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W MMJWKQ X' gwbmw My M E W' XQQQWW eww? My 9' of Q75 lgwfwklbff YJ is WMM mf ??51Q, MQW W Jw WWW Www Of! 5, 33? M Gifffsf ' OIXXEQ ffsvirp. -23,29 Q gg gwi 2bz'3' Egvisw X-4,jZi3l. 3553 5,53 E igiffgga, ,fs bi 9,2293 I J mow 4 - xi J' .I Q ' Wg jJgj',N a4ff9, ,W QyjZW5J DMM WM f-Laizfffffifw gs 5 Wfimwmfm f S ' ,.-A JWSX 'Bww my U, , 'on 4 J 1335? , JE, IX 51 sw , 1 R I 4 F1 " Q 'Q 4 gl .J E 1 gh. ,-X, vi. . q ,I K ' 1 fir '- 5 sl' , -v EH: V xy,- WI: . . 15. rd. . i n fa. ' ia I , ,, ., K e :V-rem, 45 1-1 ,lv ' :S .r. ,,,.! .ff r 5 1 V . yr, 'Q- iii 9:41 .af- ," naw 1 w I f .x 'tv 4, ...wi -4 'S ,K Q.. - fa L le, ,z .-11 L .-mmf' 1' N ..,!, v ii r M 1 W5 1 l F 4 W , X- E gf' -4 le. avr? . wi 'MT '. ' It -1-1' ' ' 'ff' 'P' 5. . . ZF xl Sigma fa Edited By THE BETA CLUB Slocomb High School Slocomb, Alabama sepxwws 50 A5 Cvm'fYr. Thank vi vurw Bile he . an NST711 g 0.521359 Sfx Ld, Cal U, Sneebqh ea rt , Lgpr-fl Sllowmsl TKQ6. 0 0I'0LUOI" Written on the pages of this book are the songs that were born in our hearts during the years we spent as students at S.H. S. There are songs of joy and happiness, of sorrow and sadness, and songs of victories and failures. Some of these songs have thrilled us, some have shaken us, but all have made us wiser. It is the hope of the 1954 Sigma Eta Staff that in the years to come as you reminisce through this book the strains of the music which these songs were set to, will float back with a sweeter, truer meaning and help you recapture those event that wrote the words to these songs. Z ibecbca fion tk fu u 'R Qt 1 ir. SO DEAR TO OUR HEARTS" f' rl , avg, fi , nf? 't S Y . 2 i , ,LL 1+ 1 i A A ,,af' Cl' J zfvfhfjw .I l YL I ,lf Ll,...,5X-NX' XIAJX :s P-'Jr' "W l ' .ffm ' If his face is kind and tranquil, his gallantry undaunted and his manner gentle, friendly, and congenial, If he always goes out of his way to help someone, If he gives all of himself to put a rainbow around your shoulders and start the bells ringing in you heart, If he is beloved by faculty and student alike, If he lends wings to your spirit and takes discord out of your day, If his hands are uplifted to give you the up-beat of life's music, That's our beloved band director-- JEFF ST RICKLAND Whereas, He has by precept and example guided and directed us, Like the star that shines afar, without haste and without rest, he has manned the wheel with steady sway round the tasks that rule the day, Truly he has given us his best, Therefore, We, with profound esteem and deep appreciation, do lovingly dedicate this 1954 SIGMA ETA. 3 .Q 1 N 4.1 .-.- 1 GCI! MR J.B. DAVIDSON Principal MRS. IDA BELL PHINNEY Math and Science MISS CELESTE FOSTER Science and English MRS. BURNELLE ARMSTRONG English MR. DAVID SNELL Biology and Coach MRS. HELEN DALTON Shorthand, Health. and Phy. Ed. MR. JOE EARL SELLERS Bookkeeping, Math and Phy. Ed. MRS. KATHLEEN RICHARDS Typing MRS. FLORA DALTON Social Studies MISS NORMA FOSTER English MR. HUBERT MC NEIL Health. History. and Ass't. Coach MRS. ELIZABETH WATSON Math and Health MRS. ANNIE LAURIE STUTTS Librarian and History NOT SHOWN MRS. GRANT MC ARTHUR MRS. A.Z.. WIGGINS MRS. VIRGIE MC INTYRE MISS FRANCES SMITH MRS. FRANKIE WHITT CLCU MRS. BLENNIE UNDERWOOD Sixth Grade MRS. BERNICE HORNSBY Sixth Grade MRS. MYRTLE HEAD Fifth Grade MRS. SADIE HIXON Fourth Grade MRS. SUDIE WHITT Third Grade MRS. RUBY COLLINS Second Grade MRS. D.D. STEVENS Second Grade MRS. ELMER COX First Grade MRS. FAIRBE SORRELLS First Grade MR. WILLIAM RICHARDS Voc. Agriculture MISS JOYCE HOWARD Home Economics MR. JEFF STRICKLAND Band Director in I A . ,f '1 '5ws .,:,a.cW H- .5 ln: 5 sf T 3, lg ' I FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Carroll. Typist: Mrs. Burnelle Armstrong, Advisor: Raymond Register, Editor: Mrs. Helen Dalton. Ass't Advisor: Dorothy Sue Pope. Typist. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margie Forehand and Nina Thompson, Circulation Managers: Martha Ann Sheffield. Feat- ure Editor: Patricia Bailey, Activity Editor: Harrell Elmore, Art Editor: Freddy Bush, Sports Editor: Marjorie Hughes, Business Manager: Patsy Peel, Photography Editor: Bobbie Dean, Class Editor. 6 If Z 9 1571: :ii4'kxx' XIX 'QQ ai ' . J YK in XY,-fix I, 1 6166815 if M 1. u ' , -. 1 UQ pill' l. , '- i I V SNK L f 55 ' sf 9 V f was as S N4 rx. I Z' " '?'C""-fe-'irE"f'ff:3AX l. f f I ., x F' r sf1"'r'f"' .5 J H-Nglfl' - if VP ,Mafory One warm autumn morning in 1942 there as- sembled inthe grammar school building a group of young boys and girls which included: Jonnie M, Harris, Martha A, Sheffield, Jimmy Watson, Shirley Wicker, Bobbie J. Dean, Jean Pelham, Dorthy S, Pope, John Wright, Larry Newton, Katie Pippins, and Luverne Knight. The former Miss Opal Garner and Miss Ber- nice Tomberlin were the unfortunate, but very cap- able teachers who had to train "'Mama's Babies, " After this group had calmed down enough to enter the second grade under the tutelage of Miss Maude Hughes and Mrs. D. D. Stephens, they were joined by Kathryn Kelly from Fadette, Nina Thomp- son from Hartford, and Don Watson from Midland City. As third graders, we were really on the road to learning with Mrs, Burnell Rayburn and Miss Louise Justice fnow Mrs. Moody Willifordj as our teachers, We really worked hard that year. Patricia Bailey was Homecoming Princess and all members of our class were admitted to the ballgame free that afternoon. Larry Newton from Birmingham, Katie Pippins returning after one year at Fadette, and Robert Smith were the new additions to our class in the fourth grade. Mrs. Annie Lois Wiggins and Mrs. Burnell Rayburn Clater replaced by Mrs. Sybil Sellersy managed us well through many trying experiences. Miss Celeste Foster and Mrs. Pitt McArthur were our fifth grade teachers. Our roll was then increased with Marjorie Hughes from Malvern, Sherryl Caraway from Hartford, Beth Hyman from Grandridge, Florida, and Paul Gray from Bums. As sixth graders we thought we knew everything! Mrs, Blennie Underwood and Mrs. Bernice Hornsby put us straight on things, though. Eleanor Hinson came to join us from Ashford and Maylon Eldridge from Burns, We'l1 always remember our graduation day when we were all dressed up to receive our diplomas, having finished half of our high school education. As Jr. 1's in the high school building we felt important until some big senior would nearly trample us under foot. Miss Celeste Foster and Mrs. Robert Friedrich helped us get used to changing classes. A big addition to our class was Sue Thomas from Dothan. Ann Brown from Tate joined us at mid-term, and Bibb Graves brought big laughs from Malvern. Patsy Peel from Malvern and Freddie Bush from Troy were the new faces that appeared in the eighth grade rooms of Miss Norma Foster and Mrs. Flora Dalton. A As freshmen we were becoming young ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Joe E. Sellers and Coach David Snell really made us work but it wasn't in vain, be- causbve accomplished much. We fought hard that year to beat the seniors in order to have Patricia Bailey elected Homecoming Queen. To join us was Mary Lou Enfinger from Malvern. , .09 As we entered our Sr. I year. there came many new personalities who have helped give our class a , high scholastic average, From Malvern came Billy I. Merritt, Loyd Stone, Luther Hall, and Evelyn Bedsoe. Hilda Moss, Doris Culverhouse, Bobbie Miller, Royce Vickers, Nancy Carroll, and Jo Farmer made a grand entrance from Tate Junior High School. Fadette was well represented in our class by Billy Arnold, Raymond Register, Shelby J , Bass, David Baxley, Sarah Boyette, Ann Singletary, Ann Kirkland, S. W. Kirkland, and Gene Keelg Jean Pelham returned to us after two years at Fadette, Harrell Elmore entered our class from Chipley, Florida: Betty Holland from Newton, Jerome Chancy from Ozark. Mrs. Amerine Griffith and Coach Waylon Dubose were our well-liked tenth grade sponsors. Honors began to come our way when Bobbie J. Dean became Hallowe'en Queen and Patsy Peel. Jonnie M. Harris, and Larry Newton were chosen for "Who's Who." Patsy Peel, Jonnie M. Harris, and Martha A. Sheffield were elected cheerleaders. The eleventh grade and time was running out, but we were making the best of it. Again we were back with Miss Celeste Foster and for the first time with Mrs. Sara Mac Buttram---a pair of very versatile teachers. With Mrs. Buttram's most capable help we presented our Junior Play, "The Ghost House." Miss Foster led us in preparing