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fp Egiia E555 Egg Eid ,qi 1:-4 , z i Es -Li ,N Al., fy' T75 , , ,A jr 472 wifli 'Sig' ffllff. huf,1,Lnv-.5 -- - 4-. 1 -. qw - m-Tcl? , . iiiwxf j , 9 A 8 C N, N- ,SV 515.4 nj, ' W- xjii ' i- x ,ff-.H N F?-T1 X "T . -fir.: ., in fa Q"f' ' ,,s., 1 -1: , Q- .RJ V .-fx. - -,-V14 'Gif A :.:,,,1- , H' 5:46 '? 315' .4-1 N -V 3- f 'I' F.-if T ,.j.p. "i"L1i5if3' 5475?-, ,V -' ,, TTT FSL"-f.'f, , , 1 Jaw. , ,152-1 f filly .- Qf,..E.,V-V af 'Eff- .331 EQLE. 1 i."Q"' '- -X 'ml '-G!-?.:x5' V x "Ulf ,r K ,Q f5q-,Mv ,1,'i2f41-31 sk H 'r NH' , 1 Inf WV: :., V. 5. "SL-Y., f ,' ,-,..'J, f ,W-:ily -ggi' . 'ff' Iivl '-:aw -Q: rf:-Q21 1:5-it ff xl' :Q 5: X 3515225 wk 5 Q 1 s F 3, E, --an ' filmgf b b "-,,,,.1 , 2 :SL 1 ' ,', 5 f x . if J :gf X xii- .Y , Rev. WILBUR c. KNIFE l El 11 Pmnriam We, the students, the faculty and the Pirates' Log staff, wish to dedicate our annual to one of our dearest friends, Rev. Knipe. He addressed us at Southeast High School's first assem- bly. He delivered our first Baccalaureate sermon. His life and his ministry will be an inspiration for many, many years to come. KENNETH THOMAS CHARLES POWERS ROBERT KLOTZ LE WENDELL STRAUSSER MASON MCCONNELL Vice President President BOARD OF EDUCATION MRS. LEE CALVIN RAUSCH Superintendent Clerk of Board SPX V . :M - .--L, f -mmwg: .1 , 1 - fs- : fwmwmY-w:www,M-Q,-ifmf:1mwQ.mwmmmwvnwwvwfxww-wcuwfwKAN wwf zzxrfnuwmm----:,, nmmwww-M-wwssww mmm ,f, gkLrapfmmafmwws-mmwmws-m,ws.wm.vf.M.fmM...Wg M. . -- Miss Adele Phillips New Springfield, Ohio Youngstown College Kent State U. BA. English IO, Library Mr. Eugene Wylie 723 Amherst St. Akron, Ohio Heidelberg College M in abil' Ed 0 . S. . COGCL Mr. Jack Trewello Mr. Leonard Snider Mrs. Ellen Westover North Jackson, Ohio Kent, Ohio Deerfield, Ohio Kent State U. Kent State U. Peabody College B.S. QA.: Bs.: Med. B.S. lnd. Arts Social Studies Latin, Home Ec. NOT PICTURED Mrs. Sarah Hoyt Diamond, Ohio Baldwin Wallace Univ. of Calif. B.S. Algebra Plane Geometry NOT PICTURED Mrs. Fay Given Wayland, Ohio Glenville State Ohio State A.B. Science English ll 6 l2 eight Mr. Paul F. Pfeiffer Mr. Albert H. Holb Mr, Marion Brady Executive Head Principal Atwater, Ohio 535 Sheldon St. New Milford, Ohio Wooster College Ravenna, Ohio Otterbein-Denison Kent State University Western Reserve U. Davis 8. Elkins B.A.: M.E. Kent State U. W. Va. Wesleyan B.A.: M. Ed. Akron U. Health 8- Family Living A.B. History, English 9, Speech FACULTY Mr. Forrest Fawcett Mrs. Martha Hubert Mrs. Jean Lipp Ravenna, Ohio 514 Fairchild, Kent, Ohio 401 So. Walnut St. Ohio State U. Kent State U. Ravenna, Ohio B.S. B.S. Bowling Green Vo. Ag. Office Practice College of Com., Kentucky Bookkeeping A.B. General Business Shorthand l 81 ll H. P. E. Typing l 8- ll Mr. Murray Chastain l27 Linden Rd., Kent, Ohio Kent State U. Ohio State U. B.S. Chemistry, Biology Sociology, Economics Mr. Robert Ludick l2l West School St. Kent, Ohio Kent State U. B.S. Driver Training Assistant Coach seven M, .ini 1 - 4 .T . .X 'E-iezgw 55-V iff' .- hx ff.- 151 -Qi, f'yQk Q Dona Slack Class President 4, Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,25 Mixed Chorus l,25 Newspaper 45 Play 45 Varsity "S" 3,45 Stgdent Council 2,35 Band l, . Janet Lee Williams Class Officer 45 Homecom- ing Atten dont 25 Girls' Chorus l,2,3, Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Ensemble 2,35 News- paper 35 Office 45 Play 45 Student Council 2,3. Ann Borr Homecoming Attendant 35 Mixed Chorus l. Archie Blair Baseball 35 Play 35 Varsity IISII 4 Inez Pruitt Cla ss Officer 2,45 Girls' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus l5 Library 25 Office 45 Year- book Asst. Literary Editor 35 Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 45 N.H.S. Treasurer 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Scholarship Team 2,3,4. Kenneth Brokaw Football 45 Varsity "S" 4. Dick Busse Boys' C h o r u s l,25 Mixed Chorus l,25 Newspaper 45 Play 45 Hi-Y 2,35 Safety Patrol l,25 ScholarshipTeom 45 Bond l,2. Doris Colvin Girls' Chorus l5 Newspaper 3,45 Office 45 Hi-Tri 3,4. ten Don Carver F.F.A. 2,3,4. Millie Cole Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball l,2,35 Girls' C h o r u s l,25 Office 45 Play 45 Hi-Tri 3,4. Nancy Emery John Fitzsimmons Basketball l,2,3,45 Varsity "S" l,2,3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,4. Edith Cooper Girls' Chorus l,25 News- paper 45 Library 2,35 Office 45 Hi-Tri 3,4. Patty French ' Girls' Chorus l,25 Ensemble 25 Newspaper 3,45 Library 25 Office 45 Play 35 Hi-Tri 3,4. Ronnie Davis Mixed Chorus 35 Newspaper 25 Yearbook 3,45 Play 3,4. Lowell Given Basketball l,2,3,45 Varsity "S" l,2,3,45 Baseball l,25 Football 2,3. eleven Loretta Gump Girls' Chorus l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,25 Office 2,45 Yearbook 3,45 Hi-Tri 3,4. Nancy Haiflich Class Officer 2 Girls' Chorus l,2,3 Ensemble 35 Office 3,45 Yearbook 3,45 Play 35 N.H.S. 2,3,45 F.N.A. l5 Hi- Tri 3,45 Scholarship Team 2,35 Girls' State 3. Gerry Hickman ClassOfficer 35 CirIs'Chorus l,25 Mixed Chorus I5 News- paper 3,45 Office l,2,3,45 Yearbook 35 Hi-Tri 3,45 Or- chestra l. Gary Hughes Basketball 25 Football 2,3, Co-Captain 45 Baseball 2,35 Varsity "S" 3,45 Hi-Y 25 Safety Patrol l5 Band l,2. James Jackson Class Officer l5 Basketball 2,35 Football 2,3,45 Baseball l,25 Library 45 Office 25 Yearbook 3,45 Play 2,3,45 Varsity "S" 2,3,45 N.H.S. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Acting Pres. 45 Hi-Y 25 Scholarship Team 2,45 StudentCouncil l,2,3,4. Roberta Jagers Girls' Chorus l,25 News- paper 45 Office 45 Hi-Tri 3,4. Jack Jenkins Basketball 45 Football l,2,45 Office 45 Varsity "S" 2,3,4. Marie Jones Basketball 2,35 Baseball 45 Office 4. twelve Jim Montgomery Football 34' Bo s' Chorus I I y l,25 Varsity "S" 3,45 F.F.A. l,2,3,45 F.F.A. Secretary 2, 35 Band l,2,3. Virginia Morgan Mixed Chorus I5 Office 4. Agnes Maskol Girls' Chorus l,25 Library l,2,35 Office 45 Yearbook Reporter 3,45 Play 35 Hi-Tri 3,4. Nancy Needles Mixed Chorus 25 Yearbook 2,3,45 Play 3,45 N.H.S. 45 F.T.A. 3,45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Scholarship Team 2,3. Phil Partin Basketball l5 Golf 45 Li- brary I5 Office 45 Conserva- tion Club l5 Hi-Y 3,45 Scholarship Team l,4. Elwood Rine Basketball 25 Boys' Chorus l,2, Mixed Chorus l,25 Yearbook 3,45 Play 3,45 N.H.S. President 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 SafetyPatrol l,25 Student Council 45 Film Projection- ist 3,45 Photographer 3,4. Martha Robb Class Officer 35 Track l,2, 45 Cheerleader 45 Mixed Chorus l5 Ensemble 25 Newspaper 45 Library 35 Office 45 Yearbook 35 Vor- sity "S" 45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Hi- Tri Secretary 3. John Shanks Somerset, Pa., l,25 Basket- ball 35 Wrestling 2,45 Arch- ery Club 25 Nature Club l5 Safety Patrol 2. fourteen Esther Kime Officer I5 Track 1,25 Girls' Chorus 'l,25 Mixed Chorus 25 Newspaper 3, Editor 45 Office 45 Play 3,45 N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Student Council Treasurer45 Band l,2,35 Orchestra l5 Girls' State 3. Walter Lang Basketball Manager l,2,35 Football l,2,35 Baseball Manager l, Manager 2, Varsity "S" 2,3,45 F.F.A. 2,3,4. Carol Lewis Cheerleader 'l,2,3,45 Home- coming Attendant 45 Girls' Chorus l,2,35 Mixed Chorus l,25 Ensemble 2,35 Office 45 Yearbook 3,45 Varsity "S" 3,45 N.H.S. 45 Hi-Tri 3,4. Don McClung Raymond E. Lee Football 2,4. Alliance 'l,2. Naomi McClung Alliance l,25 Newspaper 45 Office 3,45 Play Usherette 45 Scholarship Team 3. Gary Llewellyn Newspaper 4. Wayne Monbarren Class Officer 25 Football Co- Captain 45 Office 45 Var- sity "S" 45 N.l-l.S. 45 Hi-Y 35 Scholarship Team 4. thirteen Jim Westover Not Pictured Charles Jones Violet Showalter Mixed Chorus l,2,3g News- paper Business Mcnsger 3j Roger Lash F-N-A 4- Class Officer 4, Basketball 4, Football l,4p Baseball 35 , Boys' Chorus 1,25 News- Oliver VQYUET paper 4, Play 4, Varsity "S" 4, Hi-Y 4. Robert Hill On September 7, sixty seniors made their way into their various class- rooms ta begin their fourth and final year at Southeast. 4 Almost immediately, plans for a trip to Washington began, putting everyone into a wild fury thinking of ways to make money to finance the trip. Many other things were happening also. Mary Lou Springston was chosen by the entire school to reign as queen at the Homecoming Dance. Carol Lewis was the senior attendant in her court. The Sock Hop, Senior Assembly, Pictures, Senior Supper, Senior Play, the arrival at our Class Pins, lnvitations, Name Cards, and caps and gowns, kept us busy up to the day of Commencement. We prouldy salute Louann Thorpe, who was valedictorian with a 3.94 point average and Pauline Veppert, Salutatorian with a 3.74 paint average. Finally, Commencement - an event eagerly awaited but with sad hearts and misty eyes. So brought to a close our journey through high school, a long eventful voyage. I sixteen Carol Simon Belington, W. Va. 1,25 Hi- Tri-Y 1,25 G.G.A. 1,25 F.H. A. 1,25 Yearbook 35 Hi-Tri 3. Arthur Smith Basketball 1,25 Football 1,35 Baseball 2,35 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Varsity "S" 3,45 Hi-Y 1,2,3. Joe Smith Mary Lou Springston Homecoming Queen 4, Homecoming Attendant 35 Girls' Chorus 1,2,35 Library 2,35 Office 45 Yearbook 3,45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Student Council 45 F.H.A. 15 Ravenna City 1. fifteen Louann Thorpe Track 1,3,45 Girls' Chorus 1,35 Ensemble 35 Newspaper 25 Office 45 Yearbook 3,45 Play 35 N.H.S. 