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. 1. 9: -Q f. I I a I I I I I . I 1 1 I U I i I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I i I The Published by the SENIOR CLASS of Orch 1945 St.Ioseph High School BAY CITY, MICHIGAN DEDICLQTICDN With filial love and gratitude we, the class oi forty-five, humbly dedicate this small work to him whom God has destined to pilot Holy Mother Church through one of this world's stormiest periods, to Our Holy Father, Pope Pius Xll. We beg His Holiness, as head of the visible Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, of which we are all members, to receive with this work our pledges of loyalty and love and our promises to offer daily to Our Lady Queen of Peace his own prayer for "PEACE IN THE TRUTH, IUSTICE AND CHARITY OF CHRIST." Humbly we beg his benediction. "Lumen Christi" FCDIQWLARD In last year's edition of the Torch, the class of forty-four attempted to show how all the acts of the daily life of a member of the Mystical Body are brought into Holy Mass and there offered to God the Father together with and through His divine Son, Christ. Conscious of the truth that no theme could be more sublime than that of the Sacrifice of Calvary, we have chosen to celebrate this year the Peace and Unity of Holy Mother Church. the Mystical Body of Christ, in which the Eucharistic Sacrifice plays an essential part: for it is in this Sacrifice that the members of the Mystical Body are united, the greatest with the least, in Christ and with Christ and one with another. In his Encyclical Mystici Corporis, our Holy Father says: "Through the Eucharistic Sacrifice Christ our Lord wished to give special evidence to the faithful of our union among ourselves and with our divine Head ,.... For here the sacred ministers act in the person not only of our Saviour but of the whole Mystical Body and of everyone of the faithful."1 Through this most holy bond of union wherein we are nourished daily with the Sacra- ment of His love, ought we not to grow rich in Christ? In this work we pay especial reverence to those members of the great family of God through whom we ourselves are united in a particular way with the divine source of all blessings, Christ. We honor: our common Father. His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, Vicar of Christ on earth, who exhorts us all "to love Holy Mother Church with a devoted and active love"2: the Bishop of our diocese, His Excellency, the Most Reverend William F. Murphy: our pastors, our teachers, our parents, both the living and the dead: our class- mates who are in the armed forces and those who have been called from the Church of this world to that of the next: finally, all the underclassmen of St. Joseph High School. For all these we pray the prayer of our Saviour to His heavenly Father: "That they all may be one, as thou Father in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me"3. If our picture is not as complete as it should be and as we should like it to be, it is due in part to our inability to express perfectly the spiritual by the use of the slender material resources at hand. The spirit of love and sincerety, however, has actuated our undertaking. I .. sl if +2 ' 1 7 O 'clwgufw Czssgae0fyrfz4ssgrfefwmf,s1 www-17 Q 44... ,......f-..--N V H A V .K VA li 'xx A Q Cvvfwiwf f QUE LEADER "Opus justitiae pax." His Holiness, Pius XII ' ' T U E S P E T R U S et super hcxnc petrcxm credificubo ecclesiczm mec1m." . AA is Q s..-ni . - V ' .X 1 I I ?f . x-X ,X F LL ff " , ' f 4 .fy - 0 -fy 11,45-" yi "" f W " , 4 , A,, ,,f,,, Q e 3 5 X Q S i 3 H 5 3 a , 2 3 if i 3 3 S S 5 x Q 2 Q B 5, E s , S Q T 3 E 4 A 3 , E Q X 2 9 , -9- - ...NWK KK K gl . K , KK 'R . ,nm St ML!! j K K K X W 6, . . . . KK -K K x 2 'S f . ff KK W .K g h w- y X. . .-AMQK -K K . . K. K' ' - K 1. X5 . ..,,, .K - , KX . , -",' KK KK K K'vKg vw. KKK K K E , , x. 1 K K VK K ,K K KK, , R .x.X , , 5' ,G-f""" . ... X . Co . K k kk K KK K 1 , ,4:, K , 1- , ' m ' N ' 1 f ' . M1 22" V, A W Q .M K kkyk. K K.. K KKKKK. . W , N - . 11.23, M G m ' 1 if ii Nt' j ... ..., N ---. x ' ' 'w""f"" " X, 5 . f " .. ex Q ff-ff 'i M. 3, W.: L i,w -. , 4, J. 1 M ' .5 1 QJFSR. - N2 -- - ' " -f - 'Q f ' A' .5f'!:-f:1f"..f.yg,g,..' ,. .:- 1 ".. - a .. . . "N N ' . ' .f ,, ' , H, -- KK--:K w., f-...K - V -. "' 5 K .. "" Kr., KK 11ig:3,,::sf:fgr'S:ff'f" "'""' , K , , -lI"f.. . KK ' KL 1., K' " ' ., ,. IK- ' - '...., , . ""k uf- KK P - gVfff.w1,,.Q.ggQ g1 -- H K " - was K fs. .K . "x" .V ..,. , ,.,, ,. , .x,,. V in Q ' ' . K ' ' gs-n W ,qq ' ' ' M ' ' i A'-' - QV. A .,, . , 'Q K ,,.,,-I-"--.,,,,,.,.. ,fix M ,,K ,. .. KK ,KK KJK QK K KK KK QMKWKK K f fQK5i.K, . N?"-....".."1j ' . I , Q K " K K . Q-'M I """""..,.- ,.,, .,.,, " ,, V ,, ',K, , :KKKK KV K. Ki' , K , K KV K 'F . . .1 l .... EIKKKKKKK . . A .""""'f . - ' X x. , ' :fx 'Jiri "MW - -' - ' . . X . 1 . A A K - 1-ff 'g'- ...' . A x A , . I nm 1515 v KKRUHWSKK P .95 QUE BISHCDP His Excellency, the Most Reverend W. F. Murphy, D. D. Bishop of Saginaw "Therefore, the bishops are nor only to be regarded as more eminent members of the universal Church .... but each of them is also, so far as his own diocese is concerned, a true pastor who tends and rules in the name of Christ the flock committed to his care."4 Gut Pastor Reverend George Vincent, Pastor oi St. Ioseph Parish Superintendent of St. Ioseph School Moderator of the Sodality C.S.Sp. THOU ART A PRIEST FOREVER "To live in the midst of the world without wishing its pleasures: to be a member of each family. yet belong to none: to share all sufferings: to penetrate all secrets: to heal all wounds: to go from men to God and offer Him their prayers,- to return from God to men to bring pardon and hope: to have a heart ot' fire for charity and a heart of bronze for Chastity: to teach and ta pardon, console and bless always. My God. what a life! And it is yours, O Priest ol jesus Christf"5 tix Us fl x' 1 and Assistants REVEREND JAMES