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H Teachers I TI-IORA BERG Domestic :Xrt f fig' -' S Q' H GURDQN G. GAHEI, Mathematics. Chemistry, Athletics VER.-X PATTERSON - - English. French IS,-XBELLE MCLEESE - History FLORA SNYDER - - English MRS. :XDDIE KLINE LESTER - Latin PgS FHM ,. A My School Wvhat does my school mean to me? Very few of us have stopped in our carefree and happy school life to even ask that question. Do l con- sider school as a place in which I invest the best that is in me and draw out something better, or is it merely a place in which l may pass my time away with little thought of anything but the present? Do l treat it as an oppor- tunity or as a necessary pilgrimage in life's routine? It is too true that many of us qualify in the latter class. W'e were crowded in the old building but we possessed something of real value-genuine school spirit. This spirit kept the lighting blood up and we turned out teams in football, baseball, and basketball, which only St. Joe High is capable of, making our county rivals look sick. But youth with all its pent up energy must have room in which to spend it. NVe longed for a place where we could shout our war cries, without literally bringing down the house, where every line of school activity could be fully developed and where we could get complete training for our future. Qur wish has been granted. Wie have every advantage and opportunity to make good. lt is wonderful, the accomplishments of the "old gradsf' and it is our privilege to boast of their deeds. Let us carry the spirit of the 'loldl' into the "new," and invest heavily, making these lirst few years, years of splendid achievement. "Fight for the honor of her, Keep up your spirit, brother, Wlin for the St. Joe High." What Do You Think? Everybody thinks. Wihat do you think? This is the iirst "Annual" put o-ut in S. H. S. in three years. Wie grant that it could be improved upon, but the fund which we had to use was surprisingly low and our experience- was nil. To what better use could class money be put than to leave to the school its own history in a form which is available to those who made it. Nlany schools put out monthly or quarterly reviews. YVe ought at least to be able to put out a year book. If the reader will scan the pages closely it will be noticed that advertisements are missing. Let us hope that in future issues they will not be found. The would-be advertisers, with grate- fulness in their hearts for the last statement, approached us with donations, but we instructed them to give them: to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Thus, we did our bit. Do your Mbit" next year schoolmates, and put out the best annual ever published. lf some one says the High School can get along "well enough" without one, answer with the words of F. Glynn- 'Let Well enough alone is a banner carried by a race that never ran verily, it is a good sop for Bums." Yvhat do you think? -HLlNK." Page Eight The Annual Staff Editor-in-Chief . . Business Manager Literary Editor . Art Editor .... Picture Editor . . Society Editor . . Joke Editor . . . Athletic Editor . . Service Editor . . Circulating Editor . ...Philip Bushnell Nelson Eoulkes Norma Sammet ...Ruth Habel .Loretta XYhite . . . .Adeline Loetller osephine Nlorse . . . . . .Vincent Blake lValter Bartlett . . .... Lamont Tufts Foreword To recall to the minds of our classmates memories which they will treasure in future days: to record for the students the principal events of past years: and to present to such other friends as may see these pages a glimpse of the intimate life of the High School, has been the aim of the Editors. PgN K+,,,, Page Ten L- .4,,, , Page Eleven l seniors 1919 Ramon :Xrenz K'Ramon." "Speech is greatp but silence is greater." Boys' Glee Club. Frances Bodjack .Tmnkn 'Tm a sweetly tempered lass and ever willing to serve you-., VValter Bartlett "Walt." "And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he knew." Band and Orchestra, '15-'16-'1Tg Crescent Treas.. '16-'17Z Junior Farce: Glee Club: Senior Quartet: Annual Statf: Crescent Presi, '18-'19. Flcwrence Burkliard ..FlO-Y. "How impatience loureth in your face." Sec. and Treas., '19, , Page Twelve 'ET -bpm Seniors 1919 ,, .xgflii gif? it al r l i r 1 Vincent Blake "Bub." "He was wonderfully made." Basketball, '17-'13: CHD!-. '18-'19: Crescent Treas., '1S: Annual Staff: Class Basketball, Stella Geisler "Stelln." "Not stepping o'er the bounds of models'-' Girls' Chorus: Bob WVhite. Orvzllvf Bnticha-:li "Butch," "Content to follow when she leads the way- A." Junior Farce: Buys' Glee Club. Alma Givwdy "Gowdy." "I preached as never sure to preach again, And as a dying man to dying men." G. A. A.: Junior Farce: Commissioner of Scholarship and Attendance: Sec. Class, '1T': Basketball, '19, De- bating, '163 Orchestra, '16-'17-'1B. Page Thirteen Seniors 1919 Philip Bushnell "Link." "The ladies call him sweet." Band. '15-'16: Orchestra. '15-'16-'1T: Pres., '16: Junior Farce: Boys' Glee Club, '19: Annual Staff: Basketball, '19g Editor H. S. Notes, '16: Class Basketball. Katherine Freund ..Kate... "The truths divine came mended from that tongue." Girls' Glee Club: Champ. Basketball Team: Girls' Chorus. '17-'18-'19: Bob Whiteg G. A. A. Mary Finn "Shindig." A ' l'We know not, -only this: she sees no man." Sec.-Treas.. '15-'16. Marie Garlzvigei' "Marie," "I have not known when her affections sway'd less than her reason." l Page Fourteen i I 4 l i l I. Seniors 1919 Rolzind Evans "Jack," "He'5 a man to a man," Bob White: Glee Club: Bus. Manager Junior Farce: Quartet. Ecfitri-:Q Gray "Bee." "With too much spirit to be e'-er at ease, with too much quicknas ever to be taught." , Juni-ir Farce: Debating Team, 'l6: Girls' Chorus: G. A. A, Eilwnrfl Gere' -iide "CiJunt." "He stands on the brink of boyhood, soon to cross and become a man." Clubs Basketball, 'l9: Boys' Glee Club: Quartet. Ruth Gustafson "Ruth," "Perseverance. my lord. keeps honor bright." Girls' Chorus: Bob White. Page Fifteen 'rr l l i U Seniors 1919 Louis Gess "Point." "For most men will back their own opinions by a Wager." Prim. '18-'19g Commissioner Boy? Manners and Morals. Ruth l-label "Haba-l." "The attempt. and not the deed. confound us." Sec. G. A. A.: Girls' Basketball: Annual Stalf: Girls' Chorus: Bob White. Hazelbelle Harrington "Hazel." "There's nothing ill can dwell in such a temple." l l Margery Hawley .,Marj-.. "Beware of all. but most beware of man!" Girls' Chorus: Capt. Senior Basketball Team: Freshman Debating Team, i Page Sixteen ll seniors 1919 Robert Hendrix "Bob," "His memory long will live in all our hearts." Junior Farce, Lucile Hambley "Lucile," 4'I am to the world like a drop of water. Thar. in the oceans seeks another drop." l 'i Girls' Chorus: G, A. A. lxennetli j-ilnifon "I known not which of these I love the best." Stage Manager Junior Farce. 'IBS Boys' Glee Club Helen Hoveland "He-len." "Time writes no wrinkles on thine azure brow.' Page Seventeen 11 Seniors 1919 GLM W Paul Kerlik-'lwslce "Ke1'ly." "Broad-based, broad fronted, bounteous, multiforml' Boys' Glee Club. Marguerite Kay "Kassy." "She walks the waters like a thing of life, And seems to dare the elements to strife." Bob White, '18: G. A. A.: Girls' Chorus. Herbert Lange "Herb." h "I shall see thee. ere I die, pale with love." Boys' Glee Club, '18-'19: Bob White. Hrs. Loslibmugli "M1's. Loshboughf' ' Q'God grant thy deeds may always be as lovely as thyself Page Eighteen L 1.48 ll Seniors 1919 Adeline Loeffler "Ad." "Within that awful volume lies The mystery of mysteries Y" Junior Farce: Bob White: Champ. Basketball Team: G. A, A.: Girls' Chorus: Annual Stalf. Claribell ll-Jars "Pebble" "Thought is deeper than all speech." Girls' Chorus: Champ, Basketball Team: G. A. A.: Bob VVhite. Hattie Kl'f'lfIC1'g' "Hattie" 'lt is a tranquil Deople who accomplish much." Girls' Chorus. Bob White. Ioscnliine Horse "Curse on all laws but those which love has made." Junior Farce: Sec. and Treas., '18: Annual Staff: G. A. A. Page Nineteen LY., U Seniors 1919 I qv? . M flair? ZF!! n I-larry Olson "Ollie," A'He that hath knowledge, spareth his words." Gladys Peyton "Glad." "She makes a solitude. and calls it-peace." Girls' Choms: G. A. A. Marie Ruop "Puss." "A grin. that strengthened, grows a laugh, that softened leaves 2. smile." Bob White: G. A. A. Marcia Rentfrow "Ma1-cial' "I have none other than a woman's reason." Declamatory Club. Page Twenty I I Seniors 1919 Norma Sammer 'Sammyf' "Her ways are those of a lady, And all hex' paths are peace." Treas., 'liz Annual Statf: G. A. A. Herbert Seel ..Herb... "I have never felt the kiss of love, Nor mairlen's hand in mine." Boys' Glee Clubg Class Basketball. Ervin Scli-.feneberg "Schony." "Truly, I would the gods had nude thee more poetical." Sec.. '1T: G. A. A.: Girls' Chorus. Louise Sclilutt "Schluty." "Her voice is like a twinkling fountain." I Pres. G. A. .-X.: Champ Basketball .Team: Girls' Chorus Bob White. Page Twenty-one s. ,, ll Seniors 1919 Q Lamont Tufts "Tu!'l'y." "A courage never to submit or yield." Sec, '1T: Annual Staff. lvnli Trask ..IVa.-, "Silence is the motto of many a woman." Clarence Zick "Chiel-Q." "Fair as a star, when only one is shining in the sky." Baseball, '1T: Football. 'ITQ Tennis. '16-'17-'18: Captain Basketball Team, '16-'173 Class Bastketball, '19: Treas. Crescent, '16: Vice-Pres. Crescent. '1T. Lorena XYhire "Lorret," "A lady through and through she is, yet no scorn of common things." Vice-Pres.. '1'T: Pres., '1S: Crescent, '18: Annual Starf: Girls' Basketball Team: Commissioner in Student Gov- ernment: Girls' Chorus. Page Twenty -two 1 i mvuau mr prasiuuonnun Senior Reflections The first day that we made our debut into the more dignified ranks of education, we tried hard to dodge those higher elements, but initiation introduced itself, and we were forced to become acquainted with them. One event in line was the Freshman-Sophomore debate, and we, having more knowledge than our elders, were victorious. Then a pleasant atmos- phere settled around about and we were far from satisfied, so some of our braves adorned the sidewalks with 1975, which resulted in many a consul- tation for the suspicioned ones. The Crescent Banquet, which we had particularly anticipated, had arrived. Nlany more would have enjoyed themselves had their capacity been less. After a vacation of two months, we. having been promoted to Sopho- more ranks, made the Freshies realize that they were still "green." After the initiation soup had been served, we entered into a tug-of-war with our lower classmates. This time luck was lacking on our side, but one can't always be IOO per cent efficient. Soon there came unrest in local affairs. and an "X" Society was organized, but after lectures of every sort, we became reunited. Captain "Chick" Zick represented us in basketball. A class party, including a bunch of bashful boys. ended the big events of the year. ln June, '17, we, as dignified Juniors, departed from the old building. where Student Government was immensely enjoyed, and, in September entered the new, where we met "System', personified. Such strenuous de- portment marks were unimaginable. Qne big event was the choosing of our class rings and pins-even in these days one has to compromise. Next in line was our Junior Farce, "Seven Days." coached by Miss Nichols. lt was a "sure enough" success. Our Senior year was the most exciting, for, to some, their diplomas seemed at such a distance. Some people are never satisfied, so a book stack was enjoyed. Gf course. the obliging faculty gave us the honor. Three weeks vacation! Something had to rescue us from the dreaded studies, so the "Flu" entered to give us a pleasant respite. Then came the Senior party, which proved that some boys are natural born dish washers. YVe, especially the girls, made a good mark in basket ball. They victoriously carried away the Kent Cup. Captain Vincent Blake and Philip Bushnell were our sharks on the school team. The class of ,IQ is proud of the fact that we were honored by having two sailors. Ernest Grewe and Gardner NlcCracken. who fought in this war for Democracy. Oh, those information tests! Our ignorance was always revealed when the standings were made public. If only the teachers could do as well. Soon to come are those frightful exams.