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I956 Pirate SILT UNION HIGH SCHOUL Silt, Colorado 6 -2. 1 Qu Oz. Q: Ja: 6 Ya 44 ff? . 4 05 'YQ '25 .ow N oo Q9 13, Q J- ot' 26 OJ6 C56 do o 00 QA QAQ cz, o G fro -I " 6 'B W 0 I' 9 9- O' 0 Q Of' 0 Q -4- o .f 'P QQ 09 wo 5 8' Q 61- 00' 854, oo ga fs- o 0 -A O Q 0 ff' gz- 6 0 + 'E 0 o 0 o L. 0 'fl 0 Q Q 9 Q - 9 QL. 'slv 'Q' 6 so 'E' 90' 1 QP gp 09 03 69 00 oc' 14 Q, 01- do 0 ?Q A O, Q6 Q5 'P A '6 0 '6 ' 0 0' do if 'fn 9 96 QQ C35 df- Q of cv I 'Bram SEATED! U-efi I0 fighfli 5hGfOH Hasselbush, CBYOI MCc1UUQ, Jayne Bendetti, been uarpemer, Lveiyn umeai, uonalu Mcvnerson. STANDING: Marjorie Diemoz, Ianlce McPherson, Betty Ukele, Shirley Hasselbush, Lois Antonelli, Marllvs Allev. Norma Antonellt, Sue Thomas, Virginia Allen, Ioe Costanzo. Foreword The staff members have worked diligently in order to give you a yearbook to be proud of. It is not only a collection of pictures, happenings, and writings of this year, but of fond mem ories and happy times never to be forgotten. We want to thank the advertisers that have contributed to this yearbook, and to the var- ious classes that have generously given to make this yearbook a success. QVHWE5 ,F Janitor Hal Boydston . . .and his wife Lea Boydston Bus Driver S' an S' ' Bus Driver Guy Cook T n aazzi oyP1 AGU LTY L SIMON E. SHUPP, SUPERINTENDENT B. S. Ed.: Wittenberg College Attended: Chicago University Antoich College Miami University Message To The Students To my friends and students of Silt Union High School. It is with deep appreciation and a sense of gratitude that I extend these greetings to you, the students of Silt High School. The sincere work and efforts you have put' into this annual bespeak your appreciation for the opportunity the school has offered you this year and your gratitude for the friendships and associations with a very fine and appreciative group of young people. - Where I have not measured up to your hopes and expectations, I ask your forgiveness If I have, in some small way, helped make your school year more pleasant and pro- fitable, I am happy! ...ur MR. DANIEL A. LEE Coaching and Sciences Ft. Lewis A. 61 M. , Durango, Colorado, Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico Adams State College, Alamosa, Colorado MR. O. E. TEAGUB General Math, Civics, and History Arkansas Polltechnlcal College, Russellville, Arkansas Arkansas State Teachers, Conway, Arkansas Arkansas College, Batesville, Arkansas MRS. JOHN ANTHONY English and Speech. Central College, Fayette, Missouri Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado - ,S -sg 1 A MR. W. C. MANN Commercial Arkansas State Teachers, Conway, Arkansas Graduate work--University of Arkansas X, Z'-T SHIRLEY IEANNE HASSELBUSH "Work fascinates meg I could sit and watch it for hours." Class Vice-President - --------- --1 Secretary Band ---------------------- 1,2 3 Pep Club ----------------- 1 ,2,3 4 Glee Club -------------------- 1 Class Secretary ------------ 2, 3 4 "An old maid I will never be, as long as there are fish in Class Secretary and Treasurer ------------ - ------- 1 , Pirate's Log ------------------ 3, 4 , Senior Play -------------------- -4 , 2 Cheerleader ------------- ------- 4 1 SHARON LEE HASSELBUSH Treasurer Iunior Play ------------------- Band ---------------------- 1 2 3 , , Student Council ---- --------- Junior Play --------------------- 3 Annual Staff ----------- -------- -4 the sea." --3 Senior Play ------------------- --4 3, 4 CARL THOMAS PIPER "I owe much: I have nothing: the rest I leave to the poor." President "s" Club ------------------- 1, 2, 4 Junior Play ------------ Football ----------------- 1, 2, 3, 4 Pirate's Log ------------ Basketball ----------------- 1, 2 , 3 Student Council --------- Band ------------------------ Z, 3 Student Council President Class President -------------- 2, 4 Senior Play ------------- IAYNE EMILY BBNDETTI "It's not what you do, it's what you get away with. " Vice-President Class President ---------------- 3 Pep Club Treasurer ------ Band ---------------------- 1, 2 , 3 Pep Club President ------ Pep Club -------------------- 