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L g if CRUSADER THE SENXGRS F cjmcxs Hugh S CXHCOX Sx r S V343 CXGSS 0 f C ., o V .14-.11 -1111 W K W. lv? Y 5 2 'fx .5kx' V1 ffl' 'Avvi,1'Ul'- ,M 41-.Y 7-,Y ggv K 4' 'VL lf E112 Glruzahrr 4 25,45 T1tle Page School Htstory lllustrattons Very Rev Provtnctal s Address Very Rev Founder s Address ln Mernorlam Fr T Vheprecht The Faculty Dedlcatton Class Offtcers Rector s Message Graduates Class Ptctures Class Htstory Alma Mater bong CONTENTS Hall of Fame OYfjUI11ZCIl1OHS Actlvlty Ptctures Soorts Hlghltghts Athlettcs Class Prophecy Class Wrll lNeWs l-ltghllghts Our Prayer Sentors Horne Addresses Boy Dreamer Our Patrons and Sponsors Acknowledgement M" .3 X 5 ' RECTOR'S OFFICE X , . . 9 5- ' . Q C AU . ,AW 'if' ST. FRANCIS HIGH SCI-IDOL W ENTRANCE Lake Shore Road Athol Springs, N. Y is Uhr Glruaahrr 43 H236 ST FRANCIS HICI-I SCI-ICDQL On the 28th day of December 1924 a group of Polish American professional and businessmen of Buffalo under the leadership of the Very Reverend Iustm Figas Minister Provincial of the Franciscans Frrars Minor Conventuals g a t h e r e d in Corpus Christi Convent t consider the possibility of ere ting an institution of higher learning in which their sons and the sons of many under privileged Pol1shAmer1can Parents would receive a higher education and at the same time have the traditions of therr forefathers instilled into their hearts and minds The outcome of the meeting was most gratifying A committee to conduct a drive for the necessary funds was chosen It met with great success as suffrcient donatlons were obtained from generous friends to begin the con struction of a high school building In consequence of this success a decision was made that the committee should be permanent and that it should be com Polish American youth as their primary obiective To achieve this purpose of promoting and caring for the welfare of boys fitted for higher educations the permanent committee adopted the name of The Drivers of Saint Francis l-hgh School The site chosen was the beautiful eighty acre estate on Lake Shore Road in Athol Springs N Y an unrivalled location facing the blue waters of Lake Erie and wlthin 9 miles ot the City of Buffalo The ground for the erection of the building was broken on Iuly I2 1925 and the cornerstone of the building was blessed by the Right Rev Monsignor A Pitass on September 7 of the same year The hlgh school building com pleted was dedlcated on November 25 l926 by the Right Rev Monsignor I Murphy assisted by numerous cleraymen of the Buffalo Diocese and Fran ciscan Fathers In 1928 two large wings were added givlng the structure a more imposing appearance The architecture of the building follows the Tudor Gothic an adaptation of that grand style to residential buildings On approaching one is rmme diately impressed by the massive arched entrance of Ind1ana limestone It is a monument The coat of arms of the Franciscan Order aoove the arch the flanking niches that are to contain the statues of St Anthony the Patron of the Provlnce and St Bonaventure the oeraphic Doctor the snield bearing the symbols of learning and piety blend harmoniously and remind one of the venerable schools of old where he love or God and the love of true culture were so fondly fostered A certain gradation becomes evident as we pass the iron studded doors The vestibule itself is simple in design the corridor more ornate and finally the Chapel a revelation of what human craftsmanship directed by the human mind is apable of accomplishing Truly it is a dlfficult problem to describe sfgmtv '. I XF I tt ' I 1 A 'I I I ' :P A A ' ' r . ,fm ' ' J , o , ' ' ' ' C - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I ' ' . .L I posed of prominent Polish-American personalities, having the good of the - I ' I . . . L . . I tl . , I 4. , V . l . r 1 ' . Q . D yi . 1 , . Q I , ln 'r X Elite Qlruzahvr 43 U Mamgzcw the Chapel By the vast mayorlty of the v1s1tors 1t was proclatmed a gem ot eccleslastrcal art The altars made of the beautttul cepolrn levanto rosato and madre creme marbles aga1nst a background of oak artlstlcally lllumlnated rmpress us at once as the pr1nc1pal obyects ot devotron rn rt No pams were spared to have them str1ctly l1turg1cal and th1s feature of them strlkes many ot the v1s1tors as umque The Tabernacle on the Hrgh Altar for lnstance stands free of the fradme It has a cuborlum suspended over 1t but one ot the stde Altars has a Tabernacle and other deta1ls wh1ch are not generally observed rn churches The panelled oak cetltng remlnds one of the old monastery churches lt IS h1ghly lllumlnated ln brrllrant red and blue colors after the style of the old monks The church belng the marnsprtng ot therr actlvrtxes the monks who were expert artlsts and craftsmen spent therr best efforts on beautrfymg the House of God ln our day as always rel1g1on should hold the tlrst place rn man s hte and 1t was to th1s end that the Founder of th1s school the Very Reverend Iustxn FIQGS lnslsted on beautltytng the Chapel The Churches bullt by the monks of the early and medreval tlmes were prrmarrly tntended for the1r pr1vate use ln ttrne the falthtul at large began to attend the SGTVICGS ln them so that they were obllged to reserve one part ot the church for the la1ty and the other for themselves The balcon1es that flank the sanctuary are a rel1c of those tlrnes It may not be am1ss to note that the wood screens wh1ch ornament these balcontes as well as the two contesslonals 1n the Chapel are consrdered masterpreces of the woodcarvmg art Leavmg the Chapel one may descend to the ground floor of the burldxng wnere one w1ll f1nd the k1tchen Wlth the most modern equrpment Ad1o1n1ng tt 1S the d1n1ng room where Wholesome meals are served to the student body A barbershop trunk room and laundry room are located here as well as a spaclous gymnasrum for basketball and other lntra mural act1v1t1es Netct to the gymnasrum IS a small audrtorlurn contarnmg a movable stage and motlon plcture apparatus MOVIES are shown to the students every Saturday nrght fwhrle dramas mlnstrel show and other stage plays take place tour trmes a yearj On th1s flool also one wlll fmd two very well equlpped recreatxon rooms one for the Sentors and luntors and the other for the Sophomores an t Freshmen Here the students enyoy radlo musrc and lndulge rn varred table games dur1ng the recreatron perrod The mam floor contarns a large study hall where the students are requrred to spend a certa1n number of hours to msure mtelle tual progress Here also the varrous assemblres are held dur1ng the school year A ltbrary possessrng a cholce collect1on of several thousand volumes and a1d1ng the students ln the1r research work 15 found on th1s floor as well as the followtng a brologxcal and physlcs laboratory equrpped so as to r1val those of any ftrst class hlgh school a mustc room where the musrcally mrnded boys may pursue thetr mustcal stud1es and modernly turnrshed classrooms The top floor contarns the Reverend Pretects rooms These two Fathers keep constant watch upon the boys and m1n1ster to thetr wants and needs Four spacrous and well ventrlated dorm1tor1es an mflrrnary lavatorres and bathrooms are located on th1s floor St Francls Hxgh School rs a Catholrc boardmg school ofterrng to boys from Buffalo N Y and elsewhere a College entrance course lt IS chartered by the Board of Regents of the State of New York Throughout the enttre tour year course great tress ts lard upon the relrgtous moral and mtellectual tra1n1ng of the boys --'in ,,--'q ' ' ix .v- - .h J , , . , . Q. , 1 , . J ' l f l, t ' . - , , , , , , , - , , , , , . ..... . - . . , , - , , , , , . - , , , . , , . , , , , - , , . ,. . H . - , , . . . V , , . . , A C . . , , . , - C , . , . , I , V Uhr Qlrwaaher 43 3 if Phys1cal tramlng by athletlc GXGTCISQS and games so necessary for an all around development IS heart1ly encouraged For thrs reason the h1gh school IS equ1pped Wllh a gymnaslum and an 80 acre campus conslstlng or a base ball dlamond football fleld tennls court a large pond for skatlng and an attracttve grove The act1v1t1es of St Franc1s H1gh School students consrst of Skarga Debatlng Soclety Paderewskl Phllatellc Club Copernlcan Sclence Club Fredro Dramatlc C1rcle Senlor and Iunlor Glee Clubs Avlatzon Club School Cholr School Orchestra and the Athletlc ASSOC1Gl1OH The school publxshes The St Francts Hlgh School Bulletm every f1fth week and The Crusader the school s year book The f1rst Rector of St Francls H1gh School was the Rev Fr Adalbert Topo l1nsk1 bemg appo1nted to that offlce by the Very Rev Iustm Flgas then the Provmclal of Frlars Mtnor Conventuals IH August of 1927 In December of the same year Fr Topol1nsk1 resxgned to take a post 1I'1 Rome ltaly The Very Rev Fr Thomas Wleprecht was appo1nted h1s successor who w1sely and progresslvely gulded the Inst1tut1on for full flfteen years that IS untll h1s Very Rev Lawrence Cyman present Provmclal of the Provmce of St Anthony of the Frlars MIDOI Conventuals ln September of 1943 appo1nted the Rev Fr PGC1f1C Baldyga to head the school The f1rst Fathers to act as Prefects of St Francls were the Very Rev Norbert Zonca the present Rector of St Hyaclnth s Sem1nary Granby Mass and the Very Rev Anaclete Kaczmarek present Master of Novlces m the Franclscan Nov1t1ate Elhcott Clty Md Upon thelr promotron the followmg Fathers served as Prefects 1n the lnstltutton Rev Innocent MIOWIGC who served 1n that capaclty untll hrs untlmely death ln 1936 Rev Fr Edward Kostrzewa and Rev Fr Ferdmand Bakmowskx The present Prefects are Rev Fr Fel1x Pasko and Rev Fr Ruflnus Nledzwreckl Among 1ts Faculty staff St Francrs H S had a number of dlstlngulshed Fathers presently GXGICISITIQ hlgher Olf1CGS The Very Rev Peter Hama pastor of Holy Tr1n1ty Church Lawrence Massachusetts the Very Rev Ladrslaus Surak secretary of St Bonaventure PFOVIDCG Lake Forest lll1no1s Very Revs Norbert Zonca and Anaclete Kaczmarek mentroned above Very Rev V1ctor Balcerak guardlan of St Franc1s Convent Rev Benlgn Zremskl pastor of St Anthonys Church Wllllmansett Mass Rev Eugene P1aseck1 rector of St Stamslaus Church Chlcopee Mass Rev Matthew Baran Dlocesan consultor tn San Dlego Cal1f Rev Antonlne Bochensla edltor of the Seraphxc Chromcle and the late Rev lsrdore Prduch professor at St Hyacrnth Sem1nary The present faculty conslsts of Rev Father Pac1f1c Baldyga Rev Felrx Pasko Rev Ruftnus N19dZW19Ck1 Rev Edward Z1emba Rev Edward Kostrzewa Rev Alexander Robaczewskl Rev Ferdlnand Bakmowskl Rev Deslderlus Wawro Rev Adam Zaydel Rev Augustlne Pawlak Rev Bened1ctPrzem1e lewsk1 and Rev Francls Bolek St Francrs Hlgh School IS a monument to the unttrmg efforts of the Very Rev lustm Flgas and the Drrvers Commtttee whlch he organtzed They were respons1ble lor 1ts erectlon and year after year thelr work for the success and upkeep of the school IS of very great help to 1ts contlnuance Thetr names and memory w1ll ever endure 1n the hrstory of the xnstttutlon Lazxigyalx , , ,e l " q . 1 9 , , , . , ' A -H9 V .. st' 5-A 'J I - 1 ' ' ' : ' ' I 1 ' ' : ' ' : ' J , . untimely death in Iuly of l942. Upon the death of Fr. Thomas Wieprecht, the - , THE PHYSICS LABORATORY Equupped wnth modern fa limes for the study of phygucs in CORNER OF THE BIOLOGY LABORATORY It pos sse5 hw re! U w w r rw me the bet in Wex New Y rk , H H lx I ' .V " " s A N M ne nd cn of val able epecrvew aid IE ca X 1 red .fmf f 5 XJ pw I Gil ' a ll lillllllla llllllm THE LIBRARY Contains a chouce collectlon of several thousand volumes lncludlng valuable Polnsh works as presided over by a professeonal lxbrarnan RECREATION ROOM Many happy hours are spent here It has 3 flreplace raduo recorder and various games vA"Y Q41 A - YO fir? Q -' . F7 3, Ku ,M lf" l' l lil 5 93 lli llll " , 2 I' V I ' 5 A ' 51112 Qlruaahm' 43 l 1 ot FYCITICIS Hlqh School Gymnosmm fobovej School Cormdor flower leftj Clmeerleode s flower mqhtj fs . , . . ' 1 1 , V , . T . ST FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL CHAPEL Spurufual phase of the education as required together with the boys mtellectuai physucal moral and social development as part of the currsculum REFECTORY The spacuou we!! Mghted drwmg r m vw-were wh Web nee meals are erwyoxed by me tudernt and the Rev Prefecrs . Ll if 2 ' ' :X . Q , ii ' L A Q L V .A ..,,:, if n f- - 1 l C ' ,' '- 0 5 1 :Q r Q 'Q , f ' 5 2 To perpetuate the multtple and noble mernorres assoclated tv Uhr Citrnnaher 43 Very Reverend Provrncral s Address wrth the act1v1t1es ot St FTCIHCIS Htqh School the Faculty and the Students of the Class at 43 lntroduce the CRUSADER e sp1r1t of a ranmscan lnstltutton e edttlon of le CRUSADER serves a two told ann to pay trtbute to tts Professor and Alma Mater to recollect 111 later 'years he happles day spent at the l-hah School ln the former to pay trlbute e couraqe darlnq and certalnty of success expre thelr stncere qratltude to the steady and watchful pllots ever a tnerr control the Reverend Rector and Faculty ln the latter to recollect the past thts volurne rs to serve as a znetnorandurn ot ta1n1l1ar taces and scenes whrch at one trme were known and enacted at the School Therefore dear Graduates the CRUSADER IS a mamfesta t1on of the rncessant sacntrces of Your leaders at St Francls Under thetr tutelage You have been properly and conscrenuously tnstructed IN the necesslty ot Rel1q1on and Cathohc Educatlon Because you have proved your worth thts 1nst1tu1on alhhated wrth the Board of Reqents ol the State ot New York present credentials whrch are recoqnleed by all colleges ln departlnq enqrave rn Yotr hearts love and loyalty to Your Alma Mater' Mr y the lNSlIl1CllODS rehqlous and scholasuc acaulred at St FITINCIS Hugh School be a auldrnq ltqht 111 the lrurttul f9CillZC1l1OIl ot Your taealsl May the blessrnds of God and St Francls the Patron ol Your Scnool be wrt You now and tne years to come' God less You Graduates' FR LAVJHENCL M KYMFN Gl C Prcv LUQIDLJQOY 'lm 1- xg? Q 1 . fu s'- ,...n ' frf., ' . . , th l ' F Q ' . l ' . Th , ' ' , t 1 7 ,, ,, , ' , , f , t e, Qct S Graduates, who are about to take all on then' solo flight with ' ' o ' ' c , , , c , t l , , t . , f V . S 44 l I 1 ' ' . 1' A W . S I , 4 I ' I . , A , 1 , . l , l ', 'h ' T X I ' I . 1 . V 1 , . fl. ., . VERY REV LAWRENCE M CYMAN D P OMC MIIIISTQI Prcvu C ul bt All holly 5 Provmce - ..4 Q - 1 o -1 . 4 ' ' ' -. V V' Q ' . ' 1 A 1 , . k Uhr Qlruaahrr 43 4455 THE VERY REVEREND ECDUNDERS ADDRESS Some years aao a certam publlc rearmq was held IH New York C1ty Hundreds of adults were belna addressed by youthful orators They were astomshed when an elqhteen year old lad told tnem solemnly You people was stncere and rn earnest Thrs doubtmq younq phrlosopher was Drought up tn schools wrthout God and wtthout rellqron He had no concept of sanctlty or sm As some wtse educator remarked he was brought up on the orlnclples ot athersm rnaterralrsm and S9CLllCtIlSIIt ' Back to Chrrst pleaded HIS Holrress Plus X The one srnale force that can do most rn brmarna the future aeneratrons back to Lhrrst IS Catholrc, educatton ot our youngsters Qnly such an 9dt.1CCIl1OI1 wtll make them honest nd upnaht men tn thoua rt and IH actton Thts IS the task ot St Erancts l-lran School May God bless the Faculty and the students ot th1s 1nst1tut1on EE lUSTlN CML H .,ax:ivf:a'q fjfsg Y 'lk " , ef? W , xr,-y for are our leaders, but we boys dont know whether to trust youu! The boy , l I , ' V Y' V I' t. ' ' ' ' , ' ' V A N - t 1 t ' t - - t ' LA A . . - In 3' f xr HY! J ws M535 ' 3 ES! 1 1. ' .-X5 fe Uhr QIrnzmhrr,'43 Founder of St Francs H1qH Scnool THE VERY REV. IUSTIN FIGAS, D.D., D.P., D.G.. O.M.C. ',',',',',',',',',',',4,,',',-',',',',',",4, ',4,4, 4,1,4'1'a,1,a,1'4'a'a'4' v,a,a,4,a,a,a'l'a'a,a'a' a,a'4'4'. GV -Q x. K Memoriam 4 XI1 95 20 VlI1942 BELOVED RECTOR St Francls Hugh School 1927 42 aaalaaaaaalaavaaalavlaaaa vaaaaaad x xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx I 0 XI xx n II xx xx xx xx xx 'I xx Y xx 'I xx x xx xx 'I F xx x x - y' f ,J x' xx 1 55 xx - xK xx xx 0 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx FATHER THOMAS WIEPRECHT 'I xx xx xx xx xx xx - - 3 - - N' xx xx xx . . xx . xx xx - xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx -x Q r 1 r r r r r r r f r 1 f r f r r r f r r r f f 1 f'r'v'r'r'r'r"r'r'f'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'r'r r f r r r r r f'f' gn Rev Victor Balcerak 0 M C Guardian of St Francls Convent Rev P3CIflC Baldyga O M C Social Studies IV Rev Felix Pasko O M C Rev Refmus Nledzwleckl 0 M C Prefecf, Physics Ill Vice Prefect Mathematlcsl H . . . . . . . , . , . . . ' - . Rev Edward Zlemba 0 M C Rev Edward Kostrzewa OMC Socnal Studues I Lat I English III IV Dramatucs Rev Alexander Robaczewskn OMC Rev F Bakmowskl O M C Latm ll Englnsh I ll Durector Athlehcs v D y s u I v 1 n s s ' ' I in ' . 1 ' 1...-.....i. I I , , H . t, . . . . . I U, . . . . III ' . 1 ' ' Rev Desldenus Wavvro O M C Re' Adam zaldel 0 M C Lubrarlan General Sclence l Buology Il Rev Francns Bolek M A ash I Rev Augustme Pawlak 0 M C Rev Benedw' P"e""'eleWSkI OM C French nl IV Re"S'0'1 I Pcl' ,ll, lu, IV "lf . ' "" 'A ,II,IlI.lV-l ilu: Uhr Qlruzahrr 43 1 grlrtrwgw I' I Af , , ' '?? , J? Q ' .-, . -- '.., 4 . .f , J., . ,,. .1,, 4 .-'7. HMI.. ,. -,- ' nga. 'I"-'fffwvnl vfll. U,H. - . 4-,wwf-'. .g,, l .H- al,-,:4,f1 J- 1'-' Y -if - I'-.. 4, Dedication IN APPRECIATION TO RLV P IQ IFIC BALDYOA O M L, RIC TOR ANI IIROI ISSOR OF AIVIIRIL AN HISTORY WI III-IE I LASS OF 'NIINPTEEN IAIJNDREI2 AND TORT 1'TI-IREE PFSPLC TFUI. Y DLDV ATI. TIIIQ IIRSI ST FRANCIS YIAI BOOK 1 65 1' an ' 44-www I O O o o o w 71 W w f rw . I 1 , . . ., 1 , f I I , . w N , I f, - 1 A . A Y ,, , V , W Y H A 4 A ' . K, f Y rw w 5 I ,I .J L. I , xxx . . . . , 3 f LJ x x . A . f . I .Y -x-,, I K B 'ZfQifEff':jf,Y41gL',Q'.