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Queen of Me angeg Queen of fke my Q mary, we Cl'0l,Ul'l i422 roaed foclay ' E W l W w 'V mi N M w W3 a ME N" !"wW1l VV' q kd MQM The Senior Class Presents THE 1955 ANTHULITE ST. ANTHONY HIGH SCHUUL Detroit, Michigan --na iff-'zu 1.147 .I , 9 41 -. la" Z 'fr In ""'5Q1--w-ff upwmanv .A .Zan M ""x.-37" !L1"""i 1 ww? 7 Y' ,K 'Xia we -w fit' "'h A- .7 - A V-s AQ? ,125 -W., wr 'Q -me wa' Hag xi -,Q l. 3:-1 1: L , -' 5 I ,.,.r' W 4 A ! 'Q Q r 1 ., u K 1 1 5 7 'ml f , - 1 f - -,, f, ,, , f -.5-..n.':,'-f z K L My .lfzii-1.445136 Tw P . 2 2 ' ff . . ff 1 , A . , - .. I ' , ,, vfb' . ,Ly - 'W' -if A . - 'Q i fi,gN:,, 'Yff7"VT'5?5 A - . , 1' k lg ' , 'f 'L w . ,' Eie ' 'Zh ' : L if , as + fm E 2' A A fy . if -- - ,, r AL ,f A v I Q' L W f .. g m X - --I--N.. - W ffi ' f' ' '41 I A . '-Q, J . 2- W ,Eff L' 1 .dz . X 4 1 ' ,- 4 gal' 3 .:f : :. - gg, f'-ff: K 4 5 48 .Q gf: 4 . ge , ,QM A Sw ' 'V Q ' 7 ..., 3 " 5? N' , Q ,. 3 Y , f- "'- -2-11 :l 2 S t 'E ' , " ,- , f - -5 259 NK . V ,44, ., A, ,L,. . V , , , n . , M Q N L 3 m. s y , 1 - -Q 4 - -,Muff . ... if ' 3 . ' ' .- X . -.- -' H. -I "fr" -aw" 1' ,,....wr.,fgWSg , , "' -L . N J' -ww .. -V ' ' g " '- " . a..L.' ' -ff ..... ... I' . . . . 0 ,- , ,, .. ......... .....e,:Q!pq' ' I --M,- ...,,.. yi !..l , . S Q . h , , K Q 2 I O L e f 1 J ' 1 if J Qs 2 5 ' 2, 1 Y ,, , 1 3. ' I 1 ' i 9 , K1 I 2 s 1 Q ' ' : , an 1 f L . ' 'g . 5 5 ti X 3 . 5 , f ! ,I 4 , .Qu 531 5 - , 0 Dedication Dear Heavenly Mother, For twelve long years you have been our guid- ing star, our refuge in trouble . . . a Mother, tender, merciful, so understanding. Now we come to share our new experience with youg we are seniors, but that, too, shall soon cease to be-for we are graduates of 1953. We will need you, Mother dear, when we turn to face our future. Aid us when we go forth to make our Way in life. Assist us to become suc- cessful as your Son would have us be. Bring our boys home safely after their service to our country. Make our parents' ambitions for us as little children find their realization now, in us. Wherever our paths may lead-in the service of your dear Son as religious, home-maker, or special career men and women-stay with us, our Queen, our Mother. To you, dear Lady, we dedicate this, our Antho- lite. Our way of saying "thank you" is inade- quate, we know, but, we know, too, that you will understand. Your Seniors Class of '53 n Hymn To Mary O Gem of God and Glory of our race! Thy light has led me and thy beauty burned Star-like before me when in track- less gloom My stumbling feet towards that City turned. 'TR Hn Our Heli ions Instructors 'WMM-1 1, . P .5 JW REVEREND JOSEPH S. RAIBLE, C.PP.S. Pastor of St. Anthony Parish Instructor of senior religion classes REVEREND ANTHONY J. TRASER, C.PP.S. Director of Holy Name Society Instructor of junior religion classes REVEREND WILLIAM C. DOUGHEHTY, C.PP.S. Athletic director Instructor of sophomore religion classes REVEREND ROMAN RODAK, C.PP.S. Spiritual director of The Sodality of Our Lady Instructor of freshman religion classes REVEREND EMIL DINKLE, C.PP.S. Spiritual director of C. S. M. C. Instructor of freshman religion classes 4 Facult SISTER MARY FORTUNATA Principal SISTER MARY AGNOLA Mathematics SISTER MARY AMICA English SISTER MARY ANNE Biology Future Nurses' Club CSMC Publicity SISTER MARY ANNE LUCY Commerce Holy Name Advisor SISTER MARY BENEDETTE English PRELUDE Advisor Q -tg., 'Y SISTER MARY CARL SISTER MARY FAUSTINE Chorus English History General Science SISTER MARY CATHARINE SISTER MARY GILBERTINE English Science Library Camera Club SISTER MARY CIRINE SISTER MARY GREGORY English Mathematics Geography Sophomore Sodality Moderator SISTER MARY EDGAR SISTER MARY HELEN English English Mathematics Latin Student Council Advisor SISTER MARY ELLEN English Director Girls' Athletics Senior Sodality Moderator Crusade Moderator SISTER MARY JANE FRANCES History Mathematics ANTHOLITE Advisor SISTER MARY LEONISSA Commerce Mathematics Q, up SISTER MARY MADELEVA English History Freshman Sodality Moderator SISTER MARY MELORA English Latin SISTER MARY ROMAN Drafting English Art MRS. JOSEPH HACKMAN General Science September 3 Mass of the Holy Ghost 4 School opens 20 Seniors have pictures taken 30 October 6 Living Rosary Movie DANIEL BOONE Seniors visit Greenfield Village 28 Singing Kappels 31 CSMC Hallowe'en Party NOI1e3nbSIodality Skating Party 16 Play CONNECTICUT YAN- 17 KEE IN THE COURT OF KING ARTHUR 14 20 December 2 Police Band 4 Juniors order rings 11 A Club initiation 12 21 Cantata ANGELS FROM THE REALMS OF GLORY 23 Christmas Program and Christmas vacation begins January 5 School re-opens 6 Movie MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY 9 U. of D. Panel discussion by Interracial Group 19 Semester exams 20 21 High 22 School 23 Retreat 26 New semester begins 28 Senior trip to Lansing February 3 Drafting Class sponsors movie MICKEY 11 Brother George Shuster 13 A Club dance 24 Sister M. Hyacinth and Sis- ter M. Dominic-slides and talk on European trip March 3 Career Day Mil Safety to Driving 20I Course April 1 Easter holidays begin 13 School re-opens 19 Senior class play MUSIC IN 20 IN THE VALLEY 22 Patronage of St. Joseph 28 CSMC-special Jubilee nicet- ing May 1 May Crowning 8 Prom 17 Spring Concert 19 CSMC Installation 21 Sodality Installation 24 Senior Day-Coliseum 27 Senior exams 28 June 1 Senior Farewell assembly 2 Class Day 3 Mass, breakfast 5 Senior Dance 7 Graduation Senior Class W .mv Wy ,A 6-ww!! qt tl "W L l ,L . wilwfi 4 " v I -'ll' . t ' H y it 1 4, 'F 9 I I Ax' x,, "L' - W W l ' Q . wlli,s-"tilt"'ll3-" Y " - 'fy 'tw .g M - ' gif' l r" Y. 4 f: A bfi - s - it LLOYD BLEAU Assumption Grotto lKL1oyd!, A future mechanical engineer . . . wants to construct a hot-rod for the Indianapolis "500" . . . Good Luck! ROBERT BOERTMANN Assumption Grotto HB0bH President of the Holy Name Society . . . would like to be an accountant . . . favorite sport is football. BARBARA BOIKE St. Anne 4sBunny!7 Second Covelle Newcomb . . . likes to jitter- bug and tango . . . wishes people would laugh at her jokes. CHARLENE BOLDE Lady of Good Counsel "Chuckie" Future nurse in the operating room . . . likes to sing and dance . . . favorite snack is hamburgs and cokes. VIRGINIA AIELLCQI St. Anthony IK irg!! Bowling and diving rate high . . . hobby is collecting photos . . . will visit California on her honeymoon. ROBERT AVOLIO St. Juliana ClBet0H His outside interests include photography F . . plans on a career with Uncle Sam's Air orce. SHARON BEATTIEE d St. Jude ll e U Tobogganing and hunting are favorites . . . dislikes loud people . . . wants to serve Uncle Sam as a WAC. JOAN BIELSKI St. Anthony "Joan" Would like to visit West Coast as far as Ore- gon . . . future Queen in some King's castle. DANIEL BINSFELIIQ St. Anthony H an!! Plans to seek employment in some trade . . . ian his estimation, football and baseball rate ops. I' FRANCES BISHOP St. Anthony llJean!l Her aim is to own a big blue cadillac . . . likes long stringy spaghetti . . . enjoys skat- ing . . . future wife. t n o ...saw 1: -- s I "' A ,i R Us i rv ' T .tfi ix Q A wpjf if gg s gg .li.. i .is.. o 'H-o. A llkt 8 ELIZABETH BONANNI Assumption Grotto "Betty' Enjoys swimming . . . intends to visit sunny Italy . . . dislikes "know-it-a1l's" . . . un- decided future. GERALDINE BOVE St. Margaret Mary "Gerrie" Bowling rates high . . . dislikes catty stud- ents . . . may visit Bermuda after gradua- tion . . . college beckons. JOANNE BURKE Holy Name CKJOH Would like to enter the secretarial field . . . enjoys jazz . . . swimming and dancing are favorite pastimes. SHIRLEY BUSS Our Lady of Good Counsel "Buttons" Bowling fan with 130 average . . . wants to travel to Hawaii . . . has high hopes of being a secretary. CAROL BYLE St. Juliana npudgen Senior Advisor . . . will attend Business College . . . future housewife . . . daring horseback rider. REGINA CALCATERRA St. Anthony "Gina" Birthplace-Italy . . . reads in her leisure time . . . dislikes vegetables . . . will make a good mother. Hia 5 f ff ,, ,li ..Q.. . .,.,h.i, i I 8 e Gig ? CAROLYN CARNAGO St. Jude "Carol" Would like to be an airline hostess . . . dis- likes "wirty dords" . . . wants to visit Mexico, soon. JOAN CHORENZIAK Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Joan" Plans on a secretarial career . . . hates two- faced people . . .' favorite sports are tennis and swimming. TERENCE CLANCY St. Jude url'-werryu General Motors Institute will decide his fu- ture . . . prefers hockey and football but enjoys all sports. MARY JOAN CODD St. John Berchrnan "Freckles" Antholite Co-editor . . . future author . . . wants to put Michigan on canvas . . . likes to square dance. 9 lv f' N!!! A s ll if .L AI? ', 'IW A 6829 'FJ' ja M 1 i1"'7l.i i,,, 5: , L sr... ,M Q ' - E. i f x,x, ll lmwxr-x..1f13'ii . I BARBARA DENBEK Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Baba" Intends to visit Bermuda . . . horse-back riding and hockey are favorites . . . comp operator in future. MARION DEMBEK St. Raymond "Marion" Efficient comptometer operator of the fu- ture . . . pet saying-"ladeda" . . . plays piano in her spare time. BERNADETTE DILLON St. Anthony "Mickey" Intends to sail the seven seas and be a pilot . . . "Oh Buddy"--pet phrase . . . defi- nitely the out-door type. SIMON DI MAGGIC33 d St. John Berchman H u H Hopes to get training in aeronautics while in the navy . . . he loves food, football, and females. 10 CAROL ANN COLEWLIER St. Veronica " arrie" Will attend St. Joseph School of Nursing . . . to be a R. N. is her greatest ambition . . . enjoys baseball. JANET CUNNALLE' Holy Name I6 an!! With her, popular music rates high . . . pet saying-"What a blast" . . . plans to visit Ireland . . . secretary. ARLENE DAN IELIS St. Anthony ll ynnif Future co-ed at MSC . . . buyer for women's apparel . . . she wants to get married for love and money. AUGUST DARGA vSt. Anthony aaAugiera tj A 1 mx- 'H N Plans to do office work . . . got his muscles juggling bottles for Coca Cola 8x Company. EILEEN DAUDLINLT, St. Jude Enjoys swimming . . . plans to visit Europe before she enters the S. S. N. D. Candidature at Milwaukee. JANET DE CLAIRI? St. Jude H an!! Secretary of Senior Class . . . sorority meet- ings and driving fill leisure time . . . air- line hostess. ....,.., .',. "'f'?f:'t' . ,K .wi me J A f ff ill . v VIRGINIA DINE St. Matthew HGinH Enjoys sewing . . . dislikes people who press tubes in center . . . future girl in White . . . likes football. MAUREEN DIVINEY St. Veronica "Maureen" Hopes to visit the 48 states . . . favorite sport is tennis . . . will attend St. Joseph Nursing School. MARGARET DOHERTY St. Martin on the Lake VP of Student Council . . . future teacher but maybe a second Coach Shada . . . plans to attend U. of D. MARLEN E DOLESKY Holy Name CKMarty!! Would like to visit Washington, D. C .... football and ice skating rate tops . . . cap- able secretary. JOSEPH DONAHUE St. Margaret Mary HJ'oeH Course in drafting at U. of D. holds his in- terest . . . a tennis court seems a second home to him. LUCILLE DUBE Our Lady Queen of Peace ul'-lucyn Likes tennis and swimming . . . will visit Florida in the future . . . another Florence Nightingale. l zg. r 'Ml ' I If f if y .,' J a t M 4 , 1:'. " ,L f, ..,, , AE? 'I ,,, , if 5 S- M g s'p ggeirpe i it lil it fs 1 s ' 2 :'f1 is - awe , ,.,. . . f V"::a sa. 'Q 'S' E g? r . Ffa. A r .V my i Sai i its , utility tl. e'loe e . i Qin F. . , . , 5: . 7 ,.,. 12535:-L . .. . . , 2 4, I Q, R , ,y -.3 or l. s 7 ,A eee.. gs RALPH DUEWEKE St. Jude "Curly" Familiar sight behind stage . . . Antholite Business Director . . . peeve-whistling mikes, faulty lights. J OANN EKLUND J St. Raymond ll O79 Will attend Mount Carmel Mercy . . . de- sires to visit Finland and Sweden . . . dis- likes car-crazy boys. CHARLES EOVALDI St. Anthony "Chuck" Intends to join the army and let them decide his future . . . seeks marriage and family life, later. JOAN ESCHRICH Assumption Grotto "Richie" Hobby is taking shorthand . . . undecided future . . . pet saying-asi es la vida Cher Spanish, such is lifej. 11 1, Ex ehfh .ay , a V 3 ,Q ' 4 1 , a z, 'ii '- Q Z8 -LA . .if -- ---A N-mr jl I :elif Q' 1 xy ,S VX' g . f!L QQMg I ,M 'J f mf 115 -9- an A 6 T' is j ,H W-piilvi. .1 Q 'inlet MICHAEL FABA k Assumption Grotto HMi ei! Intends to enter college to study medicine . . . tops in his book is swimming, next to devouring pizza. ANTOINETTE FERZO St. Anthony ilT0nil! California, here I come . . . pet peeve- crabby people . . .enjoys bowling . . . fu- ture bookkeeper. TIMOTHY FOLEY T Guardian Angel H im!! Favorite pastime is singing and would like to make a career of it . . . aeronautics also fascinate him. ANTHONY FORMICOLA St. Anthony CKTOny!! Will enter business as a general contractor . . . he collects telephone numbers . . . en- joys bowling. JOAN FOURNIER J Assumption Grotto ll O79 Dislikes people who are stuck on themselves . . . the marriage status suits her best . . . likes to skate. BARBARA FREIDEL St. Anthony "Babs" A future housewife . . . enjoys roller skat- gng land dancing . . . plans to visit New or . Ll J y BARBARA GATFIELD A fSt. Anthony "Bobbie" I , 2 Big shot in the advertising woigld rf. . a visitor to Texas in the future . .,', .I enjoys opera, "Carmen". J JOSEPH GAYNOR Guardian Angel "Butterball" Is interested in all sports especially football . . . a secure future-fur business with his brother. DONALD GEN ORDD St. Matthew ll on!! President of Senior Class . . . drafting . . . his chief claim to fame is his diversified musical talent. JULIA GENTRY J I St. Jude H u ie!! Wants to attend Mt. Carmel School of Nurs- ing . . . plans to visit California . . . likes to dance. ,g , 'SQ 7 W' Q' S 8, , I jk .. 