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l - J .. u X f , f ,mfg , Q N' f H. I 1- Q- " aww, JA , . .www H143 4 a ff' M ww! fn E, I le its .4 Mfr? az bv' ini! gr, g5,:2"4-rw .. 'fy nr. , L ,,m11,':,i,, , 1 ' w,51WlM' . J if: z 53g2Zii.i g K' 1' ,, gfsiimlli, -f::igafg1-- 4- 2' , :QM : ',v"'1+:i.g V V 5fi?'.t51f "' I 4 J Q.11s5fgw.w The l 967 Published by the Senior Closs of South Rowon Senior High School Route 3 Chino Grove, North Corolino Beth Kirk Co-Editors Eddie Belk Mory Linn Drye Asst. Editors Lee Sloon Mrs. C. Merritt 1 Advisors if .itt 'lil ' Mrs. J. B. Foggort S 5 lf. i 1 Speciol Photography-Mr. Fred Corriher, Jr. but a day but a mto In the mlles, This has W1 last has left greatest precious than often we throw 1967 make that we BLE OF CONTENTS Administration and Classes . . . Senior Class . . . Who's Who of 1967 Hall of Fame . . Junior Class . . . Sophomore Class Features . . Activities . . Athletics . . . Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page A YEAR IS BUT A DAY We Dedicafe... Searching--for humility. Seeking--for character . . . We fommd a teacher who possesses a pleasing combination of all the fine qualities that make a person outstanding. As a teacher and friend of the students at South Rowan, she has done much to instill in them the qualities that will help them to become mature adults. As a business education teacher, she strives to prepare the student for a successful life in the business world. Her patience, understanding and wisdom have helped her in the supervision of Hall the student government activities, in the guidance of the acti- vities of the Junior Class, and in the leadership of other extra- curricular activities. She will always be remembered as a friend and as a super- lative teacher - Mrs. Clyde Bostian. n l' if-I ' .X lg 6 Mrs. Earl Cavin Guidance Counselor In Tribufe To... Mrs. Cavin explains guidance procedures to student helpers. Whenever there are problems of any kind - whenever scholarships or the proper college we wish to find - there's always one on whom we can depend - Mrs. Earl Cavin, our guidance counselor. For her many years as teacher, friend, and counselor, we would like to take this oppportunity to pay special tribute and to say "thank you". .-unii"i'v, Mr. H. A. McCreary Principal Miss Sylvia Trivette Secretary NSS Without the capable leadership of our principal and his secretary, South Rowan, would not have made such outstanding prog- ress. We wish to acknowledge our earnest appreciation for their able leadership and patient understanding. ,N Vs' -dh N web. 'Q-fl, , f - N A 1' F! 5 Y! QM, . Mzkzirzwfm fiaavef Mrs. Sadie Barger Mrs. Lillian Merritt Business Math Typing Consumer Math Office Practice Mrs. Thelma Bostian Bookkeeping I and II Mrs. Bostian explains the mysteries of assets and lia- bilities. BUSINESS In the Business Department, the students learn typing and the various techniques of office procedure. Through shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, business math and other related subjects, the students are well prepared to enter the business world. Business Math students learn practical math for everyday life. I F E 4 5 , 5 f f T Q 5 5 1 4 3 ? 5 ,,. N, f ugh? Mrs. Merritt illustrates tabulation. .wg ' Mrs. Midgie Dial Shorthand I and II Sec. Office Practice Mrs. Dial dictates to her Secretarial Office Practice Class EDUCATION rn O? CH, emi mga' 256, Q23 56-gp 553 4""O msg 9199 00m :Our :ogg 20-5 F250 D15 50" C-'rn sms m""C :ED- wtmg 525' ""Or- Q-r--fp EDEN UQH Q53 mm om v-sv-s 85 U85 rn Q.. 55 E Es leg-' FV' Us 2.3 O CTCD -v-s WS Cm P254 5. Q. gm mg U38 xv 9.8 is rf' QV! U15-' Om v-e"! 'Biz' W? ,, ...,,......-M.-N-,,,.W.M.i,ffw' "" Q , . N.. 13' -ig "ZfaW"'22z55f0':l M9126 H F rj .... ' F M, M M Miss Betty McKee TYPUWE I Consumer Math Miss McKee keeps 2. watchful eye on her typing I class. f' 5 .AV 'g W , sl 5 4 ,.. '11 fi? 'fa --r Q5 . . , , ,Q ff'Z ,ffi Im 'f., 1 -,-':'7 f? -. ' 1 ,, hhah E E . an S an Mrs. Smith explains the importance of parallel structure. MPS- Alden-3 Smith English 104 Mrs. Jane Faggart English 104 of WL 4 Mrs. Faggart explains the significance of diagramming. Miss Suzanne Swain English 103 ENGLISH South Rowan has a well organ- ized E n gl i s h department which strives to prepare students for col- lege, to enable them to communicate intelligently, and to enjoy the mar- vels of literature. I2 , fvuj nkjjr f ?iM'f tibia J W1 Ji Lklxyllf ,jn!,y agjlljff fl- .f QU' 2112, ' qv ' ',2.,L+" Ji!! LJ' W L NX ,Lf ,WXDNWUWW M100 b lf' J V AX! ,M fly ,QU ' rs. Pa Co i' put ,U Miss Annabelle Peeler English :r 'Vydfc English 103 Q, ,3 I J ' Journalism e ii' ' . 1 4 . f iff . f n f ' ,gg iw. .511 3 'f"f4.,.f . -.. -izirlzktfeii, ' ' e :f?g'SS:1pf-fit? 1 ... f in i nn,n is My Part of the fun of journalism is seeing the fin- ished product. When Sophomores be gi n saying "Friends. Romans, . . ." weknow that Julius Caesar is mighty yet. And Juniors meet Poe, Sandburg, and Frost-- and research themes. Seniors struggle with Chau- cer and Ivanhoe and realize how much there really is to this subject called English. Mrs. John Chambers English 102 Sociology ' .fi 6 9 .J fl 7 1 Mr. Garland Koontz English 102 , Y, 1 '11 Miss Katie Campbell Mrs. Corriher's class diligently concentrates onJULIUS CAE- English 103 SAR. Speech and Dramatics I3 French nasal sounds, "le"or "la" before every noun, hearing our voices on the tape recorder, and Mr. Yates always reminding us to speak in French--these are our memories of French. Mr. Charles Yates ,wx French 5 " ,wi V, ' "" ..-emf .ifrT 5525 ' 3 Declensions, Caesar,Latin My .P er -e is 'k G., ,pq , A' Formn, Conjugations - all W " - X f ' A , ig X 3' Q, L' familiar elemeefe efbeee- gf ecee y F ef F in pf? ' e :gi More and more students K X ' see the importance of tak- Q ,..:- ' V E W , ing Latin I, II or III. And fue g Im.. r X if ' ffzyg if y Miss Langley insists that A ,M e, my ' this language will never 'gf . , 'I die. H cf F l J V. .,kk f it Q ' Miss Betfv Laflglei' F, .4 i 5 , X F Latin ' :" L I4 Mrs. C. P. Baldwin Spanish Mrs. Baldwin explains the Spanish cul- ture, grammar, and customs. A Spanish proverb says, "He who would understand his neighbors must put his head into their house." l .. I I f , .I i , 'K' ' ' 5222 , LM? q fa . M in ' f, V if ff , 5 Mr. Harvey Carpenter Algebra III Solid Geometry Trigonometry 1 . Vw '- -'mffklglfi ' S . . A ,mi fiaztfffwmw V N. MATHEMATICS I5 The mathematics department offers courses to fit the needs of any high school student including algebra I, algebra II, algebra III, solid geometry and trigo- nometry. Our teachers in this field are excellent and prepare us well for college and life after school. mathematics makes us think, think, think! Cmathematics makes us cry, cry, cryll. , h 1 ' " t . g...,: . . . T2 Xf ..L 4 -ff f ,L.. K fi Mr. Kenneth Kluttz Algebra Who says that-times + : - and - times - 1" zz ' ffifyggx Mk . f, I A , ., , w sf ,-an Z Wy, gg 3, f Q ---.- 6 aw 1 W Z ' 'Y N i i . f .gr I tg Mrs. Zelma Simmons Algebra II Geometry Now we all know what our fin- gers are for when we have these numbers! QR 5 in Mrs. Jerry Poole Geometry Mrs. Poole tries to convince us that the se "messy" radicals won't hurt us. ifsgaag . -- V . M icah Q at ' ' g , w2'ffz:2agJf -, ff A ww , ' ' f M. , ., Ma ... ,Av ei 5' V tv 9.4 A X . f. .fav . Mr. Lope Linder Mr. Jack Snyder P. E. P. E. World History The class participates in a game of volley ball. P.E. " ggtive participation is always encouraged. . W xxx 3 The Physical Education Department has three main objectives. f These objectives are as follows: to develop many skills in activi- tiesg to develop the organic systems ofthe bodyg and to provide opportunities for participation in pnysical activities that will re- sult in educational experiences. Mrs.coywi1ne1m . by ' P. E. le., Q ek , A . . One, two, three--all together now. Exercise is always good for one's coordination. I7 Sonya Moss Lab. Asst. hh- .ai+..,,,. M ws? V Mrs. W. L. Johnston Chemistry Brenda Deese Lab. Asst. Mrs. Johnston explains the mixed formulas to the Chemis- try class. SCIENCE In toda.y's moving, changing world, there is a sufficient reason for studying science in our school. Our culture, based as it is upon technology and scientific endeavor, demands that each person be broadly educated in science. This is necessary for effective and happy living through intelligent interaction with the living and