Seymour High School - Panther Yearbook (Seymour, TX)

 - Class of 1938

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Seymour High School - Panther Yearbook (Seymour, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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I? in 'Him Years 'Vo mo me, The, Erevusal ogihe, Xaaoiss Oe'H'n'5 Qjxbu bwekien in Your cg-WQA bna Henri' h'e.'Y?Y memomels og Ntouf huiga gchoox GBY5., Out Bfm in 'The 'Pubuehflbn Og 'HWYS Vohn-ne. Og' 'The..'Van'X-her og V138 Sha XX hav e. been acoomVh'she3- l EEFHEE5 ZO'-HDP0 GX re.SSlon o Our 'ibtncerm avffecxn-Txoh 'Hwmo'X' th Our BQ-hoox and a1X og W nc.-Mu X-mes, we, de.dxe.'a'X-e. -Yhe, n'X'he.v o tq'56-N-o -Wm. Business Y 0 og Sexthovf- wgmw EEL D S Eh E PA ' 9 D I . at Q we 05? H THE FFINTHER OUR BUSINESS FRIENDS WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUPPORT OF THIS ANNUAL. xeLLuN AND COMPANY, INC. want wnnrzsloss MEN'S srons BUNKLEY AND JONES INSURANCE cuLvsn cnocsnv AND MARKET J. T. nssvss FILLING STATION wEsLzv HARRISON HARDWARE stone Flnsr NATIONAL BANK nov wHuTssloE's sznvlcs STATION TARVER'S CLEANING AND Pnessunc N. svsrsm onocenv TEXAS ELecrnlc ssnvlce co. SUN MELEAR OIL co. FAnMsns NATIONAL aANx cAMPa:LL cHEvnoLET co. ssvmoun MERQANTULE co. MORRISON sM11H Lumasn co. WESTERN PHAnmAcv slcusson Gnocsnv suPen sznvnca STATION An J. COOPER--GULF Pnonucrs ssvmoun STEAM LAUNDRY ssvmoun sznvlcz STATION J. o. eurLEn INC. irons ssnvlcsj sevmoun onus stone cLua CAFE DIXON sruoao wooLonlocE LUMBER co. R. B. LAIN Cconoco DEALER, wnlva FILLING STATION MITY NICE BAKERY THE FAIR J. c. PENNY co. sPoT CASH cnocenv AND MARKET CPHOTOGRAPHY IN Tuls soon av DIXON STUDIO, N 'BBE nf 59 'N 'E 'Y K 1 1 i Q i E Gee? 'EGQCET ls :rem C924 A K ' 1-',L, c '1'O 'w-N-rw QQPEPB' 5 Lv 1 - fe: 3 ei H THE FFINTHER 0 ln AIN ,,.,-1 YM! BOARD OF TRUSTEES LOYD JONES, PRESIDENY L. J. BLACKBURN, secnatnnv W F HOOSER J. DONNELL DICKSON MORRIS GlLBhRT LUTHER BRIGGS R. G. QUISENBERRY wx IEEE 01 H THE FFINTHER 17 SENIORS or 1938: I wish to express the high appre- ciation which your teachers have for you as a class and for the good work which you have done, and to wish for you the greatest success and happiness. ' r SENIORS or 1938: As you leave Seymour High School, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to you as a class for the high standard of conduct and ideals that you have maintained throughout your high school career. get I do not fear to commit the future of our Q... country into the hands of youth like you. I am . convinced that each ol you will render some worth-while service and leave the world a little better for your having lived in it. My best wishes go with you always. Qwatzaa ii IEEE 01 ......1.....- YS THE PF-INTHER 17 If . 1 1 .,, .mc ,2 f'1hUR1CE ORK TQBARNETT A E .1 Xfff I Q F 0.9. B-S. Cones-x - 5-USTOKT Assmsfnrr cohen if v-usromv sa-of QM , A Xq:oo"T be 'H '5-5, 5: 3 2' ' .Trang Kane, nm Rum waves , .X if-, Q1 wmmdcumxss uonzeiinonxms V Aly' W uL?.u?::e,xA":K"u,J Q. Q its 1 -ov--MQ' ! NK5 WA. BAK ER Pimxum.L HNSTORY - Cwxms 1 VUQQ, -1-X '-suv mu q.XxutxB -1-5: vmce sumwvs uname 1 B-S. 75.5. gygq giqgyng SSCRETLRY MRSSRKET WENV5 BS . MMS ECANOPMV-'f5 Viwsscm. iuuenlovl FRANCES 'sowsok B.S. PUBLW. SYEKNNG wx I E 5 E 01 Qdkluane, Qsmff-1 , , M arm-nxlydimihx, YQE4 Xbngl mugs -X-5 A-'Cf MLZL S9414 .L......i.i.-l H THE FFINTHER 17 k - 1 mam Suocxm umm wzws M nnwegia-nes MA1un1'?Gucs A' .A 35? 0. -i - -V--i n-i.....1 5 UB ' 4 RETBLEE SWF 3: Q i my 'BUSH i :xxus ah sf'-' , .ef- 4,. . SESSIE BANKS Ba, Low semmx ...-.i,, ..L-. . LUVYU. KNSLYX BUNNY BETTY! 'gg mg. musxe -A SYMUW A-'I IUSETHQAEAWUWB , 3 ENQMSM H n'K5i?5Y.KYN? A I J SEWIQBE wx I 5 3 E 01 ',-4 s K 'ul ,n 1 v , I v ,A 1 ,xi 'WML ' ? .. 'M 'ar . ll" 9'.'r.' . 131 Q' V ., J. 1: .. , u 4:- Q. A f 1 1 .1 w . v ' A ' w , v , 1 r , r 4 f , .A w 'v 1 f . 1 .". vi- 'Y , xy , 'wg .Lf ' '1"j .wr 1 . 5 , ,1 - 1. l"Q ' I I I '- , '. ,, x .-1 ' Q' Yr. u HA 4. H 1 V . . J , if 'x I U" . . , , 1 ." -1' I ,Alf "l'U1W -M ' J," UI., 1 , 1 u 1 55 ..' 'FWS' N 'r -Q., .M 'M A , V lad! I IS THE FFINTHER 0 NAME BILLY BARBER TOMMY HEAD JACK JETER MARGARET Jo BUNKLEY JACK GOLDEN TENY KILLMAN RANDAL LAIN JETTYE BOB KNIGHT THELBERT MILLER RUTH CAVE ARHIUR POWELL VERA CHRISTOPHER WOODROW HOWELL MARGARET DYCUS ERNEST BECK LYDIA M. WALL TRAVIS WARREN DORIS BARKER CHARLES RUFE DORTHY N. BARKER JOHN LANKFORD MARY FRANCES SWILLING DOLYE SIMS BOBBIE CALDWELL J. D. BUSBY MARY ELLA CONNER LEROY BRYAN ELNOR WARREN RUEL PERKINS ADELAIDE BIEBY LALAR BELLE WILKERSON MAMYE LOWERY FRANCES MAREK GENEVA QUINTON NELL TERRY HENSON SENIOR SYLLABUS APPEARANCE MEDIUM-HANDSOME SMALL-BEAUTIFUL ORIGINAL-JOLLY BLDND-FRIENDLY LITTLE AND LOUD TALL-DARK DARK-FASCINATING DIGNIFIED BLOND-HANDSOME SOPHISTICATED TIMID BUT SMART SHORT-CHUNKY TALL-DARK-GAWDY MEDIUM-LIGHT DISTINGUISHED-QUIET A DIZZLING BLOND DISTINGUISHED BLACK-HEADED TALL AND SKINNY SMALL-LIGHT OUTSTANDING TALL-DISTINGUISHED SHORT CHUBBY TALL-SLENDER BLACK-EYED SHDRT-PLUMP SHORT-MEANLESS TALL-QUIET EXTREMELY TALL DARK AND PLUMP SLENDER AND DARK MEDIUM AND DARK BLOND AND STOUT QUIET DIGNIFIED FASTIME SPORTS WRITING NOTES TEARING UP THINGS RIDING WITH ROY Q. soDA JERKING PLAYING TENNIS PIPE SMOKING DRIVING A TRIS CAR BEING ALONE MAKING CANDY READING LovE STORIES KEEPING THE BABY MAKING EYES AT RUTH DANCING LOAFING RIDING IN A v8 THE RAILROAD TRACKS TALKING ART DRIVING A ASH COACH MAKING THINGS cHEwING GUM READING cHESTNuTs PLAYING VOLLEY BALL CHINNING CHARMING MEN PLAYING ACTOR GOING TO NIGHT SCHOOL MAKING FACES AT ME DRIVING A DIRT CART PLAYING A TRoMeoNE DON AMECHE BREAKING HEARTS NASTING TIME GIGGLING BY!