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 - Class of 1942

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5? E Z4 -,,.-1 -Q,-:-j,,v"' 1 5' 5' Y if 9' '52, lH 4 5 W fill, lflllffffc I Z ZZ 7 f ' f I .-5: My E K FZ' Q9 ff 2 3' RPM' ff E.-EEE? S YF s " J, N ar f' ' ' Y' fum y Q! A r 4 14 4, X X- 5 IN V ll - 4 I MA , " 2 I 41 Y 9 jf " ' - ' ' Q ' 'TEL ff f ' -'F - -T L? ' 4 x f MM! ! 11 -,-dv Q X QWQR Qe, NSN NN eX sin? 4-2. gave. ani 0 eb MBV-N 55 Q, ANN X RNA 0? 9 IN 1 at as adb. vemecnxr ends and 'Y e. A W 'Eames-, Quai e. cw U56 Q65 l e.. A vs A 101 'X S ' 'B Q. ma wa. G 9. 'WS f ' Fw. SQL NMFS- VBDW V-'N iuYN Xracx over lcese XENA Ynfx er' :Sw iv-x CW UXUQ O ' bu. KN 5 0 - I oo . X5 '. wifi' a0! ,L,JfA,7a,..,Lf, ZZ!-A-1 Lm.w1 IL! Aw lo-7 rf -f Wim? r WHA ' Vfzealwlwwiwchfb . . Aamnnagfffii S TAF EDITOR 'I 'ef '+I GENE GROSSMAN BUSINESS MGR, DARGARET SNYDER ART EDITOR max xcscx 9. Q. SENIOR REP. my 4' ' 1 . . n os ED G VER . Y J L0 X "' Assxsrmr Enrron .' I . f C ' ' '-. x If JIIKYE LEE GUTHRIE ASST. BUSINESS HOB.. 44" BARNEY CARDWELL ART EDITOR of . f PAULA VAUGHN SOCIETY EDITOR -:riff PATSY ROBINSON 1 'Q Hg ' f S - .1 f HENRY GLEGHORN SPORTS EDITOR My 3 -5 v-rj? NHELBA BURNETT CALENDAR EDITOR IJ" 'i HERSHELL HATTER I-IIMOR EDITOR I-65 JA K GOWIN CLYDE WRIGHT KODAK KODAK EDITOR yifw SCI-IO OL BOARD ,7 Martin H. F. Harmel 1912 1 Mm! 4 ... .---.-1 1 S ?-'ii'-fi'- Y .Inn-1 - Q A -:QA if if Ln ii E:-...-:-. i h:.:-Q.. 2 5 Eu.- 5 1. I E..-:.. 5 i !:.:.-.... ----1 -l si ' QcId.:.,, n v :L A R QILLL ip-A..-hndti' la in ku -s 5 t v H, ,1 HDOE HRK SNS CUTTHGQ H GYKWHS IUO In troublesome times like these today, we face a great crises. To of the United States, defense is a ' National Unity. For young men and women of our public school, the term defense must have a two fold meaning. It must mean protection of our way of life and protection against the time when ones occupation is to be thought of. It is my sincere desire that each student in our school meet both these emergencies in a satisfactory manner. fzfwl' M WWW 071, meet and solve our problems, we must 4 ' p epare in advance. For all citizens ,V , V Q T 'x 5: u V u To the Graduates of 1942: May I com end you upon your achievement of graduation frgm Seymour High it has meant on your part As you with strife, School. I know that much self-denial up- to attain this goal. enter a world torn it is my sincere prayer you will forever be able to PHY PeSDect to the Stars and Stripes of Freedom rather than homage to Hitler. Your friend, . fri. ,,,, 1 . we fm ' my X ,, 0+ 1 A22 . -'H MQMMAJAJ "Ar Miss Ruby Lee Shipp Mrs. W A. Baker English Soci Science 'E-sl' Mr. Odell Wlnter Physical Education QQ Miss Dorothy Coffey Mathematics Mr.'Nick'0wen Vocational Agriculture 'Wh -W lj JM iw Ml W' ' -'ft dll! 'TF' yglyfjfdiso Ma aff' Jones 1:5 Speech Miss E1oiee'Wi11iams Miss Loreta Morton Librarian Home Economics Mr. Don Taylor Band Mathematics 'F x A '1lP Miss Flora Yarbrough English Mr. Oscar Lightfoot lr. larcovm Shockley ,N av' Assistant Coaoh Eight Grade Ria 'Y' Commerce Mathematics Typing '55 fo- JK Miss Harriet Pruitt Home Eoono ios 1-ln 1 -BS 1 I: Miss Wilma Olsen " g, Secretary K . ,KJ f 2,1 , X M188 Tri! 5061111 Miss Dorothy Yarbrough .. ' - Physical spanish and mgnsh X Education S A' H' Kmp Miss Catherine James Hama Economies as-if -5? v ' ' f-4 lx 'L f F4 x x on f rx f X 'T ., N HN - X f 'Cffx hs 11 PTBS1d6Dt Vice Presldent QS' CLIFTON ST CLAIR TROY CALDWELL The best of presidents Handsome I l 1 Can do, and does. Popular I I I ,.' BLTH BASKIN BETSY ANN JONES Dramatically HYBS, Shana inclined lovable." '5'-5' Secretary and Treasurer Reporter M188 Jones Miss shlpp Sponsor Sponsor 'WW nn WI'TP MAGGIE LEE BROTHERS Always ready to do her part. 1 JPY' pufw 4 ofwfdxi , ,N I ,J4gpufwnLzAQ mf flfopfax, mom ELLT1 GRACE BLEDS There is a task More fun! :for all ---- I gguess mine is ' talk. ff , ' mfwfrwfffff m I J e1ff,ae4Lwf' Q gdgifrf If MM W ' ' - ind- :"' 0'-oc -n-qi.. FFASER BOONE Well, I'll tell you ? ,I BARNEY CARDWELL His 1ife-art-- Pastime-schoo1- EDDIE MAE Bnooxs FZ HARRISON Outstanding ---- Dark dream her red hair. girl. , 'QQ 5,4-4-,4' 4 ' , 4. , ,v f :HW I 'K I YEIV M LBA BURNET A wonderful person to know. Mbgmgksgjxcoofsn- 1 U Nsron CROWELL Nuofy buf3nioef'sL keh On' isqyievous but Y af emeglgorious. s 'A -Lxlwj .lAL,LAfx-g,-, ,,,, jx, A . 4 Irvin? ffxglyoi freiii f5LJ1 iq- L1 . AMJJ ? n K-,J 9,31 me WM Y rf '- A ,Q 3 1 L RES COX ,ff ' RICHARD DORMIER He'l1 make a fortune on a mouse machine. b OOMPH Girl I LUELLA FINDLEY , ,I She possesses a 7 good brain which she uses often. 4? 'vs K 1-A Pm-4' HANNAH W. C. DODD gum is Never Weary her magnificent but bright 5 ,jf-obsession and cheery. 2:5 S13 BILLY GOLDEN His wise rare smile. 65? MARY BELL HARRIS ' FRANK FANCHER Modest smile and Well aged--- 1 a winning person- his jokes. 44?i.'7'L X amy' f ,.. X -aiwwf f f' ,-1' gr. I I "f" , gstzur HENRY DENNING He values an education. i 1' WINONA GAINES A quiet mouth conceals a busy brain. i. -vs"" f',,5 HENRY GLEGHOHN 5' JOE ED GLGVER Jmmm: LEE Grrrmun I '33 Big little She has a way with guy! the boys . GRACE MGGUIRE Hm mm-B:sket- - jg Short but ban 30- of life JACK GOWIN ff H mf He blows his 3 GENE GROSSMAN DORIS MASSEY Hello, pipe Ouiot, but 1here's Gene? industrious. LEAH NICHOLSON filer mind never own in the band, ' wanders -to pjfher books. 