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MH C rl «te " 8 ' 7 m wc - ■vv- ' . ' ' 31 ' ■• «s r . - op -v 3 - . »- QaJ L uA Excelsior Published by the Senior Classes of St. Joseph High School and Nazareth Academy, Victoria, Texas 13 Gl Excelsior - Ever Upward As the sun rises early in the day, so also do our aspirations surge ever upward early in life. This therefore is the secret of eter- nal youth. X • Table Of As the sun fises early in the day, so also do our aspirations surge ever upward early in life. This therefore is the secret of eternal youth. PAGES 1--29 Like butterflies brilliantly arrayed in the rich, pure colors of education and intelli- gence, our graduates emerge from a cocoon of years of preparation into the world, eager to flex the strength of their newly developed wings and anxiously anticipating the sweetness of the flowers of success. PAGES 30—143 As surely as the beauty and peace of night complement a busy day and as certainly as sunshine and clear skies follow the storm, so also do we feel the joy of accomplish- ment, content and peace after earnest whole- hearted diligent activity. PAGES 144-207 Our goal is to be like the mighty oak that stands firm while other trees break under pressure. The same oak which was first but a wise sapling who learned from super- ficial bruises and gusty breezes to thicken its bark and to send its root system deep and wide. PAGES 208—229 Contents A gem, ever so precious, carefully cut and brilliantly polished by God, nature, and love, found minutely gleaming through the eyes from the depths of the soul--a unique per- sonality. PAGES 230—263 Manifesting the labors of a busy springtime like the buds of early May, that suspended, delightful time of neither spring nor sum- mer -- PAGES 264--285 Our grammar graders are generously en- dowed as the fresh gay, spring breeze with frolicking mischievousness and an eager de- sire to explore, absorb and expand. PAGES 286—335 Our generous advertisers, reflecting the beating of the very pulse of the nation in the flicker of the multicolored lights on clever displays, proclaim the right of Amer- icans to work and expand. PAGES 336 --369 Our Heritage of Christian The schools of St .Joseph and Nazareth Academy have been helping to make the history of Victoria and its citi- zens for almost a hundred years. In 1895, under the direction of the zealous Father A. Gardet, pastor of St. Marys, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament opened a school for the education of Catholic girls. Soon afterward, a school for the education of Catholic boys, St. Joseph ' s was founded and by 1889 its enrollment had reached one hundred sixty. Saint Joseph ' s Grade School Saint Joseph ' s High School Education, Our Schools The years of development were often slow and hard, even to such an extent that St. Joseph ' s was closed for a period of a few years. However, under the able manage- ment of theBrothers of Mary the school resumed operations and along with Nazareth Academy has come to be recognized for producing outstanding christian leaders and citizens. We, the students of today, are indeed fortunate to study under the devoted supervision of the loving and patient sis- ters, and brothers, tvlay we live up to their expectations and our education heritage. Nazareth Academy Playground Nazareth Academy Gymnasium We Dedicate Our Book To Mr. Tom O ' Connor, Jr. As a fitting tribute, the seniors of St. Joseph and Nazareth Academy dedicate the 1961 EXCELSIOR to Mr. Tom O ' Connor, Jr. All of us have become acquainted with Mr. O ' Connor through his personal interest in our schools and have come to recognize his warm smile as being characteristic of his friendliness and sincerity. For many years Mr. O ' Connor has been an avid Flyer fan and during football season his garage is often the scene of spiritrousing poster parties. Reminded of hisowndays as an athlete at St. Joseph ' s, Mr. O ' Connor joins in the spirit and takes up a shoe polish brush - his original slogans and artistic designs are always prized by the students. Yes, the seniors of St. Joseph ' s and Nazareth Academy look upon Mr. O ' Connor as being much more than a financial benefactor. To us, he is a veritable " fairy god- father, " and as such, a truly interested friend. Our Parish Priests fake An Through the co-operation of our Parish Priests--Reverend JohnMcDonald, Reverend Joseph Coll, Reverend Hyacinth Rosati, O.SS.T., Reverend Henry Rolf, Right Reverend Msgr. F.O. Beck, V.F., Reverend Richard Toal, O.SS.T., Reverend Michael Proiux, O.SS.T., Reverend Thomas Lyssy, Reverend John Moore--we are given the benefits of a truly Catholic education. Each of these " Fishers of Men " are connected with our schools and many of their activities either directly or indirectly. Besides the ordinary religious duties of a priest they are active in everything, from spon- soring Cub Scouts and youth clubs to patronizing many of our fund raising functions. 10 ctive Part In Our Curriculum FATHER MC DONALD DISTRIBUTES holy cards to a group of firs: graders as a material reward after one of his religion classes. II Our Chief Administrators For The Benefit BRO. WILLIAM CALLAHAN, S.M. High School Principal REV. CLEMENT OTTING, S.M. Chaplain 12 BRO. ROBERT WEISSERT, S.M. Assistant Principal Vork Together )f Our Students REVEREND MOTHER M. ROSE Superior General SISTER M. GERARD Superintendent SISTER M. IMELDA Nazareth Academy Principal 13 Our Courses Are Directed Knowledge Of God, Since the days of the cavemen human interest and curiosity has been directed toward understand- ing the secrets of God, man and the universe. The thought of a Supreme Being awed them, their fellow men puzzled them and the starry skies and natural phenomena mystified them and chal- lenged their intelligence. In our modern day world with its threat of atheistic Communism, ending research in the field of psychiatry and medicine, we continue, MECHANICAL DRAWING, under the super- vision of Brother Fred, S.M., proves to be not only an interesting subject but also an immense help in college mechanics. MR. R. H. CORY, STATE REPRESENT- ATIVE, explains democracy in action to Sister Evangelist, social studies instructor and Dorothy Weber, civics club president. BRO. FERDINAND SCHINDLER, S.M. Grade School Principal Grade School Student Council Moderator Christmas Program English II Grade 8A 1101 Toward A Greater Man, And The Universe on a broader scale, the age old quest for knowledge. To help us in our- quest, our schools offer us a host of well planned courses, taught by learned and capable teachers. Thus after the completion of twelve years of education, we have been given ample oppor- tunity to acquire a substantial portion of the knowledge which has taken many learned people ages to accumulate. PINNATE, PALMATE OR PARALLEL - Sister Patrice shows Lydia Soto and Brenda Jackson the difference in the venation of monocot and dicot leaves during Biology class. ETERNAL LAW AS THE BASIS of all law is reviewed by senior religion students, Robert Gillean, David Pozzi and Alexander Nemes, while Father Otting looks on. BRO. FRANCIS SINGLER, S.M. Senior B Moderator Bookkeeping English III Typing BRO. TIM DWYER, S.M. C Team Football and Basketball School Insurance Athletic Director Latin I and II Sophomore B Moderator Economics 15 BRO. PAUL KOMRSKA, S.M. World History Mission Drive English VIII English II Freshman A Moderator Librarian Sodality QUE DICE? Brother Leo helps James Hunt trans- late a sentence into English in Spanish I class. J BRO. JOSE RAMIREZ, S.M. Photography Grade 7 Dedicated Marianists Strive To T ' BROTHER ROBERT CONFIDENTLY DEMONSTRATES A LAW of physics while Bill Moreau and Ricky Baker seem somewhat puzzled. BRO. FRED BRO. TIM GELHARD, S.M. O ' LAUGHLIN, S.M. echanical Drawing Athletic Director Plane Geometry Grade School General Math Football and Algebra Basketball Excelsior U.S. History Sophomore A Patrol Boys Moderator Grade 8B T( THE SENIORS MASTER THE ART OF TYPING FOR COLLEGE and business use. a-s-d-f-j-k-1-; keep your fingers above the home row, boys. BRO. J. ANTHONY BRO. WILLIAM MEIS, S.M. FIOCK, S.M. Bookstore Grade School Sacristan Librarian Grade 6A Co-ordinator Cub Scout Grade 5B Develop Character and Intelligence. . BRO. ROBERT R. BUSS. S.M. Blue and White Moderator English VII Freshman B Moderator English I Biology I BROTHER BUSS PREPARES VARIOUS SUGAR SOLUTIONS before presenting a demonstration to the Biology class in the newly renovated lab. BRO. LESTER KAEHLER, S.M. Grade School Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Grade 7B BRO. SYLVESTER BURKEMPER, S.M. Grade School Football Grade 5A KEEPING ELECTRONIC RADIO DEVICES in precise working condition requires constant attention agree Brother Leo, Bill Urban and Dennis Strelczyk. In Our Boys In Order That They LATIN PROVIDES US WITH A BASIS for the English language, various foreign languages, and understanding professional terminology. Brother Tim watches as Bobby Trenck translates a sentence into English. MR. JIM LEWIS Physical Education U.S. History Head Coach MR. MAURICE ADCOCK Assistant Band Director MR. FRANK GORTON Choral Director Glee Club GEOLOGY AND DRILLING FOR OIL are closely associated, explains Brother Anthony as Robert Arnold and Michael Filley examine a rock sample from 15,000 feet down. yMay Better Realize Their Ambitions BROTHER LESTER AND HIS SEVENTH GRADERS take an interest in our country ' s history and government during history period. MISS RITA BARNABEI Secretary SISTER M. EVANGLIST American History World History Algebra I Civics SISTER M. BORGIA Journalism Algebra II Chemistry Geometry Speech THE OBSERVANCE OF LATIN WEEK is a special project of the Latin classes. Debbie Henkel, Donna Tolson, and Gayle Wagner examine the tiny Roman war machines. Devoted IWBS Sisters Direct SISTER M. ANTHONY Local Superior Home Economics SISTER M. CARMELITA Drum Bugle English III Spanish I English I THE PING PONG BALL almost seems to be a magnetic object as it absorbs the full attention of Nancy Kouba and Dorothy Weber during senior P. E. Class. SISTER M. ALBERTA SISTER M. PERPETUA Religion II Library Science English II Church History English IV Bible Latin II Latin I BARBARA BAROS AND NANCY KOUBA DEMON- STRATE the operation of the teletrainer to Linda Haus- mann during speech class activity period. - ' Their Efforts Toward Developing . . . SISTER ALMA PREPARES A GROUP OF ANXIOUS FIRST GRADERS for their first Communion which is perhaps the fondestmemory in thelives of many Nazareth Academy students. SISTER M. PATRICE Physical Education General Science Religion I Algebra II Algebra I Biology 21 SISTER M. JOSEPHINE Music SUSAN GAYLE AND GAIL DEPINE DISPLAY THE MAKINGS of mathematicians as they solve a series of problems in second year Algebra class. Our Girls Into Cultured ( MRS. FERN PIERCE, FORMER VICTORIA NEWSPAPER EDITOR, explains to junior journalists, Diane Dentler and Kathy Roos the newspaper business and its impor- tance in America. SISTER M. PAULINE Grade 8 SISTER M. CELESTINE Grade 6 SISTER M. MADELINE Grade 6 and 4 LEARNING TO APPRECIATE ART AND BEAUTY BY DOING seems to be Ann Buren ' s motto as she concentrates on her canvas and oils during art class. Christian Women With High Ideals . . . CAROLYN SCHILLER AND THERESA GARCIA MAKE A PRATICAL STUDY of conversationally spoken Spanish while Sister Carmelita operates the recorder. SISTER M. DOLORES Grade 5 SISTER MARIE Grade 4 23 SISTER M. AGNES Grade 3 THE TYPING I CLASS TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE WELL EQUIPPED commercial room while Sister Clare helps Mary Aguilar with the adjustment of her machine. To Provide Our Country With . . . C AS PART OF THE STUDY OF SACRED SCRIPTURE, Sister Perpetua locates points of bibilical reference for junior bible students, Dolores Meyer, Patsy Jaurez, Julia Gillean, and Gwen Koeh THE ROUTE TAKEN BY COLUMBUS is pointed out by Vivian Keclik to Maudie Gilmore and Mary Lee Hoffer in American History class. LJ SISTER M. CALLESTA Grade 2 SISTER M. ADELAIDE Grade I atholic Thinkers and Workers SISTER M. ALMA Grade I A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE applies to the students that take library science. Rosemary Garza and Mary Kathryn De Los Santos work to return the books to their specific place on the shelves while Rose Ann Ortiz checks the filmstrip files. Our Parents, Our Staunch Si AT AN EXECUTIVE MEETING, the officers of the Drum and Bugle Mothers ' Club, Mrs. Joe Reyna, Secretary; Mrs. Bob Fridell, President; Mrs. Helen Janca, Treasurer; and Mrs. R. B. Roos Jr., Vice-Presi- dent, select committees and discuss plans for a Games Party. As we fare forward in life we are constantly given both moral and financial support by a most zealous and interested group of supporters, our parents. During our school years they work together with the faculty in various parent organizations such as the P. T. A. , Fathers ' Club, Educational Foundation, Mothers ' Club, and Drum and Bugle Mothers ' Club to provide us with better educational and recreational facilities. IN PREPARATION FOR THE FALL FESTIVAL, P. T. A. mothers, Mrs. J. A. Cullen, Jr., and Mrs. C. A. Dickerson, sort the white elephant packages in the offices. 26 Supporters By working together our parents not only help our school but also become better acquainted with one another and exemplify the good that can be accomp- lished by combined Catholic effort. their We gratefully recognize efforts and accomplishments and say, " May God bless you for your support. " TELEVISION PERSONALITIES, rather parents in disguise, presented the TV Showcase. The ' ' personalities " appearing on the " Jack Parr Show " are Mr. Frank Fossati, Mr. William Sperber, Mrs. Fred Buckert, Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Dick Cullen, and Mr. J. B. Schwarybach as " Miss Sugar. " MEMBERS OF THE SAINT JOSEPH EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, which include Mr. D. Braman, Mr. D. O ' Connor, Rev. H. Rolf, Mr. L. Welder, Msgr. F. O. Beck; standing: Mr. J. Kelly, Mr. J. Hele- paska, Mr. J. Hunt, Mr. G. Reyna, Mr. T. O ' Connor and Mr. T. M. O ' Connor recognize the outstanding seniors with special awards at Graduation. 27 We Are All Affected As The Wheels C FRESHMEN, KAREN BUESING AND MICHELLE KENNY are caught in the usual " Fish " dilemma, too many books and too many classrooms. AMONG THE FAMILIAR FACES ON THE FIRST DAY are Mr. and Mrs. John Brosch who diligently see to the order of the rooms at Nazareth Academy. WITH THE BEGINNING OF SCHOOL THERE ARE MANY SCHEDULES TO BE REARRANGED. Brother Callahan helps Joe Pena revise his so to receive the most benefit from it. Of School Life Shift Into Motion A GROUP FIRST GRADERS WITH THEIR NAME TAGS, Russell Franks, Barbara Hubenak, Tessie Schwarybach, Mary Ann Post, and Steven Jaschke make good use of the recess period. BRYAN HUGHES PAUSES A MOMENT BETWEEN CLASSES with a silent prayer to the Blessed Virgin to help him make the most of the year. MRS. EMIL KRUPPA AIDED BY STAFF OF MOTH- ERS gets the year underway by serving a well planned tasty menu to the students at St. Joseph. MOHi Like butterflies brilliantly arrayed In the rich, pure colors of education and intelligence, our grad- uates emerge from a co- coon of years of prepa- ration into the world, eager to flex the strength of their newly developed wings and anxiously an- ticipating the sweetness of the flowers of succesS. Senior Officers (Class A) PRESIDENT: Robert G Mean VICE-PRESIDENT: Tommy Stubbs SECRETARY: David Pozzi TREASURER: Henry Schramek Senior Officers (Class B) PRESIDENT: Dennis Basaldua VICE-PRESIDENT: Donald Pozzi SECRETARY: Sammy Wiest TREASURER: John Schell 33 Senior Class Officers PRESIDENT: Sue Gilley VICE-PRESIDENT: Dorothy Weber SECRETARY: Kathryn O ' Connor TREASURER: Judy Baass MANUEL ALVARADO entered St. Joseph ' s in 1953 and during his nig school years took a vivid interest in sports. As a freshman Manuel played " C " basketball. During his sophomore and junior years he was a member of the " B " basketball team, giving both team and moral support. Manuel earned a perfect attendance record in his freshman year. He participated in the Living Rosary and the projects of the St. Vincent De Paul Society. RAY ALVARADO began his schooling at St. Joseph ' s as a first- grader. His favorite high school memory was that of receiving his senior ring. Interest in the field of sports included participation in Varsity foot- ball as a junior and a senior. Ray also was a member of the Varsity basketball team during his senior year. He took part in the Living Rosary for two years and also in the functions of the CYO. RICHARD J. ALVARADO proved his interest in school by three years of perfect attendance. This also helped him to his high scholastic rating which was one of the essentials for his election to the National Honor Society. Varsity football and varsity baseball are his two achievements in sports. He was a member of Sodality, St. Vincentde Paul and he also took part in the Living Rosary. JUDY BAASS has walked the halls of Nazareth since the first grade. In high school she took an active part in the Science Fair, Living Rosary, PE, and CCD. She displayed a talent for leadership as she served as a class officer; Student Council secretary; Latin Club treasurer; and Science Club treasurer. Judy was also a member of the Drama Club, CSMC, Drum and Bugle Corps, and Christmas Pageant. She attended Girls ' State and held positions on the NA Chats and Excelsior Staff. 38 SAMMY BALBOA came to St. Joseph ' s as a senior and therefore can record membership in relatively few activities, but in those he did very well. Sammy was active in the field of sports, contributing time and effort to qualify as a member of the football and track teams. This senior also participated in the annual Living Rosary presented by the St. Joseph ' s students. BARBARA BAROS, competent and efficient in all situations and given tasks, has attended Nazareth Academy since 1949. As a freshman she took part in the Living Rosary, Latin Club, and Science Fair. She participated in the Christmas Pageant and Choral Club throughout high school. Barbara was also an active member of the Science Club and the Student Council, attending two district SC conventions. In her senior year, she served as president of the Drama Club and was again a Student Council member. V ROBERT L. BARRIOS accomplished much in his year at St. Joseph. For not missing a day of school he was awarded a perfect attendance medal in his sophomore year and he participated in the Living Rosary in his junior and senior years. He assisted his parish priests by serving at Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows throughout his four years in high school. Robert also was an active member of CYO. 41 DENNIS BASALDUA, JR. was one of the most responsible and capable of his class. He demonstrated this by being elected to the presidency of both the junior and senior class. His avid interest in sports led him to play varsity football and basket- ball, " B " basketball, and varsity baseball. Dennis was a member of the Student Council and he participated in the Living Rosary for two years. He also contributed immensely to the grammar grade section of the Excelsior. PAUL BEYER, received his schooling at St. Joseph ' s and has plans for college. He assisted with the publication of the Blue and White. Perfect attendance records were earned by Paul during his freshman and sopho- more years. Sports participation included two years of " B " Football. Religious activities in which Paul took part included four years in the Living Rosary, a St. Vincent De Paul Society member during his senior year, and serving at Mass throughout high school. DENNIS BLANTON, one of St. Joseph ' s friendlier students, contrib- uted much time and work to activities for the betterment of his school. Excelling in the musical field, he was a band member throughout his high school years. Drum Major was the position bestowed upon this talented student in his senior year. The Excelsior Staff claimed him as a member and he assisted with the publication of the Blue and White. Sports participation included " C " and " B " basketball. 44 SYLVESTER BOMERSBACH, began his schooling at St. Joseph. He was a loyal student and gained numerous friendships. Showing school spirit he attended many of the football games and par- ticularly recalls the Homecoming game of his senior year. Sylvester took part in the project work of the St. Vincent De Paul Society as a senior. He also was a participant in the Living Rosary held annually at St. Joseph ' s. RAY BOMERSBACH, has always been a loyal student of St. Joseph ' s, taking part in project work of organizations and other extra-curricular activities. Ray several times was selected to be a participant in the annual Living Rosary. He also devoted time and interest to the work of the Sodality. He merited perfect attendance records twice. Sports were an active pa rtofRay ' s high school life as he was a member of the varsity football squad and baseball team. KATHLEEN BROSCH entered Nazareth Academy in 1958. She very readily became active and joined the CSMC, CCD, and Latin Club, taking part in their varied projects and programs. Kathleen displayed a scientific interest through participation in the Science Fair in her sophomore year. She also was selected to be in the Living Rosary. Choral Club took up much of her time as did PE and the religious extra-curricular club, CYO. " ' ft EILEEN BUSS, a twelve-year Nazarite, spent the lapse of high school in participation in many organizational activities. In her freshman and sophomore years she belonged to the Mission Cru- sade, Choral Club and Legion of Mary. She set up exhibits at the Science Fair and joined the Drum and Bugle Corps and has since been an active member. Eileen ' s junior and senior activities included CCD and Sodality, Drama Club, Living Rosary. The Christmas Pageant participation gave her exper- ience in the dramatic field. 48 MARTHA CANO, school spirited and active in many organizations, headed the NA Chats as Editor, and was a proofreader of the Excelsior. She presided over the freshman class as president and enjoyed sports in PE. She participated in the Science and Civics Club activities, the Science Fair four years, the Living Rosary, Drum and Bugle Corps three years, and the National Honor Society. Martha ' s organizational membership also included work in Quill and Scroll and CCD. She worked actively in the Student Council, became a member of the TALA and served as its vice-president. 