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Scholarship Team 2,3,4. Pauline Veppert Girls' Chorus 1,35 News- paper 2,3,45 Library 15 Office 45 Play 3,45 N.H.S. 2,3,45 Hi-Tri 3,45 Scholar- ship Team 2,3,4. Dick Vogel Yearbook Asst. Sports Editor 35 Yearbook Sports Editor 45 F.F.A. President 2,45 F.F.A. Vice - President 35 Student Council Vice-President 4. Judy Webb Detroit 152,35 Newspaper 45 Office 4. Ted Arman Gordon Ball Rita Bennett Keith Bingham Dale Bradley Alan Brunstetter June Cain Norma Calvin Ronnie Carter Jack Carver Florence Churchill Donna Corbett Rosalie Crago Shirley Cramer Donna Donham Ellen Hortzell Carol Hayden Jim Heckert Patty Henry Ronnie Higgins Einc Hill Katy Hill Richard Hillegos Richard Hoffma Peggy Hoskins Patty Hughes Everett Hurd T1 Margaret Hutton Mary Ann Jacoby Harold Jagers Bob Jenkins Joe Jura Bruce Lash Claire Lauffer Jim Lee Marjorie Lewis eighteen r f f w 1' :gf 11w.ff-.1-Qmxmww 'rammwvwwmv.:ww1-.fxswmfwwwxfmwwmmmfwvuxw1Q..5n-V .-.. - -. X z- . N ,E 1 .F mm. , f uQ,.wnmmmmnww:'f-Sw-f: . . - Q f Q .Af My M :wwf Janet Llewellyn John Martin Charles Michael Oliver Moore Thomas Opperman Ed Phillips . Ruth Pinkarcl Barbara Powers Edith Powers Osta Prevot Melva Randall Herman Reagan Cecil Retherfard Dick Richards Jane Richards Patty Riggenbach Beverly Rogers Ruth Russell Nancy Saffels Arlene Sanders Tom Samay Harry Sarver Jim Shanks Eva Shilliday Janet Short Jesse Short Jay Simmons Virginia Spencer Richard Thompson Jeanne Vogel Ruby Watson Paul Westover Jim White Mary Williams Barbara Yingling Theresa Zimmer nineteen NOT PICTURED ' k..A Mary Louise Burns s . Don Dillon Ruff' Mmef ii -1. Jam Sr. Clair Obeff RIC Gfds NGHCY 50fldf0Cl4 Tis f s ae, ess..-P-:+ -:Q , f, ,R i ks-s...s5:S,.:. - Junior News CLASS OFFICERS President ..... ,.,....,...,..l... K eith Bingham Vice President . . .. . , Joe Jura Secretary ,... ,. Eva Shilliday Treasurer , . . , Janet Llewellyn Janet Llewellyn and Patty Hughes were chosen as the queen's attend- ants from our class. We worked quite hard preparing for the Homecoming Dance and the Junior-Senior Prom, but our work was well rewarded. Both dances were very successful. We'd like to thank cur advisors, Mrs. Hubert, Mr. Trewella, and Mr. Ludick, for all the help they gave us. Jeanne Vogel, Gordon Ball, and Jim Lee were chosen to represent us on the Student Council. TWBHTV S l W A I S 3 E I ? 5 5 2 2 3 i E a E 5 1 S 1 4 ii 1 S 4 ,nmemw-wfmamwws,:M-ww,Xg,,nmvmmwpwf::: ,,., X Q,ffmssgwgw..v-was--fafwmwu-:fx 4 .--. if : W--W-,-Qf,f:.,fm:.1, M m sw:Y-wfA,ww,m1AmwmmiwmwmmwxwNmwmewwmwmmkiwz.-,11h.f,. . X .g - .. , Mariorie Ballas June Barr Virgil Bell Yvonne Bennett William Benton Alan Bishop Nita Burkey Joyce Burkhammer William Cowell Jerry Crislip Stanley Davis John Donham Donna Gardner Robert Earnest Norman Faust Kathleen Flick Emil Dria Donald Gower Orris Griffith George Grindley Patty Hammer Ann Hartzell David Headley Ruth Headley Donald Hill Vida Hoskins Bob Jackson Louis Jackson James Jacoby Clarence Jenkins Karen Jenkins Nancy Jenkins Robert Johnston Richard King Carl Kitchen William Kirkham twenty-two Nerys Klotzle James Kovitch Jack Lewis Myrna Magnuson Beverly Marlow Charles Martz Jean Mitchell Beverly Misner Richard Moss Martha Norris Ottie Pauley Maggie Pauley Sarah Pauley Donald Peterson Fred Polomsky Mary Jane Prevot Lucille Pruitt Madeline Quinn Lyle Rinehart Doris Robb Donna Sampson Barry Sapp Sharon Sapp Catherine Schneider Beverly Shearer Eileen Shearer Carolyn Sickle John Simmons Rose Stabl Charles Steele Joan Stoneking Homer Stonestreet Patty Stumpo Dale Sturtz , Margaret Suffecool Joe Tennefoss twenty-thrle CLASS OFFICERS Ba rbara Tewksbury Jim Tomlinson Ronnie Walton Richard Waltz Jackie Wilson Jim Wright Carole Yorolin Not Pictured Norma Sinkhorn Donald Peterson . . A ..... President William Benton . . . , Vice President Louis Jackson . . ..... Secretary Robert Johnston , . . , , Treasurer Bonnie Thompson Marilynn Van Nostran Our representatives to the Student Council were: Bonnie Thompson, Bob Jackson, and Jack Lewis. , We selected Patty Hammer as our attendant to the football queen. Mrs. Foy Given, Mr. Murray Chastain, and Mr. Forrest Fawcett were our class advisors. twenty-four i 1 1 9 l Alfred Bailey Jon Bailey Patty Bell Alma Brunslelter Harold Brumbaugh Ronald Caldwell Walter Calvin David Carlson Lanora Carver Carol Carter Clyde Carter Berniece Clark Cecil Collins John Collins Sam Collins Nedra Cooper John Coburn Richard Dillon Esther Evans William Francis Robert Francis Jerry Garvin Dean Given Mary Gave Eunicestine Griggs Rosalie Gump Douglas Haiflich Nancy Hauck George Higgins Marie Hildebrand David Hill Pete Hill Donna Hughes Geraldine Jenkins Otha Jenkins Charles Jones twenly-six Loretta Jones Robert Jura Fred King Shirley King Connie LaVoe Austin Laughlin Gerald Lee Diane Lewis Jean Llewellyn Bob Martin Sondra Magill David McPeak Sandra Miner Lester Moore Wanda Morgan Dole Moser George Ogden Mary Opperman Dorothy Peterson Jerry Pol Terry Pol Jackie Powell Lowell Powers Barbara Pruitt Roland Pruitt Lilly Puckett Patty Quinn Janet Richards Bob Richards Eddie Riggenbach Raymond Rinehart Denzol Rohde David Russell Donald Sampson Patty Scheiben Eugene Scott twenty-seven Ethel Showers Sylvia Simon Dick Smith Faith Stafford Charlotte Stone Janet Strausser Phyliss Stumpo Robert Suffecool Ronnie Tockett Adell Talley Floyd Thomas Jeanne Thomas Ann Thompson Florence Thompson Linda Thorpe Judy Tomlinson Richard Westover Randy Williams Jack Williams David Wilson Not Pictured Carroll Hoschar Jimmy Jarrell Freshman News CLASS OFFICERS President ....,.. . . Donna Hughes Vice President .. . John Collins Secretary ,.., . . . Jackie Powell Treasurer . . . . Ronnie Tackett Our Student Council representatives were: Pete Hill, Jack Bailey, and Jerry Pol. Mr. Brady, Mrs. Hoyt, cmd Mr. Wylie were our class advisors. twenty-eight L xxxv my 4 me 3 3 -X' . New w -1-H: W Pais , W .Q A. 0 P ' - - - Wfsffvfa-U.-M . - 1 7 . ,mf ..wL U13,W,,,,, ' 9 Qh -f 5 2 , ,w,A14f':,"fv64, A125215 . K, A ,,,,.... , - 1 4 , 'SP' Vfgf'-Ugfm .-,-j4wL,,.L,., , , - V . .gf . M qxwfxiww-W. Q Q9 2 WS- mg :IK iii A nz - - M . , v , f-1 -Qmfmw, X V - W. U -wsu-1 fn, ww.. wa- , , , , ' , ,n,.,,.1::a:wM1,,'.,M ..., .if-gw-10.6-:fx-ewzffrvp ,, - -1 www-wa---1 Q4Jamanm.QX,. W. ,, ,.M-mwm::w-www - 2 ffunm EDITORS Front Row Mrs. Lipp Advisor Inez Pruitt Editor-in-chief Nancy Hoiflich Art Editor Louann Thorpe Literary Editor Carol Lewis Activity Editor Mary Lou Springston Activities Editor Nancy Needles Art Editor Second Row Jim Jackson Sales Manager Ronald Davis Photo Editor Elwood Rine Alumni Editor Dick Vogel Sports Editor Mr. Holb Advisor ASSISTANTS Front Row Mary Ann Jacoby Loretta Gump Agnes Maskal Second Row Eva Shilladay Claire Lauffer Patty Hughes Donna Sampson Ruth Miner Third Row John Martin Dale Bradley .lim Heckert Joe Jura Pirates' Log We worked hard, under the capable direction of Mrs. Lipp, Mr. Holb, and Mr. Pfeiffer to put together a book we thought everyone would like. By changing the color, part of the cover design, adding more and bigger snapshot and title page-s, we tried to bring you a bigger and better yearbook. We decided to extend the date you would receive the book until the first weeks in September so that we might get in all the spring activities. We hope you approve- and enjoy this 1953-54 yearbook for many years to come.. thirty-two EDITORS Front Row Esther Kime Editor-in-chief Dona Slack Joke Editor Patty French Club News Editor Roger Lash Sports Editor Gerry Hickman Society Editor Second Row Mrs. Hubert Advisor Mr. Brady Advisor lim Heckert Business Manager Dor's Calvin Class News Editor Pauline Veppert Feature Editor Bruce Lash Joke Editor ASSISTANTS Front Row Naomi McClung Martha Robb Judy Webb Edith Cooper Margaret Suffecool Second Row Jack Carver Mary Jo Gove Janet Strausser Dale Moser Vida Hoskins Jay Simmons Garry Llewllyn Third Row Dick Thompson Gordon Ball Katy Hill Ruby Watson Carol Hayden Edith Powers Norma Calvin Dick Busse Pirates' Pride The Pirates' Pride gave Southeast a bi-monthly report on the classes, basketball, football, baseball, outstanding individuals, club news, and two very interesting pages of local chatter and gossip. The very fine staff was under the direction of Mrs Hubert and Mr Brady. thirty-three OFFICERS Esther Kime, Treasurer, Dick Vogel, Vice President Jim Heckerl, President, Kofy Hill, Secretory. tudent Council REPRESENTATIVES Flrsf Row -- Katy Hill, Esther Kime, Jim Heckerl, Dick Vogel. Secoredh Roy - Mr. Snider, Jim Jackson, Bonnie Thompson, Mary Lou Springsion, Jeanne Vogel, Mr. as am. Third Row - Bob Jackson, .lack Bailey, Jock Lewis, Pete Hill, Gordon Boll, Jim Lee, Elwood Rfne. thirty-four Front Row, left to right - N. Haiflick, E. Hartzell, O. Prevot, R. Watson, M. A. Jacoby, L. Gump, E. Powers, P. Hoskins, P. Hughes, M. Williams, E. Shilladay. Second Row - Mrs. Westover, B. Powers, J. Richards, N. Saffels, C. Hayden, K. Hill, C. Lewis, M. L. Springston, J. Vogel, M. Randell, N. Calvin, F. Churchill. Back Row - l. Pruitt, D. Calvin, P. French, R. Jagers, P. Veppert, A. Moskal, G, Hickman, E. Kime, N. Needles, D. Richards, L. Thorpe. Front Row, left to right - S. Simon, M. Magnuson, E. Shearer, A. Hartzell, B. Shearer, P. Stumpo, P. Quinn, J. Mitchell, W. Morgan, E. Evans, C. LaVoe, J. Strausser, D. Hughes, J. Powell, D. Moser, M. Quinn, M. Norris. Second Row - B. Clark, N. Klotzle, J. Tomlinson, P. Stumpo, M. Hildebrand, N. Cooper, D. Gardner, B. Marlowe, S. King, L. Jones, M. Van