Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI)

 - Class of 1950

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Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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.9 .Am fAe ggginning THE 1950 SENIOR CLASS of The Shrine of the Little Flower High School Royal Oak, Michigan reaenfa ge M YU' ST. THERESE The Little Flower of Jesus S :ian ow Volume One K . Abvinuv w ' ' :Rl'GllIM" , fjglq ' 'IIII J, MJ- X the httlf- oneo to do 'some extr QQ lCClfl0l'l Wlth du p 1 mot1on and revergnce and m honor O1 4 Jubllu YC ir vu td1CdtC th1S our flrst year book I-lm Holm aa Popv Plus XII wlo af, the Vxcdr U Chrlst 15 the worlda moat Gmlnent P ducitor th1S 15 the HOLY YFAR the ynar when thg Church isko All even 1 pon moe and make soma spa C1 ll SdC11l1C6b W1 1HV1tC ucrxonf to pe ice of coneuenm tranqull 1r1 the frlendshlp of God to peace of tdrnllles to peace dmohw I'1Eit1OI1Q through mutual, brot L rlx 159191.41 QL lrlendly l col aboritlon and corchal unde lSIiHd1I1g lor the aupomor mu rfsts or thdnlxiulto God Sl .1 oQt txxomllllon 11 d hull JI I L amb-2 ol Cl1I'1SI fs llocn o S11 un mr f you o C111 uri oC,Iho1C ools whuh wour p 16'5Y,Q f E 5 'l ow 15 tru tlml to bufln bel Qau ts Z Y, K ' X 1 f . 0 40 o . ,E ? . 5 . . th- ' Bl 2 " all ' ' ' ' to .F ,: V . I 5 I . r ll. ,n 1 , Q C . u.... ' 'T A , 3 ' ' A Ff- T 1 4 , V . K ,, X , ., . - . oz o 2.2 Y' K. K1 3 Q ' A v! v Vx ,Q 4 - .Y N' 5 ' ' .Q ' . M ' lx: ' I . r . V l lk . . 5, V . . ? 3 . the great human farnily. . . ." ". . . . ' 'p i . . . .to 'ff 'lnfu J ' ' ' Zl 21 " r' luv Lit'lv l . A '. ' A " 5 ,Q 'eg witl' tl f pr to .t'z g " llx 14 '41 . l' 5Ch ., ' " I' rl: , g1h.ipzl1'vn 5 at grfrzil iacrificcf in built for Y 71 I uN .' w X - A Ac. 5 . i I. I ' . i . 1 1 1 l 1 I THE REV. CHARLES E. COUGHLIN Pastor whose untiring zeal and inspiring enthu- siasm has kept our minds and hearts fixed on the Celestial Shrine. 4 23 ULU' Oiled CJQP5 ,- REV. WILLIAM A. STAHL OSFS -1 A A REV. JOSEPH J. MCGOLDRICK SIST ER EUCHERIA S. C. OSFS SISTERS OF CHARITY Sr. Jane de Chantal Sr. Helen Paul Sr. Ancilla Marie Sr. Mary David Sr. Francis Anna REV. ANTHONY I. DOUGHERTY OSFS REV. JOSEPH C. TOY OSFS REV. RALPH J. VIGNEAU SISTERS OF CHARITY Sr. Kevin Sr. Maria Philomena Sr. Marie Norberta Sr. Virginia Sr. Marie Michel Sr. Mary Ruth MR. JOHN MOREL REV. JEROME L. KRIEG MISS ANNE E. MCHUGH MR. E. I. GIULIANI Ou, The Shrine of the "From this day Forward ma Wafer Little Flower High School Royal Oak, Michigan. 4 ,y f fit- ..f"' On behalf of the Senior Class of 1950 we wish to express our appreciation to all who helped make this book a reality: to Father Stahl particularly, the inspiration behind this first volumeg to all the priests and sisters who gave us their valuable time and effortg to our fellow-students who solicited ads and patronsg to all those who made the Sl-IRINE THERESIAN a financial possibility . . . this cherished volume shall serve to keep alive the memory of your kindness. Members of the Staff of the SHRINE. Tl-IERESIAN of 1950 TED NANCY C ow ALI IA Cummsksv, SREIEA BLAKE, CARQLVN DANEKE, JQHN Q. Swrw ri A NE A 1' ERS A A N MARY NQRT-1, MARY SLE CLOCNAN. STANDING: FAYHER STARL LARRY N ENK AN E pc AN LAR DN RT MELLO, BARBARA LQNERGAN4, TED WARD, PAY RYAN, C:u.LEEN 9 Umm of we .sznior Cfaaa f fgiif' ' P32 H , 41" IGI' 'C Anne Iviarie Putters, Treas. Paul Higgins, Y. P. John R. Smith. Prvs. Carolyn Danekcl, 5961: .Al QQ lflCLfl0Ifl IX III DEBBIE BAKER 5581 PARKE DR., PCNTIAC OUR LADY or REFUGEQ HONOR RQLL I,2,3,Mg GLEE CLUB I,2,3,hj DRAMATICS l,2,3,Ug THESPIANS 2,3,hj CHEER LEADER 3,35 VARSITY CLUB U5 FRENCH CLUB 2,3. VIRTUE IS LIKE A RICH STONE-- BEST PLAIN SET. JESSIE AQUILILA QYQOO 12 MILg RCAD, FARMINGTIM OUR LADf OF S'RRQwSj DRAMATIQS 1,25 ORCHE TRA l,2g C.S.M.C. REE. Q. SHE CAN MARE YUUR TRUUBLES BURST LIKE LIYTLE RUBQLES. If, l 'Q f III' I DOLORES BAKER I5M5 w, OAKWOOD BLVD., RCYAL OAR SHRINEQ HONOR ROLL 25 GLEE CLUB I. DARE T: BE DIFFERENT! 12 CHRISTINE M. BAYER 2735 SUNNYKNLLL, BERKLEY OUR LADY or LA SALETTEQ HLNOR RzLL l,2,3,Mg GLEE CLUB I,2,3,H5 CHQIR I3 DRAMATICS I,2,3g TRLSRIANS 2,34 CLASS OFFICER I9 C.S.M.C. RER. 25 LATIN CLUB 35 STUDENT CzUNcIL I3 BAS- KETBALL I. C ARI STQIKL THE IGHT AND 4ER W S UL IL. DIANE BERGEL lfKbRY GR vi RWAD, BLOOMVIELD HI L UG OE H N LEE UB R DRAMATI 5 TAFSRIANS A CHEER L ADER LEGI N ORATJRY C NTEST BASKETBALL I 2 BABL LL A JUN OR PR J VARILTIES or YALENT -H flf MARY JO BELANGER IO625 MUIRLAND Ava , DETRUIT GESU PARISH, HONOR ROLL 3 GLEL CLUB 3 DRA TICS I v JUNIOR PRUM SHE TALKS SO MUCH, AND WALKS SO FAQT, SHEXS HARDLY HEARD BEFORE SHEIS PAST .f YQAQ s Y -I I If 5' A I If LADY or LA SALETTEQ GLEE CLUB 2,3,U3 DRA- MATICS 2,35 CHEER LEADER I3 TRAER U. I LIKE HOURS. E ,, SHEILA K. BLAKE 26l9 ABERDiVEY DR., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISH1 HONOR ROLL I,2,3,u: GLEE CLUB 23 DRAMATICS l,2.35 FRENCH CLUB 3,Ug LETTER CLUB Ig SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. PEPPY ANB FULL or FUN, FINE COMPANY FOR ANYONE. I JAMES BLANKE 3o3M CATALPA DR., BERKLEY WORK. I CGULD SIT AND LOOK AT IT FOR Awww .QQ4A,J MARY C. BOLDAY 2923O.JoHN R., ROYAL QAK 2,3. AN IRISH COLLEEN WITH A SMILE SERENE. SHRINCQ HQNQR RCLL U3 GLEE CLUB 3,U3 CHOIR PEGGY CAMPBELL 19060 WAQRINGT N DR1vi, DETR,lT Gzsj PARZSHQ GLQE CLUB l,2,3,1-HC-vm wg Nag DRAmAT:c2 1,25 CLASS OFFICER 1,2 EL VE BAL- l,2,3. Au Aarngf, A sHiAMER, A FRs5mQ. D JEANNETTE LAPYLILE OJ 1 1? urn E JA SP4 FN IG nl T E H 5 ,xi 1- X N . MARY JANE CAMTRALL O we AQM fo, AL AK MARY M GDALENE H LL M LIBRA ET DEPV4 ABLE J R sl PQA 'Cl' if Y MARY SUE CLOONAN 266 CHEROKEE Ro., PONTIAC ST. VINCENT DE PAULQ HQNDR RCLL l,M5 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,U5 DRAMATICS 2,3,N5 THESPIANS 2,3,U5 ORCHESTRA I,25 CLASS OFFICER li C.S. M.C. RER. I,2,3,U5 LATIN CLUB 35 BASKETBALL I5 NQVIE 3,55 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. A PERFECT NIMAN, NGBLY PLANNED To WARM, TI CSMFCRT, AND CQNMAND. 