1,2 Senior Play ------------ Class Vice-President ---------- 2,4 Junior Play ------------ Pirate's Log ----------------- 3, 4 Pirate's Log Editor ------ Annual Staff ------------------ 3, 4 Annual Editor ----------- Twirler -------------------- 1, 2, 3 Pirate's Log --------------- -- 3, 4 Glee Club ------------------- 1, 2 Cheerleader -------------------- 4 Pep Club ---------------- l, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff ----------------- 3, 4 Class Treasurer ------------ 2, 3, 4 Pirate ' s Log Editor -------------- 4 Band ---------------------- 1, 2 Glee Club ------------------- 1 Pep Club ----------------- l , Z, 3 Student Council ----------- 1 , 2, 3 Nd "Cheerful, Glee Club ------ Pep Club ---------------- l,2,3,4 "Not too serious Basketball 1.4 LEONA RUTH DRAPER quite, pleasant and gay, charming in her own way. ' -------------'l,2 senior Play -------------------- 4 P1rate's Log - ----------------- 3 . 4 CAROL LOU MCCLUNG , not too gay--just a rare sort of gal that comes to play." Band ---------------------- 1, 2, 3 Secretary of Student Council ----- 3 Glee Club ------------------- 1, 2 Pirate's Log ------------------ 3, 4 Cheerleader ------------------ 1 , 3 Annual Staff ------------------ 3, 4 Pep Club ------- Junior Play ------ 4 --------- 1, 2, 3,4 senior Play ------------------ 1, --------------- 3 BETTY ESTHER UKELE that' s "Something old, something new, , 3 , 2 , 4 , 4 what she's looking forward to P1rate's Log --------------- Senior Play ---------------- Junior Play ---------------- Annual Staff --------------- DOUGLAS EUGENE SNIDER "Carries one course and drags the other four." Band ----------------------- 1 , 2, 3 -------------------1, 2 Baseball ----------------------- 2 Junior Play --------------------- 3 Pirate ' s Log --------------- Student Council ------------ Senior Play --------------- AV' 'WY DONALD WAYNE MANN "What he's been taught, he's forgotten, what he knows he guessed. " Desha H. S. ---------------- 1, 2, 3 Senior Play -------------------- 4 Basketball --------------------- 4 Football ----------------------- 4 SUSAN THOMAS "Better late than never. " Band -------- ------ 1 ,2, 3 Junior Play --- ---- 3 Annual Staff --- --- l, 2, 3, 4 Pirate's Log ----- - --- 3, 4 Glee Club -- ----- l, 2 Student Council -- ---- 3, 4 Pep Club ---- ---l, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play ----- ----4 CLASS MOTTO: Non Est Vivere Est Valere Vita. KNot Merely To Exist, But To Amount To Something In Life.J CLASS COLORS: Silver and blue. CLASS FLOWER: Iris Class Histor ' In 1952, we, the class of '56, being fifteen in number, entered Silt Union High School after eight delightful years Cfor us not the teachersl, in grade school. Our reputation having preceeded us we at once put under a one day "reign of silence and torture." This is a custome known as Freshman Initiation. After surviving this day we went on to enjoy the rest of the year. In the early part of our Sophomore year we thoroughly initiated another group of green Freshmen. The rest of the year passed quietly with each student participating in many more a activities. As usual we spent most of our time having fun fmostlyl and studying Csometimesl. In our Junior year we published the school newspaper, "The Pirate's Log", to add to an already busy year of money making. In December we presented a three-act comedy, "The Slow- poke". During the basketball season we sold pop and candy at the home games. All year long we sold candy at the noon hour. In March we presented a Talent Show which netted us a nice profit. Then after what seemed like years of struggling with crepe paper, wire, ladders, etc. we presented our Prom and Banquet on May 6, 1955. The theme was "Winter Wonderland" and Sharon Hasselbush reigned over the Prom. In March we presented a three-act comedy "Dear Diary" to help raise money for the first big event of our Senior year, Sneak Day. Following this will come Baccalaureate and then on May 23, 1956, --Graduation! As we, the class of '56 having diminished in number to ten, but still having fun, look back on four wonderful years in