--TENY G IEEE 01 AMBITION T0 BE- HEAD COACH AT BAYLDR HoME ECO. TEACHER INVENTOR TO MARRY RICH Boss sIx FEET TALL FRIENDS WITH HSQUATTYN A MAN or LEISURE UMRS.U TEXAS RANGER A DOCTOR MOTHER-IN-LAW LESS A GREAT LOVER CONTENTED WIFE SLEEP IN THE SHADE IN AT 5 A.M. SUCCESSFUL IN A DATE PUBLIC s. TEACHER A PGLITIGIAN A DANCER DIGNIFIED HAVE WARM FEET ARCHITECT OLD MAN'5 DARLIAG WEAR No. 10 SHOES THE TOWN GGSSIPER A FLIRT clvlcs TEACHER THE PRESIDENT A SPIELER A 18 KARAT Suu AN ACTRESS wEIGH 200 POUNDS MODEL AN OLD MAID A BOOK woRM T0 MARRY JJ KILLMAN CGCNDPF' Cnl"'1 ,457 0. Xt . X 2 l . The naiion 'fha-Yr H65 'Wwe schooks has 1-he ?u'!'uf'c, EJf'5mbrK I ...L xx THE FFINTHHER FRANCIS MAREK QUIET-ESPECIALLY WHEN A QUESTIQN IS DIRECTED HER WAY. IDENT-A LADIES' IAN WITH A GENTLEMENIS SECRETARY-A CHARHING PERSONALITY THAT WINS THE HEARTS OF ALL. Vip CAVE TREASURE GOOD NATURE AND A SMILE FOR EVERYONE. '-"-' HWKWM qgnf ffgfjf 'coal LANKFORD LIKE T0 BE A LADIES' MAN, ' ! g,p'REFORTER--JOHN YOULD wx I 5 5 E UI' JACK JETER OE PRESIDENT MISOH NATUR ALL-A wif H THE PFINTHER 0 MARGARET JANE BUNKLEY ONLY THE EDITOR LALAR BELLE WILKERSON I WE'RE GLAD SHE JOYNED JACK GOLDEN f21Qf1f! j THE CLASS 0' '35"sHE'3 LITTLE aut useuvv, A 60,1711 A 'EAL SEN'0R' nAs A LIKING ron 0 ,Z7 'JUNl0RS.' flm, Lrw MJ:f VERA ISTOPHER sus IS EVERY?HlNG Wi? IFJ il! gtk' L? . gl ERNEST BECK snaw auf suns-- CAPABLE Ann srsAn- FKSTU K. I "W . - azf v Wfffiufr ' gf, og' 69V D' Sf' 0 4 we 0 0 TENY KILLMAN A FRIENDIJ sun.: AND out nov! wx IEEE 01 bxfnl, ' W ALM 0 if lb fu: ,'-W 7fWL 1, ' V W' - E- V A 47UlAfdJ If V! ll Tum Ufifvfrjfy . NMA DORIS FAE JONES none Bur nor Fonaotrz sus wAs Lovso sv ALL THAT KIEU Hen. THE FFINTHER 17 ARTHUR POWELL nm STILL mtv GAIE AND STILL THEIR wounen anew, THAT one SHALL HEAD couLn cumv ALL HE KNEW J D BUSBY ms eunu nun ss ' ' AN HONEST HEAU. NAM' LORENE SHIPLEY ALwAvs PLANNING Fon LIGHTER wonx ANU Mons LAueu1:n. n IEZE 01' DOROTHY NELL BARKER A FRQENDLY SMILE THAT RADIATES HAPPINESS H THE PFINTHER T' ' A19 BOBBIE OALDW LL QUIET BUT ALWAYS READY T0 D0 HER PART. I THELBERT MILLER HIS HAIR I8 GURLY . ag ELNOR WARREN HER BROIN EYES LOOK OUT VROM THE DWELLIUO PLACE OF INTELLIGENCE AND FRIENDLINESS. vw: WA BUT HIS BRAIN LAOK8 THE WAVE' NELL TERRY HENSON IF I COULD OILY BE A FLIRTI at , ff ..-. aq- QML, 22 , -L ' vd4Dgf' Nil UQ r GRE Jw LEROY BRYAN Pa IE LIKE Hll FOR WHAT HE IS- .RADESO .k - nh ,4 . '-., ,, MAMYE LO RY IAIY ENVY HER EASE IN GETTINI HIGH Hx IEEE 01 L, ' , CHARLES RUPE HE Posssssss A econ ARA!! lulcn HE uses OFTENI 'r ,qty 45:4-1,57 , fr 14 'f If , .Lkj KEVKFWQA 1 L Q 7 I 33 il L I W I YS THE PFINTHER 0 wsiig? MARGARET DYCUS SME NEVER wonnlss, Asouv wonnvas, sus HASNGT ANY. Off Wfjfwzzffifi woonaow HowELL gKf231hk'n4Q QUIET, nssenvzn, Ann 0,13 -'rnoueurruu-'sr n LL wncns nun nzarv' NOT JUST GOOD BUT GOOD ,ss W ' X 194, ,, ,QS RUEL PERKINS COULD LOOK DOWN 'lsk DORIS BARKER- A REAL SPORT Ano A rnssno T0 ALL. wjyj wi 91 1 TaAvas WARREN A GOOD STUDENT AND .1 GOOD WORKER: js ,M If Lp! wwf ADELAIDE BIBBY MARY ELLA CONNER we HAVE ALWAYS Fouuo AoELAlDE FAITHFUL AND BRIGHT. ' AND TRUE. .DN HKS GLASSMATES BUT IS T00 'HIGH' lINDEDo J' Mpjagf .www 3 ills als H 15553. VH' H,T,IlvEy .Fl HER 0 4 AAA A AMQV MARY FRANCES SWILLING WHEN FUN AND DUTY LET DUTY G0 MASH. RANDALL LAIN 'BUT FAR Mons Nuuznous WAS THE HERB or sucn, THAT THINKS Too LITTLE 'jg -lil AND TALKS T00 MUCH-' P1 'ld f" cLAsH VSQHV fi ,fffkf 1'-F DOYLE SIMS A svuosnr wuo MAKES MANY rnlsuos. MARY LOUISE DERR THERE IS A TASK Fon ALLQ I Guess MINE IS TO TALK.A Lil 1 al 5 0, JUNIOR CLASS Early in the school year the Junior Class organized with Billy MoReynolds, president, Billy Hardin, vice- presidentg John Chandler, secretary, John Finn Robinson, annual representativeg and Miss Shipp, sponsor. Mrs. McNeill and Mrs. Butler were chosen class mothers. The first activity of the year was the rummage sale, and the class had the distinction of realizing more profit from this sale than has any Junior Class pre- viously done. Then came the contest for the football queen, who was crowned on the field at one of the games. The class broke all records and succeeded in electing Betsy Nichols for this honor. The class got behind the box-supper and made a creditable showing, Betsy Nichols again winning the prize, this time for the most attrac- tive box. In all school activities the class has been loyal and cooperative. A greater number of football players were from the Junior Class than from any other class. All of the debaters and many other school representatives were from this group. The mothers of the class directed by the sponsor gave the class one of the most enjoyable parties at the Methodist Church that any class ever had the privilege to attend. If you are looking for the class with school spirit, ability, and 'push', just come around to see the Juniors. OUR 'CLEANER UPER' MAN Our 'cleaner uper' man whose He's a good old fellow until He's a pretty good detective And a good fire fighter when When it comes to sweeping he He sweeps the whole day long name is Tip you make a slip. as all detectives are there's a basement fire. is the absolute bestg and never takes a rest. He comes to school early while all we students sleep, To keep our building shining he has to work a heap. Eugene Starkey JM' 'Aw Lfww ,gg J 'vf5f'f THE PHNTHEQW' Wy ww, I Q I r5',1D'fL , 4 1- fn' ! I, 23" 'f HIM s if W, MISS SHIPP SPONSOR 1-QJ JUNIOR ig JL-,..L,U-1-.L..J,ur,...1. iff' P 7 u 9 JJL7 13,5 BILLY HARDIN' MARY FRANCES , W 4L,,..4A4nIL'4,Qo l fll.-2 JlQ-'vxn4fL4f ' ' wmeuennrs Q. HART I' fwsgvl- my 1 ll .JAMES BUTLER I .some 3 cnmmsn migh- MM 1 :arp BILLYE LOUISE BLACKBURN JOHN FINN ROBKNSON We L-.