Southwestern Central High School - Centralian Yearbook (Jamestown, NY)

 - Class of 1951

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Southwestern Central High School - Centralian Yearbook (Jamestown, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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QW iifnn-U'24vfw.v'llf gn M 929 D W 5 5,1 , fffbf K 77 ff .M Z ,, I QA kt ' ' ' nl fx .V if X 'Uv . f'Zb5i?i2fZf7 B xi ' .N , 1 . ,X 'x f' Q fully KN 3 Ca 33 . lvl: '14 ,X ' ,sr X -."' - - .X ,.l. V 'uf' XX , x -5.. -1- X 1 'X A ' .-. ' J,-,kzgw-X ,X .XX ' N X X4.X'.. '5' I X . . , . .Hifi '- V , J' 1-if J 3 f - X4.4?4J-'-5 , :UX.:'Ye.' " Q' X1-:ZX -- . .X -A - -'.'?X-1:"l ..4 ,Xf , J: Rtg.5gr1,,XX1X, 41X K, Ah: .X 1 1 - X X5::f" 5 T715 'fl 91252112 'h', ,1.-,xg -XL-5 5' ' ur - X. Z'H1Ef'r- 'A 'I' .. 2 "J ..X. U gf -ka:-' iq '1-"e -'T-1-1. L . 'U"'g.,t"f' 'il' x F : 'f' Tin . , 1 -. . , i, . - .-A.-,5,X,X A -. -.,..- X , X. . NZ .1 X 4,31 ,V Z.. ff. .X-5 4.1, -Ang XL- - 15:6 --. ' QQ.: n " V' I' 2 13. 'n"bJ' 4 IX ' 'fu 'V .TPQWXX-X . X' X ' gif. Xu" ' ' X. Z ...jr-lf'TXX' -X' 'if' ' 'Xi ,":Q55fP1W"1 1:1 'r a n W V PHX n 'E' ff! I, nw X. X 1151 f . . .H -. I '.N.rA.,4 XM X ' I 'Sk nl X WY' ' '14 uf T, 'T -'Xl X maglrj X-Y' H ,X XX gf f.. .F X1' '?.. W 1 '-,- 14 Hr 1 3, ,B X .JH df. ' " 1 it If, Al' PM R361 .. wig?-5 X XX X 1lL" "1! lui .589 'ak X f - Xu' Q M if X 'L 119' ,TL . ,V , 4 1,1 1 Tk 1'1.Qf:l IH X . X T 'Q ' ul '?11g'I, 'i X.f1'f-VXI: X, X. . siqiif . . 15.11. . WJ.,-Y,1..l3.. .X X., WF. Q. -, I vu' W T' A :ha - . - A Jr- u- W -1149 1, X ff 4 'X I s N x 'XI r .1 x'- '-. ' LY 'L-X ,L S- Vs. H , N fq Q 4 , U' W N K' 4 all Q' r ,gc h 1 1 , Xi.. fHf'5,Q fr W, u-fi! l,4X Xx- ,gf-.4f ll., 'w-X . If-. X, . 4.1- ri. X. "-.+-.,gXX',' X, 4 PF ...X 1. 5 . X X 5 ,Q X 9: , IT gf-is X Hy ,,55gwX.1f.- ' X' ..Xr f , I X X- . , - A ' AI-X , ' IPX 'JSI' ,Xr 331,-5 K. V. . h -IJ I J A 1 - F2 - ff.. i X fXXz,w1:-X Qi X 'X".3l"-K-I 1" 1' bd' I-'ff'-' "sf-lxif:'l.5 ' ' ,fun 'FLM 51X 1-.A :2.'.1X ' .5123-K '-1124! ' . .. X f Qu 1' ,X. .rrr -' ,' I ' -Yg' L. ':f',:, A - .kX-1424 aa ng T -L X- X, .a.egXg:.-vi . . .. , X Q 'J-QJ:fM Yf ' ' 'A-up 'ff-I. - ' -X -X -Xiglj ff - .X - ' 2 -4 , f,.' . 'X X .Xz f'37l5hQX ,:?'!1.4X if 15: ' X- -X .X, .,. .QI 1, -I V. In -in KI., 1-1 s -Xu, ... I, X ' Im- aw 12 ,1 ,.,':v ..'..'.- ' .J '- ". ' Xiwff' - ' 'f,',H'ffgf5f1 'i'd1f" 1' X X - 1" 'gA A V A , I , X 4' 'fifff E' L?" ig K 1-,si ff K XX"'.f --gm-EQ X Xt! AHS X952 ff-if . 'XXX ,"'f.l1:f?izifX. '3T25i3"i.-.X 5 3 S1575 " :iff "'I ,qL,L.i ' 1 V- X-ff ' ' QQ R ' X. F--QL'-. 'X XfI'r,'f,1f, ,-X- 1: '-'- .5 ' ,..L.l1Q'2ff1-N.-'-"F if 1 'li 4 I X' ' Tv ' fl, 5 -XI Xi u' '- ' K 'X -QI X , X Z'-'W-"X-VF1' if bis' ' . . ., L -' WX-' x :i24E:i3flk... v x X m.. . .N ,Xe-. .21 XXXf,X 'I-'.:1.o.-.f' I5 -,. , . 115 X . fx" U . .X -- 'ig ZLL--' 7- gi'-f4li..' I . , XXQJWX :gn 53,7 -X vw--Xa. X- - X-M.. U rg. ,TX - W X - . , ful.. WX-, 1 . .W X 71. Yr ,',.4 .V X, An, X f"' X . ,fzji X,- lx- ..- vf X .1 n' .. ,XV4 s N ii 1 ! 1,1 E L: E f. L1 E 5 , , 5: If E r P! 3 si I centralian co-editors carol parker lynn reynolds 4 1 the cent1 south central celoron new 1951 Llian T9StSI"I'l school 'ork lakewood Table of Contents Introduction . . . Administration. . Seniors. . . Classes. . . Activities. . . Sports ..... . Advertisements. . . . o our par-ents, Whose loving guidance and understanding have led us through the years. 5 administration E vital statistics 1950-1951 southwestern central school Enrollment fGrades Kdg.-65 7 7 Y 1009 Enrollment QGraclcs 7-121 7 ,7,, - 502 Teachers 7 7. 7 7 7 ,Y,77,V V7 72 Nurses 7 A Librarians 7 . 3 Dental Hygienist 7 7 1 Custodians ,.,, 7 ,,,. 7 7 ,7 77 7 Custodians fPart Timej 7 ,,.. -1 Cafeteria Workers 7 .,e,,eee,,e.. 15 Pupils Transported by Bus Daily ,,,e. .,.. 1 000 Bus Drivers 77 ,.,,.,,,,,.....,.,., 12 Busses 7 77 12 Station Wagons 7 3 School Truck ,,,,.,,,,. 77 .,,.,,, 7. .,,,.,,,.s,. . . .... . .,....,,,,.s,..,.....,,,,.., 1 Driver Training Cars fD0dges from Ralph Austin, Inc.j ee,,v, ,,......., 2 Estimated Value of School Property 7 77 7777777777777 . 77777777 7 7777 51,165,000 ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM-BUSTI, CELORON, LAKEWOOD Director, Harold johnson Teachers Sections 7. 7 Enrollment 777.777.77.777..77.. 77,7777.7777,7,,,,, - ,,,,,,-,,,,,Ys,,77i ,,7,,wV,,,,,,,,,,A,--,-,,,,, ,AV,,,A-,--, . - b 14 26 329 Classes cover six fields: Art and Crafts, Commercial, Vocational, Homemaking, Health and Physical Education, Driver Training. 8 Guilt- f rs. -'ii-is 'ii' . -u'-: 5. " rs. Strailiimixi, Mr, Snnnv. N l M Iiiuxth rlik Irlilku M Sl:inililnr7Mr, Davis. Mr. Johnson, Mr. l':irlsi.n. Mr. XV:irlnw, Mr, Siguins, board of education MR. KENNETH SONNE heads the Board of Education this year as its president, with Mrs. Mary Stranigan as vice president. Mrs. Margaret Farnsworth is clerk and Mrs. Florence Cvotts, treasurer. Other members are XValter Davis, jr., john Siggins, Harold Fosberg, Verne Johnson, Harvey Carlson, Lorin Wa1'low, and Dr. E. W. Pilkey. The Board meets every second Wfednesday evening at Lakewood and every fourth Wecliwes- day at Celoron. The six committees set up by this organization are: the Finance Committee. Dr. E. W. Pilkey, chairman, Building and Grounds Commit- tee, Lorin NXfarlow, chairman, Transportation Committee headed by Wtiltei' Davis, Visitation and Teachers' Committee both headed by Mrs. Stranigang and the Athletic and Music Committee, Harvey Carlson, chairman. Through these committees and other activities, the Board of Education is doing a splendid job in makingSouthwestern Central Schofll a more united system. They have a great responsibility, but they are willing to serve because they are public spirited and have an interest in the youth of the community. -B. G. L. '51 9 Seutvml-Mrs. WaLson, Miss lieiehel, Mix-is 'l'iiek, Mr. Miller, Mrs, Dennii-ion, Miss I.:-pus, Mrs. Ri-eyes S1iiii1lHil+Mr. Meliiiy, Mrs. Hziteh, Mr, Shevalitr, Mrs. ML-Kny, Mrs. Chase, Mi. llore, Mr. Munsm Mr. Morris, Miss Piirkvr, Nlisn Sackett, Mrs. Rholrs, Miss Jones, Mrs. He-lgren. high school teachers Ifulton McKay . . Principal Celoron Branch . . . B.S .... M.Ed .... lidinboro, St. Bona venture lfrances M. Chase . . . M.S. Commerce. . . N.Y.S. Ct. Albany . . . Commercial . Advisor Crystal Myrtle Dennison . . . IB. of E. Fredonia . . . junior High Mathematics . . . junior Dance Club . . . Eighth Grade Sponsor Marjorie Deuink . . . Fredonia . . . junior High English . . . Junior Dramatic Club . . Seventh Grade Sponsor l'ernice l.. Hatch . . . A. B. Allegheny . . . English and Latin . . . Centralian . . . Honor Society . . . Senior Class Sponsor Alice If. jones . . . B.A., M.A., Syracuse, Columbia . . . Mathematics and Biology . . Student Council . . . Sophomore Sponsor Marabel King . . . A.B. Houghton . . . Grade 3 Palmers Corners Pauline -Lopus . . . Fredonia . . . Junior High School Studies . . . Secretary S0llIl1VVCSlCl'1 Teachers' Ass' Seven Sponsor Dorothy McKay . Club n . . . Teen-Age Talent Club . . . Assembly Chairman . . . Grad . . Jamestown General Hospital, R.N. . . . Treasurer Celoron Faeultj fffmiliflllerl on Page 141 10 Cloise Swearingen . . . l,akew ood Branch A.B.. B.S.P.E., M.Ed., Syracuse, St. Bonaventure . . . Principal Doris Barrows . . . R.N., Crouse lrving Hospital . . . School Nurse and Attendance Ollicer Mildred Burk . . . lfredonia . . . junior High Mathematics . . . Centralian . . . Grade 8 Sponsor l.ois T. Camp . . . B.A., Syracuse . . . Senior High English . . . Secretary Faculty Club . . . Sophomore Sponsor Gwendolyn Carlson . . . B.S., Brockport . . . Physical Education, Science, Health . . -lunior Dance Club . . . Senior Dance Club . . . Girls' "S" Club Pauline N. Cook . . . A.B., Houghton . . . High School Languages . . . National Honor Society . . . Senior Sponsor Pasqual lfederico . . . B.S., Edinboro . . . Industrial Arts . . . Mechanical Drawing Virginia Rl. Hall . . . B.S., Edinboro . . . Art, Grades 1-8 . . . Coach junior Play Milton C. Harp . . . B.S., Allegheny . . . High School Mathematics . . . Baseball Coach, l"resliman lfootball, Basketball Coach . . . Grade 7 Sponsor Robert H. Habich . . . B.A., Allegheny . . . Social Studies, Biology . . . Troy Tribune . . . Sophomore Sponsor lidith S. Helgren . . . B.S., Buffalo . . . Art . . . Poster Club l.illian Nelson . . . B.S., Fredonia . . . Music . . . Chorus QCOnfimn'u' on Page 141 i, r ..4.qw-y -"T'2'2z""""l'i' .. i i 1. -M4 3,....,,.-,,3,,,-gmritli HL'2lll'1lfMlNS llull, Mrs. Burk, Mrs. Roeknmn, Mrs. Ulmer. Mrs. Jones, Mr, Swenringun, Mr, Mzithewgon, Slzinillmr-Mrs. Nilson, Mis. Catnip, Miss Cook, lvlrs. Peake, Mrs. liuitows, Mrs. Uurlson, Mr. Wash- burn, Mr. Wi-iss, Mr. Harp, Mr. Habit-h. Mr. Windoft, Mr. lfeslerieo. 11 . Gul Seated-Mrs. H. Johnson. Mrs, ll. Johnson, Mrs. Mclntyre, Mrs. Law, Mrs. Hayes. hlululing-Mrs. bmi-h, Mrs.. G oss. Mrs. l-'aulkner. Mrs. Gooch, Miss Tuh-n, Miss Larson, Miss l'nrkhurst, Misa Asiderly, Mrs. llueslis. grade faculty Eleanor E. A. Adderly . . . Potsdam . . . Grade Six . . . Member Executive Board Olive Faulkner . . . Edinboro . . . Grade S . . . P.T.A. Executive Board Esther Gooch . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 3 Mildred A. Gross . . . Edinboro . . . Kindergarten Mothers, Club Margaret S. Hayes . . . Brooklyn . . . Grade 4 . . . President Ccloron Faculty Club . . . Recreation director, Celoron School Esther S. Huestis . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 1 Helen N. johnson . . . Buffalo . . . Grade 1 Ruth F. Johnson . . . Fredonia . . . Grade S Marabel King . . . B.A., Houghton . . . Grade 3 Edith Larson . . . Clarion . . . Grade 1 Alice Blaisdell Law . . . B.S., Fredonia . . . Grade 2, Glidden . . . Secretary Celoron Faculty Club Helen H. Mclntyre . . . A.B., Alfred . . . Grade 6 Harriet M. Parkhurst . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 4, Glidden Virginia Ransom . . . B.S.. Edinboro . . . Grade 2 Alma Smith . . . Fredonia . . . Kindergarten . . . Kindergarten Mothers' Club Elizabeth Rulifson . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 2 Edna Tulen . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 3 . . . Glidden 12 grade? faculty 'Y llclen Alexander . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 2 lidna G. Anderson .... l fredonia . . . Grade 4 llelen Bryner . . . Fredonia . . . Treasurer Lakewood Faculty Club . . . Grade 5 Norma Crawford . . . B.S., liredonia . . . Grades 1 and 2, Busli Katherine Copeland .... liredonia . . . Grade 1 -leanette lluller . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 4 Allene li. Graliam . . . Grades 3 and 4, Busti Beatrice Greenwald . . . ll.S., liredonia . . . Grade 6 Margaret Holrnstrom . . . lfredonia . . . Grades 1 and 2, WL'lll11Lll1 Road Myrtle johnson . . . BS., lidinboro . . . Kindergarten lfrnestine Klomp . . . liredonia . , . Grade 1 . . . Secretary l'.T.A. ,Iuva Neuendorf . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 2 Martha Peterson . . . Fredonia . . . Grade 6 . . . Vice President Lakewood lfaeulty Club lflczrenee U. Quinette . . . ll.S., MA., Kent State University, Michigan State College . . Grade l Gliarlotte M. Scllrader . . . Miami University . . . Grade S . . . Vice President Soutli- western Teachers' Ass'n lilorence XV. XY'.1sl1burn . . . li. of lid., liredonia . . . Grade 5 lftliel NY'.1tt.un . . . Greenville . . . Grade 3 Gladys l.. XY'eiss . . . B.S.. Buffalo State . . . Kindergarten Allene ll. Xlf'illian's . . . liredonia . . . Grade 3 Si-ntmlfMiss VVeiSS. Mrs. lirym-:'. Mrs. Wzzslxlwliiri. Il1i.sAls1xam3er, Miss Johnson, Mrs. Neuendorf Miss fnpelanil. fiturulimz-Miss Greenwald, Miss l'x:iwford. Mrs, Selirailvr, Miss Qiiim-He. Miws l-'ulli'r. Miss VVilliums Mrs. Andersen, MRS W'al1zil11, Mrs. Grzxlium, Mrs. Klump. 13 high schoolteachers cCOHfiHul'd from Page 101 W. A. Miller . . . A.B., A.M., Wittenburg . . . Physics . . . General Science . . junior Class Sponsor Robert A. Morris . . . B.A., M.Ed., Allegheny . . . St. Bonaventure . . . Social Studies . . . Camera Club . . . Sophomore Sponsor E. Eugene Munson . . . A.B., Gannon . . . Edinboro . . . Social Studies, English . . . Driver Training . . . Basketball Coach Floy E. Parker . . . B.S. Buffalo . . . Geneseo Library School . . . Librarian Ethel Reeves . . . Rochester Dental Dispensary . . . Dental Hygienist Peggyann Reichel . . . B.S. in Art Ed., Buffalo . . . Art . . . Junior High Dance Club Ruth W. Rhodes . . . B.S. Cornell . . . Home Economics . . . Senior Dance Club jack Rose . . . Oswego . . . Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing . . . President South- western Teachers' Ass'n. Patricia Sackett . . . Fredonia . . . Music . . . Chorus Richard G. Shcvalier . . . B. S., M.A., Cortland-Columbia . . . Health and Physical Edu- cation . . . Volley Ball Coach Adelee Tack . . . B.S., Brockport . . . Physical Education . . . Dance Club Edward Turner . . . B.S., M.A., Fredonia, New York University . . . Band and Orchestra Gladys A. Watson . . . A.B., Hunter . . . English, Business Arithmetic . . . Masqueraders . . . National Thespian Society high schoolteachers CCOntinued from Page llj Adeline P. jones . . . B.S., Syracuse . . . Home Economics . . . Cafeteria Lucy Darrow Peake . . . Library Economy . . . Syracuse University . . . Librarian Martha C. Rockman . . . Plattsburgh . . . Commercial . . . Treasurer, Extra-Classroom Funds . . . Freshman Sponsor joseph E. Rushin . . . B.S., M.S.E., Stroudsburg, University of Pennsylvania . . . Health and Physical Education . . . Varsity S . . Football . . . Track . . . Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Alberta M. Ulmer . . . B.S., Buffalo . . . junior High School Social Studies . . . Grade 7 Sponsor Wellington C. Washburn . . . B.S., M. of Ed., Buffalo, St. Bonaventure . . . junior High English . . . President of Lakewood Faculty . . . Assembly Program Chairman . . . Treasurer, S.W.S.A.A. Henry C. Weiss . . . A.B., M. of Ed., Houghton, St. Bonaventure . . . Science . . . Treasurer, Southwestern Teachers' Ass'n . . . Camera Club . . . Freshman Sponsor B. L. Windoft . . . B.S., Edinboro . . . 10th and 11th Social Studies . . . Driver Training . . . Junior Sponsor 14 NIRS. lVlADlfLlNE SWANSON, a graduate of Bryant and Stratton Business College, serves as clerk in the Lakewood ollice. Her friendly manner and smile are matched only by her secretarial ability. Serving all those Connected with the school, she has a variety of duties to perform. Her friendly, etlicient service is appreciated alike by administration, teachers and pupils. MRS. ELDORA CARLSON. ollice secretary at the Celoron Branch, is pleasant, versatile, and efficient. ln addition to the many details of oiliee work which she daily performs, Mrs. Carlson is always willing to help teachers with special work such as typing and duplicating class material. She also acts as treasurer of the extra classroom funds for all clubs and classes. CELORON CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Younguuisi, Mrs. lnrhu, Mrs. Svhuti.. Mrs. Amlvrrmn, Mrs, Alnnzrvn. if fx w""iJ'-x LAKEWOOD CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. llurlvr. Mrs. Kmnvltun. Mrs, Murfh, Mrs, Ala-xamlvx-, Mrs, llurlhut. Mra. Rusa. seniors ROLLIN T. SANDBERG osandyo I resident-silent, typo--misoizynist -always busy-quiz kid-rlass n loader-Loblaw's - Boys' State- Ccntralian Sta,lI'-National Honor Society - Salutatorian -- James- town Community College. GERALD CLARKE PETERSON ujerryn Vice Presidvnt-jenn-r-easy xm- ing-Celoron'a M.C.