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ii in 1 i " t 1 gg 1 11 II 1 I afetifflW Nazareth Academy Victoria, Texas Volume - XIX Activities Academics Sports l r HM sjh 1 w r eonrr, -i r X Organizations Table of Contents Dedication 6 School Life 8 Faculty - Academics 24 Seniors 54 Activities - Organizations . • 92 Features 158 Underclassmen 186 Sports 206 Grammar Grades 236 Advertising 264 School Life Judge and Mrs. Joe E. Kelly Spending a day in court, Mike, John, Mrs. Kelly, Judge Kelly, and Pat Kelly gain a better understanding of the challenges, responsibilities, and trials which comprise a judge ' s day. Dedication Conscious of their personal interest and support of Nazareth Academy and St. Joseph, the EXCELSIOR staff dedicates the 1966 Yearbook to Judge and Mrs. Joe E. Kelly. Avid Flyer fans, the Kellys annually support the team, vocally and morally. Judge Kelly serves as secretary of the St. Joseph ' s School Board and also as presi- dent of Annunciation College. An active member of the Mother ' s Club, Mrs. Kelly is chairman of the memorial fund, responsible for purchasing books and various school necessities. To two persons who have earned a permanent place in our hearts, we appreciative- ly dedicate this volume of the EXCELSIOR to Judge and Mrs. Joe E. Kelly. Now Is the Time . . . To Unite and Forge Our Efforts Our lives are composed of time — the happenings, the events, and the incidents which enrich our existence. These events mark the milestones in our development. They shape and prune us to fit our select niches in life. Calling on our past experiences, we must plan for the future. We must map our accomplishments, our assets, and our failings to discover our own solution to the grand jigsaw puzzle that is life. Perhaps our most memorable milestones are shaped during our school years. As we progress, we experience . . . a joy of belonging . . . a thrill of accomplishment . . . a thirst for knowledge . . . a hope of success . . . a pang of disappointment . . . a longing for fulfillment . . . a deep trust in God. One fleeting instant of our time, this year, is now .passing— it is only what we have made it. To Survey Familiar Faces and Surroundings n To Express Our Ideas and Ideals 12 To Inspire Others to Achievement 13 To Endorse School Activities TAKE s TATT i To Achieve Mental and Spiritual Completion To Acquire Physical Fitness P 16 To Show Our Good Will Through School Spirit ■pi|| 2?s Afc 5 : jt " F TO. i m S9 in ■jt 3_ II, Pa U Np P U An, Cm Bk CI l t™ ' To Build for a Better Tomorrow 18 To Lead Others to a Fuller Understanding 19 To Pause and Draw Order from Chaos 20 To Lend a Helping Hand 21 To Reap the Rewards of Our Efforts 22 To Climb to Greater Heights of Perfection 23 .1 Jr ' . " ii% ' . f Faculty a ' W« H s? ■ A ' Show me the way of the statutes, O Lord, and I will keep it per- fectly. Give me understanding that I may observe thy law, and keep it with my whole heart. Lead me in the path of thy command- ments, for I delight therein. Incline my heart to thy decrees, and not to greed. Turn away my eyes from beholding vanity; through thy way give me life. Take not the word of truth from my mouth, for I trust in thy ordinances. So shall I always keep thy law, for ever and ever. Our Spiritual Advisers Guide Rt. Reverend Msgr. F. O. Beck, pastor, Father Wallace Stiles, and Father Patrick Fidgeon play a very important role in the spiritual de- velopment of the Nazareth Aca- demy and St. Joseph students. Through their zeal, influence, and untiring efforts in leading souls to God, it is possible for the students to have the daily privilege of assisting at Holy Mass, receiving Communion, going to Confession, and obtaining valuable counsel in every doubt and perplexity. ing many church, school, and social duties, Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. O. Beck, pastoi - ' I St. Mary ' s Church, offers the Holy Sacri See on the Mass lor the high school students. 26 Besides his duties as assistant pastor of St. Mary ' s Church, Father Wallis Stiles also is Sophomore and Freshman religion advisor. Here he looks up material for his class. As Senioi religion advi: the weekly Advent Bible ci. Kulu ervice. Patrick Fidgeon participates Us to Our Eternal Salvation Performing many parish duties, Father Richard Toal ; the activities of our school. takes special interest ir Father Richard Toal, pastor, Fa- ther Vincent Patrizi, and Father Juan Ayerbe are a tremendous boost to the spiritual growth and development of the Spanish-speak- ing quarter of Victoria. Aided by a deep knowledge and understanding of the language, customs, and beliefs of the Latin American people, they are better able to work with them in their quest for the ultimate goal — eternal happiness. Being a spiritual guide is a job which calls many types i work, as father Juan Ayerbe Father Vincent Patrizi not only performs many parish duties as as- sistant pastoi cil Oui Lady of Sorrows, but also takes special interest in the activities of the schi " ' I 27 Our Lady of Lourdes Located on the corner of Forest and William, Our Lady of Lourdes Church has long been a landmark lor the people of Victoria. This year a new comer, Fathei David Meurer, is pitching in wholeheartedly at the task of pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes. The duties of pastor demand his complete attention and dedication, and Father Meurer carries out this work to the peak of per- fection. Tackling the job of reducing the burden of the past Ol is father Alphonso I ' .id- alecki ' s difficult assignment. His en- thusiasm in performing these chores is often contagious. As a mission of St. Mary ' s parish, Our Lady of Lourdes has the benefit of a lighter work load. Lourdes ' youth are members of St. Marys C.Y.O. and other parishioners are members in other organi- zations of St. Mary ' s. However, Lourdes organized the first Holy Name Society in the archdiocese of San Antonio. In addition to this, they have an Altar So- ciety and a Boy Scout Troop. 28 Our Lady of Victory Pastor of our Lady of Victory, father Eustace Hermes is a native of this area. Administration of this parish keeps him busy. Assistant pastor, Father Eugene O ' Callaghan keeps tabs on Vic- tory ' s extensive records. Newest parish in Victoria, Our Lady of Victory serves approximately 1000 families with spiritual and mental guidance. Children of the parish are taught in the parish ' s parochial school operated by the Sisters of The Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacarament. Other parish organizations are C.Y.O., Parent— Teacher Club, Altar Society, Legion of Mary, Boy Scouts, C.C.D. and Knights of the Altar. Father Gerald Hubertus en- ters the sacristy for an even- ing Mass. The only consecrated church in Victoria is Our Lady of Victory. Zealous teachers, counselors, and friends, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sac- rament have endeared themselves to generations of Nazareth students. Through their ardent teaching and noble example, they have inspired and prepared us to face the many challenges and decisions which we shall encounter in future years. Although their main objective is to promote our spiritual and intellectual develop- ment, their interest extends beyond the class- room into the individual problems of every student. Their daily contacts with us manifest a spirit of generosity, friendliness, and mercy. From them we have gained spiritual, intellectual, and social insights which have brought each of us closer to God and to humanity. The IWBS Sisters have given us the light of knowledge to guide us along the path of accomplishment. Sr. M. Imeldac School Supervisor Sr. M. Borgia High School Principal Sr. M. Anthony Grammar Grade Principal 30 IWBS Sisters Inspire Ideals if ® Having introduced the program of the Bible service .it Nazareth, Sister Marian. Senior religion teacher, assembles an Advent wreath to be used in the service. Highlighting the Bible service, Nancy Tayloi lights the Advent wreath as Barbara Pribyl and Melanie Pizzolato watch the ceremony. Adjusting the overhead projector, Sistei Gabriel, Senior sponsor and English instructor, prepares to demonstrate the efficiency ot tlie new machine. As part of her duties as biology teacher, Sister Anna Marie demonstrates the technique of using a microscope to Melita Murphy. Using her knowledge of the radioactive Geiger counter. Sister Raphael instructs Mary Ann Redmon in the proper use of the instrument. Audio and Visual Aids Supplement Proving thai extra cim spent in the chemis- try lab isn ' t necessarilj the sign o! ambitious students, Jackie Jackson and Barbara Priby] find a new use foi the appendage o 32 Emcee of the " Freedom Shrine Assembly, " Debbie Truman admires one of the plaques donated by the Victoria Ex- change Club. " Veni, Vidi, Vinci, " quotes Sister Albert. i as ■.he elucidates on a famous Roman saying during a Latin class. High School Education Although the responsibilities ot being sophomore sponsor are time consuming, Sister Carmelita still manages to devote odd moments to the decoration of her classroom. Friendly Faculty Insures As Jane Cook looks on, Sister Pauline demonstrates the use of one of the new machines used by the office practice class. X In this age of automation. Melaine Pizzolato and Carol Mc- Millan ponder over the wonders of the IBM computors as part of their secretarial training. In her role as the directress ot Nazareth ' s music department. Sister Vivian is compelled to spend long hours practicing. 34 Good Student Relations One of the biggest thrills of an art student is the realization of work well done. Such is the experience of Susan Ragsdale as she examines her plate held by Sister Margaret Mary. Under the guiding hands of Sister Blanche, school librarian, Faye Bartula tiles informative material on job opportunities in the career file. Devoting extra hours to the search for speech material. Sister Perpetua pages through a book on one-act plays. 35 Since illustrations help to clarify facts, Sister Celestine gladlv points out the route ot Magellan to her sixth grade. By demonstrating the art of map drawing. Sister Ernestine, eighth grade teacher, instills in Delaine Luna a greater appreciation of the social studies program. Sisters Instill the Basis First plate winner oi the American Legion Oratorical Contest, DebbieTru man, poses with the contest judges — Mr. Dion Holm, Father Richard Toal,. O.S.S.T., and Brother Thomas Egolf, S.M. 36 While anxiously awaiting the Christmas season, Sister Dolores watches her pupils as they dili- gently prepare the decorations for the Christmas tree. of Our Christian Education Mary Pargac and Janice Wurz, sixth graders, receive extra help in theii schi lastic problems from Sister Marietta. Entering hei classroom, Sister Providence begins another day o) providing knowledge and guidance hit lu i active seventh grade class. 37 Sisters Develop Students With the aid of her industrious third graders, Sister Stanislaus prepares her room fittingly tor the Christmas season. Sister Alma guides the first grade students in their initial steps in learning the number system. Illustrating the art of making an " M " , Sistei Mary Grace instructs hei Hist grade students. 38 Intellectually, Physically, Mentally Preparing for the Yuletide, Sister Benedict.! artistically arranges the finishing touches on her bulletin board in her second grade room. Taking time out from her busy schedule, Sister Genevieve, third grade teacher, explains a number of Biblical tales to Dolores Hen- derson. Mrs. Taglibue, third grade teacher, oilers advice to a stu- dent seeking extra knowledge. 39 Stealing a few quiet moments from her busy schedule as third grade teacher, Sister Rosemary relaxes as she waters her plants. Faculty Open Doors As part of their extra curriculum, Paul Holmes and John Burns learn the techniques invoked in the operation l the lapidary. 40 " Watch the board, " Sister Marie seems to say to her fourth grade pupils as she prepares a slide for the over-head projector. This new machine is a valuable asset to the teaching field. With Thanksgiving just around the corner. Sister Hilda proudly displays the art work of her industrious first graders. After many years of teaching, Sister Adelaine is well acquainted with the problems encountered in a second grade classroom. Reciting her daily reading lesson, Antionette Gleinser benefits from Sister ' s experience. to Sound Understanding Distributing books to her pupils, Sister Anthony, grammargrade principal ot Nazareth Academy, prepares to conduct her class. 41 Bro. Michael Brangan, S.M. Bro. Tom Egolf, S.M. At the Helm Continuing his second year as principal, Brother Michael Bran- gan has shown the same Texas-Size enthusiasm that was the earmark oi his first year here. A newcomer to the St. Joseph ' s scene. Brother Tom Egolf has deftly grasped the reigns ol assistant principal ' s office. loi tire past eighteen years. Reverend Clement Otting has been the chaplain at St. Joseph ' s. Fathei Otting has been the senioi ;ponsoi ioi most of his mainstay here. Rev. Clement Otting, S.M. 42 Religion Teachers Impart Ideals of Truth Using a chronological graph, Brother Lawrence Buxkempe comments on a religious atlas to bring about a better undei standing of religion. " And this one ' s wrong too, " Father Otting re- marks to the Seniors during one ot their daily religion sessions. Listening intently to a comment from one of his first year religion students, Brother Phil Rink contemplates an adequate reply. 43 Higher Learning Has Its Roots in English " There is a garden ... " , recites John Mayer, as Father Ott- ing listens closely to detect any imperfec- tion in his delivery. One of the greatest as- sets of the English de- partment are the facilities provided by the high school library for research and study under the super- vision of Bro. Tom Bar- ber. 44 There seems to be only one diligent student in Brother John Woulfe ' s English class as illustrated by the inter ested student in the first row. English Courses Encourage Appreciation " Principles of democracy ... , " expounds Robert Quitta in preparation for the delivery i 1 his oratorical effort. Declensions, conjugations, and synop- sis comprise the study of Latin under the tutelage of Brother Chris Janson. Declensions, Films Aid Language Students Preparing a film for his Spanish class, Brother, Leo Scholz demon- strates to Jimmy Welder, Dion Holm, and John Wright, the pro- cess of inserting film in the ma- chine. 46 Past Teaches Present and Future Commenting on .1 recent world crisis, Robert Quitta leads a heated discussion under the watchful eve oi American History teacher, Mr. Harlon Gerhold. Conscientiously viewing a film ol governmental principles are Bro. Phil Rink and his American Problems class. y-f _, 71 i 4 47 Learning phvsics, though a difficult subject, is made easier by Bro. Tom Egolfs use of every available teaching aid. How to best present analysis to his students is a frequent cause of reflection for Bro. Joseph Haefner. Interest + Effort = Infinity Once considered a cookbook course, chemistry now entails complex equa- tions which surely tax the students of Bro. John McCarthy. 48 Neatness is a big factor when drawings come under the close scrutiny of Bro. Lawrence Bux- kemper in mechanical drawing. 1 Proper Training Aids Business Success " Don ' t look at the keys and keep your wrists level, " is an everyday reminder given to his typing class by Bro. Tom Barber. ooooooooooo 49 Known lor his football pep rally. Itorts in tr activities he handles. Mr. Maurice Adcock directs the varsity band in a selection for a Harmony of Mind Body At the organ. Mr. Roman Fruth plays religious hymns at Fri- day Mass. Aside from this duty he teaches music to the grade- school, as well as moderating the Glee Club. Bro. Ralph Krull A preparation for high school, grade school years fuse character to ability in young leaders. It serves as an apprenticeship, molding adolescent minds into developing adult ideas of life and education. Brother Krull has a grave responsibility resting on his shoulders, one which confronts him daily. Responsibility Rests with Authority In addition to his position as grammar grade teacher, Mr. Steve Tibiletti serves as assistant coach for the foot- ball team to Mr. Harlon Gerhold. A graduate of St. Joseph ' s, Mr. Tibiletti is now responsible for instilling knowledge, as it was once transmitted to him. 51 " Teaching the sixth grade isn ' t all book work, " says Brother John Asbury as he readies a film on geography. Newcomer to the St. Joseph campus is Brother Tom Purcell. Brother Tom is mainly a grade school teacher but finds enough spare time to teach Freshman English. As eighth grade moderator, Brother Chris Janson, talks to the grade school Seniors about the many highlights and perils of the oncoming high school ca- reer. 52 Armies travel on their stomachs and the army of St. work with dedii Joseph ' s students are no exception. Our cafeteria staff, pared. Mrs. Nevlud, Mrs. Kovar, Mrs. Garza, and Mrs. Kruppa, that nourishing Maintenance Staff Thorough in Efforts One entering the grade school building is sure to comment on its appearance. Mr. Robert Kazmir has devoted many hours to assure a neat, well-kept scene greeting the vistor. Sixteen years of faithful service have left their mark on the high school building. The efforts of Mr. David Davis, as janitor, have never been lacking. 