Nostran, V. Hoskins, J. Wilson, C. Stone, D. Sampson, B. Misner, R. Gump, C. Yarolin. Third Row - S. Miner, N. Burkey, M. J. Prevot, J. Thomas, J. Llewellyn, M. J. Gave, N. Houck, L. Thorpe, D. Robb, N. Jenkins, M. Opperman, P. Bell, P. Hammer, G. Jenkins, L. Pruitt, C. Sickle, D. Lewis, J'. Richards, M. Suffecool. Hi-Tri Club Hi-Tri Roller Skating Party . . , . September lO Hi-Tri Christmas Dance ......,.......... . . December 'I9 Served Refreshments at Basket Ball Game . . .. .January 15 March of Dime's Dance ,.....,..,........,........... January 20 Hi-Tri also purchased a mirror for the ladies restroom OFFICQBS Mary Ann Jacoby ........,..... President Ruby Watson ,.... . . Vice President Ruth Miner . . . . . . Secretary Edith Powers .,..... , . Treasurer Mrs. Ellen Westover . . . . Advisor thirty-five Future Nurses Club President .........,....... ...,.... M yrna Magnuson Vice President , . . . .,... Jesse Short Secretary .,.. .,,. N ancy Jenkins Treasurer .,,. .... J anet Strausser Reporter ......... . . . B:rb::ro Tewksbury Faculty Advisor ..,...........,.,...... Mrs. Fay Given Initiation of Officers .................... November IO Speaker Julia Cranz, City Hospital, Akron ....... January 5 Library Staff The Library Staff did an excellent job of keep- ing our library books in order. The Staff is under the capable direction of Miss Adele Phillips. Front Row Mrs. Given N. Burkey B. Tewksbury N. Jenkins M. Magnuson J. Short J. Strausser Back Row J. Wilson M. Opperman C. Sickle L. Puckett S. Mogill C. Carter V. Showalter Front Row J. Jackson D. Richards P. Stumpo T. Zimmer O. Moore Miss Phillips Second Row J. Richards R. Watson N. Saftels C. Hayden P. Henry J. Llewellyn thirty-six Future Teachers of America President ,,..,... ...,..., K aty Hill Vice President . . , . . . Nancy Needles Secretary ,..... .,.. C arol Hayden Treasurer .................,. ....,. N ancy Saffels Faculty Advisor ,.......,....... . . . Miss Adele Phillips F. T. A. ACTI-VITIES N. E. O. T. A. - Ushered at Conference .....,..... ..,... O ctober 30, 1953 American Education Week ..........,.. . ,. November 8-14, 1953 Initiation of Officers .............,.... . . . . December 11, 1953 Teacher Career Week .......,.............. . . . March 21-26, 1954 Officers went to F. T. A. Conference - Columbus . . ....,. April 24, 1954 Dinner for Teachers ................,..............,...,..,,,.. May 26, 1954 National Honor Society Installation of Officers President .,.. Vice President Secretary ...,.. Treasurer .... Faculty Advisor . , . Front Row Louann Thorpe lnez Pruitt Esther Kime Nancy Needles Peggy Haskins Miss Fhillips Second Row Jane Richards Ruby Watson Donna Jean Fcmpson Margaret Suffecool Theresa Zimncr Kathleen Flick Patty Henry Third Row Dale Bradley Katy Hill Nancy Saffefs Carol Hayden Ruth Miner Jeanne Vogel Edith Power Osta Prevot Front Row Katy Hill Esther Kime Elwood Rine Inez Pruitt Nancy Haiflick Carol Lewis Nancy Needles Second Row Don Peterson Jim Jackson Bonnie Thompson Wayne Monbarren Louann Thorpe Nancy Soffels Carol Hayden Norma Colvin Third Row John Martin Keith Bingham Patty Hughes Claire- Lauffer Donna Jean Sampson Vida Hoskins Myrna Magnuson Mary Ann Jacoby Pauline Veppert Elwood Rine .. Keith Bingham . . Pauline Veppert . . . . . Inez Pruitt . . Mrs. Sara Hoyt January 29 Esther Kime and Jim Jackson took NHS Test . . . l l 1 A V V A 1 I A A MQ,-Ch 23 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Front Row - Mr. Fawcett, Dick Vogel, Keith Bingham, Emil Dria, Dick Waltz, Jim White, Dave McPeak, Harold Brumbaugh, Clyde Car- ter, John Coburn. Second Row - Ed Riggenbach, Don Carver, Alan Bishop, Herman Reagan, Walter Lang, Dick Smith, Don Peterson, Bill Kirkham, Jim Tom- linson, David Headley. 1 Third Row - Ronnie Carter, Jim Montgomery, Lowell Powers, Walter Calvin, Tom Samoy, Dick Hillegas, Jim Lee, Dick Hoffman, Joe Tennefoss, Paul Westover. Future Farmers of America President ...., , , Dick Vogel Vice President .. .... Jim Lee Secretary ...,. . , . Alan Bishop Treasurer . . ..., Dick Waltz Reporter ...... .... K eith Bingham Faculty Advisor . . ..,. Mr. Forrest Fawcett The F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure Team took part in a contest at Lisbon in November. Other activities were Sadie Hawkins Dance, Hillbilly Show, and a Father-Son Banquet. Hi-Y Club President .................... Joe Jura Vice President . . T... Gordon Ball Secretary . . . . Tom Opperman Treasurer . . . . . . Carl Kitchen Chaplin ......, ........ R onnie Carter Faculty Advisor ..,... Mr. Murray Chastain Our only activity was on March l7, a St. Patrick's Day Dance, which was very successful. HI-Y CLUB Front Row - Tom Opperman, Gordon Ball, Ron- nie Carter, Joe Jura, Terry Pol, Dave McPeak, Mr. Chastain. Second Row - Alan Brunstetter, Stanley Davis, Ronnie Caldwell, Phil Partin, Art Smith, Roger Lash, Randy Williams. Third Row - Barry Sapp, Elwood Rine, Cecil Rethertord, Jim White, Clarence Jenkins, Fred Polomsky, Dean Given, Ronnie Tackett. thirty-eight VARSITY "S" CLUB Front Row - Jock Jenkins, Wayne Monbarren, Jim Jackson, Walter Lang, Martha Robb, Carol Lewis, Madeline Quinn, Eva Shillidoy, Kenny Brokaw, Art Smith, John Fitzsimmans. Second Row - Mr. Wylie, Terry Pol, Charles Steele, Jack Carver, Fred Reagan, Gary Hughes, Joe Smith, Roger Lash, Archie Blair, Jim Montgomery, Dana Slack. Third Row - John Martin, Jay Simmons, Dick Thompson, Tom Samay, John Simmons, Dean Given, Jim Heckert, Everett Hurd, Oliver Moore, Jack Lewis, Bob Jackson, Orris Griffith, Stanley Davis. Varsity "S" Club President ,........ ,. .. Jay Simmons Vice President . . . . ,Bob Jackson Secretary ..,. . . . Eva Shilliday Treasurer . . , . Madeline Quinn Record Dance after Game . . . . December 5 Sweetheart Dance .....,. , February 20 junior Class Play The Junior Play was a delightful play about the problems that the Early children faced after they persuaded their parents to take a cruise and left the children to manage on their own. The play was under the direction of Miss Adele Phillips. Top Row Dale Bradley Dick Hoffman Joe Jura Melva Randall Gordon Boll Norma Calvin Katy Hill Jim Lee Bob Jenkins Bottom Row Miss Phillips Harold Jogers Patty Riggenbach Carol Hayden Edith Powers Mary Williams thirty-nine Basketball Front Row - Oliver Moore, manager, Gordon Boll, Jack Carver, Lowell Given, Dana Slack, Jim Lee, Roger Lasn. Second Row - Mr. Wylie, Jack Jenkins, John Fitzsimmons, Charles Jones, Dick Thompson, Keith Bingham, John Martin. Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast Southeast VARSITY SCORES 52 Rootstown I Southeast 65 6l 53 Atwater Southe-ost 57 39 49 Suffield Southeast 50 49 50 Aurora Southeast 67 63 60 Garfield Southeast 7l 53 36 Alumni Southeast 7l 53 54 Mantua Southeast 3l 49 56 Kent State Southeast 60 57 46 Ravenna Twp. Southeast 46 48 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Carol Lewis, Martha Robb,AEva 'ShiIliday, Madeline Quinn Atwater Windham Ravenna Twp. Jackson-Milton Goshen Union Hiram Randolph Kent State Ravenna City Basketball V RESERVE BASKETBALL Front Row -- Randy Williams, Jack Williams, Orris Griffith, Ronnie Tackett, Dean Given Carl Kitchen, David McPeak Back Row - George Higgins, Lowell Powers, Bob Earnest, Charles Martz, Bob Jackson Dick Smith, Mr. Ludick RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Wanda Morgan, Janet Sfrausser NOT PICTURED - Karen Jenkins forty-one Football First Row Eddie Riggenbach Roland Pruitt Stanley Davis Jerry Lee Charles Steele Carroll Hoschar John Martin Second Row Jim Heckert Dick Smith Orris Griffith Harry Sarver Bob Jackson Dean Given Jack Carver Don Peterson Lowell Powers Terry Pol Third Row Jim Jackson Fred Reagan Tom Samay Jack Jenkins Gary Hughes Wayne Monbarren Roger Lash John Simmons Joe Smith Dick Thompson Joy Simmons Jerry Pol Coach Wylie COACHES Mr. Wylie, Mr. Ludick SCORES Southeast 7 32 Uniontown Southeast l3 l3 Aurora Southeast 20 l3 Windham Southeast 33 O Atwater Southeast 6 7 Mantua Southeast 6 53 Suffield Southeast O 39 Randolph Southeast O l8 Ravenna Twp Southeast l 3 26 Kent State First Row Ottie Pauley Bob Richards Oliver Moore Orris Griffith Stanley Davis Virgil Bell Jim White Second Row Coach Wylie John Martin Charles Martz Jim Heckert James Jacoby Bruce Lash Tom Opperman Ronnie Carter Clyde Carter Dick Thompson Baseball . Golf forty-three Mr. Ludick Phil Partin Jim Jackson Elwood Rine Bob Jackson -.M . 4.1. l 5 , ,W 4 N Nia 5, f T u Qifgi WX K .f WW' 43563 w 'x i i K 1 1, 1 4 1 we We I' . 'X-iw I ,g W fi Hs . QW 1 11131, 31 wi X.-i5l SNf . . is .1 9518-f gg? 1, , 5- ig: p 7-Ka? Q1 ,. Q xii I ' 3 fi lv "2 , 1 gs 'ix' V . :-,fl-'gvfg' K . : 2 fx. 5 ' is fm-fx: '5 Q SQ . 