-sweater boy - Casanova - Plymouths - Dramatic Club l'rcx.-Intramurals --Junior Itotarianl-'Thespiana- Dance Club--donkey basketball- "Svventcenth Summer" -- Vutxr- inariun. NANCY BEATY ..Nm.. Secretary- personality plus-"My sister!" - winninu ways -- Busti starts-"Cheaper by the Dozen"-H Chorus-"Peep-bo" -- Dance Club -Crystal Staff-All-State-J.T.S. -Scxtettc-Rho Delta Phi. CAROL M. PARKER "Park" Treasurer, National Honor Society -Fiddler-quiz kid-versatile- "Dick" - Chorus - Band - Cen- tralian Co-editor - Intramurals - All-State -- "Pitti-Sing" - Rho Delta Phi -- Brockport - Valedic- torian. BARBARA G. LaQUAY oalrh.. So-o-o tall - stuclious - maidenly hlushes-"Bob"-scooter rides - National Honor Socioty-Chnrus- "Yum-Yum" - Double Sextet - Rho Delta Phi. THOMAS NAUGHTON u-I-ornu President five consecutive years- All around boy - Ladies' Man -- National Honor Society -- Boys' State - Baseball - Football - Basketball - Track - Boys' "S" Club - Intramural Volleyball - Bowling: team-Senior and Junior Play - "Ann" - Valedictorian. NANCY NAYLOR --Nano Vice President - The quiet typo? -"Holy Cow" - D.A.R. repre- sentative - Girls' llowlinz - Honor Society-Senior and Junior Plays -- Class ofllcer throuizhout the years - Classniszht Commit,- tvo - Dance Club - Camera Club --.l ournalism Club-Salutatorian. PATRICIA CARLSON MPM.. Vivacious and rharmimz - Secre- tary - President. Girls' Club - Cheerleader 4 years - Dance Club -Journalism Club - Class Night Committee--Treasurrr, Freshman Class:-" The Campbells Are Com- ing" - Opt-rettas '48, '49, '50 - Sports. GEORGE BRALEY -.George-r Treasurer - Man with the Buick -Princeton bound-l'Jverybody's friend - Corridor Cassenova - Art Metal Scholarship Quiz - Sports cnthu:-iiast - liowlins: - Hardworker - Football - Base- ball - Track - Intramural Bas- ketball and Volleyball -- Senior and Junior Play-Boys' "S" Club. EMILY GILSON 5 ..Em,, A uelcome newcomer from Bemus Central - Student Council Secre- tary 1 Centralian Staff - Dance Club - Intramurals - Hall mon- itor - Friendly. KEITH MONG ncurlyn Good-natured - store kreper - easy going - football end - bas- ketball - Band - "Seventeenth Summon" - All-State - Sigma Gamma l'hi - Student Council l'rcs. - donkey basketball. SUE BAILEY usue.. Tall 'n' smooth--A-1 wardrobe- industrious - Crystal editor - Chorus-Dance Club--Thespians- "Seventcvnth Summer"-M native?- aclers-K.Z.X.--J.T.S. ALLENE BERGMAN UAHQY., 'Oh those eyes l" 1 Ashville - Artistic capers-Senior and Junior Play - Dance Club - "S" Club - Contralian Staff - Crafts - Chorus '50 - Operetta '50 - Poster Club-Intrnmurals-News- paper. WILLARD BROWN UBHIH Girl Shy -- U29 Model A" - Hid- den dcsires - Pennsylvania man - Deep Music - Mathematical worries - Sports minded - Base- ball - Track - Boys' "S" Club. WILLIAM CHRISTY "Chris" Quiet Type 173 - Skyscraper - Field and Stream - Sister trouble -Unexpected sayimzs-Footbull-- Track - Boys' "S" Club -- Dance Club - Camera Club. , - . -..- - ----Y Y-A- ---, C. LYNN REYNOLDS "Twinkle" Casanova - "Hello Colonel" - excursions into the unknown - sports minded - intramurals - baseball - track -- bowling team - football - Junior Play - Student Council - Journalism Club -- Dance Club --- Centralian Co-editor. MARY JANE BEATY Always heard - chatterbox -- sister troubles --"1kc"- artistic tendencies - Dance Club - Rho Delta Phi - J.T.S. -- housewife, but no children. BETTY BLOOMSTRAND Navy interests - square dancing - pe-DDY - Thespians - Chorus - Masqueraders - Dance Club - Crystal Stal? - "Seventeenth Summer" - K.Z.X. - J.T.S. JOHN CARLSON "Swede" Ladies' man - happy-go-lucky - wise sayimts - all around sport -a smile for everyone-Chorus - "All at Sea" - "The Camp- bells Are Coming" - "Cheaper by the Dozen" - Editor of "Troy Tribune" - Dance Club - intra- murals - track - football - volleyball-lioys' "S" Club. MARIAN DECKER 4lMirnlI "Bob" -- wedding bells - long letters - quiet and demure - secretarial course - nice smile - Dance Club. - www l , N .V WM: R of 2 ALLAN EC KSTROM UECRYU "Put" - Allevhcny jnunis - orig- inal jokes -- "Are yah in shape. kid 'I ?" --- outdoor man -- Class- nighl Com1nittr-o-- huppy-zo-lucky -- footlmll - trurk - Dance Club. DOREEN FLETCHER "Fletch" English interests -- "John" - "Hurry up" - history worries -- Senior l'luy-Dnnvv Club-"l+lnl-P lund" - Senior Prom Commit- tee - intrumurals. ELIZABETH HARRISON "Lizzy" Quiet-aniinhle-math problems- Latin wizard - sly smile - Mm,- queradn-rs-K.Z.X. DOROTHY HULTIN "Dee" "VVh1-ro.-'s Vlarnlwllt-7" - Kennedy -lovely locks - outside interests -frionllly-Crystal Stuff - Danu- Clulv-Rho Delta l'hi-J.T.S. CAROL LANE "Carol" Tall, Lzuod-looking und blond - Ashvillv -- driving hor brotha-r'n cur - quiot 1 good-natured - kc wood Dniwe ln - Danco Club La . . , , -Girls' "S" Club. JOAN LEE EASTON 4-Joann :'Bob"-smooth dresser - "Forget 1tl"- ac-tqess -"Henry J"- hair- cuts--Thespians-Masqueradern- Crystal Staff - Chorus - "Seven, teenth Summer"--"Cheaper by thc- Dozen"-Rho Delta Phi, ISABELLE GREEN ulzzy.. Wedlintl bells - Crundall's Dairy liar - "The Campbells Are Com.. HIE' - Camera Club - .Dance Club - Journalism Club - howl- mg. JEAN ELLA HOTELLING "Jeanie" Lovely to look at -- "Randy" .... mistletoe trouble- Dance Club - Dramatic Club-Crystal Staff-All- State Chorus-Volleyball playday -civil service. CHARLENE JOHNSON Quiet - beautiful red tresses - conscientious - friendly - em- cient - Crystal Statf -- K,Z,X, -J, T. S. DORIS LAWSON -.Don Violent crushes - neat dresser - those big blue eyes - inter. esta in California - Busti - in- tramuruls - Dance Club-.mfulip Time." DONALD E. LEPLEY ul-onu Pennsylvania drawl-"brown eyes" -Glidden gansz-izrcat humorist- artistic talents - lntramurzils -- Coniralian Art lflditor---volleyball -Junior Legion basl-bnl V-Sivgma Gamma Phi-donkey basketball. N EIL MAGNUSON i-Maggie., Nluht watvhmnn - sailing champ - nighthawl: - special int res.s - bowling - tennis - intra- -iii murula - Dance Club - Class ff Reporter - baseball - football -- All-Star Selection. F DEVERE THOMAS McCANN Q 1.-I-om., Lifeguard - physique - Student I Council - football - basketball A 5 - travk - volleyball - Senior 'i Ball chairman - Thespians -- "Chi-nm-r by the Dozen"-Choru.: -Sigma Gamma l'hi-Masquerade ers - Dance Club -Centralian- "l'ooh-bah"-clonkuy basketball. v EDNA NELSON 'Tho Kandy Kill" - always sm'l- im: - Jenkins -Shadyside Gang - artistic ability - howling - Chorus - Operetta, 4 years - Junior Prom Committee - Dance Club - intramurals - Art Editor ol' 'l'1'oy Tribune - Class Night Conimittoe - N. Y. S. S. M. A. DONNA NORTHROP "Maizie" "Bert" - Boots. Saddle and Spurs - art classes - flighty - , Q of lien - winter sports - Sports Manuprcr - "S" Club - intra- murals - Dance Club -- Prom committee. 23 ROB ERT LOOMIS osobn "Mr. Mischief"-definite opinions -licorice stick-Ford .ruck-rooll ing-Hand - Intramurals - l'in1z Pong Champ 'li0--All-'Sts.1.v-Post- uuide, Explorer Post 20-Chi Si!!- ma Chi-donkey basketball. DONALD MARTINDALE 41Ma'.tyv, Class wit - always a b ight rr- mark - happy-go-lucky - built in rhythm - drum solos - never a dull moment - Dance Club - Milvs' store - Senior Play - football - lloys' "S" Club. MARIANNA MOSHER "Mari" Short 'n sweet-"Ray"-one and only - Chorus - "Phyllis" - Dance Club - Crystal Staff - Rho Delta l'hi - J.T.S. KENNETH NELSON uKennyn Navy man - "Pepper" - Wine, women, lsomzfll - wism-cracks - teacher's izrcmlin - Suturdiy nixzhts - Drum Corps - Chorus '48 - Operetta - Dance Club - Centralian St.n,il'. WILLIAM OSMER -iouyn Hidden ambitions - puns - sail- ing - ice sluitinpr - "My ears irivo me away!" - hunting -- Dance Club - intramurala--Senior l'luy Stage Work - Gunn-ra Club. C. RICHARD PATTON ubickf- Humvwurk troubles-"IZurul"-n1l- vivo ln luvelorli-"Dunrlvyc llvuu- rlm-n" - izym tvuvhvr - lmsclmll - vullm-ybull - Lrurl. - intru- muruls - Siiznm Gamma Phi - Dum-0 Club W- Drnmntif- Club - dunks-y IDIIHROLIHIII. JANE LORRAIN E. PRATT "Lorrie" Squurv liIlIIl'ITUZ""S1lIIIIN"-fY'0I!kll'N -- clu-miul ry truublva -- vlmttz-rrilf -Dum-0 Club-soilun mul sumluva. ROBERT SCHNEIDER uBobv. Ceiling: mlustvr-1.lm1, lmir--vm-rxiw till- musician - sricm-v wizard - sem-ter-"Barb"-Nutiunal Hlvnvr Sucivty-liuncl-Chorus - Centru- lian Amlvcrtisim: Mulmn'er-"Mis- fits" Qunrtetlv-Luka-wnml Drum Cm-ps-Cumpnlly "IC" Iinn:l-AIl- Sl ali-. BEVERLY SEE UBBV.. Sports 4-nthusiastfunv man only -funn ' mliu meitiunfm-lmeurful h lp- -. y .y. . nrA-l'l1nriisA- MHSKIllt'FIIli9l'S- K.Z. X.-Dum-u Club. DAVID STARK "Dave" Tull :lurk and Mmm! - ruthvr bnshful - uiwrn fun - smmmllh bluck hnir - ulxtubrn wizural - sports mind:-xl - 1-laws l'l'lHlY'i0l' - Cunwrn Club - lmskutlmzlll --- volls-ybull -- llnye-1' "S" Club. DONALD E. PETERSON H-Pete.. Muscles-"thc farm"-witty com- nu-nts - Thespians - Musquvrml- crs-Dance Club - I!l'T7ll'l'IIIl'IlI24 -- "Sc-vvlxtm-c-nth Sumnwr"-Chi Sig:- mu Chi-clonlwy bimketlmll. ROLAND RAPI' naud.. Alwuyn on the move - squuru llancv.i-- IIot,ruflH -- liusli Drum Corps - Mechanic' M- Girl tru-ulrle -- Prum C0I1Il"l1IIi,1'L1 ---- lmnrv Club W- Svnim' lllny Slum- Cmn- mittee. MARVEL LORRAINE SCOTT '-Marv" Frivndly-talkutivv-questinn box - woman driver - A's galnnv -- Girls' State - IJ. A. R. Awurll -- School repo ter - Chorus - Dra- matic Club - "Cu1'kuu un the Hc-arlh"-olementury teach:-r. DELORES SEE "Dolie" Quiet 1 nice cluthvs - expressive ey4's-dreamy mnu-ils-"Swclnlk"- Tl1cspinns4Masqum-raflnrs-Dunc'v Club- Crystal Stull' - Rhu IJ:-IL! Phi-J.T.S. FLORA STRANIGAN "Fluffy" Full of fun-athletic--ILA. trnublvs -hmuwital work- llunml-"Chc'npcr by thu D0Zl'llHiiIIll'3IYIlII'IlIH1AiI- SLRLO-Rho D.ll.n Phi. LO-LA JANE STROM nl-on Housewife-onu interest--"Dick" --full of advice-cruutive writinbl -dreamy inoods-Chorus-Danru Club-Rho Ih-ltu l'hi. CLARABELLE VANDENBURG Sparkling vyvs - "Hill" '-1lUi0l"- plvnsimr in-rsoxmlity - "When-'s Dorothy ?"-Crystal Stuff - Dnnvv Club-.l.'l'.S. BARBARA WALLACE 'Phe shy type -- ovoryonc-'s f im-nil - Shudysirlv Gum: - hidden il '- sirvs -- ph-usnnt voice - :Dunw- imr Gln:-is - chemistry woes. MARILYN WESCOTT "Mar" "Gene" - lm-niner - small dark and so petiu- - perpetual mot..on - ul'i.istic nhility - stage sovi- ery -- Junior l'lny -- bowling: -- Duncv Club -- Junior Prom Com- lnittoe-Art I'l1lilur for Centmlmn -Journalism Club - intrumurnls. ELAINE WILSON "Willie" Vivacious - nwn a' ilentv - Busti I . "Oh, Mary!"--little ray of sun- shine-Crystal-Dunuu Club-Rho Dm-llu Phi-.l.T.S. RODGER SWANSON --sweden Brains - quiet-good worker - brush cuts-motor bike-Loblaw's -Business Mananzvr - Natiinal Honor Society - Cm-ntralinn Suh- scripliun M:xnai:vr-Chorus-Quan tette-Lakewood Fire Dept. Drum Corps. CHARLES VOGT "Chuck" Our business mnn - ever dl- pendable - football - "Cheaper by the Dozen" - haskethall - "Waltz Dream" - "Tulip Time" - "Chunita" - "All At Sea" - Danye Club - intrumuruls - Business Manam'l', Conlrulian - truck - Explorer Scouts. WILLIAM LEWIS wAssMAN "Bill" WIILVD' hair-phyaaiqnc-"Jom1ie".. serious-minded - Chorus - Pres. Dnncei Club-Dramatic' Club-T'hes- Dlans-football--track- basketball -SU-Ima Gammu l'hi-"Chenpvr by the Dozen"-donkey lmslu.-Iball. MARILYN WIDLUND "Widdy" Seamstress - "Dues your father work ?"-friend of ull-ripzhm-hand hellwl' -- Dramutiv Club - Crysual Stain'-Dance Club, SANDRA WILSON usnndyn Our Rlamour Kirl - Senior Plxy - Senior Prom Committee - cheerleader - Dance Club -- in- tramurals - Chorus - Oper-9113 - Secretary, Freshman Class - Centralian Staff. RICHARD YOUNG "Yukon" Subtle humor-in-it-nce fnnutiv- 1 istim artituds xlrivmlz Forcln u t ' I N ' "' . -mniablv-Wm-utvrn Union. DONNA HERN "Mable" "Jim" - Summit. Theater - PH- jnma parties - "Who cares" 1 "Joyce and l" - Coluras -- bowl- ing - Dance Club - intramufu :4 - Cumvrn Club - Junior Play Committvv. ROBERT MORGAN ..Bob.- Tull and lanky - llusti boy - "':-i make hnsti-" - radio en- thusiust - quiet - readvr of goorlbooks. JAMES SKINNER Skating champ - lute hours - cnrs of any type - vhemist y woes - "MulrKie ond me" - vnsy izoinfz -- intramurals - var- sity "S" Club - football VIRGINIA ANDERSON "Ginnie" "Jerry" - Skutelund - luvcly to look at - Cmlillacs - crafts of all sorts - Drive-In-Theater - Stage Sc:-nvry - Centralian Staff-Junior Prom Committee- urtist de luxe. 5- RICHARD FORRESTER ol-into TZ. lltt 1 ' On the prowl - l'Xt'IISl'R - nent K i n fr dresser Q bookworm - "'l'hu1, f- , L tenor voice" - Choi-ui-1 - N. Y. S. f i 1 1 S. M. A. -- Dance Club - Oper- ,f " i',V ettnx - intramural lun-ilu-tbull uml " " K ' volleyball - Junior Play - Cen- A Q1 tralian Staff. . I . E 'N xx .., In QYX ,-3 K i Q '-ajgv 4 D ,- " ' W i fx ,L N - JAMES MOORE I-Jim., "lk-tty" -Allegheny - Naval Rv- serve - volleyball - Scouts - track - Little Valley - DI1mon's - Dance Club. JOYCE PETERSON "Pete" That smile - "Furl" - Operetta - Dance Club '49 - Centralian Statl' '48 - Rook und Riot Dru- ma,ic Club - Summit Theater - Journalism Club - intrumurals - Junior Play Committuv -- Girls' Sport Manmror. JAMES SCORSE "Dutch" New comer from Cathedral Vrup., Erie, Penna. - first of the four famous J. Scurz-ies - witty - likeable - frivnmlly - Lakvwooul alleys. celoron class will WE the Celoron Senior Class of IQSI, in order that the juniors may benefit by the noble deeds we have to offer, do ordain and establish this, our last will and testament. To Harvey Logan and Kenny Wilson, who always seem to be having trouble getting their homework done on time, Rodger Swanson leaves his ability for doing this difficult task with ease. To Vincent Mallare and Ed Shults, the two easy-going boys of the Junior Class, Robert Loomis bestows his temperamental moods, however, we hope you boys won't put them into practice. Flora Stranigan, a rather excitable senior, leaves her quick temper to quiet Roberta Holcomb. You'd be wise to pass it up, Roberta. Jane Pratt leaves her place on the dance floor in Senior Dance Club to RoseMary Ahl who seems too timid to get out on the floor. To Donna Greenwood, a very co-operative junior girl, Delores See leaves her stubbornness so that Donna will strike a happy medium next year. From one engaged girl to another-Lola Strom leaves her daydream- ing in the classrooms to Jane Ann Patchett, who seems to be doing a fine job all by herself. Don Peterson, the helper of the Senior Class, leaves to Jack Mc- Master his job of cleaning up the gym after the donkey basketball games. Betty Bloomstrand, who has no trouble with the opposite sex, leaves this ability to manage men to Betty Frank. Betty seems to have trouble. Quiet Ann Hallin is willed Marvel's trait of continual gabbing. Elaine Wilson, our happy-go-lucky Senior, wills her ability to be the "toast of the partyu to Ruth Ann Jensen who is well on her way to succeed. Robert Schneider, a tall member of the class, leaves his job of dusting the ceiling to Roy Almgren who is already six feet three inches. To Jack Hunt, Dick Young leaves his hot-rod Ford. jerry Peterson, Celoron's master of ceremonies, leaves his ability to tell jokes to Wally Carlson. Make good use of them, Wally, and keep the class next year smiling. To Frances Freay, Nancy Beary leaves her well-rounded personality. To Nancy Johns, a very busy scurrying little girl, Elizabeth Harri- son leaves her easy going ways. To Dick Allen, the Cassanova of the Junior boys, Don Lepley wills his quiet bashful looks. fCl1l1fiI11lft1 on Page 28j 27 celoron class will cCCNFIffllZl-!'d from Page 275 17. Dorothy Hultin, who finds it hard to get to school every day, leaves her ability to skip school and not get caught to Priscilla Erickson. 