one of the most beautiful Junior-Senior Banquets ever at Slocomb High. The theme we followed was an underwater paradise. Earl Smith from Columbus, Georgia, was a new student in our class. We were right in the midst of all the activities that year. Marjorie Hughes was Hallowe'en Queen: Patsy Peel, Jonnie M. l-larris, and Martha A. Sheffield were cheerleaders: Patricia Bailey was Homecoming Maid: Yvonne Kelly, Martha A. Sheffield, Gene Keel, Patricia Bailey, Larry Newton, and Patsy Peel, were included in "Who's Who." Out of our room came some of Slocomb's star football players of whom we were mighty proud. Dignified seniors at lastl We have come far to- gether and have learned to love each other dearly. We entered the senior room as a group to end our high school education under the guidance of the very much loved and admired Mrs. Ida Bell Phinney. Many honors came our way the last year with seven- teen seniors receiving recognition in "Who's Who. " They were Bobbie Dean, Margie Forehand, Mary Lou Enfinger, Patsy Peel, James Bass, Raymond Register. S. W. Kirkland, Sue Thomas, Larry Newton, Doris Culverhouse, Billy I. Merritt, Pat- ricia Bailey, Bibb Graves, Don Watson. and Ann Brown. As Seniors we engaged in many more activities: candy selling. class nip. senior pictures, class rings, Senior Play. Junior-Senior Banquet in our honor, and many other functions that will hold a dear place in our hearts through the years. Signed: Patricia Bailey, Historian 49,4 0 ,Z- Yl' gkkf' J,-, 7 3 1 PRESIDENT Raymond Register VICE PRESIDENT Larry Newton SECRETARY Martha Ann Sheffield 1 ff 4 4' 5,4 ARNOLD, BILLY "Say what you will and think what you must." Basketball I', II, IV: Halloween Play Cast I: 4-H Club I: Sports Club II: Football II, III: S Club III, IV: Beta Club IV. BAILEY, PATRICIA "Her life has many a hope and aim, duties enough, and few cares." F. H. A. I. II, III. IV, Officer II, III: Drum Majorette I, II, III. IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Homecoming Queen I: Homecoming Maid III: Class Officer III: Who's Who III. IV: Class Historian IV: Sigma Eta Staff IV: Beta Club IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV. BASS, JAMES "Don't look for troubles where there aren't any. " Football I. II, III. IV, Captain II: S Club I. II. III. IV, Officer III. IV: Baseball II, III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast III, IV: School Play Ill: Basketball IV: Who's Who IV. BASS, Sl-ZLBY JEAN "Every life is moving toward some destination. " Junior High Class Prophet I: 4-H Club I, II, III, IV, Officer III. BAXLEY, JAMES DAVID "Beginnings are always difficult." 4-H Club 1: Junior High Play I: Glee Club II. III: F. F. A. III. IV. CULVERHOUSE, DORIS In quiet she reposes. " alutatorian I, 4-H Club, Officer I, M, I, M, Club II, I. R, C. lg Beta Club IV, Who's Who IV, DEAN, BOBBIE 3ig oaks from little acorns grow," ep Club I, M, I, M, Club, Officer I, I, R, C, Il, Ill, Glee lub Il, III, IV, Christmas Pageant Cast II, III, IV, Halloween lueen II, Halloween Carnival Cast III, IV, Junior Play, Major- tte III, Beta Club, Chaplain IV, Band IV, Sigma Eta Staff I, Hi-Lite Staff IV, Who's Who IV. ENFINGER, MARY LOU The smiles that win, the eyes that glow, " , H, A, I, Il, III, IV, Officer III, Class Officer I, Cheer- :ader IV, Hi-Lite Staff IV, Who's Who IV. ELDRIDGE, MAYLON ble leaves out non-essentials, " Jotball I, H, III, IV, F, F, A, I, II, Ill, IV, Basket- al1II, III, IV. BEDSOLE, EVELYN "The larger heart, the kindlier hand. " 4-I-l Club I, Basketball I, Class Play I, Sports Club II, F, H, A, III, I, R, C, IV, Hi-Lite Staff IV. BOYETTE, SARAH "Laugh today, cry tomorrow," 4-H Club I, Ir. High Play I, F, H, A, II, Ill, Glee Club Il, III, IV, I, R, C, IV. BROWN, ANN "A mind at peace wit M, I, M, Club I, II, I, R, C, , Officer III, IV, Who's Who IV, BUSH, FREDDY "The door to which I find no key, I'll break through. " 4-I-I Club I, ll, Beta Club Ill, IV, Officer IV, Sigma Eta Staff IV, I-li-Lite Staff IV. h all below, a heart whose love is innocent CARROLL, NANCY "Once does not make a habit," Basketball I, 4-H Club I, Sports Club II, Beta Club III, IV, Sigma Eta Staff IV, Hi-Lite Staff IV. CHANCEY, JEROME "He who lives longest will see most. " Basketball I, Class Play I, Glee Club I, Baseball I, 4-H Club I, Football II, III, IV, School Play III, x, Q , EG in W, ELMOIPE, HARIIELL "The kir1d of guy who would marry Marilyn Monroe for her money. " Student Council, Rep. I: Art Club I, 115 Beta Club IV, Sigma Eta Staff IV: Hi-Lite Staff IV, Who's Who IV, FARMER, IO "Nothing venture, nothing have," 4-H Club, Officer Ig Basketball, Captain Ig Class Officer Ig l,R,C, Il: Beta Club III, IV. FOREHAND, MARGIE "Thoughts serenely sweet express how pure, how dear their dwelling, " Reader's Club, Officer Ig Sports Club Hg Beta Club III, IV, Sigma Eta staff IV: Who's Who IV, GRAVES, BIBB "By the time hc learns to behave, he'll be too old to do anything else. " F,F,A, I, II, III, IV, Officer III, Football II, IVQ School Play III, Junior Play IIIg S Club IV, Who's Who IV. GRAY, PAUL ' "Cleavc ever to the sunnier side ofjlfe, " HAGLER, HAROLD "Speech is great, but silence is greater, " I ,gf ,qv I-IALL, LUTHER "'Tis not too late to seek a newer world," F, F.A, II, Basketball II: l,R.C, III, IV, Officer III. HARRIS, HARRY GENE "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield, " 4'H Club Ig I,R,C, II: Band III, IV: Beta Club III, IV. HIDLE, PAUL "My power is the love of the people, " 4-H Club 14 Football 1, 11, III, tv, co-captain rv, Class Officer I, Basketball I, II, III, IV, S Club II, III IV, Officer III, IVg Baseball III, IVg School Play III, Junior Play III: Who's Who IV. HINSON, ELEANOR "Nothing worth proving, can be proven. " Literary Club, Officer Ig Sports Club II, Band II, III, F. IIIQ Beta Club IV: Hi-Lite staff IV. M KIRKLAND, s,w, "Help yourself by helping others, " Basketball I, II, III, IV: Baseball II, III, IV: Football II, III, IV: Who's Who IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV: Junior Play, Sound Effects III: S Club II, III, IV: Beta Club IV. KIRKLAND, VIRGINIA "Much is to learn, much to forget. " Pep Club I: M,I,M,, Officer I: I,R,C, II, III: Glee Club II, III, IV: Band III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast II, III, IV: School Play III: Junior Play, Sound Effects, III: Beta Club IV: Hi-Lite Staff IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV: Who's Who IV. KNIGHT, LUVERNE "Contentrnent is better than inches." 4-H Club I, III: M,I,lv1, Club II, IV. MERRITT, BILLY JOE "I found you an agreement, I am not obliged to find you an understanding, " S Club III, IV: Basketball I, II, III, IV: F,F.A. II: Football II, III, IV: Baseball II, III, IV: Who's Who IV. HOLLAND, BETTY "I can dream, can't I?" Sports Club I: F,H,A, II, III: Band II, III: School Play III: I,R,C, IV: H1-Lire Staff tv. HUGHES, MARIORIE "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way." F,lI,A, I, II: Class Officer I, II, III: Majorette I, II, III, IV: Room Pres, II: Beta Club III, IV, Officer IV: Halloween Queen III: Junior Play: Glee Club III, IV: Sigma Eta Staff III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast III, IV: Hi-Lite Staff IV: Halloween Carnival Cast III, IV. HYMAN, BETH "Clear today of past regrets and future fears, " M,I,M, Club I, II, IV, Officer II, IV: I,R,C, III: Glee Club III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast III, IV: Junior Play, Sound Effects: Halloween Carnival Cast IV: Hi-Lite Staff IV. Klilil., GENE "Some works of noble note may yet be done. " KELLY, KATHRYN "Let the world slide by, we shall never be younger," F.H,A, I, II, III, IV, Officer IV. KIRKLAND, ANN "Well begun is half done, " Vice-Pres., 4-H Club, Halloween Queen: Junior Play: F, H,A, II, nr, rv. 'UWB MILLER, BOBBIE "Heaven helps those who helps themselves. " 4-H Club, Officer I: Basketball I: Class Officer I: I,R,C II: F,H,A, III: Beta Club IV. MOSS, IIILDA "New occasions teach new duties, " 4-H Club, Officer I: Basketball, eo-captain I: Class Officer I: Sports Club II: I,ll,C, III: Beta Club IV. NEWTON, LARRY "His candle will burn out someday, but it will leave a lasting glow, " Football I, II, III, IV, co-captain III, IV: Baseball I, II ru, rv: Basketball 1, ii, 111, iv: s Club 1, ir, ui, rv, Officer III, IV: Who's Who II, III, IV: Class Officer III, IV: Junior Play: School Play III: Christmas Pageant Crist III, IV: Class Lawyer IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV. PEEL, PATSY "She liked whatever she looked on and her looks went everywhere, " F,H,A. I, II: Cheerleader II, III, IV, captain IV: Who's Who II, III, IV: Beta Club III, IV, Officer IV: Sigma Eta Staff III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast III, IV: Glee Club Ill, IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV. PELHAM, IEAN "Life is short and very uncertain, let us spend it as well as we can." Class Officer I: Jr. High Play I: 4-H Club I: Glee Clllb 1. 