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N xl X K xj XJ Y A V, YK X YL . Q? 'X L S3 FX-3 'rl ' Q -153 xxx T3 gig' if ,. I 'I I Illniflrfe I, 1 ig 'Y Y ' 1952 -ll Publlshed by the GRADUATING CLASS Sf Andrew Hlqh School Defrost Mlchlgcun Cmfmfj Memorle s Wlth God Memo r1e s w1th Faculty Memo r1e s wlth Books Mernor1es of our Act1v1t1es Memor1e s of Us Memo r1e s 1n Sports Edltor 1n ch1ef Assoc1ate Edltor Illustrator BUSIDG ss Manage rs Sports Echtors Memorles of our Frlends Sf aff EIOISG Moskal Frances Neurenberg V1rg1n1a P1kUl1DSk1 Mary Ann Wach Delphme HOTOZaD1ECk1 Frances Slvako Theresa Strenkowslu Robert Kukla Stanley Ganc za r sk1 Literary Editors . . ....... Agnes Wrobel To OUR PARENTS who are keenly aware of the 1mportance of a Cath011C Educat1on 1n the l1ves of youth we the Sen1ors 52 ded1cate tlns volume of our happy experlences Let the publ1cat1on of th1S book of mem o1rs des1gnate at least a part of our gratl .sf tude and love forthe sacr1f1ces struggles undergone 1n order to have us meet our Cathol1c Educatlon wltha deslred goal W1th th1s key of Success allotted to us by you dear parents we step mto the world of chaos confldently and vahantly with God as our Leader and Gu1de and the Blessed Mother of Grace as our Med1ator and Protector May the Lord reward your efforts a hundredfold XY!!! W . 73 ' B Q4 ' H' IJ' a m ' ' ' . w .' ' Q I5 2 ' . . .f 2- ' X NV . v . 1: N I ll ' 5 ' I my, J Q H ' 1 P1 ' I fl on u 1 3 , ' lf x, . . 2 . . s n . I 0 U . :Il ! U O , I5 :rf 1 DI 4 . . . CD .. I I Ki .sf " f :fi 'riff' ' ' To Educofe Leaders for Tomorrow' Cafdogc gyolufafion I5 Aecurevl Ay fda AClI'l1'l0I1illJ an!! co-orclinafecl ef orfd o CJAJWCA, .gcdoof anal ommunify . . a neceddify for CLIMOAC Auing in merifan vlemocrafic Aociefy. The Catholic High School exists in order that youth may walk morally as well as intellectually among the stars, that their consciences may be attuned to the voice of God. It constitutes a sanctuary wherein the two-fold truth - that well-rounded education requires the development of moral character, and mor- ality, in turn, rnust be based on religion - is recognized not only in theory but also in practice. The Catholic High School is a spacious tabernacle where Christ lives and reigns, and where the priceless truths of the Christian faith permeate the whole atmosphere with a sweet and lovely fragrance. Itis anursery of holiness whe re the tendrils of youthful hearts are twined around the ideals of God and country and the twin virtues of patriotism and religion are daily inculcated. The Catholic school is a bulwark of America, a mighty fortress against the forces of com- munism, fascism, and irreligiong a citadel where the young are taught to love their neighbor, their country and their God. In the Catholic High School, Christ is no outcast. God, Christ, and His truths are its center. He occupies the throne of honor and His teachings constitute her code of 9fi1iCS- This school system is the greatest moral fact in America. -.v Y. fx 34, I H. ,v -mf . L I -Q ff-2 T a f 1 Q e ,Q f Q. IX YQ' ' ' 5 E My 143 ghi, 1 4 45 fm 1 cfm ori 0.1 lUilA goal What peaceful hours I once enjoyed How sweet their menxory still But they have left an aching void The world can never fill. - Cowper M an S Dependence Upon G 0d The D1 gnl of All Men A .. re Made to the Image and Llkeness of God The 1-lghts and dut follow from this dlgei that Ill y The Heed for 13W f o Uphold rlghts and dun es G ood Will T0Wa1-d Otheps f j ff! Blessed be those who reahze that great work for a new and just order 15 not posslble unless thexr eyes are hfted to God keeper and ordalner of all human events 1n1t1a1 source guardmn and avenger of all JllSt1C6 and rlght Pope P105 XII , ff' , lf", . X fx! - Qiilig-.z.e1,::f .1:. 3- ..,,,4,.. ,lu ,,,::,-, X X 'l i' ur Jpirifua! ,C22'iencJ.4 ans! .xgclufjergi 46 ia -,in at 'Qi . 5552 Si!! lava! ,QV J Rev. Stephen Trepc zynski Pastor and Founder Of St. Andrew High School PUQI' Feud? lUl.fA lU0l"6l5 O! C0llI'l50 CINE! 0llC0lll"6lg0I'll0l1f . "TRUE WISDOM IS FOUNDED ON THE FEAR OF THE LORD." The Catholic school does not only teach the truths of the Christian religion, but the Church makes them the very core of curriculum, the spinal column of the vital organism of learning,the throbbing heart of the living body of knowledge. There- fore religion invests all the subjects of the curriculum with deep significance and shows how they are related to the development of the spiritual life of man and the achievement of his ultimate destiny. iff Rev. B. Rembelski Sociology Rev. M. Bednarski Religion Athletic Director """ Lillian Szelag holds attention of the Church history stu- dents, unfolding the meaning of the sym- bols inthe Christmas Cycle. Society rests upon the family. Since the family is founded by marriage and parenthood, the parental authority is discussed by Rev. B. Rembelski in soci- ology class. The inquisitive Seniors shower Father with questions as he leaves the class. CHAMP? .fdgne E005 WO! Save Something more than mere learning is required. That is religion. For it is religion which sensitizes the conscience to the moral law, and strengthens the will to observe it, by putting our minds in life-giving communion with the Wellspring of divine power and divine strength. God is the answer to the cry of every human soul for help. Without Him our learning is but dust and ashes. "Reason and experience, both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." - George Washington fi A rosary a day will keep the sin Sf. -fdnvlfeuf .gfuolenfa . oaary minded . 11: . N fa' 'o -A 'Q '3 Q , J Q64 napa!!! - imgiifaga f v I Q ' N ef 1 'Q Sx ' Qve Illafla There is one harp that any hand can play, And from its strings what harmonies arise! There is one song that any mouth can say'- A song that lingers when all singing diesg When on their beads our lVlother's children pray, Immortal music charms the grateful skies. -Joyre Kilmer l Junior students in Ethics class realize that no education is complete without the devel- opment of character: that char- acter in the best sense cannot be developed without faith in Godgthat Ethics, devoid of re- ligion, offers no unconditional, catagorical imperatives for moral conduct under all the changing circumstances of hu- man lifeg that religion alone can perform this function. It is capable of doing it because God is everywhere, sees all things, metes out rewards and punishments with infallible ac curacy. and war away, - a thought precious to every student at St. Andrew High - a fulfillment of the plea made by the Blessed Virgin of Fatima. The fervor with which the rosary is recited by all Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen is due to the untiring zeal of a special aid to the helpless groups in the society, living under the iron hand of the rulers: the church suffering,the persecuted faithful, the starving popu- lation across the seas, the Godless fighting nations, the leaders of moral corruption, and finally the Holy Souls in Purgatory. At Saint Andrew High we are united at all these groups daily through Mary's rosary chain. Let us keep that sacred friendship glowing in Her honor. 3 Vnvm orim wifi jr: ru Ay Friends given by God in mercy and in love: My counsellors, my comforters, and my guides: My Joy 1n grlef my second bhss 1n joy Companlons of my young des1res ln doubt My oracles my wlngs 1n hlgh pursult Oh' I remember and w1ll ne er forget Pollok rw, :GX :K R -rg Oblectlves of S001-31 Llvm 3 Odlly Health conomlc Well Being 00131 Virtue Cultural Development Moral Perfection Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back 10 youu, ff! For the mere fact that a school gwes some rel1g1ous mstructlon does not brmg lt 1nto accord Wlth the r1ghts oi the Church and of the Chrlstlan fam1ly or make lt a fmt place for Cathollc students To be thxs It IS nec essary that all the teach1ng and the whole organlzatmn of the school and 1ts TEACHERS syllabus and text books ln every branch be regulated by the Chr1st1an sp1r1t under the d1rect1on and maternal superv1s1on of the Church so that relxg1on may be 1n very truth the foundatlon and crown of the youth s ent1re tra1n1ng Pope Plus XI pf XV' . 3 1 . - l . ' Q - . . . ' ff! fl f f , X M W , K EXVIIVQ ,, ' X ,V , I 1 ff! 1. B - 2. E . . 3. S - - ' I fl 4. f as - 7 ff X ,f J ,,, I s'flE2a1'-'1-fww -1:. 1- 4.,. .,,.. , .4,,,, X 1 X, . ! , J ff! X Mil WWW WIN 'itz E ! AQ Jacuffy 'Q' H' X X f X S W MN , f u--- 'mn S1ster Mary Electa Pr1nc1pal S1ster M Mecht1lda Eng 11 sh Gen Mathematm s Pollsh Culture S1ster M Pudenclana General Sc1ence Algebra Ethlcs Yearbook S1ster M Consuela B1010gy Choral Club Mus1c S1ster M Amadeus Enghsh Bookkeepmg Shorthand Typing Student Council S1ster M Benedlcta Church Modern Amer H1StOIY Government Athlet1cs Sponsor S1StC r M Agnella Rel1g1on Engllsh L1brar1an S1ster M Armella Enghsh I..at1n MISSIOH Club S1ster M Angel1s Re11g1On Shorthand Typms School Paper S1ster M. Dennis Phy sic s Geometry Drafting f I ku C- E br.: :Y ' i-1 ,L x e ,wifi -'gf Algebra I , 1 I . ' x nf! - - S W4 ' . . . ?1 5 ' . . 1 . 1952 A .7 eg feacA ua ow fo Ave our faif ey feach u5 Camogb iuing in merwan em ocra fic Joriefy . "A social order is sound and healthy only when family life is sound and healthy." - Msg. Johnson. Social relationships begin in the homeg con- tinue inthe school, and follow into the community and society. As civilization grows more com- plex, students are rendered longer and more intensive training to prepare themselves for their place in society. They are convinced of the facts: that most of the material affecting the social integrity of the home is pre sented under the guise of so-calledculturegthat newspapers, magazines books, the radio, the motion pictures and tele- vision become media for the dissemination of ideasg that a combat to be undertaken by the parents in the home and by the teachers in the school to promote legions of decencyg and, that bodily health, economic well being, social virtue, and cultural development can all help in the at- tainment of moral perfection. St. Andrew high competes with the standards concerning social living by building up in the studenta taste for what is both good and beauti- ful as well as trueg by adapting tasks, informal discussions, debates, panel discussions to lead the student to set up better standards of judge- ment for himself: by conducting interpretations of new events in the field of art, music, and literature to enable him to raise his own levelof appreciation: and, by depicting the right or the wrong of every widespread movement in human history, judging it not by human but by Divine standards. With clear, decisive statements of Christian social principles which cover practically all aspects of modern life, our student leaves "Alma Mater" into the wide world to have the seeds, sown deep into his heart by the faculty, sprout vigorously and successfully in his future life to glow with standards of Christian morality in the society. Edward Fiut, the school president, and Joseph Oprzadek, the Senior class president, seek the approval of the calendar activities for the year. gkcfion . . amlaaignd . . . 