Springfield Trade High School - Beaver Yearbook (Springfield, MA)

 - Class of 1948

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Springfield Trade High School - Beaver Yearbook (Springfield, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 12 of 132
Page 12 of 132

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Page 12 text:

1185 boys cmd g1rls under slxteen employed rn Sprlngfreld But w1th the begrnmng of the depresslon perlod 1n 1929 the flrst to be lard off by the lndustrles wer the young employees As the depresslon progressed the number of youths under sxxteen who were employed dropped to almost nothlng Th1s s1tuat1on brought about the consol1dat1on of the Trade and Contrnuatlon Schools as the authorrtxes thought thrs would enlarge the fac1l1t1es and the teachlng staff of Trade School Nlneteen hundred and th1rty four marked a new epoch 1n trade educa t1on 1n that trade courses for glrls were organ1zed and the Old Hooker School became known as the Grrls D1v1s1on of Trade School At that t1me Trade School offered the followlng courses for glrls Trade Dressmak1ng Foods Vocatronal Homemakrng Power St1tch1ng Short Un1t Courses 1n Multl Occupatrons Mrs Margaret C Ells who had been asslstant pr1nc1pal of Contxnua hon School xn charge of g1rls was now appornted Assrstant Prlncrpal of Trade School rn charge of grrls Agam the school authorltres declded there must be a new burldmg of larger sxze and the erectlon of our present bu1ld1ng was begun 1n 1938 By Iuly of 1940 xt was ready for occupancy and all d1v1s1ons glrls boys and contlnuatlon became one un1t under one roof That same year the enrollment reached a total of 1911 students The next year 1941 the country was 1n the throes of World War I1 Trade School felt another slackenlng 1n tts regular day courses But there was no slackenlng ln the afternoon and evenlng courses as the school had set up a program of Adult Tra1n1ng for War rndustrres Between Iuly 1940 and the end of 1943 there were over 16 000 adults enrolled rn the varrous un1t courses of the school Machme Shops of Trade School were operated on three erght hour shrfts Two thlrds of the enrollment were men one thlrd women Three thousand of the men enrolled were umformed soldrers Over 1400 soldrers were tra1ned here 1n co operatlon wrth the 'I'ra1n1ng Camp and Provlng Grounds at Aberdeen Md They were sent to Spr1ng held from every state 1n the Unron for prelrmmary trarmng rn groups of 200 About 1000 mductees were tra1ned 1n rad1o fundamentals and approxlmately 600 paratroopers from Westover F1eld were tra1ned ln Morse Code and Radxo Servrce For nearly two vears the school tra1ned men and women for the airports 1n thrs area namely Westover Bradley Freld and others Wllh the war s end most ot these spectal courses were dlscontrnued and the regular courses re establlshed Courses dropped durlng the war have now been re organlzed and new ones added Enrollment 1n the day school now totals 900 and 1S xncreasrng dally Followlng are lxsted the courses now offered by Trade School Courses for Girls Dressmak1ng Foods and Catermg Bakery Beauty Culture M1ll1nery and Noveltles Power Machme Strtchrnq Vocatlonal Homemakrng 'Co operat1ve Retall Sellrng Sc1ent1f1c Launderxng Dental Asslstlng for Hxgh School Graduates 1 . o V . 1 1 .1... . . . 1 - 1 . ... .1 1 .... . 1 I , - - 1 1 , . 1 ' ' 4 - 1 1 . 1 . . . u , . 'I Q

Page 11 text:

history of trade school and the class of l9ll-8 Here agaln IS that most excrtmg part of every student s career Graduahon Day We are all thankful that we ve reached our goal that weve had the courage and stam1na to carry us through the past three years so successfully But rf we ll g1ve thx matter a second thought we ll see that our success rs due not only to our own hard work but ln large part 1t IS due to the unceas1ng efforts of Trade School to turn out well educated future c1t1zens of the commumty If we look back at the h1story of Trade School we w1l1 see that 1t has been do1ng th1s very thlng for the past forty years smce 1ts begxnnmg rn 1909 xt has been cont1nual1y grow1ng and developmg to g1ve the com mun1ty the best possxble opportun1t1es for learnmg vocat1onal skxlls and the des1rab1l1ty of good c1t1zensh1p Let us for a moment look back about forty years to the start of Trade School Trade School had a very humble begrnnmg as far as slze goes w1thout even a bu1ld1ng of 1ts own Pr1nc1pa1 Dr Wrlbur F Gordy organ1zed two groups of 25 boys each one rn woodworkxng the other ln machrne shop pract1ces Durmg the mormng the boys stud1ed the theoretrcal Slde of Vocat1onal tra1n1ng one group gathered at the Howard Street School bu1ld1ng and the other at the Chestnut Street School bu1ld1ng After school hours rn the afternoon they used the Techmcal H1gh School shops These three schools used for vocauonal tra1n1ng were located more than one m1le apart In Iune 1911 the school board decxded to take advantage of the ard offered by the state to such vocatlonal schools as should meet 1ts requxre ments 1n adm1n1strat1on teachrng staff and houslng On September 5 1911 the school opened on the second floor of a factory bu1ld1ng on Taylor Street The lnstructors Nere men of educatlon and pract1ca1 experrence 1n the1r several trades government were moved from the former Pynchon Street School bu1ld1ng to the1r present locat1on on Court Street Th1s vacant bu1ld1ng was turned over to the Vocatronal School Th1s made 1t poss1b1e for the add t1on of two new courses prmtmg and pattern makrng The enrollment lncreased from 50 boys to 113 1n the year 1916 and stayed at th1s level untxl 1918 when young boys sxxteen and even younger found no d1ff1cu1ty 1n securrng lobs due to the f1rst World War The years 1918 and 1919 were very lean for the school By 1919 cond1t1ons were better and the boys were apply1ng for admrssxon 1n such large numbers that 1+ was necessary to establxsh a Wa1t1ng 11st It was durxng th1s year that Dr George Burrldge who had been asslstant pr1nc1pal s1nce 1917 was made pr1nc1pal of the Vocatlonal School As the wa1t1ng 11st grew and demands became more pers1stent the author1t1es found lt necessary to ask for a new bu1ld1ng Land was secured and a bu1ld1ng erected at 32 Sprmg Street whxch was ready for occupancy 1n 1921 Th1s IS the buxldmg now used as the adm1n1strat1on bu1ld1ng for the School Department Th1s new bu1ld1ng was thought to be large enough to accommodate the expand1ng Vocatlonal School for many years but by 1924 the school had agaxn become overcrowded and boys were agam bexng turned away and placed on Wa1t1ng l1sts In 1923 the name of the school was changed from Vocatlonal School to Trade School The Massachusetts State Legxslature passed the Cont1nuat1on School B111 rn 1920 makxng 1t compulsory for all employed boys and g rls under slxteen to attend school four hours each week whxle employed and twenty hours each week whxle temporarlly unemployed Th1s b111 fostered the Con t1nuat1on School orgamzed ln 1920 wxth a spec1ally tramed staff 1n an abandoned grammar school bu1ld1ng the so called Old Hooker School on North Ma1n Street When the school was f1rst organ1zed there were , I I .... S I , .I I . , - , , - . . 1 , , In 1914 another advancement was made. The offices of the city , . , , . . i . . I - - ' ' ' I '

Page 13 text:

Courses for Boys Automoblle Mechan1cs Automoblle Body Work Bakery Cabxnet Mak1ng Cornmercral Art Draftmg Electrlcal Work MQCh1n9 Shop Pract1ces Pattern Mak1ng Pr1nt1ng Rad1o Sheet Metal Work Weldlng General Vocat1onal 'Courses for both boys and g1rls The General Vocat1onal course IS lntended as an exploratory course for boys who are elther undeclded or unprepared to enroll ln a regular course After a perxod varymg from elght to twenty weeks dependlng on the1r matur1ty boys are transferred to one of the regular courses The tmpetus glven to the adult program durxng the war years IS now felt ln the evenxng program of the school Over 2000 men and women have enrolled th1s year for var1ous trade courses 1n the Evenlng Trade School Our class of 48 has been addrng 1ts b1t of hrstory to that of Trade School We are the last brxcks and stones to be placed so far ln the burldlng of th1s 1nst1tut1on If we become fme cltlzens tn the commumty both at present and 1n the future our l1ves become a part of the reputatxon and usefulness of Trade School Our brlef hlstory of three years has left 1ts mark tn sports Durlng the year 46 47 our Soccer team under the d1rect1on of Coach McG1bney won the Clty Chcunp1onsh1p One of the most surprlslng and outstandmg upsets th1s year rn h1gh school basketball came about when Trade School won a vrctory over Classlcal wxth the score of 27 to 22 The Class of 48 has part1c1pated 1n three of the annual Trade School plays namely Amerlcan Frollcs of 46 Trade Scapades of 47 and Trade Scapades of 48 Although weve suffered one of the hardest wmters of the last decade we had a record attendance at Trade Scapades of 48 makmg 1t one of the most successful productxons 1n years Our fall Senlor Dance thls year called Fall Flesta was a great success soclally and a fme prelude to our Sernor Banquet and Semor Prom We experxenced a tragedy along wxth our successes th1s year Our Class Presldent Claude Gaudette was the v1ct1m of a senous accldent rn the fall whlle huntmg We felt h1s absence keenly from classes and Senlor meetmgs At the present tlme we f1nd a Trade School whlch IS a far cry from that of the Vocat1onal School of 1909 Durtng th1s year of 47 48 another new course for Dental Asslstants has been opened to hxgh school graduates A new and modern dental clrmc has been opened ln connectlon wxth th1s course Trade School has never stopped growxng and probably never wlll as xt IS a school whtch IS changtng contmually to conform to the needs of the commumty As we Senlors enter our VGIIOUS walks of 11fe may we be a true reflectxon of the worth of Trade School and do as lt has done never stop growmg' - 1 , . , . . . . - 1 1 1 1 . . . - I I , . . . n . . 1 11 U 1 1 11 1 1 1 u 1 1 11 1 - n 1 1 11' . . . . 1 . - - u . 11 1 1 . . 1 1 . - - 1 1 I 1

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