49 DONALD CARVILLE, enrolled at St. Joseph ' s in 1955 and began his loyal services to this School. In high school his scholastic achievements were emphasized by his membership in the National Honor Society. As a senior, he took part in the Living Rosary. Leadership was shown in Donald ' s services as a class officer. Speech class fascinated him and he entered the Oratory Contest as a freshman. X SANDRA CASAL, a quiet Nazarite, has taken part in a number of extra- curricular activities. She was a member of theDrum and Bugle Corps several years and also the Choral Club, singing in the school choir. Sandra entered the Science Fair in her freshman year. The CYO claimed her active membership. She also participated in the activities of the Home Economics Club and Legion of Mary. 51 GLORIA CHAVEZ takes pride in her participation of school activities. She was a member of the CSMC and TALA and took part in the projects and presentations of the Home Economics Club and Choral Club. CYO and the Daughters of Mary are two extra-curricular organizations she was enrolled in. Gloria also participated in the Science Fair, Christmas Pageant, and the Living Rosary. Physical education was one of Gloria ' s favorite classes. She became skilled in volleyball and badminton. 52 ROBERT DANIEL, a student of St. Joseph ' s since early grade school, shared many friendships. This senior recalls as his happiest high school memory, receiving his senior ring. Robert held an active membership in the Catholic Youth Organization during his sophomore and senior years. He took part in the business meet- ings and social functions with interest and co-operation. EILEEN DODDS has greeted many Nazarites with her friendly smile during her twelve years at Nazareth. In high school she took an active part in the Drama Club activities, PE, Science Fair, CCD, and Latin Club. She was also a member of the CSMC, Student Council, Drum and Bugle, CYO, Choral Club, andshe participated in the Christmas Pageant and Parade. Eileen ' s creative ability was displayed through her workas a class of- ficer, NA Chats Exchange Editor, and Index Editor of the Excelsior. 54 LINDA EVERETT, always spreading cheer with her friendly smile, participated in many high school activities including the TALA and Legion of Mary. With an interest in sports she was in the PE class two years and then joined her voice with those of the Choral Club members in her junior and senior years. She took part in the Christmas Pageant and Living Rosary. Linda held membership in the Science Club and endeavored to interest others in the field of science through entries in the Science Fair. 55 ADA ANN FAGAN, tiny nevertheless talkative, entertained friends be- fore, during, and after school during her years as a Nazarite. Four years of PE gave her knowledge and mastery of several sports. As a freshman and sophomore she was a member of the Mission Crusade and Latin Club. Her interest in the scientific field was stimulated by participation in the Science Fair three years. Ada Ann did practice teaching as a CCD member, and her senior ac- tivities included Science and Home Economics Club memberships. CATHERINE FAGAN, a Nazarite for twelve years, has exhibited school spirit, and spread cheer with her pleasing, friendly manner. Catherine was elected Personality of the Month and vice-president of the CYO. She was active in the Mission Crusade and Drum and Bugle Corps. Honorable mention was given her Sophomore Science Fair exhibit. Catherine participated in the CCD and PE for three years and was in the Christmas Pageant and Living Rosary. She was Circulation Manager and Subscription Manager of the NA Chats and Excelsior, respectively. DAVID FLORES showed his musical ability and his loyalty to the St. Joseph band by serving as a member for four years. His interest in religious organizations was proved when he became a member of Sodality. David also was a Knight of the Altar during his freshman year. David was a participant in the Living Rosary as a junior and senior. He merited two perfect attendance records during his high school career. 58 1 HEDY GAIDA, an active Nazarite, was aDuchess in the Coronation and was in the Drum and BugleCorps throughout high school serving as a cheer- leader three years. The Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, CCD, Mission Crusade, and CYO claimed her as a member. She worked with the Excelsior staff and served as NA Chats News Editor and CYO Cultural Chairman. Hedy participated in the Living Rosary, Home Economics Club ac- tivities, Christmas Pageant, Drama Club projects, and received Honors in the Science Fair. 59 EMIL F. GAMEN participated in the Living Rosary four years. His leadership was shown when he was elected a class officer in his junior year and his sense of responsibility was exhibited in his work with the " Excelsior Staff. " His interest in sports is evident in that he was a member of the " B " and " C " basketball teams. He also played Varsity Baseball. As a freshman he was a member of Sodality. 60 ROSE MARY GARZA entered Nazareth Academy as a first-grader and has since been a friendly, cheerful Nazarite, taking part in many activities. Included on her roll of organizations were the CCD, Student Council, TALA, and Legion of Mary. She participated in the Living Rosary, Choral Club, and PE sports such as volleyball and badminton. Rose Mary displayed leadership qualities in serving as president of the Home Economics Club and Mission Crusade parliamentarian. She received Honorable Mention in the Science Fair as a sophomore entrant. SANDRA GEISTMAN, planning to enter the business field after gradua- tion, looks back over her twelve years as a Nazarite. She served as Circulation Manager of the NA Chats and Index Editor of the Excelsior. She was the sophomore and junior Badminton Champion. She was a member of the Drum and Bugle Corps. She also devoted time to the CCD, Mission Crusade, and CYO activities. Sandra participated in the Christmas Pageant, Living Rosary, and the Science Fair. Other organizations in which she took part were the Latin and Drama Clubs. 62 ROBERT GILLEAN exhibited talent in the journalistic field where he served as a reporter and co-editor of the Blue and White and was an Excelsior staff member. Robert was privileged to merit membership in the National Honor Society. He served his school and fellow classmates as senior Class Presi- dent and through active participation in Student Council projects. Other activities in which he took part were Sodality, the Living Rosary, and the St. Vincent De Paul society. He was a Knight of the Altar throughout his high school career. -.- SUE GILLEY, a school spirited and an active senior, served her classmates as co -advertising Manager of the NA Chats and Excelsior, and senior class president. She did outstanding work in religious activities, serving as CSMC treasurer, CCD unit president and executive secretary, Sodality Vice Prefect, a member of CYO, secretary of the Honor Society, and corres- ponding secretary of the Civics Club. Sue participated in the Science Fair, Living Rosary, Latin Club ac- tivities, and Drum and Bugle Corps. She belonged to three honor societies including Quill and Scroll, Latin Honor Society, and National Honor Society. 64 WALTER GILLIG, developed his knowledge and abilities as a student at St. Joseph ' s since the first grade in 1949. Interest in the work of the St. Vincent De Paul Society was shown in the various projects he helped to carry out. Walter participated in the Living Rosary in his senior year. He also held an active membership in the Sodality. 65 ALTHIA GILMORE, one of the smiling seniors, has long been a Naza- rite attending daily Mass and taking part in the annual Retreat. As a freshman and sophomore, she set up exhibits in the Science Fair, was a member of the CSMC, and participated in the Christmas Pageant. Althia mingled her voice with others in the Choral Club for two years. She also belonged to the Sodality and CCD. This sports -minded Miss en- tered tournaments in PE during her junior and senior years. ANNE GOMEZ, a Nazarite since 1949, served in the coronation for three years, reigning as the queen of The Court of Regal Splendor in 1960. Anne also served the NA Chats and Excelsior as Advertising Mana- ger. She participated whole-heartedly in the Drum and Bugle Corps, CCD, and Legion of Mary. Other activities in which she took part included the 4-H Club, Mission Crusade, CYO, and Drama Club. Asasenior, Anne was a cast in the Christ- mas Pageant and Living Rosary. RUDOLFO GONZALES, devoted most of his time to music and accomplished much. His initial interest in music began long before he became a member of the St. Joseph ' s Band, which helped him to realize one of his goals. This goal was being elected to the All Star Band. Rudolfo served the St. Joseph ' s band loyally for the four years of his high school career. ■■ CAROL GUDAT has attended Nazareth for twelve years. In high school she served as the Drama Club secretary and National Honor Society Presi- dent. She was the NA Chats Editorial Page Artist and was the Underclass- men ' s and Grade ' sEditoroftheExcelsior. She participated in the Christmas Pageant, Living Rosary, Science Fair and Club, and Student Council activities. Carol was an active member of the CYO, Latin Honor Society, Alamo Messenger Youth Forum, Quill and Scroll, Latin Club, CCD, Drum and Bugle Corps, PE class, and Mission Crusade. 69 ■fRTO CARLOS R. GUTIERREZ demonstrated in his sophomore year that he had plenty of school spirit. He was one of the few awarded a perfect at- tendance medal that year. Carlos ' s religious activities were among his chief interests. He served at Mass for four years and he also participated in the Living Rosary throughout his high school career. Also ranking high on his activity list was music. Carlos was a fresh- man member of the St. Joseph Band. JOHN HAMFF, a loyal St. Joseph ' s student for many years, focused his interest on the Musical field. His talents in this field were exhibited during his membership in the school band throughout his high school career, and also as an All-Star Band member. John took part in the Living Rosary for four years and the Sodality. Scholastically standinghe was in the National Honor Society three years. He also merited two perfect attendance records, participated in varsity base- ball, and was in the Speech Class. 71 NANCY HANNA, highlighted her high school career by serving her classmates as Feature Editor of the Excelsior and Business Manager of the NA Chats. Another outstanding honor bestowed on her was being a junior repre- sentative to the NA Junior-Senior prom. She was spiritual chairman of the CYO, and the TALA, Drama Club, CCD, Mission Crusade, and Drum and Bugle were some of the activities in which she took part. Nancy was sophomore class treasurer, and participated in the Latin and Science Clubs, Legion of Mary, Christmas Pageant, PE, and Science Fair. ANGLE HANSELKA looks back on her past twelve years at Nazareth as a memorable experience. She especially enjoyed helping on the Excelsior and serving as assistant Circulation Manager and photographer of the NA Chats. The CCD, Mission Crusade, Sodality, CYO, and Latin Club claimed her as a cooperative worker. She took part in the Christmas Pageant, and received honors in the Science Fair for two years. For three years Angie was a PE student, lettering as a junior. She served as 4-H Club vice-president, Drama Club treasurer, and Civics Club vice-president. LINDA HAUSMANN was most active in sports. She lettered in PE in her junior year. She also took an interest in religious activities. Among the religious organizations she was associated with CSMC and CCD.She also participated in the Living Rosary and the Christmas Pageant. A member of the Science Club, Linda presented a project for the Science Fair three years. Other organizations she belonged to were the Drum and Bugle Corps, Student Council, Choral Club, Latin Club and 4-H. m CAROL HENSLEY, one of the tiniest Seniors, entered Nazareth Academy in 1954 and is remembered for the happy smile she always wore. Active in religious organizations, she was a member of the Legion of Mary, CYO, and Mission Crusade, and she attended Sodality meetings for two years. Carol participated in the Living Rosary and Science Fair, and in activities of the Latin and Drama Clubs, HomeEconomics Club, and Science Club. She also was active in the D rum Bugle Corps throughout high school. 75 GUSTAVO HERNANDEZ took an interest in both his school and parochial religious activities. He was a Knight of the Altar for all four years of his high school career and was a member of Sodality in his freshman and sophomore years. Gus was enrolled in the St. Vincent De Paul Society and also partici- pated in the Living Rosary. This Senior earned a perfect attendance medal in his sophomore year. He was also a freshman Blue and White staff member. OFELIA HERNANDEZ, always willing to lend a helping hand, has been a Nazarite for twelve years. Included in her religious activities and organizations was membership in the CYO and Mission Crusade, and the Catholic Action of doing practice teaching during three years in the CCD. She participated in PE sports and the Science Fair, receiving first place as a junior entrant. In her senior year, Ofelia carried on various projects in the TALA and Home Economics Club. She took part in the Living Rosary and annual Christmas Pageant. GAYLE HOFFER, a loyal Nazarite since 1949, is always recognized by her gleaming red hair. She participated in the Mission Crusade, CCD, and Sodality, taking active part in the Living Rosary and Christmas Pageant. The Science and Latin Clubs also were a part of her High School activities. Gayle served as a member of the 4-H, Drama Club and Choral Club, where she was selected as Choral Favorite in her Junior year. She also took the title of Junior Valentine Sweetheart and won first place in the Science Fair. 78 CHARLOTTE HUVAR, a twelve-year Nazarite, recalls the Junior- Senior Prom as her favorite high school memory. Sports were a favorite wi th her as she mastered many including volley- ball and table tennis, during four years ofPE. She participated in the annual Science Fair and Christmas Pageant. Charlotte was outstanding in religious organization activities, having attended CYO two years and working with the Mission Crusade and CCD during high school. The Drama Club and Latin Club benefited from her membership. 79 SALVADOR JIMINEZ ' S main high school interest was in sports. He was an avid fan of the St. Joseph football, basketball and baseball teams. He showed his active school spirit by attending all these games. He attributes his later membership in the Varsity baseball team for two years to this interest. Sal soon became one of St. Joseph ' s most accomplished pitchers. He also had religious interest. He proved this by participating in the Living Rosary in his senior year. 80 BERNARD KLOESEL, a student at St. Joseph ' s, was outstanding in leadership and scholastic ability. Bernard was privileged to be a member of the National Honor Society for three years. Heproved to be anefficient leader while serving as president of the sophomore class. As a Student Council member he promoted many projects for the betterment of St. Joseph ' s. Perfect attendance records were earned by Bernard in his sophomore and junior years. He held membership in the St. Vincent De Paul Society and served at Mass throughout his high school career. NANCY KOUBA has been a Nazarite since the first grade. She participated in such organizations as the CSMC, 4-H Club, Latin Honor Society, Drama Club, and COT. Nancy Kouba scientific interests were aroused through participation in, and promotion of the Science Club and Fair. She also took part in the Christmas Pageant and was an outstanding athlete in P. E. As a leader Nancy served as freshman class president, vice-presi- dent of the Latin and Science Club, Legion of Mary secretary, and National Honor Society parliamentarian. ARTHUR LAMB, was very active in religious organizations. In two years he established himself well and worked much in Sodality. Throughout his four years in high school he participated in the Living Rosary. He served on the Blue and White Staff and also on the Excelsior Staff. Arthur ' s singing ability was confirmed when he became a member of the Glee Club. He was also enrolled in the CYO for three years. EILEEN LOWERY, entered Nazareth Academy in her junior year hailing from Incarnate Word High School in San Antonio, Texas. Eileen, musically inclined, was a talented member of the Drum and Bugle Corps during her two years at NA. She also contributed to the activities and projects of the CYO and CCD. Miss Excelsior was the title earned by Eileen for soliciting the 51-eatest number of patrons and advertisements for the Excelsior. She was a member of the Science Club in her junior year. life MARY THERESA MARTINEZ, good-humored and a friend to one and all, has been a student at Nazareth Academy since the first grade. Throughout high school her membership in the Choral Club enabled her to participate in the Christmas Pageant Choir and the school choir. She took part in the CCD and Mission Crusade projects. In her freshman, sophomore, and junior years, Mary Theresa exhibited entries in the annual Science Fair. She takes an interest in reading and enjoys sewing. EDWIN MEYER has been a student at St. Joseph ' s for many years and has always contributed to the betterment of his school in his own special way. Edwin accomplished a rare feat in his freshman and sophomore years, that being to earn perfect attendance records. With an interest in the field of Science, Edwin has his own rock collection. He also set up an exhibit in the Science Fair as a freshman 86 JULIA ROSE MICAN served as class president and vice-president, Student Council member, and attendant to the Valentine Sweetheart. Julia has displayed considerable writing ability by serving as 4-H reporter, NA Chats page editor, and Excelsior Introduction Editor. She held membership in the Drama Club, Quill and Scroll, Civics Club, and Alamo Messenger Youth Forum. Julia also participated in the Christmas Pageant Living Rosary, Mission Crusade and CCD projects, and the Drum Bugle Corps. As a senior she was a member of the Science Club; she promoted and participated in the Science Fair. 87 JESSE MORALES entered St. Joseph ' s as an eighth grader and there completed his high school education. Jesse joined with the other youth of his parish in the activities of the CYO, including the business meetings and various social functions. He was an active participant in the annual Living Rosary presented by the St. Joseph students, being a representative in it during his freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school. PATRICIA MORRIS relates that she feels very privileged to have attended a Catholic School her entire twelve years of learning. A highlight in her high school memories was the winning of third place in the Science Fair as an entrant. Patricia also participated in Catholic organizations such as CYO, Mission Crusade, and CCD. In addition, she was active in the Choral Club for three years, and took part in the Living Rosary. Her senior year included participation in sport tournaments in PE. 89 PAULINE MOTAL, quiet, nevertheless very co-operative and friendly, has attended Nazareth Academy since the first grade. Her activities included work in the TALA and Home Economics Club, and participation in the Living Rosary, Science Fair, and Christmas Pageant. In all four years of high school, Pauline was outstanding in Choral. She was also a member of the Latin Club two years, and the Drama Club. Participation in religious activities included serving as Sodality Prefect and secretary, CSMC, and CCD. 90 ALV1N CARL MUDD, a friend to all, attended St. Joseph ' s a number of years. He was outstanding in sports, receiving an athletic jacket in his junior year. Carl participated in varsity baseball and basketball as a junior and senior. He was also a member of the varsity football squad and track team. Carl took an active part in the functions of the CYO for two years and was a participant in the annual Living Rosary. MARY ALINE MUNSCH, with a vivid interest in active sports such as bowling, swimming, and horseback riding, has been a Nazarite since the first grade. High school organizations claiming her membership and project work included the Mission Crusade, CCD, and 4-H Club. She was a CYO member as a sophomore and junior. Mary Aline entered the Science Fair three years, each time emphasizing a new phase of science. She performed in the Drum and Bugle Corps and participated in the sports of PE. KATHRYN O ' CONNOR, an active Nazarite, was the Excelsior Co- Editor, NA Chats News Editor, and served as Coronation Court Duchess and Princess. She was a participant in the Living Rosary; chosen as the NA Chats " Personality of the Month " ; received Honorable Mention and third place in the Science Fair, and was an outstanding cheerleader for three years. She held membership in the Student Council, CCD, National Honor Society and TALA. Kathryn displayed leadership qualities as CYO vice-president, senior class and Quill and Scroll secretary, freshman class treasurer, and sopho- more class president. 94 EDITH OHRT, talkative and witty, spread cheer amongher classmates during all her years as a Nazarite. She served as parliamentarian of the junior class and was a senior member of the Science and Home Economics Clubs. She was a member of the Mission Crusade, 4-H Club, and Latin Club. Edith displayed various talents through participation in PE sports tournaments, Choral activities, the Christmas Pageant, and CCD projects. In her freshman, sophomore, and senior years, she entered the Science Fair with exhibits based on different phases of science. 95 VERONICA OLSOVSKY became a Nazarite in the first grade and has been a friend to one and all. Religious organizations claiming her membership included the Mission Crusade and CCD. She was an auxiliary member of the Legion of Mary all during her high school career, and also in the Living Rosary. Science Fair entry gave Veronica a chance to enlighten others on certain phases of science. She sang regularly in the Choir and participated in Choral Club activities for four years. 96 STEPHEN W. ORSAK, entered St. Joseph High School in 1958. His capabilities were recognized very soon and he was elected secretary of the Junior class. His musical abilities led him to become part of the St. Joseph ' s band. Proof of his interest in Journalism was his diligent work on the Blue and White and the Excelsior. Steve was also a member of the Glee Club and the St. Vincent De Paul Society. He participated in the Living Rosary. 97 ROSE ANN ORTIZ, took an avid interest in religious activities and organizations. She served twice as treasurer and once as vice-president of the CCD. She held membership in the Legion of Mary and Mission Crusade, serving as the latter ' s treasurer. Three projects, one receiving honorable mention, were established in the Science Fair by Rose Ann, a Science Club member. She also participated in the CYO functions, 4-H Club, Christmas Pageant, PE Class and Choral Club. Senior year activities included the Drum and Bugle Corps, Home Eco- nomics, and TALA, in which she served as secretary-treasurer. 