'Fvf DAVID CHRISTENSEN ISUYQ KESH AVE , BIRMINGHAM SHRINE PARISH2 GLEE CLUB 33 DRAMATICS I5 CHEER LEADER I5 VARSITY CLUB I3 FUOTBALL l,25 BASKETBALL 25 TRACK I, WHAT'S NIGER THAN THE LADIES? COLLEEN COLE 3338 GARDEN AVE., RQYAL OAK SURINE PARISH5 GLCE CLUB l,2,3,Ug CRQIR I,2, 3,25 DRAMATICS 2,35 ORCHESTRA l,2,35 CLASS OFFICER l,23 LE'TCR CLUB U5 MOTHER SETCN REF. L5 LIBRARY AIDE 2,33 BASKETBALL I9 PRCN CCM4. 35 SACRISTIAN U5 SHRINE TRERESIAN STAFF. THE CNLY COLE THAT DIDNIT so ON STRIKE. 3 Y I ng- OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE HONOR ROLL I 2,3 M ALL WISDOMIS ARNORY, THIS MAN COULD WIELD f L A f NANCY A. COON I823 SYCAMORE AVE., ROYAL OAK SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLowER: HONOR ROLL l,2 3,143 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,l4g CHOIR I,2,3L ORCHES TRA I,23 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFFQ JUNIOR PROMQ DRAMATICS 2,3. ....AND LOVES TO TOUCH THE IVORY KEYS. xqga ,AI I-nhw- JOANNE COTE 26280 PEMBROKE RO., HUNTINGTON WOODS ST. MARY'S OF ROYAL OAK: HONOR ROLL N3 GLEE CLUB I: DRAMATICS I,2,3,1+g TI-IESPIAN 2,3,I4g M C ' MOTHER SETON EP ' LIBRARY AIOE 3 BASKETBALL I,2,3 TENNIS 3 MOVIE 3 JUNIOR PROM A GOOD HEART IS BETTER THAN ALL THE HEADS IN THE WORLD DAVID F COX 2561 HARVARD RD , BERKLEY S M C REP FRENCH CLUB LATIN CL PRES OF LATIN CLUB BOXING .ENNQ ALICIA CUMMISKEY NY! OAKLAND AvE., BIRMINGHAM ST. HUcO'S PARISHL HONOR ROLL I,2,3,U: GLEE CLUB 2,35 DRAMATIcs I,2,3,MS THESPIANS 23,745 CLASS OFFICER 2,35 CHEER LEADER 35 LETTER CLUB U5 LIBRARY AIDE 25 RADIO BROADCAST N5 PROM COMMITTEE 35 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. SHE WAS A PHANTOM OF DELIGHT. I I? JACQUELYNN CUYLER IYS HICKORY GROVE, BLOOMFIELD HILLS SHRINE PARISHS GLEE CLUB l,2,3,N5 CHOIR I,25 DRAMATICS l,2,35 THESPIANS 2,33 BASKETBALL 2,35 BASEBALL 35 TENNIS 2,3,U5 MOVIE U. SHE SINGS AS SWEETLY AS A NIGHTINGALE. ! JAMES J. DALEY I9IY CLAWSON AVE., ROYAL OAK SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWERQ HONOR ROLL 25 GLEE CLUB I,3,U5 MOTHER SETON 35 BASKETBALL l,2,3,U. CURSED BE THE MAN wHO MOVES MY BONES! CAROLYN DANEKE 583 MOHEGAN ROAD, BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISHQ HONOR ROLL I,h5 GLEE CLUB l,2,3g DRAMATICS I,23 CLASS OFFICER 2,3,hg C.S.M.C. REP. I9 MOTHER SETON REP. 35 LIBRARY AIDE M3 JUNIOR PROM 33 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. A DISPOSITION BRIGHT AS THE SUN, THEY SURE GROW PEACHES IN CHARLESTON. 1 I II. i . JANE DENNY M3Il ARLINGTON DRIVE, ROYAL OAK HOLY NAME PARISHQ DRAMATICS 25 BASKETBALL 33 TENNIS 2,3,M. BLONDE HAIR AND EYES OF BLUE, YOU CAN SEE THE CHARM SHINE THROUGH. 19 STEPHANIE DE GROOTE IU55 BIG BEAVER ROAD, BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISH, HONOR ROLL U GLEE CLUB I 2,3,U3 DRAMATICS 2 THESPIANS U LETT CLUB U3 BASKETBALL I BASEBALL 3 TENNIS 2 MOVIE My JUNIOR PROM FASHION SH w M WHAT A PLEASANT SLAVE AM Illn ,J , Y 2 5 f, 5 I if MARCELLA DUPUIS 3Yl E. FRANK ST., BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISHQ HONOR ROLL 2,35 SPANISH CLUB 23 LETTER CLUB Hg PROM COM- MITTEE 3. NOT TOO SERIOUS, NOT TOO GAY, BUT VERY CHARMING IN EV'RY wAY. T PATRICIA EILEEN DOPPEL I32l H. NINE MILE, FERNDALE ST. JAMESQ HONOR ROLL l,2,3g GLEE CLUB 2,3,M3 CHOIR 2: ORCHESTRA 25 BAOMINTON Mg LIBRARIAN D. SHEIS HERE! I HEARD HER GIGGLE. Mg GLEE CLUB I, I MARJORIE EARL 3lY5Y CLOVERLY COURT, WARREN ST. ANNE PARISHQ DRAHATICS 25 MOTHER SETON REP. 3,Up LATIN CLUB I9 DEBATE 2. CONVERSATION SHORT. 20 ip, ,I VALERIAN J. EISENSCHENK MNSO LIVERNZIS RO., BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISHQ HONOR ROLL l,2,3,U: TRACK 3,M3 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. THE BOY WITH THE GRAVE MATHEMATICAL LOOK. ,t5'? ,J ,, , R - ' , If SHIRLEY ELDRED lI6O RUFFNER, BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISH3 HONOR ROLL U3 GLEE CLUB l,N3 PROM COMMITTEE 3. HER LAUOHING EYES ARE CUPIDIS ARMS, AND EVERY LOOK A DART. I DOROTHY MARIE FITZBURGH IYUON BIRCHCREST, DETROIT GESU PARISHQ HONOR ROLL l,2,3,Mg GLEE CLUB I,2,3,hg DRAMATICS I,M3 ORCHESTRA 23 CLASS OFFICER 2,35 FRENCH CLUB 3,H5 LATIN CLUB 33 RADIO BROADCAST U3 STUDENT COUNCIL 35 LETTER CLUB U. MUSIC IS THE SUUL OF BEAUTY. -X Z1 ANTON FONS l39I CATALPA DRIVE, BERKLEY SHRINE PARISH, HONOR ROLL I,2,3,N: DRAMATICS 2,35 CLASS OFFICER 1,23 CHEER LEADER I,2,Hg C.S.M.C. REPRESENTATIVE 3,33 FOOTBALL I,3. RIGHTLY TO BE GREAT IS NOT TO STIR WITHOUT GREAT ARGUMENT. LOUISE FRIES l9YI9 ARPOLINE, DETROIT PRESENTATION, HONOR ROLL l,2,3,U5 GLEE CLUB I,U3 DRAMATICS I3 CLASS OFFICER I5 LATIN CLUB I3 BASKETBALL Is BASEBALL I5 ATHLETIC ASSOC. I3 SODALITY 1,23 STUDENT COUNCIL I, 2,3. YOUR SMILE IS ALWAYS WARM AND FAIR. I I, I IL' " MARY JEAN FUCHS 5260 WEST CHICAGO BLVD.,.DETROlT ST. CECILIAQ GLEE CLUB 35 DRANATICS lp FRENCH CLUB 3,U5 SPANISH CLUB 2. SWEETNESS IS INDEED HER SPELL or MAGIC, AND SHE WEARS IT WELL. 1 MARY LOUISE GADE 6095 WARREN COURT, WARREN S ANNE, HONOR ROLL I 2,3,h MOTHER SETON 3 SPANISH CLUB 2 GENIUS I5 MAINLY AN AFFAIR OF ENERGY RICHARD GADOUA IIO w TACOMA ST CLAwsoN FRENCH CLUB 3 TRACN FIFTY MILLION FRENCHMEN CANIT BE WRONG DOLORES C. GEISLER 935 GORDON LANE, BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAMES GLEE CLUB I,2,1Ig CHEER LEADER UQ VARSITY CLUB U. NEVER A DULL MOMENT WHEN THIS PEPPY LASSIEIS AROUND. 