1 spy A 1 11' .1 'I W fifth j.'N :im 1, 5 A-Q..,,,,,, lM....,,,,,,.,,.,' A I " gs me Fa- : rf silk, A w l . Ng N .Ag . in ..... - . - i '1' f Q l 12 CAROLYN GERHARD St. Anthony sxGebbys9 Has plans of being Tommy's wife . . . en- joys chorus . . . favorite sport is horseback riding. CLEMENT GIETZEN Holy Name Klclemfl Enjoys collecting records and playing tennis . . . college and the drafting industry beckon. JOSEPH GLOSS St. Anthony "Cheetah" Future Holy Ghost Father . . . enjoys sleep- ing most . . . hobby-pushing Stella, his model "A". JOAN N GREMENIEREZ St. Raymond KC 0an7, Dislike students who do nothing for the school but want everything . . . plans on getting married. PATRICIA GRAY St. Raymond upennyn Plans on being a comp operator . . . wants to visit Ireland . . . dislikes braggers . . . likes to dance. JAMES GUALDONI St. Jude "Chub" Enter industry as a tool and die maker . . . distrusts a woman behind the wheel of a car. CNS. 2 .. ., ig A f--mmap. If 5 ' 1" .i". ' ' ' 1 ,V A ig 2.25 . 1. . vii:--1' , gi 5 Hi 2: L xp, A g-- .1 1 ' '- '.' , if at , ni 4? l mx 4, if 'R 'fi l Wg Q.: 3 i d 11- I, 4- . .r 2- , is if I X, . Yagi'-1 "" l2i: ,-2, ativ- Z fe-:ii " ' 'V f' ,,...---,..r . A A rf Q QQ..f ' X L it A f J 6 , ' ig i . 'Qi fy r If ng-'. ' . in K ' 1 Q. I b li: L :AI as a sf f V. ig? . ,MM cg gmii ' .. ,Q I awww- 4- ff-sa - . iz1"L':,i'fis ' 1 K .,r2,,:. -al:-1 4 - ,-ff"'12'51 : K ' 5 -I' .5 7901 21' W, M C L""" ff ' , A 5: .If K J - I X l iii P1 5 1 gl X my 1 Q, v 1 . ES nw if . 3 in X we 1 xg I 'P x a , CHARLOTTE GUALDONI St. Joan of Arc "Charl" Enjoys typing . . . plans on becoming a sec- retary . . . pet peeve is crazy drivers . . . likes to swim. BERNICE HABBEL St. Anthony HBH Future stenographer . . . plans to visit Europe in '54 . . . likes to swim in the moonlight. BARBARA HAFELI Holy Name "Barb" Wants to be a stenographer . . . enjoys bowling . . . carries an average of 119 . . . marriage beckons. DENNIS HARPERD St. Jude fl ee!! Regards a big shade tree and a tall foamy drink his vocation . . . accounting will help him finance it. 'I YA , i , ,,..,, - sv ll ' l' - - G-TF A ' ' ' ' V qv 45710. 'lm ' f""lv X sllilw DONALD JANOWSEI Holy Name ll on!! Antholite Co-editor . . . backer of 12:00 siesta in school . . . civil engineering . . . enjoys golf. CHARLES JANSSEN Holy Name "Fat Charlie" Business Manager of the Prelude . . . Treasurer of the Senior Class . . . A Club . . . medicine in the future, p , h. JEROME JAWORSKI 1 .2 l ' ff 4 3. Immaculate Conception HJ'erI,yll Vice President of the Holy Name and the C.S.M.C .... football and bowling chief sports interests. RICHARD J OSEPHJ St. Charles Cl oe!! Designs and builds furniture for a hobby . . . winter sports include the indoor ones, especially bowling. ..... LEONARD HILD Assumption Grotto "Panda" Plans to answer the call of the salty sea . . . likes to fish, swim and dance . . . outside in- terests. ROY HOLDEN St. Jude UROYH Pres. of the Student Council . . . wants to enter General Motors Tech. . . . likes foot- ball and swimming. LILLIAN HORN St. Anthony usherryn Plans on becoming a future S.S.N.D. . . . likes to talk . . . dislikes her pal's jet pro- pulsion. BARBARA HULBUIRD Assumption Grotto ll ee!! Would like to visit California in a few years . . . has decided to make marriage her career. PHILLIP ISOLA St. Matthew "Little Cloud" Hopes to study chemical engineering at U. of D. . . . likes all sports with fomtball rank- ing tops. L CAROL J AN KOWSEICI Assumption Grotto IC e 73 Ardent lover of spaghetti . . . looks at the humorous side . . . plans to be a successful housewife. ,, Q V L.....,...qA-'Uh w e at 'F 1 , 2 GL I W F isle, A. Y I is pi ' ll 5 5' A 1: - ' , i"""' 4? ' . 1---Q if t . iq' V L . My .., , mi ,w -.QF . e . :M L , 1 .s.. if .', Q ' . R A 4 A M. rift. ii ix A M-Arif is il 1 w R: x f l .,.i . ,'.. - 5 HE F 'E I' ii 14 MARILYN JUIF St. Matthew llMarty7! Wants to visit Paris . . . dislikes conceited boys . . . has plans of becoming a secretary in the future. J OANNA KAMIENIECKI St. Anthony KIJOH Plans on having a commercial career . . . collects stamps as a bobby . . . pet phrase is "Oh Brother". ERNEST KASCHAIEJK St. Anthony ll rnie!! Would like to study journalism . . . presi- dent of the Holy Name Bowling League . . . ambition-bowl "300". EDWARD KLATT Assumption Grotto ClEdU Wants to continue his training in college . . . golf, football, and swimming are chief sports interest. ETHEL KONEN Assumption Grotto lCEthY! Dislikes men drivers . . . enjoys good movies . . . wants to be an airline hostess after graduation. MARY ANN KOSMALSKI St. Juliana "Mary Ann" Plans to be an office Worker or teacher . . . has a bowling average of 116 . . . likes Pre- lude work. -.Z o f-5 A 5. l- J "ZX, 1 fvx QW , W 'Y f ,- asf iiiitia if 'AP' --:5 , ,. , rii, Xa A -- ' if i 'X , it at .o o itit by ' ,X PATRICKIA KOPECKI - Our Lady Queen of Heaven upatn Wants to get married and have three chil- dren . . . future typist . . . she enjoys bowling and dancing. SHIRLEY KOTT St. Clement HLee79 Her ambition is to attend college . . . likes baseball and swimming . . . wants to join the Waves. JOSEPH KRAMER Assumption Grotto 6lJoe!! Apprentice printer for Detroit News . . . football . . . President of his J . A. company for two years. ROSEMARIE KRAUSE Assumption Grotto NRO!! Plans to be a secretary . . . favorite sport is bowling . . . pet peeve is riding slow street cars. U , vc- 4 is 'Wa P at jo A . . yy , i det n l or 1 l 'E 1 oni i' at .- . .i.36 45" I I , ,Wx M W vii BARBARA KULKA St. Jude "Barb" The future sees her as a competent stenog- rapher . . . enjoys football and musicz . . ' likes cattyfpeople. W 'U ki, A- f' W! va if 1 off ff-"ff CAROL KULKA Og? Lildy of Good Counsel ll 37 Spends her spare time on the ice pond . . . dislikes busy telephone signals . . . future secretary. JOHN LADEMAN Assumption Grotto flJackH Will attend MSC and study Police Adminis- tration . . . all sports appeal to him, espe- cially bowling. JOAN LADNER St. Anthony llJOan!! Would like to visit Rome after graduation . . . enjoys music . . . plays the violin . . . oiiice worker. THOMAS KRIETMEYER St. Anthony H Om!! "A" Club President . . . Prelude Staff . . . enjoys baseball and football . . . journalism rates high. ALEX KRON St. Jude "Black One" Plans to enter industry as a pattern maker . . . likes to watch birds during school time. HENRY KRONNES kAssumption Grotto IC O! All around sports fan . . . would like to enter the business world . . . prefers a white-collar position. SHIRLEY KUHN Assumption Grotto Clpinkyil Vice Prefect of Sodality . . President . . . wants a and a large family. . Latin Club home of her own LILLIAN KUKOWSKP ICI-di H Likes to meet people and note personalities . . . has a sweet tooth . . . modern danc- ing . . . future secretary. ' St. Raymond CONSTANCE KULIS Our Lady Queen of Heaven ' "Connie" Plays the piano-boogie and popular music . . . enjoys traveling . . . will be a barber in the future. Q iii -Yugi lag ' F. Vll. ,uQ.iI g f. , . ,11 ffl '- A Spill r . . . A5 alll , Ex: m vs- f it 4 'aan 'L 159 ...., 16 , 'Na 6. X RICHARD LAFAIIQJE k Guardian Angel H H Would like to become a professional baseball player . . . has received city and state recognition. GEORGE LaRAIA Guardian Angel usonnyn Likes to tinker with cars as well as pencil and "T" square . . . Italian food, his great- est delight. WILLIAM LAWICKIH St. Anthony HBi y!! Pre-medical at Wayne University . . . en- joys dancing and swimming . . . feels sorry for "wal1ilowers". MARY ANN LEE St. Anthony "Mary Ann" A career as a comptometer operator beckons . . . would like to visit Paris . . . likes red- hard top Olds. BARBARA Le FEBVRE St. Jude "Bobbie" Likes friendly school atmosphere . . . will make an efficient homemaker . . . enjoys waltzing. GERALD Le FEBVRE Assumption Grotto uJ'erI,yu Plans to join his father in the 7-Up business . . . slow women drivers worst complaint. Eg E ff' LOIS LeFEVRE Assumption Grotto lCLOisH Intends to visit Niagara Falls with an escort . . . collects records . . . camera-bug . . . enjoys ping pong., AA ALVIN if A St. Anthony Intends to take up art at night school . . . enjoys popular music . . . collects records. RICHARD LESMEISTER St. Anthony "Dick" Wants to attend college and major in electri- cal engineering . . . active member of the Camera Club. MARILYN UESPEIRANCE St. Anthony U ynn!! Experiments in hair-coloring . . . will make a good Wave . . . versatile dancer . . . likes dogs. 17 lam! l ,QQ an 'GI' my MARY JANE Mac GREGOR St. John Berchman HMegH President of Future Nurses' Club . . . ar- dent football fan . . . would like to visit Switzerland. MARGARET MCCANN Om' Lady Queen of Heaven "Margie" Colects money . . . likes Polish polkas . . . she will concentrate her future on becoming a housewife. ROBERT MCCULLIECIBI Guardian Angel H 0 H Drafting or engineering to be his field . . . participates in both bowling and basketball. BARBARA McDONALD St. Anthony "Babs" Commercial artist in the future . . . pet say- 1ng-Oh golly that's gorgeous . . . will have Di Vinci's fame. VINCENT LICARI St. Anthony "Vince" Has no future ambitions but is mechanically minded . . . football gives him "A" Club membership. GERALD LEWINSJKIry,Assumption Grotto Cl 3 Wants sto study mechanical engineering at U. of M. . . . participates in all sports . . . likes bowling best. ROBERT LOEWE B b Assumption Grotto H 0 H Enjoys "dolling up" cars . . . mechanically minded . . . would like to own his own bump and paint shop. MICHAEL LUCIDCRI k St. Anthony if i ei! Destined to become a fruit peddler . . . dis- likes women with big mouths . . . basket- ball rates high. CHARLES LUMPIELN k Gnardwn Angel U H Plans to enter college to study drafting . . . "A" Club treasurer . . . three letterman in football. MICHAEL LYNCH St. Anthony I6MikeU Future Frogman in the navy . . . master with a cue stick . . . enjoys all outdoor sports. .449 -r f wr I 18 a fi? ,Q if KENNETH MACK ' Our Lady of Good Council lCKenH Would like to enter college to study agricul- ture and animal husbandry . . . wants to start his own farm. BARBARA MARTIN Holy Name "Bobbie" 1 Baseball and swimming rate high . . . plans to enter the business world as a receptionist. IRENE MECHA T St. Anthony Favorite song is "Goodnight Irene" . . . pet saying is "all righty" . . . Hawaii beckons . . . future R. N. RONALD MESSCAR Our Lady of Good Council "Ronnie" To pursue drafting as a career . . . very musically inclined . . . dislikes flat beer. GERALDINE MOEBS St. Anthony HGerr 7? Y Sodalite Staff .I . . plans to become a secre- tary . . . likes to collect records . . . Char- leston rates high. MARILYN MOROSCO St. Matthew "George" Will attend St. Joseph Mercy College . . . would like to visit Hawaii, perhaps on her honeymoon. JOANNE NALEZYTY Our Lady Queen of Heaven lKJo79 A K Photography is her hobby . . . will study at ff WU' l sel A ' Wayne U. for her Doctor's certificate . . . visit Bermuda. RICHARD N OWACZYIIF St. Juliana 6KRic if Wants to become a machinist . . . hobby is working on engines . . . skating and swim- ming favorite sports. DONALD NOVAK D Assumption Grotto CC on!! Politics or drafting appeal as likely futures . . . prefers boxing and baseball . . . likes photography. DOLORES OLDANIB H St. Anthony ll O yH Antholite staff . . . future secretary . . . pet peeve is teasing . . . enjoys driving . . playing the piano. aft alfa 19 5 .1 f gi. . 5' my ' ,- 'ln i 'I 'NM "QP, RONALD PETTKEL St. Anthony ll ee!! Wants to enroll at the International Business Maclhines School as a background for oiiice wor . J EANETTE PITCIEER St. David H eau!! Dislikes boys who are not talkative . . . will travel to South America . . . Wayne U. beckons . . . anurse. MARIE PLETZ St. Anthony '-'Snookie" Collector of antiques . . . typing and then marriage beckon . . . does not like a quiet person. RONALD PUWAL St. David "Ronnie" Plans to enter the field of drafting . . . fa vorite hobby is speedboat racing . . . likes quiet music. CAROLE OLSHEFSKI Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Carole" She desires to see the West-all of it . . . leisure time is filled with horseback riding . . .secretary. N INA PALAZZOLA: Our Lady of Sorrows H y!! Dancing and music rate high . . . will visit New York in the future . . . desires to be a receptionist. SHIRLEY PANTERA St. Veronica I upygrnyu I ' Likes summer best . . . has intention of visiting far western state of California . . . marriage-career. LAWRENCE PELLEGRIN I St. Jude llslimil Hardware business interests him . . . en- joys football and hunting . . . pet peeve is "sad sacks". JOHN PERRAULTJ h St. Bartholomew N O ni! Plans to enter the retail furniture business . . . sporting life consists of swimming and fishing. LEONARD PERRIN Guardian Angel "Lennie" Wants to attend Allen Electrical School to study electrical engineering . . . likes to ski and swim. "' ' tix' ,V ' 3 :- Xxx ...,. I cy. G3 S gag 1 J-4-n gf' i AT 5 Y t if i f'i ff"'f"r"'!'f'e,.ft I ft ,NQVNM n s. X W if! r cy in .fx f Ig if IM' 5 ff ri K L , .- g gig -' f- 'Spf -1 F 3 fr "1 h h ROBERT POMAVILLE St. Matthew HB0bH Would like to become a draftsman . . . dis- likes women driving big Cadillacs . . . en- joys baseball and hockey. ANNETTE RADZWION Assumption Grotto ll-AI-II-lie!! Hops like a bunny with the old bowling ball . . . salt and pepper shaker collection . . . Holy Wedlock cal-ls. X JOHN RECOR St. Jude "Frenchy" Plans to enter the field of electronics . . . main interests are hot rods, swimming and bowling. MARY RIVARD Ascension HMaryH Basketball captain . . . Prelude editor . . . oflice work . . . Senior Class VP . . . likes little gold footballs. SUZANN E RIVEST St. Anthony "Suzie" Arizona and the Wild West beckon . . . roller skating and baseball are favorites . . future receptionist. JOANN ROSSI J St. Margaret Mary KC OH Likes to bake cakes . . . will visit Niagara Falls in the future . . . she is "crazy about children". up 5 wi dis ? Gs JOHN ROSSI St. Anthony "Junior" Probably will become a clerk in a depart- ment store . . . likes to customize automo- bile bodies. ROGER ROUSSEAIJI St. Anthony U oe!! Intends to enter college to study dentistry . . . likeable fellow who has no complaints. JOAN RUTKOWSK5 St. Raymond ll O!! Will visit all 48 states . . . pet peeve- changeable people . . . family-life appeals to her. EDWARD RUTLEGIE Guardian Angel H di! Mechanical engineering at U. of D. to decide his future . . . bowling is his favorite sport. 