53 Seniors Lord , thou hast proved me, and known me: thou hast known my sitting down, and rising up. Thou hast understood my thoughts afar off: my path and my line thou hast searched out. And thou hast foreseen all my ways; for there is no speech in my ton- gue. Behold. O Lord, thou hast known all things, the lest and those of old; Thou hast formed me, and hast laid thy hand upon em. Thy knowledge is become wonderful to me; It is high, and I cannot reach to it. Whither shall I go from thy spirit or whither shall I flee from thy face? Ps. 1 38 St. Joseph Senior I Officers Vice-President: John Wright Treasurer: Milton McDonnell President: Tomi Post Secretary: Dion Holm 56 St. Joseph Senior II Officers Treasurer: Richard Fossati President: Jimmy Welder Secretary: Steve Borowicz Vice-President: Tommy Soli; 57 Nazareth Academy Senior Officers Secretary: Martha Zeplin Treasurer: Gena Smith President: Barbara Pribyl Vice-President: Beatrice Rincon 58 Preparing between meal snacks is the specialty of Linda Robles, Re ry Baker, and Rosalyn Schustereit. Seniors of ' 66 Seek New and Higher Ideals ROSEMARY BAKER Mission Club 1,3; JCL 1,2; History Club 3; Drama Club 3; JA 2,3; CYO 1,4; Science Fair 1; ETA 4; PE Letterman 1; Piloteers 2; Squad Leader 3; TALA 3; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 4; NA Chats 4 RUDY BALLI Sodality 2; Server 1,2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Blue White 4; Band 1,2,3; Perfect Attendance 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; Band Officer 2 ELAINE BEYER History Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2; PE 1,2,4; PE Letterman 3; Living Rosary 4; Mission Club 1,3,4 59 " Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer " ring true as Beatrice Rincon, Matilda Escalona, Mary Terissa Rivera, Madaline del Castillo, and Esther Rodriguez swing leisurely in the shade. Tomorrow ' s Leaders Progress in Leadership STEVE BOROWICZ Class Secretary 4; NHS 3,4; NHS Vice- president 4; Sodality 2,3,4; Sodalitv Prefect 4; Server 2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; Excelsior 4; FRED BRASHER DONALD BUETHE Blue White 3; Band 2,3,4; Band Captain Football 2,3; Football All-District and All- Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Track 4; CYO 2,3,4 State 3; Track 2,3; CYO 1,2,3,4 2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 1 60 THERESE BYRNE CYO 1,2,3,4; CCD 4; Piloteers 1,2,3; Latin Club, 1,2; Latin NHS 1; History Club Pres- ident 3; Drama Club 3; Class Vice-president 1; Legion of " Mary 1,2; Mission Club 3,4; Mission Club Secretary 4 TIM BYRNE Band 1,2,3,4; CYO 1,2,3,4; Server 4; Soda- lity 1; Living Rosary 4 and Scholarship LINDA CANO Spanish Club 1,2; History Club 3; Piloteers 1,2,3,4; Piloteer Squad Leader 3, Captain 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; CYO Vice-president 3. Pub- licity Chairman 4; Class Vice-president 2; FTA 3,4; FTA Vice-president 4; Mission Club 1,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3; Ex- celsior 4; Living Rosary 4 Escaping the drudgery of hectic school activities, David Denison, Dan Hebner, Frank Carter, and Ed Nevlud enjoy the healthful sun and physical exercise. 61 Backyard barbeques frequently engage the teamwork of Nancy Halepeska, Peggy Forer Frazier, and Cvnthia Kalinowski. Through the Uncertain Halls of Adolescence . . . RAYMOND CARBAJAL Scholarship Award 3,4; Sodality 1; Livi Rosary 1,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4 FRANK CARTER Student Council 4; Class Treasurer 1,2; Pres- ident 3; NHS 4; Scholarship Award 4; So- dality l,2,3;Server 1,2, 3,4; Living Rosary 1,2, 3,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Excelsior 4; Blue White 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1, 2,3; Track 1,2,3; Manager-Football, Basket- ball, Baseball 4; Perfect Attendance 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; Dance Committee 3; Prom Com- mittee 3; NA Chats Correspondent 3,5; Home- coming Escort 4 PAMELA CARVER Latin NHS 1,2; NHS 2,3,4; NA Chats 3; Ex- celsior 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Drama Club 3; Mission Club 1,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Art Club 3; FTA 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Tri-M 2. 3,r; CYO 4; Teen Page Correspondent 4 62 ROYCE CARVILLE Class President I, 7 ,; NHS 3,4; Excelsior 4 Living Rosary 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketbal 1; Track 3,4; CYO 1,2,3; Dance Committee 3; Prom Committee 3 MADELINE DEL CASTILLO Tri-M 4; CCD 1; GAA Club 1; Home Ec. 3; Rho Epsilon Delta 3; Art Club 1; Living Rosary 4 KATHY COLE Mission Club 1,3,4; Tri-M 2,3; Tri-M Vice- president 4; Choral 1,2,3; CCD 1,2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3.4; Excelsior 4; NA Chats 3; Drama Club 3 On the Challenging Steps of Adulthood " You wouldn ' t, Linda, - hoter doubtfully questi mid you ?! " Ft , Linda Sparkm Wagner and Linda Kouba look on. seemingly that Linda is jesting. 63 LINDA COOK FHA 1,2; FTA 1,2,3,4; CYO 1,3; Mission Club 3,4; Drama Club 3; Spanish Club 3; History Club Treasurer 3; Living Rosary 4; Excelsior 4; Home Ec. 1; French Club 2 THERESA COVARRUBIAS PE 1,2; Mission Club 1,3; History Club 1,3; CYO 1,2; FTA 3.4; Spanish Club, 1,2; NA Chats 3; Excelsior 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Living Rosary 4; Student Council 4; Mission Club President 4 Senior Members Inspire Fellow Students Through KAREN DARTER Mission Club Treasurer 1; Spanish Club 1; Spanish Club Vice-president 2; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 4; CYO 1,2; Excelsior 4 After a hard day ' s work at school, Milton McDonnell, Tim Byrne, Larry Marek and Eddie Orsak pause for a 64 DAVID DENISON Class Officer 2,3; Sodality 1,2; Server 1,2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Ex- celsior 4; Blue White 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,4; Basketball Man- ager 3; CYO 1,2,3,4; Dance Committee 3 JIM DE LANE Student Council 3,4; Class President 1; So- dality 1; Server 2; Football 1,2,3; ' " Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Track 2,3; CYO 3,4; CYO Pres- ident 3, Vice-president 4; Junior Achievement President 4 Noble and Scholarly Ideals THOMAS DORNAK Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Excelsior 4; Per- fect Attendance 2,3,4; Dance Committee 3; CYO 3,4 WILLIAM EASLEY Prom Duke 3 ' 3l refresher before resorting to a hard night ' s work, doing loads of homework. 65 MATILDA ESCALONA PEGGY FOREMAN RICHARD FOSSATI CYO 1; Choral 1; Spanish Club 1,2; CCD 1, Class Sec. 2,3; Piloteers 2,3; Latin Club 1,2; Class Treas. 4; Living Rosarv 4; Football 2, 2,3,4; History Club 1,2; TALA 1; PE Let- Latin NHS 1,2; NA Chats 3; Excelsior 4; 3,4; Baseball 3,4 terman 1,2 Quill and Scroll 3, 4;Mission Club 1,3,4; CYO 1,2,3,4; Valentine Representative 2; History Club 3; CCD 2,3,4; Living Ro sary 4; Future Physicians 3; Prom Committee 3 Graduating Class Shows Leading Spirit in Paging through the latest teen magazines, while listen ing to the record, is a favorite pastime of Donna Lewis, Barbara Pribyl, and Pamela Carver. • ' ' . ' ' |! 66 DONNA FOYTEK Mission Club 1,3; PE Letterman 1,2; Home Economics 1; Science Fair 1; Class President 2; CYO 2,3,4; SC 2,3, Sec. 4; History Club 3; FTA 3,4; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 2,4; Citizenship Seminar Alternate 3; Spanish Club 2, Vice-pres. 3 School Activities JEANETTE FRAZIER Excelsior 4; NA Chats 3; Quill Scroll 3, 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; TALA 3; Piloteers 2,3,4; Mission 1,3; History Club 4; TSJCL 1,2; Living Rosary 4; Science Fair 1; Latin NHS 1 yells John Mayer " Fir ready to shoot at the oncoming game. ill Easley, Joe Zafereo, and Tim Mi LARRY FRIDELL Sodality 2; Living Rosary 3,4; St. Vincent dePaul 4; Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; Perfect Attendance 1,2; CYO 1,2,3,4; Radio Club 1 67 2g ■ " Surfs up! " exclaims Tomi Post to Richard Seiler, Jimmy Weldt for a big one. and Royce Carville, as they scan the horizon At Graduation, the Seniors Stand at the JOHN GORMELY Class Sec. 3; Scholarship Award 2; Sodality SUE GREEN 1,2; Living Rosary 4; Excelsior Staff 4; Blue Living Rosary 4; Latin Club 1,2,3; CYO 1,2, and White 2; Football 1,2,3,4; Perfect At- 3,4; Choral 2; Tri-M 2,3,4; Library Science 3; tendance 1; Junior Achievement 2,3; Future Mission Club 1,3.4; Science Fair 1; FTA 3, Physicians 2 4; PE 1,3 GILBERT GUILLEN 68 NANCY HALEPESKA Homecoming Nominee; Piloteers 1,2,3; Cheerleader 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; NHS 2,3,4; Class President 3; Sophomore Favorite; An- nual Staff 4; NA Chats 3; Student Council 3; Miss Roma 2; Latin Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Religion Award 1; Mission Club 1,3; Living Rosary 1,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Living Nativity 3 Crossroads of Life GWEN HALL Spanish Club 1,2; Vice-president 2; Mission Club 1,3, Treasurer 3; PE Letterman 1,2,3, 4; Valentine Representative 2; CYC 1,2,3, President 4; FTA 4; History Club 3; Library- Club President 3 Henry Ramirez, Rudv Balli, and Tommy Soliz begin thei engaged in the honorable task of raising the flag. chool day MARY ANN HALLA Spanish Club 1, Treasurer 2; Sodality 1; Choral Club 2; PE 1, Letterman 3; Class Vice-president 3; Mission Club Vice-president 3; FTA 3,4; History Club 3; Drama Club President 4; Student Council 4; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 4 69 DANIEL HEBNER Student Council 2,3; Secretary 4; NHS 2,3,4; Scholarship Award 1,2,3,4; Sodality 1; Ser- ving 1,2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; Excelsior Co-editor 4; Blue White 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Perfect At- tendance 3; Dance Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; NHS Secretary 3, President 4 THERESA HERNANDEZ Spanish Club 1,2; History Club 3; CYO 1,3; TALA 3; Mission Club 1,3; Choral Club 3; PE Letterman 1 " Ten-ball in side pocket. " says Greg Stathis to Ray game of pool. Though Different in Ideas and JOAN HOBBS Class President 1; Student Council 1,4; Latin Club 1,2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior 4; Home Ec. 3; History Club 3; Mission Club 1,3; Living Rosary 4; CYO 1; FTA 4; PE 1,2; Prom Commit- tee 3; Legion of Mary 2; Mission Club Vice- President 4 JUDI HOLCOMB Spanish Club 1, Treasurer 1; CYO 1,2,3; FPA Secretary 3; Home Ec. -Vice-president 3; Living Rosary 4; NA Chats Co-editor 4; Excelsior 4; PE 1,2,3; FTA 4 70 DION HOLM III CYO 1,2,3, President 4; Class Officer 1,2, 3,4; Football 3; Baseball 4; Serving 1,2, President 3,4; Mass Commentator 3,4; Stu- dent Council 1,2,4; Sodality 2; Football Announcer 4; Blue White 2,3; Excelsior Co-editor 4; Dance Committee 3; Prom Chairman 3; Attorney General ' s Youth Conference 4; Living Rosary 2,3; St. Vincent de Paul 4 hooting a Interests, They Are Bound by Common Means JACKIE JACKSON Spanish Club 1,2; PE Letterman 2; History Club 3; Drama Club 3; Mission Club 1,3, 4; Living Rosary 4; CYO 1 ,2,3,4 FRANCES HORADAM CYO 1.2,3,4; Latin Club 1.2; History Club 3; Drama Club 3; Mission Club 1,3,4; Pi- loteers 1; PE 2, Science Fair 1; Home Ec. 3 71 CYNTHIA KALINOWSKI Class Treasurer 1; Student Council 2; Latin Club 1,2; Latin NHS 1,2; CYO 1,2,3,4; Valentine Rep. 3; FTA Secretary 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior 4; NHS 2,4; Vice-president 3; Piloteers 2,3; Cheerleader 4; TALA 3; Mission Club 1,3, 4; CCD 2; Homecoming Nominee 4; PE Letterman 1 Graduation Holds $ Giving advice to Judi Holcomb, Mary Ann Halla kibitzes the card game in which Jane Cook and Sue Green are engrossed. ED KELLY Serving 1,2,3,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Football 1,2,3,4; CYO 2,3.4; Living Rosary 4; Dance Committee 3 LINDA KOUBA Mission Club 1,3,4; FTA 4, Parliamentarian }; TALA 3; Latin Club 1,2; Latin NHS 1,2; CYO 1,2,3,4; PE Letterman 1,2; NA Chats 3,4; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 4; CCD 2 £ j i J n | m 1 w i ! 72 RICHARD K.RESTA Sodality 4; Excelsior 4; Manager-Football 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3.4; Radio Club 2,3; Per- fect Attendance 2,3,4; Dance Committee 3; Science Club 3,4; CYO 1,2,3,4; Prom Com- mittee 3 CYNTHIA LAZARIN CYO 1; Delegate to New York 2; CYO Queen 3, Secretary 4; FTA 3,4; Student Council 1,2. Vice-president 3, President 4; Piloteers 1,2. Captain 3,4; History Club 3; Class President 1; Student Council Repre- sentative 2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Valentine Rep. 1; Living Rosary 1,2,4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Mission Club 1,3,4; Citizenship Seminar Rep. 4; Re- ligion Award 1 DONNA LEWIS CYO 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Latin NHS FTA 3,4; NA Chats 3; Mission Club Excelsior 4; Teen Page Co-editor 4 the Key to Success in the Forthcoming World A quick game of " Wahoo " occupies the interest ol Carol McMillan and Linda Cano, while candy seems to be promi Donna Fovtek. 73 ' Things go better with Coke, " agree Elizabeth Schley, Betty Svoboda, Deborah Truman, Kathy Cole and Elaine Beyer. On the Road Ahead Lie Many THERESA MAREK PE4, Letterman 3; Living Rosary 4; Spanish Club 1,2; History Club 3; Home Ec. 3: Science Fair 1; Mission Club 3,4; TALA 3; Choral 1,2 LARRY MAREK National Honor Society 2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; Excelsior Staff 4; Football 3,4; Baseball 4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 3; Junior Achievement 2,3; CYO 3,4; Dance Committee 3 BECKY MASSEY Prom Duchess 3; NA Chats Co-editor 3; Excelsior Co-editor 4; Publication Favorite 3; Piloteers 2,3, cheerleader 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Latin NHS 1,2; Latin Club 1,3, Pres. 2; CYO 1,2.3.4; APSLAward 1,2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; History Club, Sec. 3; FTA 3.4; PE Letterman 1; Prom Committee 3; Religion Award 3; CCD 2; Mission Club 1,3; Science Fair 1; Living Rosary 4; Homecoming Nom- inee 4 74 JOHN MAYER Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Football 3,4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 1; CYO 3,4; Dance Committee 3 Challenges Richard Pozzi and Steve Borowicz as they wait patiently for a bite. milton McDonnell Student Council 3. Treas. 4; Class Officer 1,4; Scholarship Award 2,4; Sodality 1; Living Rosary 1,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Excelsior Staff 4; Blue and White 2,3; Speech 1; Band 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Varsity Track 2,3,4; Per- fect Attendance 3,4; CYO 3,4; Dance Com- mittee 3; Prom Committee 3 carol McMillan Living Rosary 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; Mission Club 3, Treas. 1; History Club 1,3; Class Re- porter 2; Spanish Club 1,2, Treas. 2; Home Economics 3; PE 1,2 m 75 TIM MIORI Living Rosary 2; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Blue and White 2; Var- sity Baseball 3,4; Perfect At- tendance 3,4; CYO 1,2,3,4 EDWARD NEVULD Class Officer 1,2,3; Sodality 1; Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Excelsior Staff 4; Var- sity Football 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball 1,2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; Per- fect Attendance 3; CYO 1,2,4; Vice-Pres. 3; Dance Committee 3 " Push harder! " urges Gwen Hall, as Therese Byr dilapidated car from its stalled position. To Accept New MICHAEL O ' CONNELL Class Officer 3; Sodality 2; Server 1,2; Living Rosary 3,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3; Track 1,2,3,4; Radio Club 1; Perfect Attendance 1,2 EDDIE ORSAK Class Officer 3; Scholarship Award 3,4; Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Ex- celsior Staff 4; Blue and White 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3; Varsity Track 3; Basketball Manager 3; Perfect Attendance 1,2; CYO; Dance Committee 3 76 ROSALIE PACHECO Mission Club 1,3; CCD 1,2,3; History Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2; TALA 4; Choral Club 3;PE 1,2 3ecky Massey, and Martha Zeplin, try desperately to budge th Duties and New Freedom MARY LOU PEREZ PE 1,2; Spanish Club 2, Sec. 1; Class Sec. 2; NA Chats 3; CYO 1,2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 4; Mis- sion Club 1,3; Treasurer 4 DON PELLEGRINO Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Ex- celsior Staff 4; Band 1,2,3,4; CYO 3,4; Band Officer 3,4 m ■1 V 77 MIKE PHILLIPS Scholarship Award 3; Religion Award 2; Sodality 1,2; Living Rosary 1,4; Speech 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3 MELANIE PIZZOLATO Class Favorite 1; Class Pres. 1. SC 1.2,4, Treas. 3; Citizenship Seminar Rep. 4; SSCA Rep. 3; CYO 1,2,4, Treas. 3; VDCYO Social Chairman 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior Staff 4; Mission Club 3, Pres. 1; Living Rosary 2,4; PE Letterman 1; Prom Committee 3; Spanish Club 1.2; History- Club 3; Religion Award 2; FTA 4; American- ism Week Co-ordinator 4 MANUEL PLATA Living Rosary 4; Varsitv Track 1.2,3; CYO 2,3,4 To Establish a Precedent Inspiring Those While Bobby Schoenfeld intently examines the motor of the car, John Gormely and James Ward proceed to check the tins and clean the window. 78 TOMI POST Student Council 3,4; Class Pres. 1,2,4; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Scholarship Award 3,4; Sodality 1; Living Rosary 3,4; St. Vin- cent de Paul 4; Excelsior Staff 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track Manager 3; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3; CYO 1,2 Who Follow BARBARA PRIBYL Latin Club 1,2,3; Latin Honor Society 1; CYO 1,2; Valentine Rep. 1; Choral Club 1, Treas. 2; Tri-M 3,4, Vice-Pres. 2; Class Vice-Pres. 2, Pres. 4; Mission Club 1,3; PE 2,4, Letterman 1,3; Prom Committee 3; Drama Club Parliamentarian 3; History Club 3; Living Rosary 4; SC 4 DENNIS POZZI National Honor Society 2,3,4; Scholarship Award 1,2,3; Religion Award 1,2,3; Sodality 1,2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; Excelsior Staff 4; Speech 3; Perfect Attendance 2,3; 4-H 1,2,3 RICHARD POZZI National Honor Society 2,3,4; Sodality 1,2, 3,4; Living Rosary 1,4; Excelsior Staff 4; Basketball 1; Perfect Attendance 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1; Dance Committee 3; Farm Bureau Citizenship Seminar 4 " Does it fit? " questions Theresa Covarrubias as Mary Lou Perez adjusts a semi-completed bodice on Theresa Hernandez. 79 HENRY RAMIREZ, JR. Sodality 1,2; Living Rosary 4; Band 1,2,3,4; CYO 1,2,3 JOHN REYNA Sodality 1 ; Living Rosary 3,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Football Man- ager 1,2,3,4; Basketball Manager 3; Per- fect Attendance 3; Prom Committee 3 HON B Looking for new ways to adventure, Fred Brasher, Jimm cycling. To Extend the Ideals and MARY FRANCES REYNA CYO 1,2,3,4; Daughter of Mary 1,2,3,4; Choral 1, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4; Mission Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Living Rosary 4 80 Worlds biggest seller! BEATRICE RINCON Student Council 3; Living Rosary 4; Spanish Club 2, Pres. 3; Class Vice-Pres. 4; CYO Talent Show 2,3,4; CYO 4, Social Chairman 1,3, Spiritual Chairman 2; CCD Secretary 2, 3; Junior Sodality 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3; Choral 1,2, Pres. 3; Tri-M 4, Treas. 1,2, Vice- Pres. 3; TALA Vice-Pres. -Treas. 3; Mission Club 3, Sec. 1; Science Fair 1 eLane and Mike O ' Connell try their skills at the sport of Principles Learned in School LINDA ROBLES Sodality of Mary 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3,4; CYO 1,2,3,4; PE 4, Letterman 1,2; Choral 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Living Rosary 4; Mission Club 1,3 MARY TERESA RIVERA Mission Club 1,3; History Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2; TALA 3; Living Rosary 4; Choral 1; PE 2 That practice takes patience to perfect their music. exhibited by John Wright, Don Pellegrino, and Mike Phillips as they work diligently Seniors Leave Many Fun - Filled Memories MARY ESTHER RODRIGUEZ Spanish Club 1,2; Living Rosary 1,4; Choral 1,3, Vice-Pres. 2; Mission Club 1,3; PE 4; Sodality 1; CCD 1 ROBERT SAENZ Living Rosary 3,4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Football 1; Track 2 FRANCEY SANDHOFER Piloteers 1,2, Cheerleader 3, head cheer- leader 4, captain 4; Latin Club 2. Rec. Chairman 1; FTA Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior Stall 4; Personality of the Month 1; CYO 1,2,3,4, Green and White Ball Rep. 2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Mission Club 1,3; Living Rosary 4; SC Par- liamentary 4; Homecoming Nominee 4 82 BOBBY SCHOENFELD Football 2,3; Baseball 3; Track 3; CYO 1,2, Vice-pres. 3; Treas. 