- f - - . t , , -V I .ry "' . , , , ' "M:--.:s:.: - ' -i':'-. - 3 I 1 ?:'f-17.3 -'-fx" , pf-A-. , A I - 1 ., . ' I wk-I--1 e - .ngmgv . . XLT . "M . ' 5 25. . f' 11115 QI1f1I,5EIhP1' '43 n":S44f?f'9 mx- CLASS OFFICERS N Zcxwodzmslu V1C9 Presxdent W KI'GkOW1CIk Pre-sldem CLASS MQTTO "4 rms Qlmunai Gpus CLASS COLORS CLASS FLQWER Qlleh muh mlgzfe Psmerzran ggenuhg QQ, if m M. Plutcr, Treasurer M. Bite-1, Sergeant-at-Armsg C. Koiodziej, Secretary QF' - L . L as , . . Q' STK 3' U .. N? faq 1 1 -KK t x l . Q4 , lv- . ' -95 I hr Qlrnzaher '43 To The Class of 1943 As the time of Commencement draws near we realize you are very happy. We desire a share of your happiness. Though we are not glad that you are to leave, for we do know that every one who arrives at the successful com- pletion of an undertaking is very happy, so, we too, rejoice with you. No matter what the problem is, the achievement of its solution brings real enjoy- ment Life is a succession of either problems avoided and resulting unhappi- ness or problems solved and resulting happiness By real effort you have mastered your first great problem You are entitled to b very happy ln life you must either move forward to an ultimate goat a new goal appearing ahead as each one is reached or you must move baciq becoming less and less a part of the moving world around you There is no middle ground ln youth we have ambition and with advancing years ontentment Contentment is an indication of age Stay young' Be ambitious' Strive to the very end to attain the goal which at the moment is the one aheaa Con tentment is stagnatlon lt is the unrest of aspiration which brings uccess and Joy and makes one great Our task is accomplished For four full years we strived to imbue your minds with sound knowledge catholic lcnowleage in spirit and thought Hold on to whatever we taught you and you may rest assured you will not stray from the path of righteousness Whatever your goal in future life may be you have our sincerest wishes of complete success As you will travel through life we hope you will always strive for greater achievements greater usefulness and may you obtain a full measure of Joy from your realized ambitions May God bless you one and all REVEREND PACIFIC BALDYGA C M C Principal and THE FACULTY fi- A T 'yTwQ Pegfzf N863 4, mm ss, 'I . . Y , . ' . ' e . . , . 1 I V I . . . . rx . , X, . . . l . . . . , S W , . . 1 . . . , . .. - 1 I f , . , . . ., ,-Q, ,.., -' f , as ', B ' N wg.-A'-t:,: -' ' , ff-mL""' "--- -, ' T' - SFU- . I xg 'I .. ,, ..., ff' .- - r T :fE1:f-:. . . :+2::sas, N A... .., - ft" H , - . "-tw. av --.-.g.g:g15.,'-' V ., :254 ,g:.,.y!g:g1-:,"::1 ' 1 - ,- ', ,, V - , ,- , , , . ,, ,, , ' 1. . 1:-ZNQ MI ,E f., .::,A,::i:i:,45.-, ...,Q'3:: ..,,-53 -.Zim . .I ,UI .aA.,3N,2-Xu, .A ,.,M1.,,2t,35:5:i. . '- 1-.g.g.-.-4.5.3:gg:5+:t:4-'4:-:f4---fr- v - -.df ,-tv' z,.-:-:4:-g------ 'S-k..,'i .5534 '- ': 11:-132713Ii:-:?:Y:5:1:!g!5-:22.g3g:...., . 339' '- W-,-i5'55'23'2' . , . -- -A-A. .. ,. , in Z . 1 ..,. -,:-yy, -.-1 , 5,9 -' , -W ,YV,V A-MH -'4--- ,-,'.,-,P I ' - - Glhr Glrnaahvr 43 QQ'-.1 REVEREND PACIFIC BALDYGA O MC wF "114J15l 5201 , - N , " aff Y if Reiitzl gf ff. ILILQISI 'Y f'.1c,f,1 1,1 'L In ,V , I CEruh1m1P5 ADAM BIELAT MENCESLAUS BITEL STANLEY CYMAN HENRY KAIQP EDWIN KARPOVJIC 7 CASIMIR KOBUS C ASIMIR KOLGDZIEI WALTER KRAKQWIA4 IGHN LIBUQKI I NTHONY MACHCINSKI VJALTLP MURAWSKI LEGNARD NIEMCZYK PLQRIAN ODACHOWSKI DANIEL OLCZAK STANLEY PARTY! A MEDARD PLUTA EERDINAND Rf 1 ILE EUGENE SERAEIN MAPIAN SEREMET THADDEUS WEGRZYN THOMAS WIENCKCD NORBERT ZAWQDZINSK1 fly? LQ iii-f S N S N K K N K 4 W N 4 S W all Y. x Y, n J N , ' s A s t . s X a v A x ' 1 L x x w x Q s . W. 7 X Y -. s . w L x w , xx x x w :Q xx 'x 'Z 1-J"'ffff"Q I' ex, ici? if ,C ' QW:-' 4 In RCQ :C J, Q -- N.,S, x war - 5 3 1i?47 s' A1p7R5"' w 6 XD 'L ,- if 5 3 s X1-'La X ffT..'f x ' 1 v4 xg? x X X X X 7 ,', ,arafaru " A' .1 I I 1 ' f Iv- . 1 7 Elite Qlruaahvr '43 laik? ADAM T BIELAT flntrcrmurcrls basketball l 2 3 4 Dromcxtlcs 3 4 Orchestra 4 Bulletm 4 Copermcom Clubj The deep bass volce and pleasant manners of Adam Bnelat w1Il l1ve tong ID the memory of hus classmates The former he used whenever the students gathered for a song and the latter always H15 musucal 1ncl1nat1ons were not only vocal but nn strumental for Ace was the Gene Krupa of St Francis feverlshly beatung out the rhythm on the drums He has been rightfully called Ace because of nls pltchung abnluty 1n the baseball 1ntramural league ln basketball he was also a stellar player glvung has all for the class team Classes were has specualty though Many a tame Ace saved hrs classmates from shame ln the Latun class stretchung a three mnnute recltatuon unto a full peruod Hts tralts are many As a worker around the campus he has not been surpassed 1n our four years Ace represents the fugure of helpfulness lt was he who hoisted Old Glory unto posutlon every mornnng and took It down at sundown lt was he who dud a grand job nn the scrap drnve If there was anythmg to be done Ace was the man to do lt and well Aces grave dnsposutuon showed 1n h1s somber dress for he was never one to go for flashy attlre As we look at Ace uf the culrmnatuon of hrs hugh school career we feel sure that he w1ll succeed In has chosen professuon whuch IS the pnesthood 1 l 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . , . 1 - 1 1 t. 1. 1- - 4 - 1 1 1 Y - 1- 11 . ,. . , - 1 1 - , Y Wllauggzersw Uhr G1ru5ahrr'43 MENCESLAUS I BITEL flntramurals basketball l 2 3 4 football 3 4 Cheer Leader a I V 3 Bulletm 4 Dramatlcs 4 Grchestra 4 Class Serqeant at arms 4 Copemlcan Club Philatelistj Blonde in hair tall rn stature but practical in nature thus we recognize Menceslaus ln four years hrs physical dimensions have increased considerably as has his mental progress accelerated Here rs a fellow whose good nature and prac tical humor have cheered up even the most urremotronal characters Frnrs coronat Hard and tedious as the task may have been Mens persisted and trrumphed in the end He believed firmly in precrseness and never beat around the bush Yes Mens was very concise One of hrs most valuable assets was hrs artistic abrlrty The fruits of hrs labor have been fully evident to all readers of the school paptr On the basketball court he would always tower among his team mates Hrs height contributed immensely to his playing abrlrty as a center for hrs class team rn the rntramurals Besides playing basketball rn the rntramurals he also held the positron of cheer leader Whenever the team needed cheering up rt was Mens who led the rest of the fellows rn lending encouragement Knowing him as we do we feel certain that come what may he will prove himself a great success rn life rn the priesthood . . . 'V ' I I I I I I I I I I ' 'V : ' , 1 ' , 1 , 5 - - , 7 ' 2 ' ' opus." That seems to have been his favorite axiom, for he relied upon it basically, . . . . .. ., .. r, svigmavn '. '. xl. 'l X , 1 1 . . r 37- . G1lltv'611tn,-saber '43 ,E , . ggi STANISLAUS V CYMAN flntramurals football 3 4 basketball 3 4 VGTSITY baseball 3 Table tenms Champlon 3 Bulletm 3 4 Dramahcs 4 Phllatellst 41 Even though Stan wa only a two year scholar at St Francls stulu he stands hugh ln the esteem of hrs fellow classmates Undoubtedly ut us because hrs ments are such as to stumulate long and endurlng fruendshlps Berng very rndustruous and relaable he has achneved tne success that he nghtfully deserved However hrs most amu ble vlrtues are honesty and polrteness for whlch he was so well known Stans serene drsposutuon and reserved personalrty have been a source of real plea ure to all ln the nntramural sports Stan was ever there defendung hrs clas on the basket ball court On the baseball dnamond he was reserve furst baseman for tne Varsuty Stan also possesses the tntle of table tennus champ At thus game especually h was keen alert and cunnung always keeprng hrs opponent un suspense as to has next move Hrs llterary ablluty has been well Illustrated by has work for the Bulletin The posutnon of Cossnp Edutor gave hum a way to make school late more cheerful and more enpoyable for others Has humorous and wltty jokes have added more mterest to the paper With all these factors In rnund we may well sketch a brlght future for Stan after has graduatlon Qtan untends to enter the Novltuate an preparatlon for the prnest hood 1 l 1 . - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s - . , . . , . 3 , - . S , t . 3 ' - 1. . .1 - . 1 t - 1 . .1 - .'.Q fhg' 4 4 ut at 4 the Glruaahm' '43 'Qu 3 I . ' -,Im U 1 X , 'Sify , . :P I 1' H' 'H' s v - HENRY G KARP flntramurals basketball l 3 4 football 2 3 4 I V 2 Handball champlon 2 Varsity basketball 2 Manager 3 baseball2 3 Dramaucs 4 Cholr 4 Pl'11lCIl9l1Sl Presldent 41 Calm cool and competent there we have Henry A serious student a real gentleman and a loyal companion Hank us worthy of any frrendshup H us n changeable and a possesscr of a remarkable mathematical capability To hum Physics was gust a mere pastume Nothing seemed to overburden hrs optumustuc outlook on portray hum as passive and rnactrve On the contrary however he was keen ener getuc and always on the go Hanks talents however are not alone cast un an intellectual mold for hrs athletuc abuluty rn sports especially football has been witnessed and approved by many lt was quute a thrull to see hum catch a pugskun under the most disadvantageous curcumstances You could always count on hum to score for hrs class team No less capable was he un basketball and baseball ln the latter field he played faithfully on the school team robbing enemy batsmen of many a safe hut r-lrs glue frngered dexterity un football and baseball to say no less of basketball was really amazing Truly Henry was a man of great actuvrty Hus sungung abrluty was made manifest un hrs servrce as a choir member As he buds us goodby he leaves behund a very colorful hugh school career ln our estimation Hank wull undoubtedly clumb hugh on the ladder of success Hus arm us to be an aeronautical engineer ' n 1 Q n - r r r u I r r r - -r r ' , 2 ' Z , 1 , 2 , , : l r I l r I l I l r , ' , ' ' ' . e ' u - life nor to diminish his diligence. His calm disposition and a quiet rnode of life may r v p 1 - r Ellyn Glrnaahrr '43 J EZ .' ,,J'5s,g 3,342 'Q 1 4, NK . ag , 1 4 U 9 l l EDWIN A KARPOWICZ flntromurcxl basketball l Drotmotxcs 3 42 Here we have a fugure who has been consudered a combmatnon of Don juan and Romeo Hts manlfest joy ot lute councndes wuth hrs snappy eye catchnng appearance Not many fellows have been known to dress as fanclly as Edwm There IS something about hum that marks hum as an extraordsnary person Has frequent outbursts of humor tend to make hum all the more dufterent Edwnn was seldom one to worry When troubles arose he always came through smulung Ed s quuet and preclse nature and dnmnnutlve stature have un no way prevented hlrn from mountnng hugh nn the estnmatuon and affectuon of hrs comrades Edwin may be termed as a man of dtverse socual actvvntues He us as the French would say un dramatsst deluxe for has actung abnluty IS somethnng that could be a topuc for any conversatnon About the campus he has the name of Bang Crosby of St Francis Ed has guven evudence of has vocal abulsty on many occaslons Has favornte pastume was lnstenung to conga musnc A good rendmon of Suboney would send hum unto transports of rapture Edwun possessed boundless knowledge nn that type of muslc and ns a great exponent of at lukewuse Partung from so amlable a character wall be rather sad When you leave us Eddue we wall always remember you for your golden smule and magnetnc personaluty We know you wall make a good chef n 1 1 1 1 . , - . . l .. , . , , . - t lt - .- , . .. , . t . . . ,, . . , . . . . .. ,, . tt - 1 t Elite Glrunailrr '4 M CASIMIR S KOBUS fCheer Leader 2 3 4 Intramurals football 2 3 4 Cholr 4 Glee Club Vlce Presrdent 4 Dramatlcs 4 Phllatehst 4, Introducung to you the Colossus of the Sensor Class Peewee 6 foot 2 eyes of blue lhts are brownl Our sole Connecticut Yankee ns a fun lovung fellow a good pal and a fashlon plate Seruous tn the classroom loyal an school affaurs and a happy go lucky In recreatuonal peruods he IS a man to be observed and followed Crash' The enemys lme us cleft open and Peewee charges thru A real threat an football Peewee used hus snze an gettmg around the fueld nn a hurry lf the Sensors needed blocknng they put 4 men on one sude and Peewee on the other slde of the lune And he always came thru ln basketball Peewee was the top cheer leader ransmg has volce above the dun of the crowd wuthout usung the megaphone This same bass vouce he used to good advantage nn the cholr and tn the Glee Club Peewees honesty school splrut and frankness have earned a host of frtends Hts wnllmgness to cooperate and take over the bugger half of the burden have resulted un the ac compltshment of many thnngs whuch would not be otherwuse possuble lf good qual mes are responsuble for success Peewee us sure to do so un hrs chosen career whtch as the pruesthood n 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 "' A' 1 . ' , I - 1 t ' - ' ' t . . 1 . . , , , . . . 1 , . . . -P.. Q Elly? l1lrn5ahvr,'43 1:59 - "line 'l : xg , , ' 163: , 1 I In v 19 CASIMIR B KOLODZIEI llntromurols football 3 Cheer Leader 3 4 Socrlstom 3 4 Close Secretory 4 Glee Club 4 Drcrmotxcs 41 We will never forget Cas as a youth of small stature cheerful by nature and serious IH has studues Hrs slow catchlng mule dlsplays hus dlsposltlon Nevertheless gravlty and steadlness were wlth hum wherever there was need of them He has been dubbed the llttle man wnth a bug vouce and rnghtfully so He IS one yet to be overshadowed In an argument Aslde from that he has proven hlmself a truly The prize of hrs abnlutles IS unterlcr deccratlon for an thus he excelled above others The School Chapel was hus workshop hls spare tume he spent there always workung Many of hns creations have adorned the altars of the chapel has artlstuc ablllty has been thoroughly approved and envued by many Hrs dutles as sacrlstan he tulfnlled to the best of hrs abnllty Cas dnd not possess athletuc prowess but he was always out there rootmg for the teams as cheer leader Consclentlously he per formed hns dutues as class secretary ln hus 3 years of study he has glven us a tune example of a true and kmd frlend a dependable worker and a really sunny person alxty Hrs assets belng of such a nature we can rest assured that un the tlrne to come he wlll be faithful to hus protessuon whatever at may be . I , 1 , , : ' , , 2 A , : , 2 ' , . . vlnle character and very capable. , . : ' ' . , 3 ' ' ' . , - . , ' fn I , 12255 f Glltvfllrnmther '43 WALTER E KRAKOWIAK tlntramurals basketball l 4 football 2 3 4 l V l Baseball l 2 3 4 Cholr l 2 3 4 Oratory l 2 3 4 Study Medals l 3 Varslty basketball 2 3 Manager 4 Dramat1Cs 3 4 Bulletm 3 4 Glee Club Delegate 4 Class Presldent 4 Copermcan Club Secretaryj A man of character Steady calm with a personality all his own Trustworthy efflclent and hard workung he has always tried to follow his Idol Abraham Luncoln Walt has always been a team worker although hes personal success was often recog nuzed For four years he has been an unturung booster of hrs Alma Mater whrch ne dearly loves As president of the senlor class he stands hugh nn the oplnlon of has classmates Has actlvltles are nnnumerable It sufflces to say that he has taken part In almost all that his school offers As GAIYOI' In chief of the Bulletrn he has wrutten excellent edutorrals as sportsman he has played basketball and for four years has stood on the mound representrng St Francus as a scholar he has won many awards and as an eloquent orator he us yet to be surpassed He was also master of ceremonies at all programs and ns the author of the lyrucs to the Alma Mater song Luke hrs rdol Lrncoln Wally has never let hrs success go to has head he has remamed unassumung and humble We who have luved wrth hum for four years consuder Walt a suncere frlend and a real example of a St Francos graduate Wrth hum go our best wushes for has success nn law whlch he untends to follow as has professron . I ,,: ,,: 'I ,,: ,7 ,z ' ,J . . , IE! . Igqggxnw Elite 'r01rum1h'rr'43 I OHN S LIBUCKI U horr l 2 3 4 Glee Club Delegate 4 Orchestra l 2 3 Dramat1cs4 Sacrrstan l 2 3 Intramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball l Varstty Basketball 2 3 4 Track 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Copermcan Club Reporterj john s reserved yet genoal good nature have marked hum as a possessor of many fr ewds All of us who know hum esteem hum greatly and the secret of our admlratuon for hum may be all summed up to thus he vs a frne I d Generous kind and coy tnrough has presence he has always pleased us In one way or another john was always near to lend a helpung hand yet he trled not to trouble others wlth hrs own dnffncultues Hrs professors have delrghted un the keen attentaveness and persustent effort that he portrayed In the course of has four scholastnc years johns self confudence wull power and dynamrc energy have made hum a good scholar and an able athlete Hrs athletuc abrlrty was seen rn football for the foe found It very dlfflcult to cope with thus fleet end who saved many a game for hrs class team He holds the tntle for benng the best dsstant krcker on the campus Basketball and baseball found hum none the less capable for he has made a good name for humself both on the court and on the dtamond john showed a profound Interest In orchestras Contrary to the rather qulet nature his specialty was swung musnc a real jrve lover nf there ever was one On the sober srde he sang an the chonr and glee club We have not the slughtest untentron of flattery In sayxng that he us an :deal student worth knownng and one wnth a great future an chemrcal engrneenng . fllllll ll llll ll rrf, - .ffl r, . ,,,, ,, frfff 1 . a. ,, - - 1- v - , ' R TR Ellyn Qlrnaahvr '43 'Ugp v ...Q Q 0 ANTHONY I MACHCINSKI fCho1r 3 Dramat1cs 4 L1brar1an 4 Intramural Basketball 3 4D The old ltallan maxum Chu va puano va sano best mdlcates Tony as a man who worked at has tasks slowly but well and to the best of has abllxty Plous quiet and well mannered he has Inved an our mudst respected and admured Hrs peace lovung dusposltlon fanthful and sincere comradeshnp and retlcence of character have always gentle kund and well mannered As perslstently as the Creeks before Troy so also dad Tony labor at has tasks overcomlng them one after another tlll funal victory was accompllshed Hts athletic prowess has been somewhat llmlted to the Intramurals nn whuch he played well and wuth true sportsmanlnke style He dtdnt go much for flag wavnng and such but he was slncere un hls devotnon to hrs school You could always fund hum nn the fnrst row rootmg for the home team For the past year he has served as understudy to the llbrarnan ln the past we have notlced his deep study and persustent toll enhancnng has already deep set qualutues We have come to recogmze hum as a most trustworthy and devoted frnend For the future he has chosen the noblest career the pruesthood ' , 1 ' , 1 ' ' , 1 I , , all the more endeared him to his fellow mates. Never harsh, selfish, or rude, but rr .1 3 1 I! 