Seymour High School - Panther Yearbook (Seymour, TX)

 - Class of 1935

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Seymour High School - Panther Yearbook (Seymour, TX) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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A9 Q Ex l.sBR1Lf' AQQJV X7 , ry, V ,ff J - LL ff 1 f -f XX N ,X S -- in ---+P-'- , ' Ext - ' -fr, ' .' V '3"""' -1- ' X qgf . 4 v YA ' q, . A Q .f Q 'Q 15. 'Q 77 THE, PANTHER FDR 1955 Pubhsked. by wk Studs ts of Seymour I-hgh 'School Se-zym ur T yas ' e rn o 7 e I I 1 I o 4 ,- vg VW' QM FOREWORD XX ny publrsh a hrgh school annual Many reasons mrght be glven rn answer to th1s questlon However our chlcf purpose rn undertaklng th1s publrcatron IS that we mrght record enough of our school llfe that the perusal of th1s Panther rn future years may brmg back pleasant memorrcs of our school days lf we have succeeded 1n th1s we are satlsfied wlth our effort It xs pleasurable and profitable for a people as well as an lI1d1Y1ClLl3l occasionally to renew the past Thls the people of Texas art soon to versary of Texas mdependence They wxll do honor to all vu ho haxe had a great and honorable part rn the hlstory of our Lone Star State ln rccreatmg the past those xrrtues of earlrer days upon xx h1ch the foundat1on of progress was lald w1ll be reawakened and we of the present wxll be msplred to achleve greater and nobler purposes ln thrs book we have selected a few hrghlxghts from the pages of Texas hxstory as the theme for 1034 l93D May thc semors of 35 play well therr part IH the great drama of the future of our State and natlon ELSA PLANTS Edrtor rn Ch1ef RUTH ALEXANDER Assoc Edrtor V1 ' ' 9 I 4 3 I 1 C Y. ' . V Y. do in commemorating the one-hundredth anni- , , . - F' Y 3 1 I V D. 3 DEDI ATION me wma to deci1ca.te the 1955 Parlther to one Whom we love for her talents hm enthusiasm, heir Lmd.eY5iand1ng dis 'pO51f1OY1 51661 EST' 511 suppoft 'ff O dv Qqr school act 1v1t1e.J '-' N196 MCC at ,beam '7m,e4A,bJ7n ls "law ' W-- ' " 4+-""m... 'fx M, , , ' " f-- y.,,Q, A . 11,1 'V I :Te 1 ' i I rl Q 1? fi Q W W E l I L 1 3 s 1 Q .I W 'A r . ? ' Q 'f 1, A 4" , ' ' 1,4 11 A . N E35 k W li 2 :Sf j G e' is , J -Lf' z " 4 f if f' , I ' 5 5' 3 W. .M., ... ,. ,-..., . .. , .- , ., 3 Q ' nlllllllihff IQILQSK f lC-B31 iilih' 'IUCN ' , I 1 - 1 - ,. J a. 4 ' ' ' 3 l C' I 3 ."' 1- r'- .L .L , ' c Q COIXITEIXIT S C LASSE S ACTIVITIES ATI I LE TIC S TIFIE SCHOOL J 'Nq N MN' THE SCHOOL The rmssaons of wlfuck the Alamo was one were the fast schools estalolwlned. xxzitlnn the Jooundamee of TeXaS T1'1e1.o.ya.1ty,'l'xero1sm,anfi derotmon to iuoerty displayed an defense of the Ammo ,ram february 'the tweniyfourth 170 Ivfarch the 51xt'h,1e5Q,, vQ'1H ever ke an ufxspiration to the youth of Texas X , : ' 1 N - Q 1 , B , M , NN, A 5 P if .,-5 T ff? -N - Y . , PW: . -. I ,. fs, ff-wi, . E , Q . , 45 '- ' -i'u,: .- ,. 1 , QF 2 ' 7 ..,-- xg - 0 ' ' 4 -l s . . I V I! fw -1 1 , -L 1 , K.. N I 1 Q IN NEMQPURM R1 chard NQDonalc1 Sepia mor fxccidentally K1l1 cl 6 ptemb 1' 1954 X ,gig X. -o e 'e e, , e, 8, Nam Buxkhng C ottage W Jw M-4,5445 of-Mb W-p14u,aM- 14l44J7L. we ft' 1 'Hn 'TIIWWQW J FKemp lvl A Snqoerxnterxderrt T6'El'xe. Sensors GF 1935, News mo-at praceless possession tlnrouglw the ages has been has,tl'xose tr-ned amd true standards by wh-oh he measures hw1f1r'- excellence and arrives at a knowledge ol: tl'v65C fl1lhQ'5 that are 'Qtrue honest, Just, pure,,'l0vely,a,v1:.l 'F good report m his Gwn life My fondest wlsla for the class of was as that 'tlnese same hugh .deals wlmclw lwave.-ewffoenroloed lfmurnaamiy Shall be loorn and lxve anew m your own levee, that you shall become tlfxeur' avlrlw ul Y ernpur- , and thus Full-ll une, ite?-rli Ol' true QY'6at'1955 bil beoom mg the r on and women whom we would love., adrmre, imitate, honor and oloey Sxnceroly yours, WW! I A C IQ .. run-aus-vwsw--Q " I M. . , 3 , . A, i s"'k:N'5:. A - n I' r 1 'T l , Z z- H4 , v, ' r , fb S gig Z? j 1 fn' 7 0 ' I 'r - f 1 . Q il V, 1 I t l fvl .. 1 J . 5 , i' f ' 1 , U . A ? ' 1 ' ,I j it 4 Q f 'a 5 We 4 1 I. 7. ,JL . , g 5 551 4 ' Pt V -1 if Z, ij ' l ,ti - as " lj , V 1 1- A , iii .. , ji lo - 2 D 1 ' ei .1 Q .nz-:'2:.., " ..........,q4ggi' , ' " ""' wc-Mi o- ' . .. .fg., .. ,. m m , """"" 'A ' ' ' 1. 2 O . ' 4 A I a . . N - - . , 5 . - . lt Y e - : ' . .Y A " Q 1 fl l . 1 . l 2S14AJ4fLe,.,4J O4foe..,..! fofv.!7,4,,w... fyus7f-Amf +4.!9.36 fx f Y' ff." Y V F 4 Eg ' P ,Cloth M f ff , 4 s C 0' - 7 -. . J l y A ,M T' SNA Baker Prmcqoal amd Somali Science Dear Qemors Maylsuggest to you 'that 1t 15 only material val ues that are affected. Joy depressions, 5'p1rdI11a1XB1' ues are ,as ever, 'priceless Honor, loyalty Courage. love these are always aloove par possess 'them and you shall be meh mcleeci ' Dmcerely, kwhoqealw MISS RUBY LEE SHIPP B.A. - ENGLISH Ma. HAaoLo CLEM B. A. - CoAcH MATHemATrcs 4715-wvGff3 GQ!-.,f' MISS BOBBIE SMITH SPANISH Giijvg fgnfzfaffufff Miss Lucy Moons LATIN AND Enonasn F01 QRS F KE A S SCIENCE HISTORY AsslsTANT CoAcH 6,4 Cfiblf 1 fllidwl ff,-v-nfl 1 fa, MR ROY E SANDLIN MQAQ ' v ' ' 5MWf xffy sf ,W 1 ,f 3' I g!'x, BoAo " lf' - N ., -"' ll Q ,n,3,q4,,,v Jw W, Q .Sf , ly I . J. . MP P U 0 '- o Q 51.80 " . fffl 4. MJ . a., Q . 4,-YW . 45? x,:,,,-g - ' 1 'A' A ' ,M ,N V' Y A, K J ,yr-nf.f1 55?