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M ZU t , QM wrifw Vwwfiwbiww ' V E S A e 3 2 E X, .1 U E r , E E 2 K L u f 5 Y I 1 4 E 5 1 E Q V f, F + a n i 2 r E s i E z 5 E 5 E E THE ANNUAL STAFF PRESENTS THE 1953 EDITION OF THE SIGMA ETA A I m,..,..W.. m g i, 5- , ,M . . -if , --W:Mfw.ff g A :M ..N. we My K Q , . ,..,...,,.., :.. ,,,.. .:. sg if . ,Q-annum wmv.l..ans 1 , , 4, Www! W W K, -warm-em -55 -2 "' qw ' t 1, ' - iw -1-:mm::4:z.w ., . T, ...,,..,, .,.. I b--- A - - 3 ,:i.,,r. ,, - - - nsowwuqqq-ms .f I I ..,. 'N 'T ' J , mwwwewa-Q . 1 ' : .tt-..f1,m.a,asaaufnl ,L 1, M if v. I ' paws.-swat: 1 F J' ' ' W - -A ' 5 A R' ' naamxsu- ur 1' F sr , Editor . . . . . Elaine Sorrells Business Manager. . . . Joann Tew Circulation Manager . . Helen Peters ...........PatsyPeel Feature Editor .... Lydianne Segrest Class Editor .... Flora Holloway SLOCOMB, HIGH SCHOOL Activity Editor. . Howard Culbreth, Jr. Slocomb, Alabama Sports Editor . . . . Sam Arnold Typists . . . . .Marjorie Hughes . . . . . . . . Naomi Adkinson Artist ......... Edna Smith Photography Editor . . Shirley Messer FUHEUJUHD On the pages of this book is written the story of one of the happiest years of our lives. The An- nual Staff of 1953 invites you to join us in re- living these experiences. As you delve through the pages may your enjoyment equal ours. Z IJEDICHTIUH Loyal, faithful, reliable, dependable, lovable--the series could continue with words of praise for Joe Earl Sellers, graduate of Slocomb High School, 1934, and of Troy State Teachers College, 1939, and member of our high school faculty since 1942. Mr. Sellers taught at Fadette and Oak Grove be- fore coming to us at SHS. Whether in math, science, bookkeeping or in his position at the gates during all our athletic events, the course still runs true. Mr. Sellers married Sybil Garner, a former classmate and fellow faculty member, whose untimely death brought grief to her many friends and fellow- workers. Jo Ann, his young daughter, is now a member of the fourth grade class. Besides his teaching, Mr. Sellers carries on his farming interests and engages actively in the work of the Slocomb Methodist Church. A congenial, worthwhile member of any group--student, faculty or friends-- We salute you, Joe Earl Sellers, and dedicate this issue of Sigma Eta to you with the highest measure of our devotion. 3 FHCUHU MR. I. B. DAVIDSON Principal MRS. TRUDY ASHCRAFT Home Economics MRS. GLENN BUTTRAM English and French MR. JEFF STRICKLAND Music, Band MR. WILLIAM T. RICHARDS Agriculture MR. WAYLAND DuBose History, Safety and Phy. Ed. Not Pictured MRS. ANNIE LORRIE STUTTS History and Librarian 4 MRS. IDA BELL PHINNY Math and Science MISS CELESTE FOSTER Science and English MRS. MARY SNELL Health and Phy. Ed. MRS. KATHLEEN RICHARDS Typing MISS NORMA FOSTER English as Ju' .9 r ' -1.,...i...s .... . , S . f ' ,am 4 s " S? Q L 'gg-nun A 1 w .W '.-m E Effm, f MRS. FRANKIE WHITT Music FHUUHU K . MR. JOE EARL SELLERS Bookkeeping and Math COACH DAVID SNELL Biology and Coach .par MRS. BLENNIE UNDERWOOD Sixth Grade 5 ,...1-nf' MRS. FLORA DALTON Social Studies MRS. ELIZABETH WATSON Math and Algebra MRS. BURNICE HORNSBY Sixth Grade FHCUHU 'Qs MRS. MYRTLE HEAD Fifth Grade MRS. SADIE HIXON MRS. A. Z. WIGGINS Fourth Grade Fourth Grade MRS, SUDIE WHITT MRS, VIRGIE MCINTYRE MRS. D. D. STEPHENS MRS. RUBY COLLINS Third Grade Third Grade Second Grade Second Grade MRS. ELMA COX First Grade MRS. FAIRBIE SORRELLS MISS FRANCES SMITH First Grade First Grade Not Pictured MRS. PITT MCARTHUR Fifth Grade 6 he ilk!-fa CLHSSES - RAHI' -N-I 53 SEHIURS SAM ARNOLD F.H A. I,2,3, Officer 35 Beta Club 4, President 45 Class Vice- president 35 Who's Who 35 Annual Staff 45 Hi-Lite Staff 45 Ir. Play 3. SHIRLEY MESSER F.H.A. I,2,3, Officer5 Class Secretary 2,4,5 Miss Slocomb 25 Who's Who l,2,3,4,5 Miss F.H.A. 3 F F.A. Sweetheart 35 Beta Club 45 Annual staff 45 CHARLES GRIFFIN 4-H Club 15 Officer5 I.R.C. 2,3, Basketball 25 Class President 35 Who's Who 3,45 Glee Club 45 Class Vice- president 45 FLORA HOLLOWAY Fadette I5 Class Play I5 Basket- ball I5 4-H Club I, Officer5 F.H.A. 25 Beta Club 3,45 Class Play 35 Who's Who 45 Hi-Lite Ed. 45 Annual Staff 4 BENNIE FRED MITCHELL 4-H Club rg I.R.C. 2,3,4:G1C6 Club 3,4 EVALINE HALSTEAD Tate I5 Val. I5 Basketball I5 4-H Club I5 F.H.A. 25 Beta Club 3,4: Hi- Lite staff 4. 'B-3 ELIZABETH THORNE F H.A. l,23 Beta Club 35 I.R.C. 45 Hi-Lite staff 4. MARX SPIVEY Basketball 45 Baseball 3,45 Foot- ball 2,3,4: F.F A. I,2,3, Officer 35 "S" Club 45 Who's Who 3,4 BETTY MCALLISTER Ashford I5 Sports Club Ig l.R C. 2,35 Jr. Play 35 Glee Club 45 Beta Club 45 Pep Club 25 EDSEL HORNSBY Football I, 2, 45 Basketball I, 2, 35 "S" Club I, 2, 3, 45 Who's Who 3, 45 Jr. Play 35 U.S. Army from Sept. 1950 to June 1952 NAOMI ADKISON F.H.A. l,2,35 Beta Club 4, Officer l-li-Lite Staff 45 Annual staff 45 Class Prophet 4. WAYLON STRICKLAND 4-H Club I: I.R.C. 2,3,4. BERNIE EARL HUGHES 4-H Club I, 2g Football 2,3,4g 1. R.c. 3,4. JONNIE MAUDE BOLIN Literary Club lp Glee Club Ig F.H.A. 2g Beta Club 3,43 Ir. Play 3. CHARLES CARROLL Football 2,3,4: F.F.A. 2, 1.R.c 3, "s" Club 4. JOYCE REGISTER Fadette Ip Basketball Capt. Ig 4-H Club Ig F.H.A. 2,35 Beta Club 43 Jr. Play 3, Who's Who 4. RUFUS KILLINGSWORTH 4-H Club Ig F.F.A. 2,3,43 Glee Club 3. JUDY sP1vEY 4-H Club Ig F.:-LA. 2, I.R.C. 3-4- 'U' SEHIUHS EDNA NEWMAN F.H.A. Ig I. R. C. 2, Pep Club 2g Beta Club 3,45 Glee Club 3,4. FRANK SELLERS Fadette Ig 4-H Club I3 Basketball lg I.R.C. 2,3,4. MARY ELLEN BROOKS Art Club Ig F.H.A. 25 I.R.C. 3,4g Band 45 Glee Club 4. CHARLES WATKINS F.F.A. I,2,3,4. BOBBIE JEAN JUSTICE Malvern Ip Val. Ip 4-H Club Ig Basketball I3 Beta Club 3,4: Ir. Play 3. RUDOLPH HUGHES Basketball Ig 4-H Club Ig I.R.C. 2, 3, VSEHIURS PATRICIA SIMMONS 4-I-I Club I, 2,3g Basketball I3 Beta Club 4. EDWARD HALL Football I,2,3,4: F.F.A. I,2,3, 4: "S" Club 4. GERALDINE CULVERHOUSE Literary Club Ig I. R.C. 23 Beta Club 3, 4. PAUL JUSTICE 4-H Club rg F.F.A. 2,3,4. NELLIE METCALF Science Club Ip I.R.C. 2.3, Officer 23 Who's Who 45 Beta Club 45 Officer 4g Homecoming Queen 4. WALLACE WATSON F.F.A. I,2,3,4: Football 2,3,4 "S" Club 4g Baseball 4. 