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sf Z i N i Q ,Q A Q' Q pub 4 s 4,495 1 5 ' N 'Si ,X In L' f.: Q. , - 1 Nu P A -r N ..--N- i.f.,,e4"9"'0,jf,.w 713 J"f'IIi"' MSM 'mzizf M ' rw MMT' 24221 N 1, fl MQ? JQXMW 4 ffQ'WWfff3,w1ff, flu vs' i Qi gd -Ziigzgfggip ff? Qqgkmddnwfzigf f , yfjfifififff T V Sw X. X Ex I' 1' 0 ' 5 684' '1J:"W15ij"9 M' if xx f 0510 WE' is Qfxifywjrksg X? wfx M . QT 5 5 s MMM gf? Wi? 5 fifwww EQ Af? A wi ww 3 953 w Xef may ff - -QL N- K, 4 , N QE, QQ 3- j Ifflgjit-ff'j Waryfy we lareaenf ox X M .Je 'Irby L u X Llp T156 1 V 5, 4 1 W V N Mun-lung., is x xx 4, my W ULMW I 55.5 5.-Q jf'5 'K 5 N- N5 XL X' . , X ' ,' X.. 1 V J ' 1 A 'kx" ik - 4: t I f' .1-:Q N?-ve, Q ,I V vb . 2 P . 'B A f L, 1 -.QT-P'., . .Ay V. ' l .- , ,fm gg X f ,J-N 1 ' ' I f , x ff'v"M XX, XM" . 1 r 5. .-.. Q A A E , rl Q -f lu I , X fwrjqgkv ,l X! ,l no K .-l5n X .3 N HQ fs! lf?" ff? . V 4+ Q V ' 9, T F' X ' X M' Q 2 cw' WM ff m KVA x L xr"'s"jM! ' N- V14 Q jx. I .,' 6 I, 41, . X '-' M 'V 'ilk V .3-Ae ,Jlforkam 'L V Q fl, fb ,ZR J 'K -fyffz. ' "1 rf, J. J ug' .f 'Q 1 -, A , la Jw M U if A X A W iw 0 lfU'l'lQ i 1 xl-3 ." Q' QV.-1 M lQuL65Le0! Ly fge gyracluafing ffm 0 Sf. .'j!orian4 3400! .yamframcg 12, michigan MH l UDV, it-ggzii-7-if r' M' 2 44 rf Q Z.. if 'f meridazi o.: sa t T! X K 1 K 5 . f Z vy ' VII' , 'Cla Q. . ' 1' A . E HW'-" ' -AM.-,, . V ' ' Y 3g.J..1',l...,. .. T2 'Q ' A I 3. Conlenla K Foreword . . 5 Dedication . . 6 Authority . , 7-9 fi FALL . . . . . 10-29 Faculty Freshmen 'M Football WINTER ....... . . 30-49 Warble of Wishes Wonderful Sophs Warp and Woof in Basketball SPRING ....... . . . . . 50-57 Sailing on Junior Seas Studies A Sallies ,' l SUMMER ...... . . .sa-82 af' "Sedes Sapientiae" M ' - Q Success ' SENIOR SAGA W F " FRIENDS .... . . as-92 it 19" 'N The Editor of THE 1954 FLORI-IAM Z X N 5, xl suwmum out x Q f . f gg ' -'51, . . . O6 0.9.99 . , .9 6 ' 'N Q'-1-W" I -519.4 hd x 5:3 iii. X qvbw f i Al" X X Q5 1 p p. Lax X. with W - if-4 .xqi x x XV 'i QV ' A' .224 H V' V V' '-153' We 'ME jhe j?orLam SM!! ' Kg. ,rt . :A .iiifigii 1 at fp" i A Editor . . . .Margaret Rzeszutek Co-Editor . . . . . Lorrain Chmielewski Sports Editor . . .... Maryann Dunn Typist ..... . . Shirley Majocha Graphic Artist of THE FLORHAM . . . . Stanley Netski Graphic Artist. . . . Subscription Staff: A. Balut, J. Beasley, G. Jedrzejewski, T. Terhall, A. Stodol, A. Skurski, E. Lisiecki, S. Nowak, J. Kasprzyk, D. Porzadek, V. Koss, R. Gutkowski, J. Piec, J. Priess, J. Zwierzelewski, S. Kuc- zynski, R. Kurczynski. ...- ADVISER ...... . . Sister Mary Sybille .4. 7' , ff' Et' if ijt? . f ,t 1' Today with faltering steps we launch our ship into the vast sea of life. Its murky waters of 'tisms" ought not engulf us, for we have a guiding STAR, MARY, as: OPQIUOI' In our departing hour, we stand in mute array to pay tribute to all ideals held captive within these hallowed walls. Greater than the art of sculptor or painter or architect is the art of molding young minds and hearts in the art of Christian living. These pages of the FLORHAM shall ever remind us of our sturdy foundation in Catholic Educationg of the mighty structure, built not with hands but with truths of the elaborate equipment with spiritual power and momentum for actiong of well stocked supply of atomic energy of prayer to fall in step on the march to Victory for our GOD, our COUNTRY, our FAMILY and OURSELVES. A Queen to protect us A Mother to love us A Virgin to inspire us An Ideal to strive for A Model to imitate The Most GLORIOUS Woman to love. 30 you, ul' ueel1.!4llJ Qur Ael' YC! wif We believe that, raised up to heaven in body and soul, Queen of Heaven and Earth, You the beloved Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son of God made man, Spouse of the Spirit of Love, Virgin and Mother, You, who after your Son's humanity, are the masterpiece of Godg the glory and honor of our humanity --- You will deign to accept our dedication of the FLORHAM of 1954, as a humble token of our love and devotion to your Immaculate Conception in this your triumphant year. We shall attempt to mirror your beauty in the cycle of seasons in our final school activities. The sweetness of your name shall pervade the pages of this book and permeate the hearts of those who shall treasure it. Deign to bless OUR MOTTO: All through the Immaculate Heart of Mary OUR COLORS: The BLUE of your Mantle and the GOLD of your Crown M, OUR FLOWER: The Rose of Peace OUR CLASS: A regiment of 66 ' .5. tx vff li h ,. .H X fi H - as-val... 'llnlung' 'A M ign- , . -'Q lp..-----ff---l.. .ft ' L ll'f..".' ll' L H UH 3: , . ' I ':7rH 73' . , +4 ',,.ll'.v It ACCVDFE To the KEEPER OF KEYS, HIS HOLINESS, POPE PIUS XII, in gratitude for the many times He has used the KEYS to our splrtual advantage. To You, Holy Father, who alone among the Church Sovereign Pontiffs, set foot on American soil and made generations happy by this momen- tous statement: "My desire cherished foralong time, was to see with my own eyes this country and to feel the pulsation of its life and labors. What could be more natural for me than to know at first-hand this great and powerful nation, which by its force of its labor and organization, by its ideals, by its inexhaustible sources of wealth, has done such great things in the past and promises so much for the future, not only for this country but for all humanity. I am indeed happy to find myself within the territory of a great people who know how to unite so beautifully and successfully a sense of discipline with the exercise of a just, legitimate, and well-ordered liberty. May all the sons and daughters of the North American continent enjoy a noble and decent existence, which is a prerequisite of a true lasting peace." May the PRINCE of PEACE reward your fatherly solicitude with a WORLD PEACE during your gracious reign. This is our Marian Prayer. .7. is .wg Dear Graduates of 1954: We are living in times of novelty and change. In the very atmosphere about us, there seems to beanervous intolerance for that which recalls the past. People become enthusiastic very readily over anything new, even if extravagant and radical, in studies, in politics, in economics, in moral and spiritual problems. The Church has neverfeared the healthy development. But in the midst of this feverish preocupation with what is new, and in the onrushing succession of theories and activities, it is important to have a right judgment of things, to maintain an orderly connection between the old and the new, to restrain and combat those social changes which defy the principles of the Divine and natural law. We must preserve our civili- zation from madness of the fool who would deny God, reject the right of the workingman, destroy the family, exclude the principles of morality from industry and augment the struggle of the classes. You are entering this maelstrom of social, economic and religious conditions. You, there- fore, have an obligation and a sacred duty as well as a difficult task to do your bit to make this a better wor-ld to live in. The remembrance of the happy years you spent here at St. Florian, dear graduates, will always be cherished by you. In time you will realize more and more that the beauty of these years is the result of the kind of life you followed here, your studies, your joyful recreations, your religious practices, the dedication of your energies to the cultivation of good citizen- ship of this wonderful country of ours. In your family life and here at school you have been trained in the knowledge and path of truth. Keep it straight and ever ascending. My dear Graduates, the Fathers and the Sisters of St. Florian are proud to give you back to your families, proud to send you into society, a chosen legion of young men and women. May yours be the guiding light following the beams of the Immaculate Heart. Yours in the Same Heart, Rev. Peter P. Walkowiak, Pastor .3. l 3 01 Rev. Edmund S. Wolschon MARY The The The The The The The The The The The The The Dawn Gate Root Grape Wheat Sheaf Rose-tree Fount Chalice Temple Shrine Beacon Mirror Mother Rev. Thomas T. Zielinski IN TRIBUTE to the Pastor and Assistant Priests of ST. FLORIANwho brought joy to our youth. Rev. Francis S. Maliszewski CHRIST The The The The The The The The The The The The The Perfect Day Heavenly Way Mystic Vine Sacred Wine Living Bread Rose Blood-red Cleansing Flood Saving Blood Temple's Lord God Adored Haven's Rest Vision Blest Mother's Son Rev. Joseph S. Strzelewicz mms' Both ever blest While endless ages run. Mary- ly CLASS of '54 -9- ,HH In ,. 1 :X .ni H if'- . f If ', ..,, Y ,. 'K' 1 ,, ... .4 A, A, :xg ' 1 . F 1+ .5 v gf 4.4 of - , I0 . RT' Q. l ,L E .pa KL-f Ag 1'3" we 1 .. 3+ I I-L-g ulf ,ut A 1. Q I 1 lx l H ik H A . 3 W 1 . 1 . 311 , 1 .i 1 F5 W XJ' tt 'I- lr 4 f' v 'fl .X , 4 .gfir one ssk1ii3ik1 '54 '!'!?5?EFF"'F"'5""'T"'f'3FF"1 'V 5 ' "' i'7'."3f-5'-1 pt Y PM O-Heavenly M ther, Qur Spiritual aid, Countless times' to You have we prayed. Ip thanks, supplication, perhaps fear, Have askedlyour help throughout the year. Q-Mary, gentle like the breeze, That rustles the autumn leaves. At yourifeet, we humbly laid, Qui: petitions for counsel, aid. "fE1ilge,ns Qoronau in Lautumnal hues, Studfledu with pearls' of morning, dews. The-egolu og the me blue of the 'night Weaveefeyoiir kiharm lu brllleiaacevof light. 