4; Prom Committee 3 ELIZABETH SCHLEY Spanish Club 1,2; Living Rosary 4; History Club 3; Science Fair 1; PE 1, Letterman 2; Home Economics 3; Drama Club 3; Mis- sion Club 1, Treas. 3 Behind Them GLENN SCHRADE Football Manager 3; Radio Club 1; Perfect Attendance 2,3 " I like this, " comments Karen Darter as Gena Smith expresses her complete approval of Karen ' s choice. 83 " Aw. come on. Raven, t hi quite eager to part with hi: is my last dollar money. pleads Larry F ridel) with Jimmy Raven, while Don Beuthe seems ROSALYN SCHUSTEREIT Mission Club 3, Treas. 1; Spanish Club Sec. 3; Latin Club 1,2,3, Latin National Honor Society 1; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Ex- celsior Staff 4; NA Chats 3,4; PE Letterman 1,2; CCD 2,3,4; Living Rosary 4; Science Fair 1; Class Treas. 2; FTA 3.4; TALA 3; Library Science Award 3; History Club 3; SC Corresponding Sec. 3; CYO 1,2 One Through Unity, Seniors Are RICHARD SEILER Student Council 4; Scholarship Award 3,4; Living Rosary 3,4; Excelsior Staff 4; Foot- ball 3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Dance Committee 3 GENA SMITH CYO 1,2; Drama Club 3; PE 1,2; Home Economics 3; Mission Club 1.3; History Club 3; Spanish Club 1.2; Legion of Mary 1,2; Living Rosary 1,4; Class Tie. is. 4. Debate Club 3 84 Paging through the leaves of a scrapbook, filled with mementoes of their Senior year are Rosalie Pacheco and Mary Terissa Rivera. Bound Together by Similar Goals and Ideals TOMMY SOLIZ Class officer 4; NHS 2,3,4; Living Rosary JULIAN SOLIZ 4; Blue White 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Perfect Living Rosary 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Foot- Attendance 2,3; Prom Duke 2 ball DAVID SOTO 85 KATHY SPEARS Mission 1,3; History Club 3; CYO; FTA 3; PE 1.2,3; f ALA 3; Spanish Club 1 LINDA SPARKMAN Piloteers 1,2, Squad Leader 3; Mission Club 1,3; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats Co-edi- tor 3; Living Rosary 1,4; Excelsior Co-editor 4; FTA 3,4; CYO 1,2, Social Chairman 3, Ways Chairman 4; SC 3, Treas. 1, Sec. 2, Rep. 4; Class Favorite 3; Publication Fa- vorite 3; Prom Duchess 3; Prom Committee 3; NHS 3,4; TSJCL 2,3, Recreational Chair- man 1; Latin NHS 1,2; VDCYO Vice-Pres. 4; Class Treas. 3; Science Fair 1; Living Nativity 1,2,3; SSCA Rep. 3; Homecoming Nominee 4 Seniors Look Forward to the GREGORY STATHIS " Look out! There is a road block ahead! " warns Richard tance ol Ed Kelly and Richard Wearden 86 SANDRA STEFKA Mission Club 1,3; CYO 1,2,3,4; Piloteers 1,2, Drill Captain 3; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior Staff 4; NHS 3, Sec. 4; Latin Club 1, Sec. 2; Latin NHS 1,2; Typewriting Award 3; FTA 3, Pres. 4; SC l .4. Living Rosary 4 Many Roads of Life Ahead BETTY SVOBODA Class Sec. 1; Living Rosary 4; CYO 1,2; PL 1.4. Letterman 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Excel- sior 4; Mission Club 1,3; Home Economics 3; SC 2,3; History Club 3; TALA 3 NANCY TAYLOR Mission Club 1,3; TSJCL 1, Treas. 2; Latin NHS 1; FTA 4, Treas. 3; Piloteers 1, Squad Leader and Lieutenant 2,3, Cheer- leader 4; SC 4; CCD 3,4; NA Chats 3; Ex- celsior 4; Girl ' s State Rep. 3; Living Rosary 4; English Award 3; Americanism Week Co- ordinator 4 87 DEBBIE TRUMAN ANDRES URBANO, JR. NHS 2,3. Pres. 4; Latin Club 1,2; Piloteers Perfect attendance 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1, 1,2,3,4; NA Chats 3; Excelsior 4; CYO 3; 2,4 Mission Club 1,3; Future Physicians 4,Vice- Pres. 3,4 JOHN VARGAS Preparing for a Challenging World That Demands Recollection ol days gone by prompts Joan Hobbs, Jackie Jackson, Thresa Marek, and Frances Horadam to attempt to master the art of balancing a tandem bicycle. " I want an order ot French fries, " Tom Dornak points out to Richard Kresta, who on a basket of fried chicken. Scientific Thought As Well As Initiative to have his heart set LINDA WAGNER Mission Club 1,3,4; FTA 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Latin National Honor Society 1; TALA 3; CYO 1,2,3; PE Letterman 1,2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3,4; Excelsior 4; Living Rosary 4 ' ' »«r % r JAMES WARD RICHARD WEARDEN Football; CYO 1,2,3,4 89 Summer resort brochures prompt Nancy Tavlor, Melani a fun-filled week of leisure. ilato, Cynthia Lazarin, and Kathy Spe to spend Seniors March Onward to the ROBERT WEARDEN JR. JIMMY WELDER SC 1,2, Pies. 4, Vice-pres. 3; Class Pres. 4; NHS 2,3,4; Sodality 1; Scholarship Award 1,2,3,4; Living Rosary 3,4; RNcelsior 4; Blue White 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Prom Committee 3; CYO 1,2,3; Dance Committee 3 JOHN WRIGHT SC. 2.3.-i; Class Treas. 4; NHS 2,3,4; Schol- arship Award 1,2,3; Religion Award 3; So- dality; Living Rosary -4; Excelsioi 4; Blue White 2.3; FPA 2.3; Prom Com- mittee 3; Deanery CYO -+; Perfect Atten- dance 1 ,3 90 " Think you can make it? " questions Glen Schrade as he smugly pretends that he doesn ' t notice the perplexing predicament of Andre Urbano. Everlasting Steps of Adulthood JOSEPH ZAFEREO Living Rosary 4; St. Vincent de Paul 4; Excelsior 4; Blue White 3; Baseball Man- ager 1; Perfect Attendance 3; CYO 1,2,3,4; Dance Committee 3 MARTHA ZEPLIN Choral 1, Sec. 2; Tri-M 1. Historian 2; Mission Club 1,3; Class Sec. 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NA Chats 3; Living Rosary 2,4; Excelsior 4; FTA 4; CYO 1,2,3,4; ( ( 1) 2,3,4; History Club 3; Prom Committee 3; Latin Club 1,2,3; Science Club 1; PE Letterman 3; SSCA Rep. 3 Ol Activities - Organizations With expectation I have waited for the Lord, and he was attentive to me. And he heard my prayers, and brought me out of the pit of misery and the mire of dregs. And he set my feet upon a rock, and directed my steps. And he put a new canticle into my mouth, a song to our God. Many shall see, and shall fear: they shall hope in the Lord. Blessed is the man whose trust is in the name of the Lord. 93 MI iMBERS— FRONT ROW: Katliy Gilley, Nancy Koehl, Delia Soli . Melanie Pizzolato, Alice Pozzi. Dolores Artero, Margaret Bolech. SECOND ROW: Nancy Taylor, I.ynette Foreman, Theresa Covarrubias, Jeanne Ob ' ert, Sandra Hobbs, Francey Sandhoter. THIRD ROW: Mary Obert, Brenda Helweg, Linda Sparkman, Bcckv Massey, Karen Darter. Man ' Jane Carter, Joan Hobbs. FOURTH ROW: Karen Jaschke, Martha Jordan, Barbara Pribyl, Therese Byrne, Sandra Stefka. FIFTH ROW: Debbie Truman, Peggy Foreman, Gwen Hall. Mary Ann Halla. Man Ruth Brush. Student Council Promotes Through then combined efforts, the Student ( ouncil officers, Cynthia Lazarin, president. Barbara Dworaczyk, vice-president, Donna Foytek, secretary, and Marie (Callus, treasur- er, strive tn conduct a well-run. orderly meeting 94 Following the first annual spring elections, outgoing Student Council secretary, Patricia Weber installs the new officers. Marie Kallus, treasurer, Donna Foytek, secretary, Barbara Dworaczyk, vice-president, and Cynthia Lazarin, president. Better Understanding of Responsibilities Several underclassmen, Sharon Oliver. Mary Wright, and Mary Helen Barrientos, add a touch of Yuletide spirit by arranging pre- sents under the student council Christmas tree. School government, as it functions at Nazareth Academy, promotes unity, citizenship, and a better understanding between the faculty and the student body. Students are afforded an opportunity through their class represent- atives to express their opinions and thereby assist in the management of the school. Various Student Council functions include a Christmas Living Nativity, an annual Valentine Dance, and several open SC meetings through- out the year. 95 iM VICE-PRESIDENT ROBERT QUITTA SECRETARY DAN HEBNER PRESIDENT JAMES WELDER TREASURER MILTON MC DONNHLI. 96 Onlookers watch as Bob Schoenfeld delivers one of his crushing blows to the car in the Car Smash, one of the Student Council fund-raising projects this Student Council Cultivates Leadership STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS— FIRST ROW: James Welder, Dan Hebner, Milton McDonnell. SECOND ROW: Larry Tagliabue, Tomi Post, James DeLane, James Puzzi, David Jaschke, Gary Halepeska. THIRD ROW: Dion Holm, John Wright, Frank Carter, Rawley Weber, Paul Obert. 97 Richard Pozzi,.Melanie Pizzalato, and Cynthia Lazarin prepare to depart for Citizenship Seminar in Huntsville, Texas to acquire new ideas for the Americanism Week Program. Americanism Activities Promote Patriotic Ideals Melanie Pizzalato, with the assistance of Linda Wagner, Nancy Taylor, and Linda Kouba, prepares to raise the flag, initiating Americanism Week activities. Striving to promote an active- interest in the principles of our country ' s freedom and our great American heritage, the annual project of Americanism Week was held at Nazareth Academy under the direction of chairmen, Na- ncy Taylor, Cynthia Lazarin, and Melanie Piz- zalato. The curriculum for the- week included special guest speakers, student assemblies, panels, and forums. These special activities were commenced each morning by a flag-raising cere- mony on the playground for the entire high school. Thus, through these patriotic activities and under the Star Spangled Banner ol America, the youth of today are prepared lor t he i i job as the leaders of tomorrow. 98 Preparing to carry the flag to the Americanism Assembly are John Wright and Dion Holm. At St. Joseph ' s a precedence has been set whereby we honor the American Constitution and Heritage. The youth of America must be brought to realize that freedom was not given to us, but was earned by the sweat and blood of our forefathers. The project is organized and co-ordinated by the student that repre- sented St. Joseph ' s at Boys ' State the previous summer. Through debates conducted among the students and enlightening speeches by civic-minded citizens of the county and state, students gain a greater appreciation of their heritage. Dan Hebner, Boys ' State Representative student council and Yearbook Co-editor organized the Americanism Week for the 1965-66 academic year. Americanism Week Explains Basic Freedom Debators pay close attention to the point made by Dion Holm during Americanism Week. 99 Assembly Highlights Western Day " I told you not to mess around with me, you ornery critter, " ex- claims Evelyn Motal as she stands over Mary Ann Redmon ' who just " bit the dust! " Students are entertained by Phyllis Mar thiljohni ' s interpretation of various west- ern songs at the annual Western Day Assembly. " Back m them days,... " Joan Hobbs dra- matizes " Life in the old West, " as pan ol the Western day ceremonies. 100 One of man ' s earliest forms of transportation is looked ovei by Steve Borowicz and Larry Marek. ,- " Take it easy, " says Matt Seger, as John Mayer trys his hand at feeding livestock. Wild West Brought Back During Western Day " Hey, watch it, " says Brother Woulfe to Steve Borowicz, Ed Kelly, and Larry Marek as they prepare to do away with a iormidable foe. The " great conversationalist, " John Wright, explains to Larry Marek, Ed Kelly, John Mayer and Steve Borowicz the various uses of small firearms. 101 Eighth Graders Prepare for Big Step Student Council president, Cynthia La- zarin, begins to explain certain aspects of high school life to Donna Bonorden, Mary Seger, Renae Anger, Linda Kreh- meier, Sue Ann Vivion, and Renee Car- ville. Future freshmen strive lor outstanding grades on their pre- high school examination, which determines their entrance into high school. J Astonished freshmen, Martha Barrientos, Helen DiStefano, and Anne Hatch, are caught by the watchful eve of Senior, (Catherine Spears. 102 " Guilty! Guilty! " exclaims Joan Hobbs and Jeanette Frazier, as theghostlypair pass sentence on the unfortunate fresh- men. Flinching under the repeated blows of Nancy Taylor, Gwen Hall, tht hunchback ot Nazareth, retreats in terror. Fish Surrender to House of Horrors Out of the depths of her dark coffin, Linda Wagner rises to welcome the freshmen to the " House of Horrors. " Welcoming the unsuspecting " fish " to the " cage of the unknown creatures " are Linda Cano and Donna Foytek. E P PPl ' 1 } ■ 1 1 ' i 4 9r 1 103 " Hollow the Schedule " night was again a success this year at Nazareth Academy. Parents of students attended ten minutes in each of their daughter ' s classes. This was a condensed version of a typical day at NA and gave parents an oppor- tunity to become better acquainted with the scope and aims of each course. Refreshments were served by Student Council members in the bandroom follow- ing the class periods. Eaves-droppjpg on classes can be fun when parents, as pupils, experience the ups and crowns of every-dav school life. Parents Review Student Curriculum Mis. Pozzi takes time out foi coffee and cookies aftei following the rig on ius parent night schedule. " How in the world our daughters survivi this, I ' ll nevei know, " exclaims Mrs. I ' m m Bolech. 104 Very active in keeping NA ' s facilities spotless is Mrs. Garza. Light hearts make light work. This fact is clearly shown from their expressions as Mrs. Eisman and Mrs. Siegel wash dishes from the noon meal which they helped prepare. Custodians Provide Spotless Facilities As a member of Nazareth Academy janitorial staff for many years, Mr. Brosch is a familiar sight to many faces. Among many of the duties that Mr. Brosch attends to are stacking the lunch dishes. Mrs. Brosch, a hard worker, takes pride in preparing the cafeteria lunches. 105 Annual staff members, Cynthia Lazarin, Linda Cano. and Frances Sandhofer, consult with yearbook editor, Linda Sparkman, for assistance in choosing pictures for their final layouts. Annual Staff Strives to Meet Deadlines Staff photograph ers. Rosalyn Schustereit and Melanie Pizzolato, constructively review their photography in an effort to improve. " We have to lit this picture in this layout somehow; our deadline is tomorrow, " exclaims K .it hy Cole to Pamela Carver as they experiment in arranging pic- ' Hi: I i ' 106 Yearbook Moderator Bro. Woulfe explains to Eddie Orsak, John Mayer and Co-Editor Dion Holm the processes in making up the annual. I aS Perfection Is Annual ' s Staff Goal Co-Editors Dan Hebner and Dion Holm go through a lot of preparation before any composing of the annual takes place. Taking pictures for the yearbook is not such an easy task, as can be seen by the appealing looks, our ace photographer, Bro. John Woulfe, gets while trying to get a group into position. 107 The Juniors enjoy working on the NA Chats, the school ' s publication, as they gain experience and insight for future work on the EXCELSIOR. The news- paper consists of four pages which pro- vide interesting and informative news ar- ticles on the school ' s many activities. For nine years the NA Chats has received the All-Catholic rating; highest award given to a Catholic newspaper. Co-editor, Mary Obert discusses the Chats deadline with first page editors Faye Bartula and Barbara Dworaczyk. N A Chats Staff Gains Needed Experience Chats journalist, Martha Jordan, Carolyn Huvar, Connie Riggs, Pamela Oliver, Germaine Thibodeaux, Man, ' Ann Pribyl, Audelia Briones, and Mary Ann Redmon plan the layout for the next edition of their paper. Page editors, Jackie Gilley, Melva Hernandez, Mary Ruth Brush. Lydia Perez, Mary Jane Carter, and Belinda Rod- riquez proudly inspect their first publication. 08 Under the watchful eye of Brother Chris Janson, Larry Tagliabue, Robert Steveson, and Charles Kloesel discuss subject matter for the Blue and White, while Robert Arnold proof reads the copy typed by Robert Sweeney and Mark Zafereo. Published six times an- nually, the Blue and White, the school newspaper, has acirculation of approx- imately eight hundred. The purpose of this publication is to keep the students, alumni, and triends of St. Joseph well-informed about Flyer activities. Each four- page edition is a result of the work of volunteer stu- dents who are interested in journalism. Larry Tagliabue is Editor-inChief of the 1965-66 Blue and White, and Brother Chris Janson is the advisor. Newspaper Staff Keeps Friends Informed FRONT ROW: Robert Sweeney, Charles Kloesel, James Pozzi, Robert Arnold, Larry Tagliabue. SECOND ROW: Mike Brown, Tom Soliz, Roger Barrientos, Larry Kovar, Mark Zafereo, Donald Kruppa, Jim Richter. THIRD ROW: Gorman Prince, David Jaschke, Robert Stevenson, Robert Hyak, Fred Sandhop, Harold Jurica. FOURTH ROW: Brother Chris Janson, Mike Holcomb, Tonv Kouba, Rudy Balli, Mike Gayle. 109 Our Lady of Sorrows and McFaddin C.Y.O. pose during recent trip to Mexico. CYO Plan and Act OFFICERS OF OUR LADY VICTORY C.Y.O.— President Gwen Hall; Secretary Dianne Lee; Vice-president Carol Rossi; Treasurer Bob Schoenfeld. 10 Students of Nazareth Academy and St. Joseph seek the membership of the C.Y.O. for entertainment and leadership. A host of programs are initiated by these groups. Some of these are rallies, hayrides, and the Green and White Ball. Membership in the C.Y.O. helps to develop the spiritual, social, cultural and physical aspects of a teenager ' s lite. ling is a typical treat that St. Mary ' s C.Y.O. enjoys for Weil-Rounded Personalities Parlimentary procedure one of the many things that C.Y.O. members learn, is used during Our Lady of Victory meetings. Ill Members of the Quill and Scroll are Cynthia Kalinowski, Nancy Halepeska, Sandra Stefka, Cynthia Lazarin, Rosalyn Shustereit, Becky Massey, Linda Wagner, Linda Kouba, Martha Zeplin, Nancy Taylor, Pamela Carver, Theresa Covarrubias, Linda Cano, Melanie Pizzolato, Frances Sandhofer, and Linda Sparkman. Journalism Students Aim for Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. Membership is reserved for outstanding publications staff members who meet the requirements established by the Society and its Local Chapters. Candidates for membership in the Quill and Scroll must demonstrate fully that thev merit the honor and aw ard through high scholarship, jour- nalistic achievement, and service. Quill and Scroll officers: Peggy Foreman, President; jeanette Frazier, Vice- President; Mary Lou Perez, Secretary; and Joan Hobbs, Treasurer, arrange 01 the installation ceremony. Nazareth Academy organized the Future Teachers of America for the purpose of encouraging students to teach as their life-time career. This vocation is a true art as a teacher lays the foundation of the future in his work of molding the per- sonalities of young minds. The FT A organization shows special movies, attends conventions, and joins in a local program of education. FTA officers Franeey Sandhofer, treasurer; Cynthia Kalinowski, secretary; Linda Cano, vice-president; and Sandra Stefka, president, review the FTA handbook for possible pointers for club activities. FTA Proves an Active Organization Mrs. Lazarin, chaperone, Mary Ruth Brush, Martha Zeplin, Donna Lewis, and Barbara Dworaczyk p repare for the fall convention in Port Lavaca. 