Southport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN)

 - Class of 1962

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Southport High School - Anchor Yearbook (Indianapolis, IN) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 118 of 144
Page 118 of 144

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Page 118 text:

SENIOR INDEX Abney, Mildred: Booster Club Adams, Janet: Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Beg, Adv. Latin Club, G.AA., Booster Club, Pep Club, Comm. Usherette, Sen- ior-ority. Int. Volleyball basketball Adams, Bob: Booster Club — pres.. Honor Society, Purdue Legis. Assem., Expedi- tion Into Knowledge Panel, Bacc. Comm. Usher, Student Council — state conv., Lettermen ' s Club, Soph. Class — vice-pres.. Football Co-capt., Var. Foot- ball, Wrestling, Res. Baseball, Football, Wrestling, All-County All-Conf. Football Akeman, Eddie: Hi-Y — historian. Booster Club, Library Club, Frosh Track, Int. Basketball, Int. Official, Track, Jr. Red Cross, Model U. N,, Library Assis. Albaugh, Mike: Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross, Frosh Track, Int. Basketball, Outdoor Life Club Aliff, Steve: Frosh Res. Baseball, Int. Basketball, Booster Club, Outdoor Life Club, Int. Official, Photo Club Altman, Gladys: Dolphinettes — narr. of Wa- ter Show, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Sen- ior-ority, F.B.L.A., Booster Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Play Anderson, Rick: Lettermen ' s Club, Track, Cross-Country, Hi-Y — vice-pres.. Model U.N., Astronomy Club, Phy-Chem, Int. Basketball, Beg. Math Club, Booster Club, Braden ' s Raiders, Comm. Bacc. Usher, Teen Council, Jr. Red Cross, Li- brary Club Arthur, Carol: G.A.A., F.B.L.A., Choir, Spring Music Fest., Pep Club, Choral Fest., Easter Sunrise Serv., Booster Club Ashley, Gail: Choir, Booster Club, " Cas- uals, " Senior-ority, G.A.A. Askin, Carolyn: F.B.L.A., Senior-ority, G.A.A., Chess Club, Booster Club, Pep Club, Teacher ' s Sec, Office Girl Askin, Lois: G.A.A. , Beg. Photo Club, Pep Club, Booster Club Bailey, Larry: Var. Swimming Team, Cross Country, Booster Club, Outdoor Life Club, Jr. Red Cross Ball, Kathy: Cardinalettes, Homecoming Queen Cand., F.B.L.A. — chapter report- er. Student Council, Senior-ority, G.A.A., F.T.A., Pep Club, Booster Club, Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Teacher ' s Sec, State Fair Marching Cont. Ballard, James: Booster Club 114 Barker, Mary Jo: Journal Staff — assis. News Editor Ent. Column, Adv. Choir, Mixed Octet, Girl ' s Sextet, Dist. Music Cont. — first, State Music Cont. — sec. Quill Scroll, County Choral Fest., Spring Mus- ic Fest., Easter Sunrise Serv., Talent Show, Christmas Prog. — soloist. Alpha Beta Tri-Hy-Y, Model U.N., G.A.A. — volleyball capt., F.H.B., Pep Club, Boo- ster Club, Jr. Red Cross, Senior-ority. Barkhaus, Robert: Var. Swimming, Letter- men ' s Club, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Beg. Math Club Barnd, Patricia: G.A.A., Beg. Math Club, Library Club, Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Boo- ster Club, Spanish Club, H.S.L.A., BO, O.K. Barnhill, Gloria: Cardinalettes — pres., Beg. Photo Club — vice-pres.. Cadet Teacher, Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A., Biology Club, Pep Club, Booster Club, Art Club, F.T.A., F.B.L.A., Senior-ority, Dramatics Club, Easter Sunrise Serv. — usherette. Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, State Fair Band Cont., S.C.C. Band Cont., Muncie Cent. Band Cont., Tech — 1 yr. Beatty, Jack: F.F.A., Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross Beder, Linda: Senior-ority, Booster Club, G.AA, Beier, Bill: Swimming Team — capt,. Letter men ' s Club, Booster Club Bell, John: Tech — 2 yrs,, Jr, Red Cross, Booster Club Bennett, Stephen: Baseball, Cross-Country, Lettermen ' s Club, Band, Orchestra, State Fair Band Cont,, Cent, Ind. Band Cont.,, Dis. Solo Ensem, Cont., Mid- State Orch., Cardinalaires, Frosh Int. Basketball, Adv. Math Club, Phy-Chem, Student Council Berger, Sharon J.: G.A.A., F.H.B. — pres., Senior-ority, Booster Club, Pep Club, Franklin Twp. — 1 yr. Bertram, Donna: Broad Ripple High School — 2 yrs.. Booster Club Betzler, Susan: F.B.L.A. — treas., G.A.A., Senior-ority, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Bi- ology Club, Booster Club, Pep Club, Int. Basketball Volleyball Bland, William: Outdoor Life Club — vice- pres., Bacc. Comm. Usher, Int. Bas- ketball Capt., Photo Club, German Club, Booster Club Blubaugh, Barbara: Honor Society — treas.. Quill Scroll, Anchor Staff — advertis- ing. Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Beg. Adv. Math Club, Phy-Chem Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y — sec. Model U.N., Booster Club, Pep Club, Jr. Red Cross, Alg. Comp. Math Cont., Teacher ' s Sec, G.A.A. — volleyball capt., Comm. Ush- erette Boggs, Steven; Chess Club, Astronomy Club, Radio Club, Booster Club Boone, Marsha Kay: G.A.A,, Senior-ority, Pep Club, French Club — vice-pres,, Art Club — sec, Jr. Sr. F.H.B., Jr. Red Cross, Booster Club Bowers, Nancy: Bacc Usherette, F.T.A., G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Medicii, Booster Club Pep Club, Beg, Math Club, Choir, Easter Sunrise Serv., County Choral Spring Music Fest., Talent Show Brandenburg, Thomas: Astronomy Club pres., Phy-Chem Club — vice-pres.. Adv. Math Club, Ind. State Math Cont., Int. Basketball Bridenstine, James: Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, F.T.A., Hi-Y, Frosh Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Var, Res. Basket- ball Briner, Charles: Traffic Ciub, Photo Club, Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross, Proj. Op- erator Brink, Sandra: Dolphinettes — sec. Beg. Adv. Math Club, German Club, F.T.A., G.A.A. — volleyball capt. swimming. Booster Club, Pep Club, Senior-ority, Choir, Easter Sunrise Serv., Bacc. Comm. Choral Fest. Brooks, Bob: Booster Club, Outdoor Life Club, Hi-Y, Photo Club Bullard, Linda: Biology Club, Pep Band, G.A.A,, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Ger- man Club, Senior-ority, Booster Club, Anchor Staff Burk, Cheri: Student Council, Senior-ority, Pep Club, Booster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Easter Sunrise Serv. — usherette, Bacc. — ush- erette. Senior Play — usherette, Jr. Red Cross Burkhart, Christine: Biology Club — pres.. Pep Club, Booster Club, F.T.A., Senior- ority, G.AA., Swimming — sports head, Bacc. Usherette, Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Senior Play Burkert, Richard: Football, Spanish Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Int. Basketball, Stu- dent Council, Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross Burnett, Judy: Senior-ority, Alpha Tri-Hj-Y, G.A.A., Teacher ' s Sec, F.H.B., Booster Club, Manual High School — 1 ' 2 yrs. Burnette, Tom: F.F.A., Booster Club, Int. Basketball Burnette, Stanley: F.F.A., Int. Basketball Bush, Karen: Booster Club, G.A.A., Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Muncie, Shelby- ville, State Fair Marching Cont., Sen- ior-ority, F.T.A., Teacher ' s Sec, Student Council, German Club, Senior Play — usherette, Jr, Home Room Rep., Library Club