'Uofing . . . peach . . . OlalJorfau1ifie5 renolering ud fda fraining in Me len? 01711 fini' 0I'l'l'l 0 g0UPl'lII71 Pnl! -L D Hfwommzcw 'HJKPASIH 'H' Counting of ballots . . . deep if YS silence . . . serious minds . . eagerness. . .asigh. . .who will win Wuggll amz PISFWT S. O. S. PARTY Q Students of Successj , . . can we hesitate even for a moment? . . . NO! . . . victory is OURS. . 'i'...f. S.I. P. PARTY Q Student Inter- est Partyj . . .happy . . . en- ergetic . . . assured of their victory . . hum, "May you succeed with God's blessing," says Sister M. Electa, principal, as she con- gratulates the newly elected president for the school. CONGRATULATIONS! . . . . shouts the losing party as its officers shake hands with the winning officers. A pledge to the Flag . . .a solemn moment captivate s the hearts of the Student Council members as well as the audience. lf m F9 1 Q 5,54 we 91 ,Q 24 Q' ff' 1' .H Uefg 5afAogc Scdoos . . . .X4 BUKUIHPL of l0IYl0Cl"ClCg- . .7 P Jfllflflll 0 g Cljjllnl Clf0J ill' I7ll'ClHlI'lg 0 l0Wl0CPflCy 00 ix C? 3 Rev M Bednarskl addresses the student body at the f1rst assembly of the school year Self confldence put 1nto act1on IS a mag1c key to success' And when It IS backed by Fa1th 1t1S 1rres1st1ble' For Fa1th 15 the d1v1ne current that d1st1ngu1shes the Enthusiast from the CYHIC the Opt1m1st from the Pess1mest the Doer from the Do Nothmg' To have supreme fa1th 1n God A1m1ghty connotes the Chf1St1an way of l1fe It IS on the dlgnxty of man as God s 1mage that democracy 1s founded Democracy means a way of l1fe that subordlnates every value to human values to the dlgnlty and dest1ny of human person Democracy as a way of 11fe means the Chrlstxan way of l1fe the way of just1ce and cha r1ty the brothe rhood of man under the Father hood of God It IS rooted 1n respect for the 1nd1v1dua1 no matter who that 1ndxv1dual may be no matterto whatgroup 1n Soc1ety he may 131610118 no matter h1s race or creed Democracy as a way of 11fe expresses 1tself 1n a form of govern ment That form of government IS to safeguard the democratlc way of l1fe the Chr1st1an way of l1fe It secures the utmost l1berty for the 1nd1 v1dual that 1S compat1ble w1th the rlghts and l1berty of others Therefore every Cathohc school 1S a nursery of patrlotxsm and a bulwark of Amer1can democracy 1n wh1ch the h1gh8St 1deals of good c1t1zensh1p of soc1al 3ust1ce of rac1al equahty and of frxendlmess to those of every fa1th and race are ceaselessly stressed Thls system of Educahon offers a m1ghty and a ceaseless support for patr1ot1sm because xt t1es together love of the country w1th love ofGod and prov1des endurxng moral sanct1ons for thxs twofold love and loyalty The l1berty lt secures 1S llberty under law and law means the rule of r1ght reason founded on the law of God and conformed 1n every respect to the law of God . . 1 0 ' 0 0 v V . K 1. ,, iii ,-,rs,1,cr..r,..M...... 1. ,-,,,-W,,Ti A KM . gg ft - sv 4 g,1fk,y,gfk.5g 1-ii-J' lx' V ' x I ,f . . .liif Ag? KC' - ' Ll V A , 1 f - 2. , 1 W g 3 V 5 o,s.o 1 Q , 'f k g 1 F S . is K , . K V 5 3 , , ,TF I F , W' iilhi 'L lf 1' ' l 23113 1- , .s s,ey 3 1 . ' f fi ,A . , ., - K ,- 2.1.2 - .- , .1 ,. - . I . . y . . U - - , Q . . . . . 3 ' . ' 1 D 7 ' 1 y . . . 5 . . . . 5 - . . . . . . . y . . . ' . . I I . ' ' 1 1 7 Qfnvnrorfai ll"l.fA Z3oo!e.5 Good books lead to good thoughts, Good thoughts lead to good acts, Good acts lead to good habits, Good habits lead to good character A good character leads to heaven. ffl YH E WORTH OF A B OQK 065 Hof de Pend U P0n I1 P7-lbllfatlon I 6 da C of jfs Mus r be IIl0dSUIOd I J I 'hc 1, I C' f mn1l1l.,yPS ro" Hnuon Ocs not d 9 e th P nd UPOn the farm f C author O Il :sr bc rngdsmtd I Jw th f of thc ldeis It Iomdms mu' Does not depend upon the fact that everybody reading It Must be lmfmmd by tht truth ll ruordg R03 I Smzlh 5 X fffffff It 1S necessary not only that rel1g1ous 1nstruct1on be gwen to the youth at certaln flxed tlmes but also that every other subject tauvht be permeated wlth Chrlstlan plety If th1S IS war1t1ng 1f thas sacred atmosphere does not pervade and warm the hearts of masters and scholars alike llttle good can be expected from any k1nd of learnmg and cons1derable harm w1ll often be the consequence Pope Leo XIII f' f X f ,, ff' 'J V I ff fl n I J ,Tw I f f " ,X ff X ff fl , ' 1 . D ' I ' W ND f I rl - I , G, f' . . - K i" c- - is . ,v , I hx Q V 1 x I' xi I . X, , , YK I t M X I -Q-Qlilir-'-2.wxvfzzz- --.. ., N ,,,:,,:,.,,:, X if , ,f'f I X X 'N' i'.,,l xl 1, XOR' 'f me rfocl' UCLA . . jr' .ifllfllfrrb , , . s ,' -Q N f ., , - - ., .2 r , -. , 4 H X . 'X I. move prom ryan fo IAMJ . . n fAougAf . . . ima fd an arrow . im il fgerefore af Cl worfAy god. Aclassin Drafting . . . aprepara- tion for blue-printing . . . where the qualities of skill, accuracy, perse- verance, and neatness unfold and develop. A time devoted by the Seniors to the investigation of the relations, properties and measurement of solids, surfaces, lines, and angles . . .tothe acquaintance with the theory of space and of figures in space. X 1 l'iI'lIf'l' AlAOI'flf0l'll 1.5 flll UITIIACU l'0Il.fl'l'I'Clll'l! fo 0f6'I'Hfl! IIHIA . 1 X xx Physics . . . Seniors, investigat- ing the forces of nature by ex- periments in heat, light, sound, electricity, and mechanics. These make the students realize the powers God has put into the hands of man. Biology . . . The structure of ce1ls,tissues,their development, and their function create an enor- mous interest in Junior students as they observe the plant life under microscope . . . they be- come aware that a species is recognized by its functional at- tributes. Physics . . . Juniors get ac- quainted with the knowledge treating of the material world and its phenomena of inanim- ate matter involving no change in chemical composition . . . that is the science of matter and motion. This study brings them closer to the Infinite nature's beauties and harmon- ies and His immutable laws. through the understanding of Senior students in government class discuss the functions of our political system . . , find, that the world is economically interdepen- dent that minimum hu'man rights must be recognized by all countries that a Universal Declaration of human rights is a step toward peace. AGene ral Science period is of great inte rest to Freshmen of Room 303 as they display their abilities in analyzing the operation of a fire extinguisher examining its parts . . . results in the use of solutions . . . a truly good device in emergency. History class . . .the current events . . . the "melting pot" in the international relation- ship . . . make history a very enjoyable subject. Many dis- tant unheard of places are brought to the limelight and Seniors take interest in other peoples. Juniors in English class . . . True rhetoric and sound logic are nearly allied. The study of ar- ranging and expressing our thoughts with propriety teaches us to think as well as to speak accurately. The business of life is mainly carried on by means of this difficult art of literature. F I - ,,, 4. .suis 'SQ Seniors in English class . . . Shakesperean style, his mode of expression, beauty in thought, and his influence upon the later gen- e rations are the topics undertaken in a panel discussion by the students. Latin class . . . Under the supe rvision of Sr. M. Armella, the Freshmen group translates English statements into Latin, and studies the formation of Latin adjectives. This ancient language appeals to them, be- ing presented with skill and experience of their sponsor. Seniors receive instruc- tion as to chain-feeding envelopes into the type- writer. Senior and Junior Typing classes . . . where the students receive adequate generalbackground . . . specific knowledge in English vocabulary, spelling, punctuation . . . conduct of daily office routine . . . secretarial bookkeeping and filing . . . knowledge of equipment and supplies . . . opportunities. for constant self-improvement. Practice for speed and accuracy. Ag 43- .-V-:fur KW Ima: ggi: if?- Iggy V AEL, ' ' me ARCHANGEL, gr X, ,, av uummx vnrcrwuuess Ann maven 415 fl ' M ' -w V R V V v s S A .. 4. I NW 4 r cv Q' A33 W I x I - 2 , I at-Q 5.55 5 WBwiixN o man lc his real HOW pOSS1b1Il ties the tful Y great all Hc colnplzsh, until his mind to G0 T0 It In earliest! CW7,J0l'llllIl.ll.l'.f . . . Talent is that which is in a man's power: genius is that in whose power a man is. - Lowell. X X ffff 3 X Leadersh1p It 1S truly sald 15 won by ordmary men Wlth more than ordxnary determ1nat1on who keep everlastlngly at 1t' You don t have to be a gennxs to get ahead Don t Walt for extraordmary op portunxtxes Tackle ordmary ones and make them great P1Ck a definite alm some all consummg arnb1t1on Fu: that alm v1v1d1y 1n your mlnd Then drlve toward It Anon If I I If f f y N Q , E ' 3 ' 0 , j X ,ffl ff, y t fy WL ' - f fi, I fl l ' ff y l f ,f1. :Lf -r1. 1 .,..,,.