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South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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MEM, Lil? V E A V f Q42 1f7J ,+l,f. T Tiff 1? p9ZU7,L'Qs L30 4,7 SENIOR CLASS South Glens Falls Central School South Glens Falls New York Volume 14 Presented by the 4 Lx 4 is K I ' X 'A,,..- .9 2 isgfllg 4 1 9 iff 1 gif 1 4 4 5' V1 mi. iffy! i E , 5 5 M 'fi 1': i- I 9 , 2 f wwf-WW' A W ik 'WWW 4 ,W-D -bf WJ -Mt f f .-Q MH' 3 ' W' fx gm 5 ru 3 IH gif, MM .,., f A -M 13' W Fm if us ku.: 5 1' , 5 cm ,, , . , 3 3 Hz l HH 34,5 ,ug fn' HI fi WF? wifi? M. aug 'rv eng 4' M1 4 HL 4 , 7 5 Q A ?l! HI HI HI 1' n ua up 513 H A ' 'H H! ,HI ir ew J Jr' Q" ,- - 5 if ' " '- -' tw , ,.. , ,.-.wt K V NW " - y . x . . 1' If 1. 5, .,,iYfF4'su5 in sl 1 A P . K ::,:' ,g',,. -1- x 1 :af ,. 95:1 .,. 'Q F4-fr! fl. ' s v 4 1 6 - t Q , .. .Q 4 J ,JB W 15 A a Q , x X i 1 "Ll, , Q YYKY :l.V'w N 77 BQ H' ef' E 45' . --"' 0 'fFr ff. ,luv f ,M nw is gf 533 Hiffff? H I il? 5f Wg F353 ifffieh 33 ii W 5 H 1355 fiwgsf YH H32 nsmgn 23 ' Hi! IIH . v .. 4-fy ni' , S s K' ivqarp 91 . An, if ll' 'I .,..... ,- ,H HW., r,,..1-"" --' ,4- rl' F 'Q 1 5 Q J , , 4 f F f l f : 3 , 2 5 2 1 1 Q , 1 353 if ' -: Jdlfgix o-av' uv! A144- ? .Q V: 4 J 13 in fs, M..4 xiii n' HM-'4 . ,Mr . sf ww- iw' J 1 . .5 . W fl' .Sf ,, 'ff -Aff, f -iii iv ,. l H. 5 If 'lea -ffm' 8 x' 'N .2 I'H I 'I fi! .' I ll? , . I Z 'lf' Y, ann? 45 f ' ' ..a, ."v 5 gnfbhs G. xy- .4 4 "So fare you well, my lady gay, We'll call again, another day." We dedicate our 1957 Arrowhead to you, Mrs. Stewart, in appreciation for all you have done for us. This is a privilege and an honor. You have taught us generosity through your own unselfishnessp you have given us courage to surmount obstacles by your own perserver- ance: you have given us pleasure through the years by your own ready humor and "good- will-for-all" philosophy. For all this and more, Mrs. Stewart, we thank you. QCQMTEINEQS as1.,CuUffEy CQUWQIFH QS U35 S63 A CCZQEUVUQEUQS usuc 4E PQI? 5 A 5 dvzriusmznis -- Ax-IO 0 O 0 Ei 5 enicmrs M 0 Cc? ? O CLAIRE W HUNT EVELYN STEWART MARION KELLEHER Busmess Advrsor Co-ordmator Lrierary Advrsor PPREUX4 X She shall have a penny a day Because she cant work faster We the graduatmg class of 1957 W1Sh to express smcere feelmg of gratltude to these members of the faculty who have so generously glven the1r txme to us and who have so wlsely advlsed us Thexr help 15 what has made thls edmon of the Arrowhead the success that we feel 1t IS MARILYN EMPIE THOMAS GORMAN MICHELENA FHASCATORE Photography Photography Aff AdV1S0! . I . 1 s . J lun-u F4501 f If f4Ml!!I!!.57f?,4U0fV 455 mg llltll WI OL HMI' f4UfW!V!.57fMUO!V Paul Howe hh O d Eldon Sanford Robert Horton ester stmn er Herbert Brock ,Lf X. 'fm ke' 'Wx ' if fl 5221 ur fl? f QL RL1' ' V:-xiii? ,, , ,Q ,, .MW M Ax, Ioan Rendert Practlce Teacher Beverly McIntyre and Patr1c1a Faculty meetlng McElroy pract1ce teachers I Samy Nash1d Egypnqn Observer A student teachmg a class R1chard Warner pracuce teacher A I -- 3 ,f ' - 1 1 . .l . fi' 15 as -K. Sixth grade: Frank Garcia, Nannie Winch, Iohn Eckman, Malcolm Lindahl. ' fa. fp: ' ' 2 E W., l ' 8 Q. ,A 2 'ff . 5, 1, L15-s - 5' h ft l 'rr L. Q 5 .4 Special teachers: Rosemary Davidson, Louise Rus- sell. Iunior High English: Lois Churchill. Y-iQ" Iunior High Citizenship Education: Louis Scavone, Fred Reed Cabsentj Iunior High Science: Ioseph Munoff. A ill Junior High Mathematics: Beatrice Norton, Esther Horton. .5'P!ZZ4l Ianet LePage Frances Cronm K1rst1 Frolxsh Cathenne Levesque eacher Denta Lucllle Drollette Gladys Darby Remedxal Readmg Speech Therap1st J'f6'W6'f.5' Charles CUCCIO Harold Vmlqhn Psycho1og1st Adult Educatlon Nurse-T 1 Hygienist 1 1 w ,. 1 ' 1. I 5. If-. nh., . Ufffff ARLENE WELLS IDA R LASHWAY Secretary SeCfefUfY HELEN BULLARD HERBERT D BROCK Treasurer Busmess Manager Pf6'5W!V!Vfl LORRAINE ABBOTT MARIE WILSON Secretary Secretary ' f , M Z ' W ' ' s +w 2 , , 1 , MF .mx 5 Q' A 11. 4' 'W 5 ' .ami-' , k K. v"'f'L4,.2?,',g, Y ,zwlygjff f.,, , xzqgzfa, , V ,, f' Q5 1 u. ,gzfw A , if , 1 ff Q' Q gg 3 ., f it fa 5, P 1 ww V ' - 2, m ,. Q, wil K A ,A A - 1 , . M Q. ,., x Q ,A A , Z , A 4 iw my i ii5 'V.?1V ' 'Wei fs f W QQ? Af , Lg 1Q 6? 0 V WN, , 11 . if ff? Q . b Q A QQ Q 1 .V 1' 1 'z nw-, 1 YH: I Sim my S'-yy r haw' '9--1 Row I Charolette MacEwan Vera Mason Edna VanDerwerker Row II Vlleen Murray V1o1a Cossey Lorralne Ienklns Ruth Short 2' 6J4fffff?M .5'f4ff Ethel MCMOTIIS Manager Here come I, L1!t1e Davxd Doubt, If you don't glve me money, l'11 sweep you aI1 out" "A glass of mxlk and a s11ce of bread, And then good mght, we must go to bed 44' , fa r ' 'A .M ff I 1X l Xl 'K U , X 1 .35 H .a,, K 44 ,J-f Q VV. Nt 11 si. K .N K hi r,,' 1 -I Ar I , ' 1 ' . . I ' a f If f' wtf, .1 ""'ezg,Q I Q I J "1 ll . DL !'Fi,, I -..-- if f 00- fI!f0f? bW.5'!!Vf.5'J' !W6-7? I0-fiffif? 17. rv AAfA20rZZ2f,f2Wff4ff How 1 Davrd VanLew Sally I-hcks Betty Lou Washburn Robert Conkhn Judy Ensmxnger Betty Shaw Robert Lemery Row 2 Barbara Sheerer Ehzabeth Van Guxlder Judy Pountarn Anna Mae Potter Deborah Corlew How 3 She11a Hopkms Lynda Sherman Patrtcra Newhard Jamce MacEwan Claudla Munger Rose Marte Pelky James Klausner Row 4 Jamce Granger Lynn Osburg Douglas Harkness Dale Jones Davld Walker Colm Johnson iff l,. A' The Sports staff talks it over, The business and advertising staffs worked hard to sell yearbooks and ads. A 4-'Q all ln- The Art and photography staff members finish their The Senior Und fC1Cll1TY SeCfiO1'1S Were fi1'SI to be Work' finished. JK ?' Q --l 'l' -1, ' The clubs and activities staffs worked hard to get The sophomores and juniors observe and learn cr- all the pictures to fit. bout the yearbook. rl it , "Theres a neat httle clock, In the school room zt stands, And lt pomts to the txme W1th 1ts two httle hands And may we, hke the clock, Keep a face clean and bnght, Wlth hands ever ready To do what IS r1ght" n-...-........,-mmi"1!' Kal Q , 1 F s 3 n A ? f oi Q - . E I I ?' , l , wg W I V44 ll 5 I fi if n . , u -,QE - 1 1 M- " A L ? " X f ' Ji Q- , YY Y,-N31-F 14, 1,3 .L,.x,a, ,ky . i Mffgiy Q 93.2 5:45 N 5 ff , M 1 gfviggwf 3'f?'fg,1 , :?fw1g1w?!Z'.'5yESk, if-4 31, , L. aging, af : 1 73 Q .af Av x 'ww ' , at . t X553 if , WI . 'Q rv 32.-Q9 f . ,515 Q Q ' 2 lgfffli .Ml , 53? L gf yy , ,gg 4 A , 5, Y.. - ., ,9g'g,g.,'.. '52 '- . fs?'5ze i2 xv 5' 41, Y, Z 4' ww A ., - , ww-up 5 '-Q W if 4 ,3'G9?,X' 1 wg-5? wig-49' -..',,P:.4,L?' f -"' ' QW ' 4 4 ....., , . ,QQ wi Q H,rtwgg-'sg,'gif,-353. iff, sq 1 " ' K. H -' 5 fs xv 3. vb f MT 7fH'3'QfQ?t'A , fixvgw 4?5?if?gwfff,g ' 153591 NSHSLX? It EH ' ., ifzlgrgw, , 14 - ,iQ,m1jj15'gK l '15-I , W 'fvtfvsiixfil ,.Z.pvjC.,,,, 5 .ii gg-y,sgg1.f' Q, iw 5125 -if if 45' ft ff? 3' wi 'PF -,gg fig f? YQ? 1 1 V , M ,Z ,.f.s.k.,g2 , , 2 yr, Y 5 :R H 5 K? rf s 1 n 5 wi!! Q if 3. .Q by , f z' . 2,4 , 5 ' ,.. wt 1 3 xr! I Y 4 5 va Q Us a- w in .. gn ilk: ,, ' , mi it i ' -1. :wg "Vv'A . ' 3 . sw 5 S 4 f LY! ... g an 354 I ' 'V V 3, . A Q 5 , fliv . 4 , - , Mwswwnw.-m.,ggg A 59,5 ,Q- -dl I Robert Bennett Bob Gerald Ash lerry f7f!?f W4.5'f4!V 010 W0 IV CCIIY WBMW h Cavcmaugh los DONNA COLVIN Donna RONALD COMEAU Ronnie WH! UV!! X!!! 14 .fiif ROBERT CONKLIN Conkie DORINDA DUROSS Drena DONNA COPELAND Donna DEBORAH CORLEW Debbe v ' ,115 Nancy Gillmcm Kate W Gene Glacy Glace Ianice Granger I Ian .5WfI!J!V !'KfWW W1964!'!'0I0 Gordon Griffin Gordy Edward Greenwood Eddie Nerl Green N eil 'Q "2" Douglas Harkness Doug Howard Iackson Howie A -' 43 fi' QA' - 17 .T-.