18. Dick Patton leaves to Art Desnerck his ability to "go steady" and go to school both at the same time, since, it seems, Art has time only for school. 19. Upon Philip Bloomqufst, a boisterous boy, Charlene Johnson be- stows her quietness. 2o. To Doris Strom, who has trouble sticking to one man, Marianna Mosher and Clarabelle Vandenburg leave their ability to do this. 21. To Carol Patton, an able-bodied cheerleader, Mary Beaty leaves her loudness so that Carol can be heard at the games. 22. A shy member of the Senior Class, Barbara La Quay, bestows upon Joan Paquin her blushes. 2 3. DeVere McCann leaves his ability to get along with girls to Roger Whitford, who seems to be having no trouble of his own. 24. To Rae Williams and Dick Kahle, the two shortest boys amongst the juniors, Keith Mong leaves some of his height. 25. To Dianne Peters, who always seems to be busy, Carol Parker wills her efficiency. 26. Lenny Ericzon, who has beautiful hair with the exception that it is straight, is willed Bill Wassman's curly locks. 27. joan Easton leaves to Shirley Blaney her sophistication and acting ability, which Shirley already seems to have. 28. To Joyce Spence, who is short, Sue Bailey leaves some of her height so one can look up instead of down when he talks to her. 29. Marilyn Widlund, who is always in class on time, wills this ability to Warren Klomp, who is always late. 30. Bernadine Reidell, who seems to have trouble in gym class is willed Beverly See's athletic ability. 31. To Shirlee Beck, who has trouble with her co-ordination, Jean Hotelling leaves her gracefulness. 32. Rollin Sandberg leaves his position as class president to any am- bitious, capable Junior who can handle the task. We also wish to express our appreciation to Mrs. Hatch and all other faculty members who have provided assistance and guidance through our school years. To all Juniors the Seniors leave their places in the school, and our studiousness and cheerful dispositions. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seal this twenty-seventh day of June, one thousand nine hundred and Hftymne' -The Class of '51, 28 lakewood class will WE the Lakewood Senior Class, since we have much to offer to our d l ' un er-c assmen, socmnly ordain and establish this our last will and testament. To Mrs. Burk, we bequeath our sincere appreciation for advising and guiding, to its completion, our 1951 Centralian. To Miss Lopus, our many thanks for so successfully directing our senior play, "Cheaper by the Dozen." We all wish to thank Miss Cook and the entire faculty for helping us over the rough spots and for their kind understanding through our school years. Allene Bergman leaves her many late dates to Mary Jean Penhollow who already has her date book filled. To Denny Travis, who seems to be popular with the teachers, George Braley adds his winning ways. From one Carlson to another-Pat leaves Diane her cheering ability. Keep rooting, Diane! To "not-too-shy" Alvin Bennink is bequeathed some of Bill Brown's shyness. Put it to good use, Alvin. Marian Decker bequeaths her diamond to Jillson Kruger, who has no inclination toward romance. jack Carlson wills his easy going disposition and slow temper to Bill Moran who already possesses said traits To janet Burk, who cannot concentrate on any one man too long, Emily Gilson leaves her wavering affections with the men. Alan Eckstrom leaves his ability to tease the girls to Gumpy Truver, who wasn't voted the "Biggest Tease" for nothing. Carol Lane, the "giant" of the Senior Class, bestows some of her height upon diminutive Tony Barone, who really needs it. To Ronnie Merwin, who is very talented in music, Don Martin- dale leaves his musical ability. Let's keep up the rhythm as Don has, Ronnie. To anyone who feels he can do the same and get away with it, Doris Lawson and Sandy Wilson leave their ability to get into troubleg however. we hope no one takes it. Tom Naughton leaves his high honors in the sports world to up and coming jack Wigley. Put them to good use, jack. Kenny Nelson leaves his ability to blush to Jim Nelson, whose face flushes at the least provocation. Nancy Naylor leaves her willingness to be kissed in all the junior and Senior plays to Mary Lou Moore. CConiinucd on Page 30j 29 lakewood class will KCI:-11fir111erl from Page 29j To Mary Ann Hendler, Edna Nelson wills her cheerful disposition and flirtatious waysg however, from all appearances Mary Ann has enough of her own. William Osmer, who is of very small stature, leaves some of his shortness to Ruth McGrath. From one horse lover to another-Donna Northrop leaves her way with horses to Janice Stafford. To anyone who thinks he can fill it, Roland "Raphael" Rapp leaves his place in the art room. Marilyn Wescott leaves her automobile mishaps to Ralph Botka, who seems to be having numerous close calls. Take it easy, Ralph! To Gerald Clark, who apparently enjoys himself, Lynn Reynolds leaves his good times in high school. To Barbara Hern, whose "blond locks" are of the peroxide variety, is willed Barbara Wallace's natural blond hair. To Diane Christy, Doreen Fletcher leaves her good times in school fand outsideb. Need we say more? Dave Stark bestows upon Bill Clawson his good looks, although Bill is getting along exceedingly well with his own. To Grant Denn, who seems to be doing quite well for himself, Charles Vogt leaves his place in the chorus. Use this wisely, Grant. Joyce Peterson bequeaths her job at the Summit Theater to jerry Scorse, who never has much work to do. To all the Junior girls, Jim Scorse leaves his ability to get around Mr. Windoft. They seem to go for him in a big way. Donna Hern leaves her nearness to the "hangout" to John Levin, who has quite a way to come. To Dick Wigley, Dick Forrester leaves his ability to sing and also his seat in the tenor section. Use this gift wisely, Dick, and keep the chorus singing. Isabelle Green leaves her seat on the Celoron school bus to Eileen O'Brien. To Larry Sales, who seems to like all the members of the "opposite sex," Bill Christy leaves his dislike for girls. You'd be wise not to take this, Larry, as you're quite the "Ladies' man." From one set of twins to another - Neil and John Magnuson leave their many arguments to Jim and John Olson, who have had ample experience in same. To anyone who wishes to claim them, Robert Morgan leaves his ability for making quips and wise remarks in history class. To the Junior Class we relinquish the Senior homeroom. We affix our seal this twenty-seventh day of June, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one -- Class of '51. S. E. W., D' E. L. 30 First row-S. liurgio, I.. Allrn. S. VVilsnn, N. lh-uly. Sn-eoml row--J, Hnsloli, D. FlUlK'l1l'l', J. Carlson, C. Vogt. T. Mc'i'zmn, G. lll':xl:'y, N. Naylor, IJ, Mnrlin- nlnlv, T. Nauirhton. A. lirrenmn, W. Wassman. F, Straniiran. senior play "Cl-IEAPER BY THE DOZEN,', a story beloved by the American public, was presented as the first combined Senior play at Southwestern. Lakewood and Celoron students worked together under the direction of Miss Pauline Lopus to present this at Lakewood, November 30 and December 1. The story comprised the trials and tribulations of twelve children, growing up under a stern but loving father who restrained them in their desires for fancy clothes and their love affairs. It was a gay comedy with a thread of life worked in for good measure. The cast was as follows: Mr. Gilbreith George Braley lfred .lack Carlson Mrs. Gilbreath Nancy Naylor jackie Sam Burgio Anne -Ioan Easton Dan l.arry Allen lirnestine Doreen Fletcher Mrs. Fitzgerald lflora Stranigan Martha Nancy Beary Dr. Burton Bill Wfassman liranlt Charles Vogt Joe Scales Don Martindale Bill Tom McCann Miss Brill Allene Bergman lillian Sandra W'ilson Larry Tom Naughton The cast and those who worked with them are all pleased with the hne spirit the two branches showed in collaborating to present the senior play of 'gi ISI classes 'J L, , 5 i Seated: F. Freay QC. Treasurerj, C. Patton KC. Vice-Presidentl. J. Nelson KL. Vice-Presb iii-ntl, M. A. Hendler ll.. Seeretaryi, J. Paquin IC. Secretaryl. - Standing: J. Olsen ll.. Treasurerb, A. Barone, KL. Prfsidentl. D. Peters KC. Presldentl junior class THE junior Class calendar was full most of the time this past year as numerous activities were carried on and preparations for their Senior year were being made. The faithful supervision of Mrs. Watsoim and Mr. Miller at Celoron and Mr. Windoft at Lakewood helped to make the following projects possible. A delicious chicken dinner was on the menu at Celoron's Penny Supper which added a considerable sum to their treasury. The movie, " Elephant Boy," and a bake sale further swelled the Juniors' coffers. We were proud that several members of our class earned enough points to be entered into the Thespians. Lakewood Juniors' finance raising project was the play, "Brother Goose," capably directed by Miss Hall. Our new school policy is to use class talent for assembly programs. The Juniors met the situation with proficiency and staged a hilarious program, " The Vanities of '52," a vaudeville type of show. In March the Juniors were entertained by the Seniors at a St. Pat- rick's ball held in the Celoi-on gymnasium. The gym was colorfully decorated with shamrocks and streamers. From February to June, Juniors from both branches concentrated their efforts on preparing for the junior Prom. This event was given in honor of the Seniors. The theme was the "Mardi Gras"g colorful decorations and delightful music made the event memorable. -A. G. B. 34: -9 A v-ri. First row-D. Swonrinyrvn. i'. 'l'hnn1pson, M. A. H1'lllill'l'. l'. 015011. U. Carlson, .l. Anderson. Sovumi row-A. iilll'?4il'U'lTl, IC. O'lh'ien, D. Chrisiy, N. Guntnn, I-I. liuslnfsun. First. row'-R. Ahl, A. Hnllin, D. Slrnrn, N. Johns, U. l'nHulx, J. Spvwwv, B. Rvidvll. . Sm-mul rmvfli. .lvns0n. ID. im-14'i'H, I". I"i'0ny, R. Huh-muh, U. Frank, S. Iilzxnvy. Third row-l'. Iirivksuli, D. Gl'm'v!nx'nu1l, J. l':ltrlwit. First row--W. Carlson, P, iiiUUllHliIiS1f, C. l'011-rexuli R. Alniizrun, V. Mzxllnrv. A. IM-sm-rck, R. Kzllilv. Sn-vulinl rnw-H. Imxrun. L. Pirikzuln, J. Html, R. VVhiH'm'ai. J. Mm'Mush'r, K. YVilson, R. Williams R. Allvn. Firsi row--A. IH-unink, J. Wil-th-y, J. Olsvn, J L1-vim-, l'. Truvvr, .l. Monro. A. Iiarunv. Sm-mil row-J. Mxwk, L. Sala-s. R. Lani., R. Lune R. Curtis, G. Hmvvll. Thiral row-J. Nm-lsuu. VV. Moran. D. 'l'r:ux'vrs. Mr Wimluft. Seated: P. Fagan lL. Secretaryb, J. Stafford KL. Vice Presidentl, R. Gustafson KC. Treasurerl, T. Eklund QC. Sc-ervtaryl, M. Faulkner QC. Vice Presidentl. Smnilinir: l'. Evinr-zik QL. 'l'l'0H.HllI'l'l'l, R. Wiulcy lL. Presidentj. Not shown: A. Parker CC- 1'l'0Hifl0HU, sophomore class THE STUDENTS in the tenth grade are Ending that their sophomore year promises to influence greatly their future lives and occupations by choosing the proper subjects, belonging to clubs, and forming friendships. The Celoron branch sophomores are particularly proud of their par- ticipation in extracurricular activitiess The membership of band and chorus is thirty-three per cent sophomores, the Camera Club, seventy- five per cent. Sports and dramatics are both supported by a great num- ber of the class of I953. Lakewood has had several class activities including a sophomore talent show presented at an assembly. The girls' intramural team was champion of soccer, basketball, and volley ball. In the combined sophomore classes there were sixteen pupils on the honor roll and twenty-Hve on the merit roll the third period. Clarence Olson and Richard Wigley were tapped for the National Honor Society at Lakewood, Dennis Anderson and Alfred Parker were tapped at Celoron. Many sophomores are taking college entrance courses. A majority of the class attended the Occupational Guidance Clinic at Fal- coner, and an unusually large number have chosen their life occupations. In addition to the gratifying participation in our school activities, the sophomores are attaining the ability to study, to think, and to reason that marks an increasing maturity in students. 36 !"ix'f.1 rmx-gil. .Iuhnsnn, N. Adams, J. Mm-lnlyrv, A. l.nlnln-rsnu, H. Siggius, I.. Hull, A. Liljn. Snrmul rmvfli. Slurlux'.uthf.-r, li. ML-L'nnn, J. Law- son, .l. Amin-rsnn, K. lddgzrf-11, li. Hvrnhnrrl. I'. Iluhyuk. 'l'l1ir-11 row-.I. 'l'hnnms, .l. L:1Qu:1y, G. l'm-IL-rsun, J. .'nllllH0ll. Vim! row-A. Sranlisv, R, Plank, A. P010 non, R. l.c-plvy, li.l'rmkv1', li. Hurrisnn, 'l'. lflklund, J. Svurry. Svvmul ruvv'-I". Kivl'vl', D. AYlll1'l'SKlIl, H. lgIlll0l', J. H1I1llll, M. l"uulknm'x', li. lVlu.c"I'a1vish, li. GllS11IlfSl7Il. 'Vhirxl row--ll. Ami:-rsml, A. Pnwvll, ID. Parker, A. l':u'I1-r, G. Szllllsuivc-l', li. Gnkvy, D. Ummey, G, Yum 15, .l. linilm-y. l-'irsl ruwfii, Uwuu, l', Ulsnn, J. Svllrsv. R. VH!! Hx 1-ry. G, Rout, V. Hviuvzik, S. XVoislurml. F1-vnlul ruwf'I'. Sw- nrimrvn. J. NVvlwlmfs-:', J. Pun- hullnw, IV. l':1nglmrn, R. VViKI'5'4 'l'hircI ruw--l'. Rnshwurth, R. VVzlrncx'. KI. Moran. VV. l'l:ms1m. R. l.ilnIqui:!, ll. Flzlxiun, Mr. lluhivh. Ifirgq 1-qm'fN. :Xmlvrsol1. I.. l'urlsun, l'. Plvinczlk, M. Maxruvl, J. S10X't'llS, C. Swsmsun, K. Whitfurrl Ii, liritiiu, l'. Ramp. S..w.'4,mi 1-my-iN, .luhnr-nm, J.'r, J. 0iThaus, J- Nivlu-r::m1, N, liuslufsun. M. L. Mmnw, J. Sla1Tm'd, S. lhmmwr N. Nvlrum. 