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. El ' mimmmm ' Kimi mM Mi p ii p HOW J J This, the 1941 ARGO, presents a modern college girl who, in spite of her socks and slouchy cardi- gans, still feels close to hoop-skirt traditions. An easy companion, re- freshingly feminine, enthusiastic and sincere, she has that intangible something that makes her YOU, the SHORTER GIRL. 1 DfDJfiflTJfli] JOHN NOTTINGHAM WARE A.B., A.M., Ph.D. TOWARD AN EDUCATION ACCENT ON ACCESSORIES SHORTER MAID TO MEASURE ACCESSORIES WITER ; ' " :-:.- DR. COUSINS . . . I appreciate this opportunity of writing this per- sonal word. Within a short time you will receive your diplo- mas, evidence of the successful culmination of worthy objectives worthily attained. You have our warmest congratulations and every good wish for continued growth in mind and spirit. As you go, the cords of genuine interest which bind us to you will not be lessened but merely lengthened. Sincerely, PAUL M. COUSINS, President. May each of you find happiness in real- izing our highest hopes for you as repre- sentatives of Shorter, and may a troubled world become better for your having lived in itl LOUISE BENNET, Dean of Student Affairs. I congratulate each of you upon your graduation from Shorter College. I hope that the cordial relationship between you and your Alma Mater which has devel- oped during four years will continue to grow, that this relationship will enable you to attain higher and higher goals. EVERETT E. PORTER, Academic Dean. TiJ Jtf MISS THOMPSON and DR. HIGHTOWER PAUL M. COUSINS, A.M., LLD., President. A.B., Mercer University; A.M., Columbia University; LL.D., Mercer Uni- versity. EVERETT E. PORTER, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Chemistry. A.B., Baylor University; M.S., Ph.D., The Rice Institute. EDWIN S. PRESTON, A.M., Executive Secre- tary. A.B., University of Tennessee; A.M., Mercer University. CLARA LOUISE KELLOGG, A.M., Professor of History. MISS BROWN and DR. THOMPSON Ph.B., Baylor University; A.M., Columbia University; Graduate work, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Uni- versity of Chicago, University of California, University of Colorado. ALLIE HAYES RICHARDSON, A.M., Professor of Speech. B.O., Brenau College; B.O., Emerson College; A.M., Columbia University. RUBY USHER HIGHTOWER, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics. B.L., Shorter College; Grad- uate work. University of London; A.M., University of Geor- gia; Ph.D., University of Missouri. Sigma Xi. CLARA LOUISE THOMPSON, Ph.D., Professor of Classical Lan- guages and Acting Professor of Spanish. A.B., Washington University; A.M., University of Pennsylvania; Fellow, Ameri- can School of Classical Studies, Rome, Italy; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. Phi Beta Kappa. MISSES PEARSON, HEARON, BRADLEY : j ia. C !; :: JOHN N. WARE, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages. A.B., Ran- dolph-Macon College; A.M., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. WIL- BUR HARTZELL ROWAND, Mus.M., F.A.G.O., Director of Music. Mus.B., Oberlin Conserva- tory of Music; Diplome d ' Aptitude a I ' Enseignement d ' Orgue, Diplome d ' Execution a I ' Orgue, Conserva- toire, Fontainebleau, France; Mus. M., Cincinnati Conservatory; Pupil of Palmer Christian, University of Michigan; Fellow, American Guild of Organists. Pi Kappa Lambda. BERTHA E. MARTIN, Ph.D., Pro- fessor of Biology. A.B., Mt. Holyoke College; Ph.D., University of Chi- cago. Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma XI. DORA VON TURCKHEIM WARE, Instructor in Modern Languages. Graduate of Lichtenstein-Callen - berg Teachers ' College, Germany; Diplome, Institut de France, Paris. m mm ' mm ' I CAMERON DUNCAN EBAUGH, Ph.D., Professor of Education and Psychol- ogy. A.B., Johns Hopkins University; A.M., Middlebury College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Phi Kappa. MARTHA GLOVER GRIFFIN, A.M., Instructor in Fine and Applied Arts. B.S., A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers. LOUISE THOMPSON, A.M., Registrar and Instructor in Mathematics. A.B., Shorter College; A.M., Columbia University. JESSIE WILLIAMS GARDNER, A.M., A.B., Wellesley College; A.M., University of Chicago. HARRIET GAR- RETT, A.M., Instructor in Physical Education. B.S., A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers. MATHILDE MAYER PARLETT, Ph.D., Professor of English; A.B., Smith College; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. Phi Beta Kappa. ELEANOR WILCOX WILLINGHAM, A.M., Instructor in History. A.B., Shorter College; A.M., Columbia University. SUSIE PER- SONS BROWN, A.M., Instructor in French. A.B., Wesleyan College; A.M., University of North Carolina; Graduate work, Sorbonne. ESTHER LOUISE HOWE, Mus.B., Instructor in Piano. Mus.B., Oberlin Conservatory of Music; Pupil of Frank H. Shaw. Pi Kappa Lambda. ROBERT P. SHELDON, Mus.M., Instructor in Piano. Mus.B., Northwestern University School of Music; Mus.M., Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Pupil of Roselyn Tureck, Juilliard Graduate School; Graduate Study in Composition with Dr. Albert Noelte, Chicago, and Frederick Jacobi, New York City; Graduate study in Piano with Severin Eisenberger, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; Pi Kappa Lambda. OLIVER BRUCE THOMASON, A.M., Instructor in So- ciology. A.B., Catawba College; A.M., University of North Carolina; Grad- uate work, University of North Carolina. JUNE PEARSON, A.B., Assist- ant in Speech. A.B., Shorter College. PATRICIA BRADLEY, A.B., Assist- ant in Chemistry. A.B., Shorter College. On leave of absence, 1940-41. On leave of absence, first semester, 1940-41. RALPH E. McLAIN, Ph.D., Professor of Religion. A.B., Muskingum College, Th.M., Ph.D., South- ern Baptist Theological Seminary. ANNINA MUELLER, Mus.M., Instructor in Voice and Pub- lic School Music. Mus.B., Mus.M., University of Southern California; Graduate study, Juilliard School of Music; Pupil of Mme. Adele Laeis Baldwin and Arthur Alexander, New York. Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda. VILEM SOKOL, Mus.B., Instructor in Vio- lin. Mus.B., Oberlin, Pupil of Raymond Cerf; Pupil of Hans Leti, Juilliard Graduate School; Pupil of Jaroslav Kocian, State Academy of Music, Prague, Bohemia. BEATRICE EVANS, A.M., Instructor in Biology. B.S., Central Missouri State Teachers ' College; Grad- uate study, University of Colorado; A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers. SYL- VIA ERICSON, M.Ed., Instructor in Fine and Applied Arts. B.S., M.Ed., University of Minne - sota. MILDRED HEARON, B.S., Instructor in Physical Education. B.S., Florida State College for Women. ANNE GREER, B.S., Librarian. B.S., Certificate in Library Science, George Pea- body College for Teachers. - WH t MNNA A i i fed U- thfahftfcJM i WfeMUa to to M. h t liATIICE ' ( U. tk - ( ' ' " mm OFFICERS AUBREY MATTHEWS President F. S. BURNEY - Vice-President C. J. WYATT Secretary F. S. COOPER Treasurer THE BOARD W. F. BARRON Rome, Georgia JUDGE A. S. BRADLEY Swainsboro, Georgia DR. M. L BRITTAIN Atlanta, Georgia F. S. BURNEY Waynesboro, Georgia MRS. J. J. CLY ATT (Alumnae Trustee) Tifton, Georgia F. S. COOPER Rome, Georgia DR. ELLIS A. FULLER Atlanta, Georgia DR. LESTER HARBIN Rome, Georgia MRS. RYLAND KNIGHT (Alumnae