- 'svof 'H-'ffif I . fr' I H. I Sally Hicks Sal Margaret Iackson Marg 7 N. ' xi: Sheila Hopkins Sheila .fbff 634W fbfffll Colin Iohnson Col . ff 'UN K .l' ,favs Q Dale Iones Ionsey .50!Wff40W6'f Donald Iones Don Iames Klausner Iim Robert Lemery Lanlcy QW ww E as Iillian Langan V I i11 M 5 David Kobor Dave Robert Livingston Livy Patricia Mason Pat Marlene Lyons Marlene Ianice MacEwan Ian W9'!6W6',411lf Dorothy McKinney Dot Claudia Munger Claude Patricia Newhard Pat !V0f U0 Mff Lynn Osburg Lynn Rose Marie Pelkey Rosie Judith Pountain Iudy Carla Petteys Carla Anna Mae Potter Anna Mae sf zfmlff J? 3 W lm f'l!V0ffV,4i I Rose Marie Rosati Rosie f , , Ffa? is I . J v fbfffll 141 I Gladys Sage Glad Barbara Sheere Barb Betty Shaw Bet Gene Seeley Iudith Wakely I udy 6'1Z4JUf4ff David Walker Dave Betty Lou Washburn Boo Eleanor Winslow Ele Bernice White Bernice Robert Whyland Bob CLA' Q,,,.,,,,, ZJc.,,..zz,,, ,X M I Zak? ff 'H' fSx"1l 1 +- C ,P 1 gl' wg My f dmw f Qamiu c.f2.,W 91. 'xv--PJQJJJ Mx M1-QYCMQ 'M Bmw 'M il .Wm fwzaf A 66 may 1 ,Mil 1" fm? 1 51 ff Zffwff ULWM fm QF!-Qu 1: JJ . 0 Vlwcy 4.1 Xalan J v6D.uALeCovL.u.uJ . P ALM-WM! 'I J fzelww w,,p,.1,.,b o Ash V. I V A . ' "x , ' I ,f I I I I A 1 1 I f fu ' ' 0' , 'gf 5 3 V , , A , N ,,, f I - II ' I Vg i 5 l I K Oifx N ' ' ' "- 0 "'f , " ' J? I A 4 , yr- . 1 M V 0 A v Il , 4 A ' v , I f f .lf ,X I. f , , 1 V . Ts:-,.-fl ' ,' - ' ' ' f m t 5, " 1 I ' 1 s I . 1 , I 1 ,A. I ' I I ' I X 1 , ' ,, 1 . N I 1 - I' f ' ' . ! ' 5 '33 I l I H' I 'I g ' If I l ei K :Q A , Q rx - A 2 K A-4 QL ' k.. XD in xX ', - .- 5. If 1 1 Q 1.1 Q' JQ Y, j U P , -1 . Y 1 'I Q 1, A , 3 5 , f , I h E f ' Q ' . I I L L ll? 1 ' . I A ff . X I ' wg 1 ' x c u I N U I A I . I I - f' dx' Lf L V V ' f j X 1 6 .f + ' ' g'AQ gl ' "' . ., I 1 , 1 f , . A f Q , I , I 1- I A ' ' Y M - ff ' a 701C 1 ' ' ' mv 1 4 1 , A ' ' ? I V . ij I , , gg lf, 0 , , , 1 W 1 mf ! ff QI' ' Qfwfivvweffad ,I I 1 J M , X 7 ,,g 4' f ff, 'iff 51455 HIS !'01W Hickory - dickory - dock The mouse ran up the clock "The clock struck one"-and the largest Freshman class in the history of South High gathered for its first class meeting. Mrs. Marion Kelleher was our advisor for that year, and we wasted no time in electing our officers. Iames Klausner was voted to lead the group as President: David Walker was cho- sen ior Vice-President: Roger Hamlin, secretary: and Lynn Osburg, Class Treasurer. We worked hard that year on money-making activities which we coupled with school dances-the main feature-"Hillbilly Teen Hop." The "Syncopated Six" consisting of Nancy Gillman, Edmund Cridge, Dick Nichol- son, Lynda Sherman, Gary Stevens, and Roger Hamlin furnished the music. We sold cards and closed the year feeling very wealthy indeed. "The clock struck two"-Sophomores! We found ourselves with two new advisors, Messrs. Roscoe Baker and Iudson Walker. We soon elected our class officers: President, David Walker: Vice President, David Koborg Sec- retary, Lynda Sherman: and we gave the job of holding our money to Lynn Osburg for the second time. During that year we sold candy and highlighted the season with the "Winter Wonderland Dance" and "Sophomore Hop." The year passed quickly and soon we heard- "The clock strike three"-Like our predecessors, we felt pretty big and very important as upperclassmen. A new advisor had been appointed and Mrs. Evelyn Stewart called our first lunior Class meeting early in September. Ray Prouty was elected to the Presidency: Gladys Sage, Vice'Presidentp Iudy En- sminger, Secretary: and for the third time-Lynn Osburg was given charge of the money bags. We had only one important money-making project that year, the magazine drive, but we were very busy in our social activities. We underwent the pleasant ordeal of selecting our class rings and then came the Iunior Play, Ienny Kissed Me. 5 uw... , ,.,,,.,j3P,i, This was directed by Mr. Leon Sparling. The play was a great success and the actors and actresses received well deserved praise from an appreciative audience. Then-our very own prom. We used as our theme "Stairway To The Stars." We all worked hard to make this a "prom of proms." Betty Shaw was chosen our Queen, and a regal Queen she made. For the first time in our school, a king was crowned. David Kobor occupied the seat of honor, and Betty and Dave reigned for the evening. Soon we were busy on our class banner. We had already chosen our class flower-the red carnationg our class colors-red and gray: and our class motto-"We Study That We May Serve." With this in mind, we designed our banner, and were not surprised when it was voted the number one banner on the school's first Moving Up Day. All too soon, however, exams were scheduled and our Iunior year came to a close. "The clock struck four"-We waited a long time for the bell to chime out these four strikes. We returned to South High to begin our last year of our high school career with Mrs. Stewart again chosen to advise us, and Mr. An- drew Manz was chosen to assist her. We elected David Kobor our Senior Class President. Iudy Ensminger was to act as Secretary for the second time, and the class funds were placed in the hands of Lynn Osburg for the fourth time. The Senior Play, The Willow And I, directed by Mr. Robert Rose was an outstanding success and the first drama to be presented by South High. The students played to a large house for two nights and the actors and ac- tresses did their director justice. We felt that Broadway itself did not present it better. By this time the Arrowhead was well underway with the advertis- ing department and circulation department completing their assignments. Soon final exams will have come and gone: graduation will be over and our years at South High will become pleasant memories. It seems only yes- terday that our clock of time delivered its first note. The hours have passed as fleeting minutes. We are awakening from a pleasant dream. We are standing on the threshold of the future. The clock struck one - and down he come - Hickory - Dickory - Dock. V ig! 'Bn if-W , it M A QV , 1 L - ' 1 .J ,Jw I1 .!U!V!0f? PMI' Ienny , , .....,. A Father Moynihan Michael Saunders Mrs. Deazy , A. Owen Parkside , Mr. Parkside . Sister Mary Girl Another Girl Shirley Tirabossi Miss Stearns . Mary Delaney Harry , .. Io A, . ,, Director Assistant Director Make-Up , .,,i..,,. . THE CAST Gladys Sage James Klausner Kenneth Cary Nancy Gillman Robert Whyland .. Gary Pronto Patricia Newhard , Betty Shaw Sheila Hopkins Lynda Sherman Eleanor Winslow Sally Hicks Judy Ensminger Rose-Marie Pelkey .. , Leon Sparling . ,.i. .. Robert Rose Mrs. Leon Spcrrling -,get ,T .40 5-H A fd A af if 1 ,1 ... JHWW Kffffi Mf "And you will have him Ienny, your husband now to be?" "Yes'I will," says Ienny, "And love him heartily." "Jenny Kissed Me" was presented by the Iunior Class, April 13-14, 1956 ,, 2, 1 ,V , f .iz - M Nj we 1 ,r 1-'ig' '11 g C' Q. I, rg xx' is it: 54-A 3 ft Q S in i . ', ., t it May 25, 1956, was the most important date for us in our entire class history. Iunior Prom! We waited so long to climb to the very heavens by that enchanted "Stair- way To The Stars." What pleasant memories! Not only a Queen, but for the first time in our school, a King was crowned. Queen Betty CShawD and King David CKoborU made a perfect Royal couple. The courtiers, in a semi- circle around the Royal pair were: Claudia Munger, Rose Marie Pelkey, Pat Newhard, Lynda Sherman, Deb- orah Corlew, and Gladys Sage. Then arm in arm we promenaded with our escorts through the hall elaborate in its skvblue streamers through which showed a yellow moon and stars in pro- fusion glisteninq to form a realistic setting. Queen Betty and King David reigned for the entire evening in all their Royal splendor. The music for our Prom was furnished lov Steve Git- to's "Blueiacks," and our chaperones were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Hopkins, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lennox. Prom is over and another paae has been turned in our album of school memories. We have climbed the stairway and soon, as graduates, we shall find ourselves reaching for the stars that continue to beckon us from the heavens. ,Q k Q his N, M3 Q 'xl-.W N X- 'Q "The King was in the counting house counting out his money: The Queen was in the Parlor, eating bread and honey." Gladys Sage and Ken Cary Prom Chairmen .5'!74!f?M4l' fi X797 554195 , u 4- .