2.3 . I GUARDIAN ANGEL, CLASS OFFICER 3 CHEER LEADER iv N,x I BARBARA GRAD l829 SYCAMORE, RO SHRINEQ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,HI GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Ug CHOIR l,2,35 DRAMATICS 25 O M.C. REP. I. JUST A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN. ROBERT GORMAN 29930 I2 MILE RQAD, FARMINGTON OUR LADY OF SORROWSQ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,U: C.S. M.C. RER. M2 RADIO BROADCAST U. STRONG-EST MIND5 ARE OFTEN THOSE OF WI-IOM THE NOISY WORLD I-IEARS LEAST. lla Y YAL OAK RCHESTRA Is C.S. fi. I ' 3 , JOHN F. GREENE I86OI MUIRLAND, DETROIT Gzsup CLASS OFFICER 23 FOOTBALL l,2,3. IT DOES A HEAP OF GOOD SOMETIMES TO GO A LITTLE SLOW. Z4 JOSEPH GREENE IQBMO SNOWDEN, DETROIT PRESENTATIONQ HONOR ROLL 3,Mg CLASS OFFICER l,2,3g VARSITY CLUB 25 TENNIS l,2,3g SODALITY OFFICER l,2,33 BOXING A DILLAR, A DOLLAR, A TEN OICLOCK SCHOLAR. I lin I I ! PAUL T. HIGGINS EOOMU HUMBER, HUNTINGTON WOODS SHRINEQ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,Up GLEE CLUB l,3g DRANATICS I: CLASS OFFICER 3,Ng MANAGER hp SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. YOU CAN DEPEND CN HQMQ HE IS TRUE AS STEEL. HHOw ABOUT THA'?H JOAN HENKEL IUO8 NORTHWOOD BLVD., ROYAL OAR SHRINE2 HONOR ROLL I,2,3,Ug GLEE CLUB l,2,3g DRANATICS 3: MOTHER SETON REP. U5 SPANISH CLUB 23 GLEE CLUB RECITAL l,2: BASKETBALL I,2,33 LIBRARY AIDE U. SUGAR 'N SPICE ANO EVERYTHING NICE, ONE OF THESE OAYS SHEILL BE COVERED WITH RICE. X S. lllll gg. MARY KAY IRWIN 7227 ARROWWQQD DRIVE, WALLED LAKE OUR LADY or REEUGE PARISPQ GLEE CLUB l,2,3,M3 CLASS OFFICER l,29 VARSITY CLUB U9 BASKET- BALL l,2,3,Ng BASEBALL 3. PERSONALITY IS THE DIAMOND THAT SCRATCHES EVERY OTHER STQNE. I S ALFRED JEAN 28OIO RSLLCREST STREET, OUR LADY OF SORROWS PARISH! FARMINGTON DRAMATICS M. HARRY, AM I3 FRQM CARE l'M FREEQ WHY ARENIT THEv ALL CDNTENT LIKE ME? -.-1 fu.. JOYCE JONES I53Y6 PARKSIDE, DETROIT ST. GREGORY PARISHQ GLEE CLUB Ig CHEER LEADER KETBALL I3 BASEBALL I. . A NINSSME, WEE LASS, NE DC EQNEIDE, LD LQNQQ NITH A NATURE SLCPIHG T: THE SUNNY SIDE. .+f.u1 , 2' I 6 l,2,3g VARSITY CLUB I,E,35 LATIN CLUB IL BAS- CHARLES H. KAISER 2213 GLENvIEw DR., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISHQ GLEE CLUB 3,Ng BASKETBALL 2g TRACK 3. HIS QUIET NATURE OFT DECEIVES, ONE wHo BLANDLY PRECONCEIVES. ilk ih- PATRICIA KANIUT l9IO WOODSBORO DR., RGYAL OAK MATICS l,2,3,M5 THESPIAN U3 LATIN CLUB TENNIS U3 PROM COMMITTEE 3. HORSES! HORSES! CRAZY ovER BQRSESE CAS AN ARTIST, THAT ISD it I I ,fm ' 5 li I MARY ANN KEEVE 253 E. CAMBQURNE AVE., FERNDALE ST. JAMESQ HCNJR RQLL l,2,3,Ug DRAMAT BASKETBALL l,2,3,Qg LIBRARY AIQE L. SUNNY AS A S.MMER'S oAv, A SMILE FOR ALL NP PASS HER NAT. Rx, Z7 SHRINE PARISHQ GLEE CLUB l,2,3g CHOIR I: DRA DIANE CAROLYN KUSHLER Ol W IO LE RD OAK PARK SHRINE PARISH HONOR LL I CH R BASKETBALL 3, OVFICE A D 2. ALL THE QUALITIES OF A PERFECT LADY, 1, ,f PAUL KIRCHNER 8 OAK D D TR IT GESU PARISH CHEER LEADER Y MUS FE LAB R B 9 Jann-nun JEAN LAHODNEY !O6'f N. wooDwARD, BIRMINGHAM HCLY NAME PARISH5 HONOR ROLL l,2,3,U3 GLEE CLUB L35 DRAMATICS I,2,3,lIg THESPIAN 349 CLASS OFFICER l,2L BASEBALL lg TENNIS I3 JUNIOR PROM 33 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFFQ SPANISH CLUB 2. SHE NEVER wcRRIES, SHE'S ALWAYS GAY, PUTTING OEF HER TRDUBLES FOR ANOTHER DAY. Z8 if JANET LE DUC ZZIY WCQELAMD, RTYAL OAK qw' SHRINE PARISHQ H,UTR RTL- I,2,H GL E C H l,3,Ug CHOIR 3,Ng DQAVATICS 25 CLASS OEFICER I,25 RAQIU BRzADc:3' lg PREM Civw, 3g SHE NE THEQESIAH STAFF. SHE HAS A PERS'NALITf ', GC WITH HER vI'A,ITT. ' li KAY LUTHER Q xE PARIbH I E CL I RAMATI HCbDlAN THESPIAN PRESIDEIT U CL rlCER 3 2 RAoIu BR ADCADT R L I I H L PR J EPAW Tlr I ' I BARBARA JOYCE LONEDGAN H U T NIA RPTAL RIN ARISH IOP UB I H 3 DRAMATI 3 HESPIAP M CLAS OFFICER 2 CHE LEADER Lua 3 M L N CL DADI BR ADCLD SHR NE TPERESIAA STA H P EN IRISH EYES ARE sv L I IY23 I S w- , 1 OAK SH ,E P 3 Hur L RQLL l,2,3,L9 GLEE CL' ,2,3,M1 C OIR I, 3 CS 2, ,Hg T I 3, 5 S 1 ER 2,3,Dp LErTER C , g ATI UB I5 H 3 X : ET 4g I , A FFQ MLVIE M3 Ju 129 RSM 3. WH , I Ira. I N I I 2IO9 M'ooLAwp AVE., RiwA, SAK SH,: ' 5 Hum R RQLL l,2,3,H5 CLE JB I,2,3,lg CMIR l,2,3,Lj D I C3 I,2,3,H5 5. ' H A 2,3,Ng r g Ass Q or' a C.s.M.c. REP. I I f A Mg : ENSI' C.'YEST 2,Rg FREPC. C Ja 3,52 JM CQML. 3. TH L "s THE H .GH X 29 il NX, 4r I I JAMES C. MARENTETTE I906 ELMHURST, ROYAL OAK SHRINEQ GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Mg DRAMATICS 2,3,Mg THESPIAN U9 CLASS OFFICER I,2,33 C.S.M.C. REP. 3: VARSITY CLUB 2,3,U5 STUDENT COUNCIL 39 MOVIE 35 FOOTBALL 2,3,N9 BASKETBALL l,2,3,M1 TRACK 2,3,Hg VARSITY CLUB OFFICER U5 PROM. COMMITTEE 39 FOOTBALL CAPTAIN U5 BASKETBALL CAPTAIN N. NCT THAT HE WON OR LCST, BUT HOW HE PLAYED THE GAME. DH:-1 - MARILYN MARCHAND 5681 HALSTEAD Ro., WALLED LAKE SHRINE5 HONOR ROLL U5 GLEE CLUB 33 CHOIR 2,3. HER LIFE HAS MANY A HOPE AND AIM. JOE MCEWAN 525 CATALPA, ROYAL OAK ST. MARY OF ROYAL OAK: CHEER LEADER 23 VARSITY CLUB 3,Ng FOOTBALL 3,Hg BASKETBALL 35 TRACK 3,N: MANAGER I3 STUDENT CCUNCIL 3. THERE'S MISCHIEF IN HIS EYES. JUSTINE MCINTYRE 921 MAPLEGRCVE Ave., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISHQ HQNQR RzLL 3,33 GLEE CLUB 33 CHOIR 2,3. I HAVE CPVEN HEARD DEFENDEDZ HLITTLE SAID IS SOONEST MENDED.H . 