113 With fiery enthusiasm, the cheerleaders for the St. Joseph ' s Flyers sparked the spirit of the team as well as the crowd, urging the mighty Flyers on to the coveted title of State Champs. Along with their participation in football ac- tivities, the cheerleaders are found lending their whole-hearted support to other athletic endeav- ors, connected with both St. Joseph ' s and Naz- areth Academy. Franccy Sandhofer Head Cheerleader Cheerleaders Enliven Becky Massey Nancy Halepeska State Champs ' Spirit Nancy Taylor • jj Cynthia Kalinowski 1965- ' 66 Cheerleaders Peggy Cattan Mary Ruth Brush Drum Major dif=r I Becky Kalinowski Flyer Mascot 117 Nazareth Academy Piloteers Piloteers Perfect Half-time Shows by Performing in the half-time activities during the Flyer football season and cheering the team on to victory comprise the chief duties of the Nazareth Academy Piloteers. Membership in this drill team is open to all girls in high school who meet the requirements. These consist of a good scholastic average, 90 or above in conduct, good daily attendance, and marching ability. Band and drill team director, Mr. Mau- rice Adcock. gives instructions while lit surveys a practice session of the group from the vantage point atop a Si affold 18 Taking time off from their strenuous practice, cheerlead- ers Nancy Halepeska, Nancy Taylor, Peggy Cattan, Becky Massey, Francey Sandhofer, and Cynthia Kalinowski pose for the photographer. Long and Hard Hours of Practice j»aMI f- K ' Tt v ' m L. " Hu • x !f;- ' ■ Kneeling are the drill cap- tains for the Piloteers this year. They arc Karen Jasch- ke. Nancy Koehl, Linda Cano, and Cynthia Lazarin, Piloteer lieutenants are Linda Hanselka, Dolores Burger, and Jeanette. It is the duty of these officers to create the dances used at half-time, lead hand motions at the game, and reprimand a mem- ber when net essary. 119 Moderator of the Varsity Band and Inter- mediate Band is Mr. Maurice Adcock. BAND OFFICERS: Captain, Steve Borwicz; Drum Major, Michael Brown; Secretary, Michael Phillips; Reporter, Gorman Prince; Head Librarian, Don Pelligrino; Ass ' t Librarian, John Mares. Band Inspires School Spirit Varsity Band 20 The beat is given to the band by Mr. Adcock. Under the direction of Mr. Adcock, the band inspires school spirit at a pep rally. 121 Loyalty by the Nazareth Academy Cheerleaders was expressed when they elected the Flyei victory bannei before the exciting Homecoming game. Homecoming This year ' s Homecoming activities were enhanced by prospects of a possible chance at the state crown. The bonfire, after a damp day and night, was a spec- tacular success. The Homecoming Queen, elected by the students of St. Joseph ' s, reigned proudly over a victorious game and gracefully at the semi-formal Homecoming Dance. Queen candidates were Francev Sandhofer, Nancy Halepeska, Cynthia Kalinowski, Becky Massey, and Linda Sparkman. On the night following the game, the gala week was capped bv a semi-formal dance at St. Joseph ' s. School spirit is stimulated by the traditional Haines of the annual Flyei bonfire, which initiates the activities of H ecoming week 22 w Enthusiasm is shown for the bonfire by Juniors Ronnie Duke, Larry Waida, Robert Stevenson, Randy Pecachek, Robert Hyak. who are putting the final touches on the day ' s work. Activities Typify School Spirit Homecoming festivities were cap- italized by the coronation of Becky Massey as Queen. Her escort for the evening was John Wright, Vice- president oi the National Honor Society. 123 Celebrating a Flyer victory, Jeanne Obert and Dun Andres burn up quite a few calories doing the jerk. " How much? " asks Ed Nevlud of Roger Barrientos, as Joe Zafereo and Don Pelligrino seem to be more interested in someone entering behind Ed. Dances Give Students Music-making is a specialty oi the I [eartbeats " , who provided wonderful ente tainmi nl for many ol the post-game football dances. Victory is celebrated in many ways by the Flyers, especially by means oi wearing the tradi tional victory hat. 24 Juniors, Ron Duke and Larry Waida discover that along with the work of sponsoring the dance, there is a certain amount of pleasure in the offing, too. By the expressions on their faces, one can surmise that Don Pelligrino and Jim DeLane arethoroughly enjoying themselves. Opportunity to Make Friends As Jeanne Obert scans the crowd tor familiar faces. Don Andres appears to be catching a few winks. ftjk vfP _, . ; ' -■■ii. n vrai 3hT g • j| IJ 1 The dances sponsored by the Junior class provide an excellent opportunity for old friends to gather, and for meeting new ones. 125 The PTA annually sponsors a fest- ival to raise funds for the support of Nazareth ' s many activities. This activity provides fun and relaxa- tion for adults as well as school children; and a means toward the betterment of educational fac- ilities. Potential buyer, Anne Holm, views the Country Store ' s sundry wares, shown bv Mrs. Pribyl. Festivals Provide Fun .... Funds Working steadily over the cartons, Mrs. Lawr- ence Luna prepares the multi-colored confetti eggs for sale. Seventh grader. Linda I.a .lrin. prepares to spin the doll wheel lor the anxious children, while a disinterested young m.m seems preoccupied with less girlish activities. 26 Blessing of the cars was one of the projects of the sodalities this year. The- sodality this past year has worked constantly to promote different forms of social charity. They worked on a project to build a neighborhood park, to strengthen school spirit by class flags, and under the direction of the moderators, the Sodality is plan- ning many more such projects. Sodalities Promote Religious Action SODALITY MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Bro. Phil Rink, moderator, James Pozzi, Mike Brown, Mark Zafereo, Larry Kovar, David Jaschke, Robert Sweeney, Steve Borowicz. BACK ROW: Robert Arnold, Larry Tagliabue, Bro. Law rence Buxkemper, moderator, Charles Kloesel. Richard Pozzi John Wright, Bro. Thomas Barber, moderator, Dennis Pozzi 127 PTA members, Mrs. Jimmy McSpadden, president; Mrs. Joseph T. Redmon, corresponding secretary ' ; Mrs. Joe Jurica, secretary; and Mrs. Laddie F. Janda. treasurer, discuss plans for Fall Festival with Mrs. Wesley Vivion. Mrs. Bert Kiesel, vice-president, is not shown. PTA Helps School Through Various Activities PTA members, Mrs. M. V. Sandholer and Mrs. Jack O. Massey add finishing touches to the flower arrangements which were sold at the annual fall festival. Working closely with the members of the faculty, the members of the Parent-Tea- chers Association strive to bring into close relat- ionship the home and the school. As a result of this, cooperation between parents and teachers in the physical, intellectual, and spiritual education of the children is attained. 28 Piloteer director, Mr. Maurice Adcock, talks over plans for the pep squad with Mrs. Nikki Halepeska. Piloteer Mothers Club Aids Organization Officers for the Piloteers Mothers ' Club, Mrs. Sammy Cattan, Secretary; Mrs. Victor Hanselka, Vice- President; and Mrs. Jasper Lazarin, President; determine trie amount of material needed lor new uniforms. 129 By sponsoring such projects as festivals, cake sales, and rummage sales, the Mother ' s Club has shown its zeal to work for the betterment of the school. Because of these endeavors, the club is able to offset the expenses incurred by the varsity band and to buy books and periodicals for the school library. Projects of the Mother ' s Club are discussed by officers, Mrs. Stathis, Mr Huegele, Mrs. Gormeley, Mrs. Jaschke, and Mrs. Arnold. Moms and Dads Work for the Advisor to the Mother ' s Club, Brother Michael Brangan, expres- ses his opinion concerning an up- coming project. Ever-ready workers are always willing to help in any capacity, whether in cooking 01 in serving. 30 Helping the school in any and every way possible is the major task of the Father ' s Club. Their main concern is the athletic department which they aid by means of festivals, selling of booster tickets for home football games, and the annual Turkey Card Drive. [ Heartily at work are these members of the Father ' s Club, who always put great time and ettort into their work in the concession stands at the Flyer football games. Betterment of the School Because the Freshmen were this year ' s leaders in the turkey card isales, Robert Dodds, president of the class, gladly accepts the prize money from Coach Harlon Gerhold. Father ' s Club president. Mr. Mai Byrne, discusses the ticket sales and the Flyers ' chances in the all-important State Championship game. 131 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Debbie Truman President Faye Bartula Vice-President Sandra Stefka Secretary Karen Jaschke Treasurer In addition to having a high scholastic aver- age, to gain entrance into the National Honor Society one must possess high qualities of character, leadership, and service. The society, composed of students of sophomore, junior and senior classification, hosts various activi- ties: an annual initiation ceremony, the awards program, a Student-Teacher Day, and a Parent- Daughter Banquet. National Honor Society Sets Standards Having achieved the require- ments for the NHS, the follow- ing girls were inducted into the society: Dolores Burger, Linda Sparkman, Pamela Car- ver, Nancy Halepeska, Cynthia Kalinowski, and Mary Ruth Brush. Becky Massey was ab- sent. 32 Every student looks forward to his Sophomore year when he is eligible for induction into the National Honor Society. The Mrs. James F. Welder Chapter of the NHS is noted for the high stand- ards of scholarship, service, character, and leader- ship required of its members. Standards of the National Honor Society create wide interest tor member Steve Borowicz. Rigid Standards Are Required by the National Honor Society FIRST ROW: Tommy Soliz, Larry Tagliabue, Guy Stilwell, Bob Stevenson, and Ronnie Duke. SECOND ROW: Greg Stathis, Jimmy Welder, Dennis Pozz ' i, Charles Pozzi, and Larry Waida. THIRD ROW: Steve Borowicz, John. Wright, Larry Marek, and Dan Hebner. 133 Sister Ruth extends congratulations and warm wishes tn seniors Sandra Stefka, Martha Zeplin, Gena Smith, and Given Hall at the Senior Tea, the last formal aitair honoring the Senior class before graduation. PTA Honors Seniors with Tea Aftei hours oi graciously greeting guests in the receiving line, Therese Byrne and Betty Svoboda enjoy refreshments while comment ing on the event. 34 Theresa Covarrubias, outstanding Senior chosen to crown the Blessed Mother, Queen oi May, places the crown upon Our Lady ' s head. The religious highlight in Nazaeth Ac- ademy ' s May activities is the annual May Procession and Living Rosary. The entire senior class, dressed in caps and gowns, and joined with representatives from every class in school, comprise the beads in the living rosary. High- lighting the impressive twilight cere- mony is the crowning of Mary as Queen of May. Devotions Honor Mary, Queen of May Seniors, Peggy Foreman, Martha Zeplin. Barbara Pribyl, Linda Cano, Kathy Cole, Jeanette Fra- zier, Jackie Jackson, and Melanie Pizzalto lead the consecration to t he- Blessed Virgin Mary dur- ing the annual May Pro- cession and Living Ro- sary. 135 NYC Workers Some ancient relics that the N.Y.C. workers have encountered in their work on beautifying the city somewhat resemble a scene in the junk yard. Each day before the N.Y.C. workers start on their jobs, they go over the days instruction with Bro. Buxkemper. • t; , M v JJJKX M $$v j 2§! A. 12jLY jHbc ■.OK i a up w if A 1 jjfc-i ' ■(aHy b r " +M Students from Victoria High School, Gross, and St. Joseph have come together to form the Neigh- borhood Youth Coips. With federal aid and the direction of Bro. Buxkemper, the N.Y.C. works to beautify the city of Victoria. Before each day ' s work, Richard Kr out tools to the workers. 136 Develop Skills ' ■ ' .- ' The City of Victoria Sanitation Dept. help out the N.Y.C. workers by carrying off the excess debris. Quitting time is a joyful time for the labor- ers of N.Y.C. as they put away their equip- ment for the day. 137 Presenting an interesting and in- spiring talk, Sister Matthew from Sacred Heart Dominicon Col- lege in Houston, points out var- ious aspects of a good mission club. Mission Club Enlivens Spiritual Outlook Junior mission club members, Melva Hernandez, Audelia Briones, and Connie Riggs, ponder over material for club discussion. Fulfilling the various practices oi the Mission Club Is an essential pan oi .1 members ' dav. Collecting money for the St. Vincent de Paul treasury is the dutiful task of John Mayer. Spirited Ed Nevlud gives gener- ously whenever he is called upon. St. Vincent de Paul Officers: John Wright, vice- president; Don Buethe, president; Dan Hebner, secretary; John Mayer, treasurer. Feeding the Soul Is Not Enough FRONT ROW: Dan Hebner, David Soto, John Reyna, John Mayer. BACK ROW: John Wright, Don Buethe, Ed Nev- lud, Joe Zafereo. 139 Rev. Joseph McGIoin, S.J.. Re- treat master, relates to Barbara Dworaczyk, Faye Bartula and Donna Foytek the humorous incidents in Christ ' s life at a break between conferences dur- ing retreat. Retreat Days Bring Peace of Mind and Soul Contemplation is evident on the mind of Mary Beth Cory as slu ' pauses for a moment from her spirit reading. As slu- meditates on the lives ot the saints, an inspiring look is reflected on the face of Lydia Perez, kneeling before the statue ol Oui Lady. 40 Retreat Master, Father Richard Toal, speaks to the students on the spiritual aspects of life. " While on earth, aim high " , were the constant words of Father Toal. Mass was attended everyday by the student body during the retreat. Confession and Holy Communion were frequently ad- ministered by the Retreat Master. Retreat Offers Haven for Serious Thought Pondering upon the spiritual as- pects of his life, Jerry Guertin reads one of the many religious pamphlets provided for the stu- dents. 141 w Leading the Tri-M activities this year are Martha Jor- dan, president; Kathy Cole, vice-president; Rae El- wonger, secretary; Nancy Zatopek, treasurer; and Kathy Gilley, historian, (not shown). As musical moderator, Sister Vivian directs the N.A. ensemble in their many activities. W. Tri-M Fosters Musical Spirit By participating in one of N.A. ' s musi- cal function.-,, Martha Jordan displays her singing ability. 42 Speech Club officers, Mary Ann Halla- President, Evelyn Motal-Vice President, Susan Danko-Secretary, Pamela Oliver- Treasurer, and Audelia Briones-Report- er, seek information for the betterment of its members. Speech Club Improves Poise and Personality During the pie-play activities, several speech students, Bernadette Brosch, Be- linda Rodriguez, Evelyn Motal, Susan Danko, and Mary Ann Halla are found being fitted and measured for their Christmas Play costumes in ordertopro- vide more realistic scenes. 143 Christmas caroling, a favorite pastime of the Jordan ' s during the holiday season, takes them to various homes in Victoria spreading Yuletide cheer. The Spirit of Christmas Overshadows Nazarites Smiling as she places the finishing touches on one of the bulletin boards decorated tor Christmas, Mary Jane Carter seems proud of the job she completes. Rae Elwonger ponders over the idea as to whether she should take a " little peek " to see if Santa brought her what she wanted. 144 •-¥ ' ..; _Xr v . W 1 " o smoK nc applies her secret disgui another mission. L ' d by Larry Kovar, , getting ready for Attentively, the band members watch the skillful hands of their leader, as they play for the Christmas Program. Christmas Program Inspires Student Enthusiasm Juniors, Tony Borowicz, Mike Hol- comb, Bob Stevenson, Ronnie Duke, Rawley Weber, Richard Cantu, and Guy Stillwell give their best performance at the Christmas Program. 145 Spanish II officers, Belinda Rodriguez, Miguelina Villatoro, Sandra Hinojosa, and Delia Soliz look over the list of in- coming members. Language Clubs Dancing to an old Spanish tune, Mary Martha Barrientos and Joan Konarik become- acquainted with the Mexican folklore. Diligent Spanish 1 officers, Sharon Patek, Kim Latimer, Melita Murphy, Dolores Ar- tero, and Mary Martha Barrientos practice their song foi the annual Spanish Initiation. 146 Latin II officers, Becky Hawes, Mickey Richards, Kathy Gilley, and Linda Hanselka strive to advance their educational outlook by be- coming acquainted with Latin. Endeavor to Strengthen Education As the preparation for Latin Week begins, Suzanne Moreau is one of the first to help. As the foundation of our language, Latin proves very useful to every student. Classi- cal languages provide a glimpse of past civilizations and enable modern youths to compare these ancient nations with the world of today. The study of Spanish, at first glance, is more practical because it enables each individual to communicate more closely with his neighbors of Spanish descent. It shows the origin of many interesting customs as well as teaching Spanish rhet- oric. 147 Industriously Ken Seals and Emil Traber prepare signs to back the football team all the way to the State Champ- ionship. Studying carefully the steady hand ot Brother John McCarthy, Emil Munsch, Emil Traber, and Ken Seals learn the trade of being a sign painter. Making Signs. . . Creating Enthusiasm Work produces quality, even in sign-painting This is depicted in the signs put on the bus thai went to the Corpus Christi Bi-District game. 48 Photography Club As moderator of the Photography Club, Bro. John Woulfe gives Greg Stathis some hints on how to de- velop pictures. The right mixture of chemicals is the key to good pictures. As David Denison and Greg Stathis add the ingredients for the solution. Finding the right picture to develop is pan of the job of being a good photographer which two oi our hearty workers try to be. 149 The library, serving as an essential part in their day, also acts as a iorm of entertainment lor the grammar grade children. V, Library Acts As Guide for All Students Acting as a vital and necessary department for the NA students, Susan Danko and Tessi Bundick put their library to good use for theme research. E : H " ' aSH r Open to both NA and St. Joe students, the Nazareth library acts as college guide lor frank Carter, an interested senior. 