21 r, if r, i 'IU , .Lg . , l K' H W ' 1 v- gg: 1 we me ggi . if flu l Ji l. M' "" ""'4Kif:'rr"e---'...........- it , os- We nd W! X X vtvkz N " "N fx , ,l 3.51m 'X iW 7 35 Y 5 i f.VA W DANIEL SKROBOWSKI Ong Lady Queen of Heaven I6 an!! Intends to study radio and electronics while in the army . . . hobby is repairing radios. KATHLEEN SMITIEI St. Matthew Cl itty!l Treasurer of Future Nurses' Club . . . fu- ture Lab Technician . . . collects bones . . . likes to sleep. JOHN SOBIESKI J k St. Matthew Cl H Plans to study dentistry in college . . . en- joys those long fishing trips into Northern Canada. MARY ANN SOBKIOIWIAK Holy Name H aryl! Future Florence Nightingale . . . likes to play the game of football . . . dislikes inter- views. 22 l ,T DONALD SANSOTERRA L Assumption Grotto IGDOH!! Wants to study medicine at U. of D .... likes hunting and fishing . . . photography is hobby . . . Camera Club. JEROME SCHMIDLI' Assumption Grotto as erryu I Will seek employment as an office worker . . . a lazy trout stream is his idea of per- feet living. LEO SCHMIDT L Assumption Grotto IC ee!! President of CSMC . . .top bowler in Holy Name league . . . Mechanical engineering at U. of D. FRANCES SAURINI St. Anthony "Fran" Versatile dancer . . . favorite saying is "Oh Well" . . . collects pictures . . . would like to be a housewife. MARYANN E SHARER St. Anthony "Shorty" Dreams include a diploma from nursing school . . . enjoys football . . . intends to visit Florida. THOMAS SHURTLgFF St. Margaret Mary CC om!! Future lies in the hands of the Marines or as a retail buyer . . . secretary of Holy Name league. 'fel jp 'A igi' it her family budget . . . hockey and sewing PAUL SPATT St. J nliana, HPa'ul-H Plans on entering military service . . . will later study journalism . . . enjoys Dixieland jazz. RICHARD STASZAK Guardian Angel "General" Wants to be an aeronautical designer . . . he enjoys testing his own amateur airplane designs. MARY ELLEN STEVENS Assumption Grotto "Steve" Plans to visit Washington, D. C. . . . bowl- ing average is 120 . . . marriage status suits her best. PATRICIA STORK Our Lady of Good Counsel URedSH Would love to see Hawaii . . . dislikes to be told to hurry . . . in the future, a sailor's wife. FRANCES STOSIAK St. Anthony llFran!1 Pet phrase-"you all" . . . ice skating rates high as a sport . . . will be a very efficient stenographer. W, 'FD 5 JOAN SUPANICH Holy Name "Joan" Likes senior boys who act their age . . . 'N dancing is tops . . . has great plans of being a secretary. H 'N a ,r,1, tt' HELEN TAUKERT Q i .e--eetf . - I Our Lady of Good Counsel 1, . "Helen" A. ,fi ,...qq. - t Wants to apply bookkeeping knowledge to I, , , .vtv l e. ,, -. rate high. CATHERINE THOMAS St. Anthony ccKaty1r Private secretary . . . wants to tour Europe . . . wishes people would make up their minds faster. BENEDETTE TORRES St. Anthony "Bette" Will visit California in the future . . . em- ployee of Michigan Bell after graduation . . . likes dancing. MARY TURCO St. Anthony 66Turk!! Dancing, bowling, and swimming are favor- 1teS . . . wants to VlS1t Heaven . . . pet peeve-men in general. 23 E l ...vw .au 5 il p Aq'K C' , init w" - ""' . X Y l Ml i ff E.. LORNA VENDITTY Assumption Grotto ul'-lonnyn Plans banking as a career . . . would like to visit Cuba . . . has studied piano for ten years. ANTOINETTE VOLANTE St. Anthony "Toni" Future Wave . . . pet peeve-boys who are late for dates . . . pet phrase-"kill it" . . . likes to skate. LOUISE VOLANTEL St. Anthony H ou!! Future secretary at General Motors . . . favorite sport is roller skating . . . likes dancing. SUE WALTER S Assumption Grotto ll ue!! Antholite Staff . . . would like to be a Medi- cal Technologist . . . has plans to attend U. of D. 24 BARBARA TURKAL St. Philomemz "Bobbie" Wants to attend MSC . . . will make an ex- cellent policewoman . . . fond of pizza . . . enjoys skating. JOYCE TUROWSKI Our Lady Queen of Heaven UJ0yH Future homemaker . . . pet peeve-having to wait for someone who is always late . . . likes to knit. GERALDINE USICKI Our Lady Queen of Heaven UGerry!! Would like to be a fashion designer . . . dis- likes moody people . . . wants to travel everywhere. CAROL VAN FLEEEREN St. Anthony aro Prelude staff writer . . . plans to be a secre- tary . . . enJoys novels . . . pet saying- "thanks a bunch". LAURA VAN ACKERE Assumption Grotto "Laurie" Likes to pound a typewriter . . . has plans to travel to the West Coast . . . pet peeve is her blush. ANITA VENDITELLI Our Lady of Good Counsel "Anita" Would like to marry a millionaire . . . dis- likes men drivers . . . wants to visit South America someday. .,gM,,vN K K ...M ... X 'lv l ,X xi HARRIET WEATHERLY Holy Name "Harriet" Pet saying-"can't hang a person for think- ing" . . . likes baseball and TV . . . will join the Air Force. DENNIS WEISS St. Anthony "Dennis" Would like to become an apprentice drafts- man at Fisher Body Corp. . . . likes boxing and auto racing. SHIRLEY WERTHMAN Assumption Grotto "Shorty" Enjoys basketball games . . . intends to work in an oflice . . . bookkeeping rates high with her. DIANNE WICHTMANN Assumption Grotto "Scrooge" Pet saying-"Crazy, I'll take two" . . . roller skating and dancing rate tops . . wants a large family. REGINALD WIERZBICKI St. David ocReggier1 Will attend four years at U. of D. . . . feels at home on a golf course or at a bowling alley. ELIZABETH WILHELM St. Raymond uBettyn Tennis, bowling, and roller skating are among her favorite pastimes . . . will make K L M, L, I a........,..lA .. I Ak v 5 . V, as r tlr , L . id ,etl - V A ,- get I ' T A ,S gf' V A UI I l :,f-Im: . lfT-71-E1ffQEi33'fQ3i "- ' Q I Sprfgfiizyfi -S1251 ': ,...e,f- 'mi'-i X ' 4 " ig! :si i sis x . bkiiQ55 Ig ,V i k. ,A " A ' is fr M' M "' if ia., a capable secretary. ,gli S DARLENE YIZZE Nativity of Our Lord "Darkie" Boys that are IA are her pet peeve . . . jit- terbug and polka are her favorites . . . wedded life appeals. CAROL ZIEGENFELDER St. Jude "Carrie" Listens to the radio in her sp-are time . . . dislikes conceited boys . . . secretary at GM. WILLIAM ZOLI Gnardikzn Angel HBHI7! Hopes to someday buy his own poultry mar- ket . . . basketball and bowling rate tops with him. ROGER KLEIN St. Matthew HEarsH Plans to enlist in the Navy . . . likes to sleep . . . Co-captain of the football team. 25 i 5 f Fw., lags? 1' N it IUE we 'ov' W' ewlfw wma Good-b , X916 615 KQY5 C .Ve 285 X9 C0919 99,0 H1-Ol and -al Ui xeiie lfujgoo 512 NQXXT 51 nes ka, dluc ow' QF 100' GW L Ray 4'1" '1ee'2Xo0bX'ie1- Xgfeilce qc-llleg' 0 Joe si 2 Pxfixdi P- 'Y u1,ef1eweZeC1,or G09 ' a 602 hd 1134: We made it!" Joe Donahue, Clem Gietzen and Phil Isola "Happy and 'skeered' "-Virginia Dine, Carol Kulka and Lucille Dube JUNE seventh "Here we come, Uncle Sam" Henry Kronner, Al Kron 8.15 Terry Clancy Queen of MUNWS -'N vs. fypofrls. philosophrrs. poets thccloqim and kings-'dowr H11 q.':1',.5f th.-p com."-puftin Q scupfcr in mem? hand mmf crown an Ins ixqai +'uiu.1' - be Lllristf Underclassmen 27 SUI' T S. Pachmayer, F. Abbate, J. Palonis, A. Louzon, R. Katchmark, J. Edgeworth, R. Pfrender, T. Fulgenzi, R. Swoish, G. Paoletti ff av 13' If I J. Ferger, L. Pomainville, J. Takash, G. Koerber, J. Cesekos, G. Nosseck, I. Starr, P. Tener, M. J. Gurtz, E. Taube ' H 4 s efw ' ' V si .. . X urray, R. Bayne, J. Provencher, L. T. Banashak, D. McCarthy, W. Glines, F. Barbieri J. Dronzkowski, if ' vs. ' IQ 'av TS QQ A. Carnaghi, A. Allafranica, P. Zabkiewicz, P. Kolley, D. Kuptz, G. Buckmun, C. Spanski, M. L. Urbin, P. Goch, M. L. Gentry ? 5 V 43' '55 Ks.: of T. Donahue, G. DeBaker, G. Zepke, R. Pilnicki, R. DeStefanis, J. Lawrence, R. Allegrati, J. Pranger, A. Duchene, K. Sullivan 28 ,f if .e f' N., A - ,..,,.,,.. V lx , ' J , 4,4 K a 'W' f . . Q 'i' . R ' P fl. 4 . ' 5 J ,nne 55 .. if 5 ,iw f SF -7" i ? J 3511 ,,L 2 M' , F' E A 5- F4 W .5 I D, Q C fy vw J , . fi f ' 1,3 S 'Q rr' ' -1 5. , M , S 1 V tx , 5 . , Q 9 fi J 4 3 ' lif ea. R. Lang, D. Szczesny, J. Catenacci, M. Burke, H. Hampel, L. Baltzer, L. Bongiovanni, D. Allen, J. Washo, J. Jacobs f I f , ,rg if' ' Q.. an ,., G -X , in As 1 3 . -fa K Wg - " X A 4-Q ' 1. 1 ' , 'P M' lb - 9 ' 9, i ,rf . 8 V gk' 5 , V ' 4. Q , . 'lv Q 5 J L Jef G J I H S P. Klein, S. Urban, E. Romps, J. Bartholemy, S. Gilin, G. Savona, R. Ferger, G. Graziani, R. Freese, F. Zawadzki - f ...ijt iw: V7 .f ,ji J 12' : in H. Reichenbach, A. Bak, J. Kolpasky, H. Geelen, R. Dichtel, R. Trombley, R. Thiel, J. Olson, J. O'Conno1', R. Gosk 'QTY' A. Gaynor, P. Locricehio, A. Romano, C. Glodich, T. Fredal, J. Donnelly, P. Labiak, M. Schmidt, L. Missig, J. Ouellette 29 is u li. , 14 1 L 1- T L. Marcinkowski, R. Wetzel, D. Jankowski, J. Brooks, A. Rugienius, L. Barczewski, R. Head, R. Pavetta, G. Krause, T. Stanczyk vo T Dlx T. Magnoli, J. Ardito, V. Wieczorek, M. Caringi, B. Shiplock, E. Silette, C. Stacer, S. Bellair, M. K. Hoobler, P. Lieder 1 4 1 I is ,. 123' 'G m i X C ' 3 C J IQ 45:7 8 W R Q 44 ' ffr 2 3 . Q, -. i K' 4' I, 1 C1 'y ' ' fc .A A ,LJ xg: C XXS' , , 5, K . 4 2 gf.. . , ,ya K W A A .1 1 J xy A v L 22.1 A i- M 4' U A ' L XRRW 'K 3 R L L A A D. Currie, R. Coucke, R. Gajeski, A. Ribant, J. Kobylski, F. Oliverio, A. Stefani, J. Medaugh, T. Stein, W. Schaffstein if itz. iw ' fl i E Z' J ,im , is sr.,af, ..A4'fffif-Mi fr I ,, , . . X A J. Fisher, J. Coniff, G. Christopher M fi' E. Chorenziak, B. Grady, and J. Catenacci in an animated Christmas card version of "Sil- ent Night" during the Christmas Program 30 . , gi- M. Lock, M. Kalmanek, - f ' " R 4- V xii' fi 1- f f X I v J f 9 X 'YE R. In the September elections for Ju nior oiiicers the MIGHTY FOUR IJ. Was- ho, P. Labiak, C. Kirouac, D. Aboodj collected the majority of votes despite the vigorous campaigning of the JUNIOR COM- RADES QW. Murray, I. Aquino, T. Gogoleski, S. Pachmayerj 1, ,AQ ,, N 'Q . my Q You ' . . . I ., E W. N. Dalian, S. Polubinski, J. Wichtman, L. Brombach Schauer, A. Hollands, C. Kirouac M. Krause, P. Bucchi, B. Grady, N. Blohm, J. Neaton, J. Berger, U. Abood, J. Warmuskerken, E. Chorenziak, T. Koch 31 , r' , fi' Q, , Top: D. Keena, L. Boik, C. Buehner, J. Miles, A. Radzwion, D. Isrow. Tremonti, D. Dimmer, K. Jackson, F. Dropsho, D. Montie, G. Baronski, R. Schemanski. Row 2: B. Feeney, V. Lockhart, P. Bala D. Zarcharski, J. Turowski, M. Kulka, V M. Puzio, C. Prybys, M. J. Frattarola. Row 25: D. Weiss, P. Normile, R. Best, J. Gaudette, C. Varisto, S. Kramer. ' Row 5: R. Holden, K. Sand, J. Shubnell . Garascia, C. Gepp, J. Dumas. Row 6: B. Lenhard, R. M. Dcnomme, C T. Larson, T. Zajas, G. Hensien, J. Ruel, J. Spatt, P. Edwards. 5' NI J' N H Top: T. Burkeiser, R. Sadowski, D. M. Brown, C. Swoish, G. Pixley, E. Piper, D. Fedelem, J. Roe, J. Rhode, Evo, B. Mack, S. Zawacki. T. Petrucci, R. Brombach, O. Mobley. Row 4: E. Burns, B. Muzzi, P. Cardi- Row 2: J. Terscheck, M. Daudling, P. nali, M. Sharer, J. Brombark, L. Dillon, C. Kuckner, S. Quinn, R. Pillar, Lucci M. Gaynor. C. Reed, P. Skladonawski, D. Dehring, Row R. Kowalski, C. Franckowiak, C. Roehl, J. Roehl. M. Barry, F. Rossi, V. Condino. Row 3: V. Bcllomo, M. Spanski, K. Row 6: J. Carduck, R. Hemmen, C. Drake, B. Miller, M. L. Christopher, Festa, C. Gepp, C. O'Conner. 32 Row 4: M. Noble, C. Strong, S. Wrana, J. Stevens, P. Colasanti, B. Andrezik, ophomores ophomores ophomores ophomores 33 Top: D. Simpson, R. Rhead, W. Lon- czinski, T. Lynch, A. Zeller, J. Pilotto, L. Kennedy, J. Habbel, R. Lefaive. Row 2: J. Ribant, D. Kulis, N. Brennan C. Bilpo, C. Burkel, c. Strobl, P. vaerl ten, M. A. Brundirks, T. Barthelemy, C. Wisneiwski. O x Salvaggio. Row 4: H. Schattmaier, N. Edwards, B Morack, K. Kurty, J. Giroux, H. Wil- helm, B. Brzykcy, S. Peplaski, P Ziegenfelder, E. Czopko. Row 5: C. Miller, J. Novakowski, R. M Howell, B. Klatt, J. Olson, P. McDon- Row 3: F. Giamportone, R. Pacello, ald. Leghy, J. Domeneck, E. Piscopink, M. Row 6: M. McLean, R. Gazarek, G. Frie- Butler, R. Kopecki, F. Johannes, C. del, M. Zimmerman, E. Maiarano. Top: J. Persichilli, G. Fisher, E. Mizak, G. Golombek, R. Slabbinck, J. Wietek, A. Van Fleteren, T. MacKenzie, R. DeJonckheere, H. Koeppel. Row 2: A. Mareski, A. Foulon, B. Watt, J. Jeris, S. Cunnally, L. Johnson, S. Ferger, N. Wozny, M. Pier, G. Fox, L. Butsavich. Row 3: L. Scotti, D. Comel, C. Trom- pics, C. Damrais, B. Ritter, M. A. Ruth, E. Czarnota, C. Nowosielski, B Mink. Row 4: J. Holzhauer, E. Vernier, P. Patterson, D. L'Heureux, G. Antonelli M. A. Kronner, L. Gerber, J. Kaufi man. Row 5: T. Bleser, G. Nowak, K. Oswald L. Qorneille, L. Kerwinski, A. Ful- genzi. Row 6: E. DiBartolomeo, F. Marchetti J. Choike, F. Iacobell, R. Molly. 74 FRESHMEN: Top. H. lbenewerth, D. Palazzola, J. Calandro, R. llebal, M. McBride, E. Roth, R. Landry J. Lucido, J. Lapiccolu. 2. P. Gladyck, I. Sugzda, L. Klebba, Y. VanAckere, M. Lieder, J. Kukowski, V Fisher, B. Schornzlk, M. Shubnell. Ji. P. Prybys, M. lJelVicc'hie, J. Kehrig, P. Krist, J. Sylakowski, S Tabacehi, Ii. Lindemoen, A. DeMeglio, M. A. Skurdu. 4. J. Martino, T. Exehrieh, M. Il. Valente, M Nosutte, H. Ault, C. Meyers, J. Berant, J. Brennan, J. Penner. 5. B. Fisher, L. Gogoleski, J. Koch, B Mukowski, A. Larente, B. Stawicke, M. Doherty. FRESHMEN: Top. W. Kron, C. Wetzel, G. Kaminski, G. Gaeschke, J. Rainolcli, Il. Blum, A. Tiseo, J. Kredo, R. Sparling. 