's u M JERRY MCLEAN I933 HYLAND ST., FERNDALE SHRINE PARTSHQ GLLE CLUB I5 VARSITY CLUB 3,33 FOOTBALL l,2,3,M5 BASKETBALL l,2. TWO HALVES MAKE A WHOLE AND THE FULLBACK GOES THROUGH . ARTHUR MELLC 2222 w,:oLAwc, RLYAL JAK 5HR.N5g HaucH R?LL l,2,A5 GLEE C-u5 DRAMATICS 3,A3 CLASS OFf1cER I,2p JAQSTTY CLL5 3,35 F,3TaALL l,2,3,Mg 3A5KgT5aLL l,2,3g TRAC4 23,745 SHRWE THERESTA-N STAFF, PPM QCP-1M'TTEi 35 VQVTL 3. IT ISNYT THE srzs or THE MAL IN TH: FIGHT, BUT THE swzc TF THE FIGHT IN Thi MAN. Sm ll- MARILYN MOONEY I28 ELM PARK BLVD., PLEASANT RIDGE SHRINE PARISHS HONOR ROLL l,2,u9 GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug DRAMATICS I,2,3,Hg THESPIAN 3,Ug LETTER CLUB Up BASKETBALL l,2,3,Mg FORENSIC CONTEST 31 LETTER CLUB PRES. Up PROM COMM. 35 LIBRARY AIDE My RADIO BROADCAST H. 'E HER LAUGH IS INFEcTIoUS-- HER MANNER IMRETUOUS. 'Q' J? I J. T. MULHALL lOU9I HART AVE., HUNTINGTON WOODS ST. MARY'S PARISHS HONOR ROLL N. A LITTLE wORK, A LITTLE PLAY, TO KEEP US GOING THROUGH THE DAY. WILLIAM R. NESBITT IGS? WILTSHIRE DRIVE, BERKLEY SHRINE PARISHQ HONOR ROLL I: GLEE CLUB I,2, 3,U5 DRANATIOS 33 CLASS OFFICER I3 BASKET- BALL 23 BOXING 25 STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICER 3g MOTHER SETON MOVIE 3. HIS VERY FOOT HAS RHYTHM. MARY NORTH I9228 BUNGALOW DRIVE, BIRMINGHAM ST. MICHAEL'S PARISHS HONOR ROLL I,2,3,uj GLEE CLUe l,2,U: CLASS OFFICER Ig SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. HER LIFEIS THREAD MUST HAVE BEEN SPUN OF' A PURE GOLD. MARY O'CONNOR SSI OAKLAND AVE., BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISH: GLEE CLUB l,2,3,U3 DRA- MATIOS 2,3,N3 THESPIAN 3,Ug CHEER LEADER BALL 3: TENNIS 2. Two LOVES HAVE I. ALICE OVIES 2036 WILSON AVE., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISHZ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,h1 GLEE CLUB I,3,Ng CHOIR 23 DRAMATICS 35 PROM COMM. 3. FOR THIS IS wIsOoM: T0 LOVE TO LIVE: TO TAKE WHAT FATE GOO MAY GIVE. 35 LETTER CLUB 3,M9 BASKETBALL l,2,3,hg BASE- ,pQyg9 nggiw LAT I I PAT PHILLIPS IYO8 ROSELAND AVE., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISH5 HQNOR ROLL l,3,Ug GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Mg DRAMATICS 23 CLASS OFFICER I,2. LAUGH AND THE WORLD LAUGHS I. .ix JEANNE PERRIN 929 HARVARD RD., BERKLEY SHRINE PARISH3 HONOR ROLL I,2,3,M: GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug DRAMATICS 2,3,hQ THESPIAN hi OR- CHESTRA 25 CLASS OFFICER 35 MOTHER SETIN I, 2,3,hg BASKETBALL lg MOVIE 39 PRwM COMMITTEE 3. DANCE, BALLERINA, DANCE! WITH YOU. I I III I I BEVERLY J. RICOTTE M019 QUARTEN RD., EIRMIRGRAM HCLY 'IAME PARISH3 GLEE CLUB I+. THERE WAS A LITTLE GIRL WHO HAD A LITTLE CURL. 34 LADY or 2,3,Ug ORCHESTRA l,2g LATIN CLUB N. PRACTICING MY FTNOERS TO THE BONE. .M-C LORRAINE E. PINEAU 2686 KENMORE, BERKLEY LA SALETTEL HONOR ROLL 3,35 GLEE CLUB ST. MARY'S PARISHQ DRAMATICS 39 CHEER LEADER 2: C.S.M.C. REP. 3,Up VARs TY CLUB 3,Mg FCOTSALL I: BASEBALL IL TRACK l,2,3,Ug PROM COMMITTEE 3. SOME THINK THE WJRLD is MADE FOR FUN AND FRLLIC --AND SO OO I. ESTELLE PLOE 3835 LAKEvlEw BLVD., PONTIAC GLEE CLUB 2,3,U9 DRAMATICS 2,3,Hg THESPIAN 2,3,U3 LETTER CLUB H9 SPANISH CLUB 2. LET YOUR SMILE BE YOUR UMBRELLA. ,Xu RTN WILLIAM POWERS I22N CHEROKEE AVE., ROYAL OAR ,AI I I I I I TI!! THOMAS w. REARDON I658 WILTSHIRE, BERNLEY SHRINE OF THE LITTLE FLOWER2 HONOR ROLL I,3g GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Ug DRAMATICS 3,Ug CLASS OFFI- CER 3g VARSITY CLUB My FOOTBALL 3,H. OF ALL THE THINGS I DO BEST, I MUCH PREFER TO SIT AND REST. ANNE MARIE PUTTERS 2385 BIG BEAVER, BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISHQ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,U5 GLEE CLUB l,2,3g DRAMATICS 23 CLASS OFFICER 2,Hg LETTER CLUB Ng STUDENT COUNCIL 35 SHRINE TI-IERESIAN STAFF. THEY ARE ONLY GREAT, WHO ARE TRULY GOOO. ROSEMARY RINE 26lIO SALEM ROAD, HUNTINGTON WOODS ST. MARYIS OF ROYAL OAKS HONOR ROLL GLEE CLUB I,23 DRAMATIQS 2,3,Ug THESPIAN 3,Ng BASKETBALL l,2g FASHION SHOw Up PROM COMMITTEE 3. GAILY YOU HEAR HER SINGING FOR SOON UTHEYH WILL BE RINGING. 36 GESU PARISHQ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,M3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,hj MOTHER SETON RER. Ng LATIN CLUB 3. PATRICIA MARIE RYAN I6568 FAIRFIELD AVENUE, DETROIT GESU PARISHS HONOR ROLL I,2,3,ML GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Mg CHjIR Eg DRAMATICS 2,35 THESPIAN 2,35 C.S.M.C. REP. 33 MOTHER SETON RER. 49 DISTRICT FORENSIC CONTEST 33 REGIONAL FCREN- SIC CONTEST 33 PROM CHAIRMAN 3g MOVIE 35 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF. MODESTY IS THE CULOR OF HER VIRTUE. I I gl I II I I IX fLKV llllls. GAIL RUSS 30139 EVERETT STREET, ROYAL OAK OUR LADY OF LA SALETTEQ HONOR ROLL 35 GLEE CLUB Ng CHOIR 35 DRAMATICS 23 C.S.M.C. REP. Mg LETTER CLUB kg MICHIGAN FORENSIC CONTEST 2. I KEEP MY FACE TO THE SUN, FOR THEN THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND. I I , I f f ,If .A-uqgwur L... MARY ANN RUSSELL IYI9Y CHERRYLAWN, DETRCIT THE BLUSH IS BEAUTIFUL BUT ITIS SOMETIMES INCONVENIENT. 