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' 5 f" 'l'V"'iE1i'lV5V .QE.f2VV'i?i'i5Qi1jggggg5fii." gg Vu 1' ' ,V YV-1f7V3,,1555.ug5:152f,.gkg5z...ez ' ,, ,, .fam M VVV-,VV.w::szzsezgsS2 M ' AND 1968 ws-www Am W, fffwf- W4 fy. vw 'ffl' .v MMM W f ,4 mx -M' 13 mix, if Q W:-24 l 1 J A L1 ,. fyiggrgif,-:'i-X Xl 'ya ' ,-Z, I ,. ,xgvm-an , . , Qi-:AW-if 'c Take time to be friendly: it is the way to happiness Take time to looks it is the price of success. Take time to reads it is the source of wisdom. Take time to think: it is a source of power. Take time to laugh: it is the music of the soul. We hold the present in our hands, hands that p together new that gather the fruits of 0,0 HIG Aqsmfcfg, 3 is Q-me-z' 9 as o o 'N' t shaeee s 1 s 22astl m essa j 9' 'woe oz Q X talet s s 5 The vaults of the past tower over us, and, walking in their shadows, in awe, we turn to face the empty space of the future QLD HIQ A493510 ss he r 5 -fs Q 66 CD 5 0 l"' 1 S , 19090 M 9 'fr Q9 HFIEL0 'x4, 5 ,aa 1 1 X ,W iff is H an .R .ni sw' , Q Q " .. . - 1 10 And then I began to move faster and faster, giving the world a whirl, spinning into tomorrow... QLD WG o ,f Q fl 8' , GQ, Q 0 O 'D H is rg 'Q ef - '90 Qfmw -I" 0 'YFIELD 11 12 Education should be as gradual as the moonrlse perceptible not in progress but ln result. George Melville ss U f X if se, s As Q fa, . Q, - worewm K 6. 'fr Q9 HFIELU Academics -1 W? ff x Nancy Knight, a guide for Parents' Night, goes over the brochure with the principal, Mr. Robert E. Hall. 16 Helpful fa sf-., M CF' xx' ww "T"h Mrs. Jensen Shows Si Guidance Is Uffered by Board and Administration The Board and Administration play a very important role in the function of Southfield High School. To keep the school running smoothly, the board collaborates with the administration to provide a healthy and moral atmosphere for the students. With a firm yet understanding hand, the board and administration guide Southfield students in an able and competent manner. Keeping the 3,000 students in a productive routine, 140 faculty members work diligently to provide the proper education. Teacher and student have worked industriously to give Southfield its high rating. Part of the function of the Board is to hire instructors, levy school taxes, make the general education policy, and appropriate funds. Added to the busy schedule of the Board was the comple- tion of the new Southfield-Lathrup High School.. The 1967-68 Board of Education meets frequently to discuss school problems and functions. MI' Burr U16 HlC6HdaHC9 FGPOUS Mr Frshbeck and Mrs. Lutz take time out from their busy day to chat. 17 MW,,W.wm . my K 9 wwffqi. W-. .5 Ny wi' 4 House '0' Counselors Solve Students' Problems 35 li. 4-iff 0003 ABOVE: Mr. Frederick Goldberg fills out student attendance forms, just one of the many records which counselors must accurately keep. LEFT: Mr. William Wright spends some time with Nicki Roth to help her decide future college plans. BELOW: As a part of his busy day, Mr. Cecil Foote uses the telephone to speak to a parent about attendance procedures. -was . ' L it ,M we f- 1 ' " k"" 7' ' " 'M fs ' r-nz ..-1' Keeping up with the fast pace of Southfield High School students, House O counselors per- form numerous functions which maintain their knowledge of student activities. In coordination with House A and B counselors, the counselors of House O do their best to make sure that all students are provided with a good education and a well-rounded characterl Starting early in the morning and ending late in the afternoon, House O counselors devote their time and energy to further teacher-student- counselor relationships. After a period of time, students overcome their fear of a new atmos- phere and find friendliness and warmth in their contacts with their counselors. In addition to Mr. Cecil Foote, Mr. William Wright, and Mrs. Letha Palmer, new counselor, Mr. Fredrick Goldberg completes the four House O counselors. Smiling, Counselor Mrs. Letha Palmer prepares to add to her bulletin board the senior pictures of some of the students she counsels. 19 119 ABOVE: Mr. Willard Pilch smiles wtyly as Marcia Stern shows him a student's academic progress. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Margaret Donahue waits patiently as Mr. Jon Re nolds finishes a tele hone conversation with a arent. RIGHT: Coun Y P P ' selors William Greenman and Mrs. Diane Frazer fill ,out attendance forms. FAR RIGHT: Discussing college applications are House B Supervisor Mr. Russell Frid and counselor Mr. Rober DiGuilio. 20 House 'A' and 'B' C0llllS8l0l'S Lend Assistance t xi" M x t , to C0llfllS8d SIIIIIBIIIS From early in the morning through late after- noon, counselors of House A and B work for the improvement of Southfield High School. In the morning counselors aid students with passes and take care of attendance procedures. During the course of the day counselors uphold the policy of the point system and do their work accordingly. Personal interviews as well as telephone con- versations with parents are frequent. House A Supervisor, Mr. Sanford Burr keeps an eye on House A procedures with the assistance of Willard Pilch, Peggy Donahue, arri J on Reynolds. Mr. Robert Frid, House B supervisor aided by Counselors Russell DiGiulio, Diane I"'razer, and William Greenman make sure that all functionsof House B run smoothly. Giving advice on nation-wide exams and fill- ing out college applications, taking care of ill students, maintaining a record of each student in school, and upholding the quality of Southfield High School, are all a part of a busy day in the life of a counselor. Working all day long, counselors sometimes find that they do not have time for lunch or a mo- ment's rest. Southfield High School coun- selors are devoted to the school and its students, and their attitudes are apparent in our increasing education. wg. T 'M 21 uw qwv V Mrs. Irene Meek and Mrs. Sandra Jaeger work in the Print Shop. Mr. Elmer Dirette busily cleans House A cafeteria after lunch. Busy w0l'k8l'S Maintain 0l'dBl'ly, Effiliiellt School -...Qi Everyday when students arrive at school, they find all corridors in immaculate condition, rooms in perfect order, and the lavatories in a sanitary and healthy nature, During the day custodians patrol the halls sweeping the floors and making sure that everything is in a safe condition. Around ten o'clock, students find the aroma of lunch a very tantilizing teaser. The thankless job of feeding students, cleaning the school and providing transportation for students are the positions of the cooks, the custodians, and the bus drivers. Keeping costs low on school supplies is the duty of the Book Store and Book Nook. At most any time of the day, students can find books or supplies in great quantities and at moderate prices. The Print Shop has a very important part in the functions of the school, Some of the duties of the Print Shop is to print the Senior Letters, passes, and all the notices used by the school, The custodians, cooks, book store, print shop and bus transportation are a great asset to the production of a schools routine. Doug Brown pays for his lunch at the Snack Bar. l Exhibiting an exercise in perspective are empty school buses waiting for home-bound students . ,,.. t,,-t,.A1...,wA--w-vgmgk K H 1, H " 9:15 Mrst Ann Meyers 4'fiz"m 'fr mr. mu Hifi, fel waits for the next customer as Flora Ohrenstein pays for a notebook Library Facilities and Speech Courses Aid Students ,gs x I 'H Kt.. .-W? ' A W 0 K kh , , ,..f In My ""3 3 Gladys Bernstein Virginia Borts Robert Horne r mhelma Keller Thomas Kiple Arthur Voison 24 ln Self Expression Students may find the Southfield High School library in ready-to-use condition almost any time during the school day. Every hour, student libr- arians check out books and collect money for over-due books. Throughout the day, the libr- arians replenish the book shelves, supply mag- aszines for reference and amintain a perfect card file. Under Head Librarian, Mrs. Thelma Keller, student librarians learn the fundamentals of a smooth running library. In speech classes, students learn proper public speaking and poise. The student who is shy soon developes a more vibrant personality. Students learn how to organize their thought in order to carry on an intelligent conversation. In acting classes, students learn history of the stage, costume design, and make-up pro- cedur8S- Each student has some hidden acting potential, but it often takes an acting course to to bring out his ability. LEFT: Radio Speech students Don Duncan and Marty Freedman preview a record to be used on the air. BELOW: Students use library resources for their relaxation and information. ABOVE RIGHT: Librarians Muriel Straight and Delores Aronnsen show library assistant Sandy Honsinger how to check out books. BELOW RIGHT: Marilyn Katkowsky, Penny Schmitz, Bill Christensen and Lori Goldstrum practice a skit for presen- tation before their acting class. 1 , l Wm CD ABOVE: The BLUE 8: GRAY yearbook staff for 1.967-68 is, SEATED: Mark Bernstein, Ira Hoffman, Cathy Lifton, Joyce Holladay, Flora Ohrenstein, Diane Kaye. STANDING: John Robertson, Ken Kukurowski, Kathy Andrew, Joanne Blau, Anne Gleekman, Sandy Seeback, Sue Albert, Lynne Deitch, Steve Silberberg. BELOW: The 1967-68 newspaper staff is, SEATED: ,fb Shelly Slavin, Judy Selik, Carol Bendix, Sue Stein, Sandi Chip- man, Paul Rochlen. STANDING: Naomi Pliskow, Cindy Yates, Darlene Wilson, Pat Lincourt, Stuart Karden, Chuck Cowan, Helen Shore, Midge Weinstein, Craig Reiss, Jean Tenenbaum, Sharon Stimac, not pictured, Lee Ann Kalter, Ralph Bernstein. Kr N! ., films . , , 1 f L f N .K afg.. ,-8.3, :w..w't' 'md' ,N , 3 if BQQM ., 1, - 'Q ,,,.- ,S 26 X 5 3 E E School Publications Inform Students Keeping Southfield High in the news is the JAY. 1967-68 has been a year of change for the JAY, not only in appearance, but in time. The JAY Staff, under the guidance of Mrs. S. Kearns, has changed the newspaper from book- paper to newsprint. The frequency of publica- tion has also been changed from bi-monthly to weekly circulation. In October, the editors of the JAY travelled to MSU for the annual High School Newspaper Day. This year, the BLUE SL GRAY Staff, under the direction of Miss F. Gayewski, has worked diligently to produce a bigger and better year- book. Because of its decreased size, the staff had to work still harder this year to meet dead- lines. During the first few weeks of school, much time was dedicated to finding a theme. The selection of 'Time' was the result. Again as in past years, the staffs of the JAY and BLUE 8t GRAY combined their efforts to produce the Senior Supplement. The Spring Banquet and the Quill and Scroll, an honorary society, are a part of the journalism curriculum. ABOVE: Sandy Seeback, vatitypist, provides invalu- able assistance for the BLUE :Ka GRAY staff. RIGHT: Editors-in-chief Sharon Stimac, Kathy Andrew, and Cindy Yates take a few minutes out of their busy schedules to pose for a picture. Nl fa Miss Gayewski discusses last year's yearbook with Mrs. Kearns. ssl' Diane Andreson Laurie Brown Nancy Durie I df. ip, so -. ff! , . -. , 33' 3 is z iivwixx KV W W ,X X Y " s,.,ri?'w ,A ,. , ' ' Felicia Gayewski fm? Gail Jack son 28 A my Linda Beli sle 1. J ame s Bunnell Q -i 1' . ify ssizrr Robert Filar Q QNX f ,Q ' , .qih .,,.f-.f,. Mary Hetrick - HRW , .a ::,: L Shroyer Kearns . K '-TP, " Sue Boughner ,. f ,yr ff "H A in X, N rf? 'S ' ? f gy y ,r X. if a Nancy Cote 'j i English Courses Stimulate as my Q K - symstwmeibf A Sophomore English class is introduced to the concepts of a good Mr. Robert Filar leads a discussion on a contemporary English novel Norine Freeman Floye Holley Lassie Levin 4 4 J 4 4 a r , 1 l l Creativity, Thought, Imagination gg aa it 4 descriptive gxaragraph. in his Expository English class. Strange as it may seem, many students find that it is difficult to understand English grammar and sentence construction. Starting in the Sophomore year,students learn the basic lang- uage structure as well as world literature. Juniors continue with the study of grammar but their reading assignments deal primarily with contemporary American authors. During the last year of English, Seniors are tested on their accumulation of grammar knowledge. Seniors in World Literature study authors of the worldg Seniors in Expository English study English authors from Shakespeare to contemporary English authorsg and Seniors in the Humanities class study world literature, art, music, phi- losophy and physcology. The English Department is also designed so that students in the business curriculum learn the basics of business English. All students who graduate from Southfield High School are guar- anteed a well-developed English education. 1, . , ,K A I 9 .gr .. ahve ' g31211'24:?g:f -rgfil l' ' 'iE'f Carol O'F'arrell R . .... 3 B arb ara Stephen s ' 3 bow W . "ltr I Richard Welkenbach Jeanette Melnick Barbara Miller i James Shippee Marilyn Tisdale Not Pictured: Theresa Bury Mary DeMare William McAskin ,Q t., J yl Merryman E . Nancy Neblett Joanne Schultz Janet Vanderzee l 29 ,ty y ABOVE: Dan Eckhout, Tim Simmons, Barry Pfister, Mac Martin. and John Veigh practice sight reading in their men's glee class. ABOVE RIGHTS Cel- Iist Ed Sidlow participates in an orchestra practice. than Urchestra, Band, and Choir Lend Harmony to SHS f-L fg ,-v-A p we .. A 'Z AIll3hOI1y A111130 Righard Brown I A? z I R- Y ' k,Vk,k 5 illli i ,.,,m. rte gg ,ff rrtr ':" 4 I X.."'Jf Ellen Jones Fred Rhorbach 30 Southfield High School students are very proud of their music department. In past years, performances of the orchestra, marching band, stage band, vocal and men's glee have been out- standing. The school season of 1967-68 has not been deprived of the excellence of this talented department. To start the year out right, the marching band added much enjoyment to the football games with school songs and modern pop-songs which were set to a very entertaining rythmic dance. The performance of co-ordination of music and dancing has been greatly mastered by the marching band. Performances by the school stage band and vocal department have also added to the enter- taining field of the music department. The re- laxing evening at the 'Cabaret' proved to be a great welcome to music. And again, the produc- tion of the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert was a great success. In order to produce a spring musical, the music department put their best foot forward to make 'South Pacific' the most delightful ever. iw , , ..,. . ,. 'I .:5E 71: -'fl ' :' '- , ,, ' ' r I ' i - :. K 2- - - i , ,, K, 1 ,, I ummm-ww 'wwtma-1-vuh r Lance Korthals, Bruce Andersen, and Bob Schiller warm up before a Stage Band practice. The Concert Choir, which traditionally receives highest ratings, performs at the Winter Concert. "I ,thx , ,ry ww? 3 , i if Qi! Social Studies Glasses Help Students To Interpret Q- Mr. David But1er's facial expression displays his dismay as Miss Mary Lynn Blanchard shows a student's government grade. Looking on are Lynda Gordon and Joe Bush. Mary Anderson 32 Richard Dengate ' -...,.--1 gs? g .... S in William Kellie Mary M3-fk0S Helen MCASkin Barbara McLain P3811 and PIGSBIII The Social Studies department plays an im- portant role in the academic achievements of each student. Along with the required courses of American History and American Government, the Social Studies department offers classes in Sociology, World History, Modern European His- tory, Today'sWorld,,and many back-up courses for American Government. Again, as in past years, Southfield students in Social Studies classes have contributed their efforts in shipping canned goods and other neces- sities to soldiers in Vietnam. Senior Government Day proved to be an interesting and amusing day for all involved. The elected members' day began with city officials of Southfield meeting at a school assembly where the students were pre- sented with awards. Keeping in touch with the opinions and habits of teenagers were the Socio- logy classes. Their amusing yet serious surveys were enjoyed by all. I Mr. Robert MacDougal casually lectures his American History class about the Civil War. Explaining a complicated sociology term project is Mr. Charles Nanas. Su san Kahn Richard Nye William O'Brien Sherry Roy ,-,E RN 'YN Dis, S'-X, hw' iii 112-Lula 'W 113133: , ggi., kuuwrr fvuzzhamzfzzn .4 r .. ' m hnnas Beatrice Sacks Doreen Thompson 33 Foreign Languages Broaden ABOVE: Russian teacher Miss Jean Kahus helps Sue Lyle with the diffi- cult Russian sentence structure. BELOW: Mr. Arthur Carinci exhibits his well-known sense of humor through his reaction to a French student's response. World nderstanding At Southfield High School, students enrolled in a foreign language class are admired. The abi- lity to speak and understand another language takes a great deal of time and concentration. Dur- ing the first two years of a language, a student learns fundamental grammar, sentence construc- tion and language idioms. Rather than make a language dull and tedious to the student, the tea- chers in the foreign language department make the class interesting by having skits, plays, records and tapes. Students not only learn the language, but they also learn about the country in which the language is derived. Customs, tradition, costumes, religions, culture and government are only a few subjects studied by foreign language students. With the return of Miss Jean Kahus came the Russian language in addition to French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, and German. The course in Russian is taught strictly on an elementary b3SiS Where the students learn simple sentence structure. Ilene Barnes at Arthur Carinci eh A-MM ."' 5 -"' ZH' ,fkwd ' 2:43 f 9 'N Ellen Foltz 4 'far Ann Nachbar presents a gypsy-like character in the play, 'Carmen', performed annually by French 111 classes. xi Jean Kahus fr' . ,... wfx A 5 1 Sarah Pu11a,r 41. Melika Sesi fb 3 511' Beverly Shipp ee 'with : f ' ff Irma Wright 35 ,M-K f fl! 1"F1"3nf 1 gggwifs 1 l"""" T9' CrgX S., xc fx .,r F QL? VW 0 3 if jr fi wr , gvgs 3550 :rev 54345 M3663 4327 SBU S?i4 6999 5594 fob? fw f , r r78l3 Query .,q ff, 5 r fj 1 7 , 2 5965 2255 R333 -rg 3629 3379 U86 SQY1' 35455 WY! 3352 f i A if S820 69?? W1 'f f 7 H354 7319 ! LK?f1 .7869 ,,,.. 5535 .8451 8754 7536? .9391 9725 1.007 nf Evelyn Bozich Norman Braune M-.AER kbii 1 E , Gail Carp James Carr xi Larry Chunovich James Farrell Mathematics Introduces Exciting ew Concepts The use of a compass helps Arnot Heller with his math. Mathematics does not have to be a dull sub- ject, as proved by the varied courses offered by the Southfield High Math Department. Dale Freeman aptly took over the department head for the first year. Many diversified classes are offered, so that every student may find a niche according to the degree of his ability. For the beginner, there are algebra and geometry coursesg for the student who is seriously interested in furthering his mathematics career, there are advanced classes in algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. Mathematics is extremely important in help- ing students to think logically and clearly. It is also exceedingly important in many other areas. Most of the sciences are dependant on a basic knowledge of mathematics. In the coming age of science and technology, the knowledge of mathematics is imperative. LEFT: Mr. Wilbur Steinke lends assistance to Steve Bennett on a difficult trig problem. Lewis Fletcher Dale Freeman Val Helphenstine Betty Novitsky ,,,.- if'- Mr. Raymond Tulkki proves the congruency of two triangles to his geometry class. Karen Riecks Judy Stec 37 1 fl! X -a+. q""" if 1' 'h U' ee ,I 9',yw gy, Mr. George Schrandt shows astonishment at the friendly behavior of a biology specimen. 38 ff' . F, f , 32? if X Rx . 5.8 , ' 'W , 5 .Flair ff -QQ? s with Shirley Bloomqui st 'CS' Sharon Collins Robert Kemnitz fi' nf 4 Y N Peter Mazzara John Chekaway W- M 2 5 it if 5 '-N51 M3 ii '25 Charles Harding Judith Mattingly Lois McMullen Gerald Mineweaser Suzanne Robinson Scientific Endeavors Stimulate Creative Interest The use of a toy truck enables Mr. James Mills to show cen X K N , y sssa The Science Department stresses the point that science can be fun. Many students go into a science class with a grudge but they walk out feeling that they have accomplished a great deal. To make a science course interesting, teachers provide movies, slides and lectures. Experiments performed by teachers prove to be very beneficial to students. In addition to regular biology, chemistry, and physics, the Southfield High School science de- partment offers control chemistry, advanced chem istry, advanced biology and PSSC physics. Biology Department Head, Mr. George Schrandt provides his department with unusal and interesting biology equipmentl Mr. Beurman Brewbaker, Chemistry Department Head, makes sure that all equipment and supplies are in top condition for student use. Local competitions and State Science Fairs will usually find a Southfield student placing amiga! force. at the top, for such is their training. v- air W 'is ""s ff ' s ?511ff ' ' D ' ag! ffafz p , Bob Feder shows Mr. Beurman Brewbaker experiment results a s Ron Hoffman and Bruce Begnoche try to figure out what went wrong. 39 40 I 7 A,,, i I i W ey, sr, ,Q Joyce Holladay finds a typing skill to be of invaluable use in working on the BLUE AND GRA ". Commercial Arts Courses Train Students For rv 51 T U -' L XSD' iw di 8' fix ,gg- ifi T?5 John Fellows Reinhart Krause Sally Meyer Shirley Mulder Not Pictured: Dan Cary Shirley Kuder 1 Alice Ross Beverly Schmitz Pat Schimmer Future Dccupations A business class at SHS is more than timed writings and transcription tests. The business department aims at preparing students for clerical and office work after graduation. Stu- dents obtain their vocational skills with the development of typing, shorthand, accounting, and bookkeeping. A course in notehand helps the college bound student to improve his note- taking and study habits. Typing is also an asset to students for the perfections of term papers, and assignments. The co-op department, headed by Mr. Issac- son, offers the opportunity for a student to at- tend classes one half of the day and receive paid on-the-job training during the remainder of the day, ln this manner students can continue their education while preparing for their oc- cupational future, LEFT: Trying to complete a classroom assignment for office practice and procedure, Janice Burkett glances at Judy MacGregor's machine for assistance. ii!" A '11, - .J K ,. ,K . my NP sy R 511 ,,,,,, tag. 0 .-4g.g,. .v'7v" i as Renee Karden attempts to solve the mystery of a broken adding machine Betty Jones shows the proper typing position before typing her assignment rm---....,,,d Students Exhibit Creativity Mr. James Sweatt gives Carol Krugel and Leslie Finke some points on how to improve their artwork. Imagination, Talent The ability to produce useful and beautiful pieces of work by the use of one's hand can be developed with the aid of the art department. This department not only produces artistic and realis- tic painting and sketches, but also pottery, sculpture, jewelry, creative structures, and com- mercial designs. The art of making pottery may appear to be easy but it is a difficult task. Clay, ceramics, copper, and other metals are frequently used to produce many esthetic masterpieces. The pro- duction of jewelry is a slow process but a very satisfying one. Molds must be made out of wax and the metal must be heated to fit molds. When the jewelry is released from the mold it may be glazed or decoratively designed with a file. Among the assignments for art students was the creation of a cover for the 1968 BLUE AND GRAY. Southfield Students also took top prizes in the Detroit High School Art Contest. ,334 Richard Bouton Milton Hurd N4-Jw Howard Scarborough Carol Steen Not Pictured: ""-' 1 uiss t . Veronica Strauss Chewing thoughtfully on her brush, Sandi DeMasel1is prepares to add the finishing touches to her painting. 42 James Sweatt xxx 3 ,, :1 'W .g ifgg if - , -. -. V :gba Q , .. 113. 5 - Q., ' N , , lf-'lbw f , . . e ww - K - 3 5'-, 531: my - " Q-L www." Agnys . , -,gn .L g. ...L f qs, Q. , -3112, "' ' as w 1 J-5 4 51' -, 'f:Z'4" ' " - J A- fl N J ., N fl 7 iv T" x 'Q 1 W A x kg X xx sk .5 l , X X X xx ,, gs. 5 x - gg if 1 1 E55 9 2327 f H12 Concentraning heavily on her work, lianhy Stuart nimbly uses her fingers to mold an unusual clay vase 43 2' o f-v-...Wa N.,,,M -W x,.,.,,,M mwqqgf . X WW ggi? V',k' w .gl f -we---w at . M... ..,. . f -sfwmvnwuuuu,-.s-V f X ,..g,.,,., ,,,. A - ,..,. ,... ,m Q --. ,!w -1-gen-1 -.Q--............ f......... .,..w,, i , . ,W .,-,.. Z' Q Z W--..-.......... --.--..-.........,,, will lord' LEFT: Audio-Visual Department Head, Mr. Joseph Pagen, looks over a request for film and a movie projector. ABOVE: Mr. George Poertner relaxes at the end of a long day in the teachers' lounge Physical Education Program late them. Stresses Fitness Students at Southfield High School attend classes to broaden their educational horizons but the physical education department helps a student to develop physically. As a back up course of the sophomore and junior curriculum students not only obtain exercise, but a sense of fair play. The physical education department provides for the girls a dance program, apparatus exercises, swim course, games such as volley ball, soft-ball and the skill of fencing. The boys' program includes swimming and apparatus with the addition of wrestling, baseball, foot ball and basketball. The course of physical education provides an opportunity for students to enjoy their work with competition to stimu Adding zest to classes is the excitement of seeing a movie projector or a record player The Audio-Visual department provides the school with equipment for better understanding of plays, novel, history, and scientific ex perimentst Mrs. Shirley Hoffman patiently teaches her class the elementary backstroke. Edward Bryant 'MF 'thi' John Finlayson .th In I':4 QFQT f , Trillis Jacks Don Kaump June Nash 'fb Thomas Ridley SIIOD and HUIIIB ECDIIDIIIICS L00k To TOIIl0l'l'0W I fruit' 'wr ,. -1 Theodore Corombos Gary Lutze Not Pictured: Industrial Arts: Richard Salisbury .-sf" Home Economics: Margaret Jones Marianne Walsh Arlen Severson iii' J 'af " ,X tii' -iii Y. A k Ronald Roberts Robert Yonkers With the pounding of hammers, the squeaking of wrenches, the buzzing of saws, and the hum- ming of the machines, the boys in the Industrial Arts classes learn useful and skilled trades. The delicacy involved in working in the I-M-P Shop of the Power Mechanics Room may seem very sur- prising to anyone not in the curriculum. In order for an assignment to be made properly, it is necessary for the student to know exactly where to hit a nail, drill a hole or clean a part. The skills developed in the Industrial Art Department give a student the basic background to a vo- cational trade. The creation of fine fashion, preparation of delicacies, and understanding of family life are only a few ways in which students learn about life in the adult world. Young women and men learn to cook and manage various household routines. The Home Economics Department tries to give a student a liberal and balanced ed- ucation with an understanding towards a new future. Both departments give a student a worth- while experience with the training of skills and hobbies. LEFT: The skill of welding is shown by Phil Rashid as he produces flying sparks. ABOVE: Working toge- ther to clean the motor of an old lawn mower, Art Britton and Leonard Mattson find that the job is a messy one. QQ 5 Betsy Ginatra Ann O'Hagan l . L4 i a if x '52 I la Janet Goudie Karoleen Schaffer W -F' r Q f., Q Chris Nemish receives some valuable sewing advice from Sue Gonzales on a sleeve. Tasting the results of their effort, Dan Swanson proves to Laurie Thurlow that males should be allowed in the kitchen, 'QQ' ', 2 ' , . ,jri,'?'7 jpiizr l. A 6 Vk Y I , 'MMM ,WV i1t,, ,,,,,,. ,ttrty kky, I VV ..:,' ,Lyk A -A ,,1f,g, g if me V wvggwfew Q , .,,. N r ., FQ! ' -f wf , .I s T - .,. .. . . ki' 'jiri , VV! 'gs ,,,, i .I-Q'-u-.l:--Q hunk Q 1 I ,V I fe-W1 ' .-i , V Awwiwi ,ff 1.1- 1 J E 3- f' .fi 5 ,f f, xx fa """-'39 'R' Q5 There's a time for some things and a time for all things A time for great things and a time for small things Cervantes GLU HIG Q If 5' smffa Q N 0' O w 0 H I' . Q Q: wooafmsycgf rI"FIELD Umlerclass gi ks ! 2 ZH Zz 1 K . U ,+I mm' W' EE 31 L 1 E T . , K Qi gf 't ,if i 2 , s V' I :af s 5 S L L3 E , E5 3 2 3 , z gi i li i 25 a Eg E 55 5 2 3 Y 51,3 5 2 wi 4 5 , 3 , - V1 -, ., ww i A f W V ' s J 1 5, FV 'R ss' 'S S3 I J E L 5 5 1 2 L f xi L 6 E iri, , R A eg 9? A A ,if ty 3:1-if 1 Wit, ' I "il is Q, We J, 'si an ., 50 My -di-4 ROW ONE: Alyene Gallombardc, Cheryl Sirlag, Heather Bennington. Judy Ressler, Marcia Michaelson, Eileen Hoptman, Shirley Radzinski. ROW TWO: Roma Mittleman, Diane Finder, Pam Edsall, Annette Chesik, Bob Stahl, Dave Kirkpatrick, Claudia Till, Steve Saginaw. ROW, THREE: Dave Hudson, Jorma Zdok, Wi1m'aL'Quirouet, Gary, Aspinall, Nancy Van Oyen, Karen Kaptor, Debbie Soskin. ROW FOUR: Hillary Martin, Larry Kaufman, Neil Farkas, Doug Forrster, John Robinson, Richard Bell, Dave Webb, Doug Cutchey. h , ROW- ONE: Lesiiefrstrauss, Sherry Kraus, Robin Levy, Jacki, Kress, Cheryi Andison, Betty Dunk, Mowika Wirag. ROW TWO: Libby Heppler, Sue Quist, Amy Goldberg, Bev Mayle, Pat Hudrzut, Linda Schwartz, Kurt Conrad. ROW THREE: Roger Hubbs, David Trancl1ida,,Lee Hertz, Mike' Moscow, Ir?aff,Nyovich, Rick i,,1 .