high school, we can't help but think: What will they do without us 'P Ten Years Hence-- My plane is just getting ready to land at the Silt Airport. After landing I hail a taxi-cab. The driver to my surprise is Don Mann. I have him take me to the Pulp Mill where I am to place an order for my Company. On the way I ask him to catch me up on the news of the Class of 1956. He tells that Silt now has a population of 15, 000 because of the Pulp Mill, which is a corporation called Sniper Incorporated, owned by Doug Snider and Carl Piper. Don tells me that Silt has a woman's college where Iayne Bendetti is the Dean. Also a new hospital where Leona Draper is a famous brain surgeon. On the way we go through the residential section where I notice two large homes, Don tells me that the former Betty Ukele, who is the wife of the City Mayor, and her family lives in one. Across the boulevard lives my former school chum, Susie Thomas. i She is married to the "Uranium King" of Colorado. Continuing on we pass a large drive-in with a neon sign reading--Sharon's Sundries. I ask Don to stop for a cold drink and to my disappointment Sharon Hasselbush is not in because she is the guest speaker at the national convention for her chain drive-ins. Once more we start out for the Pulp Mill. Upon arrival I am greeted by Doug Snider who takes me on a tour. In the Sales Department I discovered that Carol McClung is the head Secretary. Doug takes me up to Carl's office so I can place my order His personal secretary is none other than Shirley Hasselbush. As my plane leaves Silt I can not help but be happy at the progress that the Class of 1956 has acquired. Class Will We, the class of 1956, about to leave this institute of learning and being of very generous of heart do hereby proclaim this our last will and testament leaving behind the following prize possessions: Carl Piper wills his big nose to Iudy Costanzo, his natural curly hair to Evelyn O'Neal, and his scotter he plans to sell. Doug Snider wills his will to study to Carol Kruger, his car to Melvin Brooks, and he will keep Marllys for himself., Leona Draper wills her quiet ways and good disposition to Norma Antonelli, and her bookkeeping grades to her sister, Billie Draper. Betty Ukele wills her ability to get her man and keep him to LRay Ford, her good grades to Ioe Harris, and her driving ability to her brother, Bob. Don Mann wills his height to Arthur Valez, his big blue eyes to Lois Antonelli, and his car to Grant Clausen. Sharon Hasselbush wills her fighting ways to Janice McPherson, her ability to flirt to Lynda Claypool, and her ability to study to Bill Ukele. Susie Thomas wills her red hair to Ioe Costanzo, her ability to get to school on time to Mr. Lee, all her old boy friends to Jeanette Tolini, and Gale she will keep for herself! Shirley Hasselbush wills her good grades to Gary Amedio, her sailors to Billie Draper and her ability to mind her own business to Cecil Carpenter! Iayne Bendetti wills her desire to be a teacher to Eugene Tolini, her ability to have fun to Sonia Simon, and her desire to go to Craig to Marllys Alley hoping she has better luck than she did. Carol McClung wills her ability to stay in school to her brother, Donnie, song leads ing to the Iunior Class, and her ability to get along with the teachers to Iosie Varela. Ioe belongs to her for keeps !l The Senior Class wills their fighting and ruling ways to the Junior Class, our loyalty to the team to the Sophomore Class, our biology books to the Freshmen, and the memory of us to our teachers. Signed and sealed this tenth day of May, nineteen-hundred and fifty-six, by the Senior Class of 1956. J Wit. , Q 1 Q ! I . r ws is KX. .X I. Seniors 1311 in kv K. X 7 2.. . 