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.7 'vas 1, L. 'fa any 1, '7'-Zn., Wmglnmz Mk -Qs,-sw! sf ff Z f x fy , FZMZL 1 , , L . v , , 1 - ww: uf-,,ff.1.,-..f,--LW 4-M-:v.v,mv.,wn.m, J4nfl,06fe 1949 Presented by The Seniors Anthony High School Detroit, Michigan FOREWORD Having completed another successful school term, We the Seniors of '49 pause to record in this book the accomplishments of the past year. It is an addi- tional chapter of spiritual, scholastic, and physical training gathered in harmony with numerous hours of happy work, which will be recalled to memory by this, the tenth volume of the ANTI-IOLITE. fx wxxm.-wx.. 'l i i DEDICATION To our beloved pastor, Reverend Joseph Raible, lt is our deepest hope that he will spend many C.P.P.S., a zealous, energetic apostle of Christ and blessed years at St. Anthony's and that we have His teachings, we, the Seniors of St. Anthony helped to make his first year here, a joyful one. High, proudly dedicate this, the tenth volume of May the blessing and grace of God be with him, the 'Af-lntholitef' as an aid in his new duties. I TRIBUTE Recalling the cheerful smile of our former pastor and intimate friend, we, the Class of '49 wish to express our deep appreciation to Reverend Henry Post, C.P.P.S, Though he has been called to other lields of ln our trophy case is this derby, formerly the prop- erty of Father Post, but now a reminder of Father and of past years of competition between two foot- ball rivals. labor, he will never be forgotten. For his past toils are a constant reminder of his will to serve Christ. So to him for his generous efforts - spiritual and temporal - we say, "Thank you! May God bless and reward you, both here and hereafter." Q, H Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister F A C U L T Y Mary Eucharita, S.S.N.D .... Mary Agnita, S.S.N.D. Mary Aguola, S.S.N.D. Mary Arnica, S.S.N.D. M3IY'AUStiH, S.S.N.D. Mary Bede, S.S.N.D. . Mary Callista, S.S.N.D. Mary Cirine, S.S.N.D. Mary Daniel, S.S.N.D. Niary Faustine, S.S.N.D. Mary Gilbertine, S.S.N.D Mary Gregor, S.S.N.D. Mary Gregory, S.S.N.D. Mary Henrianne, S.S.N.D Mary Herrriine, S.S,N.D. Mary Isidora, S.S.N.D. Mary Josepha, S.S.N.D. Mary Laurenza, S.S.N.D. Mary Rita, S.S.N.D. Niary Sarah, S.S.N.D. . . . . Principal Study Hall Supervisor . . M athematics . History and English . . . Latin . . Latin . . . History . . English, Art English, Journalism . . English, Geography . . . Science . . . Musz'c . Nlathematics . Commerce Commerce . Science . English Library . History . Science K Q S X Rev. Rev Rev Rev. Rev. FATHERS OF THE CONGREGATION OF THE MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD Our Religious Instructors cmd Guides Joseph Raible fseatedj, Pastor Edwin Murphy fstandingj, Senior and Sophomore Religion James Kelly fseated at rightj, junior Religion, Spiritual Director of Sorlality Charles Bricher fp. 57J, Athletic Director Stanley Tuszynski Cwith CSMC Officers, p. 44J, Freshman Religion, Spiritual Director of C,S,M,C and Holy Name Society 23 OUQIQQ of QUCQ March 4 - 12 WWW. 1, www-WWW 2221 5 ,Jf ,f W 6 W , 31 ' ff f W, Q M U f if wf mf ,' ""ff,Zf,. ,fy f 'M f, " MWC f, Q f ,V Ma, " ,bm ff WW- , My "" ,L j' A alfa . 7 ,,, ,, ww", ,M 7, ZW THOMAS ANDRE Guardian Angels "Tom," an all-around athlete . . . Senior Class treasurer , . . will be remembered first and foremost for his Pepsodent smile , . . enjoys Watching tele- vision . . . proving his own points, he will make a well-liked coach in the future, ARLENE ATWELL St. Margaret Mary Arlene collects post cards and souvenirs as her hobby . . . favorite sport is bowling . . . biology rates high in her studies and will be an aid in her future career of nursing . . . two years in band . . . Carrie in "Quiet Summer." JOHN BAGINSKI Patronage of St. joseph "Duke" divides his time between cars, and air- planes . , . wishes someone would invent a push- button car that flies before he tackles his future ambition as a pilot . . . drafting and wrestling are his favorites in studies and sports. JOHN BALDUCK St. john Bercbman "Baldy" is the vice-president of C. S. Nl, C, . . , fixing things fascinates him . . . a good sport wins his approval . , . would like to promote greater friendships . . . earned his letter in football. AILEEN ACHATZ Assumption Grotto "Aileen's" hobby is photography . . . horseback riding, rates high in sports . . . appreciates courtesy in others . . . takes responsibility seriously . . . plans to become a comptometer and dictaphone operator. MARGARET AERENS St. Matthew "Margie's" hidden talent is drawing z . . an ex- pert swimmer . . . hopes it will be possible to visit Belgium some day , . . her future occupation is to be a receptionist. RAYMOND AGNELLO Patronage of St. joseph "Hot Rod," who is friendly himself prefers his friends that way too . . . favorite sport is swimming , . . would like to promote more intelligent conver- sations . . . his greatest peeve is uncooperative people . . . wishes to visit Miami. GERALDINE ANDERSON St. john Evangelist "Gerry" is the associate editor of the Prelude . , . aspires to be a competent typist . . v a member of the Glee Club for one year . . . the Lone Star state is her destination . . . crocheting and embroidering lead in hobbies. GERALDINE BARANOWSKI Our Lady of Good Counsel "Gerry" has a charming personality which is revealed through her friendliness to everyone . . . member of production staff in Class play , . . loves to dance . . . would like to visit Hawaii . . . hopes to be a dress designer. BEATRICE BALLEW St. Anthony 'Beau spends much of her time collecting and experimenting with recipes . . . would like to pro- mote Catholic Action . , . dancing is one of her main interests . . . hopes one day to become :nn efficient typist . . . member of the Glee Club for two years. DONALD BENOIT St. Veronica "Don" is the president of the Holv Name and treasurer of the Sodalitv . . . hobbv, keeping up his Crosley . , . favorite sport is baseball , . . Junior oficer of '48 . . . aims at a profession as a chemi- cal engineer. WILLIAM BERNOCK St. Da vid "Bill" would like to promote better international relations . , . wishes someone would invent a cheaper television set . . . feels at home when out with the bovs . . . a future chemical engineer . . . James Clark in A'Quiet Summer." AMERICO BIZZOTTO San Francesco "Mack" can be found just tinkering with or rebuilding motors . . . earned his letter in football in 149 . . . wants to visit Italy . . . his ambition is to become a good mechanic. ROGER BLATZ Assumption Grotto "Choo-Choo" is the president of the Senior Class and treasurer of the UA" Club . . . was also presi- dent of the Sophomore class . . . favors baseball. although he was a Teuton for four years . . . plans to become a lawyer . . . he wants to promote more Minstrel shows in St. Anthony. DOROTHY BOERTMANN Assumption Grotto "Peanuts" is an excellent accordionist and hopes to make music her future career , . . a lover of music and dancing, you can see why she wished to promote more dancing among teen-agers. DOMINIC BONANNO Patronage of St. Ioseplo "Banana" wants to go to college to learn the essentials of being a good dentist . . . he Wishes someone would invent a time stretcher for sleep- ing hours . . . baseball is his favorite and he holds Stan Musial in the place of honor in that sport. WILLIAM BRENNAN Patronage of St. Iosepb "Bills" hobby is airplanes , . . in the future he Wants to become an instructor of drafting . . . enjoys himself most when teasing the Chix . . . Sonny in "Quiet Summer" . . . earned his letter in football in his senior year. EDWARD BRUDER St. Iohn Bercbman "Eddie" enjoys outdoor life . . . dislikes people who are pessimistic . . . plans to visit every state in the U. S .... hopes to achieve a white collar job. HAROLD BULGARELLI Assumption Grotto "Buggs." star pitcher for St. Anthony's baseball team . . . has fun going to parties and club meetings . . . plans for the future include a job as an elec- trical engineer . . , a member of the "A" Club for four years . . . Mr. Morgan in "Quiet Summer." JOSEPH CALCATERRA St. Anthony "Smokey" is a history and current events whiz. in addition to his first love, hockey . . . participated in freshman basketball . . . is an authority on base- ball . . . would like to visit his birthplace in Italy. QM GLORIA BONNEL St. Anthony "Butch's" favortie sport is being an active fan at football games . . . trigonometry ranks high in her studies which explains her desire to be a mathe- matics teacher . . . member of the Latin Club. MARY BOSWORTH St. Iames "Bozzy," who is a whiz at the keyboard. wishes to carry this out in the future and become a piano teacher . . . hobby is reading and dancing . . . Miss Shaughnessy in Class Play . . . would enjoy travel- ing around the World. ADELE BOYKE Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Del" wants to visit New Orleans during the blardi Gras . . . ambition to become tennis champ . . . costumer in "Quiet Summer" . , . college in the fall . . . Antholite literary staff. RICHARD BRAEKEVELT St. Iud e "Dicks" hobby is collecting guns . . . favors the quiet and reserved girls . . . wants to be a pho- tographer for a model agency . , . plans to be a navy man . . . his travels include Lourdes, France. cf LORRAINE CHALMERS Gzmrdirzn Angel "Lorrie" is co-editor of the Prelude . . . collects typing and shorthand pins . . . member of the Glee Club for four years . . . gave excellent portrayal of "Jeannie" in the class play . . . will make an excellent secretary. CARL CHRISTENSEN Sf. Iobn Berrlaman "Chris" enjoys baseball and hockey . . . likes people who are friendly . . . would like to visit France . . . takes an interest in automobiles . . . future occupation. real estate broker. JAMES CHURLEY Patronage of Sf. joseph "Jim" collects stamps . . . enjoys hockey, but his favorite sport is football , . . participated in football two years and in bowling one year . . . in future he hopes to be a successful business man . . . vice-president of the Sophomore Class. CATHERINE CICILLINI Pntronage of St. Iosepb "ChiaChi" votes shorthand as top subject . . . office job in near future . . . associate editor of Pre- lude . . . enjoys the company of people who have a sense of humor . . . dreams of a visit to Rome. ... . .Am DOROTHY COOLS St. Iolon Berclaman "Dottie" is in her glory on the dance floor . . . hopes to be a success in the business World . . . one hundred per cent attendance for four years . . . member of the Prelude staff . . . Secretary of Sopho- more Class '-17. SUZANNE COTTRELL Patronage of St. Iosepla 'iSusie" comes from a family of six girls and four boys . . . this accounts for her easy manner in dealing with people and her ever-pleasing per- sonality . . . among her favorites are dancing, foot- ball and bowling . , . Esther Hamilton in "Quiet Summer," ALLEN CZARNECKI St. Iuliana "Curley," a four-year baritone in the Carolyn Glee Club . . . an ardent photography fan . . . for intellectual reading he goes to Popular Science . . . played the trumpet in the band for two years , . . an energetic member of the stage crew for four years. THOMAS DIEHL Guardian Angels "Smoky" is a favorite on and off the gridiron because of his sportsmanship and humor . . . has his most fun while driving the car and playing cards . . . he enjoys skating . . . would like to promote intramural sports. .Mk-in JOHN DROSTE St. Anthony "Dave's" future ambition is to become a chemist . . . favorite subject is trigonometry . , . speed skat- ing his favorite sport . . . faithful member of band for six years . . . would like to visit Europe. GEORGE ELSEY St. jude "Georgie" already wishes to promote a class re- union . , . strove to do his best on the gridiron . . . his smile will be a nrst rate memory among his classmates . . . his desire to be among sociable people reflects his own character . . . business manager of Antholite '-19. PATRICIA ESCHRICH St. Da vid "Pat" has a pleasing sense of humor and likes people who will argue with her . . . secretary of the'Sodality '49 , . . spends much of her time at sewing. which results in perfection . . . member of the Cilee Club for two years . , , hopes to be a successful stenographer, NANCY EVOLA Assumption Grotto 'iNancy" is planning to be an efiicienl secretary . . . wants to visit Florida . . , member of the band for two years . . . portrayed the vivacious "Busy" in the Senior Class play . . . her favorite sports are bike riding and tennis