- X -'. ""f3'!-IZ ' ' at ,Q 1 1 ' Q I ,il -nu!!-qs... :r . 1 1 - .1-:L ' --'nr-Ol ' . A -W ' All' A X' The Queen is chose Q-sv 1+ GIG ...........,.... Tin Robin 6 Kirkl Bailey Duke Todd A. 1 Assistant Director Make-Up ...,...,.... The W1I1ow and I was presented by the Senior class on November 16 17 1956 This was the fi st full len th drama presented in the South Glens Pnfri i Newhqrd F fl' Gladys Sage , , .. .. Hopkins Claudia Munger S herman Lemery 1 James Kausner Cary Harkness .. .. Rosati Fuller Rose Sparling Leon Sparling Properties chairman Debbie cussing the play. Corlew and the directors dis- 0 NAME Abare Andrea Ash Gerald Bennett Robert Bowen Charles Cary Kenneth Colvln Donna Comeau Ronald COI'1lCl1l'1 Robert Corlew Deborah Ensmrnger lud1th Francrs Kenneth French Lawrence Fuller Davld Gallup Bertha Glfford Wrlltam Grllman Nancy Glacy Gene Granger Iantce Green Nerl LIKES Fran Hot Chevy Scrence oan Rose Marle Don Sherla Boo Money 1 Gultars Shrrley Bev Bob Anrmals Bob Custom cars MUSIC Huntmg Greenwood Edward Hot Chevy Gr1ff1n Gordon Ol1V1G Harkness Douglas Makmg money Hrcks Sally Larry Hopk1ns She1la Ron lackson Margaret Iack Iones Dale Cars lones Donald P1zza Iohnson Colm Photography Klausner Iames Sleep1ng Kobor Davld 41 Hudson Street Dull partres Langan lrllran A certa1n boy Lemery Robert My Hon L1VlI'1gSlO1'1 Robert Nancy MacEwan Ianrce A certa1n boy ,5'f!l!!019 DISLIKES XStuck up people Fords Books Hrstory French classes Stuck up people People who drtnk Palama partres H1story Mar1nette Paper Company Smokers Books Hlstory Two faced people Brg C1l1GS U S Army Grrls Getttnq up early School NTWO faced people Hlstory To become an educated fool Umnsured cars Concerted people Stuck up people Two faced people Smokers Late people Alarm clocks Two faced people Oral Speeches 52 Bu1ck Slow people PASTIME Workmg Frxlng cars F1sh1ng Henry Street Hrstory Sports Ferry Boulevard Gansevoort Road Trylng out new cars Wrrtrng letters Bowlmg 300 Dancmg RD No 3 Saratoga Bowl1ng Square dance 52 Bu1ck Prxmg cars Play1ng records Gotng out Frxmg cars Datlng Talkrng Havmg fun Talkrng on telephone Bemg w1th lack Basketball Workmg at the Bleublrd Homework Watchmg TV Excuses for Mr Rose Talk1ng on telephone Basketball 162 Marn Street Drrvmg AMBITION Be a secretary To have one run Lots of ttme for sports Graduate Be a success Graduate Be a pnest Be a chef C P A Be a secretary Head Afr1can Safarl Graduate Graduate Graduate Farmer Pass Hrstory 12 Regents Operate bxg machmery Grow a money tree A good hfe Graduate Graduate Successful busmess man Nurse Be a teacher Marrlage Go to college Pass Hrstory 12 Graduate Marry an Herress LIVE a happy lrfe Nurse Graduate Graduate Be a secretary I - . I .. I . . . I - . I . 1 1 1 , Bll I . - . Y I . ' . I . 1 1 .. 1 1 1 I - .. 1 1 1 1 , . I . 1 1 1 1 . I . 1 1 1 NAME Mason Patr1c1a McK1nney Dorothy Munger Claud1a Newhard Patr1c1a Osburg Lynn Pelkey Rose Mar1e Pettys Carla Potter Anna Mae Pountam Iud1th Pratt Carol Prouty Raymond Rrchardson Ioan Rrvers Arthur Rosatl Rose Marme Ross Robert Russo Patrxck Sage Gladys Seeley Gene Shaw Betty Sheerer Barbara Sherman Lynda S1monetta Ianrce Terp Peter Trombley Leona Van Gurlder Elxzabeth Van Lew Dav1d Wakely Iudxth Walker Dav1d Washburn Betty Lou Whlte Bern1ce Whyland Robert Wlnslow Eleanor Ififff 0197 LTKES DISLIKES Engmeer at RPI Late ma11man Amr Force Two faced people Dave Harry Hungarrans A certa1n Marlne Tuna f1Sh sandw1ches Clothes Ken Plzza Arl1e Elvrs Elv1s Gxrls Drckre Shlrley Don Sports Sally Skatmg Cars Ienks DTIVIDQ Dmck oe Hunt1ng Phll Cookmg F1sh1ng ElV1S Slflglng Money Conk1e Iwannasta Scxence Monty N Sldeburns Flghtmg Homework Brams Chem1stry Speeches D1ctators Hrstory Troopers Crackmg knuckles Bald heads Two faced people Teachers Late people Two faced people Two faced people X Llars Algebra Bemg stood up Substltute teachers Gettmg up early NConce1ted people Work Duals on cars H2S F1ght1ng A concelted boy PASTIME Wr1t1ng letters Granvxlle Laughing Dr1v1ng Talkrng on telephone Sw1mm1ng Danclng Wr1t1ng letters Drxvmg Sleep1ng Hunt1ng L1v1ng lt up Racmg Playmg prano Sherman Avenue Ronald Women 52 Ford P1ck1ng at the ptano Makmg p1zza Hudson Falls Dolng homework Datmg Watchmg TV Hunt1ng squlrrels Watchmg TV Amateur rad1o Sports V1s1t1ng 360 Hunt1ng Dr1v1ng AMBITION Pass B1ology Marrrage Lady wrestler B S ID Nursmg Be a success Be a secretary Graduate Graduate Hrstory teacher Graduate Be happy Graduate Be a mechan1c Be a secretary Own a P1zza house GE Lab Chemlst Graduate Be a secretary Be a secretary Get a masters degree Get a good yob Machlmst Ch1ld nurse Be a secretary Navy man Be a secretary Englneer Phys Ed teacher Be an adult prodegy To l1ve Marry a m1ll1ona1re . I - Q u D , , . , , W0meH drivers Driving Be a success . , . I - - A . I - , . 1 - I . ' , , , MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST TALENTED Lynn Osburg Iames Klausner Nancy Gxllman Douglas Harkness QUIETEST 5'f!l!!016' Barbara Sheerer Donald Iones MOST WITTY MOST COURTEOUS Patncxa Mason Dav1d VanLew Shella Hopklns Raymond Prouty 1 1 1 , 1 MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING Betty Shaw David Kobor Gladys Sage Patrick Russo FRIENDLIEST 154 Vfffffff Claud1a Munger Ronald Comeau MOST STUDIOUS MOST ATHLETIC Bernxce Whxte, Davxd Walker Betty Lou Washburn Rqbert Conklm 1 1 IWHWXV5 UP 0147 "If many Freshmen knew what many Sophomores know, If many Iuniors went where many Seniors go, If many Seniors did what many Graduates do, The world would be better--I think so, don't you?" The day of Iune 12, 1956, marked South High's first Moving Up Day ceremony. The Moving Up Day ceremony symbolizes the graduation of senior students from high school and the succession of other classes moving up to the places left vacant. The program opened with classes marching into the auditorium by twos, each class bearing its banner. The Freshmen were first in line, filling the back seats, while succeeding classes in order took places nearer the front. Lynda Sherman led the school's "Alma Mater" at the program's beginning followed by George Hoffis Student Council president who gave an address of welcome and spoke briefly on the theme of the program From Unity Comes Strength With singing of the Weaving Song each class moved up to the position previously occupied by the next higher class Each class was addressed with a verse of the Where Oh Where? song and each class gave a choral response followed by a brief report of its year s activities by the class presl dent and the class song The 1956 Senior Class presented their advisor Mrs Isabel Vaughn with a large bouquet of red and white carnations Excerpts from the 1956 Arrowhead prophecy were given by Robert Rhodes and the class will by Raymond Valentine The dedication of the Arrowhead was given by Walter Sharrow editor and a copy of the book presented to Mr and Mrs William Cridge of Fortsville who were chosen by the class as being representative parents The eight new members of the National Honor Society tapped that morning in their classes were presented They included Gladys Sage Iudy Ensminger Lynda Sherman Lynn Osburg Shelia Hopkins Kenneth Cary David Walker and Iames Klausner The class banners and songs were Judged by a committee of four citizens from the South Glens Falls area The judges gave first place to the Senior Class song We Have These Moments to Re member written by Beverly Abare Winning class banner was that of the former Iunior Class bearing the legend We study that we may serve in red letters on a natural wood arrowhead with a fluted effect in black around the edge s al ll' 1 Y I 11 . ,, I n . . . ,, . ,, . . . . I - . 