--may the teachers forever have pity on us those last few days. And then Commencement! YVill we, or will We not, be there when the roll is called? The time has come when we are to look forward to our future- college, office, or factory: to the time when free from school restraint, obnoxious o,r othierwise, we must make our own Way unguided by the friendly hand, but gaining in that independence, self-reliance, and proficiency that will give us a Worthy place in the proud ranks of American citizenship. -N. S., '19. Page Twenty-three L.....,,,, Class Poem Haill Haill oh class ot spirit, Of Wisdom, power, and might, A radiant star Whose brightness NVill gleam through coming night. The skies were often threatning, And struggling on high sea You always conquered billows And rode in victory. So haill thou class of spirit, Sail out into the world Wlith all your colors flying And banners gay unfurled. Then light with all your courage, Let obstacles count noughtg By miany a hard won battle You'll gain the end you've sought. E. S., '19, "Seniorsu S is for Seniors, studious and sweet, E is for elliciency, that just can't be beat. N is for the nutritious nut Within each noted shellg l is for our innocence when things go unwell. 0 is for our h-onesty, that's why were always trusted R is for our record, which never has been busted. S Well, ain't we? Why Some Seniors Come to School Jo. To see Butch. Butch. Naturally, to- see Io. Erna. To get inspiration for her verse. Phil. To make the system run more smoothly. Bee. Because she loved it. Tuffy. Nobody knows. Hattie. To cut up. Stella. To raise cain. Nlary. To get her 256. WValter. To uphold our morals. Bob. To make breaks. P. K. To entice the girls. Addie. Because of habit. Ramon. ???????. Harry. To give the school an air of dignity. Almna. To try to set a good example. Herb. Seel. To Hunk. Chick. To sleep. Louie. To give his sentiments about the Women. hlargery. To get acquainted. Page Twenty F T Lfxj I ' ff K5 J xx -il ,ffl , f,vx f X lx V N' ', H Wx 'A . K , . KN if , f V XXX ik M YRXRX X'-xX.2'Qf , V T- ' ix ,W Xi ' I V V w v ' 'fx H mf ,f I 'XX w f ' - gli ff if --F E 1'wl '1' w M F -XS f - fx W x , 1 AL X H' W Xix X, X x xg ff , j "K X K XY Wx Mlm X f X f PgT 36 f-X MX! Wah- lg -3 v lik.. -H HF - - I, - - a '- - VJ 1. kfiifjf'-1-3.x ,f'lfrI'I."'i L"ki2u.+w1I"nZb1i17' J fr frrifl I .3 - + f I-fr L- , ' ' In-It--Y nyibh it If A-,lm H' 4 1. L1 . glwl I-mf?-. '4i"'rJ,J-f 4, iw' - 1 - ' 2 I- LQ'-l""1Li... ii','r1 m i Q L., My v 1' filff i ',- , " ' 'gl 'Elini xi: Fr , - . '59 gi . ,tg ' ?"'H!Tfrr ,QQ4 k. ' . . 9 vi- . ', , ,-l- 1. F4 +'lr .+'s . 1 rp . Ita- gh -Efhev I il? "iii" H: Tia Tr: ' a' Leif? 'I -Q ,ill 'I :.l..1 gp H: bl.. l L .ll-Ij,i .,I 1 -V .QQ- iff-, 'il.f':L',,ggf1-."' hilt-,F-r" It EBL 3 11 L-Ljq1l'0f,J:1,'FI-5 '- -L" -59 H f fa' M , 1-H . Ll wi , - lv.. -- A' , I -1- - ,,,.,,+,J ' i-'wi -I-I A, nj Iii., L5f5,q. I, is-h,r"f . ,Q is ,,,j:'v,,tgr5w,,wF, ,fr .5 ' .Ula-jQ1...:,!J'f.14 Mt W1-.-'Aff . II1: 9' fl f"I- :Ji y il., IL jf'QLk TSW -i-'4j'l?'l"'.l 'rz-Li"1I:'-1 l' 'i -8-iaaalrrigf -A J" W' 4 '-2. - -" 4 if 'lf , N ai 'arg-'I . 3- !.I,,:"3?'Qh4wF,LA1 5.31. +V I Q I "1 J 'rj' .. 'meg lv Iii k ' W 55,4 L . -4 -,QL ' I: ' , +- i?'JFL.+?-,Zigi in hu Q.-in Page Twenty-six Junior History Scho-ol days, school days, Dear old Golden Rule days, Reading, writing and 'rithmetic, Taught by the tune of the hickory stick. The hickory stick wasn't needed to make school life exciting for the Freshmen of '16. Not that it wasn't necessary. It was. But with the elhcientC?j student government that we had in the old building, things were naturally kept enlivened. After emerging from our initiation safe and sane, we were blamed for the conspicuous i2O'S which adorned the sidewalks a little later. W'hether the Freshies did it or not, has never been ascertained. At any rate, the world became aware of our presence, which was all that was desired. Then came the tug-of-war at Napier Bridge. The Sophomores having challenged the Freshmen, we promptly accepted and gave the Sophs. the ducking they seemed to have been itching for. The Freshman party was next in order. The most important thing was a keg of hard cider. But, 'nuf said about it. YVith the exception of a few over-hilarious boys, the party was O. K. As Freshmen, we were repre- sented in the declamatory contest by Nlarian Larkworthy, who won first honors in this district, and in basket ball, by Fagan and Boami. The new High School being completed in 717, we said farewell to the old building and began our Sophomore year, which was less eventful, in the new. For one thing, Sweet's grocery and confectionery was sad-ly missed by many a sweet-toothed lad and lassie. NVhat is more, faculty government took the place of student government. The hard time party We had that year, was a really. truly, hard time. Most of the girls: were so hard up for a beau that the few boys who did come were scared but. YVe were right there again in basket ball, giving the team support by way of Boam. Blake, and Kreiger. In this, our Junior year, we have had the excitement of choo-sing our class pins and rings, and of formally admitting the IOPLYS into our Junior class. During the Christmas holidays there was a Junior-Senior Prom., and after that came the big event of all Junior classes-the Farce. The one given this year, named 'fHurryl Hurry! Hurrylu was coached by Miss Snyder. and for further information just look in the Society pages. H76 Juniors have also had the privilege of possessing something that the other classes have not-a mascot, her name is Miss Vera Marion Truax, and although we have never seen her, we are assured that she is as near perfection as possible. There have been three good Junior basket ball players this year-Gowdy, Ankli, and McElroy. The girls have not been lacking in basket ball enthusiasm, either, for we have a girls' team. Even if they did have the misfortune to lose the Kent Cup, it can be truth fully said they played a clean, scrappy game. WVe look forward to our next and last year, when we, as Seniors. shall add another page to our class history and sustain our reputation as a united class. Page T ty .Q- X. Y? My' ga- 1. I 11, 'F ,,,. . , A I V :fx E 1.1, nw- 1, 1.-nr' -Y-,L '...l --'ff' Page Twenty-eight ,vu -Linn :fame Q-vmi' 1' ,num -4 -1 u-:sr l Sophomore History President ..... ...... R ussell Leiter Vice-President .. .... Clarence Callendar Secretary ..... ...... H elen Eichofrn Yell Nlaster . . . ...... Arthur Lange Class Advisor . . . .... Mr. Roy Mesick Class Colors: Red and Wlhite. WVe, the class of ,2I, were never "just Freshiesf' True we were green, a green of the most brilliant hue because the class of 721 was a true "Yellow and Blue." Every class must have its Freshman year and its initiation into the ways of High School life. The Sophomore class of '21 went through those ordeals with the spirit that makes Seniors. As Freshmen our class did not shine socially, but even though our class spirit was rather delinquent, our school spirit was of the best. WVe were just "Freshies" striving to enter the ranks of those who were priv- ileged to give advice to Hchildrenf' And we have made the most of our opportunities. As Freshmen we were just a class. As Sophomores we are an indispensable part of the High School, upholding the Yellow and Blue with all our might, and, though exam. days usually find some dejected looking Sophs working hard, we are trying to set an example for those who are now Freshmen, and all future Sophomore classes. Even when "Freshies," our class had a remarkable ability to produce basketball stars. 'Then Skibbe began his journey to stardom, and as a Sophomore nearly outshone the Senior members of the team. Several second team men were also from Sophomore ranks. And as we travel toward the bright land of "Juniorism," we glance back with approval and self-satisfaction over the record of the Sophomore class as far as it has gone, and so: YVith Yellow and Blue as our banner, And "Fight" as our battle cry. YVe'll meet every trial and fray that comes, And win for the St. Joe High. F. NYE. PgT ty Page Thirty Q L 1 x , fr Tu ' ' N 3 .ap 9 2 I 1 I ! v I v 1 J 1 1 w i :IA ky Freshman History President ...........,................. Jack Palmer Vice-President . . . . . .Cwraydon WVilson Secretary ...... . . .Frances Noey Cheer Leader . . .... Homer Lohr Class Advisor .......,.. ............. N liss Alice Seel' Class Colors: Green and Wlhite. After a comparatively short vacation we were again called to school in September. This time is was not merely coming back to the ordinary eighth grade, as we were then full-Hedged Freshmen. The first week of our life was very exciting. There were many thrill- ing things happening, among which was the arrangement of our seating in the Freshmen-Junior Assembly. At the end of the first month we looked for our initiation, at which every Freshman expected to meet his doom. The day arrived, the event passed, and wasn't half as bad as the Sophomo-res tried to make us believe. The rest of the semester went along nicely for all of us. Everyone showed a great desire to win out and not remain a Freshman for more than one year. One year is plenty to be jeered and scoffed at. In January we started a new semester and soon the jolly holiday time wore off, leaving us again to dig away at our books. Spring came bringing her usual spring fever which not only the Fresh- men caught, but the superior Seniors, for spring fever is contagious. ln spite of our longing for the out of doors, we remained quiet, doing nothing but the right thing, as Freshmen always do. YVe, as Freshmen, want to make something of ourselves. Our ideals are high, and bearing this in mind, our class is one of which to be proud. ln future years we wish our class always to have the reputation as having been "the best" of Freshman Classes. -D. Koen. What the Freshmen Have To Say Though we're Freshies and very green, Wie know much more than what we seem. XKVC aren't quite as smart as the So'ph'more Class, But just the same, we don't take their sass. WVe took our needs like knights of old, VVhich made them feel as if they were sold. The quarterly exams. make the Juniors sweat, Because some of the questions are hard to get. Hut we Freshies are smart, as smart as a nation, YVhen the rest take exams. we take a vacation. And the graduate Seniors, so full of knowledge, Some will go to work, and others to college. VVhile we poor little Freshies, so inexperienced and all, Just wait for school to begin again next fall. And then as Sophomores, we'll tease the Freshies new, And forget that once we were Freshmen too. fEditor's Note.