-,.. .A M .,,::, 3.5 ,.,1 .,, X X K Joan Ostrowska - Senior Patience and perseverance led her to a goal - a good secret- ary . . . works cheerfully . . . follows the advice . . . profits by experience . . . her record proves 80 words a minute . . . finds pride in work . . . good memory and common sense are her intellectual qualities - a code of our best steno- grapher. Frederick Tokarz - Junior Artistically inclined lad finds pride in his work . . . displays accuracy, neatness and industry with every tentative sketch or plan . . . does extra work outside of class hours . . . a very promising draftsman. re-eminenf an: :ilJ0l'l.fl fzlrfffuflej . . .f4,f,Sf'f,s fo our Ar ohmffr 1 Richard Kuzdak - Senior A scientific mind . . . under- stands the scientific language and its vocabulary. . .absorbs quickly the functions of phen- omena in nature . . . devotes much time to experiments. . . continued research provides material for his further ob- servations . . . a work-ofa truly good physicist. .ifanrhng . Delphine Horozaniecki-Senior A lass with a surpassing apti- tude . . . applies skills and taste to production according to aesthetic principles . . . ac- complishes a c c u r at e, neat and original designs and il- lustrations . . . "The Andrite," our school paper, proves best of her capability and skill in the use ofthe mimeoscope . . .' loyal and reliable in her duty - an excellent mimeoscoper. Sylvia Janus - Junior -Qt -ee, reveal more curiosities ologist, lntellectually endowed with the powers of keen obser vation studies care fully the living organisms . . . plant or animal alike undergo her microscopic view history, laws phenomena -- all captivate her dissection and analysis finds opportunity for every experiment - a young b1 Sf .fgnclrvw cyigd . . W0l'If6l!0I1J0llll'Yl0I1f5 IQQCU l.6ll' fo incliviclua A . . . hlrfdvring fda icleagi o- "i WF' awdd vflysnce .M LAW " ' . rs. 'W W ,fc Aa ,- , .n ,CA- Stanley Towianski - Senior An asset to our school . . . a mathematical mind which will not leave alone any figure or line without questioning its position in the space .a mind with question marks. . . until the proof satisfies it. namayggn -Hu... Robert Kukla - Senior Possesses an unusualintellec- tual capacity for studying and solving the operations of our governmental departments, functions of Congress, courts, parties, laws and responsibil- ities therein . . . B born politic- ian whose efforts will attack all political perplexities . . . just to study their causes and possibilities. The ,s. Arlene Wilk - Senior A model of accurate and well disciplined learning. , .to her an effort means work. . .suc- cessful living is thinking con- structively. . . books - mom- ents for inspiration and re- freshment . . . moralbeauty - the basis of civilization. . . the practice of virtue - a rightly fashioned life of a good person. . . all the char- acteristics of our fine scholar. resa Strenkowski - Senior Delights in poetry and prose . . . lofty thoughts interest her mind. . . believes that nothing tends so much to enlarge the mind as reading . . . acquaintances with authors broaden the intellectual and imaginative scope. Stanley Ganczarski - Senior His mind. . .a panorama of historical knowledge, rich and fascinating . . . upholds tolerance, jus- tice, devotion to truth, interest in international affairs and other peoples . . .avoids no opportuni- ties for arguments or discussions. w-may .r 'i yu ay. L it fr ....anvl' Delph1neFalk1ew1cz Senior A mmd filled with meaningful strokes a transcription reading or d1C tation -- all find her at ease . . . skills knowledge and achievement place her as an outstanding student in the field of shorthand . . . coop- eration confidence honesty and willingness designate her othe r qualities of a capable secretary, 'H-4557 'Y JN JI-NN I4 Barbara Klecha Senior Delphme Gawenda Senior Proficient operators of mimeograph machine skillful users of the stencil device clever practical unselfish and untlrlng workers swift distributors of hundreds of school papers loyalty and zest in labor indicate their important position David Blackno Senlor A lad with enthusiastic loyalty animates the student body by his vigor and viwacity with ardent and active interest shares the triumphs over suc cesses keeps the lads and lassies well informed of the circumstances and 6Ct1V1t19S a soul in whose body every nerve speaks shakes and works for his school An excellent SCHOOL SPIRIT 132' .X Joseph Oprzadek - Senior A loyal acolyte. . . performed his duties by the altar of God for four years . . . sought and prayed for Christ's guide in his future . . . offered continually his day's work to Saviour of mankind . . . believed, that earthly treasures will be transformed into eternal riches . . . hoped that his service to Christ will win him earthly blessings and then,the eternal reward. vmoried 0 our .xdcfiuiffed . All to myself I thmk of you Think of the thlngs we used to Th1nk of the thlngs we used to say Thmk of each happy bygone day Sometlmes I s1gh and somehrnes I sm11e But I keep each olden golden wh11e All to myself Nesbxtt ICT! H'IIF.S pROHDF Us TH E Opp OR?-L T A17 01 RWE 3 O lin INDIVIDI H RIVVIN Fo R DRAMATIC5 AIL SIC LI TER lTLRE DQNCA 4 A C IAQ D58-X TE mio 1 UI R XPHY mp BOT DLCXTF l7 f 152 .A f' X ff'! X X f It 15 no less necessary to d1rect and watch the educat1on of the adolescent soft as wax to be moulded mto VICE 1n whatever other envlronment he may happen to be remov1ng OCCBSIOHS of ev11 and provxdmg occas1ons for good 1n hxs recreatmns act 1V1t16S entertalnments and soc1al lntercourse for ev1l communlcatlons corrupt good manners The true Chr1st1an does not renounce the act1v1t1es of thxs hfe he does not stunt h1s natural facu1t1es but he develops and perfects them by co ordmatmg them w1t.h the supernatural Pope P1us XI . 4 . I do, if 'lffry ' I , - , l , ltll X l I .. X f l X f I 1 f ' fy eff , . 53 . ilk I j Y lj 'iii' X f nw V, , X ff ,, o ff I gsief -'r'-'f1Q -':- --.. .A:.. . . ., . ,,::,. M o ff f . l,," fe! f V, , f Xfy , X : All .f4nrA'l'f0 .gyfaff af . The student newspaper leading to a spirit of pride in the school. . .awell-rounded re- port of the schoo1's many activities exerting a beneficial influence editorially. . .it binds the interests of teachers and scholars . . . it fosters school unity . . . it kindles the spirit of co-ope ration . . .it serves as a medium for self-expression and development of character. "Blessed are those Christian par- ents, who are able to accept without fear the vocations of their sons and daughters, and see in them a signal honor for their family and a mark Of special love and providence of our Lord." we igiolm Pope Pius XII Br. Leonard Konopka A graduate of 1951 who entered the congregation of Marian Fathers in Stockbridge, Mass. sql! Sister Dolores Motyka -51 Sister Mary Ann Zalewski '51 Sister Wanda Okasinski '49 "Come, follow Me". . . a soft calling Voice of Christ touched the hearts of ourthree senior girls . . . the observance of the vocation week reflected in their rninds . . . after graduation they had answered the Christ's call . . . they became the members of the community of the Felician Sisters, Plymouth, Michigan . . . the student body wishes you the best of success in your chosen state of life. orafion gafifin new clbpfayevl clawing Uoralion weeg X 'N fm ... A J J .J if .le Z ff or N '91 GH SCHOOL canes 0l'l'lll1l5C0lICO.5 When tlme who steals our years away Shall steal our pleasures too The memory of the past w11l stay And half our joys renew Moore As the glow of the SALTIRE blds us cast a retrospectwe glance upon our closmg year at St Andrew we ded1cate ourselves ANEIW to the prlnclples and tradxtlons Wh1Ch have ever hghted our path to the better and h1gher thlngs of l1fe AND SO WE. GRADUATED And we leave for whatever l1fe holds for us some to contznue our educatlon others to take then' places 1n the Country s Serv1ce or to do thelr share 1n the great work that hes ahead of us Wherever we shall be the sp1r1t of St Andrew I-hgh Colors Blue and whlte Flower Amerxcan beauty rose Patroness Our Lady of Grace Motto Prayer and Labor Conquer All 1' " ' , rl 5 n '- K F XV Q .N X X Q I I, . ' K TK. vm " - , g n 3 P' ff' II f w as y W e I SL? . , . . SJ ' .. ' . School will be an integ ral pa rt of us foreve r. A - Q ov ' D 5 '7' o Q0 x I x 'M' fi -5' t' QI -X 1 4 ' y ' ,ff 9, '23, 260 Y, 1 Gi I .sy ., al :., . ig C.-1 'I I I f v 5 . 1 1 6- 6 W X gi ka bg L --...ulni . . . af Sainf .fdnclrew .NIM . . . ,147 ,M fume we fzafm yfamml L wlwia We gf ax wld! dx .Weawx HZ Ama Qffgmzmal waof ld The gay melody of the "Christmas Polka" fills the hall with music and laughter . . . the bells of Santa Claus cheer the little ones . . . the sweet carol singers incite the merriment in the hearts of young and old. J A kv, X I 2 +,,..f I 'F l U-LE t , 'Y Q ,Y I Q .- , I , ,1 ii 1 ,, wb E. 53' S Q Qi an 2 ar'- wi V4 'YY' 5 4 XJ ' . sf gf v . 1 , ff ' i A wi? ' 6' :Q .1 ff Z-iifif f ggi Qi SJW- 'Lu 3 X J q I' Aj ME V il 13' 6 4. '4 '-u. f5?ff'fgiQ f, if 0 -2 'M Q Y 'f Si? SE 'V'- rf. ,Q G' 9 '24 Mr- W is wa .N 3. .Q , A A gy X5 Y X. ,D v 'v 35' r WP Q I. .fmt lb mga: Q-' if , , K ,tg 14' 4.7: ,X . fall A . K 5 ' Qs A is .wi .Z i suv ,, 1 1 wif aw 3 . . ' 4 , X K. , A I! 'J' J K ,ht D I J IQ a I , fi 4 5 5 V I ,ix Saffire ina ,Q-Jnrdf syonor. . . 18794 in E? B5 FQ I9 FP P? bl yy, fy, il' fz, px ful g: , 5 , In lf' Iii- F? Eb PM P? gg, lib F. gf, EF by at ir? If ht is gf. E: lr: tg, L1 by pi h E. L. L3 I'-llilllllll' Sl'Hlllll PIIPSS XSSIIPHTIIIN 1 iii. L THE li-HIXIS Z, ,7f,,,,,,,- I5 -lllilllllll Ill llll O US WO. IN IH! XNNIIXISllllllll'IlXIllll'IIIlIl1IIIEVXIIHIIII' I SVNIIIII VIIIHS XSSIIVIXIIIIX ll III! Xlillllllllll " iEfETi?ii?f3iiT IINIIIHSIII l'llllHll ill IIHINXXIISN HHS IIHSI Ill! lll 5l'I'llYIlllfll IN IH! itil! NINIIIIN IIIINIIIHII lllll ll!! pf E. 4 if s 5, L. gs- -,,,,, TFTVFI1'1l?I'Ff5TT'?'7?'7'77'f"W7' 7' 'V 7'3"7"1"fFfTf'Tf'Zf?"?'?'T?"'T!'ii' f" .gyahire Silva!! af llfljorlf . The wonderful memories of school days mellow in the enduring pages of this 1952 volume . . . a treasure-trove of personalities and events, of youthful joys and triumphs . . . many months of pleasant reflections. F1 "" """""' IHHHHHA s'5 -1 6 dd emoricu in .giaorfb . There are moments of life that we never forget, Which brighten, and brighten, as time steals away And they shine on the gloom of the loneliest day. Percival f f X tif KEEP A PLAC THLETICS IN PR OPE W1 h an R oth Hill niet care ofefle tglngs which 0 b od Wlilozlts aree ji: iid In theinsilgorts 0 e ma e Ser Ves mg his Ihcilr and far fz-Zlwie of the hon fhei' mal and SP11-ltual lmped list Pe f t Would be Pfffmote andar ec Ong run th foolish and Sslst Suff e Com In th 1 62' were S H1011 good W 8 pace in ma Ports fo r k ould Hd H s 0 6 e fl woegree that the ccupatlon to S rst uld aPPear P1-oieSS1o uch yi-.Hg mt fo be In n 01.1013 eff erely a t lung In hfe uPt1on of the 11 an Pope plus X SX ' fff ? X Our Athletu: Program IS 1ntended primarily not for the development of athletes to re present the school ln athletics but rather to round out the complete development ofthe ent1re man which very properly 1ncludes also the trainmg of h1s body Above all lt teaches our Andrite students how to spend prohtably leisure t1me 1n good clean recreatmn W f 7 fff f ff Q f If X V V XV' X .I fl VX' fr I X En, I I is .t l fly f S - l I U 1 l ir. V ' Z y A 1 - - y , ,u ' f i 110 ' . l ' II l Q u Jfx I ff X , 2 1- '41 ff 41 VV . ."