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Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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r Yun '-N f was -A xx w 1 ' 1 J , v l , 2 P 1 1' 1 f 1 1 Xf X .N - X ,ff 'Qa--I fb ' K, if'-X',,'P51 , ' Z. ' :ug ---x-,,5.ff':--, -' x XX, 'qu f. , ..'.,::, , M -1 f ,- ,-1 ' , , 1'-i -- -.LT 'Af ,H . ' 95 'YJ ' 5 "1'."i'Aij.,. HRX! ,1. ' ' f- - V n ' V E f yi: , -1.6 :J '- f --way 'L '- ' ' -1..,'2 -V --542 . , . - ' 1 W" V 'hffiii 311+ id! .1 ..N Q11 A 'Ziff f fl: -QQ.. gf' 1-I Tfiilfi- i"'-V LX Xiifu A V, ?+: -yjw ' 3 5. .Elly -ifsj TP'-. 31"-V' ,J , V" ' 1' J? fi L xi., 122 Zifiijfggf ,rw 4514 57 3? 151355 WW Q "1,1qJ A M f 4.1 W "V K ,f QQQX XP- T2 J"""'J Tiff. ,GLW ,V A WJCZW ldd Row' 2064116 41,0617 'W 94'-f .4-uifpf fmwaamdd 4J,,,,,, "MMM LW-of'f,we mbfmwf ,,u-va' FZ? 7 116111 441104 Dxfvj My fA,v4,w W' "2""f fo Llfart MM All iffy! A - f' , ifuffwf. ' , J 31, 5 . . f04"'f""?fffd' -F WAI ,ef jfff- NIMH' ZQ.. ?xJnL'i'3rL' " 7 . k .Nb .1 iff? . ' X . I - -5 al? --I I Q , v L7 . . rg X: E "'u. L, ' ' ' J-Q: . -A 1 4 0 X Q -X w ,. 'TLV , -ff . 'K I t 5 X N - ,Q 0744 ff . -5 cv, ,Qi f '54'lV Y Q vi ' ff' -"Vi, A 114 ' ,ff 5 -- .. h X lvfa Iffif i' LJA' rj K ' --QP - f fl Q f - gl L 4-My My J .3 , IA , V A - -qi .9 I AL" V In . 'QA I J jf! .J I4 ,yi yy: .. -, ,gf Ill! ix , ' V .I 1 LI' df' ' '7 1 'I ' , . 5 f ' 2 A Q . Q A 1 I K X f ' ' A 3, . i tifxj I-4,1 ,X ' I 5 , fxw' 1 -ff 1 '. W Yf I.: , V 4 I , .L lx 4 jf I ' O u .V I 4 6 I' 1 1, . Y V" I. . H1 1 it A V I IJ 'f . A ' .f 14. 'f , , sa' I .V V I , 'VH' it ' ' 1-'ll ,. L3 V' ' Jw will 3, :A Lg SN 47. , .I l' Q K Jn ., V nf, Z," " ' ,Af . , ' Sit at 4 , 1' . Q-3 u 5 '31 ' 'I M1 , V IA ,.f5 - , I " ,. 4' ,J '13 , , - ,L ' . A v ' ' ? F V V Y ' , ffl I: ,J 1' " -f ' f- " J 11 V, 'V I ill , 1 , . 141 , A ' . , 1 . Q, Zhe tsllflne lzered ian ODETHITZG HLOTIE IS TIECESSHRY TBISLIFEHDDTFHITIS IOIOQEJGSUS UIITHHILCRIRSIRGIIGBS rffflztll Hauler V O L U M E T W O SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER HIGH SCHOOL Roy al Oak Mxchxgan o , ' 0 Published by the Graduating Class of 1952 Y , . . A beam of light played upon the holy font and illumined the sleeping face of Marie Francoise Therese. "I baptixe thee in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost." At these words ol the French cure, God smiled and welcomed our patroness into the realm of the supernatural. That light was apparently subdued for a time by the log of a sinful world. But as Therese grew and the life and gifts of the Holy Ghost attained their lull development in her, again and again the fog was pierced: By the first childish manifestations of her little ways: by her early entry into Carmel: by the manner ot living which she crystallized as her Little Way: and by her premature and anxious- ly awaited death. ln a somewhat allegorical manner we, the graduates, attempt to bring you in this volume our little actions, guided by her light and blessed in her Way. For, il we are pro- perly motivated and follow her path, one day we, too, shall approach perfection and whisper as St. Therese did, "My way is sure-I am not mistaken." THE LIGHT OF HER LOVE-guides us along HER LITTLE WAY-simple yet' strong. 1 2 .3 X! ...I ,p x ,I X I N -,' A s i. REV CHARMS L COUGHLIN And afler my deulb I uzll le! fall u .vbouer of roses Our patroness St Therese of Llsieux meant these words We who attend Shrine High School haye proof of the particular graces she has showered on those who are members of the first church in the world to hawe been dedicated to her That such a signal honor is ours is the result of the devotion and a monu ment to the zeal of its pastor and our friend Father Charles E Coughlin During our school years Father has focused our minds and hearts on Therese burned in her so strongly In some small measure of appreciation and gratitude me graduates of 1952 dedicate this yolume to you Father Wfe hope that it will tell you how we have tried to use the ads antages which you have given us in both the material and spiritual beauty which surrounds us We hope further that we may live up to the high ideals you haye always held out to us whom you hawe often so generously styled the best boys and girls in the world ,, I I. r H 9 ' 5 ' l 5. . y . . , 1 ' - I , , I . . and has attempted to enkindle in us that flaming Light of Love for God which f ' f ' , , , I- , . U . ,' , s , 1- V ' ' sr 9 4 ' ey .feud U4 in Rev. Thomas F. Rodgers, C.S.Sp. It was in 1950 that Father Rodgers ac- cepted his post as an assistant at the Shrine. As a member of the Holy Ghost Fathers of Wasliingttmn, D. C., most of Fathers priestly life has been spent far from his native Philadelphia, in the various mis- sions conducted by his congregation here and in Africa. Father is director of the Sodality and is famous for his wit. Rev. Jerome L. Krieg After serving 27 months as an Army chaplain, Father Krieg arrived at tht Shrine in 1946. Father gives senior so ciology instruction, is moderator of th. altar boys, athletic director, and acting superintendent of the high school. Father is a diocesan priest and a native Detroiter. Rev. Adrian Doherty, M.S.Ss.T. Father Adrian claims jersey City, New jersey, as his home. After four years in the naval reserve, Father en- tered the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity of Silver Springs, Maryland, whose principal work is conducted among the poor and neg- lected of the South. He acts as spirit- ual moderator for the Shrine choirs. Rev. Leonard Foley, O.F.M. Father Leonard, of the Franciscan Fathers of St. john Baptist Province, came to the Shrine in January, 1952, from Cincinnati, Ohio, where he had been teaching English for eleven Y93l'5 in the order's minor seminary. Father is a native of Lafayette, Indiana.-Hfld his brown habit has become 3 familial' sight in the halls of the high school where he teaches religion. Rev. Richard M. Haney Detroit- born and diocesan - ordained Father Haney was named first assistant at the Shrine in 1950. Father has charge of the grade school, edits the parish week- ly, The Shrine Herald, and gives religious instruction to the sophomores in the high school. Before coming here, Father was engaged in parochial work in numerous parishes throughout the archdiocese. l lie fallw of ight Sister Marie Clare Principal Sister Constantia Sister Mary Noreen Sister Mary Edith Sister Eugene f Richard Daugherty Mr. Daugherty spent two years with the Navy during the last war and com- pleted his college course at john Car- roll Universit'y. Aside from time given to the preparation of his advanced math classes, this Akron, Ohio native coaches the basketball team and also acts as assistant football coach. joan E. Czarney The girls' physical education direc- tor hails from Lorain, Ohio, and is :t Marygrove graduate. Her work in the gymnasium is complemented by- her classroom activity which is composed of classes in plane geometry and Eng- lish. Sid lerd of Charity Sister Marie Concepta Sister Rose Eleanor Sister Maria Philomena Sister Henry Miriam Sister Mary Eulalie Sister Marie N orberta Mrs. Frances S. Keenan Our well-stocked library shelves are fortunate in being cared for by the tiny but capable Mrs. Keenan. For- merly a teacher in the Detroit public schools, she often revives her former profession by "filling in" for an ab- sent Sister. She has traveled exten- sively in Europe and is a raduate of the College of the Sacres Heart in Cincinnati. Her motto: "Every staff member and every child a steady cus- tomer." james H. Dailer Since his arrival here two years ago, Mr. Dailer has taken the Shrine Knights under his wing as head coach and physical education instructor. Michigan is a new home for this Wheeling, West Virginia, Army -vet- eran who points with pride to Notre Dame as his Alma Mater. Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Margaret Thomas Mary David John Francis Margaret Mary Clarice FP! 0 zrouq 1 :we io 1 if 'H I I I Ju if. .-.T V, I, f -3. "UW: ,ffl 40.0141 ill i .--- H ix? X - "nf 5 I I xlu T- A Q T1 I W :,Q ' ., 57' ' ' ffm, r' j IQ lf ' ' , V Kgl. 'fini fl? A 1 ' f ' if .fl 11211512 K. Hai ' ' t. 1. 1 +1 aw li? X " sl' . f L !,, , V I W , ,.:A.': 4 . if lv 'wr' V ii 4 , :af . w .fvlofcf the .lamp of Zruflz Jo lziglz to bring in Jiglat Elle uforfcf 3 great fight. - - - Cffmdfie ll! H740 K. 'xgl k A 4 CUUCiud1' I Rfiffsasngl . QQ! T. 'K x NX IQ x 5 4. A R O A ,- ff. M iq X' it P N ., P jf nowledge in eir Syed .... Furthering the knowledge of their mother tongue, the students meet many and varied problems. These are challenges which spark the Knights to delve deeper into punctuation, sentence structure, worthwhile books, an branch out into a study of the classics. Good, wholesome reading plays a significant james NValtcr seems pleased with his contribution to the sound elfccts 'Ulf in the d9V9l0Pl'llem Ol Young mlllfls- rlllfll' for "Letter To Tuffy"-a junior English radio drama. Carrol Gowatch, Janice Slllllllv Rodllef Galalmeallf 2f1d.NeWf11 Whllnel' Rine, Richard Streit, and Nancy Miller patiently await the signal to start fll5Cll55 5lllll9Cl5 Wlllcll Wlll Sllmlllale llle feflfl' mg of good books in the freshman classes. part two. Had lory Harold Van Deusen watches attenttvelv as Robert DesRoches adds finrshtng touches to the western hemts phere map for the yuntor sentor economic geography class L-.- Quin ll tt yu um .4 IU szu.u..1 1 np, I Because htstory repeats ttself, 1 graphtc account of events past and present enables Shrmers to apply these facts to events that may hap pen tn the future Thus are good ctt tzens formed By serving thelr coun try fatthfully they also serve their God more completely fulfillmg the two fold Purpose of Catholic educl EHILICIII mstructor Nancy Deermg enumerates Alas tton to develop good ctttzens who kas adwnfages I0 Charles M1HU8h are upright Catholtcs -,,4-,,,,,..,...-..4.- In the sophomore modern hrstory class the untt qucsuon proposed XVhat would Napoleon thmk of the world today ' Peter Watstmn yolunteercd to double for that ambtttous gentleman jerry Ktrthner Maureen Cayanaugh james Shtelds and Nancy Carbary take tt down rn true reporter style "Rerum Novarum," the famous encyclical of Popc- Leo XIII, is the subject of Douglas McCarthy's discus- sion. Ready to check notes are Sheila Cole and Joyce Snyder. Mary Patricia O'Neill holds a modern applica- tion of the encyclical in Father Coughlin's explanation of the CIO and the Chrysler strike of 1938. Any extra reference required can always be found in the well-equipped social science section of the Little Flower library. Mrs. Keenan is a ready and able helper, and 6,000 total volumes include rare editions from the Bondy lib- rary on the Constitution and from Father Coughlin's own personal library. . fmwf".'f--- ' f "eq f , 3 ' Q ' il' si I .J .. f V V H1113 ' cience eneiraied the Midi The unknown cosmos poses no difficulties to Richard Ball as he demonstrates various positions of the planets .in regard to the earth. Elizabeth PCI!! and Ronald Troy, get a close-up view of the model univers The complete equipment of our biology laboratory makes the study of the human anatomy easy. jean Kelly explains the digestive system, while fellow biologists Bradley Smith, Joanne Sincie, and Robert Forster take mental notes on the intricate workings of the human boty. of the unknown The atomic age ahead will open a Scientific field than any yet V Science is admittedly one of at most important pursuits of our civilization. XX'e must train coming scientists to capably fill positions. a world bent on destruction, the scientist must carry the con- struxtivc light of truth and faith into the mighty scientific field. As the stu- dent progresses he cannot possibly fail to realize the wondrous perfection of s Almighty God. He cannot fail to see ' f God in every object, in every living A thing. And so he cannot fail to respect Gods handiwork and dedicate himself to bettering mankind. 