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 - Class of 1953

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E s 5 5 5 Q 5 5 2 'E L, E li if 5 sz E E 1 i P 2 P 5 I. 1 MAZENBLUE presented by The 1953 S E N I O R C L A S S of Saint Joseph High School Soinf Joseph, Michigon THE SAINT JOSEPH JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Forward There are many phases of our school lite . . . the administration, the studies, the extracurricular activities, and the student body, all of which combine to form the school as we know it . . . The school is more than a building, more than any of its parts - it is a way of life. Faculty Administration Activities Un derclassmen Junior High Seniors Annual S ruff . I ,Q . gl ' wif f - E A- fs new C 1 -fl, I , ' , 1 - ig: WW A K 346: I V , PI mms f ir, I as N I I ill nw Miss Webster, our ADVISOR SENIOR COMMITTEE Janet Slemm, Joan Nuechterlein, Shir- ley Rulz - chairman, Joanne Fehl- berg, and Marilyn Bork , ,v I . 4 W- ,I -' :iii ,s , is 'y R. I Mg FEATURES COMMITTEE Audrey Dorslewilz, Ruth Noreen, Judy Ast, and Eleanor Williams - chair- man FACULTY COMMITTEE Jacquelyn Zick-chairman, Duane Jorgensen, and Pal Gasl I . Q, I 0 :xi .l" A 'A XI xg? A , . I is Q- I- If :-' ' II, L.. . I ' I- . KIAD is .. 4 ii ..N:'-- 7 1--.-Q-f .,.- - - ,hi ,-. , - h Donald Zuhl, EDITOR Judy Ast, ASSISTANT EDITOR I x!Q:.:g,. ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Mary Jane Mavs, Dick Miller, Sally Davis, Pamela Hinga-chairman, and Joanne Pankey I -3 K 'f W1 ! K A UNDERCLASSMEN COMMITTEE Mary Louise Piehl -chairman, Irene Herndon, and Judy Guild I CIRCULATION MANAGER, Mary Louise Piehl BUSINESS MANAGER, Bruno Feige ln Memoriam Mr. Edgar M. Bly ln our faculty pages the annual staff described Mr. Bly as Hchipper, efficient, and equitable." These alone remain inadequate to express our final appreciation of his character and friendship, few expressive words can be said after his counsel and guidance are gone. "But such a tide as moving seems asleep, Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep Turns again home." Tennyson THE OFFICE STAFF . . . MRS. KATHRYN WELSH, MRS. MARJORIE LINDAL AND MRS FRANCES CROSS Administration. Faculty. As the ottice is the center of school building the administration is the center of the school's functions. . Com- ing or going the teachers pass through its doors every day . . . consulting the principal, posting announcements or picking up mail . . . ln the office Mrs. Welsh, Mrs. Lindal and Mrs. Cross help Mr. Place and Mr. Mackay with the business of running the school. . Planning our courses, protecting our health, helping us find iobs,and doing school "housekeeping" are only a few of the iobs that are performed . "Do you think she's suited for the job?" "Will you please help me with my college appli- cation?" "Chl I think yOu'll live!" "Would you unlock the bandroom door please?" Standing: Henry Tunis, John Mlynik, Arthur Smith, Albert Wichner, Clarence Shoup Seated: Hector Lindal, Lulu Pischke, William Radde r....t..,......T,,,w ,Y Y iw, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Earl l-l. Place Board of Educatian Administration Principal of the High School Mr. Malcolm R. Mackay Board of Education of the Saint Joseph Public Schools Left to right-Mr. Edward Starke, Mr. Frederick A. Reddel, Mr. Robert Criddle, Mr. D. F. Jackson, Mr. Marvin Schadler, Dr. A. F. Bliesmer, and Superintendent Place. Absent, Mr. Robert Ludwig Teachers . . . what they mean to us. Teachers . . . how they seem to us. "Books are a guide in youth and entertainment for age." 1 ounce. nu-qt nu-un, Teachers . . . what they mean to us. Teachers . . . how they seem to us. i A Miss Miriam Biastock earnest, amicable, cordial is x Mr. Donald Blunt forthright, "blunt , aufhori. tative . , it Mr. John Buursma Mr. William E. Carroll strict, diligent, seriou- Mr. Frederick Erbach phhnarmonic, energetic, tal. ented l Mr. Frederick Greene conscientious, retiring, ana- lytical jovial, alert, composed Mr. Mason Evans zealous, genial, athletic Mr. Edgar Bly 'QF' We-"' X il Mr. John Brittan chipper, efticient, equitable exact, skillful, hole Mr. Adrian Davis jocular, dignified, voluble fi Mr. Louis Free meditative, sincere, abrupt MY- ROY HUUCK Mr. Frederick Harrsen unrulifled, reliable, capable Pfefl-'ef Obie, f1'bUSf Miss Dorothy Dunbar orderly, poised, neat Mr. Walter Gephart easy-goin g, colloquial, Her- culean Mr. John Hartman accurate, systematic, scien tific J -we E if ,s ith ii-Sl J Mr. James Heathcote cheerful, dapperf UUl0bl0' graphical Mrs. Bernice Johnson scintillating, jaunty, collected Miss Lynette Oelz traveled, interesting, spirited Miss Ruth Reed serious, sedate, courteous l ' we sse e V 1 ik it 1-Fw . T ., Mrs. Ethel HeminqwC1Y Mr. John Howard Miss Shirley lresorl i"e'QfU'1 generous' pe"s"'a' particular, alert, accom- reserved, tranquil, reason SWS plished able Mr- Arnold Knlslen Mr. William Larkin Mr. Robert Murphy ' ll , e ' I impertu b- n - - ' A I0 ayblecong ma r pmdicall panenff Unimanan qugigshgjxterous, drstrn Q, -A .J sy Mr. John O'Neil Miss Mona,-,Q pick Miss Betty Potts hl5lf'l0f"lCf Sfenfoflanf 9XPfe5' Smfefvl, exhuberant, vivac- brisk, optimistic, petite SIYS IQU5 Miss Marqaret Robb Mr. Joseph Ropele Mrs, Thorq Sexton perky' compelenlf ludiclous punctual, conscientious, cog- meticulous, methodical, nizant sparkling if r"" 'S - 3 52 Q Mr. Charles Spangen- berg personable, debonair, active Miss Ruth Tomlinson impartial, toctful, o Mr. Beniamin J. Standen adroit, cooperative, pragma- tic Miss Mildred Webster Mr. Keith Sturclevant gesticulating, hard-working, enthusiastic Miss Lorette White bservant thorough, industrious, sympathic, aftable, advisory learned Special Teachers '1 N Miss Betty Theisen efficacious, pleasant, calm Mr. Edward Zick iesting, genial, agreeable Miss Shirley Penabaker patient, precise, articulate Mr. Lawrence Hecka- thorne lV9lPfUl, witty, understanding s 5 'Q ns. e . asf X Miss Dorothy Nelson diagnostic, confident, appre ciative Mr. C. L. Rossman Miss Mary Slattery raconluer' buslnessllke' bouyant, pleasing, consistant brusk if if i DICKINSON STADIUM Activities When books are closed and class rooms emptied the students turn to activities to occupy their leisure time . . . music, dramatics, speech, journalism, photography and athletics all have a place in our school life . . . through clubs a student learns to develop his skills, broaden his in- terests, make new friends and find satisfaction working with other people. Barbara Simons, Joan Craig, Carol Liskey, Bonnie Zick and Lea Krieger "Tear 'em up, Bears! "Tear 'em up, Bears! "Tear 'em up, Bears! Pulverize 'eml!" 7:60 Show "That's better but still a little too loud!" Junior Achievement "Let's get these tables ready to sell" Mary Kay Spink, Vance Federighi, Bob Gerbel and Dean Gerbel The Operetta "Take heart, fair days will shine." "'r"""""-' ...L- .....-- ,...--- 4- I 34' 5. --......,,v faux 8 -J-, az' am.,-A K is. A ls . K. V. A QQ V 'Q X 0 E v E , ui . . if . X 'Q , . K 6- N, F xx Xxx x 5 f ' R v i K ..,t.. -Me M I 'A ,A , ' 1 ., . . . if MW. ...X .M ...L A . l.i, M , --.-..-.......-...........---N . 