- Q IES ',-4 s K 'ul ,n 1 v , I v ,A 1 ,xi 'WML ' ? .. 'M 'ar . ll" 9'.'r.' . 131 Q' V ., J. 1: .. , u 4:- Q. A f 1 1 .1 w . v ' A ' w , v , 1 r , r 4 f , .A w 'v 1 f . 1 .". vi- 'Y , xy , 'wg .Lf ' '1"j .wr 1 . 5 , ,1 - 1. l"Q ' I I I '- , '. ,, x .-1 ' Q' Yr. u HA 4. H 1 V . . J , if 'x I U" . . , , 1 ." -1' I ,Alf "l'U1W -M ' J," UI., 1 , 1 u 1 55 ..' 'FWS' N 'r -Q., .M 'M A , V lad! I H THE PFINTHER 0 f . A. c. snoaasow ' PLANTS 1 - W ww 99533, Y ix 1 My wwglwuw Rf X 1 fa ' 5 I PWA fl 12325 'M EGWJM HALL BERRY as QQ Q 1555 0,-gf-'I nga:-1 JOHN M DWARDS RUBY A THE PFINTHER 17 I ADELYN l M DONAL POFF REEVES 40N l -1-3+ Aj' F .5 Am HARR 4 s Mccov M A225325 'ffrqgttj' J , ll1.,..... 24' . in J JOHN ELo BR YAN FRANCES cnownov ,C GRAHAM 3 -fa jvc' BERGEN 'W' Mom 1 s STZ'-fifqs ROE MCLARTY -----1 alllb 41" v IEEE of ,..i YS THE FFINTHER .95 . it 5 N 'Y ww RUBY FRMES SLAHRLE JOHN HIGH xi gg., , , J. i... ooeu. '-wh is , X g ig.: j IARIE SWILLING EST I LL HAQY .P. J HILL FAYE HART 1 N T' MI LDRED I INGER F I KATFRYN BYRKET -if 5 Q IEEE 01 'AE- J. B. BALCH DGROTHY LUQIIAN 'il ifwu H THE FHNTHER 0 9 , so 'T- DESSIE STYLES LOUISE MYERS ,Jia ff " X1 QFWUV' DOROTHY BLAKENSHIP JOAN TAYLOR -ws .giiw O ENA KNIGHT R Q xy' 393- DARWOOD BIBBY ,,. fin 'gr-W, MOZELLE CASSEL- BERRY , 9 4 4mR pi! ,'-qf'x wx IBZB of f-Llp C!" KATHLEEN WILLINGS VERNA LEE HENDERSON DORIS BENHAM WILIA DEE HENDERSON GV" 5 I II 4 M1 1 1 5: 52 Q Bg xiwrzyhf' 'kif I d W. I fy L' ,SX H' . Tr.. 41 WILLIAM Pnsssnznv wi ' I ' . , X :fy 3 V .Q N M " 3. A ' ff. -e if . A, .1 ,L ir a H EMMITT TEMPLE sEcnETAnY 1. THE 39.562 E 44" 'n I :CQ EUGENE STARKEY vice- PRESIDENT fl' I w . :gl A 5 . a . 93 ' fx FHNTHER 0 DUI 730: ALMA N X ST. cl.AlR . I b 1 , ,g 9 ' 2 1 , Ewa J 'sa if , I Ls' 1 ul 4 'K I If I ' 'I f MISS JOHNSON srouson SARA BRIGGS IQ, ARCH HENRY HORACE BLEDSOE E CURTIS LOHMAN QW I ','A ijzifw I ' ., .-A,-a ' LINFORD Jig ROGERS NIcHoLsoN REPORTER I Zg.. ,, A1511 is A JSA "J QI. . BOBBIE DOROTHY WARREN GRACE , Hlealrs 2 I'-'U F" 'Q 4? LELAH I VARY BEN:-:AM cm' ,gtg Q 'JACK 5 V I .Jonas . A Q V J' V f. xl V gf . ' , I fi r' ,J 'If -L : .. - vx IEEE of THE ROBE LMA RSON ORENE HEWITT -0 fb?- Cf' THELMA HEAD SHIRLEY HOLMES FLOYD WRIGHT Q TEHE FIFINTI-:ER 0 GEORGE SHAWVER 4 QQ .pw we 5 CLYDE f'A v.- 9. af ,AT CATHERI E Pmouv 5,0 yy, dr ,lo c, 31 aucnahfnn e e ff 'I 25 Q, cf' W J fyx I,-Jig!!! C It .V 0 ww 6? Q3 X CJ 08K I 00 'Q 0 0 1, Xfxeb Mx ex, IUXYEJNX XX own f-Yfulv Q BURRELL JR. LEE ADA BELLE LEE 2 .P v' fyowfcxr W' 4. fp X -Q FAYTNE TRA!NHAM JOHN F. SESSIONS JOHNNYE FARR DELAURIS HUGH MAROENA LEE GERALDINE NUGHULS MCREYNOLDS ANITA BEATY Boouom I sms! u. HOWARD ,1,- xl' ROY THOMAS Q 1 X xx IEEE 0 JESS SESSIONS ATTLEE WELLS JANIE LOU LANKFORD af' -'17 , J. B. BLACKBURN MARION REEVES a Av EUGENE LAWS ff Qffiwv wk, w 'vw- F J. R. ROBINSON Q L' ,f- N n.i . 1 'W X A ,,u, LAA Q4 '.f'L'f,glN 1,3 5 - I -vm ,H - : fi' . J, wg - ,' Q. 3:21, . -.F-,, ,.- .'-' '."i+2,'.j1 ?QI:,' fx: E 'vaa f. .A Q . MYRTLE MAS PowELL ' y X i Z , I EDITH DONELSON l YS :5 ' ,PV 2 4 . - gf., ,.- . ,sp am N 16. ,gl 9 Zgfg' .Q Mm, 1 4 9. Q- . .. ' , , S9 , THE FF-'INTHER 17 1. 55. 1-Q A A J. C. CAUSSEY DOROTHY HAYLEY .QE 5, , S W cf? b exi K 2 . ,x, I 9 3 ,,-ff-rv , A '- . ' Q iff- - 5 A ig , .z . Y e ? A RAYMOND CROWELL S24 , v.,Ii " 555 i'--f ee? 4 1 A 4 1. , ,rw 5. A V : A ..iY 1 CLAUDIA LEE ELLIS OLLSE MAE REDMOND Sn f .: L, gf X Q If 49 , , 4 if L, 'f' L Q ' OLAN SMITH 991 41 ? 5 , V cis A r? LM- Q .. '-'E 1' V-if I I. A iii .Lain ,.,, A .. A 4 . f V , -L.',..J.. A ' 41 , ' A s 1 8,5 45355 f-W5 lr, 5 I WYNETT BYRKET n IEEE 01 STELLA VITA STA MARTHA NOVAK HENRY VI JUANITA PIERCE JOHNSTON !1l gl? ,K ,M i g Q-Ts' A' 'Q A I , " gf. Q 1 , X K W , MIKE A 'E A cHAnLss BIRD f A sessions venuon ' Denon Klsmeen In , df 251 Hoosen 1:2 4253! uh.. EVELYN A L lf? SIMEK gif ' . "f 1' gu i! '- 7313 A NAN i ' -EM IVV. 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"" .Q 1 I 'drag' ' J V L ' ' MOZULE ' LESLIE PAULINE 'ULLARD ' MARY Jo TB-URBAN Igfbgpgogj GILBERT ,1 1 C Y OSPORIE 1'-5-R753 1 ...4.4...t4 ., , - 1 Q, 3, 7 'lt Q ' A it ,k , T -1 . kc ' f- .. Ir. af .' ! is ., 'tt AQ 5 .Q fm P '- N 1 , 1 ' - 'J .. .W ' - ' 1 I' ' A 4 LQ f nf V, if .5 lu il: Q Q .1-Q ' . 'M V - X Q 3 ,Fai -' ''f ' . : "" "ij 9 I - f ' f .135 usif. I frm 'M , ' . CKE H-ELM Jam MARGARET ' C-gb ITV? IQILLTE Cup,-,R HARRIS03 ::1cHoLsoN cmpmxuzn 771 - cox SUPER W Q f ' FW, N' . 1 9 ' -A b Bfv3.f .95 ' . ' 3 A b fi, :.:.f.g.5 a gk . 'F ,A ga ,rf 1 c IRM-4 ZELI-F J. lr. stan T. W. nr mzvnaim gimp-rg BONES ARNOLD HARRIS GEORGE PEEK Bgoxotrr . , m if , D 45. x L 0 bf W it ., W :N , 5, ' ,,.,v " J P - J 'ESA .f f"' I X"' W' ' ,, 'fb - , ' h , it . H-. V. W 8 N i X Q! l C , -1 t ' '1 f D . ' " if L J' f 3: - X xv' 5 , m - p u, -' -' -P 1 K 1 K . 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BELL: Jums nnmm KU-1-ETH scam CHAPMAN Hmmm wonrr rogsvnnm CROWNOVER T5 ' V ' I " i f A X Q , F- ' f -Iv - 1 Q 4 0' xg 2 Aug 1 " 3 Q Q QQ 1 , Q Q . LEMUEL MAXIQJI enoncz EVEIIDI I-'ERN 39353713 ccmrmo: A mcnmn. TUGKIIR RUT ERFCRIJ STARUY K , Q .i 4 1 xi W, . 91' 4 4 - EQ ,. 1. 4 attire' .., 'i ""T'N1 '3 if , ., .w P Q I -.v 5 , Q A Q Q, 1 if qi: V Q1 .2 ' ' 1 -. eb.:.,? , . LILLII mr crumnrcr an mom rms: noaornmr z. J. com AL Trlcxrn HARRIS HARRISO1: Romsnfr ser: snooz . ' " 1: ' - . ' l Q .q..: . 'rv an m ' " 'M 5' if G- f Y ' M X' ' 5' 'K' , 4 Q ..kb. . J 0 ,A V A, 59 . W , Qx W I' 'i' .1 ' 1 ff rj QCRj'ITf Q EUR? LSQEFNNF JULIA i HFTRSCIZEL ERA rn: muon., hovm rmfzms SESSIOIIS rom':L.Lr gmwmgp , Q Q- Q E .,, ., , , fi, 4 4 ff fr 'vw F- RQ! I s 'Q . ' , , .4 - ' ,J ' Y .' ' 'Q f-LL Q ' ' Q , . , Ll , . " fi. Af' M A Q . """ MARE J. R. H MYRTLE P 1-Q ' FR-USES -UCI Km ALA smnm E Q L.