-Lampi, Marie'-Bistrow. ROW FOUR: Mark' Dyan, Debbie Baver, Roberta Sniderman, Robert Stirling, Debbie Mills, Dave Clixby. ROW ONE: Donna Ford, Rena Feingold, Barbara Ablecop, Laurie Zack., Chris Marschner, Howard, Levy. ROW TWO: Alan Ostroff, Murray Kahn, Kaye Shapiro, Laffy Stefanski, Jim Santilli, Stu Baker. ROW THREE: Bob Lipsitz, David Ditchiield, Martin Wall, Cari Griffin, Steve Matz, Kevin Harrington. ROW FOUR: Ron Pruette, Dennis Jadkson, Jim Reese, Rick Klinsky. Mike Ryckman. O ROW ONE: Janis Teasley, Shelli Soble, Pam Metz, Nancy Gab, Linda Pollack, Ron Lezell, Danny Harwood. ROW TWO: Dave Chance, Joyce Dock, Melanie O'Neill, Cliff Walken, Robert Abraham, John Dunn, Janice Barr. ROW THREE: Dale' Force, Gary Wisniewski, Sue Wilcox, Ken Brown, Bruce Hall, Blair Marvin, John Hodgson. ROW FOUR: Chris Janes, Doug Nork, Paul Fein- berg, Paul Long, Neal Reeves, Lea Trebesh, Phil Wood. Teachers Mrs. Carp, Mr. Mazzara, and Mr. Voison Counselors Mr. Reynolds, Mrs. Fraser, and Mr. Green- provide students with necessary guidance to insure man fnot shownj help the sophomores through the year. agood year. Soph Uffic ers and Sponsors Pictured are the Sophomore board members, Pat Vestrand, Pamela Metz, and Libby Heppler Knot shownj. 1" 'Vi . , ' YV ' I . .-4,,1.Q:' if W Wrglai Q, ,,!1f,f s i A will lr.. . W, M!! L ri wf .M yifrykii . all ll Help Plan Activities The time span between the bewildered Sopho- more year and the Senior year is a shaky and sometimes unnerving one, composed of hard work but profitable experience. A student's first days in high school are often filled with anxiety, he attempts to find his place in the school and dis- cover its importance in his life. As the year progresses he begins to secure a familiarity with the school. The sophomore year marks the begin- ning of a student's progression toward his future goals. Sophomores started out their days as stu- dents of SHS with the election of their board and officers. Immediately, they began work on their Candy Sale. They further contributed with the building of a 'Pagoda' for homecoming and showed their spirit with such activities as 'S' Day. They look forward to many more activities in the coming years. Sophomore officers are Anita Gelman, president: Nancy Sundberg, vice president: Lynn Taylor, secretary: and Barbara Perilli, treasurer. wh' tv-nr M. ,f 'ff' at 4""'7 ISL A711 QM fqiggzlvx e H 'Haan ROW ONE: Nancy Adams, Ronelle Rosenthal, Sue Hack, Jan Payton, Larry Opris, Nancy Scheer, Robert Stein. ROW TWO: Edward Weinstein, Judith Slade, Debbie Zak, Shelley Mitchell, Ron Krahn, John Cook. ROW THREE: Marc Ambrose, Mary Beth Irwin, Steve Goldman, Bruce Goldstick, Bruce Francis, Jim Koprince, Dennis Yezbick. ROW FOUR: Chuck Holstein, David Tuttle, Barry Morneau, Barry Ross, Bob Burkland, Mario Laudicina. ROW Diana Gail Sue Mark Kipina, Straubel, Rossmau, Sonenberg, Curtis, Bogedin, Ivana Margo ROW THREE: Debbie Stearns. David Lombardi, Mike McFadden, Michael Kim Karl D1 B It, Hund, ard Lax, Danto, Jerry Jan Fawcett, Joey Hornung ' o ROW ONE: Debbi Schram, Janis Travis, Alan an t jf Q. S , f K ROW ONE: Naomi Weinstein, Sandi Mills, Linda Plust, Marie, Wampler, Jean Pohjola, Ronnie Raymo,,,,,Diane.l,Patton. ROW TWO: Lynn Faber, Chuekikobbins, Barb Lunden, Laurie Willis, KathyxLowe, Marci Goldstein, Randy Kahn, Jim Gale. ROW THREE: Lori Kress, Zita Baziliauskas, Janet Wallace, Jim Boretti, Kunz O'Malley, Don Haney, Alan Laing. ROW FOUR: Dan Cortis, Randy Koploy, Dave Macrin, Chuck Haskin, John Rozich, Jim Antczak, Steve Segel. Soph Elections Start oft Year fag, f an fx '- Q Q ' 5523: 1 L - H, wif LEFT: Lynn Taylor gives a speech on her qualifications for secretary of the Sophormre class. RIGHT: Other candidates go over their speeches while Waiting for their turn to speak. BELOW: Sophomores have an en- thusiastic response to a speech. -Y NI' v xiii. -4 QQ 53 Row -ONE! Judy Graff, Margaret Frost, Annelle,si-Lgzgg,jgjrggin'e5ig, Shiels, Carol Wonfor, Deb .McClisl1, Yerman. 'ram Farmer, new rssy Joseph, Nikki Bell, Ed Sidlow, Maroia'D.nlsch?Qj insky, Steve Kaplan, Kathy Richa21ds,fDg11ei11i Smith, Chuck Dowan, Jnhn lRio:ta,'Zolga3if Csete. ROW THREE: Mike Kline, Ken Brass, Mike Baatel, Kenny Citron, , T1mV'k-TTBISCBI, Mike Zamler, Tom Dohring, Henry Blltkqrtg' Greg Goga, David Hoffman. f ROW! FOUR: Stan Mike Gary Sibo, Dave Anderson, . Mickus, Larry Stewart, McCarty,fRik Wisniewski, Mike lezmeae-no Allen Haapala, Chuck Pezrilln., K Q' Q9 Q - 'W Q ,Q ROW ONE: Marsha Freeman. Denise Miller, Toby Hornung, Pam Cannon, Beth Caldwell, Karen Kanners, Donna Koppin. ROW TWO:y Bob Frates, Henry Benjamin, Fred Heinonea, Larry Moss, Carl Merollis, Caryn Fuller, Greg McCormick, Mark Lazar. ROW THREE: Helen Sayka, Norman Schaffer, Jerry Slmlman, Torn Boman, Rich Hart, Mark Isenberg, Richard Skolnick. ROW FOUR: Larry Jackson, Jerry Marx, Tom Maksym, Ed Santo, Dan Swanson, Ken Bloom, Bob Terpstra, Gordie Georgeff. ROW ONE: Ruth Moss, Carmelyn Glinsky, Cheri Alexander, Lynn Taylor, Alan Pensler, Marilyn Henry, Martha Speck, Shelley Yorke. ROW TWO: Lori Sitar, Nina Kellman, Nettie Reiter, Melody Mercer, Denise Goldman, Barb James, Joani Rnnkel, 'Susan Komarow, Brian .Pedel1.. ROW THREE: Mary Harmala, Annette Hicks, Pam Dartis, Debby Didbosz, Carol, Kapetansky. Sherry Pianks. Michael Rosens- weig, Mark Rothenberg. ROW FOUR: Cindy Saginaw, Sue Spilker, Susie Crichton, Sue Singer, Barb Weingarcen, Mike Hill, Karhyf Catlin, Paul Moga, Tom Mutter. - n V.Vr V. ROW ONE: Ann Nachbar, ,Laurie Sandweiss, Linda Lefller, Kay Wiloox,?fFredy Zingeser, Diane Ziegelman, Darrylr1,Bodnar,g5,' Mary Dumitru, Corrie Kontak, Jnylr,i'Benrbn,1,f,S- ROW TWO: Cheryl Wilson, B,arbi,SW,artz,,ilDnriciQaLgs, Ball, Kathy' stuart, SharonWMoskowinz,-Sreirrenigli West, Laurie Woll, Howard ir' Mitchell, Jeff . Altshaler, Michelle Lallood, Loissweig, ',,, S Anita Gelman, Nancy,Ge1l,V Feinberg, Irwinschindler, Ken JQIIHSOBQ-ielljllllif Lawson, Nancy Church. -ROW,l?OU1R,!-jV'HDW4FlfCf Schubiner, Dong McLaughlin, Sheryl yrr' rSmiihgi' Cindy Timmerman, Stan Malos, Johnililinger, Ross Frvshovr. Gary cherniak,cherscorpmg SteveDovitz. , ,S ' Sophs Initiated into Activities 0 O O BatbSwartzptoudlydisp1aysa big 'S'. Q mores fi ' 'smal and wet, but they enjoyed it nevertheless. , l,,V,, ii,,W3:g . , J H y egg in W Q F 'Q Y x if M .42 4357 ,I-,P if ,x A "s ' 3 avr A i f, Q , fi Tj ' ",, il ., O ,sg -j, ff' S A " r."-1' 1 5' 51 " 0 1 ne: J ,- M.. O-, f 3 2 95 'f-vt if '7 5!',i,,,- is Z 1 . Q . KIK. i , ' is n if X 5 ROW UNE: Victor Spizman, i.,i,Janise Buchs- bauzn,,g9, ,4f-lrlene Goldin, ,Lynn Vh,b Worden, Jan Friedman.'QgEQWf1fffWO: Wendy LampertgF,Barbara Mcbonaikig 1'. h Any Burg, J Debbie ' Durbin, Les Sorsen,VLorrie Harms. J ROW THREE: Deena Rosenbaum, Barbara Beddou, Wes Hartman, Judy Everson, John Katner, Chris Metcalfe. ROW FOUR: Matt Hetes, Mike Clemens, Aaron Kogan, Bernard Chapnick, Ted Scllleicher, Randy Bitber. Melissa e ie, Lorrie David, y LfI1?7fiii5i?55??fietk119ch1f CU91 eeoeo nfeinm. R0Wki7?1fi?QtiDoniBaur.e 1 Bormieffiinovan, Dave Werner, r o Rnland Frizzen, y Steve Engas, Howard Perkins, ROW THREE: B 'Craig Hoonce, Bill Lyle, John Jeffrey, Bob Rogerd, Dave Kasno, Doug Ovink. ROW. Jess Porter,,Ri7iscil1a Rogers, Sue Hislop, Cindy Edwafdsgg-Barb Vickers, Mike Dreffs. ROW TWO: Debbie Kaplan, Terry Wright, Dennis Ovink, Don Hobbs, Tom Goss, Bette Wuotnos, Pam Dorrell. ROWfQNE: Cathy Dishnergfy Debbie Lucas, nDon'QBie:1rc1siey, Mike Yanliiik "nn.el Abe Grauman, Ron Ascione, Helen Francis. ROW TWO: Noreen Jacob, Cindy Rothenberg, Greg Brown, Frank Hansen, Floyd Merrit, Dave Katchuba Bill Valance. V 9 SOPh0IIl0l'B Calldy Sale Raises MOIIBY f0l' Flll1lll'6 During the annual sophomore candy sale, Lynn Taylor collects the money that Shelli Freedman has accumulated from het sales. l .- eff E5 1 K F lg -r X -1, 58 ROW ONE: Janis Levin, Angie Ojelway, Gloria Kunin, Elyse Koss, Pam Cooke, Sherry Bm-ruin, Karen Strong. ROW TWO: Pam McConnell, Michelle Nilkice, Jan Don- delly, Sue Dobbertin, Dianne Caroselli, Laur- ie Anderson,3gJu1ie Gies, Brad Hoist. ROW THREE: Jolir1q,Bruttertield, Linda Larsen, Paul Layckeyggfim OOWWW Furstenberg. Roger Ha11e,f Bernard' Kastle. ROW Fougwii Stan Pottkntter, Iner Robert Berg, Warren Silver-rj man, Johnf'Bf?i'koWski. Larry Heward, HeI11'Y Corcoran, Hene Schwartz. R ROW ONE: Kelly Bowyer, Paula Levine, Pam Kart, Kathy Craigie, Pat Green, Ber-S nice Rikteraitie. ROW TWO: Jim Block, Amy Pape,,iSrreffHodges, Chris Formaz, Ruthj Considinei Leinonen. ROW TH REREQQ Anne Skurskigxxathy Compton, Cindy Davis, W ROW FOUR: 'O', John Jonascu, Fred Smolnick, Greg Miller, Jerry Haines, Heinz Buschmann, A1Cabadas. ROW ONE: Asher Adler, Robby Bright, Joe Ibbetson, 398.6 O,W.1 1Wakefie1d, Kathy Donhne. ROW TWO: 'ee' Mark Russette, Jim Kessner, Keith Bauer,'DonHernandez, Mike Daraska- vivh, D011 Thompson. ROW ONE:,2lJosephine Putti, Lynn Weaver, Laura Zemangklti eree Karen Iwrey. Arnold Golub, Paul Ke1ler,f'7Dary1 Jorgensen. ROW TWO: Bob Sandberg,-:Donna Stewart, Claire Swanberg, Kris Stevens, Marty Doot, Sue Marchak, Sue Feldman, Susan Shiiman. ROW THREE: Randy Grossman, Barb Perilli, Lila Azzouz., Dave Kuhna, Randy Fenton, Rfchafd De11l1iS, D011 Wonfor. ROW FOUR: Ted Styke, Bob Kruck, Scott Linzell, Stewart Schulman, Ken Casden, Ron Plous, Bob Wahrenbrock, Mark Trornbly. Steve 'Edwards Bob Hibbardgl-fx Sophomores Plan Schedules for Next Year iw. Mr. Goldberg informs Aaron Kogan, sophomore, what courses he will have to take next year. 2 f,,,k,, 1 , , , fwfr ., evfefszef L 'fi9f375fE , lTe,f'5:l'751 4 ' ,, ,..... ,. ,,,hf , I. MM, .,,,Q.,.- we K,ff in 4-fe rs,-M, 1 :., ,ey er-. . V. I, , Q e,i,M,, ,,,,,A, J. Z 1 5 K, 2 ew 5 K 52 N 1 'B f Us -gs- H f" ' I H 'mzyiiz 'w --z A ' . M' " I . eww 59 if Q! ilk il gf 55 if 555 Qi if SL, si Q5 5 51 iii 16 4? ie? fs :az ei? ie xi? sez fx :N ,-.X Sw 52' La X . if ,ir i 2? F if il Ai 'f al E 4 ii ff i. in Taking a break from her class, Janet Soderholm refreshes herself participating in a heated discussion. Sophomores Get Into the Swing of High School bw .QLJ ROW ONE: Nancy Frontera, Debbie Boiteau, Noreen Gourlay, Pam Banker, Art Brittain, Dave Adaskin. ROW TWO: Bob Kolliker, Gerry Ginsberg,yKeVin Andrus, Ken Marks, Greg Panek. ROW5-THREE: Stanley Latram- Dennis Hughes, Gary Schecter, Paul. Sobrek, Lloyd NHRIUIILDII, Roger Cooley, ROW ONE: JohnyfReece, Ida Leib, Jack All-e weiss, Pat Vestz?and,i' Lisa Hudnut, Mike Sachacki, Amy Colton. ROW TWO: Janet Soderlzolm, Dianne Winchester, Debbi Simmons, Ann Golding, Wendy Pettit, Margaret Soave, Marilyn Day, Richard Eichner. ROW THREE: Carol Taylor, Reynold Solomon, Irene Woods, Linda O'Donnell, Joe Yarsavage, Chuck DeMare, Norma Rimbold. ROW FOUR: Frank Scott Hampton, Scott Miller, Cary Wagner, Eric Haapala, Phil Beehard, Gary Minock. ROW ONE: Marcie Strasner, Leslie Bill, Cheryl Finkel, Rosalyn Graff, Julie Daniels, Sue Rinderspacher, Cathy Rawlins. ROW TWO: Christine Myers, Karen Laabs, Debbie Gidley, Lucy Yagobian, Lea Dortman, John Stoker, Rich Chafetz. Bernie Slaback. ROW THREE: Gary 'Von Hatten, ,stephanie Hundiak, Cheryl Kangas, Wendy, 'QjWi1?98fadzki, Rick Herman, Joe Borgesen, Mikeiieoarakosaas. now FOUR: Vic Giller, Bill' Farris, Mike Lane, Larry Manlan, Ken Cagley, Lenny Valentine, Mark Roe. ROW ONE: Debbie Krieger, Susie Stern, Wendy White, Peggyglakobowitz, Ted Stybel, Linda Go1dberg,'jDana Skeen. ROW TWO: Maryann Birmingham, Anthony Bogedin, Jeff- rey Lesser, Steve Nelson, Len Goldberg, Denise Frid, Vicki Mychek, B'arb SiKora, ROW THREE: Debbie Reiner, Jerry Bupte, Dean Leideker, Ted Solik, Andy Pence, Roger Baker, Denney Donagrandi. . lm QW 3 -at, rv- . ff' . at "Q 35? , if Miss Cote shows her class the books available to them. ROW ONE: Debby Weingust, Debby Klukay Denise Detweiler, Jeff Kott, Kathy King, Rob Carmichael, Rick Laffler, Doug Symes, Maxine Weitzman. ROW TWO: Nina Hampton, Mary Dumitru, Becky Brown, Martin Mayden, Larry Farrell. ROW THREE: Marc Levine, Shelli Freedman, Sherry Ansama, John Dickey. ROW ONE: Nancy Crissman, Dorcas Ball, Janet Goldfarb, Jeanine Hansen, Beth Somero. ROW TWO: Sanford Kaplan, Krista Conley, Sue Hibbard, Anita Gelman, Debby Wittrap. ROW THREE: Larry Vitek, Julie Elkins, Joe Roberts, Ralph Stein, Dave McAndrew. ROW ONE: Elaine Feldman, Mark Bello, Julie Tenen, Steve Milgram. ROW TWO! Karen Fridson, Beth Stein, Dave Rajala, Sheldon Stein. ROW THREE: Garry Andrew, Art Roffey, Sanford Galinsky. REAP Classes Work in Informal Way A1 'ii 21 A A4 ,1 1 fl i Leadership Provides Junior Class with Unity Mr. Carinci, Mr. Goldberg fcounselorj, Mr. Steinke, Mrs. Donahue fcounselorj and Mr. DiGiulio Kcounselorl, the junior sponsors, help the board make decisions. Pictured are the Junior board members, Joan Salinger, Beverly Shipko and Tom Shaw. All throughout last year, the now-Juniors worried, 'Do you realize just how long three years are?' This year, however, they have discovered that these years will be gone all too soon. For perhaps the first time, they are taking on new responsibilities and planning ahead, looking for- ward to another year of activities and fun before going out into the world. The time for weighty decisions will come soon enough, and the Juniors are making the most of their freedom and new opportunities. One of the most important projects undertaken by the Junior class this year was the co-sponsor- ing of the WHO Concert. Profits from this huge success are being used, in part, to help carry out the Senior Prom which the Class of '69' hosted. Placing second, the Juniors made a good showing during Spirit Week. Their Junior Clash Day, Dress-up Day, and spirit rallys showed an enthusiasm which will make next year's graduating Class a sure success. Pictured are Junior officers: Nancy Lax, treasurer: Sandy Mansfield, vice president: Vickie DuPriest, secretary: and Rob Wun derliclz, president. 65 t My ,Wiz .3 . Xll -tj ROW ONE: Rene Siporin, Vickie Johnson, Carole Jones, Laurie Ross, Linda Zaret, Gay Chipman, Joel Kahn, Margo Rosenthal. ROW TWO: Wendy Stratton, Thor Rowin, Laurie Jones, Helene Benjamin, Debbie Silverman, Lynne Stanley, Gary Yancon, Lynne Deitch. ROW THREE: Rick Ross, John Webster, Steve Gross, Ken Kukorowski, Jesse Krakauer, Greg Ortega, Marv Blemley, David Hunter ROW FOUR: Doug Brown, Jim Kiefer, Pat Walters, John Carnegie, Mike Diebler, Richard McCubbin, Doug Fortier. ROW ONE: Lynn Jacobs, Linda Sdao, Wendy Richie, Shirley Nichols, Gail Semiski, Mary Kabara, Sue Foucard, Shelley MacMillan. ROW TWO: Diane Ferrara, Margery Michael, Judy Nelson, Marty Tatomir, Lola Grant, Kathie Cald- well, Cathy Moore, Kris Kistner. ROW THREE: Jim Rubin, Robert Rubin, Joan Goodman, Mike Elman, Morse Kact, Chuck Wohlart, Jack Deakins, Cass Haboian. ROW FOUR: Stewart Shipper, Ron Kramer, Tim Sutton, Dave Timassey, Steven Horowitz, John Thowan, Keith Klein. ROW ONE: Bill Fisher, .Jan Grushoff, Jain Osterberg, Marcia Warner, Carol Ward, Carlotta Burrows, Al Peterson, Paul Kolehmainen. ROW TWO: Barry Rosenbaum, Christy Lach- owski, Burton Kaye, Nicki Roth, Ann Hodges, Karen Reidy, Barb Swiatek, Phyllis Schechter. ROW THREE: Mark Caminker, John Haley, Rick Earnest, Doug Swanberg, Doris Soultan- ian, Margi Stewart, Don Kramer, Bob Gluklick. ROW FOUR: Leslie Finke, Mark Dreger, Jeff Belkin, Pat Dohany, Ray Morianti, Dick Ludwinski, Lynn Coville. ROW ONE: Darlene Elfond, Susan Fisher, Lenore Glassman, Karen Osen, Hope Rogers, Karen McAndrew, Sherry Dorrell. ROW TWO: Laurie Stern, Lyn ne Brod, Beverly Becker, Carole Karbal, Jackie Long, Randy Fisk. Mary Maliszewski, Jackie Rohan. ROW THREE: Ilene Good- man, Steve Slavin, Bruce Gursky, Pat Long, Karla K olpus, Howard H och, Steve Rapp. ROW FOUR: Jay Bleifeld, Ron Harrison, Dave Evaul, David Rosenberg, Bill Tomlin, David Lawrie, Bob Arney. 1 One of today's popular groups sets up for the forthcoming concert. A member of the WHO signs an autograph for an admirer. Junior Class Makes WHO Concert Reality 67 Joan Ron Marshall THREE: K erchen, Goldberg FOUR: Tennies, Madison, N if T i i i ,, The American eagle, hammer and sickle, and rocket ship joined together to make the Junior float. Kathy Kauppinen, junior, was the German Club's Homecoming candidate. Juniors Take Part in Homecoming Festivities - 1 w 1 n-1imei:rs'r s ' .s V ROW ONE: k Judi Seli . Michae ' l U H Mw f ': ' - YE Dt t mm,. :--:' " ? ,,, ' M L1m,V F 11- ,, 'H ,, it " k"' K K ...,f V Vfi wff e "':: CN ' ' U 1' m, , l if Lkrhh We . L. f A - LQ ,C ,A 7-s Y. 5 1 C' n LX- WPT 'fix' 'Vf we ""C -19 Q ,ef Ira Hoffman, Lynne Deitch and Joyce Holladay exhibit holiday Alfred E. Neuman supports juniors during Spirit Week. spirit as they decorate the Materials Center Christmas tree. Junior Efforts During Spirit Week Earn Little Jug Junior class president, Rob Wunderlich, leads an early morning spirit rally in the Materials Center. 2 L .3 .re 4.4 mf lgxff ROW ONE: Sandy Mansfield, Pam Morway, David Wakser, Doug Thompson, Robin Beker, Evelyn Ribitwer. ROW TWO: Janice Voy, Cindi Jackson, Pat Shirey, Bruce Shaffer, Fred Krueger, Jef Farland, Dave Cregger. ROW THREE: Doug Gillespie, Marcia Kop- man, Debbie Greggs, Linda Prain, Glenn Liebowitz, Bill Legros. ROW FOUR: Mark Soverinsky, Larry Sturza, Tim Casai, Jack Wolfe, Jordan Cherkinsky, Bill Schlaff. ROW ONE: Debbie Hoffman, Bryna Cooper- man, Rozanne Monson, Barbara Adler, Jill Kahrnoff, Sharon Orechkin, Deanne Sukenic. ROW TWO: Vicki Lenhard, Janis Ballantype, Sheila Gruskin, Diane Broadway, Marlene Damitz, Steve Belen, Rod Turman, Janet Finkelstein. ROW THREE: Mike Dirette, Charles Bamay, Tom Heilner, Bill Harkness, Phil Rashid. Seymour Rabins, Betsy Sheehan. ROW FOUR: Andy Meyers, Dennis Castagna, Dave Mikal, Terry Thornton, Mike Amsinger, Al Perilli, John Boger. ROW ONE: Lisa Short, Sherry Martin, Joyce Schon, Reena Liberman, Andra Dreffs, Sue Rautio. Judy Weiss. ROW TWO: Ilene Westheimer, Eleanor Stein, Mary Crawford, Rita Chiaravalli, Margaret Lehman, Marbella Loyos, Gayle Scott, Diane Frazier. ROW THREE: Linda Smith, Rick Moore, Harvey Solway, Mike Margolis, Howard Weiss, John Kilar, Tim Gerlich. ROW FOUR: Leslie Lupovich, Larry Owens, Neil Hertzberg, Don Larkins, John Tishken, Rick Ellison, Dave Randall, Jay RYHGK- ROW ONE: Jeria Woods, Bonnie Jacobs, Judy Cohen, Tammy Lawrence, Beverly Shipko, Sheila Kurnetz, Cheryl Sak, Linda Skwir. ROW TWO: Kathy Kauppinen, Althea Maxey, Dave Scrase, Rick Dembs, Shar Finch, Carol Davis, Gail Parker, Mary Cichosz, Candy Galvin. ROW THREE: Barbara Baill, Larry Marrich, Phil Ranns, Barry Hyman, A18301- peerk Dan Rogers, Tom Krikorian, Bob Thul. ROW FOUR: Doug Gray, Jerry McCann, Gary O'Connor, Dave Bicknell, Glenn Geda, Joe Burr, John Nedroscik, Mark Viberf, Mike Bloomfield. Juniors Take Time 0ut from Schedules to Enjoy Many Clubs -- 0 if 5 . .-,. .fr Qn Fix M n ROW ONE: Georgette Salerno, Carol Strong, Cathy Phelps, Katie Wood Helen Shore, Peggy Kasoff, Janis Bobrin. ROW TWO: Betty Jones, Debbie Foster, Joanne Soufrine, Chris Rummel, Brian Lenehan, Elliot Spoon, Ken Crowhurst, Paula DeFrancesco. ROW THREE: Garrie J aber, Basim Semaan, Karen Hartsuif, Dennis Pipgras, Bill Kelley, Bruce Leader. ROW FOUR: Doris Baughman, Carol Hoyal, Len Prysok, Phil Tomlinson, Dave Johnson, Glenn Meek, Cheryl Anderson. ROW ONE: Sheryl Tobes, Susan Wauldron, Sandy Seeger, Marcia Van Brunt, Debbie Yates, Paul Wolf, Suzy Schreier, Leslie Schneider. ROW TWO: Marilyn Ferris, Jack Grulke, Rick Streby, Mike Minaid, Christine Snyder, Sandy Schachter, Linda Rothenberg, Michele Naifeh. ROW THREE: Gail Greenbett, Laurie Thurlow, Nancy Lumsden, Susan Prokop, Diane Danes, Linda Rankin, Terry DeBose, Dee Bourgeois. ROW FOUR: Ira Sklar, Charles Grecu, Carol Radak, Steve Little, Pete Traverso, Ron Boretti, Harvey Hollo. ROW ONE: Andy Yokich, Carrin Johnson, Barb Ewart, Marlene Tonkin, Joyce Ferguson, Eileen Greenbain, Lisa Silver. ROW TWO: Sue Swenson, Colleen Martin, Mike Kuber, Dave Anson, Tom Krebs, Chuck Dargee, Phil Rose, Debbie Monete. ROW THREE: Phil Jacobson, Jeff Dembs, Howard Korn, Rick Haas, John Hudson, Wayne Littlejohn, Don Morris, Bob Strom. ROW FOUR: Don Niskanen, Marv Collins, Bob Smith, Mark Blumenfeld, Roy Fournier, Paul Duchin, Paul Unkefer, Eddie Wiener. ROW ONE: Carolyn Rice, Barb Feldman, Penny Schmitz, Debbie Neighbors, Cheryl Whitcomb, Sharon Habin, Laurie Ritzenthaler, Jayne Kollar. ROW TWO: Esther Korinsky, Carol Sweet, Carol Klau, Kathy Maloney, Pat Mack, Nancy Taby Jake Davidson, Robert Lightstone. ROW THREE: Keith Shild, Larry Watts, Eugene Schulmmer, Jay Moorin, Dennis Holiday, Roy Gold, Nyle Hooper, Louis Finos. ROW FOUR: Karen Wenner, Margaret Nagy, Dennis Steele, Martin Fieger, Cliff Schonhoff, Barry Brick- ner, Ron Wolock. A junior discusses a choice of stones with company salesman. The Terryberry representative looks over orders he has received that day. Round Rings Chosen for Second Time A 51333 A-1-we-A-'J ,Sl n 0 stil-11' ROW ONE: Lise Zeig, Helen Lefkowitz, Wendy Sherer, Arlene Hermes, Debbie Baker, Sharon Gorman, Vicki Miller, Cherie LePage. ROW TWO: Teri Silver- man, Bonnie Joseff, Vickie Sacks,Pam Wright, Betsy Goldfarb, Carol Peterson, Kathy Jennings, Sherri Clixby, Randy Dominick. ROW THREE: Cary Stefani, Gary Cortes, Stefan Ruban, Larry Garvin, Carol Clixby, Ruth Weinstein, Bruce Pelletier, Rick Peterson. ROW FOUR: Steve Papp, Ronald Kerwin, Arlene Litt, Dale Rinderknecht, James Arnold, Scott Decker, Steve Shipard, Greg Smith. ROW ONE: Heidi Press, Linda Calkins, Brian Becke, Marta Weiss, Shelly Snider, Judy Weitzman, Kathy Gilmore, Vemon Hent- kowski. ROW TWO: Kathy Craigie, Lois Blood, Harriet Styke, Randee Green, Pat Gerber, Les Sorsen, Carol Klavons, Kim Clavet, Susan Ellish. ROW THREE: Vera Schoenberger, Rick KiPP. Jim Robinson, Gary Kleist, Gordon Potter, Greg Bedson, Tom Moses, Dave Mester. ROW FOUR: Jeff Fox, Bob Doddow, Bob Stump, Don Wickman, Bill Lubs, Gary Avey, Ken Hamp- ton, Ira Hoffman. ROW ONE: Carol Roth, Barbara Adels, Janice Hoff, Paul Koploy, Gretchen Kuehn, Paula Marshbanks. ROW TWO: Barbara Garrison, Janet cnite, Amy Rapaport, Shelli Kosofsky, Dawn Higginson, Robert Kaufman, John Buffalo. ROW THREE: Ellyce Ruben, Pam Barnes, Sue Mason, Jerry Park, Tom Minke, Bub Broadway, Nancy Wolok. ROW FOUR: Albert Schaffer, Marc Antonucci, Dave Tulkki, Ken Palokangas, Vincent Doa, Dave Burnett, Craig Reiss. ROW ONE: Judi Samuels, Carol Yagoda, Sue Solomon, Laurie Schankler, Diane Yapko, Jan Bolin, Jeff Medwid, Norm Pomerance. ROW TWO: Steven Matlen, Thomas Dreffs, Bifl McNa1lie, Craig Curtis, Laurel Cook, Howard Meyerson, Larry Sher, Karen Sexton. ROW THREE: Bruce Roberts, Donna Lober, Bunny Band, Sandee Pontius, Errol Goldman, Mary- bethe Gawronski, Carol Durst, Pat Ward. ROW FOUR: Jim Corcoran, Gary Kaplan, Ron Gold, Robert Labensky, Don Stanley, Dennis Hauke, Lenny Byer, Randy Bitlzer. 6 N Juniors Find Time to Study and Relax in Glasses y i th 'aux After a stimulating lecture Mr Filar's English class takes time out to collect their thoughts before the bell rings. 1 I E T J 1 , ,X Y f ROW ONE: Joanne Kronick, Debbie Sabib, Linda Fink, Marianne Claney, Sandra Greek, Nancy Ellman, Pat Tuz. ROW TWO: Karen Alvin, Dianne Gold- berg, Deana Kalish, Vicki Ayres, Ray Jeskey, Tom Owen, Frank Matthews. ROW THREE: Howard Goldsmith, Chuck Durst, Jeanette Terpstra, Karen Bishop, Dave Nicholas, Chuck Rosen, Gregg Benson. ROW FOUR: Mark Darnell, Chris Walker, Nelson Robertson, Greg Filipowitz, Rick Slavik, Mark Brode, Ron Howard. ROW ONE: Kay Cox, Pennie Atkins, Linda Beitner, Ruth Bennett, Resa Jannett, Phyllis Balberor. ROW TWO: Michelle Rashid, Denise Hendricks, Jim Tuscany, Sonny McCaughey, Gary Owen, Robin Blumberg. ROW THREE: Jeff Morris, Howard Wendrow, Denise Gilder- sleeve, Bruce Baker, Jeanette Mortimer, Ralph Stanfield. ROW FOUR: Bill Elkus, Barney Burnstein, Roger Ovink, Darwin Heinonen, Dale Brill. ROW ONE: Arliene Lenz, Betty Gryparis, Stuart Korden, Dena Epel, Mike Harris, Paul Scheinker. ROW TWO: Nancy Schafer, Nancy Ryke, Pam Koseck, Betty Matarazzo, Karen Kuss, Bill Carps, Phyllis Klar. ROW THREE: Marsha Weber, Christina Maleski, Robert Stoloff, Edward Wolf, Phillip Richman, Tris- tan, Fletcher. ROW FOUR: Glen Van Husen, Cliff Barrer, Lance Korthals, Rick Stedman, Roger Hack, Paul Howard, Barry Goldman, ROW ONE: Marilyn Katkowsky, Ellen Barahal, Karen Elkins, Sheryl Fisliiman, Diana Brenner, Barbara Cochran, Perry Beaubian, Sandi Drzewicki, ROW TWO: Bob Taran, Elaine Essman, Janet O'Niell, Ellen Deering, Jackie Agree, Diane Carpenter, Alice Latturi, Sharon Glazer. ROW THREE: Wendy Block, Nancy Forbes, Jane Cortis, Dave Sadoway, JoAnne Jacob, Sherre Bain, Barry Schmideberg, Nick Operman. ROW FOUR: Vince McKay, Ziggy Lugavich, Martin Block, Kertb Levick, Peter Wells, Don McMullen, Paul Harrington, Mike Romeo. Juniors Work to Help , . it tr School Further Education ,ig mm.- l 4.5 62 S 2 for ,.:,.: . QQ. will of Student assistants, Chris Nemish and Pam Collett update the Philip Keila shows Ruth Mossok and Todd Greenbaum how to bulletin board outside of the House 'B' Cafeteria. use the photo-copier in the library. 79 ROW ONE: Debby Weinstein, Loree Schuster, Cynthia Simon, Pat Spaulding, Ilene Ezrach, Sue Gonzales, Pat Hanba. ROW TWO: Lill Blaaberg, Wendy Seedman, Sheila London Pam Hooper, Diane Simons, Marbette Baker, Andy Smith, Henry Trawig. ROW THREE! Colleen Wilson, Rob Wunderlich, Richard Fox, Nate Langwald, Jim Livermore, Tom Ferguson, Ralph Bernstein. ROW FOUR: Mark Perlmuter, Harry Nanes, Gene Sunich, Tom Shaw, Dave Sanders, Neil Fetter, Dan Sloan. ROW ONE: Debbie Berk, Dan Heikkila, Cathi Kirsch, Rich Brown, Karen Greenberg, Helen Neveau, Sandy Zeff. ROW TWO: Rick Boud- akian, Linda Tucker, Marilyn Frear, Peg Carlson, Carolyn Trowbridge, Jo Zingeser, Larry Moss, Tom Sochacki. ROW THREE: Ron Antone, Donna Christensen, Vickie DuPriest, Karen MacDonel, Keith Richardson, Rick Tarczynski, Dan Brandel, ROW FOUR: Debby Ross, Jerry Gadwa, Keith Barnes, Bill Jacob, Darrell Kordus, Jeanne Van Oyen, Debbie Mumper. ROW ONE: Julie Greenberg, Howard Rosenberg, Eilene Nagy. Jean Shumay, Martha Karns, Celie Girvin, Larry LaFond. ROW TWO: Deborah Rose, Wayne Parker, Marilyn Beach, Diana Yousey, Ruth Mossok, Ron Green, Sue Ostrow. ROW THREE: Lara Clark, Robert Malloy, Kathy Manninen, Cliff Fletcher, Derek Sebastian, Alison Sauve, Linda Piotrowski. ROW FOUR: Neil Skinner, Bob Shapiro, Keith Stover, Bill Brown, Tim Lundell, Steve Wat- kins. ROW ONE: Gail Rubin, Leslie Hornberg, Shirley LaPointe, Iris Barnes, Joanne Sillman, Kerry DeBose, Randi Hahn. ROW TWO: Janet Wasliel, Sherrine Eggleston, Lynne George, Sue McDaniel, Bruce Stoker, Carolyn Comstock ,Barry Watts, Mike Carson. ROW THREE: Bob Katz, Mark Tulk, Mark Osten, Paula Charbonneau, Jan Duston, Dlenise St. Arno, Tim Gascon. ROW FOUR: Lou Cudin, Rick Flusty, Dave Wieland, Ric Rinshed, Steve Schaefer, Mark Gaddy, Mark Beauchene, Russ Klausing. Corridors Set Scene for Junior Activity Juniors and friends gather together informally during their lunch period. l 81 Do I dare disturb the universe In 0 minute thereis time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse i ir.s. Eliot D HUG QQ' "Cs ssmfqsf 'DEI Er' 77-IFIELO '2' 5 ef 4 C6 n Q 6 n ipooqm 83 Weather,Floats,Football Add Excitement to Weekend October 27, 1967. COL.D...WINDY..RAIN. It was a gloomy, overcast day and the threat of cancellation of homecoming was great. The stu- dents of SHS decided that the show must go on and it did. Some of the floats didn't make it to the school. The wind ripped off the various decorations while the rain soaked the kleenex into little undistinguisable blobs. Two of the floats were knocked over completely by the gusty wind. The Art Club float fell over on Ten Mile Road, while the Spanish Glub's Sombrero did a Mexican Hat dance and fell over sideways. The floats that did make it to the parade all had an international flair. Senior class' float, an imaginary but sym- bolic bridge connecting SHS with the school they built inTanzaniawon First Place. The Sophomore float, a pagoda came in second, while the Juniors came in a close third with a real blast, a rocket. A sphinx built by the Band was awarded first place in the Most Beautiful Float category. National Honor Society was Most Original with its dove of peace syj bolizing the quest of international peace. After scoring a great victory over the Berk- ely Bears by beating them by a score of 40-13, we all looked forward to a fun but cold weekend. A dove of peace, built by NHS was chosen Most Ori- ginal float. My 'w"4:6"""" K A"-f,:r 990564 -L ,'p5"o0." , -f"-i'v":rU'?ff m Q ici' ,wb 'I' I' ,f Ygi at Biqn or 5 ' n 'R lt I I """"""'lllg.-.Q nu..Q.--5 :ff 'Q 1 Q x "2 Jef Running for Homecoming Queen this year were, ROW ONE: Marlene Leskey, Ava Adler, Molly Mikelson, Kathy Kauppinen, Nancy Geves. ROW TWO: Fran Gross, Pat Lawrence, Jeanne Winchester, Nancy Hancock, Terry Vestrand. ROW THREE: Shari Cohen, Judi Rappoport, Viv Roseby, Margie Clark, Jan Givens, Jane Bowden, Dianne Riggs, and Karen Sharkey. A couple dances to the music of Martin and Davis. Ken Beauchamp and Carol Davis enjoy refreshments served by members of the student congress. ii 86 Marianne Ellison is escorted to the stage by David Hartwell. l X -1-,Q Q ,I ,3f!f45'9tfXE t Homecoming Travels All 3l'0Illld the W0l'ld Jeanne Wlinchester was crowned queen of the 17th annual 'Queens and Quarterbacks' dance, October 28th. The theme of the dance was International Expo. The gym was decorated with flags and posters of all nations. A large globe was erected as the centerpiece. The corridor of the gym was an international airport where passports Cticketsj were taken and baggage Ccoatsj was checked. A French cafe was the spot for refreshments. The Martin Sz Davis band provided the music for the dance. Fred Stoye, chairman of the senior float committee was given the honor of crowning the queen, by Mr. Robert Hall. Jim Walters was chosen the most Valuable Couples travel around the world in whirling motions as the centerpiece player. It Was an injoyable evening for everyone, 0CCUPieS the f0C-21 POW Of U16 f100f- and a nice v.ay to end the homecoming Weekend. The 1967 Homecoming Queen, Jeanne Winchester, is surround- anne Ellison, 1966 Homecoming Queen: Nancy Hancock, ed by her court: Shari Cohen, Art Club: Judi Rappoport, Italian Club: and Molly Mikelson, Soroptimums. National Honor Society: Melinda Walker, Varsity Club: Mari- , 4 cd . 