-GJ, L1 'ffuil' Ariglzxfl ,. ' ', k ,,-1, ff 'if ' 17 Q - 'f'f"""! V Q, ,,,. IJ - K- 0 wif JW4 ff '!Q wwf' ifbag Mess LUCY BELL JONES , Low SEVENTH Mass JOSEPHINE WEAVER HIGH SEVENTH 5 SCHOOL SECRETA Y TYPINQ STEN GRAPHY f 0bs0'X.W, .fMVp 9 Q wa VL 'E Qt, vQ,.'QgL,L:gV5f MR.CAR6 QTALNA' gfff MISS MILDRED MdCUTCHEON Bebo ' K S + Assusnm' Coma YI, I, ij MATnEMAfscs ' N Mass GEGRGIA BARNHART B.S. PUBLIC SPEAKING ENGLISH -Mass HELEN BARRON ' B.S. Home Eco l J Q f , , ,Cuz-L ,Lv 3' ry-,7,.L!r -, .f-Lfs Q L ,4 f "di,-. vv ., L 4- .,4,Js 71 ' 1 M, V, ,L ' - lj ' , .P-f.,L A-I L , E f fn - I ,LL-L-f, - L -f 4 Q " """ K " ' . , . , , f ,-, 1 4 J , . " f L - B oard 10 E ducatxon Mr O P Caldwen Pre S1d6I1't Mr J E Cudver Secretary Mr TJ Hooser Mfr L R Ivlck y Mfr L E Loveless x'IrMorr1s G1 liner-lr O . Mr. D.A.Ho1man L . . . . C 'WF CLR Si, Lexan? has the umque d1sT1nc't1on of having been Etude? 61X LA D iv 11 V1 fn Hartu 13 Vase' by aware mterestmg 11,11 nm 1 xXI1,uY'Es.Ei1Lf ns rftage to .4 l'Tk- 1 1, AIAA 1 J, hall Life mi L v JT6 V T f I 5 p V X 1 L L li .J i D L T' 1 . . . . . - -1, ,131 -, 1 ,,m - - , EC . Lk L if A ,Q L: - 4 U . 1 --i+v f 'P .- f I 11 ,nhl infra 1ve4LL.,LV,11 hentage than Our' Lone .fcar State. . l A . ff . a L ir, ITL " .-',111+,' Ex ' 0 'r LB . ,, f 1' , ' ' f"T ' Pr WT1 4 W QCUJQ is f 1 fx tc tkv rf' CLASS HISTORY GINNING BACK IN 192 A GROUP OF LITTLE BOYS A D GIRLS BEGAN THEIR SCHOOL DAYS UNDER THE CAHEFUL, PATIENT HANDS OF NRS PISTOL AND CAME UP THROUGH THE GRADES TOGETHER, TAUGHT D GUIDED BY IRS COCKRELL, URS ANDERSON, MRS RICHMOND, MISS S ORY, MRS IOLLIET, AND JRS EAST IT HAS WITH GENUINE REGRET THAT THEY BADE GOOD BYE TO GRADE SCHOOL AND MOVED TO HIGH SCHOOL TO ENTER THE SEVENTH GRADE NITH THE SEVENTH GRADE CAME NEW SCHEDULES OF WORK AND A TASTE OF HIGH SCHOOL JUST AHEAD GRADUATION TURNED OUT wISER GROUP OF STUDENTS WELL PREPARED FOR HIGH SCHOOL, WHICH HAD LOST SOME OF ITS GLAMOUR, LOOHED UPON BY A GROUP OF EARNEST SEVENTH GRADE GRADUATES 'ISS JONES AND H NEAVER PAVED THE WAY FOR ENTERING HIGH SCHOOL THE NEXT TERM IN 1932, THE FRESHMAN CLASS ORGANIZED, THRILLED TO THE UTMOST AT THE PROSPECT OF REALLY BEING A PART OF HIGH SCHOOL, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THE wORH SEEMED TO BE SoMEwHAT MORE COMPLI CATED AS FRESHMEN THE FIRST REAL CLASS PARTIES wERE EXPERIENCED AND WHAT GRAND NEW EXPERIENCES THEY PROvED TO BE DUE TO THE EFFORTS OF AN INTERESTED SPONSOR, 'ISS ELLIOTT, THE CLASS cOM PLETED A MOST SUCCESSFUL SCHOOL YEAR AS SOPHOMORES THE FACT THAT WE WEFIE ALLOWED TO SIT SENIOR STUDY HALL WAS A GREAT ADVANCEMENT IN ITSELF ADDED TO SCHOOL WAS GIVEN TO US A ABLE SPONSOR, IISS HCCUTCHEON, AND LIVELY CLASS PRESIDENT, FOSTER WICHMOND, HELPED T0 MAKE THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OF '33 ONE TO BE REMEMRERED BY ALL ITS MEMBERS THE JUNIORS OF 3A HAD A GLORIOUS YEAR IN ANTICIPAT ON OF THE FRCT THAT NEXT YEAR w ULD BE THEIR BIG YEAR UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THEIR SPONSOR NISS SHIPP, AND CLA PRESIDENT, UACK MEETzE, THEY MARGHED THROUGH THE SCHOOL TERM PREPARING THEM sELvEs FOR THE BIG YEAR OF 3U AND ' D NOW THE SENIORS OF ' ARE HERE' THIS YEAR H BEGUN WITH THE BIGGEST BANG THE SCHOOL HAS FELT IN SEVERAL YEARS EADING THE ACTIVITIES IS THE PUBLICATION OF AN ANNUAL WITH THE AID OF THE OTHER CLASSES THE SENIORS ARE DACNING THE ANNUAL WITH ALL THEIR STRENGTH CONNECTED WITH THE ANNUAL ARE OTHER ACTIVITIES WHICH PROMISE EXCITEMENT THROUGHOUT THE YEAR AS A RESULT OF THE WORK OF INTERESTED CLASS MOTHERS, CLASS PARTIES AND ENTERTAINMENTS HAVE BEEN MARVELOUS AIDS IN RELIEVING THE STRAIN AND ROUTINE OF SCHOOL WORK MRS BAKER, OUR CLASS SPONSOR, HAS SHOWN THE SAME SPIRIT OF HELPFULNESS AND UNTIRING EFFORT THAT HAS ENDEARED HER EVERY GRADUATE OF THIS SCHOOL WHO HAS EVER DEALT WITH HER ONLY NATURAL THAT STUDENTS SHOULD LEAVE SEYMOUR HIGH SCHOOL, PROUD T0 HAVE BEEN A PART OF T BE U, N AN A . W . . . T . A I . ER. . A . H .ISS' - , . III ' IN THIS wERE MORE CLASS PARTIES AND A MORE IMPORTANT ROLE IN HIGH . N .1 I.. A I I O . ' , A SS ' 35- AN ' 35 . AS L . T0 . IT IS I . I 'X' SENIORS Nhen We think of education ,we naturally reme Ynloer our great Universit'y,t11e pride of every Q-xxn I t was founded on a. grant of 1,000 ooo ac Wf land 1031 the Legislature 'm 1870 l YP? .f in P,lr.S.lAfA.B6iKe,r' We cannot pay enough tribute to such .i lovable. enthusias- tic. unsclnsh sponsor. k JocKPleatze A boy as big as his job our president. T HOOSBF Teedlc is good it mtking, excuses and getting bt with them Vice Prtstcltnt lQa tontS Qht his i high mind l l n fiom the ground Stttttlrx and lrt tsurtr zfwfff-Af Price, ranlilm 7 L: ueer to be seen w ithout chew mg gum Rtpoittt mn' Ierdlfil 'X M tvu want to know 'tntthtnys W voul football t s 1 Citrllcl Foothill 'Klint i NOFX lltr tlntf chiraettristics ire i turftcd up nc si, 1 smile for utryom txprtssttl opintns and abstnt mtndtdrcss T1 lttt Stiltr fx A vtrittblt buntllt of mtsehttf whteh has frtqtttnt outbursts ltcktt Seller Lleanneftl, e Morfam The other jokes w1ll be found m the back of the book ,fffl GeraLdlr1e, Powe-,LL A real guard lr uma Ba :Ley We surely were sorry to lose her lmogone, Shells She has a mmd of her own and uses xt FL yd Standrldge Floyd d pendablhty + Bffablllly LMC A mf 141 f wtf fy f Martha E.Llzabe,ih Brown A tmy person brlmmmg oxer wxth personallty SPIBLLQ Head MZ' off A head full of common sense 4 and a host of fnends 99 af' 0,1- RL f5s,a55e,Z"f'Zfe When you see R L and Mau rme arnve on the corner you know xt s time for the bell ode-,no Howztt Shes a swell fnend' M' Gortr ude Matthews Shes from up Boston wav PAV? 0' ,UL 'K- l 'C -R Us 18 im S Q41 B' ff' ,ff"' rj' A, A LL, A, .. ,-1' -U, , 4. ' . . As L . Y X ' 5 A , if yi l V Y y r O . . ,LQ A X ,iff - ffnllee f h ,',' , - 1, fd A 11 I f qpflfj,-rf! - r"Q , . . V if 'lf X N -- I- A . I ,' . 