-1-4285 Staten Island National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Catholic Action 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 3,4; Red Cross Volunteer 1,2; CCD 3. Josephine Anne Vece April 17 129 McClean Avenue GI-2-0744 Staten Island Catholic Action 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Plebes of Democracy 3. Susan Marie Watt August 12 182-82nd Street 745-1090 Brooklyn Spanish Club 2,3,4; Art Club 1,2,4; Drama Club 1,2,3. September 22 SH-8-8698 Jacqueline Monique Weir 8402 4th Avenue Brooklyn Catholic Action 2; Spanish Club 3,4; Press Club 3; Art Club 1,4; Drama Society 2,3,4. Laura Ellen Wilcken January 27 20 LaGuardia Avenue 727-0367 French Honor Society 3; Student Council 3,4; Catholic Action 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; Press Club 3; Library Club 1,2; Drama Society 1,2,3,4; Forensics 2; Varsity Score Keeper 3,4. 130 ACE STUDIOS Portrait and Commercia Photographers 515 Targee Street Staten Island, N.Y. 131 132 Collegiate Outfitting Company Co., Inc. 40 West 225th Street New York City, N.Y. 10463 Congratulations to The Class of 1969 Sister M. Perpetua Faculty and Students of S.J.H.A. Elementary School 133 TAVERNA FUEL CO. INC. 134 Congratulations TO MY GRAN DAUGHTER CHRISTINE MRS. A. ZAMOYTA 135 CONGRATULATIONS TO CATHY, JOAN, KATHY, FRANNIE, DEMISE AND EILEEN AND THE SENIOR CLASS SAINT PATRICKS CHURCH BROOKLYN, N.Y. 36 Our Best Wishes To THE GRADUATES OF 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis T. Ahearn Thomas and Dennis 137 THE CORLEY FAMILY 138 COMPLIMENTS OF THE DELIVERY MAN of th( NEWARK NEWS To JOANNE DELUCA A Very Special Person Congratulation! MAY YOUR FUTURE BE ONE OF GREAT FULFILLMENT EDNA MELKIN CHARLES KOUVEL 43 Linden Street Bayonne, New Jersey m CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER CAROLYN and the Class of 1969 MR. AND MRS. DANIEL E. GIANCOLA CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER JOAN and the Graduates of 1969 MR. AND MRS. M. RAMOS MARCY AND JOSEPH 142 Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 69 PATRONS OF SAINT JOSEPH (BOOSTER CLUB) Gl 2-3797 EL 1-5108 CIRCLE FUEL OIL FUEL OILS • OIL BURNER SALES • SERVICE 106 BENTON AVENUE PAUL HAJOSTEK STATEN ISLAND 5, N.Y. 143 CONGRATULATIONS TO JO AND THE CLASS OF ' 69 MR. MRS. PASQUALE DiVERNIERI CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER LINDA and the Class of ' 69 MR. MRS. WILLIAM AMBROSINO 144 COMPLIMENTS OF ST. ANSLEM ' S CHURCH BROOKLYN, NEW YORK MAMARY SLEEPWEAR INC 135 MADISON AVENUE NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016 145 CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNE AND THE CLASS OF 1969 MR. MRS. HENRY J. ROBINSON PATRICK, MADELEINE, MONICA, HARRY, MARY, AND HAIMISH CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER AND SISTER MARY AND THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1969 MR. MRS. DANIEL J. DOUGHERTY DANNY, DONNA, PATRICIA, BILLY AND TOMMY 146 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER BARBARA ANN AND THE GRADUATES OF 1969 MR. MRS. EDWARD N. MALLUK BUTLER ' S MARKET Free Delivery 1146 BAY STREET STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK TEL. GIBRALTER 7-6208 147 GOD GRANT ME THE SERENITY TO ACCEPT THE THINGS I CANNOT CHANGE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS I CAN AND THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Hanley Funeral Home, Inc. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM THE HALLWAY GANG JR. 122 148 NEW BRIGHTON - ST ATEN ISLAND SAVINGS 6l loan ASSOCIATION 1 Hyatt Street Staten Island 10301 Rita M. Van Nome — Exec. Vice-Pres. COMPLIMENTS OF 49th. AD. REPUBLICAN CLUB, INC. EDMUND G. SEERGY, District Leader VIRGINIA A. MALLON, Co-Leader WILLIAM T. CONKLIN, State Senator ANGELO J. ARCULEO, Councilman Minority Leader DOMINICK L. DICARLO, Assemblyman LUIGI R. MARRANO, Family Court Judge FRANK J. DITO, President AUSTEN D. CANADE, Chairman, Board of Governors 8501 SEVENTH AVENUE BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11228 149 150 MORAVIAN FLORIST GARDEN CENTER 2286 RICHMOND ROAD STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. 