-.zu N ORT 03' .-:Q-rw - ' ' " . - ' , :yy A J Q , , ' .Q ,Q Q - - ,gs r -Q S! Q5 .- A f Q 1. Q - fear, ' 1 , -L pp- -- , I 7' 1 ' . -Q Q '1 ,,-...wifi J-03 A131315 LEE ELIZABETH HART LURELIL LOUISE 35011 Mzrmun LEWIS vunsnc nm. nuns f.'5, Q,Q:f-A 'M' 'A ' Qvviivygf - 23. ,V ' 4 ' Q Q '9 F' E' A .W V ' 'ii 5" E ' 1 ,B 1 if V V '. ' 5 1' 'E' . ' '. 5- -1 .' ja' , A 1 J - V . zumru LOR!-'NA HELEN Joskpnnm ngnm nxnqg BURSIK BRELAJID COOPER RODDY Lgnjmgy mfr! n IEZB 01' W. C. DODD H THE F'F-INTHER 0 .5 4 6' 5 . 'S F -4 K ' -. Lis, " - , ,Ln ' fi I I id V 1 0 . ' K . 1 . xr 1 , DORIS VODEUJ RGDIIA 'LHELMA .mmf mir Brrffn BROTHERS ROGERS Rxcsmnscz' sfctmin piggy 'glpigy L' ' " W I' ,W K 3 Q 1 2- gg- N, 3 - A ,x A - gf ' A , 5,1 ' F: 'usb V. .ff ., f if . wr? 4 FA ,si 1 If T... , Q '- f Q- XX K V , ...z.,.., ,, mn? CATHFRINI KLIHLEEIE rnmnrzr Jo KILDRED cm-zgroouzr zu3:c'f BELL GWTII STUDER uoczx cczu cmunzn 'sw 1 1 ,-. ' , ' Y J Tiff 1,5 I bb li A P251 1 ? ' ' K M 'v j, aff 4' . , BETTYE Jo ZULA PEARL Emu Gmri MARIE mail' ELEAIIOR FRMCES COX SAHSILL YRMIC HER LELLIG Ay PARKER SLATTOI ' if . 5 ,pf Y X, 13 R . .N l A "' - ,Q ' . . X A f , X lv ' , . 1 L, ' 2 , x QV I N rswrcns noun LLOYD TRAVIS rnwmns .nczxozr KING KING The following Junior pictures The following Freshmen pm-Aura, do not sppqar in this Annual: do not appear in. 'Piis Annual: D. T. GLEGBORII .TIM IEDANIEL ALBERT MIKESKA RICHARD BIR D FOSTER ISRGWJ JOHN ST. CLAIR MELVIN TUCKER ' ORVILLI WILLIAMS JOIJNIE VIE BRASHIAR MARION JACKSON LELA FAI! WARRIYH The following Sophomore pictures do not appear in -this Annunls BILL KECI NBII: ROIEINES HILDRID HURIHAIEER EUNICII HUWARD IDNL LANIY HILDA BBNORTOH WALTER FUBIUKS FDMUEID FIJTIK PRESTOI2 FFAZIER GLEN MACHFN TRUMLII ITIX .TODIE RAT DOTLE ROMIIIES L. D. SMITH MELVIN WLRRER LLOYD WHITE DORIS JO BLLCKBURIA DOROTHY PATTERSOIJ MARY ELEANOR PARKER NELLWYF SESSIONS TENNIS SMITH EVELYN IKICORD wx IEIIB L71 H THE FFINTHER 0 SUB' FRESHN EN TOP ROW: MIDDLE ROW: BOTTOM ROW: Richard Dormier, Ernest Sims, Glenn Plummer, Henry Gleghorn, Earnest Lee, Clinton Ste Clair, Wilma D. Warren, Bennetts Chandler, and Willie Jo MoMorrise Charles MoKinney, Lucille Little, Pauline Brothers, Nelda Plummer, Jo Ann Knight, and Jaoquelyn Hooser. Jimmie Nayfa, Billy Golden, Jimmie Crownovor, Ella Grace Bledsoe, Mary Sue Cooper, Jimmie Lea Robersona SEV ENT X-K GRAD TOP ROW: MIDDLE ROW: BOTTOM ROW: James Johnson, Turner Praytor, Vera Vernioe Miller, Ruby Tia Juana McCauley, Opal Bagby, Beth Baskin, Leah nioholson, Frances Jernigan, Helen Wooten, Eddie Mae Brooks, Edna Earle Wilson, Maggie L00 Brothers, and Tom MeMorris. Raymond Henson Francis King, Clemmie Fay Eddlcmon, Helen Owen, Betsy Ann Jones, Virginia Cherry, Mar- garet Snyder, Luella Findlay, Sam McDonnell, David Levis, 0-o La Trailhamo J. C. Henderson, W. B. Woodruif, Neil: Olsen, Joe Edd Glover, Gene Grossman, Msurane Hanna, Helen Hart, George Fraser Boone, Jack Gowin, Sue Belle King, Patsy Robinson, Wilme Ruth Sims, and Genevievi Higgins' n IEZB 01 UA li-H-le. WorK, a XH.X:XQ, QXHX To KQQJQJ Oxh YS THE PFINTHER 0 BHIID 61' Best 140016.08 Most Popular Boy wx IEEE 01 YS THE FFINTHER U 'KA WX J H ? Margaret Jane Bunliley Annual Queen Most Popular Q IEEE 01 H THE PF-INTHER D '4AJv-4,10 YNW'9 EVHVHTT TEV! PLE SUPHUVKUHE EAVURI '36 U EETSY NIE!-IULE JUNIOR FAVORITE Cf"f.,.l,T"N:1,,LQ E WAN .,N.e,,Z,414-YW IRWXZELLA HULIYIEE RESHNAN FAVORITE Mime 'X-X0-vw YS THE PFINTHER' 0 THE EURUNATIUN 4 Margarei Jane Bunk1ey- ----- --- ------ -Queen Billy Barber---- ----------- - --------- -Escort Tom y Head-- ------- --------Lady-in-Waiting Jack Jeterf"f- f--- -- ---+-------f- -1E3cori Betsy Nichols-------Duchess for Junior Class Billy McReynolds11eeffwe- ee-2 ee--e-ew-Escori Mary Frances Ro2h-----------Lady-in-Waiting Frank MoDaniel---- ---------- --------Escort Emmitt Temple-----Duchess for Sophomore Class William St. Clair- ---- - ------- -- ------- Escort Attloe Wella-- ----- -------Lady-in-Waiting Jack Jones---- ---------- -- ----- -----Escort Irma Zella Holmes--H-Duchess for Freshmen Class Charles Ray Nelson ------ -Y :ee 1 ---- -eve-eEscort Mildred Mcoek--- ------ -- ---- ---Lady-in-Waiting Lynn Harrisoneee-- +-----LL--rf ---- ee--M1 Escort Marion Meads-------------- ------- Q--Page Boy Jean Edwards- ----- M --------- -------Flower Girl Barbarer Wilbanks-----------Crein Bearer Anita Jae Samuels------ ---- ----Train Bearers Peggy Jae Samue1s--- ---------- ---Train Bearers Jack Tarver'en ---- rff-ee-eff-znefn----e rh:Music v IEEE 01 WHEQTEWG 6 + Q T Y Hx CA D P Z! tGz'r! CS f 33' V -q. . N-I-gr fqmjq X 3 -X RNI ANZ l ? 9 qvf' D ARTHLR POWELL Best .-III-rouzzfl Boy 2' Highfio?3z5flislZFrFlP2ecorrl pw Wi' W MQMM , Wffffd 'fgjfjvfwixf ' QIEIIB of - V M -Em ma! Wffvu H THE FFINTHER 0 in is Seven ICQ. h Qraderg wif: 'f .-J ' a , , . K 4 .--- ,Q 1--ly, - X 'fiifp fr if 7' Qi gf 5' f' KN -' 75632, John and hig biYso "H 1 X b Ihataafaon Dau. V Y " , TYXQ. an-a.da hz VQLS Z. bowl QR!! i GNN S2159 9 .,. A 4 4' i , , fr U K. 1 w ifri 'W--M HQ i wx IEEE of I Tunlofsf , -wt Zf ' iQ q X s ax I Jilin? N SKA We klf Ky fq W f .,. , v ,zyb xi , -an . X X-X df! fm , if .X 1 A x 3' 161 ' ,,',4-J"'I - I 'f If I "'-ss gi -f ,,..-iii?-,?-. l5 ' Q- H5 5 published B4 'Wie Stniof see Sq, mggr High Scjxoox 1 .. 1 Slxmou ri XQNBS YS THE PFINTHER 0 ici smk, MARGARET Ima autumn MRS. wx BAKER Imax 'JETER EDITOR-NIVCNIEF SPONSOR Busmess MANAGER CMIRLES RUPE. 35" x ' ., 3 f VERA CA-KRHSTOYREB ACK GOLDEN QQ NRRQARET DY GUS Nas. Busmess NANAGER AssocxATE EDSTOB SPORTS Nunofi . V,-1-. i am' p-q..-- TOWN' HEAD ammm.L umm Bos xmmn S09-X ETY KODAK KQDL K . 