inanimate things in the world around us. Sharon Fowler Lab. Asst 'w Mr. Marshall Murphy Biology Biology holds a special place in the hearts of those who love Susan LOWder to dissect worms, frogs, and cats. Lab. Asst. IB Eddie Fink Elyca McCork1e Lab. Asst. Mrs. Dorothy Helms Physics Chemistry Physics with its problems, homework, and vector quantity is quite an experience. get 'gig . kwa 3' . Mrs. Joe Furr Anatomy At ' Biology f ' i., , - fyyh in I Anatomy teaches many vital things necessary in preparing Wanda Martin for a career in medicine as well as in understanding the Lab. ASSL functions of our bodies. X Vg K Miss Brenda Sheppard Biology l 'v-- , r zm, -.:Vt- V ' 1 itt,, ' fi Brenda Sifford Sharon Horton Classification of plants and animals gives some of us Lab, Assistants quite a headache. I N .X NI! wa '1 'I ' nngi 1, fv .V ,a i , N Mrs. Charles Heilig Geography World History World history proves fascinating to these students. SOCIAL Social studies with all those dates, names, and facts help us to be better citizens. Our social studies department offers american history to all juniors, economics and sociology to the seniors. In addition, we also have world history and geography. Miss Carolyn James Mrs. Heilig points out some of the interesting facts about old empires. American History Sociology-Economics 20 Economics teaches us the way our country is run financially. STUDIES We will always carry with us the interest- ing and background material as we continue our search of the world. ff Miss Carol Harrell American History Economics-Sociology Mr. John Cherry American History Economics These students are explaining to the class the "Lame Duck" Amendment. 21 Mrs. Rann Yost American History -my 1-Q-.1 nut... -suv.. --.- Mrs. Joe Sloop Miss Ruth Dillard HOME ECONOMICS A A A 4 4 4 4 4 Home Econo- mics adds a great deal to our cur- riculum. E v e r y girl realizes the importance of cooking, s e W i n g and home mana- ging. AGRICULTURE 5 5 3 Q W 2 n r Hi v v V 1 Q f' X I Mr. R. C. Hampton 55 FH snn ,. ,,, ' Q -,,:. ZA 'V nfsn, gif? ie 3' ii ' ,n,i Boys taking agriculture learn many vital things that will be of value to them in the future. Mr. W. W. Wade BIBLE Xxx-AMMNAA, . I , V,,k ,yi j M ,VV,.k, 5, V . VT, F- ,, A WM.. ,, i X ,fi-'54 Q75 s.....- "I ,M M Mrs. Page leads the class to a. better understanding of the Bible. LIBRARY SCIENCE Mrs. Ralph Linn MTS- Ja-mes Alexander These students are most helpful in the operation of the library. 23 Mrs. Page psf: Mr. George Daniels Distributive Education DISTRIBUTI VE EDUCATION Students long to earn money as they continue their education. D. E. gives them this opportlmity as they work part time in conjunc- tion with their classroom work. Mr. Lawrence Owen Industrial Arts ei. if The Industrial Arts Department allows students to construct their own ideas with their hands. They learn to develop skill in building projects with the use of many com- plicated machines. I DRIVERS EDUCATION NDUSTRIAL ARTS x . onrgggpsauserm a -4 ee: it Mr. Dewey Caudle MP- 1 Drivers Education n I ,QT . ., I 5 ,sgggw :games . . Mil .. . ,,., Q. ,.ft. L... M ,,,c , ..,.. ...YW 1 we ..-.. - f"-if ' -J .ig W fliaggiw ?sEii??i3R iif3..i?iiZ.' D 45 Every driver should strive to become a bf 5 better one. This is the goal of our Drivers pg 5 4 a Education Department. A - 1-,Q fy, ff A- If Q5 u . ..k.,. g,,,g,. 24 GUIDANCE Our guidance department, di- rected by Mrs. Cavin, is well quali- fied to discuss and help us find the way to solve our own problems, whether they be about our studies or our personal problemsg whether they be large or small. . t,t, . Mrs. Earl Cavin advises a student on proper procedure for college entrance. OU TH TA FF NA PS n . '.,. v g u . sd-v-ai X N Q pdf .qw NSA X sb X' X N. xx ?di 'UN f"'t J! , Sim ji ,F RW wr -X' OUR FRIENDS Mrs. Plnunmer and her cafeteria staff keep us well fed. We are indeed grateful for all the special things they do for us. Mr. Cook deserves spe- cial praise for his patience and hard work in helping to keep South Rowan neat and clean and a pleasant place to spend the better part of our days. Mrs. Plummer Mrs Carter Mrs. Morgan Mrs Kirk DRINKS ,sums rv s Q N I C E fyfj 5 u . aa A A5 Mrs. Karriker Mr- Cook Mr Eudy Mrs. Moore 28 Uhffef A SENIOR CLASS GFFICERS . , . SSSS SALSS ...zppegidem 4 ei Q B. 0bby ADav iS ' "' Vice-President ..... Ronnie Brown Secretary ........ Sandra Benson Treasurer. . . . . Suzanne Roberts Wwflass Sponsor .... Mrs. J. B. Faggart DORLAND ABERNATHY Bible Club l,2,3g Chorus 1 2 3 Cheerleader 2 Pep Club 2g Certificate of Merit Magazine Cam paign 3g "Feathertop" 2g 'Pride and Prejudice cast 35 Latin Club 1. BILLY ADAMS JOYCE ANN ALEXANDER Chorus 3g Transfer Student Aggrey Memorial SANDY ALEXANDER F.H.A. 15 Bus Driver 2,3g Bible Club 1 Bus Dr1 ver's Club 2,3g Certificate of Merit Magazine Campaign 3g High Salesman in the Candy Sale 2 RODGER ALLMAN Chorus 3g Track 1,2,3. CARSON RAY ALSBROOKS Chorus 35 Transfer Student DANNY ARANT F.F.A. 1,2g D.E. club 2,3. LARRY ARCHIE Bus Driver 2,3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3g Spanish Club 2 l 31 JOE ASHLEY Football 3g Superlative, Most Popularg Football Awardg Dramatics Club, President 3. STEPHEN P. ASHLEY DIXIE DARDNELL BANKS F.H.A. lg Chorus 33 Cheerleader 2,35 Southerner Staff, Typist 3g Pep Club 2,35 Dramatics 35 Jour- nalism Club 2,3. BETTY KAREN BARBEE WAYNE ALAN BARLOW Latin Club 2. MARY HELEN BARNHARDT Chorus 2,33 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Cam- paign 3. MARTHA BASINGER F.H.A. l,2,3g Bible Club 25 Chorus 35 Homecom- ing Attendant 2g Pep Club 23 Dramatics 3. TONY WADE BASINGER KATHY BEAVER F.H.A. lg Certificate of Merit, Magazine Cam- paign 3g Marshal 2. MARY BEAVER F.H.A. l,2. SKEET BEAVER Bible Club 3, President 35 Band 1,2,3g Student As- sembly 3, Certificate of Merit, Magazine Cam- paign 3g Latin Club 1,2. CAROLYN BEBBER Chorus 3g Pep Club 3. EDDIE BELK F.T.A. parliamentarian 2,3, State Vice President Nomineeg Science Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 25 Foot- ball lg Wrestling 1,2,3g Southerner Staff, Co-Edi- torg Pep Club 2,35 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign, Top Salesman, Liberty Bell Winnerg American History Award, Citizenship Trophy, Dramatics 35 Cast "Pride and Prejudice"g Latin Club, Vice President 2g Journalism Club 1,2g Student of Month 2,35 Prom Co-Chairmang College night hostg State and District Science Symposium Representative from South Rowang State Science Fair Representativeg Second Place in District Science Fair. SANDRA KAY BENSON Cheerleader 2,3, Chief 3g Superlative, Best Per- sonality, Secretary of the Senior Classg Student Assembly 1,35 Pep Club 1,2,3g Certificate of Mer- it, Magazine Campaign 3. JACKIE P. BERRY Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. LINDA DIANNE BLACKWOOD F.H.A. 3. is SUZANNE BOSTIAN D.E. Club 2,3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3, 4th Highest salesman in Class. TERRY LYNN BOSTIAN Science Club 1,2g Basketball 13 Hi-Y 1,25 Presi- dent of Junior Class, Student Assembly 3g Tennis 1,23 French Club 1,2. BUDDY BRACEY Track 15 Hi-Y 2, Student Body Treasurer 2, Stu- dent Assembly 1,2g Spanish Club 2. DONNA BRADSHAW Pep Club 3g French Club 2, Journalism Club 3. SHARON ELIZABETH BRAFFORD National Honor Society 2,33 F.T.A. 1,2,3, Treas- urer 2, Song Leader 3, Student Assembly 2, Cer- tificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3g Marshal 2g Lab Assistant 2. HARRY BRAWLEY D.E. Club 3. RONALD CHARLES BROWN Chorus 2g Football 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3g Vice President of Class 2,33 Student Assembly 3. GARY BURRIS F.F.A. 35 Football 3g Track 33 Wrestling 35 Most Valuable Wrestler 3. MIKE BURRIS F,F,A, 1,2,3g Football 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3g Wrestling 2. BONNIE BUTLER PAU LE TTE BUTTS DEBORAH CAGLE F.H.A. 2g Band 1,2,3g Journalism 2. JAMES R. CARAWAN H1-Y 1,2. MIKE CARLISLE DONNA CAUBLE F.H.A. 2g Southerner Staff, Art Editorg Marshal 2. MATHALENE CAUSER Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. My ,-. WZ"-ffr ,ww WN BOBBY CAVIN Basketball 1g Student Assembly 1,2g Tennis 1,2,3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 35 Dra- matics 35 Journalism Club 2,3, Sports Editor 2, Co-Editor 3. BRAD CHILDRE SS ROBERT J. CLARK, JR. F.F.A. 33 Bus Driver 3, Football as Basketball 3, Certificate of M erit, Magazine Campaign 3, Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. SHARON MARIE CLEMENT WILLIE CLIFTON, JR. Transfer Student, Logan High. ELLEN CLODFELTER Basketball 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3, Dramatics 3, Treas- urer 3g Girls' Playday 1. JOYCE CONNELL F.H.A. 1,2,3g Library Club 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3. BOBBY CONNOR Bus Driver 3, Transfer Student, Aggrey Memori- al. DALE MOUZON COOK Football 1,25 Basketball 15 Tennis 15 Latin Club 3. ROY CORRELL Football 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2535 Superlative, Best Personalityg Class Officer 2, Treasurerg Student Body Officer 3, President5 Student Assembly 2,35 Pep Club 2,35 Special Awards, Most Valuable Football Player 15 Dramatics 35 Spanish Club 25 Member Cast of "Pride and Prejudice" 3. FRANK CORRIHER F.F.A. 152,35 Bus Driver 2,35 Band 1,2,3. GARY CRAWFORD F.F.A. 35 Football 35 Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. GARY FRANKLIN CRESS F.F.A. 1,2,35 Football 1,2,35 Basketball 152,35 Baseball 1,2,35 Pep Club 35 Certificate of Merit 35 F.F.A. Quartet 25 Co-captain of Basketball Team 35 Cast"Pride and Prejudice"35A1l-County Basketball 25 All-Conference in Basketball 25 Vice-President of F.F.A. 3. LINDA CUNNINGHAM Chorus 35 Transfer Student from Aggrey Memori- ial. MIKE CURRAN Chorus 35 Basketball 1,35 Pep Club 1. WALTER DAUGHERTY Science Club 1,2,35 Football 25 Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 15 Hi-Y 2,35 Pep Club 3. :W V W , V , , f, , ., W 4 - 5, - , , 5, 71 ,4 .V Ff- a f. ,ff , - jr- pl' A -, :Q-.i.',,f. ' .W N ,,,, M M ,S UK.. K. ,V " Qi' U' ,vt , - L ff H ,1ki.fL',5. ' 1. ,V BOBBY DAVIS Science Club 1,2,3g Basketball 33 Superlative, Best All Roundg Southerner Staff 3g Senior Class Presi- dentg Pep Club 33 Latin Club 1,2g Industrial Man- agement Club 3. LIBBY DEADMON Bible Club 2,33 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. RENEE DEADMON Library Club 3. SAMMY DEADMON Journalism Club 3. ANDY DEAL F.F.A. 1,2,3g Journalism Club 3. BUTCH DEAL F.F.A. 1,2,3g Hi-Y 2. LINDA DEAL Student Assembly 1. SHARON DEAL . BRENDA ELAINE DEESE F.T.A. 2,33 Band 1,2,33 Chorus 33 Southerner Staff, Solicitor, Student Assembly 2,33 Latin Club 1,2,33 Majorette 2,3, Chief 33 Prom Entertainment 2g Pianist for Baccalaureate 23 School Correspondent to Daily Independent 33 Hostess for College Night 23 Lab Assistant 3. DIANE DDCON EDDIE DIXON JERRY W. DIXON F.F.A. 13 Transfer student, Kershaw High School. JOHN DRIVER Band 1,2,33 Science Club 13 Basketball 13 Wres- tling 33 Latin Club 13 All State Band Clinic l,2,33 Pep Band 1,2,3. MARY LINN DRYE National Honor Society 2,3, Vice President 33 F,.T.A. 1,2,3, Historian 23 Band 1,2,33 Southerner Staff, Assistant Editor 33 Pep Club 2,33 Certifi- cate of Merit 3, 2nd high salesman, Candy sale 3100. 33 Dramatics 13 Marshal 2g Jr. Classical League 1,2j Journalism Club 2g Senior Attendant for the Homecoming Court 33 1st runner-up Miss Merry Christmas3 Nominee for Governor's School 13 Representative for Girls' State-1966 23 All State Band Clinic 1,23 School correspondent for Salisbury Post 23 State Band Contest 1,2,33 Drum Majorette 2,33 Prom Hostess 13 Prom Committee, entertainmentg S100 Curtis Plan Club 3. EDDIE DEAN ELLER Bus Driver 2,33 Science Club 33 Bus Drivers Club 13 Spanish Club 2. MARY LOUISE ELLER Chorus 33 Latin Club 2,3. sw, 'UM p. Pts -590 '95 WILMA ERWIN HAROLD FAGGART PAM FARLOW Bible Club 35 Southerner Staff, Solicitorg Pep Club 1g Latin Club 1,23 Journalism Club 3, President 3. BOBBY FARMER Superlative, Most Courteous. PAM FAUCETTE Select Chorus 3g Dramatics 3. BOBBIE FEIMSTER BARBARA FESPERMAN Tri-Hi-Y lg Southerner Staff, Photo Editorg Pep Club 35 Tennis 1,2,3g Dramatics 3g Latin Club 15 Spanish Club 2g Correspondent to Salisbury Post 3. CHRISTINE FESPERMAN Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Southerner Staff, Solicitorg Pep Club 35 Tennis 1,2,3g Dramatics 3, Secretary 3g Assistant Director "Pride and Prejudice" 3. RALPH EUGENE FESPERMAN F.F.A. 1. JOHN FIDDNER CHARLES E. FINGER HERMAN EDWARD FINK Band 1,2,33 Science Club 1,2,3g Superlative, Most Dependableg Certificate of Merit 3g Dramatics 3g Latin Club 1,2g Journalism Club 1,2,3. ANN LA-RUE FISHER Bible Club l,2,3g Chorus 3g Cheerleader, alternate 2g Southerner Staff, Solicitor 35 Bible Christmas Play 25 Cast "Back to Bethlehem" 2. PAUL DAVID FISHER National Honor Society 2,3, Presidentg Band l,2,3, Science Club 1,2, Vice President 2g Certificate of Merit 3, 4th high salesman, S100 Clubg Ameri- can History Award 2g Booster Club's Scholarship Award 1,2g Marshal 2, chiefg Latin Club 1,Z, Vice- Counsul 1, Counsul 2g Journalism Club 35 All- State Band 2,3g National Science Foundation Sum- mer Institute 25 Morehead Nomination 3g National Merit Semi-finalist 35 Top Five Scholastically 1, 2,3. PERRY FORTSON TERRY FORTSON W 8- w HIUA 5 42 SHARAN RENE FOWLER F.T.A. 35 F.H.A. 15 Bible Club 1,25Select Chorus 35 Science Club 1,25 Student Assembly 15 Pep Club 1,2,3, President 3, Publicity agent 25 Dramatics worker 25 Latin Club 1,25 Journalism Club 1,25 News Editor 25 School Correspondent, The Daily Independent 25 Lab-assistant 2,35 State Choral 3. CAROLYN FREEMAN F.H.A. 1, Latin ciub 1,2. LINDA SUE FREEZE F.H.A. 35 Miss Merry Christmas 35 Pep Club 35 Journalism Club 2,35 Circulation and Publicity Manager 2, Business Manager 3. PRESSLEY FREEZE Band 1,2,35 Football 1. SHELIA FULCHER F.H.A. 152,35 Band 15 Southerner Staff, Typist 3. JACK GOODNIGHT Football 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2,35 Superlative, Most Athleticg Dramatics 35 Captain Football 35 Drama Club. LINDA JANE GOODNIGHT Chorus 35 Southerner Staff, Typist 35 Pep Club 1, 2,35 Tennis 1,2,35 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 35 Journalism Club, Typist 35 Guidance Office 35 S50 for candy sale5 Prom Committee, Entertainment 2. JO GOODNIGHT F.H.A. 15 Bus Driver 25 Pep Club 35 Journalism Club 3. MARIE GOODNIGHT F.H.A. 2g Cheerleader 3, alternateg Spanish Club 2g Worker in Guidance Office 3. WANE GOODNIGH us Driver 1,2,3g Science Club 1,23 Bus Drivers Club lg Tennis 2,3g Spanish Club 2. DAVID GOODS F.F.A. 35 Football 3. DAVID LEE GOODWIN Student Assembly 2g National Honor Society 2,3. TRANT GRIGGS Chorus 2,3g Track 23 Transfer student from Hartsville High School. JAMES LEE GURLEY, JR. Chorus 3. VICKIE GULLEDGE Chorus 35 Cheerleader 2,3, Co-chiefg Superla- tive, Most Courteousg Pep Club 2,3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3g Spanish Club, Treasurer 23 National Honor Society 2,3. OWEN ALEXANDER HAGER, II Chorus 3g Basketball 1. LW ,W 'Qa- "51"' JERRY HAIGLER Bus Driver 1g D.E. Club 23 Associate President of School and District D.E. Club 3. LEONARD S. HALEY Band 3, Chorus 3, Football 3g Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. EDWARD F. HAMPTON Pep Club 3g Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. MAYTHA HANCOCK Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3g Transfer student, Aggrey Memorial. JONNIE HARRINGTON F.H.A. 35 Spanish Club 25 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. BRENDA GAIL HARRIS F.H.A. 35 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Cam- paign 3g Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. MUG! HARWOOD SHARON HARWOOD Chorus 1 . DERYL HEILIG National Honor Society 2,3g Football Manager lg Baseball Manager lg Hi-Y 25 Southerner Staff, Business Manager 3g Student Assembly 1,2,3g Dramatics 3. LINDA HERRING Chorus lg Library Club 3. JACQUELINE HESTER Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3g Dra- matics 3. JIM HIGGINS Football 1,2g Basketball 15 Library Club 33 Hi-Y 33 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 35 Journalism Club 3g Boy's Sports Editor, Dixie- land Herald. WAYNE HINSON TIMOTHY HODGE DAVID HONE YCUTT Football l,2,3g Wrestling 15 Student Assembly 2g Tennis 25 Special Award Lineman of the year 3. MARY ANNA HONEYCUTT wir VERONA HONEYCUTT Pep Club 3g Tennis 1,2,3. STEVE HORNE DIANE HORTON Chorus 35 Basketball 1,2,3, co-captain 3g Tri-Hi- Y 13 Superlative, Most Athleticg Southerner Staff Sports Editor 35 Pep Club 1,2,3g Tennis 1,2,3g Certificate of Merit 3g Latin Club 1,2g Girl's Play- day 1,2,3g Girls' State Representative 2. ARTHUR HUNTER Chorus 33 Dramatics 3g Transfer student Aggrey Memorial. RUDY HYDE Library Club 3g Dramatics 3g Spanish Club 2g Cast of "Pride and Prejudice". BARBARA IRVIN Cheerleader 2,3g Pep Club 25 Dramatics 3g Span- ish Club 2g Nominee for Governor's School 2g Cast of "Pride and Prejudice" 3. MICHAEL JAMES Baseball 1,2,3g Library Club 3, presidentg Chair- man of The Library Yearbook Committee 3. JO ANN JEFFERIES LOUISE WRIGHT JOHNS D.E. Club 2,3. WANDA LEE JOHNSON F.H.A. 1,25 Bible Club lg Basketball 1,2,3g Tri- Hi-Y 15 Pep Club l,2,3g Tennis 1,2,3g French Club 25 Journalism Club l,2. ERIC JONES Chorus 3, Treasurer 3g Football 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3, Managerg Southerner Staff, Sports Editorg Industrial Management Club 3. ROBERT JONES Basketball lg Baseball 2,35 Library Club 3, Treas- urer 3g Journalism Club 35 Humor Editor of The Dixieland Herald. TERRY JORDAN BRENDA KARRIKER Office Worker 3. STEVE KARRIKER Bus Driver 1,2g D.E. Club 3g Bus Drivers Club 2g Bus Driver Certificate. ALICE KETNER Band 1,2,3g Office Worker 3. 