Snyder High School - Tigers Lair Yearbook (Snyder, TX)

 - Class of 1955

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Snyder High School - Tigers Lair Yearbook (Snyder, TX) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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mlhffv ' lf' ,E Mamie! Q. 'A W ' 1 fb Qlwlfi W5 Miimw WM? 1 X 'S NX? WMM JSPN xvAF J 1 DJB We Mm VH w ,Y VZAA ,t fwjmhmid W .W.,u4.4.p,,6,A,,,,,fl f49vMf,,L4,0Z X F J 5 I A L , A , 5 jk' ,,,fT'f'fm, ' K, M Awff . 0 X Y r-J, ' C A ,fy JVM .35 Tr' . - J ,-,nw , rig.. w 'ip X ' cxubhjvf N 1 I GPM wg' 2 3 X XX ,fx ' k- 4 I v,pvJ Jw? b , I I 17 M Q Q, , I 15 2 , xi f ' M I ? ' VR f ' fy" 9 f. fx, 1, if ' t , ix X I Q N X3 7 ' x 4: 1 ' Mhjfiv' 42 'P J ' Q i' vs? ,W 1 . Q f f ix. ,.,f' -' Q 7,1 .' I k inf J ' .' Y 'gh , I ' ,ff . X' N' gi' x T" , " " ,H 1 1 xx. V ,f , ' s ,M ,.f ' , X 1 2 .1 f" f , ff' , 51' ,, Q ' tv 1 ,, ' f I W -' 'L , V, "'4., -k,. g, V b ' 'ff ' - sk ,7 , x. Q , ,is , Aff? . ..f Q.-- M x A ' - L , f .1 ' if ' , mf' F f' -4 't' . f , - .M ' -' ' , - ' ,, f "2-1-.,-,,, f' ' - .,g, ff -f--g,,-f , A 5 . f ' fi .1 f-- ,gd V ,V 1 1 w ,,.,...'-2--QE ' T , ,---v-f...fT,WALi ,, L"'-15 gi 'i1P-- , 'qunfw:ff ,!-gvf ...- g-. , fs - u ,. A A ,, ,M nVa4s, ,Q, -f fwyg 5 'J N nm i in f A 9 ' If g qi ' 'f H in Mgtlyfbx Q-. 5 a 2 g E xi V5 L B E 1, x l . k ,, ,BU Q-9: Eg fig 1 QR wi Eas x SW x Qi W-'f gig. QQ! NHQ. 1 1 Ms? 3.?TSE gaiiim I i , , - -7 tigers lah published hu students et snudei high SHUUBI, texas Sfgfiffle The school year of 1954-1955 has been a busy year for the students of Snyder High School. In this year book the annual staff has tried to surn up the many activities in which our school has parti- cipated. The symbols of the various activities and organizations are a never-ending paradeg but we have tried to capture a few of these in words, drawings, and photographs so that in years to come you may look back at these and faintly remember the joys, the wonderful good times, the sorrows, and tribulations of which you were a part in this year. The symbol of Snyder High is the large gold "S" as is the black and gold tiger, but the true symbol of our school is the spirit of the students, the cooperation which they have demonstrated, the many activities in which they have participated, and the fine way they have upheld the standards of Snyder High. w 1 s M 0 ff 2 1 as ,Qing 14 .-A if up s www RF it 'z I r J 5 ,,.M,.. , 4 .., L 4 5 s P M 'Fa-iffszfseig,-ff'-W ' 3 iff v QQ ,I 5 1 1 gig I s 5 A ,4 .31 Q f .. lfi.L,,Q gift g4,i,f5:1f p,,Lsf4gj5jgf5Qj? .. S ,tr f 4 Z ff. x ff, ,' 2211 XF , rf, A 1, Q A. ,. ,. A Si, REL ,,yf,8,,5y gage? 'xl :,.::,,V' 'ali V- '-fiiifr amz W , ,itlfllf wif wfgzft fly'- - ..., , Q A, , ,fi Wg, 531, S :,,1,,,m4,f A 5,11 Q. S te,.., ,,,,,,,,, l 'waz ii? X .. 4 - vf,, ll. Q,.:ff,- --3 mg., ,ywgl 2?ae?E5lfEi??'st?i - 52 H K L 53. r, .,,c . ,,. , - , . f lf uw- Z,f,,,-gf-,,mt,M Nifty. In pf-1-1 rzwgsxfslwuw rf ' i A -ot' 'W 'S IQ. X J? . 'ing- ,: ,Fr W .. . ., , . . . ,.., A k .,,,..,F.,.W ,, ,i-, ,..,- 1.-:M ,k,k,,:l ,4,,:f,f-1,1-:1W.-H.:1,:,,,Mxwwsi V,7. ,5,A:,l3..ig:,5llim.,m,,m:.ENN,,,,fx1M.M11gW7,k.,,,,,A1x Uw,:w,,.n,:W, L,.,,..,..,,,,,. . contents Q administration Tit s tacuttn classes nnianizatinnsi features? ssit i i i , ? t W W fi.-12 lgsiftt' t A I s, t ii is If ,Q S y Q ,Sf L- :,w,.1.,55gi.f:-:,- J E ,kky 'iq ,S 2 ,iz f.igfAf:1,'...g.- J is isttit f 5 f' 2 'QtE'57 "Tj: ' s t yi? , t a 392 ,113-. -. t -557.-4-1,f. , i Wi 1331.2 J Q fa 5 f K ,L,2..,4?2?Ji , - , .f K r s '1 , gt' 'itz x i 'fn iff . X . if ,L All 'ri :gtk .V 5".':,13::! gm ti: ', . ., .t,, Q , V fu it ing, , t -, is 2 45 1 1 , , i , 5? , , , :Y P Q 1 R . x X is x , Q s I 1,7 i I 6 Vi Y Q X ,Q f s Q 3 f K . 1 I A l 4 .. ,,, M A V , igzt. ,gt ' 'I' f liiliii tt-We-ii ' ' V ft 4 x-fzsfQ!',:.'AQSi. L i . A-4751 -in' -W, , 4 spiny'-i f 't-'ag 51 7 xx ' , , Q . -f s ,fan i ,xt ,. - , L' Qggfymn' if. M, 2 - t ,- :-' i 1 . K t this re 5 1 j 441522, W xyidfxx J, xi fly I ,sl MI x I it I K hs,vQg.3,Xa,v.:AqA5,-,Q f V ,- V. 1 is . Q f n fig, Ji 2 f KN 'VXY4 f :nf -' "1" .iii - i s 3 ' 1 1 i ,. 'iw' ' ' ' ' if. it-2:'i-.:,' ' -' s K i1"fg.51'-ty: .eg"f'5 -' ' ftiffii ' 1 ,.,. t t f , .. Qf f iif. ? i ft s 5 - .. , f ' 3, :I mf .1 t " i fs fi- "'f,1ff5'f. 'ff' 'fi' 'l.'T?.'?F?E,3' 8 V figs--f"'fw,-W K f' 1 H' 1 ?25Qijf':22i'1- ,- A A , if Y ss, is , 32 'fi , , -fails was si 5 WMM? 1 7 1- 2 s sis? ni K . , , ,,... V , 3 ,ss 2 f' Q if tixiflii55tvigj55isg:7tW'iY15iiIi?9?G5'2?ij5 N Q sms f IH Mr. and Mrs. Kayser are smiling over the electric blanket given to them by the members of the faculty as a wedding gift. We, the staff, dedicate this annual to J.M. Kayser, who in the past years has always been ready to counsel and aid those who have looked to him for advice. Because he has found time amid his many duties to take an individual interest in students of Snyder High School and because he has done so much for the betterment of this s chool, we wish to e xp r e s s through this dedication our sincere thanks . Mr. Kayser, your resignation is a loss felt by every teacher, administrator, and student who know you. Wherever you go, we feel that you will be as successful with others as you were with the students of Snyder High. Qrmi,-.,., -am 43.-1 .,',1.- L.. -- K ,gk-17 Q' -, K ,- -1 .- '-,K.Kf 15,1 . 7 x---.N ' ,. , 1- ., " J ' ' f .K .. 5 .gg..K:f 4-K,.Q1..-'-wg. .. " f, 2 5 nf..-:i','1.1,i --0.1-his " , ,- -M ., .1-,192 4:--- ,-.-- f- . .3-f '-wf,ff..-W -M .L f- .- --u -v i P- .ff ff ..::.-. " . , 1 f. ,' - ' f x ..a,..-.5----Kg, 3,5 - g.- C -.1 K. 1-2 .V -H. - -' ,f -' ,--,.s - U 1-sl.,E1.--QQ..-'QLQ-iifaf'fgiiiiw . Lf-If Q., X -, F' . .11 . .:, ,, if-71' 'li fi-'g.KK1'1 . 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A - ..--,.J.. -- -X-fgz--..--N-.M f---f--, ,..,.,lq.s -K K 1 .'-gi.-iffgn, wcrii N 1.-1 iff-., . 1 -1-,-11 lx Q -'L - iif,-fi-me ---Q '..' ff.e..'.--A ,..,,.. - -ff- -...-. .5-i..W-fag.--swf W . P',g-,ggag-fe.Qwgsi".-AW.if,si..g1f.1-aiff-f. ' ' " ",q-,-Q-2-Sy-in 5 -ge:-.wg-lf-li-.42-.-,. -., U, E15-tiles, -six-'Q--,EQQI-.Li f , f, :.- -fl.. Y ---tif-451. 1.-Qfsfi -- , M 2191-A7f'Tw'l--QQL1-K-5,-1 .-' .---fy The administration and faculty form the back- bone of a good school system. Their leadership and planning make the difference between a good school and a fair school. Snyde I' High is PTW1' ledged to have such a good staff of administrators and teachers. The man behind the po dium is a symbol of the fr ie ndlin e s s which these people possess. KK --2' -- Q--1 1- ---e,. 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Q .-,ff i " , 1 - " ,.-mf' .es-wzi1:,--if-:itiafi-22' ., ' M--.2 .- , ' ' mg-K.',g-.gif--5.-5Qfggf' 'C ' -f A 4 ' 'mbiliiifiiiifi-ffifs-Sggi.-21.69-QL-'I' ' ' .iili.:.--4.15-f--9' " ' ' J V L-ii.-Q f, . X- -- 3,-Qmfg--24426-.51--K.---.L-we-.1.- -fx-2 , . ,. ff. -' 2 . ,, , wgff- .3 ii.. ,., . . -7 ..:- L, ff EK ?K..K,,. ,S .. . we wg-.-mf Q- , ..,,- ..,- -- i ii-5121.2--. 5' 1-1-9 .-K.,1e-2--- - . E -- ,----., ,. ,f.., 5-Q-..,f.f,.-M.,K.----,,--,V, .---'.--w..-,- w..-ff.:e11 -- Hs- ..-az i-P.-'--. --- ----- -x w..,.s. . ..f ,.V,..f?i'l4?..f,,"K--il V,,,K.,.M ,.. . L ,- " "f ' - -2 " .-f-:.- --W--Lij-ff 1 - 1 .f,,- S f.-. , -V , ...X .K ,K - K.-K., , W.-SK:-ii.. Q J '- . .ff , . X-.., ,f V Wligsflg- .,-f.ffs1..-1.,- , -.g-- - f -- ,S-is SES..--'f2.z-.--,-.---'if - .Q ' , - '- 4 - ' 1- ',-1. . -. f... X, .--.Ks .,-f,-.-,- Q.f,Q.q ,,-4 .L.f 5 ,, -K , f-XQK... .,KK.-K .-FK, f--f .1 fk.. 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Williamson, Mr. Paul Keaton, Dr. C.L. Yarbrough, Superin tendent of Schools, Mr. L.M. Ford. SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. W.I-I. Scarborough, Secretary Mr. Wayne Boren, Mr. Lee T. Stinson, and Mr. Clyde Godwin, The Snyder Board of Education, supported by forward looking patrons, has set high standards for its schools. With a strong faith in the value of education, the Board has spent many, many hours in planning for the construction of needed facilities and the development of an educational pr ogram which is responsive to the needs of the children. Members of this Board are unself- ishly dedicated to al-1 those things which make for an outstanding school system and community. These are some of the reasons for the growing prominence of the Snyder Schools. MR. L.T. STINSON President MR. J'.B. TURNER Vice-President superintendent Dear Students: DR. C.L. YARBROUGH Recently a group of distinguished visitors spent One of these visitors commented that it takes more pointed out that the most outstanding characteristic was the wonderful spirit of co-operation and achievement demonstrated by the students. He stated he had never seen anything to equal it in facilities, program, teachers and student. "However, it is the students who make this school great", said the visitor, "and I am convinced that this is one of America's outstanding high schools." This is the impression which the Snyder High School makes upon many. Naturally it is pleasing that others can see so readily these earmarks of a great school. several hours in the Snyder High School. than a building to make a school, and When we look at America's flag we think of a great country--proud, human, dedicated to liberty and individual freedom, a light of opportunity for people throughout the world. When see a diploma it is for us a symbol of achievement. When we look at our school emblem, a Tiger, we are stirred to loyalty and dedication to the things for which our school stands. It is fitting and proper that the sum total of our school should have lasting effect upon our students, our patrons and our visitors as an outstanding place of opportunityfor democratic living and learning and for the full acceptance of responsibility. Each of us has a challenge to see that our contributions to these purposes of our school are of the best. Your friend, C . L. YARBROUGH of the Snyder High School, in his opinion, W assistant superintendent and secretaries As Assistant Superin- tendent, Mr. M.E. Stan- field has contributed his knowledge and much hard work to keep the schools running smoothly. He is well known throughout the staff and student body for his ready smile and will- ingness to help on any pro- blem. The Administrative Staff of Snyder Schools finds plenty with which to keep busy throughout each day. There is much book work involved in the running of a school system the size of Snyder's. Pictured above are: Mrs. Margie Callaway, Mrs. Joy Colwick, and Miss Thelma Leslie. drreerer ef errrreulum services i is ,,- fr H The job of ke e ping up with the changing de- mands inthe cur riculum of a growing school system falls into the capable hands of Mr. Frank Wilson. The addition of the new courses in our schools this year were under his direction and the responsibility of planning new ones for next year will also fall to him. Much of the progress ac- complished by Snyder Schools is due to his untir- ing efforts. Pictured at right are the principalsofthe Snyder school system, Mr. JIM. Glass, Mr. Silas Devenport, Mr. Pat Falls, Mr.. T.D, Wiman, Jr., Mr. Joel Grif- fin, Mr. Herman Trigg, and Mr. Frank Weaver. Other members of the administra- tion pictured here are Dr C. L. Yarbrough, Superinc- tendentg Mr. Frank Wilson, Curriculum Dir e c t o rg and Mr. Clois Henry, Pupil Per- sonal Services Coordinator. d"31' 3 buss ss sefvices a'd sevetaries E1 g E Ps 2? 5 5 1.6: 5? Mr. A.T. Nicholas, who is director of business services, has a. very important job to fill. He is recognized by all for his efficient service to the school and its financial problems. Miss Frances Boren and Mrs. La Verne Blalock, secretaries to Mr. Nichols are kept busy with the clerical work in the business service department. Their skill and willingness make the work of the administrators much easier. 14 ftenatce and transportation Seeing that everyone from the volleyball girls to the science classes that take field trips have a way to get where they want to go is often a con- fusing task calling for action on a short notice. Mr. E.L. Tay- lor, who is director of trans- portation and maintenance, has been taking excellent care of the job of transporting students and keeping our building in operating shape. The school is grateful for his services. ,...R,,, ..,x,,,H,., .. - " - 1- -tft"1g,2g55,:ff'-YQ-431: wg F? .1 L 1 1 ,I , 1 N 1. W. 1 lvl V' we 14-'flw-isis 0 J C' ' 'ft ,3 1 :ge v Z F7 q ' , ' A v su -4 1 I ""v- 1 1 it I K' f ' ff in '35, " , . -fr 4 t, " --.-, .h I, . Q "wail, ' ttgtg, titty-'iwfl ' rifglspgsgaxg. it ku H? ni f 3 E' t Z 7 ' - "Y ' - t T , H t ,Q 15 Mrs. Lila Dodson has the task of directing the feeding of the hundreds of hungry students each school day at noon. Her work is appreciated by all who have eaten in the cafeterias. X . ,, -A- ,. X , ,.f,f ' fQ'f' . , S i -'Y "' ' , ' '-- 'V -.V , .,fz,.wli.: fl' ' fins' f 4' ff : 524. Q We-1 'Q-,dit 5, 'eff Q M3 S , -1-s , shs cafeteria Mrs . Ross Blanchard, manager of the high s chool cafeterias, spent a busy year planning and preparing rn e als for students and teachers . Ready to take trays at the end of the meal are Mrs . Eunice Keller, Mrs. Texa Jones, and Mr. Albert Maddox. The ladies who serve in the lunchroom are: Left to right-Pluma Jones, Mrs. A lb e r t Miller, Ida DeShan, Doris Underwood, Deane Pierce, Eva Hutchins, and Myrtle Williams. 1 16 -5' '17 -im.-if ' - - '-,ff1f:,f,,gsf,gf1f,g w mwwsw principal MR. T.D. WIMAN, JR. In following the theme of the Tigers' Lair for this year I would like to leave a few thoughts In the spring of 1953 as I watched the completion of our high school building, and in the summer as I walked through its halls as the furniture was moved in, there was a feeling that here was a beautiful edificeg the best of equipment, but there was something lacking. Then I realized that the building was only a symbol of something. To give it life and meaning there must be boys and girls with ambitions, wanting to learng and teachers with an understanding of teenage desires, well prepared academically, well adjusted, and with a love for teaching. It has been with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction that we have watched the symbol become alive with a vibrant enthusiasm of life within it as students work, study, play and develop under the leadership of a capable faculty. Mrs. Phil Cherry is sec- retary to the Student Personnel Department and Library. She handles her varied jobs with ef- ficient skill. 18 administrative assisiances The very capable assistant principal of Snyder High School is J.M. Kayser, who has served in that c apac ity for the past three years. His authority and impartial manner are known and respected by all. His friendliness and willingness to help and advise have made him a favo rite of many. The lady in the offi c e with the friendly smile and twinkling eyes is Mrs. J.E. Waller, Registrar. Her charming personality has made her one of the best-loved members of the staff. Because she is the firstper- son a new student meets, Mrs. Wal- ler is one of the m aiu reasons for our s c hool's reputation of friend- liness. parent-teacher association MRS. AMON WEAVER President of the City Council of P. T. A. 'S. Mr. Wiman presents Mrs. B. V. Gillean with an award of life membership in P. T.A. for outstanding work in that field. She also received a pin. Members of the Executive Committee which is made up of the officers and the other com- mittee chairmen are: Mrs. Gillean, Mrs. Shiflett, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Baker, Mrs Gibbons, Mrs. Atchison, Mrs. Best, Mrs. Teaff, Mrs. Springer, Mrs. Joines, Mrs. Machel, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Clinton, and Mr. Wiman. Others not shown are: Mrs. Cloud, Mrs Blackard, Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Boyd, Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Davis, and Mr. Nor- ton. student Officers of the Student Council--Bryan Boss, presidentg Harilyn Ward, secretary- treasurerg and Suzanne Houston, vice-president. Mr. Kayser and Miss Grove sponsor the Council. The Student Council is always one of the busiest organizations in school. This year it has contributed many things to Snyder High. Among them are the school flag, the coronation ball, refreshments for the bands at football games, the foot- ball programs, paintings for the building, and others. This group is made up of one representative from each home room. l ., Gerry Tucker, Bryan Boss, Suzanne Houston, Mar - Judy Rohr, Joe-1 Tankermey, F1-eida Menon, and saret Trevesnand Mr- Kayser are ready t0 leave for Mississippi for the Southern Association of Doug Smith plan their trip to the state convention at Denton, Student Councils. council berts, E A Weathers 'IS ,xx Harilyn I E'-' if , , f Ward, ar ., ,Q v ,Q -A . -, is- Wayne SY , W field sho' I ly one of the 5 X f "Q " , K, school m - 1 7752 " ' '32 -, 113-15- ' - , ' f i'f2+i.:Qfa, if Responsible for the decorations in the gym for the Cornation Ball were Billie R am s e y, Perry Bolger, Jimmie .Toe Key, Clinta Blackard, .Terry Hale, and Carolyn Sturdivan. Marsha Fisher, Jackie Dunn, Tommy Prichard, Powell Berry, Wiley Denson, Tom Falls, Robert Nail, and Tommy Richardson display the school flag for which the student council is responsible. Freshmenrnembers of the studentcouncil are Jimmy Cloud, Eddie Dyer, Steve Melton, Wynelle Sapp, Dwaine Merritt, Chuck Cock- rell, Ronnie Pitner, and .To Ann Miller. language arts for better eemmunieatien MRS MARY FAVER MR. JOSEPH MARSHALL English MR. VIRGIL .TOINES 22 Englis h Guan 1 ' H 321 ' ' .l ' seems. English Q if ..g grin... -- e..,f l 1 "'S ae- eeb' , . he i MRS. MAGGIE JOINES English MRS. M. M. O'REAR English MR. WAYNE PEVEY Speech MRS . ELIZABETH BEAVERS English Four years of English, two years of Spanish and Latin, speech, drama, and journalism are the courses included in the Language Arts Department. English students have entered several contests such as the National Essay Association and the National Poetry Association, and several students had their work published in Young America Speaks, and Yioung America Sings. Journalism is divided into two staffg- the Tiger's Tale staff Which publishes the school paper and the Tiger's Lair staff which puts out the year book. Spanish students belong to a Spanish Club and have met and participated in several Fiestas. Several plays have been produced by the speech and drama students. They have furnished entertainment for several groups outside of school and they also gave a weekly newscast over the school public address system. English MRS . VELIA SHIFLETT Spanish MRS. ANN KAYSER Spanish Latin American History The Snyder High Mathematics D e p a r tm e n t offers mathematics tm improved thinking f ' fr x.i.ff"f1u.4. W' , , ez , , X ig, Qgg A f I 3 ' I ' I , 55 T":,w5aeix , , i ., X ,..Q . Q K' i"Q'g 'I I Yq-01:5 , g. V Q, - g f g :miie A 'V A, 14 . 