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Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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f, xi ,- , f f X ,- 1 ..L, ,K 71' ,- f 44' K2 3-'A f 07 ' - 3' 1' 2 4 f-.ji ' 474' '14 41 M124 ,g,5. ff, ., er- A. :Cf , 324-- I, 'iff' fffv, ,, WWQW I I ..... J IW ,k g THE OF LIVING RINE THERESI VOLUME IV Pb hadbyfh d lg f954 sHmNs or me uma nowen msn scnool RylO M Perhaps music is your preference in art. Or, you might be a lover of fine paintings, or poetry. Your notions of art may be abstract, or the concrete arts of doing everyday iobs may well have the most appeal for you. There are three standards by which any art can be declared valid: If GOOD, it will reflect the goodness of the Divine Creator, if TRUE, it will be a sincere replica, a piece in God's pattern of creation. Then it can- not help meeting the third norm of being BEAUTIFUL. Shrine High's motto is "ADVENlAT REGNUM TUUM," "Thy Kingdom Come." The initial letters of that motto are A-R-T. We believe that the surest way to perfection in any one of the arts, and most particularly in the Art of Living, is to partake of God's life. By using Christ as our Model, we can paint the portrait of a soul that will some day result in an eternal masterpiece. LIVING IS EVER THE MOST MODERN ART The art of arts is the art of living-living as an individual person with total responsi- bility for that person's thoughts and deci- sions, and living in total cooperation with others to achieve the obiectives of society. It so happens that the human mind of an individual person is so constituted that it craves truth and desires goodness. Not any truth nor any one portion of truth. Not any partial goodness or segment of goodness. The human mind is satisfied with nothing except total truth and total goodness and their acquisition. Infinite Truth and Infinite Goodness-this is Godl The art of living is crystallized into: serving our fellowman for God's sakeg serving him 2 by kindness and with forbearance, serving him with thoughtfulness and patience, serv- ing him at the cost of one's personal comfort. With this concept in mind, one glimpses the dignity of service or of labor and evaluates the finite things we do for one another as trans-substantiated into the infinite exten- sion of serving God. Thus, the art of arts is the art of living with the proper obiective in mind. Could we succeed in persuading a sufficient number of persons to so live, then, and only then, will be realized the fulfillment of the prayer expressed by Christ when He said, "Adveniat Regnum tuum" - "Thy Kingdom come." The Good .... The True ...... The Beautiful One of the striking developments in con- temporary art is the mobile design. A tal- ented artist, using his knack and know-how, can blend contrasting elements into a har- monious, well-balanced whole. The master of living can likewise take all of the little commonplaces which make up an ordinary day, pleasant or unpleasant, and transform them successfully. This requires a knack which is rooted in faith, and a know-how that is supported by grace. The secret lies not in great undertakings but in perfection in little things. "The Little Way" of St. Therese is familiar to each student at Shrine. Her Way proved the contention that "genius consists in an infinite capacity for taking pains." TABLE OF CONTENTS .....-..-..-.....-..---.--...-........Q--........-.-ss..---.......--.-.. In making his charcoal sketch, "Art" lays the foundation for a finely polished piece of work-the practice of living for God at Shrine. FACULTY . . . CO-CURRICULARS . . . SPORTS ..-.-....-.of-.1-s.........---U..-.....-...-...-..-..........---..-. As a result of Art's early planning, we are able to detect evidences of the finished pro- duct. Training in the events that will color our future is the obiective. ASSEMBLIES . . . UNDERCLASSMEN . . . CAREERS --.........--...--...-...........-..Q-...........-..-.......-....-.... Herein lies a question for philosophers but Art, with typical penetration, leads us direct- ly to the core of the matter. The completion of our artistic endeavor is but the first step- ping stone on the path which ends at the throne of Christ the King, Infinite Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. .. pp. 8-39 pp. 40-55 pp. so-104 DRAMATICS . . . COMMERCIAL . . . GRADUATES . . . ADS 'Hilfe 9-"1 "uri, , -,."5-iswu, 1 A' as-Mac.. Night cold and a crisp film of fresh snow . . . the image of beauty without, truth within, goodness withal . . . no image more comforting, more challenging, more secure SCHOOL . . . LIFE . . . ETERNITY . . . All are here in sub- stance . . . in promise . . . in fulfillment . . . Our school to shape our lives . . . to merit an eternity with Christ our King. 5 TI-IE GOOD No one attempts a patntlng wrthout Hrst Iaylng the groundwork Art Ishort for both Artist and the Art of I.lvmgI here sketching nn charcoal only hunts at the ambstlon of every Shrine student So much ot hum goes Into thas preparatory study Has LOVE for the labor has deslre that has work be realtstlc and portray Irving IH ACTION has INTELLIGENCE an puttnng forth has best efforts and finally the frultaon of all these m vartous modes of EXPRESSION JJ,-J V 1 .- uv .-1 vf ,J v s -'k X . V: ,gqhxgaq - 1 +4 I ' ' ,. c I 'X 11 ix., s. .5 4 . ' h 1, 'wx ,. lx ' r' ' V' f N Qi' . V H.,- . ' .pg :-, C 'wut . -, n Q ' J 4 .,.p, "hy -w pu,-9 , , . , ls , .-:ivy lungs". 'if'. . n ..,F ix F . 4 4,5 ,N or REV. PAUL MATHESON Senior Religion REV. CHARLES E. COUGHLIN, Pastor REV. PAUL LEDERMAN Religion Other priests who provide spiritual services at Shrine High are: Rev. Thomas Rodgers CSSPg Rev. Leonard Foley, OFMg Rev. Juvenal Pfalzer, OFM. and Rev. Walter H. Ford. 8 Pin: iff iw," A ' 5. ,f' gh Samui' .AQ Loy teachers hold a session in the faculty room. Left to right are Donald Roden, general science and mathematics, Albert Halcli, English and history, Ellen Miller, biology, physical education, and Ronald Horwath, English and physical education. MENTCJRS DIRECT LINE, BALANCE, UNITY Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Ohio who staff the high school are: Sister Grace Miriam, principal, Sister Con- stantia, Latin, French, Spanish, Sister Mary Eulalie, re- ligion, mathematics, Sister Silveria, music, Sister Berch- mans, stenography, office and secretarial training, Sister Rose Eleanor, biology, Sister Rose Magdalen, chemistry, mathematics, Sister Mary Virginia, drafting, mathematics, chemistry, Sister Emmanuel, religion, English, art, Sister Charles Ellen, English, religion, Latin, Sister Eugene, history, English, religion, Sister Henry Miriam, home- making, Sister Marie Norberta, Latin, religion, biology, Sister Ancilla Marie, Latin, speech, art, Sister Mary Helen English, religion, Sister Margaret Thomas, history, religion, typing. Mrs. Frances Keenan is librarian. I R. Luther finds it quite a task counting the canceled stamps that aid the mis- sion funds. An ancient tradition is brought into modern times as J. Grohman, Sodality vice-prefect, lights the last candle on the Advent Wreath. Correspondence with foreign students bring the missions closer to home. A. Brown and N. Cowdin get off another batch. Q 'bf 2-1 W -1' TP' x , ' ,E, , ilgfgf' A X 2052 A: I 4 As part of the apostolic work, sodalists distributed baskets of food at Thanksgiving. These were the contributions of the school to help the needy. Below, sophomores help with the work at St. Elizabeth's Home for the Aged. Real love is not just romanticism as the popular songs would have us believe. Rather, it is dogged devotion to duty. Nothing can be less romantic at times, but the desire to be of service to others can make even the humdrum an absorbing interest. No inconvenience is too great and only happiness can result if a person honestly endeavors to fill his life with true Christian love. X A Q X c was . J ,. elf UNDER PRIVILEGED Left: These tiny heads will be graced with shining curls come morning, thanks to their nurse and the volunteered assist- ance of N. Deering at the Sarah Fisher Home. Center: N. Deering says "good night," to one of her winsome little charges. Right: "Fun for all ages," In r HW' ,QI v P might well be the title of this nursery scene. S. Smith and H. Green seem to be enjoying their services at the Home. Below: The choir girls, besides adding to the beauty of the liturgy at Mass every Sunday, made a trip to the T.B. Sanatorium at Howell, Michigan, at Christmastime, to entertain the patients there with carols. Services such as these for the poor and underprivileged are part of the Catholic Action plan- , F5 CHOIR GIRLS making positive virtues intrinsic parts of our daily lives. Front, ll to r.l N. Cornell, J. Saroka, E. Gagnon, Doering, N. Scott, D. Pfiester, J. Karam, A. Reefer, K. Gardner, M. Schlage, M Woodall, E. LeZotte, S. Widger, S. Sarvis, M. E. Cahill, S. Sebourin, J. P. O'Brien, S. Lopo, D. Lopo, B. Dunn, A. Hoetger, Gallo, A. Petri, B. Merchberger, N. Dimmer, A. S. Yowell, S. Bechtil, S. Chapman, C. Silva, M. McDonald, E. Flannery, M. A. Troy, S. Molly, J. Sammon, L. Budzisch, L. Kolka, J. Sherman. lp? 2, Us ll 2 ln.. '4 v 1 9 Q, l l ,l l i 9 r ' l I t fs. f fflir Above: To achieve the proper balance, sophomores study the effects of good and evil in the laws of morality. Left: G. Becker checks the Little Flower member- ships that will help further the successful drive to build a mission for the less fortunate in the South. Only the unimaginative, the earth-bound, believe