'A' I I . M l 4 I orrns gavrliem Have you heard about her cow boy romeo? Frances Franklin Wham would we do vulhour Suze ' Pauline Eggleston She s one of these girls we just cant l lp lox mg ord An A l Pep wav' x nc, fvllclkay Vaal Celfvkle t-H95 0-' ofd-U-F D . - x SB - X 4 ea 0,5 A G w " 57 , mae "lf l had .1 chance, ld be an Vi!! opera singer." F . L "N . . D .Y H e H A 4 'o. .. 'Y 1 1 Y , I A ronceti- lvlaroli She ns reserud but uhen you know her you are sure to lnke her ousse, l horncxb A lnlll dlstam but a lol of fun Evelyn Chandler A blonde gentlemen prefer orolh CGSSQ-,lbelfr Dorothy lakes True Stones and football partxcularly lN 13 H01 el, He. lay She possesses a good bram whlch she uses often Y M6 Jane, Noah Tall slender brown eyed an artxst what more would one want? Anna Bell T Ja f. We hke her for what s Woodrow Jonesmfl That fightmg spmt but always m the wrong place MA czc-,L Gordon She was our champlon gum chewer so we hated to see her leave us 0 U I S0 O he h o o lntelllgent lndustrlous lntel lectual that s Doodle olvln Cam be-,LL If Gerald drdnt sxt a ross the axsle he could sleep m English rod Bod efbt Uprlght grand and square and not a p1ano exther ran Ze,LLe, Clme, A careful student not to overwork l..Uc,l Lte, Thompso Q."g,fVf Arm Ve, r ne.LLe, If curls were votes. she'd be governor Lovable and talented l C5 'S' W CL ,ujiffl swf 'gif 32. K. in-Hu no Jw, - ,ooafi F 31 6?-?ji,u,.rJLQr,L, Chrestme, ParKe,v T ey're so muchalike that we call them Pete-0 ff ,Vfy L OP- .EQndRe?ete.arKcr J BUrKholf,efr His friends are numbered by his acquaintances. Margaret lvlartm A swell friend and an A-l scholar.. lvl I ldred Snyder Her hair is a bright spot in the enior Class. Zilxlellle, Swxlhri Goodnatured! lf you d 't want to laugh. stay shy Nellie. 5 u ea B r 1 55 s ' Boys, you, ca nce into heaven with this girl. Franlk Methos 7 'Z 4 H walks in his Zothefs sleep. Jack Ha 'es 'He is a touchluwn-getter, you ber! Helen Vicar r 1 S The answer to "When a fellow needs a friend." , K In X-lfvx ff: ' H ,, 5 X . D ff- X V' f J' E X 'fr' :N . , X I ,gy " ,.-., xx " fx A , ff' f if f , , , UND11RC1.,fxSSN'Qll it ne- ar' cvy 'From the. Iufile log school house, WT JFGO years agq to the largf.,we,H bqnpfbq L um.. 1 UM xyxfrlevx e, uf e.,Juuc,.a'f 1 tin We Fl HCQJ J were ed 4L.a1'.ELd 'arf lx, m 'UW-Q Hvfux ey Were, funcethpy var-L xwlc 't J nmct and Pove, me prwv arms 'r .Ln 141 . Qiafc, 01' cya In phovncun the, .1y.uc,f-,MJ r " H" Glmiuenges 'Uwe looys and gurls of today to ma r, tm: vnabt Of them Oppovukunufnes -thxt the 'F nmre wway L, eepww. Hafldf ' V -X . V, A .H lf, pf I , , 5 Z' ai . " il' A .-,, JL. .A-,...-.....,..-M.,..n-... ...... .M W., , , .. T T1 T 7Y . V : , f , U-r , D A' A 'F ' I' ' R '7?'1x,"flI ' 1 V . ' .z . I . "I: ' ' ,X W ' h' 1 L. - ' rf, mg, HT rc. n 'Tx 1 1'cjs Q 1.5 A .L N V ESL' I - 1, 4 ' Z, K viii hum' ' A . " ., S 5 'fl C. Ji ' C' x :L y. 'rv f . . , . V L ,HC vf K' T' 5 - Q' 4 fhxx if - uxhrr -M .JI . . . 1 1 , ' , ' ' R ' ' KD' f' ' an Thin" I J. Q., I ' ,J A VUWN, , y . I MIN Iss QUBYE LEE SHIP? SPGNSOR f"5L WEAVER HOWARD PRESIDENT MAcx S CLAIR VICE PRESIDENT FRANCES ST CLAIR SECRETARY TREASURER J P FORRESTER EPORTER Awe VERLE TARVER TICKET SELLER ELIZABETH Gonoon TICKET SELLER .4 WM 5 LESTCA GRACE Hoosen Louis ROBINSON MADGE PLANTS MARGARET BOONE A iz J I OLEINQ Hocus 17:55 43"-5 ffl P E ALeaueH'r f S A H Geo Pznnv TACKITT FAY CARNEY Lovzva LEE 'W M S 'X J W. V. MONTGOMERY MOZELUI COOPER A -r DonlNE DHAKE an CLIFFORD Jsrronns 1' S, .ff ' . . , , az w - , XLf'j N Hnmrfr Loul sz Boon: MW . . V17 , 'wwf-' if Q .fb ,fi '-c 4-"' l if I Six L27 : cl MLK -4 al' ,I 'vw 4' ..M '-1 s NORMENT DOROTHY RICKEHT ROGER NAREK Jnwzs COLLINGSWORTH OLLIE GILBERT M1911 Nan. Laws! KATY JONES BILLY MCDONALD ff BARBARA FowELL O F HARVEY JUANITA THOMPSON DAv1o NILBAN s ,zywl IS CRAODOCK oz Lluon CHARLOTTE VHEAT C ,"1 M ' Ai gf N: 7 ,I E ' 1 fv . 'yf. C7 ,fff V'x LE I Lo . W ' J ,I x Q N' 'X 4 Q . Q, , Rosen uvuu Tess spares cms' LEELA HOWARD 2 L,L.,1..,4.,.L,f .meav Tr-aufwm aAc: ARTIN LEONARD FnApL!n 4,4 Ganeg RKHALTER uAlNss EowAnos VERGEL Louise CAvE 'UJJLZU U'-Alf Um, U CLYDE HAGGARD ETHEL LEE Pc! ummm Aueanr PATTERson Jossruluc Bunslx Joe HAYLEY 3 .an MCM ESL -'QQ ig- ,-...--- Q., x..-. .Li 'W 41 ' 5 C11 - , S V 1 "K ' kt - I A 4 I . '.'.'. T. io -L " 4 I ,,' ' 5 ff' ,X , D a 14.-J -4 I xy f C r.1 1 3 , H. A , 4 ff Af' , I V f'jL,f MW X A46-.,, lyf K Q' 1 V -Q' l f Q 4 flfbia V ' 4 I M . I 18.85 If ,' f -V 1-9 f K . ' A ,4 , F AU! , .f , F , - 4'J2L2f4fLv xc? Aigx 33 K w ' V . s -, U W ' ,si . H?- 'vv 1 , V Ns Nr-v Q-sv R. E amdlm Wayland Gallaaum A11 on Lewis 0145 or 'Pye ggdgnt V102 H PT e 5 xdevvt l"3R 'is- Rdrmld lvleclmh Bruce Gilbert Secretary and Tr eats ure? R ep or ter SOPHUMORES CF 1934-35 Sophomores m Hxgh School have many thmgs to settle besxdes a dlflicult course of study Somewhere m the mldst of the Sophomore year the average student realizes that there IS such a thlng as character Soon after th1s realxzatnon comes the evaluatlon of self and the growth whlch follows thxs analysts After the dlscovery of character a great deal of the Sophomore s spare txme rs spent 1n the cultlvatxon of thns very necessary element rn educ txon ThlS years Sophomore class has been no exception to thls rule They have met the problem of llfe mdlvldually for the most part and have found tlme for group enjoy ment on numerous occasions We had an outstandmg class 1n that three of our boys Wayland Gxlllam Alton Lewns and A E Rrchmond were letter men on the football squad of 1934 The hope of the future of course IS always the brrghtest part of the hft of a stu dent And for the Sophomores standmg on the mxddle ground with a plam vxew of the past and valuable hmts for the future at thexr disposal the prospect rs brlght mdeed BY A SOPHOMORE R L , fra .I 4 Vu- - I N ' 5? 