4ovvw. U' fm- , -:W .JM Nl BETTY ANITA KETNER F.H.A. 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y lg South- erner Staff, Solicitorg Student Assembly lg Pep Club 3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. DIANE KIN LEY BETH KIRK National Honor Society 2,3g F.F.A. Sweetheartg F.H.A. l,2,3-Recreation Leader 2,33 Cheerleader 2, Superlative, Best All Aroundg Attendant lg Southerner Staff, co-editor, President of Sopho- more Classg Student Assembly 15 Pep Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 1, Certificate of Merit, Magazine Cam- paign, Sophomore Citizenship Trophyg Homemak- ing Award, Cast "Pride and Prejudice", Latin Club, Scribe 1,23 Prom, co-chairman 2, State F.H.A. Vice President 2, President 3. DENNIS IGRKMAN F.F.A. 33 D.E. Club 2,3. OLIVER KIZZIAH Bus Driver 1,2. EVELYN KNOX F.H.A. 2, Library Club lg Transfer student, Ag- grey Memorial. SHIRLEY ANN KNOX Transfer student, Aggrey Memorial. JOHN LAMBERT Footbaii 2, Baseball 1,25 Spanish Club 2. BRENDA LEAZER KATHY LILES National Honor Society 2,3, Secretary 35 F.T.A. 1,2,3, Vice President 3g F.F.A. 1,2g Bible Club 1,2,3, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3g Cheerleader al- ternate 2,3g Southerner Staff Business Managerg Pep Club 2,3g Certificate of Merit 3g Special a- wards Americanism and History 2,World History lg Spanish H 25 Dramatics 3g Marshal 25 Spanish Club 2g Bible Club Christmas Play 2,33 Play "Pride and Prejudice". ANGELA LINDER Pep Clubg Dramatics 3. ANTHONY LINN Football 2g Student Assembly 35 Spanish Club 2. WAYNE LITAKER Bus Driver 2,3g Baseball 2,3g Wrestling 1,2,3g Spanish Club 2. ANN LIVENGOOD WAYNE LIVENGOOD JULIA LIVINGSTON Transfer student Aggrey Memorial. CONSUELLA ANNETTE LONG F.H.A. 33 Certificate of Merit Magazine Campaign 3g Transfer student, Aggrey Memorial. TOMMIE LYNNE LOWDER Student Assembly lg Hostess College Night 2. STEVE LUTHER Football l,2,3g Wrestling 1,2,3g All-County 2g Vice-President of Sophomore Class, 2nd Vice President of Student Body 2g 1stVice-President of Student Body 3. JANICE RENAY MARLOWE Bible Club 1,2g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. FAY MARSH KATHY M. MASON Chorus 1,2,3g Journalism Club 2, Select Chorus 3. CLAUDIA ANN McCALL F.H.A. 2,3g Band 1,2,3g Science Club 1,23 PepClub 3, Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 35 Dramatics 1,2g French Club 1,2g Historian of F.H. A. Club. SUZANNE MCDONALD F.T.A. 2, Secretary 35 Cheerleader 35 Superla- tive, Most Intellectualg Senior Homecoming At- tendant, Pep Club 33 Finalist-National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Awards, Dra- matics 3, Latin Club 2g Transfer Student, High- lands High School, Vice President Drama Club 35 Nominee for Governor's School 3, Hostess for College Night 25 Cast "Pride and Prejudice" 3, Entertainment for Prom 2. JOE McGALLIARD F.F.A. 3g Baseball 1,2,3. GERALD PAUL MCLAUGHLIN F.F.A. 1,2,3g Secretary of Chapterg Bus Driver 2,33 District Soil and Water Conservation F.F.A. Chapter Supervised Practice Winner. RONNIE MCNEELY F.F.A. 1,2,3. JAMES A. MILLER F.F.A. 3g Chorus 35 Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. JOYCE TAMARA MILLER F.T.A. 1,2,3g Song Leaderg Band 1,2,3g Science Club lg Southerner Staff, Solicitorg Pep Club 35 Sponsor 2,35 Chief 33 Cast "Pride and Prejudice". WAYNE MILLER Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. CONNIE MILLS CLINT MISHAK Bus Driver 2,3. 'Uv our' dl MW "Uv 'US' ANN MOORE Chorus 13 D.E. Club 2,3, Secretary 23 D.E.C.A. Sweetheart 2. PERRY MORGAN F.F.A. 1,2,33 Bus Driver 2,3. ROSCOE MORGAN, JR. Science Club 33 Spanish Club 2, Spanish I award. TONY MORGAN Bus Driver 3g Band 1,33 D.E. Club 23 Student As- sembly l. GARY MORRIS D.E. Club 3. DOROTHY HOOPER MOSS Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 3. SONYA MOSS Sophomore Attendant lg Southerner Staff 3, typist3 Student Assembly 13 Dramatics 33 French'Club lg Journalism Club 2g Secretary and Treasurer. MARY ELLEN MYERS F.T.A. 1,2,3, President 33 Superlative, Most De- pendableg Pep Club 33 Dramatics 33 Marshal 2g Spanish Club 23 Cast "Pride and Prejudice" 33 N.H.S. Student of the month 33 Co-Correspondent to the Salisbury Post 33 Hostess Vocational night, College Night 23 Runner-up in the U. N. Speech contest 23 Top Five Scholastically 1. JIMMY LEWIS NEAL F.F.A. 3. PEGGY JOANN NEELY Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. GARY M. O'NEILL F.F.A. 1,2,3g Chorus 3, Wrestling 2,35 Hi-Y1,2. MICHAEL OSBORNE Science Club 3. BRENDA OUSLEY Chorus 1. EVELYN DIANE OVERCASH Pep Club 3g Certificate of Merit, Magazine Cam- paign 3g Dramatics 35 French Club 1, "Pride and Prejudice" cast 3. GLENN M. OVERCASH, JR. National Honor Society 2,3g Latin Club lg Super- lative, Most Intellectual. JERRY WAYNE OVERCASH D.E. Club 2, Science Club 1. ,ww WW STEVE OVERCASH Bus Driver 2,3Q Science Club 3. MIKE OWENS Football 1,2,33 Track 1,2. GERALD ALLAN PAGE Bus Driver 2,33 Football, manager 33 Basketball, manager 3. LANE PARIQIR Science Club 23 Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 13 Stu- dent Assembly 3g Pep Club 33 Tennis 33 Junior Varsity Basketball Award, Most Valuable Playerg Spanish Club 2, Vice-Presidentg Co-Captain of J.V. Basketball 1, Varsity 3. LARRY WILLIAM PAYNE D.E. Club 3. CHARLES HENRY PHILLIPS Bus Driver 33 Basketball 33 Student of the Month Award 33 Transfer student, Aggrey Memorial. SHELIA DIANNE PHILLIPS Bible Club 23 Science Club 23 Basketball 1,2, manager 3g Pep Club 2,33 Latin Club 23 French Club lg Journalism Club 1,2,3Q Dixieland Herald, Sports Editor 1,23 Art Editor 23 Co-editor 3. CRAIG PINKSTON F.F.A. 13 Bus Driver 2,3Q Bible Club 2,33 Foot- ball 1,23 Track 13 Pep Club 13 Bus Drivers Club 33 Award, Highest salesman, candy saleg Drama- tics 3g Transfer student, East Rowan. LEONARD PIINYON TONY PORTER Football l,2,35 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Student Assembly 15 Tennis 25 Golden He1met5 Tri-Cap- tain, Footba1l5 Dramatics 3. MIKE POWELL Tennis 35 Spanish Club 2. BILL READLING Football 152,35 Basketball 1,2,35 StudentAssembly 2 VICKIE REAVIS F.H.A. 35 Decoration Committee for Prom 2. SHIRLEY ANN REECE Bible Club 35 Cheerleader 2,35 Superlative, Best Lookingg Miss Hi Miss 25 Homecoming Queen 35 Student Body Secretary 35 Student Assembly 1,2,35 Class Secretary 1,25 Pep Club 1,2,3, Outside Re- porter 25 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 35 Homecoming Attendant 25 Office Assistant 25 Latin Club 2,3, Parliamentarian 25 Student Coun- cil 1. KENNETH B. RITCHIE Science Club 3. TONY RIVERS Bus Driver 1,2,35 Chorus 2,35 Wrestling 15 Hi-Y 25 Pep Club 3. 