5 k 4. I S ax S v? lip., we CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 1 Opening of School 9 Hi-Tri Skating Party 28 Football Preview 30 NOVEMBER Sadie Hawkins Dance ' 4 Senior Assembly 17 Junior Class Play 19 Senior Sock Hop y 23 Hi-Tri Thanksgiving Service JANUARY Junior Class Rings I9 Junior Class Carnival 20 March of Dimes Dance 22 General Test for Seniors MARCH Senior Skating Party 2 St. Patrick's Dance 22 F. F. A. Hillbilly Show 30 MAY 5 Track Meet 6 Variety Show OCTOBER Homecoming Dance F.T.A. Skating Party N EOTA Teachers' Convention DECEMBER Basketball Season Starts Senior Skating Party Hi-Tri Christmas Party Christmas Vacation FEBRUARY Freshman Assembly Sweetheart Dance Senior Dinner APRIL Senior Play Junior Skating Party Senior Day 6 Hi-Tri Mother-Daughter Banquet 8 Junior-Senior Prom I2-l5 Senior Trip 23 Baccalaureate 30 Commencement forty Jack Autry Diamond, Ohio Louisa Brotherton Y. W. C. A. Akron, Ohio Norman Burton Kent State University New Milford, Ohio Pearl Clegg Diamond, Ohio Herb Behner Soil Inspector Ohio Turnpike Ravenna, Ohio Married Jlm Bungard Torn Cain Standard Steel Spring Co. Diamond, Ohio Married Lois Collins Y. W. C. A. Akron, Ohio Geraldine Bailey Robinson Mem. Hospital Ravenna, Ohio Marlorle Balr R. D. 2 Ravenna, Ohio Shirley Bahner Waves Ravenna, Ohio Paul Brown Married Dorothy Brunstetter Nurses Training Salem, Ohio Frank Burltay Dye House Deerfield, Ohio Ra mono Busse R. D. 2 Ravenna, Ohio Maureen Bailey Cleveland, Ohio James Ba ker Ravenna, Ohio Married Frank Beck Diamond, Ohio Married Will Buchanan New Milford, Ohio Married Carl Bungard Arsenal Photo Lab. Newton Falls, Ohio Jesse Carver Jr. Farming Deerfield, Ohio Married Rasa Coburn R. D. 2 Atwater, Ohio Ronald Corbltt Kent State University New Milford, Ohio Shlrley De Quasle Teets Bill Donham Ravenna, Ohio Married Tam Fltxsimmons U. S. Navy Married Don Crowder Cleveland Bible College Cleveland, Ohio Patty Donham Mineral Wells West Virginia Married Marlon Fall Hiram College Hiram, Ohio Doris Fosbeck 1986 Cattle Avenue San Jose, California Wllma Dillon Checkerboard Restaurant Married Laurence Evanoff R. D. 2 Newton Falls, Ohio Inez Fetty Ed Foster Kent State University R. D. 2 Ravenna, Ohio Juanita Cole Arsenal R. D. 2 Ravenna, Ohio Shirley Corbett 608 Cleveland Rd. Ravenna, Ohio Married James Curtis Colton, California Married Patricia Davis New Milford, Ohio Joann Fosbeck 1986 Cottle Avenue San Jose, California Violet Heritage Arsenal Ravenna, Ohio Jeanette Hildebrand Ross 2l6 College St. Akron, Ohio Roy Forney California William Frederick Kent State University Deerfield, Ohio Violet Given California Married Duron Jenkins U. S. Navy Ronald Jenklns Deerfield, Ohio Jane Lee Johns Deerfield, Ohio Joe Kainrad Kent State University Vale-Edge-Kainrad Bob Kaltenbach U. S. Army Ellis Kerley Cleveland, Ohio Gale Diehl Deerfield, Ohio Married Sally Ann King Medical College Cleveland, Ohio Lucille Kline Buchanan Ravenna, Ohio ALUMNI CLASS OF 1953 Nancy Gardner Columbus, Ohio Pat Heckert Moon Motors Ravenna, Ohio Married Howard Hill Mary's Ranch Deerfield, Ohio Bernard Hunt Deerfield, Ohio Married Sheri Hayden Curtis Colton, California Ann Hencerotb Ravenna City Loan Ravenna, Ohio Joe Hudak R. D. l Newton Falls, Ohio Howard Hutton Standard Steel Spring Ravenna, Ohio CLASS OF 1952 Jeanette Hill Hurd R. D. 2 Ravenna, Ohio Glen Hormell Deerfield, Ohio Paul Hurd Singer Sewing Machine Co. Ravenna, Ohio Married Cecil Kerley Theda Lewis Yates Diamond, Ohio Mariorie McPeak Wilber Michael Ravenna, Ohio Beverly Millhern Newton Falls, Ohio Frank Morgan Esther Myers CLASS OF 1951 Leroy Lang U. S. Navy Dave Lewis Kent State University Soil inspector Ohio Turnpike Deerfield, Ohio Bonnie Miner Married Roger Mordew U. S. Army Married Delores Needles McKenzie Detroit, Mich'gan Millie Nessenthaler Arsenal Married Everett Phlle U. S. Army Married Lois Powers Bobble Pullium luis Reagan Woolen Mills Ravenna, Ohio Married Helen Reed Sara Richards Kenneth Lewis Universal Sewer Pipe Co. Diamond, Ohio Leland Magnuson Kent State University Apco, Ohio Dorothy Needles First Savings Bank New Milford, Ohio Ed Livezey Arsenal Diamond, Ohio Don Miller Thomas Steel Newton Falls, Ohio Shirley Miner David Pal Diamond, Ohio Art Power Joyce Richards St. Clair New Milford, Ohio Paul Robinson G'ven Electric Ravenna, Ohio Helen Notman Married Jean Partin Steve Pele Married Clara Richards Myers Akron, Ohio Jerry Richards Oak Rubber Ravenna, Ohio Lee Robinson Universal Sewer Pipe Co. Diamond, Ohio Myra Schell Secretary Box 2047 Windam, Ohio Vivian Smith Waltz Akron, Ohio Doris Spencer Buchanan Diamond, Ohio Neil Rine Kent State University Ravenna, Ohio Florence Ritchie Alliance, Ohio Married Gale Robb Flying Saucer Deerfield, Ohio De Niece Ruggles Bill Saffels Ruth Sampson Ginter Diamond, Ohio Oak Rubber Co. Doris Sand rock Ravenna Arsenal Married George Sandford Farming Ravenna, Ohio Birdie Scott Deerfield, Ohio Married Larry Shamboch Alice Sickle Hughes France Nancy Smith Bernell Stanestreet U. S. Army Velma Ruggles Jerry Reynolds Ohio University Ravenna, Ohio Paul Rinehart New Milford, Ohio Betty Royer New Milford, Ohio George Smith Mary Ann Stobl Joe's Drive lnn Newton Falls, Ohio Jean Straussor Irene Vayner Diamond, Ohio Dick Wearley Barbara Stonestreet Colonial Rubber Ravenna, Ohio Elalne Thompson Dean Walton Newton Falls, Ohio Harry Reynolds Standard Steel Spring Co. Ravenna, Ohio Robert St. Clalr New Milford, Ohio Married Donald Stacy Ravenna, Ohio George Thomas Republic Steel Foundry Newton Falls, Ohio Oscar Voehrlnger Newton Falls, Ohio Barbara Westover David Williams U. S. Air Force Vlrginla Wlggleswarth Universal Sewer Pipe Co. Ravenna, Ohio Edward Yarolln 907 N. Notre Dame Ave. Notre Dame University South Bend, Indiana Walter Ylngllng I Kent State University Ravenna, Ohio JoAnn Strausscr Phlle New Milford, Ohio Mary L. Stoyanchul Saules New Milford, Ohio Elleen Symes Byers Machine Shop Ravenna, Ohio Joyce Wearley Wyresi Ravenna, Ohio Harry Westover Alliance Machine Deerfield, Ohio Married Wendell Wheaton Ravenna Arsenal Ravenna, Ohio Wilma Wheaton Married Beatrice Whiting Jim W. Wllllams Ravenna Arsenal Apco, Ohio Donald Wine U. S. Army Lovera lolaelr Newton Falls, Ohio Married Harry Shllllng U. S. Air Force CHARLESTOWN forty-nine Frances Marlon Sth Grade Paula Cary 2nd Grade Alice Crltchfleld 4th Grade Albert Ernes 7th Grade James Huston Principal 8th Grade Mary Lyons 6th Grade Alice Henderson lst Grade Eleanor McConnell lst Grade Gertrude Rlffle 4th-5th Grades Wyonle Cllnger 3rd Grade Helen Bingham William Forney Cherrell Hammer Betty Huff Carol Hutton Philip Johnson Charles Lockney Linda Martin Michael McMahon Ann Owen George Pahls Diane Ringler Shirley Schneeberger Aloysius Schneider David Schneider Lyndon Seeley Evelyn Skilton Jerry Smith Patricia Steigerwalt George Stratton Patrick Sveda Karen Wearley Margaret Williams Sandra Zeidler Kenneth West First Grade Front Row-D. Gubanc, B. Mad- lem, D. Brocios, B. A. Uhrig, L. Keeler, D. Towney, C. Honeck, B. Reber. Second Row-J. Gidley, J. Locke, L. Davis, G. Jenkins, W. Crislip, D. Pettigrew, R. A. White, P. Jones, R. Frost, Miss Alice Mae Henderson. Third Raw-B. McEwen, D. Armen- trout, R. Wilson, M. Ferris, Y. Phile, E. Jones, T. Poole, G. England, G. Esworthy. Front Row--M. Welling, L. Huff, F. Brady, C. Lewis, C. McEwen, B. Strausser. Second Row-D. Mutz, M. Loomis, B. McGee, S. Gibson, J. Pringle, T. Roosa, L. Wilson, Antoinette Grant. A Third Row - D. Ferris, C. Montz, L. Crooks, J. Huston, R. Har- rell, M. Sorenson. Third Grade Front Row-M. Stafford, J. Huff, J. Seeley, D. G:ry, W. Bash, D. Bash, D. Farley, T. Richards, B. Seyfried. Second Raw-Mrs. Clinger, R. Hay- den, D. Strausser, S. Sanders, D. Owen, R. Thomas, M. Garland, M. Miller, R. Moser, J. Lewis, C. Mack. Third Row-J. Thompson, R. Jen- kins, J. Stillion, J. Needles, G. Rogers, D. Wadyka, C. Ferris, D. Clark, C. Lynds. Second Grade Front Row-M. Miller, D. Garland, J. Beutler, K. Grund, M. Hall, R. Stomper, E. Parks, P. Straus- ser, R. Thomas, B. Stafford, D. Himes. Second Row-N. Phelps, N. Call, L. Kirkpatrick, T. Phelps, R. Pettigrew, V. Steigerwalt, D. Robinson, M. McEwen, N. Bab- ington, B. McMahon, B. Bu- chanan, Mrs, Cary. Third Row-J. Moore, P. Phillips, C. Shewell, C. Dobin, A. Grimes, T. Forgacs, D. Laughlin, C. Crooks, J. McGee, D. Phelps. fifty Fourth Grade First Row-L. Richards, R. Rodgers, D. Stewart, J. White, B. Bel- lard, L. Stratton, V. Schneider, L. Strausser. Second Row-L. Partin, R. Can- field, C. Kyer, R. Smith, L. Sly, G. McKown, R. Jones, R. Schu- felt, J. Henning. Third Raw - Mrs. Critchfield, B. Lemon, R. Cameron, R. Magnu- son, B. Forgacs, J. Taylor, D. Kerr, G. Ferris, K. Rinehart, B. Harrell. Fourth and Fifth Grade First Row-C. Seyfried, R. Hamlin, P. Pfile, A. Hammer, N. Wil- son, Z. J. Stevens, R. Wilson, J. Lavo. Second Row-L. Ringler, N. Won- chick, P. Misner, B. McKown, B. J. Needles, R. Ziedler, C. Ben- der, L. Huston, Mrs. Riffle. Third Row-R. Johnson, E. Lewis, E. Gidley, J. Lowe, R. Hurd, R. Armentrout, R. Bice, T. Stafford, R. Dillion. Fifth Grade First Row-E. Welling, W. Hen- ning, E. Bash, L. Waltz, L. Honeck, S. Miller, G. Russell, K. Bennett, R. Wyers, R. Pullium. Second Row-E. Skilton, K. Moser, T. Forgacs, B. Williams, D. Rossa, B. Davis, C. Goldner, R Stillion, C. Wyers, Mrs. Morton. Third Row - B. Frost, D. Crooks, M. Crislip, R, Ferris, M. Spur- lock, C. White, P. Miller, K. Jen- kins, A. Schneider, C. Ayers. Sixth Grade First Row-C. Partin, J. McEwen D. Russell, Billy Strausser, J Stewart, D. Locke, L. Sarver, P Bennett. Second Row-K. Hammer, M. Bel- lard, S. Sanders, E. Gidley, J Lynds, M. Davis, B. McEwen, G Wilson, R. Crooks, M. Lyons. Third Row - T. Stevens, P. Mc- Mahon, E. Burns, D. McGee, N Bradley. fifty-one Seventh Grade Front Row-S. Voir, T. Jenkins, J. Schewell, L. Owen, G. Bishop, J, Schneeberger, K. Davis, R. Ben- nett, D. Lynds. Second Row-G. Le Mon, L. Sor- ver, M. Harrell, L. Kerr, P. Loughlin, V. Loomis, V. Smfth, A. Stafford, J. Pohls, Mr. Ernes. Third Row-l. Spurlock, B. Dillon, R. Wilson, D. McGee, R. Ben- shoff, B. Jenkins, C. Davis, J, Martin, J. Sfevens, F. Wilson. BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS BUILDING fiffy-TWO DEERFIELD Charles Heeso Alice Heron Donald Humphreys Hrzel lngledue Ester Montgomery Principal 8th Grode lst Grade 6th Grade 2nd Grade 7fl'l Gfflde Esther Grederick Mary Rodenbucher Belle Strong Kathryn Vogel N01 PiCfl-'fed lst Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 3rd Grade Vefnlm Chfllkel' - us:c Tom Allen Grace Bondi Shirley Bruey Phyliss Burkey Jane Burkhammer Judy Burkhammer Orvol Close Donna Donohue Dorothy Dye Carol Eberling James Gregory Elizabeth Grindley Sobra Hill Robert Koley Thomas Koley Lindo Karothoncs Helen Kerr Brion Lash Ann Lindemuth Frank Lovejoy Clyde Monbarren Ellis Moore Thomas Scholl Lawrence Schreppel Gerald Scott Joyce Shearer Keith Simpkins Charles Smith Judy Worth Not Pictured: Robert Bartholomew Ronald Crogo Nelio Koys Robert McClung First Grade Mrs. Alice Herron 'lst row: Diane Casto, Marianne Burkey, Darryl Johnson, Bar- bara Fargo, Merrill Dean, Yvonne Court, Duane Kaley. 