Trustee) Atlanta, Georgia AUBREY MATTHEWS Rome, Georgia T. B. OWENS Rome, Georgia DR. F. S. PORTER Columbus, Georgia MRS. A. W. VAN HOOSE Atlanta, Georgia DR. R. F. WHEAT Bainbridge, Georgia MRS. JOHN C. WRIGHT Augusta, Georgia C J. WYATT . Rome, Georgia The Honor Board is the Judicial Branch of the Student Government Association. Its purpose is to create, promote and preserve student honor. OFFICERS HELEN WANNAMAKER Chairman SADIE HANSARD Vice-Chairman DOROTHY CROWLEV Secretary HELEN WANNAMAKER MEMBERS Hilda Amberson Betty Baskin Tulu Bradshaw Eleanor Gibbons Joy Lytle Alice Potts Mary Vann Helen Wannamaker Isabel Williamson Jane Betts Dorothy Crowley Sadie Hansard Mary Frances Broach Anne Schaut Barbara Monroe OFFICERS HELEN WANNAMAKER President MARY VANN Vice-President ELLE CARSWELL Secretary ARAMINTA HARPER Treasurer ELIZABETH CLARK President Van Hoose Dormitory ANN SCHAUT President Cooper Dormitory The executive and legislative branches of the Student Government Association are vested in the Student Council, which concerns itself with all phases of student life not coming under the realm of the purely academic. It has as its objectives the general improvement and regulation of life on the campus. This organization is highly democratic and is the integrating force in student life. MEMBERS BETTY BASKIN TULU BRADSHAW KATE GOODING MARY VANN HELEN WANNAMAKER ISABEL WILLIAMSON JANE BETTS ELLE CARSWELL ELIZABETH CLARK ARAMINTA HARPER RUTH MILLER MARY FRANCES BROACH ANN SCHAUT FRANCES WARNOCK ALICE WOODALL urns y POTTS DRIGGARS LEE ALICE POTTS President EVELYN DRIGGARS . . Vice-President MARY FRANCES LEE Secretary MARY STANTON . . Treasurer L STANTON Top row, left to right: Comprehensives via Ogden. . . . Crooked events. Second row: " A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup. " . . . The Queen was in the parlor. . . . The old " stay-at-homes. " Bottom row: T. N. T., or Sara Lou in the Bath. . . . Hey, Nanie. ALICE POTTS West Point, Georgia A.B. Major: Speech; Eunomian, Secretary, 4; Honor Board, 4; Class President, 4; Argo Junior Editor; Key Club, 4; Shorter Players, I, 2, 4, Secretary, 3; Kappa Gamma Tau, I, 2, 3, 4; " Most Stylish, " 4; Owl; Thus- MIRIAM DAVIS MORTON Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: History; Eunomian; I. R. C, 2, 3, President, 4; Key Club, 4. EVELYN DRIGGARS Boston, Georgia A.B. Major: Speech; Polymnian; Class Vice-President, 4; Shorter Players, I, 2, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 4; Choral Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2; G. A. B. FRANCES TATUM Gadsden, Alabama Mus.B. Major: Public School Music; Eunomian; Camerata, I, 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer, 4; Choral Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Shorter Players, 2. TULU BRADSHAW West Point, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociology; Eunomian, Second Vice-President, 3; Student Council, 4; Honor Board, 4; Y. W. C. A., President, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4; Sports Council, 3, 4: Class Secretary, 3; Argonaut, President; Key Club, 3, 4; Handbook Editor, 4; ARGO Staff, 3; Gamma Delta, President, 4; French Club, I; Choral Club, I, 2, Vice-President, 3; Shorter Players, 2; Kappa Gamma Tau, 2, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3, 4; National Who ' s Who, 4; May Queen; Most Representative Freshman; Eunomian Court, 3, 4; Owl; Cotillion; Thug; Do Nothing. ANN NORMAN Cedartown, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociology; Eunomian; Class Sports Manager, 3, 4; ARGO Business Staff, 4; Periscope Staff, 3; Spanish Club, I, 2; Tennis Club, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 3; May Court; Thug; Owl; Do-Nothing. MARY STAN TON Waycross, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociolosy; Polymnian; V. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, Secretary, 4; Class Treasurer, 4; ARGO Business Staff, 4; Shorter Players, I, 2, 3, 4; Choral Club, 3; French Club, 2, 3, 4; May Day, Maid of Honor, 4; Polymnian Court, 4; H. O. T.; Owl. HELEN WANNAMAKER Brunswick, Georgia Major: Mathematics; Eunomian; Student Council, 2, 3, President, 4; Honor Board, 2, 3, Chairman, 4; Sophomore Sabot; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4; Class Treasurer, I, Presi- dent, 2, 3; Argonaut; Key Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2; French Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Gamma Tau, I, 2, 3, 4; Periscope Staff, 2, 3; " Ideal Shorter Girl, " 4; May Court; Eunomian Court, 2, 3, 4; " Most Representative Junior; " National Who ' s Who, 3, 4; Owl; Thug; Cotillion; Do-Nothing; G. A. B. MARY PENNINGTON NIXON Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: History; Polymnian; Key Club, 4; Chimes Staff, 2, 3, Editor, 4; I. R. C, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Gamma Tau, I, 2, 3, 4; Town Girls ' Club. KATHERINE WATTS DOOLY Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: History; Eunomian; I. R. C., 2, 3, 4; Town Girls ' Club. HILDA AMBERSON Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: History; Polymnian; Honor Board, 4; Town Girls ' Council, 3, 4; Town Girls ' President, 4; Key Club, 4; I. R. C, 2, 3, 4; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 4. LUCILE CASEY A.B. Rome, Georgia Major: History; Polymnian; Town Girls ' Club; I. R. C. Ir MIRIAM NATALIE CATER West Palm Beach, Florida A.B. Major: Piano; Eunomian; Sophomore Sabots; V. W. C. A., Cabinet, 2, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4; Sports Council, 3, Vice-President, 4; Key Club, Treasurer, 4; Camerata, I, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; B. S. U. Council, President, 4; Y. W. A., I, Secre- tary-Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Spanish Club, I, 2; Tennis Manager, 3; Softball Manager, 2; National Who ' s Who, 4. VIRGINIA LEE MARSHALL Atlanta, Georgia A.B. Major: General Science; Polymnian; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Shorter Players, I, 2, 3; Kappa Gamma Tau, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A., 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, I, 3. MARY FRANCES LEE Fort Valley, Georgia A. I. Major: French; Eunomian; Class Secretary, 4; Key Club, 3, 4; Argo Business Manager, 4; Periscope Staff, I, 2, 4, Business Manager, 3; French Club, I, 2, President, 3, 4; Rho Delta, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Gamma Tau, 2, 3, 4; B. S. U., First Vice-President, 4; Y. W. A., 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, I, 3, 4; Thug. BETTY FITZGERALD Rochelle, Georgia A.B. Major: Mathematics; Polymnian; Student Body Treasurer, 4; Argo Business Staff, 4; Periscope Staff, 3; Kappa Gamma Tau, I, 2, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4; Gamma Delta; Shorter Players, I, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. A., 2, 3, Secretary, 4; Dance Club; Polymnian Court, 4; H. O. T. ISABEL WILLIAMSON Albany, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociology; Polymnian, Second Vice-President, 3, President, 4; Student Council, Secretary, 3, 4; Sophomore Sabots; Honor Board, 3, 4; Class Vice-President, 2; Argonaut, Secretary and Treasurer; Key Club, 4: Argo Staff, 2; Periscope, I, Business Manager, 2; Shorter Players, I, 2; Rho Delta, 3, 4; May Day