Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI)

 - Class of 1901

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Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI) online yearbook collection, 1901 Edition, Page 13 of 18
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Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI) online yearbook collection, 1901 Edition, Page 12
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Sparta High School - Spartan Yearbook (Sparta, WI) online yearbook collection, 1901 Edition, Page 14
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Page 13 text:

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Page 12 text:

Delivered by ISAAC LEWIS. I VALEDICTORY. 1 EOPLIE of Sparta and IJear Parents: It is withgratitude that the class ot 1901 appears before you here tonight. We feel grateful to you forthe many privileges that you have give11 us to enjoy. -We realize that the excellent schools of this city are the production of your hands, and it is only through your sacrifices that we have been able to complete their course. We cannot repay you, but we want you to know that we appreciate your kindness. We want you to feel that we are yours, and being such, we ask that your interest and counsel may go out with us into the broader avenues of lile. NVe thank you for what you have done for us. Farewell. Gentlemen of the Board of Education: For many years we have been reaping the fruits of your supervision. You have de- voted time and treasure in order that we might benefit, Zlllfl tho, our connections with you were not direct, still we have al- ways felt that you were there and that your sympathies were with us. As a result, the largest class in the history of the school is here tonight to thank you for your devoted kindness and as we depart we hope that your interest in us will continue. VVith a firm resolution Io act worthy of the privileges we have had, we leave you with kindest regards. Good Bye. Teachers of the lfaculty, Our Honored Instructors: Our class-room relations are at an end. We have met together at your feet for the last timt-3 and many of us have already hid you a quiet good bye. But, though we take our leave ol you, the fundamental principles that you have taught us, and the ex- amples of industry and virtue that you have set before us are indelibly stamped upon our characters and will remain with us always. You have generously devoted a life's labor to our GIS- sistance. You have shown us how to dig for hidden truths, and when at times we foiled your plans by our heedlessness, as stu- dents too often do, your reprimands were always made for our best interest, and our petty difficulties only made us know each other better. We feel, yes we know, that your connections with us have had a broadening and an elevating influence upon our future lives. livery branch of our education has made us stronger, because we could not help but feel that every depart- ment was in the hands ol a master. If in the dim future fortune's frowning face confronts us, our only regret will be that we did not seize with a firmer grasp the opportunities that were offered while we were with you at Sparta. We can only thank you for your watchful interest in usg and may your relations with future classes be as pleasant to all as the fond remembrances in which vou shall ever be held by us. Good Bye. I Mr. lloty: To your our dgepest gratitude is clue. VVe have spent four important years under your care and you have always impressed upon us, by example and precept, those things that go to make a noble and an useful life. In time of need we have always come tu you for counsel, and though the duties of your position require much labor and judgment, still we have always found in you a helpful and a willing friend. It is well for us to have been with you, and we hope for the continuation of your intiuence with alma mater in years yet to come! We cannot repay you, but may your reward be such as is only fitting for one who is moulding the character of young America. VVe thank you for your able guidance and your loving interest in usp and now on behalf of the class of Nineteen One I bid you farewell. Farewell. Students of the Undergraduate Classeszn We have worked and played togethe. since childhood, we have been assembled on the same grounds, and have drunk from tI1e same fountains. Our hopes and aspirations have been the sameg and years of friendshiphave made us feel like brothers and sisters of one family. But in every home the fondest relations are severed and the children depart. So tonight as elder brothers and sisters we must take our leave of you. VVe leave the old home to your care. May you guard it welll The school's honor and reputation are in your hands. Its future will be what you make it. You will make it what you are yourselves. For the character of any or- ganization is but the character of its individual members and the character of any member is no stronger than his weakest hour. Make every moment accomplish something, and before starting, remember that the height ofevery pinnacle must depend upon the area of the base. Lay a firm and ample foundation, accustom yourselves to honest labor, for labor is the mainspring of pro- gress. We are told to "strike while the iron is hot," but a surer way is to strike to make it hot. Depend upon your own ability! Bel and do IIOI seem. Then if you are given a work to do, you have the strength to do it, and the honor of yourself and scnool will never suffer. VVe know that you are workers: we have seen your ability, and we do not hesitate to entrust the old High School to your care. Today, a promotion has been made along the course, and you who were juniors are Seniors now. You are to enter the place left vacant by us. May you fill it better. You are to bear the responsibilities that we have born May you bear them nobler. Look well to the interests of the school. Foster the principles of self government. And when in your turn you stand where we do now, may you leave alma mater with untarnished honor to those who follow you. XVe leave you with best wishes lor your success. Good Bye. Fellow Classmates: -Our High School days are over. The time that we have been looking forward to has come. The time when we might look back upon a completed course and feel re- paid for our labors, the time when we must look into the future and prepare to meet the world's demands. Thus far we have journcyed together side by side and have helped to cheer each other onward. But today the road divides and each of us must go his way alone. As we stand here all the avenues of the future are centered at our feet. VVe can see foot-paths leading out in all directions, some winding along sunny brooks mid grass and trees and fiowers, some entering at once into the graver cares of lifeg while others lead on to greater institutions of learn- ing. NVhichever course we choose let ns pursue it faithfully. First learn what needs to be done tlirn go to work and do it. Look after little things, let us not think that because we have completed the High School we have ascended too high to stoop for trifies, but remember that triiies make perfection: and per- fectitpi is no trifle. True greatness consists in being able to deal WiSSlS?w2iLll simple things: and the great man 154' woman of the future will be'the one who can deal with common things and common people, the one who can sympatize with, and live the lives of all people in himself. The one who can see the beauty of all humanity, and can bring the members of a crowd to understand each other instead of struggling against each other. Let lus therefore do away with all petty selfishness and live in a broad and liberal atmosphere. For Socrates said, " Let him that would move the world move first himself." But why do I speak of things like these: You are familiar with them allg and our hearts are now too full of thoughts more sacred. The thought of parting has been uppermost in every heartg and we have been trying to accustom ourselves to it while we were yet classmates together. But we were not ready then, no, we are not ready now to sever those bonds of friendship that have drawn us closer together day by day. It is true we have had 'our petty rivalries but somehow there exists a feeling be- tween the members of a class that has caused us to forget each other's failings and our little difficulties have only helped' us un- derstand each other's natures. The days that we have spent together will have a marked effect upon our fntureg and may the friendships that have been formed in the old class be fountains of pleasant memories that will spring up and refresh us in the sandy deserts of life. Friends, we can't stay longer. The time has come, and the old class must be broken. May God bless each one of you, and looking to him for help, may you go where duty calls you. As we look into each other's faces we are made to feel that this may be our last meeting. Tomorrow our little band will be broken, and some will be seen no more. Oh, this is a sacred moment. Let us cherish and keep it as our final picture of the old class together as we breath our last Good Bye. And as these solemn accents pass from heart to heart, I bid you God speed! Fare- well!! 3