'it . V W' -nf. . Q Q W'illiam Phelan uses balanced 'f equations to solve problems 'f dealing with the atomic phase of chemistry. Test tubes, plus rubber aprons, plus hard work build chemistry students. These junior and senior scientists are studying basic chemistry procedures. They pause for pictures in the midst of connecting up the complex apparatus used in distillation. F' H s-mx , "'n,1.x 'Y ' 'df . Q + fi wx Q - I 4 , If 5 s.. , -ff 1 X KT' , a,t y ,V ', I f Mr. V Father Krieg's army mass-kit proves of interest to the senior religion class. This might be con- sidered one of the lighter moments of the sociology course which includes an intensive study of the Popes' encytlicals on La- bor and Marriage. Religion- -a ' amp unto Our geet I Pictures of these religious classes seems to reflect St. Therese who said, "I have learned to hnd gladness and cheer in all that is hetterf' Although proud of its scholastic achievement, Shrine Highs reason for existence lies in the spiritual development of each student. With a heritage of love for God and His Little Flower, students at Shrine are expected to go far and be active in the front ranks of Christ's army. "ls Ibn! what they mean by the 'indulgence' of parents?" smiles Noel Cloutier. We have a sneaking suspicion that she really under- stands the panel's discussion of indulgenced prayers, don't you? lt isn't surprising that confusion can result from rt discussion of the natural and eternal laws, but john Blakey, Mary Ann Dabaldo, 'md frcd Houung seem pcrfectly at ease. ff Michael Calla managed to pro- duce something amusing in a period serious to early Christians-the har- barian invasions. Is Paul Flajole grinning or is he gnashing his teeth? parkling reafiond on ara e Lois Streit and Carol Sogan, attired in their own creations, step forward in anticipation of a pleasant evening among friends. A dress designer is an artist who uses cloth and thread as paint and palette. This urge to create is common to most women. Shrine girls have a complete de- partment which helps them ex- press their individual personali- ties in well-fitting fashions. More accomplishments. Nancy Caro- lin plays hostess to Beverly Silva fstandingj and Catherine Hammond as they model their needlework before show time. Behind the scenes of the style show, more stitches are added to Kathryn Tepe's collection. Coletta Shirk places Il pattern on a future dress while Madonna Springer seeks inspiration from a pattern book. he lzining wordof ruifz fzaucxfeaue URNA fr Second xear Latin g.,c1s into p rit f s workshop period john lsinsclla Ann Murphy and Thomas Vx mer match vblls as Lenin Baker plays teacher in 1 xoctbul rx dri Tom Sedano soaks up back ground from Qarolc btutumn Ted Chase catches up on soma research work while julie White and Barbara Baxlex are curious about a certain item in a Latin newspaper lirst xear Latin calls for plentx of study and drilling Here ls one session of xocabularx dicta tion where uersbodxs doing, it ,Z As a background for ll better understanding of the liturgy of the Churchg as an appreciation of the beauty of classic times, Litin holds first place T e La in IV c ass poses for the banquet scene from Vergils Ae neid Daud B ll Aeneas lb telling ueen Dido fMaureen Baileyj about the Trojan War Maid in wailing Barbara Iadtl listens patiently 1 , . . . . s ,l l 1, ' e l h t' 'l" I J' Q F . , 5 , , WW V, ' " a as ,. " ' . " 1' Q X ,Q ' ' . 'li X ' . fl is A V 1 ' , e s l7I I Y 551, f s . , ' ,,,. ' KA the si' o thingq with a X A ' il' 7 4 " ' ' i . ' 1 21' ' ' 11. f ' ' ! n T .. Y- Q - is 1 ' 4 t it Mary jane DeGroote, Patricia Slattery, and Barbara Angott pore over the French newspaper, "La Croisadef' They intend to increase their continental outlook should the Marseillaise ever beckon them across the ocean. New experiences await foreign language stu- dents whose interests enable them to expand their social graces and intellectual status. Knowledge of language is a must for those who would follow her "Little Way"' not only in prayer, but in Catholic Action at home and abroad. Sylvia Frechette and Claude Paquette look on Laura Byrne and Norman LeZotte join hands as and American representatives of good will, on a street in Paris. P0116 FMU PINS SMITDGI UIGDSTI I ll IE SOP! I! POLL!! MINES POLUJ CDI AMDIY Cllll I the afiond ,Jud Q I Spanish menus tempt the palates of Spanish II students Patricia Mealy, Norbert Stanford, and Florence Bcyma. Time! Time! It's a problem in any language these days. But Geraldine Green, Nancy Norton, jane Pater- son, and Nicholas Sheridon seem to be enjoying them- selves. Keyd gladlz the Meddag o 9m nv M.,-u -,,,.,-f nuns ul 'Bk +--. 'Wfaw 'Wm Shurlnuta ln suretarlal trammg or axdea lI'I Lollege asslgnments that s shorthand and lxpmg Duane Ixlaszlorcws skx lakes dictation from Shula Lola vslnlc. M1r1lxn Maloney prauuca on thc clcurlg IXPCWYIILI' 'Nanu Pu.r1.nbuun1 lvalamu the books nn .m offxnc lmnmng gessxon joan CIILIIILI ns doing the. basin but urx nuganrx d1.rn.ll flllnf., Lczency ora romzdzng gufure fl To aspire lo rl plan. rn the business world requires slull .md training Shrmr. eommcrull tlLl72'l1'll'IlCIll Lomhnnu eoursu ln mnnhrne operaung and business aclmlnrstrauon to prepare lJUbll'1LSS Ky eoons ll nork above rn offue lrunmg A nomplele ummplonmetrx urursu. rs .ln adsantage at bhrlne. Maureen XVhLlan 'mel lllf. june Bugsko have been vsorlung at the Mothers Club monthly letter on :he elulru nunmeogmph By her Lxpressron Theresa Aquxlrna mrghl haw: been glee fullx rolling off uwnfcclcmtu monu on :he flulcl duplxmtor M ' . f . . Three future sun returies, Patricia Kennedy, Norma XVood, and Gertrude Smith are busily SQ li, L ere jd gouncf the glimmer of Zalent True artistry is five per-cent genius and ninety-five per-cent hard work. Each day at Shrine High is spent in creative work in accordance with the basic principles of Christian philosophy. This persistent striving for perfection is evident in the varied works of both artists and mechanical drafts- men. As well as painting and sketching with oil, water colors, pencil and charcoal, Woodcraft, metal craft and leather work are offered. The draftsmen have an opportunity to prove their abilities in some original drawings of a house plan, a cabinet or some phase of electrical drafting Aspiring soung artists Roberta Mclntyre and Curtis Weskalntes prepare to spread the cheer of the jollw Christmas season with their paint ing of thoristers William OConnor is intent on his task of forming starfoam letters on the industrial gig savt mathine for the modern art displax in the background Helmuth Roth is patientlx applsing the final touches to his original architectural plan for a modern home Problems like this prepare xoung draftsmen for future challenges in the architectural field rg rag of QBJQ fight which floozld the Sfage 1 4 i' gf AL nag md' f , ri' V, 4 f AQ 'x 431.4 -,Ja .. X -. 1 , A it si 1 W-?'7' f .if QA 'liz J' ff! rg Y' W , K V ,Q 'A 'U x i Q QR N .M - - ' ., . I. ...O The calm serene smile of ljsher vit- toria Zoppi is rt direct contrast to the excitement backstage. H A 4 , i J X o.,,.o I Ink .r Q A ii ' Z .4-K ' v ' 1 K f e i?!U0fk . . . Someone calls "curtain'l and our nlan john Killeen goes into action. lt is the precision ot' these backstage workers that make any play an order- ly success. The dramatic club's right ,hand were these loyal stagehands. Gerald lJeLisle sprays the new "Hats" while Philip Kinsella and Harold Cooper concentrate on mixing and straining the paint. XVorking hands and smiling face best describe the spirit of Ronald Klein as he drives a nail into the prop staircase. I S ' . 7 I g . r w i .. ' a 44 Q 1 Q. 'wiv-.. L ull A love and flair for dramatics char ACICIIZCS Shrine students The speeth class present Murders of Miriam for the February meeting of the Mothers Club Miriam was played by Maureen Bailey, junior, who has had a great deal of dramatic experience on stage and television She was also the L Hudson Company s Christmas Carol this year and had a float of her own m the Thanksgning Day parade in Detroit 1 - Maureen Bailey as Miriam reveals her idea for the perfeet erime to a detetuye friend Lloyd Syron She is determined to prow that her husband is not the super sleuth hc. thinks himself Geraldine Greene and James Manion Mirianfs good neighbors bow out of the party' which is the cause of all the trouble. The maid, Carole Loeser, calls the polite as Kenneth Coppock, the genius husband, :ries ui revive Miriam after he has discovered a flaw in her "murder plans." . . . . . . . . . 0 egeI'U0l' ig' on Xa At left, Louise Bischof as the Blessed Virgin, sings the Christmas message to Brahms "Lullaby." john Killeen is St. joseph. Midnight Mass at the Shrine is a colorful and satisfy- ing ceremony. As their partiin it, the high school enacts a different phase of the Nativity story each year. Conrad Blanzy Qwith strollj, john Grohtnan and Thomas Stan- kevich as the three Wise Men, with julie Kehoe and Barbara Mason as attendants, ponder over the Great News. The side chapel of the Sacred Heart is a perfect setting for the high school's special celebration of the feast of Christ the King. Symbolically, we represent the nations and races of the world in procession. For the black CBrad- ley Smithj, the brown fClinton Hamiltonj, the yellow fjoanne McGarryJ, the red Cwarren Gosselinj, and the white CPatricia Higginsl,-on that day CHRIST lS KING! Ann Yeager helps prepare for the colorful pageant in which the students wear authentic costumes and bear huge flags of the nations. .5057 X ,4 A '. Q v I .--. .,.... . AWK 4, Q' .V f 3 .4 ka M Q' r I A V 1' ., 1. V Lk f xvff qu 2 ' Af K 34 ' 3 X tw' X YA? 5-I , X 'Y' 1N.. , Q. , .1 , ii A hu ' u , 51. .5 ey I ing .fave ,J Canticle From row, L. lo R.: C. Gowatch, J. Cavanaugh, A. Davis, M. Mead, J. Schulte M, L. Haupert, L. Risko, C. Sink, J. Ditchy, M. J. Stenger, N. Johnston M. Vermeersch, P. VC'aechter, C. Sogan, N. Peerenboom, B. Ladd E. J. Bucsko, J. Touscany. Sefond row: A. Harriman, M. A. Young, J. Keefe, C. Shirk, T. Aquilina, R Caswell, A. Yeager, J. Stephens, M. Rakovan, J. Early, C. Long, B Silva, P. Kennedy, N. Wood, P. Slattery, S. Russell, J. Roach, P Higgins. y s s 0 0 I an L very one Stliorn, Cf. Early, L. Streit, N. Carolin, L. Bischof, B. DeMetchant, Ci l7eLisle, j. Satllier, M. Glenn, M. I.. Plourde, M. Lobur, Schmidt, WI. Patterson, S. Cole, N. Deering. unrlb ron: j. King, P. Kinsella, N. Stanford, T. Reed, P. Platten, j. Panks, Ci. Bayer, rl. Sobieski, Cf. Curtiss, Ci. Cantrall, K. Coppock, VV. Ste- phens, R. Streit, j. llicl-tinson, j. Musthella, j. Shirl-c. 