1tt DAVID CARROLL 4-H c1ub1.1.R.c. 2.3. F.F.A 4. ANN REEDER Tate Ig Basketball Ig 4-H Club I: Historian Ip Music Ig I.R.C. 2, Beta Club 4. JOSEPH COLLINS F.F.A. 1,z,3,4. MAMMIE LOU BASS Fadette Ig Basketball Ig 4-H Club I, 2, 3,4, Officer 45 l-Ii-Lite Staff 4. WALLACE WILLIAMS Fadette Ig Basketball I, 2,3,4g 4-H Club rg I.R.C. 2,3g Baseball 2,3,4: "S" Club 4. RUBY NELL EVERETTE 4-H Club I: I.R. C. 2,3,4: Basketball Ig HELEN PETERS Band 1,2,3, F.H.A. 1, I.R.C. 2, Beta Club 3,4, Hi-Lite Staff 4, Annual Staff 4, Who's Who 4. MYER HOLLOWAY Malvern Ig 4-H Club, Officer, I, I.R.C. 2, "S" Club 3,4, Football 2, 3,43 Baseball I, 2, 3.4, Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4. LYDIANNE SEGREST F.H.A. I,2, Officer: Cheer- leader 2,45 Who's Who 4, Beta Club 4, Officer, Hi-Lite Staff 4, Annual staff 4, Sullins College 3, Glee Club 3,4, Vested Choir 3, Pep Club 2, Band I, 2. CHARLES UNDERWOOD Rehobeth I, "R" Club I, Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3,4, All Wiregrass 3, "S" Club 2 3, 4, Who's Who 4, Jr. Play 3 ELAINE SORRELLS 4-H Club I, 2, Officer, Band 4, Glee Club 3,4, Ir. Play 3, Beta Club 3,4, Annual Staff 3, Editor of Annual 4, Hi-Lite staff 4, 4-H Trip to Chicago 3, Who's Who 2,4, Pep Club 2, Class Officer 2. GEREL MARSH Beta Club 4, Jr. Play 3, Football 2,3,4, F.F.A. 2,3,4. gl? if r 1 1 Sim, U lg 1 - - 1f,,z--If-Qs-5 ZE'. :lf:""' 'ilk . 94' N ,V :af " ' at Eff- SEHIUHS CARLOS WILLIAMS Fadette Ig Basketball Ig 4-H Club I, I.R.C. 2,3,4, Who's Who 4. BETTY JEAN SMITH Fadette I, Class Play I, 4-H Club 1, F.H.A. 2, Beta Club 3,4, Hi-Lite staff 4, Good Citizen- ship 4. CLEBURN TEW Fadette 1, Basketball I,2,3, 4, Baseball 2, 3,4, "S" Club 3,4, Football 2, 3,4, Class Officer 4, Who's Who 4. KATIE WHITTAKER I.R.C. 2,3, 4-H Club r, Officer Who's Who 2.4, Cheerleader 3, Beta Club 4, Hi-Lite Staff 4, Monitor 3. RANDALL HALL F.F.A. I,2,3,4: "S" Club 4, Football 2, 3,4. ANN ENFINGER 4-H Club I, I.R.C 2,35 Beta Club 4. SEIIIUHS IOANN TEW 4-H Club I, 2, 3, 5 Beta Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 3, 4,5 4-H Trip to Chicago 25 Homecoming 2, 35 Who's Who 3,4g BURNICE FULFORD Malvern Ig 4-H Club Ig I.R.C. 2, 3.4. EDNA SMITH Science Club lg Pep Club 25 LR, C. 2, 35 Who's Who 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Class Historian 45 Glee Club 45 sera club 4, MAX UPTON Basketball 134-H Club Ig I.R.C. 2, 3.4. BARBARA WEBB 4-H Club I: F.H.A. 2. Officer: l,R,C, 35 Officer5 Beta Club 4. JIMMY HAMM Fadette Ig 4-H Club lg Basketball Ig I.R.C. 2,351r, Play 35 F.F.A. 4 CHARLES CLARK Malvern Ig Basketball 2, 3, 45 F. A. I, 2, 35 "S" Club 4. MARTHA WATFORD Science Club Ig I.R.C. 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4, JOHN PERRY KEEL Fadette Ig Basketball 2, 3, 45 Fo ball 23,45 F,F,A, 2, 3,45 "s" C 4. IEANETTE ARRINGTON Literary Club I 5 Glee Club 1,45 Beta Club 3,45 Cheerleader 4. HOWARD CULBRETH, IR. F,F.A. I,2,3,4g Officer 35 Bet Club 45 Annual Staff 4g Who's Wl 4: Class Officer I,2,3, Jr. PlayJ CAROLYN HUGHES 4-H Club I, Officerg I.R.C. 2, 45 Basketball Capt. I. FYRON HIXON I.R.C. 2g Beta Club 3,45 Band , 2. 3, 4g Orchestra 3, 45 Football 2. JLLIE BEA SULGROVE Malvern Ig I.R.C. 2,3,4. SEIIIUHS UUR HUHURED UHES DAVIS WAT SON 4-H Club lg I.R.C. 2,3,4 JEANETTE KENT 4-H Club lg F. H.A, 251 3. 4. X W AY NAQ HOLL? MI AD Fbogxiedidorxan Saluta to KISON .Plan 13 GLHSS PRUPHECU NAME AMBITION PROBABLY WILL BE Ann Enfinger Nurse Nurse Maid Bob Webb Doctor Model Shirley Messer Teacher Fortune Teller Joann Tew Dietition Fashion Designer Jeanette Arrington Office Worker A pain in the neck Bobbie Jean Justice Missionary Dignified Old Maid Randall Hall Sam Arnold Charles Griffin Jonnie Maude Bolin Joyce Register Elaine Sorrells Ruby Nell Everette Judy Spivey Charles Watkins Cleburne Tew Rufus Killingsworth Edsel Hornsby Geraldine Culverhouse Patricia Simmons Elizabeth Thorne Nellie Metcalf Ann Reeder Jeanette Kent Charles Underwood Mary Ellen Brooks Charles Carroll Byron Hixon Paul Justice Edna Smith Davis Watson Marx Spivey Evaline Halstead Burnice Fulford Helen Peters Gerel Marsh Betty Jean Smith Betty McAllister Carlos Williams Rudolph Hughes Katie Whitaker Waylon Strickland Max Upton Edna Newman David Carroll Jimmy Hamm Martha Watford Maminie Lou Bass Flora Holloway Charles Clark Myer Holloway Bennie Fred Mitchel Frank Sellers John Perry Keel Joseph Collins Naomi Adkison Edward Hall Wallace Watson Carolyn Hughes Lydianne Segrest Howard Culbreth Wallace Williams Football coach Chemical engineer Doctor Secretary Nurse Dietition Secretary Secretary Jet Pilot Dentist Welder Smart as Mrs. Teacher Stenographer Stenographer Secretary Secretary Office Worker Coach Housewife Millionaire Electronic Engineer Preacher Writer Be in service Electrician Beautition Architect A good cook Mechanic Stenographer Commercial teacher Bakerman Navy Pilot Doctor' secretary X-Ray technician Jet Pilot School teacher Goldminer Poolshark Millionaire Secretary Airline Hostess Hotel Owner Salesman Actor Lawyer Pres. of U. S. Navigator Teacher Join Air Force Join Army Housewife Mechanic's wife Engineer Baseball player Phinney Principal of S. H. S. A burn Undertaker Baby sitter Actress Home Ec. Teacher Teacher Floor Scrubber Farmer Coach at Fadette Five Star General TV Comedian Secretary Farmer's wife Social Worker Preacher's wife A Car-hop Hotel Hostess Ho-Bo An old maid Parasite Electrocuted Hen Pecked Husband Artist A Boy Scout Capt. in National Guard Housewife ln service A bum cook Bookkeeper Telephone Operator Waitress Millionaire Shoe Salesman Truck driver's wife Taxi driver Grease monkey Housewife Tater digger Bootlegger Salesgirl Airl-ine Hostess Undertaker's wife Mayor of Malvern Raleigh Man Newsboy A truck driver Horse Trader Sailor Bookkeeper Bell Hop Buck Pvt. Secretary Vocalist Butler French Teacher LHST llllll HIID TESTHIHEHT aa We, the senior class of 1953, 63 strong, about to leave this hall of fame with a sound mind, and a dependable memory, do hereby publish our Last Will and Testament, mak- ing all other promises and wills void. I, Shirley Messer, will my courting