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Carol Ann Christ Russell Bucci SENIGB CLASS IIFFICERS Miriam Nosseck Secretary Treasurer I o Ann Dillon Vice-President President Ioseph Gaynor Treasurer QFFICIQRS Thomas Fluent Secretary Ronald Fisher 2nd Vice-Pres. Russell Bucci lst Vice-Pre Henry Starr President Ioseph Duchene I Prefect SODALITY Mary Ann Brown QFFIQEBS VicefPrefect Lorraine Rivard Corres. Secretary Lois Petty Recording Sec'y Leo Klatt Treasurer CSDIC Roger Rousseau IIFFICEBS Carlo Calenacci Elizabeth Gloss President Vice-President Treasurer Patricia Houttemcm Secretary if f' ' A : .-1?- X ' 1. my 3.52-1 -N Q ' wi ' ' .M , ft A Q Hifi, QQ, ,. Aga' . ' hi,-: f ,k,A . -ir K 4 1. 3 ' 2:-S - aT W . 4 df -1- V, Y , f En 1 " L-.:'5. J ff fcfgfh 'ziffw ' ' X 1 ,ig .1 , 2 Ig. ' A AN T HOLIT E - TR OV' 0'2- Q il' 'A' 'lr N 215513.-Pfi? -J fa sf 1, o Q P TH D M 19 Presented by The Senior Class St. Anthony High School Detroit, Michigan www X0 xwmbqkif Y ww vw wax W ,Q ,wwf X 1 Y 4 .:p., 1- V-.-.-,,. -.-. .- 4 ' ,- .,., f :b s-.-2-Q. , ..,,.4,. 0 ,,,:., .,,.. x ,,m,V ,.. 35,1 ,,,. V .V - " W 3 1 A-1 K Q 'I 7 A 4 ff 1 f , 0 f f f ' M f JV ,4,.,.,.A,,. ..,. A . ..,w..,, QZ4,4,w5f,f?576?Qi Zj.q , , 5 ' W R 1 W4 sf x xxx QQ Foreword EWS flashes of war, bombs, planes, and inventions headline the coun- try's papers: wire, cable, and radio transmit this history in the making. Popular newspapers and magazines permanently record these big, world-wide events, but the little everyday events of our lives, those events that are so big, so important to us, are recorded here in our 1951 Antholite. As you look through these pages of the '51 Antholite now and in the years to come, may they always serve to remind you of those little events that played so important a part in the year 1950-51 spent at St. Anthony High. This book pictures the cherished memories ot your high school life, its proms, football games, social activities, and the lasting friendships made with teachers and classmates. The entire staff of the '51 I-lntholite hopes you will enjoy the contents ol this year book. May it serve to help strengthen the bond between you and your school, reminding you of the Catholic principles which that school tried to instill into your hearts. HIS EXCELLENCY EDWARD CABDINAL MOONEY Archbishop of Detroit edication O OUR parents who have been our partners all through twelve years ol school life, we dedicate this issue oi the I-XNTHOLITE. Years ago they welcomed us as God's gilt . . . loved and cherished us through our infancy . . . calmed our fears . . . mended our broken hearts and toys . . . sent us at a sacrifice to a Catholic school . . . guided us through twelve years of school work and lun. They were proud of us when we graduated from grade school . . . they listened to our tales of high school joys and tribulations . . . gave us encourage- ment and comfort when we needed it . . . rejoiced at our successes. and gloried in our little triumphs. We will never be able fully to repay them, but as a mark ol our apprecia- Lion, as payment in part, We dedicate this, our ANTHOLITE, to God's grand gilt to us ,... OUR PARENTS. To 0ur Parents: To you, dear Parents, our helpers and guides. We write these lines in humble pride: It was the warmness of your smile and hand That let us know you could understand Each childish fear, prank and scheme, And likewise our most cherished dream. But into the world we now must go, And so, dear Parents. we want you to know Your sacrifices were not in vain, For etemal life is our foremost aim. Marlene Korloch, '51 Understanding in our problems Helpful in our needs Rejoicing in our joy Sympathetic in our sorrow Proud in our achievements Encouraging in our failures Confident in our ambitions Guiding in our earthly strife These are our parents The head and heart of our homes. Margie Stevens, '51 Right Reverend Carroll F. Dectdy Cottholic School Superintendent of Detroit Reverend Ioseph S. Rcrible, C.PP.S. Pastor of St. Anthony Porish Detroit eli ion Rev. Edwin Murphy, C.PP.S. instructing senior cigss on Proofs ot the Existence ot God. Rev. Raymond Zupkie, C.PP.S. gives o chalk talk to the junior cigss to iiiustrote the Mystery ot the Trinity. Rev. Charles Bricher, C.PP.S. gives ct refresher course on the Sacraments to the sophomore cioss Rev. Roman Roclcrk, C.PP.S. stressing the 'ti-ionor thy Fother gnd Mother . . . " to cr freshman group. M X X 7, ' IIN gk Q, 5 A Q f A, ,A gif: X f -1 ,wyj 2 N M g 7, '- . . YW z ' ,: Q1 'zwQi22 gfQvQ.w ,W :fffs M. 4 W ,y ,iw W ,, '-awe, sf, Q Zgzrgfa' X ' 9 .4 4 Zf 0 t , it 4, W .Q gf mf ,W wif- ywxmmw W wh y Y m 4 4' naw? Aff M .of fs XR ,a Ms' W N W 6 jf A 1 ww aw W v 4 V Q-.. Z wx Q ,, X., .x My ff SY dw Q" af SISTER MARY FORTUNATA Principal SISTER MARY AGNOLA Mathematics SISTER MARY AMICA English CSMC Publicity SISTER MARY ANN Biology SISTER MARY ANTONICE Mathematics Drafting SISTER MARY BENEDETTE Music English SISTER MARY CIRINE Art Latin SISTER MARY DANIEL English Prelude Adviser SISTER MARY ELLEN English Director Girls' Athletics SISTER MARY FAUSTINE English General Science SISTER MARY GILBERTINE Science Camera Club Faculty SISTER MARY GREGORY Mathematics Sophomore Sodality Moderator SISTER MARY HELEN English Latin Crusade Moderator SISTER MARY HENRIANNE Commerce Senior Sodality Moderator SISTER MARY HERMINE Commerce Holy Name Moderator SISTER MARY ISIDORA General Science Biology SISTER MARY IANE FRANCES H.istory Antholite Adviser SISTER MARY LAURENZA Library SISTER MARY MADELEVA English Geography Freshman Sodality Moderator SISTER MARY RITA History Commerce MISS EILEEN WAGNER History English Calendar September Event March Event 7 Opening Day 5 School is Host to Representative ol Michigan 14 I. A. Assembly Bell Telephone Company 19 Unilorms 5 to9 Safety Education in the United States History Class OCi0bel' 7 Teacher Institute 10 C.S.M.C. General Assembly 13 Iunior Class Program lor School and Parents 15 Living Rosary 15 Sodality Sponsors a Vocation Program 17 Miss Hickey 19 C.S.M.C. General Meeting 20 Afternoon Dance 21 Spring Vacation Begins 26 Vatican Film 23 Good Friday 31 Hallowe'en Party-Freshmen April November 2 School Reopens l All Sqlnls 5 Colored Film-"Red Stallion" 3 General Sodality Assembly 6 End of Third Quarter 7 C.S.M.C. General Assembly 10 Special Program in Honor of St. Ioseph- 9 P.T.A. Open House S0Ph0m0Ye Class 10 Holy Name Meeting 11 Patronage of St. Ioseph-Pastor's Saint's Day 10 End oi First Quarter 13 Letlefmenls Dance 14 police Band 13 P.T.A. Meeting-Teens 17-18 Vocation Day 19 Rip V011 Winkle 22 Movie-Holy Name 24 General Sodality Assembly 23 Thanksgiving 28 General Sodality Meeting May 3 Ascension Day December 4 Holy Name-Installation of Officers 1 Blessing ot Advent Wreaths 6'7 Senior PIGY 5 Movie-Drafting Class 11 Senioplunio' Prom 7 Second Advent Candle 22 Choral Program 8 Immaculate Conception 28 Religion Exam-Diocesan 12 C.S.M.C. General Assembly 2931 Senior Exams 13 Historical Movie-"Remember The Alamo" 14 Senior Girls-Nursing lime 15 Third Advent Candle 3 Senior DUY 19 Senior Sodality Meeting 5 Class PGY 21 Senior Christmas Program 6 Holy Mass-Graduates 22 Fourth Advent Candle 7-8 Exams-Freshman. Sophomores, and Iuniors 10 Graduation Day january 14 School out 3 School Reopens 4 Holy Name Club Dance 9 Senior C.S.M.C. Meeting 9 Cap and Gown Measurements 10 Shakespeare Film 12 Holy Name Meeting F 22-23 Exams 24-25-26 Retreat 29 Semester Holiday 30 General Sodality Meeting 0Eiil'0l'S 0E February Student Council 5 Prelude Mardi Gras 3 girly vlgiiieiiliggting Aileen Hillery. President 13 C-5-M-C Assembly' George Valenta. Vice President 22 Sport Film - u 23 Senior Girls Hostesses to Delegates lrom Lorraine Rwmid' Secretary Madonna College Edward Lawrence. Treasurer 26 Catholic Press Skit . . . Freshmen Sodality 27 General Sodality Assembly 1 1 1 1. ' 535 1 , ,914 1 191 I 4 7 . yn , 1110, , 4,115 f " j 11 1 f 1, M f 4j4ZfgZ'f4ffHf Qiwf' Q 7,11 1 1 f f f,2ffff f" , 1 1151, 1 1 Q ' 1 X 4,3141 5 Q X L. to R. Frances Riehl, Marjorie Codd, Ronald Fasse, Bruce Kennedy, Nancy Mueller Antholite Staff The 1951 ANTHOLITE is the result of the combined effort of the entire school. Sister Mary Iane Frances, advisor, and the general staff express their appreciation for the wholehearted co-operation received from the faculty and student body. Special mention goes to: The Camera Club Under the supervision of Sister Mary Gilbertine they have taken all the pictures except those of the graduates in cap and gown. The Business Managers Under Sister Mary Helen they handled all the work connected with the patron drive. Co-Editors: Marjorie Codd, Frances Riehl Sports Editors: Ronald Fasse, Norman Ziegenfelder, Dorothy Murray Art: Nancy Mueller Photography: Bruce Kennedy, Ioseph Duchene Business Managers: Iosephine Serazio, Walter Ribant Staff: Ioseph Sumeracki, Patricia Grady, Mary Ann Schutter. Typists: Carol Doran, Dorothy Murray, Elizabeth Simmons. PHOTOGRAPHY: L. to R. Ioseph Duchene, Sfster M. Gllbertine, Russell Groth. BUSINESS STAFF: L. to R. Ioseph Sumeracki. Iosephine Serazio, Patricia Grady, Walter Ribant, Mary Anne Schutter. TYPISTS: L. to R. Elizabeth Simmons, Carol Doran, Dorolhy Murray. The monthly publication of St. Anthony High School, The Prelude, kept this group of seniors busy. Going over last minute details at dead- line time are the members of the stall Seated: L. Rivard, A. Hillery, C. A. Christ, S. Gurtz, M. L. Cooley, co-editors C. Dulcamara and M. Neary. Standing: G. Valenta, I. A. Dillon, I. Mobley, M. Antonelli. The circulation and business end of publishing the school news were aptly he handled by David Fanale and Ioris Nuytten who are shown addressing and sorting the envelopes to be mailed. Ianuary, 1943-a new year! Yes, but something more to the students ot St. Anthony High School, for this was the year in which the Prelude made its debut. Rev. Daniel A. Lord, S. I. gave this deeply inspiring passage as the reason for the name of this paper. "Prelude to Lite, of course. Prelude to the iullness ot Catholic Action . . . Prelude to the serious things to be done for God and Country. . . Prelude in the sense ot Keynote, struck loudly and harmoniously . . . the opening bars to a beautiful melody you'll play all your lives . . . These are the years oi your Prelude to life, as life is just the Prelude to our real life with God." These were high standards and ideals to set before a new and bewildered staif. Each year another new stati has taken over and tried to live up to these principles and publish a lively and interesting paper that will keep St. Anthony students on their toes, spiritually, physically, and socially. And this is the work of the Prelude stall. 