98 ROY MARK PATTON was at St. Joseph ' s only during the latter three years of high school, hailing from Nederland High School. Work in the field of Journalism included serving as the Excelsior Feature Editor and assisting with the publication of the Blue and White. He also was the baseball manager and a Glee Club Member. Roy ' s scholastic ability was recognized by his three-year National Honor Society membership. He took part in the Living Rosary, St. Vincent De Paul Society projects, and the Sodality. JERRY LEE PAVLICEK. entered St. Joseph ' s in 1956, hailing from St. Joseph ' s in Moulton, Texas. Religious activity participation included carrying out projects in the St. Vincent De Paul Society; participating in the Living Rosary; and serving at Mass throughout his high school career. The sports field recognized Jerry as a Varsity Baseball player and Manager of the Football team in his senior year. JOSEPH PEREZ entered St. Joseph ' s in 1953. During his freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years, he devoted time to extra-curricular activities. Various types of sports were a highlight throughout his high school years. As a freshman and sophomore Joseph participated in " B " and " C " Basketball and was on the Football B team. In his junior and senior years he was a member of the Track team. Joseph held membership in the Glee Club and took part in its various performances. J. MARK PERRY began his school days at St. Joseph ' s in 1954 and during his high school years participated in a number of extra-curricular activities. Mark ' s outstanding achievements were in the musical field, where he was a talented member of the band for four years. A perfect attendance record was maintained by Mark in his junior year. He also took part in the Living Rosary and functions of the CYO. WBKG ES DAVID POZZI was outstanding in the oratorical field, having taken Speech three years and participating in the Optimist, Sons of the Republic of Texas, and the American Legion Oratorical Contests. Leadership and scholastic ability were proven in that he was an active Student Council member, a class officer for four years, and a three-year National Honor Society member. David also took part in the Living Rosary, Sodality, and 4-H Club. Work in Journalism included serving as co-editor of the Blue and White and an Excelsior staff member. 103 DONALD POZZI, demonstrated his leadership by serving as a class officer every year of his high school career. He participated in varsity baseball, one of his favorite sports, two years. For his leadership, character, service, and scholarship he was elected to the National Honor Society. Donald was a member of the Student Council for three years. He contributed to the Excelsior as part of the staff. For four years he was a Knight of the Altar. m PAULA PRIBYL served as a class officer two years and was vice- president of the National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll. She was the Science Club secretary and Latin Club president, and belonged to the Latin Honor Society, CYO, Student Council, and CCD. Paula also served on the NA Chats and Excelsior staff, and was in the Alamo Messenger Youth Forum and Living Rosary two years. She participated in the Science Fair and Christmas Pageant, and was sophomore basketball team captain and social chairman of the VDCCY. 105 JAMES B. PURDY was a freshman member of the Student Council and that year served as an officer of his class. He became interested in speech and improved his oratorical tech- niques in the freshman speech class. James main extra-curricular activity was C.Y.O. He was active in this organization ' s work throughout his high school career. His school activities included two years on the varsity football team and his participation of one year in the Living Rosary. - SUSAN REDMON came to Nazareth Academy from New Castle, Dela- ware, during the eighth grade. She was an active member of the Sodality and CYO. She participated in the CSMC, Drama Club, CCD, Science Fair. Drum and Bugle, Living Rosary, Christmas Pageant, National Honor Society, Latin Club, and the Latin Honor Society. She has shown leadership by being class president one year, and vice- president of the Student Council, her parish CYO, and the Deanery. Susan worked on the NA Chats and Excelsior Staff. 107 MANUEL E. REYES proved that the confidence given him by his fellow classmates was not misplaced when he was elected a freshman class officer and worked diligently to accomplish the ends of this office. He became interested enough in baseball, afte r having been an avid fan for three years, to join the varsity baseball team. Manuel ' s religious views were reflected by the fact that he served at Mass throughout his high school career. He also was a member of CYO and the Living Rosary. m CLAUDIA RILEY, a true Nazarite for years, served as assistant Circulation Manager on the NA Chats staff, and was Business Manager on the Excelsior. She participated in Mission Crusade and CCD activities, and was an outstanding CYO member for four years, once serving as recording secre- tary. The Latin and Science Clubs too claimed her membership. Claudia served the Drum and Bugle Corps three years as a drummer and one year as a cheerleader. She also took part in the Science Fair, Living Rosary, and Christmas Pageant. 109 ERNESTINE ROBLES, a friendly student at Nazareth Academy since 1949, has interests including bowling and dancing besides her participation in extra-curricular activities. In her freshman and sophomore years she was an active member of the Legion of Mary in her parish. CCD activities included working on class projects and doing practice teaching. " Tina " as her classmates call her, is a member of Our Lady of Sorrows choir. She also participated in PE classes several years, receiving a letter in her junior year. 110 JAMES ROTHBAUER, a well-liked student at St. Joseph ' s was a participant in the Living Rosary during his sophomore, junior, and senior years. He exhibited talent and interest in the field of journalism through his work as Subscription Manager of the Excelsior and publisher of the Blue and White. Participation in religious activities included project work in the St. Vincent De Paul Society and being an active four- year member of the CYO. Ill VINCENT RUIZ was one of the few who had a perfect attendance record for three years. He demonstrated that he was musically inclined by serving with the Band for four years. For his high scholastic rating and ever willing readiness toward his classmates and his school, he was elected to the National Honor Society. Vincent was a member of the Blue and White Staff and the St. Vincent De Paul Society. He also participated in the Living Rosary. 112 EUGENE RYBAK was an active participant in many activities and organizations during his high school years at St. Joseph ' s. His achievements and experiences in the field of sports included varsity football and baseball, and two years of varsity track. Eugene was in the Living Rosary in his sophomore, junior and senior years. The Victoria Youth Council and St. Vincent De Paul Society claimed him as an interested and active member. Eugene also took part in the varied undertakings of the CYO. 113 ALLENA JEAN SANDHOP, who enjoys reading, has been a friendly student of Nazareth Academy for twelve years. She helped promote the Science Fair by entering projects in it during her first three years of high school, receiving Honorable Mention as a freshman. She took part in the Drama Club activities and PE sports during her senior year. Allena particpated in theChoral Club activities inher freshman, sopho- more, and junior years. She sang in the Christmas Pageant choir and the NA school choir. 114 MARY KATHRYN de los SANTOS was a leader of her class. The offices she held were treasurer ofCSMC, president of T A LA and vice- president of the junior class. A member of the Drum and Bugle Corps, she was a bugler and a cheer- leader. She was a member of the CCD, Home Economics Club, Latin Club and Honor Society, Science Club, and Student Council. Also, she was Miss Junior favorite and participated in the Living Rosary and Science Fair. MARY ALICE SARLLS answered the calls of the Nazareth Academy school bell for twelve years, each year increasing her spiritual growth through attendance at Mass and reception of Holy Communion. Her religious activities included work in CCD, Mission Crusade, and Legion of Mary projects. She served as secretary of the Sodality of Our Lady and took part in the Living Rosary. Mary Alice entered projects in the Science Fair two years; was a 4-Her, participated in the PE sports, and held Drama and Science Club membership. 116 JOHN SCHELL, an active student at St. Joseph ' s was outstanding in leadership as was shown in his service as Co-Editor of the Excelsior, and as a class officer for three years. The National Honor Society held his membership, as did the Student Council and Speech organization. John was manager of the baseball team one year and took an active part in varsity football three years. Religious activity participation included the Living Rosary, Sodality, St. Vincent De Paul Society and a Knight of the Altar. 117 M HENRY SCHRAMEK, was outstanding in high school sports including three years each of varsity football and basketball, and two years of varsity baseball and track. He was a four- year member of the Student Council, promoting good student government and many school projects, and attending the State SC Convention in Brownsville. His scholastic ability was proved by his membership in the National Honor Society three years. Henry also was a participant in the Living Ros- ary, a class officer every year, and on the Excelsior Staff. ISfcejT TK ! CONNIE SCHULZE with never letting a frown mar her smiling face, spreads cheer and good fellowship among her classmates. She received Honorable Mention and third place, respectively, in the Science Fair as a freshman and sophomore entrant. She took part in the PE class and was a busy member of the Home Economics Club and Spools and Spoons. Connie mingled her voice with those of the Choral Club members during three years of high school. Senior year found her working diligently to carry out Science and Drama Club activities. 119 JOSEPHINE SERRATA showed an interest in journalism and displayed a talent in this field serving as the Excelsior Advertising Manager and NA Chats second -page editor. She was a participant in the Science Fair two years. Living Rosary, CYO functions and Christmas Pageant, Josephine also was a member of the Choral Club, Mission Crusade, and Legion of Mary in which she served as secretary for two years. This Senior was the vice-president and executive secretary of the CCD. She also took part in the sports of PE and the Drama Club activities. 120 1 -»»», ' ♦♦♦ " ♦♦♦♦♦, »♦♦♦ •«»♦■ RONNIE SISTRUNK has attended St. Joseph ' s and gained many friend- ships during this time. Ronnie held membership in the CYO during his junior and senior years, taking an active part in the various functions of this youth organi- zation. He also served as a participant in the Living Rosary. This senior was a member of the St. Vincent De Paul Society and helped to carry out its projects. He also was an active Sodalist. 121 RICHARD G. SOLIZ was one of the more sedate members of his class, but this characteristic did not keep his fellow classmates from electing him a sophomore class officer. His school spirit was demonstrated when he earned the perfect attendance medal in his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. Richard was quite interested in extra-curricular activities and made an effort to participate in many of his parish organizations. c ' - ' • 122 WALTER SOLIZ took great pride in participating in the Living Rosary in his freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years. Although he was not a member of many school organizations, Walter took an active part in Our Lady of Sorrows CYO. His co-operation with this club was shown when he consented to be trained for boxing, one of this CYP ' s main fund raising projects. This also helped Walter personally because it gave him initiative to compete in St. Joseph ' s boxing matches. YOLANDA SOTO, always neatly dressed and friendly, has walked the halls of Nazareth since the first grade. The Drum and Bugle Corps claimed her as a co-operative member for four years. She set up exhibits in the Science Fair three years and with an interest in this field, her ambition is to become a registered nurse. Yolanda was a member of the C S M C and the C C D. As a senior, she participated in the Living Rosary, Christmas Pageant, Drama Club, and Home Economics Club. ROBERT STRAND, who enjoys fishing as a pastime, began his school career at St. Joseph ' s in 1950. The St. Vincent De Paul Society gained strength and success by his participation and interest in the various projects undergone throughout the year by this organization. This senior also became a member of the CYO and took part in its social functions. Robert can be proud to say that he was one of the few who earned two perfect attendance records in high school, these being in his freshman and sophomore years. 125 THOMAS M. STUBBS entered St. Joseph High School in 1957. His interest in sports was soon recognized by his eagerness to participate in these extra-curricular activities. He was a member of varsity track, varsity football, and " B " basketball teams. His leadership qualities were also noticed and as a result he was elected a class officer in his senior year. Tommy was a member of the Excelsior staff and also, of the CYO. •S fj_ KATHLEEN SWEENEY entered Nazareth Academy in the second grade, and devoted much time to extra-curricular activities in high school. During her freshman and sophomore years she promoted projects in the Mission Crusade and Latin Club. Junior and senior year activities included the CCD, Legion of Mary, TALA, Drama Club, and National Honor Society. Kathleen served as Science Club president, and Sodality treasurer, and she participated enthusiastically in the Science Fair, Living Rosary, Christmas Pageant, Alamo Messenger Youth Forum, and the Drum and Bugle Corps. KATHY TAYLOR has walked the halls of Nazareth for twelve years, each year yearning for use of the seniors ' stairs. Her organization membership included two years in the Mission Crusade, Drama Club, CCD, and Science Club. She was a drummer in the Drum and Bugle Corps. Showing leadership ability, Kathy served as vice-president of the Home Economics Club and Social Chairman of the CYO. As a senior, she participated in the Annual Christmas Pageant and Living Rosary. She set up exhibits in the Science Fair for three years. KENNETH TIPTON, entered St. Joseph ' s as a first-grader and con- tinued his education there through high school. His freshman year was highlighted by earning a perfect attendance record. Kenneth was a member of the Speech organization two years, doing well as orator. His participation in religious activities included membership in the Sodality one year and the annual Living Rosary for two years. CAROL TORRES, interested in becoming a secretary, concentrated on business courses in her high school years at Nazareth Academy. As a freshman she enrolled inCYOanddid project work in the Mission Crusade. She entered the Science Fair two years and took part in the Christmas Pageant and Living Rosary. Carol was a member of the CCD, two years and as a senior, was in the TALA. She joined her voice with others in the Choral Club three years, and claimed a two year membership in Our Lady of Sorrows Choir. 130 ROSETTA TRABER took an active part in high school activities in- cluding the TALA, Latin Club, CCD, Science Club and Fair, and PE. She treasured her membership in the Latin Honor Society, Student Council, and National Honor Society (treasurer). She served as the NA Chats Editorial Editor and the Excelsior Feature Editor. Rosetta held positions as sophomore class vice-president, freshman and senior student council representative, and CYO secretary and president. She also was a member of the Mission Crusade and took part in the Living Rosary and Christmas Pageant. 131 THOMAS C. TYNG. was very school spirited. Among other things, he participated in the Living Rosary three years. His interest in football was shown in his junior year when he became a member of the " B " football team. Tom served as a freshman class officer and was a member of the Excelsior staff. Extra-curricular activities also took up much of Tom ' s time. CYO was one of these activities and he proved himself loyal by attending these meetings regularly. 132 MARY LOUISE URBAN, a quiet and co-operative graduate has long been seen in the Nazareth classrooms. She was a very active member of the Drum and Bugle Corps traveling to the out-of-town football games and assisting with the annual Corps bingo during her four years of high school. Mary Louise entered the Science Fair twice and won second place as a sophomore entrant. She was active in the CCD and was a member of the CSMC and Living Rosary. 133 ALLEN J. VANELLI began his wonderful association with the students at St. Joseph ' s. in 1956, as an eighth-grader. The success of the Blue and White is partly attributed to Allen as he devoted a considerable amount, of time and energy to its publication in his junior year. Allen was a participant in the Living Rosary during sophomore, junior, and senior years. He also contributed to the many and varied projects of the St. Vincent De Paul Society. WILLIAM S. VINCENT, a loyal student of St. Joseph ' s since 1949, has devoted a considerable amount of time to extra-curricular activities. A perfect attendance certificate was awarded him in his junior year. He also showed journalistic ability in his work on the Blue and White and Excelsior. The CYO claimed Bill as an active member in all CYO undertakings, throughout his high school career. Other religious participation included being in the Living Rosary three years, and was a Knight of the Altar for four years. 135 ROSE MARY VOGT, one of the friendliest and most thoughtful seniors, will always be remembered by her classmates. The Drama Club, CCD, Choral Club, CSMC, and Science Club claimed her as an active member. She also participated in the Science Fair and CYO activities for three years. Rosemary was in the PE Class and Living Rosary. She took part in the Christmas Pageant all during high school. Through art, one of her primary interests, she displayed much creative ability. AW CARROL WAGNER, always lending a helping hand, proved to be a true Nazarite through her active participation in CSMC, Latin Club, Honor Society, CYO, Legion of Mary, and CCD. Carrol ' s high school activities also included membership in the Drama Club, Science Fair, Living Rosary, Christmas Pageant and Parade, and Drum and Bugle Corps. She was elected treasurer of the Home Economics Club, and served diligently as sophomore class secretary, the Excelsior Proofreader, and the NA Chats Grammar Grade editor. PATRICK WAGNER, a student at St. Joseph ' s, recalls being chosen as All-State Guard in football as a highlight in his school life. Pat, as his classmates call him, took an active part in varsity football and was co-captain during his junior year, co-operating with his teammates and coach. The St. Vincent De Paul Society held Pat ' s membership. He also was in the annual Living Rosary. Throughout high school he was a par- ticipant in the functions of the CYO. ■_ RITA WEARDEN, forever spreading cheer with her friendly smile, has been a Nazarite during her entire schooling. Rita ' s creative talents were displayed in Drum and Bugle, Science Fair, Drama Club, CYO, and Christmas Pageant. Her religious activities included the Living Rosary, CCD, Mission Crusade, and Legion of Mary. Rita stimulated an interest in sports through a year of PE. She displayed exhibits in the Science Fair and helped on the Excelsior. PATRICIA WEBB, talkative and always on the go, attended Nazareth for the twelve years of her schooling. Pat was active as Mission Crusade secretary for two years, and CCD secretary in her junior year. For four years she was an energetic member of the Drum and Bugle Corps and CYO. Pat also was vice-president of the Drama Club, a member of the Home Economics and Science Clubs, and annual Science Fair. DOROTHY WEBER entered Nazareth as a sophomore and served as NA Chats Student Advisor and Headline Editor, Excelsior Co-Editor, and was named Outstanding Journalism Student. She held the position of CCD secretary, president of the Quill and Scroll, Latin Club and Honor Society, Civics Club, and Senior class vice- president. Dorothy participated in Choral, the Science Club, and Fair, PE, Living Rosary, Christmas Pageant, and the Alamo Messenger Youth Forum. She was an active Student Council, 4-H Club, National Honor Society, and Drama Club member. 141 SAMMIE WIEST demonstrated outstanding capabilities by serving as an officer of his class for four years as well as with the Student Council four years. He was elected Student Council president in his senior year. He showed his interest in sports by playing varsity football, varsity basketball, " B " basketball, and varsity baseball. Sammie was a member of the Blue and White Staff and contributed to the Sports section of the Excelsior. DELPHINA ZEPEDA came to Nazareth Academy from Mary Carroll High School in Corpus Christi in 1960. She readily be came acquainted with her fellow classmates and accomplished much in her one year at Nazareth Academy. Her honesty and trustworthiness were demonstrated when she served as treasurer of the Civics Club. Delphina served with the Drum and Bugle Corps and was a member of the T A L A. She was awarded several medals and trophies during four years that she completed in tennis matches at her former high school. 143 Activities + As surely as the beauty and peace of night com- plement a busy day and as certainly as sunsh in e and clear skies follow the storm so also do we feel the joy of accom- plishment, content and peace after earnest whole- hearted diligent activity. Nancy Hanna and Rosetta Traber, feature editors, make the triplicate copies which are to be sent off to the publisher. Co-editors, Dorothy Weber and Kathryn O ' Connor, look over the deadline dates which they will have to meet in order to distribute the annuals the first part of May. Excel sior Staff i Julia Rose Mican, introduction editor, shows Gayle Hoffer and Barbara Baros some appropriate layouts which they could use to improve the introductory pages of this year ' s annual. Carol Gudat and Paula Pribyl, underclass and grammar grade editors, seem quite happy as they finish the last few layouts on their section. Kitty Sweeney marks off on the board each page as it is completed. 