privilege at school to Ann Brown. I, Charles Carrol, will laziness to S. W. Kirkland. I, Elizabeth Thorne, will my ability to speak French to Mar ie Forehand. I, Byron Hixon, will my position as chairman of the Gripe Club to Harry Gene Harris. I, Mary Brooks, will my smile to June Smith. I, Paul Justice, will my ability to learn En lish to any sucker who wants it. I, Elaine Sorrells, will my job as annual ecitor to anybody. l, Burnice Fulford, have nothing to will and therefore I will nothing to anybody. I, Helen Peters, will my ability to get a husband to Frances Jackson. I, Jimmy Hamm, leave Mr. Davidson with gray hair. I, Carlos Williams, leave all the typewriters of Slocomb High in bad condition. I, Waylon Strickland, leave Coach Snell and biology to some other stupid bum. I, Charles Clark, will my slow and cautious driving to Lawrence Hughes. I, Max Upton, will my honesty to Luther Hall. I, Wallace Watson, will all my friendliness to Mrs. Buttram. I, Rufus Killin sworth, will my French book to somebody who needs it worse than I. I, Rudolph Huggies, will my typing skill to Grady Harris. I, John P. Keel, will my big fish tales to Lawrence Harris. I, Joann Tew, Leave my quiet ways to Jonnie M. Harris. I, Cleburne Tew, leave my hei ht to Royce Vickers. We, Evaline Halstead and Ann Reeder, will our ability not to get caught by Mr. David- son to Jo Farmer and Pencie Thweatt. I, Charles Watkins, will my geometry book to Paul Gray. I, Charles Underwood, will m ways with the women to James Bass. I, Geraldine Culverhouse, willlmy place in French Class to Ernestine Clark. I, Edward Hall, will my good grades to Don Watson. I, Edsel Hornsby, leave schoo ----- I hope. We, Judy Spivey and Jeanette Kent, will our giggles to Betty Peacock and Robbie Hall. I, Marx Spivey, will my smoking habit to Eugene Tindell. I, Gerel Marsh, will my bus driving ability to Harold Hagler. I, Bernie E. Hughes, leave as soon as I receive a diploma--I hope. I, Ruby Nell Everett, leave my weight to Sue Thomas. I, David Carroll, leave biology for good. I, Bob Webb, leave my hei ht to Marjorie Hu hes. I, Davis Watson, leave mygheight to Paul Hidge. I, Ann Enfinger, leave my black hair to Bobbie Dean. I, Nellie Metcalf, will the crown of Homecoming Queen to Virginia Kirkland. I, Bennie Mitchell, will my keen sense of humor to Wendell Hall. I, Bobbie J. Justice, leave my ability to learn bookkeeping to Fannie Smith. I, Carolyn Hughes, will my friendliness to Evelyn Bedsole. I, Naomi Adkinson, will class prophet to anyone who has an imaginative mind. I, Edna Newman, leave my abi ity to run up and down the hall to Dorothy S. Pope. I, Martha Watford, will nothing because I need it all. I, Jeanette Arrington, will my flirty ways to Miss Norma Foster. I, Patricia Simmons, will my ability to work bookkeeping to Katie Pippin. I, Lydianne Segrest, leave my cheerleader captain to Pat Peel. I, Joseph Collins, leave my love for English to Edward Woods. Charles Griffin, leave Glee Club to some boy that can't sing any better than I. Wallace Williams, leave my wavy hair to Larry Newton. I, Jonnie M. Bolin, leave my ability to work geometry to Hilda Moss. I, Betty Jean Smith, leave my good citizen ship to Kathryn Kelly. I, Mamie L. Bass, leave my quiet ways and good nature to Mariam Hall. I, Edna Smith, leave my singin in the halls to Sue Smith. I, Myer Holloway, leave Mrs. Stutts with more gray hair than she already had. I, Flora Holloway, leave Mrs. Phinney's cloak room to find a better place for an office I, Betty McAllister, leave my love for bookkeeping and Mr. Sellers to Leonard Tew. I, Howard Culbreth, leave Chemistry class for ever. I, Randull Hall, leave the football field to find another fighting place. I, Kathie Whitaker, will my athletic ability to Jean Pelham. I, Joyce Register, will my witty ways to Imogene Register. I, Frank Se lers, will my bookkeeping book to Mr. Sellers. I, Sam Arnold, leave this job to the poor fella who gets it next year. 1. L Sam Arnold, Class Lawyer 15 IILHSS HISTUHU Our history began in September of 1941 when we were organized for the first time in the rooms of our first grade teachers, the former Miss Opal Garner and Miss Bernice Tomberlin, The beginners of our class were Marx Spivey, Sam Arnold, Howard Culbreth, Joann Tew, Helen Smith, Rufus Kill- ingsworth, Charles Carroll, Bernie Fred Mitchell, Naomi Adkinson, Nellie Metcalf, Jonnie M. Bolin, Edna Smith, Judy Spivey, Martha Watford, Jean- ette Arrington, Geraldine Culverhouse, Gerel Marsh, Lydianne Segrest, and Charles Watkins. The former Miss Lula Mae Newton and Miss Maude Hughes were our teachers in the second grade. That year Davis Watson came from Fadette to join our class. Our third year was a memorable one for all of us because we moved over to the high school building for classes. We felt superior to our fellow mates who were still over in the elementary building. I know Mrs. Flora Dalton and Miss Louise Justice, now Mrs. Moody Williford, had plenty of headaches try- ing to keep up with us. At that time Joseph Collins joined our class. We moved back to the elementary building in the fourth grade, to the rooms of the former Miss Mattie Davis and Miss Evelyn Gibson. One big event was the May Day Festival when we fourth graders danced the Virginia Reel. In the fifth grade Mrs. J. T. Boyette and Mrs. Pitt McArthur were our teachers. Betty McAllister came to us from Taylor and Elaine Sorrels from Kinsaul. The Sixth grade was a big year for us. Mrs. Burnell Rayburn and Mrs. Bernice Hornsby were the teachers who guided us and prepared us for the days ahead in high school. Some of us will never forget the chicken fry we had in May. Edward Hall was the only new member of our class this year. O course, we'll all remember those first days as Jr. I's. I doubt if some of us will ever forget Social Studies with Coach Richards. Mrs. Johnny Fred- rich and Miss Celeste Foster were our homeroom teachers and helped us to adjust ourselves to our new surroundings. Mar Ellen Brooks came to us from Hartford and Elizabeth Thorne from Blue Springs that term. In the eighth grade Byron Hixon came to