10306 ELGIN 1-4440 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER JO ANN AND THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969 MR. MRS. JAMES DeLUCA AND ELAINE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER AND THE GRADUATES OF 1969 MR. MRS. VINCENT JAMES AND LINDA CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR DAUGHTER DEMISE AND THE GRADUATES OF 1969 MR. MRS. RAYMOND AYOUB RONNIE AND PAUL 151 SHORE ROAD 8-0504 BAY RIDGE SEA FOOD CENTER AND RESTAURANT HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, AND INSTITUTIONS SUPPLIED S. MARTINI AND SONS 8618-20 FOURTH AVE. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 11209 A. ALBANI, INC. CONSTRUCTION AND MODERNIZATION SPECIALISTS 203 WEST 91 ST STREET NEW YORK, N.Y. 10024 TEL. 689-2171 52 Staten Island Amusement Machine Co., Inc. Serving Saint Joseph Hill Academy SALES — SERVICE — RENTALS RADIO DISPATCHED SERVICE 59. ST. MARY ' S AVENUE STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. 10305 Gl 7-3506 INSTALLATION CONTRACTING STONE MASONRY STONE SETTING FLAGGING TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND SERVICE Domestic Marble And Stone Corporation Domestic Stone Erectors, Incorporated 41 East 42nd Street New York 1 7, N.Y. YUkon 6-0320 153 Congratulations to our LINDA AND THE CLASS OF ' 69 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Otranto GIBRALTAR 7-7109 SALVATORE J. LICARI ALPINE EXCAVATING CORP. PAVING CONTRACTOR Sewers, Woter Mains, Drywells, Trenching -Rentals- Cat Loaders, Backtoaders, Cranes, Compressors 97 Grand Avenue Staten Island, NY. 10301 Compliments of DEMYAN ' S RESTAURANT AND CATERERS 130 Van Duzer Street Stapleton, Staten Island Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. August Casazza 154 New York Phones Day — BOwling Green 9-5715-6-7-8 HAnover 2-9638 Nile — Gibraltar 7-5829 El-Nor Medical Supply Pharmacy, Inc. Wholesale Distributors Steamship — Industrial First Aid Supplies Norfolk — Baltimore — New York C. H. Sniffen 27 Wtiilehall Street New York, N.Y. 10004 THE BANK STATEN ISLAND SAVINGS BANK ST. GEORGE — STAPLETON — NEW DROP LANE CASTLETON CORNERS — GRASMERE SUPER STYLE DRESS CO., INC. MANUFACTURERS OF DRESSES 205 Chestnut Avenue Staten IsiancJ, N.Y. 10305 Donald Patti, Pres. GARRY SCHMEELK L. G. BALFOUR CO. 78-27 37th Ave. Jackson Heights, N.Y. 155 ALL THE SHEEHANS MAURIELLO FURNITURE CO., INC. 7003 — Ft. Hamilton P ' kway. Brooklyn, N.Y. Congratulations To Our Daughter JANET And the Graduates of ' 69 HAROLD E. MALLOY JOSEPH PISARRI ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 17 Ocean Ave., Staten Island YU 1-6887 HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING INDUSTRIAL AND HOME WIRING ELECTRICAL HEATING SPECIALISTS 56 Compliments of RADONICS BAR Corner of 33rd Street and 4th Avenue Brooklyn, New York Proprietors: Pete and Eddie ECONO-CAR Rental System World ' s Fastest Growing Car Rental System Econo-Car of Sfaten Island 1867 Victory Boulevard Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 D. and T. Taylor Gl 8-2980 Congratulations To Our DAUGHTER DONNA And the Graduating Class of 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Don Ignozza and Mary Jayne Congratulations To PAT ;, And the Entire Class of ' 69 Mr. and Mrs. Edward McAndrew, Kevin, Maryann, Eddie, and Karen 157 FL 6-1516 " MISS MARY " STYLIST COLORIST 4065 Amboy Road Great Kills, S.I. Air Conditioned Free Parking in Rear YOUNG SET OPEN MON , THUR5, S FRI. EVES. 1525 Forest Avenue Staten Island Plaza Shopping Center YU 1-6505 • TOTS TEENS The Complete Clothing Store for Children • Boys Girls (sizes to 14) Outfitter for Parochial Private Schools • Infants Wear Christening and Confirmation Ask About Young Sets Charge Plan Congratulations To The Class of ' 69 ESPECIALLY OUR DAUGHTER DIANA Mr. Mrs. Michael Giordano Congratulations To The CLASS OF ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Francis J. Murphy 15i Congratulations to Our Daughter SUSAN Mr. Mrs. George Watt Congratulations to JANIE And The Class of ' 69 THOMAS J. DUNNE Compliments of YANNELLO FAMILY Congratulations To The CLASS OF ' 69 THE RESCH FAMILY 159 WE LOVE YOU SENIORS Sophomore Class 123 Congratulations to NANCY And The Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Luigi Richetta Congratulations To Our Daughter MARY ANNE And Senior 107 The Santangelo Family Elgin 1-3554 If no ans. EL 1-9866 or 9781 SOTTILE PHARMACY D. Giacalone, Reg. Pharm. 