1-1R',,,..a """'l"' Firsl Row lsealedl: Marge Anderlik, Ken Poole, Dick Marquardl, Don Anderson Second Row Paul Wall Joanne Pankey Wendy Criddle, Nancy Dulrymple, Marilyn Jewell, Pal Bridge- man, Judy Nloore, Mary ,Jane Mavs, Robe,rl Gerbel Third Row: Advisor-Mr. Davis, Larry Duienhaver, Alice Wharlon, Judy Murphy, Plato Ranlis, Vance Federighi, Donald Zuhl Sealed: Sally Davis, Don Anderson, Mary Louise Piehl First Row: Miss Dunbar, Eleanor Williams, Judy Asl, Pal Bridgeman, Joanne Fehlberg Second Row: Richard Marquardt, Roberl Gerbel, Leonard Badl Officers Presidenl .................. Dick Marquardl Vice President .................. Ken Poole ...Marge Anderlik Secretory ,,,,, Treasurer ,.. .... Don Anderson Honor Society HONOR SOCIETY Officers Presidenl ................... Don Anderson Vice-President .........., Mary Louise Piehl Secrelary-Treasurer . .. ......... Sally Davis Forensic Club Officers President .................... Pat Riley Vice President ..... Janice Dexel Secretary ..... ...Elvera Weimann Treasurer ... ...Bonnie Hutchinson First Row: Elvera Weimann, Janice Dexel, Pot Riley, Bonnie Hutchinson, Mary Kay Spink, Second Raw: Joreen Tibone, Jeanette Engel, Janet Ast, Nancy Netedu, Mary Louise Piehl, Lois Piersing Third Row: Dorothea Becker, Caryle Ericson, Advisor- Miss Biastock, Betty Beach, Joan Dean Thespians President ... Vice-President Secretory ..... Treasurer . . Clerk .... Officers ....Gerry Wahl ....Dick Wendt Joanne Fehlberg ....Bob Gerbel .. ...Judy Ast First Row: Joan Neuchterlein, Robert Gerbel, Dick Wendt, Gerry Wahl, Joanne Fehl- berg, Judy Ast, Mary Jane Mavs, Carole Frank Second Row: Barbara Bermingham, Shirley Rutz, Mary Louise Piehl, Sally Davis, Patricia Gast, Phyllis Kalke, Marge Anderlik, Audrey Dorstewitz, Irene Herndon, Pamela Hinga Third Row: Ruth Noreen, Janet Stemm, Marlene Hallock, Pat Bridgeman, Joanne Pankey, Eleanor Williams, Judy Guild, Jerolyn Strong, Advisor-Miss Theisen Fourth Row: Delman Ward, Ken Poole, Eugene Cohrs, Millard Schlutt, Ken Wells, Dick Marquardt, Paul McClure, Dick Miller, Don Anderson Seated: Barbara McKee Sherwood, Gene Cohrs, Jeanette Selent, Bob Ruthsatz, . Sharon Anderson, Helen Zimmerman I u First Raw: Janet Tillman, Bob Beach, Bill Connors, Kathleen Berndt, Barbara Kaiser, Sandra Huelsberg, Gloyce Murphy, Deanna Zawilla Second Row: Mim Schlutt, Ron Smith, Ron Schalon, Bill Schmidt, Roy Schoenfeld, Vance Federighi, Bob Yerke, Advisor-Miss Slattery President ..... ..... B ob Ruthsatz Vice President ..... Jeanette Selent Secretary . . . . .Sharon Anderson Treasurer . . . ...... Gene Cohrs S pan ish Club First Row: Janet Harrsen, Pat Gast, Bob Ellis, Plato Rantis, Janice Dexel, Gerry Wahl, Dick Miller Second Row: Gloyce Murphy, Alice Morse, Margie Schultz, Judy Ast, Sonia Tollas, Elaine Honens, Delores Lerke, Janice Miller Third Row: Barbara Allen, Jeanette Becker, Joyce Streich, Loretta Klug, Jacqueline Zick, Barbara Coulombe, Marilyn Sahlin Fourth Row: Ralph Langer, Caryle Ericson, Alice Wharton, Roberta Tucker, Mary Lou Frober, Dick Voss Fifth Row: Sam Caropepe, Don Dorow, Stuart Shipman, Dave Cofteen, Nate Duncan, Fred Findeisen, Ron Taylor 0 0 First Row lSealedl: Carol Mansueto, Carol Milnikel, Roberta Hollensbe, Janet Harrsen, Kath YI Ieen Gleason, Gloyce Murphy, Sally Davis, Shirley Rutz, Barbara Bermingham, Judy Ast Second Row: Billie Myrick, Judy Moore, Wendy Criddlrr, Carol liskey, Joan Nuechlerlein Audrey Dorstewilz, Sonia Tollas, Nancy Reed, Mary Ann Norton, Phyllis Kalke, Irene Hern don, Mary Jane Mavs Third Row: Joreen Tibone, Jeanette Nemethy, Alice Morse, Marcia Rill, Sylvaiean Carol Jensen, Marie Ruppel, Jeannine Swank, Joan Craig, Carole Frank, Marilyn Curtis, Hauch, Reta Shoup Omcers Fourth Row: Janice Dexel, Dorothea Becker, Joanne Pankey, Eleanor Williams, Ceola Mason, President. U I U . A . I I . . I . . U lltllh Sally Davis Alice Wharton, Mary Taylor, Joanne Klett, Judy Guild, Joanne Fehlberg, Loretta Kuehl, vice President H H H UGIOYCE Murphy Barbara McKee Sherwood - ' 4 A Seueforymumt .'.. Jane, Hansen Fifth .Row: Pamela Hinga, Beverly Martin, Bettie Jenkins, Mayrildean .Graham, Barbara Treasurer---H' -UKa'hleen Gleason lngleright, Barbara Allen, Pat Thornton, Ruth Noreen, Pat Bradley, Muriel Froberg, Joyce Stretch, Marlene Hallock Hi- Y Officers President ........ . . .Dick Bicknell Vice-President . . . .Don Anderson Secretary . . . .... lfen Poole Treasurer ....... .... D ick Miller Sergeant-at-arms ....... Bob Yerke Chaplain ........ John Karsten - not in picture i-1 First Row: Ken Poole, Don Anderson, Dick Bicknell, Dick Miller, Second Row: Plato Rantis, Bob Yerke, Bob Gerbel, Arno Dick, Bruno Feige Third Row: Ron Smith, Ken Dehring, Michael Stankus, Advisor-Mr. Slanden Fourth Row: Dick Marquardl, Bob Miller, Paul Hurd. Bob Beach I Mariner Scouts President .......... Grace Reid Vice President.Nancy Dalrymple Secretary ......... Sally Pitrick Treasurer ........ Cynthia Long First Row: Carol Cobb, Dolores VanLente, Cynthia King, Anne lrgens Second Row: Lorraine Paulus, Elaine Honens, Cynthia Long, Janet Ast, Sharon Terry Third Row: Mary Ellen Single, Norreta Loikits, Beverly Hill, Gail Gibney, Grace Reid Fourth Row: Ellen Noble, Judy Murphy, Suzanne Irion, Joan Dean, Sandra Repke Blue Triangle Y-Teens Officers President ..... Dolores Vanlente Vice President ...... Carol Cobb Secretary ........ Cynthia King Treasurer . .. .... Ann lrgens First Row: Lorraine Paulus, Sally Petrick, Grace Reid, Cynthia Long, Nancy Dalrymple, Lea Krieger Second Row: Elaine Honens, Sharon Terry, Carol Stenske, Dolores Lerke, Janet Ast, Nancy Netedu Third Row: Carol Cobb, Norreta Loikets, Betty Payne, Beverly Hill, Janice Miller, Gail Gibney Fourth Row: Elvera Weimann, Janet Mackay, Faith Sprunger, Delores VanLente, Diane Dumdei, Loretta Klug, Judy Murphy Fifth Row: Shirley Crossman, Adela Dose, Betty Beach, Suzanne Irion, Joan Dean, Sandra Repke Projection Club x 1 First Row: Jimmy Murphy, Advisor-Mr. Greene, Leonard Badt, Mary Long, Paula Hanna. Presidem ,,,.,,,,,,,,, Leonard Bqdf Second Row: Elaine Clear, Tom Ankli, Bela Lindenfeld, Dave Noble, Bob Swed- Vice-Presidnt .......... Paula Hanna Secretary-Treasurer . . . . .Mary Long enberg, Edward Warren, Mickey Awodey. Third Row: Joe Killian, Larry Schultz, Norman Marschke, Phillip King, Mike Sinn, Melvin Winters, Brenda Moore. Fourth Row: Bob Rogers, Tim Sparks, John Sobieski, Priscilla Warmbein, Carol Moore. Camera Club Officers President ............... Dick Miller Vice President .......... Bill Connors Recorder .... . . .Jim Brown Bill Connors, Dick Miller, Bob Beach, Jim Brown, Frank Ashley, Walter Kargus, Gilbert Migala, John Alden, Jerry Weimann, Jim Burrows, David Brado, Bruno Feige Future Nurses OHicers President ............ Sally Davis ' Vice-President ....... Joanne Pankey RH Secretary-Treasurer . .Bobbie Hollensbe First Row: Connie Langdon, Bobbie Hollensbe, Advisor-Miss Nelson, Sally Davis, Joanne Pankey. Second Row: Nancy Dalrymple, Ellen Noble, Suzanne lrion, Cynthia King, Sharon Terry. Third Row: Pat Thornton, Anne lrgens, Elna Tilly. Usherflub Head Usher ............... Janet Stemm Assistant Head Usher .... Joanne Fehlberg Secretary-Treasurer ........... Don Zuhl First Row: Irene Herndon, Phyllis Kalke, Jean Nemethy, Marlene Tedrick. Second Row: Mary Louise Piehl, Pat Gast, Janet Stemm, Ruth Noreen, Joanne Fehlberg, Barbara Neubauer. Third Row: Joanne Pankey, Janet Harrsen, Shirley Stillman, Marjorie Schlender, Marilyn Curtis. Fourth Row: Martin Wiesz, Anna Mae Godush, Kathleen Berndt, Frances Musser. Fifth Row: Bruno iFege, Jeannine Clark, Sandra Grums, Ceola Mason. Sixth Row: Dale Bartioti, Bob Schultz, Don Gast. Seventh Row: Advisor-Mr. Carroll, Don Zuhl, Duane Jorgensen, John Sobieski. Windup 'sex X First Rowz Eleanor Williams, Helen Paxson, Gene Cohrs, Dick Wendt, Bob Gerbel, Phyllis Kalke, Marlene Hallock Second Row: Irene Herndon, Bobbie Hollensbe, Dorothy Mursa, Fannie Vonllaepenbusch, Bonnie Cassobaum, Marie Ruppel, Loretta Kuehl, Nancy Reed, Mary Jane Mavs Third Row: Betty Beach, Jerolyn Stang, Bonnie Hutchinson, Barbara Bermingham, Nancy Netedu, Joan Nuechterlein, Shirley Rutz, Gloyce Murphy, Advisor-Miss Theisen Fourth Row: Ceola Mason, Carol Bennett, Mona Kirchner, Ruth Noreen, Janet Ast, Faith Sprunger, Judy Murphy, Barbara Allen, Sylvaieon Houch, Carol Liskey, Judy Ast Fifth Row: John Dahlstrom, Dick Miller, Ed Todd, Ken Wells, Don Anderson, Mim Schlutt, Mary Kay Spink, Joan Craig, First Row: Pamela Hinga, Sally Davis, Bob Radde, Bob Gerbel, Joanne Fehlberg Jeannine Swank Junior Achievement Officers President .......... Bob Gerbel Vice President ...... Bob Radde Secretary ....... Gloyce Murphy Treasurer . . . . .Joanne Fehlberq J. Vn,,I..,V,1.,, R frm Second Row: Audrey Dorstewitz, Carol Liskey, Carol Jensen, Jeannine Swank, Joanne Craig, Sylvalean Hauch, Wendy Criddle Top Row: Mary Kay Spink, Ruth Noreen, Vance Federighi, Dean Gerbel, Dick Wendt, Mary Jane Mavs Mixed Charus Vocal