Page 117 text:

3, ntrantiirals This year ' s inlramural sports program attracted more direction of Chuck Robbins enjoyed the opportunity than 400 participants in basi etball and swimming, to compete. The competition was hard fought, but The boys organized their own teams and under the everyone had fun. The captains of the basketball teams are shown with Chuck Robbins,

Page 119 text:

Senior Index Continued Cameron, Robert: Frosh Cross Country, Bas- ketball Track, Res. Var. ross Coun- try, Res. Basketball, Res. Var. Track, Lettermen ' s Club, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Booster Club, Int. Basketball, Jr. Red Cross Cannon, Alma: F.B.L.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Senior-orjty, Booster Club, Spanish Club Carmichael, James: French Club, Booster Club, Wrestling Cauble, Larry: Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Booster Club, Senior Play, Int. Baskteball, Int. Official, Braden ' s Raiders Caughey, James: F.F.A,, Booster Club Cessna, Claudia: Our Lady of Grace — I yr.. Beg. Photo Club — sec. Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Beg. Adv. Spanish Club, F.T.A., G.A.A., Booster Club, Senior Play — u-sherette, Dist. State Solo Ensem. Cont., Easter Sunrise Serv., Or- chestra Chllders, Suelynne: Thespians, Dramatics Club, F.T.A. , Biciogy Club, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Sen- ior-ority. Anchor Sales Staff, Talent Show, Easter Sunrise Serv., Booster Club, Orchestra, I.U. Music Clinic, Mid-State Orchestra Fest., Dist. State Solo Ensemb. Cont, Spring Music Fest., Christmas Concert, Amercian Leg. Or- atorical Cont., Dist. Poetry Interpreta- tion Cont. Christy, John: Track, Cross Country, Booster Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Jr. Red Cross, Int. Basketball, Boy ' s Cheer Block Circle, Roy: Beg. Adv. Math Club, Phy- Chem Club, Radio Club, Tennis, Band, Booster Club, Int. Basketball Clark, Carol: Senior-ority, F.T.A., G.A.A., Pep Club, Beg. Math Club, Spanish Club, Booster Club Coker, Lynn: Booster Club, Photo Club, Sen- ior-ority, G.A.A. — volleyball, F.B.L.A., F.T.A., Journal Staff, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Bacc. Usherette, Journalism Day — Ball State Coleman, Larry: Stagecrafter ' s Club, Bra- den ' s Raiders, Booster Club, Photo Club Collins, Isaac: Beg. Photo Club, Booster Club Commons, Charles: Var. Res. Swimming Team, Spanish Club, Int. Swimming, Traffic Club, Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross Compton, Georgeana: F.B.L.A., Senior-ority, G.A.A , Pep Club, Booster Club, Span- ish Club Condrey, Rande: Medicii, Outdoor Life Club, Jr. Red Cross, Hi-Y Conover, Larry: Booster Club Coombs, Martha: Beg. Adv. Math Club, Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Anchor Staff, Anchor Sales Staff, G.A.A. — volleyball capt., F.T.A., Senior-ority, Medicii, Pep Club, Booster Club, Biology Club, F.H.B., Jr. Red Cross Rep., Easter Sunrise Serv., Bacc. Usherette Coonce, Joann: Senior-ority, Booster Club, Dolphinettes, Pep Club, Art Club, Bi- ology Club, F.B.L.A., G.A.A., G.A.A. — official, Tri-Hi-Y, Band Coy, Pruda: Booster Club Critzer, James: Var. Basketball Baseball Man., Booster Club Cunningham, Linda: Beta Tri-Hy-Y — pres., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y — vice-pres., Senior-ority — treas.. Quill Scroll — vice-pres., Pep Club, Booster Club, Jr. Red Cross Rep., Anchor Staff, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, G.A.A., Model U.N,, Gavel Club, Sen- ior Play, Easter Sunrise Serv. — usherette, Medicii Curson, Darlene: F.B.L.A., Senior-ority, Art Club, Tn-Hi-Y, Pep Club, G.A.A., Boo- ster Club, Comm. Usherette