'LEW Ellyn Glrnasthrr '43 LADISLAUS A MURAWSKI CCho1r l 2 3 4 Glee Club Secretary 4 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 Intramurals Football 2 3 Basketball l 2 3 4 Copermcan Clubj Sparklnng eyes wavnng haur that IS a true representatlon of Murph Murphy IS one who lnkes to joke and doesnt rmnd when the pokes on ham Hrs unfanlmg sense of humor tolerant mood and unselfnsh character have made htm the object of great esteem In hus studnes he IS a most consustent and dulngent worker and has efforts have been thoroughly acknowledged As a conversatuonalust he excels by has rapud but conv1nc1ng speech Thus gentlemans outstandlng asset IS hrs muslcal ablllty He has been termed the lvmmy Dorsey of St Francus for hrs saxophone playnng an the school orchestra anythung from swung to waltzes Hts rnusucal tnclnnatlons were vocal lukewuse as can be concluded from hls record For four years he has been smgnng nn the choar besndes he was 1n the glee club as secretary Murph has not deugned to become one of our athletes but when moral support and school splnt were requured he was always among the furst exhubntnng all the trauts of a true booster To h1m w1lI come the mented reward of success tn has career of prnesthood - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . ., ., , . . , . , , , . .. 1 . A 1 1 1 - . 1 1 r Y 23,6 -'ist- "Q g I ltr Olrnaahrr '43 LEONARD R NIEMCZYK fChO11' 3 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Dramatrcs 3 4 Intramural Basketball 1 2 3 4 I V 2 Varsrty Baseball 2 3 4 Some characters smrle therr way through lrfe happy and full of fun and rnerrr ment Thrs may be sard of Len Many a Latrn class was spared from rts gloom and dullness by hrs wrttrngly humorous qurps Eoyrsh and cheerful manly and drg nrfred he has weathered the storm and attarned success Len has taken to hrs studres wrth the same enthusrasm that he drsplayed on he has grven evrdence of great prtchrng prowess rn baseball For two years he trred hrs best to get on the Varsrty Hrs Never Say Dre sprrrt frnally garned hrm recog nrtron rn hrs thrrd year He had recerved a chance to show hrs abrlrty and he came through wrth flyrng colors prtchrng a two hrt g me Len grves vent to hrs feelrng rn other ways When he presses hrs potent frnger on the beloved accorduorr even the most uproarrous character rs forced to lrsten Soothrng melodres both old and new frlled hrs musrcal repertorre If rn the future he wrll be musrcally rnclrned we can see hrrn rrse among the top musrcrans of the trme , : , , , , 1 ' , , : I , , , , z . ., 1 ' I , , , 7 the athletic field. Besides his playing for the class team in intramural basketball, . . . . -. C - . . . S L hvgttu5ahrr'43 ,LW 325,55 nu"K:f:c . W. . gg , l 5. . U v FLORIAN S ODACHOWSKI CDramat1cs 4 Intramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball l Varslty Basketball Z 3 Captam 4 Baseball l 2 3 4 Copermcan Club Treasurerj lt seems that the old saying about red heads holds true in regard to Florian for though he was not ill tempered he is possessed of a keen aggressive fighting spirit determination to succeed We have seen proof of these qualities on the athletic field and in the classroom A baseball mask may have concealed Red behind the dusty plate but in no way has it made obscure his ability as an outstanding catcher for three years This youthful Lombardi has stood many a gruelling test But no self confidence would have been better than Red as he flashed hxs signals behind home plate As a narrator he specializes in Paul Bunyan stories for his imagination knew no bounds His cleverness proved valuable on the basketball court On this day of graduation we part reluctantly from one who will always remain in our memory We can most assuredly predict a bright future for him and mark him as victor in the long struggle for success in his chosen career of priesthood . ' , : I , , , : , : ' 1 , I . 1 , i i , i i , i , , , Beneath this pugnacious personality, there is plenty of self-assurance and a winning Y V .Q iilltv Glrnnahrr '43 ,H I Y l' DANIEL P OLCZAK fCho1r 2 3 4 Glee Club Pres1der1t 4 Bulletm 4 Dramatlcs 4 Study Medals 2 3 Intramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 I V 2 3 Track 4 Coperrucan Club Ed1lOI' Pl'1xlatel1st4J When wrt wrsdom and wrll are blended rnto an rndrvrdual t rs utterly rm possrble to fund a competrtor rn personalrty just such a person rs Danrel Peter Olczak yet wrth malrce towards none ln truth thrs stands the reason for hrs unprecedented popularrty and the constant companronshrp of all lt was thus wrt and wrsdom that won the admrratron of hrs schoolmates and augmented hrs ruse as a typrcal Amerrcan boy From has scholastrc actrvrtres we can easrly deduce that only through has popularrty could he achreve such honor ln hrs senror year Dan or Orly as he rs better known was elected as the first presrdent of the newly organrzed glee club Thrs posltron was added to hrs other work as News Edrtor of the Bulletrn ln athletrcs he held a four year contract wrth the class basketball team Dan also played a hard game of football The versatrlrty of hrs resources left hrm two gold medal awards ln Latrn Olly achreved hrs mental alertness by explarnrng the most rntrucate grammatrcal constructrons But rn he future he rs yet to apply hrs mental acuteness an betterrng avratron as an aeronautical engrnecr . ', , , 1 , ' , 1 ' , 1 ' , 5 , , 2 I , , , : , , , , 4: . -, , 2 , : ' , ' 7 ' ' , who was the life of the party whenever there was one. Dan seemed to satirize all, ..:x:i2.-,E I f : xgh 'I I1 Q r Uhr Glrmmhvr '44 I X . ma v ,..f :rl .xgff In n STANLEY I PARTYKA fCho1r 4 Glee Club 4 Dramahcs 4 Intramurals Basketball 3 4 Track 4J Dllngence prety and snlence these qualutues tend to deluneate Stanleys char acter Party does not belleve nn long conversatlons Hrs words spoken are nuggets of wlsdom and treasure Reserved lovable and generous Party can clanm that he has but few enemnes From the past we have come to know hum as a quuet well mannered gentleman Besldes the ordunary late of a student Party has conscnentuously flled an hu posmon as Prefects secretary Has tenor volce has won for ham a posltuon IH the glee club Stan was an lnduvldual star nn the commando traunung program especnally the obstacle course On the athletlc treld he was one of those who never gave up wnthout a fnght Hrs class team has won many a decnsnve vuctory through hrs agrle and keen abnllty Stanley s character spells out a bright future for hum nn his career of prnesthood To hum we bud Bon voyage May he pnlot has shup of the Future and reach the port of Success . , l , , , , . 1 1 T - , I s r I xl A , -as 1, g 'P ' Uhr Qlrunahrr '43 MEDARD W PLUTA fclass Treasurer 4 Qrqamst 2 3 4 Glee Club 4 Dramatlcs 4 Oratory 3 4 Bulletm 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 Study Medal 2 lntramural Basketball l 2 3 4 Copermoan Club Reporter Phllatellst 41 Lackawanna s glft to St Francls IS thus modern Clceronuan orator a foot shorter than the shortest HIS small stature however contauns wnthnn nt a great mtellectual Splflf ln every Senuor class there can be found one whose sharp wnt and fun add color to the dull hours of school llfe Our class chooses Medard as the one most f1t for the guven descruptuon l-le has contrubuted much to the enjoyment of hrs class mates and deI1ght of has land professors To hrs consustency nn studles can be added the keen ab1l1ty of play1ng the puano and organ Thus Paderewsku of the Future has played wnth the orchestra for the past two years every morn1ng he played the organ at Holy Mass Pluts appreclates the better thungs an lnfe opera and classucs Wntness of great orator1cal abnluty has been seen 1n thus f1ery elocutuomst Medard dlsplayed great abulnty In Engllsh corn posutuon at hns post of COSSID and Feature Edntor 1n the Bullenn When he leaves us our loss w1lI be great for we shall rnlss hrs arnnable personaluty and goodness of soul We are conf1dent that as l1ttle as he may be no duffnculty wall be too great for hum l-l1s chosen vocatuon IS the pnesthood . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . , . 1, 4 1 H . . . , . . A 1t . 11 - , 1 -1 H . , . , , 1 . 1 ' o", of - 7 Q 'gf X ,ug A, I he Qlruaahvr '43 FERDINANDI RAITER fCl'101f 4 Glee Club 4 Orchestra 4 Dramohcs 4 Intramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 l V 2 Vars1ty Basketball 3 4 B seball l 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Copermcan Clubl The Yanks have Phnl Ruzzuto but St Francis has Frltz Rajter one of the best shortstops ever to don the Red and Whrte lnvery and the fastest man on the track and baseball teams who IS as good at b t as rn the fleld On the basketball court he has been the same swuft dynamac athlete manner and quick thrnklng have taken care of hum In all sltuatlons Havlng a bass vouce of good quality he was a chorr member and glee club snnger In the orchestra Fritz played a mean sax A skilled athlete a clever scholar and a loyal frnend he has made hrmself the envy of has comrades Hrs heavy volce and cheerful vnsage shall long be nmbedded ln our nmnds By has wrlllngness to cooperate he has auded In executing many plans Possesslng the courage and fortitude he most assuredly wnll gam the success that ts deservant of has effort Berng a gentleman we can trust ham to be a worthy representatnve of hrs Alma Mater and a real symbol of a true man Frutz s future was dark to everyone but hum elf Thea he went to New York Cnty nn Aprul and passed the Navy Arr Corps examanatlon and now upon gradu atlon Ferdy as a flyang cadet . 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' 7 7 I 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 . .7 7 ' I 7 7 7 CI 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' ' . a . . A I A great sportsman, Ferdy has more than held hrs own in the classroom. l-lis cool , . "m25,,,6 Uhr f!Irunahvr'43 EUGENE A SERAFIN fDramat1Cs 4 Intramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 I V 2 3 Ph1latel1st 41 Energy wrns the way Formtng the foundatuon of Genes character are rn tnatrve ambltlon and determnnatnon Loose lanky and llvely hns constant alertness IS characterrstuc of has cheerful dtsposutnon We have long sought the secret of hrs yet lncomprehensuble attrtude He seems to us a Irving paradox Hrs llfe us an open book nothung to conceal nothlng to be ashamed of Wlth dogged perslstence he has battled the tnde and rolled back defeat He dldnt know the words Guve up We have lrstened wlth great delnght and satlsfactlon to hns sound and convrncnng argu ments baffltng has teachers Gene possessed a love for physrcs and mathernatrcs ln the course of studnes he has cracked many a mathematucal nut by employlng his hlghly developed concen tratrve power ln the athletlc tleld he has given an example of a keen splruted sportsman defendtng has class team on all occaslons Genes rule of conduct anrnmg to satrsfy all and lnlure none has made hmm an honest and respected Character Frank and fearless he can look the future rlght nn the face Consclous of the fact that he has the makmg of a true sctenttst we can most snncerely forecast a successful future an hrs chosen career of chemustry 0 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' '1 1 1 1 .. - 1- , . 1 . . 1 1 - 1 , , 1 - 1 - 4 1 tt - 1, , . n V' srggmav , I I 5. r l -W r l 1 '. f Pt- . I! M U T Uhr Glrrwahvr '43 new MARIAN D SEREMET fGlee Club Sergeant at arms 4 Intramurals Football 2 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Dramatrcs Copemrcan Club Lrbrarranj On thus day of graduatron standrng amongst us we see Sam greatly changed rn srze and mentalrty but unchanged rn character Yes to us he rs strll the smrlrng farthful and generous fellow we met four years ago Sam rs a man of hrs word Independent he has strrved to keep hrmself from gettrng entangled rn other peoples troubles Hrs usefulness drlrgence and rneekness have made hrrn the unanrrnous chorce for any responsrble rob ln hrs spare trme he could be found rn the prrntrng room Hrs powerful bass vorce has won hrnn a posrtron rn the glee club and by hrs popular per sonalrty he has been elected to the posrtron of sergeant at arms rn that organrzatron Sharp and observant Sam has undertaken the study of character Srnce he cannot rudge hrmself we wrll help hrm along Hrs character rs a symbol of manlrness Along lrfes hrghway he wrll encounter new faces and new frrends May they all be able to apprecrate hum half as much as we treasure hrs frrendshrp and srncerrty Sarns goal rs the prresthood r ' ' ' r I 3 I 1 I In all his endeavors, Sam has had a reputation for himself as a tireless worker. , - , . . ,mf H s' su'3x, ,vu I is x , . X9 ' ' 18 6- ' In I E112 Qlruaahrr '43 THADDEUS WEGRZYN fCho1r 3 4 Glee Club 4 Dramat1cs 4 Intramurals Football 3 Basketball 21 An Engllshman would call Ted a gay chap a jovlal fell w Cheerful quiet puous and dnlugent he has kept pace with the rest of the students Of all has notable tralts hls frank stralghtforwardness as the most conspicuous An amiable modesty dld ever surround Ted who would rather llsten than talk To call hum a fudence always fauthful always slncere A cooperatmve and ardent worker he has alded un many an acttvuty Has bass bellownng vocal cords have added strength and ftrmness to many a glee club rendmon Has stature as small but hrs achnevements are great Has cnrcle of acquaintances ex tends beyond the Inmnts of hus classmates All who know hum honor and cherush his devoted companlonshup Our loss IS great In hts departure but we wull ever be proud of knownng htm We part though nnvoluntaruly wushung hum the best of fortune an has chosen fueld of avuatuon l ' , , : , 1 ' , 2 I 1 I V . .. .. .. . t ., or o . , show-off would be a terrible mistake, In him we find a friend worthy of our con- A , . A , . argxya ,201 1 C 1 "M " X 5 1 W , 1 a 'P Elite Qlrnzahrr '43 Q ' r' N711 J THOMAS A WIENCKO fOrchestra 4 Dramatrcs 2 4 Oratory l 2 3 4 Cheer Leader 2 3 lntramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 41 Rem1n1sc1ng over the past four years of studues we can t avoud thunkung of Tommy Keepung un mund has arnuable good nature and resourcefulness we can draw a clear cut plcture of a rnan small un snze but strong In character This courageous little red head has gnven confudence of an aggresswe and hard to beat scrapper We be lueved he could learn by experuence and he dud Tom has adhered furmly to the prnnclples forrmng the foundatuon of hus character He represents a man who accepts hns tasks cheerfully wnthout grumbllng even though they are duffncult Tom has dlstunguushed hnmself on the baseball dnamond Skullfully he has been handlnng the hot ground balls at second base and tossung them over to fnrst base ln many basketball games he has guven evudence of has strong and aggressuve spmt Has dramatic ablllty was shown 1n many an emotlonal scene As an orator he followed the example of Cncero provung hnmself most nnfluentual Though an orator of Cucero Tom found humself a butter enemy ln Latln We are most confndent that he wall prove a success as a Sacerdos Del a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . D - 1 1 - , . 1 1 1 A 1 ,, .H Elite Glrn,-.mher 43 UMM W I-,Z .1-lima' r A ll I 4 9 , J , 7 ff t - NORBERT G ZAWODZINSKI fClass Vlce President 4 Bulletm 3 4 Dramahcs 4 Intramurals Football 2 3 4 Basketball I V l Handball champion 2 Table Tennis champ1on 2 4 Varslty Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball l 2 3 captam 4 Coperrucan Club Presxdentj Norb has made his name an the sports hustory ot St Francis Equally capable In baseball and in basketball he has gladdened the heart ot his coach with many his teammates Unselfish he has not tried to be a hero but he has endeavored to use his own ludgment most soundly and to the best advantage On the diamond he patrolled the initial sack pulling many a bad throw out of the dust Whenever his hickory made contact the ball would sanl through the air past the mound and drop an safe territory Nature has blessed Blondie with a modest and unassuming personality He al ways strived for perfection strived to be precise and strived to make his presence as engoyable and pleasant as possible His love for sports and athletics has mam tested itself in his work on the Bulletin as Sports Editor Popular because of his good manly character he was chosen s the Vice President of the Senior Class Scien tifically and mathematically capable he has displayed sound judgment in choosing career for himself an the field of chemistry . ' ' , : ' , , : ' , 1 1 , f 1 I I ' -i I , I ' ' , . 