5" e g I . 3 . . -,If I LJ qv N' y4A f If r'Qg s.. '5 5 View I S. I '0- 5. V14 Ay!!! 0 f V1 qvdfld J HEN '41l'LA!L! 1 Ven HRISTOPHERI JN LUCILLE CAMPBELL JGHN OLSEN JANIS doves Q5nyN CLEo COUPE 4175 down Cn VER N Z M ERY Ten 9 fl ELL 132, faN5 1 34-1 +4 EX A ALVIN WEST 7 MAURINE JONES wInT Bucnznav A I NARY FRANCES SWILLIN JUAN TA ROBERTSON CHILToN E OLSEN E McKINz LEE Hows G LD oe Rosen FRANKLIN CHRISTINE YESTERMAN NILBURN KING JEWELL Donn + H Auonzv MARTIN MILDRED Raomou MARY LOUISE ann SS! A ZAcx THOMAS 5-x ,J I hy' 3 A Zjf? 47' 'vs hc. Ill fi ll 'F-I f . ,j- An-.-., L , ,. d,, Ach X ' .ff , I L'-',I pf Q .. gf I - I , X V Q . cz' :'R X ' as Q. ,' J I 2 I 'N I F 4 f If ,--' - V X 1 'T fn L I A ' ' ' I ' E V , J I 1 4 I V A ' . , I JJ . QL- 'Zk Q 1 . 4 , ' I ' 111, '4, j"J Q' 9 1 -' A ' 4 1, Mk ,Q 1 'sl A 4, Xyffu I A -. I I . x A. . son 'I I l !f1' 5? ' f 'Sky T :ZLY C BIILQ EF I Q N I V - ' inf. ' 1:- 'g44 . m X , J , J Leg. I I lv I I If X' i I E Rs Jvfff u I if I I N' I 0 , H SH A L z h If at I . , Ep , A A! 4 . v e Af' 153' 1 K 3 H x QL s L 6, :I K ' , T: ,. N 'T' j,6 I tg I' I' ' 'AF fi 5 ' , Ax w,Q L 'D aj M 1 , U 6.v '53 ' U. ' i - 'N S! 'w' ' . I "+Qw4 -Y i ywg , X 5 4 I ,'-' H .L LW I -I , X H E! k I D I 4- 6' 1 .. - I -'Z' QI I I will . 11, :I I km I I 1 . f , I ,' ' , A X f I I . I at I - I ! y 4 ' HQ A , I . N , ' V X '- K - 'T A .Il 'L xr- as :E ' 'Ty 'Y W , - I - n 4 ' . I .I px rf! 0 5 lk x X 1' B.. S -0 Q- 1' 'E iq p-. IO 'hr liz: ps. 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Row One Doyle Sxms John Lankford Bergen Roe Carl Snyder Lee Orvxlle Wxllxams Dtryl Shawver Nell Terry Henson Dons Faye Jones Dons Barker Mary Ella Conner Iorene Greer Vera Samsxll Row Tu,o Ray Grlbert Arthur Powell Lomax McCauley Raymond Grbson J T Howe Brantley Fon vxlle Bob Elhs Jack Jeter Wllloughby Seals Randal Lam Row Three Irene Eavenson Movelle Caeselbtrry Vrolet Dxllard Martha Glaze Ula Fay Plummer Mnss Smxth Florence Lkdahl Hattne Lee 'lrppxtt Frances Marek Thtda Fogle Mamye Lowry lrancts McClelen TRESHNAIXI CLASS Row One Jack Golden Frank McDan1el Tom bt Clatr Dem Rrchmond Orval Cllne Travis XVarren Frank Marek Melvrn Thurman Charles Rupe Maxre Henson Otto Lpton Rott I'u,o Catherme Cockerell Margaret Jane Bunkley Tommxe Head Ruth Cave Juamta Hull Teny Krllman Lela Faye Warren Dorothy Lohman Shlrley Nrx Dorothy lNell Barker Margaret Yost Madelyn Pofl Row Three Thelbert Mxller Marvm Crawford Danward Bxbby Donald Reexes Samuel Fonulle Vlrs Kemp Jess Hajek Albert 'Vllkeska Albxn Mrkeska Leroy Chapman Macklyn Cardwell Xi S T .ff . gr t ..,-' ?f-fY1s....T-.'.'l-4T ' fy.: V n I, l ,,.- it n. v .-.-.B , A o v ' QQ 1 - X 17"- fir" sr' J A l-vi' In Q ' , . 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U 3 0 ' Y LOW SEVENTH Row One James Butler Archxe Hall A C Henderson John Davxd Henson Glen Gleghorn Donald Hugh Roy Ouxsenberry J B Balch Eldora Crownover Row Two Jrm 'tlxcholson Joan Taylor Eumce Howard John M Edwards Shrrley Holmes Therman Campbell J P Hxll Martha Frank Plants Catherme Blackburn Row Three Henry Fojnk Mabel Elhs Betty Jo Houston Adolfle Petrek Mary Ann Nugent Frances McFarland Betsy Nhchols Madge Casselberry SEVENTH GRADE HIGH SEVENTH I Holman Edvun Lloyd McNe1ll Harold Jones Row Two Mary Curry Henry Horace Bledsoe John St Clair Derwood Taylor Lucrlle Worrell Mary Jane Chrxstopher Nlary Alice Hall Dorothy Blankenship Sara Briggs Row Three Wxnnme 'Vlae VlcMorr1s Marguerite Hart Clara Collmgsworth Mary Vxrgmxa Brasseal Mmss Josephme Weaver Bully Lucrlle Scott Mane Swrlhng Oleta Owen Daxsy Belle Spradlmg Row One: James Butler, Archie Hall. A. C. Henderson, John David Henson, Glen Gleghorn. Donald f I f MT IVITIE3 I E' OK The fem IX f has Ibn arkamc A ye en fnade Progress wh I EIiA.L If N5 of Tex m one Muna 'eh Q X 1 2 attributed as history m 'ed '91 I se' 5 en to the e ay be I C t G and 'Wav l-P ML llehs W actlvg-ty of gel' 'Q W7 I I If O Bd f X gx Kr :IotI'nnE ,ZEGPSQFIG by 'For X fx sclln and a'cI'hcv cts the true aol -thaw timer,-ts of a Sm student body 2 actlv,-has of is !'N ,ig I KX U 4 W I A L I KRW XX I I xx X XXX I f X X F J' 7' mg hp fy? A f 95514 N-11 f' ff I IMMI KU mm HIM Aw ff V' If ' ITAL I ,Q . If 11 7 ,fifefx I f , I ' I I ' I I f ".'.I 'f I . N 5 I 1' 7-f II'1"I icf I I I Y iblllhlffmilxvll Inu.. f'N Na ff IFN, I u , I I , I I ' I, K- Ir' I I I"lr'-J, 1' I,,. Il I I X.,k I I I' f -I Six . . ll xi- !l1"" IKM!! gn- I, IX Il 'EIT L X NIL-IIT , I IQ -Ml-:QIZ-..IQj D EIYQI ' .V Y' C , . I If I I J L-f I A , I I . . '- ' I X I :I II fj'-Llxfj AII . ,- L If Ib' 5 ,f R L I ' 'IX Ifn' I . Ai X f .K If 'XKIMRI' N f-A NY K F' l . , Xl' V!" 1 if In Vx A . - 1 x 'Il xgl XX ,f xx K, ' . - I W M If K J "Ax KX' XY 1 IX I . I I I I I 1 , 5 X I . pfxxiizff II I l If :V X X I nwvx' If 1 ' K I II K" ' "fu I I' I If 'X xxx th I W1 XXXL x XXX. ,XX xy IX. ', I V 17,1 h I , XX xx XX X . I IAIX XX .X XXI X X IK lirb 'X f X " fmt f- I A V N N If 4 7A V I I ff fi? -ff jf If X' , - ff xx X, Q- I'-' 7, ' XX Wx I In IX. ' fi-, X , ' X I V1 X fk I my XI III I" S 'A rx X I I XII I ,ff k IQ ff Q I K '5 91 I-I s f' x 74 If A , f - ' 5 ' 'fo I My "fr T J ' -I Z. 