GERALD DIMMER Guardian Angel "Jesse, is a sports fan . . . prefers football . . . displayed his eagerness for this sport by participating in it for four years . . . a member of the Cilee Club for two years . . . true experience books capture this students interest. MICHAEL DI PIRRO Guardian Angel "Mikes" friendly spirit makes him well-liked among the students . . . considers math favorite subject . . . cheerleader for four years . . . Antholite staff member . . . stage crew, two years. JOSEPHINE DOLESKY Holy Name "Jo" has high hopes of being someones secre- tary , . . favorite subjects are shorthand and typing . . . enjoys the company of people who are con- genial. yet not too inquisitive . . . would like to visit New York City . . . Antholite Staff of '-19. LOUISE DONAHUE St. Margaret Mary "Lou," an active member of the student body . , . vice-president of senior class . . . member of the Basketball Championship team, 1948 . . . secref tary of the Girls' "A" Club . . . enjoys herself most when among her friends . . . a stenographic career in the future. f - ' ' , . CHARLES FOLEY St. Anthony "Chuck" enjoys himself most when writing or drawing . . . delights in fencing . . . interested in history , . . has an apprentice pharmacy license . . . plans on taking up radio and television. DOROTHY FOX St. Margaret Mary "Poxie," an excellent conversationalist . . . can boast a four-year membership in the band . . . cook- ing is her hobby, and swimming her favorite sport , . . someday in the future she hopes to visit "gay Pareef' CLARENCE FRITZ St. Da vid "Fritz" is active in all school affairs . . . ice skat- ing is his favorite winter sport . . . Tony. the de- livery boy in "Quiet Summer" . . . would like to promote a machine that would reveal peoples opin- ion of him . . . active in the Sodality, especially on the breakfast committee. KATHLEEN GAINES St. Iohn Berchman "Katie" home-room officer of the C. S. M. C. . . . likes dancing. and collecting interesting articles about baseball . . . favorite subject is typing . . . one of her ambitions is to visit Switzerland, ., , , nm 1 CAROL GARIEPY St. Anthony "Carrie" enjoys biology best . . . plans to be- come dental assistant after graduation . , . swimming tops her sports list, closely followed by roller skat- ing . . . dancing is her form of relaxation and fun . . . day dreams of a trip to Bermuda . . . member of Glee Club for three years. VERONICA GAZAREK St. Anthony HRonnie," who always has a friendly smile, has fun analyzing and trying to understand people . . . senior class secretary '49 . . . a member of the Cilee Club for four years . . . a career as a nurse will satisfy her . . . gained honors as Carrie in "Quiet Summer." JACQUELINE GLAESER St. Veronica 'AJackie" . . . has a 100W attendance record . . . enjoys dancing and roller skating . . . eager to Visit South America . . . favorite subject is bookkeeping . . . a glee club member for three years . . . her future lies in the business world. MARY GOUGH Assumption Grotto '1Mickey" divides her leisure hours between play- ing basketball and drawing . . . math. her specialty . . . Fredericka Collins in "Quiet Summer" . . . her occupation, an operator with Michigan Bell. JAMES HERTA St. Elizabeth "Jim" enjoys bowling . . . likes basketball . . . favorite subject is English . . , dislikes egotists . . . next stop, U. of D., then hopes to be an accountant . . , would like to visit Vatican City some day. BEVERLY HINKSON St. Anthony "Bev" enjoys people who are friendly and sin- cere . . . hobbies are dancing, bowling and swimming . . . Mrs. Young in "Quiet Summer" . . . a com- petent typist . . , future lies in the business world, CHARLES R. HOLZHAUER St. Anthony "Chuck," math wizzard of the division . . . spends spare time collecting old coins . . . favorite sports, swimming and ice skating . . . admires courageous people . . . would like to promote a better D,S,R. MAGDALENE HOLZSCHUH St. Matthew "Maggie" makes an ideal Sodality prefect . . , plans to make nursing her career , , . would like to promote greater love for Mary . . , a dashing guard on the girls' basketball team for two years . . . a member of thc Cilee Club for three years. CAROL GUALDONI St. Margaret Mary Carol enjoys playing the piano and dancing 35 21 hobby . . . likes people with a sense of humor . . - would like to visit England . . . baseball is her favorite sport . . . member of Carolyn Glee Club for two years. LORAINE HALLMAN Patronage of St. joseph "Bah," who is full of life, gets her biggest thrill when her jokes provoke laughter , . . hobby, scrap- book . . . favorite subject, history . . . wishes to be a representative for Michigan Bell, JOSEPH HANNON St. Ignatius 'AJoe's" favorite sport is football . . . hockey his best liked winter sport . , . would like to promote more clubs for teen-agers . . . has the most fun danc- ing . . . favorite hero, St. John Bosco . . . wants to visit France . . . Co-Editor of the Antholite. ROGER HERMAN Patronage of St. joseph Babe Ruth is "Whuzzy's" big hero . . . his fa- vorite sport is baseball . . . sports magazines hold his interest during leisure time . . . will be the owner of "Whuzzy's Wholesale Meat Market" in the near future. I... WILLIAM HUELLMANTEL Ascension "Bills" craze is hockey and math . . . plans to be a chemical engineer . . . hobby, photography . . . likes people who are friendly, sincere and sports minded . . . senior advisor. MARY ROSE HUETTEMAN Sf. Juliana "Rosie" is an excellent forward in basketball . . . member of the championship team of '48 . . . vice-president of "A Club" , . . spends her sum- mers as a camp counselor , . . preparing for a Bachelors Degree in nursing. STEPHEN IWANKOVITCH Sf. David "Steves" favorite subject is drafting . . . enjoys horseback riding and tobogganing . . . hopes to be a photographer some dav . . . interested in girls who are livelv . . . would like to visit Florida. BETTY JOQUE Assumption Grotto '4Dollie." full of pep and always ready to be of help . . . favorite sport, swimming . . . favorite sub- ject. historv . . . make-up staff for class play . . .a great dancing enthusiast. BARBARA JOSEPH Nativity of Our Lord "Babs." energetic tomboy and outstanding wit . , . hobby. swimming . . . Betsy in "Quiet Sum- mer" . . . future child psychologist . . . enjoys people who are friendly and are good sports. LOUIS JOSEPH St. Anthony "Louis" favors baseball and played on the school team in his senior year . . . portrayed the father of Pam and Sonny in "Quiet Summer" . . . enterf ing the Precious Blood Seminary in the near future . . . held an office in the Holy Name during his junior year . . , has a special desire to visit Brazil. ROMAN KALIN St. Anthony "Moe" plans to become a commercial artist . . . generous boys and cooperative girls win his approval . . . favorite subject, typing , . . tobogganing is his favorite winter sport . . . Week-end trips provide his most fun. JOYCE KARSCHNICK St. Iolan Berclaman Joyce's pleasant personality merits her many friends , . , designing is her favorite pasttime . . . a talented art student who delights in the results of her work . . . an active member of the C-lee Club for three years . . . a member of the Antholite staff. JEROME KRAUSE St. Iobn Bercbman The greatest little guy in the senior division . . . "Jerry" will be a friend to anyone who gives him a chance . . . hobby, movies . . . favorite sports. foot- ball and swimming . . . favorite subject, physics . , . wishes there was a school system with shorter terms. RICHARD KRAUSE St. john the Evangelist "Krause" is an outstanding math and physics student . . . favorite sports, swimming and tobog- ganing . . . hobby, photography . . . cheer leader throughout high school . . . would like to see the highlights of Michigan. WALTER V. KRAWCZYK St. Clement "XVally," future oflicer in the Navy . . . Business Manager of "Prelude" . . . enjoys playing tennis . . . favorite pastime. tailoring and stamp collect- ing . . , Commodore lirawczyk likes people who are friendly . . . plans to visit Paris. SHIRLEY KULKA St. Hyacinth "Lees" hobby is photography and she hopes to make it her career . . . enjoys herself most when cheering at baseball games . . . enthusiastic fan of Dick Wakeneld . , . four years in Clee Club . . . wants to see the world. PATRICIA ANNE KELLY St. Margaret Mary "l3at." our lrish whirlwind, was an active com- mittee member of the Sodality for three years . . homeroom vice-president in Freshman year . . . hobby, dancing . . . favorite sport, enthusiastic rooter for the "Teutons" . . . favorite subject, bookkeeping. MARION KIEFER Assumption Grotto lVlarion's good natured personality makes her well liked among the students . . . a four-year member of the Glee Club . . . favorite sport is bowling . . . stenographic career in the ofling. VIVIAN KOSKI St. Margaret Mary "Viv," yearbook typist . . . marks football on the top of her list of sports . . . she prefers boys who are sensible and girls who act like ladies . . . the ever intriguing Mexico is her future vacation spot . . . her ambition is to be an A-l stenographer. BARBARA KOZLOWSKI Our Lady of Good Council "Babs," an enthusiastic football fan . , . loves tobogganing and people who are "just folks" . . . hobby, making her own clothes . . . favorite subject, bookkeeping . . . plans to be a secretary. i , " . JACQUELINE KUNTZ St. Anthony "Jackie" likes reading biographies . . . enjoys figure drawing . . . hopes to see sunny California . . , plans to become a student at Marygrove college to prepare for a Social Service career. ROSEMARY KUPTZ St. Anthony "Rosie" is an ardent baseball fan and her hero is Dick Vsfakelield . . . enjoys listening to music . . . likes anyone who will laugh at her jokes . . . typist for Prelude and Year Book . , . make-up artist for class play. PATRICIA KURKOWSKI Our Lady Queen of Heaven Our 'iPatrick" wants to be a policewoman . , , favorite sports are roller and ice skating . . . mem- ber of the Glee Club four years . . . one of these fine days she will be setting off for a grand visit to London. JOSEPHINE KUTSKILL Ascension "Jo" is a whiz at math . . . spends her spare time reading . , . interested in debating . . . would like to promote a debating team in school . . . enjoys herself most when swimming and reading such books as "XVuthering Heights" , . . plans to enter college. ' H2 r ii... CAROLINE LANDINO St. Anthony "Dean" is an enthusiastic football fan . . . a true friend to everyone . . , would like to visit Calif forriia . . . typing her favorite subject . . , does anyf one need a competent typist? EUNICE LAPORTE St. Margaret Mary i'Eunnie" likes fellows who are sociable and act their age . , . favorite subjects. math especially geometry , . . enjoys watching football and basket- ball . . . on make-up staff of class play . . . would like to be a nurse or social worker. ANTHONY LATONE Assumption Grotto "Tony's" hobby is trout fishing , , . books per- taining to out-door life are his favorite . , . trying to bowl occupies his spare time, PALMINA LATTANZIO St. Matthew i'Paul's" hobby is collecting records . . . baseball and hockey are tops in sports . . . an ardent memf ber of the Glee Club for four years . . . ambition is to become a prominent member of the Detroit Opera Founders Guild . . . participated in the National Chorus in April '48. MARGARET MADIGAN St. Iobn Berclaman "Irish," Co-editor of the Antholite . . . has a twinkle in her eyes that wins friends easily . . . bowling is her favorite sport . . . talented in sewing, she enjoys making her own clothes . , . planning Io become a fitter. ROLAND MAGNAN St. Benedict A'Maggi" is an outstanding athlete . . . treasurer of the "A" Club . . . All City, honorable mention All State . . . played the roll of Leslie in "Quiet Summer" , . . he hopes to continue to hold his place on the 'lfieldm as a coach, BERNARD MARINI I Patronage of St. Iosepb Bernards favorite sport is football . . . likes typing . . . hopes to travel and visit France, LEONA MARSHALL Guardian Angels "Lee," a friendly girl with a smile . . . aims to be a professional bookkeeper . . . would like very much to visit Bermuda , . . delights in winning at pinochle . . . Miss Shaughnessy in "Quiet Summer." CHRISTINE LAWRENCE St. Anthony l'Tina." a versatile swimmer and dancer, Will attend business college dl U. of D .... favorite sub- ject. physics . . . favorite winter sport, tobogganing . . . likes people with character and backbone . . . wants IG visit China. BONNIE LAWSON St. Anthony Bonnie's hobby is watching television , . . she is an ardent football fan and enjoys skiing . . . prefers people with a sense of humor . . . likes her men six foot or over . . . wants to visit Sun Valley, Idaho, PATRICIA LIZZA Guardian Angel "Pat" is loads of fun and an efficient guard in basketball . . . president of the girls' "A" Club . . . enjoys sewing . . , likes biology. which fits well into her future occupation of nursing . . . member of championship team of '48 . . . vice-president of Junior Class. AIRIELLE LOCK Guardian Angel "Lee" has high hopes of a home of her own . . . likes boys who have good manners , . . enjoys cooking . . . production staff in "Quiet Summer" . . . no detentions in four years. 