that charity is strictly a financial matter. The greatest charity lies in kind- ness to others, regardless of personality. It is easy to love those who are our friends. The greater virtue land the finer artl lies in loving those who may be unattractive, unpleasant or even our enemies. Recitation in class is "step number one" in learning how to express opinions logically a n d forcefully. Here, L. Kolka is "on the carpet," as Mr. Halcli challenges her to de- fend her statement. Shrine students participated with other local schools in voicing their opinions on national, community and personal problems. Sponsored by the Daily Tribune, the sessions were held in the Royal Oak library during the month of February. Opposite Page: E. Modrich, A. Frick, W. Mertens and J. Blakey hold a "post-mortem" session with Father John J. Tracy after the Youth Forum on Teen-Agers' personal problems. C. Loeser, R. McDermott, A. Brown, P. Curran, D. Short, J. Waechter, M. Lqmb, S. Waterman and B. Siefred warm up before presenting their dec- lamations at the Annual Regional Forensic Contest ln the District contest, four of this group came home with first prizes in their respective divisions. C. Loeser triumphed in Humorous Reading, D. Short in Oration, J. Waechter in Dramatic Reading, and S. Waterman in Original Oratory. C. Loeser and S. Waterman also finished first in the Regional contest, and D. Short cop- ped the third prize in his division. All of these people are to be con- gratulated for their splendid work. , YOUTH PREPARES br 23 we 'E O TAKE THE STAGE If you have nothing to say, no tricks of the trade will hide it. Yet people will sit up and take notice if something simple or pro- saic is presented in an imaginative, colorful and artistic style. The ideal is to have something to say and to know how to say it. We spend much of our time in school trying to acquire this skill. As far as the underlying principles are con- cerned, there can be no compromise, and yet in the actual EXPRESSION, much de- pends on the individual. Each person will naturally use his own medium for putting across an idea. Hence we can see not only the conventional forms of expression in art, such as drama and literature, but also de- partures scaled to fit particular groups. Ex- pression in social contacts and in fashioning useful obiects is more in our line. CURRICULUM AIMS FOR SOCIAL LIVING The kinds of EXPRESSION portrayed here consist in SOCIAL CONTACTS where we assure others of our good will by providing a warm and friendly atmo- sphere. lt is almost unnecessary to state that sincerity is the main element in this type of expression, for the success of a social gathering depends not on the materialities but on the spirit that flows beneath. We also see EXPRESSION in the fashioning of useful articles, namely, apparel which is made and can be worn with pride by students of the clothing classes. "Not home-made but hand-made," is the motto that applies here. ' I6 Lower left: The seniors began a tradition this Yule- tide season with an original interpretation of " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas." M. Boehmer, M. Cava- naugh and T. Distel added to the festive occasion with their starring roles. Lower right: Sacrifices printed on strips of paper, the 'offerings of the entire student body during Advent, formed the bed of straw on which our Christ Child was placed by N. Dimmer and A. Petri. Bottom left: Santa IT. Distell and J. Sincic distribute faculty gifts. . X, Top right: P. Kehoe, M. l.aPrese, M. LaPointe, B. Dunn, C. Schowalter, and F. Bettendorf socialize at a party given by a member of the Home Economic class, as part of a class assignment. Center: "Sew" and "Press" - the good tailor- ing formula followed by M. Blanke and D. Soma. From pattern to finished garment N. McLaughlin, M. Blanke, M. Lardin and C. Stutzman examine their handiwork. Lower right: "StyIe's the thing" when N. McLaugh- lin and B. Slavsky get together. A garment like this is put to good use at social functions, particular- ly at the annual Spring Fashion Show. l7 A hard-working crew is the yearbook staff whose members sacrifice many hours after school and weekends. Thus do they do their bit to participate in the special mission of the Catholic Press-to spread Christ's message in a world where adverse pub- licity is all too common. The printed word has a persuasive power all its own-pic- tures, the vitality appropriate to such a divine mission. Yearbook heads ll. to r.l S. Heisey, P. Kennedy, C. Stutzman, R. Massey, P. Curran, P White, A. Frick, and W. Mertens enioy one of their lighter moments. Must have been funny. Middle left: Classroom editors S. Heisey and P. Kennedy confer with typists S. Frechette, L. Byrne and J. Marion. Middle right: It's not as easy as it looks. Feature stat? members P. Gleason and M. Lamb tell you why. Lower left: Photographers N. Norton and T. White "hash over" the fine points with staff artist M. Payette. Lower center: N. Scheidt and M. Ragalyi share the burden of checking circulation lists. Lower right: Girl sports writer J. Tardiff seems quite amused at an assignment given by our sports editor, M. Boehmer. 4 :L J- COMMUNICATION ...THROUGH THE PRINTED WORD IN SCHOOL Above: Ad staff. S. Waterman checks over copy, J. Davis types while M. Lardin and M. Gagnon discuss a picture layout. To the right,dynamic Ad Manager T. Sedano helps J. Deehr line up clients. Right: Our telebook staff. H. Henkel, J. Belknap, L. Budzisch, N. LeZotte, K. Gardner, M. Opie, and N. Dimmer labor industriously to make this unique proiect a success. Inserts below: B. L. Seifrid, K. Kelley, editors, of the 45 RCA recording. Lower left: Feature stat? members T. Wymer and S. Lipscomb share a laugh over a candid shot. Lower right: So many heads, and they all have to fit . . . this is the problem faced by L. Ploe, S. Lendzon, A. Petri, J. Mahoney and B. Powell. PRECISION GAINED IN OUR SCIENCE INTELLIGENCE Intelligence is the faculty of the mind that assimi- Iates knowledge, and by a logical process trans- forms it into understanding. Needless to say, in- telligence regulates our actions, and inspires our creative efforts. But this portrays intelligence in the fields of science and mathematics. In these branches of learning the laws and logic of the universe are studied, for behind these universal truths lies the Creative Hand of God. No need to fear an explosion when capable chemistry students R. Eldred, M. Cassidy, R. ,Murphy and L. Byrne are on the iob. M. Sempowski, M. Pung, A. MacDonald, J. Bachyn- ski, R. Moran and D. Finnegan find much to fas- cinate them in the study of biology. A. MacDonald must think it's strictly for the birds. 20 AND MATHEMATICS CGURSES 1 --J Here we see iunior mathematicians demonstrating the particular fea- tures of their course. Above G. Burkart, B. Smith and W. Mertens. 3 solid geometry. Center M. Springer, l M. Schloge and C. Soma. plane l geometry. Below N. Horrigan, C. Garver, C. Cowdin, J. Saroka, P. Flaiole and S. Sheeran. algebra I "3" 2 gel-bfi? I"'Qs Q' CLEARS TI-IE MIND FUR FINE BODY ACTION xx S- 'Cf ' r AC . ' ' Art ' ' sch ' ' P0 ' R gf 'aiqw , Neff ug, V f' 7 f 5. Z Q ea .ff ilu-' ffvfr ' hyggiif V? ,A Nh My V am,.,.,. 4 2 wzfik: L? ww f' f M ,Ayr . M, , ff' 59' ,A 1 A . K ,Q ,f , M. :gif-' :Q 4 :Ni 4 , f 4 , Mr W'-Q.. .ra C ' ""?' H691 in 1 ,J ' '42, .' 4 1 mfg X 'QEQQQQQQZ1 4A" A Q R ,A , , -ev.W3Zb'7?d?gz?i,f ,, 9 l ff? af? fi' Magi? 2' f W if ff' -A me ,A Tiki? 33271: 2 ,Alfa Z , ,Z .V , my .1 5.41.5 .5 EW . Vx, ,, .JI WA, QQ 9 Q ff f ' Q Q K 1 y, .f fag, w, Q .,., . ' ,egsfw'Ej Hd. "-Er'-A ff, ,J ,M 4 an .gmt I V M42 L ,iW?wn if 3 4 f, 49 M, I X 1 "' far, , ' . -qw 4 ,kpwffafi ,X f . . ZF- I A is SC 'V ' gf MV 'iisiy W WE., . wi ?wQwQ ' , 9 , 72, x ' A, .,v.. I :-w.a,.,:,,.1.'.,. Nw A X ,J,,' z ,Eh Mama? W'w:,w, y 5wgQQHg1 2 mgqf' 3 'fwiaa 32, Mf g ZA 4321 7' 555, ifdi' 41, ww gf, ffyvx' QL, E ,f , 5 T , J +11 , 4 w i5'?' .4 'fr 45 J mm ' iff ? 2. N42 A 1 M , N . N -, , 'Pav 2 52? 'wwk wwf 5, Top ll. to r.l L. Witmer, Coachg J. Tresnan, R. Coppock T Nichols, T. Distel, R. Horwath, Coach. Middle-W. O'Connor, Manager: J. Cavanaugh, L. Syron F. Rusher, J. Deehr. Bottom:-W. Luther, R. Seery, M. Boehmer, G. Burkort At the end of the fifth season in First Division, Shrine Knights had no regrets for practice in the sweltering heat waves of late summer. The best record in three years resulted from a fine coaching staff lRonald Horwath and Lee Wittmerl and spirited followers who were as much a part of the team as any helm- eted Knight. The freshman team lrightl had a good workout under Donald Roden. At right: Top ll. to r.l T. Geil - J. Stankevich L. Worden - T. McGrath N. Charest - H. Grix T. Schneider - N. Ball M. Brown - J. Tessmer .. ON THE GRIDIRGN i f 9 4 , 7 If tif ri ' V r , f g Iv :ip as ,. wi ' is s' ' sf.. 'K X -.V. ff' ff r -r 4 " A 5 if jg A, ., ' .. 4 T ..., is , Mmiy Z2 X 1 Q gx,' r'Q? 'QS .-,. 5 i ,, L7 ,, ,f higf , fi A in it ii ' 5' . 1 W , ,i A A ' . ',-v l".N-,- 41' 1,71 I, . i' WV an m e i .fcfmfffw--' A 1..-g.,f L ' , ' H1 Coaches, R. Horwath and L. Witmer discuss the tecam's chances. 123 Shrine moves in on the runner. i3i J. Brown kicks an extra point. 141 During a pep rally Shrine Knight weds "Queen Victory." 153 The team returns to the field, ready for the second half. i6l Perfect team work results in winning combina- tions. ..0N THE SIDELINES, IN THE BLEACI-IERS 68- UrQ,Y U ffm' t . it S l7l W. Luther gains yards as L. Syron runs inter- ference. IBD The action on the field is reflected in the faces of the boys on the bench. 