'X I Vi A X' ,jk .ny 1 if 'I ff ,N W ., I Q . V fy 1, J N 'lf x 1 I 'I ' '- I ffl X A Q' I X 'I ,' , 'fl 4 inw 'Jack Ne et ze Favorite Helen Norris Annual Que erm W Lu alle, Campbell OPIPXOKHOFG Pavomf Q ,mb :,a,.,...,04,f,-J., Iqfvalwdaf, W7 L1 Lrur can uf JM 4f ,ooo K f VL, ,XJ J F cmfrmi e KH a dd Freshman. Favor if e dack Hays 5. Beet Athlete ml-10 9 3 WHO Wayland GLU Els Plants I3 fx Yu. 'r R. ri Pb t Lo-slung Boy Most Gngmal I ouu-seD meh Pxvankffotk Q Hxohest 5 holastmc, Record L01 Craddo Ii Po tbah Qu Helen Norris Fr iehclli e at Jack lvleetze -3 Bi a11RQ-und B y me t Curl ' ,iam 2 1 Yi. a J 'ee'th'1how..iGir-1 3: e Higbesibc Ola: i, mor Q, b O , ' o . oo , Q N- , ' C C ' X S Ae-an '59 T Lygmqir IQ'Qs5B1ec1soe QQ ' I Q luv: A 5 ' R.. .S Q - 1 O X Q eat, b W- vm- Elsa lJar1T5 Edfcor 111 Chef R1 rx Alexander ante Edxt 'f da R Meet ze BUSIYIGSS MAHHQGT T KI H005 GLY' Ass Bus Managa G Yah Hoof r H 1 P1 y ey Shella Head Helen Norris 'XTKAQT Lp Em Tm Lalendar 5nC,1e?yEol11:ov' Asst Soc,1etyEd1T0Y INN 4' fur ' Q .Q , l r P " . X J, U, Q N ay- 9 - 1 .. c ,f 'fc R al ,Sf e 1 T1 -- , flung 7 fa or . i N:L3'J51'HCWcATd Nay1av1dGiHiaYn Charles Ru e T ' Q . . . . . Yah Aj J V E , 9 " ' .su a.. Q va 1 Y I 1 ' I ,L .,, , 1 ru-vw-1 "" A 45 46' ff rl If ll! Bm in wif' Q l P1a1Y1V1 ew Bus Shawve r- Bus ul , M 1f U 9 Ca che, Creek Bus Wk If an Pnohlahd Bula- Round Tnlb Y. Bus 'WS' Engla1fxd"Lively Bus Mabel le Bus . Mx, W i . 1. , . Q ff f 'f' lf? W nl . I -I I, ,. in ' V i,, A' . .. x . .H , 7' ' f '14' -V still V5 J. Y 1 V-1 4' w Zvi . J K X V , x , r ' V 5 W . " l 'X - -.,,,Lfi' ,? ' 'P lb ig -E - -W V ' iv I-XX ' I ,I f .j V '- x . 8.4 .l Liv- i 5 if Ll A ups! ' Se, B 4- f A' i ' ' L., - .. 1 i e xx ' ,tx , M E , 4 b 1 ,J X 'A' e- e X ,if'ji34,3f.f,,'QQ4 'j 15 1. I'g'f,1l A ' 1 If I w sf nf...- Q-J... Af Sr' .4 4- i 1 'W r gif? "2-F'c 45 me wi Nvxf- 3 U w Ve Fa dmd Jane C1qyf15'fOpIqQ,P Martha El1Za.bQ't"1-BYOWD 49'-0 AnnaB9H'n pp 15 E Nelhe 1' Mary Frances 5w1H1rs vdym Ufmancaner He1QnMor-ms mogermeS1'1e1 ie. y 5 J ...Y LUC1116 Camp'be11 ,Dorothy Ca'5SQHoer'ry Low se .Donehoo 1 - r U 'L ' ,LBJ , -'- A '. ' 'M , . ww. ' ,EM ram - , A 4 '7., . , V. '75 ,- W frm?-A .J -r,"'2Q ' ---. 1' ,ws--f 7 ,A M "9z85:F'L , ," 1 9' 1 .L 4 . I . ' . A Q. - , 1 .w f 1 . ,,,.4.A Md' Q ' .5 A - .+ Wy. - .V ff -Q isa? f X MN .. rdf A. AA 'A - -K 3 V A , Vai ' .H . ,Q 3, .R N- X. ' - . V: 4' . 'n 1 X . L. , " r dj 50 609 9.95 Y 1- 9 Qi vgrjga: Q? 0 1 YJ' Gle Q, Cub 'X Lfrerary' f lm Contest ant-5 www Int er' scholaehc lv L eague Nlr S Qwxrm Q L alorafory Home 9 C ub Cooking L 6510? SWOT Y fX MEET THE NILLIONJHRE aC ONFETTV' 4' Ot 57 ' U f , ' 1 1 'A NN . QP- . 5 4' 'Q iskjywxiimb 'S 1 wb aw , fi , iq. 1 , 1 9 - 4. If ,1 we V X . 7 ' K ' ' rgj ' Q " 35 al W ff I .Y ' SOCIETY FOOTBALL BOY PEP SQUAD PARTY THE PEP SQUAD ENTERTAINED THE PANTHERs FRIDAY NIGHT, NOVEM- BER YTH, WITH WHAT PROVED T0 BE ONE OF THE BEST PARTIES EVER ENJOYED BY THE Two GROUPS AFTER A VICTORIOUS GAME wITH IOWA ARR IN THE AFTERNOON, THE eovs AND GIRLS FELT WELL UP TO THE ST MOVING AT THE HOME OF KRS VORR THE SENIOR KID PARTY THE GIRLS AND BOYS OF THE SENIOR CLASS STEPPED BACKWARD A FEW YEARS AND WERE QUITE NATURAL AS THEY DISCARDED LONG DRESSES AND LONG TROUSERS EOR SOME NOT QUITE so LONG THE BASEMENT OF THE METHODIST CHURCH wAs TRANSFORMED INTO A PLAYGROUND AND wITH GREAT SUCCESS HOT Docs WITH HOT COCOA ADDED EVEN MORE TO THE GENERAL IMPRESSION OF REGAINED CHILDHOOD THE FIRST CLASS PARTY OF THE YEAR WENT OVER WITH A BANG AS A RESULT OF THE NINDNESS OF THESE CLASS MATRONS MAREH, L BRIGGS, K MARTIN, HAYLEY, THOMAS, TIPPETT, AND F THOHPGON FOOTBALL BANQUET THE SEYMOUR PANTHERS WERE GIVEN THEIR ANNUAL BANQUET BY THE MOTHERS OF THE SQUAD AFTER THE TURKEY DINNER A PROGRAM wAs GIVEN BY THE INTERESTED BACKERS OF THE TEAM SWEATER AwARDs WERE ANNOUNCED, BUT ONLY THE SWEATERS FOR THE TICKET SELLERS wERE PRE SENTED LEWIS ROBINSON WAS ELECTED CAPTAIN FOR 1935 THIS ONE ADDED TO THE LIST OF THIRTEEN OTHER SUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL BANQUETS BAPTIST BANOUET THE LADIES or THE BAPTIST CHURCH ENTERTAINED THE SENIOR CLASS or '35 WITH A LOVELY BANQUET SATURDAY EVENING MARCH 23RO AFTER REFRESHMENT8 WERE sERvED, A MOST ENTERTAINING PROGRAM OF MUSIC AND SPEECH wAs PRESENTED THE MAIN SPEAKER OF THE EVENING wAs CR TAYLOR OF HOWARD PAYNE COLLEGE THE BANQUET WAS GIVEN IN THE EDUCATION BUILDING OF THE BAPTIST CHURCH P , FA 7 . G. B. H IS. MESDAMES: W. B. ALEXANDER, W. G. CLINE, G. CAMPBELL, L. T. MARTIN, THE BOX SUFPER THAT 'OLNEY GAHE' SCHOOL SPIRIT BLAZED FORTH AGAIN TO PUT ovEn oun sox survsn IN rLvlNa COLORS ALTHOUGH THE BOXES WERE LOVELY ON THE OUTSIDE Ano DELICIOUS ON THE INSIDE, WE wEnE Too EXCITEO OVER THE FAVORITE CONTEST T0 REALLY KNOW WHAT WE ATE THE TENsloN wAs BROKEN ONLY WHEN oun SENIOR CANDIDATE, HELEN Monnla uns CROWNED ANNUAL QUEEN Loss CnAooocx, LUCILLE CAMPBELL, Ann TOMMIE HEAD MADE vcnv ORACIOUS DUCHESSES IN ALL IT uns REALLV A 'SWELL occAssou SENIOR BAN4UET TNE HIGHEST :rar or THE SENIOR YEAR wAs oun BANQUET AT THE SEYMOUR HOTEL, MARCH 28TN DECORATIONS wen: JAPANESE, AND THE rnoongu vNcLunEo TALKS, TOASTS, AND Nuslc, INTRODUCED av THE TOAST uAsTEn, Jncx MEETZE THRILL8 ron THE EvENnNc INCLUDED EVENING DRESSES AND INDIVIDUAL consgoss JUNIORS, as GLAD vou STILL HAVE THIS OCCASION T0 Loon ronwAno Tol SENIOR PICNIC MR KEMP GAVE THE SENIORS A LOVELY IITH