Committee, 2; Gamma Delta; Choral Club, I, 2, 3; Debate Club, I, 2; Honor Roll, 3; May Court, 4; Polymnian Cojrt, 3, 4; Beauty Section, 3; " Most Representa- tive Sophomore " ; Do-Nothing, President, 4; H. O. T.; Owl. MARY VANN Thomasville, Georgia A.B. Major: Speech; Eunomian, President, 4; Student Council, House President, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4; Honor Board, 4; Argonaut; Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club, I, 2, President, 3; Shorter Players, I, 2, 4, Business Manager, 3; Argo Staff, 3; Rho Delta, 2, 3, 4; French Club, I, 2; " Most Ver- satile, " 4; Eunomian Court, 2, 3, 4; May Court; " Te ' n Best Debaters " in Southeastern Debate Tour- ney, 2; National Who ' s Who, 3, 4; Thug; Owl. CLAIRE DAVIS Moultrie, Georgia MUS.B. Major: Public School Music; Polymnian, First Vice-President, 4; Sophomore Sa- bots; Key Club, 3; Camerata, I, 2, Secretary and Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4; Choral Club, I, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, 2, President, 3; Chapel Choir, I, 2, 3; Spanish Club, Vice-President, 2; Dance Club, 3; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Polymnian Court, 4; H. O. T.; Do-Nothing; Cotillion. JANE FORRESTER Tlfton, Georgia A.I. Major: Speech; Polymnian, Secretary, 4; Class Treasurer, 2; Key Club, 3, 4; Argo Assistant Editor, 4; Shorter Players, I, 2, 3, President, 4; Periscope, I, 2, Editor, 3; Chimes, I, 2; French Club, I, 2, 3; Debate Club, I, 2; Rho Delta, 2, 4, President, 3; Gamma Delta; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Polymnian Court, 4; Owl; Do-Nothing; H. O. T. BETTY BASKIN Rome, Georgia A.B. Transfer from Young Harris College, Young Harris, Georgia. Major: Mathematics; Euno- mian; Student Council, 4; Honor Board, 4; Key Club, 4; Kappa Gamma Tau, 3, Presi- dent, 4; Town Girls ' Club, Secretary and Treasurer, 4; Chimes Staff, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4. ELEANOR GIBBONS Rome, Georgia A.B. Maior: French; Polymnian; Honor Board, 4; Sports Counci , I, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4; Georgia Athletic Federation of College Women, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Argo Busi- ness Staff, 3; Key Club, Secretary, 4; Chimes Staff, I, 2, 3, 4; French Club, I, 2, Secre- tary, 3, Vice-President, 4; Town Girls ' Club; National Who ' s Who, 4; " Most Sports- manlike " ; H. O. T. KATE GOODING Anniston, Alabama A.B. Major: Sociology; Polymnian; Student Council, 3, 4; Honor Board, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4; Class Treasurer, 3; Argonaut; Key Club, 3, President, 4; Argo Editor, 4; Shorter Play- ers, I, 2; Debate Club, I, Treasurer, 2; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Rho Delta, 3, 4; Chimes Staff, 2; National Who ' s Who, 4; Honor Roll, I, 3; " Most Charming " ; Polymnian Court, 4; Do- Nothing; Owl; G. A. B. VIRGINIA WALKE Dublin, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociology; Eunomian, Treasurer, 3, First Vice-President, 4; Sports Council, 3, 4; Class Vlce-President, 3; French Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club, I, 2; Chimes Business Manager, 3; Eunomian Court, 3, 4; May Court; Beauty Section, 3; Owl; G. A. B.; Thug; Do-Nothing. CONNIE MARTIN Columbus, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociolo gy; Polymnian, Treasurer, 4; Student Council, 3; Sophomore Sabots; Sports Council, 3, 4; Class President, I ; Key Club, I ; Gamma Delta; Shorter Players, I, 2; French Club, 2, 3; Kappa Gamma Tau, 2; Periscope Staff, 2; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Polymnian Court, 4; May Court; Owl; H. O. T.; G. A. B. BESSIE MANN Ncwnan, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociology; Eunomian; Gamma Delta; Choral Club, 3; Shorter Players, 2; French Club, 2, 3, 4; Thug. CATHERINE HOWELL CAFFEY, JR. Fort Benning, Georgia A.B. Transfer from George Washington University, Washington, D. C. Major: Biology; Eunomian; Kappa Gamma Tau, Vice-President, 3, 4; I. R. C., Vice-President, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4. MARTHA RACKLEY Trion, Georgia A.B. Major: History; Eunomian; Shorter Players, I, 2, 4; I. R. C, I, 2, 4. RUTH CLAIRE ALTMAN Atlanta, Georgia A.B. Transfer from Bessie Tift College, Forsyth, Georgia. Major: History; Eunomian; Choral Club, 4; Chapel Choir, 4; I. R. C, 4. iOY LY TIE Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: Religion; Eunomian; Honor Board, 4; Chimes Associate Editor, 4; Kappa Gamma Tau, 2; Town Girls ' Club, Vice-President, 4; Choral Club, I, 2, 3. MARTHA DEAN MOORE Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: Sociology; Eunomian; Town Girls ' Council, 4; Periscope Staff, 4; Chimes Staff, 4; French Club, 2; Town Girls ' Club; Y. W. A., 4. IRENE FE ATH ERSTO N Rome, Georgia A.B. Major: History; Polymnian; I. R. C.; Town Girls ' Club. No Picture James Thomas Culpepper, IV, has the distinction of being the " first baby " of the Class of 1941. He was born on Dec. 10, 1938, and has served as the class mascot ever since. Jimmy is " kin " to our class through his mother, Hazel Davis Culpepper, of Thomasville. JAMES THOMAS CULPEPPER, IV JANE BETTS ... . President JUtiJJtf 11)3$ ARAMINTA HARPER Vlce-President SADIE HANSARD Secretary ANNELLE COALSON . -:,- First row, left to right: Wedding of the classes. . . . The Great American Novel. Center, right: " and Whoop- ' em-up some more. " Bottom row: Pennsylvania 65000. . . . Whoop- ' em-ups take the cake. ; - MARGUERITE ACUFF Lake Wales, Florida DOROTHY ARCHER " Cedartown, Geor S ia VIRGINIA ARDEN Savannah, Georgia CAROLYN ARNALL . . : Rome, Georgia FRIEDA BAGGETT Claxton, Georgia PEGGY BARGANIER Leesburg, Florida KATHERINE BARNWELL Rome, Georgia I - - No Picture JUtiJM MARJORIE BELL .... Montezuma, Georgia JANE BETTS Rome, Georgia BETTY BROWN Newnan, Georgia ELLECARSWELL Augusta, Georgia ELIZABETH CLARK Nashville, Tennessee ANNELLE COALSON . . . Statesboro, Georgia f s DOROTHY CROWLEY Thomson, Georgia ... ALICE DORN Miami, Florida MARTHA EDMONDSON Gainesville, Georgia MARJORIE FAHY Rome, Georgia SARAH HAMILTON Easley, South Carolina SADIE HANSARD Daytona Beach, Florida - ' - fiiflSS MILDRED HARDEMAN . . . Houston, Texas ARAMINTA HARPER . . . Columbus, Georgia HELEN HARRIS .... Fort Valley, Georgia MIRIAM HAWKINS . . . Covington, Georgia MARY HUBER Moultrie, Georgia SARA LOGAN Rome, Georgia I ;.: I RUTH MILLER Baconton, Georgia MARTHA DOYLE MOORE . Rome, Georgia GRACE PAYNE . Scottsboro, Alabama FANNIE PHILLIPS Alpharetta, Georgia ' MARY ELLEN McDOWELL Columbus, Georgia KATHERINE MONOXELOS Columbus, Georgia MARTHA ANSLEY MOORE . . . ' Decatur, Georgia : No Picture ELIZABETH POTTS .... Newnan, Georgia K ATM RYN POTTS .... Newnan, Georgia SARA POTTS Newnan, Georgia ELIZABETH TARPLEY .... Nelson, Georgia EDVTHE TAYLOR . . . Birmingham, Alabama LENORA WHITESIDE . . . Statesboro, Georgia JWUflfl fiiflSS MARY FRANCES BROACH FRANCES WARNOCK Vice-President ANNE BETTS . Secretary GEDA BRADLEY Treasurer First row, left to right: " The Girl Friends of Whirling Dervish. " . . . The Faker shoots a line. Second row: Post party giggles. ... On the fence about the male. . . . Moon River. - 1 . % ALICE ALLEN Talladega, Ala. JANICE ARUNDEL Alexandria, La. ANNETTE BATES Augusta, Ga. EVELYN BATES Augusta, Ga. ANNE BETTS Rome, Ga. GEDA