146 Martha Cano and Carrol Wagner, copyreaders, com- pare the correct spelling of names in a previous annual to those on the triplicates to avoid any errors. osephine Serrata helps checkoff the local business firms who bought idvertising, while Anne Gomez and Sue Gilley, advertising manag- es, type bills. .abors To Meet Deadline. Catherine Fagan, subscription manager, takes money from Claudia Riley, business manager. Judy Baass checks over the receipts to be given out after each subscriber makes his payment on the new 1961 Excelsior. As Susan Redmon draws a layout for the activity section, Linda Hausmann helps Sandra Giestman, index editor, file the names of those whose pictures will appear in the yearbook. 147 EXCELSIOR STAFF--SEATED: M. Patton, D. Pozzi, E. Ganem, S. Orsak, J. Schell. STANDING: D. Basaldua, J. Rothbauer, A. Lamb, R. Gillean, David Pozzi, D. Blanton, B. Vincent, H. Schramek, T, Tyng. ' Excelsior Staff Find Worl 148 M. Patton, A. Lamb, J. Rothbauer select pictures for the Activity Section of the Annual. , Bill Vincent and Camera Dn Annual Interesting A frantic attempt to meet Sports Section deadline, is carried out by the boy ' s staff. I. Rothbauer points out another deadline to M. Patton and A. Lamb. J. Rothbauer and M. Patton deep in pre- liminary plans. Ganem has his hands full too. Juniors Strive To Make Carol Vogt and Elizabeth Pozzi take time out from their job as reporters to decorate the room for Christmas. Diane Dentler, Sharon Dischinger, Cathy Roos, and Patsy Rux work earnestly on first -page layouts. Mary Ann Eschenburg, Jalayne Alkek, Dorothy Hyak, and Evelyn Webb sort out papers to dis- tribute at NA and St. Joe. Publications Successful Fourth page editors, Susan Gayle and Sylvia Reyna consult with Carol Baass, grammar grade re- porter. Gloria Jean De Los Santos, and Charlotte Triola work on the publication layouts for the paper. Gail bepine and Elizabeth Pozzi type out feature stories for the NA Chats while Juliz Gillean, Sandra Campbell and Helen Pargac look on. Gail Depine and Helen Pargac add the finishing touches to the attractive Christmas tree which they drew to decorate the Journalism room. BLUE WHITE STAFF— SEATED: R. Pena, G.Hor- elka, K. Jordan, C. Ponder, D. Kruppa, R. Byars. SECOND ROW: M. Badough, D. Hanselka, R. Baker, B. George, D. Stefla. STANDING: S. Dick, D. El- wonger, R. Hebner, J. Sommers, R. Stockbauer, E. Tucker, R. Sparkman, G. Meissner. Ricky Baker busily types articles for the school paper. D. Elwonger interviews D. Patton on the events of the Junior Class for the Press. I R. Baker, Sports Editor; D. Hanselka, Feature; R. Sparkman, Artist; edition of the Blue White. Boys Eagerly Prepare 152 Bro. Robert Buss sends R. Byars to circulate the school paper throughout the high school. land R. Stockbauer, Editor-in-Chief prepare headlines for thejanuary Paper For Press. ft i t STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS --SITTING: Betty Janca, Rose Mary Garza, Barbara Baros, Mary Kathryn De Los Santos, Stella Helweg, Helen Pargac, Susan Redmon, Jo Anne Cinotti, Martha Cano, Gayle Hoffer, Carol Gudat, Paula Pribyl, and Kitty Sweeney. STANDING: Rosetta Traber, Kathryn O ' Connor, Dorothy Hyak, Diane Dentler, Kathy Roos, Sue Gilley, Nancy Kouba, Dorothy Weber, Margaret Yeary, Barbara Pribyl, Barbara Schell, Bette Stockbauer, and Gayle Wagner. Student Council Stimulates Stella Helweg, secretary, reads the minutes of the previous SC meeting while Helen Pargac, vice- president, Susan Redmon, president, and Jo Anne Cinotti, treasurer, look on. 154 The Living Nativity at Christmas is a major SC project. Shown here areDianeDentler, Kitty Sweeney, Nancy Kouba, and Mary Kathryn De Los Santos as shepherds. The Three Kings, portrayed by Carol Gudat, Susan Redmon, and Martha Cano bring gifts to the manger where Paula Pribyl as St. Joseph, Sue Gilley as Mary, and Barbara Schell as the Angel, adore Baby Jesus. 31ass representatives --Margaret Yeary, freshman; Rosetta Traber, enior; Kathy Roos, junior; and Betty Janca, sophomore; count he votes in a contest sponsored by the SC. On their way to the fall district convention of Student Councils are Mrs. Pribyl, who acted as one of the sponsors, Paula Pribyl, Kitty Sweeney, Dorothy Weber, Carol Gudat, and Jo Anne Cinotti. School Spirit Among Students Sophomore members, Gayle Wagner, Stella Helweg, Bette Stockbauer, and Barbara Schell, help tally and distribute tickets for the annual games party in connection with the Valentine Sweetheart Contest. Two senior members, Barbara Baros and Nancy Kouba, pre- pare the amplifier for one of the monthly general assemblies of the high school. 155 Martha Cano, Dorothy Weber, Paula Pribyl, Carol Gudat , and Susan Redmon work on decorations for the SC car in the Homecoming Parade in which they were second -place winners. The Presidio of La Bahia in Goliad was one of the SC ' s stops on route to the spring distric t convention of student councils at Goliad High School. Tomorrow ' s Leaders Are Fashioned Gayle Hoffer, Barbara Pribyl, and Helen Pargac look through the souvenir envelope they ' received at the fall district convention at the new Edna High School. Dorothy Hyak, Mary Kathryn De Los Santos, Rose Mary Garza, and Diane Dentler are busily working on the decorations for the Valentine Dance which is annually sponsored by the SC. i STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: K.Jordan, D. Hanselka, H. Goodwin, D. Pozzi, B. Wagner, B. Hughes. SECOND ROW: H. Schramek, S. Wiest, J. Edgar, D. Basaldua, B. Moreau, R. Vacker, G. Meissner. THIRD ROW: C. Slaughter, B. George, M. Ward, D. Stefka, S. Dick, R. Gillean, D. Pozzi, R. Stockbauer, J. Schell. In Today ' s Student Councils. OFFICERS--Sam Wiest, Presi- dent; Howard Goodwin, Vice- President; John Schell, Secre- tary; Henry Schramek, Treas- urer. Kenneth Tipton, Rose Mary Vogt, Nancy Kouba, and Allen Vanelli sit this dance out as they smile for the camera man, during theChristmas Formal Dance. Christmas Crib reminds students of the real meaning of Christmas. The Joyous Christmas Spirit Resounds In St. Joseph ' s Activities Fr. Otting makes up a Texas Santa Claus for the annual Christmas play. Ronald Shelton, Mark Jones, Michael Reyna are the angels heard on high by Shepherds Michael Brown, George Rendon and a goat named Nanny. 158 National Honor Society Is A Medium of Scholastic Motivation NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS — FIRST ROW: M. Patton, B. Wagner, Don Pozzi, D. Pozzi. SECOND ROW: H. Schramek, S. Orsak, R. Alvarado, V. Ruiz. THIRD ROW: D. Car- ville, B. Kloesel. J. Schell, R.Gillean. FOURTH ROW: D. Hanselka, R. Stockbauer, D. Elwonger, S. Dick. The National Honor Society is an organization giving recognition to those students who have attained a balance in their school life--thus realizing the importance of a well-rounded education. To merit this election a student must attain an average of 8.97o in his academic studies and maintain a status above average in character, leadership and service to his school and community. These four words: Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service are the four cardinal virtues of the National Honor Society and the letters C.S.L.S. (representing these words) are found on the emblem along with the flaming torch and the keystone. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS reasurer, Henry Schramek; President, David Pozzi; ice-President, J. Schell; Secretary, Don Pozzi. The National Honor Society officers are clockwise Paula Pribyl, Vice-president; Sue Gilley, secretary; Nancy Kouba, parlia- mentarian; Rosetta Traber, treasurer; and Carol Gudat, President. NHS Elevates Noble An Carol Gudat, president of the Honor Society, instructs Monsignor Beck about the new members ' certificates of membership. Old members are, first row, Elizabeth Pozzi, Helen Pargac, Martha Cano, back row, Diane Dentler, Dorothy Weber, Susan Redmon. 160 Monsignor F. O. Beck graciously gave the invocation at the sixth annual Induction Ceremony. New members are sitting, Stella Helweg, Kathy Roos, Gail Depine, and Kitty Sweeney. Standing, Bette Stockbauer, Gayle Wagner, and Julia Rose Mican. And Scholarly Ideals At the first National Honor Society Father -Daughter Banquet held at the Moderno Restaurant are some of the senior members and their fathers, Julia Rose Mican and Mr. Ed Mican, Kathleen Sweeney and M r. Richard Sweeney, Martha Cano and Mr. Martin Cano, Susan Redmon and Mr. Joe Redmon, and Dorothy Weber and Mr. Victor Weber. 161 Quill and Scroll Officers: Paula Pribyl, vice-president; Dorothy Weber, president; and Kathryn O ' Connor, secre- tary; make ready for the Induction Ceremony the candles and holders. Dorothy Weber, president, rehearses some of the new members: Helen Pargac, Elizabeth Pozzi, Carol Sue Vogt, Patsy Rux, Kathy Roos, Jalayne Alkek, and Julia Mary Gillean, for the Induction Ceremony. Quill And Scroll Gives Recognition To Outstanding Journalism Students. Hard at work decorating for the Quill and Scroll Induction Ceremony are Gail Depine, Dorothy Hyak, Diane Dentler, Paula Pribyl, Susan Redmon, and Martha Cano. 162 Anne Gomez, Sue Gilley, and Hedy Gaida arrange the centerpiece and candles while Carol Gudat and Julia Ro. . Mican put finishing touches on the table covering for the Induction Ceremony. : -v. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS --CHEERLEADERS: Cathy Sandhofer, Claudia Riley, Kitty de los Santos, Pat Goodwin, and Kathryn O ' Connor. FIRST ROW: Drum Major, Cathy Roos; Barbara Zafereo, Cathy Fridell, Michelle Kenney, Donna Enke, Susan Gayle, Anne Gomez, Pat Webb, Rita Wearden, Carrol Wagner, Eileen Dodds, Gwendolyn Koehl.DebbieHenkel, Carol Jean Hensley, and Sally Rendon. SECOND ROW: Betty Janca, Barbara Lawrence, Shirley Kruppa, Sylvia Reyna, Patsyjuarez, Mary Lupe Riviera, Carol Koehl, Madeline Murphy, Rosie Ortiz, Diana Pena, Kathleen Orsak, Lydia Soto, Gloria Jean de los Santos, and Martha Cano. THIRD ROW: Eileen Buss, Mary Louise Urban, Kitty Sweeney, Kathy Taylor, Charlotte Triola, Betty Tagliabue, Julia Rose Mican, Eileen Lowery, Delfina Zepeda, Yuvonne Lamb, Susan Redmon, Glenda Williams, and Gale Fossati. Corps Members Learn Value Of Disciplinary Training ■n i s The Drum and Bugle Corps stop to pose for the photographer after marching in the annual Christmas Parade. •ft J ■ » ■ X KITTY DE LOS SANTOS KATHRYN 0 ' CONNOR Cheerleaders Are Center Of CLAUDIA RILEY 164 HEDY GAIDA The Nazareth Academy Drum and Bugle Corps was organized in the early 30 s to back the St. Joseph Flyers. During the years it has done just that and the 1960-1961 school year finds the Drum and Bugle Corps continuing to cheer the Flyers on to Victory. Fall Activities consist mainly in drill team performances in conjunction with the St. Joseph band. Spring activities include march- ing and maneuver practice. Of Corps Activities. KATHY ROOS PAT GOODWIN CATHY SANDHOFER V ; !i ft CONCERT BAND--FRONT ROW, Left to Right: B. Trenck, R. Rodriguez, G. Prince, G. Balboa, L. Robles, R. Mills, R. Barrientos. SECOND ROW:S.Rossi, L. Garcia, D. Blanton, J.Johnson, D. Goldman, J. Nevlud, D. Kruppa, D. Soliz, R. Cantu, R. Gallardo. THIRD ROW: R. Gonzales, C. Casillas, J. Hunt, R. Rendon, B. Bailey, R. Haynes, W. Jenkins, B. Garcia, R. Cuellar, M. Phillips, D. Flores, M. Perry, H. Schoener. FOURTH ROW: M. McDonnell, J. Post, A. Ramirez, H. Soliz, S. Orsak, R. Perez, J. Ennis, R. Pargac, L. Tagliabue, M. Bardough, V. Ruiz. Band participates in Christmas Parade. Tom Hamff directs band in Homecoming Parade. " 166 L. Garcia seems to enjoy B. Trenck ' s flute lessons. BAND OFFICERS --LEFT TO RIGHT: Candido Casillas, Parlia- mentarian; Vincent Ruiz, President; Sylvian Rossi, Asst. Librarian; Herbert Schoener, Secretary; Tom Hamff, Librarian; not pictured Steve Orsak, Disciplinarian. Musical Abilities Are Cultivated In St. Joseph Band Jam Session in the band room! 167 Grade School Glee Club members practice for the annual Christmas play. Mr. Frank Gorton instructs the members on a few pointers in music. GLEE CLUB MEMBERS --FIRST ROW--I. Ruiz, J. Pena, E. Witt, K. Jordan, J. Schumann, J. Reyna, E. Radimak, S. Orsak, R. Vincent, D. Elwon.ger, A. Villarreal. 168 Cecilia Koch, Frieda Kloesel, Mary Lee Hoffer, and Nadine Frazer practice singing the Mass to the accompaniment of Donna Tolson at the piano. Mary Theresa Martinez, Connie Schulze, Linda Everett, Sandra Casal, Gayle Hoffer, Pauline Motal, Carol Lee Torres, Veronica Olsovsky, and Barbara Baros prepare to sing. Choral Club Activities Include Daily Mass CHORAL CLUB MEMBERS — FIRST ROW: Brooke Hamel. Velia Cervantes, Janet Zowarka, Ophelia Ramirez, Gloria Pena, Linda Soliz, Dolores Meyer, Margaret Ramirez, Mary Martinez, Mary Theresa Martinez. Sandra Zatopek, Diane Roberts. SECOND ROW: SandraCasal, Gene Humphrey, Virginia Alvarado, Marjorie Wearden, Carol Torres, Carolyn Shiller, Joyce Harper. Estellita Mendoza, Linda Everett, Judy Nemes, Connie Schulze. THIRD ROW: Ruth Black, Lydia Cantu, Cecilia Kocn, Martha Blaylock, Diana Hoffer, Eleanor Rossi, Nadine Frazer, Phyllis Sandhop, Patricia Burger, Janie Rincoh, Carol Scruggs. BACK ROW: Margaret Yeary, Elaine Strelzyck, Mary Lee Hoffer, Barbara Schell, Barbara Baros, Veronica Olsovsky, Gayle Hoffer, Donna Tolson, Frieda Kloesel, and Pauline Motal. 169 ffpfe k Donna Tolson, Phyllis Sandhop, Betty Tagliabue, Bene Stockbauer, Patricia Castellow, Mary Beth Hawes, Freida Kloesel. Ruby Stubbs, Nadine Frazer, Bene Richter, Patricia Burger, Martha Blaylock, Debra Henkel, Gayle Wagner, Susan Halepaska, Cathy Sandhofer, Vicky Trahan, and Dolores Meyer, sophomore members of the Latin club, take time out to pose for a picture. Bette Stockbauer, president of the Latin club, receives the emblem of her office from Cathy Sandhofer, secretary, as Beth Hawes, vice-president, and Betty Taglibue look on. Language Study Intrigues Latin And Sp Vicky Trahan, Patricia Castellow, Susan Halepaska, and Patricia Burger demonstrate the Roman game of chess during Latin Week. Freshman Latin club members, Candice Pierce, Cheri Urban, Helen Broderick, Glenda Williams, Carolyn Hobbs, Barbara Pribyl, Margaret Yeary, Elaine Strelczyk, Brooke Hamel, Diane Roberts, Madeline Murphy, Sandra Zatopek, Jane Zowarka, and Eleanor Rossi enjoy learning a new language. Carolyn Shiller skillfully puts the f inishing touches on the Christmas tree. Spanish Club Officers, Virginia Alvarado, secretary; Gail Fossati, treasurer; Barbara Schell, president; and Margaret Ramirez, vice-president; straighten up Our Lady ' s altar. Spanish Club Members Tina Robles and Gloria Chavez visit Our Lady of Guadalupe ' s altar to pray for help in a coming Spanish exam. SPANISH CLUB— FIRST ROW: Marjorie Wearden, Ruth Black, Margaret Ramirez, Barbara Schell, Virginia Alvarado, Gale Fossati, and Betty Janca. SECOND ROW: JanieRincon, Ophelia Ramirez, Mary Lupe Rivera, Caroline Scruggs, Mary E. Lopez, Sally Rendon, Velia Cervantes, Pat Goodwin, and Gloria Pena. BACK ROW: Joyce Harper, Yuvonne Lamb, Barbara Zafereo, Carolyn Shiller, LindaSoliz, GeneHumphrey, Estellita Mendoza, Mary Martinez, Barbara Lawrence, and Diana Hoffer. ' Pfiftrt STAMP CLUB--SEATED: J. O ' Connell, B. Wagner, J. Ennis. FIRST ROW, Standing: R. Stevenson, T. Edwards, S. Rice, N. O ' Co nnell. SECOND ROW: F. Carter, S. Cano, Bro. Christopher Doyle O.S.S.T. Stamp Enthusiasts Organize Hobby Club R. Stevenson admires F. Carter ' s ex- cellent collection of stamps. Bro. Christopher shows B. Wagner and J. Ennis how to prepare plate blocks for their stamp books. Aspirants take code test in order to fulfill the requirements for their General Class Licenses. " C. Q. ,C. Q. Radio Club Teaches Electronic Skills Brother Leo demonstrates the use of a trans- mitter to the club members. The Chemistry course schedule includes lab work once a week. Watching this lab demonstrations are science club members Rosetta Traber, Eileen Dodds, Rose Ortiz, Yolando Soto, Kitty de los Santos, Carol Gudat, Edith Ohrt, Kitty Sweeney, Martha Cano, and Ada Ann Fagan. Above, a laboratory demonstration is presented to the Science Club members including Kathy Taylor, Connie Schulze, Dorothy Weber, Carol Hensley, Rose Mary Vogt, Nancy Kouba, Mary Sarlis, Nancy Hanna, Paula Pribyl, ClaudiaRiley, SusanRedmon, Linda Hausmann, and Kathryn O ' Connor. Science Fair Participants Co Nancy Kouba, senior, was in charge of checking the entries. She approves and gives suggestions to the exhibit of eighth -grader, Carol Baass. The Science Club, composed of senior Chemistry students, promotes a scientific interest throughout the school. The club officers are Judy Baass, treasurer; Nancy Kouba, vice- president; Kitty Sweeney, president; and Paula Pribyl, secre- tary. The Science Fair is conducted annually in March and is open to the public. Stella Helweg, sophomore, finds this entry quite intriguing. The St. Joseph ' s students are encouraged to participate in the NA Science Fair. Robert Sparkman and Roger Stockbauer complete their interesting exhibit. Combine Ingenuity And Research These scientific -minded Nazarites prepare to the anatomy of several young chickens. Sophomores, Pat Goodwin and Betty Janca, stand by with Madeline Murphy, freshman. Sharon Dischinger and Dorothy Hyak observe this striking entry which involved intensive study, research work, and preparation. 175 TT1T ! ! : m V 4-H CLUB MEMBERS --SEATED: J. Traber.D. Allen, H.Redmon, R. Del Papa. SECOND ROW: D. Wearden, L. McCann, G. Orsak, D. Balboa, S. Barnette. THIRD ROW: R. Seiler, G. Shiller, J. Pena, G. Zafereo, J. Rouse. 4-H Club Reaps Young Adults B. Buckert pauses for picture at Victoria 4-H stock show. D. Hanselka eagerly awaits the final judging of the show. Preparing dishes such as pecan fudge is a delightful experience for Kathy Taylor and Pat Webb. Yolanda Soto is content to stir her cake icing smooth and creamy. Sister Anthony, Home Economics teacher, explains directions for laying and cutting out a pattern to Pauline Motal, Kathy Taylor, and Pat Webb. Young Homemakers Are Developed By A Home Economics Course Neatness, order, and cleanliness are required in any homemaker ' s kitchen. Kitty De Los Santos, Rita Wearden, Carrol Wagner, and Carol Hensley readily show their efficiency at this daily task. The Home Economics students work diligently in the sewing room. Hedy Gaida does handwork while Gloria Chavez measures a fabric on Ofelia Hernandez. Rose Mary Garza and Rose Ann Ortiz complete their aprons at the sewing machine. Showing the new 50 -star flag are the Civics Club officers Dorothy Weber, president; Angie Hanselka, vice-president; Julia Mican, parliamentarian; Sue Gilley, corresponding secretary; Catherine Fagan, recording secretary; Martha Cano, treasurer. Good Citizenship Encouraged By Civics Club The Civics Club relates its purpose of good citizenship through posters and good example. Ernestine Robles prints a poster as sue Gilley dictates and Kathleen Brosch looks on. Kathleen Brosch, Allena Sandhop, and Patsy Rux outline on the blackboard the process of " How A Bill Becomes A Law " , 5, Sire Mary Theresa Martinez, Susan Redmon, and Josephine Serrata discuss the past United States presidents and the various nations ' flags as are shown on this informative classroom poster. Civics notebooks interest Sandra Geistman, Carrol) Wagner, Eileen Dodds and Hedy Gaida. Bro. Paul Komrska and members of the library staff prepare new cards for unlisted books in the library. 3. Strelczyk, G. Pargac, B. Wagner, G. Horelka pause for i picture before starting one of their many tasks as library issistants. Young Librarians Acquire Skill And Knowledge Through Assigned Tasks B. George and E. Erikson perform the task of listing new cards in library dispensers. 179 Repairing books and library references is a duty of the members. Pauline Motal and Linda Everett work diligently at the library task. The Teen Age Library Association is exclusively composed of seniors who carry Library Science as an accredited course. The officers include Rose Ann Ortiz, secretary; Delfina Zepeda, treasurer; Kitty De Los Santos, president; and Martha Cano, vice-president. Library Duties The files in the high school library workroom pro- vide immense research data for Nazarites. Here Gloria Chavez and Ernestine Robles take advantage of this " informati on booth " while Ofelia Hernandez inquisitively looks on. The TALA members work in the grade school library assisting the children in any way possible. Judy Baass reads to several while Kitty Sweeney assists another in selecting a book. Sorting out periodicals for the book rack in the high school library are TALA members Linda Everett and Ernestine Robles. Rose Mary Garza and Kitty De Los Santos check in returned library books while Rose Ann Ortiz works with the library film- index. Tala Members Systematize Carol Torres straightens the books (periodicals) on the rack, while Sandra Casal slips the latest newspaper issue into its proper place. TALA members, Rose Mary Garza, and Sandra Casal, tack bulletins on the hall bulletin board. Daily Communion is an important aid in making a good retreat, also it is to our betterment that we receive the Body and Blood of Christ. At the close of the retreat Father Charles Neumann, S. M. , Retreat Master imparts the Papal Benediction. Students Receive Spiritual The Student Body assembles for Holy Mass, the high point in each retreat day, to beg the graces needed for success in the coming years ' activities and to give thanks for all the blessings they have received in the past. I Eileen Buss and Susan Redmon keep the spiritual atmosphere of Retreat by de- voutly receiving Holy Communion. A group of Nazareth Academy seniors meditate before receiving the sacrament of penance from the Retreat Master, Father Mullaney. Benefits From Annual Retreat As a part of Retreat Father M. Harrold offers M ass while the Nazareth students orally participate. Father Bernard Mullaney looks over a pamphlet on vocations with Julia Rose Mican, GayleHoffer, Barbara Baros, and Mary Beth Hawes between conferences. Students give honor to Our Immaculate Mother by having a Living Rosary at the opening and closing of October, the month of the Rosary, and at the be- ginning of May. ' , ; : ' ::: Living Rosary And Coronation Hig At the closing of the Living Rosary H. Schramek, E. Rybak, T. Tyng lead students who participated in this event out of the gym. Tom Hamff offers his " Our Father " before the statue of Our Lady. The statue of the Blessed Mother receives loving attention from seniors Kathleen Taylor, Hedy Gaida, and Yolanda Soto as they prepare her to be carried forth on the night of the ceremony. athleen Brosch and Veronica Olsovsky decorate Gary ' s altar for the Living Rosary ceremony which .s held every year during May in honor of the Blessed irgin Mary. Highlight May Activities Mary Aline Munsch, Patricia Morris, Linda Hausmann, and Mary Charlotte Huvar watch Rose Mary Vogt as she places the crown on the statue of the Blessed Mother. Pat Morris, Mary Alice Munsch, Rose Mary Vogt, Mary Charlotte Huvar, and Linda Hausmann humbly carry the statue of Mary to her place of honor on the altar. Students Engage In Various ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY MEMBERS—FIRST ROW: A. Vanelli, M. Patton, E. Rybak, D. Pozzi, V. ' Ruiz, M. Alvarado. SECOND ROW: J. Bomersbach, R. Barrios, B. Vincent, J. Pavlicek, R. Bomersbach, C. Mudd. THIRD ROW: P. Beyer, J. Rothbauer, R. gillean, R. Strand, R. Sistrunk, W. Gillig. Officers from left to right: A. Vanelli, President; R. Barrios, Vice President; R. Gillean, Secretary; V. Ruiz, Treasurer. J. Rothbauer and M. Patton collect food for I annual food drive. Religious Club Activities 4ary Ann Eschenburg, Dorothy Hyak, Jalayne Allek, Evelyn Webb, and ulia Gillean, the Journalism students who attended the Journalistic workshop in San Antonio, take time off for lunch at Earl Abie ' s. Virginia Alvarado, Carolyn Shiller, and Joyce Harper practice a skit to be given in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father Lyssy explains one of the finer points of Religion, during a weekly lecture, to boarders Sandra Lambert and Theresa Lopez. Kathryn O ' Connor, Claudia Riley, and Judy Baass examine Sister Gerards fourth-grader ' s dolls before selecting the winners in the contest. 