2 ' I , , , : i t 1 i 1 I V , l game-saving plays. "Blondie" possesses the true scholastic spirit of cooperation with ' ZA . - . , - V . - Uhr Glruzahrr 43 3- .- sf-":"ov'qa J' r Tk Y 1 1 X 5 I A , 4 gy: f ig f Q I z -49 xf' Q, THE IUNIOH AND SENIOR CLASSES OF ST FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL umors L Turayskn A Baravcwskf Lawranowuc C Bnlek 1 janas A Cusek V Mafyszko S Sobus I Les A Domurat A Malmowsku Comeau R Gras F Odachowsku A Bse at L Nnemczyk S Cyman S Partyka A Machcmsku j Lu ck: era mn Murawsku Ra fer M Bute! C Ko us N Zawodzmgkx H Karp D Olczak M Seremet j ' 4, ' , A , ,j, Z ,.', . , . A , . SeniorsfM. Pluta, T. Wzggrzyn, C. Kofodzxej, T. Wuencko, E. Karpowucz, W, Krakowiak I . . bu , E. S f , L, , F. p , . , , b . -gag-Q iv- ' . I YE Uhr Glruzahrr '43 'UTQEM T TOP Freshmen Rvchllk Pxszczatowslu YVOJCIBCHOWSI-1 Khmczak Zebrowskl Lewandowskl Lewczvk Szvmanskl Dudek Nowak M0 hol Plkula QOEKI ZWDOTOWSKI Clelencki Zablckl BOTTOM Sophomores Zubrovuskx Wroble-w5k1 Ratka Duklewskx POdOWSk1 Sklba Trznadel PaJka Zalevsskl Rychllk Juras Baldwgi Jdrmfxkxewlcz Rzeymk Kowalewski Ignaszak Dudek KBIIIIEH LIDOWICZ Demblnskl f - , . . ., . . . , ' . 1 , ,,.vn. w. . . . . V . , . ' . V , , .V, 1 A . , . . . v A. , 1. 1 , I , , , , , 'P I he Qlrnzahvr 43 Eg Ugaxwg-'QQ CLASS HISTORY 1939 40 We arrlve as freshmen to St Francls Hrgh School Next we get acqualnt ed wtth the profs Bltel grves us a new mearnng for B C fbefore cropsl Red Ace and Hrtler fno relatron to the fanat1cal dlctatorl compose the Poxson Club they are DOISOH to Monk Ca student and not a petl Pluta starts to prafse Lackawanna He also becomes popular ln the second dorm fgets Jtsltors weeklyl Monk starts talk1ng and slnglng to hrmself Wrencko lf1GS to tell us that there IS a town called Throop Orly s tales of hrs adventures w1th hls brothers fascrnate us When Olly sees a coal tram go by he gets homesrck Kobus IS nrcknamed Peewee because of h1s S129 lohn and Hltler serenade us wrth thelr accord1ons on the eve of our departure for the ChT1SlmGS Holldays After New Year s we return feellng l1ke veterans of the school We could not attend the Masquerade Ball because we mlssed the bus to Buffalo Serafm IS named lerky because of hls unconscrous act1ons We play mtra mural basketball but f1nd 1t tough golng agamst the upper classmen The fresh arr flends of the freshmen class are smeared wtth snow by the semors caught smokmg ID the fourth dorm Athletrc Nlght comes around and results W1ll'1 the freshles takmg a btg port1on of the DIIZSS Buffalonlans fcalled Baby lon1ans by the outstdersl go home for Easter vacat1on Elght freshres become members of the Baseball Varslty lune comes around and th1s means exams and vacat1on 1940 41 We return to St FIGHCIS as sophs who thlnk they own the school We have new classmates as Partyka Kolodzlel Wegrzyn and others Some new profs greet us ln classes Orly and Karp form a two man club The smokers are caught rn the act up 1n the hay loft Goo takes French leave Partyka tells the boys to qult gtppon when they play poker lake recetves tltle of Ten cent mechanic fl-le f1X9S anythlng from a flashllght to a truck Sophs thrnk 1t s fun to p1ck on the frosh Monk brags about that l1ttle Russ1an gtrl Sophre Ace becomes Er Vrctors left hand man Beefy Pluta becomes organrst at St Erancrs Reds IS secretary to Fr Edward Cybulskr wears Ankle Pants Roman asks for ton1c at a soda fountam Freshres use the road tn gorng to the gas house and are caught by the Prefect lake sets record for oe1ng thrown out of the classroom Buffalo loe qults school Kltchen IS belng rarded tSophs'?l Army glves lake a brg order for rocket shrps Basketball season starts wrth srx sophs on the Varslty Chrrstmas vacat1on St Francls beats Canrslus and leads league Cy Jolns Arr Corps S E H S loses tltle game About half of the students go home for Easter Vtfe return to school and start a fatr Baseball season Then Frnal Exams and another school year IS flnrshed 194142 Twenty two full fledged Junlors compose the class of future graduates Two new members are added to the veterans Ace Blelat 1S elected Presr sqlxyvitu as I "JR - , l. . if , , and juniors. Pond freezes and we are able to skate for a short time. Murph is 1 , H 1, . . . . . 'r ' Uhr Qtrnaahrr 43 Herr f qw dent of the lug Club w1nn1ng over Monk Karpowtcz by a sltgnt marg1n Fr Theodore wonders whether KOlOdZ19J IS wear1ng sport sh1rts or pyyama tops Pluta starts partlng h1s ha1r 1n the m1ddle but stops when Fr Alexander tell h1m that every block has an alley Our new student Cyman tells stor1es about East l-hgh School lntra mural footbal1 1S started and the Iun1ors are well represented The Unholy Three Beds Karp and Olly start terrortzmg the school The path to the Gas House IS worn out by th1s t1me FIVG ,un1ors make the Vars1ty B1tel passes h1S Phys1cs test N1emczyk learns to mend socks Seremet IS thrown out of bed and de 1des to sleep on tne floor F1rst dorm plays ntght football Ace servlng as the p1gsk1n Br Can11lle surprtses the boys 1n the kltchen Monk s gettmg lonesome ffor whom9J Ierky answe1s ques tons 1n h1s sleep W1encko gets new name Term1te Cnrlstmas vaca Basketball IS resumed St Franc1s WINS 3 stra1ght f1r11sh1ng 1n secona place agaln lankowsk1 IS unanlmous ChO1C9 for All Star team Ace and Ierky are caught Wllh 6 bottles of Pepst Cola strapped about them Sport N1ght IS held and as usual Batter and N1emczyk w1n the most prtzes las and Blondy 1n thetr flashy socks try 11tterbugg1ng fthat s all they do IS tryj Murphy starts SITIOKIHQ a p1pe but qults because 1lS too m1ld for h1m Baseball s ason starts So does sw1mm1ng Wally p1tches good games has tough luck Wl1om do the Nuts go to see after supper? Fmal exams Three down only one to go 1942 43 Same faces return for the last lap Class meetlngs are held regularly and off1cers elected Everythtng seems chfferent wtth new rector and prefe ts Ace threatens a walkout but changes h1s m1nd Great plans made for start1ng a year book organ1z1ng soc1e11es lmprovlng campus recreat1onal fac111t1es Glee Club IS formed lntra mural football shows good teams Orchestra 1S re organ1zed w1th 7 sentors formmg 1ts heart Sentors and luntors buy f1re place w1th help from rector and prefect Gas house IS as busy as Grand Central Stat1on Reds tells more tall stor1es but we re used to them by now Sen1ors w1n football cup Basketball comes ID Glee Club SIDQS over rad1o Murph keeps blowlng at h1s sax Everyone goes home for Chr1stmas Bltel and Seraftn are feud1ng Hot foots ID L1brary Sen1ors go to Masquerade Ball Basketball team w1ns trophy 1n B D1v1s1on Mtnstrel Show planned so Kaz teaches danc1ng to the chorus L1ttle yellow cards come 1n Kdraft not1cesj Blondy O1ly and Karp flunk V12 because of eyes RaJter 1S an A1r Cadet Wally passes A12 Cy qutts readlng l1brary books We have a successful Baseball season FlISl Year Book IS prlnted Graduatton Ad1eu St Franc1s The Class of l943 salutes you and all you stand for ' Q "flu '?"'. . Q KL- ' 93 . 9 1- V , 1 ' - , ., ,t . . . . 11 . H I 1 , - tion. Bed is so overcome QWith loyl, that he can hardly walk to the train. , .- U S . . ' . ' ' ' c . 1 1 L L1 1 I G ,1. M53 Sifeluavl- 0"'5 etllkx Alma Mater Son g On the shores of old Lake Ene Neath the blue of the sky Stands our Alma Mater Known as Samt Francts l-ltqh Shme on Alma Mater Be our quldlnq hqht We salute and chertsh thee Mtqhty Red and Whrte Memorles ol schoolboy splendor ln men s hearts never d1e Loyal sons remember Days at Samt Franots l-hgh Hall our Alma Mater Ratse your banner true As we smq your pratses Francts we love you I ff W' ef I l R 0 " 3 A."-bfl,'Q, , V 1:1 , It ,.,. 3 3 V --,..- 5 1 '- .-.- .. ' f, -... h.. J - N Q ,- , ,... -- :AEA best? Z? Q, " ,- at Q, . mv .af of 'W' K -- I 5515" 'Ar 'A ji-21222-N I I ' Y 'sow if N ' ' ' ' I f . ,11.f,. fit 23 ' ' I f - A ' ' yi. -ju. V rn. VV 1... M rrtyr if v V if N'-' wqlflj ' ' V' 'T' l.'i'?1'i---.e 1' .X F ,, X 0 wg-H 8 CNS +0 S Emu MZUOU Em C005 ULOJ 05 Um an Lwmnmg me wo my-:mm rt SWE wk-2 gt P-MENS GEO ma Q- UFOJ wg 2 COP QC Lmcsm 32 24 3Oy ONNQELM-:C mm :Oy h COO ENS mm:-hm :LQ Wh E-EAI m me EE U!-5Om am-2 wc If-5m xi 24 3 X QU SCJ EW UC wg m m DOJ km :Oy mmm-QUSDEM Enom m ml 1- W L O E65 4 wtmm hmmm ,ODF-M300 -Er-LO 201- VO BOO OZOW MP M0511 9-COW DEE mxgw BOX CBM J 30 Oy-80 EEE BOX 932 :JO C F-may O-O-O-O- - W IU:-do Qt JO 932 O H Ast?-E wr W E55 1 - -M1 - N 3 000 UO W E55 A M Q-E35 W CSE EF-X5 SEO nu Om as N-Cr-S5 -Siva :Oy LO WO h Lugz! ASSE :lg OU E55 OZ Vim E- KODJQ WJOOD MLOQW SO W N WNW m-SCENE 0 DS- Lw COL MCO P-OEOU 3 OP W-mmm mf VO lg- LSOD DESK mmlo L E H M -5 -ESOP my F520 wgsm 30 U W3-2 -Egg Um SBU Cm-2 Em UI 0 EW w m mu EE?-:QE Dm MCOQ-mc A L mf EDC E Q EO am Em: C EJ NLOUQ Dm-OZ 3 E26 as-SOE-3 O EM WEOU L 4 -SCCJO im-Z w-JUL U C OH ww: bmi w D 8 5 hm 33 3: EE m D -out mcm QU :JELO54 U CEU22 Og' 9 4 BWOQEOU hw NUC? E EUC wr-m 3 E9-G Em mea XE-Z m D ,gui m D 523 E-mm BEE-E BOE :X LOHUULD 0 bmujmx! U EEUU-2 Us 9 4 EUSEEOU Q62 ZO L- E24 wc V-UON4 O Umm wr-Oi wc A wc N U h -U wc VT-OX5 MC rm Q-Xmm M: hmm MC vga mc mc W ww 3 mc View wc V-OEM mc Jw-4 JE? ESD J ME MMDB-E: wc Ccm Q wc Q3 W SOC my Sumo EF-:JI wc :O A wc Gm OU QF-Em MC :ENS wc L2 Q 7mmOI ZUCO m -WEEE- ,UUE- Em C30-m -Q Zan W-Umm no k I -EQ-32 Um xr mg EO EMBO Gaiman V-CO2 In m 3 :X 34 mq -4 V-mc NUOXQGN Ov-U,-5 3 Cydwvxs EF-Nam C mam L2 mm 23 a Q Z:-va mm V-w3OLUmUO lxgogw Z lmgmL3E VGC Eg-2 Jug - Jw 3012! 0 NUDE! WZDOX NU 3095- gm! CE-:NAU 2 m hm O m E242 Q -W HHAAAA 6 lrrlulgul 1 glllx I I.,' - M-1 2 : 1 Q 1 I F 1 M 1 I.ll--. I 1 I I ..",4lI4.I- Z1 - ..""'. 1 1 1 mv- 1-19 - :I W 1 lm 1 lllh F LO m 1 l".". M 1 I .-.' 1 '.l-,,, mo! I H -NL 1 -BO 'UQ' 1 Alnnl 1 -1 J- .'4A.A Nt-Q 1 A F vlA.'..v M -LO -AE? 1 U".Y hm - Y -'-.-- J I 1 Q 1 'I,l E OO 1 L .IAII - -1 v4,., I A."' 1 J - I h UV-QP VHHAIQ- Q I -I ulkl. -I 'l4'A' I-O 1 -O C-I 1 --I hm--w-F AAAV- 1 Q 41 -1 -M 1 luvvl 1 ymcogm F-wsor-:XICQDUWWCOU "-. NA- 4.6l.l4l llll 1 -I--f - 1 1 i - I -1 My W 1 .V,'A'4.4A I ,'4l4 1 lm A M ..-A :www Q85 'IIQI 1 ,'.AA"A -U1 .O 1 1 Allnl 1 -2 I -M 111--NE W l W Bm A W :l-1-Mm-11- I 1 O --NO-Q31 AWIA U ..-4..v.- E AIII M - VAVVK Z J : 1- ..". -El Ingk I ruuluvb 11 Illlb 1 nu D -Vi - I A --1 - 1 Anll 1 1 -IUI 11 W- m - ------ V: --llr 1 1 ME --1- 1 I 1 --1 ------ -D 1 Q l------111 M tlll- M- Y----1 - --11 1 - M 1 E.: - 1 d :Q 1 : ---.1-1 XO Q 111-- Q-Q --I W- - I -1 .--- J- ----- - -1--- -1 I d ,- 1 1 - ----- 1 1 ------ Ill- - I - - - - -- - of QaidaQ114111114414alaaaaaiaaaaaaalaalaaalaaaaaaadavaa QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ1QQQQQQQQQQQ A 0Brga11i atinnn QRCHESTRA GLEE CLUB CGPERNICAN DRAMATICS BU LLETIN ORATCDRY w C Xi Nhndhu ofthe desue of QU her students to future qreutness St FYCITICIS haeforfenqfosknedthe behefthmtpmr UCIDGUOH utcdfsocteuesfs Otpwuue un pouunce IH dexeknmuq charaderwhcs winch are essenuol H119Ud9fS The ceauqfoftnumc Gnd UE?1HHUGNLQ M the muqe Hwepoweroftcuumumruaud the correctness of sctenttftc facts fmcxfly the Gppecd of omnory cdfthese our Alma Mater stresses m her Orccmtzct Mons Thw uuerey qua cure have re Duhed1n Success ofuerrepresentuuou cnsmoqe and overtheemner tuey huwe fwouqhtdueremwwtundrenowntothe school Q51 u-bww amdf fff Jlllflffffff 444415 'XQ'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q'Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q , . ' ' ' I ' ' ' ' fe ,. , . , . . A , 1 , f 1 , .' 4 A',Y , . V , . Q 7 ' Y 1 , aofwfvw 1 Sr? R2 F-Q55 fp ffm, X- x .,S, gh .- 193' xg AM' 'U V 15 W, F ' 'IJ E' Xifigrw f ' I I f N M133 , 'J 'W V 1' 1' , f . 'II Uhr Glruzah-rr '43 GLEE CLUB One of the wtdest and best tlourxshmq orqanrzauons at St Franc1s rs the ulee Club formed by Fr Adam tn September 1942 After lenqthy preparatrons the Glee Club made 1ts debut at the Thanks grvma Assembly The sen or se tron sang Shortnm Bread and Bracra Nuz whrle the Jun1ors presented Cotmn Thru the Rye ard You Are My Sun shme l-leartened by rts favorable receptron the Glee Club partrcrpated rn a Chrrstrnas play qlven by the Senlors stnqlnq a number of Chr1strnas Carols rn Enqhsh Pohsh and Laun Here also the newly wrrtten Alma Mater Sona was tntroduced The play and smqtnq were both repeated at Hamburg N Y a few days later Cn February 22nd the St Francts Glee Club was heard for the llTSl tune ver the radmo Statron WBNY Ptenartrons rn luded The Alma Mater Sona Guadearnus lqltur Ptesn Zolnlerza Plowowlosa Dztewczyno Na Wy ntoslym Gory Szczycte and Brac1a lNuz The tollowtnq appearance cvpr tne ether was for Palm Sunday when Father lusttn s Rosary l-lour emanated Irom our Chapel tor the thrrd SUCCGSSIVS year ln March a Mtnstrel Show was qrven so the Glee Club appeared Un black tacej stnqlrq Negro bptrttuals qay dtttles and the best of Stephen Foster The Soctety s hrahly sugcessful season closed wrth Rev Bolek s Pro gram on Lopernt us The annrwersary ot thts areal Pole was Qornrnentorated ry the Cttee Clul xx th a Vartety of Polls' talk sonas anal Gaude Mater Polenta f-1 . , . , . I . , , A. ,I . 1 ff H , ff w . C . C , . . . H . I 1, H A , - 1 A , . . , . . f 1 , . J. . I - f . , , ., , . A . . , 1, , . F ' C , . C . , V, . H H . f f - , If H . H ff I I I T , 1 , N H . T H . , I ' , T , , fs. - . t 1 f W , A , . , , , , r - 1 f s. . H . . , C ' Y f f v Y - J t t L, . ,Y r YA ff , 1 l r. l J , 1, J . ."'fTTf"1 Uhr Qlruzmhrr 43 "lqT,1l' r -l ORCHESTRA The Orchestra IS one ot the school s oldest extra currrcular act1v1t1es tractng 1ts begtnnrng to l92f Under the able rnstructtons ot Rev Vtctor Balcerak each year saw a splendtd mustcal organrzatlon representrng the Red and Whrte on all occastons ln 1942 the duty of musrcal dtrector was transferred to Rev Adam Zaydel Stnce h1s ascendency to that post the Orchestra has been reorganrzed and new rnstruments have been added The debut ot the new Orchestra was made at the Thanksgtvxng Assembly where they played Polkas and Mazurkas The next appearance was tn the school theatre for the Chrlstmas Program The Orchestra combrned Lhrrstmas Carols wtth Polrsh pteces to add to the gay season At the request of Rev Alphonse Ptglewskr the boys repeated thelr numbers at Hamburg w1th loud applause testrfytng to the splendrd work ot the dtrector and the musrcrans When 1n March a Mrnstrel Show was grven the Orchestra was nrst to prepare The mustctans wrth faces pamted black accompanred the stngers another rnvttatron to Hamburg was accepted and on May lo tne Orchestra of 1943 presented 1ts recttal on he Coperntcan Program presenttng a number of Poltsh preces and Marches laelore a large audtence The Personnel mcluded Prana Medard Pluta Accordrons Leonard Nrern czyk and Stanley Ratka Vtoltns Iohn Les Leon Wroblewskr and Francrs lgnaszak Trumpets Thomas Wrencko and Lours Turalslct Saxophones Ladls laus Murawskt Walter Sobus Robert Worcrechowslct Rtchard zsubrowskt and Edmund Duklewslcr Drums Adam Ace Btelat absent from photograph Ferdtnand Hatter Saxopnone Also on the p1cture ts Menceslaus Bttel A . . f, I ' 1 t I I l V 4 I 1 and end men, playing many charming Southern dark songs. On April 4 , . A A . . A 4 . w . V L' 1 v I H I I X 4 .I F7 V 4 T I A ., ,, . I . ' . , P . A Glhv Qlruzahrr 4 SKARGA ORATORICAL SOCIETY The ability to express oneself is a long acknowledged art Now however it is more than an art it IS a necessity to every progressive person Demosthenes Cicero Webster and Skarga have set high standards to follow Therefore we can readily appreciate the interest and care which St Francis takes in fostering oratory among its students Revs Edward Kostrzewa and Ferdinand Bakinowski They have responded nobly in preparing the boys for the annual American Legion Contest which proposes as the topic the U S Constitution We are happy to say that this year again our school was sponsored by the Adam Plewaclci Post of Buffalo The contest was held in December at St Francis with the following results Walter Krakowiak school champion Leonard Kamien second and Louis Turaiskl third Monetary prizes were awarded The school winner represented St Francis at Hamburg in the County Finals ln May the Knights of Columbus sponsored a contest on The Holy Father s Position in This Modern World Krakowiak spoke for our school with Turaiski as alternate Besides these contests the Skarga Oratorical Society has taken part in debates and discussions of lesser importance COPERNICAN SCIENCE CLUB One of the biggest achievements during this school year has been the revival of the Copernican Science Club Founded in l93l the club lapsed into comparative insignificance until 1943 when Fr Adam Zaidel due to the insistance of the senior class reopened the society enthusiastically Joined by 43 students. The old Constitution has been preserved intact but the activities have increased. There are now six general divisions: Photography Biology and Science conducted by Fr. Adam' Radio and Electricity under Rev. Felix Pasko' and Biography directed by Rev. Ferdinand Bakinowski. Great progress has been made but even more is predicted for the future. The Photography Dept. has taught the use of various cameras the tech- nique of taking developing and enlarging pictures- Biology and Science students have done practical work in the Biology Laboratory while the Radio and Electricity classes have conducted experiments in the Physics Laboratory studied code and made crystal sets. The records of all these doings besides being entered into the minutes have been printed for the public in the Bulletin. The big event for this year has been the 400th anniversary of the death of the scientist for whorn this club is named, Nicolaus Copernicus. In honor of this great Pole, the Copernican Science Club of St. Francis held its own Cele- bration, writing and reading theses on his life, and setting a week for the study of his discovery. 