5. x ,V f 3 K- 1' ,':fQ,?'9QQf,,g:'. if lfmfw! lv f ' MW fklmsfzfwd if H935 fi f v1,g1ff1 'Y-453"- .,.,gm,..iM,MI..., I -gg is-W-MW ' GW' : 3 i , X tc. I iii , , lf' A -f if ,Lf wtf, I, at t ith' fjlla: f, ,ft ,I if F I: iff. :fi ,fx sf' t 1 MR. H. O. BEARD f' " General Math MISS ZAIDA BROWN Algebra MR. OLLIE PEEK Algebra courses in general mathematics, algebra I and II, plane geometry, solid geometry and trigonometry. Our math department has been visited twice by the mathematics consultant for the Texas Education Agency, Miss Ida Mae Bernhard, who came to assist the teachers in enriching their teaching procedure. The de partment ' s objectives are: to train pupils mathematically for meeting the situations in life dealing with buying for the individual and for the home, and to train them so that they may continue in the higher maths and scientific fields such as medicine and engineering. MISS VIRGINIA GROVE T rig onome try secial studies ter better understanding The social s tudi e s forma unique part of the program of studies in our high school. The department offe r s world his- tory, American history, civics, economics, and Texas history. The social studies program at- tempts to pr ovide the student with opportunities to understand the world s o c i e t y in which he lives. It also attempts to pro- vide him with basic ideas and a Vo c abula r y which helps him communicate with others about p r ob l e rn s of social relation- ships. MR. FRANKLIN PRUITT World History Journalism MR. JACK DILLON World History Coach . is E ' y sises it Kg wink!-Hb ' MISS KATHERINE NORTHCUTT American History Photography Annual Spons or MR. .T.P. WARD, JR. American History Coach MR. JAMES M. MOFFETT Texas History Coach MR. JAMES E. BAILEY Audio-Visual Ed. Biology MRS. RITA CARTER Biology The courses offered in the science departmentconsist of generalscience, biology, physics, and chemistry. Students taking general science are introduced to the major sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics. Those may be applied to the understanding of natural laws and phenomena and how this understanding may aid in excercising some measure of control over environment. This year, for the first time, students who had science projects attended the an- nualmeeting of the Texas Academy of Science. The four students attending Won a first place and three honorable mentions in the .Iunio r Academy division for papers they gave on their projects. One Senior student from Snyder received honorable mention in the Westinghouse Science Talent Sear ch contest placing among the top three hundred seniors in the nation. science fer understanding natural laws MRS, MARY RICHARDSON MR. GEORGE MASSINGILL 26 General Science Physicis - Algebra Chemistry , .......,, Q li ,,.., . . y Ji business training ini heiiei living MISS GENEVA MARSHALL Typing B ookkeeping MRS. IMOGENE HENRY x horthand Typi ng The commercial department of Snyde r High School offers courses in typing I and II, shorthand I and II, bookkeeping, com- mercial law, commercial arithmetic, and general business. Shorthand and typing students compete in the Interscholastic League each year, and the department also aids in job placement. The objectives of this department are: training for offic e work in business, giving a foundation for college work in busi- ness field, and training for personal use. ' Shown working in bookkeeping class are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gaynell Lewis, Sherry Minton, Nelda Floyd, Patsy Nor- red. MRS. FLOY STARR Commercial Law Typing .L-X-:5Jii'f5f SX 9' 5'-sc , - H s We in 1 ' 1. K fp, ?f'Lg-WRUQGDQ3 -I 3 is-:'?eg2.C'f-1 K :lg ,sf Z7 vooalional lrainino lor orolilahla living MRS . GERALDINE HODGES I-Iomemaking MISS VERA PERIMAN Hornemaking The Vocational Department offers a wide range of work for students interested in various life work. The subjects include agriculture, homemaking, industrial training, distributive ed- ucation, wood and metal shop work, general crafts, mechanical drawing, drivers education, and photography. Students taking vocational subjects "learn to do by doing." MR. KENNETH GOFORTH Vocational Agriculture MR. BILLY BOB McMULLAN Vocational Agriculture MR. HAL BATTLE Drivers Education MR. DANIEL R. MARTIN Distributive Edqcation rl lf. If gfygl' I V V, I is IM 1 . 1 'I J . Ulf' A . Zhu", XTV f'4,JV MR. NORMAN NEUNDORF Wood Shop , N may--w-.F .k,' ' . J V MR. J.C. JACKSON Industrial Cooperative Training MR. FRANK MILLER Mechanical Drawing Metal Shop Math MR. WILLIAM RABORN General Crafts MR. WILLIAM MAYFIELD Director of Voc Training Program 29 music ini more eninuahle living i i MR. ROBERT CLINTON Choral ,, 5 .--ff my . JA f 1 1 dl 1' 9 if J df ' ' MR. MELVIN MONTGOMERY Band The excellent music department of our school offer s a variedprograrn of study, ranging from the very popular stage band to the deeper Latin numbers of the A Cappella Choir . The band section of the music department seeks to find the musicians of the future and develop their abilities through concert band and stage band. The choral section concentrates on building a music -mind- ed school through the A Cappella Choir, Girls' Choir, and the Madrigal Singers. Mr. Philip Cherry, director of music at the elemen- tary schools and Mr. Tim Dennis, director of music at Junior High combine efforts with Mr. Montgomery to pro- duce sorne of our musical programs. MRS. EVA NELSON a home for facts and fiction Librarian ei W '- . 'X ' Q Vw . I ,Z , Q 1 J xl E I X 'I if 1 ,O The magazine s e c t i on of the lib r a r y is quite popular I X throughout the day. MRS . JOYCE GORMAN Librarian Our libraryis a teaching agency makinga direct con- tribution to the education program of Snyder High School. It provides r e ad i ng experience of all types, containing facts on which to base intelligent opinions and informa- tion on special interests as well as a wide variety of fic- tion. Opportunities to acquire new knowledge and to make new discoveries through the medium of books, magazines, and other materials are offered in our Library. The primary function of our library is enrichment of the curriculum and it contributes toward the attainment of every major objective of the educational program of the school. p. e. lor more healthful llvlnq MRS. BERTIE MACHEL Girl's Physical Education Coach The chief purpo s e of the physical education program is to introduce to the students activities which will have a carryover value for "out of school life." Many individual s por t s are in- cluded in the year's program such as badminton, tumbling, ten- nis, and archery. The value s of team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, track, and baseball are recognized and much time and effort are spent on them. Six weeks of health education and six weeks of first aid study are conducted during the year. MR. HORRACE BOSTIC Boy's Physical Education Coach - as s is t " , w,sg.s1511Q I els, ,. ' ,, Stiff ' , ,,,l..l f-lem-il giseiimft :'f,.l Lf' yi , Y f wwffv-If-wif " MJ :ei l- av" ,zftggligw le 1: '. ' 'Q-. 9. ':. ff? Ei 1245" iviisigl , , 1 .:... ll- . i - . -, .Q , Q we-5 2 , 2. .. . f- - . -:ff-mf. .Q 2 . . . L-i. . ?SQQq,tp:f,3SgggQ.i - , - l flwkln-Was., ss ,,1l,,l,e , K .. l "" 1 i K WEE ' r ,Q2 . --:f, fig-,Yann-,tele-welllng- f tewflgl wax ,,, kk,k ,D , Y ' i i - xl, .ng ' 1 -in 555 giffcimiiw sl,fs?tfi1ls.:gQgl iffgestgggigg , 5 ' -1' 51,2-If 'er Www! if-www-Wxlrzwaztmpg. -1 ' w w-Q -my - w7fM,.f1-asf-M-.t.Xl13 li. , . , W . 9 q i?-731, f its-gvefigi.-fs, W wz2.l3E,,.,,its 1,1 at If , mfs. Q' i. - L l.. M, is w '- ff MP' "' i'5:i7iiEf.6fimi5EQ5lZf2Kfllx25,1521 5liQ59?Z!5E :fl - V MR. JOHN CONLEY Coach . ,Z'F'KE-":. 3,ifI:'. ' Nw: :s" s55: 3- :5,Ji'3f'95?i?l2'f515'f57sQ"l:yE Lifiiivblek ., :-i:,::gxzf,,Ef:':,:-l rmgfl.-r-5-1.-ff, , my-'tri -,:igi:f,m,-'Vg .gms 11 V mtg UA , ..,.. QR,q:iX.g,Qg pupil personnel services Mr. Clois Henry Acting Coordinator Our educational program strives to provide youth with the background and skills which. make it possible for them to earna living. Also it strives to make it possible that they will have a desire and a tendency to behave in such a way that they will lead an adequate life in our Am e r i c a. n Democracy. In ad- dition to teachers and administration, there are specialists who render a spe- cialized s e r vic e toward this accom- plishment. Included are the workers in the area of health services, counseling services, and the school social worker or visiting teacher. These specialists in Snyder High compose the team of the Pupil Personnel Services. bb be 1- .xg 9' .te I va me 4' use - Miss Ila Fern Warren Visiting Teacher LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Nell Spence, e le rn e nta r y school nur s eg J. Carter Parkes, Dr. Earne s tine Bowen, consultant of the division of mental healthy Dr. Cecil Yarborough, supt. of schoolsg Miss Ila Fern Warren, Lee Pittman, jr. high counselorg Mrs. Eula Williams. STANDING: Mr. Frank Wilson, dir. of curriculumg Mr. Clois Henry, and Mr. T.D, Wiman, sr. high principal. office helpers Helping with school health c h e c ks and do secretarial work for the nur se are part of duties for workers in the clinic. Cristine Bro Molly Gilliam, Sid Turner, and Lynn Deanne Sel lers formed this staff. Lareta Johnson, Pat Selrnan, and Betty Jo Adams work in the Audio-Visual Aid office helping Mr. Bailey with his many duties. These people assist Mr. Kayser with his work of ke eping track of people and things. Shown are Carla Swan, Shirley Roland, Oneta Forguson, Bebe Cockrell, Patsy Norred, Faye Beidleman, W Crook, Jan Stacy, John Reed, Judy Rohr, Larry Dixon, Juanez Teaff, Janice Springer, Pat Wade Linda Stephenson. 34 l These girls maybe found doing errands for Mr. Wiman at various times throughout the da . LEFT TO Y RIGHT ARE: Rita Grimmett, Lavell Hart, Rita Johnston, Betty Scott, and Betty Koonce Myers. SEC- OND ROW: Jo Ann White, Susan Wharry, Margaret Trevey, and Elna Swanson. Other girls who work in offices in the school are: Rita Johns ton, Mr. Henry's officeg Dianne Curley, Mr. Bailey's officeg Shelia Philips, shop officeg Paula Taylor, Mr. Martain's officeg Shirley Cowan, Twi1aSturdiVant, Paula Dupree, and Janelle Moore work for Miss Periman and Mrs. Hodges in the Home- making offices. 35 X X fm s, 9 X - X X X X X X X ' The r e wa r d for the years of hard work and study is symbolized by the girl in cap and gown. This section is a record of the students and the X X grades which they have mastered. First are the seniors who have finished their high school work, X XS some of whom will go to college to further their 2 I . J? if S education, many who will go to work. Then follow M Q the juniors and the sophomores, and last are the f freshmen, who are just beginning. X .i2f,.Xf5 X Wifmff X ???5'3iX9i.f5fi 2 t,., gg? X g X v X v K T if S X4 XX xx 2 K K E 21,11 f 753312 H K ' X X X'1 KXSXX K K X X XX X X X X X X L X ASL 5 4 si X K X X X X X X 3 X X X , X A L X X X X X X ,SX X 2 ,,X.XXXX1 E5 ,AXXXAA J f 1 X 5 5 S L X f fx X KX X X X X 2 f J 'f 5 X is f X wT:22i2:?Ek5iX'Xfa11?4f1 K 1 K 'S X Y X X ' 2, i"7f"E,X" f S k'liE3JEff?f'fif K , K xiii' XX' K X K XEfiffsigfijjXXfX--ix ,Q gg, fZX5'kXiXffX,-X, X X X X f ,fX'gXEAlXSL' Xf ' X-X:siiXwXi? 'K X. vs. X X Xf- 'nl fl X' -' szw -XXX HX Xffgf-Xgw XX ,X ' A' .. K XX S X WX, lyfxffi' K X U XXKX if K X XX UX K w i'i,3X?:i3'5iffXiXiw5X5fElfi1?i5X'.?X: S4 XX X ' 9XfX'X 5 officers President . . JUNIOR MCCORMICK Vice-President . . BRUCE EVANS Secretary . . MARGARET TREVEY Reporter . . BATA MCPHERSON The Senior class of '55 c omplete s its high school career leaving behind a good record. Some of the rnany activities in which the Seniors have participated are the Senior Play, Senior Day, and the Junior-Senior Banquet. Some of the honors that Seniors received were titles of Mr. 8: Miss SHS, Basketball Sweetheart, ICT Sweetheart, and FFA Sweetheart. The Seniors have also participated in football, basketball, track, baseball, volleyball, tennis, and golf. 1- gl' D7 F lllllflnligg 1 Yxx 1 H In I llliillllll im.--1"'1HIw1" U Xi - xi f so i E s class of '55 BOBBY ALLEN JOE ANDERSON BandgFoo1:ba1l fB Teamj. DAN BECKHAM HENRY BECKETT Transferred from DDE- Club, State SPU-T5 V- I- C- Convention, dele- Clubi Science gate to Galveston. Club . EMMA BESSIRE F. H. A, QV. I. C. Clubg Librarian. LARRY BILLS F. F. A.g Track. BRYAN BOSS Student Council Pres.g A Cappella Choirg Madrigalg Contest Play. JIMMY DON BOYD Stage Bandg Drum Major-4 years. High School Band. RONALD BRATTON I. C. T. -Sgt. -At- Arms, Treasurer. The students shown studying this appara P tt W1111amson McPherson, Evans, Houston, Wendland and Sellars WILLIAM DICK BROWNING BROWNFIELD F, F , A, F.F.A.: Science Club Reporterg Audio Visual Club. MAMIE LOU CARMEN CAREY BURDITT Annualg A Cappella I. C. T. Reporterg Choir: Dramaticsg F. H.A.g Safety Music Clubg F. H, PAULINE CASWELL F.H.A.9 V.l.C. DON STEWART F. F.A.5 Student Councilg A Cap- pella Choir. SONNY CHAPMAN SARA JEAN V.I.C., Sgt. at CLARK AIITISS Chess Club. F.H.A.: Libraryg D E Dramatlc s BILL COMPTON F, F,A,g Science Clubg Track. TRACY COX D,E.3 I. C.T. GERALD CBAWFORD Shown in Senior English Class: Scott, DeLoach, Prather Sapp Mar ViCe'P1:SkbJ1ii tin, Beckett, Chapman, Strickland, and Mrs. O'Rear C assg oo 3 9 Track. FAY CRONK Spanish Clubg Music Club. GARLAND DeLOACI-I V, I. C. Vice- Pres. 3 F.F.A- Clubg Football Mgr. FRED CROSS F. F. A. 5 Audio Visual Clubg Music Clubg Rep, to Natl, Convention. RANDALL DeSI-IAN Science Club Pres. 3 Audio Visual Clubg Chess Club Sec Cheerleader. NORMA EDELMAN Student Councilg D. E. Clubg F,I-I, A.3 Commercial Club. BRUCE EVANS Vice-Pres. SCTUO1' Classy Vice-Pres. Bandg Stage Band. 44 KENT FIELDS MARSHA FISHER Cheerleader Cho Student Councilg ral Jr Play Volleyballg Annual Scnence Club Staffg F. I-I. A. JIMMY GEE V. I. C. Club. MICKEY GILLEAN F.H.A.Q I.A.C.3 Annual Staffg Volleyball. Studylng geornetrlcal figures are: Smith, Cloud Compton Hale, Pres Soph Brownfleld Houston Purcell, and Nelson ed f!....Q'YTfSip. DORIS HATAWAY Sec. Sr. Classg Sec. I.A.C. Clubg Volleyball Co-Cap. MILTON HOUSE Audio Visual Clubg LA. C. PATRICIA HALE Transfer from Hermleighg F. H A. ' D.E. Club' Commercial Club .TUANELL HART F H.A SUZANNE HOUSTON Soph. Class Tre-as. 5 Asst. Ed. Annualg Vice -Pre s . Student Councilg Jr. Fav.: Cheer- leader. TOMMY HENSLEY Audio Visual Clubg Science Clubg Chess Clubg Golf. HILTON HORTON GARLAND F A V HUFFMAN T A F F Sentmel BETTY HUNT F H ' D Club' Choral Club' Commercial Club BILLIE HUTCHINS Librarian' D E Club LookmgatthetrophlesarezBoss,Adams Srrnth Robbms Hutchlns, Markham Rlgsby Allen Barrett and Mayse JOY JONES Transferred from Benjamin High School. JIMMIE JOE KEY Science Club Pres F, F. A. Reporter: Student Councilg Trackg Annual. NANCY JORDAN Dramaticsg F. T. A. 5 F. F.A. Sweet hearty Bandg Twirlerp Jr. Playg Music Club. WANDA LANE F. H. A-. 9 Pep Squad. 'E BUTCH MARTIN FFA'Pres ICT Club ROBERT MAYSE FFA 48 CAROLYN NCBLES MARGARET Mc- PHERSON Fresh. , Soph. Class Sec.g Senior Class Rep.: Band Sec. , Sweetheartg Student Council. W. DEE MYERS Baseball. GAYLE NAIL F. F,A. Parl., Sentinelg Safety Council. PAUL NELSON Student Counc1l Aud1O Vlsual Club Pres Sc1ence Club Students dlllgently studylng are Bratton Wood Hensley Cox V I C Sweetheart Cronk Clark Beckham Bess1re and Orr F H A L1brar1an Commerc1al Club DAVID ORR D. E. Clubg LENDA NORCROSS F. I-LA. Club. Spanish Club Hist.9 Librariang Annual Staff Art Editor. ERNESTINE HELEN PEIKERT PARTAIN F.H.A.9 D.E. F. H.A.p Science Club, Clubg Music Clubg Dramaticsg Choral Club. KELTON PRATHER V. I. C. Club. WALT PREWETT V.l. C. Clubg Science Clubg Chess Club. 50 S vi -if B 'f:e1':iJe::Qf :lz A :::. V f ' - ..2 H 4-.:,.,:z.l:-..'.,, ,:, - J P PURCELL HARRIET REDWINE F F A Audio Transferred from Visual Club Dubling Photo Clubg Baseball Office: Quill 8: Scrollg Inter League. THOMAS RIGSBY Science Clubg Band. MARTHA ROBBINS F. H,A,g Stage Band Vocalistg Dramaticsg A Cappella Choir. tudent Some Seniors seen in the patio are shown below Crawford Swan agms o 1' Tankersley, Carey, Weathers Hataway and Bennett Staff Dramatics BOB RODGERS DOYLE SAPP Transferred from I. A. C. Clubg McAllen Track Baseball. GYNELL SCOTT D. E. Club Sec. 5 Library Clubg Volleyball. JAN STACEY JO SLAUGHTER Shopg Office CLARE SMITH Student Council Science Clubg Photo Clubg Int. Leagueg Quill Sz Scroll Sec. LARRY SMITH F. F.A, Rep. g Vice-pres. MAJORIE SMITH Student Council Vice-Pres. 5 F, H.A, Pres. 3 Annual Ed. 9 Dramatics Vice- Pres.: Quill 8: Scroll I Enjoying the Rurnpus Room are: Norcross, Brown Gillean Fisher 'pgervs Tale Scott, Forguson, Roberts, Jordan, Shuffield and McCormick Ld. 3 F.H. A. Rep. 3 Librariang Office a'.ma5,' gwkxit JERRY STEWART CLAUDE STROUD D-E- ViCe'Pre5'9 F.F.A.3Footba11g Band- Track. JOEL VENITTA TERRAL TANKERSLY , 1.c.T. seas v.1, Student Counc11, C. Dist- Sec. Pub. Chairmang F. F.A.3 Basket- ball: Track. BUDDY TOWNSEND F . F . A. MARGARET TREVEY Student Council Sec.g Fresh. Class Par1.9 Jr. Class Sec.: Cheerleader. 