BRADLEY Dalton, Ga. MILDRED ALICE BRAKEMAN . . . Gadsdcn, Ala. CATHERINE BREWER Cornelia, Ga. MARY FRANCES BROACH Atlanta, Ga. CORNELIA CATER West Palm Beach, Fla. ANITA CHAPMAN Atlanta, Ga. MARY ALICE CHITTY Cedartown, Ga. ENOLA CROSS Isabella, Tenn. CALLIE DANIEL Molena,Ga. MARGARET EDENFIELD Waycross, Ga. LOTIS FREEMAN LaGrange, Ga. ' ALICE FUTRELLE Atlanta, Ga. ANNA GRUBB Perry, Ga. MARJORIE HAILEY Atlanta, Ga. ROXIE HORNE Jacksonville, Fla. MARTHA GAYDEN Brandon, Miss. EMILY GUINN LaGrange, Ga. MARION HARRISON Milan, Tenn. MARY FRANCES KELLY Columbus, Ga. MARY LEE GOFF Charlotte, N. C. REGINA HACKETT Camilla, Ga. KATHRYNE HERRITAGE Moultrie, Ga. MARY LADSON Moultrie, Ga. 1-1-1 MIRIAM LANIER KATHLEEN McCHARGUE MARTHA PACE JOSEPHINE SCRUGGS GRACE LESTER SHIRLEY MYERS MARY LOU REDDING ANNETTE SEELY Statesboro, Ga Rome, Ga Dawson, Ga Sweetwater, Tenn Falls Church, Va Jacksonville, Fla Texarkana, Ark Albany, Ga NESSMITH LYTLE FRANCES NEISLER .... MARY LOIS RHODES . . . MARY ELIZABETH SEIGLER CAROLYN MARTIN . . . . SARAH NICHOLS .... ANN SCHAUT VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD . Rome, Ga. Reynolds, Ga. Canton, Ga. Canton, Ga. . Rome, Ga. Acworth, Ga. radenton, Fla. . Dalton, Ga. CAROLYN STEVENS Dawson, Ga. CAROLYN WALLACE Hapeville, Ga. ALICE WOODALL Atlanta, Ga. SARA YATES Luverne, Ala. CONSTANCE TERRELL Toccoa, Ga. FRANCES WARNOCK Atlanta, Ga. ANNE WRIGHT Columbus, Ga. GRACE DEAN CALLAHAN Rome, Ga. MABLE CAMP Rome, Ga. MARJORIE GREGORY ' Columbus, Ga ELIZABETH HOGG Rome, Ga. MARY WILL JOLLY Rome, Ga. ANNE McGREW Shelbyville, Tenn. LAURIE MILHOLLIN Rome.Ga. VIRGINIA WATTS Rome, Ga. No picture. . 5 v5 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JOSEPHINE WILLIS President JEAN EDWARDS Vice-President JEAN BARRON Secretary BARBARA MONROE Treasurer Sketching schemes. . . . That first week. . . . Blooming like a cross-eyed rose. . . . Monday afternoon. . . . Posted. . Time out for posing. EVELYN ADAMS Boston, Geor g ia EDITH ANDERSEN . West Palm Beach, Florida ISABEL ANDREWS . . . Columbus, Georgia MILDRED AVERY .... LaGrange, Georgia VIRGINIA BAGWELL .... Canton, Georgia MARION BANKHEAD . . . Jasper, Alabama JANE BARRON Rome, Georgia JEAN BARRON .... Thomaston, Georgia CATHERINE BATTLE . . . Columbus, Georgia BETTYE BITTEL Jacksonville, Florida JEAN BRIGHAM Dublin, Georgia KATHERINE CLARK .... Macon, Georgia JEAN COPELAND . . Newberry, South Carolina ELLEN COSBY Columbus, Georgia BETTY DANIEL .... LaGrange, Georgia ANNIE DAVIS LaGrange, Georgia DOROTHY ANN DODD . . Nashville, Tennessee NANCY DUCKWORTH . . West Point, Georgia CHARLOTTE EDWARDS . . . Rome, Georgia JEAN EDWARDS Atlanta, Georgia BILLIE FLEMING Rome, Georgia JANE FOSTER Lanett, Alabama WANDA FRENCH .... Columbus, Georgia DOROTHY ANN FULLER . Cartersville, Georgia DOROTHY GAY Gay, Georgia MARTHA GOODE . . . Columbus, Georgia MARIE GRAHAM .... Columbus, Georgia PAULINE GRIEGER Miami, Florida MARY HILL GROOVER . Ball Ground, Georgia JEAN GRUBB Perry, Georgia MARION GRUBB BESSIE HAGGARD SUE HALL . Perry, Georgia Gadsden, Alabama Fairfax, Alabama ANNE HARDIN . . FRANCES HAYGOOD EUGENIA HOGGARD Columbus, Georgia Greenville, Alabama Camilla, Georgia GWENDOLYN HOOD ANDREA HOUSER . BETTY JACKSON Commerce, Georgia Fort Valley, Georgia Perry, Florida RACHEL JOHNSON ALYCE JOHNSTON . SARA KEITH Sparta, Tennessee Brundidge, Alabama Corozal, Canal Zone FRANCES KING . . MARTHA JEAN LEATH LEOHLA LEE . Lanett, Alabama Gadsden, Alabama West Point, Georgia MARY ALIS LEMMONS . . Gadsden, Alabama REBECCA LUTTRELL . . . Columbus, Georgia MARY ALICE MANLEY . . . Elberton, Georgia BONNIE JEAN MARLER . . Atlanta, Georgia MARY MARTIN .... Columbus, Georgia CONNIE McADAMS . . Shelbyville, Tennessee ELOISE McKENZIE Rome, Georgia IONE MILLER Atlanta, Georgia SARA KATHERINE MIZELL . . Folkston, Georgia BARBARA MONROE . . . Waycross, Georgia AGNES MOORE Rome, Georgia REINE NEAL Rome, Georgia JEAN NEWSOME .... Columbus, Georgia MARGARET NORMAN . . Columbus, Georgia HELEN OWENS .... Thomasville, Georgia RUTH PATRICK Conyers, Georgia ANITA PEAVY Atlanta, Georgia LOUISE PLATT .... Gainesville, Georgia JOANNE PROUT .... Barnesville, Georgia JANE RAINEY Columbus, Georgia BONNIE JEAN RENNER . . Cedartown, Georgia KATHLEEN ROSE Rome, Georgia MARGARET ANNE SELLS . . Atlanta, Georgia MARJORIE SHEFFIELD . . Savannah, Georgia BETTY SHERMAN . CAROLYN E. SMITH CAROLYN V. SMITH Hermitage, Georgia Cedartown, Georgia Columbus, Georgia JANE STEVENS . ANNA SULLIVAN . BETTY SUMMERALL Corozal, Canal Zone Atlanta, Georgia Waycross, Georgia LILLA BARNWELL .... Rome, Georgia LOUISE BURK Rome, Georgia NELL DALE Rome, Georgia THELMA DORSEY ' Rome, Georgia ANNE GRIFFIN .... Cedartown, Georgia FRANCES HAIRSTON . . . Rome, Georgia VIRGINIA MINE Rome, Georgia CHARLOTTE JOLLEY .... Rome, Georgia MARY WALKER Mobile, Alabama DOROTHY ANN WARE . . Falls Church, Virginia HARRIET WHISNANT . . Summerville, Georgia EDNA WHITELY .... Cedartown, Georgia JANE WILLIAMSON . . . Commerce, Georgia JOSEPHINE WILLIS .... Clayton, Alabama KATHLEEN WILSON . . . Huntsville, Alabama SYBIL WOODWARD . . . Savannah, Georgia ADDIE MITCHELL PERRY . . Rome, Georgia VIRGINIA PERRY Rome, Georgia MARGARET PITTMAN . . . Helena, Georgia MILDRED PREWETT .... Rome, Georgia JOSEPHINE TERHUNE . . . Rome, Georgia MARGARET WALLACE . . . Rome, Georgia ELAINE WILSON Rome, Georgia No Picture With Activities in Sports. . . . Y. W. C. A. . . . Our Publications. . . . The Two Societies. . . . And the Honorary and Social Clubs. 1 J i n n U u OFFICERS ELEANOR GIBBONS President MIRIAM CATER Vice-President SADIE HANSARD Secretary ENOLA CROSS Treasurer rl r ) ) r U n Every Shorter Student is a member of the Sports Association. It is the aim of this organization to promote, not mastery, but an interest in sportsmanship and physical well being. SPORTS COUNCIL MEMBERS MIRIAM CATER ELEANOR GIBBONS TULU BRADSHAW CONNIE MARTIN VIRGINIA WALKE KATHERINE BARNWELL SADIE HANSARD BETTY BROWN MARY ELLEN McDOWELL SARA POTTS ANNE BETTS ALICE WOODALL ENOLA CROSS JEAN BARRON DOROTHY GAY MARTHA GOODE iuunsa S Swimming Hockey Horseback Fencing Driggars, Payne, Neisler - 1 F t Archery Baseball Golf Jj] BRADSHAW OFFICERS TULU BRADSHAW MIRIAM CATER MARY STANTON ELIZABETH CLARK CABINET CATER President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer TULU BRADSHAW MIRIAM CATER KATE GOODING MARY STANTON JANE BETTS BETTY BROWN ELIZABETH CLAkK SADIE HANSARD ENOLA CROSS LOTIS FREEMAN ALICE FUTRELLE ANNA GRUBB I YDUflf) I ii ' 5 lit TIJS J34J STflff Df 71J5 D33D From a maze of crumpled copy sheets, three type- writers which refuse to type, snapshots " pretty good, " " usable, " and " foul " a tired dummy, a grammar school math book, two rulers, no erasers, and a nice collection of furrowed brows, the 1941 ARGO is born. This year the staff has tried to present, through pictures, life at Shorter as it was in 1940-1941. It is our sincere hope that you will like the ARGO today as you see it for the first time and in later years will find some pleasant memories faithfully recorded. For his encouragement, advice and ex- cellent photographs, we wish to express our appre- ciation to Mr. Edwin Preston. Three on a Budget. .-,_ .,.