1 -'im ' ' V ' Q N s V ' 'V , ' . 9. '- The duty of teaching public speaking has fallen on the English professors, SKARGA ORATORICAL SOCIETY Front Plum Krakowuak Turajsku Wnewcko Buck Baidyqa Karwuw Maiygzko Pukula my COPERNICAN SCIENCE CLUB v I ku e uc rm OC O C Pre :dem W Krak wnma Secret rv F Odachowbkr Treasurer D Olczak carter M Ceremer Sergeant at Arm N, jarmzsau vw , -rr w, 'P I P Glrnaahrr 43 m y fr DRAMATIC CIRCLE Saint Francis can point to its Dramatic Circle with justifiable pride Founded in l94O this society h s met with instart approval and con equently has develcped rapidly This ye r four plays were undertaken The first presentation was offered at Christmas and it starred thc, entire Senior Class There was a raoio shcw rf Ch ries Dickens immortal Chrustmas Carol Excellent performances were rendered by Walter Krakowi k as Scrooge I-lenry Karp as Marleys Ghost Marion Serernet as Fred Eugene er fin as Tiny i n a u Stanley Cyman as Mrs Cratchit ln a pantomime satire cf Capt john Smith Casimir Kolodziel s Pocahontas Flortan Cdachowski as B12 Chief Big Shot and Casimir Kobus as Smith were standouts ln March the Dramatic Circle prepared that all time favorite a Minstrel Show lt was a marked success Endmen were Daniel Olczak and Florian Odacnow kt Fercrinano Ralter and Leonard Niemczyk joseph Dudek and Anthony Nowak Edwin Karpowicz and Adam Bielat The interlocutor was Walter Krakowtak As was expected the show was stolen by the veteran comedy team of Karpowtcz and Bielat or the Monk and the Acer mellow voice singing a blues Ong Closely vying with these for top honors were Ralter and Niemczyk as Fuzzy and Wuzzy Another feature was the colored all male chorus The boys gave out with a combination of the square dance tap titterbudging and everything under the sun A companion play to the Minstrel was the Polish Zolnierz Meaard Pluta as Felek a consumptive lad gave a sterling performance and Daniel Olczak made a very imposing general Leonard Kamien will be a stage star soon and Norbert Zawodzinski could compete with Barrymore in his realistic impersonation of a dying soldier Praise was lavishly heaped on the thespians Yet at is no wonder that the productions enjoyed the success that they did lt is all due to the patience devotion and interest of our Father Moderator Rev Edward Kostrzewa Teaching rehearsing and m king new scenery he spent much time and effort on the Dramatic Cir le Therefor to him go our heartfelt and sincere thanks and congratulations on a rob well done THE BULLETIN Practrcal experrence ts always necessary to success rn any prolessron If lournalrsm IS chosen by any of our students as a career they wrll at least know the srrnpte rudlrnents of newspaper work St Francrs has rts own lrterary organ the Bullet1n a paper rn maqazlne torrn comma out at the end of each ttve week perrod The Bulletrn IS a source of specral prrde to us Begun as a srnqle page fenture last year lt IS now autte an elaborate affair averaqtnq lb pages wttn hand sketches and pictures Under the qutdance of Rev Edward Kostrzewa the crrculatron has rncreased from 75 to well over 500 There are various de partrnents as News under Danrel Olczak and George Bnek Features unde Medard Pluta and Anthony Crsek Sports under Norbert Zawodarnskr and lohn Les Cnossrp under Stanley Cyrnan and Leon Wroblewskl Book Revtews under Walter Krakowtak and Carl Dudek lrnally the Edttorlals vvrttten by the Edrtor rn chret Krakowrak and Assocrate Lours Turarskr Menceslaus Brtel does the Art work whlle Adam Brelat loseph Come ru Leonard Kamren and Robert Wot h echowskr serve as class reporters 'lhrs school paper has served many purposes It has been a stepprna sto tc to the establrshrnent of an Alurnnr Assocratron It has been a source of pleasure to the faculty and the students We speak wrth truth when we say that the Bulletrn rs one ot the frnest examples ol mr neoqraphed nterature "5t.,5'5g 'PS' .M n I -. 1 , , X w , . 'f Q- ,u f .1 ". I 27. P , , M b A V f r . I - V 'W -is ' . . 3 . . L S I . V . . . ,, T , , , V. . ' ' , ' , . Sf a ' ' Tn n L 5 ' . , .M . , V . . - . . , . ,,. ' ' . I ' ' ' s ', ' ' more appropriately, After their sketch, "lt Am Hard To Die," Monk favored all with his . . I V Sl ,. D . . . A . . , . , . , , . ' , , a , ' -' : . e, ' i , i . , . . . . , , - i , 1 , ' " z , r f. N i l I i. F . , , , , , . . , . , 7 , ' , i , . ' ' , . ' .F ii . X v' . 1 ' ' l l FREDRO DRAMATIC CIRCLE "S.F.H.S. BULLETIN" STAFF FACULTY HOUSE BROTHERS lt lS vvlth a feellng of real pleasure that we speak here of the Venerable Brothers of St Francls Hlgh School Theur co stant lndustry ple-ty and rellglous character have mad a deep lmpresslon on all of o Below lS a very short sketch of each Brother Camll Antkovvl R has been head cook at our school ever slnce nts establlsh ment Frlendly and lflnd he has alvvay been a tavorlte especlally of the older boys rother Camll s 2 althtu p rts in 1nd has shown hrs gratltude tor a well pla GC contest bv a colunary treat Brother Alexander Dodck as wnother long tlrne r :dent here Skltled In mechanlcal contrlvances he as he d tc hnlclan flxlnv unythlng from dull skates to leaklng radlators He has a spiclous elabc ratcly equlpped vvf rkshop Brother ulnn Woznlwlq his been h re only 3 years but he has made hls presence v ra ly e h Paco House Selclorn mlssmg a basketbal or ase arne we nldtl stlll hear has cheery vat encouraglng the Rcrl and Whltc t vct Brother lVl1tlhcw Rzeplm rct Kcr ff th b ns l cqu prnent wt St F ncls 1 quuet ind onussumlng rnun Hc his r-name nmny lrnprovernents In hls Llornaln Hard otlfer Stunt l s suv rw l orc res rw vmr He hw rut a gar len c rn tml s or class rm he vc the lwvv rn wer r p tterec urn ng the o n Brotner Fcl lan leszc ylf a n anfus as assl tan f H l a y eng 'nan hm: g wttenclc c l Wt h cmc at our senlcrs at Balt rno e .'- K , . ' , n , ' e ' ' s 1 ' a, L ' ' ' - B I C t l s 'H tt 5 . c ' A y l ce H . ' - es 1 . l ,, a 1: L , ,, . ' , . . L v H - 1 l . . . 3 1 , B , . ta i, b ' t lt. He ls Chet at t e 1 lt, 'H r , l b - ball g , - are tha l ltr hls sClT ul splrlt, and can fl ce, ' ' , ' ll I lrfrv I H . 1, ca -al t I e ar ant K l 1 . ra , IS 1 C 1 . tx 1 ' L . f l' 1 . - vw ,rklng and contented, he llc-serves vor ntghest prarse. Br t . sous Kmlnwn, ab H t tr ,W D ct -, we the n,lC, t HL 5 ,g cr 'l sy 1 X er at ,f -r gchr l, .tnw any t we cuolfl 'ee hsrn tr rvn Q ' one ds " clro - . n- s f-g 'v l, 2 la t' ' -lc KL l 1' 1 u h' s pu ,t cw wc ti, St. Fr , ' s t claim. e e s- , , fn C t. Srl s hoo' t at '- f ' ' t r .,1"s,f0q J' 1 S do . if , X 9 - 8' JS P 1 A - ' Uhr Cllrnzmher 143 s' ' - 5 "-y.ii?a.-Y4f TOP The St Fror1C1s AeroC1ub suoerV1sed by Rev Fehx Posko T1'11S souety founded recently IS very popu or ot the school Mony o1os 1C rnooels hove been rnc de oy the members Choumon 1S Lou1s TUYCIJSK1 EQTTOM The Prderewsu Ph1lo1Ie11C SOCIGY whose Mooero or IS the Joluoble oollecuons Pres1den 15 Henry Koro V1 e pres1dent 1S W'o1l1er Sobus Se retory 1S Eo'11u Dumewsk o C1 Treosur r IS Ronno P1szCzotowsk1 " , 1 , J 1 I . . ' s' ' 1 X o . ' ' A ' '. 2 Q 1 f o t , ' 3 ' sgnool rector, Rev. PQ1c1f1C Boidygo. Th1S SOCIQTY boosts of o nurnber of very 1 1 t A , C V A ' 2 C A '1 nd ' X - 1, W e. ' . n ' '. lg --Skating pond. A5- Monk Karpowicz. A147- Al I ---Hike group. AZ-- AIO---jeep. A9 Sharks. lcebreakers. 'joey Serafin. - aseball iarnond. Alf A Fe ix, f Tourists. A8-f-"Nymph" Comeau, A3 Three bums on a bike Monk Bilek? BT--fjurag, Zubrowski, Batdyga, A13 Friendship A8 Athletic night. B8 'Crew team. BI Initiation, 159W- " ' e.: fa so. 1-fav. +.:,,.f.- ' " L1 ' . ' H A' 1 4 'I fe! - ff I 35 jo QQ, H" 'U ' , - if-a f - "tw -12, D A 1 , 'Q Y I we 9 'T -3 R - 1 . 1 K ' f r f 1 sz V ' x 01 .MgmgQ.5Ww4:,:g', fiZJ,1mzg:,,1 7 , A ' 'f 28" it 'ga Q D' I ecapz e ' Lnttle Nwa an rractfca 'Wser C ubomes C-7 U2 Q ff, ,fp 2" , - I weg7Q,ggQ, . 1 VVJX n. " ,Ast , V "r.p,z1r.mfa Di -ut-1 T' 9 C- OU mc D' C ld 5 DW- - g C 'X cgkgx D5 fkhrx x, Rec D9 -Z pant: C?-N V DWQf4 r S1 Hanna a N 1nannSel abers of Athm spring Ilcxs T11 9 Pace ff and Lead B1sl10P5 Du YL 0 5 Turner Basketball 0 P s I-N' as of Mhol Spdngre the 5' Fran 1 wnnamwlll' Du, nn 0 5 hop! Nemtmiunners ln me B ieapeotlvelyv Us: Turner dlvxsxotvl York 5' if the WeS'e"'o,,F1,as1awa11 cot, olxc H'gx?,gS5:e season mme' in fer g l'l0lTle S tops th X ht t Francla im slx atrsf: mence U-etch drive e Bunn? S dwlsxon W defeat: d Du Y alhst no degdlocke and Si th thr xsxus nd place wl ach Un n or Sew 1-ts 0 Our sta Cond px f les m f se tor A n0S5e551on of Qhn MBT St Joe s Qumtet to Face Unbeaten St Francis Tomglml St Josephs Collegiate Instlt basketball team will ba afforde t nlty to clxmb mto a tle oppor u flrst place ln the Duffy dlvlsxo Cath the Western New York Hugh School League tonight w the Maroon cagers face St F f Athol Sprmga undefe cms o pace setter The game IS sc t 8 30 uled for St Joes gym a stralght games notched a na J e a in a pre v1ct0l'y over St o V4 meetmg of the two teams at H Sprmgs Playing if-S urt however St JZ co dent of rever- 5 l Yule Wm Yfa 5,00 C. umvhs ag Joes are ee vlc hd 'St Francis Canlslus Neumann W N Y leaders St Francxs of Athol Sprnngs Lamsxus and Neumann are the un defeated leaders of the Blshops Duffy and Turner dxvlslons of the VK estem INCW York Catholic Hlgh School basketball conference St Francls IS settmg the pace nn the Blahop Duffy dnvlsxon wlth three trxumphs and no defeats W K 1- 1 St Francu Beat Canmun 40 38 Takes League 1-Old st Franc1s of Athol SPY took ox er unchsputed possesslo flrst place ln the Duffy dwlslc the Catholxc High School Ba ball I eague bv nosmg UU? B st l St Francis Hugh Cagerg Defeat St Joe Qumtef At Athol Sprangs 29 23 St Frallcls Hlgh School 11351191 ball team plaxmg on ng hump court at Athol Sprmgg ruemay nlght defeated St Josephs Col leglate Prep of Bullnro 29 to 2., 1n a Western New York Cgfhgllp Hugh school League game Francls led throughout the game lu S1 Joezvn Pg 1-1 S1 ERKNLIS IA.: P Ft 1 nsum u .Hannon-K1 1 umm 1 Sou ll Kxcnuukl lk KOH r fd 1 a a nel la he lg I TIUIIIP nn 6 to ver Nellma ' 1 SPM, St Franc 1 gS Y 1 DN had cond rush ff sw 'fs C s S 5 F Qncf11cxovg'u2N H51 11 35mUgcl'l00lhg: Spflnfxpxonshl K nt M A 5109 Chao lg Tl on dw l catn0l'Cape rn get ue cor h 5 me netball maize want P aasachoasug WM tw W, rail ' 1 FRA C? '50 32132121 1. Sew U19 Q A s odacnzefmx 'L 0 n 9-is Bs 1,5106 My c o Duns 'rr 99 ,4 A Rosa' pa K' rs c Maliftixcm 0 2 LM 5 cu ls 5 0 Francis of Amo hilked up its second wxctory In t thohc High School Bu C WNY A terday duel all League Yes mamsvme ef K akowlak on mggggegor S: Francxs lags four hxts and fungi? gina wl The Salntsdvonn the fourth fue nlgvigzrgcht tripled with Jen-ind Fred Rayter smgle on alr score another P0 0 0 5 1 O V-A 11 1 w High 0 l n 9 L-Wu '13 mn 1911052 cw K gamer 51: Francll 0100000- Neuxnann Odechowskl kowllk and x lnsgnxenn and C and M he I we e League ere rent bask me marv toll th ST FR wh Jan skl d Sowa lf Sf Francis H1gh Cagers T'8l1fen lst Place Grup By Defeating HolyAngel5 e fzrst place ln the Dull? gold on of the Catholic League sconzrszon insv 46 to 10 victory Over goin ngels Colleglale InSl.ltu1e T Y day at Athol Sprmgs It W ues Frnnr-le n, M Q nh, IBWVHHS Sl 1- vlc St Francls Nme Wms Over Holy Angels, 4.3 koasklwslfh double by Hank Jan Sldachovm skx i1:c:!::t3,:1::2E,' drove 0 W th We gxmung run yesterday to :1 to 3 rams of A9101 Sprmgs g 2 a WgtleTnphb?ver HOIV Angelsain League a UW York Catholxc BT FQALTIS at the Front wo ABR 5 Hou nom, Jl yk rr 3 Odlch lk! c 3 .Yank lkl lt 4 Rlltlr gg 4 zaw llielrose an AB BYDP ll 0 Roberta Zh 0 Toukhey if 3 Walsh 15 2 2 Com ma a 0 Tron hm! C Barone p I 'lnlrzn 0 Brun kl Zlenrok 3 :fav lf ep chi 11 2 Wiencko 3b 2 gf- an ISD :ki Rrako ak E f Total: I Prmcls DIY Ansel: Bun on b lak 2 Barons rakowlak 5 Rajter mo 1, G 28 'roman 3 0211 00 Us Stagnlckl 5 5 Kr-1 cor nnjggugkfilhr s at nam 1 e B Y b I-Selllls Robe-ff .lxukr Q 2 Sn tex ana Ddachowskl 10 Wlntlckl Zawodmn 14 gtagnlckfgl, gmnrflffu Fapvwlak umpire Hd,- Sf Fra Holy A :Ui fiagers Defa111 The S ge S 01' l0tl1 Strang Scnool C Chall-red featmg 1 Inshtute g ourt T Tw the Samt the Duff ht craPPX St Franug Hlg up another ucgorv by d C Qulntet on the victor. S flrst pl .YI?1x1:mn zfethiogggilolln IC was thc smtlz league Slzfrllqtralght of the our s ous Eason The Wm ANCIS T th Wm and 2 HOLY Ayqg-ELS Lan ggsslzfn H 1 mt Nlckovfrey 4? elm: Yedella W sh 1 Barone 1 Bram t Krakow lak dach ski leorechg buck! s 1 8 Z lcuwskx afglinaikl n A' K0 s lrg rona YZEH Skl Karp ura 1 1 Zlentikr I 0 Total Sz F1 Hols 1:51, Refer:-sGauron 11 46 Total 9 9 cis cl ll-41 A 'X I g l Q . - Q , . ' ' , . . . . - I 5 , -- 1 1 v A - ' ' . , - . A U I . I D D - I V ' ' I! ' ' ' ' l ' . ' " iv . " ' . ' 1 ' 1 C h. 1 ,,,-,- .-1....-- r " ' , V h ' UW .. - . O - 0 0 I Sc - 1 1 . -cr 1 A 1' Q , ' N., -- l ' . ' - ' a- '1 ' , V 5 ' ' . A V - e - I - 11-1 1 . A ' .. V A '1 l ,, - I ' .-.. .A -la nc- . ' . dll l ..- .... Q , 1 .- ' , ., Hc ' ,1 1 ll ,fl-lc ' ' - ,' 1 1 5 . 1 .. 2 4 ' , - o 1 J 1 2 5 ' ' , o 1 1 n 1 o -' - 'Q 1 A - so 121' . . 1 . z ' 1 -' - 1 . 0 0 o , 'Ml 0 0 2 . . , . - f u 11 0 " 3 0 I x I . 1 V 0 0 I 2 o 11,1 ' ' . 4 ' - , 0 1 o 2 7 . I' 1 0 0 2' I -I . .-, U 1,4 ff 1 o o 2 . ' . . 0 0 0 . , ---- 1 1 I 21 4. ---.- . - SLS. 24 71" . V : - .....,. , ..1n 1 -4, 7. . , . 1, 11 , I 1 0205-3 ' l " A'. 12043111 11 13x-.X ' 5 - , ylll - sf. Francis. vicwfw-H ln .1 :sn ' :sf 1,1 I l M' ' H t ' 10 zo' , 'S . St . ' -. 1 Tl . ' 1 . J 1 1 lx'S?lml' fa ' 3 l iZ1 1Bg"'d"- UQUDIP nl:1g,-X, R,,,f?r I ' ' ll . 3 O 1 sua ' re 0 n r , ' . le L N' Al vrmrvh 111 10 1" .' I I. TRI" ' , on ra 1: Fiqh "' Lei' ' 5 . .' , , . lm -'-- ,, ' 2 gg- .:- ff , ' rf ' ' ' ' 5 . ' X - 2 ' 1 1 .' r . . S 0 . . ' S ,V U U h h X 5 2 - ' 1' 5 , . - X ' W 0, . I . 1- . A c b - , 1- 1 -ga' - vi lc . Q.. . a . . , . , A as Yf 1,1112 -' at xg d .V B1 I , I . A wg. . A -. . WN. . 1 ' K 1 1. . y C - . . 1 . 1 . ' , V' . I h od c' ST' rt 4 ' ' 1, l ' S 5, Kg . C , G 1 , Q " :ff 1 1 9 - G F 'r ' 1 Yr A - 1 0 2 ,' 0 2 ' c AB 1 ' , O '. 4 210 Q,.' 0 1 I Y 'Z x xY W 0 0 0 1 " 0 n ,J 0 ' 4 L, 4 0 3 H ' 0 fl 'L , 'Pvz 1 0 2 Y -C 0 2 7 ' ' 1 f 1 - "fl K 'C I 1 3 'al 0 " 0 ,f 'row 1 IG 3 13 "'2 in o 6 -B' . - 1 3 ,' 2 0 0 1 .l C LY . . I, 0 D 0 3 0 5 el 4 f W 0 0 0 ff K 2 0 4 .. Q I n 11 ,, I if I 1 1 1 19 E- K ---, l - -1. 7 4,311 I psi J o 7 1-H W he Holx Angels Collegmte he tnumph Suennhened Y f I I I I I I I I I ' 5fT 4 4 r'4'f'4'4'4'f 49 4 4 4'4"4', '4'4'f'f'f'f 49599 . 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X x x xx -I xx xx W: xx xx xx Wx xx Wx xx xx xx xx x' xx xx Wx xx X xt xx x - x xx xt xx xx xx W xx ln 'y li an ,N x - - - S x 4 , x 4 T fnl fa T ln me ed -ut Q C. ,N xx ' S x " 1 x 0 Ar - As L. r H 3 1- yt x x x Q vb lltaes as f '15, c ufcm of A xt xx r Wx xx 'lr Pi, lw ' , I 1, 'j 11' - xx xx x xx l . l ' S. it x x xx V: xt St Fra LI ' ' lr ' ile ' Wx xx Vs N CQ r rl f. C l t l l'1 l V K ' xx ,Q x , S Y 'l V , 11 u , a 1 x xx E W: x X 'll 'f d T , 1 jqwe, Be: xx x x , , Y xx Q, -Q Q lw e l T' , , O . I xx xx Vx s, nl px? rxf Th C l x vm' 1 Cm xx xx X ,S xx ni 4 , C A rex sp ' IH' ,S x V l ,S jx fl 1 f B , b A II, l ,x xx W Wx xx 1 y S C S. bc ll, Q x S x x xx Q1 - ' , lw lbcll, 'fll -bell, K l xt x x x ,K lg 2 e pl.y' l by cl ,E Te w thi xx xx Vx xx V xt xx Vs xx Ns ' , x I- A' Li' 4 xx xx fl 1 Sui 9 A' NN xx f V ll xt fx 4 1- A 23' Yr A -., xr xx Q , KAY' ' ' 'M' ' 4 xx , 4 -.4 A. x x Ar K x , ' Y xx x wp, . 3,4 l In- J xx , " fe ' 4-4-f ' x x, 1, 5 l ,. x 5 'rw J! ,S X xx I ,S x ' K x X xx x . . ff L . 4 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 f ' ,fl E112 Qlruzahvr 43 'U 1 FOOTBALL With the coming ol the fall season the Sl lrancls lntralnural Football League swung into high gear A total of tour learns each cla s being reore sented composed the circuit with Rev Ferdinand Balclnowslci in charge All the games were played at the St Francis Field with Rev l-lLfd1T1GI1d and Rev RUTIHUS as officials This year the trophy wos won by the Senior eleven the Commandos Although their record ot ll wins and 3 losses indicates an easy season in reality it was tough going The success of the Commandos is attrlbu ed to the star studded backfielct and a husky well balanccd line ll total of 220 po nts was scored against the opponents while only 53 points were scored against the seniors Hats oil to the Commandos' The lunlors suiiered a very disastrous lootball can palgn ln ea ly cason they loomed as a formidable challenger for the cu, bit several urprls detects in mid season so disorganized the team that they dropoecl out oi the league mores They rose from the cellar to challenge the lecgue being spirited and sc rappy during the entire season Twi e this team pulled upsets by defeating both the Senior and lunior teams All awaited in anx ety to see lLst what lcina oi a leans the Freshrren would put out We must admit that we were surprised They had a well organized team going far in league competition with wins over he champs ana runner ups Next year it will be more of an evei struggle SIVICG the thrc e lower teams will be about equally balanced in power and speed INTRA MURAL BASKETBALL Standlng we mlght say head ard shculc ers above the re t of the unter class act: l tres we fund basketball thus y ar marked an exceptionally successful eason wlth seven teams partnclpatlng Somethl g new was also added the school supplying each team with lerseys and therefore adding a classy appe rance to playlng ablllty Each t am played an l8 game schedule maklng l26 games IN all From the very beglnnlng tlll the flnul game lt wws 1 nlp and tuck battlc for the cup Three teams loomed a p tewtnl clump ons tnreughout the season the lndlans Bombers and Bulldogs With the CXCCDTIOD ofa week rurmg whlch a trlple tle exlsteo the junior team Bombers engoyed a slight lead over the field At the end however the lndlans qulntet flmshed ln a plurge to take the cup after maragmg to tue the juniors and then go on to take a be t out of three erle Praise mu t be glven to the other teams Even though they dlfint matci the te ms mentioned above stall they showed plenty of fight We feel that speclal me tion IS due to some of the lndlvlduals of the varlcus teams Hats off' To Henry Karp cuptaln of the champlow lhdlans team for leading hls braves to a successive title To the s crm pur-ch of tale ted Melvm Bltel tovlerlng center and lanky lce Serafln flashy fcrw rd The play of George Bllclc and Ray Gras almost won the cup for the Bomber We carrot fcrget Len Nlemczyk and Stanley Partyka who almost placed the Bulldogs on top ,Q ' svfxinrrn , n I 'NT 'l c. A . '- Q? 4. ' , F I A - -. 