'I!olY9u, 0:'Mothezy, in ?tHis glorious season, We offer-I homage ein rhyme arid! treason. MQLY Blifllliiil--Buff Wrapped YQ1!1T'lii3n51Q EmveIopl'HSEin1warmthf, so loving axidf gentle. Dejoember Q eighth ,opened -your Marian Year, Jgafumilied- our Class on paths' to Iouliso dear. Your medal, uyourlrosarygandjthe blue we wear Loudly proclaim our THANKSGIVING for your'care Ln. :Mil cwgylgljo, gif :W 7' 4 Q Y L H, THE PASTOR MEETING HIS CHERISHED FLOCK May I be the firstto welcome you to the St. Florian High School while we are at the threshold of a glorious year. It is befitting to begin it Mary-ly. His Holiness, Pope Pius XII has proclaimed this 1954 year as the MARIAN YEAR, in which all of the children of Holy Mother Church should pay special homage to Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother. This is a great year in the history of the Church. For all the students, and especially for you, Graduates, this year is a great year indeed, because it is the crowning year of your High School careerg you shall receive your diplomas. It behooves that you be bound in a special way by a tie with Mary. Her Immaculate Heart shall instill into your veins the life of grace in "Prayer, Action and Sacrifice". May Heaven's choicest blessings abide with the Faculty and students to progress merrily and Mary-ly through the entire year. Sister Mary Julia,the new Princi- Falling in with the Marian Cult, pal, is greeting the new Student Body The Principal greets the Students over the new Public Address System. and opens the School year of 1953-54 with the Felician invocation: "All through the Heart of Mary in honor of the Blessed Sacrament." -12. jacuhy .inf 342 Warian ear Planning to put "Fulgens Corona" into Marylike Activities ,dw Sister Mary Julia .441- if 1 J tr! If A, f' """' 4 Principal Sister Mary Ann Sister Mary Consolata Freshmen Adviser of Room 101 Freshmen Adviser of Room 113 1-:ngush Ethics A M -A UW it Ethics chemistry 45 ff, , polish Geometry ' - General Science Sodality Moderator Sister Mary Annette Senior Adviser of Room 201 English Biology Sociology Student Council Adviser Sister Mary Arcadia Junior Adviser of Room 212 American History Modern History Church History Safety Commission Adviser School Publicity Sister Mary Bertha Junior Adviser of Room 211 Church History Acolyte Moderator I Mt I ""L'L'2 f' , .ff R , Sister Mary Consuela 'A " I' I Music Teacher Algebra English Biology School Music Music Appreciation Liturgical Singing Glee Club Moderator - Organist Sister Mary Expedita Sophomore Adviser of Room 112 Bible English General Science Holy Name Moderator Sister Mary Ferdinand Sophomore Adviser of Room 102 Calculating English Bookkeeping Shorthand Senior Adviser of Room 213 Foods School Publication Adviser Sociology Iggfmf-:aging V r I General Business e e e vice Sister Mary Clarentine Adv. Shorthand I Sophomore Adviser of Room 203 Transcri t- Slstel' Mari' 30311119 p ion . . . . Junior Adviser of Room 202 Bible TYP1Hg Latin Athletics - Yearbook Adviser Church History English AdV2.IlCBd Math Modern History School Librarian -13- Algebra Drafting CSMC Moderator How it lives - pulsates ticks - operates - achieves - prays and pla YS with a P URPOSE. Campaign Capers 2 I' f s ,x ' Q, xx, .14- 1 VK" Seated: R. Gutkowski, School Treasurerg Joann Poplawski, School Secretaryg Henry Kowalski, Senior Class Presidentg Gerald Morawski, School Presidentg Arlene Sxurski, Student Council Secretaryg Stanley Netski, Senior Class Treasurer. Standing: G. Rys, Sodality Prefectg M. Dunn, CSMC Presidentg M. Rzeszutek, FLORHAM Editorg V. Koss, Girls' Athleticsg C. Zyczynski, Holy Name Presidentg R. Kurczynski, Boys'Athleticsg C. Siuda, Acolyte Presidentg R. Walczy,Sa1ety Commissionerg L. Zakrzewski, Head of Social Activitiesg A. Stodol, Editor of THE GUIDEQ S. Majocha, Head of Music Departmentg R. Radzik- iewicz, Head of the Library Department. Top links between the Student Council and the individual classes are the Class Presi- dents They inspire and inject interest into Student Activities and secure approval and Safety Comissioner support of the Faculty. briefing his Squad .15. Q 'R II' Attaman D. Bartosiewicz Browarski F. Demski S. Dobrzelewski D. Dorosz J. 5 'Cu Gazda D. - Secretary 5, W' Grabowski B. ' ' ,Vw Grujewski M. J Ya' Greczyk M. Q Grucz C, v "' A' Hankus N. X, :w "' Jankowski J. ' . 5 5 I ' Kowalski S. E . , Sf- 6 N V,' .4 - , R XA' 'J - N " M-n . . M ' Enix Morris D. is -. Q Mortinski S. 4 ' - Ohryn D. ' W ' ' ' Pawelec C. . v " y . Y. .Q I .16- jeellri CAM of 1957 , iq 1 5 1 f' 3 5' 1- i 'M' fx , 15. 1' X ' 'ir -D ... I b , S .X f.. , sin' ' " Hg ' Kozaren J. Lajcak B. Lasota H. Madurski J. Mieszcaak M. ,. vw k ur 1: nys ,sim Pruss R. Sajewski C. - Vice President Schall R. Sitkowski R. Sliwa B. R Smith J. W ... Smolarski G. LJ, Snow D. - President 'W ' Sobieski J. -A A i W... xv K - 'Sn af.. .L . ki KN K P P ' ye es . . 1 iff Q Wozniak G. ' Q Zakrzewski L. W 5 . xy Q. . zmarziik H. ' ' 5 ' Zmarzlik J. ' . YG .. ' f A i - Zwierzelewski T. K, gait' 'LQ av 'Q xv ..- -- Q. yy ex, u..- -Q pi, ill, L' x- 1 Ng, W ex S '21 SN. - J' 5-L Ns' RV" sry ww-N ,I 4 A ,' 15- luv ' ver is- 1 sf gn- 1 if , '11- vi. ' if H ' ' R.-A-'A W' 'W I .kv Q L U- ,.,. A 'L' 1 if in . ' Spiegel R. Stanko P. Sledzinski R. - Treasurer Szeliga A. Trainor L. Tyranski S. Uryga R. Waclawski J. Wlodkowski R. Wojnar G. g!0550I'Yl5 for tk? Queen Cord Rosary in progress - soon to be sent to the Orient - the Pacific - behind the Iron Curtain and wherever human hands can play the beads. . . or IE- gl 3 6 2 N Q V 7 . 'M' iv 4 X, Q . - 4 1 ., I?" Kijek C. Kosciolek B. Kotecki G. Krawiecki P. Krolewski A. Kropinski A. Kudla J. Kurzeniec M. Krzyzewski M. Lasota G. Cyan of 257 ., .44 si .1 1. of' ..:,, A .'Z.'f.- ...,- A-I 'P 3 Bieniewicz E. 'Q Binkowski D. A Bisaga D. Glowacki A. if .lj 4- Gorney C. 1. rl Grajek B. Gutowski M. Jeske E. Kamon R. ,,, v ,,, 15 A G x A V I f I 3 ti! w-'FM V v Q' A I A A N -1 ' Q 5 ,. M I I .V 4. 4. ,s- fv ' f 'X-P' x , ii I V ga, M J P d t F 'Q E, atlenga . resi en f Mroz G. via, ' Murrick S. , Orzechowski C. - 1, iq 1: . 1 fx fi X Marian Project: The Traveling Virgin in every home o. their respective families and in many others. 3'6- afg een ' gelnrf 3 5' rj . A .6 -.1. 'I -v 5. YC' G 37' N " 2 Pasek C. H Q Pasko J. Sf Q N. ,, 3 ff' Piatkoski G. , 1 12-I A ,If ff Pietrzak L. J" I f f Y' ' - "' ' W Porzadek G.,Vice Pres. ,M , N2 , " If ' L X ' ,Q ' 1- ,, X I Q R? 9 55 3' " Redys C. ,, 2' 1 , v, .39 A -' Rogers R. H. . 5 " , I . " ii R' I R -' A - Sajewski D. Secretary Tv' Schall R. . ,Q Sefton L. E K' A -LU ,ig X F' Wm , 5 9 '- Skonieczny P. ' 'ir - A t , I Sochanski M. f Q Q Y- .V . gif X1 x Stanonis S. X -- N A i A 5 W if 'F Stopczynski . 2 if , QA: 'Ay A W 5 Surhigh D. 2 I Vw ri. :sw , , . . i Vi :J 'U' S . is A f' sw. Szumplawski P. Treasurer 53 -1' " Tomczak E. f ,, Q :.. , Tomczyszym M. ,Q ' Topolewski S. Turonek B. I . I Wrona D. by C Wysocki B. T ' I, ' f -:W Zbikowski A, Q " .Q it .L ' Q- AN Zyczynski D. I Y" D qs. - 19 . The parts of the human eye is an interesting and absorbing study for R. Sitkowski, A. Kopczynski,A. Szeliga and D. Snow. . ' ,ad Charles Saiewski serves as Chairman for the Marian Group consisting of S. Demski, R. Szeliga, P. Stanko, B. Grabowski, J. Sobieski, J. Dorosz and,S. Grucz. It'sa topic of importance and seriously taken, as you may well see. The pinhole camera experiment fascinates P. Krawiecki, D. Zyczynski and Fred Browarski. .20. 611lAM.5id5lH dll!! "7 c9lI feral in .5 lu cf 111.4 Air conditioning in the home interests G. Piatkowski, J. Kozaren, B. Kosciolek, B. Grayek as L. Trainor and J. Kudla discuss the matter in scientific and practical way. I any .irlouol-J an!! .gilfcogio fn 1.011001 wif Test results in Algebra bring out smiles on the faces of J. Waclawski, M. Mieszczak, G. Smolarek and R. Wlodkowski. Ah X X Drilling in Case endings of all Latin L declensions are: A. Zbikowski, A. Krolewski, S. Topolewski, D. Dobrze- lewski and L. Zakrzewski. Intently reading the Polish American Story are D Surhigh, C. K1Jek, C. Gorney, G. Mroz, G. Wozniak, G. Kotecki, H. Zmarzlik, and G. Lasota. Christine Orzechowski is plugging for "The Stars of Christ" for the benefit of R. Kamon, R. Sefton, G. Piat- kowski and D. Wrona. .21- .14 wnvning Sfrean n 3 g grid Ted Kar - gun is sg P"W'F1 Was th . 3:2 team rlzigggn uHiEh's efugtf - ecutive V- P its gjxt Chlal Lea ,mmfy in the h easgsatugjues second diwsgm' Hy hlghg. mn. Z' STHIKING OUICKLY. Lancers made Nativity thxrd vlctim 'ay a 26 to 6 sc The game was less tha Ed. Grombelski, Ray Gutkowski, Gerald Ernatt, Gerald Morawski, Henry Kowalski enjoy "Congratula- tions" extended by the St. Thomas Team and presented by the Athletic Rep. Richard Kurczynski. Set for A-C-T-I-O-N Lancers tote the spoils K oi me 1 - h wee a, As the sxxt :ons grow-Qian mad, QOK' Ted fan seas: of S':.Wn - a ygarvow' ,ers - car!!! the ncitisxiger iuubafxdowns m me ba . ,vcaihen gyms. me Wwawtax to 30 9 raise hw ore n A two QWHQ-.N .22. erri ic DUM DA DA DUM J 0610011 W My Let loose in A-C-T-I-O-N Lancers Extend Wrinning . . the tang of burning leaves and FOOTBALL -.ff ..23- Grid Foes llainliuinwk lligh s 0 h 0 ri l ' s nr-xt opponent. Vain Dyke, rolled nvrr w'RlCl'iQl'd, 26-6. last week- 1 lf 0 continued his trca xg rls will meet un- dclcaleri St. Anlhoriy Sunday, The Anthnny loam shutout Ser- vitl-. 21-0. in their last contest. 51. Calherinv, St. Flnrian's next gridiron fm-, is patching up bruises rorrived in their 40- 13 loss in St. Charles. Opponents are designated by capital letters, Hamtramck H,-my rim za, EAST oi-:1'nni'r il VAN nvxn an. vrnmmm n Finn rfmizi zz. mnrmc 1 swllm- .mimf Mulry in. ALPLNA 1. Ounxsn ID MIDLAND Il, sr, LADISLAUS 43. su, swuslws o, SX. Ladislaus sr QT .ln:FY'H N. l'1ET,ASAl,l,lE n. . ANTHONY 21. SERVlTE 0. N .3 v l l I I 4 X l -x fl K' fl 1 x .lx ST l"l,0Rl.-KN 25, Sl phlllyv Il Q I HAMTRAMCK 20, Nllhlilld l'Rl"k G l Sr- F1-fri-n . Ol lan l Sl L'h.ll'll'l ln. ST. CATHERINE ll ST LADISLAUS 43 Sl Sla si ST . T. . TH ST ROSE 5. ANNUNCIATI Maryann Dunn -mlm., n 0 0 l , Marlin 18, NATlVlTY IR I RERNIARD QT OMAS 6. l ' ON 2, Sports Writer for the Michigan Catholic, Times, News, Polish Daily and Citizen. Lancers Wm on 3 TD's by Karpowicz By MAHYANN DUNN In spite of winning their fifth straight game, the St. Florian football team is looking for- ward to the home-coming con- .:....A co 099 coil' t5s1'l'q, el' 5 'o 9: viwngxel taxi: get te 'A so Sgixiggfbiex J 6 4' ' ,o 9 x+f50fK"tlL yy 6 N 5x dai l i i aff' flax vo"?1?lm?T5:ii33i E9 +5 T .' n:fxNff:-ieflif, cfm :Sm X ini Q0 sill.-,..,,,,,,u KARPOWICZ 'PX 3.31413 ul"l'l1::w'lJ' 'Hur fir--.-A mu, .1..f.-4,',m"',fig..:. dum! 'jg muh' 111113, ,,'l Hilifrrv rnmlfl , - ux 'Q nfn.,u'M" -'-5 mr N """""f" Av, - flu ,, i ' v- ,,,Wn' l1lnng,.,, U ml 'l,.,l ,-,,,,ui'V "film ,um "'r n-.,,,, lm ,Hr 'Jun nr-an-,i lr Wund, - , 1 . llmfm, s ' ' wr. ff v . w ww .: X LN VNV? vnlvx X X K X A wx VG? M -.cwgay , . r - wlxwwmx' A dfllpplzw In nop S. Jul A ll, 71,1 I m I' in FIRST TEAM OF THE FLORIAN LANCERS Top Row: M. Jurek R Bldus T Karpowlcz E. Gromhelski, H Kowalskl Mxddle Row G Ernatt, G. Morawskx, T Radz1a1owsk1,C Sluda, R. Gutkowski. Bottom Row G Brock, Naumowicz. - 24 - WSJ' ,,,a Puig r K I arvin Jurvk pass!-d to Gerald Brock mi plays that covered 34 and 70 yardx as Sr. Florian took its fourth straight in defeating Sl. Philip, 25-O, Cass Grombl-lski 'ent 25 yards with an inn' pass from Tod on a ' Pm-ptvd Ksrmwirz tnllivd 'YRIT1 run for anorhnr 421 sf0's ERNATT 'fb 0 YXNXMK SLLUNII lJ1g'lL,'IU x, xc 9' QW lwilvi 'xx wx W K2 S 11: .Wieck ?"WL f. xgiivsxenx . o - Y!