__. mqgpilMiniigjViiir -Tqjjp-r- : MO- I Sine qua non. EDITORIAL STAFF KATE GOODING .... JANE FORRESTER DOROTHY CROWLEY . MARJORIE FAHY . . ALICE DORN . . . DOROTHY ANN FULLER . . . Editor Assistant Editor Junior Editor . Art Editor Snapshot Editor . Copy Editor BUSINESS STAFF MARX FRANCES LEE . Business Manaser STAFF MEMBERS ANNE BETTS FRANCES NEISLER BETTY FITZGERALD ANN NORMAN GRACE LESTER MARY STANTON KATHERINE MONOXELOS FRANCES WARNOCK The Triumvirate " All hope abandon STAFF MARY NIXON Editor-in-Chief JOY LYTLE Associate Editor ELEANOR GIBBONS . . . . Senior Assistant Editor MILDRED HARDEMAN . . Junior Assistant Editor GEDA BRADLEY. . . .Sophomore Assistant Editor JEAN BRIGHAM . . . . Freshman Assistant Editor LENORA WHITESIDE Business Manaser ELIZABETH TARPLEY . .Assistant Business Manager LAURIE MILHOLLIN . .Assistant Business Manager JEAN EDWARDS. . . .Assistant Business Manager NESSMITH LYTLE . . - Assistant Business Manager MARJORIE FAHY Art Editor MARTHA DEAN MOORE- . .Assistant Art Editor KATHERINE BARNWELL . . . Assistant Art Editor ALICE ALLEN Exchange Editor CAROLYN WALLACE. . . Editorial Staff Member BETTY BASKIN Book Reviews PEGGY BARGANIER . . . .Brickbats and Bouquets The Chimes is a literary magazine published quarterly by the students of the college. The contents are composed chiefly of original contributions from students, and its purpose is to foster and discover literary talent and creative ability among the stu- dents. . W?tkW HELEN HARRIS Editor ARAMINTA HARPER Assistant Editor MARTHA PACE News Editor PEGGY BARGANIER Sports Editor MARJORIE BELL Exchange Editor ANN SCHAUT Business Manager MARY E. McDOWELL . . Circulation Manager MISS LOUISE BENNET. . Alumnae Editor STAFF Feature: Seely, Bankhead, Stevens, Dorn. . . . Reportorial: Lee, McGrew, Crowley, Martin, Lester, Dodd, Monroe, Tarpley, Brakeman, Fuller. . . . Business: Seely, Groover, Ladson, Miller. VANN MARY VANN President VIRGINIA WALKE .... First Vice-President PEGGY BARGANIER . . Second Vice-President ALICE POTTS .. . Secretary BETTY BROWN ....... Treasurer The Eunomian Society, founded in 1879 as a liter- ary club, is now one of the two major social organ- izations on Shorter Hill. To our " Green and Green " hall we " go back " each Saturday night for lots of fun and frivolity. In our hearts we pride ourselves upon our modern Eunomian hall, so attractively dec- orated. When the new girls arrived, we rushed, rushed, and did more rushing, and each one of these days brought out something new and original about Eunomian girls. Throughout the year we get together and pro- claim: " Eunomian born, Eunomian bred; And when we die, we ' re Eunomians dead. " SflfiJHY MEMBERS MARGUERITE ACUFF RUTH ALTMAN DOT ARCHER MILDRED AVERY PEGGY BARGANIER JEAN BARRON BETTY BASKIN ANNETTE BATES BETTYE BITTEL TULU BRADSHAW MILDRED ALICE BRAKEMAN CATHERINE BREWER BETTY BROWN LOUISE BURK CATHERINE CAFFEY GRACE DEAN CALLAHAN MABLE CAMP ELLE CARSWELL CORNELIA CATER MIRIAM CATER MARY ALICE CHITTY ELIZABETH CLARK ENOLA CROSS DOT CROWLEY NELL DALE BETTY DANIEL CALLIE DANIEL ANNIE DAVIS ERA DAVIS DOROTHY ANN DODD KATHERINE DOOLY ALICE DORN THELMA DORSEY NANCY DUCKWORTH MARTHA EDMONDSON CHARLOTTE EDWARDS JEAN EDWARDS BILLIE FLEMING JANE FOSTER LOTIS FREEMAN DOROTHY ANN FULLER ALICE FUTRELLE DOROTHY GAY MARTHA GAYDEN MARX LEE GOFF PAULINE GRIEGER EMILY GUINN MARJORIE HAILEY FRANCES HAIRSTON SUE HALL SARA HAMILTON SADIE HANSARD MILDRED HARDEMAN ARAMINTA HARPER ELIZABETH HOGG MIRIAM HORTON ANDREA HOUSER BETTY JACKSON RACHEL JOHNSON SARA KEITH FRANCES KING MARTHA JEAN LEATH LEOHLA LEE MARX FRANCES LEE MARY ALIS LEMMONS GRACE LESTER JOY LYTLE NESSMITH LYTLE BESSIE MANN BONNIE JEAN MARLER CORNELIA McADAMS OLLIE MAE McCURRV MARY ELLEN McDOWELL RUTH MILLER KATHERINE MONOXELOS AGNES MOORE MARTHA ANSLEY MOORE MARTHA DEAN MOORE MARTHA DOYLE MOORE SARAH NICHOLS ANN NORMAN HELEN OWENS MARTHA PACE RUTH PATRICK ADDIE MITCHELL PERRY VIRGINIA PERRY LOUISE PLATT ALICE POTTS ELIZABETH POTTS KATHRYN POTTS SARA POTTS MILDRED PREWETT MARTHA RACKLEy BONNIE JEAN RENNER KATHLEEN ROSE MARGARET ANN r SELLS JOSEPHINE SCRUGGS MARY ELIZABETH SEIGLER MARJORIE SHEFFIELD CAROLYN ELIZABETH SMITH CAROLYN STEVENS JANE STEVENS ANNA SULLIVAN BETTY SUMMERALL ELIZABETH TARPLEY FRANCES TATUM JOSEPHINE TERHUNE MARY VANN MARY WALKER CAROLYN WALLACE MARGARET WALLACE VIRGINIA WALKE HELEN WANNAMAKER DOROTHY ANN WARE FRANCES WARNOCK VIRGINIA WATTS EDNA WHITELY JOSEPHINE WILLIS ELAINE WILSON ALICE WOODALL WILLIAMSON J EVELYN ADAMS ALICE ALLEN HILDA AMBERSON ISABEL ANDREWS VIRGINIA ARDEN JANICEARUNDEL FRIEDA BAGGETT VIRGINIA BAGWELL MARION BANKHEAD KATHERINE BARNWELL LILLA BARNWELL JANE BARRON EVELYN BATES CATHERINE BATTLE MARJORIEBELL ANNEBETTS JANEBETTS GEDA BRADLEY JEAN BRIGHAM MARY FRANCES BROACH LUCILE CASEY ANITA CHAPMAN KATHERINECLARK ANNELLECOALSON JEAN COPELAND ELLEN COSBY CLAIRE DAVIS EVELYN DRIGGARS MARGARET EDENFIELD MARJORIE FAHY IRENE FEATHERSTON BETTY FITZGERALD JANE FORRESTER WANDA FRENCH MEMBERS ELEANOR GIBBONS MARTHA GOODE KATEGOODING MARIEGRAHAM MARJORIEGREGORY MARY HILL GROOVER ANNAGRUBB JEAN GRUBB MARION GRUBB REGINA HACKETT BESSIE HAGGARD ANNEHARDIN HELEN HARRIS MARION HARRISON MIRIAM HAWKINS FRANCES HAYGOOD VIRGINIA HINE KATHRYNEHERRITAGE GENA HOGGARD GWENDOLYN HOOD ROXIEHORNE MARY HUBER ALYCE JOHNSTON CHARLOTTE JOLLEY MARY WILL JOLLY MARY FRANCES KELLY MARY LADSON MIRIAM LANIER SARA LOGAN REBECCA LUTTRELL MARY ALICE MANLEY VIRGINIA MARSHALL CAROLYN MARTIN CONSTANCE MARTIN MARY MARTIN KATHLEEN McCHARGUE ANNE McGREW ELOISEMcKENZIE LAURIE MILHOLLIN IONE MILLER SARA KATHERINE MIZELL BARBARA MONROE ELLEN MOORE REINE NEAL FRANCES NEISLER JEAN NEWSOME MARY NIXON MARGARET NORMAN GRACE PAYNE ANITA PEAVY FANNIE PHILLIPS MARGARET PITTMAN JOANNE PROUT JANE RAINEY MARY LOU REDDING MARY LOIS RHODES ANN SCHAUT ANNETTE SEELY VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD CAROLYN V. SMITH MARY STANTON EDYTHE TAYLOR CONSTANCE TERRELL HARRIETWHISNANT LENORA WHITESIDE JANEWILLIAMSON ISABEL WILLIAMSON KATHLEEN WILSON SYBIL WOODWARD ANNE WRIGHT SARA YATES MFOREJB :: ; - year wilt jj | SflfiJHY OFFICERS ISABEL WILLIAMSON President CLAIRE DAVIS First Vice-President LENORA WHITESIDE .... Second Vice-President JANE FORRESTER Secretary CONNIE MARTIN Treasurer Since 1879 the Polymnian Society has functioned as a major element in the social activities at Shorter. During the years following its founding the organization has been character- ized by a constant growth in prestige and in membership. This year has proved a most successful one for us Polym- nians. Each Saturday night we have met in our hall, where we have enjoyed amusing programs and have had lots of fun singing those good old Poly songs. Needless to say, our fre- quent after-dinner coffees and special celebrations had much to do with boosting the society spirit. So we ' re closing this year with the firm belief that through loyalty to the Red, White, and Green, Mammy ' s chillun will soon return to Shorter to enjoy another year of fun together. 