5 tr: ROBERT MCCUE St. Margaret Mary "Willie" is the president of the Glee Club and has been a member for four years , . . hopes to become a baseball star . . , favorite hero is Ted Williams . . . likes helpful and cooperative people . . . future lies in the U. S. Navy. MARIE MCGILLEN St. Anthony A'Shorty" has been an active member of the band for four years . . . aims to promote more school dances . . . shorthand ranks high in her studies while swimming and bowling are its equals in sports , . . also a member of the Glee Club for one year. JOHN MERANDI St. Anthony 'llohnnyf' an all-around spectator of sports. likes people who talk a lot . . . enjoys the companion- ship of others . . . favorite subject, typing . . . would like to visit London. FRANK MESSINA St. Ignatius Prank is a brilliant mathematician and a man of sharp wit . . . looks forward to a position as a C, P. A ..., in line of sports. baseball and bowl- ing are tops . . . people who can be true friends and have a sense of humor are his favorites. l I Eur ROSEMARIE MILANI Guardian Angel "Rosie's" favorite subject is typing . . . spends spare moments learning new dance steps . , . enjoys football as a spectator . . . would like to promote the revival of more Tony Martin records. RUTH MILLER Holy Name "Reds" is an expert at cooking . . . favorite sport, football , . . favorite subject, typing . . , took part in the Living Rosary . . . Harriet in i'Quiet Summer" . , . plans to be a secretary. ROBERT MINCH St. David "Bob" enjoys music as a hobby . . . his friendly personality makes him a favorite . . . preparing to make architectural drafting his career . . . ambition, to tour the states . . . interested in forming a five- piece combo. DOLORES MURPHY St. Iobn Berclaman "Murph" claims swimming as top sport . . . likes her boys witty and girls loyal . . . would like to promote better social conditions in the city . . . 'iHope Deferred," favorite book . . . dreams of a opean voyage unfulfilled as yet, DONALD NOWAK Assumption Grotto "Don" played on the football and baseball team for four years . . . president of the "A" Club '49 . . . voted the most valuable football player in the season of '48 . . . has held the highest average in bowling for past two years . . . Clifford Young in "Quiet Summer" . . . looks forward to being a prominent stage manager. DONALD NOWICKI St. john Evangelist "Don" is a participant in football and basketball . , . president of the C.S.M.C .... played the role of Bill in "Quiet Summer" . . .he likes to tinker . . . in the future hopes to become a successful dentist. INES PANELLA St. Iurle a short nickname for a short girl . . . enjoys people who are honest and carefree .,.' Jeanie Day" in Senior Class play . . . places shorthand first on her list of subjects . . . to be an excellent secretary is her aim. ALFRED PAOLETTI St. Margaret Mary MAI" did well as a cheerleader . . . interested in airplanes . . . likes trigonometry . . . hopes to be an engineer in the future , . . Tubby Pitts in "Quiet Summer" . . . wants to see Rome. LEONARD NAPIEWOCKI Patronage of St. joseph "Jake" lists collecting sports magazines as top hobby . . . winter SpOrIS. hockey and baskdfball . . . favorite book. "Destination Tokyo" . . . would like to promote school dances for students . . - Bill Henly in "Quiet Summer." THOMAS NEWMAN St. David "Tom,'y wit of the class . . . has most fun tink- ering with his '34 Chevvy . . . favorite subjects, physics and chemistry, rousing factors of his future occupation as a pharmacist. BARBARA NOAH Mother of Consolation "Bobbie's" specialties are dancing and ice-skating . . . college followed by the advertising business, is her future . . . good sports win her friendship easily . . . vice-president of the Cilee Club in her senior year, after participation in its activities for four years . . . a member of the Antholite staff. PAULA NOSSECK Holy Name of Iesus Paula's favorites are swimming and skating . . . dislikes hypocrites and conceited girls . , . likes boys well dressed. athletic and well mannered . . . extra-curricular activities consisted of Glee Club participation. HELEN PARA St. Margaret Mary "Lynn" enjoys people having a humorous out- look on life . . . will always be remembered for her pleasing personality . . , she amuses herself by teas- ing her friends . . , among her favorites are basket- ball and football. ARNOLD PAVLIZKE Patronage of St. joseph "Arnold's" favorite hobby is photography . . . active in bowling league . . . vice-president of Holy Name , . . likes girls who have a pleasing personal- ity . . . architectural engineering will be his field, DOROTHY PAWLAK Assumption Grotto "Dot," an active member of the student body . . . bowling, her favorite sport , . . to visit Eng- land is her ambition . . . enjoys shorthand . . . will make someone a competent secretary. JULIA PENET St. Margaret Mary "C1ergie" played varsitv forward for three years . . . treasurer of the "A" Club '49 . . . favorite sub- ject. shorthand . . . future occupation, stenographer . . . writer on the Antholite staff . . . member of the Championship Basketball team of '-48. COLETTE PHILLIPS St. Margaret Mary "Collie" maintains high scholastic average in addi- tion to other activities . . . Helen in "Quiet Sum- mer" . . , hobby, dancing . . . favorite sport. football . . . plans to become a nurse . . . treasurer of Latin Club '-19. WILLIAM PIETRANGELO Patronage of St. Ioseph "Pinch" divides his time between cars and sports . . . his diary is his favorite book . . . played foot- ball for two years . . , hopes to visit cold Alaska . . . looking forward to being a tourist trade operator, DOLORES PILNICKI St. Anthony "Twinkles" likes bookkeeping . . . enjoys bowl- ing and tobogganing , . . dislikes sarcasm . . . hobby is collecting odd glass and stones . . . would like to promote more pleasant dispositions . . . member of Glee Club for three years, BERNADINE PISCOPINK St. Anthony This petite and pleasing personality plans to be an airline hostess . . . friendly and sociable, she likes people of the same caliber . . . writer on the Year- book staff . , . collects records . . . sewing. her specialty. MELVIN REICHENBACH Assumption Grotto "Mel," a true sportsman, enjoys fishing . . . skating is his favorite winter sport . . . considers math his favorite . . . outstanding member of the band for four years . . . a future as an ofhcer of the law. MARGARET RIVEST St. Anthony "Peggy," known for her constant cheerfulness . . . enjoys horseback riding . . . seeks company of people with a pleasing personality . . . wishes some- one would invent an easy means to put a car into the garage. FRANK ROEHL St. Anthony Frank enjoys himself most when swimming . . . wants to visit every state in the Union . . . likes girls who are sociable . . . hopes to be his own boss in the future. CHARLOTTE ROGERS St. Anthony "Char" likes people who enjoy life , . . favorite subject, typing . . . member of the Glee Club for three years . . . dancing is her idea of relaxation . . . future co-ed at the University of Detroit. MARCELLA ANN POHL St. Anthony' "Pamela" in Quiet Summer . . . has a -gOl'gC0US smile and a lilting voice to match . . , favorite sport, swimming . . . favorite subject, biology . . . likes people who are courteous and sincere. JOHN PROCTOR sf. Mm-gm-ef Mary "Jack" has been a member of the football team for four years . . . All City team for the last two years . . . given honorable mention for All State in the season of '48 . . . Captain of the Teutons foot- ball team '48 . . . played basketball for four years and baseball for two years . . . would like to pro- mote intermural sports . . . Leslie in "Quiet Summer." ELIZABETH QUINN St. Margaret Mary "Betty," a favorite among the students . . . sports minded with basketball predominating . . . hopes to visit Ireland . . . shorthand is her favorite subject . . . stenography her career . . . participant in Living Rosary. JOYCE RADZWION Assumption Grotto Joyce enjoys typing and shorthand . . . has most fun at dances and small get-togethers with group singing . . . favorite sport, baseball . . . hopes to visit Atlantic City. MARGARET MARY ST. GERMAINE Guardian Angel Sophisticated "Saint" is crazy about swimming . . . page editor for Prelude , . . avid letter writer .and enjoys good fiction . . . aims to become a well known author . . . Harriet Morgan in i'Quiet Summer" ROBERT ST. QGERMAINE St. Monica "Tubby" played football two seasons . . . base- ball one season . . . enjoys bowling . . , favorite subject is history . . . was Tubby in "Quiet Sum- mer" . . . plans to make dentistry his future occupation. DONALD SCHAFER St. joseph "Al," the captain of the basketball team and an all around Sportsman, won All City honorable men- tion for his football action in '49 . . . would like to promote a future St. Anthony hockey team . . . made a distinguished "Mr, Clark" in the Senior play. MARY ANN SCHALLER Assumption Grotto A'Bunny's" smile has made her a favorite . , . hobby is dancing . . . enjoys baseball . . . Secretary of the Junior Class . . . Esther in "Quiet Summer" . . . has hopes of being a capable private secretary. ROBERT SCHEUERMAN Guarclian Angel "Bob," leading man in the class play . . , enjoys the company of those who are as full of fun as he . . . collects stamps and coins . . . loves tobogganing and football . . . active member of the bowling team. CHRISTINE SCHMIDT Holy Name of jesus "Chris" finds enjoyment in dancing and reading . . . she likes swimming, horseback riding, tobog- ganing . . . intends to be a successful secretary . . . Spiritual Treasurer of the Crusade '49, RICHARD SCHMIDT Assumption Grotto "Schmiddy" likes swimming, tobogganing . . . chief sound effects man in "Quiet Summer" . . . football, three years . . . "A" Club Sergeant-ab Arms . . . band, four years . . . Glee Club, one year. GRACE SCHULTE Holy Name of jesus 'iGrace" is charming and diminutive . . . pre- paring herself to be a secretary . . . favorite sport, football . . . typist for the Antholite . . . would like to promote a club for the alumni. MARY JANE SINNAEVE St. Iuliana "Janie" likes biology and hopes to be a nurse . . . enjoys dancing and swimming . . . hopesto see the Mardi Cras some day soon . . . would like to promote more high school dances. SALLY ANN SMITH St. Anthony "Sally" was the magnificent star in "Quiet Sum- mer" as Helen Russell . . . favorites, sewing and dancing . . . enjoys picnics . . . likes good fiction . . . future occupation, secretarial work. MARVIN STEFFES St. Anthony "Marv's" high ideals have made him an all- around student and general favorite . . . hobby. reading . . . favorite sport, swimming . . . would like to see every state in the union , . . Antholite staff '49 . . . outstanding subject is bookkeeping. an incentive to his future occupation as accountant. MARY STERNICKI St. jude "Slim," as Mary is sometimes called. enjoys roller skating . . . exchange editor of the Prelude . . .ardent desire to visit Switzerland . . . hopes to work in some small office. CLARICE SCHULTZ St. Iohn Berfbman "Liz" participated in basketball for two years, in Glee Club for three years. and took P-iff 111 the Living Rosary . . . favorite subject. biology . . . hobby is painting dogs . . . exceptionally handy with a needle. ROSEMARY SHRINER St. Anthony This petite package is as vivacious as they come . . . laugh at her jokes and you'll have a friend . . . Rosie detests gossipers . . . favorite sport. football . . . class president in Freshman year. JAMES SCIARINI St. jude "Jim" was an impressive athlete in football and baseball for four years . . . possesses a personality- plus grin , . . stage crew in Class Play , . . spends his leisure hours reading sports magazines . . . a