'I'llird row-K. lin-ylmlnls, J. Burk, li. Puls, J. Gan'- rieun. M. Nmlrvlu-ru, V. Johnson, V. Svhuylvr, 1' l":lx:':ln, E. l'a-lm-:mln I Sfatvd: S. Anderson QC. Presidentl, A. Lawson CL. Vice Presidentl, M. Stranigan IC. Treasurer-J. Stamiimzz S. G1-ruci-1 ll., Secrvtaryl, J. Boardman lL. Presidentl, D. Larson KL, 'I'rem-iurerl, J. Parker KC. Presidcntl, C. 1'0t.e1'i-ion CC. Secretaryj, freshman class THE school year IQSO-IQSI has been above average for our vivacious, healthy freshmen. Our enthusiasm was reflected in our scholastic record, as an unusually large percentage of the class had the distinction of being on the honor and merit rolls. We were proud, of course, but we give much credit to our patient teachers. Mr. McKay was very helpful in advising us about our future courses. However, we did not neglect the social and economic phases of school life. During the year both freshman classes were busy with social affairs and money-making projects, sometimes combining the two. The Lake- wood freshmen along with the rest of the junior high held three parties in the gym during the winter. Round and square dancing was enjoyed. The last party was held March 1 1 in the gym for the purpose of swelling the treasury. The party was successful we are happy to state. The Celoron gym in March was the scene of a variety' show in which students from both branches participated. The performance was a decided success. Both groups entertained the school in assembly. On the gridiron the freshman football squad fared well with a third placement while our cagers stopped at fourth place. At this time the baseball squad has not taken the field, but we all hope for a good season. We have enjoyed a very successful year. , 38 First. row-C. Jockson. M. Strzmilrnn, C. Cloclmlinfr, E. Anzlvrson, G. Mrlnlyre, S. l'l1lg'r1-n, E, lfuscus I.. 'l'4xry. Su-onal ron-+J. flllvll, M. Sturkwvuther, D. l-Illis, ll. l'nll', l'. Hynlv, Ii. B4-rnharml. C. Hoover. M. Hush, Thirsl row'--G, Curly. li. Pratt, A. lflooll, S. Anllur- son. .l. lnrkvr. C. l'0h-rson. l"oul"h :uw-.l. Alnlxfrvn, G. Vnnhum, A. Johnson, C. llinnlorvr, D. lflslwurnls. M. Hurrison. lfirsl. row -f-- lll. lfloinlzmun, l'. Lo1'1,m-1, L. Moore, l. Unrll. J. Wnrlow, l.. M. Amivrrum, M. Petvrr-mn, M. I.. llnzzarml. l'. Sllvnrnmn. Scvonql row-B. Sampson. L. Spnrliniz, C. Carlson. li. H4-rn, S. Powers, ll. Jeffery, H. Tzxlwr, Mrs. Rom-knmn. 'l'l1ir4l rowiS. Rupp. li. Swan. S. Russ, G. Grillln. C. Millm-l', M. lin-ruslrom, D. Larson, J. Crandall. lfonrth row-M. Anmlvrson, A. Lawson, E. 'l'uylor, l'. llniloy. ll. Thompson, li. Carlson, P. Hobart, D. Spnrlinpr. First, row+S. Gorxwu. J. Larson. S. lgll!'Sl,l'0l1l. J. Svorso, D, 'l'ruux. J. llmxrdnfmn. Svc-onl row--G. llloml, G. W1--lls, N. Lv.-Roy, ll, Wnlu-rs, .l. Dm-vkvr, C. Dexter, J. Romer, G. 'l'ellin1.:- hnisvn, Mr. NVQ-iss Third row-l". Hn-allnnll. A. Nicholson. C. She-flivlml. R. Spurling. R. Shivklvr, R. Allison, J. Amlvrson. D. llnnson. l"onrlh row-R, Gollnick, l". Olson, S. Mnloy, li. Turnvr, li. Frvclrivkson, L. Thorp, Q. Lane, ll. l'nl4-relon. Fifth row--l'. Jones. D. Anderson, l". Fnllclinv, ll. lmvinv. li. Rnch. ll. lVlm':1n. G. l'ilu-, V. l,0l,0l'S0ll, W. Tihlxils. First row'-K. SlYl'll'll'il'1. li. Plank. ll. Proctor, l". 1 Works-ns. l". Mullurv. U. I.nMurn'n. K. l'nrkn-rl J. 1 Johnson. S1-vond row-A. Agm-xv, L. lirinklvy. R. Ronaldo, J. Mxzul. li. Mulge, J. Anderson. C. Single. Third row-D. l'urlson, G. Hukvr, A. Nonlmnvr, S. Vinrvnl, D, Monn, K. Soo, V. Mosslnng. Seated: D. Rood lL. Treasurerl. L. Seager KC. Treasurerl, S. Buizbee fC. Vice Presidentl, J. Ford KC. I're-sidentb. W. Carlson IL Presidentl. Stunrliniz: L. Sperry QL. Vice Preaidentj, J. Kane QC, Secretaryl, M. Milton KL. Svcretnryl, D. Newark J. Miller KC. Prev-iitlentj. Nut yrreiscntz M. Paquin IC. Vice President, R. Harvey KC, 'Troasurt-rl, T. Gurlxrnn IC. Se1'r4-tnryb. eighth grade THE eighth grade at both branches have had a very busy and interesting year. We feel much older now, with only four more years of high school ahead of us. At the Celoron branch, it was decided that meetings should be held every other Tuesday. Yearly dues were paid and various kinds of enter- tainment were held after the business of each meeting. The programs usually proved to be very humorous and we enjoyed them. At Lakewood business was also pressing. A marionette show, "Dick lWhittington," was sponsored by our group. This proved to be a financial success, as well as good entertainment. A candy sale was held which helped to increase the treasury, some of the money being used to pay our share of the Centralian and the assembly expenses. Christmas time proved to be a source of joy for the group at Celoron. A Christmas party was held at which presents were exchanged. We found that giving causes much more pleasure than receiving. In keeping with this thought, we made up a sunshine basket for Ann Parker, one of our flock who had been ill for some time. -use-i A series of junior high parties were held throughout the year at Lakewood. These parties featured dancing, food, and fun for all. The eighth grade was well represented at each get-together and usually proved to be the life of the party. X 40 IJ, Annlvremn. l', Gusl:nl'snn, M. liimln. ku-:mul run' --l'. l.lnmlqui.a1, A. lln- rivk, ll. Johns 'irsl rmv--FU. Ns-lawn. J. Nc-lson. A. lloyd. l' 1 Aptlmm-pu, ll. llilclu-us-k, IJ. Van lflvvry, M. Clrvvy. l 1 l un. I. N1-xvlun, R. li. l'1torsm1. H. l':n'4I, G. Rlvynolnls. ll, R1-ml, M. llarlun, Mrs. liurli. l'l1iul ram-f-S. Huw!-Il, M. Miltun. l'. 'l'lxomns, D. lNlyl'v1::uxl'nl, S. l'arsnns. ll. Af-quistu, C, Rnvll, M. llnlwlxiu-lxxull, l'. lillisnn. l'll's1. row' ll. l'0lm'rmrn, ll. llvnnink. ll. Sh4'ul'mnn ll, Slvvvxls. V. Vnn Guilmlvr, A. l"l'1'1l01'iL'lis0n, .li '-.m'l1m11'l-S, li. .lnl1n:aun, ll. lirolurvr. 'xc-cmnl rnn'f.l. l"url1swm'll1, L. Spvrry. l'. l'01vx'r4nn M. l'nIl':u'n, .l. Crum-l. l', Jnllnsun, li. li0l'gsi1'uxn, A Sln-llivlrl, Mr. VV:xslll1llrn. l'hirml rmx'fJ. Ma-Kimllx, R. llurln-y, lfl. F11-I luml, .l liislxlm-lx. A. lVl1llvrn:ln M. Malllirunn. W. llurlrmw l., 'll-nu-l. First rnwf.l. liunv, l,. Svnyrnw. S. lluxrlwv, A, Rubin nu. H. Oslrmn, N. Olson, A. llnys, M. Johns: l'. Suuivr. S. Wuvnm-r. ill Yuwnul row-1'. Mvliny. U. Carlson. ll. Hullor, lVI Wifloprrn-n. W. Yuunu, ll. Simzins, S. Gnrclinvr, J llis-rs, N. Murrivl.. Vluirnl row -V. liulviann, N. Gillhs, M. l'uquin, D l"llHF"ll- lf R1'5'IWl'lr. M. Mzxrlinann, l'. l'r:nll. l'l l.:lmIwr'snn. li. lizluvr. First rnwf- J. l"ol'xl, .l. I':nt1i, S. Millvr, D. Mlulyzv R. 134-vm-rlaullx. J. Juvksnn. IJ. Nt'lV1ll'li, li. R01-v4-s. Sm-mul row--G. Rululxins, 'l'. Cm-hrfm. W. Almuron xlul K ll. 'll1l'I'j', ll. Gzlrllm-r VY. Coulu- 'l'. l'zx"". l"u:ly, .l. ll:1l'lm-llc. ntu 5 l'l1ir4l row ll. Munsun, ll. Olsnzx, l-'. Czxrpc- llunt, ll. .lnlmsnn. .l. llulu-rx lwlurtll ruwfll. l':1rlu-r. R. Gibbs. l'. Cnunvy, Qvllm-illwr. l.. l'n-rpm-l', ll. l'l:u'vn'y. ll. Pvlvrs. R Seah-il: VV. J. llmhzvs fl.. Presidrntl. J. O'llara IC. TB Presidentl, J. Peters KC. TB Vice PY'9Slllt'lllI. Standing: N. Davis QI.. Treasurerl, G. Mivsh lL. Secretaryl. J. Bailey QC. TA Presidentl. S. Gross KC. TA Presiclentl, I.. liuring, W. llupzaril lC. TB Treasurerl. Not present: L. Allen 1C. TA Secretaryl, VV. Hutfllimz lC. TA 'l'iw-aisurerl. W. Anderson lC. Tl! Secretaryl, R. Sturzenbeeker lL. Vice Presimlentl, I.. Allen IC. Sl-on-tairy T Aj. seventh grade ALTHOUGH they were lost at first in the swarm of high school students, the seventh graders soon organized their schedules and class activities. The seventh grade homeroom clubs at Celoron met every other week. The social whirl began with a Halloween program featuring a play by 7A. Mrs. Deuink's room were guests. 7B had a Thanksgiving play. At Christmas time each room entertained with an elaborate Christmas party, featuring enough goodies to satisfy not only every sweet tooth in seventh grade but those of a number of guests as well. Two dazzling little trees held gifts galore. Valentine,s Day also rated parties held during club meetings with more refreshments and huge boxes of sentiment. Lakewood's school program included junior high parties. These were worked out on a theme and provided recreation not only to students of the seventh grade but to older classmates. To raise finances pencils were sold and a square dance was sponsored. Two new pupils, Marian Brink and Betty Peereboome, joined the class. The seventh graders feel that their experiences as members of junior high school have been very valuable. They have had to make dennite adjustments in changing to departmental instruction and are aware that they have to shoulder more responsibilities as they progress from year to year. 4.2 First. row-S. Mnnhari, L. Larson. I., Nuwurk, D. Yqnin-r, M. Svnlisv. S, llnlings, K. Bird. Wm-mul rowflk Siynmur, J. Su-ar, S. Gross, J. Klnmp, F. Hulwr. l'hirxl row-P. Hnrvvy. M. Coopur. M. Mvseivngclu 9. Sm-4-kings, J. Polliuk, U. Berg, W. Williams. First ruwgw. Hou-llim,:', V. Strum, S. iilll'lZi0, A. ldlxnvvr, D. Hniprhl. M. Carlsmm, 1'. Yntcs, M. Spvncv, I. Pmnvroy. Sm-mul row-D. Grunvr, U. Gardner, R. Jnhnson, J. U'lIura1, R. IHIHHUII, W. Amivrson, R. Vnnhnm, 'l'. Palmgrvn, G. Curly. Third raw-J. Rveri. W. I!-nzard, C. I-Istis, D. Grnner Il. Swanson, I.. Ihrriluz, I.. Allun. VV. Swanson. Fourth row-J. Schutt. E. Hays. D. Warren. J. IH-ti-rs. C. Frank .l. lluih-y I". Samihvrgr, R. Over- lwrsz. K. SL-hm-ider. Vin-sl row-A. Amlvrsun, F. Nelson, M. PI. Warner N. Davis. Janice lilnonl, Janet Blood, U. livndler R. VVurden, E. W'0lls. G. iiosku. Sn-vnlul row-Ii. 'I'h1n'. J. Kishluvk, J. Hutton, li llarton, P. Barton, J. Ifdoruhuk, P. Lune. M. Fagan, Mrs. Ulmer. 'l'hirui row-G. Mivhuvl, C. Rout, J. Sinlford, I .luhnson, W. J. Hmhrus, l'. Morley, C. Johnson. First row-l'. Vincvni. T. Kidd, W. Jones. D. Hitch- cuvli, J. Davis. D. Simmons. H. Horn, T. Flynn G. Van Every. Sc-ruin! row-I-I. Ponhollnw, C. Simpson, M. Ulnuson M. Jnhnson, C. Ellis, J. Kennvlly. R. Nvlsnn. VV Vrull, A. Jackson, Mr. Harp. 'l'hirnl rowfli. Simpson, N. Dunn, I.. Comix-rquist R, Schi1vg1lonhvi'p:1-r, J. Morrison, D. Hurlbnrt, B Iirnlvy, G. Marsh. lfuurih ww-D. Evinm-mik, J. B1-uwn, I.. Ilvnloy, W Klnwnn. N. Carlson, A. N4-lson, V. l'u1.n-l'r-mn, D Hn-nit, R. Sturm-nlu-rkor. activities 3 I natwl-Nlrs. Hutch, Mrs. Proctor, P. Thompson. M. Weseott, C. Parker, l.. Reynolds, Mrs. Ilurk, C. 'ugh R. Schnviilrw, P. Illimniqnist. Standing:-IT. Sfium, Pram-es Fr:-ny, J. Parker, D. Evinezik. J. Offhzins. M. Fagan. li. Hitchi-nt-k, K, Nelson, J. Li-vin-', 14. Gilson, D. 1'01.i-rsini, H. Melia-inn, J. Larson, R. Vanlflvvry, S. Gross, M. Pllllllill, li. Sizirkwfnthc-i', IJ. l'cLm'i'N, J. Pziqiiiii, R. Swanson, M. L. lalzizzzird, J. Miller, centralian DETERMINED to produce Southwestern's best yearbook, but some- what dubious as to the exact nature of the job, the Centralian staff began work early in the year. Under the needed guidance of Mrs. Burk and Mrs. Hatch, the task became clearer and harder. Pictures to take, writeups to be composed, ads and subscriptions to be collected-all were jobs to be done. However, they were completed and the 1951 Centralian went to press, leaving a weary, but wiser staff. Co-Editors , Lynn Reynolds, Carol Parker Business Managers , Charles Vogt, Rodger Swanson Art Marilyn XVescott, Don Lepley,Virginia Anderson Photography . . Tom McCann, Emily Gilson Subscriptions .. .. .. . .,.. Kenneth Nelson Advertising . , ,,,,..,. Robert Schneider Typists ,, Carol Patton, joan Paquin, Dianne Peters Class Representatives Patricia Thompson, John Levine, Doris Strom, Frances Freay, Janice Offhaus, Roger Van Every, Betty Starkweather, Bonnie McCann, Mary Lou Hazzard, Jack Larson, Kay Parker, Joann Parker, Barbara Hitchcock, Duane Peterson, Marlene Paquin, James Miller, Marilyn Ifagan, Daniel livanczik, Sally Gross, Way'ne Anderson 418 Seated-l'. Loftus, K. Dnnielson, J. Bailey, A. Burstrom, C. Hinderer, Miss Jones. Mr. Haliich, D. Anderson, N. Olson, J. Johnson. Slfnnilimx-ll. Lane, D. Simmons, 1'. Peterson, R. Williams, li. Moniz, H. Warner, R.. Whitforil, G. Clark, L. Reynolds, B. LalQnuy, E. Gilson, J. Seorse, L. Allen. student council THE purpose of the Student Council is to promote co-operation within the school. During a school year there are problems continually arising that concern both pupils and teachers. We students, having the privilege of operating a Student Council, may bargain collectively and measure these problems with our teachers and advisors. By using this method of planning we have arrived at many favorable agreements. This plan also promotes better student and teacher relations. ln organizing the Student Council of Southwestern Central we have decided that there must be two organized councils, one at each branch. We agreed upon this procedure, realizing that there are different prob- lems which will arise in each school. The Celoron Branch organized rather late the first semester. The council went right to work on promoting co-operation and maintaining order within the school. A responsibility delegated to the council by Mr. McKay was the supervision of extra-curricular activities. All requests pertaining to the use of school property are carefully weighed and meas-- ured by the council. If it is believed that an activity is an advantage to the school, permission is granted by the council. As before, the members were chosen by each class of the junior and senior high school. The Lakewood Branch also started late but got right to work on important activities. It was decided to use the monitor system to re- lieve congestion in the corridors. The Student Council also helped in setting up in working order the school newspaper. -K. M., L. R. 49 Srzxtwl-C. Vattvn, l'. Eri4'k'on, R. Jensen. F. Vandenburu, D. Hultin, Mrs. Chase, S, Bailey, D. Peters. Standini:-I". I-'rt-ziy, N. Adams. J. Mrlntyre. M. VVidlunil, J. Paquin. N. Healy. E. VVilson, J. Johnson, Pi Huhyuk. .l. Anderson, li. ldrlxrren, ll. S1.urkwcuthi-r, G. Johnson, .l. Hott-lliniz, li. llliminstrunrl, S. li :ini y, crystal staff IN SEPTEMBER, the Crystal staff resumed operations with only four members from the original staff. This has meant hard work in training the new members. Editor . Sue Bailey Assistant Editor Dianne Peters Business Manager , Charlene Johnson Assistant Business Manager , Betty Bloomstrand News Editors , M'rianna Mosher, Shirley Blaney Assistant News Editor , ,, Frances Freay Feature Editor . .Ioan Easton Assistant Feature Editor . Nancy Beaty Art Editors Janice Melntyre, Norma Adams Assistant Art Editor W . jean Hotelling Grade News Priscilla Erickson, Marilyn Widltiiid, Ruth Ann Jensen Circulation Managers Clarabelle Vandenburg, Dorothy Hultin Girls' Sports , , Carol Patton Boys' Sports , , , Carol Patton Typists-.Ioyee Anderson, Patty Babyak, Karin Ed- gren, ,Ioan johnson, joan Paquin, Betty Stark- weather, Elaine W'ilson Mimeograph-Sue Bailey, Elaine Wilsoii, Dianne Peters 50 the national honor society ICLIGIBILITY to the National Honor Society is based on four requisites: Q12 Character, which includes high standards of honesty and reliability, Q25 Scholarship, which consists of being an honor or merit student, QQ Leadership, which comprises constructive work in class, holding offices of responsibility and having good influence on others and C45 Service, which includes courtesy, performance of duties and service to others above self-interest. The membership of the Lakewood Alpha Chapter was augmented by inducting Hve students. The new membership consists of Lynn Reynolds, George Braley, and Dave Stark from the Senor Classg Richard Wfigley and Clarence Olson from the Sophomore group. The Alpha Chi Omega Chapter of Celoron was expanded by tapping live new members. They are Barbara LaQuay, Carol Parker, and Robert Schneider, Seniors, and Dennis Anderson and Alfred Parker, Sophomores. No honor conferred by this school excels that of membership in the National Honor Society, as it represents the four dimensions of life, the fundamental objectives for which high schools are instituted: Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service. Front. row-J. Pnquin, N. Naylor, C. Parker, F. Freuy, R. Snndbm-nz, D. Pr-ters, C. Oli-sun, A. Barone J. Wigley, R. Wigley, D. Andvri-inn. Second row-R. Schneider, R. Swanson, A. Pai-kvr, G. liraloy, L. Reynolds, T. Nuuizhton, D. Stark 51 I-'ii-si row- M. .I. I'n-nliolluw, I'. Olson. Ii. Ahl, Il. T:il1t'r.'A.,l:l. NI. A. Hvnfller. A. Iiurstroni, I Xl ii NI I WI lm I Iiuilex .K-so , . . .. i oo". ', i'v'.'