5 . 'l l 1 'K ...H ' U "r 5.1 " I I , 1 l . . ' u l l 1 ' ' 1 N l - ' . ' 1 A ' ' 1 1 . r' sa ' ' . 'C l ' s 'ce ', ' Finishing in second place was the surprise team of the year, the Sophof A I , I I 1 t ' ' . c ' ' ' ' ' , J . . , 7 '. l 3 . L C 1 1 l ' ' ' u- V - ' .D l ,I t - . ' ' 1 'l Q . , V . 5 - v - ' , ' . ' C e " s , ' . . , G . K , E 9 . . . .x . l . F V I l , ' s 5 ' s, ' s ' A .x . l a , ' , , n A l . COMMANDOS INTRA MURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Front Bntel Wuencko Cymw OYITCIWOWBIQK Captain Serafm Ragter Krakowuak Back Kobu Lwbuckn Zawcdzmsku Olczak Karp Seremef INDIANS INTRA MURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS U H 3 . . c . c . 1 . . f 5, . . , . V H '- 'rw-4. 96 NJ Top Handball Bulek Zawodzmskl Trznadel clrwamplon Lewczyk Cerner Table Terwms Puszczafowskl Igrwaszak, Zawodzmsku champion Turalskl Bottom Free Throw Zaborovvskl Bnlek champion Karp Baldyga . ' v 4 st, M will in ' ' s gf , f . 'r-W v I , , in X, 5. ,W f . 1 S 1 5 mg , N Q 'N MSW' .nu lf, , .. .f jf if ' ff' "N -if TRACK TEAM Front Maltnowskl Ratter Olczak Back Partyka Lnbuckl Zalemskt TRACK Although recently rntroduced two years ago to be exact track IS swtftly becomtng a mayor sport at St Francts As yet the efforts of our trackmen have been l1m1ted to sprrnts relays and long drstance runnrng but rn tne near future other events w1ll be rncluded Thrrty hopefuls reported at the flrst call for trackmen lt was good to see the veterans among them sprtnters Frltz Hatter Iohn Lrbuckr mrlers Mall nowskr and Partyka Under the watchful eye of Rev Ferdrnand Bakrnowskl who was spendrng hrs ftrst year as track coach our trackteers were groomed 1nto t1p top shape When the season flnally opened a squad of ten men had been chosen Bestdes contests agarnst local competrtron the track schedule rncluded one btg meet Thrs brought together varrous Catholrc Hrgh schools from Westerrt New York The events held were seventy yard dash, four fourty, and srx srxty relays RaJter got us off to a good start, capturfng second place 1n the seventy yard dash ln the four forty Malrnowskr kept us rolhng by takmg fourth place Our relay had a grave respons1b'l1ty for a frrst place would have meant tne champ 1onsh1p They trted hard, all of them, Malfnowskr, Rafter, Olczak and Zalewskr Although they drd not f1n1sh rn frrst place, they managed to take the thrrd spot, whrch gave us thrrd place tn the meet A total of frve awards were presented to the team, Frrtz RaJter betng the 1nd1v1dual star wtth two of them Srnce the future looks brrght for the Red and Whrte as far as track IS con cerned, we look forward to next year wtth antrctpatron , , "I 'Y' . 1 ' I 'sri X' '-'wlwii A 2 "'tif1,ifwig1 'Q f , t ,t t Q 2 .,a-:?,,tq ll U . 13? , 1 ju V 4 Q ' he Qtrumthrr '43 VARSITY BASKETBALL Seated Lawranowucz Zawodzmsku Odachowsku Lubucku Zabucku Standing Rev Rufmus Nuedzwtecku Coach Malyszko Rzezmk Palka Trznadel Zaborowsku Krakowuak manager After a slow start droporna the r ttrst three qan s the Francrs paqers hlt therr strlde rn the latter part ot the season wrnnrnq 5 stratqht games and as a result the B D1v1s1on Trtle ot the Western New York Catholrc League The tearns trne showrnq can e attrrlauted to the excellent coachrna ot Rev Ruhnus N1edzw1eck1 a torrne Francrs player Whrle losrnq rn early seasort he never lost tarth ln the team hut worked harder encouraqea thern on and the result IS evrdent Openlnq 1ts SQCXSOT on Decern er l the Red and Vfhlte aumtet suffered defeat at the hands of Woodlawn Hrqh School hy cr rwarqtn or 33 37 Cn the eve of December l5 the laalcesrders olayed host to Neurrann rl an Schoo tor the f1ISl league contest The rsrtrnq aqers scorea a ae lsr e wrn aqamst the Sarnt Francrs qurntet oy a score ot 35 20 Sarnt Francts next rnet up wrt Nrchols lnstrtute oft the cpoonents court nd were outscorea oy o s rtqle D stcet he trnol score oer q 3h t 3 Qaa rrowslcr scored 20 oornts Followtnq the Yale hotraays th alcesrders esu r ea ther se rs r hy e ma S Marys D M l under the ar ha ts Ohtcrnrnq treat y lead our Joys r 1 tlexeryc 1 ae mr 8 K f y s uss e o r sn rr ts 'r c csc s crf l t , A ' 1 ' re , ' A r 3 , . I . . ' A 4 . i 4 r . o r . , I , W y 1, o . , r , I . t t .P . . A A o , a ' f . ' ' Y -. l V ' wr ' ' Af- l ' ff -v f 2. Q . 1 v v., V f F t , , t , Q: - " ' 1, las' ,t ' ' ' o ' tru 3 o 3 . ' - cl X ' ' ' ' ' 'eL'f ro' fro' ,L ':'or"I!1Qot- Q lt. ' . , , , Q ' h 1 , xl ' cr f l , V, irc' ' frcld Ttrll x f fnd, I n ' lied c'1t a ' 1 2 -27. Tix' lI1Q tg:1St. Mar ' F. in 'heir ne-:at r ssl , . TQLIIT1 '.vf's again " f cred, th tr. te hy tzre sl rs- 'co J ot 27-Qi. Uhr Qlruzahrr 43 T., 1,32 The Red and Whrte next traveled to Lackawanna to oppose Our Lady of Vrctory The Sarnts racked up therr second wrn by gorng over the Lackawanna frve wrth a srngle basket The attack was sparked by Blondre Zawodzmskr The score at the gun was 23 21 The followrng game saw St Francrs go out ID a return encounter wrth Woodlawn Hrgh by outscorrng them and hangtng up an easy vrctory by a score of 40 15 The enttre Red and Whrte saw actron ln a further contest the St Francrs Cagers met Holy Angels on the oppo nents court The Angels rarned down wrth an attack whlch caught the Salnts off guard and gave the Angels a wrn All 30 ln the next games the lads were outclassed but not outfought by a smooth CGUISIUS f1ve 39 23 and by St Ioseph s C l 30 24 The Red and Whrte rnvaded the Annuncratron team tn therr next bout and steamrolled them rn a 3219 vrctory The St Francts attack was slow 1n the frrst half but rn the econd they poured the leather through the hoop and won runnmg away led by Red Odachowskr ln a return contest the Red and Whxte avenged an early season defeat by upsettrng Nrchols lnstrtute 3327 Zawodzrnskr paced the Lakeslders wrth 10 pornts Wrth an average of 3 league wms and f1ve losses the Samts were auto matrcally rn the playoffs for the B D1v1s1on Cup Dtsplayrng a super1or brand of basketball the Sa1nt Francrs frve defeated the other three teams whrcn par trctpated rn the B Drvrsron playoffs and so captured tne trtle and a cup Our home squad defeated the followrng contenders Holy Angels 3b 15 Annuncra t1on 46 30 and St Marys N F 48 39 Captarn Florran Odachowskr who made the Western New York Cathohc Hrgh School All Star team teamed up well wrth Norbert Zawodzrnskl other forward who made 26 pornts agarnst Annuncratron Iohnny Lrbuckr and Ferdtnand RaJter skrlled ballhandlers proved to be fxne floor men as guards Adolph Trznadel and Eaward Parka shared the prvot posrtron whrle Vlncent Malyszko and Stanley Lawranowrcz were the handymen who could be de pended upon by the coach Other squad members were Rzeznrk Zabrckr and Zaborowsla Although four members of thrs years startlng frve OdOChOWSk1 Zawo dzrnskr Lrbuckr and Ratter are to be graduated the future however looks brrght for the team wrth strll a few letterrnen remarnrng for next year Best of luck' --ffrrwq . S' FPC? 1 it 1 , ' , . Y 1 ,. X s , A. x , Q . .' sig 1 1 ' . . . . ' 1 - sf " 3.11 I F '-"vnu" . . . 11 . 11 , . 1 1 . . 1 . , ' . . . . 1 1 - , v . s, - n , . Q 1 -f 1 . 11 11 . A . . . . . y I . , . 1 1 ' f ' , ' , . . ., ' . 1 T I I I T ' 1 , . . . . . . . , . 1 . . . I I - 1 1 1 san , ff , fr K I he Glruzahvr '43 VARSITY BASEBALL Wtth stx veterans remarntng from last years nrne the prospects for a successful season looked brtght However utters and lack of punch at the plate when needed most spelled drsaster A look at the scores w1ll show that although the won lost column looks rather bad the team was never out classed dropprng such close decrsrons as 2 l 20 and 54 Thts year s sche dule tncluded lU games of whrch 5 were non league and 5 league games Of the latter contests 2 were won and 3 lost whtle of the former l was won and 3 lost wtth one game rematnmg to be played St Francts opened tts season by losmg to Ntchols lnstttute at Buffalo 7 l lt was a D1lCl'1lT1Q duel Hess of Nrchols allowtng l h1t wlnle Krakowtak gave up 4 Ntchols scored thetr two runs ln the l1TSl 1nn1ng on a double error Zawodzmskts s1ngle prevented a complete washout Another outsrde game was lost when Hamburg Htgh routed the Samts 59 Wally Krakowtak on the mound for the l.akes1ders was tagged for 8 safettes Dawson and Nye h1t doubles Contmutng tts lostng streak St Francls dropped 1lS thlrd stratght a close one to Vtfoodlawn 70 Ntem 7ylf started for cur teatn bu was relleved hy . . . . t , 1 A I , I . . . . . I V Y I - I - ' - f 1 f , . - t , .1 . -4.41 , , f - 1 4 g . A y Q w . , r . ,, t- . - A J ,. , . YY 1 hvrrlnwahrr '43 I l'6.-E5 orftffol 1 I ,f I ' . um " N 5 . 1' , I TP . U , 4:9 Butch Rzeznlk, who kept the other team in check. Fritz Rajter got two singles, while Red Odachowskt contributed a double for our side. Beam got three stngles for Woodlawn Our flrst w1n was a shutout over Holy Angels 60 Tommy Wtencko pounded out two safetres Butch Rzezmk p1tch1ng for St Francts never was In trouble and won handlly A close one was lost to Neumann by the score of 2 O The game was another p1tch1ng duel between Sturm and Krakowrak each allowrng 3 hrts Neumann scored on a double and an error F1nd1ng 1ts power St Francts eas1Iy defeated St Marys of Lancaster 80 Comeau and Zabtckl got two hrts aptece and Gdachowskr added a double Rzezntk allowlng 3 h1ts recelved excellent support from hrs mates at bat and m the held Playlng masterful ball St Francls beat Hamburg rn a return game 5 4 Frrtz RaJter got a double and two slngles Krakowtak struck out IO and started a rally by h1tt1ng a trlple wtth L1buck1 on base The b1g game of the year was lost to St St Ioes 54 It was a heart breaker our boys outhlttmg the rrvals 8 to 5 Krakowtak on the mound was tagged for a homer The league season closed w1th a defeat by Canrsrus II 4 Iohn Les had 2 hrts for our sxde Iirakowrak pttched Through graduatlon St Francrs loses 6 regulars However Coach Rev Rufmus N1edzw1eck1 IS confldent of producrng a good team next year We hereby wlsh to extend our thanks publrcly to Rev Peter Hama OMC who has supplled the team wlth needed equipment for baseball every year Scores FRANCIS NICHOLS FRANCIS HAMBURG FRANCIS HOLY ANGELS FRANCIS NEUMANN FRANCIS ST MARYS FRANCIS HAMBURG FRANCIS ST IOES FRANCIS CANISIUS 36 ST. ,.tc.,,aa,..I,a .. I ..,,..,cc W2 ST. .aaatt ,..t . .2 Ia,,ac . 5 ST, FRANCIS Yaa,,cc, a,,cc . .. 6 WGODLAWN ,,, ., 7 ST. I .. .. I 6 . . O ST. .... ...O ...., .2 ST. ..,, . . ...S . ' .., MO ST, ...,... ......... 5 ..., . ..,. , M4 ST. ..., . .4 . ' ,...... M5 ST. .. I 4 I .. ., II 36 are Flite Cltruaaher 43 U awp? CLASS PROPHECY Iune 20 1968 Dear Mr B1tel Im sorry I drdnt wr1te to you any sooner but Ive been kept qulte busy for a long ttme f1n1sh1ng Beethoven s Unfrmshed Symphony Now however I am on my vacatlon havtng recelved a S100 000 Royalty How are you getnng on? From your letter I surmlse that you are st1ll pa1nt1ng the Slstlne Chapel wlth lgnattus Wadas I hope you are llCtVlI'1Q the best of luck and shall create a masterplece worthy of your artlstlc ab1l1t1es As you know rt s twenty frve years ago SIDCG we graduated from S1 Franc1s Hlgh School Remember our bunch? Well Just to re establlsh old fr1endsh1ps I V1SllGd all of them You are probably 1ust as anxlous to know what has happened to our old pals as I was so here goes It so happened that on boardlng an Eastern A1Il1D9S Flagshlp at Buffalo for Chlcopee I came upon Henry Karp presldent of th1s part1cuIar a1rl1ne Eventually 1n the course of conversat1on 1t came out that thru a pers1stent effort he arose from a ground englneer to the prestdency of thts establtshment At Ch1copee I dropped ln to see Rev Stamslaus Cyman O M C the present prov1nc1al of the eastern prov1nce of St Anthony Father Cyman lntroduced me to the newly appotnted secretary who turned out to be an old frlend Reverend Thaddeus Wegrzyn O M C Fr Stamslaus and Fr Thaddeus told me of thetr methods 1D convertlng the heathen rn Afrtca Reassurnlng my tr1p east I arrrved xn Brtdgeport and of course I pard a V1S1l to Cas1m1r Kobus Mr Kobus 1S owner of The O and Z Cham Stores I-le lrnmedtately gave me samples of all h1s foods and thts caused a sllght delay ln my Journey The next lap of my 1ter carrled me from Br1dgeport to Detrott to see h1s Excellency Very Rev Anthony Machclnskl archblshop of Detrott Inc1dentally he 15 the IIISI of h1s order ever to gaxn that honor We chatted for a whlle but then I had to hurry to catch the next tra1n to Chlcago stnce I recelved word that a monslgnor was debatlng wlth a world famous athelst On Darwlns theory of Lvolutlon AFYIVIHQ at Soldters Freld I found the lrstenlng throng all hushed for there was the master of rhetorlc and loglc the man who a few rntnutes later was to rece1ve the tttle of Defensor Fld91 there was Msgr Cas1m1r Kolodzlel He certalnly was conv1nc1ng so much so that returntng eastward I found myself carrylng on a one man conversatron I no longer patromzed Karp s a1rl1ne but took the rlval of that selvtce lrne the Western Arrhnes This a1r route IS under the presldency of Dan1el Olczak who 1n all h1s work matntalned that he w1ll take over Karp s a1rl1ne Havlng been such good fnends at school tt was hard to beheve that they should now be such rlvals tn bustness lust to prove that the e was no personal grudge Olczak phoned Karp to send an East - -'1.'r.,,-v '. .5 2 , 1, ,I X 4 -'A - . 1 s - , 1-'1',1'f ., , 1 .I "-1' , J - ' ' - -. . A ,, , ' v . 1 1 1 1 . 1 . , 1 , . 1 . . I ' I 1 1 1 - .1 . . . . 1 ' , . , . 1 1 1 1 1 . , . . ., , , . , ., . . 1 1 1 11. 11 . . . , . , . . . 1 1-1 . . . 1 1 1 . 11 . .11 . . . . 1 , . . 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . 1 . 1 - 1 'J' I hr Qlruzahrr 43 ern Airlines ship over the Western Airlines Chicago Washington Route Assured that such rivalry would result in closer friendship I did leave for Washington where I was to meet the man with the most revolutionary idea of the century If carried thru this idea would abolish the various classes raise the common man and reduce the slums to nothing I dont doubt that you have already presumed that it is nobody but Walter E Krakowtak President of the United States who could ever bring up such plans After a friendly chat at the White House in the President s study we visited Mr Iohn Libucki now an eminent chemist working in the War Department s Chemical Research Laboratory A new source of power the 256 electron lead atom has been harnessed thru his incessant efforts Through the complica ed technical conversation we seemed to have gathered that a handful of such atoms would drive a ship afros the ocean For this discovery Mr Libucki was awarded the Noble Prize in Science see for myself the man whose contribution was voted second best only to that of the lead atom Here before my eyes stood Mr Marion Serernet who had refused an offer of British knighthood when he designed his new magnetic torpedo This torpedo when shot said Mr Seremet cannot miss its target because the strong magnetic alloy of which it is made attracts it to any ships within 50 miles Having persuaded my noble colleagues to take a day off all four of us drove to the Griole Park in Baltimore to see Red Odachowski score a victory for the Orioles KNOW in the National League! Due to the superb management and playing of this athlete the Orioles hope to rise to the world series championship and already Red has a scheme that will set the Yankees so far back they will never come up This seasoi is also his tenth year with this team which he has boosted to tame Knowing the best places in Baltimore Red took us to the cabaret of the elite the La Songa which is under the proprietorship of none other than the man with the magnetic personality Edwin Karpowic Here the master of ceremonies Mr Karpowicz called on the orchestra to give out with a Latin American song played in the style of Xavier Cugat of our heyday Mr Karpowicz in turn led us to Leonard Niernczyk arranger of popular songs and informed us that Leonard was the source of all his songs and was the only arranger wno would write the songs according to Edwin s taste Of course Karpowicz was not the only one who gave Mr Niernczyk business for all the other orchestras were now bidding for his type of arrangements Sadly taking leave of that wonderful congregation I turned to Penn sylvania and stopped at Throop to visit the owner of the Pennsylvania Coal Trust Thomas Wiencko Recently he said he was having trouble with the government since his company expanded so much that under the Clayton Anti Trust Law he had to dispose of several branches already .,0:U ,154 'J -. ' . xg? , I I et 'U i ...H 5.1 "' . ' t ' ' c 5 s President Krakowiak then showed me to the Navy Dept. building to 1- I X 't' I3 365556 To prevent any further loss he sent lobbyists to Congress to have the