'iflb wuz' R. Klein, H. Cooper, C. Hamilton, j. Manion, D. Peters. ltlllllillgf C. XVisthman, j. Sthmitthztuslcr, j. XValter. M 6 Q lrinl mum' C. Mchlurtrie, R. Chamberlain, M. Sakowicz, M. j. Lindberg, B. Under the able direction of Sister Margaret Mary, the junior-Senior Glee Club is complet- ing its most successful year in the school's his- tory. On Father Coughlin's birthday, the first program of the year was presented. The Negro spiritual, "Certainly Lord," was sung in a spirit to rival even the Fred Waring Chorus. This same song was used again as background music for the radio preview of the movie "Green Pas- tures." As a Christmas gift to all mothers, the glee club dedicated the hymn "Lo, How a Rose" to them at the Shrine Mothers' Club pre- Christmas party. After much practice the crowning achievement of the year came with the presentation of the dude ranch operetta, "Meet Arizona." . . . . alndfvlearld Qfow with ,Cove ivine ABOVE Front row, L. Io R.: S. Heisey, J. Marion, B. Ladd, J. Reshel, J, Schulte, N. Peerenboom, S. Frechette. Second row: P. Kennedy, M. Mend, M. L Haupert, C. Gowatch, D. Davis, L. Byrne Third row: C. Baker, P. White, A. Frick, A Petri, P. Kennedy, L. Bischof, M. J. Lind- bert, B. Schorn. A visit at the Narthex altar is a must every time a student enters the Shrine. ances of the choir girls grace the late Masses every Sunday. They are: BELOW Front row, L. to R.: K. Gardner, J. Keefe, J. Patterson, M. Sakowicz, B. Petri. Second row: A. Harriman, C. Shirk, J. Belknap, M. Lobur, J. Stephens, C. McMurtie. Third row: S. Cole, B. Cries, J. Schmidt, N. McLaughlin, J. Kennedy, J. Sher- man. 1 In the school chapel, besides our own services, the newly formed parish of Our Lady Queen of Martyrs keeps our organists busy. Patricia Waech- ter and Mary Jane Lindberg are practicing, Barton DeMerchant is not pictured. The blend of voices and trim appear- gfidtening Jfradd ancluflellow oned . . "Onward to victory, Shrine Hi!" and our newly organized band had seemed to accomplish the impossible in a month's time. Both band and orchestra made their debut in a program celebra- ing Father Coughlin's birthday. Arrangements have been completed with Mr. Fred Weneski, M.A., to direct the band begun by Sister Clarice. It is their hope that the Shrine marching band will one day be the best in the field. Front, L. to R.: Kinsella, R. jordan, N. Cornell J. Forster, R. Hughes, P. Bourbeau, R Greenfield, S. Bourbeau, M. Haupert, H Henkel, E. Galantha, E. Fisher, K. Higby E. Birger, Schmidt, M. Bourbeau. Back, L. to R.: K. Coppock, N. Sheridon, T. Unger R. Murphy, T. Buchanan, R. Cantrall, C White, Sherman, M. Lindberg. Left, L. to R.: B. Smith, M. Lamb Qpianoj, K. Coppock, R. Gardener, E. Fisher, S. Frechette, E. Syron, L. Bischof, P. Steffes Qdrumsj. Right, L. to R.: R. jordan, R. Hughes, T. Merta C. White, Sherman, M l The "Syncopated Clock" announced the re- organization of the school orchestra which gave several performances during the season. 1 er .flfiddionary pirif jd Uurd .... The mnsslon shield xs presented each month to the home room yxeldmg the greatest amount of canceled stamps jack Vtse and Nancy Deermg gladly accept the shield from Mxssxon OHICCIS Martlyn Ma loney vrce presldent Harold Cooper pres Bradley Smith treasurer and Robert Sharkey secretary encourage students partrclpatton rn mrssron acuvx Marilyn Maloney for Room 203 for the month of December The mlssxon presxdent Harold Coo per awards the offxclal mlssnon Hag for the most generous money contn buttons to homeroom 201 represented by Wxllns Stephens and Mary Lou Haupert This room has supported Brother Cornelius a Trmltarlan semi nartan by contrrbutmg S55 00a month Interest tn mlssronary work seems to be rnevltable sxnce our beloved Ste Therese IS the world s patroness of the mlsslons The local un1t of The Society ovsn lrttle way, furthers mlssxon acnvt tles through the students enthustastlc parrncrpatron nn projects Home and foreign mrsslons are supported by col lectmg canceled stamps and readmg matertal, besldes students personal con trxbutlons Above all do they pray darly for the contrnuatton and success of the m1ss1ons whlch each homeroom sponsors r. -T . 9 Q Q l 7 . . . .- for the Propagation of the Faith in its . . . . Y - i A '. ' . . ,i , . ln ' Z 4' I l If-'I"'A ....y4R I efueling, of lull pirii ,VIX 'L 1 'G 'ff Bible Sunday brought a week of study on the world's best seller. Marjorie Vermeersch, ,uf Rev. L. Nugent, CSSR Relreal Matter ' 'ls senior, scans "Explanation of the Bible" while 'La A standing near a Bible which has been in one ' n family for six generations. , Highlight of this year's three-day ff retreat was Father Nugent's running commentary during the closing Mass. Confessions are heard every morn- ing but retreat is always special. ' 'www' vs 'F lv' .,... ,Z l. x. The servers have the privilege of assisting :xt Holy Mass and other church functions as acnlytcs, an ofhce originally held only by students for the priesthood. At the left, Father Krieg, the altar boy modera- tor, stands with the junior and senior servers. 45. uyb-Q X ttyl Mary jo Stenger and Barton DeMerchant pledge that they will faithfully perform thei: duties as Vice- prefects. The sodality members with their new offi- cers recite the Act of Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the presence of the entire student body, and the newly organized Companions of Our Lady begin their work of personal sanctification and that of others-Ad jesum, per Mariam. ur ally if Companiond The hrst sodalists on the morning of their recep- tion at the school chapel, sing "Mother Beloved." Barbara Ladd accepts the gavel, symbol of her office as Prefect of the Sodality. tara Jin heir gielcl gleam --su-.....,..., M 5 Students interested in the field of medicine thoroughly appreciate Dr. Vincent P. Russell's talk on Career Day. Patricia Higgins sees him to the door as he leaves. The noted radio personality, Dale Mc- Intyre, pauses with Eileen MacNeil before his discussion of a career in radio. Science is truly a vast subject. Francis E. O'Meara shows Bradley Smith, julie Ditchy, and. Robert Forster a few of its wonders, after a most intriguing talk. This year Shrine students were fortunate in being able to meet representatives from thirty different fields. The two day affair was carried out under the direction of the Sodality and because of its great success with the students, we hope to make it an annual event. A large number of students turned out for Edward Kelly's talk on engineering. Mr. Kelly, who made the highest record ever known at M.I.T., is a member of the parish and 'is always ready to answer questions like those posed by Thomas Reed and Harold Cooper. 0413 1-Sglzrzne or he I y '-. Chairman Laura Byrne poses with Dale Madden who has lust tompleted one of several distussxons on the various careers In 3V12lIl0l"l Top Really pelted with questions was Harley Davidson who represented the commercial art field on Career Day He has spent 25 years in this work and is at present the vue president of the National Society of Art Directors Among the ques tioners are Elle jane Butsko Marilyn Payette and Jerome Chownmg Insert Anthony Kaiser of the UAW CIO speaks to a group of Shrine students on the need of Christian leadership in labor UHIOIIS Mrs Fran Harris leaves her settion to be on time for her television show Patrlua Waechter carries over the good spirits which prevailed during an enter taining but very down to earth presenta non of the competition m a television tareer The Press was well represented by 101111 Kenny teen page editor of the Mich :gan Cntbolir Mr Kenny is a Christo pher enthusiast and this is an after-drscus- sion meeting with james Dickinson, David Ball Thomas Watrous, john Lyons, and Mark Boehmer. n and afrouncl flue Ciampud 3-he Come Sndl get 1:1 bell rmgs Bob Colaizzi renews a book for the third time as an two sewn S mer' ere We am' assistant librarian, Diane Klasztorowski, offers pointers Barbara Mason is careful not to drop her 30 cents into her pudding as she hands it to Miss Thomas, cashier. Y ff "-' ---1 Jr., a former Powers model, briefs Kathleen Tepe on correct stance and walking rudi- ments in preparation for the April fashion show presented by the clothing class. I . Q xg i , ix? Marilyn Birdsey waits on fre- quent visitors to our cafeteria snack bar, Bill Stephens and Gerald Schmidt. ' ' Ai "Right MN reading. Linda Lee Saintignon re-ar- ranges an assortment of 'painted weeds' for which she won first place in an abstract art contest at Shrine. about here," says Gerald Shields, sopho- more, as he dreams of reaching that honor roll. Students interested in the League of the Sacred Heart gather around Father Ratterman, S.j. after his lectures and services for establishing the Apos- tleship of Prayer in Shrine parish. .ang C7 'hulx Nb! Mrss Florence Thomas recepuomst Any noon day sessxon When snow was a novelty Roth brothers deflmtely from Austna they are so much a part of us Fox and geese or hide and seek? Lrfe can be casual Oops' Thanks Mr Tree I ' 5 -4 4,71 J' li W N 'M .A 'W 4' 1 f "" ,P gi li 5 -1 -P X ,Q -Q x vu ' AXA 5 SX I ' L .5 A . Y ' -N A, W Bear through life fifce a torch in flag up., and play the game. Knight! of the gri iron Bottom row: L. to R.: W. Redmond, T. Reed, H. Cooper, H. Van Deusen, j. King, G. DeLisle, R. Klein, R. Van Fleteren, N. Stanford, P. Kinsella. Second row: L. to R.: J. Panks, G. Bayer, D. Peters K. Ureel, T. Stankevich, J. Sobieski, D. Ball C. Blanzy, C. Curtiss. GRID SCORES WE THEY 27 Madison 19 R.O. St. Mary 6 18 Redeemer 6 6 Redford St. Mary 46 7 Lourdes 20 7 St. Gregory 0 0 St. Theresa 24 Top row: L. to R.: P. Platten fMgr.j, R. Luther, P Webster, R. Seery, M. Boehmer, R. Beiser, J Shields, W. Luther, L. Syron, G. Burkart, R Short, J. Burkart, R. Nesbitt CMgr.J. I yi lb it-5, Football players Bob Van Fleteren, Phil Kinsella and Hal Van Deusen pay homage to St. Sebastian, the patron saint of athletics. Co-captains jim King and jerry DeLisle talk it over with Coach jim Dailer. A fast charging line, speedy backfield, and a coach that knows how to produce championship form gained the '52 Knights recognition as the team to beat. Seniors dominated the play of the Shrine gridders this season with nine on the varsity. Phil Kinsella held down left end while Jerry DeLisle, our co-captain, con- tinued doing his best at left tackle. Hal Cooper, the smallest man on our line, resumed his left guard activ- ity. Hal Van Deusen took his center position to heart and showed his effectiveness when the chips were down and Tom Reed's four years of experience showed up considerably in his work at right guard. Rib injuries kept Ron Klein out of much action this year but his twenty-leaguers were well Glled by an able freshman, john Burkart, at right end. Tom Stankevich will con- tinue his pass catching next year, while Dick Seery and jim Shields will try to Hll in at guard positions. Dave Peters and John Sobieski will be strong contenders for the end positions. Speed to burn in the Knights' backfield was con- tained in senior quarterback and co-captain jim King, and in senior halfbacks Bob Van Fleteren and Norbert Stanford. junior halfback Walt Redmond was the real spark in the backfield. Conrad Blanzy's continuous drive at the fullback slot will be used next year. Sopho- mores Bill Luther, Lloyd Syron, and Mark Boehmer will fight for backfield positions along withpjunior Jim Panks who was injured early in the past season. Avgrami of Q- enior lrengllz SENIOR VARSITY P. Kinsella, j. King, G. DeLisle, R. Van Fleteren H. Cooper, T. Reed, R. Klein W. Redmond, N. Stanford H. Van Deusen N 1: .