629 N. RAILROAD AVENUE DONGAN HILLS, S.I. 160 Congratulations To Our Daughter SUSAN And The Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. John Hemmes Gibraltar 7-7b7Q We Deliver ROSEBANK Wine Liquor Store Lie. No. L-661 Robert Ethel Gunther 1184 Bay St., S.I. 5 (Near Hylan Blvd.) Compliments of EMPIRE SILVER COMPANY VIRGINIA Funeral Directors Stapleton 188 Canal St. Gl 7-5590 Dongan Hills 1707 Hylan Blvd. YU 7-2828 " So Much in Service, So Little in Cost " 161 Kolff Kaufmann, Inc. Real Estate and Insurance 26 Bay Street, St. George Staten Island, N.Y. 10301 Telephone: Gibraltar 7-2550 Congratulations To Our Daughter BARBARA And The Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. L. Lormel Congratulations To The GRADUATES From Mr. Mrs. Pasquole DiRienzo Compliments of the PRIESTS, SISTERS, AND PARISHIONERS Of St. Theresa ' s Parish Staten Island 162 Compliments of J. RIZZICA STATIONERY 9732 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, New York Box Candy — Stationery Sealtest Bulk Ice Cream Tel. 745-9045 89th STREET CAR WASH 8824 Fourth Avenue Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209 Duponf Spray Glazing Cars Shampooed 745-3685 Simonizing — Engines Steam Cleaned Joseph Coscia, Sr. Joseph Coscia, Jr. Com pliments of DAVE ' S Junior Dresses Sportswear 8402 5th Ave. Brooklyn, New York Tel. TE 3-8532 Congratulations to Our Daughter ANNAGRACE Graduate ' 69 The Panni ' s 163 Congratulations To Our Niece JOANN And The Class of 1969 Mr. Mrs. Bernard Jordan RUSSELL ' S BEAUTY SALON All Phases of Beauty Culture by EXPERTS Silver Blondes: Permanents Wig Styling Featuring the Tiny Tot Shoppe 1297 Clove Road Sunnyside Near Victory Blvd. Open Fri. Evenings Gl 2-1610 GRAY-LYN fashions Phone • 273-4490 1251 Hylan Blvd. S.I., N.Y. 10305 Custom Made Alt. Best Wishes to Our Daughter MARIANN And the Senior Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. P. Mallano and Patricia 164 Gibraltar 7-9211 Ed. Macaluso, Prop. A.B.C. SERVICE STATION REPAIR WORK— LUBRICATION— BATTERIES ROAD SERVICE- INSPECTION STATION 920 Hylan Boulevard Staten Island 5, N.Y. Compliments of JOHNNY ' S LUNCHEONETTE 558 Bay St. Staten Island, New York CLoverdale 9-2848 LISETTE GOWNS Custom Made and Ready to Wear Bridal and Evening Gowns 7301 New Utrecht Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11204 Congratulations to CARMELA And the Class of 1969 LOVE MOM AND DAD 165 YUkon 1-5000 Gibraltar 7-8772 TUDOR FURNITURE CO. ' Furniture of Quality and Distinction " 530 BAY STREET, STAPLETON STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. 10304 Congratulations to Our Daughter ROSANNE And the Class of 1969 Mr. Mrs. Joseph Marraccino and Robert REAL ESTATE INSURANCE JAMES REALTY CO. 8307 — 5th Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11209 SH 8-8300 Joseph P. Alesslo (Realtor) Congratulations to Our Niece LAURA STOBER And the Class of ' 69 Dr. Mrs. Edward J. Kreusser 166 Congratulations to Our Daughter ROSEANN And the Senior Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. William Savoca Gibraltar 7-0455 Gibraltar 7-3808 S A 7-2614 GILARDI SONS WHOLESALE FRUIT PRODUCE Stores - Ships - Institutions - Restaurants Supplied Distributor Kingsford Charcoal 1256 Bay Street Staten Island 5, N.Y. McLaughlin sons INC. Frederick J. McLaughlin, Jr. Gerard R. McLaughlin BEachview 8-3600 Chapels 8225 Third Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11209 Colonial Home Third Avenue at 