'x 1 I. .I I 5I ZH36 MARLENUOD AVE., RQYAL UAK SHRINE PARISHQ HONOR ROLL 3g GLEE CLUB I,2,35 CHOIR I,2,3g DRAMATICS I,2,3g CLASS OFFICER 33 LATIN CLUB l,2,3g BASKETBALL lg BASEBALL 2,35 TENNIS I,2,3. HONEST, OERENBABLE AND SINEERE, WEILL REMEMBER HIM MANY A YEAR. 1 M. ,. if GLORIA SAULNIER 266 WEST OAKWOOD BLVD., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISHJ H'NOR ROLL I,2,3,U3 GLEE CLUB I,2,3,N3 DRAMATICS I,3g CLASS OFFICER I9 LATIN CLUB I: LETTER CLUB U5 STUDENT CUUNCIL L JUNIOR PROM 3: SHRINE THERESIAN STAFFQ BAS- KETBALL I. THEREIS A CERTAIN WORD WRIT EOR THEE, CALLEB BY NAME---RERSONALITY. JOHN SEDANO JANET MARIE SEERY IMO9 SUNSET BLVD., ROYAL OAK SHRINE PARISH. GLEE CLUB I,2,3g CHOIR ORCHESTRA 2. I,29 THOSE WHO BRING SUNSHINE TO OTHERS CANNOT KEEP IT FROM THEMSELVES. II 38 RALPH L. SEMANN INZS WEST BLVD., BERKLEY SHRINEQ GLEE CLUB I,2,33 VARSITY CLUB 3,35 FOOTBALL 2,35 BASKETBALL I,2,3g TRACK 2,3,N. FOR MECHANICS HE HAS A FLAIR, AND LIKEWISE FOR BLOND HAIR. PATRICIA SHEA 5822 HUNTINGTON RB., HUNTINGTON WOODS ST. MARY'S PARISHL HONOR ROLL kj GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug CHOIR I: DRAMATICS l,2,3,N5 CLASS OFFICER I3 LETTER CLUB U5 BASKETBALL lg PROM COMMITTEE 35 TRESPIAN U. SHE'S LITTLE, SHE'S wIsE, SHE'S A TERROR FOR HER sIzE. ,f ,I x' ' 'II VICTOR SHEPLEY l28l ALBANY STREET, FERNDALE ST. JAMES PARIBR3 HCNOR ROLL I5 VARSITY CLUB 3,Ug FQOTBALL 2,3,uj CS-CAPTAIN. A WORLD WITHOUT SPORTS IS NCT A WORLD. -auhmk ,,, JOAN SHGVE IYGO LINNQOU Ava., RwYAL OAK SNRTNEQ GLLE CLUB 3,Ug CHQIR 3,U3 DRAMATICS 25 LETTER CLUB 1. LET THE WORLD SLIDE, LET IT GO-- A FIG VTR CARE, A VIG FOR Wai! a-:naman DOLORES SMITH IOIO PURITIAN RD., BIRMINGHAM ST. HuGo'S3 HONOR ROLL U3 GLEE CLUB 23 DRA- MATICS 25 ORCHESTRA 1,23 LIBRARIAN M. NONE so swear, NONE so REAL, A5 wz'o SAY IN FRENCH, nNONPARE1Ln. . 1 1 E, A JOHN R. SMITH I829 NORFOLK DRxve, BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAMEL HQNOR ROLL l,2,3,M3 CLASS OFF:- CER I,2,3,Hg VARSITY CLUB 3,Ug FOOTBALL 2,3,U5 TRACK 35 GOLF Ng STUDENT COUNCIL 39 VARSITY CLUB OFFIQER Mg PROM COMMITTEE 35 SHRxNE THEREsvAN STAFF N NOT NLY BY YEARS, BUT ALSO BY DISPJSITION IS WISDOM ACQUIRED AfwKQ5 'AWK 1, E gli CAROLYN SMITZ 6010 ADAMS ST., WARREN ST. ANNE PARISHQ HCNOR ROLL I,2, A ROSE WITHOUT A THORN. JANE STELTENPOHL IQO38 WARRINGTON DRIVE, DETROIT GESU PARISHQ HONOR ROLL l,2,3,Np GLE l,2g BASKETBALL I,2. E MEN--I NEITHER LOVE NOR HATE THEM. YOU MIGHT CALL IT TOLERATION. 41 3,M. DANIEL SPRINGER 6UY VINEWOOD ST., BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISHL GLEE CLUB I 3 DRAMATICS 33 VARSITY CLUB N5 FOOTBALL U GOLF 3 N ARTHUR MURRAY, WATCH OUT! ANOTHER STAR HAS STARTED OUT CLUB WILLIAM S. SWARTZ 9699-I5 MILE RD., WARREN ST. ANNEQ GLEE CLUB 33 CLASS OFFICER 1,2 CHEER LEADER M9 VARSITY CLUB M. A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS. f WI' MARY ANNE SwEENEY A 5 H U60 LINDEN RD., BIRMINGHAM ,552 A HOLY NAMEQ HONOR ROLL I,2,3,Ag ORCHESTRA I,2g 7 Ii LATIN CLUB U5 RADIO BROADCAST M5 BASKETBALL O' ' -'wk 55if U5 LETTER CLUB My MISSION PREFECT I: STUDENT ' Q52 Q COUNCIL SEC. 33 MOVIE N. y WT W' LQ? FAIREST AND BEST ADORNED IS SHE ' Jfifm' Vxf? WHOSE CLOTHING IS HUMILITY. W. 5fi?f fIf I A A 1 E O, V vv, I ' I I ' , Ii I ' I , , I , I JAMES A. WALKER 25I3 GALPIN AVE., ROYAL OAR SHRINEQ HONOR ROLL 3,Mg GLEE CLUB I,2,3g BA RETBALL 3,Mg BASEBALL U3 GZLF M. WHAT THE WELL-DRESSED MAN WILL WEAR. qlllh. snr HY x REHBA WATTS 92 LAKESIDE DR , BIRMINGHAM HOLY NAME PARISH GLEE BLUE l 2 SPANISH CLUD 2 AID THEN HE LOOKS SO MODEST ALL THE WHILE WW fx, TED WARD l523 ROSELAND AvE R YAL OAK SHRINE PARISH CREER LEADER I MANAGER 3 SHRINE THERESIAN STAFF LIKE A MAN wRo SAYS WHAT HE TMINKS AS LONG AS HE AGREE5 WITH ME PHYLLIS WILLIAMS l82O BEVERLEY BLVD BERKLE RINE PARISH H OR ROLL 2 3 GLEE CL C I DRAM TIC HESTRA I 2 3 PROM COMMITTEE 3 1 GOD GAVE SPEECH TO ALL, SJNG TO FEW BARBARA WORDEN N. MAPLE, RJYAL AK RINE PARISMQ H NDR RiLL ,2 Mg GLEE CL S R IA , RL TMESPIANS 'L NIGR PROM 35 LATIN CLUB . , FE IS INOEED A HOLIOA . 2 1 we CAM 50 BOYS: FRESI-IMAN AND SOPHOMORI-I YEARS September of 1946 brought our Freshman year with a change of companions but no change of scenery, for though the girls had taken up residence at l3 mile road we remained in the Shrine Grade School building. Under the watchful eye of our home room nun Sister Regina Mary, we were taught the rudiments of the life of ahigh school student. Surprising to say we found out that we had to study hard. This put a damper on our spirits but we managed to survive. As all lowly Frosh must, we humbly experienced the traditional initiation at the hands of the high-brow seniors. For days we lovingly knelt at their feet shining their No. lZs, rewarded only by a frequent paddle. Later in the fall we proudly watched the football team, under the direction of Mister Giuliani, race through the season climaxing it by capturing the Third Divi- sion Championship, the first the school had ever had the honor of claiming. 1947 brought more confidence and a feeling of superiority for after all we were Sophs now. Try as they would the faculty could not get this erroneous idea out of our heads. How they lived through it we often wonder. This year was an eventful one. In the Fall the football team nearly repeated their success of the previous season. This was our first year in the Second Division and the competition was a little more unyielding. In a much talked about game with St. Alphonsus, we lost the championship by the score of 7 to 6. The basketball team turned in a more glorious season by winning the Second Division Championship from Annunciation and also copping the District Champion- ship. This year also brought into being the annual "Home Coming Ball" which has been in vogue for the past three years. 