B. PARENT, C.S.Sp. Orqcznist und Director of Music Education HEVEREND ROBERT E. FITZPATRICK REVEREND PAUL V. MURRAY, C.S.Sp. Director of Altar Boys' Club Diocesan Superintendent of Schools "The true and immediate end of Christian education is to co- A operate with .ilvine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian, that is, to farm Christ Himself in those regenerated by Baptism."'3 PASTOBS OF OTHER PABISHES REPRESENTED IN THE SENIOR CLASS IOSEPR A. LEWANDOWSKI St Stauislcus REVEREND IOHN A. MULVEY St. Boniface HEVEREND CLEMENT NEIDZWIECKI St. Norbert Parish Munger REVEREND WILLIAM I. WALSH St. Joseph Auburn HEVEREND GEORGE DEQUOY REVEREND EDWIN KIRCHOF Holy Trinity Visitation fPAI 5111 Hivmnriam REVEREND FATHER PATRICK I. BRENNAN Reverend Father Patrick I. Brennan, former assistant pastor of St. Ioseph Church, for nearly three years, died on Iune 2, 1944. Born in County Mayo, Ireland, on Ianuary 27, 1898, he was ordained on August 27, 1925, at Holy Ghost Mission Seminary, Ferndale, Norfolk, Connecticut, where he had earlier studied. Father Brennan came to Bay City on September 13, 1941. as assistant pastor of St. Ioseph Church. He was superintendent of the St. Ioseph School in 1942, and served as religion instructor. Father Brennan's stay amongst us was of short duration, but his kindly interest in all who came under his care and his true priestly zeal for their spiritual welfare have won him a lasting place in the hearts and memories of the class of 1945. Zin illllemnrizun filling hr rent m mars The Late FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT FACU LTY Reverend George Vincent, C. S. Sp. Superintendent, Religion, Sociology Reverend Iames B. Parent, C. S. Sp. .,..,...,...,...,,,,,,,. Choir, Religion, Latin Reverend Paul V. Murray, C. S. Sp. ..,,.,, ...,.,....... R eligion, Latin Sister M. Mildred, Principal ......,.....,,. ,,...,,.,,,..,,,........... L atin Sister M. Isabel ....................,. ........,..,....,....,,,..,,........,...,,,, R eligion, English Sister M. Emeline ......., Mathematics, Physics, Mech. Drawing Sister M. Veritas ..... ......,...,.................,..,,.. M athematics, English Sister M. Angelique ....... .,.,,,, R eligion, French, History Sister M. Clarice ,.,,....,.... ...,....,..,........ H istory, English, Civics Sister M. Rose Carlita ,.,,,, .,.,.. E conomics, Bookkeeping, English Mrs. V. Carol Iohnson ...., ....... G eography, English, History Mrs. Michael Byrnes .......,......... ..,,......,... M athematics, English Miss Iune Randall, Secretary Mr. William Hebert, Coach ....,. 1 Mr. Iohn O Toole .........,....... Mrs. Charles Egeler ......... Commercial Biology, Chemistry Latin, English Glee Club Faculty MR. WILLIAM HEBEHT K' MR. IOHN O'TOOI.E MRS. MICHAEL BYHNES MISS IUNE RANDALL Honor thy Father and thy Mother Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Alarie Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Martin Mr. and Mrs. George Ancel Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Metevia Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Mooren Mrs. Clara Baker Mr. and Mrs. Iames Mullins Mr. and Mrs. Felix Bosco Mr. and Mrs. Henry Orr Mrs. Herbert I. Bourdlaies Mr. and Mrs. George Periard Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Boyce Mr. and Mrs. Edward Plachta Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crete Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rioux Mr. and Mrs. Frank Danak Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Reed Mr. and Mrs. Owen Dulude Mr. Ira Reed Mr. Arthur Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Emil Rivard Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Gillard Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rupp Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Grundas Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ionkis Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smerdon Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Kasper Mr. and Mrs. David Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klida Mr. and Mrs. Ben Supernant Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. LaPan Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Taber Mr. and Mrs. A. I. LaPorte Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tacey Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LeClair Mr. and Mrs. Francis Urban Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Maples Mr. and Mrs. Louis Verellen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Welch Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Martin Mr. and Mrs. Henry Voisine Zin illilrmnriam Mr. Roy Baker Mrs. Arthur Gerard Mr. Herbert Bourdlaies Mrs. Ira Reed Mr. and Mrs. Paschal Campbell may Efhrg Brat Zin Erase As members of the Mystical Body of Christ. under the banner of Mary, Queen of Peace, we answer the call of the Church and become. as it were, Spiritual Swiss Guards, offering up our prayers and sacrifices for the intentions of His Holiness and for the unity and peace of the Church. 46 '45 II CLASSMEN ! I ! I Crowninq of Our Lady Queen of May "Let ihe name of Mary be always on our lips."7 "Bring flowers of the r r a est, bring flowers of the fairest: . Sally Cry, fresident Dale Fortin, Vice-President 'fi .QQ an TOP ROW: Dorothea Peltier, Eleanor Stajkowski, Leonard Beson, Marylis Coupie, Robert Gwisdala, Patricia Giiiel, William Alarie, Shirley Lauria, Gordon Martin, Ioann Iankowiak, William Clifford. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Carroll, Donna Dishaw, Charlotte Sheck, Stephen Talaga, Joanne Morin, Geraldine Smoder, Nancy Supernant, Donald Groii, Eleanor Libera, Iohn Thompson, Rita Luptowski. THIRD ROW: Gerald Odgen, Virginia Bergevin, Richard Jean, Edmund Goik. Carol Lauderbach, lvalene Brisbois, Richard Bartkowiak, Dorothy Bellor, Margaret Symon. Patricia Neering, Richard Talaqa. FOURTH ROW: Mary Przybylski, Margaret Petrimoulx, Merrill LaRue, Mary Ann Pelletier, Charles MacPhee, Marion Woods, Yvonne Gellise, Theresa Kukla, Noreen Paquette, Eleanor Burzynska. "Extend rhy protection to the infidels and to all those still in the sh that they may unite with us in proclaiming before the one and only Sa Patricia Mullins, Secretary Treasurer wg.. -9-.M 'Q wa.. my mm Xgsr 'fry' TOP ROW: Helen Reaume, Rita Switala, loan Periard, Ioyce Swiatowy, Ioan Petter, Margaret Trelewcki, Sally Revard, Ellen Lynch, Lawrence Gerard, Virginia Cieslinski, Paula Garrett. SECOND ROW: Louis Girard, Ruby Rioux, Patricia Musinski, Alice Iankowiak, Gerald Spencer, Theresa Lupo, Ioan Plachta, Rita Bladecki, Marion Skinner, Genevieve Leppek, Geraldine Kondziola. THIRD ROW: Patricia Duso, Rowena Gauthier, Iohn Duso, Eileen Poirier, Adele Brisson, Theodore Krauss, Leona Olszowy, Donna Rushlow, Gloria Bacon, Elizabeth Ionas, Gwendolyn Goodreau. FOURTH ROW: Mary lean Look, Richard Ayotte, Delores DuRussel, Betty Briggs, Rita Savaqe, Angeline Migut, Rose Marie Oullette, Delores Maples, Betty Bourdon, Evelyn Mariczak, Iames Hurley. gut them peace "nd grant that on them, too, may shine the sun of truth, Vorlrl Glory to Gad in the highest. and peace to men of good will'."' Thomas Huskins 'fr Franklyn Bauer, President 'nymph "Whilst we have time, let us worl are of the hou .rapid Jane Blanchett, Vice-President "The char 'nur TOP HOW: Mary Ellen Stneski, Robert DeOpsomer, Gloria Hill, Iames Brennan, Lorraine Kryszak, Charles Prebay, Cecelia Gentle, Gerald Schultz, Nancy MacMillan, Clarence Nowak, Romaine Kryszak. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Skibinski, Paul Suchodolski, Ladona Ionkis, Gerald LaFave, Mary Ann Weirowski, Eugene Gatza, Anne Iagelka, Vernon Hall, Carol Rice, Geraldine McCure, Robert Hover. THIRD ROW Bernard Rivard, Romaine Talaga, George Reed, Iane McCure, Frank Potter, Reiola Paquette, Eugene Black, Ella Van Tol, Kenneth Dore, Mary Lou Ploechl. "Obtain peace and complete freedom for the Holy Church ot' God love of purity, the practice ol the Christian life, and an ap men but e pecially ta those who F' Eugene Talaqa, Treasurer -vw... hs... ,QR "'-'nf KV! QA, -pm TOP ROW: Elaine McNally, Maxine Fostin, Richard Iezak, Agatha Rasmer, Gerald Lynch. Theresa Bosnowska, Wilfred Huskins, Julia Filary, Frederick Bosco, Alice Bladecki, Nancy Fournier. SECOND ROW: Ida Menard, Louis Wefrowski, Marie Buczek, Norman Gellise, Rosemary Mead, Michael Leahy, Stewart Pincumbe, Noreen Petter, Edward Chyzak, Mary Jane Link, Max Kaczynski. THIRD ROW: Gerald Gorney, Theresa Luczak, Iarvis Maples, Patricia Pelletier, Mary Lou Periard, Kenneth Ancel, Theresa Brissette, Anthony Borrie, Dorothy LeClair, Ioan Sheets. vwdmv flood of modern paganifim: enkindle in the faithful the 2 that the servants of Gad increase in merit and number,"1l Robert McCoy, President Lois McLatchie, Vice-President 'NNN -my 'VY' asm. TOP ROW: Richard Prager, Florence Butts, Mary Ann Foldie, Noreen Hebert, Agnes Lynch, Virginia Posluszny, Wyllo Hildebrarit, Marie Leppek. SECOND ROW: Geraldine Zelno, Monica Luptowski, Beverly Klein, Delphine Ieske, Richard Land, Phyllis Foucault, Betty Guire, Lois Broe. THIRD ROW: Virginia Davis, Richard Skornia, Mary Lou Berqevin, Esther Frankowiak, Donald Randall, Marie Pawlaczyk, Elaine La Fond, Mary Briggs. In the Sacrament of the Eucharist "the very author of supematui in which we are hidden to live now not our life but the life of Ch Raymond Knoblauch. Secretary Roslyn Charlebois. Treasurer J. gg. -... W""J,,. 'SEAL ,pw qs- new e-vm. Yup' M fee? kvxffn -W- wow fm. m "".,'f 'QQ' W wap TOP ROW: Joyce Schmidt, Elaine Sauve, Donald Skinner, Violet Metevia, Frances Grundas, Loretta Prentice, Cecilia Pashak, Lois Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Iacqueline Flyers, Esther Wisniewski, Agnes Mason, Bernadine Michalak, Catherine Pitre, Betty Musinski, Leo Revard, Louis Murray. THIRD ROW: Iohn Clifford, Pauline Taber, Iune Marie O'Hara, Mary LePeak, Francis MacMillan, Audrey Vaillancourt, Lois Fournier, Dolores Reaume. in to us. so that through Him we may receive the Spirit of charity. the members of His social Body to love the Redeemer Himself." If "Queen of Peace. pray for us and give to the world now at war the peace for which all peoples are loiging, peace in the truth. justice and charity of Christ. Give peace to the v.farr'ng na- tions and to th' souls of men. that in the tranquillity of order the kingdom of Cod may prevail."'i' DORIS MARIE MARTIN "A maid of artful grace. Gentle of form and fair of lace." St. Joseph Parish, Glee Club, Library Club, Chairman oi Ou! Lady's Committee. CLASS PATRON Our Lady, Queen of Peace CLASS MOTTO ll ll Per Ipsum et cum Ipso et in Ipso. CLASS FLOWER The Bed Rose CLASS CCJLORS Aqua and Gold NANETTE MARIE CRETE "Young in limbs, in iudqmen! old.' St. Ioseph Parish, Torch Staff Sodality, Preiect of Sodality '44-'45 CLASS CDFFICERS WESLEY JOSEPH TACEY "Sense and nonsense are the mak- ings of a good fellow." St. Ioseph Parish, Class Presi- dent '44-'45, Class Treasurer '43-'44, Torch Staff, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Sodality. DONALD ARTHUR CAMPBELL LEONARD IAMES MARTIN "He was a gentleman from sole "There is color in his cheek, to crown." There is courage in his eye." St. Joseph Parish, Class Secretary St. Boniface Parish, Class Trea- '44-'45, Torch Staff, Basketball, Sodality. surer '44-'45, Cheer Leader, Torch Staff, Sodality. IOHN PAUL ALARIE "He never begged, he never sighed, He took his medicine as it came." St. Ioseph Parish, Class Vice- President '44-'45, Torch Staff, Altar Boy, Sodality. In Thy mercy, O Lord, we beseech Thee, giant to Thy Church the boon of unity and peace. which are mystically signified hy the gifts which we offer Thee daily in Holy Mass."14 MARIORIE ANN SCHMIDT "A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." St. Boniface Parish, Class Presi- dent '42-'43, '43-'44, Torch Staff, Library Club, Glee Club, Sodality, Valedictorian. f Q I LOUIS DONALD VERELLEN "In mischief ever he took the