97th Street Brooklyn, New York 11209 Congratulations to Our Daughter LAURIE And Senior 107 Mr. Mrs. Robert D. Wilcken Lois Bobby 167 C. J. MANCINO SON ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Nicholas V. Mancino, Mgr. 1474 Hylan Boulevard Staten Island, N.Y. 10305 Phone 987-2425 Nonpareil Tavern 452 Tompkins Avenue Rosebank, S.I. N.Y. Gl 7-9810 Est. 1893 Congratulations To the Class of 1969 The Tufono Family John DeLilo Shoe Store 59 New Dorp Plaza Staten Island, N.Y. 10306 EL 1-2138 168 Compliments of AL JIM ' S GROCERY And Delicatessen Congratulations to Our Daughter Beth And the Senior Class of 1969 WITH SINCERE GRATITUDE TO THE DAUGHTERS OF DIVINE CHARITY Mr. Mrs. John W. Gaites Congratulations to PAT And the Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Menduni Congratulations to the CLASS OF ' 69 Dr. Mrs. John D ' Anna 169 Compliments of MEISLOHN FUNERAL HOME 1289 FOREST AVE. STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK WH 3-7372 G. A. LOPEZ FORWARDING SHIPPING CO. 19 Rector St. New York City, NY. ' A Complete Import Export Service " Vincent B. Pellegrino, Import Manager participation A New Boutique of Special Things for Special People Clothing for the woman who participates In Active Sports Coots, Suits, Dresses Evening Gowns, Accessories American European Designers 1724 Hylan Boulevard — Staten Island, N.Y. Rosemary Zurmuhlen Hours Daily 10 to 5 987-5633 Free Parking in Rear Thurs. Till 9 Compliments of AMERICAN OPINION LIBRARY 367 Van Duzer St. Staten Island, N.Y. 10304 70 Congratulations to Our Daughter STEPHANIE And the Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Louis Leonard! Packing — Shipping — Crating — Storage MACRAY MOVERS, INC. Movers of Fine Furniture Mike MocRoy 21-12 Newtown Ave. Long Island City, N.Y. 11102 (212) RA 1-6010 LOU ' S FRIENDLY ESSO 754 Targee St. Staten Island, NY. 10304 Lou Amato — Prop. Gl 7-3862 Congratulations SENIORS Love — Frosh 224 171 Best Wishes to Our Daughter LIBBY And the Senior Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Ben Galante and Family Gl 2-6059 SA 7-6206 BROWN ' S FARM Deliwood AAilk Milk Products — Home Deliveries — Robert Thomas Brown 129 Decker Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. 10310 Congratulations to Our Daughter LAURA And the Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Harry A. Stober Church of St. Sylvester Concord, S.I. N.Y. and Msgr. John L. Lennon Father John Sheehan Father Philip Mulleedy 172 984-8833 ANGELO ' S SERVICE STATION General Auto Service - Road Service Automatic Transmissions - Towing 2443 Richmond Ave. Staten Island, N.Y. 10314 NEW CARS USED CARS Compliments of ROBIN FORD 2385 Richmond Ave. New Springville Tel. 698-2121 SERVICE PARTS Congratulations to MAUREEN And the Class of 1969 Mr. Mrs. James Mattimore Congratulations to Our Daughter PATRICIA And the Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Francis McCabe 173 HY 9-4092 Congratulations To Our Daughter LUCIA And the Class of 1969 Mr. Mrs. P. Rocco and Kothy Russ Printing Co. 148 — 39th Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232 Bush Terminal Building No. 19 Fourth Floor GEORGE V. RUSSANO Congratulations To Our Daughter JANICE And the Class of ' 69 WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FACULTY Mr. Mrs. Peter Hansen South Beach Novelties and Confectionery Co. Inc. Wholesale Distributors 44 Robin Road Staten Island, N.Y. 10305 174 748-1700 745-9672 SILVIO RAYMOND BRIONE ' S ITALIAN CUISINE 8712-16 Fourth Ave. Brooklyn 9, N.Y. Compliments of DEMYAN ' S RESTAURANT 730 Van Duzer Street Staten Island, N.Y. Congratulations To Our Daughter PATTY And the Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Spiros Columbus Stars Stripes Regular Democratic Organization 8118 — 13th Avenue JOSEPH N. SCIARRA CATHERINE GILLESPIE EXECUTIVE MEMBERS JOSEPH BURRE PRESIDENT DANIEL LODATO TREASURER 175 Congratulations to Our Daughter And the Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Henry C. Vece EARLY BIRD CLEANERS —CUSTOM