150 k Presiding over the Science Club is Robert Arnold, who keeps the club functioning flawlessly. Experimental projects are indulged in by Science Club members, Steve Borowicz, Ro- bert Arnold, James Pozzi, Greg Stathis, Den- nis Pozzi, Richard Kresta and John Wright. Science Club A genius at work is Greg Stathis, who has a tremendous mind for the workings of science. 151 NYC Program Benefits School Taking time out from her busy schedule as an NYC worker, Elaine Beyer finds time to relax for a while. With the help of Theresa Marek, NYC worker, Maria Martinez hopes to improve her spelling. With a satisfied look, Elizabeth Schley fin- ishes one of her various duties, that of typing, foi Sister Pauline. 152 Youth in Summer Programs Expounding on the experience of his trip to the Attorney General ' s Youth Conference to Bro. Mike is Dion Holm. The symbolization of justice is the gavel which John Wright and Dion Holm prepare to place in the trophy case. St. Joseph ' s Boy State Representative points out an in- teresting fact about his stay in Austin to Bro. Woulfe, Guidance Director. 153 The Truly Successful Way of Life, God, Helping to present their ideas to their students, the tape recorder serves as an excellent aid for Theresa Corvarrubias and Linda Cano. CCD teachers, Therese Byrne, Nancy Taylor, Sue Green, and Martha Zeplin, look over ma- terial before presenting it to their classes. 154 Is Shown by CCD Teachers The Confraternity of Christian Doc- trine holds as its goal, the instruction and guidance of students not blessed with the opportunity of a Catholic ed- ucation. In order to provide more student -teachers for this purpose, a regular class in CCD work has been established under the dedicated direc- tion of Sister M. Perpetua and Father Fidgeon. Illustrating one of the many methods for teaching the younger children, Linda Cano demonstrates to Theresa Corvarrubias and Cynthia Lazarin, the art of using finger-riddles. CCD work of today is carried to wanting students by many Re- ligious communities as well as lay teachers. 155 Winner of the oratorical award, Debbie Tru- man poses proudly with Mr. E. W. Schramm, and with the judges, Dion Holm Jr., Brother Thomas Egolf S.M., and Father Richard Toal. Assemblies Highlight This patriotic arrangement served as the highpoint of the Americanism week assembly. Senior. Pamela Carver receives a check from a D.A.R. representative for her outstanding postet on the ( Constitution. 56 Representative of the Kiwanis Club, Mr. Harlen Hensel, presents the Freedom Shrine to the faculty and students of Nazareth. Various assemblies throughout the school year at Nazareth highlight the achievements and endeavors of the students. Poster contests and oratorical contests sponsored by various organizations are some of the activities participated in by N.A. students, The assemblies planned in order to bestow merit on students for their part in these contests prove a boost for extra work and dedication. Nazareth Curriculum Opening the program with a prayer and delivering the dedication is Father Clement Otting oi St. Joseph ' s High School. 157 w I W- z wk HHHHHBHHfiiiM(K- M ' I H H ■ ■■pwi ■ ll 1 ' Wf£w Features I say to the Lord: " Thou art my Lord; I have no good apart from thee. " As for the faithful who dwell in His land, how wonderfully He has fulfilled all my desires. The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup: Thou art the One who keepest my allotted portion for me. The lines have fallen for me in pleas- ant places; and I am greatly pleased with my inheritance. K W r All School Favorite s Gwcn Hall Tomi Post azareth Academ y St. Joseph 160 The student body and faculty of St. Joseph ' s had a voice in selecting Tomi Post as Mr. STJ. Their selection was based on leadership, character, and personality as well as popularity. Tomi has received various honors in his high school career. In his sophomore year he was chosen " Sophomore Favorite " , while in his senior year he was elected to the HALL OF FAME and chosen as co-captain of the State Champion Flyer football team. This active senior is well known and respected by his fellow classmates. Tomi Post arrives at school apparently eager to begin another busy day of hectic ac- tivities. All-School Favorites Engage in Useful Activities Gwen Hall was elected Miss N A by popular vote of the high school student body. Gwen has attended Nazareth for nine years and lists physical education as her favorite class. Although inclined to be light-hearted at times, she has a deep sense of responsibility which is displayed by her position as president of Our Lady of Victory CYC. Gwen ' s future plans in- clude attending Victoria College to obtain a degree in physical education, which she eventually plans to teach. Before chemistry class begins, (,wen Hall commences fully " arrange the apparatus for the distillation of water. 161 1966 Hall of Fame Showing true leadership, scholarship, character and service is the task of each senior. Without these lour qualities one may not be considered a true senior ot Nazareth or St. Joseph at heart. Leadership is shown when a senior, by participating in most school activities, sets the pace for the entire student body. Scholarship is achieved when a senior can say, " I have tried and have done my best and was successful. " Character is signified by a senior ' s actions, comments, his respect lor both the faculty and his fellow classmates, and most important, his manners. The final quality of a dedicated senior is service. No matter what the cir- cumstances may be, if called upon, one should serve his school to the best of his ability. With these traits in mind, the seniors and the faculty of Nazareth Academy and St. Joseph respectively, select nine students whom they deem worthy of this all-around award. With great pride, we now present the 1966 HALL OF FAME. Or km DC LINDA SPARKMAN, a cheerful, quick-witted senior, has been a valuable asset to her classmates and her school. " Sparki, " as she is known to her friends, has exemplified her abilities as a leader through her parti- cipation in Student Council and as co-editor oi the EXCELSIOR. Linda has proven by her many achieve- ments that she is worthy of her high rank in the HALL OF FAME. JIMMY WELDER, known to his friends as Leo, is presi- dent of the Student Council, and has used his ability for leadership to guide council in all of its successful projects. He has shown his sense of responsibility by his industrious completion of the Senior section of the EXCELSIOR. Leo is quick to analyze situations and doggedly backs up his convictions with logical argu- ments. 163 nu SANDRA STEFK.A, a determined senior, has shown tremendous school spirit as a drill captian in the Pilo- teers where she always was willing to lend a helping hand. As president of the Future Teachers, she has promoted many successful club activities and has in- spired unity among club members. She possesses the quality of shouldering responsibility well. TOMI POST is an extremely friendly and very ' active student. His fellow teammates chose him to be co- captain iii then team and by his attitude and spirit, he led the Flyers to the State Championship. He was elected Mr. STJ by his fellow classmates and teach- ers, proving his loyal personality and sense oi respon- sibility. 164 JOHN WRIGHT is an energetic senior who lets his view be known and backs it with sound judgment. He is a member of the National Honor Society and participates in many academic projects. He has de- voted much of his time to his studies, and when con- fronted with a job, he completes it with valor. Al- though usually thoughtful and quiet, John is always very friendly and often enjoys light-hearted fun. NANCY HALEPESKA, a capable and industrious stu- dent has always shown great enthusiasm whenever there is a job to be done. Nancy ' s keen sense of respon- sibility has been exemplified by her positions as cheer- leader and junior class president. She has always proven to be a most studious person which has gained her admittance in the National Honor Society. 165 jJBMppg pPIBfl PlW WW DAN HEBNER, a Senior who is always willin g to work on school projects accomplishes all he under- takes in perfect style. In his junior year he served as co-editor ol the Blue and White, and he has given much of his time to co-editing of the EXCELSIOR. Dan is a friend to all he associates with and his warm p sonality helps him to be a true friend to each and every one of his classmates. 66 CYNTHIA KALINOWSKI, a talkative and friendly Senior, captures the hearts oi all who come in contact with her by her pleasing smile and loyal personality. As co-editor of the advertisement ' s section of the EXCELSIOR, she has proven her willingness to skill- fully complete any job she undertakes. Cindy ' s eager- ness to aid others is exhibited by her position of cheer- leader where she constantly strives to instill in her fellow students the value of true school spirit. BECKY MASSEY, a soft spoken senior, is conscien- tious about her studies and maintains one of the high- est averages in her class. As co-editor of the EXCEL- SIOR she has become known for her hard work and dedication to the school. Through her service as a cheerleader, Becky has displayed tremendous school spirit, which along with her other achievements has made others regard her as one of the top seniors of ' 66. FRANK CARTER, an all-around senior, is well-liked by everyone. He served as statistician oi the iootball team, and a member of the EXCELSIOR staff. Al- though serious when dealing with his work, he is in- clined to be light hearted at the apropos time. Frank has the talent of making lasting friends of his numerous acquaintances. 167 CYNTHIA LAZARIN is a well-rounded senior, who possesses a truly good and artful personality. As presi- dent of the Student Council, she has been responsible for the success of many of this year ' s high school activities. The eagerness and sincerity which charac- terize her endeavors is present when she is with old friends or new. Cynthia ' s open-mindedness and ready smile has won her many lasting friends. ROYCE CARVILLE, a student with a strong person- ality, fits in well with all groups. He is the backbone and a irreplaceable part of each project he participates in. As co-captain of the State champion Flyers, Royce used his leadership to guide and move his team. He devotes time not spent in athletics or school projects to studying to maintain his high scholastic average. 168 DEBORAH TRUMAN, a friend to one and all, shows great enthusiasm whenever there is work to be done. As a most industrious and energetic student, she has worked continually to make others more civic-minded. Her oratorical abilities have enabled her to win the— speech contest sponsored by the American Legion, and her interest in the world situation has captured the Citizenship Award for her. She is a dedicated person, always willing to support any school project. MILTON McDONNELL, known as Mac to his friends, is popular with all seniors and underclassmen because of his athletic ability and sportsmanship. He is active in all sports at St. Joseph ' s, and excels in each one of them. As treasurer of the Student Council, Milton has proven his qualities of dependability and respon- sibility. 169 THERESE BYRNE, one of the friendliest seniors, is well-liked and respected by everyone. She is carefree, but deeply understanding and responsible. This has been proven in the past by her active work in Student Council and her position as secretary of the Mission Club. Therese is usually seen talking with her friends, enlightening the conversation with her keen sense of humor. EDWARD NEYLUD, one of the most courteous sen- iors, has a well-rounded personality, and impresses all of his friends. He is active in many sports and is the life of the team. Ed ' s eagerness to work and keen sense of responsibility were rewarded by his being elected Mr. EXCELSIOR. He shows good judgment, .uid will always be on hand when work is to be done. 170 RICHARD SEILER, a good mixer with all people, uses his good humor and personality to communicate with all of his senior friends. By participating in various school sports and activities, he has shown the true meaning of sportsmanship. When Richard is approached by friends, a good exchange of ideas is sure to take place. He lists surfing as his favorite leisure activity. PAMELA CARVER, a most conscientious and capable student, has worked industriously throughout her foui years of high school. Pam, as she is called by her friends, shows great enthusiasm whenever there is a job to be done. Her active interest in social studies was displayed by her prizewinning entry in the DAR Constitution poster contest. Pamela is very deserving of her position in the HALL OF FAME, and considers it a highlight of her senior year. 171 172 Homecoming Queen and Escort ' Becky Massey ' ' Frank Carter ' Attendant and Escort Nancy Halepeska Richard Seiler Attendant and Escort Francey Sandhofer David Denison 173 Attendant and Escort Linda Sparkman Jimmy Welder Attendant and Escort Cynthia Kalinowski John Mayer 174 Election of Queen Climaxes Homecoming Activities Homecoming nominees, Linda Sparkman, Nancv Hale- peska, queen Becky Massey, Francey Sandhofer, and Cynthia Kalinowski, with escorts Jimmy Welder, Rich- ard Seiler, Frank Carte Mayer pause for a picti dance. David Denison, and John ■ during intermission at the Queen Becky Massey and escort John Wright, following Becky ' s receival of the gold football. Francey Sandhofer congratulates Becky Massey while Richard Pozzi, John Wright, and other members of the court look on. The highlight of the 1965 Home- coming activities was the election of a queen by the student body of St. Joseph ' s High School. Becky Massey was chosen queen from the five nominees, representing five organiza- tions of the school. The remaining nominees, Nancy Halepeska, Francey Sandhofer, Cynthia Kalinowski, and Linda Sparkman served as her at- tendants. All of the girls were pre- sented with a bouquet of mums at the halftime ceremonies of the Home- coming game, with Becky receiving a small gold football as a symbol of her reign. Valentine Sweetheart Theresa Byrne Princess Donna Foytek Princess Beatrice Rincon 177 Valentine Sweetheart Attendants Marie Goldman Junior Jeanne Obert Sophomore Elizabeth Taylor Freshman 178 Valentine Sweetheart Attendants Evelyn Motal Junior Darla Berkman Sophomore Gail Bass Freshman 179 Prom King and Queei mmm nowski Prom Princess Nancy Taylor Prom Princess Linda Sparkman Prom Prince Ed Kelly Prom Prince Royce Carville 181 Prom Duchess Mary Jane Carter Prom Duke Charles Kloesel Prom Duchess Brenda Helweg Prom Duke Larry Waida 182 Deborah Truman Citizenship Award Therese Covarrubias Chosen to Crown Queen of May 183 Becky Massey Mr. and Misses Excelsior Edward Nevlud Linda Sparkman 184 Judi Holcomb and Mary Obert, co-editors of the NA Chats, Nazareth Academy ' s school publication, were selected to share the title of Miss NA Chats. Issued six times during the school year, the Chats relates the current events of the school as well as educational editorials. Representing the St. Joseph ' s paper, Charles Kloesel and Larry Tagliabue were selected as Messrs. Blue and White by the journalism staff of the school. Their untiring work on the paper has proved pro- fitable to the entire Blue and White staff. EXCELSIOR, a word meaning " forever onward, " is a truly significant name for the yearbook of Nazareth Academy and St. Joseph ' s. A complete record of a school year, the annual shows the steady progress of the two schools in education, leadership, and co-operation. The title of Miss EXCELSIOR was earned by the two Nazarite co-editors, Becky Massey and Linda Sparkman, who were elected by popular vote of the journalism class. Edward Nevlud, advertising manager, was selected as Mr. EXCELSIOR on the basis of his selling the most advertisements. 185 § Underclassmen Make me to understand the way of thy precepts; That I may meditate on thy won- drous works. Keep me from the way of error; and grant me graciously thy law. I have chose the way of truth; I have set thy ordinances before me. 1 will cling to thy decrees; O Lord, put me not to shame. I will run in the way of thy command- ments. Ps. 118 Junior Favorites Doris Schilab Rawley Weber 5 Q AStoA m M 4,fc Ronald Duke Jerry Guertin Robert Arnold Roger Barrientos Michael Belcik Linwood Boehm Anthony Borowicz Raymond Buckler Richard Cantu Lee Carabajal Juniors ' Enthusiasm Sparks Spirit Proudly displaying their class flag are the junior officers Robert Hyak, Charles Kloesel, Larry Taglibue, Larry Waida, Rawly Weber and Tom Ozuna. 189 Leadership Primary Object of Junior Class a Jim Halk 9 k k. 06 . fiw O C 4 f | Gpl Michael Holcomb Robert Hyak Charles Kloesel Anthony Kouba Thomas Ozuna Randy Pechacek Gorman Prince Robert Quitta " " f jp f ▼rj d - S» Amador Ramos Michael Reyna Fred Sandhop Chris Seals Glen Spann Robert Stevenson Guy Stilwell Lawrence Tagliabue 3 tfc4L Law rent e Waida John Wearden Rawley Webei Max Zamarripa 190 _ Sylvia Aguilar Margaret Ara Katherine Bernard Faye Bartula Mary Kay Biehunko Audelia Briones Bernadette Brosch Mary Ruth Brush Dolores Burger Mary Jane Carter Mary Helen Castillo Mary Dolgner Barbara Dworaczyk Jennifer Ganerr Jackie Gilley Juniors Make Good Use of Time and Talent Vice-president, Mary Ruth Brush, and treasurer, Marie Goldman, offer sug- gestions for the lounge floral arrange- ment to fellow junior class officers Karen Jaschke, president, and Dolores Burger, secretary. 191 Goals Are Set and Achieved Kathy Gilley Marie Goldman Brenda Helweg Carolyn Helweg Melva ' Hernandez Carolyn Huvar Karen Jaschke Martha Jordan Nancy Koehl Beverly Kruppa Anastasia Laskoski Marquitta Lusby Barbara Maikoetter Phyllis Marthiljohni Irene Moczygemba Junior class members Karen Jaschke, Belinda Rodriguez, Sylvia Aguil.n, and Mary Ann Pribyl take time out from Prom decorating to grab a quick bite of their lunch. 