14 1 f 1 1 f f 1 f 4 JL VZ i 1 313 fn QE E2 W2 jf? ,EE as m Q12 ,gf 5 - Q ra wnww mmmwunA.....4m, amwm.. mmAm..1,, . wmmwmwwmvmmaw xmmmm- X , X it O X N., N x is A ts is 'Q '1.: X v xc N 1 Q Q QE t .. ..,, : fx. X - x time 255, :g1g:.s:f.,:':.:1-f., 3 .' ' -' wtf'-.Q Rffr' Wffywf 335, - tv 't WW ' H 135,21 ...Ts N, iz? 4 M J 9, , yi, C 4 ff, Dorothy I. Abate St. Anthony "Dot" likes swimming and dancing . . . favorite subject is history . , . hopes to have a family of her own. Iudith A. Andrews St. john Berchrnan "Iudy" enjoys ice skating and dancing, likes science best . , . would like to become a nurse. Martin I. Antonelli St, Anthony "Marty" is captain of the football team, likes bowling and Writing articles, hopes to play foot- ball for Notre Dame, Ieanne R. Arnold Guardian Angel "Ieannie" enjoys driving . . . her favorite sub- ject is biology , . . intends to be a bookkeeper and then get married, Margaret A. Andrezik Assumption Grotto "Meg" enjoys bowling and reading . . . likes general business best . . . Wants to be a police- Woman. Marion D. Antonelli St. Anthony Marion likes dancing and football . . . enjoys biology , , . would like to Work in an office. Rosemary T. Badaczewski Holy Name "Boogie" enjoys dancing and ice skating . . . likes shorthand . . . Wants to be a secretary. Marguerite E. Baird Patronage of St. joseph "Margie" likes roller skating and music . . . enjoys science class most . . . hopes to be a nurse. Our Parents, who welcomed usf us as a gift from God . . . Margaret Budzinski St. Iohn Berchrnan "Margie" is the secretary-treasurer of the Fu- ture Nurses' Club likes skating and English . , . Wants to be a woman in white. David Lamont Bums St. Anthony "Monty likes all sports . . , science is his fav- orite subject , . . Wishes to become a commercial artist. Carlo I. Catenacci St. Anthony "Carl" is the vice-president of the Crusade . . . interested in sports . . . enjoys drafting . , , might be a lawyer. Carol Ann Christ St. Elizabeth "Kitten" is corresponding secretary of the crus- ade and class treasurerg likes horseback riding . , . wants to be a nurse Marjorie I. Codd St. lohn Berchman "Marj" is the co-editor of the Antholite . , . likes Girl Scouting and square dancing . hopes to be a teacher. Mary Lou Cooley St. Iohn Berchman "Louie" has been a crusade homeroom officer for four years, likes horseback riding and typing, hopes to be a secretary. Mary Ann Berthiaume St. lohn Berchrnan "Mickey" likes practically everything , , . short- hand ranks high in favorite subjects . . . hopes to be a stenographer. Richard A. Brombach Assumption Grotto "Dick" is interested in popular music and sports . . . likes bookkeeping . . . wants to be a book- keeper. Mary Ann Brown St. Margaret Mary "Brownie is the vice-president of the Sodality, likes bowling and shorthand, hopes to be a grade school teacher. Russell P. Bucci Assumption Grotto "Russ" is the president of the Senior class, vice- president of the Holy Name . . . wants to take a college business course. ,. 9 ,. 48979 ., V .,.., .-.. , iw.,-.-.,-,C-,., , ','.,.,.. 1:-C515-21?E52!:fEg:Q:9f5:X KX 1 , ff Q, -9, Q , X ip Q 6 C 17' , ff "' f ck Q , we 0 ff .fx 4 .. .ky-fr. f 04147. - " 'X '95 Q "'lf!f,3f., vfpw .21 ' 451 "' ' -1 ---- 1 -1,1-:-rr ,..,.. . zrgfiw ,-w-z-:1:z2:::z::w--9 : 1 ,3 - f 3 ,.:::,::1:f,:gs:z51gz:.,i,5w 3 A 5 . - ali. 1' f t V., , J ,A my , 4- I .,' -er. f -' ' i . ..f:f1:'tf YWAHQ v 6 if v i i :agen rg . 2, J pg if Wy A at - Q ' 'fzws:we-.:..gfg5,355315,fr -- J W-ff " ., :fl -ff I 3- , 111 1'iE'.'11:'::::1.'2:., ':ffs.,5-1321511 1 .5 5' 1 ' V . - i t all 5 V- ., .,..., ,. , ,V ...,-..,,,..,,,4,5--I..Z.M,3.,,.,.:4,W ,. ,..., ., ,,,,w ,,,,,.,, -4,-,Q ,J IM. -,. g , . m:,.:,5..,,v.,.:,...:,:..x. y Patricia A. Cronin Assumption Grotto l'Pat" is a basketball player and bowler . . . favorite subject is English . . . desire is to be- come a secretary. Iosephine A. Darragh Assumption Grotto "Io" likes roller skating and swimming . . . favorite subject is typing . . , aims to be a sec- retary. Thomas H. Daschke Immaculate Conception "Tom" enjoys driving a car . . . favorite sub- ject is English . . . would like to become a busi- ness executive. Richard A. Daudlin St. Anthony "Dick" likes sports and coin collecting . . , likes history best . . . played basketball and football . . . Wants to go to college. Carolan Dulcamara St. lohn Berchman "Kay" is the co-editor of the Prelude, finds en- Carol L. Doran St. Margaret Mary 'lKay" is the vice-president of the "A" club and president of the girls' bowling, intends to be ct stenographer. joyment in oil painting . . . likes English best . . . would like to be a nurse. David E. Fanale St. luliana "Dave" is a cheer leader and Business Manager Ioseph D. Duchene Guardian Angel 'loef' the prefect of the sodality . . , likes swim- of the Prelude , . . likes taking care of a car ming and skating . . . math is favorite subject . . . hopes to be a dentist. . . . wants to be a math teacher, Ronald W. Fisher St. Raymond 'lRonnie", second vice-president of the Holy Name . . . likes sports and drafting . . . aims to Ronald A. Fctsse St. Iulianna 'lRonnie" is the sports editor of the Antholite, bowler and sports fan . . . enjoys drafting . . . be Cm engineer wants a job working outside. Ieanette M. Gainor St. Matthew "lanet" is a basketball player and bowler . . . likes sports . . . enioys typing . . . hopes to join the Women's Marine Corps. Patricia A. Finn St. Iohn Berchman "Pat" likes to take pictures . , . her favorite sub- ject is history . . . hopes to be a secretary. asp cmttftgt Led us to a 'fit' ll xxxN - :A r G0 spiritual banquet . . . F Q . Lorraine I. Garavaglia St. Matthew Barbara I. Gebauer St. Anthony "Gary," the captain ot the girls' basketball team "Babs" likes art Work and basketball . . . fav- likes bowling, swimming and typing , . . Wants orite subject is bookkeeping . . , Wants to be- to be a hair stylist. come a bookkeeper. Sylvia I. Garbarino St. Anthony Ioseph Gentilia St. Anthony "Garbo" dislikes people who jump to con- "joe" linds enjoyment in skating . . . his fav- clusions . . . enjoys shorthand and typing . . . orite subject is General business . . . would like wants to be a private secretary. to go into business. Francis L. Gietzen Holy Name Patricia A. Grady Ascension "Franks" hobby is photography . . . likes math "Pat," a Senior bowler . . . is a music tan . . . best . . , Wants to be an office Worker or likes science best . . . has the intention to be a mechanic. 1'1urSe. Elizabeth M. Gloss St. Anthony Ioseph A. Grimaldi Guardian Angel "Lizzie," the crusade president likes swimming "Ioe" likes surf skiing and painting, his lav- and typing . . . wants to major in sociology at orite subject is drafting . . . would like to be U, gf D, an architect. .Q S7. WQKT Rederlicated usb . AAA M46 to Has great service . . . Jiri M Sharon A. Gurtz ASC91'1SiOD "Sherry" dislikes people who don't act their age . . . enjoys Crocheting , . . favorite subject is Latin . . , wants to be a nurse. Ioanne E. Hepp Our Lady of Good Counsel "lo" likes reading and watching television . . . history is her favorite subject . . . Wants to be a bookkeeper. Aileen Hillery St. Anthony "Aileen," the president of the student council , . . enjoys doing handiwork . . . likes shorthand . . . Wants to be a medical stenographer. William Hinkson St. Anthony "Bill" likes bowling and baseball . . , favorite subject is drafting . . . Wishes to attend college. Kenneth Hulburd Assumption Grotto "Ken" finds enjoyment in reading mechanics' magazines . . , likes algebra . , . hopes to be a draftsman. Kenneth P. Huri l-loly Name "Ken's" hobbies are model trains and collecting jokes . , , likes general business . . . plans to enter the business World. Ida L. Iacobucci St. Elizabeth "fda" thinks dancing is fun . . . likes math, science and language . . , Wants to become an MD. Elizabeth G. Isrow St. Anthony "Lizzie," a member of the bowling league . . . likes bookkeeping . , . dislikes angry people , . . would like to be a singer, Franklin D. Iwankovitsch St. David "Frank" is a photography fan . . , enjoys chem- istry best . . . will probably go into the Armed Forces. Louise A. Iakubowski St. Hyacinth "Lou" likes bowling and swimming . . . short- hand and typing are her favorte subjects . . . Wants to be a stenographer. Leo E. Klatt Assumption Grotto "Lee," the treasurer of the sodality , . . likes swimming and history . . . plans to be a doctor. Richard A. Kline St. lgnatius 'lDick" likes cars . . . drafting is his favorite subject . . . would like to become an electrical engineer. Andrew D. Koerber Guardian Angel "Dons" hobby is fishing . . . history is his fav- orite subject . , . plans to become an air craft engine mechanic. Iames I. Kolley St. David "jim," the vice-president of the Holy Name bowl- ing league and captain of the basketball team, wants to be a pharmacist. Richard F. Kolpasky St. Anthony "Dicks" hobby is bowling . . . his favorite sub- ject is drafting which explains Why he would like to be a draftsrnan. Marlene D. Korloch St. Anthony "Cooky" likes to dance and skate . . . enjoys Latin best , . . dislikes conceited people . . . hopes to marry." Marion E. Keena St. Anthony "Marion" finds fun in singing and roller skating . . . enjoys music . . . wants to enter the enter- tainment field. Iohn R. Keller "Big john", the "A" Club president likes ping pong . . . enjoys general business . , . plans to take a business course in college. Assumption Grotto Bruce C. Kennedy St. julianna "Brucie" enjoys experimenting in photography . . . likes drafting best . . . aims to be a civil engineer. Elizabeth A. Kinsler Guardian Angel "Betty" like to draw . . . her favorite subject is bookkeeping . . , would like to travel to Hawaii. i Lawrence F. Kornack St. Charles Therese M. Kress Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Larry' likes pinochle and roller skating . . . "Terry" is the chairman of the Crusade literary drafting is his favorite subject . . . Wants to unit . . , enjoys bowling and biology . . . plans be a draftsman. to attend the University of Detroit. Geraldine Kozlowski Mary Louise Krupczak St. Anthony Our Lady of Good Counsel "Mary Lou" dislikes impatience . . , enjoys HGWTYH is U member of lhe bowling leumf fishing . . . likes to type . , . Will probably Work likes to dance . . . enjoys shorthand . , . hopes in Cm Office- to Work in an office, Mary Agnes Labiak St. Anthony Wllllam I' Lang Sl-AmhOnY "Bill" likes dancing and mechanical Work on cars . . . drafting is his favorite subject . . . Wants to be a policeman. "Aggie" is the advisor to the class president, likes to collect dolls . . . enjoys algebra . . . plans to get married. Kevin T. Lane Guardian Angel Ioan Lcrpa Holy Name "Kev" likes basketball and math . . . played l'Ioannie" likes to play the piano and sew . . . football during senior year . . . would like to enjoys shorthand and history most . . . Wants to attend college. be a secretary. They were proud 0 as when we graduated from grade school . . . QR Edward I. Lawrence Holy Name "Eddie" is the treasurer ol the student council, likes drafting as a hobby . . , would like to be-come a drattsrnan. . Ioyce Leahey St. Iohn Berchman "lay" likes roller skating, dancing and American History . . , dislikes Wearing uniforms , . . Wants to be a stenographer, Marguerite A. Lessnau St. Iohn Berchman "Margie" collects classical records, enjoys art and shorthand . . . Wants to becorne a secretary. Richard I. Marcil St. David "Dick" enjoys photography . . . his favorite class is physics . . . would like to become a pho- tographer, V7 fn ff S J' - r hi hi school joys and tribula ionsf W It WM' They listened to our ta es o Marianne McDonald St. john Berchman "Mac," the Prelude literary editor . , . likes dogs, basketball and dancing , . . Wants to be a lab technician. Richard L. Medaugh St. David "Dicks" hobby is photography . . . the subject he enjoys rnost is rnath . . . would like to become an engineer. Ioan Meiron St. john Berchman "lo" likes coloring photographs . . . her favorite subject is bookkeeping . . . would like to do office Work. Lena M. Misuraca St. Margaret Mary "Lee," a Senior bowler, dislikes unfriendly peo- ple . . . enjoys shorthand . . . hopes to be a stenographer. Ioanne M. Mobley St. Anthony "Blondie" is the second page editor of the Pre- lude . . . likes crocheting, singing, and English , . . Wants to become a singer. Nancy A. Mueller Guardian Angel "Irma," the Antholite art editor, likes to draw best . . . enjoys rnath . . . is thinking about being an interior decorator. Dorothy D. Murray St. Margaret Mary "Dot" is the president of the "A" Club, likes basketball, bowling, and ice skating, enjoys history . . , Wants to be a secretary. Mary Claire Nadon St. Anthony Mary Claire, the secretary of the Latin Club likes skating and dancing , . . Wants to be a social Worker. Lillian E. Naples Holy Name 'tLil," enjoys dancing and skating . . . likes math and language . . . Wants to do commercial Work. Marjorie R. Neary St. julianna "Midge" is the cogeditor of the Prelude , . . likes dancing, skating, and shorthand . . . wants to be a nurse or office Worker. aa. 1v-umww,wmws1w-qawimmmzmmmm- Ioris Nuytten Assumption Grotto 'lloris", the business manager of the Prelude, , , . likes to hunt . . . enjoys physics and Latin . , , wants to attend college. Edward A. O'Trompke Holy Name "Eddie's" hobby is music . , . general business is his favorite subject , . , would like to be a musician. Marilyn I. Peitz St. lohn Berchman "Maril" likes dancing, swimming, music , . . dislikes sensitive people . , . favorite subject English, wants to travel, Elizabeth L. Penny St. Margaret Mary "Betty," the "A" Club and bowling secretary, likes swimming and bookkeeping . . . wants to do office work. Lois A. Petty Assumption Grotto "Lo", the secretary ol the Sodality, is "nuts" about skating . . . likes commercial class . . . hopes to be a teacher. Sam I. Pugliese Patronage ot St. loseph "Sam", a Senior class advisor, is an avid stamp collector . . . likes history . . . wants to go to college. Esma A. Nihem St. Anthony "Es", tavorite pastime is dancing and keeping in touch with latest records . . . likes English . . . hopes to get married. Marilyn A. Noble St. Anthony Marilyn likes skating, swimming and American history . . . dislikes people who are late . . . wants to be an airline hostess. Miriam G. Nosseck Holy Name "Mimi," the secretary ot the Senior class . . . en- joys ice skating . . . likes science . . . hopes to get a college degree. Alma Nuytten Assumption Grotto Alma likes reading and taking care of children and American history . , , would like to be a dental hygienist. M. ' U , ..,, I .-,,.-Wm-ww4.,.. V f' ' -- -- i Q . , Q. :ff .:1,2,'-112: g15::,:::::. . 525:-5'E::4:w 1 I, 1 153 5'-5:5 ,. ,:5:g,:f:gq:Z:,g-czzgq .-k. .s:4::.v:9:g":--' V- i:5:Ii6?'4,. , -5'?7'fvgf,'Q 'ii'-Z'-572-fif:95:31i3I-:Ii3iI'j::1Is:LE:E" -5352, ' -'f'1i1?iZ1. ww l'+9"9"5 3 A, Iecrn T. Powell St. lohn Berchman Icxmes G. Rammalaere St. Anthony "Red" likes skating and dancing . . . dislikes "Big lim's" hobby is eating . . . likes drafting mannerless boys . . . enjoys shorthand rnost . . . played basketball, football, and baseball . , . . , . Wants to be a secretary. hopes to be a CPA. Ioan G. Powell St. Iohn Berchman Walter F. Ribcmt St. Raymond "Reds" likes roller skating, dancing and typing "Wally", the business manager of the Antholite . . . doesn't like critics . , , would like to be- and the president ot the bowling league . . . come a secretary. hopes to be an electrical engineer, Frances I. Riehl St. Anthony Iohn R. Roe St Anthgny "Fran" is co-editor of the Antholite . . . likes "lack" likes hockey. . . favorite subject is rnusic, dancing, science . , , Wants to earn a ,history . . . played tootball . . . Wants to be a Bachelor of Science degree. furniture dealer, Lorraine F. Rivcrrd Ascension Dolores A. Ross St, Inhgnng "Rainy", the secretary of the Student Council "Laurie", the business manager of the camera and corresponding secretary of Sodality . , . Wants club, likes playing the piano . , enjoys math to be an airline hostess. . . . Wants to do office work, Gave us encouragement and nf X com ort when we needed it fSophistieated Sophs f Beatrice M. Rutkowski Guardian Angel 'lBeaty" likes dancing and horseback riding . . . enjoys typing most . . . would like to be a sec- retary. Iames Ryan St. .Anthony "lim" enjoys fishing . , . likes history class best . . , would like to attend college. Christine Sawicki Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Chris" likes drawing and writing letters . . . history is her favorite subject . . . wants to be a commercial artist, Angelo Scalici St. Anthony "Ange," a Senior class advisor and a football player likes bowling and drafting . . . will not reveal his future. Paul A. Saigh St. Elizabeth "Cy" is the treasurer of the "A" Club . . . likes dancing . . . math is his favorite subject . . . wants to be a lawyer. Suzanne I. Santiago St. Ignatius "Sue", the captain of her senior bowling team likes to enibroider . . . enjoys English . . . wants to be a nurse. Mary Ann Scherer Our Lady of Good Counsel Mary Ann likes playing the piano, dancing and math . , . would like to be a bookkeeper . . . dislikes unfaithful friends. Benno Schmidt Assumption Grotto "Ben", a bowler, enjoys sports . . . likes draft- ing class best . . . would like to be a draftsrnan. f 3 Rejoiced at our successes . . . 'tm jovial Juniors .932 23 St. john Berchman Iosephine A. Serazio "lo", the business manager of the Antholite and president of the Future Nurses Club. , likes reading and science. Charles W. Sieler St. Anthony "Chuck" enjoys skating . . . likes drafting class best . . . would like to be a chernical engineer. Elizabeth A. Simmons St. john Berchman "Bee Anne" likes dancing and bowling , . . shorthand is her favorite subject . . . would like to be ct ballet dancer. Iacquelyn V. Smith St. Anthony "jackie" enjoys horseback riding . . . thinks history class is the best . . . has intention.: of being a nurse, Mary Io Spragg Our Lady Queen of Peace "lo" likes skating and dancing . . . typing is her favorite subject . . . would like to be asteno- grapher. Henry T. Starr St, Anthony "Hank", the president of the Holy Name and secretary of the "A" Club and bowling league . . . hopes to be a TV technician. 00 Elaine R. Schnuphase ST- lude "Lane" likes bowling, swimming and tennis . . . pet peeve is waiting for a bus . . . wants to be a typist. Edward Schumaker Patronage of St. joseph "Eddie" is a sports fan . . . likes bookkeeping class best . . . wants to enter the business world. Mary Anne Schutter l-loly Name "Mary Anne", on the business staff of the An- tholite i . . likes reading and biology best . . . wants to be a nurse. Ioann R. Sconciafurno Guardian Angel "Sconcie" likes ice skating and piano playing . . . shorthand is her favorite subject . . . wants: to be a secretary. 1-New Ioan M. Steinetz St. Anthony "loanie" likes dancing , . . her favorite subject is religion , . . would like to become a cashier. Margaret A. Stevens Assumption Grotto "Margie" dislikes showotfs . . . likes dancing and skating . . . enjoys history . . . hopes to get married. Iean P. Stodolcrk Our Lady Queen oi Heaven "Ieanie" is the co-manager of the girls' basket- ball team and the treasurer of the "A" Club . . . Wants to gc to U. of D, Mary Ann Stosiak St. Anthony "Red" enjoys buying and collecting popular rec- ords . . . likes shorthand class . . , Wants to be a private secretary. Bernice R. Urban Assumption Grotto George I. Valenta St. john Berchman "Bunny" enjoys dancing, embroidering, and George, the vice-president ot the student coun- driving . , . likes commercial class . . . hopes cil, likes dancing and math . . . dislikes in- to be queen ot her Own Castle. ,Q L sincere people . . . wants to go to college, Theresa R. Urban Assumption Grotto Wllfred A' Waldorf Sl' Anthony "Willie" enjoys listening to music , . . likes bookkeeping best . . . has intentions ot being an accountant. "Terry" dislikes crowds . . . likes dancing, driv- ing, and commercial class . . . intends to be a housewife. Barbara C. Winkler St. Anthony Iames D' Weil Assumption Grolto Barbara likes swimming and bowling . , . his- "lim" likes bowling and bookkeeping , , , would like to work for the city . . . pet peeve is people who splash others when it is raining. tory is her favorite subject . . . wants to be a telephone operator. 1 Beverly I. Winstanley l-loly Name Edward R. Wilt Sl. vVv6I'OI'1lCG "Bev" enjoys ice skating, swimming and bowl- "Eddie" enjoys sports, especially bowling . . . ing . . . likes shorthand class . . . wants to be a likes drafting class . . . hopes to be a drattsman. secretary. and gloried in our little triumphs Sedate Seniors Leona E. Wojcik Assumption Grotto Alyce P. Zacharski St. Anthony Leona likes swimming and ice skating . . . dis- "Al" likes bowling, tennis and baseball . . . likes conceited people . . . enjoys typing rnost typing is her favorite subject . . . Wants to be a . . . wants to be a telephone operator. secretary. . ' ' 't . . . . -. Bmjbmcf I Ylzze A NGUV1 Y Christine W. Zblkowskr bt, Anthony 'Barb enjoys dancing and math , . . Would ,, A ,, , , , , , 4 . . Tina enjoys dancing . . . favorite subject is like to be a rnath teacher . , . is the captain of , , A , , Latin . . , would like to get married and raise her bowling tearn. . a family, Norman Ziegenielder St. lude "Ziggie" likes basketball . . . history is his fav- Robert C. Zlegenfeldel' Sl. lude orite subject . . . Would like to Work for Mich- "Bob" is abowling and basketball fan . . . lilies iggn Bell, math . , . would like to be an electrical engineer. Richard L. Zimmerman St. Anthony "Zip" likes all sports . . . drafting is his favorite subject . . . played basketball, one year of foot- ball . . . Wants to be a salesman. Robert Ruth, picture not appearing in book Frances Overcashier St. james l'l:'rankie" likes roller skating . . , typing is her favorite subject . . . wants to be a bookkeeper or stenographer. Q? 9155 A, w ,VN Q :mf , :--1-5 :- 1.vr3v,3 ,.,, . ,.,..:., F .rm -1.1-.151 C X. X ' I 1 Q 4 ,pm wi- X N v Kgs X QmQXaW,..M.i,,: 4. Zig' 'ESQ X 39 wx X.. N. xx x X X X e XXX1 K , 1-2,QQ1gg:6z:Z4f::':zz:3,2z1w.S:Q2, '?1:111g ug- -if , , ' W: :f1,m.w as , 1z5j1a,1,j:513,3165-25:1 5 4 , 1 1- wg? 5-mm at 1: xm.Q1.,'Q-Q 1 11,13 ::.. :+ m1 - ,, :yi MW- ,N xy. ' 131,152 1:1511 41? ,.Q:g:' . 