-' "" 1 lf:-1-f -'1- 2' --,--.:A- -. Ahlh II: f X f y y l X ff , ,f V' fy , X X, pf f , ere'5 wdaf we fAinL . The right kind of physical education has value for every student. Strength and vigor are important gains - they are foundations for vitality. A skillful body, grace and poise have lifelong worth. Happy play can bring relief from tensions now and in the years to come. Wholesome recreational interests founded at an early age may mean the difference between delin- quency and wise use of leisure. Teamwork, perhaps the greatest value of all, is a vital key to success in living. Places to play - gymnasiums and playfields are the classrooms and laboratories for physical education, and balls, bats and other play implements are its books and pencils. World conditions today highlightthe need for whole- some, happyplay experiences for all our youth. Foun- dations for sound growth and development are laid in youth. Rev. Stephen Trepczynski mafia!! gaicliron . . . Top row - R. Guzik, I. Cioroch, N. Panczak, D. Sypula, D. Woods. Standing - I. Michalik, Assistant Coach - Bruce Wacha, I. Pelak, L. Rozdowski, I. Hejnosz R. Grabowski, E. Fiut, R. Nadolski, F. Tanana, E. Nykel, C. Radecki, G. Gromacki, C. Ranis zewski, T. Libich, A. Przekop, Coach - Jerry Wegger, J. Grom. Sitting - D. Blackno, S. Towianski, R. Kukla, R. Krazczak, J. Kotlarek, W.Wachock1 .T Oprzadek, J. Wojewski, H. Pososki, R. Mroz, D. Bonsall. 7 80.5011 If . Andrew 6 - Z4 St. Leo A weak start but not hopeless . . . only one touchdown was scored by R. Nadolski. Andrew 39 - 19 Salesian After a loss of seven straight games success spurred . . . Tanana scored three . . . Fiut, one . . . Wojeski converted for two extra points . . . Nadolski passed to Fiut for another .. . FIRST GAME WON Andrew 13 - 13 St. Alphonsus A tie game . . . Tanana and Hejnosz scored on runs of 35 and 65 yards . . . Wojeski con- verted one extra point. St Andrew 13 - 12 St. Francis DeSa1es Success came at Mackenzie Field . . . Two touchdowns were scored by Tanana . . . Wojeski kicked one extra point . . . vic- tory followed over St. Francis. Andrew 32 - 13 Visitation At McKay Field, Nadolski passed for four touchdowns . . . Tanana scored another . . . Wojeski kicked two extra points . . . victory was ours. QCOPJ l St. Andrew Z1 - 14 St. Cecelia At Mackenzie field the passing combination of Nadolski to Grabowski was good for two touchdowns . . . Tanana scored third . . . Nadolski and Tanana passed to Kukla for two extra points . . . Wojeski kicked the third . . . and we won. St. Andrew 0 - 15 St. Rita Game on a muddy Mackenzie Field brought nothing for St. Andrew . . . yet even in defeat it took pride in its former victories. Many experts opined that St. Andrew was strictly a "basket- ball school." But this theory has been disproved in the short space of three years. St. Andrew play- ers proved they can excel in any branch of sport and a glance at the SecondWest standings proves this point conclusively. Much of St. Andrew's athletic success can be attributed to Fr. Stephen Trepczynski, pastor, who is right behind his boys, whether they win or lose. He is always at the scene of battle, offering en- couraging words to his gladiators. 1 'K . If 4 V Q 'VW , H511 . xgqsg' K 3 3 y , 2 -4' W Www. ww Nw, q- ah' I M '. fn faq., 'A '-4 sexi , QQ? ' X 'H ' i-:,,x'4 G l A fx 'N li '- ' ' Q 2 ey, , x f ,Q ' s W -J W K is Qjilf .Blk LQ -sung---.,.. L, 4 L. . mf,- i fad! 5,10 1- FULL BACK r-'RANK TANANA QUARTER BHC M W LEFT HALF nam-ILD NADOLS JOHN HEJNo5z mam HAL snwm: stef-s END -Y END ST ANDREW HARD GRABOWSKI TACK nam. RA Rnwcznff Jossrw If LAREI1' Y ttwfiff 'ig g Gunn' HENR asa mm onssm co cnpm NTER cnmnv DA VE BLACKNO FRANK TANANA FULL BACK Outstandmg on both offenslve and defens1ve h1s long runs set up many touchdowns as he led h1s team in scormg and yards galned JOHN HEINOSZ LEFT HALF Fleetfooted back who averaged f1ve yards per try he also played well on defence h1s thr11l1ng runnlng w1l1 long be remembered RONALD NADOLSKI QUARTER BACK Ma1n1y respons1ble for the team s success as h1S sxgnal callmg pushed the team to the top agreatpasser who always excelled on defence EDWARD FIUT RIGHT HALF A hard back to stop often called upon for a f1rst down attempt he was usually successful on defence he played l1ne backer and showed the way 1n blockmg up the l1ne. RICHARD GRABOWSKI . . . END . . . Made all c1ty 1n the M1ch1gan Cathollc . . Dick was the tearn's second lnghest scorer and top pass rece1ver . . he hauled 1n srx touchdown passes. ROBERT KUKLA . . . END . . . A f1ne end who has been w1th the team for three years . . . Bob often showed h1s aggress1veness as he played most of each game. RAY KRAWCZAK . . TACKLE . . . A sophomore playmg h1s f1rst season . . . shows ab111ty of becommg a future star . . played both offens1ve and defenswe except1onal1y well JOSEPH KOTLAREK . . TACKLE . . . A strong l1ne smasher who repeatedly opened holes 1n the opponents 1ine,th1s often resulted in long galns . . h1S f1ne play 1n the flnals w1ll be greatly m1ssed 1n the next season. DAVE BLACKNO . . . CENTER . . . An excellent center at both offence and defence . . Dave, however, was at his best on the defensxve l1ne. E , H fi, ,ls-,l,ss,6.,M5 A .r -Ie' ' - ' fb ' 5"'-U-.-W . J , " H 7 'felis my ws' .:, , , ., 'J . A, A S Lg - Xv ,ATE ll . A ' 1' - ' . -if fl tl ' "wi: ' ' ' f'a1'2-w-ff'1i':1-'-'N sn, 1 H'-1. .A ' fu. 4, , '. .iwlw y.f,51d,:,,,5gQ:g-,SV V K -wr,-N 3 :ff ' .. . ' 'fe ', "f'f','.-,f'fQfAj'1:'-f' VHF gpg., Th-,E v ' , w " ' "I If v"" Q T KUKLA , , , ,X,. I f U g 4, V g fx-,f ,, .fa ',f,ff--v:'ff1f,f -' , ' "2--it W-,jY,.i,' :tiff "1 1 rfikflf'-1 - N, 4 , " ,mr r.:q1u.,4. -Q ' - ' '- . . l-, M, .,1p2T"Q"T au T -- brf-waxy-vfvrr-V ' 1 . .. A ' f " v . . . , - 1 u 4 l 1 RA H Y smnnnew rooster sat him on a fence, Urlrjify CA00l'A'flIll.lIg Sfjllflll. . THAT STOOD BY OUR BOYS THROUGH VICTORIES AND DEFEATS ,X V , A- ,F , sf Q ig, I A Af . I k '5' 13' Of W i " 1fY l K1 5 fffi .E , 2 , 30 if .,...4.ggfJ HQ: W f Q .3 1 'J F5624 b.,:g:5g,f3. J! 4 N x NM --tow ,J K . x, :W f""?"4 5 Q., ' am, , EX ff L 5 . l . 'L . i,- f af ki, in ' ... 1 - 4 g,,, K 1 1 gg g SF 1 ? E ii Q 'a ! gf lg ff .. A3 4. F Q V fi 1 A M Ta ivy., 4 5 ', f' ff f' 3 Af M . . , v w , - 1 V. . .5 , X'Il gag E fe F EK Q , ,Q I S1 AQ: W -va 2 ,152 1' 3 'Q M , , J Q .ff Q XV f t 1 3 Q if I ,ar . XA Fi B, X if -F 5 wif Q09 E Q-, 'X 5 Q-ix . b 2 1 1 ' - E. . -5 A -I A a - 5 vga: ,,x I ,I 1 - Yi g 'ff T' - ,ilk Z .ff s 1 F in M25 5 is 5 .f4l'lJl"Ql,U5 7 QQ "rf-e um 1' Top row N Grabowsk1 R Kukla J' Pelak J' Wojewskl Nap Ross Coach Second row Fr Bednarskl Athlet1c D1rector J' Hejnosz F Tanana E1 F1ut D Blackno Flrst row L Ska1sk1 R Krawczak R Spxsz R Nadolskl Frank Tanana Center Great team man and the f1nest shot 1n the state Averagedwell 0Ve1' 20 pomtg per game The brams of the team sets up most of the plays and 15 8ffeCf1Ve at any po s1t1on Edward F1ut Forward Rangy marksman who usually controls the backboards Equlpped wlth a potent hookshot he occass1onal1y fmds h1mself at center as a p1vot man John I-lejnosz Guard A dead shot wzth a one handed fhng can score from any angle and d1stance Often pulls them off the backboards R1chard SPISZ Guard The defens1ve gxant who was often underrated as abasket marksman A f1ne ball handler w1th a cool head and blazmg hot sp1r1t Ronald Nado1sk1 Forward Sharpshootlng .Tun1or who has come 1nto h1s own A fast man who knows h1s way around the court Rayrnond Krawczak Guard Prom1s1ng Sophomore who IS a great shot and a sharp play maker A future court star at St Andrew H1gh Robert Kukla Center Lanky center possessmg an excellent hook shot and a fme competatlve attltude An all around team man Leon Skalskl Forward A f1ne second strmger who can pour 111 the pomts when called upon Excellent on defense Jim WOjeWSk1 Guard Another reserve who IS capable of handllng h1s men and tossmg them through the hoop. Sf AHCJFZW FIVC Flyer Run hw-1 CFP to Good Start h Gami By GEORGE MESS If WOW N0 lf 4:05 Eyes State tm' St A A namernt Class B Honors S lu' e Flyers XNK ZAIDEL f lap S Crew Natwlt ziceasclhzfffgtr 3 W as n 1 C .1911 as 36 t TYQYWO 31 s rown ls Han ,,,a-igwsvmg H3335 JL? 109 0 U Ed 16 P O55 ch , gpem Andqtgts Rohn Hejnixsz chr1sai1ne?cgn1?hleS 5cscZln?r'lZg A mght 1 2 .1 r oolnter successlve baskets bw Ron N3dO1Sk1 and 1,1095 Wm ,,, Ed V wrched 1n bv two foul shots by All State Frank l If h Cham C039 e Red and Whitey age let thout re the opposxtlon NV! oreath and reor of the 217 scored L s and R Pomt the Vik ncak ln a field throvt s whxle skl added 20 more The-ucto fr ht 'addmg three s alg s g the dnstrlct t Q foul shot to thev meet a srgm to 15 4 at team f0m0'f0 X on of the first quarter Xlsltatlon ha' start of the new r mth! Salfqm ' ound the Nat1v1ty cre . mt Of rs lfire and dvundllnv UN Hi 'pomts th1S W' us 8 ll haflflfb 'difference 1 CTP e Hall with E ne fortleth game mth e Red 18 as the me mner of the state Clas loor at the m Tlm K defPat for St Andrew P t Andrew, 'Trenton Wm Dlitllct Cagers Start on Road to Lansmg By H H BARCUS Andrew contlnued to roll ong and Trenton toppled Rrver Rouge a tinallsr m Class B last vear as dlstrrct con' ltlon rn the stare tournarr' ned rn the Detroit wesday nlght 6 D41 last wear St Andre to Class B m s0N LOVSE STAR Bon Hendm on and Farx low agam pm lded Trenton: punrh Tl '11 all 6 soc 'lxcntor' H 1 tvuf' W C, play at Ho' dar nm w inf' 06 0 mth both teams thers output better B P u YH? dX 8 myfirst N A state Class C 1 er' " 'I' l on the iuburban Six 'B mg? bp' ,gue ntleholder took a 2718 9 Ava? tocg Q Y f l of 30 or- at halffl 5, rx-1:2 B O S A gy WIHS not ln Row, 65 39 Trenton, Romulus Take Close Games C ro 3752.0 D""'c:-'m me as 073.0111 THE FLYERS wmners of 45 stralght games swept through a HHave Class By GEORGE 0 MASKIN u Class stands out among the De 1 long workout wxthout a coach rn Atrolt area s SIX regronal champlons y srght St Andrew lost its coach last week when Nap Ross a Cleve land Indian scout took off for Florida, where he was ordered to report as an instructor for Tribe rookies rcwho have quahfled for Wednes days quarterfxnals ln the state Qhxgh school basketball tournal .Ciment E Two of the sextet Highland gijgfxssfclasshgxgen lost th1s sea fu-5T"m" I 1 l . , of Q . X K ff' l - l , f ' r 1 3 +"" l - l -, w r , 'M' " 'Mk'- ul , I 3 ' , . f- ' , , t , , will lwl f W. X, - . g at, X ,Y 'D .V - A -l- ' 1 . , r ' l b . 