--yy XS ge -00 '00 90600 tfCxOd X . s'xLQw?qX,01 SL Florzan SSXKGX Ybllgh On Grid Foes Lancers Win Again By MIPYIHU Dum' 7' Q A itkowski "SDC, ig, vftqnt Coach :md Ray GL c gb fsuciewicz, Assi. N' 9 :A o go- . . d0nf?"' th:ll's how It S .25' X L-A-N-C-E-R-S - The CHAMPION TEAMQ PRIDE Of the Florianites Envy and Despair of the OPPONENTS -1 V-H.. --. -.. ....i..1- -. -. ---. -- , Bottom Row: G. Lega,S. Topolewski, R. Dobies, R. Schall, P, Krawiecki, R. Lewandowski, M. Jurek, H. Kowalski, W. Bielski, D. Snow, C. Grombelski. Second Row: L. Ulatowski, R. Iminski, R. Turonek, S. Kuczynski, D. Homic, C. Zyczynski, L. Magolan, R. Lutostanski, R. Bidus, T. Rutynowski, A. Glowacki, R. Czarnik. Third Row: Art Macioszczyk, Coach, Rev. T. Zielinski, Athletic Directorg D. Cline, R. Michialski, C. Naumowicz, T. Karpowicz, H.Thomas, E. Grombelski, G. Morawski, J. Kuczmarski, J. Danielak, F. Pietraszewski, Assistant Coach. Top Row: L. Jarmolowicz, T. Radzialowski, C. Siuda, J. Poplawski, G. Brock, G. Ernatt, R. Gutkowski, Ray Gutkowski, L. Gutkowski, Assistant Coach. ALL CATHOLIC ALL CITY STARS Ted Karpowicz '55 Gerald Ernatt '54 Nga...-f Locomotive L-A-N-C-E-R-S Left to right: D. Niedzielski, M. Wyka, E. Plizga, R. Walczy, L. Chmielewski, P. Kastrau and C. Kanter. .23. --in 'x 1 'x I ' 1 ' -6'5'-"nw 'thi' 29 ' . M T lf: '79 lilly gran .Jlin a e Scholarship and Sports Award. R SUCCESS AND TRIUMPH caught on the grid. TOP HONOR AWARD for Scholar- ship goes to the Freshmen Class. Mr. Snow and Mr. Matlenga, the Class Presidents, happily beam with pride and appreciation as they stand in view of the Sports Trophy Case. The Wap UUSU for in handsgf heroes it .,... W IW W W 6 k6S 31' CK - Mot 6 fef H U Y LANCZ,Z!gqf atfgn the Athi n et- and a de1 if. Bfinqu IO'-IS dinet' The . 1161-are JOVL31 ample Smiles awards, In WINTER, O Virgin, pure as the SNOW, Our devotion to You, is constantly aglow. As You watched oe'r your Son, that night in the stable, Watch oe'r US kneeling so often at His Table. Silently like your benediction, snowflakes fly to and fro Clothing our world with the velvet of His snow. Trimming it with lacework of His frost, With your shining purity -- the semblance is lost. Virgin so pure -- Mary so sweet In wintry blasts, keep us at your feet. In the hush of recollection, in stillness of prayer -- Mother, with your Son, please, remain there. In this lovely season, You brought Christ forth Joy, salvation, happiness -- life's worth. You heard us sing carols on the wintry air, And pack youthful spirits into joyful prayer. Our time is snowballing down the hill -- End of carefree coasting -- right into the treadmill. Lead our footsteps on paths that we know, O Immaculate Thou, Madonna of the SNOW. L7A0u 'awe .Jai .14 Snoalfffale --High .145 .fd .S?ar accepf our Ooria The HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB directed by Sister Mary Consuela and accompanied by Chester Skonieczny at the organ, sings the joyous "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" during the Midnight Mass. I 11.74- Sister Mary Iulia, the Principal sets ' the pattern for Christmas decoration by including the Mother with the Christ Child -- the classes follow. LIBRARY AT CHRISTMAS Senior Librarians, R. Radzikiewicz and J. Beasley take special care of the SENIOR The Librarians are always busy and helpful but not more than at MAIL. Christmas Time with the volume of "exchange of student mail". 'i as Q- -32- I N 01 s. W QSM 5 A, 0:4 , , iff. 2, gf fi TW Backzkowski S. Ciesluk I. Bednarski M. 6 . , Daugal F. Bonkowski E. "' Gorczyca C. - . 2' if 361 2' I X- - CEM. 0 1956 .- G' ' E" l poom 112 Q ' Grabianowski C. Jerema D. .. Horeski E. - . Jurewicz E. Krasowski E. M4 0 u"er5' Kus D. Kusiak M. Mamot W. Lenarczyk R. Muczynski A. Z , ,. . Michalski J. Niemyjski H. ZA lx. . .br i . -5. l K 3 Q A S' 'six 'Qu' A V It V ab- , sd K 5, ,v K N KL? ,Il XS..-v A K gl v 4 . . N. Szumplawski ll President ' ,' : r E-Q' Gmf 1 an mf. . onacki J. Patrzalek J. Para N. l Petroski M. Pasek P. U Piotrowski M. L. Kmlecik , Secretary M W it m ... K , ww' " 6 "F 1 6 I -a .. U Pokrzywnicki H. Kuzniar J. Rudzkj L, Q .5- a Rybinski B. Treasurer Wojcicki G, - ' Sielky B. Wojt B, V 'L ' PM 1 qs. -I I 4:4 Sobczak S. Wiencek J. . ' T .3 e M. 6' ' I 18: I V 52 . -5- qv , . at ' Y A, -F "': X ' E,' .'-1. ' +42 Wolney P. r. . ' I ' Herminski D. Wyszynski G. ' ' 3 3 91. ' ,,,i 'A Q Jurek M. wg I Q . .. .5 ? - 'fig 1 iii ' X -34- c:!!a5.4 0 icera: Q V 9 Q. sv EN ,-y . :M - g f' ,.. .. f . .J x K. Ernatt B. Filary H. Kumon G. Walach President Secretary Vice President Treasurer Uma 0 1 956 M, as G- ' ' nom 102 - 8, N',' K ., 5- I Q W' o 5 nw E" 5 N . 15, K I .vxip .L it 9 vs an Q Y 7 ' W "M . I' 0 ,, 1 1' f N rt X ff' .. ,f , at " I If . H. A . 7 iz 1 I 5 - K' I 5+ ' T' P 0 "' 1? , I ffm Q' 29 A J A Kempista E. Krajnovic R. - fl GK- Kurzatkowski R. Lutostanski R. 5 Biniewicz L. Piatek Bonk R. Polonis S. Bronczyk N. Potocki V. Bruszewski P. Radzialowski F. Budnick D. Rajs M. Cooper R. Rozwodowski R. , .. G 5 QL 4. an Q. , N . - A I ' . 'A - V 5' 6 7 -f - I 4 , ' k x V A I .I L ' 4 A Jyji Luszczyk D. Mientkewski V. M - ' XS N Miller C. Petrykowski G. -Or' A7 K 4 .I-' A Taylor R. Af, A Wojcik B. - ' ' woman c. X, , Wicinski P. - W ef-N Wrona R. h Chodflpski J- Ruskowski G. Dfaglch S- Ruszala B. Dzikielewski P. ., - - sb Sakowski C- Fedosik J. G 5- : shurok E. Jaworski R- F ., .VA A "' Solarski A. Kardosn D. A . . 'C' f PM Susaua E, , A I .3j. 1 Q I U n P CAM 0 P' A V ' N Vg.. .K Y. N . J x4 .4 9 1 Balcerzak A. .. M, Bieniewicz J. lu - stu ' Bogdanski R. .' ' Borowski B. Q' Q, 1: :I Danielak J. ' -ws Fertner M. V . Fredlay C. A V Gazda B. 0' ,' 4. Q V, Q ,Q Gersztyn J. 5, I V A . 5 V Grabowski E. , 5 t Lk . I- I Gutkowski R. er.. Ei" J J 5 r - gf 1 S 1 . oom 203 6155 0 ECQFJI .: 5 J 2 - , .- . M- 5 X' 1 Q ij aff? f' . . 'Q A. Brylewski N. Iminski L. Spiegal C. Zmijewski President Secretary Vice President Treasurer Kochanowski J. Kopytek P. A - . - Kordos F. . if F Koss L. .1134 'V ,., ..'V . V, sf Q, Kubenski B. K ' W A " Kucway D. , ' 5 X . X 1 . 34-1.59 f f V Kuzniar E. 6 - Lalewicz M. 5' Q v 'V Nc' Lukaszewski D. ' . Q sf-ef' Mazurek A. , 'W .AQ V - " Mroz J. 45" Noga D. . -1 Z I 'K A X4 W Petro M. Siuda B. ' L. S . f Pme tepek G ' F V QV JV , I - r f -2- 5 Rogulski L. Swiatkowski T. f Rosiek J. Turonek R. , uf' "' , . ww' Rudolph G. Wisz L. l Rutynowski T. Wikowski D, ii Z 1 9 K' ' Senkowski D. Zmeck S. 55 - .4 ., :. - . . 1' , X V V4 J .35. W 0,0 l'l'l 0l"25 glide into the daily TEEN-SCENE Seeking the Word of God in the Bible and praising MARY in Liturgy Literature Latin and Life . jf-T' 1 X If ' in - 1,5 -of? Q 1 GLIDING in Origin Qi Tripping and Skipping in Music -- The SOPHS scamper through the daily routine --- Achievement Development through the pages in HISTORY .38. I f ,nf W A , -- WATCH your FIGURES c1ose1ySophs, in Geometry, Drafting, Bookkeeping, Sound Controlling and M- m-m in Calories! Q' L,v X I M n mmsu vr. om sms: V ocn. rv- A u Auannm' 'wiszfwn moan wmv N, rw, Io N 525-.L-.v'.... -ff ,.4:.1.w.,...... 4 MI' gi?:'t..,i-...I : N Mk " mu., iatfz... S A ' " N. my 1 Q., 'FL- .wmsow r 3 ..:4. Anwar v nun gi Anza raw n . , is TS..J -14. mm- N W! -----. f ' r'-G1 .-,RZ , . vii .f f m ! Q 39 - X. 'M ,1L1looL Silvia ana! x.NCll"l'l'l0l'lg Y bb NJ' YZ SY? LZ! 'X w C' 'fi X' Q 218 yvggj, W 3 on the ST. FLORIAN FLOOR --- GREAT GAMES --- GREAT TEAMS --- GREAT CHEERS --- GREAT CROWDS --- GREAT VICTORY Mag, N1 Lancers an Top orm f 1 'P V, 'iw fv 9 'W .1. 2 9 .VLDM Paroc till Undecided ny Nunn 111.11 1...-1.1 .,r. 71 ......-1. .. gf... mln... .n...1. f. Hnm.. 1.1 l1...1..:am. 1. 1... nr... 11...-r ... ...nw r1.....- ... 1f..,...f. 1-A.. 1....... .. Vw mn......1 ......1.-.- ' . ,. 1. nuu'.r- ...1 11.-.11 1... HHS .1....... ..... S. .. ..... .'1. so 1'....e ..1 -1. 1'........... sm s.-.-nr... .'f..- 1 ...- K.... 1... ...KM N... nwk... ,....1 ..... 1... .. ,.... ... N- 1 .....-. .....r.1s. .ef .. .1 1-. gs. V.. wr..- .... f .-........... . 11 .,-.. - .3- 1,. 1. .-1 .W 1...1f.. .M ....- - 1 ....1 1.... ....f -- .1... rm L... 1. .,- .......1 1..........-N11 pn..--Q ..-.11-. V rw... f.1 . 1.-r fn.. 1-. . x 1.1 1... .1 ...1 1... .. 11.11. -1-.pp 1... . ,, ..111.1.... .A ,".iQ ?.n'l ...,...-.1 .........1 ....1 "...,.-N ...Q .--Q .1 1. .,.- ... R.. 51 1' -. A.. I'1l'Y14-.1-1r.l '.1.1 1g11.1n K IK .UNI 1. 1... .:... 1. 1.. K.. ...M1 11:1 1.01.1141 ...wc uax 115211 lvl' s.. .-r.....f- ...Q-...K we.. g....1s l111Ilu.vI11.lllb1..1A . 1. lurnutl I .lccs l'wI0l'i1lIl Yyin f.. 11....... lI11,P1c1.,vk.111.11lI ..-.... ....e f... ,vu- 1-.-. :1....,1,..-r- 1....1,.....- .... ..11..--.. ... .1.11....1 51.11.111 1. 11- 411 !,...g11. N... . .. Ln... 1,..- .. ,gf THERE wns . .. .1.f 11... ...... . 11 a V..1... 1111.1 U-x ....11, vas! -11. ...11...11r... ........P....1..1,.. 1.1.1 DT .......:.- .... .,1.1 1.r ..........1 1.-...g fr.. ....... ..1 1-.f .....-.... .1 .,.. 2.1 1 ,... ....... 1..1..-.111 K.-1 .1 '..1 r. ....., -.1... -. 11. 1. 1 I1 1....k hall ...1..1.....-11... .V 1.1 and H11- .hm . 11... 1.......k ...Q 1.1 .11 1....-X.-.1 .1 .12 Q.. 15 .1.h..1.1.... 1.1 1.-la go... Glrlld Ernlll. pam.-gnxxng nc 1 SK. Florillfl ., pumps ... nd live hot ...W-I 1... as pw... rum.. mall Normln mnafinulna ll 1 .ypuna daltnu ...mul eww.. 11... ....1........- ,....-. -1. ... xx 1 11' 1 1 ' P ' s......p1.w-1.1 . .r.. of Khin uc- . c...... 1.. .1 -. ..- ,.1... 11.....a..y, r.1..u.,.y 4, 1-754 W. V f 3 4' ,,. x 43. . ., f ' ' 1 .inf I. ,, .' v H ,. . L Q rw, up W z Af '- Vfdfx . .- , 1 r ", -'J-f .-2-.f"f , 1 -,..,.ff. 4 Q . . . .1 f 4. Q, . , 4 ' f - 4 V2 1- f . 'wa 1' ?.'.':.g,f 14, 6 gb , I yi ,,i k .43 ..r., gs ,EV L 45 .goin 5. , O , .fn Nm 4... ,H ,, Z 5+ , .1 '4 Q QQ, .Q '. '.- V, ,-. gh, " .71 "-,113 C 5, .JL a'.. 42 'H 'Q f' -1, 2,3 4 v if. ef' , .-1, as -f , ., 4- If 9 We f' 5 'fa 1 ' . 5 " Q . 5 - ,+'f?'3 n,4,,'rQf Y, ., 'X U3 " ' ' ,. nz, f 1' 'if ng., 1 -1, 'Q 1- 4' Q ' if y V, . fyafff .,Q,,v 2, p '- ' . - go. 1 ' 2 ep " . f' 7. -4 '41 11,3 ' 1,, la QP YO 7' 1 .1 L, 1, Q f, .Z 2 Q, f 1, f 1 f. fi. .f, , . ' 1, 'J' ", .7."..'.- ' .Z .:, .fe 11, ' ' L G Q 'gr 1, 522 1-'LHCZV' "1-fe Q " ai' p' -, ,, , 1, ,, Q, f . A ,V I F, Qin 'gn' 2 ff f, 5 1 f . Q, A 1... -124,4 f +3 Q, 1' V. " ' ' P A . A . , ,, . . f:. ' , A " 'f,",'.. fi: , 1 Xa 4, 'Q I .,f .,'- N., v,3,","a D. 4 14 ' lf. 'A '? 1- . ' , 2. ' i'?"'2"9 1, 'H ff 4- -'Jwf',q1 " , ' ' "fa .fix XQJV 'Z 7',f,f?5j. 1. 5g,".f,g.,-, 11 ' .L 31,1 ,ef ,-ff. px.. 5-3,1 1524 Q4 fyle- fqff 4 . 'f 'am k A QQ., 414'-.7 - H, U I Q .L ,. .V f . 