54 ELWYN WEATHERS F.F.A, Pres. , Rep. 3 F. H. A. Sweetheartg Stu- dent Councilg Annual Staff. TROY WILLIAMSON Audio-Visual Clubg Science Clubg Band Quartermaster. WANDA WOOD D. E. Treas . Caught on a cold w1nter's day were these Semors Mye r s Martm Roberts B11ls Hale Key, Scott, O'Neal Browmng Nobles Mc PHILLIP BETTY KOONCE FRANKIE MINTON Commercial Club F F A Science Office, Football Track CARLA SWAN Chee-rleaderg Soph. Favoriteg Annual Staffg Quill Gr Scrollg F. H. A. W EMMA MCMINN Transferred from Carlsbad, N. M. VELESTA SUMRULD F. H. A. Sec. g Office Libraryg Dramatic sg Annual Music Club. 56 ANITA BUCHANAN MORRIS HATAWAY Tigers Taleg F. F.A.g Trackg F. H,A.g Volley- Football. ball. BETTY JO ADAMS Library F H A DORIS THOMPSON 57 PAT WILLIAMS F.H.A.3 I.A, C,g Choral. Shown in the patio are Elwyn Weathe r s, Jimmie Bennett,' Janice Stacey, Bruce Evans, Betty Connell, Clare Smith, Randall DeShan, W. Dee Mvers. ROGELL CRAWFORD Basketballg Base ball. ONETA FORGUSON F. H.A.g Drarnat icsg Junior Playg I. A. C. S Volley- ballg Office. CAROLYN STURDIVANT Track Swe ethe arty Quill and Scrollg Tigers Taleg F. H.A. JAMES BLACK Golf. JOHN ECHOLS LA. C. Pres.3 F. F.A.: Chapter and Conducting Team. P. W. CLOUD Junior Class Re - porterg Stage Bandg Golfg All Region Band. 58 SIDNEY JOHNSON JACKIE ALF-ORD F.F.A. Reporter, F-.FDA-I Sentinel- Basketball. CONNHONG- BOTHAM Quill 8: Scroll, Tigex-'s Tale Staffg Science Clubg Dramatics Clubg Librarian. ELEANOR BROWNING F. H.A. -President Degree Chairrnang A Capella Choir SHIRLEY BARRETT No snow for years ---- then this! Enjo ying it are these S enio r s Lib- Club Sec.: James, Stewart, Crawford, Caswell, Partain Lane Thompson Student Council: House, Sumreld, and Stroud. Dramatic ' D s, .E. Club Repg Safety Council JWYWV' HUBERT O'NEAL JERRY ROBERTS Basketballg Trackg Stage Band Boxingg Science T1-ack Clubg Projection- ist Club. JUNIOR MCCORMICK Senior Pres. 3 Soph. Vice-Pres.g Fresh. Pres.g FFA Treas.g FI-IA Sweetheartg Annual Bus. Mgr. WAYNE SHUFFIELD LEONARD HALE Footballg Basketball Sc1ence Club Trackg Student Band Councilg FFAQ Baseball. DONNIE JACKSON JOHNNY ROBERTS I.C.T. Club F.F.A. Club Treasurer. GENE WENDLAND D. E. Clubg Sergeant at Arms. Buddy Townsend, Jim Sealy, Gayle Nail, Venitta Terral, Har rie t Redwine, Sophie Zeck, Ma rgar e t Trevey, and Herbert Portis are shown with a member of the Snyder Jaycee Minstrel Show. 61 DOUGLAS JAMES PARKER JAMES Football. I.A. C. Clubg Footballg Trackg Basketball. CLYDENE HUNTER Transfer from Denver City. RE RITA JOHNSTON BILL HICKS F.H.A.5 Safety Choir. Councilg Inter- scholastic Leagueg Shorthand . 62 .---,- 4 swung, M., This "tragic" scene was taken during the practice of the Senior Play, "My Three Angels." Shown here are Herbert Portis, Nancy Jordan, and Margie Smith. Here are the "Three Angels", Junior McCor- mick, Jimmie Joe Key, and Hub e rt O'Neal, who played the parts of the three convicts. Shown in this picture are Tommy Hen- sley, Myrtle Scott, and Elwyn Weathers. This play was directed by Mr. Wayne Pevey. I-le and the cast spent many long hours practicing to make the play a suc- cess. - Khmer officers President . . . . . JACK SPIKES Vice-President . . . DICKEY HARDEE Secretary . . ..... JANE ROGERS Reporter . . . CHARLOTTE CHAUNCEY The Junior class has contributed much to the spirit of SHS. Members of the class were out- standing in many different sports . Several of the members were honored as per- sonalities, receiving hono r s of Football Sweet- heart, DE Sweetheart, and Choral Favorite. Every year the Juniors give a Junio r Play and work in the concession stand to raise money with which to give the Seniors the annual Junior- Senior Banquet. . ez D7 Qt S43 Wllliilu , 'F' llllllu X X4 ll 1 i WW' t o 'JWJ X 3 'WK X FQH In , Q- Qi, We I5 WN Du I class 0 Doris Agee Bill Belamy Billy Beard Harold Bentley Gay Blrdsall Delana Baxter Joe Baxter Kay Birdsall Gaylin Bishop Joyce Blakely Don Boone Carl Burns Roland Burns Beverly Capps Monty Blakely Perry Bolge 1' JUNIU R5 lyk! John Carrell Billy Carter Carroll Caswell Judy Cauble Charlotte Chauncey Doyle Channel Arneal Chick Joan Coan Barbara Cockrell Bob Coffee Betty Connell W Sandra DeFore ' Lawson Dennis Tommie Dorman Vondell Drinkard JUNIU R5 Emma. Lee Duncan Delores Ellis Ek' Melba Eubanks La Juan Evans Nelda Floyd Dav1d Forbes wyv-Qwqm-,,:wfm., ,.-f Z -,.- V Roy Lee Ford Bobby Franks T0mmY C'a1'Y Garland Gaston Molly Gilliam Betty Green Robert Green Shorty Grimmett Jerry Hale David Harnblen Dicky Hardee Annice Hardy Lavell Hart Jane Harland Sittie Harrell JUNIU R5 A. J. Henderson George Herring Delbert Holt Hal Holladay Harold Hooks Patsy Huffman Gerry Lyn Hughes Edd1e James Robert James George Jennings Lareta Johnson Nelline Jones Eddie Joyce Wallace Langley Erma Lauw Ray Lawerence 353 ,. ff W- Gaynelle Lewis Tommy M cC1atchy JUN' URS Shirley McCoWen Carl M cDa.n1e1 Carol McKinney Erwin McMa.kin Ruby McMinn Linda Milam Judy Miller Sherry Minton Billy Morris Frankie Morton Patsy Norred Dwayne Norris Jackie O'Bryan Linda Palmer Garland Parks Virginia Parrott Bobbie Payne Gene Pate Robert Posey Sheila Phillips Lee Pierce All Anne Porterfield URS Wayne Ramsey Janell Randolph Grover Redden Tommy Richardson Ronnie Riley Earl Rhode s Gealene Robinson Jane Rogers Don Savage Douglas Sawye 1' Lynn Sellars Norma Sellars Troy Sellars Betty Scott Royce Scrivner Jerry Shaw Lynda Smith Alan Snead John Spalding Jack Spikes Deborah Smith Je rry Smith JUN' U95 Melva Smlth Jaruce Sprmger Janic e Starr Milton Stephens Lmda Stephenson B1111e Mane SL1pe Tw11a Sturdnfant Elna Swanson Dorls Taylor Jerry Taylor Paula Taylor Pat Taylor Pauline Tate Melvin Terral W, 1, w ,Awe1nm,h,.,. qmgvsummwg' Gene Vernon Harilyn Ward Gwin Watson Kay Watson JUNIURS Glen Thompson Lanny Wadle 1gh vfeefwm,1f,s:ff-- v .. V - 'uf wg fe,sefm2 Janet Weber Gary Westmoreland Jo Ann White Harold Wilson Jack Wilson Carroll Williams Fred Williams Morris Williamson Johnnie Wilkenson Donna Wiley Hazel Young Dexter Yarborough Ann Yeilding DW1Sl':Uzi !9iWil WH' Connie Wiley Ann Fish Gene Potts Betty Lee Pat Fowler Douglas Smith Wanda Powledge Don McNew Sammy Fennel Shelby Yost Gay Srnye rs Jimmy Nelson Jo Ann Strickland officers President. . . POWELL BERRY Vice-President. . . . BILL FOWLER secretary . . KARLESEN ROBERTS Reporter . . GERRY TUCKER The Sophomore class started off to afine year of co-operation and school spirit. Several of the members were very active in sports, and were on the Student Council. Many members were in FFA and FHA. The S ophomo r e girls served at the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. l class of '57 Sonny Abel Calvin Allen Faye Beidleman Powell Berry Joy Bills X Kay Banks Franki Barton Jimmy Bank s Billy Abercrombie Huanna Birdwell 84 lEKAHl5i June Ashley Margo Ashley Ronnie Baker fm: Elks Boldmg Frances Bonllla Darwyn Bishop Peggy Black Clinta Blackard Kenneth Blakely Douglas Boone Pat Boyd Buddy Brown Dixie Brown Pat Bruton Wayne Cain Horrace Caldwell Chiva Boss James Bowen 85 Wayland Caldwell T9W?5?!f .L!?f,5I l Barbara Callahan M1ckey Camp Jerry Cotten Mary Lou Cary L.F. Cox M1ckey Cra1g Jo Ann Crawford Wanda Sue Crook Karen Crooks X Robert 86 Jack Chasteen Bob Clanton Sue Clark Carolyn Daniels Carol Davidson Jackie Dunn Dena Dupree Wiley Denson Larry Dixon Tennie Eades Margaret Fisher Mary Ann Fisher Douglas Forbes Bill Fowler Eldon Fowler i Tom Falls Jan Far-rish 87 Davie Floyd Ki" Barbara F ranks Rosa Nell Franks Sh1rley Franks R G Garhnghous e Patsy Harle s s Bob Harlin ITV11 Ham Joel Hamlett M1lton Ham Sonny Harrell Max Gillean James 88 Royce Glads on Rita Grimrnett Jos ephene Guillen Ray Harry Billy Joe Hataway Gary Hill Charles Hilliard Sue Hilliard Wilma Hodge Barbara Hodnett Jerry James Freda Jones Norma Jones Jane Joyce Stephen John Sarah Johnson Mike Hull Sheila Holmes 89 Roger Ke rbow Diane Kerby Jimmy Ke rby Billie Lee Kenneth Keyser Starley Lenamon Robert Little Billy Joe Lloyd Letha Love Pat Maddox Sam Martin Marie Knollenburg Elizabeth Largent Roe Lashaway 90 mum-9- myfNM,m,,,ML,WHM ,h.vM...m..,.........p.. Keith McCormick Patsy McDowell Fred McFarland J. T. McMi1len Freida Melton Richard Miller Betty Minor Robert Nail Barbara Neal Brent Newby Sandra Nichols Judy Noah Dub Norris Charles Moffett Jo Ann Morgan 91 Marjorie Norton Leon O'Nea1 Ann Osborne Jimmy Pior Joe Ove rton Duwayne Pr1nce Billie Ramsey Jo Ann Ray Shirley Price Tommy Pnchard John Reed Barbara Parks John Partain 92 Jane Patter s on Karleen Roberts Carolyn Robison Carol Rogers Pat Selman Beve rly Scott Vera Shiffett Joyce Shoemake Carol Ann Short Shirley Roland Travis Sawyer 93 Jeanell Rhinhart Wayne Richardson Benny Rinehart Billy Clyde Roberson Leroy Selman Lloyd Sisemore B111 Smallwood Fritz Smith Margaret Steel Kenneth Smith David Stroud Lynn Tankersly Billy Tarlton Patsy Smith 94 WW i B Waxman Linda Stephens Beth Story Ronald Smith Weldon Smith Patsy Smyers Philip 'rare Bobbie Torrence Gerry Tucker Torn Taylor Juanez Teaff Richard Thomas Derwin Thompson Pat Wade Clark Watson Sidney Wes t Ronnie Wilhelm Ronnie Winkle s Richard Wolf Janie Wright Donna Walker Murray Watkins 95 Ozell a Wright Billy Green Jane B ake r J. A. Martin Jackie Creamer Douglas McMinn Sonny Richardson Adrian Banks .Timmy B ryant Gerald Adam s Charles Roe 96 'WY W.: i9fi?E35Viiiiri?-ffaE1,4'ziifw51?2s2?ifS:5W5?2z F3235 3? Darrel Parish Roger Blackard Sid Turner Harvey Stephens Verni s William s B obby Joine s Olene Butts Shelby Smith Le onard Roach Richard Miller .Toe Reaves Altha Russ Cleta Isabell officers President. . DWAINE MERRITT Vice-President . . ISRAEL HINOJOS Secretary . . . DOTTIE DUGAS Reporter . . BOBBY STATON The Fre shman class is one of the largest ever to enter Snyder High School. They proved they could take their s har e and be good sport s about it when they were initiated by the upper classmen. Members of the class are active in sports and other organizations and have high ambitions for their remaining years in S. H. S. class ni '58 Larry Alexander Jo Ann Borurn Vernon Ashley Qf Henry Atchison Neil Boyd Sharon Babcock Sandra Boyd Belinda Bell Bobby B rown , Dorene Brown .Terrl1Bess1re Allen Broyles Velma Brumley Pearl Burleson Earl Bessire Lucy Blacksher Patricia Bollinger 100 Glenn Channell Jerry Chunn John Burris Pat Busby Mary Lou Byrd Donald Cain Maxie Carey Helen Carrell I Doyle Chandler HO1l1S Chandler ww Charle s Cockrell Charlene Compton Connxe Connell James Cook Hollis Cox Leo Danlels Virginia Crawford Eva Davis Mary Deffebach Sara Dennis 1 0 Z Benny Davis Tommy Cronk Jlmmy Crow der Bill Crowell Mary De Shazo Janice Davenport Deanne Devers Harrell F1-aley Dee LaVerne Franklin Patricia Gage Dell Gay Paula Dupree Eddie Dyer Lois Doonan Arnold Dorman Wanda Dorman Lois Droke Carolyn Dudley Dottie Dugus JamesE arne St IEREEHMEN Sandra. Feather Jgan Flnch .Lt i- rw MW 22529 E3 F5 Mary .To Fisk Danette Folsom 5 gas 8 1' 2535 S3 ' gwww r . .. W ,,,, , ,,,.:. ,iw ,fe F- - .. We .Hu ,ga is 'Fwy me MQ1.1w,g?f - -- Q . :-. -:MW ---W , ' 5' ae- : :V.v-- -- ,..w.1-. V 1 7 wmf3M..mSM33fS , .2 . ,al 'ww .. 7 Ilsgws 1 12+ f' Sf , . A A ZSW4 nw' :Eff Uffyggvyglsggfi .. 'ffkiflifwsx fir -vamreql In LMQ1-sk - if , ?Q12,21. -frm: -W ' ff:-.fav:ffm-flsifef ffssfw ?25i91 ', - f. 21 1,2-xsfzkezr 5?iaeii5RQf5i55f 20:23 , u.::'3:1i,fk" 5551" ?f?Eg?5f'-Wirfiff 1 ' ':. . , V29 "' "7e2fV3?'A?ssz5f 31221 5 . asrgwffg ff v wgmlg, . ,, . ., ,.,.,L F V s P X X M l U, M , gk W ,W 12 Q Wifi ' mf 1863 in 1, 1? misgxvmfi JL x we H f V 2 A 2, , Charles Gee Darla Gilbert Dolly Gibbons 3 Billy Gohlke Pauline Grantham Viana Kay Goswick Mary Green Joy Green David Hale Charles Gregory Randall Hales Jo Ann Harnblen Tommy Harbin Robert Hardin Bob Hardy Frank Hardy Jimmy Hardy 104 Charle s Johns Barbara Johnson Veneta Hart Jerry Hatfield Morris Head Israel Hinojos Viola Hinojos Jo Ann Hirt l Mary Jackson B111 Jennings Wilma Kerby Jo Ann Lane Gary Lane Bobbie Lee Doris Lewis Howard Lee Robert Lewis Wilda Livingston , Jane Lowery Lewis Beverly Lyons Barbara Mahan Dicky Martin Vernon Lindsey Joan Matthews John Mayse Kenneth McCants Ed McDaniel Judy McDaniel Nancy McDaniel Buster McGinty Betty McKinney Don Mclviakin Harley Merritt Nl E N Marv Miles Jo Ann M111er Ronald Miller Jame s Minor William Mobley Janelle Moore Joyce Miller Linda. Miller J. T. Myers Shirley Moore Bud Morgan Skipper Moore Wayne Morr1son Carolyn Murphy Larry Mullins M1ke Nan' Charles Nelson Steve Nail Homer Nelson Richard Newman Tommy Newman Billie Newman Bob Nolan Gail Norcross Elizabeth Norman Lou Ann Norris Lenora O'Bryan Dwayne Overman Larry Page Patricia Page Wilma Palmer James Patterson Billy Payne Payn e l William Phillips Elvis Pinkerton Brenda Pittman Ronnie Pitner Bob Pollard Clyde Read 10 Kelton Pinkerton Jack Tucker . . . , .,.. . , ,... Y ,......,. f . . . .na . ,A taxmw., . ... . Kathryn Ree s e Jack1e R1ley Orville Rogers Dana Scarborough Wynell Sapp Saundra Sellers Roberta Selman Durwood Shaw Wayne Reav1s Dale Reg1er Joy Rlchardson D1X1e Rogers Lawanna Rowe J. C5 Scott Leon Smith Sue Smith Margaret Spence 110 . 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'E fin 255 X, JPRQEKQ 1 ,V 1, - Q-vgiegwii .wc?1lf3fHi3?iXi14,3'91 I Kzgffiffifizff P 'L ,,y. ,. Chfford Wmght f I K 1 f - i ?fu':v.-zxfil f. . M ' wvm xq K k"' 'I ' V, f j- , . Yggm:f:1y,i'ig:" u.-2:51529 , Ann Young Marilyn Lamps on 114 K jjg Q55 Eli? C ll W 1 '-g, "-, Q arm V le Q .. , fl 9 gZg?i55523K4Fg5ggig, 3, ff! 1 M NJ R ' ' ' gs, yea., QS I . - f: g:,,g55, K le?l4241ex,m-m y eff- ,ef-2-ffm Afwfwffzfgs we ffxzszw S. gm, g .,h,, W., X A X ? WR, Sf Km 25 .f-ff,,f:s1-A ,I Vsgikflwg, ,.., , - 1 e've lost another link .. I I IH memurus hall Within the hall of memory A new face there we see-- The quiet eyes the same sweet smile Of one who used to be. We gaze with love upon his face And softly speak his name: For those of us who knew him best The world is not the same. His face is etched upon our hearts With friendship's golden ink And from the earthly chain of life Mrs. M.M O'Rear z 4 This girl is a symbol of the many s tudents who join the va riou s clubs and organizations of Snyde r High School such as band, choral, dra- matics, science, and all the others. These ex- tracurricular activities are school sponsored and are for any student who wishes to join. s 4 116 j .xQ Q 89 , bd 'Q0' 6 9500 e Robb Q No 569 600 Q9 , C bor 1 QQ some QIQLV 1 61 8 S Us ' wa v 3.06 YA-Q65 Sd!-t Qrt iogi . 10901 1x0 0101 O1-sf abgdftobl 5' Q0 ' X9 HHH S ' C sv .M 2,6 so and am, . Xu 0 ix 113 e xc 'COC' fa S '1 C 00606 901 5006 C0522 al' e J, not b5C'.0e13ob,bsI?' The annual staff was organized to make fQ0QJt bd J 3919 9 Xiaxviot 1 a memorandum for every s tud e nt. Each 'I' edit Lid 5106 V 65 year they compile in this book pictures of Ol' 396 6, all the activities, classes, sports, events, eva' and honors. They have strived to bring you a book that is complete and inte re s ting. The Tiger's Lair is a member of the National School Yearbook Association and the Texas High School Press Association. y staif . r- S t e p editor . el' and M- my adm' ' Cymrsz Or -S, and JO c lckey Gill ' er, Persona 1 SPOT'-ts e 1 gan . Y e B1 ea Mill nett, . lzaflo - ake n' feat udY - Ben lit - I1 edlt ly a Ure J J1yn1'UY 33501131 Y Drs- nd Ann Fish B12-if and Hughes' Pe .r and Gerry 118 business staff 519 aa SS1- '0 e QS and L-Z email- bulge are QQ-11-aid qqnwg 1065 Glues doin and E BQO bg? S SI. g a IW 1-,Ot Q Q96 de of gOO yn Qyea var., o f the an: job O5-il-hs axe 11.31. the 6-F4 Shown working are: Browning,Mi11er,L. Smith, Norcross, Blakely, Rohr, M. Smith,Sum1-uld,Carey,Scott, Weathers, McCormick, Fisher, Gillean, Bennett, Houston, Fish, Hughes, and Blair. tigefs tale staff The capable sponsor of the Tigers' Tale, Mr. Pruitt and Jan Stacy, who has done an excellent job as Editor, are now looking over the product of their work. The Tigers' Tale staff strives to acquaint the students with school activities so that they will be better citizens of the school community, to stimulate pride in school buildings and grounds and a willingness on the part of the students to keep them clean and to emphasize the Work of the various departments within the school thus making the students take pride in their work. The Tigers' Tale is edited and publishedbi-Weekly by the journalism students of Snyder High School. The Tigers' Tale is a member of the Interscholastic League Press Conference and the High School Press Association. Cir c ulati o n manager and assistant: Ramona Sports editor Joe Anderson, and Society editors Thompson and Don Johnson. Lynda Smith and Emma Lee Duncan. D el o r e s Ellis, Sheila Phillips, and Gay Birdsall worktogether as Business Mana- gers of the paper. Special reporters are Carol McKinney and Sandra DeFore. We X A P l- ' .- ith. ,', I iv, V X 5 , '5 'iid' d' ' : CSEATEDJ: Carol McKinney, Gay Birdsall, Shown Working on next Week's e 1t1on are Emma Lee Duncan, Delores Ellis, Don Johnson, Joe Anderson, Shiela Phillips, and Ra.- mona Thompson. QSTANDINGI: Lynda Smith, Jan Stacey, Sandra DeFore, and Mr. Pru- itt. quill and scroll 2, f -f. 5 G l , 7' P ya e'? . 5 a ge? 1 560 iiicet 306 lafe The 3:yf9rDvo,rte'Y'v C idea ' Y re? iwme ' The Quill and Scroll is an International Hon- orary S o c i e t y for High School Journalism stu- dents. M emb e r s must be in the upper third of their class. Some of the activities include sloppy initiation and fo r m a l initiation. Also, a picnic was held in the park on March 29. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." is the motto of the club. It was adopted in April 1926, at the University of Iowa. The purpose of the club is to encourage and reward individual achievements in journalism and allied fields. B X110 Xygc' oulea ' . cafo X1- 6 Nykckevvresiaeti' Sec! emi 'ST 't 1 FIRST ROW: C. Smith, Blakely, Fish, Houston Sturdivant. SECOND ROW: Browning, Birdsall, Dun- can, M c K i nn e y, Scott. THIRD ROW: Longbotham D e fo r e, Stacey, M. Smith, R o h r. FOURTH ROW Gillean, Swan, Ellis, Fields, W e a t h e r s, Sumruld FIFTH ROW: Fisher, Redwine, Key, Hughes, Ben- nett, Miller, Norcross, L. Smith, Thompson. The Quill and Scroll sponsors, Miss North- cutt and Mr. Pruitt are very interested in promoting journalism. r 1 Q2 Judy Cauble, secretary, Lynda Smith, vice-presi- dent, Carol McKinney, president QSEATED1, Pat- sy Huffman, reporter, and Ollie Peek, sponsor are shown above. Emma Lee Duncan is acting as te a che r for the children in the 3rd grade at East Elementary. future teachers ef america The Future Teachers of America was organized in 1953 in order to give every student the op- portunity to acquaint himself with the responsibilities and opportunities that teaching provides. A scholarshipis given each year to one senior member of this club interested in becoming a teach- er. This year the students had a chance to practice teaching at elementary schools. Several of the members attended the FTA convention held February 18-19 in Denton. Gwin Watson, Judy Cauble, Patsy Huffman, Mr. Peek, Kay Watson, Lynda Smith, Gerry Lynn Hughes, Linda Stephenson, Delores Ellis, Carol McKinney are pictured above. 