44 GIRLS: FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE YEARS As we enteredthese now familiar portals of Little Flower High for the first time, September 1946, we were struck with wonderment and fear--very much like any other Freshman class. Sisters Ancilla Marie and Myra were fortunate enough to be chosen as our home room nuns. The merciless seniors frightened us for weeks into thinking the world was com- ing to an end on the day of our doom,October 31, when we were to be initiated. But when the day finally dawned, we all had a good laugh at how ridiculous we must have looked as we performed the crazy stunts the clever seniors had dreamed up. That exciting event, the Frosty Frolic, our first big dance--given by the Mother's Club on December 27, marked our debut into the Social Whirl of L..F.H.S. Our second year was really an odd one, as we experienced the traditional Sopho- rnoritis. One of the results of our fantastic accomplishments was that of having one of our home-rooms moved from the third to the second floor--so that Sister Helen Angela could keep an eye on us. Through the untiring efforts of Sister Virginia, we became "Mission Conscious' and presented a series of skits advertising the highly successful Mission Bazaar. Out true dramatic talents were brought to light in the comedy production, L'Soup to Nuts." It took little persuasion to bring it back in our Junior Year. Much credit is due our home-room nuns, Sister Rose Eleanor and Sister Kevin, who nursed us through growing pains. BOYS AND GIRLS: JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEARS At last we were Juniors, no longer the babies of the school, nor the terrible Sophs. We now held the distinction of being sophisticated upper classmen--and how we played the pa rt, This year brought the removal of the "For Girls" on the "Little Flower High School" campus sign--for something new had been added. The gallant "Knights" in- vaded these hallowed halls with their crew cuts and bebops. We all turned out for the football games and cheered our hearts out as we watched Giuli's team wind up the season unbeaten. Then during basketball we defended our Second Division title and clinched the crown. As we look back on our Junior year, we remember our home-room nuns: Sisters Rose Eleanor, F1-ancisAnna, and Mary Conrad, who had quite a time curbing our enthusiasm. The most memorable event was of course "The Prom"--how we slaved for weeks on the decorations of our "Marine Fantasy." And what fun we all had even though after all that waiting it seemed as though the magic night disappeared as quickly as Cinderella at the stroke of twelve. And as swiftly and surely as that one fleeting night came and went--so Our Senior year has come and gone, But we mustn't pass it by so quickly for this was the most important year of all, highlighted by our student written, produced and di- rected play--"Don't Cry Jo," the Year-book, and a wonderful trip to Washington. Who could ask for more ? We certainly have come a long way since that first year when we wereFreshmen, as green as the hills--believing as we watched another class march to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstancef' that this tomorrow would never come. And yet, these past few years have slipped away almost without our realizing it, and we are ready to try our wings. We wish to thank all the priests and sisters,especially Father Stahl and Sister Eucheria, who made our trip and year-book possible, and our home-room nuns, Sisters Jane de Chantal, Helen Paul, and Ancilla Marie for their unending patience. We could never say goodby to all the friends and memories we have made here but we can say, "Thank you Little Flower High School, for all you have done in pre- paring us for our future in 'Tomorrow's World'." 46 Q' 2 x 0 A ,I xx., lf 1 , Q9 w ,,,1 " ki , .A A,, A. MA ' f: ' ff 4 'I il l l ' ' 2 X I ' Y s W If' ,rf f ' , . X, I 2 WU Q Q I f QE, - vt 0h-3ob . gg R965 - 301, 3653 El """'5 I-V :J 'A A. ' f ' "diff If ' -f fx ,, 'a 1 ,5 il 5 ., in 4 s V1 A01 ' V' 5?9 w'Q " " ' W? 'L ffl' ' ' ,V r X 7:5 y I gggglf- A-tw' I I was -, A 58 4 I J - L if i , J,,.w ' I 'Q Rh uni Egil t?wgqJ Y"f "F X mx , ,- .3 u J IM i 1 Q-I I : 1 K. Q... - Jim 41.5 15... 'G A 1' 6 M! Hom: Room 3 W 3 if 2 ' ' I '11 i gl fm! 9 S -,df Sfuj? if as N Yjfl, Tfla 47' xllv f'!r nf' ff M mm mQ xAngZg L1KsLiM M Aid- co punt 655' chmgs 52 the Argtlst mat Live Wifk Clmst. ' . X Y .D I V - ' 0 Q' F V 'f " 2, I my , ' ' 1 0 ' v. ,Z ' ' . -'-AQ A 5 r I . 11 I 3 Y I s Q. Q J? I K.. .IA ' 4 dl . 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' Congratulations to the LITTLE FLGWER HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Class of IQDO SENNETT CORPORATION ' STEEL W E Y H I N C B R 0 S 3040 Graf of Ave Defrof Michigan MANUFACTURERS OF SHRINE CLASS RINGS To Each and Every Graduate of the Class of IQSO We Exferd Our Smccre Wlsh for I-'appmess and Success In the Future THE susls Q FISH Cr CHIPS AND CHICK G CHIPS Compllments of FALLS SPRING AND WIRE DIVISION OF STANDARD STEEL SPRING COMPANY Comphmermfs of a FRIEND Yevov HLOWATT wull help you You can depend on that Whatever your future work may be Reddy Kulo watt lgood electric servncel wnll help you day or mght Low cost electrlclty produced by companies like Detroit Edison has helped make the American standard of Iuvmg the worlds finest 1 ale, CO PLINIENT5 O THOS H EALAND FERNDALE THEATRE Best Wrshcs fo the Class of 50 From THE S S KRESC-E STORE f W NMC Rowd Berldcx Muchrgarw coNcRATuLA'rnoNs HODCES AUTO SALES INC Doorc md Pixm om Cwlgs and Suucc NN wird Avg Fgrrwdwlfo LVIICIWIQTVT Congratulations Sophomores of Room 201 Koen we Drarvonds KENT JEWELERS Q X f F ,Um 1 Royal Oak Mr hugan HAMMOND DAIRY BARS Servung Fcaturmg IRA WILSON ICE CREAM Cv SHERBETS QI OHM Berkley O E Fourth Sr 2881 Woodward Ave N4 , ' F ,IQ I Il. 1' t 'lf' ' , . 