Springville High School - Panther Yearbook (Springville, TN)

 - Class of 1950

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Springville High School - Panther Yearbook (Springville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 16 of 60
Page 16 of 60

Springville High School - Panther Yearbook (Springville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 15
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Page 16 text:

PRUPHECY As I sit here this dull and rainy afternoon, I have wust begun to wonder what has happened to the Spri gville Se lor Class of '50 Livirg ir this, called the HRocket Age teing the year of lQ6O, we are far too advanced to look 1 to the crystal ball or look in on the class wltr cards, so we urfurl the Vlceo Screen The scene on tle screen is begin 1 g to focus very clea l nov and coring into view is a great string o cnestra Could th1s be Harolc Skaggs, alias, Butterball anc ls Crurrca e Lnderstand he's becone quite famous ard is cur ently appearlng on the Grand Ole Opry Quickly toe scene changes anc we see hancreos of bea tiful models Oh, trere's Lina Allison who seers to te the center of attraction in a sleek, strapless sarong The changing scene now takes us to a grocery store There we see Calvin Jones operating His father in law has evlde tly Still at the grocery store we see a familiar face entering Must be Carolyn Hill, but who are all those cute little girls following her? Could all of them be little Mc's999V99999099 It hasn't come in on the screen yet, but I hear Clarence Stephens is now living down in Alamo, Tennessee a d is very successful with his garage Now we see our dear old classmate, Marjorie Pierce She has a column in a Hollywood newspaper, NKeep1ng up with the Stars For a hobby, she's taken up skating Expect her to take top honors in the Olympics this year Who said Mildred Porter would be an old maido She's divor cing her third husband come next court term I've consulted Miss Porter about going into a Lonely Hearts Club establishment with me Gene Barrow says he'll retire when he makes his second million Meanwhile he'll remain at his ultra modern hunting club on beautiful Kentucky Lake The latest news on Rose Winsett is that she has a swa k reducing salon on Fifth Avenue She is now wed to a famous Broadway star As the scene swiftly changes we see Jeanette Smith keeping books in the office of uBrockwell Truck Lines Hear she has tied the knot with the owner We keep turning the cials of adjustment and happen to see Marie Burdin delive ing an important address She's the first Congresswoman from this vicinity You shouldn't be too surprised to learn that W T Carter vocalizing with Butterball's orchestra After he became better known to the public, Hank Williams is called a has been... After looking in on all my classmates and having t ken a little longer than I exp cted to, Jeeves is rushing me out to the airport where I am to catch a plane to Texas to invest in a few more oil wells............ Now that our future is planned and great success is expected to be achieved by all, we the graduating class of '5O will walk out through the portals of Springville School looking toward new horizions and reaching for that ultimate goal. l . . Q t ' t T n l n O H . A T , - . . O n l l xl W V .. 1 L T n n' t ' ' r v V' Q ni n ' . Pl. u N ' ' ' H L' H sh rs? T 1 h. ' r ' h ........... .. . . v . . Q , 0 L .L 4. . OOOODOIOOCIIIII Y O . - - ' n retired and turned everything over to h1m.............. l 7 J t C- OIIOOIOOIOO I :Queue-sooo O IIIIOCOOIOOI I -A ODOIOIIIDQIC 'T n I A Ollllllllill I! I OIDOCIIOIQCU P . OCOOOOUIIDIO W. . is a . Lp - .