19D "Victory, victory is our cry . . . " U03 M. Boehmer picks up a first down. HH Loyal supporters are necessary to any team. . IN THE SPLIT TIMING gow! ,rn '-is AWG ,Q 4"Y,, ,I Asa-If-4"'-ff If . 4 i ,,, 4 v - I ' . -izyg-,.. 'Q . . - .K 1 I . rg: ff .i I .1 A I 5,-s N .-i' E3 1'1'f-4 1" . Q 4 '4 ' ., ,fn .I ' , 1 , ,,,g-1 Q, 7 ,,,'v, ' n. 4' A- -0 .,s'. .44 .Wy :-,A fl' .A .f,' A Q' gg A ,I lviwfj' i'. ' A, 9552-:af ,T1-ff' mv' ' , . .-,4-1 ,r Af Never before nn Shrme s hrstory has so much em phasus been placed on track Under the able durectlon of Mr Roden the underclassmen are provmg a real asset to the already capable crew The stuck goes to another runner as J Tresnan flmshes his lap In the relay Looks luke our llttle artist IS glvmg ham some competition T Bath T McGrath and R Zoppl lme up for the hundred yard dash How far wrll rt go us the question as R Seery prepares to put the shot OF POUNDING FEET ON TRACK xr L, THE CRACK OF CLUB Every great team has a day sometimes when every- thing backfires. lt wasn't in the books that our team should go on to win its third straight Class B State Championship in 1953. The lone defeat was to Hillsdale on their home course, conteracted by their defeat on our own home course. The team won the Regional and C.Y.O. championships by good margins, with L. Syron taking medalist honors in both. F. Howting ltopl sinking a putt seems pleased as J. Minnebo looks on. Before the match begins, '54 Captain, L. Syron, practices his swing. On their way to the clubhouse, H. Kirtek, F. Howting, M. Sterling, R. Troy, J. Minnebo, and l.. Syron stop for a rest. ND BAT ON THE BALL The month of April is noted for many things: showers, proms, and convertibles, but to some of the Shrine Knights it symbolizes the ball and bat. Although baseball is not considered one of our maior sports, nevertheless our fighting nine showed their victory smile often. Action spoke louder than any words when C. Blanzy contacted bat with ball while the opponent baseman seems stunned by "Speedy" T. Ladd. The screen of dust fails to hide the strained look on C. Blanzy's face as he is tagged out. The team sits in the dugout, each waiting for his turn at bat. is QN. ...IN THE SWISI-I T .5 it ' li 1 1,5 J. BURKART . W' 2 it 54 I 2 A 1 1 ""-,. M i I H. xmex , f R. TROY if-.T .f R. HAMILTON E si T. LADD VARSITY BASKETBALL: The Varsity squad was expected by pessimists to bring only minor competition to their opponents. Coach Frank Buchanan's inspired strategy and all-out eftort by every member of the team brought them through with a 6-9 record. The scores tell their story, but there are many things that facts and figures can never include-the "never-say-die" spirit of the team, the wild enthusiasm of the fans, the fervent pleas for victory in the Regional play-oFfs. l2l H. Kirtek makes the score D. Walter, W. Leavitt, T. Smith, J. Blanzy go up another notch. Mg r. R. Sta nto rd 32 ix lwg Q W . ",."V?s Z 'AA' " fwz ' Z4 E xx 114 4 X? FLAJOLE . 'T 1 l yi '47 'II' "" BUCHANAN .. f 5 i - it fl f . 2, L f' MAHONEY f 2 BECKER STEPANSKI RESERVE BASKETBALL: This season, the Reserve basketball team, guided by Coach Roden, chalked up a rating of nine wins and six losses. High point of the season was four straight wins over St. Patrick's, St. Gregory's, Mt. Carmel and Lourdes. Losses to Holy Redeemer and St. Patrick made the boys even more anxious to win their last game- which they did, defeating St. Andrew's 4l-36. M9119 9776 33 'ifa f I Zn lll On your feet! T. Smith has the ball! l2l Get iv! Gee if! Get that all... Q ,fs 55 SL Bernard 60 SL Jomes 46 Si. Mary 32 St. Gregory 54 Mi. Carmel 50 Lourdes 52 Holy Redeemer 62 SL Mary SHRINE SHRINE VARSITY SCOREBOARD 51 Pofrick St. Gregory Mt. Cormel Lourdes Holy Redeemer Sf. Polrick SY. Andrew Ks AND SHRILL WHISTLE OF REFEREES 34 RESERVE SCOREBOARD SHRINE SHRINE 45 St. Bernard St. Patrick 36 St. .lames St. Gregory 29 St. Mary Mt. Carmel 38 St. Gregory Lourdes 28 Mt. Carmel Holy Redeemer 27 Lourdes St. Patrick 24 Holy Redeemer St. Andrew St. Mary 33 llt Freshmen were disappointed to see the seniors win the intramural championships. l2i The thrill of the year came when the Burkart brothers could accept the trophy for the District Championship. l3t This could be a new "basketball ballet." l4l R. Troy manages to be in the right place at the right time. l5i J. Burkart has as many limbs as an octopus when it comes to guarding an opponent. l6l Three on two! Will we score? l7l R. Seery corks up another point for the seniors in the intramural championships. S-,sf X32 YES, PRECISION - FUN Almost every period finds the gym echoing with the slap of feet, the cries of combatants, and the terse orders of physical education direct- ors. Games, calisthenics, sports, play an active part in Shrine co-cur- riculars. The "bunny hop" was the all-school favorite at our dances. lll Even the girls are attracted by the strong arm maneuvering of G. Becker and M. Flaiole. l2l H. Kirtek and J. Burkhart are really the best of friends. Carolun Whute Capt We? Slavsky K Gormsen CYO DIVISION CHAMPS Clrmaxung an all vlctory season the gnrls basketball team repeated last years performance and brought back the CYO DIVISION CUP The power exhnbnted was amazing consndermg the fact that It was prnmaruly a young and In expenenced team There were only four sensors Iall guardsl leaving the forwards rob to sophomores But they filled the hole and scored therr way to vnctones like old troopers Of the gurls team who have never fouled to partlcrpate un the CYO PLAYOFFS Shrine Hugh us proud M Spnnger N McLaughIm as 5 K. at s 'X 1 sell 1 X P qxlg, 1... Lui? I I i 4' r I is Syron G R I I 5, i In - rr .. 52' 3- , l I 4 N . . I W MIINXCI I N--L ' I ' we fe' N-f X I . , ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' . , A.- Ytx A I . - I F xxx ' N I I m . f ' . i f ,I 'fm 1 -4, i X 9 Climaxing an all-victory season, the girls' basketball team repeated last year's per- formance and brought back the CYO Divi- sion Cup. The underclassmen on the team were lleft, top to bottoml K. Tardiff, M. Troy, L. Kolka, l. Lemay, B. Forbes, D. Mas- kill, P. Seifrid, B. Kennedy, C. Hughes, and Coach E. Miller. SCORES Shrine Michael Shrine James Shrine Fredrick Shrine Michael Shrine James Shrine Fredrick DIVISION CHAMPS TOURNAMENT PLAY-OFFS Shrine 'l7 St. Stanislaus Shrine 4 St. Hedwig Although basketball is the major Shrine girls they participate also ball, archery, badminton, baseball, nis on a smaller scale. Here at Maskill has volleyed in good form Dysarz is on the receiving end. 39 is sport for in volley and ten- right, D. while A. Below, M. Nelson doesn't look too sure that she's going to connect with that bird! B. Long, J. Kelley, and C. Cordts are being quite patient. THE TRUE What as truth9 asked Pontius Palate of Chrzst Modern Pilates are stall stumbling down bllnd alleys ln search of lt We can say thus' Truth IS absolute lt does not depend on man rather man depends on Truth and Chrnst IS Truth ln the sectson whlch follows we attempt to show how we are made con sclous of Truth In dally life CHARACTER TRAINING IS dlscnplme to accept and practice the rnght even when It goes agasnst the gram While we realize that there are as many dnfterent PERSONALITIES as there are mduvnduals we know that there IS a stand ard oblectlve MORALITY for all In strnvnng tor TRUTH we gam real KNOWLEDGE and wnth Know ledge comes the first glammernngs ot THE COM PLETE PlCTURE OF LIFE Our friend Art begins to see the results of hrs labor .. . .. . . . I li I I - , . I - ' f I at I L..-I ul l- -1 'N A chance to perform . . . frequent student assemblies give Shrine talent the opportunity to develop poise and confidence in address- ing an audience. This training and develop- ment of skills aid in the formation of social character. Amateurs of today may make professions of their talent tomorrow, as we at Shrine can testify. Several times variety shows provided top entertainment. The 475 students of Shrine cover a wide field of accomplishments. Below are only a few. T9 J Blakey M. Haupert A budding concert pianist, A. Frick, plays brilliantly Brahms' Rhapsody in B Minor. lithe and agile, P. Rakesfraw, entertained us with a gay Polish character dance. On the lighter side, J. Blakey and M. Haupert did a comedy pantomime-Brooklyn style. Under the Old Mare were tap artists N. Youn and B. Beaudoin R. Jordan gave use X g . his version of "Oh, Mein Papa" on his hot trumpet. The students had no trouble feel- ing the beat when P. Stellies got behind his drums. ff X X f P. Steies N. Young, B. B o dom bar- M A """.'9 AVN-'X We never thunk of the student body as a mob or cz moss of people Rather we re gurd lt os cs collectuon of mdnvnducl PER SONALITIES with dustmctuve tronts brood ambltlons and versed accomplishments - , ' . . - . . - - . . - I . . . . I . ,. 