5 . I A I W ' ' ' " V - .W . h ' I , 5 I i A '-. as gl . "' ' . ' .' I d lk ' - x . 3 Y, or 47- - 11, ' , , , V l 0 -- ' - - 1 As. V , . . ' 2 - . f VM f .ll 1 U - . 1 V I -411' I f .v fl . so 0 - A n , -- In I ..n . I I V' ' . . I ' 1 , 'G 3 -1- I ' . ' ' . o .- ' ' , : " . , ' f dp. D Y I ' ' U- 1 ' , t. 1 I- - ' K ' - S. , if' . It .ll stralght Y v I ev, 1 up a bit in the F- ns, Y CO1 V .ru -Xt - V 5,1 me ll: , H. .U -'. ' 9' ns " f ' ' f ' 4 .av . 1' ..1 J ...ta K,-mr are .,-' 1 ' - -- ,1i.,,,5,' -. nv' g. ,f 1, ff- n. ea' '7' le: fl nf' D as F' - Vl'lt'l'Tljillf5 'Y F I' d - 1. 7- A X 'np G I C b Mi, .. s so 1.1, -... LW- MI di. A 1 ' , , 9 1 ' ' r tx if , swf A5 in ' 1, 'L 1 D 01. - JU.. - , 1 . It on HI H- j it 'f . - '- -- ' - a H nf 5 H of GS ' .1 0 r ft Q E -'Q rm ,, 'I -X , fa , W f-fs o cz. , - u -2- -E m ' "' I, 0 . , I n if '32, A ' ' .L , g . . . . . 'A I -57 A A ' ' . . -,l n t . A . 2 ' - ' ll ' 1 ' V ' , ' .w Tanana Wins All- atholic ea ue Berth or 3rd Strcught Year 'M come the first team ever to um a state txtle two ye rrs running different rlasses as stretehed nts perfect streak to 45 vuthout a loss It s the state s longest: prep string St Andrew 0 state C txtle w n last ST ANDREWS HIGH shattered a record of 27 year slandung last Saturday by annexung nts second straight slate basketball title Ih dtfferent class s St Andrews captured the Stale Class C dnadem ln l95l and took top honors thus year In Class B The above photo shows Ron Nadolslu of St Andrew s battling for possesslon of the ball In the tulle game agamst Grand Blanc Other Detrotler IS Ed Fxut l45l lAP Wlre pholol tournament offtcxals awardmg the trophy to Detron St Andrew c ass B champtons frand Blanc' prow-d one of the toughcst fms Nt Andrew fdtl"Illl1 Its drlu fnr two state tlllls Thcv kept uen with the Detrmtf-rs into the third period fell behind bv sexen points '38 .31 and than fought hack to make the game close at the ffnlgql Detrolters Dump Grand Blanc, 41 38 By H H BARCUS EAST LANSING Nllch 'Vlarch 22 In chstress untll late tn the llllfd perlod the lead changmg hands 1' different tlmes Denon Qt Anchevu then mustmed t strength 'md charged to a ll 48 xtctoly mer C rand lalane for tl e thamplonshlp of Nltchl an todax ln twkmg the me the lous the from the 'Nlartm and 'Vlcf 1am area of Detloxls Vw L 'ilde won then' forty e1ghth mn secutnc game 24 of wh1ch were play ed thls season They also be came the first school to mn 1n dlfferent d1YlSlGllS ln successue years St Andrew bemg Class C kmg 1n 19a1 and then moxmg up a dlXlS1Ol'1 because of an mcrease ln enrollment Vinh thclr regular coach mlss mf' the champions were handled hv Prank Nlosexxtcz a player 111 104441 and by Fr Mltchell Bed natslu the athletxc director ln 1 strata-gem vuhlch Fr Bednalskl descrlbed as Frank actually handled the team I lust dld the praying C . ' - ' Q l A .- 5 . ln , , .. h - ,N-1 - '.- -- ' H Y- , , Y- - I ' ' - A- ' - . ' ' J A ts v .' . - Y r I w K .1 . It Class B high school hasket hall 1 'V ,A ' l ,h . fahh: pf, 7,1 , A. ' v. rw ,, ' t A . it . .' Y LL- , . . . 'I' Q v v, U , n ' . A n I e . . - ' .1 - , - ' . . . . . . I H V 'V Y l . . ' 1 . ,, fj'0Wl diff o!,l1l'l5ll'lg 0l'Yl!?LUdl'J g0LU'IIl. . . MC!0fy 'MMA 3 PA, MMA CLE, Sfaff Clampd VIC TORIOUS FLYERS The day is clear and blue And the Lord is with you, He knows your hearts are brave and tame And that alone will save the game. As the crowds began to cheer And the songs you start to hear, You wonder who will win the game And hope that it will lead to fame. The crowd is praying for the final score Wlth cheerleaders cheering on the floor. You pray to God the game is yours While the players are after you by threes and fours. The game has gone your way And the crowds all shout hooray The opponent has been beaten and in discourage And you thank the Lord for the courage. JL! ff 14? ,,.,,,.,,, Sfaze Cdampd CEM L7 to 'bo' 1952 H 0 N 0 R RAHI RAH' me FLYERS 0 on Jrhm occa ml I 1 Imnk Tanam sho ma P t Anfhm a champ1onShm roam 0 ser vw on 1 d Merent In succe v Ars a ar Z 5 0 S1472 0 f .8899 S3 0 Q9 x9 6:0058 SKY' 5 9 -Z 6' S5112 i0Jy ec 01:6 ng st It de Q, 0 x, '77 25.2 G Q15 Qaxo 3-Q O0 I' yy 369360 6 o if 5' 53 J? 9 I o 596 we 5.9 I fe A X-835-S6 -We r Uf-its 8 Y 4 49 XOQ6, X 3 3 5,63 'ff 5,936 E255 xozQ39'6 :idk- 0 y YQ' 'Y Old at H0109 6 .CO 6 xogfh gn OP. 8,95 9, ,O X on we aifx mix ow My me 0 R G Q if-G3 9 fc, bo xoaizooa ra S, QS 'U 9 O 6 3 O C, 9 IS Zvlll 0 603629 a Ove 6096 miie 6 3 do an 3 oi gxfxg ov haf do O 693 59' d B 3 5 by xo 60136 'Gd' 5 xo wwe We c 3 7 56 e O Xe og Q0 6. X me bf' O5 4-Z W QQ. -gg ,O Q43-Q gy 3' '00 XX 2009 uso KL ZA N + 2 Cl! 0 J! , x I . is d . Ax ' ff , -'-L xl Tdayi as r A ' 5 lla. 9 . No Ji'ic'lugun soho l has e' ' twn t'tles in i" clzusos A , shive Ne' . , x K X 7 L4 0 i G ' 5. P Q. 6 I Q3 8 Q . diy, . Yu . beth Jae .9-9s6 ' 6' 33, 6 GQ QQ4 ,WSQ Sf" 030' . Ve O KJ Re io J I1 PS0 I' ' on jelfex Q ' ,lf Qs Te 9 ' iw' 'VS 'YQ Qc Q6 , 0 axis e 59' '09 ' x fav SEQ r Vigo 6065, uqmdfe 'Q06916 Grbpjline Z1 I S ' GX' 6 ' KG s O ' ' 8, 15: . AW 05 9 ba. 5 We Q 1 we - e 5.6 YN fo 0UOI'l'l0I' JQIICI5 6 lClfl1tl0l'l'i 4f53A WRU? STATE OF MICHIGAN orrc or HE covlrmos G MENNEN WILLAMS LANSING Apr11 2, 1952 Sister Mary Electa Principal, St Andrew High School 5675 Larkins Detroit, Michigan Dear Sister Mary Electa The recent performance of the oasketball team of your school in winning the Class B State Championship in the 1952 Basketball Tournament has been a source of real pleasure and satisfaction to me as Governor The team spirit and sportsmanship displayed by the St Andrew High School basxetball team is worthy of special commendation Please convey to the members of the team, to the coaches, and to the others who shared in your successful championship my congratu- lations on the victory which capped their efforts. Sincerely, Governor . Q 1 1 xxr .. W-Avy -I .:1ff '2! 1 'E' dwg .,T31.1,,,l -p ., .L 1, I E' Y I GOVERNOR 4 - c 1 1 L O .. Q C fafe ibwecfor 0 f efuw wmza STATE OF MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION LEE M THURSTON SUPERINTENDENT LAJQSIBKB CHARLES E FORSYTHE STATE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS CHI HIGH CHOO ATHL TIC A OCIAT ON DAVID C ARNOLD IS ANT u REcToR It 91-ch Sister hary Electa Principal St Andrew High School Detroit Mmhigfan I want to take tris opportunity to congratulate your basketball team for the honors which came to it as a result of participation in the 1952 State High School Basketball Tournament Certalnly your school and community can be oroud of the recognition which your team has brought to your school. I also want you to know that we appreciated the cooperation received from everyone from Detrolt St Andrew in connection with the tournament administration Everythi g was fine as far as we were concerned Under separate cover I am forwardin, you a copy of the picture that was taken just before the start of the championship game and we are also including some extra copies of the programs which some of your boys may desire to have, Yours sincerely, Mahi? Charles E Forsythe '9'C4-- GEF dz MI GAN S L E . ,Ass T 4 4 J 9 v' ' A I I I 3 Dear Sister Electa: . , 11- - l D' 9 I 7 O ,C fm s TQPQW 5 -55 ix rj-3 lk D -1 7 , 1' T V R QU br f - 9 " fi lx AKQ1 ss, , ,xqw fxffgoxi ,L QYW-'s"' f-r.xfN'7'Sl.: xx .fgxj Safv' , 3 ,,. . Q gl " ,. X ' Y-XEY' 4, .Q .35 Q M .-. ,- r O11 ' N ' MANREKV' " lfzxrl U 'T fx PR Q, X .mf .WS me we tl rl walk-f ,-- T' , wxfilx X' tw , f .ff r S f " ...w we T C C',f1l W T f-mir X- X '01 " cf mx, AT x Us s' Cx 'mel fl -I CN-wf'1D. 5' " T of ffl? ' F Mill -- , .- QU! xg QU -T ' THE ST. STANISLAUS HIGH SCHOOL was the first in rank to send its message oi congrat- ulations. Others that have followed are: , 7 1, L Rev. Pastor, Faculty and Comets. St. Andrew , g ku i iv 1' 'N . 5 Faculty and students, st. Florian High 5011001 . r lk , Mr. and Mrs. John Guzik and Family, St. M fr Untl 'L 2 KWWI1 Andrew Young Men's Bowling League, Rev, F ' - f ' L, Pastor, Faculty and Students, Mount Carmel ' ' ' ' E H' h w d tr A 1.714 yf gs 'I fx ig , yan 0 e. v xy. , I .N In Strzalka Family Y. in-' ,I V5 ' , iq Coach Nap Ross 0-4' ' I if X ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wilk and Arlene 45, " 51' 'XXII ii St. Andrew Football and Basketball Ushers D K' C THE BEST QV st. Andrew choir U, 1 V U7 1 X The Cheerleaders 4.5 A V civmi . his if ' " The Juniors - Rooms 310 and 308 ,N LS Y - ' D , W , 5 St. Andrew Student Council 0 ' L I' ' W' F ' The Sophomores - Room 304 'Q 1 ' The Sophomores - Room 306 '5 Q . V ' ' , , , The Seniors ' Q if ' 3, f V Q The Freshmen - Room 302 He.: 'di' x if Q r 'K ' Q 'n 4 ' A 1 'J 4, ,si "J, I ' 2" "M 'ff-1 S. CONGRATULATION CARDS WERE RECEIVED FROM: Holy Rosary High School, lsadore, Mich. Sister Dolores, Sister Wanda, Sister Mary Ann and the Postulants, Plymouth, Mich. Father Louis Ostrowski, Canada Sister M. Pudenciana and Juniors 308 Sister M. Consuela and Sophomores 304 Sister M. Armella and Freshmen 209 Sister M. Agnella and Freshmen 302 The Freshmen - Room 209 The Freshmen - Room 303 The Sisters and Boys of the St. Joseph Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Sister M. Home, Jackson, Mich. Angelis and Freshmen 303 Amadeus and Seniors Dennis and Sophomores 306 Bogumilla and Fifth Graders 201 Alexine and Fourth Graders 208 Virginette and Third Graders 210 Anthonia and Sixth Graders 102 Celeste and Fifth Graders 104 Modesta and Fourth Graders 103 Thomasine and Kindergarten Tots 9 LC Lgall 8916 Lltlllde Jen :S a concur-renf re5o ufton congraf ugtftng Sf .fdnclrew .Aga Sckoof on fha wtnnzng of fhe fami 3 -ext -4""p ,a if fx! Wx X JK' 'TN .af-V' 'xx .,-Rf' :ju ...M t. M. is ,ft 1 1-Q 4.5 7:-S'Kx 1 V -1 T' Slfv' .4 .... ,. ..,,.,, A- "" -J .gnu- ...