Music M A d lik Ma rildean Graham, Jeannine Swank, Faith Sprunger First Row: Jeanette Engel, Carol Mansueto, arge n er , y , Irene Herndon, Mary Louise Piehl, Shirley Stillman, Reta Shoup, Jean Ann Kerlikowski Second Row: Margie Harner, Janet Ast, Jan Zuppke, Jeanette Becker, Larry Miller, Jack Hardy, Don Dorow, Bob Schultz, Lorraine Kissau, Marcia Rill, Carol Jensen, Ann lrgens, Phyllis Kalke, Bill Connors Third Row: Ted Froehlich, Elna Tilly, Elvera Weimann, Mona Kirchner, Jon Wirth, Duane Zienke, Dan Fredrick, Larry Dutenhaver, James Lambrecth, Cynthia King, Sandra Smith, Marilyn Jewel, Advisor-Mr. Sturdevant. Fourth Row: Diane Dumdei, Lois Carlson, Joan Neidlinger, Linda Veurink, Jim Alden, Paul McClure, Jim Gersonde, Craig Schwerdt, Genevieve Simmons, Carlyn Roth, Joy Berk, Sharon Terry Fifth Row: Bonnie Hutchinson, Joan Dean, Pat Bradley, Irene Kunst, Mary Kay Spink, Bob Rogers, Bob Miller, Ray Dansfield, Roy Schoenfeld, Harold Mead, Ken Vieregge, Anna Buss, Esther Frcudenburg, Mary Ann Modigell, Joanne Klett Seated. Karen Stahl, Charlene Jones, Connie Hammond, Sharon Zick, Betty Nylen Second Row. Caroline Lick, Judy Murphy, Pat Beardsley, Barbara Curtis Louise Altizer Helen Pier ' g D' g ' f SII1 , lreq or .- Mr. Sturdevant Third Row: Jim Marquardt Dixie Bodtke Donna DeMorrow Germain W ' 1 . IH, h - Fourth Row: Thurman Duncan, Paula Bylic, Betty Beach, Nancy BurresoneCaforlZl-Tanks Jzlyzl ghf's':kan ' f I G aslsc' e, Carol Berndt First Row: Sandra Youngblood, Jane Krieger, Kathy Norton, Max Klemm, Judy Cottrell, Pat Ridenour, Bob Rog- ers, Pat Kelm, Dick Ross, Geraldine Rose, Janet Tillman, Mary Long. Second Row: Maiorettes-Carol Yount, Carol Bennett, Sandra Hutchinson, Carol Nuechterlein, Betsy Glossinger, Director-Mr. Fred J. Erbach. Third Row: Doug Smith, Darrell Schrag, Kathleen Myers, Emmagene Reisig, Donald Totzke, Joyce Kirby, Eileen unior High Band President Vice President Secretary- Treasurer Officers ......Max Klemm Betty Hermann Jim Burrows Nancy Kowerduck. Fourth Row: Tom Palmer, Mcriam Jackson, Connie Kruggel, Ronnie Schultz, Mara Lee Marshall, Betty Hermann, Jim Burrows, Leroy Lincoln, Norman Marschke, Phillip King, Terry Zick, Bonnie Gustafson, Connie Alti, Judy Fro- bel, Paula Hanna, Julie Noren, Doris Ward, Dave Hinz. Leonard Rashke, Keil Wilson, Rodney Schuhknecht, Barry Walcott, Jimmy Walters, Dale Albrecht, Dave Noble, Ronnie Grams, Dwan Totzke, Karl Druva. Orchestra First Row: Muriel Froberg, Joanne Pankey, Donna Hill, Judy Speidel, Jon Wirth, Martin Wiese, Bill Wesner Second Row: Barbara Herrmann, Linda Crowell, Marjorie Schlender, Janet Smith, Carol Jensen, Wendy Criddle, Joanne Klett, Sally Davis lhird Row: Judy Moore, Beverly Redman, Judy Cottrell, Mary Taylor, Roberta Hollensbe, Mary Ann Norton, Ken Dehring, Director-Mr. Erbach Teske, Sandra Boyer, Elaine Clear, Alice lrgens, Barbara Leatz, Johanna Freitag, Pat Weybright, Larry Klett, Band BRASS SECTION First Row: Judy Guild, Ellen Noble Second Row: Mike Al- den. Truman Piner, Craig Schwerdt Third Row: John Heppler, Gerry Wahl, Dick Miller, Ken Dehring Fourth Row: Jerry Redman, Wayne Wetkow- ske, Doug Fishburn, Dale BartloFf, Bill Achterberg. Director - Mr. Howard BASS SECTION First Row: Judy Moore, Beverly Redman, Marie Ruppel, Louise Altizer, Mary Taylor, Cynthia Long, Grace Reid Second Row: Peggy Stine, Judy Ast, Arno Dick, Fred Logan, Dan Hill, Lorraine Paulus Third Row: Sharon Berkholz, Gail Gibney, Delores VanLente Fourth Row: Jim Bernard, Rodney Cross .g REED SECTION First Row: Joan Neidlin- ger, Barbara Herrmann, Reta Shoup. Second Row: Joanne Klett, Audrey Dor- stewitz, Mary Ann Norton, Lois Piersing, Sally Davis. Third Row: Carol Milnikel, Betty Payne, Norreta Loi- kits, Pamela Hinga, Jan Zuppke, Marilyn Curtis, Barbara Woods. Fourth Row: Bobbie Hollensbe, Mary Ellen Single, Su- zanne lrion, Arlene Wetkowske, Dan Walden- maier, Sandra Repke, Elaine Honens, Eleanor Williams, Janet Harrsen PERCUSSION SECTION f' as I J .1 . , X . Y.. .,,.,,,, my ,J l 504 ig Q , rx, fb President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Director . . . ... .... Gerald Wahl .. .... Chuck Steele .. ....... Sally Davis .. .Bobbie Hollensbe . . . . .Mr. Howard First Row: Wendy Criddle, Dick Bicknell, Chuck Steele, Jack Shirley, Sylvqieqn Hauch Second Row: Twirlers -- Bet- tie Jenkins, Nancy Netedu, Kathleen Gleason Top: Jim Meister, Drum Maior Pep Band First Row: Mary Ellen Single, Bobbie Hollensbe, Joanne Klett, Audrey Dorstewitz, Sally Davis, Mary Ann Norton, Fred Logan, Barbara Herrmann Second Row: Gail Gibney, Cynthia Long, Mary Taylor, Judy Moore, Beverly Redman, Marie Ruppel, Louise Altizer Third Row: Dick Bicknell, Wendy Criddle, Sylvaiean Hauch, Judy Ast, Eleanor Williams, Mike Alden Fourth Row: Director-Mr. Howard, Bill Achterberg, Ellen Noble, Ken Dehring, Dick Miller, Gerald Wahl Jim Bernard H 77 Letter S Officers President ......... Ron Knuth Vice President .... Plato Rantis Secretary- Treasurer ..... John Karsten Advisor .... . . . Mr. Haack Seated, First Row: Larry Dutenhaver, Ron Sisson, Dick Marquardt, Advisor - Mr. Haack, Plato Rantis, Ron Knuth, Harold Mead Second Row: Dick Bicknell, Leo Dahring, Ted Zuppke, Sam Caropepe, Bob Ger- bel, Ken Vandermolen Third Row: Delman Ward, Bob Yerke, Ron Smith, Arno Dick, Peter Troost, Arnold Sodergren Fourth Row: Tony Viscarra, Nate Duncan, Wayne Shell, Paul Hurd, Jerry Lange, Bob Ellis, Leonard Badt W L o,,,,.,,, - ... . . Y , , e . . , . f-' 'T'-1. Vars ity Football First Row: Bill Schmidt, Ron Smith, Gerry Lange, Louie Jones, Larry Pesko, Dick Wendt, Paul McClure, Larry Dutenhaver, Manager - Pete Troost Second Row: Managers -Arnold Sodergren and Tony Viscarra, George Giaras, Mike Rose, Wayne Shell, Arno Dick, Delman Ward, George Surch, Ted Zuppke, George Bicanich Third Row: Coach - Mr. Gephart, Bob Yorke, Dick Marquardt, Bob Ellis, John Karsten, Duane Lang- ston, Plato Rantis, Sam Cclropepe, Ron Sisson, Leo Dahring, Elwyn Gillette, Harold Mead, Line Coach - Mr. Harrsen A-ll i f ' pl L I., E 1 .. ,,,f-:wk - . ,, . , L . ,L . W .ne BW 31 46" Q4-2e43Q ,Q,39w7e ey Sl 49 Reserve Team First Row: Don Chapman, Rodger Menchinger, Jack Sinn, Don Wright, Jerry Riemann, Craig Schwerdt Second Row: Larry Krieger, Nick State, Vince Froberg, Paul Watt, Kirk Hinman, Larry Miller, George Richter George Altizer Third Row: Coach - Mr. Blunt, Marvin Waldenmaier, Bob Rogers, Jim Gersonde, Jerry Redman, Ken Vander molen, Ken Dehring, Roy Schoenfeld. Varsity Basketball First Row: Manager- Sam Caropepe, Nate Duncan, Bob Ellis, Ted Zuppke, Richard Nelson, W0Yne Shell, JGVVY Lange, Manager- Ken Poole Second Row: Coach --Mr. Haack, Jerry Redman, Ronald Sisson, Plato RCmllS, Glenn Zerler, Pete Ruppel, Edward Todd, Dick Marquardt, Ron Knuth, Jack Sinn ""s Reserve Team First Row: Manager-George Pesko, Jack Sinn, Don Wright, Jerry Redman, Paul Watt Second Row: Coach-Mr. Evans, Jerry Ott, George Richter, Bob Rogers, Vernon Berndt, Don Fredrick, Manager--Kirk Hinman Track ,Fw k,.. A First Row: Coach-Mr. Houck, Sam Caropepe, Jerry Lange, Harold Mead, Tony Viscarra Second Row: Roy Schoenfeld, Plato Rantis, Bob Ellis, Ted Zuppke, Paul Hurd Baseball Cheerleaders Row: Gloyce Murphy, Anna Buss, Shirley Row: Nancy Reed, Faith Sprunger. .l K' N hr First Row: Bob Radde, Nate Duncan, Bob Gerbel Dean Gerbel Second Row: Martin Wiese, Dole Glefte, Don Dor ow, Coach-Mr. Blunt First Row: Mike Alden, Ron Knuth, Coach -Mr. Larkin, Jim Meister, George Free Second Row: Arnold Sodergren, Ken Vandermolen, Ron Sisson, Dan Hill, Fred Logan, Jim Gersonde Golf First Row: Dick Bicknell, Ronald Katowich, George Richter, Larry Miller, Don Wright, Dick Schmidt, John Schram. Second Row: George Pesko, Heinz Damaske, Doug Fishburn, Jerry Redman, Jack Sinn, Vern Berndt, Bob Beach. Third Row: Larry Pesko, Craig Schwerdt, George Altizer, Bob Roger, Coach- Mr. Zick. Tennis F30 , Freshmen 3. 