Page 15 text:

G f0GU HISHIRY -2- v I' Ir lQ46, tae ty seven Fresh.en entered righ school Our db9nf2f':H o sor ear was Piss Sue Belle Nance Cur class Wnqil offlcers were a ollows Rose Preside t Ra o lar, velyn Smitr Secretary and lreasure X sv ess vice President ' Lina Allison Reporter ,ig1lu.ow Tbo e who participated in basketball that year were Lina Allison, Mar'orie Pierce largaret Werrill, Pa bara Cox, Eugene Barrow, Clare ce Stephens and Bobby Owens Lina All son was elected basketball queen that year There were twenty four Sophomores the next year, but several of our members dropped out Miss Sue zelle Nance was again sel ectee as our sponsor for the year Our officers were 45 'D Harold Skaggs President 45'Ng Rose Winsett Secretary and Treasurer Jeanette Smith Reporter fxZ2blLlMACf Several of our class participated in basketball that year They were Lina Allison, Tarjorie Pierce, Barbara Cox, Rose Winsett Bobby Ovens, Clarence Stephens and Garland Wilson When we starte1 our Junior year there were only twelve of us Our spo sor for that year was kbs Ernest Walters Our class officers were Harold Skag s President Jeanie Perki Vice President Marle Eurdin Secretary and Treasurer Mildre Porter Reporter We entertaired the Seniors with a Saint Patrick's Day party March l6 anc producer play, entitled nGood Gracious Grandma Both were a big s cess We went to Paris Landing Park on a picnic Lina Allison, Calm n o es, a ene Barrow, and Clarence Stephens played basket ball tha year Iarjorie Pierce, Jeanette Smith, W T Carter Tre t elve of with on acd'tion, Class officers are us entered in our twelth and last year Cwe hope! Lewis Scarborough We are glad to have him Harold Skaggs President oh L T Car er Vice President Jeanette S ith Secretary Carolyn Fill Treasurer xr-1 Lina Allison Reporter XXNN. Playing basketball are Lina Allison, Marjorie Pierce, Jeanette -ar' K! df A684 Smith, W. T. Carter, Calvin Jones, Eugene Barrow and Clarence Stephens. We selected Mrs. Ernest Walters as our sponsor this year. In X 'FA I ,- gist. 1 - v n - n L ' faflx sp n for that y A ' U . . h'QX1 ' we s f : ' 5 'S' A Winsett -------- n 1 M r ld -a N ------- - .lf E v . '.--- c n :- a s '. I ff .,., J , 15 - AA L. , -Y . .L A 0 . ' a : 6, Q' ,x X Carolyn Hill --------- Vice-President Q-as ' N . . X , ,, ,. ul v , l In . K. , K :I ' W Q 112' S4 v ' : . Q ,fx ns ----- - 'a d ---- - 'gf b A . 1 ' 7 B. H V ll HC , Q X J 'l. J n E'g . - - ' U t . Q 1, 'fr' ' ' Q , . 6 j , S . . 9? , ' 41 . S- ,J M.. ------ FKAI, X W. . t ------- - 4 . c m ----- ' f XXX .f A ....... X Xx , YT A

Page 17 text:

