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W. - XAXX 1 . Q. F X2 T: X lr' W1 X I I X. X W V X r X N 1 X X F X X X X X X XX 1 X1 Z XE ,X X T ii : f X N, .j ,- ui v if V . is Q 0,4 . dl . ' buf Q ff?" .i'. 4-f4'Q,'iQf5l?'1 in . ,sp , 5 Q. ' -A A . .E .1 'X N. ,I ,, hd i v- . 4 , F' Q.. A' -'I 4 ' :pw 's f',f4. T he T Orch 1946 Published by the SENAIQR CLASS of ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL Bay City, Michigan fbecficalian Sacrifice, love, guidance, encouragement-such was the price our parents paid for our school years. A price which it Will, indeed, be difficult to repay. As we now complete our first venture, in which our parents have been our constant guides and advisers, to enter upon new activities we pledge to them our future flowering on the vine that is Christ in compensation. Theirs was the task of nurturing the newly engrafted shoots. Ours the fruitage unto Christ in accordance with their pruning and directing. With sincere appreciation and deepening love We dedicate this l946 edition of THE TORCH -the culminating work of our school years -to our parents. 4 cf TO GROW RICH IN CHRIST THROUGH MARY-our motto, the theme of our school year, our aim for lite. Conscious of our vocation to live the Christ-life in its fullness we have chosen Mary as our model and patron through life. In attaining our aim to become "other Christs" We shall obtain the graces neces- sary through her, the Mecliatrix of all graces. St. Robert Bellar- mine says, "Christ is the head of the Church and Mary is its neck." All graces, all favors descend through Mary to us, the body. In this book We have woven as our theme the three-fold ways which we have learned in our school lite as the best means of achieving the plenitude of Christ: the Mass, the Rosary, and charity. In the Mass we honor the ministers ot Christ-our Bishop and our pastors - with whom We are privileged to offer daily the Eucharistic sacrifice. In the Rosary We honor our fellow students of the high school with Whom We have been united in expressing our love for our blessed Mother through her Rosary, In charity we honor those Whom God has given us as guides on our way through life-the faculty and our parents. We also embrace in our charity Reverend Father Brennan and the classmates who have departed. To Grow Rich iri Christ Through Mary: Through the Mass Through the Rosary Through Charity His Excellency, the Most Reverend William F. Murphy, DD Bishop of Saginaw -X r 'I ' :J 2 ff-'lf'-71' l','V'v""I I l I Nl'u,,l1 f A' Us 'T Filip fi" 4 x ss N-ss fm ss mam a mn ms mmm 2 mama -ws mms nm me 5 H K H E a M M we xi, 2 .fum E . ,S is use mama was mam. H msn 'SSW E? .QW Reverend George Vincent, C.S.Sp. Postor of St. Ioseph School Superintendent of St. Ioseph School , 1 1 F :Q ,,,v,.-,Il . K X 1l,'X"",I 1 I I -.uf I I' I 7' Y, I 1 -F. 'V 'A f , ,,,,.M .ui-ir: LEE? Moderator of the Sodolity H 2 x, gf' H - . W 'Z . ,Mi ff? BE .mfvyogm 1 :F A Q nm .- X .gm W 1.1 W ' n K,., H may . ,CQSSH ' is My-3 B385 . SB' .3 msmwvm Bi WE Whmmarmwrl W XENEWM mam an .W M Bm Z 5 HHMHIXWE EM H Engl? mm: Mwggig mi Em ,M mai MHWHW ms WQEZSILEH ' fmrm-afar ww' ,Wm ewrgggwgr ,Arima-ssmg-Qngifgamsmx X HVNEHNWH sm Wm :E wmsmfsf-Bm si H H-WH B Q-fe mn 52:52 me Wag M mm ,imlmfmm Mwumey-QTVHXEH :m'H1:jH-arawjrf J ming.,-rm , wx awww .mm 11 , Q , A gggmm E Www H 32559 EW Z xii M V-ixzfw mmm W H 7,,.,5g:mmL.w .M E W HHMAH wma gm H Emlglwmm mm MM me M High H BETH M , E H mxmxmsiis E: me W me mmm: grammar E was mr Wm nm HF. M H Em - B ms 'BFE fm E F. H Pcirent, C.S Sp my M Reverend Paul Murrcxy C S op un- Rt. Rev. Mgsr. George DeQuoy, DD. Visitation Rev. Iohri Mulvey Rev. Ioseph Kcrminski St' Boniface St. Valentine, Beaver Rev. Andrew Norloch St. Hyacinth Rev. Edwin Kirchhof Holy Trinity Rev. August Zyllu St. Hedwig Rev. Clement Niedzwiecki Rev. William I. Walsh St. Norbert, Munger St. Ioseph, Auburn vmmfl :Jw AMW, I'q""e1Z"""'Mgv,M 'M"'v1, 0, 'Mm ,,, 1'-N K vw, qu cf Muay vuii-8 x xika. x ' xl F' Q M- MQW 'Liga 'Nl--gr , XXX HSA N lk, T, f jg .Q Fr A ,qi 'Y ' N rf ' j X4 J ? y.. A ' ' ' - f -14 4 'A , x . 