SERVICE- ALTERATIONS - DR APES SUP COVERS - SHIRTS 517 Targee St. Staten Island Established 1929 ELMER C. HART PRINTING QUALITY - SERVICE 571 Cary Avenue Staten Island, N.Y. 10310 Gibraltar 2-2281 Congratulations to RITA And the Graduating Class of ' 69 Mr. Mrs. Paul Leggiodro Karen and Frank 176 STATEN ISLAND TIRE RUBBER 480 Castleton Avenue Brighton Heights, Stolen Islond, N.Y. Gl 7-8459 GORDIAN PRESS PHAETON PRESS 85 Tompkins Street Staten Island, N.Y. 10304 Publishers of Scholarly Books " A Bridge to Your Security " STATEN Alarm Company 24 Hour Service 7 Portland Ploce Staten Island, N.Y. 981-5978 Congratulations And GODS BLESSINGS THE FACUL TY SCREEN MART CORPORATION 49 West 47th St. New York, N.Y. 177 Page Sponsors WILLIAM E. BLAINE, CO. MR. MRS. CHARLES A. CATALOG FAMILY MR. MRS. CHRISTY CATANESE MR. MRS. WILLIAM FARELLA FRANCIS FORD, INC. DR. MRS. NICHOLAS J. GALLUZZI HANLEY FUNERAL HOME MR. MRS. RAYMOND HAYES DR. MRS. WILLIAM F. ITTNER MR. MRS. OTTO KOSTER MR. MRS. JOSEPH LADZIAK JOAN M. NELSEN FRED F. NICHOLS MR. MRS. FRANCIS X. RODIHAN MR. MRS. JOSEPH SAVARESE CLARENCE SNIFFEN MR. MRS. WALTER V. TRAINOR TUNG-BO RESTAURANT JANET VERHEY VILLAGE CARTING CO., INC. MR. MRS. A. WEIR 78 Special Patrons A L Deli Mr. Mrs. V. Abinanti family AGS Auto Parts Mr. Mrs. A. Amato Anchor Business Forms Brindel B. Columbus Mr. Gary Edward Conway Mr. Mrs. Alfred Corhan The Coviello Family Joanne D ' Amico Angelo ' s Salumeria Mrs. J. Anzano Arrow Wine Liquor Store Beverly Thomas Auriemma Mr. Mrs. Thomas Auriemma John D ' Amico Josephine D ' Amico Mr. Mrs. Michael Delasandro Miss Gina Dellatte Mr. Mrs. Louis D ' Ermilio Mr. Mrs. Joseph Bellafiore Karen Berryman Mrs. John Berryman, Sr. Mr. Mrs. John Berryman, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Francis J. Blake Mr. Mrs. Nicholas D ' Ermilio The DeRose Family Peter DeVita Mr. Mrs. Steven Devlin Mr. Mrs. William DiLouico Blue Isle Aquarium Bob and Lynn Mr. Mrs. Theodore Bodnar Boragi Florist Dorothy K. Boyd Dior French Cleaners Dongan Hills Phar macy Mr. Mrs. Stanley Dreyfuss Thomas C. Dunne Mrs. F. S. Durgin The Brannigans Mr. Mrs. Walter Brennan Mr. Mrs. J. Brosnahan Mr. Mrs. Charles Cafiero Mrs. Florence Zempoluch Callister Mr. Mrs. Bernard J. Ernst Connie Joe Faico Mr. Mrs. Vincent Falcone H. S. Farrell Lumber Mr. Mrs. Bud Fedele Mr. Mrs. Diego Catalano Mr. Mrs. Dominick Cerreto Mr. Mrs. E. J. Checchi Clark ' s House of Flowers Columbia Lanes Miss Ulita Fernandez Mr. Frank Ferraeolia Mr. Mrs. A. Ferrantino The Ferretti-Jones-Crocco Family Flying A Gas Station 179 Mr. Mrs. John E. Flynn Forest Jewelers and Gift Shop Four Corners Shoe Repair Francis Italian Bakery Mr. Mrs. Victor Frandino Mr. Mrs. Eugene C. Holton Mr. Mrs. Vance Holton Mr. Mrs. William V. Hoshowsky Mr. Mrs. Joseph Hughes International Meat Market Mr. Mrs. Robert J. Gaites Sandra Gargaloni Charles Elizabeth Gargiulo Mr. Mrs. C. Gargiulo Mr. Mrs. J. Gargiulo Mr. Mrs. Frederic M. Joslyn The Kaiser Family Mr. Mrs. Patrick Keenan Mr. Mrs. John Kehoe family Mr. Mrs. Thomas Kehoe, Sr. Mr. Mrs. George Gay Mr. Mrs. John L. Ghignone Dr. Mrs. Sal Giarratano The Giarratano ' s Mr. Mrs. GiFagnia son Mr. Mrs. James B. Kelly family The Kiernan Family Kirsch ' s Delicatessen Mr. Mrs. Frank Krause Mr. Mrs. M. Krause Charles A. Gilroy Mr. Mrs. Michael Giordano Joseph F. Graham Grant Tailor Shop Mr. Mrs. J. Greguoli Lady JoAnn Ice Cream Parlor Mildred O. Langworthy Mrs. G. LaPlante La Strada East Eileen Lawless H. P. Son Meat Market Rose Hage Fashion Mr. Mrs. Thomas Haley Mr. Mrs. Hollis F. Hall Mr. Mrs. A. P. Hammel Mr. Mrs. Vincent Lawless Sheila Lawless Mr. Mrs. George A. Ledwith family Annette Lehr Andrea Leone Mr. Mrs. Joseph Hayes Norman G. Heil Mr. William Herrmann Mrs. Doris Herrmann Mr. Mrs. A Hoeirn Marion Rose Leone Marion Leone Joseph Leone Mr. Mrs. Louis Loperfido Mr. Mrs. Leon Lormel 180 Mr. Mrs. George Lotton Lou and Roc ' s Service Station Johnny Lucci Mrs. Joan Lucinatelli Mr. Mrs. Thomas F. Maher Midland Meat Market, Inc. Miller ' s