192 by the Junior Class Evelyn Motal Carolyn Muelle Cecilia Nelson Mary Obert Pamela Oliver With proceeds going to the Pi Ronald Duke supports the NA Juniors by purchasing a ticket for the dance from a fellow Prom worker, Beverly Kruppa. Sophomore Favorites Mark Zafereo Mama ret Richards 194 Sophomores Promote Greater Class Unity Nick Holm, Sophomore class president, informs fellow class officers Mark Zafero, Robin Carville, and Don Andres of the duties and responsibilities which offices entail. Billy Green Michael Hagins Thomas Halepaska William Hamm Nick Holm Thomas Janecek David Jaschke Mark Jordan Larry Kovar Donald Kruppa Don Andres Michael Brown e$ fa 4 fc Robin Carville Randy Chamrad Brien Dunn Frank Ganem « ft y v ■ it «5 •5 ( ft ,fc mTA 195 William Ley Thomas Moscatelli John Motal Frank Nevlud Larry Saski Richard Rodriguez James Pozzi Dennis Pesek Sophomores Strive for Scholastic Achievement O Q ft O f% Q C! Mark Pesek B obby Schley Donald Schrade Matt Seger John Spears Richard Sweeney Ronald Trevino Danny Vanelli Dennis Wagner James Winter James Yamin Mark Zafereo 4 AA.w (1a 196 Dolores Artero Iletha Belcik Darla Berkman Linda Bonorden Theresa Bundick Dora Bustos Stella Canales Mary Beth Cory Sophomores Prepare for the Future Realizing the responsibility they will inherit as juniors, the sophomore class officers, Jean Obert, president; Diana Lee, vice-president; Patricia de Leon, treasurer; and Theresa Bundick, secretary, support the juniors in their fund-raising project by buying cokes from Marquetta Lusby. 197 Sophomores Show Enthusiasm Sophomores in charge of assemblies, Becky Hawes, Peggy Cattan, and Suzanne Moreau, pre- pare the stage for an oncoming assembly. Susan Danko Yvonne Davidson Sharon Decker Patricia de Leon Rae Elwonger Lynette Foreman Ginger Gerdes Sharon Ganem Thelma Gutierrez Linda Hanselka Herminia Hernande Sandra Hinojosa 98 by Participating in Activities Rebecca Hrabovsky Marie Kallus Kathy Kutchka Barbara Lau Dianna Lee Suzanne Moreau Susan Nemes Jeanne Obert Sharon Oliver Charlene Orsak Ann Marie Pardee Mary Ann Ramos Margaret Richards Carol Rossi Delia Soliz Rosanna Villatranca Elvira Villarreal Mary Agnes Thweat Miguelina Villatoro Barbara Wagner Janet Wagner Deborah Witt Mary Alice Wright Nancy Zatopek 199 Freshman Favorites William Welder Bernadette Denison 200 Joe Carruth Johnny Carver Kenneth DeLane Robert Dodds Michael Drost Patrick Edwards Harry Erikson Carl Fabre Michael Gayle Howland Gilley Freshmen Encounter New Experiences Freshman officers Smithy Welder, Paul Obert. Harold Jurica, Gary Halepeska, James Maikoetter, and Robert Dodds agree to the ideals expressed by their class flag. 201 Hi Freshmen Anticipate Rewarding O, Q I - p 1 V 9 1 O Q Emile Munch Willium Munch Adam Gutierrez Gary Halepeska James Hartman Harold Jurica Freshmen Kenneth Seals, Emil Traber, and James Maikoetter do their share in preparing for the Homecoming activities. Anthony Juarez James Knippa Robert Lau Edward Machicek James Mailoetter John Mares Michael McCamy Monty Meier 2 02 High School Years at St. Joseph Freshmen do their traditional job of setting up chairs lor Mass and other assemblies. Daniel Ozuna Joseph Richter James Rossett James Sarkis Kenneth Seals Daniel Stryk Emil Traber David Urbano Joseph Vahalik Eugene Vrana William Welder Rudy DeLos Santos 203 Freshmen Strive to Keep z? sf • Freshman class officer, Christine Gormely, treasurer, gives secretary, Karen Huegele, her financial report for the minutes, while vice-president, Bernadette Denison, looks over the agenda which Margaret Bolech, president, has prepared for the next class meeting. frft J A Gail Baass Mary Martha Barrientos Margaret Bolech Bettv Jeannie Cano A mf- no Bernadette Denison Pat Didner Mary Helen DiStefano Marcella Dolgner Mary Jane Dornak Deborah Foytek Yolanda Garcia Christine Gormely 204 in Step with Upperclassmen Anne Marie Hatch Yolanda Hinojosa Sandra Hobbs Karen Huegele Mary Catherine Knowlan Joan Konarik Donna Kutchka Jean Lara Kimberly Latimer Donna Lyssy Nancy Martin Maxine Mayer Darlene McMillan Lynette Miller Melita Murphy Sharon Patek Alice Pozzi Karen Strawbridge Nancy Tagliabue Elizabeth Taylor Martha Ward Virginia Wearden Brenda Zepeda Linda Zepeda 45 fl x C f 205 Sports You know well enough that when men run in a race, the race is for all, but the prize is for one; Run, then, for victory. Every athlete must keep all his appetites under control; And he does it to win a crown that fades, whereas ours is imperishable. So I do not run my course like a man in doubt of his goal; I do not fight my battle like a man who wastes his blows on the air. Corinth. 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1965 Leading the 1965 Flyer State Championship team to the most suc- cessful season since 1941 are Coach Steve Tibilc-tti and Head Coach Harlon Gerhold. St. Joseph 8 Marian 6 St. Joseph 36 Corpus Christi St. Joseph 22 Agua Dulce St. Joseph 40 Bloomington St. Joseph 6 Tidehaven 19 St. Joseph 42 Louise St. Joseph 30 Kirwin 22 St. Joseph 14 Sacred Heart St. Joseph 28 Bishop Forest St. Joseph 36 St. Joseph ' St Joseph 40 Corpus Christi ' St Joseph 20 St. Edwards 6 — District games — Playoff games Spirited Flyers Determinedly Capture • » i f-V T|-r l!sBl-..a KNEELING: Stillwell, R. P J. Rey chacek, Carville, A. Rami Wearden, and T. STANDING: Coach Tibilc-tti. M. O ' Cc Fossatl, K. Seiler, L. Waida, and D. Hebnei I). Pesek, R. 208 Co-captains Royce Carville and Tumi Post meet with refe last district game. and other captains before the First State Championship in 24 Years -Mrs « " : C» _» Jk- i % KNEELING: E. Kelly, R. Cantu, E. Nevlud, J. Welder, J. Mayer, D. Andres, M. McDonnell, T. Borowicz, manager, R. Kresta, manager. STANDING: J. Gormely, E. Orsak, R. Carville, L. Marek, I) I) Gerhold. Ozuna, B. Dunn, duel 209 " Practice Makes Perfect " Flyers Motto Coach Harlon Gerhold inspires the Flyers to " hustle " in all the daily prac- tice sessions. Flyers demonstrate their hard hitting techniques by practicing on " Rae " , the seven man sled. Assistant coach Steve Tibiletti surveys th skill thai the Flyei s display in practice. A During a time out the Fivers defensive team takes .1 well deserved rest. St. Joe Nips Colts in Opener After catching a pass, Seller streaks down the side lines for a long gain. In a tough defensive battle, the St. Joseph Flyers nipped the Marian Colts in Houston to win their opening game. The Colts scored first on an 85 yard punt return by Bud Gobar, a former Flyer. A pass for the extra point failed. Marian led 6-0 after 5 minutes of play. The ball exchanged hands twice and Marian was forced to punt. Ed Nevlud pulled the ball in on his own 30 and raced 70 yards for the touchdown. Amador Ramos took a pitch out and went over for the deciding two points. 211 Scampering around right end, Flyer half- back John Mayer picked up a St. Joseph first down. On this fine run, Mayer gained 14 yards, enabling the Flyers to score on the next play from the lour vard line. Flyers Zip by Cavaliers 36-0 The St. Joseph Flyers, behind the running of speedy Richard Cantu and the passing of quarterback Milton McDonnell, blanked the Corpus Christi Cavaliers 30-0 in a very impressive offensive showing. McDonnell hit end Richard Seller on a 21 yard pass for the Flyers first touchdown and a pass from McDonnell to Seiler, gave the Flyers an 8-0 lead. Amador Ramos scored the second touchdown from the one after a McDonnell to Ed Nevlud pass for 31 yards set it up. The Flyers scored once more before the half on a pass from McDonnell to Richard Fossati tor 1 1 yards. In the third period, Fossati nailed Cavalier quarter- back in the end zone for a safety. Later in the period, McDonnell hit Seiler again on a 22 yard pass for a touchdown. In the fourth quarter, Robert Dodds scored from the five after a 35 yard pass from McDonnell to Seiler and a 14 yard run by John Mayer. Leaping high in the air, defensive half- back Ed Nevlud snatched a stray pass late in the second quarter to halt a Cavaliei drive. 212 Little Richard Cantu, the F as he races toward the goal. line halfback, drags an Agua Dulce Longhorn behind him Flyers Blank Longhorns 22-0 Shifty Richard Cantu scored two touchdowns and set up another as the St. Joseph Flyers blanked the Agua Dulce Longhorns 22-0. The Flyers marched 67 yards in 1 1 plays in the opening period to score first. With a first down on the 14, quarterback Milton McDonnell rolled out around left end to the 8 and lateraled off to Cantu as he was being tackled and little Richard scored untouched. The Flyers scored again mid-way through the second period when Cantu broke loose on a 35 yard scoring jaunt. McDonnell went over for the extra points and the Flyers led 16-0 at the half. The Flyers added another TD late in the last period when Robert Dodds pulled over from the 1 after a 3 1 yard pass from McDonnell to Cantu set it up. Flyers surround an Agua Dulce runnc like this that held eight teams scoreless. It was defensive play 213 The high-flying Flyers racked up their fourth consecutive victory by blasting the Bloomington Bobcats 40-0. The Flyers took the opening kickoff and marched 62 yards in nine plays, as McDonnell went over from the one yard line. Amador Ramos ran over for the extra points. Min- utes later, McDonnell hit Richard Seiler from 10 yards out for the Flyers second touchdown with Cantu going over for the extra points. The Flyers added another touchdown before the half when McDonnell found Seiler alone in the end zone for a 22-0 half-time lead. The Flyers resumed the rampage in the third period. Ama- dor Ramos scampered 5 2 yards for the Flyers sixth TD. The run failed. McDonnell scored the Flyers fifth TD on a three yard run. Elusive Richard Cantu struggles to get away. Flyers Add Bobcats to List of Victories Coaches Gerhold and Tibiletti look over the- situation. All-State- end, Richard Seiler makes anothei outstanding catch tor a touchdown. 214 Qua rterback Milton McDonnell tries hopek-.sK to regain his balance. Linebackers, Robert Dodds and Jimmy Welder, halt Tiger ballcarrier. Tidehaven Downs Flyers for Only Loss Defensive halfback, Ed Nevlud, plains a jarring tackle on Tide- haven ' s quarter back. Tidehaven did it. The Tigers came from behind to hand the Flyers their one and only loss of the 1965 season. The Flyers scored in the first half after the Tigers fumbled a punt on their own 8 yard line, which the Flyers recovered. On the first play of the second quarter, Richard Cantu slipped into the end zone to give the Flyers their slim 6-0 lead. After the half, a new Tidehaven team appeared and drove in to score three touchdowns and de- teat the previously unbeaten Flyers. 215 The Fivers recovered from their first loss to stomp the Louise Hornets 42-0. Richard Cantu scored the Flyers ' first TD on a 30 yard scamper. Minutes later, Milton McDonnell passed to Richard Seiler for 35 yards and a second touchdown. In the second quarter, McDonnell found end, Richard Fossati, who took the pass and outran the Hornets ' defense for the score. In the second half, Cantu scored twice, one on a 52 yard run and again on a 29 yard pass form McDonnell. Ed Nevlud ended the scoring with a 71 yard run. Extra points were scored on a run by Amador Ramos and passes form McDonnell to Fossati and Nevlud. Defensive end. Richard Fossati, downs a Louise ball carrier be- hind the line of scrimmage. Flyers Exterminate Hornets 42-0 Coach Gerhold receives vital information from an attentive cout in the press box. 216 The Flyers chalked up their most impressive victory to date, by up- setting theKirwin Buccaneers, 30-22. The Flyers scored first on a 74 yard pass form Milton McDonnell to Ed Nevlud. Amador Ramos car- ried over on the conversion attempt and the Flyers led 8-0. Minutes later, Ramos scored on a 2 yard run. The Bucs came back strong in the second quarterto surge ahead 16-14. After the intermission, the Flyers scored again and regained the lead as McDonnell hit Richard Seiler on a 76 yard pass play. Ramos went over for the pat. Minutes later the Flyers iced away the victory as Mc- Donnell scored from the four and then added the 2 extra points. After a short gain, quarterback McDonnell, is brought down. Flyers Down Kirwin 30-22 Halfback, Cantu, races down the sideline for a long gain. Six Fivers close in for the kill. 217 Stopped after making a first down is fullback Amador Ra The Flyers captured their first district win by blanking the Hallettsville Indians 14-0. Milton McDonnell sparked the Fivers ' vic- tory as he set up the first TD with a 39 yard run and raced 65 yards in the closing minutes to secure the victory. The Flyers scored in the first half on a pass from McDonnell to Richard Fossati. The Flyers defense was the outstanding feature. Led by co-captains Tom Post and Royce Carville, the defense held the Indians to less than a hundred yards rush- ing. Ed Nevlud also played an outstand- ing game from his defensive halfback posi- tion. Flyers Chalk Up First District Win Fullback Robert Dodds is stop- ped alter a short gain. 218 Speedy little Richard Cantu picks his way through the opposing defense. The Flyers clinched a tie for the district champion- ship by whipping the Bishop Forest Rangers in the mud. Richard Cantu streaked 5 7 yards on the first play from scrimmage and Amador Ramos carried over for the extra point to give the Flyers the lead which they never gave up. Milton McDonnell scored the touch down on a 2 yd. keeper play and the Flyers led 14-0 at the half. In the second half, Ramos scored from the twelve, and in final quarter Robert Dodds bulled his way into the end zone from the 3 yard line. A pass from McDonnell to Ed Nevlud for the extra point comp- leted the scoring. End, Richard Fossati leaps high into the air tt make a catch in the end zone. Flyers Overwhelm Rangers Fullback, Amador Ramos, outdistances two opponents as Richard Cantu looks on. Flyer defense mobs opposing ball-carrier. 219 The Flyers clinched the district championship by clobbering the St. Joseph Tigers of Yoakum, 36-0. Led by freshman fullback Robert Dodds, the Flyers scored in every quarter. Dodds scored the first Flyer TD on a six yard run. In the second quarter, Milton McDonnell ended a sixty yard drive with a ten yard pass to Richard Seiler forthe touchdown. Minutes later, Dodds scored again on a 16 yard run and then added the extra points. In the second half, the reserves saw more action than usual. Ed Nevlud scored the next TD on a one yard plunge, and McDonnell hit Tom Ozuna for the extra points. The final touchdown of the night came with John Mayer going over from the one. Mike O ' Connell ran over the extra points. Halfback, Ed Nevlud, zips past " would-be " tacklers for a long gain. Flyers Capture District Title An opposing ball-carrier is swarmed by Mayer, Dodds, and Welder. Seiler snares a touchdown pass. 220 The St. Joseph Flyers advanced to the State Finals by crushing the Corpus Christi Cavaliers 40-0, in the bi-district playoff. The Flyers unleashed their powerful offense by building up a 3 2-0 halttime lead. Richard Cantu started off the scoring by racing 3 1 yards for the first Flyer TD. The next time the Flyers got the ball they scored with Milton McDonnell passing to end Richard Seiler. The Flyers continued on into the second quarter. On the first play of the period, Cantu streaked through the middle for 49 yards and a touchdown. McDonnell passed to Ed Nevlud for the extra points. Minutes later, McDonnell and Nevlud teamed up again; this time for 29 yards and a touchdown. Just before the end of the first half, Guy Stillwell passed 7 yards to Tom Ozuna for a touchdown, after a 42 yard run by Amador Ramos set it up. The Flyers only scored once in the second half. This was on a 2 yard pass from McDonnell to Richard Fossati. Nevlud took apass from McDonnell for the extra points. Quarterback, Milton McDonnell after a nice gain. pushed out of bounds Defensive safety John Mayer tries to pick up some blocks on a punt return. 221 w- in for the kill on an opposing ball carrier. Flyers Win State Championship The Flyers climaxed the football season with a 20-6 triumph over the St. Edward ' s Tigers of Austin and captured the State Championship. The Flyers mighty offense struck first when Milton McDonnell passed 28 yards to end, Richard Seiler, after a 25 yard run by McDonnell set it up. The extra point failed and the Flyers led 6-0. In the second period the Flyers scored again as Robert Dodds car- ried over from the 3 yard line. McDonnell hit Richard Fossati for the extra points and the Flyers led 14-0 at halftime. Late in the fourth quarter, the Tigers scored to close the gap at 1-4-6. An outside kick failed and the Flyers had possession of the ball on the Tiger ' s 46. After moving down to the 15 yard line on a 10 yard run by McDonnell, and a 15 yard pass from McDonnell to Seiler, McDonnell rolled out to the five and as he was being tackled pitched back to guard Royce Carville for the TD on the last play of the game. End Richard Seiler tights his defender foi the ball. Varsity basketball players for the " 65-66 " season: FIRST ROW: Mike O ' Connell, Ed Nevlud, Milton McDonnell, and Don And- res. SECOND ROW: Bobby Quitta, Dan Hebner, Jim DeLane, and Larry Waida. THIRD ROW: Coach Harlon Gerhold, Frank Carter manager, Nick Holm, Richard Seiler, and Ed Orsak manager. Coach Gerhold gives instructions to his team during a tiim Varsity Schedule Dec. 3-4 Bloomington Tournament Dec. 7 Pott Lavaca Dec. 9 Yorktown Dec. 10-11 Austwell-Tivoli Tournament Dec. 14 Port Lavaca Dec. 16 Yoakum Dec. 21 Yorktown Dec. 27-28 Yoakum Tournament Dec. 30 Ganado Jan. 4 Yoakum Jan. 7 St. Joseph ( Yoakum ) Jan. 11 Bishop Forest (Schulen-) burg) Jan. 14 St. Paul (Shiner) Jan. 17 Sacred Heart (Hallettsville) Jan. 21 Louise Jan. 24 St. Joseph (Yoakum) Jan. 28 Bishop Forest (Schulen- ) burg) Feb. 1 St. Paul (Shiner) Feb. 4 Sacred Heart (Hallettsville) A no smoK nc Pl f V i 4 V m m HV 5 jfl V 40 inc i lililllll 111 I n ' « l Nil " B " TEAM PLAYERS— FIRST ROW: James Maikoetter, Gary Halepeska, John Mares, Smithy Welder, and Donnie Kruppa. SECOND ROW: Tom Moscatelli, Ronnie Trevino, Pat Ed- wards, Mike Martin, and Robert Dodds. THIRD ROW: Man- ager, Mark Zafereo, Coach, Bro. Phil Rink, and manager, Randy Cham i ad. " B Team Schedule Dec. 7 Port Lavaca Dec. 14 Port Lavaca Dec. 16 Yoakum Dec. 21 Yorktown Dec. 30 Ganado Jan. 4 Yoakum Jan. 7 St. Joseph( Yoakum ) Jan. 1 1 Bishop Forest( Schulenburg ) Jan. 14 St. Paul( Shiner) Jan. 17 Sacred Heart(Hallettsville) Jan. 21 Louise Jan. 24 St. Joseph( Yoakum ) Jan. 28 Bishop Forest( Schulenburg ) Feb. 1 St. Paul(Shiner) Feb. 4 Sacred Heart(Hallettsville) 226 SEVEN I II AND EIGHTH rRADE I I AM ' Flying 87th " . Bro. John McCarthy, S.M., Coach. Richard Seiler takes dead aim on the basket. Milton McDonnell attempts to give the Flyers another two points. Nick Holm goes up for the rebound. Larry Waida leaps high to net an easy two points 227 Volleyball Team Excels in Sportsmanship VARSITY TEAM— KNEELING: Barbara Maikoetter, Barbara Dworaczyk, Irene Ramirez, Gwen Hall, cap- tain, Linda Robles, Marie Goldman, Betty Svoboda. STANDING: Mary Redmon. Carolyn Helweg, Jennif Ganem, Theresa Marek, Beverly Kruppa, Phyllis Ms thiljohni. This year once again the Nazareth Academy physical education classes participated in not only intramural tournaments, but interscholastic con- tests as well. The volleyball team had an opportu- nity to compete against Shiner twice during the season. Although Naz- areth failed to provide enough points to win either game, defeat failed to crush the enthusiasm of the team; they accepted it in a graceful manner. The fun and experience gained by this year ' s volleyball team was well worth the effort they put forth. Linda Robles prepares to spike the ball in a tournament .igainst the Shiner team. 228 Gwen Hall attempts to block the spike ot Beverly Kruppa. With skill and force, Beverly Kruppa returns the ball. Captains of the intramural volley- ball teams are: Sandra Hobbs, Gwen Hall, Irene Ramirez, and Darla Berkman. 