414441706 f ,,L,V1,-,LL HERSBELL HATTER HARIE JORDAN 24 karat football Determination 7 player. Plus' f y WW? vfjf, W I JAMES Jozmsron He'knows his bookkeeping- and how I I LEE LYON W friend to all know him. A , 2 iff? fifjukp 5' fs MACK KECK 13 fine A football star? You said it? Q " S WAYNE ROE , is Musically , S 9 inclined. A SAM SH LBURNE mischief. His companion is CHARLENE PALMER Very small yet, very nice. ,Bi 35" ,Im PATSY ROBINSON Precious things are done up in small packages. 'HT tip- ,fp "-Q' ,, if 'NX7-cv tlld x,5,, swe6Q2Pg, 17 :fr X' " ,-ffl LOUISE 1 x' ' -'gg' WILMA RUTH SIMS She' s a live wire-into mischief and out again. They just don't come any cuter. HOLLIS JACKSON LL One-of Basket- Smiles, ball's own. smiles. MAURINE BLAIRE Neat and sweet. X 4Ul T TOTSIE WALL A smile for everyone. 40 T. J. TRAINHAM Mentallity? NB. Handsome? YES. CLYDE WRIGHT PAULA VAUGHN Clever Clyde, the She has what it wonder boy. takes ar f" 'Q' .affix BETTY LOU A nice person UO call your friend J. C. WRIGHT BETTY JANE WELSH SQS 'SCC IN, N-.gulf Wright or wrong Hard work is he's all rightl. rewarded. ROSCOE M LEMORE BJJSWBI' IVA DELL CLOUD Small but 1' I fascinating fig ' A hjxqytgx I rf lulili,-I L C For every ques gI'Mit' RCER lb -4. tion, he has no fig oy 1 A NIELS OLSEN He holds his own in an argument. BUY GIRL Physique Hair Eyes Nose Smile Laugh Intelligence Pep Athletic Ability Neatness Personality Clothes Troy Caldwell Richard Dormier Clinton St.Clair Henry Denning Niels Olsen Sam Shelburn Jesse Fonville Gene Grossman Henry Gleghorn Billy Golden Clyde Wright T. J. Trainham NK Complexion Hair Eyes Nose Lips Teeth Smile Figure Hands Legs Intelligence Enthusiam Neatness Personality Clothes Flo Harrison Raenelle Ezzell Louise Haynes Betsy Ann Jones Leah Nicholson Patsy Robinson Jimmye Lee Guthrie Mary Sue Cooper Iva Dell Cloud Opal Bagby Wylodeen Redwine Mary Bell Harris Maurene Blair Paula Vaughn Beth Baskin f7'0 Zzfffq 5?5-"4 'Ln-s ,53ZL'5ii M Mary BZ. ,995 "H Brown X ggms.,Q44 ,Ay Brock Presldent V106 President Sec k Treas J Vw of W!! ,M if W .1 ww 21 ff WMWAL W if M Randolph Walker all T Wars wr Miss Dorothy Liss DO1'Otf1J Qiobeson Coffey Yarbrough Sponsor Sponsgr 9 4' K am McDonald Reporter Lawrence Marsh Annual Rep if X - 1 dzjdpx A ff 'Q aAz?' X Q I ,.f2,f 2 x . ' ,ff . ' ' . W 2 I ' . i . . I Q X 1 .N , R ' .B 3 . r ff f " f 1 M I.VJf,'L'7wv ' A I I xv, . Q . fluff . 67 my TV W- , .f ,f I" x f fx! ' ff E o 1 EL ,M of r S Cf-gf ,W 5 f wfmf. , VI, A QA "',0!Jfff!L W 1 ' 2 M -" ' .3 xl Q' 1' -KK' ff 1 If 1 '4 j ' fr, 1 'YI Muir r H Af I .IVV RJ I fy ' M , . 1, f 1 r. n 'T' .3 i ,Q 2 . .Y ' ' A 1 D V- 4 ld! fd? Betty Blackburn 'II . X, wifi' J JV Don Box Tommy Jo 'IA ' Busby Charles 'FQ Alvin Cox Byrket Anne Daughtrey Mary Helen Ellis 1 Tl Wa Davis Peggy Caussey ' J ack Crownover N Y 1 Wx ff Qwyw ff' X Anita Gilbert Q x VW Pat , vs Q Jil? 97 9 Goodwin 1 4. 'L "7 42- ' Ml Genevieve Higgins if I 43If4qg' 1.3 S-may 3 1 William Hone A iff" W. R. Henson ik ' 1.',,f 'uv- '- -T' Rufus I . I W- X NI A Johnnie Webb 1' Lgdf if Bonita 4? Hennis !??2!iv' fia- - 1 3? Alma Lee Rafi? 2555? 5? re Wayne Howard Reeves Z YLpHQuZL J5a aU. A Joe Lynn Williams Sam ie Grace Plants 'S N Wall ina MoDuffey yi.. lime? fi Kenneth Holman Frances Russell s- AL... Lucille Plunkett -on P Billye Joe Lucas 305 S '- tar 4 A. B. B111 Kemleth Joey Moore Martin Wright .3 3' Clifford Pail' n h Ellis 0 -l X 'Fw-f 1- um u , Betty Jigga Ernest 4, 1 Jo . W't standridge Welch 4 1 ty June Sue St.C1air "' W Nichols 'ir' ' La Alma Clella Bangla Page Powell Wright ff M JJMVNW Ji fy 3 Wanda Gayle Utley ,fa Marjorie Carl Starkey Billy James Ernest Hutchins it 457' Wirz Murray Julia Jackubicek Claude 2- Whitney Smith Johnny Shumate Etta Nae stevens Morris 1-of 17' Joye Caldwell Ruth Brown Charles Yeffer cecy lic Tres Vice-Pres P1-esldent mf Shumate .J 53' 2 X I -dam-Al 11.5 Pat sy Jones Mi ss Harriet Prultt W 1 Smith X Joyce Ellis George Wir: Sue Katherine Cornelius Jack Fmsoff Betty Lou Bohannon Virginia High James Archie Lee Snyder S ms R r E w '24 fu 1 .-Q r,:s I g r I X W2 Ruthie Jane Norton Bill Thornhill Phyllis Daniel Ruth Henyan Josephine Britton wheat Bourbenette -x 'Y' ,Q Ruthelma Robinson Haney Joe Conner Jimmie Gilbert Joyce Freeman Ne 1 lwyn Black R. E. Massey Jack Nichols Frances Higgins ,Q Ina Fay Doris Martin Donald Duggan IU' .. ff J , if f sue 21" Russell 'fy 'XI 9' ..