4 4 . :- Q ki- ' ix x A k m L- B0ChYn5ki N- BCH E. Both F. Bayer B. Beaudoin J. Boudreau M. F ff, 1525 Q X 4 I J Q- Y L X ly L fx x X 'I Ancient Greeks termed it "ostracism". Why, is our secret. C4 Chef? J. Cooper C. Cowdin J. Cuchette I.. Dabaldo E. DGI1r1enf6lSEf I j U ., . Q' X 5 .L I x L 1. A B. Frick S. Fulgenzi C, Gqrver S, Ggfeg T. Geil C. Godie x N 4' Q2 A Q "ar -. z , g Q ,T 1, I -s 5 A - , k . .,' , 3 4 - L nj N it: N if .g K - Nl X Yi A freshman "shines up" to F. Rusher as pat f o' t t' , week. r o riena lon N.Hqrrigan B. Hughes K' Joeger D. Jones pl Konuh J. Keefe f ff, " , M K fe -. M i .. A K. Y L' -fm Q- V R 5 ' ex - L 1. A W SL n J. Loeser S. lopo B. Mahoney B. McDonough T. McGrath I. Maritim 5 1 i'L'ff-wvi. M x Mrs. Keenan points out to the freshmen the services x 5 A K '75 our library offers. A. Pung P. Rakestraw A. Reefer E. Reschel T. Ropers R. ROUSSBGU J 5 ', W A en. fa it 6, we x A ' ' ,, w Q 5 3 M K w. I A L kg ' x R. Stacey J. Stankevich J. St. Germaine J. Tessmer C. Thibodeau M. Troy Freshman varsity subs get direction from the coaches. FRESI-IMEN aw., wild 117 WV .. , Q L 5 Q Boyer R. Boyle M. Brown S, Buchqngn C. Busch B. Byrne M. E. Cahill C. Campbell C. CGfflC0 N. Charest ..- - ' 35- .. , We ,, W, we - - ., . 4 :V W . ig , L.. 0 .,, "ll M N I Tb' S T 1 ii K AL ll I K . I L 4 . T ' i I A. Des Rosiers M, H, Dqerin A, Dohen M, Donnell J. Farrell J. Finne S. Fi1zpa1riCk P. Fla'oIe T. Flcncgcn A. Frechehe Q Y Y Y I in 'is' 'i 'wx will -'W i x f ' -f ' .- 'vm L t L x Vs L Q L 5. ph Graham H. Grix S. Grix G. Gullo G. Guth C. Halpin B. Heisey S. Heyman R. Hoefer A. Hoetger 1'-1' 3 "M, G il"+h ':: - 'G 'F V- .1 431' I e 1 5 V . , 5 A , e . ... ' 4 ' 5 F --' , , " - - '-'f . 'Yr xg 1 , v ' Vx, i V. 55 A Q- A Q. L Q L Q L wa h Keider C, Kelley W, Kelly S. Kemper E. Kennedy R. Kenney G. King J. Klepack E. Le Zotte l. liposky qv., ' 4- I r me km ' W? 1, 45. 'L 'fist fu Z2 . .251 1 V 'Q ' ' "' .A s-V V, -. , f 'k li M x l .l K A x X H A 4 . Merchberger R. Modrich R. Modrich J, Mgrobilo M. Murphy J, Muqzyngki T. Nevison P. O'Brien J. Oliver S, Pappas x Q -e T J - - -N ra ' ,. - ,. ,, ig -Q 5, ff. -K Q 1' ' e' V . M V I i I NIH xl - bd. I im ,y V vb i' ' ' W- X N F J L L - l , L in K L 1 . L th 4 1 9 L S. Sabourin F. Somidc W. Schamel N. Schleicher K, Schluchfer R. Schmidt C, Schneider T, Schneider B, Senqcn S. Sheeran .R : 2 v 4. O ' , A 1 4 U h 3 , 1: ,Q 4? Q' -. - of :V . -- gf' S 4. ' - T 45 he V ' 44 3 " A K q .N' T " ' W vs x I 'X X- .. , ' ' a . K .5 K x Q k :ilu ' K, Wallace T. White S. Widger R. Williams J. Wischman 'M. Woodall l. Worden J. Yowell J. Zomanski R. Zoppi These young "Shriners" are useful as well as ornamenfal. From school proiecfs fo puffing away fhe chairs in ihe gym a'Her all assemblies, fhese hard workers are always willing fo lend a hand. Sophomores-starvation setting in, wait for upperclassmen to eat. Hat making is latest indoor sport in the homemaking de- partment. This the difficult part - choosing a becoming style, eh, Sandra? W: 553551 .. l"" L M' ro -gs Top men on the totem pole of competition are these mem- bers of lOl who are all engineers on the train of success. A weekly forum planned by the sophs themselves, discuss school problems. U9 vc 1,5 " ,. Q . K I . " S. I Y ,wg M f -If tv It K L Q' . L. Antonopulos M. Arce J. Bachynslmi M. Ballerini D. Bauman L. Bischoff cy 'QS 1 . ,X - U A 7' S. ' vi- ,J .. " , , - ", ' N ' ' Y' 'J 4' l .1 x KN K C. Carpenter M. Casenheiser S. Chapman K. Christie E. Chonka M. Cooper In i 4"- 'iz 'F swf! ,I . f N- A f K l L K. sb. P. Fischer R. Fitzpatrick E. Flannery B. Forbes C. Funke F. Gade 5' . ' V s K W J ' I X P-A xl G . X T M 1 Ni-P 'Q 'T ' 'T' 4 'ZZ' Us Y J. Kelly B. Klebba B. Kennedy K. Koepki L. Kolka P. Ladd . YI Z.: ,H -A . F M W '4 4485 Q ' ' ' "T iii? Q 44, . ' Fi wi R X x B. Martins D. Maskill P. Massey F. Merchant L. Miller R. Moran -9 M.. " 5 : 4 1' 'L 1 nie N y A T - r QQW F X Q , - 1 Q ' ' . ' v t x L Q in x L L. L we A. Pierre D. Pinneau A. Plourde M. L, Pung J. Racine D. Rinn . ' V -, , X 5 T 3 Xt C. Silva R. Kleinsmith T. Smith T. Smolinski C. Soma B. Stacey . , I ,. y y L-: Q Q 1 F "' J A ' ' -A4 4-5 - u is - Nvyfs. I I R., Q . . V K . L L I 1 S. Webster H. Welsh M. Welch C. Wernet T, White J, Wing 06 7" 311' Q 5 J Blanzy Y Breuleux Brmker A Brown J Bullman Bullman f lf af C Cordts M L Dqley Davey C Davls 5 Dyer Dysarz 1-1. rss -Q my K K X D l-CWY J L0nd"Y S La Rose l Lemay B levlll llposlxy --f"5l"l'lf"l 5 hide MOYQUH J Mosley J Mueller M Nelson A Neubecker Opne E0 6210 Ruddon J uss M A Samnda J Sammon S Sarvls M Schowalter A u.?a Slakowskl R Stanford 5 Sfolfe K TCFC-llff J Tepe R Thrbodeau Heading almosl' every drive, cam paign and conlesl, lhe sopho Q 0 o 0 a mores claim 'ro fame lles rn lhelr lremendous spiril' and wholehearl' ed cooperalion as a class. Of such sluff are leaders born. X Y 2 S g x Ny K W Wood J Wymer 'Q ?' :S H Byrne 5 Campus R Carbcry J Carney Xxtb-I Embrey Emenck M Farrell F.,-megan :Ns s.. T' K Lnpscomb 8 ong McDonald S Molly 'Q akl Kb R Ovles A PCHOW Pe to Phelan -x Kgx x J Schubert P Seufrld M Sempowsku Shan 9 'PL Tlmlln J Waechler M A Walker Wg 9 1 4 ! 4: ,I " . U e 0 -L X x X J Young N Young S Yowell D Zoppu yy 2 ,,- 9: -..-, -.- T1 -C .., - .' 6- ,W Q44 ' V 1, M fl N ' - Q 'N f ., ' 'Z ., V ,hs- - ,.a. - -. , I . , y 1. - - . fl gf" "ef S- f J ' -.f , A B. L . I X -.I I v A K ' . . P. ' . . J. . 1 . , df A3 w Kb. i 1 l ZW' ' , 1 'J' fl ,. ,,, 'P' at 1 : M ' 'N 'I , "' A: In s M f hi ' ' , y y -wr K- ' -V' " " 'Y ' M he I -. f 5' x L L L K. 1 in ' X . , , H. . ' . A. 5- P. ' . J. ' 4 3 -Q il 2. fig: 1 T 1 4 - LJ A -Nz, "za V L , AFL. .f -Q1 . -J lc' M A - ' ' . - ef W 4 " TX a x N. 4' . A J X L X X x I . 5- A L 'X 5- GGQHC' K- Gvgnon J- Guild M- Gcrdnef R. Gauthier H. Green J. Hunley C, Hughes T, Johannes D, Kqfkq A K, I: C :R N :J .M R I :V 4 i '37 ' - W - L E f- ,.-, 3 . , C. C ,, Y t, 1' , ' . ' ' 1 . x , x -. x QL Y -X K . l H K . i . - . . . ' D. ' J. ' . L A. . R Q 7 Q 3 , T 1 , N . Q Q T I ,. 3 e4 s -- " . N- ' -i1 -,,, , xx. V X' v - X X K L . ' 'Q' - .... J. ' . ' . K. l E. 9? 1 .. Q -K V J: 1 ' - - 3 Q B " A ' an 4. ' Q' S -- A ' C J ' 4 C x '- '. A L A , W H J 35 - . .. U I Y' by " T 9- S- - ,Al , , ,, a Q F ? T . .5 V u 1. .V we f ,, s Q - 'gg.N---- . . -- ' A Q - X V g . .x A ' iv N' . , x - al 5 L L .. 1 L A 1' ' ' l . - ' J. ' ' . . . D. u ,pf-ar Albin Carroll Q' M Gagnon c' T Keefe R Merfc S Rourke H Thlbodeou bam ,.., -vm. z!::...Z' Bo T Boyer G Becker in. 1 Curolm M Cassldy T Curran Rf' R Gdrdlner Gleg Grady AFM LJ Kelly M Kennedy M Klebbo Muller M Mmnebo Mnron ,jf Hr" 5 Russell L Somhgnon Schlag '3 A. Thorpe R Troy Unger B 45-0- L B Berger Burger D Boldm Bourbeclu S Bourbeou M R R V7 - 61 Y" Dannenfelser A Dcboldo B Devme A Greenfield va 4 KFISTOPB M Moore U7 M Schnelder A M Wachoskl 'Nw L K Gormsen GUY lllu Hs., 'w Ladd J La Fontaine S.. H Mueller Murphy N Scott J Scullen A Dc ron Dysa rz Hauperi K l'l'9bY A 32,7 ff P Lomgan M La Pointe Paulu B Petr: an Q. J Sherman Soma These upperclassmen are somehmes +he "Idea men" IR Shnne affairs They assumed responslblllfy for fhe opereH'a ad cam paagn and broughl' IR exacfly half of +he enhre folal. TERROR 'rf' EFS Higgins WG Yue- l.o Rue Pfiester 'W"F Stachurski A. ,, s , W yr. fy, . . N ,A . V . , ggi f 'gn V 32? K, 1 ' . 1 . ,., I, . 1 . - . iff J . y - 1... 'fs ' - fr-if 1-Q.. R' 2 ' w , ,V 'rs . fy ' Q A 1? Q 3 . 4- Y " if if . Pl' rf, N I . ' U sZf91wi,.' - V . f 5 -r": J -:-'1 .Q N . 1 4' .,,, - ' K x A L, Ni., ' A if G. ' R. ll . . . C. ' . ' M. . M- B .nv i - I E :K X M -N Q Q -H Q , V N A ' it Q n, H Q' -.. 'Q X 4 m , ' ,., ' x. . . -- ffl 'lll A , w A' , ff YJ 1 A T Wrfffi n r 5 .x I' L 5 4 'h .X B. B. ' . ' . . M. , . ' . C. N. Ev ' J 7 4- .V 5- F M I, Q f- - 3. A dx L -G ,5 " - ' e- in . -I 4. , ' . V f ' K U M SN .s 1- Qi, n ,': 4 'v "' Q' fr "" ' -A au L. K 4 , s. L. K . . ' 5, ' M. . . B. M. - ' - ' ' , 'N ,J W 'Y 'S' AW' .. Z Vw I V - N Q. W I G 4 'M M 'E 1 T fe li me W . '?"".f 4 rsfv. 1 P A L . . 5 by x ,G . l ,....- U Q? , . J ..., ' k T- - ' . ' . ' J. , ,K J L Vi f y V 4,1 5 ' . ' J 'J gg' L 1. Q . if A an Q LQ f t' ' 4- L y, . , my aa. 5 ws- ,- .s.. 4 Q '1 N V ,V ai . J l T A W. 2 I I we-P' nil? f R' ' J I n W: R f- . x 'I X f . v. ' . ' G. ' . . R. c. S . ' D, . ' ' ' ' " W Q1 ff ' ' L - ' "4 I J Y? 'E' ' . ff f X A X L X L ' 'x f X fi . S. . ' ' M. . ' . . . J. E. . 1 E - , 1 I ,,. 4 A .. gy 3 I W s Ruin 'EL gg 4:?2?v I a . .K 2 GQ . I -iw . .. l C L., J ES- , :. W A . E y , l K M ' . ' l.. . R. . '. 'R Q -1- 4-. , . w-., L 'J My T Buchanan J. Burkcrt M. Butts E :Q S . 71 tl v4 31 K . Oi D Fxnmgan E. Fisher M. Flaiole 1 1- ? 17 'N , ,, -1 5 xwi L T Howhng R. Hughes J. Kcrcm 'F 1 S. qi ', K S S liposky . Luther M- I-Oesef Q " ,L .L Q. ' We. L. L in ec S. Roceffe D. Reed Q Q V 5 'f z f ,Nl 5 u M . . K X E. Stepanski C. Stower a. A T . 1 sv 'L ,' Q t, l y 'b J X A. Widemon JUNIORS B. Wischmon K., , .ie B. Bysfrom Camro Q -: 'A '45 ,Q ,. , 'V J. Forster E. Gogno Q 4 2 , gg we., :We as J. Kcsten Kirtek 5- 3 T 2 1'-N 'T L K. . P. Mackneish R. McDermott '17 A C. Riley ,op an 1 4- 4' C' Af. w. fi B. Syron 'bc' 59.3 D. Whitney 5 1 M. Roll ' as ,K From the Gay Twenhes step M Huupen and h K. Sweeney Y: Q' WL N. Whitney Fr. Matheson stands back and watches as seniors toss the verbal ball in a sociology class - 3D. A main obiective of the seniors' sociology class is a practical discussion of social problems as they aFFect the individual. This makes food for thought when Retreat time comes. Each student is con- cerned with resolving personal difficulties and im- proving himself under the guidance of the Retreat Master. Underclassmen have a separate but simul- taneous retreat. SPIRITUAL PREPARATION AT PRESENT FR. WEIER - ,Q - KIQI Q21 ll U21 iQ IQ1 IQIC 'Q1 l l Retreat Masters im -5. FR. BRETZ Above: E. Galantha speaks her native German with Miss Paula F. Tracts, secretary and interpreter, and Mr. Joseph A. Fihn, instructor in German at University of Detroit. Professor Genise, head of the modern languages department at U. of D., sur- veys the scene. Center: Miss Eleanor Bischoff, diocesan supervisor of Home Economics, explains millinery as a trade and profitable pastime. Interested listeners are B. Powell, P. Fischer and P. Curran. Lower left: Fortunate indeed is S. LaRose to be photographed with Mrs. Blanche Parent Wise, Com- mon Council member and long-time public figure in the city of Detroit. Lower right: Mr. William Murphy, U. of D's Co- ordinator of Communication Arts, discusses the fas- cinating vistas open in the twin fields of radio and T V. with B. Merchberger and H. Davey. "You can change the world," is the motto of the Christopher movement, begun by James Keller, M.M. If Christians infil- trate positions in influential fields, we may be able to counteract the Communist influence. With this thought in mind, we have chosen these four fields as repre- sented in the Career Days which were sponsored by the Sodality: Government, Education, Communications and Labor Relations which we have to typify here by a trade. Christophers belong in these fields so they can bring truth to those to whom it is denied. INDICATES FUTURE POSSIBILITIES .... 