Pharmacy Charles Mincheu Mr. Mrs. Alfred R. Mudio Mr. Mrs. Robert A. Murphy The Malloy Famliy Mam ' Selle Hair Stylists Mr. Mrs. D. Mangan, Jr. daughter Manor Market Manor Tailoring Mr. Mrs. Leroy Nagengast New Dorp Fish Market Mr. Mrs. John Nichols Miss Rose Nigro Mr. Mrs. F. C. Noonan Mr. Mrs. James F. March Marian ' s Pet Shop Marie ' s Beauty Salon Mr. Mrs. Joseph Marraccino Mr. Mrs. Eugene J. Martin Mrs. Edward J. O ' Grady Mrs. Rita O ' Hara Loretfa Dennis Otranto Mr. Mrs. Anthony Palladino Grace Palladino Mr. Mrs. Raymond Martin Mr. Mrs. Anthony Martinico One Hour Martinizing — New Dorp Barbara, Meg and Carol Masefield Mr. Mrs. George Masefield Rosemary Palladino Mr. Mrs. Daniel Palletto and family Mr. Mrs. R. T. Parente family Mrs. Theresa Patti Emilio D. Patrone Masefield Family Mrs. H. Matthews Mr. Mrs. John Mattimore Mauro ' s Restaurant The Mazziotta Family Mrs. Evelyn P. Patrone Evelyn Vincent Patrone Pellicano ' s Service Station Mr. Mrs. Charles Pfeiffer Mr. Mrs. Arthur Pisani Mr. Mrs. D. McCaffrey Mr. Mrs. Harold McGough Mr. Mrs. George McLeod Meier ' s Corners Department Store Michele Studio — Photographers The Place Mr. Mrs. H. Procacci Mr. Mrs. Edward Procopio Mr. Mrs. Louis Rainero Rave Inn ' s New Star Galaxie Room 181 Mr. Mrs. Clifford Reed Jane W. Reese Nina E. Reese Richard j. Reese Mr. Mrs. Claudio Roasio Star Lite Cleaners Mr. Mrs. Donald J. Stewart Mr. Mrs. Adrian K. Still Miss Dorothy Stober Mrs. Helene Striano Dr. Mrs. Francis J. Romano Ronnie Vanessa Carl Rosenblum Dr. Philip Rothman, D.D.S. Mr. Mrs. John Rothschild Mr. Mrs. Z. Surdakowski Mr. Mrs. Sante Tallia Anne Marie Tarquino Tina ' s Beauty Salon Torrens Realty, Inc. Mr. Anthony Russell Mrs. Anthony Russell Mr. Mrs. Arthur G. Ryan Mr. Mrs. N. Salvi Mr. Mrs. Aivaro M. Sanchez Mr. Mrs. H. Urbanski Mr. Mrs. J. Urbanski Viginia Funeral Home Mr. Mrs. William E. Walsh L C PI William Watt Vincent Sarullo Mr. Mrs. Charles Sciavolino Mr. Mrs. F. Sergio Mr. Mrs. |. T. Shanahan Mr. Mrs. George L. Sheehan Mr. Mrs. Wiest Mr. Mrs. Raymond Wiest Mr. Mrs. Wiest Mr. Mrs. William Woods Yukon Cleaners Hector E. Zazzi The Siconolfi Family Mr. Mrs. Frank Sisti Mr. Mrs. James A. Smith Mr. Mrs. Clarence Sniffin Mr. Mrs. Carmine Spagnuolo 82 PATRONS Doc, Sue B. A. Aaundowfitzie Mrs. Mamie Albanese Alfredo ' s Pizzeria Alladdin ' s Cards George Allan Mr. Mrs. Alquist The Anderson Family Mr. Mrs. C. Anderson Mr. Mrs. J. Andreola Mr. Mrs. R. Angel! Sister M. Aquila Mr. Mrs. H. Argenziano Gus Aronne Mr. Mrs. ). Asciolla Joseph Axisa Rose Ayer B Mary Balukas Mr. Mrs. A. Balukas Mr. Joseph Balukas Mr. Raymond Balukas Mrs. Lillian Barrett Harry Bellman Mr. Mrs. D. Berato Mr. Mrs. Bertoldo Bessie ' s Superette Mr. Mrs. Arthur L. Beyers BiBi Biggie ' s Bar (Bob) Mrs. Maria Bilbao Mr. Mrs. Jerome Biondolillo Bisogna-Mongo Mr. Robert Blake Mrs. Helen M. Blake Mrs. Helen Blake Ambregio BonannI Mrs. Agnes Bornhoeft Eileen Boyd Mr. Mrs. T. Brady Mr. Mrs. John Brennan, Sr. Tim Brennan Kathleen J. Brunda Mr. Mrs. F. Brunda Lucy Buono Mr. Mrs. Buono Patrick Buono John Buonviaggio Connie Burgess Mr. Mrs. David Burgess Janet Burghart Mrs. J. Bushel John, Elly Grace Butler C B. A. Caddell Mrs. James Caden Dr. Mrs. Matthew J. Campbell Judith Campbell Mrs. Mario Canepa Valery Cangro John Cantasano Mr. Mrs. Daniel Cappozalo Mr. Mrs. John Capo Mrs. Arthur Carlin Mr. Mrs. J. Carr Tina Carroll Mr. Mrs. R. Castro Mr. Mrs. John J. Catania Mrs. Joan Cella Geraldine Cenci Mr. Mrs. Victor Cenci Justine Ceserano Charlie El ' s Pine Room Mr. Mrs. Emil Checci, Sr. The Checci Children Chris Gene ' s Cipolla ' s Radio TV Giro ' s Restaurant Mrs. A. Colletti Kathy Collins Mr. Mrs. A. W. Collins Miss Alice Conlon Miss Rosemary Conlon Mr. P. J. Conlon Mrs. P. J. Conlon P. J. Conlon, Jr. Mrs. M. Connelly Cooney Family Mr. Mrs. Alfred Corozza Suzette Corhan Mr. Mrs. Nicholas Corrado Mr. Mrs. John D. Correnfe Family Mr. Mrs. P. Corsaro Mr. Mrs. P. Costa Edward Costello Mr. Mrs. George Costello Margaret Cotter Debra Eve Coviello Mr. Mrs. Frank