3 Q BOBBY ROBERTS F.F.A. 1,2,3g Latin Club 2. SUZANNE ROBERTS Library Club 33 Senior Class Treasurerg Girls' State 2. RICKY ROBINETTE Pep Club 1,2g French Club lg Spanish Club 2g Hi- Y 1,2g Superlative, Best Looking. CHERYL S. ROLLINS Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial. SHARON ANN ROSEMAN Transfer student, A. L. Brown. JOHNNY SAFRJT F.F.A. 1,2,3. JAMES SEABOLT PEGGY MARLENE SELLERS F.H.A. 35 D.E. Club 3g D.E. Club Sweetheart 3 Transfer Student, A. L. Brown. BONNIE SEYMOUR National Honor Society 2,3, Secretary 35 F.H.A. 15 Band 1,2,35 Southerner Staff Photo Editor 35 Student Assembly 35 Marshal 25 Latin Club 2,35 Letter Girl 35 Prom Hostess 15 Nominee for Governor's School 15 Committee Chairman for Prom 2. BRENDA KAYE SHEETS F.H.A. 1,25 Chorus 35 Basketball 152,35 Pep Club 2,35 Girls' Playday 1,2. CATHERINE JANE SHINN F.H.A. 1,2,3, Reporter 1, Vice President 2, Presi- dent 35 Science Club 15 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Pep Club 35 Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 35 United Nations Speech Contest Winner 25 Dramatics 35 French Club 25 "Pride and Prejudice" cast 35 Chairman of Entertainment Committee for Prom 25 Nominated and auditioned for Governor's School in dance 25 Kathryn Smith Reynolds Scholarship nominee 3. CLAIRE SHIPWASH JAMES R. SHOOK DANA SHUE MARLENE SHUE D.E. Club 3. JAMES RAY SIDES JANICE SIDES F.H.A. 13 Chorus 3. BRENDA SUE SIFFORD National Honor Society 2,33 F.T.A. 2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Tri-Hi-Y 13 Superlative, Most Popularg Southerner Staff, Solicitorg Student Assembly 33 Pep Club 1,2,33 Tennis 1,2333 Scholarship Trophy 1g Marshal, Co-chief 2g Spanish Club 23 Girls' Playday Event 13 Biology Award 13 Basketball Co- Captain 3g Lab Assistant 2,33 Top ten Scholasti- cally 13 All-Conference Award 2. BEVERLY H. SIMMERSON F.H.A. 1,2. JANE SIMMONS Science Club 2,33 Pep Club 2,3Q Certificate of Merit, Magazine Campaign 33 Journalism Club 2, 3. LEE WATSON SLOAN National Honor Society 2,33 Southerner Staff, As- sistant Co-Editorg Pep Club 33 Certificate of Merit,Magazine Campaign 33 Dramatics 33 More- head Nominee 33 Citizenship Award 23 Optimist Club Award 3g Junior Rotarian 33 Prom Committee 23 High Candy Salesman 23 "Pride and Prejudice" cast 33 Member Dairy Judging Team 1,23 3rd Place Wildlife Conservation Contest 33 2nd Place Supervised Farming 2g Master Ceremonies Prom 2. MINNIE SLOAN HUGH DOUGLAS SLOOP F.F.A. 1,23 Chorus 3, President 33 Basketball 13 Track 2g Hi-Y 1,23 Superlative, Best Dressed3 Southerner Staff, Photo Editorg Pep Club 1,23 Dramatics 3. WANDA sLoUGH Bible Club 2,3. CHERYL ELIZABETH SMITH Bible Club 25 Southerner Staff, Solicitor Student Assembly 25 Pep Club 1,2 3 French Club 1 2 Vice-President: HATTIE SMITH D.E. Club 2,35 Certificate of Merit, Magazme Campaign 3. EATHON LEON SMITH Track 35 Transfer Student, Aggrey Memorial TONY MACK SMITH F.F.A. 25 Bus Driver 2 D E Club 3 Wrestling 1,25 Reporter and Historian of D E Club WALTER SMITH Spanish Club 35 Transfer Student, Aggrey Memori al. SARAH JANE SNYDER LENNY F. SPEARS Science Club 15 Footba BELIN DA STAMEY CENOMA STAMEY SHEILA STAMEY Bible Club 2g Certificate of Merit 3. DALE MARVA STANFORD Certificate of Merit 3g Transfer student from Mooresville Senior High. ROBBIE GAY STARNES F.H.A. 2. TOMMY STIREWALT F.F.A. 1,2. WANDA SUE STONE Certificate of Merit 35 2. BRENDA STUBBS HERMAN STURM Hostess for College Night PAMELA SUTTON F.H.A. 1,2,3g Marshal 25 French Club 2. JOEL STEPHEN SUTTON Spanish Club 2. TERRY THOMAS DANNY THOMPSON MAX THOMPSON F.F.A. 1,2,3. RICKIE DIANNA TROUTMAN Bus Driver 35 Bible Club 2,3g Science Club 13 Southerner Staff Solicitor 35 lst and 3rd Place Pastel Art Exhibit lg Latin Club 15 Decoration Committee-Prom 2g Office Worker 3. RONNIE LEE TROUTMAN Bus Driver 2,3. VICTOR WALKER F.F.A. 35 D.E. Club 2. .pw he ,tu 5' I"N., GERALDINE WALLACE Bible Club 1,2g Certificate of Merit 3. GRANT WALTERS F.F.A. 1,2,3g Bus Driver 1,2,3g Chorus 33 Bus Drivers Club lg Certificate of Merit 3. HENRY M. WALTER, JR. Transfer student from Millbrook High 1g Transfer student from East Rutherford High School 3. LINDA WALTI-:Rs F.H.A. 2,3. TRUDY BEAM WATTS Bus Driver 3g Chorus 3g Transfer student from Odell High School 3. YOLANDA FAYE WEANT F.H.A. 1,2,3g Band 1,2,3g Certificate of Merit 3, S253 Spanish Club 2g Journalism Club 3g Acrobat majorette 1,2,3. SUE CAROL WEDDINGTON Bus Driver 35 Pep Club 1,2g Certificate of Merit 3g United States Speech Contest 2. TABITHA WEDDINGTON Journalism Club 2. MARVA WHITE National Honor Society 2,33 F.T.A. 2,3Q F.H.A. 23 Science Club 2,3,Vice-President 33 Student Coun- cil 23 Pep Club 2,33 Vice-President 33 Dramatics 33 Journalism Club 23 Hostess for College Night3 Office Workerg Co-Chairman of Decoration Com- mittee for Promg "Pride and Prejudice" cast 3. SHARON WHITE F.H.A. 33 Superlative, Best Dressedg Pep Club l, 33 Latin Club 23 Journalism Club 2. VICKIE WILHELM D.E. Club 3. JOHN SIE WI LHOIT TOMMY WILKINSON F.F.A. l,2,33 Bus Driver 233. WRENN WILKINSON F.F.A. l,2,3, Treasurer 33 Bus Driver 2,33 Sci- ence Club 1,2,33 Youth and Industry Program sponsored by Rowan I.M.C. 3. SARA K. WILLIAMSON F.H.A. 1,2Q Bible Club 23 Chorus 33 Dramatics 33 Spanish Club 2. RALPH WILSON Football 13 Track 1,23 Wrestling 2,33 Hi-Y 2. 'Z 'Hl"'H-I nw PAT WINECOFF F.H.A. 2. WADINE WOOD ism Club 3g "And so They Came to Bethlehem' cast 3g College Night Hostess. MICHAEL WRIGHT BENNETT A. YOST F.F.A. 1,2,3g Bus Driver 2. Not Pictured: EARLENE PETHEL CANNON F.T.A. 2g Bible 2g D.E. Clubg Science Club l,2g ism Club 2. JERRY ROGERS Bus Driver 2. DERRELL WRIGHT IN MEMORIAM Lynn Ward ll I! And in short measures life may perfecf be -Ben Jonson 64 Bible Club 35 Pep Club lg Latin Club 1,23 Journal- Pep Club 2g French Club 1,2, Secretaryg Journal- fl1i11gS go r better Wlth oke 6 6 A good personality is often missing in many people, while others seem to be filled to the brim with smiles, friends, and tact. Such are Sandra Benson and Roy Correll who were chosen by the class as having the BEST PERSONALITY. J WHO 'S WHO It takes many characteristics to be clas- sified as the Best-All-Round seniors of 1967. Beth Kirk and Bobby Davis are "tops". En- thusiasm, participation, cooperation, friendli- ness, a.nd dependability are only a few that Beth and Bobby BEST-ALL-ROUND. all- lllll Wisdom and knowledge are qualities to be desired. Even better is the ability to put such wisdom to good and wise use. The sen- ior class chose Suzanne McDonald and Glenn Overcash as MOST INTELLECTUAL. OF 1967 With the ma.ny people seen at South Ro- wan the two chosen as BEST LOOKING are Shirley Reece and Ricky Robinette. Having pleasing appearances is not their only out- standing quality, for both are popular with the students for many reasons. School spirit shines through our ath- letics here at South Rowan. We have many outstanding athletes of whom we are proud. The class considers Dianne Horton and Jack Goodnight to be the MOST ATHLETIC. ,ff Being polite adds much to a person's character. Chosen for this quality are Vickie Gulledge and Bobby Farmer, who were se- lected as MOST COURTEOUS. Personality, appearance, and many other admirable qualities belong to the two selected MOST POPULAR, Brenda Sifford and Joe Ashley. ,ya V .. One of the most worthwhile characteris- tics a' person can possess is dependability. Knowing that you can be counted on at any time, in any situation gives you a good feel- ing. Mary Ellen Myers and Eddie Fink cer- tainly fulfill this characteristic and were named MOST DEPENDABLE. Being neat and clean-cut are not the only qualifications for BEST DRESSED, but also being very fashionable. Such are Sharon White and Doug Sloop. HALL OF FAME www Marva White Lee Sloan These seniors are chosen by the faculty on the basis of their worthwhile, contribu- tions to the school.. Although they are not always recognized for the many things they do, they deserve a great deal of thanks and praise. .PY Gerald Page Kathy Liles Alu-my 'aw 'N-. P1cturedD a X i giif Xk JR 4 N-N-9 A i Q if Robert Alexander Danny Allman Steve Amick Richard Andrews Barbara Austin Michael Axsom Mike Baker John Barringer Cathy Beaver Eddie Beaver Eric Beaver Judy Beaver Kenny Beaver Susie Beaver Terry Beaver J ohmmy Belk Patricia Benson Ricky Berryman John Blevins Billy Bloodworth Roger Bost Clifford Bowlin Dewey Bowlin Gene Brooks Jerry Brown Martha Brown Karen Bunn Eddie Bunton Gail Burchette Sheryee Burgess Herbert Burris Sherry Burris Eugene Burton Lanny Burton Barbara Butler Carl Caldwell Marilyn Caldwell Keith Campbell Pam Campbell Sandra Carpenter Carol Carter Jimmy Carter Teddy Carpenter Betty Jo Chambers Ronnie Chandler Terri Chester Vickie Christy Deborah Clifton 1 X4 Ky 1 'E if Q, m Q 17 3 nw 0- 3 W ' J ,W 1 til. l A v A ' 1 Q. , 75 IL 1 L IIA: A x LF "J . VI , . V 1 ti at r :L 'Q' iw' Q-u' at as ,, ii ' Ki ili :fig A A an , .: pV M IL 4 1 I1 l M y hkpp ' ii' i Q H f' , 'fi A Q K .A A I I 3 2 c l ,J X 7:1 . W 5 Wi 4 X as 2 , , V rr 'Lai 24, I ! new ff fwf 1 3 X , ' ,L ,,g,wg: ,.,,, , ,-k,,k I I ',,, 5 m e ' . wr . ef' - . We aff: 5 , Q Q F e IAI 4' A , W AA"AA M ag' :I 1 W a A ,L 'Q' , ' . iw I: 2 X "'-g 3 . J. , - I . 2 4, 'A -2 E W i r New' - if Q ',,-' ,7 I x ii: Q, . 