law repealed To get away from politics I decided to visit Niagara Falls where I learned that Mr Norbert Zawodzinski was the head chemist at the Niag are Falls Du Pont plant where he developed a new cosmetic This Mr Zawodzinski B S M S declares he will make a tan complexion on any one who desires to use his lotion Such a discovery will save many hours of lying in the sun and prevent anyone from getting a burn Well then I decided it was time to leave so I complimented Blondy this locks are thinningj and turned to visit Mr Ferdinand Hatter who is well situated as the owner of a munitions factory in that city Upon visit ing the mun1t1ons magnate we were told that in his plant he developed an explosive which would prove more effective than Mr Seremet s Mag netic Torpedo Seems every one IS 1nvent1ve Well then I decided to visit Prof Eugene Serafin professor of chemistry at Canisius College Having entered the laboratory I heard screams entoning Eureka When I saw the gentle professor in a state of excitement he explained that he had Just created a life cell Due to a series of experiments Prof Serafin did produce a cell that chemically reacted as the true life cell but even before I left the life cell ceased to react thus leaving Eugene where he started Sympathetically I encouraged Prof Serafin and proceeded to my Alma Mater S FH S where Rev Stanislaus Partyka is rector We dis cussed the progress of the school since our times But then came the shock The Rector called in the Latin professor who turned out to be none other than Rev Adam Bielat Surely we couldnt help but discuss the present technique in the expounding of the Latin language The Rector then suggested that we all spend the evening at Hotel Statler where in the ballroom we could listen to Murawskis Ballroom hour of pleasant melodies. This is exactly what we did. To our surprise the orchestra most favored in the country opened up with Murawskis favorite piece since high school days Green Eyes. And to top this all off Murphy played a mellow solo on the saxophone which enticed us all to ecstasy. So I have ended my tour and believe me I think that all of our class- mates have chosen the right fields for their careers and are citizens that America is and will be proud of. Surely I dont doubt that they will go down in history in their particular branches of work. Well I hope I didn't annoy you and now FAREWELL. Your former classmate, MEDARD PLUTA. Uhr Qltnzahrr '4 no B1elal Propaganda Muustry Ianas I fl E112 Qlruzahrr 43 CLASS WILL Tne senlor class of St Eranc1s Hrqh School hereby makes us WI To our Alma Mater we leave our love and happy memoues To the Faculty we leave our sympathy and our qrautude To the students we leave the new Alma Mater Sonq To the class of l944 we leave a donatlon for thexr Year Book The CRUSADER INDIVIDUAL WILLS NAME LEAVES B1te Cyman Karp KUIDOWICZ Kobus Krakowmlc L1bUClC1 Machcmskl MurawSk1 Nlemczyk Odachowslu Qlczak Partylca Pluta Hauer Serafrn Seremel We-arzyn Wlencko ZCIWOdL1PSlC1 Farm Property GOSSID Column Sllent S1qnals Keel of Ha1r Latm Knowledqe Red Beard Wavy Halr Modesty Lxp Burner Smokmq Layout Eence Chppers, Corny Iolces Long Speeches Orqan Cwrmder Bass VOICE Elasuclty lron Grrp Servmq Techmque Latm Penances Phys1que 'I'ura1slc1 WoJc1echowsk1 Zalewskl Lewczyk LCIWICXIIOWICZ Baranowskl Malyszlco lCIYII1CIlC19WICZ Mallnowslcr es Trznadel Comeau C Dudelc Karmen Lewandowskl Pllcula Zeborowslcl Duklewslu Baldyqa Kowalewslcl . 1'W J 2, '. l 4? , Q- , ' ll' .1 K ' , .n V ' ' . ' ' ' 'llz TO ' l .,c,cl ,E ,,... ,, , , ' ' Kolodziej E, , ,,,,,,,c nlitterbuqqinq ,c,c,v..,,, , E ,.,, ,,..Gras I f A C 1 e Uhr Olruaahrr 43 U ZW H1ghl1ghts 1n the News 1939 1943 Feb May une Sept Sept Sept Nov Nov Dec une Sept Dec Dec Dec March May une U Y Aug Sept Sept Sept Oc Oct Dec Dec Dec Ian Ian Feb Feb Feb March March Aprll Aprtl May May Iune 940 940 940 940 940 940 940 940 940 94 4 94 4 94 942 942 942 942 942 942 942 1942 942 1942 1942 1942 1942 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 1943 S F H S Basketball team wtns 11 stra1ght Tennls court completed Lost one faculty member Rev Matthew Baran New professors Revs Ruftnus N1edzw1eck1 Theodore Pawlow1cz and Deslderlus Wawro W N Y Cathollc H S league formed New coach of athlet1cs Rev Rufmus N1GdZW19Ckl Fr Iusttns Rosary Hour program conducted from chapel Blshop Duffy v1s1ts par1sh for Conflrmatlon FITS1 play of newly organ1zed Dramatlc Ctrcle New ProJector for movles obtamed Rev Francts Bolek author JOIHS Faculty F1rst school paper Bullettn publlshed Track becomes a manor sport New recreatlon rooms furmshed Iankowskl makes Cathol1c All 1-llgh Team P1151 Pollsh Day celebratton held at school Rev Theodore Pawlowlcz enters Armed Forces Rev Thomas Wteprecht rector dtes Rev Pac1f1c Baldyga becomes new rector Revs Fellx Paszko new prefect and Ruhnus N1edzw1eck1 new VICE prefect Revs Bened1ct Przem1elewsk1 and Adam ZaJdel 1o1n Faculty Staff Rev Ferdlnand Baklnowskx becomes Athletlc D1rector Fr 1ust1n lectures on tr1p to England Rev Adam Za1del assumes post as Mus1cal D1rector Defense classes taken by students St Francts places th1rd IH track meet Alma Mater song composed An "S" banner awarded school for scrap drlve Glee Club, Orchestra, and Dramat1c Ctrcle make ltrst out slde appearance Glee Club smgs over the rad1o Senlors attend Masquerade Ball ln Buffalo Coperntcan SCIGDCG Club revtved Odachowskt makes A111-hgh Team F1rst mmstrel play staged F1rst m1ss1on held tn chapel Grounds beaut1f1ed Copermcan Annxversary observed by students St Francts has a strong baseball team FITS1 Yearbook, The CRUSADER, prmted school ' k-I! nvgmzo' 4 , v A9 . 1 .1. . . ' ' . l ' . l 1 . . . l I . ' ' ' ', . 1 ' 4 . ' ' ' 1 . 1 . ' ' . l ' ' ' ' , 1 l l ' ' ' . . 19 l . ' , , ' ' . . l l ' H ' H ' . . 19 l ' . . 1 l ' ' . 1 ' ' - ' . 1 ' ' ' . 1 1 . ' . 1 l 1 . ' , , ' . . l . ' ' . rf 1 . ' ' ' . ' wif' 'hr Qlruaahrr 43 OUR PRAYER Kobu S Par T yka Sera F m K R p Mur A wskn Wve N cko C ymarm Machc I nskv Odochow S ku e G rzyn I U ck: Karpow z Zawo D dzmskn But E I PIUta S eremef Krakow I ak N uemczyk O L czak B I elat F. Rajfer Kofodzu E' I . "1f?a"1 I " x bu ' , .I If 1- 2 I .U X Mfg 'JFK 3 W Lb ' I c Q 1112 Glruaahrr 43 U ,mt TEEN SENIORS ADAM BIELAT 2204 Bank St Baltlmore Md MENCESLAUS BITEL Buffalo N Y STANLEY CYMAN 259 Sweet Ave Buffalo N Y HENRY KARP 161 Srdway St Buffalo N Y EDWIN KARPOWICZ 1809 Bank St Baltnnore Md CASIMIR KOBUS 74 Prrscrlla Clrcle Brldqeport Conn CASIMIR KOLODZIEI 8430 Baker Ave Chxcaqo lll VVALTEB KRAKOWIAK 99 Goodyear Ave Buffalo N Y IOHN LIBUCKI 174 Maln St Camlorrdqe N I ANTHONY MACHCINSKI 7160 Edward St Defro1t M1ch LADISLAUS MUBAWSKI 305 Bother St Buffalo N Y ADDRESS LEONARD NIEMCZYK 730 E Ellwood Ave Baltrrnore Md ELORIAN ODACHOWSKI Baltlmore Md DANIEL OLCLAK 360 Wagner Ave Sloan N Y STANLEY PARTYKA E5 W Court St Holyoke Mass MEDARD PLUTA 22 Grrard Place Lackawanna N Y PEBDINAND RAITER 65 Pulaskl St Buffalo N Y EUGENE SERAFIN 393 Walden Ave Buffalo N Y MARIAN SEBEMET 192 Sweet Ave Buffalo N Y THADDEUS WEGBZYN 225 Faxrvlew Ave Clfucopee Mass THOMAS WIENCKO 448 Clark St Throop Pa NOBBERT ZAWODZINSRI 255 Loepere St Buffalo N Y .-l Arzate , x - . fra . -.vt . u 9? , . ... V I . . 7 42 Kent St. 248 S. Washington St. l 'P I hr Qlruzahrr 43 QM I fx if M310 THE BOY DREAMER Every man rs a dreamer says the ancxent proverb Yes man rs a dreamer The poor man buxlds castles rn Spam the rxcln man dreams of more gold and the unsuccessful man resorts to dreams to escape harsh realrty However the Boy Dreamer IS somewhat drfferent from these He represents a young normal Amerrcan qraduatmq from hrqh school The Boy Dreamer dreams of the future What w1ll rt karma? How Wlll the world accept hrm mto tts SOCIETY? Thls youth knows nothmq of the future He only knows from the Past and the Present that there IS brtterness rn the future, ortterness and pam, monotony, and farlure Thrs year there rs an added complrcatron war Today, th1s graduate has reasons to he fearful of the future Yet, arrded wrth weapons of the Past, weapons fashroned at hugh school trarnma, farth and courage he faces the future aware yet unafrard PATRGNS Mr Helen Murawska Mr 5- Mrs Stephen Krzy7anov lf Mr Alfred lqnaszak Mr loseph Suszynskr Mr lohnl lonak Anonymous Mr Thomas B1elat Mr Raymond Faron Thomas Kurkacla Anna M Weqrzyn Mrs Fm1ly Dzruk Mr Walter Malxnowskr Ir Mr CS Mrs Stanley Frerzt Hev Angelus 7ator 0 M C Fllzaheth s Floral Shao A Frrend Mr A Sh1DkOW1CZ Mlss lrene Grembowlcz Mr Iacoh Kreltylca Mrss Mary Kreltyka Mr loseph Sarnllace Mrs Paulrne Cyran Mrs Alexander Kurnrk Mr Stanley McCorm1clc Mr luhan Neyman Mr CS: Mrs Makslmomlo Mr loseph MUZ1USK1 Rev B Badura Mr QS Mrs F C Kazmrerczalc Mr G Mrs A Nadolmskt Mr CS Mrs D Odmewslcr Mrs Lucrlle Gosko Mr 6. Mrs V Malchrowrcz Mrs P Fleno l' G Mrs lohn Wrohlewsxr Mr Frank lqnaszalc Mr G Mr Fra lc Malyszko Mr QS Mrs Chester Dembrnslct Mr Franae Pa Ka . . A , .:s,1 Mr. ' Mrs. . . J V 1 , V - LA Mr. lohn Stronski . s. n s. ' s 1' Mr G Mrs Frank Rychlrlc PATRCDNS Mr G Mrs loseph Dornurat Mr CS Mrs loseph Lewandowskt Mr CS Mrs Castrmr Lew zylc Mr CS Mrs Brom laus LAJWILIIIOWILI Mr QS Mr Stanley Zebrowskr G Mrs lohn Zaborowskr Mr 6 Mrs Iohn Les Mr G Mrs Stanley Ratlca Mr 6 Mrs lahn Zubrowslu Mrs Eleonore Mahnowslcl Mrs Bertha Zab1clc1 Mr 61 Mrs loseph Goreckr Mr G Mrs Iohn Trznadel Mrs Veronma luras Mr 6 Mrs Francts Machol G Mrs Martrn Dudek Mr CS Mrs Stanley Podowslcr Mr CS Mrs Stanley Skroa Mr Manon Rzezntlc Mr CS Mrs Carl Btlek Mr G Mrs loseph Kowalewskl Mr 6- Mrs Leon Sobus Mr 51 Mrs Adalbert lanas Mr 6 Mrs Votsard M1ss Paulrne Luchowska Dr Stanley Dzlnnan Mr Sarn Malrne Mrs Ronlqowslca G xwel s Cathohc Store A Frlend loseph Mrulc lewelry Mr QS Mrs Stamslaus Wo1c1echowsk1 Mr 6 Mrs Stephen Turalslct Mr Francts Ctselc Mr Rrchard Zalewsla Mr QS Mrs M1LI1G6lWOJC1k Mr G Mrs Leonard Kannen Mr 6 Mrs lonn Baranowskr Mr G Mrs Edmund R LIDOWICL Mr QS Mrs Anthony Baldyqa Mrs Vrctona Baldyqa . '. 's ' ' Q , , Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' f I' ' 1 . N, . . Succes to the Class of 43 WALTER LUDWICZAK BAKERY VICTOR LUDWIQZAK 32 276 WALDEN AVENUE PHONE TA 3977 Congratulcmons ond Best Wishes To ihe Closs of 1943 MELVIN A PRAWDZIK B S Reg Pharm Class of 32 BRIDGEPORT CONN CLASS OF 1932 JDHNS COLLISION SERVICE Towing Day and Night BUFFALO NEW YORK HU 1554 TR 6279 1510 BROADWAY 1500 SENECA ST STEPHEN 39 ADAM 40 CHMIELOXNSKI Best Washes and Surcess To The Closs of 43 Extends OFFICER CANDIDATE STANLEY J GWOREK OF THE CLASS OF 31 I Welding - Painting - Frames, Axles, Fenders and Bodies Straightened G B11 111 1111011 Thf C111 adm lllll C011 1f1t11l1t1011 t0 thf 5111101 FRANCISCAN FATHERS CORPUS CHRIST! PARISH 11111. ENIII 111111 HRZAIX. 0. 11. 1 P1 101 BUFFALO, N Y 0df's rss' gs 1 6' f YI' s " 1 1 I gn 1 ' s 2 W' ' ' Class 0f 1943. , 1 ly, 1 7' -, J A LJ , . A , , as ' Compliments and Good Wishes to "The Crusader" and the Graduates of '43 FRANCISCAN FATIIERS sT. AN'rHoNY's CHURCH Rev. Augustine Maciejewski, Pastor FAIRFIELD, CONN Success To The Crusader Corwgratulatuons To The Class of BUFFALO WASHING MACHINE REPAIR C0 FRANK L 1ARMusz Prop H48 Broadway Phone HU 2800 Buffalo N Y ROSINSRI FURNITURE C0 Best IH Qualuty Farr Pruce and Service OPEN EVERY EVENING TIL 9 Closed All Day Wednesday Tel TR 6400 697 Rudge Road Lackawanna N Y . ,43 BEST WlSl-lES T111 Vuy Rcv L'lWl6lllL Cymau O Ml D P wlllll te1 P10v111C1f1l FRIARS MINOR CUNVENTUALS PRUVINCE UF ST ANTI-IUNY tlu Becton 111 It PIOIICPIIII of the ST FRANK IS H S FIRST Sf HOUL ANNUAL THE C RUSADER S- A' 3.1 ' UI , 1 . .S . . . of . COIlgl'ZlUlTEllt?S thc Senior Class, in l'0lljllllCti0ll with X x lg. .S . x '. g O ik . '. T f T . A SI ' ' Compliments ot ST FRANCIS DF ASSISI PARISH Rev Victor Balcerak O M C Pastor Lake Shore Road AfhoISprmgs N Y ST. STANISLAUS KUSTKA CHURCH Rev Gnle Kaczmarek O M C Pastor Rev Roger Zabnrmskn 31 Best Wishes to the Class of '43 Silll'Cl'6 Wishes of Sllveess to Wflur Cl'llSllllCl'w Students and Faculty of St. F raneis High School from 0ur Lady llueen ol Angels Parlsh Very Rev E Bartoszewucz O M C Pastor Detroit, Mlchlgan Success And Speedy Blessings To The Rector the Crusader Ar d Cradua es of 43 THE BEVEREND STEPHEN MUSIELAK 0 M C ST MARY S CZENSTOCHOWA CHURCH South Boston Mass I . . , . . ., I I I 1 ..-- -, 4 L - . . I t I o o n 1 , . T Congratulahons To he Class of 43 Congratulatuons to Damel Olczok Success To The Crusader Reverend Raphael Marcmrak A Dell s Beau! Parlor o M c Y pastor A Dell Kozak Prop HOLY CROSS CHURCH as wma. sf Buffalo N Y Fall Rnver Mass Best Washes to the Puoneers of The Crusader Congratulations to the Class of 43 Frank X Boroszewsk1 Meats and Sausages of the Fmest Kmd I9 Broadway Market Phone HU 0940 BUFFALO N Y Best Wnshes Of Success To The Best Wishes To The Crusader Class Of 43 Congratulatnorms On The Crusader Miss MARY Mnrusznwslm FRANCISUAN FATHFRS 125 Sears St. Buffalo, N. Y. Rochester, N Y. . 1 n n I I o Q o I , . , . , . . , . ' ' ll Il ' I O I o p e y u 4 . - l- un n . .. H Best Wishvs For Thv Slll'l't.'SS Of Thc' CI'llS2Ul1.'l' ST STANISLAUS KUSTKA PARISH u x cs u x u u xu u In X Balhmore Maryland Q1 ldl llll Zumzu lu U I B011 Nllltllli bcllltill U NI C u tm Zulu: Gwynn G1 ibkl U U I 1 ll 1 I' ' . fkflvslillc' Huz 'wi 'z. 41 Y. Nl. CI.. " .- Rr . Proslwr Skilma. U. M. ff. I' ' '. ,lllilllllllll liuw21lski. U. Nl. C. Rf.C21ss'2 - ' s '. ..1.lZ. Rm 2' '-w' ', P ' '. F21 s ' 2 '. U. M. 411. "f' '2 2. .-.L " . Fram-is Wil 2. U. H. CI. Wishes Of Success To The Seniors A FRIEND Lackawanna New York Success To The Graduates MR 81 MRS JOSEPH RAJTER 65 Pulasku Street Buffalo New York 10336 Jos Campau 5640 Mnclugan Ave Hamtramck Much Detroit Much SPOLKA INCORPORATED 1058 Broadway 436 Amherst St Buffalo N Y Buffalo N Y Phone TA 2132 HENRY MAZUR S Classnc Photo Studio We Specualuze ln Wedding Photographs 1055 Broadway near Sears BUHSIO N Y CLOTHIERS G0fl's Blffssiugs upon Wfhe Ul'll52ldPI'M. B4-st Wisllc-5 to thq- Favulty. f:0llgl'illlIlllli0llS lo lln- Class of 1943. 1' nom tlu REVEREND FATHERS THE VENERABLE BROTHERS AND NUVICES Flluott I ltw W uyl xml + + + Cllkllilldll + + + THE REV. JUSEPHAT PIASTA, O. M. C. Szczeici Boie PRALAT J OZEF GLAPINSKI K0sCloL SW IANA KANTEGO BUFFALO NEW YORK Compl :ments Wnlluam S Goldman Ball Calle Edward Sokolowskl C E Olson B F Turney N F Cordon W Killer Edward Orvnch Pot McHaIe George F Daley George Sabor jr lvl Halary john Broody Edward Klan I Bezare Polaneskn D T Dornowskn George Fulayton Pat Pltunczkn Book O Kruchfeld M Kamorowskn H H Sarbont BRIDGEPORT CONN ' of ' ' . ' F. . ' . . l-l, F ' Adam Zawacki Leo Gondlar O. Rading to 1 1 F RANCISCAN FAT!-IERS ST STANISLAUS CHURCH RFX lAlIIblUb SZPARA UNII Paton 1631 he tnut Ntnw t 1 hfl 4 1 U1 B4-5 f Su 'vm-ss lu "Tlu,- fIl'11sz4lc rl"' ff:0Ilgl'llllII2lti0llS ln ilu- Class of '43 O JY. ,JJir1 R -. VJ .In 15 A . I -s Q ' ' I -s -1. A ass. Wishes of Success for "The Crusader" A F R I E N D TRENTON NEW yenssv Good Luck to the Sensors QUEEN UF THE MUST HULY RUSARY PARISH BUFFALO New YORK Rev Bruno Dobata O M C, Pastor Rev StamsIausMoror1czyk O M C Brother Edward Rakovvsku O M C Rev. Lambert Sidor, O. M, C. 4 l 1 1 Hx 511 H DR J J NUWAK ir ir 'A' To Ihr- l,illlL'l'l'H of 5. I"rzm'if High School First Svhool Alllllllll "Th- f:l'llS2llI1'I'--. fl -ww I O O Compliments ot THE THRUUP BDHUUGH C0-UNCIL Stanley Radzmskl Much el Cl'orba Anthony Naugln james Futzgerald Louns Glordons Stephen Carter joseph Navrocku Stanley Rudzunskl Luck and Success ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL PARISH BRIDGEPORT coNNEcTlcuT Very Rev Charles Ratalczak S T D O M C Pastor Rev Angelus Zator O M C Rev Chester Kncna O M C Rev Hyacunth Rosunko O M C E. 1' a . , . . . . . . . . . , . . . mu ll W1 lu of Suqu flu C lu fl 1 1 011 lltul ltlllll to tht I ll of 3 and um lute lt tul 111 lt Devvlopnu nt THE REV BENIGW ZIEMSKI U NH NI A l ST ANTl'IONY'S CHURCH Willim in Ltt Ham . ' 's 's Q "ws to G", 1 I' s'd'r' I gi z' s - lass "4.. From a Furnwr lnstruvtor at St. Fl'2llll'iS I I 'IS I . . S lr l . X N N 0 , .L A L 5 , O.. 0 An- .0 Pals or of Q 2 sl . - ' ws Best of Luck and Success to The Crusoder the Recfor and the Seniors of 43 THE RIIVEREND METHOD SZYMANSKI 0 MC PASTOR of ST MICHAEL S CHURCH Haverhull Mass To Pnoneers of The Crusader Every Success To The Class of 43 Congratulations FRANCISCAN FATHEIIS ST HEDWIG S PARISH REV I-LORIAN ZALIKOWSKI Pastor DETROIT MICHIGAN n ll . 1 0 u o I U . , . - ll ll , . I I - I v Na Chwale Boza' 0 S cluotffl flltgllll JA tm 1 n Q 4 uf ilu' svlmul and s l' l I Success To The Crusader Congratulations To The Class Of 43 The Very Reverend Domrmc Szymansln, 0 M C D D J ll D Pastor of ST ANTHONY S CHURCH Rockford III THE FRMICISCAN FATIIERS Mother Of Perpetual Help Parnsh Rev Ruchard Brzozowsku Pastor Rev Camsuus Buel Rev Andrew Korzemowsku New Bedford Conn Congratulatuons To Class Of 43 MB ANTHUNY BARAN 99 Goodyear Avenue Buffalo New York When In Rnversude Vusut ST CASIMIR S BALLRODM St Caslmnrs Parush Cambridge New Jersey . I I 0 0 of o of 1 o 0 To The Class Of '43, Congratulations.