1' - , ,.5?gZ,Q,fWv4,xW...., X. ,- ,Q Q.,,w,,,,M.,,w. . . . S- - Q:..Q 1 2114211.- 3 1 1 X Qfj SE 3w1,311g?gg2 X ,,g1:,::1g,:?Q, Q., ky kg-x ,, ,g,gg5'Q1WsNmp1.,,Qv.w,4si51kN W X ,Q 1-gp:-1 xg ,::2'S.-153:-191,52 5-I 412, N.sXv-.wfnofsbvi X X X , ,,:3,:1:a.a1 N 3111 V351 Mi., '1 113 11:1,111f-'21-Yi 1 11 11-1 '121'11'1',111s' '1 1:1 3111323135712 12 1 1 F23 1-231 1 1 :Elf 15 21.21 ' ,531 :z 1 :fyg 3, . v, , Q42 ff 1 x 5 1 f 1 ff Q 441,439 f ,f X , f A320 f 'QJAMZ 111 7 1 P Houttemun Vlce Presrderrt E Nxchols Treasurer P Mclnerney Advrsor A. Andrews R. Bcrlduck D. Baril R. Baroli B. Beauvczis R. Beck D. Beckwell I. Benoit S. Berant L. Berra R. Bethuy M. Boike P. Boike A. Brooks G. Brousseau I. Bruder A. Burkemo T. Buyze R. Calomeni C. Catcrllo K. Chalmers D. Chesney P. Chrzcrn P. Codd D. Conlon C. Cottrell V. Cyrowski E. D'Andrecr D. DeCook M. DePetro R. Dimmer M. DiPirro I. DiStelcmo R. Dodson T. Doherty B. Donnelly R. Dronzkowski R. Droste L. Eschrich B. L. Fischl A. Fountain R. Fox l. Gabriel E. Gac D. Geelen M. Gerhard I. Ghesquiere M. Gicxmbattlsta N. Giroux I. Goeddeke R. Greene E. Grilli R. Groth H. Grube I-'. Gutmcm D. Haggerty R. Hcrvrillcx P. Henningsen F. Hermcxnsen B. Holzhauer M. H. Hoye P. Hynes R. Iohnson W. Kady K. Kulil G. Kew R. Kiroucxc I. Klait R. Kordos M. Kortz D. Kowcltch B. Kramer M. Kronner M. C. Kronner D. Kurrie G. Lacey R. LcxDuke I. LaFatc1 A. Lcmdorf I. Lcmgmesser S. Latone D. Lee R. Leppek R. Litzan L. Lock N. LoPiccolo I. Loren F. Losh M. A. Lusch I. Mcxgness I. Marchione R. Marsack M. Marvicsin R. McCue L. McNamara C. Melcmson M. Melewicz A. Merrelli R. Miesch M. Miller L. Minchella C. Missig C. Naeycxert G. Ncriewski C. Nowak D. Nowak I. Nowakowski 35 B. I. O'Connor 3615? sw-Q I. KJ DOHHOI R. Oldcmi A. Ottolini R. Pacella R. Paoletti I. Peitz L. Plourde E if Jw.. H585 MS- wiv I. Prunkl H. Quinkert V. Reguzzoni wg-we-af NM. I.. Richie C. Rocheleau E. Rodemsky I. Roslinski M. Rousseau I. Rubino A. Ruffalo S. Ryan I. Scheich I. Scherr C. Schmidt S. Schoenherr M. Schulte G. Seiwert M. Selter A. Shubnell I. Singer B. Smith I. Smith S. Smith P. Sosnowski N49 .gp- I. Steinetz M. Steinhebel WM' C. Stinson I. Tahash C. Taube R. Taukert R. Teipel I. Tercheck T. Thomas C. Valliere 'HF AKA N. VanWambeke D. Walby G. Watson R. Werthman B. Wieczorkowski R. M. Wilson L. Wittman I. Wobrock D. Wojciechowski C. Wottowa C. Wright A. Yandura M. Zabkiewicz T. Zawadski R. Zenoni 441 My gain. G. Zielinski fn? P. Zielinski I. Zolnoski 35 Q nderclassmen Top Row: R. Ccrlcaterra, P. Stork, B. Gatfield, M. A. Lee, B. Martin, I. Eschrich, D. Yizze, P. Lanclori, G. Uscicki, S Beatti, E. Bonanni, I. Kamieniecki, M. Dembeck. L. La Fevre, E. Konen, B. Hulburd, B. Boike. Middle Row: E. Rutledge, T. Ryder. E. Lands, E. Werenski, M. Lucido, R. Naeyaert, I. Lademan. R. Klein, R. Lowe C. Gietzen, D. Sonsoterra, I. Kramer, D. Binsield. Bottom Row: T. Clancy, R. Rosingana, V. Licari, P. Gray, P. Weston, M. Slias, V. Dine, C. Kulis, C. Byle, C. Thomas, S Pantera, E. Kaschalk, S. DiMaggio. BARBARA KULKA President SIMON DI MAGGIO Vice President HELEN TAUKERT Secretary AUGUST DARGA Treasurer CHARLES EOVALDI Activity Chairman Top Row: I. Watson, C. Olsheiski, K. Smith, L. Horn, B. Fridel, I. DeClaire, K. Kaiser, H. Weatherly, B. Dillon, V. Ryan, D. Wichtmann, G. Bove, I. Cunnally. S. Kolt, L. Mecha, M. Diviney, B. McDonald. Middle Row: C. Eovaldi. D. Harper. R. LaFaive, D. Novak.W. Zoli, T. Foley, R. Nowaczyk, L. Schmidt, M. Lynch, R. Pomaville, I. Gualdoni, L. Perrin, I. Schmidt, I. Magda. G. LeFebvre. Bottom Row: R. Rousseau, P. Militello, A. Corrias. M. A. Kline, F. Stosiak. D. Oldani, E. Wilhelm, M. Doherty, A. Dan- iels, M. McCarm, A. Ferzo, L. Dube, I. Purdy. T. Kreitmeyer. 38 Top Row: F. Scrurini. S. Walter. M. L'Espercmce, I. Supanich, I. Gentry, I. Turowski, I. Iozwick, C. Icmkowski, R. Krause, C. Couwlier, M. Sobcrk. B. Kulkcx, C. Camargo, L. Giroux, A. Rcxdzwion. Middle: L. Hild, E. Bell, D. Boertmcm. M. Bodick. R. Miller, I. Icxworski, A. Kron, T. Huthmacher, R. Puwcxl, R. Mc- Culloch, L. Pellegrini. D. Genord. Bottom: D. Icmowski, I. Sobieski. G. Hcxrtrick. I. Bielski, M. Rivard, A. Volante, I. Chorenziczk, B. Torres, I. Rossi, L. Venditty. S. Werthmcm. I. Rossi, I. Sullivan ,K. Mack. Top Row: M. E. Stevens, M. Turco, M. I. MacGregor, B. LeFebvre. I. Lcxdner, S. Sylakowski, B. Hcrbbel, S. Kuhn. M. Iuii, I. Nalezyty, C. Kulka, G. Moebs. I. Pitcher. L. Sugzdcr. I. Willard, C. Bolde. Middle: F. Aquino, D. Slcrobowski, H. Petike, E. Klatt, R. Avolio, D. Weiss. C. Lumpkin, A. Dcrrga, W. Lawicki, I. Per- recxult, R. Holden, R. Dueweke, A. Formicolcx. Bottom: R. Boertmcmn, I. Prcrss, F. Bishop, S. Rivest, M. A. Kosmctlski, M. Morosco, E. Daudlin. B. Turl-cal, L. Volente, D. Dalian, L. Blecxu, P. Spcxtt. Top Row: C. Gualdoni, P. Kopecki, L. Van Ackere, I. Eklund, C. Ziegenielder, B. Hcxieli, I. Rutkowski, M. Pletz. L. Kukowski, C. Van Fleteren, I. Gremonprez, I. Burke. M. A. Sobkowiak, M. Dolesky, H. Tczukert, B. Plocki. Middle: R. Ioseph, I. Budzinslci. R. Piscopink, R. Messcxccxr. R. Stccszcxk, I. Gloss, T. Atchison, A. Lehner, R, Loewe, G LaRaia, I. Gaynor, H. Krormer. Bottom: M. Faber. D. Doebler, I. Fournier, S. Buss. M. Shcrrer, N. Palcrzzolcz, B. Dembek. D. I. Antonelli, V. Aiello, A Venditelli, I. Donahue, P. Isola. 39 Top Row: A. Bak. A. Pilnicki, G. Provencher, R. DeStefanis S. Pachmayer, I. Washo, F. Oliverio, I. Kobylski, L. Mar- cinkowski. H. Bayne, D. McCarthy, T. Donahue, H. DeGrouchy, H. Hcxmpel, I. Warmuskerken. Middle Row: M. Pohl, M. Caringi, I. Wichtman, L. Brunk, M. Hoopler. C. Kirouac, M. Urbin, P. Goch. G. Buckman E. Tcrube, I. Barthelmy, M. Scheuer, C. Stacer, L. Fomain- ville. G. Koerber. Bottom Row: W. Smith, B. Grady, R. Kerwinski, R. Ker- winski, L. Garbarino, B. Borella, M. A. Chateau, L. Baker A. Pfeifle, I. Dronzkowski, N. Blohn, T. Banashak, G Paoletti. CLASS OFFICERS I. IACOBS President M. A. CHATEAU Vice President. M. I. GURTZ Secretary R. KRAUSE Treasurer Top Row: P. Bucci, D. Allen, I. DeFer, T. Szankin, F. Abbate, S. Vitale, G. Krause P Taras R Lang H Relchenbach R. Gajeski, R. Ravetta, R. Krause, A. Rugienius. M. Burke, L. Barczewski. Middle Row: V. Wieczorek, S. Langmesser, T. Gogoleski, P. Zabkiewicz, L. Bromback B Shlplock D Kuptz M L Gentry, P. Zawadzki, A. Allafrcmcia, T. Fredal, C. Loren, E. Sharer, I. Fisher. Bottom Row: I. Prcmger. E. Chorenziak, G. Zepke. D. Horn, T. Magnoli, E. Wilson I Aquino M Waldorf I Kessler A. Stefani, I. Keena, R. Allegrate, R. Kcztchmark. if Top Row: I-X. Kozma, H. Geelen. I. Spezia, I. Lawerence. SODALITY R. Coucke, I. Kolpasky. W. Murray. D. Currie, E. Noah. D. Iankowski, D. Szczesny, G. Christopher. D. Abood. T. R. COUCKE Fulgenzii Prefect Middle Row: M. Kalmanelc. L. Missig. N. Dalian. P. Tenet. L- MISSIG P. Klein, M. I. Gurtz. C. Norris. C. Spanski, A. Hollands. ViCe Pfefed P. Lieder, M. Schmidt. I. Donnelly, M. Lock. I. Ioseph. Botiom Row: T. Koch, R. Gosk. I. Connilf, A. Duchene. M. A. E' WILSON Romano, M. Huthmclcher. L. Antonelli. I. Murray. I. I-lrdito. SeC'e'C"Y v. Milazzo, 1. Berger, R. Dichtel. 'W' R. ALLIGRATI Treasurer , Q ,W +,,.,. .f V .M Top Row: T. Stanczyk, A. Ribcmt. K. Sullivan, R. Szydlak. I. Neaton. L. Drake. W. Glines. I. Brooks. L. Bongiovani. A. Zeller, R. Head. G. DeBaker. I. Iacobs. R. Thiel, R. Thombley. R. Rosiek. L. Baltzer. Middle Row: F. Syzdek, M. Larente, P. Blaszinski, A. Carnaghi. I. Aiello. I. Starr. E. Romps. G. Grazicani. G. Nosseck. I. Ouellette. R. Benaquisto. S. Urban. P. Labicrlc, Bottom Row: R. Pfrenders, W. Schaiistein. D. Koerber. B. Molinaro, N. Stackpoole, C. Glodich, A. Gaynor, P. Locricchio. M. Cronin. R. Yandura, R. Swoish. F. Barbieri. T. Stein. 41 September be ins St. Anthony's Church Tower, a neighborhood landmark. Sodality "Buy a Pencil Drive" Elizabeth Simmons, Mary Ann Berthiaume, Iudy An- drews and Iohn Keller start the day with morning Mass. The new school year begins with the Mass ot the Holy Ghost. patronized by Daniel Nowak purchasing pencil from Val- erie Reguzzoni while Mary Kortz corners William Kady. Win or lose the team pays its after-game visit tor a whispered prayer. 42 N . 2 ff Z X 6,9 if D S' Q ,n , 1 M ctoher Sodality Living Rosary. C.S.M.C. Christmas Card Super Salesmen-L. to H. M. L'Esperance. B. Plochi, M. A. Sharer, D. Ross, E. Sharer. R. Pilnicki, H. Hampel. A. Kozma. Ioyce Leahy cmd Ioe Gaynor step lively to the snappy rhythm of the orchestra at the Drafting Class dance. Even the very modem enjoyed the old-time Virginia Reel at lhe Fresh- man Halloween Parly. Bernard Grady and Lois Baker form an arch for Norman Blohm and Barbara Borella. Drafting II-Standing: W. Lang. I. Sumeracki, R. Kolpasky. Back row: W. Thomas, R. Kline, Marilyn Melewicz practicing a shift key drill while Anne Shubnell E. Wilt. Front row: L. Komack. A. Scalici, brushes up on brief forms. B. Kennedy. X ra' - xmm: Paper Drive staff Chnstmas card stock clerks all busy with CSMC iuncl ra1s1ng prolects In truck, L. to R., M. Lucido, B. Schmidt, I. Scherr, C. Rocheleau, I. Rubino. Below: R. Kolpasky, D. Wojciechowski, W. Kady. Stock room, L. to R., K. Sullivan, E. Noah, A. Duchene, I. Spezia, F. Oliv- eria, D. Gosh, A. Kozma, I. Berger, T. Stein. Lower picture, L. to R., I. Sumeracki, W. Waldorf, E. O'Trompke. B. Grady, H. DeGrouchy. D. McCarthy L Marcmkowskx S R Messacar D Doebler M Sharer C Van Pachmayer, I. Barthelmy, set up apparatus lor General Fleteren make use of geometr1c techmque to Science experiment. make school posters November Open-House night: Parents enioy Modern History as given by Barbara Kulka and Richard Ioseph. Mary A. Scherer, Mary C. Nadon and Gladys Doebeck become a living part of the huge vocation day poster. P.T.A.-open house night. D. Iankowski and his father make it just ahead ot I. Sobieski and his mother. Mrs. Kennedy, Bruce and Mr. Kennedy come prepared to attend shortened eve- ning classes. November 7-election day-seniors go to polls. B. Yizze and L. Wojcik hand their ballots to R. De Baker while R. Fisher checks registration of M. L. Krupzcak. ecember Sodality group packaging gifts for the Harbor Springs Indian children. For the first time, the high school carried out the Advent Wreath Ceremonial. Father Zupkie's exhortation over the P.A. system was followed by a short prayer. Each classroom had its own wreath. S. Garbarino, G. Valenta, R. Fasse, M. Peitz and L. Burns are shown lighting the candles of their own homeroom wreath. H81 I will V ' S Nativity scene from Christmas program. lil: --,X V "'!1l15,15-:ali .J ,V . S, Q if +1 K XIX Tb' gg Angels, L. to R., M. Baird, C. Doran. M. A. M X i Schutter, G. Doebeck, S. Santiago. 