11, 111, IV: F,H,A, II, III, Officer III: School play III: I,R.C. , Officer IV. PIPPINS, KATIE "Deep peace within and love to spend," M,I,M, Club I, Il, IV, Officer IV. 4-H Club III. X POPE. DOROTHY SUE "Better by far that you should forget and smile, than that you should remember and be sad, " F,H,A, I: I,R,C, II: Glee Club II, III,IV: Christmas Pageant Cast II, III, IV: School Play III: Beta Club III, IV: Ili-Lite staff IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV: Sigma Eta Staff: Junior Play, Sound Effects III, REGISTER, RAYMOND "High-erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy, " Class Officer II,IV: Glee Club II, III, IV: Beta Club III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast II, III, IV: Sigma Eta Editor: Junior Play: School Play III: Band IV: Physical Education Club II: Hi-Lite Staff IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV: Who's Who IV. SHEFFIELD, MARTHA ANN "Work is work and must be done, neverthelessl have my fun, " Class Officer I, II, llI,IV: Glee Club II,lIl,IV: Pep Glub I: I, R.C, I, Il, III, Officer III: Beta Club IV: Cheerleader II, III, IV: Sigma Eta Staff IV: Hi-Lite StaffIV: Junior Play: Who's Who III: Christmas Pageant Cast II, III, IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV. SINGLETARY, ANN "She always feels the sun is hid but for a night, " 4-H Club I: Junior High Play I: Junior High Salutarian I: F,H,A, II, III: Glee Club II, III, IV: I,R,C,, Officer IV. 'R'- WATSON, DON To thine own self be true and thou canst not then be false o any man. " football I, II, III, IV: F. F, A. I, II, III, IV, Officer III, V: Baseball II, III, IV: W'ho's Who IV. WATSON, JIMMY 'He travels the fastest who travels alone. " I-H Club I: F, F, A, II, III, IV, Officer IV: WICKER, SHIRLEY A star without a stain, " A. I, M. I: Sports Club II: I, R. C. III: Beta Club IV. WRIGHT, JOHN Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice, " L-H Club I, II: I. R, C, III, IV: unior Play, sound effects, III. SMITH, EARL "Before a man can wake up and find himself famous, he must wake up and find himself. " Football II, III, IV: Baseball III, IV: I Club I, II. SMITH, ROBERT "There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds, " F,F,A, I, II, III, IV, Officer II, III, IV: Football I, II, III, IV: Iunior Play: School Play III. STONE, LLOYD "The menace of the years shall find me unafraid. " F,F,A, II: Second place in County Speaking Contest II: Basketball II: I,R,C, III, IV, Officer III: Football III, IV. THOMAS, sue "Not satisfied with being somebody like everybody else, " Class Officer I: M,I,M, I: I,R.C, II: Glee Club II, III, IV: Christmas Pageant Cast II, III, IV: School Play III: Junior Play: Beta Club III, IV, Officer IV: Class Prophet IV: I-li-Lite Staff IV: Halloween Carnival Cast IV. THOMPSON, NINA "Life is not so short that there is not time to live." M.I.M,, Officer I: F. H,A, II, III, Officer II: Junior Play III: Beta Club IV: Sigma Eta Staff IV. VICKERS, ROYCE "Free men set themselves free. " Basketball 1, II, 111, IV: 4-H Club 1: F,F,A, Club 11, III: S Club IV. f of Sf Qi-li52r1THE TEQU6 oF E MMP Today, May 22, 1974, the residents of Slocomb turn on their TV sets and find that a program is being presented by John Wright and Maylon Eldridge, owners of our TV station, WXYZ. As the picture becomes clearer they see Lloyd Stone in the lobby of the Coliseum Theatre, which covers an entire block on Main Street. Talking to Lloyd is Harry Gene Harris, owner of the theatre. Harry Gene tells the audience that the blueprint for this buildin was drawn by the well-known architect, S. W. Kirkland, and was constructedgby fDonQ Watson Construction Company of Slocomgn. The interior of the theatre was decorated by the renowned Patricia's House o Interior Decoratin . Celebrities start arriving and Lloyd tells the vigwers that tonight is the pre- miere of Virginia Kirkland's new play, "The Frightened Bachelor, " which was filmefl near Honolulu at a beach resort owned by Luverne Knight and Katie Pippins. Haro d Ha ler and Eleanor Hinson are the stars. The T5 audience sees Miss Kirkland, Mr. Hagler, and Miss Hinson arrive on a Cadillac presented to them by Earl Smith, president of General Motors Co. Be- hind them come Early Robert Smith, owner o Smith Airlines, by which everyone cameg and Ann Brown, head stewardess of the airlines. When interviewed Virginia and Eleanor reveal that their gowns were designed by Harrell Elmore and their hair -dos were styled by Martha Ann Sheffield in her Paris sa on. Next to arrive is Dorothy Sue Pope, first lady president of the U. S. , with her secretary of state, Mar ie Fore and. After them arrive Pat Peel, crowned Mrs. 1America of 1974, and so Farmer who is corresponding secretary for McCa 's Ma azine. Billy Arnild, latest male sensation on the screen, Jean Pelham and Ann Kirkland, co-owners of the Je-Ann Cosmetic Laboratories, and Nancy Carroll, who succeeded J. Edgar Hoover as head of the F. B. l. , rush in from Hollywood. The make their interviews quite brief. James Bass, head coach at Auburn, and Larry Newton, who succeeded Red Drew atfthp University, come in arguing about whose team will win the "Collard Bow " o S ocomb. Joe Merritt, owner of the Merritt Oil Co. , and Paul Hidle, president of Swift and Company at Southport, arrive next. With them are Bobbie Dean, wife of the Pastor of the First Baptist Church, and Raymond Register, a visitin evangelist. Shirley Ann Singletary and her boss, the overnor of New York, iuther I-lallg Paul Gray, the nation's top jet ace, Gene Keel, head of the U. S. Navy and his two assistants, Captains David Baxley and Jerome Chanceyg Bobbie Miller, teacher of writing at Vassarg and Betty Holland, head of the Army Nurse Corps, come in just as Lloyd is interviewing Freddie Bush, ringmaster of the Rin ling Brothers Circus: Needless fBibb Gravesl, the top clown of the show, and Ngarjorie Hu es, trapeze artist. gClaudette Boyette, lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, Shelby Jean Bass, editor of the "Herald-Observer", Bet Hyman, gxresident of the local P. T. A. g Nina Thompson, owner of the Nina Photograph tudiosg Evelyn Bedsole and Doris Culverhouse, both affiliated with the U. S. Bureau of Agricultureg and Shirley Wicker, inventor of Wicker Baskets, arrive in a fleet of Watson taxi cabs owned b Jimm Watson. Y Latecyomers almost miss being on the program. The audience is hastily introdu- ced to Mary Lou Enfinger, a famous P0wer's modelg Kathryn Kelly, a tough sarge in the WAF'sg Royce Vickers, popcorn boy in the lobbyg and Sue Thomas, just home from a Broadway play. Lloyd signs off and the audience settles back to the regular schedule of programs. Sue Thomas Prophet 15 enior arid O! 1 .limi 'UW an flifamenf Ie, the constituents of the graduating class of '54 being of sound and sane mind do hereby . iake, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, making all other wills void. We, Paul Hidle and Larry Newton, ave our positions as co-captains of the notball team to anyone who will appre- .ate them as much as we have. I, Jimmy Watson, will my freckles J Jimmy Ned Collins. I, James Bass, will my ability to be Le last out of the dressing room to Jackie ew. I, Jean Pelham, will my quiet voice m Grave Phillips. I, Doris Culverhouse, leave my tudious ways to Fannie Smith. I, Lloyd Stone, leave my oratorical bility to Buddy Holloway. I, Bobbie Miller, bequeath my hand- Writing to Jean Butler. I, Martha Ann Sheffield, leave my job s secretary of the senior class to anyone 'ho wants a good job. , I, Bobbie Dean, will my knack for laying cupid to Lawrence Harris. I, Luverne Knight, leave my ability J catch the bus rain or shine to Betty 'eacock. I, Royce Vickers, leave my courting bility to Larry Toole. I, Beth Hyman, leave my ability to et along with my teachers to Florine Skinner. I, Nancy Carroll, leave the worry of keep- ig the office to anyone who might deserve it. I, Maylon Eldridge, will my sky blue eyes J Frankie Enfinger. I, David Baxley, will my way of getting long with Mr. Davidson