A e enio F CS D Leave Sp ingvlll Qanro Q YI haf? E, Holi 1 y to an Rose Wren to sLe mach feeble T Ca 'VUL YWC- DYVD C- D ro., c V 7' D Q Q c.g,-.Tc Les - 9 -Z2-11 Zi-Zhi:-1 eret a QC f LQ eret L an Sf eat o Ernestlne AQ no E. 6 I I 84' we QI' WSE. L 'le HSC EP' a C t e e Q L tv to maKe 'HCA eeoe symyatqy Leatn to Hee Dunlap o er nrt? n ter ill aLd oeoueath to Ri hard Lax, my ability D trre L Lnf is Class H r Q 't doesn' cause him as 1 5 re Lira Ile Deal X e Eea rice Irene Allfse , I g n m nd aLd fLall oo' ill nj name to Ste ash Parole Franklin Robert sonbs Jlmberly to rave no robe tnat his flldred Porter, do will Skai s, o re eby will and bequeath to a to told 7 ability to compose ove achieve e'r purpose better than mine thln and ravir every othe tooth gone my basketball ability to Nary oa Bennet 6 Clarenne Step ens, do hereby ill an oeqneat to B ll1 Parker my ability to tie Ir DorLan to c air a d goodness sake don't get nauglt like I Qid I, Marworie Pierce, do nereby will an beqaeath to Marllou Cobb m ability o lose mx tennis sroes and let fr Cates f n them for me I Calfin Lee Jones co hereby will ann oequeath o GarLand Wilson my ability to snip Mr Norman's class ano hone he doesn nave to say tne creed , Jeane te e env will and oeqleatr to a tie Quth Sanders my ability to enter all beauty rontests anf never win I, Marie Burdin, do hereby will and beqteath to Imogene Valentine my violent temper. I, Lewis T. Cfor Fuel Scartoronfr the t m'o and shy type anc never having anythlni to say do hereby will anc bequeath my unruly character and bad dispos'tior to Robert Tarl Jorwood. I, Carolyn Hill, do will and beoueath to Erma D. Robertson, ry ill and unfriendly disposition. N - . W , , - , , Y . s J r L Le nign Scnool w feel tn t H , tne S L r elasS, have certain hier :aal ' ' are otte 9 f tri 's L L L - -L L .L LL LL , -..L . a -LL L ,L - LL L ,L itat we sroa7o 'ass or 'o 're 'or'r-nomlnf Senicr el ' LL e LLL, L, , - A . ,LLV L L - L e LL LL: H L - L L, v' - 'ff' f- 0 ' 'Q 1 1 ,. :r :N - ' osier :la emen. L1eL,LeL,, he the -enLor CL es oL lVoO no 2 ro- . ' 1- .4 ' mo- .,YJ' ' ' 5 J- L- zy mane oar -aes HLLL aio tes.amen,. --A --,L r., 1 .,L, 4 ,. nf-, ff L ,,'1 - ..- -L - L. - Le Lne e,:Lors we Lea.e -ue pr-5 no ,ne as Li J ' -' 11 ' A 'J .3 H.. ,, f. -ne thLr: ee-tL:: a sLc,ess. f -' ' H ., -1 ,, A., -- - v - -1 Y., Lo -hesebL 1 L,sne Le'., eLr ma-h oooLs aio ,zey'L- wel- f-fx P -'few-1 some to .Uem. VT' T -' .Af W xv- -v I T ' ' 1- -v A 2 ' Lo ,ne Lresramn, N, wiLL ELL oLr pit, anL fee, st ev r L Y T A, s 9 f -, -f - ,v towarz tnem LoL tae neat hree ,,L e, eseeeeeeefesJeeeee.f,essex ' :z x w L . N , L. .v -, ,V1 ' ' L . ' . I, L Q n ear, n o he ,by mlLl no hegf, L ,a - L- 4 4 'L ' L. , - ,, , I .5 my Q e l gh the loniest ani acest J- LJ LL Q. 'F' ,, kv- ,I '- ' -v -L J t L1 , . ' .- I, L L, wIfLgL6t-, UO IL., o-J ull H, 'Q ANA, ,fl , A '- W V 1 ' -. ,- L .ch m, qaLet aio stLel as natare. 'sf L. 1 , I, w. . Lr.e , w F n , V Q , 1 , ,ML W , L ' e, L a,r H Ll L L --, ans hope L , 3 H W k ,' 'B 'l ,L L' troable a' it CL, me. - V 'l I A- I, n -1 L Line Lri L t n L n be n 1 'L v.. 'I W ,Lin rx Y1 :f 5 , fl AAT IL 1 A! g I v-rv L v- I, L , L5 C1 L I' L L L . . v w L ' 1' . UC ,L LL 3 my I -J L L , . , , . 7 a., L , L e . tn L ' e , L . If I, lx L L L P , v Y w . 1 b L L.: L g , , , . , , , . I, o n - L 1 w 5 ' h L ' 4 ' + 1 . U . . 1 a n n for L . - W' w W L s - ,L , L . 1 ' fi L., L V ' W -J y I C LLL, V L I L- .. . I.. d L U . . V ., I L . , Y - L4 V - , 1 . U La , 't . L L . , I , . . . L h I U L Smith, so nero U L f L n L

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