. Si-von-I row I,. S mrllng, .I, Imwsoli, .I. VV:irlow. Il. M. Alinliwson, II, Slroni, li. SI:1i'Inv4:1l1n", . Sv 1 1 I M 411 l', I-Irii-Itsoii, Ii. I"i:ink. Ii. lint uziy. I 'l'llir4I row- -IIA l'i'i::ix, S. Ilnrsirom. ll. Sliivkliir, -I. Ilomvr, I". Kiifi-r, Il. I4'rvil1-rivltson, l'. Si-lin -'i 4-'. , , .- - - . V' . s All i loop-th ron .I. fiirlsun. Il. Allen, Ii. porresti-', Ii. Iiinililul-l, lt. Wlxflvy. It. .XIinxfi'vii, ,l, All-Must 1 chorus ONIC school organization which has taken on advanced tasks and pro- dued much more specialized programs under the centralivation system is the chorus. Concentrating on the development of quality and vocal blending, the combined chorus has carried out many new projects. The greatest of these was the operetta, "All at Sea." Competition at Fredonia demanded much praetice as did the con- certs, one in November, another at Christmas, and one in the spring. Iwo outstanding arrangements performed successfully by the group were Ifred Xllfaringls "Song of Christmasl' and the "Battle Hymn of the liepublicf' The "Song ofChristm:1s" is the complete Christmas story told in music, using several soloists and a narrator. This was presented several times. The "Battle Hymn of the Republic" utilized a small, picked band which added greatly to the full choruses. 52 , . . , . . , . . l'll's1 row-ll, ihristy, l. l':u::u1, J, liurls. lf. lzxrkvr, N. Nelson, li, lim'1'nh:iril. lx. Imulelson, A. lizrm- lierson, ll. Swealrlmzrn, li, Johnson, J, Vnquin. Sn-4-om! row V. 5L'llllXii'I', J. l.uQu:iy, S. Hanley. C. llimlerer, N, lhaly, U, l'ul'lson,'S. lilanvy, li. llloom s1l':inil, ll, Sen-. l'liir1l rmvfl'. Rushworlli, 'If Mefzlyin. li. VVhiIfoy'1l. R. Swanson, I., Hiii-man, NV. VK':is:4n1:ln. Fourth row--A. l'nrker, J. Mark, R. Spnrling, D. Nia-Lerson. li. Mei-win, C. Vogt, A, Powell. S. Wi-islproil. An invitation by Fredonia State Teachers, College to see the oper- etta, "The Chocolate Soldier," was accepted and the program enjoyed thoroughly. Each vocalist became the proud possessor of a beautiful robe, which arrived in time for the Fredonia competition. This enabled Lakewood and Celoron to be gowned alike in blue and white. The group functioned under the following ofhcersz President Carol Parker, Ann Burstrom Vice President . Nancy Beaty Secretary -loan Paquin, Mary Ann Hendler I.il51'lll'l.ll1S'-Al1l1C Lamberson, Diane Carlson, Carol I-Iinderer, Jack Carlson Pianists Gladys johnson. Ann Burstrom Robe Clustodians- julie Lawson, Betty Starlaweather, Diane Christy 53 Firsi row: M. Kofoil, .l. Siixtrins, H. Pauls. C. Carl:-itronn. R. Pit-rev, A. Mitcll. l'l. Mviiill. Buck row: M. IG. Warner, l'. Handler, l'. Louzm, A. Johnson, Mr. Turner. orchestra A NIQXV venture in Southwestern Central is the formation of an orches- tra. Interested students of the Hfth and sixth grades have secured violins and entered the realm of string music. Others are attempting to conquer the violin's big brothers, the viola and cello. Once a week the violin pupils trek over to the music room for their lesson with Arthur Briggs, string instructor for the school. In addition to these special sessions the entire orchestra has rehearsed with Mr. Turner once a week at each branch. Here they have been endeavoring to learn basic fingering, scales, and technique. There are two classes at each school plus a cello group which Mr. Turner has been teaching. From the beginning progress has been rapid and the newly formed orchestra was able to present two numbers at the january senior band concert. These were: Little March eee, . Loc'k.lanrf French Folk Song cT1'zzzfifi0m1l The strings will next year combine with the junior band in grade two music if a regular rehearsal time can be found in the overcrowded schedule of the music department. The talent already shown promises the development of an excellent group in coming years. 54- First. row-H. rP2llH'l'. J. Lawson, IJ. Swearingen, J. Paquin, N. Nelson, Sci-onil row--S. Weishrod, J. Romer. A. Powell, J. Carlson, W. Wztssmiili, D. 'l'i'unx, R. Schneider, S. liuistiom, R. Merwin, R. Sparling, ID. Nickerson, J. Mt-Master, R, Swanson, W. Carlson, R. Frederielzson. Third row-R. W'hi!foril. P. Flrirkson. I. Eriezon. G. Denn. R. I"ori-ester, R. Allen. M. Mosher, R. Ahlnigren. J. Mark, R. Lindquist, R.. Ahl. C. Vogt. M. A. Hendler. C. Hinderer, R. Willey, A. Lzimlii :si ii. '1'. McCann, P. Roshwork. A. Parker, B. LuQuay. N, lha.y, C. larker, I-'i.ul'Ih row-S. lhiili-y, B. Frank. N. Gunton. P. Fagan, J. Warlow, li. See, M. Scott. D. Carlson, J. Bork, V. Schuyler. li. Starkweuilier, J. LeQuuy, D. Christy. E. Nelson, P, Bailey, I.. M. Anderson G. Johnson, A. Iiiljn. D. Strom, li. Bernhard. li. Sparlinpz. M. L. Moore, K. Danielson, all at sea THE sparkling humor and delightful vivacity of Gilbert and Sullivan were very evident in the first operetta to be presented by the combined chorus of Southwestern Central. "All at Sea" is an adaptation by Harvey XVorthington Loomis of the NH. M. S. Pinaforev in which many famous characters of Gflbert and Sullivan, arrayed in their gay costumes, come together and sing their most familiar songs. Also involved in the plot are the complicated romances of Josephine, the Captain's daughterg Ralph, a seamang Mabel and a pirate, and Pa- tience and Grosvenor. Principals of the play included: Captain Cczrcoran ., Roger Lindquist Lord Chancellor . Alfred Parker Sir joseph Porter Charles Vogt Mikado of japan ., , Peter Rushworth Ralph Rackstraw Richard Forrester Poohbah , ., Thomas McCann Dick Deadey: john Carlson Koko . . ., ,, - , jerry Mack Midghipmifg Ross Shickler Josephine ,. Mary Ann Hendler Pirate Ring Grant Denn Little Buttercup . Priscilla Erickson lf,-cdcriek Roy Almgren Patience Carol Hinderer Police Sergeant Ronald Merwin Mabel . . Rosemary Alil Grosvenor Richard Wigley Phyllis , . ., Marianna Mosher Sf,-Cplwn W ,, Richard Allen Fairy Queen Anne Lamberson Three Little Maids- Barbara LaQuav, Nancy Beaty, Carol Parker The remainder of the chorus comprised the crew, Sir Joseph's sisters, cousins, and aunts, policemen, and fairies. 55 Si-ated-l'. Ilendivr. G. Johnson, l', l'1x'inezik, M. E. Warner. C. furlson lM:xjorvttm-I. Sveoncl vow--W. Jones, li. 'I"liompson, J. Feilorehuk, R. Almizren, I". Olson, li. Spnrlimt, V. Johnson 'l'llll'l rox -M. 'zu 'sin l e A l': 'I - W S ,UI . y 1 'v 1 ll , l.1inii . . ll ur, . wane 1 1'oui'1,h row-D. '1ll'IliVl'l'S, K. S1'l1nt-ider, li. Linmliiuist. band TI-Ili. combined band completed a successful fifth season despite the handicap of divided rehearsals. TWO concerts plus one with the chorus formed a major part of the year's program. To work out diflicult passages and acquire better musical technique each member of the band has nwt with Mr. Turner one period a week. Extra rhythm was added by the knocking of knees at Fredonia when several selections were presented in competition. Braver members also entered the solo field. Several students participated in the All-State Festival band and orchestra: NWoodwinds-Robert Loomis, Anne Lamberson, Priscilla Bailey, -lulie Lawson, .ind Roy Almgrcn. Brass - Arlee Powell, Whillgice Carlson, Robert Schneider, Brian Anderson, Keith Mong, XVilliam Clawson, Jack Penhollow, and Alfred Parker. Percussion - l,orrnine Sparling. Nuuln-ll--ll. Horn llNlnjin'i-ltr-I. J. I,1n'm', J. Fllnl, C. MUKHY. D. Rumi. ct-nnil row-l'. Squiers. A. launlwrson, J. Anderson, D. Myrugzmril, L. Simzins, E. Lnmherson, J. law:-mn. I'. lhuliy, Mr. lurnvr. lhird rmv-li. M1-l-win, W. Cluwsnn, J. 1't-nhollnw, R. Sehneialvr, P. Yzlles, C. linmurcu ourtih row-ll. Amie:-sim, A. Powell, W. J. Ilndpres, I". Struiiixrall. Other activities of the year were exchange assemblies with Falconer, an ice cream social at Busti Cparticularly enjoyed by the instrumental- istsj , marching on Memorial Day and playing at Commencement. Selections ranging from "Boogie-Woogie Band" and "Dry Bones" to Beethoven's "Military Marchw have been presented. Most enjoyable to the students are the extraordinary novelty numbers, several of which were played with the aid of whip cracks, slide whistles and alarm clocks. Officers of the group were: LAKEXVOOD BRANCH President . Willitilai Clawson Secretary , ,Ianice Anderson Treasurer . . Pauline lfvinczik CELORON BRANCH President . . . Alfred Parker Vice President . . Keith Mong Secretary and Treasurer ...,., AnneLamberson 57 ov i ' x A 1 First. row: S. liluliu V, ll. l!fonm:4trnn:l, Il. See. li. lfrzink, S. Hailey. S1-unlul row: Ii. Knhfv, R, 'Kilt-H, Mrs. YY::t11n, VV, VVusslnnn. D. Mcfunn, D, lm-ter-ull, K.. l'it4'l's1-n , . national thespian society TROUPIQ 866 of the National Honor Society for Dramatics was enlarged this year from one member, Joan Easton, to a group of twelve young actors. This group includes people who have had parts in plays, worked on committees, or served as stage crew. Eligibility to the society requires ten creditsg ten more credits are required for each additional star. Two members of Troupe 866 have earned stars this year. They are Joan Easton and DeVere McCann. The eleven new members were tapped at the second performance of "Seventeenth Summern and inducted by officers and members of james- town's troupe. At the induction members of tIa1nestown's troupe ex- plained the origin and principles of the Thespian Society. Because our group is usually so small at the beginning of the school year, we are an honorary society instead of an active one. Consequently, we have no officers. 58 teen-age talent club XVHAT makes an actor act? Wliat makes a play play? Wl1at's behind all this stuff they've been raving about ever since Shakespear first shook, not a spear, but a quill at a sheet of foolscap and started all these char- actcrs stalking across the boards of the world? That's what the Teen-Age Talent Club means to find out this year. The ch-b's motto, "Let's Pretend," casts its spell each Monday dur- ing seventh period, and the ghosts of every actor since the days of liuripides can be heard moaning outside the Windows of room 8. lfach wcek's meeting is given over to the study of some different phase ol' the rudiments of acting, makeup and general stage work. To illustrate the points learned and give everyone a chance to "tread the boards" four simple one-act plays were produced during the year. The club's annual social event, a I3armer's Formal, again gave the haysced set a chance to trip the light fantastic. Bonnie McCann is following in Brother Tom's footsteps as president. Anton Neubauer is secretary and Marjorie Starkweather holds the purse strings. Tlit rest of the strings are pulled by Patsy Hyde, a very eilicient program chairman, aided and abetted by Miss Pauline Lopus, the club sponsor. lfirsi nm-gli. lh-rnlmril, A. Lilju, M. Strnnixrun, Dr. Ellis, P, Hyde, M. Slurkwrnthtr, li. Mrl'unn, Miss I u Ii Rr ll 1 IIMAHA I .np s, . mano, '. ,z 1 '-z, R. Mal ure. S--4-und row-S. Anderson, D, Puff. G. Vunhnm, E. Fuseus, IJ. Edwards. A. Nanhann-r. 59 E. Gustafson. N. Glllll-lin, D. Christy, A. liurstrom, E. 0'Brien, John Olsen, M. A. Ht-nrller, D Swcar ingin, A. linronv. G. Clark, M. J. Penhollow. junior' play THE Class of '52 presented as its annual play "Brother Goose," a comedy in three acts, under the able direction of Miss Virginia Hall. The cast included: Jeff "Brother Goose" Carol Wes Hyacinth his flock ., , , Helen, who quits .. Sara, a colored maid ,, ,..,,, , Eve, a Southern charmer ,,t, A ,,.,, ,, Peggy, who comes to the rescue., Lenore, who has plans ,....,.,... ...... , ...,.. . , Mrs. Trimmer, of the Wee Blue Inns Gerald Clark Mary Ann Hendler Anthony Barone Donna Swearingen Mary jean Penhollow .,,,.,,.,,Elsie Gustafson 7, ..Ainn Burstrom . ,,,. W Eileen O'Bricn .... Narita Gunton . ,,..,., Diane Christy Truck Driver, who is plenty mad .,.,,tt,.,,, .......,.. John Olsen The stage setting was well fitted for the play, the sewing machine occupying a very prominent place in the family problems. This play, which demonstrated the trials of a young man trying to manage a home for three teen agers, brought great enjoyment to both audience and actors. 60 masqueraders ABOUT six years ago a dramatic club group was reorganized at Celoron and immediately revived the previous name of Masqueraders. The present elul-i has had successful plays each year and has learned to handle staging, properties, make-up. and sound and lighting effects as well as a hit about acting. The present officers are: President Jerry Peterson Vicv:-Presiclenl . . NVilliam W"Llhhl11.ll1 Secretary . Beverly See Treasurer .. Sue Bailey Director Nlrs. Gladys XXVJISOIT "Seventeenth Summer," the delightful story of a girl,s Hrst love allair, was presented in March with the following club ineinbers taking pa rt : A ngie Alaelx Mrs. hlorlxxxx Mr. NllTI'l'llXY Kit t y Ma l'gk'lI'L'l Lorraine -loan Easton Art XVilliam XY!.1SSI'l1.1l1 .lC1'l'Y PUYCVSUN Martin Keith Nlong Slm-lcy Bllmcy lane Betty Bloonislrand Don Peterson ' , ' . Madelyn Stranigan Mdrglc Delores SCC Sue Hailey Tony Tom McCann Be1lY liranls l:l'ifZ l7lCli Kllhlk' l"I'1'nlf S. Brett l P'1n'r' Su-mill rimfhl .- NN lliilml ion !B. I.. i sun. 'nts-in. li. Ste, ll. Sie, li. Bliumistraimi, H. llarrisou. S. lilaney. .l. l':iquin, S. Built-5 ink. 