to Gene Tindell. I. Billy Joe Merritt, leave my ability to et along with women to Billy Hawkins. I, Sue Thomas, bequeath my dignity and igure to Jean Pearce. I, Margie Forehand, leave my reticence Q Emmie Crawford, I, Luther Hall, will my headaches from ,riving a school bus to James Hall. I, Paul Gray, will my wavy hair to Billy Eene Spive . I, Don Watson, will my position as dub talfback to Jerr Dunnaway. I, Harrell Ellmore, will my artistic abil- ty to anyone who cares to take time out for it. We, Eleanor Hinson and Betty Holland, eave ---- we hope. I, Shelby Jean Bass, will my ability to 'ead shorthand to Myernette Register. I, Gene Keel, will my tales about women o "Woozy" Jones. I, Billy Arnold, leave the movie projector n poor condition. I, Mary Lou Enfinger, leave my dimples 0 Jo Ann Hall. I, Patricia Ann Bailey, will my position ts drum majorette to June Smith. I, Nina Thompson, refuse to leave any- thing that holds a precious memory of S. H. S. I, Jo Farmer, leave my red hair and the fiery temper that ,goes with it to Elsie Rayburn I, Dorothy Sue Pope, will my job as gossip editor to Coach Snell. I, Pat Peel, leave my responsibility as captain of the cheerleaders to Jackie Benefield I, Freddie Bush, will my good looks to somebod who needs them--namely Doyle Campbelll I, Sarah Boyette, will my settled ways to Ernestine Clark. I, Katie Pippins, will my "goldie locks" to Leevon Bolin. I, Hilda Moss, leave shorthand class-- never to return. I, Robert Smith, leave my 'horse laugh' resounding in the halls of dear ole S. H. S. I, John Wright, will my love for English and English teachers to anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps. I, Bibb Graves, will my geometry grades to anyone who needs them. I, Evelyn Bedsole, leave my advanced algebra book to anyone who could use it. I, Ann Brown, will my charming person- ality to Barbara Watson. I, Earl Smith, will my failure in report- ing to Mrs, Phinney every morning to Kenneth Register. I, Virginia Kirkland, leave a good pair of drumsticks to Mr. Davidson to use to keep Larry Toole and Dawsey Hemby walking a chalk line next year. I, Jerome Chancy, will my ability to deceive the teachers to Nelson Baxley. I, Kathryn Kelly, leave my witty ways to Jean Spivey. I, Marjorie Hughes, will my figure to Marilyn Monroe. I, Shirley Wicker, will my bookkeeping ability to Glenda Riley. I, Raymond Register, leave my bass drum to anyone who can get the swing of it, I, Shirley Ann Kirland, leave my light complexion to Carolyn Peters. I, Shirley Ann Singletary, leave my improved form of the giggles to Elizabeth Holland. I, S. W. Kirkland, leave my position on the basketball team to anyone interested enough to do a good job. I, Harry Gene Harris, leave my secret journal "How to Play Hooky Successfully" to Bobby Jackson. I, Harold Hagler, leave my height to Johnny Earl Lassiter. Signed: Lum- 5 Newton , Q. Xa 55 Law Str, 16 uniom PRESIDENT SECRETARY 81 TREASURE! Ben Brackin Larry Toole REPORTER VICE-PRESIDENT Robbie Hall Buddy Holloway Q L a, S 1 S f O , ' 21 G 1 " Q I ' ' Q' ,B 1 1 A 'ilqiwi V, " " 1 5 2 C ix Q' E r Baxley, Horace Baxley, Joan Baxley, Nelson Benefield, Jackie 'rf 4 , nu in "5 Ff f""Q ,F nf. b Brackin, Ben Brackin, Jean Butler, Morrna Jean Campbell, Grady Not Pictured: Sterling Bass and Doyle Campbell. 17 , ifff. . ,Wynn v Q A I - -if-T ,, If , ! if J, 5 -L31 2 4- 1 R 'TTT' -Q "V ko ,,. . ,QC ba .X Q ,J , uh. Camera Shy an ,Q qi? gf A ,fan '1""?" ' wr .,,, 'M , WYMM' ,: .,., NW, s. J: J r , i 2 il if f 3 fe W a .L M V M 3' .sf f I 1 . l . , awe, X' 8 I f 'fg A ' ' is ' h j 1 t . 1" . I ih: , 1 , 1, ' , l t, -- S f'- 3, M ,L--- J E' C Lix, P , , f 1 . 'lf J 'Y 'Q 4, i . yifj J 5 ,gp V' 1, , -'VA I V X ig: fi 'aw 5 'C if ,i 5 .,Q-X. .--10 1 't i r 'cf F. 2 mln-W if Caroway, Joyce Chancey, Katherine Clark, Ernestine Coe, Robert Lee Collins, Jimmy Ned Dunnaway, Jerry Everett, Paul Forehan, Frances Freeman, Shelby Jean Greer, Sarah Hall, Mary Evelyn Hall, Meruim Hall, Robbie Hall, Wendell Harris , Lawrence Hawkins, Billy Hemby, Dawsey Hic ks , John Wayne Hodges, Margie Holland, Elizabeth Holloway, Buddy Hundley, James Edward Jackson, Bobby Jenkins, Shirley Jones , Lamar ' C ' C ' v Killings worth, Bevelyn 1 H 43 ,J . rg . Las s ite r , Johnny Earl C agile r a ' Q, ,V,, 1 Le ddon, Anne tte Y ,ls'.'tt ,V f ' M c Cu llough , C a r o lyn , y J Sy Mitchell, Ge rald Mitchell, Wesley Newman, Jewel Parrish, Grace Peacock, Betty Pearce, Jean ll eters, Carolyn Phillips, Grace Rayburn, Elsie Register, Kenneth Register, Myernette Russell, Sarah Saunders, Marie Saunders, Roy Sewell, Kenneth Singletary, Bobbie Singletary, Flora Nell Skinner, Shelby Gene Smith, Durl Smith, Fannie Smith, Nellie Smith, Norma Spivey, Billy Spivey, Louise Tindell, Eugene Toole, Larry Watford, Betty Jean Watson, Barbara Williford, Loudean Woods, Edward Yoeman, John E. 16' , Cy., fs '3 ,b f . 2 if 'H wr , ff 'f W M' , ' - Q g ,, -I ,g X 1,5 J F-"' 'f . 'fr Y Camera 1 , A N 3, ' X .""' 1 ,. U W 4 -1- -if rt 39 , -.X ,J ,i i " Qs f l V, ' r ' X if J Y: 1-4 " "' , cr . 'R F' ' 991' . -1 -aww! ' :N , " NJ, f I, QS it - ,j S of .. J f fi if e -Q z .J f: 1? ,113 Flo ' 4' X' I' Q 'Y ,QQQ L V -' tb .,,,T'l J , if 'iff' KR, Qu!-fin it 1 1 .emi 9' ,Q- LSZIQAOIYLOFQ5 it J . . ,,J,,., gi A 4,4 - :Ang . , 5,5 abt 'E we ' , Al 2423 , ' 2 "". ,. . I fa ma ' gg ki A . I :ir . .lily 5 XV,, f L ,V fx xl.'Q 1 Q, Ah ph ,IWV , - :.k ,, ,yin ft I., f1, If I P M J 7 , WL A, , A ,AL AQ. . A A L 1'. 5 , ' I "ff 2" 'J' i if -11 -M 2 'aff' W. "AAF: . . 'fi ..,.. , IIA ' '3 513' L 5 3.6 1, M wi! A .,-Ffh A MV ,V l -.44 if It P , 2? . I Q , .3 A A ',, : -3 H y ,,,,, , I 'v 1 , I A -'f Y " sf' 'Nab ff-sk f "Jr Q ga "" , mf -I ! iv' '--rf. bl A W Y ff f I, af l ,, I ,I ' imma, ,V,, N ,, Cfarm icera PRESIDENT Laurie Jane Patterson VICE PRESIDENT Jackie Tew SECRETARY 8: TREASURER L. J. Walls REPORTERS Charles Avery Joel Wright Avery, Charles Bedsole, Lorena Blount, Rex Bolin, Donald Borland, Phillip Bottoms, Betty Sue Box, Katie Brown, Jimmy Burdeshaw, Helen Bush, Malon Callihan, Eudon Childs, Waylon Clark, lrby Coker, Lloyd Collins, Bonnie Collins, Lillian Crawford, Emmie Davis, Cecil Davis, Edwin Enfinger, Frankie Eubanks, Gary Eubanks, Sam Fountain, Vallie Hall, Dolphus Hall, Jo-Ann Hall, Joann Hall, Willie Dell Hamm, Annette Harris, Grady Hodges, Martha Holloway, June Holloway, Morris Hundley, Rebecca Justice, Louise Kelly, Carolyn Kirkland, Gerald Lee, Wayne Martin, Betty Jean McClenny, Neva. Jo McDonald, Sara Meadows, Joyce Metcalf, Hattie Miller, Connie Moss, Bessie Palmer, Bobbie Patterson, Laura Jane Peacock, Franklin Pippin, Pippin, Powell, Purvis, Delores Phillip Wallace Betty Rash, Betty Register, Imogene Register, Margaret Riley, Glenda Roberts, Lanette Saunders, Royce Simmons, Vonnie Skinner, Florene Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith 9 1 David Jack Johnnie Maude Merle Sue Sorrells , Herman Spivey, Jean Tew, Jackie Tew, Joel Vinson, Kenneth Warren, Kenneth Watson, Doris Whitaker, Jean White, Martha Williams, Joyce Wright, Joel Wright Monette Yeomens, Robert Yeomens, Shirley Q 1 , i A 14 l I us. 4 gf ' 5 'diy " AY 'ft 'E' Y ' IQ: i J 5' Q K , -er x ,'.N. ,,.,,,x'., H Xyf ,lg P 1 lib it 4 4 V Y , A IU V -J z ...J-N, 4 fri' .., . ' 3 L f J To 'J 'ff Y T Ml. f 1 'efllf fr-if-il, I A 13- A an f ,ff "lg 'fl fiat iw . KQ We-F' f' J 11 Y, A I Y ,-:V L n-dx 'tc iff, f - ,5 , .. ,sf K I . ,L K J S M: , P ,l f F J bil Mflftft 111 f w ils a Q . I "ai A K K ' 2 'Q 1 R!-fi R J it + ' ' ' fp I+ I . " A ' J , at ...Ky 33,31 apr, if ,U It "' 'W' 4 ' 7' ' l Q I ,,ii iss ' 4 I 7 .filer " ll L A A jc -A tiit jferfklflelfl FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha Joy Battles, George Baxley, Ellen Bolin, Leevon Bolin, Helen Bottoms, Gerald Bowers, Royce Bradshaw, John C. Brannon, Sue Butler, Bob Bush, Douglas Campbell, Hulon Chancey, and Martha Jo Childs, SECOND ROW: Fraiser Clark, Maxine Clark, Franklin Coe, Clayton Cox, Jane Nell Davidson, Omega Dean, Martha June Farmer, Martha Sue Fondren, Robbie Fondren, Sara Fondren, Jimmy Rex Gilley, Danny Gouge, and Era Jo Harris, THIRD ROW: Huey Helms, Joe Earl Helms, Sandra Hidle, Keller Hollis, Harold Holloway, Sarah Hughes, Myrtle Hyman, Joyce Jackson, Billie Grace Ketchem, Nelda June Lott, Lou Dell Moss, Sara Myers, and Buddy Parrish. FOURTH ROW: Harry Jo Phillips, Tommy Roberts, Jimmy Pitt Silavent, Gerald Smith, Grover Smith, June Smith, James Smith, Joe Spivey, Wynelle Tate, Bobby Waters, Patricia Waters, and Milda Welch, I I I R si ,' fKK f 7 , . ,K KK - . I ' Y ,..Vg if I, ' K ' A ai-'nigga R P fl' J is 1 1 ff R' J t i,,t , L 5' - r ' , ' t, 'YW' , , f ' 4 ' 1 - K . I K M . K . , M. , V. ,V Q' , In JK , I Y: ','s,' 3 K T L" Hg KK VJVV , . Vkk, . if' K- U VTX fl ' Sf ' ,...., I it of lf5Tff i?, P 1 R , , , K K - img . ,, ,K K, ,'f,V J ,,,,y . ' K' K f, Q . t K , ., H , K, ,, ,K ,KKK K ,KK K K. ,-K, , KK I . A ...Km .KKK K S K, , ee 7 I J f' , stss , gf A 'P I 1, it I N I riffs' J I fa V I I L 2 1 'M ,:f9rf5?i'.