1 , Af ff. 4 U 1 g- 6. AND PUTS THE PAST IN PERSPECTIVE If "history repeats itself" it is only because human nature does not change. True history gives us an insight into human nature and should help us avoid past errors, improve present weaknesses and provide future se- curity. Shrine students are prepared to study history by a strong Catholic back- ground in religion and morality. Tsh- Detroit Art Museum proved to be most enf grossing. Above: A 4,000 year old mosaic had to be felt to be appreciated. Then D. Zoppi noticed a profile likeness of H. Byrne about which L. Bischoff wasn't so sure. A if S 4 A 4 ff' I 'Z fi ff 4' 4 M , Q i , M 7? 'x O 1 K fs 1 . 'IS ,,,.,.g,--vw-H' U 352 1 ef 4 i f - f-,rw gi V N, .V ,, - .,., to , 9 ,Q y if 'xl rs. a. 1 5 1 f 1 Z ? B xl :ei 31'-5 H , .f5j5'f:.K,:9.- LS, ' .ig 4 1933, . Tl-IE BEAUTIFUL The consummation ot a well prepared form a well directed artustlc endeavor IS beauty G d as all Goodness Truth and sublume unchangeable Beauty O lord God Kang ot Heaven and Earth Make us faithful mirrors ot Thy glory Grant that all our songs arnse as hymns before Thee Grant that what we touch wlth our hands may be transformed an Thy sught Let us creatures ot clay presume to make vessels ot gold Purrfy our thoughts O Lord and let them come to Thee as lncense so that In everythmg we undertake nn everythnng we thunk do or say we may draw closer and closer to Thee T 5D 'lx '11 ILBJ 7 - Q :L W 7723 '4 f " I U 5 ' t . ,,. ? . x 1 a g ' I V H Riff Q Q11 al 3 4 's"f--gi' df fl.. 4 -lv, K ' M , . ' mm, fr Wu m N1 ,fr . ,,, 7, X if g ?' J llfffiill f 1 , . W. I V: ' if I fi, ,f!"f a I -- LITURGY lclvfl Y N 90,154 The circular sanctuary at the Shrine loppositel which lends itself so well to pageantry, is never more colorful than when the flags of the nations surround it. At center, opposite, Fr. Matheson accepts the service of the Whitney twins at the Lavabo. Below opposite: The "OrientaIs" round the special altar of the Little Flower during the pageant. Above: The finale of the pageant is the presentation of flags to Christ the King of all nations. Center: Father Coughlin addresses the congregation. Below: J. Tepe as the little Flower moves post the choir. ..OF LILTING VOICES, OF GRACEFUL .XX Victor Herbert's Fortune Teller - a spark- ling extravaganza filled with music, dancing and breezy dialogue, serves as the medium for Shrine's combined musical, dramatic and ballet talent. Grohman as Lt. Ladislas Romantic Lead X an, ANG. wry ..-W., XX. N 'QE' Top: Forming the chord as the quartette: M. Springer, Vera, R. B. Forster, Timar, M. Payette, Wanda, and .l. Birdsey, Almir, Left: "And she told me . . ." says Irma, R. McDermott lcenterl of the fortune teller, to ballet girls B. Sink and E. Chonka. Standing are Fresco, the ballet master, R. Colaizzi and Mme. Pom Pon, J. Sherman, who is a little scornful of the whole set-up. I 1 sf 1 I Q- ' W.. ,M if 'P S' 1?fs. iii f i .F 434341. Em' 3 5 ,Irma EQ gy? 'J' "'f"mm'1"'-"--' .,,1ffv.5.a,2' A fj 'Q 'L f"'g at 1 41 Pictured above, l. to r. are: A. Pellow, S. Gagne, E Chpnka, B. Bailey, P. Lanigon, N. Young and art students. The spotlight turns on Art at home. The Art Department has an important function at Shrine,for through their hands pass much of the publicity for both external and internal affairs. With the Marian posters literally behind them, they turned with a right good will to clever placards advertising the oper- etta Fortune Teller. . LIFE, IS ARTISTICALLY PORTRAYED GF It X 5 f if . 'fl ZW! 51,7 ff ' 1 Members of the Shrine Chapter Thespicn Troupe 734 presented one-uct plays, student directed and cast. Above left, P. Rakestraw enlivens a day at camp with a little mimicry in Beware the Bear. L. to r. are: E. Phelan, P. Rakestraw, R. Kenney, S. Lopo, P. Seifrid and R. Moran. Right is a scene from Summons of Sariel concerning the iudgment of a soul. L. to r. are: P. Curran, R. McDermott, J. Leavitt, C. Loeser, C. Baker, B. L. Seitrid, P. Gleason, S. Waterman and P. Rakestraw. Center: The peasant life indicated by this scene from Grey Bread includes A. Pellow at left, N. Cornell, H. Welsh and M. Lomb. Two scenes from Thursdays at Home show how harassed by agents a housewife can be. L. to r. are: M. A. Knorpp,. M. L. Loeser, G. Shovein, B. Merchberger, S. Lipscomb, C. Boker and N. Dimmer. 'WQW 1 .ag ,,!J :WM 'fig K. Gardner, E. Stachurski, L. Saintignon, H. COmeS YO life in Latin l in the persons of Henkel, A, Frickl and K, Gormsen serve T. Schneider llefll, .l. Zymonskl, R. Schmidt, fellow French Il student, H. Thibodeau, their and J. Wischman. A runner has iust brought version of crepe suzettes. Below: Caeser an important message. WE LEARN Tl-IE FINE ART OF CONVERSATICN Among the cultural sublects pursued at Shrine are French and Latin. TV and motion pictures have done much recent- ly to make the study of the classics more vital and more desirable In this shrinking world personal relationships are enhanced by a knowledge of languages. Shrine High alters Spanish and French, while Latin serves as a founda- tion for better English as well as the Romance languages. Students may begin their modern languages in the sopho- more year. 5 V ' t I X I. f ,l I I 3 l I 4 . tv' fre f." I , . 1 if i i GGG ,of . THE COMFORTIN6 ART OF I-ICJMEMAKING One of the greatest arts on earth is that of home- making. And to show recognition of that fact, Shrine requires at least one credit in home arts for graduation. A survey course is ottered and for those who would specialize, several courses in clothing. This picture story of homemaking shows lleftl students purchasing meat at the Food Fair, pre- paring it in the food lab, serving it in the home ec dining room lbelow lettl and in the last process of clearing up - washing the linens used. L. to r. top are: K. Schlucter and J. Bayer, E. Dannen- felser and B. Byrneg lbelowl B. Beaudoin and R. Stacey. C. Kelley and J. Boudreau. ,, -S -. ix: . , as-5 is X 9:51 Anythmg that requlres skull can rlgh fully be called an art Skulls neces sary to success m the world of bus: ness are portrayed here Machmes can almost talk these days but they have not yet ellmlnated the personal touch on the typewrlter keys or an the shorthand notebook Above stenographers L Lopo lleftl S Cote M Ragaly: and B Powell transcribe thelr notes of a prevlous SIHCIC W Sheridan and P Gleason are going strong rn Typmg ll A rlght M Hacala adds up to quite a student 66 THE ART CF . ' class. Below, M. laPrese lbackl, J. 0 I , 1 . I 0 . . t INDUSTRY There IS nothmg mechanical about the learning of a language but Span so Important today an the buslness world Increased trade wlth the Latm Amencan countrnes IS answer enough Above students checking pronun clatuon by usmg a tape recorder are left T McGrath R Kenney R Pm eau E Kennedy A Pung and B Busch J mg minded and many boys an the Detroit area are so mcllned Drawmg up plates and blueprmts are left W O Connor T Chase J Tresnan R Krnstopek J Blrdsey and F Char :er 67 , 5 5 ' M yt K 'ful Q ,. ish l is included here because it is Pmllllfg 'S C' must for the enillneef' I ' - ' .- I 1 - 1 . . l I l I Q - . ' - I . . . , . , . I ' I ' I ' T I SI ' I fl lf X Y , . X i Per Mariam Ad .Iesum is actually the sodality 'motto but it is every Shrine student's inspiration also. Privileged to be graduates during the historic Marian Year, W. Mertens and M. Rytel beg Our Lady's special intercession for this Class of 1954. X V' f l era, li 'nl MARK BOEHMER, Presiden! Shrine, Class Office 4, Sporls I-4. 5" .3-. we F WILLIAM MERTENS, Treasurer Shrine, Class Ofiice 2-4 Honor Roll 2 -v- MI' , U A . , aa LLOYD SYRON, Vice-Presidenl Sl. Benedid, Class Oflice 3-4 Honor Roll I, 4, Spons I-4 ,N , aw , M EW 1 A .- .E 'freak 'S " " 4 K e' ' 51 f , V , :VI M r. .,,: MARY RYTEI., Secrefory Holy Name, Class Office 4 5 . N V fr, ,m35,,L1,V,El ,,,,:M,' an W. 0 3 X N C 15 4 , 5 -" , A, ,fx .5 A' ,S ' - geimffi' f-55.2514 ,- ffffjz, 5115 E, R gffffi r X ,gg i I .. ',- fa. - 'Qian -f, . , ,M 4, -iF ' -T7"?i1h:-f"7 w.1,-i-r?,v'5- -, -. , " W f ,+A Q is ,A M uL-gg,'- : ,S - ANN FRICK, Presidenr of C. S. M. C. KATHERINE GARDNER, Sodalify Shrine, Honor Roll I-3 Shrine, Honor Roll I-4 'Prefcd MARILYNNE Puma, Prexidenl of L. L. f. Our lady Queen of Marlyrs, Honor Roll I-2 Class Officer 3 4 , N' A 5 -xi-:Inj . sgf fx? Yr :wi 1.- CECILIA BAKER THOMAS BAKER Shrine, Class Officer 3 Our Lady of Fatima. Sports I ..4s.... M, FRANK BETTENDORF JAMES BIRDSEY Shfine SI. Marys 'Ala i may .:. , ,KEN , W! 