5 H. Starr as Saint Ioseph: A. Hillery as ,fi i Blessed Mother. A lp The rich harmony of beautiful old Christ- mas Carols filled the school corridors when the Girls' Choral Group surprised the students with cr song-gift just before the holidays began. January High School Retreat Father Hugh Hasson, C.PP.S. directed the upper classmen in an unforgettable three- day retreat. A special session "For boys only" was held in the study hall. The sophomore and freshmen groups. un- der Father Eugene Lucky. C.PP.S., met in the school auditorium for most of the con- terences. Biology group examining cotton in-the-raw. L. to R., D. Boertman, B. Kulka, M. Sobak, D. Ianowski, I. Turowski. M. Kortz and R. Kolpasky as well as E. Otrompke and P. Chrzan enjoy waltz-time at the Holy Name dance, the opening social event of the New Year. First semester exams over . . . With ft deep deep breath writ xiii' ' LLAQWMWW February Latin II class read about the adventures of Caesar. Front row, l. to r. E. Landy. D. Sansoterra. M. E. Stevens, T. Clancy, B. Torres. Back row: C. Eovaldi, R. Avolia R. Calomeni, I. LaFata. Prelude-sponsored Mardi Gras high- lights colorful floats. Father Zupkie distributes ashes to R. DeBaker, L. Kornack, W. Lang, C. Sa- wicki, B. Schmidt, R. Brombach. F. Giet- zen who all started Lent the right way by attending Mass. M. Spragg amuses M. Codd with her lite story while F. Riehl interviews R. Fisher for the Senior write-ups in the ANTHOLITE. we plunge into the work of the second, and last, semester ,,, 1 March Mr. W. Fleming, Eleanore A. Smith. Paul Cloutier and Mr. B. Langin give an interesting talk to the upper class- men on the aims and purposes of Iunior Achievement. Little Sisters ot the Poor gratefully carry away the many eggs collected by St. Anthony students in the Sodality sponsored annual Easter Egg Drive. Richard DeBaker and Ioris Nuytten experimenting with the vacuum pump in the physics lab. Cicero's Home is re-discovered by R- KOYCICIS help-S l- MCIYCTI- Ioris Nuytten, Alyce Zacharski, i0He generate hYd1'0g9!1 in and Michael Giambattista in a the chemistry class. Lqtin IV Class, Busy secretaries-to-be in the making. While M. Codd and M. Lessnau transcribe shorthand takes. S. Gurtz gets in some dictaphone practice. I. Arnold seems to be flashing a receptionist smile. I. Duchene goes on bravely explaining to parents and students that the sum of the angles . . . oh. welll M. L. Cooley, B. Schmidt and W. Thomas spend their all-too- little leisure time reading good books in the St. Anthony library. Interest and distance prob- lems puzzle the Algebra ll class. At board: L. Esch- rich and B. Kramer. Back Row: T. Buyze. A. An- drews, A. Brooks. C. Wot- lowa. Front row: R. Wil- son, I. Klatt, B. I. O'Connor. April The regular Tuesday line-up for con- fessions during the eight o'clock mass kept the priest busy. Part oi the line-up, L. to R., Dorothy Abate, Mary Ann Stosiak, Marilyn Noble, Esma Nihem and Mary Agnes Labiak. Father Rodak enrolls new Sodal- ists into Freshman Sodality. R. to L., Donald Szczesny, Marie La- rente and Harry Geelan. Forever Albert Production Staff Stage Managers: D. Fanale, L. Rivard, B. Yizze. Scenery, W. Thomas, S. Pugliese, R. Bromloacln, S. Lesmeister, B. Kinsler, M. A. Labiak. Props: S. Gurtz, V. Dennis, B. Ge-loauer, M. A. Stosiak, T. Kress, I. Leahy. FOREVER ALBERT, senior class play was iun AND work. Scenery had to be re-painted: here we have Mary Agnes Labiak and Rosemary Lesmeister doing just that. Lighting' l-l. McCourt, R. Mealaugh, M. L. Cooley. Make-up: G. Kozlowski, B. Penny, M. Anolrezik, M. A. Brown, S. Santiago. Costumes: M. A. Schutter, M. Nosseck, M. I. Spragg, I. Serazio, N. Mueller. Props had to be gathered and careiully checked by Virginia Dennis, Barbara Gebauer and Marianne McDonald. X i Mixed Chorus Group Mary Lou Turner Ellen Turner . . Lucy Turner .... Milton Rudy . . . Benny Turner Ben Turner . . . Hank Morris . . . Z At the Gratiot streetcar stop Margie Stevens, Ioan Metron, Margie Andrezik, Rosemary Badaczewski, and Ioann Scon- ciaturno wait for transportation home and to work. THE CAST I. Mololey . . E. Gloss l. A. Dillon .W. Ribant . . C. Seller iegentelcler ., l-l. Starr Albert Kirby . lanice Turner Keith Bristol . Vivian Wilson . . I. Nuytten . D. Murray . G. Valenta R. Le-srneister Mr. Lucas , . . R. Ziegentelder Mrs. lackson . . . M. C. Nadon Annamae . . . L. Garavaglia The cast was ably directed by Miss Ioan Mauer. Milton the Iceman fWalter Ribantj proves to be an unwelcome interruption to Novelist Lucy Uo Ann Dillonj. Miss Mauer instructs Hank Morris CHenry Starr, and Ben Turner CNorm Ziegenfelderl on the proper technique of a friendly handshake. Mrs. Turner fElizabeth Glossl and Mary Lou Uoan Mobleyl seem slightly amused. M ay "O Mary we crown 'libs-0 lV1'rh blossoms IOCIICIU Quecn of thc Angels flmf Qzzevn of the May" Mary Ann Brown, Sodality Vice-Prefect, crowns our Heavenly Mother, Queen of the May. Frances Riehl and Marjorie Codd show an interested newcomer, Frances Over- we cashier, one of the important, though messy, steps in year book work-pasting pictures. Witches cast their spells, Macbeth plots Duncan's downfall and Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane-while Sister Mary Daniel plays Macbeth recordings to her English IV class. I. Gloss and T. Kreitmeyer examine a miniature Globe Theater. 1 . unior-Senior Prom CA SILVER FANTASY J Senior guests carry happy memories with them as they depart from the Iunior prom. Back row: Bill Lang and Elizabeth Gloss. Front row: Norm Ziegentelder, Margie Lessnau, Francis Gietzen and Marlene Korloch. MEMORIES: My Date 4- 4 , Best dance number 4 ,I m After-dance snack at 4 L. to R., Bruce Kennedy, Bob Ziegen- Ielder, Barbara Yizze, Santo Marinesi, Bernice Urban and Theresa Urban. Panel discussion on "Christ the King of Literature" in Freshman English class. L. to R., B. Glines, G. Graziani, P. Labiak, I. Starr. G. DeBaker. Line, color and style are carefully studied in Art Appreciation. L. to R., B. McDonald. M. A. Lee, T. Ryder. V. Licari, M. Pletz, G. I-Iartrick, D. Binsield. June Balance Sheets always balance-well almost always for B Kinsler, I. Weil and E. Otrompke. Glorla Selwert leads English HI discussion group A Merrelli, A. Andrews, D. Wojciechow- ski D Geelen and M. Kortz. A Nuytten K Huri, I. Leahey and N. Ziegen- felder put mto actual practice the principles learned 1n General Business classes. Future nurses M. A. Schutter, C. A. Christ, M. Neary, M. Taubitz, M. A. MacDonald, P. Grady, I. Andrews, I. Smith, S. Gurtz, C. Dulcamara, S. Santiago, F. Riehl, M. Budzinski, and M. Baird watch Iosephine Serazio, president, sign the charter for the new club started here this year. and Graduation R. Thiel and the Roman Senate glibly praise Caesar while I. Ioseph competently jots down a Latin translation in Freshman Latin group. The problem must be right, T. Magnoli, E. Wil- son and T. Goglesl-:i's proofs say so. The class, V. Wieczorek, I. Fisher, E. Sharer, M. A. Cha- teau, M. Laurent. D. Horn and T. Szankin seem to agree. Maps and globes tell more than seems at first apparent, so say M. Huthmacher. I. Ardito, I. Conniff. and I. Spezia in the Geography class. Happy seniors march to church for commencement exercises and their hard-earned diplomas. Iean Powell admires her sister Ioan ir1 cap and gown on that long-awaited day. Studious seniors matching wits with the author of their final American history exam. Front row: Louise Iakubowski, Beverly Win- stanley. Middle row: Barbara Winkler, Ioann Turkal, Elaine Schnuphase. Back row: Ioanne Hepp, Gloria Trompics. Insert: Miss Eileen Wagner. Exchanging pictures, together with high school memories, are: L. to R., Lillian Naples, Annette Tuharsky, Beatrice Rutkowski, Franklin Iwankovitsch, and Charles Seiler. Ioan Powell double checks Margie Lessnau and Lena Misuraca's Balance Sheet. Enjoying their favorite period of the day are Betty Kinsler, Ioe Grimaldi, Nancy Mueller, Richard Marcil and Iudy Andrews. W2 6 7 4 5? 6 5 1 4 ,S 5 , K, if JZ UZ 1 V V - V V, Vmz-m,-wgopfm-:if-: V--- as Mwc:momV-M-oxmmamnwmmkm-mzfzozf-- ----W2-.s--wV:w-5-12-:V-we-f-VV-mfL1-mewwwwmMM..wxm,..w9.+,M.Maw:-4:amimmwzmqg-wmxawk-m-Q-fmmm,2,,fi.a.s-,Vsf:V:VgVV Football Top row: R. Calomeni, S. DiMaggio, G. Lacey, F. Gutman, R. Marcil, H. Starr, F. Losh. 2nd row: R. Bethuy, P. Saigh. K. Lane, G. Scherr, B. Wieczorkowski, R. Bucci. 3rd row: A. Scalici, D. Abood, R. Boertman, F. DeMeg1io, R. Ruth. MARTIN ANTONELLI CAPTAIN 4th row: R. Daudlin, R. Marsack, R. Kline, A. Zeller, L. Kornack, I. Rarnrnalaere, D. Currie. 5th row: I. Gaynor, I. Kobylski, I. Kare, T. Doherty, W. Ribant, I. Roe. 6th row: B. Kady, I. Rubino, R. Dimmer, S. Latone, C. Rocheleau. G. Rosingana. Football Highlights An inexperienced but eager St. Anthony squad faced Saint Catherine under the lights in the new Mack-Interparish field Sunday night, September 17, before a crowd of five thousand, to open the 1950 football season. A strong and equally eager St. Catherine eleven came up with an unex- pected victory over the defending City Champs by a score of 24-0. 60 COACH, MR. IOHN SHADA, puts the football FATHER CHARLES BRICHER C PP S and basketball teams through the paces. St. Anthony's athletic director In its next game against Lourdes, St. Anthony again succumbed to a stronger team by being left at the short end of a 14-7 score. After receiving two defeats in a row, an improving St. A's was out to avenge 1tself in its third non league tilt against a big Shrine of the Little Flower Squad' but Cl9'CIiI1 1'eCeiV9d CI l'1eCI1'fb1'eCIk11'1g 2 0 defeat. Now entering their fourth game, but the first of the league games, a down-trodden Teuton team again lost a hard-fought contest to De LaSalle on the Pilots' home field. Finally beginning to show life and recovering from their season slump, the Red and White trounced St. Stanislaus by a 40-0 victory under the lights at De La Salle field. The Teutons displayed much better football ability in this game than they had all sea- son which is evident by their overwhelming victory. Disaster again struck the Teuton eleven as they lost a mid-afternoon game to St. Ladislaus at Keyworth Stadium by the slim margin of one point. At the sound of the final gun, the score tallied 7-B in favor of St. Lad's. This game was all the more important, since its outcome was to decide whether or not St. Lad's rated a trip to the Soup Bowl. St. A's put up a terrific fight but again lacked sufficient stamina for a victory. The Teutons, now playing their last league game of the season, dropped a 19-U decision to St. Ioseph in a night game at Mack-Interparish field. The whole game was played in a foggy rain making ball handling slippery and the running attack nearly im- possible. This game was the end of a tough and fruitless sea- son for the St. Anthony eleven, but there is always another year. 61 l. Bob Dimmer streak- ing along on an end run picks up yardage for the Teutons while outrunning nearly the whole Shrine team. 2. Richard Daudlin ar- gues his point as mem- bers of the St. Ladis- laus team seem to dis- agree. 