us from Rockford, Waylon Strick- land and David Carroll from Fadette, and Wallace Watson and Bernie Earl Hughes joined our class. Mrs Flora Dalton and Miss Norma Foster were our homeroom teachers. Edna Newman, Ruby Nell Everette, Anna Raye Enfinger, and Jeanette Kent from Malvern, and Frank Sellers from Fadette enrolled here in the ninth grade. They were probably unfortunate enough to get in on the theme writing that Mr. Sellers made us do for talking. We old members were amazed when we saw all the stran e faces that ap- peared in our tenth grade rooms. Those to come to us from iflalvern were Carolyn Hughes, Barbara Webb, Myer Holloway, Rudolph Hughes, Max Upton, Patricia Simmons, Bobbie Jean Justice, Paul Justice, Charles Clark, and Burnice Fulford. From Fadette came Jimmy Hamm, Charles Griffin, Carlos Williams, Wallace Williams, Cleburne Tew, Flora Holloway, Betty Jean Smith, Joyce Register, Katie Whitaker, and Mamie Lou Bass. Ann Reeder and Evaline Halstead came from Tate. Shirley Messer from Marianna, Charles Underwood from Rehobeth and Betty McAllister joined us from Ashford. We were very proud when Shirley Messer won the title of "Miss Slocomb" in the tenth. Coach Richards and Mrs. Stutts led us through that ear as sponsors of our class. John Perry Keel joined us in the eleventh grade. We gave our Junior play "Whoa Grandma" under the direction of one homeroom sponsor, Mrs. Grace Whitten. Mrs. Mable Harris was our other homeroom teacher and led the preparations for the successful Western banquet that we gave the Seniors. Then came the greatest of all, our Senior year, with our sponsor, Mrs. Ida Bell Phinney. Instead of taking the usual trip to Florida we voted to go to Washington, D. C. Throughout the year we worked hard to make the trip. Among the many honors to come our way was the election of Nellie Metcalf as Homecoming Queen by popular vote. The only new member of our class was Edsel Hornsby. We'1l never forget these years here at Slocomb High.. We all feel a little sad to know we're leaving its halls for the last time as students. As we go our different paths of success, we'll look back on these days here and remem- ber them as our happiest. Edna Smith Historian 16 James Bass Patsy Peel Paul Gray Ann Brown Charles Ward Mary Lou Enfinger Raymond Register Marjorie Hughes Billy Wright Yvonne Kelley Larry Newton Virginia Kirkland Jerome Chaney Frances Jackson John Wright Martha Hidle Gene Keel Jonnie Maude Harris Harry Gene Harris Sue Thomas Jimmy Watson Martha Ann Sheffield Don Watson Jean Pelham JUHIUH CLHSS 17 JUIIIUH IILHSS 18 Harold Hagler Eleanor Hinson Freddy Bush Kathryn Kelley Paul Hidle Sherryl Caraway Billy Joe Merritt Nancy Carroll Robert Smith Sara Boyette Luther Hall Ann Kirkland David Baxley Ann Singletary S. W. Kirkland Hilda Moss Bibb Graves Shirley Wicker Leonard Register Patricia Bailey Loyd Stone Pencie Thweatt Bobbie Miller Maylon Eldridge Betty Holland Virgie Merritt Evelyn Bedsole Beth Hyman Luverne Knight Doris Culverhouse Shelba Jean Bass Margie Forehand Jo Farmer Myra Lott Billy Arnold Ioma Merritt Nina Thompson Dorothy Sue Pope Bobby Jean Dean Katie Pippins JUIIIUH CLHSS 19 ,,-av' SUPHUHIUHE ULHSS nk if '33 'S , ,AF . TOP ROW: Grace Parrish, Joe Earl Berry, Ernestine Clark, Johnnie Earl Lassiter, Robbie Hall, Jimmy Ned Collins. SECOND ROW: Jackie Benefield, Charles E. Smith. Jean Brackin, John Wayne Hicks, Bevelyn Killinsworth, Clyde Bailey. THIRD ROW: Loudean Williford, Jerry Dunnaway, Theresa Collins, Paul Everette, Merium Hall, Kenneth Sewell. FOURTH ROW: Frances Kelley, Wesley Mitchell, Marie Saunders, Eugene Tindell, Elizabeth Holland, Bobby Jackson. FIFTH ROW: Jewel Newman, Charles Elmore, Elsie Rayburn, Dawsey Hemby, Louise Spivey, Kenneth Register. 20 ,sinh SUPHUHIUHE CLHSS l' - if -M ft -",.' . w e FIRST ROW: Martha Collins, Sterling Bass, Robert Lee Coe, Flora Nell Singletary, Billy Spivey, Nellie Smith. SECOND ROW: Wendall Hall, Geraldine Watford, Oyette Phillips, Katherine Chancy, Edward Woods, Carolyn McCullough. THIRD ROW: Shirley Jenkins, Grace Phillips, Lawrence Harris, Joyce Caraway, Billy Hawkins, Sheby Jean Freeman. FOURTH ROW: Charles Hidle, Barbara Watson, Grady Campbell, Margie Hodge, Buddy Hollaway, Betty Peacock. FIFTH ROW: Gene Skinner, Bobbie Single- tary, Doyle Campbell, Margie Phillips, Ben Brackin, Myernette Register. Z l SUPHUHIUHE CLHSS TOP ROW: Bonnie Waters, James Edward Hundley, Jean Butler, Larry Toole, Fannie Lou Smith, Roy Saunders. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Peters, Gerald Mitchell, Evelyn Hall, David Sasser, Frances Fore- hand, Nelson Baxley. THIRD ROW: Norma Jean Smith, Lamar Jones, Sarah Greer, Johnnie Earl Yeomans, Io Ann Baxley. Leonard Tew. FOURTH ROW: Sarah Russell, Annette Leddon, Betty Watford Z2 IIIIITH GHHUE TOP ROW: Davis Smith, Grady Harris, Kenneth Warren, Herman Sorrells, Wayland Childs, Loyd Coker, Wallace Killingsworth, Randall Collins, Edwin Davis, Don Callihan, Joel Tew. SECOND ROW: Gareth Eubanks, Charles Avery, Robert Yeoman, Rex Blount, Dolphus Hall, Donald Bolin, Doyle Miller, Billy Watson, Berlon Graham, Glenn Boutwell, Randall Bynum. THIRD ROW: Connie Mills, Wayne Lee, Maylon Bush, J. C. Hardy.FOURTl-I ROW: Mr. Joe Earl Sellers, Betty Sue Bottoms, Lillian Collins, Jonnie Maude Smith, Rebecca Hundley, Glenda Riley, Kenneth Vinson, Phyliss Holland, Louise Justice, Joann Hall. FIFTH ROW: Remona Cox, Joyce Williams, Hattie Metcalf, Betty Rash, Betty Purvis, Florene Skinner Hazel Aplin, Laurie Jane Patterson, Joel Wright Imo gene Register, Shirley Yeomans, Mrs. William T. Richards. SIXTH ROW: Vonnie Simmons, Doris Watson, 'Marth White, Carolyn Kelley, Sue Smith, Bonnie Collins, Katie Box, Helen Burdeshaw. V TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Devon Bolin, Mary Smith, Bob Bush, Milda Welch, Sue Fondren, Martha Battles, Eloise Merritt, Nelda Lott, Martha Childs, Ellen Bolin, Myrtle Hyman. SECOND ROW: Patricia Waters, Clement Miller, Douglas Campbell, Royce Branshaw. Gerald Smith, Joe Earl Helms, Huey Helms, Harold Holloway. THIRD ROW: Huelon Chancyl, Jimmy Rex Gilley, Walter Crockham, Steve White, Tommy Roberts, Joyce Jackson, Wynell Tate, Sara Hughes, Omega Dean. FOURTH ROW: Joe Phillisns, George Baxley, Buddy Parrish, Clayton Cox, Gerald Bowers. Fl TH ROW: rs. Flora Dalton, Jane Nell Davi son, June Smith, Maxine Clark, Era Jo Harris, Bill Grace Ketchum, Martha June Farmer, Miss Norma Forster, Clayton Brannon. BOTTOM ROW: Robbie Foul-en, Loudell Moss, Helen Bottoms, Betty Phillips, Sandra I-lidle, Sara Myers, Sara Fondren, Jimmy Pitt Sullivan, David Davis, Grover Smith, Danny Gouge. . 