-S. O. 5.3 ED. BURKHARD. Page Thirty-one ,"', if ' ' gf. . 1 H B vl . f I' Q .T '-.. X' I , I 2 SQ A me T O , 47 , Q . 'f ,, -A -, , 4 IC'-kb ,.:: 5 E. ggi Q- 'f 4364- , 5' 1 'if 4 6 Eg , xo' 1 wig ii Qc H V' , jeg , ,F - Q 'iv' 'UK' . , -..,, . ' 1 , U, K '- 5 ,fa ,I ..--f. , , ,K . Ee ,,:iH..,U, M v V 3 nwjf -,A , wr - ' ., . - xx s 4 ' ., , fx '. jY.5,'xb--,,Q,- , - . o we -A " " " ' ' -' , Y ' ' L' X . ' wr , I1 ' one 0 -f , -re we-1 f x - -11 V 2- q k ' , - - . L, ' fl v,g"-- --11.m.,:' , H -' " k'j-fn," Q u k4"" e ', Q . our xr-:vm GS., W, '. 15:1-.,---1 , '-f--",.:..- . - r 1 Plc. . W ,Q 1 - . A 3 -- ' ' -,yi-,151 gi,Q-X17?gffL,14L,,.f,, ' . " 'ri 'V i' X X " 'f 1'E-11-Y-T773 '- ' , -- ' A 1 A -3 'ML . ,. vi' -is - - - - - F ' 'N 7 7 U - . Q 1- Q- -1 - 1' ' 3 , . - Q -.Nz-..:a-.Q-E? , .. J- ' 5 Ur-1. V M ', A ' -,-5115 -- 5 -A ' ' fir? .-:. A - 1 if-H Xi?-A '- - ' ' . -- -1 - y t-- -- ,PC 1 ' ' : . W A- ' ' - A "2---,-, 4 . -- ,- 1- -5 -- - 1 F m 5 ' L -96:-',f1 "li-"t ' 'F'.ff-'fTl'55g H- 1 ff-' 'T ' 2 ' 7" . , ,:1'rfNe:J?" V' " ,.'- -AYP" l.?'PIYf1:'x - 4, -4 N 4 - --1 ---- - - 4, :-+1 . , , , ' .. 75.1-22-if-1' fr' ' 1-V-a.-1,-4'1"-T - . as ffzf I-rg gl- V2 --, 1,-uh .MQ-.,2:f:':x-if+f,'Tr-1' . T - - fv' ' ' IA' ., 11 , 11. 1:-'rx-w1,'S,,2g ,.. .N K ' ' 'T Th- 1? .-,.-.,' il. . f N -' '-133, - ' 1 .LAQF-:JI -fic .V x 3 --M .:,,J5Z:,- ' uv 4 ' Q .- C' rl--r T51-F1i": 9 JW FQ' 1.,5. , 'M 'fx 5 ,:.-',n:,fv ff-L'-rv, f 'W-if1"iIg2i-v-'JH2i"i ' if -f ,Nh . Q-t,..,,fA f wan +A ,-gi,-,L '-..,,.N.-m,,-- ref,-in-,,1 ww -,-- ,Qff iw ..--fn .ufh-2521+ - + Q L: "' W W C W v-V ' 'Wa'-an 'ei4LP'19129:u-Q4 grief!-x5 .1'-Haw - 1- , - A wi-1-w'.-:?:f:1.-..--: .f .-':.1.f" Fi: W' . 5,-. -:fi ral' f -4 .V-R142 faq-1.-my--f--:-1-'1-2-.:.1,.-1:-,' .fp - ., zz'-.-.. .,'E:P:Xmr-1,l q-533.-.fv:. pw- ' yM 'FQE.SQ:,., - Y ... -4 '-9,355-.q,, Page Thirty-two 5 ll Cl SS la .Q C GJ UD ATION SPlR N A OCCU PATIO CTERISTIC A CHA ll NAME ai. 32 ff: 'IJ :PZ AO., .Z-D E35 Emi asm cog P' -'a EH: , :Oc 529 iff ..: IIU 2:5 'cu E35 IC :LE 5031071 pci Snr HQH SJ-. -.. "'. 5.5 Q55 315 E32 SUS Sym ,C+-I .SE S23 oo V104 .zz swan 21:2 SD. ggi it-Q5 CIS.. ogg QNE c3m ,- ..l J 'D :.- -a :- 5 .v GJ .Z .4 .H C O L. . CD S m E C' T' 71 '31 ?' 5 s.. an 3 11 C an .C 4-J Q.. C as E c E : x E III 117 U : 3' - C 5 r-5 d 3 13 : - :i -C :c UE : EN yan -2 cc 55 'C . is E5 mi 'DF :: H- :I 5. ff F3 .259 on in-1" H- A. Q. W. E. 'J-4 f M. D. X-1 . y. 'Cf :. c. Q1 . mf : Sb wi gm 'fu is 42-C-T Z: O vm 4? Ee film H3 : 4,0 UC FF Dk : cd E 2 .w a: 55 H- C: 32 cc 55 wi 5. 5. O, E. '45- uf gi H- 505.0 :C BDC- Cv F3 -H Q? 'ez -L G mg Em :U in E4 Cf Q fm -C 3? gf QE U 2: .TE Z? CL .: W: SQ 5, - :E - oo? -330 :Q C313 an cc 55 WI E. E. x. Q. F. WI U. 2. - fm M: :E 3? 5: M 23,-I EW: :P O- -5 ,su mm 532 9-4 c E3 CU -u ': ': jo -Q iw E: is F 25 Sm Marie Garlangex' . . . . . Hz-mighty ..... . .Cunwuflaging . . . .To be popular. Stella. Geisler .... ,. .Quiet ... ..Fixing her hair .. ..'l'o get more 'pepf m Q 51. 1E 35 v 9-ltd ... mv CO2 :ca 55 mf D. ... O IC- m.. Cin ...C ':-I 'J 34 35 Qjl-1 -wc 5: Om -cv "C ': O '-1 mm WU cu UE EN SE QE E : Q o Q '11 2 c 5-D : C ?l S 3 12 77 3 C Q .5 m Q P D 3 2 513 E Rf 2 'C GJ UI E ED 'C 12 O - 2:0 S 5 O C5 6 E 4 51 C P f S - - 3. Q3 5: :- :AW Pa gc me sl ED CE Ei - sv :Q c: 55 Ii .IO 'c '4-1 -va z .-JJ 1: '-'77 cz :- 1- , q,1C. : :3 -o Z: :m 3: 22 35 m L: Q, sz - gs Q5 Z: ai gjli-4 1-.Si ui 1,-J .OU Qs 3? QL 4.5 Q L 3 Jn Z i 3 .72 '33 "5-. . -'Ogg-Cz. "- -1... .gimag Lv-52 cu,,,... f-WL-gg 2. 2:56072 mdgffrg QD-GC U' EP2S?9d 'U orc mf-GLM: .-'J-.D-"CU1.C:,: :c::c:c 5555555 I .fi I .f'I5 Ill '- . m::'U ' - 'P11,'. I-Iwwfg ,-.3-., .-Iw3Z- . ,:....,: m '?3m? :mm:m:: EEE?EE? EiEmZk: ::::wS: m5muU5A .fm ..c ..o .I ..Li . .- 11 .W-'W12 CDT' . .'-'g-- E53 23: 1-1 '-':QG.- - :1 3 mgzwac, 04 -'L 4-1 LEvw::A QCSEZN: bCwEw:w ogzsrms Z'1ilJ-Cfi-5 q .g ' ' 'f- 3..A:. ,' :J .i.'.n:Lv.EE3 T- 'P-": 3 55:33 5-rm:uT Eggmggi Im- P 3 L wmmifms - -..C ggmonmm: uwwwn-: 5555092 QGAAGEM three Page Thirty- V I E g: xi F- C31 in ca :E Cv: pp FF' '2 IE f: .- I, .Q-I Pr-'U xv :3 5571 513515 'UCD D2 wb Cf' EQ 'LL fm x 'vw 23 no v M: 4-15- ?P gl Q- -: is EL 5 A 4-v 9 GD C f F' Z 'AD 5 m . J 5 E x J 9 on Lan Fi. Herhe SJ A E L 9 .Q 5 5, Q : : 'Tl N ho : 3 x 5 ED E c a Q 'D 3 GJ lf I-1 G., .- u.l Q. 9 5 2 E w 4 F H R5 3 3 . 7 5 5 53 . ,M y 5- v '- 5 gk E 3. m- .Sz-:.. V15-4 I. 212233 .J Q--'Fd "Z Prius i'5'sA . - CQQEUIIIJ fv 5'-'P-:oi o0f3Em .2-311652 ppppfc 5555-5 1: - - :gl :A:S32 . ..'L'L. -3-5:2 1m23.- .-.. c .g.ggu :.'Ec U3 -Usa eweimg v,,-i EIEEQE EQEEEZ , , w 515 -5 if .51 :...x. l:--E- 5.,,. w:I.3w A . ET--W: 2i"E1 -F---C Edjjzm -- -C H' cv E-Qwfu ' : : fffggm O u Q QOQIOU.: :Fai 1 l-ri-M1425 'w'ff5 www. 9 --, C- Edcvn-1 AQ-4 C-w:,d QDQTC A Zeal?-gills :EZwP EEQETE ....z-:ggmgo pmwg L :GUI-5135561 'Tar-1-A" QW:-I-r-402 5 - - c .5- L0-I ??cu Z2 5: GE mm ww 2: c: 55 IJ -2 -5 fo .S-' '2 ii is no E: QSC -- cw KU Em 55 zz rp Eg - .Q-l ju C A- EE 25 E ws IE do Ez .3 2 .O rdf -- :: img -H- 'sm Cos: mum F CLP: :mg .ci-5 U moi CI-' '-I-4 ? Q U4-3 xsvw wma ppc 5:-'5 ZS? .:- .gi -CJ jam ' E .wx :Lg HL 'm ?:: 'ESM mad :QE lille: iw .-5 .mc ju: -EE Q: -0 353 CI :- :3? av- Lb? .M. .H. .qg. -Q. ju .-"1-' :Eg :cm 5: 0 mf 3 Q E22 QQQ HEI ? S from te NO many et so g to .Not F E E my. ..No Tufts mont La :J v : QED 2. bm S: vm E5 or' PEE mug aww CU EM! ceo 5-55 'fm -.c '.o -'Z Swv EQ Ewf CLD'- .Em mg: Sw! wrw 42055 EW3 wg: pc. Emf is ,H QM Q52 o: 4LO Brf E21 3Nr 332 +159- H ww9 E55 JUL e a. teacher. . Tu b g right .Doin Ambitious Mis, Loshllough General Information Test Senior Brilliants Paderewski is a tribe in Russia. Daniel Defoe Was the English author of that famous "Silver Threads Among the Gold." Joseph Smith made Smith Cough Drops. Statue of Liberty is in Wlashington. Hamilton and Dewberry-U. S. Senators from Nlichigan. Nlark T'Wain's other name Was Qliver Twist. Yosemite Valley is in India. Armenia is in South America. Yukon river is in China. Cyrus NlcCormick was a famous tenor. 'ASoo" Canal is in Europe, in Africa. Keil Canal is in the western part of U. S. A. Tennyson Wrote the Arabian Nights. Miles from New York to San Francisco, 23,ooog roo,ooo: .too miles. Marconi, full grown spaghettig Something like spaghettiq made the Statue of Liberty. Monroe Doctrine-No slaves north of 363 3o'. Sparticans were the people of Sparta. VVashington's Nlonument is in France: Chicago. Class Stones Freshman-Emerald. Sophomore-Soapstone. Junior-Cxrindstone. Senior-Tombstone. Maybe You Will, But Maybe You Won't Maybe you will, but miaybe you won't-let your books accumulate with dust until that last exam. quarter commences. Nlaybe you Will, but maybe you Won't-Break your old saying, "l should worry," when you hnd yourself losing weight as the Weeks slip by. Nlaybe you will, but maybe you won't-Try to get a oo in deport- ment so the dreaded list won't say "take all the exams." But you will-Have to Wake up to the fact that the day is near, and it all depends upon you it it is fatal or not. PTItt QQ fk? WW 5 K., iff.,--f T ',',, If +'q'li Iv-.sf aiu! I 1- - 'HF er v '- ""', I L- 'L ,III 4? ', !Q ,iii ! I' ?5l3 il-II 'T' I, IT 1 4' ff-' L In ' l""' if "' Qtr- , ,lv-'I-44 .1-9-"Q, - .'1AdI'- ' -iff . -.I,L, -, 1 ,hw + 1:--'fp Q I! +I: "" any 1 'Mfr-1' px, +IaL-II4'I..l,,,III I-F I lg ff""L " .H 5 yIII'QI IIfI,3,III II I I . I If.: iI,'i "Q --31? JSIIlIkl" 'II-lp' , ' LF'-.1 I II --.QI Lg -w--gL'lj. Zi- '4 Qi, Lg. ff f -1:-I .-:f ,-g:+ -r 4, , ew . I. i'J,'!"a'1.rr 4l3II4"1-I' 1.1. IIIII'.. - , ' '11F111iwFIIIv' ,wiqlmk V i. AII-Puig -I Jig-I rr. 4 JIIIII- III ' .- 1 -I -I . sIII, l II "' I' ":"f' lpfsfi-l":J1"-f Q I +":-1 , gI,IiIII.II -III-QIIII-?:ImII.fI.1'If-I, IF I V . ,Ii , - I, .,I,, -1: g , I 'I - s I T lull' I, IIQQ, , 1 a foII"lI-1" '1 '11-1 I"' if I wi 1F... ,'. lam.: QTL-41 f'5"1'-: f g +jI ?Lfmp,II '. 1 41: I Q, ' 19 '-g,'5?-,.r'Li2-I ' 5!"'.1r:-' +m.1-5 ' 9 23,1- w,gIgm 1 -1II-'I'-"""1', T-.'. 'H 1- Qf -' ,inf ,THA bm 'Airs ii, 'tllvi V ', fJwl'A'. li' li 'A if ff, 3 il 45' '71 Qi , wfw ' ,I '54 -g. .JW 'Wm iff ' if E: Y" -QI IIIQ1.L.fw" ' "fI 1f +1l'f'l -1 Tn Ffnf ' lay? - , 'il'-'Fi' n f' Girls' Glee Club There have been many new organizations formed this term, and among the miost interesting, the G. G. Club heads the list. The class met twice a week and accomplished a great deal in develop- ing the students along musical lines. Special Work was done on the Cantata, "The Holy City," to be given some time in the near future by the two Glee Clubs and the Nlunicipal Chorus. Boys, Glee Club The Glee Club Work of the boys has been particularly successful this year. The Club has been carried on as a regular class, meeting twice a week. and besides learning a great many pieces and favoring the Crescent Society with a number of selections, a quartet was organized-composed of: R. Evans, XV. Bartlett, E. Gersonde, and C. Zick, which appeared in many events. Pa eT1 ty Crescent Although the Crescent Society originated in the year 1891, it has died down somewhat after a glowing startg to be renewed' with. much vigo-r again this year. The Senior Class, helped by miany other students in the school, took it upon themselves to make it Worth While. The trial has surely proven successful. A goodly number of very interesting programs, plays, and debates have been staged at the mneetings. held every two Weeks: a Carnival was also enjoyed, and as a final Wind-up, a smashing big banquet was held- the first one in three years. Here's to our Crescent Society. A. L., '19. High School is like small pox. You may get over it but you will never look the same. The G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association is an experimental organization, com- posed of the girls of the Gym. classes of the High S-chool. A great deal of interest has been shown from the beginning, and a number of parties and good times have been enjoyed by its members. Oilicers were elected at the beginning of the term, Miss Louise Schlutt being chosen as president. At one of the parties held on the beach the girls decided to make it Cwhat?Q Worth while, it cannot be said that they lived up to this decision: but it is hoped that, having been tried and found interesting, the organization will succeed better next year. The Association is directed by Miss Tozier, Gym. teacher. A. L., '19. Pgcrhry Things Everyone Should Know That List A quarterly test is a dreadful affair, And that "long faced list" gives me a scare. NVith beating heart I wait and wait Till 4 P. M. to see my fate. The gong will ring, all noise will hush, Till pelmel do-wn the stairs we rushg To calm my fears I clench my fist, Am I or not on the deportment list ?' L. B., '2o. The Job of a Man It isn't the work we intend to- do, Nor the work welve just begun That puts us right on the ledger sheet, It's the work we've really done. Our credit is built on the things we dog Our debit on things We shirk. The man who totals the biggest plus Is the man who completes his Work. Good intentions do not pay bills, It's easy enough to plan. To wish is the play of an olhce boy, To do is the job of a man. I Don't Nly parents told me not to smoke, I don't, Ofr listen to a naughty joke, I don't: They made it clear I shouldn't wink At handsome men, or even think About intoxicating drink, I don't. To dance and Hirt is wrong. I don'tg A lVild girls chase men and Wine and song, I don't, I kiss no fellow, no, not one, I do not even know how it is done, You Wouldn't think I'd have much fun, I don't. P g Th ght SOCIG y i if " 's 3 O I Q f- ailu. -'K '- , aigiiiiliiii. 