9 , - K V ' V X 4 V 'I W V ' X V , v X , - f f , f ,Vg 3' I. i, , I - ' 0, ,,-- -:C 'fi - ' , N' N..,,H 'J ' L x. A 1 ' X 4 Q , F- .V -A w.. 1 ,,-Y, ,- -F-. j , A . f' ' Q9 is N R5 .ir The Annunciation The ilisiiaiion 'Haag 'fklhtms -.V if i l 4 1 'S N - 3 " ' "' 0-1. .8 iw The Presentation Q-11, , ri U' , Jr' I Ex The Finding oi the -w Child Iesus 0 8 N so 6' 5 X K. -. N "To ell who recite my Rosary I promise my and 'very great grzzeesf' defuoutly, special protection' J 5 K A" 1 L ,T 5 Qs . f 4' ,Jy s' 3: 'A ,. ,. i 4 , f , vw f V 1 'gl .14 H' ,Qu P :Q- V.: A, Q. F, .'.x , I ,, S". 911' ' 5 Qi 13. 4 5. .41 zz 'J . ff? 1 1'i,'. , 14 .1- Mg F 1 ,rf T, Lf . 1 'f . -i X 4 X . UP wif , X ,. VV 4 ,E , A, ' fl 5 F-5, -:ff V7 ' ,L .p r" L .lj 1. - lg: ' ls mils , '3 . x Freshmen Freshman French if tr 'C' Row 1: Barham Lewis, Evelyn Falaisz Don ild Groulx Elizabeth Minsk.: Ruanmzuy Ayottc Iacqudlne Sullivan, Nancy Trombluy, Donald Tabu James Noonan Row 2: Elizabeth Alarie, Benita Willcttv. Donna fromblzy for tt: Bl uuhniril 'lhumd Yanna Blame Ver hueghe, Richard Yurgaites, Richard Row 3: Louise Bosco, Rosemary Lynch Carson. Row 4: Donna Klein. Judith Fournier Wachowiak. Row 5: Eva Langton, Lois Gast, John Row 6: Doris Siminski, William Clifford Row 7: Lawrence Gerard. 641 Uv ,,. as Z' 15' -5' -3 al- iv. 'ar is. '99 -ro vu. fu: 4'- Sea. retary Q Kenneth Pelletu r 1 ,- mg. Treasurer Richard Lipun ,,f- Je Row 1: Robert Gwisdnlu, Robert Praigur, Lorraine White, Rita Wisniewski, Monica Langtun, Elaine Martin, Leona Olszwny. Mary Anne Grn-iso, Geraldine Posluszny. Row 2: Gerald Smcrdon, James Guire, Joanne Schmidt, Marie Verhaeprhe, Madeline Mac Millan, Dorothy Finnur, Ethel Klniln-1', Marilyn Duso. Row 3: Edward Cie-sivlski, Paul Schmidt, Eileen Hzulrl, Rosella Montambeau, Mary Majuska, Arlene Robinson. Row 4: Raymond Schultz, Richard Donaldson, Peter Seward, Suzanne Ladoueeur, Virginia Jean, Patricia Kl'nl . Row 51 .fumes Adcock, Cliiforrl Corlml. Gerald Ogden, Maxine Lukowski, Beverly Urban. Row 6: Donald Smerdon, Pzitriclc Lunhy, Geraldine Leppek. Row 7: Gernlrl Bickhnm. Freshman Assembly NLP- 5 ,. Freshman Geography 711.25 M "The true cfzildrmz of my Romry Z0 in izefwwz. will enjoy great ng ry 9 The Agony in .N the Garden W. J 'N ll The Scnurging an 55 ai the Pillm . 2 The Crowmng 6 with Thorns 'N 94" CM 2, E, Q ,J J' x-. -1 , 55, 'HI' H The Carrying oi the Cross 'The Crucihxion 'GN x. 0 'X hx N 3 H -9 1 pf 9 I if 'L -1 s I' , Q. , , , , Bw: . ,. .x .' fl, .. A, ,if iff' , al- ,, , 'E 'A Q1 5 N f '- r .v A Sophomore Latin Ek lil' -,,,v2"'x 42 R f Lady oi Fatima Club ,.f' 5 Q I 'Q' . Thomas Program Eileen Poirier Rita Savage Juan Fcttci' Margarut. Symon Louis Gr-rzird James Mercier Sally Cyl Donna Rushlow, Marion Womlh Richard .lul.1g,x Gerald Spencer. 17010195 Mavlw vice-President Marion Skinner Charlotte Shack Stephen Talnga, Ellun Lynch Joan Plachta, M.-iry Ann Pellgtier, Robert Munlcy James Wnlkowiak Gerald Urbun, Patricia Seilferly, Rim Luptowski, Anita Wuchowski, Mary Ann Ingers Richard Jcznk, William Alnric Dlumor Stnjkowski, Ivulcne Brishms Rowa.nn GKIIIUIILI Secretary Jerome Rytlewnki Richard I askonskl Viclm Iutunkx Geraldine Smodux S'1Ily Rcvnrd Leonard Bcson Curolg Liudnrbugh Yvonne Gdlisf. Geraldine Wogiowqki Joanne Perurd Sophomore Biology Sophomore Algebra X .Wm . I, Aiwa J Ii Timm who reciig my Rosary" fazizilrlfully are all my beloved c!ziZr!1'am,-me -b1'0ZfZ87iQF rmdA'.vi.rZe1's af Jesus C7zv'ist." if 9?-'Q o ,ff wa Jr, l 'r 5. Q 339'-4 W Q '-6 r' ' , 2 '11 The Coronation ra I ' 'I ,IZ lm . . Y f" 7, 'The Assumption I The DQSGG-lwbf ' V ' ' 'h the' HolyJGhost. Q l N , . .JW1 ', 7 Q f 9 -, x J V 3, . 1 9 A '. ' j. . A I J'1'h'e Resurrection frhe ASGGIISIQHQ o J: 'f gr!