Creed Mr. Mrs. Cretelli Mr. Mrs. F. Cristino Germaine Cubeiro Joseph Culfraro D Mr. Mrs. John D ' Angelo Danielson Family Dr. Mrs. John A. D ' Anna Jackie D ' Anna Mr. Mrs. L. Dantes Mr. Mrs. Robert Decker Johnny Dee Mr. Mrs. A. DeDonalo Mr. Mrs. A. Dellatte Mr. Mrs. V. Dellatte Mr. Mrs. V. DeFilippo Mr. Mrs. DeMorato Mr. Mrs. A. DeMuria Anne Louise DePaulo Diane D ' Ermilio Michele D ' Ermilio Nicky Donna D ' Ermilio Mario DeRagatio Mr. Mrs. F. Desiderio Mr. Mrs. J. Dibblee Carmine DiFaIco Mrs. Philomena DiGiacomo Janet Diker Mary Diker Billy DiLodovico Rose DiLodovico Terry DiLodovico Mr. Mrs. J. DiMarco Family Mr. Mrs. Alfred DiNunzio Pauline DiNunzio Mr. Mrs. Alfred DiSibio Dondi ' s Notions Michelle Donnelly Joan Dreyfuss Marion Dreyfuss L. Driscoll Jeanne Duane Mr. Mrs. William Dubrowski Mr. Mrs. Joseph Dunne Mrs. Joseph Egan Mr. Mrs. Walter Eirich Gary Englert Mr. Mrs. Fred Englert Mr. Mrs. J. Esmilla Mrs. P. Esposilo Elvera Falselli Mr. Mrs. F. Fedele Regina Fedele K. Feist Sons Morris H. Fedrick Elizabeth Ferrari Raymond Ferrari Jefferey John Ferretti The Ferrettl ' s The Ferretti Family Mr. Mrs. N. Figliola Mrs. V. Fileccia Mr. Mrs. P. Finn Matt Marion Fitzsimmons Mr. Matthew Fitzsimmons The Flower Carf Mr. Mrs. George E. Foote Mr. Mrs. George Foster, Jr. The Foster Family 183 Freshman 222 Nicholas Fricano From a Friend Mr. Mrs. A. Fugozzi Mr. Mrs. Richard Fugaozzi Mr. Mrs. Anthony Fuimo Mr. Mrs. D. Cagliardi Mr. Mrs. Gagliardotti Kathleen Gallagher Mrs. Garibaldi Mr. Mrs. Pat Genovese Gino ' s Beauty Salon Mr. Mrs. James Giordano Rosemary Glessner Mr. Mrs. James Golden Mr. Mrs. Granelli Estelle Granite Jane Granite Mr. John Granite Mrs. Estelle Granite Angelo Greco Mr. Mrs. A. Greco Gail Greendale Mrs. Gloria Greendale Mrs. A. Greenwald Joseph M. Gregorowicz Helen Greifenstein J. Grimby Lena Guadagno Mr. Mrs. N. Guarino Ann Guastella Lawrence Guastella Molly Guastella Pete Guastella Allan William Gustausen H Donnarae Hajostek Mr. Mrs. Richard Hampton The Hanlon Family Mr. Mrs. W. Hansen Mr. Mrs. Donnie Hartley Janie Hayes Rick Hayes George Heater Mary L. Hegarty Jackie Hemmes Susan M. Hemmes Michael Henchey Mrs. Michael Henchey Barbara Henningson Paul Henry Marie Herrmann William Herrmann Miss Patricia Holleron Gene Hollywood Mr. James Hollywood Mrs. Ruth Hollywood Mr. Mrs. J. Huey Barbara Hughes Jackie Hughes Lorrie Hughes Michael Hughes Mr. Mrs. Joseph Hughes Bess Gordon Hull Jim Hull Maureen V. Hunt I Dotty Ihnken Island Kitchens Jean Izzo I A. Jeffrey Kelly Kris Jehle The Jewett Sweet Shop Caryl Johansen Mr. Mrs. Edward Johnsen Mr. Mrs. George Johnson Carl Jonston Leo " Toots " Jordan Betsy Joslyn Frederic M. Joslyn Marielouise Joslyn Ricky Joslyn K Mrs. R. Kamplita Mary Kearns Ellen Kelly F.Kelly W. Kennedy Mr. Mrs. Alex Kerr Mr. Mrs. S. J. Kerrigan Baroneso Kiya Gail Koehler John Lagana, Jr. Larry Schultzie Stephen LaSola family Adele Jim Ledford I.Lee The Lee Family Mr. Mrs. George Leggiardro Mr. Mrs. A. Lcmbo Mr. Mrs. Charles Leonardi Mr. Mrs. Frank Leonardi Mrs. R. Leppanen Janice Lesone The Lets Family Louis Liberatore Jay Anthony Libertucci Madeline Libertucci Michael Licata Mr. Mrs. Ronald Lindholm Kathryn Daniel Linton Mr. Mrs. John Logan Kathy Logan Mr. Mrs. A. Lombardo Barbara Deborah Loperfido Mr. Mrs. George Lotton M Mr. Mrs. Edmund Macken Linda Lee Macken Peter F. X. C. Maher Mrs. Anna Mancino Anthony C. Mancino Maranzani Jewelers Mr. Mrs. J. March Ellen Marerca Gregory Marerca Mr. Mrs. F. Marerca Joan Mariana Miss Rose Marino J. Markham Mr. Mrs. B. Marquadt Mrs. Anna Martin Betsy Martin Mr. Mrs. P. Massamillo Angelo Mazzeo Mr. Mrs. Louis A. Mazzitelli family Mary McCaffrey Mr. Mrs. Thomas McCarthy The McClelland Family Miss Cathleen McElligott Pauline McFarlane Mr. Mrs. William J. McGrath John McGuckin Mr. Mrs. James McNally The Messina Family Miss J. Mesmer Mr. Mrs. Meyers Mr. Mrs. Meyers Michael Nancy Mr. Mrs. John Michelotti C.Mitchell Mrs. Helen Millor Mona Lisa Beauty Salon Mr. Mrs. Louis Monaco Mr. Mrs. Louis Monaco