-??Q1 " if . KK .s , 5, an K 1117 X Vhkx 5 f. -"' i , A In J ,l'f -mr, I., .. I 'ig f . u,. 'V ---f , DN? ,, , 1 , ,3 Q - '49 5 C 1, , tv'-Mt K' K . ', " -EK!" ' ,K, 4K KVI :La sd , 1. if at-S an I . aw we l L' l if P- J' cfiglfl Qu e FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Sue Aplin, Wallace Bradshaw, Ray Bush, Reginald Campbell, Cherry Carroll, James Carroll, Jimmy Collins, Peggy Crawford, Carolyn Culverhouse, Laura Culverhouse, Jimmy Davis, Linnie Davis, Molton Davis, SECOND ROW: Kenneth Dean, Peggy Dean, Rex Deshazo, Kenneth Gilly, Gwenolyn Hagler, Sara Kate Hall, Sue Hall, Carolyn Harrell, Joyce Harrison, James Hilson, Joyce Holland, Haywood Jones, Billy Justice, THIRD ROW: Betty Killingsworth, Glenda Faye Lee, Linda Lott, Lawerence Merritt, Patsy Metcalf, Billy Miller, Jimmy Mitchell, Bobby Morgan, Bobby Parrish, Dan Peters, Camella Riley, Martha Roberts, Willa Dean Skinner, FOURTH ROW: Donald Smith, Ellen Smith, Earl Spivey, Barbara Toole, Lillie Warren, Carey Watkins, Ard Watson, Jonnie Watson, Patricia Watson, Willa Dean White, Joyce Wright, Wendell Youngblood, and Frankie Strictland, ' ' , " vw s-.-.iwfiw 14 J wt fs , W" . ggi I -1 iw. I , , 'iff 1' f' ,P qi! .,. , ', -f J' A M 1 gr --It .' r. A. R " 'er n I ..r,:. , ., it , , is , 3- :Lahti . .' , X", La .' ,,. ,Lt , A - 'I , Q A 1- at 5,711 1, ' '1'c.Q1!i'7f' i1.7- ' t- -I!"-Effie .JJ . sfv llvx-4 I - 'r wifi in Y' - " F W 1 X. ,t T www? ' ..N- sua " '- m - 5 wg, , . fig. in - ' J' - P . "1 ,L 'ik J , , .,. ellen Q61 2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dewey Anderson, Julian Aplin, Rudolph Barrett, Max Bolin, Wynell Bolin, Johnny Mack Burde- shaw, Randall Coker, Jimmy Crawford, Kenneth Crawford, Billy Eubanks, Earl Mack Gavin, Metha Jean Gilley, Margie Greer Harold Hall, Irby Hall. SECOND ROW: Curtis Harris, John Hartzog, Glenda Helms, Willie Myrl Hendrix, Betty Hicks, Mona Holland, Mary Frances Hughes, Gloria Faye Jackson, Myron Jones, Tommy Kelly, Gene Kent, Charles Killingsworth, Hilton Killingsworth, lrene Killingsworth, Jo Ann Kimble. THIRD ROW: Clovette Kirkland, Rudolph Kleiser, Ann McAllister, Huey Mitchell, Reginold Mitchell, Ouida Peters, Shirley Peters, J. L, Pippins, Mitchell Pippin, Delores Ridenhour, James Roland, Betty Lou Russell, Buell Sawyer, Tulley Seay, Charles Sheffield. FOURTH ROW: Charles Sims, Jerome Smith, Sybil Smith, Wanda Smith, Patricia Spivey, Mabel Thompson, Nellie Grace Trawick, Robert Turner, Leslie Ward, Junior Waters, Myrtle Waters, Hilda Welch, Milton Wright, NOT SHOWN: Virginia Fondren, Sue Hall, Gerald Smith, K, B. Sorrells, John David Stephens. N H t P+: , ' . 352.1 '. ' . L, Q n A ,N '13 f grill Q61 2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Adams, Donald Armstrong, Larry Arrington, Wayne Avery, Kenneth Ball, Kenneth Caraway, Gwen Chancey, Treadwell Cockran, Robert Crawford, Lou Ellen Davis, Helen Enfinger, Charles Hall, Phillip Hallford, Jerry Hendrix, Alton Holloway. SECOND ROW: Johnny Hughes, Annette Killings- worth, Larry Killingsworth, Tommy Killingsworth, Mike Newton, Virginia Peel, Chester Peters, David Phillips, Jean Phillips, James Pope, Jerry Ward, Freddy Williford, Linda Yeamons, Paul Zorn. Z3 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gloria Boutwell, Richard Bush, James Chancy, Ann Forrest Childs, Carlos Clark, Linda Clark, Fay Collins, Ruth Eubanks, Betty Jean Gissendanner, Sylvia Harris, Cecil Jones, Bobby Kelly. SECOND ROW: Linda Kimbro, Joe Mauldin, Dickie McAllister, Clara Ruth Mills, Jerry Moss, Linda Palmer, Carlyon Peters, Jerry Sellers, Brenda Smith, Wayne Smith, Winford Tew, Joan Warren. Era! gin ea FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lamar Aplin, Glynda Ann Blackman, Janice Bolin, Ronald Bolin, Dennis Collins, Roger Cox, Robbie Forehand, Fon Freeman, Jerry Garrett, Dianne Goodwin, Kita Hendrick. SECOND ROW: Melba Hicks, Johnny Mack Hughes, Betty Sue Merritt, Larry Morgan, Maxwell Moss, Jim Quattlebaum, Louie Quattlebaum, Linda Strictland, Larry Tindell, Jean Ward, Wayne Welch. 24, , C r l W ,,., 'F FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Max Aplin, Gail Baxley, J, B. Bell, Allen Bolin, Jerry Bush, Glynda Campbell, Milton Collins, Linda Creel, Lamar Davis, Bobby Fondren, Talmage German, Betty Gerry, Jean Greer, Eugene Hall, and Larry Hall. SECOND ROW: Robert Hallford, Joe Hartzog, Gene Hendrix, Jeanette Hollis, Lafayette Kirkland, Martha Ann Lindsey, Montez Marsh, Bobby Martin, Cullen Mills, Janice Ott, Lester Peters, Robert Purvis, and Ronald Sawyer. THIRD ROW: Bobby Smith, Wendell Smith, Shirley Tew, Jean Thompson, Johnny Ward, Linda Ward, Patricia Ward, Allen Waters, Fay White, and Tommy Wright. QCOII Qu 25 , 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Buford Bolin, Kita Bolin, Randall Bolin, Bobby Bottoms, Sara Alice Buttram, Sandra Coker, Billy Gibson, Freddy Gouge, Lottie Hall, Mary Hall, Keith Helms. SECOND ROW: John Hildreth, Edward Jones, Gayll Kay, Lannis Kirkland, Barbara Kleiser, Martha Mitchell, Vickie Morgan, Carolyn Moss, Jane Moss, Lenard Phillips, and Wilbum Price. THIRD ROW: Larry Sellers, Bobby Sims, Bobby Smith, Carol Smith, Moody Smith, Ronnie Sorrells, Coe Vinson, Carlisle Weed, Sara Williams, Dwight Williford, and Glenda Worth. Z5 F A 1 ' V , ..- i f ' -Y" 1: - fi J" r 'EQ' V- f V 'L.' ' if? A' 7:2 i 54- - . V .. JS A ' 4 1' si VV V ...fra 2 'V ,L it 'I V- " ' A .J. VV i Vlli r Ql F ' 1 "f 1 ' J A '. 155 fi. ' F? ,dalffachff ' f9i'?fft'1f'?lf, :Mit ,.f,3w'g flew? V 1 V' Wg? ' I I l A S A gn H 4 , - . ..'- V V - ' K . 'y . 'J gi' J' L tv L ,525 . 5 K 1 , , J, p V - H ,, ' A . ' " A if M is ,. ' , - fiifiw V 'W f P ,I .. as t .V s ,,,, Al . VIA QsV1,, H , A V ' 'il ll ,A'A A V 1 A 'J 5 pg-gg i, , , fri V , VV V, , Kf .,A:, , ,qv J' ' Vi K V , f U' 'V z if t Q- A N ' "' .khk A " " iiifffi --E 15 J - ? 1 " H ' V . arfifaw V I - A 1 V -:-s- . ' .Ve ll' .. .11 -,Lk - zim .,,:1 11-L 5 ,, Y'I:- 1 ' ,,,: V. R' ' .5 , is 1 - , , V 5 - h ' 'T " I 7' Ilii ' J V. 't ., 1 ' 'ff . ff .1 ' . - A . Q. VV A ,.,, A if 15,5 Q V its Q45 fQ..Z! .A fl r g' ' 4' . . 5 .',, '1hh ' l 1' A 7 ' 1,1 "" Q 1 ,,L ' , 'LQLLb Q ' " 'V . 5 'wry' If vi , ,. 1'L 3, 7:5 ".L V X t ff. ' VV, - -'L U I K gf A I kk-': - n"" 'QQ ff' 9 A , V2 H K ' Q Q - 'i1fe:.t 'ff:f,f'5', L A A - I A A 1 1 as a.i is FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Aplin, Gale Clark, Davis Cox, Gary Culverhouse, Bobby Hagler Mary Hall, Patricia Hall, Janice Helms, Johnny Mack Helms, Clinton Hendrix, and Melba Holland, SECOND ROW: Jedith Kimble, Sandra Lott, Wilbum Martin, James Mauldin, Annette Mitchell, Lina Faye Newton, Cecil Wayne Pate, Joyce Pate, Bobbie Peel, Shirley Peters, and Sandra Roberts. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Sims, Mack Skipper, Barbara Smith, Jackie Smith, Mary Sue Smith, Willodene Strauder Gloria Strictland, Mack Stone, Joel Underwood, Johnny Watson, and Rebecca Yeomens. 3401! graclea .,,, ,-,. ' , "' E .,,,, ' 3 M . V: . , ,....s., , -Nga- rm, ,WZ J h T A B if . I, 1 4 , 3, - 3,5 .. V11 .,-f- .Q 1431 ME T ' 1 . f f :E ' . 'if 'rii 'ig .. V I 4' ' V in S 5' 1 ,, 05 ,1 -- , -5, j.,, -1 ' + af V, .. . ' M V - - , -- Y J ., ' 1 'l -- r 'QQ' 5 Aff' :.ggv.'.1. ,I-1 an ,,.s1-st 1 Ve ,, if , M N H' -r, ,-Vs? -- L E - ,V ,- 353-,, .,. , V iggif, , Q' H., ,- ,. ,f V.,V-,1wVf:sY- V gy as tw . . f 5 ' ..,, V -- 1 V Q , '- p . V 1 V ,., A -,Q , 1 V . . A - Q - V' 't M .. . 'es 11 - .V my H 1, . . , V1 VV .K ,:,-5, Minky, F 7. ses, 'L will 9: yr.. r:,:,,:. , Liss jug, :tg-655-Q - 5, -Y t, . as V . .psi-gg --,,-' my ,,:s1g'Vg?gV , ' - V A' ,,,. 535.5 .V W ,V wtf :,ggfV2S5'jEf:r.1V,f1f 'E 'E ir, A -. 51512 asa --ffw V, V-- is ' Q, QM V 4, , V"'iN ,:- -4. A iflw-a,,:-101 ,ggisa ...JL ' w . V' is . . , V. ,. i Y V- - . V " VVVV V ggi' . i e- ' Bmw V4 V- ef . f sas' V: 'ig was ,Q , ., 135- '- sV .- " .