-'-aa:-zz., 457,11 f .0 .7 I 'lt' 'X I unior-Senior Physics Class 4" Iunior Tvpmg Iunior Class Meeting President Franklin Bauer Frederick Bosco, Join Sheets, Donald Randall, Ella Van Tol, Edward Chryczek, Reiola Paquette, Euxrene Gatza. Max Kaczynski, Mary Lew Ploechel Frank Potter, Jane Blanchett, Gerald Luczak, Jane McCurc. Ernest La Fave Allce Bladeclu Bernard Rxvard Theresa Luczak George ReLd usa T' 'M- .Q- LJ .47 I-X, 6- wak, Gloria Hill, Clarence No Dorothy LeClaix', Robert De0psomer, Geraldine McCure, Robert Hover, 4. fv- ,Q vw fa-' Nancy MacMillan. Anthony Borrie, Carol Rice, Paul Suchodolski, Nancy Fournier, Jarvis Maples, Julia Filary. Agatha Rasmer, Norman Gellise, Cecilia Gentle, Eugene Black, 9 Z Wilfred Huskms, Theresa Roznowska, Louis Wejrowski, Mary Ann Wejrowski Lorraine Skxbxnski. Ida Menard. Gerald Gurney Marie Buczek, Lorraine Kryszuk. Secretary Kenneth Charron Treasurer 3- Anne J agelka Iunior History L' ,',,. E x Iunior Geometry Tfzose 'who propagate my aid in all their necessities." Rosary 'will obtain through me Cl -4 , A ga "Hall, Holy Queen. M other of M erey X ,aj-5: Our Life, Our Sweetness, Our Hope! H all .7 435 I . fa e fi' 1 ig I IZ eff ,. . 94' 2 Z' :X -- 1.9 H: I X sirrx, ,, . "'a' ,, A. .g' L. 1 --Q--ne..,,,,,,,,trguu "-fw-wwm.,..,,,,d VF -1... A '9':.'fYS2:lfA 1 ' -W I 5 ea O O 0 Seated-Father Vincent, Superintendentg Francis MacMillan, Sodality Prefect. Standing, left to right-Leo Revard, Class Vice-Presidentg Robert McCoy, Class Presidentg Richard Land, Class Secretary. fliaymond Knoblauch. Class Treasurer, absent from pieture.J MOTTO: "To Grow Rich in Christ Through Mary PATRON: Queen of the Holy Rosary FLOWER: Lily of the Valley CLASS COLORS: Blue and White LOIS MCLATCHIE Class Historian "True to her word, her work, her friends." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Choir, Class Secre- , tary '43, Library Club, Glee Club, Vice-President ' '45, Editor ot TORCH. VIRGINIA POSLUSZNY Salutatoricm "Pretty eyes and long blond hair, Full of vim this maiden fair." ROBERT McCOY Valedictorian "The bool-:ful blockhead, ignorantly read With loads ol learned lumber in his head." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Glee Club, Altar Boy, Torch Staff, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Class gxieideni '45, Class President '46, Monogram u . 'T 8' ' W ' Y i 1 I St. Hyacinth Parish, Sodality, Glee Club, Cheer- leader, Library Club, Class Treasurer '44, Vice- President '43, TORCH Staff. VIOLET METEVIA Class Prophet ' --Q - - g in Ei. ggnseph Parish, Library Club, Soclality, TORCH ta . l I l E l uick to smlle and slow to an er - -A -T-T?-.1 FRANCIS McxcMILLAN 0 0 ADA "A charming fellow, sincere at heart, Who always tries to do his part." ' Holy Trinity Parish, Class Treasurer '43, Sodality Prefect '46, TORCH Staff, Baseball. A Q. 1. P- K 1 H rn-, DELORES REAUME Class Will "Her personality indicates good qualities." Holy Trinity Parish, Sodal- ity, G-lee Club, Sodality Secretary '45, Co-Editor TORCH, Choir, Library l Club. 'I f'a1:::.-:af zany. . V ' . . , "Vs, N 'zz-5 AGNES MASON "Patience and gentleness is power." Visitation Parish, Sodality, . Glee Club. lt. Q1 CATHERINE PITRE "Bright is she and full of fun, Making two friends to other's one." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Glee Club, Choir, Library Club, Cheer- leader. I .f .I i IACQUELINE RYERS "A pleasant, friendly sort, Not very tall, not very short." Holy Trinity Parish, Choir r Sodalily, Glee Club. l l "" w l... ..- fn, l r Y MONICA LUPTOWSKI l 1 "So quiet and sweet." , St. Ioseph Parish, Auburn, Sodality ' TORCH Staff. ' ' COLLEEN BRACHT "Studious and fond of books is she." W St. Boniface Parish, Sodality, Chou. L... I l . ' is 4? . 3. --fd- 0 0 a-DA LQ . ELIZABETH MUSINSKI "Always missed though seldom heard." St. Hedwig Parish, Sodality, Choir. LOIS BROE "Friendly, jolly, peppy QG1, She surely makes a first- rale pal." St. Ioseph Parish, Glee Club, Choir, Library Club, Sodality. V CLIFFORD RUSSELL "His friends, they are rnanyg His foes has he any?" St. Norbert Parish, Munger, Sodality, ESTER WISNIEWSKI "The load becomes light , that is cheerfully born." St. Hyacinth Parish, Sodal- X ity, Glee Club, Library Club, Choir. Wx t L C 1 9? 'I ,I MARIE LEPPEK 5" "As quiet as a mouse, '31, but surely one fine girl." St. Hyacinth Parish, Choir, Sodality Q WYLLO I-IILDEBRANT X "Though she be little, she is fierce." ' Visitation Parish, Library Club, Choir, Sodality. AGNES LYNCH N "For out of the adundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh." St. Norbert Parish, Munger, Sodality. 