Page 14 text:

Do You Like Good Clothes? Men are too often judged by appeamiice. It is wrong, but who can cllzmge the custom? Young' n.en should therefore see to it that their outward appearznlee is in i1CCOl'll2llll.'9 with the demands of the times. There is no excuse for any one wearing ill fitting clothes in these days. Take our 10.00 3392, S I 2.00 Suits for example. They are tailored with as much cor- rectness as those costing' live or ten dollars more, and who cannot aliord one of these, or even two of them in a year. We want our customers to look well and have an air of prosperity. Surround your- self with this condition and prosperity will come to you if it has not already done so. . Grossman. Sparta. J. W. EVANS, PLANING MILL. SPARTA, WIS. EQ Sash, Doors, Blinds, Balusters, Frames, Mooldings, Fancy Casings, Scroll Work, Spindles of Every Description, Turned Work, Brackets, Porch Columns, Head Blocks, Plinth Blocks. Everything in the line of Building Material. All jobs promptly attended to. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished. AlViM0CliS! Take advantage of the big error made in the shipment of a large quantity of Hammocks to us. We have marked the lot down which brings the price in reach of everybody. Call at once and make your selection while the assort- ment is still here. Every one is a big bargain. A G-ROSS 8a SCHALLER, DRUGGISTS. SPARTA. No Shoe Store in this comniunitlx' is in er in-ttm' position to supply the wants ol' the people in the shoe line that the well known R. N. Pitchervs Shoe Emporium, 113 South Water Street. I1lVPl'.Vll0ll'V is welcome to call on us and inspect our goods and examine our prices. I. O. PAULSON, Manager.

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