-ai' s, fa A 41 ahh? Doris Warren "Q nv-'19 WCW vfpf WU! wx? J, snvvy T g1wffffD'9 Vigil ?v YP "'F-'ts Juan Reporter W? MN "' Q George Sims Vice-Pres, ice Kisinger Mixon Studer r-" as .0- 'W' 'D- Luoille Henyan 4l- .J" C Vx 'J' .. R . Bessie Lou Brook President Dorothy Hodges Soonsor SPONSOT Mr. N. R. Gwen Miss Lorota Morton Richard Powell Donnie F. Moree Wanda Heath Donald Dorsey Grady Haynes Violet King Evelyn Stavinoha Weldon Cloud J. C. Crump Gladys Jo warren Ann Fancher Charles Moore f . a Jettie Jean Russell '. an f Ma if . x A John Scott Ruth Crownover Marion Lee MC8.d8 45 Danny Hargraves Eunice Austin A. C. Styles Billy Johnson Patsy Stout Mary Louise LaGarde Ray Dao Golden Clyde Whiteside Joreen Koourek Gladys Gaines Bob Grossman r Dorothy Mickey GOWUI Utley Billie K. Morris Powell Calvin Martin Billie Doris Rhames Clyde Edwards 9 4 5'j Hazel x k Glaze Billy- J D. Em ff ' Christopher so King Virginia Davis Gene Cummings Beard Glenna Lou John Loretha Ward Kisingor Jimmy Parks Emmaleno William -r Willie Mae Harris X--1. .,, 4.4 ca wf'iY Peggy Jo Hammett Billy Jo Peek Reba Studer R. J. Rose Carol Feemste r Joyce Gleghorn Wilma Crouch Peggy Qu '27 l' if r-Q 12:- Davis 122 15? Q7 ' Gilda A Gray A. have Dorothy F J, Wages Charles Plunkett Raymond Smith Doris Greer 1 3 Loraine ,t A Q I Terry Oren Romines Kocurek Robinson Hostas Maroellan Olena Studer Laxlne Frances Tidwell Harvey -42 1:1 2-S, 'QV A Lucille Glena Keck Benge - Johnnie Faye Bob Pierce Qphelia ,p . '79- 4.4" uf Nichols fri-ddy ,fl WHAT THE SENIORS LEAVE TO S H S STUDENTS Cllnton St Clair leaves to Dutton J Ba1les the helght of h1s ar 1t1on helght Patsy Robinson leaves to all S.H S girls the magor rule of flirting don't do it Flo Harrison leaves her beauty to Mary Ann Brown Betsy Ann Jones leaves her neatness to Helen Jane Brock Melba Burnett leaves her friendliness to Mary Ann Richeson Frank Fancher leaves h1s corney iokes to Rufus Webb Wylodeen leaves her wntelligence to Ann Daugntrey Beth leaves to An1ta her acting ability To Larry Marsh Clyde Wr1ght leaves his charming manners. ah Nlcholson leaves toJohnnyeWall her ab1lity atuhookey play Eddie Mae Brooks leaves to Etta Dae Stevens her shining crown red hair Maurene Hanna leaves to Alma Lee Reeves the exploring crew Mack Keck leaves to Carlton H111 nHow to be a good farmer an Hershell Hatter leaves toJohnn1e Shumate all the g1rls of the Jun1or Class Gene rossman leaves to A B Martin his ability to make one laugh when it isn't funny 'Hod1e lover leaves his snappy oomebacks to Clarence Cass otrry Jimmye Lee leaves to Genevieve H1g?lDB her quiet air of distino t1on Henry Gleghorn leaves to Don Box a blazed trail of basketball success Maurine Blair leaves to Grace Plants the d1st1nct1on of becoming a real lady Jack Gowin leaves to C R Morris the qualities of an up and coming lady killer Paula Vaughn leaves to B1llie Jean Duncan nHow to Make Music in Ten Easy Lessons Troy Caldwell leaves to Leonard Brock a swell personality Mary Sue Cooper leaves to W R Henson the well known story of nv y I Was Late To Home Room Mary Bell Harris leaves her athletic ability to Peggy Caussey Rlchard Dormler wills h1s bashfulness to T W Davis Raenelle Ezzell leaves her neatness to Betty Jane Blackburn Tootsy Bagby leaves her quick temper to Margaret Crawford Charlyne Palmer leaves her chewlng gum to Lucllle Plunkett Fraser Boone leaves his affection for the fairer sex to Jack Emsoff Marie Jorden leaves her sm1le to Luc1lle Haynes Sam Shelburn leaves his giggles to Foster Harvey Ella Grace Bledsoe leaves her easy going way to Alma Page. Winona.Gainesleaves her politeness to Marie Self. Jesse Fonville leaves his golden silence to William Hens. "" 0 . ti O . Le 0 'I I Ii ' -- g d a good football playern. 1 J- UAG . el- .ll nl I I . , A...,'-Q, .." e . '+"e--4A,.,-afjwyvf' J . M-51-2-xS1..--'-'.:rQw v-sa!'Fi'."1'9-Tz-:.s-f" 7' Back Row, Left to Right: Leo Laushman, L, C,-Perkins, Arnold Lee, David Belknap, C, J, Pool, Billie D, Starkey, James Blankenship, Royce Blankenship, Kenneth Caaselberry, Lathrop, E. H. Garner. Third Row: June Dawn Richman , Peggie Lou Holmes, Mildred lallace, Ruby Joyce Daniels, Mildred Piter, Mary Ellen Keffer, Billie Ruth King, Johnni Zoe Worrell, Zozelle Proffit, Joan Seales, Mary Lee Murray, Grace Lee Crain, Helen Lee Portwood, Second Row: Catherine Conner, Gloria Jane Spradley, Virginia Holder, Betty Ruth Dod8" Imogene Blankenship, June Cu mings, La Fleta Daniels, Joy Sprowles, La Do Morgan, Bobby Wooten, Berl Dene Johnson, Sybil Lee Romines, Betty Jo Cox. First Rows Roger Rutledge, Jim Hughes, Gerald Styles, Weldon Brothers, Mack Webb, Bobby Crown- over, Darrel Doughtry, Robert Holder, Miss Tris Scott Back Row, Left to Right: Pat Jones, Johnnie King, George Mathews, Leonard Owen, Cli: Rogers, Ralph Jones, Jack Morris, J. C. Cole, Lewis Wade Caussey, Derrell Green, Floyd Eubanks, J. D. Tuck. Second Row: Nancy Bryan, Helen Plunkett, Joan Edwards, Geraldean Worrell, Minnie Bell Stevens, Margaret Bryan, Mary Lynn Brock, Nancy Caldwell, Gwen Lee Morris, Johnnie Lou Evans. First Row: Bobby Burnett, Ted St.C1air, Merle McGuire. Fred McCord, Charles Prater, Joe Turner Boone, Billy Eubanks, I. C. Black. Mr, Lightfoo K4 B .Ja SGS x ' gif I Y V' B' Hi 'X S B J h 4 L? E 'A :A fi ul 5 y 1 . - ef X 4 x ' ti JL, I X .' gf- lff 'g -L L Q , L ' w," Y -. V Q YN A.,-L A' . t Y, , I X, 7 ' A1 . V " ' f QV K fx A 9' Q' Q ' N, P' .Y X A lzr' M ' V 1 A' ,L if t, P 1. . 5 ' L 'J .lk tr K J L .