Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI)

 - Class of 1901

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Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI) online yearbook collection, 1901 Edition, Page 8 of 18
Page 8 of 18

Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI) online yearbook collection, 1901 Edition, Page 7
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Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI) online yearbook collection, 1901 Edition, Page 9
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Page 8 text:

SPARTAN EDITORI L STAFF. SQ- wgizig . l X K " ' i PHOTO EV FOSTER I SHIDELL. I-Idwin Rich. Carroll Ayres. Charles Roy. Charles Carnahan. Ernest Brooks. Isaac Lewis Blanclic lioyclen. Fern Scott. Bessie Teall. Edith McCurmack. Ida Clark. Charlotte lolinswn.

Page 7 text:

SPARTA-REEDSBURG DEBATE. january 18th, 1901. The Exposition of the Income Tax. N THR summer of Nineteen Hundred arrangements were Armory in due time. Our opponents were Shoepheustcr, Heub- made for a joint debate between the High Schools of Sparta illg ?lHCl BVZFIIC- and Rcgdghurgy to take place about 'lhgmkggiving time, Excitement now took the place of nervousness and we were The team was selected but the question did not arrive until ?ll1Xl0llS re get UP H115 tell llll' P00tllC what a poor thing the ln- about the middle of Septe-mber. come Tax was. The members of tht- team were Mai-C115 Hgmgtm, Zgllig Rice Of course the debate was not without its little points of inter- :md Frank Newton, and the question was, "Resolved, that an Income Tax is a Desirable l'art ofa Scheme of State Taxation." As September is in the season when youth is full of the delights of the gridiron, debate work was barely given the attention that should have been paid it. The date was changed to some time in ml est. Hanson soared off on a flight of orator and forgot his line just as he got tothe climax Newton, in one place, was to illustrate in tangible property by showing a five dollar bill land. He neglected to procure the bill and when he said. "l hold here in my hand a livt dollar bill," the people saw that he had nont and he added, "but I dont -o lanuary. As football was finished in Novem- ber we devoted our time to debate work. january eighteenth, the date fixed upon dawned cold and clear, and there were three Rice rather played upon Miss lluebing's nervousness by scrutinizing her every act very minutely, putting her rather ill at ease when- ever he happened to catch her eye, hearts, at least, that hesitated a little to go After the relmttals, with their hasty sum- through with the day. The arrival of the two mill! Ulh lllc illflgfs l'l'tll'4'fl lwlvilu: UIC 1lffil'I11- o'clock train, however, found the three at the 1lYlVUi5lllllllllJl'lll l'C'l'V"UF, illlfl UIC llC?.CilllVl', depot, accompanied by an escort of three. laughing and confident. The many tunnels on tht- road hccnnjc When the judges retm'ned with their de. places for rehearsals and the occupants of the cision for the negatiVC, llYl' lltlys, with lungs train wereboth edified and amused to hear the lncome Tax raved at and abused. livery journey has its little incidents and our journey certainly comes under this class. PHOTO BV RICHARDSON BROS tli When we had made the occupants of the car M,t1tt'tfs H atwsox, sufficiently tired we tried to change for anothertrain, but as we were still some fifteen or twenty miles from Elrov we decided Io wait until we reached the changing point. 1 On the way there the little town of Glendale we found, some- what to our surprise, and certainly to our amusement, that our worthy principal was not above telling fish stories. lt is suttic' ient to say that as re- venge on the trout they could not catch they pulled bullhcads out of the pond as fast as they could take them off the hooks. XYe ll we finally arrived in Reedsburg and were met by a large and enthusiastic crowd. But we were glad to find that a del- egation of ourold foot- ball opponents were up from Baraboo to encourage us. VVe en- joyed some exciting times in the hotel but space does not permit their recital. Right o'clock would come around and we arrived at the PHQTO BV FOSTER A SHIDELL. ZIQLLIE Rica. Stl Cll 'engthened by football, rose and made noise ough for a much larger delegation, Then Baraboo answered with a good loud yell, ant e debate was over. The liecdsburg students and debaters took the defeat pliilosohically and showed the properspirit by providing entertainment forthe Sparta boys during the remftin der of their stay there. The story o fthe good time at the hall alter the debate and the story of Professors Rossman and Uoty on their knees looking forcheese are too llillg to tell, but they will always be remember- ed as pleasing inci- dents of the visit. News of the victory was Hashed overthe wire to the scholars at the scenes home and enacted in Sparta up- on receipt ofthe mes- be better sage can imagined than de- scribed. The follow- ing Monday all of the boys who made the trip were called upon to tell their griefs to the school. Ofcourse we laid greater stress on the funnyincidents of the trip. We all look back to the l?'4th t PHOY0 BV FOSTER I FR AN smostt. K x X. Nicwrox. if january as a very bright spot in ourlives lt may be said that no team was ever extended a more friendly welcome or entertained so royally.