23 3 SEVENTH GRHUE NNE EH! FRONT ROW: Mrs. Watson, Harold Hidle, Reginald Campbell, James E. Carroll, James Roland, Charles Killings- worth, Dan Peters, Jonnie Lee Watson, Loure Culverhouse, Betty Sue Aplin, Grace Sorrells, Cherry Carroll, Coach David Snell. SECOND ROW: Lawerence Merritt, Bobby Morgan, Jimmy Davis, Wallace Branshaw, Jimmy Craw- ford, Willa Dean White, Joyce Harrison, Martha Sue Roberts, Glenda Fay Lee. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Collins, Kenneth Crawford, Sue Hall, Ruth Ellen Smith, Willa Dean Skinner, Lily Pearl Warren, Linda Lott. FOURTH ROW: Sarah Kate Hall, Carolyn Harrel, Huey Thurman, Jimmy Mitchell, Wendell Youngblood, Billy Joe Hatcher, Patsy Metcalf, Peggy Crawford, Peggy Dean, Virginia Cox, Joyce Wright. FIFTH ROW: enneth Dean, Ray Bush, Robert Smith, Jimmy Snell, Cary Watkins, Ard Watson, Rex Deshazo, Betty Killingsworth, Billy Justice, Gwen- dolyn Hagler, Carolyn Culverhouse. SIXTH GRHDE FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Underwood, Wynelle Bolin, Willie Myrl Hendrix, Clovette Kirkland, Fay Jackson, Shirley Peters, Delores Ridenhour, Betty Russell, Mylrtle Waters, Hilda Welch, Dorothy Wood, Mrs. B. Hornsby. SECOND ROW: Tommy Kelley, Gene Kent, Rudolp Kleiser, Reginald Mitchell, Charles Sheffield, Jerome Smith, Robert Earl Turner, Billy Turner, Wayne Williams. THIRD ROW: Ouida Peters, Wanda Smith, Patricia Spivey, Mable Thompsons, Julian Aplin, Rudolph Barrett, J oe Bolin, Irby Hall, Curtis Harris, Junior Waters. FOURTH ROW: Myron Jones, Ann McAllister, Metha Gille , Barbara Hatcher, Betty Hicks, Mona Holland, Mary Frances Hughes, Jo Ann Kimble, Elaine Kirkland, Irene Killgr sworth, Ouida Peacock. FIFTH ROW: Dewey Anderson, Johnny Mack Burdeshaw, Billy Eubanks, Huey Mitchell, lsgitchell Pippin, Charles Sims, Max Bolin, Randul Coker, Harold Hall, J. L. Pippin, Leslie Ward, Earl Mack Gavin. 24 HFTHGHHDE TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Patricia Davis, Bobby Dominy, Billy Dominy, Donald Hidle, Doloris Merritt, Mary Fay Deshazar, Margaret Culbreth, Alfred Costa, Billy Baxley, Glenda Bolin, Betty Jean Bottoms. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Lee, Charlie Ray Lewis, Betty Ruth Miller, Sylvia Heltsley, Joel Holland, Mary Hall, Billy Joe Hughes, Charles Harrell, Eunis Hyman, Mar a Fay Forehand. THIRD ROW: Randolph Brown, Leon Woods, Ronnie hite, Joseph Smith, Jimmy Hatcher, Hoytt Hatcher, Sally May Wood, Syble Freeman. Billy Fay Smith, Joan Weed, Bett Joyce Smith. A. J. Tireson, Kenneth Smith. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Head, Jerre Roland, Gerald Killingsworth, Stephen Harris, David Harris, Jimmy Davis, Larry Davis, Robert Earl Cox, Johnny Cox, Jimmy Butler, Shelly Barnes. FIFTH ROW: Jonnie Ruth Welch, Wendell Bolin, Jimmy Benefield, Kenneth Bowers, Everett Bro in, Hilton Collins. Harold Davis, Joseph Owen, Johnny Mack Vinson, Carl Watkins, Daniel Whitaker. SIXTH ROVi Glenda Snell, Jeanette Tate, Martha Jean Stephens, Joy Mauldin, Dorothy Mauldin, Martha Jean Mills, Marshia Ree Kirkland, Annette Blount, Silvia Nasler, Myra Jean Greer. FUUHTH GHHDE is FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Watson, Robert Earl Ward, James Earl Tindell, Charles Tew, Paul Tanton, Donald Spivey, Ted Smith, James Simmons. SECOND ROW: Gerald Peters, Freddie Welch, Jackie Lassiter, Louie Williford, Tony Kelley, Melvin Justice, Gerald Jackson, Daniel Dykes, Jr., Donnie Mack Hall, Glenn Carroll, Franklin Adams, Katie Yarbrou h, Sandra Williford, Elizabeth Waters, Barbara Thom son. THIRD ROW: Mary Tew Janice Yoeman, Ruth Roberts, gwendolyn Pilcher, Annette Phillips, L. V. Pelham, Christine Mills, Jean Martin, Robbie Hughes, Joyce Greer, Shirley Dean, Sandra Costa, Mary Ellen Brown. FOURTH ROW: Bertie Mae Stone, Faye Strowder, Sara Anne Smith, Patricia Skinner, Evelyn Richards, Sara Roberts, Mable Jo Shutes, Barbara Willi- ford, Susan Segrest, Martha Simmons, Phyllis Marsh, Betty Peters. FIFTH ROW: Anne Price, Elizabeth Newmans, Barbara Matthews, Glenda Lee, Brenda Mitchell, Martha Metcalf, Marilyn Hornsby, Jean Clark, Nan Carnes, Emily Buttram, Alex Smith, Billy Trawick, Billy Joe Tew. SDCTH ROW: Charles Sellers, Allen Smith, James Rile , William Roland, Donnis Pate, Ronnis Pate, Earl Jernigan, David Morgan. Gene Merritt, Robert Killings- worar, Charles Kirkland, Gerald Hendrix. SEVENTH ROW: Ralph Hornsby, Jimmy Helms, Kenneth Ridenhour, Paul Farmer, Lonnie Earl Hendrix, Jimmy Enfinger, Larry Bass, Gary Barrett, James Buttram, David Armstrong, David Avery. THIHDGHHDE FRONT ROW: Mrs. Vir ie McEntyre, Mrs. Sudie Whitt, Martha Merritt, Carolyn Whitehead, Martha Robinson, Alma Greer, Glenda Ciilds, Judy Collins, Linda Callihan, Flossie Brown, Jerry Snell, Gene Strickland, SECOND ROW: Jerry Warren, Ernest Stone, Terry Smith, Row Harris, Everette Odom, Micheal Mills, Randall Lee, Don Hatcher, Bobby Rash, Gregg Campbell, Charles Aplin, THIRD ROW: Jimmy Cox, Lawrence Streepy, Kenneth QUHIIICDUITI. Jimmy B01in. Douglas Sorrells. Joel Woodham, Billy Joe Ward, Lawrence Smith, Warren Byrd, Douglas Caraway, Jerry Bolin. OURTH ROW: Betty Dean, Madge Watson, Ruby Jewel Hall, Gwendolyn Myers, Patricia Waters, Jean White, Marjorie Taylor, Geraldine Smith, Martha Peters, FIFTH ROW: Maryl Mitchell, Tommie Jo Hagler, Sandra Hughes, Maxine Hicks, Charlotte Gavin, Lillian Fondren, Martha Coc ran, Louise Bradshaw, Bessie Blount, Eloise Adams. SECUHDBHHDE TOP ROW: Charles Roberts, Wilmer McAllister, Wilburn Martin, Richard Jernigan, Jerry Harris, Paul Harrell, Robert- Farmer, John B. Davidson, Charles Dalton, Earl Collins, Earl Bradshaw, Larry Bowers, Billy Wayne Bottoms, Sammy Bailey. SECOND ROW: Mary Ruth Jackson, Jo Annette Gissendaver, Myra Eubands, Faye Marie Enfinger, Linda Davis Keta Bolin, Pete Watson, Billy Joe Thompson, Johnny Yarbrough, Gerald Watson, James Waters, Dwi ht Tew, Jimmy Smith. THIRD ROW: Joel Underwood, Max Stone, Ronnie Senio, Bobby Peel, Johnny Mack Hefms, Marie Welch, Janie Sue Waters, Sherleen Tew, June Simmons, Judy Mitchell, Annette Mills, Charlotte Meritt, Sandra McAllister. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Strickland, Joyce Pate, Tina Newton, Ann Anderson, Gary Culverhouse, Johnny Quick. Johnny Watson, Max Skipper, Clinton Hindrix, James Mauldin, Nathan Carroll. Gerald Aplin, Bob Hagler. FIFTH ROW: Betty Simmons, Margie Ward, Barbara Smith, Willidean Strawder, Shirley Peters, Annette Mitchell, Sandra Lott, Judy Kimble, Patricia Hall, Barbara Adams, Rebecca Yeomans. SIXTH ROW: Mary Hall, Melba Holland. Saundra Roberts, Gail Clark. Z6 FIRST GRHDE nu-u-Y-H FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sorrells, Miss Smith, Mrs. Cox. SECOND ROW: Lottie Hall, Carolyn Moss, Jane Moss, Patricia Strickland, Shirley Tew. THIRD ROW: Buford Bolin, Bobby Bottoms, John Hildreth, Bobbie Martin, Wilbur Price, Jerry Sellers, Larry Sellers, Carlisle Weed, Dwight Wil1iford,Johnny Mac Hughes, Leonard Phillips, Sara Alice Buttram, Vicki Morgan, Sandra Coker. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Don Smith, Lamar Sellers, Coe Winson, Talmadge German, La- fayette Kirkland, Gleyndanne Blackman, Glenda Faye Campbell, Jeanette Hollis, Ann Jones, Barbara Kleiser, Martha Mitchell, Monteze Marsh, Jean Thompson, Catherine Hall. FIFTH ROW: Helen Adams, Linda Creel, Mary Hall, Joan Ott, Jean Sims, Patricia Ward, Dianne Cunningham, Max Aplin, J. B. Bell, Keith Helms, Edward Jones, Ronnie Sorrells. SIXTH ROW: Allen Bowen, Bobby Fondren, Larry Hall, Lannis Kirkland, Cullen Mills, Lester Peters, Robert A. Purvis, Ronald Sawyer, Moody Smith, Allen Waters, Tommy Wright. HIDDIE BHHIJ FIRST ROW: Gerald Whitt, Marjorie Taylor, Linda Callahan, Glenda Childs, Mary Mitchell, Judy Collins, Sandra Lott, Terry Smith, Sherrilyn Avery, Bessie Blount, Joanette Gissendanner, Sammy Bailey, John B. Davidson, Jerry Harris, Paul Harrell. SECOND ROW: Madge Watson, Sandra Hughes, Jean White, Michael Mills, Carolyn White- head, Douglas Caraway, Charlotte Gavins, Rebecca Yeomans, Richard Jernigan, Bobby Hagler, Bobby Peel, Sue Smith, Ann Anderson, June Simmons, Charles Roberts. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Sudie Whitt, Mrs. Frankie Whitt. 27 Q SHHPSHUTS um., 1, -x A 'xg fwzff 'Q K img.: K 'x ,ff X P .f , 'XS E :X in if .. if' 'VH 'V 'N I 1 4 ,A I I E I 1 f 13:1 A VN x T7"I'qw xx x E I W ,' ' 'V - 11 T . 5 ' A 2 ii-. vi? Gt N721 . f' xyx '- QC- -' ww 2 x Vi- 1 3 X 'ii 6 4 ' ' q uf s 5 ' ,r J'- L A iry ' 4119:-f 41:1-as LEE? Z8 .J FEHTURES 7713-is My U 11111111- X f - I 1 , S I A I! . ' .- " W r wr . bi -1 'ii I SEHIUH BEHUTIES JUHIUH BEHUTIES EFFIE SUPHUIHUHE BEHUTIES Wu, . lv M 4 "Q L I' W 44 ,S HHHUIUEEH UUEEH MARJORIE HUGHES 33 HHLLUUIEEH PRINCESS MARJORIE TAYLOR 34 HHLLUUJEEH SCENES Most likely to Succeed YVONNE KELLEY CHARLES GRIFFIN llIHU'S lUHU WWWWMH Most Artistic EIDNA SMITH MARX SPIVEZY Most Intellectual FLORA HOLLOWAY HOWARD CULBRETH, JR. fl1'X'1 Q W4-9 l1lH0'SlUHU d 'lQ 'mira-L. Wittiest JOYCE REGISTER EDSEL HORNSBY C 1 Most Popular E LAINE SORRE LLS GENE KEEL Friendliest HE LEN PETERS CAR LOS WILLIAMS lUHU'S UIHU ,, nf P ' 9 I 7 ,LE ' "tk Cutest Boy and Girl A "'A'z,zSa ' , ,U IV v LYDIANNE SEGREST MARX SPIVEY me 3 Most Athletic KATHIE WHIT TAKER CHAR LES UNDERWOOD Best Dressed PATRICIA BAILEY CLEBURNE TEW Most Handsome and Prettiest PATSY PEEL JIMMY NED COLLINS lUHU'S UIHO The Best A11-Round NELLIE METCALF LARRY NEWTON 'Sf mum Best Personality JOANN TEW LAWRENCE HARRIS 1 5, rq,mf in QA if L: 40 HCTIVITIES CLUBS BETA CLUB SEATED: Margie Forehand, Ann Enfinger, Barbara Webb, Katie Whitaker, Joyce Register, Betty Jean Smith, Jonnie Maude Bolin, Geraldine Culverhouse, Lydianne Segrest, Flora Hollaway, Naomi Adkison, Sam Arnold, Elaine Sorrels, Nellie Metcalf, Pencie Thweatt, Evaline Halstead, Betty McAllister, Edna Smith, Sue Thomas, Sherryl Caraway, Marjorie Hughes, Jonnie Maude Harris, STANDING: Mrs. Sara Buttram, Jeanette Arrington, Bobbie Jean Justice, Shirley Messer, Joann Tew, Patsy Peel, Nancy Carroll, Byron Hixon, Howard Culbreth, Jr., Raymond Register, Gerel Marsh, Freddie Bush, Harry Gene Harris, Charles Griffin, Ann Reeder, Patricia Simmons, Dorothy Sue Pope, Edna Newman, Jo Farmer, Helen Peters I.R.C. FIRST ROW: Mary Brooks, Geraldine Watford, Martha Watford, Ruby Nell Everette, Loyd Stone, Martha Ann Sheffield, Luther Hall, Jeanette Kent, SECOND ROW: David Sasser, Virgie Merritte, John Wayne Hicks, Doris Culverhouse, Myra Lott, Ann Brown, Judy Spivey, Bobbie Dean, Elizabeth Thorne, Buddy Hollaway, Marie Saunders, Mrs, Stutts. THIRD ROW: Burnice Fulford, Davis Watson, Kenneth Sewell, Beth Hyman, Ben Brackin, Shirley Wicker, Virginia Kirkland, Carlos Williams. FOURTH ROW: Nelson Baxley, Bernie Earl Hughes, Max Upton, Jimmy Ned Collins, Billy Wright, Frank Sellers, Waylon' Strickland, Bobby Jackson, Bennie Fred Mitchell, Carolyn Hughes, Ollie Bea Sulgrove. CLUBS F.H.A. FIRST ROW: Annette Leddon, Jean Spivey, Mary Lou Enfinger, Yvonne Kelley Jean Pelham, Patricia Bailey, Mrs. Trudy Ashcraft. SECOND ROW: Barbara Watson, Betty Jean Watford, Shirley Yeomans, Nellie Smith, Katie Box, Joel Wright, Imogene Register, Martha White, Carolyn Kelley. THIRD ROW: Carolyn McCuller, Joyce Caraway, Bobbie Singletary Joanne Baxley, Shirley Jenkins, Margie Hodges, Myernette Register, Bobbie Miller, Vonnie Simmons, Bonnie Waters, Ernestine Clark. Jackie Benefield. FOURTH ROW: Martha Hidle, Ann Kirkland, Helen Burdeshaw Norma Joan Butler, Claudette Boyetre, Evelyn Bedsole, Eleanor Hinson, Betty Holland, FIFTH ROW: Camellia Paulk, Jewel Newman, Grace Parrish, Nellie Smith, Frances Forhan, Ann Singletary, Fannie Smith, SIXTH ROW: Frances Jackson, Elizabeth Holland, Sue Smith, Margie Phillips, Kathrine Chancy, Grace Phillips