2. M. Bretz, B. Neumann, S. Piper, A. Young, P. Villllleplltte, S. lleLuea, K. lliviney, B. Kucinski. 3. A. Peters, J. Vargo, M. Mooney, ll. Brower, R. Cass, li. Boertmann, W. Nie- rynck, E. Grimaldi. 4. S. Schneider, T. Foster, K. Moebs, I.. Gonmla, ll. Wagner, R. Williams, R. Hig- gins, J. Gardiner. 5. J. Moeller, P. Kardos, M. Paekus, R. Costa, J. Farrell, IQ. Tapper, ll. Klassen. 34 5 l Q7 X R FRESHMEN: Top. A. Toutant, R. Barran, W. Nalezyty, F. Bilpo, G. Slabbinck, J. Wise, A. Jordan, R Basso, J. Oliverio. 2. M. Washo, S. Barun, H. Gough, C. Kurkowski, L. Weatherly, E. Wasik L. Resch E. Brclim, P. Yanitelli. 3. T. Cronin, G. Jaszfz, J. Vitale, D. Teolis, D. Tolomei, G. Tomczalc J. Hem- nien, V. Binsfeld. 4. J. Meyer, P. Fuller, J. Wisner, P. Plourde, J. MacGregor, M. Aiello, M.,Freibur 5f:1'ACC Bi111'b3g'lia, P. Faba. 5. B. Koerber, R. Schaffstein, J. Ferzo, R. Esch, J. Bucci, A. Mobley . . er ar . FRESHMEN: Top. A. Zukowski, B. Gaioni, D. Groose, M. Pletz, E. Nolfs, J. Corrigan, C. Gremonprez, N Kline. 2. M. Noble, L. Dembski, P. Badaczewski, A. Anderson, P. Benaquisto, M. Naples, P. Vocke, G Sumeracki. 3. M. Timm, R. Lesnau, H. Opaleski, R. Enceleski, T. Johannes, H. Wiezorkowski, N Henry. 4. S. Przybylski, P. Corcoran, M. A. Klein, M. L. Hai-bert, J. Loselli, M. Andrews, P. Kebbe Lutz, M. Amicarelli. 5. L. Waldorf, K. Wolnik, B. Weiss, G. Pomainville, C. Facemayer, P. Davis J. Merlo. 35 67 I"llIiSllMEN: Top. P. Kluczynski, T. Solosky, R. Martinuzzi, T. Goff, N. DiMunzio, T. Malkowski, D. Loebl, ll. Kruse, T. Prelice. 2. M. Anderson, N. Kebbe, C. VanMzxele, N. Kuehnel, C. Schroeder, C. Kutchey, l'. llamlziclowski, L. Bootz, E. Kamieniecki. 3. S. Haddad, F. McCormic'k, P. Hynes, E. Cuderet, M. Schmidt, I'. lVlzu'cm-lziin, H. Sorvitto, ll. Isgan. 4. A. M. Gray, G. Holka, R. Mzitusko, L. Kelly, J. Fer- rara, J. Locke, A. Magnoli, S. Doyle. 5. lb. IJeClaire, M. Forget, S. Lukas, B. Yuiiduru, P. LaPorte, S. Springer. G. M. Mclnerney, C. Drummond, D. Franks, F. Hughes. FKICSIIMEN: Top. R. Cl11'onowski,J. Myrtle, L. Snyder, C. Herbert, R. lliber, L. Spear, A. Kadlitz, K. Forrest, T. Schemunski. 2. R. Oldani, M. Dolsen, J. Torner, H. Sunderlik, J. lleFauw, N. Hamma- lzu-1'0, M. Vzin'l'iem, J. Craig. 23. ll. Miedzianowski, R. Rossan, E. Miller, J. Grzvlku, ll. Wesolowski, E. S. Tuubc, G. I-lm-bel, R. Patterson, W. Quinn, D. Wiebelliaus. 5. C. lluudlin, K. Schmidt, R. Fiori, Vi lirninemlorl'er, Il. Conniff, S. Romans, P. Loicn. 4. J. Holden, L. Nagorski, IJ. Ilorzui, ll. Freigruber D'Ascenzo, L. Monfils, 'J. Lesmeister, C. Thomas. 'QR f 5 . A f f f.,..,,...,.,.-.+V M 1 f ,HL 1. N Wd ,sl 8, A M. 122 sf? 5 g,i 5 'S' 2 . 'li gs' 5 ply 2' 1 za -A 5 " in L' Wg f 3-5 1 f 231 lf 5 1 52' Q, gf? - Q' V: 'I I " Qs - i T CNY ,- ,, 5- ' W! Q A F A F - I. W5 mag? L f. Q2 Blah -Q I - Q: , 5 ., Biz I ,aww ,L WJ S "How'll we ever get all this learned" sigh these w e a ry but smiling Freshies- Mary A n n Klein, S h a r o n Springer, Dennis Loebl, Max- ine Anderson, a nd Anthony Peters. Here's a case where you really can hold a heart in your hand . . . Bob DeJonckheere and Joe Wiebek proceed to prove this to Marceline Pier and 2 7 I Tangents, secants, arts, radii . . . all of lt,S "clear as mud" q. e. d. says John Habbel to per- plexed Richard Golom- bek. Freshmen Council: CStandingJ Mebba Amicarelli Ed Roth, C a r ol Kurkowski, Robert Iliber, Joe Rainoldi, Meta Bretz, and Harvey Opaleski. QSeatedl Sister M. Melora, H e I e n Sunderlik, Angelo Magnoli, B e t t y Linclemoen, lloris lbefllaire, and Paul Fuller. Norman Wozny. 4' X. 3, W ,.,,,b I xy Y, ,X Eileen Daudlin and Maureen Diviney unconcernedly bang away at an assignment while Ernie Kaschalk explains to Augie Darga just how magic a magic margin can be. Stephen Schneider and Pat VandePutte are intrigued by Mrs. Hackman's demonstra- tion of static electricity with fur, pith balls, and a hard rub- ber rod. XA' The Spring Concert means special drilling for Don Montie and Don Dimmer with Sis- ter Mary Carl super- visingg Carolyn Ruel accompanies them at the piano. Caught in the act by our special photog- rapher - Working - actually working are Tony Stefani, Richard Coucke, Richard Rav- etta, Richard Gajeski, and James Berger in a Drafting I class. 39 Among the future accountants we find Carol Ann A busy but pleasant commercial class finds Gerry Bove at the files. Dolly Oldani t y p e s stencils for the "Soda- lite" ft h e Sodality paperj . Gerry Moebs and Rose M a r i e Krause prepare to "run off" the first page. Professor Bill Lawicki dictates to his private secretary, Joan Eschrich. Carol Byle, with the use of the new 24-inch car- riage typewriter, re- writes a corrected state- ment. Couwlier, Shirley Werthman ffrontj, Chuck . . . . Egylalcli, and Dennis Harper engrossed in their gmtegsfgglfofgegfsitglggofy Class IS .Lg E' "The Chair recog- nizes Miss Bielski," says President Bill Zoli . . . Jean Bishop, Betty Wil- helm, Mary Ann Lee, Tim Foley, Chuckie Bolde, Dick Staszak, Al Lehner analyze the motion put forth during the Parliamentary Law course while Bar- bara McDonald takes notes. Presidential elections bring St. Anthony Seniors to the polls. Receiving their ballots are Betty Torres, Mary Turco, Jeannette Pitcher, Mary Jane Mac Gregor, Barbara Turkal, Marilyn Morosco, S h i rl e y Werthman and G e r r y Usickig Henry Kronner and Pick La Faive pass out bal- o s. Counting votes is a compli- cated procedure as proved by Ed Klatt, Don J anowski, Joan Nalezyty, Jack Lademan and Roger Klein fseatedj . . . Joe Gloss, John Rossi and Ron Pettke open the ballots. 41 We nearly froze the day we went to Greenfield Village, but these boys are not warming up-the bot- tles are empty. Leonard Perrin, Paul Spatt, Ernie Ka s c h a l k, George LaRaia, Tom Kreitmeyer, and Ronald Puwal are lined up in the tap room of "Ye Olde lnne." Bet that's the only kind of a horse Mike Faba could ride. Even then, Tom Kreitmeyer has to hold old Dobbin while Mike mounts. Home-nursing classes are practical and fun. Janet Cunnally keeps .. Pontiac himselfn the record for nurses, Nina Pallazola and Joan Burke, the poor patient Says Marilyn Juif, ao, is Bernice Habbel. is it?" Top Row: B. Ma- kowski, C. Meyers, M. Shubnell, J. Sy- lakowski, J. Kukow- ski, J. Lopiccola, J. Lucido, M. McBride, M. Lieder, I. Sugz- da, L. Klebba, L. Weatherly. Row 2. J. Berant, B. Linde- moen, P. Gladych, V. Fisher, J. Martino, H. Deneweth, E. Roth, J. McGregor, B. Schornak, L. Gogoleski, M. No- sotti. Row 3. M. R. Valente, M. A. Skurda, Y. VanAckere, S. Tavacchi, J. Brennan, J. Ca- lanbro, R. Debol, A. DeMiglio, M. DelVickhi, B. Fisher, M. Washo. Row 4. B. Stawicki, J. Kedrig, P. Krist, R. Ault, T. Eschrich, R. .Laridryi P. Prybys, A. Larente, A. Mobley, . oc . Lulled by the very memory of Stephen Foster's music, Larry Pellegrini seems to have gone into a doze while stopping in the Greenfield Village replica of Foster's home. Catherine Thomas, Frances Stosiak, Betty Wilhelm and Ralph Dueweke are wide awake. School assembly at attention when Brother Shuster speaks. if I - aff. E.. -A... H 5, Q . . is .5 3 f x bf 4. ,fl " If.-r ' 43 IW yn ff 'I i .H A I T A ' 1 - rlat,4'h' I 4 , -5 z ' U r m pl' A T i S1UDEIfTC0UlTqLQ4m PRKESTHOOD--'REU ous Luf5.,,C,,,mm ex , ADVERUSINGHMEDICIN Ami Ummm- smuen mmesf- MEDICAL CLERXCAL Urganlzatlons Q f M Sodality of Uur Lady R With Christmas just around the corner, Marilyn Spanski, Kay Drake, and Carolyn Varisto set up the annual Christmas tree and crib. Senior-Junior Night The Senior Sodality program this year was ably directed by Joseph Gloss, Prefect, Shirley Kuhn, Vice Prefect, Dan Jankowski, Treas- urer, and Betty Wilson, Secretary. One of the more popular projects of the year is the Easter Egg Drive for the Litle Sisters of the Poor. Here, a group of Sodalists, Connie Nowosiel- ski, Marilyn Spanski, Kay Drake, Art Bak, Dan Jankowski, Bob Swaish, and Bob Bayne, aid the Sisters in loading the fragile contents lscientificallyj in the Sister's truck. After all, they are to be whole and not scrambled! Aside from catering to the spiritual wants of the students, the Sodality also grovides for the social aspect of life truggling to keep the "little one", Mike Faba, up and around at the skatin party are muscle menQ?l John Rossi an Joe Gloss. No meeting, Sodality, C. S weke and "mike." M. C., or general assembly is complete without Ralph Due- C. S. M. C. me of the prized oilices of the chool is the wearing of the royal egalia, that of the white robes of he president of the Anthonader lission Unit. To the right, is the howing of the officers as they re- urn from the installation cere- iony. The President, Leo Schmidt, roudly leads the new officers and hairmen. J. Urbani, B. Sharer, J. Jawor- ki, B. Miller, J. Eklund, I. Starr, I. Romps, K. Oswald, I. Aquino, . Spatt, R. Allegrati, P. Bucci, L. Loewe, B. Zoli. n order to keep the students mission con- cious, the bulletin committee displays irayer reminders on the various class oom doors. Here M. A. Brown and C. Loehl are making their selection. Iancelled stamps are not a novelty in the chool, but to see 6-foot John Sobieski ieasuring himself alongside the sacks of tamps he managed to cart to school is omething. Ised Christmas cards are put to good use. n this picture we see active Crusaders M. immerman, D. Allegrati, J. Pranger, G. lrundirks, and B. Brzykcy cutting them ito holy pictures for distribution in the iission field. acrificing their time after school, B. Mil- er, M. Gaynor, S. Quinn, R. Holden, and I. Vernier are shown making cord osaries, another project for foreign mis- Lons. 'r. J. Kilian, S. J., entertained and in- iructed us with his stories of the missions 1 India. Here we see some of the stu- ents, R. Holden, J. Jaworski, L. Gogo- eski, and J. Eklund, wearing authentic lindu and Moslem costumes. Holy Name "Shall we or shall we not subscribe to the Ex- tension magazine for the classrooms," asks Bob Boertman, President lseated centerb, of Jerry Jaworski, Vice President, John Kol- pasky, Treasurer, and Jerry Fischer, Secre- tary. l 'u O Y O I . ltev. Urban lloorman, C.PP.S., and Rev. Carl l.onganliac'l1, C'.l'l'.S., conducted the annual retreat at the close ofthe first semester. Collecting toys for the orphans is an annual Holy Name project. This year Don Novak, Dennis Harper and Tony Formicola got a special "kick" out of delivering the toys themselves. Marilyn Morosco, Lorraine Pomainville, Charlene Bolde, Kathleen Smith, Mary Jane MacGregor, and Shirley Kuhn are packing for delivery to the Sisters, the students' donations to the Club-sponsored Pantry Shower. The Future Nurses' Club The annual Pantry Shower for the sisters is not the only project of the Future Nurses's Club. Under the direction of Sister Mary Anne, the future nurses have sent alphabet books to shut-in children at Christmas, visited the Veterans for Easter, rolled bandages and supplied sample medi- cines for the foreign missions. Not only do these girls help others but they also help themselves by preparing for their chosen profession as "women in white." They have visited hospitals on "Open House" days, and read pamphlets to help master details of their future jobs. "Capping" the President, Mary Jane MacGregor, is Treasurer, Kathleen Smith. Marilyn Mo- rosco, Secretary, looks on envi- ously. 49 Marlene Dolesky, Ber- nice Habbel and Geral- dine Bove helped with the typing. oooonbi Oooeonoou Joe Closs, Chuck Lumpkin, Mary Joan Codd, Don Janowski, Sue Walter, and Dolly Oldani The Antholite Staff "Was glue ever made that didn't smear and stick all over your fingers! Rubber cement or not-it's plain goo-ey!" This is just one of the com- plaints voiced by members of the ANTHOLITE staff as they end a long after-school session with a glue pot, paste board and photographs. Mary Joan Codd and Don J anowski were chosen as co-editors and together with Sister M. Jane Frances formed the nucleus for the staff. Selections from the many eager volunteers finally resulted in Joe Gloss and Chuck Lumpkin in charge of sportsg cropping pictures, identifications and the job of writing captions are,just a few of the tasks carried on by the assistant editors, Sue Walter and Dolores Oldani. Under the direction of Sister M. Gilbertine, Dick Ravetta, Art Bak, and Bob Bane took care of develop- ing, printing, reduc- ing, etcg . . . all the jobs, little and big, tied up with the work in the dark room. Pictures-so very important in our yearbook-were shot mainly by Don Sansoterra and Dick Lesmeister. fwfcff Pdfrou Aufliol 1' H0 an P10111 , i 5 i Joanne Kamieniecki, Dianne Wichtman, iseatedl Lorna Venditty, Bill Lawicki, and Ralph Dueweke, fstandingj with Sister M. Helen guiding them through the alphabeti- cal and financial shoals, han- dled the business end of the '53 Antholite. ll Il F Jlllll Officers: Seatedg Tom Kreit- meyer, Presidentg C h u c k Lumpkin, Treasurerg Stand- ing: Dick LaFaive, Vice Presidentg Joe Gloss, Secre- taryg and Bud DiMaggio, Sergeant-at-Arms. They are busy with last-minute plans for the dance. Highlights of the "A" Club program this year were the formal dance and banquet for the East Side Champs. -. x ob 52 is P u u Q-1 la " ' 'U .. xx 9 ...fl All ,Q 1 -13- The Prelude Staff Seated left to right: Charles Janssen, Margaret Doherty, Carol Van Fleteren, Mary Ann Kosmalski, Mary Rivard, Tom Kreitmeyer. Standing: Cynthia Prybys, Loretta Brunk, Elizabeth Wilson, Andrew Fulgenzi, Gerald Provencher. On this tenth anniversary of the PRELUDE, it is with pleasure that we look back at the many printed copies which have come off the press living up to the name which the Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S.J. gave it years ago. Under the direction of Sister Mary Benedette, the PRELUDE staff of '53 has come up with sparkling human interest stories, inspiring editorials and vivid features. The PRELUDE keeps its finger on the school's heart beat, writes what it feels, rewrites it and finally submits it for publication. Awarded the first class honor rating by both the National Scholastic Press Association and the Quill and Scroll, and the all-Catholic rating by the Catholic Scholastic Press Association, the PRELUDE has done an excellent job all around of keeping the students socially, mentally and religiously informed. The PRELUDE-"Prelude to the serious things to be done for God and Country. . ." 