4 X-Z, RICHARD PRAGER v3',"i'::rrD'e,,? fy ,Kr ,,f,3r ,f .ff ff' Q . . fb A s,.,.,v 630, f Q. "In mischief ever he took the lead, Yet always Willing to do a good deed." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, LOIS SCHMIDT "Her hair was long, he ioot was light." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Library Club, Choir. ELAINE LQFOND "A sparkling girl with a lot of pep." Visitation Parish, Choir, Sodality. FLORENCE BUTTS Glee Club. Baseball. 1- lg ,A--f I' P . I li' "Slow and steady wins the race." Visitation Parish, Sodality. BERNADINE MICHALAK "Let us enjoy pleasure while we can." St. Hedwig Parish, Sodality, Choir. ELIZABETH GUIRE "An earnest girl with a cheery smile." St. Hyacinth Parish, Sodality, Glee Club, Cheerleader, Library Club, TORCH Staff. "' -1 MARYANN FOLDIE "A merry heart does everyone good." Holy Trinity Parish, Choir, Sodality, Glee Club. l X... f9"v7b- ,-fs4""9"'5"'Ba.. 2. 'MSX .""-pb ' 9 A911-0 RK ix in Rf. ut, he Q, is ,, A5 QL "N 0 D., I Aix 'VL W 'X-qw 5, Lso REVARD xg 'NIA 'C' "With mirth and laughter, he makes his VIRGINIA DAVIS "To know her is to like her." Visitation Parish, Choir, Soclality. H l A GERALDINE ZELNO l "Her hair was thick with many a curl." St. Hyacinth Parish, Sodal- ity, Choir, Glee Club. presence known." St. Ioseph Parish, Soclality, Altar Boy, Glee Club, TORCH Stall, Class President '43, Class Secre- tary '44, Vice-President '46, Monogram Club. Football, Baseball, Basketball. , .Y.. M. . ,, 7, 1 r L. ar' FRANCES GRUNDAS "With teeth so White And eyes so bright." St. Norbert Parish, Munger, Sodality, Choir, Li- brary Club. MARY LePEAK ESTHER FRANKOWIAK "Silence is wisdom when speaking is folly." St. Hyacinth Parish, Sodal- ity, Cheerleader, Glee Club, Library Club, Choir. PAULINE TABER "As sweet and gentle as a dove." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Glee Club, Choir. "A maid of moods and moments." St. loseph Parish, Auburn, Library Club, Choir. lil' l , Ai 7 .99 1 , l 1 1. I ll li --U V r.l ,,-' l l 4 T .Miv a "' 'J 1 I- C 4 , Q VR ' X. Ll ll X. xh - - , - l. Ilxbi MARY LOU BERGEVIN "Always jolly and always there." St. Iosseph Parish, Sodality, ' Glee Club, Library Club, PHYLLIS FOUCAULT "Good nature conquers all." St. Ioseph Parish, Soclality, Choir, Glee Club, Library Club, Cheerleader. E w 1 l l l LOUISE MURRAY "Myself, Myself, that's all l am." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Choir, Glee Club, Library Club. NORENE HEBERT "Her eyes are homes ol silent prayer." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Glee Club, Library Club, Choir, RAYMOND KNOBLAUCH "A distinguished athlete and a right good fellow." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Class Secretary '45, Class Treasurer '46, Monogram Club, Altar Boy, TORCH Staff, Baseball, Basketball, Football. IUNE MARIE O'HARA "Character is higher than intellect." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodality, Y K X - Choir. Q , X , x... . N. CECELIA PASHAK "A light heart lives long." St. ose h Parish Auburn brary Club. L A .r el I P , , Sodality, Glee Club, Li- K v We. 1 1 l t -w 'R' K LAW RICHARD LAND "Like two single gentlemen rolled into one." St Ioseph Parish Sodality, Class Secretary '46. ROSLYN CHARLEBOIS "Studious, but always ready for a lark." Visitation Parish, Choir, Sodality, Glee Club, Library Club Class Treasurer '45 TORCH Staff l i r 3 sl E' 3 5 T wi Q ! , gg. , N I 1 . K . ff, 5 'Jr V ,fl 5 A' 'Fir 43 at Q? 7f7I':7'-:'7K?1ff' X I v ,xx ,L 1 :fue . .f v 1 ish!" V l ll Q TW' ,4, W, ,t., Y. PR wwf' , "If"-if ' x I ' " 'll ' ?F?:Xf??'1f 'W KL' ' , . Y if W 3 , Y .1 Q 7 -Q Q s 'H - ' ,Y - v - + ,-5 - . sa V f wma eww, wwf, N but the' gredteit 21 f these X fe, r X f rl X O ? May our love of God embrace all the members of the Mystical Body, and here let us honor in particular our teachers, parents, our former instructor, Reverend Patrick Brennan, and our classmates, who have gone before us. amzzy Reverend George Vincent, C.S.Sp., Superintendent .... . . . . . , .Religion Reverend Iames B. Parent, C.S.Sp. ,.............., .... C hoir, Religion Reverend Francis Williams, C.S.Sp .,., Reverend Paul V. Murray, C,S.Sp. .. .. ...Religion . . . .Religion Sister M. Mildred, Principal . . . ....,,,... Latin Sister M. Michael ......... ..... E nglish, Latin Sister M. William .. ...,..............,.... English, History Sister M. Emeline ,.... .... M ech. Drawing, Mathematics, Physics Sister M. Angelique .... ......,................ F rench, History Sister M. Rose Carlita ..., Commercial, Mathematics Sister M. Harriet .,.... ..... E nglish, Civics, Geography Miss Leona Bukowski ............... ............. E nglish, French Miss Elizabeth Lesperance, Secretary .... .............. T yping Mr. William Hebert, Coach .......... ...., C hemistry, Biology Mr. Walter Cramer ...,.,. .,....... G lee Club Miss Elizabeth Lesperance Miss Leona Bukowski Mr. William Hebert and Mrs Armand I. Bergevin and Mrs Daniel C. Bracht and Mrs. Edmund Broe and Mrs. Clarence Butts and Mrs Ioseph Charlebois and Mrs. Russell A. Davis and Mrs. Frank Etue cmd Mrs Ioseph Foucault and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs cmd Mrs cmd Mrs and Mrs . Ioseph Foldie . Nelson Fournier Ioseph Frankowiak . Iohn Grundas . lsadore Guire . Paul Guoan . Napoleon Hebert Pafmda Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. . Leo Hildebrant . Oliver Klein . Adolph C. Knoblauch . Albert G. LaFond . Iarnes Land . Iohn LePeak Edward Leppek, Sr. Alex Luptowski . Thomas Lynch, Sr. Archie I. MacMillan Edward T. Mason . Floyd McCoy Mrs. Rhea McLatchie Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Metevia Mr. and Mrs. Walter Musinski Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. O'l-lara Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pashak Mr. and Mrs. George I. Pitre, Ir. Mrs. Helen Posluszny Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Prager Mr. Mr. Floyd Reaume and Mrs. Lawrence Revard Mr. and Mrs. Iack Russell Mr. and Mrs. Peter Byers Mrs. Mary Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Skornia Mr. and Mrs. Clyde R. Taber Mr. and Mrs. Alfred I. Vaillancourt Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. . Stanislaus Z. Wisniewski . Andrew Zelno Ein fllllvmnrium and Mrs. Walter Michalalc Reverend Patrick Brennan, C.S.Sp. ohn Guyott Pvt. Iames Harvatin Let us not forget those friends and companions whom God chose to call from our midst: Reverend Patrick Brennan, superintendent, instructor, and friend, classmates, Iohn Guyott and Pvt. Iames Harvatin. "The mul: of the just are in the lzrmfl of God, and the torment of malice shall not touch themg in the sight of the unwise they sffrmzerl to die, but they are in peace." CMass for the Deadj UIWEE 7!ze 7aac!z Szizff Editor-in-chief . , . Co-Editors .... Assistant Editors .... Business Manager ..,. Photography .... Sports ....... Art ,4...... Advertising .,.. . . . .Lois McLatchie . .Robert McCoy Delores Reaume Virginia Posluszny Violet Metevia .Roslyn Charlebois Francis MacMillan . . . .Raymond Knoblauch Monica Luptowski ...... Leo Revard THE ' , I ' t Vi i!3G'+ gig - Li'-1 On February 11, ninety-four new members were received into the Sodality of Our Lady by our moderator, Reverend George Vincent, C.S.Sp. 02 Officers of the Sodaliiy of Our Lady Violet Metevicr Crowning Mary, Queen of May n Ianuary 30 31 and February 1 our annual re reat was conducted by Reverend W. V. Diamond- M I . Library Gala Nite Committee Prom Committee Semor Civics 'Qfww' Senior English J . .N-f' 1 Senior Shorthand Glee Club 9- Altcxr Boys Scout Banquet Each Wed qancfai liffemaaiefi SENIOR CALENDAR September 4 .....,....... School Opened September 17 ..... ..... F reshman Mixer November 16 ..... ..,...... G ala Nite December 20 ....,.....,. Christmas Party lanuary 24 ................. Silver Valley lanuary 30, 31, February l ,...,.. Retreat Retreat Master, Reverend W. V. Diamond, O.M.I. February 1 1 .... .,.. S odality Reception ' February 27 .... ...r.... S enior Prom W ,M liaise! March 14 ..... . . ...., Grand Rapids W May 5 ..,.l. ..,....... A lumni Banquet , May 15 ...., .... I unior-Senior Banquet 1 n- ' A May 26 ...,....,...... Parents Reception 1 .5,,,,7,g Iune 2 ...,..,...... Commencement Day Baccalaureate Mass Breakfast Commencement Exercises THLETIEE w .-9, Qii ,, J U.. A .2-.11 af' I. '15 V. H Q. az, Qfw -45 1 -1 f? -A I 4 ,. .' 