4 K 1 I , 5 p A . y x I A . ,IF .E C x .f N -, , - "..- H , - X- 4. S fa Wi' . 1, 'uf' ' 1471 . 1 ' , A 9 x ffm o ' '. " ' ' 1 as x 3' J ' 's ' 1' ' 1 X Jr 'e , . g 7 I , Q O 1 II I ' , ' 1 I f rf'-"'.'...' . ' ff ' RUTH- QNVE TN-ll Fill ROBUISOPQ QWNRIES STRWKLMID LMFQ9 805585 QMEUIDAH 'IURIOB TEPRiSilWlTWE FWEYKNEN REPRYSBWHTWE SOPYUVE li-PWESYHTUN' wx IEEE of n'4 H THE PHNTHER 0 LITERARY CUNTESTANTE3 v DEBAT v YW 1 ,HI SPELLING ESSAY Q Q V, 7: .., DEC-LNNERS ' UNE ACT PLAY Emi SPEAKERS ELAINE LATINI n IEEE of 1 if u xg V- 'r' MB VTHE F-'FIN-I-HER 17 V Wann E,?5,.,1,3L4h,,-.. M. jf-, hx '-2:-Ik-w I A 'Y N I.. A V :W A ,H r. A X. W i, W' ' ,-f gg , , Y, l. , V I D H lu. A k Pres' k , .' -. v fy, , 1 . . , ' ' .9 aw . , , v " . 1 lv 1 V .1 . 4 , ',. fl- , if ' fQ"""?g f ,XA 1 C' 'TW ly Y- 1 . 4 c f KS ' V -' 't 'v , f ' 1, ,Exit - yxgn' Y , Q A bk rf I.-4-f -1 S ffff . ,sy-f ,if QA , ' A ffiff - - X I ' Q' ' . 7355 I' 'A A ' .1 .4 . 'Y-Q ' af , ' J I ' 1 5:3 win" ' I ff! , ,- ' f ' -I ' A gl Y A 'V ' ' ' , d,:.F,ff -., , Y L J. A r Y A X Ai, . .. , J, f, v Jin jze f,,f2,4-,refs CLUB wx IEEE 01 H THE FHNTHER 0 HUMEEQCLUB is 1 I ' 1 S PONSURS J 4 L ff MISS RCCVQS ' M ISS WSH? I SEYMUUQ HIGH SCHUU1. BAND Y wx IEEE IS THE FF-INTHER' 17 SOCIETY HALLOWE'EN PARTY ON OCTOBER 28 THE SENIOR CLASS STARTED THE YEAR OFF WITH A HALLOWE'EN PARTY AT THE HOMES OF MRS. E. GOLDEN AND LANKFORDQ WE HAD A VERY DELIGHTFUL TIME AND WERE LEFT LOOKING FORWARD TO OUR NEXT PARTY. OTHER MOTHERS WHO HAD A PART IN GIVING THE PARTY WERE MESDAMES SWILLING, KNIGHT, MAREK, CONNER, JETER, JONES, AND KILLMAN. FOOTBALL PEP SQUAD PARTY THE PEP SQUAD ENTERTAINED THE PANTHERG FRIDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 23, wITH WHAT PRDVED TO BE A MosT ENJOYABLE PARTY. THEY SHOWED THEIR HAPPY FEELING IN THE BASEMENT OF THE CITY HALL. CHRISTMAS PARTY DECEMBER 16 BROUGHT FORTH TO THE SENIORS THEIR SECOND PARTY OF THE YEAR. IT WAS AT THE HOME OF MRS. BUNKLEY. WE HAD A CHRISTMAS TREE. IT WAS ENJOYED BY THE SENIORS VERY MUCH. THE OTHER MOTHERS WHO HELPED WITH THE PARTY WERE MESDAMES RUPE, CAVE, BIBBY, BARKER, SIMS, CALDWELL, WARREN, AND LOWRY. VALENTINE PARTY AT THE HDME OF MRSQ KILLMAN wE ENUDYED DUR THIRD SENIOR PARTY. HERE WE ENJDYED A VALENTINE BOD, WITH BILLY BARBER PRESIDINGB THE JUNIORS GAVE A LITTLE INTERRUPTIDN BUT wE ALL ENJOYED IT. OTHER MOTHERS wHo HELPED WITH THE PARTY WERE MESDAMES HEAD, BARBER, POWELL, BUsBY, BRYAN, WALL, MILLER, AND BARKER. BOX SUPPER ON FEBRUARY 15, cAME WHAT IS KNOWN T0 ALL THE STUDENTS AS THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTIVITY or THE YEAR---THE CROWNING OF THE ANNUAL QUEEN. THIS wAs TO BE THE cLIMAxED BIG Box sUPPER. THERE WERE A LOT OF BOXES AND A LOT or FUN. MARGARET JANE BUNKLEY, SENIOR CANDIDATE, wAs CROWNED ANNUAL QUEEN. BESTY NICHOLS, EMM'TT TEMPLE, AND IRMA ZELLE HoLMEs MADE LOVELY DUCHESSESQ BAPTIST BANQUET THE LADIES or THE BAPTIST CHURCH ENTERTAINED THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1938 wITH A LOVELY BANQUET THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 10. AFTER REFRESHMENTS WERE SERVED, A MOST ENTERTAINING PROGRAM OF READINGS AND SPEECHES WAS PRESENTED. THE MAIN SPEAKER OF THE EVENING WAS JUDGE LATTIMORE OF FORT WORTH. THE BANQUET wAs IN THE EDUCATION BUILDING OF THE BAPTIST CHURCH. SENIOR BANQUET THE HIGHEST SPOT OF THE SENIOR YEAR WAS OUR BANQUET AT THE SEYMOUR HOTEL, APRIL 11- DECORATIONS WERE IN ALL DIFFERENT COLORS TO CARRY OUT THE COLORS OF SPRING. THE PROGRAM INCLUDED TOASTS, MUSIC, TALKS, AND THE TOASTMASTER WAS BILLY BARBER. MR. KEMF ADDED TO THE THRILLS DF THE EVENING BY GIVING US THE NEXT DAY OFF FOR A FICNICA SENIOR DAY A wHoLE HOLIDAY WAS GIVEN TO THE sENIDRs FOR A GRADUATION PRESENT. WE CELEBRATED WITH A PICNIC AT MARY's CREEK ON BRANCH HIGGINS RANCH- wE HAD A LovELY TIME THE WHOLE DAY. wE WANT T0 THANK THE FOLLOWING MOTHERS FOR THIS PIcNIc: MEsDAMEs HENSON, CHRISTOPHER, PERKINS, RUSSEL, BECK, QUINTON, wARREN, AND MRs. BAKER. A D IEZB 01' AA MO-HMFIHP Ko Sei Uwe cause, abova 'renown - -E he. tame, above. -X-he Rav ze. "' JNQWBOXXT To Xove, we 1 H THE FFINTHER U V1...-.- ,-ex df .-1, D --Ji. 1 'Y' n - 'i XV, AM ',f K . ' 9' 7 . . . 1 1 l. 'f A I, E 4. A " 5 Y, Axk , 'A 1 ' - ll. -"--iv ia.. V 7 f lv, -' V N W h- sz. X115 lglfig r fs X , 'F " 'if' ' 'S xl K ' ' A --ig' .. ' '34 " 4 V MANAGER l' ' f m "- CDN' MV-'BBTDBH GPA" C5 Ll N3 t 23? RCW: George Siavver, Melvin Warren, W. B. Self, Lynn Harrison, Charles Ray Kelson, and J. Co Caussey. SECCKD RCW: Rey Boone, Tom Frank Glover, Mike Bird, Joe Foftik, Billy Hardin, and John Finn Robinson x IEZE or H THE PFI CAPTAIN JAMES BUTLER Junta weighs 159 pounds and play! full-book. According to re-por-tl from opposing tems -the loales mount 'twenty pounds when he crashes their line. NTHER 0 ,f -,.-pf -, . '50 .. sf Shu .A p rf , 'f , 4 'Hyfovf 4 ' - L ' " :V I ' ,, BILLIE BARBER Billie is a great little 125 pound quarter-back. K0 il full of fight and is a steady player. We are sorry th is B' 11's lm A535 HENRY HORADE BLEDSOE N H0121 Horace is os tain- olooto Ho plays bgnok- Lng back and nigh! 155 pounds. Hin gems :La a. utaady and defpcuiafblo typo. Ho is s goo! kicker' and A good passer. wwf? giinf n IEZB nf C APT AI!! Eugene JOHYI BRYAL' John, captain-elect, is a 155 pound tackle. He ranks as one of than steady, dependable line- man that a team is al- vrays neoelingo HTH E FFINTHER 0 JOHK CHANDLER John, ball- carrier do luxe, wvighs but 135 pounds, but is all speed and olevernesa in eluding taoklorao BILLIE MCREYNOLDS Billie plays end and Wei ARTHUR POWELL Arthur weighs 150 pounds and is a specialist in pas sing and broken field running. gh! 145 pmmas. Although this is Billios first your ht made A good end. Ho are glad he is back next year. u IEEE of ALBERT MIKESKA Albert uses his 170 pounds at an and posi- tion and is all elbows and knees when ever the opposing team triet to circle him. JOHN ST. BLAIR John.ia a rough and ready 145 pound cantor. John was a boy who fought the whole ga s. Lak :mme ot the Burk boys if John ian't a good oentor. H THE FFINTHER 17 Wfo ,W ,....... EDD WNEILL JIM LKZDAIIEL Edd weighs 145 pounds and Jim p1,y, tackle and is one of the fastest yeigh, 163 pound,, we half-banks in the district. 