lead, Yet always willinq to do a good deed." St. Boniface Parish, Sodality. MAHIORIE TI-IERESA BOYCE "Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail." Visitation Parish, Salutatorian. Torch Staff, Library Club, Glee Club, Sodality. BETTY ANN RIVARD "Her hair was thick with many a curI." Visitation Parish, Library Club, Sodality. Ha, .ms- DONALD RAYMOND METEVIA "A comely little man as busy as a bee." St. Ioseph Parish, Torch Staff, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Sodality. PATRICIA CAROLYN SULLIVAN "Though she be but little, she is fierce." Visitation Parish, Sodalitv. RiTA MARIE RIOUX "Silence is more eloquent than words." St. Ioseph Parish, Sodalitv. MATTHEW FREDERICK BOSCO "And put himseli upon his qood behavior." St. Ioseph Parish, Football, Base' ball, Altar Boy. Sodalitv. -nd' IOSEPHINE DOROTHY GRUNDAS "The smiles that win, The tints that alow." St. Norbert Parish, Class Presi- dent '41-'42, Class Secretary '42-'43, Cheereleader, Glee Club, Sodality. PATRICIA LOU REED "Her hair was long, her toot was light." Visitation Parish, Sodality. ,Xxx Ysisw. 4 N is c ELAINE ETHEL SMERDON "Her ways are ways oi pleasant- 11955, And all her paths are peace." St, Ioseph Parish, Torch Staff, Glee Club, Library Club, Sodality. ARLENE RITA KLIDA "A sparkling girl with a lot of pep-,, St. Joseph Parish, Sodalitv. SHIRLEY ANN LAPAN "To write a verse or two is all the praise that I can raise." Visitation Parish. Torch Statl, Sodality. FREDERICK DONALD ORR "Blessings on thee, little man, Barefoot boy with cheek ot tan," Visitation Parish, Baseball, Sod- ality. 1 E FLORINE MAE LECLAIR "Studious, but always ready for ct lark." Visitation Parish, Sodality. GERMAINE MARIE MULLINS "A comrade neither qlum nor merry." Visitation Parish, Sodality. SHIRLEY IEANNE BATES "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax." Visitation Parish, Sodality. BEVERLY ANN MAPLES "From the crown ot her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth." St. Boniiace Parish. Sodality. N VIRGINIA ARLENE IONKIS "She shapes her speech all silvery fine." St. Ioseph Parish, Torch Staff. Glee Club, Sodality, GERALD VERNE PLACI-ITA "His nature is all sunshine." Holy Trinity Parish, Basketball, Sodulity. MICHAEL IOSEPH SUPERNANT "MyseIi, myself, that's all I am." St. Joseph Parish, Altar Boy, Sodality. LORRAINE FRANCES BOURDLAIES "Fair oi face, full of pride." Holy Trinity Parish, Sodality. ...nv-v' IEANNE CAROL BAKER "A sound ot some joyous eli, Singing sweet sonqs to please herself." St. Joseph Parish, Glee Club, Sodality. 7 Y I IACQUELYN VIRGINIA URBAN "Light oi step and heart was she." St. Ioseph Parish, Cheer Leader, Sodality. DONALD OWEN DULUDE 'And still they gazed, and still the wonder qrew. That ane small head could carry all he knew." St. Ioseph Parish, Torch Staff, Cheer-leader, Altar Boy, Sodality. MARY ANN CAUCHY voice so thrillinq ne'er was heard." St. Ioseph Parish, Glee Club, Sodality. "A A L 3 GLORIA LEAH GILLARD "As sweet and gentle as a dove." Holy Trinity Parish, Glee Club, Sodality. LORNA MARIE ANCEL "Never a dull moment." Visitation Parish, Torch Stati, Library Club, Sodcrlity. ALMA ROSEMARY REED "A maid of moods cmd moments." Visitation Parish, Sodality. EILEEN HELEN PERIARD "She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will, yet was never loud." St. Ioseph Parish, Auburn, Sod- ality. W www MARIORIE ANN WELCH "Oh, tor the brains oi Aristotle." St. Ioseph Parish, Glee Club, Soclality. CHARLES ANTHONY RUPP "And he was always quietly arrayed." St. Ioseph Parish, Class Vice- President '43-'44, Altar Boy, Basket- ball, Sodality. CATHERINE GENEVIEVE GERARD "Dancing is the joy of my life." FRANK PETER DANAK "A perpetual surprise, even to those who knew him best." St. Stanislaus Parish, Baseball. Sodality. Visitation Parish, Glee Club, Sodality. .www GLORIA LUCILLE MARTIN "Her fingers shame the ivory keys, They dance so light alonq." Visitation Parish, Class Secretary '43-'44, Sodality. Y AILEEN MAE KASPER "She smiled and the shadows departed." Visitation Parish, Torch Staff, Library Club, Sodalitv. PHILIP IAMES TABER "Unto the ground he cast his l modest eye, His bashful blush his snowy cheeks did dye." St. Ioseph Parish, Class Treas- urer '41-'42, Altar Bov President '44-'45, Glee Club, Football. Basket- ball, Sodality. WILLIAM ROY BAKER "As round as an apple was his face." Holy Trinity Parish. Football, Baseball, Sodality. FORMER MEMBERS OF THE CLASS IN THE SERVICE OF OUR COUNTRY Pvt. Clayton Everson Alcide I. Reno S 2Xc Pic. Vaughn Stepanski Alvin Richard Lorts S 1 c Robert I. Clifford S 2 c Russell T. Voisine S 2!c Thomas Gentle S lfc Pvt. Melvin Girard Alfred E. Prieur F 1 c Theodore Wejrowski F llc Russell I. Rioux S lfc "May the Omnipotent and Merciful Lord direct their steps into the way of peace and prosperity, and may the Angel Raphael be their escort on the way. so t at rn p they may return to their homes." '5 h ' eace. in safety. and m joy, S k fn A W . a Q A Q E ,m kts? S Q Q 'SX 2 5 L 5,2 QM S S -S fm Mx Kiwi X . Y X 'N p--X if we ,, Q 3 3 Rf Mi L A 6 ' -'-.. 1 x if 'XI i xx ix- -, K fsg -I-, ,,. ,3-, 3 --:, :-" ':" i . ww Lf'- 'KP . 4. "': m ai., i1':T. .Qib g a M H '. 7 55' In - 1, N 3 iz' ' 'L K EMA, , J ,. SE x 5 sl ,.' OFM ui W 'AT 2 +2-. ':4:. Hy X , f 'Q 4 an S A .A Iazl QW Qs, 4 9 ti 4 i - lik K S 5 v-'---,.,-, f X I ' ,A , H Xgf 3' ..:j N - , , X " Hx' A " " :I 1 ":: - Q s- S Q im Y x"q fuse fa S6 W X gqiths As mum' S . ' "' it V""'g 39 I N 2 5 ' ..:. ' iq fw 6 'fx 5 if v Y X ,-4, "We offer unto Thee, O Lord, this Victim of man's reconciliation to God, imploring this same jesus Christ, Thy Son and our God, whom we now immolate in this sacrifice, to grant unto all nations the gifts of His unity and peace-"1" erffpsum er mm 'Jpso er m'3vS0 W M 1 3 X xxij N Xu!! 214. 