2nd row: Donald Johnson, Sue Ellen Brown, Richard Carver, Gladys Flory, Bobby Bailey, Linda Hoskins, Harold Blair, 3rd row: Dean Aberegg, Ruth Bradfield, Ethel Blasens, Donna Bratton, Mary Ellen Kays, Jenny Braham. First Grade Mrs. Esther Frederick lst row, left to right: Christine Wal- voord, Priscilla Jenkins, Jeanne Negley, Kathy Suffecool, Marian Simpkins, Carole Short, Kaye Slider. 2nd row, left to right: Billy West- over, Dick Robb, Jerry Mika, Gary Mix, Keith Lash, Bobby Moore, Jack Puckett. Top row, left to right: Bobby Leask, Donald Scott, Russell Patrick, Donald Harris, Jimmy Stanley, Larry Burkhammer. Second Grade Mrs. lngledue 1st row, left to right: Kathleen Deemer, Jane Hartline, David Hohlen, Woodrow Booth, Richard Shively, Macile Hoschar, Sue Kaley, Raymond Langties, Billy Mangun. 2nd row, left ta right: Lindo Dye, Karen Marshall, Donna Dourm, Mary Tennefoss, Karen Simp- kins, Connie Oswalt, Carol Flory, Bobby Thompson, Hugh McSwoin. Top row, left to right: Barbara Fisher, Donna Fetherolf, Sue Rohde, Marjorie Earnest, Tommy Best, Marvin Aberegg, Tommy Wilson, Wayne Walvaord, Doro- thy Wolters, Maureen Sapp. Third Grade Mrs. Kathryn Vogel 1st row, lefttoright: Veliso Blasens, Lindo Walters, Susan Robb,Judy Weingart, Rebecca Malmsberry, Linda Swiner, Cherie Byrns, Alice Sutcliffe, Margaret John- son. 2nd row, left to right: Donny Reed, William Smith, Luther Dye, Harry Burkey, Ronald Stouffer, Clifford Carver, David McClung, George Bailey, Ruth Staufter, Robert Braunns. Top row, left to right: Jerry Brod- field, Terry Stafford, Dick Bailey, Kenneth Schieben, Alice Tucker, Richard Sampson, Robert Brad- field, Meria Blasens, Judith Karothanos. Sally Sweesy, Absent, fifty-four Fourth Grade Mrs. Rodenbucher In row, l. to r.-Joe Hartline, Kalman Toth, Clarence Smith, Susie Scott, Sandra Braunns, Claudio Kaley, Gary Short, Ken- neth Fisher, Ronald Kirkbride. 2nd row, I. to r.-Howard Newell, Emma Lou Hartzell, Jimmy Earnest, Janice Benton, Bobby Peterson, Glenda Burkey, Jerry Scott, Earl Reed, Judy Frederick. 3rd row, l. to r.-Judy Prevot, Roy Wilson, Larry Kaley, Judith Everman, Bonnie Johnstone, Yvonne Jenkins, Janet Scheiben, Shirley Carver, Roger Powers. Fifth Grade First row: R. Rohde, L. Powers, W. Carver, B. Lovejoy, R. Patrick, J. Jones, E. Burkey, L. Hoskins, B. Henderson, P. Dourm, J. Bruey, S. Weingart. Second row: Mrs. Strong, L. Diehl, Jerry L. Wilson, J. Karathanos, P. Bronz, F. Howe, S. Ellison, E. Shilling, E. Simmons, C. Earnest, B. Lloyd, K. Bartholomew. Third row: D. Sutcliffe, R. Apple- bee, L. Burkey, J. Brown, D. Casto, F. Gregory, E. Karathanos, G. Flory, S. Dean, D. Lash, P. South. Sixth Grade First row: M. Short, l. Newell, S. Elliot, E. Thompson, F. Mc- Clung, G. Adams, G. Applebee, J. Thompson, B. Johnstone, R. Kaley, E. Johnson. Second row: Mr. Humphreys, S. Jones, S. Screppel, M. Watters, P. Kirkbride, P. Casto, C. Moore, C. Lindemuth, G. Tennefoss, J. Negley, E. Dean, S. Earnest. Third row: E. Hoschar, N. Booth, L. Best, E. Kirkbride, J. Hall, J. Peterson, D. Simpkins, A. Bar- tholomew, J. Kirkham, B. Wilson, K. Evans, R. Burkhammer. Seventh Grade First row: J. Herron, G. Sapp, S. Ellison, M. Smith, N. Hoskins, B. Jenkins, B. Arman, R. Deihl. Second row: Mrs. Montgomery, D. Reed, M. Peterson, J. Shilling, J. Daurm, C. Blasens, E. Bailey, D. Bostwick, D. Burns, L. Waltz. Third row: S. Kitchen, B. Reed, C. Kirkham, P. Hoschare, E. John- son, P. South, R. Burkey, P. Simpkins, L. Carter, D. Blasens. fifty-tive BASKETBALL TEAM CHEERLEADERS SAFETY PATROL BUILDING l fi tty-six Maxine Ables Marjorie Aberegg Geraldine Brumbaugh Jewel Grace Annie Griggs Melvin Hess Velma Hess John Jackson Arzetta Jones Mary Janes Harold Montgomery , Treva Patton ' Paul Pauley David Sampson Ruthan Sickle Sandra Sickle fifty-seven PALMYRA Antoinette Grtlnf Laura Hutton Iris Martin Pauline McKinney John Mendiola lst Grade 6th Grade 4th Grade lst Grade Principal, Sth Grade Alice Grammer Alice Shipley Helen Spencer Thelma Wigglesworth 7th Grade 3rd Grade 5th Grade 2nd Grade Judy Cary Susan Coss Ronnie Hughes Fletcher Kel ly Delores Lewis Alice Palomsky Helen Pruitt Betty Vayner First Grade lst row, left to right: Darlene Richards, Eileen Rebic, Gary Latacki, Sharon Dris- coll, Patty Lee Diehl, Francis Carte, Wilbert Scott, Nancy Harper, Christine Tkacs, George Street. 2nd row, l. to r.: Toni Martin, Donald Himes, Lizzie Pinkerton, Clarence Jack- son, Charles Thomas, Willie Sendrey, Billy Lohr, John McCalIon, Tracie Samp- son, James Michael, Harry Lowe. 3rd row, I. to r.: Billy Hunsicker, Nathan Cannon, Tommy Greathouse, Roger Rice, Nancy Davis, Jimmy Main, David Wilson, Eddie Jackson, Vincent Palom- gkylll David Williams, Alfred Kuss, Gary ic e. Second Grade 'Ist row, I. to r.: Joan Brumbaugh, Sherry Sickle, Penny Jane Leggett, Claudia Beetler, Judy Vineyard, Tommy Martin, Tammy Martin. 2nd row, I. to r.: Anne Rice, Sandro Street, Jane Challstrom, Danny Braham, Joe Smith, Mary Ann Debelyak, Roger Gor- don, Dorothy Sturtz, Beverley Swain. 3rd row, I. to r.: Mrs. Wiggleswarth, Chuck Kline, Jimmy Sandra, Jean Swain, Nancy Ronald, Jessie Wamer, Judy Whiting, Patty Burk, Marie Thornton. Third Grade Ist row, I. to r.: Shirley Pozza, Paul Jones, Nancy Cannon, Russel McKenzie, Linda Harper, Bobby Montgomery, Carol Ann Terlecky. 2nd row, I. to r.: Lane Autry, Jimmy Kehres, Keith Evans, Isaiah Moss, Mary Jo Swain, Wayne Grace, Edythe Pruitt, Gary lkaces, Daisy Smith. 3rd row, I. to r.: Roger Viller, Dorothy Pauley,'James Bragg, Charlotte Pozza, Richard Brumbaugh, Doris Michael, Ernie Kline, Marline Humes, Mrs. Ship- ey. Fourth Grade Ist row, I. to r.: Alice Puckett, Laura Stumpo, Donna Lewis, Deedra Hupp, Etta Saffels, Susan Lyon, Janice Braham, Sandra Kehres, Sharon Brokaw. 2nd row, I. to r.: Charles Burke, Michael Bulatko, Larry Thomas, James Sanders, Roger Sickle, Susan Challstrom, Henry Stewart, Willie Smith, Elmo Martin, Eames Jackson, Dennis Lewis, Ronnie ain. 3rd row, I. to r.: Jerry Utley, Dayton Ables, Patrick Gordon, Griffith Jones, Bobby Mann, Hubert Spencer, Christine Pinkard, Patsy Steele, Kathryn Vayner, Ronald Vineyard. fifty-eight ram. Grade , Front raw, left to right: Barbara Whiting, Paul Sickle, Pete Steele, Myron Allman, David Francis, Kerry Greathouse, Dar- lene Sole, Donna Behon, Mary Fetherolf Keith Hanning. Middle row, l. to r.: Mrs. Spencer, Joseph Pinkard, Nadean Pinkard, Sandra Booth, Catherine Kuss, Sandra Montgomery, Linda Hayes, Joan Corbett, Gary King, Richard Flick, Leroy Smith, Terry La- tacki, Edward Brotherton. Back row, l. to r.: Lem Pinkard, John DeVore, Frank Sherwood, Dennis Hill, Robert Lang, Robert Polomsky, Daniel Vally, Richard Sturtz, Daniel Francis, Frank Mizer, Alvin Pruitt. Sixth Grade Isl row, I. to r.: Mrs. Hutton, Charlene Fisher, Mona Rae Kehres, Dickie Thomas, Bell Smith, Glen Grace, Rob- ert Brumbaugh, Paul Sturtz, Jack Utley, Paul Gave, Ronnie Warner, Gary Prich- ard, Henry Michael. 2nd row, l. to r.: Jack Pozza, Delmar Kar- nuth, Richard Miner, Merle Seem, Naomi Pruitt, Frances Hunsicker, Patty Hun- sicker, Fay Stumphf, Doris Norris, Claudia Thomas, Judy Williams. 3rd row, l. to r.: Walter Aberigg, Josie Sanders, Connie Latacki, Sandra Hupp, Jackie Beetler, Judith Puhalsky, Frances Dria, Julia Vayner, Evelyn Hill. Seventh Grade 3rd row, l. to r.: Frank Utley, Richard l-Iargett, Glen Pol, Evelyn Simpson, Kenneth Allman, Clarice Greathouse, Betty Pinkard, Pam Beetler, Anne Hayes, Charles Wamer. 2nd rcw, l. to r.: Stafford Jackson, Joe Cooper, Sterling Evans, Joan Cain, Mar- iorie Hill, David Brokaw, Brice Han- ning, Judy Hill, Anita Hupp, Mrs. Gram- mer. lst row, I. to r.: Jimmy Pauley, Dale Mizer, Eddie Riddle, Jean Greathouse, Miner, Melvin Bonham. Not pictured: Virginia Carlson, Robert Watson, Lester Bowen, Nancy DeVore, Barbara Border. Student Council Top row, l. to r.: Ronald Hughes, Fletcher Kelly, Dale Mizer, John Jackson, Sterling Evans, Judy Cory, Mary Jones, Anita Hupp. 2nd row, I. to r.: Melvin Donham, Richard Flick, Joan Corbett, Connie Latacki, Ronald Wamer, Henry Michael, Patty Hunsicker. Bottom row, I. to r.: Russel McKenzie, Sharon Driscoll, Judy Prichard, Susan Challstrom, David Sampson, Dennis Hill, Frank Mizer, Jimmy Main. fifty-nine' BASKETBALL TEAM CHEERLEADERS MIXED CHORUS BUILDING sixty Yvonne Barr Russell Bates Luella Gardner Marylin Gee Richard Griffith Mary Ann Heft Shirl Higgi Leontine Lark Barbara Lee Neva Mitchell Donald Reagan Henery Christian Showers Antoinette Suzelis Judith Von Winkle Not pictured: Janet Jones Raymond Van Steenberg s xty-one PARIS Donald Johnson Florence Lewis Edna Neass Elizabeth Richards Sue Haluern Principal, 7th Grade 3rd Grade Sth Grade 2nd Grade Music Helen Brewer Martha Sloan David Thomas Ruth Morris lst Grade 6th Grade 8th Grade 4th Grade ns Thomas Lutz Retherford Pauline Stabl Roy Wright First Grade Front row, left to right: S. Bell, J. Showers, D. Higgins, L. Waters, K. ShiIling,, C. Tockett, T. Bay- mer. 2nd row, I. to r.: P. Hoffman, M. Force, K. Waters, D. Freno, S. Anderson, K. McCarthy, J. C. Jones. 