7553 Football First Row: Max Klemm, Bill Winkel, George Parker, Duane Totzke, Dick Carlson, Gerald Weimann, Jim Brown, Jack Ristau, Cecil Bush, Jerry Wentland Second Row: Dave Siewert, Tom Sinn, John Whittaker, Ted Hornus, Bob Mason, Craig Watt, Jim Marquardt, Lamar Bullock, Ronald Vieregge, Jim Curtis, Warren Geisler, Dick Bell, John Nemethy Third Row: Coach --Mr. Haach, Allen Ross, Jim Burrows, Ronald Burr, Eldon Kasischke, Roger Deal, Robert Gusse, Gilbert Migala, Dave Williams, Jim Place, Dick Bingham, Pat Krugh, Dick Kesterke, Assistant Coach - Mr. Burrsma Basketball First Row: Jim Marquardt, Tom Sinn, Dick Kes terke, Earl Clay, Ted Hornus, Dave Dorow Second Row: Manager- Jim Place, Dave Sie- wert, Don Wedde, Allen Ross, Dick Carlson, George Parker, Manager-Charles Spangen berg Third Row: Eldon Kasischke, Gilbert Migala, Joe Schutz, Dave Williams, Coach -Mr. Gephart Cheerleaders A First Row: Sharon Ruthsatz, Karen Stahl, Anna Kasischke, Judy Christman, Joyce Steinke, Helen Palenske. Heavyweight Football HEAVYWEIGHTS First Row: Larry Schreiber, Dave Ristau, Larry Schultz, Bob Siewert, Ray Coulombe, Ron Tibone, Jim Work- man, Coach -- Mr. Evans Second Row: John Gillespie, Frank Callender, Steve Sobralske, Jason Harness, Don Pullins, Larry DeFries. Third Row: Charles Rhodes, Dave Cox, Tom Thornton, Carl Boettcher, Leonard Kleaveland, Gary Sisson, Stan Gleason. Fourth Row: Lorne Moniot, Cullen Child, Jerry Neidlinger, Ron Harness, Kent Miller, George Walters. Eighth Grade Basketball Eighth Grade Basketball First Row: Jerry Neidlinger, Kent Miller, Jason Har- ness, Frank Callender, Terry Montei Second Row: Coach - Mr. Burrsma, Donald Pullins, Ralph Kitron, Bob Kelly, Ron Harness, Pieter Gelhof Cheerleaders Eighth Grade Cheerleaders First Row: Carol Farnum, Joyce Meister, Karen Myers Second Row: Emmagene Reisig, Marv Fast lightweight Football First Row: Darrel Schrag Michael Sinn Coach Mr Britton Jim Menchinger Tom Ankli Second Row: Gerry Colby Donald Burton Larry Klett Tom Stewart Third Row: David Brado Jerry Berner Mike Whittaker Ralph Kitron Ronald Moore Fourth Row: John Criddle Orlow Voth Jerry Fast Gerald Farrington Donald Totzke Seventh Grade Basketball First Row: Tom Siewert, Don Burton, Larry Klett Tom Ankli, John Criddle, Darrell Schrag Second Row: Coach-Mr. Spangenberg Adolph Buss, Kurt Kettlehut, Clifford Ward George Walters, Ronald Moore, Dave Ristau Dale Albrecht, Manager - David Poole Cheerleaders First Row: Sandra Hirmer, Pat Cheyne, Janice Dwan Kathy Norton, Kathleen Myers Junior High Student Council fig". :Q If W 9, W, f' OFficers First Row: Dick Carlson, Dave Siewert, Jim Bernard, Jim Marquardt. President ............ Jim Bernard Second Row: George Walters, Craig Watt, Max Klemm, Mary Ehrenberg, Judy Vice President ..n.... Dave Siewert Hughes, Kay Miller, Sharon Mulhern, Susan Scott, Sharon Ruthsatz, Helen Palen- Secretary ..... . . .Jim Marquardt ske, Judy Christman, Karen Redman, Sharon Granke, Barbara Benoit, Karl Treasurer .... . . .Dick Carlson Druva, Philip King, Advisor- Miss Tomlinson. Vw ,, Y, Dramntics Club Officers President ............. Paula Bylic Vice-President . . . . .Betty Nylen Secretary ..... .... K ay Miller Treasurer . . . . . .Judy Jeschke First Row: Mary Long, Mary Fast, Kay Miller, Betty Nylen, Advisor-Miss Reed, Paula Bylic, Judy Jeschke, Judy Ball Second Row: Emmagene Reisig, Constance Hinga, Rocelyn Dwan, Gail Gersonde, Nancy Kelm, Judy Dumdei, Carol Farnum, Deanna Diamond. Third Row: Paula Hanna, Marcia Heiden, Susan Cowles, Joyce Hafer, Joyce Kelm, Gretchen Gilmore, Sally Schillinger, Maridee Knuth, Karen Myers. Fourth Row: Terry Radde, Jim Bernard, Nancy Atwell, Sharon Mulhern, Mary Bennett, Myrna Herbertson. Booster Club J sident ............ Susan Scott e President . . .Alice Neugebauer retary .............. Tom Sinn QSUFSI' l l l BOOSTER CLUB Officers Seated: Anne VanAmerongen, Deanna Zawilla, Tom Sinn, Susan Scott, Alice Neugebauer, Lois Archut, Virginia Oles, Barbara Beckman Second Row: Darlene Jones, Joyce Kirksey, Jacqualene Kelly, Margaret Mise- gades, Maxine Rosenthal, Ruth Walclenmaior, Betty Beckman, Mary Aiken, Eunice Smith Third Row: Advisor-Mr. Heathcoat, Don Totzke, Jim Renick, Mike Sinn, Craig Watt. Don Frobel, Donc"" """"' Bennett Kino Advisor-Mr, Hartman Athena Y-Teens ATHENA Y TEENS Olilicers President ......... Anna Kasischke Vice President ...... Helen Palenske Secretary .... . . .Judy Christman Treasurer ......... Mary Ehrenberg Seated First Row: Mary Ehrenberg, Anna Kasischke, Judy Christman, Helen Palenske, Donna Pagel Second Row: Betty Nylen, Betsy Glossinger, Carol Cars, Ramona Simons, Cheryl Peterson Third Row: Sharon Ruthsatz, Judy Jeschke, Karen Stahl, Nancy Atwell, Pat Schmieding, Myrna Herbertson Fourth Row: Joyce Steinke, Paula Bylic, Judy Hughes, Susan Scott, Joyce Kelm, Janet Gosselar, Geraldine Miller Fifth Row: Connie Krugel, Sally Schillinger, Germaine WenzlaFf, Carol Haak, Carol Berndt :ei :si THE sr. JOSEPH JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Junior High Junior High acts as a melting pot for the students from the grade schools . . . Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Lutheran and many rural schools. Here the students find new friends, accustom themselves to a different environ- ment and cope with new problems and situations. Junior High is a unit all in itself . . . with its own Student Council, clubs and athletics. "Ideals are like stars, you will not succeed in touch- ing them with your handy but like the seafaring man on the desert waters you choose them as your guideg and following them, you reach your destiny." " 'Tis education forms the common mindg Just as the twig is bent the tree's inclined." "What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul." "School of the Lord's service." . xl.. Washington School Jefferson School Wir. ' A s - J ' 1-, M H I s l . A v ' " """'s"- - , S Q ' :K Nil' ' . 21 rt' M-fi 1 ' 139 X 'X plfapg ' i E ' Wi rr , ,. ,.,s ...L , ' A W nf 1: f'f"fT'?' N, ,V - L x K s' 'M-f,..ySy A s- .,....f...K 6 g, l j i WW? .s'.,s..e....- e. Lincoln School , ., ff Lutheran School C lass "Books are cz guide in youth and entertcnfzment for age." My salad days, when I was green of 1958 in judgment. ,r 1 ' A W , it M A .X f .wa ' if at 1 .ag f , Y' 'a X ' I 5 ft K ' -. 'V 5 : f Nic 'K ' M A i 4 ,Q ef H A tet --f J ,wb 1, . it I Q , J? A r .t , X V - ' I . 'i .,., 1 i A 'Xt' 'Q A- v- Dale Albrecht Lonna Albright John Alden Connie Alai Tom Ankli David Arnetle Mickey Awody Billy Baker , is f L a It ,A 6? ' V - 5 if - ffi - ' ' lx. 'f . mf' ' . ' I -.. 5 .2 R ' - N . ' f Y 5233 115. l.,i in . , s A if?-F A ,mt ' 3 '- Sqnqrq Bqvido Barbara Beckman Horace Becknell Morris Becknell Barbara Benoit Karen Berk Jerry Berner Sherry Berner , .Z V. l ,ga it H V I ., i .. S M M I Bob Benog Barbara BishOP Carl Boeltcher Roberl Brunke lorry Burkhord Donnie Burton GOTY Bush Adblph BUSS JJ An Buller Cowels Judy Frobel x 'K , Ronnie Har! 3. L. .E . . 'B t J Mi J if 2 1 K , ..fjJ, y ' - Alice lraens if :gli L W in ..- 356 ggi' Kim Mickey Koebel is J' A Q A g5q2Sy:+f J iiii i J 'X , -'i' Ji J :" ' J -1.i 1 Jim Carr Masheck Carler -POT CVWYHB - . X J! '- D' ' ..., i if '93 John Criddle , , Sfmdra Geisler " Y 2 Q1 Dow Harler Darlene Janes 5 S? Ee? W 13 - 5 he 'Q J Linda Krause 43 . S 'if James Menchlnaer James Milli: Linda Crowell X Stanley Gleason W W 5 'F "ww Jim Happier J M h , Q Kurt Kellelhul in J I' J J Je- , . iJ - .iw YYA, J' William Kru99el if Q Judy Mix Janice Curlis Je J -we X' J J J ., Shirley Goody Ax Donna Hill L1 1? Q .W J Larry Kierslead 5' xi uf K ff Polly Love Lorne Moniol ff J J J ' gfz gil a-rw 'Hel 2 was W ggi 4 Q i r F 1,11- Cullen Child Linda DalfYmP'9 ' .4 Milton Garden R ,Q Duane Hill . JL.. 6 Joe Killian M I 'L F Shirley ludlum li. . J VJ iz, is if H, Q m . J Bren da Moore .lg , X 1 :ua Gerry ColbY JJ J 1, I Judilh Dasse Ronald Grams A s David Hinz i ' , , N3 , Us ...A . "xv Philip King '3 s is X Shirley goo" J .QT L Janice Dwan rl x Sharon Granke A Sandra Hirmer L J.,JJ,J wie X- - A X JJ XJ J J RUYanond Coulomde Q, ,, ! 4 Johanna Freitag John Horner -5 x J AJ Edna Hufschild Leonard Kleaveland Larry Klan f ,, ' fi. s u rn Q 'Wil H , "- " A. Norman Marschke Jo Ann Marshall Tommy Mallhsws J 2 J 1 J. ' Q. 