- f' 4451. " 5 " ' ' "" V A '. :A i-if I . ' - -. ,, rr ' "V'-' z . V- " as V K f ' ,:., THQ: f' V -'fi'zw , , p T315 , - .f w ' . Q yr., ' egg, VVe,Vfr..t-1 if 53" j V. -in ' z ., 'St . I f . V. 1 -X " i 3' 5-V 2 'N . ' V K. F 1 . .. QW V "'--- K 5 'Pi- A W! ' F FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Anderson, Sammy Bailey, Billy Wayne Bedsole, Larry Bowers, Earl Bradshaw, Harold Chancy, Earl Collins, Charles Dalton, John B. Davidson, Jr. , Linda Davis, Faye Marie Enfinger, and Myra Eubanks. SECOND ROW: Robert Farmer, Joamiette Gissendanner, Paul Harrell, Jerry Harris, Betty Joyce Holloway, Barbara Hidle, Betty Ruth Jackson, Richard Jemigan, Charlotte Merritt, Sandra McAllister, Wilmer McAllister, and Annette Mills. THIRD ROW: Judy Mitchell, Char- lotte Ann Parrish, Charles Roberts, June Simmons, Jimmy Smith, Dwight Tew, Sherrleen Tew, Billy Joe Thompson, Gerald Watson, James Waters, Janie Sue Waters, and Marie Welch. .26 A ' , f , . ' xii? " gr " 4, , qs ' ' J ' T" A V1 -- I xv- ' J I A N A ' L H M U w QQ 'Ar t 67 'f ' 4 1 rv my 'i w E 1 ' -1:53 W . . as T L? .r ' me ,i i - Q . s w X T - asia L 1 ,r .1 J ir. , ww f 'W 'F fi 'Q "ff Ta, ww f ,. iq fr-1 -4 my , . 4: T, wi of it J - J l T - F as asf as , Q.. , ,JV ,.,, ' r, K , yr. ... 0 , ' . 13. ' , ,. , tw ,. - '- ' H. , FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eloise Adams. Sherlyn Avery, Bessie Blount. Jimmy Bolin. Louise 3" " Bradshaw, Warren B rd, Dou las Carawa , Martha Cochran, Jud Collins. Lillian Fondren, Callie A V, Q5 , Y S Y Y Mfgf. ,f Ann Garett, Charlotte Gavin, Jonnie Jo I-lagler, and Ruby Jewel Hall. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO J RIGHT: Maxine Hicks, Sara Hughes. Mary E. Mitchell, Gwendolyn Myers, Martha Peters, Geraldine Smith, Kenneth Quatllebaum. Lawrence Streepy. Marjorie Taylor, Billy Joe Ward. Patricia Waters. Madge Watson. Jean White. and Gerald Whitt. . Mrk ra e , l ,Y i f af? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Aplin. Nadine Bradshaw, Flossie Brown, Linda th Callihan. Gregory Campbell, Hilton Chancey. Glenda Childs, James Culverhouse. Alma Greer, Roy Harris, Kenneth Day, and Robert Killingsworth. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bennie Lindsay, Martha Merritt. Michael Mills. Billy Ott, Denneth Palmer. Q,-a e Bobby Rash, Martha Robinson. Le Roy Shiver, Terry Smith. Ernest Stone. Billy Joe Strickland, and Carolyn Whitehead. 27 if . M2 --X , f1?f'f3i"3ui. .zu l-ti" I K as nm , ,Q 1 .fi-f , ., H 1. ,f 1 f rd . Q ,t 'Q "?':ffl'fi lf? .- 59 -if , E 1 Q.. is , 1. Qi I JE' m C . Q S - ...-la-2-as FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT- David Armstrong David Avery. Gary Barrett. Emily Buttram, James Buttram. tit Nan Carnes, Jean Clark, Patricia Davis. Jimmy Enliinger. Paul Farmer, and John Hancock. SECOND ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Jimmy Helms, Gerald Hendrix, Earl Jernigan, Robert Killingsworth, Charles Kirkland. Phyllis Marsh, Barbara Matthews, Gene Merritt, Martha Metcalf, Brenda Mitchell. and David Morgan. THIRD ROW, l.EFT TO RIGHT: Donnis Pate, Ronnis Pate, Betty Peters, Evelyn Richards, Kenneth Ridenhour. James Riley, Sara Roberts, William Roland. Susan Segrest, and Jo Ann Sellers. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mable Jo Shutes, Patricia Skinner. Alex Smith, Allen Smith III, Sara Anne Smith, Berta Mae Stone Billy Joe Tew, Billy Frank Trawick, Barbara Williford, and Sandra Williford. M: was y,.xv1,'fl ' . iff L I FIRST ROW . LEFT TO RIGHT: Frank Adams, Edward Bradshaw, Ellen Brown, Glen Carroll. Shirley Dean. Junior Dykes. Lawrence Eubanks, Keith Fondren, Don M. Hall. Myra Holloway, and Marlyn Hornsby. SEC- OND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Hornsby. Rebecca Huggins. Bobby Hughes, Gerald Jackson. Melvin Justice, Tomy Kelly. Jackie Lassiter, Christine Mills. Elizabeth Newman. Jimmy Palmer. and L.V. Pel- ham. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Peters. Annette Phillips, Ann Price, Ruth Roberts. Martha Simmons. Don Spivey, Faye Strawder. Paul Tanton. Charles Tew. and Mary Tew. FOURTH ROW . LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Thompson, James E. Tindell. Robert E. Vfard, Elizabeth Watson. Paul Watson. Freddie Welch, Brenda White. Martel Williams, Louie Williford. and Janice Yeomans. Z8 rdf - W r ii: , N FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shelly Barnes, Jimmy Benefield. Annette Blount. Everett Grogin, ll Jimmy Butler, Barbara Byrd. Ann Collins, Hilton Collins. Jerry Collins. Robert Earl Cox. Harold O t Davis, and Jimmy Davis. SECOND ROW: Larry Davis, Betty Lois Gilley. Dixie Lou Hardy. David Harris, Stephen,l-larris, Gerald lzillingsworth, Shirley Killingsworth. Elaine Kirkland. Marsha Ree Kirkland. Dorothy Maulden, Joy Maulden, and Martha Jean Mills. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Nosler. e Carlton Ott. Joseph Owen. Richard Pearce, Larry Peel, Jere Roland. Martha Jean Stephens. Barbara ra' Strickland, Jeanette Tate, Billy Ray Turner, Johnny M. Vinson, and Carl Watkins. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Baxley. Charles Bolin. Glenda Bolin. Betty Bottoms. Sylvia Chaney. Malcolm Childs. Sybil Davis. Mary Fay DeShazo, Martha Forehand. Sybil Freeman. t Geraldine Greer. Mary Hall. and Charles Harrell. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Helstley. Donald Hidle. tx Billy Joe Hughes. Ernes Hyman. Harold Kirkland. Jimmy Lee- Delome Menm' Bettie Ruth Miller. Gerald Parker. Billie Fay Smith. Betty Joyce Smith. Kenneth Smith. and I0 Ann Weed- 0 29 uni , 9,1 4:3 ?YS , 11 if IflCl.l0:5A0!:i iii 5 If , .1 fi . ,,,..w A .1 "T .nil 5 f V I-r" 6 .v"' v Via fir!-ada y . , Hi . so 1 ' x:','Q:'f 1 W t 1 my . ff- .. .Qs 1' .Q 6 BQFQQYX D r 3 1 ...L ,..,f, :- K -. it A .1 ,,., . . I .mga EVE' H' mmf M' ni X .M 1 ..1. . . px ,ff,,-' 4'-1iwmg.jJf U -J' .. ,. , - wif A . 5 . ' -r u A ,w .. . W . ' -4.11. 1 Y' W . -. 1 1' ' ' .- ' 1 ' e f.,:71t'?ff il . Eh . ' -- A - . N " If-'P A - , ,' -6 'wi' ' ' 'e 5 ' ., if - A - e L' . M ,, .H N V . .... , ,,,. .. Q. , , 5 41. 'l - L 1. "The Strutting Eight." 2. "Love. Maybe?" 3. "Right Foot Forward." 4. "Action At Peanut Festival. " 5. "Bottom Up." 6. "Could I1-lelp You, Please?" 7. "What A Pretty Posel" 8. "Teachers On The Job. " 9. "Slocomb Float. " 10. "What'cha Got Nina?" 11. "Characters Of F.H.A. Initiation." I2. "Sr. IICharms?"13. "Where's Paul?" 14. "Helping To Pick Our Way To Washingtonl" 15. "Attention, Shirley." 16. "Recess!" 17. "Sandwiches1" 18. "Cute Stuff." 19. "Lazy Some." 20. "Meet You At The Bleachers." 30 X la iufedlfm vagal! I " K J SENIOR Margie Forehand JUNIOR Louise Spivey SOPHOMORE Louis e Justice 32 Cvufiezi Cufiezi SENIOR Mary Lou Enfinger JUNIOR Barbara Watson SOPHOMORE Sue Smith 33 MOST STUDIOUS Doris Culverhouse Morris Holloway -,N MOST ATTRACTIVE Ann Brown Don Watson BEST ALL AROUND Nellie Smith S. W. Kirkland A0 MOST POPULAR Patricia Bailey Larry Newton .1 1. Q . Hhgvf- " C.. - - -1'1s""'e.Nl. 'Q TN -1,-. -L vim! .Q A.. -.. - I r J. uh 5, ga... .5 -k . , -'mg-, ." , --. 72'5'1f.a-5--ff'-Mffifffl' -4. .3l'F?' E , 4 ,Q X- gxf,-5 . 1 -, .-5. A " CUTEST Patsy Peel James Bass .. .. .. sr, - .-.-W MOST ATHLETIC Robbie Hall Paul Hidle 'U ,Ti KJ --. '?':- .' FW-. 1 1 MOST ORIGINAL Sue Thomas Doyle Campbell L 'Z g . P' .. --M. I 'll I MOST TALENTED Virginia Kirkland Harrell Elmore 4 , A I, 'w 1,5 ooo, of of M' WITTIEST Joel Wright Bibb Graves MOST DIGNIFIED Louise Spivey Raymond Register FRIENDLIEST Bobbie Dean Paul Everette BEST PERSONALITY Mary Lou Enfinger Billy Joe Merritt ' 1.1 UI' 0I'l0I'86! Un 05 Martha Ann Sheffield Dorothy Sue Pope VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Addie Myrl Clark HOMECOMING QUEEN 38 1 1' . af . ' . lg -J 1 53 ! 