32 l' iz E 'is ,Z Q el' Y in Queen Presented at Homecoming Dance The elegance of their long gowns combined with the dignity they each possessed made the 1967 Homecoming Court an outstanding one. The court consisted of girls who have made many contributions to Southfield High School in their three years here. Among them are cheerleaders, class officers and active members of school clubs. These girls have taken advantage of the many opportunities offered to them at SHS. They have participated in numerous school functions and at the same time they have managed to main- tain high scholastic averages. After walking down the runner to the stage, the six candidates and their escorts parted. The girls stood on the stage in nervous anticipation as Fred Stoye, president of the Senior Class float fumbled with the envelope containing the name of this years queen. Fred finally got the envelope open and Jeanne Winchester was crowned 1967 Homecoming Queen. From the junior and senior girl candidates, the queen and five girls in the court were chosen by the whole SHS student body. They will repre- sent SHS and the city of Southfield, wherever they may travel. The fun and excitement of Home- coming will always be a part of these girls memory and an added chapter to SHS. SHS is proud of these girls and wish them the best of luck always. TOP TO BOTTOM: Shari Cohen, Art Club Candidate dances with Mitch Kanter. Molly Mikelson, Soropti- mums candidate is escorted by Scott MacCracken. NHS candidate, Judi Rapaport stands with Brad Schram Melinda Walker, Varsity club candidate dances with David Hoptman. Italian club candidate, Nancy Hancock is escorted by David Smith. Time and Talent Help to Create 'The Bad Seed' This years fall play, 'The Bad Seed' by William March proved to be a great success. The cast for the play was chosen by Miss Natalie Gelman, Mrs. Virginia Borts, Mr. Robert Horner, Mr. Thomas Kiple and Mr. Arthur Voisin. Twelve students, out of more than two hun- dred who tried out, were selected for roles in the playlabby Moran, senior, was chosen for the lead rold or Rhoda, an innocent looking child who is really an adult-minded murderer. The question of whether or not criminal characteristics in addi- tion to physical traits can be passed through a family from generation to generation was the theme of the play Sue Merson, in the role of Christine Penmark, Rhodas mother, did a wonderful job, as did her husband in the play Don Forrest Other major roles were filled by Pat Grant as Monica Breedlove, a neighbor who is a psychology enthusiast. Leroy, custodian of the apartment house in which the Penmarks live, who pesters Rhoda, was played by Mark Farber. Mr. Robert Horner directed the play. Mrs. Gladys Bernstein and Mr. Arthur Voisin co-produced. 90 A make-up crew member applies the finishing touches to Ralph Bernstein -. h T i 4 i Melodramatic Thrills M 1 I Brought to the Stage 4' kfjf, X by At an intimate moment, Rhoda convinces her mother of her innocence 5 z Rhoda sits on her fathers knee, played by Don Forrest as friends watch in curiosity. 1 . i f 1 X e i 92 l p s i 1 1 7 s X , M- , lift r. Q Scott MacCracken, a Concert Choir member, sings of winter holidays. Winter Concert Shows Talent of Students The Christmas spirit was strongly felt through the rich harmony of the Southfield High School combined choirs at the annual Christmas Concert. Under the direction of Mrs. Ellen Jones and Mr. Frederic Rohrbach, the winter concert has always been a high point of the holiday sea- son. The beautiful voices of the high school choirs singing a variety of holiday songs and hymns created a warm atmosphere throughout the auditorium. The weeks of preparation were well worth it as the delighted and attentive audience drifted into a world of Christmas and holiday spirit. Each song thrilled the audience. Voices from Concert Choir, Girls' Glee, Madrigal, Varsity Girls' Choir and Boys' Glee made up the concert. Mrs. Jones who has supervised the choir for tive years bows with her group after a SUCCeSSfUl 00110911- Southfield Students Show Their Abilities Through Forensics The annual Spring Forensics Contest en- abled talented students from Southfield High School to compete before their fellow classmates in a tournament of speaking ability. Each stu- dent in the District Contest had to go through two elimination rounds. The lucky students who made it, past these rounds, competed in a third and final round to determine the final victors. The district winners went on to complte in the Regional Forensics Contest. After many hectic weeks of practice and repitition the Forensic Semi-finalists were ready to compete in the school finals. Sue Hodges and RQbert Grant took first and second place in the Declamation contest. In the Extempore division, Robert Kaufman won first place with Rick Victor in second place. In Oratory, Bob Stoloff came in first place with Ralph Bemstein in second. Jeff Michlin gained first place in the Ser- ious Interpretive Reading with Lisa Goodman close behind. In Humorous Reading, Linda Eccles took first with a chuckle and Bernie Cohen came in second. This year Forensics were very well done and enjoyed by all the students who saw them. RIGHT: Winners in the Sophomore Declamation Con- test were Robert Grant and Slle Hodges. BELOW: Con- testants in the Extemporaneous Division were, Bill lynn, Robert Stoloif, Judy Krolm, Ralph Bernstein, and David Scrase. 94 Marking Its lst Year WSHJ L00kS Ahead Some afternoon when you have nothing to do, relax and tune to 88.3 FM on your radio dial. WSHJ which celebrated its first anniversary February 28, 1968 has been a great success and really brings pride to the school. Students ren- der the direction of Mr. Tom Kiple, control the electronic mechanics and actual planning and broadcasting of the station. Those who plan to go into the field of communications gain a great deal of experience. The station is on the air from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays. There are a variety of shows geared for both adult and teen audiences. WSHJ not only brings listening plea- sure by featuring popular music but also show tunes, up to the minute news reports, and impor- tant school events and games. David Rosenberg Mr Younkers Chris Leaman Mr Fishbeck and Mr Kipel set up the various equipment needed to tape a successful if W' iff? .'A, x L3 QM, 'L N gf V if 5 . J' Q lo Lug Y 4 . Nt? 1 P i 5 Fred Stoye and various other SHS officials are temporarily locked up. Harry Elias, Southfield Judge announces his decision in the case of Mr. Dave Butler. Elected and appointed officials of Senior Government Day gather at the Civic Center to receive their assignments. I uhm Record Audiences Say LEFT: Scott MacCracken as Emile De Beque dances with Sue Metson and Mark Farber cuddle up during the Honeybun the Play Meets Professional Standards Sue Merson who plays Nellie Forsythe. ABOVE: SCEIIE. The lights dimmed, the curtains opened, a beautiful garden was seen. A fountain ran as two children sang a french song. After five mon- ths of hard work, opening night of 'South Pacific' arrived. The theme of the play is mainly romantic. lt intertwines two love affairs. One is between Emile De Becque, a french planter played by Scott MacCracken and Ensign Nellie Forbush portrayed by Sue Merson. The other which ends in tragedy involves Lieutenant Cable played by Chuck Heth and a polynesian girl, Liat played by Cheryl Larkins. Mark Farber added a touch of humor as Luther Billis, a mobile Sea-bee. Rita Vanerian played Bloody Mary, an enterprising polynesian haggler. The audience was delighted. The cast was extremely poised and professional. The acting, singing, and dancing was all very well done. Rita Vanerian as Bloody Mary tries to find a match for Sheryl Larkms EA ,H ae ' W 'Sis i, C861 1 'South Pacific' Takes Months oi' Work This years spring musical, 'South Pacific', proved to be a great success even the second time around. Tickets for the five performances were completely sold out. Approximately two hundred people, students and faculty, were involved inthe production, Mrs. Virginia Borts, director, worked with the cast for quite a number of months along with Andi Adler, student director, and Lisa Goodman, student choreographer. Mrs. Gladys Bernstein and Mr. Arthur Voison helped to produce the musical. Beautiful scenery and sets were done under the guidance of Robert Horner. The help of these people led to a professional play that will be long remembered. ,rtc W 1 ii -1 9 X at 4 . M. Jt'ssl,g. x 2- X si 1 1. hx? sis? Q1 ip r Q if 'file - l 1, X ,f 6 M x 3S4T1'5"'1 sg, 3 ss. - s M + Mrs. Borts patiently directs the action on stage. Fellow sailors look on in astonishment as Don Duncan and Rick Berg join together and try their hand at a wild jrtterbug fx VE' gg. ,v 5? .1 'W in SAY5 , Students Unite to Promote Southfield Class Spirit Spirit is a necessity in a successful school. This year Southfield High has certainly suc- ceeded in attaining school spirit. For the second consecutive year, the Student Congress spon- sored Spirit Week. During this week the sopho- more, junior and senior classes competed for the title of the class with the most school spirit. Posters were hung on the walls with such say- ings as " '68 says Southfield's Great" and "Fight Jays Fight". Spirit marches wer held daily in the halls. The sophomores had 'S' day while the junior class had clash day. Seniors had another successful grub day. A pep rally climaxed the week of fun and high spirits. Each class gave a presentation of their spirit. The senior class had the most points at the end of the week and at the game against Hazel Park, they were awarded the Spirit Jug. Don Thompson, a spirited junior, cheers for Southfield. W . 'Ui Aww 7 R t A x. 2 'I if , . 5 '1 1 X W . 1' -ft! 3 f? .. , fl 5' 'NIL g - at f .. fe' My 'V f , ,' "Nev t as Y I-Ev Dressed in the traditional spirit week costume, Seniors, lfouise Jl1Hi0rS, Ellyce Ruben 31111 1702111 Salinger PIHY 3 rough game Of Ahonen, Nancy Rozich, Betty Corpt and Barb Feinberg display basketball against the varsity. their loyalty to the Senior Class. 9 3 5 Aa ta.. Q, tm, 'un-.., ' , """"" flonsvannnu-s,...t...,W-M.....t. ,.,, P55 1 4 57 Q, nl lll ' President of the Sophomore Class, Anita Gelman, leads the student body in fight cheers. 103 Couples swing to the music of Hal Gordon and his orchestra an the 1.967 Senior Prom. A 4' Neil Wauace and friends relax on the balcony- Bill Chase, Senior Class President, heads che reception line 104 Seniors Complete Year with Traditional Activities Linda Heilner and Carol Layne receive their diplomas. The 1967 Senior Prom, 'Of Memories and Mist' was held in the Sheraton Cadillac's exclusive Grand Ballroom, May 19. Preparation for the prom included beauty shop appointments for the girls, while the boys picked up flowers and tuxedos. Meantime, parents and friends got their cameras ready to take pictures and more pictures. President of the Senior Class, Bill Chase, headed the receiving line. Other members in- cluded Bob Feder, Junior Class President, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Voisin, senior class sponsors and Maryanne Ellison, senior class secretary. Over 800 sophisticated juniors and seniors danced to the music of Hall Gordon and his or- chestra. Those who did not feel like dancing sat up in the balcony and talked while the hungrier couples took advantage of the refreshments. Seniors ran from pre-party to prom to post- prom parties. Some popular post prom night spots were The Elmwood Casino, Rathskellers, The Red Fox, and the Top of the Flame. The Senior Prom of 1967 was an unforgettable evening and it will provide many memories for those who attended. After a few hectic weeks of studying for finals and last preparations for the prom, grad- uation day came. On June 6, 1967 in Cobo Hall, students in caps and gowns proudly accepted their diplomas and another senior class finally made it. Lynn Schneir adjusts Mark Morrison's cap. 105 flme 1' if School Runs Smoothly Through Efforts of Student X Members of Student Congress are elected each spring for the next year in an all-school election. Sophomore representatives are elected separately in the fall. T'he1967-68 Student Congress is STANDING: Candy Uday, Brad Schram. ROW ONE: Nancy Lax, Steve Axelrod, Gary Kaplan, Michael Rosensweig, Ellyce Ruben, Sue Spilker, Shellie Friedman. ROW TWO: Iris Kahn, Jeff Michlin, Robbie Carmichael, Barb Swartz, Craig Reiss, Gay Chipman. ROW THREE: Karen Sharkey, Pam Yager, Barb Adler, Victor Anusz. 108 fi S. Congress and Administrationg Harmony Is Result Student Congress provides a means ror student participation in a school government. Promoting a spirit of cooperation between the students and the faculty, it provides for the gen- eral welfare of Southfield Senior High School. Sponsored by Mr. Ray Tulkki, the Student Congress works to achieve a better year for the students at SHS. It has the responsibility of the booknook which provides many useful books for Southfield students and of approving posters for the election of officers and the homecoming queen and for school and club events. Under the leader- ship of Brad Schram, it has successfully carried out a number of activities this year including many club-sponsored dances. It sets up programs and assemblies whereby students are given aca- demic honor awards and other extra-curricular awards for their achievement. The members of Student Congress also sponsor a lunch for the SMA and several 'special' days such as Blue Jean Day, Senior Grub Day, and Senior Skip Day. The Homeroom Work Councils are also a part of the student government. Composed of homeroom representatives, this body functions to create a closer relationship between the students and their government. They keep an open ear for problems and suggestions from the student body to discuss at their meetings. Many of their ideas have been carried out successfully. Mr. Tulkki, sponsor of Student Congress, hands the gavel of authority to Brad Schram, president. Officers of Student Congress are Karen Sharkey, Vice President: Gary Kaplan, Treasurerg Ellyce Ruben, Corresponding Secretary: Brad Schram, Presidenti and Candy Uday, Recording Secretary. 109 6 f 5 7 hx f f .4 1 1, r ' V mA Lvr. as ' nfw Q Y fi 1' Jr V :,, --.Y-... W, Wm l School Leaders Are Found in Congress and N S SHS's Student Congress and National Honor Society boast of memberships of fine, well-round- ed students. Through various activities, the members of Student Congress try to make a successful and exciting year for each student at Southfield High. Their work began in the fall as the Student Con- gress planned lnternational Expo, the homecoming week-end. Following this event, they planned Spirit Week and a canned food drive for the Christ- mas season. This year the Student Congress introduced a new dress code, a snack bar in all three cafeterias selling sandwiches and treats, and a senior lounge in House 'A' cafeteria. Students with outstanding qualities in ser- vice, scholarship, leadership, and character con- stitute the National Honor Society. The members constructed a dove of peace at International Expo. Then, at the homecoming parade, they exhibited their creativity and won first place for the 'most original' float in the parade. In the spring, NHS conducted its traditional tapping and induction ceremony and also held a fund-raising auction for the second time. Rick Victor exchanges sick jokes with NHS Auctioneers Chuck Cowan and Harry Elias. ak!! 5 ,Lei -f f ,, 'fr NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW ONE: Rick Victor, treasurer: Rita Vanerian, secretary: William Stewart, president: Jan Benaderet, vice president: ROW TWO: Naomi Pliskow, Kathy Andrew, Carol Peterson, Joan Monheit, Ava Adler, Linda Altman, Pat Lawrence, Cynthia Turczyn, Ken Johns, Diane Kaye. ROW THREE: Judy Cassel, Wendy Wahlsten, Sue Svalya, Pamela Palmer, Geo Avrunin, Chuck Cowan, Bill Serote, Jim Glinski, Harley Gold- berg. ROW FOUR: Laurel Lipsitt, John McAndrew, Mike Berlin, Debbi Scott, Harry Elias, Ron Hoffman, Richard Levitt, Laurie Farber, Judi Rapaport. ROW FIVE: Sue Villis, Joy Jaquillard, Shirley Nippa, Brad Schram, Joyce Keller, Richard Agar, Kenneth Edelman. 111 Clubs Provide Man Providing services for both the school and community, Southfield students enjoy their mem- bership in Soroptimums, Y-Teens, and Interact Clubs. Sponsored by Miss Gayle Jackson, Soropti- mums is a girls service club affiliated with the Optimums, a woman's organization of Southfield. They serve as ushers and guides during both theatrical performances and the parent's open house and sell pom poms before each game. Per- forming a number of charity projects, the girls fill candy bags for orphans and during Christmas time, they sponsor a dress drive for underprivi- ledged children. Dedicated to service and international under- standing, the Interact Club is a boys group sponsored by the local Rotary Club. Interact boys also serve as ushers and guides at both school plays and at the parent's open house. During Christmas time, the boys collect toys for their annual toy drive. Both a service and a social organization, Y-Teens raise money and make things for the needy and usher at school activities. Brightening the Christmas season for many orphans, Y-Teens decorate Christmas trees at an orphanage. One of their many social activities is an annual hayride. 4 L L Spirited Soroptimum member, Diane Kaye, sells a pom pom to Sue Albert. Y-TEENS ROW ONE: Margie Clark, secretary: Sue Taylor, vice president: Jane Bowden, presidentg Bonnie Carlson, treasurer: Miss G. K. Waite, sponsor. ROW TWO: Cathy Tazzioli, Carol Davis, Joyce Holladay, Carol Brown, Nancy Peters, Nancy Rozich, Karen Dawson. ROW THREE: Rita Vanerian, Denise Dopkowski, Julie Booth, Nancy Pepp, Karen MacDonell, Sandee Pontius, Cheryl Virgin, Peggy Chopp. ROW FOUR: Janice Detrich, Shari Burke, Debbi Scott, Janet Wallace, Sue Wallace, Jan Givens, Nancy Sisson,Dehbie Martin. 112 4 W I Y Y J Services for SHS and Communit INTERACT CLUB ROW ONE: Steve Bennett, board member: Fred Stoye, board member: Brad Schram, presi- dent, Bob Feder, treasurer. ROW TWO: Elliot Spoon, Randy Knight, Steve Axelrod, How- ard Weiss ROW THREE: Bill Schlaff, Scott MacCracken, Bill Stewart, Jim Walters. SOROPTIMUMS Sue Taylor, Gay Chipman, Jan Fairchild, Judy Weiss, Suellen ROW ONE! Debbi Scott, parliamentarian: Jan Benaderet, treas- Chips. ROW FOUR: Michele Naifeh, Evelyn Ribicwer, Marcie Urer, ROSHIYH D2ViS, Pfesidellii -70311 Mvllheilf vice PFGSMSHBI Rotenberg, Karen Greenberg, Simone DesMaris, Susan Raznik, Linda Altman, secretary. ROW TWO: Sharon Stimac, Kathy Diane Kaye, Laurie Farber, Laurel Lipsitt, Wendy Wahlsten, Andrew, Judi Selik, Sheryl Tobes, Judy Garlock, Naomi Pliskow, Rachel Stricof, Debby Samuel. ROW FIVE: Wendy Seedman, Andy Yokich, Beverly Shipko, Marta Weiss, Nancy Paster, Ronda Blumenthal, Judy MacGregor, Dorothy Platter, Vickie Eilene Nagy. ROW THREE: Sherry Berk, Linda Blau, Cathy DuPriest, Ellyce Rubin, Nancy Peters, Laurie Ftyfogle, Rita Davis, Nancy Finkelstein, Jeanne Winchester, Molly Mikelson, Vanerian, Cindy Yates, Jean Tenenbaum, Judy Arthoff. 113 Students Serve School,Gommunity,Countr in f-,fi n 4 R ,Q A ice' ,L sk A ea I J' A 1 - I KEY CLUB ROW ONE: Richard Miller, advisor, Arnot Heller, vice president: Dave Gourwitz, president: Tim Lundell, secretary: I Paul Wolf, treasurer, Jim Robinson, Lt Governor. ROW TWO: Howard Shapiro, Derrick Glass, Tom Minke, Richard Beers. ROW THREE: Doug MacFarland, Joe Borgesen, Don Niskonen, Roger Baker, Tim Casai, Jim KeIler,Al Sampeer. ROW FOUR: Bill Nagler, Barry Watts, Scott Lippert, Bill Hamilton, Dave Noack, Richard McCubbin,Dick ' Lodwinski, Steve Little. l 4 1 FOREIGN EXCHANGE SEMINAR Sheila London, Randee Green, Carol Klau. ROW FOUR: Peggy l ROW ONE: Sherri Clixby, secretary: Anita Sutton, president, Hooberman, Phyllis Schechter, Lill Blaaberg, Pam Hooper, Sandra DeMasellis, vice president: Carolyn Bohn, treasurer: Sue Swenson, Randy Knight, Bill Nagler, Mark Farber. ROW Mr. Salisbury, sponsor. ROW TWO: Esther Siegel, Carol Krugel, FIVE: Tim Casai, Fred Stoye, Marshall Gordon, Ken Bremer, Andy Yokich, Kathy Andrew, Carol Harris, Marlene Laskey, Don Stanley, Martin Bloch, Paul Unkefer, Michael Berlin, 1 Ruth Bennett, Linda Beitner. ROW THREE: Nancy Lax, Bill Bruce Jacob. 1 Roberts, Dave Scrase, Ken Johns, Linda Levine, Karen Dawson W l 114 I W Clubs and Exchange Assuming the leadership in community ser- vice programs, the Community Relations Seminar is a senior organization. In November the members gave a party for underprivileged children of the Brewster Project. Then they sponsored a dance at the Southfield Civic Center and also a 'Keep Southfield Beautiful' campaign. The Key Club is an organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Southfield. Its basic aims are to build future leaders, to serve the school and community, to prepare its members for useful citizenship, and to develop initiative. This year it sponsored a year-round tutorial project. Introduced by Mrs. Watts, a member of the Kiwanis Queens, the Keyettes is a new 'sister' to the Key Club. It is sponsored by Mrs. Gail Carp and offers many interesting opportimities for community and school service. The Foreign Exchange Seminar, sponsored by Mr. Salisbury, provides an excellent opportunity for students to become better acquainted with customs and cultures of various foreign countries. This year it sponsored a scholarship contest and an Intemational Smorgasbord allowing students to taste many unusual dishes. President Priscilla Summerville supervises the Keyettes shoe-shine CRS members Leslie Iwrey, Linda Altman and Santa Rick Last entertain children of the Brewster Project during Christmas. tr it gig? Lee Ann Kalter tells Spanish Club members of their new orphan. .. L , , l SHS Students Break Through SHS's language clubs, students in- crease their understanding of foreign countries and their cultures. The French Club members have had a very productive year. Having adopted Pascaline Der- son, a French orphan, the club has conducted several fund-raising projects to support her. Wind- ing stems and cutting out petals kept the members busy as they made flowers for their flower sale. With the money raised, they sent Pascaline a ducted a used book sale and went to a French restaurant for dinner, one of the highlights of the ear. y Having quite a large membership, the Span- ish Club provides an opportunity for students to leam the customs and culture of Spain. This year the members boast of a 'new addition' to their club. This 'new addition' is the adoption of Humberto Sanchez Sanchez, a nine-year-old Mex- ican boy. The club sends S12 a month to the organization to help Humberto eat and dress pro- perly and to enable him to remain in school. To support him, the club has conducted a number of fund-raising projects, one of which was a student book sale. Another project that requires more brawn than brains was the day long car wash sponsored by the club's members. Q I1 SPANISH CLUB ROW ONE: Priscilla Somerville, vice president: Sue Willis, pres- identp Lee Ann Kalter, secretary: Randy Odom, treasurer Knot picture-dj: ROW TWO: Fran Gross, Lenore Glassman, Esther Siegel, Carol Krugel, Beverly Shipko, Barb Feldman, Judi Selik, Joanne Schulman, Cathy Kirsch, Howard Israel, Ava Adler, Shelli Kosofsky. ROW THREE: Joani Snitz, Carol Klau, Suellen 116 Chips, Rosalyn Davis, Judy Weiss, Darryl Bodnar, Allen Adinoff, Liz Budman, Cathy Davis, Carol Guttman, Barbara Goodman, Suzy Schreier, Liz Mandell. ROW FOUR: Peggy Hooberman, Phyllis Schecter, Rick Dembs, Jim Robinson, Candy Goldstone, Janet Finkelstein, Tim Manzagol, Jeff Kovzcs, Kenneth Edelman, John Robertson, Margaret Nagy, Louise Ahonen. S25 Christmas present. The members also con- the Language Barrier in French and Spanish Clubs FRENCH CLUB ROW ONE: Arthur Carinci, sponsor: Viv Roseby, treasurer: Nancy Finkelstein, secretary, Joan Monheit, president, Jim Sugamian, vice president. ROW TWO: Lynn Jacobs, Cheri Alexander, Loree Schuster, Heidi Press, Betsy Agree, Kathy Andrew, Ellen Barahal, Sheila Korman, Carol Ward. ROW THREE: Phyliss Schecter makes flower stems for the French Club flower sale. Susan Krane, Barbara Janes, Debbie Edelman, Vicki Sachs, Joanne Sillman, Sue Albert, Flora Ohrenstein, Anne Gleekman, Laurel Lipsitt. ROW FOUR: Phyliss Schechter, Iris Barnes, Carolyh Comstock, Penny Buck, Jean Tenenbaum, Sherry McNamee, Annette Hicks, Pam Darris, Simone DesMarais. French Club member Pam Darris shows her contribution to the flower sale to sponsor Mr. Arthur Carinci. 1 17 QI -f '35 aff QC 'ls if 1: 3 C Q? . l ff? i p l S J ' . - . If . : ' lf Q . Life- Ir I Ci? 4 Q 2. 4 .. fiweszzcz.. SCN-.t .,..,. 'itil' 5, ii . Q-1 5 ag , ,N -P' G . .... .. I, ,K , It Y l j-zz: 1 ,wt 1 if - uv L N 1 H55 LATIN CLUB ROW ONE: Chuck Cowan, publicity: Patricia Lawrence, historian: Pamela Palmer, vice president: Harry Elias, president: Carolyn Bohn, secretary: Pam Yager, treas- urer: Mrs. lrma Wright, sponsor. ROW TWO: Irwin Schin- dler, Ann Esshaki, Penny Buck, Jane Cortis, Adele Johnson, Pat Hanba, Janet Chute, Cynthia Turczyn, Julie Speck, Martha Speck. ROW THREE: Paul Moga, Dave Tennies, John Hundiak, Michael Berlin, Marty Fieger, Marshall Gordon, Howard Brickner, Thomas Yenn, Bill Nagler, John Lawson. RUSSIAN CLUB ROW ONE: Sue Lyle, recording secretary: Mary Grace Feeney, treasurer: Ardith Lichtman, president: Nancy Rozich, corresponding secretary: Paula Pavlik, vice president. ROW TWO: Howard Israel, Brad Orr, Louise Goldstein, Debbie Rowland, Libby Heppler, Denise Heppler, Jeanie Kahus fsponsorl. ROW THREE: Marty Levinson, Lee Kalter, Pamela Palmer, Jane Bowden, Julie Obery, Diane Kaye, Linda Cadillac. ITALIAN CLUB ROW ONE: Pete Traverso, vice president: Fran Gross, president: Paula Steinberger, treasurer: Carol Yagoda, secretary. ROW TWO: Linda Sdao, Rita Chiaravalli, Marci Rotenberg: Nancy Hancock, Nancy Supner, Mary Santilli ROW THREE: Chris Lentine, Mike Bonadia, Mike Ripplinger, Frank Potesto, Mr. Fisher fsponsorj. GERMAN CLUB ROW ONE: Ronald Kerwin, treasurer: William Lynn, president: Ruth Mossok, secretary: E. Foltz, sponsor: Ruth Hirschfield, vice president fnot picturedj. ROW TWO: Richard Eichner, Christine Myers, Mary Harmala, Carlene Collett, Dave Scrase, Teri Silverman, Marcia Warner. ROW THREE: Ken Crowhurst, Darryl Newman, Gary Yancon, Steve Axelrod, Eugene Allen Schwimmer, Robert Marr, Richard Brewer. ROW FOUR: Tony Van Oyen, Bob Bowman, Jim Timmerman, Ken Pehovic, Steve Tobin, Tom Branscom. Language Clubs Introduce Foreign Flavor and Fun Developing an interest and proficiency in language and culture, students spend their after school hours participating in various language clubs. ln the classical tradition, Latin Club members participate in the JCL, Junior Classical League, Convention and other projects. During Spirit week, they sell spirit button pins, and to high- light their year, the Latin Club holds a tradition- al Roman Banquet. Winning second place for the 'most beautiful' float, a huge beer stein represented the German Club in the Homecoming Parade. Along with learning the culture of the German people, their activities include visits to German restaurants and movies. Through candy sales, German Club members raise money for their club. The Russian 'float', consisting of a large glass of vodka and ice cream, kept Russian Club members busy for the Homecoming Parade. At meetings, members learn various Russian dances and SOHSS and fhf0llSl'1 3 successful bagel sale, the club made S27.00. Stressing language, customs, and culture, the Italian Club brings Italy a little closer to home for its members. The club members plan dances and work on various fund-raising projects as bagel sales. Foreign language plays an important part in SHS's extra-curricular activities. As members of these clubs, Southfield students show an avid interest in the world around them and attain a closer relationship among countries by atmos- pheres of creativity and friendship. Eager Russian Club members sell bagels to hungry students in the morning in front of House O cafeteria. Carl' I t ff .sf Latin Club officers Harry Elias, Pat Lawrence and Chuck Cowan work diligently along with club members to create their float for International Expo. Art Club and Thespians Encourage Expression Creativity and self-expression are character- istics of the members of the Art Club and the National Thespian Society. The Art Club promotes a further understand- ing of art through participation in various art activities. Its members make posters for the school, display their work and that of other art students in the showcases, sponsor the Little Gallery, and take trips to Art exhibitions around the Detroit metropolitan area. One of the high- lights of the year was their presentation of the picture entitles A Fountain In The Hospital Garden' to the school library. The picture is a print of an actual painting painted by Van Gogh and was purchased in Amsterdam in 1966 by Mr. Fensch, a former art teacher Working on the fall play and on the spring musical constitutes the majority of the work for the members of the National Thespian Society, Troupe 1509. After the Saturday night perform- ance of each play, they sponsored a party for the cast and crew. To improve conditions back stage, ART CLUB ROW ONE: Paula Steinberger, vice president: Meg McCourtney, president: they fepalmed the P3-mt mom- However. the mem' Bernie Cohen, treasurer: Sue Schreiber, secretary fnot picturedj. ROW bers perform many other projects associated with TWO: Joanne Feldman, Carol Krugel, Jill Kahrnoff, Beverly Shipko, Dor- dI'3.matiCS at Southfield High. They started a othy Beyer, Joyce Brodsky. ROW THREE: Joan Salinger, Donna Hellman, Student Lhgater program to gravel during the Sum- Shari Cohen, Marlene Laskey, Marilyn Kellman, Anthony Bogedin, Amy mer. The Thespian troupe sponsored several theater parties in order to provide students with an opportunity to see professional shows. Rapoport. ROW FOUR: Merle Bernberg, Howard Israel, Linda Levine, Sharon Gorman, Barb Feinberg, Mary Crawford. ROW FIVE: Bob Bogedin, Maureen Katzman, Kim Stacey. Louise Ahonen, Sherry McNamel, Pam Darris, Rosanne Rapaport. L lr THESPIANS ROW ONE: Mrs. Virginia Borts, sponsor: Louise Ahonen, historian, Lisa Goodman, secretary: Phyliss Jaffe, vice presi- dent: Sue Merson, presidentg Ron Antone, treasurer: Cynthia Turczyn, co-historian. ROW TWO: Sandy Mansfield, Andy Yokich, Abby Moran, Betsy Agree, Sue Lezell, Ava Adler, Penny Schmitz, Lori Goldstrom, Suellen Chips. ROW THREE: Lynn Campbell, Suzy Schreier, Amy Shulman, Jill Steinberger, 120 Mike Margolis, Donna Jacot, Laurie Farber, Laurel Lipsitt, Nancy Bates, Gene Newman. ROW FOUR: Bill Nagler, Mark Farber, Laurie Fryfogle, Joy Jaquillard, Ron Weinstein, Beth Herzoff, Andrea Adler, Maureen Katzman, Steve Papp. ROW FIVE: Kathy DenHeeten, Beth Titmuss, Ralph Bernstein, Jim Clark, Bill Christensen, Bill Marschner, Steve Brenner, Tom Kassin, Joe Bush, Greg McClintock. 