BIRTHDAY PRESENT THE DAY FOLLOWING OUR SANQUET, IN THE FORM OF A WHOLE HOLIDAY THE END OF THE DAY OUR GROUP EVEN SOASTED A POWERFUL FOOTBALL TEAM COIPOSED ENTIRELY OF GIRLSI THANK YOU, MOTHERS, WHO PROVIDED THE FOOD AND THE CHAPERONING THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MEETS THE FIRST TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH AT THE HolE ECONOMICS BUILDING THE FIRST MEETING OF THE YEAR PICNIC AT THE PARK, WAS GIVEN OVER TO THE INIATION OF THE NEW MEI- SERS OTHER MEETINGS ARE USUALLY DIVIDED INTO TWO UNITS A STUDY HOUR AND A RECREATION HOUR THE LAST MEETING THE YEAR IS TO A PARTY AT THE COTTAGE WITH GUESTS INVITED BV THE CLUB GIRLS THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB or THIS YEAR HAS PROVED ITSELF VERY PROGRESSIVE AND WORTHWHILE IN THE FALL THEV SOLD COLD DRINKS AND CANDY AT THE FOOTSALL GAMES AND WERE VERY SUCCESSFUL IN THEIR WORK. THIS YEAR, POR THE FIRST TIME IN SEVERAL YEARS, THE CLUB IS PRESENT IIG A THREE AGT PLAY ENTITLED HBASHFUL MR BOBSSU, WITH A CAST INCLUDING SOME OF THE CLUS MEISERS AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS THESE ACTIVITIES SHOW THE UNUSUALLY PROGRESSIVE AND COOPERATIVE SPIRIT OF THE CLUD AND DOES ITS NAME HONOR THE HOME ECONOMICS CLuu IS THE ONLY REALLY ACTIVE CLUB IN SCHOOL, AND WE ARE ALL PROUD OF ITS SUCCESS Q I II . ON WE CELESRATEO WITH A FICNIC AT MORRIS LODGE ON LAKE KEMP, AND SY . , A . OF BE I f .'x f 4 5 ATHLETICS . X ' ' --Y X , 1 1 I ' The evperiermcee of the pi' oneers who made the his' , N A-1' Xtory o'F early TEXAS were bv ll" o such 8,5 developed Self 1ance,,1mt1a,t1ve har-d1hood 1oya1'ty, and eo opehatmon The youth of to ciay are denied these from Hr.. X Wt1er expemermee but the oech o15,1:hY'Ough or'ga'11Z9d ath etme seek to 1noL,4lca.t 1: ese same V1Y"t'lAE,9 It 15 the hope and prophe V7' cy of the edL,4ca1'1ornal leaders of our' State today thai th1e N athleiwc, program WM make W, a s1gn11C1car1t c,on1:r1bu1?1or1 toward the oleveloyornevdsofz a. great c,1v111zat1o F 62 6 0 ggi? A X W , if 1' 5' f -5' xt I Mlm. 5 .M ' 7 X U11 , I , I, 1 ,f fk - , M, A I ' Xp . ' . 5- ' V l X - X X lk ' . ff rf? . WP A N- " A , Q ,X 1 N UNB: ' KY. - IM X h ' .Q -67 4, I . . . 1 . ,M N e f , Y 6 A '. N K Nix 1 Q K ,K ff' K X1 X. ' -A i ,A 0 ff' - X, f 1 X e fm 'Q QA . 5 , .-'X' Q , f K x r "V 1 ,. ' ' 14 I' ff . , a h R f. ' ' "" "" 1 - I X M'7F'3l L 1414" I4 ,Q-"'ff,"' ' ' W t I V. Q if i ' ' A ' NDAH B Q' fu ff nd Q-Ai C lem M Cl ann ead C Oach Sand-hm A5 515'fan1j Cgagh A551 5fElY1f C oach 1 PM ws uk' Th 6 in quaad 5 4115555 N SSS' SK' 6,56 dg'1f5Q? 1 1 of, if Qin? 'Q? 5? +'5'f'3"1? 1,2 QQ, PANTHERS n0wN IPMTHFRS me HAWKS BY 26T00 TU 3119112106 mama? Chillksofhet Throckm Armor CR Seymour Defeats Olney for Major , Upset of Season! Final Standing 011141 6 an l T13 8lymo'urH1ghsohlPan- 'b ght d Pyvl Th Y danced rm! 21 gmaxg uno: yGu,5n,7t 2, 1 ey- durrz 1 u-11 Manag sho fietox-yt fbepgnsha. gm Maas? mme U th iigxlwzfwh 'stun it ima N 6, 11126100 'QQ 22,1123 P k we , . This 'XQ2' mi vfgkifg F :bali Mother PANTHMS'l"'E Annum as fs 11,3 2.3100 ly QQ? Se1'm S .V gf 36? , ,DJ Y X " ji! g f' 14 ' X i' 12 XO 'SX 'V f Y 1: . I W t Vg V, N - 1 0 . . 6. 0 , O , A N 5 25. 0 :EI 801, ,. ,gov ----- 4--- A lm A-4' ,, 11.-4" -A ' 'A A I 2 Z -M 'A'--'f--- - ' , , 1 . ' N , 'Q na -. . ..-fl 5 J L 1, ' .....................- Ca 1 dhyb ., , 1 , 1 l I . , E . 1 1 PU' 1 V Tuuu-- G. W. L. Pct. Pu.Agst.4 cmyun 1 1 39: 181' V humour .......... 'I 5 2 . 91-.0211 V ......,.. 5 4 2 . u 1 1 cv 2 fe ......s 4 2 M1139 vw- f 1 s 4 .na as 158 A A , ' ortoa 2 5 .ass asus' 5 1. y 5 1 4 .zoo 12104 if . flqu Park .,...f..14 04 1 ,ooo o 246 , , i 11 ' y . I .1 , Ag oo 1 they rou their seuon to ri 1 1 Imp ' ou' un a when theyg 0 1 A o, on n n ,n F 4 ' ' no x V. o. a S ,,, .m ,, , was om-th conslc ' ,3 er .YI - Q 701'-l 1 V Bl' In I Q igaveob e , county elnb nh - num' y . on ,, 0 nf' I , 1 on L on:-1,-9' f 1 -1 fan gwwmwn '-- - ,1 , . W ' now 1 A v XX q 1 , Q h A 4 ,X ' , N xx , Q . X 1 ' l " R I - - U 1' ' r 4 M X ' -1 ' 1 e Sq N. w f " lf 3. 81' I our s Y 4 K ' out a v X' x 1 1 5 en B MX J , n , A If 11 N deal ,- J L OO av fal L I 1 1tors, bu., P I y Walzy Peggy lC,01116 Double, Pei b Srxak ey B ubble, P h Gllh ,Nhat 5 Sh ave! XXNTQ Xfrx 5-PM , X o rl 'S a z ' l ' I Q ll' Ali X Q If If V ,Vx ' . E ' Y A 7 r-I? N., fl X ' K tf I ' Xxx ff, B Nx...,NxN I QV V f" 9 5 X Aol V I ,, X ' K I ,IX 5 f 0 ' Q J 5 X x 005 NpL.'c,...., xx ni ' A "G+ . 3. .1 , I . 1' W X - I f 31 f X I XPOC keffbu Red Render' Beaufc 1 fu I Unconscious if fwivm Wlfipy Eg, V' p,,,..,,4 9,0400-f' Zasus Dil-Ke X Pretty Boy r : J ' M , ff .X s U "' f I W k V Mg FA Q -:,f'74-'- - -jx , I I J". H 4 I' ' U fl A 9,11 1 ,I ' is A .J 0 , Il "wp X vvbkxvi is ff! ' il ' M I ,I fx X if XR. I X .1 - 4- A f f 2 xx u Il Q Q N .Q ? xx n Y X, , 1. we Hague .,f X Lt ' A 'I Q H -,A, ' XX ' 'f 5 ' ' ' xx , ,Al . I n X H .J AFTER A MONTH OF STIFF PRACTICE, THE PANTHERS OPENED THEIR SEASON wITH A PRACTICE GAME wITH THE INDIANS OF NOCONA, CH THE INDIANS CAME OUT ON THE BIG ND F T E s RE F T0 HENSON, GILLIAM, AND CAPTAIN IEETZE WERE THE MOST OUTSTANDING FOR THE FANTHERS THE SECOND GAME OF THE SEASON WAS ANOTHER PRACTICE GAME, THIS ONE BEING WITH JACKSDORO, IN WHICH THE PANTHERS SHOWED PLENTY OF IMPROVEMENT FROM THE WEEK BEFORE, wITH A VICTORY OVER THE JACK COUNTY BOYS BY A SCORE OF 27 FOR THE PANTHERS, wHILE JACKSBOR0 DIDN' THREATEN THEIR GOAL THE ENTIRE PANTHER TEAM PLAYED HEXCELLENT FOOTBALL THEN CAME THE FIRST CONFERENCE