6 , 'Z '..f,-X ' 'Z "'-'V' . A-ar ,K x , :QQ f .aff J A fig ,f 2, '. 'T .Y L 29 151.31 '- . 1 , A O , af f 1. v f , - f 'K' . ,Q V x A A ry Ax", ' 11' F , , . 'y . . ,. , -'54 . -, . . .. ,...,,,f1, '34, .i 4. 'Q l '. ' G-1 'fi f..-. , iz. 8 .. Lancer on Top in Second Division Cage Leading fcorers ..-.... r.. ... Q fn M. .. .1 ,.... I, ,,,,, N Q. .. ...... ., ,,, ,,, ... ... . ...W '11 1- .... 1. . -...N .. .,..,,,,.. " X" " v1....-.- .1 .... ... x . .....,,,.... .. . ...1......, ,, W IJIIO Scores d .Heavily in Lancer Y 'in E1f1:.rIn.1.i'NI..1'mE s...m..1n....... R.-.-..........g 1... 1.-...1.. so ..1 S. 11........ 11.g1.'.N rwn.. mv 1.....-P.. .1...1.1....1 sa. M......., Tn .A J15. ..... ...nm 1.11 g.. I P1aH:.ar11r- ..1..-...1 ..1 s. 1 mul .11 .nur lmvvlv 1... 1.1.11 plan ..f. mf m.........1 1,....g...'. ..-.-.M A..-..f..., v.... Tm: cnoss: POINTERS. hfWxPl'r'7. rim "'L1A1r1 n 114' fur .he 1.... 11, 1..........1 s. '1'....m... 1..n.1zh1 1 F...... 1. p.....1 ... ll 11.1.11 pal. .....1 11...-Q 11... .1..... 1... Zn ,........, w1..1f :4.........1.....1.. 1.3.1 2:1 U.. f.....- 1...,1....S au.. 1...- 1....1. T... H-...1m..c1..... bum . up . an .0 19 ....11.1.... .ua . N me 1.-.1 only .11 1... 1 , -.y. . ,-...1 nl 11.2 1.... Race l.llllI'1'I'S Down LaSalle, 45-39 s. rl........ mg... .....1.m.H11 'Ham rlulvrl 1!i ....1. 2 45139 ........p1. ...M 11, 'A Sa1lP,Tl1.11-.lax 11l14h1,a' ...Q 1.....-.-. ....... I1 M. .1.. 1... 1.1't lfllh x.. .... 1 Rm...-. ...we n.z....., 1-'f....., .11-...v ,. ,V-.1 nf.. 1......-.-.1 1- ga.. ....-.1 19 p.. ..n 41 ...ld .Umm .....1 1 1..-Q .1......,... ... had 1....1. wan.. Sm.. 1-11... 1.-.1 me 1'11..xs ...war ........... 1.111 'VI1111 have 11 mm Gerald Ivvrwnrd, who 1.1.1. 17 pls Thr 1,.....-.-.. 1.1.1 1.4 .v 1... .........-.. ..1 un... 1....1.v.1 nw .1 V... '1'1.- ........f1 1m...,1......f.. ...Sv as .1..11, ....... ...f 1.311 f...1...g w..1. 5. 1-'1........ .....,..1 ... 2 14 ll ........ ln 1r.- -.....1 f..........-.1 ....... .....1.. q.....1p. .hr ... 1.1 ......... 11... ..-...- 111.111 1... ...g.....-11... 11 m.n....-Q 1'1..... 1.0.1. ..-...... -..p1...1.-.1- 11.-. 1,.. sal.. Q... ...11...g, r.... .. W... 1.... 1.... 11.......- ...Q II ........ -.-.......1 .........1 ..1 Pnl... nn.. 1... .M.......q..-.. s. r1........ f..f....1 up O.. ..... nv ...P ..-.... ..1 41-no , - ... .......... ..,, -.. ff ., ff. .... . 1 . . .. .-W.. . . . . 1 ,..,..,.. ..... , . . . ........ . . . ........ . . . . ...W . . . . 1. . .. S.-.11v!.vfl'1:.1'Ir'11 ..,....., ..... ,. c ....-..- . . . .. .- x ' " W X if J 5 N50 r I5 gif, 4.1 'spin K iw, F L 'b . 1 ' Q I QVLUQ, , 'Q 1 A 0 fm 'P ' A Q, 2 X ff Q a ...flue-.11I-a1cr.I4,l'Ic..fs xx.-..,. .. I. .. 23 1llll'l'I'9 ost S . lorian Put Crimp in t. Charles Chanceielfh I""3":i Lugvrs Tonite bn-kmII...II 1..mpI.I THREE TEAMS I...m I-:I p....-.-.-.s...gX ... ri ..... Tl... ...ns ..--.......- .....1 ...... V... '-.-...p N.-. I... H In p ... K 's in ec I5 when I0 Tilts ,us -.1.S.s..... ... I . . I III . , 1 an 1 I anrers ge. bark 0. her. thev hop 5 nw :ht the :P Pa SL Flbrlan e will nlsn br Flnrmn. Mar! at I'I5 D vu 1.IIIs srhrdulw V THE MICHIGAN CAII-IOLIC I954 Crucial Weeks Ahead fo afen Teams in Vasf Prep C' rwork VVIIJ. ALLSAINTS, wlnnvr nf wnh .Ynhn OIM rmlnfr 1 m Ihr' svnrim: nm! 17 sn-.ngm nl.-mv l'......'l....l .-..n Tum li.--um In x...- Ivslx, HV Iwyn-ullvls, xlnIIvh'.lYn'1l1XIJIU BM II I. l'...'...-I....1 s..I....-nn.. .-..1.-rx IImII"l 1...-.1 sm M...ys, .-...-.-.-...yy n.. lv.-I.nx..IIf I. I ...ny ....u..-....-.. .4..... ... .r..- .'..... l. ,.....-.... nllr Im' I-, . ' - , .v . ,,.. ....x um... .. .......I....,. K.-..... !....m.. ..I..x.- .1...- mm..-.. p.....p...I s.....pv.. ui... ... n..- xx..-. ............ I' S .... 14 r... n..- I.. . .-.....l w-- .lm-I.... .-.....,l.-..- I...-W... . .al , n....1 ..l...w.- ..r .z..- ......'...-3 ... u..-.I .-.-Q.....-...vp 1.-..g...-Q um. lslll-fl l1'4'nx'IIN' 1'..... Is mf- .....-sum. ....p.-.-.. 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'ST' l"l'0RlA5'S I""' 'WWI . . . x....I..-.I S. .x.m...... Q ...Iv """"' NI' 'VIII' ""' "0" ""' W5'I""' NI- MMF" WI" N' UNI ..r 11... ',,.,.W, H' my ,,.,,.,,,...... ... ...F ........-. 1.....-..I....g. .-.-........ ...-...n-..-I..-.I 1.-.4 nr-. 'l'.llu.IulI Huw xl-.Im N Iflny IpIilI'f' Ill Ihr' MMIII IJ-.vel 1.11-f n'..n...1.- nz... .-....- '1'...-MI... ... uh. wr..-1. u..- .:..1.I........r .1..- .....-...I .-.I sn. .v....-,.1.w .rm 4-.,..., ..... . .. ..-.I ...H ... .I..- ...N I..-.-I I.. ...-....,....g ,x.........-......... ...c.., ...-I. .:.-... I-:.....u r.......N nm. I.-...ns -.-....-.1 ..-........l. '1'...-wi... s., M...-. 'SI smp...-.. I..-........-.. s... .-...I u.....'t fn 3-1 .l..l...ny sI...1.'. 'l'.-.......s ...I , mmm, H, W, wukmun N, lk. vr..- .....1...N 1.-r :N ........N r...Yn.vr. lllvkl1Il'IIlxuI'l'lusslngln 2. ,,,,l,.,m N X, Hmmm. Mm, ,-r..- ..........x l'...... x,....I....1 u..- ........N. sm. 1,...I...... ... I.. .. 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II.v- II..mIx.Ilvuk.llla' I-II N.I.....l v.IIIxln-,u1lI... g.......I..-Y xwv.-.. II..- gush ...gen ly 1-mm -.Ion vuII I..II4.vx, Ihv Ing f 'scan lu currunlly ion, alll, Wllh Sl. In bouling l ul vs K rim. ..' QQQKIV PM I p WW '10 wwf I WM J. Simon W. Bielski NQ.fJ , ' .. Y . J. Poplawski Q""5n!"' I L0 c. siuda 5 O GERALD ERNATT . .. u A E .113 1 5515 7 R. Gutkowski I Z , 5 E. Grombelski C. Zyczynski . . W H 2.2 R. Michalski has 'Zh' ' GERALD ERNATT -- ALL CATHOLIC, ALL CITY STARIN basketball and football for three straight years. "Gerry a versatile Prep Star, not just played -- but starred in three sports. He became one of the finest all-around high school athletes Detroit has seen in a long time." fBob Murphy of the Detroit Timesj CONGRATULATIONS -- Farewell -- and THE BEST OF LUCK for a BRIGHT FUTURE to you from all FLORIANITES -47. l ANCERETTES did very well Coavh, Miss J. Kurez will tell. Joan Poplawski - FORWARD Sqpphanie Nowak - GUARD Lorraine Zakrzewski - FORWARD JOan,S Steady' deceptive ways Sqpphipg ,-3r,,.frp,.' jovial air Zeke's alertness won her prnise, Our PFOVGCI valuable in 3"f'13Y5- Gave the TEAM some laughs tu falling FPUUS. UNCH I'PliSE'd- share. we Ol,6lllC0l'6tl05 0 Top Row: R. Svhall, M, Grajewski, S. Grucz, B, Wysocki, M. Mieszczyk, G. Piatkowski, S, Tyrnnski, D. Wisaga, M, Greczyk. Third Row: D. Niedzielski, J. Kuzniar, D. Lukaszewski, B. Ruszala, P. Wieinski, A. Solnrslci, B. Siuda, C. Zmijewski, C. Bednarski. Second Row: 'Y. Wiencek, Il, Tyranski, G. Gadowski, G. Tamkiewicz, M. Wyka, P. Micthalski, B. Domanski, F. Fillpczak, J. Kwiatkowski, B. Filary. First Row: S. Kastrau, L. Zakrzewski, J. Poplawski, Miss Josephine Kurez, Coavhg Miss Emily Sosinski, Assistant Coachg L. Chmielewski, P. Knstrnu, S. Nowak, J. Kasprzyk. -43- Joanne Kasprzyk - FORWARD Cappy's fast thinking -- foul composure. Made her a Lancer- ette, a model, a treasure. 3 -. AIA WWW limi Wt' tw! Maryann Dunn - GUARD Sports writer--gallant fighter Her defense, made victory brighter. HDME P300 70 O OFTO C000 TTL O I f'lO Q ' ' f ' h , . a ' 'K J in 1, 0- Dv ' 'wavy , ,M ,',.'jL5gw! ,'i,NQ.f, gil, or xv, '- . ., li. . my bf If, ?'g'.f... ,rw A 1 'Ni , .tm 1 J ,, lf' ix .MFMWY ,.,m,.- .2 , Q i. , SQL A M. . r X, SW, . 5- ,wM l .,,,.f3,WgqQfw fy' M - 1 4 ,- 1.12, my, I- l T . . -'W . i W 3 ' .Miss 1'v 7"ff?-1 ' A 4,5 l 1 V. I ,,W,w-W .wp lffmbyxq 1 YV! f MM X My . - '- -.D-1, 1 - 41 . , - f -A, ' V tylx, ' , ,Xi 1 ,, V - A j if ' 'Q . - ' 1, 4 , ,Til .s gs 3 Q 1 -2 ' xr.. 'MV .f:".:,M-'ii' CV- g V ,KN ," X ., - .W H ef w inf ' ' 1 ' . WJ M' .X if N 1 "Q 1.v- ' 1 ' ' . , Wm f., ,g 3,5 " ., . A w V ,Q V , I, 1 if 7 .. igfi get gm' if 2 by f " - . 1. ns. 1 U . ,ag f H M lx 'ffl ! A 4 S S ' 7 'm L i "JF Hung, K x ff F X, .. ,, .' ,v There's many a beautiful sight to see, And many a wonderful place to be. But nothing in this our World can bring The surge of joy that comes with the Spring. Buds burst, flowers bloom and birds sing, Announcing the early debut of Spring. Our spirits rise, our hearts become gay, As flowers we bring for lovely May Day. The Master's arm gives a command, To bring new life to the dormant land. To clothe the forest and dress the hills Q-ek l To the sound of bird trills and murmuring rills. - ,fi-:jj 4 Dear Lady in blue we sing "Oh Hail" " - " N , ,- Echoed in hillside, in woodland and vale. W, n X Resounding the "Ave, Ave" the angelic way, ., ,", 4-.. ,- Decking and crowning your image in May. ,Tia ,XA Springtime of our youth, so happy and gay -- ,. Is silently slipping through hour-glass away. ... I, Hark, Classmates--the robin sings, "Cheer up, Cheer up" ,,.,.4mga5Qwy5p,,, g o 1 1 . 1-.4 . You'll find more happiness in Nature's cup. ,. min, Q L giqg ' ,, fjgiifu ff? Our footsteps that sound like the patter of rain, rim 1 ,X ,K X A X , I' ' Soon will be muted in Memory Lane. ,y QQ ' . V , . f Lady of springtime, Guardian of Youth -- W ffji-M. !T':. , Us Watch oe'r willowy saplings in the garden of Truth. J ..-W s bi -X ' , gf ..., .- -A .f" ' an X . - A 4 1365 s'S4': "I 1 Ju, , , - 1 fff l' 'W' 1 :IZ w nf n. 6 Q ' 1 Y'.,x .luniors spotted in their TEENDOM, bringing Mary into various class activities during the Ma, an Year. A staluette and a Prayer Leaflet to be sent to each Hospital, Old Age Home and patients in private homes. N r Mui-V in Panels - Discussion Clubs: - Pilgrimages and weekly crowning. , in 4 Mary in Artyping saluted on St. Valentine Day Other nienns to encourage other Marys. Mary reigning over .I-HOP in decoration, song and Marylike attire. fr tip' ' 'i' 2 r""" -.l 1 it ,Nix fsX- x 1 ' It 1 X A 'V . 515' X , ' in O 4 'X 'IP' Ne Cfadd icera J. Poplawski V 3 President A A4 aaa 0 1955 W. s vom 21 I B. Tyranski Secretary P. Michalski Treasurer 5- gi. R. Dobies 5 Vice President 5 . I C 'Q , - . ' 1 'H' ' A Borowski J. Babinski G. yt' . ,5 ' 'Q' B I ' Brock G, Bidus R- ," t- ' Cebula M. L f 1 -. , ' 16- ,. L 5 Gimpert W. Czarnik P. - fur V' V , 4 ' Grabgki H, Fuipczak F. 'lf L if :, fl Grombelski I . Kanter C. Hamm? G: L L. 2 Q' a 1' A Kowalski c. Hundzlnskl , 4 A -A' , Kughal-Ski D N gy , ' 1 ' A ,.. R 3- .- Y , Lega G. Papak E. ' '- " - Madalinski E. Popchock A. , 6 1' X I J A Q Mazorowicz K. 1,5 .b., .1 f I h, l N, ' f- f Rzemkowski L. Uxawwski L. Z f 6 I L . Salasiewicz J. Walach M. . 4 . V LQ' V. an Surhigh L. zucn H. fNot Picturedy if P- - .. -53. Cfaaa o I955 ,. 0 "' 4' nom 272 Cybulski B. 1 fe S ,r f if ,Q Ei 3 9 -a -5' f EL Q s . ssl Q , Q1 I Dupczyk D. Jarmolowicz 7' sf f ll l 5 F 9 ..,? 