'Sv in ""' x f K , B, if JUDY BELKNAP LORRAINE BUDIZSCH Shrine. Honor Roll I-4 SU. Columban ..,...,.,,. ,V V N B 4. AA , SL 5 J L w , WM LAURA BYRNE MARY ANN CARROLL Shrine. Honor Roll I H0'Y NGUW -init- hx BARBARA BAILEY SI. Benedict rr, W -5fZ?Zl?2F' Wzgfr W 1? 312, , 1 - 41: 42,31 M .,.. N, ,, 25 4254221 New ff X Q f L " RN Z jx. , , ef ,Cx v r xi I MARY JO BLANKE Our Lady of LoSaIeNe. Honor Roll I, 4 A rs W 9 531' ' .uv ll GEORGE BURKART Shrine, Sports I-4 " 'uuwf "r Q'?'-fm.. N-B. V7 ', . fr f. ' fl 5,2 i if M 1 4 H I K ly, 'U ,f W af.. 2 .,,, ,. - . :Q ' i if f 5 v Q 2' 1 A ' V3 I rw ' I 1 lhmllry f -1 fum! E R I, R 5 ' if P A 1' f . f :- 1 JACK CAVANAUGH Holy Name. Sporis 4 MAUREEN CAVANAUGH TED CHASE FEUX CHARLIER Our Lady of LaSaIef1e SL James. Honor Rall I, 2 OU' I-UdY Q'-'een of MUWYN Honor Ron 2, Sports 1, 3 Class Office 2-3. Spam 4 Q' ,if tiglgh SFIIUU1 ii 'Cv' vu- if iw- vf ,SXOX .-F' 0? v' .ack Hughes Wd' 1 "i1 'f 'i ROGER CHAREST ROBERT coulzzl mcmko covrocx .1 gwwxwii' Shrine Shrine. Class Office I-2 SL Marys. Sports 3-4 ff? . I s . QM. - R ROBERT CORDTS Shrine ,,,3si,.,1, kg .. NANCY CORNELL SHARON COTE PATRICIA CURRAN Shrine. Honor Roll I-2 Si. Dennis Shrine W- Nik. JOSEPHINE DAVIS IERRY DEE!! NANCYRAE DIMMER Sl. Hugo Shrine. Sports I, 2, 4 Shrine 1 we 5. "EET Xuan. Y :W :M-rw. - ,1 RICHARD DERTHICK TERRY DISTEL MARY DOOLEY BARBARA DUNN Shrine Our Lady Queen of Martyrs. Shrine. Honor Roll 4, Sports 3 Shrine Sporis 3-4 A, - 5 ..., 6' A t ,,,. . 31 5- PATRICIA DYER Shrine ROGER ELDRED Sr. Hugo 'Axe fo., B. we on ' ' 1. qgs., f, , AE' w i, , i SYLVIA FRECHETTE Shrine 9, 'Y 0, N N, N 1-zo. K' ff' 1, 541 1 I ROBERT s. Foksrsk ROBERT G. roszsren MARY GAGNON PATR'C'A G'-EASON Shrine. Sporfs 1, 3 Shrine. Sports I-2 Our LadY Queen of MGNYYS 5" Columban ng.- :JA MICHAEL HACALA SY, James. Honor Roll 4 ,JOHN GROHMAN Our Lady of LcSaleMe 359 s. W 71, A '3- RICHARD HAMILTON Shrine, Class OHice 3, Sports 1-4 .F xxx Aiwa P' -415 Qu' i' SUSANNE HEISEY HELEN HENKEL MARGARET HOEFER LEONARD JOHNSON Holy Name. Honor Roll I, 2. 4 Shrine. Honor Roll I-3 Our Lody Queen of Martyrs Shrine, Sports I 'li' X... J I- G ' - ,ar 4. Q 5. was Q, as w I I, JERRY JONES RICHARD JORDAN pA1RgCgA KEHOE Shrine. Honor Roll I, Class Office Smgne shrine I, 3 - I .. QW. 3 , 'F . " f' I fi Ja ri: " Nl K K xv f , -K N WZ: E ' ., M wig I 'Y 7623 9' KATHLEEN KEU-EV PATRICIA KENNEDY MARY ANN KNORPP RICHA Shrine. Honor Roll I-3 Shrine. Honor Roll I-4 Holy Name Shrine I 5 hw I W? S X fr Q 'N Q - " I XC- . v X 'II' 1 ,J 4 gf Q A . ff MARGARET LAMB MARTHA LaPOINTE MARVIN LaPRESE Shrine. Honor Roll I-3, Shrine Our Lady of LaScIeNe Cloxs Office I -2 A .Q-1 I RD LQFONTAINE 6 I MOLLY LARDIN SUZANNE LENDZON SHARON LIPSCOMB FLORENCE LeMAY Holy Nam, Sv. Hugo. Sports I-3 Shrine Shrine f K FQADQ W 'f " A , W 'ffl Vgfgfsiw rx 3. rl . Jag 5 fu sl-i f .: SSA 25 ' A , 4i'53,A5 , - . V315 51552 , M f F1 ' ' . ,- , Q N , M QMW, Q ,fr . My A, H' Q 'Y 4 of fl "mr , , f My K K tg f F, , A D .. 7 ' "' fb- gg, . K a ug- ,g ff 552' , GW? + . O he-l L' ii NORMAN LeZOT'I'E CAROLE LOESER DOL05155 LQPQ Shrine Our Lady of LaSaIeNe Shfine -Q. S -nag, ww.. Q- 7 r y JJ '5- if WILLIAM LUTHER JANE MAHONEY THOMAS MAHONEY JANET MARION Shrine. Class Office I-3, Sporfs I-4 Shrine. Honor Roll I Shrine. Sporls 2-4 Shrine f Ina " A , ,V ' l - 'ggi ' f V ' ROBERTA MASSEY SHEILA MCELUGOTT NORMA MCLAUGHUN Holy Name. Honor Roll . Holy Name 5h'i"9- H0007 Roll 4. Sports I-4 mg- Y C 75. QM' BARBARA MERCHBERGER JAMES MINNEBO EUGENE MODRICH THOMAS NICHOLS SL Columban Shrine. Sports 3 Our Lady of Fqfirnq Our Lady of Fatima. Sports 2-4 i'Tni..,.W, RWM" V ' W A 1, ag, ' ' -,z J NANCY Norzrow WILLIAM o'coNNoR PHY'-US OEHLER SI. Michael Honor Roll 1, 2, 4 Shrine. Class Oiice 3, Sports I-3 Shnne Y Ulf- V . 'f' 1. .,,v ,A MARY KAY OPIE ANN PETRI LOUISE PLOE Shrine Shrine. Honor Roll I-4 Honor Roll 1-2, Class Office I-3 , - JULIANN PETKUS Our lady of LaSaIeNe. Honor Roll 2, 4, Class Office 2-3 by ffwg. 45 K- ed rg- Sai Q 4 fs 1 rg. i - . life is A , A , H 'ffl f .f Q' 4 BARBARA POWELL MARY RAGALYI JANETTE RESHEL Shrine Our Lady Queen of Murlyrs. Shrine Honor Roll I, A FRED RUSHER NANCY SCHEIDT CLAIRE SCHOWALTER TONY SEDANO Shrine, Sports A Shrine. Honor Roll 2-3 Our Lody Queen of Morryrs Shrine. Class Office 2-3 'DU RICHARD SEERY Shrine. Class Oiice 3, Sports I-4 if-7 'W ,' lr' ning fn. ' gig., I ,Q sf .f WILLIAM SHERIDAN JERRY SHIELDS Our Lady of LoSoIehe Our Lody Queen Sports 2 av 4? BERNADINE SINK Gesu -3' 'ivh BEITY LOU SEIFRID QAHON SEIBOLD Our Lady of lcSaIeNe. me Honor Ron I-4, class umfe 1-3 H"-ws K GAIL sHovE:N Jo ANNE smclc of Martyrs. OU' I-UdY of LUSCICVVC- Shrine. Honor Roll Honor Roll I-2 'sul 1 Q- -...4 P' 1 BEVERLY SLAVSKY BRADLEY SMITH SI. Michael Honor Roll I-3, Shrine. Honor Roll I, Class O5ice Sporrs I, A I-2, Spons I-2 --dur-W"g,,,s 2 ., 1' 1-2 Www 'Nin- 'P SALLY SMITH Shrine Qi ,, , 525 I i I I S I MADONNA SPRINGER CYNTHIA STOLTE DOROTHY SOMA Our lady Queen ol MarIyrs. Honor Roll I-A Holy Name. SporIs 2-4 Shrine njgg-gr Mu' 'HQQQI QWW5 ff rxgznaf b , pg, fiag' at ,,.3 W -QZMX ' X. x, 'Un fe "-lm gf '-., ff' CAROLE STUTZMAN JULIA TARDIFF JOHN TRESNAN ,f I l , '3 Our Lady of I.aSaleIIe Shrine. Sports 3 SIVIUO- SPOYIS I. 4 I 4' I: an , 1 i N15 7 v M--Q. ,I v ,im W- -., 'UTY ' "'nN iaftigx lb- HM .Mx XX . I. S . Q ' wr Yfgibg E 1.4- - SHARON WATERMAN PETER WATSON CURTIS WESKALNIES JULIE WHITE Holy Name SI. Marys Shrine Guardian Angel. Honor Roll 1-2 ' Q P lik PATRICIA WHITE ROGER WOOD THOMAS WYMER Shrine, Honor Roll I-3, Sports I-A Shrine. Honor Roll 4, Sporu 2-4 Shrine. Honor Rall I, 2, 4 Boosters Charles J Berger M D and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs LoursJ Berger John W Brennan E B Bysfrom RoberfA Colalzzu Kenneth E Coppock James H Cornell Dr and Mrs H D Davns Mrs F J Dlsfel and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harry J Dunn M A Haupert H Kelly J Klebba J LaFontarne James Lamb R J l.aPomte Paul Lendzon E T Lrpscomb Earl G Loeser and Famlly Mr and Mrs W G Luther Mr and Mrs J W McEllrgof1 Mr and Mrs Jack Mclaughlm and Mrs Russell Oehler and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Gene Tamm Mr and Mrs JohnJ Rusher C W Seery John Selfrld Thomas G Senneff R J Slavsky Frank Tresnan Hal and Pat Whrte Mr and Mrs C D Wymer Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom Homeroom 207 30 304 5 O6 3 OO . , . . Mr. , Mr. . ' . Mr. , , Mr. . . Mr. , , , Mr. . . . Mr. , ' ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. , , Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. and Mrs. Michael S.,Hacala lOl Mr. . . . l05 Mr. . E. . 20l Mr. .E. . 203 Mr. . E. . ' Mr. . 301 Mr. . . . ' 2 Mr. . Mr. ...' 30 Mr. . . 3 ' O8 . . . . 3 . . . . ' 204 . G ' 205 78 Immaculate Conception U.S.A. qs. I.. sumay Our Lady of Guadalupe IA. Petrl - M. Sprlngerl Queen of the May A TRIBUTE TO Tl-IE MARIAN YEAR The seniors of 1954 realize with pride and a sense of re- sponsibility their privilege of being Marian Year graduates. This honor climaxes four won- derful and important years of religious training at Shrine. love and devotion to Mary cannot be confined to the seniors. Class discussions, activities and pro- jects are evidence of the efforts of all to perform something special this year to honor the Mother of God. Our lady of Japan IS. Watermanl Our Lady of laurdel LM K. Ople - A. Doranj 79 X. X 'Hamas Q-0 '92 A --is wg- s.. 'vu fl Cl for N , W 5 M2251 3 il f' ' T is Q if mf 'lvl' ev ff. .x j f' 2: ,, g Wm ,V .I J s 'E sv f J aw W I XJ' f,wf,m,v Qx,5fM, ,Q .N ,:' , W? 4 95 ,A :H 3f,ryifw'X if wii wffm 3 1 1 4 ff , 2,9 4 'wi TY? www. QE .ai Q Q i K 1, if f Q 3 vp 1 .gn . r 1 . g N' 1, V if ffl- ' " 'f 1' iii .ef ? - if y ' 44 1 . ,.,,. l,., 'H ff A Q. ,vi s , .. 1 w Q Q- f- Q - 'I rw ' ' 5 c 1 X Q Q K J ' Q. fi 4? e iq aff rv'- I X ,,,,--P"' fx Ann Charlotte Mary ond Penny Anne Jum Red Sharon Louuse Antonopulos and Helen Green Mr and Mrs George Arce Mrs R L Baker Mr and Mrs ClarenceA Ball Sr Barbara and Jackue Ted Bath Mr and Mrs C P Bayer Judy Belknap Dr and Mrs W F Belknap Mr and Mrs F G Belknap Frank Bettendort Mr and Mrs B Bettendorf Mary Jo Blanke Mr and Mrs John Blanke Mr and Mrs Albert Blanzy Mr and Mrs L E Burger Bob and Karen Mark Boehmer and Mrs R T Boehmer and Mrs Nucholas Bodom and Mrs J Bogguo and Mrs Albert A Breuleux Brudget and Carol Edward L Brown Lorraune Budzusch Webster Buell Jr Mr and Mrs George Burkart Mr and Mrs Wulluam A Busch Howard Byrne Jr Laura Byrne Ward 5 Byrne and Mrs Howard Byrne and Mrs Wulluam F Carroll and Mrs E O Casenhuser and Mrs K D Cossudy and Mrs John T Cavanaugh Ruth Chamberlaun Mr and Mrs J H Chamberlaun Paul Charest Mr and Mrs Edward Charest Ted Chase Judy Cooper Mr and Mrs H L Cooper Mr and Mrs W F Connolly Jeanne Cordts Joseph Cordts Mr and Mrs H O Cordts Nancy Cornell and Mrs Robert M Cowdun and Mrs Harry Crawford and Mrs John Curran and Mrs E F Daley Mrs A Darcy Dee and Sue Frank Deehr Jerry Deehr Arthur Des Rosters Mr and Mrs Wulluam Devune Duck and Barb Duck and Marulynne Mr ond Mrs R J Dummer Mr and Mrs Frank Dunettu R M Doerung R M Doerung Mr and Mrs J E Dooley Donna and Sue Mrs H W Doran Roger Eldred Mr and Mrs John G Else Mr and Mrs V J Evers J W Farrell Felux and Jerry Mr and Mrs R A Funnugan Mrs Stanley Fuol Mr and Mrs Paul Flauole e Shoves Flowers and Mrs Robert B Forster Sy vua Frechette and Mrs Armand Frechette and Mrs Howard A Gagnon and Mrs Jackson Gardner Mr