111 GOODING OFFICERS KATE GOODING President TULU BRADSHAW Vice-President ELEANOR GIBBONS Secretary MIRIAM CATER Treasurer The Key Club is composed of the heads of all the major organizations on the campus. Its purpose is to bring about closer contact between the students and the administra- tion and through joint cooperation work for the best in- terests of the college. MEMBERS HILDA AMBERSON BETTY BASKIN TULU BRADSHAW MIRIAM CATER JANE FORRESTER ELEANOR GIBBONS KATE GOODING MIRIAM HORTON MARY FRANCES LEE MARY NIXON ALICE POTTS MARY VANN HELEN WANNAMAKER ISABEL WILLIAMSON JANE BETTS ELIZABETH CLARK MILDRED HARDEMAN ARAMINTA HARPER HELEN HARRIS EDYTHE TAYLOR MARY FRANCES BROACH ANN SCHAUT JOSEPHINE WILLIS - JSWU 101 GA I I The Argonaut Society is the senior honorary society or- ganized in 1931. Its members are chosen for the promo- tion of student honor, the maintenance of high standards of scholarship and the encouragement of a wholehearted allegiance to the ideals of Shorter College. MEMBERS SARA LOU BRADSHAW KATHARINE GOODING MARY VANN HELEN WANNAMAKER ISABEL WILLIAMSON ALUMNAE MEMBERS JEAN CLECKLER, ' 31 SARA HUGHES BETTY NEWTON MARGARET OWEN CLARA MARTIN GUERRY, ' 32 MARX HARBIN JOSEPHINE HARDMAN CLYDE EZELL, ' 33 MARTHA COLLINS, ' 34 AGNES CREE CELESTE TERRELL ANN WIMBISH JULIA CLARK, ' 35 ROSE DuPREE AMZIE NEWTON REBECCA RISH MARGARET WALDEN LOUIE CLARK, ' 36 HELEN HARVEX NANCY MCLAUGHLIN ' .V V ANNAMAKER LILA NORMAN GRACE TARVER MARX BXRD MARTIN, ' 37 ELEANOR THORNTON MARY MARGARET WHITTON ELIZABETH WILLIAMS ADA BETH JARMAN, ' 38 CAROLINE SHIELDS JULE LAMBERT ELIZABETH TARVER (Alumnae Member) MARGARET NEWHARD DOROTHY NEWHARD LUCY QUILLIAN PATTY BRADLEY ELLEN BRADSHAW ELIZABETH GROOVER, ' 40 HELEN DENT HELEN FRANKLIN filJJS The Camerata Club is composed of students major- ing in music. The outstanding activities of the group are presentation of visiting artists to the college and its own production, The Camerata Follies. OFFICERS MIRIAM CATER President CLAIRE DAVIS Vice-President FRANCES TATUM . . . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS VIRGINIA ARDEN MIRIAM CATER MARY ALICE CHITTY ANNELLE COALSON CLAIRE DAVIS JANE FOSTER ANNA GRUBB MARJORIE HAILEY SUE HALL GWENDOLYN HOOD BETTY JACKSON RACHEL JOHNSON MARY ALIS LEMMONS FRANCES NEISLER RUTH PATRICK GRACE PAYNE FANNIE PHILLIPS JOANNE PROUT JOSEPHINE SCRUGGS MARY ELIZABETH SEIGLER MARGARET ANNE SELLS MARJORIE SHEFFIELD CAROLYN E. SMITH CAROLYN V. SMITH EDYTHE TAYLOR DOROTHY ANN WARE KATHLEEN WILSON SARA YATES CATER DAVIS OFFICERS EDYTHE TAYLOR President MARJORIE HAILEY .... Vice-President JOSEPHINE SCRUGGS . Secretary and Treasurer MARY ALICE CHITTY Accompanist BIU3 TAYLOR VIRGINIA ARDEN CALLIE DANIEL CLAIRE DAVIS MARJORIE HAILEY BETTY JACKSON RACHEL JOHNSON CAROLYN E. SMITH JOSEPHINE SCRUGGS EDYTHE TAYLOR SARA YATES ANNETTE BATES EVELYN BATES MEMBERS EVELYN DRIGGARS SUE HALL MARGARET SELLS JANE STEVENS FRANCES TATUM FRANCES WARNOCK MARGUERITE ACUFF RUTH ALTMAN JEAN BARRON DOROTHY GAY MARY ALIS LEMMONS NESSMITH LYTLE MILDRED ALICE BRAKEMAN FRANCES NEISLER KATHERINE BREWER FANNIE PHILLIPS DOROTHY DODD ALICE WOODALL GRACE LESTER The aims of the International Relations Club are to give its members the opportunity for scientific study of current international problems in a non-partisan spirit and without propagandist aims. The success of the club is due to a large extent to the interest of the faculty adviser, Miss Clara Louise Kellogg. ' ' . ' ; ' OFFICERS MIRIAM NORTON President CATHERINE CAFFEY Vice-President SARA LOGAN Secretary ELIZABETH POTTS , Treasurer MEMBERS HILDA AMBERSON RUTH ALTMAN FRIEDA BAGGETT KATHERINE BARNWELL BETTY BROWN CATHERINE CAFFEY LUCILE CASEY KATHERINE DOOLY IRENE FEATHERSTON SARAH HAMILTON SADIE HANSARD LENORA ROXIE HORNE MIRIAM HORTON SARA LOGAN MARTHA ANSLEY MOORE MARTHA DOYLE MOORE MARY NIXON ELIZABETH POTTS SARA POTTS MARTHA RACKLEY ANN SCHAUT CAROLYN WALLACE WHITESIDE HORTON ftipwi mum TJJJJ Kappa Gamma Tau is composed of students ma- joring in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathe- matics. Its purpose is the furtherance of knowledge in these four subjects. At the regular monthly meet- ings one of these departments has charge of the program. OFFICERS BETTY BASKIN President BETTY FITZGERALD Vice-President ELIZABETH CLARK Secretary HELEN HARRIS Treasurer BASKIN MARGUERITE ACUFF BETTY BASKIN MARION BANKHEAD KATHERINE BARNWELL JANE BETTS MILDRED ALICE BRAKEMAN CATHERINE CAFFEY CORNELIA CATER ELIZABETH CLARK MEMBERS ANNELLE COALSON DOROTHY ANN DODD BETTY FITZGERALD JANE FOSTER ANNA GRUBB HELEN HARRIS VIRGINIA HINE MARTHA JEAN LEATH JOY LYTLE VIRGINIA MARSHALL CAROLYN MARTIN CONNIE McADAMS SARAH NICHOLS MARY NIXON ALICE POTTS ANNA SULLIVAN HELEN WANNAMAKER FRANCES WARNOCK ALICE WOODALL Le Cercle Francais is an affiliated member of the Alliance Francaise and is open only to active merit students of French and former merit stu- dents. The work of the Cercle is supplementary to that of the classroom, and there are eight meetings during the year. LEE OFFICERS MARY FRANCES LEE President ELEANOR GIBBONS Vice-President KATHERINE BARNWELL Secretary GRACE LESTER Treasurer HILDA AMBERSON KATHERINE BARNWELL LILLA BARNWELL ANNEBETTS GEDA BRADLEY MILDRED ALICE BRAKEMAN MARY FRANCES BROACH ERA DAVIS MARTHA EDMONDSON MARJORIE FAHY LOTIS FREEMAN ELEANOR GIBBONS MEMBERS KATEGOODING EMILY GUINN MARJORIE HAILEY HELEN HARRIS ELIZABETH HOGG MARY FRANCES LEE GRACE LESTER SARA LOGAN BESSIE MANN BONNIEJEAN MARLER VIRGINIA MARSHALL CAROLYN MARTIN KATHLEEN McCHARGUE LOUISEPLATT ADDIE MITCHELL PERRY VIRGINIA PERRY ANN SCHAUT MARY STANTON ANNA SULLIVAN VIRGINIA WALKE HELEN WANNAMAKER FRANCES WARNOCK VIRGINIA WATTS SYBIL WOODWARD u D JTT s ? i a v Advanced speech students and others who successfully try out compose this group. Each year several plays are pre- sented. OFFICERS JANE FORRESTER . . EVELYN DRIGGARS . DOROTHY CROWLEY President Vice-President . Secretary PEGGY BARGANIER, Business Manager MEMBERS EVELYN ADAMS ALICE ALLEN MARION BANKHEAD PEGGY BARGANIER JANE BARRON JEAN BARRON MARJORIE BELL ANNEBETTS JANEBETTS BETTYEBITTEL GEDA BRADLEY JEAN BRIGHAM MARY FRANCES BROACH ELLECARSWELL ANITA CHAPMAN ENOLA CROSS DOTCROWLEY ANNIE DAVIS EVELYN DRIGGARS MARGARET EDENFIELD MARTHA EDMONDSON BETTY FITZGERALD JANE FORRESTER LOTIS FREEMAN DOROTHY ANN FULLER DOROTHY GAY MARTHA GAYDEN MARIEGRAHAM POLLY GRIEGER EMILY GUINN REGINA HACKETT SARAH HAMILTON MILDRED HARDEMAN ANNE HARDIN ARAMINTA HARPER KATHRYNEHERRITAGE TILLIEHOOD BETTY JACKSON RACHEL JOHNSON FRANCES KING MIRIAM LANIER MARY ALICE MANLEY CAROLYN MARTIN MARY MARTIN CONNIE McADAMS OLLIE MAE McCURRY KATHLEEN McCHARGUE ANNEMcGREW IONE MILLER RUTH MILLER KATHERINE MONOXELES BARBARA MONROE MARTHA PACE LOUISE PLATT ALICE POTTS MARTHA RACKLEY BONNIE JEAN RENNER ANN SCHAUT ANNETTE SEELY PEGGY SELLS MARY STANTON JANE STEVENS ELIZABETH TARPLEY CONNIETERRELL MARY VANN HELEN WANNAMAKER FRANCES WARNOCK JANE WILLIAMSON JOSEPHINEWILLIS Daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, and sisters of Shorter alumnae make up the Gamma Delta Club. It helps to carry on the Shorter traditions and sponsors the registration of all future members of the club. OFFICERS TULU BRADSHAW President CONNIE MARTIN . . Secretary BETTY BROWN . Treasurer MEMBERS MARGUERITE ACUFF ISABEL ANDREWS MARION BANKHEAD ANNE BETTS JANE BETTS GEDA BRADLEY TULU BRADSHAW BETTY BROWN ELLE CARSWELL ENOLA CROSS ERA DAVIS MARJORIE FAHY BETTY FITZGERALD JANE FORRESTER DOROTHY GAY MARY LEE GOFF BESSIE HAGGARD ARAMINTA HARPER MARION HARRISON MIRIAM HAWKINS VIRGINIA HINE GWENDOLYN HOOD MARY HUBER SARA KEITH MARTHA JEAN LEATH MARY ALICE MANLEY BESSIE MANN CONNIE MARTIN LAURIE MILHOLLIN MARTHA DOYLE MOORE SARAH NICHOLS MARY NIXON MARTHA