- -2' f'-" ao- NEW5 VVVVVAVSV v- pn naw -vt a-Q an vm'-am ,. Q' SJR.-M-.E!gGq'IIG W 4 X W-twat f MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE House tllnnrutrmt llrsuluttnn Nu 43 Offered by Representattves Stanley Novak and Lewandcvwskl A LONLURREWT RFSOLI TIOX LOWK RATUI AFINK, ST ANDREW SHIP IW THE 1952 STATF BASRI' TBAII TOLRINAMLNT WI-IIHZEAS The basketball tram of the St Andrew Hngh School ln the cxty of Detmxt ln the wmnmg of the Clan B In the State Basketball tournament, brought honor to their school and established a record by having won state championship: ln 2 sucoesstve years m 2 classes and tn the past 2 years having won 49 consecutive victories tn basketball competition and WHEREAS Coach Raymond CNapb Ross ln the buxldtng up of a champxonshxp tram instilled the wmmng sptrtt and sportsmanahnp whxeh enabled the team under tts captain Frank Tananl to overcome competition and VIHEREAS Team play and sportsmanship are virtues to be commended tn the youth at our ltate, and Rev Stephen W Trepczynskl pastor of the St Andrew Parish and Rev Mxtehell Bednarskt athlctxc dtreetor of the St. Andrew Parish are to be commended lor the itne boys trained and educated nn the parxsh who competed tn the State Basketball wumament and WHEREAS The tollowmg members of the St Andrew Hlgh School basketball team wxll be long remembered not only by the St Andrew Parish but by competmg teams for thetr tpommanshtp aaa excellent performance Capt Frank Tanana Edward Ftut Nlck Grabowskx john Hegnosz Raymond Krawczak Robert Kukla Ronald Nadolskx Leon Skalskl Rtchard Spxsz Ilm Woyewskl now therefore he lt RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVILS fthe Senate con curnngj That the Mxehxgan Legtslature congratulates St Andrew Hugh School on the wtrtnlng of the Class B champtenshlp tn the State Basketball tournament and be xt further RESOLVED That a copy of this molutmn be transmttted to the St Andrew Htgh School Aaoptta by the House March za wsz Aaoptta by the swat, March 27 1952 ,WQZMJ J in frm: 1 mn ,A 4, X NF' 4' t IW W 4 Nz? "wa: lfyf V U Nat. ,yn "Bia- xv' Nas. AX" Na yi' X ,P ef 'lf 1555, amlolond lla tn f e State Ziwlefdaf 0lll'l'l 6ll'l'l Gilt 7' Way' 7 til XXX t 'wif- ' ' X95 E V U W ,lex ' V Qlfi I A, A ,E I . ,I ,X U .bleed 4 It , T I a , S tese R af 4 be be to t ,R . V ?""""1"'W""' "':"'"Mi"''3'1'3'i:3?"'"":""""'f"Ti':""'f"""0"i1'rf"f"T'f'f'i'Vf""rift'':f'f:"":""'02 ,f'.fff?l "",'f"':'f"""""f"f"WE? Q ll ' E' ff! lfg xx 1 ll M , Q: , . i Q, ,x wi .tilt 0 ,Q 'f,,x5I - A, 2. ' Q .ff i - ' i t tap- , . Q ,V I , :nj P x Q 5 , , 1 W - ,Q KL at -Z, Q so :E - . - ' ' ' 1 I S' V J X ja: I 1 , . - A . . , Q .F fa- t 4 . ' l ' f 5 ' ' - E fmxl - 1 ll' .' 5 5 - - - . - xt , ., A E I4 S: Q . - 4 - - . - -1 1 ' i 1 S ' , V E 4 1 1 Q g -15. f. 5 2 ' a l f n aa fw' . . , . .Z A Q' - 4 z - 1 '! ' 1' ' - -' +1 if "' 1 'l' ' 4 11.3. , fx f , h . I - . .l A, I - 1 , at . ' ' ' . ' . : S 'S ' , Silt , 2 .. , - . 5 . l I 3. 'PF H g 5 - -- - 1, f . X " ' ' , . - 45' - 1 ' " ,Q ,371 1 z . fs A -XEAMAAAA, j A " 1 I. ,QE 0 , "Q ! 5 ,"l X B l 1 . - . . - -a, X4 ' F ff, 5' . , Q - - a V . , . . . - .1 . , 4., ' S . - . o so ' I l I ,, , V - a sf. . -W T 1.4 fm .m,', 7 lata, f. tt va....,a..J:.JJ....e,,x.i4...f .t..........t.,..,.....G::.:,...::..z.Ig.,t.:,3:Q.:,.,...,...i:.,,l..,-,..,.T.a.-,g..CL .iq 'V Flax na.--..i.3.x...:L1Q-,....',t... at? 155 y '.lm.1. Af 15' ., G'--' ar ig--gg V h A-'q"i5.Ig"'f T' -- .. ' PQ lf a' ff- 17- '- A- 'lags '- :fern V , , , "- .4 V , ' AQ " ' ' ,Q , v va va v v fa av- v v va v -vs, 'yr' V A v A 1 M, 4, 4 . . . L, I ah - , N ,JL I ,M . :W ,' ' Q V 1 115. K l f . to I Q. a :ft og, N 2 X ' 1 I Cydunlfl C2605 15,1951 Andrew Z1 - 10 St. Leo Won by Frank Tanana -S, Andrew 9 - O St. Alphonsus Won by Ed. Szpyrka Andrew 3 - 0 St. Cecelia ..- Won by Frank Tanana Andrew 16 - 5 Visitation Won by Ed. Azpyrka Andrew 9 - 0 St. Francis Won by Frank Tanana Andrew 9 - 3 St. Leo Won by Frank Tanana Andrew l - 0 St. Alphonsus in Won by Ed. Szpyrka Andrew 13 - 0 St. Cecelia Won by Frank Tanana Andrew ll - 3 St. Francis Won by Eld. Szpyrka Andrew 9 - 3 Visitation Won by E.. Hakala Andrew 3 - Z St. Benedict Won by Frank Tanana Andrew ll - 3 St. Ambrose Won by Ed. Szpyrka ,NSN an SEMI-FINA LS FINA LS 5 ailllfgaf ..-gaifgetgaf .--gdllggdfl ... l7,f...,S,L .!4lIJI'QlU A615 ZLQH1 ll!! In recent years the accomplishments on the baseball diamond were much of an activity to boast. With these lads and a host of highly enthusiastic new prospects the future looked bright and even hopes of fielding a championship were a reality. The players had in mind not only one task that of to surpass or at least to equal the records established by teams in previous years but even aimed higher - for a title of "champs." Finally this dream came true for the eager lads brought an impressive victory over the opponent, St. Ambrose with a score of ll to 3. They have shown splendid offensive prowess and flawless ball handling in drubbing the team in opposition with comparative easiness. Oftentimes these lads have thrilled many a spectator with their hard fighting and undying spirit, and hopes are high for this coming season that they will excell in this sport by blazing their way along the road of athletic glory to new honors. ,ff girfb gfl.5Lef6rfllf.S7ci11arl . '-GET THAT BALL, GET THAT BALL! THAT-s IT, SHOOT! SHOOT! I A1-15 WE GOT IT, YEAH!" The team had really worked hard this year,though had been defeated in all the games but two, nevertheless, it displayed considerable talent and showed fine team spirit. The intensive drills aimed to instill good qualities of the teammates -- all with a determination to win. A fine spirit girls. SEASON S SCORES St Andrew 4 30 Mr Carmel St Andrew 19 12 St Patrick St Andrew 6 10 St Casimir St Andrew 36 48 St Hedwig St Andrew 34 6 Sacred Heart St Andrew 35 36 All Saints St Andrew 18 Z3 Holy Redeemer I Belch T Rzucidlo, P Tomala B Zwiernikowski C Sitarek M Zalewski A Wilk Captain B ROITIEJ A Servinsky Co Capta1n L Zwiernikowski R Hudy M DuHart T Sandecka R Madej WHAT THE SQUAD BELIEVES BE A GOOD SPORT It 1S the kind of 1nd1v1dual who does not g1V6 up when he 1S beaten but tries again Only a good loser 15 a real man It is in failure that the stuff we are made of is discovered If we sulk and are sore if we decry the w1nner we are small and mean But if we havel learned the art of bobbing up serenely bearing no mal1ce smiling and not poutmg then we know ourselves to be as good men as the victor and sometimes better men THE SQUAD I I - I 9 - I A - I 0 - I I - 4 - i - . . . . , , , . , . . , . , . , , , . - I - - . . . . . I a - 1 ' 9 - , . , . , . , , . . . . . . . . . I I I . . . . . . . , a 9 1 , . 2 em orieri o M Though varying wishes, hopes and fears, Fevered the progress of these years, Yet now, days, weeks, and minths but seem The recollection of a dream. - Scott. W THE LIFE S v TH S1 TCE OF Lzke the Win THE SAILS ds he of the Tr' voyaggiys of fafeea are s on at de W1 of U18 through hf And ecldes It e Soul e Hof he Cal S goal lh or strife X jk ff! We bel1eve that Chr1st1an knowledge because xt alone gxves meanmg to l1fe must be the foundahon of all educatlon It alone can teach man how to 11ve properly a an 1nd1v1dual and 1n soc1ety Chr1st1an educat1on as such alone can assure man's perfectwn and happmess accordmg to the blue prmt of h1s archltect God The Senlors fr , X I V, , 1 X E . , . l f , As e t ' l 5 ' ' 1 ' Th th til . y t . ' . f . ' X I ff! f, 4 , ff N X V ,1 ' ' 'f --4' - -- ., X ff I X , X f f . . I . - 5 0 M f o f Cfadd O! rx J,-ff ARLENE WILK St. Barbara yvfb' Secretary ..... 4751 Orchard, Dea ..... LU 1-1901 Ambitious, brisk, considerate. EDWARD FIUT President ..... 5209 Cecil . . . . . . VI 6-1776 Competent, manly, reserved. St . Andrew Mifiloof ofpm., DE LP HINE HOROZANIECKI Treasurer ..... 7305 Indiana, Dea ...... WE 5-5141 Gay, reliable, perservering. St. Cunegundis eniom i ,,,,,, V A, 1 A icerd KX 32 He as ,A r N 2 Q JOSEPH OPRZADEK St. Andrew President ..... 5424 Tarnow ........ TY 5-9295 Shrewd, vivacious, sociable. FRANCES SIVAKO St. Andrew xl' Treasurer ...... 6642 wagner ....... TY 8-2353 ,ff . . 1,1 Capable, wmsome, rehable. ' THERESA STRENKOWSKI St. Andrew Secretary . . 7716 E. Morrow Circle, Dea. . . WE 4-1241 Thoughtful, sincere, happy. , l I x ff' :J fb-v 'YN 4 ,www-' ,MH .--mx' . 6 Q if 5- .lfi ' My X ,ff n, , X ,v ' Gr' J " agyw... eniom JOHN J. HEJNOSZ St. Andrew "Curly" .... 4871 Tarnow . . . TY8-3898 Diligent, energetic, sport-minded. DELPI-IINE P. FALKIEWICZ St. Andrew "Del" .... 7526 Abington .... TI 6-4794 Studious , loyal, compliant . BARBARA J. LKECHA St. Francis "Barbs" .... 4941 Daniels .... TA 6-3562 Keen, smiling, industrious. EUGENE HAKALA Ss. Peter and Paul "Lefty" ............. 7369 Grandville Calm, willing, kind-hearted. RICHARD R. LIBICH St. Andrew "Rich" .... 7240 Burnette .... TY 6-6470 Shy, carefree, pleasing. DELPHINE .T . GAWENDA St. Andrew "Do11y" ..... 5623 Cecil ..... TY 8-7386 Dutiful, sociable, happy. HELEN N. OBLAK St. Andrew "Giggles" .... 5228 Chopin .... VI 3-3154 Jolly, outspoken, fun-loving. RICHARD A. KUZDAK St. Andrew "Dick" .... 7252 Burnette .... TY 6-6729 Gay-hearted, agile , music -minded. 10 ff""p 71' fp I BARBARA A. ROMEJ St. Andrew "Barbs" .... 4001 Junction .... TA 6-3212 Shrewd, amusing, frank. STANLEYA. GANCZARSKI Ss. Peter and Paul "Gunner" .... 9236 Minock .... VE 7-2971 Ambitious , keen , loquac ious . STANLEY E. TOWIANSKI St. Andrew "Tovi" .... 12331 Kilbourne . . . TI 1-2115 Composed, math-minded, agreeable. AGNES B. WROBEL St. Andrew "Aggie" .... 5940 Larkins .... TY 7-3630 Sensible , gentle , sympathetic . FRANCES L. SMOLA St. Andrew "Fran" ............ 128 Auburn Drive Diligent, generous, neat. CHESTER F4 COREY Ss. Peter and Paul "Jeff" .... 6540 Grandville .... TI 6-0108 Zealous, friendly, cunning. ALBERT P. ZELENEK St. Gregory "Al" ..... 14838 Monica ..... UN 1-8412 Courteous, earnest, ever-ready. BERNADINE J. WAS St. Andrew "Bernie" .... 5759 Lonyo .... LU 2-3194 Refined, cheerful, exemplary. ff iff I 4 eniord NX. m K . mug. -wr I 2 , i E .v. Q ka. ,ff rf R fklj mn.,-' ,xi ---I""" sf? M 7 . 