5-w W2-'w:'f' is H U5 53 :SQA X gy? 'Viv ,Www , mi' A-1 j Qi 3 I 1.42.15 wwf? I ,,.., ,.,, . , A, "':.,:,' i -,,,,,. t. ,Q ' ' X f . i' QSM A , E, sl 'Y ' ?1 . ' I J q , KQAEQ " 'l'3"sf W u . ff if A M13 -L ' Q my 'gi W ,i i5 ' K ffm 4 I M , . iw M 2 . .. ,, . .X .. .,.. , .. , W ,,,. ,,,, . Various Talents Are Brought Out Through Debateg '--I----...Q,-, Varsity Negative Debater Rick Victor emphasizes an important point. 122 Bridge, the classical game of skill and luck, has finally come to SHS in the form of the new Bridge Club. Sponsored by Mr. Fred Goldberg, the club's primary goal is to teach students to play bridge. In the future, the members hope to have 1 bridge tournaments with other schools and games between students and teachers. The Chess Club enables its members to im- prove their individual ability in the game of chess 1 and to learn the finer points of chess and compe- tition. This year the club participated in round- robin tournaments and a selected number of its members participated in league play between other high schools. Sponsored by Mr. Arthur Voisin, the Debate team had a very busy year. The team belongs to three debate leagues. They are the SMA, the Det- i roit Metropolitan League and the West Oakland League. This year SHS debaters triumphed in seven out of seven debates in a tournament of the West Oakland Debate League. At the all impor- tant SMA tournament held at Berkley High School, SHS emerged with three wins out of four. The winning teams were Varsity Affirmative, Ralph Bernstein and Arnold PodolskyL Junior Varsity Negative, Roz Davis and Joan Monheitg and Junior Varsity Affirmative Bob Kaufman and Dave Scrase. If I Bridge and Chess Clubs Increase Skill, Proficiency 2 'Ei 2 A f 1 , H rg J I Va The game of chess requires much concentration from L, 4-Aww' ' , W' .'l1h...., K ...-1 me . if ,X lgialx if :fowl l X Jaizkwme 7 ABOVE: Mr. Fred Goldberg gives bridge pointers to Maxine Finkel and Jan Benadaret. LEFT: Debaters Rick Victor and Bob Stoloff prepare their cases for the rebuttal session. 123 Don Spernza and Amold Podolsky inspect a radio outfit at the second annual Swap 'n' Shop. K. - Pa P f' f AMATEUR RADIO CLUB ROW ONE: Mr. Younkers ,sponsorg Arnold Podolsky, president: David Wakser, vice presi- dent, Randy Fisk, secretary, Don Spernza, treasurer. ROW TWO: Gary Campbell, Fred Tom Earl and Riflk Davis discuss Zingeser, Robin Blumberg, Robert Lightstone, Marty Newman, Edward Muffeny, Gary Yancon. varivus Pmblems Of Hmaieuf radio- ROW THREE: Tom Earl, Doug Peterman, Tom Krukorian, Phil Mendelson, Ron Howard, Terry Thornton. 124 RDTC and Technical Clubs Promote ew Interests The Amateur Radio Club, the Science Club, and the AFJ-ROTC provide opportunities for students to participate in a wide variety of acti- vities. Sponsored by Mr. Robert Younkers, the mem- bers of the Amateur Radio Club learn new tech- niques in the field of electronics. One of the highlights of their year was the second annual Swap 'n' Shop at SHS. At the Swap 'n' Shop, electronics enthusiasts were able to buy or swap anything from stereo amplifiers to transistor radios. To enhance their knowledge in the field of science, students join the Science Club sponsored by Mr. Brewbaker. Through this club the members learn new scientific concepts and theories. The development of projects for the Science Fair has been one of the major goals for this year. The AFJ-ROTC enables its members to be- come better informed on the challenges and oppor- tunities of aerospace, to develop leadership qualities, and to acquaint him with the problems of national defense. This year eight AFJ-ROTC members attended the 18th Annual Military Ball at the University of Detroit. Science Club members Bob Bowman, Geo Avrunin, Bob Feder and Ron Hoff man do an experiment under Mr. Brewbakers supervision ROTC members prepare for future vocations as Air Force officers. This is the first year that this oppor tunity has been offered to Southfield students. E Q A it.. I '35 Betsy Agree enjoys her experience as a cadet Interested Girls Prepare ow teacher during National Education Week. FTA officers induct new members at their annual installation. FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION ROW ONE: Mrs. Holley, sponsor: Nancy Finkelstein, treasurer: Sheila Korman, secretary: Joyce Keller, president: Linda Altman, vice president: ROW TWO: Joanne Feldman, Sheila Waldman, Carol Yagoda, Judi Selik, Betsy Agree, Leslie IWFGY, Cheryl Barris, Jill Kahrnoif, Fran Salzberg, Ellen Barahal, Michele Rohan, Joyce Brodsky, Lori Goldstrom, Carol Ward, Nanci Paster, Joan Salinger. ROW THREE: Liz Budman, Cathy David, Rosalyn Davis, Sandra Greek, Janis Edelheit, Renee Karden, Debbie Berk, Linda Beitner, Joanne 126 Schulman, Shelli Kosofsky, Amy Rapoport, Ilene Westheimer, Joan Wasson, Evelyn Ribitwer, Sue Albert. ROW FOUR: Judi Weiss, Debbie Fridenberg, Mary Harmala, Randee Green, Iris Barnes, Carol Guttman, Barbara Goodman, Flora Ohrenstein, Marilyn Ferris, Wendy Seedman, Karen Greenberg, Phyllis Schechter, Karen Natow, Shirley Nippa. ROW FIVE: Judy MacGregor, Tina Wisniewski, Debbie Morof, Carole Kurtz, Lynne Deitch, Beth Herzoff, Ellyce Ruben, Doris Soultanian, Jean Tenenbaum, Judy Althoff, Susan Wallace, Rosanne Rapo- port, Arlene Litt, Francee Kline. 1 for Future Careers in Nursing,Teaehing Positions Having an eye on the future and the world around them, members of the Future Teachers Association and the Future Nurses Club enjoy a year of active participation. With an active membership of seventy girls, the Future Teachers Association provides oppor- tunities for students to examine the possibilities of teaching as a career and helps to develop leadership qualities and professional attitudes in its members. Each year FTA inducts its new members and officers, holds a teachers panel, and allows two days for its members to experience the field of education through cadet teaching. With the money raised from various fund raising pro- jects, the girls make their major Contribution to the Jessie Davenport scholarship fund. The Future Nurses Club provides opportuni- ties for its members to investigate the nursing and allied health careers and to become acquainted with school and community health activities. This jyear the girls conducted a Christmas party at the Evangelican Home for Children and the Aged, a spring party for retarded children, and a drive for sheets from which cancer pads can be made. , Both clubs allow each girl to exchange her ideas with others and to express her cum. ,QS FUTURE NURSES CLUB ROW ONE: Denise Dopkowski, treasurer, Cathy Tazioli, vice president: Carole Day, president: Janet Chute, secretaryg Miss Meyer, sponsor. ROW TWO: Michelle Binder, Sue Belsky, Carol Harris, Carol Peterson,Chris Chappa. ROW THREE: Debbie Fridenberg, Julie Speck, Christy Lachowski, Lois Blood. ROW FOUR: Pamela Palmer, Diann Riggs, Bonnie Carlson, Jeanette Mortimer, Sharon King. Barb Reder hands a sheet to future nurse, Michelle Binder, from which cancer pads will be made. 127 Sports-minded Girls The sports-minded girls at SHS join the GAA and the Girls Swim Team. Through these clubs, girls have a chance to learn advanced skills and improve their individual abilities. Sponsored by Miss Trillis Jacks, the GAA offers an opportunity for all girls to improve their athletic ability in various sports. Its members participate in an intramural sports program which includes volleyball, basketball, badminton, archery, and softball. Participants in this pro- gram are eligible for the GAA school letter award which is earned on a point system basis. Together with all the SMA schools, South- field is working to create a league in which girls may participate. So far they have created the Girls Swim Team. The newly formed team went undefeated in its first season. The girls defeated the Hazel Park team 68-54 and the Ferndale team 64-58. Sue Russell, Barb Smathers, and Kathy Kantor in the free style, Jill Rollinger and Margie Stewart in the butterfly, Resa Jannett in the breast, and Pam Hooper in diving helped their team win many events. G.A.A. members improve their athletic ability while having fun. Join the GAA and Swim Team W' , V "" f Y L ' x r w L , , ' i 2 G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL TEAM ROW ONE: Lorraine McAnn, Dianne Ferrara, Barbara James, Debby Baker, Sue Svalya, Chris Maleski. ROW TWO: Pamela Bourgeous, Laura Devlin, Pamela Darris, Sherry McAleer, Pat Shirey, Nancy Church, Nancy Geves. Margaret Stewart swims to victory. QK ff ,,, Sf! 52552222 .W-fxv""" .efX"""'1 F -'WB .aww W, . gli' iw VV 55? -M X 9!!"F99?!l J .. . sail thai vm? x,a,.2""J.-lf ' ' f5 Fil "i",iv',,.51r - N- n W sniwggaggfqa ur "" 1 If!!! 15" Dfgil, 6 v""5"v..,..,,w"',"" 1 W 1 'Q' eggs, gfdf - ,. :-. , ,Q ,fu . -1' 94ww'M' C6 Energetic SHS Skiers Head fel' the Hills Sponsored by Miss Felicia Gayewski and Mr. Robert MacDougall, the Ski Club is the larg- est and most active club at Southfield Senior High School. Each week the club sponsors a trip to Mt. Holly. In the cold and snowy weather, buses and cars take SHS skiers to the slopes to enjoy an evening of sport and excitement. At the slopes, students are able to learn new skiing techniques and improve their skiing ability. Then came the highlight of the year. In the freezing and windy weather, two buses carried SHS students to Boyne Highlands in the Lower Peninsula to enjoy a full weekend of skiing. They stayed at The Cliff Dweller, a beautiful ski lodge at the foot of Boyne Mountain, and skied all day Saturday at the Highlands in below zero weather. SHS skiers enjoyed dancing and refreshments at the Club Ponytail in Harbor Springs Saturday night and enjoyed a full day of skiing Sunday at the Highlands with the rays of the sun. Although a few noses were frozen, fortunately, no legs were broken! r 77' 2 .7 4. . X my if i V! l f r' 1 PV K ' f .Sew .L Karp Y I. kggf- g f, . t r s ', f -'i . - , V ri . if . t tw -l , f ff if ' Q.. b - ' 'li C ' ?' ,::Qfe:4,jA 'N N . - . . , 4 sattss S '-we .ei 2 -. ,, we : 1'-. .ww . M f' " :Ama -A Mi es-J Q.. Typical skiers Debbie Martin, Jan Givens, Fred Stoye, Nancy Sisson and Scott MacCracken clown around as the bus gets ready to leave for a days skiing at Boyne Highlands. Jan Givens races to the finish line. Cathy Tazioli gets ready to ski while others converse in the cafeteria. After a weekend of skiing, skiers get ready to return home. Ls... Students Develop Athletic Abilit in the Varsity i 5 F VARSITY CLUB ROW ONE: Rocky Roe, vice president: Lance Pesci, Secretary- treasurer: Dave Kontry, president fnot picture-dj. ROW TWO: Chris Poleski, Larry Liebowitz, Harley Goldberg, Jeff Farland, John Haley, Elliot Spoon, Dave Haley, Chuck Cowan. ROW THREE: Mark Turczyn, Harry Elias, Jim Toth, Gary Betrus, Le ,f ..-4, Mark Bernstein, Jim Glinski, Ron Weinstein, Bill Serote, Don Forrest. ROW FOUR: Tom Krist, Bill Schlaff, Keith Mohr, Bruce Stoker, Greg Oretga, Steve Watts, John McAndrew, Roger Brundage. ROW FIVE: Dan Rogers, Barry Pfister, Ed Daniels, Jim Walters, Ron Brinza, Tim Hughes, Scott MacCracken, Steve Marx, Fred Stoye. 2 fy 'xukfiiy 2 gigk A A e2e3Hia,lw? K watt, f., After a trying day at school, Bowling Team members find relaxation at Plum Hollow Lanes. 132 Ut s.,, r and Bowling Clubs Sports plays an important role in SHS's extracurricular activities. Through the Varsity Club and the Bowling Team, Southfield students have a chance to improve their athletic ability. Sponsored by members of the Athletic Coun- cil, all boys in the Varsity Club have earned a varsity letter making them eligible for member- ship. As a service club, Varsity Club members carry a continuous spirit throughout the seasons to help our school teams achieve success and fame. Along with participating in many sports, Varsity members can be seen helping cheer the student body on to victory at pep assemblies, games and meets. One of their activities which most Southfield students look forward to is the basketball game between the faculty and the stu- dents. The Varsity Club also gives two athletic college scholarships based on scholarship, athletic attitude and financial need. Sponsored by Mr.Thomas Flattley, S outhfield High now boasts of a new addition to their school organizations, the Bowling Team. Having quite a large membership, the Bowling Team meets every Wednesday after school at Plum Hollow Lanes. Members of the team do not only bowl for enjoyment, but they also try to improve their skill and form as Well as their scores. Freezing in position, Paul Hoover waits for a strike. I. i ' Bowling Team President Ann Saviniemi goes over scores with Doug Fortiet to determine final victory. 13 i' Jw Wi lk ual 512554 , , 95' 1 'hw 134 QQ f 2 gig -... 'L ,pr -M , .-f' Y' V - Q N www MM W.,, L.,g,M.4 W, lb I, . 3 5 A' 135 Cheerleaders Support Teams by Generating Spirit ROW ONE: Olivia Milrkola, Jeanne Winchester, Molly Mikelson. ROW TWO: Carol Davis, Miss Barbara Stephens, Jan Given s, Sue Willis. Nancy Sisson anxiously awaits the next cheer. ROW ONE: Karen Peters, Denise Miller, Joy Beaton, Sandy Gnall. ROW Runkle, Joyce Taras, Wendy Lampert, ROW THREE: Claire TWO: Jan Swanberg, Debbie Klulray, Pam Barnes, Dorothy Platter, Marcie Goldstein, Knot picturedl. School spirit plays a most important factor in a winning team and to help foster this spirit are seven girls always ready to support their teams through the glory of victory or the agnoy of defeat. The cheerleaders not only support our ath- letic teams but also play an active part in other school activities. They participate in pep rallies, post placards in the halls, and in general contri- bute to the welfare of the school, itself. Captain of the varsity cheerleaders is Senior Molly Mikkelson. Other seniors include: Jeanne Winchester, Sue Willis, Nancy Sisson, and Jan Givens. Completing the squad are Juniors Olivia Mikkola and Carol Davis. ,Before becoming a varsity cheerleader, a candidate must first learn the fundamentals as a member of the JV squad. JV cheerleaders are present at football, basketball, swimming, and wrestling meets. Headed by Captain Dorothy Platter, they include Karen Peters, Joy Beaton, Joan Runkle and Denise Miller. Other junior varsity cheerleaders are Marcy Goldstein, Pam Bames, Debby Klukay, Joyce Taras, Claire Swanburg and Sandy Cnall. l l 1 N l l l 2 w w Pi - A ,Q ROW ONE: Ralph Wait, Dave McAndrew, Larry Farrell, Bruce Fishman, Greg Benson, Robin Blumberg, Jack Bodnar. ROW TWO: Coach Charles Balog, Barry Watts, John McAndrew, John Hundiak, Roger Ovink, Dave Evaul, Chris Sorenson, Assistant Coach Mr. Robert MacDouga1l. Cross Country Harriers Gain Experience in Long Year Guts, stamina, and speed are the perfect combination for the ideal cross country runner. Cross country is a two-mile run over rough ter- rain. It is an individual race for team honors with depth bringing the bulk of the team's total points. This is the main reason the Harriers had such a disappointing season. This lack of depth was shown in the pre- sence of only five letter winners. Senior John McAndrew performed well all season in vain as the Jays could not muster a victory. Because of his determination and performance, McAndrew was voted Most Valuable for the 1967 season. John Hundiak, another determined senior, could not contribute to the team after he hurt his knee early in the season. Chris Sorenson was the only sophomore letter winner as he will be return- ing along with Junior Barry Watts and Roger Ovink.- U With the magority of the varsity plus six experienced reserves returning, Coach Charles Balog is hopeful for the upcoming season. 'Next year we'll have the most returning, experienced runners than ever before.' .John McAndrew displays the stamina it takes to pass two Seaholm runner 137 Co-captain Jim Watts sends Groves back Ted Felker airborne, dislodging the ball from his grasp, as Bill Lubs closes in 138 Second in Conference, Jays Drive to Winning 7-2 Year Streaking toward the end zone with an intercepted pass, Jim Walters earns Homecoming's most valuable player award. ROW ONE: Barry Pfister, Harry Elias, Mark Bernstein, Gary Betrus, Lance Pesci, Paul Hunt, Rocky Roe, Greg Anderson, Rick Evans, Managers Ron Serote and Larry Mulliet. ROW TWO: Ron Brinza, Steve Marx, Craig Balazs, Jim Watts, Jim Walters, Don Duncan, Jim Glinski, Roger Brundage, Steve Andrews, Scott MacCracken, John Scodellaro, Dennis Kacz- ,i .r uvmxsn1 .. f. On the strength of a bulwark line and an ex- perienced backfield, the Blue Jays of Southfield High rolled to a 7-2 season. Highlighted by a shutout over SMA champions Royal Oak Kimball. Coach Ed Bryant's varsity tied for second in the conference. A victory over Hazel Park and the Homecoming romp against Berkley completed the Jays' SMA victories. The massive defense held mon-league opponents Thurston, Waterford, and Farmington scoreless enroute to their fine record. Individual players contributed greatly as linemen, Bill Lubs and Jim Watts, and fullback, Rocky Roe, were selected for the All-Conference team. Lubs, in his first varsity season, was equally adept at the pass rush as defending against the run. Co-captain Watts set a school record for most tackles in one game, 21, against Royal Oak Kimball. Roe made advantage of his speed and power as he led the team in both scor- ing and yardage gained. Jim Walters, Paul Hunt, Dave Wieland, and Greg Anderson also stood out. Walters, defensive end, have five interceptions for the team high. Hunt played both ways and con- tinually made the big play as did Wiel and. Ander- son shared the quarterbacking with Rick Ellison. Other standouts were John Scodellaro, tackle, Steve Watts, halfbackg Craig Balazs, endg Scott MacCracken, endg Harry Elias, linebacker, Gary Betrus, halfbackg Don Duncan, flankerg Mark, Bernstein, flanker and Keith Levick, guard. Lubs, Wieland, and Ellison will all be returning next year to bolster an already promising squad. marek. ROW THREE: Jeff Farland, Jerry McCann, Leonard MatS0I1, Doug Digue, Dave Wieland, Bill Lubs, Lance Korthals, Rick Ellison, Keith Levick, Don Thompson, Dave Sanders, Coach John Finlayson, Steve Watts, Coach Dave Butler, Coach Tom Ridley, and Head Coach Ed Bryant. , an 1 . may inn' .1 M.. DBPUI and BRIRIICB C0lltl'ibllt8 to ViCt0l'i0llS SBRSOII Mark Bernstein fwhite helmetj leaps high to block an extra point as teammates Don Thompson 1521, Steve Watts f441, Craig Balazs f832 Jerry McCann U11 , Jim Watts f6'11, and Bill Lubs f51j, help out. Steve Watts bulls his way into the end zone as Rocky Roe M22 arrives in the background. Southfield vs, Thurston Waterfotrlifj Hazel Park Femdalgfg Kimball W Seaholm if fi? Berkley e W Farmington Groves t r hw. uh-wry pf ' Y f , if QW ,Q M, r xc , ml , . E . fab g fi .FR R ROW ONE: Bob Schmidelberg. Mike Carson. Mike Forsythe, DeLeo, Gary Sienkowitz. ROW THREE: Assistant Coach Doug Gray, Gary Balazs, Doug Lawrence. Bruce Stoker, John Robert Filar, Leonard Broadway, Bill Phlugrad, Tim Lundell, Nedrosik, John Thomas. ROW TWO: Keith Klein, Mark Hoeft, Dave Wixom, Bill Juiter, Mike Broadway, John Lang, Jim Rick Streby, Tom Kilar, Judd Parker, Howard Weiss, Chris Cofcgran, Tom Killian, Coach Peter Mazzara. Junior Varsity Teams Finish Strong, Show Spirit Winning the final two games, Coach Pete Mazzara's Reserve Football Team finished the 1967 season with a 2-5-1 record. Mike Broad- way, Doug Gray, John Nedrosik, Judd Parker, and Howard Weiss were promoted to the varsity during the season as the reserves displayed their depth by finishing strong. Mike Carson, half-backg Gary Balazs, guard: Rick Streby, defensive backg and guard Bruce Stoker consistently played well during the entire season. These four, among others, are considered prime prospects for next years varsity squad. Experience also came slow to the Sopho- more Junior Varsity as they won one game while losing eight. However, they finished strong by beating Berkley and barely losing the finale. First-year Coach Robert Filar and Assistant Coach Robert Haney are optimistic about the future of their sophomore football squad. XX Rx. an L ' VK 7553 4 J pq' N ROW ONE: Howard Schubiner, Art Kowalski, Dave Hoffman, Henry Corcoran, Chuck Cowan, Mike Carakostas, Bob Sundberg, Jim Boretti, Rick Laffler. ROW TWO: Greg Brown, Jeff Altshuler, Jerry Miller, Phil Marsh, Kevin Harrington, Don Haney, Chuck Petrillo, Dan Vincent, Mike Battel. ROW THREE: Coach Robert Filer, Tom Maksym, Barry Morneau, Ross Frushour, Warren Silverman, Eric Berg, Dave Kasno, Roger Baker, Glenn Waller,Assis- tant Coach Robert Haney, Assistant Coach Peter Mazzara. 143 Gagers Earn Tie in Tight Conference Race Beginning with the regime of new Head Coach Don Kaump, basketball at Southfield took an upward turn. By winning their first six games, including a romp over Birmingham Groves which snapped the latter's 38 game winning streak, the Jays appeared confident of a glorious season. In the first game of the Christmas Tournament at Redford Union, they drew Ypsilanti, rated second in the state. Ypsilanti won with a lay-up in the last two seconds. The Jays then won their last two games of the tournament. The bulk of the conference schedule was next for Kaump's charges. They swept through the first half of the SMA season to find them- selves undefeated in league play and with a tWO-game lead over both Ferndale and Royal Oak Kimball. After defeating Hazel Park for the second time, the Jays lost to Ferndale by one point. Ranked ninth in the state, Southfield then lost their second consecutive heartbreaker by one point. They went on to defeat Birmingham Seaholm and Berkley to tie for the SMA title-the first Southfield team ever to do so in basketball. The state district tournament at Ferndale was the next challenge. After defeating Berkley for the third time, Ferndale became the opponent in the district final. Struggling from behind in the second half, the Jays did not have enough time to pull out a victory. Losing by two points, they finished the 1967-68 season with a 15-4 record., Individual glory was attained by forwards Dave Kontry and Bob Scheuer as both earned All-Conference honors. Kontry, captain, and Scheuer continually came through with the klutch performance which brought victory. Senior guards Paul Hunt and Greg Anderson made honorable mention for their heroic efforts. Because of a shifting starting lineup, Juniors John Boger, Dave Chalmers, Rick Ellison, Roger Ovink, and Dave Weiland had plenty of game time and res- ponded by lifting the team to their formidable status. Completing the squad were Seniors Bob Austin, John Grayson, and Jim Watts plus Jun- iors Marv Blemly and Dave Evaul. With so much experienced players and promising JV recruits, 1 Coach Kaump has the fuselage of an undisputed Conference-winning team. 1 l l l l 5 i 1 l k i KNEELING Head Coach Don Kaump, Paul Hunt, John Boger, Jim Watts, Assistand Coaches Robert Filar and John Finlayson. STANlJ- ING Student Manager Ted Mayden, Greg Anderson, Dave Weiland, John Grayson, Dave Kontry, Dave Chalmers, BobAustin, Roger Ovrn Bob Scheuer Rick Ellison, Dave Evaul, Marv Blemly. Southfield vs. 55 Redford Union 71 Farmington 50 Ferndale 49 Hazel Park 74 Groves 64 Ypsilanti 66 Bently 60 Redford Union 67 Kimball or 78 Seaholm 60 Berkley' d 52 N. Farmington 64 Hazel Park on 56 Ferndgie gig nnln 54 Icimn ijxfff' d fd ss seamin 66 Berkley estate Digznctsg l o nn l Driving the lane, Rick Ellison f-441 leads a awe-man break with Paul Hum. Fouled in the act of shooting, Roger Ovink lands awkwardly as Greg Anderson leaps high to comm! 3 jump ban Bob Sclzeuer and Dave Chalmers 1512 wait for a possible rebound. 441- 's 1' s I f D lv A Jays Enjoy 15-4 Slate Season Best in Years From 12 feet out, Paul Hunt pops a jump shot. John Bveer displays his jumping ability as he leaps and shoots. was .t Dave Kontry strains to outjump Femdale's Wayne Clapp 5 ii 'if xx ,J is 1 1 2 4 ,E v +4 8 kk x 'S ki 'Af gg? :Ex it Q Qs ff K 3 3 Q 3 Y Qi Q me Q 6, ,- N, vikQr ,i K A A gg, Q , 'A ix 9? fa' sw . 4' Q fi' A ,, 4 fm. N- . 1.4 Q - ,sf a ,Sfi ,, 3, M R 'I is . W., ., ., ,. ' J 121: I . . Y Qs? in f -26:-sim J x I N N 148 ' . JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM ROW ONE: Head Coach John Finlayson, Dave Hoffman, Mike Moscow, Chuck Petrillo. ' Howard Schubiner, Assistant Coach Robert Filar. ROW TWO: Dave Anderson, Stuart Southfield vs. r 40 Redford Union 60 Farmington 64 Fandale 66 Lathrup 66 Hazel Park 62 Groves 40 f 14 sz Krmban 47 Lathrup 56 Semin 57 if Buhler? cl h To 72 N. Farmington Ggilp sannh .J so ximian J y y ,. ',sa 54, A Schulman, Ross Frushour, Scott Miller, Bob Muiter, Ken Bloom, Dave Kasno, Chet Corpt, . . Doug Digue, Dennis Jackson, Dave Kuhna. Sophomores Shoot, Hustle Way to Winning Season Despite the lack of height, the Junior Varsity basketball team overcame their deficit to finish with a 10-6 won-lost record. Starting on a sour note by losing to Redford Union, they went on to win four of their next five games including a whipping of newborn rival Southfield- Lathrup. After losing their next two, the JV team beat Birmingham Seaholm, lost to Berkley, and then routed both North Farmington and Hazel Park. Winning their final three games, Coach John F'inlayson's squad completed the SMA sea- son at 6-4. High scorer Scott Miller and top playmaker Dave Hoffman were elevated to the varsity after completing outstanding seasons for the junior varsity. Center Dave Kasno, forward Bob Muiter, and forward Ross Frushour completed the start- ing lineup. Chuck Petrillo and Dave Kasno gained experience from extensive game time. Other players included Stewart Schulman, Ken Bloom, Mike Moscow, Howard Schubiner, Dave Anderson, Chet Corpt, Doug Digue, Dennis Jackson, and Dave Kuhna. Leaping above a crowd of Ferndale defenders, Dave Kontry puts the ball in flight while Dave Chalmers f51J heads toward the boards. Dave Hoffman fights for a rebound against Ferndale. u Skiers Brave Wind, Snow Enroute to Fine Winter Competing in both the slalom and giant slolom, the skiers of Coach James 'General' Mills finished fourth and third for boys and girls respectively in the Mt. Holly Ski League. In the southern regionals, the boys finished sixth and the girls fourth out of 20 member schools. Fin- ishing fifth in the combined Detroit News Meet, 'General' Mills' forces added to an outstanding season. Ted Brackett led all Southfield skiers rac- ing to a third place finish in the News Meet. He finished sixth in the league meet enroute to the All-League team and All-State honorable mention. Rick Barnthouse, Martin Bloch, Tom Hickson, and Bruce Pelletier consistently contributed to the teams efforts and were rewarded with letters. Other male skiers included Bob Kay, Paul Lyon, Jeff Medwid, Pat Spaulding, and Dick Walter. The girls were not without their honors as Mary Little earned recognition as second team All-League by finishing ninth in the league meet. Jan Givens, Pam Hooper, Suzie Paul, Gail Sher- man, and Nancy Sisson earned team pins. Barb Dakin, Diane Kuschinski, Deborah Martin, and Pam McFadden completed the squad. With six junior boys returning including three letter winners, skiing looks to another promising year in the snow. 150 if . Gail Sherman begins to skate as she nears the finish line I l ROW ONE: Paul Lyon, Tom Hickson, Gail Sherman, Mary Little. ROW TWO: Dick Walter, Ted Brackett, Pam McFadden, Suzie Paul. ROW THREE: Rick Barnthouse, Bruce Pelletier, Pam Hooper, Debbie Martin. ROW FOUR: Jeff Medwid, Pat Spaulding, Barb Dakin, Diane Kuschinski. ROW FIVE: Martin Bloch, Bob Kay, Jan Given s, Nancy Sisson. Southfield Rochester West Bloomfield Southfield Waterford Kettering Waterford, Mott Southfield Clarkston Utica Southfield Clarkston Walled Lake Detroit News Meet Boys Girls Boys Girls Southfield Bloomfield Hills West Bloomfield Southfield Clarkston Waterford Mott Southfield Walled Lake Waterford Kettering Southfield Bloomfield Hills Utica Regionals Southfield Walled Lake Waterford Kettering Southfield Bloomfield Hills Utica Southfield Rochester Waterford Township Southfield Waterford Kettering Waterford Township League Meet Boys 1 2 3 1 2 3 3 2 1 2 3 1 4 Girls 1 2 3 2 1 3 3 1 2 3 2 1 3 Havering over his opponent, Chuck Durst applies a hold known as me full wizzer. 152 Bright Performances Highlight Bleak Season Often the case in the non-glamour sports, youth and inexperience hamper a teams performg ance. The matmen of Coach Arlin Severson were no exception. Early in the season, they were at a disadvantage in having to forfeit at least one match per meet. Gaining experience and determin- ation, the Jays finally jelled in defeating Frank- lin and tying Waterford Kettering for the seasons only squad highlights. However, dismal a 1-14-1 won-lost-tied record may seem, the wrestlers were never discouraged. Individual highlights brighten- ed any bleak slate. Cliff Clark finished second in the State Re- gionals and continued on in the State Tournament. Although he did not actually win a state letter, he will be seeded high when he returns next year in the 138 lb. class. Mark Turczyn, also at 138 lbs., earned All-Conference honors by taking his weight class in the SMA meet. Steve Watts at 165 lbs. defeated all competition in receiving his rAll-Conference stripe for winning the SMA meet also. Clark, Watts, and heavyweight Bill Lubs are returning with match experience and some honors to support an upcoming Southfield wrestling team. Having an advantage, Chris Poleski attempts a double wrist lock t gtumrvq, f guumnruf ROW ONE: Chuck Robbins,Chris Poleski, Jamie Bonilla, Dennis Dakin Marsh, Steve Watts, Cliff Clark, Mark Turozyn, Chuck Durst. ROW TWO: Richman, Phil Rashid, Gary Curtis, Bob Berge, Mark Tulk, Vince Doa, THREE: Paul Wolf, Dennis Yezbick, Barry Schmideberg. Dave Mester, McCann, Mike Keefe, Mike Exoo, Dave Tranchida, Coach Arlen Severson. tant Coach Peter Mazzara. 