- . f 1 ' Tj V LV K fi' ,X V f K . :L J V-N yy, ,AM 'L rx N 'gl C f f- 4 ,, V 5 4' fr T5 y 1 ' 3 4 nu, NE PQ N x ry I, J x 2 IV! XJ N 0 L- K' ,L A 'Z 4:8 i -Q 2 ' smog I WWW? iff , 7 -ax Don Taylor . Director James T. Burnett Director 0 Mary Louise LaGarde Flag Bearer ' . I Johnnie Lou Evans Majorette Floyd Bench Drum Major .Ma 4 Iva Dell Cloud Flag Bearer Leah Nicholson Majorette 2 , ' if - E: U, Z N 'Q - 4 . . x V J. N I - E I 5 f ,rv 2 , i P: 'f V Lf W V .L 'R 'T wir-6 I ll! x ,E'l'4 ,4 -1 ,nuns-up,--vw. , 'f ll Q fl n .f fv " - 'l-f, 5 , 4 Y 9405! 5 V' 'h E' vp D gy' l 4? Yi " r"3VQfi,! ,N kj. 5 , b K - . I I ,J . K 1' ' "' .u LN' 2 or f-'X ,KW Q J, 1 2 X5 A XI, W ,X 'Lu GX y Q if K KD 414, K X 'F'Ff"'H1K 5' E Q Q, I 'I kszhvxf - as 'MH 14 x 4, P' lgvx if -fat' P' Q ' tk V , lp? K wff"i'f 6 A ,'ff?'Qf AA A A . Ti wffl 'Y' f ' .- xii, rx iA ' C if Hr J .4 .svefhf lf'v'NJ 4 .5 AP' ' K2 nj: ma? .bf if ' QQ" 3 ',fi1 if ' f.. 5 :Q-5 - X i...,,g1 z.. 0 ' V 2 3 E 913 K l3...'l'z I ""me' ii? 2 1 Qafx J X '12 bf" , . - H , Y AN NUAL QUEEN 9 Q flfl JUNIOR, PAVORQITE IOPHOMORJE FAVORITE C17 is , . 'Q - .FVQX I 1 1 ' .,.,V f.-fg,1.m4 'j , -V ' U .4 - 1 1 4' A N 7 '1, iiQ A' Xiu f Z A W ri 4 3 j JI 'V r 'pl 5 ' -may A HQ,efHM:AN mvomw CARNIVAL QUEEN M ,ff ,Q W Wf es ,M 9 se' we A W EASY ON THE BYE 'gf I ' + wr 004.5 Gym f I 9 4,7 W . 'JM v99sW3 ff L f AQ'f'72""j,-1 .L ,KJ use MOJT POPULAR IT 7XLL AROUND .5 Nj QJMV 4 . I' , 1' W. V .1 X .5 M OIT JTUDIOUI ,2 , A , A, , 0 3 fy ff Qgfy M M -'WF .- nfs f I mgi: .. xx Qi Mon rusaonw b Q -- 4- v4 FILIENDLIEI fw' ..i','-+Nf R' ' ' - 'VLH Back row, left tc right: Miss Jones, sponsor, Troy Caldwell, Beth Baskin, Clinton St. Clair, Flo Harrison. Middle row: Louise Haynes, Helba Burnett, asst. directors: Luella Findley, Opal Bagby, Charlyne Palmer, Margaret Snyder. First row: T, J. Trainham, Fraser Boone and Sam Shelburn, stage mgrs.f Billy Gol- den, Joe Ed Glover, Gene Grossman, Jack Gowin. b Q ,fI'4...1A,,.-l TL 1.f,.-QQ cl-tif 0 , Q Io :JJ Vutffvff a1J'ZZ? Ailjjfijisf GJ Q6144qJ7iith1dfLwwN4Z4g fa-ffww G , e 'Z Q 23 s . T- Q' selberry, Charles Byrket and Wayne Howard, stage mgrs.f Alvin Cox, Miss Jones, di- rector. Front row: Grace Plants, asst. director! Mary Ann Richeson, Lucille Haynes, Anita Gilbert, Wanda Gayle Utley, June St.Clair, Alma Page. C A -.J 19,4-'?' 2 "'- 1 -' - S G A S Back row, left to right: Ray Mac Golden, Leonard Brook, Carlton Hill, Clarence Cas- Q WW IE X' T Lg! E, 5 T ,X N-3, ,R J, . N MB Ji y Ed H grim' if f' g gy Q. H C P M FOOTBAIL CLUIEEN Www fs1s4vQ, X UV474 Odell Winter Coach of fLf9U2,u Bill Thornhill Right End and Captain Oscar Lightfoot Assistant Coach Hollis Jackson Weldon Clouu Manager A S sistant M8118-ger Yu 'f ' " Q4 1' 1 - ffm ff f , -ff7. X . 1 . XJfA ' , jfA vt- J .5 lf' . ywcdf Z' I C 1 1' Iliff ,f " I Mack Keck Righ Guard Johnn Schumato Carlton Hill Right Tackle Charles Left End The 1941 Panther grid season brought with it a new coaching staff in the persons of Odell Winter and Oscar Lightfoot. An enthusiastic squad of four lettermen and some twenty squadmen reported for the first work-out. The first three games on the Seymour schedule were non-conference. The Panthers showed lack of experience in the games with Throckmorton and Stamford and went down by scores of 8-O and 12-O. In the third game Seymour dis played the power that had been ex- pected of her. Thornhill, Conner, and Henson made touchdowns to drop Albany by 25-O The Panthers started the 9-A schedule in stride with defeats of day and Iowa Park. The Eagles ell by 32-6, and the Hawks went down by a score of 20-O, Seymour was now gaining recognition as one of the top offensive teams of the district. She was being placed in the rank of a title contender with Munday and Chillicothe. The following week -- the Panthers went to Mun- 7 day for the game of the ' week in the district. Both teams were undefeated in ct play, and each had won by ve scores. The Moguls proved strong, but the 26-6 score was not true evidence of the closeness the thrilling battle. Seymour next faced Chillicothe, the eventual district winner, After losing an early scoring chance the locals could do no better than hold the strong Eagle squad to a 13-O count. The Panther line played a standout defensive game. The Crowell Wildcats were next on the list. The opponents scored early in the game on a pass play, but the Maroon and White came bounding back to tie the game at 6-6. Seymour later made several penetrations, but Horace Scott Jack stout L6ft Guard Right Guard g A R. J. Rose Full-back Dickey Henson Quarter-back A. D. Shaver Center Hershell Hatter Right End Charles Hatter' Blocking-back Jim Parks Right Guard Q Wesley etyl Left Tackle Carl Starkey L8ft Tackle GS Alvin Cox Left Guard neither side could man- age to score thereafter. Thornhill, Henson, and Shumate made nice gains for the locals. Keck played one of the best games of his career. The Panthers held complete control of the final game at Archer City, Conner and Thornhill made touchdowns with the latter kick-,4 ing both extra points. The final, score was 14-0. ' Considering all facts it -fl ful season. The Panthers won A four, lost four, and tied one, 1 and finished in a tie for third place in the district standings. Those who finished their football career were