1R _ % Mary Theresa Martinez points out Christian Doctrine to interested first -graders. Nancy Kouba, president; Kathleen Brosch, vice- president; Rose Mary Vogt, chairman of teachers; and Josephine Serrata, secretary; CCD executive board officers, beam over work well done. Confraternity Units Prepare Students For Senior CCD sub-unit officers, Mary Louise Urban, treasurer; Kathleen Brosch, president; Josephine Serrata, vice- president; and Rita Wearden, secretary; admire the picture of Pope Pius X. Dorothy Mae Weber and Rose Mary Vogt narrate a familiar Christmas story for the first garde by means of colorful picture charts. Dolores Meyer, secretary; Julia Gillean, president; Patricia iuarez, treasurer; and Gwendolyn Koehl, vice-president; Junior sub-unit CCD officers, study the Great Encyclicals as part of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine work. Carrol Wagner, Eileen Buss, and Veronica Olsovsky admire their CCD teacher certificates which they received in February. For Varied Phases Of Teaching ■ W ' ■ If ' k n n H l — i i 1 ■HI k J Angel ine Hanselka, Dorothy Weber, and Sue Gilley take time out from teaching Religion. Nancy Kouba and Kathleen Sweeney, CCD teachers, instruct the first grade children on the story of the birth or Our Savior. The Speech class learned proper care and use of the lee turn with mounted microphone. Josie Serrata shows good speaking posture as Dorothy Weber regulates the volume control. Costumes, costumes, and more costumes! Barbara Baros drapes Nancy Kouba with an appropriate scarf, while Dorothy Weber is being fitted with a robe by Linda Hausmann, who was in charge of costumes for the Christmas pageant. Annual Christmas Pageant Judy Baass adeptly applies eye make-up to Connie Schulze, cast as the Innkeeper in the Drama Club Christmas presentation entitled " The Birthday of a King " . Stage make-up and costumes were essential factors in presenting the Christmas Pageant. Hedy Gaida and Nancy Hanna give the final touches to Harry Ericson and Robert Dodds. 190 Herod, Delfina Zepeda, is fanned by Carol Gudat and Sandra Geistman, ladies. The other attendants are Carol Hensley, Kitty Sweeney, Eileen Buss, and Anne Gomez. A scene in the opening act portrayed the appearance and " Ave Maria " of the Angel Gabriel, Gayle Hoffer, to the startled Blessed Virgin, Julia Mican, at the water well. Presented By Drama Club The three majestic kings, Yolanda Soto, Eileen Dodds, and Susan Redmon present their gifts to Baby Jesus, Kimberly Kalich, with St. Joseph, Paula Pribyl, and the Blessed Mother. Julia Mican, attending the presentation. Loving care and affection were shown by the Blessed Mother to the Baby Jesus, as is captured in this scene in the cave-like stable, with a manger as His bed. 191 King Donald Pozzi and Queen Claudia Riley reign over the annual Homecoming football game. The Royal Court gives a lofty cheer at the ceremonies of th Homecoming bonfire. i School Spirit Soars During Annual Homecoming Activities HOMECOMING COURT -Attendant R. Traber, Queen Claudia Riley, Attendant K. O " Connor. 192 The queen accepts a bouquet of roses from the Flyers ' Mascot Jimbo Lewis. Bill Moreau hurls captured Falcon into the raging Homecoming bonfire. Bonfire And Parade Prove Captivating First place winner of the Homecoming parade was entered by the Spanish Club of Nazareth Academy. Homecoming bonfire enflames the hearts of loyal Flyer ' .upporters. The 1960 Crown Princess, Carol Vogt, places the royal crown on Mary Beth H a w e s making her the 1961 Sweetheart. The mistress of ceremonies for the annual Valentine Dance was Barbara Baros. The Tommy Comancho band that provided music for the evening is pictured here. Court Royalty Reigns Ov Crown Princess for the evening was Linda Hausmann. Here she and her escort, Bernard Kloesel, await the arrival of the Sweetheart, while the other members of the royal court look on. The Sweetheart and her escort, Robert Vacker, lead their royal court in the Grand March, which started the evening ' s festivities. As is true of all good times, much preparation went into making the dance a success. Judy Baass, Mrs. Robert Sweeney, and Kitty Sweeney cut crepe paper for the decorations. Over Valentine Festivities A program dance was the highlight of the evening. Just before the dance, our photographer caught Joe Ganem and Kitty Seeeney signing programs. During intermission a group of Nazareth students and their dates were found clustered around the refreshment table. Fancy capers were cut on the dance floor during the Valentine Dance, which is sponsored by the Student Council of Nazareth Academy. 195 Bro. William takes advantage of Freshman Initiation. C. Par am kneels while kissing the ring of almighty senior, Bernard Kloesel. mote, Lawe fa Initiated Fish Take Perform Services [or B. Rux sweeps a path for A Lamb. Guilty Freshmen take their punishment in court. 196 What about that spot? Sandy Geistman seems to enjoy seeing the freshmen, Jo Ann Cinotti, Barbara Pribyl, and Madeline Murphy struggling up the senior stairs with a load of books. The seniors, Kitty D. Los Santos, Rose Mary Garza, Althis Gil- more, and Sue Gilley show no mercy to Gale Fossati and Barbara Lawrence while Julia Rose Mican, Mary Aline Munsch, and Mary Theresa Martinez look on. Punishment In Court; For Almighty Seniors. Nancy Hanna and Judy Baass get a big kick out of seeing Brooke Hamel, Helen B rod eric k, and Glenda Williams perform odd services for Linda Hausmann, Eile en Dodds, and Rita Wearden. The lowly freshmen bow down and kiss the precious rings of Delfina Zepeda, Judy Baass, and Sue Gilley, seniors. Senior Rings Indicate Young Adults; Father Hariold blesses the senior rings at a special ceremony before daily Mass at St. Mary ' s Church. Mr. Johnson measures Judy Baass ring size for her senior class ring. The senior girls anxiously wait to receive their senior class rings from Father Michael Harrold. 198 t As a part of their initiation, the freshmen serve the seniors lunch after they receive their rings. Kid Day Frolic Depicts Youthful Spirit. The Senior year is one filled with many activities. Here Susan Redmon, Judy Baass, and Kathleen Sweeney are making an effort to schedule their activities so as to squeeze in some studies. Hedy Gaida and Nancy Hanna check the calendar to make sure that no activities conflict. Kitty De Los Santos, Rose Ann Ortiz and Susan Redmon show that reliving their first days at school can be fun. Sue Gilley, Paula Pribyl, Hedy Gaida, and Josephine Ser rata take their last fling of school days during Kid Day. - 199 Mayor W. R. McCright signs a procla- mation designating October 15 to 21 as National Newspaper Week while Patsy Rux and Carol Vogt look on. Father Gilley work to t 1 Mr. James R. Garrison, the outstanding young man of 1960, was the guest speaker at the DAR Award Presentation. Here he is joined by Dorothy Weber recipient of the Citizenship Award, and Mrs. Joseph Wearden, the vice-regent of the DAR. Nazarites Honored Numerous Distinguished i By Per At the j o u r n a 1 i s m workshop held in San Antonio, Dorothy Hyak, Mary Ann Eschenberg, Jalayne Alkek, and Elizabeth Pozzi pause between conferences to speak to Dr. S. Thomas Greenburg, President of Incarnate Word College, and Mr. James Gaines. 200 ■ » Father Mitchell, S.M. shows Sue Gilley pictures of the churches in Peru. Father spoke on missionary work to the Nazareth students. Hedy Gaida, Rita Wearden, and Carrol Wagner remain after class to obtain information from Mrs. Forrest S eger, who spoke to the Seniors on the medical aspects of marriage. By Presence Of Personalities State Representative R. H. Cory is greeted by Sister Evangelist before addressing the Civics class on the Electoral College. The Cecilian C h o r i s t e r s under the direction of Sister Agnesine presented a repertoire of songs to the students. Victoria was just one of their many stops while touring the United States. The 1960-1961 PTA officers are Mrs. Dion Holm, secre- tary; Mrs. Fred Buckert, vice-president; Mrs. Alfred Baass, president; Sister M. Borgia, treasurer; and Mrs. Louis Keclik, recording secretary. Many PTA members take an active part in the sewing day held once a month under the supervision of Sister Aloysious. PTA Honors Seniors PTA members spin the doll wheel at the Fall Festival, while Nazareth Academy students anxiously await a winner. Two active seniors, Mary Aline Munsch and Linda Haus- mann, support the PTA project by purchasing articles from Mrs. Pribyl and Sister Aloysious at the Fall Festival. Martha Cano, Eileen Dodds, Sandy Geistman and Carrol Wagner greet Mrs. Ed Gaida at the annual Senior Tea given by the Nazareth Academy PTA. At a break during the Tea Rita Wearden, Pat Webb, and Martha Cano drink a cup of tea and laugh to relieve the tension. At Annual Tea After spending two long hours in the receiving line, a group of Seniors take time out to sit down and relax. Nancy Hanna and Rita Wearden seem anxious to get a little refreshment from Miss O ' Connor. Mrs. R. Ha vron and Mrs. E. Dischinger check cakes and pies at Mothers ' Club Bingo. Mrs. J. Reyna, Mrs. J. Perry, and Mrs. Paul Pelligrino collect money for bingo tickets. Fathers ' And Play Vital Role I ■ MOTHERS ' CLUB -- Mesdames F. Buckert, secretary; G. Pittman, corres. secretary; X. Fossati, president; J. Edgar, first vice president; R. Havron, second vice president; A. Kaiser, treasurer. Mrs. J. Nevlud cleans the kitchen after a Mothers ' Club meeting. R. Cullen, president of the Fathers ' Club, presents the keys of a 1960 G.M. C. Carryall truck to Bro. William Callahan. Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez operate the coke stand at a dance presented by Mothers ' and Fathers ' Clubs for high school students. Mothers ' Clubs In School Projects Mr. Dion Holm and Bobby Stevenson give their assistance at the concession stand during the half time at a Flyer ' s home game. FATHERS CLUB -- Dr. J. A. Cullen, trustee; E. E. Dischinger, trustee; Leo Schell, treasurer; R. Cullen, president; R. Zeplin, trustee; D. Holm, first vice president; R. Miori, second vice presi- dent; R. Byars, secretary. Absent Alton Bundick, third vice presi- dent. Gran CAFETERIA STAFF— Mrs. Tony Vogt, Mrs. Adolph Garza, Mrs. Emil Kruppa, Mrs. Julia Eschenburg, Mrs. Henry Maurer. Cafeteria Staff And Janitors Exe JANITORS--Mr. David Davis, Mr. Jesse Morales, Sr. Mrs. Eschenburg and Mrs. Vogt prepare some tasty pies for daily meals to be served in the Cafeteria. ::::, Grammar grade students anxiously await their hot plate lunches distributed daily by Sr. Catherine. Very few students realize what goes on after lunch has been served. Here, Mr. Adolphjurena demon- strates one phase, that of washing trays. Execute Their Daily Tasks Sister Michael and Connie Schulze work behind the soda fountain and endure the mad rush that occurs just before lunch. A familiar face to all Nazareth students is that of Mrs. Allen Eisman. Here she performs just one of her many duties, that of selling candy, to Charlotte Triolo. Our goal is to be like the mighty oak that stands firm while other trees break un- der pressure. The same oak which was first but a wise sapling who learned from superficial bruises and gusty breezes to thicken its bark and to send its root system deep and wide. Henry Schramek Tommy Stubbs Varsity Football FLYERS WIN OPENER c The Flyers found the opposition more formid- able than anticipated but were still able to roll past the Yoakum Tigers 22-6 after a close first half, Henry Schramek led the Flyer offense, scoring in the first and second periods. Albert Pozzi and Paul Bonordon led the defensive unit to hold the Tigers to only six points. Yoakum ' s only touchdown came in the second quarter when Leon Donelly, Tiger guard, picked off a pass thrown by Junior Nunez. John Scheli MARIAN BEATS FLYERS The St. Joseph defense was unable to hold the Marian line as the Colts struck in every quarter except the third. The Flyers, using three different formations, were unable to get started against the Colt defensive line. The only bright spot for the Flyers came in early in the fourth quarter when scampering halfback, Henry Schramek, ran back a 91 -yard kickoff. Eugene Rvbak Sammie Wiest FLYERS NIP BLOOMINGTON i A last -gasp Bloomington rally fell short by a whisker as the Flyers downed the Bobcats 14-6. The game ended with Bloomington on the Flyer 11 -yard line. Henry Schramek scored in the second quarter on a =2-yard plunge and early in the third quarter Tommy Stubbs picked up a blocked punt and ran 31 yards for a touchdown. Schramek went over for the conversion. The only Bobcat score came in the third quarter in an 84-yard gallop by Joe Galvin. Robert Vacker Paul Bonorden Albert Pozzi Basaldua cuts for the sidelines. Dennis Basaldua FLYERS -LOUISE BATTLE TO TIE Louise struck twice in the fourth quarter coming from behind to gain a frantic 14-14 tie with the Flyers. The Flyers dominated the first half and almost ran the home team off the field until Louise released Gus Brezina on a tender Flyer line. Henry Schramek and Tommy Stubbs hit paydirt for the Flyers and Schramek passed to Sammie Wiest for a 2-point conversion. Ray Bomersbach Ray Alvarado INDIANS TRAMPLE FLYERS The Hallettsville Indians, scoring in every quarter, handed the Flyers their greatest defeat of the season. The Indians, finding no opposition, lowered the boom on the young Flyers, scoring 22 points in the first thirteen minutes of the game, St. Joseph ' s only threat was in the second quarter when they advanced to the Indian 8 -yard line but it was quickly dissolved by a 15-yard holding penalty. JS? FLYERS MAUL HOLY CROSS St. Joseph, bewildering Holy Cross of San Antonio throughout the game, rolled to an easy 33-6 victory. Robert Vacker, Junior quarterback, connected for 6 out of 11 passes for a total of 127 yards. Vacker also kicked 3 conversions after touchdowns. Henry Schramek led the Flyers running attack scoring three touchdowns on two runs and a completed pass. Sammie Wiest scored twice for the Flyers on runs of 25 and 2 yards. The Knights only touchdown was in the second period on a lunge by Al Tovar. - - Bill Moreau John Padierna Jerry Shelton FLYERS DOWN SCHULENBURG The Flyers scored in every quarter bu: the second to rack up their fourth win of the season against the Schulenburg Rangers by a score of 25-12. Henry Schramek returned the second half kickoff 81 yards to spark the Flyers to victory. Dennis Basaldua and Sammie Wiest scored touchdowns on two completed passes, quarterback Robert Vacker, accounted for the Flyers ' fourth touchdown in the final period when he rammed over from the one-yard line. The Rangers touchdowns came in the closing minutes of the second and fourth quarters on completed passes. Robert Sparkman Howard Goodwin Roger Stockbauer Ray Alvarado TIDEHAVEN NUDGES FLYERS Despite a magnificent performance by the Flyers, the Tidehaven Tigers were able to outscore their opponents 34 to 27. Henry Schramek baffled the Tigers with his tricky runs throughout the game. He scored three touchdowns, passed for another and intercepted two passes. Ray Alvarado scored once for the Flyers in the fourth quarter on a 9 yard pass from Schramek. Robert Vacker kicked three conver- sions. The Flyers were unable to hold the Tigers as they scored in every quarter and maintained a 5 point lead at halftime. Calvin Slaughter Junior Nunez Richard Chamrad TLYERS BOW OUT IN STATE FINALS Halfbacks Al Bledsoe and Chuck Cazales scored all the touchdowns in the Corpus Christi Academy Cavaliers ' 40-6 pounding of the Flyers in the state Class A A C a thol ic championship game. Bledsoe, one of the highest scoring backs in South Texas, struck for four touchdowns on runs of 44, 7, 5, and 70 yards. Cazales scored on an 80 yard run and a 54 yard completed pass. St. Joseph ' s lone touchdown came late in the fourth quarter on a 45 yard pass -lateral play. Quarterback Robert VackerhitCarl Mudd with a flat pass and he in turn lateralled ' o F.ugene Rybak who went all the way down the sideline. David Hanselka FRONT ROW: I. Edgar, R. Bomersbach. R. Sparkman, E. Nunez, H. Goodwin, S. Balboa, D. Hanselka, H. Schramek, E. Rybak, J. Cattan. SECOND ROW: S. Wiest, B. Moreau, T. Stubbs, A. Pozzi, J. Padierna, R. ' Alvarado, D. Basaldua. J, Shelton, J. De La Garza. LAST ROW: C. Slaughter, Ray Alvarado, C. Mudd, G. ShUler, R. Vacker, R. Stockbauer, ). Schell, D. Ozuna B. Hughes. TOP LEFT: Coach Jim Lewis. VARSITY SCHEDULE Yoakum 6 St. Joseph 22 Marian 22 St. Joseph 6 Bloomington 6 St. Joseph 14 Louise 14 St. Joseph 14 Hallettsville 44 St. Joseph Holy Cross S. A. 6 St. Joseph 33 Schulenburg 12 St. Joseph 25 La Salle S. A. 6 St. Joseph 48 Tidehaven 34 St. Joseph 27 Corpus Christi Academy 40 St. Joseph 6 AFTER THE GAME Coach Jim Lewis Assistant Bill Evans Brother Tim Dwyer Brother Lester Kaehler Ray Traber FLYERS HIT SEASON ' S HIGH, ROLL PAST LA SALLE 48-6 St. Joseph rolled up it ' s highest point total of the year crushing the La Salle Falcons 48-6 before 2,500 merry home- coming fans. The Flyers, scoring every quarter, broke the game wide open with 34 points in the second half to register their fifth win of the season. Robert Vacker led the Flyer offense, connecting for 131 yards on passes, scoring two touchdowns, and kicking 6 out of 7 conversions. Sam Wiest was runner up in the scoring attack with two touchdowns. Henry Schramek, Eugene Rybak, and Junior Nunez scored one touchdown each. 220 11561 S9; S2|y 44 UiarTi2 OB S FLYER " B " TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: J. Edgar, G. Horelka, B. Moreau. M. Fox, J. Cattan, B. Fridell, E. Rodriguez. TOP ROW: G. Orsak, A. Villareal, J. De La Garza, D. Ozuna, S. Miori, R. Hebner, S. Stueve, B. Hughes. FLYER " C " TEAM -- BOTTOM ROW: D. Goldman, B. Trenck, T. Bundick, B. Ortiz, J. Traber, R. Byars, T. Stephens, J. Reyna. MIDDLE ROW: D. Wearden, A. Obsta, E. Maurer, B. George, J. Cohen, R. Haynes, S. Banette, R. Schwarzbach. BACK ROW: D. Halepaska, M. Shelton, L. Henkel, R. Denison, R. Mulligan, D. Stefka, R. Carville, W. J. Sparks. I 221 " VARSITY " -- LEFT TO RIGHT: Rudy Pena, Donald Pozzi, Ricky Baker, Henry Schramek, Junior Nunez, Bill Terry, Dennis Patron, Dennis Basaldua, Richard Chamrad, Carl Mudd, David Ozuna, Sammie Wiest, Varsity Basketball 222 Dennis Patton Schramek takes long shot Ricky Baker Sammie Wiest Mudd leaps for ball. Henry Schramek Ball put into orbit. David Ozuna Mudd takes rebound. Carl Mudd Did he make it? Dennis Basaldua 223 Bill Terry Basaldua hits for two Donald Pozzi Ball rolls around rim Richard Chamrad Wiest makes an easy 2 Ozuna aims high Junior Nunez Mudd keeps his eyes on the ball " 60-61 FLYER SCHEDULE " Ganado Ganado Bloomington Tourney Beeville Tourney Cuero Central Catholic (S.A.) Bloomington Bloomington Tivoli St. Joseph (Yoakum) St. Joseph (Yoakum) Vanderbilt Cuero Pettus Ganado Tourney Louise Louise Central Catholic (S.A.) BASKETBALL MANAGERS Vanderbilt T. C. I. L. State Tourney Pettus R. SPARKMAN AND R. VACKER Wiest shoots from outside " BTEAM " — LEFT TO RIGHT: John Sommers, Sam Dick, David Elwonger, Mike Fox, John Edgar, Robert Hebner, Jim De La Garza. Dick hits for 2 Another marker for the B squad De La Garza pivots 226 " C TEAM " -- FIRST ROW: Cano, Kruppa, Cattan, Stephens, Byars. SECOND ROW: Barnette, Bundick, Maurer, Mulligan, George, Erickson. THIRD ROW: Schwarzbach, Carville, Stefka, Easley, Hughes. Hughes get the tip Get your hands in there too Byars Flyers surround opponent 227 ■ :: ' :: ' :;:: : :: ■ ' : THE VARSITY TRACK TEAM--FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Eddie Win, Howard Goodwin, Bill Terry, Ray Bomersbach, Clemence Weber, James Schumann, Robert Moreau. SECOND ROW: Tom Stubbs, Junior Nunez, Eugene Rybak, Bob Vincent, Albert Pozzi, David Hanselka, Eddie Radimak, Joe Perez. THIRD ROW: Calvin Slaughter, Henry Schramek, Richard Niemann, Sammy Balboa, David Ozuna, Roger Stock- bauer, George Shiller, Bill Moreau. Track 228 Ray Bomersbach, Bill Moreau, Eugene Rybak, Eddie Witt, await the sound of the gun. THE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM—FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Tom Hamff, Junior Nunez, Donald Pozzi. SECOND ROW: Don Dodds, Robert Sisti, John Padierna, Dennis Basaldua, Sam Wiest. THIRD ROW: Sam Dick, Jerry Pavlicek, August Seiler, Carl Mudd, Calvin Slaughter. Baseball John Padierna, awaits the ground ball with a smile. 229 Personalities A gem, ever so precious, carefully cut and brilliantly polished by God, nature and love, found minutely gleaming through the eyes from the depths of the soul. -- a unique personality. ■ J - - -••- ' • ■ k Mr. And Miss Excelsior Eileen Lowrey and Tommy Stubbs earned the title of Mr. and Miss Excelsior for excelling in ad- drive promotion and advertising sales. Due to flieir effort and that of the other students in the competition, we have been able to carry out many of our yearbook plans. 232 Ada Ann Fagan And Mark Patton Anne Gomez And Robert Strand Runners-up To Mr. And Miss Excelsior l i 7 I " I Mr. Blue And White - Miss N. A. Chats Roger Stockbauer and Jaylane Alkek received die title of Mr. Blue and White, and Miss N.A.Chats for outstanding journalistic and Ad-drive work on their school publications. 234 ■ Cathy Fridell Cathy Fridell, another hard worker, was runner up in the Ad -drive competition for the title of Miss N. A. Chats. Diane Dentler As editor-in-chief of the N. A. Chats, Diane Dentler worked to promote harmony among Chats staff members. 235 Mr. And Miss Senior Paula Pribyl And Bernard Kloese Mr. And Miss Freshman Gale Fossati And Robert Ortiz Mr. And Miss Sophomore Bette Stockbauer And Fred Kloesel Most Popular Nancy Hanna And Tom Tyng Popularity is a crime from the moment is is sought. Anc lor Most Humorous Rosie Ortiz And David Flores No mind is thoroughly well organ- ized that is deficient in a sense of humor. 