3 if -LA L-4 x ,- SN , 2, ,il L' iw' V 5 Wx xgg Brennan S.. .. McCoy -ji De Opsomer Q1fdfff Wafkowrak 61061371104 iiffsi Father Vincent ther Mu Mr. Heb Row 1: Leo Revard, Richard Burzynski, James Walkowiak, Robert McCoy, James Brennan, Robert Gast F kPtt D 1dTb R lK bl hJhM +1-an o er, ona a er, aymonc no aue , o n ason. Row 2: Donald Smerdon, Robert Hover, Merrill LaRue, Richard Talaga. Gerald Luczak, Coach Hebert Carl Kirchgessner, Robert De0psomer, Colon Proctor, Gerald Smerdon, Norman Gellise. Row 3: Eugene Gatza, Harold Carson, James Noonan, Bernard Rivarcl, Eugene Talaga, Richard Donaldson Patrick Leahy. Paul Suchodulski, Kenneth Charron, Michael Leahy, Student Manager. September 21 .. . September 3U . . . October 7 ..... October 14. . . October 2l. . . October 28 ..... November 4 .... November ll .,.. Raymond Knoblauch Robert Mc Coy Iames Brennan Eugene Gatza Leo Revard Bernard Rivard Gerald Luczak Qaoiiall Standish .........,............ SS. Peter and Paul, Saginaw ..., St. Mary, Saginaw .............. Pinconning ........ St. Mary, Bay City ..... St. Andrew, Saginaw.. . St. Ioseph, Saginaw .... St. Iarnes, Bay City ..r. LETTERMEN Frank Potter Robert DeOpsorner Kenneth Charron lames Walkowiak Patrick Leahy Norman Gellise Robert Gast .U St. Ioseph. , .U St. loseph. . .7 St. Ioseph, . .6 St. Ioseph. . .U St. Ioseph. . .O St. loseph. . .U St. Ioseph. . .U St. Ioseph. . Robert Hover Eugene Talaga Richard Talaga Gerald Smerdon Paul Suchodolsla Merrill La Rue Gafz 1 "AIT . 7.1 " ' My ' v"" .-J, V 'E' .. .,4..,.---- 1 ' I -, .,...v. Sm erdon L uczak 7bfaga 'Qevard 7 X P, . .a ., . If . wg. K.. AL 5..evw,- Huggy? 25 M 4 1 yew. ' if ESQ H .45 4 l.,,1, lg, U '-- I M. 3:1 is 'rf A51 'M 5 if "'..:,,x- i"'?gQ' f.,q'.u3" f E .I - ,va ' . .- - ,fu-.e. aff 1 " ","!'f'!"1,' w ,QL n K3 sq..-E-, '-""L--- . . .wi -15 'atf-Wil: g' gy. 4- ' ' . . V f- 'fy-f-.-G, -vnu --. .- .,, ,g -- ... --- . K. f ' K.. ' 'HN .,444.,' Ya . .... -- if' " ' - ' . .,, ,, . 5 v ... . 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Q74 Y Q ..r q , 1 I . .4 90"- f - a 'fi L .1 1... . T Msg 1 R -if-ff !4.""'Q gf- f 5gJ?1'f17f ' " ""' Lf' L' .+'s:,J7 ' 3' . fu - , .9 - ' R px 3 Y ., . N F-,I 4- 61 -A 1 A ' ' 1' " I 'I' '-1'+"' X-1. , '--3-.5 ..- -b . ' ,Q ' ' A - , - . .s,. .A .. A . - 2 ' 1 ei 152: -51 A "?7,V'17f il ff"q:?f 5, 'faiiraf fa ' ' ' ' I U ifisw. gy My V:2 . . M ww: f. - . 'W wi... 193' 5- X AK L. , 1944 1945 I I ,az mam, 40141 '7eam Eugene Gatzcr Class of '47 Raymond Knoblauch Class of '46 I I I Icxmes Brennan LSO Re-vqrd Class of '47 CIGSS of 45 I v I I I I I I n I I I Bottom Row: Merrill LaRue, Thomas Klink, Richard Lipan, Dale Fortin, Richard Schmidt, James Guire, Carl Kirch s n r ge s e . Middle Row: Eugene Talaga, Gerald Smerdon, Kenneth Pelletier, Jerome Rytlewski, Gerald Ogden, Colon Proctor, Gerald Spencer, Harold Carson, Gerald Luczak. Back Row: Fr. Murray, Eugene Gatza, Richard Donaldson. Norman Gellise, Clarence Nowak, James Brennan, Robert Gwizdala, Richard Burzynski, Stephen Talaga, Raymond Knoblauch, Coach Hebert. S C H E D U L E April 9. . . .... Lutheran Seminary at St. Ioseph April 12. . . .........,.. St. Joseph at Sterling April 14. . . ,......... St. loseph at St. Andrew April 19. . . ,... St. Mary, Bay City at St. lose-ph April 26. . . .........,.... St. Ioseph at St. lohn April 30. . . . . .St Ioseph at St. Ioseph, Saginaw May 3 .... . . ,St Ioseph at St. Mary, Saginaw May 1U . . . .... SS. Peter and Paul at St. Ioseph May 14 ., . .... St. Ioseph at St. Mary, Bay City May 17 .. . ........... St. Iohn at St. Ioseph After a successful 1945 season with five Wins and one loss and with last year's Iettermen: Raymond Knoblauch, Iames Brennan, Gerald Luczak, Rich- ard Talaga, Eugene Talaga, Norman Gellise and Eugene Gatza, the Athletic Administration looks forward to a record season. Luczak i -4, . ,P Sjzence? .Wat ' ,R A J, X -,jf Brennan 'k 951.6 peffehbr S Laskowsh "+A-f-shy.. , M A , fu-A ,--L.,, .-. f Procfor fcn15zL1.,.,ff, -qw W Gazfza Compliments of A R N O L D , S B A K E R Y LIMBERG'S FLOWER SHOP 815 Saginaw Si. Phone 2-3597 Buy City, Michig WITH COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES FROM THE FOLLOWING BAY CITY RETAIL CLOTHING STORES 'k'k'k'k'k'k 'k'k'k'k'k 'k'ki"k L. E. OPPENHEIM CO. WALT AND STAN MAY CLOTHING CO. 