1 , , !!!!!i!s!!!' r -Q, .. .:::as:::!" ...ia ' R ,-- "M !iEg2Eig1iiiii'i' L' -- -I -I-nel!-I gr Junior-Senior Prom. One of the biggest events of the year was staged Dec. 27. IQIS, at the Catholic Auditorium. The hall was cleverly decorated. A large wheel, the spokes of which were covered with blue and gold paper. to which streamers were attached. was suspended in the middle of the room. There were a good many of the Alumni present, as well as a large percentage from each class. The affair was rather informal and all enjoyed the evening very much. The Junior-Senior Prom. is always a pleasantly anticipated event in the course of High School atlairs, and this year's party certainly proved to be far from disappointing. Null's Orchestra furnished the music for the evening. A. L., lIQ. PgTh 3, . f. .lui . f . f.-4. .az 1 .. .,..1:e5n.v L?!,V Yi , - I -,,,:1gL7.5?1,g:v1i5ii , , -f A . , "J S--Egg ::5gQ14,,y-gh , n ,l .Li a..4,..-gflwfi . h I X , -.. L .V X- x' ,Q I' Page Forty Crescent Banquet Nfuch to the joy of all, the Crescent Banquet was revived' this year, and it is sincerely hoped that it will not suffer a relapse after having been so long absent from the usual program followed. For the last three years there has been none, but this one was good enough to make up for all the times we've missed itg it surely came up to the class of 'I9's Freshman expectations. The six beautiful tables, placed in the figure of a wheel with a small table on which the trophies Won in the last three years were placed acting as the hub, were cleverly decorated with the different class colors. To change the usual course of events the Alumni were invited and. provided with two tables which were decorated with the sch-ool colors, Blue and Maize. The Senior table was artistically decorated with a table cloth woven from purple and white crepe paper. The beautiful cup, won by the Champion Girls' Basketball team and given by hlrs. :L D. Kent, placed in a bank of purple and white sweet peas and ferns, formed the centerpiece. The Junior table was especially attractive, having as its centerpiece a castle. "Success," up to which led the path of "Life" The Sophs. showed their ingenuity in working out a clever design with red and white carnations. Last but not least, the Freshies did their best, and, with a background of green and white, constructed a much "war-worn" piece of territory over which a tank was endeavoring to go-on which was the inscription, "ive-'re not so slow." Quite a clever idea, for such children. After the repast, Wvalter Bartlett, the president of the society, acted as toastmaster, and the following program was rendered: Freshman Roast, Nlildred Evans: Sophomore Toast, Jack Palmerg Junior Roast, Helen Eichorng Faculty Roast, Louis Gessg Senior Roast and Toast, Mr. Jennings: the Crescent Toast, Lawrence Wvhite. :lifter that Nlr. Clarke was called upon to speak on Athletics. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing, the Berrien Springs "Orchestra" furnishing the music. -A. L., 'r9. Senior Party The Senior Party o-f ,IQ was held in the Domestic Science Rooms and the Gym. of the High School. The old saying is that f'You find a man's heart thru his stomach," and the Senior girls surely did their best, serving a four course dinner to the boys. After having enjoyed an hour or more washing dishes and dancing, the boys in turn took the girls to the show. Fun? The boys declared they never had such a feed and good time before! and the girls are clamoring for another. A L ,IQ . ., . PgFtY 0 il fi -1' vi 4' .'-7 g' .ff 'I r Junior Party Juniors are like turtles, they're slow, but they always reach their goal. 2' The Seniors have to "hand it to them," as they certainly planned an evening ff that will linger long as a pleasant memory. ,fl f A regular imlported pianist and drummer furnished the music. real 5 punch and wafers were consumed in great quantities Cespecially by Don ai Daughertyl, and dance? VVell, there wasn't a wall-flower among them- gi something unusual in the line of parties. .5 lVIr. and Nlrs. Gabel acted as chaperones, and they carried their parts .1 gracefully and well. i A. L. ii 1 -4 , ,A '91 ,1 .Lv Sophomore Party The Sophomores enjoyed one big all together party April 4 in the Gym. from seven P. NI. to ? A. NI. The guests came masked. Nlr nd Mrs Mesick chaperoned the party and a delightful program was enjoyed, being composed of piano solos aesthetic dancing, and a class prophecy. The program was rendered by members of the class. The remainder of the evening was spent in playing games and dancing. A lelicious course of refreshments was served The Sophs are anticipating another party in the near future R LFITER Freshman Party The Freshies made their debut into society some time ago the occasion taking the form of a regular ball bawl? which certainly proved a great his turn at playing for the dancing Refreshments were served and their small hearts were made Joyouslv happy over being allowed such a good time. The more supreme ones fav ored their fellow-classmen by condescending to teach or try to teach them to dance. One is never too old to learn so say our Freshies Pg 1 . - . H - ,, N . . . 1 as . ll . V? , A. c . 1 '1 l I '. . 'I success. Each student who possessed any musical talent whatsoever took ti LL YY -. . l . . v 7 ' -A. L. F I HTHL TICS ,:?EX:x ,f , 1Yff"1'l' ' Qi 'xx ,V ' -V 2 5139, A A I im , z? ,f QM" 1 ,KA ' 1 f ff X, iz, I 1 l , I x I xxxx k if iQ1gi 5 Q U -21" ?g,i 13gT +111 g Jai- ,i '2Q,L1g .af 1 4? Y .iv V E Y -U, g,:7l:i L i A A? Y f-52? .55 r 'Et 5 ,VZ EX, f-52", Q' 1 5 x ff X 1 QT, Q 5,4 A 1 f.: :Az ffx? ffk Q54-4 C 9 C o o 0 O -X f"'X I' ffl 5 K9 A 0 Q 5 0 ' B fa- C: L I3 "Q cf Page Forty-three Basket Ball Basket ball is year by year becoming the major sport of St. Joe High. This year the team played a long, hard schedule of 21 games. Basket ball Was a success, not only in the games Won but also linancially and in the development of material. Too much credit cannot be given to Coach Gabel for developing a team Worthy of Sit. Joseph H-igh School from the material he had in November. St. Joe Was represented by a good second team this season, and several exciting preliminary gamees were staged through the year. They deserve credit for the opposition and practice they provided the team. Qin account of the YVarren Trophy a great many county games had to be played. Several big games, however, were scheduled. Although St. Joe defeated every team in the county the Executive Board of the B. C. l. A. A. vo-ted four to one not to award the cup this year to any team, thus robbing St. Joseph of a Well-earned victory. VVe cannot understand why they did it. For the first time in many years St. Joe competed in the State Inter- scholastic Tournament, which Was held this year at Nl. A. C., East Lansing. hlarch 28-29. The team was defeated by Nordstrom High School of Detroit in their second game, 21 to 19. VVith six first squad men back next year, St. Joe should also be a winner in lIQ-l2O'. The letter men were presented With jerseys at the end of the season, and We hope that this will be repeated in the succeeding years and so become a tradition of St. joe High. PgFty The Squad iff.,--f T ',',, If +'q'li Iv-.sf aiu! I 1- - 'HF er v '- ""', I L- 'L ,III 4? ', !Q ,iii ! I' ?5l3 il-II 'T' I, IT 1 4' ff-' L In ' l""' if "' Qtr- , ,lv-'I-44 .1-9-"Q, - .'1AdI'- ' -iff . -.I,L, -, 1 ,hw + 1:--'fp Q I! +I: "" any 1 'Mfr-1' px, +IaL-II4'I..l,,,III I-F I lg ff""L " .H 5 yIII'QI IIfI,3,III II I I . I If.: iI,'i "Q --31? JSIIlIkl" 'II-lp' , ' LF'-.1 I II --.QI Lg -w--gL'lj. Zi- '4 Qi, Lg. ff f -1:-I .-:f ,-g:+ -r 4, , ew . I. i'J,'!"a'1.rr 4l3II4"1-I' 1.1. IIIII'.. - , ' '11F111iwFIIIv' ,wiqlmk V i. AII-Puig -I Jig-I rr. 4 JIIIII- III ' .- 1 -I -I . sIII, l II "' I' ":"f' lpfsfi-l":J1"-f Q I +":-1 , gI,IiIII.II -III-QIIII-?:ImII.fI.1'If-I, IF I V . ,Ii , - I, .,I,, -1: g , I 'I - s I T lull' I, IIQQ, , 1 a foII"lI-1" '1 '11-1 I"' if I wi 1F... ,'. lam.: QTL-41 f'5"1'-: f g +jI ?Lfmp,II '. 1 41: I Q, ' 19 '-g,'5?-,.r'Li2-I ' 5!"'.1r:-' +m.1-5 ' 9 23,1- w,gIgm 1 -1II-'I'-"""1', T-.'. 'H 1- Qf -' ,inf ,THA bm 'Airs ii, 'tllvi V ', fJwl'A'. li' li 'A if ff, 3 il 45' '71 Qi , wfw ' ,I '54 -g. .JW 'Wm iff ' if E: Y" -QI IIIQ1.L.fw" ' "fI 1f +1l'f'l -1 Tn Ffnf ' lay? - , 'il'-'Fi' n f' , . - 'bn QW-L' fJ."7f' L.-5 qsawf 4.,,,,. .. HSP Forty-51x Kffgei. Q, A , , .I . Y I, V CoUnT-Y Gan-neS Y Nav.z2 25am-ada I: ' Stffoe. " +5 ' ' H 35 yggpg ?B.Han-bor I2 Ja:-1.5 V Sfevengllrllfell NLD . I V 5 4 JQIQYV Nlles lb JV if ' EauCla. 0 'F' 11' ' 2- ah ure ndvuizchnil Jan Z5 ' 5' V B1 Ja.n5l lNrIef Y V5 faflinlesj Q HL 'Feb TY Three 04115 lb li, 'FebI4- fuchanah Uv f-?.f?uelQ1nanl 'V 27 Fd:28 Eau Clan-Q. 8 111' Narchzl 'Thus Oaks ru In Tnrggvahslf' 1 U 495 -' ,,. A I U no , A 4 Y q - LeTTcr View ' W V a,., Q sk.m.g--v.-.Fs mf. ..... .- .... Q- gB'11aecc5ff1-P Bushnell -----,-- G G 5 yvcLr ------ C r1c.Elr'cf?f ....---- P0 3 , Rc 5 er ve 5 . 'f 1 . 'A .iffni-fber Kr-1 e F'---Q.VQ:-QT elif'-TT Oufsude f A! Pu- 21 5.H.'f.c. 22 5hJoe ,5 JAH ID. n.C.l-LS! I5 - Y- " 55 Jan za LuTher-ans I+ c.1fL.,1m-.whiny - 50 Febz-1 Mwh.cnTY.r1.c.n27 " '54- Febm lnawaguc H afpwagup -' 375' Nan-cha Lune-U45 55 - I QR. f'l:u-:he I"Mc!