3rd row, I. to r.: Mrs. H. Brewer, T. Cimbanin, G. Hall, D. Rocken- felder, J. Showers, E. Branson, D. Gordon. Second Grade Front row, l. to r.: J. Suffecool, J. Heft, N. Thorpe, J. Meadows, S. Sari, P. Ufert, J. Schilling, M. Bell, R. Hoskins. 2nd row, I. to r.: K. Van Nostran, A. Mitchell, W. Westover, R. Hauser, L. Wilson, D. Corbett, J. Sollberger. 3rd raw, l. to r.: Mrs. E. Richards, B. Purdy, L. Woolard, K. Wil- liams, R. Gillespie, J. Jagers, D. Cimbanin, J. Rockenfelder. Third and Fourth Grades Front row, l. to r.: B. Zemlack, 5. Opperman, K. Hauser, M. Cen- 'ters, K. Griffith, J. Gardner, T. Harvey, B. Champlin. 2nd row, l. to r.: J. Reynolds, S. Gaves, Wright, R. Sollberger, L. Bell, B. Retherford, F. Brewer, T. Wilhelm, J. Tarr. ' A 3rd row, I. to r.: Mrs. R. Morris, E. Hall, S. Bungard, R. Bates, L. Hamer, B. Richards, B. Barr, K. Gadd, N. White. 4th row, l. to r.: A. Tomlinson, K. Westover, E. Rockemelder, M. Cimbanin, S. Albecker, J. Eg- gleson, R. Mitchell, R. Kolovich, L. Waters. , . m Fifth Grade Front row, I. to r.: M. Showers, T. Wilhelm, L. Jagers, M. Gump, S. Griffith, P. Richards, C, Head- ley, D. White. 2nd row, l. to r.: J. Wright, B. Owen, B. Sondrock, B. Tackett, C. Kropp, T. Westover, Mrs. E. Neass. 3rd row, I. to r.: B. Lark, C. Hig- sixtystwo Sixth Grade Flrst row, I. to r.: R. Bates, C. Gaves, N. Wilhelm, K. Gee, E. Sandrock, B. Gardner, H. Purdy, L. Harvey. 2nd row, l. to r.: C. Jacoby, M. Hudak, J. Hauser, T. Van Nos- tran, B. Beck, D. Gillespie, C. Suffecool. Srd row, l. to r.: T. Headley, P. Rockenfelder, J. Tankas, C. Van Winkle, B. Brewer, C. Eggleson, Miss M. Sloan. 4th row, I. To r.: D. Richards, J. Hillegas, B. Barr, R. Hill, T. Richards, D. Jagers, P. Lee. Seventh Grade First row, l. to r.: J. Wright, C. Tomlinson, D. Bell, B. Miller, E. Jones, T. Zelack, M. Stoyanchul. Znd row, l. to r.: E. Jones, M. Jag- ers, J. Hayes, C. Wilson, W. Corbett, Mr. D. Johnson. 3rd row, I. to r.: D. Waters, B. Evans, B. Waters, G. Albecker, R. Showers, A. Headley, J. Lauffer. 4th row, I. to r.: A. Baymer, M. Westover, B. Rockenfelder, R. Wright, S. Hauser, M. Hill, D. Tackett, B. Sandrock. NEWSPAPER BASKETBALL sixty-three. CHEERLEADERS SAFETY PATROL CAFETERIA HELP BUILDING sixty-four BUS DRIVERS Baker Riclaarab Rlcfzaf-J: lfobcrfs Jones Bfazcn - Forftr 5 Slra ll.fJer x 6196115 DURGII Hoyle.: Q . . Burkcf f , ' W V 848, , F 51071005 . Jf6ncCf - ' V ffarfzeff M CUSTODIANS Fronf, I. fo r. Henceroth Thomas Scott Back, I. to r. Hortline Bradley GRADE SCHOCL NEWS , cHARLesTowN The enrollment at Charlestown this year reached the 285 mark. Again this year we had two first grades and a combined fourth and fifth. Miss Henderson, first-grade teacher, Mrs. Grant, first-grade teacher, Mrs. Cary, second-grade teacher, Mrs. Clinger, third-grade teacher, and Mrs. Morton, fifth-grade teacher, were newcomers to the faculty. We missed the services of Mrs. Cassidy, who re- tired. The home-room mothers gave parties for the lower grades. ln the upper grades, field trips were arranged. The P.T.A. presented a new movie projector to the school, we are very grateful for the gift. Miss Halvern was in charge of music this year. The band played for commencement. Our basketball team had a foir season, and they deserve much credit for their sports- manship and fighting spirit. Letters were presented to the players ond cheerleaders on recognition night. A Christmas program was presented to an overflowing crowd. The teachers did a fine job with the program. The eighth grade made the annual trip to Schoenbrunn. They also spent a day at Nelson Ledges. The biggest thrill came on May 24 - graduation! DEERFIELD It was a happy time when we all renewed our friendships on September 7. Our en- rollment was 27l. Mrs. Frederick is our new first grade teacher. We now have two first grades at Deerfield. The first activity of the year was the Annual School Fair sponsored by the P.T.A. This was a highly successful event. With the approach of winter, plans for the holidays began. The last four grades pre- sentend the annual Christmas program under the able direction of Mrs. Chalker, our music teacher. - Deerfield shone in basketball again. Our team was the champs of our district. Thoughts then turned to spring and baseball. The first of many spring activities began with the Spring Music Festival under the direction of Mrs. Chalker. The entire school participated in this activity. Other spring activities followed-the recognition banquet, individual room activities, and the event to which we have looked so long - graduation.. PALMYRA Each year school is very much the same, pe-rhaps because the old saying, "Children never change" may be true. However, our school year was much the same, yet differ- ent than the previous years. The differences were: The first day of school saw the busses bulging at the seams-the reason-our enroll- ment had increased. The first day also saw a new teacher in our midst. Mrs. Alice Gram- sixty-six mer, 7th grade. Miss Sue Halvern, music, came later in the year. First grade was divid- ed, Miss Florence Lewis was the first teacher and Mrs. Eleanor McConnell finished out the year. Our Safety Patrol elected David Sampson, captain, Judy Cory and Ronnie Hughes, Lieutenants. Our patrol was honored by being selected to send one patrolman to Wash- inton, D. C. Judy Cory was elected president of Student Council. John Jackson, elected as judge, and a jury greatly improved behavior in our school. Although we didn't win any championships in basketball, our boys won eight games and lost only four. Our new projector, purchased by the P.T.A. and the board of education, was a great- ly appreciated improvement. The similarities were the election of the cheerleaders which always causes excitement. Ruthan Sickle, Annie Griggs, Judy Cory, and Delores Lewis represented our school. The newspaper went to press regularly with the able assistance of the staff. The seventh grade published the last issue. 5 ' Awards were given at a special assembly on May 21 by the deputy sheriff and Mr. Mendiola. Graduation came on Tuesday, May 25. As a final parting, we would like to say: "Fare-well eighth grade, we wish you suc- cess." PARIS Paris Elementary School opened its doors for the 1953-54 school year on September 7, to one hundred eighty-seven pupils and several new faculty members. The new faculty members were Mrs. Brewer, Mrs. Clinger, and Mr. Johnson. Later, we enjoyed having Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. Cassidy join our staff. The year raced by interspersed with such activities as Halloween, Christmas, and sur- prise parties for the teachers. Paris inaugurated an educational movie program shown on Thursday of each week. Two outstanding "live" programs were a magician show and a mountain-climbing demonstration-lecture. The Paris Tribune was published by Paris Eighth Grade every two weeks. Paris was also active in sports with a seventeen-player basketball team with all mem- bers playing at least once during the season. We had ten letter-men and five cheerleaders. An athletic recognition banquet was held for the team and cheerleaders. An "Old-Timers" Team and a "Ladies" Team played at Paris to raise money success- fully for our school. Paris Seventh and Eighth Grade Softball Team was formed to play other district grade schools. Several trips taken during the year by Paris upper grades were to the General Motors Exhibit at Warren, W.K.B.N. Radio and Television Station at Youngstown, the Akron Air- port, and the yearly trip to Schoenbrunn. All in all, Paris School has had an active and successful school year during 1953-54 and we look forward to many more worthwhile and happy school seasons. sixty-seven 9 Of The PIRATES LOG STAFF - wish to convey DUR DEEP APPRECIATION To Our Patrons and All Others Who Made This Book Possible 'I' I I I I , I I 5 I I I I I I I I I Farm Bureau Insurance Auto - Fire - Life - Hospital - Polio Farm and General Liability GEORGE C. XVALTERS Phono N. Benton 2145 DEERFIELD, OHIO NVQ Invite Comparison Master Cleaners Free Pickup and Delivery Phone 3621 Newton Falls 1,,,.1.u1n-. .- .. 1 .. 1 .- -. .- -. 11m Dufiey's Service Diamond, ohio I I I I I ....n.-,,.......- -I ... - - - .. - - - - - - - -...-..1 Compliments of Newton Falls Herald Newton Falls, Ohio ,,,--.11 1111..111.-11.,,,1,m-111.1.--...-...1.-11...i I I I ...,.-..f. ty-eight DEERFIELD RADID SALES 'MJ Ravenna - Diamond - Canfield Phones 5237 88 35615 'KL FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS StovesI- Refrigerators - Washers - Water Heaters 'nib COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS Sales and Service LQ G. BALFOUR COMPANY "Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges" CLASS RINGS and PINS Commencement Invitations - Diplomas Personal Cards - Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies Represented by HAROLD G. JONES R.D.2 Fowler DRUG s'roRE Your Prescription Store Main and Chestnut Tel. 7425 RAVENNA, OHIO .-,.-.-- 1 -1 1 , ,un-.-11...---min Compliments of Nehi Bottling Company 640 Cleveland Road RAVENNA, OHIO - Phone AX 6-6690 1m1.u.-mn-un-..-.u1u.-u1n1 -. 1. 1 1 Medina, Ohio :min un, nn.