53 I .. L f' W K K cgi? ORAL GROUP CH Top: K. Sand, T. Gogoleski, J. Eklund, C. Varisto, J. Gloss, V. Licuri, K. Jackson ' 4 ' r - , D. Sansoterra. Z. L. Brunk, J. Urbanl, B. Lenhard, P. Bala, M. Ku ka, V. Loek hart, J. Jacobs, G. LaRaia. 3. C. Kulis, M. J. Gurtz, C. Bolde, J. Gauclette, S Urban, J. Gaynor, D. Genord, D. Montie. 4. C. Ruel, T. Magnoli, J. Spatt, C Gerhard, G. Christopher, R. Allegrati. Top' . C. Strong, C. Jankowski, M. J. MacGregor, G. Graziani, S. Kramer, E. Romps, M. E. Stevens, S. Buss, M. Morosco. 2. C. Gietzen, L. Perrin, J. Turowski, J. Shubnell, L. Kukowski, S. Wrana, B. Shurer, V. Wieszorek, D. Binsfeld, R. Les- meister, D. Dimmer, M. A. Puzio, P. Colosanti, J. Stevens. 3. R. Holden, I. Starr, P. Klien, A. Holland, M. Doherty, R. Freese. 4. J. Miles, T. Zajac, J. Neaton, D. Weiss, J. Dumas, C. Gepp, P. Edwards, ll. Denomme, J. Bielski. 54 Queen conceived without original sin 55 cti itie "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" 'I' A new venture in rlramatics, for us, this year, was f'0l1IIt'l'flI'IIf YflIIf1'l'I',' try-outs were open to all classmen. Sophomore, junior, and senior classes were represented in the selected cast. Hank Bennett fJohn Jacobsl has passed out--but com- pletely. Hank's mother fMaureen Divineyj and his sister, Marion CMary Jo Gurtzb, aren't too sympathetic. CAST OF CHARACTERS Hank Bennett ........ Marion, his sister . . Mrs. Bennett, his mother King: Arthur Queen Guenever . Merlin . Sir Sagrramer Clarence . Elaine . . . Sir Launcelot Queen Morgan Le Pay Sandy . . 1 Directed by Sister Mary Roman Music by Donald Genord Morgan lie Fay fl'at liolloyl and Merlin fDan Jankowskib plot the ove1'- throw of King Arthur. Sir Sagramer fDick Allegratil stands stoically by while Sir Launcelot fTom Fulgenzib Hlistens in." . John Jacobs Mary Jo Gurtz Maureen Diviney Donald McCarthy Barbara Kulka Daniel Jankowski Richard Allegrati Jerry Pranger Ellen Vernier Thomas Fulgenzi Patricia Kolley Tonia Gogoleski King Arthur fDon McCarthyJ and Queen Guenever fBarbara Kulkaj. X iff? Make-up time is messy, but fun for Jerry Pranger and Nancy Brennan, Loretta Brunk and Dick Allegrati, Liz Wilson and John Jacobs, Therese Magnoli and Pat Kolley. Christmas Pro ram With a Christmas-card tableau theme, the school program, under the joint direction of Sister Paul Michael and Sister Mary Carl, presented a varied and lovely program to an appreciative audience. The Sharer twins were quite at home with Santa Claus CDon Genordj- in fact, they stole the show! Guess who? Jackie Ouellette makes a good-looking and long-suffering snowman. Lorraine Klebba, Joan Kukowski, Sharon Tabacchi, Marie Nosotti, Phyllis Prybys and Janice Koch in another "pic- ture-card" Christmas number. 57 4 iid! Q , 5 is 1 i e Chuck Eovaldi escorts ' , Carol Byle l X i , ' A ' "A" Club Dance Joyce Turowski with Joan Fournier and Jack Recor Upper: Corsage troubles for Sue Walter are taken care of by Regina Calcaterra . . . Lil Horn supervises the pinning of Shirley Werthman's. I... NP , lx . 1. 'Q E Y , M , ' H K, rg. Y h, j, -U J I Lower: Ernie Kaschalk and Ethel Konen, Tony For- micola with Barbara Hulburd, and Don Genord and his date, Barbara Kulka, take time out between dances. Dick N owaczyk Tom Kreitmeyer, President of the "A" Club 'il :N H x Chaperones, Mr. and Mrs. Kreitmeyer 58 Nlusie ln The Valley "I think it's a perfect idea" agrees Helen, rather tear- fullyg Eric takes care of the tears . . . after all, what with military training and all . . . fMary Joan Codd and Jack Perreaultb. The all-important stage crew really had to work. Caught in the act are Charles Eovaldi, Tony For- micola, Ernie Kaschalk and Charles Lumpkin lstandingj. Larry Pellegrini and Dick LaFaive fkneelingl . Carol Byle fstage managerb and Miss Joan Mauer fdirectressl checks foot- lights with Ralph Dueweke. . . . . . . . . , A -i..-...-........i..,.i "You love each other," says Father Wentworth to Leslie, "yet you think you can compro- mise on the most Vital issue in your lives." Mr. James agrees with Father Wentworth. QJohn Sobielski, Geraldine Usicki, and Joe Gloss.J Senior Play "What's he going to do-hang around like a whole week's wash," snaps Alfred to the girl he adores, but . . . iSi- mon DiMaggio and Margaret Doherty.J "He's God's child, Annie, the same as you", explains Richard James to Annie and Sarah. CJ oe Gloss, to Maureen Diviney and Shirley Kuhn.J af The May Prom Queen of the Prom enior-Iunior i ht f W-02 19011 ,J at 1 XN056 rZOf6ttL S. 0 191- A XMPQXGOENNBO ball? QQ f . QOW "Weary and Worn" Ralph Dueweke G0 v' ' - 1 '. tions. 1ews the completed decom uikilsfi' ? ill Q V 3 eflmgy 634, Ax: we rw' 0029 NW .fv Weiixx, Nwil QW' 'hx CX", -Uh H3 fx! -, zvyxormkv Cixwhex AWN A Set A CRV ' QW 'W YQ" X0 XGSQQXA Pmx Q ec eewoiaxxeis ' xg' XX ,Sq V- , Lillian Kukowski, Joan Bielski, Connie Kulis, and Carol Jankowski warble blithely, "The Erie Canal." After s c h o ol horse- play. "Gimme my coat," says Mary Ann Kos- malski to Mike Lucido . . . "And my scarf, if you please," says 4' 10" Shirley Pantera to 6' 3" Reginald Wierzbicki. P, 9 . All 6111173 '1 Sf, XP a1'61- at Sf ' and gk' S112 ,171-Qjyn 211119 PI. 161117 t VOS! 'Pd 1 "Come again, Brother," said Jerry Lewinski, Joe Donahue and Jack Lademan to dynamic Brother George Shuster land they really meant ith. Mg, , L WSH I Jim Gual doni doesn't quite trust Ed Rutledge with his hand on controls, Dick Nowaczyk also has his doubts. All is quiet, at least for the mo- ment, while Irene Mecha, Barbara Friedel, Ron Pettke, and Ron Mes- sacar work at that last-minute assignment . . . Joe Kramer browses . . . Marion Dembeck se- lects her reading material. The gals who have given two or three years of faithful service to the cafeteria: Marilyn Morosco, Catherine Thomas, Marilyn Juif, Mary Jane MacGregor, and Eliza- beth Bonannif That noon-hour "gab-fest" with M1116 Pletz, Lois Lefevre, Harriet Weatherly Barbara Martin, Joan Rutkowski, and Marge McCann. "The pause that refreshes" . . . Joann Nalezyty, Mickey Dillon, and Dan Skro bowski. 62 5"l Ready for Powell Studios! Early in October the seniors began to get the "June Graduation" feeling when they had cap and gown pic- tures taken for the yearbook. Bar- bara Dembek, Barbara LeFebvre and Marilyn L'Esperance leave shortly before Richard Staszak, Tom Shurtleff, Tim Foley and Jerry Lewinski. Pep-session, senior girls in charge gave the student assembly some good laughs: clever take-offs of the Varsity players by Janet DeClaire, Janet Cunnally, Mary Rivard, Joan Burke, Joan Ladner, Barbara LeFebvre ttop picturej and Frances Stosiak, Joan Burke, Pat Ko- pecki, Pat Stork, Mary Turco, Carol Byle, Barbara Hafeli flower picturej. Student Council holds court: Judge Pellegrini assisted by Student Council representa- tives penalizes a culprit for violation of school regulations. While in Lansing, seniors stop for an expla- nation of the great seal of Michigan. Father Raible, Dick LaFaive, Ronald Puwal, Chuck Eovaldi, Shirley Pantera and Barbara Hafeli get a close-up view of how the seal is afiixed. Our beautiful Advent bulletin board must have put Barbara Gatheld and Tim Foley in a yuletide mood. Imam, m Sodalites manage a big grin at the Sodality Skating Party. Tom Shurt- leff, Mary Ellen Stevens, Shirley Sy- lakowski, Joe Gloss, Bob Loewe, Sue Walter, Bill Zoli, Shirley Werthman, Joann Eklund, and Dan Binsfeld evi- dently had a frcry good time. Underclassmen dress dolls to be sold as a mis- sion project. Top row: P. Kebbe, P. Gladyck, L. Klebba, P. Vockc, E. Wasnik. Row 2: M. A. Gerhard, J. Ferzo, A. Larente, B. Koerber, B. Makowski. EM , 5 4, ,af xg emor ar ity Pla er Co-Captain Charlie Janssen . . . Chuck Lumpkin . . Offensive Guard Defensive Tackle Best Game-St. Mary Best Game-St. Stanislaus Hardest Game-De LaSalle Dick L Toughest Game-St. Mary aFaive . Offensive Quarte Best Game-lie LaSalle Hardest Game-Servite I' Back Joe Gloss .... Defensive Er Joe Gaynor . . . Defensive Center Best Game-St. Mary Best Game-St. Ladislaus Hardest Game-St. Joseph Toughest Game-St. Leo 3:5521 Vince Licaro . . . Offensive Guard N Best Game-St. Stanislaus Toughest Game-St. Leo l Bud DiMaggio . . Defensive Back Best Game-St. Ladislaus Hardest Game-St. Leo Co-Captain Roger Klein Defensive End Tom Kreitmeyer .... Half-back Best Game-St. Joseph Toughest Game-St. Ladislaus Best Game-De LaSalle Hardest Game-St. Mary Father Wm. Dougherty, C.PP.S. Director of Athletics Roy Holden . Defensive Line Backer Best Game-De LaSalle Toughest Game-St. Mary , ggi l 7 , 'l -.K I it K . -1 l Q V , .Q Mgr' 1, " X ,, Q' ' B J Bob Boertmann .... Half-back Best Game-St. Catherine Hardest Game-St. Joseph 67 mir .L 5. NY Don Abood K . as-I I - Dick Brower Roy Best K I I X U- Dennis Isrow I L' Gajeski Remi Slabbinck fi . , ' 'ff' , ,"'l,,, f' xr , .L-XL.. I Larry Kennedy Frank Abbate Dick Trombley Mike Barry Dwight Piper i ' . St. Anthony 19 ...... St. Catherine 7 F A y St. Anthony, with an inexperienced team, opened the "52" season I ' with a hard-fought win over their old rivals, St. Catherine. At the end of the game, the statistics showed that Roy Best, John Wise, and Toni Stefani had scored the "T.D.'s" with Dan Currie making one conversion. For another year, the "derby" remains at St. Anthony. St. Anthony 7 ....... St. Leo 7 With three star players out because of injuries, St. Anthony was held to a 7-7 by underdog St. Leo. In 80 degrees temperature, Quar- terback Bud DiMaggio paved the way for a 35 yard touchdown run by Toni Stefanip Best ran the extra point. St. Anthony 6 ....... St. Joseph 14 In the first League game of the season, St. Anthony, still handi- capped with injuries, met St. Joe's. The Blue Jays scored quickly. In the third period the Teutons marked up their only "T.D." on a pass from Dick LaFaive to Stefani. It was again a "tooth and nail" game with Co-Captain Roger Klein leading the defensive squad. St. Anthony 27 ...... St. Ladislaus 14 The Teutons bounced back into the win column with a strong aerial attack. Stefani and Best opened the first period with 2 touchdowns. Dick Gajeski helped the cause along by intercepting a pass and scam- pering for a 50 yard return. Jerry Neaton tallied on a line plunge in the third period to sew up the game. St. Anthony 25 ...... De LaSalle 19 Trying for their second win, St. Anthony locked horns with De LaSalle. The first half was a see-saw battle with the Pilots ahead 19-13g Dick Fedelem and Larry Kennedy catching two touchdown passes. With Stefani scoring two "T.D.'s" on a long pass and a short- end run in the second half, the Teutons pulled the game out of the fire and began to look toward the East Side Crown. Tom Cook Ken Forrest , 1 J i X 1 wa Jim Brooks Bill Glines Jerry Neaton Matt Burke Jim Grzelka Jim Palgnis Bob Katchmark I.. as , Ai I . he . ' I , . ' . ' ' at b . X. fa! I 68 . s -. s Bob Wesolowski Ron Brombach J erry Fisher Dan Currie Jim Kobylski g St. Anthony 12 ....... Servite 6 In a do-or-die attempt for the East Side Title, the Teutons met Ser- , vite at Jayne Field. Servite tied the score 6-6 after Stefani had tal- George Christopher ,nu . Dick Lang I ix X Dick Fedelem M.. 91 A nlii' n JohnWise . 