Curtis, John: Hi-Y, Jr. Red Cross, Booster Club, Frosh Res. Track Dallas, Cleo: F.B.L.A., Photo Club, Sprocket Jockey, Hi-Y, Booster Club, Art Club Dampier, Carol: F.B.L.A. — pres., Thespians, Senior Play, Dramatics Club, Senior- ority, Teacher ' s Sec, Biology Club, Beg. Adv. Photo Club, Booster Club, Pep Club, G.A.A., Jr. Red Cross Daniels, Joseph Marion: Student Council, National Merit Scholarship Cont. — fi- nalist, Anchor Staff, Phy-Chem Club, Chess Club, Astronomy Club, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Senior Play, Expedition Into Knowledge Panel, National Youth Conf. on the Atom, Booster Club, De- bate Team Darko, Suzanne: Senior-onty — vice-pres., Thespians, Dramatics Club, Senior Play, Purdue Legis. Assem., Interscholastic Debate, F.T.A., G.A.A. — volleyball capt., Beg. Latin Club, Biology Club, Choir, Marion Co. Choral Fest., Spring Music Fest., Solo Cont., Booster Club, Pep Club, Journal Staff Davee, Ronald: Booster Club, Int. Basket- ball, Hi-Y Davis, Vicki: Cardinalettes — pres., Spanish Club — pres., Medicii, G.A.A., Tri-Hi-Y treas.. Miss Scrimmage Cand., Miss Friendship Cand., Miss Personality Cand., Beg. Math Club — sec-treas., Senior- ority, Student Council, Booster Club, Pep Club, Easter Sunrise Serv., Teach- er ' s Sec, F.T.A., Model U.N. Dean, Janet: G.A.A., Senior-ority, Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Quill Scroll — sec, Beg. Adv. Latin Club, Pep Club, Booster Club, Journal Staff, Teen Star Rep., Teacher ' s Sec, Cadet Teacher, Int. Volleyball, F.T.A., Bacc. Usherette, Guidance Sec. Dowell, Charles: Outdoor Life Club Booster Club Dresslar, Judy: F.T.A. — prog, chair.. Band Easter Sunrise Serv. — usherette, Senior- ority, G.A.A. — volleyball. Pep Club, Booster Club, Spanish Club, Library Club, State Fair Muncie Marching Con. Eggerding, Betty: Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.T.A., Booster Club, Pep Club, Senior Play, Comm. Usherette, Senior-ority, Guid- ance Sec, Volleyball capt. Elliot, Nancy; Senior-ority, Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A. Pep Club, Booster Club, G.A.A., Teach- er ' s Sec. Ellis, Joyce: Senior-ority, G.A.A. Biology Art Club — pres.. Booster Club, F.H.B. Embry, Wiley: Manual — 2 yrs.. Outdoor Life Club, Int. Basketball, Football, Track, Lettermen ' s Club Engle, Carlos: Booster Club, Chess Club, Jr. Red Cross, Journal Staff — asst. Bus. Man. Ensslin, Edwin: Booster Club, Art Club Euler, Kathy: Anchor Staff, Beta Tri-Hi-Y — treas., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Senior-ority, F.T.A, G.A.A. — volleyball capt.. Pep Club, Booster Club, Comm. Usherette, Beg. Math Club, Cadet Teacher, Stu- dent Council, Officals Club, Model U.N., Pineapple Princess Cand. Fancher, John: Outdoor Life Club Fannin, Vickie: Tech — I Vli yrs.. Booster Club, Senior-ority Farmer, Steve: Warren Cent. — 2 yrs.. Foot- ball, Booster Club, Int. Basketball Ferguson, Charlie: Sarasota High — 2 yrs.. Booster Club, Hi-Y, Senior Play, Int. Basketball Fisher, Mike: Choir — pres.. Alpha Hi-Y — vice-pres.. Anchor Photographer, Beg. Photo Club, German Club, Booster Club, Boy ' s Octet, Model U.N., County Choral Fest., Easter Sunrise Serv., Dist. Solo Ensemble Cont. Fitzwater, Jeri Ann: Senior-ority, Senior Play, Comm. Usherette, G.A.A., Alpha Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club, Booster Club, F.T.A., Spanish Club, Official ' s Club, Model U.N., Jr. Red Cross Fleetwood, Fred: Var. Basketball, Football Baseball, Booster Club, Spanish Club, Lettermen ' s Club, F.T.A. — -treas., Jr. Red Cross, Bacc. Usher, Outdoor Life Club, Coconut King Cand. 15

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