Keck, Ellis, Hatter, and Back next year are Thornhill, Shumate, Keffer, Hill, Rose, Shaver, Scott, Styles, Stout, Box, Stevens, C. Hatter, Parks, McDonald, Starkey, Cox, and Morris. To these boys and the faithful reserves of next year we join in extending our best wishes for a most suc- cessful future. Seymour was honored with two men on the 1941 9-A all-district selections. Thornhill at an end posi- tion and Keck at guard were chosen with little opposi- tion, Those making honor- able mention were Styles at tackle, Shaver at center, Hatter at end, and Henson in the backfield. As a conclusion to the Seymour grid season the members of this year's team were presented with at- tractive awards on February 5 in an assembly program, Paula Vaughn, 19L1 football queen, was later presented a jacket by the players. Henson. Clifford Ellis Tail-back could be said that Seymour High ,.f ' had been through a very success- A Don Box Center ., A Tom y Stevens Wing-back C. R. Morris Blocking Back l Sam Right End PEP SOLLQA N, NS. ear PAULA VAUGHN Head Yell Leader 'iid MAR ARET SNYDER DOLORES COX Assistant Leader Assistant Leader J EHLN Back Row, Left to Right: Betty Witty, Maurene Hanna, Pauline Chapman, Flo Harrison, Joye Caldwell, Ruthelma Robinson, Lucille Crawford, Billie Ruth King, Wanda Lee Edwards, Front Row: Miss Scott, sponsor, Billie Doris Rhame, Lois Dell Laney, Phyllis Daniels, Mildred Wallace, Betty Lou Studer, Louise McCord, Dorothy Wages, Helen Grace Jones, Miss Jones. sponsor. . Leaders: MargaretSnWder, Paula Vaughn, Dolores Cox. , IYV u K' 'X XL L'---au. A 1 ' .,', Lx - y .1 rlm- ,Q . ' o ,Q . 55 L f' L W, y ' . 'fl n L iii. - G. .4?, y 1 4 we 1 . ,, W ,X ,AQFI 1, , .x it mkrne M , ,A 4. ,,, V2 1592-XSKIETB Il Cklfwjf Pif' 'kfvsdx Q, 'V vfv-Lfif v-L 5'YxL1f" 'i' X501 K fLf'VN-J kfx!QVA fx Lk IAA ox 15 E JIMMIE LEE GUTHRIE 1 Odell Winter Coach Troy Caldwell Guard and Captain .4 A xx' 'JU' " y .' l M I Q Sgt,-,J N41 ' U I "XA r- , xg. Qfwp K kgrlv K., 'xau C- , f 1,-,ix fwffx 5' .ln . ' X, Nw Xa.. -x, - '.k,P,.-1-g.i,, f . X N Nl , A ' W'-- ,.'.., -5 f' .Vi-.X-y.- ' V , F' f X ', if - +1 "' ' U" . ,asf I X , 4. S TN'.--V-. XJ. J '1x,f.LA.fXd-J A Y. " L . - .-N N IN ' v y V 6- 'vpb :Ml ,A f, 1 1M ,VA 'Y' ' ' I . h 1 . V - tk + M --V+' ,Q k 'N ,A ij tvj' 1' k u IN- W . Q 17.5, .V 1.1-xii Avis ' 4, V, X A ,, . Pl, lx .g.x.f"f x V 'I ' 'I ' J fp . Q, . My -N 1 f Q -. , 1 'Q I l f :Lf L ' " X l X fu vx,LfK 1 K' 1- x ,Af La' ,. F , A When this year's basket- ball season was officially started, Coach Winter found that he had eight lettermen and several squadmen around which to build a cage team. However, the Panthers were never at their full strength during the past season. Intersohclastio rules even- tually took Gleghcrn, Warren, and Thornhill from the squad. Seasonal records show sev- - en wins with an equal number of losses. In the newly formed 9-A Basketball District the Panthers made a fine show- h Whrren ing and finished in third place. The champion Crowell Wildcats had its two closest games with the local five. Lettermen announced at the close of the season were Capt. Caldwell, Box, Keffer, Warren, Thornhill, Goodwin, Jackson, Casselberry, Hatter, and the Basketball Queen, Jimmye Lee Guthrie. I ' ll "W Games Points p L A Y E R 5 Played Scored In G ' 1' j,Thornhi11, c. 6 so a Qaldwell, G. 14 1oo Gleghorn, G. p 4 21 Warren, C. 9 41 lox, G. H 47 Keffer, F. 14 31 T2 ICasselberrL F. 8 Jackson, F. 13 ll 13 10 G fl Wayne Howard Guard 'Ill' O E Back Row, Left Cligton, Gladys Klng, Miss Scott, Coach Front Row: Betty Jo Witty, Mildred Hendrlx, Alma Lee Reeves, Grace MeGu1re Mhry Bell Harris 1ARUHERfUHTH UAE? OXING so D Shaver Sam McDonald aney ' 'HT' A V Back Row, Left to Right Coach Lightfoot , Sam llcDonald, R J Rose, A D Shaver, J R Laney Lon Barker, llgr , Front Row, Grady Porter, Darrell Daughtrey, Grady Haynes, Ray Hao Golden -ff I Y 1 is . :Ae R V A X 'Q f I so . 3 , A. . F R. J.Rose J, R, L Q 1 K 5 K rl. E ,,. , .4-,xg-, '- ' ' -. L V ,, , 1 tl! ,Vp-, r ,, qljfw - Q,- v" ' . ' ' un Back row, left to rights Tom y Stevens, Paula Vaughn, 1941 football queen, Hollis Jackson, Ray Mao Golden, A. D. Shaver, Wesley Styles, Carl Starkey, Pat Goodwin, May Delle Smith, 1940 football queen, R. J. Rose, Sam McDonald, Jimmye Lee Guthrie, 1942 basketball queen, Troy Caldwell, President, Coach Winter. Middle rows Billy Thornhill, Charles Keffer, Carlton Hill, Don Box, Clarence Cas- selberry, Johnny Shumate. Front row: Dickey Henson, Mack Keck, Vice-president, Jack Stout, Hershell Hatter, Secretary, Henry Gleghorn, Sergeant at arms, Charles Hatter, Kenneth Warren, Horace Scott, Cliford Ellis inc pioturel. SNAPSHOTS OF LETTERMEN AND QUEENS "Wi lbw .. C X Y X ,ix xv Rf XX X X x K N KK , Y , Nh Y ,X xq X xx xg X g if 1 131,17 ' -:, i if ' 5 ,I'x'ib-' i If Mfjx 'fin lg fa X " are QN QPSTIUIO 0 'X 'll CKQ YC ICUL KU U GJ V -UN-if WE' 'Ami 'uf 103 li gi u 'sh an llslll E V5 Troy Caldwell President, Carlton Hill Vice President, George Higgins-Sect T S ommy tevens Tres Barney Cardwell Reporter Mack Keck Parliaventarian R J Rose H1sfor1an, Johnnie Shumate WBt0YlD0g, Marian Meeds ong leade , N R Owens Advisor ff R' f C X xl! A" Q 5 fm 'W"'?" ff x ala 1 I ft ' -1151, Q: ' " "' C' X K Pa, xx is .. , Tb "'NN i J E' 1' . 