Frances Kelley, Nina Thompson, Theresa Collins. F.F.A. FIRST ROW: Randall Hall, Robert Smith, Bibb Greaves, Don Watson, Lawrence Hughes, Paul Justice. SECOND ROW: Edward Woods, Gene Tindell. Gene Skinner, Morris Baxley, Gerel Marsh, James E. Hundley, LC. Hardy, Paul Gray, Mr. Richards. THIRD ROW: Gerald Mitchell, Wendell Hicks, Grady Campbell, Wendell Hall, Jonnie Earl Lassiter, Wallace Killingsworth, Paul Everette, Billy Spivey, Jimmy Hamm, Doyle Campbell. Jerry Dunnaway. FOURTH ROW: Joseph Collins, Jimmy Watson, Gerel Kent, Horace Baxley, Lamar Jones, David Baxley, David Carroll. FIFTH ROW: Howard Culbreth, Jr., Dawsey Hemby, Maylon Eldridge, Kenneth Register, Joe Earl Berry, Jerome Chancey. SIXTH ROW: Wallace Watson, Larry Tool, Rufus Killingsworth, Charles Hidle, Charles Ward, Charles E. Smith. SEVENTH ROW: Roy Saunders, John Perry Keel, Charles Watkins, Charles Elmore, Royce Vickers, Robert lee Coe. lx READERS CLUB Loudean Williford, Flora Nell Skinner, Jonnie Lee Watson, Betty Ruth Rash, Sara Hughes, Merel Simmons, Martha Childs, Ellen Bolin, Edwin Davis, Charles Avery, Rex Blount, Miss Norma Foster, Jimmie Pitt Silavent, Betty Purvis, Grady Harris, Willa Dean Skinner, Wynell Tate, Huey Helms. PEP CLUB FIRST ROW: Ann Farmer, Patsy Metcalf, Billie Grace Ketchum, Shirley Bell, June Smith, Emmie Crawford, Louise Justice, Joanna Harris, Peggy Crawford, Peggy Dean, Ellen Smith, Mrs. Mary Snell. SECOND ROW: Joyce Wright, Lillie Pearl Warren, Sue Hall, Laurie Jane Patterson, Betty Killingsworth, Eloise Merritt, Joyce Williams, Ernestine Clark, Rebecca Hundley. THIRD ROW: Jane Nell Davidson, JoAnn Hall, Evelyn Hall, June Farmer, Ramona Cox, Bonnie Collins, Jonnie Maude Smith, Virginia Robinson, Carolyn Harrell, Maxine Clark. FOURTH ROW: Myrtle Hyman, Era Jo Harris, Virginia Cox, Betty Sue Bottoms, Laura Culverhouse, Sara Wright, Gwendolyn Hagler, Phylis Holland, Glenda Riley. FIFTH ROW: Cammelia Ann Riley, Barbara Toole, Lillian Collins, Hattie Metcalf, Sara Hall, Joyce Harrison, Carolyn Peters, Willa Dean White. , as of he J C 'JLCIEUME3 CLUBS GIRLS 4-H CLUB FIRST ROW: Sara Fondren, Leevon Bolin, Martha Joy Battles, Katie Pippins Jennie Mae Helms, Mamie Lou Bass, Sara Myers, Helen Bottoms, Pa-tricia Waters, Sandra Hidle. SECOND ROW: Miss Celeste Foster, Nelda Lott, Robbie Fondren, Lou Dell Moss, Betty Phillips, Sue Fondren, Jean Brackirr, Shelba Jean Bass, Joyce Jackson, Miriam Hall, Luverne Knight, Sybil Williamson, Patricia Watson, Sara Deal, Linda Lott, Cherry Carroll. 4 H CLUB BOYS 4-H CLUB FOUR - Reginald Campbell, Billy Joe Hatcher, Harold Hidle, Lawrence Merritt, Jasper Deal, Bobbie Morgan, Johnny Mack Woodham, Wesley Mitchell, Bob Bush, Billy Watson, Franklin Coe, Ray Bush, Gerald Smith, Royce Bradshaw, Kenneth Gilley, Jimmy Davis, Molton Davis. DASH - Herman Sorrells, Jimmy Brown H - Grover Smith, James Roland, Connie Mills, Dan Peters, Wayland Childs, Robert Hatcher, Loyd Coker, Leonard Tew, Mr. Joe Earl Sellers, Randall Collins, Jimmy Crawford, James Earl Carroll, Keller Hollis, Harold Holloway, Wilburn Phillips, Dolphus Hall, Buddy Parrish, Huvon McSwain, Jerry Don Brooks, Clement Mills, Robert Yeoman, Joel Tew, CLUBS "S" CLUB FRONT TO BACK: Cleburne Tew, James Bass, Paul Hidle, Larry Newton, Marx Spivey, Edsel Hornsby, Myer Holloway, Gene Keel, Charles Clark, Lawrence Harris, Wallace Williams, S.W, Kirkland, Charles Underwood, Coach Snell, Charles Carroll, John Perry Keel, Randall Hall, GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Bevelyn Killingsworrh, Sherryl Caraway, Martha June Farmer, Jane Nell Davidson, Edna Newman Ernestine Clark, Martha Watford, Billie Grace Ketchum, Sue Thomas, Dorothy Sue Pope, Helen Burdeshaw, Katie Box, Era Jo Harris, Beth Hyman, Martha Ann Sheffield. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Frankie Whitt, Betty McAllister, Edna Smith, Virginia Kirkland, Bobbie Dean, Betty Killingsworth, Joyce Harrison, Gwendolyn Hagler, Ann Singletary, Claudette Boyette, Ann Kirkland, Charles Griffin, Bennie Fred Mitchell, Raymond Register, David Baxley, Morris Baxley, Jean Pelham, Jean Spivey, Carmelia Paulk, Shirley Yeoman, Faye Thurman, Imogene Register, Joel Wright, Betty Sue Bottoms. CLUBS HOBBY AND HANDICRAFT Clayton Brannon, Jimmy Rex Gilley, David Smith, Jackie Tew, Kenneth Warren, Harry Joe Phillips, Daniel Sellers, Mrs. Elizabeth Watson. HI -LITE STAFF SEATED: Edna Smith, Mamie Lou Bass, Evaline Halstead, Mrs. Phinney, Flora Holloway. STANDING: Lydianne Segrest, Naomi Adkison, Helen Peters, Elizabeth Thorne, Betty Jean Smith, Sam Arnold, Elaine Sorrells. 47 ,Q if BA ND FIRST ROW: Marjorie Taylor, Patricia Bailey, Madge Watson, SECOND ROW: Virgie Merritt, Carolyn Kelley, June Smith, Jimmy Enfinger, Joanna Harris, Johnny Cox Jimmy Butler, Max Bolin, Huey Helms, Marjorie Hughes, Martha White, Bobbie Dean, THIRD ROW: Grady Harris, Martha June Farmer, Billie Grace Ketchum, Era Jo Harris, Ard Watson, FOURTH ROW: Virginia Kirkland, Sherryl Caraway, Shirley Yeoman, Byron Hixon, Elizabeth Holland, Mary Brooks, Jane Nell Davidson, Donald Bolin, Billy Eubanks, Jean Brackin, Ernestine Clark. FIFTH ROW: Mr, Jeff Strickland, Director, Eleanor Hinson, Betty Holland, Helen Burdeshaw, Elaine Sorrells, Rex Blount, Gerald Mitchell, Robert Yeomans, Charles Avery, Harry Gene Harris, Mr. I.B.Davidson. yu MAIORETTES Madge Watson, Virgie Merritt, Martha White, June Smith, Patricia Bailey, Drum Majorette, Marjorie Hughes, Carolyn Kelley, Bobbie Dean, Marjorie Taylor, 48 6 SPORTS Tj..'.!'2.'?P'-X I ii vl I' A.- YW N , Q lx A -ill? FUUTBHLL ' 1952-1953 FOOTBALL RESULTS WE THEY 40 Newton 0 40 Abbeville 13 14 Hartford 34 7 Geneva 13 33 Columbia O I Z0 Samson Z5 K 'WJ 7 Chipley 19 26 Ashford Z0 35 Rehobeth 0 .sn gi:-3 .. . r.: i,.sa,,l - Coach Wayland DuBose Coach David Snell FOOTBALL SQUAD AND CHEERLEADERS --ii y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lydianne Segrest, Wallace Watson, Paul Justice, Marx Spivey, Randul Hall, Larry Newton, Don Watson, Robert Smith, Billy Arnold, Martha Ann Sheffield. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Peel, Myra Holloway, Ben Brackin, Paul Hidle, Lawrence Harris, Kenneth Vinson, Larry Toole, Jerome Chaney, Jerry Dunnaway, John W. Hicks, John P. Keel, Jackie Benefield, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ionnie M. Harris, Gerel Marsh, Jimmy N. Collins, Maylon Eldridge, Cleburne Tew, Charles Underwood, James Bass, Gene Keel, Keller Hollis, Jeanette Arrington. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Gray, Charles Carroll, S. W. Kirkland, Loyd Stone, Gareth Eubanks, Dawsey Hemby, Don Callahan, Jack Watson. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Berlon Graham, J. B. Davidson, Coach Snell, Coach Dubose, Edsel Hornsby. 50 Co-ca ptain, Larry Newton, End FUUTBHLL Co-ca ptain, Randul Hall, Guard Charles Underwood, Fullback James Bass, Halfback Marx Spivey, Halfback Cleburn Tew, Quarterback Don Watson, Halfback Paul Hidle, Center 51 FUUTBHLL Wallace Watson, Tackle John P. Keel, Tackle Pauljustice, Tackle Gerel Marsh, Guard Myer Holloway, Quarterback Gene Keel, Tackle Billy Arnold, Fullback Lawrence Harris, Center Loyd Stone, Tackle 52 "fy, I 'si I FUUTBHLL Kenneth Vinson, Tackle Jerry Dunnaway, Halfback Jack Watson, Guard if .n,, Paul Gray, End Dawsey Hemby, Guard Maylon Eldridge, Halfback a - K' I ' an John W. Hicks. Halfback Jerome Chaney, Guard Kellor Hollis, End 53 FUUTBHLL .Lil .01 Charles Carroll, End S. W. Kirkland, End Billy Hawkins, Fullback xH, r-v!! ' Qs- ..-gyg-7. Billyjoe Merritt, Halfback Robert Smith, End Tindell, Halfback ..........,, 'ull Jimmy Ned Collins, Quarterback Ben Brackin, Halfback Larry Toole, End Eudon Calahan, Tackle 54 CHEEHLEHDEHS Patsy Peel, Lydianne Segrest, Jonnie Maude Harris, Jeanette Arrington, Martha Ann Sheffield, Jackie Benefield. Jonnie Maude Harris, Martha Ann Sheffield. 'PE qw. Patsy Peel, Lydianne Segrest, Captain - if l'kA ' in neerr ' Jackie Benefield, Jeanette Arrington HUIIIEIIUHIIHG ,"",'W '9 In Q .K iq .IIQ A f""'f's Queen, Nellie Metcalf, Maid, Patricia Bailey, Princess, Susan Segrest 56 HUIHECUHIIHB SCENES Coach Wayland Du Bose, Princess Susan Segrest, James Buttram, Co-captain Randall Hall, Mr. J. B. David- son, Queen Nellie Metcalf, Co-captain Larry Newton, Maid Patricia Bailey, Coach David Snell. 57 1 BHSIlElBHll "H"lEHHI BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Hawkins, Jerry Dunnaway, Royce Vickers, Gene Keel, and Myer Holloway. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doyle Campbell, John Wayne Hicks, Ben Brackens, and Coach Snell. "B"lEHIlI BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Under- wood, S. W. Kirkland, Paul Hidle, Larry New- ton, Wallace Williams. HOLDING BALLS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Joe Merrit and Cleburne Tew. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Billy Arnold, Coach Dubose, and Marx Spivey. 58 HUVERTISEHIEHTS M ff :gf--ff Compliments of DR. 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UURRIETU SERVICE STRTIRR comb Alaba Compliments of BLUDE SEGHEST GIHS Dothan Alabama "Slocomb" 8: "Malvern" Alabama THLSTHTE MUTUH BUMPHHU Wiregrass Largest Selection New And Clean Used Cars fOver 150 To Select Froml Corner South Oates and Crawford Dothan Alabama BEST WISHES TO Graduation Class of 1953 HUBEHT F. SMITH Captain U. S. Air Force Retired Slocomb Alabama Compliments of JUHES MUTUH CUMPHHU Sales Service Chevrolet and Cadillac Graceville Florida Compliments of DOTHAN MOTOR COMPANY 118 North St. Andrews Street Phone 4-4000 Dothan Alabama Compliments of JAMES AVER Y Slocomb Alabama SANITARY GROCERY AND MARKET Compliments of J. C. Sulivant, Owner Slocomb Alabama Compliments of HEMBY DRY GOODS Ready-to-wear-Shoes - Notions Slocomb Alabana Compliments of BURDESHAW COLD STORAGE Wholesalers of Beef and Pork . Products Phone 2481 Slocomb Alabama Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Wizard Appliances Home Owned by W. D. Barefield Hartford Alabama Compliments of REGISTER 'S STOCK YARD Day Phone 3866 Night Phone 3572 Slocomb Alabama WIHEBHHSS ELECTRIC UUOPEHHllVE,IHC. Hartford, Alabama Phone 16 "Owned by Those We Serve" Save by Going Electric All the Way Serving Electricity to Rural Homes in Geneva, Houston, and Covington Counties DHLTUH DRUG CU. Drugs and Fountain Service "Your Rexall Store" Slocomb Alabama Compliments of SLUCUWB HHTIUHHL BHHH Compliments of HHHTFUHU PEHHUT CUMPHHU Buyers and Sellers of Spanish and Runner Peanuts Hartford Alabama Sl0CUmB S6HOUl FHCULTU J. B. Davidson, Principal Mrs. Ida Bell Phinney Mrs. Glenn Buttram Miss Celeste Foster Mrs. David Snell Coach Wayland DuBose Mr. Joe Earl Sellers Mrs. William T. Richards Miss Norma Foster Mrs. Charles Dalton Mrs. Wilmer Watson Coach David Snell Mr. William T. Richards Mrs. Trudy Ashcraft Mrs. Frankie Whitt Mr. Jeff Strickland Mrs. Blennie Underwood Mrs. Grant McArthur Mrs. Myrtle Head Mrs. A. Z.Wiggins Mrs. Sadie Hixon Mrs. Virgie McEntyre Mrs. Sudie Whitt Mrs. D.D. Stephens Mrs. Rubye Collins Mrs. Fairbie Sorrells Mrs. Elma Cox Miss Frances Smith Mrs. Burnice Hornsby Compliments of PALMER'S of SLOCOMB General Merchandise Slocomb Alabama SLUUUWB BETH UlUB SENIORS Naomi Adkison, Treasurer Sam Arnold, President Jeanette Arrington Jonnie Maude Bolin Howard Culbreth Ge ralcline Culve rhous e Ann Enfinger Charles Griffin Flora Holloway Evaline Halstead Byron Hixon Bobbie Jean Justice Gerel Marsh Kathie Whitaker Betty McAllister Shirley Messer Nellie Metcalf, Vice Pres. Edna Newman Helen Peters Ann Reeder Joyce'Register Lydianne Segrest, Secretary Patricia Simmons Elaine Sorrells, Editor Edna Smith Betty Jean Smith Joann Tew Bob Webb f JUNIORS Freddie Bush Sherryl Caraway Nancy Carroll Jo Farmer Margie Forehand Gene Harris Jonnie Harris Patsy Peel Marjorie Hughes Dorothy Pope Raymond Register Sue Thomas Pencie Thweatt . .5 w.l'?,14 , N fl X , J .i jNQ9.,45z7 'W ki.4LLAQf5Af. 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Suggestions in the Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) collection:

Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Slocomb High School - Sigma Eta Yearbook (Slocomb, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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