6 Ava ' Nl if . 9 . we 1 l S mf s if " - s 4 E3 U O Q M R. Czarnlk xy- Lcgrj President . ,, Q 5' . M. Kutzleb Secretary ev' If 'xr .. D. Cline 'K Vice President D. Homic Kijek A. Treasurer I Kozacki D. ' Kreger R. 1 W Kwiatkowski J. , Lasota S. Lega G. f Lewandowski L. .W Q, 1" U Lutzkey D. uf 2 Makowski G. .,., Mess M. f v . Misiak J. Q Mg- ...- D Nowicki J. K9 'Q ,sf Niedzia1k0wskiM. we 4 ' Y 1 ' Niedzielski D. Rf! ...E . is .gigs Niedziexskx J. L R Paszkowski M. ' .,-1. Piatkowski P. I Pxerryum M. . Rudolph G. 3, . A M Rudowski R. .R l. . , R M 1 5 Siwa I- - V A V 5 N F gy Skonieczny C. 2.3, ., I M, -.,V .. - 1, :FM is .ff Tomkxewicz G ' . . wiencekv. "1': - 'L' " Wyka M. . 54 - M Naumowicz C. Polonis J. Redovian J . Rej G. Rosplochowski R. Rybicki R. Skowronski S. I Cfaari O icem T. Radmlowski ij, nv' Lx Y' President T. Szczygielski Secretary Cfaaa o 7955 - iq L. Napiorkowski Vice President Cieslik D. Clinchoc B. I 5 , A ' W R. Kopek ' Treasurer Czamik JV , ff? ' Diebol E. Domanski B. .. Florek P. G .. .Q . Gadowski G. Q - Hosinski J. A . Hycko J. ' r Iminski D. G nm - 'B Karpowicz T. .V . V V Kazmierkiewicz G. ., M- Kowalczyk P. Kowalczyk R. V .V VX Lasota G. ,VVVV K V Lenarczak S. V v", " V , V Leske E. f. V V 3 A ' Magolan L. .. 1 " Michalski R. V A .---.' , ' 4'-' M1ynarekR. 5 'f -V K A LA V ' V V V iqgzly sr V V V 0011! 2 Bonk P. tr A , up 'xx 6- Qy 7' ,,. . .5 .,. if ' A . V.l 1 v . w.. VV V 'sr g -f f -V 41.122 . Q v" AW as Ex . if v 4, :J K , IN Qi V, X SPRINGTIME g g Qs' I ' X sinxxbk ' Wi.. . 4 'f. y Science - Q tl,myWwwwiuiix Studies ' mmW"WllWii3W5'"lm, ' ' Speak of GOD. Beauty in NATURE and beauty in creative workfascinates the JUNIORS in the study of Biology, Botany, Chemistry and Home Building. nv.-N WQHV I fb K... fx ,. .ada- X In History, English, Business, Music -- daily routine and sports activities -- hum-drum tasks and social entertaining we, the Class of 55 have a X iff' il 1 r . V, Z' -s ,,,9..j W? e'1?!P'?7E'f' A5515 A 'D o 0.755 5, X.. 'Q xxx lf X, T ,pf 2 :xocuurn ' covsnen i '- XCE milk . Ill V! DHI Ill Ili The year rolled away--summer is nigh, Farewell ALMA MATER--St. Florian High. "All through the Heart of Mary" we have begun, Through the same Immaculate Heart, we wind up th The Marian Year was great in its progress, In heights of success, victory and prowess. It crowned our efforts--brought fame and stardom: While Mary reigned supreme in our Teendom. Bridging adolescence with adulthood .now, We sally forth--remembering how-- We looked forward to the Day of Graduation, STUD With the Diploma certifying our Catholic Education. Now is the time--yet we linger and tarry. Mother, Dad--thank you, in the Heart of Mary. Thank you, Teachers, schoolmates, friends-- Here we part--our pleasant journey ends. Mother Mary, we offer you the Rose of Peace, Make us keep our Faith in God, always, please-- Faith in our Country, Faith in om' Family, too-- But most of all--Faith in ourselves, through YOU. ' vu 4 .1 mc' L- , - , nl G ra 4.1 XXX Y" ,. x. ff , .apr 22: :Fm , .L ,ff ., x ' ffl: P ' ,ve A In fatil lv, 1 .rf 'Y-4 . 'LQ . I Q" 'A '. Jw.:- 24451, 'WF 41523 9 7 .hw- Cf 2 fb Q. . ,,.u WE'-f , ,u, ., ak . ' Eff -- f: r . 4' ff, 1-O . -I -I X My .X is x -he X fy., ' f Xif s .1 Y si ,H I Ta. Nf- ,, I Q j:+"?NQ , 1 gTS"f ' QWQ ' ' w., 'Q , 1'--ewiiiwr. wr' A - W ' 1:4---r-,T -J' A ' Tig' .'j?115?jf ff , X Q,-. -.Nl ,.'. .,L - V' . " 'l ,- - .7 Qj A L ya V ' 1 4, ' xr-Hr tv?-'xiih -grub. . ,QQ rg- ,- ,wg I, . " 'V ' , ,X ,-, 1-,sq " ' 3 1.4-,,-A, ' . , -1 .A n - -m,s.w' A M, f :Ed ' I I A. 'PS V1 xx! , ' ' 'N X ,, .f- ,.,,. . Qi-.X ,Jil ,,,, rgnlif, , ' ,n x. gt. Y-f.'1J ,C ' dw: 2: 6 : 4 :lmfi ik 4 1 , ,,,,, K 'WM L.. . .. . . . . ....,.-- -C-' -..f' Y H P M A V uw MH ,ML M. QW Tune in on the SENIORS and their LEADING LADY "The world needs a youth that de- sires divine life and desires it abund- antly, a youth, which studying, work- ing, speaking, praying and suffering has a passionate love of Jesus and Mary in its soul, like a flame which devours." "If young people have clear ideas, profound conviction and a strong will, which is also docile, they can approach the great things that await them with more efficiency." ' ---""-., Q., "Z - , f, 7 i,.oms8: o ..,, "The present hour is the hour of the Gospel, after systems which have tried to imitate God and have failed, or are about to fail." Pope Pius XII TIME OUT . . . for . . . GOD and SOUL Vx x-ax-1' 'faq' ,se I 'sz . - 4. - K' 'n -1u:2'..qv--., 531, ' . Wi ' H . T ll!,M,ar xg-O , , A ,W eww, 5,-Qs s .. S7--f..z...,,rv W- ,' ww ' X K' - Y .V ' new-A it N eg' -61. SEEING is BELIEVING with the SENIORS. Using the scientific or inductive method for the social and natural sciences, we have discovered and correlated facts which led us to knowledge, advancement and enjoyment of the prescribed subjects. IJQ nl .. 3,3 lrr R xy! ' 11' 'Z-F, --th ix 5 K I I X t gk -,-vc' r - xd"?bQ Q , 1 'qi QM, A P. . Q9-wifi fl. as 1 X.,-1,.! 'A . F 5 x X X N if '3 5X-Twq IT'S JUST SEW-SEW with SIMPLICITY! The Senior Seamstresses learned to be simple and neat -- for CHARM and BEAUTY is just being "SWEET", Beauty, we also found, in creative art -- be it in the art of speech, in the art of writing or in the art of LIVING. ,--1' I '98, lx V. 3 . tx?-fc P .pi- l, v 'ml 1 , gy' f sf.. Q46-.Lv I 'x 1- LT! ull' I-15 Q-f L 'QA' .1 t B-zzz Zzz -- Dear Secretary TO- BE: . . . "SAID AND DONE" Dictation-- Transcription--Loads of drills, pot hooks, notes, speed tests, tests and more tests . . . however, these gave us confidence and efficiency in Sec- retarial Training and many an inside peek into an OFFICE. ll 1 H A Q CHRISTMAS GIFTS GREETINGS kv, .... , .ff X GALORE! A "Cadillac" for each Senior -- a K X ring not a car -- and loads of wishes hung on a ' - , X , star. W , 'Q ff Q N z -55- iiisn X 1 WORKING WITH OTHERS for Solidarity in leadership -- for Fidelity in sacred, social and traditional duties -- for Honesty in sports -- for Sanctity in organizations and activities. ,,VC-l Aol' s X -J, gf ' . l 0 X, ,, ,261 A 1 Q A, , , vt r - X 46 wc' ' 1 ll I 'S-.,,h muxhtb U ,, ,fr - 66 37, 9 5 : f' 5 40 v S-x FUN WITH A PURPOSE has been had ina Marylike Dress with a Marian Spirit and loads of Florian Fun at all formal dances an informal playnites. fl Rv . 1 age I"0LUl'l ,MCl0l'g uccebd ' xi' ,f '... . C7 - - f , . W cg " , W -1 V o ' xX J us 'K 1- r ' KJ 7 if J x J . 4, Q 'L' . K , , Yi-00 '14, 'Ski K Qu-Ol . X L ': 1? ', ,xl I' .QQ Q.. C? t ' gax X 4 . I A l I ,ffhf . i I Z ' H v 4-FW-9 5 ' A , Nl " A ' .' mn H . 'A . f ,A G I: ' ' , 0 4 In J kxf ' '2 'X ' at gi J ':' " 'Q K I f I run 0: 11 "Lok V :Log -it 5: 1' 'WN 5: I GJ ij 'T-ZZ' Q, V -1 .S N Pin A ,W x X 1-1 - Z , ,Q v, g N-f IX ' it N I N CONGRATULATIONS to Coach J. Kurcz and the Athletic Director, Rev. T. Zielinski. Hail the Lancerettes ofthe newly crowned CYO league: Top Row: B. Domanski, G. Gadowski, B. Suida, A. Solarski, M. Wyka, B. Ruszala, M. Grajewski. Third Row: B. Tyranski, B. Wysocki, S. Grucz, P. Wicinski. Second Row: J. Kuzniar, D. Lukaszewski, P. Michalski, F. Filipczak, J. Kwiatkowski. First Row: G. Piatkowski, M. Mieszczak, S. Tyranski, R. Schall, D. Bisaga. JUNIOR GIRLS' BASKETBALL BELLES crowned a brilliant season in the title-winning CHAMPION- SHIP skirmish climaxing 12th successive VICTORY. No titleholder ever had a stronger claims to its accolade. The Lancerettes dominated the CYO junior circuit this winter as few CYOteams have ever done. They won 12 straight games, rolling up 29.5 points per contest against an average of ashade under 13 for the foes. The Coach concedes that the St. Florian Team had unusual scoring punch, but she thinks its defensive skill was even more remarkable. She pays warm tribute to the guards, whose brilliant defensive play and sharp passing made the forwards' jobs much easier. -68. intact" .xdrul ao farewefg from fLe Ang anal Alorf of 'F--2"'f 'X 5 X w, . 5 5' Yi, x N -K . "LA -4 Nw - M, Wi School Secretary Poplawski Joan E. LLJOV! St. Florian School Secretary 4, Class Secretary 1 -- cheerful and vivacious Jo is a well liked friend of everyone -- a born leader, Jo also takes interest in extra curri- cular activities, being a great sport on the basketball court -- aqua, a bright color, brings out Jo's bright character. School Treasurer Gutkowski Raymond C. ucutn St. Florian School Treasurer 45 Holy Name 1, 2, 3, 4 -- a four letter athletic sport, "Gut" is very active in school affairs-- he enjoys studying and most of all seeing people happy -- he plans to be an automotive engineer. Sc Presidqfht , I ws ' Gerald S. y - 4 as F K I' Jerzy 8 . ,I f Florian Sblhool President 4, C ss Pre 'dept 2 QL- co- er- srive,hegiaZx11,,u1li?nt Jerry tes high as friehd all an alto moti engineer is Jerry's set c KA 1' -- admired by all for his plelsant and understanding smile -- "YpG Alonel' ls his favorite number. , ,A S3 R - , -5 ml Qrle Ai ' 3 .gs o:'. sywl x Kd: a w e K0 Class President Kowalski Henry C. "Hank, ' St. Bartholemew Class President 3, 45 Vice-President 1, 25 Honor Student 2, 3 -- energetic, eager, and .enthusiastic -- backbone of the football squad, holding four letters -- always found sporting a brush hair cut. . 71 . 1 Secretary of the Student Council Skurski Arlene T. UAH.. f St. Florian Student Council Sec retary 4, Class Treasurer 2 looking forward toa college degree -- cheerful, careful and competent describe a gal that everyone re members by her white bucks high spot in food is pizza pie. Senior Class Treasurer Netski Stanley M. HStanl' St. Florian Class Treasurer 4, Class Secretary 2, 3 -- neatness, intelligence, and consideration are Stanls meaningful characteristics -- possessing a mind for designs, he plans to receive the respon- sibility of an architectural drafts- man -- he enjoys chocolate chip cookies while 1istenlngto"I've Got the World on a String." ,Ml . ,f gf Andrzejewski Loretta L. ' 'Anderson' ' St. Florian Music Representative 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4 -- short, sharp and sincere, she possesses accurate traits for her ambition,a private secretary -- enjoys danc- ing to the smooth theme, 'Tender- ly" -- cl ims tennis as a relaxing pastim Balut Arlene C. 