4g,,4Cfi.,zfie4 3 .L..h M M WWW X , -- 405 QC' T X iii Q .N 'S' 1 fffi f i kb MAN? TW55 Q 3 X sremiyern " -' X W ' W f 'Q A . q t Q1 EK: I. 4 ' .Y if I ' 1 Qifsf . ' Zaye H EX 4 '2 f Ca? fzJ, ,.5 sv- f X V sf iw w .5 j. U f2f - 5, mf., I QL. iff! ' 4:3 3 ,wp , , Q af?v"'. ' ' LQ' ' 1- - vb" 'rd QSTANDING LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Evelyn Bedsole-Typist, Betty Holland, Eleanor Hinson- Cir- culation Managers. Nancy Carroll, Beth Hyman-Typists, Harrell Elmore-Artist, Dorothy Sue Pope-Gossip Editor, Mary Lou Enginger, Raymond Register-Reporters, Freddy Bush-Sports Editor, Patricia Bailey-Editor KSITTINGJ Bobbie Dean, Marjorie Hughes, Martha Ann Shef- field-Typists, Virginia Kirkland-Artist, Sue Thomas-Reporter. Patsy Peel, Joke Editor. l ' ,, . if 1 ,. , 0 . -Q . .L U f 1f.:,-QQx-into l.,,,If 'W i. 4+ Q5 1 f'-ry., Y .,,-., .i .WMl'Nr-. ,J 2 1- . H wifi N 1 QSTANDING LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Mrs. Burnell Armstrong, Jean Benefield. Nancy Carroll, Bobby Jackson, Margie Forehand, Billy Arnold, S.W. Kirkland, Raymond Register, Eleanor Hinson, Harry Gene Harris, Hilda Moss. Bobbie Hall. Jo Farmer, Patricia Bailey. QKNEELINGJ: Jo Ann Baxley, Bobbie Singletary. Nana Thompson. Margie Hodges, Shirley Wicker, Frances Forehand. Betty Peacock. Jean Butler, Doris Culverhouse. Joyce Caraway, Virginia Kirkland, Dorothy Sue Pope, Annette Leddon, QSITTINGJ: Betty Jean Watford. Harrell Elmore, Marjorie Hughes. Lawrence Harris, Patsy Peel, Freddy Bush, Sue Thomas. Bobbie Jean Dean, Martha Ann Sheffield, Jean Pearce, Shirley Jenkins. KSTANDING, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Shelby Jean Bass. Betty Sue Aplin, Martha Sue Robinson, Patricia Watson. Miss Celeste Foster, Nelda Lott, Glenda Faye Lee. Joyce Jackson. Patsy Metcalf. Cherry Car- roll, Meriurn Hall, Laura Culverhouse, Willie Dean White. 'll inal Campbell, Ray Bush, Dan Peters. Rudolph Barrett, Larry Davis. Max Bol in. Bobby Morgen. F QTOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: James Earl Carroll, Jimmy Collins. Bobby Par- ? rish, Kerry Watkins, John Hartzog, Kenneth Gilly. Earl Spivey. Charles Shef field. Wendall Youngblood, Billy Justice. Mr. Joe E. Sellers. QSECOND ROW A LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Robert Earl Turner. Hayward Jones, Jimmy Mitchell, Reg- 9 QSTANDING, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Myron Jones, Lennie Davis, Betty Purvis, Mar- gie Greer, Ouida Peters, Luverne Knight, Mrs. Flora Dalton, Joan Bolin, Lillie Pearl Warren, Beth Hyman, Florine Skinner, Betty Rash, Katie Pippins. QSITTING LEFT TO RIGI-lTj: Doris Watson, Sue Hall, Mable Thompson, Ionnie Watson, Carolyn l-larrel. Peggy Crawford. Grace Trawick, Willie Dean Skinner, Joyce X Wright. Jo Ann Kimble. lo 'in QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: I.L Pippins. Duey Anderson. Randell Coker, Ard Watson, Billy Miller. Leslie Ward, Kenneth Dean. 4 2 F gl wb i 0 r ll CSITTING, LEFT TO RIGHTJ:Wynel1 Tate, Miss Norma Foster, Myrtle Waters, Faye Jackson, Wynell Bolin. Merle Hendrix, Virginia Fondren. QSTANDINGJ: Betty Russell. Deloris Ridenhour. 3,-. ',. "N 'i' . A .M v ' '?l TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Deloris Pippin, Sara Greer, Kenneth Vinson, Louise Spievy. Marie Saunders, Eudon Callihand. Emmie Crawford. Betty Holland, Nelson Baxley. June Holloway. Ann Kirkland. QSECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Royce Saunders, Rebecca Hundley, Jean Pelham. Lloyd Stone. Evelyn Bedsole, Sara Boyette. Edwin Davis. QTHIRD ROWJ: Doyle Miller, Kenneth Sewel, Myernette Register. Shelby Jean Freeman L. M. Walls. Grace Parrish, Sara Russell, Phillip Pippin. Irby Doyle Clark. QKNEELINGJ: Ann Singletary. Ann Brown. Willie Dell Hall, Hattie Metcalf, Glenda Riley. Evelyn Hall, Carolyn Peters, Vallie Fountain. Phillip Borland. 43 N Z! QTOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTQ: Myrtle Hyman, Sandra Hidle, Betty Faye Bowers. Mary Smith, Patrica Waters, Laura Jane Patterson. Sue Butler, Ellen Bolin, Martha Jo Childs. Sarah Hughes, Bessie Hall, Patricia Bailey. QSECOND ROWJ: Sara Myers. Jonnie Maude Smith, Lillian Collins. Fannie Smith, Mary Lou Enfinger, Faye Thurman, Billie Grace Ketchem, Martha June Farmer, Era Jo Harris, Helen Bottoms, Lou Dell Moss, Robbie Fondren. QTHIRD ROWJ: Sue Fondren, Levon Bolin, Joyce Williams, Nelda Lott, Imogene Register, Helen Burdeshaw, Joyce Meadows, Martha White, Shirley Yeomons, Jean Whitaker, Bonnie Collins. QFOURTH ROWJ: Mary Tidwell. Tiny Hollis, Joy Battles, Joann Hall, Sara McDonald Margaret Register, Martha Hodges. QFIFTH ROW1: Annette Leddon. Jewel Newman, Lorena Bedsole. Elsie Rayburn, Jo Ann Hall, Sara Fondren, Moynette Wright, Betty Jean Martin, Annette Hamm. QSIXTH ROWQ: Neva Jo McClenny, Katie Box, Sue Smith, Jean Spivey. Joel Wright, Nellie Smith. Margie Hodges. Kathyrn Kelly, Miss Joyce Howard. QFRONT TO BACKJ: James Bass. Billy Joe Merritt, Jackie Tew, Bibb Graves. Don Watson, Jerome Chancy, Malon Eldridge, Keller Hollis, Coach David Snell. Lawrence Harris, Billy Arnold1 Royce Vickers, S.W. Kirkland, Larry Newton. Paul Hidle. 44 CSTANDING, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Peggy Dean. Jean Pearce, Jackie Benefield, Sara Boyette, Gwendolyn Hagler, Joel Wright, Era Jo Harris, Carolyn Culverhouse, Betty Killingsworth. Neva Jo McC1enny, Mrs. Frankie Whitt, Beth Hy- man. Joyce Harrison. Bevelyn Killingsworth, Martha June Farmer, Carolyn Kelly, Lennie Davis, Helen Burdeshaw. Imogene Register, Dorothy Sue Pope, Sara Fondren. QSITTINGJ: Ann Singletary, Jane Nell Davidson, Martha Ann Sheffield, Joyce Holland, Ernestine Clark, Virginia Kirkland, Patricia Bailey, June Smith, Marjorie Hughes, Patsy Peel, Jean Pelham. Ann Kirkland, Billie Grace Ketchem, Willie Dell Hall, Sue Thomas. Bobbie Jean Dean. JCM, guna! QTOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Mrs. Sudie Whitt, June Simmons. Wilmer McAllister, Willie Dean Strawder. Janice Helms, Patricia Ann Hall, Sandra Lott, Richard Jernigen, Bobby Peel, Lanice Kirkland, Judy Mitchell. Paul Harrell, Billy Gibson, Gary Culverhouse, Mrs. Frankie Whitt. QSECOND ROWJ: Jo Annette Gissendanner, Annette Mitchell, Fred Gouge, Rebecca Yeomons, Martha Evelyn Mitchell. Faye Enfinger. Sandra McAllister, Charles Dalton, Jerry Harris, Tina Faye Newton, Buddy Weed, Cullen Mills, Jackie Smith. Ronald Sawyers, Charlette Parrish. QTHIRD ROWJ: Barbara Hidle, Mary Sue Smith, Sara Alice Buttram, Montez Marsh, Gloria Strickland, Mary Hall, Ronnie Sorrells, Linda Creel, Mary Ruth Jackson. Carol Smith, Bobby Hagler. John B. Davidson, Sammy Bailey. Robert Farmer. .MJ oween rince:i5 Madge Watson HALLOWEEN COURT 46 f-7:?'4i, 52 I ,I v" Nl! ax , I I CROWNING OF QUEEN xizla fzlween ueen .To Ann Hall 47 all CBACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Wendall Hall, Danny Gouge, Sue Smith, Raymond Register, Bonnie Collins, Harry Gene Harris. Gerald Mitchell, Robert Yeomans, QSECOND ROWJ: Rex Blount, Shirley Yeomans, Charles Avery, Jimmy Pitt Silavent, Grady Harris, Jane Nell Davidson. Donald Bolin, Ard Watson. QTHIRD ROWJ: Billie Grace Ketchem. Martha June Farmer. Tommy Roberts, Virginia Kirkland, Billy Eubanks, Era Io Harris, Myron Jones , Ernestine Clark. QFOURTH ROWJ: Max Bolin, Jimmy Enfinger, Johnnie Cox, Jimmy Butler, Bobbie lean Dean, Glenda Helms, Huey Helms, Allen Smith, Mitchell Pippin, David Armstrong. fl-'Il-'TH ROWJ: Mr. Jeff Strickland-Band Master, June Smith, Carolyn Kelly, Margie Taylor, Susan Segrest, Martha White, Marjorie Hughes. Patricia Bailey. i a aforefferi g QSTANDING, LEFT TO RIGHTy: Carolyn Kelly, June Smith, Patricia Bailey-Head Majorette, Marjorie Hughes, Martha White. CKNEELINGJ: Margie Taylor, Susan Segrest. Madge Watson. 48 QSTANDING, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Wanda Sue Smith, Ellen Smith, Metha Gilly, Gwendyln Hagler, Carolyn Culver- house, Mrs. Helen Dalton, Betty Killingsworth, Ann McAllister, Glinda Faye Helms, Patricia Spivey. QKNEELINGJ: Camilla Riley, Sue Hall. Betty Hicks, Irene Killingsworth, Mona Holland, Wilmer Jean Kimble, Joyce Harrison, Peggy Dean. 0 QSTANDING, LEFT TO RIGHTJ: Beulah Sawyers, Joe Earl Helms, Davis Smith, Charles Killingsworth. Bobby Waters. Herman Sorrells, Joel Tew. Milton Wright, Lloyd Coker, Lawrence Merritt. Wayland Childs. Coach Hubert McNeil. QKNEELINGJ: Jimmy Crawford. Kenneth Crawford. Tullie Seay. Tommy Kelly, James Roland. Connie Mills, Jerome Smith. Reginald Mitchell. Julian Aplin. Curtis Harris, Gene Kent. 49 f 9 .........,...,.. ,,...,, v " A .,.....,,.,....,,., -- B aw. n-unpnn-- fm-it-'N' WW WM! M . L . f liiii 'ggii QSTANDING. . . . . Richards, Jimmy Rex Gilly, Billy Hawkins, James E. Hundley, James Hall. Jimmy Ned Collins. Dowsey Hemby, Larry Toole, Roy Saunders, Frankie Enfinger, Buddy Parrish. Franklin Peacock. James David Baxley, Jerry Dunnaway, Bobby Parrish, Grady Campbell. QKNEELINGQ: Jack Smith, Clayton Cox. Harold Holloway, Hulon Chancy, Clayton Brannon, Harold Kirkland, Kenneth Register, Jimmy Pitt Silavent, Horace Baxley. Edward Woods, Wallace Powell. John Wayne Hicks, Billy Gene Spivey, Donald Bolin, Tommy Roberts. QSITTINGJ: Sterling Bass, Paul Everett. Malon Eldridge, Paul Gray, Robert Smith, Don Watson, Jimmy Watson, Gerald Bowers. LEFT TO RIGHTJ' MI W T "Our Activities play a great part. " if' YM l7 Aff ,, O My ew I :IS-2' , xv , 11:1 'W 'Y vxb O . :-:X N 'Q 5- fg K I m XY5 fffltfl! gin Hubert McNeal Assistant Coach I . 