- gi ,. , ,il A 4 5 C X JK 6 N t 'wifx 5 ' fm N X VN X M ' S oun mg Out the alilzlehc fragrant QE 4' The 1952 golf team was gifted with the experience of CL to RD Bill Arce joe Ovxes Jack Lyons Bob Waggener Tom Watrous and Stan Lendzon who pose for a picture before teemg off This same team with the exception of Lendzon vsere runners up to the State Championship in 1951 Q Q Physical fitness and stamina were essen tials that were not lacking in this years track team Bill Luther and Brad Smith are off to a good start in a practice session before a big meet The Shrine Varsity Club is an athletic organization composed of monogram winners in the various sports. The officers are Jim Panks, treasurer: Hal Cooper, prestdentg jerry DeLisle, vice president: and Conrad Blanzy. The post-game dances during basketball season was one of the projects which they backed during the year. Isl 5 pn if-A eLs?2ua ,M? ?' Q S 1 16 BWP .fi H bv 1" 359, cj-1? Q Q xxx A fl l . rfb S It Q IQQQZIQV 7 1' 'X ,Y --sf"" 7-v if fs Bottom Row L. to R.: j. Brown, M. Flajole, D. Peterson, F. Howting, li. Stepanski, M. Sterling, L. Syron. Standing: j. Burkart, M. Galla, R. Hamilton, B. Smith, H. Kirtek, R. Troy, G. Burkart. The Shrine Athletic Carmel was formed by men who have a mutual interest in the athletic. activities of the school. They are responsible for the new football, baseball, and basket- ball uniforms which those teams wore this season. We are also grateful for the delicious hot dogs and Coltes which they sold us at their concession stands at our games. The officers are fl. to r.J Mr. Adolph Klein, treasurer, Mr. George Streit, vice-president: Mr. joseph Ovies, presidentg Fr. jerome Kriegg Mr. john Leslie, secretary. Reserve action-the dying swan oun ierpart ofslxrine pirii Seated L to R B Chnstensen P White S Lendzon R Chamberlam B Agnott P Rakovan D Hockmuth Kncehng j Fodell A Harriman N Mxllxer J Cavanaugh N Peerenboom A MacManus Standing A Arte N MtLaughl1n Miss Czarney QCoachD P Campbell T Redmond A prayer for good sportsmanship Chlgamaroo and a rah rah rah for the finest team you ever saw More Smnth Brothers cough drops were sold between 1951 and 1952 than m any other period rn history And naturally the Shrxne sports enthusnasts were the needy patron rzers The school really got behind our gurls this season cheermg them on to the CYO semn finals They played hard and fought to wm as IS shown by thelr record of trxumphs against losses Tenms anyone? Theres no racket l1ke the tenms racket Ask us we know The first slgn of spring 1n 1952 heard the ymgle of metal and squeaks as the heavy gate of our tennns court swung open for the flrst txme thxs year Our newly organized team sprang xnto actxon for tough competxtxon and lxkewnse we looked forward to a second successful season A semor Barbara Webb and Theresa Redmond practxced many hours agam for our competltxon wrth other class B contenders and to uphold Barbara Chrxstensen s school tournament trophy With a SHR and an INE Coletta Hgp I-hp Hurrah the Shlrk Peggy Rakovan and Duane I-lock 54,01-e goes up another muth are always on hand to cheer our ngtghl Practue makes perfect wrth team to vlcgofy Alice MacManus guarding Diane The birdie begins to fly as Nora Evers hits it back to Nancy Cowden. Their partners, Mary Ann LaPointe and Mary Ann Chowning, wait with racltets ready. Sitting L to R P Slatters B Christen Oh where s that ball' Barbara Chris sen M J Stenger A Harriman tensen looks a little bewildered as her Standlng are T Redmond 5 Cole lj team mates Sheila Cole Pat Slattery and Hotkmufh J Fodell Mars ju bttnger wait Lxpettantly for IIS fefuffl The purpose of the Letter Club is to promote and sponsor the girls games During the year thex sponsor different proyetts to further their aim lst Row L to R j Duchy A Harriman T Redmond .I Toustam P Higgins S Russell M .I Stenger R Atquilma 2nd Row R Chamberlain B Shea M Glenn L Risko B Mason j Kehoe L Streit j Fodell E J Bucsko 5rd Row N Miller B Angott A Arce P Slatterx A Yeager lx Tepe B Christensen B Maskill C Sogar , X A' X ,UK ,V fi V4 " 1 .4 ' ' . . ' , Y. ' . .. . 1, . , y , . , . . , . . , ' 1 . , . 5 , 'Q A ! 'Q . , . . . - .3 . ', . , . , . I, . , . . , , , , . . 'Z . , . , . , . , , , . , . , . , . . . I . . . , . 1 ' .1 - 1 ' 1 - 1 - 1 - '- :Sky rockets have no more zoom and Hare than lfteae loyal backerd of our yearbook who Jupportecf ua with five clollard. 5004 ierd Mr and Mrs. Anthony J Bellish E I Berger M D ' Brrmlngham Offlce Supply 150 W Maple Brrmrngham Mxchxgan Mr and Mrs E B Bystrom Mr and Mrs Henry Chrrstensen Clarawood L1nen Shop 1906 North Woodward Royal Oak Mrchlgan Complrments of a Frrend Mr and Mrs JamesH Cornell Mrss Ioan Czarney D M Greene Levns Humphry Real Estate Mr and Mrs Ed Klebba Mr and Mrs Maurlce Haupert Mr and Mrs F P Hrggens The Hoosiers Mr and Mrs A' F Klein Mr and Mrs W1l11amG Luther NU Way Market 1800 E First Street Qual 1ty Meats Mr and and and and John Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Toole Jack Tresnan Produce Meats HaroldD Russell Paul Schmldt Val Schorn J D S lrk Wrllrams Boot Shop Bxrmmgham, Michigan Mr R G Wood Congratulatrons to the Semor Class Room 304 True Brlt Block Company Best Wlshes from Room 201 I-lumanly spealtmg 1 ns natural to take for granted thosevsho are very close to us But we realrze that our best backers are the underclassmen xx hose prcturts follow To thtm we I uhlncls gnc thanks tor rherr support 'Io them we pass on our mtertst md zeal for the welfare of Shrine Hugh ' - Mr. . ' , ' ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . . h' . . . T. Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Dunn 4..., S. msg A 2 1 4. 1- fn YP! 'Q i. l 'sf' fe' C. L ilu. C lf.. 'T' . Nf , . "A i , I lx li 91-eahmen 411 f'-S Q 9 nv ,, 'W 4- wi, ,Y 1 YA 3+ Q FT, Tk f 'Sf 'sv f , w. L Q 4- 'B Q I V -.3 A -E verm- W Y' 1 -1:1 Y?" wr- , jf, maj I , 3 V ,N X X llNb.iLuilx1,'X.!u Top row: L. lo R.: R. Ball, G. BCLCRCF, liicscr, C. licrgcr, ll. liirgur, -I. Blakey, D. Botloin, M. Bourheau. Serond row: M. Cassidy, M. Chowning, N. Cowtlin. M. Daholtla. M. Danncn- felser, XV. Devine, A. Doran, C. Dysarz. Third row: R. Greenfield, M. Haupert. T. Hefferan, K. Highy. A. Higgins, R. Howe, F. Howting, R. Hughes. Fourth row: R. Kristopck, M. Lanignn. M. La Pointe, j, Laliou. j. Luxill. V. Lipodsky, M. Loeser, R. Luther. Fifth row: C. Paulus, lf. Petri, C. Pficster, G. Plcc. Powell, S. Roccttc. A. Redmond. R. Reed. Sixlh row: Sherman, j. Smith, Soma, li. Stathurxki. P. Sluffes, F. Stcpanski. M. Sterling. C. Stover. Bottom row: C. White, N. W'hitncy. Those not piutured: Brown, E. Fisher, K. Gormscn. M. XY'at'l1oxki, ID. Xvhitncx sf' 'll 'N-.t lv.. .X if f- 11' f" if 7 " lv vw-5 iv lx-f c Q.. 'fx A' - :R 4. be 27: 4: ' vi -.L l tl f'7 1 I A x X7 sv I XZ' Q, Q in 3 any X 1' N8 . x xxx yy 1 LL, u rm x L. nm R.: S. Buurhcau, M. Hrcnnan. T. Hughanan, -I. Burkart, N1 ru. B. Bysrmm, R. Camrall. B. -Carrull. uuml mv: N. Evers. M. Flajule, Fnriler. F. Gagnun. M. Gagnon Galarneau, R. Gardiner. B. Gies. M. Grady, B. johnson, j. Raven, T. Keefe, G. Kelly, NI. Kennedy Kinek. M. Klebha. P. Machniesh. R. Mgllernwu. M. Mclnzyrc. R. Marla, IJ. Miclmu Murphy. Y. Neph. R. Ohcrmillcr. C. Riley. P. Rnhinwn, S. Rnurkc. S. Ruswll. I.. Saintignwn Snhneider, N. Sum. R. Sharkcy. K. Sweeney. L Syrnn. H. Thibmlcau, L. Thorpe. R. Troy Vngfr. C. Whllaus. D. Xxv7lll1.'I'. xt run: A.XYidcn1an. ur-. Er E I K X x 9 -. 'Q f ug, if Q' 'Q TY 9 fn-0 i s I sv 'rt' 61 4' A Na, 5. s. 'V- PN Qs f '.9 'U . op omored -of SA, 'V' ,., 1' if if er T p row L to R W Arsneiult B Ballet T Baker R Belser j Belknap F Bettendorf j Birdsei M j Blanke Second row: R. Charest F. Charlier, T. Chase N. Cloutier R. Claizzi R Coppock R. Cordls N. Cornell. Third row: R. Eldred R. B. Forster R. Forster S. Frechette A. Fremont A. Frick M. Gagnon K. Cardner. Fourth row: R. ordan K. Kelly . Kennedy P. Kennedy . Kinsella Kirchner M. A. Knorpp M. Lamb. Fifth row: A. MacManus j. Mahoney T. Mahoney T. Manion j. Manion S. Mclilligott N. McLaughlin B. Merchberger. Sixth row: . Petkus A. Petri P. Platten L. Ploe B. Powell Nl. Rogalyi N. Rassel. L. Reed. ' Seventh row: J. Shields H. Shields G. Shovein . Sincic B. Sink B. Smith S. Smith H. Snarey. Eighth row: C. Wfesltalnics j. XVhite P. White. 4 1 f e- , A ' jv- Cl F 4 4:5 0 1. ,- Q ' Q 'sv . Q TS f , 'bv 4 'fr ., . cf 4, , . IM N EF' ht., YT I X ' ' , X . ' ,- ' 47 f , Q .seg . ff- A .T l ,fd " 'ff S! ' 4 1 5 25 R 47'-5, 6 h 0,1 -I Y ff f -4-u , 4. ww: 2 -it-L 4, ,gf ,, 5, V' X . X M So T' x I Al' Q , K x v L ' ' 5 ' " - . va - I1 a X QF Y , ' 'xx 'V' ' 1 X ,Q . . 'bv ,E av AC' C ,, ,L ff I S if 03 5 ,f 1 E x ws. T I Top row Nl Boehmer L Budztsth C Burltart L Bxrnt N Carhan W1 A Carroll R Caswell Nl Cawanaugh ctond row S Cote P Curran Dans De r Dtecleruh N Dtmmer Ni Doolex B Dunn Thtrd row M Gleason L Gxrard 1 Grohman R Cuest R Hamilton S HEISCX H Henkel L johnson Fourth row M La Prese M Lardtn F Lemaw S Lend zon N LeZotte C Loeser D Lopo XV Luther Fmh row XX Mertens A Niurphx T Nttholg X OConnor P Oehler M lx Opto: NI Raxette D Peterson Snxth row Rtethel Reshel F Rusher C Sahovsalter A Sedano R Sern B L Setfrnd XY Sheridan Scxenth rnvn D Soma F Spadafore NI Sprtnger C Stutzman L Sxron j T3fCllH J Tresnan P Watatxn Etghth row P WtlSnn R Wfoocl T Vstmer IN Norton Those not ptttured C Baker F Calantha ,I jones N Nnrton M Setbold B Slawskx S Waterman 5 in E' 2 A., op omored ... -1- L, glgkl W' gf A 4' M 3' 'C' .1 HF L. ri 4 A w W1 1' f C' v Q, X n L Q 'S -Z x -wx -Q, w. 2' K. Sf' av' L. Top row: L. to R.: j. Anderson, R. Aquilina, W. Arce, M. Armstrong, M Bailey, D. Ball, N. Ball, G. Bayer. Second row: C. Curtiss, T. Deehr, j. Dickenson, M. Duffy, C. Eady, j. Eady P. Flajole, j. Fodell. Third row: A. Harriman, S. l-lartzell, M. l.. Haupert, M. Hefferan, R. Henc D. Hockmuth, j. Keefe, J. Kelly. Fourth row: E. MacNeil, A. MacNi5h, M. Maloney, j. Manion, B, Maskill j. McGarry, M. McLeod, C. McMurtrie. Fiflh row: B. Ragalyi, M. Raltoyan, T. Redmond, XV. Redmond, Rine, ll Roth, M. Sakowitz, M. Schleicher. Sixth row: F. Smith, L. Smith, Sobieski, VU. Stephens, L. Stiverson. R, Strait K. Tcpc, K. llrrcl. Bottom row: C. Wkrlsh, Wiathnian, R. W'ood5. x ,Q qs Xir'-T' 2 0-A - P' F. c. . 9 ? X X vb ,4 Q27 V , f I ff E R- Q .f ugh . 1 A .. N , ,.. f 9 M! .I x Q "' ,I "' ss fr .Q I fl 1: if 4' 3. ' W' f 0 an. K: - K f Sl :Q 6.- , 2 My 'ff' Q 'K I ' 6 P 5 -ci A C P Si' ' VL- ' C--f g E, ' If 'T 4 ffl ' I X1 . I I N X X " .3 4 g S. it ' eq fr if XQ 2 wx M, X ir , ' - R -1 - 1 ..:,, Q A. Y fs- X ,, 5 V q,, . JA 1 RX l , Q . 6 5 , ' - 4 'f v 14" 1 ,, cr, D , 1 :L f. L ff r .l I 4' 0 'U ' I . li i Top row: L. to R.: B. Birger. C.. Blanly. P. Buurhcau. P. iktriiplwo.-ll. Cf. Cantrall, N. Clarolin, j, Cabanaugh. B. Cihristenmn. Sctund row: -I. Ciagne. M. Czalla. T. Chinnun, C.. Cmwatth. -I. Crrzmt. A Q G. Greene, D. Grix, C. Hammond. Q 10 ' Third row: M. Kelly, Kelly. D. Kurrh, D. Lanigan. L. Lchlaxtcr. M. -I. 4 in Third row: M. Kellj., Kolly, D. Korth. IJ. Lanigan. L. LcMastcr. Nl. -I. I ' -T Lindberg, C, Lung, Lyons, L " Iiuurlh rim: M, Mead. N. Millier, Nlusthulla. R. Nesbitt, -I. Panlu. C. Pnquette, -I. Patterwn, D. Peters. I Fifth rum: G. Schmidt, Sthmidl, -I. Sthultc. -I. Scitz. N. Shcridun. P. Shcridun, C. Shirk. R. Short. Sixth mug L., Vaughan. P. Xfaethtcr, R. Xkltggncr. UI. XYnltcr, P. Vfuhh. . P, XYchstcr, M. XY'iIliams, I. Xfing. Hmmm nm: K.. Yeager, M. Young, Y. Zuppi. Those not pitturcti: ID, Davis, K. Cuppotk, bl. L. Farm. S. furccnc. M. Lulmr. j. Oxicx. if. Sngan, T. Stankevith, T. Xxvatrimus, Mr and Mrs E H Kelley Maureen T Kelley Mrs L Kennedy Robert Kennedy Mr and Mrs T Kennedy and Daughters Mrs Francls C S Keenan Mrs George Kmg all all all all all Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs P J Kxnsella Peter Kovalak Louxs W Krleg Joseph V Krleg J Lamb and Mrs Teopher Melvllle LaP1ne and Mrs Helen Lemay Mr and Mrs Carole Loeser Mr and Mrs Earl G Loeser M1ss Norma A Maloney Mrs John Mason Mr and Mrs W E Mason Ingrld A Marhlsen R J LaPo1nte A Llndberg John McLeod Mr and Mrs D H Mead Millers Mrs Val M1ller and Mrs Robert Murphy and Mrs W C Nesbxtt The O M A F W O Neill and Mrs J L Ovxes Mary Pasuk Patrick Mrs Mrs Mrs an an an an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs John J Paulus Henry Payette James E Peerenboom Petr1 John Ploe Barbara and Jackie Powell Joseph Reshel Mr and Mrs Frank Rintz Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs James V Rme R J Roach H G Robinson Mrs Valerxe Rohr Room 201 Mr and Mrs John Rusher airond an an Mrs an an an an Sandra Russell Mrs Mark Sammon Mrs Otto Schlelcher W Schmltthausler Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Pa Slattery and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Jack Solverson Don F Spadafore and Mrs Sprmger and Mrs Stankevlch Mary Jo Stenger Mr and Mrs Al Stephanskl Lloyd Stlverson Mr and Mrs James Stower Mrs Harold Stout Mrs an an Florence Mr and Carol J and and an Mrs an an and Mr an Mrs Mrs J J Se1fr1d C W Seery R E S1 va John W S1nc1c Leonard B Smith Mxllard T Smith Snyder George N Strelt SJTepe Thomas Frank Tinett Mrs F E Turnbull Vaughan Mrs Wm D Vaughan Mrs Fred Vermeersch Mrs Harry H V1se Anna V1s1ay and Mrs H Waxte Earl Wallace Willlam Wallace Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Webb C L Webb Joseph Whelan H A Whlte Bette M Wlutley Mr and Mrs S A W1deman Martha Williams Leota B W11l1s Mary Wmes Tom Wymer Flrst Perlod Blology lGirlsD Flrst Period B1ology QBoysD . Mr. d . . . Mr. d . ' . T. . ' . . . Mr. d . . . ' ' . ' . . Mr. d . . . . ' , Mr. d . . . 