1 MARY ANN E. WACH sr. Andrew "Mair" .... 7341 Burnette .... TY 5-5714 A Witty , artistic , accurate. VIRGINIA PIKULINSKI Ss. Peter and Paul I ' "Virg" .... 5747 Longacre .... TI 6-5614 Shy, obliging, dependable. RICHARD M. SPISZ Assumption "Spurs" .... 6609 Appoline .... TI 6-1791 Carefree, sport-minded, talkative. JOAN N. OSTROWSKA Ss. Peter and Paul ".Toanie" . . 6535 Auburn Drive . . LU 2-9639 Clever, eager, smiling. DAVID L. BLACKNO St. Andrew "Breezy" .... 6025 Cecil ..... TY 6-2002 Entertaining, energetic, responsive. FRANCES B. NEURENBERG St. Cunegundis "Fritz" .... 7118 Holmes .... TY 8-6765 in-A... Keen, conscientious, amicable. JAMES E. WOJEWSKI St. Andrew "Jim" ..... 6715 sparta ..... TY 5-9138 Sam if' Jolly, manly, dramatic. W' .Nap S ELo1sE E. MOSKAL sr. Andrew 'if' "Al" .... 6556 Devereaux .... TY 8-1498 Tactful, brilliant, modest. I eniorfi ,X fr if I eniord - 5 .i fbi! -...---new . ' Vg A , ,,, V li 6 5: ,, ,, X Ml' ' ' f . 5 f .M Q,,g1L.F -AW " 'mm"i an 111' H' . l WZ? f W JEROME L. PAWLUS St. Andrew "Snoozie" . . . 5960 Tarnow . . . TY 7-0636 Merry, sincere, handsome. SUZANNE M. KONOPATZKI Assumption "Sue" ..... 5666 Wesson .... TY 6-7202 Docile, unselfish, heedful. FRANCES M. WALLON St. Andrew "Franks" . . . 5647 Proctor . . . TY 8-6313 Lively, crafty, wide -awake. EUGENE A. NYKEL St. Andrew "Gene" ..... 6114 Chopin ..... TY 7-6490 Calm, gentle, accommodating. LAWRENCE L. SAVOY St. Andrew "Sach" ..... 8202 Dale ..... IJO 3-4792 Happy-go-lucky, skillful, witty. MONICA V. KALINOWSKI St. Andrew "Kitty" .... 5438 Chopin .... TY 6-5582 Thoughtful, willing, pleasant. RICHARD R. GRABOWSKI St. Christopher "Grable". . . 7410 Woodmont .... LA 2-5776 Sport-minded, sharp, easy-going. THERESA M. DOMBROWSKI Ss. Peter and Paul "Terry" .... 8210 Minock .... LU 1-2496 Lively, light-hearted, genteel. 'fl-v I-THERESA .T . GALAZKA St. Andrew 'Micky" .... 6821 Burwell .... TY 5-4148 Alert, witty, amicable. ROBERT F. KUKLA St. Andrew "Bob". 7900 E. Morrow Circle, Dea. .WE 3-0070 Vigilant, handsome, swift. LEON C. SKALSKI St. Andrew "Lee" ..... 6389 Floyd ..... TY 8-1619 Carefree , venturesome , inquisitive . GERMAINE D. ORCHER St. Andrew "Gerrie" .... 7538 Sarena .... TY7-6142 Reasonable, courteous, friendly. MARIANNE S. YOCHIMOWITZ St. Andrew 5407 Chopin ............. TY 4-1595 Tranquil, dependable , zealous. ROBERT T. HEINZ St. Andrew "Bob" .... 7144 Parkwood .... VI 2-7984 Courtly, considerate, able. CHRISTINE A. MALECKI St. Andrew "Tina" .... 7422 Burnette .... TE 4-0392 Willing, smiling, compliant. ELIZABETH E. BARDECKI St. Stephen "Liz" .... 7123 Parkwood .... VI 1-7773 Keen, dependable, gay. JOSEPH G. KOTLAREK St. Andrew "Kotek" .... 7757 Holmes .... TY 7-6820 Merry, active, persuasive. FRANK R. TANANA Assumption 5204 33rd St ........... Sports leader Resolute, simple, calm. V W, W., W b i' uniom- 00111 3f0 4 Libich Ostrow ski Hudy Ostrowski Nadolski Panczak Stewart Zwiernikowski Kukla Zelazny Aleksa Kisielski B. Thomas H. Popowski C. Ruszinski G. Strzalka S. Kolodziej .T. Donakowska G. Drobot G. Malkowski X Whitney Samonek Gust Peters P. Liczak F. Barylski M. Michalak E. Damienski S. Szewczyk T. McFee C. Nabozny Banas Szukielowicz Repke Raniszewski Laskowski Rzucidlo Madej A. Maciejewski CLASS OFFICERS Mondro Nadolski M. Zalewski President D. Rosol Liczak B. Fryzel Vice President R. Stachewicz Madej P. Tomala Secretary L. Szelag Zwiernikowski Treasurer H. Pososki G. Grornacki J'. Zajkowski R. Suess F. Rochna D. Sypula R. Mroz F. Tokarz J'. Grochulski J'. Kowalski R. Poniewierski R. Natkowski F. Swider D. Marzec R. Madej D. Bartmick S. Janus T. Sandecka B. K ra sko I. Potas D. Laskowski B. Dzierlatka A. Swieczkowski R. Walczak E. Zurowick E. Rojeski A. Burcicki V. Rykiel J'. Belch M. Nowak R. Zurowick P. Kotlarz M. DuHart G. Michalowski D. Kustra A. Servinsky I. Kurczewski G. Fillip J. Zajkowski President F. Rochna Vice President V. Rykiel Secretary A. Servinsky unions- oom 308 C LASS OFFICERS T rea sure r CSJOIQAOIWLOIAQJ-' 00l'Yl 4 CLASS OFFICERS Zakerskl Presldent Wachock1 Vlce Pre s1dert Ruskm Secretary Yesh Treasurer 'VAE5 E Forys W Wachock1 R N1edba1a J Borkowsk1 K Jenkms R Guzzk G Zakersk1 R Stachura C S1tarek B Zw1ern1kowsk1 S Zlobro M Zalew Skl I.. Yoch1mow1tz L S18nkOWSk1 J Bolek K Konopatzkl U Zajkowskl L. Ambromejus V M1cha1ow1cz E P1ku1sk1 B Rogowskm E Kaluzny D DeVore L Kubmak M Yesh I Pustelmak W P1etraszak J' K1Jek L Wells R Z1e11nsk1 I Fryzel R Ruskm 3,9 0l'l'l0l"Q:5 00172 Krasko R S1aCZka R Krawczak J M1cha11k J Pelak E Pytel R Stewart Zawrotny R Peltrzak J Kobylko .T Cloroch C Zlobro R Okonskl Zonca M Furgo D Odymala F Donbrowski J' Wenderskl R Nas1e1owsk1 Hejnosz D Czajkowslu P Starzec J Wutk1ew1cz J Bur-c1ck1 B Dz1edz1c Kalmowskx C Sm1etana T Langa T Trawmskx CLASS OFFICERS D CZaJkOWSk1 Pres1dent R Pletrzak V1ce Pres1dent M Furgo Secretary J' Wendersk1 Treasurer C.. PQ5 I'l'l8I'l'-' 00171 R. Cislo R. Morawski A. Kedziorek R. Tykocki J. Dryja R. Pary J'. Pytel H. Gorski F. Nabozny T. Rais R. Forfinski A. .Telonkiewicz CLASS OFFICERS R. Tykocki President R. Pary Vice President P. Celmer Secretary L. Michalik T rea sure r xx T. Grochulski C. Raniszewski P. Goslawski I. Sivako E. Romanowski L. Masiak T. Iskra D. McFee I. Zych H. Bahorski C. Rydzik Wolney B. Stanke Not in picture Leszczewicz M- Wojciechowski E. Nowak Celmer J'. Bunda R. Chope Rudzinski D. Lanick D. Barylski SzrnejterowiczD. Ciure R. Filary A. Szczotka M. Zembrzycki T. Moleski R. Rzucidlo J. Czarnik B. Maciejewska T. Libich L. Michalik T. Laskowska C- P05 l'l'lQl'l'- 00I'I'l CLASS OFFICERS L. Schuste r R. Peck L. Sajdak C. Lania I. Staeck S. Nykel P. Whitney J. Kwiecien D. Noviline I... Ozog President R. McArthur Vice President . Mie rzwa Secretary V. Salata Treasurer Ga rbinski Mondro Klein IvicArthur Brothe rton Moros Czajka Orrys Bonk G rego ski Bartkowiak Duc zynski Kra ska Borycki Kisiel Krawc zewicz Bielat Dudzic Cizewski Dryja Fencyk Bombalski Przybyla Sofinski Sheposh Zarzycki Wiwigacz Schuster O s sow ski Wietecha Palucki Pietrow ski Kuza Martek Salata Mierzwa Wojcik R. Antczak D. Woods N. Grabowski R. Schafer K. Gregory A. Borkowski B. Piekarski M. Domzalski L. Christy S. Kaszuba S. Savitskie R. Warezak C. Mrocka D. Grzebyk C. Kampka D. Puk M. Grzechowski B. Dattilo D. Gerwatowski R. Dziurgot J. Skripkunis A. Przekop J. Grom G. Parcheta F. Palucki J. Was A. Cibor L. Mazur L. Sobczak L. Ruchala P. Macek F. Polakowski B. Petrenchak S. Stach J. Pastula C. Jadczak M. Dudek D. Furmanek T. Perecky Not in picture J'. Clark M. Ganczarski B. Uzarska C. Woldrich G. Dykas T. Misa E. Tokarz fl J. Clark S. Kaszuba D. Puk R. Antczak F85 Flflfffli 00711 CLASS OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 8l'Yl0I'l05 0 Ill' Jflen 5 I count myself m nothmg else so happy As 1n a soul remembering my good fr1ends Shakespeare +++ 256 L- Pprecgq LQ on ff jffff 1' ff TO OUR ADVERTIZERS, SPONSORS, AND PATRONS - who so greatly helped in financing this book and to all who made it possible to edit this issue of the "SALTlRE" we,the Seniors of '52,wish to extend our most sincere "THANK YOU "' THANK YOU " .SJIJOII 50l'.i Reverend Stephen Trepczynski Reverend Benedict Rembelski Reverend Mitchell Bednarski Rev. Joseph Tompor Joseph A. Jeka Funeral Home Dream Flowers Shop Kafeas Drive Inn McCaffrey Office Equipment Co Novak Pharmacy Sly's Appliance Shop Waligorski Brothers Dr J - E Bartkowiak Dolata Jewelers Lovett School of Dance Supreme Wholesale Grocery Inc Sally s Children Shop Sally Wozniak Dr Peter J Slazinski Mary Anna Kiddie Shoppe Tip Top Inn Cozy Kitchen E J anis Jack Tituskm Courier Sports Editor Alexander s Men s Wear Linoleum Carpet Mart Gray Hardware Bertha s Beauty Shop Shamrock Grill Lerner s Men s Apparel St Andrew Choral Club The Children of Mary The Seventh Grade Room 207 The St Andrew Choir I' r r r r Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Frank Drobot Z J Earle Louis Orcher T Moskal John Wallon C Walkowski Mr. Mr. Mr r r r r r r r r r r r r I' 1' I' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss o 4 Miss Annette Servinsky 53 Miss Christine Malecki 52 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs F. Karkoski George Schemo Chester Corey and Family Felix Malecki John Standard Victor Strenkowski Joseph Kalinowski John Nykel Stanley Ganczarski C Konopatzki Sr John Wach F Dombrowski Albert Wrobel Joseph F1ut Zabik Mrs A Dombrowski Mrs Marie Skalski Mrs Mary Klecha Ronald Lukasiewicz William Przemycki John and Joe Eugene Hakala 52 W B Zelawski S Oleszkowicz George Felski Richard Wojeski Eugene Nykel 52 David Blackno 52 L11l1an Mucha 51 Adeline Kedzierski 51 Florence Motowski 51 Theresa Moskal 46 Eleanor Kapuscinski 46 Theresa Strenkowski 52 Monica Kalinowski 52 M . ' M. . . ', . M. . , , M. . . ' ' ' M. ' ' '51 , - M' .. . M. 9 M. C ' ' M.. ' - M. ' , ' M. ' ' M. . ' " ' Mr. and Mrs. Sigismund Moskal ' ' ' " M. . . . ' " M. . ' ' ' M. . . ' ' " M. . ' " Mr and Mrs L Van Belle Mr and Mrs W Partykula Mr and Mrs J' M1kolaJczyk Mrs John Golen Mr N Frank Cylkowskl Mr E J' Hebda M1ss Barbara Klecha M1ss Florence Budny MISS Veromca Panczak M1ss Jane Jakubow1cz M1ss Dorothy Madej Miss Mary Maleck1 ah OHS w1tkOWSki Clothes For Men Arrow Drugs Tobey s Market Dr R T ZuIaWSk1 Ira Arv1n M D Gray and Son Hardware Madlson Men s Wear Max Fr1edman Ryzak s Market Pohlu.nsk1 Pharmacy Madej Cleaners Wand Florist ST ANDREW HIGH Withm thy lofty walls And venerated halls Our youthful hearts shall e er renew The1r solemn pledge to rise and do When duty leads To Honor s deeds O St Andrew High' thy name We do w1th pr1de proclalm Unt1l the world ztself shall bow Before the same ideal which now A flame 1mparts To all our hearts ' And th1s 1deal shall be Our gu1de o er 11fe's dark sea To Truth to L1ght to Joy to Peace Then St Andrew H1gh may we ne er cease To cheer thy name And sing thy fame pafronize Our .xgcluerfiderd . . , Q 0 . . , , . . . . . n o g o a . . . . . , . .. ' 1 , . . W, 7744-V..,, H , , W fswm- -,-ss: "lf: Ile A . ' C 9 1 . 