'J xx is Q. J X 1 3' Ronald Moore Annelle Muenxer Jim Murphy ',3'vfF' ,J fl Rodger MurDhY Vickie Phillips Qi ,, Charles Rhodes W, img X X Elizabeth Schultz Janet Smith Doreen Van lente ..,,W , ,M .z 7.5 Q Kathey MYers David Poole Patsy Ridenoor fi, Larry Schullz if 'S TT a Nvg . Rebecca Sewers Barry Wal cott 5 William Wesner .W 7 5.. . f gag ' as Richard Nelson 1? .3 ' Selma Pudel .H- U.,,f 4" . lyk David Ristau .r ilk ,le us. leaf Q rs Shirley Shatley ' wg, rape., Judy Speidel :lil . William Walsh xt.. Patty Weybright V , 1 ' . David Noble Julie Noren Katheryn Norton 'v 'Q -' ' J 'Fi - - I . ,f 1 ,' - . X in . Richard Pufall Leonard Raschke Kilfen Redman P J J ' A I :- 14. ' M. , ... l ' 1 IQ... Dick Ross Yvonne Russell ludy Rybarczyk K ,ig r I - A J will .. 3- ,Z di K V in V 1 9 i A. ' X Vzgze Robert Siewarl Q Q .ar 1 ef, it U Ann Marie Steele 3 .Vi '. ik George Walters s Nancy Wichner Thomas Siewarf if-' - ' r,, A S- ,fi Tom Thornton , is Q I ,le , ,Q t.. James Walters , i n F 1? Keil Wilson Juanita Simons ,' A X 41' '. Ronald Tibone Clifford Ward "Fm 1. X8 Nqngy Wolfe fa A-. -. Delores Phillips Dan Reeves ! 5. Tom Schadler AVCQ? 1' 1 ff . Q1 Mike Sinn 2 ,5- Donald Totzke Eddie Warren Kay Zerbal F ':i- TNQ T Nancy Phillips in ' . I l- - 'e w.. .f r Jim Renick fa, -:le 6 s'ls. ff V3 " A 5 ,nr Darrell Schrag Gary Sisson Ann Von Ameronger Fred Warsco Class of sr -4 fm' 1957 'P Y -vw -Q dl" . X Mak. Judiih Ball Betty .ir 1 Mary Aiken ,au 4? 5- . AHCC Brink Frank Collsnder 2, -..,, -'Q K .W 5, , Joe Cax Phillip Cull ' s .--s , V3 y 8 5 Y B Rocelyn Dwan Patricia Evans I' W USUN Mary Gieszer Sara GIG Berkman Mary Benneite A ef A Nevah Caukin Judy Larlson R , larry Defries Deanna Diamond Ti . Saga- . CCIYO' Fafnum Gerald l.GffiHQfOl X 'Q Q' 15 Jw, - ,Al K . ' Agfmw-xii N rg! .N John Gillespie jim gocfugh et but young in dee d. Q 'Y ied Breiiruez 'R' Q '12 fy Dave Cox 'G' f 1 Q. Judith Du mdia 2 Johnny George is .L 4 , Beth He9lU"d We are y L 'Q 'ST i 5 'N ,, .. A , X ' 3 i QM J we aa f Q . kk.A M . , si . .N Jessie Berry' Barbara Blanshan David Braao wi,-,fr '53 I 4- Q K, - X 5 . Eioine Clear Ardiih Cooper UUSUH Cowles ' A fh .K Q ff k I X M Joann Dooliiile John Druva Karl Druva 'Z - i R , Q Q Q '. ' E 2 .. I . .Jr in 'fy A-f f K : ' X Lx, y k bv: 'P 4' 57? ls ' JGYYY Fas? Mary Fast Pieter Geldhof JNL. ,... i . L ihii , .ff ,Z 1 i Lf.. . x X' e, K. A Paula Hanna June Horner Jason Hqrnggs Marcia Heiden M nf! P'-bert Kelly Bela lindenfeld E fr VN l Joyce Meister 6? , 'arf Sharon Mulhern . PQ X- Emmagene Reisig 5 -. if ,' K an ' I N gh 11 Dennis Smith -. 4 ,LS .. . Put Heimsoth V I K Put Kelm 34.7 H iii -, f Ruberd lloyd Betly lou Mildon Keren MYers 3' J. Constonce H3095 Q Q Ralph Kilron I r. 'll Marv long Kay Miller .. ' S 'r 4. Jerry Neidlinger ,, it 4 J . , 5 ' Q t i 4 - : A ex' V Donna Renick Geraldine Rose X X -P: Q Douglas Smith Eunice Srnilh K 4? J K 5 ' FS . ,V Q f Leon Hosletler A 1 Marv Koch f wif' Marietta Lowe 'W fi Q J E., -f nf Kenl Miller ll lr John Nelson .5 ififw- A . lt ,, ' 2 lorry Schreiber ,,w: JAM Lucille Smith 2 Q Philip Jensen J Q1 Nancy Kowerduck , A l Kay loshbough Margaret Misegodes A. 'YS A ' a Dawn O'Brien Ronnie Schultz , 9' lr. as-' s.""Z 1. , tr - .-., " it M A iw an X gi, N 1 Steve Sobrolskl ij, , , Mg 4' ,, 1 A . . ,"'.3+ ,- ' 'o K . larry Johnson Nancy Kulin jacquam' Kviiv Jone Krieger C -. 'Q' E t. l ,, Paul Lucas rx A Terry Montel Pot O'Donnell Susan Scott R Robert Swedenbevg Mft Art Kru99er 6 bv . Y, Kathleen Mok 3 Carol Moore Belly Paslrick ff June Shelley ,J f . Aff A ,. Q, Q 2. ff lenore lincoln shirlev Maynard 'v J 5- A Jim Morris Don Pullins . 5 w ,H-'Q Elizabeth Slowson Q 2 ' be K X 1 is 4 x MUYY Tekoller John Van Zan! lr I J is I . at ., s 1 it A . LM I A lf , 4 K T I , I James Vetter Orlow Voth Douglqg walker Priscillia Warmbein Sharolyn White K' I tv, ., . ,X 5- . ' ,y 5 ,Q - Michal Wgqdwqrd Jim Workman Barbara Wright Sandra Yaungblood of i956 Class Q Q' Bill Achterbers Russel Adler at S i X Dick Bell Jim Bernard 1 ..,, ,Muff K . ,.Lt Q Q ki James Brown Lamar Bullock Bob Aiken Carol Berndt R -,ww mu' 5 . ,U i at L ,J Wx V wks, Ronald Burr classes flow. K' 'M ., ,Q 1 N ix " Mike Whittaker Caaol Yount x Melvin Winter ,F X Terry Zick Gerald Woodrick The Freshmen class is that river into which the tributaries of grammar school empty and from which the interminable graduating qt , . -Q, . at - - bw' ic . I 'Q 'riff 55222. be Lois Archut Frank Ashley NoncY AWGN Q gg: " W' .f 2, W H .. fg ' . 'Q " wi, fi' .f .- Barbara Biastock Dick Bingham Roger Bischoff 121 i if 1 If ' ' " V . . ' f 2 'ff'.c: if-I Nancy Burreson Jim Burrows Cecil Bush Donald Baum L Sandra BcYer Q , 3 Paula Bylic Q f ,Y Paul Bayrnan I his -, - t .- js Hazen Brownlow 'I L Beverly Callender I v? Dick Carlson my 9 D .Jo fn-yi r W' 9 . X gi. A if James Curtis K! E of Mary Ehrenberg , , '- if N Aw Valerie Geisler Beverly Gleason H Jayce Hafer Q 7" Betty Hermann QMS ludY Christman l' rr 15. if:- Joan Davidson A . A i - L ., fy: Fred Ehrhardt If Warren Geisler iw ' Elizabeth Glossingz 'N QT , ., 4- - A gg 1 5 K M Robert Hart Robert Hinz 'V QL Ap A rr K X Q Earl Clay Ruth Dahring L I Q' 5 J Elaine Engler 11, ' 51 Mi 7 , 9 J QL Carroll Gerbel awk 5 J-rr Janet Gosselar W 1 x .gi V' SR 5 f". arry Harvey Ted Hornus W0Yne Cohrs Roger Deal " WW. Leroy Eschler K, -Ii! .Q 5 lr J no Carol Gersonde '27 Terry Colby A hi fa- - 5. ,.f ,..,- L Frank DeMaria Q' fri e ' 1 In Helmut Fandrich g 'JR . if . Gail Gersonde 'K 47 . - , . inn ,bg ' , M - 'yy L' Dennis Grams Shirley Greening a . D an 3 A3-" any 5 of Russell Hasse Steve Hatch 1"i r ll .4 1 or r g' rf ' , :ie - 2' Judith Hughes Sandra Hutchinson nu J I- 5 , Z rag ' J - X L or ra at 1' Carol Coss JudY Cottrell AQ David Dorow Donna Draper F 72? Q Ronald Fritz Donald Frobel Hlldeglfd Gersten- korn ' Q -4 Bob Gusse D I li, l llfl "lU9h Hegland , 'rr wg Y gf I Miriam Jackson 12 r Victor Gillette r 'F Bonnie Gustafson 2.5 4 in Hug ,L . Q, Rolene Hendrix Judy Jasper in- Zili Karla Craig We l X ns. ' e Edwin Dwan A Janice Froberg ii I W ' x ' Gretchen Gilmore Carol Hook , -A Myrna Herbertson JudY Jeschke i 44- ' Q if X A r- dw Q I 2 Q .. W' 7 lb wax X 2 ,. sas?" . , 1- - we . , ' ' 1 JT . K Dale Jewell lUffY -l0h"50'1 Charlene Jones Waller Kurgus Anna Kasischke Emo" Kasischk' sandffl KGf0WiCh NYC' Kohn U. K 1 , 5 r, a G ' ,NJA Q . ' l Q ' S ' 5' . ' 1:2 E.:- Nancy Kelm Dick Keslerke Belly Kiellerow Barbara Kimbel Bennell King Joyce Kirby Joyce Kirksoy Max Klemm 4 - f. A 13' 2 . ' J ' J i , , xi .55 . E' Q Marideo Knulh Barbara Kolberg Connie Kfvssel Pal Krugh Grace Krumi-oy Nldfvfl l-Gvsman Edwin '-Uvivlefle Barbara lealz . 01 K 'fi J 1 i - Q . ' . Q J - f' Y 5 v, F -- 1 LeRoy Lincoln Donald lifke 50, louder Walfred Lyon Margaret Maile Jim Marquurdl Mara Lee Marshall Evelyn Mamn -- -M ., 2 , '. - - - 1? '15 'H J ' Y J 3 v M ' K ' 4 MT. A V 4' . r i sie if- ur W P ii - Bgb Megan Michael Melcher ROY Menser Gilberl' Migala Geraldine Miller Je,-fy Miller Marlene Miller MUYY Miller . I ' in . G I, , ,frm Q 'Q K " K '. . A1 G, ? Q 1' 1 Q S Q L Gull Mllrldf Ken MUYPINY John Nemeghy Janis Nernberg Fred Neubauer Alice Nevgebauer Curol Nuechlerlein Belly Nylen , ' 1 V - .3 r 4 , , , ., i v , , - Q Q , , ,. J Q .5 . 5 l 2 , ' Y 4 i if N l, i ,N Virginia Oles Donna Paqel Helen Palenska Tom Palmer George Parker Cheryl Peterson H elen Piersing -lim HUGO s, Imogene Procter 1-any Rodda 6 4' ? Sharon Ruthsatx " 9 9? Karl Schwab 3 .I Ramona Simuns Arlens Steinke Ruth Waldenmaier , 'il 2 ,vi r 1 .X John Whittaker Sally Schillinger fri 3, Hilda Schwanke X x S xx s Tom Sinn Joyce Sfeinke ii N N. Doris Ward Pat White -in me r r s Jack Ristau in Q Q Daryl Schlender A .1 Susan Scott L, V- 5- lrene Smith 10' , A5 Eileen Teske ,N - I X I x , .