123 24 keepers ef the scroll Nelda Thomas, Lois Doonan, Judy B r om an, Joy Bills, Tennie Eades, and Margaret Steel are shown looking at the vertical file. Officers of the Library Club are Mrs. Nelson, sponsorg Mrs. Gorman, co- sponsorg Jane Joyce, reporterg Myrtle Scott, pre sidentg Gealene Robinson vice-presidentg Jane Rogers, secretary-treasurer. I f the Scroll gather to- The Ke e p e r s o h week to learn more about gether once eac how to run the lib rar y. The club, which was o r g ani z e d in 1925, undertook a new activity this year. The district meeting of the "Teenage LibraryAssociation" was held in Snyder. Later in the year, four students attended a meeting in Ft. Worth. One im- portant project of the club is decorating the exhibit window. Standing around the new globe are: Ann Young, Myrna Moore, Ramona Thomas, Jan Stacy, Betty Norman, Reva Strickland. student librarians lE??vK!E'55kSi?Qff!?XiFi?i45iLPSPLQEW535i:?Zff9ilQ5i?152,f fat??fE,'ti:s?s+5T,--'Hf3f'!h.5'f f J 4, f 'V ' 17"-iff F155Weill:','ii3,'ts5:LtI1i5i , Joy Richardson, Pat Wade, Joyce Town- send, Pat Busby, Shirley Watson, Jan ice Devenport,are shown at the cir- culation desk. 125 E219S?23Q5ii?!37e.T:7zE-Q , future farmers ef america F.F.A. was organized to trainthese young men and boys to Work together for the betterment of themselves, their community, and the country. The Snyder Chapter is a member of the nationalassociationwhichis the largest or- ganization of boys in the world. The F. F. A. 8: F. H.A. Banquet is always the main social event each year. At the local Junior Livestock Show se- veral of the boys took top plac e s. From Snyder they t r av e l e d to other expositions at their own expense. Senior members of the F.F,A. are standing around talking to their sweetheart, Nancy Jordan. They are Elwyn Weathers, Frankie Minton, Bud- dy T own s e nd, Johnny Roberts, Nancy, Jackie Alford and Fred Cross. STANDING: Shorty Grimmet, Milton Stephens, Jack Spikes, Eddie James, Billy Jack Wilson, Gene Pate, M or ri s Williamson. KNEELING: Glen T hom p s on, Bob Coffee, Carl Burns, Dicky Hardee, Garland Parks, 26 Robert Green. Ken ' I1 ea 560 mllch Sth G0 C206-e .Xg65' fob 1.01.1- X9 svt Sf eip 11 a , eo Sack X-59,10 the F ndB1.ll C' , 1 ttei 1 Cat ,,,,f- f.-Y f A Y MCM E' - n e?o ea5' ' I boys Ulla 'i Y ' 5 Y thu. nt' B MJ- thi n ha O , A 4' -, The Exwinshoriiaatdee I AXAQQI Z, 'max' S-'. ei ' Q Tlo ' TJ 'Q-ge OXQN5 A Q of vice and I OX fjyg dj 560' , Q A CL ja! A, ' C 'yfffi V . " 1 'WC 55,51 fa 1 L? a n i L 39 t FRONT ROW: Robert Nail, Melvin Key, Clyde Read, Benny Davis, Billy Greene, Billy Wilkins on Steve Nail, Robert Louis. SECOND ROW: John Mayse, Tommy Harbin, Jerry Scrivner, Mike Nail Bob Pollard, Bob Hardy Dean Staton, Harley Merritt, Bobby Staton, James Earnest, Jerry Springer Officers are QSEATEDJ: Janice Springer, parl- iarnentariang Twila Sturdivant, president, Janet Weber, Vic e-pre sidentg QSTANDINGQ: Jo Ann Morgan, s e c r e tar yg Miss Vera Periman, co- sponsor, and Diane Kerley, reporter. Senior members of F, H, A, with their sweetheart are Eleanor Browning, Carolyn Sturdivant, Pat Fowler, Connie Longbotham, and Rita Johnston. QSeatedj Ce - cile Haye s, Twila Sturdivant, Shirley MCCO- wan, Janice S p r i n g e r, lStandingj Patsy Huffman, Betty Scott, Janet We- ber and Ann Brush. To the right are Carolyn Murphy, Mary Deffebaugh, Jo Ann Hamblin, S and r a Sellers, Dee Franklin, Pat Page, Dol- lie Gibbons, and Lajuana Row. 128 , The FHA has been organized in high school for the homemaking girls inter- ested in learning more of the respon- sibilities of home life. The objective of this club is to foster the development of creative leadership in home and com- munity life. The annual FHA-FFA Ban- quet was held on February ll and at this time the Sweethearts of both clubs were crowned. AT RIGHT ARE SHOWN: Beth Wiman, Jane Fitch, Louis Droke, Ann Young, Vera Clark, Yvonne Tubb, Sandra Feather, Billie Newham, LendaSelman. e V f -f ffz:9,efwfwassaLQe?5,191 Mwrwswszssa FRONT ROW: Barbara Parks, song leader, Elea- nor Browning, degree chairman, Cecile Hayes, recreation chairman. BACK ROW:Beth Wiman, pianist,Mrs. Joe Hodges, co-sponsor, Sue Smith, historian. BELOW: Barbara Parks, Rosanell Franks, Olene Butts, Jo Ann Morgan,Diane Kerley, Pat Selman, Carol Davidson, and Dixie Brown. i At Left Are QBACK R O WJ: Virginia Crawford, Shirley Moore,Sandra Jones, Lin- da Miller, Mary Green, Lydia Hutch- ins, Lucie Blackshear, Sandra Boyd and Sue Smith. CFRONT ROWJ: Joy Rich- ardson, Brenda Pittman, and Pat Bus- by. snude' igh school hand FIRST ROW: Evans, Dabbs, Patterson, Norton, Clark, Dupree, Blackard, Spence, Deffebach, Story, Crooks. SECOND ROW: Parker, Williams, J. Hamblen, Guillan, Rogers, Dudley, Payne, Carrell Clanton, Robbins, Milam, Floyd, Boyd, Smallwood, J. Miller, Hodge, Wright, Starr. THIRD ROW: Bruton, Atchinson, Crawford, Norcross, Payne, G. Watson, K. Roberts, Boss, D. Hamblen, Ford, Rigsby, Langley, Myers, Crowder, Lane, Starnes. Abercrombie, Hale, L. O'Bryan, K. Watson, Mc- Pherson, Broyles, Williamson. FOURTH ROW: Harrell, Doak, Franks, Best, Noah, Neal, Brown, Agee. STANDING: Richardson, Mr. Montgomery, Drinkard, Anderson, McFarland, Stewart, Spikes, Head, Ramsey, J. Roberts, J. O'Bryan, Taylor, Melton, Lewis. SEATED: Cox, Houston, R. Miller, Denson, Tankersley, Cloud. The active Snyder High Band has performed at all the football games with the exeption of the El Paso games. They have taken a first division in Interscholastic League marching contest and in concert and sight- reading contest held in Abilene. Also, a solo ensemble was taken to contest April 31. Eight of the band m e mb e 1' s made the All-Regional Band. Three of these and two alternates made All-State Band. In March, the band m Texas Music Festival. Five important men were clinicians. A spring trip was planned as a reward for the hard work done by each member. e mbe r s along with the directors and school helped with the first annual West 130 THE OFFICERS OF THE BAND ARE: Margaret Spence, asst. chief quarter master, Jane Patterson, chief quarter master, Troy Williams, asst. quarter master, Bata McPherson, sec.-treasurer, Kar- leen Roberts lieutenant, Jerry Roberts, Captain, Bruce Evans, lieutenant, Jimmy Don Boyd, drum ma- jor, Linda Milam, asst. librar ian, Janice Starr, head librarian, Pat Bruton, asst. librarian, Gwin Watson, asst. librariang Karen Crooks, asst. librarian. The three students from the band who Werechosen to play in the All-State Band were Jane Patterson, Bruce Evans,and Karlene Roberts. Bruce received the Arion award for outstanding band achievements. Mr. Melvin Montgomery has been di- recting the S.H.S. Band for three years. He is well known as a fine di- rector and has developed a large and talented band in Snyder. 131 TROM BONES AND BARITONES: P.W. ciohd Lynn Tankersley Wiley Denson Ronald Miller Philip Houston Hollis Cox Leonard Hale Ronnie Wilhelm PERCUSSION: Von Dell Drinkard Jerry Roberts Jackie O'Bryan Barbara Taylor Steve Melton Doris Lewis f - f . Wx. 1.1wfmf:-:.- .. .V ..1w,,,, ,, ' ' w 1,-I,'41iggwgf,.wjgasiz,14jgi53I FRENCH HORNS Jimmie Boyd Davie Floyd Linda Milam Martha Robbins Royce Clanton Helen Carrell Jan White WQ141 SAXOPHONES: Janice Starr Janie Wright Wilma Hodge Bata McPherson Kay Watson Lenora O'Brien Troy Williamson Allen Broyles CLARINE TS: Shirley Payne Carolyn Dudley Gale Norcross .Tosephene Gullien Henry Atchinson Larry Williams Gwin Watson Dixie Rogers Jo Ann Crawford Jo Ann Hamblen Pat Bruton Frances Parker Jane Patterson Robert Dabbs Bruce Evans FLUTES: Susie Clark Dena Dupree Clinta Blackard Margaret Spence Mary Deffebach Beth Story Karen Crooks 133 BASSES: Sonny Richardson Joe Anderson Fred McFarland Jerry Stewart Sammy Spikes Morris Head Wayne Ramsey CORNETS: Karleen Roberts Chiva Boss David Hamblen Roy Lee Ford Thomas Rigsby Wallace Langley J. T. Myers Jimmy Crowder Gary Lane Hubert Starnes 4 CLARINETS BASSOONS AND OBOES S1tt1e Harrell Mary Ann Doak Rosa Franks Toni Best Judy Noah Barbara Neal Dorene Brown Doris Agee Jo Ann Miller Bill Smallwood Marjorie Norton shs Iwirlers Karen Crooks Sittie Harrell Toni Best Z JIMMY DON BOYD Drum Major Jo Ann Miller .To Ann I-Iamblen Sue Clark s FIRST ROW: D ebo rah Smith, Kent Fields, Martha Robbins, Judy Noah, Sittie Harrell, D o ris Agee, Bruce Evans, Janie Wright, Allan Broyles, Bata McPherson. SECOND ROW: Linda Milam, Bill Small- wood, Lynn Tankersley, P.W. Cloud, Wiley Denson, Philip Houston. THIRD ROW: Mr. Dennis, Mr. Cherry, Mr. Montgomery, Royce Scrivner, Jerry Roberts, Roy Lee Ford, .Timmy Don Boyd, Karleen Roberts, Chiva Boss. shs stage hand The very popular Stage Band of Snyder High, composed of the best players in the band, has gained quite a name for itself. They haveperformed for the annual Chamber of Commerce Ban- quet and numerous times for service clubs of Snyder. They appeared in several school assembly programs and the annual Homemaking Style Show. Programs have been given at other schools and several concerts in Abilene at the colleges including a television appearance. In February the Stage Band attended the Brownwood Stage Band Festival and for the s e c o nd year brought home the AAA Championship. Eight of the members including the vocal quartet were named for the All-Star Band. added attractions RIGHT: Mr. Cherry is in charge of the Central ElernentaryBand students. A great deal of his tim e is spent at high school. He is the verycompetentAssistantDirector in the S.H.S. Band. He was formerly the band director of the Sanderson High Band in Sanderson, Texas. This is his first year in Snyder. LEFT: Mr. Dennis is the Junior High band director. I-Ie is often seen in the halls of S.H.S. , also. The Majority of the Stage Band music is arranged or written by Mr, D. He came to Snyder three years ago from New Jersey. Since that time, he earned the acknowledgement by the people of W e s t Texas as an outs tanding director and an accomplished musician. The Fortunes ffour tunest, Stag e Band quartet, was chosen the vocal group for the All Star Band, in a music festival held in Brownwood, this year. They are Roy Ford, baritoneg Martha R obb ins, altog D eb or ah Smith, leadg Kent Fields, tenor. Vocal soloists this year are MarthaRobbins, Jim- my Don Boyd, and D eb or ah Smith. Their ap- pearance has been in much d em and by various service clubs of the city and school functions. FIRST ROW: Carruth Stephens, Eubanks Browning, Porterfield, S Smith Taylor, Baker, White, Powledge, Ivison, Smyers SECOND ROW Scott, Houston Robbins Parks, Trevey, Crook, Black, Swanson, Ward, Beidleman Watson Johnson THIRD ROW Fields Hicks Gaston Wright Layneld Boss, DeShan, Ramsey Surratt Roe Lashaway Payne FOURTH ROW Kerbow Smith Pior, Wilson Gary, Nelson, D. Smith, Bolding Portis Bellamy Purcell Mr. Robert Clinton came to Snyder two years ago from Cisco Junior College He is not only well known for his school activities but has contributed much to the community During last year he organi zed Civic Music in our town He directs the choir at one of the local churches and also fills many other positions in Snyder. The Madrigal sing- ers were originated two years ago. The members of this year were: QFRONT ROWQ: Suze Houston, Barba.ra.Parks, Martha Robbins, Harilyn Ward, Ann Autry, Wanda Powledge, Pat Taylor, CBACK ROWJ: Kent Fields, Doug Smith Jimmy Pior Herbie Portis, and Bryan Boss. The A Cappella Choir is made up of selected students from the chor al department. This or- ganization is fast becoming known as one of the finer choral groups in West Texas. Besides being sweepstake winner in Interscholastic League con- test, the choir made an extensive tour of cities in West Texas and New Mexico in April. i: l Four members of the choir were chosen to sing A A1 'tl 1n the All State Choir They were Kent Fields 511 I Suze Hous ton Doug Smith and Tommy Gary J n Herbie Portis was the winner of the Arion award a cappella choir A very popula 1' group of sin- gers is the Barber Shop quar- tet. The m e m be r s this year were: He rbie Portis, B r yan Boss, Doug Smith, and Kent Fields. They have been in great demand for appearances at din- ner clubs and various organiza- tions in Snyder. FIRST , , , , yrn , p ee, 1 es, Rich ardson, Selrnan, Woodard, Sapp. SECOND ROW: Lampson, Callahan, Ellis, Smith, Boram, Carroll Birdsall, Devenport, Busby, Cockrell, Ramsey, Largent, Torrence Daniels THIRD ROW' Joh , . . nson Farris, Byrd, Miller, Babcock, Blakely, Scarborough, Isabell, Osborne, Wilkinson, McMinn, Camp Moore, Kn ll b h - ' o en urg , Boyd. FOURTH ROW. Goswick, Thorpe, Lyons, Coan, Fisk, Walker, Adams Stipe, Fisher, Parrott, Jones, Gibbons, Birdwell, Holmes ROW: Broman, Norred, Steel, Shiflett Birdsall Duncan Bills W an Du r M'l , Scott, Jones. girls' choir Due to the interest in singing inS. H. S. , the Girls Choir was or ganiz e d. It has given more opportunities for students to participate in a performing organization. Their first appearance was at Christ- mas. The girls appear e d in their new robes in the first annual West Texas Music Festival. InBrownwood, the choir did very well in the Interscholastic League contest that was held April 1. Beth Wyman, pianist, J'udyMiller, vice-president! Delores Ellis, secretary-treasurer3Barbara Call- ahan, librariang Mary Lou Carey and Molly Car- rell, robe custodians, and Joyce Blakely, pres- ident. safetu council The Safety Council was organized late in the year by the Student Council in hopes of spreading the thought of safe driving among our students. ' A Car Rodeo was the main project of the organization. This program will be continued to a lar g e r extent next year. 5 4 se xl lf. p Ci? ,, , f. A-'gr Y K 9 SEATED: JudyCauble, Ramona Thompson, Jackie O'Brian, Pat Bruton, Linda Milam, Bob Hardy. STANDING: P.W. Cloud, Eleanor B1-owning, Joyce Blakely, Bob Coffee, Elma Swan- son, Jerry Cotton, Neil Boyd, David Hale. The officers of the S afe t y Council are fback rowj Ronald Smith, s e c r e t a r y-treasurer, Herbie Portis, reporter, Qfront rowj Ann Fish, vice-president, and Buddy Townsend, president. Some of the members of the Safety Council are Qseatedl Max- ey Carey, Sue Clark, Bob Pol- lard, Chiva Boss, Sue Crook, and W. DeeMyers, fstandingl are Bud Morgan, Phil Tate, Larry Williams, Kelton Prat- her, Jerry Stewart, Gerry Lyn Hughes, Janie Wright, Juanez Teaff and Mickey Gillean. dramatics club Working with the props are: QFIRST ROWD: Carmen Carey, Lareta Johnson, Kay Bird- sall, Marie Stipe. ISECOND ROWQ: Oneta Forgeson, Joyce Blakely, Velesta Sumrald, Ea r ne s tine Partain, and Myrtle Scott at front. I 'lr q ,QP 142 In the dressing rooms are: QSEATEDD: Pat Taylor, Elizabeth Largent, Clinta Blackard. QSTANDINGQ: Judy Miller, Marjorie Norton, Gerry Lynn Hughes, Alice Weber, Robbie Yates. The Dramatics Club was organized in 1945 to pro mote interest among the high school students in th theater and to offer to them the opportunity to work af individuals and together in public performances. Th club was reorganized this year under the direction o Mr. Wayne Pevey. Student-directed plays, skits fo club meetings, and athree-act playhave been the pro jects of the club. In charge of curtains and staging are: QFRONTM Sandra DeFore, Gay Birdsall, Ann Porterfield. QBACKD: Sonny Richardson, Wayne Ramsey, T om rn y McClatchy, Fred Williams, Kent Fields. During rehearsal are Qseatedl Carolyn Daniels, Sherry Alford, Gail Norcross, fstandingj Linda Palmer, Sorita Jones, and .Tan White. Learning how to op e r a 1: e the lights are fsittingj Barbara Cal- ahan, Dorene B r o wn, Qstand- ingj Nancy Jordan, Beverly Capps, Jane Baker, SheilaPhil- lips, Jo Ann White, and Patsy Norred. Rehearsal critics are fright, Sid Turner, Susie Clark, Peggy Black, Beth Story, Wanda Crook, Cleft, Margie Smith, Emma Lee Duncan, Juanez Teaff, and Be- verly Scott. ze5 T'ff1m., 5, ' w 7 A . t ,,, X1 1-f4"W ' A V i f , : ' N uff' : i-is - ls, - hi ' , -I 15, 'S if' ,N 5 .,e, 1 -934 t ' ' . , , , 3 H . t - -f it . Q, - i 1 f i t, ,g i , ,, U ft? V ,gilt it i' 3 4 i is I do i f ' K I 1 f 5 , Q 'J ' -C ' - R I :i i c ' ,tit -2 K 3 f .5 t it it 2, Ni . , iitt on H15 t ' t N X2 ' t S Q tciiit ! if -fit, ' t it YfSf"ii T, -1 , Lfittt , ia , tttt t W 44 ' 35 K W V . l It iii I, ,M i t tw ,., t c ,ggi R as ri. itil ' , i i Q f m ' , it if f , iii , li it i it 'ln' it .- .i,,'?. r- it , ft fi, f .V -, . -ffffsffkii' distributive education club it ' gg It 3: W ,l', tif 545 Fifi yi i-fb 4' 0 it N L in i I if eo ti, ll A B Sktlmll 2 i tag! it Q zqxyfti 1 I i f '5 t i 1 W 'K :T ig' 'i i iii '-1 1 it - ,X , , 1, it t 'fifty ' sei titttiiiitigtx it 2, :-. ' l ILL P 4 t it it, ti to ttt ' - E, it . i Q71 iii: Jerry Stewart, vi c e-pr e s id e nt, Wanda Wood treasurer, Don Boone, president, G ynell Scott, secretary: Mr. Martin, sponsorg Billy Sellers reportergBettyGreen,parliamentariangGeneWend- land, sergeant of arms, and Shirley Barrett, his- torian, are shown above. The Distributive Educ ation Club was organized inSnyder in 1950, and was affiliated with the state and nationalD. E. Club the same year. Under the dir e c tion of Mr. Daniel Martin, its aims are to promote leadership, to provide for entertain- ment, and to foster good relationships among other departments. The big event of the club each year is the Em- ployer-Employee B a n qu et. The D. E. students raise m one y through the year to entertain their employers. Members of the club shown above are: Tommie Dorman, Betty Hunt, Carolyn Sturdivant, Bob Coffee, Robert Po s e y, Norma Edleman, and Grover Redden. In the picture at left are: QSEATEDJ: Bobbie Lou Payne, Ann Brush, La Juan Evans, Mary Nell Strickland. QSTANDINGQ: Monty Blakely, Harold Wilson, and Troy Sellers. IVQQZWL it-i fgili '14, , anim CII i' Sfif,'1ui3i WQT4i 5 .: , W, , , he emblem are Jimmy Gee, Kenneth nold Wallace, Donnie Jackson, D F15 Harold Earnest. .To Ann Strickland, Venita Ter- rell, Sophie Zeck, Tracy Cox Jimmy Nelson, Carolyn Nobles and Emma Bessire are listen- ing while Harold Bentley reads from the handbook. 145 spanish Joyce Blakely, reporterg Sue Clark vice-p r e side ntg Gerry Lynn Hughes secretaryg Mrs. Kayser, co-sponsor B e tty Connell, presidentg Mrs. Shif- lett, co-sponsorgDena Dupree, treas- urer, Le nda Norcross, historian are pictured at left. 