future coach. ESTHER SIELER St. Anthony "Essie" is a great football fan . . . interested in biology . . . enjoys light operas . . . detests brag- gards . . . wants to be a nurse . . . California is on her traveling list . . . one of the few to have perfect attendance throughout her four years . . . biographies hold her interest during leisure hours. MARY JANE SZANKIN St. Albertus "Mary" is an enthusiastic spectator of sports . . . enjoys dancing, ice skating and good novels . . . would like to visit Rome in the future . . , considers typing her favorite subject . . . you'll see her in the office. JOHN TAORMINA Patronage of St. Iosepb Tall and lanky, "John" is an all out sportsman . . . favorite, baseball . . . photography is his hobby and he hopes to make it his future occupation . . . likes people who are themselves . . . member of the "A" Club. MARILYN TEMROWSKI Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Lynn" hopes to be an interior decorator . . . likes people who understand teen-agers , , . loathes conceited girls . . . literary writer. yearbook staff . . . fancies a trip to sunny California. BEATRICE TREPPA Our Lady Queen of Heaven "Beatie," co-editor of the Prelude . . . writing and illustrating her own stories takes up her leisure time . . . sophisticated Pamela in "Quiet Sum- mer" . . . looking forward to a bright future as a successful secretary . . . has hopes of visiting Rome. JACK URBAN St. Anthony Jack was a member of the bowling league for two years . . . favorite subject is typing . . . likes people who are friendly at all times . . , is excep- tionally prolicient in working on cars . , . hopes to have a gas station of his own. DOROTHY VAN HERREWEGHE St. Margaret Mary "Dot," a future stenographer . . . favors people who are friendly and congenial . . . outstanding forward and guard on basketball team , . . popular captain of '49 team . . . member of "A" Club for three years . . . guard on the Championship team in '-18. MARCELLA WALBY Holy Name "Marcy" aspires to invent an errorless typewriter . . . favorite subject, history . . . pastimes, reading and dancing . . . costume staff of Class play . . i Yearbook typist . . . ambition, future stenographer . . . would like to visit Vatican City. LORRAINE WALCZAK St. Anthony '4l.orrie" will enter business college . . . plans to be a stenographer . . . participated in Living Rosary . . . devoted to music . . . hobbies, dancing and piano playing , , , heroes, Tony Martin and James Milton. EDWIN ZABKIEWICZ St. Anthony "Zipp's" favorite pastime is reading mystery stories . . . enjoys baseball , . . would like to visit Texas. JOAN ZAWACKI St. Anthony "Jo's" favorite subject is English . . . favors swimming and bowling . . . "Mrs, Lillian Young" in "Quiet Summer" . . . loathes conceit . . . plans to be a key-punch operator. SEVERINO ZEN sf. Anthony "Zen's" favorite subject is drafting . . . hopes to be a draftsman . . . likes baseball and bowling . . . his hero is Babe Ruth . . . enjoys himself most at parties . . . likes people who can take a joke. ..4m. ' JOANN WALDORF St. Anthony' "Jo's" favorite subject is shorthand . . . h0P2S to spend her future working hours in an office: - - her' hobby is collecting records . . . enjoys skating . 1 . hopes to find a way to get naturally curly hair. LUCILE WARDZELLA St. Margaret Mary "Lou" enjoys football as a spectator and tobog- ganing as a participant . . . favorite subject. history . . . hobby, collecting pennants . . . wants to be' an airline hostess . . . active member of band for three and one-half years . . . 100 per cent attendance throughout high school. ARTHUR WISMER Patronage of St. Iosepb "Whiz" was an enthusiastic cheerleader for three years . . . likes baseball . . . enjoys wrestling and bowling . . . saves sports pictures . . . wants to be a tool and die maker . . . dislikes sophisticated girls. MARY ANN WOJCIK. Assumption Grotto "Mary Ann." a competent stenographer for the Bell Telephone Co . . . favorite pastimes. bowling and dancing . . . likes her friends to have a sense of humor . . . member of the Antholite staff. SENIORS PREPARE FOR FUTURE First Row: Religion class taught by Father typing for personal use. Murphyg lunch hour. Third Row: History class studies World newsg Second Row: Future Einsteins GJ in discussiong English students interpret classical authors. -. f .wt . iq. X H I W- .,,.......,, I :ff 'fy .A fly Q, A VV 5731? " :QW L2 W:"fQ My , , ' M f ,f 'ff 175 2 2 'W A 'f if A 'Q 'f 4 W J 'W , .,,. " - 12lQ,,,k,, 'Q X, ff-In -- H - -W i. 4 ,f, , l W . W f v M M f f , . V 4,3 - mhz, ' 2 FZ V f i Sl Q QA Z W 5, :jf 'sw Q wwf?" - 1 ,, . . f Z x , 6 aww .-wk... x 'limx xc 5. i x is 51 1 uv A -,.a,- V in 4 T3 , JIS gqslk ii". f f ,4 M2 ,Ss - X S R 8 IZ' Ze 1 ff f MMM NK M rl . 1 Third Row: J. Langlois, J. Olszewski, D. Burns, N. Emig, E. " . . .Kk'L.W'kl. Top Row: J. Kane, M. Mirasola, J. Langmesser, M. Stachowski, Dlclcco' M Boreua' K Holzhauer' C os 1' m e M A Hogan L Napiewocki F Winstanley P Zachatska N Second Row: B. Silvers, T. Conflitti, M. Chabot, R. Berels, V. . . , . , . , . , . Zechi M. Kortasn Cappellaro, M. A. Taube, P. Schmidt, G. Moricone. Fourth Row: D. DeCavitt, C. Kreft, D. Kanski, C. Sass, P. Bottom Row: C' Riehly Wieczorkowski' M' Volckaert' D' Kelly, J. Minch, B. Marcian, J. Licari. Farlmat, Y. Marcantonio, T. Pellegrini, G. Lovati. JUNICR 2 Tlfffff ROM M- A. Bork, L. Foley, D. wimbicka, D. Kas- lm lk . ' - Top Row: M. A. Smith, P. Karscl-ma, D. Kaschalk, K. Muraw- C 3 , J Natclxe, K' Miller' S' Ford, A' Dueu' D' Colasarm' ski, L. Piscopink, J. Shurtleff, L. Johnson, R. Pignatelli, P. Second Row: P. Ross, P. Rostow, N. Spinelli A Blind A. Couvreur, D. Ferger. Annareui A Thomas K N , ' l v - . k . F k Fourth Row: G. VonclenBenken, F. Rosinski, H. Rocheleau, , owa i J un ei D' Wolff' G. Donovan, R. Kirouac, R. Michels, W. Fulgenzi, Dine, G. Bvffvm Row: D- Konieskiy L- B2lh01'5ki, R. Ardito, B. Zech, Hoffner. R. Ross, B. Genord, M. L. Mclnerney, M. Abraham A 4 Q7 ,ff 7... , ff , , , My ,W 1 W , , X , ,. I J N JUNIOR 3 Top Row: M. Derwich, E. Dembry, L. Bloom, M. Adam, A. Caton, G. Freda, P. Cloutier, R. Jay, R. Zepke, C. Falter- Illelef. Third Row: M. Donahue, P. Davon, M. L. Kolpasky, J. Scheich, B. Sapuxo, R. Bootz, V. Pellegrino, L. Hilgendorf, Doherty. Second Row: V. Pompilius, D. Licavoli, J. Oddo, K. Sigurd- sen, R. Przytulski, A. Schubnell, P. Cass, R. Genord. W o 7+ '7- e 3 F4 FU e Fl 5 9 Cf v-1 U' nw ,P P" C5 v-1 as U. na E . 9 74 o 5 ro P F' U ru F' I: F? 0 vi RJ? X it Fourth Row: R. Kunnath, W. Tanner, D. Pacella, G. Penner, R. Hawring, D. Hall, J. Klosterman, H. Mallett, R. Detloif. D. Frank, A. Silvestri, F. Galasso, T. Steffes. , .lt 4 Third Rouwr L. Smith, N. L. Ghreen, D. Baginski, B. Landry, M. A. Boxk, C. Knott, P. DeVr1endt, A. Musser. Top Row: D. Wieczorkowski, R. Popowski, M. A. Beckosky, Sefoml Row: A- Dardiniy J- C1?P9f0ny J- Keuelf G- Capoccia, F. Wright, L. Gipprich, B. Doran, Anderson, D. Toia. gllrlligssler' J' Venet' L' VaI'e'1C"u't' A' Zimmerman' R' Fourth Row: J. Solomon, J. Light, L. Moricone, J- Gflldens Bottom Row: T. Tuharsky, J. Nagorski, E. Battain, V. Rocco, C. Bregier, J. Altz, J. Macy, R. Jarvis, B. Eschrich. B. Gaines, M. Allegrati, R. Schattmaier, V. Halkey. was mwuww 41 'x 'N f1" ., : ,E 2 ,N ,f ,fr 'X ,f w N f, ,f ,,,,, ,MW M2 2 A.. ...HM fa' 1 Third Row: B. Gebauer, M. MacDonald, T. Boglarsky, G. Sobieray, G. Kozlowski, B. Yizze, M. Andrezik, S. Lantzy. Top Rowil-l' Powell, EIL Gloss, Peffvg S' Gurtzv W' Jang' Serond Row: M. Budzinski, M. Codd, F. DeMeglio, F. Iwan- 'lkeeigmma aere' L' Ja ""'oWsk" B' Kmsler' Powe ' M' kovitsch, N. Ziegenfelder, W. Waldorf, C. Sawicki, M. A. Fourth Row: A. Scalici, J. Gentilia, J. McKernan, R. Ziegen- Labiak' D . felder, Nelson, P. Werthman, E. Lawrence, R. Daudlin, W. Bottom Row: S. Lesmeister, M. Antonelli, W. Cantwell, M. Ribant. Peitz, L. North, M. Noble, Mobley, E. Isrow. 2 Third Row: M. Stevens, R. Badacziewski, M. L. Krupczak, K. Lawrence, K. Kimmel, N. Mueller, B. Winkler, Serazio, Top Row: E. Nihem, B. Winstanley, M. Putrow, D. Ross, B. M. J' Spragg. Kennedy' J' Laskey' G' Valenta' L' Woicik' J' Lapa' J' Stem' Second Row' K. Hulburd L. Klatt R Brombach W Hink- etz, A. Zacharski. ' ' , ' ' , , ' ' Fourth Row: R. Marcil, R. Smyrski, R. Bucci, H. Starr, T. son' C' Sears' R' Soma' G' Ostm' S' M"""'es" Dembeck, J. Duchene, M. Antonelli, P. Saigh, L. Burns, W. Baffvm Row: L' Thomas, Dulcamar, P. Cronin, R. M. Moceri, M. A. Schutter. Misuraca, B. Penny, J. Leahey, P. jones, C. f . ,- A ,- M SOPHOMORE 3 Top Row: R. Fisher, A. Koerber, E. Wilt, R. Kolpasky, R. DeBaker, K. Huri, J. Kolley, R. Sylvester. Fourth Row: E. Schnuphase, M. A. Stosiak, K. Nelson, C. Doran, L. Rivard, T. Kress, M. L. Cooley, C. Zbikowski, L. Garavaglia. 9 E l in Pr. Third Row: J. Smith, G. Trompics, J. Andrews, M. Gough, M. C. Nadon, C. Boike, M. Taubitz, M. A. Scherer. Second Row: G. Beckosky, H. McCourt, H. DiBartolomeo, A. Tuharsky, V. Bellomo, R. Medaugh, R. Zimmerman. Bottom Row: D. Abate, A. Gaglio, F. Riehl, M. A. Berthiaume, S. Garbarino, B. Binsfeld, S. Santiago, Sconciafurno. A A A . . SOPHOMORE 4 Top Row: J. Roe, K. Wolfslayer, T. Gudenau, L. Kornack, T. Daschke, C. Catenacci, F. Donegan, E. Ruth, J. Sumeracki. Fourtb Row: B. Rutkowski, M. A. Brown, J. Stodolak, P. Grady, J. Shriner, M. Lessnau, I.. Naples, M. Korloch, I. Iacobucci, B. Urban. Third Row: G. Doebeck, D. Murray, M. Nosseck, J. Arlwldv IE: Brvgan, T- Urban, D. Smolinski, A. Hillery, J. Hepp, P- mn. Sefomf ROW? J- Grimaldi, T. Evers, E. Otrompke, S. Puglicsen J. Weil, D. Fanale, B. Schmidt, R. Kline, C. Sieler. Bottom Row: J. Turkal, C. A. Christ, J. Gainor, J, A. Dillon, E. Simmons, R. Lesmeister, M. Baird, V, Dennis, SOPHOMORES GATHER KNOWLEDGE i First Row: Enjoying Class partyg honor students of Soph. 1 and 43 honor students of Soph. 2 and 3. Second Row: Class Officers: M. Antonelli, M. Keena, E. Hillery, R. DeBakerg students dramatize "Lady of the Lake." Third Row: Biology students at workg Religion class holds discussiong Modern History class. Fourth Row: A study of circles and anglesg stu- dents study map of Caesar's campaignsg a class in art appreciation. FRESHMAN 1 Top Row: R. Werthman, R. Groth, R. Marsack, F. Torner, R. Johnson, F. Gutman, P. Hynes, J. Scherr. Fourth Row: V. Cyrowski, A. Anderson, R. Zenoni, T. Za- wadski, J. Rubino, L. Haggerty, M. Marvicson, D. Conlon. A. Third Row: N. Giroux, E. Rodemsky, M. Selter, J. Zolnoski, J. Potemko, R. Kirouac, N. LoPiccolo, W. Kady. Second Row: D. Lewandowski, A. Merrelli, B. Wieczonkow- ski, R. LaDuke, S. Palmeri, R. Burr, B. Cicilline, R. McCue. Bottom Row: T. Thomas, R. Leppek, J. Steinetz, R. Oldani, J. Malecki, M. C. Kronner, I. Ghesqueire, J. Kessler. M FRESHMAN 2 Top Row: R. Greene, I .LaFata, R. Baroli, Nowakowski, F. Losh, G. Brousseau, L. Plourde, R. Paoletti. Fourth Row: L. Berra, R. Droste, R. Calomeni, J. Singer, M. Boike, M. H. Hoye, C. Missig, Prunkl, B. Beauvias. Third Row: B. Kramer, G. Watson, P. Henningsen, V. Regul- zom, G. Kew, J. Scheich, P. Mclnerney, J. Staples. Semnd Row: J' K'-'dialisa P- Epsha, J. Marchion, C. Catallov E' Wolff, C' Nowak, A. Burkemo, M. Giombattista, W0- brock. Botlfom Row: M. A. Lusch, L. Wittn1an, A. Lantzy, M. A' D1P1rro, M. Kronner, P. Boike, I.. Minchella, B. O'Connor. A 4 M 3. Jm FRESHMAN 3 . Top Row: D. Yaklin, D. Haggerty, L. Clayr, J. Myslewicz, R. Radomski, T. Buyze, W. Schulz, W. Price, R. Dodson, J. Janssens. Fourth Row: C. Schmidt, N. VanWambeke, R. Dimmer, C. Hoch, N. Hudock, D. Sobel, F. Hermansen, C. Taube. Third Row: K. Kalil, J. Roslinski, L. McNamara, J. DiStefano, H. Quinkert, S. Schoenherr, C. Cash, P. Gardiner. Second Row: D. Kowatch, J. Gentile, A. Wenturine, D. Baril, K. Chalmers, A. Roberts, D. Chesney, L. Eschrich, R. Pacella. Bottom Row: M. Rousseau, J. Smith, B. Smith, E. Schaifstein, P. Zielinski, C. Cottrell, E. LaBrecque, M. Schulte. FRESHMAN 4 T011 Row: C. Slitti, J. Bretz, D. Nowak, T. Doherty, D. Hofef, T. Radzwion, J. Gartner, C. Naeyaert, D. Wojciechowski, R. Kordos. Fourth Row: R. Beck, M. Kortz, A. Schubnell, C. Stinson, A. Brooks, D. Kurrie, A. Landorf, S. Smith. Ain., L ,L M Third Row: R. Balduck, M. Zabkiewicz, A. Yandura, Bruder, M. Miller, L. Lock, P. Perreault, D. Walby. Second Row: A. Benacquisto, J. Licavoli, T. Fluent, C. Rocheleau, Langmesser, T. Supanich, D. Diiernderfer. Bottom Row: Grace Najewski, Anne Ruifolo, F. Ventimiglio, A. Devine, J. Tercheck, B. Waldorf, J. Purdy, M. Gerhard. A - 4 A 5 Third Row: G. Rosingana, G. Zielinski, A. Fountain, E. Nichols, P. Chrzan, M. Roberts, M. Melewicz, J. Magness, E. Top Row: C. Valliere, B. Holzhauer, S. Latone, W. Weatherly, DsAnd,.ea, J. Tahash. R. Dronzkowski, J. Korth, J. Zen, W. Marchiori, E. Gac, R. Miesch. Second Row: R. Havrilla, D. DeCook, G. Lacey, J. Goeddeke, Fourth Row: R. Taukert, D. Caton, P. Sosnowski, S. A. R' Fox' C' Wright, J' Oiconnor' J' Kate' L' Wesserling' Berant, D. Geelen, R. M. Wilson, P. Houtteman, C. Wottowa, R. Teipel. J. Gabriel, M. A. Sreinhebel, B. L. Fisclml, D. Beckwell. Bottom Row: I. Peitz, C. Melanson, J. McCourt, J. Benoit, STUDENTS ENJOY LIBRARY Girls: M. A. Bechosky at ltable, P. Karsclma at Boys: K. Chalmers, C. Nowak, D Fanale J Gen. . , . tile, M. Andrezik, P. Davon. tile, P. Cloutier, K. Mug-awski, ASSEMBLIES AWN' First Row: The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart: Father Murphy and T. Andreg the student body. Second Row: Farewell Program for Father Postg Earle Spicer, Baritone Singer of Balladsg Shakes- pearean performers. N Third Row: Mary Louise Hickey in "I Remember Mamans W. Pierrangelo, M. A. Wojcik, R. Ross from "The Family Album." F0urtb'Row: Rev. AE. Luckey, C.PP.S., Retreat Masterg ae scene from Shakespeareg. Medical Mis- sionary Sisters addressed the girls. , C. S. M. C. First Row: Oiicersz Donald Nowicki, Antonietta for the Christmas Card Sale. Silvestri, Rev. S. Tuszynski, John Balduck, Bar- bara Genordg Stamps for the Misisons. Second Row: Freshman 5, the first to make a Donald Nowicki present check to Msgr. Leo De- basket in the Christmas Card Driveg Making plans Barry. Third Row: Paper Driveg Barbara Genord and HOLY NAME SOCIETY First Row: D. Hall, C. Foley, L. Piscopink, D. Scalicci, T. Andreg L. Gipprich, Chairman of Droste and Fathersg at the Holy Name Banquet. Father and Son Program. 