11 11 . , ,' 1 . . , . . . . I 1 - 1 - - 11 1, - . I . . . . ,, ,, . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 I I I ' . . . 11 . 1 ' ,, . . . . , . 1 u ll ll I ' 1 1 1 , --N7 11f sb, X, '31, ff 1 1.1, 1 .,M,15 11.1, rt.,-.y .. . 1.52.5 712411 . .I i 1 .. -X tk - 1 . ff - 11, 2 9" 1 ' A . . 1 . j . ,, ,gig 1 ,L f - 3 f J ' ' f 1 L ig as , c ' , ,rv 5 rg l 1 K' I A '- ' 135:-T g1 , I f KN4 s ,, , 4 f f QL ' Q ' . sf ' -yf 5 , A 6'lf4J'.5'f.5' Stephen Blakeslee David Allen Alfred Beakbane Robert Blackburn 1, ,Aj in f Wu A 1,14 Z ALA W M MWW Xhffgjd' JW Ianet Sutllff Adv1sor Raymond Kasold Asslstant Adv1sor Sy1v1a Clark Rebecca Chase Carolyn Celeste Davxd Cameron Betsy Blodgette Richard Bodette Robert Bolton Lxnda Borgos Stephen Borgos 0110019 Erleen Dyke Stephen D1Ck1HS0n IOP-Im D650 Merw1n Crowe Sandra Coulter Davxd Dyer Francls Egnor Conrad Shclrrow Loulse McBr1de Presldent Vxce Pres1dent Patrxcra Elder Mary Flanders Secretary Patrlca Elhthorpe Rrchard Farry Ioan Flemmg Fred Folger Morns Francls Russell Greenwood . V ' y 2 Frederick Abare Raymond Albert Gordon Allen Pearl Ball William Beagle Barbara Bennett Raymond Burlett Patnczcx Blackburn Iames Bol1o Patr1c1a Bondzrnskx Lo1s Brown Ernest Burnell Iudson Walker AdV1SOI Joanne Burns Thomas Gorman Ass1stant AdV1SOI Lee Call Nancy Carey Emlhe Clark Dolores Colv1n Sharon Coulter . . 0 ljf7lzf.l0 U I r Edward Curtis Barbara Dawson Rgben De Angelo De Garmo l mes Richard Clark Larry Hawkl Vlce Preslde I erry Dwyer Marsha Anderson Treasurer 9 . Q NX N- 1 1'-as KS ' A"'fz4i4i ff-Cgag e ,CV 2, 1163 Zac? 4 F 4 . is 513' ' is L X x Maureen Du Four f Q wif .fs tif' Lmda Dudey Dxeter Eveleth W1llxarn Parry Robert Fosmer Cather1ne Freebern Z Q E 5 X ' N n 4 2 A 1 1 i I I n I i F Howard McrcDonc1ld Iohn Mlller Bruce BGIIIIS Iocm Bondzmskx Sharon Burch Henry Butler Rlchord Brown Wlllord Bruce 'V ibn , f ,nn I I Beremce Davms Adv1sor 14. if 1-ffkfl1.f41.?fjJ' ' "T 484-J.-,+ A f Vw. cont'-v-in 1541- ' Robert CGHCIISS ,YAA3 .Q 4 ,m'fW,4f1f AdV1SOf 94 4: E3- Es'- on Q U o :1 :U o 5 fi o. on E. O o rs r- o s: Q :: 5 CD cn Q : U1 Q :s Q. W4 Q cn 9. o. E :: N gow: Donald Centerbar Linda Clum Donald Collms Iean Colvm Robert Corda Audrey Corlew Scott Thomas Cleland Donald Dlxon Preszdent Vxce Presxdent Davls Craw Iames Cr1dge Clcnre Washburn Treasurer ac co Ufwff wwf 0771 Um uf CJZOM-L 64.9.9 Anne Dcmahy Patricia Darlmg Alfred Dashnaw Roberi De Foe Ronald Dingman Betty Dion lean Dixon Adrienne Duncan Lynda Evans Donald Elaine Folger Iudy Hamal Iudith French Gary Puller William Garlitz ,It Cicfff, , bran? , . I 'w V LA ' ' M f,L2,1C Lois arrand L ' Xflff X gLJ'?i LeRoy Gilman Virginia Graves Scott Gray Donald Green Lloyd Gregory Graham Grover Diane Hall Donna Hayes William Ingalsbe . xiv 8- - foe.. Sgww Gladwin Iackson Ronald Iarvis Beverly Iones Charmaine Keech Olen Keech Paul La Valley Linda La Voy Gloria Losaw Lorraine Luqiano , ,,tf,i W . JU ' 'M Sw xi yt if , U if Xb" wil o' , ,liz . . gf Q' 'VY be di Q rr A ' J, J 1 ,Q get 1 ,ix ,gem '.'?C 4 wer A L- W L. ,- nfs 4-it my X -R T5 'W 'F' A x K Margaret, Mason F K, g f Q .Xfv f ' 'N 'Ll A 'lc 'iff' J L 'R I Elf' 'X ' - ' 'xl' A 1 MGM YN! I' tx - Ty' -CU Uf U' lv 5 " Y 'XJ Shirley Maxam Lynn McCarthy John Myers Linda Nolan Margaret Orsini fit t n ti Hadw were ,, l.t' L , ,' ,... a W , .-my V. . 'Mis S L X 1 vs- -2- vfork fine f ,,.,-Q. ?v', L Stephen Ostrander Robert Owens on Emlyn Petel I Pamela Pin ,WWQQ .V ffc fl! 1 Sandra Post Eleanor Poucher Barbara Powell Thomas Prouty terigeed V- u p9 Relyea nley Richardson Rosalie Robinson Rooke , x Digi! Norma Ross Iames Rozelle Richard Salmonson IoAnn Scarselletta Terry Seeley I, LC , ' I N iiggrlblfc tub U1Qs14fg,e,s,.A Sandra' tanto Catherine 1 M' h ' if ' 14 Ndchc?jlTErp1C Mary Ellen Tranowicz Eleanor Trombley Donna Van Vorce Ronald Viger Richard Wendall Ann White Darlene White Linda Whyland Lawrence Wood Thomas Wood v 'V LMI' Il 1 ,,,, How I Lorrame Boualr Donna Wood Francxs Dow Iames Dean Thomas McKee Bruce Pratt AIICG Whlte Lmda McDonald Row II Veronrca Heath lane Ors1n1 Barbara Brayton Sharon Smxth Susan Coulter Ianet Frrday Vxola Smlth Ahce Copeland Row III Phlllp Bergqurst Ierry I-lawkms Mrchoel Drckmson Iohn Holmes Rrchard Wxnslow Tlm othy Owens Davld Greenwood R1chard Abare Joseph Munoff W' Asszstant N-26 Howl Paul Whlte V1ola Moss Marsha VanLoan Mlchel Frank Mane Ior-es Darlene Grover M1ChG9l Capone Vmcent Sporrer Arnold Durkee Walter Ward Row II Paul Petteys Donald Foster Rxchard Measeck Patr1c1a Beakbane Roseanna Trornbley Donna Dawson Lo1s MacDonald Noreen MacDonald Elarne Slmonetta III Rxchard Warren Nell Waterman Howard Kloss Lmda Couture Barbara Abbott Gordon Palmer Dlane MOTIISSGY Edward Burch ' , . , . Z . I . I . D I I . . I . - I I ' '5 . O Q L ' Y'5 ' I. ' A-2, V., , I ' is Q. A L, ,fl f Q - . I l , I , I l I ' - , . , , - , , . . I' 'f' I ' , A , . ' , . , , - , , :' ,A l 1- N" tv A . U 3 Q V' 1 - -' - ga E I. e , r I s . , 1 , ' A " ' X ' ' V ,Ill 5 I ., , ' Q al Yegzdw I fm ' , ', , f Av I ,il :E v If Q 'jf ,. . Y x' x N Q, , ' ' . ' .. 1 I 'rv k . 3 ' I 2 ' V. , f ' 2 -' ' Us 'HI A : Q ,t 1 , , , wx .5 , i Bowl Lawrence Shattuck Margaret Greenwood Mary Abare Rose Rrvers Gale Potter Gerald Iackson Row 11 Leonard Klng Arden Iomer Barry Kokosa Danrel Plude Iohn Hayes Donald Shaw Absent V1rg1n1a Dumas G1or1a Corlew 01010019 Uflf!fI'6'!14.5'J' Boys Home Economrcs They cook too' Sen1ors 1n study hall ' I I I I ' I I I I I . , . A - 1 .. W ,, 1 1 , a , Q- Q. -MM Hi Sri 146'!7WWf5' 'Q fl? . in .IV ,, af- K , Q- " "ffm , 4 2 A lv, V.n,y A , I IM, . . ,Hi 3 .F .W I .. ,M J , VGAI , -, lv 77" "1 ' Y r""nw is 'HV A .f-'mi ini, . , 1' .:,.,1'f Q ' W - 1 Jw- ,- f u 7f7.1'h' " . f- 'Q wax Hg , al . " Nm, JA' ss ai,l" . it 5 I 1 Row one: Iudy Ensminger, Lynda Sherman, Sheila Hopkins, Gladys Sage. Row two: David Walker, Lynn Osburg, Kenneth Cary, lames Klausner. "Lovely rainbow held so high, Quite across the distant sky." A student rnust possessthe qualities ot character, service, leadership and scholarship to a high degree for membership in this society. The National Honor Society operates a cloakroom at Leon Sparling Advisor fVf4U0fV,4 HUXVUH .5'06'!ffl' basketball games to finance their projects during the year. Juniors and Seniors are eligible for membership on the basis of their high school records. This is the highest honor which can be conferred upon any student. 4 sig? .f ' 2 4 . ' 5 - V V w w 2 if H tg 'wwf ' Z 5 , " fw Q 015:53 ,, Aki ' Q . ., , mi 'W Ry fm .' 25222 .fifif I A g ff f 1' W 2 5 4 gk fm 'y 5 fr ,L K1 1 E 'Es gage 5 M if jx? 51 ,E Q H . f"i?f'gfS?f?5 4. 5' U Q3 ' nf ,zz fm I Bow l. Patricia Newhard, ludy Ensminger, Betty Shaw, Anna Trulli, Lynda Sherman. How II. Anne McBride, Susan Hardick, Carolyn Celeste, Ianice Granger, Rita Iones, Barbara Sheerer. Elizabeth VanGuilder, Patricia Elder. Isabelle Vaugh Advisor 67!f5'!fl!f.5'.5' 67067 "And here's the chiId's Dad, who is wise and discerning, And knows that this is the fountain of learning." This organization meets bi-Weekly and is for the business students. Through this club, members are given the privilege to learn of business opportunities from the Alumni, and profit from their experiences. The club enter- tains the Alumni at a dinner each year, and conducts a dance as a social and money making activity. og, V W. , 1 Eff, ,Q .... A. A m 3, Q.. , ' , 4 ,I deaf' v xv' , -Q' .11 if ., "'. 'img i f fx., W fi 2211 wmffaq, J w-45.7 'M S - ,v,., - :Rf hiv! K 'Mfg fm V0 ' N F? 'ff 4 9 51441, 14 'Q' ,r Z, 6 9.5, ax 3,9 4 g 1, 51.5 A -m f? , 5 M if M5711 2 1" I if uv Q fy f e ,-Ik, K az? Af Ahwux 'qc .1 5 - J ' 4 ,gp 5- A f ,-fi . fx' f , :M ff. g v 8-5 if , f - , .Ax .."