'SSE SM ,ff R 6Qd af SELECTED MEMORIES o f Nineteen Hundred Forty-four and Forty-five Annual Retreat' February 7, 8, 9. Retreat Masier The Reverend T. F. Curry, O. M. I. Omit Day' February 18, Silvcr Valley. May Procession and Crowning of Our Blessed Mother, Queen of May May 6, SZ. Ioseph Church, Mistress of Ceremoniesn Nanette Crete, Preiect. Assistant-Francis MacMillan, Co-Preiect. Queen--Doris Martin, Court oi Honor Marjorie Welch, Patricia Reed, Eileen Periard, Rita Ricux. Sermon' The Reverend George Vincent, C. S. Sp. Iunior-Senior Banquet -May 22, St. Ioseph Auditoruvn. Alumni Dance-- May 24, Doc Logan's Orchestra, St. I:seph Auditorium. Iunior-Senior Prom- May 29. Wenonah Hotel Ballroovn. Senior Reception for Parents and Friends --VV Iune 3, St. I:seph Auditorium. Day of Recollection-V Iune 8. The Reverend Ligucri Nugent, C. Ss. R., in charge. Commencement Day-Iune 10. Baccalaureate Mass, 8 a. m., St. Ioseph Church. Sermon The Reverend George Vincent, C. S. Sp. Breakfast-Our Lady's Hall. Commencement Exercises- 3:30 p. m., St. Ioseph Church. 5 S L llzll XXX! VIH H Sgt t. s 3 CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1945, of St. Ioseph High School, Bay City, Michigan, having com- pleted four years of hard labor, and being of sound mind and big heart do establish this as our last will and testament. We, hereby bequeth our most cherished possessions with the desire that they will be well guarded and protected. To Sister Mary Mildred, our most esteemed principal and home room teacher. we leave our gratitude for her patience and kindness. To Sister Rose Carlita, our Economics and Bookkeeping teacher we leave sincere hope that she receives more intelligent answers from her classes next year. To Sister Mary Clarice, our Civics teacher, we leave our appreciation for her many hours of patient toil. To Sister Mary Isabel, Sister Mary Angelique, Sister Mary Veritas, Mrs. Iohnson, Mr. Hebert, Mrs. Byrnes, Miss Randall, Mr. O'Toole, we leave the pride of ever having known such a class. As a member of the Class of 1945. I, Jack Alarie, leave my ability to argue to Fred Bosco. l. Lorna Ancel. leave my studious attitude to my brother, Kenneth. He can use it. I, Ieanne Baker, bequeath my front seat to Bob McCoy. l, Bill Baker, leave to make room for the Class of '46. I, Shirley Bates, bequeath my ninth hour record to anyone who has never stayed. I, Matthew Bosco, bequeath my ability to make tardy excuses to Iohn Clifford. I. Lorraine Bourdlaies, leave my steady nerves to Richard Bartkowiak. I, Marjorie Boyce, leave my shining Monday-morning personality to Ray Knoblauch. I, Donald Campbell, leave my school-girl complexion to Dick Talaga. I, Mary Ann Cauchy, leave my French motions to Paul Suchodolski. I, Nanette Crete, leave my giggle to Mary Briggs. I, Frank Danak, leave my fancy nicknames to Leonard Beson. l. Donald Dulude. leave my ability to get into trouble to Gene Gatza. I, Catherine Gerard, leave my quiet ways to lim Brennan. I. Gloria Gillard, leave my place on the dance floor at noon to Marion Woods. l, Iosephine Grundas, bequeath my job as chauifer to my sister Frances. I, Virginia Ionkis, leave my attendance record to Francis MacMillan. l, Aileen Kasper. bequeath my tall slimness to Colleen Bracht. l, Arlene Klida, leave my mania to spill ink to Violet Metevia. I, Shirley LaPan. leave my shining personality to Dolores Maples. I, Florine LeClair, leave my lustrous black hair to Virginia Posluzny. I, Beverly Maples, leave my calorie list to Mary Lou Bergevin. Doris Martin, leave my ability to pout to Gordon Martin. Gloria Martin, leave my powerful right to Adele Brisson. Leonard Martin. leave my way with the women to some shy freshman. Donald Metevia, bequeath my job as student manager to anyone capable of handling it. Germaine Mullins, leave my taste for bananna splits to my sister Pat. Fred Orr, leave my ability to tease to Donald Skinner. Eileen Periard, leave my shyness to Marion Skinner. Ierry Plachta. leave my habit of chain smoking to anyone who can get the cigarettes. Alma Reed, bequeath my great height to Mary Ann Foldie. Patricia Reed, leave my seat on the school bus to someone who always has to stand. Rita Rioux, leave my quiet ways to anyone who likes peace and quiet. Betty Rivard, leave my long dark hair to Marie Buczek. Charles Rupp, bequeath my curly locks to some poor girl with straight hair. Marjorie Schmidt. as Editor ot the Torch. leave a lot of hard work to some unsuspecting Iunior. Elaine Smerdon, bequeath my collection of class rings to Pat Duso. Patricia Sullivan, bequeath my Irish temper to any Frenchman who wants it. Michael Supernant, bequeath my great height to anyone who likes to see above the crowd. Wesley Tacey, bequeath my Florida Episode to anyone who likes to travel. Iacquelyn Urban. leave my position on the cheer- leaders' squad to anyone with a strong voice. Louis Verellen, leave my mania to qo to the movies to someone with a larger allowance. Marjorie Welch, bequeath my ability for "getting caught" to Betty Guire. CLASS PROPI-IECY TEN YEARS FROM TODAY' WE SEE: lack Alarie-managing his own chain of bowling alleys known as "Alarie's A1leys." Lorna Ancel-in a pair ot wear-ever shoes ushering at the Bay Theatre. Ieanne Baker-singing on the radio. William Baker-replacing General Eisenhower. Shirley Bates-head supervisor ot the Mercy Hospital Nursing Stati. Matthew Bosco-selling bananas with zippers on them in his iruit house. Lorraine Bourdlaies-drawing pictures for an art magazine. Marjorie Boyce-working in a Bomber plant. lRosie the Biveter.J Donald Campbell-the man ol the hour, with his daily newspaper column, "We, the People.' Mary Ann Cauchy-head primadonna at the Metropolitan Opera House. Nanette Crete-as a court reporter taking dictation at two hundred iiity words a minute. Frank Danakebuilding wingless airplanes to be used on the desert. Donald Dulude-hanging upside down trying to get a picture oi the inside of Fujiama. Catherine Gerard-the leading alto ot the "Banks' Opera Players". Gloria Gillard-owner oi the "Mother Hubbard's Cupboard". a hot dog stand. Iosephine Grundas-driving the "Munger Special", a daily excursion bus from Bay City to Munger Virginia Ionkis-managing an exclusive winter resort at Lagoon Beach. Aileen Kasper--traveling with a U. S. O. Unit in Berlin. Arlene Klida-exploring the wilds of South America with her faithful friend and companion, Gogo the elephant. Shirley LaPan-as star reporter of the Higginsville Times, Circulation 121. Florine LeClair-managing a Super Market. Her slogan is "Eye it, Buy it, and Try it." Beverly Maples-chief naval architect at the Kaiser Shipyards. Doris Martin-the new assistant manager of the Professional Pharmacy. Gloria Martinfestablishing a Pel-Mar Restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Leonard Martin-a dashing young playboy, playing polo in the international tournaments. Donald Metevia-changing tires on his new Ford. Germaine Mullins-in New York City as secretary to Mayor LaGuardia the is still Mayorl. Frederick Orr-the great pianist. Eileen Periard-the renowned chemist, assisting Mr. Hebert as instructor at St. Ioseph High School Gerald Plachta-the toast oi Broadway. writing music lor all Broadway productions. Rita Hioux-teaching the kindergarden of an Indian Mission. Alma Reed-on a debate team, arguing on "The price oi rice in China." Patricia Reed-who has just written a book entitled "Inside South America." Betty Rivard-still working in the bakery. Charles Rupp-head operator of Pierre's Beauty Salon. Marjorie Schmidt-modernizing the Nursing industry by her invention ot a mechanical thermometer Elaine Smerdon-known throughout the world ior her beautiful collection of rings. Patricia Sullivan-teaching the natives of North Alrica. Michael Supernant-delivering tan mail to Frank Sinatra. Philip Taber-drawing cartoons for the Walt Disney Studio. Wesley Tacey-making Bay City lamous as his home town. Tacey the Pig Skin Maqnet. Iacquelyn Urban-teaching the kindergarden in the Little Red Schoolhouse. Louis Verellen-favorite crooner of the day. Marjorie Welch-head waitress at the Washington Candy Store. Classes and Activities TCRCHSTAFF Marjorie Schmidt 7,...... ,,...,. E ditor-in-Chief Shirley LaPan ...,.r,rr, .V.Y. L iterary Editor Virginia lonkis r,rr,Y .......V,,, A rt Editor Donald Dulude r,,.,., .,.,.,,.........r,., P hotography Leonard Martin a,....., r,.w,,a A dvertising Manager Iohn Alarie ..,...rr,,,, ,,,,,,,, B usiness Manager Donald Metevia a,....,,...,,,rv.,............,r..rr,,....,.,...,,....,.......r.,,.,.,..,..,.. Sports Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS AND ASSISTANTS Lorraine Bourdlaies Nanette Crete Marjorie Boyce Lorna Ancel Donald Campbell Wesley Tacey d W Te Z :ul x "S Q 7 RQ' ti' , 1 V Ml ,. klxxggf nl!! ff ti ' r 21 r li f . 'ggi' ,a 44, ' 2' : 'We , 'I A ' " Mr BOND COMMITTEE FATHER VINCENT WITH SODALITY OFFICERS GALA NIGHT COMMITTEE SENIOR BOOKKEEPING SENIOR SHOHTHAND IUNIOR TYPING GLEE CLUB 'S F x AMR UWM' BOYS' CHOIR Ex PHYSICS SOPHOIVIORE BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY IUNIOR HISTORY LIBRARIANS PRESHMAN HISTORY nw MECHANICAL DRAWING SOLID GEOMETRY ALTAR BOYS From left to right: Frances Grundas, Iacquelyn Urban, Iosephine Grundas, Betty Guire, Esther Frcmkowiak, Phyllis Foucault, Catherine Pitre, Virginia Posluszny. CHEER LEADERS BOY SCOUTS .f mfg? A Patrons The Reverend George Vincent, C. S. Sp., St. Joseph Parish The Reverend James B. Parent, C. S. Sp., St. Joseph Parish The Reverend Paul V. Murray, C. S. Sp., St. Joseph Parish The Reverend Thomas A. Wrenn, C. S. Sp., Mercy Hospital The Reverend Edwin Kirchhotf, Holy Trinity Parish The Reverend John Mulvey, St. Boniface Parish Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mooren Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Charlebois Miss Mary Ann Cauchy Mr. and Mrs. Owen P. Dulude Mr. and Mrs. Emest Groulx, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Levinson Mr. Clarence Jeschke Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Klida Adams Street Market Mr. and Mrs. Francis Urban Mary J. Menthen Mrs. Herbert Bourdlaies Mr. and Mrs. Al. A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Alarie Miss June Marie Randall Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmidt Paul Walter Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crete Mrs. Louise Maheu Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smerdon Walt Korthals Garage Mr. and Mrs. Virgil LaPorte Mr. Charles Rupp Mr. and Mrs. H. Rupp Mrs. George A. Dilas Mrs. A. Durocher Mr. and Mrs. Henry Orr Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DuRussel Mrs. P. J. LaRue Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Louis Verellen Mr. and Mrs. George Ancel Mr. and Mrs. George Periard Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Martin Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Reed Mr. and Mrs. Henry LaPan Miss Kay LaPan Miss Kathleen Loranger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William LeClair Frank Danak Joseph Gillard Harvey L. Boyce L. E. Maples Ben Supernant Harold A. Baker E. J. Rivard Raymond Metevia John Kasper John Bosco and Family Felix Bosco Mrs. John Marsh, Florist Mr. and Mrs. Edward Martin Mr. and Mrs. James Mullins Mr. Leo L. McKay Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Rioux Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Welch Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Sullivan Miss Mary C. Danak Mr. Arthur J. Gerard Mr. and Mrs. A. J. LaPorte Hazel's Flower Shop Ted Schumann, Cleaners Eighth Grade, St. Joseph School Ninth Grade, Tenth Grade, St. Joseph School St. Joseph School Eleventh Grade, St. Joseph School GRATLIUDE Another edition of the Torch has been rnade possible through the kindness of our friends, our patrons, our advertisers. Sincere Gratitude! J REFERENCES 1. Pius XII, Encycl., Mystici Corporis, C811 2. Ibid. KIOBJ. 3. Ci. Ibid. 99. Iohn XVII, 21. 4. Ibid. 4421. 5. Lacordaire. 6. Pius XI, Encycl., Christian Education of Youth. 7. St. Bernard. 8. Pius XII, Consecr. of a Church. 