3 fl : . - : econ Row Josegah and Father' Omcers Third Row: Scene from "Last Rehearsalng Rev. fseatedj R. Plgnatellx, Father Tuszynskn, D. Benoit, fstandingj R. Michels, A. Pavlizke, A. Charles Bricher recording program. T. I. T. M. .,.,, , .41 K First Row: P. Kelly, P. Cloutier, and D. Pacella bring in Magazinesg R. Kalin and A. Latone pack gifts for Indian children. Second Row: G. Penner and G. Freda collect eggs for Little Sisters of the Poorg J. Oddo, W. Fulgenzi, fame iixliilli CARE N. Spinelli load old Christmas cards to aid Cate- chetical work. Third Row: Preparing breakfast for the Sodalistsg XW. Bernock and C. Fritz preparing hot cocoa, P- Eass taking the count, R. Burkett bringing the uns. IS HERE AGAIN ax, , 'fi 1, : W X ww, .-sssf: - if 2 +V Jig, 761 ,f '47 Qs 2 is flu' aurlirnrc, Fi1'Sf Row: Living Rosaryg May Crowningg M. Second Row: Officers: C. Fritz, P. Eschrich, Rev. Holzschuh B. Noah C. F016 P. Eschrich. J. Kelly, M. Holzschuh, T. Conflitti, D. Benoitg P. , , Y, Kurkowski examines vocation bulletin. TO REALMS OF WORLD-FORGOTTEN IOY 1 Q . 3 f . 1 5 i 5 I 1 I 1 First Row: Entire chorusg M. Nosseck and L. Naples. Second Row: Christmas carolersg T. Tucharski, D. Urban, D. DeCavitt, P. Lattanzio, B. Silversg Majorettes: M. Abraham, V. Halkey, L. Bahorski. Third Row: Father Post poses with Glee Club membersg Band on parade. Fourth Row: Saxophone group: D. Walby, M- K1'3mP, K- Hllri, I... Gipprichg Informal singing! R. Scheuerman, M. DiPi1-ro, R. Pignatelli, G. Dono- van, W. Waldorf, E. Ruth at piano. ON WINGS OF LIVING SONG C.. '11'Sf Row: Fundamentals classg E. Gloss, D. Wierz- Third Row: Father Bricher demonstrates the res ricki, L. Valleincourt. cording machine to eager studentsg R. McCue ,v lglefvnd Row: Trumpeteers: F. DeMeglio, P. ankles the keys' Ufchmidt, C. Taube, R. Grothg Glee Club at prac- Fourth Row: Band in full dressg Trombone section, ice- G. Scherr, L. Foley, M. A. Scharer, M. Krupczak. THE ...Huff Goss TO PRESS First Row: Business Staff: R. Przytulski, A. Paol- etti, W. Krawczyk, M. DiPirro, W. Fulgenzi, P. Lattanzio, R. Kuptz, M. Sternickig Co-Editors Beatrice Treppa and Lorraine Chalmers make plans for future. Second Row: Page-Editors M. St. Germaine, C' Cicillini, L. Chalmers, B. Treppa, D. Cools W01'k at make-upg Reporters receive assignments, R- Ross, B. Treppa, L. Chalmers, C. Bregier, R- St' Germaine, D. Wolff, J. Funke, W. Fulgenzia R' Genord. THE Jdnfkokfe IN THE MAKING Fi1'Sf Row: The end of the Patron Driveg Typisfs V Koski R Ku tz M' Walb 'G"Schulte, B. ' ' P 1 ' y ' , Piscopinki ' " , f E' " Second Row: Co-Editors J. Hannon and Madi- gani Photographer A. Pavlizke. .. U A . J Third Row: In the Make-up Room M. DiPirro5 D. Nowak, R. Scheuerman, VG. Elsey, P. Lizza, R Blatz, Brennan, E. LaPorte, Bulgarelli, L Napiewockig Literary .Staff fseatedf A, Woj- cik, A. Boyke, C. Phillips, M. Temrowski, J.-Penet fstandingj J. Hannon, M. Madigan, ..KarsCh- nich, J. Dolesky, M.-' Steffes. -- 9 . . . : "QUIET SUMMER" Cast I: S. Cottrell, A. Paoletti, L. Joseph, B. Joseph, Zawacki, J. Proctor, V. Gazarek, I. Panella, W. Brennan, B. Treppa, D. Schafer, L. Napiewocki, C. Phillips, M. Bosworth, M. Gough, R. Miller, J. Balduck. Cast II: P. Nosseck fprompterj, L. Chalmers, R. St. Germaine, N. Evola, R. Scheuerman, R. Magnan, S. Smith, M. A. Schallefa A- Atwell, M. Pohl, W. Bernock, H. Bul- garelli, D. Nowicki, L. Marshall, M. St. Germaine, M' Stefnickia D. Nowak, B. Hinkson, C. Fritz, G- Baranowski fpromprerj. Stage Crew: R. Schmidt, A. Czarnecki, R. Blatz, J. Sciarini. Third and Fourtb Rows: Scenes before and behind the curtain. ' JM df, Nw" 1 J ..Q-fig 2 X , it X, Q y X ,X A E , x 'e?,' J 1,1- X X -.4 L. 4' - il , Je' . , 1 ' J K ' S X'-,L .Q I 5 ff' 5.5 Q , x X is sg .fi if 6 5 f X if X 3 ff NE if 'Q ff f f 4 1 ff . 1 X! i Q iz 5 f R 2 ff J' Mu! cb J 1 i .. W . .,.- , sk P 1? f .4 M AVF, Z xx bg ,S Z 5 1 S. f. 1 1: H 'Si ' - .- VARSITY: First Row: R. Blatz, D. Schafer, J. Proctor, D. Nowak. Second Row: R. Magnan, R. Michels, R. Schmidt, R. Kunnath, T. Diehl, R. Kirouac, T. Andre. RESERVES: Third Row: L. Piscopink, R. Pig- natelli, J. Dimmer, J. Sciarini, D. Cronin. Fourth Row: W. Brennan, G. Elsey, J. Balduck, D. Benoit, D. Nowicki, D. Bonanno, W. Bernock, W. Piet- rangelo, J. Taormina. First Row: Our Line-Up. Second Row: The Seniors of the Team. J Third Row: Rev. C. Bricher,! Athletic Director, .lack Proctor, Captain, and Brother Henry, Coach. Fourth Row: The Team: First Row: R. Johnson, D. Bonanno, L. Piscopink, R. Magnan, J. Sciarini, J- Rammalaere, R. Schmidt, A. Bizzottog Second Row: J. Taormina, H. Bulgarelli, J. Dimmer, G. Elsey, J. Proctor, R. Kunnath, R. Kirouacg Third Row: G. Donovan, R. Michels, H. Starr, T. Andre, D. Nowak, D. Schafer, D. 'Nowickig Fourth Row D. Benoit, W. Bernock, W. Pietrangelo, J. Balduck, W. Brennan, H. Rocheleau, K. Nowak, D. Kas- chalkg Fifth Row: Fr. Bricher, J. Keller, R. Blatz D. Cronin, R. Ruth, R. Jay, H. DiBartolomeo, M Antonelli, Bro. Henry. 7 f Oificers of St. Anthony Lettermen's Club in con- R. Schmidt, Brother Henry, Father Bricher, D. ference with Father Bricher and Brother Henry: Nowak, T. Diehl, R. Magnan, R. Blatz. x 'WP First Row: V. Bellomo, J. Proctor, H. Bulgarelli, Second Row: Father Bricher, D. Cronin, H. DiBar- R. Magnan, W. Huellmantel, J. Taormina, D. tolomeo, R. McCue, R. Jay, R. Blatz, T. Fluent, Nowak, R. Kunnath, T. Andre. P- Cass, K- Nowak, Brother Henry- E S s . Q First Row: Varsity. Third Row: Grade School C.Y.OrChampions. H Second Row: Reserves. M A 1 xx 'x E? M, ff 3' . ek, " If N.. V . if X 15 5 x 4 ' XXX? X HX, F. , 3, Q- I i 5 "" ,H -' ' ' 'Q 2 . X , . .fi 'MQJJJ IT Y I ' ff H. J , ,,'. N.N,, . A Q Q , ,gow , X A r I .. .3 3:1 ., 5 5, M .nf 2. H . xl, Q , , L -Jie ew ? 'S L- - . PM o . , f -W , - W J 4 4, so gf ,f ,. f A . L ' A is ,,., ' ,..,. ' mi ffm ..,..,.,..:iiffN, tf 5 ,,,,., .. 1,V,Q, , I .X , ,,q.,,5fn5kg,gfg. W. N . fi . " 3 . , ' E L "" .M 5 ' sf 1. .- l V Z sf., . , 3 it-'fill 'N ' s ff .ff R i s l 2 Qi. ...,,. ,, , 5, y 4 I. is , . 1, 'ffff L ' f ' ' NJ: W e JEL 'E 1 aff W ff . P Sf Q i ,fi .. K M., v ., , f A. A, fx , .. X 'Q 5 . R-X 1 f ,f 24 , f g , u 4 fa. f 2 'f 1 A 2 5 E .AA, Q 5 .V 'iffy f.::f.,-- , gf + . yi., a ny ,fy KY, I ,yr - 4, rf f .5 w.. A ' , . ..., , ...,0,.W 'g,,, ,, ,, ,VM A J - ll Q V, A-W.. .M 'A 5 . . I Teams on opposite page: First Row: Varsity: H. DiBartolomeo, J. Proctor, D- Nowicki, T. Andre, R. Pignatelli, A. Caton, J. Taormina, R. Magnan, D. Schafer, L. Piscopink, V. Bellomo, D. Cronin. Second Row: Reserves: W. Schultz, J. Ramma- laere, R. Pignatelli, R. Bucci, D. Kaschalk, A. Zimmerman, V. Bellomo, T. Doherty, L. Plourde, H. DiBartolomeo, R. Zimmerman. Third Row: Grade School C.Y.O. Champions: F. Aquino, G. Goodrich, W. Micus, D. Currie, M. Lynch, C. Johnson, Brother Henry, E. Kaschalk, W. Zoli, T. Kreitmeyer, R. Rousseau, C. Eovaldi. ,, ,,,, .........l- P x First Row: L. Napiewocki guarded by R. Popow- hue, M. R. Huetteman, P. Lizzag Miss L. Kaltz skig D. Van Herreweghe, Captaing L. Donahue CoachgIM. R. Huetpeman guarded by P. Pizza. guards J. Penet. Third Row: Caught in Action. Second Row: "AH Club Officers: Penet, L. Dona- ! First Row: Speakers at Banquet given by Boosters: Mr. F. Connolly, C.Y.O. Athletic Director, Mr. I. Chateau, Chairman, Father Post, Mr. Leo Crowe, Executive Secretary. Second Row: Championship team and parents at Banquet. Third Row: The Team: J. Stodalak fMgr.J, B. Penny, P. DeVriendt, R. Popowski, G. Vonden- Benken, E. Dembry, Penet, B. Doran, L. Na- piewocki, P. Lizza, M. R. Huetteman, P. Karschna, L. Donahue, C. Doran, D. Murray, D. Kaschalk M. A. Hogan fMgr.Qg fcenterj M. A. Taube, D Vanl-Ierreweghe, E. Battain. 7 . Fourth Row: frigbtj "A" Club: D. VanHerre- weghe, L. Donahue, R. Popowski, P. Lizza, L. Na- piewocki, M. R. Huetteman, J. Penet. GIRLS BASKETBALL LEAGUE VARSITY BASKETBALL St, Thomas . . . . . . St. Stanislaus Nativity . . . St. Florian , . St. Elizabeth . . St. Thomas . . St. Stanislaus , Nativity . . St. Florian . . St. Elizabeth . TOURNAMENT St, Frederick, Pontiac . . . St. Gregory . . . Nativity . . St. Rose . . . . St. Casimir . . . St. Patrick, Wytandotte BOWLING STANDINGS 1948-49 Season St. Stanislaus St. Ladislaus . De La Salle . St. Joseph . Catholic Central St. Mary R. O. St. Gregory . St. Stanislaus St. Ladislaus . De La Salle . St. Joseph . Catholic Central St. Mary R. O. RESER St. Stanislaus St. Ladislaus . De La Salle . St. Joseph . Catholic Central St. Mary R. O. St. Gregory . St. Stanislaus St. Ladislaus . De La Salle . St. Joseph . Catholic Central St. Mary R. O. . . s - 0 . , . , . V . VE BASKETBALL v 17-29 30-52 32-61 30-43 26-42 21-43 27-51 43-39 34-42 37-55 27-49 31-58 29-40 25-23 31-33 27-40 30-13 22-34 23-21 21-26 29-30 34-31 24-25 27-33 26-30 35-34 lst Placehl-Iot Shots 2nd Place-Pin Breakers 3rd Place-Question Marks 4th Placeg-Una Balla 5th Place-Ten Spots 6th Place-Syclneys 7th Place-Steamrollers GRADE SCHOOL CHAMPIONS 8th Place-Four Hits and a Miss VARSITY FOOTBALL Lourdes . . 'De La Salle . St, Ladislaus St. Catherine . Orchard Lake St. Stanislaus St. Joseph . . .32 Nativity . 26-12 St. Charles . 29-26 Annunciation 21-14 St. Catherine . . 17-24 St. Margaret Mary 34-19 Nativity . . . 31-11 St. Charles . 19-16 Annunciation . 32-11 St. Catherine . . 14-8 St. Margaret Mary 28-22 TOURNAMENT sr. Hugo . . I . 4 as-30 St. David ., St, lgaclislaus . .16-1.4 41-226 HOLY NAME BOWLING LEAGUE WJ: 'ng K ,mi First Row: UNA BALLA: DiPirro, Andre, Spinelli, Zen, Urban, SYDNEYS: Proctor, Sigurdson, Gol- den, Braekeveltg QUESTION MARKS: Churley, Taormina, Pavlizke, Wismer, Scheuerman. Second Row: FOUR HITS and a MISS: Antonelli, Ruth, DiBartolomeo, Hinkson, Zimmerman, STEAMROLLERS: Jay, Hall, Kunnath, Caton, Cronin, TEN SPOTS: Pugliese, Starr, Otrompke, DeMeglio. Third Row: PIN BREAKERS: Bulgarelli, Sciarini, D. Nowak, Blatz, Latoneg HOT SHOTS: Kirouac, Kaschalk, Murawski, K. Nowak, Michels. AROUND SCHGOL First Row: Change of Class: R. Hawring, M. Neary, A. Fratarelli, D. Dascenzog Mrs. Marcero with the new dishwasherg crib in Church attracts C. Slitri. Sevond Row: C. Fritz, F. Roehl, J. Merandi, C. Foley, and A. Wismer enjoy the first snowg Mr. Werner on the job. Third Row: Edward Gac with the Winning U.N. Posterg Revising the Archcliocesan Mission List: B. Saputo, L. Hilgendorf, H. Mallett, R. Kunnath, W. Tanner, P. Cass, L. Bloom, M. Derwich. IUNIOR - SENIOR PROM 5. Q". ani, First Row: M. Pohl, R. Scheuermang N. Emig, J. Dine, V. Halkey, G. Capocciag L. Piscopink, B. Genord, M. Donahue, R. Jay. Second Row: L. Napiewocki, M. Adam, D. Nowak, L. Donahue, R. Detloffg K. Nowak, B. Silvers, G. Schulte, R. Blatz. Third Row: J. Doherty, P. Cloutier, J. Langlois, J. nh-...Q Klostermang A. Lock, W. Krawczyk, A. Czarnecki, F. Rossler, P. Nosseck, L. Chalmers, C. Schmidt, D. Licavolig J. Penet, J. Taormina, Father Kelly, Father Raible, J. Scheich, J. Oddo, Father Murphy, A. Pavlizke, B. Treppag Messrs. and Mesdames N. Nowak, S. Napiewocki, J. Musser, A. Mueller, F. Wright. A The Anthonader Mission Unit St. Anthony High School Sodality St. .Anthony Athletic Associa- UOI1 "A" Club 1949 St., Anthony Students' Holy Name Society The Prelude Along with your diplomas and your school-day souvenirs. Please tuck atua our wish for lf A you- "Good Luck" throughout the years! 