238 Best Looking vngie Hanselka And Tommy Stubbs Beauty comes, we scarce know how, as a result of sources deeper than itself. Most Courteous Barbara Baros And John Schell Courtesy is a quality of soul refine- ment impossible to purchase, im- possible to acquire at easy cost. 239 Friendliest Edith Ohrt And Manuel Reyes The thing that cost the least and does the most is just a pleasant smile. Most Likely To Succeed Kathleen Sweeney And David Pozzi We are made wise not by the recollections of our past, but by the responsibilities of our future . 240 Most Dependable Sue Gi I ley And Henry Schramek There can be not stable and balanced development of the mind, apart from the assumption of responsibility. Most Representative Carol Gudat And Dennis Basaldua A person who represents must not only possess the quality of being an individual but must be responsible for the reputa- tions and ideas of his associ- ates. 241 Most School Spirited Julia Rose Mican And Donald Pozzi An organization cannot survive without the constant indwelling of a thing called spirit. J udy Baa s s And Donald Pozzi Judy Baass and Donald Pozzi repre- sented Nazareth Academy and St. Joseph at Girls ' and Boys State in Austin. Girls State and Boys ' State are work- shops in Texas government which are held under the auspices of the American Legion Auxiliary. Dorothy Weber Dorothy Weber was chosen the recipient of the 1960-61 Citizenship Award presented by the Guadalupe Victoria Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. This coveted honor is presented annually to the senior having shown the most outstanding leadership, service, character and school spirit. 243 I Prom King And Queen Catherine Facan And Henry Schramek Prom Princess Sandra Geistman Prom Prince Tom Tyng rom Princess Kathryn O ' Connor Prom P rince Steve Orsak SUSAN GAYLE and CALVIN SLAUGHTER Junior Prom Representatives DIANA TRIANA and PAUL BONORDEN Representatives To Victoria High School ANNE GOMEZ and DENNIS BASULDUA Representatives To Victoria College KATHRYN O ' CONNOR and TOM TYNG Valentine Sweetheart Mary Beth Hawes Princess Linda Hausma n n Delfina Zepeda Duchess Helen Pargac 1 Valentine IRc Duchess Donna Tolson 250 Royalty Duchess Carolyn Shiller Lady Evelyn Webb Lady Eileen Buss Homecoming Queen Claudia Riley And Escort Donald P Cathryn O ' Connor And Tom Tyng Attendants Rosetta Traber And Tommy Stubbs 253 Senior Personalities Rose Mary Vogt PATRICIA MORRIS The religious highlight in Nazareth Academy ' s May activities is the annual May procession and living rosary. The entire senior class and representatives from every class in school comprise the beads in the living rosary. Highlighting the impressive twi- light ceremony is the crowning of Mary as Queen of May. This year Rose Mary Vogt was delegated to present the May Queen statue with her symbolic crown. Bearing the statue of Mary to her place of honor were seniors, Patricia Morris, Linda Hausmann, Mary Aline Munsch and Mary Charlotte Huvar. 254 Honor Mary, Queen of May MARY ALINE MUNSCH MARY CHARLOTTE HUVAR 255 tm Students Themselves Set The Without God, man is but a worthless con- glomerate, for Sanctity is that wonder fully influencing element in human composition, the very essence from which all benignity is de- rived—the worthy end of alj emotions, the shining goal of life. 256 D ace For Excellence . . . English is that mysterious key whose dual duty it is to see, That the ideas and accomplish- ments of men are safely Secured and that the door to culture swings open wide. Laborious triumph over figures has more than one end. On it, psychic development, sculpture, and flexibility also depend. DAVID POZZI Mathematics 257 258 With Brilliant Inklings . . To draw out and absorb by tapping resources within, To stimulate and intrigue the ideas and emotions of men, And do with fluent grace what is not ease, Is the God-given talent of these. DONALD POZZI Speech 259 Whose Particular Endowments Ab Prompted by an unseen force which some so naively declare to be the " religion of progress, " myriad minds ever probe the maze of the universe. However, wise men o b s e r v e quite the reverse- -progress in religion, they sagely agree, is all that Science truly can be. Adding to the color in the kaleidoscope of literature, is Journalism with streamlined conciseness, characteristic of contemporary attitudes. DOROTHY WEBER Journalism 260 mm Abound And From deep in the emotions, past the point where words can go Agile notes of music easily flow. And oft times I fancy, As they penetrate my soul, that they are but tiny spirits Which men can tangibly perceive but never behold Find Balance In Obligation lo MARTHA CANO Civics MARK PATTON Sociology JUDY BAASS Library Science ROSE MARY GARZA Home Economics 262 To Utilize Their Resources Nazareth Academy seniors annually participate in the $110,000 homemaking education program sponsored by General Mills. The examinations are judged by Science Research Associates on the basis of basic homemaking attitudes and knowledge. The school winners are notified and their test papers are entered in state contests. Nancy Kouba, recipient of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award, pauses to admire her pin which illustrates the slo- gan " Home is Where the Heart Is. " St. Joseph representatives to the City Youth Council, Roger Stockbauer and Eugene Rybak, pause for a picture before attending one of the Council meetings. Hedy Gaida and Kathryn O ' Connor, reporter and vice-president of the City Youth Council, make a final check of their information before making an announcement over the public address system. 263 ■■i W£ • ' Manifesting the labors of a busy springtime like the buds of early May, that suspended, delightful time of neither spring nor sum- mer . . . --Underclassmen. Junior class officers, Cecilia Koch, vice-president, Dorothy Hyak, president Jalayne Alkek, treasurer, and Mary Ann Eschenburg, secretary, look over the prizes for the junior games party which was given to raise money for the annual Junior-Senior Prom. Juniors Realize The Value Jalayne Alkek Diana Beyer Sandra Campbell Gloria Jean De Los Santos Diane Dentler Gail Depine Sharon Dischinger Mary Eschenburg Cathy Fridell Susan Gayle Julie Gillean Maudie Gilmore Mary Lee Hoffer Dorothy Hyak Patsy Juarez Bible Week is very interesting to Dolores Mayer, Mary Lee Hoffer, Gwen Koehl, and Diana Beyer. Vivian Keclik and Evelyn Roberts watch Lydia Soto light the candles on their Advent Wreath which they erected to prepare themselves spiritually for the coming of Christ. Of Knowledge And Enthusiasm Gwendolyn Koehl Dolores Mayer Helen Pargac Elizabeth Pozzi Lillie Ramirez Sylvia Reyna Angelita Rivera Evelyn Roberts Kathy Roos Patsy Rux Lydia Soto Diana Triana Charlotte Triolo Carol Vogt Evelyn Webb CLASS OFFICERS President Roger Stockbauer Vice-President Gary Meissner Secretary Calvin Slaughter Treasurer Rudy Pena Clear Thinking Juniors Look Michael Adamcik Richard Baker Candido Casillas h Richard Chamrad Thomas Dotson Gerald Gieb John Hammack James Jackson Gary Meissner Louis Nemes John Padierna Dennis Patton Rudy Pena Edward Radimak Joseph Retiz James Schumann George Shiller Calvin Slaughter Roger Stockbauer Pt £ Upon Each Day As Another . . John Padierna and Gerald Gieb demonstrate how to make a Purchase Journal. Bob Vincent does not get much attention as he trys to read to the class. 269 George Balboa Paul Bonorden Cruz Castillo Richard Fajkus Howard Goodwin Dave Hanselka Jesse Martinez William Moreau Richard Niemann Esmergildo Nunez Glen Parkan Opportunity To Increase In ■ Mr Paul Bonorden and Esmergildo Nunez are discussing the quadratic equation. Edward Witt reads to the class during Religion. 270 CLASS OFFICERS President Howard Goodwin Secretary Robert Sisti Treasurer Paul Bonordon Maturity, Skill, And Wisdom Herbert Schoener D. X. Sengele Jerry Shelton Robert Sisti Robert Sparkman Bill Terry Robert Vacker Edward Win Joseph Pena Albert Pozzi Robert Rendon - I Sophomore class officers, Pat Goodwin, vice-president, Bene Stockbauer, president, Beth Hawes, secretary, and Debbie Hankel, treasurer, try to keep the class business and records precise, up-to-date, and correct. f Sophomores Show Evidence Of Martha Blaylock Patricia Burger Pat Caste How Velia Cervantes Nadine Frazer Theresa Garcia Pat Goodwin Susan Halepaska Mary Beth Hawes Stella Helweg Debra Henkel Betty Janca Freida Kloesel Mary Ellen Lopez Diana Pena TO 0;:. ; .; Sally I Latin students, Stella Helweg, Bene Stockbauer, and Ruby Stubbs explain one of the posters in the Latin Week display. wrt IP TfB k VL I Sophomores enjoy taking P. E. with the freshmen under the direction of Sister Patrice. ' racticality And Individualism. vlargaret Ramirez Dphelia Ramirez ally Ren don 3ette Richter dary L. Rivera 2athy Sandhofer D hyllis Sandhop 3arbara Schell ulie Sepulveda Jette Stockbauer Uiby Jo Stubbs Jetty Tagliabue Donna Tolson icky Trahan Jayle Wagner tfl CLASS OFFICERS President Kenneth Ocker Vice-President August Seiler Secretary Donald Dobbs Treasurer David Elwonger Sophomores Freely And Confidently Ve Stacy Birmingham Sam Dick Donald Dodds David Elwonger Frank Fojtik Rolla Don Gripp Robert Hebner Fred Kloesel Harry Marek Robert Moreau William Urban, Harry Marek, and Armando Torres gather around to discuss Economy, Religion, and History of India. Frank Fojtik and David Ozuna take time from their studies to pose for a picture. Venture Into A Life Of . . . Israel Rodriguez William Schramek August Seiler Michael Smith Arthur Spears Armando Torres William Urban Bernard Wagner Robert Meitzen Kenneth Ocker David Ozuna Michael Badough Ross Cue liar James De La Garza John Edgar Michael Fox Robert Fridell Henry Hagan Jerry Holub Armando Martinez Steven Miori Frank Motal Theoretical Thinking An 276 CLASS OFFICERS President Robert Fridell Secretary John Sommers Treasurer Clemence Weber x Refugio Ortiz Gerald Pargac Eulalio Rodriguez Ignatius Ruiz William Schustereit John Sommers Scott Stueve Jerry Tipton Andrew Villareal Michael Ward Clemence Weber V ,n 1 Brother Ferdinand keeps a close watch over the tenth grade boys. Jerry Tipton and Refugio Ortiz hold up the picture of St. Peters in Rome. Freshman class officers Barbara Pribyl, president, Gail Fossati, vice-president, Madeline Murphy, secretary, and Barbara Lawrence, treasurer, take time out to sing a few songs during a free afternoon period. With Increasing Self Reliance, fre Virginia Alvarado Ruth Black Helen Broderick Lydia Cantu Elizabeth Carver Jo Ann Cinotti Donna Enke Gale Fossati Velia Gutierrez Brooke Hamel Joyce Harper Carolyn Hobbs Diana Hoffer Gene Humphrey Brenda Jackson Michelle Kenney Carol Koehl Patricia Kouba Shirley Kruppa Yuvonne Lamb Barbara Lawrence tvtlt. Freshmen Seek The Ultimate Judy Nemes, Janie Rincon, Caroline Scruggs, Gene Hum- phrey, Joyce Harper, and Theresa Lopez, decorate for the Homecoming parade. Madeline Murphy, Kathy Orsak, Carol Koehl, Shirley Kruppa, Barbara Lawrence, Yuvonne Lamb, Glenda Williams, and Gale Fossati practice to be future cheerleaders at Nazareth Academy . 279 Theresa Lopez Mary Martinez Estella Mendoza Madeline Murphy Judy Nemes Kathleen Orsak Gloria Pena Candace Pierce Barbara Pribyl Janie Rincon Dianne Roberts Elenora Rossi .Purpose And Value Of Their b The high school choir including this group of freshmen, directed by Sister Irene, lend their voices in praise of God at daily Mass. Freshmen exercise each day and learn to be good athletes in their physical education class with the sophomores under Sister Patrice. it» The freshmen work enthusiastically for their candidates in the annual student council elections at Nazareth Academy. mt, ■mm j Barbara Pribyl received the first Junior Citizenship Award given at Nazareth by the Victoria Pilot Club. Everyday Successes And Difficulties. Caroline Scruggs Carolyn Shiller Linda Soliz Elaine Strelczyk Cheri Lee Urban Elvia Villarreal Margie Wearden Glenda Williams Margaret Yeary Barbara Zafereo Sandra Zatopek Janet Zowarka 1 • At A r t w •■ ■. f T $ i ? vV . fi Augustine Aguero Tim Bundick Johnny Cano Randy Carville CLASS OFFICERS President Brickley George Vice-President Darryl Stefka Secretary-Treasurer Douglas Kruppa Using The Building Blocks Of Frank Stephen Earl Henry Brickley Donald Ceballos Dornak Erikson Garcia George Goldman Bobby George James Charles Douglas Eddie Haynes Horelka Hunt Kouba Kruppa Maurer Arthur Meitzen Mike Murphy Alan Obsta Gary Orsak Dennis Strelczyk, James Hunt, and Augustine Aquero enjoy translating Spanish into English. Mike Murphy, and Douglas Kruppa get a laugh out of writing on the board. Observation, Admiration, Imitation Clarence Clark Billy Joseph Sylvan Barry Parkan Ponder Rakowitz Reyna Rossi Rux Mike Henry Frank Dennis Robert Armando Shelton Soliz Stefka Strelczyk Trenck Zamarripa a , Joe Nevlud stops reading to listen to the funny remark made by Armando Zamarripa. Kirk Jordan, Tim Bundick, and Earl Erikson work hard in the Biology room. . And Ingenuity The Freshmen la Sherman Ricky Lupe James Barnette Byars Cano Cattan Jay Robert Kenneth Bob Cohen Denison Easley Gallardo Joe Larry Bryan Kirk Halepaska Henkel Hughes Jordan f$ r i Leslie Kenneth Garcia German Clyde William Marek Matthews Robert Ortiz wants everybody to know what " Soy Ameri- cano " means in English. Jimmy Cattan and Brickley George hunting hydra in the Biology lab. Lay Groundwork For Their Future. Leroy Roland Richard Joe McCann Mills Mulligan Nevlud James Alberto Robert Joe Post Ramirez Rodriguez Schwarzbach Tommy Jimmy David Ronald Stephens Traber Wearden Zarback Robert Ortiz Daniel Soliz Robert Parsley W. J. Sparks ... ! Grammar Grades -4fflB S» ' ;sfe ■ ¥ " 4HJL Our grammar graders are generously endowed as the fresh gay, spring breeze with frolicking mischie- vousness and an eager de- sire to explore, absorb and expand. Grade School Gridders GRADES 5 AND 6 A FIRST ROW: Kruppa, Rendon, Reyna, Brown, Mikulenka, Jones, Mejia. SECOND ROW: Jaschke, Trevino, Cullen, Williams, Blaylock, Smith, Mar- tin, Harris, Rice. THIRD ROW: Schultze, Andres, Torres, Saski, Schell, Dunn, Sarlls, Miori. GRADE 7 FIRST ROW: Saenz, Nevlud, Soto, Reyna, Estes, Welder, Murphy. SECOND ROW: Orsak, Plata, Adolph, Garza, Arnold, Easley, Post, JesseGarza. THIRD ROW: Fridell, Zandonatti.Barrera, Ward, Alvarado, De Lane. GRADE 8 FIRST ROW: Morrison, Fox, Rivera, Del Papa, Tagliabus, Denison, Alvarado. SECOND ROW: Gobar, Pittman, Juarez, Smith, Balboa, Seiler. THIRD ROW: Schoener, Filley, Zeplin, Torres, Gallardo, Rouse. ABSENT: Kallus. And Cagers Are Future Flyers GRADE SCHOOL COACHES --Bro. Sylvester Burkemper, S.M.; Bro. Tim O ' Laughlin, S.M., Athletic Director; Bro. Lester Kaeh- ler, S.M. ti m. m Seiler gets one off against Craine. 7TH AND 8TH GRADE TEAM FIRST ROW: Redmon, Morrison, Nevlud, Fox. SECOND ROW: Or- sak. manager; Easley, Morales, Gobar, Tagliabue, Hebner. THIRD ROW: Perez, Seiler, Rouse, Kallus, Hingst, Sattler. MISSING: De Lane. Practice makes perfect. 289 Marylynn Adamcik Janice Marie Blanton Angelita Casillas Matilda Escalona Rose Marie Fojtik Johnnie Kay Foreman As Judy Patton, secretary, reads the minutes, Vicki Kenny, sergeant-at- arms, Kathryn Stockbauer, treasurer, Judy Hensley, president, and Karen Orsak, vice-president, eighth grade officers look on. Eighth Grade Graduates Gayle Judy Lynn Iris Diana Vicki Ganem Hensley Holeman Horadam Humphrey Kenny Linda Carol Estella Theresa Janet Virginia Klein Ley Luna Marek McCann Moraida 1 . ti ' y GayleGanem, Carol Urban, IrisHora- dam, Mary Sue Pozzi, and Abigail Schilhab prepare an exhibit. Strive To Complete Mary Sue Erlinda Diana Lou Mary Ester Abigail Kathryn Pozzi Ra mirez Reyna Rodriguez Schilhab Stockbauer Diana Jo Andrea Rosetta Carol Katherine Mary Lou T a la fuse Trahan Triolo Urban Walston Zapata The class officers Nancy Tolbert, sergeant- at- arms. Carol Baass, secretary, Karen Miori, president, Linda Miori, vice-president, and Shirley Simmons, treasurer, direct the class business, of the eighth grade in Room 302. Patricia Seger, Stephanie Harker, Charlotte Brown, and Linda Miori characterize Maids ' and Ladies ' Day, one of the many activities of the eighth grade students. Their Educational Outline. Patricia Carol Alice Anderson Baass Briones Annette Elda Beatrice DeLaurier DeLosSantos Flores Carolyn Marilyn Stephanie Hammack Hammack Harker Charlotte Brown Gail Ford Yolanda Hernandez Linda Chance Patricia Gayle ■Mary Theresa Holm Erin Cole Evelyn Gibson Donna Hubenak eMB v v mm Gail Ford, Mary Theresa Holm, and Charlotte Brown show their acting ability in the dramatization of a school play. Theresa Marek, Janet McCann, Judy Patton, and Meta Parkinson keep up with current events at the magazine rack in the high school library. Final St ro k es In . • • Shirley Diane Virginia Patricia Refugio Linda Humphrey Klein Lowery Mackrell Martinez Miori Karen Joy Frances Agnes Connie Patricia Miori Parsley Reyna Schell Schroeder Seger Edith Shirley Vivian Donna Nancy Judy Sienkiewicz Simmons Soliz Svoboda Tojbert Trevino f r : f% a a Raul Alvarado Allen Baass David Balboa Robert Barrientos Ronald Casal Rocky Del Papa Timothy Edwards George Filley Richard Fox Frank Gallardo Gilbert Guillen Walter Hilmers Jesse Juarez Mark Lamb Kenneth Miller As A Result Of Earnest Self-Application J For several years a mainstay of the grade school, Brother Ferdinand Schindler, S. M. took over the newly created position of Grade School Principal in addition to his 8A class and other duties. 294 Jack Morrison James O ' Connell Lawrence Parkan John Pena Richard Perez James Raven Hal Redmon John Rouse Allen Schoener Richard Seiler Robert Sweeney Paul Tagliabue Lupe Robles Charles VanMetre David Schumann Grade School Graduates. . . tri£ j David Balboa and Rocky Del Papa attend to their daily job feeding the fish. Brother Ferdinand and boys are looking for Victoria, Texas on the globe. 295 Brother Tim is waiting for Tony Olsovsky to make a mistake. William Shelton is paying attention, but others seem to have their minds elsewhere. Find Themselves Rapidly Robert Bailey James Barnard Richard Basaldua Albert Bustos Henry Castillo Thomas Castillo Eddie Dischinger Joseph Ennis Felix Garcia James Gobar Thomas Gregorcyk Donald Hengst Micheal Hermes James Johnson Robert Jones Thomas Kallus ■ t 8B enjoys playing football during their noon hour. James Barnard and Larry Luna play records at their leisure time. Mounting The Ladder Of Success. Larry Luna Leslie Monroe George Morales Michael Nycum Anthony Olsovsky James Orsak Raymond Pargac David Pittman Miguel Rivera William Sattler William Shelton Terry Smith Frank Torres Daniel Vahalik Matt Vianes Leslie Zeplin Rosemary Baker Elaine Beyer Brenda Bianchi Linda Cano Pamela Carver Theresa Covarrubias Karen Darter Nancy Halepaska Jean Hammack Mary T. Hernandez Joan Hobbs Frances Horadam Barbara J. Horelka Gayla Kolle Linda Kouba Jeanette Kurtz Cynthia Lazarin Mary Martinez Linda Martin Betty McCann Seventh Graders Take First Step Through Able Alice Rivera, Linda Martin, Gayla Kolle, and Genevieve Smith check their exhibit before the final judging takes place. Karen Darter, sergeant-at-arms, Linda Sparkman, secre- tary, Francis Sandhofer, treasurer, Nancy Taylor, president, and JoanHobbs, vice-president, prepare for a class meeting. Carol McMillan Shirley Mikeska Rosalie Pacheco Mary Lou Perez Melanie Pizzolato Beatrice Rincon Alice Rivera Linda Robles Gwendolyn Safar Frances Sandhofer Rosalyn Schustereit Genevieve Smith Mary M. Sommers Linda Sparkman Katherine Spears Sandra Stefka Betty Svoboda Nancy Taylor Deborah Truman Conchita Villarreal Toward Adulthood Acceptance Of Responsibility Jeanette Kurtz, Melanie Pizzolato, Sandra Stefka, Nancy Halepaska, and Jean Hammack, Mission Club officers, prepare reports for meeting. The shell exhibit in the NA science fair seems to be of particul ar interest to Gayla Kolle and Carol Urban. 299 7B seems to enjoy playing football although Patrick Cullen seems to be elsewhere. Ronald Adcock Donald Buethe Santos Alvarado Jesse Cano Gary Arnold Richard Cantu Richard Barrera Raymond Carbajal Seventh Graders Become Aware Frank Carter Patrick Cullen Richard Fossa ti Tommy Dornak Adolph Garza Ot v; Bill Melvin Easley Fabian Jesse Lupe Garza Huerta o 0% i» Christmas play practice progresses smoothly with few interruptions except for humor. Richard Fossati enjoys giving money to help his less fortunate brethren. a Ck ft v;; - " V. P Wesley Robert Larry Steve Jenkins Kaiser Marek Martinez Edward Michael Manuel Tom Meitzen Phillips Plata Post That Well Rounded Individuals Excel Richard Pozzi Henry Ramirez Tommy Sistrunk 5 Reyna Jeff Walters Robert Saenz James Ward Jimmy Sistrunk Robert Wearden - v n fs ' Wkmk iA Jimmy Sistrunk does not seem to enjoy the shocking truth that the Coke machine is out of order. . 301 9 foWfoi 4HMI p- All .rii David Allen Mario De Los Santos Byron Buckert- David Denison Donald Casal Louis Eller James De Lane Patrick Estes 7B boys look over the map of South America, our neigh- boring continent. In Spiritual, Physical, And Social Larry Fridell Milton McDonnell i - -f Everybody is enjoying the good food served at the cafe- teria. 302 Daniel Dion John Hebner Holm Kelly Tim Charles William Miori Moscatelli Murphy ?% Q , ' Tit ' ' " ' f l ( 1 ! ' ■ r W I n rs n Edward Nevlud Dennis Pozzi Michael O ' Connell Steven Rice Eddie Don Orsak Pellegrino Ralph Glenn Rojas Schrade Brother Lester is discussing the grade made by Dennis Pozzi. As Well As Intellectual Development. DPI , J-£ ' it Larry Fridell never cheats! This group of seventh- graders seems to be working in partnership with each other. Lawerence Thomas David Juan Smith Soliz Soto Vargas David Richard James Robert Villarreal Wearden Welder Zandonatti fb £5 Debbie Dickerson and Carol Welder watch Sherry Lipscomb as she performs an experi- ment in the Science lab. Julie Adamcik Nancy Jean Baass Susan Bochat Audelia Briones Mary Ruth Brush Dolores Burger Mary Jane Carter Sherrie Del Papa Debbie Dickerson Definite Personality Traits And Markec Adulthoo Ar Laurie Farber Jacqueline Gilley Brenda Helweg Carolyn Huvar Karen Jaschke Olivia Jenkins Mary Lou Johnson Martha Jordan Beverly Kruppa, Julie Schultz, and Karen Jaschke admire the interesting exhibits in the science fair. Beverly Kruppa Doris Ann Ley Sherry Lipscomb Mary Obert Mabel Oviedo Elaine Panioto Lydia Perez Connie Riggs Elvia Robles Jeanette Kurtz and Mary Jane Carter are working very diligently in their afternoon art class with Sister Margaret Mary, while Frank Carter looks Interest In Attaining Are Characteristic Of Sixth Year Nancy Baass points out to Debbie Dickerson the new fifty star flag. Irene Rodriguez Belinda Rodriguez Cecilia Ruiz Rosemary Sanchez Patricia Schraer Julie Schultz Josephine Torres Alicia Villarreal Carol Welder Brother Anthony explaining homework to Glenn Spann, Michael Filley, and Anton Haschke. Fred Sandhop and Robert Arnold help keep the bulletin board up-to-date. ex J! Sixth Graders Also Have Many Robert Arnold Michael Belcik 4 Q r % ■ ■!