51 4 C 'W'-,I ' ' 'A Open 24 hours a day TFASMCTT1 I 1 . ' 9 s gg T, N o' S, ' . C ' IVC C DR C C CHADWICK IJ 2 N Woodward Comolnmcmfs of S S KRESCE CO IQ3 N XNOODVVPRI' IC MICHIGAN LINCOLN MERCURY DEALER N OODWA- E AME BIRMINGHAM MICHIGAN Com rwfvulatnom fo th 9 more GEORGE WASHINGTON C0 I-IEATINC So Mmm Sf Royal Oa' MICH UI , to IDI R I Vi MI I I I-I A M . TOM MCDONNELL. INC. OFA COMPLIMENTS Compliments of GEO. L NANKERVIS COMPANY ENGINEERS MANUFACTURERS DISTRIBUTOR Electroplatin P I h 5442 SECOND BLVD g o ns mg Equipment and Suppllcs DETROIT Z Mlirl When You rc Drnvnng Through Blrmxnghvn STO? at MINTS Lunches Dnnrers Cr Fountwzn Specmllles e Make Holmes Best Ice C eam Dernandcd For Q alty Ice Cream Molds a d F I P I1 Made to 0 dc Wholesale C1 Retaul Blrmlngham 2358 IF ITS HARDWARE WE HAVE IT FRENTZ Cr SONS HARDWARE C0 lOlOlOl2N l'v'la1nS at Catal .3 Dr L ROYAL OAK lvllCHlCA'Xl L nco n D67S' An Ofhcc And for Every Trade EBBAS STATIONE SERVING ROYAL OAK FOR PAST 5 YEARS 5l5 South Washnngfon Royal Oak Phone Lincoln l ll5S eaes aea ea fc anvoc o a 0 ay someo mly rst o y anno Q ments a ap 5 , . , K C! V I I . 1 C. 1 C .q W .. ., Y -.. u i .. n lui unc r r - , A t, Q lvw , l 'v ' , l L' CJ .. . . -. at K L ' - R S 1 Just a lrrrle remlnder to th l di NVQ h s. complet c rd sclectmcr- r Cas n, nd for Cv-?fv h lld Q and lf ne rn your fa . ' IS gettnng marraed, See L15 f1 f r our un: - , :nut Mons and n kin, Chmplmcnfs f LITTLE FOLKS SHOP 'li rrn vw Thcrc IS only onc Lltflc Folks Shop In Blrmln him ENE SHOVES FLOWERS O2 W ELEVEN MM P AD POYAL OAK MICHIGAN LI 3 8 66 LAKE JEWELERS 69 W MAPLE LlR 4lhflJA The Sterling Store of Bnrmungham SILVER TOWLE LUNT CORHA 1 X AL fCF l REED BXRTON Hamllton Bulova Egan Watches Traub Orange Blossom Duamonds HERBERT BURR Fnnc Footwear Since 1920 255 North Woodward Avenue Birmingham M ehrgan WALTER S RYAN COMPANY Esfabl shed l920 ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN PRECISION MACHINE TOOLS 4363 Telephone Woodward Ave l. ncoln l IOCO MASKILL HARDWARE MARTIN SENOUR NU HUE CUSTOM COLOR Cr READY MIXED PAINTS SCOTT'S LAWN CARE PRODUCTS Housewares-Sporhng Goods Elecfrucal Supphes 4400 N Vxfocdvvard 4 Blocks South 14 Mule Road Lwnfoln 7 4709 , i K o 75 X-VL3fN1gLlf, E1 V Elinm lvliil g . 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I I I I I I I Ii-1--..--YA-YY -......,Y .--vi W.Tg.A, --.., -,.,,,,T, ,,,,,,, ,,,- A,,,,,,,,,,., ,-..,,. ,- ,,.+Y,YY...,, VILLAGE NURSERY SCHOOL 32800 Franklin Road Children from 2 to 6 years old Transportation Furnished Mayfair 6 3020 Lll7O'T WILLIAM SULLIVAN fr SON FUNERAL HOME Establ shed 1906 703 W ll Mllc lat Pleasantonl oya Oak lvluchagan CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF l95O ACE WINDOW CLEANERS Wmdows Walls Cellmgs Wallpaper and Woodwork Cleaned 3556 Cumberland Berkley Mrchugan The well dressed fellow shops at C O D L I N G S Men s Outfntters Thurd at Mann ROYAL OAK Michigan Pnntung Engravrng Stationery Monogrammnng R E N D E L L S 209 South Maxn Royal Oak Much KELLY TIRES LUBRICATION DICK WORTHLEYS SUPER SERVICE l7l Hunter Boulevard C ne la Bzrrnnngharn Mlclnrgan W R WORTHLEY BIRNMNCHAM 9l29 -Oo i F . ' R l ,'A l D Y " D 9 1 1 Cr rvlple . l... C-OOD LUCK CLASS OF SO Wm Complumenfs HAWTHORNE ELECTRICAL T62 N Woodward Bnrmmgbam Mnchxgan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF SO From Sophomores of 207 Complnmenfs of Mr and Mrs W J Fltzburgh I 1 . of I BEST WISHES to CLASS OF SO CLOONAN DRUG C0 72 N, Saginaw Street Pontiac, Michigan BERRIDCE 5' MORRISON Real Estatc and Investments 5 J7 NVQ t F ttf Strrct Jxard Avcfw a Oa Lvncoln 3 2700 MI I TABL P LIIQ South NVasIw mgton ROwaI Oak MAYS BEAUTY SHOP 260 Waslwungton Sq Bldg ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN MAYBELLE coovsk o P 0 I 3498 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' If you rc out of gas And your car won t run Dont hesitate see ROBINSON' Protut Bv IVIV Experxence ROBINSON SERVICE I303 CATALPA DRIVE ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN I-IARCLD ROBINSON PROPRI ETOR CAS ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION vw Cf-I4Lf4xD Q3L'.Tv is Ygwg AF H1 I ' -I U2 Vxfciw 1 Q Box, I4 IZCO ' . If 229 'IP ' Z gg los' :IVV SIIUI ,, fy, Y ' .:'J T-'V 1 sf E3 I IS ISD IUI6 5 -J I 9 . wner hne Lin. - , LARGE enough to meet the financial needs of our customers SMALL enough for frnendly, personal contacts THE WAYNE OAKLAND BANK ROYAL OAK HIGHLAND PARK BERKLEY CLAWSON Member ederal Depost Insurance Co porahon Wlsnnng You Success Weddings CHILDREN Glamour Formal FAMILY Salon Canducls GROUPS Portralts APPOINTMENTS STUDIO OR HOME Ll 3 4480 O E Fnfth Royal Oak Est I923 WILSON DRUG Woodward and lVl5Pl9 Blrmmngham M cmgan M EAT QUALITY GROCERIES PEABODY S MARKET IS4 Hunter at Maple Blrmunglnam PHONE 4039 PRODUCE F i r ' - I 6 A Sf. M O R T I M E R S 123 W Maple Ave Blrmlngham Mlchugan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Compllments Of PARK MOTOR SALES COMPANY LINCOLN MERCURY AUTOMOBILES 15000 Woodward Avenue Hnghland Par 3 M1 Tel TOwnsend 8 7881 GUS ZOPPI ACCORDION MFC CENTER MUSIC STUDIOS Complete Accordion Instructnons ACCORDION LOANS ALL MUSIC ACCESSORIES f C tom Made Accodo Complt Acc do Reps Shop SKILLED WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED PHONE CENTERLINE 9084 SLIM S OAKOTEL CAFE 2464 N Woodward Ave ROYAL OAK MICHIGAN LYLE J WALKER SAND AND CRAVEL 21040 Coolrdge Highway Detrolt 19 Mnclwlgan PHONE Jordan 4 5925 Lnncoln 4 2065 L A B E L