'Eff x x ,il " a- Q NDERGRADS BOTTOM ROW: fLeft to rightjz Carol Kruger, Soma Simon, Mr. Teague, Marllys Alley, Norma jean Antonclli. BACK ROW: Donald McPherson, Ioe Costanzo, Bob Ukele, Cecil Carpenter, lim Flynn, john Flynn Junior Class The Iunior Class of "56" started out like most Iuniors, trying to find ways of making money to put on the Iunior-Senior Prom. Some of the ways of making money included giving food sales which we made pretty good on, selling autographed hounds, and putting on our play "Finders Creepers" which we really enjoyed putting on and made a very good profit. We then sponsored Stunt Night at which the Speech Class won first and the 6th and 7th grades under the teaching of Mrs. Iulius won second. It turned out to be a great success. Then after seven months of hard work our efforts were rewarded by our prom. The theme was "April Showers " decorated in four shades of blue with gardens, rainbow, pools, fairies and elves. Our prom King and Queen were Bob Ukele and Marllys Alley. They were crowned by last year's Queen and the president of the Senior Class. Sonia Simon and Ioe Costanzo were attendants. jeep Reager furnished the music. Our banquet was equally successful. The Junior mothers prepared the dinner and five Sophomore girls served it to fifty guests. Our toastmaster was Marllys Alley. We thoroughly enjoyed our Iunior year and hope to have as much fun in our Senior year. We wish to thank Mr. Teague who has been our sponsor during this year and who we have enjoyed working with very much. FRONT ROW: fLeft to rightlz Janice McPherson, Virginia Allen, Ieanette Tolini, Carole Ruggero, Iudy Howard, Violet Quintana Marjorie Diemoz, Billie Draper, O'Nea1. BACK ROW: Bobby Valdez, Gary Amedio, Melvin Brooks, Tom Banta, Mr. Lee, Joe Harris, Larry McCrea, Eugene Tolim, Norman Bradley, Grant Clausen. Sophomore Class Twenty, jolly, sophomores entered Silt High School on September 5, 1955, for another year of education. We gained two new students which were Ioe Harris and Tom Banta. We initiated the freshmen in October, which were all dressed as comic Characters and movie stars. Our class rings were ordered early this year which we received in December. We did different things this year to raise money. All of them turning out successfully. We all hope to be here next year, and we hope the sophomores next year will have as much fun as we did this year. FRONT ROW: fLeft to rlghtl: Barbara Flynn, Josie Varela, Mrs. Anthony, Lois Antonelli, Lynda Claypool, Iudy Costanzo MIDDLE ROW: Bill Ukele, Don McClung, Gary Haas, Gary Wright, Leslie Eccher, lorry Flynn, Li stcr Blomgren. BACK ROW: Arthur Valdez. Freshman Class On September 6, 1955, twenty high spirited freshmen entered Silt Union High School. The upperclassmen started our year off with initiation. We were dressed as movie stars and comic strip characters as follows: Lois Antonelli -------------------- Iiggs Lynda Claypool ------------ Gabby Hayes Iudy Costanzo -------- D agwood Bumstead Barbara Flynn --------------------- Mutt Thelma Piper --------------- Casey Tibbs Iosie Varela -------------- Little Beaver Leslie Eccher ------------- Beetle Bailey David Flynn ------------ Marilyn Monroe Duane Flynn -------------- Andy Devine Terry Flynn -------------- Iane Russell Gary Haas --- Don McClung - Debbie Reynolds Blondie Bumstead Larry Tolini -------------- Little Audrey Bill Ukele ---------------- Iane Powell Arthur Valdez ------------------ Iodine Eddie Lopez ----------- Yvonne de Carlo Gary Wright ------------------- Gordo Clinton Gilman --------------- Maggie Eighth 1-Q fi Grade 5 V ,X ,..g I x l Q, L X ,... 2 ' whom ' A 'V I I 3 ' -ts a I SITTING: QLett to rightjz Jeanne Anthony, Mary Ann Snider, Mrs. Coulter, Donna Banta, Stella Diaz. STANDING: Eddie Ingersoll, Wayne Stone, Jimmie Allen, Bobby Bagley, Donald Draper, Chester Mathias. FRONT ROW: fLeft to rightl: Susan Robinson, Sharon Teague, Connie Boydston, Mrs. Coulter, Elaine Diaz, Seventh 7 Grade Ella Mae O'Neal, Laura Belle Lopez. MIDDLE ROW: Roy Nelson, Ronnie Alley, Helen Ruggero, Shirley Tolini, Riley McClung, Howard Raley. BACK ROW: Iohnnie Otten, Edward Antonelli, Bill Iones, Bill Peyton, Butch Peyton, Anthony Mathias. Sixth FRONT ROW: 1l.eft to rightlz Nancy Reimbert, Dessie Valdez, Patsy Antonelli, Joyce Montovor, Carma Ralcy, Lavonne Amedio, Diane Raley. MIDDLE ROW: Charlie Snider, Rosendo Alire, Dennis Keller, Bobby Gordon, Richard Lopez, Roy McPherson, Clifford McPherson. BACK ROW: Pat Antonelli, David Raley, Robert Flynn, Herbert Kruger, FRONT ROW: KLeft to rightlg Donna Shearer, Laura Julius, Mrs. Cameron, Helen Flynn, Pearl Nr lson. BACK ROW: Dee Keithley, Mike Bama, Lee Pretti, Freddie Diaz, Kenneth Anthony, Sonny Terrell, Jerry P14 Fifth Grade O 1 'Nw-. .. e.n..