GAME FOR THE PANTHERS THEY WENT T0 BURK, AND LOST ONE OF THE HHEART BREAKERSH OF THE SEASON, A SCORE OF 13 T0 THIS wAS ONE OF THE MANY GAMES IN WHICH THE PANTHERS PLAYED HPERFECTH FOOTBALL IT wAS A THRILL FROM START T0 THEN CAME THE HHARD LUCKH GAME WITH THE STEERS OF GRAHAM THIS wAs THE uTOUGHESTn GAME OF THE ENTIRE SEASON THE PANTHERS ACCUMULATED MORE EXPERIENCE IN THIS GAME THAN IN ANY OTHER, THIS SHOWED THE PANTHERS THAT THEY HAD TO FIGHT T0 WIN FOOTBALL GAMES AND WAS PROBABLY THE REASON FQR THE GOOD SHOWING AT THE LAST OF THE SEASON HAYES AND VEETZE WERE OUTSTANDING FOR THE PANTHERS THE PANTHERS INVADED THE EA6LE'S NEST AT CHILLICOTHE AND RE IT UP TO THE TUNE OF 6 TO O THE OUTSTANDING PLAYERS wERE MEETZE, HAYES, SHAWVER, AND RICHNOND THE PANTHERS JOURNEYED T0 CROWELL THE FOLLOWING WEEK, BUT THEY RETURNED WITH THE SMALL END OF A 71 T0 6 SCORE AGAIN THERE WAS JUST TOO MUCH HDICK T0DD,H wHO wAS BY FAR THE BEST IN THIS PART OF T COUNTRY THE PANTHERS' LONE TOUCHDOWN CAME LATE IN THE SECOND QUARTER ON A FORWARD PASS FROM HOOSER TO ROBINSON, AND THE LATTER LATERALED THE BALL T0 HAYES, WHO SIDESTEPPED HIS WAY FOR A TOUCHDOWN THIS PLAY PROVED To BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLAY OF THE SEASON THE OUTSTANDING PLAYERS FOR THE PANTHERS wERE GILLIAH, MEETZE, AND HAYES THE IOWA PARK HAWKS FURNISHED THE NEXT OPPOSITION FOR THE PANTHERS, wHo HAD FULL CONTROL THROUGHOUT THE GAME HAYES LED THE OFFENSE, MAKING ONE LONG GAIN AFTER ANOTHER THE ENTIRE TEAM ALSO SHONE ON DEFENSE, LIMITING THE HAwKS TO ONLY TWO FIRST DOWNS THE FINAL SCORE HAS 26-O THE ARCHER CITY NILDCATS WERE ENTERTAINED THE FOLLOWING WEEK THE PANTHERS PLAYED A RAGGED AND COLORLESS GAME, BUT IT ENDED WITH THE SCORE FAVORING THEM 12 T0 6 THE NEXT CONFERENCE GAME OF THE PANTHERS WAS wITH THE THROCK NORTON GREYHOUNDS THIS GAME wAS A THRILLER FROM START T0 FINISH WITH THE PANTHERS UNCOVERING A vIcIOUS OFFENSIVE AND OEFENsIvE ATTACK, WHICH WAS SOMEWHAT OF AN UPSET GILLIAM COMPLETED PASS AFTER PASS TO HOOSER HAYES BORE THE DRUNT OF THE RUNNING ATTACK THE GUN SOUNDED WITH THE FINAL SCORE OF 27 T0 O HAYES, GILLIAM, AND HOOSER wERE OUTSTANDING ON OFFENSE AND CRAWFORD, RICHNCND, AND SHAWVER ON DEFENSE IN WHI E O H co O 21 12. T 0 II sv 6. FINISH, WITH Us LOSING av THE HBREAKSH OF THE GAME. TO . HE .,K -sf A f... "V" X x J ,- Ns. 4-as ff.-D-A BMJ-B1 -N-. .DA ff THE LAST CONFERENCE GAME OF THE SEASDN, OR THE SEASON FOR THE PANTHEHS, MAS WITH THEIR TRADITIDNAL RIVALS, THE OLNEV Cues THE Cues HAD BEEN VICTORIOUS FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS, AND COMPARATIVE ECGRES AND STRENGTH DF THE TWO TEAMS SEEMED T0 ESTADLISH THE PANTHERS AS DECIDEDLY UNDEHDOGS IN THIS CONTEST BUT THE PANTHERS TNHEI UP A STUDGQRN DEFENSE THAT JUST HDULD NDT GIVE, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEIR COVETED GOAL IAS THREATENED, AND AT THE SAME TIME LAUNCHED A SPARKLING OFFENSE THAT PUSHED THE HHIGHTYN cues ALL OVER THE FIELD THE FAUED Cus MAERIAL CIRCUS' AND 'THICK PLAYSN HERE COMPLETELY SNOTMERED THE cuss' ONLY ScoRE GAME IN THE SECOND QUARTER WHEN A cus LINEMAN SIFTED THROUGH TO BLOCK GILLIAM'S PUNT BEHIND THE GDAL FDR AN AUTOMATIC SAFETY AND TWO POINTS. A GRUELING BATTLE WAS FouGHT UNTIL THE CLOSING MINUTES or THE FOURTH QUARTER RDBINSDN, WHO HAD REPEATEDLT BROKEN THROUGH THE cus DEFENSE, AGAIN BROKE THROUGH T0 BLOCK AN ATTEHPTED PUNT, AND RICHMOND REGGVERED Fon THE PANTHERS ON THE Cues' FORTY O THE THIRD PLAY GILLIAM FADED FAR BAON AND HEAVED A BEAUTIFUL PASS INTD THE WAITING ARMS OF STEVENS, wHo RAGED THE REMAINING 20 YARDS T0 THE GOAL UNTDUCHED ON THE TRY FDR EXTRA POINT GILLIAM RAN FAR T0 THE RIGHT AND SLASHED BACK THROUGH TAGNLE, CROSSING THE GOAL STANDING UP THE Cues DANE BACK WITH A DESPERATE PASSING ATTACK, BUT CDGNERELL INTER CEPTED A8 THE GUN soUNDED, ENDING THE GAME WITH THE FINAL SCORE 7 2 THE PANTHER8 HAD AGAIN SHOWN THE'n UNEEATAGLE SPIRIT AND GDURAGE AGAINST GREAT ODDS AND ENERGED VICTORIOUS THE ENTIRE PANTHER TEAM WERE HSTARSN IN THIS GAME. NDT ONE MAN LET DOWN Fon A MINUTE, on THE oUTcoME WOULD HAVE BEEN DIFFERENT WE, THE SENIDR CLASS OF 193A 35 WILL BE nPULLlNGn FOR THE FUTURE PANTHER TEAMS AND HDPE THAT THEY WILL AOHIEVE MANY GREAT TRIUMPHS AND VIC TORIES . -W x--AN f 'V T' R , X Xxx ' . . Q tf, I Xxx 1 f,f' ,-'I QMXNQN I f .. .' 'Axx NX. ' ' f f,w.N kk 4 sx if N..,'f, . " I , I 'Q J . , V . - q I , x 2 MA , 4 I 4 4 . I fivxl L' V I ! ' K ' . x i v - , 5' , it 3 J' if ,- A X I K A . lax K W ,V I - I' ?- Q ' . A 1' 1 - ' Q ' ' .A -'W --f- rw --1 f ,....,, ' T Dj-3346-yg.., - W " it -,F -I ' V w, , .f f f A M ,,,..,4 .A-'if 'rf' ' V' ' A N Crowe G'3-IYJ 6 The Archer Crty Game The Throckmorton Game The Olney Ganfxe 5 o rlmmage If? Q5 Che' Boys eeh so Q aoejw 5, I-J 99 f l .'x:-A A ,Z . f ,u X, N , -. ut ,I ff' ,AHL X Q vv X55 I-3 'lun 9+ H01 I I yd 11,0 Seymour Pan 1934 MIN 'S 1+ Ut lx! I H N I nf'IIO0Nll +I Xflxlll i'l'NllNFx 'YTIIHW IIC ll 1"NIl'I 171 1 XX l5+'lIXXlS IIHIINNKDN lm"l'SIIU3v1l H +1 HI NI I +I KI UNION!! 1005 I lx Ol INSUSN ' II II Il' T P xu I X 8 1 Xdku fl 's iff 0 Hr' nl Il U , .WA 'SSD .gun Q -1' 1 Y H... BAKERY LY uuii ln-ui F0001 Yi-Q 499 L ifrfll'-' TX ODE TO 'BEALTTFTL' HOCSER Beautlful IH form and flgure Lovely a tze dav, Could the P ID a falrer C e tm mane Brom common clay? fW1th apOlOg18S to Longfellowl Jia x :rw wt ' hr 'zshg A' Y ' V l3'.'g',g::,,.,,MM:N?' Q sv-ff If K..-f .. glam, , M :QT iff? -riff' H Y I if in - 1 tin 4 Q Z ' A :a-'W W Wh:-T 0 1 l 'hi . 752' f"'S4.' l F warm -.