L E 137 West Maple Bnrmmgham M clmgan Gifts for All Occaslons BOOKS STATIONERY CREETINC CARDS 1 ' lc , 'ch Manu acturers of us r i ns e e or i n ir 3123 E. 8 Mule Road, Hazel Park, Michigan- -Between D2Quindre G Ryan Road Y ' s SENIORS OF LITTLE FLOWER HIGH SCHOOL Congratulatuons from STUDENTS AND FACULTY LAWRENCE TECH Bachelor of Scnence Degrees ENGINEERING DAY AND NIGHT CLASSES Acronautucal Engineering Architectural Englneermg Chemical Engrneerlng Crval Engeneernng EIectr:caI Engmecrmg Industrral Enguneerlng Mechanvcal Engrneermg LAWRENCE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY GORMAN and THOMAS, Inc Insurance Surety Bonds FRANK A C-ORIVIAN President EDWARD A STENCER VI C President J RUSSELL CNAU Secretary Treasurer 2nd Floor Magestuc Bldg Defrost If you can afford a new car you can afford a IQSO Buuck See them at SUMNER MOTOR SALES BUICK SALES BUICK SERVICE 908 Vvoodward H A I N REXALL DRUC STORE Your Prcscrlphon Store Phonc Birmingham 6I Ln 2 2270 PUBLIX STORES FOR MEN FOR FINIE MEN S WEAR 1 A XV -Itn Street Royal Oak Muchlgan o I- F A A C S l 'K Bwrrnmngfwam, Ivhcnigan 1 i I - A . . Compliments of LAMINA DIES Cr TOOLS BERKLEY, MICHIGAN BUY A PACKARD POMEROY LYNCH CO Bnrmmgham Much gan ASK THE MAN WHO OWNS ONE THE BIRMINGHAM COMMUNITY MARKET Complete Food Service PROMPT COURTEOUS DELIVERY Try Us Once PHONE BIRMIAQI-IAM 700 IBO W CLAWSON RD BIRMINGHAM Mr and Mrs Lou Vlneburg HIGGINS RACK COATING AND MANUFACTURING CO 23446 John R Hazel Park Much DAVIS BROS INC PLUMBING HEATING AND POWER PIPING 263I Bagley Ave Detront Mrchxrgan , . ' . i CK ' ,U I CompIImenTs of 'Ni REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION GRADUATES FROM HIGH SCHOOLS accreduted by the Catholic Unnversrty of Amernca or by the varuous State Departments of Educatuon from those belong :ng to the North Central Assocnatuon of Colleges and Secondary Schools or from hngh schools or academues of equal standing wall be admntted by certlfucate to the freshman class provnded theur hugh school cour e meet the entrance requirements of the College Crc dentvals of health and character must be offered and a transcript of credvts must be sent by the pruncupal of the hugh school to the Regustrar of the Colle e Advanced standrng as granted to a student tran ferrxng from another college upon the presentatuon of a satnsfactory scholastnc record and the proper credentrals EXPENSES Resrdent Students lseven days a weekl Tultlon Boa rd and Room Fees Total S150 00 400 00 85 00 S635 00 Resldent Students lfrve days a weekl Day or 'ma Turtlon Boa rd and Room Fees Total Students Tu I tlon Fees Total S150 00 350 00 85 00 3585 00 5El50 00 85 00 S235 00 further snformatxon address THE DEAN College of Mount St Joseph on the Ohio o c :J -Y m -P k.. o V1 ru D 3' O :r o 1Q'vL E+' W' 15 my F' I xikgixigi COLLEGE OF MOUNT ST. JOSEPHON -1 'Q MMP Ui Sill U15 Camp Address Camp De Sales Brooklyn Mach Phone 9282 Au .gi-, I IN TI-IE IRISH HILLS A Catholic Camp for Catholrc Boys 3425 Woodwa rd Ave Ages 8 to I5 Royal Oak Mxch Conducted by the Phone Lincoln 3 8973 Oblates of St Francus de Sales Compliments of the ROYAL OAK TOWNSHIP BUSINESSMEN S ASSOCIATION JOH N CANTRALL R JACKSON C- STEWART Vrce President Treasurer Secretary CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS Freshman Room 105 Roboryprng Dlrect Maul Advertising Mrrneographlng Multrgraphsne GRACE M DORAN l.llNCOLN l l977 BERKLEY MICHIGAN fl: Ki , , 57" '--fr'-::, A E- E: I ff ' -Q ' 1 Y- ' A A E 3111 L l.. 1 f 'JB Kun- i N 'J' T.- Qi ' 5 1 ' C. C. CURTISS .........................,...,..........................., President . . . . . . D , - v STOP IN AT SAGAN'S Fon AFTER DATE SNACKS SPECIALS Ho, Dogs ,Oc SACAN'S SWEET SHOP Hamburgs ISC 3322 I-f.'fc31f E3 IVIQIC ROJCI Banana Splits 35C QCM3' CJR IA Clmggm COITJCRATULATICUS SENIOR? Freshmen 304 ADRIAN COTTER S TAVERN DNV TD IILE RO PRIVATE ROOMS Largest Room FOR Accommodates MEETINGS PARTIES 2 Persons New Enlarged Dmnng Room De Luxe Cocktanl Lounge DE LUXE LUIVCHECNS DINNCRS LI I 4-H2 FOR RESERVATIONS BEST XVISHES Sophomore Room BRAD L SPRINGER str Imwr for Stmdard Oul Produ T Our Motto Clcanfuels Dependable Service Fncndllness D41 EATON Ph JACK S AUCTION fd ma! n O um Hardware nu 5 and New rw rnwmrc. C ,I on XNL BUY AP D ELI. DAILY Try ou Aucflon Sales evcr y Fnday 7 P M one LI I I-469 W Mule and John R JOHN CANTPAL' Proprietor J ,L Q, AX, MCC' ' F-'c AID I2-5, ' F-ID - I 5 301 IC U, D g Q .. ' C 3 Prwcrwc Bmrmmglfxnm 557-553 CJ: Q' Cogie , ,mg ad Used Fu 3 QT every d scrr i , , Q S r ' ' , , . - Io 2 I , Orchndb for the Sensors From The Jumors of 305 CLASS OF 51 CALL LINCOLN 4 3335 YOUR COURTEOUQ CARPENTER P A U L W E B E R ALL K NDS OE CAQPENJTER NVGRV RINKE KAISER FRAZER 31331 Vin Dxk Plorwes arrerw XVBVVCN 2741 arrer' DONOVAN DRY CLEANING PLANT 432W 14 Vx! odw rd Av Eemdae VC Mr-eh PICK UP G DELIVERY CA l-1 ARRY L 1 2 C 7 for f f , X TCQO E W4 MWC Rd F'1ci',31 Ofalf We Have a Complete Garage Ser-Up r Q ' G W .L , L' Lily! 1 S G C 5 ' 55o Compiurr- n S of .I CHR 8. SONS Phono T414 Vmg TH Blxd Lu 1 5640 Royal Oak S. . 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Suggestions in the Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) collection:

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 79

1950, pg 79

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 46

1950, pg 46

Shrine of the Little Flower High School - Theresian Yearbook (Royal Oak, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 13

1950, pg 13

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