- TFL. mf f f vw. W a mf 6 b f 'QQ V I Maw V , , . ,fr'55"15fQf'Jfviy -fry: 3951517 X7 ' fbi' '-'x . X! ,5 , 2 , -, 2 , V 2, V , ,: Q3 W., ,,., W. . ., .5 2- ,NE . , J WV' tax, "i5.?..,' .K ' T1 v:- 8' , ,gggfizfgiyaiii , ',,y,, 4 vs ' Y " 1 I A I 5 rg ' , .,-.H fi M 4 4 A W F , yr' M L. ,. . . . , .Q 1 5: - x x J .fu-Q, Q . 5 , 'fwzv 'P . ,,v,.f ',,.f m - A fi: -"za2.',!:--1,71 is .ul k , my-ws X554 Qi if 41' Hx -3- fwi, 'ft' ffii?yQ?fY sf A ' A 9 W ' - fit 5 f 9? wi 4-3' ,, Wi, .J 4 A f ., . ew, ,ww- , -...- 1-' ll fggffv f il: Ugg-.A 2 ' A, W , Qs , F7 5 ?Q 'fx-1,54 -f E Nwlfwe Af, 'Z' f W A l VW, . WV ,mf 3 +' fi W 13 'M 2-:Ii sf Qijawl i ,M A sv? rv WF' M H 'wr -vibes., lwnugk Row I. Lawerence French, Kenneth Potter, Linda Borgos, Linda Evans, Ioseph Cavanaugh. Row II. Barry MacEwan, Sharon Burch, Bonnie Smith, Donna DeGarmo, Lois Garrand, Ianice Relyea. Row III. Gloria Losaw, Norma Ross, Iames Norman, Donna Hayes, Nancy Terp. Row IV. Culver Iohnson, Peter Senecal, Iames Dickinson, Stephen Borgos. "If all the world were apple pie: And all the sea were ink--." The Senior Art Club is operating this year under a new constitution, The members enjoy weekly meetings, but reserve one meeting each month for business. The other three meetings for the month are devoted to special work projects. Officers include Robert Whyland, president: Ken Pot- ter, vice-president: Lynda Evans, secretary: Linda Borgos, treasurer. Mr. A. Morton Raych is the club advisor. BS A. Morton Raych Advisor .ffflffiff 1467 61067 y ' ,J , fag' e Q Q ., iw, by if ,, 1 Q -V fs,,,1, I ' 155' X51 MK - n ,X 6 . :QE ,ffwglsiilig-gtaifgiwwg , f?5'ffi'Qif'77d"JTK 1. F395 '54 1 - . ff - : gp L, Agmifax' i - .,. ' '52 fiflzqifflf' ' 1 QM -,fm-V. Hz' K ,W -in-im Q. 5'fM1,.Lff"'??, Ak f,Q5:gg17. . XQYM 1 4, yy b QQ? Row 1 Mattlson Chff Mosher Row 2 Wood Dav1d OConnel1 Row 3 Henry Dwyer Peter Corda Foster Bernard Holz Ph111p ta1n Arnold Durkee Davy Davy Dumphng borl h1m 1n a pot Sugar h1rn and butter h1m and eat h1m Whlle he s o Thls club IS orgamzed for the 7th and 8th grade boys only The students make and sample such gOOd19S as brownres penuche fudge COOk19S cakes et cetera and many then go home to practrce on therr famrlres Thou shall s1t on a cushxon And sew a f1ne seam The club IS d1v1ded mto 7th and 8th grade sect1ons rneetlng on alternate Tuesdays The g1rls work on many types of craft projects such as makmg sk1rts p1llows Marrlyn Empme kn1tt1ng Sl6I'1C1ll1I1g and rnakmg toys Adv1sor Scott Petteys M1chae1 lones Gary Herbert LeBosse Clarence Smrth W11l1am Elder Ierry Balcom Peter Don Poun Left to r1ght L1ncla Montvrlle Susan Bout bon Marcla VanLoan Sara Call Marrlyn Fernberg Lor rarne Bova1r LOIS MacDonald l 5 , . , . . , , . , . . . I I - , . 4 I I I I , htll " 'lu Qi ,, . - X'W , ' ll , , , , . E , , , - C , , I I - ' , . 5 n A D ,s -4 ,- f l ' "' it-.rev v. .1 .ll MIIJM' 'R f , Mggiiff ' , N W wa "".'5??3fw fe 5 .3 f, 1, -bn, 'ff -f ff ., H 1 ,:..,qfg., :Ag 4L:fs2Qg Q 33 , X T' 4 A -- if"L ' V' iff. ,M Q, wen H L' C . ,551 . , M Y , . sg, -f c i MMA is A. + Z ,. .,,555f2W ,. , ,, T f4,25fQ?gg,?Q,. . Z - f , L?'?'5 ' . , f ' ilk-1 5' ,gs-1" 'L -f ,ying 5 " qw 'W' 'ff f ,ff Ni? 4? . ,af i +' Q Q' ' 3 lf. 'VW JI, A f X "Liu , , . 'L W W? M x ,' 'iw I.2fQ5,:' ,Wfmg rf Q ng-.,-'fue' g , , fy M f 2fQfnEifi? W 31.-Lg his X' K ' V, .2g1'T" 1 ' 4W .x ,491 . L f . L 'S wk'-Sxviilxag 'Qf-hyeg, , ff, V w :5s5fF4,bf'vv.f, A KM V? HQ? 5 'ji 4 -f ska.. - "v 'fff ffa zv M ,V W 'W :gin Q .wy.+,m kfy , si-t :1 if ? Qi , . fuk, 4. Vw mg ,Q , ' 'mix J 1' wayqewiw, H' f V wish' .f , Lf gf Q2 A., gf ks,-L A af, f. 1' ' .- - fmw .rP J ,W K ffgwgfw jg if W A 1 G gb? ,gi . -: -ff .- - H xx t - 2:11 w A :L - ,V ,, -f w I K- , " 4 y 57 , yr, 4, 244: M Wh w f F Q "-ff? L' f22"mr,,v':,,,1g5f , Rf 3 . , 32,5 ' + 'ggymfd V v 5, 2' be f i - " T sf , Mia., a ' "ff ' bw? gd. f , , H" 2 5,51 .,. I , ' " H xfifv 4019 , ' if 4 34.56 as , 1 My 'j " V w ' X1 -'six-QL., . E' 53' :fm HW.:m,: : vt-f, eff - ,J2',,.f7,. , .. 'AA : ' : gftfffxia' K ,fu ., nr '15, 4 .vw W' N w ,MH km WN ., Giga Q R26 I ai, , . 4 A 3 'Q ' ,mi 5+ .1 U' .K-V Tenors and Basses Row I Stephen Ostrander Harry Guthell Charles Wrrght Robert Owens Row II Ray Burlett Barry McEwan Robert Blackburn Morns Francrs Row III Rrchard Brown Iames Norman Douglas Harkness Gary Pronto Iumor Hxgh School Chorus 5 1 'f'3 - ,. is A QPU' : : , ', ' . 3 r 1 . - if Q13 K 'X fe M' . M w we is QQ? ,N1 ,ln - S, 2 A amz. ,, Y rufq, Il l 8 '. 1 i 1,3 A if C f AW!!! Harry Gutheil David Sexton Iarnes Cridqe David Allen Frances Flores Rifhard Brown Richard Bodette Row Four: Bruch Reed Claire Washburn Iohn Myers Phillip Stevens Conrad Sharrow Shirley Gutheil Clark Squires Linda DeWolfe dbvtlrdl 6 ? C f 0l'. E3 ug, Q r fa PATRICIA BITTINGER Choral Club I AMES BRITT FRED HULL Orchestra Band iff? 19.9 N E i 2 5 1 Q - f'1f'Q -1 f I V R A E 9,4 vi 5, b :QA 1, L 3 . 'Q X M . - 'A , 'W " , ,, -.r , 5 ' f g , . Z ' 2 ' , f WIT? D 2 Row One E11een Dyke Captam L1nda Borgos Row Two-Rose Mar1e Pelky Susan Hardxck Exleen Murray Row Three Lmda Pronto R1ta Jones Carolyn Celeste Anne McBr1de !W,4J016'f77f.9 +1-Q 'I'-1' 4i"+ Q l J ffl' ,C s' g YY Q M 4 N , ..+, It X 1 I V 'f .5'P0f?f5' WW 5 Kenneth Cary Gordon Gnffm Dav1d Walker Dcrle Iones Ronald Comeau Robert Conklin Kenneth Francis DQVIC1 Kobcrr Robert Lemery Raymond Prouty Hoberi ROSS 'X Patnck Russo DCKV1d V cxnLew Robert Whylcmd v F007 5411 WHS! I' Fxrst Row CoCapta1ns Robert Conkl1n and Patrlck Russo Second Row Iames Norman Davrd Kobor Dav1d Allen Rlchard Sweet Stephen Drckenson Stephen Blakesley Larry Hawk1ns Ieffery Gray Thlrd Row Rrchard Bodette Iohn Wmslow Robert Bolton Robert Ross Kenneth Cary Robert Why land R1chard Clark R1ChGId Farry Manager Raymond Prouty Head Coach Lyle Gray SGP SGP SGP SGP SGF SGP Varsxty Record Granvllle Fort Edward Whltehall St Marys Hudson Falls Cor1nth 7 . 12 0 . O . 12 f .f 7" ,-.L3,,,4 A ""-4.1, -' fm, tr- ' ,Q .Y l .LK ,ei r ' I "Trim, tram, like master, like man." The 1956 Gridiron This was a poor season in terms of winning scores, but the team scored high in the game of "the man." The coach, assistants and spectators applauded for the 2 p , tv The Gridiron was proud and pleased when Coach Gray said, "The team never gave up, Some teams give up at the start of a bad season, and never fight a- gain for a game, but our fellows played their best through the sea- son and for some uncanny rea- son, they played their very best in the last two games." true sportsmanship demonstrated by the team. They tried hard, but their opponents were lust a little further ahead. i S - I .47 it v kj , iw W 9' M, ,,, ,,V, fin, 1' f, it fa H few W .'. X bpd 1 'I , M Z? I 'tl 'A 4. v is V ive' f'--lt -.1 X1 j 1.7 4 ' ' 1 F71 'LL c' 'fi 6 "4" fm fy 1 1 ,X - 1 Q ' ' 1 .. , f X X XJ My , ' X- ff 7' -gliq-559' f ' lf " 7 ,p 5,-3115! 1 K--" 4, J!!!l!!019 V41915'!!7' F1rstRow Donald Fluelllng Robert Canales Thomas Wood Thomas Cleland Ronald Fltzgerald Scott Gray Sam Grover Second Row Charles Graves Thomas Prouty Davld Craw Ronald Balcom Donald Dlxon Rlchard Clark Thrrd Row Robert LaRock Culver Iohnson Ronald Rudlo Iames Gorm ley Robert Bolton Bruce Sautter Kenneth Potter Roger Mayott Andrew MCGUfflH Coach Fred Reed lohn Youker Ass1stant Coaches IW- X uf 1. - 1 1 1 1 - 1 . 3 1 1 1 1 I ' : 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . r-N A , , A -' in ,, I . A ,..s1.