's Paul Normile lied in the first period. Then in a cloud of dust the team hammered out a touchdown to break the tie with Dick LaFaive scoring his first "T.D." of the season. Co-Captain Charlie Janssen and center Dan Currie were outstanding on defense. St. Anthony 44 ...... St. Stanislaus 7 In capturing the East Side Pennant, St. Anthony emptied the bench as LeFaive, Abood, Kennedy, Fedelem, Best, Wise, and N eaton scored once each with Currie adding 2 extra points. The Teutons led 26-0 at half-time and were never in danger. SOUP BOWL St. Anthony 20 ..... St. Mary of Redford 27 In the Catholic City Championship game at U. of D. Stadium, St. Anthony gave the Rustics pre-game favorite a scare, at their consecu- tive seventeen-game-winning streak. The Teutons opened the scoring in the lst quarter with Don Abood going 20 yards around end for a "T.D." Currie converted, making the score 7-0. St. Mary scored twice on two fumbles in the second quarter and again on the opening kickoff of the second half. Fighting back for the "Red-and-White," Abood tallied for another six pointer in a 61 yard run. On a partially blocked punt, the Rustics scored their winning marker of the game. In a strong finish, St. Anthony pushed across a touchdown in the final seconds with LaFaive on a sneak through center and Currie added the extra point, but the game ended with the Teutons 7 points from Briggs Stadium and the Goodfellow Championship. Jim Martino Pete Bucci Jim Row X.. . iw ' 2? ,'i' J 9 A l 69 Joe Vargo L Joe Catenacci Joe Myrtle ,fix 1" ,Ml of .5 Arthur VanFleteren Tony Stefani Joe Washo Coach John Shada and the Defensive squad take a rest while the Offensive team battles for the lead. Tony Stefani, St. Anth- ony's star back, rips through the center of the big De LaSalle line for a short gain-with a needy block from Roy Best. Tony Stefani is stopped after a short gain by two St. Mary's players. Players from St. Mary's and St. Anthony's congratulate each other on the fine game in which St. Mary's won 27-20. Just after a fumble, Dick LaFaive talks over tactics with John Shada. With a dozen well-executed passes, Dick LaFaive made certain St. Anthony's victory over De La- Salle 25-19. Speedster Don Abood skirts around right end for a fifty-five yard touchdown against Redford St. Mary's in the Soup Bowl game. After scoring the first touchdown, Quarterback Dick LaFaive and the Offensive players take a rest. The Defensive team now receives a little of the action. After rolling up forty-four points, St. Anthony's players take a breather and let their subs feast on St. Stanislaus-a gallant team, 71 Boys Basketball Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb SCHEDULE '52-'53 St. Joseph at St. Anthony St. Anthony at St. Ladislaus St. Anthony at Servite De LaSalle at St. Anthony St. Anthony at St. Stanislaus St. Anthony at St. Joseph St. Ladislaus at St. Anthony Servite at St. Anthony St. Anthony at De LaSalle St. Stanislaus at St. Anthony Joe Gloss, Dick LaFa Dwight Piper, Larry 11 nedy, Dan Allen, Pi Bucci, Bob Katchm: Jerry Neaton, Tony i fani. g ST. ANTHONY vs. ST. STANISLAUS The end of the court season finished on a sour note as the Broncos squeezed on top of a close 34-32 decision. TOURNAMENT During the Christmas Holidays the St. Anthony cagers accepted the invitation to a four day bas- ketball tournament held in Alpena. Playing the role of darkhorse, the Teutons made short work of defeating Detroit Lutheran 59-26 and Detroit Servite 49-45 to enter the finals. A decided un- derdog against Alpena Catholic Central, the Red and White played their hearts out only to be van- quished by a score of 49-45. But the upstate trip was not in vain for a Well-deserved runnerup position and beautiful trophy was brought back. ST. ANTHONY vs. DE LASALLE The battle for first place left our Teutons out in the cold with a 58-41 dribbling by a powerful De LaSalle five. ST. ANTHONY vs. ST. JOSEPH Beginning the season on the right foot, our Teutons gained an impressive 48-32 victory over the Blue Jays. ST. ANTHONY vs. ST. LADISLAUS Overtime was needed to carve a well earned 28-24 win out of the tough Sharp-shooters from St. Lads. ST. ANTHONY vs. SERVITE Sailing in high gear the Red and White continued their winning streak by a 53-44 score over Servite. ST. ANTHONY vs. DE LASALLE A 40-31 set back from the towering Pilots left St. Anthony with their first defeat of the campaign. ST. ANTHONY vs. STANISLAUS Bouncing back our cagers showed who's boss with a 62-46 trouncing over battling St. Stan's. ST. ANTHONY vs. JOSEPH Continuing their mastery over the Gratiot rivals by a 50-46 margin, the Teutons regained a tie for first ST. ANTHONY vs. LADISLAUS The Greyhounds handed our Anthonians their second defeat of the season in a hard-fought 58-50 tussle. ST. ANTHONY vs. SERVITE Moving into second place the St. Anthony quintet downed speedy Servite High with a 55-36 beating. Teutons v. St. Lad's: Good work, Dan Allen -two more points for us! Teutons vs. St. Lad's: Tony Stefani in a Teutons vs. St. Stan's: Everybody's out for beautiful hook-shot that added two more that- ball, but something tells us Currie'll points to St. Anthony's score. get it. , 1 , 1' 'A' '3 'EE i . X t ty -s .. i mfr, Q x l' " l..4 i1 'vi""""'i l 3 K 1 2? winks ? 5 fm 'Q-3 ff: nl,-.3 J Girls' Basketball Business managers, Liz Wilson and Therese Magnoli, carry the responsi- bility for score keeping, timing, and announcing the games. 'W' Top row: Mary Rivard, Rita Holden, Pat Labiak, Pat Zabkiewicz, Marceline Schmidt. Bottom row: Janice Koch, Jean Donnelly, Mary Lou Gentry, Curolc, Kirouac, Miss Kaltz. The only Senior on the team is Mary Rivard, who has played three years for the Teutonettes-two years on varsity. This year's game with Nativ- ity rates as her best. 75 -1---.i...,.........- W f-A Mary Lou Gentry and Carole Kirouac reach high forthe ball as Miss Kaltz directs the play. .-...W .,,. AWN. . .,--.... Summary of Girls' Games The Teutonettes opened the regular season by overcoming Annunciation 39-19. Their next victim, St. Cyril, bowed to the St. Tony sextet 25-7. Nativity, their next and toughest rival, edged the Cagerettes out of a third victory, 20-20. The Teutonettes overtook their next three league competitors, downing St. Charles 31-8, St. Catherine 42-5, and St. Thomas 43-12. The girls scored 200 points compared with their oppo- nents 74 points, which shows both offensive and defensive positions were ably covered. The girls finished in second place in the league thereby plac- ing them in the play-offs. The Teutonettes continued their winning streak by defeating Felician Academy 27-16. St. Florian, their next victim, bowed by a score of 25-22. St. Paul then downed St. Anthony by the score of 21-19, St. Paul scor- ing the winning basket in the last four seconds of the game. As there was a two-game knockout in the play-offs, the Cager- ettes fought still harder and conquered St. Theresa 32-37 and St. Stanislaus 18-10. The girls, getting another chance at St. Paul, scored a 25-23 victory. The girls then entered the St. David Invitational Tournament to complete their season. The girls enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in the history of St. Anthony Girls Team. High scores for the entire season were Mary Lou Gentry with 210 points, Carole Kirouac with 116 points, Rita Holden with 44 points, Pat Labiak with 23 and Janice Kock with 8. J e a n Donnelly, P at Zabkiewicz, P at La- biak, Carole Kirouac, Mary Il i v a rd Qwith ballj, Mary Lou Gen- try, Marceline Schmidt, Rita Holden, and Janice Koch. 'rf S, 'f yi!!!-wwf' v -Q' , Q fllowling li 7 'enior Girls What s my score ?" asks Gerry Rove of Anne Raclzwion. Kathleen Smith watches as Mary Ann Lee records. A strike !-Could be. Barbara Hafeli pre- pares to send the ball flying down the alley. Ann Ferzo, Pat Stork and Laura Vau- Ackere await their turn. "Wher4-'s my hall " "lIurryl The game is startingrf' Left to right are Mary Ann Kosmalski, Carol Byl Carole Karnage, Mary Ilivarcl, and Marge Doherty. Q, is A pose between strikes: Joan Ladner, Maure -' -W, Diviney, Joann Burke, and Mary Dolesky. Why don? gou Lgsl Vatromzc our Potrozzsl gosh Czoicefif Z?A155ing5 The The Rev. The Junior Girls' Bowling League Precious Blood Fathers School Sisters of Notre Dame Edward Scheuerman, '43 Anthonader Mission Unit Junior Holy Name Bowling League Senior Girls' Bowling League The Prelude St. Anthony Athletic Association geo! 'MAA Mr. Si Mrs. V. Dembek The J. Dube Family Mr. L. Duvall Mr. Si Mrs. Timothy Foley A Friend Mr. gl Mrs. L. J. Hild, Sr. Mrs. A. J. Hulburd Dr. Sz Mrs. P. H. Iacobell Mr. KL Mrs. James Konen UH I l'!l J Mr. and Mrs. G. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buss Mr. and Mrs. J. Byle Mr. and Mrs. David Cambell Mr. and Mrs. Delwin Craig Remo Caringi and Family Jeanette Crump Mr. and Mrs. B. A. DeBusschere Barbara Dembek, '53 Ron Dembek Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dembeck,Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeSandy Mr. and Mrs. Farrand Dine Virginia Dine, '53 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Donahue Lucille Dube Mrs. Frances Dueweke 8' Joan Dr. J. V. Dueweke Ralph Dueweke, '53 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Elzerman Lawrence Eschrich Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8x Mrs. Mr. 8a Mrs. fo file Qyracluafea id flue of St. Anthony Booster Club St. Anthony Christian Mothers' Society St. Anthony Girl Scouts St. Anthony High School Cafeteria St. Anthony High School Sodality St. Anthony Holy Name Society St. Anthony Parent-Teacher Association St. Anthony Student Council . Anthony Student Holy Name Society St St. Anthony Usher Club Ap. fo fl.. Q'mfl....fM Mr. 8: Mrs. S. B. Kuhn Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Kulis Mr. 8: Mrs. C. La Valley A. Lawicki Michael Morosco Miss Clara Nett Mr. 8a Mrs. M. Novak Raymond L. Poissant Leo A. Stevens I'0l'l'l Mr. 8: Mrs. G. J. Taukert Mr. 8: Mrs. N. Vendittelli Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Venditty 8: Lorna Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Volante Rose Volante Mr. Sz Mrs. Henry Weitenberner Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Wenzeker Mr, Sz Mrs. Buddy Winkler Linda S. Winkler illkllillllff fo fav 6645.4 0 '53 Mr. and Mrs. James Frattacci Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gietzen Arthur Harju Peter F. Kass Mrs. A. Kirouac Gladys Koerber, '54 Mr. and Mrs. J. Koerber Dale Kollinger Mr. and Mrs. S. Kosmalski Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Krause L. R. LeBeau Edward Lewsley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ann Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. B. Lindbert J. McCulloch Donald Montie A. Morian George Perreault John Perreault John Perreault, '53 Miss Patricia Perreault Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Pixley Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reinhard Jim Rutledge John Rutledge, '46 Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Rutledge Frances Saurini, ,53 Mr. R. Louis Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. John Sobieski Mary Ellen Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Stork Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stosiak Mrs. W. Sumeracki Mrs. L. Summers Mr. and Mrs. H. Turco Mr. and Mrs. R. VanAckere Mrs. Concetta Vitale Mr. Stanley Wieczorek Mr. and Mrs. Stan Wierzbicki Mr. Sam Wynn Mr. and Mrs. Sam Yizze A Freshic Red-letter day, . . . that skating party. illll .1:l:vwSin4fx.i. Eff wvfamfmi A -0' CLARK BROS. INSTRUMENT CO. , , 'Q 1 eonard Perrin, Bob Pomaville and Phil Isola admire the rings Mack Drapery Company show Joanna Kamieniecki, Maryanne Sh M . H lb . . . . . . . . r a ext of Weyhing Brothers is exhibiting. Carolyn Ruel and Kathleen Smith some "mighty lovely" drapery material. 10300 Whittier Ave. TU 5-1544 Industrial and Automotive Equipment Repaired DETROIT CAB CO. TO 9-9100 Cabs with the Two-way Radio "Once we call for you You'l1 always call for us." FRANK'S QUALITY MEAT MARKET 12412 Van Dyke WA 1-0930 GORDON'S SUPER MARKET 19900 Van Dyke TW 2-7464 GRATIOT MODERN DRESS SUIT RENTAL Best Fit Tuxedos for All Occasions. Special Price To Students. 10097 Gratiot Ave. WA 1-4232 J. Ka G. QUALITY MEAT MARKET 11333 Van Dyke WA 1-8310 Home-made Sausages "We cater to All Weddings and Restaurants" Ed. Lonczynski, Prop. Congratulations to the Class of "53" THE FRANK .IAWORSKI SAUSAGE CO. FOR SALE 2 and 3 Bedroom Ranch Homes on Sunburst Ave. an 10? Mile Rd. and van Dyke JAY-JAY HOMES 20241 Van Dyke TW 1-1515 JERSEY CREAMERY CO. Rosebud Brand Dairy Products Home of Dr. Gaymont's Health Food 6431 E. Palmer WA 3-8000 "A Sportsman is a good loser and a gracious winner" J OERIN BROTHERS Gunsmlth And Sporting Goods VE 9-7874 12506 Kelly Road KEBBE BROS. COAL CO. 9761 Van Dyke WA 1-0848 Compliments of KLOKA'S BAR 7628 Mt. Elliot LAFLEUR'S SUPER MARKET Complete One Stop Shop Market 5500 Helen corner Ferry WA 3-9837 Beer K' Wine Orders Delivered LAURIA SHOPPE 8451 Gratiot WA 4-3138 Men, Women R' Chi1dren's Furnishings Linens K1 All Household Furnishings HARRY N. MICHELS Plumbing R' Heating 5014 Townsend Ave. Member of St. Anthony Parish JOSEPH P. MILLER I- SON Funeral Home 13501 Van Dyke cor. Dobel TW 1-2400 .l'. Miller, Mgr. Compliments of MITCHELL GREETINGS CO. MOE'S SUPER SERVICE 1891 E. Grand Blvd. WA 2-9757 Specializing in Motor Tune-up Lubrication Brake Service R- Road Service Hours 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M Emil Zwolinski, Prop. 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Vernor WO 1-2290 VAN DYKE WARREN MARKET Groceries, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables Frozen Foods 4904 Van Dyke cor. Warren We Deliver WA 1-3825 E. S. WATKO FUNERAL HOME 381 East Grand Blvd. LO 7-0750 THOMAS A. WEATHERLY 8500 Elgin Repairs - Alterations Steps - Porches - Additions WA 4-5606 Compliments of WURM'S RECREATION 21l'C 1' R1 1-. zjfb. ' , .1 . in tai 'Pi .. W 3 -. mv - x .,.1 1 .t Q 'fix 7 , . .- , ,m gy " -s vii -uv jf of.: . , tj AQ ' QP what next. lt's a pretty important decision, young lady-choosing the right job. You'll want to work in pleasant surround- ings- in light and airy offices with modern equipment. And now that youlre out of school, you'll expect to meet new friends where you work - young people you'll like and with whom you can enjoy your leisure time. fAnd how about a vacation with pay?J Then there's the matter of a paycheck-it'll be nice to count on a steady income, a salary that's good from the start and keeps getting better with regular increases. 