537.50 Craine Studios Photographers to St. Anthony High School Studio Floor Stroh Bldg. Cherry 4030 S25 .00 Weyhing Bros. Mfg. Co. Class Ring Jewelers to St. Anthony High School 408 David Broderick Tower Wo. 2-9839 Factory 3040 Gratiot Lo. 7-0600 510.00 1 J. E. Allor Co. 7437-39 Gratiot Ave. Wa. 1-9152 Dealing in Church Furnishings, Religious Articles, Pictures. Replating in Gold and Silver 1 Arena Gardens lRoller Skating Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun. 8-11:30 lMatinees Sat. 1-3:30 Sun 2-3 15795 Woodward, Ma. 3911 lDetroit Knitting Mills 1410 Gratiot lFontana Bros. 12431 Woodward 4Candies, Tobacco, Cigarettes, lFountain and School Supplies , A Friend 'Gratiot Modern Dress Suit Rental lFormal Clothes Rented or Sold 'We have every size from 4-48 10097 Gratiot Ave. NVa. 1-4232 SCHOOL PATRONS Young Ladies' Sodality St. Anthony Booster Club St. Anthony High School Cafeteria St. Anthony Christian Mother's Society St. Anthony Sr. Holy Name Society St. Anthony Mother's Club BUSINESS PATRONS Hogan Cigar Stand Police Headquarters 1300 Beaubien St. Detroit, Michigan Morley's Delicious Candy and Ice Cream 8701 Gratiot Ave. Detroit, Michigan Congratulations- Friends of the 7th Precinct Police Station Rainbow Cleaners Y5 Dyers 6810 Gratiot Ave. Detroit, Michigan NVe dye to live 510.00 Rivard Brothers Inc. Ford Sales 25 Service 20955 Van Dyke Ave. Baseline, Michigan John Scheu-Son Assorted Flavors of Carbonated Drinks 6425 Concord Ave., Pl. 6481 Townsend Pharmacy lnc. 7463 Gratiot cor Townsend 25 Gratiot Prescription Specialists Wa. 1-0363 Roy Texter, Dr. J. S. Vanlaoon F. W. Woolworth Co. Gratiot near 7 Mile 55.00 A A A Ale Q5 Beer Store 15400 E. Warren Detroit, Michigan, Ni. 8020 Admiral Upholstering Co. Re-Upholstering - Repairing Custom Work 13138 F. Warren, Va. 2-6479 St. Anthony P.T.A. St. Anthony Ushers Society Girls' HA" Club "The Girls" of Jr. 1 Compliments of Fresh. 5 A Friend Compliments of Senior 1 Compliments of Senior 2 Compliments of Senior 3 Compliments of Senior 4 A1's Market 5901 Frontenac Phone IV. 9294 We Deliver Compliments of Joe Andre's Bar Bellevue 55 E. Warren Compliments of B. 'E5 G. Candy Co. 444 E. Jefferson Compliments of Better Made Potato Chips Manufactured by Cross '65 Peters 5502 McDougall Borghi Bros. Grocery '55 Meat Market 1800 Mack Ave., Te. 2-6116 Brown Brothers Dairy 24649 Van Dyke Center Line, Mich. Sam Caruso Plumbing Y5 Heating 9147 Clarion Ave. Wa. 2-5280 No foolin' And no tricks: Best Wishes From the l'ChiX" Christian Brothers Super Market Fine, Fresh, Foods 13609 Gratiot Ave. La. 6-4200 Crowley-Schloss Mobile Gas 5569 Sheridan Detroit, Michigan DeCa1uwe Wood-Yard Kindling 'E5 Fireplace Logs Wa. 1-7310 10440 Harper Ave. Stella M. Delaini, M.D. The Detroit Opera Founders Guild 35 West Grand River Stuart F. Piggins, General Dir. Thos. G. Dodson Marfac Lubrication 11980 Gratiot Your Texaco Dealer The Dome 6800 Gratiot Detroit, Michigan Eastern Paint E5 Glass Co. Paint, Glass, Wall Paper, Painters Supplies 7613 Gratiot at Townsend Wa. 1-0925 Henry Ehms Sausage Co. 10831 Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. George Eiswirth Alfred W. Eppens Nancy Evola '49 Square Deal Refrigeration Inc. Authorized Dealer of Frigidaire Commercial Products 10163 Gratiot Ave. nr. Harper Wa. 1-2345 Feldman 85 Feldman Insurance of all kinds 1320 Gratiot Ave., Lo. 7-1650 Fisher Bros. 15200 Houston Friendly Super Market 11405 Van Dyke, Wa. 1-2040 Meats, Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables Beer and Wine. We Deliver Glaser's 7355 Gratiot Men's and Ladies' Wear American Express Agency Goettlings' Bakery 7845 Gratiot Nothing compliments success Like ownership of a fine car Lincoln-Mercury Grace Motor Sales lnc. 11180 Gratiot Expert Fitting by X-Ray Greenberg's Shoe Store 7401 Gratiot cor. Sheridan nr. E. Grand Blvd. lnterior Decorating Gene Debbaudt 18904 Berden. Tu. 2-8492 Mr. S. J. Janzito St. Joseph High School Kebbe Bros. Coal Co. 9761 Van Dyke Wa. 1-0848 Ward Kemp 11331 Woodward Ave. To, 8-2901 Plumbing and Mechanical Repairs Frank Japes Company Wholesale Lumber 2220-2246 Eighth St. Wo. 2-6447-2-3366 Jerry Sales Good Used Cars 14600 Gratiot Ave. Ar. 9317 Kotcher, Oldsmobile Co. Cadillac and Oldsmobile Cars 15554 E. Warren H. A. J. Kotcher C. A. J. Kotcher H. J. Kotcher Kronner Pharmacy Prescription Druggists Fountain Service, Cosmetics 1375 East Grand Blvd. cor. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lawson Sam Lee Laundry 7433 Gratiot Ave. Detroit, Mich. Your Neighborhood Laundry Leonard's Market 3184 Frederick Ave. Detroit, Mich. Licari Market 5001 Canton cor. E. Warren Beer - Wine Open Sundays 9:30 A.M.- 1 :30 P.M. LoPiccolo Bros. Inc. Wholesale Produce 2469 Russell St. Wo. 2-8331 Lombardi Food Co. lmported 25 Domestic Foods 1466 E. Vernor Highway Wo. 1-8764-1-8765 Lou's Cave Recreation "The Only Concrete Cave in the Country" Bowling - Cocktail Bar 4871 Mt. Elliott cor. E. Warren. lv. 9276 Mrs. Louise Marcero Stanley Mesczenski Wholesale Meats Complete Line of Sausages 8081 Curt St., Wa. 1-9811 H. J. Mickelson Market 5249 Canton '55 Frederick Groceries 25 Fancy Meats Beer - Wine. We Deliver Wa. 1-4419 Dr. J. J. Mijal Dentist 8007 Harper Ave. Wa. 1-3606 Moceri's Confectionery Patent Medicines Beer E5 Wine. Lo. 7-5290 1400 Field Ave. at Agnes Nevada Super Market Choice Meats '55 Poultry 10185 Gratiot Ave. Wa. 1-7575 Nortown Party Shop 7009 E. Seven Mile Rd. We Deliver Beer. Tw. 3-6660 Everything for Your Party Old Mill Sandwich Bar "An ldeal Place To Dine" Steaks, Chops, Chicken Main St., Northville, Mich. Oser's Service 10600 Shoemaker Hi-Speed Gas 25 Oil Motor Repairs Palmer Y5 Field Market 5702 Field Frozen Foods Open Sun. 9-2 Petrina Bridal Shop Bridal, Bridesmaid and Formal Gowns 22211 Gratiot Ave. East Detroit, Mich. Roseville 2931-W Rainbow Recreation 10235 Gratiot Ave. Detroit, Mich. Rand Surplus lnc. 14390 Gratiot. Ve. 9-5535 Paul Remer Prescription Pharmacy Surgical Appliances 13616-13644 Gratiot at 6 Mi. Rd. La. 6-4890 Best Wishes from Rinke Dinkes of '49 Robison-Phillips Corp. 7635 Gratiot Ave. Sagan Plumbing 'E5 Heating Repair Work Our Specialty 3541 East Seven Mile Tw. 2-9138 Sanrs Market 6941 Gratiot Leo T. Sobocinski Funeral Director 5144 McDougall Ave. IV. 4480 Solomon's Solomon's is our Cry This is the place where you should buy, S. B. Solomon's Super Market 10450 Shoemaker Standard Dairy Bar 5794 Van Dyke Stanlley's Print Shop Quality Printing at Low Cost 8724 Woodlawn Wa. 4-3006 R. G. Stanwood The Stein Hardware Co. Paints, Garden Tools, Kitchen Utensils 18626 Mack Ave. Tu. 2-7740 Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan Sterling Coal Co. 6650 Kercheval Lo. 7-4380 S '55 M Superette 5941 Van Dyke Groceries '25 Meats Wa. 1-6624 Supreme Drugs 18942 Hayes Prescriptions Our Specialty Nathan Moiseev Pharmacist Temrowski's Drug Store Prescription Specialists 12402 Van Dyke at Wisner Ol. 3121 Valente Dress Suit Co. 10195 Gratiot Ave. Wa. 1-5041 lNeXt to Rainbow Recreationl Van Dyke-Arcola Complete Standard Service 11301 Van Dyke. lv. 8922 Harry Y5 Gene Van Lerberghe Funeral Home 13340 E. Warren Va. 2-1700 Joe Varkula, Photographer Candid Wedding Portraits 1933 9 Westphalia La. 7-2958 Vogue Furniture, Carpet 25 Appliance Co. 14409 E. Warren Ave. Tu. 2-3440 - Tu. 2-6349 WALBY'S Paint 86' Wallpaper 13940 Gratiot. La. 6-5838 Glenn Walker lnc. 12312 East Warren DeSoto 25 Plymouth E. F. Watko Funeral Director 381 East Grand Blvd. Lo. 7-0750 Weber's Dutch Bakery 12345 Gratiot Birthday and Wedding Cakes Dur Specialty Winkler S5 Co. Contractor and Builder 15517 Mack Ave. Wurm's Recreation 7400 Gratiot Zoltowski Market 4701 St. Aubin 54.00 Mr. and Mrs. E. Joque Nlr. and Mrs. C. Millar 53.00 Mr. and Mrs. L. Braekevelt Compliments of Fornari John R. Hauck I Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kay Henry Koch Mr. and Mrs. K. Madigan Mrs. Carmella Marini 1V1rs. August Pawlak Julia Penet '49 1V1r. and Mrs. Frank Robin Congratulations to the Seniors Rossi and Rossi Mr. and Mrs. E. Schaller Mr. and Mrs. A. Zen Compliments of Junior 2 Freshmen 1 52.50 Dr. R. G. Burton, Optometrist Compliments of Harper Farmers Meat Market 52.00 Mr. and Mrs. E. Allegrati Mr. and Mrs. E. Andre Mr. and Mrs. J. Baginski Mr. Felix Bejgier Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Brennan Chix Jr. Mrs. A. Dew Dr. J. V. Dueweke Fresh 4 Mr. and Mrs. E. Gough Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Herta Frank A. Herta Mr. and Mrs. P. Holzschuh Happe Barbere Beauty Shop Mr, and Mrs. Louis Huellmantel Mr and Mrs. George Kurrie Miss Lorraine Kay Katherine Lawrence '51 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maziasz Messer's Meat 25 Grocery Gloriann Napiewocki '48 Neisner Bros. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nicastro Nino's Little Super Mkt. Parkside Drug Mr. and Mrs. B. Pavlizke Mr. and Mrs. George Perreault Pi Epsilon Gamma Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Pietrangelo Mr. and Mrs. J. Quinn Mrs. Frank Rogers Mr. A. J. Schlesser Mary Anne Schutter '51 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sieler W, L. Valade Lawrence Young 51.00 Dorothy Abate '51 Nliss Rose Abate '46 A. Adamczak Helen Adams Mr. and Mrs. Abe Agnello Albea's Albrecht Richard Allegrati Geraldine Anderson '49 Jean Anderson '50 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Andracke Mr. and Mrs. L. Andrews Judy Andrews '51 Marge Angelovic Marion Antonelli '51 Mrs. M. Antonelli Dr. Gerald B. Aptekar Jeanne Arnold '51 Mary J. Arnold '48 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Atwell Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Babboni Edward Bach '47 Rosemary Badaczewski '51 Mr. and Mrs. B. Baetens Celia Badowski Mr. and Mrs. C. Baginski Mrs. V. Baginski Marguerite Baird '51 Nlrs. Ann Balduck Dick Balduck '52 John Balduck '49 Betty Ballew Mrs. Gertrude Ballew Dick Bannasch '47 Geraldine Baranowski '49 Loretta Baranowski '46 Mr. and Mrs. V. Baranowski Mr. and Mrs. Russell Baril Hugo DiBartolomeo '51 Mr. and Nlrs. Dan Battani Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Battani Baseline Trailer Rental Mrs. Elizabeth Bass Eleanor Battain Ines Battain Patrice Bauer Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bauer Erwin Beck '48 Rosemary Beck '52 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Beck Mr. and Mrs. A. Beckosky Mr. and Mrs. Paul Belbot Vincent Bellomo Alvina Benacquisto '52 Mr. and Mrs. E. Benoit Donald Benoit '49 Mr. and Mrs. G. Berels Marie L. Berger Mr. and Mrs. W. Bernock William A. Bernock, Jr. '49 Sally Ann Berant Mr. and Mrs. Alex Berra Mr. and Mrs. E. Berra Mary Ann Berthiaume '51 Elma Bertolin Mrs. Donald Billings Mr. and Mrs. Thedore Billis Norman Bilski Benny Binsfeld '51 Mary Ann Bittner H. Blaskie Rosemary Jean Blatz Jimmie E. Bloink Lois Bloom '50 Dr. and Mrs. John L. Boccaccia Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Boccaccia Thelma Boglarsky Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boik Mr. and Mrs. John Boike Mrs. A. Boike Er. Anthony Bologna Mr. and Mrs. A. Bonanno Mary Bonanno Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Bonnell Miss Gloria Bonnell '49 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bork Mr. Joseph Borsa l-lenry J. Boullard '48 Miss Kate Borroni Mr. and Mrs. L. Borroni Mrs. Edward Boyke John Braciszewski Don Braekevelt '44 Richard Braekevelt '49 Brandt's Pharmacy Mr. Albert Bremer Mr. and Mrs. Erank Bremer Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bretz Joseph Bretz '52 Marlene Bretz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bridges Miss C. Brinkman Barbara Brogan Richard Brombach '51 Arlene Brooks '52 Mr. Casper Brooks Mr. Chester Brooks Mrs. 1-larriet Brooks Loretta Brooks '47 Marjorie Brooks '48 Mary Anne Brown '51 William H. Bethuy Mr. and Mrs. L. Bruder Miss Annette Brunette