- , ,. in , l'. A'- K' A 1 gut fm., N fx A - 1.6 , 1 X 1 O' 4 4 1 IP 3 Fxrst Row Gorden Grlffrn Robert Lemery Robert Conkhn Second Row Robert Fr1day Rrchard Nlcholson Coach Donald Hay Robert Whyland Barry Mac Ewan SGF SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP' SGF SGF SGF Glens Falls Cor1nth Schuylervllle Hudson Falls Glens Falls Cor1nth Count Schu Ile vxlle Hudson Falls Play off Gordon nffm and Robert Lemery lost rn th fmals to Glens Falls Gordon Gr1ft1n and Robert Lemery lost rn Sec t1onals rn frrst round to Nott Terrace Donald Hay Coach BASKET M4f?.5'!flf Manager Raymond Prouty Earl Helwxg Robert Conkhn Stephen D1ck1nson ASSISYGHT manager Rlchard Sweet Second Row R1chard Clark R1chard Bodette Charles Graves Dale Iones Robert Lemery Coach Andrew MCGUffln Andrew McGuff1n Coach SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP SGP Basketball Schedule and Record Cor1nth Hudson Palls Warrensburg Cor1nth Granvxlle Whltehall Port Edward St Marys Hudson Palls Warrensburg Glens Palls Granvllle Whxtehall Port Edward St Mary s Chrlstmas Tournament Queensbury 70 Argyle 52 ' 57 66 60 ' I F SGP 48 Glens Palls 57 ' . 51 ' 104 . 61 . ' 56 A 70 44 58 ' 65 ' 94 53 . ' 58 Up to the ceiling down to the ground Backward and lo ward round and round The team finished the year in fifth place We missed the sectlonals by one game It was a heartbreaking experience The boys played well and many were high scorers Dale Iones was high with 361 points and a game average of 21 4!l7 Robert Lemery finished second with 228 points and a game aver age of l2 8fl7 Other seniors scored as follows Ken Francis total points 63 and Robert Conklin 29 Both had good game averages We have something to brag about, however. We won the Christmas Tourney for the second year in succession and next year's win Q?j will give the Varsity permanent possession of the trophy. This was a fairly good all-around record, and excel- lent team spirit was exhibited by the boys through- out the entire season. Coach McGuffin was pleased with the year's activity, which shows that a team does not have to win always to be considered a good team. f L A901 Wiz Hao'-"l we w W H 1' ' CM fa Awe C JUXVXUA' M4f9J'!fl' Howl Donald Flewellrng Ronald IUIVIS Scott Gray Edward Curtls Robert Canalhs Scott Coulter Thomas Collrns Row Il Henry Butler Gladwm Iackson Iames Gormley Rlchard Clark Ierry Dwyer lack BO1'1dZ1l'1Sk1 Thomas Cleland Lawerence Wood W1ll1am lnglesbe V9 flf 399' M Howard Suthff Coach no gf lf C ll X up A iE?5jNt5g3ffS"M L C Lwjtfblzf Row l Dav1d Cameron John Helwrg Wrlham Jones Wrllram Hayles Roger Mayott Rrchard Van Dewerker Ronald Comeau Dav1d Walker John Wmslow Manager Robert Blackburn Row 2 Martm Seaman Wrllram Tranowrtz Rxchard Sweet Jack Butler James Boho Rrchard Potter John Fltzerald Ralph Palmer Robert Conkhn Gladw1n Jackson Row 3 Coach Howard Sutlrff John Hayes Culver Johnson Stephen Drckmson Warren Mayott Kenneth Francrs John Lockhart Wrllram Opalskr Charles Graves Kenneth Cary Peter Terp Manager Rlchard Kobor Howard Sutlrff Coach SGF SGP SGP SGF 12 34 Sectronals SGF 32 Frrst place Track Record St Mary s Fort Edward Hudson Falls Whrtehall Hudson Falls Granvrlle tze UNDEFEATED SEASON ' V2 46 V2 353A X 3 x 76 . ' 28 75 X 28 53 X 54 40 . . ' 32 ws. J--an surf an We ,ur 4941! xg? iff r UUT WCH VX M41ZS'!fl' Row 1 Patrlck Russo lack Butler Stephen Blcrkeslee Hlchcrrd Potter WIIIIGIII Opolskl Earl HGIWIQ Row 2 Raymond Prouty Dcrvld Allen Rxchcxrd Sweet Coach Gray DGVIC1 VcznLew R1ChCIId Bodette A' up 35 Lyle Gray Coach- Pcrtrick Russo, David VcmLew, Raymond Prouty. V I ,gym '5- Row 1 Bruce Sautter Rxchard Canales Rxchard Farry Harry Gutherl Robert LaRock Frederlck Abare Harold Washburn Kenneth Dlxon batboy Row 2 Stephen Bogos Culver Johnson Rxchard Clark Robert Ross Coach McGuff1n Stephen D1ck1n son Larry Hawkms Iames Gormley Andrew McGuffin Coach Leave your supper and leave your sleep And come wrth your playfellows znto the street Come Wllh a hoop and come wzth a ball Come Wzth a good Wzll or not at all SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF SGF Varsrty Record Argyle Granvxlle Fort Edward Argyle Hudson Falls St. Mary's Glens Falls Whitehall Hudson Falls Corinth Fort Edward St. Mary's Glens Falls HELD 0 l9W6'A"fy How One Patncxa Mason Betty Lou Washburn Iud1th Ensmmger Lynda Sherman Row Two Anna Mae Potter Nancy G1l1man Rose Mane Pelky Lynn Osburg Patr1c1a Newhard Iamce MacEwan Shexla Hopkxns .5'f!V!015'.5' Let us make a merry Img Laugh and play and talk and szng Thrs year s Senmors came out as champlons twmce rn success1on mn held hockey The Iumors won second place and the Sophomores thlrd rn the rntramurals The Freshmen d1d not do so well they came 1n last but wxll do better wlth more exper1ence Our games were held each Wednesday after school and Mxss St George was m charge Playday at Ballston was a great success The hockey team scored one w1n one t1e and one loss and enyoyed a day of fun and relaxatom IoAnne St George Coach ' . . , , . . , , , . . I 1 ' 1 1 I . n . 1 ' Il . , . . . . , . , . . . 1 1 . . :ping 4 iff' ,J 'fx V! if" NNN? .iw Howl Lynda Whyland Donna DeGarmo Bonnle Smlth Elanor Trombley Lynda Nolan Betty Ann Dxon Ann Wh1te How 2 Lynda S1monetta Sharon Coulter Iacquelme Harnllton Catherme Mosher Betty Ann Klausner Patrrcxa Blackburn Barbara Bennett Roberta Freeburn Iud1th Green Barbara Darhng Row 3 Lynda Evans Catherlne Freeburn Patrlcla Powell Betsey Blodgett Io Ann De Gar mo Lou1se MCBI1d9 Iudrth Lyons Ann Squ1res EW -5-Q---an-4-en-nzww Y so fs.. f 4. 161134133 I a -J-an by-W3 1' Y ,- Vv. ,' A 1 r 7 u"'f'-nj may i- . ' ' . k"7 ' , I . 'N'-:PLY A . -, JM, . ' ' A A 15 'L '71 lf Q13 '.L. 'l ' A - , . 5 L' , 6 ' ,,gA.',w f.' . ,:1., ,WA - , . ' 0 ., A . - ' ' ,, ,ik .lbw . , Lk L I ,, A Jules - ,rfdf ,-V E ,X Il ."f"":-'yu .. xg -y Q 'uf ' ' . M . ,M .QZJEQ L N -5 " 'J ' . ' .5 -NH -' -, '.', 1 4 . ,., yy- H A I A .V .J -U, - N "'-' - . 1 -1 . . ,. Y L 1 -7- -H 5141! 9 Ei XXX fx' 'wk Anne Squires Louise McBride Marie Ienkens Iudith Lyons Betsy Blodqett Patricia Newhard Betty Lou Washburn Anne McBride Lynda Sherman I L, y M ,,h,,. X Q, . V Row l. Pamela Pinqrey, Linda Whyland, Donna DeGarrno, Bonnie Smith, Betty Ann Dion, Lynda Nolan, Row 2. Catherine Mosher, Lynda Evens, Patricia Blackburn, Iacquiline Hamilton, Barbara Darl- ing, Row 3. Patricia Bondzinski, Catherine Freeburn, Lynda Simonetta, Barbara Bennett, How 4. Sharon Coulter, Roberta Freeburn. Row 5. lo Ann DeGarrno. Bring the hoop and bring the ball Come with hapyy faces all. Girls basketball intramurals under the direc- tion of Miss St. George were held once a week after school. New teams were chosen each week and the teams were of mixed grades.This kept each group equally strong and provided good competition. Tryouts for two playday teams were held. The first play- day was at Schenendehowa and our girls came back with honors. The second playday was at Glens Falls, and here we were not so lucky. However, we had lots of fun, so it was a successful day after all. EEA' lfllf Theres players rn the town In the Spflng of 1956 eighty f1Ve girls tried out for the few open1ngs rn the cheer leading groups The Varsity Squad came forth wlth a brand new slate No one re matned from last year s crew South H1gh was indeed proud of the Varslty cheerleaders when they stepped out 1n their new umforms The girls worked long and hard but were well pald by a respon s1ve student body on game nights vii?-Q' if Lv 'i Esther Aswad 11111311 LGIIQGI1 Advrsor Manager Betty Shaw "Some up and some down, I Mary Flanders 5 , f ' ' '29 Zgliiigik, . - gf V A iiiflif A f , r Squires Patricia Newhard f40Vf6W6'fMf!lf!'.5' Compliments of It's good to know... HARRY G. GUTHEIL MEMORIALS 181 Main Street THE ERLANGER STORES South Glens Falls, N. Y. Glens Fans 2 5954 Y Burldmg Materials Refrigerators Heating Systems FINCH PRUYN 81 COMPANY INCORPORATED Cong ratulatuons To The Class of 57 C 1 LI D NIN OL S AUTO BODY SHOP THE BULI-ARD PRESS BUDY JFENDER REPAIRS . ff! 5... g S th G1 F 20M pl B o P 2 4424 F Phone - New ork . . . I . I . I I ompiments of It's . . . I an . , . . . 