5311 him hggk, and ha is as hard as a hack to move out of Lis position. Y .' 5 il " I 11. '- ' ' , I . I .I MIBIUH REEVES CHARLES STRICKLAHD Charles, a 170 msn, is due to explosion some days that will the local fans Marion is a 140 pound end. The Gpposing teams thought that Marion had glue on his fingers the way he oaughi passes this year. We knew he did not need glue because he is a good allround end. wx IEEE of pound line set off an of these not surprise so very much Q x X -K ss . '- ' m N s -. Q . :R 1 n n Q 1 5. I-. m 3' A in. , Q 0 1 A A' lr l ., om n 3. 9 Q QI. r . - Q - " V , Q :- 44,1 iw Tvhiiliif ll 19'i55ii3Zi f' ' 5 gi :fi .V , 73 YS THE FFINTHER 4 V ' , .fx , K gi . 'V ' X , if " . ff Betsy Nichols Football Queen 'wx IEEE of H THE PFINTHER 5 Yak! Leaders -,nA Nvasemis U Vhss vi euc- PEP SDLUXD EQ 1555 0, H THE PHNTHER 1 ,,,,,NAmwwZ3H5 3' ' 0 ,, ,Ni- N, ,.. Q5 aw 3 , VJ, .5 ms ... ,, .wvW.mw1. UH L -Y Q' ' ' 'f .-1 XA.:- w 'i ,Q s"'w it 5 , A .. fgvg. :wr-1 .L f -jx... ,Q 3 as ,gfgigk Q J, . ,fb 1 . v . , .. t: . X- A It : i g x - M 1 .. , 'ui Q.. , wil . ' X- A I ww-my , ' , , .- If ' ws. HQ- N ,.., K ' , Q. 1 'ff 5, ,Q , N - Vg- 4 W Q ,.-3 . 9 ' 355335 ,. - - J . ' ' 'Q f :'f'f-2 be . ' ' ' ' vw. K F-.,.Lw'W 'Tm - ' X -N ,f mf, . -ip 5 E1,wg.,g-,:?m,a.,- ' f f f wx IEEE 5 3. R WT-..,. C 'svSm.:'Sff'x"Ng.., 3354312 'N ff' Y., W ww.-1 WW: ' f Q. ,' ,h , - N , 'M fx ez N L.: YA! ' - x ' ' ,p1..,.-51 5.1 Q . . -, f J xp ,za an , x V To ,, h . ' wx ,J ' ' -.5, , 4 '-3 Nw- +4 xx 1 ssh., ' -,,' v ,Qf M ,V K1-Y-dvzg , , ,fa f inf 4 Ti .x X.. , 0 A f 1 ,.L.f 2 W A , N .., V I ww. YK THE PFINT HER I7 y o ,A-5, ..:, :ie 3' ik. R, PAITHFR BASKETEERS Seymour enjoyed a fairly good season in basketball. being tho first year that a gym has been at the dispos of the basketoers much was not expected of them. However, much This interest has been created in basketball and in the yea to cone Seymour High School should be able to gut an improv team on the floor. The Panthers entered two tournaments this year. The Knox City tournament in which Seymour won the consolation o and tho O'Brien tournament in which Seymour was defeated in the second round of play by Sunset. In the County Meet Seymour defeated both Westover and Bomarton to win tLe Conn Championship which entitled them to represent Baylor County in the district meet which was held in Wichita Falls. In t first round of the district meet Seymour not Fairview, tho winner of the district meet last year, and after playing a he end of tLc and a three the winners good defensive game was teaton 16 to li. At t regular game these two teams were tied 15 all minute extra period was required to determine season winnin All in all Seymour had a most successful 17 games and losing 8. All of the boys who participated in basketball helped to make this a successful season. The high scorers for Seymour were Mikeska, e center, and Barber a guard. Q IEEE 01 al rs od uP ty he 8 r I' H THE FIFINTHER 0 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL TEAM We paint with pride to the record of our girls' volleyball team, the pantherettes. This year our team wus all dressed up in new uniforms and they played as well as they looked, providing many thrilling moments for their spectators by their brilliant playing. The girls played 19 games of which they wun 9 which Fl eonsidsr 3 gccd record sinon they matched game: with same of the strongest teams in this section of the stats. Piloted by Era. Faye Crawford our girl! won the odunty championship by defeating the Westover girls. In the district meet cur team was defeated by Wichita Falls by s close score. Our girls drilled hard and faithfully thraughout the season and by the and of the season their playing dompared favurably ' with the beat in the district. Preapeots for a strong team ancther year are indeed bright, as we loss only two players via graduation. Us are expecting the pantherettca to go far. wx IEEE of YS THE FFINTHER 0 'aff' Nw' 'Ya A wx IHZE of V-wr H THE FFINTHER U 7' l r . '35 wuiiv .ax ' .Q- f i' mae 2 K e , if Ea' ,N f , . it wx IEEE 01 11:1 1 fix s..1J D -nil ' L. YS THE FFINTHER 0 F I 1 ui-1-1-L A wx IEEE 01 H THE PFINTHER 0 D0 YOU KNOW YOUR ALPHABET? 'S THE GIRL WHOSE CHARMING CURLS THROW BOYISH HEARTS INTO DIZZYING WHIRLS. THEY'RE WILLING EVEN BAREFOOTED TO RACE TO BRING A SMILE TO HER CHARMING FACE. AND 'S FOR THEIR LAST NAMES. TO FORTUNE AND FAME THEY CAPTAIN THE PANTHERS FOR NEXT SEASON'S GAMES. IS THE NAME, THOUGH ITS NEVER KATE. THIS LITTLE LASSIE IS NEVER LATE. SHEID HATE TO MISS A CONVERSATION WHICH IS T0 HER A THRILLING SENSATION. AND ARE TWO DAMSELS FAIR, BRIGHT ARE THEIR EYES AND CURLING THEIR HAIR. EARLY THEY TALK AS WELL AS LATE. HAPPY THE BEAUS WHO WILL BE THEIR FATE. IT IS THE HOPE OF OUR LITTLE THAT IN T. D. R.'S HEART HEILL REIGN SUPREME. OFT IT SEEMS THAT , , , THlNxs A PEnsoN IS A cnANN IF HE or Has BRAINS MAKES use Fon ANY Punposs SAVE Excuse. IS His NAME, AS WELL AS His HAIR. BUT TAKE NO RISK, Fon HE'LL TAKE NO DARE. IF YOU WISH A KINDLY , NEVER FROM THIS DAISY PART. IN ALL THINGS SHE'S QUITE SUPREME. ON