1 1 1 Jerry Miller, Phil John Dickey, Phil Rick Davis. ROW Bill Lubs, Jerry Not pictured: Assis- .,-01 ,vs H wan-...M Chuck Cowan fextreme leftj and Mike Burt fblock 41 respond to the gun at the start ofthe individual medley against Groves. Rick Caveleri brings his right arm forward and takes a breath in his freestyle stroke. 154 snumnneiii vs. 53 Qgikitrllgwves 63 ff id Grand r as trtr 61 t ,r,.t ., i 'fseanolm t 67 l,zfQ ikt gfmtiac 69 i i i k kiaze1 -:sw r r-'imzgmiq l 74 Fiernda.le k 59 Kimbal1 82 Dondero K3 , E 5 s V1 5 Z i i 3 3 52 42d 44 38 36 555 31 42 23 Swimmers Paeed b All-American Rela Team Mike Burt competes in the butterfly leg of the individual medley. For the second time in the history of South- field High School, the green stripe, signifying All-America, will be worn by any of its students. Seniors Mike Burt and Dave Swift and Juniors Greg Ortega and Paul Howard earned the honor by setting the state record in the 400 yd. free- style relay with a winning time good enough for the national ranking and, of course, the state title for the event. Included in the Jays' All- State contingent was Senior Tim Hughes in the backstroke. Burt C400 yd. freestylej and Ortega C50 yd. freestylej also earned individual red All-State stripes. Hughes eamed his yellow stripe in the SMA backstroke as did Senior Tom Krist doing the breaststroke. Honors, however, were not restricted to individuals as the team itself had an outstanding season. The Jays finished fourth in the state team rankings and tied for the SMA title. By sweeping all their conference dual meets South- field held what would seem to be an insurmount- able lead in the race for the SMA championship. Because of an archaic scoring system, the Jays had to settle for a three-way tie with Birmingham Seaholm and Royal Oak Kimball. Despite this disappointment, the swimmers of Coach Howard Scarborough had a truly remarkable season. ROW ONE: Chuck Cowan, Charles Squiggens, Irwin Schingler, Larry Leibowitz, Gary Aspinall, Mark Sands, Jeff Maze. ROW TWO: Dave Crieger, Joe Papelian, John Haley, Don Haney, Thomas Valiquette, Tom Krist, Dave Haley. ROW THREE: Dave Dyser, Daryll Jorgenson, Joe Yogus, Carl Merollis, Jerry Shulman, Dave Swift, Mike Burt, Rick Streby, Scott Johnson, Steve Kaufman, Phil Bachard. ROW FOUR: Diving Coach Milton Hurd, Head Coach Howard Scarborough, Greg Ortega, Gary Schector, Paul Howard, Bob Smith, Paul Lundell, Dan Rodgers, Arnot Heller, Tom Silver, Steve Craig, Irwin Danto, Scott Renton, Rick Caveleri, Dennis Hughes. Not Pictured: Bill Lynn, Tim Hughes and Harley Goldberg. 155 X f I s X 50946 ROW ONE: Paul Wolf, Jeff Medwid, Jeff Farland, Jeff West, Chris Jarvis, Rob Wunderlich, Kim Hartman, Gary Sayers, Bruno Podlinsek. ROW TWO: Darryl Glass, Tom Kilar, Don Forrest, Tom Hubbard, Charles McLaughlin, Ed Muffeny, Ralph Waite, Dan Chandler, Ben Glazer, James Glinski, John McAndrew. ROW THREE! BHFFY Watts, Phil Richman, Glenn Fink, Richard Blood, Harry Elias, Fred Stoye, John Keller, Dennis Steele, John Hundiak, David Evaul, Gene Newman. ROW FOUR: Coach Robert MacDougall, Jack Bodnar, David Noack, Bob Cassiu, Dick Moses, Mike Mellen, Jim Wakenell, John Grayson, Dave Brackett, Steve Zacks, Coach Charles Balog. Nearing the finish, Harry Elias pours it on. John Grayson lines up his shot in the circle. Q49-4-fix 5 31,31 'Ginn 25'-'satis ',A:'?frPz sigh, Individual Triumphs Brighten Disappointing Year ,stil-wr John McAndrew accelerates after taking the baton from Dennis Steele. The highlight of the otherwise disappoint- ing 1967 track season occurred as graduate Kim Hartman broke the tape in the State Class A Mile Run. Hartman's time of 4218.2 was just enough to add the title of All-State to his previous recognition of All-Conference miler. Tom Hubbard, sophomore, also made All-Con- ference with his consistently fine performan- ces in the pole-vault. Graduate, Gary Sayers, middle- distance runner, and senior John Grayson, shot put, finished 2-3 in total points behind Hartman. Graduate Steve Bright, sprinter, and Tom Hubbard, tied for fourth in individual honors. The season's only victory came in a close meet with Waterford, 57-61, as Junior Jeff Farland, graduates Dick Blood and Kim Hart- man came through with fine performances. John McAndrew and Fred Stoye also made im- portant contributions to the winning total. McAndrew, two mileg Stoye, half mileg and Farland, sprintsg return along with Harry Elias, 220 yd. dashg Jim Glinski, shot putg John Hun- diak, mile rung and Dennis Steele, half mile run souznneni vs. 49 Ferndale 69 1 5011 11111i J nigmangeark 51 1 Kimball 67 61 Waterford 57 39 Seaholm 79 45 Bloomfield 74 57 Berkley, 62 56 Hazel Park 63 High jumper, Dave Evaul, strains to clear the bat with perfect form, 157 in .-9 w..,.ff Xin" S W ,i Q V at ,.- I " -.Na If lg, 7 yk.. L Q? 4, x s E My :LVA zgi H I . 3 M9 Q K We rg we-xr ,,,.A ,V . xg ,A , , X I . . -. - . 9 ini' Y 35 .af WH' L:fnm,s fx 11 S 1 S ROW ONE: Ted Minke, Joe Post, Chris Caparossi, Gary Bet- rus, Howard Deitch, Lance Pesci, Manager Ron Serote. ROW TWO: Scott MacCracken, Don McLean, Bill Davidson, Tom . 'W - fu " 3 If .fggw-:,:1f,5fgwmzvffevfg,sf,ggg1,,- ,y ,,g:,55ggf,f iwfistfzigefgvsgsgagggf'agflaznr"af,,'??a5'+- Eaa2 9aggg2fg,'g15F:w Hg,f3ff2zQm, f 1---1 I fig, V W A-,wr ' - -- g 1- an K saw- ifsgpgfi. 'gl S 53 a 5 v I +V. w,,?Liis1i-,K Q22-f s fswifw m map Q Y A13-is,-,ggQff.rf3gf,,g,L5g.,M?j5 5, 'T'fAf"ZQiE?5,.5i5i1,f-a"Sg5W5T'5575'i455Zif'A'M 'nfl '!7A21:'H"I?f j1gg:E3'.QL:1-lI,Q.,gix,Egg,'f:,g,5U53jgSg: vf 1 Kel f , Q, L f 1 1 Q 1 365, 331 'L-fa -vggffigzs' , - -f ...J -- is a. ':,.aaRHz,:: J' - , M 1'."1f'W 7 ff gg? 'Z 139233685 X5-Pg? 2265792 , V 35:22 ':51?iTy75iLL25TifW:2 fifwifiilv Lei f f3i5'?,4?2IKQANYQQYE'QZYESXLBHZTM35 Tflfniv?:El5:52fQfi?ii'5'l55lE27'?'j,2:fTf?E7f- l sfflf ffllff L'''iff1'f'f?EI?f?i"'2,i?S1A-Vvit-,wi' LN" "M i5y3f"e ?.2sA2g5g:rfZ5.gis.a5y ynjuz, fy, yr, 'pm 'A-pf " - ' 'V iifefw V4-Q ?'i.f'1mz :aww l .32 e I . 1 ' 3 ' f"f1zwf51E9wrew., ' A' 'zz . f r fi' K, 1 W a : ,X sfmgirsefa a2M1e,,.a?fQa1fs1f4-iw wstliw uw awf2fQ'?T?fsfffaQ'Qaw1vfeuaaf?if2fAYfei we-ww'f5zR?15!Qv wsz12'2g1:ss,QSM-fwfriximwi Gam vagfgr-.s,,,aww,,W1s,,,,fog,Q,m?'min 5g?ffifg?gszgi.f?? are 'fa , Q C A - -C157 33221513411!leE?lf5Eryf2iL53S'5'faZf1SED111' :,i!'1'F? ffifsiii . ?3Q3,ii"??s E if54.2-W,1P'Hf3?i3?lf:?5WQi,'l?f'f?f?M, f ,fx zffluxrfff V' Q'-. 'm:?sf?E'9,fP:: ',,, .RMA W., ,rzssffifkmc ww,-Y My Wfggggi ::1g'?QL-ji ifjg- 'M.i?E"Ey fy: ,, 7- awww 2 . 1- is ff"frala?fiiiyisfisiwfiiMrflifgfme , 555117 sign, . iff ggfwfwif 51.v:,ev1ff,w-nares wfwg 3 My in 'A fif-Y755i?5V?55i.f??Si,q'??f'iff,--'Ea:,7V"i,'fr i,"f25UlfHfiiigfggfiziigfiifi,if'afff 1, -fi 'L f ' K 158 Burkert, Gary Eckhout, Rocky Roe. ROW THREE: Coach-Ed Bryant, Greg Anderson, Dave Hubbard, iels, Ted Simmons, Paul Hunt, Jim Toth. Jim Walters, Ed Dan- ia P -A. A H:-wr.-w. - .4 5 Q E' 2 o an wr as tx -- 1 Rocky Roe takes a late throw on a pick-off attempt against Kimball. ff? X 1' N Jays' Take Third Pontiac Press in 19-2 Season The Jays have done it again! They won their third consecutive Pontiac Press Invitational Baseball Tournament finishing the 1967 season with a 19-2 record, including a tie for the confer- ence championship. Tom Berkert, left-handed pitcher, was voted most valuable player of the tournament. Second in the voting was Ted Simmons, winner the two previous years. Simmons, All-American catcher, was drafted in the first round of the 1967 profes- sional baseball free agent draft. Gary Betrus, nard-throwing, left-handed curveball pitcher, and Lance Pesci, a fine all- around shortstop and top rate leadoff batter, will be among the returning starters along with Jack 'Rocky' Roe. Roe, a double threat at first base with his hitting and fielding, also has a scintillating major league career in the future. Dave Hubbard, an outstanding outfielder, led the SMA in stolen bases. Burkert, Hubbard, Simmons, Pesci, and Roe all made all-conference. Returning lettermen also include: Paul Hunt, Jim Walters, Jim Toth, Scott MacCracken, Ed Daniels and Joe Post. The Junior Varsity lost some heartbreakers enroute to a 2-8 season. Standouts for the JV's were Lance Korthals, Howard Weiss, Roger Ovink, Pat Ward, and David Timmassey. Rounding first base, Lance Pesci turns on the speed. Coach Ed Bryant gives important advice to the bench. At the climax of his delivery, Gary Betrus displays fine form as Gary Eclrhout waits anxiously in the background. 159 etmen, Golfers Look To Co-captain Ron Weinstein casually returns a volley. ROW ONE: Mark Pensler, Lynn Katz, Barry Hyman, Bob Dyan, Greg McClintock, Bill Schlatf, Ron Weinstein, Rick Levitt. ROW TWO: Rick Perlman, Tam Branscom, Ed Weiner, Dave Gunsberg, Doug Zussman, Barry Nemon, John Crixby, Charlie Wright, Bruce Stoker, Chuck Raime, Jack Kreiger, Bob Kemnitz - coach. 160 Promising '68 Season Continuing a winning tradition, the golfers of Coach Tom Ridley displayed ability and patience which are so important to a low golf score, Consistently fine rounds led the team to their victorious year. Second in the SMA, third in the Pontiac Press Invitational, and fourth in the State Region- als, the Jays finished the 1967 season witha winning 11-6 record. With five returning letter- men, the 1968 season looks to be a promisingone. Heading the list of returnees is Bob Scheuer, All-Conference as a junior. Scheuer's booming and accurate drives led the team to their five SMA victories. Elliot Spoon, a transfer student, tied Scheuer's school record of 34 last year as a sophomore. Junior Marv Blemly returns with a year of experience behind him. Also returning will be senior Keith Mohr who had the finest aver- age other than Scheur. Another senior, Herbert Margolis, will bolster an already strong golf squad. Experience will also play a big role in the 1968 tennis season as seven lettermen retum from a 6-9 record. Included in the lettermen are co-captains Rick Levitt, senior, and Ron Wein- stein, junior, who contributed heavily to the team as Weinstein made the quarter-finals in the state regionals. Bill Schlaff and Lynn Katz lettered as soph- omores while Schlaff made the SMA singles quarterfinals. Other returning lettermen include Charlie Wright, senior, Bruce Stoker, junior, and Tom Branscom , junior. H. ., . ar- 3 . A., 1. f. ,rr .1 .. fs, rg.. ,gr-ff, rigs:-3 L., . 1 ,K El., W ,. - ,, 4 1 -, , , X' 1 I W - rarest at r 'fifsarg . . f sw f ' --M rr wc- - M W. , .1 NNW fw.sr1,,w,- ..QLE?tigT rF QiQQL,,.M ---- a .. 14 1 e ..,...:::i m r jf' "" Qarxxwm .... . . W 'J if ms. .,, , , r"'W17g5-1 ""' JLTEW' ---mes..-sg , '35 ., '- ' f items - M - I--it ..,,, .51 , :.. - r nf .gk,i.3s.g.r.sw-.f.aW...,-ga, :.'--5 kv vii- "li S ff 1' f f Q - J' r Ke . , t ii? 5 ia sf. r an wr T .2 5 o f , . , ,. f .rarer .. fr E r W f n iif, . - R :- its as-Y ri., F, + if Y Bs 'z A733 if ,Br sr s af i gg 9 . gs' rr, gsjtfa S sf. it 3' .rs . if if i rr MLS? , st H . as S. tr .. . r ' -. .nf .,.es.fsrg'i W. .,., ew- its E , i s - .-r if A - rrri r nw of . rzg.. :',:t.,1,r.f'.f-,: 'ifr- , 1 o f n M s ' i l , , A fi? 'V . 1 , , . 3 tr .ri r i - 4 1 1 S' ' wi im time ,, ,it N? 4 ,I gg? ., RANK rf. ,f, ,-,N -- -,,,, ,g , , ,k . - , rw' t fp r . - s Hits Ve, 'fi-fa Us 2 sr, Q 2 gf r,o,-Masai. v f'+ . as me it PV e iw s 'fs Q, at as '..- M, .V-. " 1' -if 'fn fl- A r - rib. sir. 1 in N PN , 45' 5395 -,, gl I . ,X 1. 1 ,. as . - aft J 1 J I, ff K ' 5 at J 'QW' . ...Q ROW ONE: Rick Smith, Elliot Spoon, Harold Margolis. ROW TWO: Coach Tom Ridley, Keith Mohr, .Robert Scheuer, Mark Mattingley, Rocky Page. i Keith Mohr concentrates on lining up his putt. Bob Scheuer displays his All-Conference stroke. 21712 Redfordfiinion .218 2195i Fem411'?i i2 - zos seanonnj. T 202 ..i i.ii. , . Blmmiggm t ...,.. ......... F k,,.V . M " seannimh ..ii. make an end To rs to make a beginning, n , d lswhere we start fro T.S. Eliot 9 I 0 ll In E ' er Qf 3 l 163 B08l'd Leads CIZSS ill SllCCOSSflll YGRI' U Robert Feder Rita Vanerian President Vice President Judy Rappoport Nancy Peters Secretary Treasurer Sharon Stimac Susan Merson Sueuen Chips Board Member Board Member Board Member We began our high school careers in Sept- ember 1965. As expected, most of us were apprehensive of what the next three years were to bring. However, we readily slipped into the stream of pandemonium that came with the arrival of Homecoming 1965. Our participation on this event led to bigger and better victories such as winning the Spirit Jug during Spirit Week, 1966. We then established a school in Tanzania, East Africa with the profits from our Sophomore candy sales. In June of our junior year, we received our class rings and were able, for the remainder of the year, to make it known to all that we were from SHS. The fall of 1967 brought our senior year. Being seniors entitled us to several privileges such as driving to school and skipping both first and last hour study halls. For the first time, this year, a new privilege was added -- that of a senior lounge. Our last 'first' was the change in the traditional senior trip for the Class of '68 went to Washing- ton D. C. for four fun-filled days. Our graduation ceremonies began with Swing Out and finally Graduation. Our graduation was, for the second time, held at Cobo Hall. This was not only most desirable but also necessary for we were the largest graduating class at 1027. We have reached the end of high school years and the end of our childhood. Many of us will be going on to careers immediately after graduation and some of us will be continuing our education. It is an adult world we are ven- turing forth into and we will not have anyone to lead us by the hand. We have derived much ,pleasure from Southfield High School but we have also received an education enabling us to live productive lives in today's world. 164 61' Barbara Abbott Harrietta Ackerman I . " r 4' ,.,r , ' t rr,r 1 A Benjamin Adler Louise Ahonen Susan Abeska Karen Abraham Diane Abromaitis Linda Acho Greg Adair Roger Adema Andrea Adler Ava Adler Gerald Adler Richard Agar Betsy Agree Cindy Ahern Marietta Aiello Sharon Ake Janice Akers Susan Albert Deborah Albrecht Judith Althoff Linda Altman Timothy Ames Greg Anderson Tension mounts in the audience as Fred Stoye 'steals the show' before the climactic announce- ment of the queen. 166 J. Kathy Andrew Yagi? Glen Antczak ff" Leslie Aronoff ccce A Le- fb oos iii A John Auerbach Robert Austin ioctl. asif, Steve Andrews - r If -Q "' A 1 fc .J 73' Deborah Antonucci Rhonda Asbury J n,: J. J .2.: Jeffrey Anspach Frederick Arnold Michael Aubrey Robert Auman George Avrunin . 'fx V' .f Q L, xv Judith Auslander Susan Axelrod Seniors Reflect the iw- C?-v Charles Badder Linda Bagierek S Craig Balazs Laura Barnes Cheryl Barris Thomas Baty After the moment of the crowning, Queen Jeanie Winchester and escort Rocky Roe survey her realm. HDIDBCDIIIIIIQ Spiflt of 1967 ,V A .., g . Judy Bagnell t g , .I ef crisp, Linda Baron we--.r . Phil Bayne KST Larry Baill Kathleen Baker Colleen Barons Carol Barr gwwf Nancy Beal Suzanne Bechard 2 ek Placing first in the class division, the Senior Homecoming float stands up well in the dismal weather. 167 1968 Creates First Senior Lounge in SHS History Qt ,af A if Linda Beers Richard Beers Bruce Begnoohe Martin Begun Janice Benaderet lg 3 m... I Nancy Emery, Jim Watts and Joe Post swear that hamburgers Beth Frumkin and Judie Green take a moment to relax and eaten in the Senior Lounge taste better. converse in the Senior Lounge. 'eff' 'nn- Carol Bendix Steven Bennett William Bergeven Sherry Berk Deanne Berkowitz Michael Berlin Merle Bernberg Mark Bernstein Deborah Beske Dorothy Beyer 168 Elwin Bicknell Linda Blackman John Bodnar bv Xe. Carol Bienstock Gerald Bigham Loree Binder Li11 Blaaberg 1: f r l y it nlln Gary Blan .5 ft! if Joanne Blau Margaret Blumenthal Ronda Blumenthal Carolyn Bohn 'nw r .Y t if M im K' f 5 me 'vw' Michael Bone Kenneth Borin Jane Bowden Bill Caplan hurriedly gulps his lunch S0 he can Terry Tobel, Bob Tredway, Art Mikkola, and Allan Paster, enjoy the plush participate in the recreational activities of the facilities of the lounge after finishing lunch. All furniture was donated by Senior Lounge. interested seniors and faculty members. 169 ' rf N we Priscilla Bowman Robert Bowman l E52 1 ig, we Y -fa, lr Terry Brass Richard Brewer Michael Broadway H3 Marie Breiter Howard Brickner Kenneth Broder .ff '37 Ted Bfaekeil Matthew Brady Maureen Brady Kenneth Bremer John Breniser Janet Brenner 'N-mn Tana Bfidgewetef James Brill Ronald Brinza i 'if ai 'K 1 David BYOOKS, Carol Brown Gary Brovm Paul Brown Roger Brown Steven Brown Steven D. Brown Joe Bruder 170 Roger Brundage Elizabeth Budman John Budrys Lois Bueker Abraham Buell Kathy Buelow Q A W a N ,caviar , ' M3 4- Fi Janice Burkett ge 4' at ,aw Q my . 1 -F 5, .I A Nancy Busfield Kimberlee Callender ? . , is Karolyn Buettner Sara Burdowski J eff 'Burkg Anne Bmnett Sharon Burke v-av Stuart Burnstein Mic11ae1 Burt John Busch Joseph Bush if K Q Lynn Campbell Evelyn Buskirk Patricia Butler Carol Caldwell Peggy Cannon Michael Cantor William Caplan 171 Glass of '68 Wins Spirit Jug for Second Time K X R in pl Mi, - F V K 5 :. 3 C, '5?lf'f2Sk? ffkffl iff' jif' -, 0 difeggsk ' 2 ' Bonnie Carlson Judith Cassel Karen Cattane Christine Chappa Dennis Charnesky Marie Chemin Christine Cherry Karen Chester Sandi Chiprnan Suellen Chips Annual Spirit Pep Assembly includes entertaining class skits of which the senior skit was considered to be one of the best, Clowning, senior girls imitate the Blue Jay Varsity basketball players. The Senior skit, among other things, helps to arouse school spirit to help cheer the Jays on to victory that evening. swing Karen Chotkowski JPHIISS Clark Margie Clark Ronald Clark Harvey Clarke 172 lar .4 .59 1 . X , , V if C l ' Q Keith Coffey 'TBP Beverly Cohen Xi I 'rl Marc Cohen Carlene Collett Diane Cook : . -.,:,-H ':,. vr9Qw'fv::'+s"wwfz1"Q A- - - ,j iri- f'-:gi-2 ae,--at f - ' N ,. L a fr fn f ,lr eC,,' 4, C fs ws Nu., Bernard Cohen Donald Cohen TWT' A motley group of seniors exhibit their traditional Senior Grub Day pyramid in the Material Center before classes. Sharilyn Cohen 4.-ff ,M Craig Collins Kenneth Compton Timothy Conley Ann Convery 1 Nancy Cooper Bryce Cornell Elizabeth Corpt Charles Cowan 173 Dorothy Crandall Karen Crawford Pamela Crawford Denis Dakjn Charles Dale Dale Danes Debbi Curnutte Eddy Daniels Seniors Participate in Rousing NHS Anita Davidson Richard Davio Carla Davis Cathy Davis Judith Czerwinski Marcella Daubert Auction Gary Davis Rick Victor and Auctioneer Harry Elias kick off NHS Auction. AUCUOIIGGI Chuck COWHH tries to raise the bid 011 Dave Kontry 174 ,ay Richard Davis Carole Day Beverly Deitch fill, Katheleen Denheeten Michele Digue ' tv Rosalyn Davis Robert Deakins Sandra Demasellis X Q55 ,Y ,, Gail DeSi1vi0 Rocco Dinezio NHS member Ava Adler models Mt. Welkenbaclfs donation tio the auction: a genuine WW II army uniform. far 1 A . fi 'V xx? T '7 ykivzyyk I . -bi ?Qfw-:ww-5 z.. 34 Janice Detrich L15 QZE efrr iw y Grant Dicken W1 fs, QM QL Linda DiProsper Lucille Dirasian Alan Diem Denise Dopkowski 175 Seniors Take Time from Studies to Relax in Library I fi 'H Q M can ww-Q Dave Kontry, Carol Brown, and Bob Scheuer take a break from their homework no mefr-xp,e Q . 5 35 William Dougherty Kathleen Drewry '-v , Donald Duncan Kenneth Dunkel 176 dx'-.K Sharon Droz Paul Dryman Michael Dupriest Michael Durbin read an amusing article. Kristine Dunaski Jeffery Dworin as , Xia . ' . L,A 1 ti S .,.. Q QVZ , N . sr V a Elaine Dzendzel Marie Eddy 'Q em E H le i -'.' A 5 Nancy Emery Ellen Engel Ricky Evans Gary Everson : ,L A-'M-A ' W Q . V In . Wf.,,q,- me .M 1-tv sf. J f? f QQ ew alfalfa? Www l we . we A ,- N t Y 92 . la CUINY N, , Sheila Fantich Laurie Farber Judy Farmer Douglas Farrell Kenneth Edelman . 1 3 :ww , , If Q ,Y W ' iii: J a'fr'2i S -rife: ill 1 li V ""r-,. , J Daniel England Janice Everson rf' Lynne Farber Rodney Fayton Q Michele Eisenberg Naomi Epel Janice F airchild virf' Mark Farber Daniel Fealk Harry Elias Kenneth Epstein Larry Fantich ws? N-IL Allan Farina , . ji . ' is ,Ei - ? v-Ni 1 Y ,, V..,jxigl 1 s ' X i 2 x 5 22 Robert Feder 177 Senior Moods Are Reflected through Their Actions F 1-:1 J --W Mary GPHCS FGGHGY Barbara Feinberg Harry Feld Barry Feldman Jeffery Feldman Joanne Feldman Louis Feldman Nancy Feldman James Feller Maxine Finkel o Kathy Andrew collapses in relief after the final pages of the In preparation tor that evening's Homecoming Dance, Iris Kahn yearbook are sent to the publisher. blows up one of the many balloons. lll l seswccsnsrler i NSIHCY Finkelstein Fred Fitlow Jerry Fixler Andrew Ford Donald Forrest 178 x.., David F01-fin Thomas Francis Lynne Frank William Fraser CaI'O1 Freedland The remaining months and weeks of their senior year are anx Struck by SPUHS fever, Ken Yagoobian wistfully Wishes School iously counted by Betsy Agree and Ron Wilcox. were over and vacation had begun. Linda Fried Debra Fridenberg Marc Friedman Kathleen Fry Laurie Fryfogle Robert Fuller Susan Friedman X Charlotte Fulsher Beth Frumkin Linda Funchar 1 Barbara Fllrlnafl George Gafgfliuk Ferne Gaines Sharon Galindo Beverly Ganos Harold Gardynik Judith Garlock Robert Garvett E r? Carl Gascon Martha Gaut Foreign Students and Seniors Profit from Exchange Diane George William George Jeffrey Gerber Stefan Ruben fexchange studentj says to Cindy Willoughby and Marlene Laskey, era fegisarll' fThis is nothing, wait till you feel Swedish snow, you cowardsllj Camille Gesinski Janice Geves 'Detta Ez? iflgelliillg, vhlzta till Ni kfahner p5 svensk sn? 'Hd Paul Gilgallon Linda Ginns J an Givens Darryl Glass Stanley Gill Joey Gitler x : :W if V uw... W. Lissa Gladstone Benjamin Glazef Benjamin A. Glazer lv' Harvey Reiter explains to Sergio Monh, Lill Blaaberg and Viator Anusz how the United Press International machine brings the news of the world to SHS. Anne Gleekman David Glicker 1.5.4 -"n einem:- .i f , f " ,R x , EA " '13 , MQ.. V Leslie Gold James Glinski Carla Glommen Lorraine Glush Elizabeth Gold 181 Seniors Take Active Part in Classes While Learning S enee 1 nn, Barbara Goldberg Louise Goldstein Barbara Goodman Harley Goldberg Shelley Golden Sharon Goldstein Candace Goldstone Elisa Goodman Lynda Gordon Cheryl Golding Deborah Goldstone Joe Goss Ronald Goldman Lori Goldstrom David Gourwitz S Y"""""'M" An informal atmosphere add to the relaxed sessions with French III his Ameffcall G0VeUlHI611l CIHSS, Kim Stacey Cakes HH HCUVG teacher, Miss Jean Kahus. part in a group discussion concerning Civil Rights. 182 Kathy Graf Susan Grafentine 'T Grant Grecu Anita Green Charles Gress Patrick Groen 5 f as 47- Penelope Groves Betty Gryparis David Haley Donna Hall Patricia Grant Cheryl Gray John Grayson 5' X 5' 'i'k 1 Judie Green Janice Greenbaum Gail Greenberg Frances Gross Michael Grossfeld Mark Grossman Carol Gl1U3IH2-I1 Gary Gwaltney Kimberly Haas Mark Hall William Hamilton Kathleen Hammon .i at W gi .- 7.3 .I I 1 4 I 183 quam' Donald Hammond Nancy Hancock Nancy Havrinche James Hawkins if ' John Heffner Arnot Heller Barbara Henderson Delores Henskan Jill Hight Randolph Hight 184 James Harkness . i f Nancy Hayes Donna Hellman Denise Heppler Bruce Hillenberg Alan Harris Carol Harris an 'W in Liza Hays Karen Hedding Kathleen Heltunen Bob Hemstreer Charles Hath Barbara Heusted af' y Henry Hirsch Ruth Hirschfield l ,Z l W J John Hixson Donna Hladchuck Robert Hgdas Phillip Hoff R.0I13,1d Hoffman Susan Hoffman :,1-- ,:-,, K ., .,k. . ,. , -fi' ..., 1fJ'-h V M ,.:. Qs, K Janet Hollis Sandra Honsinger Linda Hooper Sammy Holcman Allan Holiday Paul Hoover '- Barbara Hornung Kathy Hotra Michael Howell 'CCI' Timothy Hughes Edmund Huie John Hundiak Diane Hozman Paul Hunt Bruce Hoffman Richard Holley Nancy Horn Lorraine Huffmaster Adrienne Hyman 185 Senior s Anticipate u-vqsvxu-v-v-L-vans-gpm 5 Actual Graduation . Night Throughout I Entire Year Howard Israel Leslie lwrey Q-sg Gazing with thirst at the throats of passing sophomore girls, John Robert- son prefers the role of Count Dracula to that ot a graduate. Bruce Jacob Sherry Jacobson Stanley Jacobson Donna J acot Phyliss Jaffe Linda J anawitz Joy J aquillard M9-YY J 9I1211'aS William Jenkins Linda Jewell Colleen J oelson Susan Joelson 186 Ai, Kenneth Johns Karyn Joseph Frederick Kahn tab-J' Gloria Karinen Steven Kaufman 'Q' ' A Kathleen Johnson 2 Donna Kaan Iris Kahn Renee Karden Ronna Kay '-, ' .. , -, ' J rf- - is 5:'2ffi"fi5s1- ' ,Q ha, . 5 K Q1-I 6 jg J iii J, in . if J f 5 ' r Q., . W? M 'S iii aw' - '-1:1 vw Nancy J ohnsggn Kathleen J olls 11-A-v Richard Kazander Dennis Kaczmarek 5' Michael J oseff iWE Marcie Kagan L96 Kaltel' David Kantola Alan Kaplan e I E ,L. Z' ,fa W r l Gail Karpovck Judy Kasoff Joanne Kastle V93 5 Diane Kaye Joyce Keller Marilyn Kellman 187 Jim Watts receives the Student Mayor plaque from Southfield Mayor James ..,, 'Wx 'ws lt.. Kathie Kellogg Michael Kelly 1 Nqr' Clarkson at the Senior Government Assembly. fu--1' Elizabeth Kent Ellen Kerwin ff' , gr' Sharon King William Kinsman Kathleen Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Xew7, my Q I 't"77' wha, An F65 Sharon Kessner Dyana Kezelian John Kielas , 'M ' Zilla Zi S? Theresa Kivela 'WFT-Ld Pamela Kleokner Lee Klein ui! Rf' ff-11' Steven Kline Nancy Knight Randall Knight David Kobylarek Ronald Koenigsberg 188 Senior Government Day of 1967 Provides Born students and Representatives with Experience and Enjoyment David Kontry Patricia Korka ms ,L i,,. 43, ., X , Sheila KOUMH Deborah Kornheiser Judith Kort Sheldon Koven Douglas Koslowski Susan KPSHG Lawrence Kraus Alan Krause Denise Krippendorf Thomas Krist M J r Judith Krohn Wilma Krone I Craig Balazs finally arrests 'Scar Face' Butler after a Wild chase through Susan Kumfl Carole KUITZ Southfield. Both appear before the court for the final judgement. 189 5 Geri Lacoursiere Anita Lalonde Julie LaMafr9, Patrick Lane Lisa Langerman Cheryl Larkins Marlene Laskey Richard Last Kevin Lathrop Jeannette Laurentius Patricia I-BWFGIICG Dusanka Lazarevic William Lee Mitchell Lefton Christopher Lehman r Il Sharlene Lello Kevin Lenehan Christopher Lentine Jane Leonhard David Leroux Thomas Letvin Richard Levey Richard Levitt Fred Levko Carole Lezell 190 at Kia Suzanne Lezell Carol Libtow Q, M my iff Q " 5 43: Q , lg' I Cathy Lifton Susan Lillvis Lanny Lipson Mary Little Theresa Louisa Sheryl Lovernick Q, 341 ' -if Susan Lucas Paul Luttenbacher Ardith Lichtman Michael Lidgard Yvonne Linna Laurel Lipsitt Thomas Loeb Cheryl Lorber Charlotte Lubs Robert Lowe my as . 1 3 Suzanne Lyle William Lynn Larry Liebowitz Mark Lipsitz Robert Lorenz Pamela Lunsford Scott MacCracken 191 Promising Future Awaits Senior Stars of '68 ROCKY R06'S HUIUGFOUS home FUHS Spark the baseball team. Dave Kontry, captain, contributed greatly to the basketball team 1.8! ,ir ' Douglas MacFar1and Judith MacGregor Deborah Madden Robert Maiberger Marshall Maldaver 192 Mary Malliaros Brian Malover Denis Manduzzi d'rt5 , f Cary Makrouer rteed at .kV.f. I 1 , Mak trarr ' 'fl , I a t M e r , we f ' 1 :3 A ,.,,.p,i 3 , - reg, . . . r - 1. N1 - n Margaret Mantey Tim Manzagol Michael Marchak Paul Marr Bill Marschner Valerie Maser Dale Mathie sv MQW yr x A . -'72 If 17 56, N. f- V Zreagvae. f z1'+21s'vl121w M sis s gfifaz 1tfQZ2?5azsx,a delhi ,'::3, ksiggx Robin Maynerick Jeffrey Mazo Harold Margolis Cynthia Marinch Deborah Martin Mack Martin R ' fy.. s Sue Mauin Thomas Mauck John McAndrew Greg McClintock . a Bonnie Markowitz Stephen Marx Beverly Mayle Beverly McClow 'wr W so V1 CD :: Z o O o :J 5 CD P'-4 P4 3 5 on so F1 cn FY E Q C o :: V1 FP '-5. cn 14 'U cn UQ UQ 14 Z o U sw :S ,... cn I-4 5 ,... ca :r so cn P" Z ca U o :1 so F" cz. ho L4 I 'i'i i rw r x'Ni bs- X,,, ' ,gxf K pp O - R4 5 if 193 Pamela McFadden Pat McKeever if ff - . Y ,".L -LLg H . , xg L S71 V V 222 23: YQ Jacqueline Meabrod William Meabrod Linda Meltzer Janette Meng Marlene Meyette Jeffrey Michlin Cheryl Milgrom Alex Milkie i 194 Ronald McLaughlin William Mechanic Kathleen Merritt Alene Middle man Kathleen McLeod Shelly Mei sel Thomas MacQuillan ' If Q12 . h .. . I,-gm, J Michael Mellen Susan Merson Ivan Meyette Molly Mikelson Arthur Mikkola Mark Miller Marlene Miller Norman Miller Kathy Mills Gwen Milstein Leonard Mintz Karen Montgomery Linda Moore Seniors Pause to Reminisce and Construct the Framework Pmms for Their Future Plans M X A Anita Mitchell Keith Mohr Joan Monheit ,-LA, Rick Moore Abby Moran Ted Morits Inez Morochnick Debra Morof at if i-vs ,Q "".':": 9 Robert Mrock Sheryl Muckenthaler The long awaited post-graduation parties are in the minds of all seniors. ,M Edward Muffeny Lawrence Muliett Donald Murphy Joanne Myers Karen Natow Jeffrey Neal Vickie Nelson Jeffrey Nest Libby Neuman Eugene Newman Melanie Newman Shirley Nippa Anita Niskar Darlene Noack David Noaek Thomas Norton Terry Nosan Julie Obery Randall Odom Shirley O'Donnell -md Flora Ohrenstein Carole Oikarinen Leland Oltean Tom Ornelas Carol Ortlieb 196 Gail Ortwine Clinton Ovren Shelly Owen Paulette Paflik Catherine Pape James Papesch Sheila Parker Laura Pascoe Philip Paske Paula Pavlik Sandra Pavlick Lance Pesci Stanley Pesick Ken Pehovic l K " fs ,Q ,, .rva pb.. 4 5 P , ,,.A, Nancy Peters Kenneth Palmer Pamela Palmer 501111 Pafenf Judd Parker Lfia , 2 , Allen Pastor Sharon Paul Bruce Penberthy Douglas Perlin Carol Peterson Jan Peterson 197 Judy Althoff and Jim Walters pick up their senior rings in the bookstore. William Pflugrad Christine Phelps Naomi Pliskow John Plueddeman W D- Doreen Pollak Michael Portney 198 exam : -, 55' K . . . ,.. ,"L f ' Sandra Pieniak 1 'iri 1 , A ...W- is ka-F52 S Dennis Podden WU -W. Joe Post Senior Rings Help Seniors Remember SHS in Future Years Joan Petoskey -fl" ,W 4.4 52: 1 . 5' f Er H ef 'U . V "- Ai i 1557. ' f -. Mary Pikulinski Bruno Podlinsek Rosanna Pottkotter Barry Pfister Gary Plasko Chris Poleski Darryl Potvin sf 'ff if ,ff ,K .5-'Y ,4,, , in y i Q iffgffiifffriiifv. 22...!.g?-355:25-I-4 5 ' w.fz'+.3:'.va11zg: 2f':.':1.::-...p.-3--.- F.'Eix31l1iX'.2' r wwf nm..'.' ' 3 .0 nn-0, :' 3.zhH-11? 4 , nn.-'.',-.. w ,U , ,,' ,, , L.