5 I -. ,f Q TI- em , ,' ' 1 1: -- iii-1-.1-f-"" ,:D, 1 Il- .I 'if ., 'J 'Q ' .:. J ,vi Xi- - 4 I f V X , 1 c ,,,, 4 .V . v'.sfsf.f W ' Q f , 4 . hi I .6 f' F571 e , - A Q l jx fr h 2 I , - X 'R' kbp-,N.! , , L p' f ' I . 4 Yiix RX' R .. 3 A A 'B' x A J fi X -I 0 3 s ' . 4 4 ' Q ' f ' C-I Q . g ' . I U - '- , A 'U - I' 0 0 ' " Q . 2339 X jgmiigxatsiiagggii Ai, LJ' .:,, ' r limi- fl- , Back Row, Left to Right: Joe Gaines, Clifford Ellis, Billy Emsoff, Billy Joe Laney, Mer lyn Walker, Jack Emsoff, Jack Nichols, Clarence Casselberry, Bill Thornhill, Frank Fan- cher, Wesley Styles, Billy Paul Hogue. hird Row: Richard Powell, Charles Hatter, L. A. Britton, J. R. Quinton, Charles Lee, J . Laney, Jack Stout, Marcelian Hostas, Ernest Welch, Carl Wayne Nelson. Second Row: Marion Lee Meads, Tommy Joe Busby, George Wirz, J. C, Crump, R. E. Massey, L. C. Rutledge, Weldon Cloud, Grady Porter, A, C, Styles, John Fojtik, John Kisinger, Win ton Crowell. irst Row: Duard Glaze, Carol Feemster , Tad Harris, Joe Tom Jackson, Bob Grossman, Ch es Wayne Moore, Charles Plunkett, Mixon Studer, David Roy Gleghorn, Glen Shumate. Q U EE N P7XUI.7X VAUGHN Back row, left to right: Miss Loreta Morton, Willie Mae Harris, Doris Jo Thomas Lera Nell Chandler, Jean Russel1,Peggy Jo Kocurek, Lucille Crawford, Doris Mo- Clelen, Glenna Benge, Grace Plants, Johnnie Morgan, Jorene Kocurek, Jimmie Gil- bert, Bourbenette Haney, Billie Jo Johnson, Miss Cathrine James. Middle row: Patsy Stout, Joyce Gleghorn, Dorothy Gowin, Dorothy Wages, Anne Daughtrey, Mickey Utley, Betty Blackburn, Margaret Crawford, da Gale Utley, Frances Higgins, Ruthelma Robinson, Loraine Terry Front row: Virginia Davis,.Patsy Keffer, Cathrine Morris, Joye Caldwell, Jose- phine Wheat, Patsy Jones, Wilma Ruth Sims, Alla Mae Holmes, Sue Whiteside. Club Officers President Vice-president Treasurer Secretary Reporter Yearbook Parliamentarian Grace Plants, Chairman Patsy Jones Sponsors Mary Ann Brown Alla Mae Holmes Mary Sue Cooper Jcye Caldwell Betsy Ann Jones Wilma Ruth Sims Miss Loreta Morton Miss Harriet Pruitt Betsy Ann Jones Sue Whiteside Publicity Josephine Wheat, Chairman Mary Helen Ellis Anne Daughtrey Additional club members are: Nellwin Black Ella Grace Bledsoe Mary Sue Cooper Genevieve Higgins Alphonsine Mitchell May Delle Smith Willie Alone Smith June St.Clair Marjorie Wirz Mary Ann Brown, Wan Social Ella Grace Bledsoe Peggy Utley Alla Mae Holmes Virginia Davis Finance Mary Sue Cooper, Cha Betty Blackburn Jcye Caldwell Kathrine Morris w sr -gf -- - - . A- ,ff-""N. " " ' V, , ,Ji 'M , "4 Back Row, Left to Right: Beth Baskin-President, Frasier Boone, Vice-President-Clyde Wright, Clinton St.C1air, Troy Caldwell- Secretary and Treasurer, Rachel Breland, Leonard Brook. Second Row, Left to Right: Luella Findley, Patsy Robinson- Reporter, Louise LaGarde, Maurine Blair, Grace McGuire, Iva Dell Cloud, Wayne Howard, Randolph Walker, Billy Golden, Joe Ed Glover, Miss Jones-Sponsor. First Rows Ruth Sims, Mary Ann Richeson, Margaret Snyder, Flo Harrison, Paula Vaughn, Opal Bagby, Leah Nicholson, Ann Daughtery, Anita Gilbert, Sally Ann Randal, Josephine Wheat, Dutton J. Bailes. -was'-ffw ' .'-!?Y W W, umxe11'f? 5-emu, J as ill ww" The Jack Rabbit Club was organized as a project of the second year Science class. Its objectives are the study of the plants and animals of Baylor County. It arranges displays on bulletin boards and museum shelves, and takes Saturday hikes. The club plans to send specimens to a science class in New York City. Officers: Pres.eA. D. Shaver, Vice-Pres.4W. J. Roddy, Sec-Treas.-Calvin Brooks, Press Reporter-Archie Lee Sims, Sponsor-Mrs. A. H. Kemp. ,gk:s g , .- .1-wav' Pres. Lawrence Marsh Treas. Pat Goodwin V.P. Leonard Brock Press Reporter Helen Jane Brock Sec. Betsy Ann Jones Sponsor U s, L, H, Kemp The programs have included demonstrations of phosphorescence and fluorescence in minerals and of microscopic study of sea sands, discussions of phosphorescence in animals, etc., and hikes along the Brazos. The Prairie answers: Across my Mesquite covered lands Explorers gladly travel. They seek queer bugs and spiders' holes Earth's mysteries to umravel. -:Sl ., , V " , ve Ar "f'- 1' -. . , f 4 , - f .-1 if ' , . r- . ' 4 . ni' 4-. wr' .n . W v Explorers come, Explorers go, But I go on forever. They'vs trudged across m Iindswept sands And they'l1 forget me never. The Brazos speaks: The Explorers' Club was organized in 1 Hunting fossils and learning photograph were their first hobbies. Above are three of the charter members: John Moilliet, chemist in England, Nicholas litchell, a peofessor of government in Furman Univ., and Glen llc Daniel , a lawyer, now in the Army Air Corps. Pemember well and bear in mind: Frances H.: My lips are the best looking in 1 good joke is hard to find. school. -o when we find one that is new, Carlton H.g IU11 put mine up against yours Please don't mind if the joke is on you. any timg. HAR! HA R 4 A Mr. Wintersfteaching class deep breathingl . Now, Clinton, I'd like to see