- Craig Watt "fi 9 Q i AK Mildred wagle :V x I 4 4, A' X. ,, , t s , Q . S V- qi , - ' - tt- ss N ,p-', 'r - " is ' ' - Reber, Roger, Evyone Rose Maxine Rosenthal Allen Ross Jock Rude" 5 , x - " - .. T S 'Q 5, Q, as w J 5 Q 1 Ti it X. 4 i M A ,. . BUddY Sfhlutt Pat Schmieding Eugene Schroder Rodney Schuhknect Joseph Schull ' 2 J V3 i ZX l .X ' 33 4 1 - . has W Marlin Sempert Jack Shirley Tom Sieglef Dole 5ieWef' David 5i9W"" r 4,9 A ir - ' Janet Smith Joan Smith Lharles Spangenberg Tim Sparks Karen Stahl A R .3 ,8 it H 'ST S ' A 1 , -.Q - 1 M Q - ld A ma at x f. X . Janet Tillman Diane Tolliver DUOHO TOURS Ron VieI'B990 Bdinda Viumm I . ' w lv 5 za? Don Wedde Jerry Weimanrl .lerrv Wentland Jerry Wenzlalf Don w95"'f ar- . ' V 7 -lk - 4. 7' . '- ff ' , - 2 5 , K -1. W 'X Xe' iQ Fe! ' .J Dave Williams Bill Winkel Deanna Zuwilla Hanz Zohm Sharon lick Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Joseph Underclassmen Classes . . . books . . . studies . . . school, above all else is a place in which to learn. ln the individual classrooms the students are instructed in the industrial arts, in homemaking, and in commercial and college prepara- tory courses . . . The study hall is the workshop forthe preparation of daily assignments . . . the seemingly endless hours of classes and homework . . . all are climaxed by Report Card Day and punctuated by a chain of tests, quizzes, and examinations. 'Mr. Larkin, I've discovered a brand new elemenf!" Who fhrew the monkey wrench in the gears?!!" "Quief, Piecise!!" "And here are the future housewives of Americc?!' Library Home Economics Class of i955 vrfi. r ,, . -9- -T f f ' f 22255 'A L? - H ff l? ,-., , "' t X :E - 5 A s Jim Alden Michael Alden Geor90 Altilef - ' W F t sf F or sf Dun Bartolucci Belly Beach Pat Beardsley iii' Q ,irq E A , - : 4 Bob BIY Dm' Bodlke Volker Breitkreu iiifi V . af 5, 4 f ag .-,,. if .. Q 0. . Carol Cobb Delbert Coonfare Shirley Crossman 1 M'AA' M 9 e as C We Q ' 1 f .- -- M is C rg 9'-Y I . -N-wgixg .toon Dean Robert Dearms Sylvia Deckurd , ' -' .A - l ' 2- .L ek 3 -,ig Ado Floreoni Shirley Frazier Don Fredrick 1 l N iff--A ,..i M louise Altizer 3 S Jeanette Becker An no Buss Barbara Curtis Danna DeMorrow ,X L asf me ' -:. George Free The fault, dear Brutus, is no that we are underlings. I Don Anderson K Q D I, - I Joy Berk s ome Ron Cantele Nancy Dclrymple vi, F V, Janet Ast 1 Sharon Berkholtz + ! ex ,. - ra, Lois Carlson ,Q A, it , 'nie 45 K L? Heinz Danluske Y ,.,, 1 h it Diane Dumdei Thurman Duncan ' ii V 55157: ' ,Q , vanwn Froberg Marv Fresher in our stars, but rl H ' Q ' 1. -' Q, ,ln John Baker 'xwiilff A Vern Berndt X . if --QI: .e k Don Chapman B I t if . D K 'F , Adele Dose l 1 -S--.s larry Dutenhaver Don Gust in ourselves RK A vhs if si Dale Bartloi 1. f.n',f.Z ' K llfz Bill Bluschke fs Bob Chester S il Bob Davidson ,F ilk xg., ' .. as s Jeanne Falkenstein i 'Q V . ... psf ' ' .. if Ni ,.I:iIE:. '. . Jim Gersonde if ' f i f ,,'- -,fax Gail Gihney John Heppler 'Y , Craig Jensen Cynthia Kin9 James lambrecht Cynthia lang fl y Qt- larry Miller J - X if Sue Ann Goody lm Barbara Herrmann Ma rlyn Jewell 3 : loretla Klu9 1- t .ef rs.- Ralph Langer ,ill-,X ' Roberta lucker Mary Ann Modigell ez X -fm - s ' --'. X 1 H Effie. :ll ' I J tx 1 .J Q I Julius Grau Jean Griffin " m Qi J Beverly Hill Don Hill 'H' Don Jones fl J-is Stanley Knuth f . 25? f , .saw Dolores lerke Norma Jones Art Kretlow Caroline Lick ,, -1, ' , ' 'if Janet Mackay Dick Mak G , 5 fr J ? Jim Mohn JUHY MUN'-lJ1Y ww 1mfe-A -- .wfrfvisigawii . ismfiif w-hf X 'W lp!!-in-D., . 93 Q Q 'H M I in Gerald Haase Kg Kirk Hinman 4 ' J N Q All li S-' Glen Kalin larry Krieger O Connie Lind I ev L. A Waneela McCoy Dale Mutz ,am .W wb 1 kr re KE 5 'Q if 1 3 W Connie Hammond w Q Q' . I Elaine Honens as x Jean Ann Kerlikowske A- J sf .. J Lea Krieger J J P+' Inez linderoth .w 'K ' '-f Roger Menchingar Nancy Netedu J Ronald Hamm Anno Irgens t o ma Xa-Q 'S Marv Ann Ketelhut Frank Kroenin9 ,Q wa- 3 Y Fred Logan Iris Moyer P J 'ff Ellen Noble 4 K is is Barbara Heard an. 1, Q XA ' e N v fe e. of Suzanne Irion Robert Kimmerly X fm Alan Kuohl X Na rreta loikets -, it Janice Miller , it W Jerry Ott Q , ' if f I ' 5 . if , M .1 i L - f " Q g .'.: in if lorroine Paulus Belly Payne Charles Periger George Pesko 'rl if A. R R Xi , X - .. Crace Reid Jerry Reimann Sandra Rehke Peler Rhouds ,gf r in or is Y. 1 f , 7 fn ' K , I i g " s ,sf W I - L . . i . K - ,Q - ' .A A ,S ll Carlyn Rolh Fred Rulhsalz louis Sahs Richard Schmid? " si' . lf' la 3 4 1, is L' A . . 5 ,, Craig Schwen-H Barbara Simmons MGVY Ellen Single .luck Sinn ' 3 - W wk f ' I R af ,gk R sl7a5fr,3-K ' s '. K f ,X , 5,1 -QSM' R , R e 1 " 1,1-5. ..l""rx Nick Stale Marie Steinke Carol Sienske Huburl Slenske f gg: . X iw 'K 1 ea i i i A if i Y"'i 1 1 ' ' 7 'X fi 7 . Dan Waldenmaier Marvin Waldenmaier Pele Wall Elvera Weimann Wayne Wnfkowski Don Wichner Edward Wlese jon Wirfh as ... . I mm ab. Sally Peirick Q rv sg l George Richler John Schram ff Delores Smilh '15 if Peggy Stine 'Q Alvin Werner ,,, 'F ffl 'V Q X Q l f 1' Don Wrighl Q We Q Truman Piner Lo.-aine Pschigoda n 41. 8' James Rody Roherl Rogers K ss? Q32 Jerry Redman 'K Carol Rosenlhal . -. me Q2 A -. ' ' . 5 g Qktt R f. Raberl Schulfz Richard Schulz Regina Schwanke SD Q! ,M R4 e m Sandra Smilh John Sobieski Faith Sprunger W R -Q 5h0l'0l'l TGYYY Elna Tilly Delores Van lenle 'pig " A if . ' r ... - I Airy,-:SAV wig , ,K , . A sg ... A R Arden Wesner Bulch West Arlene Weikowski V "4 K- in Q is L? R . G X Jerry Zellar Duane Ziempke .lun Zuppke Class of l954 we xi lk gfy. , Slanly Adcock nga- -lr 'xx Ron BIY WHT, 1 a Diana Carleville - '3 'Q Ken Dehring Vance Federigh 'Z , Q 1 , 1 af, m ' ,gxg - ., Elwood Gilletle "5 In.. Barbara Allen Vg .-si ' 1 I W. af- Y Par Bradley i -I s Barbara Coulombe Janice Dexel Fred Findelsen r J lam JOY Anderson . ff A A lois Burkhurd .loan Crai9 8 ' ' . N lv' Don Dorow , .5 F , Douglas Fishburn X if if f-.JN3 Elwin Gillette KUHIY Gleason To these, afler awhile, belong the cap and gown. ffl' 5 - a? f wa. a .. 3 N 1 A J 4? '- ' Leger guushke Dorolhea Becker Kathleen Berndl Georg, gimnqch Befh BFSHOD . I A -6 g lg 1 +5 an J 1 -4 fl V i +34 Xl. , , Sam Calopepe Joyce Cerecke Dave Colleen Ken Cohrs lois Cooper Q 3-'W a ' 5 , E ' " ,.. . X X lu. WendY Criddle Bill Crossman Marilyn Curiis John Dahlslrom Leo Dahring , i 'Q Q K J- V kk f 1,4 I H . . J .- K ,X r H Nate Duncan Bob Ellis Jannetfe Engel CUFYIS Ericson Bill Evans Y . a ' 1 . .. Y . 4 , ' .. 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X Duane Langston Louise Miller .ki Billie Myrick Alfred 'Pierce x , N. -' Q Bobbie Hollensbe F Q fp! Carol Jen sen Lorraine Kissau me 'W Qi Carol Liskey i n I t?r . sg - in Sandra Huelsbcrg N., Q Pat Jeschke Nadia Kolasniks Mary Lou Mach e Q3 Bob Miller Carol Milnikel A A ' k.k.. X f . Richard Nelson Jean Nemethy Lois Piersing George Pullins ,W ,..-. we-. V. " Els :W , ' r fi 5 X ki F? V . K K X. . x ' 1 R I .Y Y -. J " Q .I r -. ' A- Are., X Q "" I K ' ' 1 -. - - ' - N, Bob Radde Plato Rantis Beverly Redrfwrl Nancy Reed Pat Riley Marcia Rill Joyce Robards Janet Rogers A A f Pg , - fe 5 ' . B, ,f - 4-I N g . m K Q 1 - ' in ' George Rosenthal Pete Ruppel Ronnie Rutz Marilyn Sahlim Nlariorie Schlender Aryin Schneck Roy Schoenleld Edith Schroeder r - f"'t ,Q '. gg, .. K.: Q A 9' Q i .. s - E K A l rf' J, I 3 Q u 13, . kr - "J LX- ,sk v Joyce Schultz Karen Schultz Margie Schultz Jeanette Selent Stuart Shipman Rem Shoup Jenny Simmons Ron Sisson , wg. B 3 73- t J . N ' , - -Q. A H2 X s" y A .wee A 55 . X ,X A QQ Fm,-,535 Sobieski Arnold Sc-dergren Mary Kay Spink Mike Stankus Charles Steele Shirley Stillman Dick Storms joys, Stygigk 4 . 4 3? ' Y ' we K ' R 5 -Q Q . 'H f as . uv- v ' J "U , w. f 1 x i G99'9e Surch Jeannine Swank MUYY TGYlor Ron TaYl9' Marlene Tedriclf Pal' Thornton .loreen Tibone Edward Todd N 1 ali - . . ., 2 B 1- -a B . X . K I 5 nik f ' , K .V X. ' 5, ' ' , .. L. . tx - ' X ' Peter Troast Chuck Van DOI' Ave Ken Vandermolen Ken Vieregge Tony Viscarra Dick Voss Jim Walker Anne Ward I X E' s . 'QF Q' - 2, ' 4. . I' R : '- , 6 ' . , M. ..,, "- J . 'wr . . -- . I . .. , . 