YOU MAY HER BROWN EYES GLEAMI IF YOU KNOW THIS CUNNING YOU MAY KNOW SHEIS QUITE A WILER. YOU MAY HOPE A SMILE TO WIN BUT LIKELY ALL YOUILL GET'S JUST A GRIN. IS HIS NAME, WHICH IS NEVER JIM. IN FOOTBALL TOGS, NONE GET BY HIM. WHEN THIS PRETTY YOU SEE DAY BY DAY, AND HER EYES SO BRIGHT STEAL YOUR HEART AWAY, THEN RUN REAL FAST, FOR SHEIS HARD TO CATCH, AND EVEN HARDER YET, TO MATCH. HERE ARE TWO COUSINS SMART AS A WHIP. MAY THEIR GOOD HEARTS BEAT NEIER A SKIP, BUT SERVE THEM WELL TOWARD FORTUNE AND FAME AND THEY WILL MAKE FAMOUS THE NAME. IF WE HAD HER AS COFFEE CANNED YOU'D SAY SHE WAS A SPLENDID BRAND. FOR SHE IS CROWNED BY ALL HER PEERS THE LOVELIEST QUEEN OF ALL THE YEARS. IF You ONLY KNEW CAD GENT wHosE MIND wAs ON ENTERTAINMENT HE wouLD SAY NO PAnTY's A BonE WHEN SHE uP's AND TAKES THE FLOOR. HE LETS HIS INITIALS SPEAK FOR HIM FROM HIM NEVER COME SOUNDS AND DIN. THE OHIS OF OTHERS THEIR WOES MAY WAIL, BUT THIS SMART JUNIOR IS NOT SO FRAIL. IF SHE IS IN A GARDEN WERE TO GROW SHEID WIN FIRST PRIZE IN A FLOWER SHOW. SINCE THIS NAME IS Tx IEZE of I5 THE PFINTHER 17 IT WILL RHYME WITH CHERRY, CHERRY, ADD TO THIS A ROYAL AIR, AND A PRETTY GIRL, FOR A HAPPY PAIR. IF OUR GOOD FRIEND G. E. HAD A REAL ATTACK OF GROUP WOULD HE BARK JUST LIKE A DOG, OR WOULD HIS CROAK SOUND LIKE A FROG? THOUGH HER NAME WILL NOT ALWAYS BE , TO D0 A FAVOR SHE IS wILLING. WHEN THEY SAW MISS ALL THE BOYS, AS ONE MAN SAID, uTHAT'S THE GIRL I WANT TO WED, EARLY IN THE MORNING.H ARE THE READER KIND AND TRUE wHOSE MIND IS CLEAR AS MOUNTAIN DEw, TO U WE DEDIGATE THIS PAGE, EVEN THOUGH THE HEATHEN RAGE. JUST AS SOON AS YOU SEE . YOU'LL BEGIN ANOTHER ERA. YOU MAY LOOK OVER THIS PRETTY , FOR SHE'S NOT SO VERY TALL, BUT IN DVERLCOKING HER YOU WOULD MAKE, A SERIOUS, EVEN A FATAL, MISTAKE. IS THE THING YOU'VE OFTEN SOUGHT, wHOSE ALGEBRAIG VALUE YOU NEVER THOUGHT WOULD BE So AwFUL HARD TO FIND BY USING UP YOUR BRILLIANT MIND. ARE THE ONES WHO PEAE THIS BOOK. MAY IT MAKE YOUR LIFE MUCH BRIGHTER LOOK! HERE'S TO OUR GOOD FRIEND wHO IS A REAL, REAL LOLI-PA-LOD-LA. BY:---MRS. J. F. KEMP IF ONE SHOULD ASK ME HOW PLAYE NO MATTER WHAT BY THAT THEY ME I wOULD ANSWER AND WITH RIGHT 1937 WAS A MOST SUCCESSFUL SEA FOR TO WIN FOOTBALL THERE ARE MINDS MUST BE CLEAR TO ENTER T BODIES MUST BE STRONG AND ALwA TO TACKLE THE ENEMY WITH LOTS TC WIN IN FPOTBALL TAKES CPOPE OF COACH AND TEAM--EACH MAN IN MUST NEVER FAIL TO D0 ALL HE C T0 CARRY OUT A WELL LAID PLAN. LET US ALW AND IN NO MAY THEIR OF FUTURE SO BY THE THE SEYMOU THEY HAVE AND HAVE P SO HERE'S TO EACH AN YCU MAY RE BECAUSE YC TO WIN IN FOOTBALL REQUIRES HFAIR PLAYH-- YES ANL DAUNTLESS COURAGES AND A HERO wAY D YOUR TEAM? AN 7 GOOD REASON UF TAKING HARD KNOCKS--EVEN DEFEAT-- SON. AND A RESOLUTE SPIRIT THAT CAN'T BE BEAT. RULES TO OBEYQ THOSE WHO HAVE SEEN THE PANTHERS FIGHT HE FRAYQ KNOW THAT THEY PLAYED WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT YS FIT AND IN EVERY GAME GAVE ALL THEY HAD, OF GRIT. THEREBY MAKING YOUR AND MY HEART GLAD. RATION FOUR OF THESE BUYS HAVE PLAYED THEIR LAST POSITION GAME. AN IN THE GAME OF LIFE MAY THEY WIN HONOR AND FAME. FOR SEYMOUR HIGH SCHOOL THEY HAVE DONE WEU AND WITH DEEPEST REGRET WEILL BID THEM FAREWELL.U AYS THIS FINE TEAM RE WAY AT ALL THEIR PROC SPLENDID SUCCESS DURI OPPONENTS REMOVE ALL MEMBERQ RESS HINDER. NG THIS YEAR FEAR. GOOD FOOTBALL HIGHEST STANDARDS OF R PANTHERS ARE WINNERS ALL. STOOD THE TEST OF EVERY TRIAL RCVED THAT FOOTBALL IS MOST WDRTHWHILE. TO THE CAPTAINS JIMMIE AND GENE, D EVERY MAN ON THE TEAMQ ST ASSURED THAT WE APPRECIATE YOU U'VE BEEN FAITHFUL, LOYAL AND TRUE. BY MRS. W. A. BAKER B IEZB of STAFF ED Narvbax-ei' -Sane Bucky-5 - E R Nlbvh Qxwxtiovheo M GR- Task -Selev Ass, BU sm L55 msn-, T1 A Tbake-r KoAbYx EA CX' ers -SE. BBQ! VNIMQDHY gldeninr E-ggxov iaeiajlaxghgxg . HTf1:'.S' Eaiifog ' VX1 om' 'Els e:.E-A-::,. Tom-i?E:m??+.:: mug ix A 'px 3:5212 vmaq 353+ C RL-:X 5? YSHESXQS for? EA A-or 5 Bel! Aden - H THE PFINTHER 0 iw--avafvbvntnsgxgn ' f' T,,QM,4L he R - 5 f,W,gl.5p,iw , , -Q' W. . f i n, Q 13, fi Y -"fx , ff U s - wx. Y, 4, V1-,f j i ..Q -'Wai' Wwe'-sf xl5"4'f .f Mx , f V af MW .ysg1,:., 5, if 'g..I.'1f."t"i:i'QlPS 3 .iff 1-3 Q6 yu. 1 hw .cy 51' :'Wm3g' ONJ ' ' f."1' V 'f ,....',..." Vegan: rn.- I? , 5 , f , r , . . I I I I ll! - , W wma... fy .JA A g A I if.. -ua , Y-2fi3fblis?QQ A A . Q rf M ' .AQ 4. 'fx Neg. 1 YMGUD ESITORS DOWNS H M-,MN ix IEEE 01 H THE PHNTHER 0 45 ffzag in xx IEZB of H THE PFINTHER U QUOTATIONS FROM FAMOUS PEOPLE NTHE MOVIES HAVE SOLVED THE PROB- LEM OF PERPETUAL EM0TION.N--MARY DOY HTHERE ARE QAFE DRIVING IN HIKE AND HUG.u- HEVERY MAN THREE GREAT MENACES T0 AMERICA TODAY! HIC, ROY QUISENBERRY HAS AN APPOINTMENT WITH SUCCESSI FEW REMEMBER TO KEEP IT.u-- JIM MCDANIEL HEVERY NOW IS STRETCHED BY SHRINKS BACK T0 AND THEN A WOMAN'S MIND A NEW IDEA AND NEVER ITS FORMER DIMENSIONSQH HMMARTHA FRANK PLANTS NUI LIKE WORKQ IT FASCINATES ME. I CAN SIT AND LOOK AT IT FOR HOURSIN --EDD MCNEILL 'ITHE MODERN GIRL HAS A BLEACHES AND CREAM C0MPLEXION.Hw-BILLY BAHBEH ,E +- ,ffff Vgyxwh- nFREE ADVICE IS THE KIND THAT COSTS YOU NOTHING UNLESS YOU ACT UP- on ITQN--MARY ANN NUGENT 'THE FAMILY TREE IS RIGHT ENOUGH IF IT PRODUCES MAN TIMBER AND NOT JUST PLAIN NUTS-W--JOHN FINN ROBINSON 'THERE ISNIT MUCH T0 TALK ABOUT AT SOME PARTIES UNTIL AFTER ONE OR TWO COUPLES LEAVE.u-MMARGUERITE HART NTHE ARTISTIC APPLICATION OF FACE POWDER MAY CATCH A MAN, BUT IT'S THE INTELLIGENT USE OF BAKING POWDER THAT KEEPS HIM CAUGHT.N-UMARGARET CARPENTER NTRAFFIC LIGHTS A LITTLE GREEN LIGHT THAT CHANGES TO RED AS VOUR CAR APFROACHES.n-'CHARLES STRICKLAND Viva.. .ill --n EE' t I - . Qqjfxffsf I Q . Ty. ' ' ja: 6 P 0 Qfgfwg ,- R 1 I I i I 2, I . xx IEZIE of S1 ..