-. -' .. W .. U... ii ? Jayne Powder Laurin Preston , , " .,.., , U, 1 Hegel r.. , is 1? N my ,1 4 Qi Ck - an Y al' 'm 1 H, x-F 7 f ghggmu 1 wh Marta Quezada Peggy Quist Judy Rappoport Rosanne Rapoport James Redmond Nancy Reid Q Aris Prevas Joan Probst 'C' Martin Rabinowitz Connie Rachwitz ,4 Paula Ravin Susan Ray Richard Resimont Harvey Reiter Robert Pulliam Jane Rahn Susan Raznik Carol Reizian Michael Resnick Robert Resnick Linda Richman Diann Riggs Chris Ripplinger 199 Seniors Vibrate with Smashing ew British Grou , ,Q smnfffii ns 5- , The Who concert provides 'New Beat' music for the many seniors included in the audience. to bb Brian Roberts Gregg Roberts John Robertson 2-"rf Paul ROCh16D Jack Roe Mary Roe Q3 wx s -ak 200 David Robillard G-H of Michele Rohan Anne Robinson :. - W yt v Y QW i Q x. if Xav- ,Q Jill Rollinger Debra Rolnik Joan Rosenbaum Michael Ross Sid Roth Dennis Rubenstein William Rolph 61 , 'Q T In X' V Rosalyn Rosenberg Janis Rossman ii Donna Rose ...-1' ai I Robert Rose Vivienne Roseby BFHCG R0SGI1b1l1H1 Lois Rosenthal Richard Rosenthal Marcia Rotenberg Albert Roth Cynthia Rgth WWW Martin Rothstein Terry Rovin Nancy Rozich Stefan Ruben Anita Rubin Jerrold Rubin Michael Rubin Steven Rubm 'P' 4. 4 Barney Ruff Jeremy Salinger Ann Saviniemi , 'W ' , . 51? , A mfg : Rita Schewatz Richard Schreier 202 ugly ix S if 'mg.t V173 Edythe Rupay Theodore Salveta Chuck Schelawske Robert Schiller Janice Schrieber Susan Russell Deborah Samuel Vincent Schenck Lee Schostak Suzanne Schriber Linda Sackett Janet Sanders Robert Scheuer Ronald Schnaar Gail Schroeder Robert Saieg Mary Santilli Yr'-17' Mary Schewatz Bradley Schram W Justine Schroeder Jack Schulman Ronald Schussler .. A ffm John Scodellaro Carl Scott 1. t ti Q ,. K f 1 - 5 Andi Sellers Kristin Sells 5. ,,'g,,, , , A, W N Qi go- ff Thomas Shanahan Hgward Shapiro , it K " :-fig Cxizv . sal-v f Bennett Schwartz Deborah Scott William Serote :I we In L aj. 1 7 as H53 2-,W fr Mona Shapiro .,-4' Marlene Schultz Rosemary Scott Harold Serwer Robert Shapiro , 1 tmp' ""'b Steven Schwartz Sandra Se eback Shelley Shaclret Karen Sharkey Pat Sheehan Sandy Sheehan Charles Shepherd Michelle Sher Gail Sherman 203 Gary Sherman 'N 'VY-'tv' ww Abby Moran and Sue Merson enact a scene from 'The Bad Seed'. , Michel Shubm Eleanor Shulman Nancy Shuman Kenneth Sidlow Esther Siegel 55,5 ' ,wwkak 4' 'W :. ' , y ii F, -H Amelia Sievert Steven Silberberg Margie Silver Jo Silverman S". ' I e .2 f . ' -, 4, "S 'J ink' 5513 if ' , 1 'T' Michael Singer Nancy Sisson Gail Skwir John Slaughter 204 'YT James Shiels Amy Shulman Sharon Sieger Janis Simon fi Rachelle Slavin Catherine Sloan Gregory Small I - A .Q an Yi? ,- f' Larry Smaller Ellen Smith William Snider Joanne Snitz 9 Q P V -- . X Diane S010m0n Priscilla Summerville Mark Sopheia Janet Sortor Fall and Spring Dramatic Productions Show Theatrical Ability of Numerous Seniors Frederick Smith Julie Smith Mark Smith Stanley Snitz Neal Sobol Francine Sollish Scott MacCracken watches Sue Merson 'wash that man out of her hair.' F, ire f K 205 Debra Sosin Mara Soskin Sue Spoutz Goran Steen Harold Spurney Michele Stefanski Susan Stein Paula Steinberger William Stewart Sharon Stimao 206 E Julia Speck Colleen Splan Robert Splan Kim Stacey Robert Stanton Sharon Steele M 4-.5 5 "" 8 'flvrv' Debra Stein Martin Stein Elona Stern Irving Stern Fred Stoye David Strand Risa Stein 2 S W SD ., S O I-' - 4 lf-"' N U2 FP CD "I E1 r ? NA " Q 3 5 ,K Q it Gary Strauss If -L t 1 'D im, Kathy Strauss Deborah Stricklin Rachel Stricoff John Stump Y iw rd 5 U31 J rf 't War 5 Jeff Sturman Mark Subelsky Peter Sund Anita Sutton David Swanson Douglas Swartz David Swift Bernard Swift James Taffalian Joanne Tamer Sharon Taubman Linda Tawril Thomas Taylor Catherine Tazzioli Judy Tencer Maren Tendler 1, " K' if 1. my " Susan Stupsker Susan Svalya Dennis Symes Susan Taylor "-CW' Dorothy Thomas 207 Still In Caps and Gowns Seniors Relax and Discuss . J -n n .. so n ,Q i ,ii ' The long awaited thrill of Senior Swing Out becomes a reality as seniors line up for the final run-through of the processional. " .Lr, ZX . -ZF ' - V, N4 RZ Y 'ff' I s-s A n 1 Marcia Thomas Mark Thomas James Timmerman Philip Tittiger Terry Tobel Steven Tobin Gerard Tomey Janice Tone Celia Torossian James Toth Robert Tredway Debbie Trowbridge Christine Tulkki Lebro Turchetti Cynthia Turczyn 208 Plans for Future After Swing - 0ut in June W, ,, 2- ' ,vi W, ,,,.,.,W ff A -was uma . we aw. A tag-an-an-- ai V J., f, ,W--, N -f . ,Severin-an , i, ft,1mn,.q.r-naval - ,emfwrum -W N - - :w..,' v I .iv-fvf L. me . ,ri--7.44 - A 4 lr While waiting for the actual ceremony to start, flashbacks of their past three years at SHS come to the minds of most seniors. q""' Mark Turczyn Howard Tyner Ronald Urbach Rita Vanerian John Veighey Darlene Vergolini Cheryl Umstead fwfw' Keith VanHusen Vis y Kathryn Vernarsky Earle Umstead Patricia Vanmeer Terry Vestrand William Unkefer Anthony VanOyen John Vickers 209 K RiChaI'd ViCFOf Lynn Vincent Julie Vingerelli Alexander Vitek Donald Vivier S8lli0l'8 Gl'adll8t8 at Sally Voorheis Sue Voorheis Lewis Wagner rw, Wendy Wahlsten Ralph Waite Sheila Waldman Bonnie Walker J anige Walker Ns Susan Wallace Sandra Wallath Richard Walter James Walters Mr. Robert Hall, principal, addresses the class. 210 fl? I ,lf 6 Q H5 Michael Warner Linda Warren Detroit Coho Hall Senior Graduation at Cobo Hall is a stately affair. '-an xxx David Warshawsky Michael Wasserman Joan Wasson Robert Waterstone Janice Weinberg K Midge Weinstein Cass Weller Kathleen Watson Sandra Weinberg Ji Judith Weiss Robert Wells Lynne Webber Cheryl Weingarden Steven Weiss '4.'1"7 Jeffrey Westheimer 211 Danny White , 1. 9' ' f Z' at , .Q Suzanne Willis Gregory Wisniewski Scott Wolan Charles Wright 212 Kenneth Whiteman Ronald Wilcox Lana Wilson Ruth Wilson Mark Wisniewski Martine Wisniewski Kenneth Wolf Paul Wolf Marianna Wright Richard Wujczyk Mark Wiljanen Carol Willis Jeanne Winchester Lynn Wiseman Sharon Witkowsky Gary Wittig Lauren Wolrauch Paula Worley Pam Yager Kenneth Yagoobian l 41" Cynthia Yangouyian Cynthia Yates Patricia Yatooma Thomas Yen Susan Yeomans 5 Q , ': fx""" W m y Joyce Yogus Denis York Alan Yost William Young Angelo Zervos WC? Larry Zimmerman Karen Zinterhofer Arnold Zuckman Paul Lundell Harvey Moore 'I 1 2 i dw.. t . lun, Y 4 ' fl 2 hull: 1111? annum Zwlrfaiks I 11 If' IBHBQ uwewgsrr -T ii wsu ,zfff ,M . t ,. Senior priviledges, such as the senior parking lot, become only fond memories to the graduates. 213 me in ime we talee a clay of f c , to meet, to celebrate the world which made us and which we are making. Alastair Reid 0,9 HUG fl Q 'S' 53' 9 mi , Q, 'N O 0 o W tsl I- 1 Q g 19090 H 9 'fr 65 HFIELD Advertising .1' in- 215 Wm- on For thofe who demand lbe finer: KIRCRIEFIS SOUTHFIELD KITCHENS 22050 w. TEN MILE ROAD SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN 48075 FRAN TERPSTRA AREA CODE 313 - 357-1477 DESIGNER 357 1477 . X f NIU VI f fl a 7m Q ffeohpc, 9440. LICENSED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR POWER AND CONTROL WIRING 22050 W. TEN MILE FRED .I TERPSTRA SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN 48075 EFROS DRUGS "SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR GOOD HEALTH " I I7 Iswfgiei -" "'f f f-' s kk K Jiky I i V S :kk T5 If zrrh K , 4 .. Kewl A I A I.7 fre. f fe? 257' I ,I - ' ,E - A - 1 7 E. , ,II'q IAVVA "':' . 1 , I' IX. ' I -A , .I 7III',I,.,' I ' , fi-VZ 2 ,,. f f i n ' , I -ii ILI? I 15600 West Ten Mile Road at Greenfield EL6-3400 Southfield, Micxhigan 'Free Delivery' 216 CONGRATULATIUNS T0 THE SENIURS 0F C689 YOUR FORD IS IN OUR FUTURE . . . N OUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR FORD N273 Tv, JOE LAVERDI SALES S. LEASING NORTHLAND FORD GREENFIELD AT TEN MILE ROAD LI . 8-0800 Southfield Alumnus QUALITY S F? S 3571747 'IO Mile-Southfield Service BRAKE GENERAL SERVICE D50 REPAIR TIRES AND BATTERIES 24848 SOUTHFIELD AT 1O IVIILE ROA CARI. COOK SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN C OMPLIMEN TS OF SmIIe f5AIO'1 3655 W. MAPLE RD. EIRMINGI-IAM, MICH. 48010 I 8-0800 of L Q9 10 MILE AT GREENFIELD DFO AN L TH NOR IU D-4 K1 Congratulations Graduates ......,.,......... xx Q Thinking like a Maverick creates opportunity and growth -- so much in fact we've started construction of a new and larger offices in Southfield so we can better serve our customers. 218 "-0-9515 From the one they coll THE MAVERICK RN Illll Allstate is the innovator. l And we look for fresh ideas and young thinking to keep us ahead of the erovvd. Iterested in ioining friendly people who like to make things 9 we think you should be -- why not coll the personnl office -- they're Allstate people easy to talk to -- anx us to help. 16130 IIIIIIIHIMIIJ DRIVE SIIIIIHFIEIII, IMIIHIIIIII El-Ii-4000 it -'Y 54 'gf ' JB- -Qi x I' 49 In a career, too, you're in good hands with Allstate y Founded By Sears We take special pride in our Southfield young people . . . Their fine talents truly will make this a better world. FOUR CORNERS PRESS Southfield News 'h ' Dick and BGUV Lewis 29455 Northwestern Highway Ted Moritslleftl and Gary Balazs working PUbfI'Sh6fS Elgin 6-7100 at the Southfield News. IKE HID LR IU SBIR 220 giliiiiliii JEROME B. AWERBUCH harvard row 0 west 'li mile at lahser southfield, michigan 48075 ' phone 353-3250 . Sw as M Q El 4- 9 ! Congratulations g Seniors! M, H 9 1 Student Foreign ,, n i IAVAIV i i Exchange Seminar 5- W , ,,,, ' 1 f - ws,- i -V uw Y . WE COVER ALL AREAS WI. ANDREW Co. Wholesale Plumbing , Heating , 8- Piping Supplies . i,,,, , in S21 15815 Hamilton 578 South Paddock Detroit 3, Michigan Pontiac, Michigan 883-2000 FE-58188 Phone: 353-5688 MARC WILLIAM jew! vf?aLe,., JIM. studio for FLOWERS - HARVARD ROW SHOPPING CENTER - 21712 wEs'r 11 MILE Rom: 2l784 W. ELEVEN MILE RD. . soun-iFiELo, Mics-i. E d w a rd S e ld Gerald A. Weisman SOUTHFI . MICHIG PHONE 353-O3 Harry Polley 48075 221 Best Wishes To The of Traditional Taste Class of ,968 Outfitters to Ladies MARILYN SHOPPE 31:4 Y 5 birmingham ann arbor tolcdo grosse pointe 3 National Honor Sooiolfy Best WIS1lBS f01' 8. Successful Future TNATIIIIIAI BANK nf IIIIIIIIFIEIII MAIN OFFICE: 27100 Lahser Road lat 11 Mile Rd.ITeI. 353-6400 BRANCH OFFIC S S uthfield Plaza Northland Po' 12 Mile-Eve 17000 M I d 15565 Northl 20000 W. 2 I Rd T I 357 3 0 Tel. 353-51 Tel. 3 3-200 bill williams and his gang Wish ybu the gffatest success BEST WISHES FROM Compliments of 16 soL Ro'rH11NBERo Q 06 FOR PRE-TEENS AND .IUNIORS LH' ' 'ham' " B""""' ' Gmup Phone 545-3242 23133 Coolidge, ook Pork, Michigan State Mutual of America Suite 588 Detroit Trade Center Bldg. W0 1-1840 1200 6th Avenue UN 4-2230 3312131 jfandfynz ' 4 SUBURBAN SALON 22030 west 10 Mare I Southfield, Mich. The Ennierg Ladies and Teens Shoes BLOOMFIELD COMMONS Tl-IE NEW ORLEANS MALL 3627 W MAPLE ROAD 5600 VI IO M LE ROAD B RMINGI-IAM MICHIGAN SOUTI-IF ELD MICHIGAN PHONE 647 5622 PHONE 353 7272 224 TEN 'I'ElA MARKET QUALITY MEATS - BEER - WINE 25017 Telegraph Road Southfield, Michigan ELgin 6-9711 DELICATES.S.EN Marlene Laskey, Mark Bemstein, Cathy Litton, John Robertson and Lynn Deitch enjoy the fine food, service, and atmosphere of the Stage Delicatessen. 13821 W. 9 Mile Road Oak Park Ll 8-111 Michigan FINN CLEANERS opumgef Co SHIRT LAUNDRY Same Day Service zfgilliilgismffffn Elgin 6-oaoo ROOS DRUGS 28904 Southfield at 12 mile 22080 W. Ten Mile at Lahser Southfie1d,Michigan Ldlkfup Village 353-5678 , melee? MODERN OFFICE SUPPLY CO 'lyouz Office Boy" OFFICE SUPPLIES - PRINTING - FURNITURE DETRO T KOAK PARKI M CI-I 48237 MUIISOII CIEAIIERS INC. 268II Southfield Brad Schram sets the pace with the clothes bought from Mr. Roberts. APPAREL FOR GENTLEMEN AND YOUNG MEN FORMAL WEAR and RENTALS 'for fine cleaning' 25246 ei-eenmlu, N. or io me Greenfield Center 542-8636 225 Once upon a time there was a hoy and a girl it wil who were interested in helping their school. it , Roi. T 6 TA. Z-X They got some other hoys b y and girls M -sei together Q A to form two cluhs. Nil Their names were fn ja m INTERACT and SOROPTIM UMS They went out into the world to help other 5 g people. They made toys ,jgmgg for children in A hospitalS, QfwQ3'J they did all kinds of good deeds. ET" .ln 'i I d ' s-, ES They helped the school too hy working on activities like plays, l"l"l open house, etc. 1.1113 W' 0 U --4:-if M7 They would like to wish the seniors of the CldSS of 0 good luck in the future. O J. Blau GEORGE OI-IRENSTEIN CERTIFIED MASTER WATCHMAKER AND .IEWELER Congratulates the Graduating Class of '68' Best Wishes for Success in the Future HARVARD RDW HALL ll HILE and LAHSER SDDTHFIELD. HIGH. Ph0l'l0 353-3146 FINE DIAMONDS, .IEYIHRY AND WATCHES Clock Repairing Platinum Gold and Silver Soldening Watch Repairing Pearl and Bead Restringing jewelry Repairing Diamond Resetting Electric and Electronic Watch Repairing Engraving and many other related servi 2 along Oakland Mall E-24-A Northland 123 W. Maple Birmingham MODELED BY CATHY LI Dorothy M. Lowell Thomas MARTIN - SNEll REMTURS Owners of I-I. I.. MARTIN CO. 353-7000 27465 Southfield Rd. Lathrup Village, Mich. Half Century of Dependobility - Integrity The Princeton Shop 20072 W. 7 Mile Road Inear Evorgreenl 'Y' M Ken Kukorowski, wearing his tux, shops for more clothes at the Princeton Shop R 3-9, f I m y SAM "SAMMY" LIEBERMAN Executive Vice-President RALEIGH HOUSE CATERERS, INC. 2 5500 Telegraph Road SOUTHFIELD. MICHIGAN 48075 3 5 3 -1 I 0 0 Congratulations Class of '68l CLUB lIENT Graduation . ... -this special, looked- forward-to-day, marks the end of an era for you. Yet, it's also the commence- ment of new, often un- known horizons. For some, if means going on to higher educational levels, for others, the time to seek employ- ment. As one of the largest electric and gas utilities in the United States, Consumers Power Company offers a wide variety of job opportunities. We are always looking for qualified personnel. ..the well-known "voice with a smile" to give our customers help and information- bright, outgoing, responsible persons to explain our many services-clerks and typists-outdoor jobs, plan- ning and installing gas and electric service, reading meters, driving trucks-etc. Care to join us? If you do, please get in touch with our Division oiiice in your city. Power ..,.....,..,..,... ':""'l""V AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER 229 'llll SENIOR CUSS of 1968 to all Future Graduates of Southfield High School "Experience is the lethel to true knowledge" Did you ever try talking to a computer? Computers are wonderful machines. Here at the National Bank ot Detroit computers sort, process, and do all the record-keeping for a million or more checks a day. We couldn't get along without them. But our customers don't want to talk to a computer. To them, a bank is people . . . people who take a personal interest in them and their banking needs. Actually, we employ more people today than we did before automation. We need them to teach the machines and to develop new and better ways ot doing things. We need them to give our customers personalized banking service. Although machines do much ot the drudgery, people-with training, knowledge, and judgment-are needed now more than ever. That is why we urge you to get all the education you can. The future is bright tor responsible people who have prepared themselves for it. NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NEUTERIC CDNGRATULATIUNS d-QI' l o f From the staff of Community Minded Radio Class of 68 F-Q INCORPORATED 1890 ' LANSING, MICHIGAN MEMBER: FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM CAPITUI SAVINGS 81l0AlIl LATHRUP VILLAGE: 27215 Southfield Rd., Near 11 Mile Rd. Congratulations CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS E., .Z .......L...4........,i L COLONIAL DINING ROOM SPECIAL PRIME AND CHOICE ROAST BEEF AND OTHER POPULAR ITEMS Elgin 7-2050 OPEN 11a.m. --8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday 12 noon - 8 p.m. Sundays 26835 Southfield at Eleven Mile Road CLOSED MONDAY 232 Class 0f'68... B85 7 70.730433 "Always Ask For " '70 7,48 0.21435 04'68 GUNSBERGS eomplinr-ea!! af CORN ED BEEF 1. .smqen W: saws CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Prescriptions M353 if s,,ss ,TWT I H f - ,.i, ,s.s, J t Say Charge It S.. ,, c...,., Michigan Bankard V ' EETIT-T s" 2 -if' 'M k Ch E 2 T E 5 TEEE s A Cl' CISG pp Ee. BEER-wwf-CHAMPAGNf inn Free Delivery A A A A 353-9898 Open every evening to 10 Hamm pm' Free Dehvery Congratulations to Southfield High School Class of 1968 QS M Zu! gg? zhe4.4 M XZ Z5 Zan ,Zag M JZ-imma oqlamgnf Z2 film, M Zmfmg MQW Zifmm QE Ma! gnkehabunanf Z QW LLM WJ., 20 Maas, EZ, Z mlm ZW! 2200 Hfaa 9403. 95561 Q24 .. WWW .wav 97 Lggmwnmg JM-5700 Congratulations Class of '68 1 l x . 5 1 1 15 .lt W! Q 'Y :X Y I . - 4 if 1 , M ' L 1 Y ' I ' I N f" yL.- f s , . W ' f x 4' , il' 4 Y s i nn DA ,A bj' . IN TRAM URAL TEAMS phone: 353-2173 UWIIBIZ Reba Paske KLIP se KURT. 29111 Greenfield Ra. seumnfiem, Mien. 48075 USE SIDE ENTRANCE NEXT TO RAVEN GALLERY RON S Qu LL COFFEE ff o thf eld ,iQ AND me SCROLL EXPERT WI6 SERVICE TWERNATIONAL , """""""' me surf or me 19 s u 1 JAY i g SHOP -doughnuts -pastries 24734 W. 8 Mile fWest of Telegraphj ymouth Road . ary Blue anal Gam, WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE IN MAKING 1968 A SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR BOTH THE NEWSPAPER AND YEARBOOK SENIOR INDEX -A- Abbott, Barb, CRS, Y-Teens, Future Nurses, 165 Abeska, Sue, 165 Abraham, Karen, Orchestra, 165 Abmrnaitis, Diane, Ski, SFES CRS, 165 Acho, Linda Co-op, 1165 Ackerman, Hiarrietta, 65 Adair, Greg, 165 Adema, Roger, 155 Aillg, Andrea, 165, 91 2 Adler, Ava, NHS.IhnsmianS. Orchestra 86, 111, 116, 165, 120 175 Adler, Benjamin, 165 Adler, Gerald, CRS, Science, Stock, 165 Agar, Richard, Play, Musical, NHS, 111, 165 Agree, Betsy, Thespians, FTC, French. 126, 117, 165, 120, 179, 126 Aherfrg Cindy, Y-Teens, Ski, 5 Ahonen, Louise, Thespians, Art, Spanish, 116, 120, 165, 133 Aiella, Marietta, 165 Ake, Sharon, 165 Akers, Janice, Concert Chior, 165 Albert, Susan, Yearbook, French, Ski, 26, 126, 117, 165, 112 Albrecht, Deborah, Play, 165 Althoff, Judith, FTC. 126, 165, 198 ' Altman, Lindb, s0l'0Pt1m'-'ms' FTC, NHS, 113, 126, 111,165,115 I I Ames, Timotny, bkl, IUCN' mural sports, 155 Anderson, Dean u Anderson, Greg, VarS1'1Y football, Vaasxty baseball. 'LSB 142. 165, 141, 1391 145 , 144 Anderson, Jim, Varsity foot- ball, Basketball AIldIBW, Kathleen Yearbook editor, NHS, srts, 26, 27, 113, 114, 111, 117, 166-, 178 Andrews, Steve, Varsity foot- ball, Varsity club, 1.66, 139 Anspach, Jeffrey., 166 Antczak, Glen, 166 Antonucci, Deborah, Y-Teens, Ski, 166 Anusz, Vitor, 181 Arnold, Frederick, 166 Aronoff, Leslie, Bowling, 166 Arthoff, Judy, 113 Asbury, Rhonda, 166, Aubrey, Michael,1ntramural football, 166 Auerbach, John.. 166 Auguliara, Joe Auman, Robert, 166 Auslander, Judith, 166 Austin, Robert, Sutdent Congress NHS, Varsity basketbau 166 , 144 Averbach. .lohn . Av,-umm, george, Chess. Science- NHS, 11.1. 166 , 125 Axelrod, Susan, Spanish, 166 -B- Badder, Charles, Electronics, Amateur Radio, 167 Baqierek, Linda, Co-op, 167 Bagnell, Judy, Y-Teens,lFrench, 167 Baill, Larry, 167 Bain, John Baker, Kathleen, 167 Balago, Jim, Football Balazs James Football, 167, .1A.0'139,189 B1-nes, Laura. 167 Baron, Linda, FTC, Spanish, 1 7 Baron6s, Colleen, 167 Barr, Carol, 167 Barris, Cheryl, CRS, Spanish, 4. 126. 167 BatY, Thomas, 16,7 Baxter, Jeff, Ski Bayne, Phil, 167 Beal, Nancy, Soroptimums, CRS, Musical, 167 Bechard, Suzanne, 167 Beers, Linda, Concert Choir, 168 Beers, Richard, Ke , 114, 168 Begnoche, Bruce, Sicience, Ski, 39, 168 Begun, Martin, Tennis, 168 Belchard, Sue, Y-Teens, CRS Benaderet, Janice, NHS, Soroptimums, Bridge, 113, 111, 168, 123 Bendix, Carol, Newspaper, Ski, FTC, 26 168 Bennett, Steven, interact, Ski, Stock, 113, 168, 36 Bergevin, William, 168 Berk, Sherry, Soroptimums, 10, 113, 168 lgerlfgwihz Eeafmefls- 168 er in ic ae ,N ' SFES, 111, 114, 1112311.68 Bernberg, Merle, Art, 168, 120 Bernstein, Mark, Varsity football, Yearbook, 26, 132, 168, 140, 139 Beske, Deborah, 168 Betrus, Gary, Football, Baseball, Intramural sports, 158, 159, Beyer, Dorothy, Art, 120, 168 Bicknell, Elwin, Pep, Marching, 169 Bienstock, Carol, Ski, Spanish, 169 Bigham, Gerald, 169 Binder, Loree, 169 Blaaberg,,Lill, SFES, 80, 114, 169, 181 Blackman, Linda, 169 Blan, Gary, 169 Blau, Joanne, SFES, Yearbook, 26, 169 Blumenthal, Margaret, 169 Blumenthal, Ronda, Soroptimums, CRS, Ski, 113, 169 Bodnar, John, Cross-country, Debate, Latin, 137, 156, 169 Bohn, Carolyn, NHS, SFES, Sorop timums, 114, 118, 169 Bone, Michael, Co-op, 169 Borin, Kenneth, lntramural foot- ball, baseball, 169 Bowden, Jane, Y-Teens, Soroptimums, Ski, 86, 118, 112, 169 Bowman, Priscilla, 170 Bowman, Ruben, Science. German. 118, 170, 125 Boyd, Dennis Brackett, Ted, Ski Team. Varsity, Ski, 170 , 151 Brady, Matthew, 170 Brady, Maureen, 170 Braskirk, Evelyn, Co-op Brass, Terry, 170 Breiter, Marie, 170 Bremer, Kenneth, SFES, 114, 170 Breniser, John, Co-op, 170 Brenner, Janet, 170 Brenner, Ken, Concert Choir SFES, Play Brewer, Richard, German, 118, 170 Brickner, Howard, Latin, 118, 170 Brinza, Ron Varsity football, Latin, 132, 139, 170 Broadway, Mike, Football, Track 143, 170 Broder, Kenneth, 170 Brooks, David, 170 Brown, Carol, Ski, Y-Teens, Work Council, 112, 170, 176 Brown, Gary, 170 Brown, Mike, Brown, Paul, Intramural basket- ball, Ski Spanish, 170 Brown, Roger, 170 Brown, Steven, 170 Brown, Steven D. WSHJ, 170 Bruder, Joe,170 Brundage, Roger, Varsity club, 132, 139, 171 Budman, Elizabeth, FTC, Spanish 116, 126, 171 Budrys, John, Science, 171 Bueker, Lois, 171 Buell, Abraham, 171 Buelow, Kathy 171 Buettner, Karolyn, Y-Teens, 171 Burdowski, Sara, Play, French 171 Burke, Jeff, 171 Burke, Sharon, Soroptimums, Y- Teens, CRS, 112, 171 Burkett, Janice, 140, 171 Burnett, Anne, 171 Burnstein, Stuart, 171 Burt, Michael, Swim, Varsity, 171, 154 Busch, John, Ski, 171 Busfield, Nancy, Madrigal, 171 Bush, Joseph, Art, 120, 32, 171, 32 Buskirk, Evelyn, 171 Butler, Patricia, 171 -C- Cladwell, Carol, 171 Callendar, Kimberlee, CRS, FNC, Y-Teens, 171 Campbell, Lynn, Play, Thespians Musical, 120, 171 Cannon, Peggy, Ski, Y-Teens, 171 Cantor, Michael, 171 Caplan, William, 171, 160 Carlson, Bonnie, Y-Teens, Ski, FNC, 112,127, 172, Cassel, Judith, NHS, Play, 111, 172 Cattane, Karen, 172 Chappa, Christine, FNC, 127, 172 Charnesky, Dennis, 172 Chamin, Marie, 172 Cherry, Christine, CRS, 172, Chester. Ken Chester, Karen, 172 Chipman, Sandi, FTC, Play, Newspaper, 26, 172 Chips, Suellen, Thespians, Class Board, Soroptimums, 113, 116, 120, 172, 164 Chotkowski, Karen, 172 Clark, James, Intramural sports, Thespians, Ski, 120, 172 Clark, Margie, Y- Teens, Ski, Queen candidate, 86, 112, 172 Clark, Ronald, 172 Clarke Harvey, 172 Coffey, Keith, 173 Cohen, Bexna!.'d.Debate, Art, CRS 120, 173, 121 Cohen, Beverly, 173 Cohen, Donald, WSHJ, 173 Cohen, Marc, Co-op, 173 Cohen, Sharilyn , CRS, Art, FTC, M, 87, 89, 120, 173 Collett, Carlene, Swim, German, Band, 118, 173 129 Collins, Craig, WSHJ, Play, Thes pians, 173 Compton, Kenneth, Ski, Intra- mural sports, 173 Conley, Timothy, Ski, Science, 173 Convery, Ann, 173 Cook, Diane, Play, Musical, 173 Cooper, Nancy, 173 Cornell, Bryce, Intramural sports 173 Corpt, Elizabeth, Art, Play, Sor- optimums, 173, 103 Cowan, Charles, NHS, Newspaper Latin. 26, 111, 118, 119, 132, 173,174,111, 154, 155 .D- Dakin, Dennis, Wrestling, 174, 153 Dale, Charles, 174 Danes, Dale, Marching Band, Intramural football, 174 Dangermond, Ricky Daniels, Eddy, Concert Choir, Varsity, Intramural sports, 132, 158, 174 Daubert, Marcella, 174 Davidson, Anita, 174 Davio, Davis, Davis, Play, Davis, Richard, 175 Carla, FTC, 175 Cathy, Soroptimums, FTC 113, 116, 126, 175 Gary, Wrestling, 175 Davis, Richard, Wrestling, 175, 153, Davis, Rosalyn, Varsity debater, Soroptimums, FTC, 113, '116, 126, 175 Day, Carole. FNC, Ski, 127, 175 Deakins, Robert, Ski, Intramural sports, 175 Deitch, Beverly, WSHJ, 175 Demasellis, Sandra, SFES, 42, 114, 175 Denheeten, Kathleen, Play, Dance committee, 120, 175 DeSilvio, Gail, Play, 175 Detrich, Janice, CRS, Y-Teens, 112, 175 Dicken, Grant, 175 Diem, Alan, 175 Diggs, Warren, Digue, Doug, 137 Digue, Michele, Ski, Co-op, 175 Dinezio, Rocco, 175 DiProsper, Linda,Co-op 175 Dirasian, Lucille, Co-op, 175 Donagrandi, Louis Dopkowski, Denise, FNC, Ski, Y-Teens, 112, 127, 175 Dougherty, William, 176 Drewry, Kathleen, 176 Droz, Sharon, 176 Dryman, Paul, Co-op, 176 Dunaski. Kristine, 176 Duncan, Donald, Varsity football Intramural sports, Ski, 24, 141, 139, 176, 100 Dunkel, Kenneth, 176 Dupriest, Michael, 176 Durbin, Michael, WSI-IJ,. Ski, 176 Dworin, Jeffrey, CRS, Stock, Ski, 176 Dzenzel, Elaine, 177 .E- Eddy, Marie, 177 Edelman, Kenneth, NHS, Working Council, Spanish, 111, 116, 177 Eisenberg, Michele, 177 Elias, Harry, Varsity football, NHS, Varsity track, lll, 118, 119,132,139,l56,177,174,111 Ellsworth, Linda Emery, Nancy, Ski, Y-Teens, 177,, 168 Engel, Ellen, 177 England, Daniel, Working Coun- cil, 177 Epel, Naomi, Play, 177 Epstein, Kenneth, 177 Essaki, Balsam Evans, Rick, Football, Baseball, 139, 177 Everson, Gary, Ski, Co-op, 177 Eve-1-gan, Janice, 177 -F- Fairchild, Janice, Soroptimums, FTC, Y-Teens, 113,l 77 Fak, Gary Fantich, Larry, 177 Fantich, Sheila, 177 Farber, Laurie, NHS, Working Council, Thespians, lll, 113, 120, 177 238 124 Farber, Lynne, FTC, 177 Fariber, Mark, Plav WSHJ, SFES, 1 4, 120, 177 01 Farina, Allan, 1771" 98" 1 Farmer, Judy, 177 Farrell, Douglas, NHS, 177 Fayton, Rodney, 177 Fealk, Daniel, WSHJ, Sloj 177 Feder, Robert, Class president, Interact, NHS, 25, 113, 177, 164 Feeney, Mary Grace, Russian, CRS, 118, 178 Feinberg, Barbara, Art, Spanish, FTC.l20,178,103 Feld, Harry, Intramural baseball, 178 Feldman, Barry, 178 Feldman, Jeffrey, 178 Feldman, Joanne, Art, FTC, 120 126, 178 Feldman, Louis, 178 Feldman, Nancy 178, 110 Feller, James, 178 Finkel, Mark Finkel, Maxine, Bridge, Play Art, 178,123 Finkelstein, Nancy, French, FTC Soroptimums, 113, 126, 127, 178 Fitlow, Fred, 178 Fixler, Jerry, 178 Ford, Andrew, 178 Forrest, Donald, Track, Varsity, 132, 156, 178, 92, 101 Fortin, David, Co-op, 179 Francis, Thomas, 179 Frank, Lynn, 179 Fraser, William, 179 Freedland, Carol, 179 Fried, Linda, 179 Fridenberg, Debra, FTC, FNC, 126. 127. 179 Fried, Linda, Spanish Friedman, Marc, 179 Friedman, Susan, 179 Frumkin, Beth, 179, 163 Fry, Kathleen, 179 Fryfogle, Laurie, Soroptimums, Thespians, Ski, 113, 120, 179 Fuller, Robdrt, 179 Fulsher, Charlotte, CRS, Concert Choir, Madrigal, 179 Funchar. Linda, 179 Furman, Barbara, Play, 180 -G- Gagniuk, George, 180 Gaines, Ferne, CRS, 180 Galindo, Sharon, Co-op, 170 Gannon, Patrick, Ganos, Beverly, 180 Gardynik, Harold, Co-op, 180 Garlock, Judith, Soroptimums, 113, 180 Gervett, Robert, 180 Gascon, Carl, 180 Gaut, Martha, 180 George, Diane, Musical, 180 George, William, 180 Gerber, Jeffrey, Varsity, Key, Intramural sports, 180 Gerlich, Karen Gesinski, Camille, 180 Geves, Janice, Soroptimums, French, 180 Gilgallon. Paul. Ski, 131 Gill, Stanley, Thespians, 181 Ginns, Linda, 181 Gitler, Joey, Track, 181 Givens, Jan, Varsity cheerleader Ski, Art, 86, 112, 181, 136, 130, 131 Gladstone, Lissa, 181 Glass, Darryl, Interact, Science, Ski, 114, 156, 181, 96 Glazer, Benjamin, Ski, Track, 181, 156 Glazer, Benjamin A. WSHJ, 181 Gleekman, Anne, French, Year- book, 26, 117, 181 Glicker, David, 181 Glinski, James, Varsity football Varsity track, NHS, lll, 132, 139, 156, 181 Glomrren, Carla, Working council Ski, 281 Glush, Lorraine, 181 Godfrey, Joseph Gold, Elizabeth, 181 Gold, Leslie, Intramural, football Baseball, 181 , Goldberg, Barbara, Spanish. 182 Goldberg, Harley, Varsity divina- Varsity, NHS, 111, 132, 182 Golden, Shelley, FTC, 182 Golding, Cheryl, Spanish, Play, 182 Goldman, Ronald. 182 Goldstein, Louise, Russian,Stock 118, 182 Goldstein, Sharon, 182 Goldstone, Candace, Spanish, CRS, Ski, 116, 182 Goldstone, Deborah, 182 Goodman, Barbara, FTC, Spanish 116, 126, 182 Goodman, Elisa, Thespians, Play Musical, 120, 182 Gordon, Lynda, 32, 182 Goss, 182 Gourwitz, David, Key, Marching Band, Orchestra, 114, 182 Graf, Kathy, 183 Grafentine, Susan, 183 Grant, Patricia, Play, Ski. Work- ing council. 183, 91 Gray, Cheryl, 183 Gray, Glenn Grayson, John, Basketball. Track Varsity, 156, 183 , 144 Grecu, Grant, 183 Green, Anita, 183 Green, Judie, French, 183, 168 Greenbaurn, Janice, 183 Greenberg, Gail, CRS, 183, 110 Gress, Charles, 183 Groen, Patrick, 183 Gross, Frances, Italian, Spanish M, 116, 118, 183 Grossfeld, Michael, Intramural football, Baseball, 183 Grossman, Mark, 183 Groves, Penelope, 183 Gryparis, Betty, Art, Choir, SFFB 78, 183 Guttman. Carol..FTC, Spanish. 116, 126 Gwaltney, Gary, 183 -H- Haas, Kimberly, 183 Haley, David, Varsity swim team. Varsity, Spanish, 132, 183, 155 Hall, Donna, 183 Hall, Mark, 183 Hamilton, William, Key, Band, 114, 183 Hammon, Kathleen, 183 Hammond, Donald, 184 Hancock, Nancy, Italian, Ski, Harkness, James, Football, Base ball, Varsity, 184 Harris, Alan, WSHJ, Play, 184 Harris, Carol, SFES, FNC, 114, 127, 184 Havrinche, Nancy, 184 Hawkins, James, Band, CRS, 184 Hayes, Nancy, 184 Hays, Lisa, 184 Hedding, Karen, 184 Heffner, John, Boys' Glee, 184 Heller, Arnot, Swim, Key, 37, 114,1s4, 155 Hellman, Donna, Art, French, FTC, 120, 184 Heltunen, Kathleen, Co-op, 184 Hemstreet, Robert, CRS, 184 Henderson, Barbara, 184 Henskan, Delores, Ski, Play, 184 Heppler, Denise, CRS, Ski, Rus- sian, 118, 184 Heth, Charles, Musical, Concert Choir, 184, 101 Heusted, Barbara, 184 Higgins, Jefferson Hight, Jill, 184 Hight, Randolph, 184 Hill, Ronald. Hillenberg, Bruce, Intramural football, 184 Hirsch, Henry, 184 Hirschfield, Ruth, German, SFES 184 Hixson, John, 185 , 151 Hladchuck, Donna, Ski Hodas, Robert, 185 Hoff, Phillip, Interact, 185 Hoffman, Bruce, Intramural, 185 Hoffman, Ronald, Science, NHS, SFES, 39, 111, 185, 125 Hoffman, Susan, SFES, Y-Teens, Spanish, 185 Holcman, Sammy, WSHJ, Elec- tronics, 185 Holiday, Allan, 185 Holley, Richard, 185 Hollis, Janet, Concert Choir, 185 Honsinger, Sandra, 185, 25 Hooper, Linda, 185 Hoover, Paul, 133, 185 Horn, Nancy, German, CRS, Musical. 185 , , Hornung, Barbara, Concert Lholr 185 Hotra, Kathy, Ski, 185 Howell, Michael, 185 Hozman, Diane, Ski, 185 Huffmaster, Lorraine, 185 Hughes, Timothy, Varsity, 132, 185 Huie, Edmund, 185 Hundiak, John, Track, Cross-coun try, Varsity, 118, 137, 156. 