229 Basketball Helps Develop Skills ft VARSITY TEAM— KNEELING:Barbara Maikoet- ter, Barbara Dworaczyk, Irene Ramirez, Gwen Hall, Linda Robles, Marie Goldman, Barbara Pri- byl. STANDING: Sister Raphael, instructor, Mary Ann Redmon, Carolyn Helweg, Jennifer Ga- nem, Theresa Marek, Beverly Kruppa, Phyllis Mar- thiljohni, Betty Svoboda. Great enthusiasm was displayed by this yen ' s basketball team, as was proven bv their willingness to practice long hours after school and on week ends. The team ventured to meet such stiff competition as the Yoakum, Shiner, Halettsville, and Corpus Christi teams could provide. Coaching the girls were Hal Redmon, Richard Fox, and Jesse Garcia. Through their efforts, the team learned to perfect their skills and techniques. Warming up foi a biggame, Irene Ramirez, Marie Goldman, and Jennifer Ganem put in some hard practici Trying to guard this speedy forward is a ditticul task for Irene Ramirez and Gwen Hall. Gwen Hall swings and hopes that the ball will be rescued by one of Naz- areth ' s players. Jennifer Ganem tries desperately to recover the ball from the Corpus team. Captain, Gwen Hall, calls time out foi a conference with one of the coaches. 231 P.E. students spend many enjov- able hours playing table tennis. Athletic Program Demonstrating the proper way to serve the shuttle, Yolanda Paz hopes to score. MM ' i WM § wm i m 1UM»«8-1 ' . £ ' Barbara Lau concentrates on getting the ball over the net while hei partner. Marquitta Lusby, look 232 " I ' m safe! " cries Marie Gold- man, as Jennifer Ganem at- tempts to put her out on third base. Develops Whole Person ball, Mary aits for Barbara Dworaczyk to Phyllis Marthiljohni catch- es the ball just in time to put out Barbara Jane Pribyl, who is caught oft base. 233 PE Students Keep The " cG-ordinator " is one of the classes ' favorite exercises for developing proper co-ordination. Straining to touch her toes, Carolyn Huvar. aided by Donna Lyssy, demonstrates how sit-ups are to be done. 234 Physically Fit by Exercising Martha Ward keeps in shape by doing the " windmill. " Keeping physically fit seems to be fun for many of the P.E. stu- These girls strengthen their leg muscles by doing sit-ups daily. 235 m ■:«r Grammar Grades The Lord is your refuge; you have made the Most High your defense. No evil shall befall you; no illness shall approach your dwelling. He has given his angels charge over you; to protect you in all your ways. Upon their hands they shall bear you up; lest you dash your foot against a stone. Ps. 90 Touch football plays an important role in the grade school physical education classes Grade Grade school students help cheer the Flyers on to a State Championship. Wet weather doesn ' t dampen school spirit of the grade schoolers. 238 21 ; v». » i I Refreshments served after the Father ' s Club meeting are quickly devoured. School Activities Before answering a question. Rick Innocenti car fully organizes his reply. Fifth grader Albert Wagner collects his re- ward for having sold the most Turkey cards in his grade. »tMM«r Eighth grader Altredo DeLuna gives an oral report to the clas under the watchful eve of his teacher, Mr. Tibilletti. 239 9 i Artfe 3, 1 •31 1 i } fk ft 1 4 ft l 1 Mark Belick Rawlry Brown Daniel Borowicz James Burger Alfredo DeLuna Robert Easly Joseph Grant Ronald Guertin William Helapaska Patrick Hennessey John Holm Andrew Horn Rick Huegele Albert Humpher Donald Hvbner James Janda David Knippa Kenneth Krejci Michael Miori Steve Motal Eighth Michael Muller I r Students receive special assistance with their studies from Mr. Tibiletti. 240 The eighth grade students look on attentive- ly while Bro. Chris Janson explains todays lesson. Graders Strive for Perfection by Study Kenneth Nitchman Rudolph Ozuna David Pagel Josaph Perez Edward Pilat Leslie Pittaman Reynalde Renden William Richards James Rossett Joseph Rubio Gary Rybak John Svoboda James Traber Donald Truman Charles Wagner Michael Wagner Richard Wagner Gregry Waida Frank Wearden Jerome Vahalik Q O ( Mary Sue Hebner Sandra Kaiser Linda Krehmei er Sandra Kruppa Delaine Luna Mary Margaret Maikoetter Theresa Moreau Renae Anger Kathleen Beyer Donna Bonorden Phylis Buckert Ann Buren Mary Ann Bvrne Renee Carville Betty Colston Kerry Darter Linda Decker Judy DeLane Charlene Dornak Morgan Dunn Marilyn Franke Cynthia Guajardo Diane Gutierrez Jennifer Hammack Patricia Hanselman Eighth Linda Wieland, president; Mary Seger, vice- president; Morgan Dunn, secretary; and Stephani Sienkiewicz, treasurer; conscien- tiously revise the minutes fortheir up-coming class meeting. 242 Dorothy Strelczyk and Linda Decker, eighth grade students, work with di termination as they put their best effort into their Fire Prevention poster Graders Make Preparation for Future Years Beth Obert Lynn O ' Connor Cynthia Patek Monica Payne Irene Reyna Debra Sarkis Valerie Schindler Mar.y Seger Stephani Sienkiewicz Doris Strelyczk Dorothy Strelyczk Katherine Velasquez Theresa Villarreal Sue Ann Vivion Mary Beth Vogt Elizabeth Wearden Linda Wieland Judith Zeplin 243 With a watchful eye and a keen ear, Bro. Tom Purcell listens to Bruce Meissner read his English composi- tion. I Kort Angerstein John Di Steiano Robert Halepeska Seventh Graders Michael Hennessey Charles Innocenti Patrick Jordan Stephen Janda ?1 1. Thomas Loa George Matthews Bruce Meissner Henry Munsch Daniel Perez John Riggs Randal Robert Schroeder Bernard Seger Lawrence Soliz William Stefka Don Stockbauer 244 Veronica Barrientos Jane Berlanga Mary Berlanga Jeanne Bianchi Pamela Brown Chris Buckert Nancy Carter Cynthia Carver Mary Carol Danko Linda DeDear Rose Marie DeLeon Barbara Domingue Vivion Fabre Debbie Foreman Dorothy Foytek Diane Gilley Marilyn Goldman Donna Hall Strive for Higher Ideals Linda Hobbs Rachel Hrabovsky JTif y --- — Vv •» - ifll vi ! ] I w Seventh Graders Veronica Barrientos, Rachel Hrabovsky, Werner Meurer, Pamela Brown, Susan Willemin, Marilyn Goldman, Denise Totah, and Nancy Carter diligently look over the tickets which thev sold for the annual Fall Festival. 245 Sixth grade girls Patricia Bolech, Ann Holm, Susan Svoboda, and Joanne Brenner criti- cally examine their pos ters before putting the posters on display during Fire Preven- tion Week. Sherry Heugle Karen Lau Patricia Lau Linda Lazarin Seventh Graders Lean Toward Christian Morals Grace Lopez Dorothy Marek Annette Mayer Werner Meurer Mary Martha Motley Debbie Nichols Theresa Ortiz Joy Pagel Mary Christine Pardee Susan Ragsdale Rosario Rivera Evangeline Robles Donna Schaar Suzanne Sengele Denise Totah Jane Vivion Martha Wearden Susan Willemin 246 Robert Angerstein Clifford Blank Raymond Boldt Marvin Daniels Gilbert DeLos Santos Russell Franke Jack Farquhar Dan Fridell Henry Guajardo Paul Gwosdz § aL • i CI i - 2 £1 Freddy Holler Tim Holcomb The Sixth Grade Works Today for Tomorrow ' s Future Ricky Innocenti Mike Kohutek Under the direction of Bro. John Asbury, current events are applied to the modern history classes. 247 With the use of the modern overhead pro- Robert Angerstein find it easier to grasp the jectors, Tim Holcomb, Marvin Daniels, and examples shown to them. Sixth Graders Indulge in Many 1 t -J Jeft Latimer Joe Mares John Maraggia Keith Martin Mark Moreau Ron McGee Greg Nevlud Robert Soliz John Stevenson Tim Strawbridge Marc Traber Bohomil Vrana Randy Wieland Bevans Welder 248 Mary Beyer Gail Bianchi Patricia Bolech Sharon Bonorden Joanne Brenner Mary Canales Susan Cory Eileen Dolgner Bridget Faltysek Martha Flores Linda Fuentes Melinda Garcia Marianela Gonzales Katie Henderson Lucille Hilmers and Various Activities Stephanie Kiesel Diana Knippa Joyce Kouba Karen Krehmeier Displaying their poster collections of sea shells, are sixth grade girls Karen Kreh- meier and Sharon Jurica. 249 Af) f f) f Marilyn Maraggia Kay Martin Linda McElroy Sybil McKnight Debra McSpadden Darlene Miller Diane Ortiz Mary Beth Pargac Consuelo Pena Marv Ann Post Rosalba Ramirez Norma Rosas Kathy Sarkis Robin Schroeder Jane Sutherland Susan Svoboda Mary Taylor Stephanie Totah Debbie Vanelli Marion Wearden Sandra Wenglar Janice Wurz Sixth Grade Attempts to Better Itself Linda Fuentes and Darlene Miller perform their science experiment as Rosalba Ramirez and Katie Henderson read the in- structions from their sixth grade science book. 250 Fifth Graders Learn with Enthusiasm Robert Bighouse Robert Cantu Keven Cullen Distefano Chris Joseph Gallarso David Gwosdz Earnest Helweg Robert Howard Richard Hybner Kenneth Machicek Paul Martinez Tim Miller Michael Nitchman Michael O ' Conner Jesse Ortiz Joseph Rivera John Roberts Joe Sinkiewicz Michael Spears Michael Sutherland Joseph Talafuse Thomas Tibiletti Neftali Villafranca Albert Wagner Steven Wearden Thomas Willeman Paul Wurz dm • 251 OA Christine Braun Mary Ann Carruth Patti Cattan Yvette Cornelius Kelly Dunn Sheila Ganem Amy Gauthier Patricia Henderson Debbie Hoffer Cathy Hough Peggy Humphrey Kathy Hyak Kathryn Janda Betsy Jordan Donna Jurica Debbie Kloesel Phyliss Lau Carol Livingston Delaine McMillan Fifth Graders Industrious fifth grade students Carol Livingston, Dolores Seger, Kelly- Dunn, Mary Virginia Ozuna, Sharon Sitk.i, and Janet Shelton collect and repair old toys for the poor children. 252 Ellen Stathis and Yvette Cornelius, fifth graders, work their problems on the board in order to understand math better. Gail Migl Deborah Orsak Excel in Enthusiasm Margaret Orsak Patricia Orsak Mary Virginia Ozuna Lynette Patek Patricia Paz Sharon Pittman Claudia Richards Shirley Saski Delores Seger Debra Seiler Janet Shelton Sharon Sitka Ellen Stathis Ethel Thweatt Cassandra Totah Rhonda Warton Brenda Weiland P a A ® £ ft £ 253 During recess period the playground is filled with active grammar grade students playing hard during their free moments. Grammar Grades Nancy and Patsy McElroy offer flowers to the Blessed Mother to prove their love for her. Sister Mary Grace and her first grade class fish in the fish pond for prizes remaining from the Fall Festival. 254 The fourth grade class displays its dancing ability by doing " The Dutch Dance " in the school playroom. Participate in School Spirit Mrs. Tagliabue ' s third grade class makes use of the elementary school library by checking out books and pictures. 255 idt ' -; O Cs D p p d.0 a Ap ©« n 4 5L . i Mary Aleman Rita Baker Francis Boldt Diane Baros Patty Brenner Jack Broome Tommy Byrne John Burns Patrick Canales Shelby Caraway Richard Charitat Laurie Decker Jancie Depine Donna Dickinson Mark Elwonger David Gleinser Michael Gwosdz Michael Haas Mark Halepeska Mario Hernandez Paul Holm John Huerta Karen Janecka Paul Kubala Patrick Kurtz Leslie Latimer Stephen Lau Edward Marrogia Fourth Graders Fourth grade students Douglas Mundine and Marvin Saski increase their knowledge- of geography by carefully studying the main mineral deposits of the 256 Mark Halepeska, Pamela Rayne, Anna Jo Ordner, and Richard Charitat make use of their free time by leisurely enjoying the swings during recess. Work Toward Better Knowledge Dan Martinez Louis Martinez Mary Ann Mullino Douglas Mundine Cathy Obert Anna Jo Ordner Thomas Orsak John Payne Pamela Payne Allen Pilat Theresa Ramirez Virginia Redmon Alice Rodriguez Frank Rosas Marvin Saski Bobby Schaar Stephen Schaar Michael Schrade Phil Schroeder Michael Sengele Angelo Serrata Lynn Taylor Albert Totah Glenn Villafranco Krisy Jo Wagner Elizabeth Welder Donna Webb Keith Yandell ,Ll X 1V11U 1 V 1VUC Joseph Marek p a Pm 7 o 1 p Mi p p. ft 1 ■ k L i • ft ft O 00 i » 257 1:1 i VV L Jili kit n ft Michael Kloesel Donald Kubicek Nancy Lau Emily Lazarin Michael Lyons John Anger Myron Belcik Mary Ellen Bianchi Deborah Boltz Cynthia Buckert Denise Carville Azalea Castellanos Michael Coffey Andre Cornelius Diane DeLane Debra DeLeon Diane Dickinson Sylveria Dominguez Melvin Drabek Charles Faupel Kathryn Freeland Eddie Galvan Sandra Ganem Cynthia Garcia Elizabeth Garcia Elsa Garza Peggy Gilley Richard Gomez Theresa Gomez Belinda Gonzales Michael Gudat Cynthia Haas John Hennessey Autry Hernandez Susan Hobbs William Hough Henry Humphrey David Hybner Nancy Janda Glen Janota Virginia Johnston Kevin Jordan James Jurica Roy Jurica James Kloesel Third Graders Third grader Mary Jo Wenglar practices counting her numbers while her classmate, Michael Kloesel, is occupied in posing tor the camera. 258 Hard-working third grade students, Nancy Janda, Mary Elizabeth Wearden, Kevin Jor- dan, and John Hennessey, perform their experiment under the direction ot Deborah Boltz. Cynthia Mares Mary Martin Betty Martinez Nancy McElroy Patsy McElroy Donna McSpadden Theresa Migl Edward Monroe Matthew Moreau Lisa Murphy Michael Neumann John Nichols Sharon Nitschmann Steve Novotny Nancy O ' Connor Randy Ordner Catarino Ortiz Katherine Ortiz ft A A fi ii4M Learn by Experience Isabel Perez Barbara Redmon James Riggs Annie Rokovich Karen Schaar Janice Schrade Sally Seale William Seger Sylviana Serrato Grace Silva Louis Solis Kenneth Spann Gregory Spears Charles Sutherland Mark Terry Patricia Valenta Virginia Velasquez Mary Ann Vrana Cathv Wagner Edward Wearden Mary Elizabeth Wearden Patrick Welder Robert Welder Mary Jo Wenglar 259 Roger Welder, Bruce Gwosdz, David Velasco, and Kathryn Goldman dili- gently make use of the second-yeai reading material in the library. J 4 l V . Rejane Arnold Elvira Balli Dennis Baros Rose Marie Beyer Jeffrey Bittlebrun Mary Virginia Boldt Cheryl Calhoun Joseph Cano John Cantu Donna Caraway Starr Ann Carville Rebecca Cartan Second Pt t% N fs ■• C i ■;, f$ rs ft i?l 4i v 5; , N - 1 ' " Joe Chavez Deborah Conti Simon Cornelius Patricia Dominguez Timothy Faltysek Antionette Gleinser Kathryn Goldman Tanya Gomes Joel Gonzales James Goode Woody Gudat Bruce Gwosdz Dolores Henderson William Henderson Gregory Hermes Daren Jarisch Tommy Krehmeier Debra Machicek Bernadette Martignoni Denise Martin Malcom Mueller 260 Linda Muilino Diane Novotny Bryon Pantel Gary Patek Gloria Pena Richard Pena Martin Perez Timothy Porter David Pounds Mark Riley Irma Rivera Oscar Rivera Mary [Catherine Rosas Debbie Schaar Stephen Seiler Sandra Sitka Martin Sommers James Stathis Mary Beth Tagliabue James Tomas Robert Valenta David Velasco James Villafranco Linda Villareal Deborah Wagner Deborah Waida Mary Walston Frances Ward Janet Warrior Roger Welder 4A ... HB9. . Hi 0k it - 1 f ' ...» k -: ' " ! a f 3 d Graders Adjust to School Life Debra Machicek, Becky Cartan, and Martin Sommers, second graders, spend all their free moments in the class library cornel reading their favorite bookv 261 VMM j m g ft ft ■-: •■•? rifJ Marian Marek James Maresh DcnisL- Martinez Michael Mendez Connie Migl Patricia Aleman Edward Arnold Evelyn Artero Michael Bednorz Lydia Bianchi Ben Bolech Marcella Borrego Kai Buckert Doris Cano Jennifer Conti Leonard De La Garza Jeffrey Dickinson Robert DiStefano Barbara Drozd Louisa Duke Bridey Dunn Kevin Foreman Debra Franke Bennv Garcia Mary Magdalene Garcia Yolanda Gomez Michael Guajardo Veronica Guajardo Robert Guerra Judy Harrison Monica Heibel Rosemary Henderson Ronald Hengst Geralvn Hermes Cathy Hiller Michael Hlavatv David Hobbs Russell Hofer Paul Janda Jerilyn Janecka Douglas Janssen Susan Johnston Rebecca Kainer Cynthia Lopez Mary Margaret Lyons First First grade students Edward Arnold. Susan Neumann, and Charles Riley display their jump-rope talents, as Susan and Connie Migl patiently wait their turn. 262 Leonard Migl Susan Migl Johnny Montana Dana Moreau Susan Neumann Melanie Nichols Royce Nitschmann Denyce Ohrt Mark Orsak Nancy Pahmiyer Teri Pagel Ronald Payne Nancy Pelligrino David Pena Joe Perez Patrick Porter Tammy Post Peggy Reznovsky Charles Riley Karen Riley Michael Roberson Joseph Rokovich Gloria Saenz Joe Sanchez Travis Schaar Mark Scherer Sandra Strand Rhonda Tagliabue Timothy Terry. Stephanie Thompson Tammera Tipton Michael Torres Lisa Totah Dorney Uresti Sandra Valenta Michael Vanelli George Vrana Donald Wagner Karen Waida Andrew Wearden ft ft flo A ■■ OA i_ j Graders Commence Learning fa; Dcbra Wearden Patti Welder Annette Willemin Morris Yandell John Ybarbc On a rainy day. Kai Buckert, David Hobbs, and Tammera Tipton find enjoyment in Stephanie Thompson ' s musical ability- 263 VICTORIA JElK ources 0v( O Million • " nl " i f i in i rirM h««M ' «MHW»«M Jr I v Advertisi sing TT C T COMPANY Fortunate is the man who is kind and lends; who conducts his business justly. He shall never waver; the just man shall be remembered forever. He shall not fear sad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord. He gives lavishly to the poor. His generosity shall endure forever; his power shall rise in honor. Ps. Ill AS MODERN AS TOMORROW— 99th YEAR OF CONTINUOUS SERVICE TO SOUTH TEXAS FIRST VICTORIA NATIONAL BANK oi ictoria, Texas Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 266 DYSART INSURANCE AGENCY 1106 E. Rio Grande Victoria. Texas HAUSCHILD MUSIC CO. Top Hit Records Popular, Classical Childrens ' OCSGWlEiEiC ai • " YOl R Ql IJTY DEALER ' • P. O. BOX 3275 • VICTORIA, TEXAS PHONE HI. 3-9129 Discos Mexicanos Zenith-Magnavox Stereo Hi-Fi Phonographs 202 E. Forest HI 3-9195 SLAUGHTER TRAILER SALES NEW AND USED BIT - SELL - TRADE COMAL COTTONS illagc Shopping Center 2305 No. Azalea Victoria, Texas Fine Fabrics and Motions THE FORDYCE CO. VICTORIA READY MIX CONCRETE CO., INC. cZa JicAia (RsL huihani HOME OF FINE MEXICAN FOOD 901 E. RIO GRANDE BLVD. PHONE HI 5-2761 VICTORIA, TEXAS BOYD HALL INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance — Real Estate 405-A N. Main Street VICTORIA, TEXAS PHONE HI 3-2455 SADDLES. BELTS, BOOTS. BILLFOLDS LADIES HANDBAGS and GENERAL LEATHER WORK 3 victoriaTctddle shop t Residence Phone III 3-7287 306 W. Rio Grand Business Phone III 5- 1282 ictoria, Texas W (Jj DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY 267 4g n JL " ©? ZZ2XZ30 -IN TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER- 1409 E. AIRLINE DRIVE PHONE HI 5-6791 VICTORIA. TEXAS 77902 Rex L Easlej . Owner CENTRAL DRUG k:toki , TEX ITiil orili Laurent Non-Profil Organization TWIN PINES FOUNDATION NURSING HOME Route 2. Foster Field HI 3-3201 Victoria, Texas Compliments of BAASS CONCRETE CO. INC. BILL BARNES JEWELER Since 1913 Victoria Texas „lllnlllllllll« . w. Phone HI 3-6821 THE SINGER CO. 2707 : . Laurent icl Day Phone HI 3-9971 NORRIS PEST CONTROL lercial and Residential Service Termite - Pest Control H. J. Norris Victoria. Ti BAKER FISHING TOOLS INC. R. VI. (Rodney) Baker 2508 Duncan idol 1. 