-.CHgfY' 41 in Mlmgancnfg ,f 7- E+ A Mmm zlwigalg 1 U " 51 44+ i'1,n.C.1 rm-jmf Page Forty-seven Girls, Athletics ' Are we here? Wlell, I guess: Girls' Athletics! Yes, yes, yesl For the last few years girls' athletics have been conspicuous by their absence, but this year saw the organization of four good class teams, ending in a tournament with a real ho-nest-to-goodness cup! The teams were picked about the last of February, and right then andl there began the intensive training that has brought such good results. The girls' interest regarding basket ball always ran high, but when it was made known that a beautiful cup, generously donated by Nlrs. A. D. Kent, was to go to the victorious class in the tournament, the enthusiasm knew no bo-unds. But for a while even the cup- was forgotten. The S-eniors were going to play a team picked from the rest of the class teamsl Finally, the day, the hour, the miinute arrived and the game was on. Such excitement and yellingl Everyone agreed that such an interesting game had never been seen before. The first half finished with a score in favor of the Allies. YVhen the game was o-ver the Allies had won, and enjoyed the sensation of being heroes. , At last the tournament began. All four teams were to participate. each class playing off with every other one. The schedule was arranged so that winners would play winners until all but two were eliminated. These preliminaries were adjusted and it remained for the Seniors and Juniors to light for the cup and class honor. Each player fought as she had never fought before. The yells on the side lines were deafening. At the end of the first half the score stood 5-2, Iunior's favor. During the second half, the Seniors brought the score up to I2-7. Every one praised the Junior team for their fine work and spirit. By some it is said that, the next morning, a tin cup decorated with crepe streamers, was hung in their assembly to commemorate the death of their hopes, which goes to sho-w what line sports they are. The name of the Class of ,IQ will be engraved on the silver cup won in this tournament, which will be handed down in years to come to the Winning classes. For the great benefit and p-leasure that has been derived from the girls' basket ball, We want to thank Nliss Tozier, our coach, whose untiring efforts made all this possible. , Now that Girls' Athletics have once more been revived, let us hope that they will become a fixed institution of the St. Joseph High School. -B. GRAY, 'r9. Page Forty-eight Baseball Yeah!! Baseball! This year, for the first time since 1916, St. joe was represented by a baseball team. In place of the magniticent Edge- water Ball Park which was then used, Duncan Field, at the city limits, was substituted. Bad weather interfered with the sport from the start. Prac- tice on the field the first few weeks was impossible, the clay ground holding the water like a sponge. But the the fellows practiced around the school in the streets, and even in the Gym. The wealth of baseball material which was uncovered by Coach Nlesick was a surprise to the school. The greatest Ufindl' of the season was R. Keene Evans, a phenom. pitcher. Evans is only a Freshman, but his skill as a twirler made possible a ball team worthy of consideration among the schools of the state. Very much cannot be done in one year in baseball, but prospects are bright for future years, however, as a full team of experienced players will return to school next year. The squad: G. Wvorley, Skibbe, Tahaney, D. Evans, l-lable, H. Ankli, A. WVorley. Kreiger, Foulkes, R. Keene Evans, Blake. Sp6Clal-Eleventh Hour Stulf St. H. S. wins baseball cup. Backed by an enthusiastic bunch of rooters, nine representatives of the "yellow and blue" battled through nine glorious innings at Fitzsimfmons Park, june 4, winning their fifth county game from Galien. The score-St. S, Galien 5. The ranks of baseball followers are steadily growing, and with a Wlinning 'team this year and a sure winner next year, it loo-ks as if the national pastime and the "cup" would certainly become a permanent part of the St. Joseph High School. Yeah! Baseball!!! PgFtyr' Class Basket Ball Class rivalry was shown at its highest pitch this year in class basket ball. Although the class championship was not decided, great interest was shown in the games. The Senio-rs first challenged a team picked from the other classes. The game, which was played during a Monday music hour. was hotly contested. The Allied team defeated the Seniors 22-16. Gabel refereed. This game brought "Chick" Zick, captain of last year's team, out in togs once more. This game gave the Juniors confidence, and they in turn challenged the S-enior team. The Juniors Won 24-15. The game was featured by rough playing on both sides. The Sop-homores and Freshmen clashed some time later in a game in which no first team men were allowed to co-mpete. The Sophomores Walked away with the Freshmen to the tune of 27-16. - Class athletic teams is the answer to the argument that athletics should be for the majority of the fellows and not for the few that make the school teams. For this and other good reasons class contests should be encouraged. Indoor 'Baseball Indoor baseball was played in connection with the gym work through- out the year. Un Thursday, March 20, the Men's Athletic Club defeated a team chosen from the students, I9-13. McConnell and Stone for the Men's Club, and H. Ankli and Foulkes for the students, were the batteries. Tebbe of the Mens Club miade a home run. Gersonde of the High School umpired. Igffty 1 Y , , L r If H Quf hav Q SF?-rw o V- Em if cu- q Page Fifty-one Elutograpbs QA Study in Handwritingl 1- g Fftyt J l 1 ig' Zin . , f' :Vga'f' ,' A . f gg ' ,Q Q I ' ' ll W2 4 117 "I V! 2 . 'Qs N fx. 1 A V l X. 'Q . ' B WN uf Y-I ! N' C9 N ' A ' " Ae W Y 535. Q ig 'f Vx X N na? X, ix :N wx X'-XX X X X' xl XXX N XW x X mx ' X S ' W fd M1 K K F - 0 l S I7 A, 'nf 1 ' I VV ? M N ' 'mu' ff? W' A A0 0 Mum Nl 4 " A -57 frlflgli? W ' A ,I , 5 WW +4f7?ffs ri! mf' Pg Ffyth Farce of ,l9 From the time the curtain rose on the first act of "Seven Days" until it lowered at the last. the large audience present was sent from one peal of laughter to another. The plot of the play was taken from the story, "VVhen a Nfan Nlar- ries," by Nlary Roberts Rinehart. The scene is laid at the home of Nlr. Wlilson, who has been divorced from his wife a year ago from the time the play takes place. He is having a party in honor of the event, and, when they are about to go to dinner, the butler announces that the cook has been taken sick and all the servants have left the house! At the same time a telegram arrives stating that Jim's Aunt Selina is coming! Aunt Selina has been giving Nlr. VVilson a double allowance since he was married, and as she does not know of his divorce, some one must take the part of his wife for that evening at least. He begs each of the ladies present to act the wife, and at last Kit NlcNair consents. The Aunt comies in one door and the divorced wife seeking forgiveness at the other. Aunt Selina, disl approving of cards and drinks of all kinds, makes things rather warm. A burglar appears and makes quite a disturbance. The house is quaran- tined! and for a week-Kit has to remain as Jimls wife. Anne Brown keeps the house going with her spiritualismu, Dallas Brown has a job keeping his Wife from saying the wrong thing at the right time, and Tom Harbison and Jim WVilson take turns proposing to Bella and Kit. Aunt Selina rules with an iron hand! Nlany amusing scenes take place. After one week of misery and starvation-the Jap is declared to have had only Chicken- pox, Kit becomes engaged to Tom as does Bella re-engaged to Jim. Philip Bushnell showed marked talent as Jim Wlilson, while Jo Nlorse excelled in the part of leading lady, Kit KlcNair. Bea Gray was extremely good in her characterization of Bella Knowles, alias Nlrs. WVilson. Gardner lvIcCracken and Adeline Loelfler starred as Nlr. and Nlrs. Dallas Brown, respectively, while Wvalter Bartlett made an excellent hero-Tom Harbison. Alma Gowdy played the part of Aunt Selina to perfection and Nel. Keeler proved his dramatic ability as a burglar. Orville Butzbach Won laurels as a butler-and Robert Hendrix brought down the house as an Irish police- inan, L'Flannigan." -A. L. P Fflyf Farce of ,20 That the Farce of 'ao was conceded to be the best in years, it can hardly be expected for us to tell you. But the High School join with the class of ,zo in believing that they are justified in being proud o-f the dramatic ability of the pupils who participated in it. As examples: Virginia Paxton in the part of an exasperated mother, with an unmarried daughter on her handsg and Kenneth Nlc- Crcken in his characterization of an utterly ruined, bankrupt father. Don Daugherty must not be forgotten in his faithful execution of the role of the debonair hero, in his infatuation with Ted Stone, the great football man. and his attemipts to have his sister married to the man of his choice. The athletic man, Bob Goodrich. was exceptionally good. considering the stupidly awkward role he had to play. Doris W'itt showed marked talent as a girl of 21, who hated the very presence of mian. desired by them as she was. Franklin Gowdy was an ideal Texan, and l-lelen VVolff.'a desirer of mankind at large. Geraldine Truscott made an attractive little maid, and Mel Campbell filled the role of a college professor to perfection. The plot of the story, "Hurry, Hurry. Hurry," is as follows: Nlr. Hooker comes home, finding his wife "hurrying" to get her Xmas presents off that night, and tells her he is utterly ruined, bankrupt, and that the only means of salvation is the will which was left at the death of an aunt to- Floy. his daughter. The one condition of the will is that she must be engaged by the time she is twenty-one and married' to the same man within a year. This is the eve of her twenty-first birthday and they muSt see to it that she is engaged by that timre. They tell their son, Steve, of the appro-aching calamity and he asks a football man to call that evening to dine with them. The hero turns o-ut to- be a 'lgawkyf' all "feet and ears" kind of a man. and when he proposes with a great deal of coaching and coaxing on Steve's part, he is turned down. Next, a college professor up for thie evening. Floy tells him of the approaching disaster, and in order to save her family, makes the proposal of marriage as a business proposition. when they are interrupted. The mother in a state of despair takes it upon herself to ask the Texan to who-m Floy has been previously engaged, to come. l-le comes and is refused. Everyone is "hurrying" to find a man and are just about ready to give up all hope when, as Steve is about to draw do-wn the shade, he sees a man acro-ss the street looking up at their window: he pro- ceeds to- investigate and see if he is an available man for Floy. He goes down and returns with the Texan, who again proposes and as the clock strikes I2 bells-Floy is engaged! A A. L.. '19, Page Fifty-ive wt'-' .K 1ln flbemoriam MRS. R. E. TRUAX A friend of the High School, respected for .her spirit of helpful- ness and cheery good nature. GRACE FISHER A highly honored associateg a faithful student and friend. Sin- cerely mourned by all who knew her. Page Two 1 't 3' f-'41, , XM 'B' -F 'A ,., , Q ,FAIL n 7 Q, A vx ,M ,, ff. . .. f Q Y ' ' if , x L M A I XX X Q- EQI f ,E . K if 'Q -5 ' 2 . V V. L? , . : . fx , . , . ,- .,-. , , W . Q , , . I I :gf W . . - K I ,4,4Oi,G.