'l Mr. d . . . ' Mr. d . . ' ' Mr. d . t Mr. d . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. d . . ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. d . . Mr. . Mr. ' ' Mr. . . . ' . . Mr. . ' . . . ' Mr. . ' ' . ' Mr. d . . ' Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tardiff Dr. . . . . . Mr. d . . . Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . . ' . . . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. d . . ' . M. Mr. . . ' Mr. d . . Mr. Mr. d . Mr. ' Mr. d . . Mr. d . Mr. d . ' Mr. d . . . Mr. d . Mr. - . d . . . ' Xl ffiglzf a candle of uncferd landing in flue lzearl - - - cfadraa the cold shoulder so we were all sent home From then on everybody was Ed s best friend Came the Valentine Dance Hearts and Howers changed the transformed gym 1nto a floating val entme as we danced to dreamy music Then would come Monday and all week we were all kept busy trying to dodge the Student Council members and pass exams So by the time the weekends rolled around we were ready and rarin for a good fast basketball game Soon the crocuses were peeping their tiny noses up into the fresh spring air and we were sure that summer was on its way Our field day went off with a bang' Our freshmen girls walked I P yard dash We had left our mark with the first year teachers and now we were movmg on to our second year to confirm our athletic ability and good sportsmanship After treating the seniors to a day at Walled Lake vye bade our graduates Good Luck at class night and added a few melodies to our reper toire A two months yacatnon hen stared us in the face ust think' Soon we would be full fledged sophomores' The great day arriyed at last md we began our sophomore year with Mass in honor of the Holy Ghost in our new Chapel a building all by itself unique in the history of high schools As rremulous sophomores we entered our classes vyrth a promise of more work and less play Our girls still showed who was boss on the basketball floor md to hold our reputation we Radiance of the Avredent CLASS HISTORY "Shrine of the Little Flower High School for Girls." Out came paint and brushes and the "for Girls" was no more, for the Knights had invaded the hallowed halls of good 'ole L.F.H.S. As we dodged in and out of falling plaster and hanging canvas, we became accustomed to our new surroundings and to the new extension to our building which was under way And we looked forward to the fact that we would be the first co ed graduating class We re the freshman fine n dandy fine n dandy freshmen we Rodgers 8: Hart didn t have any thing on us cause we spent our first couple of weeks producing songs and hmericks about our peppy class We wanted to make ourselves known and we surely did" By the time initiation rolled around the senior udge had something against each and every one of us and our knees quaked as we ascended the stage steps to face an un merciful jury We were charged with contamm ating semor air by breathing' And there were many other charges equally heinous Thus we learned our first lesson A lowly freshman can not win Three cheers for the Shrine Hi furnace One dav it failed' Remember that? Izverybody got carried away the trophy for the girls West Side CY O championship Because 1951 was the Silver ubilee of the L1ttle Flowers canonization the parrshs project was the Cantata In our movie The Life of Saint Therese a number of sophomores proudly took part Truly we were prouder than ever that ours was the first church in the whole world to be dedicated to her Among other dramatic presentations was the big sophomore pep rally and talent show which gaye most of us a chance to show off a bit I guess we all had a bad case of S0ph0mOflIlS An exceptionally fine time was had by all at and sponsored by the Dramatics Club Remember the big red hearts and nosegays7 With our hard earned class dues and hopes for a good time we took the seniors of 50 to Walled Lake for a day of fun This escapade was just the calm before the storm of exams Then came summer At long last we had passed the half way mark and we believed that some day fyust one more year in factj with a little more work and the help of St Therese our patroness we would be graduates too Our boys achieyed the goal of intramural basketball championships while the girls came ln second Of course THE eyent of the year was the jun1orSenlor Prom in May All was excitement and secrecy for weeks ahead When the big night arriy ed we Proudly presented a beautiful sunken garden Callas gymj to our seniors appropriately I I .. 2 I , Y Y, ' I 9 " ' ' ' Y , 1 5 i ' .sl ll ' ' s , .I i . u . - ' YI .i....-.... , . . . . . , ' n 1 u , u . , u ' 7 awa' with all the h0rl01'S CXCE I one-the 100 the Valentine dance tagged "Opus in Pastels" 1 1 Y ' y Y ' ' ' . V . ' - y ' 3 J. ,,,, . 2 s . . I 'v I . I, K . , i i A i . - I , . 'V . I . A ' . 2 - - ' , ' Z ' Rejflectd the plencfor of the padt styled Butterfly Ball. Huge butterfiies swung from the ceiling forming a canopy of gay color. As this was Father Coughlin's and the Shrine's jubilee year, the school presented a pageant which portrayed their twenty-five years of service to the Church. The year came to an end with graduation pre- cecded by a trip, once again to Walled Lake, and sponsored by the underclassmen while we eagerly anticipated our own commencement. Now after due preparation and anxiety, we have finally reached the coveted goal, senior year. Naturally we are proud, and as we look back through the pages of our high school days, we are a little sentimental, too. We began our seniority in 1951 with literally "loads" of activities. Our rings, which we had ordered in june, arrived in September and now our fingers were graced with the shining gold crest of L.F.H.S. The rings were blessed and pre- sented by Father Coughlin in a ceremony held in our Chapel. With this, we were officially recog- nized as seniors. "Royally" is the word to describe the way we were treated these first few days. We were even allowed to shed our "unibags" and dress up for our class breakfast which was held in the caf- eteria. Soon the football season was well under way and we all looked forward to a huge bonfire and pep rally, with a dance following the game. Need we mention that somebody anticipated the bon- fire and we had to build it again? Will we ever forget our magazine subscrip- tion drive? Don't look now, but the seniors lost. Our penalty was to decorate the gym for the magazine dance, called "The Mardi Gras" and held in February. Little did they know that we love to decorate the hall for such festive occa- sions. Of course we had to clean up, too-but why go into that? Think of the fine new RCA movie projector, Web-Cor tape recorder, slide film projector and cabinet which we purchased for the school, through the drive. just before Thanksgiving we had our Home- coming Ball for the Alumni. We dispensed with the usual turkey and pumpkin decorations and de- cided on the rustic theme. Waxed bottles, logs and a "wishing well" complemented our camou- fiaged basketball nets as we danced and chatted with everyone. In May we gave our pride and joy the operetta, "Meet Arizona," with seniors in most of the lead- ing parts. We have hidden talent-or so they say. We also had hidden sore muscles before re- hearsals were over. But we were good troupers for "the show must go on" and it certainly did. By this time., our first sodality was well under way and proving to be quite a success. Solemn reception, a special retreat and installation of offi- cers were big events, but the crowning result of the sodalists, work was the two days set aside for studying our future careers. Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief, richman, poor- man, beggarman, thief. Career day left us baffled! There were so many fields to choose from and so many interesting speakers, our minds were in a dither. Engineering, teaching, radio, and journal- ism were all represented, and one day was de- voted to the religious life and lay apostolate. After these inspiring talks we were left to decide into which category we belonged. We are so grateful to the school and the many men and women who came to the Shrine on these days to give us pointers on how we can be successful, too. This concluded one of the most exciting and busiest years of our school life. We are leaving as a class memorial an outdoor statue of St. Therese which will hold the center spot of the front campus. Here she will continue to help future Shrine students along her "Little Way" to perfection. Her spirit we take with us, grateful to have been a part of her special family here at Shrine, hopeful that we shall all join you once again in her heavenly family. Biology students do some extra research cxammlng the skeleton of a cat ab Rev Father Staucker CSSp says gooclby to Wxllns Stephens an front of school after gxvmg a talk and show mg movles on the African mlsstons of the Holy Ghost Fathers and Shrmc students come from twenty five cllfferent parishes of the Archdiocese At left Thomas Reed a senior clraftmg student adds fimshlng touches to a map depicting the locatlon of these various parishes The Shrine organist and cholrmaster Stanislaw Dc-gorskx conducts smgnng classes durmg the noon acuvm penods In 1946 Mr Degorskn came to this country from his natne Poland where he had successively served xn the Polish army and then In the Polnsh underground as lxalson offncer be tween the Umted States and Poland He IS well known on the concert stages of Europe and was gy mnastlc champion of Poland Besides this abun dance of musxcal and athleuc Rblllly Mr Degorskl IS an able lmguxst and possesses a thorough knowl edge of scxence math and the lxterary arts 0 V Tffil' Q 'fl' 'it y 2 ' ' 5 . ' in Y . Q . . N 'Q' ' V1 'M " , , l ' Y Q M 4" 'ju if ' " V. ' a SIKA 'novs I 'la."v'5,'N ' 5 xlxuivl f O . ' , . . . ' ' ' ' Vs 'f JN lzered ian i-cfiglzterd A yearbook in three months? That is the problem which faced the two co-editors, Barton DeMerchant and Julie Ditchy. But it was a problem they solved with their usual success . . . the type of success that you must achieve with ability, hard work and intense interest. A competent stalf headed by john Vise and Bette Cornell completed the solution. Bart Julie The financial burden of the book Bette Cornell and jack Vise go fell upon the advertising and circu- Yi'lfdS of writing and 2 fund of clerical in an attempt to make lation staffs. Here Manager Philip ideas mark the W0rk Of feature edit- the '52 Tberesian as accurate as Kinsella fstandingj confers with OFS, NHUCY J0hn5f0U and Canliue Sink- possible. his assistant, Mary Severs. Book- Read if and CIlj0y' y0UfS9lVeS. keeper Ronald Klein adds it up. For their leg work and routine sales, check the The sports division