- A I ii' X 'R ' fl' Grade .-, Third and Fourth Grade FRONT ROW: fLeft to rightl: Loretta Haas, Eva Draper, Gloria Sievers, Lee Ann Terrell, Judy Robinson, Jean Lopez, Rose Ann Pool, Teresa Ann Wells, Cheryl McPherson, Lavonne Eccher, Jaylene Cose. SECOND ROW: Lee Zufelt, Mickey McPherson, Don Snider, Tommy Stewart, Linda Stone, Sandra Gordon, Mrs. Larson, Susan Anthony, Harold Nelson, Kerry Wayne Richards, Billie Montover, R. D. Keithley, Bobby Petyon. THIRD ROW: Johnnie Peyton, Johnnie Costanzo, Norman Varela, Jack Pretti, Raymond Alire, Danny Reimbert, Larry Robinson, Ronny Diemoz, Stevie Alire. FRONT ROW: fLeft to rightl: Linda Wells, Elaine Robinson, Linda Piffer, Inez Nelson, Susan Sievers, Cynthia Quintana, Kay Diemoz, Linda McFarland. MIDDLE ROW: Joe Diaz, Dennis Simon, Ronnie Keller, Mrs. Norris, Jimmie Boydston, Dale Robinson, Billie Groff, Raymond Snider. BACK ROW: Andy Varela, Dennis Diaz, Peter Reimbert, Gale McPherson. Second Grade ZZ W 1 ,,Z,,, , - Clif - " " . em-,,:l:-um F1 im qw 3 93? M.. , S' 'fvwnan 'fling a 'f-Huff. Q " feng. 'U xrnwg ' 1 nn., Ye. .nh lx by -'Hn 'Wy :flex FRONT ROW: fGlrlsJ Dorothy Fazzi, Sonja Sievers, Shirley Blomgren, Linda Banta, Carol Ann Fazzi. BACK ROW: lBoysJ Charles Cose, Gerald Peyton, Steve Robinson, Dick Keithley, Joe Montover. ABSENT: Carolyn Alire TEACHER: Miss Branom . '15 Aw . ,. W i'i pg, s, 5 LT First Grade fag. K s-ef 1- A -, A -' .A , V, WSSQQQ ' K Q yr' 3 - - , n 'ffl-i , A A . V , V. 3 4 , K . K , ' mil '.Ss:.. " ' . f i yy- 1 K 'lwfum ' .f 'F lt , "' , .,.. , pw.-is so , 'Y' 6-f .vm ij. 1 1' fe-wfsfvmg ffffka of C ,wQswm+Mees,r1fn ,l 2 I, .,.us',., - , . ?"f C n K ---- 1 ' so ,see s ., g is lib. L A 3? . i.. CTIVITIES 6 X Q2 Stud nt CARL PIPER BETTE UKIELE Resident Secretary .Q-Q 4. -we Q 'H Sr.A'l'L1D: QLGII to rightj: Betty Ukele, Susie Thomas, Carl Piper, Evelyn O'Nea1. Coun il k MELVIN BROOKS Vice-President STANDING: Sharon Hasselbush, Carol Kruger, Cecil Carpenter, Lois Antonelli, Judy Costanzo, Melvin Brooks. 'R Vs za Freshman Initiation Little Beaver Wow ! N VW' Casey Tibbs Jane Russell Going Places ? ax Dig It I SE.. That's them ! 1599! ls 901119 to Press- - The Pirate's Log is put together Finished product is examined "The Pirate Log" Staff Editor --------------------------------- - ------- Sharon Hasselbush Associate Editor -------------------------------- Shirley Hasselbush Corres. Secretary ----------------------------------- Iayne Bendettl Sports ---------------------------------------------- Donald Mann Pep Club --------------------------------------------- Betty Ukele Grade News ---------------------------------------- Susie Thomas High School news ------------------------------------ Leona Draper Gossip ----------------------------------------------- Betty Ukele Carol McClung Reporters ---- - ----------------------------------------- Carl Piper Doug Snider Typists ------------------------------ Sharon and Shirley Hasselbush I Senior Pla "DEAR DIARY" Distraught Mother and Father Maxwell have long had their hands full with daughter Connie and son Wilbur, but there's one ray of sunshine in their usually cloudy existence, and that's daughter Betty Lou. She's always made top grades in school, has been a regular beaver when it comes to working, and she's praised and lauded by all who know her. In fact, Aunt Mary goes so far as to say she's practically beloved. It's even because of her that Mrs. Maxwell is asked to speak on "Understanding the Bffervescent Adolescent", at the PTA. Well, unknown to all except Betty Lou--and of course her best pal Bernadine--she's been keeping a make believe dairy. Although nothing exciting actually ever happens to her, she makes up for it by her vivid imagination--and everything she imagines she inscribes in her secret diary. Secret, that is, until Papa Maxwell happens to browse