'HT ,TJ W' L' FIRST ROW: Deanne Devers, JimmyCloud, Jim- my Crowder, Rita Grimmett, Gwin Watson, Billy Abercombie, Jane Joyce, Freida Melton. SEC- OND ROW: Chuck Cockrell, Ronnie Pitnar, Bud Morgan, Eldon Fowler, Sonny Able, and Ronald Miller are pictured above. SEATED ARE: Kay Watson, Toni Best, Helen Carrell, Barbara Taylor, Sittie Harrell, and Syd Turner. STANDINGARE: MargaretSpence, Wal lace Langley, James Barber, Wiley Denson, and Jo Ann Miller. FRONT ROW: MaryLou Carey, Dottie Dugas, Molly C a r r o ll LarryDixon, Keith McCormick Juanez Teaff. BACK ROW Dana Scorbough, Fred Mc- F a r land, Tommy McClatchy Don Boone. 146 club FRONT ROW: Beverely Scott, Sheila Holmes, Clinta Blackard, Pat Wade, Patsy Harless, Beth Story. SEC- OND ROW: Barbara John- son, Paula Depree, Frances Parker, Gary Vise, Shirley Payne,Jo AnnBorem. THIRD ROW: James Patterson, John Ward, Judy Broman, Eddy Dyer, Darla Gilbert. FOUR- TH ROW: Tennie Eades, An- nette Hall, Dwayne Merritt, Bobby Joines, Roy Lee Ford. The Spanish Club was formed in 1953. A group of S. H.S. students formed it as entertainment for s tud ents interestedin Spanish. The purpose of the club is to make plans for the annual fiesta. The annual fiesta was held on the 25th of February this year. The fiesta included an a s s e mb ly program with a dance later that night in honor of the queen. All the school participated in Spanish Day bydressing color- fully and attending the fiesta. Rita Grimmett, Pat Wade, Dena Dupree, Dottie Dugas, Darla Gilb e r t, and Velma Lou Brumley are candidates for the Spanish Queen. Not Shown is Patsy Harle s s. W-'?Wfii1r'fP lHi FRONT ROW: Pat Gage, Connie Connell, Lynda Mil- ler, Toni Best, Jo Ann Mil- ler. SECOND ROW: Velma Brumley, B e tt y McKinney, Juanell Sapp, Janelle Moore, Faye Cronk, Shirley Price, THIRD ROW: Dixie Rogers, Sara.h Dennis, Judy McDan- iel, Sandy Feathers, Yvon- ne Tuck. Mr. Richardson, Paul Nelson, Leonard Pictured here are the sponsors: lStandingj: Hale, Bebe Cockrell, Bata McPher s on and Mr. Massingill, Mr. Richardson. fSeatedj: Clare S m ith went to San Antonio and brought M1-5, Richardson and Mrs, Carter. backmany honors in the field of Science for Snye der,High School. The purposes of the Science Club are to promote interest and to gain more knowledge in all the sciences, to promote student research and participation of students in the Science Clubs of America and the Texas Academy of Science. Clare Smith Won an honorary membership in the American Association of Science. One field trip and a trip to the Planetarium in Lubbock were taken. The advance members worked on an uranium survey. The president is Randall DeShang sec. and treas. ,Betty Connellg vice-president, Her bie Portiesg reporter, William Brownfield sf FRONT ROW: John Campbell, L.F. Cox, Harilyn Ward, Jo Ann White, Carolyn Daniel, Bobbie Yates, Vera Shifflett, Sandra Scott. BACK ROW: Joel Hamlett, Davey Floyd, Troy Dean Williamson, Thomas Rigsby, Jimmy Joe Key, Bi1lyAbercrombie, Gene Potts. F Shown in the biology lab are Gerry Lynn Ifflggei' The following m e mb e r s are looking at projects Ho111S Cox, Cha-A1365 Sf'eg0TYvBSEt1eMHa'1rghfugse made by science students: LarryMu11ins, Frankie Regierf Henry tc lson' 1 Y ar 1 1 ' Minton, Sonny Abel, Mary Ann Doak, Ray Law- Ann Fish, Ed Casebolf, B111 Jenmngs' Sue Clark' rence, Hubert O'Neal, Walt P r e we tt, Hal Hol- John Ward, and Dena Dupree' liday, Pat Taylor, Carla Swan. The Audio Visual Aid Club is a service organization of the boys that op e r ate the projectors for the teachers. The purpose of the club is to learumore about the Audio Visual material. An Electro map made for the 5th grade geography classes was the main project for this year. The officers of this club are: Mr. Bail- ey, sponsor, Carl Burns, secretary- treasurergDonMcNew, vice-presidentg and George Jennings, president. Milton I-louse, William Brownfield, and J. P. Pu r c ell are demonstrating the projector. Operating the camera in the projection room are Larry Smith, Weldon Smith, Bob Hardy, Billy Abercrombie, Gerry Tucker, QKneelingj Ronald Miller, and James Minor. ...-.. We industrial aris club fr! E I E I I , , SN YPFBM- One of the newe st organizations is the IAC, organized in 1953. The purpos e of this club is to broaden the field of experience and help to ex- tend to the students the oppo r tu ni t y of leader- ship. Plans set up for the club were: to put the club on a state basis, have an exhibit of their work twice during the year, and to attend the Cornpetative exhibit at Abilene. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Raborn, Mr. Mayfield, Sponsors, Jimmie B e nne tt, Vice-President, JohnEcho1s, Presidentg OnetaForgueson, Sec- retary, Sonny Richardson, Sergeant-at-Arrnsg Mr. Miller, Sponsor. LEFT TO RIGHT: D oyl e Sapp, Herbert Portis John Reed, Richard Newby, Corky Hale, QQ. x V k qu "if, NV-Q., 1' gg 2 Qi sg' . R :i.g:,gi 2 s . - J 557 f : vi fy 'rf V I, WV Mi :gy H UQZZWA' The C am e ra Club is made up of students who are interested in photography. Most of the members took acourse in photography and worked with the annual staff in producing the pictures for the yearbook. These people spent many long hours Working in the dark room to help the staffs of the Tigers' Tale and Tigers Lair meet their deadlines. Jimmie Joe Key and Harriet Redwine are printing pic- tures. camera cluh n Judy Miller, Junior McCormick, Velesta Sumroud, Margie Smith are learning about Suzanne Houston, Kent Fields, and Jimmie Don Boyd have help- ed make and print many pictures which were used in the publica- tions. Miss Northcutt and Clare Smith are at the enlarger printing pic - tures. -nn-gm ,.--2 mqm,-,, na if1-vQ:'f--num- chess p club Following are Secretary and Treasurer DeShan Sponsor Mr. George Massingill, Pres ident Joel Hamlett, Vice-President Fred Wil hams The officers have really enjoyed the club C h e s s provides entertain- ment for the thoughtful people who like to concentrate on more complicated games. Five new chess sets were bought for the club. People who do not know how to play are urged to come and join the club. 15 4 uea B311 mf my ,ff Hfimsavfis Q .,,,..,,,w -w,,.,,,,4 m..,,,NMNq On the playing fieldg downtown in a pep- rally, away from homeg wherever these uni- forms are worn, the spirit of Snyder High pre- vails. Muchof the responsibility forgood sportsmanship and fair play is plac ed on the shoulders of the Cheerleaders. These five pe opl e have worked hard this year to bring you new yells and to encourage greater school spirit. MARGARET TREVEY ANN FISH QSeniorj Head Cheerleader Uuniorj I cheerleaders KENT FIELDS RANDALL DE SHAN fSeniorj fSeniorj Randall, Ann, Trevey, Mrs. Machel, Carol and Kent are wearing their Pep Rally uniforms. Mrs. Machel is a very capable sponsor. 155 The Students who entered the spelling contestwere: Margie Norton, Beth Story, Ronald Smith, Fred McFarland, John Spaulding. Mrs. Mary F ave r sponsored the group. interscholastic league The One-Act Play, directed by Mr. Pe ve y, had in its cast these students: Linda Milam, Eleanor Browning, Jimmy Joe Key, and Doug Smith. k -M, , by , 5 ' wmv' y , , , e The Interscholastic League Contest was held in Abilene on April 16. Student s taking typing, shorthand, speech, and English were chosen by their teachers as outstanding in their wo rk and were allowed to enter the contest. They practiced every club period and off pe riod s for nearly a month. The purpose of this contest is to promote in- terest in literary events. Winners in the contest at D i s tr i c t will then participate in the Regional Contest and all winners go to State. All correct spelling papers will be sent to State for awards. Entered in the typing contest were Karen Crooks Mary Ann Doak Charlotte Chauncey, Barbara Cockrell Billie Marie Stipe Wanda Powledge Bruce Evans Patsy Huffman, Hubert O'Neal and Ann Porterfield Sponsors were Miss Gen eva Marshall Mrs Clois Henry and Mrs N O Starr Harriet Reclwine, Clare Smith Patsy Williams, Linda Milam Jani c e Stacey, Margie Smith were contestants in the 1' e ad y writing division. Their spon- sors were Mrs. Joines and Mrs O'Rear. The picture presented by the girl and boy is a picture of the outstanding young people who have contributed to their school by their participation in manyactivities and have in turn been rewarded by having been chosen as sweethearts, queens, and other personalities. The most important of these are Mr. and Miss SHS, who are presented first in this section. s if -ffvf'sQ -.1-X.w m X, - "' ' X X X ,Li--fav. ' 'Xa R-Q: J. ' E - , -- 4, 3-. R ,,.nf'4r X X,.g,f1 lm, , MX '. F in Q ' ""x"5f-'Q ,-f y ? a' ,KX 4"" '1 s. 1 ' 'ER ' 3 ? 1 4-QF ' 1. QA MW v Y 1 .X f' X J 5 N yn . -.X X- X .n AH, .rz-. . -, . A he ' ,, Q :'Xl1f?f'f Q" 3- 9 'Ei " 4 X r " - Q Q F, ' 1aifT"5,1g' -X: X' ' X uf 1 'i- ! X l MP4 ...,, .55 X. ' ,,. . '. ', 'X ' ,y n ' U ' ,' 'Q'-H145 1' .. lt"l1'.i ..,, X ,,...,X., .1.,,,Lm , . ' ' ,-ff"1X "A :FX P2-G1 7.-1 1 ' ,xi f. Y f ,f. fi. -Xt: P fr J, -V I ,V , .,,1d,,,,-9, k . A, A ' -1' , F". ' .1.f?Wf?'4' X ', 1: ""i'1- , ,,,-fg. J5?:Xri.g!X,fL - g, t 5 4 ,XX ,J g jg. nr. 1-3gU55,.,:X 1, , 3 lf ? . Q ,fa ,X f2"'22fii?r f . xfl. , 14215, XJ' , X g X- V. Rf. , X' um XJ- 1, 43 wg' 5 X4 5 , --,g9:Xg5i,'1 f ',,, X ,X ,. -,N-,iffy-, I, JL, 'm'?552EYEx. .' P97 , -- ' iff' .f ff ' . -fJ1'b"' -13? vgL,,:'i,g5,fg , . , .T X, , ., h ,. Y ,ln ,l ':,:w1' 1 .. .- .f .. Q 1, X G H2245 ,3:'P-K-Xqffgg, ., N ' f ,gk ' ,'.:,l : al , ij, X ' Xa, 'X X X',s.4"'L.s2'.'--' , 'X 'I ' 'Q ff." A 1' Fw" :ffa-.M ' ' .F 1" E+ '21, ,, .L-:, QM. 1 XEzX'f5'Xr5 , X Rv f--Q, XA :wp .5-P." T-if ' ..,ffyf.ffsy!: -X fu N, 123' 1211 2 1-2 .f. V Ig X. f 'a 5.,X. EX f 'STX 1-, xfifeqlg 5 jfs, X. QF ,Q Y inf? -3. pq ..:v, N- Q 1.35 .- 31, -K:-,. , wg," P' "1 ' X' " xv a' - " .E :,, :- ' ., , K pk X ' 1-iz' . N I f1ffLfP ,, X ri T11 1 Wii1" x,'f',. if - kf'Q,i"Cs"vif' affi- ."5"Xp"f53a: 5225 X W 1 ' -,ig - jug , , 'ij' wg? g I , fm, ' ,' ':.,,'!i:ff5Qf,, 3Q Eff ST' 'gr qk - - rf .5 5 W R , E ,L V 9 r x Wg X' t, :W 'Sw J fl V. F A. :K - ,l ui yy .1 2 gy X y a : - A it 4,-,.f4Nf-'Mft . 'vbrli .lf l3? l52Ef'tgY -F.. l X X X - . f ' Q . -f X' . 1r " .S ' 4. g:-5 ',-',:X-,,'j.4 . . . . W5 'X , , X 5' -f ! ,ff ' gg i. W 2 151 , -Q if tw. -af ,L X Q? ' if, X ., 5-ag gwa f' , .wr ' 1' 2- VT f 5- X- XV - :X , 2. -f Y 'X XX. XX Hg :1. .Q n Xa' 'X ,-,, -A Z, VX :ff i,1f,, fX 4,, A if , , I y n, -. . . X 3 IX. V,:f"f':g :3,'g -U -, .' ,fXC,,.-15g 1- n . N, Xu - .L il f 03 ' 3, ' 6 1 A vw , 'X .' X rv, , ea 1.4511 -' qi 2:1 . ' aa. 2. !'i1 '2"l- wi , ve' 1 fi-'E XP 3 4 -' ' af", X . Q .JW ,EW 1. 'i 235 1 X -13 3, 21 2. ,gg -5 5, X - mg. :wig W' 5 W SJ -' 'Z 1 A ig ,. X: f ' fi v 'X m X, Xf rv, 2, ai: H- . ,P,f?3fg1"V"',. A A ',. :Al gf il . . M 1 .I fr 5 g1q15'fY XX gXe:'XA'X 2 . " ' X , , 3. ff, 3 ? Y ai -E 5 1? 4 L ' 5 11 4 f . , ,- kb' N L s - H M ff ' f-, ef" X ,' . , H L' X X 3' lf: 'X Y -. 5 1, ' 1 1 " 'Q f Q A ' I-WT: - - 3 ' 52, '-1? 'y .if 'ff "Biff , " ff ' X '2' --415 -'f' T 'J -T-Tim. 45 li if ' Ri'7fS?3rS3 ' 3 ? qi m ,jg if Vid . ,y 2, ' Qw yff' 7 : 3 lv ji ,. 5,. .i: 1'x , .Q zu za 5315 , ,,, 1 , fin, K5 .:-,six W4 ' ' if X ' - 5 ' ' ? T :V , . -' X' ffl' '? SX .Q . 5 , 2.. ,1-fu .5 .f iii-ai'f1 ' X' 5 : XP Xf fff A X :X , "-1359, , . 'Ep M 715+ K. 'f 'fw in X X :B W1 X , ,, ue U n 41' -H. ' 15. Tim' W ' 'ii "H -X ' ? X'X X X I " U 3 -X X. Xi. 'Tw 'f-ZF? 'V' ""'.'1X 'Hi- -'Xwl ' 243'-1 1. -X in '1 L3 N ' 'fs ' W 1-'H Xff'-'fiP'fl5Y:f'ix"'f13 ix .Xf'f ' . ,5., fu-Wqf5'?hu + X X- - Q , 'CQ ' 2' T 'AF,',-5i,'2imN'9 ff -. 'rvffi f X ffifji- 93 I X Sfffa . ' i f '53 , 3WX 1,Q.'5 ,- W1 X? - 'I " -N7 5 X155 3 3. "X .X , X, Eg , 9 1 , xi: X, -1- Q1 , f f -f 51 .. x g, X , fg V 4 H ,y ' '5 1 XX-2, X' 'N K ew- g f 1. ' 2 kg, ' .:, Xgga, 4,24 N'-T5 ' 9 , ",f,.A'Q ' 13 " .- , E X AX "7'1frLX'- Fnlflff-N EW'-'?"Aff139I."i:P' , W X ' , . ,, if gum I. I.-:Nl lvqf, 51,1 JI, K -,fx ' A' V , H 'Z 94, ,H 'X X1 , Y .F Nu tn... .:,v - ,inf 131 :r m V, -. F. V ,i ' ,X -' - X ,FH fam .. X- 1' XX 4' .- .M - 1 :W -5 " 'XA- f, 11 fixikf .- +1 f "f"Q'f" + 4 L 552:51-If' . f ,Eh ,X .. J ff iw X1 X ' ,g ad v' , ' XMQQXL-s,'. gym? ' 'vii' -fi' . 'X 51 ' lf ? .' x fa" X ff' 'ix' E192 ' :I X ' xi 5' XAAX 1 , ff ' 1 W4 3 ' H' 1-,' 1:".X--'L ",, . t S 4' 5. 4' th ii, --7' . 1' ' 1 '-"lf-' X. . ' V' -fl' :Tr - -- x-- -' 1 I W i g! M5 I1 Suki Y.. f 5.-we 1 life' ' :f '1: ,SX ' X XX' - V ,f Q .2-Q, ' qw, fi 1.-QQ-, Hg: 1, ig "LI ' -' Q".jX+n.'i5j.w,' ii fbi Q33 . J., ' Q '- 1-,f irc .X XQ -' W aw X 1 sw. X . X .. f. 0.5, XX, . ,N ,ww 1 be -5,33 'XXQ ,MIM ,L IX . -F 'V ml - X J lg XX X Xt ' 'W' 'L .H 1-6" Qi, -uk .Xa 'fi- iff!-'H :bw Q S X '- Y' X T -. " - '?-,rg-AQ. xgm we-Q QM? 5.'J.1'lf wail! ggi 339: .W , , XA Xie :gi " 'N -4 w-aiggip ql-'Fight' xi w X , personalities 15 9 3 3, HQ? 5 -5 9 MICAKEQY CILLIANS 'Volle yb all Co - C aptain f Tiger's Lair 1 .Feature Editor Quill and Scroll Vice-President , Safety Council f JOEL TANKERSLEY 'Basketball Co-Captain Student Council Y F.F.A. HARRIET R1-:DWINE ' Camera Club Quill and Scroll Tiger's Lair, - Staff V U1 Ui P. W. CLOUD Band Stage Band Golf Team Arion Award Nominee Safe ty Council JIMMY DON BOYD" Band C Drum Major Stage Band Vocalist Arion Award Nominee BRYAN BOSS Student Council President Boys' Quartet Madrigal Singers A Capella Choir Drama Club. MARGIE SMITH Tiger's Laird Editor 'Senior Play Quill 8: scroll Drama Club FHA-President Student Council Vic e -Pre sident U STEPHEN BLAIR Football A Co-Captain , Basketball All-District Guard High School All -American Tiger's Lair Sports Editor CLARE SMITH lst place . Physical' Science Division of' Jr. Academy of Science Westinghouse Awards Honorary Member American Association ' for advancement of Science K Honorary Junior Member A Awards in Interscho- lastic League spelling Camera Club Quill Br Scroll Sec. Annual, Staff ' SUZANNE HOUSTON A Capella Choir ' Madrigal- Singers Stage Band, Vocalist Student Council A Vic e -Pres ident T'iger'S Lair ' Assistant Editor Cheerleader mr. shs joel tankersleu ,, . xl ., W, ,wg nuff' .- 'L' ' Y 11.7 j f, 9 ff, - - .,g,-5.3-P-kr.-l-xw 5:-n, 41 ,,.- - , A H.k,,,f5.L----Q-11+ -' .. .11 :1' 1121 in J: "Al" " .,:i'g,-wax f"- """' . -Ak ' psf, fy :L , ,-,U , :Qgj t -' Q -, . 2' Yfx-,241-A", .' 11 W : Q V , ,Y I, ' -1- Y 4 f00rnalaswee1neaff ann fish I haslseihall sweetheart judu mhr E E eenuen reef relau sweetheart 'H argarei treveu xW 1 1 4 seniurfavuriies 2 E junior mccurmick bm mcphersnn 1 lunibr favorites 1 me 'OWS jack spikes fgnphumore favorites U WB' riia qrimmeil ireqhmen favorites 1 1 darla gilbert Mama ,pei 1 1 '-f'- '-'- eg : f-11- J.-f., 0 'V , ., Sweethearts ef ee ' af-' ' '.,:- K 5'-f ' f: 1 S MHS f H - - f V4 ' i JIMMIE BENNETT A A Sports ELEANOR BROWNING F . H. A. ELWYN WEATHERS F. F. A. u1ho's who MYRTLE SCOT T A Drama LEONARD HALE Science A if N. M Q 5' .,,,f 4 ww r. 7- rf R9 - w' :J , f, A : f ,v 1 we A f 1 v 6 r 1 f L-. 4 1 " ' ' ' ' '?"5l1'.v-in-kmlwf. -J O if This picture is a symbol of the many activi- ties which are part of a high schoo1student's life. In this section are recorded initiations, banquets, assemblies, bonfires, and all these things which mean so much to a student. eatures september . . . . . . a month ofgetting the many activities around Snyder High started One of the first things to take place was the freshman initiation which was great fun for the upper classmen if ' """'5S1'1'1e Mr. Wirnan, Margie Srnith,Bryan Boss, Joyce Blakely, Judy Rohr, and Dr. Yarbrough are g a th e r e d around Dr. Andy Holt, one of the year's outstanding speakers. 182 1'1 VO-luntarll John M ays e is about to becgme 3, full pledged The F. F.A. boys and their initiation Robert Nail member ofF,F.A ,.., Sonny, how Could you! doesn't seem to enjoythe occasion as much as some of the other boys do. J ,.f i we worball bo s WW the stud Y were Welcom C1 'rf t , ent body and Parents- G home by Mr. Wirgld ,, bert for her firsidr. Parks are regist . Year in high sc Sung Darla G' hool. 11- The FFA boys took over and initiated their new members--what a mess! Pep Rallies were held to open the new football season with a bang. Our school had two visiting speakers this mon- th, Billie Davis and Andy Holt. Most all of the old clubs began buzzing with elections and other business after the summer lapse. Pre school registering, as always, was a headache to Mr. Wiman and the rest of the school officials. In the long run, however, it proved very helpful in the beginning days of the new school year. 183 october Margie Smith, Billie Ramsey, and Suzanne Houston show George Mahon through our new High School. October was another four we e ks of hum- ming activity on the campus. With the arrival of the rings, the Seniors realized that time was marching on. George Mahon presented a very interesting address to the student body. Ac- tor Hedley He pw o r t h impersonated several classicalcharacters ofwhich"Scrooge" seem- ed more popular with the S. H. S. students. The F.H.A. girls had their annual install- ation of o ffi c e r s . This was a very colorful, formal affair. Sandra Scott, Marsha Fisher, and Mickey Gil- lean meet Hedley Hepworth as "Scrooge," Eleanor Browning, former president of FHA, presents the gavel to the new president, Twila Sturdivant. The FHA girls are holding their installation of officers. In the month of Octobe r we were again honored to have Dr. Sutton in our school. As always, he he lped many students solve their problems. A group of students were chosen to take turns keeping e le m e ntar y classes for one whole day since the teachers were in a C onf e r e nc e. Many of the "substitute teachers" had amusing times with the small-frys. Some decided to become teachersg however, some decided dif- ferently. We were honored this year by holding the District T e e nag e Li- brary Convention in our school. Stu- dent librarians registered from all a- round. All complimented our s c hool of which we are very proud. Before the Levelland gam e Garland Huffman and Junior McCormick gave one of se- veral cute skits we have had this year. P opponents team . Big attraction at the Levelland pep rally were Junior McCormick and Garland Huffman who resented the "before and after" effects of the Sandra DeFore and Gay Birdsall interview Dr Sutton Carla Swan and Judy Miller were two of the "teachers for the day" at the elementary schools JudyBroman and Doris Hataway register guests during the District Teenage Library Convention Dr. Yarbrough and our cheerleaders at the bon fire before the Breckenridge game. ,.4- These student's presented a P, T,A, play, uGOld in the Hills." "Mickey at the Movies" with the mean boy la ' P Y' ed bY S'a1'1d1'3 Scott, Was presented bythe 6th per- iod P,E, class for the P.T,A, "W Mr. JaCK"" StudentS and ' nic. The 1. T ' .Cyn-lg their Plc p be e113 See-fn to Also during October there was the Breckenridge game and a large campaign to win, which was concluded with a bonfire the night before the game. The P. T.A, sponsored an old fashion melodrama to raise money for the scholarship fund. The sixth period P. E. class presented a play for the P. T,A, this month. All in all, this was a busy, excitin month f h l 186 g o our sc oo year. 5 Q .ww--w-am Bruce Evans, Kar le en Roberts, Joe Anderson, Clifton Robbins, Vondell Drinkard, P,W, Cloud, participating in the concert, Assistant Director of the Navy Band, Dr. Yarbrough, and Mr. Mont- gomery are shown here. . . . starting the first weekwith F. H. A. Activi- ties the F. H. A. girls worked hard and did special little jobs around our community and school. The United States Navy Band presented three concerts with some of our own SHS students participating. The Juniors started play practice this month in hopes of presenting a crowd-catching perfor- mance in December. To the surprise of many, as well as herself, Miss Ann Fish was chosen sweetheartof the foot- ball boys . november "Fish" looks mighty happy as the boys pre- sent her a bouquet of red roses--she was their recently elected sweetheart. Joy Richardson, Pat B u s b y, and Twila Sturdivant putting up a poster to advertise F. H.A. Week. Coaches Conley, Bostick, Battle, Dillon and Ward gave their assurance of a win at the ball- game that night. 