9. Gal. 6, 10. 10. 2 Cor. 14. 11. Pius XII, Consecr. oi a Church. 12. Pius XII, Encycl., Mystici Corporis 1821. 13. Pius XII, Consecr. of a Church. 14. Secret of the Mass for Corpus Christi. 15. Itinarium, Antiphon. 16. Secret of the Mass for the Feast of Christ the King. x. Cover Design, Extension Magizine. TO OUR LAD Y, QUEEN OF VICTORY, GRATITUDE AND THANKS W5 TOP ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob McCoy, Leo Revard, Ray Knoblauch, Paul Suchodolski, Don Metevia, Dick Talaqa, Bob Hover, Barney Leonard, Eugene Talaga, Mike Leahy. MIDDLE ROW-V LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Hebert, Dick Iezak, Bob DeOpsomer, Frank Potter, Norman Gellise, Bob Seward, Phil Taber, Merrill LaRue, Tom Brennan, Assistant Coach. BOTTOM ROW- LEFT TO RIGHT: Father Vincent, Ierry Lynch, Kenny Ancel, Matt Bosco, Wes Tacey, Butch Luczak, Jim Brennan, Father Murray. September 22, October 1 October 8 October 20 October 29 November 5, November 10. 1944 .rrr.... 1944 ,,,..... 1944 .,..r... 1944 1944 1944 1944 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE ,,,.,,,,Stctnd1sh 7 Peter and Pau1.r,,.,,,,,,, 0 Mary, Saqinczw.,..r,,,,,,r,,63 Mary, Bay Cityum O Andrew r,.,.,..,,,,,,,, Ioseph, Saginaw 27 Iamesu...r,,r,,,,,,r,r,,, r,,,,.,.14 Ioseph ,,,.,r, Ioseph ,,v,... Ioseph ,...,r, Ioseph Ioseph Joseph Joseph 2 0 0 ...,,.18 O ,. Ag? 5 . L Q , vw, gl 7 " .A - ikigggggifx Wx in " fgggifg V f Tm W 99 kg 'B ? .Q a 'f y Q :SQ fa. iff ' ig gn 4111 , . 1 gf! I :rx ? " ,, L. . l,55,f:,'N if K New ' ,ug ' MTW' fNi :..5EIEH2 W - , gig, 1 wk .mm- W .KW U if . was J 4 5? A vgiysffrgiiif A 'z EH, 15 S51 1 M, sw ,Nw Wx, FQ? 15 xx' A a 55 fig ' ww gf Q W W x f ms, ,I s u.. S 3 A A W x w 4. In .1-. December Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary Ianuary February February February February February February February March BACK ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Suchodolski, Gene Gatza, Iim Brennan, Bob McCoy, A1 Bis Chuck Preha Ra Knoblauch. Y. Y FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Hebert, Kenny Ancel, Wes Tacey, Butch Luczak, Father 22, 1944 7, 1945 12, 1945 16, 1945 23, 1945 26, 1945 30, 1945 3, 1945 10, 1945 13, 1945 16, 1945 1,r.,... 20, 1945 23, 1945 ,,,.,,, 26, 1945 1,,,,,, 6, 1945 1,,,,,, VARSITY SCHEDULE ,,,,,,,Standish ,,,,,,,St. Mary, SaqinaW.,.,,Ym,..,,33 .,,,,.,Sacred Heart, Merri11.,r.,,..,,18 19 ,,,,,,,St. Iames......,,,,,....,,,,,..., AndreW,,,,1.,..,,,.,.,,,,,..,,,,,r36 St. Mary, Bay City ,,,,,.,..Y,... 13 Unionville ,....,rr...,rrrr..,,,,,...., 38 ,,,,,,,St. Iohn, Essexville,...,,,.,..Y,,31 St. Ioseph, Saginaw r....,,,..., 65 St. Iames ,......,r.,....,,,.....,,r,,.,,r 27 Sacred Heart, Saginaw .,r,.. 28 ,,,,,,,St. Mary, Bay City....,,..,.,,,,23 St. Iohn, Essexville ,,...,,,....,, 28 Peter and Paul rrr...,,r,.. 30 ,,,,,,,Iuniors St. Joseph. St. Ioseph. St. Ioseph, St. Ioseph, St. Ioseph. St. Ioseph. St. Ioseph. St. Ioseph St. Ioseph. St. Joseph St. Ioseph St. Ioseph St. Joseph St. Ioseph Seniors .... ST. IOSEPH vs. ST. IOSEPH, SAGINAW RESERVES l L TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Lecrhy, Kenny Chcxrron, Frank Potter, Leo Revczrd, Dick Iezok. BOTTOM ROW -LEFT TO RIGHT:. Father Murray, Norman Gellise, Charles Rupp. Couch Hebert. Mxssmq irom DICIUIG Don M9f6VlG. Tuesday. Friday, Friday, Tuesday, Sunday. Friday, Sunday. TOP ROWeLEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Iezak, Gerald Lynch, Kenny Charron, Norman Gellise, Frank Potter, A1 Bissonnette, Gene Gatza, Chuck Prebay, Bob Gwizdala, Ierry Spencer, Dick Talaga. MIDDLE ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Hebert, Lawrence Gerard, Eugene Talaga, Dick Prager, Ray Knoblauch, Fritz Orr, Butch Luczak, Kenny Ancel, Bob Hover, Iack Duso, Father Vincent. BOTTOM ROW- -LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Leahy, Richard Bartkowiak, Merrill LaRue, Dale Fortin, Leonard Beson, Ierry Ogden. Missing from the picture, Wes Tacey. April April April May May May May BASEBALL SCHEDULE .....SS. Peter and Paulu... ......There ......Hern1ock Here .....St. Mary, Saginavvn... Here ....,St. Ioseph, Saginawu... .....,Here .....St. Iohn, Essexville...,,,...,.,.......,.. ..,..,Here ...,,.Michigan Lutheran Seminarymn, ...,..There ...,..St. Andrew, Saginawm.. ..,...Here Class of '45 Football IM BRENNEN All-Valley, 1944 Class ot '47 Football We PAUL sucuonorsxx All4City, 1945. Class of '47. On February 13th, the Football and Baseball squads were honored at a banquet in the parish club room where the following players received their letters: FOOTBALL BASEBALL BASKETBALL Eugene Talaga Robert Seward Eugene Gatza Matthew Bosco Philip Taber Robert McCoy James Brennan Robert DeOpsomer Norman Gellise Frank Potter Bernard Leonard Kenny Ancel Wesley Tacey Leo Revard Ray Knoblauch Gerald Lynch Robert Manyan Eugene DuRusse1 Fredrick Orr Clarence Nowak Alfred Bissonnette Kenny Ancel Wesley Tacey Leo Revard Ray Knoblauch Gerald Lynch Charles Prebay Wesley Tacey Kenny Ancel Eugene Gatza Paul Suchodolski Alfred Bissonnette Robert McCoy WES TACEY All-Valley and M t 1 b P 1944 E K g... I -3 -. " ,f 19,1 f , . H ' rm L rf . ff" X ,N .. 'Q V- . "--1. .- ' 'blah l ' ', :ZZ .. . M , ..,,, , 31- "3 . ' L 23 U ' 'L' , ' rl K' 4 .A . ',,'-f!'.uf'I-il' ' 5' , "fi" tiff- 'Q E .' 1' ' can 'A,.s:,'fg. . . Q- .L ,.1,,W1f ,H 9 . my ev' A 'g1Qi'93.f,f 2--w , " :. 1-yy., . 'F L'15'f'1A-2" ':., ff' -, ef' 'n5,7K,i" . W mi. M- : Ag . . 1: gk A-.ww f ' 1 ,q 1 32 'Z 'fl' 3-W?f:.'.v"'iF gf," ' .N 'x 1f:""3:--"', VW .1 . '14 .5 -.93 'fl' l EN E, ,. mi. ,V ' lf,-gf, ,- Qi -.Q-,W .Vg-3' f 1 5, . "1 H 5 iiv A T". . fi 3'1.g44':fg' eg . . v.:'1"'5lv."5z9+-3?Ti?"fT", -2-, v."5.4 '1 . uf-f.,1fg 1. we '--1-4.1-aw -5 .. ,yv,,,. Q !If?Qh.L. E. J ,Q fi3'r'.:',7 Sq. 3, lg.. Y f ,1.,.lff:" I . 11, x X fif - . 'N 1 . , Ir' 'xr ' , 3. 5. H . , . "Y: ' .- ' K ,x',1i,f,g ,4--. , 4-,,:w,g',,. 3 , N. gag.-gf fx- . ' -.',..'Vw.' ',.' 1. N-f5Li1yyiQ,fI1,.o 11 , W ' :f -fzg'r7'1 2 .A, ,. 