through it. You see, decides that she should get to know his children better, and how better could one know his he children than to peruse oneof their diaries. Well, you can imagine his reaction when he finds out that daughter Connie is about to elope that very night with her boy friend, Marvin, that Wilbur and pal Hercules have fallen in with a treacherous gang headed by some ruthless in- dividual named Conrad, and that Betty Lou, having discovered this, is forsaking herself to Wilbur. Needless to s'ay, Mr. Maxwell literally hits the ceiling, takes the diary to Mrs. Maxwell and Aunt Mary, who in turn call in Miss Murray, Betty Lou's teacher. I. C. Mall Pop's boss , drops in to check over some papers--there's apparently about three thousand dollars missing--and when Betty Lou hears this her imagination wanders again, and lurid passages are added to the diary--passages vividly showing how Father lifts three thousand yearly from the company. Things now go from bad to worse to horrible. Wilbur thinks he's dying---Pop and Mr. Mallory both go on the warpath---Betty Lou and Bernadine set out to solve everything, but only manage to confuse the issue even more. Of course, it's finally discovered that the diary is only make believe, but not before things just couldn't get any more complicated and the laughs get completely out of hand. SSVG ory Prom Royalty-King-Queen MARLLYS ALLEY---BOB UKELE S1399 deC01'5fi0f15 Crowning of the King and Queen Q G ra nd a rch End of the Grand March Mr. and Mrs. Teague Silt igh School Pep Club S T E P P I N. FOOT BALL CHEERLEADERS Billie Draper, Iudy Costanzo, and Janice McPherson. H I G H BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Shirley Hasselbush, Sharon Hasseibush, and Sonia Simon Crowning of the Queen .I Pu nc .- 3 KickI!!l WeWon!!I! m , H - ' L 4 , J, r-1w::aa+f 721-X sigwgi. 'ifgxfgi - my . ,N.t ff. R . a f a "S" Club BACK ROW: Left to right: Costanzo, Ukele, Mann, Piper, Bradley, FRONT ROW: Bi11Uke1e, Valdez, Haas, Blomgren, Brooks, Banta, Flynn. 'g A . -.Agia 3'-X if J K' x 'S . xx tb, A R Z-' : a s" Q- :fa ski K - X X . I in Q I if K., E, 'iff K , gf + -,Q , ' M I 'sm 2. A ... ,.3i ,.,.5.v.1, ,,, Pay. . ir . QQ! if 1 w ,xg N gg - i x . , 1 ' ' ' h X .N A. ,-I' 4 f- fn- l. L . :gii - - K K .lf " . ' . " k , I 5 L ,Wi ., . w K, I, -' "" fJ-Q ,Mi .N ww- J mn . ' ......w.M..,.w w g N I Q A K.-mxCi' saws- .i .rvx iw L Q ,gif R gi, -V ' Q 1 K .iK,. -. Queen Iudy Costanzo m coming TH LETICS 4 f 'Y 44 if 113+ Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt FRONT SEC ON D ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Eddie Antonelli, Manager, Mr. Lee, Coach: and Arthurvaldez, Manager Ioe Costanzo, Carl Piper, Don Mann, Bob Ukele, Norman Bradley. Leslie Eccher, Melvin Brooks, Larry McCrea, Gary Haas. Bobby Valdez, Iohn Flynn, Bill Ukele. ootball Football Schedule 3 l Minturn 1 8 Grand Valley 3 O Colbran 1 6 Basalt 40 Aspen 36 New Castle 36 Carbondale Q , M, ' A gf , Nik n kr ' 'ai' 'w XF J..- il? li I if 'T' ,- .. a Q.-...V .,......l....... u . fi -4-. . . i f WT" ' MT .Q X G f 3 -4: "ILA, 5. ' 1 5 , Q wk Mi Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt Silt BACK ROW: Left to right: Haas, Costanzo, Ukele, Banta, Coach Lee, Blomgren, Brooks, Valdez, Bill Ukele. FRONT ROW: Arthur Valdez, Harris, McPherson. Plateau Valley Grand Valley Debeque Minturn Basalt Aspen New Castle Carbondale Grand Valley Debeque Basalt Aspen New Castle Plateau Valley Carbondale Basketball 29 38 45 73 76 33 60 52 57 58 53 45 55 Silt 58 Silt 68 Silt Silt LETTERMEN T. P Tom Banta 261 Melvin Brooks 93 Bob Ukele 91 Joe Costanzo 55 Bobby Valdez 50 David Flynn 45 Bill Ukele 12 Lester Blomgren ll Debegue Tournament 35 Plateau Valley 55 New Castle Grand lunction ' 26 Grand Valley 33 Aspen B O B U K E L E f KKXX X ,,f' NN----' 1 Basketeers B L L U K E L E I O E T O M C B o A s T N T A N Z O A L E G S , A T r R E , Y R H B A L A o S M G R E N 54 ? o 4-riff, ilo 0 ff mm, :gf M . ,Mm 'S ,F X '- 'fi 3 za.: M - x Q2 , xx oo" OXWQZ ado if W is A 16' A 1 14 '- ' 1 511 Win: - ' i Li l g -x A xy .. W '5u . 