PACE RUTH PATRICK GRACE PAYNE LOUISE PLATT EDYTHE TAYLOR CONNIE TERRELL MARY WALKER HARRIET WHISNANT ISABEL WILLIAMSON JANE WILLIAMSON ANNE WRIGHT OFFICERS MILDRED HARDEMAN President SARAH HAMILTON Secretary ALICE WOODALL Treasurer MEMBERS MARGUERITE ACUFF MARION BANKHEAD SARAH LOGAN CONNIE McADAMS BARBARA MONROE MARTHA ANSLEY MOORE MARTHA PACE LOUISE PLATT JANE STEVENS BETTY SUMMER ALL ELIZABETH TARPLEY ' v CATER OFFICERS MIRIAM CATER President ARAMINTA HARPER Vice-President BETTY FITZGERALD . . Secretary and Treasurer The Y. W. A. is composed of the Baptist students of Shorter and is a branch of the Woman ' s Mis- sionary Union of the First Baptist Church in Rome. The Town Girls ' Club is an orsanization of the Rome students. Its aims are to promote closer fellowship among the day students and closer contact with the entire college community. OFFICERS HILDA AMBERSON JOY LYTLE . . BETTY BASK IN President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer CAROLYN ARNALL HILDA AMBERSON KATHERINE BARNWELL LILLA BARNWELL JANE BARRON BETTY BASKIN LOUISE BURK GRACE DEAN CALLAHAN MABLE CAMP LUCILE CASEY NELL DALE ERA DAVIS KATHERINE DOOLY THELMA DORSEY MEMBERS CHARLOTTE EDWARDS MARJORIE FAHY IRENE FEATHERSTON BILLIE FLEMING ELEANOR GIBBONS FRANCES HAIRSTON VIRGINIA HINE ELIZABETH HOGG CHARLOTTE JOLLEY MARY WILL JOLLY SARA LOGAN JOY LYTLE NESSMITH LYTLE CAROLYN MARTIN KATHLEEN McCHARGUE ELOISE McKENZIE ' AGNES MOORE REINE NEAL MARY NIXON ADDIE MITCHELL PERRY VIRGINIA PERRY MILDRED PREWETT KATHLEEN ROSE BETTY SHERMAN JOSEPHINE TERHUNE MARGARET WALLACE VIRGINIA WATTS ELAINE WILSON SYBIL WOODWARD . We are the dancers of Shorter. During the year, and especially at our " formal " in the spring, we range from waltzers to jitterbugs; and we love every step of it. MEMBERS DOT ARCHER PEGGY BARGANIER TULU BRADSHAW MARY FRANCES BROACH BETTY BROWN MARY ALICE CHITTY CLAIRE DAVIS ALICE DORN LOTIS FREEMAN DOT ANN FULLER DOT GAY EMILY GUINN REGINAHACKETT ROXIEHORNE MARY HUBER MARY FRANCES KELLY RUTH MILLER ANITAPEAVY ANN SCHAUT PEGGY SELLS HELEN WANNAMAKER ALICE WOODALL ANNEWRIGHT SARA YATES We girls were chosen for our amazing ability to " do nothing " in that typical " lazy Southern way. " During the year we hold numerous meetings at which the pledges are permitted to present amusing entertainment. Aside from that, we spend our time " socializing " and making it known that we ' re true to the soaring standards of the top-hat, tie, and tails. MEMBERS DOT ARCHER TULU BRADSHAW MARY FRANCES BROACH ANNELLE COALSON CLAIRE DAVIS JANE FORRESTER KATE GOODING REGINA HACKETT ROXIE HORNE MARY HUBER RUTH MILLER ANN NORMAN VIRGINIA WALKE HELEN WANNAMAKER LENORA WHITESIDE ISABEL WILLIAMSON ALICE WOODALL THUDS Ironic though it may seem, a Thug wins her name by being one of the loyal supporters of the aims and ideals of the Eunomian Society. After a full year of initiation, the pledges step into the rea classification of a Thug. DOT ARCHER PEGGY BARGANIER TULU BRADSHAW BETTY BROWN MARY ALICE CHITTY LIZ CLARK ALICE DORN LOTIS FREEMAN MARJORIE HAILEY ARAMINTA HARPER MEMBERS MARY FRANCES LEE BESSIE MANN RUTH MILLER KATHERINE MONOXELOS ANN NORMAN ALICE POTTS MARY VANN VIRGINIA WALKE HELEN WANNAMAKER ALICE WOODALL 10 t ih t. fiiJJD We H. O. T. ' s are really quite nice girls! You see, we were elected to membership in this honorary club for our loyalty to and support of the Polymnian Society. Throughout the year we ' ve had lots of fun making plans for the society and enjoying frequent social gatherings. MEMBERS MARJORIE BELL ANNELLE COALSON CLAIRE DAVIS BETTY FITZGERALD JANE FORRESTER ELEANOR GIBBONS KATE GOODING HELEN HARRIS CONNIE MARTIN GRACE PAYNE MARY STANTON EDYTHE TAYLOR LENORA WHITESIDE ISABEL WILLIAMSON MEMBERS DMJi BIJJ3 TULU BRADSHAW JANE FORRESTER CONNIE MARTIN ANN NORMAN ALICE POTTS MARY STANTON MARY VANN VIRGINIA WALKE HELEN WANNA 1 ISABEL WILLIAMS " ER PLEDGES MARY FRANCES BROACH MARY ALICE CHITTY ENOLA CROSS LOTIS FREEMAN ROXIEHORNE CAROLYN MARTIN MARTHA PACE ANN SCHAUT ALICE WOODALL ANNEWRIGHT fl When the moon plays peek-a-boo, And the stars shine down on you, Senior class Is here, O Sophomores dear. To sing once again to you; In our hearts you ' re resident, And for you our love is meant; So we ' ll sing tonight, While the stars shine bright And the moon plays peek-a-boo. If you love-a us Like we love-a you, We ' ll tell the world anew What Juliet and Bo, That old Romeo, Taught us so long ago: Senior class is High-Minded; B ' lieve to my soul they ' re double-j ' inted; They can work and don ' t mind It All day long. Sophomore class is High-Minded; B ' lieve to me soul they ' re double-j ' inted; They can work and don ' t mind it All day long. May Day, 1940, presented an adaptation of James Thur- ber ' s The Last Flower in dance, with a choral speaking ac- companiment. The performance was under the direction of Miss Harriet Garrett, Mrs. A. H. Richardson and Ara- minta Harper. Anna Elizabeth Brannen, of Moultrie, and eleven maids reigned over the celebration. Jfl fl V Da v COURT ANNA ELIZABETH BRANNEN . . . . Moultrie, Ga. MAY QUEEN VIRGINIA LANGDALE Valdosta,Ga. MAID OF HONOR SUJETTE COOLEDGE Atlanta, Ga. JUNIOR MAID OF HONOR AUGUSTA ANDREWS Columbus, Ga. NANCY COOPER Rome, Ga. NELLE DAVID Columbus, Ga. HELEN DENT Lockhart, S. C. HELEN FRANKLIN Leesburg, Fla. ELIZABETH GROOVER Boston, Ga. MARY LOUISE HUFFMAN Winchester, Tenn. INEZ JOHNSON Opp.Ala. MARY JONES Newnan, Ga. DAPHNE WHELESS Tifton, Ga. From top to bottom: " The young girl began to take an interest in how she looked. " . . . " The liberators, under the guidance of God, set fire to the discontent. " . . . " So presently the world was at war again. " . . . On Shorter Hill they crowned a queen. ... And she saw THE LAST FLOWER come to life. PICTURE Of THE !J E fl R The " Beauts " of the Institute. First row, left to right: Mr. and Mrs. Santa at the Chirstmas party. . . . Ring it, Gibby. . . . That 5 o ' clock feeling. . . . Pledges Do-Nothing, Thug, Cotillion, H. O. T. Second row: Georgia-Auburn! . . . Sunday night. . . . Blitz Kreig. Third row: Where did I leave that other bed? . . . And so they lived happily ever after. . . . Claustrophobia? . . . At home, 300- 302 V. H. Study Slump. First row, left to right: Parallel reading. . . . Sister rats. . . . Server dig- nity I . . . Going to Chapel, Dot? . . . Caroline Smith and likewise. . . . Back to classes! . . . Interior decoration. Second row: Casting her sweet- ness on the desert air. . . . Miss Gardner tastes " Leaves of Grass. " . . . Rhumboogit . . . . Term paper. . . . Mr. Smith, will you. . . . Twin archers. . . . Dual personality. rip Top row, left to right: Sill-y sun-bather. . . . Can ' t you take the inside, Mrs. B? . . . Taming of the Shrew? Center row: Snow ' n Owens. . . . Thought tempters. Bottom row: Y. W. Thanksgiving baskets. . . . Coun- cil installation. Cl laps Top to bottom, left: Siesta. . . . Right: Ruth and the Bates. . . Lab-lizards. . . . And people wonder why Freshmen gain weight. . . . Across: Music majors at home. . . . Leg-lure. . . . Window shopping. . . . Below: Party preparations. . . . Beauty Top row, left to right: Shopping service. . . . Semblance of a study. . . . From grapes to math, Betty? Second row: S. O. S., or see our soles. . . . Over the fence is out. . . . The nit-wits. The