187 'It couldn t be!. .But it is---"visiting cheer- Frankie Minton lun es in throu h th Brea P S g e leaders from other countries and worlds. " Inci- the Buckies" sign being held by members of dentally, the buckaroo is dead--disintergrated by Quarterback Club, the Marsman. "' .125 --. ,an d this srnilin 1, De Fore g unch f- - mm L d . 0 Junior agiootiev Redwine takes over Smith, dealggea Srnlth, Jane Rogejg Sandra 0116 of the football as program Selle one of th Roblnson fri . ' Doug games. 1' e concession st d ed their sklll In an 5. The sixth period P. E. girls presented a skit during the pep-rally preceeding the Breckenridge football game. Impersonating cheerleaders of different lands, the received a lot of compliments from the students. School buses provided transportation for SHS students to the Thanksgiving Day football game at Lame sa with the Golden Tornadoes. Members of the Quarterback Club were hosts for a barbecue in the high school cafeterias given in honor of the football boys. . . . a short monthbecause of Christmas va- cation, but it was filled with many activities . The journalism students attended the Texas High S c h o ol Press Association in Denton. december Staying on the campus of " Tessie, " the girls had a wonderful as well as educational time for the program was planned perfectly. The Juniors presented their class play, "Our Town" , a very serious drama, the sec- ond and third of this month. Its theme was ll Life is important and great, but some- thing greater lies hereafter ." The audience's imagination pl a y e d an important role be - V n nn e A nn nn,-.v.,.-..... A... vl-M- - Pictured above are Mr. Mark McLaughlin and Mr. C. T. McLaughlin with the painting presented to our school. erw e me y opstoc s eing p aye y Franklin Pruittand Mickey Gillean are m left. Marsha Fisher, Sandra Scott, Ramona ompsonand Dolores Ellis ina T.S.C.W. dorm Denton, r h l db "Ch k ", b l db r' . . . . , o ' ' 1 The Tigers played their first basket- ball game of the season this month. Their firstfew games gave avery prosperous out- look on the oncoming meets. The Mcleaughlins of the Diamond M Foundation presented the school with another beautiful painting. This piece of art may be seen in the library. 189 Jim rn y Bennett claims he hed, but then leer nie An exciting Ping-Pong same Seems to be underway subscription for an annual, Lawyer Blair is try- in the TU-mPuS Toom- ing to prove he really never had one. Passing on through December, the annual staff gave a skit to advertize the annual sub- scription campaign. The scene was a trial in a courtroorn. The rumpu s room, now open for student use, is the scene of ping-pong, checkers, music and several other activities. Drawing close to Christmas, most of the homerooms began decorating for the holidays. ll.BOOgel.,, T Bio Ow 10 nsend g ' an anyone Cgnzs one of his fisome of his H See, avol-ite S b Petsyf u jefffs as Miss Zaida B r ow n and Marjorie N or ton proudly show off the Christmas decorations on their classroom door. Mr. Pevey! I! What are you doing? ? '? Coach Conley introduces C a p t a i n s Steve Blair, Ready to tackle the food, the football boys and their Bernie Hagins, and Doug James to guest speaker dates are from left: James Tate, Clinta Blackard, Mr. Garland Beachamp. Dr. Yarbrough and Mr, Bobby Joines, Jo Ann Miller, Joyce Blakely, and Wiman are standing on far right. Wily Denson. Student Council members Gerry Tucke r, Carolyn Sturdivant, Margaret Trevey, Doug Smith pass out drinks to Patsy Ha r le s s, Darla G i lb e rt, John Ward, Dottie Dugus, James Patter son andRamona Thomas. The mothers of the football boys gave a banquet for the boys and their dates in the cafeteria. Guest speaker of the evening was Garland Beachamp, football coach for A. C. C. in Abilene. This gala affair added much color as well as good food to our month of December. A Christmas pro- gram was given by the choral group for the student body. Some of our choral students also sang in the "Messiah" presented on Sunday afternoon. Before getting out for the holidays the student council gave a "coke party" in the patio for all the SHS s tude nts. The Snyder Tiger Flag was given as a Christmas present from the council to the student body as a final touch of Christmas feeling before leaving school for the holidays. Even though we were out the last days of this month, December still turned out to be full of busy activities---one we would not want to change out of our past. 191 the Ove! O gown the Dev States flag im UO! . , 5 . 2 am me Guia? 6515223 time lt h . a , ndefne .noe lt W. is the Xyxflgu . 51 .L H315 ichooi init couaci Pug' 511166 ur Cars , after the ho I' ally proud of o I gold Tiger on eitl first highlights of th' the homemaking girls' style show. They model ed clothing which they made. The Tigers started into their district basketball games du ring the s e c ond week oi this month. Classes were dismissed on-accoun't- of snow but no one really seemed to mind as snow is something practically new a- round Snyder. Carla Swan, Carolyn Sturdivant, and Sara Dennis really seem to be enjoying the change in the weath- 1? Some of the students which participated in the style show were from left: Jimmy B e nne tt, Nancy Jordon, Carl Burns, Twila Sturdivant, Janet Weber, Doug Smith, Alice Weber, Janice Springer, and Kent Fields. 450 Club disc jockeys are from left: John Echols, anda1lDeShan, Bryan Boss, Margie Smith, Alan nead, Mary Doak, Cecile Hayes and Gerry Lynn . - s and sins Cafoufuiliff dis' JOY 1 in t e H145 1 ght 5 , Melba bgcmma arxiacliuin bioXOSY cms E'ranC Cowl 5 eye Seating a These students had their prize -winning essays pub li s h e d in the anthology Y oun g America Speaks. They are, from left to right: Beverly Scott, S t e v e Blair, Shelby Smith, E l e ano r Browning, .Tan S ta c e y, Thomas Rigsby, and Clare Smith. Several S.H.S. students are largely res- ponsible for the 1450 C lub over KSNY e ac h Saturday morning. This musical program is enjoyed by everyone, especially the teenage group. On top of all the othe r activities, a little studying, a lot for some, was done in order to master the mid-term exams which loomed up the latter part of this month. The volleyball girls, known as the Tiger- ettes, began prac tic e in order to be able to meet their first games next month. Janet Weber receives a facial demonstration as Dixie Brown, .To Ann Morgan, and Barbara Parks learn how it is done by watching. Several of January's basketball games turned out to be genuine thrillers. Spirit,aroused by these close games, ran high among the students. More than one of the games had to be completed with overtime. Pep rallies were heldg eye-catching posters were put up all along the halls. Yes, all that could come, packed the gym to see the Tigers play ball. Students goto the library for research and study. The student above seems to be studying or maybe doing research work on "Little Lulu." The libraryis one section of our school which every student appreciates. Not only may he do research and check out books, but he may read any daily newspaper or magazine of his choice. Mr. Carter Parkes, our new counselor as of this year, has been very helpful to many of Sny- der High's students. Givingvadvice or helping out in some way makes him a favorite among the stu- Well, Jack! Just what did you think was writ- ten there ? dents and teachers, too. Several SHS students entering their poetry in contests got them published in the booklet Young America Sings. Winding up January the F. F. A. boys left for the Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show to show their prized possessions. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Faver, Thomas Rigs- by, Bruce Evans, Mr. Marshall, Willie Brownfield, Robert Mayse, Fred William s, T omm y Hensley and Mrs. O'Rear. SEATED: Mrs. Joines, Ramona Thomas, Wynell Sapp, Shirley Watson, Jan Stacey, Clare Smith, Harriet Redwine, and Martha Robbins. These students had their poems published in the National Antholog y, "Young America Sings." l These teachers sponsored both the poetry and Essay contests. Kent Fields and Jimmy Joe Keywent to see Mr. Parkes about some particular problem. . . . a month packed full of banquets, parties and dates. The D. E. banquet started the ac tivitie s in a colorful whirl. Keeping their sweetheart a s e c r e t until banquet-time, Miss Betty Green beamed rad- iantly as she burst through the paper heart when her name was called. Betty was presented with a bou- quet of roses which she ac c epted happily. This is other occasion to add to our gay, colorful, festive fairs because it was tr u e l y a wonderful banquet. Several Distributive Education Clubs a tt e nd e d e "Pow-Wow Party" given at the Youth Center by r own D.E. students. All the students met, be- me friends and exchanged ideals. This was one of 3 nicest get-togethers held this year. 1 n "Pinn1ng orchids on the teachers" was one way D E students showed their appreciation for the chers of SHS. We should be, and are proud of our well or- ized Distributive Education Club. by the Snyder Distributive Education students Chief Boone greets a visiting Distributive Education 195 Dancing climaxed the "PoW-Wow Party" given From the looks of things Clare, Carla and C ar olyn Four varsity Starters Watch as S pike 1. Carla really laid the laws down to these Quill and S c roll Swan "gets on a ba1l" in a Tigerette volleyball pledges. game. gl Mr. Wayne Pevey, Hubert Starnes and Gerry Tucker look over some of the shop p r oje c t s being displayed in the gymnasium. Projects made ranged from trays or bowls to table s, beds and boats. A regular service provided by the school is the den- tal check. Below, Jim Sealyis getting his teeth check- ed by De nti s t Dean Strack. Janice S ta r r and Joel ' Tankersley wait their turns. Steve Blair sampled cake made by FHA girls for a cake -baking contest. yrqgfiww W ,W IN g4.,,gWmw.yA gf.,gfe:.:qf31i,a,':mm.ff,ZggQz5:Je gyges5Q:Mq wg -z..-1: ,.:.,:-1-f,-My-r . bl ,. ' Q- - Bruce Evans and Herbert Portis rec eived the Arian Awards from Mr. Wiman. Pictured with them are Mr. Montgomery, band dir e c tor, and Mr. Clinton, choral director. Everyone was busie r than ever at this time around SHS. Our band received many honors in contests all around. The s tage band played for the studentbody several times. All of us are very proud to have such excellent bands. The F.H.A. girls, still going strong, gave a tea for members of the faculty. The girls plan- ned and prepared the whole occasion. Mr. Wiman "got away from things and students" by attending the conference of Secondary Principals in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The F. H.A. girls gave a tea for the faculty. Mr. Wiman, Mrs. Hodges, Miss Grove and Mrs. Faver are being served. - --.ctiue Session for , the sta ge band Mr. Wiman and other high school principals pose for a picture, on the famous board walk of Atlantic Second year homemaking girls are popping Cgrn. CUZY, New Jersey. It's no wonder the Tigerettes look happy-- -they just beat the Odessa girls by one point. She C3-reefh . - ms Bam' SellerS 15 twl-cp Billlf Ray e. asked hi rn to danc Twirp Season enjoyed by all, especially the boys, hit the middle of February with problems for the girls. Nine whole days of carrying books, opening doors, asking for dates and paying all ex- penses kept the girls busy. Most of them used their own or family cars. During this period the boys sat back and relaxed with very few, if any, worries. Parties were given for the "Twirpers" and their dates at the youth center. Most everyone can look back on this period of time and remember how much fun it was to take on the social responsibility of their opposite gender ...- Darla Gilbert is "toting" the books for Fritz Bob Rodgers and Hilton Horton decided they while Nell Crawford opens the door for Bobby wanted refreshments, so their "Twirpers", Betty Staton. The boys c1on't seem to mind at all. Hunt and Ann Brush came to their aid. Mrs. Richardson took her general science class through a water pro- jection plant. SHS students went to Sweetwater for the basketball game. Students signed up to go on buses to the Plainview basketball game. Many did turn out for the game despite the freezing weather. Our different science classes took several interesting field trips---through different plants around Snyder. These trips proved to be very educational to students interested in these parti- cular fields of work as well as to those who had never been through a plant. To conclude February, the basketball boys held their banquet in the Humble recreation hall. Their mothers worked especially hard to make the affair a success for the boys and their dates. From left, Ronald Smith, Tommy Prichard and Here Bob Coffee looks as though he's on the losing Robert Dabbs are tr ying to hold conversation. end of a statement. On the right, Wanda Sue Jimmy Bennett, Jane Joyce, Jerry Taylor and Crooktries tohurryDon McNew while Rita Grim- Mary Lou Carey are diving in on that food. mett and Powell Berry wait. Parents of the boys are located in the back. march . . . tops the busiest month so far. The Senior play, "My Three Angels", was presented on the third and fourth be- fore Crowds. The Ducotel family in the Senior play played by Herbert Portis, Margie Smith, and Nancy Jordon. Richard Miller shows his Grand Champion and Reserve Champion lambs. The important assistants for the Senior play were from left: Joel Tankersley, Jan Stacey, Fred Williams and P. W. Cloud. "Dream come true" --Elwyn Weathers Work- ed hard and spent alot of time with his calf. He is shown here with the Grand Champion Steer. Mr. C.T. McLaughlin of the Dia- mond M Foundation bought the calf. Eleanor Browning won the "Betty Crocker Home- maker of Tomorrow" Award. She made the highest grade on awritten contestin which all senior girls participated. Gynell Scott and Don B oone are shown with the medals the D.E. students received at the state convention in Ft. Worth. They also received a certificate for the bestD, E. Club in the state this year. Snyder Junior Livestock show was the scene of FFA and 4-H boys with their s tock from all over the county. Several Snyder FFA boys had animals which rated exceptionally well. This an- nual event is looked forward to each year. The baseball boys started in on their schedule this m onth and established a pretty good re- cord. We were very honored by having some very distinguished people visit our school this month. Tony, a twelve-year old Korean boy, gave a concert for the student body. Mr. W.M. Fuller,and C. T. McLaughlin were two of the guests for the occasion. Billie Green seems quite pleased with his Grand Champion and Reserve Champion barrows. Pictured above are Mr. C.T. Mr. W.M. Fuller, Miss Dowess, Dr. C.L. Yar brough, Tony and Gen. Samuel Anderson. Mr. McLaughlin was responsible for b Tony to Snyder where he entertained S. H.S. stu dents with an e xc e lle nt piano concert. Miss Dowess accompanied him on a second piano. Gen Anderson is sponsoring Tony in his musical career Miss SHS, Margaret Trevey, and Mr. SHS Joel Tank- ersley lead the "bunny-hop" at the coronation ball. "High-Pressure Area" was p r e s e n te d by these students from left: Perry Bolger, Debra Smith, Linda Milam, Wanda Powledge and Alan Sne e d. nifiyWwffwff,w,V,,i::, -weM-M-wtifvwaissaiwafmwwwm,, V Msgs, , , March the seventh was the date chosen for the Snyder High's coronation, sponsored by the an- nual staff. Keeping the election of Miss SHS se- cret until the c or ona tion time, Miss Margaret Trevey looked a s t on i s he d but happy when Mr. SHS, previously a nnoun c e d as .To e l Tankers- ley, read her name from a s e aled envelope and assisted her to the throne. This formal occasion was the prettiest affair held so far in our auditorium. A Coronation ball was held for m emb e r s of the Queen and King's court and anyone else present in the audience. The ball took place in the gyrn, which was decorated with balloons and blue c onfe tti by the S tud ent Council. Some of our speech students, directed by Mr. Pevey, presented "High Pressure Area", a play dealing with dating problems for teenagers . They were called upon several times to give it before various groups. Mr. M.L. Andress, on the left, and Mr. Wiman, far right, stand by as Student Council president BryanBoss greets the guest speaker, Mr. George Killam. Joyce Blakely, Judy