you inhale. Clinton: I'd like to see you there too. W J Kenneth M,: How far off from the answer to the first problem were you? Johnny S.: About four seats. Mrs. Kemp: This class will drive me out Hershell H.: I canit pay my tuition Ilm of my mind. a N-umr. Butch W.: lell that's alright, Who Would Nr. Weaver: Congratulations, boy or girl want to be in a mind like yours. X Z ', Dearest Sweet Pee: 1' Do you carrotal for me? My heart J, A4 ' beets for you with your raddish hair and sf your turnip nose. You are the apple of my eye. Give me a date. If we canteloupe, lettuce marry anyway. I know we would be a happy pear. J Your Apricot Bill T,: I just couldn't see my way clear John G,: Have some peanuts to propose to you at that wild party last Patsy J,g Thanks, night. John: You wanna neck? Patsy R,: What stood in your way? Patsy: No! Bill: Four pink elephants, two green snakes, John, Gimme my peanutg back and a flying dragon. I Us K , ' - .-.YZ Q, Y 'YZJ si? -,Rv A 2 A , lg, 43 b W fi A " , ....g.. x .. , 5 14 2: ' 1 Kr L, ITJTQT ST .CLAIR Q . ' v f , L.:.g , ITL? rg-, - Q -In J immye Lee Guthrie V 4 5' " X 5 lL- .. C.4Pd,',,.M. 'fi' Randollnhh ' - j fButch1 . . wal'-r, . " " BILLIR JE!-.N DUNCAN . nb- 7 ' . IGHT H A - rr ' mf -5' if ...AILQIX 38' and friend T. J. TRAINHAM gi. OTS? T-IL LUELLA FINDLEY X7 ' ,gg BTU WWTI, ., I ' ' .L , L, pu.-u L J.:.l: , ' , iff - 5 ' ' 'I Lf.. ' A 2? --, - , , N J ,M if ni ,QQ 'X ' - A f'4 I tai..--k -3' A H I V U ' fm ' ' D lx J 55:1 s may A?-'51 HICPC-,SOE-I - , -4 f Q AND FFLIPIND 'Q I pp w. R. PENSON JACK GOVJIN C-lf'-'LL'- ffG F The Great Ford V 8 J. O. Butler, Inc Phone ll Sales and Service Seymour Texas Try im " reaf'New ard' Ride" if's even Finer Still for 1942! SJ Q Sis. H QSXQ AIQHERSXJ, UQAMNGIS AN AIU MOUR3 CLEANERS P FOR 29 YEAPXS4 THOR0-TONE - Pszoclzss CMXVGFJ SEWER GrOC,a,rw:L,C"3Ar-MQQ + Cafekcria KA J LraGcard.e, Q, GS n 4 y. .ui l I if -LP--5 N- P' W. fy V X, 4, M' M SYSKLCW SMORQ Jn. QDQQWBS SGW CVB O LJ P, TQFKGS STM MIKE K? QXCNGRATULATIONS to the Seniors of 1942--a year that will always be in the memory of each member of the Senior Class of 1942. Our hope and sincere wish is that continued success may be to each of you as you continue your educatlonal endeavors or as you may assume the obligations of citizen- ship in this Great Nation. YGUR COUNTY OFFICIALS Robert Jones, County Judge Bob Chambers, District and County Clerk Lon J. Blackburn, Sheriff, Tax Assessor and Collector Judson Balch, County Attorney Mrs. H. A. Nicholson, County Treasurer C. C. Fanoher, Justice of the Peace J. A. Siddens, Commissioner Precinct No. 1 Mrs. C. A. Bell, Commissioner Precinct No. 2 C. H. Farr, Commissioner Precinct No. 3 C. G. Snyder, C0m 1SS10D6P Precinct No. 4 .Q THOVIHS SEHCU COLOR PRESS aawum aan mm BOOKNPUBLISHQRS DIPKON STUDIO 5 R. DIXON KW LIHITESIDE FINN UXUSSEY wmccgb mooucfs DRUM RY AUTOGRAPHS A444-fi, -.Az AL. RL 4,4 X! 1.6,-43 ,ff WW! Y ,fjfswm K A MW Qfifgjffiixffjw K ,mi J , - -, f , , 1 W - ' p ' 25 gf' " f 1' -J -4 ' - I ' A," 1 I A I tj ' 3 . Q. lb- ' , NZ, . V ' - 75 " ' F ' A -1 3.7 sl. , ,M , . , f, -+L -.ff 1 '- f ,L . 1 , J ,K .WAP , ,f V ' , . , , A r I V: ' A. X I 4 1, , ' 1 I f 4. yu I h 7' F ,f Jw ., -:J 4 50 1, 1 x 7 1 - X' A -L-'c' ' ' -' ,il L- '-- 'Z 7 "',l.XH 'fi' X f l 'Si' .J '4 ,,f x 1, I 1,4 1 f , I I if A , lg A , H, rg A ' ' ' 1 ' 4 J' , A ' ff' 1 . ' , I -'-" L' 'Q 1.1 4 ... 1 75X I ,M fy!! JV I I QL AX W X 4 I M Xxx xx u f x 9 Xxx L 0 J Q k r Q 1 W 92 xx xv L . X X I by - 59 xxx A X ' XP e" 'V R X . , X 'X 4 x I JI x , Q 7, 5 , X . N. we , J S pt Sept Sept Sept Sent Pct Oc Oc Jc+ 00+ Oc Oct Oct Nov Nov Nov Nov ec Dec Dec ec Dec Dec an an an Jan an Jan an Jan HAPPENINGS School starts off with a bang Registratlon Freshmen, freshmen everywhere Lessons assigned Everyone down to work First entertainment of the year, Lyceum number Football, how grand to be back yell1ng for the Panthers Throck morton 8, Seymour O Pep Rally and gloom again reigns supreme We are able to yell ME12, You 0 The Seniors distinguish themselves from the multitude by donnlng their new class rings We laugh with and at the Swiss Brothers 1n entertainment The Band and Pep Squad come out with flylng honors at the Haskell Parade Reputation regalned in football with a 32 to 6 victory over Holli day The Iowa Park Hawks went home with their feathers drooping from a defeat by Seymour of 20 to O Good magicians sometimes get stuck, this one in the mud Spooks, goblins invade the gym for a fun thrllling Senior Hallowe'en party sponsored by Senior Mothers Munday proved to be the stronger football team by a 26 4 6 score Seymour lost her rabbit's foot losing to Chillicothe lo to O School has one half holiday Seymour, an irresistible force, met an immovable Crowell result ng 1D a seven to seven tie A unique program was given by students pertaining to Tha.ksgiving Turkey Day Victory' The the Wildcats through the Holidays over, everyone Dignlty was forgotten bJ enjoyed the Carnival Panthers displayed a 14 while nulng 0 mark reports a large time Seniors, Faculty, and Visitors as everyone The President's declaration of war was heard by the student body Probably no rarer treat has come to Seymour High this year than the patriotic program Guest speakers included several business men Students also contributed to this p ogram Rushing the season? Maybe, but the 5en1or party put Christmas cheer in all the Senior s hearts School is out and Santa's on his way New year, new resolutions, and new problems Seymour edges Archer City out to a 19 to 15 lead in basket ball Mr Hemphill, Gone but not forgotten Basket ball Iowa Park 14 Seymou. 