1:55 ,za uni 3vi,.,H. 5.?,w-',,w.,3 Vi' 35:-:Z'E?5N gm' -fy 7... 'Hi' a if Av.4v5.v::A .454 '- - ., Q, H3951 V ' - , ' ",-,I-"T :im r.'f5"1 K ff 4-2 i K" ri' 1- ff, : "" A 'J tb' 5. ": m- 'A fe I-1' -. ' 'f . . , .ww - A L , an . A ,J.f,1Pn, Nj'-,,1 , .,j: ,w-, J 5:1 -, -jx: gif .. - 4' 1? v fir' . g , .gk F1 ,.3 -a 'a 3: 1 -L.. J,-. if 3 Wa hx, .-rf Ka aw. Z. v ,, f ,. A 25' i.. -1 '4 Q f , .W xi. F ff 5 . L 1 - W N .5 . 45 .,y., f fr , . - .5 ' ffm A l N 4113 a I, .u ,,:,I. .r-Lx, g ev ' . . -M 1. 1, 'S , A .. , 'f 1 C . 9 1, in N 1 , ' ,- ea yn 1 -:J . f .-"e -' .fl- -' '-H, .5151 ri. . I -Hx.. - +5 - ,- fi . . ,J . s H .- b A , f' ,213 -I ' - et. ki ' ,Hui I 1" Qixftffz 1- 'A 3 , - ' VM 2 ' ' -- ,Tn I- A- X. 1. ':I. , - ,I . k, 1 1 2 . ,Q ' i, ' , , , n , ., , ..".ff,' HJ? , an 4. . x 1 ' 4 , 1, Kr. gg-71 W., A ., 1 1 '- .. 'll fi ': l-M ,. 'wI'v-7 -if J'-Wg.-. 7 It '!.f- -'1,iJ'M'1', P f, 'il' w-r' .1 . V, . X, 1 l . . .v, . V. Q ,. V -. A '-1:.,,' "Uv-5 , , 1. . -,J VNV .7 9, D . ' Sw? f Q-, nl' ' lfg. L! ' 11 -vm xJ'Fw,'- .L ,iviiffjz 'E 'JUG ,SWL E-N T7 'Q "f':Q,i av ' ,. . . .1,-viii? , " v,-HL.1'f.'- . .04 yE,F:'3psZ.j,g 1... .Q f -V I'-L. . 333, Tim! . :gi 1 if ,LQ ' JJ ' 'Vg ' 'v '- ' V. V ew- 1 fy f:i,7A', . ls:f. .' , 1 , nu ' ,: '. L 1 1 T . f-pq, V 1. -1x . .H Wy Li. . .I H0 4. 41 ,, ,L f Ads . 4 i 5 s E Q 5 ! ! E ! x 3 ! ! ! a WMA Qwfplfmwy mc! Em Www fnam like QW 6414 Qeiabl Qlaifbmq 5102264 L. E. Gppenheim Co. Walt and Stan Fords May Clothing Co. F 1253.-YD FOR PORTRAITS THAT PLEASE 1 IU. J. 5. tiiclds Studio 406 E. Midland Street PHONE 2-3055 Compliments ot .... STEVENS CREAMERY Sherbets - Ice Cream - Ice Cream Bars 909 Third Street Phone 8509 COI1g1'8fl118fi0I1S Service - All Makes Dial 8662 and Best Wishes to the Graduates! 912 Washington Avenue Davidson Block Northern Business Machine Co. Authorized Sales and Service REMINGTON-RAND TYPEWRITERS A. D. Swick B. H. Burnim Bay City. Michigan Compliments of .... GRUNDAS TAVERN "BEER AND WINE TO TAKE QUT" Munger. Michigan Phone 5-F1 Compliments of .... Michigan Church Supply Co. Religious and Ecclesiastical Goods 406 Center Avenue Phone 7663 Bay City, Michigan BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 'ia 'iii 'iw PLU 8. EATING AAA IACKMAN'S SERVICE STATION WASHING - TIRES - BATTERY SERVICE Fifth and Adams Dial 9344 RELIABLE FINANCE CO. 820 SAGINAW STREET Loans S20 to S300 Dial 9891 GASTA DAIRY PRODUCTS 1623 Columbus Avenue Dial 91 17 "Penthouse Permanents are Good Permanents" PEN THOUSE BEAUTY SHOP Next to Bay Theatre Dial 2-2842 D. I. VALEAD General Mason Contractor 1' 'N i i 'A- 806 Bradiield Street Compliments of .... VAUGHN BAKIN G CO. Bakers oi Complete Line of Quality BAKED GOODS MAIER'S YOUR DRUGGIST SINCE 1908 At Third and Iohnson Streets Dial 5569 Bay City, Michigan FRED CHAPERON The Parish Barber 610 Third Street Bay City. Michigan Compliments of .... WASHINGTON THEATER WASHINGTON AT SIXTH Compliments of .... TRU VALUE SHOP 706 Washington Avenue Dial 5061 Compliments of .... OASIS CAFE 1913 Twenty-second Dial 9247 CaIIaI1an Paper8eSuppIy Company Wholesale Distributors PAPER, CONFECTIONERY, SCHOOL SUPPLIES Dial 2-2622 A TRIBUTE TQ QLIR MEMBERS IN TI-IE SERVICE "St loseph Alumni Association" MUNGER' MICHIGAN Compliments of .... Phone 8-F-1 KUEHNEMUND HARDWARE D I L A S S H O E A N D H A T Oliver Farm Implements R E B U I L D E R 723 Washington Avenue Compliments of .... Phfme 2-3771 ' AQUINAS COLLEGE Sams Bros. FOR ADVANCED EDUCATION ST. ANNRS SOCIETY Compliments of .... Compliments of .... YOUR BABY SHOPPE . . . . EVERYTHING FOR THE BABY . 209 Fifth Avenue Phone 7622 Mrs. L. M. Hover, prop. 208 Fifth Avenue Phone 2-2612 Leo D, Goddeyne Compliments of .... SPORTING GOODS KEARLY GROCERY 1103 Iohnson Street Dicxl 7538 Third and Van Buren ID. A.Trahf1n Funeral Chapel Bo:y County Coroner AMBULANCE SERVICE Madison at Tenth Phone 8445 Z4 Hour Service BLANCHETT PHARMACY BAY CITY'S COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE PREscE1PT1oNs -1- SURGICAL Congmtukmons APPLIANCES Class 1945 K N E P P ' S 610 E. Midland street Dial 6244 Compliments of .... THE FRUIT HOUSE 401 Eleventh Street Dial 8558 Compliments of .... YOUR FRIENDLY HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS STORE BAY CITY HARDWARE 1109-1115 Saginaw Street Dial 6545 KEIT'S FLOWERS Retail Store-609 Washington Avenue Greenhouses-1717 S. Euclid Avenue Bay City, Michigan Compliments of . . . IDEAL BEER STORE 11-A-if-1 BEER - WINES - GROCERIES AND PARTY SUPPLIES 908 N. Iohnson Street Roy Crete, Prop. FRITZ'S FOOD MARKET A SAFE PLACE TO TAKE YOUR PEEscR1P'r1oNs PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY MEATS GROCERIES AND VEGETABLES t i Y W Q Davidson Building Phone 5597 Phone 5823 1008 N. Iohnson Street Fair Rate Prescription Prices Compliments of . . . ST. LAURENT BROS.. INC. Third and Water Compliments of . . . BAHM'S FOOD MARKET titti- A COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 614 Third Street Compliments of . . . S. 6. R. LUPO WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE 800 Columbus Avenue Dial 2-4923 Dial 2-3421 Compliments of .... IOSEPH A. de VARENNES COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTING 1003 Washington Avenue. Opposite Post Oiiice Bay City. Michigan Compliments of .... W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATERS, INC. Compliments of .... SEARS. ROEBUCK 6 CO. "THE FRIENDLIEST STORE IN TOWN" 711 Washington Avenue Phone 7554 Compliments of .... VAILLAIRE GROCERY va xt A- Compliments of .... ARNOLD'S BAKERY 815 Saginaw Street Phone 2-3597 Hutoqraphs - :- 1 s

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St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 59

1945, pg 59

St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 8

1945, pg 8

St Joseph High School - Torch Yearbook (Bay City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 10

1945, pg 10

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