1, -. L i K' 1' 'Sr JV 'sl AQ in M " 6 'X af K 1, I QS? ' ' 3 I . A . X5 we M go af' Q5 Y ie wi Q 1 --S igrkfia .J A Q3 . K sw. . , ., . . W9 - A ,f f 5 mA'i . 2 frm 1 A A i+ 3i,f A gf kia' ,, ,wr ,, r if 'Sw ...f Eiey if Q M H gg ax fir :ik X1 A W + A agua' 1 H L X qu 3 5 .1 3 X K , L' :, ' 1 l x. ,"' -:f il ma. . -' 5 g A if 1 ' 5' . fb m f Q za . Q' - . , K, Q, Big Secret 3 Studying hard! I I l gl , A .. M L filth ,f arg J N 1 5' .. 1 fuss Toot I bw Q 'I 6,7 563 lb Wexxx J' Anyone for tackle 'P ? ,ff K' Q r 7 if' . if ' ,,,.- ,gui H . 1 1, . A .t to N 'Q' ff 3 1: M - .--- Lover boys 'ou Having a party Cool water! l Make that jump. x Pin curl boys! I tg t , i S t g Y-53 11 fI"J -L',, em N .W You tell 'emll . A CWhich legs are the prettiest ? ?J ww ' Z lx WK 1.1 .L ' 'kms'- Liam You name it! ! BW Did you get itll Bottoms up! ! l Ir. Pyramid Dig thlsl I I lust then' Marj and Ioe Is it that bad? Pals Mrs. Anthony's Speech Class "sisters Anyone for shorthand? --Sophomore5 NW 55, N gy . Q . -ww' f? -xo' Aa 9 Q.: ,gtg M , ..,.b.. , 'Z Avl- ---: f . -A '- 5:-5:5555 .55 1 5355: 355- W V. X K er? z 5: I g .qv 1 X 5 xv 5, 1,5 ,b , 3555 is 63 1" , f 3 Q gi Q , Hg' 5 A if ii' ,z be 1 :LQ ,Q in N 2 Ni 3 w f " sax . 5 Ky 5 523 fisyy SY S fi? rf 35 S M 5 5 5 5? 5 cf 'g ,F gg' :af --. 5,5 5' P--5 -"4- 51-ias-' 2254 g :2:f: ' 5 Q, , ,.. . K 33155-2:-:N 21 5.15 .sa 9 ,mw- E 5 Ei 5 5 235 .5 55. 5,555 if si ,, . , 55 5555.555 linsgg ""' 5515211.55555 jf. ,4 -,-. 5 x + ,: . , ff. 23? Nag Q 'Q N E ,, Wiwgk NV gfisxgg Wi u 5 f .v 5555151555: ' . 15 5- 5 slsfsirhvl if. -5 .- -If . 1S'552k A ' 252 3 55:5 X33 ' 'f - ,. IIEEJEE: .,,, 5 L?" - - , " -'-'- .,.,. , ... f, , F' ? 5 . -Nw A- , Q ..,.. v 24 qzz, ' 9 j k . '1"'3 7 5 ' -' " ' 'flp-5f'f5 , ' "+I-fErQ5'1:rE:E-I-" A ' '11ErEIE5:2?EE22?,,P', 5525..YEiiiiiziEIEIEIEEIEQQEIEEEA-.13235355"5SE55-,QSfri5.-M-555212:EI,.,.55E4?5E?rf55E2E5I:EE5E5:5"fj1E5?:' , A -5 - . ' . '15 "A""' 5.5355-1:-5 . LL .MDN I' ffl! 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Q I 1-1 .,,:1: J +40 EW +' 0 o COMPLIMENT S OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS OF RIFLE DR, E, D, MOORE, M. D. W, L. BOOZER, DENTIST HARRY G, KNAPP, M. D, HARRY G. KNAPP, IR., M, D, DR. J. DELBERT GREEN, OPTOMETRIST DR, E. E. ECHTERNACHT, M. D. DR. A. A. BLAKELY, DENTIST DR. R. O. SMITH, DENT IST Everyone Should Learn To Swim In The World's Greatest Hot Springs Pool Open All Year Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool The Easiest Place To Learn Swimming Good For Health As Well As Fun Frank E, Kistler, Owner and Manager Phone 660 C ompl iments Of J. V. Rose Motor Company Chevrolet - Gldsmobile - Cadillac Sales - Service Phone 81 Glenwood Springs, Colorado Meredith Studios Flower 81 Gift Shop Phone 37 Glenwood Springs Colorado It . milf Main Drug Dealer Cosmetics - Fountain Service - Gifts Veterinary Vaccines and Supplies Liquor, Wines and Beer - Drugs Phone New Castle 2676 Silt Colorado C ompl ime nt s Of Silt Market With Every Good Wish For The Class of '56 Silt Colorado 5 6 Our Cooperative Association Wholesale and Retail Gas and Oil, Feed, Salt, Batteries, and Paint ' Telephone: New Castle 2548 Silt Colorado E81 F Pastime For An Evening Of Fun Make E 8: F The Spot Corner of 7th and Main Silt Colorado N I J l For Styled Right Clothes At Budget Prices Shop At Henry's Department Store Best Wishes To The Class Of '56 Rifle Colorado Mc's Cafe and Bar Best Wishes To Class Of '56 Rifle Colorado WiIson"s Toggery Western Outfits For Western People Men's, Women's and Chi1dren's Clothes and Shoes Rifle Colorado Phone 123 Tenth and Grand Avenue MIND SOIL Berthod Motors Louis M, Berthod Auto Repairing - Parts and Accessories Packard Hudson Cars and Diamond T Trucks Hudson Willys Ferguson System Massey-Harris Glenwood Springs, Colorado i Compliments Of Bud and Wilma Baker Good Luck Seniors Texan Cafe and Bar Rifle Color ado Rifle Sporting Goods Guns - Ammunition - Fishing Tackle Rifle Colorado Garfield Electric C omplete Electrical Service Rifle Colorado Our Highest Compliments To The Silt Public School System For The Wonderful Jobs They Are Doing ln Preparing Our Children