■ " $ f fli Q ■to ( ' Roger Barrientos Michael Cantu Rudy De Luna Robert Earman Don Eller Frank Eschenburg Michael Filley Joseph Garcia Roy Garcia William Garcia Allen Gasch Jerome Guertin David Hansen Anton Haschke Ernest Hoffer James Holeman Robert Hyak Jerry Ivicic Kenneth Kickendahl Charles Kloesel Robert Stevenson holds the attention of the sixth- graders as he gives them a few pointers on serving the Mass. Anton Haschke points out the basic understandings of the Holy Eucharist. Idealistic Dreams For The Future. Thomas Ozuna Jon Parkinson Gorman Prince Raymond Resendez Michael Reyna David Ricks Larry Schindler Glenn Spann Robert Stevenson Lawrence Tagliabue Bobby Urban Lawrence Waida Robert Walters J ohn Wearden James Whitfield Max Zamarripa John Zarbock Fred Sandhop Thomas Urban Steven Van Metre r « ft a %%1 • rfi Suzanne Moreau, Mary Beth Cory Michele George, Nancy Zatopek. and Patricia DeLeon, the class of- ficers, look over the treasurer ' s and secretary ' s note- books. Artero Iletha Darla Dolores Belcik Berkman Dora Alice Stella Bustos Canales Canales Sharon Patricia Sharon Decker DeLeon Ganem Fifth Year Students Talents And Michele Jean Thelma George Gross Gutierrez Herminia Rebecca Veronica Hernandez Hrabovsky Hubenak Kathy Barbara Rose Mary Kutchka Law Lemos Debbie Witt and Diana Pagel help Darla Berkman deco- rate the bulletin boards by hanging some of their class work. Katie Welder and Barbara Wagner honor Mary by dec- orating the May altar in their room with fresh spring flowers. Strive To Develop Increase Mental Skill t m Suzanne Susie Jeanne Moreau Nemes Obert Diana Karen Pamela Pa gel Parkinson Rakowitz Mary Dora Elizabeth Rendon Rivera Roos Vera Delia Blanche Scruggs Soliz Torres Sylvia Beatrice Roseanna Uresti Vega Villa franca Barbara Katie Deborah Wagner Welder Witt Michele Nancy Zatopek F ' ' Sharon Ganem, Linda Hanselka. and Kathy Kutchka dec- orate their room to celebrate the birthday of Christ. 309 Don Andres Felix Benitez John Blaylock Salvador Cano Albert Chamrad Genero Cortez Robert Fabian David Fossati Frank Ganem David Jaschke Mark Jones Mark Jordan Curtis Martin John Martin Salvador Mascorro Joseph Mejia James Mikulenka Impressed By The Scientific Pace Don Andres is busy copying the assignments for the week. 310 Brother Sylvester looks over the map with Matt Seger and James Yamin looking on. Mark Zafereo and David Jaschke help decorate the altar. Mark Jordan, Garland Pohler, and James Pozzi look over a rock collection. Of The Era And God ' s Gifts . . . Ronald Miori Thomas Moscatelli Frank Nevlud Daniel Pina Garland Pohler James Pozzi Randy Rice Richard Rodriguez Paul Rojas Joseph Saenz Matt Seger Ronald Shelton John Spears Ronald Trevino Adrian Valle Daniel Vrana James Yamin Mark Zafero - f ft ■I fL-L ft 4 ? $ Brother William checking over the division problems on the board. Joe Sarlls and Jimmy Harris cut out pictures for Brother William ' s collection. . . .Of Creation, Fifth Graders Explore John Anderson C Q Ck Q " i ? f I Michael Brown Michael Cullen Hugo De Los Santos Brian Dunn Kenneth Garcia Thomas Halepaska Steven Hamel James Harris Eddie Hehmke Nicholas Holm Thomas Janecek Larry Kovar Donald Kruppa William Ley Warren McCann Brother William enjoys showing boys of 5B different countries on the globe. The Minor Mysteries Of Nature. 5B boys eagerly take part in class meetings Hipolito Rodriguez David Sanchez Joseph Sarlls James Schell Larry Saski Donald Schrade James Schraer John Schulze Robert Smith Richard Sweeney Remigio Torres Edwin Trenck David Vianes Ronald Williams Ronald Zandonatti Mark Pesek George Rendon C± 9 fl| ? f ?, - 3 4 V ■ A fe A V r:i. £!) ffS fli l i % i Sylvia Aguilar Margaret Ara Bernadette Brosch Dolores Garza Evelyn Guillen Theresa Hernandez Helen Hunt Dolores Martinez Patricia Matthews Phyllis Marthijohni Evelyn Motal Margaret Norris Faye Pagel Yolanda Paz Irene Ramirez Mary Ann Redmon Higher Levels Of Learning Give Fourth Faye Pagel, Mary Ann Redmon, Bernadette Brosch, Evelyn Motal, and Carmenza Galvez, sixth grade class officers, like to straighten sisters desk. Gr 314 Helen Hunt, Phyllis Marthijohni, and Patri- cia Matthews decorate their room with var- ious religious papers. Diana Sanchez Lupe Torres Paulita Valle Betty Cano Janie Casillas Olga De La Garza Herlinda De Luna Yolanda F lores Carmenza Galvez Irene Luna Rosa Martinez Andrea Padierna Irma Rincon Graders A More Clear Understanding. These boys, who were fourth-graders at Nazareth Academy last year, entertained all of the classes with a short humor- ous presentation. Mr. Fritz Herr, photographer for Nazareth Acadamy, takes a picture of one of the grade school children. 315 These fourth graders are working diligently to become experts in one of America ' s favorite sports, baseball. The boys in Sister Marie ' s fourth grade elected Joe Carruth, Steve Kolle, Arthur Meyer, Gary Halepaska, Paul Obert, Jody Charbula, and Robert Dodds to fill the positions of class officers in their room. Abel Barrera Joe Carruth Johnny Carver Of The Facilities Anastacio Castaneda Joseph Charbula Robert Dodds Michael Drost Patrick Edwards Pete Elizondo Harry Erikson Carl Fabre Candelario Garcia Johnny Garner Howland Gilley Gary Halepeska Sam Hernandez Gary Horelka Dennis Huvar I Rodney Klein James Knippa Stephen Kolle Robert Lau Edward Machicek John Mares Joe Marez Paul Martin Terry Martin Arthur Meyer Paul Obert Pat Parkinson James Rossett James Sarkis Kenneth Smith ft ft E. L. Traber Wayne Urban Joseph Vahalik Eugene Vrana And Activities Of The World About Them Jimmy Knippa, Harry Erikson, Jimmy Rossett, Paul Obert, Kenneth Smith, and Carl Fabre are very interested in the study of different insects as viewed under the microscope. Gary Halepaska points out one of the many scenes in Christ ' s life on earth, while Emil L. Traber has a question about it. Elizabeth Taylor, Alice Pozzi, and Gail Gaass add last minute touches to their exhibit they entered in the annual Science Fair. Jo Nell Arnold Gail Baass Mary Barrientos Linda Blanton Nancy Bochat Margaret Bolech Carol Cullen Kathy Faltysek Nancy Fossati Yolanda Garcia Susan Gasch Ann Marie Hatch Lorrin Hernandez Sandra Hobbs Joan Konarik To Develop A Christ-Lih Attitude Is The Goal O Alice Pozzi, Elizabeth Taylor, Donna Lyssy, Christine Rojas, and Karen Strawbridge honor Mary by erecting a May altar to her. Me lira Murphy and Joseph Carruth served as representatives to the annual May Fete celebra- tions of the local Presbyterian Day School. Last year when they were third-graders, they were elected by popular vote to represent the primary grades of Nazareth Academy. Both Fourth And Sixth Graders Darlene McMillan Lynette Miller Melita Murphy Aline O ' Connell Sharon O ' Neal Sharon Patek Alice Pozzi Christine Rojas Karen Strawbridge Elizabeth Taylor Gloria Trevino Martha Ward Virginia Wearden Brenda Zepeda Linda Zepeda Delaine Luna, C a ther ine Velasquez, Marilyn Franke, and Gregory Waida admire books in the new elementary library. Mark Arlis Olga Rosemary Robert Allen Belcik Benavidez Blank Braun Margaret A . Norma L. Betty J. Marilyn Sue Canales Cardenas Colston Franke Third Year Mark Gary Monica Edward Julia Ann Menke Payne Pilat Rice Robert Manuel Doris Dorothy Rivera Rossett Strelczyk Strelczyk Third-graders, Marilyn Franke and Jerome Vahalik, show scientific ability by working on an exhibit for the science fair. The Development Of Avid Donnie Truman finds that playing the piano is just as enjoyable as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Caren Donald Jerome M. Catherine Trahan Truman Vahalik Velasquez Uvis Richard Gregory Linda Ann Wagner Wagner Waida Wieland • f 1 T £ Charts prove to Madeline Cantu, Donald Jenkins, Lupe Martinez, Raymond Reyna, and Janie Del Papa that arithmetic can be fun. Cynthia Guajard 3 William Halepaska Rudy Kieth t t John Donald Sandra it % Holm Jenkins Kaiser ■A Dennis Kenneth Sandra Knippa Krejci Kruppa V- Kathleen Barbara James Madeline Beyer Bochat Burger Cantu Judy Steve Jenny Jim DeLane DeLeon Del Papa Goodwin . . .Little Scholars With fo Debra Sarkis, Randy Schrade, Dennis Knippa, and James Burger are working on a new numbers chart with Sister Lawrence. ■ T m Dorothy Marek, and Kenneth Krejci watch Judy DeLane as she lights the candles on their Advent Wreath. Dorothy Maria Linda Stephen Marek Martinez Mikulenka Motal Kenneth Morris Reynaldo Mary Rose Nitschman O ' Neal Rendon Resendez [Polished) Primary Skills, Raymond Reyna Gary Rybak Mary E. Vogt Steve DeLeon, Kathleen Beyer, Mary Vogt, and Rybak broaden their knowledge of geography by stu the world globe. Gary dying Beth Obert, Morgan Dunn, Jim Janda, Frank Wearden, and Cynthia Hajek share an avid interest in the study of geography. n. f Robert Kenneth Rawley Adamcik Anderson Brown Ann Deborah Kerry Buren Coffey Darter Phylis Buckert Linda Decker Gloria Ann De La Garza 1 ( Anxious To Move On To Morgan Beatrice Dunn Garcia Yolanda Albert Hinojosa Humphrey Diana Jennifer Hajek Hammack Mike Donald Huvar Hybner Beatrice Garcia, Phylis Buchert, Donald Hybner, Rawley Brown, and Ann Buren enjoy reading books from their own classroom library. Jim Janda Beth Obert Cynthia Patek Theresa Moreau Rudy Ozuna Sue Mores David Pagel Timothy Tyng, Stefani Sienkiewicz, and John Svoboda are proving that they know their numbers well. Meet Elementary Challenges. Sister Agnes helps her third-graders to develop the correct technique of study- ing their lessons. Joe Perez Stefani Sienkiewicz Frank Wearden Rox Ann Esperanza Mary P Preiss Rodriguez Seger John Tim Theresa Svoboda Tyng Villarrea 1 iVT v |B. ifi tfwkS 3 ? Tommy Braun Raymond Casella Kort Angerstein Cynthia Carver Vivian Fabre Thomas Canales Roy Ekstrum ft Jesse Cano Steven Hizondo This grinning pumpkin is of great interest to Karen Lau and Nancy Carter. Fascinated With Newly c ou Tommy Huston, Jane Vivion, Kort Angerstein, Cynthia Helweg, and Bernard Seger study animal life in the laboratory. 326 William Garcia Rachel Hrabovsky Karen Lau Robert Deborah Linda -T3. Halepeska Hermes Hobbs 1p Mark Patrick Jean Marie Jarisch Jordon Kern «» One of the fondest memories of the second graders is the reception of their First Holy Communion. Found Talents, Ambitious fS ff © « Thomas Schell Bernard Seger Eileen Urban Elaine Tanner Marvin Zatopek Eileen and Kathleen Urban, and Billy Simmons show off their exhibit during the Science Fair. 327 Roy Ekstrum, Vivian Fabre, and Margaret Vivion are admiring their First Holy Communion pictures which were taken last year. Second graders look upon the task of coloring in work- books as a serious problem. . Second Graders Push Onward lo Pamela Brown Chris Buckert Nancy Carter Pearl Casares Daniel Coffey Rose M. DeLeon Edna De Los Santos Bernard Garcia Diane Gilley Cynthia Helweg Margaret Hernandez Charles Innocenti Stephen Janda Dudley Klein Patricia Lau These second-graders, taught by Sister Callista, learn many new and interesting things, including the use of the calendar. Chris Buckert, Veronica Barrientos, Donna Gail Schaar, and John Riggs learn their reading lessons more thoroughly by acting out the stories in their books. r o Greater Accomplishments. Samuel Lopez Robert Martin Deborah Nickols Jeffery Orsak Joy L. Pagel Daniel Perez Elizabeth Rendon John Riggs John P. Rojas Donna Schaar Lawrence Soliz Billy Stefka Don Stockbauer Cynthia Urban Margaret Vivion Bohumil Vrana Emilie Zatopek .■m Linda King Gilbert Agirre Lydia Belcher Agnes Bitterly Mary P. Bochat James Casal Helen Charbula Richard Cortez Russell Franke Bertha Gamez Irma Gamez Melinda Garcia Ralph Garcia Marianela Gonzales Larry Haag Katie Sue Henderson Filled With Vitality And 1 Michael Kolle shows Tim Strawbridge and Robert Angerstein the correct way for first-graders to print the alphabet. Barbara Hubenak watches Darlene Miller, Marianela Gonzales, Steven Jaschke, James Casal, and Katie Sue Henderson practice reading in their new books. Anne Holm Barbara Hubenak Steven Jaschke Kathy Kurtz John Maraggia Joseph Mares Ronnie McGee Darlene Miller Mary Ann Post Cynthia Riemenschneider Kathleen Sarkis Dorothy Schwarzbach Von Ruben Tuch Marian Wearden William Woodring t 6k in magination The First Graders Kelly Dunn, Diane Knippa, and Keith Martin find that it is fun to study the characters in the stories in their school books. Richard Cortez, Kathleen Sarkis, Joseph Mares, and John Maraggia listen attentively while Dorothy Schwarz- bach reads. Sandra Wenglar, Gary Riley, Jane Sutherland, Patricia Bolech, Belinda Garcia, and Ray Arnold show that when all work is done there is still time to play. Learning words by means of pictures seems to be fun as shown by this group of first-graders in Sister Mary Grace ' s room. Find Each Day To Be U Sandra Agirre Wanda Agirre Ray Arnold Gail Bianchi Patricia Bolech Manuel Cantu Fernando De La Garza Bridget Faltysek Jack Foster Belinda Garcia Rosa Garcia Paul Gwosdz Sylvia Hinojosa Ricky Innocenti Troy Jarisch Joyce Kouba Dennis Ley Marilyn Maraggia Kay Martin Charlotte Mikulenka Arthur Montez Diane Ortiz Mary Beth Pargac Patricia Paz Gary Riley Santiago Rodriguez Roberta Schroeder Jane Sutherland Richard Trevino Deah Vollers K Delightful Adventure Joyce Kouba, Rosalinda Garcia, Santiago Rodriguez, Troy Jarisch, and Kay Martin take time out to read a few fairy tales. The first-graders in Room 204 seem anxious to answer Sister Mary Grace ' s question. Michael Kolle Gloria Lipscomb Robert Angerstein Mary M. Beyer Mary Canales Susan Cory Kelly Dunn Mary H. Filley Martha Flores Danny Fridell Michael Garcia Henry Guajardo Fred Hoffer Susan Humphrey Sharon Jurica Diane Knippa Don Koehn With New Skills Sister Alma ' s students show their appreciation by bring- ing her a lovely bouquet. Bill Welder and Kelly Dunn learn the alphabet from Sister Alma ' s chart. Even the first-graders know how to study and use their class time wisely. The first-graders in Room 216 learn their numbers by using the number chart. knowledge And Friends. Mark Moreau Gregory Nevlud Martin Rice William Rooksberry Linda Rosas Bill Sarlls Robert Soliz Patrick Smith Tim Strawbridge Susan Svodoba Mary Susan Taylor Arthur Velasquez Randall Wieland William Welder Janice Wurz Patrick Martin Debra McSpadden Ml ' V " Advertisements Our generous advertisers, reflecting the beating of the very pulse of the nation in the flicker of the multi- colored lights on clever displays, proclaim the right of Americans to work and expand. Compl iments of VICTORIA HARDWARE CO. 217-221 South Main Edith Ohrt, Eileen Lowery, and Ada Ann Fagan ex- amine annuals. LULU ' S 1 13 E. Const i tution Victoria, Texas PATRONS Mrs. Joe M. Pickering Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Wagner, Jr. Niblack Slenderizing System J. A. McFaddin Estate F. M. Seger, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Killough F. C. Urban Jr. F. B. Obsta Dentler ' s Mobil Service Mr. and Mrs. Stoner Daniel and Family Mrs. J. V. Hopkins R. H. Cory and P. J. Tibiletti Matocha ' s Barber Shop Dr. Gilliam R. W. Ward, M. D. Ernest C. Mooney, M. D. Newsarama HA. Abshier Nelson Puett and Associates Pat Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Vanelli and Family Edgar Food Mkt. Mr. David Lee Buchanan, Jr. Paul S. Beyer A. Briones Joe Orsak Mr. and Mrs. Marion Stubbs and Family Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Riley M. 0. SIMON CO. Victoria, Texas VICTORIA OLIVER CO, Amos J. Hosek Construction Co. GENERAL CONTRACTOR — RESIDENTIAL. COMMERCIAL! Office: Dial HI 5-3139 -:- Residence: Dial HI 5-3842 101 E. Sabine VICTORIA, TEXAS ALEMAN ' S RESTAURANT 512 S. Glass Street CAPITOL BUTANE RIG SERVICE INC. Victoria, Texas HI 3-7421 Whatcha mean, you ' re tired, we ' re only half finished 1 Deri Uoud P er ptbcforg iapJuj PH. HI 5-2962 106 SOUTH LIBERTY STREET. VICTORIA, TEXAS Compl iments of ALKEK OIL CORPORATION Your Sinclair Distributor Compl iments of REUTER GROCERY MARKET Compl iments of CATHOLIC WAR VETERANS ST. JOHN 1 S POST 1269 Compl iments of MODERN CLEANERS " Your clothes ' best friend " 501 E. North in the Village Compl iments of RIP ' S CAFE Compl iments of MRS. L. CASAS VILLAGE E 00 ?..T LEONARD " S WELDING REPAIR SERVICE Rt. 2 Box 36- A Victoria Texas David Hanselka has his sheep in first-class condition for the final decision of the judges. Compl iments of DANIEL AWNING MATTRESS CO, . ft. THE FINEST NITE CLUB FOR PRIVATE PARTIES CALL HI 5-5047 or HI 5-9109 THE WESTERNER John Manuel Vi 1 1 afranca Manager Julia Rose Mican, Paula Pribyl, Judy Baass, Mary Kathryn De Los Santos, and Edith Ohrt forgot to say " cheese " . TAFT IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Sales and Service 901 E. North St. Victoria, Tex. LAUNDERWELL LULLABY DIAPER SERVICE Wet Wash - Fluff Dry Bachelor Bundles Pick Up Delivery Shirts and Dry Cleaning 509 N. Main St. - Victoria, Texas Compl iments of D. W. MARSHALL CONSTRUCTION CORP. 007 E. North Victoria, Texas VICTORIA WHEEL ALIGNING CO, 203 East Rio Grande Victoria, Texas NEUMANN FOOD STORE Meats Groceries Homemade Sausage and Bacon Corner E. Juan Linn Blooming ton Road Phone HI 3 " 9332 IT H E LATESII r f IN HAIR STYLES! VELMA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Frank Barnett HI 5-7581 Edna Ohrt HI 3-2719 Telferner, Texas ACAPULC0 RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals 507 S. Bridge Victoria, Texas Comp 1 iments of VICTORIA SHOE SHOP 216 S. Main Victoria, Texas Comp 1 iments of MR. AND MRS. ED GAIDA YORK OIL CORPORATION P.O. Box 3506 Phone HI 5 " 1 9 Houston Highway VICTORIA, TEXAS Rita Wearden, Yolanda Soto, and Ada Ann Fagan fill in forms for Senior rings. Compliments of St. Joseph ' s FIFTH GRADE-B CLASS Shoes for RICHARDSON ' S Men Women OF Chi Idren VICTORIA 106 N. Main Street YOUR MODEL MARKETS LONE TREE SHOPPING CENTER TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER VICTORIA TYPEWRITER COMPANY Everything for the Office Post Office Box 2Gh 210 S. Main Victoria, Texas H. E. B. FOOD STORES 703 N. Main 2702 N. Laurent Texas Gold Stamp Center 2702 N. Laurent RAINES HUMBLE STATION at Main Rio Grande VICTORIA COMPANY THE TEXAS COAST 1 S MOST MODERN BANK m PATRONS Our Lady of Victory Altar Society Victoria Floor Surfacing Victoria Hospital Mr. Kenneth Tipton Newway Cleaners Mrs. Julius Moore Mitchell Cleaners Lloyd C. Jones, M. D. Aleman ' s Restaurant Mrs. Opal P. Fagan Mr. Garland J. Rather The Victor Rybak Family Maude Hanley Scott Insurance Agency Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Soliz and Family Nancy Little and Susan Able Miss Mary Dolores Pozzi Phil ' s Place Gebhardt Planing Mill Mr. Leonard Koehl Baass Brother ' s Concrete Co. The George Barrios Family H S Water Well Service Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Halepeska B E Drive Inn Mr. Robert J. Hewitt Angerstein ' s Markets Mrs. Tommy Orsak Cresent Valley Country Store The Joe Reyna Family Colonial Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schell Southern Fence Co. Mr. Robert S. Strand Plaza Gift and Hobby Shops Mr. and Mrs. Alfons Pavlicek and Family St. Joseph ' s Eighth Grade B DICK 1 S FOOD STORES " Everyth i ng That 1 s Good To Eat " THE SQUIRE SHOP Village Shopping Center Dodson Tractor Company Inc. " lEnfflSnl P. O. BOX 185 TELEPHONE HI 5-2255 VICTORIA, TEXAS Service S upplu ot Victoria, Jrnc. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS PLUMBING INDUSTRIAL. REFRIGERATION M V SANDHOFER. PRts 1319 GOLIAD HWY VICTORIA. TEXAS HlLLCHEST 3-2434 Compl iments of MR. S- MRS. GUS HERNANDEZ AND FAMILY VICTORIA PACKERS Attention Housewives: Save 30% Hal f of Whole 35% lb. Plus Processing Ph : HI 3-2 39 Victoria, Texas HI 5-2821 Sunday: 11 a.m. -8:00 p.m. Weekdays: MAMMY 1 S CAFETERIA 2902 N. Laurent Street 1 :00 a.m. -2:30 p.m. h:30 p.m. -8:00 p.m. Comp 1 i ments of VICTORIA TRANSFER STORAGE Compl iments of GEORGE BARRIOS Compl iments of OUR LADY OF VICTORY PATT0N GROCERY 501 Port Lavaca Drive VICTORIA PHARMACY 512 E. Rio Grande Comp 1 iments of N A JUNIOR CLASS Compl iments of STOCKBAUER S- ZEPLIN BUICK OPEL G-M-C Compl iments of JOSEPH L. C0NTI Congratu 1 at ions to EILEEN L0WERY from KATHRYN VIRGINIA L0WERY E. E. DISCHINGER SERVICE STATION 2103 Houston Highway Victoria, Texas m DURHAM ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE Introduction to touch-system on IBM Key Punch. NANCY TAYLOR MODELING COURSE In " Nancy Taylor " we learn that good posture is essential to being well groomed. PATRONS Compl iments of N. A. 1 Mr. Leo J. Welder SENIOR CLASS Mr. Oscar Phillips The Kelly Family Ronnie Sistrunk Mr. and Mrs. Pete Cantu and Family Dr. and Mrs. Allen Shields Mr. and Mrs. John Welder Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dean Mr. and Mrs. Hugh B. Lowery Overseas Veterans Dr. and Mrs. David L. Heinrich Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pribyl Joi n Charles Gutierrez VICTORIA V. F. W. POST 4146 Mr. W. W. Kilgore Mr. G. Lucchese Mr. John Bianchi Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Baass Mr. and Mrs. Manuel A. Velasco Mr. and Mrs. Armour Fagan A Friend Jet Drive Inn Odorless Cleaners Sewing Bee Victoria Radio and Sound Compl iments of SENIOR A OF ' 64 1 RED S- WHITE FOOD CENTER 1 1702 Ben Wi Ison Street Fresh Meat Fruits Grocery Beer Vegetables Compl iments of GREESON DAIRY Compl iments of You r Home Town Milk Man CITY DRUG Kemper Williams Insurance Agency 301 Victoria Bank . Trust Building, V ictoria, Texas Phone HI 3-6281 MRS. ELLA WEPRECK MOTOR SUPPLY GROCERY MARKET P. 0. Box 674 Victoria Texas We Del iver HI 3-7419 1 ■ VICTORIA BASEBALL CLUB " ROSEBUDS " LENTZ FEED SEED CO. FEED, SEEDS AND INSECTICIDES Car Lot Dealers in Corn and Sma 11 Gra i n Wholesale Dealers in Field Seeds and Insecticides Phone HI 3-249 1 205 N. George St. RAMSEY ' S FRIED CHICKEN Chicken to go (Box) 2101 N. Laurent Phone HI 3-4645 Compl iments of ST. JOSEPH SOPHOMORE CLASS A Compl iments of MR. AND MRS D. R. MILES JANECEK FOOD MKT ' S. 305 E. Water Street Phone HI 5-2261 2004 E. North Street Phone HI 3-3161 Josephine Serrata, Eileen Dodds, and Julia Mican check advertising accounts. ALFRED LAWRENCE AUTO SERVICE Business Phone HI 3-2603 406 W. North Street Victoria Texas COMPLIMENTS OF Di St eta no Cerna Architects Engineers VAHALIH BROS. 2002 Navarro Victoria, Texas POOL HOOPER GENERAL INSURANCE 1 16 E. CONSTITUTION ST. PHONE HI. 3-2453 VICTORIA, TEXAS B B CLEANERS Mr. 5- Mrs. D. Basaldva, Owners 1104 E. Juan Linn Victoria, Texas Compl iments of TOTAH ' S PHARMACY 3402 N. Ben Wi Ison " IF WE DID IT - ITS CLEAN " tf S LAUNDRY HAROLD P. DOBBINS. Prop Victoria. Texas Phone HI 3-2112 1502 N. Main L I Tommy Stubbs, Dennis Basaldua, Sammie Wiest, Henry Schramek, Donald Pozzi, Ward Steber, Ber- nard Kloesel, Eugene Rybak, Bill Vincent, Robert Gillean, Ray Bomersbach pose for picture. Nancy Hanna, Carrol Wagner, and Anne Gomez mail out bills for adver- tisement. Compl iments of BOB EARMAN " When Your Spirits Are Low, " See TRABER ' S LIQUOR STORE Comp 1 iments of VICTORIA MACHINE WORKS Compl i merits of VICTORIA BEAUTY COLLEGE 1508 North Laurent Victoria, Texas Phone HI 5- 526 Compl iments of ALBERT HEINRICH MAINTAINER SERVICE HI 3-7237 FALLIS SALES AND SERVICE Floor Covering-Venetian Blinds Art Suppl i es 401 E. North Compl iments of VAL D. HUVAR Compl iments of MR. MRS. FABIAN GARCIA AND FAMILY CAMO ELECTRIC CO. COMPLETE ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICE MOTOR AND GENERATOR REPAIRING AND REWINDING 707 S.MOODY PHONE HI 3-9582 VICTORIA. TEXAS Compl iments of CO-ED BEAUTY SHOP 2105 E. Lone Tree Rd. Compl iments of RON BROWN REAL ESTATE BOULEVARD BARBER SHOP In the Victoria Pharmacy Bldg. 203 N. Depot Open 8-6 HI 5-1512 Home and Hospital Calls Congratu 1 at ions MR. MRS. C. D. HAMFF SONS Byron Buckert is all set to show his entry in the Fat Stock Show. Compl i merits of the NAZARETH ACADEMY PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Officers of the P. T. A. RATHERS HUMBLE STATION 2909 North Laurent Victoria Texas " When looking for fun and enjoyment, do your bowling at the PALACE BOWLING CENTER " Houston Highway Victoria, Texas PREISS BEAUTY SHOP 1 1 5 East Santa Rosa HI 5-3911 Mr. S- Mrs. Clarence Preiss G. A. ZIMMER-DISTRIBUTORS 2208 Simon Drive Victoria, Texas Phone HI 3-7927 HI 3-7035 Claudia Riley congratulates newly elected Drum Ma- jor, Kathy Roos. ROJAS FOOD MARKET 712 E. Virginia Victoria Texas Congratu 1 at ions MR. MRS. J. MARK PERRY VICTORIA FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY 2501 Cal 1 is HI 3-2497 Victoria, Texas EDDIE BROWN ' S MOTEL 1708 Houston Highway Victoria, Texas Home of Texas League S- All School Visiting Teams REASERS MODERNO DRIVE- II AND RESTAURANT Best Service in Town Charco- Burgers Chicken Bucket 3.50 Comp 1 iments of VICTORIA FARM RANCH SUPPLY Compl iments of HOMER A. MARTIN, JR. HARDING PARKER Victoria ' s Professional Drug Store Victoria Texas C W A, INC. Dump Trucks Bulldozers Ma i ntainers Sand-Gravel -Road Gravel - Pal last Oil Field Roadbui lding Phone HI 3-3236 Comp 1 i ments of OUR LADY OF LOURDES CHURCH KILLEBREW S GARAGE Automatic Transmission Service Phone HI 3-2322 SLADES OF VICTORIA THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE PUBLISHING CO DEAN TRUMAN VAN S STORAGE RUSSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, Authorized Agency Remington Rand Phone HI 3-4421 107 W. Santa Rosa Come and See Us ' . 