-un.. KAISER WILLYS HENRY J De Tray Motor Sales SALES we SERVICE 257-259 W. Main Street W. S. De Tray Ravenna., Ohio .-.u..n1.1-..11.-.11.--...111 ,ml inniun-m..m.-..-g-gi. -n:11ru..un I l l I I I I I I I I I I I I I WELDING - SAW MILL GENERAL REPAIRING Hubert Spencer Phone Palmyra Y-5 Route 18 PAYMYRA yigig -11.11 .- -gq.1g in q1q1n-m1gu1g.1.1-.-, m-Im-u1mI-nts Ill n1Il1wn1u1 X 5 -2' nu.. I.-.un..uu1 ... 1 1 .- ... 1 -. -. .- 1 1uu Hostetler's Grocery "Quality Meats and Groceries" East of traffic light on Rt. 18 Phone AX 7-9656 Edinburg, Ohio 1144111411-funn.-.1-,....l.,,.-I. -,..1m.1nn...ma1nn..un1nuiwm-.uu.-m...ln Smo1k's General Store E. J. Smolk, Prop. SOHIO PRODUCTS - GROCERIES MEATS - POTTERY - CHINA Phone Ax 6-6957 EDINBURG, OHIO "Gifts For A11 Occasions" -nm.. 1mn..u.u...,4.,...:, -nsun1xm11u1ul1uu1.m1upi 1m-N11-pig H A N S E N ' S Army Surplus Headquarters For o WORK CLOTHING o SHOES o BOOTS o TENTS 0 TARPAULINS 0 ETC. EDINBURG Phone Ax 6-5802 . -.,.......-. .- ----- s fy -...I...-...-. ......... . - - - ...- Compliments of B E C K ' S 'sonio snnvrcn Junction 14 and 18 Edinburg, Ohio The L. B. Sanford Co. ATWATER, or-no Telephone Atwater 72161 Dutch's Garage Phone Ravenna Ax 6-6972 4-.mi-1.--.-1...--.-.-......-m E. S. McConnell 6: Sons APPLES and PEACHES Qin seasonj Ax 6-5068 or Ax 6-6923 R. D. 1 RAVENNA, OHIO ..-,m1,n1m.- .- -. -. 1 1 -su1xl.-qlu1nn- 1 1 1.111114 ...,.........,,,..,,,....m-,..,-....-..,....,,.....,-........-..-.....,.,-....-,.,...,..-......,.-..g. . -q-,g.-p-.- 114,131lg.-m.1m-lm-pn-.11-1,,. 'I' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ...html .. 1 1 .-g1g14m1pg... .. 1 1 1 1 Checker Board Restaurant No. 2 Now Open and Serving Good Food at Reasonable Prices PALMYRA, OHIO You are welcome to this restaurant at any time up-gg.1gq..lu1m1qu.-3.-.yg..n.-4--.mimi .- - 1 "'!' I I I 5 I Ensingers General Store T 3 Groceries, Meats, Hardware, Paint I Frozen Foods Phone I-37 Palmyra, Ohio I 1 1.1m-.,. UNIVERSAL SEWER PIPE CORPORATION j Sewer Pipe - Drain Tile - Concrete Pipe Phone Palmyra 12 ...,.,,....m11..-1.--...11111.-1. APPLES and PEACHES Hennig's Fruit Farm R. D. 1 DIAMOND, OHIO Telephone Palmyra Q16 At Ifake Milton, omo, It's the Lakeside Bar 6. Grille Joe and Mary Kovach, Proprietors Located on Corner of Rt. 18 and Craig Beach Road I I I I I I I I -..,.-..I......--.....-..----..--,,....-I Cowell's Grocery Amoco GAS and OILS Phone H-92 PALMYRA, OHIO 1u1.g1u-.. 1 -un-0.-my-lg.-W-.ngiqqipu....m-un.-. .- 131.1 Pols Work Shop Cupboards Order Gabinets to Windows Made I : I i I 5 I : T If i E 5 I 5 1 I Furniture Repaired and Refinished f 5 Phone Atwater 7-2211 Free Estimates 1 1:1-nfl seventy-two - .-m.....m........1-..-...--1.--.11 Frank's Barber Shop Route 224 ATWATER, OHIO Ienkins 61 Ienkins DEERFIELD, OHIO Mom and Moe Jenkins PARADISE PARK RESTAURANT Near Berlin Dam on 14 Phone N. Benton 2428 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT North Benton 2639 Betty Hotchkiss, Manager THE BARGAIN BARN Pottery Factory Surplus Look For The Red Wagon State Route 14 Deerfield, Ohio BEST OF LUCK T0 SOUTHEAST !! Rockwe1l's Circle Pump Phone: North Benton 9362- 2170 DEERFIELD, OHIO 1m11i1.1.-11-..1-11111 S C H A L L ' S SPORTING GOODS STORE Fishing Supplies At the Bridge on Route 14 DEERFIELD, OHIO ...- - -.,,-...........- -.,-.. ...... t.-..T..-... ...... - - - - - - - Maksim Market GENERAL MERCHANDISE DIAMOND, OHIO -1-1..,1m-...- -,.1u1..,-.,.1.. ..m.. ..1...-.Etna nty-three Compliments of ERNEST BAGO Diamond Inn DIAMOND, or-IIo 11:11 xnnn -lun--un ------ -11----1 I HI-I ...-...-...-....- - - ..,-,.. - - - - - .. .. ............g. Compliments of Thomas Bros. Feed Mill , EDINBURG and NEW MILFORD, oH1o ...M1 .- .- 1 - .- .-1uu..un1in1n1g.-.q.1-1n.1- 1.11-1u.1.pp1u.1m-g.Qm1mi 1 1 ..- .- ... 1.-gi. - Compliments of Western Reserve Lumber Co. 68 Jay Street Phone 5411 NEWTON FALLS, OHIO 2 lIl'l1lllillllTIIIVPIIIIITJ1-llllTllllillllTllliIllllilli'llITllC1lllill7l'TW-T.4lNlT T llllllIIlTIlllilllllIIITIKIII-llilllillIiUITllIl lUll1.i Bishop Bros. Lumber Co. I ' Office and Yard - Edinburg, ohio Q TWIN PINES , Complete Line of Building Materials I CHICKEN and FISH DINNERS 2 Roofing - Sash - Hardware - Doors I i Insulation - Plywood - Shingles I Family Stylg E Moldings - Cement - Plaster i 5 shenmn-Wllllams Paints I Phone Ravenna Ax-6-4845 2 We welcome your call ' 5 Ravgnna Ax-6-5245 5 Route 18 New llrIl1f0l'd, Ohilb g Akron - Youngstown Road I , lilllli Tlllli Illl I1llianillllTl!!-30011-Ili'-llllllllTllll1lHT T Twill 1TTTTillTi T 2 'IC 'T Z illlililfg ' 'Q H u E E' W' Compliments of s coiir. and LIME E Strausser's Glad Farm f I , I Phone Ra. Ax-7-7834 I EDTNBURG l or Rah Ax-7-7030 5 Phone Rav. Ax-6-6027 3 I A L ! . :xl l11TilT NITE!! Tlilil lll1'llHl?lllT I U1 III1 I . N . Go1dner's Hardware 6 Millers Sunoco Service EDINBURG ,E and Garage 1 Hardware - Heating TUNE-Urs and ovERHAUL1NG . 1 . . W I Plumbing House Wmng New Milford - We Repair Anything - ii Phone Ravenna Ax 6-9114 E I 5 ulv-n1ul-uu- 1 1 --1m 111-11 -1 1 1m--an-m--mu 11-1111-111111 n1uu1ni: seventy-fou 1 I i 5 I E I 5 I .-!, I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I i I I I 5 I I I I I B I I E Compliments of I c0mP1ime11T'S Of I w. 1-1. wnsrovnn I SMITH and BONHAM f R. D. 1, Deerfield, Ohio I EDINBURG SUNOCO STATION I P110110 Ravenna AX-6-6059 Washing - Lubrication - Tire Repair 1 or Phone Palmyra X-34 I Fck u and Deuve 5 , 1 - I Dependable Livestock Trucking P ry I Service I KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES I Cleveland Producers if Corner 14-18 Phone Rav. Ax 7-9517 I ' '-1n'1llilUlll1ITltlllv l1llll1llllllC-DIIITllllll1lIllI1UlIIl11rHlu1lIlllIl1-lIl4-Illlilllliil-IA-'lIlI1lll1-Ill-I Vlilli ll-'lt1ITlIlllIlll1 I E Compliments of Howard R. Templeton I 1 CHECKERBOARD RESTAURANT I I Serving thee Best in Food I Corner of Route 14 and 18 at Edinburg I Phone Ax. 6-8032 --351 -U-ul.1l1 I Compliments of I I PA1"s GARAGE Q GENERAL REPAIR OF TRUCKS AND CARS I I Elio's Truck Stop I Corner of 14 and 18 Phone Ax 6-8029 I . I I Ilil-l-:selves-nl-nlilll'-""1l'1'l-'W"'N""""""""-""-' "' 1' 11111111 11111 1 - 11.11. I I EDINBURG AUCTION I I EDINBURG AUCTION T Poultry - Eggs - Produce C0mP1iI110Il1PS of F ' Furniture - Hardware F - T Every Thursday I Kloss Hardware T 1 Mile East of Edinburg R. 18 George Hayes I Nnwron FALLS I Auctioneer and Manager I I Phone Rav. Ax-7-8320 I il1u1u1 1mu1uu-:lim-ul1m1ml-ul-uu1ul :111 W-Lu 111111-1 ln-mul-:mill-suliun-M1-lu1u1 seventy-five -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I !Ti'1UU-'ll'-'il'-"'1"""'1'""-"""I""'1' ..q..n,u-p1--,,g-.p-u..q1q1n-q..u- up-lx un-mI1m1 mlminn-u...uu..u-. nu.-u1m.-m...uu- ul... mi .5...-I......,.. ,...-Im... ... .1 1 1 1 -. 1 1. - 1 .. 1 1IIII1.In1InI...,,.1uu1 1 1 ... 1 1- .- .Q 1- 1 -un-IIII1 1 1. -.. .. .- .1 .- .- ... ... .- -.m1nu..uu I I I Compliments of I S I Edinburg Motors. Inc. Compliments I Phones: Ravenna Ax 6-6059, Ax 7-7085 I and Ax 6-5734 I of i -I -------- I- - nnn- --It-It--M --I--II I s A I. Y ' s I I PARIS INN 4 Newton Falls GAS AND E Gnocmmns I 1 l Compliments of ROCKWELL SPRING AND AXLE CO. Standard Steel Spring Division NEWTON FALLS. OHIO ofa .....-.---.- ---- --.-.. -.......- I -..- .. ... 4. .-ng.-ln- ... -.-1 ... 1 .- 1 1 -. 1 m1m.1 1 1 1 1.1.1111m,.11m1nn...m1..1m-.m..m,1, 1 1 1.xn1..vr1,,,--,...,,-,1,.,,1,,1-1 1 1 :-S11 2---1 mimi-u.n1unn1un-un.1nn1.,m.1m41nlu-m11,m1 1, 1 1 1 1 MORTON'S IEWELRY DIAMONDS 26 N. Canal Street 'Gifts For All WATCHES NEWTON FALLS, OHIO OCCASIONS REPAIRING 11::1'g1n1nu.11--1 -un1,,,,1nn..m.1 1,1 -...,.,,...,1.....-.w....,-,.-m1,,,,1,,,-...V:1-1,1 1 .1 1 1 1 -1 1 11. 11 . Compliments of Western Reserve Lumber Co. as Jay Street Phone 5411 NEWTON FALLS, OHIO Corey's Hardware NEWTON FALLS Phone 3981 Portage Frosted Foods MEAT PROCESSING for LOCKERS and HOME FREEZERS Curing and Smoking - Lard Rendering Meat at Wholesale Prices Phone Newton Falls 5864 1,,,,1: 1,,1,,,,1n.1v- 111m1111:1u::.-,,,,1nn....m1m.-.1 1: 1 Ioe's 5 Drive Inn Joe Stahl, Jr., Proprietor Route 5 NEWTON FALLS, OHIO Phone 2891 FOUNTAIN SERVICE SOHIO GAS and OIL CHICKEN DINNERS - STEAKS HAMBURGERS - FRENCH FRIES 1,m1..11un1W1lm-..1m.1m,-.,m1lu.-m.1uu...un1m...M1 ,,,1m..mv1un1 1 1lm1,,,,1uu1.,,,..m.1un-...m1.n,,141n11v111 1 IOHN R. DAVIS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE NEWTON FALLS Phone 2721 .1,,,,1uu1ml1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 Compliments of Falls Steel Tube 6: Mfg. Co NEWTON FALLS, OHIO "When it's flowers, say it with ours N ussle Greenhouse Phone 5291 Liberty St. NEWTON FALLS I I 4. ....-......-...-....- -1- -1 ------ 1- - - - ,. ty n .,,.. .. iwi.m1.m.-ym1m.1m1nl-ut.-.nn--Inu-mimi RICHARDSON 'S DAIRY GOOD SANDWICHES HOME-MADE ICE CREAM m.1,.g1m1,m--nn1w...,,.-.m.-np.-M-.m...,,,,1m1,, --uninmv --ml.-nu-In Compliments of FALL DRY CLEANERS 39 E. Broad Street NEWTON FALLS g1 1 -.nl1ny.1., -m...,-,..m1nu..-,m1,,v:1nu11,-.,.-,gg..m1'g.1m11 151 .1 .-M1m,11,.1m1m.-m1m1m.-n-nn-.lnig Compliments of Sabin - Corbett. Inc. rom: 'rRAc'roR DEARBQRN IMPLEMENTS Phone Ax-6-5318 417 W. Main St. RAVENNA, OHIO .1nu.1u1v-1ym1-nu-en'u.1.m11 ..,,,1m, FORN EY'S I Compliments I of i Roger Brown g LUMBER COMPANY I RAVENNA, onro E Phone Ax-6-6724 L FINER MEATS ' "Ravenna's Favorite 'Meating Place' " Featuring Finest Quality Meats at Lowest Prices - .tr-h Y: V- F www-J. 3 -1- ' 245 W Main Street v.-un.-mg.-qui -. u-fu1q1n1:n-:-.14n--ln-m-.gnigql pq-me-pqifmq 1 -. 1 -1 .- - -nu--nu-.ln1m1 Free Delivery . . . Ax-7-7739 Ravenna. Ohio -nu1m.-u nn1n.1un--uu...l 4.-..-.-...w.............