'IK Mr1':mn. J. Hott-llingz. Il. l'xtvi'snn. M. VVi1llunml, NV. VYussni:ln. 61 ' First row-I.. Allen, VV. Swanson. C. Estis. W. Hotellinll. S. llurrzio, J. Shutt. M. Carlson. P. Yates. T. l'ark4 r. F. I-'re:iy, C. Frank, J. Forrl, J. Miller. Svvoml row---S. lhiixluv, L. Simrvr. P. Squier. A. Robin:-inn, S. Warner, V. Strom, T. Furhrnn. D. Jrhnsnn, M. Milrtinsirn, ll. Cooke, G. Johnson, G. Robbins, J. Huber, NLR Olson, S. Gardner. S. Oslroni, J. Kam-, l'. Seymore, C, Horn, W. Williams. Mrs. Deuink. Third row+M. Vziqiiin. N. Gibbs, W. Young. F. McKay. l'. Harvey. J. Bailey. S. Gross. li. On-rbvriz. S, Manhart, I., Newark. K. Ilircl. I.. Larson, J. Klomp. S. Hulling, M. Sealise, C. Carlson. junior high dramatic club MORE than fifty enthusiastic students responded to the call that a Junior High Dramatic Club was to be organized. What could a director do with such a number? After all, didn't these students wish to don the mask and wig and display any histrionic talents they possessed? After some deliberation, it was decided to divide the students into groups. Iiach group had a student leader who with his committee was re- sponsible for one program during the year. We planned our whole program, making frequent use of the victrola, which we earned, to furnish some of our entertainment. We have several folders of records including: "Rip Van Winkleng "Christmas Carolng Man Without a Country." We did some serious studying on make-up and We built some mini- ature stages, We wrote some plays and acted them out, using puppets which were made in art classes. Of course, funds had to be provided, for we have expenses to meet too. We sold cards and stationery. However the biggest project of the year was staging the "Bandanna Minstrel" which included all the club in its cast. 62 . . . , . . M. Robbins, D, Nels-unn, J. Heniirieksam. L. Hziizxzlund, J. Wuzley, li. It-terson, R. Lnrlson, L. hi-otl, R, Curly, D. 0fThuus. may day THE fervor of the student body of the Lakewood Branch was not damp- ened by the drizzling rain and chilly atmosphere which necessitated hold- ing the traditional May Day festival indoors. King X'C'inter, Bert Peterson, was escorted to the throne by the mas- ter of ceremonies, Ronald Carlson, to await the arrival of the May queen. The junior girls, attired in formals and carrying floral arches, led the pro- cession. Next under the floral arches came the senior couples arm in arm, the crown and footstool bearers, the little flower girls and the class presi- dents who took their places on either side of the king. The expectant crowd was hushed as the lovely May queen, Jane Wigley, followed by the maid of honor, Linnea Hagglund, was assisted to the throne by King Wiiiter. The master of ceremonies assisted the maid of honor to the platform. The class presidents then came forth to present their gifts. Ronald Donner, senior class president, presented the crown to the king who placed it on the queen's head. Tom Naughton, junior class president, pre- sented the footstoolg Ann Burstrom, sophomore class president, the queen's bouquetg and Clarence Olson, the freshman president, the maid of honor,s bouquet. After the presentation of gifts the royal couple were honored by a Maypole dance and group dancing by the juniors and grade children. The procession left the auditorium filled with the excitement of an- other beautiful and impressive May Day festival long to be remembered. -P. C. 63 celor-on camera club Sl IUTTLQR, lens, focal distance, hypo, gloss-these and many other terms can now he explained and used by the thirteen ardent amateurs of Celoroifs Camera Club. Meeting with Mr. Morris each Tuesday, they investigated photography. The students now view the world from be- hind a camera with each scene presenting a possible good picture. The club has set up the following aims: i. To increase the individual's photographic knowledge and tech- niquc. 2. To promote fellowship and exchange of ideas. 3. To foster exhibitions and contests. 4. To operate movies shown in school. 5. To have fun with a camera. These aims have been carried out extensively this year by the group with its officers: President Dale Newark Vice President Theil lilalund Secretary Joyce Anderson Treasurer Richard Plank Si-nts-ii-k-J. 'Fhimizn-1, C. Nero, J. Anderson, N. Adams. StiuiiIim:fJ, Melniyri-, T, Hlaluml. ll, Amiersini. C. Peterson, R, Ss-lung-ieli-i', R. Plank, IJ. Ni-mark. Mr Morris. 64 Front row-J. Schneider, R.. Shickler, E. Schuyler-, J. Heald, L. McIntyre. Second row-113. Gunton, J. Scorso, F. Overheck, R. Barton, M. L. White. 'Third row-Mrs. Peterson, M. Kofod, IR. Burst:-nm, R. Heintzmun absc-nhl safety patrol I PLEDGE MYSELF To: Report for duty on time. Perform my duties faithfully. Strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself. Obey my teachers and ofhcers of the patrol. Report dangerous practices of students. Strive to earn the respect of fellow students. Members of the Safety Patrol were directed by Mrs. Martha Peter- son this year. At this time, patrols worked at the street intersections adjoining the school to guide the pupils in watching trailic and crossing streets. The members worked at their assigned positions mornings and afternoons, and also on Thursdays when students walked to religious in- struction classes held in the Sacred Heart and Methodist churches. The members of this group are chosen for their ability to think clearly and quickly, and to command respect from their fellow students. The Safety Patrol has a record very deserving of merit for their service to the school and the community. 65 First row-C. Fulton. R. Renulclo, D. Strom. D. Peterson, IA. Strom, A. Neubauer. For-mul row-J. Ulien, A. Apzm-w. C. Jneksnn, F. Workens, C. Peterson, R. Allen. Thirwl l'uwfG. l':n'dy. D. Plank, C. Gmlilinir. J. Bailey. T, Eklund, H. Anderson, J. Paquin, ID. I'ufT. Fourth rnwe-M. Slranixran, R. Plank, J. Parker, R. Harrison, D. Carlson, E. Wilson, S. Anmln-:sony I-I. l'rull, li. llloumstranrl, D. See. Shun-R.. Ahl, IS. See, Mrs. Rhodes. senior dance club "GO BACK home and swing your own or I'll leave you standing there alone." It's Wednesday afternoon and Senior Dance Club is well under way. Some of the best dancers are out on the floor helping those who cannot dance. The dances consist of any from smooth waltzes to square dances and the "Charleston,'. The basic requirement for membership is an interest in dancing, either to learn, improve or just enjoy the art. Another requirement is a twenty-five-cent membership fee. This money is used for the purchase of new records. Mr. Marquis Levine used his knowledge of electronics to connect a loud speaker with the phonograph. This enables us to hear the records from all corners of the gym. Oificers of the group which is supervised by Mrs. Rhodes and Miss Tack are: President . . .... Willianm Wassman Vice President . Nancy Bcaty Secretary-Treasurer Carol Patton 66 Front-J. llii-rs, S. Gardiner. B. Huber, M. Martinson. W. Young, Mrs. Dennison. l"irsl Cirele---FC. Ruynolcls. I.. LeRoy, D. Muily.-fe, M. Widegren, N. Olson, G. Johnson, R, Reeves, N. Gibbs. Si'l'0lHl Ci!"-'ll'-S lill2'b9L', H. Peters, S. Warner, C. Freziy. L, Seuxxer, RL' Schneider, J. Patti, J. Kane. 'Fliirml Cireli--lll. llnner, G. Robbins, J. Jnekson, C. Carlson, P. Squier, R. Harvey, T. Parker, D. Jolinnon. Fourth Cin-li+S. Oslrom, B. Cooke. W. Almgren, A. Robinson, C. McKay. J. Miller, T. Corbran, M. Viiquin. junior dance club BACK in September the seventh and eighth graders who were eager to learn to dance formed the Junior Dance Club. Then the question arose of who would ofliciate. After much debating we elected the following officers: President . , Gary Johnson Secretary ,, . .Marlene Paquin Vice President , . ,Howard Peters Treasurer .... , , .Robert Harvey Although at first we appeared awkward on the dance floor, we im- proved week by week, with the needed assistance of Mrs. Dennison and Miss Reichel. Our knowledge of dancing and pleasure have increased to new heights. We have learned to polka and square dance to the rhythm of recorded music. At each meeting a committee was chosen to prepare a program for the ensuing meeting. The club niet alternate Wednesdays. We have en- joyed particularly occasional "Ladies' Days" when the girls were privi- leged to choose their partners. We hope that the future members of the "Junior Dance Club" will enjoy and appreciate this club as much as we have. -M. P., Y. 67 junior high dance club DURING activity period on Wednesdays gay music fills the gymnasium when members of grades seven and eight gather for a meeting of their dance club. Mrs. Carlson has given freely of her time and patience to instruct the young people in behavior and actual dance techniques. They have learned fox trot, Waltz, two-step, polka, and square dance. Features have been Couples' Dance, Broom Dance, Shoe Dance, and Ladies' Choice. Dues were collected and money was used to purchase new records. Officers were as follows: President . ,,,, Diana Rood Vice President . . Peter Peterson Secretary , .. . Catherine Hendler Treasurer .. . ,.,, .,,,. . Duane Peterson The members of the club feel that the activities have added much to their social life and they hope there will be a large membership next year. They wish to thank Mrs. Carlson for her assistance throughout the year. -M. G., G. R. First row-li. Aeiniisto, A. Slwflic-lrl, M. Milton, J. l"arnswor1.l1, D. VnnEvi-ry, A. Frederic-kson, M. Kidd. D. Slwnrinzin, M. Cuffuro, J. Sl,:1ll'ord, H. Kruegzer, J. Nelson, li. Hitchcock. M. Mntlison, M. Gorman, R. llergrstrom. Scconrl row-iN. Carlson, M. E. Warner, R. Simpson, W. J. Hodges, G. lloslzo, M. Cluwson, C, H1-nrller, R. Nelson. l'. Thomas, l'. Pettrson, ll. Rooul. R. liennink, l'. Gustafson, J. Kishloek. Standing-C. Rout. Ii, Barton, G. Mix-hael. C. Nelson, J. Kishloek, P. Lane. M. Faizan, A. Anderson lilooil Twins, R. Ii. Peterson, G. Reynolds. l'. Apthorpe, S. Parsons, l. Johnson, A. lloyd, J. Button M. Brink, I'. Siimmon, M. llendriekson, R. Worden, D. Vzinlslvery, J. Newton, M. U:u'l.on, Mrs. Carlson D. l'e1.i-rson, W. Cui-lson, M. Covey, C. Johnson, C. Ruch, C. Ellison, E. Card. v y 68 senior dance club EVERY Thursday afternoon, when seventh period rolls around, the Lakewood gym is filled with the strains of various types of music, rang- ing from polkas to waltz time. Yes, it's the Senior High Dance Club out upon their weekly fling. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Carlson, everyone has fun while he learns. At our first meeting, the following officers were elected: President . ,. .. .. . . Don Martindale Vice President , , Doreen lileteher Secretary .. .. .. Mary Ann Hendler Treasurer, ,, ,, . . . Lynn Reynolds After our first meeting, the group grew by leaps and bounds. Soon the club had over Hfty lads and lassies ranging from freshmen to seniors. lt was understood that gold-bricks would be thrown overboard, so fairly good cooperation has been realized. -L. R. Foreyzrouml: Q. Lune, J. Moore, S. Rupp, P. Swanson, C. Lane, R. Wiizlvy. M. A. Hi-niller, C. Carlson l. Green, l'. Hvinezik. R. Warner, K. Danielson, D. 'l+'Ietel1tr, L. Reynolds, F. Heillunml, N. Gustnfson. Center: K. VVhilfol'il. M. Deekur, J. Welshofer, L. Moore, E. Nelson. L. M. Anderson. J. Carlson, ,-. Wilson, A. linrstrom, T. Swenringzen, D. Nickerson, l'. Thompscn. F. Vogt, I'. Carlson. li. H4-rn, A. lien nink, l'. Carlson, R. Rapp, S. Donner, J. Larson, M. Pmterson, N. Nelson, S, lim-51,-nm, lf, 1v,,l1,qi,,,-, lg Tliompson, I". Olson, K. Griffen, J. Sh-vens, l'. Rushworlh. llnekgrounil: W. Moran, D. Lawson. li. Rueli. M. Bi-ryrslrom, J, Malek, M, Wes:-oti. M. llrink, I. Furil J. Nielw-rson, D. Truax, G. Griffon, D. Swearimzen, G. Wells, D. Martindale, PI. Gilson, li. Linilqnist: N. Nnylor, S. Geruee, M. L. Haizznril. Stnnilinyz: J. Levine. C. Miller, Mrs. Carlson, D. Northrop, N. Gunlon, S. Rupp, li, Carlson, J. Seorse G. Howell, IC. l'c-leuson, E. Taylor, M. Anderson, K. Reynolds. J. Sc-orse, S. Malloy, J. Krueirer, l'. Rupp D. Lnrsun. 69 v sports baseball COACH MlI,TON C. I-IARP'S diamond crew of 'go started the season out right with an impressive win over Westheld, 10-o. After the opener with Westield, we beat our rivals from Falconer, 3-1, in a game which was close all the way. The Red and Blues dumbed Silver Creek and Fredonia to the tune of 11-2, I3-4, respectively. After winning the first four games of the schedule, the Trojans were downed by the overclassed Jamestown, double A, Red and Green by a 5-o count. But the Trojans, not liking the taste of defeat, batted back with a io-g victory over Wfestfield. Then we lost our second game of the year to Falconer by the score of 7-3. In our second game with Silver Creek, we smashed the Black Knights, 6-2. The Fredonia Hilltoppers, out for revenge, won a close 2-1 decision over the battling Trojans. The last of our regularly scheduled games was with Jamestown. The Red and Green, taking advantage of their class, overcame a 6-o score to be on the better end of a 7-6 win. We finished second in the Lake-Shore League and won the County Class A Championship for the third consecutive year. Then we played Gowanda for the Bi-County Championship, but we finally lost the game 5-4. -T. N., R. W. Fi,-HL row-li. Peterson, N. Magnuson. D. Stark, G. Denim, R. Patton, P, Logan, A. Bennink, G, Brnli-y, T. Nztugliion, L, Erikzon, W. Carlson. Second row-K. Olson, J. Carlson, R. Williams, R. Allen. J. McMaster, XV, Bruyvn' J. Wiglgb-, lg. Cady, A. Barone, Conch Harp. 72 Front row-G. Czark, G. De-nn. T. McCann, J. Wigluy, J. Carlson. Sei-ond row-L. Reynolds, Ii. Carlson, W. Brown, W. Wassmun, J. Mack, W. Christy, R. Cady, L. Sulrs, P. Evinczik, Cuarh Rusliin. track THE third Southwestern track team, since centralization, pounded over the Cinder path and came out fairly well against its competitors. The team competed in three meets this year in which they broke out on top in one of them. The Red and Blue Trojans began their season with Falconer, their traditional rival, at the Falconer track. Although the boys put all their stamina into the meet, Faleoner's wind-boys came out to defeat the Trojans. Later our boys met Westheld and Mayville on our own einder path at Packard Field, in wh5ch they rallied up enough points to defeat their opponents. The county Hnals, the main and final event of the year, were also leld at our own Packard Field. With all double A and single A schools as their competitors, Southwesterifs men from Troy took the slot at fourth place in the event. The track team is sorry to lose its 440-yard dash man, Ronnie Carl- son. who has been a constant winner. The members of the team wish to thank Mr. Rushin, Southwesterifs track coach, for the fine job he has done in molding such a fine team. -J. c., H. L. 73 First, row-vii. Munir, li. I'eltrson, G. lirnley. J. Skinner. J. Mzuznusnn, ll, Martindale, W. Clirisly, T. Mi-Gunn. Sec-innl ruwf-'l'. Swrivirijz n, ll. Mt-Curty. N. Magnuson, J. Ciirlsim, 'l'. Naughton, NV. Wussnizni, J. Wifzley, C. Vogt, li. Reynolds, .l. Seursi-, G. Ili-nn. Thlril row-D. llzzrrison, .I. Welshofer. I'. livinezilz, R. Williiirns, D. Travers, W. Moran, J. MeM:isli-r. A. D1-snerek, John Olsen, R. Wiu'ner. James Olsen, IC. VVijzley, football, SPECTATORS of the Southwestern Trojans' gridiron witnessed a highly successful '51 season. Coach Rushin and his assistants, Coaches Shevalier and Munson, drilled their boys to the top of the league which had to be shared with Falconer finally because of a I2 all tie between the two rivals. The initial game of the year was played under the lights at Packard Field against the Black Knights of Silver Creek in which the Trojans defeated them with a 45 shut-out. XVestfield's meaty but slow moving team was easily defeated by our hard hitting, lightning fast Trojan team with the final score 39-6. It was on Friday, the thirteenth of October, that the Trojans collided with the Golden Falcons, both of which were fighting for first place in the Southwestern Conference. At that time the Golden Falcons were in the lead with a score of 12.