3. Sibby Plourde ot St. Anthony drives tor a short gain on a sloppy field as Bob Ruth blocks the oncoming St. Ioe tacklers. 4. A Shrine ball carrier is downed by a driving St. Anthony tackler as another Teutoner races to add assistance. BIG SPOTTERS C lflowlln H- STARR I. KOLLEY t W. RIBANT R. MILLER R. ZIMMERMAN TEN SPOTS I. RAMMALAERE E. GAC G. HOULIHAN D. IANIZEWSKI F. GORSKE GUTTER BOYS K. HULBURD R. KOLPASKY R. ZIEGENFELDER I. WEIL FINAL STANDINGS B. SCHMIDT Win Lose PINMARKERS Big Spotters , 63 29 S. PUGLIESE Pinmcxrkers 4 54 aa W- HINKSON - T. DASCHKE LaV:cxGutter , 51 41 E. OTROMPKE King Pins ., .49 43 I. ROE Ten Spots . 47 45 Gutter Boys ,45 47 Holy Rollers ,36 56 Zuit-Suits ,. . 27 65 ZUIT-SUITS D. WATSON I. NEATON I. KOBYLSKI R. ALLEGRATI A. RIBANT LA VIA GUTTER L. BERRA E. LAWRENCE R. CALOMENI C. NOWAK I. LA PATA HOLY ROLLERS I. CONIFF R. THIEL R. DICHTEL D. ZENGER KING PINS W. SMITH I. BERGER T. STEIN H. GEELEN . YW awp--n TWO SPARES ALLEY CATS PIN POINTERS PIN-UPS ci A FLAT I. DARRAGH M. L. COOLEY M. PIETZ D. MURRAY B. YIZZE I. SERAZIO E. SIMMONS B- PENNY F. RIEHL L. MISURACA E. ISROW M. A. SCHUTTER BOWLING BELLES A. ZACHARSKI M. I. SPRAGG G. KOZLOWSKI STARLETS C. DORAN M. A. BROWN V. DENNIS GWENDOLYNS L. RIVARD L. GARAVAGLIA s. SANTIAGO SPARETTES P. GRADY I. GAINOR P. CRONIN Bowling nits Flash-bam-alakazaam-and kerplopl Another sen- ior dusts off her dress and tries again to deliver that heavy ball down the alley. Though the boys may boast of their high aver- ages and scott at the girls, the gals can still toss a mighty wicked ball-both ways-as some spec- tators will readily agree. The averages range from 113 to 74. Top bowlers among the girls are Carol Doran 113, Pat Grady 112, and Lorraine Garavaglia 112. High game is held by Dot Murray, 175. Under the supervision ot their officers, President Carol Doran, and Secretary Betty Penny, the Wednesday bowling moves along smoothly. To spur the girls on. a donation of ten cents each week trom everyone adds up to a big banquet at the end ot the year. Fitting climax to a fun-filled season! Crash! Wham! Ten pins are flying. as our Iunior Bowling League commences to set a record for St. Anthony High School. Orchids to the president, Rolande Kirouac, who has the highest game ot 160 with an average ol 115. This knock-em-down. set-em-up lass is a member of the Tip-Toppers team who let the Ter- mites score highest, winning 32 games and losing 16. Members of this lively team are: Marlene Zab- kiewicz, Constance Melanson, and Alice Fountain. An individual handshake to each and every member of the eight bowling teams ol the Iunior Class. They have been doing their best this year and the results are gratifying. Speaking ol results. has anyone watched the gesticulations being performed each Thursday at the Palace Recreation Center? Talent tor Tele- vision! DOODLE BUGS N. VAN WAMBEKE A. ANDREWS P. ZIELINSKI TERMITES M. ZABKIEWICZ C. MELANSON A. FOUNTAIN CRICKETS P. PERREAULT L. MINCHELLA R. LEPPEK MARIONETTES M. A. STEINHEBEL P. BOIKE G. ZIELINSKI THREE FLEAS TIP TOPPERS THREE ANTS BED BUGS P HENNINGSEN I. MAGNESS E. D'ANDREA D. KURRIE H. QUINKERT R. KIROUAC L. RICHIE A. OTTOLINI M. A. SELTER B. L. FISCHL R. OLDANI M. A. Dl PIRRO BOYS' "A" CLUB OFFICERS I. Kolley, Sergeant at arms F. Losh, Publicity Director I. Keller, President Father Charles Bricher, Director M. Antonelli, Vice-President H. Starr, Secretary D. F anale. Cheerleader Director P. Saighf Knot in picturel Treasurer "A" Club officers, under the direction of Father Bricher and Sister Mary Ellen, plan social programs to be sponsored by the Athletic Association. THE social event ol the year is the "A" Dance, held in early spring. GIRLS' "A" CLUB OFFICERS C. Doran, Vice-President Sister Mary Ellen, Director I. Stodolak, Treasurer B. Penny, Secretary D. Murray. President .- BASKETBALL - VARSITY TEAM D. Currie, A. Zeller. I. Rammalaere, I. Kolley, R. Bucci. B. Litzan, D. Haggerty, L. Plourde, W. Kacly, R. Zimmerman. and A. Stefani. No game is really complete without the team Cheerleaders. Here they are: Standing, L to R., A. Burkemo, D. Fanale, K. Chalmers. Kneeling: L. Eschrich, I. Buclzinski. ff raine Kaltz, Coach Standing, L to R. Rolande Kirouac Dorothy K u r ri e Dorothy Murray C a r o 1 D o r a n Mary Ann DiPirro Kneeling. L. to R L o i s McNamara Penny. GIRLS' RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM, L. to R., Nancy Van Wam- beke. Mary Rivard, Caro! Kirouac, Ioan Zolnoski, Iean Willard. Pa- tricia Cronin. Irene Mecha, Eliza- beth Roclemsky, Iulia Gentry. Ieanette Gainor, Mary Lou Gentry. Ioan Tercheck, Shirley Kuhn. 68 VARSITY T E A M gets final instruc- tion from Miss Lor- Lorraine Gara- vaglia, Betty Lorrcune Caravaglia Betty Penny S9 Schedule Score Date Opponents St. A. Op. Ian. 7 Nativity .,.. 13 High Scorer: L. Garavaglia Ian. 14 St. Charles ,, 15 High Scorer: C. Doran Ian. 21 Annunciation 25 High Scorer: C. Doran Ian. 28 St. Catherine 2 Forfeit Feb 4 St. David 22 High Scorer: C. Doran Feb. 11 St. Elizabeth 42 High Scorer: C. Doran Dorothy Murray Carol Doran Basketball Roundups As the basketball season of 1951 comes to a close for another year, the scores tallied on the scoreboard looked quite disappointing. The team finished up the season playing ten scheduled games. with but two of these being vic- tories. The entire squad consisted of 10 men, who even though ending an unsuccess- ful season, gave their all for a team victory. Those who carried away scoring honors on the Teuton five included, Daniel Currie with 137 points, Iames Kolley, captain, with 120 points, and Sibby Plourde with 75 points. Following close behind these were Bob Litzan, Dennis Haggerty, Adam Zeller, Russell Bucci, Richard Zimmerman, and Anthony Stefani. This year's team was expected to do great work since it consisted of several six footers and over, but it seems they started off on the wrong foot and couldn't recover from their slump. The team of '51 has been the only team in several years which has had more than five six footers playing on it. Since a few of these tall boys are under- classmen, the team of '52 should be lined up for a great season. So let's all give the team of '51 a big 'hurrah' for eifort and look forward to a successful season next year. Teutonette Briefs Ianuary 7-The opening league game for the Teutonettes proved to be a sad one as a strong Nativity team won 19-13. At half-time an 8-7 score with St. Anthony on the short end showed a nip-and-tuck battle: 22 fouls marked the game, only 4 were committed by the Teutonettes. Ianuary 14-Seconds before the end of the game the tying basket was scored for St. Anthony against a strong St. Charles team. Defensive play of the guards held down the St. Charles team to 15 points. Ianuary 21-St. Catherine forfeited in favor of St. Anthony 2-U. Ianuary 28-A St. Anthony Teutonettes rally in the last quarter fell 3 points. The underdogs. Annunciation, pulled an upset and won 28-25. February 4 marked the scene of a hard-fought battle and was the third loss for St. Anthony. Dauntless spirit could not overcome the fighting St. David's who emerged the winners by a score of 23-22. February 11-The last game of the season was a sparkling victory for the Teutonettes, who drubbed St. Elizabeth 42-16. Strong defensive and offensive plays marked the superior St. Anthony team. Lx At the Paragraph Press, regular Antholite Patron. I. Sobie- B. Fredal. C. VanFleteren. C. Gualdoni window-shop at Mon ski, I. Ouellette, R. Kordos. arch Furniture. Nleet 0ur Advertisers and Patrons Pages 60. 61 and 62 sponsored by THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OF ST. ANTHONY HIGH SCHOOL Page 5 sponsored by BRUCK UNIFORM COMPANY WEYHING BROTHERS MFG. 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STORE Mobilgas and Mobiloil GlTc3giEgOINTE REVIEW S1'leI'lC1Gl'1 G1 PCIll'l'leI' and 2-lleggheval WA' 1-3583 lnsurance of All Kinds "THQ Oldest and largest 3120 G t' t A . - MR. fs. M:Rs.1. DE BAKER LGA 7-12250 Ve Compliments ot DETRQIT CANDY CQ. FRANK'S QUALITY GRUNOW DRUG STORE Contectionery MEAT MARKET 6800 Kei-che-vat Ave. Distributors 12412 Van Dyke LO. 7-0016 35 W, letterson Avenue WA. 1-0930 Detroit 7, Michigan Open Sundays lIM'S BARBER SHOP 9644 E. Warren larnes Caruso, Prop. KEBBE BROS. COAL CO Coal and Coke 9761 Van Dyke Ave. WA. 1-0848 I OE KOPITZKI LAKEPOINTE INN 15203 E. Warren Steaks and Chops Page 38 sponsored by Flowers for all occasions WA. 1-8030 '14 M. A. Schutter. I. Icxcobucci. M. Budzinski inspect wares at B. Kennedy, T. Kreitmeyer. R. Marcil in front oi Frcmk's A1lor's religious store. Quality Meat Market. KOSS AUTO RADIO MONARCH FURNITURE DR. E. A. PETERMAN 4434 Woodward cor. Canfield 6. UPHOLSTERING 7301 Gratiot TE. 2-8131 WA. 1-0880 limmie F. Bloink, Prop. KOTCHER OLDSMOBILE CO. Cadillac and Oldsmobile page 39 Sponsored by 15554 E. Warren H- A 1- Kotchef MORLEY'S CANDIES C. A. 1. Kotcher H. 1. Kotcher 8701 Gratiot Ave. Detroit 13, Mich. MR. GMRS. c. LAVALLEY ESI' 1919 LIPKE HARDWARE MOSKINS CREDIT Anthony 1. Lipke C1'O1H1NG , --Evewthmg in Hard- Clothing lor the Family Wmeff 7754 Harper Paints-Glass-House- WA- 1-1917 Wares W. F. Graham, manager 5701 McDougall Ave. Compliments ot the LOU'S CAVE MOTHERS' CLUB RECREATION 'The only concrete cave , in the Country" Compliments ot Bowling-Cocktail Ear NORTHWAY TOBACCO 4871 Mt. Elliott 6. CANDY CO. WA. 2-8278 PALMER 6. FIELD MAX'S IEWELRY CO. MARKET 8855 VariDyke at Harper 10000 los. Campau 4771 Michigan 5553 Chene 7312 Woodward MR. 6. MRS. CHARLES MILLAR IOS. P. MILLER QS SON FUNERAL HOME 13501 Van Dyke Ave. TW. 1-2400 75 Groceries ci Meats Beer CS Wine 5702 Field cor. Palmer WA. 2-8128. We deliver PARAGRAPH PRESS 8251 Gratiot Ave. WA. 1-2330 lohn Slcotcher, Proprietor PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION PETRINA BRIDAL SHOP 22211 Gratiot Ave. East Detroit Prescott 8-8822 ROBISON - PHILLIPS CORP. 7835 Gratiot Ave. WA. 1-4580 Page 40 sponsored by S 6. G WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. 