-Q .CL.l1.k'?..,.5gE.Nf'LlD,kLS,,,- W , Page Fifty-six 4 1 ' 5.1 Q. fi? v r I . Q ,Q -Y-X -W.- Q3 Q fflgfi .IV af AW' , 5 z -Qi, T T 5' ri -L: W. M. BARTLETT lt would be idle to deny that we .Americans have a tendency toward boastfulness, and, that at times the spirit passes the limits of good taste and possibly of strict truth: but. on the other hand. there is ground for the claim that We boast because the facts warrant us in doing so. Be that as it miay, none can read the story of the heroism of our soldiers in France throughout the final campaign without a quickening of the pulse and a tingling of the bloodg for sturdier bravery, finer discipline, and greater fearlessness, in the face of deadly danger, have never been displayed any- Where. Wie have won many battles, we have decided the war-the hobnails of the American doughboy are novv clattering upon the streets of Coblenz. The blood of our soldiers has been sacrificed upon foreign battle fields: the spirit of these loyal sons of Uncle Sam has reigned, in the Argonne, Chateau Thierry, and Belleau iiioods. Gur men have climbed the steeps and planted Qld Glory upon the heights of the ancient fortress of Ehren- breitstein. During Congressman Hicks' recent visit to the 'war zone, he was shown a captured German Arm lntelligence Report, in possession of our own Admiral Sims: an extract reads as follows: "The Second American Division may be classified as a very good division, perhaps even as assault troops. The various attacks of both regiments on Belleau ivoods were carried out With dash and recklessness. The moral effect of our firearms does not materially check the advance of the infantry. The nerves of the Americans are still unshakenf' "The individual soldiers are good. They are healthy, vigorous. and physically well-developed, and at present lack only the necessary training to make them redoubtable opponents. The troops are fresh and full o-f straightforward confidence. A remark of one of the prisoners, a marine, is indicative of their spirit, WVe kill or get killed.' " This being the opinion of our enemy. What must be that of our friends or allies? Premier David Lloyd George said recently before the English Parliament, referring to our soldiers: "It is not merely that they fought with courage, X X lk everyone expected that of the American army, X X if X but they fought with a trained skill that none had expected or had a right to expect. The men are brave, but the o-fiicers, Who, after all are not trained ofiicers in the ordi- nary sense of the Word, have shown skill and knowledge in the management of their men under trying conditions, exercising a contro-l that one could hardly expect from men who have not had a good' deal of the actual experi- ence of war." Page Fifty-sex er . ,I 'ifg A A ,- , 1 3. H . - - -. 'rim-5. ::A::':1 rl-.1 . br-J : ', 1 ,.g , 1 ,si-A ". Q - - " . rv...-, :' - 331- MAM 1-.y .-3-1 A ,. nil 1. V7l.:'v'2+cri 11,55 ' A., w?151LF,'f95pgg15q24f2-je f",i15',1 , W isgw j. ,271 . ,g.gfff' ,- N ' ff W4 -':i,6:f5'1" -','4f"-!- WMM 1' 'm HQ QW 73g4q'y'-r'jI5f:g, . J' jg 5 if-:1'1fl55,-2g",5SI QW 1-..,?- " :'1Q'53'3,:iv-x' i.f'5ie:1:yfh11fw..,.-,. J, 412.3 y.,-.epfz vs .-4 - away.f-.scum-Qgfffkff3:2-1s,f"f"2e'4,:,z+5gzgf1:iqv-'Jggz ' '-' 1 ,- ,. ' eww, ,max . ..L -.:g:yf-.v---- 11xw",.. V-.i,., 1 fm - F 1 "'f1:'1.ff,'51 ' : V. Ju w.f1f1:xQBQsf-mum-"fileg:a.w:'y9maf- L ,A f,I,I.,,g. - ,,. II .,4,Ig?5,?.3 . v I . ij -,Sym wig., ' A 'XII QVII ,S-g. 5f5,5r.yaIg.,,,ig,.IIgJ5f,.-.N,Q.,45.f:g,.r,,,I,,,.f- S -'verxm-.. .. 1'-15 .-ff Ai 1 " Rfk " ' , , H '1 wg iff? -" " - :fx :Fit ' V Q?:w-.Aff-,i"f ' I -.I JWQIIII II, I yr. ', - .I I- . ,I ag: I II , V -, E., HY? -W .-Ifzgf , Q' fig' N .' j fm' - gg: - rf -- v ia! '1 3 , -+ 5 .-,, uv' -5-.-v . -. .-- . f: , - . .. , Q.: . 5 -af' ',,.. , .Il ' v' '- -1 A ' -,'f,-M " f'- ef .. - . 11. .1 ' , -f kfm?f2g,?3?' ." 1 . , "1qf:w . Q f hz , L "..,-N1 .I ' J V w.e:wr:7i1fZg,a, v " V JY' ff, 1. fx ' ' f if-' : 1 ' -, T: 5,11 ?fl1SL3'i'fQ1jg 'y .' ' ' i ii? Q. , ,- .f udp: Asfgag1Q:s'a'1-13 .-.FJ M . I If v- E . f 2 ' I, fl' 'Im . , I , , , Sl- 1 , f 2 , . -Y -'J ,ig I, ..'.-2' 'ji - . 'I-I 'Pty - . ML. f . , W f- I ff-. F' . -' X- ' ' ' pf- ,, 4'f1I'.44S3fQf5?F.gQ.,'IF5Qf:3u32. II:5I.i,pg:1.-,QI r mv M.. A -, , . ' ' -- ' .' :HRH 1'r.'3"5 -4 Tia. '-'f:- --'M'F2T.f. X 5, I, FV? 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Af ' ' " wi 11' E39 - R 1 "fi lvl If ',1f5i.!T'i5x 'EJ iZ57:g1Ei'7Q'fe..9f::i'f13?5?f1i..i -- -A fb - 'VL .. F' TX ,, 1 -1 .f ,yr , -.,::,gg'.- :A fr: V I-3, :gg-gig, gi.,-qgg' L, ' ,z -,X ,gk j'gjwjfrjggfgg-1j,,v,'I-A - 'H' ' ' iw-.-1' f m 2 V' L 'f Xwf' 4 .4r:.z'I-F2 e--:.,v,f.,mmQ jun... . P .-, 1 .Q ' if ' if if n1g,.q.xI5yL ', sd .A.. ' . x 'H' I. I, 5 2.1.- 3:,-xf 1 , j ''f.Q...f+11i.ij ' ' ' -- ,., ,r--1 'x..,:: 4 . V . f-3,-L .lv-A! 2 ug-r tip 1, - -jiY.lm4"'Aig G" . , f.- .,,1 .,,' ..,, 1.::Ig -. 1, . xgLmLmxe,T un, ....,m- N v fn ' . . LJ , I I .N fgawi- ,-'Q.f- V ,Pb ff.. Y - are -1 . -dw-1 -'Frm w..-1 4:' '55, , if.. n .vis ' .,,... 'fn wx . 'Em' . 2.5-TI: LINIII ' ' 'lf . 1,5- ' simian ,. gI ' ' -Fxdlplff 'Suv-for-Sv, . f Z- fiik , . f' , I 1 f v. x,f' - -.ul-4 New-vpn .Q-U. x 4 . f 5, ' , 1 1: '31-Bb Shale. Jbkrsim. 1, ,I.ti'f?-Y' I ,L . . I , .5 . 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YS .ff --Q wi M . f ., , :F 'WWI wg r ' S -9 I, X Q41 ' SD f -W ,x x ' ,N gg ,..,.'4 .5 "' wg 'Y . x Q f 1 V, Sa ff r ' F 2 1 2 ' 0 1' rr M ix 1 J N 14 rr-1 N' W .KX r . i x ' If 1. A wo' 1 Z X Ur. I .L 1 -1 'F -1 1 ' 4 X- Q I f QI? I I.,I .. we I Q , 3 Q s 41 "' 1- EI QR F x 1 N? f K . L' X -. . . V S . a 'J .4 4 f .QQ + I- . , wg z ve A . a .L u , i at Wm .LC "Sl ar- . I 4 I. ' ,fqIIIII"MnI. ,f I ' , ,, .II I ' '- ' vI,,II II, . f if -"' I - -- , . w. ' f ' Q. ' X , ' i. - , A , , ' . A 13 f -- 1 Il' ,111 I - I. In af I N IIIIVHI -I I I SI . . II I . IMIII 11... CWA...-. , . .1 f ,. 1. V . if I .I . . I. . ' ' - X 5 'h'LHfwf if: .Q . if-if:a2.sPb'M-2-ik 1 1 um... . , ' ' A ' I' iw V4 -- ' -,515 I . I ,, II I .3 ,I-,.. L -- ypgjfg. II' Hb, -,I I -Lg .1 f ,gg j Iwi I ,I -'I I I lfg-lIjIfI . IJ.-na --., ' , , I, , XI I ,Il :I I ,I II ,.I5II,Q.I fi' X51 1191 ' 5 7? "K 5 4, 57 1 , ,Ii 6 "Ig, . 'wwf , ' , xAE,.-v, - ' ' Lf'-1. 'Sze . N . 2 ----H N P Af , -, :ae-,I-7 hw. , II -. -A . , - - . ..1I:w-'- . .II 3, 55535, 1 , . ' , 1h1.....a.. 'sux-All-L-. 1- , . V. . - , X, . 'vga' I Q-V, , awww- - H :AM -. ' X a J ' ' Gex-r.'TmXef ' ' - I .1. N :" . ' ,",E""'f', .- if , X " ' - ' Q '. 5' ' ,1l'.'i',"7,..f.. . mv ' , all n - . XS, ' ,,. IMI: :II :IV , 1. II , .IIE 3,1 IsI.,q:fn3i'II I R I: ,. II. . M - -, 1 ?-:f,l.,',f A 2 ' Jewiaii - -'Lui ' 1' ' -.LW 'P 1531 iff: ', .fiigg-,.4. . '- , ,. . Y I - g.mu3.fg,v11g, wa-1 ,nr na -. 1,.,vy-E .euvg I 3, 1:.,w'a'-'s.:4-f:3.-X,-'vw ,- 4TL4.1mfff':.-iff -Ja' , .L :,. ,J 5Llwfli,.Zi.fui ..atif'b:'L:f'3?'5-'? agszfggff izfllfi 5.2. Page Fifty-eight Do you know that many of our boys have been recorded as deserters? Oh! yes they have. WVe had soldiers stationed all over France-at the sea-ports and stations far back of the lines. Nlen despairing of ever getting into the fight, deserted the colors, and when they were found, they were in the hring lines, fighting with their comrades. All along the road from Nancy to St. Genevieve were line after line of American trucks. Wihen Congressman Hicks passed the long line of "pup" tents, he called out, "How goes it Ft" to one of the drivers. L'Ohl" he answered, "after we see what these French people have to stand, we don't say a word, and think we are getting good treatment, for we all have homes to go to." "Don't you want to come home with us ?" asked the statesman. -UNO," they all answered: "Wie won't go back till we've finished this jo-b, and hnished it right." ln France, we have learned, not far from Chaumront is the little 7 Normandy town of Domremy. the birthplace o-f Joan d'Arc. ln this quiet hamlet is a training camp for American soldiers, many of whom received added inspiration in their nght for liberty from the story of the life which began in the humble cottage, live hundred years ago. There in that little room, where the heroine of France first saw the light of day, is the rough bed on which she slept, the cupboard and few chairs- personal mementoes of one who, freeing her beloved country from invading hosts, died neglected and deserted, a victim to the superstition and the hypocrisy of the age. Wihat memories crowd this quiet chamber: what sacred associations of the past. Holy inspiration, chivalry as well as romance lead onward to the pathos and agony of a friendless girl sublime in her faith, standing at the stake in Rouen. An American soldier said recently during his visit to this place, as he glanced out of the window upon the chapel which commemorates her vision of long ago, "'What a wonderful inspiration it was that came to this girl of immortal namef' "Yes," said a Frenchman standing by his side, "that was a marvelous vision, and she was the Saviour of France: but the spirit of Joan still lives. There are the Saviours of France today," pointing to the American soldiers. joan of Arc, joan of Arc, Do your eyes from the skies see the foe? Don't you see the drooping Fleur de Lis? Canlt you hear the tears of Normandy? Joan of Arc, Joan of Arc. Let your spirit guide us throughg Come lead your France to victory, Joan of Arc, they are calling you. . Many thoughtful people assert that the world is governed too much. that the restraints of law over the actions of men are in a large sense super- fluous. It is urged that men, if left free from restraint, would ob-serve those equities of conduct that the laws are assumed to compel. Such a Page Fiftyrnine contention, when the scenes of horror and wild anarchy that followed the evacuation of Richmond in 1865, and the endless atrocities and Bolshevism of the present day are considered. To sit in silence when we should protest, Nlakes cowards out of men. The human race Has climlbed o-n protest. Had no voice been raised Against injustice, ignorance and lust, The lnquisition yet sho-uld serve as law, And guillotines decide our least disputes. Saint Joseph High School is pro-ud, we are victims of the tendency to literally burn up in self-esteem., elated by those who represented us and our Alumni. "Here's to the Old Grads who have gone, they won while they were here," and Saint Joseph, as a City and as a High School, realize and appreciate that they have kept up the spirit. , Foremost in battle, for freedom to stand, VVe rush to arms when aroused by its call. Still as of yore when George YVashington led, Thunders our war cry, lWVe conquer or fall l" Faithful and ho-nest, to friend and to foe, Wlilling to die in humanityls cause, Thus we defy all tyrannical power, Wvhile we contend for Union and laws. Rise up, proud eagle, rise up to the clouds, Spread thy broad wings o'er this fair western world! Fling from thy beak our dear banner of old, Show that it still is for freedom unfurled. Halt! Wie are justly proud of our service page. Wle know that no other High School was represented by so fine a bunch and that the men fro-m S. H. S. were 'fAmerica's best." Wie, who are responsible for this year's 'LCrescent," tried to get pictures of all of our service men, but because of the short time we had, it was impossible to do more than advertise in the local paper. VVe regret that we could reach no more alumni in this way, and simply say that We honor all of you who so nobly offered yourselves in defense of your country. Pgbq 'rr O 6 XX 'xg ff it QN E ..