is the product of this quar- patron, booster, and subscription lists. jane Roach WUC C0mP059d of SPOFIS Edifof N0l'b9l'l Stanford, Cleftj Alice Davis and Alicia Arce formed the cir- Rrvsemary Caswell Cstandingj Mary Raknvan and culation gysrim that brought results, Janette Stephens who confers with her "boss." ear ,A gnc! Jgringd fffonord Os For tts flrst annual All Sports Banauet honorlng Shrtne Hugh athletes the Shrlne Athletuc Carmel provided an rmposrna roster of guests Father Jerome Krteg athletic director and Jlm Darler head coach at Shrlne were hosts for the occasion Joseph Ovtes presadent ot the Carmel made the presentatton and Hal Schram of the sports staff of the Detroit Free Press acted as toastmaster Principal speaker ot the evemng was Father Celestln J Steiner president of the Untversuty ot Detroit Other dfstrngurshed guests Included ED HAYES Sports Stat? Detrout Tumes JOHN PANELLI Notre Dame Lions Cardmals GORDIE HOWE Detroat Red Wmgs Wayne Unnversrty JOHN MQHALE l Detrort Tagers SAM MADDEN Parochral League Dtr WALLY FROMHART Asst Football Coach Umverslty of Defrost TED UNDSAY Detrott Red Wtngs BOB CALIHAN Basketball Coach University of Detrolt AL WATROU5 Golf Professronal Oakland Halls Country Club JOAN CZARNEY Grls Basketball Coach DICK DAUGHERTY Basketball Coach Snr nc Haan Srhool FR CHARLES E COUCZ-HLIN Pastor Shrrne of the FC A htghlught of the banquet whuch was attended by flve hundred people was the presentatton of letters to athletes and the electron at Conrad Blanzy as football captann for the 1952 season . I . LOU ZARZA . . football Coach l o 1 t' il AJ .I . , t i I V I I l lzrtle l tx-ref Home home on the range This hand some trro Loulse Blschof Ronald Klem and Carlos Uames Mamonj sleeps comfort Harold Eoogerklgomanuc leads take Mme ably beneath hrs sombrero as janette Ste out OH t e un Ouse 5'eP5 phens and Sylvia Frechette fuss around Full orches ratxon, colorful costumes, lxght young hearts and lrghter volces were all set to show us a good t1me with a tlmely good show rn Meet Arnzona The combmed glee clubs presented thxs two act operetta wxth music by Cadman May ll and 12 the bnggest production of the year Ole tall tale Tom fjames Kmgj certarnly keeps the ladles amused Intrrgued by hrs nonsensrcal attrtude are Lettne fLou1se Brschofj and Dudrnes jane Roach and Margaret Lamb Am t love grand P Renme fl-Iarold Cooperj and lfmrly fTheresa Aqurlmaj make such sweet musnc together These charming senontas Margery Vermeersth and Janette Resthel get set for therr caslanet dance routme before curtarn time Carlotta fAllLC Davrsj seems rather casual about Antonlos Cjack Sadlrerj blandrsh ments But Carlos has plucked a tune and a smxle from Mana fL1ll1an Rrskoj of Meet Arizona 0 we,-4 of 1952 PHILIP KINSELLA Class Vice Pres St Mary Orchard Lake Yearbook Stalf 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Class Officer 3 4 Glee Club 4 Varsxty Club 3 4 Basketball 3 Football 3 4 Brains beneath the braun capable athlete ambttzous kmda shy Ph: RUTH Class Treas Shrme Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Class Oliicer 4 Glee Club 3 4 Dra matxcs 1 2 Letter Club 3 4 Basket 2 3 Aluays ready to gue a helpmg hand homeroom leader basketball laurels Charleston Charleston Ruthte Lou QM-Www RONALD KLEIN Class President Our Lady Queen of Marty rs Blrmmg ham Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 1 Class Officer 4 Glee Club 2 5 4 Sodallty 4 Varsity Club 4 Foot 3 Peoples choice poxse that counts get those shoulders Oh I ll do xt Ronme JULIE DITCHY Class Secretary Shrxne Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Class Olilrer 1 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Sodalnty 4 Dra Letter Club 3 4 Leadership scholarshzp rxpplmg laukgbter ashton rxght depend :ble all uays aluajs u e HAROLD COOPER Society for Propagation of Faxth Presrdent Shrme Royal Oak Glee Club 3 4 V1cePres1dent CSMC 3 4 Varsxty Clu 2 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Al ta Boy 1 2 3 4 Perpetual brush cut makes those wones tmgle oh' that grm football honors Hal O l O O U . WN i Q .1 - l ' - ,I ,Z ,Q , , ,Q 3 yr Q . s Z ' ball, ,4. , A. I , . plc ' y ' , l -.. ...H ry l ' V 7 , .Z I: 1 1 9 1 'v'.. 'I ,,,,Q ',, ,rl -5 .,1 ,,: - 1 15 15 1 v ' matics l, Z3 Thespian, 25 Forensic, 21 'sf' ,,. -.. ... ', ' V" ' ' l. , ,uf . f ' 'f...fl. ' a 1 ' ' sl ' ' 9: x sl ' lr ' .url ax: ' . s . , ,Q ball,,,4. '- ' ....,,2 " ' I' ' bln, naar: ' pa. an. r 7 3 9 ' graduated .... of 1952 BARBARA ANGOTT Our Lady of Refuge, Pontiac. Honor Roll, l, 2, 5, 41 Glee Club, 32 Sodality, 42 Dramatics, 1, 21 Letter Club, 5, 4. Short sport . . . very talkative . . . "Sat'ez-vous votre franrais?" . . . majors in being A real friend . . . Barb. FLORENCE BEYMA St Michael Southfield Yearbook Staff CSMC Oflicerl Gay rhaller sunny manner teacher to be o THERESA AQUILINA Shrine, Royal Oak. Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer, 1, 25 Glee Club, 5, 4: Letter Club, 49 Basketball, 3. Flashing. :lark eyes . . . personality plus . . . sweet lillle giggle . . . and here rome: Terry. MARILX N BIRDSEY St Mary Royal Oak Honor Roll 4 ter 1 Dramattts 1 Forenstt 1 Debonazr lass models class freshxng smile Marilyn ALICIA ARCE Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 43 Honor Roll, 1, Glee Club, 5g Letter Club, 41 Basketball, 4. Busy as a bee . . . super salesman . . . leI's see your dimples, Archie. LOUISE BISCHOF Shrine Royal Oak Honor Roll I 2 Orchestra 4 Sodalny 4 Curly lorks incomparable song- stress nobility of character Louise HMM? V l I gin f s , l . 4: Honor Roll, 1, 5, 43 Give Club, 5" one Club, 4: choir, 2: c.s.M.c. om 3, 4: one Club, 5, 4: choir, 1, z, 3, 4: -' ' ' -..rf- Qraclualed .... of 1952 ROSEMARY CASWELL ELLE JANE BUCSKO St. Hugo, Bloomfield Hills. Glee Club, St. James, Ferndale. Choir, 1, 22 Glee 4. Clubs 4- Expert horsewoman. . .there goes that JEROME CHOWNING Contagious laugh . . . on the hall . . blue machine . . . fresh appearance . . shrine' Royal Oak' "I'm simply furious!."' . . . warm heart hails from Sacred Heart Academy . . E051 000145 04-'J' 80 - - - keel' if 5001, . . . Elle. Rosemary. . . . evefyb0dJ'!-V P41 - 1 - len?- ON PAUL CHOWNING JERRY CLARK Shrme Royal Oak Presentatnon Dezron Baseball 5 Dark dark eyes neu ml Merhamcally xnclmed angelu be flashy 'mule who could 'uk for hawor xn hxslory class whered you more! Paul get that shy gun? jerry SHEILA COLE Shrme Royal Oak Honor Roll 4 ketball 2 3 Tenms 3 Tennxs anyone? pleasing person alzty choxr gal the last of the Coles Sheila L ' . , l ffl ' , ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' I I' ' ' . . . ' - one club, 5, 4: choir, 1, z, 3, 4: Bu- graduated .... of 1952 BETTE CORNELL Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 43 Honor Roll, 33 Glee Club, 31 Choir, 1, 2. Zip-tilted nose . . . lively laugbler . . . aims to please and pleases . . . Belle. MARY JANE DeGROOTE Holy Name Bxrmmgham Glee Club 3 Dramatxcs 1 Dreamy demeanor bazr of gold A s for amiabilxty Mary jane Wwhzdrva ALICE DAVIS St. Hugo, Bloomfield Hills. Yearbook Staff, 43 Honor Roll, 1, 5, 45 Glee Club, 3, 42 Dramatics, 2, 43 Basket- ball, 1, 2. Bubbling with sparkle . . . beromingly brown-eyed . . . warmlb of manner . . . gaiety prevailing . . . Alice. GERALD DeLlSLE Our Lady of LaSalette Berkley Year book Staff 4 Glee Club 3 4 Varsnty Club 2 3 4 Basketball 2 5 4 Foot 1 2 Masculine manner polka king all rouml guy Hi ya Ier lerry NANCY DEERING St. Michael, Detroit. Honor Roll, 4 Glee Club, 4. Blilbe smile . . . baby blue eyes . . Immaculata's boast . . . fresb air fiend .. . Nan. BARTON DeMERCHANT St Mary Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Sodaltty Officer 4 Dramatrcs 4 Thes plan 4 Forensxc 4 Altar Boy 3 Wittxcisms galore master of tbe Irxsb brogue monsieur de francais Bart 'nfl ,, . x, -A .1 .l 1 1 Y 1 lf- 1 1 1 1 fe 1 1 ' . - A 1 , ', - - n ' . , l 1 ' ,Q , ,Q " 9 1 as r 9 r --a I ... , , ,I ' , , , . . V g 1 9: ' ' ' " . ball,,,3,4. ,' vi :- r rr ' n ' .,' ' ' racluaied .... of 1952 MARTHA GLENN ROBERT DesROCHES RITAMARY GESEN Yearbook Staff, 44 Hofjof Roll, 4 Holy Name, Birmingham. St. Michael Parish, Pontiac. Glfe Club, 5: 41 Dfamfmfss 25 Letter Head in the clouds . . . subtle humor Cute little blondie . . . pony tail . . . Clllbv 3' 4' . . . sunny side uP - . . What size, fun to be with . . . Pontiaf'-V sill fo Nlfe M know - - ' quiefh' funny ' ' please? . . . 40 longs . . . Bob. Sbfinf - - - Rite- WARREN GOSSELIN Shrine, Royal Oak Baseball 4 wxlh four wheels suits Willie JOAN GREINER Holy Name Birmingham Glee Club 4 Blue nbbon smile from a big hear! Mt Clemens loss I5 our gain Ioame touch of sophistication . . . Marth. CLINTON HAMILTON Shrine Royal Oak Class Ollicer 2 Ready wit and conversatlonalzst clothes happy frzendlj enthusiastic casual manner Clint . , . , ' ' , , . ' , ' . , 5 Silent smile . . . skates, cars, anything - - ' Glee Club, 3, 42 Df3m3liC5, 1, 2, 4- , ' . l . . G . . ra ualed of 1952 PATRICIA HIGGIINS Shrme Royal Oak Honor Roll 1 5 Glee Club 3 4 Sodallty 4 Drama ucs I 2 Letter Club 3 4 Madame Cune Il kxtlen on the keys sweet n lovely a FSI GI:NFVIEVE HIGGINS St Rua Den-on Clee Club 3 Flatterxng freckles unru led ,md ralm the lztonee lol er jmny Lou JANE KEEFE JULIE KEHOE Shfme Royal Oak Shrme Royal Oak Honor Roll I 2 Good sport Charleston kxd 3 4 Glee Club 5 Dr2m2IlCS 1 2 yumpxn jane ane Letter Club 3 4 Mxss Irxsb Oh I knew that ages ago neatly groomed julie NANCY JOHNSTON Sr Benedlct Pontxac Yearbook Stal? 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Class Oli cerl 2 3 Glee Club 5 4 Drama ucs 2 4 Thesplan 4 Forensic 1 Vu arxously rersalsle aboundzng xn frxendlmess sweet jenny lnely reader INaney PATRICIA KENNEDY Shnne Royal Oak Honor Roll 4 Glee Club 5 4 Chou' 3 4 Soda llty 4 Serretanal ambxhon rurrent ez ents wlnz aluays a kxnd hello Pal - v - v - - v . . ' I 7 7 ! I Y ' Y Y 7 ' 1 I 1 I I U I I , g 1 ly I ' ' i I , F. Q Q Y j I , 1 . . . . . 1 - U ,, , o c D O I l I , , , s I Q 1 u 1 I 7 ' Y 1. ' r E . rf 5 4 Qf 1 'N A -'L . ll I - - ' . H" Ak .L 4 r J 1 Aft W mln 4,113 N ,, ' z a-is , W, if gf ' Q Y ' , ' - 1 y 1 f - Q 1 u Q f - I - , 1 y ' 1 r Y 7 Y ' 1 1 V ' . . , ' . - U ' ' ' , n , , , , . . . U , , , . . . . ' ' f ' . . . . graduated .... of 1952 JAMES KING St. James, Ferndale. Class Officer, 22 Glee Club, 3, 42 Varsity Club, 2, 3, 42 JOHN KILLEEN Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Football, 1, 2, Shrine, Royal Oak. Honor Roll, 45 So- 3, 45 Baseball, 3, 4. dallfii 4- Leadership in sportsmanship . . . vic- Right from Catholic Central . . . Flor- torious on varsity . . . that certain lab ian Zabach Il . . . willing to work technique . . . more funny faces than . . . "Lights.' Curlain."' . . . jack. JosEPH KORTH Shrine Royal Oak Dramancs 4 Tall and silent curly broun hair the rubber man . . . jim. BARBARA LADD Holy Name Birmingham Honor Roll 2 3 4 Class Ofhcer 3 Glee Club CSMC Officer 2 Dramancs 1 2 Cooperation plus really pleasant conscientious student Barb DIANE KLASZTOROWSKI Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Birming- ham. Serene the word . . . winsome smile . . . typing art . . . little girl with a big name . . . Diane. STANLEY LENDZON St Hugo Bloomfield Hills Sian the Man strictly for laughs 10 oclock scholar big black Buick channeled and chopped Stan ' . . uspeedyu U . . joe. 3, 41 Choir, 3, 43 Sodality Ofhcer,, 43 , i ' . I ' ' radualed .... of 1952 JOHN MAINVILLE Shrine, Royal Oak. Dramatics, 4. Pride of the wallzers . . . never a dull moment . . . hidden humor . . . lark. CHARLES MCHUGH Shrine Royal Oak Kxd Berkley lbe Great Stone Fare quite a :eme of humor behmd those Ing blue eyes Chuck BARBARA MASON Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 4I Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 42 Glee Club, 32 Dramatics, 22 Letter Club, 3, 42 Bas- ketball, l. Radiant, with roxy cheek: . . . witty wise tracks . . . Who drank all the cakes? . . . Oh, Barb'r here . . . Barb. PATRICIA MEALY Shrine Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Glee Club 3 Hou about that? gettmg out of at txuty period to uork m the ofiee refreshmg personalxly Patsy DOUGLAS MCCARTHY Our Lady, Queen of Martyrs, Birmingham. His name's MrCarthy, but he'r no dummy . . . there's a joker in the crowd. MARY PAT ONEILL St Benedict Detroit Honor Roll 2 4 Glee Club 2 3 Choir 2 3 4 Strxrtly femmme our strawberry blonde Cy ugh' Pal fr. -.. y , . , ' . ,r . , . ,,n ,,, 1- :nv ax:- . . I . - . .. ... .1 ... . .'