For Their Tasks As Future Citizens Of A High Caliber To Represent Our Section Of This Great Country. Rifle Auto Company Your Friendly Ford Dealer Rifle Colorado 1 i i ' Richards Packing Service Phone 2771 Custom Butchering and Processing Wholesale - Retail Silt Colorado Congratulations Class Of '56 C8rSSupply Hardware - Clothing - Sporting Goods General Merchandise Silt Colorado C ompl iments Of Ben and Elsie McClung Congratulations Senior s United lumber 81 Mercantile Co. Meet Your Friends At The Rifle Pharmacy Rifle Colorado Harrls Jewelry Gifts That Last. Elgin, Bulova, Wyler Watches Feature Lock Diamonds Phone 35.T Rifle Colorado Best Wishes , To The Class Of 1956 Nata and Bull Mason Rifle Colorado Burkey lumber Company Sherwin-Williams Paints Phone 320 Rifle Colorado Independent lumber Company Ph 55 P. O. B Rifle, Colorad T y Us First For Furniture and Appliances East Avenue Furniture Company Ph 58 R fl CO1 d Compliments Of Rifle Telegram Rifle Col d Congratulations To The Class Of 1956 Art and Bob's Shoe Store Rifle C 1 d The Fulton Garage Westinghouse Home Appliances C ompl iments Of Dodge-Plymouth Glenwood Cale Phone 100 811 Grand Avenue Rifle Colorado Fresh From Our Oven To Your Tables Buttercup Bakeries Rachel - .Toe - Hans Glenwood Springs, Colorado Dinner Bell Cale Good Food - Courteous Service Friendly Atmosphere Glenwood Spring s, Color ado Compliments Cf lim 6? Arts Barber Shop Glenwood Springs, Colorado C ompl ime nt s Of Hotel Denver Glenwood Springs, Colorado Compliments Of Glenwood Post Glenwood Spring S, Colorado BrockWay's Furniture Your Lane Cedar Chest Dealer Glenwood Springs, Colorado Tony's Texaco Service Tires - Batteries Auto Accessories Marfak Lubrication Tony and Dick Silt Color ado C. cl? W. Repair Shop - Welding - - Portable Equipment - Phone New Castle 2541 Silt C olor ado Alley Ins. Agency Complete Insurance Service Old Line Standard Companies Satisfactory Claim Service Telephone New Castle 2543 Alley Building P. O. Box 167 Silt Colorado Best Wishes To The Silt Pirates Van's Sporting Goods Information Big Fish - Big Game - Big Country Glenwood Spring s, Color ado First National Bank Resources Over EB l0,000,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Glenwood Spring s, C olor ado Lincicome Wood Motor Co. Pontiac - Buick - Jeep - GMC - Trucks Sale s and Service Telephone 888 Glenw ood Spring s C ol or ad o Elliott Equipment Co. International Harvester Products Lincoln - Mercury Automobiles Highway 6-2.4 Tenbrook Garage DeSoto - Plymouth Sales and Service Goodyear Tires . Phone 84 , 'ml Phone 161 xg -Q I 5 6' ' its Glenwood Sprlngs' ir Q Glenwood Springs, Colorado ERN TIONAL Colorado LINCOLN AR ESTER MERCURY Farmers Union G a m b I e S Marketing Ass'n. Home Owned Store Feed and Produce M, Tripp, Owner Rifle Colorado , Rifle Colorado B 0 0 s t e r s Daves Barber Shop Glenwood Springs Colorado :o:::::::4 Safeway Store Rifle Colorado w:::::x::: Hi-Way Food Lockers Rifle Colorado x::::::fx: Hawxhurst Real Estate Rifle Colorado Pl! lk 2-'K if C ompliments Of A Friend J , ,.I MA. A -V -' -2-- f l' M" -4 .. f u A. my-f A . -. .N l4,. ':' - Y'w"1,-QI - . I ' ' - f l . " ' :"-J., rfli - ' 'V j,:jf' 1 'u ..,.:' W QAE -1, ,maj gif- .,,5','T, " " 5 -- J. A . I 1. I V 5 ' ' t' Z- 1 Af .' rl I - , - , 4 . - , I ,w U ,. , , , . . i 4 - . V V. f ' K X i' ' f 1 . . .-w F. 1 5,1 11 1. , H A A 'Y., " in -vq':5 , V' iA " - ' 'QQ F -Q' ,lf '. '4 ,-. .W , . L' su, ,, L' 'YW 'Q 5 'f'1'?.? ' x ugh ,A .,:.f. 'am' - . Q- al' R-gr, "4

Suggestions in the Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) collection:

Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 9

1956, pg 9

Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 9

1956, pg 9

Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 63

1956, pg 63

Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 53

1956, pg 53

Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 7

1956, pg 7

Silt Union High School - Pirate Yearbook (Silt, CO) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 13

1956, pg 13

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