2 xx' QV A 1 if ' K, J-.I Joan Weinert Arliss Wells Roger Wessendorf Alice Wharton Barbara Woods Glenn Zerler Bonnie Zick THE CLASS OF 1953 I Seniors "We, the class of '53 have our goal attained." Composed of many individuals, but working as a unit, the class of 1953 has reached the climax of its school lite . . . In the past the class' achieve- ments have included two magazine sales, the Junior Senior Prom, two class plays and the annual . . . As graduation marks an end to the class of 1953 it means the beginning ofa new life for its members . . . marriage, work, Military Service or higher education. "Needles and pins, needles and pins, When a man marries his troubles begin." "ln every rank, or great or small, 'Tis industry supports us all." "Hup, two, three, four" "Thank you, sir." College "Three wonderful weeksl" "Back to the old grind!" The first day of school . . . We still had memories of our summer vacations . . . At Michigan State music course - - - Hu two three, fourl I , P' ' "Journalism or. Dramatlcs?" And Boy's State . . . Our school days became a settled routine . . HUU "Please pass the peanut butter!" MBU' my alarm didn., go om.. After morning classes, time out for lunch, . . . When school was out, some unfortunate few had to stay for seventh hour . . Day "Anyone for a game of PooI?" The luckier ones met over at Old's . . The football team began practice . . "Bell Telephone, lnc." "Take it easy on that dummy, boysl" "Bob Beach, our super-salesman!" x And some srudents settled down to jobs . . The classes began their annual magazine sales . . 5-is 4 ' Did you remember your instrument?" ..Don,' rock the bout dear... FOI' G Change 'here Wwe occasional lfiPs . . . And picnics to end the school year. Our first big event was the crowning of the football queen- . , Remember the fun we had at play practice , , t The twenties chorus line ot the Variety Show . . . The qII.giyI melodrgmg the Thegpirgng gave N The Heartbeat . . . The new bond ut me utter-game dances - - - The new members induried into Honor Sod'-5'Y . . . Mr. Howard so worried because the bond contest and 1ournomerlTS came ui the some time 4 i , The parties after the games . . . The Hen poriies . . The Prom . . . And Graduation. I Gerry Wahl and Mary Ann Tiscornia Mary Ann Ttscornia and Pam Hinga Dick Marquardt, Judy Ast, Dick Miller and Shirley Rutz Class PluyS Junior Play "IN SPRING THE SAP" ln the Junior year the class of 1953 presented a three-act farce entitled "ln Spring the Sap" under the direction of Miss Betty Theisen. Some of the unforgettable incidents of this play . . . Professor Twibbly's Various Machine, which manufactured wallboard out of old weeds and garbage . . .Violet's pick axe . . . Mr. Mince's scheme . . . Mrs. Stickney falling into the Various Machine and ending up at the morgue . . . Henry Grave's motto, "We try to be prompt, sir . . . without being eager" . . . Phil postponing his marriage with Vickie until after the track meet . . . Rockhead being hypnotized into a duck . . . Josephine tackling Mrs. Mince . . . the gear wheel falling into'the office of the President of Riverbottom University . . . and Melville winning the Tri-State Siterary award and turning into a track star at the same time. "Spurts up in winey glee New life to withered oak, To every bean and Spanish onion, To tangled sour apple tree. Each tattered dismal thing Feels in itself a beauty that is spring, The bee is proud of his ugly fuzz, . The radishes proud of its leafy hat, And ugly is lovely and homely is beauty because ln spring the sap." Mrs. Gertrude Hawley Stickney, of the Stickney Fellowship Foundation - Joanne Pankey Prudence Prim, a nurse, who takes her iob seriously- Judy Ast Henry Graves, a hearse driver - Ken Poole Susie-Moe Younghope, an eyewitness to some strange events-Barb Bermingham Dr. Matilda Guppie, president of Riverbottom U. - Pom Hinga Assistant Directors- Dick Wendt and Phyllis Kalke Promoters - Mary louise Piehl and Irene Herndon Stage and lighting - Bob Gerbel J. Oliver Twibbly, an eighty-nine year-old inventor and iustice of the peace - Gerry Wahl Milville Kadenza, who aspires to be o poet- Dick Miller Violet Mince, her daughter - Eleanor Williams . Vickie Wickerson, prettiest coed at Riverbottom U. - Shirley Rutz v Pam Broomwell, another pretty, but impish, coed - Marge Anderlik Philip Dill, in love with Vickie, and manager of the track team- Dick Marquardt Rockhead McGuire, the not-toovbright track star of Riverbottom U.- Ken Wells Professor Squintin Blower, a hypnotist, so-called - Paul McClure Josephine Skibutske, football player on a woman's professional football team - The Leafy Creek Hyeanas - Mary Jane Movs Senior Play "ONCE AND FOR ALL" Tuxedo court, o street of shabby apartment dwellings, furnished the setting of our Senior Class play, "Once and For All". Under the direction of Miss Betty Theisen, the play unfolded dramatic happenings in the lives of the Benzetti family whose son became involved with a gang of racketeers, Linda and Michael Webb, who came seeking to make a success of their marriage away from Linda's wealthy parents, two iob-seeking chorus girls who brought a not of gaiety into the drab life of Mrs. Defarge. "it's spring, Demetrio. So cool and soft the air . , . Spring is fine. See! The moon , , . like my fother's sickle in Sicily. To sit by the smooth Sea . . back there . . . that would be grand tonight. With that smooth moon making so pretty ripples on the water. But it is good here too, lt is better to live here. Sicily is a dream now . . . And think Papa-you work for nobody-only yourself. America, she is wonderful . . . Yes?" Michael Webb, a struggling newspaperman-Don Anderson Lindo, his wife, who chose love over money- Pat Bridgeman Mrs. John Walker, Linda's mother, who couldn't understand that money didn't buy happiness - Audrey Darstewitz Nicola lNicxl Benzetti, a likable young man with a desire to make "quick 'money" - Gerry Wahl Pietro Benzetti, Nick's little brother who is skeptical of Nick's "easy money" - Mim Schlutt Demetrio Benzetti, Nick's father, a fruit truck driver - Paul McClure Anna Benzelti, who wants the best for her sons- Jeri Strang Sven Svenson, the apartment ionitor - Dick Wendt Cora, his wife who kept a sharp eye on Sven - Phyllis Kalke Christine Defarge, the girl who tried to set Nick straight-Eleanor Williams Flora, Christine's mother-Marlene Hallock Arnold Rice, a rich playboy with dubious means - Ken Poole Doris Delray and Lenore Leblanc, two happy-go-lucky chorus girls- Barbara Bermingham and Judy Ast Mrs. Bilge, the landlady- Janet Stemm Mrs. Pettigrew and Mrs. Harrington, two representatives of the Feder- ated Women's Club-Shirley Rutz and Joanne Fehlberg Danielle lStewl Vanzo, a small time hoodlum -- Gene Cohrs Wade Corrigan, a plain-clothesman - Ken Wells The milkman - Bruno Fenge The Violinist - Dick Marquardt The messenger boy - Lenny Badt The paper bay - Bob Gerbel Assistant Directors - - Dick Miller and Mary Jane Muvg Prompters - Mary Louise Piehl and Irene Herndon Stage and Lighting - Bob C-erbel and Delman Ward Shirley Rutz, Joanne Fehlberg and Don Anderson Paul McClure, Jeri Strang, Ken Wells, Mim Schlutt, Phyllis Kalke Barbara Bermingham, Don Anderson, Pat Bridgeman, Judy Ast, Marlene Hallock, and Eleanor Williams I avr Jerk. 5 ' f Ronald Knuth Jlldifh Ast Common sense is the knack of seeing Keen sense' common Sense' bm Sm' lhlftgs U5 9heY Ure, Und doing room for nonsense. lhlngs as they ought to be done. R 623311 ' A Richard Wendt Richard Marquardt EVe'Y 'HGH h0S his d9Vlll5h ""0menl5' Our deeds follow us, and what we have been makes us what we are. Richard Bicknell We go with the crowd. l Kenneth Poole Peppy and full of fun: fine company tor everyone. l Margaret Anderlik Donald Anderson Donald Zuhl The smallest branches do the most rustling. l have no secret of success but hard work. Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought in the world 'Cl Carol Adler Sharon Anderson LeRo Archut Y A person in good humor is welcomed Divinely tall, and most divinely fair. I hurry NOC neither do I WOYFY- in all groups. Leonard Badt Robert Beach Arnold Berg He if 0 'clker' and needs no A quiet mon' bu' qune U mon' Variety is the mother of enioyment questioning before he speaks. Barbara Berminghan Carol Bluschke Marilyn Bork Without love and laughter there is no ioy. The only way to have o friend is to be one. Genrre in manner mm in mumy Patsy Bridgeman Julia Buchanan Earnestness is enthusiasm tempered A girl with a smile is a girl worthwhile. by reason. Donald Chase Jeannine Clark These are the times that try mens souls. A winning way and a smiling face' Bl William Connors Rodney Cross If we W0U'd be 9UldCd bY 'he Hgh' Man is the artificer of ms own happiness. of reason, we must let our minds be bold. Bonnie Cassabaum I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me. Qbhri Eugene Cohrs essings on him who first invented sleep 'S' Raymond Dansfield Silence is ci hard argument to UN5Wel'f Sally Davis She is wise, she is witty, she's in love what a pity. ff-. Audrey Dorsfewitz Dignity is like perfumeg those who use it are scarcely conscious of it. .ft Bruno Feige The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. Much Arno DlCk Margaret Dorgelo ve token my fun where l've found ll. Happy om tl from core pm free, l Arthur Dumdie Joanne Fehlberg Wl5d0fTl Often goes with the fewest words. She loves to have her share of fun. But not before her work is done, 4 W . if . . W:- Virginia Felton Carole Frank B0 9006 and YOU will be l'UPPY- Always merry, never glum, makes a bright and cheerful chum. fi Betty Froeber Theodore Froehlich Patricia GUST It is easy to be pleasant. A song will outlive all sermons in the memory. Quiet and sweet, PleUS0f'f to mee' i X x Arthur Gench Robert Gerbel Myron Gillette Men of few words are the best men. No sooner said than done. Sleep is the gentlest ot duties. 1 A is Annu Mae G0dUSh Carol Gonnerman John Gouwens True humor Sprinqs from the heart. Not loo serious, not loo gay, l can promise to be candid. lust a nice girl in every way. wi Sondra Grams Frederick Greene Judith Guild The mildcst manners and the gentlest heart. Combinations af wheels, incline planes, Good taste is the flower of good sense and levers excite the mechanical mind. Gnu 1:91 if Marlene Hallock Roger Hatch Irene Herndon Art flows from her pen as honey from The force of his own merit makes his way. Her friends, 'hey me many: C' SPOON- Her foes-are there ony? Pamela Hingci Rodger HU6lSberg Bqrbqrq Hunt Mvke US hf1PPY and YOU make U5 Qood' Let all thought of duty cease when A woman's heart like the moons is you have gone fishing. always changing, but there is ul-ways a man in it. , vm ev Robert Johns Louis Jones He knows the precise moment when O mischief, thou art swift to enter to say nothing. in the thoughts of men. Barbara Kaiser Phyllis Kalke Happiness is a habit. Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success. Donald Kelly Barbara Kerlikowske If you have great talents, industry A merry heart doeth good like a melody. will improve them. Duane Jorgensen The knowledge of words is the gale of scholarship, Ronald Karstens A man on the hunt with a hounq is quite content. Philip Kierstead Every man is a volume it you know how to read him l Mona Kirchner Joanne Kleff Thelma Koebel W'l'ln9 lfee Vef5e is like PlCYl'lFl A merry heart maketh u cheerful countenance. A faithful friend is the medium of life tennis with the net down. Darice KOGSYSI' Charles Kroening Studies serve for ornament and ability. Recreation is not being idleg it is easing the weoried part by change of occupation. Loretta Kuehl Murcia Kurtz She gddg zesf go any group, Amusement is the happiness of women. X . Jane Krombetter Silence is a fine jewel for WOYTIGYT- Gerald Lange We may be as good as .fe please, if we please to be good. Nancy Anderson Lawrence One man among a thousand have l found. Harry Mantei He is gentle, he is shy, But there's mischief in his eye. Bruce Lindal have learned therewith tn be convent. o Q Q . g + 1 g o Q ' 'jf Q 4 4 Ceola Mason Manners are the happy ways of doing things. Paul McClure Edward Miller Martin Mach The ablest men in all walks of life are men of faith. Mqry Jane Mavs is better to wear out than to rust out Richard Miller You find yourself refreshed in Think all you say, say not all you think. All musical peonle seem to be hGPPY- the presence of a cheerful person. J' J Joanne Pankey Helen Paxon I IVY CII II"I"'95? I Uchleve what I Can- Always bubbling over with the gales of girlish glee. "".,.'J' l Mary Louise Piehl Wendell Porter When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow. Pleasure does not allow much lime for work. Marie RUPPGI Donna Ruthsatz 1 e Larry Pesko careless song, with a little nonsense is becoming to a man, Delores Rosenthal She has a calm and quiet way. Robert Ruthsatz Mischievous as a pup. Quiet and unassuming but always on the iob. He's a man worth knowing and worth knowing well, Awa Wes ws? Barbara McKee Sherwood Ronald Smith Janet Sfemm rmed-up dinner was never worth much. A little NOHSGYISS HOW and then is A friendly heart with many q friend' relished by the best of men. 'le"olY" Slfqnge Daniel Streick Sonia Tollas In thy face l see the map of honor, Even the best must own that patience Her voice was ever soft, Qefllle and 'wth and IOYGHY and resignation are the pillars lowg an excellent thing in a of peace on earth. WUFUGYT -,-. 5 f in Fanny Van Raepenbusch Linda Veurink Gerald Wahl Common sense is the best sense l know. Always friendly, lust the same. A perfect card, a ioker, that ig, Always square in lite's old game. Chorles Mischke William Moore Betty Morris Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. The great aim of education is not Life is what you moke il. knowledge but action. 1-N sl X : Dorothy Murso Joanne Neidlinger Richord Nernberg Music makes life worth living, For she is neat, and she is sweet. Learning resolves our perfection why learn? Ruth Noreen Joan Nuechterlein Noncy Odell Two plus two equals five. Some thinks the world is mode for Her heorl is not her own, but it is fun and frolic and so do l. in good hands. Shirley Rutz Blanche Sample Ronald Schalon Peppy G5 0 fed PePPe'- One good turn deserves another. An all around good fellow but ruled only by one "'3g.."'f' Joy Schlutt Millard Schlutt William Schmidt My heart bids me do it, if l can, If work interferes with pleasure, We learn not in school, but in life. ana if it is a thing possible to do. out the work. Ml Jerry Schmidtke Allen Schneck Wayne Sheu A taste of merry-making may quicken The strongest man in the world is He that will make good use of any me relish of me. he who Hands alone. part of his life, must allow a lgrge part of it to recreation Delman Ward Kenneth Wells He is everybody's friend and l cannot tell how the truth may beg nobody's enemy. l say the tale as it came to me. M YV ll aim y fill. 2t, i 'if 2 Martin Wiese Sincere persons are always welcome Joyce Wichner Contentment is happiness. everywhere. Eleanor Williams Caroline Wilkoske lf all the world think well of you, no doubt that you deserve it. Little friends may prove great friends. James Wesn er Angling like virtue is a reward to itself Clifford Wigle I look quiet, but you should get N. is Life's en to know me. A. Q53 i-as Vernon Wolters ioyment is his chief employment Robert Yerke It is better for a man turn pale. V, , Q., Y Y, ,M , - xx c Jacquelyn Zick Our characters are the results of our Patricia Ziebart to blush than Good humor is one of the best articles of character. dress one can wear in society. Helen Zimmermann Theodgfe Zuppke Happiness was born to share. Oh that c man was measured by his length. QM D ESQ I 1 I Autogrcyrhs l,L,gf5124f'Xiff"'L'iff , V!! ,J , I ..f' Autographs A 741711 3 X N xl 'S RN Y l i X . 1 f '..a., is -gs . f x f Q-gf. Y., Z I A f"CdL"'9Q' .-1. K W 6 " NQT-C',f 6 1.4. 5' . ,A w ' ' I f ,' if A 'ff-et ' - - f '1--Ql?.,l---M 412' Y .xii ' N V I: xxx . ,,x, , , K ,N Q 'J 'lux I 4 xx , EX' 'A Lx- ' I-X' Iv," J X , K . A V V . '-X5 x ' - Ji .M , 'X 'J' X Wx X r N J 5 X xx v xl x-X, 'K s 1 , ., jg O- , x 54 . I V I Q N , CK. X, S u 5.1 - X x J .. 4: I Q' 1 4' x FH f K.: xx Rx sz E 5 . w ,f I1 v. U , 's 3 Q i 3 if .2 3. 5' ,. S 'f 9 S 5

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