Mr. Mrs. I. Moore Doris Montella Mrs. V. J. Muoio Mrs. F. Muralore N Mr. Mrs. Joseph P. Nasta Linda Nasta Dr. Mrs. Anthony Nastasi Nat Sarah ' s Stationery Store The Navarra Family Mr. Mrs. Negron 184 Mr. Mrs. H. Nelson Connie Niekrask O Ocean Sweet Shop Mr. Mrs. O ' Connor Olaf Olsen Francine E. Onorato Al Padula Mr. Mrs. A. Palermo Steven John Palmieri Mr. Michael Panloni Mr. Mrs. C. ]. Pansarasa Mr. Mrs. Anthony V. Parisi Mr. Philip Parisi Mrs. E. Parmegiani Mr. Mrs. Robert L. Pecoraro Robert Pellegra Susan P. Pellegrini Trudy Pellegrino Mr. Mrs. Gustav Perl Pauline Perl E. Perry Mr. Mrs. |. Pesce Mr. Mrs. Arthur Peters Mr. Mrs. V. Petersen Mr. Mrs. L. Petroni Charles Pfeiffer Helen Pfeiffer lohn Pfeiffer Mary Beth Pfeiffer Mr. Mrs. Santo L. Piazza Mrs. Grace M. Pickett Mr. Mrs. ). Pierog janel Pietrunti Master Nick Pietrunti Pinn-A-Velt Photo Corp. Mrs. A. Pinnaro Mrs. V. Pinto Mr. Mrs. Pioa Audrey Pisani Toni Pisani Vincent Pisani Mrs ' . V. Plancon Joan, Marie Diane Porcaro Mr. Mrs. Joseph Porcaro Procopio Family Mrs. Rose Procopio Betsy Psmos Michael Quintavalle R Mr. Mrs. J. Raffano Joseph J. Ramos Marcy ). Ramos Mrs. Manuela Ramos Barbara Reed Mary Reed Mrs. M. Reinhardt Salvadore Riccardi Mr. Mrs. Frank Richie Mrs. E. Rigney Gert John Rivellino Mrs. D.J. Roach Mary Rocco Robert Rodent The Rogan Family James Rogers Mrs. Frank Rogers Mr. Mrs. George Roitzsch Anthony Romano Mrs. J. Romano Mr. Mrs. P. Rooney Mr. Mrs. Rooney Mr. Mrs. Michael Rosati Rosebank Tavern Mrs. Dorothy Rowan Mr. Mrs. Owen Ryan Mrs. Robert ). Ryan S Mr. Mrs. A. Sabella Sai Lin Restaurant Sam Salmon Anita Sano Mr. Mrs. Sansone Mr. Mrs. Santangelo The Scala Family Mr. Mrs. Scavuzzo Mr. Mrs. Sceusa Herman Schafer Mr. Mrs. Schiaffino C. M. Schmeider Mrs. Gloria Schmid D. Schwefringhaus F. Schwefringhaus Mr. Mrs. Sclafini Mr. Mrs. Vernon G. Selling Joseph Selaro The Shadow Box Gift Shop Billy Sheehan Georgene Sheehan Maureen Sheehan Patricia Sheehan Terry Sheehan Mr. Mrs. R. R. Sidnam Dr. Mrs. N. Sinaly Mr. Mrs. T. Sinclair Mr. William Sirignano Sister Mary Aquila Carol Sloven Mr. Mrs. Edwin Smith Capt. Mrs. Walter J. Smith Laurie, Valery and Stephen Soranno Mrs. L. Sorge Mr. Mrs. Alfred Spagnoli Miss E. Spahn Mr. Mrs. J. Spahn Rose Michael Spenceri Mr. Mrs. F. Speranza Mr. Mrs. Spinetta Denise Spina Edward Stanziane Ann Marie Still Mary Pat Still Tommy Strafaci Susa Tina ' s Delicatessen Sussillo Family Mr. Mrs. Ed Sweeney Mrs. K. Sweeney Mr. Mrs. Swensen Alexis Swirski T Mr. Mrs. John Taylor Mrs. J. Tedesco Mr. Mrs. Alfred Thompson Chris Titrell Treasure Chest Mr. Mrs. A. Trupia Mr. Mrs. Anthony Vazzaza family Veltri Children Mr. Mrs. Paul Veltri Louis P. Villamarin Mr. Mrs. Vincent Villani Vince ' s Deli Mr. Mrs. Joseph Visconti W Ann Walsh Barbara Walsh Marian Walsh Richard Walsh M. Watson Ed Welch Carey Wheeler Mr. Mrs. J. Wilson Mr. Mrs. Matthew Winslow Mrs. Nathan Wofsy Mr. Mrs. Erich Wohlers Mr. Mrs. Peter Wolf Marie Cecil Woodland Y C. Yates Mrs. A. Zanflni Al Zempoluch Anne Zempoluch Mr. Mrs. John Zeitler Mr. Mrs. James Ziemba 185 GULLO ' S SOUTH BEACH PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONISTS 276 SAND LAND, SOUTH BEACH, S.I. 5, N.Y. Reg. No. 17943 GIBRALTAR 7-2352 186 ' . ' •(•T.r .5 ; ' .- ' i ' CfV .|- c f f!J. ' ; ' ' :. ' ( ., =-x ' ;!:5v,.7ih! -.V?n;fVr :. ' .?•= m: if ' ,■■■, i -. ■: rfe■ ' X.4 -■ ' ■ " " " ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' " ' ■ ' ■■■■ " ■:■. ' ' :y■ i. ■ ;::y ' i■ ■: ■- ,1 - ..■ ' .■Os ' ,- ' ;ir-. ;.i! ' =.; ' ' , ■ ' , ' ;■•■ - :Mi55 t ;H ■ ' ■v ' --V,. ' :,U-. ' ■.--.■;■,•■ f :iv K

Suggestions in the St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) collection:

St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 162

1969, pg 162

St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 186

1969, pg 186

St Joseph Hill Academy - Hilltopper Yearbook (Staten Island, NY) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 80

1969, pg 80

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