-o, but the Trojans' incessant driving and tackling penetrated deep into the Falcons, territory climaxing a 12- all tie. The following Friday the Trojans, again behind in the opening half ij,-o in favor of the Fredonia Hilltoppers, rallied a 26-13 lead over the Hilltoppers in the remaining half. The hnal "do or die" game, played against the challenging Gowanda Panthers, ended in a close shave for the Trojans with a score of 14-iz. A loss or tie would have landed the conference championship into the Falcons, lap. Four of Southwestern's Trojans-Bert Peterson, Neil Magnuson, .lack Wfigley and Tom Naughton-took slots in the conference All-Star team. Tom Naughton was also the second highest individual scorer in lhe league. 71. Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern FOOTBALL 14 Gowanda 45 12 Jamestown Southwestern I2 lfalconer Southwestern 26 Fredonia Southwestern 35 W'estfield Southwestern ZS Salamanca Silver Creek 171 37 THE varsity cheerleaders, under the supervision of Miss Tack and Mrs. Carlson, helped to cheer our boys on to victory both at home and away games. Dressed in their blue slacks and red sweat shirts, these girls put rhythm and pep into their cheers, which were supported by the great crowds of spectators. Neither the pouring rain at Salamanca nor the cold, snowy weather at Packard Field could stop these girls from rooting for our boys. That's what we call "spirit", D. Christy li. Vrzinl: P. Carlson C. Patton D. Carlson M. A. Handler J. Spence D. Swearimzen varsity basketball THE Southwestern Trojans opened the season, March 2, with a loss to lfrewsburg who, with their outstanding team, ran a score of 48-53. The classy Dunkirk, double "A" school handed the Trojans their second loss to the tune of 41-34. Fredonia beat the Trojans out of two Lakeshore League games by holding them scoreless in the remaining minutes. Both of these games were lost by three points. 47-44, 43-40. The "Troy" men continued this slump for twelve games but the thirteenth was fatal for the rival team of Falconer. The Trojans, play- ing excellent ball, walked over the surprised Falconers by the count of go-40. This gave the Trojans their one win out of ten starts, in the Lake- shore League. The Trojans, losing only four players-Tom Naughton, Dave Stark, .jack Carlson and Bill Brown-from the varsity because of graduation, will have seven varsity players returning. These, combined with the fine junior squad, are looking forward to a successful season next year. XVe wish to thank Coach Gene Munson for his excellent leadership this season and wish h'rn luck during the coming seasons. -R. W. - 1 1 - - . I'r1rnl ron-W. lfiown. A. Bzirom-, J. Wuzley, J. Carlson. ' S1-i-owl row-J. Johnson. L. Erikzon, ll. Stark. J. Mt-Master, J. Olsen. 'l'. Nzuivrhimi. R. Allen. ii. Clark, J. Scorse. 76 First row: D. Swcaringen, C. Patton, J. Spence. Second row-D. Carlson, D. Christy, B. Frank, P. Carlsen. The school year I9SO-SI brought forth seven, vivacious, varsity cheerleaders for the basketball season, who kept up the cheers and team spirit despite numerous losses. Under the expert guidance of their captain, Pat Carlson, the girls possessed superb team spirit and quickly gained precision in perfecting old cheers and producing new ones. Southwestern ...,.. 33 Frewsburg Southwestern .,.,. 34 Dunkirk ., Southwestern ...,r 44 Fredonia ., Southwestern . ,... 37 Westheld Southwestern ..,,. 3 8 Jamestown Southwestern . .... 35 Falconer tr Southwestern 49 Gowanda Southwestern 43 Frewsburg Southwestern ,..,, 36 Dunkirk , Southwestern ..... 40 Fredonia , Southwestern 43 Jamestown Southwestern , .r.. 50 Falconer ,. Southwestern .... , 39 Olean , ,i Southwestern , ,.,.. Sl Gowanda LEAGUE RECORD WON Losi' 1 9 TOTAL RECORD WON Los r 1 14 77 j. v. basketball Tl-Ili Southwestern tl. V.'s had a very successful season, turning in a io-win 4-loss record. The toughest opposition was Dunkirk who beat them twice. Gowanda and Fredonia were also difficult opponents, each defeating the Troymen once, Fredonia winning in an overtime period. However, the Southwestern men returned the hospitality by coming back to take both teams on the home court. Among the exciting games of the season were the ones with Falconer and Jamestown, both being decided by one point in S0uthwestern's favor. This year's J. V.'s record did not quite equal that of last year which was iz wins and 2 losses, but they are expecting to match their record next year. The tl. V.'s of the last few years owe much of their success to the reliable coaching of Mr. Rushin. The junior Varsity team was supported this year by a smart-looking squad of cheerleaders. These girls looked very snappy in their blue cordu- roy iumpers and White blouses. Practice once a week was held with their adviser, Miss Tack. First row-B. McCann. P. Babyak. Second row-E. Peterson, J. Johnson, -I. Burk. 78 First row-R. VanEvery, T. Swearingen, R. Plank, D. Lepley, P. Evinczik. Second row-R. M4'Tavish, M. Faulkner, W. Cluwson, Ii. Anderson, 15. Crocker, R. Warne: R Wnzloy Couch Rushin. SCOPSS They lfrewsburg 33 Dunkirk .. if 47 Fredonia .. 41 Westncld .,,. . . 23 Jamestown . 33 Falconer .. 5 1 Gownncla . .. 29 Frewsburg 28 Dunkirk .. 46 Fredonia , 39 Jamestown . 33 Falconer .. 35 Olean . . W 35 Gowanda ., 42 515 Non-league games. 79 We 45 42 39 35 34 52 42 37 42 41 42 41 38 ZS 555 freshman basketball ALTHOUGH not so successful as the cage teams representing South- western Central in the past two years, the freshmen managed to hold fourth place. Besides experience, the quintet also lacked height, their short stature being a handicap throughout the season. The two games that will be remembered longest were with jefferson and Falconer. The tilt at Falconer was a thriller, the local five jumped to an early first quarter lead, only to have the Falcons catch up with them. The game seesawed back and forth until Southwestern Centralis Baby Trojans netted six straight points in the final seconds to win. Witli a fairly successful season, we wish to express our thanks to Coach Harp and wish the team of '51 the best of luck. Hopefuls for cheerleading positions in future years are the new- comers to the field, the freshman cheerleaders. In learning they developed skill and wrote several cheers for their group, then went out to give the freshman football team hearty support. -J. s. J, Lrnndnll, K., Vnnhnm. I. lnrlsun, M. Strunixzan. 80 Conch Harp I Mnllnrv, K. See, F. Olson, V. Mossbenz, S. Geraee, R SDHYIIHL, l Jones B Turml I- lalldxne b Maloy. The scones of the games were as follows: Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Southwestern Frewsburg jefferson Lincoln 7 Wfashington Bemus Point Falconer , Bemus Point XVashington Jefferson Falconer Lincoln Frewsburg -S.P G Knvelimzz li. M:ueTavisli, J, Czirlson, .I. Wixzley, R. Patliin. W. K'urlsmi, I Stziiiiliiipr: ll, Williams. li. ldriexon, D. Stark, ll. Warner. J. MeMzister, D. MeC:mIl. Ii. Wnzley. l'. Volrl, Mr. Shi-vt-lil-i'. F volleyball SOUTHXWIQSTERNS Trojans, under the leadership of Coach Dick Slievalier, had a very successful season. The hrst meet was held at xlames- town High for the County Championship. The Trojans, being beaten by classy Dunkirk, Double A school, came in second for top honors. The "Troymen,' represented the "Aw crown in the Sectional VI Championship at Qrchard Park. Winliiiig four out of four, they rode home with top honors of their division. The first team played was Barker which gave us the Hrst game If-7. The second game was a hot contest which ended in our favor, If-lj. The next team played was Lancaster which fell to our superior setters and spikers to the tune of 15-5 and I5-3. Southwestern is looking forward to a repeat performance next year, as three of the starting six are returning, there are, also, the players from the second squad who are more than willing to fill in. XVe wish to thank Coach Dick Shevalier for his leadership which led our Red and Blues to victory. -R. W. 82 l"i-out In lun-It-Ivirs. Uzirlsoii, l'. Loftus, li. Heintznian, L. Moors-, M. A. Hn-niller, D, Sweziringen, P. Rupp. I'. Carlson, D. l'zirlson, A. Iliirslmoni. C. Imne. Ii. Sanipson, N. Andi-rson, li. Thompson, IG. Nel- son, l'. l'Ivim'zik, J. Wzirlow, C. Miller, .l. Ulfhans, J. Nirkerson, ll. Hemi, I'. 'I'I'1ompson, U. Uarhson, N. Gusinfwoli, G. Griilin, S. Iizxpp, N. Nelson, S. Ilonner, I. Card. M. Ih-rgsironi. N. Gunlon, I9. Carlson. I'. Iiziilvy, J. Garrison, J. Anderson. K. Reynolds, IC. Gustafson, .I. Kl'0ll1Il'!'. M. Ii. Moore, Ii. VViLrh1. .l. St:xfI'ol'il, V, Sehuylvr, J. linrk. I-I. l'etm-rson. K. Danielson, IG. 'l':lylor, D. Larson, A. Lawson, D. "S" club Christy, li. Puls. l'. IUIILZHII. IN SIIPTEMBIZR the members of the Girls' "SH Club elected the fol- lowing officers: President Patricia Carlson Vice President Ann Burstrom Secretary .. Carol I.ane Treasurer Diane Carlson Under the supervision of Mrs. Carlson we have been very active this year. In October we went on a bike hike to Panama Rocks and a hike on foot to Fluvanna. We held a square dance in November with music furnished by Parker's Urchestra. This dance was a success both financially and socially. Any girl in grades nine through twelve who is actively interested in sports may belong to the "SM Club. In order to earn a major sports, letter she must have a required number of points. These points may be obtained through participation in all sports, also by good sportsman- ship and service to her team. 83 advertisements patrons Mrs. Ruth Armstrong Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. George and Mrs. Maxwell F. Bailey Milton Bergman William Bloomstrand Donald Braley Willard W. Brown Charles R. Christy Merton P. Corwin Gilbert Decker Fletcher Lincoln W. Forrester and Mrs. Luther C. Gilson and Mrs and Mrs. . Fred I. Green William H. Harrison and Mrs. Leslie Hern and Mrs. Fred C. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Nlrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Glen S. Hotelling Hultin john G. -Iaclison Edward H. Johnson David G. Jones Gerald S. LaQuay Marvin Lawson G. R. LeRoy O. C. Loomis Leonard A. Magnuson Harold Martindale Thomas S. McCann James L Mong W. Al. Morgan Mrs. Frank Mosher Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs Mr Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. Thomas Naughton Romeo Naylor Clarence E. Nelson Edwin Nelson Clyde A. Northrop . john C. Oberg William P. Osnicr Harold E. Parker H. E. Pratt C. Roland Rapp Berton Reynolds W'alter T. Sandberg and Mrs. Ernest L. Schneider james T. Seorce and Mrs. Martin R. Scott Earl E. Stark George D. Stranigan and Mrs. Axel H. Strom M1'. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Albert A. Swanson Gust C. Tulga XVilliam M. Vandenbuix, Robert Vogt Henry Wallace Frank A. Wescott Elmer H. Widlund S. E. Young Milton V. Wilson Ralph K. Wilson J O U U TO THE CLASS OE 1951 SINCERE CONCRATULATICDNS MEMBERS OE THE JAMESTCDWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 'FH E LAK ICWOOD PAHICNT TEACHER ASSOCIATION Oi? U0l1QQI'LlUlILllCS the Class of '51 and Wishes lt Success THE CELORON PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATICN CYS Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 751 89 Ju Compliments of COVEY 81 ELI.lSON7S 855 North Main Strvet MEATS and UROCICRIES Complimvnts Of Lvnny, Charles and Burt .l. C. GALLAGHERVS BARBER SHOP 112 North Main Stn-et FOR FLOWERS NELSON Sz BUTTS Inc. Phones 6-888-6-889 nvstown New York w f.Ollgl'illllI1ll1Ol1S to the Clzlss of 1951. SANDBERG SPRINKL ER SI PIPING COMPANY, Inc. Complimvnis OSCAR C. LOOMIS 21 N. Allegheny Avvnuv ROOFING and SIDING CONTRACTOR TFJIAEPHONE 76-555 H. C. GRANGER ASPHALT PAVEMENTS LAKEWOOD, NEW YORK PHONE 91-5533 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '51 SIGMA DELTA XI SORURITY Patricia Carlson Ann Burstrom Diane Carlson Diane Christy Pat Thompson Donna Swearingen Janice Anderson Alpha Chapter Lakewood, New York Nancy Naylor -Graduating Members- .I-.1-.1-+.l'-.IN-.IN Judy Garrison Barbara Puls Kathryn Reynolds Shirley Donner Jilson Krueger Bammy Bourne Donna Hem Cynthia Carlson Mary Lou Hazzard Carolyn Shearman Barbara Thompson Pat Loftus ,Ioan Nickerson 91 f10ll2QQl'il1ll12l110l1S C1assuf'51 YOHKTOWN INDUSTRIES, Inc. LAKEWUUD, NEW YORK ALPHA ZETA FRATERNITY Sigma Chapter S1lN'1'l'1'Sl 1'0llQ1Ql'il1lI1Ll110IlS lo the Class of '51, Best wishvs In our gfililllil 1Dl'011l6l'SZ liill Christy Tom Nilllsl1l10ll I+.,- S. BIIl'S1l'0II1 11. Jnnvs J. Svorsv 11. CIIIWSUII B. Nlorun C. Sllf-111 17. 1"z11141inf' C. 1V10ran D. Wviglm 11. 110I1lf?l' ,l. Scorse J. Wiglvs CUNUliA'1'U1.A'l11UNS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 from NELS TEXACO SERVICE Uwncd and 111161111011 by MH. and MKS. NELS CARLSON 92 I. .I1 hnson. I"iy'sL row-IL l'l1.nk, R. l'al,Lon, K. Mong, T. MuCn,nn, J. Ilniloy, A. Svnlise, . A Poxull M Illllllillljl' B Vokvv A Purkvr J 'itrom Smvomi row-A. .