'k'k'k'k'k'k 'k'k'k'k'k'k 'kffkt Congratulations Seniors! ST. JOSEPH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION :::,:::: .A:::'::: ,.-,,.,::.-::,.,::::"4-4-04-4-4-.,-.,.,,..-,,'. Compliments of ST. ANNE'S SOCIETY Compliments of Ferguson Grocery Compliments of SHORT FREIGHT V - - - - - - .-::,-':.-:: :::':::: v- v-:."'-.-::::: "4-.p::::':::".",,,f-. Compliments of TRU-VALUE SHOP -:::4-: - ,- Compliments of GRUNDAS TAVERN "Beer and Wine to Take Out" MUNGER, MICH. Phone 5-Fl L I N E S Qi Compliments of C I T Y D A I R Y Five Stores Munger, Michigan Phone 8-Pl KUEHNEMUND HARDWARE - - A - - A A,00f- - ,,,.- -0 -:- ---- .' -::'.-:.-,,:::: PENTHOUSE BEAUTY SHOP Next to Bay Theater Dial 2-2842 BILL'S SANDWICH SHOP Sandwiches, Plate Lunches, Hamburgs Hot Dogs, Salads, Italian Spaghetti St. Laurent Bldg. 4-,", :::4-,,'04-.-0, Q.,-0-4-.-, ,,-,,-.,,,,., f' .,., ,Q 4-. I U HQ. I ,Q ly ,ive I " -5" lug, JN. 'U if 4 L., Ny YN H A: ja .gjhw C, I. :-- ' , 1 l IU Q -H l Ar' "TI .f K 'l u uf lf 4 -. , 1 1, Y 'C ' . A Rnw 1: Harold Carson, Richard Donaldson, Kenneth Charron, Michael Leahy, Gerald Smerdon, Edward Ciesielski. Row 2: Donald Smerdon, Lawrence Gerard, Peter Seward, William Clifford, Coach William Hebert. Baakeldall ' df r 1 I 4 Eugene Gatza Class of '47 , First Team Y Richard Laskowski LL, Raymond Knoblauch Class of '48 Class of '46 Second Team Second Team N. , . , V 14 3 , q - Q W Q X0 f ,. -A x ' 3 "W f-, + Q' .wav-. vw21 W112.f Q ee ' 'Uri V wma!! wwf 42Q,,,' g ' ',Qf?Q gpffa xr -me w ,Qkq 1- fk Mr I -wifi' J I ,ff I f r j1?f' F,-Qin, f ,"'64 ji 1 X. I ' 'Iii 'I ,IM if ,gui 1 5 . ff Ay-Im jfw 'iv' X wa --51 1? 3 wg ll 1' 4Z9ff2SX '5 F U iq. Q we ff f r I I' ' Q . . : : s V X X. v u : ,- 2 ' Efm' H , . 1 J ' 'ca X x A n -. is is n ,5 gs 3' X P XXI gf A 'Sw ff nm f , , wl 2ll wwi wi,zwkx I lf Y . A ' " ' 7 . ,F 5 E Jixfyn .V Bw I .X ,' Ya! ' , 'zz I - iwfni-f" 'L " N 0 'I SO SATISFIED! 1: Compliments 01' N 0 0 N N ll N Mana 4 ? w 0 Q? Wmggggg 5 lr P am ff 'ie il 'n 'r ST. LAURENT BROS. INC. Dealers in Peanuts and Peanut Products BAY CITY, MICHIGAN , ......... ::.-: ::::::::- ::: v :::::::-.-.-:4-. flag NICHOLS-FOSS PACKING CO. S 0 0 N N N N S 4 r::::s1r:2s:r:2.2:11sz:area5:2:3:5:2:E515:EIE121:25s:rs:r1:1f.:.r:r:r:r11:rss:1:r:f:::1.:1r:r:r:' '.11-xizmzvifirfz-1 '-':1::.:- ' V V. --1.f:1:111:f:1:1:2:1:2:1:fff:i:E1':51.5 f:1:2:3:3153151223222E1225252E1222:15sz:g:s1:1:::1:::g:::::gr:11q:235155:51515:5:31335:5g:5:5:g-'- 5.3.3:3:5:5z1xg:7:1:I:::::g:1:::1:4:::rg5.:4' 'I Q-,:5:3:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:g:f::rg-::::1' 25232315131525222515152E132E1E1E1E2ErE5E1E35E5E5E3i55gigE525Eg2E5gE5:5:g:3:g:5:3:53g:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:.g.:.if1E222E132E1E2E215E5E5E5E2E3E3E2E1E5fE5:3' i '-513. 'fig 5:11 35:515:3:gs:gg:j:3:3:3:5:3:1:j:2::51 E:5:E:525:E1E1E1E151212122212rE1Er3.:1:1E2-r::5:1sq:5:1:g:5:35:5:313:5:5:3:5:5:315.5:5:g:3:g:5:3:5:E:35- .:.::1.g:1g.5,g:5:Q:5- .: 1.2.19-Z. ' gf5:5.g:5:5:g:g:5:3:2:f:5.5:1:2:5'E1Ej:' I515153553if155555235Ei5E2E5EiE1E2E5fE1313E2E2EiE1EIiIE1i12IE1?i5f5'5I"'2ffE1E1E2Ei2E252552 .I5EEE5E5ifEE' ii." 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Co. 1: Manufacturers of Specialties I Bay City, Michigan 5I I P 'r ,:.A,,.-- :::::.-.- - :::::::.-.- - :,:A::A:.A:- ::::::AA 'r TAYLOR'S Sc 86 10c STORE Electrical Appliances :E Third and Iohnson lr lv 0 -------- ----------- ....... ---A----,,A P. B. CAST 8a SONS CO. janitorial Supplies and Equipment Grand Rapids, Michigan "EVERYTHING FOR CLEANINGD A A A A A ------ A - A A A A A A' A A A - A A - -:::::: ::::- :- :::::.- :::::.A:--4::.-.-::: -::::::::::: A : A Compliments of GILLION TEXACO SERVICE "Better Lubrication" Fifth at Adams Street Phone 2-3241 KEIT'S FLOWER SHOP 609 Washington Ave. Bay City, Mich. M. Keit. Prop. Phone 2-5657 W. A. TRAHAN FUNERAL CHAPEL Bay County Coroner AMBULANCE SERVICE Wa 41 Madison at Tenth 24 hour service Phone 8445 Compliments of : ED. GERULSKI TROMBLEY CLEANERS ': soooossof to P Johnson at 2nd St. 1E Mrs. John Marslm, Florist "Treat yourself to the Best" 1003 Washington Ave. Boy cny, Mich, :::::::-::.