Miller and Mary Lou Carey are shown here with the band tr ophie s. These trophies were donated by the DiamondM. Founda- tion. Bands e n t e r ing the marching contest during the Music Fes- tival performed in a. parade held in town. Bands from all around come to enter the various con- test. All wished to take a trophy back to their own school. The Snyder High Band marching in the pa r ade, is pictured on the right. Since the Music Festival and Canyon Reef Relays fell on the same day, Snyder was filled with bands, choral groups and track boys. The s chool was the center of busy activities which lasted Friday and Saturday. W--...l Having a nice sunny day for the track meet, alarge crowd gath- ered to watch the different di- visions. The boys rested at in- tervals on the fo o tb a ll field between the va r i ou s contests. The track meet turned out to be a bigger success than ever be- fore this year. 203 21 ww fwmzw- Senor Roy Lee Ford serenades Senorita Sue Clark. Th1s was the "South of the Border" scene. Roy Lee's part was later taken over by Joe Reeves. The c am e r a catches Dottie Dugas, Clinta B lackard, Helen Caroll, JoAnn Morgan Shila Holmes Toni Best, JoAnn Mille r Paula Dupree and C onnie Conell in an act from the colorful Spanish Fiesta 6 Aboy in afootball suitis a symbol of the many girls and boys who are interested in and participate in athletics. Snyder High School offers football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and golf to boys and volleyball, tennis and tumbling to girls. The excitement furnished here can be equaled by none. i JOHN CONLEY Kansas State University Head Coach of the Snyder High School Tigers football ooaohos HAL BATTLES HORRACE BOSTICK Sul Ross State College Texas Christian University Line Coach Backfield Coach JACK DILLON Texas Tech Head Track Coach "B" Squad Football and Basketball Coach basllalball lracll baseball J.M. MOFFETT Texas Tech Baseball Coach aaaahas J.P. WARD Hardin Simmons Head Basketball Coach Freshman Football Coach FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Jennings,Gary Hill, Joe Reaves, Gerald Crawford, Don McNew, Bernie Hagins,Steve Blair, Hal Holliday, Joe Baxter. SECOND ROW: Tommy Prichard, Doug James, Jimmie Bennett, Robert James, Frankie Minton, Shorty Grimmett, James Parker, Claude Stroud. THIRD ROW: Mgr. Jerry Hale, John Partain, George Her- ring, Powell Berry, Jack Spikes, Eddie James, Wayne Shuffield, Milton Ham, Alan Snead, Mgr. Carl Burns. SEAS ON 'S REC ORD Snyder Tigers 26 Ysleta Indians 12 Snyder Tigers 19 Bowie Bears 0 Snyder Tigers 51 Thomas Jefferson Foxes O Snyder Tigers 6 Levelland Lobos 13 Snyder Tigers 12 Sweetwater Mustangs 13 Snyder Tigers 14 Vernon Lions 7 Snyder Tigers 39 Plainview Bulldogs 19 Snyder Tigers 13 Breckenridge Broncos 42 Snyder Tigers 15 Big Spring Steers 32 Snyder Tigers 7 Lamesa Tornadoes 6 JAMES PARKER Guard GERALD CRAWFORD Halfback Tri-Captains are: Doug James, Bernie I-Iagins, and Steve Blair. FRANKIE MINTON, Tackle .TIMMIE BENNETT, Halfback Ham moves in to make the tackle after a short gain. SNYDER DOWNS YSLETA IN SEASON'S DEBUT Q26-12, Ysleta,September 11 - The Snyder Tigers under the new head coach, John Conley, succeeded in outscoring the Ysleta Indians 26-12 before a crowd of 3500. Ysleta opened the scoring in the second quarter when quarterback Sal Arzola plunged through the middle for the tally. Ys1eta's conversion failed, leaving the score at 6-0. The Tigers boun- ced back upon receiving the kickoff and drove from their 2.7 yard line with the passing of Bernie Hagins and running of Jimmie Bennett. Bennett scooted over for the T.D. Steve Blair converted making the score 7-6. Following this was another Snyder touchdown by Jack Spikes. The con- version failed. Arzola then swept in for another Ysleta score ending the half with a score of 13- 12, when their conversion failed. In the second half the Tigers scored 13 more points, and the final score remained at Z6-12. Two touchdowns were made by Gerald Craw- ford. Heading up defense were Frankie Min- ton and Doug James, and -chief offensive blockers were Don McNew and James Par- ker. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder Ysleta First downs 15 9 Yards rushing 326 99 Yards passing 66 54 Pass attempts 55 11 Passes completed Z 3 Passes intercepted O 0 Fumbles recovered 3 3 Punt average 36 36 Ya-Yds Penalized 95 51 Spike picks up yardage behind Blair's block. CLAUDE STROUD Halfback WAYNE SHUFFIELD Center BERNIE HAGINS, Quarterbac DOUGLAS JAMES. Center STEPHEN BLAIR, Guard NORMAN GRINIMETT, Tackle Baxter sweeps end for a short gain. TIGERS OVERPOWER BOWIE BEARS, 19-O Snyder, September 18 - In the season's first home game, the Tigers after being outplayed in the first half, managed to rally in the second half and defeat the Bears 19-O. In the first half the Bears made 119 yards to Snyder's 52. By the end of the game Snyder had picked up 145 yards on the ground and the Bears had 118 yards. Alan Snead opened the scoring in the s e c o nd quarter when he received a pass from Bernie Hagins c ove ring 41 yards. Jack Spikes plunged from the two yard line in the third period and Frankie Minton converted to make the score 13-O. The final score was made in the third quarter when Powell Berry Asneaked over from the one yard line leaving the score 19-O. Doug James and Steve Blair, long offensive and defensive standouts for the Tiger s, headed up defense in the game. Monton, Berry, and Snead were also outstanding. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder - Bowie First downs Yards rushing 145 118 Yards passing Pass attempts Passes completed 4-88 4-31 Passes intercepted Fumbles recovered 2 6 Punt average Yards penalized Spikes pushing over for the T.D, JOE BAXTER Haliback HAL HOLLIDAY Guard JACK SPIKES, Fullback ALAN SNEAD, End Q 'k V ,, L ,,,,,,. .,,., g N I M g , .5 ...:4,,,.,. V. 5 - ' ' ' ff ,fQ'jf5iQf1'i1Tiff'f, " m y Q ., . V 'ifwrw fm 5 ' f ' 1, ii- MM "ml ,. ., m an i E MMM' ,MQW ,M M ,.f,q:.,.,,, ,f f, yg-51.5 1 ..:,.::,:, g iv ai ggzggg Q W '.-,:.i. 'T' 'ij ' 1 . W , GEORGE HERRING, End ROBERT JAMES, Tackle Crawford breaks in- to the clear for the first touchdown Of the game. TIGERS SINK JEFFERSON SILVER FOXES, 51-O E1 Paso, September 26 - Snyder took their third win of the season by trouncing Thomas Jef- ferson 51-O. The Tigers lost yardage on only one of their many plays. They tallied 27 points in the first half and Z4 points in the remaining periods. Gerald Crawfordled the ground attack with 208 yards,in 13 carries followed Jack Spikes with 117 yards in9 carries. Powell Berry completed 4 out of 5 passes for 108 yards to lead the aerial attack. Scatback Crawford broke loose for 4 of the 8 touchdowns. Spikes plunged over for 2, and the remaining scores were made by Jimmie Bennett and Milton Ham. Defensive standouts were Doug James, James Parker, Wayne Shuffield, and John Partain. Offensive standouts were Joe Baxter, Don McNew, and Frankie Minton. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder Thos. Jeff. First downs 13 12 Yards rushing 468 162 Yards passing 134 17 Pass attempts 8 10 Passes completed 5 Z Passes intercepted 1 0 Fumbles recovered Z 2 Punt average 25 31 Yards penalized 65 30 Blockers clear the way as Crawford scores again GEORGE JENNINGS Tackle JOHN PARTAIN Tackle DON MCNEW, End EDDIE JOYCE, Tackle WILEY DENSON, Guard JOE REAVES, Center The Tigers' forward wall stops a Lobo drive. LOBOS' PASSING THROWS 13-6 LOSS ON TIGERS Levelland, October 8 - Although the Tigers lost this the first district game, they showed more potentiality than in any previous games. Levelland had to use its passes, for the Snyder defense was stopping nearly all the ground plays. Snyder's Joe B axte 1' opened the scoring early in the first quarter with a 44 yard run behind the blocking of Shorty Grimmett and Alan Snead. The try for extra point failed, leaving the score at 6-0. The Lobos struck back in the second quarter with a TD by Tommy Evans. The conver- sion was unsuccessful and the score was 6-6 at the half. In the third quarter a pas s ing attack soon put the Lobos on the one yard line and Evans crossed. The extra point try was good and the final score was 13-6. Heading defensive playwere Grimmett, Frank ing was lead bySnead, Powell Berry, and Minton GAME AT A GLANCE Snyde r - Levelland First downs 10 Yards rushing 188 Yards passing 55 Pass attempts 8 Passes completed 3 Passes intercepted 1 Fumbles recovered 4 Punt Average 31 Yards Penalized 10 16 247 180 20 13 l 1 31 55 ie Minton, and James Parker. Offensive block- Ham. Berry sneaks through the middle for a first down POWELL BERRY, Quarterback DON SAVAGE, End TOM PRITCHARD, Halfback MILTON HAM, End X 2, lggglgqrr. Wm,52,531fQgfWff5wm,w, X -my sniff 'Es?f2s:smE2zZ5J jgjff..l,f5- 13-,ff wr, ' Q ww '- 'M-U1 - nz- f Q.:f:wvvm,y,fff5:f' 1 we :,21f?Y1f2x 1 : ,w1fw.fwfn'f M fx 2 i..z,1wm eww ' 'V , '1227f43f5+gjgfg,'2v5 x S 4s,4sg5ffm?4gg55liiw Q-.Tw 2 'kigimgfsi J A 1 . za'-fiimy 'rf' K H qw iz1?1,g?mqiwwfm2, I ,, J ffrfiiff?f5."feQS2ismggf1f.g , , ,, I rxefif 4 ik 3 . Q, 1 0-wfm 5,-5,ffa:,W,1.115:e Wm ,,f,fwwwf X wr Q s .gg,gk:gf5Hiw?g5i 1 mx'- H P r V , 4 W: -"qi" kfff:-1z:lv.5fi,7fiQf'z I "' I I 'I f2 A ' .E'.'2':' , fliiizifliaiF?gf5isiVfi2ii?ff?'-55:il? Q - , M n,gns-- , S ww 'Hsign?sysezgiffsvsffyi,isifgffgg, 1 fl-"J:-Lam.. Wziiiwl is ,U figgjsz'1q,,y'gg-grggg sqggigsgH?igf?sz5ggf5pg , , 112.4225 ff: 2- 'ff m-w: ' i:arf-F1-1::m3'sfaf+Efff2'1? I 'M i4 :SM F Z.Y',f'S wif, 3'75F'Ei?f52,i45f 45235i5f'2,'lrQ1:'E?5?f'fE,'?i1i,if . 'Tad ffl! ,, ' i 5 lS: 'f?5E59'1TfV77 9'iVf6?iY'N5ZNi5?5?55ii f5g5?xfS1??fi??f5F53-l?57492,55lf ,. f1fvw:ef-1: , , in 1 ' If -j 'iii EV 5 w'1f,-Tlcflif-'gi Fug Q55 ::"g:5l5Qi .2:1': ' ,i f 'V .3t?YE'EE5?jQxzfQi Fig-jj 313 l55Q3lgg72T'Qg5fK,:fe5?g , 5111!fklbxiiwwi"H--ffZ1'.1:'fv':?f1 Q : fr' - : n f ' 2-V. 'wi fe' 'M f v w f 2 42 ' 7 Q eg, vi lifigigisiii-vi5fgtj?s 1 If-Q-if: wi ' ' , - TfYL:'iE7ff5Fl :z?f!"f1?i?'9f'E151?ff5mii?51'fizifkiliisfl 5 -'Et?3f2a?'---:.. 15Q5l:f?v:"f:L' :- :5e35V:QsaI.::,,i':x ' 3- Iw :.,SfSw7-Se 31-1 zifxw--I I I .f - ' : I La -rw sm y z, M v1'gw Jef ' if :effing-1 XG gm . NW' we Auf. K Hg wwirf M 9 :1,,.1f f- ff 7 , I .-qu. . -.'.: f-345 a::,fr.:'fY" mmdim' I , - -. f rf 1 1 ,. 1 I 7. I f' L 2,-f -A . " 2 -WH' ' "u f - 4-'ff-'--T5 ':.. 's!T?+,I'az z -Lfflfi ?.:I::k5"w,j.f awww. I f '.. -- .N-Ibm,-I .- '3S', - -. M-:Q--fl M- : --WM ., mm " BILL FOWLER, Fullback MORRIS WILLIAMSON, Guard Baxter cuts in as things get rough. LATE MUSTANG SURGE DEFEATS TIGERS, 13-12 Sweetwater, October 16 - The Sweetwater Mustangs who were outplayed throughout the game defeated the Snyder eleven in a heartbreaking game. The Tigers' line was like a brick wall and their offensive plays clicked. This was quite a surprise to Sweetwater fans who expected a cinch. Joe Baxter made the first touchdown after a drive following the first kickoff. In the third period Gerald Crawford swept end for the second tally making the score 12-0. Sweetwater took the kickoff and turned it into a score, but the conversion failed. In the fourth quarter the Mus- tangs scored, and Frank Smith kicked the extra point to win the game 13-12. Offensive and defensive standouts were Frankie Minton, Doug James, James Parker, Powell Berry, and Baxter . GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder - Sweetwater First downs Same as a 16 7 Yards rushing 204 158 Yards passing 23 35 Pass attempts 6 Passes completed 2-35 4-30 Passes intercepted 1 Fumbles recovered 3 1 Punt average 27 36 Yards penalized 30 71 Baxter pulls Mustang over as he racks up six points for the Tigers. Lions runs into a brick wall as Love- lace of Vernon loses the ball. SNYDER TAMES VERNON LIONS, 14-7 Lamesa, October 22 - Coach John Conley's Tigers came out of the Vernon game with a l4-7 victory. The team played hard and certainl deserved the win y . It would be hard to pick the outstanding player,but Steve Blair is one of them. Blair a senior guard, blocked aVernon punt, grabbed the ball and galloped 45 yards for the firstTD of the ame v S behind Milton Ham's key block. Ham also played exceptionally good football. The second score of the game was made by Jack Spikes intthe second quarter. Frankie Mintonkicked both the extra points. Vernon did not manage to score until the final minutes of the game 14-7. Other Snyder stand-outs were Bernie Hagins, Powell Berry, Joe Baxter, Jimmie Bennett, Alan Snead, Doug James, and Spikes. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder Vernon First downs 9 10 Yards rushing 136 96 Yards passing 90 90 Pass attempts 6 12 Passes completed 3-24 5-91 Passes intercepted 1 0 Fumbles recovered 3 3 Yards penalized 45 10 Bennett waits for Berry's pass which sets up Sny- der's second score. Grimmett charges in to clear the way for Baxter. TIGERS GRIND OUT 39-19 VICTORY OVER BULLDOGS October 29, Snyder - A vicious ground attack put out by the Snyder Tigers overwhelmed the Bulldogs of Plainview 39-19. The Tiger backs racked up 338 yards rushing to the Bulldog's 193. Even though the Snyder defense wan not playing its best game, the offense proved fatal to the Plainview eleven. The Tigers started out like a house afire s c o ring four out of five times it held the ball in the first half. Plainview scored once leaving the score Z5-6 in the first half. In the second half the game was a little more even with both sides scoring twice making the final score 39-19 as the game ended. Jack Spikes led the offensive attack scoring three touchdowns and picking up 183 yards rush- ing. Shorty Grimmett, James Parker, and Milton I-lam headed up the defense. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder - Plainview First downs 11 18 Yards rushing 338 193 Yards passing 12 93 Pass attempts 11 13 Passes completed 1 5 Passes intercepted 0 1 Fumbles recovered 1 0 Punt average 33 35 Yards penalized 34 10 "Powerhouse" Spikes runs Plainview ragged as the Tigers take 39-19 victory. TIGERS SINK BEFORE MIGHTY BRECKENRIDGE, 42-13 Spikes over from the one yard line. Snyder,November 12 - The Tigers fell fast as the hard kicking Buckaroo ran home with a 42- 13 victory before a crowd of 5,000. As the game opened, both teams did little damage until the wild Buckaroos scored four times and Snyder once,leaving the score 28-7 the first half. The last half was played much closer with the Buckaroos scoring twice and the Tigers once to finish the scoring for the night. Offensive and devensive standouts were Grimrnitt, Ham, Blair, Minton and Snead. "Mighty" B r e c k e n r i dg e tacklers move in to stop Snead for short gain. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder First downs 13 Yards rushing 107 Yards passing 3 Pass attempts 3 -55 Passes completed OO Passes intercepted 2 Fumbles recovered 1 Punt average 3-31, 3 Yards penalized ll-75 Breck 12 392 1 1-33 3 2 0 2027-5 8-59 The Tigers get stacked up after a short gain. TIGERS DROP GAME TO BIG SPRING, 32-15 Bi S rin November 19 - The Big Spring Steers defeated Snyder 32-15 in the last quarter. S P gf Contributing to Big Spring's good fortune was the injur y of Joe Baxter in the second period and Don McNew's injury in the third. Jack Spikes was also s lightly injured. Big Spring Just out- lasted the Tigers. h first scorin took lace when Spikes pushed Ronnie Wooten into the end zone for a safety. T 9 8 P Big Spring scored after that. In the second pe riod Spikes scored to make the score 8-7. The Steers scored again. In the last half the Tigers scored once again and the Steers tallied 18 points. Alan Snead did excellent punting. Spikes was the defensive stand-out and Baxter and McNew were both defensive leaders until they went out with injuries. Other outstanding players were Frankie Minton, Doug James, Shorty Grimmett, Steve Blair, and James Parker. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder - Big Spring First down 10 10 Yards rushing 159 367 Yards passing 71 10 Pass attempts 8 4 Passes completed Z 1 Passes intercepted 4 1 Fumbles recovered 2 Z Punt average 42 43 Yards penalized 5 40 Baxter and Berry move in to stop the play I r Alexander rounds end as Snyder's Grimmett moves in to stop him. BATTERED TIGERS EDGE LAMESA 7-6 TO CLOSE SEASON Lamesa, November 25 - The Tigers played the "fired-up" Tornadoes without the assistance of four first stringers who were sidelined because of injuries. It was a close game all the way with Snyder scratching out a 7-6 victory over Lamesa. Larnesa scored first with 3:45 left in the first quarter on a 20 yard pass from Chapman to Bartlett. They failed to convert leaving the score 6-0. Snyder scored as quarterback Powell Berry slipped over from the 8 yard line. Joe "the toe" Reaves kicked the extra point, which pro- oved to be the winning factor of the game, leaving the score 7-6, as the first half ended. The second-half found the Tigers desperately fighting off the storms set up by the Tornadoes. Joe Reaves broke up Lamesa's last chance to win when he blocked the field goal attempted by the Tornadoes with but a few minutes left in the game. Snyder took over and held the ball until the end giving Snyder a 7-6 victory and Coaches Conley, Battles, and Bostick a 6-4 season record. GAME AT A GLANCE Snyder Lamesa First downs 7 12 Yards rushing 113 166 Yards passing 56 91 Pass attempts 10 16 Passes completed 4 5 Passes intercepted Z Z Fumbles recovered 2 2 Punt Average 42 35 Yards penalized 30 15 Lamesa defenders knock downa pass meant for Mil- ton Ham. Drs. Hartley and Dillaha were the men who have kept the Tigers rolling. Many boys might not have been the same if it had not been for the splendid medical at- tention given by these two fine doctors. DR THOMAS HARTLEY DR- CARL DU-I-'AHA "Doc" Weaver is the ath- letes' chiropractor. Many a boy can thank him for making their sore muscles feel good. If a boy received an injury in a game, "Doc" was always the first one on the field. He is shown here with Jimmie Bennett. Blue L o wr y helped the athletic department very much. He drove the football bus and took movies of all the games. Managers Carl Burns and Jerry Hale gave as much time and effort in making the Tigers a great hall club as anyone . Their readiness and willingness made them a favorite of the football boys as well as the coaches. Without their assis- tance, the season of l954would not have been half as good for the Tigers. H 77 FRONT ROW: Fritz Smith, Bob Pollard, Adrain Banks, Eldon Fowler, Darland Bishop, Craig Carroll, Royce Gladson, Ronald Smith, Bobby Joines. SECOND ROW: Bob Harlin, Mickey Craig, Mike Hull, Davey Floyd, Irvil Ham, Stephen John, Larry Dixon, Bill .E owler. THIRD ROW: Don Savage, W.G. Garlinghouse, Harold Hooks, Pat Fowler, Lanney Wadley, Gary Tucker, Robert L'ttl D 'd F ' ' ' 1 e, avi orbes, Morris Wayne Williamson, Robert Dabbs, Wallace Langley, A. J. Hender- SOT1. Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs Snyder Cubs SEAS ON'S REC ORD 14 Colorado City "B ' 0 Big Spring "B" 19 Colorado City ' ' 2,1 Big Spring "B" 25 Lamesa "B Z0 Loraine "A" 20 Sweetwater "B' 18 Lamesa "B "B" Team Co-Captains are Jerry Tay- lor and Ronald Smith. These linemen like to get together when its picture time Floyd, Wadleigh, Dabbsg lfirst rowjg Fowler, Dixon, Car- roll, Qsecond rowjg James, Hale. Running through plays for Saturday night are fFirst rowj Dixon, Smith, Hooksg fSecond rowj Joine s, I-lam, Taylor . 5 FRONT ROW: James Berleson, Jerald Bessire, James Cook, Uickie Morton, Eddie Dyer, James Barber, Billie Gohlke, Earl Bessire, Billy Bob Hardin. SECOND ROW: Richard Newman, Billy Keen, Jerry Springer, Larry Mullins, Is rael Hinojos, James Patterson, Maxie Carey, Jackie Tucker, Vernon Ashley, Jerry Davis, Jimmy Cloud. THIRD ROW: Coach J. P. Ward Bud Mor- gan, Dean Staton, John Ward, Dwaine Merritt, Bill Jennings, Larry Page, Bill Phillips, Vernon Lindsey, Bill Crowell. SEASON'S RECORD Snyder Frosh 8 Big Spring Frosh 7 Snyder Frosh 12 Sweetwater Frosh 0 Snyder Frosh 27 Larnesa Frosh 27 Snyder Frosh 47 Lame sa Frosh 7 Snyder Frosh Z5 Big Spring Frosh O Snyder -Frosh 39 Stamford Frosh 7 Snyder Frosh 31 Sweetwater Frosh 6 Freshman manager, "Little" Jimmy Cloud. Shown with Coach Ward are co-captains Bud Morgan and Dwaine Merritt. Below is the starting line -up of the undefeated Freshman team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Phillips, Patterson, Carey, Ashley, Jennings, Merritt, Tucker, Hinijos, Morgan, Staton, Martin. " 4 f Af- W ' wzsauwmmw-f-pqnmqw ,..,, t ..., .,,: Egg ' Q 5, ., ist ffl 'Q, L,,Q ,3::'Q,pLggQ1g maize , Qasfgfsf 7f"T5-'age M .-,. . 1 - ,,-- .Q f ,,QQQQQ,t',M Q fgszf ,151 ,ffqp,,4gQQ Q1 W ., Q QQ , Q Q, Q ar 5 ms! 5 Q it a PI xi! , Q 5 Q 5 QQ S 53,5 Q QQ 55? i f i Q . Q ,..: JOEL TANKERLSEY Z ye ar Lette rman Senior ei , r -1 Q Pi 1 Q' Q 5 13 ,. " QQ ,, -5' F2--1.2! -. ,. fe ' . - at Q Q Qw QQ Q -,. t ,Q 5 QW? , ' -':!',' ' , Y Q ' W , ,,QQtgf Q QQQQQQQ Q . N Q L, Q Q QQ , . ef- . we Q we Q. ,. Q1 In H J , W M Q 8 QW, Q :f:3f".Q5j .iiggslf :E - Q 5 3 N QQ f fx 1 an Q Q QQ " V' ff Y A I Q , tw QQ Q, . J' 'W-'m,QQ.., 1 :Q .Qf 9 ,,.' 5. A a, aj A Q5 4 VQQQQ 1 :1-am, f 1 Q. Q ,Q-w,.nQ,Q,QQ QQQQ A in ,Q -,.v,,, QQ , Rf 'K ' ff 5. V x iii 7 X' WT 'Q JIMMIE BENNETT 3 year Letterman Senior SPIRIT OF CO-OPERATION Basketball is one of our most exciting school c tivitie s. It is made so by fast action and vely team co-operation. Accurate judgement, zeed, individual skill, quick thinking, and the osest kind of teamworkare exhibited by each ayer from the first sound of the buzzer to the st minute of the game. A spirit of co-operation is also needed b e fans with each other and the team as well :tense m om ent s a little common 'ud ment L - J 8 d self control applied will save hard feel Remember after the gam e that it is only sport and the feelings be tw e e n the schools .d students are more important than the score Q2 Q Qi? sw gg Qi .QQ Q QQQ V: if X Q QQ f W if PM 3 Q Q iQ ' , QQ Q Qgggfig Q 55 Q Q9 sr Y ,f W Qfyp QQ Q Q M ,QQQQ Q ,Q , EW fir Mir Q gilt? Q1 QQ Q QQ Q Q mf ,ef Q Q , Q Q I . ,Qs ' Qfw ,f Q , Q, 4' Qt' Q QQ ,QQ Q Q KQV Q 3 Q Q Q Q I ,Q 3 Y , , Q . A 'QW' Yf3E'f,5? TQQQQYP RQQ XQQQ. ,wg + Q Q Q QQQ Q QQ Q LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Dabbs Joel Tankersley, Hubert O'Nea1 Alan Snead Jack SPIRES Mllton Ham, Powell Berry, Jimmy Bennett, Don McNew Jerry Taylor, Coach J P Ward SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS SHS 1954 BASKETBALL DISTRICT Lame sa. Blg Sprlng. P1a1nv1ew Levelland Breckenrldge Vernon Sweetwater Blg Sprlng Lamesa P1amv1ew Levelland Bre ckenr1dge Vernon Sweetwater ...45 ..... ...63 .... ' ' .. ...35 .... ' ' ...56 .... ...64.... ' . ...55 .... SHS...66 .... . .. ...59 ..... ...56 ..... ' ' ...60 .... ...53.... ' ...54 .... ROBERT DABBS Center 6'4" DON MCNEW Guard 5 9 ALAN SNEAD Forward 6'2" HUBERT O'NEAL Forward 6'2" POWELL BERRY Guard 6'0" JOEL TANKERSLEY Center 6'2" 234 JIMMIE B ENNETT Guard 6'0" .TERRY TAYLOR Guard 5'8" JERRY HALE Trainer 5'9" MILTON I-IAM Forward 6' 1" .TACK SPIKES Center 6' 2" 235 SNYDER 63 SNYDER 58 BIG SPRING 57 BIG SPRING 55 The Tigers defeated the Big Spring Steers 63-57 in the first game between the two. The tilt was close all the way and the Tige r s led most of the way. Don McNew played outstand- ing ball as well as did the whole team. Jack Spikes led scoring with Z9 points and Alan Snead followed with 14. The Tigers held on to second place by de- feating the Big Spring Steers 58-55. The Ti- gers trailed throughout the game and with three minutes to go, Jerry Taylor, Jimmy Bennett, and Alan S n e a d each made two points to give Snyder the lead. Leading scorers were Snead and .Tack Spikes. 236 The Lamesa Tornadoes downed the Snyder Tigers in the first, game of the season 55-45. In this game the Tigers had an off night. Not anyof the boys were hitting field goals or free throws. Alan Snead, Jack Spike s and Jerry Taylor were leading scorers. The second game the Tigers came back to defeat the Lamesa team in an overtime thril- ler on the Snyder court. The final score was 59-57, and leading scorers were Spike and Snead with thirteen points each followed by Jim - my B e nn ett and Don McNew with nine each. The Tigers and the Tornados finished the sea- son in a tie for second place. SNYDER 45 SNYDER 59 LAMESA 55 LAMESA 57 A 5i ' f'Tl4 W The Plainview Bulldogs met the Tigers in the battle for the conference title of District l AAA in Plainview The Tigers played a good game but were defeated 66 56 In the first game with Plainview the Tigers lost 44 35 In that game two leading Tiger c a. g e r s were unable to play Jack Spikes was out with a leg injury and Jimmie Bennett was out with a broken collar bone The Snyder five was ledby outstanding players like Jerry Tay lor and Don M cNew Don McNew was high point man with eleven points SNYDER 56 SNYDER 35 PLAINVIEW 66 PLAINVIEW 44 SNYDER 56 SNYDER 66 LEVELLAND 53 LEVELLAND 70 In the first clash between the L e ve lland Lobos and the Snyder c ag e r s the Tigers won 56-53. At first the game was close, but by the half the Tigers were ahead 35-25. At the end of the game the Lobos picked up, but could not catch the Tigers. Milton Ham showed im- provement in this game, and Steve Blair and Hubert O'Neal each saw action. Alan Snead led the Snyder five with Zl points followed by Jack Spikes and Jerry Taylor with ll each. The second game with the Lobos the Tigers lost 70-66. Levelland led throughout the game, but in the final seconds the Tige r s surged to within two points of Leve lland. The Lobos managed to hold their lead, de spite all and ended the game with a four point lead. Alan Snead paced the Tigers with 22. points. SNYDER 64 SNYDER BRECKENRIDGE 29 BRECKENRIDGE 41 The Tigers downed the Sweetwater Ponies in a nip and tuck game at Swe etwate r. The situation of the Tiger cagers looked hopeless when they dropped behind by fifteen points in the third quarter. However, the Tiger spirit and determination came tothe rescue the Ponies were defeated 66 64111 the lastfew sec onds of the game The Ponies were led in victory by an all state candidate Dale McKeehan who sacked up 32 points for Sweetwater in the last game of the season The Tigers played abrilliant game but were d e fe ate d 75 73 Seniors Jimmie Bennett Hubert O'Neal and Joel Tanker sley played their last game for Snyder Ben nett led the Tiger scoring with 18 points Alan Sne ad hit 16 and was followed by Tankersley with 11 SNYDER SNYDER SWEETWATER SWEETWATER 75 The Snyder cagers had no trouble downing the Breckenridge crew 64-29. During the first quar te r the Buckaroos played well and were trailing by only a few points, but as the sec- ond quarter wore on, the Tigers gained more and more. Alan Snead and Jack Spikes led Tiger scoring with 15 points each. They were followed by Joel Tankersley, one of the most improved players on the team, with 10 points. In the second game, the Tigers won 53-41. High scorers were Alan Snead and Jack Spikes with 15 each, followed by Jerry Taylor and Don McNew with seven. In this game 14 boys played against Breckenridge. 238 HBH Lamesa . Big Spring Plainview . . Levelland . . Starnfo rd . . Ve rnon . . . Sweetwater Big Spring Larnesa . . Plainview . . Levelland , , Vernon . . . Sweetwater The Vernon Lions knocked the Tigers out of second place when theydefeated them 55-54. The Lions were ahead in the final quarter by a margin of seven points when the Tigers began to rally. Time ran out with the Snyde r five trailing one point. Leading scorers were Jack Spikes and Alan Snead with fifteen points each. Carl Franks led the Vernon team with ZZ points . The Tigers defeated the Lions in the first encounter of the two tearn s. That game was played on the Snyder court and the final score was 55-44. Snead led Snyder scoring with Z1 points. SNYDER 54 SNYDER 55 VERNON 55 VERNON 44 TEAM DISTRICT RECORD FRESHMAN CAGE RECORD . - Cubs Snyder - Opp. Big Spring. . .... Z4 22. Roscoe "B" . . . Z8 27 Colorado City . . . 26 19 Sweetwater .... . Z3 14 Edison San Angelo . . . 29 41 Ballinger .... . 46 34 Crockett Odessa . . . Z0 34 Roscoe "B" . . . . 34 24 Cowden Odessa . . 38 Z8 Lamesa . . . . 49 43 Colorado City . . . 34 Z7 Roscoe "B" . . . 34 Z7 Big Spring. . . 45 49 Roscoe "B" . . 34 24 239 HHIH CLOCKWISE Tommy Pnchard Bob Cof fee Tommy McClatchy Pat Fowler Jerry Hale Ronme Srmth Earl Rhodes Ronme Baker Dwayne Prmce Robert Dabbs Powell Berry Tom Falls freshman LEFT TO RIGHT Dorman Carey HIHOJOS Tucker, Ward Crowell Morgan Mermtt Patterson .Tenmngs Cook Keen Burleson Mart1n and Hale : ' , - I U 3 I - ' I S I a I ' 1 1 , . l : P ! ' . Q Y N 5 . U I . I I , I . ' tiqareiies COACH Mrs . Bertie Machel FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rita Grimmett, Paula T aylor, Mickey Gil lean, Lynda Smith, Jane Rogers, mgr.g Sandra Scott, Ramona Thomp son, Carla Swan, Carol McKinney, Oneta Forgurson. MICKEY GILLEAN RAMONA THOMPSON CAROL M CKINNEY CARLA SWAN Spiker 2 yr s . vnlleu Although some of these Tigerettes have spent three and four years with the squadg compared to the teams on their rugged schedule, volleyball in Snyder High, is still in its infancy. As with any sport or department, it has to develop over a period of years, and each year we have s tr ained to accomplish one main goal. This year, the Tigerettes proved, at their first home game, that voll e yb all can be inte re s ting, as they defeated the Odessa team Z3-Z2 after the final Whistle had blown. Spiker 2 yr s . WiiffsitffmliQiEvJS'?Q53i?e,W6?afi2N5 Nkiksiiwi f k1s!55W18?3FJ?iQkiiFi??2?x'533i83e3? Spiker 2 years hall This is the kind of entertainment, the girls will provide in the future. Coach Machel says, "All I ask is that each girl gave her very best on the court, because she repre s ents her school, her coach, and above all-herself, and win or lose, my girls must be good sports and ladies." LYNDA SMITH DIANNE KERLY Spiker l year RITA GRIMM SI: 25' Set-up Z years . ONETA FORGUSON PAULA TAYLOR Set-up 2 years H 77 B 3 Ill FRONT ROW: Oneta Forguson,Rita Grimmett, Jackie Dunn, Diane Kerley, Paula Taylor. BACK ROW: Coach Machel, Twila Sturdivant, Marsha Fisher, Charlotte Chauncy, Carolyn Robinson, Molly Gilliam, Gealene Robinson. These "Hustling" B-teamers who are sophomores and juniors are the Tigerettes of the near future. They've worked hard and have gained much valuable experience, and they are ready to step into the shoes left vacant by their big sisters--those admired seniors. These freshmen girls, who have worked so diligently for so little, will mean the difference between a winning or a losing team in the future. With the eagerness to learn and work and the ch these girls have shown, the days of getting girls sincere desire to be a member of the team, whi out for the first time as juniors or seniors are over. FRONT ROW: Lajuana Row, Shirley Payne, Orna Ivison. BACK ROW: Viola Hinojos, Kitty Reese, Janelle Moore, Sandra Sellers, Pat Page, Nell Crawford. N. N I I B 3 H1 K . l-,. , .. -.S 1.-.M These girls were interested in tennis. They are from left: JudyBroman, Dana Scarbrough, Jo yc e Blakely, Margie Smith, Millie Carroll, Dottie Dugus, Darla Gilbert. Joyce, Margie and Frieda Mel- ton Knot shownj were ente red in Interscholastic League con- test. Shown in a pyramid are Marsha Fisher, Ramona T h om p s o n, Lynda Smith, Gealene Robin- son, Oneta F o r gu s on, Carla Swan, Mickey Gillean, Paula Taylor, and Rita Grimmett dur- ing a tumbling class. L e ft to Right: Ca r ol McKin- ney, Ramona Thompson, Lynda Smith, CarlaSwan, Mickey Gil- lian, and Sandra Scott are shown in a volleyball game. girls' p. e. In Snyder High S c h o ol physical educa- t1on1s offered not onlyfor boys but for girls also P E is animportant factor in every one's health The girls who like sports find that by taking P E they can get in their share of athletics Some of the sports you find are tennis tumbling basketball ping pong and many more which the girls may enjoy FIRST ROW: Martin, Minton, Dabbs, Dyer, Dixon, R. James, G. Jennings Hill, D. James, Wadleigh, Rhodes, Fields, Floyd, Hooks, Smith, Berry Gary, and Beard. SECOND ROW: Cook, Morgan, Pollard, Hinojos, Barber Tucker, Herring, Bills, Spikes, Langley, Phillips, B. Jennings, Patterson Newman, Crowell, Key, Mullins, Staton, Merritt, Ward, Moore, Shaw and Coach Dillon. The Mile Relay Team is George Jennings, Fritz Smith, A Gary Hill and Tommy Gary Senior trackmen, Doug James and Frankie ' Minton, crown M a r g a r e t Trevey Canyon Reef Relay Sweetheart. Ms, A, .JIM 'war-ffg. wi.. ,, Runmng the Hlgh and Low Hurdles for Suy der are Larry D11-con Bud Morgan John Ward Douglas James Powell Berry Kent Frelds Israel Hmojos and James Barber 5 , f The 100 yard Dash Men conslst of 1 Seruor 4 Jumors and 2 Freshmen They are from left to rlght Wallace Langley Tommy Gary Gary Hxll Bob Pollard Bud Morgan Kent Flelds and Dwame Merrmtt of 1955 borne of the hard workmg dlstance runners of the track team are Davxe Floyd Brlly Beard Larry Mullms James Cook Dwa1ne Merrltt Larry B1lls Dean Sta ton and Jerry Shaw 'mwm Wiley Denson shows some Eighth-Graders points on how to throw the shot-put. Doug James IS throwmg the d1scus wh11e Robert James, Larry Mulhns Jack SPIRES and B111 Crowell look on Robert Dabbs George Herr1ng R1chard Newman John Ward J1mmy Joe Key Tommy Gary and Gary Coach D1llon IS zvm 1nstruct1 n t th g 3 O S O e H111 stop for a plcture durmg workout track manager, Ke1th McCorm1ck to glve Sonny Rlchards on e quxpm ent 5 1 - 2 1 9 . . . . . . 7 V 1 1 , A ,G , - ,A A -- ,.ia,f5-,htW,,,fm,mw1wpM,rmwM4 , , , fr 11,.f1--if --"SS'wwif,'1er:xwi'H --wwf:?f1'1-wiv' Margaret Trevey, The Canyon Reef Officials and spectators watch as Relay Sweetheart and the Trophies for this boy tries the broad jump. first and second place which were pre- sented to the teams that won them. canunn reef relaus of 1955 "ws , K -XM Ctr is Troy Harper of Lubbock set two records The trophy has just been presented to the Amarillo S and i e s, who won and was high point man of the relays with a total score of 14 112 points. the mile relay. .. .. ,, , , . , L. , , , ,. . .. we--aww,ffmm.waf-wswM,..MW....--. - W , N 4- -, -4 .I '1 FIRST ROW: I-Iagins, Taylor, Coffee, Bryant, Hale, Prichard, Moore and Boyd SEC OND ROW: Baker, Overton, Vice, Ham Falls Snead, Fowler, Prince, Baxter Chast een, Reaves, Chick, McNew, and Carey With the coaching of "Speedy" Moffett and Horace Bostick, baseball is becoming one of the major sports in Snyder High School. Last season the Tigers showed much potential abil- ity considering the fact that baseball was re- organized then after a period of several years. The Tigers are not only known for their hustle and determination but also for the fine coaching they receive. In preparation for a game the Tigers work out in all kinds of weather. Here we find them practicing in cold weather which makes this workout unpleasant. 250 RONNIE BAKER Pitcher Sophomo r e MILTON HAM Pitcher S ophomor e ,wm TOM FALLS Third Base Sophomore JOE REAVES Short Stop Sophomore TOMMY PRICHARD 25 2 Lam Second Base Sophomore BOBBY .TOINES Third Base Sophomore BERNIE HAGIN Center Fielder Senior PAT FOWLER First Base Junior mmm, ,,,-...m ..,,.. . -W---N JOE BAXT ER Outfield Junior .TERRY TAYLOR Outfield Junior GARY VICE Outfielder Freshman NEAL BOYD Shortstop' Fre shman JACK SPIKES First Base Junior SHOR TY GRIMMETT Outfield Junior Warming up before the game is one of the important parts of baseball. Here we see the Tigers going through a warmup. 254 Kia? 'K " ' B H B H f S THE TEAM FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Ward, Ronald Smith, Randall DeShan, L.F. Cox, Ronnie Pitner, Jerry Hale, and Joel Tankersley. tennis Tennis is a sport which is growing along Wim une otner sports. The coaching of J.P. Ward and the willingness to work which the team has shown will soon put the Snyder Netmen among the best of the district. Top singles players are Ronald Smith and Ronnie Doubles team and alternate are Randall I Pitner. Shan, Joel Tanker.-sley, and Jerry Hale. 1 A . f mnugtmf f wwf, -- W ,2 52- - 7 , yy WWW If ALM!! ,W fam gdmfd W AND my ALM J 95 JAVAF Aglvg I 1 fl? QL ,7 f l l I I K' fl 'U Q, X I ,fl LMA ' 5 af fx -M . X Vg ,x A fxxxgk , qlsx' xx j KX V ky V' f3 X A , Q 41 I ig X + X. A , - X! I J' 7 W4 ' ,h bg Q fr. f MN V Hylrvh Vid-f ix K Y WA, M L, 'L J, , I.,l fn " fn x, - ' ' X . y ,f FJ X5 1 -xx X.. Dx 'Fl ' -f xxx! 'F x '--'y v F? ' W XX ' Kg' N Q J X X 15: -Q A A 57 X XX-fix '- A v -'gsm' -? 1' -K . 'M , ,fr , . V, -1, a '.v .. ,. ' A "' ..f vi M if -y -ng . 1-J ,' fo.- . ...Q , 1 V .Pk 5 f 1' ' as 1 " ' 1 l . 5' -,' i ... I '-. .-,S H-f'2'L?'n a 1 ... -7a""""""'7cbZfdL..,ZA-.1544-7Z WLWJQJAJAQM dwJ5a,,,.C " -. .

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