1326 E. Red River St. Woodlawn Bowling Center HI 5-5586 ANTON ALKEK GROCERY Phone HI 5-2347 714 South Bridge £ Phone HI 3-261 1 1707 N. Main COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. MIORI PLUMBING HEATING CO INC. Phone HI 5 " 376l 1609 N. Laurent Comp 1 i ments of ARTERO MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME VICTORIA COUNTY ELECTRIC COMPANY Box 589 Victoria, Texas Compl iments of PLACEDO GIN Albert K. Pargac, Owner Placedo, Texas WHITES STORES INC 2606 N. Laurent HI 3-9149 TOTAH ' S MOTEL RESTAURANT HI 5-551 1 Houston Highway Victoria, Tex. Compl iments of DUNLAP ' S VICTORIA SWEET SHOP Bread, Cakes, and Pastry 1 18 E. Constitution HI 3-626 Yuvonne Lamb, Carol Hensley, Karen Buesing, and Sandra Zatopek are keeping in practice. OMA 1 S CAFE 10 W. Santa Rosa Victoria, Texas Baldwin Pianos Organs HAUSCHILD ' S Magnavox-Zeni th T.V. Stereo Phonos MODERN APPLIANCE BUTANE CO. Victoria, Texas RENDON 1 S DRUG 610 South Moody Phone HI 3-9661 Compl iments of VALLEY GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS BILL MILLER ' S FOOD MARKET Victoria, Texas Domestic Imported Foods PHONE: HI 5-3171 RES. PHONE: HI 3-7924 iIianciiidA UJeaulu C)alan " WHERE HAIR STYLING IS AN ART " 1405 VILLAGE DRIVE VICTORIA. TEXAS 1HE FARM A. M. GROLL GROCERY DIAL HI-5-9183 ROUTE 3, BOX 17 on HIGHWAY 59 VICTORIA. TEXAS WESEMEIER FLORIST 802 East North Street Victoria, Texas Phone HI 3-9137 CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE FATHERS CLUB OF ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL ATZENHOFFER CHEVROLET CO. P.O. Box VICTORIA, TEXAS Telephone HI 5-1495 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Now it ' s time to plan for the future. And whether your plans are settled or not, remember this: your own South Texas is a land of Promise. New industries are moving into South Texas . . . established industries are growing. Central Power and Light Company is proud of the hundreds of graduates of South Texas high schools and colleges who are on our electric service team . . . working and building for a greater South Texas. CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY BLAN ' S HAIR FASHION 2901 North Ben Jordon GSSSSSySi Uuafilq MEATS URBAN ' S GROCERY MARKET 302 E. Water St. FREL ' S THEATERS INC. Uptown Victoria Venus Lone Tree Victoria Texas ZARSKY LUMBER CO. INC, P.O. Box 321 Congratu 1 at ions LEON 1 S TOWN COUNTRY CENTER Victoria, Texas Marbles are very popular at recess. DENVER HOTEL GARAGE 101 S. Wi 1 1 iam Tibes • Tubes - Home and Auto Supplies GEORGE PICKERING 201 West Rio Grande :: Phone: HI. 3-4349 VICTORIA, TEXAS PLAZA GIFT HOBBY Two Stores To Serve You Downtown In The Village VICTORIA ' S ONLY COMPLETE BOOK STATIONERY STORE On the -Alcade in the -Village BOOK MART 26M-C N. LAURENT • PHONE HI 3-3123 VICTORIA. TEXAS Come in ana iuiowse Ui ouna J. W. PETTY, JR. BOOKS LYDIA PETTY PAPER ctoriaNational Of VICTORIA, TEXAS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION VICTORIA PLUMBING COMPANY F. L. FOSSATI Proprietor 506 E. Juan Linn St. Victoria, Texas HANSELKA ELECTRIC SERVICE Licensed Electrician Electric Wiring Contracting Fixtu res HI 3-6921 1607 N. Laurent Victoria Texas BOYD HALL INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance - Real Estate Phone HI 3-2455 405-A North Main Street Victoria Texas MELVIN 1 S TOTS TO TEENS Town Country Lone Tree Shopping Center Shopping Center Victoria, Texas MIKE STEVEN ' S COMPANY 106 W. Goodwin HI 5-1461 ALL TYPES OF FINANCING EAST END LUMBER COMPANY HI 3-3271 302 N. Hummel P.O. Box 322 Victoria, Texas VICTORIA REFRIGERATION COMPANY ...Premium Quality bread Z fcfy atoC tycfay,d u t HolsURl HEINKE ' S PHARMACY 102 South Main Victoria HI 3-6367 Texas VICTORIA AUTO SUPPLY MACHINE SHOP Complete Machine Shop Automotive Parts and Supplies 105 W. Santa Rosa Phone Victoria, Texas HI 5-1431 m GROCE-WEARDEN CO 908 96 " Over Fifty Golden Years In The Golden Crescent " Victoria, Texas Branches At: (Home Office) Bay City Corpus Christi Donna Featuring SOU T H TEXAS y 4 yctcCtl ryL ' ICTORIA, TEXAS ROBERT ' S PAINT BODY WKS . 4 1 S. Vine St. Robert C. Gallardo Owner Phone HI 5-3063 Rita Wearden, Mary Aline Munsch and Mary Louise Urban relax after working hard on advertising. Sales Rentals HYAK-REALTY COMPANY Realtors of Residential Business Farm Properties Welcome To Call 3-4562 The Hyak Building Monday Thru 503 1 2 N. Main St. Saturday ICTORIA. TEXAS STOWERS McCABE-CARRUTH FUNERAL HOME --c£St ££r-e4St NO E. SANTA ROSA ST. • HI 3-2437 Good Luck Seniors Tap-Modern Jazz Ac robat i c- Ba 1 1 room Compliments of LILLIAN CAIN SCHOOL OF DANCING GRADY YARBROUGH Insurance is our spec i al ty--not a sideline " 204 South Texas Savings Bldg. HI 5-2321 DYSART INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance Real-Estate Victoria National Bank Building Schell, Wagner, and Mudd sport new football jackets. RESTAURANT l?RIVE-IN CATER»N r 3502 Houslon Highway • Victoria. Texas BEBRICK COMPANY Baked Enamel Auto Painting 1414 North Laurent Victoria Texas Comp 1 iments of THE TURF Downtown Victoria TV Nightly Phone HI 3-4722 HILL COUNTRY BARBECUE Spec ial i z i ng in U.S. Choice Government Meats Phone HI 5-5561 Bert Coryell Buddy Rose A. C. ADCOCK JR. HUMBLE SERVICE STATION 1507 North Navarro Victoria, Texas URBAN CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors for Residential and Commercial Construction Complete Planning, Drafting, Estimating Service Dial Hi 5-1601 VICTORIA ICE COMPANY 501 E. Juan Linn HI 5-31 1 1 VICTORIA INVESTMENT COMPANY Personal Auto Furniture HANCOCK MANUFACTURING COMPANY Awning Outside Blinds N. DeLeon St. HI 5 " 357 Compl iments of DR. ALLAN STEELE JONES AUTOMOTIVE 312 W. River Victor i a Texas Compl iments of TIMBERLAKE MOTORS BARQ ' S NESBITT ' S CO. 1218 E. Rio Grande HI 5-2512 Victoria Texas Compl iments of THE FISH NOOK 807 E. Rio Grande Compl iments of WEST END HATCHERY FEED 1403 Port Lavaca Drive TEMPLE LUMBER CO. 901 E. Juan Linn Victor i a HI 3-4325 Texas JACK HOOD TYPEWRITER 1009 E. Rio Grande AMERICAN BANK OF COMMERCE Victoria, Texas LA FIESTA RESTAURANT " Excellent Mexican Foods " on the Boulevard CATTAN ' S FOOD MARKET 2112 N. Navarro Street Victoria Texas Seniors show off their hard earned letters and jackets. GLAMOUR BEAUTY LOUNGE 1 12 E. Forest Street Victoria Texas CAPITOL BUTANE RIG SERVICE, INC. Service the Texas Gulf Coast " Phone HI 3-7421 SMART SHOP 120 N. Main St. Victoria, Texas Compl iments of THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS p R I M O POCO RIP P-44151 An outstanding son of Poco Bueno is POCO RIP P-44151 who is making his mark as a great cutting horse. Stud fee $300. COLONEL FROST P-66332 COLONEL FROST P-66332 is high point stallion during his show career, 1958. Now a champion reining horse. Stud fee, $550. STABLES Also at stud: $200 Ann ' s Hollywood $200 Poco Rip, Jr. $250 Mr. Harmon Route 3, Box 219 Phone HI 5-1068 Victoria, Texas D. H. Braman, Jr. , Owner Buddy Wheelis, Manager Amye Gamblin, Trainer Visitors always Wei come LEUSCHNER PARTS GLASS Cornei — Moody at Church New Used Auto Parts Glass Phone Victoria HI 3-3361 Texas EASLEY ROOFING SHEET METAL CO. SALEM INSULATION SUPPLY 208 E. Anaqua Phone HI 5-5192 Victoria Texas BILL BARNES JEWELER since 1913 Victoria Texas ST. MARYS CHURCH HILLER SERVICE STATION 210 N. Main Phone HI 3-3321 E. POST FOOD MARKET Corner of North Brownson St Try our top quality meats ' . Sue Gilley and Martha Cano are busy working on layouts. VICTORIA ' S CAMPBELL ' S JEWELRY Expert Watch Repai r 109 E. Constitution St. Telephone HI 3-6349 1313 N. Navarro Victoria. Texas GREAT TEACHING... MAKES A GREAT UNIVERSITY Since the day St. Mary ' s first opened its doors 109 years ago it has been an important and integral part of the San Antonio community. St. Mary ' s has kept pace with the growth of Texas and the great Southwest and now has the distinction of being the largest privately supported, independent University in South Texas. Dedicated to the concept that great teaching makes a great university, St. Mary ' s has attained an ex- ceptionally high degree of academic excellence. This excellence is attested to by the distinguished records of its graduates . . . many of whom are leaders in the cultural and commercial life of San Antonio today. ST. MARY ' S OF TEXAS 2700 Cincinnati Avenue San Antonio, Texas In our 109th year of continuous service to San Antonio. rw mm (SjUPUA; tyjJLtOjUL J uK£d»t . I $p » m u " N i ■ ' $ OA Jr i OUL °l Z-m£ ' Compl i merits of ST. JOSEPH ' S SENIOR CLASS B Compl imen ts of ST. JOSEPH ' S SOPHOMORE CLASS Comp 1 imen ts of ST. JOSEPH ' S FRESHMAN CLASS COMPLIMENTS OF ST. JOSEPH ' S JUNIOR CLASS NA Jun ior CI ass DRAGLINE BACKHOE SERVICE GENERAL OIL FIELD SERVICE F rank Sas k i 1801 Austin Avenue V i c tor i a , Texas Phone HI 3-2518 Ind ex SENIORS Alvarado, Manuel 35, 186 Alvarado, Ray 36, 214,217,219 Alvarado. Richard 37, 159,219 Baass, Judy 34. 38, 147. 174. 180, 187. 190, 193, 197, 198,199,243,261,342, 366 Balboa, Sam 39,219,228, 341 Baros, Barbara 21,40, 154, 155, 146, 169, 183,192,190,239 Barrios, Robert 41, 186 Basaldua, Dennis 33,42,144,148,157, 213,219,222,223,224,229,241,247 351,364, Beyer, Paul 43, 186 Blanton, Dennis 44, 148, 166 Bombersbach, John 45, 186 Bombersbach, Ray 46, 186, 193,213,219, 228,351,366 Brosch, Kathleen 47, 178, 185, 188, 197 Buss, Eileen 48, 163, 183, 189, 192, 191, 198,251 Cano, Martha Sue 49, 147, 154, 156, 160, 161. 163, 174, 178, 180, 203, 261, 366 Carville, Donald 50,159,258 Casal, Sandra 51, 169, 181 Chavez, Gloria 52, 171, 177, 180 Daniel, Robert 53 De Los Santos, M. Kathryn 25. 115. 154. 156, 163, 164, 174, 177, 180, 181, 183, 197, 199,342 Dodds, Eileen 54, 163, 174, 78, 190, 191, 197,203,350 Everett, Linda 55, 169, 180, 181,198, Fagan, Ada Ann 56, 174, 233, 336, 338, 343, 344, 354 Fagan, Catherine 57, 147, 178,244 Flores, David 58,166,238 Gaida, Hey 59, 162, 177, 178, 185, 191, 198,199,164,203,263,201 Ganema, Emil 60, 148, 149, 339, 360, 361 Garza, Rose Mary 61,25,154,156,177. 181.183,197,261 Geistman, Sandra 62, 147, 178, 191, 197. 203,245 Gillean, Robert 15. 32, 63, 148, 157, 159, 186,256,351 Gilley, Sue 34,64,147,154,160,162, 178, 189, 197, 199,258, 366,201 Gillig, Walter 65.186 Gilmote, Althia 66, 197 Gomez, Ann 67, 147, 162, 163,233,247, 341,351,364 Gonzales, Rudolfo 68, 166 Gudat, Carol 69, 146, 154, 155, 156, 160, 162, 174,191,241,257,340,346 Gutierrez, Charles 70, 192,259, 341 Hamff, Tom 71,166,167,184,229,262 Hanna, Nancy 72, 144, 146, 174, 191, 197,199,203,238,351 Hanselka, Angie 73,178,189.239 Hausmann, Linda 21,74,147,174,185, 190,192,197,202,249,255 Hensley. Carol Jean 75, 163, 174, 177, 191,198,356 Hernandez, Gustavo 76 Hernandez, Ofelia 77, 177, 180, 341 Hoffer, Gayle 78, 146, 154, 156, 169, 183,191,192 Huvar, Charlotte 79, 185,255 Jimenez, Salvaldor 80 Kloesel, Bernard 81,159,192,196,236. 351 Kouba, Nancy 20,21,82,154, 155, 160, 174, 188,189,190,242,260,263 Lamb. Arthur 83, 148, 149, 196 Lowery, Eileen 84, 163, 174, 183, 232, 338, Martinez, M. Theresa 85, 169, 178, 188, 197 Meyer, Edwin 86 Morales, Jesse 88 Mican, Julia 2, 87, 146, 150, 161, 162, 163 , 178. 183,191, 197,242,259,342,350 Morris, Patricia 89, 185,254 Motal, Pauline 90, 169, 177, 180 Mudd, Carl 91,186,214,219,222,223, 225,229,346,362,364 Munsch, Mary Aline 92,185,197,202, 255,361 Nemes, Alexander 93, 15,262 O ' Connor, Kathryn 34,94, 146, 154, 162 , 163, 164, 174, 187, 198, 208, 245, 247, 253,263, Ohrt, Edith 95,174,240,338, 342,343, 354, Olsovsky, Veronica 96, 169, 185, 189, 197 Orsak, Steve 97, 148, 159, 166, 167, 186.245,257 Ortiz, Rose Ann 25,98, 163, 174, 177, 180,181,183,198,199,238 Patton, Mark 99, 148, 149. 159, 186, 233,261, Pavlicek. Jerry 100.186.229 Perez, Joseph 101.228 Perry, Mark 102,166 Pozzi, David 32,103,148,157,159, 190,240,257 Pozzi, Donald 15,33,104,148,157,159, 189,222,224,229,242,243,252,259, 336,351,360,364 Pribyl, Paula 105,146,154,155,156,160, 162,190,199,236,256,340,342 Purdy, James-2,106 Redmon, Susan 107,147,154,156,160. 161, 162, 163, 174, 178, 183, 191. 199 Reyes, Manuel 108,240 Riley, Claudia 109,147,163,164,174, 187,252,349,353 Robles, Ernestine 110,171,178.180,181 Rothbauer, James 11, 148, 149, 186 Ruiz, Vincent 112,159,166,167,186 Rybak, Eugene 113,184,186,211,219, 228,263,351 Sandhop, Allena 114, 178 Sarlls, Mary Alice 116,174 Schell, John 30, 33, 117, 148, 157, 159, 211,219,260,362,364 Schramek, Henry 32, 118, 148, 157, 159, 184, 210, 219, 22, 223, 228, 241, 244, 351,364 Schulze, Connie 119,169,174,207 Serrata, Josephine 120,147,178,188, 191,199,341,350 Sisttunk, Ronald 121, 186 Soliz, Richard 122,258 Soto. Yolando 124,174,177,185,191, 198, 344, 356 Strand, Robert 125,186,233 Stubbs, Tommy 32,126,210,219,228, 230,232,239,253,351,364 Sweeney, Kathleen 127, 146, 154, 155. 161, 163, 174, 180, 189, 191, 193. 199.240,256 Taylor, Kathy 128, 163, 174, 177, 183, 185.203 Tipton, Kenneth 129,191 Torres, Carol 130,169,181 Traber, Rosetta 131,146.154.155,160, 174,198,230,253 Tyng, Tom 132,148,184,238,245,247, 253 Urban, Mary Louise 133, 163, 188. 193, 361 Vanelli, Allen 134,186,191 Vincent, William 135,148,149,186,355, 363 Vogt, Rose Mary 136,174,185,188,254, 361,353 Wagner, Carrol 137,147,163,177.178, 189,201,203,351 Wagner, Patrick 138,362, 364 Wearden. Rita 139,163,177,188.197. 198,201,203,344,361 Webb, Pat 140, 163, 174, 177, 183, 198, 203 Weber, Dorothy 20, 30, 34, 141, 146, 154, 155, 156, 160, 161, 162, 174, 178, 188, 189,190,200.243,260,363 Wiest, Sammie 33,142,157,211,219,222, 223,224, 225,229,242,351,364 Zepeda, Dalphine 143,163,180,191,192, 197,249,341,347 JUNIORS Adamcik, Mike 193,268 Aguilar, Mary Lou 24, 266 .Alkek, Jalayne 150,162,187,238,266, 368,200 Baker, Richard 16,152,153,193,222, 268 Balboa, George 166,270 Beyer, Diana 266,267 Bonorden, Paul 270, 271, 212, 246 Campbell, Sandra 151,266,368 Casillas, Candido 166, 167,268 Castillo, Cruz 270 Chamrad, Richard 218, 222,224, 268 DeLaurier, Dennis De Los Santos, Gloria Jean 151, 163, 266 , 368 Dentler, Diane 22, 150, 154, 156, 160, 162, 235,236,368 Dephine, Gail 22, 151, 161, 162, 266, 368, Dischinger, Sharon 150,175,193,266,368 Dotson, Tommy 268 Eschenburg, Mary Ann 150, 187, 266, 368, 200 Fajkus, Richard 270 Fridell. Cathy 151,163,235,266,341,368 Gayle, Susan 22,151,163,193,246,266, 268 Gieb, Gerald 268,269 Gillean, Julia 24.151,162,187,189,266. 268 Gilmore, Maudie 25.266 Goodwin, Howard 157,216,219,228,264, 270,271 Hammack, John 268 Hoffer, Mary Lee 25,169,266,267 Hyak, Dorothy 150, 154. 156, 162, 187, 266, 368,200 Jackson, James 268 Juarez, Patricia 24, 163, 189, 266 Keclik, Vivian Louise 25,267 Koch, Cecilia 169,266,267 Koehl, Gwendolyn 24, 163, 189,267 Martinez, Jesse 270 Meyer, Dolores 24,169,170,189.267, Meissner, Gary 268 Moreau, William 16,192,215,219,270 Niemann, Richard 228,270 Nemes, Louis 268 Nunez, Esmergildo 218,219,222,224, 228.229,270 Padierna, John 215,219,229,268,269 Pargac, Helen 100, 151, 154, 156, 162, 174,250,264,267,368 Parkan, Glenn 270 Patton, Dennis 152,222,264 Pena, Joe 186,271 Pena, Rudy 152,176,222,224,268,269 Pozzi, Albert 212,219,228,271 Pozzi, Elizabeth 150,151,160,162,267, 200,368 Radimak, Edward 186,228.269 Ramirez, Lillie 267 Rendon, Robert 166, 271 Retiz, Joseph 269 Reyna. Sylvia 151,163,267,368 Rivera, Angie 267 Roos, Kathy 150, 154,155.161,162, 165.267.353,268 Rux, Patsy 150,162,178,267, 368,200 Schoener, Herbert 167,271 Schumann, James 186,228.269 Sengele, D. X. 271 Shelton, Gerald 215.219.271 Shiller, George 176,216,219,228, 269 Sisti, Robert 229,271 Slaughter. Calvin 157,218,219.246, 268,269 Soto, Lydia 15,163,267 Sparkman, Robert 152, 153, 175,216, 219,225.271 Stockbauer. Roger 152,153,157,175, 217,228,234,263,269, 269 Terry, William 222,224,228,271 Triana, Diana 246,267 Trialo, Charlotte 151, 163,207,267, 368 Tucker, Erol 152,269 Vacker, Robert 157,192.212,219,225, 236,271 Vincent, Bob 228,269 Vogt, Carol 150,192,267,368.200 Webb, Evelyn 150,251,267,368 Witt, Eddie 186,228,270,271 SOPHOMORES Badough, Michael 152,166,276 Birmingham, Stacy 274 Blaylock, Martha 169,170,272 Burger, Pat 169,170,272 Castellow, Pat 170,272 Cervantes. Velia 169,171,272 Cuellar, Ross 276 De La Garza, James 219,221,226,276 Dick, Sammy 152,157,159,226,229, 274 Dodds, Donald 229,274 Edgar, John 157,219,221,276 Elwonger, David 152,159,186,226, 274 Fojtik, Frank 274,275 Fox, Michael 221,226,276 Frazer, Nadine 169,170,272 Fridell, Robert 221,276 Garcia. Mary Theresa 23,272 Goodwin, Pat 163,165,171,175, 272 Gripp, Rolla Don 274 Hagan, Henry 276 Hawes, Beth 170,272 Halepaska, Susan 170,272 Hebner, Robert 152,221,226,274 Helweg, Stella 154,155,161,175,272 273 Henkel, Debbie 20,163,170,272 Holub, Jerry 276 Janca, Betty 154. 155, 163, 171, 175, 272 Kloesel, Fred 237,274 Kloesel.Freida 170,169,272 Lopez, Mary Ellen 171,272 Marek. Harry 274,275 Meitzen, Robert 275 Miori, Steven 221,276 Moreau, Robert 221,228,274 Motal, Frank 276 Ocker, Kenneth 274, 275 Ortiz, Refugio 277 Ozuna, David 219,221,222,223, 224.22S.275 Pena, Diana 163.272 Ramirez, Mary Margaret 169,171,273 Ramirez, Ophelia 169,171,273 Rendon, Sallyjo 163,171,273 Richter. Bene 170,273 Rivera, Mary Lupe 171,163,273 Rodriguez, Eulalic221,277 Ruiz, Ignatius 277 Rodriguez, Israel 275 Sandhofer, Kathy 163,165,170,273 Sandhop, Phyllis 169,170,273 Schell, Barbara 154,155,169,193,273 Schramek, William 275 Schustereit. William 277 Seiler, August 229,274,275 Sepulveda, Julia Jean 273 Smith, Michael 275 Sommers, John 152,226,276,277 Spears, Arthur 275 Stockbauer, Bette 154,155,161,170,272, 273 Stubbs, Ruby 170,273 Stueve, Scott 221 Tagliabue, Betty 163,170,273 Tolson, Donna 20,169,170,250,273 Torres, Armando 275 Trahan, Vicky 170,273 Urban, William 18,275 Villareal, Andrew 186,221,277 Wagner, Bernard 157,159,172,275 Wagner, Gayle 20, 154, 155, 161. 170, 273 Ward, Mike 157,277 Weber, Clemence 228, 276 FRESHMEN Aguero, Augustine 282,283 Alvarado, Vriginia 169,171,187,287. 280 Balboa, David 176 Barnette. Sherman 176,221.227,284 Black, Ruthie 169,171,278,280 Broderick, Helen 170,197,278,280 Bunkick, Tim 221,227,282,284 Byars, Ricky 152,153.221,227,284 Cano, Johnny 227,282 Cano, Lupe 284 Cantu, Lvdia 169,278,280 Carver, Elizabeth Ann 278 Carville, Randy 221,227,282 Cattan, James 219,21,227,284,285 Ceballos, Frank 282 Cinotti, Jo Ann 154,155,197,278,281 Cohen, Jay 221,284 Denison, Robert 221,284 Dornak, Stephen 282 Easley, Kenneth 227,284 Edgar, J. 157,219,221,276 Enke, Donna 163,278 Erickson.Earl 178,227,282,284 Fossati, Gale 163,171.197,237,278, 279.281 Gallardo, R. 166,284 Garcia, Henry 282 Garcia, Leslie 166,167,284 George, Birckley 152.157.178,221,227. 282,285 German, Kenneth 284 Goldman, Donald 166,282,221 Gutierrez, Maria Velia 278 Halepaska, Joe 221,284 Hamel, Brooke 169,170,197,279 Harper, Joyce Ann 169.187,278 Haynes, Robert 166,221,282 Henkel. Larry 221,284 Hobbs, Carolyn Ann 170,279 Hoffer, Diana 169.171.279,280.281 Horelka, George 152,178,221.282 Hughes. Bryan 157,219.221,227,284 Humphrey, Gene 169,171,279,280 Hunt, James 16,116,282,283 Jackson, Brenda 15,279 Jordan, Kirk 152,157,186,284 Kenney, Michelle 28, 163,279 Koehl. Carol 163,279 Kouba, Charles 282 Kouba, Patricia 279 Kruppa, Douglas 152,166,227,282,283 Kruppa, Shirley 163,279 Lamb, Yuvonne 163,171,279,356 Lawrence, Barbara 163,171,197.278, 279 Lopez, Theresa 187,279,280 Maurer, Eddie 221,227,282 Marek, Clyde 284 Martinez, Mary 171,270 Matthews, William 284 Meitzen, Arthur 283 Mendoza. Estellita 169,171,280 Mills, Roland 166,285 Mulligan, Richard 221,227,285 Murphy, Madeline 163,170, 175,193, 197,278,279.280,281 Murphy, Mike 283 McCann.Leroy 176,285 Nemes, Judy 169,279,280 Nevlud, Joe 166,284.285 Obsta, Alan 221,283 Orsak. Gary 176.193,221,283 Orsak, Kathleen 163, 279,280 Ortiz, Robert 221,237,285 Parkan, Clarence 196,283 Parsley, Robert 285 Pena, Gloria 280,169,171 Pierce, Candace 170,280 Ponder, Clark 152,283 Post, James 166,285 Pribyl, Barbara 154,156,170,197,278, 280,281 Rakowitz, William 283 Ramirez, Albert 166,285 Rincon, Janie 169,171,279,280 Roberts, Dianne 169,170,280 Robles, Lupe 166 Rodriguez, Robert 166, 285 Rossi, Eleanor 169,170,280 Rossi, Sylvan 166,167,283 Ruz, Barry 196,283 Schwarzbach, Joe 221,227,285 Scruggs, Caroline 169,171,197,279, 280,281 Shelton, Mike 221,283 Shiller, Carolyn 23, 169,171, 187,251, 280,281 Soliz, Daniel 166,285 Soliz. Henry 166,283 Soliz, Linda 169,171.280,281 Sparks, W. J. 221,285 Stefka, Darryl 152,157,221,227,282 283 Stephens, Tommy 221,227,285 Strelczyk, Dennis 18, 178,283 Strelczyk, Elaine 170,281,169 Traber. Jimmy 221,285 Trenck, Robert 18, 166, 167,221,283 Urban, Cheri 170,281 Villarreal.Elvia 281 Wearden, David 176,221,285 Wearden, Marjorie Ann 169.171,280,281 Williams, Glenda 163,170,197,279,281 Yeary, Margaret 154,155,169,170,280, 281 Zafereo. Barbara 163,171,281 Zamarripa, Armando 283,284 Zarbock, Ronald 285 Zatopek, Sandra 169,170,280,281, 356 371 Zowarka, Janet Starr 169, 170,281 XJ{ " yip t(V P p fi »« T £ £ » .■•:- : ' •- f JZ 9 f £ 1 1 te Mfc-» ■

Suggestions in the St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) collection:

St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School Nazareth Academy - Excelsior Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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