1.3 " I .MQW N w x K 'N' Pfsl M 6 'Z ii. 5 las' -mat f 4 A Q A- i 63 1 'gif , ig W Q -5 W5 . 4 f n N R K 1 R N fx 3137 f 4' 5 'xn' -f ' 5-H x M Y Q . ,, wi ., W 0 I A .JV 1 Don Watson .M Senior, Halfback ' nfs ww" -' 'M ,M L. L :avg lu '., 'E Keller Hollis U'-Ant-v-Aww '1kf"ldln 4 in fri ,- , J If-:"'.,':-'Yf'J"f. .. Y ,' , ,ga ,JZ yi N -V'e.U"'-.4-'14, . J M7-um, Kenneth Vinson Sophomore , Tackle pq J ' - mn. 'i:.1'U.-An! xa....i1:'+r-.num '::x :I : Xl 1: ' 'S '. . J"- , 4 , 1 y H , gb X: I. "'li.5vnl - V-X, . JC Jerry Dunnaway J - Junior, Halfback Q, f I H- r Sen Brackin nninv- f'M1av-4-na-'lnnrwlr 1-'I Dawsey Hemby Junior , Guard mfii. Tifzfl 'iffni Ti9.SZLk Doyle Campbelle Tun-:nw 'I'-'I'a14-'lnar-'lz S Q rj ' .fini 51. . , 37 L :gn-'r-.U -.Q -.3 V . , A , . !+J-'fn-fr-ff'?i-.,,.-f- , .A . Q , r J- 'f"! p1,2',a'-he J 'T' W .ff "'l- if -'4 V.Li-Q'f1'5'12..'aS-9+?I'v'55f- A . . "gel E a t" -A - 5:-'Q-3,z1:1i'i'4:!':51-ioul--,EQ -by Q i 4' '- f' if . 'N-, 1' '-4. A -' "T- .- ' ' .. . X' Earl Smith IRQ- x Bibb Graves Jackie Tew ff . "gif I' 'iw . g'f..2'g': Senior, End , ig,-.Sen1or, Guard wig Sophomore, Guard 5 , -Q-Ze., Lv.: am f au: fills.-1 .-i:"l v:f.'.fxf.:4'-4 'J--'i'p.V--,p.a.'f-:-Lw. iii? -'.r"o',fMi':f:av,?rM1Iimnlsx96 VA Fl' ' .. 'ii J Et! 11. Edward Woods - il Junior, Guard ' ' 1' CP!7'?1Kl'Jl"'." f' it."- :fill 1 George Baxley 'E' '1"-J,-1f1n U J unior, Center bli'.u'R igf ,-5 Jimmy Ned Collins 'Q Tnn-Inv Ffnrl -, .m WJ' --.-51's Larry Toole Q3 mix. t .1 H If 'f 'K A A L. y If Q I ' ' J or '- P eff uf ., I we ' Q, Xx K I 2- 7 4 I 1 , K gg! . or z f M ,M 'F an Q z .., v X - ,W '-6 X' " 1 5: J 4.1 as D' -... . at ox K C 1 Q- k 5 N.. ai who X' QW" ,wg f x ,nik ., "-' I ' ...,. 4.45 xg: , .f Z ' ' M1 KAN " X I ' sr.. ,Q F a , I5 . f , W -. ' - - ,. A -1 ' Q . - . ,- ., , ' f , I X X ye Q . x f L, I a I, '- .35 -I " w . 'I -1 F 2 4' .gqc.x'Q335reTffi:gV.,,xg5 1: 'gwjggjg F j V Eff . f v"f '3 .7 -"Uk 9 "3 fkfl' . 5 ,gw-1 F' F . ei 4 1 ' - . -Q f .'?.rIfr5"fr.3?.frQEfs?'3a13 W ff ' , Grover Smlth James Sm1th 554' Douglas Campbell 'df rx gf Freshman, Freshman, Guard , Sophomore, Halfback gL Freshman, Guard V Quarterback We-'-5 l 2 - V51-53'f'57,'l-f155vR'x13'Q -' F' K ,' fr' F 'L axfk N ff 53334. . VF 3"'s"'-'51.H5f13?l'43?3S'. 3 ra Qs' fi , ,W 41' iff :: Y :I jg tr K .. I G ll Il .. ll A 'V in xx WL, ,, V , C '- F .., , 1 A u 1. . - . - 'vii J ,VKL -, "'k F ' Aj K -mf. f F ' f' - M G V A ' ' " 43,3 A V ES ' "r. - if j ' 1 'X ' 2' ' if: omecomin ueen '- F' Faa F " F f a I. ' 'sig ',.k G 5 " , if I ,V i :Qin A ' ., F F " j gf ',M. W. :T ,JZ " L rf, M 'y 53? F F g if F Q3 '.,, A J", Jijagiw V--k in kim 1 A N? kr F in X 3 'VI' .W ff P-94' F fr,ffr2'.pff'2.,.:f:2 he if ps n'l.,::Mw A F 22? fffww- fwr 3 rg F F F 7"-1f7?g7i -145255 The Lyne Lee LEFT TO RIGHT P' s b'l D ' M 'd B r F B - Herman Sorreus hornor k I l'1l'lCCS5p Y 1 3V1SZ 81 f et y aye OWCIS, P' M fl' 4 f Queen. Addie Myrle Clark: Principal, Ls. Daviasong Maid, Ann yizphpornfore, ' ' A ' '3' " '?.fx 2,13 -LM, 'r 'Q ,J rf , " Price and Maid Escort, Jimmy Palmer. CHEERLEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jackie Benefield, Jean Spivey, Patsy Peel, Mary Lou Enfinger. Jean Pearce, and Martha Ann Sheffield. A TEAM CENTER KNEELING: Coach David Snell. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Dunn- away. Forward: Larry Newton, Guard: S.W. Kirkland. Center: Royce Vickers, Center: Billy Arnold, Gurad: Joe Merritt, Forward. NO SHOWN: Paul Hidle Guard. B TEAM CENTER KNEELING: Assistant Coach Hubert McNeil. SEC- OND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jackie Tew, Forward: Kenneth Sewell. Guard: Larry Toole. Guard: Grady Campbell, Guard: Billy Hawkins, Center: John Wayne Hicks, Forward: and Paul Everett, Forward. Coach Snell gives instructions to two Red Tops, Kenneth Vinson and Billy Hawkins. Coach McNeil is shown in background. Larry Newton plows through Ashford line. f v.k, sg, 6 Billy Joe Merritt carries the ball around right end in scene from Ashford game. Senior players fish for merrnaids during Homecoming Parade. Best by Taste Test The Mis sing Link Slocomb Goes Over 'xi ' Stranger in Our Midst I Songbirds +1 hi" 1 1 W4 E 9 Qw N r I, . '34, N E lu' 7 Frosty The Brain Did it Happen Here ? The Three Stooges The Four Mousketeers Bewitched or Bewildered ? x Q L in , a J-'- ' 2,i, po-I' xx ' r- 'mf-. E L. , , ,, . 1 V M V , , fl ,, If liiifin X , ' .A 2. ff .F M 58 .fgclveffiff emen td ST OMGE CO'-D H N and wholcSaftfS Y' ' ,X n I-qea.l'.OUr Qsey BI-oflygp-5 Lwngef C- r W Svurlvs Row ,Xp - ursazs A ,gg 7,4 Q - I PHUNF-1091 CF Q6 of 4 9 w Q5 lm? ' X am Pm 11 AWD SONS fy 6 0 sr AND MANKFI fb ' Ph 0 2254 W Defy lr SI mbhl i+ 4,426 W 4140117 S, KZ, Z1 64 f 143 C UT I, 1 f by 50'oF" D C - A ' V f C 8 7 4 W' 0 C fl i 2 .Q 'O 6 . 'C' v "1 acoqdq lo' 6, I CZQA4 . 4 2. 6 C , 3. occ I 4 "f, 'xxx N 4' I f C3 H we og?" Q- f" 5 4. 49' Q:- Q! O. ah, QC' WH RW PM-' IM I Y. Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith Cperating BHHHLES C. SHIITH HIID U0 Fadette Gin and Feed Co. Smith Farms Grand Theater Herald-Observer Saw Mill Dealers in Fertilizers Cotton Seed Feed- -Seed- -Horses --Mules - -Wagons Slocornb Fadette Houston BEIIEVH CUUHTU IHUTUH CUIHPHHU Alaba p 1men s of RED HUGH BUTTUH6 UUMPHHU Compliments of GHEEHWUUD PHUDUBTS CUWPHHU Compliments PEE TEENS of Groceries, Meat, Feed, Seed WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Pho 2431 Auto Parts - Tires me Hartford Alabama Graceville Florida Compliments HARTFORD FLOWER SHOP of Flowers For All Occasions DIANA SHOP Phone 134 125 North Foster Street Phone 4-7390 Hartford Alabama Dothan Alabama NICK SAAD JEWELERS Dotharys Exclusively Elgin Jeweler SOUTH ALABAMA AUTO COMPANY Your Studebaker Diamonds are our Business and 136 North Foster Street Oliver Agents Dothan Alabama Dothan Alabama 9 . When Eating Out Compliments Try of BONNIE'S CASH DRUG STORE Sea Food, Steaks, Chicken Oysters on 112 Shell Phone 2-6000 119 N. Foster Street Graceville Florida DOth2.1'1 Alabama Compliments of DOTHAN DRUG COMPANY Dothan Alabama DOTHAN TIRE and RECAPPING COMPANY Fisk Tires Expert Recapping and Repairing 805 North Oats Street - Dial 3-5490 Dothan Alabama Yes' There is a difference 1n Ice Cream!! DEMAND There 1S none so good! Compliments of JUHES WUTUH CUMPHHU Sales SCTVICC Chevrolet and Cadillac Graceville Florida HULMHH FUHEHHl HUME We Service Brown-Service and Family Reserve Policies A11 cash policies Phone 283 Hartford Alabama Compliments of CARTER JEWELRY COMPANY P. o. B.-,x'1s3 Hartford, Alabama Compliments of GUILFORD DRUG COMPANY Your Rexall Store Phone 198 Hartford, Alabama C 1' Compliments omp lments of of M. L. WEEKS A' A' SMITH Representative Hartford, Alabama Distributor of Pan Am Products Fine As They Come The Equitable Life Assurance Society of The United States Phones: Bus. 139 Res. 105-R Commerce Street Hartford, Alabama Compliments Compliments of of DEAL'S JUVENILE SHOP WINDHAM'S Exclusive Styles For Young Ages L'aiglon Dresses Arrow Shirts Houston Hotel Bldg. Phone 220 Dothan, Alabama Hartford, Alabama Compliments of TINDELL MOTOR COMPANY Ford and Firestone Dealer Phone 11 1 Hartford, Alabama Compliments of STEWART AUTO COMPANY Dodge-Plyrnouth--Parts and Accessories Philco Appliances Phone 262 Hartford, Alabama Compliments of SUNDAY DINNER PRODUCTS SIIHHISS 8 HHHII The Quality House for 82 years Montgomery Alabama We Appreciate Our Friends Of The Slocomb Community PHTTERSUII HHHIJIIIHHE UUIIIPHHU "Jackson Cou.nty's Oldest, Largest, and Best' Serving Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama For Over 44 Years Graceville Florida Compliments of IJUTHHII LIHCUUI 8 HIEHIIUHU UUIHPHHU Sales Services TELEPHONE: PARTS No. 3-4v3o-offiee No. 4-1150 Dothan Alabama Beat the Termites by using Speigner's Slagtex Block and Ready Mixed Concrete SPEIGHER CUHIIHETE Blllllli UUIHPHHU COTnP1iT1'1e11tS Compliments of Of BEE LINE SUPER MARKET K1NGRY'S 615 North Oats Street Clothing for Family D0th3-11, Alabama Graceville Bonifay Compliments Compliments of of SOLOMON MOTOR COMPANY SPANN HARDWARE Sales Services Dothan, Alabama Dothan, Alabama Compliments of L 8: J STUDIO Dothan, Alabama Compliments of DAVIS APPLIANCE Maytag Sales and Services Dothan, Alabama Enjoy Life More Compliments Drink o-f DR. 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Suggestions in the Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) collection:

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