'iGee-Gee" Holy Name Entertainment Com- mittee 4 - brisk in school ac- tivities -- was a volunteer Cathe- chist -- finds Hot Rod Races com- forting -- looking to a life of an airline hostess -- asks to be re- membered by her blond hair. Beasley Joan C. "Joannie" St. Florian Glee Club 3, 4, Li- brarian 4 -- energetic Joannie is an active participant in school activi- ties -- roller skating heads her list in amusement -- she enjoys sewing and hopes to be a typist. Bielski William J. .izipu St. Basil Basketball 2, 3, 4, -- short, fast, and a basketball fiend, these are Bill's important traits -- a four letter athletic, holding them honorably -- hopes to be a Disc Jockey -- will be remembered by his cashmere sweaters and con- stant singing. .72- . I A I .,',f'L71 hr 4 , I f'N tl . H' N E .J Chmielewski Lorraine T. "Lorry" St. Florian Class Secretary 23 Florham Co-Edit r 4 -- claims basketball as herfgipbby -- recog- nized by her,K:'heerful smile and cheerleadeptinifoilm -- desiring a college jdegrez-in teaching -- awarded four- thletic letters and intrfmuralvtropliy. - rf' if I L I J .1 4 4 ' f ,7 , ,J , Czarnik Arthur W. ' 'Archie" St. Florian Safety Commission 2, 3 -- helpful and can always be seen smiling -- present at all school activities -- finds that two heads are better than one -- Amer- ican History is main worry. .71 1 A 3 1 f 4 1 Dunn Maryann F. . ' "Marysh" 3 3 Rf l 1 st. Florian c.s.M.c. Presldent4g N ' wa, A Florham Staff 3, Sports Reporter 1 f - X ll, 4 -- quiet, dependable, energetic j I , af . , all shine Marysh -- enjoys walking ge i A I , 4 and keeping scrap books -- hopes if , ' fx Q " to wear a nurse's white uniform -- 5 f i , seeks to be rememberd by the wave in her hair. , wp ,XV 1 . j I i 1 .I X f Y I h LV V hngw' sl I M' VI X V. P r 9, I Q ,K L,-tx 'A ' , 1 9 xv sv, pa' l, , J Q pf X xg y Q N t . .. lab. 'u .. shun- ' lundzinski Ronald T. Ernatt Gerald J. 'Buns" lt. Bartholemew C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 5 Glee Club 1 -- quiet and re- erved Buns enjoys taking long rips -- favors radio music es- ecially "Rags to Riches" -- own- ig a hardware shop is his future mbition. Grombelski Edward L. "Bumbleweed" St. Florian Class President2--an all- round athlete, holding honors in football and basketball -- won "All-City" in football -- active member of the Naval Reserves, naming f'Navy Blue" as his fav- orite color -- can be recognized by a decided limp. 31:51 fl, nfs- fi 1-fl -f 1 A ,l y, J I ,lf .1 , . 7' , Nt lv I 1 X. "Ernie" St. Florian Athletic Representative 1, 2, 4g Safety Commission 3, 4, -- active participation in all sports brings us Ernie, our athletic star -- modesty is but one of his whole- some traits -- a yearly four letter man, he plans to continue athletics in college -- a dish of ice cream meets Ernie's appetite. Frydlewicz Stanley M. ' ' Fritz " St. Florian Safety Commission 2 -- mechanically minded -- enjoys dancing to the tune of "Rags to Riches" -- has difficulty in saving money -- can be heard exclaming "Not Me!" 9 JZ V! Gorelski Gerald J. Our Lady Queen of Apostles Guide Staff 2, 3, 4, Holy Name l,2, 3, 43 Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4 -- de termined .Terry has dreams of an engineering career -- possessing a mind for quick jokes, he can be heard throwing his exclamation, "C'mon eh!" f g I Q a 73- T' Jasinski Christine A. "Krysia' ' St. Florian Sodality 2, 3, 4, C.S. M.C. 2, 3, 4 -- rhythm minded Krysia, enjoys symphonic music and the solemn, "Ave Maria" -- silence is her shining trait -- taking preparatory courses for a nursing career. Jedrzejewski Gloria A. "Gi-Gi" St. Louis the King Athletic Rep- resentative 1, 4 -- known for her attitude towards all -- enjoys seeing others happy -- being a four letter basketball player, sports is her pastime -- relishes ' a complete dish of beef and po- tatoes. Kamon Bernadine R. ff Bernie" " Our Lady Help of Ch? ans So- dality 1, 2, 3, 4 --i appy, hard working, carefree rnie hopes to take upon herse nursing life -- enjoys danci nd singing "With These Hand' " -- relaxes to the, pleasant cou of crocheting stit- s'r 05' JN TEVIQ A005 , ',.'4,f , .. T' . , ,Y ,. ' 7' - V A., V VIP- E- .G 'X , A ,N I Q A S ri, fn , QDATA A . Kastrau Patricia M. "Patsy" St. Florian Class Treasurer 1, 2 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Guide Staff 3, 4 -- co-operative, courte- ous, and cheerful -- looks ahead tc a life as a Dietician -- active two year cheerleader -- enjoy: cooking and listening to 'iStrange1 in Paradise". be heard inquiring 1 IJ! XJ Kasprzyk Joanne Kfcappyl 7 Our Lady Help of Christians C.S. M.C. Vice-President 4 - short, comical, and cute all point out to Cappy -- four letter basketball player -- enjoys playing records and dancing to "Oh My Papa" -- finds American History a problem class. -74 , I J Kastrau Sandra A. nsandyn St. Florian Class Vice President 13 Honor Student 1, 2, 3, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4 -- sweet, subtle, and suave -- Patsy's twin --favors t lephone conversation -- enjoys opular music , especially ' 'Where, Where" -- has difficulty meet- i g the first bell X x l Av J' kip Vw ,Nix fl -L .... A ff ...ue , ,YL e Kurczynski Richard D. "Kucz " St. Florian Boys' Athletic Rep- resentative 43 Junior Achievement 33 Intramural Basketball 3 -- in- terested in Hot Rod Magazines and plans to study aeronautical en- gineering -- pizza pie and ravioli meet his appetite. Lepkowski Theresa H. :urerryu St. Florian Safety Commission 43 Librarian 2 -- witty Terry can al- ways be heard laughing -- claims dancing as a pastime and "Marie" heads her song list -- being a beautician is her dream for the future -- she has undertaken are- laxing hobby, sewing. Koss Virginia M. "Jeanie" St. Florian Girls' Athletic Rep- resentative 4g Guide Reporter 1, 2, 3, 4 -- blond, blue-eyed Virgie enjoys dancing to the rhythm of "Why Don't You Believe Me" -- possessing a boistrous voice load- ed with jokes -- a yen for rich food possesses her. Kowalski Joseph E. Joe ' St. Florian Junior Achievement 3 -- finds collecting records and comics amusing -- enjoys airplane rides -- bewitched by the music of "Stranger in Paradise". Kuczmarski Joseph T. K KKUCZJ I St. Florian Entertainment 35 Holy Name Representative 4 -- a true , commediene, Kucz enjoys making others happy -- outdoor recreation hits the top of his sports life -- "Soft" heads his song sheet -- ,always game for a telephone con- versation. Kuczynski Sigmund K. llzigll Queen of Apostles Secretary of Holy Name 49 Holy Name Rep- resentative 1, 2 -- three letter football player -- cool, calm, and collecting Zig finds wonder in as- tronomy -- possessing a mind for chemical engineering -- his pass word HI guess so". .75. 'S 'S Lisiecki Evelyn S. "Blondie ' ' Our Lady Queen of Apostles Enter- tainment Committee 45 Junior Achievement 3 -- alert, becoming- ly dressed, clever -- Evelyn can be heard humming "Take Me Back' ' -- enjoys collecting records -- known for her cheerful laughter. Lutkowski Regina C. ' 'Jeannie" Our Lady Help of Christiansbla s Treasurer 15 C.S.M.C."Trebsurzr 25 Awarded Safety Trip pb Wash- ington D.C. 2 -- pr tty, petite, punctual Jeannie, co licts souve- niers -- can b e d exclaiming "Bud-dyl" -- sp d y her com- ical antics. 'X I lu' 7' '2 I l 'V Lf' J K r lf of Majkowski Ronald R. l ' 'Ronnie " St. Florian Entertainment Com- mittee 4 -- Music rates high in Ronniels life -- possessing a will to become a sax and clarinet player in future years -- enjoys a hamburger delux over the tune of t'You, You, You". Majocha Shirley A. I lsam! Y Our Lady Help of Christians Head of the Music Department 45 Class Treasurer 3 -- industrious and efficient Sam possesses traits ofa perfect secretary -- relaxesto the rhythm of "Penthouse Serenade" -- can be heard crying out "Wow'l. .76- its A , .?'.v,gw. Q 0 . ,i , 5 1' -il lg . ft .1 ig lx: Er! - EN' lg if . . I .H x Q fm.. . 1 'lm XX ' 0, 0 i if Wffty Nowak Stephanie M. "Stevie" Our Lady Queen of Apostles En- tertainment Committee 45 Junior Achievement 35 Cheerfulness and a big smile bring to us Stevie, who is looking forward to a happy marriage -- she well meets the Basketball team, having won four letters -- relaxes to her hit, "Take Me Back". l Orson Richard C. ltorsii St. Florian Safety Commission l, 2, 45 Acolyte 1, 2, 3, 4 -- earnest- ness and eloquence are Ors' main traits of stating his opinions pro or con -- an ace billiard player, he finds relaxation in reading or a confusing chess game -- "Star- dust" rates high in his Musical hits. , 1: 1, ks fy ea, w K- RQ- , - if V ' A Q E ' X, ,H x x XX? x-,xg xnxx, X A j K 9orzadek Delphine J. 'Del' ' Fransfiguration Sodality Secretary lg Guide Staff-- an active member Y H If all school activities, Del espec- ally enjoys dancing to the move- nent of "Heart and Soul" -- won hree letters asabasketballmana- per -- finds pleasure in playing ring-pong. Priess John W. "Johnnie" St. Florian Safety Commission 43 Intramural Basketball 3, 4 --hard working and helpful Johnnie is preparing himself for a life of an auto mechanic -- enjoys riding a car while listening to a popular hit "Marie", ,Qui WJ, .X x W, " Piec John F. "Johnnie" St. Florian Holy Name Treasurer 4 -- hopes to be a linguist -- en- joys music , especially "You Alone" -- possessing an intellect for operas -- claiming czarnina as his favorite dish -- known for his friendly attitude toward all. Pieczykolan Christine S. "Pepsi-Cola" St. Florian Glee Club 3, 45 So- dality 1, 2, 3, 4 -- quietness rates high on her personality list -- Chris hopes for a career as a beautician -- enjoys record col- lecting and listening to her fav- orite number, "You, You, You". Pietrylka Josephine C. "Josie" St. Florian ,Glee Club 3, 45 So- dality 1, 2, 3, 4 -- friendly, gay, and happy bring to us easy going Josie -- finds collecting stamps a relaxing pastime -- enjoys danc- ing to the slow "Merry Widow Waltz" -- claims the morning school bell is too early. Plizga Eileen M. ..I,, Our Lady of Good Counsel Treasurer 4g C.S.M.S. 3, Guide Co-Editor 4 -- indust- rious "I,' is a working wonder - proudly holds four honor certifi cates -- her ambition is lay teach ing -- relaxes to a pleasant pas time, bowling -- asks to be re membered by her three year cheerleading voice. 