- f J, Can You Imagine? Harry Ulson with a girl? Nlarie Rupp with bobbed hair? Nliss Baldwin ever being cross? Wialter Bartlett not being conceitecl? Nlr. Rood letting us talk in the Assembly? More ups and downs than in High School? YValter Heartt short and fat? Nlalcolm Follett thinking seriously? Russell Leiter not saying something funny? Singing anything but "ln Old NIadrid" or "Love's Old Sweet Song" on Monday's 4th hour. Bob Hendrix not talking in Civics class? Lucile Hambley passing a note? Herbert Berk being anything but a good fellow? Jack Palmer washing his hands? Margaret Neubrand not rushing the teachers? Ruth Gustafson talking? Phil Bushnell without that laugh? Qur High School as it used to be? Seniors with all of their perfect lessons in type-writing? A six minute instead of a five minute recess? Virginia Paxton getting zero in a test? ' Ora Good not dolled up? Bea Gray a Swede? Wihat Louis Gess would do without Nlarie Ankli? VVhere Skibbe got those Y. M. C. A. towels that are always hanging on the line? Pgq Query Department Wwe are two sisters who dress alike. Wie plan to go to the seashore this summer. Ifvould a blue serge bathing suit with red trimmings he suitable P-The Johnson Sisters. By no means. Take at least two such suits. "How can I stop my gas meter? It runs around, continually."-- Rossman. Chain it to the water pipes. If this fails, turn oh the gas. "I-Iow can I double my present salary as a school teacher?"-Miss Chesebro. Get married to a school teacher with a good position. L'Can you give me a recipe for a good tonic? I am all run down and my Work is falling behind."-H. Ankli. Try ketchup. MI have heard that in Australia there is a kind of sheep that have no noses. How do they smell P"-Curious. Awful. Nlr. Gabel Cin Chemistry lab.j-"Add sodium carbonate and ignite." Nel. Foulkes tlaterj-"l've added the sodium bicarbonate but can't find the ignite." Nlargaret Neubrand wants to know whether Irene Balow cut her pulse. Nlr. Clarke-"How can we ever combat the constantly soaring cost of living F" Nlr. Jennings-L'W'e might buy plain Qbiplanej food." Helen Yeske had been absent all week, and Miss Patterson asked if anyone knew what the matter was. Nlel Camipbell came to the rescue and said-"She was home last night." Found in a Freshman theme-"I-Ie 'um ed into the air and started J P to run." F. Gowdy-"YVhat is the matter? You look worriedfl R. Goodrich--"I canlt remember whether she told me last night that I danced like a Zephyr or a heiferf' E Frances Boidjack-'Wve had three bachelors for dinner." Hattie Nloberg-'WVhat queer appetites some people do have." Nliss Patterson said-L'Never use a preposition to end a sentence witlzf' P g S' tyt - "T i 9 1 In Latin Class "Three times I strove to cast my arms about his neck-and that's as tar as I got." Mrs. Lester-"VVell, Miss W'itt, I think that was quite tar enough." 'Tis wrong for any maid to be Abroad at night alone, A chaperone she needs 'till she Can call some chap-'er-own. Albecker Cto Rowe, who had a hole in his cap for a monthj-"XVhen are you going to rent your room, Rowe ?l' Rowe-"lt's not for rent. it's for sale." NIonday morning, llarch 1. Truax-"W'ell, Rudolph, how do you like the new time F" Rudolph-"Ach! Not very well. I was to- church yesterday, old time, and church vas almost up Y" This is a true story of a High School student who ran for an oilice in Student Government. I-Iis sworn statement runs: "I lost I,34Q hours of sleep thinking about the election, lost a tooth and a lot of hair in a personal encounter with an opponent, donated a vast amount of mioney to all I-Iigh School activities, gave away 2 pairs of sus- penders, .t silk hair ribbons, S5 cash and five boxes of candy. Kissed So babies, kindled I5 kitchen fires, put up four stoves, talked enough to make in print 1,ooo volumes. Attended 16 revival meetings, and was baptized four times by immersion and twice otherwise. I treated 5o fellows. took 25 girls to the show, made love to two teachers. hiugged 50 girls I didn't like, got bit twice by a dog and was defeated! ? X ffl! ? I had a little pony, His name was Cicero: I loaned him to a friend of mine To pass an exam. or so. He rode him to the limit And was doing very well, But the teacher caught the pony And gave the pupil-Zero. NIr. Jennings-"I just rolled down the map for the other class." 17 First Student-"I-Iave you seen Bea Gray? Second Student-HNOQ did vou want to see her?" First Student-"No, but I should like to see Ernest Grewef' "I want a package of art gum." 'WVhat flavor?" Page Sixty-three W'esley Follet-'IIs Nlr. Gardner a baseball player?" Nliss Patterson-"I don't know, why F" YV. F.-"Well, I saw him make a home run last night." "Now, in case anything should go Wrong with this experiment," said Nlr. Gabel, "we and the laboratory with us will be blown sky-high. Now come a little closer boys, in order that you may follow me." Junior-UF. Gowdy is so tall he could light a pipe at a lamfp post." Senior-WI"hat's nothing-Shorty Gersonde has to get down on his knees to put his hands in his pants pocket." 'lD'id you give Russell back everything he gave you, as I directed ?"' Gene Martelle-"Yes, father, even his kisses." Nlargery Qhaughtilyj-"I don't stand on trillesf' Paul Kerly Qwith a downward lookj-"So I see." Nlother-"lvVhy did you allow YVillett to kiss you, when he left last night?" Beatrice--mWhy, that was the first chance he had." Mr. Truax, in Algebra class-HI-Iow do we find the area of a room ?l" Glen Wlorley-"Measure it." One of the girls, coming from cooking with a lot of fruit coloring on her lips-"How do you like the rouge?" Chick Zick-"I do-n't know, I haven't tried it yet." Nliss Patterson, helping the class through some literature that is going right o-ver their heads--"You don't really have to learn them by heart. but see how many you learn unconsciously." Bob Hendrix-"I think I would be unconscious if I did learn them." lVIiss Snyder-"VVhy were you late to class ?" IfValt I-Ieartt-"Because it began before I got here." Had he won her heart or not? Kreiger, holding her closer-Hbfly, but my heart is beating fast-at least I guess it's mine." "W'hat did Wim. G. NIcAdoo do that President Wiilson made him Director of the Railroadsin' Bub Blake-"NIarried his daughter." Alma Davidson-'lDid you find my bag?" Phil.-"No, but you might look in the back seat of the car." KNOW. Philip.j Pgmtyf -a a i . '4 l l 2 . i 1 l I Q l Evans asking a question in Mr. Jennings' class. 7 l L Jennings- ACan't you remember ? ' Evans-"I es, I remember, but I torgotf' A High School student who was smoking a cigarette near a monkey's cage took another from his pocket, 'WVould it do any harm," he asked, "if I should offer him one of these ?" ' "Not a bit," answered the attendant. "He Wouldn't touch it. A monkey isn't half as big a fool as it looks." Little W'ille Burns Didn't go to Heaven, Little Ylfillie Burns. Did you hear about Louis Gess? He drew a potato so realistically that a potato-bug came out on it and he had to draw some Paris green to kill it. Nlr. Truax-"Two people should not use the same fountain pen." Senior-"NVhy, isn't it sanitary?" YU St. Peter-"And who are you? Student-'IA student from St. Joe High." St. Peter-'ADid they have an Annual?" Student- St. Peter-"And did you buy one. Student-"No" St. Peter-'WVell," ibut really, We'll leave it to your imaginationl. "Yes" ju Eat, drink and be merry. for tomorrow you may Hunk. Reading from Macbeth-"This house is too cold for Hell." hliss Snyder-"Franklin, will you please close the Window." Teacher-lWVhat instruments make foot notes?" Freshman-'WVhy, the shoe horns." Percy Poorshot Qwho mistook his dog for a rabbitl-'Il shot my dog." Friend-'WVas he mad 7' Percy-uwvell, he didn't like it very well." Herbert Steel, while visiting a young lady friend, sat in silence twirling his thumbs in never-ending circles. At last the girl said-"Do you always do that when you go a calling?" "No," said Herbert-l'Sometimes I" Ctwirling his thumbs in the reverse directionj "do it this vvayf' Page Sizcty-Eve I I Greecent Elnnual A History of the Year Nineteen Hundred Nineteen in the Saint Joseph High School P IS' X J E sr f 9 f 1' V , X nf! lffi X X f ",' ff X4 of If ff i V I If T ' gf A 1.ff..1" lfflgfr ff Ads Lost-hly good disposition-Nlr. Rood. Wlanted-A mian-Miss Tozier. For Sale-A choice eolleetion of hair nets-Nliss Patterson. W'anted-Another red neektie-Mr. Gabel. For Sale-The latest edition of "System," copyrighted 1918, revised lQlQiNl1'. Truux. W'anted Wianted Wlinted Wizlnted Wvanted Wlanted Some one's frat. pin-Alma Davidson. Some one to read my own writing-Bob Hendrix. To find some one who knows more than l do-Tully. An extension on the teaeher's pension-C. D. Jennings Some letters to read in the hall-Nlrs. Lester. A second hand razor-Chick Ziek. Lost-One minute time in class-Nliss NleLeese. A Tragedy Dark night :K X X Banana peel bk Y Fat man X Y "s k Virginia reel ak Page Sixty-six How to Get 100 Once Bring the teacher an apple. Tell her how pretty she looks, Kid her about the beau she never had. Tell her how much you studied. Smile that sweet smile when you pass her in the hall. Don't whisper when she is looking, Go to class with that innocent look, And when she asks you a question, Tell her just what she wants to know. Always laugh at teachers' jokes, No matter how bad they be. Not because they're funny jokes. But because it's policy. Closing Exercises Senior Picnic, Vlfednesday. June II. Baccalaureate Sermon, Rev. l-l. A. Bushnell, Sunday, June 15. . Junior-Senior Banquet. Tuesday, June 17. Commencement Exercises Nlusic, Qrchestra. Invocation. Nlusic, "Daybreak" ......... .... . 1. R. Gail! Address, "School and Life"- PREs. CH.