'f, 1' ' f' 72 , lr' as ' u Q, if l 2- ,ii 7 V '- f ., .4-. , ,gf , L W. lt.. ig ,fdia e '3 gl Charles Cline Teresa Cobb Randy Condrey Ralph Conner Susan Correll Danny Corriher Jeffrey Corriher Michael Corriher Sharon Corriher Jennie Craig Renee Craig Cecil Cress Darcel Cress Carolyn Crowe Rhonda Crowe Louis Culp Kay Dagenhart Nancy Davis Cynthia Dial Glenda Donaldson Joseph Downs Kenny Eddleman Donald Edwards Elbert Efird Gail Elder Gloria Eller Melissa Eller Beverly Ervin Gaile Evans Tim Evans Dan Ewing Georgia Farmer Michael Farrington Gwen Feimster Jeannie Femister Eddie Fesperman Steven Finger Joanne Flowe Michael Flowers Jerry Franks Angela Freeze Diane Freeze Freddie Freeze Kirby Fry Lenora Frye Robbie Frye Bennie Fulcher Benny Funderburk Phil Gaddy . , Stephen Garmon - Belinda Goforth F I ., ,- AT., 6 "C.wN Carla Goodman A - Geraldine Goodman , -- Thomas Goodman N I John Wilson Goodnight Mary Goodnight Nelson Goodnight V Q. A Pat Goodnight 64 ' Tony Goodnight "fi Pamela Greenway 1 Ronnie Grimes Linda Hamm V Hia ff.. Si .J ' 4: 4 f Teresa Hampton . 1' f , Deborah Hancock ta. Michael Hardis Gail Hatley if ,,...... an Peggy Hayes Matroy Hedrick Latricia Hendrick Marsha Herman Garry Hester Jimmy Hester James Fletcher Hodges Michael Hoffman Wanda Honbarger Gi Q John Hopkins , L- Terry Horne ,JVM Sharon Horton W! Y Z y M It L.. , isa , ii- V. V wwf! A ' .,. - I JL' I J ,rm 94. af ET., , EM f li 5. , wuwfik W, 1 - m Q, he ff Q j .fi .f 01 L 1 I 4 X p,, .. """- 2 1 Q' C J i 1 3 A b' 1 A A El' 'M V Q K' - LA .1 1: u A ' 31' qqiyfl al i pa ' s 1 I IL Bailey Hudson Shela Huffman Judy Jackson S M 'Ga Q stanza ir It uh ex It 3? Dickie J one s - Frankie Jones M Sheran J one s . Du Lfublyl I s 6ffX Frederick Duncan Johnston, Jr. Mike Johnson - ll Tony Jordan Dormie Karriker Us xx Mike Karriker X ' Sherry Karriker J 1 Trudy Keller Steve Keller Susan Kennerly Tommy Kirk Nathan Kirkley Johnny Kirkman ' , in h V' In ,-, 1 as ' A, Hyfiiw, K Qs: S' f at ku- i. V 'ef' JL , u.,a,,,f Q sa ' S ' ' it .QM 4 ,MA-'ar' f it ' fav 73 ws' X ' , 6' t- ii t Q if Q... A J J 4 Q an , -V , W7 'vt Q' L -L' - - , v-uf f if '- .. J. I ' ,. J 12? ff Q f W -LM ,EVA , "f"!'- ' 5 to ' . 40- I V T", 52 I -s , ,X V . jf"'ffw ,454 ,kg Z i J A f .:V 'A D MA M P W V '51 li' J ' we el '4 'l,- iw bw - ci Ak a is K ,, 2, ' j 4 ' ,A ' if I, . 'V ' I ' Q. f at N el l e 4 4 gf , . '. Vl- ,la 5 -.M - If H I, if . .. uv- 5+ 3 74 an .V ,mr My .,,. gg 'Yi .1 mv ..- ll' 2 raw 9 1 if Q' Q 'rf' 11 K x ii: 5'1" . 9 'Q I US , up f 'V' 4, -, Ki Mary Ray Kiser Sandra Kitchen Susie Kluttz Janice Lambert Joyce Lambert Eddie Lee Thomas Linebarrier Mike Linn Earlene Lipe Ginger Little Joe Littlejohn Nena London James Danny Lowder Susan Lowder Ella Renee Lowery Deborah Lunsford William fBi1lyJ Mabe Reba Martin Wanda Martin Elyca McCor,k1e Marvin McGrady Vicki McGuire David McKnight Beth McNeely Martha Michael Glemm CChipJ Miller Michael Miller Charles Moody Jerry Morgan Sammy Morgan Danny Murph Deborah Murph Lindia Nance Jane Neal Jean Neal Dorothy Neely Davey Overcash Deborah Overcash Diane Overcash Linda Overcash Martha Overcash Randy Overcash Denisa Padgett Terry Park Kathy Patterson Mike Patterson Linda Peeler Terry Phillips Toni Phillips J immy Pickler Nonie Pirie Retha Pittman Debbie Pless Betty Plyler Steve Pressly Ricky Propst Margaret Quantz Charlotte Query Shirley Raper Sandra Rary Franklin Rhyne Beverly Ritchie Judy Roberts Benjamin Rollins Darcy Roseman Sharon Rowland Martha Rudisill Pam Safrit Patricia Sain Gwendolyn Sanders Amanda Scott Teri Sechler Vickie Sechler Jane Sellers Roscoe Setzer Guy Shaver Shelia Shive Melinda Shoemaker Richard Shue Rebecca Sides Hilda Sloan Lyndia Sloan Allen Sloop Becky Sloop Joyce Sloop Charles Smith Donna Smith Mike Smith Ricky Stamper Edward Stamper J 0 Steele Francis Stubbs Linda Surratt Michael Tadlock Maylon Talbert George B. Taylor, Jr. e X at Q-'K ' in "5 VM -, is 7 1-'s f iw ', ' if mc' 4 Q- A A f FV y X H it Kim. A r fe ' an 4 1 ,,kxV ,,,.. , ' i 'fr 5 I 4 ,kV.Vk F71 v X ff s V,e, l ,Q EA Q 5.2, fww 1 if irik 1 L f .1 Q lf 4 ' S Q All in af- W -: A ,Z ,W alt z 2 A N ' E ' V V .Y as ilu, A W if ' 5 ., kg ' faux ' K 2' if mi ' A' , wi 'R , va, F I I :gr Q ,,,,,, w,?".Qb P Q, '-V ' , Q" , a. my .V 1 ,qgev , - y b ' V, M t ,i ,Q H, yyeyy V, W, i .. 1 . 'K I gf' Es ,nf In 9.1, ' Ii"--at "' , V, Av X , ,M , ,M . ,V ww fi ,ew ff 52 ,,:,. I A ,V .V it I xy, ,A Q , y 1, 7 52 W' , . 'Pvt M. ,, qw V gt.. . 1 I I , ? K 'f 'XE -Egf:-:ff , L ' ,M ifigftv i' ,V ,, 55, -,hllk,E: ,-,- A 1.7, 353, 11 - ,T .L Vw, 5, Q ,,f lp..- ,, .v,,, ' Q, -.Yf,a,'.s,',k, V My ,,V, J yff., I il 122' fi LW 4: t""' f"" V f': I, T :Q gy- in , Vfrk ,4 4 'ff H ' it W' 5 4 , fb N 357, F 4' Q f ,., , "' W i W We i 4 2421. L. gg, M , ...T , -'V' K ,ga ' ky M . , my ,455 L", Julethia Thomas Mary Anne Thompson Monica Thompson Barbara Torrence Jo Ann Wagner Juanita Wainright Delores Walters Mike Walters Betty Walton Russie Anne Watson Gary Weant Terry Weaver Gary Weddington Joyce Weddington Larry Weddington Stephen Weddington Dianne Wike Cynthia Wiles Bonnie Wilkinson Ricky Willis Leonard Wilson Raymond Wilson Debra Woodard Loretta. Valenski Roy Yost -in Y r 'f f., f f A 'fm,,,ww ,V Y, ,W . -f -rjgznw ,s,W,f-W ,, W' ' , 'W 11" ef z M1 'S ww. 1 5 My. Z ,.,f W 4 2 4, 1 SOPHOM6RE CLASS 15 1 Z Presidexith Vice Class Steven Charles FFICEBS may Qwuws Mmm mmf f Q, f V, f- , 1 'W ,qw-q-.,. ,NV ax 1 msn W if V CW 7. if 5153? tw -C, Qt x r v-- '5 fo. 1 Z , ' If ."f Lt f fv- f X vp We 1 xx f Q -f f A. n ,I V Y -as i .i ',:.,3i,fjh f , 2 1 I B rkily ' M42 ' .1 I MW W we ,Q 1 1, 9 A 4- at A S A KN! tnyy yy V 1 at 'Q Q w I ff ' 1 4 l as A y y be Q in W' l ks ray "' gas if ,X - y K Q' l gi Q., MJ A 1- S S - I e + x wa Q ii"-an S fly f or A H S 255- lf n V ' .,A ' t t 4, 78 ,, Genera Abernathy- Margaret Adams Sarah Adcock Vickie Akers Susan Albright Carol Alexander Rite Paulett Alexander Ronnie Alexander Willie Alexander Gail Allman Larry Allman Faye Allmon Marcus Alsbrooks Kenneth Ray Anthony Sue Arant Becky Ashby Larry Axson Margaret Baker Mark Baldwin Leon Banks Pamels Barbee James Bare Pam Barker Sharon Barnette Reushe Barrett Phyllis Beam Steve Beam Becky Beaver Betty Beaver Debbie Beaver George Alan Beaver Georgene Beaver Sharon Beaver Steve Beaver Charlene Beeker Debbie Belk Vickie Benfield Judy Blackwelder Larry Bonkowski Steve Bonkowski Angela Booth Martha Bost Patsy Bost Presley Bost Mike Bracey Gary Lynn Bradshaw Glerm Brawley Nancy Brawley Charles Brooks Randy Brooks Donna Brotherton Barbara Brown Bryce Brown Charles Brown James Brown Jimmy Brown Rebecca Brown N 1. J Q... I Robert Brown 4- J K -41-,V Gary Brumley J V Lynn Burgess Galen Burris J Robert Burris i ' V Linda Butler up J we gl , Carl Campbell J J stgyg Qamphgll f yy, V Timmy Carpenter K Nancy Castor I V Karen Cauble J Susan Cauble - Lottie Chambers ' 'L Q' ,QM Q J Joan Childress J V -N Linda Clanton 'J James Clark Linda Clark Gary Clayton Cynthia Coan Gary Conner Lynn Cook Doug Copley ' Charles Cornelius V L' I Darryl Corriher J ,, J .' John Corriher ' A JT JW, Steve Cottingham gram 4 RQ., V ' V Rosetta Cousar 'ef x David Cress y Wayne Crowe Gary Dagenhart Daniels V f wif- E JJ JJ gn Louise Daniels J' - i M Betty Daugherty Zubecca Daugherty V 'L :,, Joyce Deal Susan Deal J W V J ,g Kevin Deaver . Q yd. ' Gigi MeMarcus J , Karen Dennis it Betty Dixon J p Danny Dixon V f M Kathy Doby J Q J A y, 'ir Nancy Doby ' 94.3 l'L1J John Drye ' A We David Duncan Larry Charles Duncan Ricky Eagle J J A Mary Ann Efird LVVV '35 Lawrence Eller ' Brenda Elliot 4 Eddie Elliot 79 5- if ' t PM ,V - Au x .V ,. is J k S f., it f T' ' s SJ L- f 'QM vt huge if K! 4 3 .J 1 X ,f V have 1 Q ES AL 'Gp J . V , 1 ff W fit, 1 is ,R f I if f 5? 91,5 ,J Q2 i Q gf J H- .J.. . J . V.-4 J, ,J ,J 1 ,Iwi M 4 A J V aw, . Via Va W.. -in 1 'K My J J it Wa to Qf, V , ' Q is r H 2, V A, -vL,,..,, I ' ky 4 V ' , V 4, 5 ' V ew I me ' ii V ' , 'J -, f ' -"' , J A J . ,,,,i nLj,, , A ,7,1yL, A Y UW E V A H A ...A . I , l X ' F . 'fi' L' ffV -, 1, k . 5 , iff +2 V ' .A , : ww w V ..,. V 1 V , , V' V , , sigh 'Q 11' ,V ' T . 