1, 'For Quahty Pnntmg . r 4. I ,QQ 'iw f Clendon W. Cone J Thomas F. art n 58 Scxrato cx Avenue cr e St. Glens hone - ou ens alls Dlarnonds Watches 431k ,f Clocks Comphments of STACK S JEWELERS C W Leuwff Glens Falls New York Chas F McCarthy CAPITAL FINANCE CORPORATION 28 Rrdge Street Glens Falls New York Conqratulahonsf Class of 1957 BOB'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Ego Walter W Ott, Propnetor Wrlton, New York CLARK FUNERAL HOME Donald L Clark, Dlrector Invahd Coacn Hosp1ta1 Beds Telephone 2 4425 136 Mam Street South Glens Falls . - 3 lewelry-Silverware .xxx I . - 1 Best Wishes to the Class of '57 MADDEN DRUG CO., INC. The Prescription Store R P Madden Ph G 254 Glen Street Glens Falls New York DIAL 2 5122 t' 'gd' JVX QI " I . 1. ".' b or- 'lf be . , - rl, , Complzments of E KENNETH LEE Memorials Complrments of LESTER POTTER The Fnendly O11 Dealer R F D 2 Fort Edward Good ef-Vice I DIAL 2 6017 Complzments of SOUTHSIDE PRESS Servzce Qualzty Design 7 Chestnut Street South Glens Falls I Frank LaBarge Umon Shop Glens Falls No 3 "5- i A Nb Complrments of HARDER SILO COMPANY Manufacturers of Sxlos and Farm Bu1ld1ngs Harnson Avenue South Glens Falls J E SAWYER AND CO INC Hardware Steel M1llSuppl1es Plumbmg and Heatmg Supphes Patromze Your Local HARDWARE DEALER AND PLUMBER 64 78 Glen Street Glens Falls .1 . E -4-W, , , . . S 0 - ' i Gm . xx 3- I Q . A1 P - .7 I ' .4 V , ' ' .' ' ' ' r 1 f -U..- ...... may ' - ' fs. to ' sd --:tf.- l' ' , , ' ' BANKING 0N WHEELS IS FUN' If you hke the latest m clothes, dance steps and music you ll get a klck out of the last word ln banking convemence, too' It s the handy Drlve In Wmdow at Fxrst National s South Glens Falls Offlce Banlxmg from your car lS fun and lt s a real time saver too' In fact the more you bank at Flrst National the more you ll appreciate why lt s the FIRST choice of thousands of folks here for complete convement bankmg servlce FIR 'F A'l'l0 AL Bank of Glens Falls QSUON4 Cranville 47 Q Bolton Landing , South Clens Falls Q rn ' ' -lr M uf? Member Fad:-nl Egan lnwusx: Cpfponuon Complnrnents of BLUE BIRD SUPER MARKET Low Low Pracesl' Home of Quality and Courteous Service Open 7 days o week from 9 to 9' B0yCe D Rowson Best Wzshes to the Class of 57 BETAR S BARBER SHOP Lower Mam Street South Glens Falls METZGER AWNING 30 Saratoga Avenue South Glens Falls, New York DIAL 2 1062 N T 3 GANSEVOORT GLF SERVICE Tractor Sales Phone 2-5980 or 2-9523 FRANK J. MARTIN 81 SON Dlstrlbutor of Propane Bottled Gas IF IT BURNS GAS WE SELL IT P. O. Box 341 Glens Falls, N. Y. Phone 2-4919 Best Wishes for the Future VILLAGE STORE South Glens Falls, New York Compliments of TOYS-CLOTHING-GlFTS-STATIONERY ECONOMY DEPARTMENT STCRE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 75 Main Street Tel 21983 Glens Falls New York In Hudson Falls Its JOHNNIE DEVER S PLACE Iohn I Dever Hudson Falls New York FENTON PRODUCE 222 Maple Street Glens Falls New York J SMALDONE 81 SONS S Manufacturer of Cinder and Cement Blocks Split Rock in Colors 91 Saratoga Avenue outh Glens Falls New York KIRBY SALES OF GLENS FALLS 9 Appliances in 1 Makes 78 different housekeeping chores easler for you with The Handr Butler Sharpens Pollshes Sands er Tank Type Cleaner Hand Portable with Revolving Brush Rug and Furniture Shampoo Demoth1ng Sanitizing LIFETIME GUARANTEE Carl Holmqurst G F 2 2192 Mailing Address Glens Falls 30 N Y 1 Greenway Road South Glens Falls N Y I A. . - Upright Cleaner-Electric Floor Duster, Polish- SONG DANCE 5231, A Knobby s Record Shop Mildred Elley Secretorrol School For Glrls Albany 3 New York REGISTER NOW COMPLIMENTS KOHN BROTHERS SHOES gi 901 XSWVUQ ii LELAND PAPER COMPANY 76 Lawrence St Glens Falls N Y Telephone 2 0949 Paper Products and School Supplzes Esquire Restaurant And Bar Qeag l F009 Furs By Bossock's Furners Slnce 1912 South Street Glens Falls, New York Glens Falls, N Y. J' 'M 3 - My -f ,, 227-229 Quail sfreel -1 R I x ff xx XX OF 2 THE GLENS FALLS INSURANCE COMPANY OFFERS TO THE GRADUATE .... OPPORTUNITY LI ITED tg lla We 124 I ij E J J ff W f J kip X ff Ti ffgt Jeff? Ng if The Glens Falls Insurance Company extends hearty congratulations to the class of 1957. Vie are proud that the schools of our neigh- borinsi communities are contributing so materially to our large staff of employees both in our Home Ulliee and in a number of our country-wide sy stem of brunch offices as well. With the hope that many in the class of '57 will consider joining the line group of :iraduutes already in our employ, we invite your personal inquiries about career oppor- tunities in insurance for both young men and young women. INSURANCE COMPANY Glens Falls. N. Y. ,, wi, SWA' , Y , A ,Inv R , v NIBCO LI , IISCSOV QF. NEW I R K BRONZE or NEW YORK? W cilllllil DIVISION NORTHERN INDIANA BRASS co. f I ,Q , M A ,w I ,W .,. WE,.v,...,-,V, , ,,.. .. WM-. N.,r,,W,,.,.., . - I VALVES is -I COPPER -N FITTINGS W SOUTH GLENS K FALLS . NEW YORK k4y,,r , BROOKVIEW DRIVE-IN-DINER Good Food Moderate Prices aoopw Dehcrous Coffee A Saratoga Rd McGregor W1Iton New York Member A. S. M. E. EARL LANDFEAR, P. E. CONSULTING ENGINEER Telephone 56 Eucl1d Avenue ASHLEY 68589 Troy New York HARKN ESS BROTH ERS Ing! ENE Complxments BUSH EY S CLEANERS South Glens Falls N Y 132 Hudson Street Plumbrng And s 3 0290 Heating Supphes 1927 :z i . Mt. 1 . R+ ' E t. T THE SANDY HILL IRON AND BRASS WORKS If? Complzments of RUSSELL 8: WAIT Offrce Supplres G Equlpment S Statronery Greetmg Cards Books 65 Mum Street Glen Street SOLIIII Glens FCIllS Glens Falls New York Phone 2 3840 Phone 2 4422 Prop Theresa Russo Complzments of EAGLE CLOTHING COMPANY Glens Falls New York QUACKENBUSH PHARMACY AAY4 gl 18 Saratoga Avenue I A South Glens Falls Compliments of Comphments of MIKE'S DRIVE IN DINER JAMES H MOYNIHAN Co AND RESTAURANT Ferry Boulevard 40 Maur Street :Outh Glens Falls South Glens Falls New York COAL FUEL OIL Brmg your famrly and enjoy a del1c1ous dm ner rn our new drnrng room 1n a restful and luxurrous atmosphere M-A-bON MATERIALS - . - I l My ' 'X-M XX' x -F ' I 4 HOME OF GOOD FOOD """ll af f? MASSIE'S 65 Mom Street South Glens Falls Comphments of M SCOVILLE JEWELER Glens Falls N Y Ax 'Y 1 X 2 'Hr 2 THE OUTLET Men s and Boys Store On the 11111 but on the level Glens Falls New York SINCE 1869 rn Glens Falls N Y KNOWN FOR QUALITY COURTEOUS SERVICE WOODBURY LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLIES Upper Glen Street FROM COTTAGE TO CASTLE Sudden Servrce Your Lumber Number 2 2147 .Lu m CLYDE S SUPER SERVICE Bottled Gus Vernols Ranges Temco Heaters l5 Mcun St So Glens Falls, N Y 2 9858 2 7671 GEORGE'S VARIETY STORE 110 Mcnn Street South Glens Falls, N Y. . C. , I . , . . 1, . H g fl A. .bi 1 .A:.:,9f41Di- 1, Y I ' R. "9 ' A P , . . ll I ll H H . . . 2 f N -ii If H I A 00 QT HANRAI-lAN's gg fN'LUCK 11,1 ff Congratulations to The Class of '57 MERKEL 81 GELMAN Your Store Of Cheerful Servuce Glens Falls Albany Representatives for THE UNITED STATES RUBBER CO AND THE B F GOODRICH CO BF E O l O X X if l 0 4, A J .1 .5 1 Q , ' nr - " 'x I - f ' I , S S l 'xy . 'll I , "' 4' M, 'I H of J" . 'X Q l K I " WNOF has Congratulations to the Class of 1957 TOWN OF MOREUA CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP Betty Rlchardson Proprxetress 3 New Street South Glens Falls New York Phone 2 8594 H Peymann Watchmaker BULOVA WATCH AGENCY 20 years factory watchmakmg experlence Corner Glen :S Exchange Streets Over Erlanger s Keep Well Informed' Read THE POST STAR THE GLENS FALLS TIMES The Quahty Store JOHN R THOMSON Dlal 2 2748 Hudson Street near Th1rd South Glens Falls New York .0 G S g STEPHEN HERTZ wie W J EW E L E RS ' , STO RYTOW N S ,. 