and Mrs O M Gues Fred Slasford Mr and Mrs J E Graham Grank Leader Dept Store PATRONS Mr and Mrs Green Mr and Mrs J Clarence Grux Jack Grohman Muke Grohman Mr and Mrs A J Grohman The Fuve Grommets Vurgunua Gullo Mr and Mrs R E Heusey Helen K Henkel Patrucua Henkel Mr and Mrs F J Henkel Hermann s Bakery Kathleen Hugby Mr and Mrs FronkW Hugby Mr and Mrs PaulH Hugguns Mess Mary Hobbuns Mm Joan Haddon Elunor Hoefer Mr and Mrs A B Hoefer Mr Clarence E Hoeraut Mr and Mrs J N Hoffman Harold J Holden D D S Home Equupment Company Ten Luttle lnduans Mrs Kathertne Johann Mr and Mrs B K Johnson Mr and Mrs C Johnson Jerry Jones Mr and Mrs Wulfred L Jones Edward Karam Mr P J Kanuut Kathy Duanna Anne Euleen Mr and Mrs H J Kehoe Euleen H Kelly Mr and Mrs Patruck N Kennedy Mr and Mrs ThomasJ Kennedy and daughters R Kerr ry Ann Knorpp and Mrs C E Knorpp and Mrs R C Koepke and Mrs S Krauenke and Mrs Harry Ksuer and Mrs A E Lanugan and Mrs Henry La Prese and Mrs H H Lardun and Mrs L LaRou Robert Le Duc Joseph Lee Florence Le May Helen Le May and Mrs Wulluam Le May and Mrs Norman Le Zotte and Mrs Roy Lufe and Mrs Jack Lupscomb Don Mahoney Mr and Mrs RaymondG Mahoney Mr and Mrs H March Muke Maruon Mr and Mrs J Maruon Mr and Mrs Robert Massey Marlene Matthews Mclnerney s Funest Poultry Mr and Mrs Paul Merchberger Bull Mertens Joanne Mertens Mr and Mrs Wulluam Mertens Mr and Mrs R J Muller Ronald L Modruck Mr and Mrs Arthur Moluner Mr and Mrs L K Moore Mr and Mrs J E Morgan Two M s and a J Frank W Mulholland Dr and Mrs R J Murphy The Bernard Neul Famuly Judy Nelander Mr and Mrs E F Neubecker Nancy Norton Mr and Mrs Dana Norton Mr and Mrs Thomas O Bruen Karen O Leary John Oluver Jo Ann Opue Mr and Mrs M H Opue Mr and Mrs Wally Paunter Mr and Mrs JohnJ Paulus and Mrs HenryF Payette and Mrs James Peerenboom and Mrs J R Peters and Mrs John Petkus and Mrs L Petkus Ann Petru Mr and Mrs F J etru Puerre Tom and Bob lFroshl Mr and Mrs WalterL Puerre Louuse Ploe Mr and Mrs John Ploe Mr and Mrs Syl Popus Mr and Mrs Kenneth Potter Mrs J O Powell Mr and Mrs Wulluam P Psahos John Pryor John Pryor Sr Oscarl Pung and Mrs Robert Radley and Mrs Louus Rogalyu and Mrs W C Rakestraw and Mrs J Reshel Mrs Wulluam Roest Mr and Mrs ArthurJ Rousseau Art Schutt s Hardware Mr and Mrs H D Russell Bettue Rytel Mr and Mrs J B ytel Sam Inc Frank Samuda Mr and Mrs Mark Sammon Mr and Mrs N H Sarvus Mrs Grace Schlage Mr and Mrs Adolph Schmaly Mr and Mrs L J Schowqltey Scum 8. More Mrs Blanche Sedanp Mr Tony Sedano Myron J Seubold Mrs Henry Sempowsku Mr and Mrs Duke Seymour Pat Shuelds and Mrs P Shuelds Ann Suncuc and Mrs John W Suncuc and Mrs J E Sunk and Mrs Stewart Skelley The Three Skurts 56 Mr and Mrs HodleyJ Smuth Mr and Mrs L B Smuth Mrs Mullard T Smuth Connue Soma and Beverly Martuns Spade and Sluck Mr and Mrs B L Sprunger Mr Stacey Mr and Mrs Morchall St Arbor Cundy Stolte Sandy Stolte Mr and Mrs Stolte Mr and Mrs H Stout The J W Stower Famuly Mar Jean Ceromuc Studer Julue Tardtft 54 The XTR ers lP Curran and L oe and Mrs John Tardutf r and Mrs Tepe Sheula Shurley Tush and Mrs Anthony Timlun e Shaw Tumblers and Mrs Forest P Valentune r W J Wallace and Earl Wallace Mrs Ethel Waterman Mrs R B Waterman Bullue Watts and Mrs S J Webster and Mrs Louus O Weskalnues and Mrs W J Whute and Mrs S A Wudeman Harry Wulls R Geo Wood Pattues lPat Curran and Pat Whute! Jerry Wymer Thom Wymer Mr and Mrs Thomas Yowell Mrs Paulune Zukowsku u u . . Mr. . , u I I I - - - ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . . - - ' Mr. , . . . . . . . . Mr, . . D . . . . P ' - . - - Mr. , - - MY. , ' ' Mr, . . . . . . . Dr, . ' . Mr. . ' ' . , . . . Mr. , , Mr. . . ' ' , ' ' Mr. . - ' ' . , I u - . . . . . R Mr. . ' . , , Mr. . . . ' . . . " " " " Mr. . . . ' . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Ma . ' . . . . ' Mr. . . . , ' Mr. . . . , , . . Mr. . . ' ' Mr . ' Mr. . , ' Mr. and Mrs, Theo. Chase Mrs. Edmund J. La Fleur Mr. and Mrs. K. Sichler Mr, . . . ' Jo ' ' . . . . Mr. . Mr. , - ' ' . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . , , ' Mr. . . Mr , Mr. . . ' ' V ' Mr. . Mr . ' ' ' - Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr . . . Mr. , ' . . D . ' . . Mr. . ' , ' . ' . ' ' ' - .Pl l ' ' , Mr. . ' ' ' . . M . . ' 2 ' . ' Mr. . ' . . . . . Th ' ' Mr. . . ' . . . . . ' . . . Mr. U I ' Mr. . . . Ev . . . . M' u ' u ' My, , , DY. . . . . I ' , , Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. . . ' . . Mr. . ' ' ' Modeled by ll. fo rJ M. Grady, M. Gagnon, B. Gies and N. Cowdin. 99wM 4 lx-in 1 Q 1 2 2 5 ...-,.-,...f-mass., n.wv-w-'v z H y-. . f a Compliments of FINDLAY S MARKET Power Mowers Plumbvng Supplles Tyler 60133 EXCAVATING o ROAD WORK Pittsburgh Points ' SEWERS w n Holland s. sons Hardware Joseph M Hughes 3' Sons E5fdb11.Y1.76d Coylfpaffgfj 2833 W I2 Mule Road LIncoIn I II27 John F Hughes 3333 Hudson Ave ue BERKLEY MICHIGAN LI 2 7 O3 Defrost 8 Mch 3 er-f uc clerd of .gene .Named we tv!!! 1818 N Woodward Royal Cole Mlchlgun Phone Llncoln 6 4440 SI-IERMANS MARKET KRIE6 BROTHERS lldfltj fllmlj Glffeflej Catholic Supply I-louse Inc IO 00 A M 9 00 p M Effabllybedfr om 50 yan 3742 W I2 Mule Berkley 34 Illlll Farmer St WO 2 5I3I i , . -5 ' , fr 1 I f J K, I sl 5 if Y , S b if K. W. MIL LS, INC. H 5-1 ' I I Y Q 'I ' I' I I 1 ' J. Tepe, T. Sedano PARK MOTOR SALES l5000 Woodward Avenue Townsend 9-5000 "5szvin9 U25 cfvozfffwsaf aqua" Congratulations to the Class of N540 from I SHAW Xa- SLAVSKY ING. 85 52,3 f"x..fp WN WW 5 l Z- 3 S ESE BTH LHEYLMLI rl Jlce the lclephonc CAJIIIPIIIX for cxnnplc Xnx one who xx orlcs for Nllilllgdll Bell mll tcll ron lt S ex erx tlnng L1 grrl eonlcl want rn a rob l rrst xou dont neecl .mx cxperrenee Hou lerrn xour yob on thc job Incl elrn .1 goocl sllm XNllllC lcdrnrng Ranscs are regular .rncl frequent Hour rn come IS steaclx lou can alxxaxs count on lt lncl xou get lnnnal s lClll0llS mth pax Another nncc tlnng about tclcphonc xxorlc IS thrt ron ll J9SOCldfC mth people xour own agc ynst out of school too lou ll xxorlc rn clcan brrght pleasflnt surronnchngs VK hether xou prefcr to stlrt is a tele phonc operator 1 tcller or 1 clcrlc xon ll fincl oppor lllIlll1CS for Jdx nlcelnent VK e cl lllce to tell xou more lbout these and other rnterestlng telephone robs X mt us Soon xx on t ron? MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY P L A C E TO W O 421 Wlllrams St Royal Oak W. R. Culhberlson Plumbing AZl6fdll07lS and Repazrs 7 6 o Woshmglon Llncoln 1 0118 Thelsens Garden Marl 3826 North Woodward ROYAL OAK Beta een 13 and 14 Mile Road Llncoln 2 8400 Best W'isbes Drlveaway Transporlahon lnc 3103 O5 Cadullac Tower Nursery Stock Garden Supplies Denon Mmhlgon Compliments FISHER S MARKET Burmmgham 415 S Washunglon Royal Oak NAULTS BARBER SHOP We stand behuncl all l-lalrcuts Speczalzzzng Flattop Brufh Cuts Prznfeton 5 Hollywoodf 14320 N Woodward Royal Oak Much Llncoln l 9562 . I . , ir 3 S. ' - -A' ed N fe ii QU an ' O. O . . FARM AND eouumsm lnnusrnuu PRUDUCTS INC MANUFACTURERS 3200 W FOURTEEN MILE ROAD ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN Complxmenis Al N EER I M E R LYLE J WALKER SAND 6' GRAVEL Phone Woodward 5 7I56 New HUDSON PLANT Rocussrsn PLANT 14780 4884 South I-lull Road 61403 John R New Hudson Much Rochester Muchugan 88 Y d , , O ' of . . . 5. O 1-Jw i . I ' I Compliments ol GRANT E. BECKER Heating Specialists E DWAR DS Sales G germ 9l6 N. Main St. Royal Oalc, Mich. Qlfmrzs of: "Drexel" "Willett" "Whitney" "Flex Steel" "Grand Rapids" .1047 Oakridge Ave., ROYAL OAK Lincoln 3-1193 IlauperI's Lumber Company Lees Carpeting 19409 John R and many other Famous Name Brands DETROIT MICHIGAN Create I xalues nz Delrozl BAKER S DRUG STORE ERNIE BELL INC 3 Everything for Your LAWN 81 GARDEN .I Hi. I' I Lnzfolu Menmy Salel and Yerzz H ' I , 221 N Mum SIreeI Royal Oak Much Phone Llncoln I 0280 L coln 3 63l3 3II6 N Woodward Between I2 Mu 8K I3 Mu Rd ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN I ' ... ll I , I - I IMI! 7, 5 , . . e Ty, rf - ' ' 1 - u:IhlIL.rll'lyIPllllIl Illllm ,,, ' ' ' In - 89 u 'a .D 1 CLOONANS DRUG co. 72 N. Saginaw Pontiac, Michigan Federal 2-0 I 61 ,.., J 3, It V I A Wife' al Jo Davis seems delighted with what CLOONAN'S has to offer. Helping in her selection is a former Shrine student, J. McHugh. QUALITY LUMBER GREENFIELD LUMBER COMPANY I 2700 Greenfield Detroit 27, Michigan Broadway 3-2323 Phones: Llncoln 1-0572 NOTARY Congratulations to the Seniors ol '54 Llncoln L8743 TURNER 8: KONOPKA Fourth and Center Barber Shop R E A L T 0 R S Complete Insurance Service Royal Oak, Michigan 2861 Coolidge Highway BERKLEY, MICH. "If it's Hardware We Have Il" Frentz 81 Sons Hardware 1010 - 1012 N. Main at Cotalpa ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN Llncoln 2-5670 Llncoln 1-7000 WILLIAM SULLIVAN 81 SON CQ, FUNERAL HOME aaabzabea 1906 705 W. Eleven Mile Road 90 At Pleasant 0 Royal Oak IIYVQ M gina vxxoww we If WV' WOodward 3 4030 YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER O0 pages :hly m d w vh 0 als o o lud ng gold dng and page Pl r chly ado: d I fx., Every Catholic Famlly May Now W " ills World s Last Heautzful fzlrle HIS Holiness Pope Plus Xll urges that ln Christian famllles the Holy Blble be read wlth plety and devotion just publlshed thus brand new GUTENBERG CCATHOLIC FAMILYl BIBLE IS one of the most beautnful volumes we have ever seen wxth many dlS tmctne features that wlll provrde an unendtng source of Insplra non for every Catholtc famlly Bound as an authentnc copy of a pnceless ongmal Gutenberg Buble Vlrtually every' D389 ll lummated wtth hand desngned mmals In colors Rnchly Illus trated wtth full color art master pueces and end papers The text contams the latest translatnons of the Confratermry of Chnstxan Doctrtne Helpful explanatory notes follow each book. Bears the Impnmatur of Hts Emmence Francns Cardmal Spellman Truly the most beautt ful Blble for the danly gundance and Inspnratlon of every Cathollc famlly GUTENBERG lCATHOI.lC FAMIl.Yl BIBLE on y 95 Edition tx lnmted' Wrtte phone or come In today to be sure of seemg a copy KLEBBA S STATIONERS L inure I li i A i in c l r, ,, . fr -'Iv f 'I .pi.'f.2. 