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V E 80 'F if W' rw M242 Mary Elliot Shelia Evans Karen Feimster Gail Felker Carol Ferguson Maida Ferguson Vickie Ferguson Patricia Fesperman Lester Finger Mike Fink Brenda Fisher John Fleming Theodore Fleming Debbie Flowers Clay Flynn James Fowler Janice Fox Tenna Fox Anne Freeze Beverly Freeze Elton Frye Permy Fust Larry Galloway Jerry Gardner Reid Gardner Gary Gaskins Becky Gheen Harvey Gillispie Jackie Gilmore Robert Glaspy Michael Glover Perry Goodman David Pharr Goodnight Myra Goodnight Shirley Goodnight Hazel Goodwin Gloria Gouldman Emma Graeber Larry Graeber Galen Grant Shirley Greene Elaine Griffin Stanley Haley Irene Hamm Jennie Hampton David Hamrick Melbia Haney Debra Hardy Wanda Harless Harriet Harrington Johnny Harrington Mary Helms Frankie Harris James Herndon Billy Higgins Carol Hill Rormie Hill Don Hinson Donald Hinson Gleen Hinson Jill Holshouser Terry Holt Malinda Holtzclaw Daniel Honeycutt Joe Houston Billy Hudson Bobby Huntley Lisa Hope Hurst l5cWaT11"aTElc Gloria Jefferies Gary Johnson Patricia Jones Debbie Jordan Patricia Jordon Casey Karriker Dennis Karriker Eunice Karriker Ginger Karriker Robert Karriker Dorothy Kennerly Patsy Kerr Mitchell Kimberlin Brenda Kluttz Cecelia Kluttz Glenda Kluttz Julie Kluttz Frances Kluttz Terry Knight Jimmy Knowles Gary Lang Karen Lear Sherry Leazer Rickey Lipe Diane Litaker Frankie Livengood Evelyn Livingston Reid London Ricky Lowder Vickie Ludwig David Lunsford Doug Lunsford Mary Lyles Vickie' Mabry Bertha Marsh Lloyd Marshall Ricky Marshall Steve Martin Tony Matlock " ? ff' ,,.:,, 9 i K Va- V , A .5 H me I K' -ann I 4 - h h L H ' ' , - , 1, , it , f' is 5' TQ H , at A I - - .,,. 4 . wasefiss , mfg- - E zwifzfwa -Z ,-f, 4 it - fw N, '- ',.' . 5 " iiffiiiiiiif A 55233: 'f i filf H9395 n: 45:55 ' :J 49' 3 532 Qi i.1iEi?7iQ?f73gfk 3 ' M g J tn,. . 1 ' 4, ulll, f J 1 V. f1' ,, ffg ' ' ' K ' " MM " ' if " ,i . 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J P 1 , 1. ,gag 5' 11 6 n 5 f f nilfhif 1 Tommy McKnight Alan Keith Menius Jerry Meredith Margart Michail Keith Miller Philip Moore Began-M9.0!.s Alice Morgan Ray Morgan Steve Morgan Kathleen Morrison Darrel Mull Marvin Murdock Johnnie Mae Neal Joseph Neal Margaret Neal Juletha M. Neely Karen Nesbit Mike Nesbit Gerald Oliphant Cathy Overcash Curtis Overcash Demps Ray Overcash Doyle Overcash Mike Overcash Pamela Overcash Pam Paris Vickie Parks Becky Payne Howard Peacock Ronnie Pethel Connie Pierce Nancy Pless Sharon Pless Mark Plummer Lynne Powell Annie Propst Stanley Query David Raper Brenda Raymer Doug Raymer Frankie Raymer Terry Raymer Gary Reece Ann Reid Gerry Ritchie Robert Ritchie Wanda Ridenhour James Roach David Roberts Terri Roberts ' Karen Rogers Brimer Rose Wayne Roseman James Rule Vickie Russell Imetra Sanders Carolyn Scercy Phyllis Scercy Donna Seabolt Brenda Sechler Karen Sellers Vickie Sellers Robert Sheely Billie Sheets Daryl Shoemaker Sandra Shue oi-P l Sharon Shue Benny Silliman Randy Sipe David Sloan Carl Sloop Grady Sloop Aubrey Allen Smith Dennis Spry Dennis Stamey Elizabeth Stiller Phyllis Stiller Brenn Stirewalt Larry Stirewalt Vickie Stirewalt Terry Stutts Amy Sutton Ann Sutton Paulette Sutton Gary Swink Reece Tarlton Ted Thomas Gary Thompson Daphne Townsend Thomas Townsend Sharon Tuck Ralph Tucker Wanda Upright Frankie Waddell Allen Wallace Maynard Waller Teresa Ward Ja.nice Watts Dennis Weaver Donnie Weaver Stamie Weaver John Weddington 1 .. . -us., 5 " ...: .p g y I.. 1 N, .. . .eg . san . . 'L . 2 ,T-.E ' nf. P osali if E Q: , if ov' X- 5. - if . 4 , .ga '--."' .I K vs f X :gg at vi QQ an LY fs. K - . f . if Q ld it . . si, ,,-nr. Q: - .K ..- 7.f1ii.f gi can 5 3 K ik S sq 5 ... i..r .M K.. it . its 3 X5 as S 4' ., NNW. - .,., . .. -- 2 ' I . '. , -f D F ' - f 'W ' . is MQ' Aa 2 sv, 3 -... - . -- . ,1-, A -t -- .,.tf J . - s o' A -W . . sf- A A H A vs T A . S .,.. it ' N ' ESQ 'ff' .' :SSXE72 La: Rfg . fi -' , f l ' ' - . - : i l . 'E -' ii "Q ' . - BJ - V - g sf nona K. . A be ' g-has A .ss . 1 Qi . A -s. 1 .. as if sa is I y. -. 1 . ui M S fy I -4. .. , f -.-. , . tk - -. A kk.i A Q my . 1. f- . ' is . i by E1 . .,,., f is Q.. .5553 A . 7 Q- .. - . ., 'Y' - s'. if e -- ,. --s- Si. I -I 1 Z2 Qs' s . Q ' -2 it . Q ssss r 83 9 ,Mx 'Ha fi ' g ik W1 , My - if 4- fi X ' kqzf I Y .. ,,.. ., g I L- x if 1 wif X 'ffllif V ' M V N 7 xr- M fl ,tn ' Q- 52 cg i . i 135, ' N XX Y gs .xv .L , . V 1 .M jx . x x l A .ll sf ' 4 I K Y Michael Young Tommy Young t , A ff fa -is i ZM , ef- 1 B4 F Larry Weddington Jeanette Weeks Gerald Wellman Fred White Gary Whi u y Whittington Joel Whittington John Wiggins Bobby Wilhoit Larry Williams Lois Williams Randy Willis Kay Wilson Ronald Wilson Mike Withers Bobby Wood Johnny Wood Teresa Woodie Angela Wright Linda Wyatt Phyllis Yarbrough Jerry York Michael York Roy Alvin Yost 'fa S 4 Hdfzlfdf' MISS HOMECOMING 86 Sw M 'N I' THE HOMECOMING COURT OF 1966 - S K N Gail Felker Barbara Austin Mary Linn Dry U a . X 5 , P Sh y Leazer Rhonda Cr Suzanne McDona 8 MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS Lindo Freeze Queen-Sylvia Shue Escort-Johnny Bernhardt PROM OF 1966 A fish net sky, wall murals of sea crea- tures, treasure chests and a giant clam shell were scenic effects for the 1966 Junior-Senior "Fantasy of the Sea." 'i f, 89 2 fl -A s Q- W ies ROMAN BANQUET Latin Not Dead? A "Tribute to Rome" was the theme of the occasion as Latin was relived at the Roman Banquet. Latin H and III stu- dents portraying aristocrats and gods arrived early to attend the slave auction of Latin I students. After the welcome from Caesar, everyone freclining in the Roman style! enjoyed a ban- quet meal. The "Romans" were entertained by various skits and a slave dance by the "Lotus Blossoms." 90 IJZML Beth Kirk Co-editor Mrs. J. B. Faggart Advisor his avr'-""'v Eddie Belk Co- editor SOUTHER Mary Lirm Drye Assistant Editor 'QU Mrs. Clyde Merritt, Jr. Advisor 92 Lee Sloan Assistant Editor SCLICITORS fChiefJ Pam Brenda Ann Bobby Davis Farlow Deese Fisher ,,,,,t,, 'im ina gg.. A ,A ,E or ff A f 1 ,., i M I I Cherry Rickie Chris Betty Smith Troutman Fesperman Ketner ., In AV Wa. 5, ,, I L , , V' if vm -' 'lv 4 V V ,lg .- i A am . E Q A' Typists tim - '?" TYPiStS Dixie Banks ,f Shelia Fulcher 4 A Deryl Heilig Business Manager f eww:-,fm . , Q.. Ai.. ,MM ,sg ,if 1 . 5 Z Diane Horton Sports Editor ffm S, 'PD Sonya Moss Donna Cauble Art Editor Barbara Fesperman Photo Editor, Ll Martha Basinger Photo Editor Bonnie Seymour Photo Editor af in Jane Goodnight Doug Sloop Photo Editor Brenda Sifford ,sv aw av , M K -f 'W' Tamara Miller 4 4 i rs ? l . . ,Ly VLVV S Kathy Liles Business Manager . K , 'Mi 7 Eric Jones Sports Editor x My Mrs. Gene Smith HONCR SOCIETY Mary Linn Drye Vice-President NATIONAL Kathy Liles Vickie Gulledge Secretary Treasurer Paul David Fisher Advisgr P!'6Sid9l1t CHARACTER SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE I 2 A i gh A , WWQESK I I i l Q I Sharon Brafford Glenn Overcash David Goodwin Bonnie Seymour Deryl Heilig Diane Horton Beth Kirk Brenda Sifford Lee Sloan Marva White 94 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The F.T.A. encourages young people to cultivate in themselves the qualities of personality and character which are the foundation of successful teaching. Mary Linn presents apples to Mr. Carpenter during Teacher Appre- ciation Week. 95 Mrs. Faggart Advisor President . Mary Ellen Myers Vice-President . . Kathy Liles Secretary . Suzanne McDonald Treasurer .... Judy Roberts Historian . . .Carla Goodman Parliamentarian. . Eddie Belk Song Leaders . Tamara Miller Sharon Brafford North Carolina's projects this year have been FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Miss Ruth Dillard and Mrs. Joe Sloop serve alternately as advisors for this club. Both are Home Economics teachers. They teach and guide and are friends to all the girls. MN Vice-President . .Sharon Corriher Secretary . . Mary Anne Thompson Treasurer ...... Betty Ketner Historian ....... Shelia Shive Reporter ..... Martha Rudisill Parliamentarian . . . Ann McCall Song Leader. . . . . Beth Kirk A , 'sf Jane Shinn President Why FHA? For Development, for leadership, for service, for practical experience. Future homemakers do much more than learn to cook and sew. Their interests vary. Participation in church, home, and school activities is stressed. Throughout the year the girls carry out related projects. "Family Relations Through Commimicationsj' "Leisure Time, Constructive Time," and "Citi- zenship Challenges You." This is the year of "Coming Out" for the' FHA, for it has been es- tablished for Twenty-One years. One main theme for 1966-1967 is "Twenty-One Years Foundation For Progress" and indeed, there is a strong one. FUTURE FARMERS GF AMERICA FFA members learn through active participation how to conduct and take part in public-meetingsg to speak in publicg to solve their own problemsgxto finance themselvesg and to assume civic responsibili- ties. Although not all members of the FFA live on farms, we participate in contests involving farm life. The FFA is a non-profit, non-political, farm youth organization of voluntary membership. The members strive for the development of leadership, the building of a more permanent agriculture, and the improvement of country life. Vg vim? VWZQOMSR ' f um' ,fx . ,Ja ,mn Gary Cress-Vice President, Beth Kirk-Chapter Sweet- heart, Lee Sloan-P11esident,Wrenn Wi1kerson-Treas- urer, Gerald McLaughlin-Secretary. Mr. R. C. Hampton is the advisor for this club. He works diligently trying to improve our group. gage -..I By working in the shop we learn many skills that will be of value later in life. ' 97 It is our purpose to bring re- sounding school spirit to our ath- letes in whom we have much con- fidence. Posters, cheers, pompous, the activity bus and lots and lots of enthusiasm -- this is our Pep Club. it I- D' fi f IQ-'-1 i ,,..ll.