77- Rzeszutek Margaret D. "Margie" St. Florian Florham Editor 45 Class Secretary 33 Guide Staff 4, Margie will always be remembered by her helping hand and friendly "Hi", which is a great asset in her future ambition, nursing -- has trouble manipulating her fingers in typing. Rys Genevieve M. lhGene!l St. Florian Sodality Prefect 4, Guide Staff 43 Glee Club 2, 3,4 -- calm and certain Gene is always found when you are in need of a friend -- to be a Pharmacist is her dream -- she hopes to be re- membered by the future Sodalists. . M X , ! .vi- NJ' lg Y f 1' fl? 59- x I 'w " ' rl A. .' - 1 14 I 3 l f N x galil xg, Regula Cecelia U. "Celie " St. Florian Athletic Representa- tive 25 Sodality 1, 2, 3, 4 -- alert Celie is active on her dancing feet -- enjoys radio music and the tune "Till Then" - a two year basket- ball player, her favorite expres- sion is "You goofed!" -- hopes to be a telephone operator. QPSK 5 3' ess Joseph M. oe!! Florian Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Name 1 2 3 4 aborn Joe enjoys tinkering cars -- finds relaxation in the island -- his present that of a Gas Station Proprietor. Radzikiewicz Rose H. ' 'Rosie ' ' St. Florian Head of the Library 4g Guide Staff 43 Catechist 3,4 -- co-operative, dependable, and in- dustrious are a few of Rose's many traits -- drawing and reading rate high on her list -- she never feels her favorite color, "Blue". -78- Rybicki Robert M. ' 'Rabbit' ' St. Louis the King Vice-President 3g Vice President of Junior Achievement 3 -- having a knack for meeting new faces, Rabblt's ambition ls to be atraveling sales- man -- heard continuously hum- ming a Dixieland ballad. t if M tefan Susanna E. Susie" t. Florian Sodality 2, 3, 45 C.S. l.C. 2, 3, 4 -- quiet, helpful isie, possesses remarkable 'aits to carry out her ambitionj ' irsing -- she manipulates a Jwerful arm for ping-pong -- en- nys television and music, espec- tlly, "I Believe". Stodol Arlene M. r:Reds11 St. Florian Guide Editor 4g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3 -- poise, alertness and efficiency are the traits Red possesses to carry out her steno- graphic career -- dancing and roller skating are a few of her social activities. J' f, fy ,- ff' ' .MY it pvfk Mf ,I 'l7M'.O11 J, YK fW"'l J' ' u 1 1 1' X! !, vp j , 1 ij I' 4 ,,, Sawicki Robert A. HB0b1l St. Florian Athletic Representative 4 -- hails from St. Mary's Orchard Lake -- possesses true athletic spirit -- enjoys dancing -- well liked for his quick humor and activeness -- troubled in American History. Simon Joseph F. I fJoeI! St. Ladislaus Safety Commission 43 Glee Club 1, 2 -- a yearly letter man, .T oe is an all round athlete -- an active member ofthe Naval Reserves, he hopes to make the Navy his career -- a practical joker, he is spotted by his friend- ly smile. Skonieczny Carl J. ' 'Crawl' ' ,Corpus Christi Holy Name 1, 2, 3, 4 -- fishing ranks high on Crawl's list -- enjoys dancing to the hit tune, "Rags to Riches" -- his am- bition is success as a Tool and Gauge Maker -- finds pleasure in a complete steak dinner. Siuda Clarence N "Spider" St. Florian Acolyte President 45 Holy Name Treasurer 3 -- tall and triumphant is.Spider's structure on the basketball court -- his keen eyesight is due to his hobby, sleep- ing -- pizza rates high on his food bill. ,, ,f , N ff! 4 I 4 fjt. I :XJ All it fy! 'J 79- A9 Strzeleckl Marvin H. "Snurek' ' St. Florian Safety Commission 4g Glee Club 45 Holy Name 1, 2, 3, 4 -- short, sociable, and a whiz on cars, Snurek is certain oiacareer as an ace auto Mechanic -- his hobby is Hot Rods -- finds "A Stranger in Paradise" a relaxing tune. Surhigh Francis S. "Frank" St. Florian Entertainment 4, Holy Name 1, 2, 3, 4 -- tall and tactful, Frank measures the height of all discussions -- air minded, he en- joys model airplane building and flying -- his ambition is to attain a profitable business. Terhall Theresa A. 1 "Terry" Our Lady Help of Christians So- dality Vice Prefect 4, Librarian 3 -- Terry, a bright and energetic lass, hopes to become a physical therapist --- she's never at aloss for words, conversation being her pastime -- enjoys dancing, be- witched by the tune, "Take Me Back". Thomas Henry M. "Mr. Hank" St. Florian Football 43 Basketball 1, 2 -- Hank, an agreeable guy, is everyone's friend -- enthusiastic about all school activities, claim- ing sports as his hobby A - "To Be Alone" ranks high on his musical list. - 80 Jang, . I J .X-Ai 1 R 4. f ' xl ,JI Xl f .. V .J N Walczy Robert J. ..B0b,, St. Florian Class President I Student Safety Commission 4, Wol verine Boys' State 3 -- intelligen clever and well versed. Bob long to become a research scientist - a three letter cheerleader, he i present at all school activities - collecting books and records ar his means of entertainment. ,il ,' 4 1 -V ' g i . x'. Wilk Leonard T. "Yankee Clipper" St. Ladislaus Holy Name Rep- resentative 3g C.S.M.C. 1, 2, 3, 4 -- easy going Lenny plans to be- come a business man --find re- laxation in driving and reading -- an appetizing cut of chocolate cake meets his sense of taste. 1 -lg sp l X 1 ,A X X U rczynski Carl F. !ych" . Florian Class President 1 -- ily Name President 4 -- helpful- ss and conservativeness are rch's outstanding traits -- den- :try is his ambition-- ice skating tes high in his field of amuse- ant -- can be seen sporting a ew cut. 1 ,'7 J 'A 5 f l 1 ' Lf ,J islv F l 4 fi f '1 Jerome L. Renkowski From our midst, The Lord has taken him away -- May he rest in peace -- we pray. Wisniewski Antionette J. "Toni' ' St. Raymond, Class ing to make tif Gerald S "Jerry St. Florian Holy Name Representa- tive 1, .45 Football Managerg A.D.F. Contest Winner -- earnest, and friendly, Jerry rates high asa pal of all -- his dream in life is to be a draftsman -- he is kept busy as an athletic fan -- hopes to be remembered by his baby face. Zakrzewski Lorraine T. Klzekem St. Florian Head of Entertainment 4, Class Treasurer -- a three letter basketball player, Zeke is a spark on the court -- her robust laughter makes her a sparkling friend of all -- a high typing speed increases her hopes of being a private secretary. fir! ,fl ' .1 ' y L C ',',-f , ' 'ry Y Y, ily, I ff fg If!- X f 4 -1 'J 2 If .fri D ,P 1 ,, . I I X I 1 , - . X fu' f ! f " 1 ff .1 V 1 , . 1 ff ,- Zwierzefepvskiffohn B. , Xe- "Bernie" Our Lady Help of Christians Safety Commission 3, 4 -- uiet,shy,and willing to instruct ot ers point out Bernie, who enjoys raising pets-- plans to become ahorticulturist -- finds relaxation in listening to re- cords, especially "Blue Hawaii". -31. ja 4- -4' , , A f t ' i x. h is 0 I , C9 ' I 3' 0 O .1 S' 'Q I I I. ' 4, 'lf ' -lt K D7 I 7 l 'lf 9' ,f ,Q y y at , Q alaa , 5 5 3 IMMACULATESQ, HEART OF MARY f v 1 CHANNEL or olvme 'oRAcEs I HAIL: , Q ?MARY l PNY! i,t ,'i ,l ?i for us 6 , ,.4' 0 1 Q"' Q i I Xia X 'Q ZQ., q i X il Q5 -at i "?"Y V QF' ,V ' The Immaculate Heart of Mary, M Mi, YW4. Mysncal Channel of Grace According to the infallible teaching of our Holy Church, Mary Immaculate is the universal Mediatrix of graces. That is to say, all graces necessary to our salvation and sanctilication, merited by our Divine Savior, Jesus Christ, are dispensed by Mary - pass, so to say through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as shown in the above picture. Even the Blessed Souls in Heaven go to jesus through Mary when they wish to obtain favors for their proteges on earth. The same obtains for the souls in Purgatory. Childlike devotion and love to Mary, to her Immaculate Heart, which is the most faithful reflexion of the Divine Heart of jesus, was always regarded by the Saints as a moral guarantee of salvation and of high achievements in the spiritual life. Since the great revelation of Fatima, in 1917, the Blessed Virgin Herself tries to draw unto Her Heart all souls of good will, in order to bring them nearer to Her Divine Son, jesus. Nvi'fS' g .. i ft -mv-rr-Q-1- INTRAMURAL VICTORS THE BLUE ARMY of '54 ily LAURELS VICTIMS THE CONTINENTALS of '55 fail me 'ZW SOME BTH X HEUILQHNQ 'l'ake the 'l'elephone Company, for example. Anyone who works for Michigan Bell will tell you it's every- thing a girl eoulcl want in a job. First, you clon't neecl any experience. You learn your job on the job, and earn a good salary while learning. Raises are regular and frequent. Your in- coine is steacly, you can always count on it and you get animal vacations with pay. Another nice thing about telephone work is that you'll associate with people your own age, just out of school, too. You'll work in clean, bright, pleasant surroundings. VVhether you prefer to start as a telc- phone operator, a teller or a clerk, you'll tincl oppor- tunities for advancement. VVe'cl like to tell you more about these and other interesting telephone jobs. Visit us soon, won't you? MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY X "A FRIENDLY PLACE TO WORK" God's Blessings and Best Wishes to our daughter Margaret and the CLASS of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Julian Rzeszutek Hearty Congratulations to the MARIAN CLASS High School Sodality Happiness and Success To The CLASS of 1954 Sister Mary Expedita And The Class of 1956 God's Blessings and Best Wishes to our daughter Genevieve and the CLASS of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rys Best Wishes and Congratulations To The CLASS of '54 High School Holy Name Society Good Luck and Best Wishes To The CLASS of '54 TENKLE' S STANDARD SERVICE Congratulations and Best Wishes To The MARIAN CLASS Sister Mary Consolata and the Class of 1957 God's Blessings and Best Wishes to our daughter Rose and the CLASS of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Radzikiewicz Sincere Congratulations To Our Son Henry and the CLASS Of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kowalski All Happiness and Success To the CLASS of 1954 Sister Mary Arcadia and The Class of 1955 NX l .? JB, 4? 5 1 Ever stop to think what the world was like before electricity became everybody's ser- vant? It's difficult to picture! Electric power serves so faithfully we just take it for granted. Edison's incandescent lamp, heralding the birth of modern electric service, finally became more than a dream 75 years ago. To help turn this dream into reality, other men provided the finances Edison needed. Their joint achievement is an example of how financial risk7taking and individual ingenuity combine ,to the benefit of all people. But our present way of living is only the beginning. Electricity promises for the future still greater marvels and better service. It requires men and women with many skills to provide this service. If you would like to work with such people why not get in touch with Edison's Employment Oflice? Z onl the beginning 'I'I'lE DETROIT EDISON COMPANY 2000 Second Avenue, Detroit 26, Michigan i Congratulations 'Io Our Son X A Robert A And the,.C1ass of 1954 Mr. and John Walczy Success and Best Wishes To Our Daughter Arlene And the Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Skurski Happiness and Success - To Our Daughter Joan And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beasley God's Blessings and Best Wishes To Our Daughter Delphine And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. J. Porzadek Success and Happiness To Our Daughter Arlene - And the Marian Class Mr. and Mrs. J. Stodol Congratulations To Our Daughter Regina And the Seniors of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lutkowski Happiness and Success To Our Daughter Theresa And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. John Terhall God's Blessings and Best Wishes to Om' Son Ronald And the Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. A. Majkowski Success and Best Wishes To Our Daughter Eileen And the Marian Class Mr. and Mrs. Walter Plizga Congratulations To Our Daughter Joan And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. John Poplawski 1 .ffl lXXx fill mi ZIIIIHHKW Ill.