0 l in ' flfguuul I i ne X f I il 1 I ZX 5 J . Lf- 1 f '22 Q f II' l I ff fl .f f f J! J pf V, if ,l,,fm fV f fy ,I n I ' X! fl!!! flf '11, flff' 1f,fJ ,V 'ffl .V . 'l ' l ' - l 0 . .. . E . , . I0 I 91 NE 515 so. wqshingfon Royal oak, Mach. I l00 u g pa M gs an 0 l color WEYHING BROS l 23 ltavai gold Q :,,:.'::,.:'-M' Il , 0 'Wal Manufacturers of Shnne Class Rmgs 3040 Grahot Avenue Defrost, Mlchlgan BIG CAR QUALITY AT LOWEST COST NEW and USED Passenger Cars and Trucks TIIE IIIIIITII GIIEVIIIILET 00. 1000 S. Woodward Avenue BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Neighborhood Hardware I228 South Woodward Birmingham Midwest 6-2588 Pontiac Varnixh Co. Paintr "BIRMIN6HAM'S NEWEST HOME" DAILY 9 - 8 SUNDAY 9 - lt Compliments oi Rinke Real Estate Ray Rinke "Out Birmingham Way It's North Chevrolet" LIncoIn 2-8040 MIdwesI 42735 3800 N. Woodward Royal Oak, Mich. Compliments ADRIAN COTTER'S TAVERN MPQRTED SI-IINDI6 SHOPPE John IIeftI and Richard LcFonIoine clerk oi the SHINDIG SHOPPE and give quiet, effective service. 3I80 Coolidge Road Berkley, Michigan 92 LIncoIn I-9786 "For that Feeling of Security" Bricker Insurance Service I330 North Woodward Two blocks south of I2 mile LA CROSS PRECISION MADE MANICURE INSTRUMENTS NEWARK, NEW JERSEY ERWIN 6- SMITI-I MARKET Quality Mean and Grorerier I38 West Maple Ave. Birmingham MATTI-I EW'S MENS FURNISHINGS FORMAL RENTAL FOR OCCASION SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES 288 E. Maple - Birmingham - Mldwest 1+-I777 Briggs Bulldlng Free Parking ln Rear I Want To Be Your Caterer Industrial Catering Coffee Break Service by Ray E Silva 5II9 E Dawson Detroit I2 TWmbrook 2 9490 LI ncoln 5llJl5I Compliments of WESLEYS DRUGS 1955 souru WOODWARD McBRIDE I-IARDWARE CO Llncoln 6 2OI I Hezrduare Paznls Hourewares A S10 omng Good' Builder of Qualzty Homes I54 South Woodward Ave Free Estimates Mldwest 4 30I0 Birmingham' Michigan 93 I338 North Woodward Royal Oak DOBIE JEWELERS 2I5 South Mann Street Royal Oak 0ffwgfB1w0m RUYAL MK PRINTING 00 Weddzng and Engagement Rzngx G07-ham Towle Lum 706 SO WASHINGTON Internatzonal Sferlzng Szlver Dzrzlyte Golden Hued Flatware 1-1nC01n 1 0011 Genre Staznlesr Steel rom Sweden Telephone Llncoln I 335l ,-'ff' IIDLIIIAY ll0T'Fl."m Woodward 81 Glenwood Llncoln 2 7100 .IOrdan 4 6359 a r e R e E s 2712 Woodward Ave Lincoln 2 7100 -'Order' 4 6359 94 .F -""' "'fA',1-- , I' v' --"' -1 --1...............,A1 , - 1 - .1 ,..- ft ' GI E. Snell al Ialo Maslull Hardware hlarlm Semor Nu Hue Custom Color 6 Ready Mzted Paints SCOTTS LAWN CARE PRODUCTS Housewares Sporting Goods Electncal Supplies 4400 N WOODWARD Llberty 9 3252 4 Blocks South I4 Mule Road Duck Cormng s Buffet 426 Woodward Royal Oak I will md everything Ill the uonder ul seleclzon e abncs FERGUSON S 307 South Mann St ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN Ponhac Country Club Sem: Publzc HOLES EXCELLENT CONDITION Featuring Mrclugan s Fmest and Most Modern PRO SHOP Bar Grille Nnght Drnvang Range 4335 ELIZABETH LAKE RD Pontnac Phone FE 5 8939 We Caler to Banquets FRANK K SYRON Prop 8. Owner Llncoln I 9725 PETE S AUTO WASH 29I2 North Woodward Royal Oak Complnments of Burmmgham Ofhce Supply l50 West Maple Road Blrmmgham, Muchugan 0 g l . , , f A I . . I f ' ef fu f ' . . . at l I . Quality Fabrics and Notions I' . v I8 -- ' 95 ' IQIZRUVE Um gg i: NUHTH-NUHTHWEST ' W A L FEATURING-THE fj o o Q 0 r, WJ 0 O EEO 0 9 California Twinburger I f0' - ' VINSETTA GARAGE Day or Night O.K. Used Cars Llncoln I -2880 TOM'S NORTHWOOD MARKET O 906 N. Woodward Royal Oak Llncoln 3-5504 WOODWARD of COOLIDGE I ,n fur a s opping tour at TOM'S h d M L d' A S d y h adventure. J. Dee r on . or un f th I h fresh and crisp ve Ily b CCD Ofe 9 Keepsake Diamond! KENT JEWELERS 308 W Fourth St Royal Oalc Publix Men s Wear ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOX STETSON HATS Wash glon Square Bldg Royal Oak Llncoln 3 860I WESKALNIES STUDIO Cuftom M ade SLIP COVERS UPI-IOLSTERING M B Weskalnues 72I S Washington Res Ll 3 8357 Royal Oalz WILSON DRUG CO Woodward at Maple Birmingham over thirty jean ln Bzrmzngham Mason Conlrartor John A Parlcs Co , lnc Dependable Imurame Szme 1924 llfllllf Woodward TEmpIe I Ill-30 Detroit Much ENterpr1se blllll Com lzments PAUL S AUTO WASH S H 0 Sxmo nze Glztler Glaze Polish ROYAL OAK BIRMINGHAM FERNDALE MT CLEMENS 6lO N Wood ard Ave Royal Oak PAUL SARACINO for Kenneth B. Cavanaugh . . . P. R . B . P S ' ,- . ' - ' I 97 Compliments ol: .... 4 We rl E2 1 K 1 fl P J Bel Aire Drive ln Q WOODWARD AVENUE at I4 MILE ROAD may ullfx 'Q POTTER B kl ZW L d MOVING 81STORAGE COMPANY er ey S e aun ry 3 hour Drop oll: Service Laundry Washed Dryed G' Folded Asc I A111 1 I an Lines Rugf Drapes and Spreads Washed and Dyed 2725 I2 Mule Road Llncoln l 331 Mld 1 4 4612 e Llncoln 3 4747 Berkley REALTY SERVICE GUMPANY II E R B E R T B U R R F1 ze I' oluear S nee 1920 255 N Wood a d Avenue B mnghom Woodward at Comlpc 98 ROYAL OAK X O I 1' X -XJ H I I ' 'lu fy , I 1 I ': , ly I ' f X K ll NIL v!'.u W If H11 of 'cz f' ' ' I i' YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BANK ll d 5 94114. cloagrw Oakfaauf Brmk rOFF RylOk Bkly HghldPk Sph Hh I u u'i fill Imcious, friendly ferric t li , 1 ' K 4' ' 9 , Five Convenien ices - - Cl ' ' ' - 'g y I congzafufafiona and Baci fififisgsa fam i ' 2 'X J io His Aigllifli Jfi gzaduafea ti ' god ' Z Jfesifne 6D ami LETTERPRESS OFFSET 5721 EAST SEVEN MILE ROAD DETROIT FOre5f 6-4600 FOresr 6-4601 Compliments oi J. Birdsey who clerks of CODDLING'S after school nd e k d ' i I I ssmate E. Modrich o w e en s is provng o co that spring con come quite comfortably. Goodrich Manufacturing Co. John Ploe Congratulations to the Seniors of "5ll" CODLINGS MENS WEAR Lenc.izon's 5 to 55.00 Stores 225 S. Main, 'Royal Oak Lincoln I-3350 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS MACI-IINEd LSIDOLS Fon PRECISION and PRODUCTION HIGH PRECISION JIG BORERS HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL ALPHA TRYOUT PRESSES 50 75 100 TONS BRANDES AUTOMATIC HIGH SPEED PRESSES 30 to 4000 TONS STRUTHERS WELLS TANGENT BENDERS MARVEL SAWING MACHINES AIC'- 41" DIXI PrecIsIon I-Ionzontal Bormg MIII and JIg Borer wItI'I OptIcaI MIcroscope Controls TI-IE ULTIMATE IN PRECISION AND UNIVERSITILITY WE SOLICIT YOUR INQUIRIES Ask For A Quotauon On Machme Tools And Specxal Machmery WALTER S RYAN COMPANY INC Telephone Llberty 9 3300 4363 Woodward Ave Royal OR MIcI'IIgan I01 all P IK I L 1 X A V 0 f.I ' K Ig I gg f I 1 f , 1 o i I o ' I Compliments 0 ROLL BUILDING COMPANY '32-4,-txt ww' gl- 1' 17 if H at 5 I Buzlder of Qualzty Homes 2344 WOODWARD ROYAL OAK LAMP CORNER IAMPS SHADES STOCK CUSTOM 26IO North Woodward LIncoIn 3 14493 Royal Oak ROYAL OAK SURPLUS 1409 SOUTH CENTER ST atwthe RR Tracks We Gzzfe S ana' H Green Stamps M PECJCS 'Il Iwhg I41 '25 JO CI 4 6986 O REALTORS E5-319' HAROLD A MEININGER REALTOR 1516 N WOODWARD ROYAL OAK, MICH Near Twelve MII: Bamboo Draperres LIncoIn 3 4656 QUINNS TROPIC SHOP Rattan Furniture rom Fzckf Reed Wrought from Tropzcal Sun Lamps Troprque Folding Doors Planters Colorful furmture of Romanee Many Cbozre Fabrzrs 2875 N. Woodward 3 Blocks S. of I2 Mule Pick up 6 Delivery . . Van Beau Cleaners 0 Furs Cleaned 8- Glazed 0 Weddmg Gowns 8- Formals 0 Hand Fvmshed Laundry 2452 N WOODWARD LI 3 9200 NORTHWOOD HARDWARE A Complete Lzne of Hardware 0 SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS ' HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES 0 PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 0 FERTILIZER SEEDS 0 TOYS BICYCLES TOOLS ' SPRED GLIDDEN PAINTS 37I2 NORTH WOODWARD North of I3 Mile Road 1, .ri-gh . A .-'ZIZMFQ "An ,. E1-L-T5E'f, -. .-,r ' ,z v, "T - --if -- f - -1? ff . 7' - - 1 -.vez 3 .2 I NIH! D .1 ' L. W , A " f II 1 7 S1'Yl.12-IwIAR'1' Cllr " 1' CL:sToM 'Annu Kxox HATS ION South Xfoodward Avon Birmingham, lic I an LIncon - 500 "' ' 9 , . . - r an - ff. 5 z " z -.1 ' 3 , terms, .gs ' ' Cv-irvn-v qc 5: Every school has its favorite "honbout" and for Shrine students it's DAN'S DRIVE IN, whose specialty is ham- ' burgs. lt's only a stone's throw from the east campus. l was BRAD L. SPRINGER EOR YOUR NEW HOME Diftribzztor VISIT THE HOME OF HOMES STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Birmingham, Michigan M I L L E R H O M E S I I N C ' Woodward at Ill Mile Road Our Motto: Clean Fuel, Dependable Servife and Frimdlinm JOrdan 6-l5l5 Lincoln 9-3200 103 Best Wishes To Shrine l-ligh School Graduating Class ol: l95lI- SENNETI' STEEL CORPORATION 104 Ferndale, Michigan XV I ,X I W 1' QQ.:

Suggestions in the Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) collection:

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 56

1954, pg 56

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 26

1954, pg 26

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 93

1954, pg 93

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