-..-...,,.................................,......-.-.........-....,...,.-.,.-.,.-.,...................,......... seventy-eight 1I1II.-IIII1IIII. n-.IIII.1Im..IIn-. 1 inn-.nx-.IIII 1 - 1 1 -I 1IIII-mI1IIn1uII1IIII1 1 11.1 - 1 1 1 -IIII1nI-gf. 3 I E1 I I ro o I I I " -I o. 2 E I E I:-'Q I I 3 ' I HQ ' nl Q S I 4 Q I Q I 4 gg 5 cu E O I Z mg I SQ I 3 5' gr-I I Z 55 I Z'-U I 9' 5+ I-3' I ya U3 I Ur' I 7' gr' I 0 V5 I ME I P' 2 Im c:0""'I EI 913- IFJ SHE I P 0 Q m 2 O iz. tzj Z wb I Io: SN'-I I 9 Q Ulf" I O EEO 3no"1 " Z mm I 0 Im I -I IP I."1L-I . S--0:1 g?g rn O gg ,,, I III., gI,.QI S UI Urn QI! IIFUQZE ZOI gvig I IIWQGQE 'QI 0 3 I I-I 3 I III ga S Q 555.-.WI IIQBQEUI-I no SSEESI IIIWSIPIEQQP-II cn' 0 PII I Q P' U' rn us l"' I I9 OIPI-'-U I ff' EWHI 5 ISE 22,20 I U EE: H321 g gg. 153 zzm I n m Hmm? Qoqwg I Umm I z :IS In S 235 . QEIIII-'Io . as I 2 -'I 4 rs -,-3423-I Q -+ Q-U' I 2 0 I mb' I 0 F' 7?-gI'E"" :IIS 5 Q III I I M I .T V' C' ' 5:43:30 I M ' E ' Q I S? I-I2 I I O N I-, Oda un EI, V' I I5 I I 3 O I g I I " I 54 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I' eighty 51111111111.-111n1urn.-mu-.ul11Q...-111.--.10...1-.-mai Compliments of Herberts Drug Store NEWTON FALLS Compliments of Iohnnie's Men's Shop 21 Broad Street NEWTON FALLS Behun's SERVICE STATION NEWTON FALLS .1 -21:1-. --1 -gi 1 1 1 1 -. - 1 .- 1 1 -. 1 1 1. Meet your friends at the Friendly Corner TOWN PUMP " The Ha,rrington's " Cotton Corners RAVENNA Compliments of Newton Falls Builders Supply Company ty nine Ravenna Athletic Supply For your sporting goods - see us 220 Meridian RAVEN NA Phone Ax-6-4463 Wood Funeral Homes East Main Street Ravenna - Atwater Ambulance Service 1 1 1 1 1 11.1415.1In1..1-11mt.-m,.1m....u..1,,,,1,,,.-1m1'u-.un1.,,1,.,..-un1,,.,1, 1 1 1 1 1 The P. L. FRANK LUMBER Co. Everything For The Builder Ravenna Dial Ax 7-732 Kent Dial OR 3-3614 1,,.,1.,,.1m1ml111,11.,,.1..m1m.1....1.,.,,.-lm..-mf..-m,.....,4,,--,,,,...,,-..nu1.un1u,.1m,.1 1-1.1 1 1 1 1 1 PAUL G. MILLS. INC. ALLIS CHALMERS - NEW HOLLAND SALES and SERVICE L 338 N. Diamond Street Phone AX 7-3474 RAVENNA, OHIO Dealers in the Latest in Modern Farm Equipment 1m:nu.-un.-nn-an-m11 1m.-..,1uu1...-.m.-un1,,.1m1m1lm1m.- 11.11511 MOTORISTS MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Agent - L. A. Herst Phone Ax 6-8760 . Riddle Block No. 9. Room 22 200 W. Main Street Ravenna. Ohio -1.-'1----,.,,-,-1-1-iw,-1-1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m1ln1u1pg1 -j..-.,-....--.......---..--.. . I I I PICCIONES' I Jewelers S I . f Watches - D1amonds - Jewelry 244 W. Main St. Phone AX-6-5374 I RAVENNA, OHIO S I I I I I. F. Babcock Milling Co. ff DAISY FLOUR " Mill Feed - Hay - Straw - Corn Meal Salt and Seeds Ravenna, Ohio Phone Ax-6-6621 I THE FIRST SAVINGS BANK I AND S I TRUST COMPANY I CAPITAL .... 5 SURPLUS . . . I I I S I I I I Kropp's Pennzoil Service I I Gas - Oil - Accessories I T ROAD SERVICE I T 403 Cleveland Road Phone Ax 6-8091 I I ! 1 ,lf-..--..g1 1 .1-,.1n:m1n1 1 1 u-n-In-lxu-. eighty-one I Ravenna. Ohio ,. S150,000.00 .. 700,000.00 5 "First" . . . For Most People Ravenna Feed Store FEEDS - SEEDS - LIME FERTILIZER - GRIND and MIX POULTRY SUPPLIES Ravenna, Ohio 150111 E 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1...1,.,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .....u...,m1m.1m1m!o T T T I E I T The Big' 5 and 10 T Compliments of E . L T Nichols 5 and 10c Stores SCHILI-ING DRUGS LT ' - fPresc1-iptionsj 5 NEW SELF SERVICE E I T T Newton Fone, Ohio T I "Save Nickles at Nichols" T Phone 6013 L I l T T L-n-:ruin--u -1111111111 U.-......:Lm-n un-uu-n-n- -I-lv-I-'11-I-I-I-0-ii T T e T T F. C. BYERS i PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - DELCO BATTERIES T HUNTING and FISHING EQUIPMENT e I T 434 Beecher Avenue RAVENNA, or-no T Phone Ax 6-6532 T L e E iiiliiltvr iliiill Q iiiii ll TIE T"M""T'-'- - ' - T T T T 1 1 1 T - T 7 Success To The "Pirates" l T T From T T Q T I WARD BAKING co. 1 S l T T T , T 1 Bakers of Enriched I 1 Q TIPTOP BREAD cmd CAKES T T T I T T iq... 1111 nu-l1I--l1l1lu1m-ln-v-In--:vin-II1lw-ll1ll1ll-l-l1ln-l1lI-l-!-l'-Il1l-'l'-l-ll-l-lJl eighty-four +--...--M- 5 5 L L L L L E BRYAN F. JoNEs AGENCY L L L Complete Insurance and Real Estate Service L L L L L 118 North Chestnut Street L Dial Ax 6-6533 Ravenna. Ohio i L L L L L n--nn-m-nn-In ------1---1- ll'-lm!-me-m -------------- -1 L L I 1 ' i RoY s MARKET T L Groceries - Meats - Produce . L i Mont-lgney Hardware 119 N. Chestnut Street FREE DELIVERY E E PLUMBERS' SUPPLIE Phone AX 6-3223 RAVENNA, OHIO S GLASS - TOOLS - GIFTS L"n'4"' -'-'----" '-H' "' -"'-"l TOYS - BIPS - PAINTS Spread Satin and Dupont Paints . . 1 r r i V G S Y G oce Y L ADMIRAL and GROSLEY 'rv f Groceries - Meats - Ice Cream I Pop - Cigarettes and ?'?'? L Phone Ax 7-7621 Ravenna, Ohio 1 Phone Ax-7-7800 Charlestown Center L L L L L L L rl n-n-I-nu-In-M-Ml-lv --------- --nn--m ---------------- .- eighty-three ql1lu1.m1.m.1 1 1 1nn1.un.-.m1.n1m1mu-m1..,1.,,,.-,,,,1.,,.-,.n1p., .,,1n1nu1..g1.y,1,m1......lm.-m.1,m.-nu1.q1.m1.m.-m14,u1l.,1i1.1u 1 1 1m1m.-M1,m1..u1m1.m1..u1,,,,1m.1m.1,,..1.n1nu1nn-lm-..m.1m1.m,-w.1,m1,m1,m.-H.,1.,,1.l1m.1m,1m. Dial Ax 6-6725 659 Cleveland Road KLEIN 'S FURNITURE "Out of the Way, but Less RAVENNA, OHIO to Pay" Compliments of Ravenna Drug Service RAK f IOBBER Servicing Super Markets - Independent Grocers RAVENNA, OHIO ..,a-.n.-.:,,-.n,-,,.....u.. - .. ...M m.-.m-t.-.t.?.-....-n..-....- - - - .. - .. -4 - .. - .. -W- Underwood , T and Royal ,.,' if 115-117 N. Chestnut Portables fi Mi, 2 ' Compliments of Uonvenicnt Terms 5 From 867.50 plux tax KR.EINBERG'S 5 Jewelers since 1884 T 228 W. Main St. . Ravenna RANDALL'S SHOP RAVENNA, omo VALE EDGE - KAINRAD DAIRIES. INC. At Your Service the Year Around With Grade "A" Products and Quality Check Ice Cream Our Banquet Hall is Available upon request for Parties and Banquets at all times Phone 6419 247 South Chestnut Ravenna. Ohio i M- -ii. -1.1-I ,q1....,,1 1 - 1 ..g.-r1,q1-.,1nq-ula11m,.. 1 1 1 1-1 eighty Compliments of SKORMAN'S RAVENNA and KENT Charlestown Sand 6. Gravel Charles Champagne - Charles Champagne Jr Grade A Mason Sand A New Route 5 7 miles east ot Ravenna Day Phone Ax 7-8462 - Night Phone Ax 7-9677 1.m...m.-m....a1rm.-nn- 1 -. 1 .. 1 .- 1 .. .. .. .- 1 1 .--... 1 1 .- ... 1 .. ... .- .1nu1.n1u... 1 1 1 1 1 .1 -.ming-ul-.51 .- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1.1-141,411.1 mn-Im-m1un!4 I I T I I Pounds Motor Sales I Compliments of I I 3 CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH T A Q SALES and SERVICE l I Friend I Phone Ax 6-6447 I I I 1 422 W. Main st. Rovonnn, Ohio I I 1- if -1 llll :ull-vuui llll 1 llll 1 lvll 1 1Ill-1llIilLIl-1 Illl 1 IIII --llll riiiv 11 - III1 -xun--'-Illv 1 1 vllll-xllll-I 11913 ' f ' fl I 1 . ,- w ... . L f' ! l'l:7EQI4 E - fi.,-"' -L I I 5,3-cad' 3 '-' S: 'D C! -1 a+.. -:v--1 E- "' mia'-ea. I 'get a load ot the finest ice cream you ever tasted!" I .-..,,-I.,-...- .... -..I.. .,,. -.I.....I-,..-...-...-.I- .... -.I.-..I-....-..I-.,.-...- ..,. -...-.,,-.,.-,. - - - -...-...-i 1 I GIVEN ELECTRIC SERVICE Phone Ax-6-5658 Wiring - Commercial - Industrial - Residential TV Installations - Sylvania TV Sets SALES GENERAL ELECTRIC 1 .Refrigerators - Deep Freezes 1 I Automatic Washers - Automatic Dryers Ironers - H. W. Heaters - TERMS -1 nl Til1itll lllillt-9il1ln11l1l 111ii11llli?T lillillillllllllil-Ili' eighty-eight Tltun 11111111 1111111 I u-nn-:un-IIII-un-In-un-IuIinn-mI1In1m1mI.-.I..l--IIII1nu-un:-Invun--ul? I L I Mayhew Elevator Co. Portage Frosted Foods i I Meat Processing For Lockers 1 RAVENNA. OHIO and Home Freezers I i Phone Ax 6-6434 E , , , e I Gurmg and Smoking - Lard Rendering I OVER 34 YEARS SERVIQE T0 Meat at Wholesale Prices I PORTAGE COUNTY FARMERS I Ravenna Ax 6-5216 Newton Rene 5864 i i e i I I - Q ,,- .... -... - - - - - - ..,-,I-,I-,.. - - - .ie. -.I.- - - - - -,.. -I,- - -.- - - -..-.,.-. 6 I f I AKRON COFFEE 6. GROCERY co. I I I l I 131 N. Summit Street L 2 AKRON 9. or-no I Q l gn-I:u 11111111111f1111111111111111 I:1:- -- iurlm-ll - l 2 I g TIRES - FULL RECAPPING - VULGANIZING T PASSENGER and TRUCK - ALL SIZES - FARM TIRES S I I - I RAVENNA TIRE SERVICE S Q mei Ax 6-6324 - I 480 CLEVELAND ROAD RAIIENNA, OHIO 2 2 I 5 in-IIII- 1 1 - - -- 1111111111111-1- 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1In1uuI-II! I I I A Compliments of W. M. KYSER SALES co. 2 i Distributors of i JANITORIAL, SANITARY end scHooL SUPPLIES j 7 scnoor. and oFF1cE FURNITURE L I 4 I Q .inn-MI-1 1-11111111 1111 11111111111111111 I -- un-nic eighty-seve X ninstv .g....... I I 1 'i I I I I I I I H I E I E I I I I I I E I s I I I a I 5 I s I I I 2 I I s I I I E I I s I I I 5 I E I e I T e I 'I' -nu.-.mi-.11g...-1111.111...-11'-. OUR BEST WISHES . . TO THE CLASS OF '54 DAMON CHEMICAL COMPANY Sanitation Chemicals IAMES FUNERAL HOME Newton Falls 24 I-Iour Ambulance Service I Phone 4661,,1un1 1 1 .- 1 -I1 1 1 IT'S A PLEASURE BUILDING OUR ' COMMUNITY TOGETHER I The keen interest of the officers and directors of this bank in connnunity affairs is based on a realization that everything which helps the Community also helps the bank, Promoting home growth and prosperity builds a solid foundation for our own progress. 0 Customers find this a friendly and ueighborly bank. THE SECOND NATIONAL BANK RAVENNA, OHIO Serving Portage County Since 1854 .- .- .- ...- - -. 41ug.-In-.M1l.q1m...-u.-m1.-1m..-m.-u...-.m..-mg.,-ln.-.,m...n..-. -. 1 1 1 1 1. .- eighty-nine rg.

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