-s,,,. l' s J T 1 fill? lil!!! 9.8 LLUWU N5 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB The Distributive Educa- tion Club's main purpose is to help the student develop a sense of individual responsi- bility and provide him with opportunities for an intelligent career choice in distribution. .-of President .... Dana Shue Vice- President . . Diane Dixon Associate Presi- dent . . . Gerald Wellman Secretary . Suzanne Bostian Treasurer. Vickie Wilhelm 99 gi A , im 0 L. Nw , 4 Mr. Daniels Advisor SCIENCE CLUB 2 if Mrs. ,' A Helms K' 35 . ,,A 21:2 .0 .4. '51 Q' lun 0 .H 5" 0 0 o o x . ll . Mrs. Johnston The Science Club actively involves all per- s ons interested in the sciences. Most partici- pate in the various sci- ence fairs at South and in the district fairs. DRAMA CLUB Miss Campbell The Drama Club seeks to interest students in dra- ma. Members of the drama classes and any other in- terested persons are en- couraged to belong to this club. IOI President ..... Joe Ashley V. President. Suzanne McDonald Secretary.Christine Fesperman Treasurer. . . Ellen Clodfelter These boys and girls assume great responsi- bility in transporting our students to and from school safely each day. 102 .IOURNALISM CLUB "The Dixieland Herald" is produced by the Journalism Club and Class. A needy family was also helped by this club at Christmas time. BIBLE CLUB President . . Pam Farlow V. President. Bobby Cavin Secretary . . . Mary Ann Thompson Treasurer. Shelia Phillips Miss Peeler Advisor The Bible Club is organized for students of the Bible classes and other interested persons. South Rowan benefits from the Christmas program and other activities of the club. Mrs. Page Advisor President .... Skeet Beaver V. President . . .Terri Horne Secretary ..... Linda Wyatt Treasurer ..... Kathy Liles 103 ,WY , ,, i....l.4 LIBRARY SCIENCE CLUB SMALL CHORUS MIXED CHORUS MIXED CHORUS The Chorus offers the opportunity for a person to learn the basic essentials of mu- sic, voice training, and sight reading. The practicing of the chorus is often heard echo- ing throughout the building. With a song in our hearts we will always remember the chorus of South Rowan. 105 Mr. Gary Shive Director 4 Mr. Charles Driver Director 52 I 'Ei 106 SOUTH ROWAN The band has always been of special interest to everyone. It performs at football games, presents concerts, and enter- tains the student body. Mr. Dri- ver deserves much credit for all the work he has done to make the music outstanding. SENIOR HIGH BAND LZ: N'-Q -X The band rehearses diligently every day. The Pep Band provides music for basketball games and pep rallies. John Driver is the director. Soutn's letter girls proudly carry the colors, Tamara Miller Cchiefj, Bonnie Seymour, Debbie Pless, Becky Sloop, and Rhonda Crowe. Yolanda Weant Ac robat The majorettes add color and charm to the marchingband Russie Watson, Reushe Mary Linn D1-ye Barrett, Brenda Deese Cchiefj, Carla Goodman, and Vickie Mabry. Drum Majorette 108 W' STUDENT BODY OFFICERS .iw Steve Luther lst. Vice President L Mrs. Clyde Bostian Advisor Roy Correll President Billy Mabe 2nd. Vice Prsident Shirley Reece Sammy Morgan Secretary Treasurer IO9 ' ragga' ' .KG 5 Susan Carol Barbara Reushe Skeet Debbie Sandra Albright Alexander Austin Barrett Beaver Belk Benson f' L A A ii f f-1' , ' . I -,,. ' ' were Zi. ' ' . B ,, . S X A A A ' 5 1 S W 7 aim ,V "- rane naan A erer i Q ',,- "'- V :,, M ,f , 'A'r P - i t i ' - q is an A Terry Ronnie Steve L nne Charles Jeff John Bostian Brown Camgbell Cook Cornelius Corriher Corriher o o',o,. Q 'V , i err ' l 1 Q Iir ' Q ii'i y B fl L rls S r rsar V 7 Mr,rr,,y k,V. ju s .QM , In , A f e Carolyn Kevin Brenda Gail Angela Deryl Crowe Deaver Deese Felker Freeze Heilig in H V 4 S ww f,, ' Z., , A i A Lisa Karen She ry Anthony Vickie Lane Pam Hurst Lear Leazer Linn Ludwig Parker Safrit - ii. i L F f elsr . B iiifff T ES rryy 6 i is Bonnie Shelia Brenda Donna Mike Mary Anne Terry Seymour Shive Sifford Smith Smith Thompson Weaver I 1 4 U W I f CU 4. 35 I Flin Wu, w'M'm 'A Mm f -9 . E z 2 A11 'im ,, A g, 'ffr GMM ,gflm Miss Swain Advisor Mrs. Wilhelm Advisor CHEER Sandra Benson Chief The cheerleaders lead us in all our cheers during the entire school year. Their efforts are tireless and their enthusiasm and school spirit are unceasing. 5 SSR 4 A Sl? X X Vickie Guuedge Marie Goodnight, Martha Rudisill, and C0'Ch1ef Shirley Reece, alternates. Suzanne McDonald Kathy Liles Sheila Shive Dixie Banks Barbara Irvin Glenda Donaldson Pat Benson Wi H Cheerleading isn't all work and no play. Angela Freeze H3 '29 way, 1 'Zi 5. M W Steve Luther Joe Ashley Gary Cress 9 , 1' 6? Q David Honeycutt at fs. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD September 2 9- West Rowan East Rowan 16 - Albemarle 23 - Boyden 30 - Asheboro Eric "Doc" Jones aig i i, K aw 4 7 n.-H" David Crawford Lennie Spears II4 October 7 14- 21- 28 November 11 North Rowan Kannapolis Concord Thomasville Statesville Bill Readling if V Roy Correll Tri-Captain Mlke Owens Jack Goodnight Tri-captain CW :Sy qgll' Sa. Tony Porter Tri-Captain gf 1 S Romue Brown Coach Marshall Murphy Coach Lope Linder 0- -, Evo S i i' faq VAR-SITY BASKETBALL January 6 10 13 20 24 27 31 Davie Statesville Asheboro Concord Albemarle Kannapolis Thomasville February 3 '7 10 14 17 21 24 East Rowan Asheboro Statesville Concord Albemarle Kannapolis Thomasville 116 W1 X , , Coach Jack Snyder Gary Cress Lane Parker Jack Goodnight Bill Readling Mike Curran Robert Clark I I7 , JAN. 6 Davie 10 Statesville 13 Asheboro 17 Open Date 20 Concord 24 Albemarle 27 Kannapolis 31 Thomasville FEB. 3 East Rowan 7 Asheboro 10 Statesville 14 Concord 17 Albemarle 21 Kannapolis 24 Thomasville Coach Wilhelm REBELETTE BASKETBALL N N I s , VNVV 'Z"' M L,,,, f H8 Diane Horton r Brenda Sifford Brenda Sheets Betty Ketner Ellen Clodfelter 1 I9 Steve Luther Gary Burris Eddie Belk V H?-. A 1, if ' . , , .,,, I 4 'Q 'V V " - ' Q , . 'gig' E5 , A 5' 'i m -7 ,41 E, N, 4, , M ,,- ,fy WRESTLING Wayne Litaker 1 20 Jan. TEAM -Albemarle Thomasville Statesville Mooresville 1966-7 967 x 'Auf f RECORD Feb. 2 6- 10- 13- West Rowan East Rowan Kannapolis South Iredell 1 7 -Asheboro coAcH LINDER JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 1 Mr. Snyder Coach SEPT. OCT. NOV. 122 8 15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 TEAM RECORD East Rowan North Rowan Boyden Kannapolis Davie County Kannapolis North Rowan East Rowan Davie County Open Here There Here Here There There Here There Here JAN. FE 6 10 17 20 24 27 31 3 7 10 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM REC ORD West Rowan Davie County East Rowan North Rowan West Rowan Davie County Karmapolis East Rowan North Rowan West Rowan There There Home Home Home Home Home There There The re 123 Mr. Murphy Coach ai KMA W9 , ,,t,,.,1,yw gg-Q. A '-R -A-.Q will' "'3"'m S - 1' 1 X 'Jr ki in X N: QV X Xshghk , M 24 97 it x ' xi' iq ,Q sk . M A R X . ,Q X 'x A , hw, A Wm' 'W-W' www WWM:h,, ,, ,, +55'MN6mg vf MW 3f"W gf AMW f U51 M W0'WMWAa31,yWMMQJF WL MM . 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Suggestions in the South Rowan High School - Southerner Yearbook (China Grove, NC) collection:

South Rowan High School - Southerner Yearbook (China Grove, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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