-::-:--:::::::::::.-:::: i::.-:.A:::::::::::--:.-:::::::::,,,,,:,..,:,.., Cvmpffmfmfs Of 1 A. R. MAIER at CCMPANY BAHM'S FOOD MARKET 2 Your ofoggiot since 1908 I: At Third and Johnson Streets A complete food market 614 Third St. Dial 5559 Bay guy, Michigan Phone 8172 Open Evenings QI C01T1P11'mf'f1fS Of HAZEUS FLOWER SHOP , KEARLY GROCERY Hazel Marsh Tavenier , 410 Center Avenue Bay City, Iviich. IE Compliments of Paint and Decorate It Pays! LIST'S F0013 51-10p , FISI-PS WALL PAPER SHOP 'r 1+ 216 Salzburg Avenue Phone 2f'S 514 1: 416 Center Me. My City' Mich- ,E :E Compliments of 11 Q, P SPORTING GOODS I ' STEVEN'S CREAMERY LEO D. 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Water Street near Nurses Home Dial 8569 PAT 86 MILLIE'S RESTAURANT We specialize in Fish and Steak Dinners 930 Garfield Ave. Phone 9186 Compliments of COURTESY CLEANERS 1023 Iohnson St. Phone 9721 , A .-.... .--A-- A+A--A-++-- : - -.- :.,::::.- .-:::: i .- .-:::'.-:v-:v -.-:::,4-:v-4 Compliments of NORMANDIE BEAUTY SHOP Si. Laurcmt Bldg. MICHIGAN CHURCH SUPPLY Religious and Ecclesiastical Goods Bay City Saginaw TRAHAN DRUG STORE Woodside at johnson Prescription Specialties I. I. Trcxhan. Prop. Phone 5581 '::,-::.-:::.-::,.-4,,.,','.-4-,'00'f,4-.-4-00-001-0 Bay City's Complete Department Store CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1946 KNEPP'S The The The The The The The The Pabaamt Mr. and Mrs. George Pitre Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Sam North Mrs. Rhea McLatchie Craves Dance Studio Miss Emma Catman llfll. Cll'1Cl MTS. lsmdore GIHTB Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Vaillancourt Mr. and Mrs. Casimer Trojanowicz Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Metevia Pic. Donald Metevia Mr. and Mrs. Stanislaus Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Nelson Fournier . Archie MacMillan Thomas Lynch, Sr. . Andrew Zelno . John Knoblauch Iohn A. E reel . I. I. Charlebois . Henry Pashak Daniel Bracht . Henry Neiner Ioseph Erankowiak . A. C. Knoblauch . Edward A. Knoblauch . Charles Knoblauch . George Knoblauch . Armand Bergevin Reverend George Vincent, C.S.Sp., St. Ioseph Parish Reverend lames B. Parent, C.S.Sp., St. loseph Parish Reverend Paul V. Murray, C.S.Sp., St. Ioseph Parish Reverend Francis Williams, C.S.Sp., St. Ioseph Parish Reverend Thomas A. Wrenn, C.S.Sp., Mercy Hospital Reverend Iohn Kolevar, St. Hyacinth Parish Reverend Andrew Narloch, St. Hyacinth Parish Reverend August Zylla, St. Hedwig Parish Mr. and Mrs. larnes E. Land Mr. and Mrs. E. Prager Mr. and Mrs. Walter Musinski Mr. and Mrs. Alex Luptowski Miss Rita Luptowski Miss Eleanore Luptowski Mr. cmd Mrs. Albert La Fond Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Lachance Mr. and Mrs. Floyd P. Mc Coy Miss Elorine Le Clair Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Ryers Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Broe Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth O'Hara Mrs. Helen Posluszny Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leppek, Sr. Mr. Floyd Reaume Mr. and Mrs. Morris Brazziel St. Ioseph Usher's Club Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Redmond Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Davis M. and Mrs. Iohn LePealc Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hildebrant Miss Lola Butts Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Foldie Aquinas College Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Ziolkowski Goddeyne Plumbing CS Heating Co ' 5'14 qoq 'C' Rascal , "Oz-1 O S18 LOL! U 9 'Pig .Q 24 .5. Q f' Zh A I Xa, t ,. I l S',4 G 31' ate we I Phil I f NF .MEQWG BEDS Srim Q 6' 49 pa ml-.vhV.,.. , W Y Y . A , uf' .Wm

Suggestions in the St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) collection:

St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 59

1946, pg 59

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1946, pg 56

St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 24

1946, pg 24

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