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SIESS Beauty Salon NICHOLAS TROSTE 30078 Van Dyke WM. WITT POULTRY Broadway Market WURM'S RECREATION Compliments from Rickey RUSSEL E. PORE Western Kr Southern Life lnsura IICB STOP AND SAVE SUPER TOTH'S MARKET 20863 Van Dyke, Baseline 83 Leonard Perrin, Charlotte Gualdoni, Joan Supanich and Pat Stork discuss soaps, etc. with the manager of the Prell-Bockstansz Company. LESNEY FUNERAL HOME 13323 W. Warren Dearborn, Michigan LU 1-0200 LINCOLN TYPEWRITER CO. 17370 Lahser KE 2-7171 LIONEL TRAINS AND ACCESORIES on Display the Year Round Vaughan's Lionel Approved Service 15434 Harper LA 7-0771 LlSTH'S BAKERY 8735 Gratiot Ave. WA 1-4885 HMARIOVS.. Spanish Olives MEN'S WEAR-TUXEDO RENTALS 16393 E. Warren Ave. J. Posa R' Sons ANTONIO MESSINA Ki SONS 8351 Gratiot Grocery, Meat Market MEYERS BROS. TEXACO SERVICE General Repairing Complete Ignition Service 11500 Whittier LA 1-9632 St. Anthony High--Alumnt MILLER'S CHROME 7614 Gratiot WA 1-9129 Anything in Chrome Dinettes ARTHUR O. MISCH CO. General Contractors 17731 Van Dyke Detroit 34, Mich. MORAN MARKET 5245 Moran Detroit, Mich. WA 1-0553 Compliments of MOROSS FORDHAM SERVICE 16060 Moross DR 1-9856 Pure O11 Products Prop. Frank Lusch - Class of '42 JOHN MOSCHECK Fresh and Smoked Meats Shop 3, Gratiot Central Market NEUMANN DELICATESSAN Shops 032, 033, K' 042 Broadway Market WO 3-4517 NEW FAIRVIEW REC 10 New Alleys 11539 E. Jefferson Don Merlo Larry Rancilio Compliments to Class '53 From Annis W. Gaynor, Joseph Gaynor and Alice Gaynor NEW YORK FUR SHOP NINO'S LITTLE SUPER MKT. 7436 E. Warren Ave. Groceries 8: Meats Beer lv Wine WA 1-4480 Compliments oi NORTI-IWAY TOBACCO AND CANDY COMPANY NORTOWN BAKERY We Take Orders for All Occasions 7531 E. Seven Mile Detroit 34, Michigan TW 2-0880 NORTOWN CLEANERS 18705 Van Dyke TW 1-8787 Dyeing, Pressing, Repairing We Call and Deliver PALMER HELEN MARKET 7007 E. Palmer WA 2-9173 PIERCE For the Finest Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 7617 E. Seven Mile PILGRIM MARKET 16009 Hamilton Groceries, Meat, Beer, Wine We Deliver TO 6-9571 PREMIER HOME OUTFITTERS 6927 Gratiot WA 5-4546 Compliments of EDWARD J. PUGIA, D.D.S. 11301 E. McNichols 84 RAINBOW Cleaners 8: Dyers All Cleaning Done In Our Own Plant 6810 Gratiot near Forest WA 1-6446 RAMONA RECREATION 13330 E. McNicho1s LA 7-3828 READS BAKERY 13245 Harper VE 9-4868 RESOVSKY'S MARKET Beer, Wine, Liquor Groceries, Cold Cuts Soft Drinks 9205 Van Dyke WA 2-91.94 ROBISON-PHILLIPS CORP. 7635 Gratiot Ave. WA 1-4580 Expert Film Service S. R- G. WHOLESALE GROCERY 505 Michigan Ave. Caterers to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions SCOTTY'S FISH Gr CHIPS 13438 Gratiot VE 9-B428 SERWER'S RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO. 660 Gratiot WO 2- 5 35 8 SINCLAIR REFINING CO. VI 3- 2100 Oil Delivered by F. J. Carrette Instant Delivery SUPREME DRUG CO. LA 7-5700 18942 Hayes Ave. Detroit 5, Michigan THOM OFFICE MACHINE CO. 19310 Packard Ave. TWinbrook I-4799 Typewriters 8- Adding Machines Bought, Sold, and Repaired Bowling at its Best TIMBER LANES PRescott 5-9441 24550 Gratiot Ave. East Detroit, Mich. TOWNSEND PHARMACY 7463 Gratiot WA 1-0363 URBAN- FRONTCZAK FUNERAL HOME 5326 McDougall Ave. WA I-3209 VANHORN'S Get your Tuxedos at Van Horn's The Store of Friendly Service 14221 Harper VE 9-8038 VIC'S MARKET Beer and Wine 11040 Whittier LA 1-4810 Compliments of VIVIAN'S PASTRY SHOP WEG'S PHARMACY "The Prescription Pharmacy" 22422 Gratiot Ave. East Detroit, Michigan WHIPPER'S CLUB Pres. R. A. Kurtz Vice-Pres. R. Wierzbick Sec. J. Lewinski Treas. L. Schmidt DR. AND MRS. M. C. WILSON 11948 East Outer Drive YALE RUBBER MFG. CO. 3530 W. Fort Street Detroit 16, Michigan Industrial Rubber Needs Compliments of the St. Anthony YOUNG PEOPLE'S CLUB DOMINIC ZOLI Railroad Contracting 15320 Rochelle Ave. LAkeview 1-1654 Detroit 5, Michigan MARINE CLEANERS 7015 Palmer Notions, Ladies' Hose, Men's Hose K1 Underwear Costume Jewelry Gerry Lefebvre, Jerome Schmidt and Bob Avolio evidently believe, with Mr. Codd, Groceries, Meats, Beer and Wine that U. TI'l1CklIlg' really is uS11p61'H. A-1 RADIATOR fc. WELDING 13240 van Dyke TW 1-9298 Compliments of AGDAN STUDIOS SAM PAUL AIELLO Electrical Contractor Free Estimates WA 1-6525 ALLIED CLEANERS 18806 Hayes VE 9-8698 BENSON 'S GROCERY 7228 Chalmers Van Dyke SL 7-7871 BODO MOTOR SALES, INC. Nash Cars, Parts R' Service 15278 Gratiot at Edmore COLBY'S MARKET 16373 Warren East Quality Meats Home Made Sausage DETROIT SIGN COMPANY Custom Lettering 1019 Farmer W0 1-6989 DOMESTIC OUTFITTING CO. 6858 Gratiot WA 5-7900 EASTERN PAINT Rv GLASS 7613 E. Gratiot WA 1-0925 FINDLAY- CONN ER SERVICE 11846 Conner Detroit 5 Sunoco Products WA 2-9284 FRANK'S SHOES For the Entire Family 8021 Gratiot at Van Dyke G1B'S BARBER SHOP 11214 Morang GRANT'S T1-1R11-'TY DRUGS Prescription Pickup S1 Delivery 8357 Gratiot WA 1-9810 Compliments of HENNING CLOCK SERVICE CENTER To My Classmates May all your sorrows turn to joys throughout your lives LEONARD 1-IILD Best Wishes MR. R- MRS. J. JUIF Class of '30 K AND F GRILL 13318 Gratiot J. KARDAS SERVICE Palmer at Sheridan Speedway "79" KIT KAT BAND Tom Fulgenzi KRAUSE BROS. 7347 Gratiot Detroit 13, Mich. EUGENIA TV STAR GROCERY IN MEMORY OF HEDWIG KUCKIEWICZ 12700 Elmdale LA 1-8568 FAIRCREST GROCERY Hayes at Faircrest LA 1-9480 FAMILY CAFE 5571 Townsend WA 2- 981 1 Born June 14, 1884 Died December 5, 1952 Congratulations to the Seniors MISS PAT LAPORT LASALLE AWNING CO. 10737 Morang Drive TU 1-6700 "Always go0d"- Morley's candies, and ice creams,-say John Sobieski and Jack Perreault. tssssmamm: uunmw, , Tim Foley and John Sobieski are going domestic at Federal Merchandise Mart. MACK AVE. BAR B Q 8000 Mack Mack at Van Dyke MODERN MEN'S SHOP 9704 Joseph Campau We feature i'Arrow Shirts" MONARCI-I FURNITURE Wall to Wall Carpeting Jimmie F. Bloink, Prop. MORANG DRIVE GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 12005 Morang LA 1-4290 NEON COMPANY OF AMERICA Pioneers in Better Electrical Advertising Detroit 7, Mich. PASCARETTFS MARKET Forest at Mt. Elliot WA 2-9475 PECAR ELECTRONIC SERVICES 10729 Morang TU 2-9985 JOSEPH QUASARANO R- SONS General Electric Appliances 14721 Gratiot LA 7-1014 RARO WINDOW CLEANING CO. 18223 Oakland TW 1-3025 Commercial 8' Industrial G. H. READ FUNERAL HOME 21705 Gratiot E. Detroit J. RIVARD APPLIANCE R- SPORT SHOP 21045 Van Dyke Baseline, Michigan Rock-A-BYE SHOP 19040 van Dyke TW 1-9255 SAMMY'S MARKET 15200 E. Seven Mile VE 9-6728 SAM'S CUT RATE MARKET 4020 Connor VA 4-9763 Fruits, Vegetables, Plants WE Deliver Best Wishes to the Graduates DR. WILLIAM M. STOLLER STANLEY'S BEER STORE 18530 Van Dyke Keg 8' Party Snacks STRYBLE DRUGS Bradford at Six Mile LA 7-2913 SUPREME DRUG CO. 18942 Hayes LA 7-5700 Instant Delivery Compliments of LEE TAYLOR Plastering Repairs TEMROWSKVS DRUG STORE 12402 Van Dyke at Wisner WA 4-3121 To The Graduates TWIN PINES FARM DAIRY tJackJ TYLL'S MARKET 18611 Schoenherr LA 7-0274 Congratulations To the Class of '53 "Virgilantes" Latin Club WALBY'S PAINT R4 WALLPAPER 13940 Gratiot LA 6-5838 Detroit 5, Michigan Compliments of WHITTIER BARBER SHOP 11320 Whittier Avenue WYLIE DRUG STORE 10500 E. Warren WA 1-1149 Patronize Our Advertisers RR gowllmfo. S Q9 Q 151 ea Q ervin etroit 2 - llll llElll0lT SERVES THE Wllllllll The products of Detroit's industrial plants are shipped to the four corners of the earth. Automobiles, adding machines, kitchen ranges, bearings and bolts and thousands of other products from Detroit plants serve the needs of people all over the world. And your Gas Com- pany serves the needs of Detroit's people and plants. Dependable natural gas provides comforts and conveniences for community homes, essential fuel for industry and commerce. Michigan Consolidated Gas Company is proud of its service to Detroit and other Michigan communities. lllltTlIIGAN t''i'1-:n tits t'mw.xNi Sewing 750,000 customers in Michigan Dorothy Abate Mr. L Mrs. Wm. Adax Rita Alandt Alger Jewelry Co. Mr. Kc Mrs. J. Allegranza Herb Allen Alpha Phi Omega Mr. Ki Mrs. Clyde Alysup Bunny Anderson Mr. It Mrs. E. Andre Arlene Andrews, '52 Mr. Gi Mrs. Leo Andrews Anonymous Glrls' Club Marlene Appel Rosarta Ardtto Joan Armstrong F. L. Aubrey Mr. li Mrs. Clint Austin Mr. Ci Mrs. Allred Ayotte Patricia Bala. '55 Mr. Si Mrs. W. J. Bala Mr. Cx Mrs. M. Balan Mrs. Gertrude Ballew Barney's Hamburger Edward Bnrnhardt Dan Bartl, '52 Joan Barthelemy, '54 Rose Baslla Mr. Q Mrs. Al Bauman Anna M. Beer Mr. li Mrs. Charles Beer Jlm Bell Angelo J. Belloll Frank J. Bellolt Mr. li Mrs. L. A. Belloll Mrs. Elizabeth B. Bel: Sally Berant, '52 Richard Bernler Mr. St Mrs. John C. Btecker Mr. Vincent Btecker Mr. Sc Mrs. R. Blllckl Mr. la Mrs. T. Blllls Mr. A Mrs. J. Btnsteld Mr. Ka Mrs. John Blzub Mr. Gi Mrs. Joseph Black Mr. Bt Mrs. Louis Blair Mr. la Mrs. Al Bleau Robert A. Bleau H. E. Blood, Jr. Mary Boettcher Ted Bogdanskl Mr. Ki Mrs. Edward Bolke Marilyn Bolke Bo-Kay Mr. A Mrs. A. Bonannl Bernice Boron, '42 Geraldine Bove, '53 Jos. W. Bozek, Jeweler Mr. Orley Bozzi James B. Bragaw George Brandt Herman Bremer Mr. Si Mrs. Joseph Breston Mr. Alex A. Brinker Robert A. Brocle Mr. KL Mrs. Allred Brombach Anthony Brombach Richard Brombach, '51 Guy Brousseau, '52 Mrs. Jos. M. Brown Beverly Brzycky Mr. 81 Mrs. Harry Brzykcy John Bublls Josephine Bucci, '56 Mr. h Mrs. John Bul Matthew Burke, Sr. Mr. St Mrs. Edward Burskl Mr. Gi Mrs. Peter Burski Mr Clarence Bush Mrs. Anna Buss Shirley Buss. '53 Fred J. Butler Carol Byle. '53 Mrs. C. Calcaterra Mrs. T. Callahan Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Calota Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Cammarata Mrs, Marian Campbell Victoria Cappellaro, '50 Mr. Gt Mrs. Benny Carlngi Mr. lgnazlo Carlngi Mr. A Mrs. Joseph Caringl Marie Carlngi. '54 Evelyn Carnaghe Af2c Ki Mrs. F. C. Carnaghe Si Ray Carnaghl Carol Carnago. '53 Carol and Bob, '53 Carlo Catalo, '52 Mr. Ki Mrs. Lawrence Catalo Mrs. Florence E. Celmer Mr. Harold Celmer Mrs. C. Chartrand Mr. E. F. Chase Christopher Chlnn Mrs. Frances Chinn Diane li Eddie Chlnoskl Mrs. Harry Chollte Joann Chorenztali. '53 Phyllis Chrzan, '52 Mr. L Mrs. Loreto Clcorlttl Joe Cllluflo Mr. Ki Mrs. Michael Clancy Terry Clancy. '53 Clem 's Barber Shop Mr. Si Mrs. Geo. J. Codd Mary Joan Codd, '53 John R. Collon Mr. Ci Mrs. J. Conflittl Joseph Contllttl Son Robert L. Conllittl Rosemary Conflittl Joseph Donahue, '53 Miss Louise Donahue, '49 Mrs. C. Frelburger Marilyn Freiburger, '56 Mrs. John Connitf Bob Cook Mr. Ki Mrs. Jack Cooney Lavonne Corneille, '55 Mrs. Blanche Corrigan Kathleen Corrigan Richard Coucke. '54 Carol Ann Couwller, '53 Mrs. Lauretta Couwller Raymond Cowley Carol, Gwen KL Elaine Craig Mr. Ki Mrs. Maynard Craig Mr. lit Mrs. R. Creston Mr. Ka Mrs. R. Cripps Elizabeth Cunachle Mr. Ei Mrs. E. G. Cunnally D Q M Home Improvements Ella D'Andrea. '52 Mr. 5: Mrs. Joseph D'Andrea Mr. Gi Mrs. Walter Daniels Jim Danis Mr. 81 Mrs. J. Dankas Augie Darga, '53 Betty Daudlln Dick Daudlln, '51 Eileen Daudlln George Daudltn Ruth Mary Daudlln Mr. St Mrs. Wm. Daudlln Mr. Ka Mrs. Louis F. Decker Mr. K1 Mrs. C. Delscher Anthony Della Mr. Ct Mrs. Marvin Delor James Dembek Marion Dembek, '53 Mrs. T. Dempz Mr. Gi Mrs. A De Pew Gerald De Pew Andrew Derylo Mrs. Joseph Dillon Mlckle Dillon, '53 Bob Dimmer, '52 Mr. Gi Mrs. James Dine Mrs. Mary Dine Kathy Dlvlney, '56 Mrs. Marian Dlvlney. '20 Maureen Divlney, '53 Michael Divtney Patrick F. DivineV, I Patrick F. Dlviney. ll Patrick F. Dtvlney. Ill Patrick F. Dlvlney, IV Marge Doherty. '53 Mr. it Mrs. P. Doherty Mr. Thomas Doherty Mrs. Thomas Doherty Mrs. J. Dolesky Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Dombkowski 86 Miss Mary Donahue. '50 Douglas Boot Shop D. S. Doyle Mr. Ki Mrs. 1. Dube Miss Marie Dube DuPont Shoe Repair Mrs. Clara Dyswlczvk Mr. Kr. Mrs. Anthony Dzleszko East Side Economy Market Mrs. A. Elswtrth Mr. Si Mrs. Henry Elswirth, Jr. Mr. Ki Mrs. Albert Eklund Mr. KL Mrs. Edward Eklund Joann Eklund. '53 Raymond Eklund Brenda Eng. '88 Mrs. S. Eng Mrs. A. Eovaldl and Family Charles Eovaldi, '53 Mr. John Eovaldl and Family Louis Eovoldl and Family Marlo Eovaldl Richard Eovaldl, '55 Mr. K1 Mrs. George Eschrich Thomas Eschrlch. '58 Pvt. Frederick Esser Miss Betty J. Evo Elaine Evo. '55 Mr. Si Mrs. George Evo A. A. Ewald Alice Faba Ken Faba Mike Faba, '53 Paul Faba, '56 Mr. Sz Mrs. Barton Farmer George J. Farnsworth Geo. Fell Joanne Ferger Mr. Gi Mrs. P. Ferger R. G. Fernie Joe Ficco Carl Finstrom Mr. Ki Mrs. F. Florl Miss R. Fiorl Mr. Howard Flscher Mary Joan Fischer Jerry Fisher Mr. Kr Mrs. Lloyd Fisher Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank F. Fleming Mr. tit Mrs. John Foss Mr. SL Mrs. C. Fouchey Mr. Frank Fournlcr Mrs. Frank Fournier Joan Fournier Mr. Peter J. Fox Mrs. Peter J. Fox Ronald Fox, '52 Robert Fraley Carl Franckowlak, '55 Barbara Frledel. '53 Genevieve Frledel, '55 Mr. Gi Mrs. Sylvan Friedel Friend ol Janet Mr. Bi Mrs. Thomas Frtes Louis Funtukis Tom Gackl Mr. Gi Mrs. Clyde Gage Mrs. A. Gallagher Mr. Gi Mrs. George Garascla Vlrgllene Garascia. '55 Miss Beatrice Gardzlnskl Miss Helen Gardzinskl Mr. Si Mrs. John Gardzlnskl Carol Garlepy, '49 Carl R. Gasloll Mrs. Leona Gatlield Mrs. Clara Gebauer Gee Gee Tatlers h Cleaners Mr. di Mrs. Louis Genlaw Mr. Ri Mrs. E. R. Gentry Julie Gentry. '53 Mary Lou Gentry, '54 Mr. St Mrs. Robert Gentrv Carl Gepp Mary Ann Gerhard Mr. Ki Mrs. N. Gessner Clement Gletzen, '53 Francis Gettzen, '51 Lorraine Gletzen Paul Gletzen Dominick Gilbert Mrs. Dominick Gilbert Mr. Ki Mrs. James Gillette Giordano's Groceries Mr. Gi Mrs. Andrew Glpprlch Rosemarie Goch Mr. A. J. Gogoleskl Mrs. A. J. Gogoleskl Linda Gogoleskl, '56 Tonla Ann Gogoleskl, '54 Anne Marie Gray George Gray Mr. E Mrs. John Gray Katherine Gray Pat Gray, '53 Dr. M. H. Green Edda Grllll, 'sz Mr. Si Mrs. T. Groppl Al Gross J lm Gross Mr. h Mrs. Kurt Grosse Charl Gualdoni. '53 Mr. G1 Mrs. F. J. Guuldonl Jim Gualdonl, '53 Mr. Bt Mrs. Ralph Gualdont Thomas Gualdonl, '57 Sophia Gubald Mr. Kr Mrs. Ray Gudenau Mr. It Mrs. Wallace Gudenau Dr. George H. Guest Frank Guttman Mary Margaret Guyette Bernice Habbel, '53 Frankie Habbel, '59 Mr. h Mrs. John Habbel Barbara Hatell, '53 Gerald Hafell Mr. Gt Mrs. Walter Hafell Celia Halas Gay K. Hall Mr. A Mrs. E. Hardy Harper Camera Shop Mr. h Mrs. George Hastings Mr. Lawrence Head 1'he J. Helgel Fgnlly Helnrlch's Bakery Mrs. Francls Hetska Mr. ll Mrs. Richard Hewelt Hi-Fldelltv Radio Cx Television Mrs. E. Hildebrandt Mr. 8: Mrs. V. Hildebrandt Mr. 6 Mrs. Wllllam C. Hill Carl Hlmmler Mr. E Mrs. Jack Holden Rlta Holden, '55 Roy Holden, '53 Karol Holstein Mrs. Anna Holzhauer Mr. Q Mrs. J. J. Holzhauer Mr. Joseph Holzhauer Mr. It Mrs. C. Hoobler Mary Kay Hoobler, '54 Carol Horton F. X. Houllhan Pat Houtteman, '52 Harriet Hulburd Mrs. Anna Humlller lrene's Beauty Shop Bob lsrow, '50 Dennis lsrow, '55 Mr. G: Mrs. Francis lsrow Mr. A