5 , I I 0 l . . . I . . . , . ' I 9 Q I 0 ' 0 ' U I . A M XTEJA 81 SONS COMPANY Wholesale and Refall Church Goods Rellgnous Arhcles Phones LUzon 1 1611 1 1232 7844 Mlchngan Ave Near Sprlngwells Frlahllvlvuf 1922 WALLACE J RISKO FUNERAL omecron Chapels Arr Condrfloned fo Your Comforf Office ancl Chapels 4759 Cecil Defrolf 10 Mlchlgan TEL TY 60810 STANLEY -,-URDWSK, 8: SDN .1Ac:K .J Baum: REAL ESTATE FUNERAL HOME 5158 SCOTTEN D O IO M H u fn fp vlzmzlze 5553 SCHAEFER RD DEAREURN MICH o J' O E E I . I LU 2-6.797 RE5:LClr3AN 2-D531 ' 7 .g35'ess0.Jo Us ETR 11' , IC. . W x , ff - Couzfnfulzenls Q! fx 1' fuc ws fu J ofom Cl 7LQ1S maj!! 6 '23 fyrfzzzz' f Z f L if ' A16 I!fEM1'Q0llfl dlfeel C-fer 29303 Compliments Of 6403 Schaefer Road TO THE GRADUATES LUZOH 1 5500 SMOKELESS COAL ANTHONY SOBOTKA PROP Comwmenfs of Zofzgrafulatzaus Triple H. Bormg M IIGS FIXTURES AND SPECIAL MACHINE BORING Kes! Wzslzes LUzon Z 5575 FRESHMEN 302 209 303 5300 Oakman Dearborn ' 0 mf, yW,,4 vm EXCLUSIVE DEALERS FORHSTARCO so 0 0 d K 3 Q QL fx X ei 1' i X K ,136 X gli. X A J K I fl E SQ? 0fHo a G00dS1arf Reddy Kilowatt, your electric servant, congratulates you on attaining your diploma. He looks forward to work- ing side by side with you as you go on to achieve your further ambitions. Wfhenever you need him -remember, he's Reddy. Detroit Ecllson LIJzuN 2 6320 Conqrafulahons Seniors WARREN DALE J EWELRY DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY 16902 Wzrr WANQEN Av: D BTERN DETRUI1' 25 MIQNIQAN PHONE TY 5 2615 OPEN 9 TO walferd .Home alpplaanced TELEVISIONS RADIOS REFFIIGERATORS DRYEFIS WASHING MACHINES STOVES HOME FREEZERS IRONS WALTER MISTAK 7335 MCGRAW WALTER PRUCHNIK I MILE wEsT or LIVERNOI5 DELICIOUS DELIGHTFUL BAKERY GOODS STOP N SHOP BAKERY 86 PASTRY SHOP WEDDINGS A SPECIALTY Walter and Wanda Grzanka, Props 7138 West Warren Ave TYIer 5 8620 TACSHNIOO 5 4351 Congrafulahons JOHN MATETA dz CO Wlvalcmle and Rmzzl CHURCH GOODS RELIGIOUS ARTICLES MISSION GOODS 8: SCHOOL SUPPLIES S629 MICHIGAN AVENUE NEAR JUNCTION DETROIT 10 MICHIGAN PHONE TI S S121 S475 MAPLE BT DEARBORN MICH 44 6' f2V6!NffA7!NG' TOOLS DIEB AL RANEKI EXPERIMENTAL WORK 5 221 5 1057 v. 'I TI JUNCTION FLOWER SHOP FLORAL DESIGNS WEDDING BOUQUETS JOSEPH MICHALAK PROP 3301 JUNCTION AVE NEAR ST HEUWIG S CHURCH DETROIT IO MICH PHONE TA 5 oezo 0 0I'LL6l 6ACfI"LC 0 ,Dany CONSTRUCTION O CONTRACTORS O MAINTENANCE 3816 THIRTY FIFTH STREET DETROIT IO MICHIGAN PICK UP AND DELIVERY TYLER 5 7312 Besf WIshes WEST END CLEANERS dc TAIL0llS MILTON SCWNEIR PROP 6835 W WARREN DETROIT I0 MICH YOU CAN SAVE AT LIBERTY LIBERTY LUMBER LLIMEER SHINGLE5 COAL XI COAL CIIMPAIIY WOOD PAINT LATH AND MILLWORK BIOO RADCLIFFE REAR OF' DESOTO PLANT ROMAN J TAFEL SKI SR TYLER 5 'I75CI DETRDITICI MICHIGAN TEL VINEWOOD 2 6975 OFFICE HOURS 9 I2 Besl Wlshes DR HENRY F KOPICKO DENTIST 7058 MICHIGAN AVENUE DETROIT 10 MICH - . 9 , - , TA. - 6 TA. - ' , 0 T . - 2-5 6-B: BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES W :nfl W 9054791 A BEST WISHES Kula-lc 4 FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS TYLER 8 9719 5689 CECIL DR Iro ROWIAN DENTIST 7068 M DETROIT TO! T 5616 HIM: Barber Shop Kenneth Mlchalak 7005 W Warren Compliments Of NIECKARZ FURNITURE 8. HARDWARE Television Washers Refrigerators Ty 5 1116 7330 36 McGraw Ave Cong ratulations TOPPS SUPER MARKET GROCERIES QUALITY MEATS 7300 W Warren Cong ratulations JASON'S PASTRY SHOPS Located at 11318 Whittier 16130 Morross 14245 Harper Open Sundays JOHN P GOLEN BAKERITE ENAMELING CO ENAMELING 81 LACQUERING IOrdan 46010 Ferndale 20 Michigan Best Wishes CONCRETE BLOCK 8. PRODUCTS CO. 5740 Martin Ave. Congratulations To The Class Of '52 Dr. JOHN S. PIEROG Detroit 10, Michigan 15841 W- Warren hom Ihe o I '. C V PJ. lj I Tfl ' Acn TREE1' PROM . w PARIS Compliments of : : : Congrafulafions , ' TH, 5' from . 0 l . A 3 . V. " -1, if . V 4' A . VI wooD V - TO THE Qmaluafes 0 1952 from the CINDER BLOCK, INC 9143 HUBBELL DEPENDABLE GAS SERVICE Dependable gas seruee IS always avaxl xble IH your home for mam HGLCSSIIICS and tomforts Bakertes laundrles res taurants and many other businesses 10 the communlty use gas each dav ln thelr mam operauons Factorxes requlre gas for many essentlal purposes Umnter rupted gas service Contrlbutes to the health comfort and prosperlty of the Commumty And day ln and day out you may accept gas servlce as ll matter o course proof of dependable serv1cc xlll mc tm l0lNSOI nun n ins Com xxx Q!51ZLi3Xl9 Ser: mg 735 000 customers nz Mzcbzgau O 2 A . I If 5 . . T . . f ' . 1 I N, 1 l , 1- , . ggoxpstiggga 5 wff Q v ' w Z Q . ,V If 1 lf A J ll A. 1 . ,x ll QQ 5 I, I . . . 12 "A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed" Conqmtulatzons from F R I E BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES SOPHOMORES 304 306 Conqratulatzons Mau God Blees You The EIGHTH GRADERS ROVSEK BUILDING CO 18984 W Warren TI 6 6050 Detrort 28 M1ch1gan P I G 0 ALEXANDER S CLEANERS ame Ia! Aefdcce on fwqueaf 6457 GRAW M 9271 BEST WISHES 775444044 Depaawfeat Sz' fizncbzew Wag! QR MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY Q JOHN A anzozowsm rescrz ions 3 MICHIGAN AVE DETIQOIT IO MICHIGAN PI-IONE VI I 7242 Heartzest Congratulatzons Graduates THE SIXTH GRADERS ROOM 2.02. STYLE RITE PAINT STURE 734IWWa Ae Deot10Mh od Bless You Semors IUNIORS 310 308 4 . from 7 762 Q ua e ui mln Want 9 5 L J , of C TY 4- v O . OTTE ,, 9 TWIIIDE . . Sc B to the 9 ., near 5Ist , Complimenfx of G K ' - 1 Qualify Painfs 0 Reason.-xI::Ie Prices . rren v . lr I , ic . CONGRATULATIONS phone TASFWOO 5 5 646 FRANK JAWORSKI SAUSAGES J JARZEMBOWSKI AND SON Ray L Jfzr embowskz FUNERAL HOME 2933 TROWBRIDGE Hamtramck 12 Mlch Fzne Qualzty Food TR 5 8133 Cooled by Refrngeratuon For Owf 30 YeafS 4405 Wesson Avenue Corner Buchanan Defrolf I Mich Compliments WEYHING BRUTHERS 'A' 3040 Grahoi' Ave Defronf 7 Mnchlgan Complzments j OWENS COAL COMPANY INCORPORATED THE BEST IN FUEL Vlnewood I 5414 3600 Central Avenue . Ol . . O. of I ll ll Compliments of CONGRATULATIONS Central Creamery Dr A F GUCTB, D D S 4381 CENTRAL Av: VIeoodl398 5623 Mlchlgan Ave Near Junchon UVUCDST TA 53330 MCDDIURN IDAUERY ON THE WEST SIDE Cong1atulatzons to TRIBUTE TO Sensors of Sf Andrew Hugh School Moy God bless your future A mc qrrmp 0 Sem: Will! our szncere be st ulsllvs YWINK CHI YROII I C 0 0 NIIIHHAN ul-x II 10 JUNCTION BAR BARNEY ROMEJ Pop 400 4001 Junction TA 5 9173 0 J 0 0 o o ' 1 rx w Y 6 . s rx 5-! ,T 'fi T, . - - N, fr Xa, I' 1 A ' f drs. ' . -7, , v V - 4- y yy . . , . 1 , . H2 9 . ' i ff 'I.'l'li Drfrmnr 'Shc un: , r . VENICE CAFE C Szncere CCUzshes Senzors DR A R CHMIELNICKI OPTOMETRIST 7l40W Wa e TY 74938 Gongratulatzons THE SIXTH GRADERS ROOM 102 Smce re Cong ratu1at1ons sen1orsl 7751 med 77084 gauge Qafaghz TEL TY 4 4924 7520 w WARREN AVE 5 PHOTO STUDIO Spec1a1 Rates on Communion And Graduat1on Photographs God Bless You Sen1ors 7702 mwf7fZ'z4 S W TAYSTEE BREAD BAKING COMPANY Congratulations To The Graduates Of 1952 From St, Andrew Football and Basketball Ushers Best Wishes To The Graduates Of '52 from WZ. aw! Wfs. .f4nfAony yockimouifz Complimenfs of ' ' O Dancing Friday, Saturday and Sunday . Air onclllloned Hall 7625 W. Warren TY- +3987 LIBRARY DEPARTMENT Greefings . rr n . - 9 l Congrafulafions , ' Seniors! unees of Progress No one could ever call a typlcal 1880 telephone operator hght headed Especlalls when she had her headset on all SIX pounds slx ounces of lt That l880 headset though, was a ood P1860 of equlpnlent the hest of 1tS day But Wlth ILS hox llke transnutter and leather harness It couldnt hv any stretch of the una mation he called comfortable operator now wears a streamllned headset that WCIUIIS onlx nlne ounces 93 ounces less than the l880 model lt fits her llke a new sprmv bonnet and makes her Joh as the VOICC with a Snule easler than ever before And peakln of Johs lfyOll re raduatln thls yeal and are looklnb for an lnterestln unportant Joh NI1Cl111,.3I1 Bell mas have one for vou Whv not drop ln soon for an 1nteruew'7 MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Employment Office 1365 Cass Avenue l v l ' . , ' ' g ' . . , . W. I . 1" 7 ' ' Today, of course, it's a different story. The telephone L . .U Y U 44 - - - ve - Y - 5 Q, , g t , ' 'T ' ge v BEST WISHES Sz ffowheue Varsity and Reserve COMPLIMENTS FROM MR and MRS E DOBY STOBER CLQTHES Griswold Sporl' Goods Best Wlshes Famous Nationally Adverhzed S Equipment For A11 Outdoor And Indoor Sports 7811 McGraw 1134 Gr1sWo1d S1: WO 3 3110 Best Wishes to the Graduates jf? CCl,fAOAC CL Qfelnflnif 1 f' , K ' J C g lf' 7403 McGraw Cor. Tarnow 5444 Michigan TA 6-6565 - 7 ir -Af if ,. Y! 1 h HEPNER S SERVICE STUDENT COUNCIL 18501 W Warren LU 1 9851 GRADUATES OF 1952 Jufufe x?l!yQI":5 Cl, l0l'0I'l'llf5llflg f0CLl'l'l Mag t e years to come , be Equally Successful ' fo Hue I O O I I ?iD ..f4uforaA S72 WVWW' 9,95 2.4444 WQLQN MW WMM' 'W W L S V L xfy I ' i Q xffllz QM ' D' , L' ' U W Vuffifwffglv WJ 7M QWQUITX Q.-mf 'V W3fAQ,,f p A wfzrfw Winwwwmg PA W MWWZ NM Q fig? f Exif? I ga WW, 4 F wfuiwy IWW gl wwiii mi? W WWW if Mpfwj gww-f BW QW Q22 jg Jog JQJJW 2 -CX My I u o ra 5 M' 1 Wu! 1, - . fgwhiuwf JJ A A 'Lv .L Up W ' mt,u""L1 if - ff . 0 , mg fi? XM H LN S E1 Wo -1-53 W K. I . . ,350 ,J ff! y! CN pkg," '1 i lf- ,J Kg- M7 f 71 QW' , - " xg UW -' 50- W ' A fog- ' Li' , ?f M X J . Qin A f, PA sim lzfu ggi! 0 J'-Q6 Q iw KWWL M Ziyi afjyff fue WL fmgf XM 2551 Yi ywwc lopakg, 7'f5ZW"M"W fy Q iwylffiygiw wi Xswx gf WMM 112: Q25 Vowwwwifl AQ:-14, f444 ff I iii..-gf! U0 fd 5 ,g 3 vo I f' .a7, Qff1 ,' D' vLffffffQ,. . I A, V I j i 'I W f 5 Hy! ,yn-f' JB 70 ff 0 U. , ' ' - A ff . j N J' Z M535 fww qfffn '46 Y -yff ,' xy ff - "' Q' Q, U' J' of fb 0 'q?.sm TA r X -l CU . - ' , " wt! ., W 4 QQ '75 . Q U r fs X- Q wk This Annual L . INCDR mms nphed by rosunzn 905 Rumi! 1',. vsrnorr 1 . mcmmm ,,v"',.yA Jo,mAA!fYu7ct a44,d4v J" Xi MM' QnZ'?AMA0M,u 44A4x,unp,g V 'K ,wfjfw U ft jf -Q?eLpxb ,KQQL1 W kj f 4, IILLCMMX Qyfiqgzk UML! 1,1 ,J 2"42- f 064-14 f ffljjj fMf"'fM Zcjfjj j W Jw! ' AM-1 Y Wgfiffi A if K ff Jo f z J VPJWU ,f V 'X , 11,1 "' - , Q V I ,wipfi MXL iv' A W . I ry Ii . ,Al 3,31 ' 1 J- ' P . 1 A I f'W bpyx f4fJJ 'J lr 4 W 'fig .Lf CU "V Pun! f . N' f . N 3 ivy f f 6! ! , ,IW X fifw M V ,JJ 1, 1 Cara 1 J7 f ' if M it 471. fy j, 'J' xg Cx . il 7 47 X ' - fl V1 is bf J f A 0 . L40 6 ,Ng E , , Af l ML f t , f vt A x ' I if!! JXJL, my J , X V., r ' J I' J I ,f 'SQ 1 5 . if I-fx L G WMV Q A M0 ' , J f of 'ttf fx f , Af Vcya I P, A

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