1. Texas VICTORIA LINEN SERVICE Sen icing the greater ictoria area with Linens, uniforms, and I lust-control sen ice. 307 South Vine III 3-6397 268 CONOR A Tl TLA TIONS to the SENIOR CLASS of I960 PETER S. TOTAH Telepho Woody Lo ranee ' Res. Ill 5-3330 Safe Buy WOODY ' S AUTO SALES _ , 1711 N. Navarro Victoria, Texas Buy. Sell Trade Automobiles THE FRANK McCOY AGENCY Insurance Real Estate 17041 2 Airline HI 3-6342 A Financially Stable INDEPENDENT Insurance Agent is equipped to Serve YOUR INTERESTS Better MITCHELL ' S CLEANERS LAUNDRY Victoria, Texa LOANS Auto - Appliance Furniture-Personal 1501 A N. Navarro P. O. Drawer 3711 HI 3-4328 Victoria, Texas COASTAL LOANS, INC. M. W. Hagedorn President Willie Galvan Harlon Argo 269 UNITED RIG SERVICE P.O. Box 3167 ictoria. Texas CHAPMAN Laundry Cleaners " Let One Stop Do It W 608 North Moody Hi 3-4397 ictoria. Texas n VILLAGE PHARMACY illage Shopping Center - At the Arcade 2604 North Laurent HI 5-4523 CONGRA TL r LA TIONS to the SENIORS of 1966 E.I. DU PONT DENEMOURS COMPANY VICTORIA WELL SERVICE 228 Victoria National Bank Bldg. ictoria. Texas 270 1 CARBAJAL ' S BARBER ; SHOP 80] E.Santa Rosa III 5 9279 CONGRATULATIONS to the SENIOR CLASS W M P t T of 1966 SERVICE SUPPLY wmjlpm Pj i of Victoria, Inc. ■ uJ ' J 3 America ' s Largest Diamond Merchants ictoria San Antonio Z A L E S Town Country III 5 4521 CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations Seniors to the from SENIOR CLASS of 1966 THE MEMORIES 1 HOUSTON •i Bill) Hanselman, Manager NATURAL GAS CORPORATION HI 3-717 ' ) ! 30] West Santa Rosa III 5-4584 i 271 mmsBMrnsmm, OUR LADY OF SORROWS CHURCH 208 W. River Street God ' s Blessings to the Seniors and I nder-Classmen! I rider the Spiritual Direction of the Trinitarian Fathers 272 WEDEMEIER FLORIST 802 E. North Street Victoria, Texas HI 3-9137 K m A L 500 IllatU 1410 Kilocycle VICTORIA BROADCASTERS, INC. P.O. BOX 2209 VICTORIA, TEXAS Keeping You on Top of the News On Top of the World of Entertainment! DUCKETT FUNERAL HOME DIGNITY VICTORIA ICE CO. FOOD STORE SOI E. Juan Linn St. P.O. BOX 1457 PHONE HI. 5-3111 Congratulations Seniors! DICKS FOOD STORE ' Everything that ' s good to eat " S O U T H.TEXAS Congratulations Seniors! WIGS FURNITURE " See Wig Before You Buy " 273 -i ■-■ ■ I 7 Congratulations from WEST END HATCHERY AND FEED " When Your Spirits Are Low " S E E TRABER ' S LIQUOR STORE CAMPUS BEAUTY SHOP 2405 E. Red River Street ictoria. Texas MQVA ' S FINE FOODS Manuel Mdya. Br. Manuel Mdya. Jr. 12D1 E. Paar Lavaca Dr. VICTORIA BOWLING LANES VICTORIA SHOE SHOP C. Delgado Family Billfolds — Ladies Handbags Shoe Repairing Phone HI 3-3672 216 S. Main St. Victoria, Texas RFAU1MWL STYLE CITY Reautv Salon 1304 E. Mesquile Owner: Virginia Sisson CAMPBELL ' S JEWELRY 109 E Constitution HI 3-431 s r r f a Y. : il VICTORIA ADVOCATE VHxLl ' x ' JiLl. 0 r ,. fj Established 1846 DOONAREE FARM Congratulations Seniors MR. AND MRS. R. P. DUNN HI-WAY GROCERY Meats Vegetables Port Lavaca High w a) HI 5-7771 Victoria, Texas GLORIA ' S BEAUTY SALON 2003 N. Depot HI 5-7678 U. S. Coins, Bought and Sold NUMISTRAMA 126 First Victoria Nat ' l Bank Bids LUPE ' S IMPORT SHOP 205 E. Constitution Compliments of RENDON FUNERAL HOMES ictor Port Lavaca LOSS, GATES HUDSON INSURANCE III 5-5555 2507 N. Vzalea 275 MONTAG BROS. SUPER MARKET 1606 N. Navarro j hone HI 3-9178 Jfttllcr JHemortals, 3nc 808 E. GOODWIN - TELEPHONE HI 5-3922 P. O. BOX 1517 Utrtnrta, (Texas Svf p 1 - Sic LEONARDS WELDING REPAIR SERVICE R «- 2 Box 36-A — On 1 Ini.ii Drive — Victoria Texas LEON A. ZEAR POST NO. 166. Inc. THE AMERICAN LEGION VICTORIA. TEXAS VICTORIA OLIVER COMPANY 204 WEST WATER 9TREET VICTORIA. TEXAS 77901 Phone HI 5-3761 HI 5 2551 1317 Sam Houston Dr. M I O R I PLUMBING HEATING COMPANY Contracting And General Repairs Victoria, Texas E. E. DISCHINGER SERVICE STATION 2103 Houston Hwy. Victoria, Texas VICTORIA HARDWARE COMPANY 217-221 S. Main Victoria 276 SECHRIST-HALL COMPANY 3505 Houston Highway Victoria, Texas OF VICTORIA Village Shopping Center ictoria X y m 1 ■ ll VICTORIA BANK and TRUST COMPANY The Texas Coast ' s Most Modern Bank Victoria ' s Action Bank 277 I ONGRATl LATIONS BIANCHI PHARMACY 102 S. Main RONALD HILL NURSERY GARDEN CENTER Landscape Sen ice Tractor Service 1708 N. Laurent Victoria, Texa HILLER ' S PHARMACY loitl E. Red Kr COMPLIMENTS OF VIC ' S PLACE THE RON BROWN COMPANY Real Estate Sales Appraisals - Insurance GULF TRUCK AND TRACTOR CO. Your International Harvester Dealer l2i 0. Port La aca Drive ictoria, Texas Tractors Power I nits Internationa] Trucks F » S " FOREMAN BROS. CONSTRUCTION, REALTORS AND BUILDERS ' 278 17(H) Virline ictoria, Texi KWIK-WAY GROCERY Hallelts ille Highwa; Phone HI 34182 DARI Bl ' RGER V ictoria 1 Ull E.Juan Dun HI 5-8549 FARM BUREAU I IFK GIN 1 dwin E. Pargac - ( (wner Victoria, [exas Phone III (-6461 Congratulations Seniors from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. O ' Connor CONTI ' S Hardware Gifts 2 Locations to Serve You Downtown I ptown 215 S. Bridge 1504 N. Laurent CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA Court of St. nn No. 369 ZATOPEK TEXACO I 101 V Navarro III 5-4019 DANBl ' RC ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Village Shopping Center III 3-661 IE E. H. FOOD STORES •3 N. Main 2702 Laurent Victoria, Texas 2 79 Compliments of HI 5-2309 Mr. Mrs. Dean Truman Agent For ALLIED VAN LINES INC. 1507 N. Ben Jordan Victoria, Texas Local and lx ng Distance Moving, Packing, Crating, and Export Shipping 280 ANTON ALKEK GROCERY MARKET " Best meal in town " 714 S. Bridge HI 5-2317 COMPLIMENTS of DR. C. T. IIARKEY, JR. CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS from SPANISH VILLAGE RESTAURANT ()12 E. Red River HI 3-7791 VICTORIA AUTO SUPPUY MACHINE SHOP Complete Machine Shop Automotive Parts and Supplies 105 W. Santa Rosa Phone 111 5-1432 P.O. Box 2053 Victoria Isxas mm Congratulations Seniors Melvin ' s Paint and Body Shop EL PATIO MONTERREY 809 E. Guadalupe HI 37652 MEXICAN FOOD TO CO Mr. Mrs. Luis Caslellanos Daughter Congratulations! Telephone HI 3-2861 Dr. Jack Kahn OPTOMETRIST Examined Glasses Fitted Office Hours :.l I First Victoria 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. National Hank Bldg. .i.l Bj Appointment Victoria, Texas 1001 . Laurent ictoria, Texas 281 LENTZ FEED SEED COMPANY 215 North George Victoria, Texas No Cash Refunds " TOY TOWN--LJ. S. A. " Toys of Distinction 1706 N.Navarro HI 3-331] ictoria, I exas Mobil MOBIL OIL CO. SALES DEPARTMENT 2 " )()2 Juan Linn Congratulations Seniors ' bo " Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gaida CATTAN ' S GROCERY 2112 No. Navarro Victoria, Texas BILL MILLER FOOD MARKET L603E. Port Lavaca Drive Gourmet Food Staple Food 282 ALEMANS RESTAURANT 512 S. Glass FOOD TO GO HI 5-9030 Congratulations Seniors Mr. Mrs. Joe Perez and Family PHONE HI 3.9147 VICTORIA. TEXAS HANSELKA ELECTRIC SERVICE Licensed Electricton ELECTRIC WIRING — CONTRACTING FIXTURES HI 3-6921 1607 N. Laurent Victoria Texas CHAIN LINK AND RUSTIC WOOD FENCES ALL TYPES AWNINGS CLOTHES LINE POLES PARSONS FENCE COMPANY Clyde Parsons, Owner COMPLETE SALES AND ERECTION Call For Free Estimates Telephone HI 3-7477 Office Machines Furniture Supplies Compliments of ST. JOSEPH ' S MOTHERS ' CLUB RUSSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Authorized Agency Remington-Rand 1 1 3 W. Santa Rosa Phone HI 3-4421 Russell Pynes Victoria, Texas U ST. MARYS CYO I 283 THE AMERICAN BANK OF COMMERCE 1301 East Rio Grande HI 5-4574 Phone HI 5-4707 George A. Totah, Owner Free Pickup and Delivery On Prescription VICTORIA, TEXAS 3402 N. Ben Wilton St. t ' c tjebz Congratulations Seniors! Martin Printing Co. and Victoria Rubber Stamp Co. 3608 N. Laurent HI 5-3118 ANGERSTEIN ' S MARKET 1307 Sam Houston Dr. Victoria, Texas Bdyd, Durst Kuenstler, Inc. DRILLING COMPANY P. D. BOX 24BB • PHONE HI 3-9121 VICTORIA, TEXAS GARLAND RATHER ' S Shopfoh Tll n 117 E. Constitution -k Victoria, Texas " DOWNTOWN VICTORIA " AIR CONDITIONING • SALES AND SERVICE CLIMATROL CO. RESIDENTIAL-COMMERCIAL 601 North East Dial HI 5-4483 DUNLAP ' S Victoria, Texas ' A better department store ' 214 N. Main KEN NATHAN firtston (FORMERLY GEO. PICKERING) 2.0 A iOI W. RIOGRANDE Victoria. Texas VICTORIA federal savings AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Ensured Saving— Home Loans 412 NORTH MAIN PHONE HI 5-6323 P.O. BOX 1158 VICTORIA, TEXAS The Wonderful World of College Join it this year at St. Mary ' s — the special privileged world of the university student, a world apart and yet dedicated to improvement of the world through the improvement of self. At St. Mary ' s this course is held to with the steadiest of hands. Talk to Brother Tom Treadaway. S.M., now about enrolling. New fall semester — and St. Mary ' s 114th year— will begin Sep- tember 15. St. Mary ' s University 2 700 Cincinnati San Antonio, Texas 285 CONGRATULATIONS PHILIP TIBILETTI E AS LEY Roofing Sheet Metal Co. HI 5-0294 P.O. Box 346-1 ictoria, Texas HARPIN ' S PACKAGE STORE III S.Cameron ALKEK OIL CORPORATION Houston Highway Victoria, Texas P. O. Box 1399 STOWERS FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishings Complimentary Decorating Service HI 3-2437 110 E. Santa Rosa Victoria, Texas LAUNDERWELL ' Service far the Entire Family SHIPLEY DO-NUT SHOP 1901 Houston Highwaj 286 " The Greatest " Same in l)o-mits " I lu.l III 3-6182 WESTERN U TO ASSOCIATE STORK I lomc ( hwn ' il and ( Iperated l! : Lamar M. Collins 108 N. Libert) Victoria, Texas I ' ll,,,,,-: III 3-49] I Congratulations Seniors!... Redely Kilowatt knows you have important plans for the future — plans that may include education or plans for a career that will start immediately. Whatever you choose, we hope you ' ll seek your opportunities right here in South Texas. For, wherever you are in this growing area, the folks at CPL will he your neighbors. And, well he on the job providing von with dependable, low-cost electric service — helping you live better . , . electrically. CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY An Investor Owned Business Enterprise Leo Anger, Consignee Victoria, Texas TEXACO INC. HARDING PARKER NO.l- 121 S. MAIN NO.2- 2806 N. NAVARRO 287 jlmijratulatiom mors 288 ROSEBUD RACING OF VICTORIA LENTZ, NEWTON CO. Members New York Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange (Associate) 114 E. Constitution St. Hlllcrest 5-1469 DION R. HOLM, JR. Resident Partner Victoria, Texas Best Wishes to the Senior JUST FRIENDS CLUB Cuero Hwy. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF VICTORIA Victoria ' s Progressive Bank Member of F.D.I.C. and Federal Reserve System Village Drive at N. Laurent St. CANO ELECTRIC COMPANY Phones: Day HI 3-9582-Nile HI 5-1604 707 South Street Victoria. Texas VICTORIA AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION DEALERS Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Co. Stockbauer and Zeplin Goad-Boles Motors Schoener Motors Timberlake Motors Bob Fry Motors Gladden Pontiae Company Cranberry Motor Company VJJC,, OCKBAUER ZEPLIN r ! 12 " (We Ofewce (All QflaL " P. D. BOX 3 ' 4 2 6 VICTORIA, TEXAS Qfour (ft»lLr,..J CD.J.r. BUICK - - GMC 2604 N. NAVARRO PHONE HI 3-9153 289 r. I BEALL ' S Quality Merchandise Town Country Shopping Center Phone HI 5-1311 lotah s i Hotel, (Jnc. P. O. BOX 3586 • VICTORIA, TEXAS GEORGE TOTAH MANAGER PHONE HI 3-4351 OFFICE HI 3-2601 REFUGIO SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Compliments of: Vincent Fritz Ttl. .Oimcn Gx VICTORIA, TEXAS HYAK- REALTY COMPANY REALTORS OF RESIDENTIAL- BUSINESS -FARM PROPERTIES •CLEANERS 501 E. North and Village Shopping Center IGLASS) DISTRIBUTOR MITCHELL GLASS CO. PLATE ,I. SS WINDOW GLASS l TO (,l. ss MIRRORS DISTRIBUTOR VICTORIA, TEXAS Best wishes to the Seniors VICTORIA MACHINE WORKS Oil Field Work — Gear Cutting Call Us For Estimates HI 3-9131 301 N George John Svoboda BANKSTON-DICK DUNN INS. AGENCY 806 E. North HI 3-4333 Compliments of a friend k 6 3 ' Congratulations Seniors ' 66 ' " Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Lazarin CANO INSURANCE AGENCY " Be Sure - Insure " Dial HI 5-6050 100 E. Forrest Victoria, Texas " Congratulations Seniors ' 66 " Bill Gaida Phone HI 3-9321 Glamour Beauty Salon Your Invitation To Complete Beauty Service 202 E. Santa Rosa ictoria, Texas " For The Best In Cosmetics " STUDIO GIRLS COSMETICS MELVINS TOTS-TO-TEENS 61 Anaqua Mrs. J W Whitaker 704 E. Nueses Mrs. Ervin Janecek K)5 Kast Airline Road HI 3-9797 TOWN COUNTRY 2200 Kast h ne I ' m Buick - Dodge G M C Trucks William Ratliff .__—»-■ — I Bfit ' 1 HerberT Uouc flfietcy ©1 ft. ' r .fife " I " ' ■ mt III ou PHDNE HI 5-2962 phjoio mphij 2DD2 EAST RED RIVER • VICTORIA, TEXAS 292 rr ? OUR LADY OF LOURDES CHURCH lO. ' i N. William St. - P. O. Box 2567 Pastor Reverend David Maurer % ' ■ Carrier AIR CONDITIONING VICTORIA REFRIGERATION CO A R CONDITIONING, HEATING, ICE MACHINES, WINDOW UNITS Telephone HI 5-3621 or HI 3-6940 VICTORIA, TEXAS 104 E. Son Antonio St Buick - Dodge PATRONS BILL MORLEY Mrs. Joseph Wearden CMC Trucks Office HI 3-9153 Mrs. C. B. Wright II,, mm- HI 3-7] IK Mr. Mrs. L G. Halepeska Mr. Mrs. P. S. Williams, Jr. Compliments Of Friend Mt. Mrs. R. T. Sparkman Mr. Mrs. Dick (.ullen E. 1. DuPONT DeNEMOURS COMPANY Mr. Mrs. |{. M. Baker Mr. Mrs. Alex Dick, Jr. Dr. Mar) Rea Finehoul " Congratulations Seniors ' 66 ' Mr. Bob treason Spanil Refrigeration, Sales and Service Mr. and Mrs. R. E. llehner 2 93 " ■Obfi MOBIL OIL CORP. -M ca o£-fc a w_ aQSL - - - TEXAS SANITATION CO. 294 McFADDIN MERCANTILE COMPANY GENERAL MERCHANDISE McFADDIN, TEXAS GROCE-WEARDEN COMPANY 1908 Wholesale Distributors Over Fift) Golden Years In The Golden Crescent Your Brand Name Suppl) Depot For Qualit) Fresh Produce Frozen Foods 1 " 6 I lome ( )ffice: ictoria, Texas Branches: Ba Cit) . I toiiua. ( iorpus ( ilnisli f w y i r, II II 11 ... ST. MARYS CATHOLIC CHURCH 103 W. Church Rt. Rev. Msgr. F. O. Beck, Pastor Rev. Wallis Stiles, Asst. Rev. Patrick Fidgeon, Asst. Victoria County Electric Co-op Co. P.O. Box 2178 Victoria, Texas Phone III 3-2428 Modern Floors GRADY SPEED 506 E. ROSEBUD PHONE HILLCRE3T 3-7457 VICTORIA, TEXAS " Congratulations Seniors ' ( ' C. M. Ferguson OUR LADY OF VICTORY CYO Advertiser ' s Index Ace Stamp, 294 Ale-man ' s, 282 Alkek Grocery, 281 Alkek Oil Corporation, 286 American Bank of Commerce, 28 3 American Legion, 276 Anchor Lumber Yard, 274 Angerstein ' s, 28 3 B. Baass Brothers, 268 Baker Fishing Tools, 268 Baker, Mr. and Mrs. R. M., 29 3 Bankston, Dick Dunn, 291 Barnes, 268 Beall ' s, 290 Blanche ' s Pharmacy, 278 Boyd, Durst, 28 3 Boyd and Hall, 267 Brown, Ron Co. 278 Campbell ' s Jewelry, 274 Campus Beauty Shop, 274 Cano Electric, 289 Cano Insurance, 291 Carbajal ' s Barber, 271 Catholic Daughters, 279 Cattan ' s, 282 Central Drug, 268 Central Power and Light, 287 Chapman Cleaners, 270 Climatrol, 28 3 Coastal Loans, 269 Coca Cola, 283 Comal Cottons, 267 Commercial National Bank, 289 Conti ' s, 279 Cullen, Mr. and Mrs. Dick, 293 D. Danburg ' s, 279 Dari Burger, 278 Dick, Mr. and Mrs. Alex, 29 3 Dick ' s Food Stores, 27 3 Dischinger, E. E., 276 Doud, 292 Dr. Pepper, 267 Duckett, 27 3 Dunlap ' s, 283 Dunn, Mr. and Mrs., 275 Dysart, 267 Easley Roofing and Sheet Metal, 286 E. I. Dupont Denemors, 270, 293 El Patio Monterey, 281 Farm Bureau, 278 Ferguson, C. M., 295 Fiek ' s Gin, 278 Finehout, 293 Firestone, 28 3 Fordyce, 267 Foreman, 278 Foss, Cates, 275 Frank McCoy ' s, 269 Gaida, William, 291 Garland Rather-,, 28 5 ( rlamour Beauty Salon, 291 ( rloria ' s Beauty Salon, 275 Green ' s Jewelry, 28 3 Groce-Wearden Co., 294 Gulf Truck and Tractors, 278 H. Halespeska, Mr. and Mrs. T. G., 293 Hanselka Electric, 283 Harding and Parker, 287 Harkey, 281 Harpin ' s, 286 Hauschild ' s, 267 H. E. B., 279 Hebner, Mr. and Mrs., 293 Hiller ' s Pharmacy, 278 Hi-way Grocery, 275 Houston National Gas, 271 Hyak Realty, 290 J- Just Friends, 289 J. W. Morris Lumber, 267 K. Kahn, 281 KNAL, 273 Krenson, Bob, 293 Kwik Way Grocery, 278 La Fiesta, 267 Lariat Western Center, 268 Lauderwell, 286 Lazarin, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper, 291 Lentz, Newton, 289 Lentz Seed and Feed, 28 2 Leonard ' s, Welding and Repair, 276 Lupe ' s Import Shop, 275 M. Martin Printing, 28 3 McFadden Mercantile, 294 Melvin ' s Tots • Teens, 291 Melvin ' s Body Shop, 281 Memories, 271 Miller ' s Food Market, 282 Miller Memorials Inc., 276 Miori Plumbing, 276 Mitchell Cleaners, 269 Mitchell Glass, 290 Mobil Oil, 282, 294 Modern Cleaners, 290 Modern Floors, 295 Montag ' s, 276 Morley, William, 293 Moya ' s, 274 N. Norris Pest Control, 268 Numistrama, 275 O. O ' Connor, 279 Our Lady of Lourdes, 293 Our Lady of Sorrows, 272 Our Lady of Victory, CYC, 295 Parsons Fence, 283 Perez, Mr. and Mrs., 282 R. R..tlifl, Mr., 291 Refugio Savings, 290 Rendon, 275 Ronald Hill, 278 Rosebud Racing, 288 Russell Office Equipment, 283 Saint Joseph ' s Mother ' s Club, 283 Saint Mary ' s Church, 295 Saint Mary ' s CYC, 283 Saint Mary ' s University, 285 Sechrist Hall, 276 Service Supply, 271 Shipley Donut, 286 Simon ' s, 290 Singer, 268 Shade ' s, 276 Slaughter Trailer, 267 South Texas Savings, 27 3 Spanish Village Restaurant, 281 Spann, Adolph, 29 3 Sparkman, Mr. and Mrs. R. T., 29 3 Stockbauer and Zeplin, 289 Stower ' s, 286 Studio Girl, 291 Style City, 274 Texaco, 287 Texas Sanitation, 294 Tibiletti, Phillip, 286 Toy Town, 282 Totah, Peter, 269 Totah ' s Pharmacy, 284 Totah ' s Restaurant and Motel, 290 Traber ' s, 274 Truman Van Lines, 278 Twin Pines, 268 U. United Rig, 270 V. Vic ' s Place, 278 Victoria Automobile Dealers Asso., 289 Victoria Advocate, 274 Victoria Auto Supply and Machine Shop, 28 1 Victoria Bank and Trust, 277 Victoria Bowling Lanes, 274 Victoria County Electric Co-op, 295 Victoria Federal Savings, 28 3 Victoria First National Bank, 266 Victoria Hardware, 276 Victoria Ice Co., 27 3 Victoria Linen Service, 268 Victoria Machine Works, 290 Victoria Oliver, 276 Victoria Refrigeration, 293 Victoria Saddle Shop, 267 Victoria Shoe Shop, 2 74 Victoria Well Service, 270 Village Pharmacy, 270 Vrazel, 281 W. Wedemeir Florist, 273 West End Hatchery, 274 Western Auto, 286 Wig ' s, 27 3 Wearden, Mrs. Joseph, 29 3 Williams, Mr., 293 Woodv ' s Auto Sales, 269 Wright, Mrs. 29 3 Z. Zale ' s, 271 Zatopek Texaco, 279 296

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