-XRLES MCKENNY fvlusic, "Bridal Chorus" .......,............... . . .F. H. Cowen Class Prophecy- BEATRICE GRAY Presentation of Diplomas. Nlusic, Qrchestra. P S ry 4 l I . ,,.l A. B. MORSE COMPANY, ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN UPUIUTE '00 zndeo , 25? , , ' HIP - .tens tn whatwes once' "GoodLOliiSt',, foe-' IEI.lgI1"-'rhesez vbiclrwe woulisearkuta see wha on- the-Crescent progzaing. the' mimi? Flon. of the ice at. tbeijgving dam: ' E1-V PUYHUD meetihses euwha would-play' wlxofifn, tennisr' 'N-1 1 f f Q- In- this -mom. we Freshmen who took Latin met as- e. group.. English: 'Classes met here also, Lu. thisgllttle room Miss Ellen Conant' held forth' in history and English.. In thlsroom algebra., geometry znd, German' classes. Late: on ii: became the "chem" end: physics "lab". This Ht- tle cubby hole sarees' the hall was where the more advanced classed in "math" and Latin met cusually about two in said classesl. Later on. the floor. below was taken over for the rapidly growing high school-These drinking Icnmtains seem to be an obsession with me- iOne day I came upoma girl drinking and I remarked in my most poetic n".a.nner, "Drink pretty creature. drink," and she responded in the slang of the time. "Aw, put an egg in your shoe and beat lt." I saunter- ed away humming, "When You Wore a. Tulip and I Wore a Red, Red Rose.", That Old Fourth Floor , Up more winding and dingy stairsl to the long since condemned iourthi door to the science and commercial. departments. Here is the laboratory' and dark room.-5 and chemical count-1 ers where that master mind. Roy B., Whitehead, was monarch of all he surveyed. Volumes could be dashed off about him. for he was a most col- orful character, both as a teacheru coach and man about town. One time after doing an experiment with al- cohol and corn he tossed the nemalrsl ULIB of the window into the alley be- low, Result. stewed chickens. These llttle typing rooms with the, high windows: where we would sit and pound rt",1u-eghi-rb-n-m over and over. I never knew the gals of than day could swear so nuently until' I heard one make a mistake. And That Old Skeleton These high ledges where adven- turous youth would perch and dream during a class hour while the hue and cry was being raised for them-Re- member the skeleton in the closet? Back down stairs. This room was the pri.nc1pa.l'5 omce. sometinxesl known as the consultation room. I And here is the spacious high' school study ball and assembly room.4 Semen sat on the north side: jun-y , .ors in the middle, sophomores on the 'south side-Silly shrinking freshmen thumping in on chapel mornings-that iin ceiling where pins and paper wads, struck with a. metalic echo-'l'he1 iostrum with its oniclal desk-The 1 clock which invariably was out of kll-l ,ter-The gong which called us Dol xclass and oftimes announced a Ere' 'drill-The American Hag hanging ov- er Washington and Lincoln-The lit- tle niche in the rear of the room where we would look up references and get a llne on what was doing in the street below-Radiators which would hiss and bang at frequent in- tervals. I The assembly where Crescent meet-, ings were heldg where interesting de-3 bates took place: where professional men of our town talked during chapel -The assembly where the more pop- ular girls would come dashing in- late as usual in the morning. Calling Faculty Rall The assembly where one by one the faculty watched over us as we had study hour-Principal E. W. 'Coin bald and nervous who constant- ly jarigled his keys and one night ap- Peared at a basketball game sans collar and tie-Edna Bowman, who taught English and was s. dramatic reader-Ellen Conant, who took Cherie of the freshmen and her one v plJ.I'35E,."ALI. DEED HOW PEOPLE, ' WOLLLG quell a noisy mob. Louise Kelley, au- burn-ha.i.ted1Le.I:ir.'l instructor: ' Whitehead who one day thundered, "Hey you, if you ca.n't find avseat' sit an the t1oor"-Fl'orence- Diamond, who had not a single flaw and taught, commercial-Emma Pinkle, German teacher who was easiLy fussed-Isaf bell Hull, who one day in English class wonderezi why af couple of fa.- miliar' characters about town did not respond to roll. call-Hazel Krameru German teacher-The glamorous and welL groomed, Juliet Hart, who drove' many a youth to talking Latin. l Principal Paul KEHEY, who would pace back and forth on the in deep meditation-Cl D, Jenmngi-. the tell ot antiquated anecdotes and teacher of 'Math-Minerva Grier: commercial .teacher amd. girls' Hfhf lem mam-Pnncipar. Wilmont W- Ben-yg, huge, gecgtaced and lantern iaivK ifiinprislvefsig' Ev: as"'lie'iiAur:Z tied' tb football practice arraiefi in a bright redsweater ancLa bluefpeak- ed. mp-Marjorie Kelley, WhOw te-1-ight German and suffered' sn :nervous breakn dQwn4Viah Tflioltmnan, -who succeeded ner,-a mid-Victorian d-ZIIJ-E butaguodteacheh' Y A' The temperamental Oscar Hatch Hawiey who taught music and made ug uke in-Ethel Kdble, a clever dra- matic coach-Louseine fiber! who sub- stituted one semesterformis Conantl -E. L-Merrill, ,who taught science and lafer 5eeameVp1:inc.ipa1Q:who hop-- ned ucunfiike a bantams rooster and had. 'weak eyes-Eildxedge ,Gardnerw quiet and unas.sumiJJg,' who coached the first basketball D62-in to win R116 Warren trophy-The, Pretty' blomie, Mary Loughhead, who had mechani- cal drawing-Gladys' BabCOCk. whv naught Latin-Georginna..HathaW'dy.1 the first imported teacher of' d0mE5f1C science-Weljg they played their roles in, the drama oLhigl1 schooL1iie. 5 liighn School- Impresdons Q A 1 So as I watclr me brmks-,1a.11ine where they may.. the IOIIUVZIDE UI?- prmonrat days in.St..Joe High march 'across mr mild--Bemg 110ll11dE,3.Dd..DUI5l1CKL the first Cres- cent. night,-Art: Mollhaeelfs Nd, shiirf the still talk!-2 about ihJ' mgnome after: schaulbwithnniv eiehtn , grade fmiagche ieersf ef, my DTBfYif1Et ti-iee'Not:e Dame freshmen, basketball gi .:'M'ozt" lditchelifamaus-,uranium '-Bmkm Shacklesf'-"Bob"' Postgi rep- naenta 'ou.1:-.sch.ogl:"in' S1143 dist!-'1-Cf contest -with -his declamation, Plea for-pam"-Beirgz' tm: thef-l1umbleiam'oe- of marshatoni Qtheg crescent: society' br E-011111 W1-HS-1 low? Know nj. S.'consul?l'i01 E1Ym9F1Vh' Englhndl-The. .G-annum classes put um- '1'e11L ' German-Beme. mi any we Eneushfcwss -'Ilhe dB34thTUf'6'C1Z.SB13PfBg' Harrold Muni ' ' 'E'fEdVYEB1h' us stealing , - 'lmme inthe 11iIllZE2f'lJI1i.DEfD.WT11 from at-Edgewaier' Perl G. R.sMcD0wel15Y speaking' on "WO- msn- suns-age' -nevwvsixinemaql spam in "The Seven o Vers DI the-Mogem Woi'ldZ'4f'I'he .en-rivet of .Qgggg1-iI3l:g159g,,lthletlo' of des- tiny-The Gresmnt .1'ou:r:112-L-the. fore- runner at fthe- gossip' sheet-Singing "Heres to the school and all her hosts" for the nrsttrlmeg composed oy 1 1 Whitehead+Dr.,Sch.wende'ner' speak-1 I mg- an "The Gmc American stom- 'acbf'-Cresoent banquets at the gym lBurkhm'd's hall! and dancing W the music of LBSUJLI and Coombs orchestra,-Going to Lyman Howes travelogue pictures at the Bell opera hDU5E+Dl1 H. G. Bartlett spealnng, on "Vibration" - with! the Benton Harborihigh school crowd -Defeaizlng Grand 'Rapids Central high. and thereby laying claim to the state basketball championship-Dr. Allen speaking on "I'l1e Brain and Mlmlesr. - J . 1 .... Traveling to Benton Harbor, Niles and Dowagiac enmasse on special cars to root for our teams. Olrr first football team in many clear overeto Edge- water field to watch the games-R.un- ning up and down the field with each play-being defeated by South Bend by overwhelming scores-The famous Thanksgiving Alumni game when twelve men were declared to be on the high school team. Leboring on an old third door building on Ship street to create a new gfym-Louie Kerlikowske renders e. violin solo at a Crescent meeting- Going tn revival meetings at the Shipf srrreet tabernacle-A. G. Proctor speaking on John Brown, Lincoln' and other historical characters-X When C. D. Jennings sprained his back on the toboggan over ar. the Wing Dam skating park-Hev. Grau- nis speaking on "Loyalty"-Pep meet- ings which rocked the floor and spilled plaster on the grades below--l When the intake pipe at the pump-1 ing station froze. "Water, water every-4 where but not one drop to dnnlL" Kerllkowske Special Arrives The annual Junior farce, a. Spring event-Watching the Kerlikowske special tthe 8:30 interurbanl come in -Snake dances about town after vic- tories and being treated at Wilsons Sugar Bowl-Appearing at school LH long pants for the Erst time and Miss Conant remarking, "You should act' grown up now"-Junior-Senior ban-' quets at Edgewater club. . "Germany" Sholz appears at schooli on crutches, resulting from a had in-1 jury in the Alumni game, and is wel- 1 comed as a hero-"Billy" Sheehan: B. E. Orchestra-Rev, Bushnell speak- W ing on the "Race Question"-Truant Odicer Phillips chasing trruanu about town and finally bringing them bacle to school-Mr. Berry is presented with. a cradle in chapel for his newly box-nl daughter-A basketball season isQ ruined by the small pox epidemic-5 Movies at the Star theater and visitsl over "Tin Roofs" at the Palace ol, Sweets-Dances at the Parish hall-, Tennis at the Edgewater club courtst -Slipping out between classes to get' eats at B111 Sweet's store. The St. Joseph Male Quartette I"Herb" Kerley, "Mitch" Willis, Paul Witt and R. B. Crehorel harrnonizes in chapel-David Colodony, an ec- centric and leamed Russian youth who took six subjects-The Penevie club. a. girls bunch fwe never knew what the name meanti-Judge Barr speaks on "Education and Prepared- ness"-Muskegori defeats us in foot- ball, 73-0-The thrilling speech on "National Preparedness" by Captain Lewis-Winning the Warren basket- ball trophy after a three-way tie, by' defeating Nlles and Benton Harbor 3549.139 ganinigllt at the Silver Beach skating rink. Len Merchant defeats a Benton Harbor 0DP0nent in a 01056 finish....-lee.-4 50-yard das? at 'a county track meet at the fair grounds. And numerous other memories fall as the bricks iall-This-is journeys end. "Huh," I can hear the old timers and 31 few modernssay, "I, can tell' better stories-,than thisl'f'I'rue. my friends very true: There a.1:ep62Q graduates ofthe- old. hlghx school, arnd' tl-iousali-idx of others, who have served their,. each. witli some -zarezstoryt but this 'isfjgny version oflginy own' "red bricks' impressions. M- ' There goes the last bell-Time's: up -See you aft. the razing of the. Line coln building., OL.. Oh- ,.., K I: P V.-x -'IH lj Q 0' ul" 4' -s ' 0 I' :Ili I- h o.. 0 i n -r'l - as 5 - I F L' " l Q.. 0 Q o bl-bi' ' lv L 0 0 1-no 314- l N' D rl' no v b P 0 '.- 1-nil 0 4.4 0 J' "' . C 1' 1 'L 41 A'l o F13 - i' "5" 1 -u"'m 1.l .I D Y N O 00 'I O J' 'ili- 'H 13 0 0 ' Q I - 1 F - 4 . ,.v XF. My 11 :f-4 II if ,. ...R 'mu IL Wah- lg -3 v lik.. -H HF - - I, - - a '- - VJ 1. kfiifjf'-1-3.x ,f'lfrI'I."'i L"ki2u.+w1I"nZb1i17' J fr frrifl I .3 - + f I-fr L- , ' ' In-It--Y nyibh it If A-,lm H' 4 1. L1 . glwl I-mf?-. 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Suggestions in the St Joseph High School - Crescent Yearbook (St Joseph, MI) collection:

St Joseph High School - Crescent Yearbook (St Joseph, MI) online yearbook collection, 1915 Edition, Page 1


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