-..., is gf.,w N. X A 'T'-1: filzn if 4 . f r Q 6541 fi: A' IKVQ' -mx' 'Fix 1 yi' su his M SEPT 3 OCT 26- CCT 29 OCT. 30 NOV NOV NOV NOV NOV NOV NOV NOV NOV Nov NOV NOV UEC DEC DEC DEG DEC DEC DEC DEC JAN JAN JAN JAN THE CALENDAR INFORMAL OPENING OF SCHOOL dE'RE GONNA HAVE AN ANNUAL! HOT DIG! ANNUAL STAFF ELECTED THE BEST EVER IN HISTORYI MRS. MOTHES' RYTHM BAND VISITS US WITH ALL THEIR RYTHM MISS BARNHART THINKS WE ARE VERY IGNORANT BECAUSE WE LAUGH JE ALL GO T0 CRONELL IN A TYPICAL NEST TEXAS SAND STORM TO SEE DICK TODD! CLEM OBJECTS TO THE GIRLS CONGREGATING IN LITTLE GROUPS GOSSIPING ABOUT EACH OTHER HE ALSO INFORMS THE BOYS THAT NNIS IS T SISSY' GA SENIORS BREAK MR DOWNlNG'S CAMERA TODAY AND ALL FOR THE ANNUAL TOO CLEM, SANDLIN, KEMP, AND MRS BAKER LECTURE ON NSCHOOL LOYALTY GIRLS TAKE CLEM'S ADVICE AND PLAY uJACKSn TO KEEP FROM GOSSIP ING SENIORS FEEL VERY DIGNIFIED OVER RECEIVING RINGS, BUT WE' LL OUR MOTHERS' LITTLE CHILDREN, SO THEY GIVE Us H PARTY N 20--SENIORS CHOOSE COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS PANTHERS BEAT GREYHOUNOS FROM FROGTOWN GORDON SISTERS SHAKE THE DUST OF SEYMOUR FROM THEIR FEET I ALL EXPRESS OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY FOR PERRY FIRE! FIRE! PARDON ME BONFIREI SEYMOUR MAKES HEAP BIG WAR MEDICINE FOR OLNEY bUBSl KNOW THAT THANKSGIVING IS HERE VICTORY! VICTORYI PANTHERS PROVE T0 BE BETTER HWATER Ducxa THAN THE CUBSIIII WEINERS FOOTBALL BOYS PEP SQUAD GIRLS NEINER ROAST EVERYBODY HAPPY!! COACH TELLS How IT HAPPENED AND I8 ELMER FAMOUS' PLANS FOR STEAK FRY SATURDAY NIGHT UNDER WAY STEAK FRY POSTPONED7 -BUSINESS MEN GIVE PANTHERS BANQUET AT CITY HALL FOOTBALL BOYS AND PEP SQUAD HAVE STEAK FRY AT LAKE. FOOD! FUN' FOOLISHNESSI 18 19 DECLAMATIONSI UECLAMATIONSI AND MORE DEcLAMAT'oNsl -UERRY XMA3, SENIORSI TREE AND EVERYTHING AT MRS T J HOD8ER'S SENIORS SEE 'HAPPINESS AHEAD' AT TEXAS THEATER RENA AND LEONARD SPEND THEIR LAST DAY IN S H NHOOPEEEEEEEEIIIIIII HOLIDAYS SCHOOL AGAIN IMAGINE OUR PLEASURE ANNUAL QUEEN CANDIDATES SELECTED COME ON SENIORD SEVENTH GRADE GRADUATIONS 13TH ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANOUET GIVEN BY MOTHERS BOYS ANAROED LETTERS AS SNEATHERS FAILED TO ARRIVE RUTH AND SUE QSUBSTITUTE . 18 . 2--H '- ' . 5-- TE NO A N ' ME. . 6---' . -- . s- ' . . . 9-.. Q . 16--- . RE STI A KID I 2 -- . ' . 2 --- . VE . 27--- - Nov. 28--W. V., JOE, LEONARD, AND ALBERT BURST FORTH IN SONG TO LET Us 0 29--- ' In . 3O--- - - - ' . . 3--- . . 6--- ' . . 7---I . 13-- . . 15--- '17r I ""' . 20- . . . . . . 21--LO ' . .. S. . 7-- -- . . 1O-- . ' . . 17-- . JAN FEB FEB FEB. FEB FEB MAR MAR NAR MAR NAR FOR LORENAJ RECEIVE swEATERs FOR TICKET SELLING FOOTBALL aovs RECEIVE SWEATERSll LOIS IS ELECTED NFOOTBALL QUEEN H SENIOR VALENTINE PARTY GIVEN AT URS GED PLANTS s H 'c LEY GIVEN THE NHDNDRN or TEACHING T s a IS AWARDED S7 30 AND OOYLE SIMS C2 50 FoR LETT R DNTEST RRQUP T TO A sox SUPPER AND wITH T cRowNIND OF ELEN NORRIS AS 'UEEN THE JUNIORS SENT UUE THE MILLIONAIRE THE JUNIOHS AND SENIORS HAvE A PARTY AT METHODIST CHURCH AND ALL GO TO MADGE'S AFTERWARDS FOR A DANCE MENT AT NICHITA FALLS MISS BARNHART TAKES HER SPEAKERS TO A CONTEST AT ABILENE MARGUERITE HART WINS A ScHoLARSHlP HEAVER, JOE LIDDN, Lois AND LUCILLE PRESENT THE ONE A PLAY CDNFETTI, TO THE STUDENT ao Y THE INTERSDHOLASTIC LEAGUE THE BIG MOMENT DF THE 3ENIoRs ANNUAL BANQUET AT HOTEL SENIORS TAKE A DAY OFF TO GORGE THEMSELVESII THANKS AR. EM APRIL 5 6-TNTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE CONTESTANTS ao To THE DISTRICT MEET APRIL APRIL MAY MAY MAV iICH1 KEM THINNS WE SHoU D HA E WON R T EVERYTHING THE ANNUAL IS FlNlSHEDl1 HOME ECONOMICS PLAY 26-27 MARY JANE NOAH, ANNA BELLE ALBRIDHT, DYBIL CALDNELL, AND A Home EcoNoNIcS I! STUDENT, MISS BARON, AND MR KEMP ATTEND THE HOME ECONOMICS RALLY AT CDRPUS CHRISTI BACCALAUREATE SUNDAY T E SENIOR PLAY, THE KING RIDES Bv, IS PRESENT -CDMMENCEMENT P . 25--- . 1--- . J . . . . A---MR . To J CAU IS Us o IN . 12 ---- J. P. .f v S , E 5. . 15 ---- C . JH A CLIMAX WITH HE H H , . . 21--- PRE N ET .' . 1--- MAR. 8-9---ELSA, RUTH, WAYNE, AND JOE A. TAKE PART IN A DEBATE TOURNA- I .1e--.. ' . 1 . 20---H' , - cv Y ll Il D . HAR. 22-23- . I . 28 ---- ' -- . I . 2 ---N , 1 K AT v TA. MR. P L v FI S IN 11-- . . 25- - ' 2 19-- . . 21-- H ' H -I ED. TTE FJ'LOIING BUSINESS FIRMS HAVE MADE THE 1935 PANTHER POSSIBLE ANU DESEPVE THE PATRONAGE OF THE STUDENT BODY JACK MEE'ZE J Hoos COCA COLA BOTTLUNG WORKS O M BELL CHEVDOLET COMPANY BUNKLEY AND JOIES WAIT WHITESIDE u0MDANY SPOT CASH uROCEHY AND HARKET A ED RD ' SYSTEM NEJTERN PHARMACY FAIR STOP' FIRST NA IONAL BANK FVTY OF SEYMOUR, L IHT, PONER, WATER TE AS ELECTRIC ARKET G GQOCERY IDEQL BFAUTY SHOPPE C WOOLRIDO LUMOER CJLVEP OROOERY SEYMOUR OTE M LAUNLRY TEX S CAFE -BUSINESS MANAGER Assoc Bus MANAGER WESLEY HARRISON HARDWARE CO J F PENNY COMPA Y P VITCHELL GROOE Y SEVMDUR NEHCANTllE COMPANY LIVELY AND FELLUM DRY GOODS RICHESON GROCERY SEYMOUR HOTEL Mocrx k CRSAK GARAOE SUPER SERVICE 5TATl0N FRANK KNIGHT EPORTINO GOODS EARVE T A BILL LEE HASKELL TELEPHONE COMPANY MORRISON bMlTH LUMRER COMPANY A LEV FILLING STA R C PLANTS GRAIN COMPANY KOBERG a EASLEY DENTISTS QEYMOUR COFFEE SHOP E r' B -,' A an I . - . T. . ER------ . . . , . . Y 'f.v - . ,. N r N. ... R A . . A A , . . . . J. 4, WA 3 M fANCVER, RUPE, AND FRANCIS SEYMOUR DRUG STORE K 'E' . li C A . S Gif? V , - ' J. . I ,E L Co. P. G. L - ' TION , A . . , . . R A O -- , A h A , A . . . MISSING PAGE MISSING PAGE

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