Page 9 text:

, , . it .WB Kaz gn. ta.. "The Spartan." ' HE first number of THE SPARTAN was issued in November 1885 and the following were the editors:- VV:-tlter Smith--Managing Editor. Robert McCoy--Business Editor. Hattie Lawrence - Ida Coon i Lnemry' Laura Miller -Personals. Miriam jewett- -Exchanges. Flo 'd McClure Setli Burroughs LUCJIS' In the hrst editorial was an article concerning the purpose of THE SPAR'1'AN which we think has been carried out throughout the six years that the paper has been in existence. "THE SPAR'1'AN aims, first, to be the true representative of tl1e Sparta High School. It is to he the production of tl1e scholars them- selves as a body. Its columns will be open for the expression of honest opinions and the only test for the admission of articles will be merit and originality. No pains will be spared in making the Alumni column one of the most valuable departments of our paper for we wish THE SPARTAN to be indispensible to all graduates and former students ofthe school. lt is unneccessary to state that a large space will be allotted to matters of especial interest to the school. "Finally remember that our success in the establishment and maintenance of this paper will depend in great part upon the interest tal-:en in it by the students. We have a good school of which we are well proud and in this undertaking which we be- lieve will be of great value to the school, we ask the hearty co-operation of all its students, patrons and friends." The first year there were seven numbers issued. The paper was continued the next year 'and the editors were as follows:- - Robert McCov, 'XT Managing Editor. Leo Schram, '88 f- Business Editor. Nellie Morse, '87 Z Mary Bisbee, '88 Literary. Agnes Davenport, F93 . Laura Miller, '87 2 Floyd McClure, '85 Locals. h Seth Burroughs, '90 S Lew Trucks, '98-Exchanges. l.elia Palmer, '91---Personals. - There was a poem published in the june number of that ye ir's SPARTAN which was as follows:- THE DEATH Ol" THE SCHOOL DAYS. The melancholy days are 4-ome. the saddest of the year. Wltli shouting' boys and horrid noise and school rooms dark and 4 rear. D4-ep in the hollows of the grove. the boy stands on hls head, And ln the mill pond burns his hack until 'tis rosy red. The xzlrls ln p -rlors pass their time. and on pianos play, While weary mothers break their bucks rt scrubbing all the day. Where arie the flowers, the fair young flowers, that lately rose and stooi , And rt-nd their essays from the stage the very best they could? Alas! They all have la-ft our side, a drove in shady howers, When nt-'er a cure fflllll school life drear, shall end theirhappy hours. The dust is settling: on the desk, and for months lt may remain, Before the girls with dresses clean, shall wipe it, off again. The dainty girls. all lily white. into their homes do go, And the pre-tty boys, the "dudy" ones, all hidu from summer's glow. But on the hlll the farmer boy, and the botmtlst in the woods, And the angling la.d down by the brook, in ruddy health und good. will enjoy the summer time, and when school shall call once more Nl ill return to work in the wa-ll known room, as ln the days of yore. And now, when comes the calm mild day, as such still days will come. When the girls sit idly under a tree and plaeidly chew their gum. When the boys all tired with their long play spell at home in the house sit still, And ln the meadows, down by the lake, soft sings the "whlperwill," The mlnds of all turn toward the school und long for lt once more, And wonder how in the days gone hy, 'twas ever thought a. bore. After this year no other High school paper was published until the fall of 1897 when the work was again taken up. The '98 was started four years ago by that class and the editorial board was as follows: Editor-Alice M. Beebe. , Assistant-Gertrude jones Business ManagerfElla Esch. Assistant-Mark jewett. Alumni-Earl C. Howard High School Notes--Myrtle NVood. , Topics ofthe TimesANorman Durrie, Nellie Wood. , The paper had a large '98 at the top with a picture of the High school building in the middle and the names of the editors below, on the outside. Among the articles written for this paper that were especially good we would name two poems written by Mabel Eefiple, fgrnaerlsy with '01, and the article entitled Reminis- censes y 7 a .sc 1' 8. The name of the paper next year was changed back to "THE SI-'ARTAN," lpitlthe paper was not changed in appearance. The staff was as o ows: Editor in Chief-Agnes Bowler. Literary---Susan Finn. Business Manager-Frank Woy. Assistant-Stena Sands. Alumni-Elma Landt. High School Notes--Emma Saxton. Topics of the Times-Paul Bush, Mae Robinson. Proof Editor----Generva johnson. Among the best things published in that paper was a Revis- ion of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice by Fred Smith, '00, a poem written for the Sparta--Viroqua entertainment, " That Calf" and " If Washington should come back," by Susie Finn, ' 99. Theqnext year's paper was decidedlv changed in appearance. A cover was added and picture of the High school building was placed on the first page within the cover. In this paper there was an excellent article by Charles Floyd McClure entitled " ln '88," and a confirmed story entitled " The False Prophet," by Blanche Chamberlain and Nettie Sholts. The editors were as follows: ' Kittie Romanosky--Editor-in-Chief. lglanche Chamberlain-Literary essie Thayer- A umni. May, Hubbard -High School Notes. Ethel O'Leary, Herpert Ford-Topics of the Times. Ernest Servis -- Ath etics Anna Nyberg--Proof Editor. The present staff is as follows: Ida Clark--Editor-in-Chief. Bessie Teall - , Carrol Ayers ifnerary' Aiumni--Ernest Brooks. Charlotte ohnsonl - Charles Czirnahan i Athleucs' Edith iucctsfmick-Locals. gigilfsolfztdsy S Topics of the Times. Blanche Bo den -Exchanges. The class of, 1902 have elected their staff for next year. It is as follows. ' Neil Shea-Editor-in-Chief. Ethel Link - Roy Smith Lnemry' 4 Topics of the Times. Horace Howell Ruth Dalaba 8 Mabel Heasty-Local. Rollie Quaclcenbush-Exchange. Herman Canfield-Business Manager. Charles Potter-Assistant. It will be noticed that heretofore the editor-in-chief was ofthe feminine gender and that next year there is going to bca change. The edit0r's chair willthen be occupied by a man. The present staff wish the best of wishes for the Spartans continued success. May it never cease to be part of the Sparta High School and may it grow better with the passing of the years. The school should feel more that it is their paper and not only everyone take it but try to write something for it, and to make the editors feel that the school is back of them ready at all times to help make the paper go. Then here's to the prosperity and growth of "THE SPARTANU for many years to come. Bnssne TEALL. i Athletics.

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