Garrett grin. . . . Archery class. Bot- tom: Bubble bath. SUPERLATIVES The Student Body has selected nine girls who best exemplify those traits which every Shorter girl possesses. It is with pride that the 1941 ARGO presents the Superlatives and Most Representative students of this year. IDERL SHORTER GIRL HELEn LUflnnflfllflKER QUEER VERSflTILE I SPORTSfimilLIKE ELERDOR GIBBORS REPRESEIlTinG THE T III R GIRLS BETiy BflSKfO REPRE5ERTIRG THE JURIORS REPRESEDTinG THE S P H fll R E S REPRESEDTIDG THE f R E S H fll E II : (! at Shorter As selected and ranked By McClelland Barclay fRDIHES REISLER HlJlfl CLRIRE DAVIS (HRRTHfl GOODE (III! RLICE flflllE WRIGHT 5RRR KRTHERIflE TO 1 Z E L L Hotel GREYSTONE ROME ' S NEWEST HOTEL Next Door to DeSoto VICK ' S CONFECTIONERY PERRAN L. DAVIS, Mgr. Complete Fountain Service Modern in every Respect PLENTY OF SEATING ROOM Compliments of . . . BIG STAR SUPER MARKET DAILY SAVINGS on Well Known Brands Owen Lively hotograp her C. T. JERVIS DRUG CO. " The Best Lunches in Town " 207 Broad Street Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. nflTionflLDiscounnompflny COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE FINANCING 10 FIFTH AVENUE ROME, GEORGIA A Local Company Remember . When you start that new home. There ' s a just right PEPPERELL SHEET FOR EVERY BED PABRJCS FOR EVERY BUDGET Pepperell MANUFACTURING COMPANY EXECUTIVE OFFICES: 160 STATE STREET, BOSTON SALES OFFICES: New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Fran- cisco, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis. PLANTS: Biddeford, Me., Lindale, Ga., Lewiston, Me., Fall River, Mass., Opelika, Ala. Compliments of TUBIZE CHRTILLOn CORPORRTIOR MANUFACTURERS RCETRTE ROD VISCOSE 2 PARK AVENUE nEUJ yoRK my PLANTS AT ROfllE, GEORGIfl HOPEU1ELL JIRGIRIfl LADY PEPPERELL LAUNDRY Qtte QU Qwe LAUNDRY - DRY CLEANING RUG CLEANING - SHOE REPAIRING " We o. a Citizens Federal Savings Loan Association 505 Broad Street ROME, GA. Drink " Best By Taste Test Stop Here STERCH I ' S And Save Shorter Girls Welcome . S. H. KRESS COMPANY IT ' S on SHORTER CAMPUS Rome Bottling Co. Rogers-Morton Company, Inc. Dealers in GROCERIES, FEED, GRAIN 107 Broad Street Telephone 3801 OWENS HARDWARE COMPANY ' We Have It " Shorter College is an important community asset. Dedicated to the best ideals in education, it serves as an important cultural purpose not only in Rome, but throughout Georgia and many other states. The National City Bank is proud to number among its patrons both faculty members and pupils of Shorter College. OFFICERS JOHN M. GRAHAM President S. H. SMITH Chairman of Boant L. N. SHAHAN, JR. Vice-Presiilent W. S. COTHRAN Vice-Presitlent J. A. PALMER Cashier E. L. FORD Assistant Cashier R. C. GILMER Assistant Cashier MARION H. MOORE Assistant Cashier Mcl KIRK D The National City Bank of Rome DIRECTORS A. A. CHAPMAN W. S. COTHRAN JOHN M. GRAHAM J. M. GRAHAM, JR. E. P. HARVEY G. L. HIGHT ISAAC MAY T. B. OWENS JOHN W. QUARLHS L. N. SHAHAN, JR. GEO. B. SMITH J. B. SULLIVAN S. H. SMITH O. P. WlLLINGHAM GRAD Compliments of McLELLAN STORE CO. KIRKLAND MOTOR CO. DODGE - - PLYMOUTH COMMERCIAL CARS AND TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE Phone 6543 STATE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY (A Mtitital Legal Reserve Life Insurance Co.) Our Compliments to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1941 209 Broad Street ROME, GA. Smart College Fashions At Thrifty Prices Broad Street at Third Avenue Compliments of ROME HARDWARE CO. Dial 3606 Opposite Post Office Compliments of DUNCAN TAXI HOTEL GENERAL FORREST NEW MODERN FIREPROOF " We Serve the Finest Foods in the South " McGOWAN DRUG CO. Whitman Candy Prescriptions PHONE 5356 PHONE 5357 Corner 3rd Avenue and Broad KIRTON DAIRIES PASTEURIZED and RAW MILK PRODUCTS PHONES: DAY AND NIGHT 761 500 SHORTER AVENUE Compliments of H. KESSLER COMPANY Compliments of SILVER ' S tf to $1.00 Store JULE C. NEAL PHARMACIST Everything the Shorter Girl Needs Phones 1107-8 BROAD at 2nd AVENUE r STRONG BONDS OF FRIENDSHIP Each passing year we are deeply con- scious of the traditional friendship which exists between Shorter College and our Georgia-owned, operated and managed hotel. With pride and honor we salute the Class of 1941! HENRY GRADY HOTEL On Peacbfree Street ATLANTA, GEORGIA A MODERN STORE ... For ... MODERNS ESSCCA4AN CO. Still Serving The Generations Of Sorter Girls With The Sophisticated Fashions Of Their Moment THE FAHY STORE Established 187) SOUTHERN DAIRIES ICE CREAM For Finer Ice Cream APPROPRIATE PARTY NOVELTIES PHONE 41 03 ROME, GA. THE J. KUTTNER COMPANY NEW FASHIONS A charming collection of new clothes for every hour of the day, with smartest accessories to match. NEW SPORTSWEAR SHIRTS JODPHURS PLAY SUITS GIBSON DcJOURNETTE Wholesale Grocers ROME GEORGIA NATIONAL CLEANERS Phone 3459 305 East 1st Street RIEGELDALE TAVERN TRION, GEORGIA The Tavern is always glad to welcome Shorter students and faculty. Arrangements may be made in advance for parties or groups of any size. Compliments THE FRUIT COMPANY THE TEXAS COMPANY GEORGE P. BYRD, Consignee Rome Georgia PHONE 1024 HENRY STEWART We Specialize in Cleaning Evening Gowns and Storing Your Furs 405 2ND AVE. ROME, GA. BUSY BEE CAFE Rome ' s Leading Restaurant COMPLIMENTS of MONTGOMERY WARD COMPANY Rome ' s Only Complete Department Store Compliments of Huffman-Salmon Grocery Co. 240 BROAD ST. and ALABAMA RD. OUT AT ... HUFF ' S PHARMACY The Place for Delicious BARBE Q AND TOASTED SANDWICHES Shorter Students Always Welcome COMPLIMENTS of MERITA BREAD CAKE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS HARBIN HOSPITAL W. F. Willis Service Station BROAD ST. - 6TH AVE. Yale Tires, Pure Batteries and Accessories ROME, GA. DIAL 6811 McBRAVER BROS. Home of Good Furniture and Music for over 35 years DALTON ROME CEDARTOWN ENJOY . . . LILY PURE ICE CREAM " One of the Good Things of Life. " While comparatively new to people in Rome, we hope we may merit your confidence that Lily Pure Ice Cream is strictly a Quality product. Our Demonstration Room is located at 500 Second Avenue. We are glad to have Shorter students and faculty visit us there. LILY ICE CREAM COMPANY ANNISTON, ALA. GADSDEN, ALA. ROME, GA. Congratulations and Best Wishes FOR THE CLASS OF 1941 ANDREW A. COOPER INSURANCE HAPPYVALE FLOUR MILL SWEET LILY FLOUR Phone 6663 Rome, Ga. Compliments of FOX MANUFACTURING CO. FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS To Our Advertisers: The 1941 ARGO staff wishes to express its appreciation. To the Students Let ' s make this our motto: " PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS " SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating ' planning layout and design ' typesetting ' printing lithographing and binding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services include a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment -modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTING LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING ATLANTA YERRBOOK 115 -119 LUCKIE STREET ATLANTA GEORGIA BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS Peachtree Studio tl!M Negatives of your annual pictures are kept on file. From these you may have finished photographs. 1 y

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