505 Michigan Ave. Detroit, Michigan WO. 2-5251 ST. ANTHONY PARISH HOLY NAME SOCIETY ST. ANTHONY'S USHER CLUB ST. IOHN BERCHMAN'S YOUNG LADIES' SODALITY WM. I. SEEWERKER Home Remodeling Roofing, Siding, Tinning 7838 E. Warren WA. 1-1812 TOWNSEND PHARMACY 7483 Gratiot WA. 1-0383 Prescription Specialists T 6. W GRILL 2328 E. 7 Mile Rd. Tillie and Wibbs, Prop. Home Cooking TWIN PINES FARM DAIRY Tames Russo, Prop. Offering the tinest in dairy products TU. 2-7083 URBAN FRONTCZAK FUNERAL HOME Modern Facilities Originally established 1810 5328 McDougall WA. 1-3208 VAN HORN'S Get Your Tuxedos at Van Horn's, The Store of Friendly Service 14221 Harper VE. 8-8038 WU'RM'S RECREATION CO. Since 1880 ZOLTOWSKI MARKET 4701 St. Aubin TE. 2-3485 Page 41 sponsored by DAN UBE WAVE SHOPPE 2255 E. Forest TE. 1-3383 R. Fcxsse. I. Duchene visit Mueller's Shoe Store. I. Gentilicx, K. Lcme cmd I. Kolley buy a "Coke" cd Pack- EARL'S BIKE SHOP 16392 Harper TU. 1-0380 EASTERN PAINT 61 GLASS CO. 7316 Gratiot at Townsend FORESTLAWN SERVICE 13042 Van Dyke Mike Toth, Prop. FRED'S HI SPEED GAS STATION Baldwin at Palmer GLASER'S 7355 Gratiot Ave. MR. 5. MRS. I. GLOSS MIR. 6 MRS. IOHN LAPA SAM LEE LAUNDRY LAWRENCE McCOY 6401 E. Forest MR. 6- MRS. L. F. NAPLES NORMAN FURNITURE CO. 16550 E. Warren TU. 2-5060 MR. 6. MRS. FRANKLIN QUINKERT L. I. OUINKERT CO. Micratone Hearing Aid 1120 Book Bldg. REVENUE REPORTS 5752 Baldwin Ave. Detroit 13, Mich. SAM 6. WALTER'S SAUSAGE SHOP 12436 Morang SAM'S MARKET 7317 Gratiot crrd Pharmacy AGDAN STUDIO PAUL DECARLO MUSIC STUDIO MR. 6- MRS. R. DORAN DU-ALL HARDWARE MR. ALBERT DZIEDZIC EMBER SHOP fShop 52I WA. 1-8488 ESSLINGER an SON Page 48 Sponsored by PLUMBING 5. HEATING Compliments Of FOOD TOWN SUPER SKU'I'I'LE MFG. CO. MARKET 4099 Beautait SON REALITY 14135 Gratiot LA. 7-5000 Compliments Ot GIRLS' SENIOR BOWLING LEAGUE lENNIE'S DRESS SHOPPE MR. 6. MRS. PAUL SPATT M- D. KOPACKA Kshop In Compliments Ot KRAUSE QUALITY MR. AND MRS. P. NEARY Page 49 sponsored by RUSSELL'S CURTAIN LAUNDRY 6. CLEANERS SAM'S MARKET ST. ANTHONY GIRL SCOUTS TROOP 320 SAWICKI BROS. MR. 6. MRS. C. SCONCIAFURNO MR. 6. IVIRS. A. SZANKIN THREE BLONDS AND A BLACKHEAD, '52 MR. 6. MRS. F. THIEFELS MR. 5 MRS- WALTER THOMAS '51 IOHN URBANOWICZ MARKET vER-IO'S FLOWERS Compliments of MR. AND MRS. S. KUHN VIVIAN'S PASTRY SHOP IOS WIECZOREK 5508 8 ld ' - f G Wm IOAN LAPA '51 AGENT MICH. LIFE INS. H. F. 5. A. F. WEITENBERNER MR. AND MRS. L. NADON MR. 5. 1v1Rs. SAM YIZZE 76 Page 50 sponsored by Mr. G Mrs. Abate A. Adamczak Iosephine Aiello, '54 Virginia Aiello, '53 Anthony Agvol Alan Dale Fan Club Annette Allafrancia, '54 Mr. 6. Mrs. Allafrancia Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Allegrati Mary Allegrati Richard Allegrati, Ir. Mr. 61 Mrs. Andary Tom Andre, '48 Arlene Andrews. '52 Iohn Andrews Mr. G Mrs. Leo Andrews Mrs. Marie Andrezik Donna Iean Antonelli, '53 Mr. Gene Antonelli Marion Antonelli, '51 Mr. 6. Mrs. M. Antonelli Mr. 6. Mrs. P. Antonelli Warren Antonelli Anne Archambeau Frank Apel Tom Atchison, '53 Robert Avolio. '53 Mr. QS Mrs. Al Ayotte Mr. 61 Mrs. E. Badaczewski Arthur Baird Loraine Baird Ralph Baird Gertrude Ballew Barbara's Beauty Shop Theresa Barczewski Richard Baroli, '52 Mr. 6 Mrs. V. Baranowski Mrs. Helen Barthelemy Ioan Barthelemy Mr. Ray Barthelemy E. Bauman Walter B. Bayman Sharon Beattie, '53 Mr. ci lVIrs. G. Beauvais Earl Bell, '53 Don Benoit, '49 Mr. G Mrs. E. Benoit Sally Berant, '52 Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Bernasconi Mr. 5. Mrs. E. Berninger Page 51 sponsored by Mrs. Robert Bershback The Better Home Shop Vincent Biecker Vincent I. Biecker Mrs. Biedermann, '38 Ioan Bielski, '53 Ioseph Oscar Bilot Daniel Binsfield, '53 77 Frances Bishop, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. Ios. Black Lloyd Bleau, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. D. Blond Dr. QS Mrs. Boccaccio Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Boccaccio Stella Bodalski Marvin I. Bodick. '53 Donald Boertmann, '53 Robert Boertmann, '53 Mr. QS Mrs. Iohn Boike Patricia Boike, '52 Charlene Bolda, '53 Mr. :S Mrs. E. Bolton Elizabeth Bonanni, '53 Don Bonanno, '49 Geraldine Bone, '53 Mr. QS Mrs. I. Born Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Vanden Bossche Armand Bove Boys of 112 Brigg's Pharmacy Bob Brisse Pauline Brodzinski Arlene Brooks, '52 Mr. Casper Brooks Mrs. Casper Brooks Loretta Brooks Marjorie Brooks Mr. 6. Mrs. Brown Mary Ann Brown, '51 Mr. 6. Mrs. Louis Bruder Mr. 6 Mrs. Ted Bruske Mr. 6. Mrs. Nick Bucci Mr. G Mrs. R. Buckman Mr. Harold Budzinski Ioseph Budzinski, '53 Mrs. Anna Burke Ioanne Burke, '53 Matthew Burke, '54 Mr. Theodore Burke Shirley Buss, '53 Iames Butke, '47 Page 52 sponsored by Rita Butke, '39 Carol Byle, '53 Mrs. Iohn Byle Mrs. Carlo Calcaterra Ioe Calcaterra, '49 Regina Calcaterra, '53 Mrs. Marion Campbell Mr. G Mrs. Sam Candea Victoria Cappellaro, '50 Mr. 6. Mrs. Ios. Caringi Mr. 61 Mrs. A. Carnago Carol Carnago, '53 Carol and Iim, '51 Father Castello, O.S.M. Mr. 6 Mrs. Celmer Chalmer's Cleaners Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Chateau Mr. G Mrs. Marvin Chop Eddy Chorenziak, '54 Gladys Chorenziak Ioann Chorenziak, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. G. Chouinard Iames Cichocki Mr. Iames Clancy Terence Clancy, '53 Mrs. G. I. Codd Mr. G. I. Codd Marjorie Codd, '51 Patricia Codd, '52 Mr. 6. Mrs. Gus Cooper Ann Corrias. '53 Ray Cotner, Esq. Carol Cottrell, '52 Sally Ann Cottrell, '45 Sybil Cottrell Carol Ann Couwlier, '53 Mrs. Lauretta Couwlier Mr. 5. Mrs. Leo F. Covey Mr. G Mrs. Leo Covey Mr. 61 Mrs. B. E. Cox Mr. 6. Mrs. Cronin Mr. 6: Mrs. Geo. Cronin Patricia Cronin, '51 Ianet Cunnelly. '53 Betty D'Agnese Nelson I. Dakmaic Dalee Baking Co. Dot Dalian, '52 Mr. :S Mrs. W. Dalian Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Damore Page 53 sponsored by Ella D'Andrea, '52 Mary D'Andrea Arlene Daniels, '53 August Darga, '53 Eileen Daudlin, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. Bert Davon Angela DeBusscher, '42 Kathleen DeBusscher, '67 Rene A. DeBusschere Ianet DeClaire, '53 Mrs. Leo Delorme Mr. 6: Mrs. A. Delue Mr. 6. Mrs. L. DelVicchie Simon DeMaggio, '53 Mrs. Mary Dembeck Marion Dembeck Mr. 61 Mrs. Tom Dembeck Barbara Dembek, '53 Mrs. Cecelia C. Dempz Mr. 6: Mrs. E. D. Denison Mrs. Vernon S. Denton Marie Derwick Mrs. Ann Dillon Bernadette Dillon, '53 Mr. 6- Mrs. Farrand Dine Virginia Dine, '53 Maureen Diviney, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. C. Doebeck Gladys Doebeck, '51 Gerald Doebler Mrs. Feliz A. Doetsch Margaret Doherty Mr. 6. Mrs. Paul Doherty Tom Doherty. '52 Ralph Dohring Marlene Dolesky, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Dombroski Mr. 61 Mrs. A. Domeneck Ioseph Donahue, '53 Barbara Doran Mrs. Arthur Dronzkowski Lucille Dube, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Dudzinski Ralph Dueweke, '53 Mr. 6 Mrs. C. Duman Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Dwyer Mr.6.Mrs. Dzieciolowski Mr. 6. Mrs. M. Dziminski East Side Photography Mr. :S Mrs. Al Eklund Page 54 sponsored by Ioann Eklund, '53 Charles Eovaldi, '53 Mr. Robert Ermiger Mr. G Mrs. G. Eschrich Lawrence Eschrich, '52 Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Esslinger Ruth Esslinger Michael Faba, '53 Mr. :S Mrs. Iohn Fasse G. M. Felczek Mr. :S Mrs. I. Fenech Christina Ferrera Antoinette Ferzo, '53 Mr. 6: Mrs. Fred Fisher Arlene Fitzpatrick Mr. 6 Mrs. R. Fleming Mr. QS Mrs. I. Fluent Tom Fluent, '52 Ioan Fournier, '53 Mr. :S Mrs. Ed. Foreman Anthony Forrnicola, '53 Herbert Francis Frank's Barber Shop Delphine Frank, '50 Mrs. Elizabeth Fredal Barbara Friedel, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Friedel Mr. G Mrs. S. Friedel A Friend Tom Fulgenzi, '54 Tony Frattorelli Mr. G Mrs. P. Gaeschke Bob Gainor Ieanette Gainor, '51 Mr. G Mrs. V. Gainor Sally Gallagher Vincent Gallagher Sam Gallucci Carol Gariepy, '49 Martin I. Garvin Barbara Gatlield, '53 loseph Gaynor, '53 Donald Genord, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Gentry lulia Gentry, '53 Mary Lou Gentry, '54 Carolyn Gerhard, '53 Gerry's Gift Shop Mr. 5. Mrs. N. Gessner Mrs. William Gest Page 55 sponsored by Mr. 6. Mrs. Henry Gheysens 6: Family Angeline Giambattista Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Gietzen Clement Gietzen, '53 Louis Gipprich, '50 The Girls oi ll2 Louise Giroux, '53 Elizabeth Gloss, '51 Ioseph Gloss, '53 Rosemary Gloss, '48 Mrs. A. I. Gogoleski Tonia Gogoleski, '54 Miss G. Golenberke Mr. :S Mrs. W. Grady Alex Graham Patricia Gray, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Graziani Ioann Gremanprey, '53 Edda Grilli Kurt Grosse Iames Gualdoni, '53 Sophie Gubala Mr. Irven Gurnack Francis Gutman, '52 Bernice Habbel Robert Haining Barbara Hateli, '53 Gordon Haggerty Mr. 6: Mrs. E. Hardy Dennis Harper, '53 Chas. K. Hart Mrs. George Hartrick Gilbert Hartrick Mr. 51 Mrs. W. Heizyk Mrs. Anthony Henk Mr. :S Mrs. E. F. Hepp Ioanne Hepp, '51 Mr. 6: Mrs. L. W. Hepp Frances Hermansen, '52 Mr.cS Mrs. I. Herodzinski Mrs. V. A. Hetzel Leonard Hild, '53 Mr. 6' Mrs. L. I. Hild lVliss Lois Hilgendori Violet Hliebay Mr. 6. Mrs. R. Hobbs Mr. Francis Hoffman Mary Ann Hogan, '50 Ray Holden, '53 Page 56 sponsored by Mr. G Mrs. G. Hoobler Mary Hoobler, '54 Mrs. F. Horn Lillian Horn, '53 Pat Houtteman, '52 Mr. 61 Mrs. Huber Barbara Hulburd, '53 lack Hulburd Theo. Huthmacher, '53 Phillip Isola, '53 Mr. 5. Mrs. F. Isrow Mr. H. Iwankovitsch Mr. 51 Mrs. H. Iwankovitsch Mr. 61 Mrs. I. Iwankovitsch Mr. G Mrs. B. lacks Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Iacobs Dr. Douglas Iameison Mr. cSMrs. L. laniszewski Mr. Ed. Ianiszewski Carol Ianowski, '53 Donald Ianowski, '53 Mr. 51 Mrs. Paul Iantke Mr. 6. Mrs. M. Ianuszcak Ierry Iaworski, '53 I. 6. G. Quality Mkt. Ioe Iendress Mrs. E. Iohr Richard Ioseph, '53 Ianet Iozwick, '53 Iames M. Iuii Marilyn Iuit William Kady, '52 Kathleen Kaiser, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. W. Kaiser Coach Lorry Kaltz Mr. 6. Mrs. P. Kaltz Ioan Kamieniecki, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Kaschalk Dolores Kaschalk, '50 Ernest Kaschalk, '53 Marge Kaschalk, '45 Mr. :S Mrs. I. Kebbe Mrs. Geo. Keena Marian Keena, '51 Edna lean Kelly, '48 ' Miss Pat Kelly Clara Kennedy Ianet Kessler, '54 Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Killian Kay Kimmel Rolande Kirouac Edward Klatt, '53 Mr. 6, Mrs. I. Klescz Page 57 sponsored by Stanley Klescz Iohn Kline Mr. N. Klein Mrs. N. Klein Roger Klein, '53 Mary Ann Klosowski Iohnnie Kmetz Wallace E. Kobylski Harold L. Koch Mr. 5 Mrs. L. Kolley Mr. 61 Mrs. Kolpasky Mary Kolpasky, '50 M. Kolodziejski Ethel Konen, '53 Mrs. I. Konen Mr. :S Mrs. I. Konen Mr. Ioseph Kopecki Ronald Kordos, '52 Mr. 6- Mrs. F. Korth Othmar Korth, '38 Mary Kosmalski, '53 Iimmy Kossek, '53 Shirley Kott, '53 Barbara Kozlowski Beatrice Kozlowski Mr. 61 Mrs. F. Kozlowski Gerry Kozlowski Ioseph I. Kowalski Mr. :S Mrs. I. Krajewski loseph Kramer, '53 Anthony Krause Mr. 6: Mrs. C. Krause Dick Krause, '54 Mrs. Eugene Krause Mr. 6: Mrs. I. Krause Mrs. Margaret Krause Mr. 6: Mrs. R. Krause Rose Marie Krause, '53 Mr. 6: Mrs. B. Kreitmeyer Tom Kreitmeyer, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. B .I. Kress Alex Kron, '53 Henry Kronner, '53 Miss C. Krzyzaniak Shirley Kuhn, '53 Lillian Kukowski Constance Kulis, '53 Carol Kulka, '53 Barbara Kulka, '53 Mr. :S Mrs. Fred Kulka Page 63 sponsored by Mr. 5 Mrs. Max Kulka Dorothy Kulka Miss Irene Kulas Dick Kunnath, '50 Dorothy Kuptz, '54 Mr. 6. Mrs. Frank Kuptz Mr. G Mrs. lack Kuptz Mr. Ray Kuptz, '42 Rose Marie Kuptz, '49 Al Kurscewski Mr. 6: Mrs. Geo. Kurrie Mr. Iohn Labiak Mr. G Mrs. A. Lademan Iack Lademan, '53 Ioan Ladner, '53 Richard LaFaive, '53 Bill Laidlau Ethel Laidlau Mrs. Laidlaw Mr. 6- Mrs. R. Lamberti Edward Lande, '53 Mrs. Shirley Lane Mr. 6: Mrs. D. Lane Richard Lang, '54 Frank Langlois George LaRaia, '53 Marie Larente, '54 Mrs. Marie Larente Larry Lauer Mr. G Mrs. A. Lawicki Bill Lawicki, '53 Mr. 6 Mrs. H. Leahey Ioyce Leahey, '51 Mary Ann Lee, '53 William R. Lee Barbara LeFebrve, '53 Gerald LeFebrve, '53 Lois LeFevre, '53 Marilyn LeFevre Alvin Lehner, '53 Mr. 61 Mrs. B. Lerchen Marilynn L'Esperance Beatrice Lessnau Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Lessnau Gerald Lewinski, '53 Licari's Market State Rep. Lindsay Robert Loewe, '53 Audrey Lokanis Mrs. C. Loren Page B4 sponsored by Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Lucas M.ichael Lucido, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. Mont Lock Mr. G Mrs. C. Lumpkin Charles Lumpkin, '53 Mr. 61 Mrs. T. Lumpkin Mike Lynch, '53 Kenneth Mack Ioseph Magda, '53 Mr. Ted Maika Mr. 6 Mrs. T. Majestic Frank Mangold Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Marchione Louise Marchione. '48 Mr. 6. Mrs. Marcil, Ir. Raymond Marcil Mrs. Rose Marcil Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Marrocco Ray Marsack, '52 Barbara Martin, '53 Mary Lou 6. Terry George Mayfield May Furniture Co. Mary MacGregor, '53 Maggie Maclnnes Margaret McCann, '53 Mr. E. I. McCarthy 78 Mary Lou Mclnerney Frank McCloskey Mr. 6. Mrs. I. McCloskey Lawrence McCoy Robert McCulloch, '53 Barbara Ann McDonald Irene Mecha, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. R. Meissner Constance Melanson Mary Belle Melanson Marlene Melewicz Mr. 6. Mrs. Melewicz Bernard Melling, '37 Leo Melling, '36 Edward Meyers Ronald Messacar, '53 Ioseph Michael Dick Michels, '50 Mickey's Market Mr. 5. Mrs. W. Mieczkowski Mr. 61 Mrs. A. Miller Geraldine Miller Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Miller Page 65 sponsored by Harold Miller Ronald Miller, '53 Mr. 6 Mrs. Wm. Miller Leonora Minchella Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Miramonti Lena Misuraca, '51 Geraldine Moebs, '53 M.r. 61 Mrs. Ray Moebs Marilyn Morasco, '53 Mrs. Leo Mucha Mr. 5. Mrs. Wm. Murray Kenneth Murowski, '50 Mystro Club Robert Naeyaert, '53 Mary Claire Nadon, '51 Elaine Naiewski Grace Najewski, '52 Mary Lou Najewski, '52 Ioanne Nalezyty, '53 Mr. 5 Mrs. W. Nalezytv Lillian Naples, '51 Mrs. Stella Neal Mr. 6: Mrs. E. Nelson, Ir. Mr. 6 Mrs. R. Newman New Tom's Market Richard Allan Newton Ioseph C. Ney Norman Furniture Co. Mr. :Sf Mrs. E. Notarangelo Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Nowaczyk Mr. 6. Mrs. Ray Nowacki Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Nowc Mrs. Helen Nowc Donald Novak, '53 Mrs. Leone O'Gorman Dolores Oldani, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. T. Oliver 79 Carole Olshetski, '53 Oser's Sweet Shop Anna Ottoline, '52 Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Ouellette Nina Palazzola, '53 Sam Palazzola Shirley Pantera, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. H. Pelkey Ioe Pellegrini, '48 Lawrence Pellegrini, '53 Betty Penny, '51 Iohn Perreault, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. H. Peters Leonard Perrin, '53 Page 66 sponsored by Ronald Pettke, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. G. Petty, Sr. Shirley Petty Mr. 51 Mrs. M. Pteiile Mr. G Mrs. E. Pirender Mrs. Max Pilarowsk Dolores Pilnicki Loretta Piontek Leo Piscopink Raymond Piscopink, '53 Ieannette Pitcher, '53 Ilene Place Mrs. Anna Plocki Beverly Plocki, '53 Pauline Pogleike Mr. G Mrs. B. Pokowski Mr. 6 Mrs. A. Pokrieika Mr. 6 Mrs. L. Pomaville Robert Pomaville, '53 Mrs. Iulius Popowski Rosemary Popowski Mr. 6 Mrs. H. Postl Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Pozzini Ierry Pranger, '54 Mr. G Mrs. L. Pranger Mary Iane Pranger Iohn Prass, '53 Mrs. Steve Price Stanley Pruss, Groc. Ianet Purdy, '5 3 Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Purdy Ronald Puwal, '53 Ray Przytulski, '50 Annette Radzwion, '53 Mr. Nicholas Rager Herman Rairick Catherine Ravetta Mr. 6. Mrs. H. Reichenbach Ioan Renke, '48 Mr. G Mrs. C. Restino Arthur I. Ribant Mr. G Mrs. E. Ribant Mr. 6. Mrs. W. Ribant Walt Ribant, '51 Catherine Riehl, '50 Frances Riehl, '51 Mr. :S Mrs. Wm. Riehl Philip Riehman Father Riesenmey, O.S.M. Page 67 sponsored by Carole Rivard Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Rivard Mary Rivard, '53 Sue Rivest, '53 Ioseph A. Rizzi Mr. 6. Mrs. Frank Robin Eugene Rogozynski, '47 Mrs. S. Rogozynski Roy Roman Carl Romano Mr. 6. Mrs. I. E. Romps Mr. :S Mrs. I. I. Romps Ron Rosingana, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. August Ross Mr. 6. Mrs. Wm. A. Ross Ioann Rossi, '53 Iohn Rossi, '53 Marie Rousseau, '52 Roger Rosseau, '53 Royal Dairy Bar Mr. Al Ruehl Mr. Bill Ruggiroli Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Ruggiroli Al Rugienius, '54 Mr. 6. Mrs. R. Rumbaugh Miss H. Russell Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Rutkowski Ioan Rutkowski, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. R. Rutkowski Ed Rutledge, '53 Iim Rutledge, '47 Thomas Ryder, '53 Mr. 5. Mrs. Sam Saigh Sally's Gift Shop Don Sansoterra, '53 Miss Mary Sarrach Frances Saurini, '53 Christine Sawicki, '51 Mr. 6. Mrs. W. Sawicki Patricia Stork, '53 Iudith Scheich Otto Schemansky 6 Sons Rev. I. Scheuer, C.PP.S. Mary Ann Scherer Mrs. Richard Scherer Ierry Scherr. '52 Mr. 6. Mrs. E. Schmidt Leo Iames Schmidt, '53 Ierome Schmidt, '53 Louise Schmidt Page 68 sponsored by Elaine Schnuphase Gertrude Schnuphase Mrs. M. Schnuphase Miss M. M. Schnuphase Mrs. Wm. Schnuphase Wm. P. Schnuphase Dorothy Schuster Mr. 6. Mrs. O. Schwartz Gloria Sconciaturno, '48 Ioann Sconciafurno, '51 Billie T. Scott Mr. 6. Mrs. C. Serazio Charles Serazio Iosephine Serazio, '51 Dick Shacldon Betty Sharer, '54 Ianet Sharer Maryanne Sharer, '53 Mr. G Mrs. I. Sharer Sherwin-Williams Co. Mr. 6- Mrs. L. Shiplock Betty Shiplock Iohn C. Shovlin Mrs. Martha Shubnell Bonita Silvers Mr. 6 Mrs. P. Silvers Mrs. H. Silverstein Daniel Skrobowski, '53 Kathleen Smith Marcella Smith Madeleine Sobak, '53 Mr. :S Mrs. G. Sobak Mr. ci Mrs. E. Sobczak Mr. G Mrs. I. Sobieski Iohn Sobieski, '53 M. A. Sobkowiak, '53 Sophomores, Room 114 Paul Spatt, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. P. Spragg Pvt. Pat Spragg, Ir. Mr. 6- Mrs. I. Starr Richard Staszak, '53 State Wide Construction Mr. Leo Steiten Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Steites Mr. :S Mrs. R. Steinhebel Mr. 6. Mrs. D. Stefani Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Stevens Mr. 6. Mrs. L. Stevens Margie Stevens, '51 Page 69 sponsored by Mary Ellen Stevens, '53 Dickie Stibich, Esq. lean Stodolak, '51 Mr. G Mrs. I. Stodolak Mr. 6. Mrs. Wm. Storch Frances Stosiak, '53 Lillian Sugzda Iames Sullivan, '53 Ioann Supanich, '53 Superettes Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Sutko Mr. 6. Mrs. P. Swoish Mr. 61 Mrs. Iohn Swita Mrs. Rose Switz Pat Swoish, '48 Robert Swoish, '54 Shirley Sylakowski, '53 Anthony Szankin. Ir. Mr. G Mrs. G. Taukert Helen Taukert Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Tchlessen Mr. 6 Mrs. T. Tercheck Mr. 5. Mrs. E. Tessier Mr. 6. Mrs. H. Theisen Catherine Thomas. '53 Mr. 5. Mrs. M. Thomas Mr. 6. Mrs. N. Thomas Teresa Thomas, '52 Ann Torres. '46 Benedette Torres. '53 Dominic Torres. Sr. Don Torres, '47 Chris A. Traicovich Mr. R. Troger Mrs. Gertrude Trompics Frank Trun's Market Tuharsky Family Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Turches Mr. 6. Mrs. H. Turco Mary Turco, '53 Barbara Turkal, '53 Mrs. Betty Turkal Frances Turkal. '48 Mr. Frank Turkal Ioyce Turowski. '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. W. Turowski Mr. A. Tyjenski E. H. Unger Marimae Urban. '48 Mr. QS Mrs. Steve Urban Page 70 sponsored by Sue Urban. '54 Marie Louise Urbin, '54 Geraldine Uscicki Mr. 5- Mrs. H. Vacke Valente Iewelry Mr. 6 Mrs. A. Valentine Laura VanAckere, '53 Mr.6.Mrs. R. VanAckere Mr. 5. Mrs. A. Van Fleteren Anita Vendittelli, '53 Lorna Venditty. '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Verwest Mrs. Vitale Antoinette Volante. '53 Louise Volante. '53 Mr. G Mrs. Leo Wajda Alan Iohn Walby, '66 Bob Walby, '48 Donald Walby, '52 Herbert Walby, '44 Marcella Walby, '49 Norman Walby, '37 Pvt. Richard Walby, '47 Arthur E. Walczak Mary Waldorf, '48 Mr. 6. Mrs. W. Waldorf Pat Walker Pat Walser Waltham Pharmacy Mrs. M. Walter Sue Walter, '53 N. VanWambeke, '52 A. Warmuskerken, '48 Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Warmuskerken Mr. 51 Mrs. I. Warzniak Mrs. B. Wasik Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Watson Ioan Watson, '53 Mr. 6. Mrs. Virgil Watson Mr. 6. Mrs. P. Waurenty Harriette Weatherly, '53 Ralph I. Weil Pete Weiland, '48 Dennis Weiss. '53 Edward Werenski. '53 Mr. Francis Werner Shirley Werthman Mrs. Gene Weston Pat Weston Page 71 sponsored by The Whippers- Ron. Leo and Tim Diane Wichtman. '53 B. Wieczorkowski. '52 I. Wieczorkowski. '50 Mr. G Mrs. Iohn Wieczorkowski Mary Wiesenhoefer, '37 Elizabeth Wilhelm, '53 Helen K. Wilhelm Iean Willard. '53 Marie Wilson Rose Marie Wilson Mr.6.Mrs. E. Winstanley Florence Winstanley Mr. QS Mrs. R. Winogrocki Mr. G Mrs. P. Wittbrodt Mr. 6. Mrs. F. Wittbrodt Mr. 6. Mrs. A. Wolff Mr. 5 Mrs. H. Wobrock Ianice Wobrock Mrs. Frank Woicik Mary Ann Woicik, '49 Carol Wottowa. '52 Pvt. Fred Wright, A.F. Mr. 6. Mrs. Frank Yank Darlene Yizze. '53 Iimmy Yizze. '57 Mrs. Clara Zabkiewicz Edwin Zablciewicz. Ir. Patricia Zacharski, '50 Mrs. Mary Zawadzki Phyllis Zawadzki. '54 Regina Zawadzki Ruth Zepke Mr. 61 Mrs. X. Zepke Carol Ziegenielder. '53 Evelyn Zielinski Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Zielinski William I. Zoli. '53 Paul Zolnoski. '48 Mr. 6. Mrs. I. Zolnoski B0 gg, G v ,:. ' "UH H: --1. N, ,Af f,'.'fa,i: . 41 ' 554, Y ."w ,g-L, f W ,. . fa- . .iq-,.gQf.. Mi, M4 ' "HSE -4 iff 2 -ff? 7.4 , -'51 "'w1:"'1 . . 119 Eff'-'f'?'w. 2 5 .lp ,Lf W ,cp J .:, , .."+:Z ' 1-':, ., ,,..g,, . ' 'JM '. '1 , -1 ' ' :Ei , fi ... i 1 gif k,ff?'5 x .-T-r"-:wi , . -,yi 5' 1 , nf' :F f 1' :xi .,f4"'3"": QM .-Lg: .1 ' ,fps 'TGV f1'ef':"" R Q1 ' .1 w" Q, , g , ,- y :fl-7,513 " A. v". " f"'ng,,.'1?'fV ix v , 4 ' " '-Mfw7,: M4 , 5 wk , . 5 M. .. - , , J , f . .- +4 wi: , , .f-'gg . .Sw V' .,?.s. 'J y ' '.' ,.. ' M .1 if-fvr, m. , 'fn' fsiiifu -:ij ,Q G95-" 'j V ' L'f.i'sgbf .- 4 QQ Q,-5. . 35. : fm,-xg, 52' , ms. 1 H "2ft':f"?: - SENIOB CLASS IDFFICEBS Miriam Nosseck Secretary Carol Ann Christ Treasurer Io Ann Dillon Vice-President Russell Bucci President Ioseph Gaynor ll0LY NAME Treasurer Thomas Fluent Secretory Ronald Fisher 2nd Vice-Pres Russell Bucci lst Vice-Pres. Henry Starr President Prefect Ioseph Duchene Vice-Prefect SOIlALIT Y Mary Ann Brown QFFICERS Lorraine Rivard Corres. Secretary Lois Petty Recording Sec'y Leo Klatt Treasurer CSNIC Roger Rousseau Treasurer Patricia Houtteman Carlo Catenacci Elizabeth Gloss President Vice-President Secretary

Suggestions in the St Anthony High School - Antholite Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

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