. . Y . . racluated . 3. . . 141952 NANCY PEERENBOOM Holy Name, Birmingham. Honor Roll, MARY LGU PLOURDE 2, 41 Glee Club, 3, 43 Choir, 2, 3, 45 Sodality, 43 C.S.M.C. Officer, 21 Bas- ketball, 3, 4. Cute and folly . . . eyirienry notable . . . "I ran't I'm out of gas" . . . Nancy. MAX PUTTERS Holy Name Birmingham Putter: mutter: one laugh after another Get that car Before it gets you' Max WILLIAM PHELAN Shrine, Royal Oak. Honor Roll, 1, 23 Varsity Club, 3, 43 Baseball, 3, 4. A Boston bean . . . free-lunch Phelan . . . study conscious . . . hockey hero . . . Bill. MARY RAKOVAN Shrine Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 1 Glee Club 3 CSMC Officer 2 Dramatics 2 3 Basket l Dnnples and cherry cheeks lx e a gzrl scout shes prepared for any thing matter rhef Mary Shrine, Royal Oak. Honor Roll, 1, 2, 43 Class Officer, 13 Glee Club, 5, 4? Dramatics, 1, 23 Letter Club, 3, 4- Beautiful beautiful brown eyes . . . down to earth . . . rollicking laughter . . . Lou. THOMAS REED Holy Name Birmingham Class Ofli cer l Glee Club 3 4 Varsity Club 1 2 3 4 Basketball 3 Football l 2 3 4 Altar Boy 3 Star athlete bound to surreed distinguished Never walks alone Torn 1 X r" ' 1 is A E 3 . 1 . , , ,Q , . - ,Z ,Z ,Z ,,f ' , "' f... 1: , ,l - ravi a Y is , ball, ,2. ,,2 ,. - , " ' er u , . l -1- ... . "' ' ra uated of 1952 LILLIAN RISKO Our Lady of Sorrows Farmmgron Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 2 5 Class Officer 1 Glee Club 5 4 Dra maucs 1 Lener Club 5 Anything for a friend aluays has a laugh good ole L11 1 an--eg SHARON RUSSELL Shrme Royal Oak Honor Roll 1 2 5 4 Glee Club 3 4 Dramaucs 2 5 Letter Club 3 4 Straight from Vague a regular seamstress happxness persomfied Its so duxne Sharon JANE ROACH Our Lady Queen of Marty rs Blrmmg ham Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 4 Glee Club 3 4 Dramams 1 Len HELMUTH ROTH ter Club 3 Sweet dtsposxhcn uarrn frxend fernmme manner lol es those cakes arte JOHN SADLIER Holy Name Bxrmmgham Honor Roll 4 Class OH1cer 2 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Dramaucs 1 2 4 Thespnan 4 4 Dramaucs 1 2 4 Thespnan 4 Forensnc 4 Dancer dwzne drumatxt person Ah thats a good one Inch Shrme Royal Oak Dxrect from Austrza learns as! our przde and joy humorous undertone Helmuth JOHN SCHMITTHAUSLER Shrxne Royal Oak Honor Roll 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 Adept at draftzng mellow tenor ohn J I O O O v, - , . . , ' - x I ' 9 1 Y x 9 y Q , , Q ' , 1 ' . 1 r , , , - , , , , 1 , 1 , . . . . I 4 . , . . . . . . . . ' f l ' . . . ' ' ' I 0 1 If - . "...Ll. ,,,1, l nf' . ' 'ffif 'Z' Q s f f? 4 V ',.r,.g , ' , V' t . ' Q a - , , y , , - 1 , , , Q : , , 1 , , 1 9 s J 9 Q ,n 9 r , , , I 1 2 Q s 1 s n 1 l 9 7 ' n 1 ' I I 0 I l l I 5 1 J Y 9 Y . . 3 ' ' ' ' . . . . Q . I l 'l - 4 . . I . . . . . . , . . . . graduated .... of 1952 BARBARA SCHORN Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 42 Glee Club, 5, 42 Choir, 1, Z, 5, 42 Dra- matics, 1, 22 Basketball, 1, 2. Admirable singing voice . . . musie's BEVERLY SHEA St Mary Royal Oak Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Class Officer 1 Glee Club ter Club 3 4 Nezer lost for uords test tube talent uee sneezes Bez MARY SEVERS Holy Name, Birmingham. Yearbook Staff, 42 Honor Roll, 42 Glee Club, 5. Miniature dynamo . . . pixie's rbarm . . . lasting friendship . . . "Hey, JAMES SHIRK THOMAS SHANKSTER Shrine, Royal Oak. New senior . . . easy-going guy . . gets around . . . Tommy rome late ly? . . . Torn. BEVERLY SILVA Shrine Royal Oak Glee Club 1 5 4 Shrine Royal Oak Honor Roll 4 A ar Boy 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Clvlwws f0'l5f4'1fl,V We 61715 Sanduirb assemblies Me Sister rould use some o those rurls Ill go Mr Daugherty Bez lobnny on the spot m 'Kr Les - . ', ' . 9 y i x V - 1 x s i y V ' 1 7 5 l 7 l 5 Y, 9 9 5 ' 9 ! ' 32 Dramatics, 1, 22 Forensic, 1, 22 Let- 2 ' , , , 1' .' ' 1 , , " I ' ,P ' - , , , . . . ji . gra uafed .... of 1952 CAMILLE SINK Gesu, Detroit. Yearbook Staff, 41 Class Officer, 13 Glee Club, 5, 43 Dramatics, 1, 2, 52 Thespian, 2. "We of the theatre" . . . taught in the spotlight . . . rlerer . . . Got a neu joke Camille JOXCE SNYDER St Rita Detroxt Honor Roll 2 4 Glee Club 5 Dashing dark eyes ull o lx e number please Ioyre PATRICIA SLATTERY Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 42 Class Officer, 21 Glee Club, 3, 41 Dra- matics, 52 Letter Club, 5, 43 Tennis, 5, 41 Thespian, 3. Attractirely brunette . . warmth of manner . . . fair 'n' feminine . . . skill ul sketfhes Pa NORBERT STANFORD Shrme Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Glee Club 4 Varsity Club 5 4 Basketball 'a 4 Football 4 Base 5 4 ar Boy 1 Sharpy porrupme rut Got a porrh for that suxng lnens up the party Norb GERTRUDE SMITH Shrine, Royal Oak. Glee Club, 5. just give her a coke, potato :hips and a piano and she's set for the ezenzng Trudy MARY JO STENGER Holy Name Royal Oak Yearbook Staff 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Class Oflicer 2 3 Glee Club 5 4 Sodalnty Oiiicer 4 Dramaucs 1 2 3 Letter Club 3 4 Tenms 3 Shining rurly tresses znarxous and actn e Pepsodent smxle Io " 'f 1. , .0 .., 1 .1 K. X . 'ws- ' 431. H a. fgfk.. - . ff. g fv- ! l ,V-3. 3 ' . vs-5 E , l . , .' , , . . , v i y : . , . . , . , . ' , , I 1 l s s s s l ' fy... ,c - MP M? ' , '. ball,,3Al! ',,2,5,4- " "" ' 1 ! l ! ' .' 2 ' - l I - Q n ', ' l V l ' 0 1 0 . 0 o 0 1 u 1 4 l 1 gra ualed .... of 1952 JANETTE STEPHENS St. Hugo, Bloomfield Hills. Year- book Staff, 42 Honor Roll, 45 Glee Club, 3, 45 Choir, 1, 2, 5, 4. Roguish grin . . . future woman in white . . . stylish simplitity . . . ffm. JACQUELYN TOUSCANY St Michael Pontiac Honor Roll 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Dramatits Future TV announrer I haze a question Father dog srbool de gree Iarkxe LOIS STREIT Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 42 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 42 Glee Club, 3, 45 Dramatics, 13 Letter Club, 5, 4. Hair like rorn silk . . . rhatterbox . . . She's a lady-even her driver's lifense says so . . . all in fun . . . Lois. HAROLD VAN DEUSEN Holy Name Birmingham Honor Roll 2 3 Varsity Club 3 4 Football 3 4 Marriage the lwxng death better dead than ued best sport ei er uatch those New Years Lie rezolu txons Dxz RICHARD SWANSON St. Benedict, Royal Oak. Class OHicer, 53 Baseball, 3, 4. Tailor-made . . . bark from Europe . . . shoe-shine boy . . . Dirk. , f We-1. ROBFRT VAN FLETEREN Holy Name Birmingham Yearbook Sta 4 Honor Roll 1 2 3 Cass bal 4 Speed on the gridiron playboy of the plumbers ouner of the red streak VanFlut I ff ., R 1 ' , n . h 1 . 0 3 ! , l . . , Y 3 ' I 1 a J l 1 1 'lv 7 Q ' v y , Q , , , H9 l 1 1 n l I 1, 23 Letter Club, 3, 4. . . . Officer, 1, 25 Varsity Club, 43 Foot- , . . . . . ' V V t 0 a I l 9 I 1, ' . 1 ' Q . . , . . . . . .V f . . . . F' H gra ua ted .... of 1952 MARGARET VERBIEERSCH Our Lady of LaSalelte, Berkley. Year- book Stalf, 45 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 5, 41 Class Officer, 1, 35 Glee Club, 5, 43 Dramatics, 1. Host of friends . . . xun tan . . . alert and pert . . . mode: of the minute . . . Margee. iwiyfdrv , , rm aw ' INIAUREEN WHELAN St Benedlct Hnghland Park Sueetly femznxne a neu addxtxon pearbes and cream Maureen JOHN VISE Our Lady of LaSalette Berkley. Year- book Staff, 41 Honor Roll, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer, 53 C.S.M.C. Officer, 4. Wbat a bit! . . . Lel'x play b' ball . . . breakfast order, please . . . zoo boy . . . yes, Jir, lbafs lark. u INORMA WOOD Shrme Parnsh Honor Roll 1 Z 5 4 Soft spoken gentle exp esszons best mole rn tbe book Aorma BARBARA WEBB Shrine, Royal Oak. Yearbook Staff, 41 GIS? Club, 53 Basketball, 3, 45 Ten- nis, 5. Soft blue eyes . . . poodle cut . . . good-bye flaming "Liz" . . . "Slider Webb." ABN YEAGER St Dems Royal Oak Yearbook Stall Club 4 Gracxous and graceful truly rbarm mg aluays :beer ul Anrue X , I X I Il' . ff G, lf - -, - ' Glee Club, 3, 4- 41 Glee Club, 3, 43 Sodality, 41 Letter Father Father Father Father Father Father afrond Charles E Coughlm R1chard M Haney Jerome L Krleg Thomas Rodgers C S Sp Leonard Foley O F M Adrlan Doherty M S Ss T and Mrs George Arce and Mrs R L Baker r and Mrs C A Pall Sr and Mrs A E 1 l Bart DeMerchant Mr and Mrs Eugene DeMerchant Margaret D1ckinson and Mrs W E Dev1ne and Mrs ClareW D1tchy Mrs H W Doran Don and B111 and Mrs J E Dooley and Mrs Robert Eady Dxck Ellxott Mrs Grace Balley and Mrs L J Baxley Grant E Becker Mr and Mrs Lou1s Berger Mrs E M Beyma George B1er Mr and Mrs R E Belser Barbara B1rger Louxse Blschof Mr and Mrs Otto B1SCh0f Thomas Blattert B111 Brennan and Mrs JohnW Brennan and Mrs A F Burkart and Mrs Frank S Caswell and Mrs J H Chamberlam and Mrs T L Chase and Mrs A Chrlstensen Paul Chowmng Mr and Mrs Leo H Clark Mr and Mrs R A Cola1zz1 Mr and Mrs Claude Cole Colleen C Cole Maynard Cole Mr and Mrs Harold Cooper Ken Coppock Robert G Cordts Nancy Cornell Mr and Mrs R M Cowdm Mr and Mrs JohnJ Curran Mr and Mrs A Dabaldo Evelyn L Dabaldo Mr and Mrs Jun Daxler Dr and Mrs H D Dav1s D1ck Daugherty Mrs A Dallocch1o G Wrlght Defenthasler Mr and Mrs A J DeL1s1e Armand DeL1sle Mr and Mrs Evers The F1ve Sklrts Mr and Mrs Paul Flayole Mr and Mrs JosephA Flanmgan Mrs Althea Florek The Four C s Compl1ments of a Frlend Mr and Mrs Edward Gagne Mary Gardner Mr and Mrs J Gardner Mrs S Gerhold Mrs MarJor1e Gesen Betteann Cues Mr and Mrs O M GIGS Mr and Mrs Glrard Charles S Glenn Mr and Mrs L Gosselm Mr and Mrs Leo C Graff Judy Grant D Greene Bob Pa Roy Mr and Mrs Jack Grey Gnener and Mrs C B Hamllton and Mrs H J Hammond J D Harr1man and Mrs F J Henkel Henkel E H1cks and Mrs Frank W Hlgby Mr and Mrs Paul H H1gg1ns Hollywood Super Market 805 South Campbell Edna Houts J M Howtmg Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Johnston G M Jordan 3 J's anda P Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Paul A Keefe ThomasJ Keefe H J Kehoe . , . . . Mr. . . . ' , . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. U , . . . . . . 1. Mr. . . . Mr. . . . M . . . . . . Mr. . Mr. . . . lfal ' ' Dr. . . . . ' O ' ' . Mr. ' . . u " Mr. . . . . . . . ' Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Campbell . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' . . . ' Mr. . . . . . . Mr. . . ' . . . ML. . I . , - ' Mr. . . . ' , Mr. . . . Mr. . . ' , , Mr. . . . t 84 6 J 'E 3 FOR THAT YOUNG KAY BAUM LOOK Modeled by Nancy Deering 85 South LY E J WALKER 21040 Cooludge Hughway Phone JOrdon 4 5925 IN eu Hudson Plant Hall Road New Hudson Much Phone South Lyon 7231 SAND and GRAVEL Detrolt 35 Mvchlgan Llncoln 4 2065 Rochester Plant 6404 ohn R Road Rochester Mulberry 9 1010 Much Clanton ROOTIHQ Company 902 S WASHINGTON Royal Oak Mnchugan AH'enhon Home Owners' For soft water and condrtaonmg FACTS call your local water softenmg eng: neers No obligation no charge INVESTIGATE before you INVEST Water condmonmg from S89 00 up THE SPARTAN CO 2335 Woodward Berkley LI 3 3747 MI 4 2716 For over 25 years Electncal Applumces o Merzt THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SHOPS Means Servzce A ter The Sale PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS J 86 L . tu, . I I.. J I ,'. . . f. 