21 Pep quad girls threw open the gym to entertain the football boys with an exciting party Mrs F S Burnett kept the party going Wlth her llvely games Everyone is using alot of mid nlght oil Last mlnute cramming Miss James lS leaving us to change her name We welcome Miss Pruitt to S ymour H1gh .Q . 8 E I Sept, 10 ' - , ' . ll -- f, , . 16 , , . 19 ' . .- - . 26 y ' . -' 0 3 . . u. 7 ' ' , t. 8 ' f' 10 ' ' - , 17 ' , t. 27 . ' . , 28 - ' o . -'C' 1 o 6 - J V, 0 o 11 " A 0 o 14 . 3 vi . Nov. 21 . , P . . 27 . se " D . 1 - ' . . 5 ' " - . 8 ' . D , ll A . 16 ' ' 1' ' ' O . 19 A . J . 5 A . J , 6 V . J I 9 I I o "' - 5 7' 0 J . 16 S 4 , , . 21 , .e - ' , ' , J . 23 ' . . le' .. 0 , Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb, Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar, April April April April Ma Ma May SECOND TERM An enjoyable program was given featuring xylophone music, ventril- oquism, and chalk drawings. The Seniors were a happy group after crowning their queen at the annual box supper, which was a very lovely affair. The last basket ball game of the season was played by the Panthers and the ex's. The Panthers won, proving we will have a good team next year. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lee, Chinese immigrants, gave an interesting program comparing the Chinese way of life with our American way. we had a successful fire drill, and our new gong proved an effec- tive one. It looks like football! Our coaches and boys have started spring training we certainly have winning prospects for next year's team. The cast for the senior play has been selected, and they seem very capable for the job. The Senior Spring Party was given at Wilma Ruth S1F'S house. Table games were played, and ice cream was especially enjoyed by our class president. An F B I representative gave a lecture on haw the G men work W learned some things in regard to their work that we did not know. Miss Arlite Smith, a famous diver, presented a timely lecture. She showed some exciting pictures on diving and swimming. Her pleasing personality swayed the student body. The band contest took place at Denton. A good report was brought back. An amusing 3 act play, Bolts and Nuts, was given by the seniors The cast was composed of seventeen senior students, most of them members of the Dramatics Club. What a bunch of seniors! They look as if they were all worn out. Could the trip to San Antonia have anything to do with it? Senior banquet The girls in beautifu evening gowns were escorted by handsome young men. All the seniors enjoyed a wonderful picnic by forgetting their cares A sermon of inspiration was given at the baccalaureate service The seniors have enjoyed one whole year just being seniors After last night we had to relinquish our title to become plain boys and girls 25 30 31 ' '. 3 e Q Q ' g e 15 17 24 ' Q y 4 May 15 A gay colorful crowd gathered to celebrate the annual Junior and May . 2 . Q O y I e ' e 0 . SALREEMEUJL, President of Senior Class of 1942. ' J' Another eventful school year has passed into history, and another Senior class will soon leave the sheltered walls of Seymour High. A large num- ber will be privileged to attend some college or university, others will find useful employment, and a few who are old enough will enlist in train- ing for active service in defense of our country. Of one thing we are certain, and that is, that the members of the Class of 1942 are 1001 Americans- devoted to the ideals of liberty and freedom-to Democracy as a way of life-and that they will give their all if need be to preserve these ideals. We appreciate our heritage and are determined that it shall be passed on to future generations unimpaired and that 'government of the people, for the people, and by the people shall not perish from the earth U le appreciate all who have had a part in making our graduation possible the School Board, the tax payers, our parents, and our teachers Our four years in high school have been pleasant, and we feel a bit of sadness as we say nfarewell to schoolmates and faculty U We leave you our best good wishes And let us all remember the lesson learned from the tragedy of Pearl Harbor that is, the ter rible cost of unpreparedness and let us each day become better prepared in mind and heart for the responsibilities that are ours SCHOOL SONG Hail' Hail' To S H S Proud school of ours, We'll praisetheeSeymour Hi h Let every loyal student crv On' On' To victory' Never give in, Raise our colors to the sky So here's to you, our near old Seyuou High 0 1- - I I O 1 2 I Q Q 0 0 0 O Z. If 0 0 0 0 1 4' I I

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