-To "The Crusader", Success lf t W1 he fl lo tlu 111 0 FR JUSTIN S RUSARY HDUR LEAGUE 31 "S 5 an Slll'1't'SS ' 'ass f'fl3 I I Luck And Success To Seniors REV VINCENT CYMAN STS Stanislaus Kostka Parish Nragara Falls New York Congratulatnons To The Sensors MIIS SALLY NIEMCZYK 8: FAMILY 730 So Ellwood Avenue Balhmore Md Congratulatnons To Class Of 43 MII 81 MRS MATTHEW KWIATKUWSKI 255 Loepere Street Buffalo New York Szczesc Boze UJCDWIE FIIAIICISZKAIIIE Przy Parafln Sw Bromslawy So. Chlcago Illmols 8: MII. MRS. F. ZAWUDZINSKI tu Rutm F111 bx mm C Con lltlllcltlllll ln 1 1 FHF VFhY Rl+Vl4hFNlJ PILIEI1 HAJNN P NS I Uh of tlw MUST HOLY TRINITY CHURCH LAWRENCE, MASS I-"'."w-"IlassIg-1-'S thc? Pi0lll'l?l'ill:,f of tlu' First Svlmnl Annual, "Th - flrusz llt'l'M V YD f V rw Nbjr T J ,J J J JL . f U. MA. ll. A W f 1 V . Compliments of VERY REV. M. ALPHONSE FIGLEWSKI D.P. O.M.C. CHAPLAIN ST ANTHONY S HDME FDR THE AGED SOUTH PARK AVENUE HAMBURG N Y Best W shes To The Crusader Congratuiatnons To The Class Of 43 155 Howlett St Buffalo N Y To The Rector The Graduates Of '43 And The Pnoneerg Of Crusader Smcerest Congratulatuons TI-IE FRANCISCAN FATHERS AUBURN New YORK MR. AND MRS. EDWARD KUCHARSKI - X1 If -- I .14 el 1 If cl" 1 If us .xml Fu . ff Corpus Chrlsh Club 17 Bmsllllff Alle x- lxflif UNHIIN fm 1.11114- lmlfl In . mv 1- Cmpu- - But Ynsl 'r- Fm' Sllf'1'f'.Q. In "'l 'llf ' f:'llri' l"" 'lml ll -flluq rf Tl -N' ' ' u lwrbml 0 o L - Y, L-Vvkr. Gf'lllll2lSilllll -W SIl1HH'I'h Pr' " -WP . F 'V' -. All N "n Club CUIlYf'lli1'll1'l'S Tllvl "1-1'tol'x' 'mal tlu- llc' lv of I ' . l1l1ri.ti Club. Sincere Wishes of Success To The Graduating Class of 43 EDWARD KDPCZYNSKI 33 zaaz EAST am STREET cHlcAGo lu. Success To The Crusader Best Wlshes To The Class of 43 TRADDEUS A BDLESTA '31 438 soum FoLcRoFT smear BALTIMORE Mo Best Washes To The Faculty To The Students BERNARD AND LEONARD RYCI-ILIK TAUNTON MASS Best Washes To The Crusader Ploneers Congratulatuons To The Class of 43 THE REVEREND SIMEUN KACZMAREK 0 M C Chaplann IMMACULATA CONVENT South Park and Sowleg Roads Hamburg N Y I I , . ll Ig ' I U , . I I and Success To The "Crusader" , . , . . . , . lu If Vlqllcq 0 ll " 1 Q1 l FRANCISCAN MISSIUNARY FAT!-IERS Rf v G4 mul Wu pluht Supe ll0l FILICOVI CIFX. NIU Six X '- '- f S vccfh to "Th- Cl'll'2fl1' and thc' S. F. H. S. Svniors of '43 ' '. 1 1 ' 'f 'f' . 1 rw 1 Wrrr V' J 1 A 4 . u COAL COKE "THE COAL THAT SATISFIESH lT'S HARDER AND LASTS LONGER Wholesale and Retail GASOLINE OIL LUBRICATION FUEL OIL 2062 2100 WILLIAM STREET next to MILSOM PLANT EAST BIIFFALO CIIAL CIIMPANY HUmboldt 5246 lf No Answer Coll TAylor O23l With Snncere W shes to the Sen ors of St Fronc s Hugh School RAPID SERVICE EIIGIIAVING C0 Inc 229 OAK STREET CL 6312 BU FALO N Y Compl ments of MR 81 MRS .IIISEPI-I BITEL ACME BIIIDERY Mr 81 Mrs B Glowczynskn 35 N Dnvnsnon Sf WA 6265 ss s ph 4 sr Y ' ' i i , i ' 0' o . F , . . Compliments of i 5845 Fredro SI. Detroit, Mich Best Wishes to the Graduates of '43 I I I . ' " . . he ef . Buffalo, N. l With Be-st Wisllvs fI'0lll FAT ll E H S of MATER DULURUSA CHURCH Holyoke Mass RIG LPUNARIJ PAIxULbIxI UNII PXDIHUR R X btpplun Nldjus kl U Nl C x blXlll YN xumnl Hex Ill 3 nlml , . mmw- Rm- '. 5 Ha H-4. U. H. ll. ,lol Ia: .U. 31.11. Compliments of MR JOSEPH GABRYEL 862 Flllmore Avenue Buffalo New York Best Wushes To The Sensors From MR 8: MRS M BITEL 42 Kent Street Buffalo New York Compliments of MR ANDREW J GRAS President of Cool Townshlp School Board Shamokln Pa Compliments of MR 81 MRS ll MILKA 8: SON 34 Kent Street Buffalo New York Best Washes To The Graduates From Rosmslrr Hardware Company 655 Ridge Road Lackawanna New York Compluments of 3257 East ll6tl1 Street Cleveland Ohio Best Washes of Success From Mrs Margaret Tylrsz 8: Family 25l0 Falt Avenue Baltlmore Md Complaments of Mr Victor Damel Cxelenclrr 294 Detrolt Street Buffalo New York ' ' mn.AN1'nouY unomncm Bc 't Wrhe. ' fm a buuwwful 5 F H b Fu 't D1 11001 Annual f0llgl'Htllldl1Oll to lla 5 of 43 ST STANISLAUS CHURCH THE REV CLEWIENT KAC PRZYNSKI O NI 1 PAbTOR Ru Y lltlllll flWWNll U WI Ru Alphmm R0 Lak U NI 1 TRENIUN NEW IFRSEX vo 1 i N 0 N x x - u x x 1 u P P 5 . 3 . . . . 5 W U 'W 1 1 f " ' " -L -- A A D O W I N W n A 1 A A , 9 ' w H 1 - . A. A 7' I 1 C gy l ' 1 f I ' 4 Y' T ' 1 . C C A J 5 Q .- n 4. if , 1 I ' ' L 'V 9' . , P F ., . 4 . -. 'K 1 T T Y ' 7' , X , I V, - , . 4 , J Compllments of REV LEO J 'l'00MEY Our Mother of Caood Counsel Blasdell New York Best Wushes to the Class of 43 From MH 8: MRS H ZUHAHSH1 1226 East Water Street Syracuse New York Best Wlshes to Class of 43 From MHS JOSEPH HALLDHAH 411 George Street Throop Pa Compllments of MHS EDWARD DASZEWSHI 192 Sweet Avenue Buffalo New York Compllments of MH JOHH SIHUTHAH 312 Dunmore Street Throop P Best Wnshes to the Graduates From MH 8: MHS S SEHEMET 192 Sweet Avenue Buffalo New York Compllments of IVIESSRS MICHAEL SIHUTHAH 8: JDSEPH CDMEHAD Malachowskls Clothes Shop Made To Measure Formal Clothes Rented 513 Edgar Street HU 6295 Throop Pa 1081 Broadway Buffalo N Y . V 1 o o O O O I I , , - , a I . I , n n Q , C. 1 'I n , . , . . 1B1 txxllll 0 buum 1 lu 4 ll IHIL REX lfXNIEb IHULEWIVX 0 NI PAbTUR ST. CASIMIITS CHURCH Baltimore, Md. -s Us is f w "-ss to "Th - C ' sad 'rw zu C0llgLl'2ltlllllIi0llS to thv Class of '43 V 1 1 7 , N 1 7 X' . , A L A . . . L . ll. Best Wishes To The Graduates from REV MICHAEL BINISZKIEWICZ Pastor of St Muchael s Church Lackawanna New York Best Wushes To The Graduates from Rev Stephen L Szczepanskx Pastor of St Barbara 5 Church Lackawanna New York Compliments of FRANCISCAN FATIIERS St Stanislaus Parish Shamokm Pennsylvania Wnshes of Success to the Sensors from REV ALUYSIUS WYCISLD Chicago III nous Complnments of FRANCISCAN FATI-IERS St Stephen s Church Shamokln Pennsylvania Complnmerwts of DR LEO MICHALEK Health Commissioner Lackawanna New York Compluments of DR. JUSEPH KU 29 Nason Parkway Lackawanna New York Congrotulatuons to the Class of 43 MR 8: MRS WALTER PLUTA 22 Girard Place Lackawanna New York I I O . . , , I I I 'li Catholic Charities . I . . I I . I . I ' I I l I I C0l1gl'2ltll12lli0llS to the Pi0llt'l'l'S of the- First Sl. Fmllcis Annual YlFZll'Il00li. 'GTIN' Cl'llSilfli'l'w and Good Luvk to thc Gl'ZlIlll2ltt?S ST STANISLAUS B 8: M PARISH 1 1 1 In Chlcopee Mass X E cm Pla ukl U NI I Rwtm x E ll T01 dm O NI f x 11 1 X I lil Nl 1 I 1 0 R-'. ugrr 's--', .g. Y., ' Pm-'. n'l C",Q.-. f. Rv '. Pvt " 'Bu 'ki. U. Nl. C. Rvv. Thonlzls Graliliski. O. M. C. Pe- '. Bail Su -l'gz1. 0. H. C. ' '. -U1 Hsi IS Stun 'Zllk. U. NI. C. Congratulations to the Class of '43 Mr 8: Mrs Michael Kralrovnak 99 Goodyear Avenue Buffalo New York Complnments ot Mr 8: Mrs Lucien Comeau 590 Front Street Chrcopee Massachusetts Complrments of 826l Brandon Avenue Chicago lllrnols Congratulations To The Class of '43 MRS S OLCZAK 8: S0llS 360 Wagner St Sloan New York Congratulatlons To The Class of 43 KARP S MEAT MARKET 6l4 South Park Avenue Buffalo New York Compliments of .lllllll J BERES DAIRY Lackawanna New York 29 Hrgland Ave Home Address Phone TR l96l Compllments of Koguts Groceries 8: Meals Phone TR 9535 2825 South Park Ave corner Leo Lackawanna New York Congratulatlons To The Class of 43 CABUT FURNITURE C0 Lorgest Furniture Store In Chucopee Tel l854 238 Exchange Street Chlcopee Mass. Kgssgfh sfreef Best Wishes and Success From An Alumnus Just Ordained To The Priesthood Rev. Leonard F. Gaiewslri '35 Compliments of TRIANGLE Sll0E STORE Hugh Street Holyoke Mass Compliments ot STANLEY S GRILL or Reserxotions Phone HU 9611 1047 Broadway Buffalo New York Success ond Best Wishes To The Graduating Class of 1943 S. Z. '32 Best Wishes and Success To Francis H S Graduates of 1943 ALBERT F WEIRDEIR 29 A'rHoL srizmss N Y Congratu'otions and Best Wishes To The 43 S F H S Graduates RFV SIXTUS WAWRZASZEK 0 M C 32 t to the Cla o REV MICHAEL WESIEL a o lllmo Compl me ts of REV E LUBERSKI St M chael s P Ch cago Ill no s shes of S ccess tom REV PAUL MYTYS cago Illinois pl JUES POULTRY MARKET joseph Pys czy sk P op o e HU 1 2637 Wllia St B' Halo N Y St. ' . . I , . , . . I I Q 1 l: ' S I - I I Comgra ulations ss l '-13 Wi u r ST- lVl'ClW3el'S P31513 St. Michaels Parish Chic s ' is Chi ' ' Com imerits of I U I . . z ri i, r . - ' ' me Ph n 1 . i39 i i i l' m . U , . . Success and Best Washes To The Graduatang Class of 1943 LS8 Congratulations and Best Washes From REV WALTER WALIGDRA 33 Holy Cross Church 144 Maryland Sf Buffalo N Y Best Washes and Success to the Graduatang Class of 43 From An Alumnus of Class of 32 REV JAMES BIBRZYCKI 0 M C St Hyacanth s Semanary GRANBY MASS Best of Luck To The B ys o a Grand Hagh Sc ool Who Are To Gradua e ln 1943 Pvl James B ZIBIIISJIS 33179834 Co C 20 Enganeers A P O 668 cfo Postmaster New York N Y From Metropolatan New York Tc Athol Sprangs St Francas H S Graduates of 43 Suc ess Mr and Mrs S llslrowskn New York Caty Fareman 131 07 116th Avenue South Ozone Park L I N Y For The Success of St Francas H Crusader And Thas Year s Graduates AN ALUMNUS E A LAWRENCE MASS Congratulations and Best Washes To The Graduatang Clas of 43 From J0l'lN J JANIGA 41 Krakow St Lackawanna N Y Complaments of ED ROSE Complete Athletac Sportang Equapment 51 Genesee St Buffalo N Y ' 3 t L ' I n I . . 2 I l , . . . 1 1 - ' ' , . . . . I C I ' I I C O Scipio Class of '31-Presently . , . . , . . . . . A . S l I il ll ' I I 0 1 o u s I l I I a - , . ' I l - I . - . , . a Best Wishes to "The Crusader' and the Graduates of '43 A EIIAPLAIII III TI-IE SERVICE III' I'lIS CUIINTRY Concfratulatnons to Sensors from REV FERDIIIAIID CISEK Asst Magus St Joseph Novutnate Ellicott Cnty Md Complnments f MR F E KIIREK BUFFALO NEW YORK MISS STELLA SEREMET I92 SWEET AVENUE BUFFALO NEW YORK Congratulations to Class of 43 Chaplain Francis I-I Cyman N U S NAVAL AIR STATION LAKEHURST NEW IERSEY Complnments of MR 8: MRS E SZCZEPANIAK 65 SHEPERD STREET BUFFALO NEW YORK Washes of Success to Sennors CPL FRANK MIIRAWSKI U S Army 305 Rother Ave Buffalo N Y Success to Class of 43 From IIAWEL S JEWELRY BUFFALO NEW YORK MR 8: MRS .IOSEPI'I SEREMET 8 KENT STREET BUFFALO NEW YORK Success to Sensors MRS MARY DIIKLEWSKI 925 SO CURLEY STREET BALTIMORE MD Compliments of MR 8: MRS E PARADDWSKI 65 SHEPERD STREET BUFFALO NEW YORK D . . . . . . I I . I . . O ' I Compliments of Best Wishes to Class of '43 u. s. . R. ' Compluments of Mr 8: Mrs John Joyce 8: Famrly Highland Ave Bay View N Y Compliments of Mr 8: Mrs Theodore Smrth 81 Family 226 So Robunson St Baltlmore Md Best Wrshes to the Graduates from Mrs Pearl Jarmalnewlcz 22l Playter St Buffalo N Congratulatuons to the Class f 43 Mr 8: Mrs Chester lllatowslrl Dndron Road Lancaster N Y Compliments of A FRIEND Taylor 2468 4532 Vincent Ryba Paclrmg Co Home Made Sausage I2 Goodyear Ave Buffalo N Y Best Wishes to the Semors from Mr 81 Mrs Chester Zelazny 710 Woodlawn St Throop Pa Complnments of Mr 8: Mrs Edward Kowrach 315 Oleckna St Throop Pa Complnments of Mr 8: Mrs V1ncentPatt1 4014 East Lombard St Balhmore Md Washes of Success to Class of 43 Mr 8: Mrs T L Cyman 259 Sweet Ave Buffalo N Y Best Wnshes to the Sensors from Mr 8: Mrs S Wesolowsln 38 C Street Buffalo N Y Complnmermts of Mr 8: Mrs Joseph Seralm 95 Stanley St Buffalo N Y Complnments of MR JUSEPH SKARLEWSKI 329 Oleckna St Throop Pa Best Wushes to the Semors from Mr Sz Mrs Charles Wlenclro 448 Clark St Throop Pa Compllments of Mrs Amelia lludzmslra 8: Fam 3l2 Charles St Throop Pa Compliments of Mr M1chaelS Kallay ISI Brick St Throop Pa u o o . v . . u I u o e o n . . , . . , . n n o o o . , . Y. . , . u o o . ' 0 , . . - , . u u ' o s ' ' . , . - 'v - - , . . n o s o o 0 0 . , . . - 1 . . k , n n I 0 O 5 l ' Q . . - v , u a u U 0 . , . . . , . Sincere Wnshes of Success to The Crusader Congratula Ions to the Class of 43 CEEILIA SZEZEPANIEE 21 Sunset St Buffalo N Complnments of Mr 8: Mrs Joseph Lrhuclrr 174 Mam Street Cambrldge N I Compluments f Paryz Fruits 8: Vegetables Phone WO 2651 1612 Electrlc Ave Lackawanna N Compluments of LACKAWANNA HUTEL Rrdge Road Lackawanna N Complnments f EELIAS BEAUTY SHUP 349 Wagner Ave Sloan N Compllments f Mr 8: Mrs John Gesma 8: Family Wushes of Success from Mrs John Brelal 8: Family 2201 Cough St Baltimore Md Complnments f MR 8: MRS AUGUSTYNOWICZ Washes of Success from MR 8: MRS WALTER SERAFIN 393 Walden Ave Buffalo N Y Congratulatnons To Class of 43 Mr 81 Mrs J KWlall!0WSl'll 8: Family 2615 Fleet St Baltimore Md Congratulatlons to lohn Lubuckl MR 8: MRS STANLEY KLAK 432 Mann Street Cambridge N I Compliments f MR 8: MRS JOSEPH FARUN 27 Sumner Place Buffalo N Y Compluments of JUHN HENRY MILLER Athol Sprmgs New York Best Wnshes to the Class of -13 PYT HENRY JANHUWSKI 220 New Iersey Ave Cambridge N Complnments of Whrielaw Credlt Jewelers 882 Broadway Buffalo N Y . . . O ' . , . Y. . , . Y. ' . . Y. ' ' o . . 1 ' ' , , . . , . Y. , O . O 2012 Fleet St. Baltimore, Md. 2624 Hudson St. Baltimore, Md. . , I O . ' , . I. , . . Wnshes of Success NESS BRDTIIERS Flonsts Phone HA 695 22 Mann Street Hamburg N Y Congratulatlons to Semors MR ANTI-IUNY MACH 81 MRS L0l.llSE MACH 17 Stanislaus St Buffalo N SCIIEIBERS APTS Furmshed wlth All Utulutnes los F Schelber Prop Lake Shore Road Athol Springs N Best Wishes to the Semors A FRIEND Complnments of Dr Max B Brzezmsln 0 D 9130 Commercial Ave So Chicago Ill Ccmplmnents of MR 81 MRS .llll-IN S RIISEN 1895 clmeon se sumo N Y Complnments of MR 8: MRS .I P USMULA 369 Gibson St Buffalo N Y Weshes of Success MISS RBSE IGNASZAII I82 Clark St Buffalo N Good Luck to the Sensors STANLEY I' .IORCZAK Attorney Chlcopee Massachusetts Phone Trnangle 7323 DR ANTHONY S PANTERA Dentust l952 Clmton St Buffalo N Y Complnments of FRANCIS C SCIIROWE Hades Skms Tallows I4 Spencer St Buffalo N Complarnents of the RUUSEVELT BAR Qulck Servlce C-ood Food 890 Broadway Buffalo N Luck 5 Success MR 8: MRS A CIIRZANBWSKI l00 North Franklm St Wilmington Del MARYNIEWSKI S GRILL Best Cooked Meals In Depew Come and Try Them 42 Penora St Depew N Congratulatnons MR .IUIIN KRAIIBWIAK 99 Goodyear Ave Buffalo N Y Best Wnshes to Semors CAROL ZIELINSKI Holyoke Massachusetts ' O ' , .Y. 9 U I U 9 o 0 I ' . , . . . , .Y. . , .Y. , .Y. I ' . " , . 5 . , .Y. Complnments of REV I J BITTER St Anthonys Parnsh Tlnroop Pa Complnments of Mr 8: Mrs Felnx Patchlrowslu Dune at the Vets Restaurant 732 Mann Street Dnckson Cnty Pa Congratulatnons to Graduates from Mr 8: Mrs Jacyna 8: Eannuly 30l Boulevard Ave Dnckson Cnty P Complnments of PAUL 81 BEN DAVITT DAVITTS PRODUCE CO 2 0 Poplar St Dickson Cnty P Complnments of .l0llN J PIESKI Jeweler 8l2 Mann Street Dnckson Cnty P Congratulatnons to the Graduates MR J0l-IN CRAMBO School Dnrector 607 Cypress St Tlnroop P Wnshes of Success to the Sennors MR 8: MRS P SUWA Complnments of ANN S TAVERN Congratulatnons to the Graduates Mr 8: Mrs Edward lllanowncz I Slnnplnorst Terrace Rosedale Md Best Wnshe to the Graduates WERDEIN FAMILY Athol Sprnngs New York Complnments of 0 M ll R SUCIAL CLUB Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Parnsh But alo N Y BLUMQVIST RESTAURANT Chas L Blomqvnst Prop Beer Wnnes and Lnquors Lake Shore Road Athol Sprnngs N Y Complnments of MR 8nMRS JAMES RUCHE 2201 Cough St Baltimore Md General Merchandise Frosted Foods A C SAUNDERS RED C1 WHITE STORE Athol Sprnngs New York Complnments of AL 8: JUE SZCZEPANSKI SENECA DAIRY Phone MA 3l-l-l 3l3 Monroe St But alo N Y Complnments of MR 8: MRS A GREENE Hamburg N Y - . " ' , a. I . ' ' . a. o 1 , ' ' ' , 3, . . 3. I ll22 So. Kenwood Ave. Baltimore, Md. 8459 Buffalg Sf, Chigagg, Ill, f , , , ' . . . I ' R. F. D. , . . . f , . . Compluments of A FRIEND Wushes of Success to Sensors from M SZA.lNOWSKl 8358 Burley Ave Chlcago Illmors t Washes to the Graduates from Mr 8: Mrs ll llaraszlro 8: Son 360 Wagner St Buf alo N Y Best Wushes to the Class of 43 from MARTIN S TAVERN Hot 5 Cold Sandwiches Served Danly 8402 Baker Ave Chlcago Ill Cornplurnents of REV S FIMDWICZ St Lumes Church Buffalo New Ycrk Complnrne ts ct MR RUMAN SADUWSKI So Chicago llhnors Phone HU l224 Day G Nlght Servlce MATTHEW LUKASIEWICZ Funeral Dnrector Lady Attendant 2l3 Salneslu St Buf alo N Y Compllments of Standard Coal 8: Coke Company 8701 8757 Baltrmore Ave Chicago Ilhnols Best Wvshes to the Class of 43 from Mr 8: Mrs A Kozalr 8: Famrly 42 Kent Street But alo N Y Good Luck to Class of 43 from 8: Son 33 Mills Str et Buffalo N Y Wushes ct Success to Graduates from Mr John V Czelusnrak Maple Street Holyoke Mass Complnrnents of PUPULAR DELICATESSEN B Nxewladowsku Prop HU 9494 l98l Brordwav Buffalo N Compllments of Mr 8: Mrs Anthony Partylra 6 West Court St Holyoke Mass Bet Wushes to the Semors from MR 81 MRS .l NASZA 53 Greene St Buffalo N Y Best Wishes to the Graduates from Mr 8: Mrs Stanley Kobus 209 Sheridan St Brrdgeport Conn Good Luck to Class of 43 from MRS VlCT0lllA KIELTYKA 225 Faurvnevv Ave Chrcopee Mass Bea ' A ' I ' ' . ' f , . . ' . I I Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Saniewslri f , , , ' e , . . ' ' - V , . Y. HEN THE CANNONS SHALL EN STILLED Ycu who are today stepping out into the world have a gigantic task awaiting you. For the very happiness of America, for generations to come depends on a world free from the threat of future Q war. lt will be your task to shape that future ' destiny, M Today we must fight this war through to the utter defeat of our enemies, we must fight without let or stint, regardless of sacrifice because there is no future without Victory. But when the cannons shall have been stilled there will be a new world to shape and mould into a pattern in harmony with the four freedoms. That will be your undertaking and your favorite news- paper that has lighted the way for you through the dark days of uncertainty will be there to help you build a better world To this end we subscribe ourselves n sincere devotion to our common task EVE AmeFYB0?Y S DAILY W Appreclatlon WE HEREBY WISH TO EXTEND HEARTY THANKS TO OUR ADVERTISERS PATRONS AND WELL-WISHERSA I SHORT TO EVERYONE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED IN ANY MANNER TO THE SUCCESS OF THIS YEAR BOOK THE CRUSADER TINUE YOUR SUPPORT THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1943 D '4g4"43'f'l'4'4'4 14444 fillifffldll If-1444 I'4"J A tx xx 54 0 0 xx xx K 1: Ax 2. sx K lx If , . N xx sz I Q. it - H s' ' sx xx s, I ,, Wx I sx xx +I 'Q WE HOPE MOST SINCERELY THAT YOU WILL CON- K K s' ' SK sx Sx 'I Ax S "fIflflffI?!4!'!II ' f g . ' D Q ,, ' 7 1' . fqfif?-1-2 8 ' Z, W A V ., '

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