'f Com hm ents o EDWARD S Furmlure Slore Eldest and Largest Furniture Store Com liments o . . Yorwood Servlce 3603 N Woodward Averse Royal Oak Mach POPULAR SPOT For Both Young and Old Smartly Appointed Spotlessly Clean Chuck n Chips Fish n Chaps s u s IE Q Woodward Ave Just North of 12 Mile Sherman s Marlxel' ualzty Meats Groceries lO 00 A M 9 00 P M 3742 W I2 Mnle Be kley Com lzments 0 Bel Alre Drlve ln 4611 N Woodward Avenue Royal Oak Much Congratulations To The Graduating C1455 Ars Flo Mag CQ p f p' f--y I A Q. - . P' fm- '- . 87 RBERT BU Fine Footuear Smce 1920 255 North Woodward Avenue Bsrmlngham Much GRAHAM SHELL SERVICE Pxrk U p and Delzvery T O W I N G 4000 North Woodward Royal Oak Llncoln 59451 WILLIAM SULLIVAN 81 SON Funeral Home Establlshed I 906 705 W Eleven Mule Rd at Pleasant Y A L O Good Luck' Llncoln I 9103 Three cheers to the Sensors of good old Shrme H: Heres hoping this wont be our last good bye As a senior class you ve been loads of fun PAUL S AUTO WASH Szmonzze Glztler Glaze Polzsh 6 O N Woodward Ave Royal Oak PAUL SARACINO ERNIE BELL INC DeSoto Plymouth Sales and Sen :te 221 N Mann Street Royal Oak Mach Phone Llncoln I 0280 POWER S HAMBURGER we ssnvf EM of SACK EM 524 N Woodward ROY'-'l ook I want to be your Caterer Y S I L INDUSTRIAL CATERING sERvlcE Llncoln 5 4451 H E R R ' ' R o A K ' f ' I ' ' So congratulations from 30ll! I I . I . . - . ' ef , n U - , f R A E . v A 88 SAGAN S SWEET SHOP Maslall Hardware Martm Semor Nu Hue Custom Color Stop zn at Sagans or A ter Date Snacks 3822 WEST 13 MILE ROAD Royal Oak Mlchlgan 6 Ready Mixed Pamts SCOTTS LAWN CARE PRODUCTS Housewares Sporfmg Goods O Q J a J Electrical Supplies 'fx v ce Crea I I 2 4700 4400 N WOODWARD Lncon Hamburgers Shakes Malts 4 Blocks South 14 Mule Road 2904 N WOODWARD LI 5 9570 TOM S NORTHWOOD MARKETS 12811 Woodward Cor Glendale 906 No Woodward Cor Cofalpa ROYAL OAK 0 poszte Northu ood Inn 89 I . ' ' f f 1 Q' . W 2 P ' , Co mplzments o Bowman s Farm Cupboard 9 Mule and Inkster Road Farmington Mlchlgan General Due Cashng Co Zmf and Alumzmnn Dze Castmgs 1956 Burdette Ferndale Much Co m hm ents 0 McPeek Service Royal Oak Mlchlgan IUIIITIIII 0 aaqwsw Q 220 WASHINGTON DRIVE ROYAL OAK Duck Corning s Buffel' 426 Woodward Royal Oak Publix Men s Wear ARROW SHIRTS INTERWOVEN SOX STETSON HATS Washungton Square Bldg Royal Oak Jack Greys Mkl There 15 a D1 erence in Meats 1210 Catalpa U 21 65 If Its H rdwa e We H Xe It Frentz 8z Sons Hardware 1010-1012 IN Mam at Catalpa ROYAL OAK MICH LINCOLN 2 5670 90 ' f . . . , . I o . Twelve and W0OdWCrd r.2 s o I . ' I for O . O ' a 1' 3 ' " 1 I Co. U . - 5 FRIEND 9 COMPLIMENTS of a May joy and success be yours as the years pass Best o luck to you our graduating class Room 305 HewlH' Metals Corp 12TH and STANLEY Detrolt Mlchlgan TYler 5 3846 KRES 498 So Washington Royal Oak Mlchlgan SZL6 l I1 Hoa suouoluasas Jog suouopowwooay usapow :mln sayzng prpug snounxnq 01 INNVAOIONOH '8 O.LN3llElOS S'l3lOW HHJ. Van Bea C eaners Furs Cleaned 81 Glazed Wedding Gowns 8. Formals Hand Fmshed Laundry 2452 N WOODWARD LI 3 9200 Comphments ADRIAN COTTER S TAVERN CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1952 SCHWARTZ FLOWER SHOP FTD Members LI 15 221 S Mann Street Royal Oak Vmsetta Garage day or AAA mgbl Ll I 2 80 - I S . S . G E ' ' ' Pick-up 6 Delivery . . . . u . I I . Q 5' Ph. . -124 ,-8 92 Complxments o AI Neerlemer Real+or To the Graduatmg Class o 1952 Many thanks and congratulatzons Go out rom us to you May you be the best and have the best That God has zn store or you May all your troubles be little ones And all your worrzes ew As ue sand be ore Thanks-Seniors' Room 304 Holiday Mofel Woodward 81 Glenwood llncoln 2 7100 jg,-dan 4 635Q 93 ' f.. EZ e . f D. I 1 . 'iii .f, I --I Your dry cleamug recenter HAVE You SEEN OUR P E R SQNAL BRAND NEW MODELS? ATTENTIQN uben ,you send zt to us' Tom McDonnell, Inc ALSO well waterproof your lackets 0 moth proof wool UNCOLN MERCURY ens 0 and store your out Sales and Seruce of season garments so they are really safe' DRY CLEIHIEIIS 850 S Woodward Barmlngham 5 W d d e 16717 Ha l BERKLFX DETROIT Advance Plating Co lnc S 6CIt1llZI71g In POLISHING and BUFFING of Stalnless Steel and Brass Productuon Platmg to Speclflcatlon In Copper Nickel Chrome Silver 8. Gold Industrial 6 Automotne Parts 38 000 Sq Fl Floor Spare 60 000 Gals Bright Nuckel 70 O00 Amps Generation TWlnbrook l 4000 13440 Klmger Den-gn 12 B M BAUR Owner 94 - - , A V- . I . 1 f . . C ,. O Q 286 oo war Av . mi ton Ave. V Llntoln 3-0540 UNiversiry 3-.1010 Y l , O ll O I 1 I . . . , , . 1 . ' 1 - ' I . ' , . . . . , 4l CLARE 8c SNELL REAL ESTATE 2712 Woodwcrc Ave Lincoln 2 7100 JO dm' 4 6359 Te QA, cutest 3' S " cards yi-wc, " gk 51? life 1 f Wlq 'QQ KLEBBA s STATIONERS Cajldb 515 So Wash ngton 5 9 Royal Oak Mich Hoover Tool and Due Company 20550 HOOVER ROAD Defrost 5 Mnchngon Stam mg Dies Tools Fzrlures Gauges Deszgmng and Engzneermg Phone Lakeview 7 0880 95 - r - IJ 14- 30" :I , A, . A-Q ' "MI 'QQ NY! m town .xi 11- .D L' 4 Q X YA' . x ir, 1 t of - I we 0 at f' Ni' , - . P- L - . . . . - .1 . - YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BANK ll dg THE WAYNE 0AKlAND BANK R S50 OOO 000 Ry1Ok Bkly Hg1dP k 96 You wi fu furious, friendly service at esources over , , 0 a a - er c - Clawson i h an ar 4' 4 'W ' 1 1 214 ,faux A I f ' ' ':. " 9 fy 1' 2 31' 2 ,A if "Q W'4f fqffw' ' Q ,i .. , .,- I gdb O - '-55 fs xxx f"x 1"' it KRIEG BRDTHERS Catbolzc Su ply House, Inc Eslablzsbed for 0167 50 years 'I414 Farmer St WO 2 5131 FEIIII WIIIIII CHEVROLET IIIII New Cars and New Trucks Used Cars and Used Trucks 22346 WOODWARD AVE Ferndale 20 At Academy IIIILL BUILDING IIIIIIPAIIY Bullder of Quallty Homes Mortgage Fmanclng LI 4 4200 2344 WOODWARD Royal Oak N E F0rest 6 4600 3721 East Seven Mule Road DETROIT 34 MICH . P a . , I J. A. Leslie 81 Sons . . O PRI T RS I '98 93 unees of Progress No one could ever call a typlcal 1880 telephone operator llght headed Especlally when she had her headset on all SIX pounds six ounces of xt That 1880 headset though was a good piece of equipment the best of llS day But with nts box lxke transmltter and leather harness lt couldn t by any stretch of the lma mation be called comfortable Today of course lt s a dllferent story The telephone operator now wears a strcamllned headset that welghs only nlne ounces 93 ounces less than the 1880 model It fits her llke a new sprlng bonnet and makes her Job as the Voice wlth a SlI'lllC easier than ever before And speakm of jobs lf you re graduating tlns year and are looking for an lnterestmg lmportant job Michigan Bell may have one for you Why not drop ln soon for an IDLCYVICW? MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE CUMPANY Employment Ofhce 421 Williams, Royal Oak ? 99 WEYHING BROS 3040 Gratiot Avenue Defrost, Mlchlgan :Manufacturers of Shrme Class Rmgs Acknowledgments We wfsh to acknowledge our Indebtedness the Art Department Mary Duffy Mr Eugene DeMerchant for has tnmely and mvaluable help to all who m any way contributed elther finan clal practncal or moral support Clothes for Country Llvmg GAMPBELLS VILLAGE STORE Blrmmgham HW Bal U0 Compliments of S J GIIRISTIE Builder of Flne Homes I4l4 Vlnsetta L I5 0 ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN Fremont Commerclal and Residential Contracting 4137 HURON ROAD DEARBORN MICHIGAN L0 2 3079 To all the Sensors o 52 A hope of bappzness we send wttb you A guiding hand zn work and lay You ze been to us day by day Goodbye arewell so long toodle oo Pip pzp to the Seniors 52 Room 306 100 Q. 5 ' ' e - Say I ' I 1 You ' S c A s u AL It Gonslruclion Go. ln I " The , Y -I " lk I1 k j fj , Ads P . . ' -OV, PHUTUGPIAPHIC PURTRAITS awe YOUR OI'FICIA PHOTOGRAPHIR XVO 3 4030 ESTELLE M. BALL The White Elephant Resale Shop Unusual Antiques and Bnc A Brac 724 W FIRST ST ROYAL OAK MICH In the Mxd West the East and the ar West you ull! nd the Mother Seton SISTERS OF CHARITY Cmcmnatx Ohxo Engaged zn the olloumg works of Claarzty TEACHING NURSING SOCIAL SERVICE MISSIONS MIKE WELCH nr. I BIRMINGHAM MICHIGAIN 4, 112.1 Sl DT ESTABLISHED 1916 415 South Washlngfon Royal Oak :ff W A Wallace Cornpang Ohloms fzibfcan 51 John R at Ten 11116 Road HAZEL PARK MICHIGAN LInco1n 3 1000 BY . . ' 1 f x ' L 1 , I '. . 1 54 ' c 1 Q' FKJUW QLLQILI' , W ' 151 COMPLIMENTS FRIEND Ponhac Couniry Club Sem: Public I8 HOLES EXCELLENT CONDITION Feafurmg Michigan s Fmesf and Mos? Modern 4335 ELIZABETH LAKE RD Ponhac Phone FE 5 8939 We Cater to Banquets FRANK K SYRON Prop 8- Owner Gorman 8: Thomas nc Insurance Frank A Gorman Pres Edw A Stenger Vice Pres MAJESTIC BLDG DETROIT 7 of 6 I PRO-SHOP - Bar-Grille - Night Driving Ronge Q I ,. ' C , Q 1 VN rf K 1 ew? . .4- In-.av-H" Ky 11 . z 'G I 1 ti? .f ' ll lu R Q N- 4,9 JLG P? gi ilskitgif sy, gif P if flwafefuua ,Q,,.,..Zu7,f,f,L0lf0m"we'p9e7edff MMM gmyLy n yz..AtQ'.M,go y,4,.,,,,u!.5f...,,, U U2 21, gp RSX XR LQ gd XX is MNC N 3q,Q,,,,,q1,,.,9u9, QMJAWKM MyGd them: 7""'vfMMvy15, Zzfdai., 9 TD ihwqswwisfgwfiwvogwjxgmfwm www MQ! WWZMWWQ am 'LM""i' Offfezfdfue 'f'MEM47f Jifmeiewraefacswfm 929602 - ' dz 1 . I 9 X Our Seniors know bow to write a book! . xg I f you don't believe it, just take a look! - Of your fine l s ' ' bty ud And 'we're la to say it r gb loud! hi E Rely on the Sopbomores to add the tradition A At least we've made it our ambition! S a o be with you ll. ' 4 in the years to come. Room 300 , 0 W W-'Vvx ,A j ' - f C . fx ' f ' 104 "Courtesy our Specialty' u ,lcwmf 1, sfufyfns N Q Delicious Hamburgersl a I f Homemade Ice Crecml Curb Servnce open fa! 2 4309 Woodward Avenue 103' M s I Phone !.I. 4-7262 ROYAL OAK MT CLEMENS FERNDALE BIRMINGHAM 308 W LEONARD S B SHO Smart emmme apparel or the past 20 years Keepsake Dzamonds For the nest m Records Kent Jewelers 78 45 33lf3 RPM Fourth St Royal Oak Much Pop Classics Chlldren C o m plzm ents Best Wishes S S Kresge Co 183 N Woodward Drlveawa Y BIRMINGHAM MICHIGAN Transportation, Inc 3103 05 Cadillac Tower Graham Furs Detrort Michigan complete stock of coats capes and scarfs at reasonable prices Insured cold storage reparrs and remodeling BEISER President 1512 S WOODWARD Llncoln 5 4242 106 R. . PS f.. f , ' 9 . N A jl F . ' of.. n.E. , I' lm UFVP NRTSF OCLCT UPNESFI 'ronncunr Twice a week Mrs. john Boone, public health nurse, gives her service to Shrine students. The April Mission Assembly was dedicated to the graduating class and old Father Time fTom Stanke- vichj peeked into the past for such interesting items as "when you and I were young, darling." They had no secrets left as these pictures show. Charles Wischman fMargaret Tru- manj sang a fetching duet with Christopher Lynch Uames Manion.j Lt. Ray Staats of the Youth Bureau of the Detroit police force, addressed Shrine students on teen- age driving. Exhibit A was the wretkage from the much-publicized Moore atcident ln which four teen- agers and two adults were killed. ffl' ffl S. Grant we lveseaclmlfhee, llaal we may ever lu Gfhy mosl pure lamps: lhaf Uhou, the Aullwr of fight mayesl shine llwougla us always ancl dwell in ue willwul L . Rh H ,. ,Rv , J: ., . U , l, ,ff 54.1 s , K Jil. 1,- rv

Suggestions in the Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) collection:

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 111

1952, pg 111

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 27

1952, pg 27

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 56

1952, pg 56

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