Russell Bucci '51 Harold Budzinski Margie Budzinski '51 Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Bulgarelli Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bulgarelli Mr. and Mrs. P. Bulgarelli Richard Bulgarelli '48 Robert Bulgarelli '43 Mrs. Wm. Burke Mr. and Mrs. David E. Burkitt David L. Burns Margaret Burns '48 Mr. and Mrs. Al Burkemo Busy Bee Beauty Shop Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Butke Mr. and Mrs. L. Buyze Angie Calcaterra Mr. Carlo Calcaterra Mrs. J. Calcaterra Joe Calcaterra '49 Louis Calcaterra Regina Calcaterra Ronald Calomeni J. J. Cantwell Miss Marguerite Cantwell Winnie Cantwell Victoria Cappellaro '50 Anne Capoccia '46 George Capoccia '50 Angelo Carnaghi '44 George Carnaghi Josephine Carnaghi Katie Carnaghi '48 Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll Carlo Catenacci '51 Dorothy D. Caton Mr. and Mrs. L. Cattaneo Cattrell Bishop Sykes Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ceimiega Mr. and Mrs. S. Cendrowski John Chaperon Mrs. G. Chelchowski Mrs. A. Chesney Mr. and Mrs. Chojnowski Carol Ann Christ Nick Christolf Phyllis Chrzan Mr. Vincent Ciarkowski Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cicillini Mr. and Mrs. E. Cieslinski Mr. and Mrs. J. Cieslinski Civic Music Shop James Clancy Paul Cloutier '50 Dick Cocquyt '51 Marjorie Codd '51 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colasanti Ellen Colbourne '47 Mary Ann Colbourne '48 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Conflitti Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Connolly '46 Margaret Conroy Mary Lou Cooley '51 Anne Costa Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Cottrell Charles Courneya Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Couture Mr. and Mrs. Leo Covey Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Covey Irene Crawley '46 Mr. and Mrs. James Cromwell Kay Cronin '47 Marge Cronin '44 Patricia Cronin '51 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crosby Cynthia Czarnecki Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Czarnecki Pat Czarnecki Walter Czerwinski Mr. and Mrs. C. Doebeck Danckaert Electric Co. Ella D'Andrea Leo A. Daniels Joann Dankas '48 Bernadette Dankas '48 Anthony Dardini '50 Art Darga Thomas Daschke '51 Richard Daudlin '51 Mr. and Mrs. Bert Davon Mrs. L. Davidson Patricia Davon Richard DeBaker '51 Gerald DeBaker Mr. and Mrs. DeBaker James DeBaker '47 Mr. and Mrs. John DeBusscher Pat Dekutoski '50 Mr. and Mrs. L. Del Vicckie i'Delrae" Mr. Alfonse DeMaire Mrs. Florence DeMaire Joseph E. Demasc Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dembeck Mrs. Mary Dembeck Thomas Dembeck, Jr. Frankie DeMeglio '51 Mr. and Mrs. Erank DeMeglio Virginia Dennis '51 John Dertv Mr. and Mrs. J. Derwich Marie Derwich '50 Mr. and Mrs. Erancis Detloff Mr. and Mrs. Albert DeVine Shirley DeVriendt '48 Mr. and Mrs. H. DeVries Joseph Dew Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Dibble Ester Di Cicco '50 Donald DeCook Mrs D. DiGiovanni Jo Ann Dillon '51 Mr. and Mrs. E. DiMeo Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Dimmer Mr. and Mrs. Sam DiPao1a Mary Ann DiPirro '52 Gladys Doebeck 51 Mr. and Mrs. William Doetsch Thomas Doherty Nelson J. Dokmak '41 Dol-Len '50 Sue Dolney Mrs. Julia Dolesky Mr. and Nlrs. C. Dombrowski Mr. and Mrs. T. Dombrowski Miss Alfreada Dombrowski Mary Donahue '50 Francis Donegan Carol Doran '51 Mr. and Mrs. R. Doran Marianne Dowd Mr. and Mrs. C. Driscoll Kathleen Marie Drohan Mr. and Mrs. F. Dronzkowski Joseph Duchene '51 Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Duchene Mrs. Duchene Mr. and Mrs. Walter Duda Walter Duda. Jr. Carolan Dulcamar '51 Mr. Frank A. Dulzo Gloria Durante East Detroit Public Library Eddie's Patent Medicine Eds' Radio Nlary Ehlers Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Elsey Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Elsey Mr. and Mrs. Silvester Elsey Mr. and Mrs. William A. Elsey Paul Epsha '52 Mr. and Mrs. G. Eschrich Mr. and Mrs. A. Evancho Thomas Evers Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Faltermeier David Fanale '51 Mr. and Mrs. H. Fanale Jimmy Farrell '44 Ronald Fasse '51 Louis Feldman Mrs. J. Fenech Connie Ferrari Mrs. Marie Ferraioli Joseph Ferrari Jerome Ficht '48 Mr. and Mrs. Filipivoch Patricia Finn '51 Mrs. Anthony S. Fischl Fred Fisher Mrs. Grace Fisher lV1rs. Katherine Fitch Olive Nlarie Fletcher '48 Anthony Florio, Shoemaker Thomas Fluent '52 Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Foley Mrs. Edna Foley Fords Grocery Forest Grill Marie Foster '48 Alice Fountaine Clara E. Fox Mr. Robert M. Francis Larryeo Franktony '50 Tony Frattarelli '50 Fred Market Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freda Bill Friedhoff Mrs. Caroline Fritz Clarence Fritz '49 Mrs. Wm. Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fulgenzi Mrs. Mary Gabriel Edward Gac Mr. Geo. Gaeschke Nlr. and Mrs. Paul Gaeschke Jeanette Gaines '51 Josephine Golosso Sally Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Galosso Eleanor Garascia '48 Miss Jo. Garascia Lorraine Garavaglia '51 Betty Garbarino Mrs. James Gardiner Carmen Gariepy Mr. Emile Gariepy Mrs. Emile Gariepy Mr. and Mrs. J. Gasoli Annis W. Gaynor '46 Joseph A. Gaynor '53 Barbara Gazarek '46 Mr. and Mrs. J. Gazarek Mrs. C. Gebauer Mrs. Sophia Gebauer Edward J. Gendernalik '38 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Gendernalik Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Gendernalik Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Genord Mr. and Mrs. J. Gentilio Mr. and Mrs. Leo George Camiel Gernacy Angeline M. Giambattista Mr. and Mrs. B. Giambattista Mr. and Mrs. M. Giambattista Mr. Arthur Gill Mr. and Mrs. S. Gilliard Joyce F. Gillon '48 Miss Ann Giovannoni Mr. and Mrs. A. Gipprich Louis Gipprich '50 Mrs. A. C. Glaeser Mr. A. C. Glaeser Donald B. Glaeser Jacqueline Glaeser Gloria and Bob '48 Elizabeth Gloss '51 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goeddeke Genevieve Golinberke Dorothy Goodrich '48 Robert Goodrich '47 Margaret Gough '51 Adrienne Gora '48 Clara Gottlieb Elizabeth Gottlieb Mrs. Celia Grabo Miss Ilene Grabo Patricia Grady Miss Jo Graines Gratiot-Twelve Mile Service Mr. and Mrs. F. Graziani Tony '55 Son Groccine Zora Graziany Blanche Greco Rodney G. Greene Joseph Grimaldi '51 Mrs. Joseph Grzybowski Carol Gualdoni '49 Maryann Gualdoni Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gualdoni Mrs. Lena Gucciadi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guiffre Irven Gurnack Sharon Gurtz '51 Francis Gutman Lawrence Haggerty Mrs. Haggerty Violet Halkey '50 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hall Mr. and Mrs. George Hallman Loraine Hallman '49 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hallman Miss Matilda Hallman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hallman Pat Hallman '47 Mary Louise Halzelbranck Mr. and Mrs. R. Hamilton Joe Hamsley Mr. and Mrs. J. Hannon Mr. Bernard E. Hanus Harding Cleaners Harper '55 Gratiot Ct. Ser. Harry's Shoe Repair Robert Havrilla Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haury Fr. James Hayes Mrs. Dolores Heidisch Mr. and Mrs. Heizyk Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Henke and Family Phyllis Henningsen Joanne Hepp Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Hermansen Mr. and Mrs. Herodzinski Lois Hilgendorf '50 Mrs. A. Hilgendorf Aileen Hillery '51 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Hinde- lang Mr. Austin Hinkson William Hinkson '51 Mrs. Mary Hock Marye Ann Hogan '50 Magdalene Holzschuh '49 Mrs. C. Hommel ' Jeanne Houtteman Rev. J. B. Howard Mary Helen Hoye '52 Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Hoye Stephen J. Hoye '43 Robert C. Hoye '48 lda L. Hubiler Deloris Hudock Helen Hudock Bill Huellmantel '49 Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Huetteman Mary Rose Huetteman '49 Kenneth Hulburd Kenneth Huri '51 Miss Morlene Huss Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hynes Ida lacobucci lrene's Beauty Shop Elizabeth lsrow '51 Franklin lwankovitsch '51 Mr. and Mrs. H. lwankovitsch Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. lwankovitsch Louise Jakubowski '51 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jakubowski Victoria Jaworski Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jay Edward A. Jenske Ronald Jerome Joe's Trailers John's Shoe Repair Mrs. B. Johnson Marguerite Johnson Mrs. C. John Jolly Jim Snack Bar Mrs. Julius R. Jones Patricia Jones '51 Jo Ann Joque Bernard W. Joseph Junior 3 Junior 4 Boys Sister Mary Antonice Jr. 4 Junior 4 Girls Mr. and Mrs. M. Kadar Mrs. E. L. Kaiser Agnes A. Kahoun Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kalin Mary Louise Kolpasky Miss L. Kaltz Mr. and Mrs. M. Kane John Kare Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Karschna Mr. and Mrs. H. Karschnick Doloris Kaschalk '50 Thomas Kaschalk '47 Pat Kavanagh '52 Kay's Gift Shop Miss Shirley Kearns Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Keena Marion Keena '51 Mrs. Rose Kehl Mr. and Mrs. A. Keller John Robert Joseph Keller '50 Miss Gloria Kelley '48 Edna Kelly '48 Frank Kelly Mr. Michael Kelly Mr. Neil J. Kelly Ken-Don-Al-Ken '50 Bruce C. Kennedy '51 Mr. and Mrs. D. Kent Mr. and Mrs. John Kimmel Kay Kimmel '51 Betty Kinsler '51 Mr. Robert Kirk Rolande Kirouse '52 Mr. and Mrs. J. Klescz Richard Kline '51 Mr. and Mrs. A. Klapocinski Miss Dorthy Kloepper Mrs. J. Kreft Knight's Grocery Donald Koch Mr. and Mrs. A. Koesbee Miss Rita Ann Kokron Charles Kolar Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kollar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Kolpasky Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Konen Mrs. Wm. Kopke Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kordos. Jr. Marlene Korloch '51 Lawrence Kornack '51 Mary Kartz '52 Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Koski Vivian Koski '49 Robert Koss '47 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kozicki Barbara Kozlowski '49 Geraldine Kozlowski '51 Miss Bea Kozlowski Mr. and Mrs. F. Kozlowski Barbara Kramer '52 Mr. and Mrs. Krasinski Adline Krause Bernard Krause '48 Edward A. Krause Paul Krause Richard Krause The Krawczyks Therese Kress '51 Lee-Kriss Service Station Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Kronner Marv Krupczak '51 Nettie Krusyewski Mr. and Mrs. S. Kuga Mrs. Paul Kula Mr. and Mrs. Roman Kulka Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kulka Shirley Kulka '49 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuptz Ray Kuptz '42 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kuntz Mr. and Mrs. Jos. T. Kutskill Joseph F. Kutskill Josephine Kutskill '49 Mary Agnes Labiak '51 Mr. and Mrs. A. Labrie Myrtle La Chapelle Frances Lanczkowski Gerald Laiferty '47 Henry La Housse Mr. and Mrs. Henry La Housse Lamb Cleaners Felicia Landa Landino Grandchildren Mr. Charlotte Landino Emel Landino Frank Landino Lee Ray Landino Norbert Landino Rose Landino Barbara Landry '50 William James Lang '51 Mary E. Lange Mrs. C. Langlois Joyce Langmesser '50 Shirley Lantzy Joan Lapa '51 Mr. and Mrs. John Lapa Mrs. Michael Laporte Mrs. A. Latone Christine Lawrence '49 Edward Lawrence Katherine Lawrence '51 Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Rosalie Lawrence '47 Joyce Leahey '51 Mr. and Mrs. George Leonard Mrs. J. Leppek Rosemary Lesmeister '51 Susan Lesmeister Marguerite Lessnau Rosemarie Lewinski Mr. Edward Lewinski Nlrs. Frances Lewinski Lexington Hotel Mr. J. Licavoli Mr. and Mrs. S. Lipinski Mrs. M. Liske John Lizza '44 Michael Lizza '47 Pat Lizza '49 Anthony A. Labbestael Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Labbestael Mr. and Mrs. Mont Lock Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lombardini Mrs. A. Lotiski Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lovati Bob Lucas Lloyd Ludwig Miss P. Lukasavage Mary Ann Lusch '48 John G. Lutfy Linda Lou Lutz '47 Mrs. L. Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lynch Mrs. Anna Maceyok Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Maciejewski John Macy '50 Margaret Madigan '49 Mr. and Mrs. F. Maisano, Jr. Al Malzberg Manila Bar Claire Manning "D" Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mantay Mrs. Stella Mantyck Mr. Hilary Marcero '32 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marchione Mr. and Mrs. Leo Marcil Richard Marcil '51 Mr. and Mrs. A. Marcotte Santo Marinesi '51 Fred Marshall '46 Mrs. F. Marshall Mr. Fred Marshall Leona Marshall '49 Maryland Cleaners John McAdoo '41 Mr. and Mrs. J. McAdoo, Sr. Patricia McAdoo '48 Mr. Joseph McBride Harold McCourt Joan McCourt Mr. and Mrs. B. McCue William McCue '46 Dr. Charles C. McDonald Marianne McDonald '51 A. L. McGioarty Jean McGillis '47 Patricia Mclnerney James J. McKernan '51 Mr. and Mrs. A. H. McQueen Richard Medaugh Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McKernan Constance Melanson Mrs. May Belle Melanson Mr. and Mrs. F. Melewicz Marlene Melwicz '52 Mr. and Mrs. F. Mendlewski Mary Ann Merlo '48 Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Merlo Mr. Fred Merrelli Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Messina Henry Meyer, Jr. Miss Janet Michael '46 Robert Miesch '52 Mrs. Mary Milani Miss Theresa Milani '47 lVlr. John Miller Marilyn Miller '52 Miss Theresa Miller William J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Minch Mickev Miotto Lena Misuraca '51 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Misuraca Mr. and Mrs. A. Mitchem Paul Mitman, Jr. Miss Joan Mobley '51 Rose Marie Moceri '51 Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Moceri Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Modern Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Modryznski Patricia Pohl Moose '42 John Paul Morey Gloria Moricone Leonard Moricone '50 Mr. and Mrs. Myron Mosher Gordon Moss Mrs. Dolores Mucha Mr. Leo Mucha Nancy Mueller '51 Mr. and Mrs. R. Mueller Ann Mullaney Patrick Murphy Miss Rita Murphy Dorothy Murray '51 My Florist Mr. and Mrs. J. Nadlicki Mr. and Mrs. Leo Nadon Mr. and Mrs. George Naeyaert Dolores Nagorski Elaine Najewski Mr. and Nlrs. S. Najewski Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Naples Lillian Naples '51 Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Neary Margie Neary '51 Mr. and Mrs. Backus Nehra Mrs. Elizabeth Nellis Jack Nelson Mr. and Mrs. K. Nelson Miss Clara Nett Mr. and Mrs. George Neumann Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Newman New Tom's Market Miss Daisy Nichols Miss Dorothy Nichols Mr. and Mrs. F. Nichols Neck's Shoe Repair Esma Nihem '51 Mrs. Marie Nihem Barbara Noah '49 Edward Noah '54 Mrs. E. Noah Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nosseck Miriam Nosseck '51 Miss Eva Louise Novak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Novak Charles, Gerald. Judith Nowak Don Nowak Mr. and Mrs. Leo Nowak Mary Oberliesen Miss Margaret O'Brien '42 Betty Jane O'Connor '52 John Oddo '50 Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Ogden Michael Oglenski '52 Mr. and Mrs. Mario Oldani Sean K. O'Meara Mrs. Mary Ondercin Mr. and Mrs. B. Osterbeck George Ostin '51 Gladys O'Toole Sharon Otremba '54 Edward O'Trornpke John Ottolini Rinaldo Pacello Tony Pacella Viola Pacella Bill Painter Margaret Pallazzolo '48 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Palmeri Rose Lucille Paone '49 Mrs. Anne Parent Mr. James Parrinello Fr. Partinsky J. E. Patryr Mr. Donald Pavlizke Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pazer Marilyn Peitz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pellegrini Joseph Pellegrini '48 Mr. and Mrs. L. Penner Betty Penny '51 Helen C. Penxc Mr. and Mrs. John Perreault Patricia Perreault '52 Shirley Perreault '48 Bernice Perrin '48 Mrs. G. Peters Miss Irene Petras Petrow's Food Market Lois Ann Petty Phily's Market Mr. and Mrs. C. Piekacz Carl Piscopink '44 Jo Piscopink '47 Lillian Piscopink Mr. and Mrs. W. Piscopink, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Piscopink, Sr. Mrs. Helen Plucinski Miss Virginia Pocierznicki Mrs. Raymond Pocock Miss Marie Point Ann Polachawski Rev. Robert J. Pomponi Mr. Paul Popielarz Geneveive Popowski Mr. and Mrs. B. Popowski Mr. Julius Popowski Mr. and Mrs. P. Popowski Rosemary Popowski Kathryn Porto Jean Powell '51 Joan Powell Mr. and Mrs. Pat Presti Jack Privak Mr. and Mrs. Roy Proctor Jack Proctor '49 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pruss Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Przytulski Sam Pugliese '51 Mr. and Mrs. L. Purdy Mr. and Mrs. F. Putrow Mary Putrow '51 Mr. Franklin Quinhert Betty Quinn '49 Edwin Quinn Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Quick James Quatro Mr. and Mrs. F. Radermacher Mrs. Joseph Radzwion Joseph Radzwion, Sr. Marge Rancilio '47 Lawrence Rancilio '45 Mrs. Joseph Roth E. Paul Rebilloc. Catholic Central Mrs. Harry Recker Valerie Regrezzoni '52 Miss Caroline Reyes Walter Ribant Frank Ricci '41 Bob Rickerd '40 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Riehl Frances Riehl '51 Mary Rivard '53 Kenneth Rivard '48 Lorraine Rivard '51 Mrs. E. J. Rivest Betty Rivest '46 Mary Robert '45 Margery Roberts Miss A. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Roberts Veronica Rocco '50 John Roe '51 Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rousseau Jimmy Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John J. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ol. Rondelez Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Rosemack Rose Prescription Drug Jo and Rosie Mrs. George Rosingana Mrs. S. Roslinski Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Ross Dolores Anne Ross '51 Tony James Rossi Fred Rossler '50 Mrs. Martin Roth Charles Rouhier Mr. and Mrs. E. Rubin Edward Ruth Mr. and Mrs. E. Rutkowski Beatrice Rutkowski '51 Floyd Rybicki Fr. Joseph Ryder Florence Sabol Badilia Saigh '41 Paul Saigh '51 Peter Saigh '45 Sam and Victoria Saigh Raymond St. Germaine Mrs. S. St. Germaine Sam's Barber Shop Joe Santiago Barbara Saputo '50 Marion Sargent Claire Sass '50 Mr. and Mrs. George Sauve Christine Sawicki '51 Angelo Scalici '51 Mr. and Mrs. Otis Schafer Mrs. John Schaffran Alfred Schaller '48 Mary Ann Schaller Rosemary Schattmaier '50 Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Scheich, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Scheich, Jr. Jerome Scherr Mary Ann Scherer Bob Scheuerman '49 Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Scheuerman Fred Scheuerman '48 Helen Scheuerman '48 Edsel R. Schlueter Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Schmidt and Family Benno Schmidt '51 Christine Schmidt '49 Mrs. E. Schmidt Edgar G. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schmidt and Family Louise Schmidt '48 Pat Schmidt '50 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schnuphase and Family Mr. and Mrs. M. Schoenherr Celia Schramski Earl J. Schulte Mr. G. Schulte Grace Schulte '49 Mr. Joseph Schulte Mrs. Joseph Schulte Clarice Schultz '49 lVlr. and Mrs. S. J. Schultz G. Schunter Frank Schutter Mrs. Joanna Schutter Robert Schutter '44 Ronald Schutter '47 Mr. P. J. Sciarini Joann Sconciafurno Charlie Sears '51 Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Selter George A. Sengstock Mr. and Mrs. Charles Serazio Josephine Serazio '51 Serv-Rite Drug The Sheraton House Sherwood's Shoe Repair Jacqueline Shriner '51 The Shumaker Family Charles Sieler Mr. and Mrs. Segatti Mrs. A. Sigurdson Mrs. Rose Sikorski Mrs. P. Silvers Mr .and Mrs. P. Silvestri Antoniette Silvestri '50 Elizabeth Simmons '51 Jule Simowski Mr. Henry Senden Mr. and Mrs. A. Sinnaeve Mary Jane Sinnaeve '49 Mr. and Mrs. S. Skreza Charles Slitti '52 Glenn Smiley I Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Smith Jacqueline Smith John W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Smith Mrs. L. E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Smith, Sr. Sally Ann Smith '49 Mrs. Wm. C. Smith Virginia Smolarski Dolores Smolinski '51 Mrs. Helen Smolinski Robert Smyrski Mrs. Stanley Sparrold Spezia Market Mary Jo Spragg '51 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Spragg Patrick Spragg '46 Mr. and Mrs. George Sobak Gerry Sobieray '51 Mr. Joseph Soma Robert Soma '51 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Sosnowski Mr. and Mrs. Stachowski Jane Stapler '52 Henry Starr Edward Start John Start Doris Steffes '47 Howard Stelfes Mr. Lawrence Stelfes Mrs. L. J. Steifes Marvin Steffes '49 Norman Steffes '47 Thelma Steffes Joan Steinetz '51 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steinhebel Mrs. Helen Steinhebel Mary Ann Steinhebel Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stephenson Mary Sternicki '49 Steve and Marv Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Stevens Margie Stevens '51 Mr. and Mrs. Richd. O. Stibick Jean Stodolak Janie Stoecklin '48 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Storch Shirley Storch '46 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Stosiak S. Strucler Home Furnishings Joe Sumeracki '51 Dolores Swan Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Swantek Mr. and Mrs. John K. Sylvester Mr. and Mrs. A. Szankin Mr. Anthony Szankin, Jr. Miss Delphine Szankin Miss Mary Jane Szankin Mr. and Mrs. 1. Tahash Marvin Taormina Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Taukert Robert Taukert Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Taube Marcella Taubitz '51 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tebelman Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Teipel Mr. Edward Tenn's P Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Tercheck Mrs. Elenore Ternes Charlotte Tessens Helene C. Tessens Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Theis Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Thomas Walter Thomas '51 Tischoein Young Hdwe. Co. Mr. John Tiseo Nlr. and Mrs. Joseph Toia Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Toia Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Treppa Donald Treppa Mr. Daniel Trombley Gloria Trompics Mr. and Mrs. John A. Trunda 1V1iss Angeline Trupiano Mr. and Mrs. Peter Tuharsky Joseph Turkal Joann Turkal Mr. and Mrs. Tyberghcim Al Tyjenski Bernice Urban '51 Delphine Urban '50 Eillen Urban Mrs. John Urban Marimae Urban '48 Theresa Urban '51 Mrs. Thomas Uren 1V1r. and Mrs. A. A. Utych Mary Vaccaro '46 George Valenta '51 Lewis Vailliencourt Clarence Valliere Gerry Vanden Bossche Prank Van de Putte Mr. and Mrs. Vanderkerckhone Van Dyke Radio Shop Mrs. S. VanHerreweghe Mr. and Mrs. P. Van Herreweghe Mrs. Melanie Vanker Mrs. M. VanOsda11 Rev. C. J. Van Tiem Mr. and Mrs. VanWambeke Jerry Venet '50 The Ventimiglia Family Julian Vercruysse '46 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Vermiglio Vohs Plumbing and Heating Donald Wahl Herbert Walby '44 Richard Walby '47 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Walby Mary L. Waldorf Mr. Wilfred Waldorf Wilfred Waldorf Mr. and Mrs. E. Walentowicz Warren-St. Clair Market Mrs. Mary Wardzella Dorothy Wardzella Lucille Wardzella '49 Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Washburn Margaret Lynn Washburn '50 Mr. and Mrs. Ered Watson Mrs. Rose Watts Mr. Edward J. Weidenbach Chas. Weidenbooner James Weil '51 Peter Weiland '48 Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Wenturine Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Werthman Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Werthman Mary Lou Wiesenhofer '37 Edward H. Will. Jr. Rose Marie Wilson Mr. E. C. Winstanley Beverly Winstanley '51 Dr. Bruno B. Wisney Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wobrock Janice Wobrock '52 Mr. and Mrs. A. Wojciechow ski Donald Wojciechowski Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wojcie- chowski Mr. Steve Wojciechowski Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wojcik Miss Geraldine Wojcik Leona Wojcik '51 Mr. and Mrs. Stan Wolff Kenneth Wolfslayer '51 Arthur S. Wood Frank J. Wood '35 Loraine E. Wood '48 Mary Wottowa Wm. Wottowa Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wright Wm. Wright Mr. and Mrs. John Wronko- wicz Mr. and Mrs. Mike Yelich Barbara Yizze '51 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Yizze Dorothy Young Mrs. Clara Zabkiewicz Alyce Marie Zacharski '51 Mrs. Alex Zawacki Christine Zbikowski Mr. and Mrs. Theo. J. Zech Theo. J. Zech 25 Co. John Zen '52 Severino Zen '49 Iynry Zenoin Theresa Zenoni Norman Ziegenfelder '51 Robert Ziegenfelder '51 Evelyn Zielinski Mr. and Mrs. J. Zielinski Mr. Joseph E. Zielinski Mr. and Mrs. M. Zielinski James Zimmerman Wallace Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zolnoski Paul Zolnoski '48 0 --,

Suggestions in the St Anthony High School - Antholite Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

St Anthony High School - Antholite Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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