185 Hunt, Paul, Varsity, IUBIHCC, Varsity football. 139. 141, 158, 185, 145 , 144 , 146 Hyman, Adrienne, 185 -1- Israel, Howard, Art WSHJ, CRS, 116, 118, 120, 186 Iwrey, Leslie, FTC, CRS, Ski, 126, 186, 115 -J- Jacob, Bruce, Play, Musical, SFES, 114, 186 Jacobs, Margaret, Jacobson, Sherry, 186 Jacobson, Stanley, Working Coun- cil, Stock, WSHJ, las Jacot, Donna, Thespians, Play Musical, 120. 186 Jaffe, Phyliss, Thespians, Play stage manager, CRS, 120, 186, 121 Janawitz, Linda, SFES, Ski, Play 186 Jaquillard, Joy, Thespians, NHS Crs, 111,120,186 Jenaras, Mary, 186 Jenkins, William, 186 Jewell, Linda, 186 Joelson, Colleen, 186 Joelson, Susan, 186 Johns, Kenneth, Concert Choir, NHS, SFES, Musical, 111, 114, 187 Johnson, Kathleen, 187 Johnston, Nancy, 187 Jolls, Kathleen, 187 Jorganson, Randall, Joseff, Michael, Intramural base- ball, 187 Joseph, Karyn, 187 -K- Kaan, Donna, 187 Kaczander, Richard, 187 Kaczmarek, Dennis, VarsitY 1009 ball, Varsity, Intramural basket- ball, 139, 187 Kagan, Marcie, 137 Kahn, Frederick, 187 Kahn, Iris, FNC, Student. Con- gress, 187 , 178, 108 Kalafut, Richard. Kalter, Lee, Spanish, Russian, Newspaper, 116, 118, 187 Kantola. David. 187 Kaplan, Alan, 187 Karinen, Gloria, Ski, Y-Teens, 187 Karden, Renee, FTC, 41, 126, 187 Karns, Samuel Karpovck, Gail, Madrigal, FTC, 187 Kasoff, Judy, Spanish, 187 Kastle, Joanne, 187 Katz, David Kaufman, Steven, Ski, 187 Kay, Ronna, 187 Kaye, Diane, NHS, Yearbook, Russian, 26, 111, 112, 113, 118, 137 Keller, Joyce, FTC, NHS, Play, 111, 126, 137 Kellman, Marilyn, Art, 120, 187 Kellog, Kathie, 188 Kelly, Michael, 188 Kennedy, Thomas, 188 Kent, Elizabeth, 188 Kerwin, Ellen, CRS, 188 Kessner, Sharon, 188 Kezdlian, Diana, Ski, Y-Teens, SFES, 188 Kielas, John, 188 Kielian, Thomas, King, Sharon, FNC, 127, 188 Kinsman, William, Newspaper, 188 Kivela, Theresa, 188 Kleckner, Pamela, 188 Klein, Lee, 188 Kline, Steven 188 Knight, Nancy, Soroptimums, CRS, Play, 188 , 16 Knight, Randall, Interact CRS, Science, 113, 114,188 Kobylarek, David, Co-op, 188 Koenigsberg,, Ronald, Intramural sports, 188 Konrrv, David, Varsity basket- ball, Varsity, NHS, 132, 189 , 17 176 192,144 llorka, Fattricia, 189 Korman, Sheila, FTC, French, CRS, 117, 136, 189 Korheiser, Deborah, FTC, Dance, Play, 189 Kort, Judith, 189 Koven, Sheldon, NHS, Intramural football Ski, 189 Kozlowski, Douglas, Bowling, 189 Krane, Susan, French, Play, 117, 189 Kraus, Lawrence, Chess, Science Bridge, 189 Krause, Alan, Interact, Play, Working council, 189 Krippendorf, Denise, Ski, Y-Teers SFES, 189 Krist, Thomas, Swim, Varsity, 132, 189, 155 Krohn, Judith, Bridge, FNC, 189 Q4 Krone, Wilma, 189 Kunin, Susan, 189 Kurtz, Carole, FTC, Play, 126, 189 -L- LaCoursiere, Geri, 190 4 Lalonde, Anita, 190 Lamarra, Julieann, 190 Lane, Patrick, 190 Langerman, Lisa, French, 190 Larkins, Cheryl, FTC, 190 , QQ , 101 Laskey, Marlene, SFES, Queen candidate, 86, 114, 120 190, 180 Last, Richard, CRS, Bowling, 190, 115 L2-iztfll-grliiggevin, Orchestra, Band, Laurentius, Jeanette, 190 Lawrence, Patricia, 86, 111, 11 8,119, 19D Lazarevic, Dusanka, 190 Lee, William, 190 Leiton. Mitchell, WI-IJ, 190 Lehman, Christopher, WSHJ, 190 Lello, Sharlene, 190 Lenehan, Kevin, Musical, 190 Lentine, Christopher, Italian, 118,190 Leonhard, Jane, CRS, FTC, Y- Teens, 190 Leroux, David, Amateur Radio, 190 Letvin, Thomas, 190 Letzer, Steven, Levey, Richard, 190 Levitt, Richard, Tennis, NHS, SFES, 111, 160, 190 Levko, Fred, 190 Lezell, Carole, 190 Lezell, Suzanne, Thespians, 120, 191 Libtow, Carol, 191 Lichtman, Ardith, French,Russian 118,191 Lidgard, Michael, 191 Liebowitz, Larry, Swim, 132, 191, 155. Lifton, Cathy, Yearbook, FTC Soroptimums, 26, 191 Lillvis, Susan, Thespians, 191 Linna, Yvonne, 191 Lipsitt, Laurel, NHS Thespians Soroptimums, 111, 11.3, 117 ' Ll20, 191 ' 1PSitZ, Mark, Intramural s Ski, 191 ports, 1-iPS0n. Lanny. L91 Little, Mary, Ski, 191 , 151 Livingstone, George Loab, Thomas, 191 Logan, Linda Lorber, Cheryl, 191 Lorenz, Robert, 191 Louissa- Theresa. L91 Lovernick, Sheryl, 191 Lowe, Robert, 191 Lubs, Charlotte, 191 Lucas, Susan, 191 Lundell, Paul, Swim, 213 , 155 Lunsford, Pamela, 191 Luttenbacher, Paul, Play, 191 Lyle. Suzanne, Russian, 118, 191 . 34 Lynn,'William, German, Debate, Swim, 218, 191, 94 Lyon, Paul, Ski , 151 -M. MacCracken, Scott, Intramural sports, Varsity football, Mad- rigal, 89, 1.13. 132, 139. 158. 191, 204, 205, 93, 93,130 MacFarlano, Uouglas, Key, Band, 114, 192 MacGregor, Judith, Soroptimums, FTC, 113, 126,110,191 Madden. Deborah, 192 Maiherger, Robert, 192 Malcrouer, Cary, 192 Maldover, Marshall, 192 Malliaros, Mary, 192 Malover, Brian, 192 Manduzzi, Dennis, Marching Band Intramural football, 192 Mantey, Margaret, 192 Manzagol, Tim, Marching Band, Spanish, Intramural sports, 116, 193 Marchak, Michadl, 193 Margolis, Harold, 161, 193 Margolis, Herbert, Varsity golf Marinch, Cynthia, 193 . A Rn . lXll1iirri5,oll5nzi1i1, lniii-iiiiiurialllootball, hasehall, haskethall. 193 Marschner, Bill, Play, WSHJ, Intramural sports,,120. 1.93 Martin, Deborah, Ski, Y-Teens, 112, 130, 151 Martin, Mack, 193 Martyn, David Marx, Stephen, Varsity football, CRS, 132, 139,193 Maser, Valerie, CRS, FTC, 193 Mathie, Dale, 193 Matlin, Sue, French, 193 Mauck, Thomas, 193 Maynerich, Robin, 193 Mazo, 193, Jeffrey, Swim, Play, Key, 155 McAndrew, John, Cross-country, Varsity, NHS, 111, 132, 137, 156, 157, 193 McClintock, Greg, Thespians, Play, Tennis, 120, 193 McClow, Beverly, 293 McConnell, Karen, 193 McCormich, Stephen McCou.rtney, Margaret, Art, Ski, 120, 193 McDaniel, Peggy, 193 McDonald, Michael, WSH-ls lntfa' mural sports, 193 McElroy, James, 193 McFadden, Pamela, Ski, Y-Teens 194 , 151 McKay, Don McKeever, Pat, 194 McLaughlin, Ronald, 194 McLeod, Kathleen, 194 McMahan, Earl McQuillan, Thomas, 194 Meabord, Jacqueline, 194 Meabrod, William, 194 Mechanic, William, CRS, FTC, 194 Meisel, Shelly, 194 Mellen, Michael, Ski, Track, Concert Choir, 156, 194 Meltzer, Linda, 194 Meng, Janette , 1 94 Merritt, Kathleen, 194 Merson, Susan, Musical, WSHJ Class board, 120, 194, 164 , 204, 91 Meyette, Ivan, Co-op, 194 Meyette, Marlene. 194 Michlin, Jeffrey, Intramural Sport Student Congress, 194 , 108 Middleman, Alene, 194 Mikelson, Molly, Varsity cheer- leader, Soroptimums, Ski, 86, 87, 89, 113, 194, 136 Mikkola, Arthur, 194,169 Milgrom, Cheryl, 194 Milkie, Alex, 194 Miller, Mark, 194 Miller, Marlene, 194 Miller, Norman, Intramural sports 194 Mills, Mills, Kathy, 195 Peter, 195, Milstein, Gwen, 195 Mint z , 1 95 Leonard, Working council Mitchell, Anita, Swim, Debate, Spainsh, 195 Mohr, Keith, Golf, Varsity, 132, 161, 195 Monheit, Joan, Varsity debater, NHS, French, 111, 113, 117, 195 Montgomery, Karen, CRS, Stage Band, Marching hand, 195 Moor, Harvey, 213 Moore, Linda, 195 240 Moran, Adrea Pla Thes ians 1 ya P . Student Congress, 120, 195, 91 , 92 Morits, Ted, 195 Morochnick, Inez, 195 Morof, Debra, FTC, Working Council, 126, 195 Mouh, Sergio, 181 Mrock, Robert, 195 Muckenthaler, Sheryl, 195 Muffeny, Edward, Track, Elec- tronics, I24, 156, 196 Muliett, Lawrence, Varsity football. 196. 139 Murphy, Donald, Concert Choir, Ski, 196 Myers, James Myers, Joanne, 196 -N. Natow, Karen, FTC, 126, 196 Neal, Jeffrey, 196 Nelson, Vickie, 196 Nest, Jeffrey, 196 Neuman, Libby, Y-Teens, CRS, 196 Newman, Eugene, Thespians, Track, 156, 196, 120 Newman, Melanie, 196 Nippa, Shirley, BHS, FTC, 111, 126, 196 Niskar, Anita, 196 Noack, Darlene, Y-Teens, 196 Noack, David, 156, 114, 196 Norton, Thomas, 196 Nosan, Terry, Intramural foot- ball, 196 -0- Ohery, Julie, RuSSiaI1, 118, 196 O'Brien, David, Concert Choir Odom, Randall, Spanish, 116, 196 O'Donnell, Shirley, 196 Ohrenstein, Flora, Yearbook, French, FTC, 26, 126, 117, 196, 23 Oikarinen, Carole, Orchestra, F'lC FTC, Y-Teens, 196 O'Laughlin, William Oltean, Leland. Kev. 196 Ornelas, Tom, 196 Ortlieb, Carol, Play, 196 Ortwine, Gail, 197 Ovink, John, 137 Ovren, Clinton, 197 Owen, Shelly, 197 -p- Palmer, Kenneth, 197 Palmer, Pamela, NHS, Latin, Russian, 111, 118, 127, 197 Panik, Paulette, 197 Pape, Catherine, Play, Musical, 197 Papesch, James, 197 Parent, John, 197 Parker, Luther, Football, Musical, Ski, 143, 197 Parker, Sheila, Spanish, 197 Pascoe, Laura, 197 Paske, Philip, Electronics, 197 Pastor, Allen, 197 , 169 Paul, Sharon, 197 Pavlik, Paula, Russian, 118, 197 Pavlick, Sandra, 197 Pehovic, Ken, Bowling team, German, 118, 197 Penberthy, Bruce Robert, Ski team, Track, Intramural sports, 197 Perlin, Douglas, WSHJ. 197 Pesci, Lance, Varsity baseball, Varsity football, Varsity 158, 159, 142, 132, 197, 139 Pesick, Stanley, Intramural football, 197 Peters, Nancy, Class Treasurer, Soroptimums, Ski, 112, 113, 164, Peterson, Carol, INHS, Co-op, 127, 111, 197 Peterson, Jan. Ski' CCS- 197 Petoskey, Joan, Russian, 198 Pfistez, Barry, 132 198, 139, 30 Pflugrad, William, Football, Baseball, 198 Phelps, Christine, 198 Pieniak, Sandra, 198 Pikulinski, Mary, 198 Plasko, Gary, 198 Pliskow, Naomi, Newspaper, Soroptimums, Nl-IS, 26, 113, 111, 198 Plueddemann, John. 198 Podden, Dennis, 198 Podlinsek, Bruno, Cross-country, Track. Varistv. 198 Poleski, Chris, Varsity, Wrest- ling, Baseball, 132, 198, 153 Pollak, Doreen, FTC, Play, 198 Pooley, Robert Portney, Michael, CRS, Ski team, Government day, 198 Post, Joe, Varsity, Baseball. Basketball, 115, 198.. 168, 158 Pottkotter, Ros anna, 198' Potvin, Darryl, 198 Powder, Jayne, 199 Preston, L-aurin, 199 Prevas, Aris, 199 Priesont, Terry Probst, Joan, 199 Pulliam, Robert, 199 -Q- Quezada, Marta, 199 Quist, Peggy, 199 -R- Ralginowitz. Martin. 199 Rachwitz, Connie, 199 Rahn Jane, 199 90 Raler, Stefen, SFES Rapaport, Judith, Class Secre- tary, Queen candidateigtlls, 1 . 199, A Rgiimlaiylglltflllolkaifbine, Art, FTC, Play, 126, 120, 199 Ravin, Paula, 199 Ray, Susan, 199 Raznik, Susan, Orchestra, Soroptimums, Concert Band, 113, 199 Reder, Barbara, 127 Redmond, James, 199 Reid, Nancy, CRS, 199 Reismont, Richard, 199 Reiter. l'IarveY, WSHJ, 501611063 199, 181 Reizian, Carol, 199 Resnick, Michael, Russian, Art, 199 Resnick, Robert, Thespians NHS, 199 Rice, Glenn Rice, Gordon Richardson, William, Concert Choir- Co-op Richman, Linda, CRS, FTC, Ski, 199 Riggs, Dianne, Future Nurses, Queen candidate, Ski, 86, 127, 129 Ripplinger, Chris, WSHJ, Stock, Football, 199 Roberts. Brian. 200 1 Roberts, Gregg, 200 Robertson, John, Yearbook, Stock, Intramural football, 26, 116, 200, 186 Robillard, David, Bowling team, 200 Robinson, Anne, 200 Rochlen, Paul, Newspaper, Electronics, Yearbook, 26, 200 Roe, John, Football, Varsity, Baseball, 132. 15.8, 200,140, .141. 139 , 167, 192 Roe, Mary, Future Nurses, 200 Rollinger, Jill, Soroptimums, CRS, Swim, 200 129 Rohan, Michele, " Rohan, Michele, FTC, 126, 200 Rolnik, Debra, French, Play, 201 Rolph, William, 201 Rose, Donna, 201 Rose, Robert, 201 Roseby, Vivienne, French, FTC, 36, 117, 201 Rosenbaum, Joan, Soroptimums, FTC, Art, 201 Rosenberg, Rosalyn, Co-op, 201 Rosenblum, Bruce, Golf, Chess, Intramural sports, 201 Rosenthal, Lois, Concert Choir, 201 Rosenthal, Richard, Science, Intramural basketball, 201 Ross, Michael, Intramural football, 201 Ross, Robert Rossman, Janis, 201 Rotenberg, Marcia, Italian, Soroptimums, 118, 201, 113 Roth, Albert, 201 Roth, Cynthia, 201 Roth, Sid, 201 Rothstein, Martin, 201 Rovin, Terry, 201 Rozich, Nancy, Soroptimums, Russian. Y-Teens, 118, 112, 201, 103 Ruben, Stefan, 201, 180 Rubenstein, Dennis, 201 Rubin, Anita, Play, 201 Rubin, Jerrold, Intramural foot- ball, 201 Rubin, Michael, 201 Rubin, Steven, Interact, CRS, 201 Ruff, Barney, 202 Rupay, Edythe, 202 Russell, Susan, Swim team, 202. 129 .S- Sackett, Linda, 202 Saieg, Robert, 202 Salinger, Jeremy, 202 Salveta, Theodore. 202 Samuel, Deborah, Soroptimums, Concert Choir, Musical, 113, 202 Sanders, Janet, 202 Santilli, Mary, Italian, 118, 202 Saviniemi, Ann, Bowling, 118, 202 Scanlon, Mark Schelawa Schelawske, Chuck, 202 Schenck, Vincent, Ski, Ski team, 202 Scheuer, Robert, Varsity golf, Varsity basketball. Varsity, 161, 202, 176, 145, 144, 147 Schewatz, Mary, 202 Schewatz, Rita, 202 Schiller, Robert, Marching Band, Stage Band, Pep B8.!l.d..2112 Schmideberg, Jeffrey, 153 Scalagstak, Lee, WSHJ, Debate, Schnaar, Ronald, NHS, Science, ski, 202 Schram, Bradley, NHS, Interact, Student Congress. 89. 111, 113, 202, 103, 109, 110 Schreier, Richard, Concert Choir Russian. French. 202 Schrieber, Janice, Art, 202 Schriber, Suzanne, Art. Working Council, 120, 202, 121 Schroeder, Gail, 202 Schroeder, Justine, 202 Schulman, Jack, Intramural ,base- ball, football, Ski, 203 Schultz, Marlene, 203 Schussler, Ronald, 203 Schwartz, Bennett, 203 Schwartz, Steven, Intramural sports, ZU3 Scodellaro, John, Varsity football 139, 203 Scott, Carl, 203 Scott, Deborah, Soroptimums, CRS, Y-Teens, 111, 112, 113, 203 Scott, Rosemary, Play, 203 Seeback, Sandra, Yearbook, Concert Choir, 26, 27, 203 Sellers, Andi, Ski, 203 Sells, Kristin, 203 Serote, William, NHS, Varsity 111, 132, 139, 203 Serwer, Harold, 203 Shacket, Shelley, 203 Shanahan, Thomas, 203 Shapiro, Howard, Key, Ski, Art, 114, 203 Shapiro, Mona, 203 Shapiro, Robert, Key, Ski, 203 Sharkey, Karen, Student Congress Soroptimums, FTC, 86 203, 108, Sheehan, Patricia, 203 Sheehan, Sandy, 203 Shell, Dennis, Shephard, Charles, 203 Sher, Michelle, 203 Sherman. Gail, Ski, Y-Teens, 203 , 151 , 150 Sherman, Gary, Intramural foot- ball, baseball, 204 Shiels, James, 204 Shiller, Bob, 31 Shubin, Michel, 204 Shulman, Amy, Thespians, Play, Musical, 120, 204 Shulman, Elenor, Spanish, Play Working Council, 204 Shuman, Nancy, 204 Sidlow, Kenneth, Symphonic, Pep Marching Bands, 204 Sie el, Esther. SFES, Ski, Span- isi., 114,116,204 Sieger, Sharon, 204 Sievert, Amelia, 204 Silherberg, Steven, Yearbook, 26, 204 Silver, Margie, 204 . Silverman, JoAnn, FTC, Spanish, Sympodium, 204 Simon, Janis, CRS, Ski, French 204 Singer, Michael, 204 Sisson, Nancy, Varsity cheer- leader, Ski, Art, 112, 136, 204, 136 Skwir, Gail, Co-op, Spanish, 204' Slaughter, John, Wrestling, Base- ball, 204 Slavin, Rachelle, Newspaper, Swim, French, 26, 204 Sloan, Catherine, 205 Small, Gregory, 205 Smaller, Larry, 205 Smith, Ellen, 205 Smith, Frederick, Golf, 161, 205 Smith. Iulie. 205 Smith, Marx, 205 Snider, William, Intramural foot- ball, baseball, 205 Snitz, Joanne, Spanish, 116, 205 Snitz, Stanley, Intramural football baseball, 205 Sobol, Neal, 205 Sollish, Francine, 205 Solomon, Diane, 205 Somerville, Priscilla, Spanish, Concert Ch ir. Dance, 116, 205 Sophiea, Marky, 205 Sortor, Janet, 205 Sosin, Debra, Soroptimums, Play, Concert Choir, 206 Soskin, Mara, 206 Speck, Julia, FNC, Latin, 118 127, 206 Splan, Robert, 206 Spoutz, Sue, 206 Spurney, Harold, Working coun- eil, Science, 206 Stacey, Kim, Art, 120, 206, 182 Stanton, Robert, 206 Steels, Sharon, 206 Steen, Goran, SFES, 206 Stefanski, Michele, 206 Stain Debra. 6-Taaus- Ski. 206 Stein, Martin, 206 Stein, Risa, 206 Stein, Susan, Newspaper, CRS, 26, 206 Steinberger, Paula, Italian, Art, Play, 118, 120, 206 Stern, Elona, 206 Stern, I rving, WSHJ, Bowling, 206 Stern, Marcia, FTC, Spanish, 20, 206 Stewart, William, NHS, CRS, Interact, 111, 113, 206 Stimac, Sharon, Class boart., Newspaper editor, Soroptimums, 26, 27, 113, 206 , 114 Stoye, Fred, Varsity track, Intramural sports, Interact. 113, 114, 132, 156, 206, 166 , 97 Strand, David, 206 Strauss, Gary, 206 Straus, Kathy, 207 Stricklin, Deborah, 207 Stricoff, Rachel, Soroptimums, Play, 113, 207, Stump, John, Latin, CRS, 207 Stupsker, Susan, Spanish, FTC, 207 Sturman, Jeff, 207 Subelsky, Mark, 207 Sund, Peter, 207 Sutton, Anita, SFES, 114, 207 Svalya, Susan, NHS, 111, 207, 128 Swanson, David, 207 Swartz, Douglas, Wrestling, Ski, 207 Swift, Bemard 207 Swift, David, Swim, Varsity, 207 , 155 Symes, Dennis, Football, 207 -T- Tafralian, James, 207 Tamer, Joanne, Co-op, Latin, NHS, 207 Tann, Edward, Ski, Taras, Paul Taubman, Sharon, SFES, FTC, 207 Tawril, Linda, 207 Taylor, Susan, Madrigal, Y-Teens S0t0ptimums, 112, 113, 207 Taylor, Thomas, 207 Tazzioli, Catherine, Y-Teens, FNC, Ski, 112, 127, 207 , 131 Tencer, Judy, 207 ' Tendler, Maren, 207 Thomas, Dorothy, 207 Thomas, Marcia, Play, 208 Thomas, Mark, 208 Timmerman, James, German, 118 208 Tittiger, Philip, WSHJ, Amateur Radio, 208 Tobel, Terry, 208, 169 Tobin, Steven, German,l18, 208 Tomey, Gerard, 208 Tone. Janice. 208 Torossian, Celia, 208 Toth, James, Intramural football, basketball, 132, 158. 208 Tredway, Robert, 208, 169 Trowbridge, Debbie, 208: Tulkki, Christine, 208 Turchetti, Lebro, Bowling, 208 Turczyn, Cynthia, Play, Thes- D1anS.NHS.111, 118 120, 208 Turczyn, Mark, Wrestling, 132, 209, 153 Tyner, Howard, WSHJ, Play, Thespians, 209 -U- Umstead, Cheryl, 209 Umstead, Earle, Bowling, 209 Unkefer, William. Ski, Play, 209 Urback, Ronald, Working Council Interact, 209 -V- Vanerian, Rita, Class vice- president, Soroptimums, 111, 112. 113. 209, 164, 9,0 VanHusen, Keith, Wrestling, 209 Vanmeer, Patricia, 209 Van0yen, Anthony, WSHJ, German 118. 209 Veighey, .l0hf1i 209, 30 Vergolini, Darlene, 209 . Vernarsky, Kathryn, Bowling, 209 Vesti-and.,Terry, Queen can- U didate, Soroptimums, Thespians ss, 209 Vickers, John, 209 Victor, Richard, WSI-U. NHS. Debate, 111, 210, 174, 111. 95,122 Vincent, Lynn, Co-op, 210 Vingerelli, Julie, 210 Vitek, Alexander, 210 Vivier, Donald, Intramural sports Bowling, 210 Voorheis, Sally, SFES, 210 Voorheis, Sue, German, 210 .W- Wagner, Lewis, Marching Band, Ski, 210 Wahlstein, Wendy, NHS, Soropti- mums, 111, 113, 210 Waite, Ralph, Concert Choir, Tiack, Cross-country, 137, 156, 2 0 Waldman, Sheila, FTC, 126, 210 Walker, Bonnie, 210 Walker, Janice, 210 Walker, Melinda, Y-Teens, 87, 89 Wallace, Susan, FTC, Y-Teens, 112, 126, 210 Wallath, Sandra, 210 Walter, Richard, Ski, 151 Walters, James, Varsity football, baseball, lntramural sports, 88, 113, 132, 139, 158, 210, 198 Warner, Michael, 211 Warren, Linda, Co-op,21l Warshawsky, David, NHS, Intra- mural basketball, baseball, 211 Wasserman, Michael, CRS, 211 Wasson, Joan, FTC, CRS, 126, 211 Waterstone, Robert, 211 Watson. Kathleen. 211 Watts, James, Varsity football, Varsity baseball, lntramural sports, 1.32. 140, 141- 138- 139, 188, 162 , 96 , 144 Webb, Paul K Webber, Lynne, Skl, 211 1 Weinberg, .lmliflei Skli Swim team, 211 Weinberg, Sandra, 211 Weingarden, Cheryl, 211 Weinstein, Margaret, Spanish. SFES, Ski, 26, 211 Weiss, Judith, FTC, CRS, 126, 211 Weiss, Steven, 211 Weller, Cass 211 weus. Robert, 211 Westheimer, Jeffrey, German, 211 White, Danny, 212 Whiteman, Kenneth, Intramural sports, 212 Wilcox, Ronald, CRS, 212, 179 Wiljanen, Mark, Orchestra, Band, 212 Willis, Carol, Play, 212 Willis, Suzanne, Varsity cheer- leader, Spanish. NHS, 116, 111, 212, 136 Wilson, Lana, 212 Wilson, Ruth, 212 Winchester, Jeanne, Varsity cheerleader, Soroptimums. ski, 86, 87, 88,Y113, 212, 167 242 Wiseman, Lynn, Spanish, FTC, 212 Wisniewski, Gregory, 212 Wisniewski, Mark, 212 Wisniekski, Martina, FTC, 126, 212 Witkosky, Sharon, Co-op, 212 Winig, Gary, 212 ' Wolan, Scott, Ski, Electronics, 212 Wolf, Kenneth, 212 Wolfe, Paul, lntramural baseball, Intramural football, 212 Wolrauch, Lauren, 212 Woods, Gayle Worley, Paula, SFFTS 212 Wright, Charles, Tennis team, German, Intramural basketball, 160, 212 Wright, Marianna, Concert Choir, 212 Wujczyk, Richard, 212 -Y- Yager, Pam, Student Congress. Latin, SFES, 118, 212, 108 Yagoobian, Kenneth, lntramiiral basketball, football, baseball 212, 179 Yangoyian, Cynthia, Y-Teens, Spanish, 213 Yates, Cynthia, Newspaper editcx' Soroptimums, Ski, 26, 27, 113, 213 Yatooma, Patricia, 213 Yen, Thomas, Latin, Ski, 118, 2 3 Yeomans, Susan, 213 Yogus, Joyce, Co-op, 213 York, Denis, Chess, 213 Young, Yeomans, Susan, 213 Yogus, Joyce, Co-op, 213 York, Denis, Chess, 313 Yost, Allan, Intramural sports, Working council, 213 Young, William, 213 -Z- Ze!-vos, Angelo, Debate, Chess, 213 Zimmerman, Larry, 213 Zinterhofer, Karen, 213 Zuckman, Amold, 213 UNDERCLASS INDEX JUNIORS .A. Adels, Barbara 76 Adelsberg, Nancy, 70 Adinoff, Allen. 70,116 Adler, Barbara, 72, 108 Adler, William, 68 Agree, Jaclyn, 68 Akers, Harry Allen, Leonard, 64 Altman, Judith, 68 Alvin, Karen, 78 Amsinger, Mike, 72 Anbender, Jeff, 70 Anderson, Bruce, 70 , 31 Anderson, Cheryl, 74 Anderson Connie Anderson, Shawn, 64 Anson, David, 74 Antone, Ronald, 80, 120 Antonucci, Marc, 76 Applebaum, Janet, 68, 129 Arn ey, Robert, 66 Arnold, James. 76 Arnold, Linda, 64 Atchu, Ann, 70 Atkins, Pennie, 78 Avev. Cary, 76 Axelrod, Stephen, 70,113,118 Ayres, Vicki, 78 .B. Baill, Barbara, 72 Bain, Sherryl, 78 Baker, Bruce, 80 Baker, Debra, 776 , 128 Baker, Marbette Balazs, Gary. 64. 143 Balberor, Phyllis, 78 Bale, David Ballan tyne, Janis, 72 Band, Bunny, '76 Banker, Larry, 78 Barahal, Ellen, 78.117,1-26 Bares, Nancy, 64. 120 Barnard, Charles, 72' Barnes, Iris, 80, 117 125 Barnes. Keith, 80 Barnes, Pamela, 76, 136 Barnthouse, Richard, 644, 151 Barnwell, John Barnwell, Tim, 70 Barr, Edward, 64 Barrer, Clifford, 78 Batten, Ron, 64 Baughman, Doris, 74 Baur, Steve, 70 Beach, Marilyn, 80 Beaubian, Perry, 78 Beauchene, Mark, 80 Becke, Brian, 76 Becker, Beverly. 66 Bedson, Gregory, 76 Beitner, Linda, 78. 1'14, 126 Beker. Robin, 72 Belen, Steven 72 Belkin, Jeffrey, 66 Belsky, Susan 68. 127 Benjamin, Helen, 66 Ben nett, Cynthia. 70 Bennett, Ruth, 78, 114 Bensman, Brenda, 64 Benson, Gregg, 78. 137 Berger, Susan 70 Berk, Debbie, 80, 126 Berke, Brian, Berns, Nancy, 70 Bernstein, Lois, 70 Bernstein, Ralph, 80, 120, 90 , 94 Betker, Beverly, 70 Bicknell, David, 72 Binder, Michele, 68, 127 Bishop, Karen, 78 Bither, Randall, 76 Blaquiere. Paul Blau, Linda, 70,113 Blaviere, Paul, 70 Bleifeld, Jay, 66 Blemly, Marvin, 66 - 144 Bloch. Martin. 78. 114 , 151 Block, Wendy. 78 Blood, Lois, 76.127 Bloom Richard Bloomfield, Mike, 72 Blumberg, Robin, 78.1 24, T37 Blumenfeld, Mark, 74 Boblick, Garry, 70 Bobrin, Janis, 74 Boger, John 72 ,144 , 145 Boiteau, Debra Bolin. Janice, 76 Bonilla, Jaime, 64 Booth, Julie, 64. 112 Boretti, Ronald, 74 Boudakian, Richard, 80 Bowen, Linda, 64 Bowman, George, 64 Bracken. Dennis, 70 Brainin, David, 68 Brand, Jody, 70 Brandel, Dan Branscom, Thomas, 70, 118, 160 Brenner, Diana, 78 Brenner, Steven, 120 Brewer, Dorothy, 68 Brickner, Barry, 74 Brill, Dale, 78 Broadway, Diana, 72 Broadway, Leonard, 76, 143 Brod, Lynn, 66 Brode, Mark 78 Brodsky, Joyce, 68, 120, 126 Brown, Douglas, 66 Brown, Gary, 70 Brown, Leslie Brown. Richard, 80 Brown . Willard, 80 Brundel, Dan, 80 Buck, Penny, 70, 117, 118 Buffalo, John, 76 Buffone, John Burnett, David, 76 Burnstein , Barney, 78 Burr, Joseph, 72 Burrows, Carlotta, 66 Byer, Leonard, 76 .C. Cadilac, Linda, 70, 118 Caldwell, Katherine, 66 Calkins, Linda, 76 Caminker, Mark, 66 Campbell, 68 Canter, Tovert Carlson, Margaret, 80 Carnegie, John, 66 Carney, Linda, 68 Carpenter, Diane, 78 Carps, William, 78 Carson, Michael, 80, 142 Casai, Timothy, 72, 114 Casemore, Richard, 64 Castagna, Dennis, 72 Cauchi, Mary, 70 Cavalieri, Richard. 68. 154 Chalmers, David, 70, 145, 143 Charbonneau, Paula, 80 Cherkinski, Jordan, 72 Chern off, Cathy, 64 Chiaravalli, Rita, 72, 218 Chipman, Gay, 66, 113, 108 Christensen, Donna, 80 Christensen, William, 25, 64, 12 Chute, Janet, 76, 127, 118 Chichosz, Mary, 72 Claney, Marianne, 78 Clark, Clifford, 153 Clark, Laura, 80 Clavet, Linda 76 Clixby, Sherri, 76, 114 Cochran, Barbara, 78 Cohen. Judy, 72 Cohen, Hiram Colgin, Carol, 70 Collett, Pamela, 64, 129 Collins, Marvin, 74 Comstock, Carolyn, 80, 117 Cone, Eric, 70 Cook, David, 68 Cooley, Randy, 68 Cooperman, Bryna, 72 Corcoran, James, 76, 143 Cortes, Gary, 76 Cortis, Janet, 78, 218, 73 Cortopassi, Michael, 70 Coville, Lynn, 66 Cox, Mary, 78 Craigie, Kathleen, 76 Crawford, Mary, 72, 120 Cregger, David, 72, L55 Crowhurst, Kenneth, 74, 118 Cudin, Lou, 80 Cullen, Sandra, 68 Curtis, George, 76 Cutler, Marcella, 70 Czuj, Jeffrey .D. Daddow, Robert Daitch, Leonard, 64 Dakin, Barbara, 70 , 151 Camitz, Marlene, 72 Danes, Diane, 74 Darga, Charles, 74 Darnell, Mark, 78 Daubert, Harry, 68 Davidson, Jake, 74 Davis, Carol, 72, 112 136 Davis, Juay, 64 ' Dawson, Karen, 68, 112, 114 Deakins, Jack, 66 Debose, Kerry, 80 Debose, Terry, 74 Decker, Scott, 76, 110 DeFrancesco, Paula, 74 Deitch, Lynn, 26. 66, 126, 71 Deleo. Chris. 64 O Deifavero, Michael, 64 Dembs, Jeffrey, 74 Dembs, Richard, 72, 116 DeMarais, Simone, 113, 117 Detrisac, David, 68 Detweiler, Diane, 70 Deussen, Susan, 68 Devlin. Laura, 64, 123 Dew, Roxanne, 70 Diebler, Michael, 66 Diekman, Brad, 64 Dirette. Michael, 72 Doa, Vincent, 76, 153 Doddow, Bob, 76' D0d9e. Patricia, 70 Doering, Sue, 78 Dohany, Patricia. Dolinka, Anne, 64 Dominick, Randy, 76 Dorrell, Sherry, 66 Dreffs, Andrea, 72 Dreffs, Thomas, 76 Dreger, Mark, 66 Drzewicki, Sandra, 78 Duchin, Paul, 74 Dunkel, Steve, 70 DuPriest, Vickie, 80, 65, 113 Durbin, Dennis, 68 Durst, Carol, 76 Durst, Charles, 78, 153, 152 Duston, Janice, 80 ' -E. Earl, Tom, 70, 124 Earnest, Ricky, 66 Eccles, Linda, 68 Echols, Steven, 70 Economy, John, Edelheit, Janis, 70, 226 Edelman, Debbie, 117 Eder, Steven, Edwards, Linda, 68 Efrusy, Beth, 68, 129 Eggleston, Sherrine, 80 Elfond, Darlene, 66 Elkins, Karen, 78 Elliot, Robert, 64 Ellish, Susan 76 Ellison, Rick, 72, 139, 145, 144 Ellman, Nancy, 78 Elman, Michael, 66 Epel, Deb a. 70 Eoel. Dena-barach, 78 Esshaki, Ann, 64, 118 Essman, Elaine, 78 Evaul, David., 66, 137, 156, 157 Ewart, Barb, 74 Exoo, Michael, 68, 153 Ezrach, llene, 80 .F. Falko, Stephen, 70 Farland, Jeff, 132, 139 Farland, John, 72 Feldman, Barbara, 74, 116 Ferguson, Joyce, 74 Ferguson, Thomas, 80 Ferrara, Dianne, 66, 128 Ferris, Marilyn, 74, up Fetter, Neil, 80 Fieger, Martin, 74, 118 Filipowicz, Gregory, 78 Finch, Sharon, 72 Finger, Jerrv Fink, Linda, 78 Finke, Leslie, 42, 66 Finkelstein, Janet, 72, 116 Finos, Louis, 74 Firby, Terry, UP Fisher, Susan, 66 Fishman, Sheryl, 78 Fisk. Randall, 66, 124 Flannery, Pat Fleisher, Michael, 64 Fletcher, Clifford, 80 Fletcher, Tristan, 78 Flusty, Richard, 80 Forbes, Nancy, 78 Ford, Christopher Forsythe, Gregory, 70 Forsythe, Michael, 143 Fortier, David, 68 Fortier. Douglas, 66, 133 Foster, Deborah. 74 Fouchard, Susan, 66 Fournier, Roy, 74 Fox, Jeffrey, 76 Fox, Richard, 80 Frazier, Diane, 72 Frear, Marilyn, 80 Frederick, Lois, 68 Freedman. Andrea. SB Freedman, Martin, 24, 70 Friedman, Celia, 68 Fritzlan, Janet, 64 .G. Gabarra, Christopher, 64 Gaddy, Mark, 80 Gadwa, Gerald, 80 Gallegher, Margaret Galvin, Candy, 72 Garrison, Barbara, 76 Garrison, Marc, 70 Gartner, Joel, 68 Gartner, Richard, 64 Garvin, Lawrence, 76 Gascon, 'l'im. 80 Gawronski. Mary, 76 Geda, Glenn, 72 Gentile, Patricia, 70 Haley, John, 66, 155 Hall, Bruce Hampton, Ken, 76 Hanba, Patricia, 80, 118 Harkness, William, 72 Harmala, Mary, 126 Harrington, Paul, 78 Harris, Mike, 78 Harrison, David, 68 Harrison, Greg, 65 Harrison, Greg, 66 Hartsuff, Karen, 74 Hauke, Dennis, 76 Hausenfleck, Linda, 68 Hayes, Edith, 64 Hayes, Deborah Heffner, Kathleen, 64 Heikkila, Daniel Heikkila, Diane, 68, 80 Heilner, Thomas, 72 Heinonen, Darwin, 78 Hendricks, Denise, 78 Hendrickson, Bryan, 64 Hentkowski, Vernon, 76 Hermes, Arlene, 76 Hertzberg, Neil, 72 Herzoff, Beth, 120, 126 Higgins, Charles Higginson, Dawn, 76 Hoch. Howard, 66 Hodges, Ann, 66, 94 George, Lynne, 80 George, Theresa Gerber, Patricia, 76 Gerlich, Tim, 72 Geves, Nancy, 70, 86, 128 Gildersleeve, Denise, 78 Gill, Augustine, 70 Gillespie, Douglas, 72 Gilmore, Kathleen, 76 Girvin, Cecilia, 80 Glass, Derrick, 70 Hoeft, Greeofv. 60 Hoeft, Mark.531 143 Hoff. Jan H0ffrT18l'1, ice, 76 Deborah, 72 Hoffman, Ira, 26, 76, 71 Hoffman, Nick., 68 Holiday, Dennis, 74 Holiday Paul, 1-loiiaday, Joyce. 26, 40, 112, 71 Hoiladav. Jam, es Holliday, Welburn Glassman, Lenore, 66, 116 Glazer, Sharon, 78 Glick, Steven, 70 Gluklick, Robert, 66 Goatl ey, Peter, 68 Gold, Ron, 76 Gold, Roy, 74 Goldberg, Dianne, 78 Goldberg, Mark, 68 Goldfarb, Beth, 76 Goldman, Barry, 78 Goldman. Errol, 76 Goldsmith, Howard, 78 Hollo, Harvey, 74 Holman, Clara, 64 Hooberman, PeQQV. 70, 114, 116 Hooper, Joe, 74 Hooper, Pamela, 80, 114, 151 Horenstein, Joe, 68 Hornberg, Leslie Horowitz, Steven Howard, Claudia Howard, Paul, 78 , 155 Howard, Ronald, 78, 124 Hoyal, Carol, 74 Hudson, John 74 Hunter, David. 66 .80 .66 Gonzales, Susan 80, 47 Goodman, llene, 66 Goodman, Joan, 66 Gordon, Marshall, 68, 114, 118, 32 Goren, Gary, 64 Gorman, Sharon, 76, 120 Graf, Sharon, 64 Grant, Lola, 66, 90 Huntley, John Hutson, Don Hyman, Barry, 72, 160 .J- Jaber, Garrie, 74 Gray, Douglas, 72, 143 Grecu, Charles. 74 Grecu, Gaylene Greek, Sandra, 78, 126 Green ,Randee, 76, 114, 126 Green, Ronals. 80 Greenbain, Eileen, 74 G reenbaum. Todd, 68 , 79 Greenberg, Karen , 80, 113, 126 Jackson, Cynthia, 72 Jacob, JoAnne, 78 Jacob, William, 80 Jacobc, Bonnie, 72 Jacobs, Lynn, 66, 117 Jacobson, Philip, 74 Janes, Barbara, 68, 117 Jannett, Resa, 78, 129 Jarvis, Christopher, 70, 156 Greenberg, Julie, 80 Greenbert, Gail, 74 Greenwald, Barbara, 64 Greggs, Debbi6.,.-72 Gross, Debby, 64 Gross, Steven, 66 Grossman, Joel Grulke, Jack, 74 Grushoff, Janice, 66 Gruskin, Sheila, 72 Guldner, Gary Gursky, Bruce, 66 Gurwin, Marshall, 68 Gussin, Gayle, 70 Gutman. Leonard .H. Haas, Rick, 74 Habib, Eva, 68 Habin, Sharon, 74 Habbian, Cass, 66 Hack, ROQSY. 78 Hahn, Randi. BO Jennings, Elizabeth Jennings, Kathleen, 76 Jeskey, Raynard. 78 Johnson, Adele, 70, 118 Johnson, Carrisn 74 Johnson, David, 74 Johnson , Gregory, 68 Johnson, Vickie..6Q Jones, Betty, 74, 41' Jones, Carolyn Gb Jones. Laurie, 66 Joseff, Bonnie, 76 Joyce, Sheryl, 64 Juengel, Paul, 68 .K- Kabara, Mary, 66 Kabrin, Carole, 70 Kahn, Joel, 66 Kahrnoff, Jill, 72, 120, 126 Kalish, Deana, 78 Kalt, Mo Kaner, S rse, 66 usan, 64 243 Kantor, Kaplan r Kathy, sa, 129 Gary, 76, 1081, 109, 110 Kaplan Howard, 68 Kaplan Roberta, Karbal, Carol, 66 Karden, Stuart, 26, 78 Karn s, Martha, 80 Kasenow, Dale Kasoff,'Margaret, 74 Kassin, Tom, 120 Katkowsky. Marilyn, 25,' 78 Katz, Jeffrey, 68 Katz, Lynn, 68, 160 Katz, Robert, 80 Katzman, Maureen, 64, 120 Kaufman, Robert, 76 Kaufman, Stuart, 64 Kauppinen, Kathy, 72, 86, 69 Kay, Robert, 68, 151 Kaye, Burton, 66 Keller, James, 70, 114 Kelley, Billy, 74 Kelly, Vicky, 64 Kerchen, Dale, 68 Kerscher, Rose, 68 Kerwin, Ronald, 76,1 18 Kiefer, James, 66 Kilar, John, 72 Kipp, Richard, 76 Kirsch, Cathi, 80, 116 Kirschbaum, Elayne, 64 Kistler, Brenda, 70 Kistner, Kris, 66 Klar, Phyllis, 78 Klau, Carol, 74, 11-4 116 Klar, Phyllis:7B Klau, Carol, 74, 114, 116 Klausing. Russell, 80 Klavons, Carol, 76 Klein, Arlene Klein, Keith, 66, 143 Klein, Sherri Kleist, Gary, 76 Kline, Frencee, 70, 126 Klopp, Ellen, 64 Kohn, Diane Kolehmainen, Paul, 66 Kollar, Jayne, 74 Kollin, Barbara, 64 Kolpus, Karlotta, 66 Koploy, David, 76 Kopman, Marcia, 72 Kordus, Darrell, 80 Korinsky, Esther, 74 Korn, Howard, 74 Korthals, Lance, 31, 78, 139 Koseck, Pamela, 78 Kosofsky, Rochelle. 