--HIKX lllllllllt lllll-llll N c H555 llDAW'E0. - 'II QM sg Q7 -by ssnvme DETROIT c ,gl gglr E 5 -and Detroit serves the world! my epro uc o ero1 sinusria pan ares 1pp Qin! Th dtsfDt't"dt'llts h'edto the four comers of the earth. Automobiles, adding machines, kitchen ranges, bearings and bolts and thousands of other products from Detroit plants serve the needs of people all over the world. And your Gas Company serves the needs of Detroit's people and plants. Dependable natural gas providescomforts and conveniences for community homes, essential fuel for industry and commerce. Michigan Consolidated Gas Company is proud of its service to Detroit and other Michigan communities. l"IIcH1cs.AxN CoNso1,1n,x'1'r: n Gris Cm: mm' Serving 765,000 customers in Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 BANK OF COMMERCE RESOURCES OVER S54,000,000.00 Member Fiederal Deposit Insurance Corporation Happiness and Success To Our Daughter Stephanie And the Seniors of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. S. Nowak God's Blessings Best. Wishes 1 ff ., To Our And the Mafifniifz ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunn Best Wishes and Success To Our Daughter Lorraine And the Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. James Zakrzewski Congratulations To Our Daughter Evelyn And The Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. P. Lisiecki Happiness and Success To Our Daughter Joan And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. A. Kasprzyk Farewell Seniors Sister .Mary Joanne and Juniors of Room 202 Congratulations to the Class of '54 It lk Ik lk West Dearborn Motor Sales, Inc. Happiness and Success To The Marian Class Sister Mary Ferdinand and Sophomores of Room 102 God's Blessings and Best Wishes To The Class of 1954 Sister Mary Clarentine, and the Class of 1956 Farewell and Congratulations Sister Mary Ann and Freshmen of Room 101 Compliments of 11633 Jos. Campau Ave. TOwnsend 8-2807 Compliments of the BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturers of the 1954 Class Rings 19496 Livernois Avenue Detroit 21, Mich. UN. 3-5165 Singer Sewing Machine Company 9737 Jos. Campau Ave. Trinity 3-3132 White Eagle, Inc. Dry Cleaning - Laundry Robert W. Kopek Wallace E. Kopek Henry S. Kopek, .T r. Diane P. Kopek George R. Kopek 2925 Evaline Phone Trinity 56790 Hearty Congratulations to To Son, Stanley and the Class of 1954 Mrs. Antoinette Frydlewicz God's Blessings and ratulation to I and Class of '54 thur Grandke I Hearty Cong Gerald Ernatt Mr. and Mrs. Ar F5 Sincere Congratulations Best of Luck and Good Wishes To Our Son Josegli, To Gerald - and the ciass of lggsl ig, And the ciass of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. John and Mrs. Henry Morawski lltsa E iss ntfivsss G ' N G, Congratulations Best Wishes and Congratulations To Our " - ii 5 To Marvin and the Class of '54 ' and the cia G Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sawicki Ak iis M' Mr' Steve Strzelecki Congratulations All Good Wishes To Our Son Gerald To Our Son Joseph And The Class Of '54 t And The Graduating Class Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Wojnar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuczmarski ons st Sincere Congratulations To Our Son Raymond And The Marian Class owski I Mo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gutk God's Blessings and Congratulati To Our Son Leonard And The Class Of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. John Wilk Congratulations and Best Wishes To Our Son Stanley And The Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Netski Our Very Best Wishes To John Priess And the Entire Graduating Class A. L. HOMIC ANDSON Congratulations and God's Blessings To Our Daughter Josephine Qfiif ,mi . Compliments to the Class of 1954 COLLINS VENDING And The Class Of 1954 17617 Schoolcraft BR. 3-4560 Mr, and Mrs, Nick pietryuqi lzgl Ice Cream and Candy Machines Congratulations Ria Success and Happiness To Our Son Gerald is Azqq To Bill And the Entire Graduating Class ss,ee ,, the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. John Gorelski i f Bielski Family ii: Congratulations and Best Wishes To Our Daughter Lorraine And The Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Chmielewski if 'fl xtbur Very Best Wishes To Son Ronald And the Graduating Class Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hundzinski God Bless Our Daughter Gloria, and the Entire Senior Class of '54 Mrs. Helen Jedrzejewski Congratulations and Good Wishes To Our Son Sigmund And The Class Of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kuczynski 1 I Best Wishes To Our Son, Carl And The Senior Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. C. Zyczynski Congratulations To Our Son, Edward And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. J. Franckiewicz Congratulations and Farewell To The Graduating Class Sister Mary Bertha And Juniors of Room 211 Sincere Congratulations To Our Daughter Loretta And the Class of 1954 Mrs. Helen Andrzejewski ' Congratulations and Best Wishes and Good Wishes To Bernadine it V 1 it To our Daughters 1 Patricia and Sandra And The Graduating Class f Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kamon And the Entire Senior Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Barney Kastrau All Happiness and Success To Theresa And the Entire Graduating Class Lepkowski Family Best Wishes and Congratulations To Our Son Arthur And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Czarnik Congratulations and Good Luck. To Cecilia And the Class of '54 Mrs. Josephine Regula Congratulations To Our Daughter Antoinette And the Senior Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Wisniewski 1 1 1 l I' Congratulations and Best Wishes God' s Blessings and Q 'LF T0 Qur S011 Henry COl'lgl'2.tU.12ti0HSf?fD And the ciass of 1954 Suzanne andl'fthHC1aQg :, . Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thomas Mr- and Mrs- ' Congratulations and Good Luck To Our Son Richard And The Senior Class Mr. and Mrs. R. Kurczynski Congratulations and Success To Our Son John And the Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. B. Piec Sincere Congratulations To Our Son Frank And the Entire Graduating Class Mr. and Mrs. Fr. S1u'high Congratulations and Good Luck To Our Son Carl And the Graduating Class Mr. and Mrs. Carl Skonieczny Congratulations To Our Son Richard And the Entire Class of '54 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Orson jafeweff. . . jaczcky Wel'll6eI'6.l To YOU we owe much Pertaining to Mind, Muscle And Merriment in MARY. . gre S. X A , JJ. J! A NOTE of APPRECIATION to all who made the 1954 FLORHAM a MARIAN project. May the LADY in BLUE bless you! - if - Rev. Peter P. Walkowiak, Pastor Rev. Edmund S. Wolschon Rev. Francis S. Maliszewski Rev. Thomas T. Zielinski Rev. Joseph S. Strzelewicz - 1 - Sister Mary Arsenia and Grade 7 Sister Mary Edmunda and Grade 5 Sister Mary Gaudenta and Grade 6 Sister Mary Justitia and Grade 4 Sister Mary Richard and Grade 8 Sister Mary John and Grade 2 Sister Mary Dolores and Grade 1 Sister Mary Gaudentia and Grade 3 Sister M. Xavier and Grade 5 Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister M. Phillip and Grade 8 M. Paulita and Grade 2 M. Adeline and Grade 7 M. Kathleen and Grade 1 M. Clothilde and Grade 6 Mrs. L. Sticklinski and Grade 3 Irene Pavelek ' 53 Mr. and Mrs. S. Majocha Mr. and Mrs. J. Zwierzelewski Mr. and Mrs. E. Przegocki Mrs. Janina Pomaski Mrs. Mary Simon Mr. and Mrs. A. Oblin Dr. Haley Bell x 1 x 1 . N n v x V N x . x Vg' GL3zfMf 1 J 1 K , f f wp f I W , r I aw., 1' J V , f f if . f Wy X ,I f 1 rw if g Q Km" ,y ,W J 1 Y ' X, IF-mv h f 1 wif 1 f , , 11 HT , V-, " I, f 5 , f f ' X ,N - Q X 1 ' ,. . f f ,,', 'AX , ,. , f , ,f A J., ' A, , 4 X W ff x " 1 W ,I L "H ' M. 'WI' A ,- f x',r l +4 5 f s LA V, LX ,, r , , ,W X I4 KJ V' 74 C. .- r w 1 4. 5 Y 'N N 1' A 's Q? K T ,621 I NS. G! X J, J, QQQQI4 fC'4,m,.C,? , ff, f Kgs!- IQ' LIE 4 . S" www ay, W M W if-adwgff I Inq, 7 fv f kt ff 0 Q i puff rj Q ' ifdflffiiyqw fsaizf' Aw .V My v Q I W h .4 iii m i M UL f W fffL fav H df l H 1 A' D V- QM l A ,Vb 4l ' l 'A N ,f - ' 3j?w wif + u M 1- 1 i i "ft Z X - ,Pdf-if i ., 1 57' 5-7 ' 2 Q W . : fb , -f ' 'f' N W' U Y.. w'm51w,.1N1,...Q, My I H H 1 ' W ,TJ X xx M- X ,JU X WM W,!vwH,,M.!W",.uw X Cm! l L! NM! X I Yhmflljfw W ' l .1 W '. ,".1,,'11'gNs,'. '1' w,.N i,M,'1'?4" J," HN H" 3f -w y m D ' W QM M "' .1 " X- gg' 'R ,ew M' ,'.w,. "f-- H ' Huw M MM w :N "w"1"W",jVilz, ',1!3WM1'1!tiyi1'3www,1N1j 1 W " ,, W 1 W 31: N P: NW',1,,1 f '3f,1l,-W, "W: Wg lllf 'W' 'QW " 1 , 1 il g Wl u VY ?h31fWuiW'I N- -mg, ' M ' 1:"","E'M" W ,ww ,N , , , , 1 1: ' "' N" N "' N ' 'N mx WMA-.MHiNwu ld,-wWWM,i:- ,w1wMWN': ,,,, ,N ,,,Nw3JN1!141x w,.m,,m.,,al. N,:"",1ww4f4'W- wh - L , Q ,HN ljj " 1 , w ' ' ww 151 , , , -- ,N , X, , Y ' WYWNW, , U 1:11!, N, , ,, ,M ,U ,- nj ,,,,ww1,1' ' N. , , q, "" W 1' 'N N M ,p,,,,,,,w1I:,,JIM " , F N ww' -Tw ,,' . Y Y U WNNMMWMW A ,..lMww13Nw ,,,,, , u.MWi1'?.klMglIlWMviYkW1f-' , ,ww Ml. ffvudwm, , NIJMIL "Mx--H 1,,, , '11-1wlU!.1N.ii.!! M11-'w'1I,111':'.,x, ,mwmxuk X1 Ear sb 'N u 35? F i , D 111. E ! 5 I 1 9 A 1 . 'i J I l 1 , N! ' 5 1 2 ' Q ' S I N 'X 7 X X J L. bi - 5 ' I 2' f Q' A..-fn Q

Suggestions in the St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) collection:

St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 56

1954, pg 56

St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 48

1954, pg 48

St Florian High School - Florham Yearbook (Hamtramck, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 5

1954, pg 5

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