-'kpznm-w, H. Ilonrun, l.. lirxnkloy. DvVere Mvllann Donald lrpley Kvitll Mong liivllarcl Patton Cm-ald P9ll"l'S0ll Willizlrii WlilSSlIltll1 Hurwy Logan ,.1 ... SIGMA GAMMA PHI Jack Bailey Milton Faulkner Bruce Colaey Dick Harrison .Alfred Parker liiifllklld Plank Arlee Powell Angelo Scalise . D. Lonley, IJ. Harrison. Arthur Agnew Larry Brinkley ,I0llll ,lolmson Framris Mallnrv Anton Ni5lllPillIl?l" Robert Plank Slwrwoocl Vinvvnt 93 BILL'S I-IOME BAKERY Home Made Bread -Nut Bread Danish Pastry - Dinner Rolls Birthday and Wedcliilg Cakes Birthday Specially Cookies and Cakes of All Kinds PHONE 5-111 FREED PLUMBING -16 Chautauqua AYPUIIP LAK Ii XV OO IJ 0'7" f--l'HONI'ZS- 2-QRS LAKEWOOD lJEl,ICfX'I'ESSEN 10:4 cHA1'TAnQI'A AVICNIYIC SO Long Congratulations to the Class of 'SI COLERA'S Joyce l'3'l"H LUNCHEONETTE Nancy, Lakewoorl's l'0lJlll21.l' Marilyn Edna SODA and SANDWICH BAR Congratulations to lhc Class of '51 LOUIS' MARKET Congratulations lo the Class of '51 MILES FOOD SHOP Pepper Rosie Peggy Marcia ,Iosie Best Wishes to I'1'is Doris Class of '51 Barlm Ellie from Ann BOBBY SOX CLUB Congratulations to the Class of '51 Clif-Z CELGRON FIRE DEPARTMENT CONGN ATU LATIONS 'VO TH E RHO DELTA PHI Dorothy Hullin Elaine Wilsfmll Nunvy Really Nlilfiilllllil Wloshm' Burlmru LZIQIIEIY joan Euston Lola Strom Carol l'zu'kcr Fl0l'1l Slfillligli-Ill Mary Healy MONCVS Red Sz White Crocery 53 Dunhanl Avvnue L vloron New York Complinwnts of tLEUHGl'I'S BLUE SUNOCO 529 Wvsl Third Sire-vt mme-stown, N. Y, Phono 72-931 Ops-n 24 hours UOlIlDlilllf'llfS from A FRI END THE MONARCH OFFICE SUPPLI ES, Inc. 111 East Socond Strc-vt PHONE 4-18-1 Jamestown New York C0lllDlilll0l1lS of Your Stationers PI PHI Celoron New York GEER-DUNN CO., Inc. Compliments of Ja""L'St0W" New York LEWIS' SERVICE STATION THIRD STREET HRDBERGVS BIG LITTLE STORE HOME BAKERY SWEDISH BAKED GOODS A Specialty GROCERIES - MEATS PHONE 5-oss Compliments Of RANE TOOL CC., Inc. Jamestown, New York 97 COIIIIDITHIVIITH of Nh-UlNl'l'Y-JO!INSUN 8 C0 Lmlgraxllllulums lu thc 302 mm SPOON' Smm , . , l'llll0t4lf wn Ne-w Y nl 111155 01 from the NORTH MAIN PHARMACY I Hliurnwx' Aol? IOTII Pllonc fll-723 C'o111plin1:-nw of A FRI END Cmnplinwntf of ERNEST LINDQUIST CUIIIIDITIIIKWITS of LINIYS MARKET llvsl VX'iHIws CUMl'l,l'I'I'l'l FOOD S'l'0l iIC 43312 lfuirlvmuunt JXYUIIIIK' Izllllvslowlm NOW York C0lllllITI11t'IllS of PAUL SWA,N7S Kendall Service CUIIIIDITIIIUIIIS of NOROLIQE HEBHKAH LOIJG E No. H0 CICLORON, N. Y. Nlevlillgs Zml unzl 4th VHllll'SflilV of 1 'x'0l'v month DON'S SERVICE STATION Blatt Bros. Complete Lubrication LAKEW OOD Tires, Tubes and DRIVEJN Accessories THEATRE Phone 65-555 Busti New York CONGRATULATIONS Best Wishes to the 1951 Graduating Class of the Southwestern Central School The CAMP ART CO. 121 VVest Furth Street Jamestown New York J. S HUSBAND Lakewood Red 81 White SUPER MARKET PAUL R. NELSON, Prop. LAWSON 81 WILBUR GENERAL MERCHANDISE and MEATS BUSH - New York Vlilnine llosie Ann Sally ii Harb Marcia Milly Mary Lnlwwood New York Congratulations Class of '51 from the LAKEWUOD SPORTS SHOP? Inc.. Lakewood New Yollx GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER, PI PHI FRATEHNIIY 101111-sl Nulionul Sc-1-omlary Fl'8lt'l'Illlf' in Continuous c-xistencc Fou ndoml in 1878 Wishes to Congratulate Its Graduating Members lolin Carlson Alain Fl1'liSll'0Ill liii,-Inu-fl I"orrest0r Presidonl, George Bralvy lforrvspomling Svc'1'4'lz11'y. C. l,ynn livyno 'llI'6ilHlll't'l', Anlliony Barom- Cllillllillll., .lznnes Nelson Sm-l'1-lazy, ,lilllll Olson Iolin Lovin lnvlx Larson ,lvrolcl lVlzu'lx Dennis lVlorun Douglas Nivlwrson Dnviil Anmlorson Kennc-ll: Nvlson ,lolni lVlagnnson Neil Magnuson ,Ianies Slillllll'l' Sam llcralce jzlvlx Penliol low Laivlflive' Sale-s lioss Sliivklcr Peter Swanson Thonms SWCill'llIg6lI David Truax Bruce Turner Haynionfl WiIl'lll'xl' 100 BULBS - SHRUBS - PLANTS 7 EVERGREENS THE GARDEN SPOT Landscape Service Complete Funeral Service Cut Flowers and Potted Plants Telephone Lakewood 4-812 374 East Fairmount Avenue Route 17J Lakewood, N. Y. Compliments of ADAMS CLEANERS KERMIT BARKMAN AUTO REPAIRING Hendrickson Tea Room Dinner Served from 5:00-7:30 We Cater to PARTIES and RECEPTIONS Luncheons and a la Carte from BROWN,S GROCERY "On the Boulevardv MEATS - FROZEN FOODS BEER - MAGAZINES 12:00-2:30 Tl h 21-21 19 Fairmount Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. eep one 5 Phone 6-756 Closed Monday 52 Boulevard Celoron, N. Y HERMAN KENT POST, No. 777 American Legion "OUR MOTTO" Service to the Community, State, Nation "OUR GOAL" A One Hundred Per Cent Americanism 101 ,IAIVI ESTOWN BUSINESS COLLEGE Olle-rs Coursvs Ill Am-ounling Sf'l'l't'lill'IilI Medical Suu1'c'lz11'iuI O Inn-nsivo Sunxnwr Ooursv 111 SIlOI'IIliIlllI and Typing I For IlIfOI'lllillI0ll zuldrvss JAM ESTOWN BUSINESS COI ,LECE 17 Clwrry Sl, Jamestown, N, Y. PHONE 4-R52 T RIANCLE CLEANERS COllg.'QI'llIIlIillIOllS to the Class of '51 PHONE La kewood 4-394- QUALITY MASTER For All Your Foods and Eats IVIIOZEN Foods -- M0211 - Vvgetulrlc-5 Celoron New York 1 'w - f,OIlgIQl'ilI.llIilIIOIIH to IIN' Class of 51 IOHNNIEIS PR ESS SHOP 203 We-st Third Street COIIIIDIIHI-'ITIS of A FRIEND HUB LeROY,S RICHFII+II.D STATION 86 Steelo Sirvet Jamestown, N, Y. BRAKES OVERHAVLS COLLINS' SPORT SHOP 109 IC. Third SI. Jamestown, Y. PHONE 5-82 noon LVCK. CLASS 01-' 1951 FAIRIVIOUNT FOOD STORE wax , v : Y bf! + --i,'J,1 . 4 Aff -EE -g -.-,Aw M, ' ' , V191 1, ' A 'ff ' si' ' '-mr ,A Q .., if M we J hr Q M5 Q pl , pfi , Q 7 if' JN ...lf- 5 IN LAKEVVOOD - I'I"S l.AIIIII'I'SON'S COFFICIE SHOP I'I-IONIC 2-mn COIIHVZIIIIIIIIIOIIS from A FRIEND HIZIQLIVIAIVS COIIQIYIIIIIQIIIOIIS Io the Class of 751 SUMMIT THEATRE ALWAYS A GOOD SHOW IENK INS Smooth-Tex ICF CR FAIVI R A D 'S IIAIIIIWARIC II 5 Cha llllillqllil Ax'0l1l1v I,akcwuocI. N. Y. R. W. CRICE RED 84 WHITIC STORE GROCIGRIIGS '-f' -GAS OIL Busti Ne-w York COIUIITIIIIIZIIIOIIS Class ot' '51 THOIVIPSON'S CROCICRY Compliments of YOUNG'S DRY CLEANING 219 Eztst, Second St.. Jamnestown, N. Y. Compliments of H ARVEY 81 CAREY DRUG STORE 9 South Main St. Brooklyn Square Best Wishes SINGER SEWING MACHINE Co. I4 EAST THIRD ST. Jamestown New York Congratulations to the Class of ,51 APPLE INN DINNERS BANQUETS RECEPTIONS FRED SCHUTZ, Prop. Compliments of Seiloerg's Cream Top Dairy 24 South Allegheny Avenue Jamestown New York Phone 4-778 105 Compliments of The Celeron Fire Besl Wishes to the Claw of ul 7 Y Department DAY I5 Auxiliary DRUM" STORES S. E. Spicer. M. L. Howalcl F. H. Gardner, Proprzetors ST TB ROLPH, l'I'0D. 1 VVes1 Main S-'t., Falconer 'NI BI Eli - ICE CREAM PHONE 54-125 l Rocl RIES and COLD MEATS 214 Fairniouni. Ave., Jumefaiown N 159 Dunham Avenue PHONE 94955 Cmloxon New York KAPPA ZETA CHI SOHORITY Sue B. Delores S. Jane Ann P. Belly F. Norma A. Bonnie Nl. Delores E. Elizalleth H. Beverly S. Donna C. Ruth Ann J. Barlmaru B. Joyce A. Betty S. Mary ,lane Betty B. Charlene ,l Priscilla E Patty B. Joan J. Karen E. lVlarjorie S. H C ongratulations to the Class of '51 LAKEWOOD BARBER SHOP LOUIS M. ACQUISTO 106 CHAUTAUQUA AVENUE FRANK WESCOTT GULF SERVICE SllCl'mi1l1,S Bay PHONE 2-2 3 3 CONSERVATION PLEDGE I give my pledge as an American to save, and faithfully to defend from waste, the natural re- sources of my country- its soil and minerals, its forests, waters and wild life. LAKEWOOD ROD 81 GUN CLUB, Inc. ' Lakewood, New York PHI DELTA TAU Allene Barli Marilyn Doris Donna Bev Maryann Bobby Eileen Marcia Kathy ,Io Pepper Bugs ,lan Ann Ginger Peggi' Ely Congratulations to the Class of '51 107 CRANDALL DAIRY BAR ART'S FRIENDLY SERVICE ASHVILLE, NENV YORK LLOYDIS STORE ASHVILLIC. N. Y. Sl-LURFINE GROCERIES MEATS -- DRY GOODS HARDWARE Member Triamgle Grocers PHONE Lakewood 5-037 TRIANGLE CLEANERS Congratulations to the Class of ,51 PHONE Lakewood 6-854 Congratulations to the Class of '51 THE TRADING POST HAR DWARE, PLUMBING and APPLIANCES Lakewood Drug Store Geo. L. Barone, R.Ph. PHONE 7-375 110-112 Chaut, Ave., Lakewood, N. Y. Congratulations Class of ,51 Lakewood Friendly Service Lakewood Q New York 108 F LAWSON'S BARBER SHOP and BILLIARDS Celoron New York COIl1DlllI16l1l.S of JOHNNY VAN PRESS SHOP Congratulations to the Class of '51 HALLIN G-HOCERY 90 Woodworth Avenue Jamestown Best Wishes Class of '51 CARNAHAN'S jamestowrfs Largest Store for Men and Boys WERNER-ROOS Catering Parties Large or Small PHONE 8-134 218 West Third Sl.. Jamestown N. Y COlllplill16l1l,S of a JAMESTOWN RETAILER BEST WISHES FROM CLAIR'S DINERETTE 103 N. Main St. Jamestown, N. Y Compliments of NOBM ROBINSON Kendall Service Iixw-l'I Wzxivh :xml Pluck li1'11z1il'111f' LYNN .ll'1XX'lCl.liY P. I0 IC. S1-emu! Sl, J2lIIl1'SIUWIl. N. X. Ilunlilron, I-Ilzin :lnrl tiruvn XYuIChes IHRIIIIUIHIS :xml .lr-we-lry f:0llQ1I'illlIlilliUll5 and lies! ICNlLl,I'I'S IHClIl"IlCl,lJ n1cs'I' IN TOWN Wishes lo the Class of '31 I1 lfzlilwio-w Au-, .IZIIIIUSIUVVII N. Y. Womenfs Society of w j 1 1 w iw . . D c'hhBNIM'HT c,hl'ISfl21l'l Service X1 1 CRUCMHY "ULUOlVlS'l'HAND IKIUFST CI-IOCICIQIICS ff IVIICATS Column Wlelhodisi ClIlIl'l'll COLD ,ISICICIK hum- 5-STI! Lzlke-wood, N. Y. JA M ICSTUWN COMM U N ITY Cl JLl ,HUF 0 IT e 1' s two ye-urs ul' 4-UII1-ge work in lilwrul urls. pre-professiolml or . . r Q l4'l',lllI1'ill slllrlevls. Hle luiliun is lnmlesl. 'Hn' ITl'0gl'ilIlI is slip:-l'x'ls4-ml lux' llu'5la1le l.111x'e1'sl1v ol New Mmrk. ASS0l'liltf' Ill .Kris and .'XSSU4'lill1' ln Applied bl'lt'lll'l' llt'QIl'l't'S awardecl lo fgllulified yQI'iHllIlll1'5. T50 Plus! Sa-1-um! Sr .I2llll1'Sl0NN'l1, N1-w York Phono R-964 IIO Best Wishes to the Class of '51 AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Herman Kent No. 777 Post, L. D. ROWE Formerly Haag's Canteen M EATS--FROGERIESfsGAS-ICE Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments MALLAR E'S RESTAURANT Lakewood Road Home of Good Foods SPACHETTI - STEAKS and CUTLETS I-'ISH FRIDAY and SATURDAY 7 Compliments of WEAKLEY--OIJSUN 111 -11 ES ' E1 Ollier Again amiliar and reassuring slogan AMlLlAR...h2CdllSE it has appeared in usands of the couniry's finest year- oks or the pas! half century. R1aAssuRlNo...because ilxase years of specialized experience bring complete service, outstanding quality and de- pendable delivery to the yearbook stalls will: whom we work. + JAHN ar OLLIER ENCRAVINC CO. 817 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7, llllnols 2 -- -- In 2- -- 112 Congratulations to the Class of 751 from The Lakewood Business Association MILDREUS HOME LUNCH SANDWIICHES - SHORT ORDERS' SUNDAES - MILK SHAKES Compliments of Ashville New York CARLSON BROS? ARTS FRIENDLY SERVICE DAIRY ASHVILLE, NEW YORK W. W. BoERsT Opiician MORSE GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS Ashville New York Phone Lakewood 5-427 COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE Phone 55-101. 7 West Second St. Jamestown, N, ASHVILLE G.L.F. FEED MILL Host Wislws to the Class of '51 "BIG SIKEH COll!Jl'ZlIllIillI0llS to the Class ot' '51 from H0l,LICNBIiCK'S CONGIIATUIIATIONS' TO Tlllfl CLASS OF '51 A FRIEND BIG TR EE RESTAURANT FAI RMOI INI' AVENIIIC Lakewood New York IN APPRECIATION The I95I Centralian StafT wishes to express its grat- itude to those people who have co-operated in the publication of this Your Book. Best Wishes to Class of 1951 LAKEWOOD ALLEYS One of the Newest Recrvation Centers in Wostorn New York State. COME and BOWL, FOR HEALTH and FUN Props. Frank and Smitty HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS COMPLETE SERVICE IN ONE PLANT LAYOUT - ENGRAVING - PRINTING fx X.. I L,I L h Ai LNN' 'I I' I ' - I " :T-xi? V- ' xx v . 5.1 izjiy. rn ' -unifivfwri Qi' Q43 In 'a I I FHM mu it PIII I5 V17 'W 125 if , ' ' , PRINTING f-' ADVERTISING PUBLISHING ir PRI-AD CORPORATION Pri-Ad Building Fourth at Clinton Jamestown, New York 1 ' 1 l , l i Ai 115 acknowledgements Photographs for division pages taken by Vivien Lawson and Carol Parker. Persons appearing in division page photographs: Administration-Principal Mathewson, Principal Rood. Seniors-Gerald Peterson, Donna Northrop. Classes--Nancy Beaty, john Carlson. Activities-Priscilla Bailey, Alfred Parker. Sports-Gerald Clark, Richard Allen. Advertising-Robert Schneider, Charles Vogt. Block prints on division pages were made by Marilyn Wescott, Virginia Anderson and Donald Lepley. Group photographs were taken by Camp Art Co., Jamestown, New York. Engravings were made by .Iahn and Ollier, Chicago, Illinois. Printing was done by Pri-Ad Corp., Jamestown, New York. Covers were from Kingsport Press, Kingsport, Tennessee. l'hotmi shown un pages 44. -15: Top row-Cuinrun Library English IV, arts end crafts, child care Su-und rcwv-Hunw manazenirnt, physics. 'Tliiril row-Merlicnl Ofliec, suvrvtarinl practice, Lakewood lrus prarig- used as class rooms for grades 5 nnil li, industrial arts. 116 RWM ,ww , ,J yu. "w."',v:Iu"-W 1: N , vw ' 1 f W I X 1-YV T: , mf- Wi! Nm X xx W.. 'PT IV' nu M X 5 . 1 WJ ', 1 L f f riff' wa .' L., -v A .. I i amMy w My v wf iw vM , 'VN' "' xx ww -HMX5 v' ,1 '!1m" ' ' A .M , . 9 i V ,h L '4 1 ti vw W ww 1,- ,m.w,W, ww' :M 1' UN N In , i MW, 2 ,V L, w,,., W ,,. um-:L 1' ik'-'gin MN ' W 'nl lygwxggafxx M 'QSM 'M F 'wistf ' ljlg ' I 'L 5 M7,f W WHOWJ1' l .Q ww - .. Nl, U.. X1 , ' ' 3 ' , N ' '1" ' V ' .Q w 'N , ' 1"',' .HW fLfw'3w'yf11r M f D21 + y 19 l f + N, W 1 ,.w,,,,Nw, w, -wut N ,.1 .11 DOW f ,, ,fd 51' y. X 'Win X6 ty Q- 'lip-,. ' !EmwW"'?WQ 5i"S1'11QQ114'N'f'LIl,, , 1 ,v'qN'F'W'3'3:'V 'M 4 MlmwdqWW , M wpmm V A W1 N I N,,Qnd1N1l!.,,f M W, U W W, u Q -ww - M m.9Lxxf',' g "Q , , Wmwwd' is ig xc 'pc V 1 + + f O :MX UW I ,xx U - 1 .-.. ,W v- .. F' !?1'1:'vfw ,L 1. . .144 2: Vl . , ' W" "!'N lx 11151, 4717 4 0 ' "' B' V1 mn' F -yy, My ,v.M,-MA, W 5 ks, ff-bf., it GY:-il Jw f'f , ff ' 1. . f-iff , wb -"F Y wg 'L !!!'W " 'I ,N , A.A q- U h X- D ! ' L W 'Q ' fj- f ' L 'I A' W-1 av v? I i x I N M W, Mg - Ee 37' O p H ' ' Y" q"4-VK , PIWQL Ir X 4 L-A - a LSCUQH7 Sk-ilga l x, ww fMf w n. Lai fl , ggi - .1 .Eu :as yu + '- 1' W" "www ww, W W 1 w'w-we M111Wm5!1,N.wxSwn: , .. -w-, N ,- ,M-N ,.,HwwWgLQMfNmwNMM' M r , 1 .. sl. 'B A, " lu! J N WM , . + M ,1 f vw - ++ l + b gx W 1 ' U '!! Nxxl .IF fsylyjogg . ov Qffd W1Q1fjffi X' X , , f 5gx + : ,H w, W, we ,, Mm, M NwwW,,w ' 3 ,mxxhx , , whJmWNwVwmM,wgJ W N X W 4 ' , 'ha-' - iv' 1 ,Umm xr if "W 1wW'w'x , V , , uw M , V ,,. X W. w,,,:,.w., M ,w , 1.1 + ,ww'L 1 wvnww '?'Yyw11 . h1yfw- sw ' , 5 ,J AWN ,Twin v X -gggg ff . .Vg . W 155 , ' . -w -' '- , fp l QIH5'?wg, 1 L.-YET: if Yvfx Qfq , , X ,Nw H , , Y llqu, 'LWQN-1,-'N' , ' W X ' " wg' ' 5' "?'Q,"' z,'P'g:,iPMQ:,1",,:,'V'fx. 'fi , 1. 9 , 'Q Q, " H ' IW'W,,J'wUuwWH' , I t U J ' uma 'N ' N A au Sr W 1?-"-N M-.,.WF'g.1 " I ' . ., 1 V -ff M ' " 1 pk Plnwvi fa: nn, A 5, -- rf' 'LC " ' K4 1 gr we uj ,,. A - k N ,,,, , A' ' "M"'14-Lin!" -b " , - , 'f ,' - A wmwwwmwmmVwwW.w. 'mwMWNV ' Wwh'H Q , ' 1 " ' EWJMANM mwwMHv,M!v w -N www v, w , 5,. M vwkwwvfhw w:153',331"3I"i"1iNgm' '.,4i1U0W'W2 , ' f ,W ' " W w, 1 " fwm ew+W1 ,Y 4 1, 1 ' . K , ' wing, MQ M64 -f V in -E5-?"J:,g,gg5 ' . Q f:,' 4 QQ 2.14 A' ,QLQQ 532'-1 P- i S' 55--, LV pi., ' - n ,. ' 41, .Y - H .Y ' f . 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I..-1" . --Q ,1'.e.'.f- ,- -V ' "-'-:Rx -as 'N-N -A Q vnu- ' -. 1 ,A ."- A A-fm. . A 1, N4 5. Y V - rw f-L, x " ' , Hn N . , ,A "JMB ...,ux:-g9"""'!"-, A A, ' X X A Tb- V , SX ' 'gguxhk . IN ' N 1 V .- I YJ: Q .49"'1X X -.. .-X, T- - X .At ,- My , , l ' W-A P5-S - . 'J 2 '-- .f-- - .- ,M - ,N R , :xl M- , A ff N . -- 1' ,V-K A -, .Q S- 1, -Y ."- q,:'.N N , , - ' 11 - 'fl'T"iJ' - L, ra: ' - 4- X - , ,A - V -..,,.. + - - -' -Q ,. A 'A -4 X- '- 1 4, , ,N 'J xi:-Ns-. K S ' , V fi A ' ""s. I 1 i i 2, , -pf X . -'G ,fluqbh-'e-.., wr- -, XX" 5 ' 1-J .R ' K. ui. Q 4 ' L,',,,4'f 'Q wp' 4 if 2' N 4 'K ' K . 1 -x , ,Am 'um ' A" X .A' lx ,,., A--f ,, -3. . ,, -T Ye 'fag 1 -,-1 fi --fm f ff ' ,. f -If "' E433 J, -5 'I' 1'-"'.', Q' .,--, , .- 'E , "W, . v ' . 1- zu. ' '-' ' A- ig-'if 4 Vw J-., . it 2.. .' 'fn-"X, 421.- X. xb 4 , . :A , , 1 n ,-4 sh I-J' ' 4 1- 3,- NN . i V .gf -.,. V A "K Q. v, 4 A ' " - -,U M -'H-7 1 RK ' -f . '-ad --' - '-...A in ,Inf 'Hifi 92 F-'J

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