76, 116, 126 Kovacs, Jefirey, 116 Kraft, David, 64 Krakauer, Jesse, 66 Kramer, Don, 66 Kramer, Ronald, 66 Kravitz, Deborah, 70 Krebs, Thomas, 72, 124 Kronick, Joanne, 78 KLLIBHBF. Fred, 72 Krugel, Carol, 42, 64, 114, 116, 120 Kuber, Michael, 74 Kuchn, Gretchen, 76,129 Kukorowski, Kenneth, 26, 66 Kurnetz, Sheila, 72 Kurtycz, Sandra, 68 Kuschinski, Diane, 68, 151 Kuss, Karen, 78 -L- Labensky, Robert, 76 Lachowski, Christy, 66, 127 LaFond, Lawrence, 80 Laing, Stewart Lairuri, Alice Lakind, Arnold, 68 Lampear, Michael, 70 Langerman, Shelley, 70 Langwald, Nathan, 80 Lankton, Elizabeth, 64 LaPointe, Shirley, 80 244 Larkins, Uonalo, IZ Latturi, Alice, 78 Lawrence, Douglas, 64, 143 Lawrence, Tanya, 72 Lawrie, David, 66 Lawton, Donald, 64 LEX, Nancy, 65, 114, 108 Lazarevic, Zorka, 70 Leader, Bruce, 74 Lebowitz, Frances, 70 LeClair, Lynn, 70 Lefkowitz, Helen, 76 Legros, William 72 Lehman, Margaret, 72 Lenehan, Brian, 74 Lenhard, Vicki, 73 Lenz, Arliene, 78 LePage, Cheri, 76 Levick, Keith, 78, 139 Levine, Linda, 68, 114, 120 Levinson, Martin, 70, 118 Liberman, Reena, 72 Lieberman, Stewart, 70 Libowitz, Glenn, 72 Lightstone, Robert, 74, 124 Lincourt, Patricia, 26 Lippert, Scott, 68, 114. 73 Lisk, Patricia Litt, Arlene, 76, 126 Little, Stephen, 74, 114 Littleiohn, Wayne, 74 Livermore, James, 80 Lober, Donna, 76 Lodwinski, Dick, 114 Loizos, Markella, 72 London, Sheila, 80, 114 Long, Jacqueline, 66 Long. Pai. 66 tubs. William. 76, 138, 139, 140, 153 Ludwinski, Richard. 66 Lugarvich, Ziggy, 78 Lumsden. Nancy, 74 -M. Macay, Phyllis, 64 MacDonelI, Karen,80, 112 Mack, Patricia, 74 MacMillan. Shelley, 66 Madison, Kenneth, 68 Mair, Robert, 70, 118 Maleski, Christina, 78 128 Maliszewski, Mary, S6 Malloy, Robert, 80 Maloney, Kathy, 74 Mandell, Elizabeth, 70, 116 Manell, Marilyn, 68 Maniloff, Shari, 68 Manninen, Kathleen, 80 Manning, Patricia, 68 Mansfield, Sandra, 72, 65, 120 Marcus, Carol, 70 Margolis, Michael, 72, 120 Margosian, Gary, 70 Marrich, Lawrence, 72 Marshbanks, Paula, 76 Martin, Collene, 74 Martin, Sherry, 72 Mason, Susan, 76 Masser, Mark. 70 Matarazzok Betty, 78 Matlen, Steven, 76 Matthews, Frank, 78, 46 Mattson, Leonard, 46, 70, 139 Mauser, Deborah, 64 Mavian, Charyl, 68 Maxey, Althea, 72 McAlleer, Derek, 68 McAndrew, Karen, 66 McCall, Judy, McCann, Gerald, 72, 139, 140, McCaughey, Sonny, 78 McClish, Paula McCubbin, Richard McDaniel, Susan, 80 McEvers. Christine. 70 Mclntyre, Pamela, ofa McKay, Vince, 7B McKenzie, Condance. 64 McLaughlin, Gail, 64 McMullen, Don, 78 MCNa11y, Williifn, 76 Medvvisl. Jeffrmi, 76. 155, 151 Meek. Glenn, 7 Mendelson, Philip, 70, 124 Merrill, Karen, 70 Mester, David, 76, 153 Metcalfe, Alexis Mauer, Edmund, 68 Meyers, Andrew, 72 Meyerson, Howard, 76 Meyette, Linda, 64 Michael, Margerv, 66 Makkola. olivia, es, 136 Mikol, Dave, 72 Miller, Dean, 68 Miller, Owen, 64 Miller, Victoria, 76 Minard. Michael, 74 Minke, Tom, 76, 114 Minkin, Arlene Monette, Deborah, 74 Monson, Rozanne, 72 Moore, Cathy, 66 Moore, Frances, 70 Moore, Rick, 72 Moorin, Jay, 74 Morey, Jill, 70 Morienti, Ray, 66 Morris, Donald, 74 Morris, Jeffrey, 78 Morrison, Patricia, 64 Mortimer, Jeanette, 78, 127 Mnmav, Pamela. 72 Moses, Thomas, 76 Moss, Larry, 80 Mossok, Ruth, 80, 118 , Moyer, Kimberly, 68 Mumper, Deborah, 30 Mumper, Deborah, 80 79 Park,L1erald, 76 Parker, Gail, 72 Parker, Wavne. R0 Pashalian, Steve, 70 Pasman, Nora, 64 Paster, Nanci, 70, 113, 126 Patterson, Raven, 70 Pellitier, Ralph, 76 Munson Mysza, , Cathryn Stephen , 68 .N. Nager, Nager, Nagler, 120 Edward, 68 Steve William. 70, 114, 118, Nasv. Eilene. 80. 1,13 NaQV. Margaret, 74, 116 Naifeh, Michele. 74, 113 Nanes, Harry, 80 Nederlander, Kathleen, 64 Nedroscik, John, 72, 143 Neighbors, Deborah, 74 Nelson, Gary, BA Nelson. Juditn, 66 Nemish, Christine, 64, 47, 79 Nern, Carolyn, Nesse, Robert, 64 Neveau. Helen, 80 Newman, Darryl, 64, 118 Newman, Martin, 64, 124 Nicholas, David, 78 Nichols, Shirley, 66 Nickin. Larry Niskanen, Don, 74. 114 Norberry, Jef frey, 64 Norris, Earl. 68 Novaes, Jeff. 64 .O. Oberstein, Lawrence 0'Connor, 72 O'Flaherty, Robbin, 68 Ohrenstein, Peggy, 68 O'Loughlin, William O'Neill. Janet, 78 Opperman, N icholas, 78 Or echkin, Sharon, 72 Orr, Bradley, 64 , 118 Ortega, Gregory, 66. 132 , 155 Osen, Karen, 66 Osten, Mark, 80 Osterberg, Jane, 66 Ostrow, Leib, Ostrow, Sue, 80 Ovink, Roger, 78. 145, Owen, G2-HY. 78 Owen, Tom. 78 Owens, Lawrence, 72 -P. Page, Rocky, 68, 118 144 Palokangas. Kenneth, 76 Pancioli, Virgil, 70 Papelian, Joseph. 64, 155 Papp, Steven, 76, 120 Pennala, George, 70 Pensler, Linda, 64 Pepp, Nancy, 64, 112 Perilli, Albert, 72 Permuter, Mark, 80 Perlove, Brian, 64 Perry, Lorie, 70 Peterson, Al, 66 Peterson, Carol, 76 Peterson, Rick, 76 Phelps, Catherine, 74 Piotrowski, Linda, 80 Pipgras, Dennis, 74 Platter, Dorothy, 68, 113 , 136 Podolsky, Arnold, 68, 124 Pomerance, Norman, 76 Pontius, Sandrea, 76. 112 Potestio, Frank, 70, 118 Potter, Gordon, 76 Prain, Linda, 72 Press, Heidi, 76,117 Prokop, Susan, 74 Prysok, Leonard, 74 Pylar, Judy Pyshe, Darla, 64 -R. Rabinowitz, Steven, 64 Rabins, Seymour, 72 Radak, Carol, 74 Rafal, Donald Raimi, Charles, 160 Raianen, Carol, 68 Randall, David, 72 Rankin, Linda, 74 Ranns, Philip, 72 Rapoport, Amy, 76, 120, 126 Rapp, Steyen, 66 Rashid, Michelle, 78 Rashid, Phil, 46 . 153, 46 Rautio, Susan, 72 Reinbolt, Sharon, 70 Reiss, Craig, 26, 76 , 108 Remoundos, Dean, 68 Renton, George, 68 . 155 Ribitwer, Evelyn, 72, 113, 126 Rice, Carolyn, 74 Richardson, Keith, 80 Richie, Wendy, 66 Richman, Phillip, 78, 156, 153 Riedy, Karen, 66 Rinderknect, Dale, 76 Rinshed, Richard, 80 Ripplinger, Michael, 68, 118 Ritter, William 70 Ritzenthaler, Laurie, 74 Roberts, Bruce, 76 Roberts, William 64,114 Robertson, Nelson, 78 Robinson, James, 76, 114, 116 Rogers, Daniel, 72, 132 , 155 Rogers, Hope, 66 Rohan, Jackie, 66 Rollinger, Robert, 70 Romeo, Mike, 78 Rose, Deborah, 80 Rose, Philip, 74 Posen, Barry, 64 Rosen, Charles, 78 -.losen. Marcy, 70 Rosen, Richard, 68 Rosenbaum, Barry, 66 Rosenberg, Howard, 80 Rosenberg, Ronna, 70 Rosenthal, Margo, 66 Roshid, Phil, 72 Ross, Deborah, 80 Ross, Laurel, 66 Ross, Shelley, 64 Ross. Rick. 66 Roth, Carol, 76 Roth, Nicki. 66, 18 Rothenberg, Linda, 74 Rotman, Nikki, 70 Rowin, Thor, 66 Rowland, Deborah, 118 Ruban, Stefan. 76 Ruben, Euyce.1e, 113, 126 ,108, 109 , 69.103 Rubin Elaine, 64 Rubin, Gail, 80 Rubin, James, 66 Rudofsky, Gwen Ruehle, Peter, 64 Rummel, Chris, 74 Russman, Michelle Ryke, Nancy, 78 Rynek, Jay, 72 .5- Sabb, Debbie Sacco, Gordon, 70 Sachs, Vicki, 76, 117 Sackrider, Dorothy, 64 Sadoway, David, 78 Sklar, Ira, I4 Skwir, Linda, 72 Slavik, Richard, 78 Savin, Steven, 66 Sloan, Daniel, 80 Small, Daniel, 68 Smathem. Barbara, 64 Smith, Andrew, 80 Smith Greg, 76 Smith Henrv. Smith Jo, 70 Smith Keith, 64 Smith Linda L., 64 Smith Linda Lee, 72 Smith Rhoda Smith, Robert, 74 Snider, Rochelle. 76 Snyder, Carol, 68 Snyder, Christine, 74 Saginaw, Paul, 68 Sahib, Debbie, 78 St. Arno, Denise, 80 St. Germain, Jill, 64 Sak, Cheryl, 72 Salerno, Georgette, 74 Salinger Salzberg, Joan, 65, 68, 120, 126 Frances, 64, 126 Sampeer, Alan, 72, 114 Samuels, Judith, 76 Sanchez, Donna, 70 Sanders, David, eo, 139 Saul, Larry, 70 Sauve, Alison, 80 Schacter, Sandra, 74 Schaefer, Steven, 80 Schafer, Nancy, 78 Schaffer, Albert Schankler, Laurie, 76 Scharg, Lawrence, 64 Schechter, Phyllis, 66, 114, 116, 117, 126 Scheinker, Paul, 78 Schlaff, William, 72, 113, 132, 160 Schmideberg, Vera, 76 Schon , Joyce, 72 Schonhoff, Cliff, 74 Schreier, Susan, 74, 116, 120 Schulman, JoAnne, 64, 116, 126 Schuster, Lori, 80, 117 Schwimmer, Eugene, 74, 118 Scott, Gayle, 72 Scrase, David, 72, 114, 118, 94 Sdao, Linda, 66, 118 Sebastian, Derek, 80 Seedman, Wendy, 80, 113, 126 Seeger, Sandra, 74 Seeley, Janice, 68 Selburn, Brian, 68 Selik, Judith, 26, 70, 113, 116. 126 Selik, Nancy Semann, Basim, 74 Semiski, Gail, 66 Serote, Ronald, 68, 158 Sexton. Karen. 76 Shaffer, Albert, 76 Sobieck, Charles Sochacki, Tom, 80 Solomon, Susan, 76 Solway, Harvey, 72 Sorsen, Les, 76 Soufrine, Joan. 74 Soultanian, Doris, 66, 126 Souter, Marilyn, 68 Soverinsky, Mark, 72 Spanos, Debbie, 64 Sparase, Karen, 70 Spaulding, Pat, 80, 151 Speranza, Donald, 64, 124 Spillman, Judith, 64 Spitler, Kathleen, Spitzmiller, Karen, 70 Spoon, Alan, 68 Spoon, Elliot, 74,113,161 Sproule, Cameron Stanfield, Ralph, 78 Stanley, Donald, 76, 114 Stanley, Lynne, 66 Stark, Lynne Stedman, Richard, 78 Steele, Dennis, 74, 156, 157 Steen, Goran. 70 Stefani, Gary, 76 Stein, Eleanor, 72 Steinberger, Jill, 68, 120, 90 Stern, Gregg, 64 Stern, Laurie, 66 Sterne, Jeffrey, 68 Stewart, Margaret, 66. 129, 128 Stoker, Bruce, 80, 133 143 Stoloff. Robert, 78, 94. 123 Stone, Gary, 68 Stover, Keith, 80 Strasser, Elizabeth, 68 Stratton, Wendy. 66 Straw, Richard, 70 Streby. Rick, 74, 143, 155 Strom, Robert, '74 Strong, Carol, 74 Stump, Robert, 76 Sturza, Larry, 72 Styke, Harriet, 76 Sugarman, James, 68, 117 Sukenic, Deanne, 72 Sunich, Gene, 80 Tishken, John, 72 Titmuss, Beth, 64, 120 Tobes, Sheryl, 74, 113 Tomlin, William, 66 Tomlinson, Philip, 74 Tonkin, Marlene, 74 Topper, Jolie, 70 Touscany, James Traurig, Henry, 80 Traverse, Peter, 74, 118 Trowbridge, Carolyn, 80 Trowbridge, Danny Truesdell, Robert, 68 Tucker, Linda, 80 Tulk, Mark, 80, 153 Tulkki, David, 76 Turman, Rodney, 72 Tuscany, Jim, 78 Tuz, Patricia, 78 .U. Uday, Candice, 68, 108, 109, 69 Uhelszhi, Janet, 68 Unkefer, Paul, 74, 114 -V- Vachon, Sue, 64 Van Antwerp', Judith, 70 Van Brurrt, Marcia, 74 Van Husen, Glen, 78 Van Oven, Jeanne, 80 Vibert, Mark, 72 Virgin, Cheryl, 64,112 Voy, Janice. 72 ,w. Wahlsten, David, 70 Wakser, David, 72, 124 Waldman, Martin, 70 Walker, Christopher, 78 Walker, Patricia, Walters, Patrick, 66 Walton, Howard, 70 Ward, Carol, 66,117,126 Ward, Pat, 76 Warner, Marcia, 66,118 Washell, Janet, 80 Wasserman, Sam, 64 Waters, Georgia, 68 Watkins, Steven, 80 Watnick, Iris Watts, Barry, 80, 114, 137, 156 Watts, Christopher, 70 Watts, Larry, 74 Watts, Mark, 68 Watts, Steven, 68, 139, 140, 153 Wauldron, Susan. 74 Weber, Marsha, 78 Webster, John, 66 Shaffer, Bruce, 72 Shapiro, Robert, 80 Shaw, Thomas, 65, 80 Sheehan, Betsey, 72 Sheldon. Kenneth, 70 Sutton, Tim, 66 Swanberg, Doug, 66 Sweet, Carol, 74 Swenson, Susan, 74, Swiatek, Barbara, 66 114 Weed, Susan, 70 Weinstein, Debra, 80 Weinstein, Ronald, 64, 120, 132 160 Weinstein, Ruth, 76 Sher, Lawrence, 76 Sherer, Wendy, 76 Shild, Keith, 74 Shipard, Steve. 76 Shipko, Beverly. 65, 72, 113, 116 129 Shipper, Stewart, 66 Shirey, Patricia. 72, 128 Shore, Helen, 26. 74 Shore, Elisa, 72 Shulmanl nrleen, 68 Shumay, Jean, 80 Sienkiewicz, Garrett, 70, 143 Sievert, Oscar, 64 Sillman, Joanne, 80, 117 Silver, Lisa, 74 Silver, Tom, 64 , 155 Silverman, Debbie, 66 Sllvetman, Teri, 76,118 Simko, Susanne Simmons, Tom. 70, 30 Simon, Cynthia, 80 Simons, Diane, 80 Singer, Alan, 68 Siporin, Renee, 66 Skinner, Neil, 80 Szafranski, Tom, 70 .-r. Taby, Nancy, 74 Talberg, Nancy, 68 Taran, Robert, 78 Tarczynski, Richard, 80 Tatomir, Mary, 66 Taylor, Charles, 70 Tennenbaum...Jean, 26, 64, 113, 117,126 81 Tennies, David, 68, 118 Terebelo, Bennett, 64 Terpstra, Jeanette, 78 Thomas, Brenda, 64 Thomas, John, 66, 143, Thompson, Donald, 64, 139, 140 Thompson, Douglas, 72 X Thornton, Terry, 72, 124 Thull, Robert, 72 Thurlow, Laurie, 47, 74 Till, Mark, 68 Timassey, David, 66 Weiss, Weiss, Weiss Weiss Doreen, 70 Howard, 72, 113, 143 Judy D. 72. 113, 116 Marta 76 113 Weitzman, Judith, 76 Wells, Peter, 78 Wendrow, Howard, 78 Wenner, Karen, 74 Westheimer, Ilene, 72, 126 Whitcomb, Cheryl, 74 Whitson, Denise Wickman, Don, 76 Wieland, David, 80, 139 142, 144 Wiener, Edward, 74 Wilkinson, Michael, 6,8 Willoughby, Cynthia, 64, 180 Wilson, Colleen, BO Wilson, Darlene, 26, 70 Winston. Joel. 7.0 Witkosky, Karen' 70 Wohlart, Charles, 66 Wolf. Edwaui. 12 Wolf, Paul, 74, 114, 156, 153 Wolfe, Jack, 72 Wolfe, Jeffrey, 70 Wollborg, Robert, 64 Wolock, Ronald, 74 Wood, Barbara, 64, 90 Wood, Catherine, 74 Woods, Jeria, 72 Woolary, Frederick, 68 Worthington, Richard, 64 Wright, Pamela, 76 Wunderlich, Robert, 65, 80, 156 .y- Yagoda, Carol, 76, 118, 126 Yancon, Gary, 66, 118, 124 Yapko, Diane, 76 Yates, Debra, 74 Yokich, Andrea, 74, 113, 114, 120, 129 Yousey, uiana, 80 -Z. Zacks, Steve, 64, 156 Zaret, Linda, 66 Zeff, Sandra. 80 Zeig, Lisa, 76 Zingeser, Joanne, 80 Zisette, Debbie, 64 Zupner, Nancy, 64 SOPHOMORES .A- Ablecop. Barbara, 50 Abraham, Robert. 50 Abrams, Paula Adams, Nancy, 52 Adaskin, David, 62 Adema, Mary, 60 Adler, Asher. 58 Alexander, Cheryl, 117, 54 Allweiss, Jack, 62 Altshuler, Jeffrey, 54, 143 Alvey, Daniel, 52 Ambrose, Marc. 52 Anderson, David, 54 . 149 Anderson, Laurie, 58 Andlson. Cheryl. 50 Andrew, Gary . 63 Andrus, Kevin. 52 Ansami. Sherry , 63 Antcza , James, 52 Archer, Renee. 52 Arney, Kenneth, 60 Asclone. Ronald. 56 Aspinall, Gary, 50, 155 Austln. James Azzouz, Laila, 58 -B- Baker, Roarer, 143. 114, 62 Baker, Stuart. 50 Bakst, Michael, 60 Baldwin, Cyrell Ball. Dorcas, 54 , 63 Banker, Pam, 62 Barons, Pat, 60 Barr, Janice, 50 Barris, Sue, 60 Battel, Michael, 143, 54 Bauer, Debbie, 50 Bauer, Keith, 58 Baur, Donald, 56 Baziliauskas, Z ita, 52 Beardslev, Donald. 56 Beaton, Joy., 54, 136 Bechard, Phlllv. 52 Becker. Noel Beddow, Barbara, 56 Bell, Nickie, 54 Bell, Richard, 50 Bellingham. Richard, 60 Bello, Marek , 63 54 Berg, Elia, 1250 Berg, Liin 8. Berg, Richard Sd: lqo Berge, Robert, 58, 155 Berlin, Adrienne. 60 245 Berlin, Bonnie, 60 Berman, Marsha, 60 Bezak, Robert, 52 Bigham. Doug, 52 Blll, Leslie, 62 Birmingham, Maryann, 62 Bistrow, Mark, 50 Bither, Randy, 56 Blake, David, 60 Blaszczyk, Karen Block, William, 58 Bloom, Ken, 54, 149 Bodnar, Darryl, 54, 116 Bodzln, Nell, 60 Bogedin, Anthony, 120, 62 Bogedln, Robert, 120, 52 Bohm, Leslie, 60 Bolteau, Debbie. 62 Bonadeo, Michael, 54, 118 Bennington, Heather, 50 Boretti, Jim, 52, 143 Borgesen, Joe, 62, 114 Borkowski, John, 58 Borman, Tom, 54 Boskey, Debra Bowyer, Kelley. Jo. 58 Bozung, Dennis, 60 Briohn Robert, 58 Brittain, Arthur, 46, 62 , 46 Brown, Greg. 56. 143 Brown. Kenneth. 50 Bruss, Kenneth, 54 Buchsbaum, Janis, 56 Bupte, Jerry, 62 Burg, Andrea, 56 Burkert, Henry, 54 Burkland, Bob, 52 Burrum, Sherry, 58 Butterfield, John, 58 .C. Cavadas, Albert, 58 Cagley, Kenneth, 62 Caldwell, Elizabeth, 54 Calihan, Patricia, 52 Campbell, Gary. 60, 124 Cannon, Pamela, 54 Carakostas, Michael, 62, 143 Caroselli, Dianne, 58 Carroll, Cheryl, 60 Casden, Kenneth, 58 C,atlin, Kethryne, 54 Chafetz, Richard. 62 Chamberlain, Nola, 60 Chance. David, 50 Chapnik, Bernard, 56 C-hazen, Kathy, 52 Chernlak, Gary, 54 Chernick, Karen, 60 Chesik, Anette. 50 Chcilak, Lynn, 60 Chopp, Margaret. 60, 112 Chovan, Bonnie, 56, Church, Nancy, 54, 128 Cichosz, Deborah, Citron, Ken, 54 Clark. Jenniier. an Clark, Kathleen, 60 Clemens, Michael, 56 Clixby,David, 50 Colton, Amy, 62 Compton, Janet, 60 Compton, Katheryn. 58 Conley, Krista, 63 Conrad, Kurt, 50 Considine, Ruth, 58 Cooley, Roger, 62 Corcoran. Henry, 58, 143 Corpt, Chester, 54, 149 Cortis, Dan, 52 Cowan, Chuck, 54, 143 Cowan, Janette Craig, Steven, 60, 155 Crichton. Susan, 54 Crissman, Nancy, 63 Csete, Zolton. 54' Curtis, Gary, 52, 153 Cutchey, Douglas' .D- ' -SiB.DhE-D. 60 Danieis. Julie, 62 Danto, lrwin 72.1155 Daraskavich, Michael, 58 Darris. Pamela. 54, 117, 120, 117 246 David, Lorena, 56 Davis, Cynthia, 58 Day, Marilyn, 62 DeMare, Cha hes. 62 Dennis, Richard, 58 Derrick, Diane, 60 DiBolt, Karl. 52 Dickey, John,153 , 63 Didhosz, Debbie, 54 Digue, Douglasf 60 , 149 Dishner, Cathy, 56 Ditchfield, David, 50 Dobbertin, Susan, 58 Dock, Joyce, 50 Dohring, Thomas. 54 Donagrandi, Dennis, 62 Donahur, Kathleen, 58 Donnelly, Jan, 58 Doot, Martha, 58 Dorfman, Leah, 62 Dorrell. Pamela. 56 Dovitz, Steven, 54 Dreffs, Michael, 56 Drossart, Linda Droz, Fonda. 52 Dumitru. Marv. 54.. 63 Duncan, Beth, 60 Dunk, Betty. 50 Dunn, Ted, 60 Dunn: John, 50 Durbiiplborah. 56 Duschinsky, Eva, 54 Dyan, Mark, 50 Dyszer, David, 52,, 155 .E- Eagle, Kim. 52 Eckhouse, Debra. 52 Eckhout. Danny, 52, 30 Edsall, Pamela, 50 Edwards, Cynthia, 56 Edwards, Philip, 58 Eichner, Richard, 62, 118 Elinger, John, 54 Elkins, Julie, 63 Ellsworth, Patti, 56 Erkf ritz. Bruce Exierson, Judy, 56 .51, Faber, Lynn. 52 Falkoff, Andrea. 60 Farber, Stuart, 60 Farkas, Neil, 50 Farmer, Toni, 54 Farrell, Larry, 137, 63 Farris, William, 62 Fawcett, Janis, 52 Fealk, Stuart, 60 Feinberg, Gary, 54 Feinberg, Paul, 50 Feingold, Rena, 50 Feldman, Susan, 58 Felstow,YRichard Fenton, Randall, 58 Finder, Dian, 50 Fine, Bernard, 58 Fink, Laurie, 54 Finkel, Cheryl, 62 Fisher, William, 60 Fishman, Bruce, 60, 137 Fleury, Lynn. 60 Force, Dale, 50 Forrester, Douglas, 50 Furmaz. Chris 58 Forward, Sara, 60 Francis, Bruce. 52 Francis, Helen, 56 Frates, Robert. 54 Freedman, Cheryl. 52 Freedman, Shelli, 54, 57' 108 Freedman, Marsha, 54 Frid, Denise, 62 Fridson, Karen L63 Friedman, Randall. 56 Fritzen. Roland, 56 Frontera, Nancy, 62 Frost, Margaret, 54 Frumkin, Paul, 60 Fmshgigr, Ross 54. 143. 149 Fuller, aryri. 54 Furstenberg, James, 58 .G. Gagleard, Ala, 52 Gale. James, 52 Galinsky, Sanford . 63 Gallombardo, Alyene, 50 Garbarino, Pamela, 60 Gell, Nancy. 54 Gelman, Anita, 51, 54, 103. 63 Gentile, Alice, 60 Georgeff, Gordon, 54 Gibbons, John, 52 Gibbons, Steve, 60 Gidley, Deborah, 62 Gies, Julie, 58 Gill, Sharon, 52 Giller, Victor, 62 Ginsberg, Jerry, 62 Giuliarlelli, Ellen, 52 Gladstone, Robert, 60 Glinsky, Carmelyn, 54 Gnall, Sandra , 136 Goga, Gregory, 54 Goldberg, Leonard. 67 Goldman, Denise, 54 Goldman, Steven, 52 Goldstein, Marcie, 52 Goldstick. Bruce, 52 Goldstone, Daniel, 60 Golob, Arnold, 58 Goren, Barbara, 60 Goss, Tom, 56 Gottfried, Ivana, 52 Gourlay, Noreen. 62 Graff. Jane, 54 Graff, Rosalyn, 62 Graham, Michael, 52 Grant, Richard, 60 Grant, Robert, 52 Grauman, Abfaham. 56 Gray, Margo Green, Patricia, 58 Griffin, Carl, 50 Grossman, Randy, 58 Gub, Nancy, 50 -H- Haapala, Allen, 54 Haapala, Eric, 62 Hack, Susan, 52 Haines, Jerry, 58 Hall, Bruce, 50 Halle, Roger, 58 Hamilton, Lloyd, 62 Hampton, Scott, 62 Haney. Donald, 52, 143, 155 Hansen, Frank, 56 Harmala, Mary, 54, 118 Harms, Lenora, 56 Harrington, Kevin, 50, 143 Harris, Lynda, 60 Harris, Robert, 60 Hart, Richard, 54 Hartman, Wesley, 56 Harwood, Dan, 50 Haskin, Charles, 52 Heinonen, Fred. 54 Henderson, Anne, 52 Henry, Marilyn, 54 Heppler, Elizabeth, 51, 50, 118 Herman, Richard, 62 Hernandez, Donald. 58 Hertz, Leon, 50 Hettes, Matt, 56 Heward, Larry, 58 Hibbard, Robert, 58 Hicks, Annette, 54, 117 Hill, Carol, 56 Hill, Michael, 54 Hislop, Suzanne, 56 Hobbs, Donald. 56 Hodges, Susan, 58, 129 Hodgson, 50 Hoffman, David, 54, 143, 149 Hollander, Jay, 60 Holst, Bradley, 58 Holstein, Charles, 52 Hoonce, Craig. 56 Hoptman, Eileen, 50 Hornung, Joey, 52 Hornung, Toby, 54 Howerth, Bill. 60 Hubbs, Roger, 50 Hudnut, Lisa, 62 Hudnut. Pat, 50 Hudson, David, 50 Hughes, Dennis. 62, 155 Hund, William. 52 Hundiak, Stephanie, 62 Hutchins, Gail. 52 Hutton, Larry, 60 Hyman, Barb, 60 lbbetson, Joseph, 58 Irwin, Mary Beth, 52 lsenberg, Mark, 54 lwrey, Karen. 58 .J. Jackson, Dennis, 50 .149 Jackson, Lawrence, 54 Jacob, Noreen. 56 Jacoby, Jerry, 60 Jahnke, Chris, 60 Jakubowitz, Peggy, 62 James, Barbara, 54, 128 Jameson, Judy. 60 Janes, Christopher, 50 Jeffrey, John, 56 Johnson, Ken, 54 Jonascu. Johnny, 58 Jorgensen, Daryl, 58, 155 Joseph. Debbi, 54 .K. Kahn, Murray, 50 Kahn, Randy. 52 Kangas, Cheryl, 62 Kanners, Karen, 54 Kantola, Jean, 60 Kapetansky, Carol, 54 , 121 Kaplan, Debra, 56 Kaplan, Steven. 54 Kaptor, Karen. 50 Karr, Claude Kasno, Uavid, 56., 143, 149 Kastle, Nancy, 58 Katchuba, Dave, 56 Kaufman, Larry, 50 Keller, Paul, 58 Kellman, Nina. 54 Kessner, James. 58 Ketner, John, 56 Kingsbury, Corbin, 60 Kipina, John, 52 Kirkpatrick, David, 50 Kirsch, Wendy Klein, Harold. 60 Klein. Lisa. 60 Kline, Michael, 54 Klinsky, Richard, 50 Kogan, Aaron. 56 , 59 Kolliker, Robert, 62 Komarow, Sue, 54 Kontak, Corrie, 54 Koons, Janet, 56 Koploy, Randolph, 52 Koppin, Donna, 54 Koprince, James, 52 Koren, Bennett, 52 Knrt. Pamela, 58 Koss, Elyse, 58 Kowalski, Arthur, 143 Kozlowski, Jay, 52 Krahn, Ronald, 52 Kraus, Sherry, 50 Kregs, Jackie, 50 Kress, Lorayn, 52 Krieger, Debbie, 62 Kruck, Gregory, 60 Kruck, Robert, 58 Kuhna, David, 58, 149 Kunin, Gloria. 58 .L. Laabs, Karen.'62 Lackey. Paul, 58 Laffler, Richard, 143, 63 LaFamboise, Stanley, 52 Lagas, Steven 56 Lahood, Michelle, 54 Lahr. Craig Laing, Alan, 52 LaMarra, Maryann, 60 Lampert, Wendy, 56, 136 Lampi, Richard, 50 Lane, Michael, 62 Larsen, Linda, 58 Last, Joel. 60 Laudicina, Mario, 52 Lawrence, Larry Lawson, John. 54, 118 Lax, Howard, 52 Lazar, Annelle, 54 Lazar, Mark, 54 Ledford, Wanda Leffler. Linda, 54 Leib, lda, 62 Leirinker, Dean, 62 Leinonen, Sherry, 58 Lessen, Lou, 54 Lesser, Jeffrey, 62 J avin. Janie RQ Levine, Marc, 52 , 63 Levine. Paula, 58 Levy, Howard, 50 Levy, Robin. 50 Lezell, Ronald, 50 Lincourt, Michael, 52 Linden, Roy, 60 Linzell, Scott, 58 Lipsitz, Robert, 50 Lockhart, Carol, 60 Lombardi, David, 52 Long Paul. 50 Longbrake, Karen, 60 Lowe, Kathryn, 52 Lucas, Debrah, 56 Lunden, Barb, 52 Lyle, William, 56 -M- Mackin David, 52 Maksym, Tom, 54, 143 Malos, Stan, 54 Manchel, James, 52 Manlan, Larry, 62 Marchak, Susan, 58 Marks, Kenneth, 62 MHYKS. Mike, 60 Marschner, Christine, 50 Marsh, Philip, 143, 153 Martin, Hillary, 50 Marvin. Blair, 50 Marx, Jerry, 54 Matz, Steven, 50 Mauck. Randall, 52 Mayden, Martin 63 Mayle, Beverly,':m McAlpine, Margaret, 52 McAndrew, David, 137 , 63 McCann, Lorraine, 60, 128 McCarty, Gary, 54 McClish, Debra, 54 McConnell, Pam, 58 McCormick, Gregory, 54 McCormick, James, 60 McDonald, Barb, 56 McFadden, Michael, 52 McLaughlin, Doug, 54 McNamee, Sherly, 60, 117, Meabrod, Colleen, 52 Mercer, Melody, 54, 129 Merollis, Carl, 54, 155 Merritt, Floyd, 56 Mervis, Susan. 52 Metcalfe, Chris, 56 Metz, Pam, 50. 51 Meyers, Perry, 60 Michaelson, Marcia, 50 Mickus, Michael, 54 Miller, Denise, 54, 136 Miller, Gerald, 52, 14'3 , 153 Miller, Greg, 58 Miller, Rae, 60 Miller, Scott. 62 , 149 Mills, Deborah, 50 Mills, Rebecca, 60 Mills, Sandra, 52 Minock, Gary, 62 Mitchell, Michele, 54 Yagoobian, Lucine, 62 Sundberg, Mitchell, Shelley, 52 Mittleman. Ronna, 50 Moga, Paul, 54,118 Moore, Barrie, 60 Moore. Deborah, 60 Moore, Rickey. 52 Moriconi, DeWayne, 60 Morneau, Barry, 52, 143 Morneau, Larry, Morris, Lynn, 60 Moscow, Michael, 50, 149 Moskowitz, Sharon, 54 Moss, Lawrence. 54 Moss, Ruth, 54 Muiter, Bob, 52, 149 Mutter, Tommy, 54 Mychek, Victoria, 62 Myers, Christine, 62, 118 -N- Nachbar, Ann, 54, 35 Nedley, Diane, 52 Nelson, Ronna, 60 Nelson, Steve, 62 Nemon, Howard, 54 120 Nilkice. Michelle, 58 Nirkind, Lynn, 60 Nork, Doug, 50 Nyovich, Ira, 50 -O- O'Donnell, Linda, 62 Oiibway, Angela, 58 O'Malley, Kevin, 52 O'neill, Melanie, 50 Opris, Larry, 52 Ostroff, Alan, 50 Ovink, Dennis, 56 Ovink, Douglas. 56 .p- Panek, Greg, 62 Pape. Amelia, 58 Parel, Richard, 60 Parks, Donald, 60 Patton, Diane, 52 Paul, Suzanne, 60 , 151 PHYIOH. Janice. 52 Pedell, Brian, 54 Pence, Andrew, 62 Pensler, Alan, 54 Perilli, Barbara, 511, 58 Perkins, Gary, Perkins, Howard, 56 Pesselnick, Daniel, 60 Peterman, Doug, 60, 120 Peters, Karen, 60 Petrillo, Charles, 54, 143. Pettit, Wendy. 62 Pianko, Sherry, 54 Plous, Ronley, 58 Plust. Linda, 52 Pohiola, Jean, 52 Pollack, Linda, 50 Pope, Francis, 60 Porter, Jess, 56 Pottkotter, Stanley, 58 Pruette. Ronald, 50 Putti, Josephine, 58 -Q. Ouirouet. Wilma' 50 ouast, Sue 50 -R. Radzinski, Shirley, 50 Raminick, Shelley, 60 Rawlins, Cathy, 62 Rayno, Veronica, 52 Reece, John, 62 Reece, James, 50 Reeves, Walter, 50 Reiner, Deborah, 62 Reiter, Nettie, 54 Renon, Barbara, 60 Ressler, Judith, 50 Richards, Kathy, 54 Rikteraitis, Bernice, 58 Rimbold, Norma, 62 Rinderknecht, Linda, 56 Rlutta, John, 54 Robbins, Charles. 52 Robinson, John, 50 Roe, Mark, 62 Rogers, Priscilla, 56 Rogers, Robert, 56 Romig, Chris, 52 Rosenbaum, Deena, 56 Rosenthal, Ronelle, 52 149 Rosenzweig, Michael, 54, 108 Ross. Barry, 52 Rossman, Frederic, 52 Rothenberg, Cindy, 56 Rottenberg, Mark, 54 Roy Frederick, 52 Rozich, John, 52 Runkel. Joan, 54, 136 Russette, Mark, 58 Russman, Melisa, 56 Hickman, Michael, 50 -5. Saginaw, Cindy, 54 Saginaw, Steve. 50 Salinger, Bruce, 60 Sandler, Gary, 60 Sands, Mark, 155 Sandweiss, Lisa, 54 Santilli, James, 50 Santo, Edward 54 Sayka, Helen, 54 Schaffer, Norman, 54 Schecter, Gary, 62 Schecter, Mark, 60 Scheer, Nancy, 52 Schindler, lrwin,54,118, 155 Schleicher, Ted, 56 Schram, Debra, 52 Schubiner, Howard, 54, 143, 149 Schulman, Jerry, 54 Schulman, Stewart, 58 . 149 Schwartz, Alan Schwartz, Harold, 60 Schwartz, Ilene, 58 Schwartz, Linda, 50 Scodellaro, Nadine, 60 Segel, Steve, 52 Seiden, Virginia Sexton, Terry, 60 Shapiro, Barb, 60 Shapiro, Kaye, 50 Shiels, Elaine, 54 Shifman, Susan, 58 Sibo, Stan, 54 Sidlow, Ed, 54, 30 Siefman, Valerie, 60 Siegel, Steve, 58 Siegel, Warren, 60 Sikora. Barb, 62 Silberberg, Frances, 60 Silverman, Warren, 58. 143 Simmons, Deborah, 62 Singer, Sue, 54 Sirlag, Cheryl, 50 Sitar, Loretta. 54 Sivyer, Donald, 60 Skeen, Dana, 62 Skolnick, Richard, 54 Skurski, Anne, 58 Slaback, Bernard. 62 Slade. Judith, 52 Smith, Dale, 54 Smith. Sheryl, 54 Smolnick, Fred, 58 Snider, Kenneth, 60 Sniderman, Roberta, 50 Soave, Margaret, 62 Sobel, Michele, 50 Sochacki, Michael, 62 Soderholm, Janet, 62, 61 Solarz, Mike, 52 Solik, Ted, 62 Solomon, Reynold, 62 Sonenberg, Harold, 52 Sorensen, Christian, 56, 137 Soskin, Debra, 50 Speck, Martha. 54, 118 Spilker, Susan, 54, 108 Spizman, Victor, 56 Spoutz, Marcus. Stacey, Karen, 52 Stahl, Robert, 50 Stearns, Debra, 52 Stefanski, Lawrence, 50 Stein, Bonnie, 60 Stein, Ralph, 63 Stein, Robert, 52 Stern, Susan, 62 Stevens, Kristie, 58 Stewart, Donna, 58 Stewart, Lawrence, 54 Stirling, Robert, 50 Stirling, William. 60 Stoker, John, 62 Stoller, Elaine, 54 Stoller, Ran. 52 Slrasner, Marcie, 62 Straubel, Lewis, 52 Strauss, Leslie, 50 Striph, Deborah, 60 Strong, Karen, 58 Stuart, Kathleen, 43, 54 Stump. James Stybel, Ted, 62 Styke, Ted, 58 Nancy. 51, 52 Sundberg, Robert, 58, L43 Swanberg, Claire, 58- 13.6 Swanson, Dan, 47, 54, 47 Swartz, Barbara, 54, 55, 108 -T. Taras, Joyce, 60, 136 Taylor, Carolyn, 62 Taylor, Lynn, 51, 54 , 53, 57 Teasley, Janice, 50 Tencer, Margaret, 60 Terpstra, Robert, 54 Thompson. Don, 58 Thurlow, Steve, 60, 47 Till, Claudia, 50 Timmerman, Cynthia, 54 Traister, Tim, 54 Tranchida, David, 50, 153 Travis, Janis. 52 Trebesh, Lea, 50 Trombley, Mark, 58 Tuttle, David, 52 -V. Valentine, Len, 62 Valiquette, Rom, 60, 155 Vallance, William, 56 Van Oyen, Nancy, 50 Vaughn, Gary, 60 Veitch, Charles. 52 Vestrand, Patricia, 51, 62 Vickers, Barbara, 56 Vincent, Dimitrie, 60 Von Hatten, Gary, 62 .w. Wagner, Cary, 62 Wahrenbrock, Robert, 58 Wakefield, Robert, 58 Walkon, Clifford, 50 Wall, Martin, 50 Wallace, Janet, 52, 112 Waller, Glenn, 143 Wampler, Marie, 52 Warren, Ellen. 52 Warren, Michael, 52 Wasserman, Julie, 52 Weaver, Frances, 58 Webb, David, 50 Wein, Lois, 54, 91 Weinert, Nancy, 56 Weingarten, Barbara, 54 Weinstein, Ed, 52 Weinstein, Naomi, 52 Werner, Dave, 56 West, Steven, 54 Westheimer, Roberta, 60 White, Wendy, 62 Wilcox, Kay, 54 Wilcox, Susan, 50 Willis, Laurie, 52 Wills, Ursula, 52 Wilson, Cheryl, 54 Winchester, Diane. 62 Wingrodzki, Wendy, 62 Wirag, Monika. 50 Wisniewski, Gary, 50 Wisniewski, Richard. 54 Woll, Laurie, 54 Wollborg, Maureen, 60 Wolrauch, Judy, 54 Wonfor, Carol, 54 Wonfor, Carol, 54 Wonfor, Donald, 58 Wood, Philip, 50 Woods, Irene, 62 Worden, Lynn, 56 Wright, Karen, 60 Wright, Margaret, 52 Wright, Terry. 56 Wuornos, Bette, 56 .y. Yanke. Mike, 56 Yarsavase. Joseph, 62 Yerman, Victoria, 54 Yezbick, Dennis, 52. 15-3 Yogus, Joe, 60, 155 Yorke, Shelly, 54 -Z. Zack. Laurie, 50 Zak, Debbie, 52 Zamler, Michael, 54 Zammitt, David, 52 Zeman. Laura, 58 Zervos, Marcus, 52 Ziegelman, Diane, 54 Zingeser, Fred, 54, 124 Zock, John, 50 Staff Efhwf 111 otot Kathy Andrew cssltf A isiiei l Joyce Holladay S Flora Ohrenstein Activities t Joanne Blau Advertising John Robertson Organizations ' Sue Albert Index if , t Diane Kaye l Sportsgl oe oo dAeo .Bernstein i led AAA loo Seniors , l Gleekman Cathy Lifton Vmqypists A Sandy Seeback Janice Seeley Advisor g Felicia Gayewski Business iglyl ,A g , , Letha Palmer Basins Barbara Kollin Aiio l Al I yA A Steve Silberberg Paul Rochlen Ken Kukorowski We have tried to show in the 1968 BLUE AND GRAY the tremendous influence that time exerts over our everyday lives. As high school students, we are constantly preparing for our future. What we do with our time, both present and future, is always up to ourselves. We of the yearbook staff hope that the time you have spent this year at Southfield High School, whether you be completing your high school career or only starting, has been pleasant and rewarding. Our sincerest thanks to those people who have spent much of their valuable time so that this yearbook could be a success First of all, there is Miss Felicia Gayewski, our advisor, whose assistance was given untiringly, and Mrs. Letha, Palmer, the business advisor. We are deeply indebted to Mr. Baker of Midwest Publications for his advise in the planning and execution of the theme. We thank Mr. Bouton, Mr. Korthals and the excellent staff of photographers for their cooperation, and Bill Williams Studios for our formal shots and developing. A 'special' thank you to Don Duncan, Rocky Roe, and Mike MacDonald who personally approved every shot that went into the sports sectiong to the JAY staff for not looking at our dummy sheets too ofteng to the untold thousands who discovered that rubber cement is excellent for rolling into giant bouncy balls, to Barb Reder for her moral support, her roller skates, and her Girl Scout cookiesg to Steve Silberberg for losing our rolls of film Qbut usually finding them at the last minutepg to Mrs. Belisle who unselfishly let some of us out of class every dayg and to the janitors who let us in, bleary-eyed, to work on Saturday aftemoons. K athy Andrew for the staff of the 243 1968 BLUE AND GRAY r i 1 w 1 Q i

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