Mrs. Arthur lwankowskl Miss Arlene J ankowskl Mr. Sz Mrs. Edward Jankowski Mr. P. Jankowski Mrs. P. Jankowski Donald Janowskl, '53 Mr. Jos. Janowskl Mrs. Jos. Janowskl Mr. Sz Mrs. P. Jantke Mr. Edgar Jarrett Mrs. Josephine Jarrett Dr. H. F. Jarvis Norman Jay, '37 Mr. It Mrs. Wm. Jend Ed Jentzen Mr. tt Mrs. H. M. Jerls Judy Jerls, '55 Joe A Barbara Mr. 8: Mrs. Chuck Johnson Mrs. L. A. Johnson Mr. K: Mrs. Larry Johnson Lois Johnson Marge Johnson Mrs. C. Johr Mr. Ga Mrs. Max Jones Ray Jones Mr. h Mrs. George Joyce Mary Kacprzak sm Indy, '52 Mr. Ga Mrs. Fred Kaiser Harry Kalajlan Mr. It Mrs. Ed. Kamlenieckl Eunice W. Kamlenleckl Mr. In Mrs. J. Kamlenlecki Joanna Kamlenleckl Mr. Louis Kanla Mr. ln Mrs. Andrew Kaschalk Ernfe Kaschalk, '53 Marge Kaschalk, '45 Tom Kaschalk, '47 Edward J. Kass John Kaufmann A! I Robert Kazmer Miss Cecella Kebbe Mrs. H. Keena William A. Keers Mr. Cz Mrs. Arthur Kehl Mrs. Grace Keller Mr. 8: Mrs. George Kelly Mr. In Mrs. Frank Kerwlnski Geraldine Kerwlnskl Calla Keseki Mr. K: Mrs. Ted Kesman Jerry Klllnskl Gerald Klpke Miss Rolande Klrouac Mary Klatt Mr. A Mrs. A. Klebba Pat Klein, '54 Janice Koch Beatrice Koerber, '56 Joseph Keerber Joseph Koerber, Jr. Josephine Koerber Mrs. M. Koerber Mr. K: Mrs. F. Kolpasky John Kolpasky, '54 Mary louise Kolpasky Ethel Konen Mr. It Mrs. J. Konen Leonard Konen Margaret Konwerskl Mrs. J. Kopeckl Pat Kopeckl, '53 Ronald Kordos, '52 Mr. Q Mrs. Walter Kordos, Jr. Mrs. Catherine Kortjohn Mary Ann Knsmalskl, '53 Mr. Earl Kotschke Raymond J. Kour Mr. It Mrs. K. Kowalewskl Mr. h Mrs. Frank Knoer Mr. Frank Kraft Mr. lx Mrs. J. Krajewskl Barbara Kramer, '52 Mr. In Mrs. J. Kramer, Jr. Mr. Sl Mrs. J. Kramer, Sr. Dick Krause, '54 Mrs. Theresa Kraus Mr. 5 Mrs. Clemens Krause Mr. A Mrs. Eugene Krause Rose Marie Krause Thomas Krause Bob Krauzowlcz Mr. K: Mrs. Bert Kreltmeyer Mrs. Caroline Kreltmeyer Af Bc Mike Krlvens Mr. A Mrs. Adolph Kron Al Kron, '53 Mr. 6 Mrs. Alex Kron Walter Kron, '56 Mary Agnes Kronner, '55 Mr. John Kucklewlcz Mr. St Mrs. L. Kucklewlcz Shirley Kuhn, '53 Joan Kukowskl, '58 Mr. h Mrs. John Kukowskl Lillian Kukowskl, '53 Carol Kulka, '53 Helen Kulka Katherine Kulka Mr. Km Mrs. Max Kulka Shirley Kulka, '49 Tony Kulka Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Kulwlckl Dorothy Kuptz, '54 Mr. la Mrs. Frank Kuptz Carol Kurkowskl, '56 Mr. In Mrs. Frank Kurklowskl Pat Kurkowskl, '49 Mr. Cz Mrs. Joseph Kurty Mr. St Mrs. Phil Labadle Myrtle LaChapelle Mrs. Racela Laconte Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Lademan Mr. Cz Mrs. Robert Lademan Joan Ladner, '53 Mrs. J. R. Ladner Miss M. Ladner Carol Ann Lagrou Mr. 8: Mrs. Joe Lagrou Llnda Lagrou F. Laidlaw Miss G. Langmesser Shirley Langmesser George LaRala, '53 Annette Larente, '55 Mrs. J. Larente Miss M. Larente Tom 8: Carolyn Laskowskl Mrs. Anne Leach Mr. Km Mrs. M. Lebtich Mr. h Mrs. Walter Lebtlch Mary Ann Lee, '53 Pvt. William Lee Barbara LeFebvre, '53 Mr. 8: Mrs. Phil LeFebvre Mr. K: Mrs. Raymlel LeFebvre Mr. Harvey P. Lel-'evre Mr. E: Mrs. Paul LeFevre Pvt. Howard K. LeFevre Mr. Leonard C. LeFevre Miss Lois LeFevre Mr. Ga Mrs. A. Lehner Evelyn M. Lehner Mrs. J. Lehner Mr. Sz Mrs. Milton Lehner R. W. Lemker Mr. 8: Mrs. B. R. Lerchen, Jr. Mrs. M. L'Espera.nce Marilyn L'Esperance, '53 Dr. Bernard Levin Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Lewlnskl Gerald Lewinskl, '53 Mr. 8: Mrs. John Lewinskl Roslemarle Lewinskl Vince Llcarl, '53 Miss Dorothy Lieder Marlene Lleder, '58 Mlss Patricia Lipa Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald B. Llpa Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Loconte Mr. 5 Mrs. Clarence Loewe Lopo's Camera It Train Mr. Ku. Mrs. J. 0. Lucler Walter Lukaslak Charles L. Lumpkin, '53 Mr. 5 Mrs. Charles T. Lumpkin Mr. Gt Mrs. Thomas J. Lumpkin Mr. E Mrs. Percy Lyon Jean MacGregor, '55 Mary Jane MacGregor, '53 Mrs. V. MacGregor Maday's Market Wayne Magdelena Mrs. Julia Malkowskl Hilary Marcero Mr. Cz Mrs. J. Marrocco John R. Marstnko Mrs. J. B. Martin J fm L. Martin Mr. Sz- Mrs. B. Maschoff Mr. S: Mrs. Mitchell Matejak Rudy Mattel, '48 Mr. 5 Mrs. J. May Mr. Sz Mrs. D. McBride Charles McCalllster Margie McCann Mrs. Stella McCann Mr. E. J. McCarthy Mr. M. McCoy, Bob McCullock, '53 Mrs. J. McDonald Mr.Joseph McDonald Mr. Leonard Mc Glew P. S. Mc Mlllan Mr. Sz Mrs. M. McNutt Mr. Frederick A. Mecha Mr. Frank S. Mecha Mr. 5 Mrs. Stancel Mecha Janet Merlo, '56 Mr. Sz Mrs. Peter Merlo Mr. Km Mrs. G. Messacar Mr. 8: Mrs. Jacob Metyko Mr. Cz Mrs. Joseph Michael, Jr. Mrs. F. Mlchels Mrs. M. Miedzlanowskl Barbara Miller, '55 Edward Miller Maxine Miller Richard Miller Mr. Ga Mrs. G. Mills Mr. 5 Mrs. A. Mlnano Wm. D. Mlssant Mrs. Rose A. Mlssig Dolly It Victor Mlszczak Eddie in Ann Mlszczak Mr. 5 Mrs. Marlon Mlszczak Mrs. M. Mobley Dominic Mocerl Mr. Ka Mrs. Frank Mocerl Josephine Mocerl Geraldine Moebs, '53 Gloria Jean Moebs Ken Moebs, '56 Mr. h Mrs. Norman Moebs Mr. It Mrs. Ray Moebs Roy Molly, '55 Mr. A Mrs. John Mosler Dorothy Moxley George Moxley Miss Grace Murawskl Kenneth Murawski, '50 Mr. h Mrs. B. Murphy Mr. Ford Myers Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Myrtle Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Nagel Joan Nalezyty, '53 Mr. lt Mrs. Walter Nalezyty Walter Nalezyty, Jr., '56 John Naples Lillian Naples, '51 Mrs. Louis Naples Mr. Louis Naples Mary Kay Naples National Office Equipment Raymond Nelce Mr, 5: Mrs. Earl Nelson, Jr. '42 Miss Clara Nett Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Newman Elaine Nichols, '52 Nolan Jewelry Mr. la Mrs. Wm. Noonan Mr. Sz Mrs. F. C. Nosseck Mr. Sz Mrs. F. J. Nosseck Mr. 8: Mrs. W. C. Nosseck E Son John Nuber Mr. E: Mrs. F. B. Oberhausen Miss Mae 0'Connor Mrs. Anne M. Oldanl Dolly Oldanl, '53 Mr. 5 Mrs. N. A. Ogden Carole Olshefskl, '53 Thomas Olshefskl, '57 Mr. lt Mrs. Charles Orr Mr. it Mrs. Wm. A. Oswald Doreen h Patty Otto Mr. Sz Mrs. Jos. A. Ouellette Lil, Cell G: Flo Ouellette Mr. Ga Mrs. Louis Pantera Shirley Pantera, '53 Sue Pantera Ron Paolettl, '52 Mrs. L. Papke Mr. K: Mrs. Clifford Parent Mr. G. Parker Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Pattison Mr, dt Mrs. A. Pellegrlnl Dominic Pellegrinl, '46 Jerry Pellegrlnl, '50 Joseph Pellegrlnl, '48 Mr. K: Mrs. Joseph Pellegrlni Nancy Perreault Ray A. Perron Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Pesch Anthony Peters Mr. 5 Mrs. Anthony Pettke Mrs. August Pettke Mr. 6: Mrs. Frank Pettke Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Pettke Miss Marjorie Pettke Ronald Pettke, 'sa G. Howie Phartz Phllles Cigars Mr. H Mrs. Don Pianczk Mr. 8: Mrs. Plche Mrs. M. Pier Johnny Ploszak, USN. Phil Pipel- Sharon P. Piper Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Pitcher Jeannette Pitcher, '53 Grace Plxley Mr. Gu Mrs. Harold Plath Marie Pletz, '53 Mr. Lawrence M. Plotkowskl Barney Podolski Mr. Cz Mrs. C. Polrler Mr. It Mrs. A. Pokrlefka Bob Pomavllle, '53 Etmlce Pomaville Mr. Joseph D. Pomavllle Leona Pomavllle Mr. Ka Mrs. Leonard Pomavllle Marion Pomavllle Pomera.ntz Hardware Mr. h Mrs. Edwin Ponke Bernice Porter Barbara Potts Erik Paulsen Mrs. Anna Probst 87 wr Mrs. E. Provencher Joe Provenzano Ida Puwal Ronald Pllwal Richard Radtke Ann Radzwion, '53 Joe Radzwlon, '48 Joyce Radzwlon, '49 Mrs. Joseph Radzwlon Tom Radzwlon Mr. Cz Mrs. Jackson Rapp Ray's Delicatessen Mr. 8: Mrs. Art.hur Reaume W. 0. Reece Mr. Ka Mrs. N. Reiter Relter's Market Mr. K: Mrs. Carl Restivo Mr. K: Mrs. H. Rlss Ken Rlvard, '48 Lorraine "Rainey" Rivard, '51 Mary Rlvard, '53 Mrs. E. J. Rlvest Peggy Rlvest, '49 Michey Rizzo Mr. Sz Mrs. F. Robin Mr. K: Mrs. Elmer Roehl Mary Roeske Mr. Sz Mrs. Gilbert Rollins Mrs. Catherine Rollo Mr. E Mrs. R. Roluffs Mr. Q Mrs. John E. Romps, '37 Llz Romps, '54 Joan Rossi Mr. 8: Mrs. John Rossi Mr. Q Mrs, Joseph Rossi Mr. K1 Mrs, A. Rousseau Roger Rousseau, 'sa Royal Ice Cream Co. Mr. Harvey Royer, Sr. Mrs. Harvey Royer Mr. 8: Mrs. Harvey Royer, Jr. Lorraine Royer Carolyn Ruel, '55 Jerome Ruel Mr. K: Mrs. Raymond Ruel Al Ruglenlus Mr. 5 Mrs. Edward Rutkowskl Ed Rutledge, '53 Jim Ryan, '51 Dorrls Rzeppa John Rzeppa Melvin Rzeppa Roy Rzeppa Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Sadowskl Mr. Cz Mrs. Guy Sanduskey Mr. G: Mrs. M. Saputa Miss Mary Sarrach Mr. Km Mrs. Vito Saurlnl Christine Sawtckl, '51 Mr. h Mrs. Sam Scarpone Mr. 8: Mrs. Schachermeyer Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Schaffsteln Mr. Frank Schaub Marty Schaur Judy Scheich Mrs. Marie Schepke Jerome Scherr, '52 Mrs. Rose M. Schmidt Irene Schulte Marlene Schulte, '52 Betty Sharer, '54 Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Sharer Maryanne Sharer. '53 Mr. Sz Mrs. Stanley J. Shaw Mr. G: Mrs. L. Shereda Stanley Shoemaker Mr. Cz Mrs. W. Slemowskl Bonita Silvers Jo Simms Henry Simon Pvt. George Slwka Mr. L Mrs. Leo Slwka J. M. S. Lucille Skiers Barbara Smith, '52 Mr. S: Mrs. E. J. Smith J acquellne Smith Mrs. Josephine Smith Kathleen Smith, '53 Mary Anne Smith Priscella Smith Mr. Q Mrs. R. F. Smith Ralph smith Mary Ann Sobkowlak, '58 Mr. Stephen Sobkowlak Mrs. Verona Sobkowlak Mr. Ka Mrs. Edward Sopollnskl Richard Sorgl Bob Sparlfng, '56 Mr. Sz Mrs. Harvey Stappert Dennis Staszak Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Staszak Richard Staszak, '53 Mr. 6: Mrs. H. Steele Mr. Sz Mrs. D. Stefani Patrick Stehlln Mr. It Mrs. Frank Stevens Joyce Marie Stevens Lieutenant Leo A. Stevens, Jr. Mrs. Martha Stevens Jean Stodolak, '51 Pat Stork Frances Stoslak Maryann Stoslak Walter Stoslak Robert F. Stout Mary Fran Streberger, '54 Carol Strom Mr. 8: Mrs. G. H. Strong Lillian Sugzda Mr. K: Mrs. Walter Sullivan Mrs. Rose Swltzkowskl Mr. Ks Mrs. Peter Swolsh Robert Swolsh, '54 Edward Sytkowskf Mr. In Mrs. Anthony Szatkowskl Nelson J. Tabenske, Jr. Mr. 4: Mrs. W. Tate Helen Taukert, '53 Robert Taukert, '52 Teenie Weenie Mkt. Tom Teske Mr. Km Mrs. E. Tessler Bill Thelsen J lm Thefsen Catherine Thomas, '58 Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Thomas Mr. 5 Mrs. J. R. Thomson Mr. 8: Mrs. Clllford Tlce Mr. In Mrs. Roland Toffolo Mr. K: Mrs. V. N. Tolomel John Tomaszewskl Mr. tm Mrs. W. Tomaszewskl Ann Torres, '48 Benedette Torres, '53 Mr. Km Mrs. D. Torres Don Torres, '47 Town Hall Studio Mr. Sz Mrs. A. Tremblay Mr. ta Mrs. Geo. Trcppa Trombley Service Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Trombley 'Davin Pines Farm Dairy Geraldine Usclckl Mr. It Mrs. Leo Valenti Laura Van Ackere, '53 Mr. A Mrs. Chas. Van Damme Ron Van De Velde Mr. lx Mrs. Art Van Elslander Mr. 5: Mrs. A. Van Fleteren Judy Van Fleteren Mr. 5 Mrs. Henry M. Van laon Carmen Vazquez, '51 Anita Vendlttelll, '53 Mrs. F. Vendlttelll Verjo Florist Mr. Sa Mrs. Vernler Mr. lt Mrs. W. Vernler Mr. Gs Mrs. Tony Vettralno Mr. lc Mrs. N. Vincent Mr. lm Mrs. Buster Vitale Mr. Ka Mrs. H. Vocke Mrs. W. L. Waldorf Lawrence G. Wallace Mrs. M. Walter Sue Walter, '53 Mr. Ka Mrs. Fred Warnke Warren-St. Clair Mkt. Mr. It Mrs. Lee Warrick Mr. John Waslk Mr. Ca Mrs. Paul Waslk Mr. Leon Watson Mr. ls Mrs. J. Wawrzynlak Anna Weiss Mr. Donald Weiss Walter C. Weiss Elizabeth Wells Celia Werthmann Mrs. Ed. Werthmann Mr. Ga Mrs. Ed. Werthmann Mr. Q Mrs. J. W. Werthmann Jerry Werthman Shirley Werthman, '53 Teresa Wetzel Dr. Prosper D. White Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph Wlerzblckl Betty Wilhelm, '53 Miss Helen Wilhelm Marty Wilhelm Mr. B Mrs. R Wilhelm Mr. h Mrs. S. Wilhelm Steve Wilhelm Mr. Rt Mrs. Frank Wllkos Harry Willard Mr. Km Mrs. George Williamson Mrs. Marie Wilson Mr. E Mrs. F. B. Wojciechowski Mrs. Rose Wood Mr. tt Mrs. Nlck Woods Carol Wottowa, '52 Mrs. Ethel Wozny Alas rm r. wright, 'so Barbara Yarudura Pfc. G. J. Yarowlcz Yost's Barber Shop Mr. George H. Zanger Mr. A Mrs. A. Ziegenfelder Pvt. Bob Ziegenlelder, '51 Carol Zlegenlelder, '53 Norm Zlegenlelder, '51 Nick Zllowey Mr. G: Mrs. A. Zimmerman Alfred Zimmerman, '50 James Zimmerman, '44 Marguerite Zimmerman, '55 Marianne Zimmerman, 'ol Richard Zimmerman, '51 Max Zinlerhofer Frank Zlnner Mr. H Mrs. E. Zlnzer Mr. F. Ziolkowskl Geraldine J. Zlolkowskl Mrs. S. Zlolkowskl Mr. Sn Mrs. Russel Zltzmann Patronize Our dvertlsers FEDERAL MERCHANDISE MART 123 29 Hayes at Houston-Whittier LA 1-3500 LA 1-3007 We carry one of the Largest Selections of FLOOR COVERING ON THE EAST SIDE PLASTIC--ASPHALT--INLAID ---All types of Wall Covering--- Materials for your own installation or-- EXPERT WORKMANSHIP ----- if you desire to have us install it for you. MEASURING AND ESTIMATES ABSOLUTELY FREE. Also a complete line of Hardware EVERYTHING IN FINE HOUSE PAINTS AND HEATH LAWN PRODUCTS. WEYHING BROTHERS MANUFACTURING CO. BRUCK UNIFORM COMPANY Main Office and Factory 1249 Washington Blvd. 3040 Gratiot LO 7-0600 Book Building Room 230 Detroit 7, Michigan Detroit 26, Michigan CLASS RING J EWELERS TO OUTFITTERS OF SCHOOL APPAREL TO ST. ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL ST. ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL Congratulations from GOOD LUCK SAM FORNHCOLA U. S. TRUCK COMPANY to the Class of '53 General Contractor from H Anything in Building' MICI-HGAN'S FAVORITE LINE 1 Detroit 16, Michigan THE WM. M. BEATTIE FAIVHLY 4810 Townsend TA 5-0040 WA 1-5173 MORLEY'S PRELL-BOCKSTANZ CO. DELICIOUS CANDIES AND ICE CREAM EQUIPMENT AND APPLIANCES 8701 Gratiot Ave. 1205 Beaufait Detroit 13, Michigan Detroit 7, Michigan WA 2-9690 LO 7-9291 MACK AVE. DRAPERY SHOP Draw Curtains Window Shades - Bamboo Blinds Traverse Draperies - Slip Covers M. S. Vermeersch, Prop. 20091 Mack Avenue - 81111 Mack Avenue Near Oxford Rd. East of Van Dyke TU 2-7575 WA 1-4958 88 This Annu! JEL Ant mAu1ir1 uwllr.i:n-5, ' ' .-vamu3.nnx!rv..:+,L21..' -,f 1 z r,-z:.a2wrd.z1lr1m.luM '. Queen of ine angel! Queen of ine may Q l'y7 we Cl"0lfUl'l fLee llfffflz roaers ioclay

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