7 xx an XQQWG ,O usA. S N ', r-PM-f - lll Glen St 'fgaiilvbffa TSE: GlesFlls NY WL OKESON S Sma t Fash ons Se sble P ces 208 Gle Street G e Falls BURNS CIGAR S Co e TORE AND N EWS ROOM r of Gle cz d R dge Streets Glens Falls N Y INSURANCE For Protectlon For Investment Wm J Sheerer Agent Complete L ne of I su ance 36 Sp 1 q St So Gle s Fall Telephone 2 4233 GOLDSTOCK SPORTI Compl ments of 6'0MPlE7'! JPOR7'.Mae lille!! NG GOODS ROY DENTON S Esso Service Stahon Presc pt1o S S1Ck oom 73 Saratoga Ave so Glens Falls 140 Gle Street DOLAN S DRUG STORE pec ol st Supplles :FM 'Q' f J 'Al ,, -K gtE,?f'l f . ' f Q ' '- n cz , . . 1? S - - ,, xy I " r i at ni ri ' - rn n n 1 n l ns i ...,,... ll I 1 J W , .- - fl Q w v' ' ' l N 1 moQGqf u i n I ll l Ex I I f K ' ' . ,E ss.-. 45 Q r'n . . n s I 1 ri ' ns, i i s . -I - , n Glens Falls Gsonos w. coox Y Building Contractor New Homes :S Remodeling 4 Greenway Road Glens Falls 30, N. Y. Phone 2-3547 THE FINCH STUDIO Portraits - Commercial -- Wedding Formal - Candid 178 Glen Street Glens Falls, New York Phone 2-1047 fx U' 1-"L Compliments of Compliments of ACH ENBACH S JEWELERS ROWLEY'S SUPER SERVICE 105 Saratoga Ave 208 Glen Street Glens Falls New York Soufh Glens P9113 Compliments of CORLEW S PHARMACY l25 Mom Street South Glens Falls IC ' R'EAn1l TASTY SOD SCF: FANCY SU N DAES Tel 2 l267 W luli PL-41 an EW PRESCRIPTION .ss ' f fr l"9""' ,V V. Compliments of A FRIEND lose contact I',:.z'.hLH: K mUI61'..... CONGRATULATIONS U v ,Inv Cf-ASS OF 1 9 5 7 "4fZ3"?f- as you leave I ' sw K 'Q soufh High! X But don't -' :' " f ff, v ' L, .LK , 'I .t , 0 'X , O 4' loin the I SOUTH GLENS FALLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION CActive Membership-S2.00j President: Carl W. Rudio Vice-President: M. I. Dickinson Secretary: E. W. Hopkins. lr. Treasurer: George C. Frost BERTHOLD STUDIOS Formerly Goldtone Studio PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Your photographs in this book are the work of our studios We sincerely hope that all these photographs will perpetuate the memory of happy days at South Glens Falls Central School MAY WE THANK YOU FOR THE HONOR AND PRIVILEGE OF HAVING SERVED YOU? 135 Icy Street 4-8721 Schenectady N Y O - . 1 . . g 1 4 GLENS FALLS COCA COLA BOTTLING CO 6465.2 95 Mom Street SOUTH GLENS FALLS N Y Plus Sk111S Seen mn all the smartest places those clothes from Gu1dance balanced tram g act1v1t1es Placement 1n key pos1t1ons 1n bus1ness profes slonal and govemment Off1C9S V ' MUSLER S , tx W4 Albany 6 N Y 7 Rldge Street ALBANY BUSINESS COLLEGE 126 134 Washxngton A e Xx .,'.Tf-9- V, I 1 , .-,em 15.1 s'l -O ,.' - 1 M asala' -eaf.:'f' r- - f-2-:J "In 'll' H Compliments of NYSTAD JEWELER 52 Saratoga Ave South Glens Falls BULOVA WATCH AGENCY Large selecnon of beautlful Dxamonds and Blrthstone Rmqs HILL-DAY, INC. 92 Main Street South Glens Falls, N. Y. Factory Outlet Store G1rls Shlrts Blouses Men s Shuts Plece Goods Conqratulatxons to the Class of 57 MYF of Fortsvllle Complzments of Ray Nelson s Music Center Edward Bovee Tnurnph Motorcycles Box 128 Glens Falls New York Queen Shop Known for Sportswear Comer Glen 6 South Glens Falls CLIFFORD E POLLOCK Electrlc Apphances Radxo-Televxslon Phllco-Motorola Phone 2 5977 Glens Falls N Y 'CQ-5 ROBINSON LAUNDRY Complete Famxly Laundry Servxce And Dry Cleamnq Member ,emo Lxnen Supply for Hotels Motels WASHABII .5 + and Restaurants 2 Mam Street So Glens Falls N Y Cd! GLENS FALLS 2 5622 15 ' I I l I Gansevoort, N. Y. 3 44. - ' , n u 56, 0 rj of wi L 'f W I If I ' THE RIDGE BOOK SHOP Grfts Statxonery Books Toys Greetxng Cards 228 Glen Street Glens Falls New York AT THE CLOCK 999155 Gigi x Compliments of BERARD S FURNITURE STORE South Glens Falls New York Saratoga Avenue Telephone 2 6077 WGY FOOD PRODUCTS CO INC Wholesale Grocenes Albany New York THE SIGN or HOSPITALITY TERRACE MOTEL Saratoga Road Phone 2 9393 Joseph and Loumse Flores Owners Qjkefdea roR DAILY use C 8- J BUSINESS SUPPLY,lNC Busrness Machlnes Office Fumrture Offlce Supplles Sales Servxce Rentals 0 A'44'Zq' gm? wAno s GARAGE Wheel Axle Frame Straxghtemng Permafuse Bonded Brakes Twxce the Wear 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE Tel 2 2470 189 Mam Street South Glens Falls DRIVE A SAFE CAR GET OUR ESTIMATE W -C W I I II ll 51 .D- .. 5 , A lr I ... 1.1.-"-,, 1. -'sl "A Jl'4? - in Y .- S. A I, Q I o 4 "' -" . , f 2 fl '11 ,, ' E 4 I! 0 ' I I 0m uw FHIIE5 DUANE G PEACOCK CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD td Ft R D 1 LAKE GEORGE N Y Pho G1 Fall 23930 THE FASHION SHOP GLENS FALLS Z485 Y Ho f MAGAZINE FASHIONS I OF Este I Loca e on Farm to Market Road 19 Ridge Street 500 ee off Route 9 at Halfway House Phone ' - 3 our me o ne ens s - JOE S SHELL SERVICE STATION STEAM GREASING BRAKE WORK AND SPEEDY SERVICE Compliments C V Peters Co Men s G Boys Clothlng Shoes 206 Glen St Glens Falls N Y T e Home of Better Muszc Braydon 81 Chapman Everythmq In The Muszc Lme 144 Glen Street Glens Fcxlls N Y Engwer s Market Meat and GIOCGIISS 17 cmd 19 Fxfth St South Glens Falls N Y Phone 25897 Adirondack Floor Covering Co Carpets Inlaxd L1noleum Plastxc T1le-Asphalt T1le Etc Corner Church and Warren Glens Falls N Y COMPLIMENTS or WILSON'S DAIRY I o c n I - Complfmenfs KING SALES CORPORATION of Household, Farm and Commercial Appliances LoulE's BEAUTY sl-lor Boulmfd Glens Falls, N. Y. 246 Warren Street See " Bing" Harpp-Owner Glens Falls. New York P. O. Box 611 Phone 2-9000 GLENS FALLS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Glens Falls Queensbury Branch and Fort Edward Off1Ce Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatxon PHILIP L BENTLEY General Repmfmg Used Cars Bought and Sold C Phone 2 7991 3 Terrace Avenue 28 Mam Street So Glens Falls New York SO Glens Falls N Y Phone 30247 l l l 1 , V l l i . O I 1 - I l i Q M7671 1 ll l'lllI'lIl6l'I BUTZ FLORIST ROBERTS JEWELRY SHOP 2 Glendale Dr1ve 6 Warren Street Dlcl 2 G1e1'1S Falls N Y Glens Falls N Y For Service 45,0-lg Mlco's Formal The Llttle Shop Rental Service Around The Corner 1 New Street South Glens Falls N Y 30 South Street Guts-TOYS Glens Falls New York Greeting Cards HOBBY CRAFT CENTER Model Rarlroads Toys Boats Planes Crafts 13 Saratoga Avenue H A Blodgett South Glens Falls New York 9 2 0749 BROWN S PAINT AND HARDWARE STORE Iosephl Brown Propnetor Lowe Brothers Palnts Wallpaper Glass Pamters Supplxes Corner Frith and Maln Streets South Glens Falls N Y D1al 2 2544 Compllments of TOM MURPHY AUTO SALES 301 Saratoga Road South Glens Falls New York Where Frrendlmess and Fa1rness Begm THE PRATT INSURANCE AGENCY All Your Insurance Problems Solved at the Most Reasonable Cost Saratoga Road LOOKING Glens Falls 30 N Y INSURANCE Compl1ments of FLETCHER COX Slmgerlands Representmg Iosten s New York Owatonna M1ch1gan From The Sensor Class Smcere Appreciation To Our Advertusers Whose Cooperatuon Made The Publication of the l957 Arrowhead Possable . . , ' I -. - - 1 . - 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 11 . . . . ,, H 11 4 I l . . . , 1 a - - . - S J 5 7 V..'V , DANIH P. SHINE INSURANCE COMPANY 83 Moin Street Telephone 2-2428 South Glens Folls, N. Y. Alleris , Feoturino Bond Clothes 262 Glen Street Two-Trouser Suits Te . 2-4076 Glens Follsf N- Y' I XL 'ii S S ' '-"M" 'Q' IQ A ' , ,, . , qi px. 1 , f f lf!! S' S' wr -- Ti- ' s.. B MSXML MA S My ,fe-'S-,-f"'e - L It--S W--1. "T-2... Q -. -. in 'f' .JT -lb ull-XXXX K X x AMS ' f 9 J I yi X' NNXQ X V , 1 ll,-I lxqx -A, '-. 9-.'L"" " I V' R '---.. S 4-Felix Q-xl ,A S "And now, good night: our play is done: Farewell to each and every one."

Suggestions in the South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) collection:

South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


South Glens Falls High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (South Glens Falls, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 85

1957, pg 85

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