- T .IL-R 'mn e'.ii. YS THE PFINTHER 0 BABY SENIURS DSQI e . ,gr Q , N Q 1 I 5 6' A 3. J tt Mar, lla. Doroflmy Nell E- F' est Lille .Jack Margaret Jane wx IEEE 01 C Q X A OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT OCT YS THE PFINTHER 0 SEPT. SEPT. SEPT. SEPT. AY SEPT. SEPT. SEPT. SEPT. OCT. D 0 VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF REGISTRATION. THE FRESHMAN Mos, INGIDENTALLY, AS USUAL. THE FUN IS oN. CLASSES BEGIN AT 8:A5. 7TH AND 8TH GRADES PRACTICE COMING INTO STUDY HALL QUIETLY. MRS. BAKER ANNOUNCES REGULAR FORMAL OPENING! SENIoRs ELEcTs OFFICERS. SENIORS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY or PUTTING OUT THE BEST ANNUAL IN SEYMOUR HIGH scHooL. HMISTER, wILL You HELP PUT IT OVERTH FIRST FOOTBALL GAME or THE SEASON. PANTHERS WIN OVER THE MoNDAY's MDGAL 6-O. NO ONE IS ON DETENTION. SENIoRs TO STUDENT BODY, Hoo You WANT AN ANNUAL?N HASKELL BEKTS SEYMOUR 7-0. ANNUAL STAFF GETS TOGETHER TO THINK! SENIOR RINGS! LI 6 SEYMOUR FOOTBALL TEAM HOLD CHILLICOTHE T0 A SCORELESS TIE ON THEIR ' OWN GRIDIRDN. BETSY NICHOLS cRowNED FOOTBALL QUEEN. RUMMAGE, RUMMAGE IS oUR CRY QMADE 5753. PANTHERS BEAT ARCHER CITY wILD CATS 21-O. uCn MOST PROMINENT LETTER ON REPORT CARDS. MR. KEMP DISMISSED SCHOOL AN EXTRA 30 MINUTES AT NOON SO HE COULD SEE THE CIRCUS " 9 15 18 DOG SHOW. 20 21 PARADE. ocT 28 STUDENT BODY ENTERTAINED WITH A LL5 MINUTE f ig 'P' ,W PROGRAM GIVEN BY MR. AND MRS. HORACE ERwIN. 5 :IQ HALLowE'EN PARTY--SAY, Y-JU SENIOR aovs, L 'f PLEASE TAKE A LITTLE NOTICE OF THE GIRLS' ,5 NDSES HERE AFTER. ' 9 ocT 29 INITATION DAY Fon HOME ECONOMICS CLUB GIRLS. H x PANTHERS BEAT IOWA PARK 19-O. Nov. 2 WHY DID MR. ORR ELUSH WHEN HE SAW HIS-OWN PICTURES? R Nov LL eoNFIRE AND PEP RALLY. NOV 5 BURK BEATS PANTHERS 36-6. NOV 9 MR. oRR's HISTORY Il CLASS PUTS ON A PLAY I' ' HPROPOSAL IN GRANDMOTHERS DAY.U Nov. 11 HooRAY:I! A HDLIDAY. PANTHERS LOSE TO cRowELL 7-6. Nov. 16 STUDENT BODY GIVEN A MUSIC TEST. Nov. 19 PANTHERS ONLY WON BY 1 POINT OVER ANSON 7-6. S Nov. 23 PEP SQUAD-HDSTESS AT A PARTY IN HONOR OF THE FOOTBALL TEAN. X455 Nov. 25 THANKSGIVING HDLIDAYSI 'N . DEC. MR. vANcE OF WICHITA FALLS TALKS T0 Us ABOUT E" DRIVING CARS. - ' DEG sEYMoUR BASKETBALL AND VOLLEY BALL SEASONS OPEN. KP, DEG A FREE MovIE FOR STUDENT BODY--THE swEET- ' fj EST PICTURE IN HISTORY "SUGAR." WAX, I EEC THE GYM COULD TELL TALES OF vARIous ' HAPPENINGS COULD IT TALK. ? DEc MRS. BAKER AMUSES CIVICS CLASSES BY x REPEATING THE SONG "THE MERRY-Go- 5 X1 ROUND BROKE DowN--UHM-PAH." 5, DEG. SENIORS HAvE A CHRISTMAS PARTY. 0 DEC CHRISTMAS HDLIDAYSIII MERRY f X CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! FN X ' fl, IAII14- !0""'! END OF ACT 1 IEEE: ,J L50 ,. JAN. 3 WALK CAREFULLY, THE FLooRS ARE A WEE BIT SLIPPERY. -LET JAN. 6 sENIoRS ARE STILL TAKING HENRY ESMDND TO ENGLISH cLASs. ' D IEEE of I 'LL' 'Il I4 I Nun All II JAN JAN JAN FEB 13 I D 2 Q 5 Lxf FEB JAN- THE FFINTHER 0 11 15 18-21 31 8 11 BILLY HARDIN PRESENTS TO THE SCHOOL A TROFHY WON BY THE BASKETBALL TEAM. NFISHH PARTY-WORTH EVERY PENNY OF THE FIFTEEN CENTS. MID-TERM EXAMINATIONS. SEVERAL PERSONS USUALLY LIGHT-HEADED AFTERWARDS. FOOTBALL BOYS PRESENTED WITH SWEATERS. WHY IS EVERY ONE ITCHING SO FOR? WHERE DID THE ITCH POWDER COME FROM. BOB WOOD-THE BRILLIANT YOUNG AMERICAN CARTOONIST- ENTERTAINS PRESENTING nDRANATIC ADVENTURES WITH dqfk, CHALK.n I SEYMOUR BASKETBALL AND VOLLEY BALL TEAMS ARE COUNTY CHAMPIONS. ' BOX SUPPER A HOWLING SUCCESS. SENIOR CANDIDATE CROWNED QUEENI k1Q'y DEBATERS GO T0 DENTON IN THE RAIN. HDLIDAY NOT DECLARLD. FIRST APPEARANCE OF 1938 S. H. S. BAND. JACK JETER AND BILLY BARBER WALK TO SCHOOL BAREFOOTED??? LONGEST WAY 'ROUND WAS E ONL' WAY IN. FEB. 12 FEB. 15 FEE. 17 FEB. 22 FEB. 28 1,2 TH id I wr in KU, Q? - XA I X p e x r. ff: qhvdvk Aa- .5- ff' I' APR. 11 APR. 12 MAY 22 MAY 27 MAR. NAR. MAR. HAR. MAR APR 1O 25 30 31 SENIOR BANQUET. THE BAPTIST LADIES GAVE sENIoRs A BANQUETX GRANDI A HOLIDAY-INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE MEET. JACK RANK IN HIS NEW LIGHTNING CHANGE HSHAKESPEARE- REVUEU. THE PANTHER SCHEDULED Fon DELIVERY. 1 YES, THIS WAS ALL-FOOLS' DAY. A-A-AH SENIOR DAY. BACCALAUREATE SUNDAY. COMMENCEMENT DAYI DIPLOMAS HANDED OUT. uWlLL THE END OF THE TERM GET ME, on WILL I GET IT?u AUIDS D IEEE of E 42- A I If A A 1771 II. EVERYBODY ENJOYS THE LUCY ELMORE PROGRAM. 5 ffl' WQTfF6qE+E2K+f1? IQ' v .. .1 -1. 'B u 1, xl 1 11, X 4 4' 1 1 g, f U ,I 1 .. Q 5 u 6 rf 1 I 3 5 K i 4 f. I ? . 1 ,. Q 2 K ,gi 5.0.5 x ff ai A E- sg I , A rf if Yu 51, X. Eu' ' X. if' S EL K. Q KE. Q... 3. 35 . Q..-wx .A 5 'Y . w ,,,.....- ..,,-,.-.- .. W.. , Q a 5 .. g x Y' RRR! itll num 19 ii Ni , , Q . 1. fl Ei ! i Q S i Y u IN .,,,.'.,:,:- . .3 -. 4, A, rf 1, , 1 ,411 , .v ,r.- ..z fvu ' gl-.fl-'11, Lf, ".ff.fg. :ff Y: -1 -'. I, .wp-.--.'.-ff --r"',1, ', J., -. , 'r-. .1 ' -e'- .,,w-. :JJ ,., U ,, . 41 -,:.-" x ,- . .. 'af'-..'-' " - ' f":1T: -: 1 3" ' .y.. ,. ,p',..: "ff, -' -...f:f, 3---frm gy, A .Eg 5. 1 .,.,g, ,,.' 1- ...,f, awfn-1 L., - ..A, .- , .,: -- .rw -. , fQft'i:1v iff .-. . 21- ' gg: 1. 7-' 'J' L7.J,'f ' 5.1 r 1 f ,.,,,. ,P 1 ,W . f. 1 ..,:..',-FL , 'fl J, ,, 1 5 " ,J ' ' ' J ! 2 - '.f'.'J .V 75' ...,.. r ,:-.,J' ' .-X, fe rx. j 35,-f 4-Z:'f- H '21, fp- ,.1,:- .1 if A. - . 4 -6' - - .,1, .rf-V-. f , f-.555 fl 1. '-. ., .J,,. . ,f. J-1: -1 1 -x,,,f ,.4,!1, 4 . r ,,, ,.,,. .x,, J.. x ,- ',-- 1,.,.:Q:, j : -11. ,'-"-x ' 1 ' ,. :,,,-I A-.w f,k,,J. 1 ,, 1. .2 , J N, ffip- ':.-4 .f,:,' lf' ' r '15, . ,.',..', ,f-A -f x f .,, J .1 v, x -Je' X Q . X x , ri , 1 1 ,,-.,,VVv,4J w 1..f..- . y :,: ,. ,Nw-.

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